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The Review Apr 1, 1915

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 ****** ***************s
Can not be done nny letter, ami
not ijuite _o well imy wlit-it- e)x_
hereabouts. Our tyiw ami machinery in complete ami The Review
prices ..re ri^ht
****444444********944f***   ********************%**
Classified Ad��.
Make your little Watit._ known
through a CUutfied Atlv_>rti_i>_n__'
in The Review   -   -   -   Phone 69
VOL. 3
NO. 18
Geo. J. Hardy
R. F. R. Biscoe
Mt Mat. til VIOTOntA "i*L I hi AH. IXOHANO   HND im
* NATIONAL A__tl_i_t UN  Of  III Al   IITATI  IXC IAN ,18
Real  Estate and  Insurance Agents,
Phone  10
.��__ '
IT IS ONLY very shallow people  who  do
not to a very appreciable    extent   judge   a
young man  by  hi:;  appearance.   The enthusiastic expression you wear
;������   p/���/.',_ "'.'������(   V ������������,��� A'"<:W   on  y��'ir 'ac2 mint   be
%   f!��.,]     W&&>f>? ft  re'nf��rced    by    clothes
|1'J"ff     W0y'W i  which    express    correct
___-_���_-       W.M:M ������ ancl c!ever slyte
MX i :f
B*    _ _��.__       ".-.:._ '>V,
Art Clothes
For Yojnger   Men
overlap   the style  line just enough to gain admiration.   They're youthful in line and of
couldn't-be-better quality
Telephone 34
Next Royal Bank
Where  everybody  goes  for   choice
Candies, Cigars, Tobacco, Fruit,
Vegetables, Groceries, 'Etc.
Phone 40
$6.00 Per Ton
Delivered in Courtenay
All Orders Will Recieve Prompt Attention
Phone 43 Courtenay
Local Lines
The Night School closed for tin-
eascn on Tuesday evening,
Mr. Charles Swanson led fi i
.minima on Monday ni truing.
Bom -At St. Joseph', hospital,
mi Mon lay, March 20 to Mr, anil
Irs. VV*. II. Reckitt, ,-i sou,
Holy Communion will heobserv
���I ni St.   Andrew's   Presbyterian
Jhtirch on   Haster Sunday  at   a
The Night school dance on . rl
lay evening lasl wasa very successful affair, tlure being guests from
Comox, Headquarters, and Cumberland,
Ham  McQuillan fell off a horse
��� hi Saturday afternoon and sustain
eel a ecinpntmd fracture of the right
leg,     He is resting as easily as] os-
sihle under the circumstances,
Married���At Victoria, on Monday, March 22, at the First Presbyterian church, by Rev- J. G, Ink-
ster, Mr. Richard Curler to M.ss
Willllifred Anderson, both of
Mr, \y, J. Gowl.ind of Alberni,
Ins arrived in town and will tale
on tlie management of t e Co-Operative Society's business here,
Mr. Gowlaiid comes highly recommended, and we welcome him to
our city.
Special Kaster mil lie will be rendered at the Presbyterian church
mi Sun In,-, including the anthem,
"When Morning Gilds the Skies"
al theinorning service, and '-Christ
Our Passover'' and "Our Saviour"
in the evening The s"los, "Hos-
anna." and "Abide With Me,"
will also be given.
Mr. J. Caljoiiu who had his guu
tak .11 away frdm '-him by Game-
wardens Dawley and Holts, while
shooting seals some weeks ago has
had the same restored to him, behaving produced his license, which
he did not have with him at the
time, although he had other valuable papers ou him. Mr. Caljoun
was not in any manner whatever
connec.ed with or suspected of the
killing or stealing of Mr. Ritchie's
Coal oil 25c per gallon or $1 per
tin at McKean's. Bring your own
A few good seed potatoes for
sale, Carmeu variety, Apply, R.
Carter & Son.
Wanted���Good bulls, fit for killing, Also fat cows and calves,
any quantity, for cash. Apply
Review Office.
Wanted ���Situation on ranch as
manager or othetwise, by experienced married man Apply Box
6, Review Office.
For Sale���A few good cows, records and teats given, also Tuberculosis tested. Apply, R. Carter
& Son, Union Bav road.
Winning White Wyandottes,
My pen of 6 birds that won the
last contest averaged 221 eggs each
in 12 months. Ivor Price list of
hatching eggs, etc. write E. D.
Read. Duncan.
For Sale- One 6 h, p. Fairkanks
Morse Gas Engine, one 3 k. w.
Dynamo switch board, etc, also
pump and belting, Capacity 12
gallons per minute. Apply at
Riverside hotel,
I have again improved my flock
ot Rho_ e Island Reds by the introduction of new blood, Excellent
winter layers, well adapted to this
climate. Price of eggs per setting
reduced to $1, per setting of 13.
j.6 per 100. Cash with order.
Bruce Towler, one mile south of
Courtenay.    P, O. Box.
Employers livh.g anywhere iu
Comox District requiring hired help
and all persons out of worK living
within the limits of Courtenay
municipality are requested to enquire at Tarbell's store for further
particulars. The terms and conditions are that any employer
securing help from the bureau is
requested to deduct 5 per cent out
of thf first week's wages and pay
s_ui" to the officer in charge of the
A new switchboai 1 1 -, ig in'
���ailed at the telephone ollice     -
Messrs. John Cairns and Lucius
lannstoii, who have - misted at
/ictoria, cum..- up last Fi lay night
ml after spend'ug .-. few days with
heir parents here, returned to
Villovvs Gamp on Mondaj morn-
ig, They report the rest oi the
'om tenny boys at Camp in good
lealth and spirits. Their line filing uniforms captured the eye.--nl'
II the prettv girls in town,
A Girl's  Guild   in   connection
villi the Ladles' Aid Society wa��
formed on Monday evening.   The
Society will meet the second  Mou-
lay in each   month.    The   colors
vill be  black   and   yellow.   The
following officers  were  elected:���
"resident,     Miss    Maud    Creech,
ice President, Miss Nellie Covert.
Secretary,     Miss    Annie    Carroll.
Treasurer, Miss Ethel Sutton.
Presbyterian Church
St. Andrews'  Sandwick
Service 2 p.m.     Sunday  School
and llible Class .1 p, in.
Sunday  School and   Bible Class
10:30 a. m.   Service 11:..).   Evening service 7:30 p. m. All welcome
Easter Day Services
Church of England
St. Andrew's Church, Sandwick
Holy    Communion   8.30   a.   111.
Mattins  and Holy  Communion 11
a, 111,    Children's service 3   p,   in.
St.   John's    Cuhrch,    Courtenay. ;
Holy    Communion    7,30   a.    in. :
Evensou _ 7.30 p. m.    The annual I
Kaster vestry meeting will be held j
in St. Andrew's Church, Sandwick
on Monday, April 5th at 8 p. in
Courtenay Gun Club
A largely attenged, enthusiastic
.st meeting of the Courtenay Gun
tub  was  held  Monday night   in
>r, Morrison's waiting room.  Last
m's shooting was reviswed and
' ��� .s were laid to make the 1015
s ison better still,   Officials elected
vere   President,  Alderman  Knk-
 1; Vice  Pres , O. II   Fechner;
le retary, Dr, Mon ison; Treasurer
F. Everett; Field Captain, II. Daw-
y; Lieut,  Captain, Rod McCuish.
Communications from various Guu
'o's.   were   read   and   Bled,    Tlie
Club decided to join the Inter Provincial    Gun     Club     Association
Tournaments   to  be arranged   tor
.luring the season with other cities.
I resolution was drawu up and will
be forwarded through Gam.  Warden   Dawley, to  Provincial Game
Warden Williams, seeking permission to shoot heron,  sav bills and
loons, they being highly destructive
to  game   fish      The   Club's  first
shoot  will   be  on Good   Friday at
1,30 p. in.    Regular day Thill-day
afternoon.   Auy official of the Club
will be pleased lo accept applications
for membership to the club.    Fee,
three dollars for tne season,    Five
appropriate  trophies have  already
been donated   by   Gun   Co's to be
shot for, and (it is  hinted 1  that a
tropin given by the first Mayor of
Cour.enay.    to   be   known   as   the
"Kilpatrick   Cup" and   to be shot
for each Season,  WOUl I be a highly
acceptable gift to the club members.
Comox Creamery
45c penlb. this week
Ford Garage and Repair Shop
We are licensed dealers in  Coinox  District for FORD  CARS
We sell l'ord parts at factory prices
We have everything for the l'ord car
We have in stock Dominion Plain and Nobby Tread Tires
We have in sfbek Goodyear Plain and All Weather Tires
We have in stock Dunlop Tires
We sell all tires at list price P. O. B, Vancouver
We have the above tires in all sizes
We have in stock a full line of auto accessories
We have the oil for your particular motor
We have been in the business for a long time
We owned the second car in Comox district
We have sold more than .50 per cent, of the cars in this district
We have sold 50 per cent, of the stationery engines iu this district
We have sold several small 1 lectric lijjhtiiiK plants
We have sold dozens of acetylene and gasolene plants
We try to please our customers
We have Cleveland, Crescent and Victor Bicycles
We sell bicycles on monthly payments
We have sold 60 per cent, of the bicycles in this district
iVe repair and sell bicycle accessories
Licensed Dealer
Now Is the Time
to purchase |Tires
for Your Car
We supply   Goodyear   Tires   for
Ford Cars
AU Weather Tread   ���   -   $18.40
Plain   .......    $15.50
All repair work guaranteed to  be O. K.
A full line of accessories in stock
Courtenay Garage - Phone 38 THE   REVIEW.   COURTNEY,   B. C.
By L. T, Meade
Ward,   Lock   &   Co.,   Limited
London,  Melbourne .ind Toronto
Ralph's lii'ini gave n leap, lie was \
un the right inrh after nil. llu would
follow iliis innn. l-'i'irlii, who wus after i
nn good,    "Vlelorlu    Station,  South-
Westi rn"   lhai   menu I   thai   lie,  ino, |
i am willing to paj anything reason-1
able If ynu will help ine. Now, do you
mind describing in me whal sort of
ludy Mrs. Villiei-s Is?"
The concierge was loud lu her
"Oharruante!" be cried, "Benevolent, agreeable, bountiful   in nil her
"And ths young lady?" Interrupted
Osborne, who could scnicely keep in
hie breath while ilia nu ful Mrs.
Chance was being praised,
"We don'l sir much of inudemol-
nolle, sir.   she seems, from nil   accounts, to be very 111, bul thoy haven't
got ii doctor io her, although Mrs. VII-
i Hits suid thut she would call iii one
lot our greal authorities in tlie arl of
In nlini.     She  Btnys moBtly    in  ber
: room; it wns only once tlmi sh
tvllll   Mrs.  Villiers  in  n   lu
spends almost the whole ot her
wiili  her nurse, The
Raising champion steer igeec| Improvement
Interest in Agriculture Could be Stimulated  Through  Help of  Rural
Results    of    Scientific   Breeding   and
Proper Feeding of  Prize  Stock
A   triumph  for scientific  breeding
and  feeding   wns  shown by   "Uniiily,'
the champion steer nt Guelpli Winter Can tbe rural school help to promote
Pair,   a sun nf "Royal Archer," lm-ia moro active interest in pute need.'
purled  Shorthorn  bull, which heads in answering this question before the
the herd of Join. Hrlght, Canada's live Canadian Seed Growers' association,
stock commissioner, al Myrtle, he is Professor    S.  B.  McCready, nnture
therefore    u   uopnew of "Nonpareil study department, department ot edu
Archer," iimi. iv.-!- White's famous cation, Torouto, snid, that the posol
sire of winners.    His mother wus also! bllltteE
veur nun
in stock
Of Al-
wns gulug in New h
hiuis.i'll' did nm nol n
hud not observed hlni in Ills shabby
clothes, nml now iu liis sniiirt attire
looked like anj  ordluar.i  mini nf
Osborne kept liis eye ou
en,    Tlie    mnn \ maid snys Hint
Osborne, for lie I yi ling lady,"
���Oil, yes. i
seems a very uue
Inquired Oshorno.
r, certnlneiuenl."
"Hnve ynu ever noticed lier face?'
"\\ ell. Blr, I haven't bad an oppor
tunlty.   On the morning when she ar
rived With Mrs. Villiers, she was close- !
ly veiled, and seemed sn fi i bio nnd ill !
Uiul ull we could do wns |n lako herl,, , ,     ,,,
(in tlio' "".'.!.K<lo(1 .cattl<
in I liis direti-ion are very
great, The Pupils' Progress club idea, j
which has imd such u greal development in Hie United suites, is taking
hold in Canndn as well. I'tuler this
scheme, u number of the older children organize into nu Ont club, u Potato club, or nn Alfalfa club, The
lenelii l- lines not need to be nn expert.
She supplies enthusiasm und   dlroc-
his class. I tlon, letting tlie pupils, ti n vefy large
Here coinos In lhe science of feed- extent, teach themselves,
ini; in ilie championship the niagnlflc-      in one school they hnve two clubs
cut  frame which ho hnd    luhorlted,
h pure bred Shorthorn.
"Dainty" wns n wdunor
at   the   bIiow   al   the   Union
Yards, Toronto, where he was
by bis breeder, doorge 11, Oki
",'|" i vhiston.   Purchased there by
'   ���' Pritchard, of ISlora, In- wus exhibited
icimiu r i"' Toronto exhibition last yonr, und ii
i may be recalled thnt lie was second in
moans', bul
When Un hmi men renched Victoria
till y both, howi vcr, eliiuccil nt ench
other���the I'm. coarse, repulsive looking iiiun. nml ihe sliulit. graceful, well j upstairs to her room ni once
formed gentleman, l-'erris jumped In-lone day when she went out she wus
to a third clnss smoking compartment | also closely veiled; but, sir. 1 think
nud Osborne went into a llrst cluss.: the chambermaid who waits on lhe
At Newhaven they both went ou suite of rooms which Mrs. Villiers has
board and on tin other sido they both engaged could tell ynu more tlinii nny-
took the train to Paris, agaiu one tra^ one else with regard lo Aliss Vil-
Velllng third cluss nnd the other .first, I Hers."
One wus apparently of no Interest to      "Can  I possibly nee the    woman?
the other, i Tliis is most vital," said Oaboriu
Ferris and Osborne hnd both so lit-| Accordingly, the conclergi
tie luggage that It was nol examined i through Ids telephone, nnd i
at Dieppe. There wns. therefore, no, few minutes a neatly dre
delay al the donane at the (lure SI. I servant appeared on tin
Lazare. Now was Osborne's oppor- Mrs. Villiers had taken her noble
tunlty. lie must follow this man; lie [ suite of rooms on the lirsi lloor, the
must not let him go out of his sight,   maid who waited on lier wns most re-
Kurly as it wns in the morning, speclable looking. She bowed to Os-
there'was a great bUBtle of arrival on borne, suid her English wns too
the platform, A number ot people broken, but that she could understand
had come over on the boat, for this , a little,
wns, ns it. turned out, an excursion ! "I will speak
train,    They  were  wuittng most of i you will let mr
I Carley I'leverh n. trnlued for over six
i years witli tlie Walls, has spent eight
j years with vetorttn Pritchard, and
I between them thoy knew exactly bow
to get the besl nut  of I'lillnilinll  feeds
very ;
sed Krcnoh j
scene.    As I
The ration used with lhe champion
wus tjiut given to iiii olght of ibe fattening herd. Clover hay is the ba'so
nf the roughage, with which n Ilttlo
mil chuff is cut up, and, for lho olght
steers, a pint of molnssCB nnd
bushel nnd n huh' ot turnips are
n Domestic Silence club for lhe .iris.
Hllil ll Potato <-1 uii for the hoys.    The
practical work in done in home. At
sliiieil times, ihey meet nnd discuss
matters, 'The boys, in their corner of
the room, hnve n tittle meeting on potato growing, One boy rendu un orlg-
iimi composition; another an extract
from some published article, Catch
the Intoresl uf the hoy or girl In some
one or other of the vast number of
subjects that mny In taken up, und
afterwards he will tencji himself, Gel
idd- j him interested, nnd ynu cnnnol Keep
them, for their goods to be passed
through the doaune, always a lengthy
process, '.'hey were standing, crowding together like sheep, waiting- for
the doors to be opened.
Meanwhile, l-'erris gazed about him
ln a puzzled way; French was not his
strong point, lie managed, however,
to give a sufficiently cieur direction j
to tlie cocker, dropping liis voice to u '
hoarse whisper us lie did sn. Osborne
immediately jumped into another cab
and told the man in a low tone, but in
fluent French, to follow the stout gentleman, nud on no account to let him
out of his si .ni The cocher i mlled,
more particularly when lie saw an unexpected gleam of gold in Osborne's
palm. In a very short time the two
taxicabs drew up outside the Confn-
ininl lloiel. Ferris lirst cntefed tlie
hotel; he glanced round ns he did so.
For the first lime he stared fixedly at
Osborne���-a suspicious scowl crossed
his face.   Suddenly lie spoke.
lo  ynu  in   1'T'uucli
" said Osborne.
"All, mnn Dien!" answered the
girl, -Then that is well."
"1 want lo know what you enn tell
me with regard to Miss Villiers���
what sort of face lias she?"
"All, good, good God!" cried llie
woman, raising her eyes heavenwards,
ns she spoke, "It is a face of the most
beautiful. And bo���so sweet and yet,
ui. llie same time, us if the angels
talked with her. Oh, sir, tlicre is nothing l would not do for cbere mademoiselle."
Osborne now felt more uud more
assured lli.it he was close to llie girl
he loved, his heart neat, but, at the
same time a wonderful calm visited
him, for he knew that he wns about
to engage in a work of considerable
danger. Suddenly, turning lo the
maid, lie suid:
"I Know that, young lady; she is a
friend of mine.    Is she up yet'."'
|    ".Mais, non, monsieur.    It is early."
"When ean she see ine?" continued
Osborne.    "Can you hike a message
1 el. ihe hitter being pulped. Mangolds
! are considered ei|tiully good. A gallon
three times dally Is the quantity of
I grain given In the champion ot Vino
pounds weight. This consists of roll
ed mils iimi n double handful nf
cake, also an Ontario product, some
uinlusscs meal Is also used���made in
Britain for British feeders. Wnl'-r is
kept before"tliein nt ul! times.
Lots of exercise outside, winter nii-l
Bummer���six to elglu hours dally -
und loose boxes for quarters, with
green cut feed iu summer, ure regard
Od as essentials al llie
farm.    Summer exercise is
him from rending and Btudyln__vory-
tiling relating to tho subject. Instead
of becoming dissatisfied   with home
and school, nud wanting to go to tho
shinny, ihe store or the factory, lie
11 finds  ins   attention    engrossed    by
3 ; tilings nt liniue.    Ile works better, too,
nt  liis other studies.
Imagine, if ynu can, what would be
the result It every rural school hnd a
little piece uf ground on which to demonstrate hardy alfalfa, or some of the
O.A.C. No. 21 barley, und that sort of
thing. Not only the children, bul the
Pritchard I whole community would benefit. It is
given  ul. | being done, too.    l.ust  veal', ill Kent
and r
county, a school plot sown to O.A.i
No. f'2 oats, produced at the rate of
110 bushels, while the maximum crop
of the farms of the district was about
5(1   bushels.     Near   Chatham,   school
hoys "growing Wisconsin No. 7 corn
Toronto  Fat j heat the wl.ole county in yield.
held at the Union Stock Yards, j     In Uie high school, too, the teaching
Brown and son's (Gait) steer,  of agriculture may bo made to fit with
lit to avoid Hies. An example of
...j results of this system is seen in
tlie filet, that Prltchard'a white steer
gained 160 pounds in the !H< days between National Bxhibtion mil Winter
At,  tlie  (ifih  annual
' the Guelph winner, was-not
"Hector"  was
the   work  of  the    association.
was  champion  grade  '  , .     .   ., ,,   . , ,,       ,
grand    champion at | ?fIie����,}? ?i���% ,,',���. ,} ??.}.* ._.
llie    supreme    honor.         "" "    ' '"
the public schools, that is, tlie instruction is based on the project that Ihe
pupil carries on at  home. Supposing
Love of Blora, sired by an Aberdeen ! m'tee" ��f the older boys    in a high
Angus  bull,  his    mother    a    grade ; s('lu,nl wou'fl oho to take up crop im-
Shorthorn   cow���Canadian   Country- povement      Ihey    organize    as  a
���iP1) i branch or    (he    association.    There
  i would be no compulsion.' Some might
Horses in the War
Jesplie tho use of motor traction
there are,    it. has  been  established
"You'll   excuse   llle,   sir , .   _  .
"bill we seem to be fellow travellers, quite privately to her alone, without.
I met ye m Victoria, I mel ye again ] telling anyone rise'.' If you can man-
lit New-haven, I met ye once again at i age this 1 will give you"'���he fluttered
Dieppe, I met ye ul the ilure St. Some- j a five pound Bank of England note in
I don't know whnt they call it his hand���tlie maid's black eyes glit-
now  l  meet  ye  '        "'  "---'- ��� ���������'���"���  i.......,���i
��� and
Ing h
ly;  In
pi red
at   the tiered with excitement.
I enquire,
_���  in    this
"Ah, lint non," she said shaking her
head. "I assuredly want, mil tlie
money. If you, ifionsicur, can keep
tiie tears from foiling and the sighs
from coming to the lips of cbere mademoiselle, I will do it. without money,
  ... monsieur."
then went up and had a. wins-1    "You arc a good woman," said Os-
"confab"  with  the    concierge. | borne, taking her hand and shaking it.
t is altogether
Osborne,  speii
r. tl ye re go-
palatial resi-,
iy   business," j
ng  in  a  cold |
scowled slill more fierce-
Whatever were his remarks, Ihe man
sent n Imy upsluirs. nnd in n few minutes Ferris was nsked to follow him.
This he did, not using the lift, bin going   to  the   staircase,    and   turning i
round, looking back, and scowling at ���
Osborne from time to time. Osborne j
hnd  waited  very quietly    near    the
bureau, not ranking any nttempt, so
far, to secure a room for himself, As
soon   as   ever   Ihe   man   was   out   of |
'sight Osborne asked if he might, see i
the Visitors' Book,    He looked altogether so nice and handsome, and so
absolutely  the   Boi't   of  person   who
ought to be at the Continental Hotel,!
that there was  no difficulty raised,
and Boon be was looking ut the con-
tents of the Visitors' Book which had
been  entered  during  the    last    ten
Now, listen; I trust you; 1 trust you
with the most, precious thing I have
on earth. Tell the lady, when no ono
is thf ro to listen, that a friend from
Bngland is wailing to see her."
(To be Continued)
...  , been  es
more than half a million horses in the I
various fields of war.    Perhaps    the
number has been lessened by futali- j
ties, for cable despatches tell of regi- \
ments of Uhlans lighting as foot sold-!
iers on account of lack of remounts, j
Experience shows that three hundred
horses are killed on  the average to
one cavalryman.
The Horso is always a worse Buffer-
j er than'the mnn.   it is nut so hardy
and it suffers more acutely from starvation and thirst, for instance. Generally speaking,   it is easily vulnerable.
Some horses will go on after receiving a score of wounds, but a horse
struck by a bullet usuully falls and is
of no use, either becatse nf its loss of
speed or because it is so stricken with
fear as to become difficult to manage
In the Franco-Prussian wur of 1870-71
about 50,000 horses perished.
Older than the Grand Trunk
want to grow, select and improve a
grain, clover, alfalfa or mangel seed;
others to test and introduce a' new
variety. If so. that is the work Ihey
would carry on at home ns their project, it would not ti.ke many years,
by ibis means, to bring on u few
thousand of the best trained crop improvers. It is being' done. Five high
schools have commenced the work.
j Last year at Guelph there was a class
of twenty-one school teachers training for it. Tlie chief thing is for tlio
people to understand the scheme and
to want it,
Farmers do not. understand what is
meant by teaching agriculture. They
think that it is teaching farming. "1
can teach my boy all the fanning lie
needs to know; I don't see how the
school teacher can teach him anything about farming." Such men have
the idea that farming is ploughing,
| harrowing, seeding and 'harvesting,
That never was the idea Involved in
i the teaching ot agriculture. Success
... ��� I ju  fannjng js dependent    not upon
Germane   Forbid    Discussion of War I these  manual   operations,  important
Tho correspondent of the Telegraf i and necessary as they are. The thing
at Seizaete, ill the region near Ghent, | that makes for happiness and success
Veteran Sailors
Three  Employees of the C.P.R. Who
Have   Retired   After  Long
When  tlie  car  ferry  Ontario,   tlng-
sbip of the rher licet of thu Canadian
Pacific Railway Company, tied up at
midnight one Saturday iu January ut
Windsor, three veterans of tlie lakes,
in llie persons of Captain .lames Carney, chief Engineer Alexander McDonald and Engineer Robert Craig, went
into retirement ami joined the Superannuated list nfter serving the company since the Ontario was placed in
commission 26 years ngo.
Cnptnln Carney and Engineer Me-
Donald have beon shipmates moro
lliau In years. Craig is their junior
iu service witli the Canadian Pacific,
tint ims imd nearly us much experience on Ihu lakes as his Iwo veteran
companions. Captain Carney wus
born ul Oxford Mills, (Int., in 181!'.
When 15 years old he begun nailing,
In tsiii; In- eiilislcd tn light against tlie
Fenians, lie nevor saw any lighting,
being quartered at Sandwich. For Ills
services lie was given a medal and Hit)
acres of land. The year ISIItl saw hlni
a member nf the crew of the steamer
I .jreiice. Then for 17 years he was
mate and master nn tlie Grand Trunk
car ferries Lake Michigan and Great
Western. When lie bcrnine nil employee of that company. Engineer McDonald became his shipmate, and up
to Saturday night they never buve
been separated for more ihun twelve
hours during their friendship of 43
In the long period of service the
three veterans have given their company, no accident, lias occurred that
cost their employers one cent for
damages, although hundreds of thousands of ears, and millions of dollars'
worth of merchandise have been ferried across on tlie Ontario. Captain
Carney never has had a day off in
110 years. During that lime he has
been on duty 12 hours out of 24 each
Chief Engineer McDonald wns born
in Montreal OS years ago. At an early
age he was apprenticed to the engineering' firm of John Garthchie at
Dundas, Ont. During 1868-9 he was
engineer of a tug on the Detroit
river. He served on the steamer
Dresden, running between Detroit and
Wallaceburg, under Captain Watson
in 187-1. Then lie became acquainted-
witli Captain Carney.
Of the three veterans, Engineer
Craig has liad tlie career of most varied experience. Horn in Sligo, Ireland, in 1847, he emigrated with his
parents to Canada at an early age.
From 1853 to 1866 (he family lived in
County Perth.. When the American
Civil War was declared Craig went to
Detroit and enlisted in the Eleventh
Michigan Cavalry, commanded by Col.
Hrown of St. Clair. He fought, in -several small engagements against the-
rebel forces of General Morgan. When
the war was concluded he commenced
sailing, ile was employed on the Detroit passenger beats until he was engaged by the C.P.R. company 18 yea rt
ago as the assistant of Engineer McDonald on the Ontario. From 1878
to 18S2 Mr. Craig was a member of
Windsor's police force. He receives a
pension from the United Slates government for services in the Civil war.
He is the father of 10 sons and threJ
Canadian Express Co. is About to
Celebrate Its Fiftieth Anniversary
Within u few days, the, Canadian
Express Company us such, will celebrate its fiftieth anniversary, letters
patent having been grunted to the forwarding company under this name by
ilie federal government early in February, 1806. The original name of the
days,   tb- luiil (he concierge frankly company was the British
that he was looking for u friend, nnd | Express, established in the curly '50'S
thought that by somo chance ho might I wlien ii operated stage lines durln."
find  her.    There  was.    howev
name whatever on the book In the these with steamboat connections dur-
least like Florence Dunbar, und there i jng the months when water nnvigatipn
was n.i niinie in the least like Barbara | was possible.
Chance,    li   ls  true  Ihere    was  ilie;    The Canadian Express Is therefore
name of n certain Mrs. Villiers, who i actually older than the Grand Trunk
was residing nl tho lintel with lur lu-  System, mi whicli it operates today,
valid daughter und trained nurse.      | although  the Grand  Trunk  was the
������When did this ludy come?" asked, second railway opened on this contln-
Osborne, suddenly putting Ills finger | ent, As onrly us isiix a branch of-
.,u ihe name and turning the book flee hnd been opened In Liverpool, and
round bo tit-it lho concierge could look | for many years this was the only ex-
nt it with hlni. press company with headquarters In
The concrioge thought tor a mln- I America Inning offices in Great Britain: Osborne slipped n gold coin Into | ain.   Today, with European headquar-
says that the Germans have issued
proclamations forbidding the inhabitants to discuss the war, under penalty
of a heavy fine or long imprisonment.
"Some of lho innabitants have already been punished," he says. "In
fact, the prisons are filled, not with
ordinary criminals, but with citizens who have unwittingly been guilty
of some infraction of the uuuierous
German proscriptions."
is tho ability to reason well, (o observe
closely, to read about, your work, to be
interested in it, ar.d to want lo improve it. The object is to lead children to think about farm life, to be
proud ot farm life, and want to read
about farm life and farming opo.-a-
We have apparently eome to a
place where all the out-of-doors'was
left out of a child's education. The
idea of education had narrowed down
,      ,i     r .._,_������   ���-.,u on,,i to ' to a thing whicli you could get only
Murphy,  tl.e  foreman,  was sent to | .^.^ ^ 6^, ^J  ^ ^
��� i       i    ni,.,,  in ���_���.i  ,,  ���,u__i.i I inside oi mm- wans, wiiu uu teacher,
the railroad office to leport a slight] th(J |)lil(;kl)0.ml and the book,   Natur)|
i accident   in   the
blank und got
i study is a protest against the nrttflc
the winter   months,   supplementing  track.  He was li    lil.. .......* ...... o��i i ( ,lt|-      r    hool wn],k |t ,���      cfflirt
..long all light   mi     ec-an e io t. mm.My,e  Bchoo,  work;   l0  bl.hlg
puce headed,   RemarhBAtteiato . , realH.lnB that
he becokened to tin
ing at it u whll
"What's the matter,    Put?
that official,
"Well, so ." said Murphy, "ye see it
was Bill's big toe he hit wid til' ham- j"
mer and it wudn't Ink well for me I' i and
write down Ui' rnymarks Bill made.'
. palm Presently the mnn said,
being stimulated by the gold to exert
liis memory to the utmost, Hint the
lady, the mademoiselle, and the nurse
had arrived on ihe morning after the
day that little Barbara had been kidnapped, lie did not, of course, use
these words, but he named the dale,
ters at iv Ojckspur street, London, u |
1ms branch agencies nt Liverpool, j
Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow j
and Antwerp, With thousands of em-'
ployees, 9,070 miles of railway lines
and inland water routes are served,'
including the entire system of the
Grand   Trunk,    the    Grand    Trunk
which    seemed lo prove the fact of I Pacific,    the    Canadian    government
their Identity to Osborne's mind. railways,  and  the  Central  Vermont.
The young man's heurt    began to | since October 1, 1911, when M. C. M
b?al very fast
"She would change her name," he
said to himself, "she would desire
Barbara to call her mother, she would
iise the girl, Kate .lessop, as a so-
culled trained hospital nurse."
He did not d"re to have tlto
bureau.   He said:
"I am very anxious about a matter
jif deep importance, both to me and
"ti the proprietor of the hotel. 1 shall
���tay lu the hotel for a day or so, and
VV. N. U. 1040
Hays, then at the bend of tf.e company, became chairman of the board
of directors, the president has tfeen
Air. John Pullen, formerly assistant
freight traffic manager of the Grand
The Carrs already had a very large
family when lhe arrival of another little Carr was announced.
"My goodness!"  exclaimed one of
.the  long  suffering neighbors.  "It  is
I certainly to be hoped tbut ihis is the!
| caboose." I
Vet yonr best horse is ju<t as
liable to develop a Spavin, Ringbone,
Splint, Curb or lameness as your poorest I
has _ved many tliowiailds of dollars in horse
flesh by entirely curing these ailments.
Nelson Griffith, Limerick, Sastc, writes!
"I lia\-e been using your Spavin Cure and find
itonenf the heat liniments, lt completely cured a
curb on a driving marc".
Don't take chances with vour horses. Keep a
1 lottleofl __dnll'8hriiidy,Sl���GforfS. Ourbook
''Treatise on the Horse" free at druggists or
Dr. I. J. KENDH- CO.. Enostari Fills, VI.      103
j the things the child comes in contact
isked i wit'1 evory flay make a basis for edu-
j cation of tbe soundest kind. So we
uive come to a scheme of teaching
igrlculture through work with plants
ininittls and soils nnd weather.
This is the natural and the sensible
way the way in whicli tlie race has,
as it were, been taught agriculture.
Many other subjects of importance
nre dealt with In the report of the
tenth annual meeting of the Canadian
Seed Growers' association, obtainable
from tlie department of agriculture at
Dwarf Girl Made to Grow
A physician of Itochesler, Ind., has
come into fume locally by the treatment of Harriet Ross, 15, of that city,
who has been dwarfed since birth.
The girl, who is the daughter of Air.
and Mrs. Omar Itoss, is unusually
bright. She was greatly grieved by
childish taunts about her size, and
pleadings to her parents to take her to
specialists resulted in trips to lar_.e
cities, where the best medical aid was
enlisted but to no avail.
Then her ease was turned over to i
local physician, who tliscoveerd that
her dwarfed condition was duo to the
fnet that she. was minus the thryohl
glands that scientists know to be responsible for the growth of the human
family. Then dangerouu operations
were started, the physician- making
regular injections of ihryold serum
taken from the glands of healthy
cheep, and uow, after several months'
treatment, the girl has actually grown
several inches, . Bluing at such rapid
strides that it is expected nlie will ultimately be of medium height.
I I "What is year name, little boy?" inquired the kindergarten teacher of her
"I don't know," said the littlo boy
"Well, what docs your lather call
"I don't know," still more bashfully.
"How does your mother cell you
when the griddle cakes are done?"
'jShe don't call mc," beamed the
new pupil; "I'm there already."
Willi reference to the use or abundant negatives, a correspondent of the
London Chronicle quotes the inquiry
ot the navvy looking for work: "I say
mate, 1 s'pose you don't know nobody
what don't want nobody to do nothln'.
do yer?"
Turkey Not Turkish
It is probably too late to change the
name of thut somewhat overrated fowl
���the turkey, ts name, however, is
less important than its p. ice, which is
rising. He has no connection whatever with the country of his name,
for he arrived witli the Spaniards
from tlie discovery of Mexico, and by
1541 was on (he ecclesiastical table-
but no more than "one in ., dish," as
Crammer enjoined. His native place
is in the west, not the eas , and you
would find it very difficult to procure
a turkey in Constanlnople. ���London
Cft|l��� Granulated Eyelids,
Eyes inflamed by exposure to Sm,B__ and Willi
quickly relieved by Nirllt
Eye tatty. No Smarting
just Eye Comfort Ai
Your Druggist's SOc per Bottle. MwIkE..
SalveinTubes25c. ForBtokdlbeEyefrceaik
Druggists or Msflie Eft tkmttf Ct., CMctfi
Eyes _y
The Army of
It Growing Smaller Every D*y.
mpomible���they not.
only give reliel������
iliey permanently
line Conilipu-
tion. , Millions use
them lot,
B.lioas- I
tess. Indigestion, Sick Headache, Sallow Skin.
Small Pill, Small Dose, Small Price.
Genuine must _-_ Signature
Does Not Apply to Canada
To use White Phosphorous
It is now IllciSul to make
" White Phosphorous "
Matches. In a year's
time it will be unlawful
to sell them.
If you're strong for Efficiency ��� "For Made in
Canada" antl "Safety
hirst" you will use
Ses-qui Non-poisonous
Prohibition     of     Export    of   Certain;
Goods Published
Considerable alarm iu industrial i
circles lias been occasioned by publication iii January number of the Postal
Guide of a long list of conjuiodtUos, I
the exportation of which from Cauada
is said to he prohibited to all destinations, The list is beaded by the to.
hihiii'il to all destinations."
"By royal proclamation, which lias
been published in llle Canada Gazette,!
it is declared thai   all orders issued,
heretofore ���concerning  tbe exportation i
nf goods from Canada are revolted and I
ii is further declared lhai the exportation of the following goods be pro-i
llihil il In all ilelsiiiiilious."
The   lisi   conttilns several buudred ]
Items, Including nickel nre, uicltcl and
ii rroniiiii'i, heavy boots for men, oil
of all kinds, bags, siicks, copper, rope,
raw rubber, etc,
A further lisi Includes goods whose I
export in prohibited lo all countries
snve these of British connections.
These Include wheat, ilnur. animals!
mul certain other Important conunodl .
ties, which ���form u large pun of Canada's trade wilb the (Jutted suites.
Inquiry Instituted Into the publication has elicited Un' Information thut I
ii royal    proclanition   dealing   witln
prbhtblted   goods   from   tin-   United
Kingdom and published as such iu lhi>i
Canada Qazetto lias beeu mislalceu for
u Canadian order-in-council,   So mucin
is plain from tho second clause of the
proclamation where exportation is pro-!
htbited   tn   all   destinations   abroad
"other  than  his majesty's dominions,
juolntiit's, ilritish Indian territories, un-1
der Ilritish   portectlon,   Cypress,   (he
Channel Islands, and Egypt.   Had tlie
proclamation applied to Canada, Oreat
Britain   would   have   been among.the
exceptions.        '
Too many women struggle
under pains and aches.
They are not sick���but weak,
nervous, irritable.
Such women need that blood-
strength that comes by taking
strengthens the nerves, aids the appetite aud checks tlio decline.
If wife or mother tire easily
or loch run down, SCOTT'S
EMULSION will build her up.
Children Teething
Mrs. Winslow's
Soothing Syrup
Ireat su cr ess, curbs chronic WEAKNESS, LOST V1GO&
riLIS. HITHER NO- D. UtJi .ISl ��� ur MAIL 81. POST 4 CT_
lleD.Co.HAVERSTOCKHD.NAM. _;i::_I). LOKUO. . B. 0.
Featherstonhaugii  ��� Co.,  head  office, King street cast, Toronto, Canada.
L_ F013 Paint    on    Putnam'8
*��� Extractor tonight, and
Ollt1 cofns feel better in the
"~* morning. Magical the
way "Putnam's" oases the pain, den-
troys the roots, liills a corn l'or all
time. No pain. Cure guaranteed. Cut
a 25c bottle of Putnam's Extractor 10-
Tho youth had been asked to write
examples of the indicative, subjunctive
and potential moods, ami an exclamatory sentence. This is what he produced:
"1 um trying lo pass an English examination, if 1 answer twenty questions I shall puss. If I answer twelve
questions 1 may pass. 1 leaven help
Worms in children, if Ihey 1. ��� not
attended to, cause convulsions and
often death. Mother Craves' Worm
.exterminator will protect lhe child-
ran from these distressing afflictions.
"Do anything much this week-end?"
"Oil, nothing to spunk of." ">
"Anything not to speak of?"
Aa DO:_.0S��f
fKidi. till
y mit**
How's This?
We oiler One Hundred Dollars Reward for any case of Catarrh that
cannot be cured by Hall's Catarrh
V. J. CHENEY _ CO.. Toledo, O.
-\\Y. Um undoi'signed, have known P. ,T.
Cheney for tha lost 1 _ years, and bellovo
him perfectly honorable- in all business
transactions and UnnnctaUy able to carry
mit nnv obligations made In* his tirm.
J lull's Catarrh Cure Is taken Internal-
Toledo, 0.
ly, acting directly upon the blood and mucous surfaces of the iiystein. Testimonials sent free. Prlco, 7?�� cents per bottie.
Sold hy all Druggists.
Tnke Hull's Family Pills for constipation:-
Controlled by Admiralty
Ascension Island Ranks as a Man-o'-
Ascension Island, situated about
midway between Brazil and tlie Congo, is a valuable half-way house on
the Cape route, its position ou the
main track making it especially useful
as a provisioning place for ships,on
their homeward way,
Physically, Ascension is a desolation of extinct volcanoes and lava
fields, hut the prevailing fresh southeast trade winds make . its climate
very- healthy, and a sanitarium built
on Green Mountain, whicli dominates
tho island, is a refuge for men invalided from the coast of West Africa.
Discovered on Ascension Day, 1601,
(thence ils name), the island was
uninhabited until the British government occupied it as u military station
in 1815, during the confinement of
Napoleon in the island of St. Helena,
80U miles to the south.
Now it is under the direct control
of the admiralty, and is ruler rigid
discipline, being ruled by a resident
naval officer, exactly as if it- were a
man-o'-war anchored in mid-Atlantic,
with a "crew" of about 400 navui
officers and families, seamen, marines and the sturdy Grain Coast
"Hriimen," who aro such excellent laborers and sailors and the best surf-
boatmen in the world.
Tlie Krunien are especially useful
in tlie heavy work of this strongly-
fo.tilieil coaling station, with its
naval victualing yard.
What n  German  Told  Earl  Grey
Presiding -it a meeting of the Royal
Colonial Institute, London, to hear an
address from the _arl of Meath on
the training of the new armies, Earl
Grey, in lhe discussion that followed
alluded to observations that had been
made us to the German envy of tlio
iiritisii empire,
liy way of emphasizing what had
been said, his lordship mentioned
what a German liad join him, "that
deep at the bottom of every German's |
heart is the desire to take from England Ihe empire thai, you are not
strong enough to hold. In tlio opinion
of the German people, you are rotten
through and through. You lire such in
sordid sloth anl sensuality, and we
menu to' lako from you, some day,
the empire which is 'ours by right."
lie thought it likely that idea.of the
British nation may have received
some change. It rested with us tc,
complete the conversation, and to
raise up a new nation ami a n_ v
world on principles and ideals which
would bring an ever-increasing measure ot prosperity and nobility to tho
people of the earth.���Alnwick (Eng.)
Too Much War News
Importance   of   Titanic   Struggle   Not
Fully  Appreciated  by  Unthinking Class
Certain light minded persons seem
to have criticized New Vi.rk paper:-
for devoting so much spin'e lo news
from tlie theatre of war. II is doubtful,
however, if any Intelligent reader
wiih anything approaching an adequate conception of the Importance
of ibis titanic struggle In history and
in human affairs deplores the fact
thai space is given Io every item of
significant news concerning the war.
It is not only the mosl lerrlble bul .lie
most momentous drama enacted on
earth since our planel rolled formless
and void In space. Tens of thousands
of books will be Written on il in centuries yet unborn, nnd when it lies as
fnr in the pnsi us the war of Tiny,
or as Marathon ami Salamis lie behind
us now. il will slill be regarded as
the crucial polni In human histi rj and
the chronology of mankind may be
dated from this year 1HI-I when an old
order perished and a new nge or dispensation begun on earth, li is our
privilege, far removed from the.iuiiel-
strnm of woe and in a land whicli >l.
lains the I'ullesi narrative of events as
Ihey occur, lo watch this drama of the
anfes unfolded und to live through
events of which the future will ri ad In
fascinated horror,
A dozen cables, a thousand wires
and tho whole ambient ether are
throbbing witli the story of the vials
of the wrath of God that are being
outpoured on the world; yet eliiid-
miuded people complain that their
papers tell loo much about i:. They
had better go out in their hack yards
and play horse with tne children, or at
all events keep the evidence of llieir
mental vacuity out of sight and out
of the public prints.���Rochester Post-
Express, ���
Are your hands chn. .
(.���racked, or sore ? Have you
"cold cracks" which open and
bleed when the skin is drawn
tight? Have you a cold sore,
frost bite, or chilblains, which
at times makes it agony for you
to go about your duties ? If so,
Zam-Buk will give you relief,
and will heal the frost-damaged
Miss 11. Strojsa, of East Hansford, N.S:, writes: "My hands
were so badly chapped 1 was unable to put them in water. All
remedies failed to heal until I
tried Zam-Buk. Perseverance
witli tliis balm completely healed
the sores."
Zam-Buk heals cut . burns,brutiei,
cures eczema, piles, chapped bands,
cold sores, frost bites, and all skin
diseases and Injuries. Refuse substitutes. At all druggists aud stores,
SOc box.
Baby's bal ties for health can be
easily won if tin mother will constantly keep at hand the means of aiding
her little ones when the emergency
may arise. Baby's Own Tablets should
be found in every home where Ihere
are small children. Tlie Tablets are
a gentle but thorough laxative. They
break up colds; relieve croop; prevent,
constipation; cure Indigestion; promote sleep i.nd in fact cure all the
minor ilis of little, ones. They are
sold by all medicine dealers or by mail
at. 25 cents n box from The Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont.
Smoothing  It Out
A young- Parisian! noted for his
grace and readiness as a second in
many duels, hud been asked by a
friend to accompany him to the
mayor's office and affix his signal ure
as.a witness to the matrimonial ceremony. ��� -
He consented, but when (he scene
was reached awkwardly forgot himself.
Just as the mayor was ready for
the last formalities he broke out, to
the astonishment of all parties, with
the remark:
"Gentlemen, cannot this unhappy
affair be arranged? Is there uo way
of preventing  this sad occurrence?"
Mlnard's Liniment Cures Distemper.
"Now. then, young man." said lhe
angry farmer, "didn't you see that
board when ynu came trespassing in
theso woods?"
"Yes, sir," said life eulpiil  meekly.
"Well, what did it say?"
"I diiuuo. I was loo polite to read
any more when I saw the llrst word
was 'Privati.'"
Drove Off the Blackbirds!
Gunner Cyril Lewis, who Is eighteen years old, realized the dream of
his life by hi ing in the thick of the
fighting ut. tne Aisne.
in an Interview nt
Women's Red Cross
Paignton lie said:
"Our   gun   became    ...-.-,.,	
trench.   We dug, tugged und lieuv
at it in vain.   We had to rest, wcrti
out, but returned in tlie afternoon.
"We had a warning that the
enemy's artillery lire would soon he
on us. and we were just goins to
abandon all efforts to reclaim ttie
gun when several shots came over
us. They were from three Germans,
in ambush in a wood.
"This might have ended fatally for
us. bin our blacksmith said he was
not going to he beaten by 'blackbirds' ln a bush.
"He rode right, away, shot one dead,
aud disabled the otuers.' while we
rescued our gun.    He has won
Ethel used tn play a good deal in
in Sunday school, but one day she had
been so good that the teacher said in
praise: ,
"Ethel, my dear, you i.ave been a
very good girl today."
"Yeth'ni," responded Ethel. "I
touldn't help it.   I dot a UifC neck."
tlie American
Hospital   at
bogged     in   ll
W. N. U. 1040
Minard's Liniment Cures Colds, etc.
"Well," replied the physici.n when
his wife nsked him for money. "I hope
to cash a draft soon, and then���"
"Cash a draft?    What draft?"
"The one I saw .Mr. Oldtown sitting
in this morning."
���  Our National Disease
Caused by Tea and Coffee
Physicians know that drugs will not
correct the evils caused liy tea or coffee and that me only remedy is    to
stop drinking it.
i   A doctor says.
i   "I was a coffee drinker for many
years and often thought that 1 could
not do without it, but after years of
suffering  with" our  national   malady,
I dyspepsia. I attributed it to the drink-
I iug of coffee, nud after some thought,
I determined  to use  Postum for    my
morning drink.   (The effects on the
I system of Hii and coffee drinking are
| very similar, because they each contain the drug, caffeine).
"I had the Postum mude carefully
according to directions on the pkg. and
found it. jusl suited my taste.
"At first, I used it only for breakfast, but I found myself getting so
much better, that I had it at all meals,
and I am pleased to say that 1 have
been relieved of indigestion. I gained
10 pounds In 4 months and my general
health is greatly improved.
"i must tell you of a yiung lady.
She liad been in ill health for many
years, the vital forces low, with but
little pain. I wrote lier of the good
that Postum did me and advised her to
try it.
"At the end of the year, she wrote
pie that she liad gained 10 pounds in
weight, and  felt like herself again."
Xame given by Canadian Posium
Co., Windsor, Ont. Read "The Road to
Wellvllij," in pkgs.
Postum comes in two forms:
Regular Postum���must he well boiled.   15c and 25c packages.
Instant Postum���is a soluble powder. A tenspoonful dissolves quickly
in a cup of hot water, and with cream
and sugar, makes a delicious beverage   instantly.  30c  and  SOc  tins.
The cost per cup of both kinds is
about the same.
"There's a Reason" for Postum.
_-sold by Grocers.
In a  Scotch  country    church  the
other    Sunday during lhe sermon u
baby began to cry, and ils mother immediately picked it up and liegan to!
curry it towards the door.
"Stop!" Hie. minister cried out.!
"Don't go nway. Tlio baby ls not. dis. I
turbing me." i
The mother continued her way to
the door with Hie very audible remark,
"Oh, 'e, ain't, ain't he? Hut you're dis-
turbin' of him!"
Wise Precaution
will prevent the little illness of today
from becoming the big sickness of
tomorrow and alter. For troubles of
tho digestive organs you can relv on
fi old. ��:v ��rjr wh'-rt..    Iu b.ici, 25 ciaM
When the Liver
Gets Torpid
There   is   Nothing   Like   Dr.   Chase's'
Kidney-Liver Pills to Set it
Mrs. "C. L. Cook. IMS Tenth street,
Brandon, Man., writes: "1 have used
Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills for the
last four years for liver trouble, and
can say that. I have hud great satisfaction and help from them, I Iind
that I do not need any doctor if I use
them when the liver gets torpid, nnd
believe that, they arc exactly suited for
my case. i\ly husband lias used them
for kidney trouble with good resulis,
and my daughter in Winnipeg has
been helped a groat deal by Ihe use
*f these pills. We sny we can't keep
house without theni, and have cheated
the doctors here out of n good many
visits. 1 think Dr. Chase's medicines
ira just the thing, and have recommended them to many people who
have used them with good results."
liy keeping tjie liver active and the
bowels regular, Dr. Chase's Kidney-
Liver Pills prevent and cur . such disorders as biliousness, constipation,
chronic indigestion and headache. One
pill a dose, 26c a box, 5 for $1.00;
all dealers, or Ednianson, Bates &. Co.,
Limited, Toronto.
Giant Under Water Craft is Said to be
Wonderful Ship of War
The Daily Mall's Copenhagen correspondent suys he learns from Hamburg Hint one of the new German
super-submarines has just concluded
trial runs In the buy of Heligoland and
that she proved well suited for the
purpose for which she was constructed. This giani submarine^ the correspondent adds, is of the type that
carries supplies for three months,
whicli does not necessitate her putting into a pori or having recourse o
the parent ship.
Mlnard's Liniment Cures Diphtheria.
An old gentleman by tlie name ot
Page finding a young lady's glove at _
popular resort,  presented    it to her
witli the following words:
"If from yonr glove vou take the !.;.
ler 'G'
Your glove is love, which I devote   o
To this tlie lady returned tae tallowing answer:
"if from your Page vou take ths letter 'I''
Your Page is age, and that won't do
for me." I
Miller's Worm Powders do not need
the after help "f castor-oil' or any
purgative to complete llieir thoroughness, hecause they are thorough in
themselves. One dose of them and
they will be found palatable by ill
children, will end the worm trouble by
making the stomach and bowels untenable to the parasites. And not only
this, but the powders will be certain
to exert most beneficial Influences La
the digestive organs.
Cape of Good Hope���Sweet sixteen.
Cape Flattery���Twenty,
Cape  Lookout   Twenty-five.
Cape Fear���Thirty.
Cape Farewell���Forty.
Ed   lie seems to be wandering in
his mind.
Fred���Well, he can't stray far.
The Size of Canada
Sir Robert Borden, dealing with the
dimensions of lhe Dominion of Canada, recently asked liis utid-.ence: Do
you realize how great a country Canada is? If you could pivot Cannikin
upon its eastern seaboard, it would
cover the northern part ot the Atlantic Ocean, the Iiritisii Isles, Norway.
Sweden, Denmark, Holland, Belgium,
the northern part of France, the entire German empire und a considerable part of European Hussia, and a
man who lives in Halifax, Nova
Scotia, is a thousand miles farther
away from Victoria, British Columbia,
that he is from London.���Westminst-!
er Gazette.
It Testifies For Itself.--Dr. Thomas'
Eclectrlc Oil needs no testimonial of
its powers, other than itself. Whoever
tries it for coughs or colds, for cuts or
contusions, for sprains or burns, for
pains in the limbs or body, well know
that the medicine proves iisclf and
needs no guarantee. This shows why
this Oil is iu general use.
"I can't, stay long," said ihe chairman of the committee from the colored church. "I just came to see If yo'
wouldn't join dc mission  hand."
"Fo' de Ian' sakes, honey." replied
the old mammy, "dniin' come lo nie. 1
can't even piny a moiif-organ."
Could Not Sleep. Clothing Irritated, Impossible to Keep from
Scratching.  Used Cuticura Soap
and Ointment.  In Ten Days Well.
v- .	
_:.0 DuiTcrln Aw., Winnipeg; Man.���"I
became troubled wltb a rash similar to
hives on my race and arms. Later it spread
over my body. This rash
Itched and burned and if
rubbed the skin would ho*
eome hoi and red. It gor
so very Itchy I could not
Bleep. Tlie more I scratched
tho worse it got. I sat
many minutes nt a time
with clenched hands to
keep from irritating tho
rash and give my skin lime to cool. Tho
first few days iho spots Increased so rapidly
that my body was dotted with them.
''The spots on my fare and neck wen.
so plainly visible, especially if I scratched
them, that 1 avoided iho folks in the house
to hide my disfigurement. Every time my
body becamo over-heated my Clothing
Irritated the rash so much thai it was impossible to keep from scratching the parts.
Over two weeks of torture and sleepless
nights i suffered. \
"Knowing from c_p.rior.rc that Cuticura
Soap and Ointment were good I sent outi
to the drug store for some. I followed tho
directions and In a few days I noticed tha
rash was less; the spot-; began fading. In
ten days 1 was completely, well." (Signed)
Mrs. Joha Lamb, Juno 11, 101 _, "
Samples Free by Mall
Cuticura Soap and Ointment sold through*
out the world. Tor liberal free sample of
each, with :;_-p. book, send' postcard If
������Cuticura. liepU i>. 1. o_iu_, U. tt. A."/ Courtenay Oil & Supply Co.
Mica Axle Grease
Artie Cup Grease
Transmission Grease
Harris Oil_
Cylinder Cil
Automobile Supplies
Standard Gas Engine Oil
Coal Oil
Rayo Lamps
Household Lubricant
Spark Plugs
Motor Boat Supplies
17 ��?���' ,��-
���'������������      >_>�� .-���
Phone 61
Managt r
P. O. Box 1!5
Pattern   and   Ready-to-weai
Children..   Silk   nnd   Muslin
Silk Blouses
Newe. t Creations in Ladies'
Perr'n _ (guaranteed) Kid
The Courtenay Review
Ami t'oincix Valley Advocate
A    Wick}   >-iv.-i ii��i,   Pul islied  nt
Courtenav, I!. ('.
N. II. I'.oni.N, ICditor and Proprietor
Subscription 81.60 per Year iu Advance
Telephone .59
One of thu plauks  of the   New
Liberal Platform as laid down by
Joe  .Martin at  West Vancouver a
few weeks ago reads as follows:���
Whereas, Fleas seem to have been
placed on a dog to remind him thai
he is still a dog ; lawyers seem t<
have been cursed upon ustorem'in
u.- th il we are slill a subjected peo
pie, therefore, be it resolved, tha
the Liberal party abstain as riticl
as possible from nominating lawyer.
iu the forthcoming Provincial clee
tions.    Old "Fighting" Joe hasn't
a vote   himself,   therefore caunct
ni" iv. any constituency, and like
a dog in tlie manger is trying to
prevent others getting what he cannot ������- ! hi "'-elf
In the first six months of ils
operation the Panama canal ha
o diected ��2,000,000 in tolls Nol
so had for a beginning, but at tlie
same rate the revenue at the end ol
the year will fall _ 11,000,000 short
of meeting the annual interest and
sinking fund on the bonds issued
and permit of their retirement within a reasonable time. Hut the
canal was something like the street
car system in western ci'.ies���they
were never expected to be self-sustaining for the first few years,
Lethbridge Herald.
After the last election it was
freely stated that the Government's
almost unanimous return to office
could be accounted for by the
a! usive methods oi tbe Vancouver
.Sun. Accepting this analysis as
1011 ��� I, it wiil be considerable gratification to supporters of the
Government to learn lhat the Sun
has started on another campaign
of reckless abuse.���Ladysmith
It is not our affair that Great
Britain can obtain food and aniimi-
nitious of war from neutral countries and Germany cannot When
Germany invaded Belgium and
brought Great Britain into the war
slu assumed all the disadvantages
ot that undertaking,   Tlie United
Slut is will not submit to have tin-
lives and property of its citizens
. .lulled cut in ,1 desperate attempt
ou 1 iie part of Germany to overcome at ilie expense of neutrals,
tin. iiiperiority of British sea power
which holds her in a grip of steel.
X-      Vork World-
Messrs W. Marchant and Mason
inspectors of lhe customs department, were here aud at Courtenay
mi business last-week end. While
at Comox they visited Mr. Davis'
ranch ami greatly admired his fine
herd of high grade cattle which arc
absolutely free of tuberculosis,
Mr. John Hardie visited .Courtenav in an auto on Tuesday afternoon, while tl.e "general" enjoyed
a feed of post hav alongside Ball's
Edmund Dayis has started putting milk up in hygiene glass' vessels.
The soldiers from   the   Wireless
station gave a free dance in Martins,
hall  on   Thursday   evening   last.
They had a very good time.
Jos. Moore and family have
taken up their summer residence nt
Nob Hill,
The bay  is filled   with   herring,
aud there are  thousands  of  brant
'and other duck following them.
The new cement sidewalk around '
the post office   is   being   laid   this '
I week.
The flag pole is up at the Post I
office and one is being got ready!
for the school,
While here recently Mr. Manson
M . P. P.. visited the hospital, and
I expressed himself as greatly pleased
with the institution.
Capt. No. Un bus taken up his
residence mi lhe b  1 h.
The Socialist candidate's meeting
1 on Friday night  was very  sliml
Services will beheld at St, Peter'
!church, Comox, on  Good   Friday.
al 1 1 a. 111., and on I     ti������   '' mday
Cotton Crepes,
Zephyr Ginghams,
Rice Cloth,
Bedford Cord,
Hoi'.sa Drcvr.es,
Middy Blouses,
Children's   Frocks  Pinafores
and Rompers
Special lines in   Ladies'   Cotton Crepe snd Muslin
Underv. e_>"
Invictus Shoe, and Ponips
Nov.   is the time to
procure   your  seeds
fer early planting
We carry a full stock
of First Class Seeds
aod Implements
Telephone 4 SANDWICK
F.   P 1 K E
I_i_t_tl_u Contractor
Tin  Dyke   '       COURTKNAY
stlmtites .lil-nislied   Work Guaranteed
Barrister  and [[Solicitor,   Notary  Public
P.' o. Box 209
Phone 24 Ccurtenay
Pearse's Pool Room
Best Tables In Town
THE    J
J  General
The beautiful patterns of Wall Paper we showed
you last spring and summer? This year's stock has
.'ust come to hand, and we can assure you they are
the finest ever shown in the district; comprising
ingrains and Oatmeals in good serviceable colors.
Also a selection of Specially Prepared Washable
Paper for your Kitchen or Bathroom at
General Merc?
To every reader ol this paper 1
say Hullo! I want a chance to
sh-iw you that I am able to ����it. fit
and make auy outer garment worn
by man or woman.
I do not claim to be the besl tailor
in the; world, but call depend upon
my customers returning for a second  and third  time.    I not only
link:   ���  li     i . rsonally, but call
supply  vou with  suits made  east
as lo.w  it 11 Dollars,    [di n't
ri,,. ;.   . fifteen  dollar  suit,
but il OU      .: put  into ;i
I will you as
I , .. I for j>15 a    vou can get
r Vicl    ���
_ I am   |i_|    -1 to   make     p your
'own cloth, al .-1 imy   _ 11 ineiil rou
have  on  hand, repair, clean  and
���  vour 1 lotlu s;   1! (it a moder-
I'm   here -It,s   up   to   you   to he-
well dressed.
Custom Tailor
(Mr. Hind's old stand)
Holy Communion will observed at
9, and Matins and Holy Communion at 11 n. in.; children's service at
2 30, aud Evensong al 7.30.
The annual meeting of St. Peters
Parish Guild was held at the Vicar
age ou Thursday last, and there
was a good attendance of ladies.
The financial statement showed a
satisfactory balance. The following officers were elected for the ensuing year, President, Mrs
Franlin Watson, Vice Pres, Mrs.
Dr, Beadnell. Sec. Treas. Mrs.
(Capt,) Vigors.
\ s      ;  fin! dramatic entertain-
11 ul      .   !     held    early   in   May.
n11 ri a gn   leii party in the mouth of
June, eels of both for  the
Vicarage fui .i,
When  In  Doubt
Play Trumps
and  all
I WW"*
Have Goa;-d Tune Your Piano
Pactory Experience
Recommends   from   pending  _Ius_ciatis
from the Atlantic to the Pacific,    Copies
of same furnished on request
W. J. Goard   will be   in this oily   about
April 1st,    Leave  orders  at Ibis  Office,
or write direct to
845, 8lli Ave., W.    -    Vancouver
Prom my enr in frontol tlo-Ilo theatre
at Cumberland, on Wednesday night,
two new lup robes, (one plaid, and the
other imitation !i opa-d, > and one lube,
size 32 by 31-2. II the person seen taking
these returns them no questions will be
asked, otherwise prosecution will follow
swift am! sure.
N, II. Boden,
Review OfHce, Courteuay,
Pa laee Livepv
Horses  and   Buggies  for  Hire
Terms cash.
We  also  attend  to  wood hauling
Proprietors \
Courtenay Phone 25.
Cumberland Hotel
Ooorl Accomodation       Cuslue lixcelk-n
Wm. Merryficld
Tende.-r W nl   !
First-Class Plumbing
Hot Water and Steainlitling
Jackson & Whittle
Phone g Courtenay
Tenders for paint ir tin om |<le of St
Joseph's hospital, 1 nm ix, will lie relieved iip lo, and not later than April 1st.
1915. l,ov ������r.i or nn. ten li r not neces
sarlly accepted, Foi particulars, uppl)
ut the hospital,
General Blacksmiths
oliuii. Your Pntronuffc.    _iro_i] \   '.mill 11
Given to flora is Fool
coni'i KXAV
The soldier hoys at the Wireless
station during their spare time have
made a large crown of clam shells
with '50th Battalion'' in the
Rev. Franklin-Watson preached
a very appreciable sermon at Lazo,
011 Sunday to a large audience.
Otis. Westrup intends moving
his house onto his newly purchased
place on Poverty road.
Mr. Stevenson, travelling engineer, is installing some new
machinery at the wireless Station.
Six new members of lhe 50th
tejiment have arrived to take the
place of six that have been transferred to other places.
Mr. Bambrick is building a palatial residence at  Klllarney park.
Comox, li. C.
First-class   Accommodation.    Besl
Quality Wines Liquors and Cigars
R.   McCuish, Prop.
To Ba
Not to Bake?
The former is really unnecessary when Bread from the
Courtenay Bakery is available
andby reason ofquality has so
many votaries. Get the A B
habit and satisfaction
W. Aitken
Opposite new Presbyterian Church *tx
I i
JLl'._L_i__xiV' JsAj
ALEXANDER LAIKD. General Maungcr JOHN AIRD, A_s't General .M..��..���..-
CAPITAL, $15,000,000    RESERVE FUND, $13,500,000
Interest at the current rate is allowed on all deposits of $1 and
upwards. Careful attention is given to every account. Small accounts
are welcomed.    Accounts may be opened and operated by mail.
Accounts may be opened In the names of two or more persons, withdrawals to be mad* by liny one of them or by the survivor. S21
F. C. P .0CK, Mana?er, Courtenay Branch
Local Lines
Do not fail to  s;e   ''Tlu-   Mil
istc r's liriih " al the (Ipera   Housi
to-1 ii'.lit.
Keep your eye on the pretty
girls in the candy booth at tonight's
performance in the  < Iptro   House.
A meeting of the Puntledge Lawn
Tenuis Club will te held on tli<
Club giouncls this afternoon at .
Mrs. Kepner sold out her stock
of Indies' goods hy miction last
Tuesday and Wednesday, and left
for Vancouver on Thursday
morning's boat. On lerrning ol
her intended departure a nun ber
ol friends gatheied at the hon e of
Mis. Bubar, when, after refresh
ments had been stiver!, an audiesi
and presentation was made Mrs
Ktpin r. We are all sorry to miss
her cheerful countenance from our
mi   ..
..u.ut 10 o'cltck last Thursday
ni; hi M>. Chas. Ashenfeltei's
house in ihe ure' ard caught fne.
supposedly from sparks from ihe
Logging Company's eug'ne, which
went through the cut belchin.
sparks at a g_at rate, about hall
au hour bef re, and was complete
ly ii _troj ._, Aldei men Kirkwood
and Leighton were the first to discover lhe flame and immediately
ga s the alarm. Wheu as'sa ce
arrived it was found lhat it was impossible to save the built ing, so the
furniture was all carried out, aud
attention was given to saving the
outbuildings and Robt, Piercy's
ho. se next do_, .Mr. Ashenfelter
had been away for a week at Tex- Wallace Piercy is going around
ada and Powell River, and had been with his hand in a sling, t! e resuli
bene in the forenoon f ir but a few  fr	
minutes.,  He did nol light a  fire.
Mrs, Ashen/eiter is at present visit-     The minister of militia announces
im   a   Seat e,   and   is   expected thit in all 7B9 horses were bought
home in ���  'ew days.   The buildih .
wa  a total lo; , and  was cov .ed
by insurance in the
Mr. Ashenfelter las taken   Mr ,
Monn'i.i..'. In u e in the orchui I,
>\Ih I-- tin \ ii A 11 ake their home
foi a I i I tl ��� ..
Canadian Foresters
District Oi-;::mi ifl O,   \V,   it I   from
Vancouver is in cur midst lor the purpose nl organizing a new court ol lhe
,iljovc socict) here, tui'l il i.s expectc a
large court will lie established, This
order is well I uow- . Mr. Rand informs
us lhat a large number tf young men
have already made application mul l-.e
expecls lo institute the court wit in ih
next thru- weeks, This order 1ms a Imjjc
surplus ol $5,01 1',111'U, wli.'c'.i is invested
in town and citv debentures in Canada.
During Ihu i. si Uii ty- iv. venrs It has
paid out $9.030,U0U lo'its meuibers snd
_.pei(_nis, .ind also gave n doiiatinn of
n i-ii to the Canadian Patriotic l-'iind and
���_00-othe Red Cross Socielv ml >.vu
lo tie Belgian Relief fund, b__ilesket-p-
irg all its members in goi d standing
wlinaii- inactive service. This is a very
liberal and pal. otic stand. Air. Rand
hopes that the yi nn.; nun nf lhe cntn-
iiiiinily will make this court at Courtenay
numberamoiig the best in 11.C. The
char_i fee is only $5 and he (;els cer.
tain that a large chatter inenihership
will be i nrolled.
 _ o (_..	
Chapter of Accidents
Last week J, McCall had tire
mistorluue to cut the top joint oi
his big toe .while trimming logs at
the camps, lie was laid up foi a
few days, bul started work apaiu
on Monday morning.
Toruby Harmston |.it a bad
scalp wjouud caused 1j.\ a cabli
breaking aid a heavy block i r ippei
on him. Eight stitches wire required to draw the wound together
lie will be nt woik in a few   days
Tii Canadian Order of Foresl
Now Or|U_i_g in Courtenay
The leadiiiK Benevolent and l-'raler i
[usurauce Societv in Canada, S9,236,4f_.<
03 have been pnM to its in embers . n i
dependents within   the  Inst thirty-five
A large court .oil he established n
Courtenay. Charter is now open at lie
small entrance f< ������ ol *5,i u Mnki
plication without delay ami becomi a
charter member ol this new court wh i li
will soon be lu stinted. A large mini <i
of applications ha\ e idreiul) been reci v-
l,    Apply to
O.   W.  RAND,
District Or   ni_r, Rivii--i.ii- hi
Seed  Grain
We are ill recei] I of ii communication from Win, Iv Scott, Depu v
Minister of Agricullurcat Victori ,
which  should  prove beneficial    i
the farmers of this district, stitiny
that a sit| ply of application fore -
nml form of n. ie  which must  In
coiiectly filled in nnd forwarded l
the Department oi Agriculture b
tlio.-e i\!m wish to take advrntag
ot  the  i;i vernment offer of set-
grain, liii\e   bee i supplied  to  th
governm nt age its on  Vancouve
Island,   This is doue in order I
avoid   the   uunc.ssary   delay   that
would   be entail-d   by  the  farinei
writing to the Department for the_
forms. As the season is aiNmili'U i
early one,   and seeding operation
ale c< imii_ii_ ng non on Vancouve
Island,   it   is   very   essential  thai
there be no delay, and that farmer;
send in  their applications at   tlu
earliest possible moment.   As sooi
as ihey are received no lime will b.
lost  in forwarding the seed graii
at   the  earliest   moment   to  thosi
whose applications are in order.
Letter to The Editor
General Blacksmith
COMOX       -       B. C.
Telephone i*   ''
il irsesl
.  Pairb ..'
in .
On   .-
Try o ir Rxce'siot Hoof
c  ml
A Work  'ai -n. I    d
n        ���
J_ ukH_c_�� c
_.   ��� .*
d Express .
All . Igs Guaranteed and Sold at the Lowest ���
Blacksmith ai d Ca-rla ���;. Builder
Comox Co-Operative -
Phone No. 2
D alers in all kii
Butter, 'Eggs a
Produce, Cooki
Specialty. We
best. Prices arc
ami satisfactor;
best prices t<
Coinox, li. C.
Besl Meals North of Naniamo
Choicest Liquors and Cigars
C. A. Martin,   Prop,
The   Ccinox  Barber   Shop
Oldest Shop in Coui tenay
b Co
lie in
g foi
md -'Si
1 for
average    j
_ ' ..
__i^V\V_VT\<t-e ������-������:        .
.   .      -' 0
������';/������ m^m
*****s>*cx''^~-~to$!lA- ��� ������'-
(I Ru___.]bo_i��
rice $540
No advance in the price ol the "Made in Canada" I-'ord will be made because of the additional 7 1-2 p. c. War Turriff. We as loyal
Canadians will gladly absorb whatever increased duty' weare forced to pay on such raw
materials as cannot be obtained at home. The
l'ord is maiiufactur.il ill Canada - not assembled ill Canada.
ThoFord liuiiabonlls ?510| tlio Town car ..I'i; lim
Coaplot . _0; lho Soilini $1150- .'.It fully eqnlppod, f. 0,
b. Furl, Om. Ford buyers will sharo in our profits if
wo . li .'0,000oarsboUvoun AuKiist I, mil, and Angust
1, 11115
i. /r^>rz.
r.. ���'.'   .   -    ���^l*T_��r"   ""' ''*'",**_;i��wvt4i-r'.���;'.*'.'.���<
Editor Review
Dear Sir,���Kindly  allow   me  t
correct a paragraph  in   your   las
week's issue with reference to m\
locating  in   your   town.    I   ba\.
simply leased the premises former!-���
occupied by Mr, T. D.  Hind,  and
I bave not purchased   any   stock,
fixtures, or anything else from him. \ Nothing   But   First   Class   Work
I am not connected with Mr. Hind . Guaranteed.    Baths' in connection
in any way. whatever,   and   I ask)          _,       . T ������.,.,���- ���    n
your readers kind attention to  my j     C' E'   DAI.RYMPLE,   Prop.
advertisement in another   column, 1	
Thanking you, I am sir, Tl       r* , ii   .   i
vonrs faithfully      lhe i_ouj_.2__ay note
R. Willoughby. I
Courtenav, B. C, March 3.1, 1915.
and 1
Garments In
of ever3
Phone 17
Cobl.Ies.one and
Septic Tank Work
All Work Gimrantcod
A. Beveri_ge, Courteaay Hotel
Every Convenience for Guests
The Central Hotel tor Sportsmen
None but the BEST WINES and
LIQUORS at the Bar
Maying disposi
Confteuaj Dye W
respou ible   (01 ai
name >l the said li
Courte inv, B, C.
Sand ar
Rates 1
s___ *_.:_. -_i_. .
���  .^���^:.__;_____l:.:/Tx.^v-^^^JB^s^���.. ���..
We are still offering our
Special Terms for Wiring
You incur no obligation
by asking as for information   and   estimates
Courtenay Electric Light, Heat & Power G    Li i,
Phones: Office 35, Res. 65 Office: Mill Street THE   REVIEW,   COURTNEY,   B. C
Crown Brancl
Corn Syrup
90,000 Acres in Alfalfa
North     Dakota    Has    Incre.-sed  Area
From  3.0C0 Acres in  1911, Ac-
I cording to Late Census
The popularity ot alfalfa la North
! Dakota is demonstrated by its e-
' marltahlo growth during the past three
years. In the fall of IHU there were
slightly over :',,iiuii acres in ilu.* entire
���lair. Aii alfalfa eeiiBUs of the state
lakon just before thu holidays by
comities showed 1 lint there were now
, iih.iiimi acres In this crop In the statu.
The rapidity with which the acreage iu this stale has Increased is due
largely to the cftu'ts nf   the   Better
Farming association which was organ-
' izi'ii three years ago.    As   striking
| proof of this ilu- Increased alfalfa
acreage is largely   in   tho   counties I
I which had representatives ot tlie state]
i association.
i    Prom the number of Inquiries con-
j cerntng seed and llie proper method
nf preparing the boII, the Indications
i an- there will he tliotisands of add.
| lioiial acres put in alfalfa in ihe coming spring.
Representatives uf the holler farm-
I Ing movement  insist    the people of
; North Dakota are jnsi beginning lo appreciate the Importance and value of
the crop ami tney predict tlio acreage
will he Incroased rapidly each unison.
Pink By . t-t>i -coiio,
Shipping r_>. .
anil Catarrhal  >rev��r.
Sin" cur. hmi positive* preventive, no matter luiw horses
:;! any uge al. infected ne "exposed." l.litutd, given on tie*
Longue, acts on the lilnini and filainl.. cxpcla ilu* ii"ijurouj
serma fi-om thi- body. Cures Distemper in linns ami Sheep
���mil I'linli'ra in poultry. I#t���_il selling live stook remedy.
Cures La Grippe among humiiii beings ami in a line kidney
remedy. Cut this out. Keop ll. Show ii in your ilrugfftiit.
who will get ii for you, Veen Booklet, "Distemper, Cutitts
ami Cures." DISTMOITOHS - .M.I. w iuh.iwai..:
SPOIIN     MKDICATi    CO.,   Chemists  nnd   Bacteriologists,
tlOSUEN,  IN'le.  U.S.A.
Can always ni ike sure of netting tne highest prices for WHEAT, OATS,
BARLEY and FLAX, by shipping ..their 'car Iota to FORT WILLIAM
AND  PORT ARTHUR and having them sold on commission by
RKiil.cs Blent 'ny more
eft**. Aii. keeps tli nm
healthy una vl.i,roi:i. Sill
ln '.-fir ,.-._ |i!>.c___ liy dial-
era evp ry.vlmre. Write fur
our New liiiok-, - 'International
Poultry Uulda." l'rce.
liaii.Bd, V0R0NT0, OKI.
Germany';; Economic Crisis
Practically one-sixth of   '1 the industrial workers left in Qermany after
the ranks of the army had been filled '
ure iiiiiiIjI' today to   llnd employment, j
Here  in  Toronto conditions are ad-;
niittedly abnormal, hut nol one in ten '
of all ilie workers is idle. What misery and destitution must, he involved '���
in mi economic crisis that forces a
sixth of Uie German people to nat tlm \
warbread of idleness.   And Germany's j
state is nolhlng lo  what  it  will  be
when Hie Allies begin iheir invasion.
���Toronto Globe.
Stimulating Interest
The  Hector- -Dutit   ynu   think  you
could interest your'Woman's Club in
tlie Bible.
.Mrs. Wayup (absently)���I've tried,
Rector, hut it's no use. lt would help
wonderfully, though, if you could get
lim author to come lien.- ami give, a
few readings.���l'ink.
She Was In Bed
For Seven Weeks
The publisher of Uie  besl   .arm-
r's paper in life Maritime Provinces
I in  ft riling  to us slates:      ,
"I would sny that 1 do not know
' of a medicine that 1ms stood Uio
! test of time like MINARD'S ___!���
1 MENT. It lias been an unfailing
I remedy in our household ever sin'e
| 1 can rcineuibiT. and has outlived
dozens ul' v. niihl-he competitors and
, imitators."
"It's so king since you called that !
was beginning io think ynu were forgetting nie," said Miss l'echia, as she
entered the parlor.
"1 am  for getting you,"    said  the
youth;   "that's  why  1 came  tonight.!
May 1 have you?"
Should   .on Die Suddenly?
Keep lhe Hoot over the Children's  I load  by a  Policy ia
OF. ICES:    Winnipeg, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Vancouver,
Calgary,    Region.      Agenls    Wanted
Old Style
Way tor
"Easy Form
Countless have been the cures
worked hy llollpway's Corn Cure. It
lias a power of its own not found in
oilier preparations.
Minard's Liniment
Cures Grrget in
"Hid ynu see tlie pleased expression
nn Mrs. Blank's face when i lold hor
she didn't look any older than her
daughter?" nsked Mr. Jones after the
"No," said  Mrs. .Innes, '
ing at ihe expression of he
Montreal Lady Tells How, After Four
Years' Illness, She Found a Complete Cure for all  Her
Montreal, Que���(Special)���Madame
,1.  Baptlste Berube, residing a;  139H
l.ugan avenue, this city, asst-rts tiiai I German
after four years' suffering i'rom k"
ney disease she has been completely
restored to health by Dodd's Kiili:
"I had a pain in my left side around
the heart," Miiiliime Berube says in
her statement. "I suffered constantly
with headache and hi
Tlie Waiter (to Ihe housemaid)���
Well, 'ere's ice, with two brothers and
a cousin in Portland prison and three
sisters in Paddlngtoii Workus, and
then the lirst question strangers always asks me is, "Waiter, are you a
Z Almost Every One
Needs A Tonic
ehind be-
WIfi���Please  hurry    up.
you ever buttoned a dress
Hubby    NT0!  vim never hail a dress
that buttoned before behind,
kaclie, and ior
was look-! seven weeks I was iu lad witli kidney
daughter's j disease anil  feebleness.    Tlie doctor
could not help me. so I decided to try
I Dodd's Kidney Pills.
"After  thh   flrsl   box  1  was  some
better,    I continued   to    use Dodd's
From Female Ills���Restored
to Health   by Lydia E.
Pinkham's Vegetable
'I doctored
Belleville, N.S.,Canada. -
for ten years for female troublesXani
did not get well. 1 read in the p\pei
about Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable
Compound and decided to try it,. 1 write
now to tell you that I am cured. Vou
can publish my letter ns a testimonial."
- Mrs. SuvBlNE Babine, Belleville,
Nova Scotia, Canada.
Another Woman Recovers.
Auburn, N. V. ���"I suffered from
nervousness for ten years, hnd liad such
organic pain? that sometimes I would lie
in bed four days at a time, could not eat
or slecpantl did not want anyone to tali;
to me or bother me at all. Sometimes
I would suffer fur seven hours at a time.
Different doctors did the best they could
for nie until four months ngo 1 bcf,'an
giving Lydia K. Pinkham's Vegetable
Compound a trial and now 1 am in good
health."- Mrs. William H. GlLL.No. Ij
Pleasant Street, Auburn, New York.
The above are only two of the thou-
lands of grateful letters which are constantly being received by the Pinkham
Medicine Company of Lynn, Mass.,
whicli show clearly what great things
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound does for those who suffer from
woman's ills.
If ynu want special advice nrilo to
I.ydia E. Piiililmin
Medicine Co. (confidential iLyniijMnss.
Your letter will be
opened, read and
answered lij a wo-
nan anil held in
itrict cnnA'lPiiCi
W. N. U. 1040
Almost everyone--man, woman und
: child���needs a tonic at sometime. It
i is often said Lhat a mau is lazy be-
i cause he takes little or no interest in
| liis work; but the I ruth is he is not
: well. Ile needs a tonic. The same
I is true of a woman who docs nm, hus-
Kiilney Pills till now the palpitation I tie over her homo work,-hut only feels
has left me, and I am a well woman,] ni io he iu Led. She ia not merely
able to do my work. Dodd's Kidney! tired, hul ill. A dull pain in the head
l'ills cured me and 1 recommend llie.n | or back, poor appetite, loss of strength
to all persons who suffer as 1 did." i with low spirits and loss of interest
.Notice how many women are rising, in life show that you need a tonic to
to tell their suffering sisters they can I brace up the nerves and give you a
new lease of life.    The proof is that
Iind relief in Dodd's Kidney Pills. Tl
reason is that nine-tenths nf women's
ills spring from diseased or disordered j
kidneys. lOvery woman whose kiil-j
neys show signs of weakness-should!
usi- Dodd's Kidney Pills.
Noticing one of lier small boys nibbling at somo luncheon in school one
day, llie teacher called the culprit to j is proved by ihe fi
the desk. ! .\.   Owen,     Burdett
'���Vun know," siie began sternly,
"thai, you must not eat during lesson
hours! Now as a punishment you must
it of the
as, he was
Tsp rentlin.
stand here in fleet every bit of i
Tlie small hoy
a curious grin
The   teacher
grin    until   iii"
peared, when, from lhe class, a
voice wailed in tearful accents
"Please,   teiichi r.   that
lunch lie was oatlll';  it wa
misunderstood   that
st scrap liad dis.ip-
su't  Iii.:
Clicked For Air.���Some litlle ll'I'It-
am becomes lodged in the bronchial
lulu's, others gather, and the nwful
choking of ustinnn ivsuiis. Nothing
offers quite such quick ami positive
relii'f us Dr. .1. I). Kellogg's Asthma
Remedy, he healing, soothing smoke
or vapor penetrates, clears the passages and gives untold relief. I'sually
il completely cure?. It has behind il
years of suet ess. It is tlie sum reui-
edv for ev.ry sufferer.
when the right tonic is taken all the
trouble quickly disappears. . The oue
tonic���tile only tonic���for 'eak and
ailing men, women and children is Dr.
Williams' Pink l'ills, whicli speedily
bring back abundant health, strength
ami energy. They have done this !n
thousands and thousands of cases ,,s
following. Mr. Ed.
Alta., says:���
About two years ago m_ health was
in a wretched concition, .My whole
system seemed to be run down and
I 've doctor seemed puzzled ut my condition. I liad nu appelite, exertion
would leave mo breathless, and I was
troubled much with dizziness. All the
medicine I took did me no good and I
was steadily growing weaker. My
mother urged me to try- Dr. William .'
Pink Pills, and before 1 had taken
them very long 1 began lo feel like a
new man end'continuing tlieir use 1
was restored to complete health. 1
now recommend them in all run down
In hen Hii as thoy i re the best medicine I  know of."
Sold by all nieillcine dealers, or iy
mail al 50 cents a box or six boxes for
$2.50, from Tile III-. Williams' Medicine Co., Brockvllle, Out.
Germans and tbe Cockney
A private of the South Wales
diners writes: "A lunny Incident
pened one day.   We caught three
mans���an  officer and  two    prli
II or-
Tlie officer was a lull, brawny, hand
some fellow measuring six Ice;. A 11
Lie Cockney in our regiment approach
cd the German officer, and snid joe-Tin
ularly, never dreaming lie would be
" 'For   two   pins     I'd   knock    your
mlng head off!"
magine liis surprise when tlie
giant replied to tho Cockney bantam
in perfect English:
"'Don't! 1 can't help this war. Like
yourself, i must light lor my coun-
i ry!"
"And we cheered him."
Until English ami German soldiers
have each a llul* _i_tul Identification
disk, bo lhat whatever happens their
friends and kin may know it the last.
The sailor, whether in king's, ship or
merchant ship, lias lhe same natural
craving thai, if the worst happens his
folks may know. Bill the sailor's great
enemy in peace or war is the sen, aud
tin sea makes Utile of identification
disks. The sailor's identification musi
lie marked indelibly un his body and
that is why sailors go ia for tattoo-
Manchester Guardian.
^Mggpp^= Piano
Playing Made
Easy as A-B-C
that I'.mible. a Child oriteginner to
Well in One Evening
> more mysterious, difficult notes to leoru
ynu i _m  play   11..   piano or organ.    No
pending ot year, in study unci p_;u-ti_..
DccaiiBC music has now been simplified
t   anybody   v_to can rend printed   letters
r���A_B-C-l5-U-F-0���can rend (lie new "Easy
Korm"   music  nt a   pjniice,  nnd Hie fccy-ho _r<t
guide which is placed in back'  ':f llie key-bmird
shows you where to put ths finfrn of both band., on the rijiht keys every ti.ne.
No chance for failure���artyure can learn qulc. Iy.    Young children and obi people team to
play in a few hour.;, ami _ma_�� and delight their friends,
You ran tost ami prove this method without paying na a. ent. .Tu.. _<._...<- <v_.p... f> ..pl.tinn. _ .i-i.nns,
keyboard ��:uii._, mul 1_) pier... ._)_<.__ d sacred, popular nml d.ncr "Ettsy i'orti." m __!'��� will tit; mailed to ymi.
Ti'-t it uml tnjoy it for <n*ven __ys���lli.-n .ither ivfitrii it and .wo nothing, or keep il and .end US ft.M down,
ami il.OD per month until n tottil of fft.50 iv. all! _ paid.
V?__rpT?^��5^rpA��JT_^���__a_^"method mumcTcompan"*
rrt ��_!__. 1 rial Coupon S2 whsmibm*. Toronto, on.., c��n.d_
Please Send tho "Easy Form Music Method" and 100 pieces of muslu for 7-day free trial aa per terms of this
Hdvorli. _ui_nt.   , ���
Number of keys on piano or organ ? Do V��� _'-iy old-style note music 7	
Namo I Addrcia	
I offer a genuine guaranteed remedy
for .Mojo or soul haulttil "��� hoUM. ll I. mtiJ.
iii_____t, iL_tn|lbeuloK< OrerooitiM that !>��a-
tv _r nervoti _ne��* and cravUtg for elff _r-
ctf o_, cigar*, pipe, ehowl ug lobar io or
���iiilir.ToDi.c_ ii poUouoil. ��na .en. uiIt
Injure* the health In mve. al wari, oauilai
���uuh dlwrlen ai o<r��ou _ dy .pepiia, *lee_-
lewiiems B"tbelching, guawtnt; orotbur
u_i*ni__r_rtn_t _ i<*t. ailoti instome'ib; oon��u-
nation, headache. we*k eyea, Imi ��f
I vigor, red "pot* o_��bln. lltr_al Irrl-
___ ^ i ni ion, csUrrli) uatlim*. bronjonhis,
heart fiillnro, lung trouble, melaNeboIr, n^l""^ 'Sgy*,"*:
|o._ ot raemory an.l wHl.|MBW. I��puw 'iw'"""^' b1""''' rneumftliam. linn-
ban, wlatloa, aituritl��, heartburn, torpid Hvor. b��* of *����>��.
ft_-l ri^th fbul breath. l*o nidd, neb of ambUlon, vMisnlng,aua I ___!M in plain   *rapwn ir��r.    *""���**
COWARD"J, WOODS, S3* Sixth Av.t 280B, N��w York.W.Y,
  .(ifhair mil m_i. oit_rdLo!
U iiucnrc and tortlirllis to��H��aiJl i���-..n
TOurHlloriabiuMa _i'l mull liahi'. . .ulil.ni.
iloiiplus--iimi t ilo !:��� 1 li�� wrrtct in.iiiu'i u it
ellmlnnlB llto i.k'oline polrtoti l:.iula.
i.il.ra, iT-r._ i'.'I I-.. _a_n-l. lintttfj
nii:_lir>o_ _t,_ u^rrel nod Itltu. (tf ��.-r
come llio rra.lnj. V,ni cm qiiicklr ui.l -a.ll.
quit toli_ co ind ciijor .oiinrlf > IbouMnn
|lm_ IwllOr "MIO lr.lln, uI_t�� In nihu.l
h-allh. Mv FIIF.M buok lolls ,11 __t c��.
woitdf.iTiil Bimrantecd Mrlhi.il. _ i.i
nevilve, rcllibtfl, Aim, Heo_t Mflkod lur
..ii���l,iirlt<_ lnhll ti ktin'li-r trltholit III*
k.io.ledge, fa-l p��rll_l��_Ineludlng wy
ItouL on i'_a_n ��i"l Viiiift* Hnl,lt
free.     Ad.lr.
Low Rate of Mortality
An off it ial return showing Uie
stutiis of woiindiHl ut the various lios-
pitnls in France haa just been issued,
and Indicates a surprisingly low rate
of mortality, lt shows that 4S'.),i33
wounded treated In the ambulances
and hospitals between September 15
and November _U, of whom'54.5 per
eent. have returned to, lhe front, 24.5
per cent, are preparing to return after
convalescence; 17 per cent, are still
under treatment; 1.18 per cent, are
permanently crippled for service; and
2.48 per cent, only have died.
There are at present :!,H6S hospitals
in full swing, with 360,00j) beds, wbi ih
is considered more than ad jciunte impossible requirements. :
The  Bowels  Must Act  Healthily.���
In most ailceiits the lirst care of tlie
medical man is to sea that the bowels |
are open and fully performing their j
functions.      Parmelee's      Vegetable
l'ills are so compounded thai certain
ingredients In them act on lhe bowols
solely   and   they   are   the   very   best ;
medicine available to produce healthy
action of the bowels. Indeed, there is
no olher specific so serviceable    In
keeping the digestive organs in health-
ful action.
"Ever been 111 the army?"
"Sure!   I was in charge of a squad ;
of int'ii one time."
"On special duly""
"Yes; they v ere inking tne to the
guard house."
everywhere to ride a .<J exhibit a __mpl* 1515 _iys!oj>
liicycle, with al! lai��t improvement!.
We ship on approval td
\ my ��d. twin Can. .'a, _Uhm_ sb��
J d_po!it,*nda. 0 w WDAYS'THUti
It will rut i\>.   v 'i 0110 Lit,', If Mt
taiilied alter u_nfe blcyi '* tu _* r*-
Or sttnilnesat anypneeonl I y_
gel our latest !.si!lu��n:eilcat.io|prt
and leatn allaljoiit our . . ;*l tuopo-
nuc _BUT'!'- .'"wi"""''."
UNC UGH I v.-nle 119 n postal,
tiuleatalOEiie with fullparlk a':rs will
basenttoyou Frae,PO_tpn:cl,
hy return malt D_ not wait.
Write it nOW.
ttttt. W    TORONTO, CaaaJa
No Interpreter
A military correspondent writes:
���The fact that Oen. Joffre liis no English and Lord Roberts did not speak
French gave a pathetic side to tlie
meeting. 11 was, 1 was told, a very
curious thing to see the .wo great
soldiers studying a map together, with
hardly a word to exchange, yet quite
able io follow one another's train of
thought by pointing and by loolis, no
great a conimo". background waa
theirs in military study. 1 may mention that Gen. French does nol speak
French with any ease;"���Manchester
What little hoy In the class .-an
mention it memorable dale in Unman
history? asked the teacher.
Antony's with Cleopatra! ventured
one of the hoys.
Rheumatism, A Sneaking Disease
Has At Last Met Its Conqueror
DInor���Waiter, why do you cai! this
laiu.'iiinde bread'.'
Waiter���The cook always sleeps in
;.i" kitchen, sir.
When James A, Garfield was President of Oberlin College a niun brought
for entrance as a stiuient his son. l'or
whom he wished n shorter course than
the regular one,
"The hoy can .never take all that
in," snid the father, "lie wants to
get ihrough quicker, Can you arrango
ii for him?"
"Oh, yes," said Mr. Garfield, "lie
can inke a short course; it all depends
on what yon want to make of him.
When God wants to make an ouk lie
lakes a hundred years, but He only
Hikes two months to make a squash."
Throbbing Muscles and
Swollen Joints Made Well
Old age kno\ s no foe more subtle,
more  unrelenting  than  rheumatism.
At lirst only a grumbling pain is felt.
But, alas, it settles in Uie joints a���d
muscles, and finally tortures its victims,     s
Today the disease may be In the
muscles ot the back, thigh, shoulder or
neck���-tomorrow In the joints of the
hand, toes, arms or legs it may work
with redoubled fu. .
Whether the pain is constant or occasional, makes no difference to "Nerviline."
Because other remedies 'nave failed,
don't be discouraged. Nerviline has
cured  the  worst of cases.     It taai
brought health to those in the deepest
despair, has ended years of awful suffering for those who never hoped to
be well again.
There is n marvellous healing pow- ���
er in Nerviline which it derives from
the extracts and juices of certain rare
herbs and roots, lt allays alinosi magically the awful pain that only rheumatics can describe.
Congestion is drawn out of the muscles, stiffened joints are eased and
limbered UJi, the old time feeling of
'depression is cast off, and once again
Nerviline brings tlie sufferer to buoyant, vigorous  lusting good health.
Every home needs good old Nerviline, needs it for earache, toothache,
headache, neuralgia, lumbago, sciatica,
stiff neck, chest colds and sore throat.
Wherever there Is pain, congestion Jr
Inflammation, Nerviline will cure :t.
I^arge family size bottle, SOc; trial
size, _5e, at all dealers, or the Catarrhozone Co., Kingston, Canada. 43
Have Employed Six Thousand Skilled Engineers ami an Army of
Laborers to Construct Defences, which will Enable them
to make Three Successive Stands
The correspondent of the London
Daily Telegraph, writing from the
Dutch frontier, describes Germany's
triple lino of defences iu Belgium,
where she will be able lo make three
successive sinnds against tho offensive
of lho Allies. Tlie writer has inspected ninny works of defense, which the
authorities cannot hide. The work
carried on m all fortified towns Is
well known as lo Its general points,
and information gathered from all
sources nml gifted with cure, the writer snys, points to the following plan
of campaign:
"ll Is held, once n resolute offensive is offered by the Allies botli on
Iiiini mid sen, that the Germans will
speedily lie obliged to evacuate West
Flanders, A study of the map of Hei
Ilium shows ihat lho
In lho wcBt Is the ScIk
deep river, navigable
course through the
Prance. From the
Ihrough Antwerp up to
navigable lo large sea going steamers,
and after that for large barges. Its
course  from  the  estuary is,  roughly,
norih to south, nil the fortifications of
Antwerp are passed, then it bears
west to Ghent and from that city its
course goes again southward. Between
this pnrl of the river and the coast
and practically parallel Willi It flows
the i.y., a river of litlle Importance
except in a wet season.
"From Gnent to tho Dutch frontier,
almost due north, ts the recently-
opened ship canal. The first serious
defense is expected to take the line
or this canal from Sasvangent, on the
All.es mFrance    yyggg^ m]m |N gfl^y
Will   Endeavor to  Make the  German [
Retirement General One When it
llilnire Helloe, wrltin., in Land ami
Waler, of tbe battle before SolBSons,
points out that there is a remarkable
similarity between    what   happened
Ihere and at Stelnbuch i" Alsace. Tbe]
colonel   points   out     Unit    a   strong
French offensive was ordered with no
more than the troops who had been on
llie spot against a particular section ot
the  long German  line;   thai ii sue-,
ecedeil antl after a delay n"  IS hours.
at Hoissons and nearly of four days j
! al. Selubacll a very large German rein-!
livery Man in France is Determined upon Prosecuting the
to a Successful Outcome,  and will Fight to Remove
Conditions which Endanger Peace
fortilled   and    Impregnable   Antwerp
antl along the Scheldt up to Boom, it
turns along the line of the ship canal
to Brussels,   Then southward   along
the line of the charlerol canal Into I (orcement arrived aim   reversed thi
the heaawatera ol the river Sambra, Pmo)l lllt.���.ki   T,���, aorma��� counter
nnd ( hnrlerot and from there via the
From   an   entirely  reliable   source | toric
secured the following BUinmory j��i tries
Sambre to the fortress t>i' Namur sud
the middle Meuse, To those who know
ibo country these two lines of defense
appear impregnable,' but  the German
slnlf bus something else up I's sleeve.
"Still taking Antwerp mitl the Hup-
pel ns a sinning point after passing
Honm and follow ing the river liyle ..p
to tlie'city of Mnlinos, an already fortilled position giinn's llie river, which
runs between high hunks, to the still
more unhappy remains of Louvain,
ml I'rom there, still lulling advantage
via W'nvre to Na-
i extremely scientific Hue ot trenches, much Ot it in re.
principal river j ,,r the river In:
hit, n broad nud ; nnir, there runs
for   its entire
country   into j inforced concretf
I nil ch   frontier
iniiz it is
"This forms a harrier not easily
crossed. In front the ground is prepared wiih pitfall^ mined ureas iind
other traps lor the unwary, though as
yet no wire entanglements hnve been
made except near Namur, where who.fl
woods have been sawed down with lhe
trunks left -U'.ding about two feet
high, There regular entangbunents
are prepared.
"The country along this lino is undulating .- nd advantage has beon
taken to prepare Implacements for
heavy guns. Since August six thousand skilled engineers, as well as a
whole army of laborers have been
working on these defences. The forts
Dutch frontier, to Ghent, and'to con- ��* Liege, Namur and Maubeuge were
tinue the course southward of the
Scheldt, via Audenarde Tournai,
(.Mount St. Aubert, behind the town
commands the country for many miles
in all directions), Conde and Valenciennes. Then, via the reconstructed
and formidable fortress of Maubeuge
to Mezleres and along the line of the
upper Meuse to MeU.
"The second line will probably be
as follows:
"Starting in tha west from   the re-
completed in September and those of
Antwerp are also completely repaired.
"The. third line, last mentioned, was
completed in September and now has
grown practically invisible. It is not
considered likely that a line farther
north will be prepared as Lie gro.ii id
is very flat and marshy, but immediately behind the third line are very
good roans and railways and It is all
ideal terrain for a defensive campaign."
offensive, however, spent itself ami
could go no further.
The llrst conclusion drawn from the:
parallel  Is thus stated: i
"The Germans never knowing quite
win-re the From h are going to attack
are In great peril at having their line,       ,,
broken wherever mi altaok on a oon- el'8'   sold a cabinet minister,   1 e*
slderable scale is delivered. They will j ^;i;',1,,i|.'mU    w;"' oru uext
not risk men, as yel, at any rat
views taken by lending members of
ihe French government iu regard to
the present conditions and future
prospects of the war.   Spring will uu-
iionbteiiy witness new developments
of tlie mosl Important character
among them the active Interposition
of Italy and Kiniinaulii.
"Wiih these two nations throwing
the weight of their armies into tne
balance on the side of the all'ed pow-
with   Britain.
must act  with
The two coun-
a common aim
stablishiug new
trying to   recover   lhe Initiative fori
themselves and in being the lirst to
attack.    Tbey are thus compelled to
wait for the French Initiative.   They(
meet it, wherever a strong attack is I
delivered, by hurrlnyg up men   from
elsewhere and tho men so hurried up,
I hough coming in greal numbers, io]
litlle more than bold tlieir own."
A further conclusion is Hint the j
Germans draw men from oilier parts j
of their line and not from large avail-1
able reserves of new formations. I
Mr. Belloo contends lhat lhe facts tl.s-i
closed show that the enemy Is put
to lt by the actual thinness of his |
Uo continues: "The problem of the
anil with the hope of
conditions in Europe
"1 don't look l'or the breakup of the
German empire unless it conns from
internal revolution, but we shall have
a right to remove the conditions whicu
endanger peace. For instance, Prus-
sla should not be permitted in future
ti) exercise a preponderating influence
in the councils oi' Germany because
as ibings are, Prussia Is the menace.
The franchise in Prussia should bo
made tlie same as iu other parts of
i.erinniiy. Prussia should be rendered
impotent in a military sense, and its
artificial majority in the Bundesrath
ni.. it is believed in i removed so that parliament may have
Qerman professions of | th.' deciding voice in the affairs of the
From   confidential reports obtained
by the French government by mean
oi' reliable up
Paris thai  111
the soundness of their financial and : nation,
economic conditio, s are exaggerated,     "Then we must have a reduction ia
The. German industrial building Iooks i armaments,   1 don't see the millenlum
very  well from llu. outside.    Its fat
ade Is made to look very imposing,
but the building within is an empty
Authoritative forecasts of the economic outlook in Germany, chiefly derive.I from Impartial Swiss experts,
are gloomy. A serious shortage of
foodsi nil's is expected before the winter is onl.
With reference to Ihe French pr
allies in the west is not the problem! edition ot the war a lending minister,
of gradually pushing back an oppos-!"'1'0. u "u,Ht ,be .remembered, wa?
ing force  under pressure  to  shorten i speaking nol fOl_the gallery but con-
! In sight yet, but the production of
, arms could be controlled by an inter
1 national commission nn which ths
j present belligerents and neutrals
j would be represented, This couimij-
i-sion would have ils agents iu every
��� country to see that the manufacture
of arms was reduced to till scale im-
! posed on all nations. Limitation of
'��� armaments can be accomplished only-
j by International agreement, and it
I would be necessary to hnve an inter-
| national force to see that those agreit-
lines which are already as stretched
as they can be, consistently with being held at all, and when the compulsion for shortening these lines shall
arrive it cannot take the form of
gradual retirements from one line of
trenches to another close behind it.
It can only take the form of whole-
ilo retirement., either evacuating
Northern France and half of Belgium
or evacuating Alsace."
Mr. Helloe also analyses the _er-
pian reporl of the Sotssons bailie and
claims that the statement that more
than 5,000 ���Frenchmen were killed,
and more than 5,000 taken prisoners
is nonsense.
Canadian Fisheries
Fisheries   of  the   Dominion   Are   the
Most Extensive in Whole
The annual report of the department of marine and fisheries emphasises the fact that the fisheries of the
Dominion are the most extensive in
the world. It likewise noted that tha
water in and around Canada contains
tile principal commercial fool fishes
in greater abundance than the
waters of any olher part of the world.
The total marketed value of all
kinds of lish, etc., taken by Canadian
fishermen from the sea and inland
lakes and rivers during the year ended March 31, 1014, amounted to $33,-
This value falls short of that for
the preceding year by $181,716. This
is accounted for by the Sockeye salmon run in Northern British Columbia
being smaller than usual, and the decrease in the value of halibut.
Of this total value the sea fisheries
contributed $29,472,811; while the inland  fisheries  contributed $3,734,937.
The value of the lish catch by provinces was ns follows:
Iiritisii Columbia, $13,893,980; Nova
Scotia, $8,297,626; New Brunswick,
54,308,707; Ontario, $2,074,685; Quebec, $1,850,427; Prince Fdward Island,
$1.-80,447; Manitoba, $006,272; Saskatchewan, $148,002; Alberta, $81,913;
Yukon, $08,2.65.
Horses Needed by Britain
Many of Those Bought For Second
Contingent to b: Shipped Now
Tho average life of army horses
when put on active service at tlie
front in Europe is only about ten days,
mid consequently the demand l'or remounts from Canada is steadily increasing. Tlie war office is asking for
Increased supplies from Canada, ami
lt Is understood that a considerable
number of the horses purchased for
the second Canadian contingent are
ty be shipped at gnee to England.
They will fi. fe__ce_ by further piir.
chases from the f; rulers of Canada,
under the direction of the purchasing
committee nppoiiled by the government.
Huge Air Fleet
Great  Britain   is  Surprisingly   Strong
Strong   in   Matter  of   Aircraft
A letter to the Chicago Herald from
London, contains the information that
Kngland Is far readier than the world
believes in the matter of. aircraft. In
spite of the secrecy thrown around
everything relating to war preparations, it is an open secret in military
circles that the British government
has in its possession a number of
Zeppelins and what are believed to be
far more effective a lot of huge aeroplanes capable of carrying a crew of
21 men, and arnnd with a number of
powerful anti-aircraft guns.
Prior to the war, the British army
aeronautic service placed small confidence ln the Zeppelins and decried
the possibility that they could work
much harm.
During tho recent raid of Cuxhav-
en, the ease with 'which .Zeppelins
were driven oft' by the British seaplanes was pointed to as evidence of
the non-value ot the German crafts.
But the British authorities apparently determined to be as well equipped in every respect as their enemies,
acquiring dirigibles of the German
type. The number of suck dirigibles
Hying the British flag is not known,
but it is said to be sufficient le make
a d.cidcd impression when the
strategic moment for tlieir use ur-
More faltli i3 placed by British
fliers in the enormous aeroplanes
which have been constructed. "These
planes have been equipped with a
special anti-aircraft gun, designed to
take lip the recoil when the guu is
fired. The On nils of Hie armament
of the latest craft have been kept secret, but Plough is known to justify
the statement, lhat the vessels are
the most formidable type in cxis'-
Explosive Needles For Zeppelins
The French war office has -now in
operation an invention which seems
to olfe:- an excellent method of combating Zeppelins. The inventor is M.
Antony Jacques, of Grenob'e. The
new weapon consists of a long needle-
carrying a small shell. These needies
are very light, and so is tht shell they
carry. When the needle pierces cloth
or aiiy light substance���and not till
then���it explodes the shell. Fired
against a brick wall it is harmless.
The needles nre so small that a good
quantity can be carried 6- an aero-
lilane. They can be fired from a very
light gun, an'i when once, they strike
a Zeppelin arid explode, they wl)l also
explode the gases contained In the envelope, and so destroy the whole machine. The invention came to the
French war office after careful and
exhaustive experiments made by the
chief of the fire brigade at Grenoble
Canada Getting Big Orders
To Fight to the Bitter End
German Huns Begin to Talk of What
Will   Happen  if  Defeat  Comes
Maxii_,.Hnii .Mat-den, reviewing lho
war in his organ, fit Kukuu.    wiys;
"Beat us, Drive 113 Into ths sea,
into tlie Rhine. Starve us to submission. We shall die honorably, die
standing up vith clean arms. We do
not know whether we shall win, but
we know we shall not end unworthily. We are conserving both our confidence and our nourishment for a very
long struggle, yet in a year ve may be
using thorns and thistle? for a time,
instead of bread. We are quieter than
in the first current of the war's enthusiasm, but not more cowardly; nor
are we to be Intimidated. In prayer wc
are ever joyful, ami still hark to the
German maxim, 'Rely upon thyself;
then wilt thou never deceive thyself.' "
Over the porch of the Old South
church at Boston is chiseled;
"Behold! 1 have set before you an
open door," and under, on the door,
is printed in emphatic letters; "Positively no admittance."
Contracts For at Least $50,000,000 in
War Supplies  Received
How Canadian Industries are benefitted by the war is seen by the latest
government estimates', which Indicate
that 3,000 factories are busy with orders which total at least $50,000,000.
The prospects aro also that the demands for war material will be greatly iucerused in the future and there
are indications that France and Russia will purchase more heavily in
Canada in the ful life.
The war supplies for which contracts have been let in the Dominion
cover a large range of articles. They
include rifles, bayonets, uniforms,
boots, saddles, truck wagons, ammunition, tents, blankets, and many other
materials necessary to equip an army.
Great orders of shrapnel ^shells have
also been received by a" number of
leading Canadian firms, and one estimate indicates that already 100,000 a
day are being manufactured in the
Dominion with the prospects for an
increased output in the future.
_he soldiers' pay   is   another big
item in tho war expenditure, for which
Ihe Canadian government will have to] s'""^
provide large sums.    To defray tli in |
expense and the others involved as a
result, of the struggle it   is expected
that the militia appropriations cove-ring a period of from April 1 to January 1, of next year, will require $.100,-
000,000.   Should the conflict   last two
years It is believed that the Dominion
will have expended the sum of $210,-
000,000 in assisting the empire In
Another Item whicli is expected to
run into large figuies be,ore the war
ends in the demand for horses. Experience has proved that the life of a
horse on'the battlefield is short and
hence large orders are expected to be
filled in Canada. Beside:; horses,
numerous saddles will be required,
and already the French anil Russian
governments have made heavy purchases here.
lidentinlly and in accents of deep conviction, saitl:
"Every Frenchman, whatever his
politics, is determined upon war to a
successful outcome. If we simply
drive the enemy oul of France we
should have accomplished nothing.
We are not lighting for the reconques:
of Alsace anl Lorraine, or for the defeat of Germany, but for lhe destruction of militarism, We do not want
the complete downfall of Germany.
We have no right to enforce any condition on a conquered Germany which
we do not impose on ourselves. Frendi
and Britain must be predominant in
lhe settlement, if any permanent good
Is to come out. of this war. We both
value liberty. The British have a far
more deep, ooted conception of liberty
than the French have. The, French
have more equality, but liberty Is Irs-
incuts were observed."
My Informant, who has had excellent opportunities of forming a considered opinion, added that th- gravity of the situation and the prodlgioua
nature of the struggle ahead were not
under-estimated In Prance, which, he
saitl, was resolute in pursuing the war
lo the hitter end.
'���There will be no lessening of efforts," be said, "when Lie Germans
nre driven out. of France, Fran<"> r"-
gnrds the struggle as a war of civilization, mid is prepared to ai t up to the
spirit of Premier Vi\ iani's recent declaration, France was never so tor-
lunate In the absence of ambitious
men searching after self-glorifications.
There is more unity of national sentiment than in England, ami a supreme
desire lo subdue au element which
would tend to weaken France internally."
Heroism and Chivalry
Enemy    Cheers    Brave    Conduct  ot
French Stretcher-bearers
Lo Temps prints a letter written by
a French soldier to his family, which
illustrates hew French    heroism was
.chivalrously recognized by tho    Germans.
"Before Monlnquan, in the Somrne
district," he says, "was a villa whicli
the    Germans    held   strongly,     and
which we vainly tried to storm.   Our
greatest efforts only brought us    to
the enemy's wire entanglements.   At
midnight several of our wounded lay
helpless before the German trenches,
whence it was certain death l'or   us
to try to fetch them.   On the following   inornlng two stretche.'-bearers ���
one belonging lo a religioin order-
left the French lines and coolly approached the German wires, waving
Red Cross Hags.
"The fusillad
ou  both sides. _________________
cried in good French, 'What arc you
to do?'   The   bearers answered
coolly.  'Pick  up  the  wounded.'    The
German replied,   'Very good, I-give
j you permission,    but    you  ought  to
1 have come   yesterday,    thus    saving
I theni a wretched night.   I would cer-
| talnly have ordered my men to cease
i firing,'
"One of the German officers shook
I hands with the religious brother, say-
;tsi ing, 'Vou are brave fellows.   We give
I you half au hour to finish your work,
antl the firing will begin again.'
"Meanwhile the   German   soldiers
lying on n bank nearby waved their
Assistance of Japan
Japanese Foreign Legion Would Help
to Crush  Germans
The Japanese foreign legion,  now-
being raised voluntarily in Japan to
reinforce    France on the tiring line,
I will be very welcome. For the    first
j time officialdom acknowledges this.
I    It is admitted that the raising of a
volunteer force of Japs to tender their
! services as La  Payette  did in    the
American     revoluntionary war,  will
: solve a knotty problem. Official par-
' tlclpation  by  the   regular    Japanese
army, under their regular officers and
in every way on the same basis as the
British, French and Belgians, night result In a serious complication.   They
might  have  to be  paid    and Japan
j would be in a position to claim much
I of the credit for victory should her
j sons aid In ihe final crushing of the
; German empire,
immediately   ceased j     But with the foreign legion coming
a.   a German- officer | at least one objection would lie solved.
These men nre reported to be picked
veterans of the  Russo-Japanese war.
Vhey are to be equipped as few Jap-
i nese  troops  ever  have been.    It  Is
rumored    that    at    tlieir head    will
come out of Japan's greatest military
geniuses,     a  man   wiiose   name   will
mean much to the allies.
Not only will the foreign legion
light on French soil, but it is expected
the Japanese army will eventually enter the war in the west, as an active
ally of Russia antl Britain. There is
said to be a growing sentiment n
Britain to ask Japan to take ever the
protection oi Egypt and India, thus re-
Idle Curious Not Wanted
hats, cheering loudly. Thus were sav- j leasing l'or active service against tiered nearly a "dozen wounded, all ot j many the many British regiments now
whom are now recovering." : held idle in those two countries.   Rus-
��� .  ! sia is ..aid to have suggested that she
would welcome   an alliance of Which
  would permit the Japs to take a posi-
*   I tion with  the Russians on  the liri.ig
Finance   Minister  Addresses  Agricul- j jjne in  Fast  Prussia,  in Galicia  and
tural Conference on Need, of In
To Increase Focd Production I
creased Farming
Speaking at the agricultural conference  held at    Ottawa,    Hon.   W.  T.
White stated that the minister of agriculture had announced and was preparing to carry out au extensive programme for stimulating food production.
,     "A new era bad now dawned," said
idle i jjr. White, in concluding his remarks,
I "In which the    policy    would  be to
1 greatly increase production. This was
Pietsure  Seeking  Visitors Only Adding to  Burden of Government
Advices from England are that idle
visitors to Great Britain are only adding to the burden in that country. The
great influx of visitors, out of idle
curiosity, has alarmed the government, and they wish such visitors to     ^
consider the situation in the British j anew national policy of patriotism, 1 .--
Isles before adding to tlie burden. ;n j cause itt this juncture patriotism and
short, to sum up, the Britisli islands        ''    '
are no place today for curious pleas-
uer seeker-.   If the influx eontinu
the home government may resort to
measures to check it.    Those    who
production march hand in hand.
Britain's fleet ensures the safe transport of Britain's food suppV, but does
r.ot ensure the supply itself. The dominions of the empire ought to make
have business are welcome, but those! n,at supply certain and ample,   ran-
who go out of curiosity are only em
barrassing the government anil are
not wanted until normal conditions
"Can nny one iu the audience lend
me a $10 gold piece?" asked the prestidigitator.
"On what?" queried the pawnbroker
iu the third row.
tda will do her full share an.l more, if
possible, in tbis, as In other things.
"Our soldiers offer their lives. T11030
who remain al home may be depended
upon to offer their labor."
Walk-Why did you take off yonr
hat to lhai girl?   You don't know her.
II. Mcintosh���No; bnt my brotLn
does, and this is hit bat.
elsewnere along the miles of battVi-
front extruding across tiie tontine.'t
of Europe,
Britain and Russia could easily pay
Japan tor tnis work.   In case of victory���and  every  expert  here  ag.vas
that Japan can  clinch  the victory -
that nation would ��_t her share of the
compensations,    In  discussing    this,
Liuien Millevoye o.' La  Patrle,  aft- r
j declaring that the subject o:' Japan's
��� help must not  be considorjd a  .��� :-.-
, fession of weakness, sa;;:
j    "France, alert and ready, with the
! sword of victory already in ber hand,
I implores no one's aid.    s;.e merely
says to a strong friend, 'If you wish
a part of the glory, take it.'"
The young mother s'.ole Bllenlly :p-
stairs one evening, to be sure that lier
little son was sleeping safely. As she
paused at the door she saw her husband standing beside the crib, ga.in.i;
! earnestly down at the sleeping child.
! Tears  filled  the  mother's  eyes,  and
I she thought: "How dearly Frederick
I does love thai boy?"
But just then he turned and saw her.
"Amelia," he <.-id, "I don't see how ��� 11
I earth iliey can get up a crib like tills
I for three dollars and sixly cents." THE COURTENAY REVIEW
'    Advance Agent o!
Dir_lort an
��� .
or a limited iime
or Residence Telephones
installed upon payment of
, 5 Rental in advance
F.r Particulars
W. D. Denholm,  Mgr,
Telephone Co., Limited
The local Conservative '\sso ia-'
tin held a well attended meeting
lou Tuesday, at which Mr. Cory
| Wood, M, ,P l\, gave a resume of
I the business done iii Victoria dur-
; iug thu ptst session
A   resolution   appointing   Nt
Wood as the can li late at lhe coming provincial eh ".'um was carried
A large number of influential
. lumbers of the .ssoeiation brought
before .' r, Wood the importance of
changing seine of the existing gam?
I u's on Vaucottver Island, the foi-
wing proposals being indorsed t_
the Association, which was instruct-
t I write to the Couservati ,'e As-
ci itious in t'c Govtiehau and Co-
us Districts', asking them to cooperate in the matter,
Proposals; T mt the grou-ie
season be opened on the same dati
{ h out the province.
That the thick season be from
t )ct. ist 10 Feb, 2X1I1. in itead ol
from Sept, 1st to Jnu, 1st, as Ins:
That "flight shooting" be permitted two hours, instead of out
hour after sunset.
That the Brant season be extend
d lo March 31st, next year instead
if closing at the end ol   February,
iry a
Review Want Ad,
Lot For Only $85
compel  the purchaser of a lot near
the station to  sacrifice his equity of
$200.00 for $35.00; total balance due
on lot only $50.00
Full particulars from
Phone 57
In the account of ihe "Bee" held
nt Nob hill school ou Wednesdaj
March 171I1 ami Saturday March
20th, through some misunderstand
ing several names were omitted
The following is a lint of those who
villingly helped, nml lo whom 11
heart) vote of thanks is due from
.ill in Nob Hill district. On Wednesday;���Messrs. E. Cliffe, W.
Gage, O. Gage, J. Hawkins, Mr.
McKenzie, G. Hawkins, W. Radford. Mr, Peacey, C. A. Radford.
Mr. Richard., Dr. Worthington
and Mr. Taylor. On Saturday���,
Messrs. H. Beadnell, J Hoiles
1 'eacey, Taylor, Mr. Gage anil
sons, Mr. Hawkins and sons, Mr.
McKenzie and sous, Mr. Radford
and sons Messrs. McKenzie and
Radford lent their teams aud tooh
on both days.
Private Walsh certainly give
I.ieut. Stinit his inarching order:-
right about double quick, anddidn'l
take relnge bellilicl a postage stamp
to do it.
CD! the little pigs laughed to see
uich fun, J. B., he jumped on the
The Comox boys are proud of
their Cumberland brethren. Conservatives aud gentlemen usually
run together.
One family in  Coinox  averaged
Jtooper mouth last year diiect from
the Government,  yet   they   shout
ior the   Liberals.   Such   baseball
No, it is not true, there is no relation between Cecil A and tht
Hon. Joe, They did use the saint
waste paper basket, but Joe, gol
the rake off,
Deputy chairman Bariow's new
light certainly was a magnet, for
the band   trade   was  rushing.    A
The kind you ought to use and
when you ought to have it, that is
when you really need it. We have
contracted the habit of satisfying our
customers. Our work as a business
getter  is of   the   highest   quality.
regular !_jnk 'oltday Moral, hotel keeper-1" I . I an I :i in . 1 .iat
1 and.
Alladin     I 1 iiii    lain n
left the Con . 'ouse in a htu ,
Uvideutlv In. ..->.. iu ���ed io tht
society of gentlemen.
Down to little   Comox   . aula   a
ti 'inter chap 011 ? dav     is 111   roa Is
_ei _ ni idt   if mud, lie felt in-t like
j .-.-.    Whist; ngso   ;.. of   J.   .'..
[.���tin, lit lim i,  in 1    V   It.   Ball,
mtil he got excited, md they flung
'iiii  through tha air,    It's n  long
vay to Port   Alberni, lis a   long
way, I know     It's a long way  to
! t to   aii) where  else   on   earth
I odbye Mr. Martin, farewell Irish
tew,    It's a long long w iy   wllh
1 it n jitney,   b :'   I'll   gang   back
-���.in.    (With apologies to  Shakes
I _ie J. 1!, Jitney will never want
Such homely p ilitics!
I.ib-ra.s nuis' have  b.-en   liberal
.itli their Vodka,   tlu   way  thev
viated Birdie,    ,\> usual, he cam
0 earth.
Sec Con, Assn. Have you read
'.omen and Juliet ?
Vice Pre., I-ib. Assn. Well, ei
no, I have read Juliet.
Illlgl'ic Stewart Will have lots of
time to finish tlie chimney after the
Th: s.ukiiiu young men are
gruatly distressed for fear there is
no road work for those who have
not volunteered,
Afler 2000 years of Christian
teaching the hoodlum politicaus
hold a meeting on the Sabbath,
The object of   th:.   Conservative
party is the accomplishment of Con.
rinc'] les ami   ideals   throughout
lhe world, Comox no exception.
Every officer a Conservative; we!
known and respected.
Wee ngrattilate Mr, Walsh on
.lis clean sweep. Some organizer,
.-li what?
No, we have turned down the
Hon, Joseph's offer to start a
atiudry, but we recommended him
to the Liberal party,
Orange Billy moved on a poii 1
if order, and carried his point, ir
respective of the baseball element
5.van's Old Statu 1, Courtenay
Mr. and Mrs. John Walker, of
,\'est Cumberland, left on Saturda>
foi  Calgary.
Mr and Mrs. H. Murphy, of
Bevan, left last week for the mainland.
P. R. Fleming, provincial   relief
ifficer, arrived on Monday bv auto,
ind returned to Victoria on  Tues
D. R. McDonald, John  N,   Mc-
f.eod, and Thos. A, Spruston, left
or Campbell  River on   Tuesday
and returned Wednesday.
J. R. Lockard, General Superintendent of Canadian Collieries
(Dunsmuir) Ltd., left on Wednesday for Victoi ia
The many friends of Mrs. D.
Picket will be pleased to know that
she is recovering from her recent
David Stephenson, Provincial
Chief Constable for this district,
was here on an official visit on
The Athletic B i-ebalt Club is
giving a dance in the Uo Ilo hall
on Friday. April 9th, and have engaged Ih. Har "ony orchestra,���
This seems to be a bad year for
newspapers throughout British
Columbia. During the past week
three or four papers have been
forced to suspend, and from all appearances it would be safe to predict
that there are more to follow.
Lack of patronage 011 account of
bad times is the cause of the
I     E.   A J   Ton;
t/Ogger's Shoes in de to order,
fn North and So ith, in East
and West,
A ton's UrndmatleShoes will
stan I the Test.
Willard's Harness Emporium
I'lne Showing ol  Home  Ulnnkels,   Lap
It ugs, Gloves, Titiuks, .Sail Cases,   Ktc.
Ha   uss Repulrcd Neatly
Cumberland and Courlenay
begs to nmioiitice that he has
repurchased Ins old barber
business Innn Mr. Smith and
will be pleased to meet all his
ohi customers iittlie old stand
..ext to  the   Opera   House
Notice of Intention to Apply For
Retail Liquor Licence
TAKli NOTICE thai the undersigned
intends to apply to the Hoard of
.icense Commissioners at their next
regnlsr sittiii.tr to be held on the second
Wednesday in the month of June next,
for a license to sell intoxicating liquor by
retail under Subsection 3 of Section 290,
of the 'Municipal Act" in that certain
store or shop situate on the grouud floor,
corner, of those certain premises, situate
Oil I.ot 28. in Block , at the corner of
Isabel and Union Streets, in the City of
Dated this 23rd day of March,   A.   I).
In the Matter of the " Muni-
Act," and
In the Matter of the Application
of Silvio Marocchi for a license to
sell intoxicating liquors by retail
under Subsction 3 of Section 290
of the " Municipal Act "
TAKE NOTICI. that the undersigned
intends to apply to the Board of
Iviceiice Commissioners of the City of
Courtenay to be heltl on the Second
Wednesday in June 1915, for a licence to
slill intoxicating liquors by retail under
Subsection 3 of Section 290 of the above
mentioned act in those certain shop or
store premises situate in the " Marocchi
Building" situate on !_. 30, Map 311,
Union Street, in the City of Courtenay.
Dated the 24th day of March, A.D. 1915
Sutton & Kirkwood
Undertakers and
Night or Day Calls ^Promptly
Phone 27 Courtenay
By the members of St,  George's Presbyterian Church, Cumberland,
will be given in tbe
Courtenay Opera House, Thurs., April 1
_______.________________���____���_____-���__���    MHH_MBH_a^__.^MHrt
The play, in four acts, is  supposed to  have  taken place about seventy
years ago.    Gowns dresses of the early  Victorian  period will be worn
in harmony  and  keeping  with the  origin  of  the play.   You cannot
afford to miss this treat.     One continuous roar of laughter
Admission 50 cents
Children Half Price


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