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The Review Aug 1, 1918

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 ������*������ H **************** **************** ****^
Can not lie done any I etter, anil
not quite so well unywlioio else
hereabouts.   Our type anil uiauhln-
ery in complete ami Tin
prioflB .vro ri^lit
1 to view
Gents'  Furnishings
and Hatters
VOL. 6
xl J>  3 3
Telephone 10
Local Lines
llis-* Viola Campbell is spending
few days with tlio .Misses Kubii-I:
at Kye Hay.
I.. S. Coltelsjr was up from Vleto-iCa
liver the week end.    -
\v~. 0.   Robertson   and   family  are
i nuiplcg ni Kye liay.
Rev. J.H, Craig ot Vancouver   Is a
guesl at tl.e home of Mayor Duncan.
Robert Piercy anil family, nml Mrs.
JI. Piercy, and Miss E. Chllds, ' lert
yesterday niornlg by auto for Victoria
Mr. Arthur Lock,   who is employed
.at llie Cndo-.ory, left yesterday  morn-
! Ing for Vancouver to attend the wedding of his brother, .   ,
I  t
���Mrs. II p Fall-burn and family lefl
on Wedticsdayv on a visit to Vancouver.
Master Ray Forrest and  Miss   Ella
Forrest, who have been visiting HHr
aunt. Mrs,   Kilpatrick  for   llie   past
fortnijght, leave today for their   homo |
at Vancouver".
Miss Mblli-rr Mcore and Miss
Steele, of Victoria, were visitors in
town on Tuesday.
.Mr. J. K. I'l-puliart bas purchased a
ri ion Model n Republic truck wilh 2
ton trailers for use at his- lumbar mill.
J. il  Macintyre arrl'v d home   fr. in
Vancouver on Friday last.
In roniinenrm-atdon of the fourth anniversary nf Gre-it Britain's en'r-y \-,u���
the war. a special united service of
the Anglican and Pr-fFhyierhni church
es will be liebl at the Presbyterian
church en Sunday evening, Au-iist l.
Tbe Rev .1 W. Flynt'ir ef Vtctnrto*
wlli Ijave charge of tbe service, ritiisisi-
ed Iry Ibe Rev. Rlchn'in.l Craig, of
Westminister Presbyterian church,
Vancouver. Tbe members of the I. o.
Tl. K. wild -ali-r.i] in a   body,   and   Hi"
ideal Wnr Veterans and ibe
'Conncll have been sneoi'l!-- Imi'
attend, This Is an cci --Ir-
: should da'- ore f fhe lr "s-
Igre,- 'Ions 111 'be hist ry -:f " ur
Wm. Mt-Kelvrlo. who has
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^       hern linim
] from Vancouver for a few   weeks, re
^^^^^^_      i turned lo Vancouver on Frlilay morn
FOR SALE���Haul back blocks and   -"B-
putlevs,     See Win. Rotiglas,   Cottrte
B. C.
Gents' Furnishing Store
���new tweed overcoats
for young men and boys
ti:::.   mufflers,   shirts,
shoes, rubber,   goods
everything a man needs
Wii a's  ! avc a shipment Of Ladies Slioes and the Rinex Sole
Shoe for Children ���.
Cr.'! ard fcl our goods, you'll always find our prices right.
C:::lajr Gent's Furnishings Store
Oi posite Shepherds' W. Sutliff, Prop.
Expert Watchmaker
Qualified Optician
Watchmaker,   Jeweler
and Optician
Union Street, Courtenay
^*0*00*0^giaaa** ��� ��� flM^WWWWW
"Fleet Foot" Canvas Slioes
The Courtenay Shoe Store
Our Canvas   Shoes   have stood the test ���They hav* the wearing qualities and graace the feet properly.
,We have a style and fit for
When you want jJ'FLEET FOOT" Shoe look for the name
"FLEET FOOT "stamped on the sole
10 per cent. Discount to Returned Sol diers and their wives.
Next the DrugStore
Phone 48
ARRIVED AT LAST at   the   Ford
Garage���"AMBIT," the Great E'ec'-ric
Trouble Shooter. It. is estimated ihal
there are some 12,000 different adls In
tho Starter and Lighting systems in
use 'today. "Ambu " gets all of them
absolutely! no gu<*sslng, and at very
Utile cost lo the customer.
FOR SALE���Ten good milk cows-
Government tested���for cash, or exchange f'-r sheep. T. A. L. Smith,
Hornby Island.
WANTED���A quantity of old pota-'
Ltoes���Any   one   having   any I'or sale
i kindly lave word at Review Office
FOR SALE���Three young grade Jersey cows���milkig: test from .4 to .5.
also one team of horses, MOO lbs eacl.
harness and wag n. doing cheap.
Apply at Review office.
Fresh or about to freshen- Send particulars to Box A, Review office.
NOW IS THE TIME to peel Barberry Bark. For best ptjice_,arid particulars see William DoufeTas* (feurte-
FOR RENT���Cottage, 5 rooms,
good well and out-1>nildings,five acres
of land���would make good chicken
'ranch; also one driving horse and
buggy for sale. For particulars apply to Mrs. Thos. Cairns, Courtenay.
Autos for hire���large and small-
day or night. Ford "Garage. Phone
The Ford Garage has a Welding
plant with a first class welder,
Bring in your broken parts in cast
iron, steel, aluminum, and brass,
etc. Anything from a stove lifter
to a crank shaft.
STEPHEN LTD., 16th Ave. and
Main St. Vancouver, B. C Monuments, Headstones and Cemetery
Fences, the largest Monumental
works in the w< st
Lost���22' launch hull with red
trimmings last seen at Dyke Sawmill boom on Saturday. Finder
kindly notify N, H. Bodeu. phone
For Sale���About 31-2 acres of
land in the City of Courtenay,
Terms easy. Address Owner, 3323
Tennyson Ave., Victoria, B. C.
For highest prices in hides, scrap
metal and old rubbers see Wm.
Douglas, Courtenay,
Cleveland Bicycles and bicycle
supplies at tbe Ford (Tinge.
Go to McBryde's for quality
The ladles   of the   I. C. ll. E. who
worked so hard   to   get   the children
trailed for the operaette "The Natlon-
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^      al Flower" were    rinewhnt di'appelm-
         ��� ,      , ,  ,'ed at ihe reeentlon given their emt-Sr-
\ n,  Dingwall bas laken a s ua on | Cmberland.     When Ce
win .be Ford Garage, and will nwe Cumberland Juveniles -rUted Oraife
bis family to town   about   the end ol      ..,.,.,,,, M ,���.,..,.,.,���,,-,���,,,, <m. ..,..,
tire month. . |)c purposes ,,,,,,.��� n.lr al?0i ,i,e Indies
rf ihis district luniPd out and did
Mr Hope, whn lira been runn'ng
tlle Courlensv Helel for llie nt-*1
month, left with bis family on Monday for Vancouver.
Mr. and Mrs. K. Grieve, who -have
be-.11 summTlng at. McCutchcoii's
poinl wilh Harry Loggie, left. on.Monday for Iheir home at Vancouver.
Frank "Oovilz Is at. Vinnouyer
wp��'r attending the rim,unl cb'-ve*
of the Vancouver  Milling   C'"ipiiny's
Mr. H. Wei's, of Vancouver, is acting manager at 'the Bank of Cohkii.-r-
ee. while Air. F. C. Brock wi awy on
his holidays.
Bup-i-e*-*! telephone rates hive nd-
vinced in Courtenay 50 cents per
nionlh on I'he 1st of July, Long dls-
tnce rates were pdvfltjced about. 10
per cent, on August 1st.
Following thelead of The Review,
our neighbor the "Islander" Of Cumberland has installed a new Mergan-
thaler typesetting niaelilne. He has
however, gone us on*r better, and gut
in a machine that will set ten different styles of tvpe, whereas we can set
but four. All the newspapers ot any
importance on the Island now set
their type by machinery.
The strike of postal clerks and nuill
carriers at Victoria and -Vancouver
haa not put anyone here to any serious Inconvenience as yet. The telegraph office is doing a thriving business, ard t'rose In other ineR cf business seem to be goingalong the *>ame
asever. The post office and bank employees are having an easy time.
Those who do the least business and
ilo the smallest amount of business
with the pest office are the loudest- In
the clamouring fur ��o--yii!"; to be
d*>ne. Same old joVo-Emntv -."agons
mnke tbe "-ap* "olc. V-'ppily tbe
strike is ov-" 'cd ���*>* ���*���- expect a
hamper cf Ja'p rail tonight, and on
Saturday evening.
I. O. D. E. NOTE'S.
The regular business meeting of the
Daughters of the Empire for July will
be held o nThursday evnlng August 8,
as. on. acccunt of th rain very few attended the meeting last Thursday ev*;.
Every member possible ls asked to
attend, as there will be about one
hundred and fifty parcels to sew up
for overseas. AU socks possible! will
be needed, so bring or send them in.
There will be a general business
meeting of the Auxiliary to St. Joseph
Hospital at the home of Mrs. Jas.Car-
thew, Comox, on Wednesday afternoon, August 7th. As this ls an Important meeting everyone, whether a
member or not le cordially invvited to
Maple   Leaf Theatre.
��*i       f *--la^HHH     SATURDAY, AUGUST 3rd.
JNSJ TPf V J^ IJf Jt I    ������ The World Pictures Presents
J I "The Maid of Belgium"
.. By Alice Brady
The absorbing.story   of a pretty   Bel
glan girl whose memory has been
-*-^^^k^^_^^^__       troyed by  the   shock of the- horrors
For Fresh   Tobacco, Cigars ���*�� ha�� und?',^e- Tj>e 8t��ryyof the
,      , , , tempt by a childless wife to claim   as
Confectionery   and her own the baby born to the Belgian
ervlliing in their power 10 make the
affair a success, antl nreetrd tb'-m
with a bumper hour-. That ths enter-
tninment was a good one g<*e= without
saying-, as llie Mowing from th�� "fs-
lantler" proves: ".Many compliments
were heard re*"-ardirg both .. .v; '
ed yo.unie people wl-o took pari a' rf
(.he splendid work of Ihe ladies wh.>
lind charge of their training and direction."
On Saturday Dominion Police Con-
Klable Canjphsll, who, along with a.
posse number of otho"s went into tbe?
I mountains at the head of Gomox i.n't ���
I after Ibe young men who nre hidinc.
evading Die military service, rami.-
face lo face wilh "Ginger" Goodwin.
Ilulli annnrently drew their cans, but
Campbell fired. Whether- the ether
man inti'iirle.l lo ghool will never I���������
known, ns lie was killed instpnily,
^oodwln wns 11 well known B'^etoHst,
iand Label- agitator, and wns nuir" nn
oniior. He was a candidate nt. Trail
ou the Socialist ticket at th1 Inst p-o-
vliicinl c'eetlon. A O. rnr.fr'- Inquest
was held on Wedr-ftdlay. -.!"-" *���'���������'
fact wns hrongl't out thnt. P-oiI***'-*
w,i8 armed with a ii calibre rifle. H<=
had over $300 on hi--i)e--.Hi, Th-*
verdlctso for evhonerat'*s tbe nofice-
man. as he claims to bnve killed thiV
man in self-defem-e. The funerat
takes place on Friday afternoon.
Anglican Services
August 4th���10th Sunday after Trinity-
It 00 a ni.���Mattins and Sermon at St.
Andrew's Sandwick.
7.30 p.m.���Uniled Service of Intercession ami Thanksgiving at the
Presbyterian Church, Conrtetiay,
v the 4th Anniversary of the Great
Presbyterian Church
St. Andrews' Sandwick ^^*
Service 2 p.m.     Sunday  School
and Bible Class 3 p. m.
Sunday School and  Bible Clas*
10:30 a. tn.    livening service'^:5G
p. m. All welcome
Sofjt Drinks.
Isabel St.    Next Royal Bank
refugee In this
country.   A   gripping
Comox Creamery
165c per lb. this week
Those Indebted to this office
for subscriptions and Jnh nrintlng
are requested to pav up without
delay There are nulte a nnniher
who seem to think lhat they are
under no oblignt'on 16 nav for
their pafier. Dense call at h!6
office or pay thc collector.
Corn Remover
Courtenay   ���   B. C.
.���XI. the   review;   coprtney,   b.   c.
������ EV ���
Ltndoo, Melbourne, ud I'tci-a.
i v j 11 r ri v.     -i ' | > 111 11 > 11     i�� in     11     nnu f ���**
should supply tin- exact material yo
bad promised?" Featherstone asked.
Then irriiiio a profitable contract,
-.hicli Lawrence obtained against
keen opposition, for supplying telephone posts, and Foster was surprised to find that the description oi
Iheir efforts to get the logs, out of
Ft rugged wilderness made a stirring
talc. Although be paused once or
twice apologetically, the others made
..liiiiT resume, and be began to wish
he was not in tbe firelight when he
(aw that Alice was quietly studying
liim. It was his partner's story hc
meant to lell, but since tbry were
together be could not leave himself
Hc could, however, change tbe
scene, and skipping much, came to
Start ns general contractors at Gardner's Crossing. The Hulton Company, which was not so large then,
gave them work, but they were hampered hy want of capital, and bad to
meet the competition of richer and
sometimes unscrupulous antagonists.
Still llicy made progress; staking all
they had on the chance of carrying
out risky work that others would not
touch, sometimes testing the patience of creditors, and now and then
outwitting a-rival by an ingenious
ruse.    Lawrence lived in  the single-
Old Jewellery: -".ate: Stiver: Curios;
Miniatures: Picture!: Needlework: Lace:
Old China: Cut Glait: Ornamental
Watthei:   Ring! I   Tabla   Ware.-
Write or aend  by Bxprcit,  to
B.   M.   ft   T.   JENKINS,   Limited
Antique  Gailer'ea
II and Id  College  Street,      Toronto,  Ont
room office, cooking for himself on
an oil stove, while Foster camped
with his men where tlicy wcrc at
Then tlicy built the. sawmill with
thc help of Lawrence's check from
home, and soon afterwards met with
their worst reverse. They had engaged to supply the Hulton Company with lumbi r of a certain kind
for sonic special work, and then
found that few ol the trees they required grew near thc river. This
meant that a skidway must bc made
over a very rough hill and a gasoline
winding engine bought or hired to
haul the logs out of the next valley.
There was, however, another fir easily accessible that might suit the
purpose, lint not i|iiile as well, and
Foster related bow he and his partner sat up late one night calculating
costs and wondering whether they
I should pay Hulton a fine to break
I the bargain. He added naively that
tlicy were some lime arguing if they
should  substitute  the inferior  wood.
"Whose opinion  was it  that     you
Well,"   said   Foster,   "Lawrence
said  so  first, luil   I   think  wc     both
meant to let them have lhe. best." _
Featltcrstone's glance at his wife
indicated relief, bul something in
Alice's face, showed that she had
known what Foster's reply would bc,
She had listened with keen interest,
and he stopped, half amused and
half embarrassed. Perhaps he had
talked loo much, and wbib: be meant
to do Lawrence justice, lie did nol
want lo play Ibe part of tlie indomitable pioneer for the girl's benefit.
Moreover, he knew she would delect
and despise llilll for any attempt to
do so, and as be valued her good
opinion, i1 was not modesty alone
that led him to make Lawrence the
hero of the piece.
"So you stuck to your bargain!"
Featherstone remarked. "Tell us
how you carried it out."
Foster forgo! himself and the others as he continued, for he had a
vivid memory of the struggle. Hc
took charge of the work in the
woods, while Lawrence tactfully
pressed for payment of outstanding
accounts, put oflf creditors, and somehow provided money for wages. As
extra gangs had to be hired. Foster
owned that he did not know bow the
thing v.:.s done. Hc cut a grade for
thc skidway up the bill, slashing
tangled bush and blasting roe1;^
worked in the snow by moor.li :'!.*:
long after b'.s men slopped, are' .tit-
rrwards learned that Lawrence often
went without a meal when pay day
got near. Hut they hauled out Ibe
logs and the lumber was delivered.
When hc stopped, Featherstone
looked up with some color in Iiis
"Thank you," he said. "It is a
moving tale. The money we scut
you was well spent. 1 could have
expected nothing better oi my sou.
But 1 suppose you found it paid to
keep your promise."
"In  this case it  did,"  Foster ans-
Shirts & Gloves
68 lbs. to the
square inch
under hydraulic
Pressure is tht
test that "Boh
Lone" overall*
have heen put to.
Their strength
is in thi tluhtl*
wovnt fabric.
t.- . ft '
wered witli a smile. "Hulton's gave
as thc first chance ot any work tlicy
did no; care to do themselves; vou
,nu i> tii t(r
TPHE results of operations for tlie year 1917 show a continuance
* of the notable expansion that has marked the career of the
Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada. In Assets, Income,
Surplus, New Business, and Total Business in Force substantial
increases are recorded over the corresponding figures for previous
Assets at December 31st, 1017.    , ���     - a. -
Cash Income -      ���      :������,'.'
New Assurances issued and Paid/or in Ca.-:lt
Assurances lu Force at December 31st, 1917.
rrofits paid or allotted to Policyholders
Profits paid or allotted to Policyholders, in past five
Total Payments to Policyholders, 1917.
l'liymirntsto Pollcyholdein atnoo organization     -     .
AStttl held for Pollcyholdors   .     >     ���      ���   ,��
Premiums received since organization  -    ���    - * -
ra-iiientRtoPolleylmtil.rrr.ninl Abh-Is held for tliom cicecd
tlie premiums recctvid by:     ..... S.s.sn.-.l'M
Undivided surplus at December Slat, 1917,over all liabilities
including capital $8,550,761.00
lire emit-' -.te
in roacr
$      48,210.73
t    u-.-oi.'js
$     I.QMJM.OO
���The Company takes this opportunity ol thanking its policyholders and the publie
generally for the continued confidence and goodwill ol which the above figures
give such strong evidence.
T.B.MACAUUY,Pre��l*l��nt iK$l7
sec, wc hnd put in a few wood working machines. In fact, after a time,
Hulton lold Lawrence to walk
through thc factory now and then
and send in anything the heads of
departments required. But I've talked long enough and fear you're bored."
"No," said Featherstone simply,
"you have given us great pleasure
and made us realize the bracing life
my sou in leai.ing. You eould havc
done us 110 favor that would equal
Then hc took Foster off to thc
gun room, where tlicy smoked :.nd
talked about the day's shooting, until Featherstone said rather abruptly. "Perhaps I had better tell you
that I didn't send Lawrence thc
check that enabled you to build thc
mill. It was not in my power to do
so then."
"Hut he s.,id tlie money came from
"It did. Alice was left a small
legacy and insisted on selling the
shares it consisted of in order to
help her brother. I must confess
lhat I tlioughl she was rash, but the
money was hers. Now it is obvious
that the sacrifice she made t\*as justified."
Featherstone began to talk about
something else, but Foster felt embarrassed. It looked at if hc owed
his success in business to the girl's
generosity, and although he could
not see why lhis should disturb liim,
it did.
He wenl down to dinner rather
early and found Alice in tin; hall.
There was nobody dec about, and by
the way she looked up as he advanced he thought slur had been wailing
for Iiini. Alice had beauty, but it
wits her proud reserve lie felt most.
She did not give her friendship lightly, but he believed it v.as worth winning.
"1 wanted to thank you for explaining things so well," she. said.
"It's the first time wc have reajly
learned much about my bralhcr's life
in Canada."
Foster hesitated. "I felt lhat yotl
wanted to know. But, in a way, it
must havc sounded rather egotistical. In fact, thc thing wasn't as easy
as you perhaps think."
Alice smiled. "Vou couldn't leave
yourself out, although it was obvious that you meant to give my brother the leading part."
"I honestly don't think I exaggerated." '
"No," she agreed, "it sounded real,
and there were touches, little personal characteristics, you couldn t have
imagined. You see, I am younger
than Lawrence and thought him
something of a romantic hero before,
he left home." Then she paused for
a moment.   "I got a very bad shock
when lie was forced to go. You
know why In: went?"
"I don't; I've sometimes thought
hc wanted to tell mc."
"Then you never asked?"
"I did not; I think I didn't want,
to know."
She gave him a steady searching
glance and hc felt that if hc had been
insincere she would havc found out.
(To Uc i.ontinued.)
No foolishness! Lift your corn*
and calluses off with fingers
���It'i like magic I
Sore corns, hard corns, soft corns
or any kind of a com, can harmlessly
bc lifted right out with the fingers if
you apply upon tbe corn a few drop*
of freezone, says a Cincinnati authority.
tor little cost one can get a small
bottle of freezone at any drug store,
which will positively rid one's feet Of
every corn or callus without pain. '
This simple drug dries the moment
it is applied and docs not even irritate the surrounding skill while applying it or afterwards.
This announcement will interest
many of our readers. If your druggist hasn't any freezone tell him to
burely get a small bottle for you from
his wholesale ding hoiuic.
Louise, nine  years old, asked her
"Where is papa going?"
"To a slag party,   she replied.
"What is a stag party, mamma?"
Sisler Mabel, seven years old, who
had been listening  with a    dignified
attitude of superior wisdom, answered instantly! "It's svlierc tlicy stagger,    llou't you know?'���Pittsburgh
Scotland's "Bit"
Scotland is said to havc sent about
a fifth of its population to war. If
the United States Wl re to do as well
it would have 20,000,000 men in thc
field.���Ncwburg News.
Granulated Eyelids,
Sore Eyes, Eves Inflamed by
Son, Carat and Wind quickly
relieved by Murine. Tiyltln
your Eyes ind In DofartEM.
At flint I
���^7 _��__"", We irtrb
*ba falsa, in Tobee W*. fotlteokeftti
W.    N.    U.    1203
I THE    BEVIEW,    COURTNEY,    B,    0,
MAtfE IN /%
Meat Consumption on Decline
lhc consumption of beef and mill-
ton in Britain during the last year
of peace was 150,0(11) tons per mouth;
The total available Btipplles at pre's-
���iiit in Bight for the current year arc
mot more llian 88,000 tons per month.
Minard's Liniment
for   Sale Every-
Uely on North America
lord Rhondda says: "The allied
larder i.s dangerously empty but we
arc carrylrig on in the resolute belief that we can rely oil llle people
of North America lo prevent our
food supplies from becoming so diminished as lo imperial llie issue tor
which  we are all fighting.\'
The Oil for the Farmer.���A bol tic
nf Dr. Thomas' Electric Oil in the
farm house will save many a journey
for the doctor. It is not only good
for the children when taken with
cold and croup, and for the lnalurc
who sillier from pains and aches, but
there arc directions for ils use on
t-ick cattle. There should always bc
a boltlc of it in the: Louse.
Inquirer (at railway station)���
Where docs this train go?
Brakcnian ��� This train goes to
New Yolrl*. in ten minutes.
IiiquirefeiGoodiiess!   That's   going
Get a Good Wife
The Main Thing Is to Marry a Girl
With Good Common Sense
"A man who is nol happy in his
domestic life cannot bc thoroughly
efficient. If he lias to fret and worry
ovcr things at home he cannot give
the best that is iu liim lo his work.
His strength and nerve and enthusiasm arc detracted from. 'I'he main
thing is to marry a girl wilh good
common sense. It is not necessary
that she should learn a greal deal
about bis business problems; but if
she has solid sense she will know
how to be sympathetic, how to economize, bow to encourage him, how
to inspire his ambition, and how \fi
facilitate the attainment of lhat ambition by having his home, surroundings cheerful and pleasant, by attending carefully to his physical well-being, and by entering into the spirit
of his aims and objects, Good health
is extremely, important in the struggle for success, and a man's health
is dCpcndeht in a very largo measure
upon his honur life. A young man in
seeking a wife should pay more attention to her heart and her health
than to ber dowry."���1:'.. P. Ripley,
Veteran President of the Santa Fe,
iu The American Magazine,
b'or Sale by all Dealers
Douglas & Company, Napanee, Ont.
A Valuable Objective
Voice    from    the   Distance���"Fall
back yc, daft loons!    Yon poscction
is of nae value at a'l"
Chorus of Kilties ��� "Nae value?
Why mon, we've just drapt a sax-
Peevish, pale, restless, and sickly
children owe their condition to
worms. Mother Graves' Worm Exterminator will relieve them and restore health.
"I'm a self-made man."
"You knocked off work too soon.'
-Boston Transcript.
That itch, burn, track, chap, and
bleed, in a wonderfully short time in
most rases. Soak the hands on retiring in a hot
suds of Cuticura Soap, using
plenty of the
Soap. Dry and
rub Cuticura
Ointment gently but freely into thc
hands for some lime. Wear old
gloves or softer bandages during
night or remove surplus Ointment
with soft tissue paper as preferred.
Free Sample Each by Mail
For fret: trample eacii iitl.lrcsy posl-canl:
"Cuticura. Dapl. N, Bolton, U, S. A." Sold
hy ilcators throughout tho world.
Royal Milliners
Royalty and Society   Women   Who
are Experts With Their
It has long been a well-known fact
lhal Queen Mary lias often trimmed
her own hats, as also has Queen
Maude of Norway. i
Princess  Patricia    of   Connaught,'
too, is :i clever milliner, and her sister, thc Crown Princess of Sweden, !
lias often  looked charming in    hats '
ivtjlgl* she has trimmed herself. I
There arc many society women '
who arc experts with their needles,
and who etui turn an ugly "shape"
into a beautiful "creation." Onc of
these Is I.ady Cheylesmore, and she
lias, several times won prizes at Iiat-
trimining competitions. \
I.ady Maitland, too, is a clever
milliner, and she once organized a '
sale of hats, every one made or i
trimmed by her own bands. I.ady
lleirvey-llalluirst has trimmed many
pretty hats, and before her marriage
she had a millinery shop in Sloans
Square. Mrs. Arthur Wclgall is another society woman who would
make a small fortune as a milliner.
The Dignity of Farming
Will Be Looked Up to as   One   of
thc Princes of the Land
This war has done one thing; it
has made farming one of thc most
dignified callings a man can engage
in. There was a lime when many
looked on the cultivator of the soil
as "a mere hayseed," not worthy of
being considered seriously in the
economics of thc nation, but that
day has passed. Today everybody is
appealing to the farmer to come to
thc rescue of the nation by helping
to produce something to eat so that
wc can win the war. The day is
not far distant when the "man who
makes two blades of grass grow
where only onc grew before" will be
looked up to as one of the princes
of the land. ��� Montgomery, Ala.,
Minard's Liniment Cures Burns, etc.
- ThrcC thousand women are now
employed on thc G. E. railway, of
AFTER the publication of
his Receipt Book Dr.
Chase found himself over-
Whelmed with the demand for
his services and his medicines.
Not onljr did patients come from
many miles to throng his office,
but the mails were filled with
letters ordering medicines.
Bather than disappoint his patients
and admirers, and always anxious to
relievo suffering, the doctor decided
to give to the people the great prescriptions which had been so thoroughly tested and so remarkably suc
cessful in his private practice.
And so it came that Dr. Chase's
Medicines were placed on public sale
at nominal prices*. To-day you can
scarcely find a drug store that is not
stocked with a full Tine of these medicines, and that home is the exception
where there is not one or more of
them in use.
Like most articles of exceptional merit
and largo sales Dr. Chase's Medicine! ara
-widely Imitated, and substitutes are frequently offered in their place. On this account It If very Important that you should
see the portrait and signature of A. W.
Chase, M.D., the famous Reeolpt Book
author, on the box you buy. They ara
printed on every box for your protection,
and Imitators do not dare to uie them.
Dr. A. W. Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills, one pill a dose,
25 cents a box, 5 boxes for $1.00. ..
Dr. A. W. Chase's Nerve Food (Pills), 50 cents frbox,
6 boxes for $2.75.
Dr. A. W. Chase's Ointment, 60 cents a box.
Dr. A. W. Chase's Catarrh Powder, 25 cents a box,
blower free, 5 boxes for $1.00.
' Dr. A. W. Chase's Syrup of Linseed and Turpentine, 25 cents a bottle. Family size, three
times as much, 60 cents.
Dr. A. W. Chase's Liver Cure, $1.00.
Dr. A. W. Chase's Backache Plaster, 25 cents
each, 5 for $1.00.
All dealers or Edmanson, Bates & Co., Limited,
No Girl Need Have
A Blotched Face
Small PUI
Small Dom
Small Prica
have stood the test of time.
Purely vegetable. Wonderfully
quick to banish biliousness,
headache, indigestion and to
clear up a bad complexion.
Genuine bear, tignuure
Gentrally Indicate �� lack
of Iron In the Blood
Carter's Iron Pills
Will help thi* condition
Whether it bc in capturing the
heart of man, or making her way
tlirougli the world by the toil of her
hands, a charming and pretty face
gives any girl a big advantage. Poor
complexion and rough, sallow skin
are caused by blood disorders, The
cure is simple. Just use Dr. Hamilton's I'ills���a reliable family remedy
that has for years been the foremost
blood remedy in America. That soft
glow will return to the checks, the
eyes will brighten, appetite will improve, strength and endurance will
come because sound health has been
established. Get a 25c box of Ur.
Hamilton's Tills today. Sold everywhere.
Destruction of Subs.
Parts of   Submarines   Included   in
Catch of Dutch Fishermen
Not only fish, but parts of German
submarines destroyed now frequently constitute the catch of Dutch fishermen when thoy haul up their nets
off tbe Dutch coast, according to H.
Venstra, a dairy expert from Hoi
"Floating parts of submarines are
raising havoc wilh llic nets of our
fishermen," Mr. Venstra said. "In
many cases floatsam and jetsam
have been submitted to coast guardsmen and officers of the Dutch navy
and were identified as belonging to
submarines that probably had been
destroyed by depth charges."
A Pill for Brain Workers.���The
man who works with his brains is
more liable to derangement of the
digestive sjstem than the man who
works with his hands, because the
onc calls upon bis nervous energy
while the other applies only his muscular strength. Brain fag begets irregularities of thc sto.iiach and liver, and the best remedy that can bc
used is Parmelce's Vegetable Pills.
They arc specially compounded for
such cases a; d all those who . sc
them can certify lo their superior
Big Demand for Maple Products
The Canadian market has hitherto
readily absorbed 75 per cent, of the
Canadian sugar maple production.
The United States takes all wc can;
send and would (Atdly take nioK.
The demand for'-j-Iie pure products
has for years exci&dcd the supply.
A Stupendous Decision
Women Can Become the Dominant
Political Power of the Future
Commenting on the granting of
thc franchise to 6,000,000 women in
the British Isles, the Edinburgh
Scotsman says: "It is a stupendous
decision. It assuredly would not
have been taken but for the demonstration of women's capabilities
which the war has brought. No one
four years ago foresaw bow powerfully thc fabric of our national life
could be buttressed by women's
work, That element is everywhere
today; it has disclosed reserves of
national strength that imply permanent developments; ils relation to
organized labor in its old form, i*
onc of thc problems of thc reconstruction period." Woman, it she
asserts herself, can become the dominant political power of the future.
Nothing will so quickly ren >vc
childhood constipation as will Baby's
Own Tablets. Tlicy are a mild but
thorough laxative; are pleasant to
take; do not gripe and never fail to
regulate the stomach and bowels.
Concerning them Mrs. Adolpbe Noel,
Petite Lanieque, Que., savs:���
"Baby's Own Tablets are the- best
remedy for constipation I know of
and I w-ould strongly recommend
them to all mothers of little ones."
The Tablets arc sold by medicine
dealers or by mail at 25 cents a box
from Thc Dr. Williams' Medicine
Co., Erockvillc, Ont.
Stamp Out Trade With Enemy
Through control of thc nation's
foricgn trade, made effective by th;
president's proclamation requiring licenses for all imports and exports.
the U. S. war trade board plans to
stamp out completely all trading
with firms of pro-enemy character
which arc furnishing information.
smuggling supplies, providing credits
or hoarding for post-war purposes
iu order to give aid and comfort to
Corns and warts disappear when
treated with Holloway's Corn Cure
Without leaving a scar.
A Grand Advar-tago
-.me *ot rue great advantages o( a
prohibitory law, even If the toper is
able to find some leaks therein, is
that it causes the younger generation to bc brought up without knowing thft taste of liquor, and consequently noWntting a desire for it.���
Brantford .KitpoMtor.
Minard's Liniment Co., Oil?
Gentlemen,���I had my leg badly''
hurt, lhc pain was very severe and
a large swelling came above thc
knee. I expected it would be serious���I rubbed it wilh MINARD'S
LINIMENT, which stopped thc paiu
and reduced the swelling very
quickly. I cannot speak too highly
Port Hood Island.
Clergy Promise Support
The clergy of all denominations in
Canada are promising to do everything in their power to promote the
work of food conservation and production. In a number of cases the
bishops arc sending out pastoral letters to their clergy. Archbishop
Mathcson, Primate of Canada, has
promised bis fullest support to the
Canada food board,
Oar boys are going " Over the top"
and into " No man's laud " this spring.
No one hu any doubt of their ability
to get there. 'flu-re will also be a
spring drive on this side of the ocean,
because March is tho year's " blue Monday." It is the most fatal month of the
year. March and April is a time when
resistance usually is at lowest tbb. It
is a trying season for the " run-down"
man. But medical science steps in, and
says, " it need not be" I We should
cultivate a love of health, a sense of
responsibility for the care of our bodies.
Dn not cl'ow the machinery of the body '
to clog. Put the stomach and liver in
proper condition. Take Dr. Pierce's
Golden Medical Discovery, to be had at
most drug stores in tablet or liquid
form, tablets fifty cents a vial, composed of native herbs. This puts the
stomach and liver in proper condition.
You may bo plodding along, no spring,
no elasticity, no vim, but as soon as you
have put tho body into its normal physical cnnitit^s-^-ciici; the machinery, as
it were ���you will find new vim, vigor
nnd vitality within you. A little ''pep,"
and we laugh nnd live. Try it now.
Send Dr. Pierce, Invalids' Hotel, Buffalo,
N. Y., or branch ollice, Bridgcburg.Oht.,
Kfe. lor trial pkg. The prime necessity
of life is health. With spirit and energy
yon have the power to force yourself
Into action. The Golden Medical I'ic-
eovcry le the spring tonic which you needs*
W.    N.    U.    1203
The Courtenay Review
And Comox Valley Advocate
A   Weekly  Newspaper, Published at
' Courtenav, B. ('.
N. II. Bonus, Editor and Proprietor
BabsrrintioM Sl Mi per Year in Advance
JI2.00 per ntitiuin if not so pnid
���     THORSDAV   AUG."1, 1918
Germany and thc Next War.
reements will after all only be treaties which v IH nut on every occasion
bs rnpalile of holding in check Ibe
forces -eetliin-. within lhe States.
therefore ..lie Ilea f a universal lca-
gtie fm- ihe pre. (r vitlon of'-peaeo ip-
111.ilu- a Tllopla, r.rd would bo Ml ci
:m >n .1 ii--i11" ii lela.ee by nnv ret
��� n ' iroud-spli'lie"! nation   ���
��� lir . nj- iv--*! I. as   rp'-ard;   ih   Germans, the wor'd war should d-lseocum
her us cneo enl for ���'!' of nn--   vng"e
be,- us onr-e ami for all of  arny   vague
cosmopolitan sentimentality.     If our
onem'.et, h-'lh our seer I and out avowed oner'-.Vs. make professions fit this
roinvp, -thai is   for us  sufficient   pvl-
dene ol the hypocrisy  which   underlies i1k��"i.
Soiro months ago a cable despatch     "\n , in-, iV- i   n,P -.,-(.   u,.>   Gar-
innoiiiiee.l    the  pu' 'l--.->*-<.n    '-j,    (ic.-.   ,r:n. ., ,np] . Wil i-nv- -In sr ek firm  co-
many of a book on the war by Baron i.e--1. i- :������ It'i vlorloue ,-r-n-v   and   It's
VOn   l''ret.-iK-i/iiii:|-'iiovoii,     l.leiiieiiant-   |��� i,,,.., ||,.,| ,,.,-n- fleel."
Clenen-al and Deputy rh'.." nf lbs (lor- \    Tl'�� i-rr-i'   rtvplaHnn ot   lhe  Pnis-
moan    Imperial   staff     "Defluo'ilons sian n.anln ty t-mphaslzeii   tlie absn
from lire World Wnr." ns lh" vr-nm�� lute nacess-'y of an A'lled vlclo"*y   of
v.'ir- entltlrtl   w-rn w-.-'iien ���' t i;,.--n!|.i  iii:i. nP(.r s;"- o' ���"' hm il victory   of
consumption and lis exiloni won pro   the mosl overwhel-vilng rharacter.
l-llilli.il.     ... few enntes   r nml   (holt- )
i' -iv aero ��� i lhe fi ul 1 er and lho translation Is-now mnde   avnii i.-.    a few     Fve-v smnlo"1  ' employe should
s i-.-iiv.. extrn*"tp a'-e h  eh -u.       -   ���' -���������-.������������i - n>- r.,n,...--in--.   ",\ ilny
"Only iini, i- the absi lute (omn aad
of a wnr lord enn np n-iny ach'ev*) a
really vleorous development.   It  can-
ii'-l   be emphasized  kr- rri.-i  u-|>  i   -.,
Immense debt ths PniBsInn army, ard
ilierewiih nil Germany owes ii tbe
Prussian ldnes. , | _
"Nobody can undertake lo gum-an- are down to eh-aiieivi-nls today and our
lee a lasting p ���*���-���a lusilnG p n.-e-s i people will nor I Wale tho Ihlupht
prira'ntped nnly by stroiii arm-am en t-3 ji-hnl wh'le   fo   miny of our sons are
"War hai bs bnsls In hi rn-m n i- re perishing in France, so many men nre
rnd as 1-mg b��. huiuai nature remains J doing work lhal can easily nml efflcl-
i.,.,.|i,^..r(j '���..,,. vi|, (,-��� .j.,,,,. t0 pxht,{ ently be done by women wilhout sacrl-
New Summer Goods
Hi-.- lrreslstlbl*- ' ree nubile opinion,
wltl'judse -i n- v his work, nud will
judge enip'-ry-r -,v ih- work thoy are
relalnirg men In do. Men and women
will look hard al Hie clerks In stores,
Mlices wareh-uisc ��� nnd fnetorles. We
36 in. Voile in    white. Maize, Peach,
Grey, Old Rose, Alice Blue, Navy and
Black, at (iiie per yard.
Crepe Cloth In Plain Self Colors and
Fancy  Stripes.  Lade  Figured  Ohgan-
dle nnd Silk Stripe ami Figured Voiles
from 50c lo $1.60 per yard.
Prints, Checked nnd Striped fiingham
nt. Ihe old price, I, yds for $1
Special Value In Messallne and Pon-
goo Silks.
Newest  SStyles in Coat Middles and
Wash  Skirls,  Ladles Summer  Und< i-
Vi sis  In  Cotton  nnd  Mrcerlzed  Lisle
from 35c to $1.50 each
Ladles Colored   Silk and Lisle Hose
In all Lighl Shades
Ladles' High Top White Canvas Shoes
with  leather Soles.Ouban    and Low
Ladles Bailing Suits and Caps
Special  Value in  Sen's Merino and1
Balbrlggan Underwear, in   two-piece'  ff\
nml union   suits,   short sleeves and"
knee length.
i$ 333*S333333*4*3**3***a��*i
No Person can now use Wheat Flour Without,
the Admixture of Some One  of the Wheat
(f|     Substitutes, as per the Order of the Canada
'D Food Board.'
Bs i> hns exist
anils of venrs
ing of Moltke
bill  rl,.,- nl ne
e 'I'Inn
wars n
o ill   1
I say
ji lienuliliil dr
"We nils-son*"!"*"*
; li e rr-'-e Ir I '1
ihe world of war by
pereements. Such
in ihe future, up i':
eluded from lime I
States.   The further
un, will eoirliniie to 1��-
fico I- their- womanhood or health.
ti Is perhaps unnecessary here to
spe iry by name those oocupatins
which ould be dispensed with in the
Pace nt *me.h a rr-is ns our country
| nnd nil*- r.-'ie" nr* n���w rnelne;, '-"'
oljtv if we I"* cerlnlnly the-eore many inn esseiVni
ressil i to rid I occupolions in wa1' lime, and nl1 mcii-
leans of mutual! and w-men engaged In them should
-rpnmoiiis will,] seriously consider abandoning th m
3 past, be c in- j for the presenl in favor of fnrm work
lime betwee-i ' Farm experience is not absolutely
development of  necessary lo make a man.of grent as-
Inten-national courts of orbitratlon.and sistanee al ihe presenl lime on farms,
llie elimination of many causes of ills-! Tlm color nl his blood is of greal Impute by their agency, lie within the portance. If it is red enough he will
realm of possibility, bul nny sueh ag-1 succeed.���Agl. .Tiurnal.
Ko more oleomargarine today.   Food supplies in Great Britain are
often so short that even  the weekly, allowance of four
ounces of margarine is "postponed".
Men's Department
i Men's    Youth's    nnd  Boy's    Bathing
' SllilK  ill  nil rri/.r-s
Men's AVhito   and   Colored Ll-de and
Silk Socks in all lisht shades*
Sporl  Shirls nnd Ties, Tennis Shoes,
Panama    and    Beater Shaped   Straw
Speclnl   Value in    I'.ny.r and Youth's
Sport Shirls nnd Blouses
I'nlon Suits if) Summer Underwes.".
Straw Hats nnd Caps, Brown Canvas
Slioes nml Sneakers in nil Size*,
Lrv.'ctus Sho-.s, "The Best Goo I Shoe
for Men."
Tuning and Repairing
I Here about Ap!. 1
Leave orders at Review office
Conserve your Supply  of Wheat  Flour  and  at the  same time
render valuable patriotic service to your  country  and tbe Great
Allied came by a wide aud exacting use of substitutes.
Excellent  baking  properties and   wholesome  pnlatable food
qualities can be  found in our
Ask for it Today at your Family Grocer's
Royal Standard Mills,  Millers of the Famous
Royal Standard Flour
Our own waste makes our Allies want.
Issuqd by Crinnilri  Food  Hoard.
Royal Standard Grain Products Agency
W Phone 33, End of Bride** F. MoviU,   MBr.
p . ^
We have an Exhibit of a Large
Assortment of New Patterns
Store Between  Bridges
Ladiss and Gent's Tailor
Now Showing New Spring Suitings
McPhee Block    -    Courtenay
Comox  Livery   Stablf
Phone 84 L
Auto Truck Meets all  Boats*
and Courtenay Trains
Autos and Teams for Hire
at reasonab'e rates
Esquimalt   &  Nanaimo  Railway
For   Vic'.3tia���Leaves Courtenay 11.35    Monday,
Wednesday and  Friday,  connecting at Parksville
Junction with train for Port Alberni, and at Nanaimo with boat for Vancouver
Leaves Victoria���-9.00 Tuesday, Thursday, and
Saturday, connecting at Nanaimo with boat from
Vancouver and at Parksville Junction with the
train from 'Port Alberni, and arriving at Courtenay at 16.10.
Phone RQ60
;   Agent Courtenay,
K'. i > 11 t ��� Audited and
Books Kept
Office with Hicks Beach &  Field
of Premises
Large corner store added
to Prgsent Stand
623-5 Johnson St.
Great Clearance Sale
at 716 Yate Street
All Goods Must be  Cleared
Seabrook Young
Johnson and Broad Street
Victoria, B. C.
our Substitutes
B. & K. I'lour i.s a finely ground I'lour made from the highest
grade of orits. For Bread baking Oat Flour is the most satisfactory of
all substitutes for blending with wheat flour, Will be on sale at all
the leading grocery stores towards the end of lhe present week.
Ii. & K. Rolled Oat*!, B. & K. Oatmeals, B. & K, Cornmeal, B.
& K. Buckwheat Flour, are all substitutes for flour and are the highest
I     *\l\ln1-1rll.1__, 1 l.���i,-f      , ...      n U.      T.r ,....!     ..^...      m..tt*     _-J     .. ^i*.! *...* a*
grade obtainable,
Iusist on B, & K. and you will get nothing but the
The Brackman-Ker Milling Co.Ltd.
Courtenay Branch
The Telephone Co-operates
With You
The spifit of co-operation ia in the air more than ever. It .means
that the more you do, the grealer is the degiee of benefit comifig back
to yourself. ��
Apply it to your telephone service. You have excellent operators,
adequate equipment, and the more you seek a perfect service the better
you will be pleased.
You will find that the Company endeavors at all times to heartily
co.operate to the end of giving the public the best there is in the telephone utility.
British Columbia  Telephone Co.
The costof Living is High al
Still There's Nothing Like Leather  Willard's Harness Emporium
JAMES   E. ASTON    ..*>   Fine Showing of Horse Blankets, hay?
"   Rugs, Gloves, Trunks, Suit Cases, Btc.
Harness Repaired Neatly
Cumberland and Courtenay
Practical Shoemaker and Repair
| [Next to Hardy & Biseoe
M��i*a��n^- ���'
* m*mmP*m��v��mmm*m^
Still as Usual
Do not delay. Come in and see our bargains. We have a great stock
which arrived this week, which we must sell at a very low price. Buy
all you can and save money.   Goods are going up in price, but our sale
is a big reduction
Ladies be Sure tblnterest Yourselves
Pongee Silks 28 inches wide, reg. 75c per yard,
Clearing out at 50c per yard
Georgette Crepe, fine quality, colyrs: sky, old
rose, Paddy and Russ'an green, $1.85'yd.
Another finer   quality Georgette, colors wine,
white, b'ue, grey, sale price $2.20
Fancy Silk Poplin 28 in. wide, $1 per yard,
Crepe de Chene 36 in. wide, all that we have left
open sale price #1.25 per yard
Crepe de Chene, fine quality, 40 in. wide, colors
Rose, Russian green, gold, sale price $1.50 yd.
House dresses ma*le of "fine crepe, assorted colors .
and stripes, while they last $1.50 each
50 doz. only, Ladies black hosiery 4 pairs 95c
be sure not to miss this bargain.'
A good choice of summer hats at $1.50 each
Gents' Furnishings at
Greatly Reduced Prices
. i.
Men's heavy ribbed   underwear,   $1.25 per
Men's  Pants,  $3.15,   3.35,-3.50.  &W, $4$0
$4.25 and 4.50
Men's heavy ribbed socku, 3  pairs fof $1.00
Gents' Top Shirtr. $1 to 2.50
Medium weight underwear made of fine wool
reg $2.75, sale price $1.75 per garment      '
Local Motor Car Owners wh..s<-
cars are equipped with eledi'c
-tartiug and lighting systems v...I
l)�� interested in a remarkable device just installed hy the Ford Garage ��� which" they recently IpurclinS-
cd fr om a large Chicago concern.
A must [interesting [ileinonstriiti n
wus made showing AMliU, this instrument, in action attached to n
car at the garage recently���it was
weird to see the almost human intelligence ot the AMBU as its indicating arrow slowly moved thu
way or that on the dial sho\U!ufr
certain conditions normal or tl.e
location of trouble or faults iu the
electric system of the car.
No doubt many would say that
it was impossible for any device to
automatically indicate the seat nf
trouble, but they said of the areo.
plane und the submarine���not p.��s.
slide- yet th v're f'viiij; in the air
and -wiling under tiie|>ea
This invention Jand its |.emark-
able ability was described and discussed in the leadingjperiodicals of
the country,|
The motorist- of jCourtenay are
singularly |fortunate m having a
garage progressive^enongh to appreciate tht advantage gof |owniug
such an instrument and they should
show their appreciation Jin a substantial way.
The garags plans to charge a nominal fee of $2.oo for a test of the
entire electrical equipment of a car
���which will probably indicate the
beginning of some trouble whi< H
cau be quickly corrected and save
a big expense later. AMI1U not
only tells tbe location and kind ot
trouble but also liow to repair it.
So our car owners need  not  lev
up their curs or go  to  the troul '���
and expense of seuding par
"to the   makers   of   the
It is said that serious derang"-
tnejits of electric starting sad.liRlH
infSajprteras have beeu located sad
tiiX-W-eiiaircxI   '"     JO.     ������������1"lU->
Ford Cants"*' wo^,^."'-
-.. intatesUd 111  *---'"--li.*
Very time. . -*tna,
the instrument to anv imt- au .
fascinating tn see it in action.    %'*
surely are living in   a   progre=-*i******!
age.. ��   -
Be Sure not to miss these Bargains.    Come early and get the best bargain
It doesn't matter  how  far away  you  live,   our Big Money-Savino*   Sale
will Interest you
The Cumberland Dry Goods Store
Don't Forget.    Next Door to the Ilo-
All persons indebted to the estate
of Krancls John Henry Everett, late
ot Courtenay, B.C., who died intestate
on the fith day of July, 1917, mnst
forthwith settle such indebedness
with the undersigned, and all persons
ha'ing any accounts or claims against
the said estate mus present the same
to the undersigned on or before th*
3rd day of August, 1918 and such accounts or calms must be duly proved
by affidavit of statutory declaration.
Dated this 25th day ot June 1918.
of Courtenay. B. C, Administratrix of
the eslate ot the wlthln-named
Ilo Theatre
Midsummer Special
...The Review is In a position to offer
residents of this section a real bargain
in the way of newspapers We have j
concluded ...arrangements ..with ..the I
Family Herald and   Weekly Star   of {
Montreal by which we can offer that
great weekly and   the Review   until
January 1st 1919, for the small sum of
Ta cents.
The Family Herald publishers are
offering One Hundred Dollars In
prizes for the best suggestions to
Improve that paper and the offer Is
open to all Its readers. Orders for
the two papers may be left at this
P. McBryde's
Bakery and Tea Rooms
Brown's Block, Courtenay
<"��� The Best'atid cheapest hrend in the district
12  18oz.   Loaves  for  $1
Vancouver and Victoria 10 18 oz. loaves $1
We invite anyone to dispute the above advertisement]
Shop Only Where You are Invited to Sho
 im miiiii-i-'i-ir -���-������-���- - - - '^--���*-*."rriV^ri*r-i--'1--i*r-i-i*,i*i-*'V -|- ���
j 11 baker of Better Bread
Opposite the city hall
Buggies and Express Waguns
AU Rigs Guaranteed and Sold at the Lowest Possible Price
The Maid af Segium.
Imagiue this situation: ,'Adoret
a Belgian refugee, who has lost her
I riietno'fy because of agonj she bas
uiidergone, Is brotightjto  America
i by Mr, audjMrsf Iluu.-cn     She be
Iconics the mother of a child.    Mr-
Hunsoii,   who   i.s   childless,    and
whose liu'baud "is   anxious  for  a.
child, (persuades   Adoree   to  give
the baby lo her so assure tiie c.hi.d
of having an honorable  name  and
future iu life.    Mrs. Hudson   convinces her husband upon his return
to Cubb, that the child is his.    H*.-
is overjoyed.    Then Adoree's ��no
ther-love overcomes her desire  fer
the baby's future,   and   she   runs
away with it.   A shock   restore*
her memory to  her,   This   i*
firs) of the  'Maid of Bel-*""
striking World Picti*.���'
Crady  as   Star../
part of the pitrtirc is u*y���� ���r--
ing and thriving than the begin-
niug of tM  pfoduettoB'.   Be &U��
and see If. ^ *  -*%*_
Victoria, Tuly 30.���Hon. John
Hart, Minister of Finance, will
leave toward the end of the week
for New York, where he will attend to details involyed in taking
up b./ |tho government of some
$780,000 of bond, issued by the
municipality of South Vancouver,
and the substitution 'here fur cf
Provincial Conds under an agreement provided at tbe recent ses
sion of the Provincial Legislature.
Blacksmith and Carriage Builder  jjSS COURTENAY
Do You
The Courtenav Review
Family Herald aud Weekly Stir
and tbe Daily Province
for one year
for $6
���     ... -i.-.. ,^_,[. THE    REVIEW,    COURTNEY,    B.    U
U   kll   wuntrlM.     Aik    lor    our    INVI'N
TUK'ti AlA iSKK. which wll!  bt tent iseo.
35*   Univeritty  St.,  Mo-iunl.
_ltll>blinl.ail 1B3B
Confluence is the grcttest factor
that enters into the buying of seeds,
since you arc buying not a finished
product, but only thc means by
which your garden may bc cither a
success cr o partial or complete failure. You will make no mistake i'i
placing confidence in SIMMERS'
on Application.
de A. SIMMERS, limited
*   Bulbil, SEEDS, Plant-
TorOntO     -     Ontario
How to Cure
Biliousness ss
Doctors warn againtt remedied &
containing powerful drugs and j*
alcohol. "The Extract of Roots, 9
long known aa Mother Stigd's ��
Curative Syrap, haa no dope or *
���trong  ingredients;    it  cures J
indigestion, biliouaneil and le,
conatipation. Can be had at any *
drug ttore."   Get the genuine, jr
60c. and $1.00 Bottles. j ���*.
French Strong for Boycott
Germany Cannot Live Without Permission of the Allies
l-'rirncli opinion is more and more
Inclined to emphasize thc enormous
value to the allies of llur economic
weapon against Germany. Nearly
every day there is a call licrc for a i
plain statement from llie allies as lo
tin- manner in which the economic
boycott will be used if Germany persists in prolonging lire war.
Edmond Laskinc, a well-known
writer on economics, remarks in
[liberie that thc allies hold trump
cards of which no l.tuU-ndorlT or
Trolsisky can deprive them.
���'These," lur says, "arc llu- mastery
of the most important world markets and a monopoly of the most
Important raw materials. When the
German chancellor poses in the
Reichstaft as the supreme dictator
ol war and peace, llic allies can reply through the voice of their auiliorities ihai although Germany
may bc master of Reval and Riga,
the allies are lhe masters of the
"The Germans can pillage and
massacre without our permission,
but without that permission they
cannot live. Germany musl bo given
to understand that a resumption of
normal economic relations depends
nol only on her accepting lhe allies'
peace terms, hut on the dale when
slic accepts tliem.
"So far as German exports are
concerned, the allies ought to prepare a boycotting system of conditional duration. The Germans oughl
to be told that if they agree to peace
within six months their products-will
be excluded from the allies' markets
lor five years only; if the war lasts
another year our boycott should continue ten years after the signature of
pence, and so forth. It would thus
be left to Germany herself to decide
how long llic boycott on her trade
would last."
The Sou! of a Piano ii the
Action.   Insist on tha
Otto Kigel Piano Action
.  Now Raised to Veal Age
Livestock Branch States Policy on
Slaughtering of Young
The livestock branch of lire, department of agriculture has expressed the opinion lhat "any aciion taken arbitrarily lo prohibit tlle slaughter of calves or females or lo limit
llie market for Canadian cattle
tlirougli restrictions upon exports or
otherwise would hc absolutely unwise." Under present conditions thc
farmer reaps a profit from lhe feeding of calves to veal age, while previous to the war such calves were
killed as soon as horn. Such prohibition as that proposed would,
therefore, cause a return of the prewar practice, resulting in a very considerable waste of food.
There i.i more Catarrh In ihis section ol
Ihe country than nil other diseases pill to-
gether, and tor yearn it was supiioseil to be
incurable. Doctors prescribed local remedies,
and by constantly fnilirrjj to cure with local
treatment, pronounced it incurable. Catarrh
i.= a local disease, greatly influenced by con
stitutional condition.-, and therefore requires
coiistiutional treatment. Hall's Catarrh
Cure, mnrmlacluied by 1*. J. Cheney & Co
Toledo, Ohio, is a constitutional remedy, is
taken internally and els tlirougli the UIoo.l
on the Mucous Surfaces of the .System. One
Hundred Dollars reward is offered lor any
case that Midi's Catarrh Cure lads to cure
Send lor circular.-, r.ud testimonials.
F. J. CHENEY & CO.. Toledo, Ohio.
Sold  by   Druggists,  75c.
Hall's Family   Pills for constipation.
Mrs. liillon���Weren't you surprised, dear, when your husband gave
you such a nice present?
Mrs. Tiltoji���No; 1 was suspicious.
���Edmonton Bulletin.
Corn plasters he hanged, lhcy always weie troublesome and unsati:
factory. Try the new method! Shrivel up the corn first, get ils roots separated from the toe. This you can
do migliiy quick by painting on Putnam's Corn Extractor, It sure docs
bring relief���takes away the sting,
lifts out Ihc whole corn in a day or
two. Putnam's will really, surely
cure the loughcst of corns. Costs
| but a quarter in any drug store. Get
il today,
Nothing Like It
For Bronchitis
And Weak Throat
Cures    Without    Using    Drugs *
Doctors now advocate an entirely
new method for treating broncliitis
ami irritable throat. Stomach dosing
is no longer necessary.
The most approved treatment consists ot a healing vapor resembling
thc pure air of lhe Adirondacks,
This soothing vapor is full of
germ-destroying substitutes, and at
the same time is a powerful healing
agent. It is scnl to the bronchial
tubes and lungs tlirougli a skillfully
devised inhaler that can be carried in
llie v'est pocket. Simplicity is thc
keynote  of tliis  splendid  treatment,
CATARRHOZONE is the name
of this wonderful invention that is
daily curing chronic cases of weak
throat, broncliitis and catarrh, Every breath tlirougli the inhaler is laden with soothing, healing substances
lhal destroy all diseased conditions
in the breathing organs. It can't fail
to cure because il goes where the
trouble really crisis, and doesn't attempt to cure an illness 111 the head
or throat hy means of medicine taken into (lie stomach, Calai-iliozone
is a direct, breathable, scientific cure.
There is no sufferer from a grip-
py cold or any winter ill, that won't
find ;i cure iu Catarrhozone, which
is employed by physicians, ministers,
lawyers and public men throughout
many foreign lands. Large size lasts
two months and costs $1.00 and is
guaranteed; small size SOc, sample
size 25c, all storekeepers and druggists, or the Catarrhozone Co,
Kingston, Canada.
The Art of Forgetting
Blot Out as Far as Possible All the
Disagreeables of Life
If you would increase your happiness and prolong your life, forget
your neighbor's faults. Forget the
slander you havc heard. Forget the
temptations. Forget the faultfindings, and give a little thought to thc
cause wliicli provoked it. Forget
thc peculiarities of your friends, and
remember only the good points
which made you fond of Ihem. Forget all personal quarrels or histories
jott may have��� heard by accident,
and which, if repeated, would sccin
a thousand times worse than tlicy
are. 'Blot out as far as possible all
lhe disagreeables of life; they will
come, biit tlicy will grow when you
remember them, and the constant
thought of, the acts of meanness, or,
worse still,'malice, will only tend to
make you morc familiar with them.
Obliterate . everything disagreeable
from yesterday; start out with a
clean sheet for today, and write upon it, for sweet memory's sake, only
those things which arc lovely and
lovable.���Southern  Churchman,
Sun Life Leads
Canadian Companies
Notable Expansion Continues to Be
Shown by This Reliable
The Sun Life of Canada's published statement of 1917 results, which
appears in this issue, is ill every
sense a satisfactory document. It
shows assurances issued and paid for
iu cash during 1917 for a total of
over $47,800,000, the largest amount
of new business ever issued and paid
for by any Canadian life company in
any year. Assurances in force now
total over $311,800,000. Assets increased bv over $7,000,000 to over
$90,000,000, lhe largest assets ever attained by a Canadian company. Cash
income totalled over $19,288,000. I'ay-
mcnls lo policyholders exceeded $8,-
800,000, bringing total payments lo
policyholders since organization to
over $69,000,000.
The record of lhc Sun Life of Canada for 1917 reflects the highest credit upon lhc Directors and Officers
of lhc Company and should he. equally satisfactory to thc Company's policyholders.
The new Head Office building on
Dominion Square, Montreal, has now
bei ii completed and the start have
been installed iu their new quarters,
where, with the most lip-lo-dalc
equipment, the work of administering the Company's rapidly-growing
business will be carried on with llic
greatest possible degree of efficiency,
It was the first vaudeville performance tlio old colored h-.dy had
ever sct-n, and she was particularly
excited over thc marvellous feats oi
the magician. But v. hen he covered
a newspaper v, ilh a heavy flannel
cloth and read the print llirougli it,
she grew a litlle nervous. lie then
doubled the cloth and again read lhe
letters accurately,
This was more than she could
Stand, and rising in Iter sea!, sho
"I'm goin' home. This ain't no
place for n lady in a thin calico
Relieves Stiff Neck
When you walco up with a stiff
neck or sore muscles, strains or
sprains, use Sloan's Liniment, No
need to rub: it quickly penetrates to
the seat of pain and removes it.
Cleaner than mussy plasters or ointments. It does not stain the skin or
clog the pores. Always have a bottle
handy for rheumatic aches, neuralgia
soreness, bruises and lame back. In
fact, all external pain.
Generous sized bottles at your
Sloan's prices not increased 25c 50c $1
I Irefli.   rrlbUfl!
1 l>r pier red by
r western ntt-dc-
I mm,   because ttiey
I  mltf*
b. ^t^^^^h i- i.i'i
ffV^I protect w(ip�� othir
sa vacoliisB fall.
<T  Willelnf l-nr-kt-t m��l t-i-tlmonl.ls.
CQ-dito pkg, BltcMtg PUIS, $4.00
Dm any tWittot, bill ('titter's HinpIekUnd rttonjMfc
'I'I**: 6U|lfrli rily (>l t' "Iff |lT<-|tl1IID III lil��" tn OW l"t
yaursof itmcl��lifiia in vaciihhb am* --iuiums
iimi, iNtusT on Cu - ��� ���mci. II I'luluii-i'lfc
wlcr -Jlrci r.
iy TN Cutttr tibintiry, ���trfcrtay, Cdlttrnl, J
Teaor Coffee
b��t know H harms
you, ��18 tt dees many
a delightful & economical beverage
Made instantly in
Delicious flavor, m
e-A cheering hot
drink for people
of every age.
Steel Helmets
N.     U.     1203
Number of Deaths Due to Wounds
in tlie Head Has Decreased
The plain steel helmet worn by all
our Tommies is becoming quite familiar even to people in England, ll
will surprise most people who have
seen these helmets to know that
there arc no fewer than sixty-four
distinct operations necessary iu
turning out one of ihem.
The first step is stamping out discs
from largo sheels of steel. A special
machine i.s used for lhis purpose, rs-
crtilig a pressure of 150 tons, and
capable of cutting out 5,000' steel
discs a day.
Each disc is placed under a shaping machine, wliicli presses the disc
into the form of a helmet with a
broad rim. Polishing and culling ma-
chincs remove all irregularities in
the helmet, after which il has holes
punched iu tlu crown, some for
ventilation purposes, others for fastening on lhc regimental crest, liach
helmet is cleaned and dipped in a
special mixture, which makes it a
dull, Inconspicuous bluish-grey, A
lining and leather chin-straps an:
then fastened on, and the helmet is
Since the French army has been
protected with thc helmets the number of deaths due lo wounds in the
head has decreased lo a remarkable
Teacher (at object lesson)-���So,
HOW, children, you know how a knife
is made. I want you, Marjoric, to
tell me which is the most important
part of a knife.
Teacher���Well, I'll help you. What
part of his knife docs your father
use the most? ,
Marjoric���The corkscrew. ��� 1'car-
Minard's Liniment Relieves   Neuralgia,
Mr. Styles���Did you get Cfltlght in
lhc shower while you wcrc shopping today?
Mrs. Styles���Oh, no, I was in a
department store while it rained.
Mr. Styles���But it rained for two
Mrs. Styles���Yes, I know. I was
waiting for my change then,���Boston Transcript,
After Being Relieved of Or*
game Trouble by Lydia E.
Pinkham's Vegetable
Orefton, 111.���"I took Lydia E Pink-
barn's Vegetable Compound for in organic trouble which
pulled me down until! could uot put my
foot to the floor and
could scarcely do my
work, and as I live
on a small farm and
raise si-; hundred
chickens every year
it made it very hard
for mo,
"I saw the Compound advertised in
our paper, and tried
it. It has restored
my health so I can do all my work and
I am so prateful that I am recommending it to mv friends."���Mrs. D. M.
Alters, R. R. 4, Oregon, 111.
Only women whohavc suffored the tortures of such troubles and have dragged
along from day to day can rcalizo the
relict which this famous root and herb
remedy, Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable
Compound, brought to Mrs. Altern.
Women overywhere in Mrs, Altera'
condition should p.oflt by her recommendation, and If there are anv complications write Lydia E. Pinkham's
Medicine Co., Lynn, Mass., for advice.
The result of their 40 years experience
is at your servicc,
To   Cure    Common   Ailments   the
Blood Must be Made Rich
and Red
Nearly all thc common diseases
that afflict mankind arc caused by
bad blood-weak, watery blood poisoned by Impurities. Bad blood is thc
cause of headaches and backaches,
lumbago and rheumatism, debility
and indigestion, neuralgia, sciatica
and other nerve troubles. It is had
blond that causes disfiguring skin
diseases like eczema, and salt rheum,
pimples and eruptions. Thc severity
of th'-. trouble indicates how impure
the Wood is, and it goes always from
bad lo worse, unless steps are
promptly taken to enrich and purify
the blood. There is no use trying a
different medicine for cae.lt disease,
for llicy.all conic llirougli the one
trouble���had blood. To cure any of
these Irotblcs you must get right
down to the root of lhe trouble in
llic blood. That is just what Dr.
Williams' Pink J'ills do. Tlicy make
new, rich red blood. They simply
purify i -id enrich the blood, and the
disease disappears. That is why Dr.
Williams' Pink Tills have cured
thousands bf rases after other medicines had failed. Here is proof of
thc power bf Dr. Williams' l'ink
Tills to cure. Mrs. M. Stills, who
resides near the town of Napancc,
says: I cannot praise Dr, Williams'
l'ink Pills too highly. 1 was very
much run down iu health, suffered
irom frequent spells of indigestion,
biliousness, and sick headache. 1
had an almost constant pain iu my
head and my housework was a
source of dread. In facl I felt so
miserable lhat life held but litlle enjoyment, 1 was advised lo try Dr.
Williams' Pink Tills, which 1 did,
and the resull was simply marvellous, ami can bcsi be summed up by
saying that they mr.de inc feel like
a new woman, nnd fully restored my
hcallh. I would advise every woman and girl who has poor blood, or
is run down in hcallh to give these
Wonderful pills a trial. I am never
withoul t Ii em iu llic house.
At llic lirsl sign lhat the blood is
out of order lake Or. Williams' Pink
I'ills, and note llie speedy improvement liny make in llic appetite,
health and spirits. Vou can get
these pills through any medicine
dealer nr l.y mail at 50 cents a box
or six boxes for $2.50 from "Clio Dr.
Williams' Medicine Co,, flrocl-ville,
A :<>fe, relim��le rtguJcfjflf mtdt*
cine. Sold ttt three degrees of
strenrth. No. 1, Sl; No. I, %i\
No. 3. *' per box. Bold by all
druBuL'^s, 01 lent prepaid In
plniu ritckaee on receipt of
p.ice. h�� pamphlet. Address
TotoritotOi,t tF*mxt!ylV'ndmr.V
THI NIW FRENCH REM MOV. No. fi**\. t***f*
I rent succeis, cures chronic wkakhess. lost viooa
Mid,Co,HavbrstoukRd. Hamfstiad. London, eno.
Large Check for Car of Oats
A farmer of Carscland, Alberta,
lias just received a check for $2,429.30
the nc;t proceeds oil n car of oats
shipped by him In Winnipeg, This
is believed to be the largest sum ever realized on a single car of oats.
The car contained 2,600 bushels, llur
contents grading No. 2, and was sold
for seed.
Must Have Help
���Sir \\ illiam (loodc, secretary of
lhc Hriiish ministry of food, says:
"t-'cw people have yet grasped the
fundamental fact lhal Great llritain
still relics on lhc United Slates and
Canada for sixty-five per cent, of
her essential foodstuffs. Unless wc
can get this food, or nearly all of it,
wc shall peter oul."
Minard's Liniment Cures Dandruff.
An elderly farmer hitched his team
to a telegraph post.
"line," exclaimed lho policeman,
"you can'l hitch there!"
"Can't hitch I" shouted the Irate
fanner. "Well, why have you a sign
up, 'Fine for Hitchine'!'" Presbyterian Standard,
without extra spanning is
easily accomplished when you
" Use half as much as any other "
Axles are rough and porous,
causing friction. Tlie mica
Hakes Iill the pores and the
grease keeps them there.
Mica Grease prevents licked
wheels and hot boxes, gives
sure relief for unnecessary
strain nn horses and harness.
"Lenfthtnt leather life "
replaces the natural oils that
dry out of the leather and puts
new life in old harness. It
penetrates the leather leaving
it soft and pliable, and overcomes the worst enemies of
harness���water nnd dirt.
Sold 111r-t.mlnrd .inr.I uoeLag-rsby live
s dealers cvernrlierc.
_____ THE    "REVIEW,    COURTNEY,    B.    0.
It is manufactured
tobacco in its purest
It has a pleasing
It is tobacco scientifically prepared
for man's use.
When Women are Weak
Women who feel weak, languid and depressed���
who look pale and dull-eyed, and have lost appetite and fresh looks���need a tonic that will
purify the blood, help the organs of digestion,
regulate the liver and bowels, and-strengthen
the system.   It long has been known that
are a blessing to weak women, for th^qpickiy correct
womanly _aifin��its, improve the apptw. purify the
Wood and re-establish healthy conditions. They are
safe to take as they are purely vegetable and without
any fcarmful drug. A few doses will bring better
spirits, improved health and a feeling of fitness.
Worth a Guinea a Box
Prapued only br TholUM Beechim, St. Helen,, Lancashire. England.
Sold new where ia Canada and U. S. America.  In boxe,, 25 eentl.
Betrayed by Slang       \
Spy Gave Wrong Answer  to   Ques-
Hon Couched in Slang
Civilization will become    a    myth j
like the lost, Atlantis if another war,
Waged more scientifically and   more I
diabolically  than   lhis    one,  is    ever I
allowed to occur, said John Masefield I
in a.i address  at Aeolian   Hall,    llis I
subject was "The War and the Fu-
nrc."     Uc   lold     of    wnr    incidents
'which have conic under my eyes or
have happened to friends of    mine,"
and  he  touched   on   thc   end   of  all
wars, which  he    earnestly     believes
must result from this one.
"If two great nations-yours and
mine���would agree to end war, it
would inr done," lie said.
His stories made the war sccni
near and real, peopled by human beings. Incredibly neat was the. self-
betrayal of one spy at Gallipoli, who
was unversed in lho intricacies of
English idiom, "ft was tlie day aft-
���r the landing, April 2d," he said,
'and an Australian captain was up
thc hill al Alizac. And an Australian major came to him and said,
'Don't let your men fire to their
front for tlie nest half hour, because
an Indian working parly has jusl
gone up and might be hit.' And thc
captain thought this odd, as hc had
seen no Indian working pally. The
major bad the. number 31 on his
shoulder strap, and tin- captain
tlioughl this odd, as only eighteen
battalions, from 1 to IS, bad lauded.
And be said to the major, '1 say, arc
you fair dinkuni?' (wbieh means, Mr.
Masefield translated, straight goods,
on lhe level). And the major said,
'Yes, I'm Major Fairdinkum.' So
tlicy shot liim for a spy, and it seems
lie had taken llic number 13 from a
dead man and twisted it around,
which was unwise of him."   ���
And Mr. Masefield told little incidents of everyday life .and oj, the
nerve and verve, and general gaycr'.y
of the men who fight the war.
"General Hir_dwood had charge of
the Australians," hc said, "and the
men called him Birdie ami worshipped liim. Hc was a bright little man
and greatly loved. Hc was given to
talking to every one, and every man
on the peninsula believed that Birdie
knew him by name. Onc day he was
walking along thc trenches and looking into thc dqgouts and chaffing
the men. It was very hot and there
was scarcely any water. And hc saw
a soldier, washing in a cup as big as
a finger-bowl. And hc said, 'Hullo,
having a good washup? And thc
man answered, 'Yes, general, and 1
only wish  1 was a bally canary.'"
Colds are contracted when strength is lowered
and the inflammation easily develops bronchitis or
lung trouble, while grippe and pneumonia frequently follow.
Any cold should have immediate treatment with
J       The National Strength-Builder        ]
which first builds up the forces by carrying rich nourishment
to the blood streams and creates real body-warmth.
Its cod liver oil is the favorite of physicians for
correcting bronchial disorders and chest troubles.
. Tnrrmln. enn
Interest in the War by People of Germany is Maintained by
Occasional Spectacular Achievements in the Field, and
Crushing Defeat is the Only Way to Bring Peace
The Trouble is Not That the British Sailor is Alarmed, but Tha'
He is Too Careless and Contemptuous of the Risks
Occasioned by Submarine Depredations
Colonel Theodore Roosevelt, former president of the United States,
was right when lie said, as reported:
"If the Hun has any notion that
he'll frighten thc Britisii seaman off
the waters by his frightfulncss he
has another think coming.' The
trouble doesn't seem to bc that the
Britisii marine is too cautious and
iclf-calculating in dealing with Teuton U-boat frightfulncss, but that hc
is too careless and contemptuous. It
has been necessary for thc admiralty to issue during thc past few days
an official warning to the effect that
several vessels have been torpedoed
by reason of failure to screen their
lights when passing through the
danger zone at night. A special observation showed that only one out
of eight ships passing a given point
obeyed the order to darken their sig-
nills- .        . . r    I
Of course this is serious and foolhardy conduct, and very reprehensible at a time when shortage in
ships is most acute. But the daring
disobedience must be disconcerting
to thc calculations of, the Htm. He
estimated thc character of the British seaman hy Teutonic standards.
Hc figured on success tlirougli fear
and frightfulncss. By sinking their
ships and displaying deviltry toward
seamen and passengers, including
women and children, hc imagined
Britain would soon find herself unable to secure men to sail her vessels. Hc boasted that he would
bring her "to her knees"���and set
feverishly about his fiendish job.
Kaiserism is learning the dauntless
character of Britons. After months
of ruthless operation of the under-
���cas menace, after more than twelve
hundred merchant vessels have been
sunk within a year, the Hun    finds
that instead of having frightened his
unflinching enemy from the sea it is
necessary for his foe to issuo- specific
warnings against the careless    contempt in which British seamen hold
I his    treacherous    submarines.     The
1 spirit of the sea-grit Isles finds expression not alone on the fields    of
Erance and Flanders, and in the Far
Fast, but in the silent, effective service of thc fisher folk, whose trawlers are forever picking up mines and
gathering in submarines, the   scions
I of Drake and Nelson ceaselessly pa-
| trolling the waters, and the men who
'go down  to the sea in unprotected
merchant  vessels and liners against
thc  ui5S��-.n    and    lurking     danger.
When    this   spirit is broken Britain
may -be beaten.    But     the    Teuton
knows now that he cannot break it.
���Toronto Globe.
To clean a furred kettle, boil a
handful of whitening in it for a few
Miller's Worm Powders not only
make the infantile system untenable
for worms, but by llieir aciion on
the stomach, liver and bowels they
correct such troubles as lack of appetite, biliousness ..ud other internal
disorders that the worms create.
Children thrive upon them and no
matter what condition their worm-
infested stomachs may hc in tlicy
will show improvement as soon as
the treatment begins.
Eminent Scientist���I didn't -marry
beauty, my boy; I didn't marry
wealth or position; I married for
Friend���Well, you have mine I
In a time needing food economy many people are not
(letting all the nourishment they might from their food,
t is not how much you eat, but how much you assimilate, that does you good.
The addition of a small teaspoonful of Bovril
to the diet as a peptogenie before meals leads
to more thorough digestion and assimilation
and thus saves food, for yeu need less.
German Troops
Buy Furloughs
Holding of Old Men   in   Trenches
Hotly Protested by Socialists
The Berlin Socialist newspaper,
Vorwaerts reports a debate in the
Reichstag during which strong complaints wcrc made against the treatment given the older classes of German soldiers. Herr Stuccklcn, a Socialist member, said the government
had no intention of "releasing the
older military classes. Hc criticised
the fact that in the landstrum men
48 years of age still wcrc being kept
in the trenches, despite the order
that they be taken out of the firing
In consequence of the arbitrary
procedure of officers regarding furloughs, added Herr Stuccklcn, increasing numbers of soldiers had
taken their own furloughs and were
now undergoing imprisonment for
Herr Mucller-Mciningen, the radical leader, said that 10,000 of the
older men wcrc still in thc firing
line. Tiie pretext that there wcrc no
reserves to replace such men were
scouted by Herr Rysscl, a Socialist.
"It would only be necessary," he
remarked, "to request all the pan-
German braggarts, who thank God
the war is not yet ended, to volunteer. The feeling at the fronl is not
enthusiastic, and lhis is not surprising in view of the treatment the
soldiers arc getting."
Criticising the food of the soldiers,
Herr Kysscl declared there wcrc
units in the army called "hunger
companies," and lie remarked that a
furlough could bc bought hy subscribing to the war loan. He ended
hy demanding the appointment of a
Commission of inquiry to examine
Into the sentences passed by military
General jSclieucIl denied that men
had been called up because of their
allegiance to a political party. He
added, however: "Wc certainly call
up those who prove to be agitators."
Free Men for Farm Work
The Canada food hoard is preparing plans for the mobilization of labor for spring seeding operations.
Men familiar with handling horses
will bc specially needed and it is essential that they be secured to work
on thc land. For this reason employers of such labor, in urban centres, will bc well advised to consider
the adoption of co-operative methods of delivery in order t.o free thc
men capable of driving horses and
especially those with farm experience.
The greater the German success
on the battlefield, said Arthur Henderson in a recent speech, the more
remote was world j-jcace; He accepts lhe yiew that ihere can be no
peace undj^-fcermany abandons her
policy ojjSrj-onqtiest and military domination; successes, by encouraging
thc German people to believe in military piracy as a profitable business
undertaking, tend to postpone the
time when this will bc the view of
the German people,
Mr. Henderson, whose position is
becoming more assured as the leader of allied Labor and Socialist forces in Great Britain, has clear ideas
of what is necessary lo safe-guard
the world against a renewal of a
world-wide war. He wants a league
of nations, thc complete democratization of the machinery of government
iii all countries, limitation of armaments, and the abandonment of all
plans of economic boyrVilting.
These arc higlily desirable ends;
and Mr. Henderson has a clear idea
how they can bc obtained. Thc democratic peoples of the world, he says,
can only sheathe thc sword when
lhc German people arc able to induce
"a change of mentality" in their
leaders. Hc assumes, no doubt correctly, that only from the German
people can come thc impulses which
will break the power of the war
lords and fit Germany to belong to
the proposed league of nations; but
how are the German people to he
brought lo this frame of miud? The
peace offensives carried on by Mr.
Wilson, Mr. Henderson and others
may help; but nothing but the actual demonstration by results that
war is a huge and criminal blunder
will complete their enlightenment.
There have been periods in this
war when the German people appeared to bc on thc eve of disillusionment; but in each case they
were enabled to recover their faith
in the efficacy of the "German
sword" by some spectacular achievement in the field. Thc crushing of
Serbia in the fall of 1915; thc overrunning of the larger part of Roumania in 1916; and the Italian successes iu October, 1917, wcrc all
carefully staged for the encouragement of civilian faith in the army;
and now there comes this unresisted
advance inlo the heart of Russia
which has, for the moment at any
rate, renewed thc original lust of
the German pcqple for the conquest
of the world by thc sword.
Until lhcy learn the truth of Mr.
Henderson's statement that such military successes as arc within their
power, merely prolong the war and
postpone indefinitely the peace which
they undoubtedly desire, they will
consent to thc Prussian program of
rapine and piracy. They can only be
taught by experience, which is a
slow process. They will havc to bc
convinced by the progress of events
that thc high hopes based upon their
victories ovcr the disorganized mobs
of Russia were illusory.
This implies lhc continued vigorous, unrelenting conduct of thc war
���and this is the program favored
by Mr. Henderson, who speaks for
Britisii Labor. Mr. Henderson's position is sounder than that of the
Marquis of Lansdowne, who is obviously prepared to yield something
to save thc social order which means
so much to him and his class. Thc
onc sure chance still left for thc
right ending of this war is in thc
rallying of all thc forces of Labor
throughout the allied world to thc
cause with a determination to see It
through. It is becoming increasingly
certain that this support will bc
forthcoming in ample volume.���Manitoba Free Press.
Xantippe's Work
Xantippe, the wifc '*'' Socrates,
was a famous scold. George Adc
says hc once asked a bright little
"How did Socrates die?"
"He died," thc littic girl answered
with ready confidence, "from a dos.
of wedlock."
Speak of Them
In the Highest Terms
They Cured Mr. West's Lurabagc
artd Made Mrs. West Feel Like ���
New Person. They Arc the Bes*-
St. James, Man. (Special),���Tha:
Dodd's Kidney Pills arc living up to
their great reputation in the West is
twice proved by Mr. and Mrs. C
West, well known and highly rc
spected residents of this place. Lei
Mrs. West tell the story of what the
great Canadian kidney remedy has
done for her husband and herself.
'My husband suffered from attack
of lumbago," she states,    "and    thc
doctor did him no good, but I  ca
truthfully say     that     since     usinir
Dodd's  Kidney Pills he    is entirely
free from lumbago.
"I myself took six boxes '
Dodd's Kidney Pills and am just Bin
a new person. I have gained 10 Vo:
since using them yand my friend -
compliment mc on how well I look
"I havc recommended Dodd's Kid
ncy Pills to some of my lady friend--;
who were complaining of not feeing
well, and' they, like myself, spca'-
highly of them."
Dodd's Kidney Pills cure the kidneys.    Cured  kidneys    make      pur.
blood.    That is why Dodd's Kidn
Pills are thc best tonic.
Willy Bilton���Pa, will you please
tell me a fairy story?
Bilton���A fairy story? Well, let's
see, how will wc begin it?
Mrs. Bilton (sweetly)���Begin It,
"I was detained at the oflicc, dear,"
then continue���Lcthbrldge Herald.
Barley is thc earliest of the small
grains to mature. Sixty days of favorable weather from the sowing will
show thc farmer his return seed. As
early green pasture It is not excelled; thc young barley is richer as a
food than oats.
The Mississippi river at St. Loir
froze ovcr this winter, the first time
in a quarter of a century.
Could Hardly Live for Asthma
Writes onc man who after years ol
suffering has found complete relic;
through Dr. J. D. Kcllojrg's Astlinr.
Remedy. Now hc knows how needless has been his suffering. Tliis
matchless remedy gives sure help to
all afflicted with asthma. Inhaled as
smoke or vapor it brings thc hel;. _
long needed. Every dealer has it oj
can get it for you from his whole
The   Baby ��� Googly-googly-goo-
Thc  Mother���Yes,    indeed,     dear
that's the   public    library. ��� DaM
Copenhagen Chewing Tobacco is
entirely different from the ordinary
"plug'1 or 'fine cut''. .
It is made ot the best, old, rich,
high flavored tobacco.
Bein**; in smalt grains, it imparts Its
strength and llavor more freely, ar.d
fully than tobacco in the usual form.
ifot this reason. Copenhagen i�� not
cnewed. but is placed in the mouth
between the lowet lip and the nu_n.
A small pinch is all that is necessary
to thoroughly satisfy, and those wno
are using 'Copenhagen'' foi the first
time should take care to use only u
small pinch, otherwise Copenhagen"
wll�� be though* to have too much
tobacco strength.
IT* lh* most ��
W.    N.    U.    1203 i\l
Miss" Mildred Moore and Miss Edna
Steele are guests- at XIrs. Piercy's.
Mrs. Marshall and baby, of Nanaimo, are guests t Mrs. Robb's.
Mesclmes lireenslilelils,, McFarlane
���and Baird, are camping at lho beach
I'or tbe summer.
Mrs. FiiiiUayson is lhe guest, of Mrs.
W. Gage, Nob Hill.
Misses Sinclair nml Davidson teachers at the Model School, are gnosis at
Mrs. Piercy's.
Ed Millet, who hail llio misfortune
to gel lilt in the eye with a nail, will
likely hnve to go io Vancouver and
con shit a specialist,
Mrs. .Tns. Oarthew, who hail a. lint
pin run Inlo her oyo sorre llino ago,
left for Vancouver on Sunday for further 1 real ment.
A couple of .Taps caught n Skate
which measured nearly throe feet
(lci-oss. mid a Cod ne-u-ly four feet
long nl the end of do wharf on Monday afternoon.
A number of Courtetoayites had a
Beldghtfll swim off thc wharf  on Sun-
���|.,..,        .-.,,  ������ ������   ,..,.,.       0.,|       f^,.    J,cr
��� nid"ii Irin around the bay on Mou-
���' iy afterncon. She is a fine fishing
' -ini buill for Messrs Nonlin and
"nr'ih, by Pan Wellen, who ni-p going
'n/h-i till0 halil.nl fishing industry! She
'��� 52 feet over all, 8 ft. 10 in. beam.
��� nd hai n 6 ft. t"0d, and is about   2n
���n-* burthen.   With the excepti-"" of
' e ribs, stem and stern post,   wWch
���r "a if onk. she is built entirely of lo-
��� nl --"Town timber, which wns cut nt
AudTtOn's mill. She is equipped with
n 20 h. p. heavy duty distllate-buiiiing
endue. The keel wns ln'd on March
2.1th. and she wns completed wit.h'n 4
months bv Mr. Hcllen, a lecnl liny,
���working aline ihe most of the time.
She is also filled with a three inch
water tight hulk head. Mr. TTellen
''itc-iHs at some future date tobuilil -
' r-cer boat for his own use.
There is   no   reason   why a nsnnll
'".bl bent looaJlv ownerl '--"-loiilrl '*-'
built for this district.   At the pi-e-
t time It   Is   impossible to   -"-* "
'    ght boat to go un the   Courlenay
'    er, ami it is well known ih"' W*-*>**
'" - new raihvny freight rates co-" in-
"orce they w'1) -vnO'e    -thinning sl-
i  nrrlilWHve.     There'"* nlpn'v rf
; "   mm""- in ilr�� district and it eruld
,i   irond    dividnds   if put   into   a
f-.-eight, boat.
A Simple
Here is the McClary
Sunshine Furnace
McClary's heating engineers will give you advice
and estimates of cost of
correct heating plant free.
When you purchase a Sunshine Furnace, McClary's
engineers will provide you
proper plans for installing
it the McClary way by
which they will guarantee
satisfactory results.
For Sale bv
C. H. Tarbell & 3on
St. John, N.B.
Sarkatoon    J0
Pies. B. Humlen, McNeil, Donnelly,
Miller and Harrison of the Canadian
Expeditionarv force 'or oversea* returned to Willows camp on Monday.
Rev. George Knox of Grace "deb iiis church returned from Vancouver on
Thursday, accompanied by Mrs. K ox
who has recently come west from Toronto.
A. F. Martyn of Vancouver and who
has seen active service overseas for
Ihe past two years with the Canadian
Engineers arrived on Tuesday and has
taken a position wiih the engineering
department of the Canadian Collieries
Chin See Yon, of Vancouver, president of the Chinese National League,
is due toarrive here in. Hip near future
on a visit, and for the purpose of rnis- I
Ing funds for Ihe erection of a building in Vancouver in connection with
the Nationalist League. ���
.Ffeislc TlmrsKigh d
W. Edison's
Until you have heard the
New Edison
" The Phonograph with a Soul"
You can have no conception as to how true to life it really i.s.
The reproducer point is a genuine diamond, carefully selected
aud polished, and the lecords used ate iiulcstructnlile and play
I'or :t full five luinules each
Write its now fnt* fiitihet* particulars  of  this new  invention
which actually RECREATES music
Cumberland, B. C. Nanaimo, B. C
Big Staff Enjoys   Talks   on Business
���jLbj-cts Including Hsatcd Debate
Promotions Announced at Dhner.
The third annual convention of the
Executive and Staff of the Vancouver
Milling and Grain Company, Limited,
was held on Saturday at. the Terminal
scene of the big   busines   gathering,
IjiiilP I
Classified List of 9,706 Consecutive Ford Sales
Total   Cent
Virmeri 5062    52.20
GarC-nen, 7.mck-
sters 47
Creameries and
other Sundry
47      Hardware
173     1.73     Plumberi
Total     Cent
Fruit  and   Vegetables
I .-uls���All Classes 36
Kurnltun 5
rockers, etc. 38
r*t,i:d'ni_ Material! 14
Printer! and
I  ll Ushers 24
35     Shoei
*Q5      Retail Salesmen
.38     Sundry
���*4      JOBBERS
Oil, Paint, Grease
Total   Cent
32        .32      Baggage, Express   89
200     2.10      Bus, Livery, Taxi
46       .46 Cab
1        .01      Railroad
10 .10      Sundry
43 "43      TRADES
14 il4      Buildings, Con-
20 !20
5 .05
8 .08
11 .11
"unJry 146      1.50      Building Material     6
Dry Goods 17
|l'5| ill I
Co���l,  Wn*K*
Itri.t,  Stores
Die Goods
Flour und feed
66 .66
122 1.30
27       .27
Groceries, etc,
Machinery, etc.
Bales nren
Real Estate and
Grand Total        9,706 100.
Onllo-i. of Ink and acrea of paper are lomeUmes used to convey the thought summed
up In this chart which itates facts. .
Oul of 9,706 consecutive sales, 8,550 purchasers regard the Ford car aa * necessity la
njther agricultural orindustrial activity. Only 11.95 per cent of these cars are being used,
c'.lies than primarily for business.   Prepare to meet business competiUon by buying a Ford.
Runabout ���   ���   $575 Sedan   -   -   -   $970
Touring  ���  ���   ���   595 One-Ton Truck   750
Coup*   ���   ���   ���     770 Chassis   ...   535
F. O. B. Ford, Ontario
Alt prict* mhiect to mar tax chargct, except trneht and chassis
E. C. Emde
Dealer, Courtenay
4g       Ig      CHARITABLE
144      1.50      INSTITUTIONS    10
TOTAL���Primarily for busineea
101      1.04      uw B-M0   880i
25S     3.67
Does Everybody Trade at the Corner Store ?
We keep the freshest line of Groceries in the
District.   Our prices are Right, and
Our Service is Unexcelled
We're going to tell you something about shoes shortly
Parkin Bros.
which closed with a theatre party.
Regret was expressdj at the absence
of Mr. Robert McKee, the popular assistant general manager, who is in
New York on company business.
The oanvention was opened by Mr.
J. B. Hall, general manager, who in
well selected terms outlined the progress of the company dm ing the past
year Mr. Hall was followed by Mr.
Walker who has just been chosen as
assistant to Mr. McKee in the foreign
department. Mr, Walker's subject
was "The Meal I3ranch Manager." Mr
O. B. Fleming addressed the conven
tion on "The City Salesman," while
Mr. Whitney discused "Salesmanship'
Mr. A. A. Heon, the company's chemist, gave an interesting talk on War
Substitutes, which was thoroughly enjoyed. Mr. A. L. Callopy, head of the
companj's advertising agency, addressed the convention on 'Our Advertls-
ingPollclcs." Mr. Callow was followed by an Interesting debate between
Mr. W. Lloyd Craig and Mr. A. C.
Foreman on"ReBolved : That theHead
Office Supervision over branches and
agencies and agencies is preferable to
Independent operation." The debate
waa won by Mr. Foreman, who took
the negative.
After an afternoon of sports, th|e
convention was again addressed by
Mr. Hall on "I5con*vmie Conditions,"
after which the convention closed
with a theatre party.
Victoria, July 30.���The first business attended to"by Hon. John
Oliver on his arrival at the Parliament buildings on Monday was the
Issuance of instructions for the|pre-
paration of a lease for a ship building site onjthe JSonghees reserue,
near the spot known as Mud Bay.
Three and a half acres of laud will
thus be leased to the Cholberg Ship
Co. for a period of 18 months and
immediate construction of three
1500 ton |vvooden (vessels will be
com nenced for Norwegion registry
The arrangement to be enteral Into between the Company I and the
government provides for a lease at
a monthly rental,
Ice Cream
_. Pipes,
Barrister and Solicitor,  Notary
Phono 6
Ben. Mooring
General Blacksmith
Beg to annouuee that he is prepared,
to do all kinds of repairs &t moderat
Horseshoeing a Specialty
Meat Market
Equipped with Modern Refrigerating plant] ���
Highest Price paid, for Beef
and Vealj
Courtenay and Cumberland


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