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The Review Feb 14, 1918

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Array u
.. .
Can not be done any letter, ami
not quite so well anywhere eliio
hereabouts. Our typo and ma-liin-
ery ia eomploU and Tlio Review
pricea are ri_ht
X Ot.
Gents'  Furnishing*
and Hatters
VOL. 6
NO. 12
Auction   Sale
At the Star Cafe. Cumberland
Saturday Feb. 23, at 11. a.m.
The whole of the fixtures, stock in trade of the restnuriinl.  ice cream
parlor, cnndy und tobacco and cigar store.   About 800  lots,    l-'or Mr
T, J. Cessford, who is giving up the business
Tuesday February 26
For Mrs. John Piercy, on the Hunch, Union Bay   l'vnil, 2   miles from
Courteuay, Dairy Cows, Farm Implements, the whole oi the household
Furniture, etc.   Sale at 1 o'clock.
Telephone 10 COURTENAY
Gents' Furnishing Store
We also have a shipment of Ladies Shoes and the Rinex Sole
Shoe for Children
Call and see our goods, you'll always find our prices right.
Courtenay Gent's Furnishings Store
Opposite Shepherds' W. Sutliff, Prop.
Expert Watchmaker
Qualified Optician
Watchmaker,   Jeweler
and Optician
Union Street, Courtenay
Something New in Shoes
at the
Courtenay Shoe Store
It will be to your advantage to see our new
shipment ol slioes iu Misses, Girls' aud Child's
Local Lines      s
Mr. J. N Muir of Bowser spent
the week end at Sandwick.
Mrs. R. M. Qla/.brook aud Miss
Doris Glazbrook left yesterday for
Miss Iv. Gregg, Supervisor of the
B. C, Telephone Co, paid a visit to
the local office this week,
Miss Mollie Nickerson, with two
of her little netee*, the Misses
Wallington, are visiting with her
brother, Mr, D, B, Nickerson,
Mr, Albert Stabler of Vancouver
representing Business Systems of
Toronto, was a visitor iu town on
Friday last,
The Rainbow Troupe will give
a Red Cross Concert on   April  !i.
Advance styles in Spring Alii
lineiy are being shown at Miss
Lost ��� Between Comox and
Courtenay a boy's blue reefer with
brass buttons, pair of gloves in
pocket, Finder please leave at
Mrs. Fletcher's, Comox, or the
Revio*. office.
For Sale���Shetland pony, buggy
and harness. For particulars apply Mrs. M, H, Pieroy, Sandwick,
Phone 87 F.
STEPHEN LTD., 16th Ave. and
Main St. Vancouver, B. C Monuments, Headstones and Cemetery
Fences, the largest Monumental
works iu the west.
$175 takes au 18' new runabout
motor boat 4 li. p. engine, all in
good order. Apply at Review Office.
Lost���221 launch hull with red
trimmings last seen at Dyke Sawmill Boom on Saturday. Finder
kindly notify N, H. Boden. phone
For Sale���Williams Class A, Artist model, engraved B flat comet,
quick change; pearl lined pistons.
Plush lined case, with all extra
parts. Value $60, will sell for $35
Can be seen at Review Office.
Owners of property wishing to
sell might do well to send me full
particulars of same, price, amount
of acreage clearad, etc, F. R. F.
Biseoe, General P. 0., Victoria, B.
For Sale���About 3 1-2 acres of|
land iu   lhe   City   of   Courtenay, j
Terms easy.   Address Owner, 3323
'Tennyson Ave., Victoria. B. C.
For Sale���A quantity of tiinber
on Hornby Island, close to water-
For particulars apply Box A. Review Office.
Ranch to Rent���160 acres, 20
cleared, dwelling house and bam,
gaiage, small orchard, on Lower
Road.    Apply at Review Office,
For highest prices iu hides, scrap
1 metal and old rubbers see Wm.
j Douglas, Courteuay,
i    Cleveland Bicycles  and bicycle
.supplies at the Ford enrage.
I    Go  to  McBryde's   for   quality
We have them in
Vici Kid, Dongola and Box Calf
lioth Laced and Buttoned. These are the
If. J. Weston Shoes
.Satisfaction guaranteed or money cheerfully refunded
We aim to please our customers
Next Drugstore Phone 48
|��afety  First
Go to
For Fresh   Tobacco, Cigars
Confectionery   and
Soft Drinks.
Isabel St.    Next Royal Bank
Comox Creamery
60c per lb. this week
Angus lleaton was up from Vancouver
for the week end.
Will those bavin-; hooks belonging to
the Women's Institute library kindly
return theni nt one to Mrs. W. Duncan
or Mrs. \V. II. Smith, and a new library
will be procured.
Dan Kilpatrick, accompanied by his
daughter. Miss Amy, went to Nanaimo
on Wednesday morning to meet his
nephew Lieut, Clifford kilpatrick, who
has arrived home Irom the front on furlough after two year* service.
At tlie adjourned meeting of the City
Council on WelneSday evening tenders
were opened for the building of the
hridgc across the slough. Fletcher &
Fitzgerald were the lowest tenderes and
the work was awarded to Ihem at S19S.*
Peillberton & Son were given a 3U-daj
option on the balance of the city bonds
at 88.
1,0. D. E. Notes.
The annual meeting of the I
O, 1). E. will be hold on Thnrs
day. Feb, 28th, at 2.30 in the tea
-iioiiis, As this is always h social
day for the I, O. D. P.. all members should Ou present and any
friends who would bn interested
in hearing the annual report of
work accomplished would he very
Welcome, Tea will bo served by
Mesdames Mat I'ierey, S, Piercy,
Hogg, Gurney, IJ. Grieve, and
Hawkins. The balloting of officers for the year 1918 will take
place*at this meeting,
The I. 0, D, E. aro anxious to
scud ev.ry .soldier from llio Colliox
District another parcel Fob. 28th,
containing two pairs of sox and
Blliokes, As this means some 200
pair of 80X and we have none on
hand, havi tie sent this month one
hundred and seventy four pairs
direct to London to be distributed
to the needy soldiers, it is hoped
every memb.*r will try and turn
in two pair of sox. Any person
unable to knit might solid in a
pair of bought ones, they would be
much appreciated, We also think
that as this is our first annual
meeting we could not more fitting
ly celebrate it than to have a
shower of smokes to send with
the sox and if every member and
friend would bring or send a pack
age of cigarettes or tobacco we
would be able to remember every
soldier from this district who is
lighting for ns overseas.
The Daughters of Empire always have plenty of wool on hand
and if anyone, whether a member
or not, wishes wool free to knit
for our soldiers overseas the I. 0.
D. E. would be only too glad to
give or send them some. Sox to
be returned when finished and will
be sent o\erseas to the soldiers.
The dale selected tor the ban
quet and presentatio i of addresses
lu the Returui"! Soldiers has been
,-i-t for Friday, March 1, in the
Courteuay Hotel, Tho banquet
will In- under the auspices nf the
I O D K "lo will nls i hold a
dniii-i- in the Agricultural Hall af
ter the banquet.
The r-snlt of the drawing for
tin- dim."i- set donated by T. Booth
& Sons wiil be announced at the
banquet or. Friday evening next
week. '
The precede from Mr- Every's
leeiure in the Pj'esiijferial) Church
last Thtireday evening amounted
to SS forthe I 0 D K and $8,45
for the Britisii Red Cross.
Menu lor next l-'ridtiy evening,
l-nat Chicken Headcheese
Roast Veal, Dressing, Tongue.
Pickles. Chutney, Meets, Chow,
Potato Salad Cold Slaw
Combination Salad Waldorf Salad
Potato. Oatmeal. Steamed Rrown llread,
Tea Biscuit.
Apple, ;,eiuon, Damson, Assorted lellies
Whipped Cream Trifle, Whipped Cream,
Cre.iu. ! ..oiige, Jelly Tart
Cheese Tea Coffee
Mrs. Robt. RlcCuaigarrived from Vancouver on Saturday oil a visit to her
parents, ,
The Sisters of St. Joseph wish tu
return many thanks lo the thoughtful
friends who so kindly donated two buses of nice apples to the hospital.
Mr. K. A, Mitchell and family leave
this week for their new home near
Campbell River, Mr. Mitchell has leased Island in tlie gulf ant intends going
into sheep and cattle raising on an ex-
teniive scale.
Maple Leaf Theatre
Saturday Feb. 23.
Charlie   Chaplin   in   ''At   1   a.  in."
A Mutual masterpiece of big stars only
S. S, Hutchison  presents   Win.   Russel
in a  tense  socialogical   Drama,   "High
Play." in five parts.
Wednesday, Feb 27,
7th episode of "Tlle Fatal Ring" and
Gladys Hulette in "The Cigarette Girl."
The body of an unknown man
in an advanced state of decompo
sitiou wns found by R. \V, Shilling, near Blubber Bay. at the
north tunl of Texiidii Is. on Satur.
day. The body, which was tha".
of a man'about 5 feet _ inches in
height, had apparently been in the
water lor a long, time, and was in
such a condition t'-at it was impossible to discover any marks by
which it could bo identified,
Anglican Services
2nd Sunday in Lent. Feb. .4.
ii a, in, Mattins and Holy Communion at IIol��p Trinity, Cumberland.
3 p, in. Evensong and Sermon nt
I,azo Mission.
3 o. in. Sunday School at St.
John's. Courtenay.
7.15 p, m, Even_ong and Sermon
at St, Peter's, Comox.
7.30 p, m. Evensong aud S*ruiou
at St. John's, Courtenay,
Presbyterian Church
St. Andrews' Sandwick
Service 2 p.m.     Sunday School
and Bible Class 3 p. m.
Sunday School and  Bible Clas
10:30 a. m.    Evening; service 7:30
p. m. All welcome
Drug Store
Nyoltis Talcums
Rose,  Baby,
Lilac, Violet
Locust Blossom
Mygracia, Mayflower
and Wood Violet
Courtenay    -    B. C THE    REVIEW,    COURTNEY,    B.    0.
��� BY ���
., MflbouiM. aa. Tvrcvl*
Foiter looked up with surprise, hut
admitted that his partner might be
right. Austin was a real estate
���gent, who now and then speculated
in lumber and mineral claims. Hc
had some influence at thc Crossing
where, however, he was more feared
than liked, since he lent money and
bought up mortgages. On three or
four occasions he had been a business rival of Foster and Feather-
Stone'., and the former thought he
might not have forgiven theni for
beating him.
"It's possible," lie said thoughtfully. "But you don't imagine Daly
told liim what he knows about you?"
"I should think it most unlikely,"
Featherstone rejoined. "Daly means
to keep all hc can get for himself,
but if hc gave Austin a hint that he
tould injure me, the fellow might
be willing to help. He's pretty often
Up against us; but we'll let that go.
You're a friend of Carmen Austin's,
and as you'll meet her at the. reunion, it might be better if you didn't
lell her 1 have changed my plans. Of
Course, 1 don't mean to hint that she
knows anything about her father's
Foster laughed, lie liked Carmen
Austin and was mildly flattered by
the favor she showed him, but
thought lie knew lur well enough
not to attach unn-li importance to
this. Carmen was clever and ambitious, and would, no doubt, choose a
husband who had wealth and influence. Though very young, she was
lhe acknowledged leader of society
at the Crossing,
"you needn't he afraid of hurting my feelings,'' lie said. "To some
extent I do enjoy .Miss Austin's patronage, but 1 know my drawbacks
and don't cherish any foolish hopes.
If I did, 1 believe she'd tactfully nip
them in the bud."
"On the whole. I'm pleased to
to hear il," Featherstone replied.
"Now, if you don't mind, there's
something I want to read."
The Mill Owner
Big arc lamps flared above lhe
railroad track that crossed the yard
of the Hulton factory, but except
for a yellow glimmer from a few
upper window:;, the building rose in
a huge dark oblong against the sky.
The sharp clanging of a locomotive
hell jarred on the silence, fnr the
mill hands had ,onc home arid tlle
wheels that otter, hummed all night
were still. It seemed to Foster, who
glanced at his watch as he picked his
way among thc lines, that thc shadow of the recent tragedy brooded
over lhc place.
"1 don'l know that I'm imaginative, but I wouldn't like the night
watchman's job just now-," he remarked to Featherstone. "Hulton's
illness can't have spoiled his nerve,
or he'd havc asked us to meet him at
Ills house, in view of what he. probably wants to talk about.""
"I suspect that Hullon's nerve is
better than yours or mine, and although I'm sorry for the old man, it
was a surprise to me when hc broke
down," Featherstone replied. "This
is the first time I've hern in the mill
llnce Fred was shot, and I'll own
lhat I'd sooner have, come in daylight."
They went round a row oi loaded
cars to the time keeper's office, where
a man told them lhat Hulton was
waiting and they were to go right up,
A dark passage, along which their
footsteps echoed, led lo a flight of
Hairs, and lhcy felt sure there was
something oppressive in the gloom,
hut a small light burned near the
top of the building, and when they
reached a landing Featherstone
touched his partner. It was at this
Spot Fred Hulton had been found
lying on the floor, with a fouled pistol of a make, hc was known to practise, with near his hand. Foster
ihivcred as he noted the cleanness of
the boards.     It    indicated     careful
INE Granulated Eyelids,
Sore Eyei, Eyei inflimed by
Sun, Oiiit and Wind quickly
relieved bv Murine. Try it In
Vour Eyes and In Baby'i Eyes.
NoSairti-i, Jilt E. eCimfort
MwiiwEye ReMedy ���,.ii M?p.. i��-��V -_.-*������
b* **lv*. In Tulx- Mo.  For Bttk of th* Hue - F��t,
All* Marina Era H-mmO ���*.. CUcaco *
W.     N,     U.     1193
scrubbing, and was somehow more
daunting than a sign of what had
happened there.
A short flight of stairs lo thc opens of the head ol the firm, and lho
treasurer, whose assistant Fred Hulton had been. They went on and
entered a small, plainly-furnished
room, well lighted by electrics lamps,
when- Hulton sal at a writing tabic
'nnd signed them to sit down. llis
-���boulders were bent, his clothes hung
slackly on his powerful frame, and
Featherstone thought his hair had
grown whiter since he saw him last.
He looked ill, Inn his fare was hard
and resolute, and when ho let his
eyes rest on the young men his mouth
was firmly sei. Hulton's business
acumen and tenacity wcrc known,
and it was supposed that lhc latter
quality had helped him much in llie
earlier part of his career. The other
man, who sal close by, was lhc
treasurer,  I'crcival.
"To begin wilh, 1 wanl to thank
you for thc way yon gave your evidence," Hulton said lo Featherstone,
who had been one oi the last to see
Fred Hulton alive.
"I don't know thai thanks arc
needed," Featherstone replied. "I. had
promised lo tell thc truth."
"Just so. The trnll), however,
strikes different people differently,
and you gave the matter the most
favorable look you could. We'll let
it go at that. I suppose you're still
convinced my son was in his usual
health and spirits? Mr. Percival is
in my confidence, and we have got to
talk without reserve."
"Ves, sir; 1 never found him morbid and he was cheerful when T saw
him late that night."
"Iu fact, you were surprised when
you heard what happened soon after
you left?" Hulton suggested in a
quiet voice.
"I was shocked. But, if I catch
your meaning, 1 was puzzled afterwards and had better say I see no
light yet."
"Is this how you feel about il.'"
Hulton asked Foster,
"It is," said Foster, who noted thc
man's stent calm, and Hulton turned
to  I'crcival.
"That's my first point. These men
knew my son."
Then'he looked at Featherstone.
"Fred went with you now and then
on hunting ami prospecting trips and
thai probably led to a certain intimacy, .'ou say he was never morbid; did you ever lind him anxious
or disturbed;"
Featherstone pondered. Fred Hulton, who was younger Hum he, had
spent a year or two in F.uropc before he entered the factory. He had
moreover, told Featherstone about
some trouble he had got into there,
but the latter could not tell how much
his father knew.
"You can talk straight," Hulton
resumed. "I guess 1 won't bc
"Very well. I did find him disturbed once or twice. Perhaps you
knew he had some difficulties in
';i knew about the girl," Hulton
answered grimly. "I found that out
not long since; she was a clever adventuress. But 1 don't know where
Fred got thc money he sent her. Did
you lend it to him?"
"I lent him some," Featherstone
admitted, hesitatingly. "He told inc
afterwards she had promised to make
no further claim, and I understand
she kept her word."
Hulton turned to the treasurer.
"You will see Mr. Featherstone about
this tomorrow. I've cleared up another point; Fred was not-being urged to send mrirc money." Then he
asked Foster; "Do you know if he
had any dangerous friends?"
(To Be Continued.)
"So vou own your own home, Wiggins?"���"No."
"Why, you told mc so lasl monili!"
"Yes.     W'e. had no cook then."���
Browning's Magazine.
The Allies and Wheat
The    Exceptional    Advantages    of
Western Canada in Aiding
the Situation
United States and Canada should
redouble their efforts in the production of wheat. Of the world's supply
it has been estimated that lhc United
States supplies 19 per cent, Canada
6 per cent., Italy 5 per cent., France
8 per cent., India 10 per cent, and
Russia 18 per cent. With Russia in
a muddle her 18 per cent, is going to
dwindle. Australia and Argentina
might alto bc asked to speed up but
to the great distances for transportation it is more advisable lo look to
North America.
Hitherto the question of rates was
thc all important factor, but war has
added another phase. The nearest
grain supply to Europe is North
America. The distance between Quebec and Liverpool is 2,000 miles,
while between Buenos Ayres and
Plymouth it is S.,100 miles. A vessel on thc North American route
could make two and one-half trips
at least in the same time that would
be required for it to make one trip
if on the South American route.
When it is a case of necessity it is
not a question of rates so much as a
question of time. In contracts for
the supply of foods time will bc of
the essence. Kngland must get her
food supply as near to home as possible and look to North America.
India with its 10 per cent, would
prove an important factor but her
trade route through the. Suez canal
and Mediterranean sea is still infected with submarines. To journey
around Africa would consume too
much time.
Wheat is a commodity that lends
itself to cheap transportation. Its
nature is such that without injury
it may bc loaded and unloaded by
machinery, it does not require sacks
or barrels to contain it,   it is more
economically handled in its looso
condition, it gives little or no trouble
on the water���fill the "hold" and
there is no shifting of cargo during a storm.
Of the two North. American field*
Western Canada has the advantage
It possesses large areas of wheat
Iand9 yet untouched. The country
has proved itself suited to the raising of wheat. With thc method ol
handling adopted in this country,
with the system of internal and terminal elevators, with thc possibility
of the shortest route through the
Hudson's Bay, Western Canada will
have the advantages of the lowest
rate and the shortest route to the
Brilish markets.   The opportunity i*
Do You Remember?
When lhc , first railway ciigina
came lo a backwoods settlement in
the United States many years ago
lhc most obstinate native in thc community declared that it wouldn't go.
When it was demonstrated to him
lhat-it would go, he promptly conceded the point, but maintained that
in such event it couldn't bc stopped
againl But, on the other hand, remember lhc time you used to smile
every time you read in the papers
that thc Wright brothers were still
attempting to make a machine that
would fly?���Ottawa Citizen.
"The audience cheered constantly
when you made your speech."
"Yes," replied Senator Sorghum,
"They cheered every prominent
name I mentioned. I began to suspect that they'd rather hear themselves cheer than to listen to me
talk."���Washington Star.
"What's the matter with that guy?
When I told him of the hundreds of
people who couldn't get street cars
hc chuckled."
"Oh, he owns a taxlcab line."���
Buffalo Express.    .
Use Sani-Wrappers
It Pays
Your customers will appreciate your care and cleanliness as
your parcel iheir purchases oi meats, butter, bread an.t
vegetables in Appleford's Sani-Wrappers,
Particular trade goes to the store that is careful of the details of cleanliness ana appearance.
Ask your jobber for Appleford's Sani-Wrappers, or write us direct for
samples and prices.
Appleford Counter Check Book Co., Limited
Are Your Lungs Strong?
Do colds go down to your throat? Are youi bronchial
tubes easily affected? Above all, do colds settle on youv
chest? Then your lungs may not be as strong as you
expected���consumption often follows.
Good Physicians Everywhere Prescribe
B   Because its Pure Cod Liver Oil is Famous    1
for strengthening delicate throats and weak lungs while its
glycerine soothes the tender linings and alleviates the cough.
Start on SaotVs Emulsion today   It is Nature's
building-food free from harmful drugs.
Scott & Bovrne, Toronto, out.
' 17-21 ,
���Germany's Designs
Upon Belgium
Here's a Nice    Little   Excuse   For
Hanging on to the Plunder
In a resolution most recently
adopted by the pan-Germanic league
of Essen and lhe text of which has
been transmitted to Marshal Hidden-
burg and to Admirals Tirpitz and
Scheer, il is staled:
"The Inhabitants of ihc western
provinces of the German country declare that they Mould he irremediably
lost if, Belgium having withdrawn
from German influence, Germany
should happen lo be defeated in a
future war. The enemy could quickly
seize upon all the big manufactories,
arsenals of fighting armies and impose upon us a dishonorable peace."
The resolution closes by this assertion that the league intends to struggle "in order that llritish arrogance
and our foe's claims may not prevail
and rob from us, in the cousc of thc
diplomatic negotiations, thc territory
which wc must not, under any pretence whatsoever, give up to them,
thc Flanders."
Trial Is Inexpensive.���To those
",yho suiter from dyspepsia, indigestion, rheumatism or any ailment arising from derangement of thc digestive system, a trial of Parmelce's
Vegetable Pills is recommended.
should the sufferer bc unacquainted
with them. The trial wil! bc inexpensive and the result will be anther customer for this excellent medicine. So effective is their action that
many cures can certainly be traced
to their use where other pills have
proved ineffective.
The Jcb for Him
Most blind and deaf people arc
not nearly so sensitive about their
afflictions as we think they are. The
Deaf Times, for instance, tells this
The railway chairman was explaining his reorganization of the staff
and came to Spriggs. The chief
shareholder gasped: "Spriggs What
on earth can he do? Why, he is so
deaf he can't hear thunder. What
post have you given him?"
"I think you v. ill agree," returned
the chairman ufTly, that llie directors understand their business
thoroughly. Mr. Spriggs will attend
each day and hear all complaints
from . n. scngcrs."���New York Globe.
Minard's Liniment Cures Garget  in
Mrs. Kawlct���"Then you and
young Mr. Sharp arc not on speaking terms any more?"
Mrs. Blundcrby���"No, indeed. The
last time I met him I told him my
husband had locomotive atacksia and
the young whippcrsnappcr had
thc impudence to ask if he whistled
at crossings."���Boston  Transcript.
Andrew Carnegie was once asked
which hc considered to bc the most
important factor in industry���labor,
capital or brains? The canny Scot
replied with a merry twinkle in his
eye: "Which is the most important
leg of a three-legged stool?"���Christian Register.
In a time needing food
economy many people are
not getting all the nourish-
ment they might from
their food.
it ii not how much you eat,
but how much you assimilate, that doei you good.
The addition of a .mall
teaapoonful of Bovril to
the diet *��� ��� peptogenic
before meals leadi to
more thorough digest*
ion and asiiinilatioa
aad thus saves food, for
you need ten.
Children Make Books
For the T. B. feoldiers
.Nations United by War
The Future of the World Is   Safer
Than It Ever Was
Never will England, France and
lhc United Slates tight one another,
This Mar has made thein_ brothers,
and each one will be his brother's
keeper after this. So far this war
has brought the peace of lhe world.
It they ever have any differences
among theni they 'will settle them
by a conference controlled by the
Christian spirit. They will not shoot
at each olhcr. That is the fellow-
feeling that is rampant in these three
nations. Onc can scc .it on all pub-
lie occasions, If lhc Marseillaise is
sung or the Union Jack unfurled, it
is greeted with wild applause by our
own people. That is a good sign. It
is a sign of peace -id Ihc line glory
of nations, It i- 'velopcd and increased by our hoys ovcr in France,
This is a war for humanity, and not
particularly for France, England or
the United Slates. The future of
llic world is safer than it ever was,������
Ohio State Journal.
School   Children   Find    New   War
Work in Making Books of
The school children of Canada and
the United Slates have assembled all
the literary lights from George Adc
and 11. C. Witwer with their "Fables
in Slang" and baseball stories . to
Henry James in the utile collections
of stories which they have pasted into paper booklets for the use of T.B.
soldiers in the sanatoria of the military hospitals commission.
The question of keeping the men
affected wilh tuberculosis supplied
with sufficient reading matter is a
problem. Every so often the books
in service must be burned for sanitary reasons, and to destroy valuable
books in this way seems a great pity.
The effort of the children to supplement these libraries which must
be replenished ever so often with
reading such as soldiers like, is one
of the most appreciated supplementary services wliicli anyone has yet
thought of rendering the boys.
Teachers have supervised thc selection of stories, and the collections
are varied. There arc. love stories,
sporting talcs, adventure, detective
mysteries, humorous essays and
poems, everything bright and cheerful that can be found in the present
day monthly publications.
Pasted on heavy white paper and
stitched down the back tlicy arc very
fine little books. In each one is a
little letter from the child who made
it hoping in his best copybook form
that the soldier will enjoy it as much
as he did making it.
They come in lots to thc sanatoria
from points even as far distant as
Spokane and North Carolina, and
some of the children engaged in making the collections arc as young as
eight years.
Cincinnati man tells how to dry
up a corn or callus so it
lifts off with fingers.
You corn-pestered men and women
need suffer no longer. Wear thc shoes
that nearly killed you before, says
this Cincinnati authority, because a
few drops of freezone applied directly
on a tender, aching corn or callus,
stops soreness at once and soon the
corn or hardened callus loosens so it
can bc lifted off, root and all, without pain.
A small bottle of freezone costs
very little at any drug store, but will
positively take off every hard or sod
corn or callus. This should bc tried,
as it is inexpensive and is said not to
irritate the surrounding skin.
If your druggist hasn't any freezone
tell him to gel a small bottle for you
from his wholesale drug house, it is
fine stuff and acts like a charm every
Hampering Restrictions
Bread Cards Necessary for Wedding
Guests in Sweden
In such sorely pressed neutral
countries as Sweden thc war has resulted in rich and poor alike b ing
subjected to many restrictions heretofore unknown, says thc January
Popular Mechanics Magazine. An
illustration of this���not without its
humorous aspect���is found in a
Swedish wedding invitation recently
received in this country by friends of
thc bride and groom. The latter wcrc
members of two wealthy families in
Stockholm, and the handsomely engraved missive included an invitation
to a banquet at one of thc finest hotels in thc Swedish capital. It was in
a notation at thc bottom page that
thc hand of war manifested itself in
these words: "Please bring your
bread cards." This meant lhat well-
to-do hosts at weddings could not
provide the guests wilh bread except
in restricted amounts and In thc
manner prescribed by law.
"Have you any speeches to make
before congress?"
"No," replied Senator Sorghum.
"I am perfectly satisfied to vote
without talking, rather than risk being classified with those who talk
without thinking." ��� Washington
Black as Dirt
About the Eyes
Liver Was All Upset and There Was
Pain   Under   the   Shoulder-
blade���Two Interesting
So many people suffer from derangements of the liver that ive feel
sure these two reports, just recently
received, will prove interesting reading and valuable information to many
readers of this paper.
Mrs. F. L. Harris, Kealley, P.O.,
Sask., writes: "I was suffering from
liver trouble���had a heavy pain under
onc shoulder blade all the time, and
was nearly as black as dirt around
thc eyes, so I concluded to try some
of Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills. I
did so, and before I had taken onc
25c box the pain had left mc and I
commenced to gain in flesh, and by
lhe lime I had taken two boxes I
was completely cured and felt like a
new person. My trouble was caused
by heavy work out-of-doors, and, of
course, heavy eating and constipation. I would advise anyone suffering from kidney or liver trouble lo
give Dr. Chase's Pills a trial."
Mrs. Charles Terry, Tweed, Out.,
writes: "Before I was married I was
troubled with enlargement of the
liver. My liver became so enlarged
that you could detect thc swellings
on either side, and it was only with
difficulty that I could get my clothes
on. A friend advised mc to get Dr.
Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills and take
them. I commenced this treatment,
and used nine boxes, which cured me
at that time. Then, about two or
three years afterward I was troubled
again with the swelling, but only oir|
my right side. I secured some more
Kidney-Liver Pills, and took them,
which finally cured me. I havc not
been troubled in this way since. I
can cheerfully recommend Dr.
Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills to anyone
having kidney or liver trouble.
"Wc have also found Dr. Chase's
Linseed and Turpentine excellent for
coughs and colds. In fact, any of
Dr. Chase's medicines which we have
used havc been good."
Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills, one
pill a dose, 25c a box, 5 for $1.00, at
all dealers, or Edmanson Bates &
Co., Limited, Toronto.
A Slight Interruption
A soldier in a certain regiment out
iu France was making determined
but unsuccessful efforts to light his
pipe, and at about the ninth attempt
an enemy shell came across, flinging
Iiini flat on the ground and ploughing up the earth close by. After he
had recovered ���somewhat he made
onc more try���remarking aggrieved-
ly, "What with these French matches
and this 'ere bloomin' Belgian tobacco my life very soon won't bc
worth living."
Worms sap the strength and undermine the vitality of children.
Strengthen them by using Mother
Graves' Worm Exterminator to drive
out thc parasites.
"Have you amused your baby
brother, Willie, and kept him quiet
while I was gone?"
"Yes, ma, and he hasn't opened his
mouth since you went away."
"What did you do to amuse him,
"I gave him thc mucilage bottle to
suck."���Baltimore American.
_>.,. PILLS..
.ti,- ��� \\w;
_-��    ri. .  -��� - *-'
* Filbert Nui Bar
Fresh plump filberts scattered generously
throughout the finest and smoothest milk
chocolate manufactured.
Sold everywhere.
Made in Canada.
Sees Potato Overfeeding
Harm in Too   Much   Starch,   Says
Pennsylvania Official
Pennsylvania: arc addicted to eating too many potatoes, in the opinion of Dr. Samuel G. Dixon, health
commissioner of that state, who advises them to eat less of this food
aud of meat, He admits, however,
that since onc man's meat is another man's poison, thc requirements of
a food administrator should bc clastic enough lo leave room for every
man to avoid thc foods which experience has taught him are harmful
and still lo get adequate nourishment.
"Most of our food stuffs are made
up of different constituents." hc says.
"A potato is largely composed of
starch whereas beefsteak is largely-
composed of nitrogen or protein.
Starch represents so many heat-producing units, and beefsteak likewise
produces its own quota. This is so
when you consider the matter from
a laboratory point, but if you made
a test of the same values by feeding
these foods to human beings, you
would find the values varied greatly
because of the variations of the. human or organic machinery which
handled them.
"The people of the slate of Pennsylvania cot too much potato. The
large proportion of, this vegetable
produces a catarrhal condition of
the digestive tract, which interferes
with digestion and leaves the patient
over a long scries of years producing starvation. Meat, as a rule, is
also overeaten by Pcnnsylvanlas.
Just now, however, during thc tension of war wc need more meat than
Minard's Liniment Cures Diphtheria.
Finest Flower of Anarchy
Preparing Way for a Sane and Orderly System of Government
For warning Russians that tltey
would be German slaves if they fell
into the Bolshevik! trap and inadc a
separate peace with Germany, General Duklionin, thc commander-in-
chief of thc Russian forces, was
brutally assassinated by the crazed
followers of Lenine afid Trotsky. In
the murder of Duklionin Bolshevik-
ism reached its finest flower of anarchy and violence. It was a notification to all patriotic Russians of what
their fate would bc if lhcy fell into
Bolshevik! hands after resisting the
plans of the arch-traitors, Lcninc
and Trotsky. It is absurd to think
that Russians will long submit to
domination by such lawless aud
tyrannical forces, and there is good
reason to believe, that after a few
more excesses of this sort a reaction will set in against the Bolslic-
viki that will sweep them out of
power and prepare the way for the
establishment of a sane and orderly
system of government.���Springfield
Asthma No Longer Dreaded.   The
dread of renewed attacks from asthma has no hold upon those who have
learned to rely upon Dr, T, D. Kellogg's Asthma Remedy. So safe do
they feci that complete reliance is
placed on this true specific with the
certainly that it will always do all
thai its makers claim. If you have
not yet learned how safe you arc
with lhis preparation at hand get it
today and know for yourself.
Farm Book-Keeping
Only one per cent, of the farmers
of Dundas county, Ontario, wnere
the commission of conservation is
conducting illustration farm work,
were found to follow a satisfactory
method of farm accounting. A proper system has been installed on each
of the illustration farms selected by
the commission, which will show
where profits arc made and where
losses are incurred, and will bc valuable and educative to the rest of
the community.���Conservation.
Not Guilty
An Tv.CO. on duty at a German
internment camp was looking
through the bathrooms and grouching at their untidy condition. Suddenly turning a corner, he chanced
upon a diminutive Fritz, who was
peering through thc doorway.
"Hi, you!" shouted the soldier.
"Have you been taking a bath?"
"Ach���vy you say dat?" queried
the little man nervously. "Is dcrc
vun missing?"
German Efficiency
Not Certain That It, Is the Result of
the Form of Government
Germany was well governed, ia
certain particulars; it had grown
rich and powerful; it surpassed most
other states in a variety of ways not
necessary to enumerate here. But
why? To the mind steeped in l'rus-
sianism there was but one answer
possible. It was the government! To
this two objections at once present
themselves, The first is that there
arc two kinds or degrees of efficiency; the onc like theirs, which, for
want of a better name, we may call
mechanical; the olhcr of a less tangible quality, easily recognized, but
hard to define, the efficiency of the
individual as opposed to the corporate efficiency of thc community. It
is not possible here���perhaps it is
not possible at all���to determine
which of these is the more to be desired. But it is very apparent that
what wc call thc spirit of liberty
aligns itself rather with individual
than with communal efficiency. And
thc second answer is not unlike the
first. It is that wc still await the
proof that the desirable factors in
the position which the Germans have
attained, arc due wholly or even in
considerable part to their form of
government. That is an assumption
which, like too many assumptions
proceeding from the same source, remains a dogma rather than a provable proposition'.���Wilbur C. Abbott
in the January Yale Review.
A. Scottish scientist has discovered
a new metal which ia believed to belong to thc platinum group. It is
called by him canadium. He has obtained a few grams per ton in the
pure state by treatment of certain
rocks found in Nelson, British Columbia. There is some anticipation
that the new metal will find industrial uses, especially bv jewellers.
Remit by Dominion Express Money Order.
II lost or stolen, you net your money back.
The next time you suffer with
headache, indigestion, biliousness or loss of appetite, try���
Lai-teat Sate of Any Medicine ia the World.
Sold ev*nwhere. Id boxes, -Sc.
or ���tutterind overcome posltiMlyTDur
natural methods permanently restore
natural speech. Graduate puplla erery-
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T.Hrt*. Oaf. IFtmtstg H*V__-J
ERAPION "������-��� ���*"���
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-...  MOj,   gASV   ro  |%t|
t*P�� ANO
______ _   _.       _ _ LASTINOCOti
���ovt mut ftrruiD ro all qbkuihb rtcim
���Mm    mmm  ^gam ii-';i.   reli-.*������>;
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��� WL\ m W vcitern   ����k-
tm _ -__r_-_L m R!fn,   b-Kiuse
���l_______l^_l   ��r��tKl
vieciau (ill,
1M0M9kf.BlKMuNU��. J1.W
U-*m phi. Mieliii nut* 14.00
Use inr laje-ior. ty_t Ctrttu*fl simplest and strongest
Tho superiority ol Cu<t�� prodttt w Is -���><> t�� Oi** IS
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ONLY. IHSIUT OM CVlTAH'h II tuobttbubl*
Of-in d'ret (.
Tto Cuttw UHi-Ury, Bir-ulty. Cilltra'R
W.      N.
The Courtenay Review
And Comox Valley Advocate
���V Weekly Newspaper, Published at
Courtenay, II. ('.
N. H, IIodkn, Editor nml Proprietor
8ubscriplii)u .1 BO per Year In Advance
$2.(10 per uniiniii if nul si^paid
THURSDAY I-*l���:11. 21,   Win
Notes and Comments
Tommy Atkins hns a sweet tooth
It takes 2,000,000 pound of jam a
week to supply the British Anuv.
"���Voncouvei Pfovluce.
It's ii|i to some wise reCi riner to
to step up and demand thnt the
names of the- days of the week be
'changed to "meatless" "whentlesa"
"htatiess" etc.���Ottawa  Jourual,
Building material ia .--iill going
up, Iiiii iii these iiiipHiuli-ili'd pros
porous times ilu' high priuoc dn
imi check    buildings   from ' srninir
r ri ei
1111 loo.
Horse meat is being snld iu London
Euglaud markets, for food purposes, To an Englishman ih.it sound
like lhe extremity of pove'ty, hut
the fuel is that for years before the
War started horse meat was a eoin-
mou article of diet among the lower classes of Germany,���Calvary
If a guessing contest luul been
held upon the question us lu which
prominent citizen of the United
States was sought, out by Bolo
Pasha, most people, would have
guessed right, It was William
Randolph   Hearst,  of   course,���
Nelson Daily News,
Iti.- estimated that Canada's
wheat crop   Inst,   year,    itii-111��Iinjj;
llie yield in llm West nnd    < Intni'io
wheat, was about '21o 000,000 bu.
A careful survey lias shown that,
on December 1st, in additio n to
seed requirements, tiie amount <>f
Canadian wheat on tliis side of the
Atlantic was about. 1.12,500,000
bushuls, of which 8,500,000 bus.
were in tlie United Stales in
route lo the Allies. Tllis estimate
included a considerable amount of
wheat still in tlie farmer's  hands
In order that intending settlers in western Canada may be
properly informed as to the system
of government which prevails iu
this co'uirry, the Canadian Pacific
Railway has just issued through its
department of Colonization aud
Development a pamphlet entitled
"Canada's System of Government"
which explains iu very simple language the general principles of Municipal, Provincial and Do iiinion
Government in this country. A
copy of the pamphlet may be had
without charge by-addressing Robt
J. C Stead, Canadian Pacific Railway, Calgary,
Editor Courtenay Review
Dear Sir:���In view of the   Lazo
Observer's report of  our   late   unusual rainfall, it   is  interesting  to
note the difference between the pre
eipitation on the coast and   in   the
Cotnojc Vallej.    The following extract from my  own   record   covers,
practically the  same  time   as  his. |
Yours truly
K.  Duncan, Observer. |
Sat. Feb, a
Sun. Feb, _
Mon, Feb, 4
Tues. Feb. 5
Wed. Feb, fi
Th ins. Feb, 7
Frl. Feb, 8
Sat. Feb, 8
.67 in
3.00 in,
0.23 in.
0.77 iu.
O.04 in.
1 ,.| 1 in.
2,11 in,
o Sn in,
Highefr record for one month,
October 1914     IO,o6 ill,
November 1914 '0,71 in
December 1915 1 _���,.? ������ in
From 7 a. ui on Sunday, Feb. 3
to the following a nrning   was  the
wettest _.| hniii'i since records wete
kept in ilu. ilisti i 1.
Tlie new eilii inn of that popnbii'
publication, "5000 facts about
Canada'' for 1.018, has Keen issued
and again meets a long felt want
for ii concise record nf Canada's
progress uml development in a
single year, The compiler is Mr.
Frank Yeigh, the well-known author and lecturer and acknowledged authority on everything Canadian, This is the tenth year of
its publication, and tlie new edition is onlnrged nnd improved over
previous editions, Fifty chapters
deal with the outstanding features
of the nation arranged alphabetically from "Agriculture to "Wat"
presented in a series of crisp paragraphs that quickly tell their sig-
iiilieiiiii story and that u ill prove
a revelation te even the best informed Canad.an, Copies maybe had by remitting 25c to the
Canadian Facts Publishing Co.
588 Iluro'ti St- Toronto, or on enquiry Irom leading bunk sellers.
This "tabloid cyclopedia of Canada" as it has heen aptly called,
is 11 splendid investment,
Land Registry Act
I f Section 24.)
Section 2, fractional East 1-2 anil North
West 1-4 of  Section  3,   and  Fractional
' Section in, Township 4, and Fractional North West 1-4 of Section 33. Township 7; Comox District, Maps 5__ C and
522 1-'.
Proof having heen filed of the loss of
CertiBcate of Title No. 2084 F, issued to
Aiif-ust I'opozviiski and Enoch E. Crosby, on the 3rd day of November   1912, I
.hereby give notice of my intention at
the expiration of one calendar month
from the first publication hereof to issue a fresh Certificate of Title in lieu
DATED at the I,nnd Registry Office,
Victoria, B. C, this 29th day of January
Registrar General of Titles
Spring Goods
Now Being Shown.
Dress Goods
Zephyrs, Ginghams, Prints,
Flannelettes, Cretons, Lawns
and Nairnooks, Art Muslins
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A complete range of Ladies
Whitewear in all lines
Important Notice re Seeds
We are facing a critical situation
Good seed is scarce A
Never before has there becn such a .shortage
Prices are higher even now- and bound to be higher
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Timothy, Clover, Field, Root,
Seed Grain, Etc.
Seed Corn
Men's department
Our Men's Dept. is now complete with Newest Spring
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W. G. & R. Shirts, Men's and
Boys' Caps, Newest Styles in
Men's Soft and Hard Felt
Buggies and Express Wagons
All Rigs Guaranteed and Sold at the I,owest Possihle Price
Blacksmith ard Cnrria-?. Builder
of Premises
Large corner store added
to Present Stand
623-5 Johnson St.
Great Clearance Sale
at 716 Yate Street
All Goods Must be  Cleared
Seabrook Young
Johnson and Broad Street
Victoria, B. C.
Esquimalt   &   Nanaimo   Railway
For   Victoria���11.35   Monday,  Wednesday    and
Friday, connecting at Parksville Junction with train
for Port Alberni,
,     From   Victoria���9.00   Tuesday,     Thursday,   and
I     Saturday, connecting at  Parksville Junction with
j     train from   Port   Alberni, and arriving at Courtenay at 16.10.
S i Comox  Livery   Stable
Phone 84 L
Auto Truck Meets all Boats
and Courtenay Trains
Autos and Teams for Hire
Phone R[]60
'   Agent Conrte-ay,
at reasonab'e rates
\ ���; > i i  ts Audited and
Books Kept
Office with Hicks Beach  &  Field
Tun ig and Repairing
Here about Oct. 1
Leave orders at Rev'ew office
Just a word about Seed Corn
o's a very great scarcity alsn in Seed Corn,
but we
were fortunate in   securing  a   supply   of Washington
grown '' Golden Nugget" Seed Corn specially developed
I'or use in thc Pacific  Northwest,     It  should  make an
excellent Silage Com
Royal Standard Gain Products Agency
Phone 33, End ol Bridge
B. Towler,  Mgr.
i^V^i-AW^^wi-Mi *4***<e*****0*t^*i^��H*ti^*^tJifZS
We have an Exhibit of a Large
Assortment of New Patterns
Store Between  Bridges
The Brackman-Ker Milling Co. Ltd.
Courtenay Branch
No. i Clover Hay    $26.00
Agricultural Lime 60c per cwt.
Building Lime j. 1.60 per bbl.
Corn Chop at $2.35 and Oat Feed at $1.40 per sack  are  the
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BRAN and SHORTS at Food Controllers prices,
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K. Bread Flours on hand.    When we have disposed of these
there will be no choice in fl.tir- all will be the Jnew Government Standard Grade.
We Deliver
Phone  66
Would You Miss Your
Telephone ?
Do vou fully realize what continuous telephone service is? Despite
tlle weather, accidents, or anything that may cause Interruptions, it is
seliloin your telephone fails to respond to your need, That your service ia continuous is the result of much work behind the scenes, effort
that you never see and seldom hear about. Nothing can take the place
of the telephone, anil it is so much n part ol everyday life that it would
never do not to have it ready at all times. Think what it would menu
if there were no telephone service !
British  Columbia   Telephone Co.
The costof Living is High
Still There's Nothing Like Leather  Willard's Harness Emporium
JAMES   E.  ASTON Vine Showing of Horse Blankets,  Lap
Rugs, Gloves, Trunks, Suit Cases, Etc.
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Harness Repaired Neatly
������.������.*..,__      W. W. WILLARD
CumtarJttBf) and Ctrar'svay THI OOtntTENAY REVIEW
City Council
The City Council held its regular bi-iuonthly meeting on Mondav
evening, all the members were pre-
Commttuication.s were read trom
the following:
W. 0, Robertson asking the
Council to stisbscribe for daily war
news messages by wire. ���Received.
Prom H, Stewart, tilling that
he had taken the matter of the
.bridge up with the Minister, 'and
the Road Superintendent   had been
Dept. of Printing & Stationery 5 00
J, Ledger wood 31.15
Mooring & Mansfield 3 50
Flectric Light Co. 73 78
B, C, Telephone 4-05
F. Hicks lieuch I5,55
W. Duncan 15,45
Mr, E. Hick.; Beach and the
Mayor, who were a c6uiinittee tj
visit Victoria re the proposed steel
plant, al Union Bay gave a report
of their visit, and 'presented a report of the various meetings of the
Victoria committee, At the conclusion Mr. K, Hicks Beach re
commended that the Council  grant
Instructed to Rave new piles put in ^I5��� towards the expenses of a de
to replace the ones washed out.���  legate to Ottawa, and also to  keep
From the Premiers Secretary
acknowledging letter from the May
or, rc Steel plant
From II, S, Vetnents, re lhe site
for steel plant nt Union   Hay,  stating thai it was  nn   ideal  location,
and he will urge tin.-district's claim I
at every opportunity.
From Day Thomas asking for
further information about Union
From Dr! Tolmie re sleel plant
site at Union May.
From Hon. VV. Sloan. Minister
of Mines, re Ihe proposed steel
plant at Union Hay. These communications were ordered received
and filed, and the confidence of tiie
Council to bc extended to lhc committee who are working on the
A letter from Uie Secretary of
B, C. Municipalities enclosing a
copy of resolutions passed at the
meeting at Duncan's was received
and filed for future reference .
The Salvation Army of Winnipeg wrote asking^for a donation
for their social won*. The reques t
was not granted.
Morrow & Jellet wrote stating
that they were not iu a position to
purchase th* City bonds,
Brent Knox   & Co    also   wrote
Messrs. Hodgson and Irwin asked permission to fence in some vacant lots and close a couple of street
ends west of the railway. The
matter wns left with the Board of
Works with power to acl,
0. H, Fechner applied to have
some license fees owing before the
fire on the Opera House and pool
room remitted, Also asked that
the theatre license for four months
before it was completed be remitted
A committee composed of Aid. Hur
ford, Loggie and Idiens will look
into the matter and ret oil,
The Council adjourned until 8
o'clock Wednesday evening.
the  iron   propaganda   before   the
Alter the ratepi.ers present had
expressed their views the Council
headed a subscription list with m.su
und nl the close of the meeting
$135 had been subscribed,
The by law amending tht' Traffic
Hy Law was given Its-third reading
and finally adopted by the Council.
When the matter of giving Pern-
bcrtiiii i1-- Sous a thirty day option
on citv bonds was up for discussion Aid. I.eigliton wanted to
know the whys and wherefores.
lie claimed that lie was a member
of lhe Utilities Committee and had
not been consulted when several
letters had been received and uns
wered. He also wauled to know
if the amount to be realized, at 8S
would purchase the Electric Light
equipment and pay tlle incidental
eiHts. lie was of the opinion that
it would not. He was informed
that the correspondence was a con-
1 tinuaticn of past business, and
llu-re was no necessity for calling
in the ci intnitt.e. The Clerk submitted some li,;,ures which showed
that it would require about $16500
to purchase the equipment, and balance for incidentals About $5100
worth of bonds have been spoken
for loea'ljT and the Mayor and Aid
that they could  secure  no buyers j Hurford were appointed a commit-
for the bonds, lee t0 canvass the community  to
From Solicitors ^Mayers stating see jf more cannot be sold
that he had taken the matter up
with Pemberton & Son who also
wrote asking for a 30 clay option
at 88 net. The Cou'cil will think
oyer the matter of giving them au
option, and come to a decision on
Wednesday evening.
Aid. Leighton gaye notice that
he would introduce a Fence By-
Law at the next meeting.
Aid. Aston reminded the Aldermen thai the estimates for the different committees should be readv
at the next  regular  meeting,  aud
A letter was also received from requested theni to find onlj how
the War Lecture Bureau asking much work was necessary in lhe
the Council to appoint some one to different wards, He also reported
giee 5 minute lectures at theatres that no progress could be made in
and other public places, and circulate literature on War Publicity
Propaganda.--Received  and filed.
The following accounts were presented and sent 011 to the Finance
Committee to be paid if foutjfl correct.
The Department of Agriculture
Victoria, liave sent mil circulars to
lh_ Farmers' Institutes stating that
there is n serious shortage of northern grown seed corn,' also a liklj-
hood of .1 shortage of seed pens,
Members are requested to _tate
1 heir requirements; also if they
have auy seed for sale. The de.
part incut has also taken steps to
ascertain whether or not the seed
merchants will be in a position to
meet the usual demand, and finds
that their stocks of some kinds are
limited The Department has per-
pared for publication a list of seed
growers of the province together
with the kind and quantity of seed
each has for sale. The list will be
ready shortly. Farmers ate reminded that prompt action or- their
part is necessary to. secure spring
The Food Controller has fixed
the prices of bran and shorts for
the B C. coast aud Vancouver Island at $34. 30 per ton of 2000 lbs.
for bran, and $39,30 per toil of
2000 pounds for shorts.
In order to faciliate the securing
of breeding sows by farmers who
may wish to respond to the Empire's appeal for increased hog production, the Minister of Agriculture is writing ail Secretaries of
Farmers' Iii^tiuites with the view
of putting members who may wisli
to secure sows in touch with those
who may have any for sale.
In order to dc this he intendV��
open an Exchange column in thej
monthly     Agricultural     Jotirna'
which is now sent free of c^st to all
It is manufactured
tobacco in its purest
It has a pleasing
It is tobacco scientifically prepared
for man's use.
Ei*a iz__i*{eaB8a_-_i
Our Usual Six Months' Guarantee
!    1 1 2 to 2 Ton Federah fitted  with large express body
aiul top, twin tires to rear wheels,  engine,   running gear
all in perfect condition,     Price when  new  $321)0.     For
'   iinin-diate sale, $1750.
1 2 Ton Gramm truck.    Large express body, single  tires
rear wheels.     In good running order.    Price $1300
1 1 Ton Gramm, fitted  with slake body.    Thoroughly
overhauled and rebuilt at a cosl over $600, Price $1000
1 Ford Form a Truck.    New tires all  wheels, solid rear.
Engine and transmission all rebuilt.     Fitted with express.
1 Overland delivery
oily.     Price  $650
covered body.    1
Johnson Street
Victoria, B. C,
Bodwell & Lawson
reference to the Sleaman fence until a solicitor searched the records
at Victoria. In the meantime uo
action will be taken.
It was decided iu view of the
shortage of teams for plowing, etc.
not to collect a  license  fee from
$25.30 teamsters for the year,
Have you tried
"Nabob Coffee/'
in   sealed   tins
50c per lb.
NABOB stands for Quali'y.    We specialize
on that brand
Ladies and Gent's Tailor
Now Showing New Spring Suitings
T. Booth & Sons-
Telephone No. 1.
McPhee Block
P. McBryde's
Bakery and Tea Rooms
Brown's Block, Courtenay
''     S The Bestjand cheapest bread in the district
14 Loaves for $1, 7 for 50 cts, 4 for 30cts, 2 forgets
We invite anyone to dispute the above advertisement]
The liaker ol Better Bread
Opposite the city hall
Save   Beef,   Save Money
Save Coal.
The following statistics should be interesting to all  who are interested
in the conservation ol either beef, coal or money
Weight to be ordered from Butcher
when cooking is done Uy
Coal or wood
5 pounds 11 07.
8 pound* 9 07.
11 pound ��� 7 07.
14 pounds 5 oz
17 pounds   2 oz
Weight of Joint
..when cooked               - Electricity
4 pounds 4 pounds   S oz
6 pounds 6 pouiida 13 07.
8 pounds 9 pounds   2 oz
10 pounds 11 pounds   6oz
12 pounds \i pounds 10 oz
The above figures are Riven in the Standard Handbook
for Electrical Engineers and are thc results of actual experiments,
With beef at 30c a pound you will pay $1 72  for a S lb 11
oz roast or $1-35 for a 4 lb 8 0/. roast,
Thus if you cook the meat in an electric oven you will
save for yourself 37 cents add for your country 1 pound 3 oz
of beef.^
Think of it, 20 per cent of our meat supply wasted in
coal stoves.   This means that vou will get equal to a
piid up members of Institutes h vt-
ing a membership fee ot Jji.oo ac-
cording to lists sent 111 by Secretaries.
Secretaries are therefore asked
to find out from their members the
names aud addresses of those who
wish to secure either boars or sows
and also of those wlu> may have any
for sale, and advise the Editor of
the Publication' Bran:h of the Department at the earliest possible
date, so that this information may
be published as soon as possible
Tllis paper never has, nor never
Will  Urge Hie people tO Stop takir w
the paper of 0 contempt rary.   We
care fnot jjif   you    palronize   rifry
ytilers as long as you take ours.
Cumberland Hotel
Hood Accomodation       Cusine Excellen
Wm. Merryfield
Sand and Gravel
Rates Reasonable
Discount of 20 p.c. on Your Meat
if you cook by electricity, and you will be saving beef money
and coal for the boys at the front.
The Courtenay Electric Light
Heat & Power Company I imited
Do You
The Courtenav  Review
Family Herald and Weekly Star
and the Daily Province
for one year
for $6 THE
���pi*.. ���.,
'l'\- I. V
I!.     C,
Wouid Revise
School Histories
Idea Is to Eliminate Passages Tending to Antagonize  Either
U, S, or Canada
With a view li1 bringing ovcu
closer relations about between Canada and the United Sinks and between the United Stales anil Britain,
It is suggested that a careful revision
of the school histories of llicsc countries, in order to eliminate passages
which might tend to create or perpetuate antagonisms, be undertaken
by an international committee, To
this end the Fortnightly club of
Montreal, has appointed two leading
citizens, J. Penrose Allglin and j.
Armitagc Ewlng, ICC, to prepare an
outline of a scheme to be presented
to the various universities and leading public men of the countries in
Question by way of starling an educational campaign along the line suggested.
Internal parasites iu the shape of
worms in tiie stomach and bowels of
children sap their vitality and retard
physical developnieni. They keep the
child in a constant slate of unrest
and, if not attended to, endanger life.
The child can bc spared much suffering and the mother much anxiety by
the best worm remedy that can be
got, Miller's Worm Powders, uliicli
are sure death to worms in any
The Wonders 01 tne Air
Aeroplane Has Made Enormous Pro-
gress Si.ice the War Began
When experts in aircraft like I.ord
Montagu ol  Ucaulieu and  Mr.  lira
I'ain-Wliili   speculate on rrir    service '
of lln- future wliicli will Uavwse con-
tin-:ni_s and oceans they arc    sometimes  tlioughl  in lur giving    a    ion
gcniTiiiis play to their imaginations, I
Bui the.admiralty slory of a  Hiuul-
li-y-l'age machine  which  lb-.v    UU).
miles from   Knglniul  In a   Medllrrra-1
ui-aii base In eight flights amounting
In  thirty-one  hours shows  linv.'   near
wc actually nre I" a future in which
the globe will In- covered witli a
great network of air routes���arranged perhaps, as in Lord Montagus >
fascinating theory, one above another, according to the nalura of the
traffic. \\ lint wc tend to forgel is
that ihe aeroplane has made enormous progress since llie liar began, bill
since'ii is military progress most of
It has gone iinreveah'il. When llic
energy of man lunis to the aeroplane
as tl means of social and commercial
Intercourse what wonders shall wc
not see?���Manchester Guardian.
You will find relief In Zam-Buk I
It eases the burning, stinging
pain, ttops bleeding an. brings
ease. Perseverance, with Zam-
Buk, means cure. Why not prove
this?   ���"�� Vruaalstg and tjtoren.-
to* bom.
Emily ami Quickly Cured with
l-'or  Sale  by  All  Dcnlcn
Douglas _��� Co., Prop'ra.        Nnpanee, Out
Observer Hides in Dummy Horse
History's ancient example of camouflage, thc Trojan horse, has a modern variation of peculiar interest,
says the January Popular Mechanics
Magazine in an Illustrated article.
During the fighting near Craonne on
the western front, sonic time ago, a
horse broke his traces and dashed
across No Man's Land toward the
German defences. When near the
edge of a first line trench lie fell.
Thc French immediately made lhc
best of the opportunity and set camouflage artists at work fashioning a
papier-mache replica of the dead animal. Under cover of darkness the
carcass was replaced with the dummy. For three days observers stationed iu lhe latter wcrc able to
watch the enemy's movements at
efvM -_-_�� ���*. .elephone Iheir information to headquarters,
Minard's Liniment Cures Colds, etc.
Another "Fine Sight"
Musketry     Instructor���"To     high
ngain Jones. Don't you know whal a
fine sighl is?"
rtc. Jones���'".lhal  I    do.     It's    a
plate full of beef and potatoes and a
tankard of real beer."
"Does your boy believe ill Simla
"I don'l know. He's wriltcn him
a letter."
"Bul I notice In leaves il around
where    1    can    see    it."���Louisville
Your good looks may bc your fortune.
Who knows? Then why not keep your
complexion fresh and clear, your hands
soft and white, your hair rich and glossy.
Cuticura will help you. Used every day
for all toilet purposes, Cuticura Soap
tricars the pores of impurities, while little
touches of Cuticura Ointment prevent
little skin troubles becoming serious.
Absolutely nothing better or purer.
���ample Kick fee. hy Mill, A'dtM post-euSl
"Cuticura, Kept. N, BoMM, V. S, __" Sail
Ikrouibout tht world.
W.     N.     U,     H93
The Best British Asset
The  Heartening  Vision  of   America
in Arms
America's entry iulo the war on
our side tells more and more heavily
in the balance. The forces of all
the other belligerents arc necessarily
on thc wane. Those of America arc
swift on the increase. Some of her
units arc already iu the fighting line.
Nest spring she ought to be in a position to make the weight of her
sword tell upon her adversaries, and
her lighting squadrons will join
wilh (lie British and the French iu
asserting a joint maslery of the air.
Those who arc templed to give way
to tiller despondency when lhcy read
bad news from Italy or Russia pay
but a poor compliment to the superb
courage of the British and French
soldiers and do but convict themselves of a deplorable lack of imagination if they cannot conjure up
a heartening vision of America in
arms at their side. But, after all, the
best Britisii asset in a war of endurance is the stubbornness of British character, and il is on that supreme quality that wc rely to pull
us through.���London Daily Telegraph.
Internally and Externally It Is
Good.���The crowning property of
Dr. Thomas' Electric Oil is lhat it
can be used internally for many complaints as well as externally. For
ore throat, croup, whooping cough,
pains in the chest, colic and many
kindred ailments il has curative qualities that arc unsurpassed. A bottle
of it costs litlle and there is no loss
in always having il at hand.
U. S. In For a Big Job
The Situation as Viewed by an Ex-
What tlie. allies need is another
great arm) which shall leave no
doubt as to thc preponderance, Whai
England has done wc can do and
should do. What will determine lhc
battle in llie end is man power. Au
American army of 2,0(K>,(I00 is not
enough to make the result (t-tTFlain.
England is now losing men at the
rate of 100,000 a month. Wc should
now plan for an army of 5,000,000.
England has done nearly this with
fewer men and less resources. England's interest in this war is no
greater than ours. England, France,
and the United States, with their
forces thus augmented, can drive the
Germans back and win victories
which will destroy the power of the
present Herman dynasty ovcr its
What in must plan for is to beat
Germany on the western (rout. The
release by Russia of German divisions will give to the Germans for
lhe time being, greater offensive
power, but some of this has already
been consumed. Thc Germans arc
suffering great losses on both fronts
and in spite oi English losses the
mere process of attrition which
Grant used in defeating Lee is working against Germany. With the addition' of au army of 5,000,000 Americans, with lhc control of the seas,
with the drawing of thc fangs of the
the submarine monster wc can end
German domination. But wc should
nol minimize thc job. We should
not lengthen it by an effort narrow-
anil contracted which may fail, and
failing, call for a greater effort. Wc
should make the greater effort now.���
William II. Taft in the Philadelphia
Public Ledger.
"Are you fond of dogs?"
"Very. They stick right by you,
and they're not forever forcing their
opinions on you."���Detroit Free
"Money has a tendancy to Intoxicate people."
"But strange to say, not when It
gets tight,"���Baltimore American,
His Sick Leave
Bandsman Had a Jolt for the Kindly
M. O.
A member of the band went lo lhc
M. O, with a plaintive story about a
sore throat. "Sore throat���ch?" said
the M. O, pleasantly. "Let me see.
Oh, that's not very bad I A slight
Irritation���nothing more. You'll be
all right in a day or two I thinl-
yoii had belter run no risk of renewing the trouble by using your throat,
thought so 1 will recommend you for
a fortnight's siek leave." Armed with
the doctor's certificate, the bandsman obtained his fortnight's siek
leave. The fortnight bad just come
lo au end, when he met the M. (.). on
the parade ground. The bandsman
saluted. Tho M. O. recognized llur
I'aee and stopped. "How's the
throat?" he asked pleasantly. "It's
quite well, sir," was lhe answer.
"Thai's good!" said the M. I). "You
eau get back to your duly without
fear. By the way, what Instrument
do you play?" "'the bass drum, sir!"
replied  the  bandsman.
Minard's Liniment Cures Distemper.
Biting the Biter
Venice is chuckling over lhe fact
lhat when a German aviator bombed
Venice he selected the Palazzo da
Mula for attack. llis missile, iu the
course of its destructive way, passed
through three floors, smashed a
marble slab on which were recorded
the kaiser's periodical visits to the
"Queen of lhe Adriatic," and blew to
shreds lhe painting of thc All Highest, signed with his own majestic
hand, which had been presented by
William to lhc famous beauty, the
Countess of Morosini;
Stale ol Oliio, City ol Toledo,
Lucas County, ss.
Frank J. Cheney malccs oatli that lie is
senior partner of the firm ol 1-'. J. Cheney
ce Co., doing business in the City of Toledo,
County and Slntir aforesaid, and that said
firm will pay the sum of ONE HUNDRED
DOLLARS for each and every case ot Catarrh that cannot bc cured by the Use ol
Sworn to before me nnd subscribed in my
presence, this 6th day of December, A. ll.,
(seal) Notary  Public.
1 lall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally and
acts throuj.Ii thc Uluod on lite Mucous Sur-
laces of tlie .System. Send for testimonials
F. J,  CHENEY  &  CO.,  Toledo,  O,
Sold by  Druggists,  75c.
Hall's Family Pills for constipation.
Officer���Now. can you give any
reason or excuse why you are continually late on parade?
Delinquent���Well, sorr, I ran give
any amount of excuses, but rayson���
I'm afraid I can't oblige yc, soor.���
Photographer���Which side of your
face would you rather havc shown
iu llie. picture?
Girl���The outside, of course. I'd
look nice distributing X-ray pictures
of myself around, wouldn't I?
Tho mon on the firing lino represent
tho pick of our country's youth, Many
wero rejected because of physical deficiency. Many times the kidneys were
to Maine.
If we wish to prevent old ago coming
on too Boon, or if wo want to increase
our cliancos for a long life, Dr. Pierce
of tho Surgical Institute, Buffalo, N. Y.,
��ay�� that you should drink plenty of
water daily between meals. Then procure- at a drug store, Anuric (double
strength). This "Anuric" drives tho
uric acid nut and cures backache and
If wc wish to keep our kidneys In the
best condition a diet of milk and vegetables, with only little meat once a day,
is tlio most suitable. Drink plenty of
pure water, take Amiric threo times a
day for a month.
Sond Dr. Piereo ]0o for trial pkg. Anuric���many times morc potent than lithia,
eliminates uric acid as hot water melts
sugar,   A short trial will convince you.
Preston, Ont.���"I am pleased to ox-
press my experience with Anuric. I have
been troubled with rheumatism in right
limb and hand for several years, and
lately in left shoulder. The only way
I could lie was oif my back. I
had great difficulty to sit down
and moro to get up. Lately I had
a very severe pain in my back. I have
taken Dr. Piereo 'a Golden Medical Discovery several times with the most satisfactory results, io I concluded to give hii
Auurio Tablet* a trial. The pain in limb
and shoulder has stopped entirely and In
right hand it Is very slight and getting
leu all the tine. I can now alt or lie
in any position I wish without discomfort or pain. I recommended the Anuria
Tablet* to two parties and they both
claim deeided Improvement. I certainly
will raeommwd them to any one trouble*
with tb* kidney* : there i* nothing nearly
to good* I Wed them all."- ~
Boot, oor, Dnk* aad Watcrie*.
Headquarters Explains
lie-Attestation Ruling
Abilities Acquired in Service in Canada Given Same Consideration
.as Those Received Overseas
A discharged soldier suffering a
recurrence of a disability, pronounced by the medical officer to bc due
lo military servicc, is entitled to re-
attestation on pay and allowances
while receiving further treatment in
a military convalescent  hospital.
A ease arose recently where a discharged soldier who had never been
overseas experienced a recurrence of
a disability acquired as a result of
service in a Canadian camp. He applied for trcatmont bill the local officer was not sure that under 1'. C.
508, the order iu council, designed to
penult the renttcstation for treatment
of returned men under certain 'circumstances included men wlio had
not been overicas.
Hc applied to the headquarters of
the M.H.C. at Ottawa for instructions and was informed that the order in council made no difference between overseas men and the men
whose' disability was acquired in a
Canadian camp, provided the M.O.
declared lhat the disability was due
lo service,
Every muscle in the body needs
constantly    a   supply   of- rich,   red
hlood in proportion to the work it
does. The muscles of the back are
under a heavy strain and have but
litlle rest. When Ihe blood is thin
they lack nourishment, and thc result is a sensation of pain in those
muscles. Some people think pain
iu the back means kidney trouble,
but the best medical authorities
agree that backache seldom or never
has anything to do with the kidneys.
Organic kidney diseases may have
progressed to a critical point withoul developing a pain in thc back.
This being the case pain in the back
should always lead the sufferer to
look to thc condition of his blood.
It will be found in most cases that
thc use of Dr. Williams' Pink Pills
to build up thc blood will stop the
sensation of pain in the ill-nourished
muscles of thc back. How much better it is to try Dr. Williams' Pink
I'ills for the blood than to give way
to unreasonable alarm about your
kidneys. If you suspect your Kidneys any doctor can make tests in
ten minutes that will set your fears
at rc6t, or tell you thc worst. But
in any cvcnl to bc perfectly healthy
you must keep the blood in good
condition, and for this purpose no
other medicine can equal Dr. Williams' Pink Pills.
You can get these pills through
any dealer iu medicine, or by mail at
50 cents a box or six boxes for $2.50
from The Dr. William*' Medicine
Co., Brockville, Ont.
Men in Training
Fighting isn't the only duty of a
���oldier, and exposure to bullets ia
not *e aerious aa exposure to all
kinds of weather and dampnesa.
Rheumatic aches, eore and stiff
muscles, atraina and'sprains, chilblains and neuralgia, all are enamiea
of the soldier, and the relief for all
these pains and aehea ia Sloan'a
Liniment, Clean and conveniont to
carry or use; does not stain, and
penetrate* without rubbing.
Geiu-oui tired bottlta. at all diuffiaM.
Electricity From the Wind
The electrical engineering department of the slate Agricultural College of Manhattan, Kan., is at present engaged in conducting a series
of experiments with a view lo improving lhc prevailing methods of
generating electricity from  windmill
power. In the present tests Ihe gen
orator is mounted on the head of the
mill and geared directly to the source
of power, instead of being belted to
lhe mill at its base, as is usually thc
practice. The main need at present
seems to bc a mill that requires a
lower wind velocity to start than
those now available, since thc latter
arc idle, for long periods at a stretch,
and therefore necessitate the employment of large storage batteries.
Laura���"What's the argument in
Milliccnt���"There isn't any argument. Mother and Alice arc just
proving to dad that lie's wrong
again I"
What Waste Costa
The waste of 500,000 pounds of
paper a week, Canadian authorities
estimated, entailed the cutting of at
least 2,000 trees a week. Every ton
of old paper recovered means a saving of eight trees of mature growth.
The saving of woollen rags 'or thc
manufacture of shoddy save* land
for crops which otherwise would bc
required for the raising of ahecp.
Men, money and material'���capital
and labor���arc conserved every time
a bit of material is re-cmplovcd
which formerly was destroyed.���
Portland Oregonian,
Hard and sofl corns both yield to
Holloway's Corn Cure which is entirely safe to use, and certain and satisfactory in its action.
A New Grain Route
A British ship of 8,800 tons left
Vancouver, B.C., recently with a cargo of Canadian wheat for Great
Britain. The vessel will use the
Panama canal. This marks, it is
said, the opening of an important
new grain route for the world. By
using the Pacific ports and the Panama canal, rail haulage is reduced
and the grain thus transported need
not bc kept in storage, as it is now
at thc head of thc lakes, during the
winter months, at a cost of five cents
a buthel.���Buffalo Express.
Thc Nova Scotia "Lumber King"
"I consider MINARD'S LINIMENT the best LINIMENT in use.
I got my foot badlv jammed lately.
I bathed it well with MINARD'S
LINIMENT and it was as well as
ever next day,
Yours very truly,
"This is a special flour for making
flannel cakes."
The young housewife was trying
to look wise. "Does it make good
cakes?" she asked.
"Excellent flannel cakes, mum."
"Ah, urn.    Will   they   shrink?"
Louisville Courier-Journal.
tight, Gold, Surprise or Comfort Soap
1 liars for 25c, 3 cans I'cas, Com or Tomatoes 25c, 5 pound pail -lire I.nrd $1.00.
Everythin_ at factory to consumer prices.
Men wanted everywhere in every village to
show samples to their friends and neighbors.
$.50.00 worth of supplies for $50. You can
earn $25 weel-Iy with a few hours' work.
Write today lor your county. THE CONSUMERS ASSOCIATION (Incorporated
Capital JWO.OOO.OO)  Windsor, Ontario.
Wken baying year Piano
Ituiit on baring u
Otto Higel Piano Action
is near. Wh)' not
buy a Billiard
Table lor tha
boys and girls.
We have a top
that will convert
this table into
dining, library
or kitchen table.
n.....',-"     fH Equipment   Iree
Dept. _      ������        SAMUEL MAY tt CO.
102 Adelaide  St.  W..  Toronto
Mightiest     ���wine
ever    aimed    al
Abortiin,    Steril.
Ity,  aad    Premature Calving, oat
or   o_e   hundred
cattle treated   la
5   minute].     Um
one h_.ll   ol   our
product.    II    not
-atisficd      return
'he   bal-nce   and
et  your  money.
"Kail Sa��_"
sells    25    pound*
$4.00.    Send  lot
printed nutter.
Plant and Head Office,  Edmonton, Alberta.
P.  O.   Box, lil
Newrich (to prospective butler)���
A hundred dollar* a month? Why,
that'* all I pay mv bookkeeper.
Butler���But 'e doeaa't 'ave to has-
���oclate hevery day with your family,
���Ir.���Boston Transcript.
Minimize The Fire
Peril By Using
Chemically Self-Extinguishing
"Silent 500s--
The Matches With "No
EDDY I* the only Canadian
maker of these matches, every
(tick of which has becn treated
with a chemical solution which
poiitively ensures the match
becoming dead wood once il
ha* been lighted and blown
Look for tht word* "Chemically ��el--*-rtlngulshing" on the
boa. TEE)    REVIEW,    GOLTITXEY,    B.    0.
Paper Lifeboat a Reality
Specially    Treated.  Japanese   Fabric
Haa Many Uses
Siunc luni' ago notices
Necessity for Speeding Up on the Farms of the Dominion was
Never so Urgent as at the Present Time, and Authorities
Should Take Action to Secure thc Required Help
Day hy Jay, with growing insistence, the call of thc firm for labor
is heard. If Europe is not to suffer
from famine on a scale heretofore unknown among civilized men there
must be a great speeding up of agricultural production uu this continent.
The tolal ol thc world's food stocks
Is not far short ol the normal consumption, .'inil if shipping were available to carry the surplus of cereals
and ments to he found in Australia,
India, and South America to thc
European consumer there would he
little danger of serious shortage. Hut
���hipping is not available in sufficient
tonnage to make the long voyages
required lo bring the food surplus of
the Orient nnd of South America
within reach of the Brilish, French
and Italian consumers, The North
American continent, because of its
proximity to Europe, must continue
to bc the chief source of food supply
for the allied nations uniil the end of
thc war and during lhc earlier stages
of reconstruction.
The necessity for speeding up on
the farms of the Dominion was never so urgent as it is today. Yet it
Is doubtful whether Canada during
the coming crop year will produce as
large a surplus ol' food for export as
In the earlier years of thc war, when
lhc need was not so great. Many
careful observers, including the leaders of the farmers themselves, slate
lhat there are not enough workers
left on thc farms���apart altogether
from the scarcity of labor due lo the
operation of thc military service act
���to maintain production even at the
level set in former years. Mr. Harry
Frankland, who is not an alarmist,
and who is in a position to undcr-
Itand the town dweller's point of
view as well as the farmer's, made
a strong appeal in yesterday's is-
lue of The Globe for the help without which the farms of Ontario cannot bc made to yield their accustomed increase during the coming sea-
ion.   He says:
"It is up lo the citizens to organize
ind send help to the farms during
My and August and half of September this coming year, or farmers will
be loath to sow grain or food. They
will be afraid that their labor will be
In vain, and they will turn good
wheat and oat ground into pasture. I
would respectfully rcci ..eiiU those
who can and know Im to organize
lo do so now, and show the farmer
before it is too late thai lie will havc
issistancc to harvr ��� his grain next
leason. Prepare to closr stores, factories and warehouses, if necessary,
jnd let us havc volunteers. The time
������ now opportune; wait not for tomorrow."
Mr. Frankland's call is for volunteers. But why volunteers? If men
lo grow food arc as necessary to the
juccess of Ihe allied cause as men to
bear arms, why should nut the principle of selective conscription bc as
applicable to thc growing of food as
to the raising A armies? Britain
penalizes the fanner who turns good
wheat and oat ground into grazing
land. Britain insists on the breaking
np of pasture suitable for cropping.
But in doing so the men charged
with the task of increasing the British supply of home-grown food sec
lo it that farm 1-bor is provided
where required. Men in thousands
wcrc released temporarily from the
army last spring lo get in the crop.
A very complete organization exists
Io direct women's labor lo the farms,
although compulsion is not yet applied in the case of women workers.
Ought not similar measures to hc
laken in Canada? Among the hundred thousand unmarried men lo be
called up for service from time to
lime under the military service act,
there must bc many thousands who
are accustomed to farm work and
who could bc used to advantage early
In the season in preparing llur ground
and sowing the crops. The militia
department docs not propose to call
up the whole hundred thousand at
once for training. It may he well
Into the summer before the last call
conies (or overseas service. Why not
utilize now for farm work some of
the men who will not bc included in
lhc drafts to bc sent abroad immediately?
There arc other sources of farm
labor that should be drawn upon
without hesitation. ' Government offices all over the country are full of
men and women who came from the
farm and arc still able to do farm
work. It would bc a mighty stimulus
to war effort were the announcement
to bc made that the members of the
Dominion and provincial civil services had, by lengthening the hours
of labor and voluntarily increasing
the work done by each, released a
thousand men and women to aid in
food production. The call for volunteers from private offices, workshops
and stores would come with much
g'_atcr force from men who, as servants of the people, were urging oth
ers to follow llieir example. "Come
on" is always a belter cry than "Go
The soil of Canada should bc used
to the utmost possible extent for the
production of grain, dairy products,
and food animals from now until the
end o( the war. It is the duty cf thc
government to see that land capable
of use is not held idle for lack of
labor. And if lhat duty cannot be
performed withoul recourse to the
principle of compulsion there should
be no hesitation in applying it. Here
iu Canada, with peace and prosperity
surrounding us, we do not yet understand lhat our own liberties and our
own future are at stake in thc grim
struggle thai is being waged ill
Franco and Flanders. If the allies
fail for lack of food, that failure will
be ours as much as theirs, and its
consequences will he felt by us and
Ihose who conic after us for many
a long year. Growing foodstuffs in
Canada is not an ordinary business at
present. It is a war industry, and
must bc so regarded by thc govcrn-
men and thc people generally, as well
as by thc men and women engaged
in it. If voluntary workers cannot
be secured to carry on the industry
the state must step in and exercise
thc power of compulsion.���Toronto
W.     N.     U.     1193
The Zeppelin is ��� Failure
Germany Has Only   Thirteen    Airships Left of a Fleet of
Germany's Zeppelin program, announced with boastful pride in 1914,
stands a dreary failure today.
Accurate figures show that of fifty-
three Zeppelins put into commission
since 1914, thirty-five have been destroyed, two havc been badly damaged and put permanently out of
commission, two possibly destroyed,
now missing, and one is badly damaged and temporarily out of commission.
Of the thirteen remaining in service eight arc detailed to the North
Sea, two to the Baltic and three as
experimental  school  ships.
Kaids over France, England and
Belgium have cost thc Germans seventeen Zeppelins, eight having been
account- for in England, live in
France and four iu Belgium. Accidents by tire, wind and lightning have
destroyed at least eight in Germany.
Zeppelin numbers, according to accurate calculations, started with the
L-l and ended with L-57. Numbers
between 25 and 30 have not been employed, leaving 53 to bc accounted
L-l and L-2 wcrc destroyed before
the war. The first fell in the North
Sea and thc second was accidentally
burned at Fuhlshbuttel. In addition
to her Zeppelins Germany has had in
commission since the beginning of
the war at least thirteen airships of
the Schuttc-Lanz, Gross and Parsc-
val types. Of these possibly seven
remain in service, two, however, as
non-combatant instruction ships.
Meanwhile the
Empire is Growing
The British Empire Still   Continues
To Expand
Thc Germans may well be discouraged if they aim to smash the
Britisii empire. They arc no nearer
thc hate-England heaven than Napoleon was, or Louis XIV., or Philip
of Spain. Napoleon overran Europe
as the Germans have not succeeded
in doing, yet thc Britisii empire
stood like a rock. Today, it is true,
the Germans and their allies arc in
parts of Kussia, Rumania, Italy,
France and Flanders, but the Britisii
havc recently driven the last German out of Africa and have now
made their grip on the Suez canal
and Egypt stronger than ever by
taking thc heart of Palestine. Europe's great continental wars always
overshadowed the contemporaneous
events in other continents, particularly the decisive little battles on the
outskirts of Christian civilization,
whether in North America or Asia.
Thus Wolfe conquered Canada and
Clivc India. When Europe stopped
fighting and bleeding, the British
empire had usually grown in size.���
Springfield Republican.   ���
"My friend, there is really no excuse for your not looking neat and
"Sorry, mister," replied Plodding
Peter, "but I'm conserving my bit
along wit dc rest of dc folks. You
jes' happened to hit mc on my soap-
less day."���Washington Star.
"Do you tend your own furnace?"
"No," replied Mr. Crosslots. "I'm
not selfish. If wc get in enough fuel
to start a little blaze I let the whole
family gather around and enjoy it
with me."���Washington Star.
lapsible paper lifeboat, tlie invention
of a rear admiral of tho Japanese
navy appeared in several journals.
This boat was said to weigh hut n
few pounds and could bc folded up
Into a very small compass. Upon Investigation some very Interesting information regarding the paper used
in the construction of this boat was
The rrar admiral's invention consists not of si new paper, bu^ratlier
if a chemical process whereby a very
tough fibre paper is rendered waterproof, This paper has been manufactured by the Japanese for centuries from the fibre ol the mulberry
trees, The paper is made up into any
desired shape by cutting and cementing with an especially prepared adhesive; a lapped joint of onc-cightll
to five thirty-seconds of an Inch lias
as much strength as the surrounding
With the above mentioned adhesive any number of thickness can bc
cemented together and an almost unbelievable strength obtained. The
paper is nearly lis pliable as doth and
no amount of folding or crumpling
seems lo diminish ils strength, A
hole made in the body of the paper
shows less tendency to enlarge than
a similar hole in cloth, When desired the paper can bc treated with
au antiseptic which renders a sack
made of this material capable of
holding water continuously for several months.
Owing to lack of capital the. admiral turned over his invention to a
company which is at present engaged
principally in making and testing oul
sample articles of this paper; There
seems to be no limit to the different
uses to which this paper can be put.
Some lime ago a sample sandbag
was submitted, upon request, to thc
British government; if this proves
satisfactory thc company agrees to
furnish the sacks at the rale of one
million a month until lhc end of the
war. These bags posses all the
strength of canvas sacks, but unlike
theni they arc waterproof, hence can
bc easily emptied, carried lo an advance position, refilled and placed in
any desired spot.
Life preservers, inner tubes for
motor ear tires, bladders for footballs, air cushions, air mattresses,
sacks for Portland cement, ponchos,
"pup" tents and mothproof hags for
clothing arc a few of the things that
have been made and tested out and
as far as can bc ascertained lisivc
proved successful.���Scientific American.
Investigation has Caused Considerable Information to be Brought
To Liglit in Which it is Clearly Shown that the Germans
Had Planned to Overrun the Great Republic
Captain Gives Life
In Fight with U-Boat
Victoria Cross Awarded to the Family for Brave Battle With
Never was the Victoria Cross more
fittingly awarded, observes the London Morning Post, in telling the
story of Thomas Crisp. On an August afternoon at about 2:45 thc trawl
was shot from thc Nelson, while the
fishing smack was on the port tack.
The skipper was below packing fish.
One man was on deck cleaning fish
for lhe next morning's breakfast. The
skipper came on deck, saw an object on the horizon, examined it
closely and sent for his glasses.
Directly he sang "out, "Clear for
action. Submarine." He had scarcely spoken when a shot fell about 100
yards away on the port bow. Thc
motor-nan got to his motor; the deck
hand dropped his fish and went to
the ammunition room. The other
hand at the skipper's orders, "Let go
your gear." Meanwhile the gun-
layer held his fire until the skipper
said: "It i.s no use waiting any longer; we will have to lct them have it."
Away in the distance thc submarine sent shell after shell at thc
smack and about thc fourth shot the
shell went through the port bow-
just below the waterline. Then the
skipper shovcr her round.
There was no confusion on board
not even when the seventh shell
struck thc skipper, passed through
his side, through the deck and out
through lhc side of the ship. The
second hand at once took charge of
lhe tiller and thc firing continued.
All the lime water was pouring into
thc ship, and she was sinking. One
man, thc gun-layer, went to the skipper to sec if hc was mortally wounded.
"It's all right, boy; do your best,"
said the skipper, and then, to thc
second hand: "Send a message off."
This was the message: "Nelson being attacked by submarine. Skipper
killed.    Send assitance at once."
All this time the smack was sinking and only five rounds of ammunition were left. The second hand
went to the skipper, lying there on
thc deck, and heard him say: "Abandon ship. Throw the books overboard." Hc was asked then if they
should lift him into the boat but his
answer was: "Tom, I'm done; throw
me overboard."
He was too badly injured to be
moved, and they left him there on
his deck and took to the small boat.
A quarter of an hour afterward the
Nelson went down by the head.
Musty���I lead an nbjolutely happy
Crusty���But didn't you ever think
of marrying?���Buffalo Express,
"The mosl dangerous foe of Germany in this generation will prove to
In- the United Stales." Tin's prophesied  Dr.  Otto  Hotscll    professor  at
the War Academy in Berlin in art article in the Alldeutschc Blatter, on
August 23, 1902, and lhc learned doctor has certainly prophesied better
than he knew. How completely
America has upset the whole German apple-cart can only hr appreciated when it ia realized that decades
ago Germany planned first lo conquer Europe and then to attack and
dominate au isolated and helpless
America. Open avowals of this conspiracy have bee. collected by the
United Stales iimcnt in a bro
chure entitled- - ..jqucst and Kultur," compiled by Professors Notc-
steiu and Stoll, of the University of
Minnesota, and issued by thc committee of public Information at Washington,
From the evidence there collected
it can bc seen that the Germans have
been by no means reticent about
their intentions, and tlicy seem to
have calculated upon thc good-natured Anglo-Saxon's refusal lo believe
the. Teuton capable of such depths
of long-sighted.villany. This side of
the queslion is emphasized by the
committee on public information
when it quotes the letter of Dr. W.
T. Homaday in the New York Tribune of August 11, 1915, containing
thc statements made to him by Maj.
M. A. Bailey, who recounts how he
traveled with . Count von Goctzen,
onc of Germany's military attaches,
from Santiago, Cuba, immediately
after the Spanish-American war. On
llieir way to America Count von
Goetzen confided lo Major Bailey,
twenty years in advance, the history
of thc beginning of this war and
Major Bailey's account runs:
"Apropos of a discussion ... on
the. friction between Admiral Dewey
and the German admiral at Manila,
I von Goctzen said to mc: '1 will tell
you something which you had better
I make a note of. I am not afraid to
tell you this because if you do speak
of it, no one would believe you and
everybody will laugh at yon.
" 'And fifteen years from now my
country will start her great war. She
will be in Paris in about two months
after thc commencement of hostilities. Her move on Paris will be but
a step lo ber real object���the crushing of England. Everything will
move like clockwork. Wc will bc prepared and others will not be prepared. I speak of this because of thc
connection which it will have with
your own country.
" 'Some months after wc finish our
.work in Europe, wc will take New
York, and probably Washington, and
hold them for some time. Wc will
put your country in its place with
reference to "Germany. Wc do not
purpose to take any of your territory; but we do intend to take a
billion or more dollars from New
York and other places. The Monroe
Doctrine will be taken charge of by
us, as we will then have put you in
your place, and wc will take charge
of South America as far ns wc want
This project of an invasion of
America subsequent to a German
victory in Europe was developed at
great length in 1901 by Baron von
Edelsheim in his book: "Operations
Upon thc Sea," and it should be recollected that when he wrote it he
was in the service of the German
general staff. He said, probably with
sonic foreknowledge of German habits in conquered countries:
"The fact that onc or two of her
provinces arc occupied by invaders
would nol alone move thc Americans
to sue for peace To accomplish this
end, the invaders would have to inflict real material damage by injuring the whole country through the
successful seizure of many of the Atlantic ports, in which thc threads of
the entire wealth of the nation meet.
It should bc so managed that a line
of land operations would be in close
juncture with the fleet, through which
wc would bc in a position to seize in
a short lime many of these important
and rich cities, to interrupt their
means of supply, disorganize all governmental affairs, assume the control
of all useful buildings, confiscate all
war and transport supplies, and lastly, to impose heavy indemnities . . .
as a matter of fact, Germany is the
only great power which is in a position to conquer the United States."
There has becn a slight dislocation
in this interesting program, but a
still more marked miscalculation was
made regarding the German immigrant and his functions, which were,
of course, to prepare the way for the
ultimate absorption of America into
the bosom of the Fatherland and
until that happy day arrived he was
to asisst by every means in his power that program of active Germanlza-
tion of American institutions which
we know to have been directed from
Berlin. For example, Wilhclm Hub-
bc-Sclileidcn, writing in the Alldcut-
iche Blatter in 1903, said:
"It is lhe duty of cwry one  v.ho
loves languages  to sec that  iho  fu
nic language spoken in America
shall bc German. It is of the highest importan , keep up tlie German language ul America, to eslab-
lish German universities, improve
the schools, introduce German newspapers, and lo scc that at American
Universities German professors are
more capable than their English-
Speaking colleagues, ri"d make their
influence felt III ...lakably on
thought, science, an and literature.
If Germans hear this in mind and
help accordingly, thc goal will eventually he reached. At lhe pr.-sent moment the center of Germs n intellectual activity is in Germany: in the
remote future it will be In America."
The German emigrant was traincil
lo feel that in leaving his native
shores he was followed hy the protecting hand of the Fatherland, and
wc find the kaiser himself paying iu
a speech as early as June 16, 1S96:
"The German empire has become
a world empire. Everywhere in distant quarters of the earth thousands
of our countrymen arc living. German
guardians of the sea, German .science,
German industry, are going acros.-t
the sea. It is my wish that, standing
in closest union, you help uie to dn
my duty not only to my countrymen
in a narrower sense, but also to the
many thousands of countrymen i'i
foreign lands. This means that I may
be able to protect them if I must."
Nearly twenty yearn after tlm
kaiser made this utterance we slill
find in thc mind of the All Highest
the conviction that he can do what
he pleases with America. Just before we threw in our lot with tho
rest of thc world in this fij-'it for
democracy, our ambassador in Berlin, Mr. James W. Gerard, had an
inlervievv with the emperor ot significant import. In bis book, "My Four
Years iu Germany," he thus describes the. incident:
"The emperor was standing; so naturally I stood also; and, according:
to bis habit, which is quite Roosevcl-
lian, he stood very close to ine, anl
talked very earnestly , . . Hc showed.
however, great bitterness against tha
United States and repeatedly sail
America had better loots, out after
this war; and 'I shall stand no nonsense from America after the war.'
"I was so fearful in reporting the
dangerous part of lhis interview, on
account of the many spies not only
in my own embassy, but also in the
state department, that I sent but .,
very lew words in a roundabout way
by courier direct to the president.*
We were not only to bc conquered
but also to bc turned out of our
home. Thc fate ill store for thosi
who did not respond gracefully to
Germanizatipn is told In Klaus Wagner's "Kricg," published in 1906:
"By the right of war thc right ol
strange races to migrate into Germanic settlements will bc takrn away.
By right of war thc non-Germanic
population in America and Greal
Australia must be settled in \i'rica."
���Literary Digest.
Some Reciprocity
California Sending Prune   Trees   to
France to Rehabilitate Orchards
Devastated by Huns
Five and one half millions pound,
of seed beans and 1,500,00*) two-year-
old French prune irecs arc being
gathered in California for shipment
to Northern ranee to rehabilitate the
fields and orchards devastated by the
Germans in their retreat.
Thc beans are pink and black cyi
varieties, and the quantity is sufficient
to plant 69,000 acres. The prune
trees will convert 15,000 acres into
hearing orchards within two years.
There is a bit of sentiment in California's sending young orchards to
France, as it was this war torn republic, that gave the state its first
prune trees. This was in 1S56 and
since that time the prune orchards
cover nearly 100,00*) acres and bring
to thc growers more than $10,000,000
a year.
If an average crop is raised from
the California seed it will mean an
addition to the food supply of France
of morc than two and ore half
pounds of beans next summer to each
of the 40,000,000 residents. Shipments will begin immediately.
"I'm on speaking terms with a
dozen editors," said the budding author.
"Docs that get you anytbing?"
"Occasionally it gets mc a typewritten letter of regrets instead of a
printed rejection siip."���Birmingham
"So in the new play you have ilia
part of a decayed gentleman. That'*
just thc role for you,   my   boy."
"Why do you think io?"
"Because you're a rotten actor.""1**
Boston Transcript. . THE COURTENAY REVIEW
Maple Lear Theatre
Saturday Feb. 23
Charlie    Chaplin   in
" At 1 A. M."
A Mutual Masterpiece of big stars only
S. S. Hutcnison presents Wm. Russell in a tense
Socialogical Drama
"High Play," in Four Parts
Wednesday Feb. 27
7th Episode of the
and Gladys Hulett in " The Cigarette Girl"
l Ford Car Takes the Place of
All These Things
WHEN you own a Ford you can do away with many
articles that are a source of continuous expense to
the man who still drives a horse. For instance, not
only your driving-horse and buggy, but the single harness,
blankets, -whips, currycombs, brushes, horse-shoes,, pitchforks, feed-bins, etc.
In their place you have a speedy, dependable, dignified,
roomy Ford Car���complete in itself. It is vastly superior to
the narrow, cramped buggy that travels so slowly. And
when a Ford is standing idle it does not eat three meals a
day, and it requires no "looking after."
A Ford will save you time, trouble, and money. It is the
utility car for the busy farmer and his family.
Runabout - $475
Touring - - $495
Coupe ��� ��� $770
Sedan - - - $970
One-tonTruck $750
F. 0. B. FORD, ONT.
E.C .Emde, Dealer, Courtenay.
Engineer Harry Austin was seti-
ously injuted,   and  fireman Oscar
Droube sustained a   fractured arm
in a wreck oil the E. '& N, ou Friday afternoon, when the  train,   in
I chat ge of Conductor Pat Fletcher
I which left Courtenay at  11,45  a.
ni. tor Victoria,   plunged into sin
opening in the track caused  by a
cave in of the old Soutbfield slope,
which passes under the K. & N, ut
ja   point   about   midway   between
Stark's crossing and .South  Wellington.   S     >
I    The train, consisting of the loeo-
I motive, mail and baggage cars and
thrje coaches, was a   little  behind
time leaving   Nunninio,  nnd nfler
, leaving Stark's Crossing put  '>n   a
little speed iu order to make up   a
I little lost time, reeling oil uliout 30
1 miles an hour,    Owing to the fact
that the r..ils and ties were still iu
I position   nol  having   gone   down
J with tlie roadbed, the two men in
! the locomotive did not see any d.in
! ger abend until the train wus vvith-
I in a few yards of llie cave,
Throwing on all brakes and
shutting off steam, Austin and
Droube jumped from the engine
which was going over the cave at
this time, llie locomotive going
over, but in doing so the rear
wheels of the tender broke tlirougli
allowing the mail coach to drop
into tht cave, the coupling breaking which allowed to continue ou
partly off anil partly on tlle track
until it came to a stop about fifty
feet beyond the cave.
llefore they could get away after
jumping from the engine, Austin
and Droube were pinned to the
ground by the tn iii car, which inflicted their injuries. After con-
siderable effort thev were extricated
from under the wrecked car and
made as comfortable as possible until the arrival of Dr. McPhee Wilks
and Ingham from Nanaimo, who,
after giving temporary treatment
to the injured 111.11, had them removed to the local hospital where
it was found that Ausin'sriijht foot
was broken aud a portion of the
heel torn completely away. His
pelvis is also badly injured if uot
fractured and it is feared that he
lias also sustained internal injuries,
Droube's injuries were less serious
consisting of a fractured arm and
a number of biuises, besides being
badly shaken up.
Mr, D. H. Shiuneg, clerk iu the
mail car, had a very nawow escape. When the weight of the
tender snapped the two heavy steel
rails tbe ends crashed through the
bli.id end of the mail car. passing
through its eitire length and into
the baggage car, which telescoped
the mail car for a distance of several feet, Shinneg was assortiug
mail at the time, and when the car
came to a stop he found himself
amongst a mass of wreckage, with
a steel rail on either side of him,
and how he escaped being impaled
is nothing short of a miracle. As
It was, apait from a few slight cuts
aud a shaking up he escaped injury
None of the passengers, amongst
whom were Mr. Duncan Thompson and Mrs. Merryfield of Cum-
beiland, were injured, although
they were all more or less thrown
about when the coaches were
brought to a sudden slop. Some
of the passengers returned to Nanaimo, while the majority walked
from the scene of the accident to
South Wellington, at which point
they awaited the arrival of the
north bound train from Victoria,
which, after transferring its passengers, mail and baggage, turned
back towards the capital,
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Parkin Bros. .
George Ade says that "we must
wiu the big wa r or else revise all
moral codes, rewrite all proverbs,
and adopt a v new set of rules to
govern conduct," In his opinion
if Germany is not whipped to a
standstill, we might as well accept
the following.
Dishonesty is th<r best policy.
Be as mean as a skunk au I you
will be happy,
Blessed are tlie child murderers
for they shall inherit tbe earth.
Be sure you are right and handy
with firearm'., then go ahead,
An evil reputation i-> better than
Truth crushed to earth will not
rise again il the crushing is done
in a superior and efficient manner.
Be .virtuous   and   you   will  be
Thrice armed is he who 'goes
around picking quarrels, B
Might makes right.      JJJU
Hell on earth and hatred lforft-11
men, SS^ST!
Do unto others as you suspect
that they might do unto you if
they ever got to be as disreputable
as you are, '
vGod helps the  man  that helps 1
himself to his neighbor's house and I
his fields  and his  uprotected women .
Those don't sound right, do
they? The old ones that we learned first of all are not yet out of
date. i
Suppose we don't revise them,
S .0 w! ere yo j are Invile ! lo Shop
The following have been registered at tlio Riverside Hotel.
,��� From Vancouver. Cha_, Herap
er, James Lambert. T. Morris, E.
Griffiths, F. Galbraith, \V. For
sj'tlie, M. Hogg, J. Smith, I.,.
Smith, R. Sweeney, F. Piatt, E.
Potts, A. Aue-, R, Hamilton, J.
J. Breeze, E. Browne,H. Watson
J, Bartley, L. Conrad. From Vic
toi'ia, A. Cnsamave. H. Pugin, J.
Godofellow. J. Clark, John Dobie
J. Noble. R. Switzer, H. Hnrd-
man, Miss L, Gregg, F. Warren,
F. Clarke, j. McMahon and family, Seattle. Wash., T. P. Mc.
Bey, Cameron Luke; F. Leylnnd,
Winnipeg, Mnn.; J. D. McKee,
Qnelpli, Out,'. R. McDonald Co-
wiohan Lake, J, St radian, Horn-
by Is.; V, Macldock, Winnipeg,
By Ambassador Gerard
Just finished, it carries Jthe Ambas sa
dor's story up to the prc-seirt moment
and covers many points that could not
be touched at the lime "My l'our Years
iu Germany" was written.
The Kaiser has said :
"From childhood I have heen influenced by five, men-Alexander
the Great, Julius Caesar, Theodoric
II, Frederick the Great, and Napoleon, Kach dreamed of world empire. They failed. I have dreamed
of German world power and my
mailed list shall succeed."
Gerard's Second Bo6k
revcnls the far-flung teutncU'S of
Prussian propaganda and the other
secret steps by whichtlie "All High-
est" and his counsellors have attempted to 1 realize tliis dream of
world control.
The ramifications ol all these are
exposed���many ol them for the first
time -by Ambassador Gerard in his
new war book. "Face to Face with
To be published fin daily instalmens
SUN exclusively.	
Send yoursubscriptionjnowa Bargain
Month" rate���$3,00 lor one year, including Daily and Sunday���365 dayjr Absolutely the biggest newspaper bargain
in Canada.
The Suit is Improving with every issue Market Reports, Special Features,
Poultry Page, Short Stories, Breezy Rdi-
torials. Woman's page, Improved News
Se-id cheque, money order, or currency direct or to mir local agent,
The Vancouver DailySun
Ne w Policy New Management
New and Bigger Features
Ice Cream
Barrister and  Solicitor,   Notary
Phone 6 Courtenay
General Blacksmiths
Beg to announce that they are prepared
to do all kinds of repairs at moderat
Horseshoeing a Specialty
Meat Market %
Equipped with Modern Refrigerating plant
Highest Price paid for Beef
and Veal
Courtenay  and Cnn.bei'land


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