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The Review Sep 28, 1916

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Onn not lie ilium uny I etter, unit
njt iiuiti. hii well anywhere olse
liui-eiiilie.iitM, Our tyne unit iniii'liiii-
iir. is complete nml I'he Review
prices we ri^l.t
������������'"'"' '''' _ ; *   ���
"    " v
������������������������*������������*���*������*���#���*���**   *���**���***���******,**>**>****,
'Classified Ads.
''   j , ������ ���
_lnlii'  your irfflii' JVauta  k|.o��n
Slnvnji'li u C'l___lrteel Advertlanneut
iu "tWlJom'.v^.' ,-t ��� ���   I'umie' Ml
VOL. 4
NO. 45
Auction Sale
Little River, Near Comox
for C. Wilkinson, Esq., who is leaving for England
Sale on Wednesday Oct. 11, at 12 o'clock
The whole of the valuable Household Furniture and Outdoor
Effects, including Antique Old Country I'uniiitire, Piano,
China, Glass, Hooks, etc, 4Cows, Horses, Chickens, Ducks,
Up-to-date Farm Implements and Tools, Quantity Bottled
Salmon, fruits and home made jams, 14 ft boat, fence strainer
etc., about 350 lots in all, Terms Cash, No reserve, Particulars iu posters or from
Real Estate, Insurance, Etc.
Telephone 10 COURTENAY
$6.00 Per Ton
Delivered [in Courtenay
All Orders Will Receive Prompt Attention
Phone 43 Courtenay
Cook  by Wire
Electricity provides the cleanest, the
most sanitary and the most hygenic
method of cooking
The Electric range closely parallels the wood or gas
range but _excells either in flexibility of operation
With the Electric Range you cook
under ideal conditions because
Each cooking unit can be switched to high, medium or simmering heat -and kept there as
long as needed
It is the acme of cleanliness
Practically no heat escapes into the room
The air is not vitiated
There is no contamination of food
You save food values through the retention of the
essential salts and meat juices, on a six pound
roast the saving is nearly a pound
All the latest standards of range construction are
used, including high oven, thermometer or
glass door, porcelain splashers
The fire risk is lessened because there are no open
We will gladly give you information on rates and
electric ranges
Courtenay Electric Light, Heat & Power
Co., Limited
Phones: Office 35, Res. R98       Office: Mill Street
Local Lines
If the party who took a heavy
brown overcoat by mistake from
Martins Hall Comox, Monday
night will return same to either
Martin's Hotel. Comox, or the Review office, Courteuay. it will oblige
the owner.
Wanted���Capable girl to help
with housework. Apply, Mrs. W.
Dingwall1 .Sandwick.
For Sale ���Registered Southdown
Ram, For particulars and price,
apply A. I. Caiwithen,  Sandwick.
Wanted���An energetic person
to take orders for Christmas Greeting cards. Full or part time. Apply Review office.
For Sale���About iooo sacks suit,
able for spud sacks. Apply W,
Douglas, Courtenay.
For Sale Cheap���Pure bred Jersey bull, 3 years old. Apply Avery
Clayton, Sandwick,
Wanted���Good  express  wagon
light.)   Must be cheap.   Apply
co. P. M. Comox. B. C,
Lost���Between Comox aud Railway station, Courtenay, on Friday
last, a ladies black purse containing
jewellery and cash valued at $150.
Finder may keep money if jewellery
is returned to Mrs. Fletcher, |Co-
To Rent���House on Isabel St. in
the Orchard, Apply Robertson's
drug store.
Furnished house to let on Lake
Trail. Apply to Hicks-Beach &
Wanted���Ladies astride riding
saddle. Must be in good condition
Apply G, J. Hardy.
For Sale���A registered shearling
Oxford Down ram. For particulars aud price apply to Capt. Vigors
For Sale���Bricks, $17 00 per
1000 Cumberland, $18.00 per 1000
F. 0. B. cars Courtenay, Apply
Canadian Collieries (Dunsmuir)
Ltd, Cumberland.
Thoroughbred White Wyandotte
roosters for sale.��� $t eath. E. D,
Read, B. C. egg laying strain. F.
R. F. Biseoe, Kye Bay. Also agent
for first class fruit trees, etc.
For Sale���5 h. p. twin Indian
motorcycle iu good order cheap.
Ford Garage.
Lost���Between Comox wharf and
Union Bav. bunch of keys; reward
B. Whittle, Riverside hotel.
Car For Hire-H. W. Heber-
den; phone Xq_.
Welding���cast iron, aluminum,
brass, steel, etc,   Ford Garage.
Ford Garage for Nobby, Goodyear and Dunlop auto and bicycle
tires and accessories. Bicycles for
Horn -On Sunday' Sept; 24, to
Mr. and Mrs F. Quinn, a daughter.
Born���On Tuesday. Sept. 26, to
Mr. and Mrs. K. G. Kverett, a son.
Mr. E. Hicks-Beach motored to
Yictoiia yesterday.
Mrs. K. McQuillan is confined to
her home through ilness.
Mr, Harry Mallard of the Silver
Spring Brewery was a visitor in
town on Wednesday.
Red Cross
The following supplies for tbe
Red Cross have been sent off,
43 Pairs of -���Jocks
10 Pyjama suits
12 Dav Shirts
I.S Helpless case shirts
80 Property bags
20 A, B. D. Bandages
42 Triangular bandages
4 T Bandages
55 Surgical dressings
The work was done bv Mesdames
W. Wain. A. Wain, Pearce, White
Monroe, Fraserj Hogg, J, Grieve.
W. Grieve, Marshall, Ball, Clarke,
Clift'e, Coberley. E. Duncan, Gla_-
brook. M. Piercv, Halliday. Wille-
mar, Ployart Dingwall, Campbell,
Callin, McPhee, Riugroge, Turn-
bull, W. Parkin, J. Parkin, Pen-
dergast, Cowie. Loggie, Cairns,
Bubar, Kirk wood, Stoker, Cooke,
W. Idiens, H. Idiens, Hick nan.
Laycock. Fielder, Sutton, Jovce,
Dawley, Emde. Cucksey, McPhee,
R. McQuillan, Ledgerwood. Russet
Stoner, Johnston, Masters, Millard
Brock. Slaughter, Fairburn, Taylor
and the Misses M. Pearce, B. Pearce
F. White. Hawkins, Freeman, B.
Freeman, Grimason, and Davey.
Mrs. Kilpatrick [and  Mrs. Harris.
We Have Been Burned Ont and Need
the Money Badly
As a general rule subscribers
to the Review are prompt in
paying their subscriptions, but
there are quite a few who seem
to forget that it costs something
to print a paper, even a modest
effort like The Review. To the
latter we would make the request
that tbey liquidate their indebtedness as soon as they can find it
convenient to do co. If they
owe two or three years and feel
thev cannot afford to pay it all
at the present time, surely they
cau arrange to pay at least half
the amount, This notice is for
all who ate behind in the payment of their subscriptions.
Comox Creamery
45c per lb. this week
Miss Jean McQuillan has return-
td from'a holiday trip to Vancouver.
MikeGlazbrook, Mike McQuillan
and F, McArthur secured 2 fine
deer and nearly a dozen jrroiise 011
Mrs. F, H. Cucksey left on the
Sunday afternoon boat on a visit to
her mother,
Ottawa, Sept. 26.���The new
Canadian war loan has been doubly
subscribed. A hundred million
dollars was asked for. and over two
hundred million dollars has been
subscribed, Sir Thomas White, the
finance minister; announced this
morning. Monday's mail bag
brought in to the department au
astonighing large number of new
subscriptions over $23,000000 being
added to the amount. This makes
$300,000,000 raised in Canada by
the two flotations of this and last
British Red Cross
The sum of $205.50 has been forwarded to the above Fund, made
up as follows:
Receipts from tlie Concert and.
dance $10030
Reci roni Tag Day 105.20
Tot, __:	
The CDinmittee wish to thank the
High School grls who so success
full sold tags on Friday last at the
Fair Graunds. Their iudefatigu-
able efforts were very much appreciated,
Lake Trail
Phone M 98
Anglican Church Notes
Sunday, Oct. ist, 1016, 15th
day after Trinity,
St. Andrew's Sandwick, Mattins
and Holy Communion at 11 a.   m.
 ������* m ��������	
Presbyterian' Church
St. Andrews' Sandwick
Service 2 p.m.    Sunday School
and Bible Class 3 p. m.
Sunday School and Bible Class
10:30 a. m.   Evening service 7:30
p. m. All welcome
Health Salts
The Ideal Disinfect
ing Fluid
We are Now Located
in Our New Store
We have a full line of Groceries, Fruits, Vegetables
The Meat Department is always stocked with the
Very Best Local Meat
Family Butchers, Grocers and Provision Merchants
Groceries, Dry Goods, Boots, Shoes
Paints, Oils, Etc.
We carry in stock Bricks, Lime, Cement, Doors and Windows
, Get our priccs.for j-oixts iu large quantities^,
Telephone 1 Courtenay ���������
Russian Flyers Drop
Huge Bombs
New System of Air Tiictics Adopted
for Russian Aeroplanes
A new Byslciu of air tnctlcs lias
been worked out for Russian big
aeroplanes, The giant I ly;-. Muro-
met*., ihi' aeroplane In question, has
al lusl conic into ils own.
As a itsiiIi of an improvement iii
phototcchniquc, i lie* airmen even
when travelling ai full Bpccd can
drop bombs wilh amazing accuracy,
This solves the prohlcni of bombing
trenches, Manned by four men, lhc
llya Muroinclzcs ran carry bombs
nearly as heavy ami deadly as llic
Krupp 42-ccntitnctrc mortars can
shoot. They drop these bombs, it,
is claimed, more accurately than the
Krupp guns, and they arc infinitely
more mobile. High spouis ol flame
can he seen rising from thc enemy's
lines, and ihc explosions arc so tcr-
rilie lhat when the enemy trenches
are close Russians have to crouch
and slop their ears against lhe effect,- of ihc concussion,
Corns cripple the feet and make
walking a torture, yet sure relief iu
the shape of Holloway's Corn Cure
is within reach of all.
How to Drink Milk
Sip milk -lowly. Take four minutes ai least lo finish a tumblerful,
and lake only a good Icaspoonful al
one sip. This is llie ideal way ill
which lo drink milk. When milk
finds ils way inlo tlie stomach, it is
instantly curdled, If you drink a
large quantity al one, il is curdled
into one big mass, only on the outside of wliicli llie juices of the stomach  can  work.
If you drink il iu little sips, each
sip is curdled up by itself, and llic
whole glassful finally finds itself in
a loose lump, made up of little* lumps,
upon which the stomach's juices may
act readily. Many people who like
milk, and know its value as a
strength-giver, think they cannot use
it because it gives them indigestion.
Mosl of them could use it freely if
they would drink it in the manner
In Tropica! Countries
Liver Chill Very Common
In    Northern   latitudes    also   the
liver is a very unruly organ and requires careful watching. The concentrated vegetable juices in Dr.
Hamilton's I'ills act directly upon
the liver and stimulate its action lo a
normal basis. The blood is purified,
the skin grows clear, headaches disappear and robust health is firmly
established. No medicine for the stomach, liver or kidneys can compare
with Dr. Hamilton's Pills, 25c box
at all dealers.
Dynamiting Mosquitoes
Dynamiting stagnant water holes
is the new remedy discovered by citizens of West llaildoiificld, N.J., for
the wiping oul of mosquito-breeding
For years past a number of pools
lying between the railroad and llad-
don avenue have furnished a bountiful crop of llie big Jersey "skcclcrs."
These stagnant lagoons could nol he
drained into the city sewerage he-
cause they lay lower than lhe sewers,]
and even if drained, would till again i
with   lhe  first   rain. I
Someone suggested dynamiting the I
holes, aud au expert was sent for.1
He drill,-,1 holes twenty feet iu depth
iu ihe centre of each pool, then dropped a heavy charge of dynamite inlo
t ll CI ll and tired il. The resull was
ihe destruction of veins of clay or
rock iu such a manner thai the sur-
facc water soon disappeared into llic
The   holes   are   now  dry   spots   ami
iiie supply of mosquitoes has considerably diminished in the neighborhood.���-Philadelphia North American
The Only Peace Possible
When   Germany Has   Sacrificed It's
Dream of Universal Domination
Today lhc only peace possible is
wiih a Germany having sacrificed its
dream of universal domination and
having declared willingness lo conform wilh llie. general conditions
whjch must govern ihc society of
nations, When ihc* German people,
cither with or without ils present
government, comes to ad,,pi ihis
view, ihen lhc possibility of coming
io au agreement    will    exist.      The
peace will impose ilself unhindered
by any criminal intent. It was the
kind of peace of which Yandcrvclilc
spoke recently in llic name of the
Belgian people. It is ihis kind of
peace wliicli the French Socialist
parly lias not erased lo outline, It
is Ihis kind of peace which France
and her allies intend to secure. ��� a
peace which lias already been indicated with increasing clearness by
several of lhc allied governments,
notably that of Great Britain,���L'Hu-
nianite, Paris,
Preservation of Fence3
An experiment covering twenty
years to determine the value of post
treatment  was  recently  completed.
The posts were treated by lhc following methods:
1. By charring,
2. By filling rock around lhc post
when scl.
3. Putting on llic preservation
with a brush.
*1. By lhc open lank method of
treatment, which consisted iu keeping, the post and treating fluid heated up to the boiling point for two lo
three hours and then letting ihem
cool down in llic fluid.
The conclusions readied arc as follows:
1. That charring llie parts placed
under ground dues not add lo their
2. Thai filling iu around llic posl
wilh stone or brickbats docs nol increase ihc durability.
3. Thai creosote is a better preservative llian coal lar or petroleum.
4. That brush treatment is not
nearly as effective as open lank
5. Thai ilieaii woods like cotton-
wood, when trealed by the open tank
method, are cheaper and just as durable as  llic high-priced cedar posts,
Minard's Liniment Cures Colds, Etc.
Discoverer's Reward
T.ong had he worshipped her at a
distance, but his shyness prevented
him from proposing.
Then, one evening, for the sweet
sake .of charity, a theatrical performance took place, in which thc
chanuer was leading lady and more
adorable than ever. Afterwards the
shy admirer drew near, his love
made valiant by the sight of her
"Vou arc lhe star of the evening,"
lie said as thev stood alone in a corner.
"Vou arc the first one to tell mc
so," said the damsel, with a happy
"Then," he retorted promptly, "may
I claim my reward as au astronomer?"
The lady looked puzzled.
"What  reward?"  she asked.
"Why, thc right to give my name
lo llic star I have discovered!" said
the young man, speaking boldly at
last, and successfully,
The German Character
Henry Ward Beecher Knew Germany
as a Nation of Hypocrites More
Than Forty Years Ago
More llian forly years ago Henry
Ward Beecher wrote Germany down
as a nation of hypocrites. In the
light of German lies and deceit in
this war, what the great preacher
said iu 18?." can bc keenly appreciated now:
"it  is  wonderful  what  bad  neighbors poor Germany seems to have.
There   is ihal great   hectoring Bel-
glum   trying  lo  pick  a   quarrel  wilh
, her.      There    is  France,    recovering
'from  her great defeat  wilh  a  rapid-
lily which shows very little consideration for Germany's'feelings. Austria,
loo,    retains    her    sovereignly    ovcr
twelve   million subjects   of German
j race,  which,  of course,  is  exasperating lo lhe great empire.   And don't
Holland    and     Denmark     persist iu
| holding on lo their nice bits of sea-
coast with au obstinacy as annoying
as Naboth's of old?   And isn't there
lhc  Pope,   who,  as  everyone  knows,
lias  countless    armies    at   his    back
ready to march lo  Berlin?    It really
looks as it poor Germany might feel
obliged to go to war with somebody,
just lo keep the peace!   And to make
her  case  harder,  the  liiisyinpatllizing
persist  in  Ihinking lhal  if  there is a
war iu   I'uropc al present  il  will probably   be because   Germany���or lhc
group of soldiers who  rub'  German;'
-chooses ii."���Ottawa Journal.
T bought a horse with a supposedly incurable ringbone for $30.00. Cured him wilh $1.00 wonh of MINARD'S LINIMENT and sold him
for $85.00. Profit on Liniment, $54.
Hotel  Keeper,  St.   I'liillippe,  Que.
W.    N.    U.    1121
"It's a Great Shame"
One of lhc la,lies of lhc Post Of-
hVc Department recently approached
the head of her branch and asked in
loncs of noticeable indignation, "Is
it true, Mr. Smith, that the Department publishes a book iii which all
our ages are si,own?" Repressing an
inclination lo reply that only one age
for eaVh person was shown, Mr.
Smith lold llic lady lhat llicrc was
such a book published, for official
purposes, bul lhat there was no occasion for distress as lhc book was confidential. "I don't care," she burst
oul, "it's very wrong, and I'm very
angry; it ought not to bc allowed;
it's a great shame," and so on. Eventually, however, she calmed down
and said, "Well, of course, I know
you can't help il, Mr. Smith," and
then, "Would you mind telling mc
how old Miss So-and-so is?"���St.
Marlins  Ic  Grand  Magazine.
A Bawbee Problem
Sandy was walking along the road
in deep thought, and it was Iiis minister who brought him io earth
again wilh���"Halloa, Sandy! Thinking of thc future, eh?''
"No," replied Sandy, moodily, "Tomorrow's the v iter's birthday, and
A'm thinking o' the present."
Children Often Seem to Pine Away
and Ordinary Medicine Does
Not Help Them
The hcallh of children between the
ages of twelve and eighteen years,
particularly in the case of girls, is a
source of    serious    worry  lo nearly
| every mother, The growth ^nd developnieni lakes so much of their
strength that in many cases they
actually seem lo be going iulo a decline.    Thc appelilc is tickle, brighl-
j ness gives way lo depression, llicrc
arc headaches, fits of dizziness, palpitation of the hearl at lhc least exertion, and sometimes fainting. The
blood has become thin and watery
and thc sufferer must have something
lhat will bring lhe blood back to its
normal condition. At this stage no
other medicine can equal Dr. Williams' Pink Pills. Their whole mission is to make new, rich bloqd which
reaches every part of the body,
bringing back health, strength and
energy. Miss Helena Taylor, West
Toronto, says: "Two years ago I
was so badly run down wilh anaemia
that sonic of my friends did not believe I would get better. I could not
go upstairs without stopping to rest,
suffered from headaches, loss of appelilc, and for two months of the
time was confined lo lhc house. 1
was under tbe care of a doctor, but
the medicine I took did not help mc
in the least. A friend advised my
mother to give mc Dr. William's'
Pink Pills, and although I did not expect they would help mc after the
doctor's medicine had ��� failed,_ I
thought they might bc worth trying.
After taking two boxes there was
such a marked change for lhc bcUcr
that people asked mc if I had changed doctors, and I readily told them
the medicine lhat was helping me.
I continued taking thc pills until I
had used eight boxes, when my
health was fully restored, and 1 have,
since enjoyed the best of hcallh. 1
hope my experience may be the
means of convincing some sickly person that Dr. Williams' Pink Pills can
restore  thein  lo health."
You can get these pills through any
dealer ill  medicine, or by  mail, post
I paid, at 50 cents a box or six boxes
I for $2.5(1 from The Dr. Williams'
Medicine  Co., Brocltvlllc,  Out.
Minister (who lias kindly offered
to write lo parishioner's son at the
fronl): Now, Mrs. Mcintosh, is
there anything else you'd like lo say?
Mrs. Mcintosh: Ve micht jusl finish wi' "Excuse the bad wrilin' an'
spellin'," and that'll dac line, sir. ���
London Opinion.
In   scrubbing  floors
Old Dutch
makes the brush
go   a  lot   easier
India is Helping
Men   and   Money   Continue   to    Be
Forthcoming to Assist Britain
in Struggle
An official despatch from Simla,
India, says:
"Interest in the war grows keener
wilh each success of the allies, aud
strenuous efforts to assist towards
final  victory continue  unabated."
The people of bengal organized a
stationary field hospital for service
in Mesopotamia. This hospital, with
the exception of the officer commanding, was staffed entirely hy Bengali
'medical graduates and the personnel
'was entirely Bengali, Further scope
I lor lhc national and patriotic aspirations of the Bengalis has been af-
! forded by the raising of a double
company of these men to be trained
on tiie frontier, and, when fit for scr-
jvicc, scnl to lhc front for active operations. Besides lhe Bengalis, three
double companies of Indian Christians recruited from the Punjab have
rccenllv been raised and are doing
No less llian six Indian officers and
soldiers have now earned the Victoria Cross and 27 have gained the
military cross.
Relations between thc Government
of India and the Ameer of Afghanistan continue lo bc of the friendliest
character, and the latter is scrupulously inaiii',.ining au attitude of
neutrality which he promised at the
beginning of the war.
The northwest frontier, partly owing lo thc Ameer's friendly attitude,
partly to the punishment inflicted
'last year on recalcitrant sections, and
| partly to lhc exposure of German
attempts lo introduce the religious
|element into the war, is enjoying unprecedented peace. The Afridis, the
strongest and most important tribe,
have remained staunch throughout lo
their cngagcmculs, thereby setting
on example of loyalty to their neighbors. The only troublesome factors
arc the Mali Suds, a tribe of hereditary robbers and raiders. Otherwise the restless borderland is quieter than it lias been for many years.
Maddening Calendar
Turkish System of Keeping Account
of Time Leads to Many
'I'he Turks count Iheir day from
one sunset to the next sunset, dividing lhc twenty-four hours iulo twelve
as wc do. This is plain sailing, hut
unfortunately sunscl does nol fall at
the same hour day afler day,- and
llicrc ensue horrible complications to
lhc innocent European.
By way presumably of jest the
Turkish steamers follow Turkish
and llieir railways Prankish lime.
'Hie. rich have watches specially
constructed with two dials, one
showing each time,
Apparently some enterprising* Os-
manli thought that lhc Turkish calendar erred on the side of simplicity
and kindly invented a new complication. The Mohammedan year dates
from the flight of lhc prophet in the
seventeenth century. Each year the
first monili, Mahairan, comes eleven
days earlier, so the months do not
mark  the  seasons  like ours.
There is one more section for the
benefit of the Turkish peasant, who
in his rural retreats knows nothing
of months. For him thc year Is composed of two seasons���hidralis, beginning on May 6, and kassin, beginning Nov. 7���so to him April 20
is the one hundred and sixty-fourlll
day of kassin.
Health cannot bc looked for in the
child lhat is subject to worms, because worms destroy health by creating internal disturbances that retard
development and cause serious weakness. Miller's Worm Powders expel
worms and are so beneficial in their
action that the systems of t|ie little
sufferers arc restored to healthful-
: ess, all the disoniforts aud dangers of worm infection are removed,
and satisfactory growth  is assured
For Asthma and Catarrh.���It is
one of the chief recommendations of
Dr. Thomas' Eclcctric Oil lhat it
can be used internally with as much
success as it can outwardly. Sufferers from asthma and catarrh will find
that lhc Oil when used according to
directions will give immediate relief.
Many sufferers from these ailments
have found relief in the Oil and have
sent testimonials.
Minard's Liniment Cures Distemper.
"Now, children," said the teacher,
"I have been talking about cultivating a kindly disposition, and I will
now tell you a little story. Henry
had a nice lillle dog, gentle as a
lamb. He would not bark at passers by or al strange dogs, and would
never bile. William's dog, on the
contrary, was always fighting other
| dogs, or flying at the hens and cats,
and several times lie seized a cow.
He barked at strangers. Now, boys,
wliicli dog would you like lo own���
Henry's  or   William's?"
The answer came instantly, in one
eager shout, "William's!"���Everybody's Magazine.
"Look at 'em!" exclaimed the burglar.
"Look al what?" asked llic pockcl-
book snaichcr.
"Them black au' white stripes
that's all the slyle! I kin remember
when ihey put 'em on us wc thought
wc was disgraced!" ��� Washington
"Can you tell me what a smile is?"
asked a gentleman of a lillle girl.
"Ves, sir; it's the whisper of a
Must Bc a Bad Lot.
The English arc a people of hypocrites, liars and ruffianly thieves. The
Russians are barbarians, whose sole
idea of warfare is lo commit the
most horrible atrocities. The Italians arc an absolutely putrid nation,
The French, whom their government
for the moment holds under ihc
knout, arc, according lo Voltaire,
half ligcr and half monkey. Dirty
and ignorant in time of peace, they
have distinguished themselves in the
course of this war by savagely maltreating German women and children and innumerable prisoners. ���
Nacll rich ten, Berlin.
Process of Making Tapioca
The origin of tapioca which is becoming very expensive under the
war demands is probably lhc least
known of any article on the market,
ll is manufactured from tapioca flour
on tlie Islands of Singapore, Penailg
land Java. This flour is made from
the tapioca potato, tlie root of the
cassava or manioc plant. These potatoes often weigh ovcr twenty
pounds. They arc washed, skinned,
cut into small pieces and put into a
grater, where small circular saws reduce them to pulp. The fine, flour is
separated by a revolving drum, and
I after being washed six times is dried
[on heated trays. It is then made into
dough and pressed through sieves and
M. Clemenceau's Tribute
The Britisii troops, previously des��
piscd by William, arc now giving his
generals a sample of their strength,
before wliicli, in thc long run, tlie
Bosches will have lo turn tail. The
superior quality of the British army
lias got the better of all the BoSclie
counter-attacks, and the magnificent
success of thc little army, now grown
big, has already made the invader
feci the. first effect of a military force
upon whose intervention he had not
reckoned. ��� L'llommc Enchaine
You may
freely indulge where
Cowan's Maple Buds are concerned���they are made from the best
products and contain no injurious
substances���safety first in chocolate as well as other things. THE  REVIEW.   COnBTNE**,   _. __.,'
Dominion is richest gem in British crown
Lord Rhondda Iklieves Tliat Canada Is Richer Than The United
Stales In Agricultural Possibilities, and That This Country Is
Destined To Ik- Tlie'Granary Of lhc World
I.ord Rhondda, heller known bi
Canada as D, A. Thomas, lhc great
Welsh coal king, has added one more
huge assel lo his already colossal in-
Irresls, namely, lhe collieries of Davis (ir Sons, Limited, in South Wales.
'I'he Consolidated Cambrian Limited, of which Lord Rhondda is chairman, control and own six' collieries,
wilh an output of 3,000,000 tons of
coal per annum, which, wilh the ad
dilional out put now acquired,
be increased lo 5,000,000 tons
annum, 'lhe annum! of money involved  iu   this  deal   will  he  virtually
Besides being the chairman of a
score of companies in Great Britain
���nearly all  allied  lo  mineral  industries -��� the capital of wliicli is equal
Formidable Defenses
Along    Belgian    Coast No    Spot
to   lhe,  wealth
pretension,    I
recent  years,
tion   In
tcrial  r
of a  nation  of  some
nd     I'll,mil,hi has,    iu
ears,   devoted   special   allcn-
thc  developnieni   of  lhe   ma-
sottrccs of ihe  Empire.
Belgian    Coast No
Left Unguarded
A correspondent who has jusl been
permitted to visit the Belgian const
reports on ihc formidable defences
thai have been raised there. A long
line of barbed wire entanglement
stretches       along       ihc       coast,
will and    an     endless    series,  of     long
per [slender    ship's guns    protrude from
(lie   coarse   grass   of.the   dunes,   and
behind  lhe  dunes  crouch   llic heavy
Underground dwellings of bombproof concrete form pari of lhc great
trench along the entire const, he. says.
"No spot is unguarded.   Everywhere
lhc endless line is occupied by sailors, who endeavor lo find relief from
the monotony of their life in gardening aud iu lhc care of llieir pigs,
goats, rabbits and birds.
"Here and llicrc one comes across
an enormous uhexplodcd shell, hurled
ashore by one of lhc big British warships, and which now forms lhc ornamental centre of a llowcr garden.
"What one sees iu the way of destruction is the work of lhc fast tor-
Sonie years ago  lie sent  agents ���
expert  in  coal,  iron  anil  oilier  mill
ernls���to   various    parts of Ihc Em-I
[/ire, including   South Africa,    India,I
and Australia, and il is believed  lhat
he has shown his confidence in    the!
future of several  industries in  these'
counlries by allowing his name to belpcdo destroyers, which have on c
indirectly    connected    with    certain  sion     hailed     smaller shells  on
ventures, Hui ten years ago he came j coastal towns
lo the conclusion that thc Dominion
nf Canada would eventually turn out
to he lhe richest  gem in lhc Britisii
In an interview he then summed up
his  faith lu Canada in  these word:':
Canada is   richer    than* lhe United (damaged,
Great Britain Making
Supplies for Allies
Minister    of Munitions Tells of    thc
Great Increase in British
Reviewing thc work ,>r llic government munitions department in the
House of Commons, Edwin Sam!
Montague, Minister ��( Munitions, ai'-1
ter telling of thc immense increase
iu output in all kinds of guns and
munitions, informed thc House that
all rillcs and machine guns were being supplied from home factories,
The artillery had dining life recent
fighling acquitted itself to thc entire
satisfaction of lhc Hriiish army and
had won thc praise of lhe French
Ministry of Munitions. This statement, he added, was particularly true
of the heavy guns and howitzers,
Mr. Montague said that half of Ihc
engineering resources of the country
arc required for thc navy. Very
shortly Great Britain, he said, would
have provided for her own require.
nienis and lie able to devote herself
exclusively lo the wants of her allies
ill regard lo machine guns. Already,
he said, she was sending large amounts of guns and ammunition to her
allies; was sending to France onc-
lliird of her production of shell steel
and transferring to her allies facials
necessary for munitions,
The production of heavy shells,
said the minister, was now 94 per
cent, greater than in 1914. There was
now being produced in lour days, he
declared, as much howitzer ammunition as was produced during the
whole of last year, while there, were
being turned out every month as
many heavy guns as were in existence when lhc Ministry of Munitions
was formed, and this number would
soon  be nearly doubled.
Thc  output  of machine    guns  had
[preserving the ideals of world freedom
A. J. Balfour, In An Address To The Overseas Parliamentary
Delegates, Analyses The Bond Which Holds Together The
Greatest Empire In The World's History
Stales    ,���    agricultural possibilities, Zecbrugge have been levelled lo
and     is    mineral    resources    are ll- ground   b,��� .,,���. ., _        |. '��    ,
bun able Climatically, while it has Germans, owing to the ac ��hat the e
no Florida, Canada has by far the buildings helped to direc the enemv's
best man-making climate in lhc Em- nrc on*llle 0CC,,fiJ'X, he sought
I lo    destroy _  the    most    susceptible
the|increased fourtecnfold, continued llic
with iheii   quick-firing minister, and  there  could  bc  turned
guns.    The   corners  of     houses  arc oul ill four weeks as many as exisled
gnawed away.      But  the    damage is nil the formation of lhc Ministry. The
not very great, at least nol in Oslend I output  of high  explosives  was  sixty
and  Zecbrugge,  much  less  than  one! limes as great as a year ago, but lhe
would have  supposed.    Even  on  the amount required  was 11,0011 to 12,000
easidc the towns appear lo bc lillle as  great  as at   thc  beginning  of the
\ few big buildings by j war.    The output
Before the year 1914 probably all
who were presenl had discussed lhc
future of thc British Empire, analysed the bonds which held tocthcr lhal
greal political organization which
hail no parallel in llic world's history,
and perhaps each man had asked
himself whether, when lhe momcnl
of stress, of difficulty and of danger
occurred ihc bonds would stand the
strain of any fultirc world catastrophe. Perhaps those who ihus
meditated had little notion lhat with-
iu a few years, perhaps a few
months, a strain would have hern
put on the Hriiish Empire which
might well have destroyed a more
closely knit organization. 'Ihey all
knew how it had stood the test.
It would be one of the marvels of
history Uiat in the early days of tllis I
year lhc empire as one man showed
its resolve lo join with the Mother
Country in the great effort lo maintain lhe ideals of world freedom '
which it was llu* boast of our race;
lo have
Think Casualties Are Few
Officers Assert  Losses In  Men  Suffered Arc Small Price to
Pay for Gains
To the civilian  who  nous lhc figures in iiie casualty lists issued every
24  hums, and  sees fresh convoys of
daily    at  tlie  big
wounded arriving
London railway stations, il seems
lhat England is paying a terrible and
ghastly price for whatever -he is
gaining by lhe "big push."
'in that point the opinions of the
fighling men themselves are of interest. Chance afforded a London reporter an opportunity to obtain the
views of two officers on llie question
of casualties, It was when a hospital ship laden with wounded reached
the landing stage at Southampton,
and he was permitted  lo go aboard.
"What do you lliink of the Britisii
casualties?" he    asked    thc wounded
major of a battalion which played its
spread throughout the world,: '.'"' :".  -'"court,     Montauban,    and
each of its own impulse, moved i "f,, cntnl_    ��e was sitting wiih  anils own sentiments of patriotism, , ,"     ,-'c,r' .-he adjutant of a bat-
pressure,     without    pcrsiin- j il    ,! ,vIl',ch fo"fht '���* way -**rougli
��� ���    ��� I rc. La  l.uisellc  io Coiitalmaison.     One
had the experience of Loos (or a *!.,:���-
No greater triumph of our race Im.l lfi:lrtl <*f comparison; the other has
ever "occurred.  (Cheers.)   ll  was snid |���fC"gfi ""' "'"'" s'ncc llu' l'-irl>' &W
sion, sen! of its besl
sources lo help in lh
n  men am
common cause,
ur  rac
(Cheers.)   ll  was said j
the oilier   day. perhaps    with some
truth, that wc had not powers of organization  of which    more    artificial!
communities  (laughter)  had    shown!
| themselves capable; bin  there was
Ihc | lion,  however,  now  c
heavy ammuni-1natural growth which
overed ihe cv-|bcsl ihings    of    i'"<
if born of lhe
"Ill a few years, ils eastern ports
will be within easier reach of the
great imperial emporiums and manufacturing industries in Great Britain.
When    the  Hudson's Bay is opened
for    commerce,    and    the    Welland|markablc fact that 600
Canal  is  completed  Canada  will  not tinue to  crouch  there
feel  the competitive  strength  of _itsj,s CVC11 j.jh attended by
I might produce
'any    mechanic
Referring lo German press report.,    -, .
that thc present offensive had made|?u,c,1_,a natural growtl
irreparable   inroads   upon   the  Allies'
stocks of ammunition, Mr. Montague
feature of lhc harbor, the big lock.Isaid it was true that the last month's
"The real work of destruction be- expenditure of ammunition was more
gins where lhc French land gnus have [ihan  double  the  amount  than  would
been able to have llieir say.   Middle- have been  considered adequate eight
kcrkc is a mass of ruins.    It is a re- months ago,    and that in the    week
persons con-(preceding    the    July    offensive    thc
The school
human    :
was the
isii j'.mpire. German writers of
repute and great learning
themselves inspired by ih
great neighbor lo the south. She
will become the granary for the
world, aud when lhc statesmen of
Australia and Canada get together on
> business basis for llieir mutual commercial advantage, Canada will find
its place as a big Pacific influence,
and aided by the
become as great
as is Norway
eighty chil
dren. But every house has ils under
ground refuge, such as lhc soldiers
construct in the front lines. Shells
still  fall in  the place almost daily.
"Middlekcrkc is now in such a state
lhal the Germans no longer take up
quarters  there, but prefer  lo live iu
Homeland she may dwelling    holes    burrowed    in    the
a mercantile power dunes.   Some streets always lie open
to the French observers and gunners.
of course, but|i.0ng
not  bc      ���
"She needs people
that desideratum  wll
ing.   She will succeed because she is
British.     The instinct ��� the best instincts���of the Britisii arc with her.''
Lord Khondda has his eye upon
the Northwest of Canada. When he
built a powerful, but light-draught,
steamer for the Peace River, in
Northern Alberta, at a cost of $250,-
1)00, old half-breed servants of the
Hudson's Bay Company, and old-
timers, looked upon the undertaking
��s ridiculous. They predicted that
she would never reach Fort Vermillion, and others asked, "Where is the
trade by which she is to pay a dividend?"
Her first voyage, a few weeks ago,
was a record in speed and for handling merchandise. Simultaneous, however, with her departure from the
Peace River Crossing, Mr, C. F. Law,
walks    can bc    taken" in  the
waul- j southern part of lhc place by wind*
'"ing cover ways that have been broken and dug out, half in, half under
the earth, through garden walls,
houses and cellars. In the village of
Westende, which is, if possible, even
more thoroughly knocked to pieces
than the watering-place, 1 noticed
lhat thc enemy's shells had spared
the part of a wall of an inn on which
was inscribed thc name 'In
Vrcdc' (The Peace Tavern)."
Canoe Gum Wanted
Samples Sent to Belgium for Piecing
Parts of Artificial Limjis
This world war is producing calls
for some very strange articles little
known    in modern    commerce,    far-
Lorcf Rhondda'. chief rcpresentaHve|^aching^as^it is, but one would _i
in Canada, announced that the great
amalgamator had b'uilt lhe steamer
to bring oil down from the upper
reaches of the river, and lo meet new
traffic that would arise when he had
lapped the potash deposits that he
believes arc "somewhere up in the
It should not bc assumed, however,
that Lord Rhondda''is taking a leap
in the dark by these developments.
tic is following advice, based on the
reports of eminent geologists,
rralogists, and Government reports
all of which he has studied in conference with the best men thai
could gather around him
amount of ammunition consumed exceeded the entire British production
during the first eleven months of war.
Saline Irrigation
To Heal Wounds
making watertight the sewn scams
of their birch bark canoes. The Bel-
niin-lgian officers have been told that ihis
pitch  would    be an    admirable glue
for piecing together the parts of arti-
|,e|licial limbs, as it would    bc insoluble
Iin water or under moist    conditions,
Some iwo vears ago he bought a ���>����� local experts say lhat while the
charter   for constructing   a railroad |-'anoc S"m n*������ a good filler it
agine that almost the limit is reached
by a request received by Dr. C. N,
Bell from Dr. Blanchard, of Winnipeg, officer commanding a casualty
clearing hospital in Belgium.
The article asked for is sought by
the Belgian Red Cross officials in
charge of the artificial limbs branch,
and  curiously    enough  is  lhc  native , -,
gum or "pitch" used by the Indians |so as to keep the wound quite clear
New  Methods Are  Adopted  in  the
Military   Hospitals   of
Surgical dressings, says The Lancet, arc now things of the past.
Wounded soldiers in military hospitals arc being treated by "saiinc irrigation," as the doctors call it, recently invented by Sir Almroth
Wright. This saline irrigation consists of a solution of warm water
with from five to ten per cent, of salt
in it. It can be kept at a normal
standard of warmth in an ordinary
Thermos flask, suspended above the
bed, with a rubber lube conveying
lhc fluid lo a small glass lube.
The officer in question, who has
been treating wounded bluejackets
from the battle of Jutland, told the
writer: "We on no account apply a
dressing. Surgical dressings���lint,
bandage and woo! ��� arc not being
used, except, of course, during the
transportation of a wounded soldier
from the field of battle, when his
wound must he covered up in lhe old
way with lint and antiseptics.
"Take, for instance, the case 1 have
here of a soldier who lias a severe
shrapnel -wound in the knee. Vou
sec that, while the bedclothes arc
arranged in the usual way ovcr lhc
upper part of his body, a sort of
'cradle' is formed over the lower part
not a proper glue
However, after a good deal of correspondence and work, Dr. Bell has
secured two large samples through
the kindness of Dr. Moore, of Fort
Frances and A. McNaughton, of Fort
William, and has forwarded them to
Col. Blanchard to he handed over lo
the Belgian authorities wilh a full description of the composition of the
gum and how it is secured and preserved,���Winnipeg Free Press.
At a Bohemian dinner a composer
sat beside a society woman, who
asked him if he had ever written
anything that would live after he had
gone. His reply was: "Madam, I am
trying to write something that will
enable me to live while 1 am here."
^^^     _ a  narrow escape'
froni drowning when the Lusitanial She: Vou promised to buy me a
was torpedoed, and   as   a   mark   of sealskin jacket.
his gratitude to Divine Providence | He: Yes, my dear, I did, but I
for his deliverance he made a con-1 have had such a bad day in the mar-
tribulion to Red Cross and other kct that I could not afford to buy
funds of $250,000. jyou even an incandescent mantle.
between Athabasca Landing and
Fort Vermillion, traversing country
believed lo be saturated with minerals. He is building a car line on
the north banks of thc Peace River,
where there arc treacherous rapids,
so as to facilitate traffic. He owns
several coal mines in British Columbia, and but for lhc war, which had
the effect of discouraging the Alberta
Government from lending I.ord
Rhondda Ihc help that they otherwise would have extended to him,
many of his subsidiary projects
would have been launched by this
time. His great dream, however, is
to find potash, so as to make it impossible for Germany to retain the
monopoly in that article,
I.ord  Rhondda with his daughter,
I.ady Margct, had
"Well, there's a good many oi them
of course. Seeing the whole tot in a
narrow funnel, as you do here, :t
musl seem tremendous, Vou can't
move hand or fool on lhc western
front without casualties. Hut I'm
bound lo say ii wasn't thc number,
bul lhe fewness ,,l them thai impressed mc out there, I mean,
course, I'or lhc lire we've had to fa
\\ hat do you think?"
He turned to the adjutant.
"1  think lhc proportion oi casual-
lies -is pretty much ihe same as it's
been  in  all    the  offensives    on   ihis
Ifront; but the balance will prove totally different,   'Ihis war is just bluing and selling; $2?0.000 is a lump ot"
I money  to    spend;    but  in  business,
jptople  don't  worry about tlie  laying
oul of $250,000 if they see a good and
sclc return for il.    it's always a good
investment  if you can  buy sixty or
seventy,  or  a  hundred  thousand   for
il, isn't it."
'lhc major said, "Perhaps you'-e
heard of Ihosc documents found on
prisoners, sent by German companies in the line to their headquarters
in lhc rear; begging for reinforcements: 'Company reduced to nine
men and one officer, battalion reduced to 20 men and 3 officers,' and that
sort of thing. That's worth paying
for, you know. Thc whole thing is
very different from Loos; f know
[hat. We're getting an infinitely better run for our money.
"Wc are gaining in ground; but
dial's a small thing to the enormous
gain in man power and morale. Vou
take it from me, our new armies can
stand a lot of this, a deuced sight
more of it ihan Germany could possibly stand. Our chaps arc in better
heart today than they've ever been
since 1914.
"In the early days it was a cat
ot pitting flesh and blood against
metal.      The German    had llic over-
sl philosophical     wisdom,  had  wilh
m  air of  triumph announced  lo tlle
that    lhc true bond    of union
kepi Germany    log, iher    was
nol     lhe     representative     assembly
[which Germans elected    lo    meet in
Berlin,    liul  the  German  army.      In
j one   sense  it   might   be   said  at   this
moment thai one of the bonds of the
I Hriiish Empire was the Hriiish army,
I but in a very different sense.
The British army was a bond of
empire because it "".as spontaneously
co nposcd of elements of each of lhe
self-governing Dominions, nol fulfilling their own conceptions of llieir
national destinies, but���whether from
Australia, Canada, South Africa, New
Zealand, India, or wherever Ihey
cainc from���forming an army united
with one will and purpose. (Cheers.)
He did not trouble his head much,
especially at a moment like this, with
the future constitution of thc empire,
c did not ask himself whether it
would bc wise, and if wise, easy, to
modify the constitutional relations
between the several pans of the empire. He looked forward lo that
problem with confidence, because
whether wc changed lhc constitution
of thc enipore or left it as it was,
whether if wc changed the constitution wc did so in a far-reaching sense
or otherwise, it must always remain
the fact that wc were bound together
essentially and fundamentally because all' shared one common' ideal KvhcTming* advaniage"of'Ts 'at every
of freedom, liberty and good govern-|.tlrlli  -nd  ;,,  cycry  _,_.,.,  _.._.   .���'.
I from any possibility of contact with
the coverings. Here the salt water
is trickling down all lhc time, drop
by drop, from the glass tube on lo
the wound, running day and night
without intermission, and carrying
off the poison from the wound and
helping  lo  cleanse  and heal  il."
Thc "saiinc irrigation" undertakes
to clean up and heal, most septic
wounds in three or four days. The
salt penetrates the seat of the poisoning and carries it off.
Sir Alnirolh Wright says of it:
"The salt draws out from thc infected tissues the lymph which lias spenl
all its power of resistance to the
poisonous bacteria, while it draws
into the tissue from lhc blood stream
the lymph which is the enemy of the
On the other hand, Sir Almroth
argues that the ordinary dressing inclines to become a barrier to the
free discharge of lymph from the
wound, though it is contrary to truth
to say that nurses allow dressings to
stick and cause bleeding on removal.
"As regards burns," the doctor
concluded, "thc French have discovered a most efficacious method of
spraying severe burns with paraffin."
ment. Thai was the rue basis onjcept j��� (|lc spirit of hh m(n Bm
which empire was founded, and il wc tne boot's on the ol|lcr foot 110 -���d
were altogether now engaged in the |wj|| be still more so when we've got
picrtnl tremendous struggle it was L fcw niorc German positions. For,
because we were animated by a sens, h- addition lo everything else, mind,
that wc were sprung from one Ian- they |,ad us beaten out of sight in
guage, and, broadly speaking, one t|,c nlaUcr of relative positions, fields
set of laws���one spirit ot law in any ���f f,rCi covcr |rom ���-,.<._ flc,d 0f vjew
case���had one idea of political free- Lna- -,|| that. But the greatest dif-
doin, and were determined that these fcrencc is in lhc maltcr of guns and
should nol bc broken into by another |ammunition
nation, however well organized, and
that what wc meant to preserve
ourselves wc would preserve also for:as thev arc; no, three or four times
other nation-.    (Cheers.) |    ".\-or  mc.  Not  a  bit," agreed  the
adjutant, "Wc all know there must
be big fighling and lots of it, to finish this war; and there can't bc big
lighting without   proportionately big
What a Salient Is
reports and records of tin
11    "Why, it wouldn't worry me much
for iif our casualties were twice as heavy
_ Wc admit that we are superstitious, but not to the extent of preferring twelve dollars to thirteen.
In rcporls ami records ol  uie war;
there are few words more frequently
met   with  than  "salient."    Yet  as
noun it is quite modern, and is only I
lo bc found in the most modem die-j
tionaries, but as an adjective it was
in use centuries ago in its original ("atisc, on the present relation of gains
sense of    leaping.      -Now that which |
|casualties. On thc basis which we're
fighting just now, 1 wouldn't care if
our casualties were ten times as numerous; and do you know why?   Bc-
leaps is prominent, and so this became the secondary meaning. Then
as that which projects is also prominent, a projecting angle was called
a salient angle, and lhc expression
passed inlo use by military authorities. Short as it is, however, they
found it too long, and, dropping lhe
"angle," gave us the new term with
which wc arc all familiar.
Visitor (at penitentiary): But whatever induced you to take up safecracking for a living?
Prisoner: Oh, I dtinno, lady. I
guess I had a natural gift for it.
lo losses, of what wc sell to what
we're getting for it; if our casualties
were ten limes what they arc, the
war would be over before lhc summer is ovcr and Germany would be
down and out."
"And I'll tell you another thing,"
said lhe other officer. "A rare lot of
these present casualties will bc fighting fit again within a month from the
time of landing; and you watch their
smoke when they get out again."
Mrs, .liggs: So your daughter married a surgeon?
Mrs. Noggess: Ves, I'm so glad.
At lasl 1 can afford lo have appendicitis.
Without Ice
To keep the butter cool in hot
weather without the help of ice, soak
an ordinary' building brick in cold
water for some time, then wrap it in
a wet cloth and put it in the coolest
place that can bc found. The erap-
oration of the water will keep the
brick cold, and butter placed on it
Mill fare as well as if ice were used. THE COURTENAY REVIEW
The Courtenay Review
And Comox Valley Advocate
A.   Weeky   Newspaper,   Publshed
Courtenav, II. ('.
N. H. Bo nit n, liditor and Proprietor
Subscription $1.-0 per Vear in Advance
Politlcal interest does  not centre
only upon Mr. Brewster these dnys|-|0j.,g s1jh mo..e before tin
for the future of  Lhe  Conservative
jiaitv is arousing much  interest also.    We ure of opinion that   in
Say that women will not vote now
that they are able to, for there are
too many thinking women nowadays to lightly throw away a valuable asset, The war has shown
how indispensable women can be,
and the services rendered bv them
for the attainment of victory over
our enemies are by no means at an
end, Rathe, do we say that the
women of the Enii ire will be found
war is
over, and as n result command
more respecl than  ever   from   the
1 [sex that has i
"oucede tl
-*�� ��� **  . *m
Notes By The Way
ever   oeeu   ready   to
few mouths time, after lhe bracing .oucede their capacity aud sterling
experience of being in opposition, a
convention o| tbe l'oii*civative supporters   will   be  called,    nud    a
strengthened platform put forward
The Liberals undoubtedly owe much
of their success to the presence of Now thi,t "><-* l��dies ;,rc ����� sl��ht
voiiiiKldnod reinforcing the old of tlie long-coveted vote, mauv will
stalwarts, and the Conservatives ��e thinkmgof the desirability ol
need a similar Infusion, "it is all I forming women's political associ-
for the best," as  the   old   saying j atious.
How many people plnu  to leave
' British Columbia as a result of   the
The political situation is   full   nf
victory for Prohibition?   Very few.
interest. Th-'ie is the soldiers' vote , ;f i-iey ilre wise follow lhe lead of
still to come in, which mav slightly | that great political party which has
change the position of parties,   btit|me- with temporary disaster at the
their  medicine like
which no one would care to gamble (polls and till
on, and there is the selection   of a i sportsmen.
Latest accounts say that "the sol
cabinet, each minister of which will
have to seek re-election. While
these may be liu-opposed. the opportunity may lie sized up by
those wlio fear tlie dominating and
overwhelming majority behind' the
new premier, arguing; that a large
Liberal majority is as prone to err
as a large Conservative majority in
the house; hence the by.elections
may be, after al contested, The
personnel of tbe future cabinet is
exciting the curiosity for of the
many who are eligible for portfolios
but few can bc chosen,
A Vancouver hotel has just lost
its license for using the bedrooms
in a most barefaced manner for the
storing and   sale   of   liquor   after
diers at the 1 rout and   iu   tsngiaucl
gave a  majority   for   Prohibition,
The political ballot
very much on  the
that cast here,
The election   is
was  probably
nine   lines  a.s
over, Let us
clean up the Huns, finish the war,
and build anew upon the foundations of a worldloug peace.
There has been a splendid absen
ce of crowing on the part of the
victors in tbe recent struggle combined with a particularly fine pledge
Irom the vanquishsd to work with
the new government for the common good. The war is still teaching us to reform our oldtime ways,
and it says much for B, C. that the
nour��B "A Victoria' hotel" also"7or lessons arc being accepted aud   ab
seiling liquor afler hours, has bad
its license suspended for seven days
It is to be hoped that these eases
are not representative of the trade
as a whole, and that they existed
at all will have an important bearing upoti the question of compensation when Prohibition becomes
law.   Certiin it is, that Prohibition
Registration of Voters
Owing to the excitement of tlie
elections for the 11 >.uncial  Parliament, the importance of Registrat-1
ion for voters appears to have been
placed  iu    tlie   background,    The ]
Dry Goods Department
I,a,lies rendy-to-wear nnd trimmed   lints
Wonderful variety of   plain   ami   orua-
mental  shapes.
Dress Goods
Novelty patterns in suit lenghts suitable
for evening wear.
bailies'  man-tailored   suits   in   Serges,
Checks and Covet Cloths, etc.
Sweater Coats
badies all wool sweater coats anil sweater Beta and cups. All plain shades and
combination colors In the newest styles.
lnvictus Shoes
Invictus shoes lor ladies   In   eight   nnd
ten inch tops in button nnd   luced, with
cloth tops and   vici   kid   vamps.    Also
in patent with dull kid lops.
Coatings in Eiderdown, Blanket Cloths
iu Jllalll and spoils checks, also Astrakhans unl Tweeds,
bin lies coats iu black and white stripes,
Tweeds, Sport checks and plain covet
Gents  Furnishings
Invictus shoes
The best guide in Inlying shoes is  n   reputable trade mark.    Tlm trade mark ol
what has   become   generally   known  ns
"the best good shoe" it Invictus,
Sweaters and sweater coals in grey, maroon, brown, kahki, also in combination
colors in large plain lib and fancy stitches with open neck nnd shawl collar from
$_.r"l) to "8.00
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the Red Label W. C. and R. full size
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stripes, sport lies, Bat wing bows, Derby
and Windsor ties.
Hats,   Caps!   Suspenders,    Belts.    Also
fine dress kid gloves and working gloves.
would have had fewer supporters Ilast day for niaktog application   to
had the liquor trade been   conduct
ed in a cleaner manner, aud had
the law have been more closely observed, After the efforts put forward bv the liquor defenders in tlie
recent contest, it is apparent that
they have only themselves to thank
for their troubles. We have only
respect for tbe license-bolder who
conducts his house properly, but
tlie temptations of high profits are
The people of British Columbia
have given a decision in favor of
two great reforms, namely, the enforcement of Prohibition, and the
extension of the franchise to wo-
men. Each measure has been carried after years of careful propaganda, and the object of each, as
stated, is to increase national efficiency . It is useless for anti-prohibitionists to claim that liquor will
be as easily obtainable as ever, for
only by illicit means will such a
state of affairs be possible. The law
will assuredly come down upon
those who infringe the act, and
with both feet, for tlie Prohibitionists will watch th. working of the
act, having won Its passage.    Also
it is useless for  anti-suffragists   to i ���������-���*-��� the rimes.
be placed on the list of  voters  for
the city is Oct. 30,   and   for   the
Provincial and Dominion lists, Oct.
5.    All persons,   male   or   female,
who are tenants of property   assessed at $300 or over, are  entitled to
vote   for   aldermen   of   the   Oity
Council, provided they are of   the
age of 21 years and a 1 males  of 21 i
are entitled to be placed on the Dominion and Provincial lists if   they
have resided in the province for six
months and   iu   the   parliainentry j
district for which   they  claim   for
the period of one month.    K�� pro- ;
perty qualification is  necessary iu j
the latter case   but   the   applicant
must be a British subject.   A   few
days only are   left   and   everyone j
should see to it that   their  names
are on the list.   If not, application
should be made to the  City Clerk
ror claim forms for the   city,   and
to the Registrar of voters, Cumberland.
There are more divorces iu Chicago in eighteen minutes than in
Argentina in eighteen years, declares John Barrett, director General
of the Pan-American Union. These
South Americans are dreadfully be-
TENDERS will be received either at
Cumberland or Courtenay up to
Sept. 1st, 1916, for 1(1 acres of laud
partly cleared, belonging to Ihu late
John Higgins, of Comox, li. C, now-
10 per cent, of  offei to be   deposited
with offer.
Highest or any tender not   necessarily
Official Administrator
Esquimalt   &   Nanaimo  Railway
Through Passenger Trains leave Courtenay 11:35 on Monday, Wednesday and
Friday for Victoria and Way Stations
RETURNING���Arrives at Courtenay at
16:10, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
Steamship tickets on all lines to all parts
of the world. For particulars etc., address
Dili. Puiuf�� Aftat, Victoria
A.ent Courtenjp, Phont R60
TENDERS will be received at my
office at Cumberland or Courtenay
B. C, up to Sept. 1st, 1916, for 4 acres
of land and improvements belonging to
the late George Williams, of Comox, I).
Ci deceased.
Terms cash, 10 per cent, of purchase
price to lie deposited with offer,
Highest or any tender not   necessarily
Official Administrate
The Finest
Wheat in the
-���plus milling skill���plus milling experience-
plus modern mill plant- plus many other
important factors and you have the answer���
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The net-result when ROYAI, STANDARD is
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volume���finer in texture���greater in food
value���cleaner ami whiter in body, i
The trademark��� lhe Circle V on the sack assures you,
Royal Standard Grain Products Agency
Phone 33, End ol Bridge F. Morili,  Mgr.
Auto   and   Bicycle   Tires
and  Accessories
Bicycles For Sale
Phone L46 Courtenay
Comox Co-operative Society
We beg to announce that we have bought the
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Respectfully yours,
Palaee Livery
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Cumberland and Courtenay
When In Doubt
Play Trumps
Have Goard Tune Your Piano
Factory Experience
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from the Atlantic to the Pacific.   Copies
of same furnished 011 request
W. J. Goard  will De  in this city  about
Oct.     I.     Leave orders at this Office,
or write direct to
845, 8th Ave., W.   ���   Vancouver
Practical Shoemaker and Repair
Next to Hardy & Biseoe
Comox, B. C.
Best Meals North of Naniamo
Choicest Liquors and Cigars
C. A. Martin,  Prop.
Ice Cream
Swan's Old Stand, Courtenay 9JB8SS:
B3BS *>���'*"
P. McBryde a
Reopened 'Ms Bakery
in Brown's Block
will be dune by some better method
Yours sln.erely,
Markhnm B, Hull.
Letter to the Editor
Editor Courtenay Review
Dear Sir; -
Kindly allow me a lillle   space   in
thc Review to thank   Mr     R,   U,
Hurford for his reply to my   question, re   money  donated   to   Red
Cross Societv by Oreatuery patrons
also to call attention to Ibis branch
of  Red   Cross   donations,    When
Mr I'cnn canvassed for this   fund
< just before he left for service overseas) bis idea was to try  and   persuade each patron of the Creamery
and each patron of thc Condensory
to contribute one dollar per month
for the duration of the war.
This idea if it could have been carried out on tiie.se lines would  have
brought in probably over one hundred dollars per mouth.   Judging
from what information  I   have  at
hand it has realized only   a   small
percentage of   that.    During   the
time the war has been   in progress
a very large amount of money hac
heen raised in this   vallev  by   the
different patriotic societies, but this
has nearly all  been   done   by   the
ladies, and Sir, I think   that  Mr
Feun felt that there was something
remaining for the men to do,   and
he realized the need of a   fund like
that which he tried   to   institute.
Some regular monthly contribution
Now, Sir, there is a much   greater
need for this   fund   today  than  a
year ago.    During that year quite
a large number of  men   have   left
tlie Valley for service Overseas, and
in that connection  it is necessary'
for those remaining at home to face
some unpleasant   truths,   namely,
how soon may some of those men
be returned.to us totally   disabled,
or how soon may some more of them
be called upon to make the supreme
sacrifice.    Some who may leave us
with a wife and family not too well
provided   for,   and   the   questiou
comes, 'What ure we   men doing
about It?"   Some of us have suc
ceeded in making ourselves believe
that wc are needed here and cannot
be spared for service overseas,
lint do o���y of us really believe
that we have given every dollar
that wc could spare for patriotic
ptirposes, or done all we possibly
could in other ways to help bring
this terrible war to a speedy finish
in our favor. With this idea in
view will .very man in this valley
give 50 cents each month (as a
starter at any rate) towards creating n fund I'or Patriotic Purposes,
part of this fund might be used for
any of the patriotic purposes urgently requiring money, but a good arcll.diocese ot
balance might be kept in tlie .bank ,il0CeHr. 0[ jassy
for the npeds nf H_��   rmHtm*A  ar.r. I
for the needs of the returned soldiers, or the wives and families and
any who may not be permitted to
retvirn. In this connection u.i
doubtedly our new government will
feel its responsibility in regard to
those returned soldiers able to fill
government positions and give them
the positions iu preference to any
of us stay at homes. But, there
may be some who the government
will not be able to help, and tor
such cases I think sir, we are ourselves responsible, A committee
might be selected as trustees of this
fund, also collectors appointed
Roumania and its Religion
Roiunania's entrance into the
war receives renewed attention to
that Country.
Military writers generally agree
the new combatant .fill be able to
throw 400,000 effectives into the
field, They estimate she has ammunition enough for not more than
four or five months, except for Jar-
rangements which may 'have been
inaile for bringing in large additional iiiuotints through Russia,
Roumania herself does not possess
large arsenals or industrial plants
.suited for the purpose.
Roumania is situated between the
Black Sea, the Danube, the Carpathian Mts, and the Purtb,
The modern Roumanians arc
generally regarded as the "desceml-
eots of the 'Dacinlis, a branch'of the
ancient Thraclans.
The area of Roumania is 50,720
square miles, with a population in
ic*ioof 6.965,800.
The established r.iligion of the
country is tlie Greek Orthodox,
though the king is a Catholic. The
present king is a nephew of the
late King Carl, who was a member
of the Catholic house of Hohen-
.olierin-Sigmarlngen. King Ferdinand's wife is a grand-daughter
of the late Queen Victoria.
There are but 149,678 Catholics
in the kingdom, and two Sees���the
arch-diocese ot Bucharest  and   the
One of the   late
��� Simply a little rub with a cloth keeps the highly bur-i
nished cooking top always glistening, dustless clean* wit-13
out blacking; in four pieces it cannot warp or bulge,   ���
It won't be hard to decide what range you want in your
kitchen after I show you the Kootenay's special features.
For sale by C. H. Tarbsll & Son,  Courtenay
StewartLaadsby 32
The result of the recount by
Returning officer is as follows :
unl   Solicitor,   Not-ry
Phone 6
archbishops was Dr. Zardetti, for
merly Bishop of St. Cloud, Minn.
The ancient Catholic Church of
Roumania disappeared when the
people, influenced by the Bulgars,
they adopted the Greek faith in the
9th century,
Cca! Harl or
Malcolm Is
Granite Bay
Port Harvev
Port Kiisan
Rock Bay
Seymour Inlet
Port Neve!
Minstrel Is
Port Hardy
Gillis Bay
Simoon Sound
Salmon River
Savory Island
Alert Bay
14   20
Campbell River 22 33
Jackson Bay
Nawhiite River
Shushartie Bay
Bold Point
j Ileriot Bay
Three Catholics Elected
Catholic   Record
Following our announcement of
last week of the returu to   the provincial Parliament of two   Catholic I Ilenc
._._   Members, Messrs. P. Donnelley and ' lm11���
 ___ _   for'J. Hart, came the news   from   the I Myrtle Point
the difierent districts,  and I  think j interior that Dr. K. C.   McDonald I powel-   River
probably a little publicity might be j was e'e.ted for Vernon,    Dr.   Mc-! ghoal Bav
given to this   fund,   of   course it  Donald is a veteran at polotics. and I Rca(j Tsia'm-
would not   be   necessary   to   give ! fought Hon. Martin Burrell as  Li-' j asquitiIsland
itemized statements,   yet it might \ beral  candidate   f.r   Yale-Cariboo Qkis Hollow
be well to publish the total month- ! districts in the last Dominion e ect- j Hornby  Island
ly contributions, also   a statament ions,    He is most popular   in   the' Quatiaski
once in a while of   amounts   paid Okanagan and his  election   meets' Denman Island 23 20
out and how the   balance   at   the the approbation of numbers in the IMansou's 1,       is   2
11   2
3    1
14 *5
8 6
6    8
3 5
21    7
3 5
67 61
10    7
1    8
15 11
9 1
10 9
2i 15
O   22
= 5
25 '
10 j
5   21
3o -3 I
29 27
8   5
Courtenay    Hotel
Comfort Wiih Moderate Uat.i
Beet Wtnea
uml ].i'|ii<irs
T. Hi
Cumberland Hotel
('ooil Accomodation      Cusine Bzeellen
Wm. Merryfield
bank stands.    I   understand   that
the local Logging Co, have a   do- .- ---���    /*.         ��� 1 ween .rc.
nation scheme. | fifty cents each have cause for elation in the chang-1 still water
month from all in their employ who
feel disposed to do so, Now, Sir,
I trust that this matter may be
taken up immediately, in an energetic manner, if not   ou the   lines
. ,-  -*    ��� j maul
valley apart from the jCatholic po-1 Ray
pulation.    Altogether      CatholicsJGree11Pt.Rap.il
have cause for elation in the chang- Stillwater
eel attitude of the electors   towards King Come Iu.
their faith.    The Catholic represen-1 Olson I ike
tatives will live up to their religlion j Bowser
*3 ��� .��� ___.-._.,    ,_    ,juv V,__      nn, HU..       -W-_V.au    |."W4IL.V.")     .>111
suggested in this letter, probably it ion to parliament
and as far as they   are   concerned*,
clean politics will follow their elect
Your Print
Little River
Oyster River
Comox Wharf
Fanny Bay
Union Bay
i7    8
4 12
3    9
6   5 .
84 H3 77
13 32   6
18 11
4    3
21 27
6    7
2   7
32 22
6 28 15
80 127   9
17 32
0 7
1 92 61
0 13  10
1 8   1
0 8  15
1 4    5
0 11   8
0 24 11
1 30 11
0 10 13
0 7
0 12
0 11
0 n
0 1
0    8
3i20 147
0 31 19
1 9 8
0 2 5
0 22 26
0 9 8
0 5 4
0 35 34
2 11 42
2 143 73I
The Water Question
Pour Good   Houses,
water    and    electric
light in each
Apply, MRS. WM.  LEWIS
Watchmaker, Jeweller ami Optician
at Brown's
i Store
Courtenay, B. C.
Courtenay  Tailor
Ladies and Gents Suits
Suits $27 up
736 768 234 76 935 836
Majority for Stewart 32
There were 76 spoiled ballots
Cannot be done any
better or any cheaper anywhere else in
B. C. than at the
I Pressing
! Coats
Pants $7 up
Cleaning and
S��it." *!._"'up
Coats .75
Pauls .j,)
RepdrinR, Etc.
Gents clothes kept in onler by the
month $2.50
Whilt attempting to cross the 1 overcoats
frontier from Beigium into Holland
the parish piiest of Ardenn (in
Namur Province) was arrested by
the Germans, He was carrying L|aruw I |flfeL;J_
the colors of the 34th Belgian regi- j �����ney 1. IVUSniua
ment under his cassock. I T,le Silm<- building as Robertson's Drag
 m       m   Store, Union St., Courtenay
Card of Thanks '   ��� 	
Henry Richards and family desire to
sincerely thank their many friends for
their sympathy and kindness, also (or
flowers, etc.. in connection with thc
death of Mrs, Richards,
Try a Review Ad.
Courtenay Review
Sand and Gravel
Rates Reasonable
kmi*V*M***S*t*JBt*K B
Buggies and Express Wagons
AU Rigs Guaranteed and Sold at the Lowest Possible Price
Blacksmith and Carriage Builder
 l-l-l-ll" I lll.ll.l_ _ THE   REVIEW,  COUKTNE^,  V. CL
Wtrd, ".��"��� * Co., l.lKill.i
I'hcrc wns n long silence
husband and wife when tin
had fallen from  Lady Urs
lust  for one moment he
lur  ns  if
!��� between
esc woi'iU
ula's lips,
looked at
he meant lo deny, to ex-
io utter tin: usual lies
which came so readily to his lips.
Unl inn' glance ni her noble countenance, grave, dignified, yet sorrowful
and even al lhat supreme crisis alniosl lender, caused Iiini lo change
his  mind,
He shrugged his shoulders and decided lo make light of tlie mailer,
"Will, whai nf il?"
She did not answer at once. The
thoughts which chased each other
rapidly through her mind were so
poignant thai she could nol readily
find expression for them.
d al 1
mil usually done except by impecunious people. Well, I admit it. I
don't even ask for consideration for
llic fail lhal I was young, very young
���that I wns hardly used. Vou, who
sit my mother now���when she is
growing ulil, v. In n slit- lias softened
la lillle���-can have no idea how harsh
she could bc when sim was younger.
'I don'l attempt in rsriisc myself; I
Know I resented being harshly trcal-
|i'd, and I showed my resentment In
ways lhal you could not approve
All I say is, thai whnt is past is past,
jiliat if I gave trouble lo niv people
ten years ago, I have done the besl
1 could tn atone, by blotting myself
put ol llieir existence, They snii me
away, and 1 remained away for years.
I Was I to he an exile for ever? I tell
yon there is such a thine as love of
one's counlry, longing to see Ihe old
places, in be antnugsl one's own
countrymen. I plead guilty to this,
that alter the lapse of years I broke
my promise never to come hack. Hut
I came under an assumed name, and
I have never made any attempt lo
sc-r any of my people; on the contrary, I have avoided them, If my
mother says .1 hnve made any appeals to her she is lying to you."
"She never said so, She told mc
about her sons, thai was all," said
Lady Ursula gently.
"And she cannot forgive, Well,
which side do you lake? That of the
mother wlio can't forgive, or that of
the son, who is made to pay for his
youthful fully in a banishmcnl which
is meant to lasi for Iiis life?"
She looked up al him for lhc first
time, and he saw thai her eves were
Capturing a Mine Layer
How    a    German    Mine-Layer Was
Taken By the Britisii
Britisii  papers    jusl  to  hand    Rive
details of the capture of the.  UC-5,
lhe German    submarine    mine layer
now ou view on the Thames,
In  April  last    a  torpedo-boat  de-
passing Istroycr    was out exercising oil' ihe
.niililn't ;easl coasl.    When she. sighted the enemy she was iu difficulties, and from
the deck of the destroyer, then some
a little wild years ago doesn't pill me
outside thc pale of society, or else
denounce mc to my face and lake the
I.ady Ursula was drying her eyes,
for she had ended by shedding a few
"I  will do my besl," she said.    "If
only  you  had   been  more  open   with
us about llie pasl; if you had lold us
your  real  name    instead  o(
under    another    one,    you
have  been   so  much  worried   bv   the
"Well, persuade him, if yon can,
that I've turned over a new leaf, anil
that I'm doing my besl to make his
sister a happy wife," said Paul, with toJie the Union Jack.
|a nole of new tenderness in his voice L-^hiser  Inspection   prove
[which    echoed    in  the    sympathetic
heart of  Lady Ursula,
"I   will,   I   will,"  said  she.
(To He Continued,)
Best Roads in the World
Value of Good Roads to a Farming
Community Is Shown in
In Prance, where they have
best roads of any country in
world, the highways are divided into
several classes, bill all of them are
supervised by lhc national government, which maintains a bureau of
roads and bridges, and supports a
school for the education of lhc engineers and inspectors who are, employed in this bureau. This method of
building and maintaining roads iu
France was stalled by llie first Napoleon, who appears lo have been
tin-   lirst European   statesman
distance away, a flag could be seenihaps even i
at ihe masthead of the submarine, thai franco
and in lhc mist it was at first taken and  feed    i
1  il   to  be
thc German naval ensign, nnd then il
was  noticed   that  thc  whole  of  llic
crew of tho  submarine  appeared  to
comic  side ol  the.
deck.    The
Germany Cannot Yet
Divide the Earth
Maxniilicn   Harden   Issues   a   Grim
Warning to Hi:; Country
Maxniilicn  Harden, writing in Die
Xnkiinfl,  says:
Whai pressure could force a quick
eonleiisii.nl  of  peace?
"If Kussia lost all her Polish ler
rilorics site would go buck and in
vile the conqueror lo follow lier peril Vlndivostock, It is said
could he forced lo lodgi
mr armies and to sillier
German authority, bul there arc
her colonics, you can only taki
1110111 when you have deprived ling
laud of lier sir. Ilglh,
"How can ymi deprive  Kngland ol
' er  slt'cnglli'.     Favor  nt  bcavi
situation was nol lost on tho men of accident might bring aboul a reveille destroyer, and once apprised of Million in India, it Turkish invasion al
the enemy character of the distress- Suez, damage by fire, mass strikes in
ed vessel ihey set lo work lo make I Britain, or a sea battle which would
her a prize. |IM)1   |eavc  so  ,,,,,, |,   ,���   F.ngbilld   lhal'
The commander hailed    llic    crew she would bc able with lho ships ol
wH.li a brusque invitallon to gurrcn-  France and Japan lo palcii up -.nun
ler.     The submarine men saw the ihing like a llccl ol n greal power,
guns trained on them, and they haul-      "llm   lliiiaiu  is  nol   even  miITcimy.
1 down    their  (lag    and put     their  yet,       London's   face  has  bIiowii   no
"Oh, Paul!" she ejaculated al last, I moist
under iier breath, "Oon't   you  think,  Paul,  that   you
And ihen she choked back a rising ought to have told me everything bc-
Sob and turned away towards the fore I married you?" she asked,
door without another word. avoiding  lhe  challenge,
After a moment's consideration hei He hesitated, He was touched by
followed lier, and when she had gone lhc  gentleness  with   which  she   had
a few steps along the passage which listened and with which she answered j wonderful. 'I'hey have
led lo the great hall of the house, him. He fell more strongly than he of the* various parts of
she felt his hand passed caressingly would have believed possible that lit nearer together; Ihey
tlirougli her arm. |was  anxious  for  (his  swect-naturcd,
"Ursula," he whispered, in thai i noble woman to think the besl she
coaxing, sympathetic voice wliicli few could of him. tn llic old days he
people could ever resist, "1 want to had held feminine nobility and dig-
talk   to  you.    Come  in  here." nity very    lightly; he had    been at-
Thcy  were passing the  open  door traded  only    by  physical  gifts,  and
oi the library, and, looking in, Paul had  frequented  such  society as  was
saw lhat it was deserted.    Indeed, no- (little calculated to enhance his opin-
body   ever   went  into  lhc  library  at
Oarc Court, except to smoke,   ll was
hands above llieir heads iu the
proved "Kauierad" style, At a
from the commander they juini
iulo (lie water and swam for dear
life away from the ship. Internal explosions followed, and al lhc last and
heaviest a cascade of hammocks and
oilier debris shot oul of lhe open
conning tower lo a height of forty
feel. That llicrc was a vent for the
explosive   forces  probably   saved   lhe
I ear.
who ship, inn, as it was, llie bottom of the
lveccr.1    niie    , ,1111,'I mi'ij
clearly  saw  the  economic  advantage j vessel  was  punctured  iu  two  places
of proper highways, and  wlio at  the and  rivets  were  started,  so
craft mad
same  lime  had   lhc  power   to   carry
out  what  he  wished.    Tlie  effect  of
these good roads in France has been
brought all
the  country
have    made
country life, less lonesome, and  thcyj
thai   lhe
were started
water  quickly,
An attempt to investigate the dam
age was frustrated by thc presence ofjbcalcn    intn  a
thick black gases and about two feet Ljh    g|ve    ij.g
of water,  but later expert  examina- rivers once nu
tion showed  lhal, although the sub-'
marine  had  laid  no  mines,  two  had
the sort of house where you find six
packs of cards to one hook, and the
condition of the rows of shining volumes suggested that ihey had been
bought with Ihc furniture,
Lady Ursula obeyed with that air
of womanly dignity which made her
obedience as majestic as it was gracious. She walked to the fireplace
while her husband was shutting lhe
door, and when he came up to her,
her lips were moving slightly and her
eyes were closed.
"Look here," he said, "I'm at a
disadvantage." ,
She said nothing. Then lie spoke
wilh   some  slight  show  of  irritation.
"Whal has she been Idling you
aboul mc?"
Lady Ursula looked up at him wilh
a world of sadness and something
also of fear in her blue eyes. He lelt
that lie had lost way with her, lhat
there was less of tenderness and
more of judgment in her expression
than he was accustomed to sec there.
But that was, after all, inevitable,
after thc. discovery which she had
made. He must make a bold lighl
to get rid of the coldness which he
saw behind her calm attitude. He
realized vaguely that the affection of
this noble woman, which he had not
altogether despised, hut which, nevertheless, he had been far from appreciating at its true value, had begun
to fade before llie fierce light which
had been so suddenly thrown upon
ils object.
"All that Lady Crcslow lold me,"
answered she, gently, "she said before she knew ���anything. I had no
idea of���of the truth till this morning, when she saw you from lhc window, and you saw lier."
"Well, well, then 1 hope there's no
harm  done
ion  of llie
Now for the lirst time in all his
life he was impressed by something
which had begun by boring him, In
marrying Lady Ursula, lie had caught
at a good opportunity of regaining a
fooling in the ranks of good society
by a lucky marriage into a family
which lived in such a restricted circle
ave reduced lhc cost of transporta- *"ccn released by lhe force of the ex
lion of counlry    produce lo a    mini-1plosions, and  were  foul  ol" the hot
mum,    France is llic only country iu |
Europe  where  the agricultural  class-
and    where
they   do   not   feci   that   they   have   a
harder lime than those who labor in
Contact between
jutted    out    all
Her ships sail from America
England does noi mid in give ui
anything ami can barricade all roads
by which we could fetch raw inulci
ials for our industries,
"Resign yourselves to the differ
nit limes. Do mil imagine lhal you
are already al llu beginning 01
nearly al the beginning nf llic end
joyfully dividing up ihe earth. A
decision can only Inr had by challenging lhc cool-blooded English'
"Russian  armies  slnnd     ajjain     in
Galicia and   in   tin;    Bukowina close
lo llic Carpathians,    liven if ihey an
second    retreat,  who
guarantee   that,   tin
���e  freed of ice, there
will not flow a third wave still stronger  than   the   two   which   have   been
held back with so much difficulty and
again Hood over lhe counlry?
"Will the admirable upward swing
of the French power of resistance be
that    there    appeared    to    bc    little
banco of an awkward meeting with ling price of your farm, work for good
loni  of  the  vessel,
the    horns,    which
<"- an:   not dissatisfied,   and    where around thc mines, and ihc plates oflparalyzcd  shortly?    Uo  not   indulge
the vessel  would  have  exploded en- m vain prophecies.    That torn cotin-
ough T.N.T. to sink a battleship, and ,try slill    carries    the color*    of un-
other fields. it was an act of real heroism on the ibending determination anil energy.
Civilized nations have good roads '-������'rt ot ;l young officer thai rendered | "Britain has great embattled arm*
���savage and unenlightened countries ���''*- submarine capable of being .jt.s j��� (i,c field. Holh Western pow-
do not.   Thc highways of travel arc a brought in as a prize. ,Crs  have  said  that  their present of-
gauge of progress a people havej } ne ��fl>i:cr went down in a driving fensive is not llieir highest cfiforl
made from barbarism lo civilization. sml a,ld IT*ade llic mines safe by dc-|jilu| according to our experience, a
The price at wliicli a farm will sell I taching thc detonators, afterwards still more furious ofi'cnsivc will foi*
for is regulated by ils nearness to securing them ii such a position thatMow, No, lhc earth is nol lo bc di-
inarket, and the quality of ils neigh- j'!"- s;llYers col'1(! worli '" compare-|vlded yet."
borhood roads.   To increase the sell- -!vc si,fcl>'-      AftPr    seventeen days
I she was brought into an east    coast
any of his own relations.
He had looked upon Lady Ursula
with favor indeed, as thc means of
supplying him with pocket money
without his being forced to work for
it in the shady ways which were
alone open to a man of his antecedents. But lie had never felt anything like love for her until now,
when the gentleness with which she
listened, lhc grave sweet patience
with which she heard his account of
his doings, impressed him as no woman's qualities had ever impressed
him before.
It was in a voice which thrilled
her with its self-abasement that he
said, afler a long silence���
"If I had told you 1 should have
lost you."
She hung her head. It looked as
if she, Ihc innocent one, were the
guilty partner. There was another
pause, and then she turned lo him
quickly, and hiving her hands lightly on his breast, looked with earnest,  passionate  ryes  into  his   face.
"Hut you're sorry, aren't you,
Paul? Oh, 1 can see you are! You
would give the world to have lhat
time over again. And it would bc
different, ever so    different.     Oh, I
roads "��� ;l)ort-
Good roads will benefit thc farmer U.C-5 is one of the boats built in
more than fie ever dreams of. sections in Germany-ni live sections
On an average, thc farm products;!" all-and brought to Zecbrugge to
of Ihis country must bc hauled by ibe P��l toBctlicr and completed tor
wagon, miles io market. There is """-. Shf ,s a,n.-U"��US ""i"' "l!S"
more room for saving in this wagon Plac'"S. about *9? l0"s' "l"< as .s"l
haul than in a railroad haul of one ha�� ''M1, rcscrve b ,,��ya",7ns'ie ""K"
thousand miles. The railroads of ihc "ot d,s.Pla" more th.ii 210 tons .ub-
charg'e only eight-tenths of ,nc.r8.cd' *-1,e.ls a "?ul V .""' lonR'
and in sea-going trim  she had some
six feet displacement. She submerged by blowing out certain tauksiand
lhe use of  hydroplanes.
Amidships    is the conning    lower,
with periscope and the wireless mast.
a cent for hauling a ton a mile.
What Britain Has Done
Sir Gilbert Parker Tells of Work
Accomplished Since War Began
In a recent article Sir Gilbert Parker tells, in thc following sentences,
of a few things that Great Britain
has done since August, 1914.
Great Britain has, in fact, provided
an army and navy personnel of nearly
5,000,001) and has trebled the personnel of her fleet. Could any other
nation in the world furnish over 4,-
000,000 men on a voluntary basis, as
Great Britain has done?
Americans should understand that
il is not alone in the field of battle
that  Great  Britain  has  proved     its
Strength of Enemy Defences
Elaborateness of German Defences in
Occupied Territory
Tlie special correspondent of the
London 'limes at British* Headquarters writes: What impresses one in
all the places which we have taken in
iiiesc last few days is lhc immense
strength of thc German defences..
One docs not wonder that they believed them to bc impregnable themselves. Nor is it only the actual positions in the fronl line trenches
which arc so strong. All the little
villages and    woods, each    eminence
Forward of the conning tower arc "���,"*�� I a���a 'hollow, in all liiis area between
shoots    or air locks    in which    thc;(hc  flrst and sccon,i  |jnes -,as been
twelve mines   ivcrc   stored,   two   in converted into a fortress as lorinid-
cach shoot,   and   from   which   they Lble as lhc ciiaractcr 0f ,|iC E10und
were discharged electrically from the makes possjble.    ln lhc year and a
conning  tower.       Ihese   mines     are  ���_���-  ,_,  wnicn  ,,_  1|as ,,..,,  ������  pos.
formidable   engines    of   destruction, .......  _- t)lis collnlry ������-  German
and in order that I hey may be seen ,        labored    assidtiouslv,    omitting
to advantage two of them have been " - ���
placed on the deck of thc submarine
with their sinkers and framework,
They arc very fine pieces of
mechanism, and it is estimated lhat
each of them would cost aboul $800.
Let one of their horns be jarred by
the impact of a ship's hull and a glass
phial or tube in  the interior is bro
capacity  for organization.       It     has
know it, I'm sure of it.    If you had I proved it in the civil field     It  hasij       ,_������      ioose a liquid which en-
nol changed, if you had not repented, nationalized the railways of the cotlli-       {_., .  battery, and the mine ex-
1   should have shrunk from you.    11'-?, j*'"-.   ha,s Protected   the regular    ,��,,��� wUh tcrrinc violcncei
can  trust  my  instincts   to  have  told I dividends.    It secured thc sugar crop,    As   lhc   ,������_���  arc   exhibited,   they
mc  if  you     had  been  anything  but of lie world at  lhe very beginning h     _    ���.-,,,    t]u,ir ���,������    d    ,
what vou are!    Oh, Paul, you don't [of the war, through which  sugar >=" lifted vertically against lhc
  ������������ ��� -      .���   - l >��� .It . 1 ��� /��� .11*,       ��� .1 Ulll.ll      >".ll|-.ll"I      t-K"lli_l      III.
Lady    Ursula    said    nothing,    and know  how  happy   1   am   now  that   I   cheaper  today in Great  Britain  *ba'> I v,.ilcll lct K0 these would I
I 1 1.1 I* ��� , tf, I ��� 1 ' ��� I I      __.____.     I .1     i         Ill      I    im      I      mliil      *\l'ili.        -ill,        nl      III*     .-i in t.   ' ** . .
trials to  my  faith  in
Paul poked the lire vigorously.' Then, jknow.    For indeed 1 have had to_ put in the United Stales, and at the satne |���n(j form . tripod bas_ with a
growing    uneasy  at  her    silence,  he ' ' ' ' '" '   '""   '"  ''   " '
turned  to her with a  frown.
"Come," said he, "what did she tell
j up  with  some
you, haven't  I?"
i    He  was  bewildered,  astonished,  al
lhc simplicity which was so ready to
Lady Ursula clasped her bands and!sec the best side.    She went on���
kept her ryes down as she answered i    "You  can   forgive  poor  Tom  now,
in  a  low  voice��� can't you, for thinking what he did?
"I     can't    repeat    it.      And  what|Of course, he had heard stories about
would  bc  the  use?      You  know she|you when you were very young, from
told   me  only  the  truth,  and  ftiat it
was    dreadful,    terrible   for    me  to
"She said that 1 was extravagant;
that 1 was kept without money, in
the silly idea that such treatment
would make me economical. Of
course it didn't. Instead, it drove mc
to use any means that came to
Lady Ursula stretched out her
hand to stop him,
"Don't! 1 know, I know," said she
in a hoarse whisper.
"She lold you that I forged my
father's name."
"Don't, don't!"
"That I did other things that are
lime has got out of it a revenue of
nearly $34,000,000.
nothing    which   could   protect   him
against such a day as this.
Continuously one hears new stories of some trickery on thc part of
the enemy.   To many of these talcs
1 am inclined to pay lillle attention.
A slory, however,    was told mc today, by an eye-witness, which, 1 understand, has been officially reported
by others, to tiie effect that in the
course of the  lighting about Thiep*
val a German appeared above a battered  parapet  waving  a  Ke_  Cross
ln.;C,i!.. 'hnilflag.   He was allowed to come down,
f_lln.fi fl_f!an- was seen lo lift something back
,i, a Vint I into the trench.   It was not until loo
anil constitute the anchorage of lhc
, ,,,,-���, i    r        .mine.      Thc mine    rises by flotation
It rescued lhe British people from from  ���lc  basc, attached  to  a cable
being done by meat trusts by seizingh    -       j.^.j lcvcl, usua|ly s0 that
all ships which    could    "" 1..11-.1  . .
carry chilled
W.    N.    U.    112t
meat  and,  having  the  ships,
get h
done  so-
Great Britain and France, and 10,000
for Italy.
it may bc just below lhe surface at
low tide.    The weight of each mine,
late, lhat we. saw that what he lifted
was nol a dead or wounded man, but
a machine gun.
Walter Winans, of Ihc millionaire
Baltimore family, is a champion re-
mctL?n   f;i"' lcn"s'   ,      _M with charge and sinker, is about 1,200 VoWer    shot, and    on his    estate 1-
���.10,001)  tons a  month     'oriDounds England he has been training sharp-
people  who  didn't  understand.
Paul breathed more freely. Things
were going well for him indeed, since
she was willing lo believe that there
was nothing against him but his very]in   this   war  basc   their   remarks   on
early past. As things were turning
out, the meeling with his mother had
been a piece of lurk, instead of a
He hastened to follow up his advantage.
"And now, dear," he said, as he
held his wife's arm, and looked down
into lier face, "1 do hope you'll persuade thai fool of a brother of yours
lo leave me in peace. Tell hipi what
yon know, or as much as you think
righl to tell him, and make him understand that he must do one of two
things: leave me alone,    and recog-
This    strange-looking   boat, which I shooters for the allies since thc be*
'0Ir,'l""y-   ,      ,.,    ,      ,. ��� .   I had its precursor in a Russian mine- ginning of the war.
Ihosc who think that Great Brit-', ��� submarine named lhe Krab, Mr. Winans was nol ahyays ..
am has cither not done much, or not |iaj ��� crab-like speed of something good shot. He tells a story, in fact,
as much as she ought to have donc;|ikc six j.nols si,c was propelled by of a time when he was such a pool
:     ":       ���->���-��� r-       -   ... ���   and  c]cctric -ccumu_ shot that a boy, afler watching his
their ignorance,
tual knowledge.
rather  than  on  ac-
Dicsel engines and electric accumu
lators, charged before leaving port.
In the Thames she will bc seen in
what may be called sea-going trim.
The preliminary lo submersion was
to go down lo a level in which the
conning tower was awash, the hydro-
has well set and is perfectly dry, and
nizp that thc fact of my having been thc board will not warp again.
Straightening Warped Boards
A method of permanently straightening boards    used  for table    tops,
floors or other finished surfaces, that I planes "completing the operation,
have become warped is as follows;���|will be understood that this submar
Re-saw the board lengthways into,inc differs entirely from the big tor-
strips, about three inches wide. Joint Ipedoing submarines, which have
all edges and glue lhe pieces to-1great range and also carry guns. She
gcthcr, being careful to reverse every .appears to have had about sixteen
other piece sideways. Then plane people on board, and they must hav.:
the surface carefully, after the glue
performance    for    an    hour    or so.
touched his cap to him and said:
"Say, mister, gimme a dime and _
slart as far as the fence, and you cm
lct go both barrels at me."���Washington Star.
Qerman Research
In a glossary of terms in common
use in the British army a Germar
comic paper says that "Tippeiary u
a comparatively unimportant town in
Ireland, interesting only for the peculiarity that it is a long -way fw��
jived    in    close    and    unwholesome
proximity to one another in the very every other place on  the map,
exiguous interior of the vessel. London Daily News, '%
er "neru"
This   Wonderful   Curative
Liniment Has  Almost
Magical Powers
You can compare a congestive pain
So a lillle fire. When congestion
imoulders, p a i n
jonics and goes,
Congeslion grows
into inflammation,
lensc, grows cx-
'-iil pain, now In-
iruciating, and slays,  loo.    There is
in absolute antidote of pain���it is
New to yon, perhaps is Nerviiine,
iul known well in many lands as the
most   penetrating    and   palll-Sllbtltlitlg
lain remedy ever discovered, Noi
��ily or ill-smelling, hui pleasant���it
���libs mi..   Noi temporary action, but
permanent in iis control of pain.
Not au ache or a pain anywhere
that il cannot reach, No soreness or
strain that il has not lhc power lo
Nerviiine is the only remedy in the
world sold under guarantee���if it
does not relieve you, you gel your
money back, Proof
enough that Nerviiine is a remedy
that will fulfill absolutely every re-
_ iiuirrini'iit       of     a
pain-reliever,   both for   internal and
external use.
Backache il cures like magic. Por
rheumatism, sciatica, lumbago, neuralgia, stiffness, sprains or strains, it
is the only Ihing. Large bottle, 50
cents; trial size, 2." reals; al druggists, or The talarrliozouc Co.,
Kingston,  Canada.
Aid I'or Farmers in
Devastated Areas
Canadians to Organize to Help Belgians, Poles and Serbians
Last year lhe agricultural relief of
the Allies committee was formed in
Kngland under the Immediate patronage, of the King ami the presidency
of the Duke of Portland. The fund
which is being raised is for the purpose of assisting in lhe restoration of
agriculture in lhc counlries of our
Allies which have been devastated by
The Hriiish farmers desire to help
these people to make a fresh start. A
general committee thoroughly representative of Hriiish agriculture has
been formed, and county agricultural
societies have, unanimously formed
committees to arrange for contributions. Last spring considerable quantities of seed grain, livestock and implements were furnished to farmers
in the regions of France from which
the enemy had been driven back al
the battle of thc Manic. Some of the
implements were of Canadian make
and have given much satisfaction. It
is intended to extend similar aid to
farmers in Belgium, Poland and Serbia when the time comes.
New Zealand ���_���_ Australia have
joined in thc movement. It is now
desired to have a Canadian committee formed under lhc patronage of
H.K.H. the Duke of Connaughl and
with thc sympathetic goodwill and
co-operation of thc Dominion and
provincial governments* Through it
Canadian farmers and others will bc
able to give very much needed and
very highly deserved help in practical and "economical ways. After
correspondence, thc Duke of Portland, on behalf of thc llritish committee, cabled inviting Dr. James VV.
Robertson to visit Kngland and
France to sec at first hand the character of the needs and lo discuss thc
means by which Canadian farmers
and their families could most effectively and advantageously help their
brethren in this time of their distress.
Russia's Growing Greatness
The    Democracy   of   Russia Which
Has  Made Such  Wonderful
Russia seems lo he coining out of
the war very big. One reads that she
is lo hav/. the Dardanelles, It is prudent lo wait and see, but as to her
being the greatest power in Europe,
surely il is better, al least, that the
dominant power of the Continent of
Europe should bc one that has already a sufficient estate than one
that must incessantly conspire to row
ils neighbors.
Afler Germany's opening exhibition in Belgium and Northern France
it lakes some, assurance for a pro-
German to speak of "Russian tyranny
and cruelty." The Cossacks were
cruel in East Prussia; the Russian
bureaucracy has been cruel; but the
Russian people arc not by nature
cruel. What Ihey will bc in another
generation one would like to live and
sec. Dr, Rauschcnbuscli argues thai
success in the war will strengthen
the Romanoffs and Russian autocracy, but that conclusion will not.be
generally accepted. It is the Russian people���democracy in Russia ���
that has made such wonderful progress in lhc last year and made observers feel that there is but one
counlry on earth, if any, in which
lhc prospects for human life are better than in  Russia.
11 will bc impossible to get up any
effectual fright about Russian domination until lhc fear of German domination is thoroughly allayed. ��� Life,
New Vork.
Looking Into the Sky
Physical   Comfort    Combined   With
the Enjoyment of the Beautiful and  Mysterious
It is pleasant lo lie on lhe earth
and look at the sky. The dreams you
have had oil the hank of the crccV
where you caught no lisli and where
you watched llic sleepy clouds in llie
blue through the leaves thai hllllg
close above you arc pleasant even as
memories, Sometimes the leaves
danced and you could hear llie fairies whispering among llieui; sonic-
times lhc leaves were slill and you
knew that a fairy was peeping at you
from behind each one. Vou believed
iu fairies then���al leasl you believed
ill them a lillle���hut you were beginning in dream of ihings beyond,
| things more real ami mure mysterious, and il was when you looked inlo
lhc sky through lhc leaves that you
besl understood your dreams,   Even
more pleasant perhaps are lhe memories of lhc hours when you lay ou
lhe hill among lhe daisies and looked slraighl into the sky. There were
no dreams Ihen���al leasl uo tangible
ones.    Volt were jusl a pari of il all
nf lhc endless blue and lhe sunshine and lhe far (ravelling clouds,
and lhe memories make you���or at
leasl a lillle of you���slill a part of
And so it is pleasant even now lo
lie on the earth and look at the sky.
ll is a pT'imilivc sort of pleasure,
hui in il the sense of perfect physical vomfort is combined'with the enjoyment of the beautiful and the
mysterious, and we can ask no more
of enjoyment than thai.���The Indianapolis News.
Ontario Veterinary College
Under lhc .on liul -..tlir l).-'i-*i tiucol uf Airtu'ultu.r uf DjiUuio    .',*���[��'.-.i-ilied lc-W
Alfilidtd Wttfc Tkt U_uF��nilir ���( T��r��n'g.        CotlcSC will rtOpCtl on M-iud-iy tlie _dj of fi.tubor, 1916.
110 University Avenue, Toronto,   Canada.    Calendar    on    Applicmion
E, A. A. Grange, V.S., M.S.,
Catarrhal  Deafness   Cannot
be Cured
by local applications, ns ihey cnntiot reneti llie
disensc.l portion of thr cur.   There is only one
way lo cure calnfijial {It-nfm-ss, nnd that it) by n
coustitntional remedy,   Catarrhal Deafness 11
caused by an inflamed condition of thr? mucous
lining of the, Rustnchian Tube.   When (his tube
{ is Inflamed you have n rumbling sound or Itnper-
I feet benriiiff, nud when it is entirely closed. Deaf*
ness in thc result.   Unle-M thc Inflammation can
| be reduced nnd lh!s tube restored to its' normal
j condition, hearing    will be   destroyed  forever.
Many cases uf deafness are caused by catarrh,
Which i*> nu inflamed condition of Hie itltlCOlU
surfaces. Halls Calarrli Cure acts thru thc blood
on the mucous surfaces of the syslem,
Wc will give one Hundred Dollars for any case
I of Catarrhal Deafness that cannot be cured by
j Hall's Catarrh Cure. Circulars free. All Uriij.-
: gists, 75c,
F, J. CHfiNKY & CO., Toledo, O.
"Gcd Would Protect"
Teacher: Johnny, can you tell mc
what a hypocrite is?
Johnny: Ves, ma'am. It's a boy
what comes to school with a smile on
his face.���Brooklyn Citizen.
Everybody needs it-
stored for emergency in a
well-developed, well-preserved, well-nourished, body
and brain.
Grape-Nuts food stands
preeminent as a builder of
this kind of energy. It is
made of the entire nutriment of whole wheat and
barley, two of the richest
sources of food strength.
Grape-Nuts also includes
the vital mineral elements of
the grain, so much emphasized
in these days of investigation
of real food values.
Crisp, ready to eat, easy to
digest, wonderfully nourishing and delicious.
"There's a Reason"
for Grape-Nuts
Canadian postum Cereal Co., r.td..
Windsor, Ont.
W.     N.    U.    1121
Relieves Asthma at Little Expense.
Thousahds of dollars have been vainly spent upon remedies for asthma
and seldom, if ever, with any relief.
Dr. J. D, Kcllogg's Asthma Remedy,
despite its assurance of benefit, costs
so little lhat il is within reach of all.
It is the national remedy for asthma,
far removed from the class of doubtful and experimental preparations.
Vour dealer can supply ii.
Canada's Example.
The Dominion, even less military
llian ourselves, and without the pretentious permanent efficiency claimed by Washington bureaucrats, adopt-
a business-like method of transporting ils volunteers across the continent of an equal distance. Thc Ottawa
Government simply included in the
contract for troop movement every-
thing that went with it. The railroad companies not only were required to furnish proper cars on which
thc men could sleep in comfort, instead of the llircc-to-two-scats-in-
day-coaches methods on this side,
but by the contract were bound to
furnish the travelling troops with
three hot meals a day. And the men
got them. Why could not this have
done in this counlry? A great deal
was heard of the mobilization of the
railroads lo help (he War Department. If the job had been left lo lhc
railroads, as in Canada, it might have
been accomplished with more credit
lo the Governnieni and more comfort
lo  the  soldiers,���Pittsburg Dispatch.
Saw an "Omen'* of Victory
An officer with an eye (or the
mysterious nolcd two strange incidents in ihc "great push," says the
London Globe. Just before the offensive four dogs came out of the
German lines. The Germans whistled and shouted,, but the deserters
held steadily on. Our men hailed it
as an omen.
The other incident was still more
curious. In Ihis war scourged zone
Ihere is a road called . Crucifixion
avenue. When our men reached this
road they found every Irce destroyed
by the bombardment ��� lhc road had
been flanked hy trees on both sides.
But the large -crucifix still stood
(here, and when it was examined
closely it was impossible lo find a
single trace of shrapnel fire.
Now to a German people who
would drive lhc Hoheuzollcnis from
lhe throne, how warm would be the
handclasps of lhc democratic people
of thc world!
But if the German people keep
these homicidal maniacs on the
throne, and worship th.m as gods,
it will be necessary, of course, to
look to thc priming of our guns and
keep our powder dry.���Winnipeg
Free Press,
Retort of Man Who Has Never Read
of the War
A Plymouth Brother, who appeared at thc Essex appeal tribunal, made
the extraordinary statement that he
had not read anything about the war.
"Do you mean to say that your
country's affairs do not interest
you?" asked Mr. C, Hope, K.C.
"Not its warfare," was the reply.
"Do you know what is happening
to   Kngland?"    "Only   by  hearsay."
"Do you know England is in danger of invasion?"   "I have heard so."
"Do you believe il?" "I don't attach much importance to rumors."
���'What would bc England's position if everybody accepted your
view?"    "God  would protect."
He was ordered to do work of national importance.
Costiveness and its Cure. ��� When
the excretory organs refuse to perform their functions properly tlie intestines become clogged. This is
known as costiveness and if neglected gives rise to dangerous complications. Parmclec's Vegetable Pills
will effect a speedy cure. At the first
intimation of this ailment the sufferer should procure a packet of thc
pills and put himself under a course
of treatment. Thc good effects of the
pills will bc almost immediately evident. '
A Farmer's Party
A "Farmer Party" was recently
held in Chicago, the invitations reading: "Please conic like fanners and
wear farmer's clothes." Thc hostess,
who hadn't been near a farm for 20
years, thought that lhc gucsls would
ride to lhe party iu ox-carls and wear
overalls or other working clothes.
To her great surprise they came in
automobiles and wore regulation full-
dress clothes. All of which goes to
show that it is a great compliment
to bc called a farmer nowadays.
Minard's Liniment Cures Diphtheria
Arrangements have been made for
placing a life-sized phohograph of
John Travers Cornwcll, the boy hero
of the Jutland battle, in thc Grimsby
Hospital, in which he died, and for
affixing on one of the walls a brass
memorial plate.
In An Enemy Trench
Twenty-five    Feet    Below    Ground
With the Germans
What life in an enemy trench is
like may be gleaned from thc per-j
sonul description of a Tommy's brief
taste of captivity in one: "There
were eight or nine other Englishmen,
all wounded, lying Ihen-; an' I was
ill fronl; righl in the mouth of the
dllg-OUt, where I could sec lhe
trench, where a lot o' Uoclics was
sitting, smoking cigarettes an' talking in their own lingo. Ily an' bye a
German officer comes along. I kncwl
lie was coming, by the way those
chaps all jumped an' dropped their,
siuokin' and talkin'. They came lo
attention pretty smart; I'll say that
for 'em, The officer spoke to the
sergeant and wc were all dragged oul
of llie dug-out and taken down thc
trench to another one; down two
passages and a lot of steps; must ha'
bin five an' twenty feet down, 1
would say. It seemed lhe officer was
put out at us bein' left where wc
could see anything. Well, there was
no fear of us sceiu' much where they
put us then.
That was in the afternoon, as it
might be this afternoon. . And all
that night, and all the next day, and
the day after that wc lay there; and
all that passed our lips was some
mighty dirty water in a jar lhat was
given us by a lull Bochc that was on
sentry iu the passage, the lirsl morning.
One feller said it was lhc Bodies
blowin' of us up. Hut I saw we'd
got no sentry, an' somehow 1 reckoned it must he our boys back again
in Contalmaison. I'd 've liin out of
il quick if it hadn't bin for my knees.
There was a young lance-corporal
nrsl me, wounded in the shoulder;
very sick an' queer he was. I asked
him lo gel along the passage a bit,
an' give a shoul to tell we was English there., lie gol out all right; a
plucky lad, because Iwo more bombs
burst after he started. An' nex' thing
wc knew Ihere was a young English
officer down among us, an' half a
dozen of our boys afler him. My
God, sir, wc was glad to sec his face!
I tried lo come to attention an' salute
him. Lord, I'd 've saluted his boo'.s
or his cap, if I'd seen 'em empty on
the ground! It makes you think
when you've seen Bochc officers,
Then when you sec one of ours you
know what an officer is, an' what a
gentleman is.
Denuding Britain of
Finest Forests
Re-Afforestation  Will Be Necessary
After the War
So much Britisii timber is being
used for the war, it is said by advocates of a Government scheme for
rc-afforestation that if the war lasts
another three years thc Britisii Isles
will be entirely denuded of timber.
One feature of the situation is
that some pre-war sources of supply
arc no longer available. Fifty-five
per cent, of timber imported in normal times came from Russia, Sweden
and Germany; four per ccnl. from
Norway and 41 per cent, from
France, Portugal and Spain. Since
the war this country has had to rely
partly on supplies from Norway and
Sweden and largely on French and
Portuguese supplies, and to make
good the deficit from woods and forests in the Britisii Isles.
To maintain lhe supply thc nation
is making huge inroads into its own
standing limber. It is impossible to
travel through parts of Scotland
without seeing the wholesale cutting
of trees. The axe is making a clean
sweep of Ihc whole woods.
There are only three million
acres of wooded land in thc United
Kingdom at tli; present lime,
Mothers can easily know when
llieir children are troubled with
worms, and they lose no time in applying the best of remedies���.Mother
Graves' Worm Exterminator,
Something better than linen und hii- luundr)
bills.    Wash   it with ioep  and water     All
stores   or direct.   -State style and  .i.e.     Foi
25c. we will mail you.
l-ANAIIA.  I.iui.led
fiH Frattsr Art-tin*, Tuimio, OnUri*
Cook's Cotton Root Con-ponce.
A soft, reV.nhle rrpuiatinsr
medicine.   Bold in thr.-- d*-*
rreei of strength. No I,
tl; No. B, |3| No, 3. II
per box Suld by all
aruffiflstfl, or s*?nt pr��-
oald in plain parka*;? on
receipt of price. Fres
pamphlet.    Address:
If-IOITO. OUT. tfcrawd fciii-rj
��!S?N_5_!!!/_��*lC_L".,:Meov N'f "'-> �����*
fr-_t mci pjj, cuats chronic Wl .KMESS _���;_. viooa
ft VIM KifJ-iEV BLAU.tr.H DISEASES CLO-.O r !�����.
riU.S KlTHE*. No DHL*' ,l���r. or mmu 5t .n.i 4 CTS
rOHO.ITO IHIT-! fOR FREE �� OK, tu u* L.F. CUM
fSy.HEWPBAQEE(TAlT��t,f>S)fOEMOf   i.^y  ro  r*E4
******  -     Ml   -_-_-; **. * .    _.   -       ^^^^   ^f**
ll t-   111* I   1 fll'll   HANKED   '
mi. i,i,vi  biA.'.ir a*11*.">.'.' ro a;.l QSMrtXI :-'\~*.*M%
a r. ,  ..��,�����  i,i, - itt.r. \ , n_ , r.*, _. - j, run .M T
/P Writtfortnoklal    .
10-doi.pk_.Bl.cklaePiili. si
50 .���>��� pkf. Mwtlti Pills. J< ci
l/Many iiii,-, tor, bul OrXUt, I atpUal eul tin,
Tlle *,,.-,��� II lyoIC   ''.' [".    .  ���    :-,!-'���,   ,
yu*tel,fiM_li_.i �� VACcifna _!to ���  u
CNI.V.   |HIIST ON CUTTI l< *.   II un'i._u__%
crJer illm l.
Til, Cutttr lab-ritory, .arkilay. Cillfarnl*i
Do- Remedies
And How to I-'eeii
Ma:l��4   frr,.   ti   .inr   aitilrr-rl   fcf
the Author
H. CUY CLOVER CO.. !r.r..
118 Wot.list Sir*..:',*, i-wlf.ir.
Skin Muddy?
Dull eyes, blotches and other __ftt
blemishes result from a disordered digestion. Purify the blScd. tone the
stomach, gently stimulate the liver and
regulate the bowels and bile with
Worth a Guinea a Box
Dinctioi, with Enrr Dai ���* Saarial Vila.-1, ����.-
flaU ararywiara.   la boxaa, 25 caa_.
W J-1,
������    ^HeuT*--*"----5'
"Ves," saitl the man whose room
is on llic fifth floor of the Royal
Alexandra, "I'd buy a Ford if I had a
room on the ground floor; but it's
such a bother bringing it up and
down in llic elevator, don't you
The Lights
Of 65 Years Ago
Are still doing duty in
the shape of
Sixty - five years ago
the lirstCatiadiaii-inad'*
Matches were made at
Hull by Eddy and
since that time, for
materials and striking
qualities, Eddy's have
been the acknowledged best.
When Buying Matches
Specify "Eddy's."
Minard's  Liniment Cures Garget  in
More Women in German Universities
One of the results of the present
world war is thc astonishing increase
of woman students in all German universities. Even the University of
Muenstcr, which formerly did not encourage thc feminists, now has 271
women among its students. Some of
them arc widows of soldiers.
Before the war the women only iu
rare cases studied anything but medicine, languages, philosophy, literature and art, but now they are taking
up all kinds of scientific professions,
even engineering, architecture and
theology. The greatest attraction
for them is law, however. In a few
years Germany will have more women attorneys than any other country iu the world.
Keeping Newspapers.
| When the daily newspaper.- art
neither destroyed nor used al once
| for household purposes, but arc laid
Inside for future packing, or sonic
!charitable organization, it pays to
I make each lot of them into a flat,
'square bundle, and tic the package
with a siring stout enough lo lift it
by. Such packages can be stored
'in less space than loose papers re-
't|uire, ran be shifted and handled,
(when liousccleaning time comes, and
I the papers are always clean and
(ready for any need, or for sale.
When Your Eyes Need Care
fai'Murinf E.vrMi'Jk'inf. X.iHin.niii. V, r'%
rims-Acta O.l.k'jr. Try 11 for flea. W_.lt,
Bore E.yoi.n. (lranul.lt. Eyelids. Murine _!
t-o-npoiinctetl by our Ociill��ta-nol a "Patent
"������.liie''-biit uiird In HuocesHrnl PI,,-,;,-Un,'
! :u.B.''i,.to"a,'k'".i"i"% Now tledif.led to
lhe Putill,. nnd Hold by DrugKlHli. tt Wc tee
llottle. Murine Eye Salve in Aarptle Tulwat,
Kc and Mo,   Write lor book ol tlie Kve rr*.I
| Murine Ef* RtmMy Uampany. Chi.a_��. _4-. THE COURTENAY REVIEW
Three   Reasons Why
lias for nine succcsivc years written llie
Largest Canadian Business
nf uny company operating in Cuiuula
Its Premiums are the Lowest
Its Polieies are the most Liberal
Its  Dividends are tlie Highest
Vancouver Island Branch
,1. lirtt'l'T MORGAN, Manager
109 Union Bank Bldg. Victoria, B. C.
I*. L. ANDERTON, Agent, Courtenny
Review Ads Bring Results
j Quite a bit of interest is being
taken iu the bv-election to-day
The opponents of the Electric I.iijlit
Company left no stone unturntd to
secure candidates who would be
Lsure to oppose the Electric Light
Co, and if neewsary leave tlie city
in darkness for the winter months.
The vote is as follows:
Dunham 31
l.eighton 31
Brown     ,23
Robertson ..  16
Majority for Brown, 7.
One spoiled ballot  for  Dunham,
The Returning Officer cast his
vote in favor of Lloyd Dunham giving hi tn the sent.
New Opera House
Mr. licit Whittle has leased the
old Palace I.ivery Stables and wili
shortly convert them into a motion
picture theatre, with a good lloor
for dancing This will be good
news to the young people of the
district who otherwise would have
no place for amusement this winter
Cumberland's Chief of Police has
resigned, and leaves on Overseas
service next Monday, Oct. 2nd.
Good men getting together make
the    other   kind    feel    lonesome.
They also   make   each   other   feel
Lquor License Act-
Notlce is hereby given that on the
l'irsi tiny of December, next, application
will lie made to the Superintendent ol
Provincial Police for renewalof the hotel
license to sell liquor by retail in the
hotel known as the Willows hotel, situate at Campbell River, in the Province
of llritish Columbia,
Dated this 23rd day of September, 1916.
Liquor License Act
Notice is hereby given that ou the
First day of December, next, application
will be nititle to the Superintendent of
Provincial Police for re'iewtil of the hotel
license to still lit|iior by retail ill the
hotel known ns the I.uml hotel, situate
ni i,uutl in the Province of llritish Columbia,
.I'l'I'M). THUMN,
Dated this 23rd day of September, 1916.
NOTICB is hereby given that, on the
first day of December next, application will be made to the Superintendent of Provincial Police   lor   renewal of
the hotel license to sell liquor by retail
III Ibe hotel ku iwn us  the   Herat   Bay
Hotel, situate nt Ileriot Hay, in the Province of llritish Columbia,
Dated tins 21st tiny of Sepl. 1916,
II. A. BUM/,
The Victoria Island Development
League are holding an Exhibition
in the new Hudson Bay Stores
from Oct. 2 to 7.
as The Minister of Finance oilers herewith, on behalf of
35 the Government, the above named Bonds for subscription
rs at 97., payable as follows:���
as 10 per cent on application;
H 30     "        "   16th October, 1916;
��= 30     "        "  15th November, 1916;
=i 27.    "        "  15th December, 1916.
���5 The total allotment of bonds of this issue will be limited
a_s to one hundred million dollars exclusive of  the  amount
��5 (if any) paid for by the surrender of bonds as the cquiva-
sS lent of cush under the terms of the War Loan prospectus
as of 22nd November, 1915.
|~ The instalments may be paid in full on the 16th day
55 of October, 1916, or on any instalment due date thereafter,
B under discount at the rate of four per cent per annum.
J��� All payments are to be made to a chartered bank for the
gj credit of thc Minister of Finance.    Failure to pay any
SS instalment when due will render previous payments liable
S3 to forfeiture and the allotment to cancellation.
sss Subscriptions, accompanied by a deposit of ten per cent
5��� of the amount subscribed, must be forwarded through
��5 the medium of a chartered bank.   Any branch in Canada
��3 of any chartered bank will receive subscriptions and issue
S~ provisional receipts.
2 This loafi is authorized under Act of thc Parliament of
��3 Cftnada, and both principal and interest will be a charge
j��� upon the Consolidated Revenue Fund.
I'B Forms oi' application may be obtained from any branch
ss iii Canada of any chartered bunk and at the ofliee of any
{���� Assistant Receiver General in Canada.
jr-5 Subscriptions must be for even hundreds of dollars.
ss In case of partial allotments the surplus deposit will be
���j��� applied towards payment of the amount due on the October
S3 instalment.
es Scrip certificates, non-negotiable or payable to bearer in
j��� accordance with the choice of the applicant for registered
B or bearer bonds, will be issued, after allotment, in exchange
S3 for the provisional receipts.
:_: When the scrip certificates have been paid in full and
��_s payment endorsed thereon by the bank receiving the
~_| money, they may be exchanged for bonds, when prepared,
g with coupons attached, payable to bearer or registered as
S Subscription Lists will close on or before 23rd September, 1916.
jl    Department of Finance, Ottawa, September 12th, 1916.
= ��3
|       Issue of $100,000,000 5% Bonds Maturing 1st October, 1931.       I
to principal, or for fully registered bonds, when prepared,
without coupons, in accordance with the application.
Delivery of scrip certificates and of bonds will be made
through the chartered banks.
The issue will be exempt from taxes���including any
income tax���imposed in pursuance of legislation enacted
by the Parliament of Canada.
The bonds with coupons will be issued in denominations
of $100, $500, $1,000.    Fully registered bonds without
..coupons will be issued in denominations of $1,000, $5,000
or any authorized multiple of $5,000.
The bonds will be paid at maturity at par at the office
of the Minister of Finance and Receiver General at Ottawa,
or at the office of the Assistant Receiver General at Halifax,
St. John, Charlottetown, Montreal, Toronto, Winnipeg,
Regina, Calgary, or Victoria.
The interest on the fully registered bonds will be paid
by cheque, which will be remitted by post. Interest on
bonds with coupons will be paid on surrender of coupons.
Both cheques and coupons will be payable free of exchange
at any branch in Canada of any chartered bank.
Subject to thc payment of twenty-five cents for each
new bond issued, holders of fully registered bonds without
coupons will have thc right to convert into bonds of the
denomination of $1,000 with coupons, and holders of bonds
with coupons will have the right to convert into fully
registered bonds of authorized denominations without
coupons at any time on application to the Minister of
Thc books of the loan will be kept at the Department
of Finance, Ottawa.
Application will be made in due course for the listing of
the issue on thc Montreal and Toronto Stock Exchanges.
Recognized bond and stock brokers will be allowed a
commission of one-quarter of one per cent on allotments
made in respect of applications bearing their stamp,
provided, however, that no commission will be allowed
in respect of the amount of any allotment paid for by the
surrender of bonds issued under thc War Loan prospectus
of 22nd November, 1915. No commission will be allowed
in respect of applications on forms which have not been
printed by thc King's Printer.
Municipal Elections
PUBLIC NOTIC1' Is hereby given lo
electors "(tin.' municipality of the
City nf Courtenay, Unit I require tlie
presence "I the said electors ut tlie City
Hall on Monday, the 25th day of September, 1916, ut 12 o'clock initiii, lor I lie
purpose nl electing persons to represent
them in tlio Municipal Council na Aldermen us follows:
One person to i>e elected in Word I.
tiun person ti> be elected in Ward .'.
Tlir mode of nomination of candidates
sliull lit' us lulliiws:
'flit' candidate shall be nominated in
writing; the writing sliull lie subscribed!
by two voters ol theitiiutilcipallty as proposer nml seconder, nml shall be delivered to the Returning Officer at any time
between the iliitt- of ibis notice nml two
p, in. of llie day nl tlie nomination; the
said writing may be iu Hit- form numbered 5 III the schedule of the Municipal:
elections Aft, sml shall take the names,
residence, ami occupation or dcscriptioi.
of each person proposed, In such manlier
as sufficiently ti> identify such candidates
ami iu tbe event of a poll being necessary, sueb poll will be opened on the
twenty-eighth tiny of September nt tbe
City Hall, of which every person is
hereby required to take notice and govern himself accordingly,
Tlie persons qualified to be nominated
for ami elected as Aldermen of a City
slu.ll be such persons as are male Britisii
subject-i of tlle full age of twenty-one
years, uml who are not disqualified under nnv law, niul have for the six months
next preceding tbe dav of nomination
the registered owners, in tbe Land
Registty office, of land or real property
in the city of the assessed value, on the
last municipal assessment roll, of five
hundred dollars or moreover and abore
anv registered judgment or charge, and
who are otherwise duly qualified as
municipal voters.
Given under my hand this nineteenth
day of September 1916.
W. A. W. Hames,
.Returning officer.
City of Courtenay By Election
for the year 1916
Notice is herewith given to the electors in Ward I. that the undersigned has
consented to be a candidate for the office of Alderman for the remainder of
the present year,
If elected I will do the best in my
power for all concerned and the general
welfare of the city.
Your vote and suoport at the poll will
be much appreciated.
Polling takes place at the City hall on
September 28th bet .veen the hours of 9
a.m. and 6 p.m,
Yotfr Vote and
is respectfully solicited in favor of
as Alderman for Ward I.
having been requested by a large number to stand forelectitin, respectfully
Your Vote and
as Alderman for Ward 3
Vote for
The Independent Candidate
for Ward 3


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