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The Review Dec 2, 1915

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'iiii not he done anv letter, unit
not i|uiit> ho  well auyulino bIro
bereaoouti,   ' tur ty,-��- and nuioliln-
X   ery is uomplefee Aiul T* >��� Review
price* ire ��uU
:    Oft
t   not
i nt-.
****t ******
| Classified Ads.
t Muke   your   little  Wants   known
t through ft Clftulfled Advertisement
f in The Review   -   -   ���   Phone 59
VOL. 4
NO. 2
Agricultural Grounds
Saturday, Dec. 18, ai 1 o'clock
Householn   Furniture and  Farm Stock
Particulars in Poster
Phone 10 Courtenay
���_ i
$6.00 Per Ton
Delivered in Courtenay
All Orders Will Receive Prompt Attention
Phone 43 Courtenay
The Ideal
Christmas Gift
It need not be expensive, but it should be something that can be used to add to the comfort, or lighten the labor of the Recipient, every day in the year
Thus it will keep the memory of the Giver always
fresh in the minds of the Receiver and add
to the happiness of Both
What can you find that will fill the requirements
for an Ideal Christmas Gift better than an
"Electric appliance for the home"
You can find one that will be suitable for any'
member of the Family
They give years of uninterrupted service
Let us help you to select your "Ideal Xmas. Gift"
Courtenay Electric Light, Heat & Power
Co., Limited
Phones: Office 35, Pes. R98        Office: Mill Strwt
Local Lines
Trooper Bailey has applied for,
and bas been transferred tothcCo-
niox-Atliii Regt,
The holes in tlie Dyke nre being
filled in on the Government eutl iliis
week, under tiie watchful eye of
Foiemau 1). Ryan.
Lieut, lilaeklin, of the Army
Service Corps, is here calling for
tenders for supplies for feeding the
ttoops about to be stationed at Comox.
Tbe 9th episode of tbe Master
Key was shown at tlie Opera house
last night and attracted a large
crowd. The music furnished by
the Harmony orchestra is good and
adds greatly to the performance;
Three other feature films are also
Pte. Perrott arrived home ou
.Saturday afternoon, and while tliere
was a good crowd present to welcome him, there was not half so
many as on the previous Saturday,
Mr. Perrott looks fairly well, considering the experience be bas been
LieutS. T. H. Dilson and R. C.
Brydon of the 102nd Battalion arrived on Suudav and have taken
charge of the recruiting ofiice at
the Port Augusta building, Coinox
where they are readv to receive
recruits, The men will be quartered in the building until further
arrangements are made for their
accomodation on the spit, Tust as
soor. as arrangements can be made
active work in drilling, etc, will be
For Sale���Two year old Holstein
Bull. Apply, J. Crockett, lower
road, Sandwick.
For sale, Australian stump puller
will trade for small launch engine,
must be good. Apply J. Caljouw,
Bowser P.O., Vancouver Isle.
To be disposed of privately, for
cash���A11 exceedingly quiet horse,
broken to ride or drive; Top buggy
and harness, in good condition, also
riding saddle aud bridle: household
furniture, etc. Apply Rev. F.
Franklin-Watson, The Vicarage,
Those wishing to co-operate in
obtaining agricultural lime al $4 a
ton, if our order comes to iootonsor
over, or $5 1 er ton if under 100
tons, will send me the name and
quantity wanted before 15th February 1916. This price is for ime
delivered t Courtenay, Royston or
Comox. J. A, Halliday, Saudwick
Nov. 1, 1915.
Phone 48, Cooke & Matthewson
the most up-to-date butchers in the
district. All orders promptly attended to.
For   .-ale ��� White   Wyaidotte
cockerels,   $5, $3 and $2   each; se-1
lected trios $7; heavy laying strain, j
Apply, J. G. Randall, Rovston.
For Sale- One 6 h, p. Fairkanks I
Morse Gas Kngine, one   3   k.   w. 1
Dynamo switch board,   etc,   also
pump and   belting.   Capacity   12
gallons    per   minute.   Apply   at
Riverside hotel.
For Sale���Tear*, wagon, and
harness, or exchange for cattle,
Also 30 acres 1-2 mile from Grantham school, part cash, or exchange
for anything of value. What have
you to offer? Apply Box 8, Review Office,
Strayed���a short horned steer,
red and white, mostly white faced,
18 months old, marked by piece
cut out of right ear. Anyone
knowing the whereabouts of same
will be suitably rewarded. Last
seen by Mr. Campbell's ranch.
Please notify Geo. Davis, Union
In another column will be found
a poem by Wallace McPhee, which
is worth reading and considering
by all young men.
The case of the Chinese charged
with hitting the opium pipe, has
beet) remanded for another week,
this making the 6th remand,
A bran new watering trough,
which we trust none of the braves
on the reserve will take for a bath
tub, has been erected along the
roadside at the foot of the Siwash
hill. Jt is a great improvement
ov. r the old oue, and will.be handy
for anion- obi lists to water their
cars before climbing the hill,
The following are registered at
the Riverside hotel this week. M.
S. Wheatley, Victoria; N. M. Rus.
sell, Victoria; \V, H, Lane, Ladysmith; A. V. Porter, Nanaimo; F.
Jones, London, Bug.; H. WiUe,
Victoria; J. A. Wren 103 C. E. F,
W. A. McLean, 103 C, E. !'.; H,
Matthews, 'Victoria; T. Barrie,
Vancouver; T. McPherson. Vancouver; J. McLeod, Van Anda; E.
Rowbottom, Victoria; J. P. Brvne,
Victoria; Win. Middleton, Vancouver; P. Tanner, Vancouver.
The anniversary of the Grantham
mission was held on Wednesday
night. A sale of work and concert
was given by the ladies aid society
which numbers eight members,and
which realized over ninety dollars.
A most interesting programme was
presented. Rev. Mr. Wilson of
Cumberland presiding, About 30
were present fro u Cumberland.
K. of P. Dance
A Social Success
The K, of P. whist drive on
Monday evening was, like all the
other affairs of the lodge, a decided
success. Tliere were upwards of a
hundred young people at the whist
tables, and others came in for the
dance afterwards, Mis�� Mary Sutton captured the ladies prize; Mrs.
Allan winning the consolation.
Gordon P. Thompson easily led all
others in the gentlemen's class:
while i\ r. Frank Movitz captured
the consolation event..
After refreshments the "light
fantastic" was tripped until a late
hour to lho beautiful strains of the
Harmony Orchestra,
Mayor Kilpatrick has received
word that his son, Bert, has fulist-
ed at Vancouver.
Lost, strayed or stolen; from the
buggy belonging to a voting man
while he was calling ou his be^t
girl, a beautiful large cake, composed of, among other iugrideut',
6 eggs, half a pound of butter and
a quart of whipped creasu. Anyone furnishing information leading
to its recovery will be Re Warded.
P. S. The said cake was "on its
way" to Comox.
Presbyterian Church
St. Andrews' Sandwick
Service 2 p.m.     Sunday School
and Bible Class 3 p. in.
Sunday School and  Bible Class
10:30 a. m.   Service 11:30.   Evening service 7:30 p. m. All welcome
V*r   *A>%
j- /+ * jt, &   <i>
We have receiv- I-I (\ M | XJV
ed a supply of llWlfllll I
9 Pound Sack 50c
Purity Oats 25c
Toasted Corn Flakes 2 for 25c
Krinkle Corn Flakes 2 for 25c
Puffed Rice 15c
Puffed Wheat 2 for 25c
Bo, 256 SHEPHERD'S *-#>
Comox Creamery
45c per lb. this week
Xmas. Presents
We are now opening a large and varied stock of
goods suirable for the Christmas trade, consisting of
Cut Glass, China, Fancy Glass [Sets,
Cutlery, Toys, Gloves, Fancy Handkerchiefs, Ties for Ladies and Gentlemen, Ladies Blouses and Fur Sets
for Children
The stock is so large it .will have to be seen to be appreciated
Also Plain and Fancy Groceries in great variety at
lowest cash prices
McPhee & Morrison's Cash Store THE COURTENAY REVIEW
The C
ie Courtenay Keview
Anil Comox Valley Ad
Courteuay, B. 0,
N. II. Boden, Bditor and Proprietor
Subscription .1.1.1) per Year in Advance
skunk, muskrat, weasel and other
fur bearing animals, classed as
'varmints' and ��� oiisidered a ntii-
���' jsanc- to the crops, all have their
iutristic value and il would be well
for in.m, to forget the nuisance
end of tha story ami look at the
profit side.
The  money   picked   up by the
wise   fanner boy   during   the   fur
season, to sav nothing  of ilie professional trapper   revenue, i.s something  that   would   make a   great
many people sit up and lake notice
When the European War commen-,
ced raw fur weut on the dowuward
'urn aud il was  just one   year ago
that it was hardly   worth   while to
skin these   small   fur   Iwarers and
ship their fur, but siuce the surplus
carried over from the raw   tur season of [913-14 lias   been consumed
and the  supply   and   collection of
1014.15 has   also heen   consumed, I
the supply at the present time equ-1
als the demand and   consequently j
with the possible exception of mink !
the prices   have none   upward and >
trapping today is a   mighty profit-
able occupation.   One year ago 75c
to $1 was good value for   a skunk, :
$1 to $1.25 was considered  a  high I
quotation for raccoon and miiskrats |
sold on the average   from 8 to 10c,
and  strange to   say, tliese   figures
were all that   nnv fur   shipper expected.    Compare these prices with j
present day values.    Is it any won-1
der   that  the   farmer boy   finds it j
profitable to get out  and trap these ]
so called 'varmints', !
Governmet Sends Lumber
Commissioner to Europe
Tlie heavy orders lor lumber for the
United Kingdom placed through the
Provincial Government during tlie past
.snninii'i- .is tin- nsiilt ..1 Uie visit of
Lumber Commissioner McMillan to Kurope show whnt results can be obtained
by Government action in assisting the
lumbering industry. In order t.. follow
up tlu* advantage already gained in this
new line .1 work tli_ Hon, W. R, Ross
announced yesterday that the Provincial
Government is sending a business representative ..I the industry to Loudon.
Investigation lias already shown that
before tlie European market can be entire.i, on any scale, by our manufacturers a grcit .leal of preliminary work
must be done in explaining to buyers
tlie qualities ami methods of manufacture ol our britisli Columbia woods.
There are many misconceptions which
are very prevalent mul whicli act as a
barrier to the Introduction of our lumber
products. These can only bu overcome
by energetic personal work niuong the
buyers by a representative thoroughly
conversant with every phrase of our
lumbering industry. Again, there are
many trade requirements which are 1
designed to meet tlle case of Swedish I
and Russian lumber but which are not j
properly applicable to the very different
species of the Pacific Coast. Iu many!
such cases slight modifications of the.
customary specifications would not affect
the interests of the Old Country buyer |
in any way, wiiiie they would cheapen
production here, and so enable tlie saw
mills of this Province to quote lower
prices and secure a larger share of this
trade. Through general work of this
character the Provincial Lumber Commissioner will be of considerable assistance not only in prepraing the way for
future developemeiits but also by cooperating with the various brokers and
agents who represent the interests of
British Columbia lumber firms now doing bu.si41e.ss in the United Kingdom
markets. So active has beeu the campaign conducted by American shippers,
and so largely have they increased tlieir
representation ill Europe recently that
tlie Minister of Lands has decided that a
strong effort is necessary to counteract
this action antl protect British Columbia
Mr. J, C, Woods, the well known
lumberman, has been appointed as the
new Lumber Commissioner to the I'nited
Kingdom. Mr. Woods has long been
Intimately connected with the lumber
business of thecoast. After being manager of of the Leamy and Kyle Company,
one of the first mills at Vancouver, he
became Manager of the Moodyville sawmills, and was for many years engaged
in the cargo export trade, an experience
which is of particular value ill view of
his present mission. Mr. Woods was
subsequently owner and manager of the
firm of Woods and Spicer, shingle manufacturers. He thus brings to bis task a
thoroughly practical knowledge of all
branches of the industry whose interests
he will further in the European market.
The new Commissioners duties also include the carrying out of various arrangements made with the Ilritish authorities
in connection with lumber orders placed
through fhe Department.
Big Money In
Trapping Fur Bearers
A 13. Shubert, Inc., Chicasro,
the largest house in the world dealing exclusively in American raw
furs, in a letter to The Review says
in part as follows:���"Does the average farmer stop to consider the
thousands and even millions of dollars that are paid out every year by
the large fur houses for skins of
tbe 'farm yard pests'? The mini*
a meuauce to tlie chicken coop, the
However, many a   dollar   is lost
j to the man who   does not Acercise
] good judgement and common sense
in gathering his collection   of raw
fur.     How   many   thousands and
] thousands of uiiiskrats, skunk, raccoon and other fur bearers are taken off of the animals   most auy old
way and no care given to tlie skinning and stretching.    A   man  will
be Weil paid for   the time   spent in
putting   his raw   furs in   the best
condition   possible      You   cannot
make furs look too good,    As most
everyone knows, the time to trap is
when the ftlr is prime.    Nevertheless,   main  a thoughtless   trapper
seeks to kill the furbearers all summer.   This practice should be stop-1
ped, as he might as well wait until
the fur is prime  as to   kill tlie animals in the summer when t' eir fur
is almost worthless.    One peculiarity   about the   American   raw  fur
collection   during the  season 1913-
14, is the fact that over   three million muskrats as well as  thousands
ot  raccoons, skunk and  other fur-
bearing  animals  were   taken from
the central states,   namely Illinois,
Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, and Wis
Postage On Parcels
To Troops In France
The Department is in receipt of
applications to have parcels addressed to our soldiers in France sent
free or at reduced rates of postage,
there evidently being an impression
This will dispel all thought | that the Department has control of
from the minds  of  those   who 1111- j these rates and could do as it wish-
Rgine tliere are no furbearers left iu   ed, but this is not so, as   the ques-
thickly  populated  stats   and it is '
also a fact   that the furs   collected
from these stafes are bringing high
prices,   particularly at   the present
time wben we have such  an excellent demand,
Tlie golden opportunity of the
farmer boy to pick up a neat pile of
money in his spare time this winter
should not be oyerlcoked and the
exercising of a little 'common horse
sense' will go a long wa^s towards
determining the atnount^of his
Just  three weeks to Christmas.
Do your shopping early.
Esquimalt   &   Nanaimo   Railway
Christmas and New Year Excursion Rates
Good going Dec. 24 and 31, final return
limit Jan. 4, fare and one-fifth for round trip
Through Passenger Trains leave Courtenay 11:35 on Monday, Wednesday and
Friday for Victoria and Way Stations
RETURNING���Arrives at Courtenay at
16:10, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
Steamship tickets on all lines to all parts
of the world. For particulars etc., address
tion of postage is fixed by international agreement, so that it is uot
within the power of the Canadian
Post Ofiice Department to undertake to carry the parcels free or at
a reduced rate of postage. Under
International law, provision is made
for the free transmission of parcels
to prisoners of war, but this privilege does not extend to parcels for
troops engaged in. active service,
nor is it within the power of the De
partnieiit to so extend it.
Tlie rate of postage required on
parcels addressed to the troops defends upon the location of the addressee. If the addressee is iu
England, the rate on parcels for
England applies, which i.s twelve
cents per pound; whilst, if lie is in
France, the parcels are subject tc
the rates applicable for parcels tor
France, which are as follows:
��� ?
Dist. Passenger Agent, Victoria
Agent Courtenay, Phone R 60
Thete are exactly the same char
ges which existed for'years between
Canada, England and France before the war, and are the result of
an agreement or convention between there countries and Canada, aud
as these countries have not agreed
to lower tlieir rates between England   and   France, Canada   has to
I pay to them  tha same  rates as be-
I fore the war   and must   charge the
j same postage.
In all cases parcels for the troops
> must be addressed c-o   Armv   Post
Office, London,   England, but this
���*_��._____���._-���'.'.���,���_��. .ur.*.,��"_��rK__.>_, ,_,-.. ���:T��:v.'.'.-__'^*j^5,''iV1,��*li,.,_;
Buy Made-in-British-Columbia
Flour���It's Best
Nowhere���in all the world���is hetter flour made than
ROYAL STANDARD. Bank on that absolutely! The
finest wheat grown is used exclusively in this fllour. This
accounts for the big, creamy, wholesome white bread which
Tlie name ROYAL STANDARD is your assurance
of QUALITY. Eveay product with that name is sold
under a strict money back guarantee
Ask about
Poultry Products
Royal  Standard   Grain
Products  Agency
F. Movili, Mgr. Phone 33; End of Bridge
Date Steamer
{Due. 11 Scandinavian
Hoc. ILIMiihult'lpliia
Doo. 12.. Alhenin.	
Iiuc. 15., Corinthian	
Deo. 17,.Cymrlo
Dec. 18..1JhilndolphIa
Minimum Rales
Lino           Irom            To          1st 2nd     Srd"
 Allan..St. John....Liverpool..  - sa.oo 833.76
 Amorloan.Now York.,Liverpool..$ 05 SlW.n.i sio.no
.  ... Donaldson.. Ht, John....Glasgow...,   ��� s.V-'.iiii s.'i;i.7ii
 St, John... Loudon   ��� sr.ii.iii s:��7s
...White Slur..Now  York..Liverpool..   ��� SStlsm $83,76
.. .. American..N w York..Liverpool..J 95 tllS.lltl ilo.Mi
i\ ar 1 ax in addition to above fares
(Through tourist and standnrd sleeping cars lo ship's sido
Rail rates and sleeping car fares on application
Make your reservations early and secure choice accomodation
Agent, Phone R60
E. & N. Station COURTENAY
does not in any wav affect the rate
of postage which depends entirely
upon the location of the addressee.
It i3 estimated that the consump.
tion of California oil fuel on the
Pacific Coast is equivalent to about
21.000,000 tons of coal, or between
six and seven times the output of
coal in Washington, or for that
matter in all the Pacific Coast states
combined, in 1914.
Lessons given on the Violin
and Music
Harmony Orchestra
Riverside Hotel COURTKNAY
Municipal Voters' List
THK Sitting of the Court of Revision
(or the City of Courtenay will he
held iii the City Hall on December 10,
1915, at 7:30 p. 111, Any person decm-
ing himself wrongfully omitted or inserted in the list can object at the meeting.
. W. A. W. HAMKS,
City Clerk
Sale   1 Land near Headquarters, B. C.
TENDERS will be received up to
January 1, 1916, for the sale of
that portion of land situated near Headquarters, containing by measurement
Two and Fifty-live Hundretlis (2.55)
Acres more or less, also cabin, described
as follows:���Fract, South-east Quarter
of Section 5, Township 6, Comox District, B, C.
Highest or any tender not necessarily
accepted. Those tendering to deposit 10
per cent, of price offered us a deposit,
same will be refunded if offer is not
P. S. The above is known as the
Richard Holms Kstate.
wuslbv Willard,
Official Admistnitor
Be Patriotic
Build up your own city, not
Toronto or any other city
foreign to your own interests-
Keep your money in circula.
tion here
See our
Xmas. Toys
and  Dolls
not made in Germany, at
Drug Stoie
before sending out of town
FOR       '
Sand and Gravel
Rates Reasonable
r ///
Courtenay Review
Designers of
Particular Printing
Isabel St. Courtenay
Telephone 59
Say the Word
Britain hns n painful task, in honor
bound to do,
And wben her honor is at stake she
ligb s and sees it through
Each Ilritish possession hears and answers Britain's call,
Knowing, as sons to a mother, thev owe
their very all.
motherland help in
As Canada owes tbe
time of need,
Each Province   has its  shire
money, men and deed
Each city,   town  und  parish
Province, too,
In comparison to tbe size,   all  the good
that it can do.
pay 111
owes that
Old Timer Found
Ln Dying Condition
John Hardy, of Coinox, an eccentric old man who was the third
oldest " old tinier" in the district,
died on Monday under particularly
distressing c rcumstances.
Some s6kliers from the wireless
station were out hunting in the
woods along the shore where he
lived, and hearing a groaning noise
investigated, when they found the
"general" John's faithful old steed
lying fast in the scrub with'the cart
overturned. They righted him and
then looked for Mr. Hardy, but
could not see him. They immediately notified John Knight and Mr.
Bourne, 'ho instituted a search
and finally found the old man in a
field about 150 feet from Mr Radford's house, for which he had apparently been making, He was
still alive and they hurried him to
the hospital, but he passed away
in a very few minutes after entering the doors, ar.d before the doctor
could get to him.
An inquest was held by Coroner
Bickle but there was no evidence
of foul play, and the verdict was
death from exposure.
He had been in Comox on Saturday afternoon and did not get
away before dark, when he decided
] to wait   until  about   ten o'clock
when it would be moonlight, to go
home.   He must have either fallen
off or got off the cart when about
half   way   home,   and   the horse
walked off   and  left him,  as the
wheel tracks showed  plainly, and
j John either got lost or became ex-
( hausted from   walking,   and   laid
i himself down to rest, and   the cold
j storm which came   up about midnight  so   benumbed  him that he
was unable to move.
Mr. Hardy was born in England
i and was  in the  South   American
I war in   1863 with   Gen.   Forresis
cavalry.   He was afterwards drafted to California, and not liking llie
I service slipped   away and  csme to
I this district about   1870,   first settling near  where   Recce's  farm is
now.   Afterwards he and  a part-
j ner took up cairns at   Pt. Holmes,
' the partner died  and as  neithtr of
j them had registered   their  claims,
I John had some difficulty in obtaining a title,  owing   to the   government having granted the E. & N.
Railway nearly aii the  land in the
district,   A couple of   years  ago,
when land  was selling  well, John
disposed of his property for   about
$7,000 and has lived on   his means
ever since.
Mr. Hardy while eccentric was
quite shrewd. He was 69 years of
age, and told some interesting old-
time stories occasionally. He had
no relatives iu this country and apparently nothing is known of his
j antecedents in the old country.
The funeral took place from
��� Sutton & Kirkwood's undertaking
parlors today to the English church
Side of Work
On Thursday, Nov. 25, the local
branch of the Woman's Auxiliary
held tlieir annual sale of work in
the K. of P. hall,
A number of ladies decorated tht
hall and a very pretty effect was
secured by the tasteful use of color
schemes of red aud white.
The three W. A. stalls were presided over by Mesdames Willemar,
Smith, Bailev, Plovart, Piercy
Clayton and Brock.
The junior branch of the W. A.
had a number of small but dainty
irticles, many of which were the
landiwork of the children Miss
Davey presided at this stall, assisted by M. Robertson P. Beadnell
,,nd j, Hardy.
At the candy stall Mrs. H
Idiens and Mrs. Cokely sold some
delicious confections.
The centre ot the hall was takeu
up bv the homemade produce stall
in charge of Mrs. Jackson and
Mrs. Blackburn.
Some attractive competitions
were held by the Misses H. Bridges, L. McQuillau, who offered
beautiful prizes for the wiuuing
A fish pond in   charge   of Mrs,
 ���--��.��,  Lindon,   son   Clifford   and   Jean
I Beasley.
Halibut shipped to England from-     *r-eas am} SUpper.s were provided
Prince Rupeu is sold for 15 cents a by Mesdames  Glazbrook,  Gibson.
pound in Grimsby,    Itsellsforless Guruey, Mitchell   aud   Cooke, as-
in England than   in   the   interior J sisted by a number of voung ladies
who acted as waitresses
In the evening en  entertainment
was held, and   some lautern  slides
were   shewn   which   proved   that
Courtenay still posseses a considerable number of  good-looking  citi
zens.   A short speech was made by
Mr.   Jackson   who   welcomed   the
Bishop and expressed the hope that
he would often   visit the district.
Later on the Bishop replied with .1
few   words,   and  the  proceeding.
closed with the National   Anthem.
Mr. Shepherd then  very   kindly
held an auction  of   the perishable
goods which remained.     The   proceeds amounted to  $240   net, and
will be devoted partly to ruissioaary
work abroad  and   partly   to   local
parish needs,
Hreatlies tliere a man witli  soul so dead
in Victoria,
Who can offer no manly  excuse for nol
enlisting to-day ?
Who denies this fair city the honor thai
we crave,
And hides away in  darkness in terror of
the grave.
Come, ye men of honor ; come,   ye men
of fame ;
Join your city regiment  and banish fear
and shame.
Your King and country need you,    Can
you hear the call ?
Then come���don't  tarry���say  the word
���that's all,
���W. P, M��� 8Sth Victoria Fusiliers
November 26, 1915.
towns in B   C,
Lost���Between Mrs.
dence and the  post  office,
gold brooch, sunburst style,
single  stone   in   centre      _
please   communicate    with
's r
a  long
_i����aaaa��*��������������a��*a����a, ���>�� ��aaa��a <
Hats, Trimmings,
Blouses, Etc.
We are still li ving in hope of
having an electric light supply ih
the near future.
The water system has been completed at St. Joseph's hospital,and
they now have a plentiful supply
of pure spring water.
Last month was the busiest in
the history of the hospital. More
patients were treated in the first
two weeks than in any month since
the institution was opened.
Mr. Moore's son Ambrose is with
the base hospital corps that has
just lauded at Saloniki. A letter
from Bill Holmes states that he is
all right as vet, but doesn't expect
to be home for Xmas.
H. Beadnell has been confined to
his home for a week with an attack
of bronchitis.
Service will beheld at S. Peter's
Church at 7.30 p,m. on Sunday.
Rev. Franklin-Watson, in his address to the newlv-confirmed communicants last Sunday gave them
specially appropriate advice, which
they will doubtless remember all
their lives.
A meeting was held in Martin's
hall on Wednesday evening to take
steps to urge upon the government
the suitability of this district for an
aviation school in connection with
the Cotnox-Atlin Regiment now
being recruited here.
Bert Higgins has rented Capt.
Curtis' place at Joe town.
Mrs. Planta and Mrs. Hunter, of
Nanaimo, are visiting at Mr. W.
Mr and Mrs H. Moore spent
the week end at J. Turnbull's
Messrs. B. Vogel, Hutton, and
Harry Grieve were tht first to offer
themselves for enlistment in the
new batallion, from this district.
Ben Ward had an exciting adventure with a two-year-old bull
one day recently. The animal
turned vicious and attacked Ben,
when he ran and picked up a piece
of scantling to defend himself with
j and the second blow from the club
I killed the brvte. Lucky escape,
'Ben !
Mr. Donnell of the Fanny Bay
shingle mill got a bad crack on the
head on Saturday last. He is in a
precarious condition and the roads
are too rough to remove him to the
The '' Rustics'' will Jpresent the
two act play entitled " Old Acre
Folk " at the opera house on Friday Dec. 10th at ��.i5 p.m., in aid
of the Red Cross fund A dance
will follow. Music by Harmony
. Orchestra.
I Mrs. Sarah McFarlane, sister of
the late Byron Crawford died at
Sandwick on Thursday last. The
funeral took place on Saturday afternoon to the Prebyterian church
cemetery, Rev. T. Menzies conducting the services at the church
aud graveside.
To rid a cupboard of black beetles place some parrafin in an old jar
aud stand it in the cupboard. Also
saturate pieces of ra�� with parrafin
rnd lay them about the floor.
Coloured muslin dresses should
always be washed in cold water.
Never put them iuto even warm
water. If delicate in shade add a
little powdered alum to last  water.
To write or talk, that's the question!
Three   minutes  of   quick,   decisive
telephoning,  or  three  days  of   indecisive corresponding
Settle  the  matter now  by a  telephone call!    Costs much less than
dictation, typing,   stationery, stamp
and the time lost!    Much Less!
Take a talk trip by telephone
B. C. Telephone  Co., Limited THE COURTENAY REVIEW
The Ford Garage has installed an
Autogenous Welding Outfit
by the Oxo-Acetylene System
Something that has been badly needed in this district for n
long time, as there are thousand.! of dollars worth of castings
of every description in cast iron, brass, aluminum, nialable,
soft steel, etc., thrown away every year, that could be made
as strong and oven stronger than when new for less than half
what a new one costs. Anything from a stove lifter to a
crankshaft, bring it along we cnn fix it
Telephone L46
Money To Loan
We are open to receive applications
for Loans on Improved Farm
Property in the Comox
Real Estate, Insurance und
Financial Agents
When In Doubt
Play Trumps
Have Goard Tune Your Piano
Factory Experience
Recommends   from   Reading Musicians
from the Atlantic to the Pacific,   Copies
of same furnished on request
W. J. Hoard   will Be   in this city   about
April     1.      Leave orders  at this   Office,
or write direct to
845, 8th Ave., W.   -   Vancouver
Comox, B. C.
Best Meals North of Naniamo
Choicest Liquors and Cigars
C. A, Martin,   Prop.
First-Class Plumbing
Hot Water and Steaiufitting
Jackson & Whittle
Phone 9 Courtenav
Let Me Show You My $4
Crowns and Bridges
Wake it a point  to call at
1 my   office  and see   Crowns
and   Bridges   I   have  made
lor other  patients   at tliese
22 Karat Solid Gold $4
Bridges $4 per Tooth
I will positively guarantee
that whether you pay 57 or
>l(i anywhere else BKWB8
Crowns and Bridobs than
these a a he made. Remember I use only the very
4 .est of material, employ the
highest paid skilled workmanship and Stand Hack of
Each Piece of Work with My
Personal Ironclad Guarantee
of Perfect Satisfaction.
It is not necessary to pay
more   elsewhere.     Let   me
t prove it to you.
J  Examinations Absolutely
Barrister   and  Solicitor,   Notary  Public
P. 0. Box 209
Phone 24 Courtenay
Expert Watchmaker   Qualified Optician
is selling Spectaclesand Eyeglasses from $2.50 per pair,
Including sight testing. Each
eye tested separately to insure
correct vision'
The Courtenay Jewelry Store
��� Dentist'1   j
Cor.Hastimcs& Abbott Sts.
Vancouver R C
To Bake
Not to Bake?
The former is really unnecessary when Bread from the
Courtenay Bakery is available
andby reason ofqtiality has so
many votaries. Get tlie A B
habit and satisfaction
W. Aitken
Oppositenew.Presbyte rial  Uiul
Sutton & Kirkwood
Undertakers and
Night or Day Calls Promptly
Letter To The Editor
Mr. Editor, Friends,   Neighbors
ami Fellow Citizens, lend nie your
vour ears, rub a cat's fur the
wrong way and you sure make it
spit, as witness letters in last week's
Review. Say I've never seen my
name in print .so often before so
I've wrapped 'The Review" up in
silver tissue paper and sent it
home, wont the Oover.or and the
Mater be proud of H. D. But
that reininns nie, I must explain to
them that I am not in Mr. McKeu-
eie's class, no fear, I'm in the
"Dewey Did It" class.
Quit fooling now, this is serious.
It would be a  whole  lot better for
"Orchard Residents"   if   Mr. McKenzie was in   the class   he places
nie in, in his letter, then we might
hope to   get   something   done lor
ourselves in this part of town.    The
trouble   i.s,   that   when    he, with
the other Aldermen give tlieir time
to the city without   any   financial
I recompense, to criticise at   all   is
j Invidious.    However, Mr, McKen-
, /.ie, just a word,    lf, as you   say,
I you wanted street lights  as  badly
I as the rest of us,   why  didn't  you
I make some attempt to get them for
I us ?   Miglitv   little  comes   along
1 just by waiting for it.    What about
some of those fearful holes  in   our
Orchard streets,  that want  filling
up.    An Orchard sidewalk   would
be well patronized, also a couple of
-Ore! 1 ard streets graded,  would improve appearances tremenduously,
but we don't hear or read   of   any
great effort being   made   on   vour
part to secure theni for us.    Iu fact
the only improvement I can  think
of that you have secured for "The
Orchard," after almost a   year   of
office, is a couple of loads of gravel
at Mr. Perez's corner, and its uot a
record to be proud of.    I note that
\ 011 claim that   you,   along   with
some of the Aldermen, have finallv
called "the bluff" of   the   Electric
Light    Company.    Thats    pretty
rich,   The one,   and   oulv   thing
that called "their bluff?" Mr. Mc
Kenzie, was the   petition   praying
for light, addressed to them direct
by over fifty Residents and Property Owners of the Orchard.,
"Mr. Johnston" turn me loose,
I've got no money but a good excuse. Shtire but that was a nice
spicy little paragraph, at the end of
your letter, about my not attending to business and making progress, You must really go easy
Mr. Johnston, you're treading ou
my corns, you see I have not got
into my money making stride yet,
they tell me however that it took
you a long, long time to get into
yours, so I'm just living in hopes.
By the way, you are the most
shameless prevaricator of the truth
I've come across. You did say iu
the open council meeting, exactly
what I said you did in my last letter, for proof turn up "The Review" of Nov. 4 for report on
council meeting, or ask any of the
public who were present, and dou't
try on again, in the public press,
anv more subterfuges about being
misquoted, or incorrect statements.
The word insolent appears again in
your letter of last week, but as any
adverse criticism of yourself or the
city council is invariably described
by you as insolent, no one takes
any notice of the expression from
Mr. Editor, a few words of appreciation to yourself before I close
You have allowed free u=e of your
columns on this Orchard light
question, and I wish to thank you
tor your courtesy, Orchard Rest
dents, after a good deal of trouble
have secured what they wanted,
light for the Orchard; and from
now on as far as I am concerned,
the incident is closed.
Yours truly,
H. D, Forde
Courtenay, November 29
G(*t"Mor('Mon. y"for yourFoxos
Muskrat, White Weasel, Beaver. Lynx, Wolves,
Marten and other Fur bearers elk mil in your section
house In lhe World dealing exclusively In NORTH AMKKlt AN HAW I' NS
a reliable*-' responsible���si... Pur House wltb nn unblemished reputation existing tor "more than n third of a century," a lonsrsuo-
ci'sst'.il record of sending Pur Shippers prompt,8.\1 ISPACTOR V
AND PROFITABLE returns. Write lor "Qrijr j&fwbrrt ft&fpper."
the only reliable, accurate market report an,! price Hat published,
Weill, for It-NOW-ifl Pit BE
AR   WIIR^RT  !n.     25-27 WEST AUSTIN AVE.
. _>. onuouivi, inc. Dcptc68 chicaco,u.s.a.
Buggies and Express Wagons
All Rigs Guaranteed ami Sold at the Lowest Possible Price?
Blacksmith ard Carriag. Builder COURTKNAY
J.   ___���  ASTON
Logger's Shoes iiiini.' io order.
In North and South, in East
and West,
Aston's Handmade Shoes will
stan I the Test.
Courtenay    Hotel
Comfort  With Moderate Kates
Bet WmeH
an.l Liquors
Palaee Livepy
I        Ph-RCY WINCH
I  Cumberland Hotel
I Good Accomodation      Cusine Excel Ien
Wm. Merryfield
The   Comox  Barber   Shop
Oldest Shop in Courtenay
Nothing   But   First   Class   Work
Guaranteed.    Baths iu connection
C.  E,   D U, .VU'-
Herses and  Buggies for
Terms cash.
We also attend  to wood hauling
Phone 2$
cases of Red Cross supplies which
have been duly checked up and
forwarded to the front.
Thanking you for your continued support.
Yours truly,
Chas. Williams,
Hon. Sec.-Treas.
Victoria, November 25
Editor Review :
Dear Sir,���I have been persistently blamed for writing the"Comic Opera '' that appeared in your
last issue. I wish to deny having
anything, either directly or indirectly, to do with the article.
Yours truly,
Colin Campbell
 m���^ -m	
F. Field, Esq.,
Hon. Sec. Patriotic Service Committee, Courtenav.
Dear Sir:���I beg to acknowledge
with thanks, receipt of your ship-
meut of the 1 itb   November, three
Monthly Statement of
Red Cross Finances
Nil $
Btlance in bank, Oct 31:  367 69
Material from Red Cross, Victoria*!   1 00
Material from Parkin's store       f 00
Material from McPhee & Morrison   13 90
Material from Red Cross. Victoria
Cash returned to Little River Ass
share subs, to machine gun	
Express oil 2 parcels of material
Help re packing up consignment.
Material from Victoria	
Express on material from Victoria
Laundry on goods  shipped      1 50
48 pounds wool from   Red  Cross
Victoria     48 00
Express on wool      1 00
$206 73
By balance in Royal Bnnk $160 96
lion. Sec.-Treas.
Courtenay Patriotic Service Committee
Examined in   detail   and   found to be
E. J. Johnston,
Manager the Royal Hank of Canada.
Willard's Harness Emporium
Fine Showing of  Horse  Blankets,   Lap
Rugs, Gloves, Trunks, Suit Cases, Etc.
Harness Repaired Neatly
Cumberland and Courtenay
T obaccos
Swan's Old Stand, Courtenay
63 14
37 08
1 00
35 66
1 50
Your Country Needs
You, Boys
The Comox-Atlin
At a meeting of the Basketball
Association held in P. L, Anderton's office, the following officers
were elected:
President, W. Derholm.
Secretary, C' P. Thompson,
Treasurer, M. Glazbrook.
Executive, A. D. Hilton. Sam
Watson, Geo. Millard, and other
Practice begins on Monday evening, December 6th, in the Opera
House. Membership tickets $1 in
advance, may be had from the secretary or treasurer. Practice niglus
Monday and Friday, girls Tuesday
Why Pay Big Dental Charges?
You will moro thnnsuvoyour faro
to Vancouver or Victoria ny having
vor work dono in our offlcus. Wo
have Kpocial iirrariKutneius'To Save
You Time. Not moro ihan 2 days
are required to complcto your work
Our  Prices Are  About  One-Half Those
Charged By Other Dentists.    All  Work
Guaranteed and  Performed Without tlie
Slightest Paia


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