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The Review Aug 6, 1914

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-,---- ���--.������_������.
List Your Property with
Island Realty Co.
We Can Sell It
I Havo You _ lonev to Iiiyt-t, |
I Sec us; we Cnn Make* Vou |
! Uftfgfl DiviilemU {
|     Island Realty Co.
VOL. 2
NO. 37
8 1-2 Acres in Courtenay
One  Mile from Station; Good  House and Barn,
Fronting on Two Roads; Good Fresh Water
Stream, all in good state of cultivation
This will make a lovely home for the
man who is lucky enough to buy at
$4,500, Easy Terms
P. L. ANDERTON, Manager
Phone 22 Courtenay, B. C.
Geo. J. Haidy
F. R. F. Biscoe
Real Estate and Insurance Agents
On Easy Terms While Prices Are Low
5 Room House, on Lot and Half, $1,700
4 "      "     "   "    "     "     1,400
5 "      "     " Large Lot       1,300
Well situated with good view, about five minutes
walk from Post Office. Only a moderate cash
payment required and balance at $15 per month
It's Just as Easy as Paying Rent
R. fi. Allan
Real Estate Insurance
Give us your order for
Letterheads, Billheads,
Statements, Envelopes,
Wedding Stationery, Etc.
Born���On Thursday July 30th
to Mr. and Mrs, S, A, Cotton, a
Horn���Ou Monday, August 3rd,
lo Mr. aud Mrs, Roy Angel, a
Br. Morrison lias moved into
Mrs, Mouolian's new house in the
Mr. Rawlins has secured a situation St Huntingdon. B, C, and
left for that place last Friday week.
The ladies of the Presbyterian
church held an enjoyable garden
party on themause grounds yester-
lay afternoon and evening.
At the Athletic grounds on Sunday afternoon Courtenay defeated
Cumberland by the score of 9 to 4.
On Thursday evening last the Lake
Trail boys beat all coiners. Score
4 to 5.
The Imperial Laundry Company
of Nanaimo, wish to announce that
they are prepared to give good
laundry service in this district, and
respectfully solicit youi patronage.
All orders will receive careful and
prompt attention. At present work
obtained on Monday will be delivered on Saturday, but a more prompt
service will be inaugurated when
the train is iu operation.
Miss Btenchard wishes to announce that she has moved her
dressmaking establishment into the
Perez Block on Isabel Street, and
is prepared to do all kinds of dressmaking and Ladies' tailoring, at
reasonable prices. Fit and work
Young Pigs for sale���Apply J.J,
Bannerman, Point Holmes. Comox.
Wanted���A lot on Royston beach
suitable for summer home, Apply
box N. Review office.
Wanted���Tenders' to fall trees,
about 15 acres. Apply C. Burchell,
Little River Road, Comox.
New six-roomed house, in good
part of Vancouver, valued at $4000
to exchange las part payment on
farm in Comox district, for interview address box J. Review officej
Do you want cordwood or poles
cut with circular saw? If So call
up Grimsley & Hodgkinson.
Telephone 36, or enquire B. C.
Investments. Wood delivered f $4
per load.
Wanted to lease���With option
of purchase. About forty acres
close to Courtenay, as going concern. Bank references. Correspondence solicited, Address R.
Reyiew Office.
The British Columbia Nurseries
Co. Ltd. have appointed Mr, W.
D. Stoker, of Courtenay. their local representative for ihe sale of
their wel' known nursery stock.
Mr. Stoker is now taking orders
for Fall 1914 and Spring 1915 delivery, of fruit and ornamental
trees, etc., Intending planters
should place their orders NOW.
Large tract of good farming land
now open for free settlement in
Oregon. Over 200,000 acres in all.
Cood climate, rich soil, and does
not require irrigation to raise finest
crops of grain, fruit aud garden
truck. For large map, full instructions and information, and a j
plan of several sections of except-]
ionally good claims, send $3.40 to
John Keefe, Oregon City, Oregon.
Three years as a U. S. Surveyor
and timberman. An opportunity
to get a good fertile free homestead
near town and market.
Mr. A. J. Marshall was in town
on Saturday.
Mr. Jos. Idiens has started a
flour and feed store at Royston,
Dr. Judson McPhee of Nanaimo,
was visiting his parents last  week.
Mr. Fred Faber returned on
Tuesday evening from a business
trip to Vancouver.
George Leighton has just built a
nyw spring WBgOU For Mr Cioekett
to be used for hauling milk to the
Mr. W. H. Kirkwood arrive''
home from Nanaimo on Friday
with a fine launch, Clinton Wood
assisted in bringing her home,
A. Beveridge has just completed a
lar'.e septic tank for Mr. Jo*. McPhee, and is building one for
Kwong Sing, the Chinese laundry-
man, this week.
The regular monthly meeting of
the Board of Trade will be held this
(Thursday) evening at s o'clock.
A full attendance of the members
is requested.
On Saturday morning a couple
of small dogs got into Mr. McPhee's chicken yard and destroyed
nearly a dozen Rue chickens before
they could be chased out.
Kirkwood & Sutton's lot on the
corner of Union and Wallace
streets was cleared and graded
last week. The stumps and logs
were also cleared off Wallace street
for a couple of hundred feet,
Vrs, Kepner aud family are
camping at Royston.
Horace McPhee reports excellent
fishing at Kye Hay.
Charles Hansen, of Campbell
River, was in town yesterday.
H, D. Forde was at Winnipeg
last week selling Perez Park lots,
Mr, E. O. guide has the foundation iu for his new garage on
Isabel street.
Mrs. Shannon expects to leave
this week for Prince Rupert, where
siie will remain for some time.
Knob Hill Orchard, Comox.
The following are now ripening:���
Greengages and seedling plums,
Bartlett and Clapp's Favourite
Pears, Astrakhan and Gravenstein
Apples. Crabs. Order now. Hugh
Mr. F. C. Brock of Grand Forks,
has been transferred to the managership of the Bank of Commerce
here. Mr. Longhurst, at the conclusion of his holidays' expects to
go to Rosslaud, B- C.
Mr. and Mrs. W, J. Watehorn
were at Victoria attending the
funeral of the former's father, Mr.
Joseph Watehorn, who died at Victoria on Friday July 31st. The
funeral took place from the residence of his daughter, Mrs. G. D.
Christie. He was boru in the
Province of Quebec, and was iu his
72nd year.
H.   H.   M.   BEADNELL
Courtenay Avenue is to be shortly opened up from
the Union Bay Road to the Station. The cheapest
and largest lots in Courtenay, 50 x 120, face on
this street Prices to be raised shortly. Now is
the time to buy
Sea Frontage with Beautiful Sandy Beach
25 1-2 Acres, good land and most of it is easily
cleared, on Kye Bay, road to property.   Price for
14 days $135 per Acre.   Terms, 1-3 Cash, balance
in one and two years
Phone 24
Everybody to call and see our choice selection of
Small Groceries, Biscuits, Candies, Etc. Also Hams
and Bacon, Tobaccos and Cigars in large variety
All Fruits and Vegetables in Season
Nothing but the Best.    Pi ices Right
Local Delivery Telephone 40
7 Passenger Cole Car
Rates Reasonable
Palace Livery & Feed Stables
Everitt Car For  Hire
at Duncan _ Birch Garage
Union Bay Road
Telephone 38 COURTENAY
Is Your House Insured?
If Not, Why  Not?
Call or telephone for rates in reliable companies
B) L. T, Meade
Wani,   Lnck   _   Co.,   Limited
London,   Melbourne  and  Toronto
ICi utlnuetl)
Sonu'liodj . allot) Hi.' girl, anil sl'.s
weni iiway. Barbara >lui aot ash any
iiiini' ;iiiniii rooms, she went oul Into
tin' dump, cold London Btreot, Tl e
Iannis were burning. Between thi
lumps  linn' Bi th Ml  to  lip a  Borl  ot
Impenetrable fog.   PBople wore burr.
\ny, faster .mil foster towards   their
I'linii'iKiaiiii''luinii's.   Barbara did not
���um' in stand siui.   ii sin' tiiii bo, some
iiiir  nil-lit   speak   In  tier.    Slii' Imd  a
horror ot anyone iiddroBshig ber. Tin1
only |ii'.ipi" alio [ell sure Bite could
trunt, wore ilu pollco. Thero wob a
good-natured policeman standing at u
corner. Already one had directed 1't
In I'linlli'n. Perhaps Ill's mini could
tell her of a lodging, .she went up to
"Yrs. miss;   whole did ynu Bay you
wanted io _o?"
"Oh, it isn't that���I���1 beg your pardon," Bald Barbara, "I wanted lo���get
ii room���a clean room where 1 could
sleep tonight."
The man looked a! lur suspiciously.
"I don'l keep lodgings," he said. Ho
fill angry for a minute; Barbara's
next words, however, mollified blm.
"I am a girl iiulto fresh from the
I'ountry, Mini -my tattler���was a
clergyman, lie has just died. I don't
know anybody. I waul, a room lor perhaps two ...Kills.   I���I win pay for it."
"You seem a decent sort, i.f lass,'*
said Ihe man. "There's a woman I
know, a Mrs. Russell. Sho lives in
Viiuxliall Bridge Hoad, number 124b,
You go there, am; say lhat Pollce-Ser-
geant X asked you to call, -lie's full
up most times, 1ml. maybe she'll take
you in; lie sure you mention my
"Oil, thank you uo very much!" said
Barbara, with n smile.
That, wonderful smile of hers was
like the brlghest mnshine. Police-Sergeant X fell, 1 Is heart glow; he had nol,
met anything like that for years and
years ami years, not. since ages ago,
be had courted a lil tie girl in the country, a Utile girl who had died, lie
watched Barbara as she went down
Ynuxhall Bridge Road, lie hoped his
friend, Mrs. Russell, would be good
to the little girl with the smile
Vauxhall Bridge Road, compared to
Chesney street, seemed to Barbara lo
he almost a road out of Paradise. She
slopped at. 1_Mb and went up the steps.
She rang lhe bell. A neatly dressed,
stout woman opened Ihe door.
"Please, 1 want a room, just n bedroom, for a night or two," said Barbara.    "Are  yoll  ful!  up?"
"No, mi.-, I ttlll'l full up. Will you
step Inside?"
Barbara 'lid so. There was a broad
hall, with rooms opening lo the right
and to tlio lefi; the rooms were lofty,
and were heavily and well furnished.
The hall was covered wiih thick linoleum, over which one or Iwo rugs were
placed, there were also a couple of
chairs in tlio hall and an umbrella-
stand. A gas lamp swung from lhe
"What sort of rooms do you want,
miss? Bedroom and sit lint;'room? I
have some vacant on the dining-room
floor���very  convenient  Is  the dining-
room floor, miss, glttlng-room-room to
the front ami bedroom at lhe back. My
terms are Iwo guineas a week    well,
there are extras, of course, such ns
tlreB, and lights, and lhe cruel. But 1.
tiln'l,   sn  to  speak,  expensive,  and   l|
cooks  well.    Have  you  bl'OUgtll   your
luggage along wllh you. mips'.'"
"I haven't brought any luggage."
'What, no luggage, miss'.'"
"No, I left the Rectory curly this
morning, and���and I did nol���did not.
think - about luggage'."
"I'm afraid, then, you won't suit me,"
said the woman, her manner changing.
"My rooms Is always occupied by respectable young females, by tbem and
by sleaily gentlemen of the best, sort,
that slays for years and years."
"Hut please, please," said Barbara, Ig]e"'"for existence was hard
Indeed, I am quite respectable. 1 am j,,easing.    .Many nnd many
Directions: j\lake a parting and
rub gently with Cuticura Ointment..
Continue until whole scalp has been
gone over. The next morning shampoo with Cuticura Soap and hot
to iter. Shampoos alone may be
used as often as agreeable, but once
or twice a month is generally sufficient for this special treatment.
Cuticura So&p _4 Ointment aro lold throughout
lho world. A liberal sample o! each, wltb 112-. c��
booklcton the curs and treatment of the skin and
sealp. Bent post-tree. Address Totter Dr ui_ _ Chem.
Corp.. Dept. 15_, Boston, U. 8. A.
W. N. U. 1007
the daughter of a country Hector i�� J li ci
Devonsblre, who bus just died, and I
am in sad, greal. sorrow, anil I came
lo London to see my solicitors. J can
pay you well. 1 left home in such a
hurry Hint I had nol time lo pack. Police-Sergeant X sent me to you. Perhaps you have a liny bedroom al. the
lop of the house. I can pay you In advance; won't that do Instead of the
"Ah, he sent you'.' 'Faithful Tim?'
Well, now, I wonder? To be sure!
There's the front attic, ('ain't very
smart, miss, but, (hough I say It as
shouldn't, it's clean and I can let yon
have it at eight shillings a week, and,
so to speak, all found. 1 means by
lhat, you can buy your own bit of
food and bring it in and cool; it yourself."
"Oh, yes," said Barbara, "thai will
do splendidly, Thank you very much!
I will pay you for the first, week now;
please wall a minl.ue."
Barbara took out her little purse;
she extracted eight shillings from her
tiny store. The landlady saw the
purse. Plie had a quick eye and she
noticed Its quality. It. was a purse
with a heavy gold ring round it, and
the girl's initials were worked in a
gold monogram on the front, her little cambric handkerchief had also appeared out ot smie pocket. It was tiny
of the tiny and beautifully embroider;
ed. The landlady further caught a
glimpse of a heavy, a vory heavy, gold
chain, and yet another glimpse of a
gold walch, and above and beyond all
these things there was something in
tho make of the girl's clothes, her
whole carriage, the sweetness in her
eyes, and the smile which came and
went round her lips, which softened
Mrs. Russell's heart.
"My dear, my dear!" she said, "we
landladies is often took in, we has to
be particular like, but I believed in
you, you're a right, good sort. You
mustn't take the battle unelss yon
wishes it. Come along with me this
minute, and you shall see it."
Barbara went upBlairs with tlie woman. Try as she would, she could
not think tills attic a luxurious bedroom, with its sloping roof and broken-
down, shabby, iron bedstead, its lag
of a carpet in front of the bedstead,
its old deal table draped wiih dingy
nnd dirty muslin which was to take
tho place of a dressing table, its wash-
stand from which the paint bad long
debarred, and its jug without a handle,
and basin with a crack in it, anything
was mut repulsive. Ncverheless. the
woman said that the room was clean,
and there was a little tire-place which
might be tilled Witt) coal and in which
a lire could burn.
"[ will lake the room," said Barbara,
"and will you light the (Ire here, and
will you, perhaps, just on this occasion
get me what I want In the way of
food until the morning? then I will tell
you how long 1 am likely to slay: and,
please, don't forgst lhe flre, and may
I have a pair of candles, and���I Ihlnlc
that is all."
"Yes, my dear; certainly. It seems
a pity you didn't bring a bit. o' luggage along; but mayhap you'll send
for it. to the Rectory. It don't, take long
now to get luggage from any part of
"I will send for it���perhaps." answered the woman, "that you'd like to
set downstairs in my back-parlour
while  I'm  gelling the haltie ready."
"Thank you," replied Barbara. "I
should very much-"
"And anything that you'd fancy to
heat, miss���a hegg, or hanytbink o'
that sort?"
"No, thank you; I have had some
"Very well; then I'll send Sue up to
tidy tlie room. You won't know it,
with the fire burnin' brightly and the
curtains drawed at the winders, and
the candles alight; you'll be as snug
as snug can be. It's a clean room,
miss. It's only the dust and the smuts
and the fogs off London as make it
look so yeller like."
Barbara responded in pleasant
. "You are kind," she said. "I am
greatly obliged to you. I am sure the
room will suit me. And���don't forget
���here are the eight shillings."
"Oh, my dear, I trust you, I do so.
But there, if :t will make you happylike, I'll take them. We poor land-
ladles have to be specially particular,
|we'a often took in, often and often,
and I've bad, on tbe whole, my share,
but 'Kaiiliful Tlni,' lie never yet sent
me one who deceived tiitil or wbo led
a low-ilowr, life. Thn has a wonderful hcye, that'j whnt I say about blm,
he'll know at a glance Whether a girl's
good or hud, lmn"_ or dishonest, I'd
lake his recommend sooner than many
a line lady's or gent's, lhat 1 would.
Now, Iben, here yon bo, and there's
a cal who'll keep you company;  he's
'a  good-natured  beast, Tim  be.    Now
I be friendly Willi the young lidy, show
your manners, TlM, and let the young
llily.feel thai she's nl ho in.' and happy  with good  Mrs.  Russell."
I Tlm, nu i normous English Inbby,
arched his back, purred, ami present-
Ij rubbed himself on Barbara's die. s.
She look the cat mi her knee. and.
tired out by he. adventures of ibe day
and completely worn onl by her sleepless ulght, dropped by and by Inlo lhe
land ot dreunis, with Tlm asleep In
her lap. She was lying back in a
shabby old chair, her hal had
tumbled lo the floor, her soli hair was
fluffed round her pretty forehead, ber
long, tllioll lashes lay on her smooth,
young cheeks, when Mrs. Russell
came lu.
"Now,   missy    well.     I   do   declare
she's asleep, pretty lamb!"
The woman |_.tc��� long and eain-
PBtly nt. tlie girl. She wns for a
London landlady, quite superior; but
she had lhe cautious sort of face
which comes from much acquaintance
with the Beamy side of life. Her Strug
and nn
time had
Blended to Suit Hard Water
Hard water spoils most teas but not
Red Rose. It is distinctive in this respect, being specially selected and blended
to suit the hard water of the Prairie Provinces. No matter how hard the water it
cannot destroy the rich strength and flavor of Red
Rose Tea. This is one of the main reasons, perhaps,
why Red Rose is such a favorite.
= _
,'is good tea'"!
I ���   __���     1
In 1 lb", and \i lb. lead
packages at: 40c., 60c. and
60c���also in tins of 3 lbs.
and larger.
N.B.���Co-re users will Iiuil R nl
Rom Coffee ai geneieuily good
ai Krd I- sr Tea. 4S1
nets yf kindness proved Utiava.ll-
iug; many and many u man nud
woman had palmed themselves on her
good natur.. mil left her without paying tlieir rent. But when she saw
Barbara. Mrs. Iinssell was troubled in
her soul, for Barbara's llllle face reminded her of another face which,
years and years ago, had been hidden
awuy between coffin boards���the face
of her only child, who had died when
she was ten years of age.
(To be Continued)
Plain  John  Smith   '
In  l.alln it Ib Johannes Smltlms;
the Italian smooths It oil' inlo GlOVftPliI
Smith!* ihe Spaniards lender ll Juan
Smilhiis;   Hie  Dutchman  adopts It as
Hans Schmidt; tlie French Hatton .1
out Into .lean Sinn I, and the RuBBll.ll
sneezes and l..irl_ JonlolT SniitlosKI.
I When John Smith gels Into lhe lea
trade in Canton be becomes Joviin
Sulmmlt; ' he clambers aboul Mount
llecla the Icelanders say he Is .labile
Smilhson; if he trades aiming Ihe Tub-
eiirorars he liecomes Ton _a Hinilhia;
in Poland he Is Known as Ivan Sehmit-
tlwolski; should be wander among Ihe
Welsh mountains ihey tall, of Jlilon
Khhmidil; when h;. goes in Mexico he
is booked as .lentil F'Smlltl/ if of
classic turn and lie lingers among
Qreek ruin:, he turns lo Ion 3mlltton,
and In Turkey he Is utterly disguised
aB Yoe Seef.
Only lhe uninformed endure the
agony of coins. The Knowing ones apply Jlolloway's Corn ('tire and get relief.
The superintendent of a Sunday
school was illustrating for the children
the text, _M*ise and lake the young
child and his mother, and flee into
Egypt." Showing them a large 'picture, she asked:
"Now, isn't that splendid? Here is
the mother. Here Is-the young child.
There's Egypt in the distance."
The children, however, looked disappointed, and finally a 111 tie boy piped
"Teacher, whers's the flea?"���Tit-
a pair of button shoes for
sir.    What kind do you
"I want,
my wife-"
"This wa
want, sir'"
"Doesn't matter, just so tbey don't
button in the back."���-Philadelphia
Public Ledger.
She���'TIs true that I have broken
the engagement and that 1 slill have
your ring; but do you know why I retain that ring?
'lie (ruefully)���On the principle that
to the victor belongs Ihe spoils, I sup'
pose.���Boston Transcript.
Minister ito whom Johnny has Ira.
parted the important and cheerful information that his father had got a
set of false to. Ill)��� And what will he
do with the old set?
Johnny���Oh, I suppose they'll cut
'cm down an' make ine wear 'em.���
Penny Magazine.
How's This?
We offer One Hundred Dollars Reward for nny case of Catarrh that
cannot be cured by Hall's Catarrh
.    F. J, CHENEY .% CO, Toledo, O.
We, the undersigned, have known P. J.
Cheney for the last 15 years, nnd believe
lilm perfectly honorable In all    business
"They say lhai birds Butter wbei,
Ihelr feiiHers nre removed by colleo
"Nol as much as women ��ecm to suf
fer when fealhi'i
loins collectors.'
are removed by BUS
Washington Slar.
MINARD'S I.INIM-.VP Is the only
Liniment asked for nt my store and
lhe only one we keep foi- sale.
All lho people uso it.
Pleasant Buy, (Mi
traneiotlons and financially able toenny j'"Jl,'11'5',""1' "*]ii ��!"   f    T���-i_-    t_i
' ' of    the    government.���London    le.
Tobacco In France
Twenly .great factories work up "tl *
whole of the tobacco manufactured in
France, and the I'lght to retail is jealously guarded by the stato. Permit!
to open tobacco shops are usually
granted to widows of officers of tbs
of other employees
out any obligations made bv ids firm,
Toledo, O.
Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken internally, Hctln_ directly upon the blood and nui-
coliB surfaces of tlie sysleni. Testimonials sent free. lJrlen, 76 cents par. buttle.
Sold  by all   Dl'Uggiets.
Take Hall's Family I'llla for constipation.
working  on
_id a house
"I thought you were
Jay Kranli's new house,"
painter's friend.
"1 was goin' to," replied the house
painter, "but I had a quarrel with htm,
and he said he'd put the paint on
"And did he do it?"
"Yes, that is where be put most of
it."���Philadelphia, Press.
Attacked by Ast_ma. Tlie flrsl fearful sensation is of suffocation, which
hour by hour becomes more desperate
and hopeless. To such a ease the relief afforded by D". J. D. Kellogg's Asthma Remedy seems nothing less
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this sterling remedy will never be
without it.    It is sold everywhere.
Relieved  by Quitting Tea and  Coffee
Many cases of defective vision are
caused by the habitual use of tea or
It is said lhat in Arabia where coffee is used in large quantities, many
lose I heir eyesight at about fifty. Tea
contains the same drug, caffeine, as
An Eastern woman writes to tho
point concerning eye troublo and coffee,   she snys:
"My son was for years troubled
with his eyes. Me tried several kinds
of glasses without, relief. The optician
said there was a defect in bis eyes
which was bard to reach.
"lie used lo drink coffee, as we nil
did. and finally quit It and began to
use Postum. That was three years
ago nnd he has, not had to wear
(.lasses and has had no trouble with
his eyes since.
"I was always fond of tea and coffee and linally became so nervous I
could hardly sit ttill long enough to
eat a meal. My heart was in such a
conditions I thought I might die at anytime.
"Medicine did not give me relief
and I was almost desperate. It was
about this time we decided to quit
coffee aud use Postum, and have used
It ever Bince. I am in perfect health.
No trouble now with my heart and
never felt better in my life.
"Postum has been a great blessing
to us all, particularly to my son anl
Name given by Canadian Postum
Co., Windsor, Out. Read "The Road
to Wellvllle," in pkgs.
Postum now comes ln two forms:
Regular Postum���must be well boll,
ed.   15c and 25c packages.
Instant Postum���Is a soluble powder. A teaspoonful dissolves quickly
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and sugar, makes a delicious beverage
instantly.   30c and 50c tins.
The cost per cup of both kinds is
about the same.
"There's a Reason" for Postum.
���sold by Grocers.
Mrs. Knagg���Pin money! What do
you need pin money for?
Mr. Knaggs���'jo tip tlie pin boys in
the bowling alley.
wonthi, _i ��� rrvMoini���
1,0 NDO!.
Magnificent   New   Twin-Strew
One-riMi    (IK.)    Cabin    ant    ThlM Jl
CImi   im hh _!i_ __���   only   ara   .___rl_.l. T
Tha   (_����-Clan.   Cabin arc*mat��, atlan
Include* i
Verandah  Cafe,      Lounge,
<;,_ ni .axiom, Fromeuadae,
NmoUlui  Room,     limning  Room,
Dining Saloon,       Library
Hparlona   BtatareoM
B-.vlr��_   -Ito   betTV-_n   Vew   Tart, Jf
Mediterranean,     AdrlnUe.       Boelon,
Quern-town,    Mrerpool.   New    I'ark,
Fishguard,   Liverpool.
The   Faucet   Pa.acngcr   ind    Uii]
Service In tbe World.
Fer    Inform- lion    a] _ '.y    ta    any
Hallway   or   Ste_r_. hip   Agent,   cr
THE   Cl'KAlin     .TEA-lt-Hir   CO.,
304   MAIN   ST.,     i.NM-EG.
A coo] kitchen on ironing day is possible
with a
Oil Cook-stove
The heat is all in the burner���none in the
The New Perfection is cheaper than coal���and
cooks better. Broils, bakes, roasts, toasts.
In 1, 2, 3 and 4 burner sizes. Ask to see the
1914 model 4 burner, cabinet range with fireless
cooking oven. At all hardware and general stores.
Royalite Oil Civet Beit Rttalt*
Calgary       Regina        Mont__        Qucbac
Halifax       Wianiyag   Edmeataa     Satlwtoaa
Va��ooor��r       T-Mle        Ottawa
f m ffHK   REVIEW,   COURTNEY,   B. C.
Although there are different
(rides in Oauuh Watch,, there h
.1 ;����0m _�� timckeepinit
slaodard. Price, vary sccordlii*
to liaiih tad c_ioi.
tor sale by
nl jewelers
In less than i wu years it will
he unlawful to buy or use
poisonous while phosphorous matches
Everybody   should   begin
now to use
and thus ensure safety in
the home
p    STUDY
the Arts Course miy
Itt takn. by correspondence, but students
desiring to graduate
musi attend one
tOUCATlOM meludlfl*
j U_Y and AUOUBT
G. Y. CtlOWN. Rtglitur, Kingston, Onl.
.   Cuttsr't tlesklei  Pills,    _>��-
priced, fr-li, reliable: pi-t,_ or
Wsetern st_!a_ii hecau_ they ere-
_    __a 0���    leet   slhere   ether   vaeelnei   lell.
���      ���_."���   ���    Write for booKlst end twiimonlsla.
I     r* ��� ��     tt-dsss skis. Blssklsi Pills |I.M
* ll I^JI   5. s.i. . i.  ii.,ii.s P.i'.  �� tt
Use any luleetor, but Cutter's bsst.
_li su. rtorltT ef Cutter product! ti due to orer 11
jMtl of sssrtslistiii In veeolnss .nl s.ru-S esly.
Insist ee Cottsr's.   If unoM��l_l>!��, order direct,
IHE OUTTER   LABORATORY,  lirkslsy,  CHIf.rnls.
t| ._.___ 'OUT _fSO��T_"__ M DOWN' '_���' I t'i" It I.LPS'
_.__��_(.-IB KIDMK_.BI.A_.__. ._KVOUS DIHEAS. H,
-HRO. _CW_A___-��.-_C_. _,._._ .IM'IMtON S,PU._ _,,
write for _MI cloth round . RDICAL hook o_
_h��_a -Iitiaei _ nd wo_i>_it_ i _. r.i bks effect .it by
th*.tat*, for your own ailment. Alisulutely PRIV
Ha'(alio* ..���circular*. _ a obligation._ Hh. I.KCt.Kitc
HBD.COeUAVX_STOC-BU.il AMI'S IK Ul !.<j .UO_l,_. ii
' Somethin* belter than linen anil Ills
���iiiiidry bills Wash It Willi snap and
*ater All stor-* or direct. Slate style
��nJ tit*. For 85: we will mail you
_1 Fraser ����snus, Toronto, Ontario
There Is no substitute for thorough-
lolug, ardent and sincere earnestness.
>VS\ Vy
��M   I. <~vf.
A Chinese View ot American Women
"Tlie Intellect of the American wo��
man is equal, if not superior, to thut
of uipii." snys lit. Wu Tim; Fang, late
Chinese minister to the Dnltetl States,
in "America Througli tho Spectacles of.
an Oriental Diplomat." "American women um Komi conversationalists, ami
many of theni are eloquent ami endowed with the gift ot _i.il>-' One of
tlie cleverest and wittiest speeches I
havo ever beard was from a woniiiu
who spoke ut, a public meotlng on n
public question, They are also RiiO'l
writers, ami tlieir work shows profound Insight an 1 whip oulluro. Naturally such women cannot he expected  to  piny  Becond  tidiile.  They oxer-
I'tse great Influence, and whon married
they 'rule the roost.' II should he mentioned iimi their huBbatiV- submit.
willing to their tuctru! rule null gladly
obey llieir commands without feeling
Una ihey arc servants. 1 would ad-
tlso any married woman who complains of her liucbail- being unruly
and unpli'iisanl lo lain' a lesson from
tiir indies i r America."
Liniment     Lumberman's
HU Labor Saving  Device
Th. laic Charles II, Brlttlug, pro-
pi'lator of lho New Vorli actors' nis-
tatirntil known uu the "Little null of
P.lino," lock a keen Interest in popular trends and movements of all kinds.
Mr. Hiiuiiu' thoughi little of scientific
management and efficiency engineering. He said one day of an efficiency
"Blalll! is a fool, nud I thought he'd
go broke, but, by jingo, the fellow has
deceived me, He has discovered a
labor saving device, aud his address
will  be  Easy  streul   from  now on"
"Good boy. Blank!" said the actor.
"And what labor saving device has ho
discovered*;"   -
"An elderly widow," Mr. Brlttlng
answered���"an elderly widow with a
million who has consented to marry
lilin."���New York Tribuue.
Why She Left
Wiih somo families a flitting, If nol
quite an everyday affair, in at   m.
rale at annual event, bill ii Is different lu the country, where most folks
give up tlieir houses only when leaving ih.- village tor the earth)' li ��ns.
therefore, a surprise   io   a country
house OWUev  whose buiise. wns to let
to receive iiu application from a woman who hud hud unoiher house In
the siiine villugn for some yearSi
Terms were considered suitable and
the bargain was" heir g Bxed lip when
the landlord asked her what was
wrong with her present home. "Oh,
well," was thi reply, "I've nae fnu't to
Hn' wl' the iioose at a', it's rale comfortable, an' I'm sweer to leave it, i m
ye k_i I've never puld any real." She
Is slill house hunting.    Glasgow News.
W. N. U. 1007
Recognized as the leading specific
for the destruction of worms, Mother
Graven' Worm Hxtermiuator has prov
ed a-boon to aufforin_ children everywhere.   It seldom fails.
Strange Race of Ancient Britons
Among tho races ot human Kind
which awuy back of history's records
passed llko clouds over various parts
of the earth one of the most puzzling
to ethnologists Is that of tlie early
bronze age men who dwelt in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, and are supposed
lo have constructed the special forms
of stone circles whose remains are
now found there. These men differed
significantly from all the prehistoric
racial types previously determined in
Britain. They were remarkably
hroadheaded, nnd their average stature waB only five feet three inches,
as shown by' skeletons. Tho British
neolithic race was markedly long
headed, and the bronze age race,
which built the round tumuli, was also
long headed and tall.
Will  The
Increase Its Dividend
The statement which the General
Manager of the Merchants Bunk of
Canada has just issued to Its Shareholders, shows that the Bank's reserve
now stands at $7,000,000, which is
also the amount of Its paid up capital.
Will the Shareholders now come In
for a share ot tha profits, earned on
this accumulation?
Bank Managers, in Canada, have
very rightly aimed at accumulating in
good times a reserve which would enable them to weathor any ordinary
business stress without having to curtail dividends, but the present strong
position ot the Merchants Bank ot
Canada, its good percentage of quick
assets; Us high standing among the
community, would ssein to justify at
least a bonus distribution.
Canada has a light to lie proud of
Its Banks, and under the present Management, the Merchants Bank of Canada, has increased Its right lc be considered oue of the lenders, ot the foremost financial institutions of the country.
Seems Like a New Disease
New lo the ni'.n who has never
known the pain of a sore com Is suffering lie endurei until he gets relief
and cure by using Putnam's Painless
Corn and Wart Extractor. It acts like
magic, eases, heals, cures, does tt alt
In twenty-four hours. There's a whole
power ot merit in Putnam's Painless
Corn nnd Wart E-tructor. Try a 25c
The famous Etruscan vases were
wrongly named, for, though made in
Etiurla, they were the productions of
Greek gonitis. They arc elegant In
form and enriched with bands of beau,
titul loliage and other ornaments, figures and simlalr objects of a highly artistic character. One class has black
figures ar.d ornaments on a red
ground���the natural color of the cl��,y,
another has the figures ot the natural
color and the ground painted black.
Tlie former class belong to a date
about 600 B.C-, the latter date about
a century later and extend over a
period of some oOO or 350 years.
"You may cackle, my son," said
Smithy, "about our big fleet, our efficient army, and our wonderful resources, but you must, ln spite of our
so-called flying corps, admit we are
miles behind in the alr-9hip biz.
America, France and Germany arc all
before us in the flying game."
"Quite right; tbey should be." replied Private Brown. "I've never
known England fly before a foreign
power yet!"
The Servant Question
Morn women would keep two ser-
vanls If it wasn't thai they are r.ol
strong enough to do the work for more
than one at a time, Florida Tlnns-
Mothers who keep n box of Baby's
Own Tablets in the house may (eel
that the lives of their little ones are
reasonably safe during tlie l.ol weather. Stomach troubles, cholera infantum antl diarrhoea carry off thousands ot Ilttlo ones every summer, in
most cases because the mother does
not have a safe medicine at hand to
glvo promptly. Baby's Own Tablets
om _ theso troubles, or If Riven occasionally to tho well child will prevent
their coming on. The Tablets are
guaranteed by a government analyst
to be absolutely harmless ev��i to the
new-born Inbe. They are especially
good in the summer because they regulate the bowels and keep the stomach sweet, and pure. The Tablets are
sold by medicine dealers or hy mall
at 25 cents a box from Tho Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont.
We unhesitatingly
recommend Magic Baking
Powder as being the best, purest
and most healthful baking powder that it is possible to produce.
All ingredients are plainly printed
on the label.
During a snowstorm ou tho liinh-
land railway a train was InHd up for
in hour or so.   Tlie guard, a cheery
Scot, passed aloiiK the carriages* trying
to keep up the spirits of the passengers. Aii old gentleman angrily
complained that tf the train didn't go
on lie would "die of cold."
"Tuk' my.advice an' no' doe that,"
replied the guard. "Mln' y', we
ohnlrge a slilllln' a mile for corpses."
���D-idee Advertiser.
It Is not at all uncommon to consider a child stupid, blame him for
lack of interest ln bis studies, or even
to punish him tor outbursts ot temper, when-defective vision is the only
cause. Medical inspection ot School
children has shown that 15 per cent,
aro suffering from bad eyesight, undiscovered until the Bchool doctor calls
it to the attention or the parents.���
Woman's Home Companion.
Mlnard's Liniment used by Physicians.
It 13 Well
It is well to carefully cultivate
tastes. RiiBkln says, 'Tell what you
like and I will tell you what you are."
It ls well to study human character)
Bodensedt says: "In the face of every
human being his history stands plainly written; his Innermost nature steps
forth to the light. Yet they are the
fewest who can read and understand."
It is well to "brush up against tho
world." Goethe says: "Talent forms
itself in secret, character in tlie great
current ot the world."
It is well to be never 'inst down.
Elizabeth Barrett Browning says;
Let no one till his deulli
Be culled unhappy.   Measure not the
Until the day's out and the labor dona
Mr.  Post  Left $20 000,000
An ostnie valued al 120,000,000 ls to
be disposed ot by the will of Charles
w. Pnst, the cereal magnate ot Battle
Creek.   Mich
Mr, Post died May tl. at Santa Bar-
bara, Cal tie claimed residence in
tlie District of Columbia, and so recites in liis will, which was executed
at Battle Creek, November 3, 1918.
The estate is  let',   to liis  family  nnd
business associates.
An Always Ready Pill���To those ot
regular hubit medicine is of little con.
corn, but the great, majority of mea
are not of regular habit The worry
and cares of business prevent It, and
out of the Irregularity ot life comes
dyspepsia. Indigestion, liver and kid-
noy troubles as si protest. The ruu-
down system demands a corrective
and there ls none belter than Parmelee's Vegetable Pills- They aro
simple In their composition and can
be taken by the most delicately constituted,
She���I suppose this bread It not lho
kind your mul lier used to make
No, Indeed, it is not. Whin I I at
yours    it    makes    me    pity mt poor
father.���Baltimore American
"At any rale, I can truthfully .-ay
my business is nover at a standstill."
"What is your business','"
"Moving plcl ires."
NoteYour Increase
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food increases
weight by enriching ihe blood and taming new, firm flesh and tissues. Do not
confuse it with fat producing oils.
While Building up
the System with
Was thin, pale and weak.   Had
frequent headaches and stomach troubles.
Cured by Dr. Chase's Nerve Food.
Mrs. H. Laich. Cannington Manor, Sask., writes���
"You will remember me writing you last spring.
Well, I gave up my doctor and began using Dr.
Chase's Nerve Food. This treatment cured me
rapidly and I war-soon myself again. 1 was pale,
thin and weak, suffered from stomac_t troubles pnd
liver complaint and frequently had sick, nervous
I was surprised to find that in a few weeks time
1 had gained 30 pounds in weight. I never felt so
strong and well in all my life. Headaches never
bother me any more and I am grateful for the cure.
If people would only give this medicine a fair trial
they would certainly be cured."
You can f��l yourself gaining in etrongth and vit.lity
while uting Dr. Chaw's Nerve Food. You aleap better, eat
your meal* with moro reliah, and digest them without discomfort. But it i�� alao interesting to not* your lncreaa* in
weight for thi* ia proof poritive that vour ayatem i* obtaining
additional nouriehment from thi* food cure and that new. hrm
flesh and ti..uo is being add*d to the body. Dr. Chas* ���
Narva Food, SOc. a box. 6 for $2.50, all dealers or Edmanson.
Bates tc Co., Limited, Toronto.
The Royal Bank of Canada
Incorporated ist_
Capital Pai_ Dp $11,360,000       Reserve nml Undivided Profits $13,000,000
Payable lu all parts ol the world
Special attention given to Savings Department and Transactions ol Ordlu-
,        ary Banking Business by mail
The Courtenay Review
Ami Comox Valley Advocate
A Weekly Newspaper,  Published at
Courteuay, B, C.
N. II. BO-BN, Editor aud Proprietor
Subscription 11.60 per War In Advance
The War Cloud
Nothing of Importance lias developed in the war situation in
Europe. The Ilritish fleet is in
the North Sea, anil should she be
successful in bottling the German
fleet, Britain will be master of the
' situation, and will have the say ns
to whether or nol there shall be
war. The French fleet is in the
Mediterranean Sea, hence Italy's
neutrality. In the meantime
France, Germany and Russia are
inoboli/ing their forces and putting
themselves on a war footing.
Many of the despatches being sent
out by enterpriziug news agencies
are altogether misleading and silly
in the extreme.
General Store
For  Choice
Family Groceries
Boots and Shoes
Dry Goods
One   Price   to  All
At the political meeting on Monday night, Mr. Clements announced
that it was too late lo make any
change in the Post Office site, and
that it was the most centrally situated, and was where it would be
easiest reached by the largest number of citizens.
The Clansman i.s in with a load
of cans and shooks for the Courtenay Condensed Milk Co.
A number of ) oung men about
town have sent away tl eir application for enlistment to the authorities at Vancouver, should the
occasion arise.
Tlie electric light poles are erected
as far as the Builders' Supply corner. They are line large poles,
with tin. tops painted. The construction work will be completed
in the course of 5 or 6 weeks, and
the juice will be turned on shortly
Presbyterian Church
St. Andrews'  Sandwick
Service 2 p.m.     Sunday   School
and Bible Class 3 p. 111.
Sunday School and  Bible Class
10:30 a.m.   Service 11:30.   Evening service 7:30 p. 111. All \ve|come
May Find Bison
Still in Wild State
A oumber of United states government naturalists will spend the
summer in this province, engaged
in classifying the animals of British
Columbia in preparation for a
bulletin, which will be issued al an
early period. Considerable interest
attaches to the work of this party,
as there is reason lo believe that the
Bison, commonly known to be extinct, in a wild state, still exists in
small numbers iu the Peace River
District, north of the Peace" river.
Recently a bed of fourteen is said
to have been seen. The Indians
also constantly report having seen
bison in a wild state
The annual Flower Show held by
the ladies of the Women's Institute
was held in the Agricultural hall
on Thursday afternoon last. Owing
to the continued dry weather there
was not as lar^e a display as in
former years, but uever-the-less
some fine specimens were exhibited.
A goodly number attended and had
tea with the ladies,   The following
is the list of prize winners.
Begonia, 1st Mrs. M. Piercy, 2nd
Mrs. J. W. McKenzie.
Collection of Carnations, Mrs, R,
Decorative Dahlias, Miss Hilda
Dahlias (any other variety) 1st
Mrs.  R,  J. Smith, 21-d Miss  M.
Daisies, Miss M, Beattie.
Fuschia, single, Miss II. Bridges,
hern, 1st Mrs. Mat. Piercy, 2nd
Mrs. Sam Piercy.
Omnium, double, Miss Bridges.
Collection of Perennials, Mrs. J.
Wi McKenzie.
Floral design, (special) Miss
Hdyrongea, 1st Mrs. McQuillan,
2nd Miss Bridges.
Hangjilg basket, ist Miss Beattie,
2nd Miss Bridges.
Collection   cf  Nasturtiums,   ist
Mrs. McQuillan, 2nd Mrs. Hodgson.
Collection of Pansies, ist Mrs. J.
R. Smith, 2nd Miss Beattie.
Collection of Poppies, Mrs.
Collection ol Phlox, ist Mrs.
Knight, annuals, ist Mrs, Crompton, perennials.
Bouquet of Sweet Peas, ist Mrs.
James McKenzie, 2nd Mrs. Matt
Collection of Sweet Peas, (Gents
only) Mr. R. J. Smith.
Collection of Sweet Peas, (Ladies
only) ist Mrs. Crompton, 2nd Mrs.
Mrs. J. A  Halliday.
Petunia, single, ]st Mrs. H. F.
Loggie, 2nd Mrs, R, J. Smith.
Petunia, double, Mrs. J, W. Mc-
K .nzie.
���   Collection   of    Hoses,   ist   Mrs.
Crompton, 2nd Mrs. R. M, Stewart
A. Halliday
Table   Boquet,   ist   Mrs.   James
McKenzie, snd Mrs. R. J. Smith.
Any other plant in  bloom, Miss
Cut flowers, Mrs. Crompton.
Decorated   table,    (special)   1st
Miss Beattie, 2nd Mrs, Hodgson.
Collection of wild flowers, children 15 years and under, Viola Campbell and Barbara Duncan equal for
ist prize.
Miniature Garden, girl* 15 and
under, ist Viola Campbell, 2nd
Jean Beasley.
To the persons taking most prizes
iucultured plants, ist Miss Bridges,
2nd Mrs. R. J. Smith, 3rd Mrs. R.
Brilal botiqnet, (special) Mrs.
Gent's buttonhole bouquet special
ist Mrs, R. McQuillan.
Spencial plant, special, Mrs. M.
of    Slocks,   Mrs.
of Verbenas,  Mrs.
of  Zinnias,   Mrs.
15Z Discount
On all
252 Discount
Misses and Childrens
and RUGS
Ladies', Misses and
Childrens Plain and
Ready-to-wear Hats
at Reduced Prices
Gents' Department
25Z Discount
on all
MENS   and   BOYS
"Hirner" Fashioned Foot
This   is   the only   sock   made   that fits the foot
No pull on the garter as in other socks
More room  in the heel  which  prevents   pulling
on the top of^the toe
The wrinkles at the  instep  are absent
Price 50 cents
Call and examine them
See our window
For sale by
Loggie Bros.       Phone 34
The  Corner  Store,  Sandwick
for the Rush of Fruit. Remember the
Fruit Season does hot last long and
its a long winter without lots of fruit.
We have a suit line of everything
you may  require at  lowest  prices.
Prompt Delivery Is Our Motto   |
Phone 4
Parkin Bros.
See Our Stock of
Waltham and
Hamilton Watches
Shannon Bld'g       Courtenay
of the bargains jjwe are offering before the alterations to our store take place
Waists with new sailor collars, $2.50 values for $ .50
Girls Summer Weight Middy Sweaters, $2.85 values for, 1,00
"       '���       Wash Dresses, 6 to 1 o years   1.00
Womens "        "     34 to 42  ��� 1.00
" " "       $1.25, .1.75 values for....  1.00
Pique       "       34, 36 only '..2.50
"            Embroidery Corset Covers, $2.75 values,.      .95
" " Chims .1.75  values 75
2 and 3 year Girls Dresses, white embroidery, very
pretty designs, excellent washing goods, to clear
j.2.00 to $3.00 values  95
All our goods are marked down to effect  a quick clearance  and we can
mail  you any goods in  ladies' or  children's  wear at prices  that will
please and suit you
Why not give this department a trial?
623 Johnson St. Victoria
Mr. _.. H. Hardwick of the
Royal Bank, is spending a portion
of his holidays at Victoria and
The News Advertiser of Vancouver has a representative here
soliciting business from our merchants this week. In*
Atthoafh there are different
frills la Omega Watctissthtre ii
8_ '?___"..��m��<�� timiktin liu
_ i ,*_ * _""' nt i��oriS!
tor sale by
al. jewelers
������������_��____������        i-i i-  ���   -    ������
In less tlian two yearn  it will
Ik: unlawful to buy or use
poisonous white phosphorous  matches
Everybody   should   begin
now to use
and thus ensure safety in
the home
A Chinese View of American Women
"Tlio Intellect ol tiic American woman is -j'jai, li' not superior, to thut
ot men." Buys Dr, Wu Ting Fang, late
Chinese minister to tlio United sum. ,
in "Aiiiiirica Through the Spectacles of
uu Oriental Diplomat." "American women are good conversationalists, ami
many of ihem nro olotiuoni ami endowed with lho gift ol' gab' Ono ot
the cleverest and wittiest speeches t
havo ever heard was from n woman
who spoke ut n puiilie meotlQg on a
public question.    'Iliey are also good
writers, und their work .shows   pro
| found I n_glil nu i wide culture. Nal
iirully such women cannot be expect
ed to pipy second fkldlo. They cxer-
I cisp great Induonce, and when married
] thoy 'rule the ronsl,' ll should he men-
I Honed  thut  tlieir husbands    submit
willing lo tbelr tactful inlo ami gladly
obey their commands without feeling
; Hun they nre servants.   I would advise any married woman who com-
plains    nf hrr Iiii.'.haiul belug unruly
I ami unpleasant to tttko a lesson from
tbe ladles 11 America."
Minard's    Liniim-nt    Lumberman's
: Friend.
Hio Labor Saving Device
i    'flip late Charles ll. Brlttlng, pro-
jnl.ten- of the  Now  York aclors' res-
tauraill known us tin. "Little Hall of
Fume," took a keen Interest In popular trends ami movomouta of ull kinds.
I Mr. Brlttlng thougbl Utile ot Bolonlltlc
tuanagenreni and efficiency engineer-
Inn.   II.- snid ono day of un efficiency
i engineer:
;   ."Itlank is a tool, and I thought he'd
���go broke, but, hy jingo, the fellow has
deceived me. He has discovered a
labor saving device, and his address
| will he Easy slrcol from now on."
I "Good hoy, Blank!" said the actor.
| "And what labor saving device has ho
"An elderly widow," Mr. Brlttlng
: answered- "an elderly widow with a
j million who has consented to marry
; him."���New York Tribune.
Tlie Arts CourtU) fttnf
be _k_br_>rre��pon-
deuce, but student!
desiring (a jrnduMe
must attend ont
G. V. CHOWN, Rijlilri f, Kinji ton, Ont.
Recognized as the leading specific
for the destruction of worms, Mother
Graves* Worm Exterminator has prov
ed a boon to suffering children everywhere.   It seldom fails.
Strange Race of Ancient Britons
Among the races of human kind
which away back of history's records
passed like clouds over various parts
of tlie earth one of the most puzzling
to ethnologists Is that of the early
bronze age men who dwelt in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, and are supposed
to have constructed the special forms
of stono circles whose remains are
now found there. These men differed
significantly from all the prehistoric
racial types previously determined in
Britain. They were remarkably
broaflbeaded, and their average sta-
! ture was only live feet three inches,
; as shown by skeletons. The British
neolithic race was markedly long
i headed, and the bronze age race,
which built the round tumuli, was also
long headed and tall.
by   Cu_t_r'i   Blie.leq   Ptlli.     Low-
priced, frenh, rell_ _!f: p_tferf__ by
WMl-rn ���_ ]_Uiii'*ti !_. \ris.  .tiny . r_���
fiat   where   othur   vaaclnoa   rail.
Writ* for ba_l_<_ aivl tt>3_iiiotiiuli.
10-doM p .._. Blaeklei Pills $1.00 ���
60-doA pkia. Blackleg pint  4.00
U-t any Injector, but Cutter*- best.
Tht wpatJortt.  of Cutter products it dun to ot�� 11
Ttart of ap.claualnf ln vaeelnei an. eerumi only.
��� ������lit ����� Gutter**.   If im obtainable, o_ jer ..wl.
IHE OUTTER LABORATORY.  Berkeley,  CHifo.nlt,
Urouteel'oi; r ot soar's' 'ft. _ now. * .. t r um :ti.���..__���
OurriR (ram .___EY._i.adii.!*. HKRVOOS DI3KA5EH,
;MftO. IC WE A KM BM_L_,<__(>t-,SKI.   LI'.tT I in. :,,Pll-f-S,
write for FREE cloth B'.u. . i> MKDIUAL unn_ hn
.beta 4li_ai.fl an . WosnKRTi'i. CURES effected b.
THB NBW FRENCH RCMKUY. f. -i N ��� _ N . i
1_ertaie__ (or rouaows allraeitt. .__�����_ utetfr FKKB
Na 'follow op' circular*. Noo.ltji_il-.it. I)k. I.kC i.k_c
HRD.CO.IlAVKRSroCKKn.M .MPSI'KAli l.o. ix>. .KWl
WE  WANT TO FRO/I  ���lH__A.l-_  Wll. .  _iU_ _   _ .����
'    Somettunj   belter   than   linen   ami   III*
"sundry   bills-     Wash   it   Willi   mm   anil
ws!��r.    All  sloi"M or direct.    Slale  style
wid ��ir.e.   .or S'j;  set will mail yon
"   St Fraur A��snus, Toronto, Ontario
There la no substitute for thoroughgoing, ardent and sincere earnestness.
-Dickens- /
W. _. U. 1007
Will  The
Increase Its Dividend
The statement which tlie General
Manager of the Merchants Bunk of
Canada has just issued to lis Shareholders, shows that the Bank's reserve
now sta_ds at $7,000,000, which Is
also the amount of Its paid up capital.
Will the Shareholders now come in
for a share of ths profits, earned on
this accumulation?
Bank Managers, In Canada, have
very rightly aimed at accumulating in
good times a reserve -which would enable them to weather any ordinary
business stress without, having to cur-
tall dividends, but the present strong
position of the Merchants Bank of
Canada, Its good percentage ot quick
assets; Its high standing among the
community, would seem to justify at
least a bonus distribution.
Canada has a right to be proud of
its Banks, and under the present Management, the Merchants Bank ot Canada, has increased ils right to be considered one of the leaders, of the foremost financial institutions of the country.
Seems Like a New Disease
New to lho iin,n who has never
known the pain of a sore corn is suffering lie endures until he gets relief
and cure by using Putnam's Painless
Coin and Wart Extractor. It acts like
niggle, cases, heals, cures,' does it all
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The famous Etruscan vases were
wrongly named, for, though made In
El.riiiia. they were tlie productions of
Greek g.nius. They are elegant in
form and enriched witli bands of beautiful foliage and other ornaments, figures aud simialr objects of a Uglily artistic character- One class has black
figures and ornaments on a red
ground���the natural color of the cl���y;
another has the figures ot the natural
color and the ground painted black.
The former class belong to a date
about 600 B.C., the latter date about
a century' later and extend over a
period ot some 300 or 350 years.
'You may cackle, my son," said
Smithy, "about our big fleet, our efficient army, and our wonderful resources, but. you must, in spite of our
so-called flying corps, admit we are
miles behind ��� in ' the air-ship biz.
America, France and Germany arc all
before us In the flying game."
"Quite right: they should be." replied Private Brown. "I've never
known England fly before a forelga
power yet!"
Why She Left
Wiih Bomb fainilli'H a flitting, if mi
finite an everyday ft. nlr, is at any
rale al annual event, bill ll 11 ill Herein In ttii' country, where musi folks
give up their houses only whon Ifii\-
Inj; iii ��� village (or the earth), it was,
therefore, a surprise to u country
house owner whose house was to lot
to rooelvo nn application trow a woman who had hail another house In
the sum - village for some yciys.
Terms were considered suitable and
the bargain was bell g fixed up when
lhe landlord asked hor what w;ih
wrung with her present home. "Oh,
well," was llu reply. "I've line I'au't to
llll' wl' the hOOBe at ��'��� II's rale coni-
l'orlalile. an' I'm sweer to leave il. I nl
ye ken I've never paid any rent." she
Is still house hunting.���������Glasgow News.
The   Servant  Question
More women would keep two servants If It wasn't thai, they are nol
strong enough to do lho work for more
than  one   at  a   tlmo.    Florida   'I inn s-
Mothers who Itecp ll box of Daby's
Own Tablets In the house may reel
lhat lhe lives ot their little ones nre
reasonably safe during the hot weather, stomach troubles, cholera Infantum and diarrhoea cany off thousands of little ones every summer, In
most cases hecause the mother does
not have a safe medicine at hand lo
glvo promptly. Baby's Own Tablets
cure these troubles, or If given occasionally to the well child will prevent
their coining on. The Tablets are
guaranteed by a government analyst
to be absolutely harmless even to the
new-born I ahe. They are especially
good in lhe summer because they regulate tho bowels and keep the stomach sweet and pure. The Tablets are
sold by medicine dealers nr by mail
at 25 cents a box from The Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Brookvllle, Ont.
We unhesitatingly
recommend Magic Baking
Powder as being the best, purest
and most healthful   baking powder that it is possible to produce.
All ingredients are plainly printed
on the label.
It Is not at all uncommon to consider a child stupid, blame him for
lack of interest in his studies, or even
to punish him for outbursts of temper, When defective vision is the only
cause. Medical Inspection of school
children has shovr. that 15 per cent,
are suffering from bad eyesight, undiscovered until tlie school doctor calls
it to the attention of the parents.���
Woman's Home Companion.
Uiiilng a snowstorm on the Highland railway a train was held ii|i tor
.in hour or so. The guard, u cheery
Scot, passed along the carriages trying
to Keep up the spirits of the passengers. An old gentleman angrily
complained that if the train didn't go
on lie would "die of cold."
"Tak' my advice au' no' doe tbat,"
replied the guard. *!.\lln* y'. we
ohalrge a sliillin' a mile for corpses."
���Dundee Advertiser.
Mr. Post Left $20,000,000
An estate valued al (20,000,000 is to
-ilie disposed of by the will or Charles
\V. Post, the cereal magnate of BatUs
Creek,  Mich.
Mr, Post died .May 0, at Santa Barbara, ('at lie claimed residence In
the District ot Columbia, ami so re-
i oltes In Ills will, which was executed
' ul 1 Initio Creek,. November ll. 1SH".
'. The estate Is let, to Ills family aiel
i business associates.
Mlnard's   Liniment  used   by   Physl
It  la  Well
It ls well to carefully cultivate
tastes. Ruskin says, "fell what you
like and I will lell you what you are."
It is well to study human character.'
Bodeusedt says: "In the face of every
human being his history stands plainly written; his inr.e.mosl nature steps
forth to the light. Yet they are the
fewest who can read and understand."
It ls well to "brush up against the
world." tloethe says: "Talent forms
itself lu secret, character In the great
current of the world."
It is well to be never "list down.
Elizabeth Barrett Browning says:
Let no one till his death
Uo called unhappy.   Measure not the
,  work
Until the day's out and the labor done
An Always Beady Pill.���To those ol
regular habit medicine is of little concern, but the great majority of men
are not of regular habit. The wo. ry
and cares of business prevent It, and
out of tile Irregularity of life comes
dyspepsia. Indigestion, liver and Kidney troubles as a protest. The rundown system demands a corrective
and there is nunc better than Parmelee's Vegetable Pills. Tliey ar��
simple Iii their composition and can
be taken by the most delicately constituted.
Bhe���1 suppose this bread i. not the
kind youi- mother used (o make
No. indeed. It is not. When I < at
yours it makes me pity my peor
'father.-  iialtiniore American.
"At any rate.  I can truthfully  say
my business is never at a standstill*
"What is your business'.'"
"Moving plct ires."
NoteYour Increase
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food Increases
weight by enriching tht blood and forming new, firm flesh and tissues. Do not
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While Building up
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Was thin, pale and weak.   Had
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Cured by Dr. Chase's Nerve Food.
Mrs. H. Laich, Cannington Manor, Sask., writes���
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Well, I gave up my doctor and began using Dr.
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I was surprised to find that in a few weeks time
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If people would only give this medicine a fair trial
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You un i**l youn_lf gaining in strength and vitality
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Comox, B. C.
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Cumberland Hotel
Cooil Accomodation      Cuslne Ejxcellen
Wm. Merryfield
Comox, B. C.
Best Meals North of Naniamo
Choicest Liquors nnd Cigars
C. A. Martin,   Prop.
Bar supplied with the finest brands of
_lqttprs ami Cigars
JOS. WA_KBR       -       -       Proprietor
The Courtenay Hotel
Every Convenience for Guests ���
The Central Hotel for Sportsmen
None but the BEST WINES an
LIQUORS at the Bar
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Wants in
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Potter's Pool Room
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In North and South, in East
and West,
Aston-Handmade Shoes will
stan I the Test.
First-Class Plumbing
Hot Water and Steamfitting
Jackson & Whittle
Phone 9 Courtenay
& Hand
Gasoline Engines Repaired & Overhauled
C. E. Tildesley
Apply at ���
Riverside Hotel,    Courtenay
' Electrical Engineer and Contractor
Complete Electrical Equipments promptly Installed, Klcetric Wiring and Installation of all kinds of Electrical Work
Isolated Lighting Plants a Specialty
Box 195      Phone F95      Courtenay
Express and
Dray Stables
Stage meets all Boats
Telephone  29
I)ny or Night
Oscar W. Davis
Builder & Contractor
Bungalow Specialist
Plans and Estimates Free
Box 124      Courtenay
R.  N.  Fitzgerald
Contractor and Builder
Plans   and   Estimates  Furnished,
First   Class   Workmanship and
Materials Guaranteed
Established Resident of Courtenay
Palace Livery
&_Feed Stable
Wood!_ Wood!
Price $4.50 per load
or cord delivered
Price $3.25 per load
m the bush
D. CUDMORE - Courtenay
Letter to The Editor
Editor Review
Sir:���The slurs cast from time to
time by our Socialist friends has
has prompted nie lo air my views
in the columns of the Review.
These gentlemen keep howling
the needs of the country, I am apt
to stray from some of llieir ideas.
The greatest need in this locality
is the spirit of tolerance, tlie need nf
recognition that we have a ri^lit lo think
anil form opinions of our own anil get in
accordance with those opinions.
It is very remarkable in tliis glorious
twentieth century which we are so food
of calling tlie century of progress and
enlightenment, that we should meet so
many people with no breadth of vision,
their outlook seems narrowed aud their
horizon limited.
They Imagine the bit of world within
their circumscribed vision is the whole
earth, and the little poor they sec themselves is the whole ocean of truth,
Anything outside their velw they deride, or condemn, foolishly fancying the
grain of knowledge ihey possess is the
Thus is born the spirit ol Intolerance
and bigotry, which has sent men to the
stake,    crippled progresI'i nnd closed lhe
shutters agalnstenlighteiiment,   tt Is the
spirit of Intoleration that has stood ill
the way of all reforms, and hindered the
spread of knowledge, and hound liberty
witli red tape.
men are not allowed to think for themselves hut must accept certain man made
creeds, follow certain rules, and move iu
thought, word, and deed within a small
circumference marked out for llieni by
the narrow sources.
We find this spirit everywhere and in
every department of life. There are certain types of homes where parents
imagine their children must think along
exactly the same lines as themselves'
making no allowance for the changing of
times and changing of thought.
If parents are allowed to have all tlieir
own way, which they have sometimes,
what is tlie result? in many cases disaster
Alas, their children grow up with no
ideas of tlieir own, weak wilted, and
weak minded. They lack the power to
think for themselves and become rudderless vessels on tbe stormy sea of life, a
menace to others and a grave danger to
In tbe world of polotics we find tbis
spirit of intolerance and Bigotry rampant
there have been many instances of the
length men will go spurned on by political bigotry, it is not necessity or advisable for me to particularise. - We can
see cases every day if we keep our eyes
open. Why not give other people credit
for possessing as much sincerity of purpose and honesty of notion as we ourselves possess.
II we were to cultivate a little more of
the spirit of tolerance, and took the
trouble to clear the mist of bigotry and
prejudice from our eyes, we should be
able to take a more wide and comprehensive view, and many and much needed
refo-ms would be carried through to the
lasting benefit of all concerned.
The man that would be a man must
assidiously cultivate a spirit of tolearation.
He must, while observing bis own individuality recognize the individuality of
others and respect tlieir opinions.
True progress will never consort with
intolerance and bigotry scotches the
wheel of reform.
Yours Truly
Happy Valley, 4. S. 14.
plies of capital, at present the very
money that should be feeding the
development of Canada is being
blazed away and used un productively.
To turn to pleasanter topics, the
Boy Scouts have from time to time
rendered splendid service in fighting fire, in the States and on the
mainland of B. C especially, and
iu this connection it is interesting
to record thnt the Minister of
Lauds the Hon. W. R, Ross has
issued 1.000 specially designed
whetstones, bearing the Scout
motto, "He Prepared," and the
legend'Help protect, our forests:
build camp fires iu safe places;
when you leave, put them out."
This will serve to remind the scouts
not only to be careful themselves,
also to keep a lookout for fires,
ami aid the Forest Service.
Two years ago, when it was
proposed to start a troop of ScotltS
in the town of Cumberland, opposition was raised to good effect that
the movement would encourage
lllilitaryism. The foregoing paragraph will show that the movement
litis other things in view, ("Peace
hath her victories not less renowned than war") and ranges from
extending help to the old dame
who wants a bucket of water, to
standing by for sixteen hours protecting an up-country town from
destruction from fire.
Too many of our lads 'stand
idle in the market place" and develop the habit of loafing. The
Scout movement aims at making
them into useful, courteous, self-
reliant citizens. That the aim has
been a success, is proved by reference to any newspaper almost one
chooses to take up, It is Courtenay's loss that there is no troop of
Scouts at presenti although the Island generally has taken up the
movement to good effect.
The  Comox  Barber   Shop
Oldest Shop in Courtenay
Nothing   But   First   Class   Work
Guaranteed.    Paths in connection
C. E.  DALRYMl'LE,  Prop.
and SUIUil.ON
Telephone M 92     COMOX, B. C.
F.   P 1 KE
Plastering Coulracloi
Till' Dyke COURl'ltNAV
EtstlmatCB furnished   Work Guaranteed
Barrister  and  Solicit'
P. ().
>\ 209
Phone 24
Willard _ Harness Emnorium
Fine Showin
Rugs, Glovei
of  Horse  Blankets,
Trunks, Sail Cases,
Repaired Neatlyl     ���
Cumberland an tl Courtenay
Summer Boat Schedule
Tuesday, Cowichan arrives at
8.15, leaves at 11, Charmer arrives
a'; 6, leaves at 7.15 Wednesday
Thursday, Charmer arrives at 6,
leaves at 7 15 Friday morning.
Sautrday,   Charmer   arrives
7 p. in., leaves at 11. p. m.
Sunday,   Cowichan   arrives
8.15a.m., leaves at 4 p. ra.
To Bake
Not to Bake ?
Tlie former is really unnecessary when Bread from the
Courtenay Bakery is available
andby reason ofquality hns s >
many votaries. Get the A B
habit and satisfaction
W. Aitken   -    Prop,
Opposite new Presbyterian Church
Horses aud Buggies for Hire at
Reasonable Rates
We also attend to wood hauling
Courtenay phone a5
Builders of
Oars and Paddles
made to order
Accessories for Motor Boats
District   Agent   for   Ferro,
Honest]Clay and Foos Engines
Patronize Home Industry
Boat Builder Courtenay
Try an Ad. in The Review
The war bulletins posted up each
day at the newspaper offices in
Victoria command the keenest attention, and from the tangle of reports it is evident that the whole of
Km ope is face to face with the
prospect of a long and disastrous
struggle, the tension alone being
little worse than war itself in its
commercial effects. The fact that
foodstuffs are already rising in
price herein B. C. should convince
those who delight to read accounts
of battles at the breakfast table that
the effects of war are widespread
and that the whole of humanity
suffers; "Man's inhumanity to nan
makes countless thousands mourn"
Incidentally, although the B. C
coast is far removed from the
scene of likelv hostilities and not
liable to immediate attack, it is
worthy of notice the "Rainbow,"
gallant little ship and manned by
the best, the Pacific Coast of the
great Domiiiionjs defenceless.
The war is stimulating recruiting
for the militia in Victoria, and tht
three regiments here, the Fifth,
(Artillery,) the Eighty-eighth,
(Fusiliers,) and most popular of all
the Gordon Highlanders, are getting quite a number of men. It is
likely thit a detachment will be
called for, should the situatio n
change for the worst, to garrison
the various centres of defence in
the Dominion,
There cand be no doubt that the
progress and development of our
Dominion and Province will be
seriously held back by the course
of events in Europe A new country needs and must have large sup-
Mr. W. J, Carroll, of Courtenay
visited our quarters in Saturday
and Sunday.
Mr. Sutton is improving in health
since coming to the seaside- He
has gained three pounds on trout,
and six pounds on fish "stories."
The bullheads are plentiful in
the river- Sandy says if properly
fried they make very good cat food |
and if necessary, can be used fori
human consumption.
Messrs.   Lindon,    Russel,    and
Sleeman with their wives and fain -1
ilics, along  with   P.   Saddler,    .J j
Hornby, and a few friends, visited j
the resort on Sunday,
On Saturday evening last Mr'
W, J. Carroll and L. Dunham,
.while trolling for Salmon aboti two
and a half miles out in the Gulf of
Georgia, they ran their boat up
within a few yards of a whale having merry times among a school of
salmon. The whale was close on
thirty feet in length, they judged.
But they turned their craft towards
camp and on their wav in,' were
fortunate enough to bag a couple
of fine salmon, and a rock cod.
While enjoying their peaceful
slumbers on towards the break of
day, a large red (buffalo) or better
known a common barn yard  bull.
Sutton & Kirkwood
Undertaker;; and
Night or Day Calls promptly
-_W-__1t__ Ml-. .
tock of
ha; a fine nt
an d
Fancy Dry Goods
visited the tents an ! created such
a distuibancc with his vocal voice,
that a few of the lady folks were
preparing to make a hasty iligin 10
some place of safety, saying they
were not used to any noise ill the
night louder than J. Suttun or
Lloyd Drnham's snoring.
Buggies and Express Wagons
AU Rigs Guaranteed and Sold at the lowest Possible Price
Blacksmith ard Carriage Builder COURTENAY
'    .'I ; *fl ejd
SIR EDMUND WALKER, C.V.O.. L L. D��� D.C.L., President
ALEXANDER LAIRD, General M(U��g_ JOiiN AIRD, Ass . General Manager
CAPITAL, $15,000,000    RESERVE FUND, $13,500,000
Interest at tho current rate is allowed otK all deposits of $1 and
upwards. Careful attention is given to every account. Small accounts
are welcomed.    Accounts may be opened and operated by mail,
Accounts may bo opened In the names of two or more persons, withdrawals to be mad* by any ono of theni or by tlio survivor. 821
W. S. LONGHURST, Acting Manager, Courtenay antl Comox Branches
Comox blanch open bu Tuesdays, fioin u to s
Every careful man wishing to provide for the propel distribution of liis estate so that
His Wife and Children May Not Suffer
or be deprived, makes his will now, when he has all his faculties intact, and with no undue influence it work
[     Let us assist you in drawing up your will right away
Hicks Beach & Field
NOTARll.S 1 _'M,I_
Conservative Meeting
On Monday evening a well attended meeting was held ill the
Opera House, at which Messrs.
Clements M. P, and Manson M. P.
P. and Mr. Williamson., Secretary of
the B. C. Conservative Association
were the chief speakers. They
were on their way to take part in
the Conservative reunion at Campbell River, and embraced the opportunity of paying Courtenay a visit,
antl incidently get the local differences straightened out. In Mr.
Manson's remarks, he said that the
Provincial revenue was now eleven
million dollars per year. The railway which many have waited long
for, now opens this district so that
we can compete with the outside
���world, aud also get good prices for
our laud. He had always stood lor
the Government opening roads for
the settlers, and prophesied that
lhe Government would pay much
attention to this work in the future.
Timber produces a revenue of three
million dollars per year. Last year
170 miles of trails were cut,   and
this year 175 miles miles of telephone were built for the forestry
branch. The new' Forestry Act
will   shortly   double  the  revenue
from timber licenses etc. The
heads of the various departments
of the Government were good busi
ness men, and would keep up a
good reputation. He also made
brief mention of the European war
situation, and regretted the fact
that Canada had not a few battleships to offer to aid the Mother
Mr. Williamson, Secretary of the
B. C. Association, said this was his
first appeareuce here, he was much
taken ^vith the beautiful country,
was here only as an organizer, and
advised that each one to see that
the name of every live white man
in the district got his name on the
Voters' list,
Mr. Clements received an ovation
when he rose to speak. He was
glad to again meet the people of
Comox, and was glad Ito represent
the leader, Sir R. L. Borden. He
was pleased to see so many Liberals present, as he did his best to
represent the whole people of the
district. Had done his best for the
constituency which had been sadly
neglected by the former, administrations. He had great sympathy
for the pioneers of any district and
had at all times done his utmost to
make tlieir lot easier. He had succeeded in getting telegraph and im
Big Reduction in Prints, Ginghams,
Chan-brays, Ladies' Blouses, Etc.
10c Per Yard
As the end of the season is now approaching we
are offering the above goods at the very greatly
reduced price of
For 1 Week Only, commencing August 1
Hurry, only a limited quantity, you are advised
to come early i
Our stock of Blouses will also be cleared at a
big  reduction
See Our Windows
Grand Clearance Sale of
Prints and Ginghams
��_-___ i-____!
On Monday next, Aug-. 3, we propose putting on sale
for two weeks only, our entire stock of Prints and
Ginghams at 9 Yards for $1.00
Regular IS, 20 and 2,Sc Values for CASH ONI V
Also a large quantity of Remnants
proved mail services wherever
possible. The new line from Cam])-
bell River nortblwould cost$62,000.
When other members had got barely $5000 for their Constituencies he
had got rfbout $150,000, and it took1
some work to do it. He believed
in spending public money wisely.
of course. Two millions would lie
spent bv the Government on the
coast this year. In out or two
places where money was spent, he
hid been ill-advised, Comox district had got its share, The King-
Edward Drudge would likely
be here by the end of this week to
to clear out the river. He believed
it better to build one public building in a small place where all the
Government business could be
done instead of renting a number of
places. No one could truthfully
say 'ie had neglected his district or
his duty. It takes a lot of work j
to get appropriations, he was 011
the job all the time at Ottawa, said j
Canada had not doue he_"_luty to !
tlie British Government. He was
ashamed of the Senate for refusing
to grant $35,000,000 for three
dreadnoughts as requested,
In the matter of emigration a j
great deal of precaution should be
observed, all Asiatics should be
excluded. In the northern fisheries, where formerly none but Japs
fished, he had already got 600 licenses set aside for white men, and
would endeavor to have 1200 next
year, aud would try and have the
number increased annually, until
it was all white. Regarding the
recent Hindu fracas at Vancouver,
au order-in-council had been passed
excluding all foreign laborers fer
twelve months, and that regulation
could not be lightly set aside, es-1
pecially when so many of our
white laborers we're idle. Other |
colonies keep them out, why not j
He   said    the    Agriculturalist!*
should have eveiy encouragement.
The Federal Goveument had set
Comox Co-Opera!
1  \   (        _      ' r    _   ��� V
Dealers in all kinds
Butter,   Eggs  and
Produce,    Cooked
Specialty.    We soli
��� E &
Mi  ���
only the
best.   Prices are always   ' <
and   satisfactory.     We   pay
best prices for produce
Phone No. 2
p.    ,   ;4-ny
Timothy, Clover and Fa
at greatly reduced pr_
the next two
_* ��� - ���
..   .:��� .-. ...
f    .
Phone Y91 and your order will be filled at
change the site;
ing  would   be
aside $f\.ooo for B. C. to be spent
by the locnl Government to the
best advantage,
The Premier had settled the
boundary question satisfactorily to
everybody, The two great railways were very expensive propositions, especially when the late
Government had allowed 47 niilions
to be grafted in the G. T. P. The
C. N" R. had the best section of
the whole to draw from. If any
present among them had any ambition to become a senator, he
warned them not to apply far three
Regarding the local squabbles he
had no time or inclination to try
and settle them, was always inclined to say the kindest things
about every bod v.
Regarding the recommendation
that Mr. Davis be appointed Fishery
Inspector, regretted that he could
uot be appointed on   account of
physical disability, he having but wards the evening was spent in
1 leg In connection with the post short speeches, aimecdotes. merry
office site he reviewed the whole jests, etc., by those spresent, the
situation and said that at this late only fly in the ointment being one
hour he could not see his way to of the last speakers who persistently
recommend    the   government   to talked "shop."
and that the build-
juilt on the Perez
lots. These were perfectly satisfactory lo the people yhen he was
I here last year, and in conversation
with many now found that they are
still in favor of it.
Mr. Idiens made a few remarks
and renewed his offer of the lots at
the corner of Wallace slreet, saying
that 9 out of 48 members ot the
Board of Trade had not signed his
petition to have his lots considered.
Mr, Clements read Iwo sentences of
Mr. Idiens circular, aud hurled
back the insinuation that he ever
catered to the bar for any support
During the discussion Roy's
Wharf and the manner of securing
its construction came in for sundry
remarks, Mr. Willard claiming
that it would someday'be useful for
Cumberland merchants if the steamboat men would only call there,
which, up to the present they have
refused to do. Mr, Duncan also
made a few congratulatory remarks.
At the close of the meeting the
speakers were given a complimentary banquet at the ever popular
hostelry, "Feck's" Riverside, the
viands being served in his usual
dainty and  plentiful stvle.    After-
':    -J-
NOTICE  is  herei
Reserve, ei i   i
tlie British Coli i
day of Decei
lar as it rel itca
plred   Timber  1
known as l.nt ?.
and that the sal I
for staking (or |
ed   lands in   CO ..       ��� ���;..
visions of thi.' ' !.     I Ad
in the forem 011
191 ..    For furtln 1 inti n   .:���: Ij t<
the   Governmem 1     Vancouver,
through   whose   0 .      all  applications
must be made,
1 . A. RF.XWICK,
Depot;   Mini ter ol  .Ends
_ands Department,
Victoria, 11. C.,
Tuiiel.    1914.
Try an Ad. in  The R
ICE f��v
Soft Drinks
Swan's Pool Room
The Wretchedness
of Constipation
C��n quietly be overcome bj
Purely vegetable
���act surely tnd*
genlly on the
fivrr. Cure
acts, and IndigcMi'in.    Tliey do (heir duly.
Small Pill. Small Dole, Small Price.
Genuine mu-beu Signature
a 0**1 Lavar llmal __���
k etn'ihtf wrw. iMimnu
nft-f    In. n   an   <_t__tl_hail
fltni.     Wa  art  (It ng ��� _���*
Vi'at.-hna   to   tlioumwiJ���    ������(
r* . la   _M   o����f   the
world    aa      _     _n__
-tlta.tluemanu     Now
li    Tour    chain*    to
obtain ont.    Writs
now.   mdoaiof   14
fw.li tor ona cf   our
fMMouaMa   I_ ��d I ��� ��� *
r_��ti_ tuiviii, or
Oon'a' Atbitt*. tent
_���__!���_�� i>_I . to wa��r
with tlm watch, which
will Ua .Ivan Vn*
ft haa _ wal.bM kr*
rutrantacil An y��_n. .
all.nil . you Uk_ _d>
T��nt_ia o( oar m��r*ol
Ion* off*. Wi newt _o_ to toll your fri.ndi
__ .it na an . i_ow tliem the beeutilul *��t__.
Don't think thn offer too food to be Una. hot e*n _
96 eenlt to-<U. and rein e freo w_trt_. Too
��.|1 ha iH!if_-triIXMM!i A LI.OTD, Who!��Mle
Jawslt.n >U��vt. -�� 1. ��. CoiBWiIlii J(-_d, ImUoii, _.,
Ku.l miJ.
but a    ________ _
Engines ot all kinds, Boilers of all
kinds, Plumbing Machinery,
Tanks, Heavy Plate Work, etc.���
Write for prioes,
TORONTO,      -      CANADA
~   PorK 1
Highest grade beans kept whole
and mealy by perfect baking,
retaining their full strength,
Flavored with delicious sauces.
They h_v�� no equal.
Inhaling Spaghetti
There la a popular ballet to the effect that tlio Neapolitan eata his
spaghetti by a deft process of wrapping thirty or forty inches round the
tines of hit! fork aud them lifting It in-
board, an ell at a time. This is not
correct. The Iruc Neapolitan does
not cut Ids Bpagliettl at all; lie inhales it. He ..tilers up a loose strand
and start- H down his throat. Ho
then respires from tlie diaphragm,
and* lll.e u troupe of trained angle-
worms, that entire mass of spaghetti uncoils ilself. gels up off lhe plate
and disappears Inside him sn masse,
us ii were- -and makes him look like
a man who Is chinning himself over
11 set of bend portieres.   I fear thai We
in America will never learn to siphon
our spaghetti Into us thus, li takes a
nation thai has p/aotloed deep breathing for centuries.���Irvln B. Cobb, in
Saturday evening i\>Bt.
Spoiled His Appetite
"Every hit of food on this table,"
said file serving lady to I.anison as he
sal down to cut al tlio church supper,
"was cooked by your wife."
"Oh, I don'l .mind," rejoined l.ani-
Bon faintly. "I'm not a hi! hungry,
anyway I"���New York Times.
Russia's Forests
Russia lias 484,500,000 acres of forest. Thai Is to say, more than one-
third of tho whole country is covered
by trees, and there are four acres of
forest to every inhabitant.
And  In His Head
Instructor���Mr; Smilh, kindly name
the hones of the skull.
Student Smith���Well, sir. I've got
them all In my head, but J can't think
of their names Just now.
Alver's Restorative Herb Capsules
No. ".. Female Laxative Regulative
Nerve Tonic Compound, Price $:'.u0.
Write 0. F'. Alver, 601 Sherbburne SU,
Fetnerstonhaugh _ Co., head otflc;
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til., money-maker! Our dnllnr book.
"Destruction nf fcJmnresa of Ireland.'.'
Best Book published. Write for _H__
outfit AT ONCK. Best terms; Freight
Paid: Credit Olven, Nichols Limited,
Publishers, Toronto.
He  sure you'r;  wrong before  you
back up.
Bad Blood
ij the direct and inevitable result of
irregular or constipated bowels and
clogged-up kidneys and skin. Ihe
undigested food and other waste matter which is allowed to accumulate
poisons the blood and the whole
system. Dr. Morse's Indian Root Pills
act directly on the bowels, i ;gulating
them���on the kidneys, giving them
ease and strength to properly filter tha
blood���and on the skin, opening up
the pores. For pure blood and good
health take
Dr. Morse's   ��
Indian Root Pills
W. N. U. 1007
Unfair  Handicap
Willie had resigned his position, in
the his bakery, where he labored in
the pie department, and had gone to
work in a carpenter's shop for smaller wages. The social investigator
having heard about Willie questioned
"Aren't you sorry you left the bakery and cume to this shop?" she asked kindly.
"No'm," Willie answered quickly.
"But you get less  money."
"Well, what was the matter with the
" "I'wuz this way," explained Willie.
"It hurt, my mouth, 1 wuz in de pie
part, de cherry pie part, an' 1 had to
stone cherries. An' dey got a rule over
there dat all boys lias to whistle all
de time dey's worltin', so as to show
dey ain't catin' ho cherries."���Popular Magazine.
Your  Body  a   Match   Factory
A Chicago chemist, by a recent analysis, found tbat every human body
contains  more  than  two    pounds  of
phosphorus, This would be sufficient,
could it be extracted   lo mttlte 6,000
packages  of  friction   matches.    This
phosphorus, It is claimed by scientists,
is au essential to health and vigtr,
Were it not for phosphorus our bouts!
would  be more liable  to break.  It is
also  believed   by come authorities to!
be a valuable Btlmulanl for the nerve |
Besides  the phosphorus every bod>
holds a number, of ounces of sodium,
uud nearly three-fourths of an ounce
ot potassium - enough for the laboratory work of a good many uulverslty
classes fii experimental chemistry.
And the few ;,rains of magnesium
found in every human body would he
play of ihe kind of fireworks known
as "silver rain."
Poor Old  Spender
"Pretty tough about poor old Spender, wasn't, It?" nsked the (Iroiich.
"Whal happened to him?" asked Ibe
"lie got RO far behind In Ids .room
rout that he had to marry his landlady," replied  lhe Crouch.    From  the
Cincinnati Enquirer.
the Kettle
and Out
Useless Duplication
First  Chorus Girl���I    don't    knew
whnt   to   get   Maudle   for  a  birthday
Second Girl���Why don't you buy her
a hook?
First Girl���Oh, no.   She has a book.
���London Opinion.
Fiji Islanders' Sugar Cane Dance
A very curious and exceedingly
clever dance may ho witnessed in
Fiji called by tlie natives "the sugar
cane moke," or sugar cano dance. It
represents the growth of the sugar
cine, in the lirst figure the dancsrs
squat low on the ground, shake their
heads, shut tlieir eyes and murmur
slowly and softly an unintelligible sentence. Gradually they all stand up together, growing taller and taller, and
as they "grow" they wave their arms
and tremble all over from ankle to
head, like tlie tall, tasseled cane waving in the wind, and still they keep
on chanting louder and louder. The
last figure represents a series of combats meant to symbolize the exactions
of tho chiefs, who compel the "kalsi,"
willing and unwilling, to coine out and
cut their crops.���London Standard.
No   Interruptions
"Now, if you'll meet me at my office
tonight I'll put you ou to a big deal."
"Sorry, old man, but I'm following a
continued story in tho moving pictures. 1 must be, there tonight or I'll
miss an important installment."���
Louisville Courler-JOurnal.
Harvest Moon
harvest moon is the
The Trouble is Often Really St. Vitus
Dance-Do Not Neglect It
Many a child lias been called awkward, has beta punished iu school for
not keeping slill or for dropping
things, when the trouble was really
St. Vitus dance. This disease may
appear at any age, but is most common between the ages of six and fourteen years. It is caused by thin blood
which fails to carry sufficient nourishment, to the nerves, and Ihe child
becomes restless and twitching of the
muscles and jerking of Ihe limbs and
body follow. In severe cases the
child is unable to bold anything or
feed itself. St. Vitus dance is cured
by building up tho blood. The most
successful treatment is to remove the
child from all mental excitement, slop
school work and give Dr. Williams'
fink Pill's. These Pills renew the
blood supply, strengthen the nerves,
and restore the child to perfect health.
Here is proof of their power to cure.
Mrs. Geo. A. _ lacDonuld, Harrington,
M.S., says: "My son was al tacked by
St. Vitus dance; at the outset his
muscles would twitch and his step
was weak and jerky. We called in a
doctor who treated hiin, but nol withstanding he continued to grow worse
and at last grew so bad that he could
uot hold a cup in his hand, while his
head .constantly twitched, and his
speech became rather indistinct. At
this juncture I saw in a paper the
cure of a boy from similar trouble
through the use of Dr. Williams' IJi.ik
Pills. We at ones sent for a supply,
and in a few weeks after he began
their use there was considerable improvement, aid it was not long after
this before he was completely
cured, and has never had a symptom
of the. trouble since. I am convinced
that there _ no medicine like. Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for the cure of St.
Vitus dance.
If your denier docs not keep Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills you can get them
by mat! at 50 cmls a box or. six boxes
for .$_ 50 by willing Tlie Dr. Williams'
Medicine Co., Brookvllle, Out.
Boon For Jealous Wives
A small crowd had gathered outside
the store window where an automatic
tyepwritar was on exhibition. Two
women stopped and peered in, Interestedly watching the keys bob up aud
down apparently of themselves. Presently one of the women, turning to
her companion, remarked:
".fenny, that's the kind of a typewriter your husband should bave in
his office Instead of that blond-haired
had a now domestic
A   Literal
Mrs. Browutni
named Agnes.
"Agnes," said Ihe mistress, "did you
pui the clolhes In soak?"
"Oi did nol," answered the girl.
"Kid you waul  in i lo, nniiu?"
"Why, certainly,"   was   the   reply.
"Very well," said Agnes.
About two hours later Agnes presented herself to her mistress.
"DI liev put thtril ('lollies iu soak,
mum." said sb'. "bul the pawnbroker
wild give me oulv chew dollars on the
whole outfit. Here is th' money, Ml'
it's sorry Ol nm lhat yo bees so
havrud up."���Harper's Maga/ine.
The   New  Dress
"Going along Oxford street, nro you?
i should love lo come with you, bul
11 would hn i .ittie hard on lloud
street���Yotl see 1 haven't shuwu it ta
Bond street yel."   I'lincli.
Ask for Minard's and take no other.
"They  have a  singing dog on  es>
liihiliou at one of Ijhc theatres."
"Whal does he sing?"
"Oli, bark-nrolies."���Baltimore
She weighed close upon twenty
slone, but she insisted on entering the
crowded framcar, and as she slood and
swayed wiih -he movement of tho car
she waxed sarcastic,
"If there were any gentlemen in the
car." she said, "tl.ey would not allow a
lady to stand."
And then little Dobbins got up from
his seat with a sigh.
'Don't, be cross, ma'am," he said.
I'll make room towards il."
Interested Party���You say this boat
cannot, upset?
Inventor���It's impossible. The tanks
aro filled with righting fluid.���Buffalo
Miller's Worm Powders not ouljr
make the Infantile system Untenable
for worms, but by their action on tha
stomach, liver and bowels they correct sueh troubles as lack of appetite,
biliousness and other internal discr-
ders that tlie worms create. Children thrive upon them and no matter
what condition their worm-infested
.stomachs may be in, they will show
improvement as soon as the.treatment
"One-half of the women' in thia
world retail gossip." remarked Mr.
Stubb. as ho lit his after-supper cigar.
"Quite considerate of you not to say
all of them retail gossip," snapped
Mrs. Stubb, as she washed the dishes.
"Oli, no, only half, Maria. The other
half whoksale It."���Tit-Bits.
You can see under the
glass how rough that
spindle is.
ica Axle Grease
Fills the cracks and makes easy, smooth running.
"It's the Mica that doet it."
tbat makes its appearance at tile time
of the harvesl or about the autumnal
eqntnox. It rises al the same time for
several days.
Mrs. Heiipeck���Vou were talking in
your sleep last night, Henry.
Mr. Hoped; I beg your pardon,
my dear, for havii.g Interrupted you.
���Stray Stories.
Mothers Value This Oil.���Mothers
who know how suddenly croup may
seize their children and how necessary prompt aclion is iu applyiagjte-
lief, always keep al hand a supply of
Dr. Thomas' Kelectrie Oil, because experience baa taught theni that there
full moon! is no belter preparation to be had for
Very  Much  Gone
"Edith, is that young man gone?"
called the landlady at ten bells.
"Ves, completely," came the answer.
���.Michigan Gargoyle.
II. never occurs to fools that merit
and goo.d fortune are closely united.���
"Why aren't vou dancing, Mr. Mc-
"I was out of town for the weekend, so I don't know any of the new
The Colonel���Did your son play in
the  varsity  football  match?
Mrs. M��� Indeed he did. Why
was tlie star drawback.���London
I n ion.
, he
ihe treatment of this ailment. And
they are wise, for its various uses render it a valuable medicine.
Mr. .Tames Maker, in bis "Hernials
cent Gossip." tell-: this story:
A Yankee who wanted reflected
glory, once accosted lhe hero of the
American Bquadrbii, Admiral Dewi?y,
"Admiral, I bet you don't remember
"Vou win," said the admiral, nail
walked on.���Answers
ML -
'.' <: ,'.'._i_7;;i"_.iini
.iffli ___$(���������
H____t___.''. - ������'... .!!���:���!*
Liniment    In  the
Johnny, out. to dinner, thrice refused
chicken gravy, of which he.was very
fond. His hostess, who had added
macaroni to the gravy, finally said:
"Win' I thought vou liked chicken
"I do sometimes," replied Johnny,
"but my mamma never puis the windpipes in."���National Food Magazine.
lie who has once done you a kindness Will be more ready to do you another than he whom you yourself have
Try  Murine  Eye    Remedy
IC yon fca/s lisi, We?.&, Watery tty_
or Granulated _yc..id. Doesn't Sum';
'���Soothes Eye Pain. - Druggist* ^SjK
Murina Eye'Remedy, Liquid, 2x,-50_
Murine-Eya Salve io Aseptic Tabej,
%_..   Eye Books Free by Mail
Oys _._o _>*�� _r AM Oyo* that N��_ Cote i
"_tii-l_3 ��.a Ram*4.  C��., Chleaa*
Concrete walks
need no repairs
THEY arc not only best at first but
arc cheaper in the end than any
other kind of walk, They are clean,
permanent and safe. . There is nothing to become loose uor are they slippery. They improve the general appearance of a house audjue a source of
great satisfaction to every housewife because they keep children out of the
mud, prevent colds from wet feet and prevent dirt
from being "tracked in" on floors and carpets.
Equally important it the fact th_t thejr never wear
out and never ne< _ repairs.
This free book '". rhat the Farmer can do with
Concrete" tells all about concrete walks and how
to build them, and a score i _ther things needed
on every farm.    Write for it to-day.
Farmer 'a Information Bin *�� _
Cauda Cement Company Limited
��02 Herald Boildfaag
m ffl
The Eighth Annual Convention of the
Western Canada Irrigation Association to be Held In Penticton, B.C.,
This Year���Prominent Men Will
Take Part In Proceeding.
On the tabletc ot clay at Babylon,
many yeiirs ago, were engraved, rules
for the proper use of waler In irrigation,      Today,      hooks,      magailnCS,
pamphlets nnd nrtieies on the same
eubjeci ure lieued in oountleis numbers, 111 Egypt, 111 Mexico, In lllilill
and lu Sonih America are remains of
-Id stone Irrigation works and oonnls,
evidence ot the highest engineering
ability, Which were eonsLl'iieli'd for I hi'
enmg purposes hh the ilritish Columbia fruit-grower of today constructs a
modern dement flume or Byphon.
Words Hiiih mi these have been used
time nnd tlmi' nn'ii" hy students ot Ir-
rlgatlon when holding forth ou Ihe
science of farming, nnd ll would up
peiir ns if these advocates were rapid
ly gaining dlHidples, for the area under Irrigation lu the western provinces
ot Alherlu nnd Ilritish Columbia is
Thn eighth annual convention of Uio
Western Canada Irrigation nssoeia-
tion iu tho western provinces, will
take place in Pentloton
Flying  Train  at  Eight Hundred  Miles
an Hour
The latest tying in engineering l��
a (lying train, without wheelb, wings
or any Kind of nioior, capable, 11 is
aid, of travelling at. anything between "Wl iiiiiI 60U miles nn hour!
The inventor of this new "speeder"
is Mr. Kmile Bachelet, a Fronoh gen-
tlemnn hy birth, who told tho Lord
Mayor of London that, "We could
bring your malls from Liverpool lo
Loudon in less than au hour, and
give you fifty deliveries a day."
The principle of the flying train is
very simple. For mnny years It has
been known Mini a magnetic coil of a
oertalu typo when charged hy a_ alternating current repels, Instead ol at-
trading, current metals, .Mr. Bschelet
has succeeded in so Increasing tbls
power of repulsion ar. lo he able to
use It to counteract the force of gravity  iind   keep  solid bodies  floating  III
ilie ulr "levitated" ns modern magicians would say,
He  showed  Ihe  I.mil  Mayor that   a
Blub of aluminum weighing several
pounds floats iii Mm air above Buch
a coll III, a eoik on water, and can
only   be   pressed   down   Into   contact
with ii  by the exercise of Immense
force, Yet lhe ..line streams of energy whleii support ihe aluminum slab
passed through o similar plate of steel
or through the human hum! Without
nuv effect,
When lhe Lord Mayor held an aluminium disc ou his palm over the
magnetic Held, (he disc was iossed
Into the air, apparently by witchcraft,
but  lho  Lord   .Mayor    felt    not    (he
British Columbia, on August 17, 18 und 10. The
programme Is a rery attractive one.
On it figure the, names ot lion. 11.
Bark of Bolso, Idaho; tl. M. Houston
and S. (i. Porter of the depart ment of
Interior, Calgary, Albertii; ll. c. Mc-
Mullah, former general live stock
agent of the Canadian Pacific Kail-
way, Winnipeg; Dr. J. G. l<utlie"l'ord,
superintendent of agriculture and animal industry, department ot natural
resources, Canadian Pacific Railway,
Calgary; Arthur Hooker, secretary of
tl_- International Irrigation congress,
which Is to maet in Calgary on Oct,
5. ii, 7, 8, 'J of Ill's year; L- 0. Armstrong, lecturer for the Canadian Pacific.Railway, .Montreal; Frank Adams,
who is in charge, of irrigation investigations In lhe University of California, Berkeley; 0. 1.,. Smith, agriculturist, for the O. It. & X. railway, Portland, Oregon; S. W. Eaatham, botanist to the Dominion government, Ottawa;..). T. Ilinkle, secretary of the
Oregon Irrigation congress, and many
other men of the same calibre that are
masters of the many pnabi.-. ui in
The Okaungan valley, through which
the delegates must travel to roach
Pen tlctoil, is not miy one of the most
fertile districts in British Columbia,
bur. also the centre for nntry large
large irrigation projects boll, under
operation and construction. Unsurpassed in grandeur of scenery, it ls
also possessed of a most delightful climate. Towering snow-crowned mountains, rushing white-lipped streams
and restful verdant fields and orchards -mirror themselves iu crystal
Penticton, Ilie convention city, is
situated ii? the heart of the district
that, has been aptly called the "California of Canada." Nestled between
great mountains, it lies at tlio southern extremity of the Okanagan Lake
on a strip ot flat land that separates
the Okanagan from its smaller, but
less beautiful sister, Lake Skaha.
When tlie Kettle Valley Railway is
completed through the Hope Mountains, Penticton will he only nine
hours from Vancouver���al the present time it is twjnt: nine. On account
of its Strangle location with a tremendously productive area, much of
It as yet undeveloped at its hack, it. is
destined to be one of the most important and largest distributing points
in the Inferior of British Columbia.
It is ihe produce of this territory
which has carried off the premier honors nt all the great horticultural shows
and exhibition for the past dozen
years. Although this district lias had
to compete at these shows against d's-
tricts that are double and even treble
its nge, its produce has always made
more than a cridltable showing, as
the prize record books of these various shows will prove. Tucre are, In
this wonderful valley, some 5011,00!)
acres ot land t'.ia'. will produce bountifully of fruit and oilier crops with the
aid of irrigation. The valley is capable
of supporting in comfort, and even
luxury, a quarter or a million families,
who would he living In ideal conditions under a perfect climate, with
every facility of inter-eoininnnication
education and social intercourse-all
the material advantages of the cHy
added fo the Immeasurably greater advantages ot count'-y life.
But there is one thing and one thing
only, that makes this district capable
nf growing all ibis fruit, supporting
these families giving hundreds of poo-
pie a good living, und that thing Is irrigation that word which for so long
lias meant so much to so many people
in all parts of the province.
| Claim For the Illegal Seizure of a
1 Canadian Vessel In 1812, Has Been
1 Urged at Washington Persevering-
I ly Ever Since the Close of the War.
I Mark Twain s ludicrous ski leh of a
[certain George (.slier, deceased,
[whose  meagre  worldly    possessions
I wire destroyed hy Lulled Slates
I troops In 1813   Ib well known; iu 1818
ihu heirs tiled a lirst   claim,   subsequently man)  subsidiary claims,   so
! thai   when  tile  humorist "let   go  liis
'bolt,"  on   the   Fisher  family  fortunes
i ihe heirs hud reeureii in damages nud
various accrued Interests   something
|ln six  figures  of nood  American  dollars.
The award of the American and
British claims Tribunal at Washington, the other tiny, for lho Illegal
seizure of the Canadian vessel. Lord
Kelson, iu 181", granting the owner's
heirs 55,000, wllh till years' fnteresl at.
4 per cent., proves onee again that
lint ion has lo "go some" to heat out
trill h. Singularly enough, the motto
of the Crooks family concerned is
"l'ersevernndo," and the family claim
jlias been urged at Washington Intermittently but perseveringly ever
: since the war, which really began
I with the illegal seizure alluded to.
I The belated judgment, which at last
j has.been given, nets the Crooks' heirs
Prof.  Gray  of  Saskatoon   Speaks  Be
fore   Agricultural   Secretaries���Interesting Discussions
In  an  address  before   the   Agrlcul
tui'iti secretaries   at   Regina,    Prof,
Gray, of Saskatoon, laid  strong  em
|phasis on Ibe value of will-kept farm
records and farm accounts. That the
fanner who wishes to g< t results rroni I
ihu application of ids  inbor    must [This Calculation
practice business principles, and that
he must be thoroughly conversant with
tho practical side of farming, was Imperative. Haphazard methods mas', inevitably iead to l)ss.
THE     RICH     MAN     IN     ENGLAND
Has Been Made by
Sir William Lever���He Likes the
Idea, However, and Thinks That the
System of British Taxation is Ideal.
Under the new scheme of taxation
Records were divided Into three | introduced by David Lloyd-George,
classes--tlrst, rreord ot miscellaneous ebancellor of the exctiei|ii_', in his
facts and even.s; second, financial it- j ''ij^get for 1915-10, a man having au
cords designed lo show protlt nud loss   ''���"""
slightest sensation.    The application
of this force to purposes of traction is
��b-0��rUh.s working model the InventorIg^A*3 ���& �� ���� ��*
has built a ear with aluminum J "^  ���^y 7 per  cent.  U,o^ ,   _,d    c,!dm
underneath.     Against     these    plates I " T        ^ n.
play streams of energy Iron a nun- t)        , .
her of colls Placed at short Intervals k ;
lhe car is thus lilted   ion,  lie track        ,!ai,.is((,,. A. D  (.r0(1.s ���, Toi.omo>
and   loses  all   apparent  weight     lie |b0I)  <)f t���p  H       j j,,.,.,.,
fore,,  ol   gravity  being exactly  eoun-|_Qne fl{ the, twQ bAthen who 0WIUjfl
the Lord Nelson���will elect to sny: "I
will persevere." or not. ln 1817 a decree mnde hy i.ho court of the North-
and external relationship   or farmer
third, system ot cost accounts.    The
old-time  l'ii_rmer kept,  these  things  In
his head.   Dnder modern conditions,
such practice Is not  suitable
Dean Rutherford addressed the con-'.
vent Ion on lhe "mission ol the college
graduate," lie traced the history of |
agricultural education, and declared
that tlie methods or mosl progressive,
farmers were really th, outcome of i X-
perimentS earned iiiit at colleges.
Mr. Dunning developed    lhe   com-1
iniinily  idea  in  opening  Ins  ; dilress,;
dwelling on the necessity ot Instilling I
Into    growing    manhood  lhe  love  of
farm and home.   Ile cnunieartcil many
obstacles to   successful   co-operation!
among farmers, showing plainly    that |
these obstacles nre placed there by the
farmer to a great   extent.  Tlie  best
methods of overcoming these obstacles
were pointed out in tli. success nt co-|
operative societies which have sprung,
up In the province within the last live
years and with the resultant benefits |
The best example "f such success in i
co-operalon ls to be  found  in  Sus-j
kiitchewnii Co-operative EleyatoV Co.
terbalanced. The car is, In fact
llonting on tlie air. and can be moved
laterally by the lightest touch.
Powerful magnets at much wider
lnt..-vals than the "repulsion 6'jUs"
draw the car swiftly along, as a
needle enn be drawn along the surface
of the water by similar means, and as
air resistance Is the only opposing
force, 'the speed attained might well
he terrific. |   ,
Oue of the most, astonishing things
about Ml', liachelet's repulsion coils
is that a single one of them, costing
about twenty-live cents, can keep
something like 40 pounds of aluminium   floating   above   It,  entirely   de
em District of New York pronounced
the seizure of the boat, and is making
over into a United States war vessel
at Saekett's Harbor, Illegal, and dl-
1 reeling $5,000 to 1)3 paid tho claimants.
In  the  meantime,  however,    Theron
iRudd, clerk of the courl, has abscond-
prived of weight so long as the current, continues.
The coils resemble cotton spools
some three Indus in diameter and
the same in length, copper wire taking the place of the cotton, and the
hoie In the spool being filled with a
bundle or "faggot" of iron wire. As
Ihe spool stands or, end it Is from this
"faggoted Iron core" that the stream
of energy  rushes    upwards    against
with all the court funds; ihis was
the first of a lengthy series of near-,
awards given, one being a decree of
the Court, of Claims in 185'J, which
held that the claimants were entitled
ito only $18:1.50. or their share of ihe
| monies recovered by the United States
the downward pull of gravity.
The invention Is said to bo so far
perfected that a mile of line'_n which
cars are capable of carrying 100
pounds of mail matter might bo run
at 300 miles an hour could be built
Within three months, it would cost
less than $25,000 a mile, according to
the inventor, to supply guch a service.
Whether a service of heavy trams
for passengers or goods would ever
be commercially feasible is another
Efforts are already being made to j
secure the model railway for one of i
the summer exhibitions In London as!
a popular spectacle, but lir. Bachelet
is more keen on getting to commercial business.
He  dojs  not  suggest that be has.
as yet, made a "flying carpet" which I
will  carry   human  bungs round  the j
world at 500 miles an hour.   He fully
realizes   that  there  arc  various   en- ]
glneering difficulties to be met,  but
he believes lhat he has already demonstrated  the  practicability    <it    a
mail carrier that will go at least'300
miles au  hour.        i
government from Die defaulting court
Anothev of the family that valiantly "persevered" in this singular case
was the father of A. D. Crooks mentioned���the late Hon. Adam Crooks,
who was Egerton Ryei'son's successor as minister of education for Ontario. There are many heirs besides
jA. D. Crooks, for -Mrs. Louisa Burns,
of  Toronto;   Willoughby    Crooks    of
Waiting For Suffrage
A clergyman who addresse da Montreal siiffinge league uoi long ago
thought that a regrettable mistake of.
some of the workers fi
overlooking oilier responsibilities iu
the meantime. A great deal could ne
done to belter the conditions among
the poor, without the vote. The speaker urged the enlistment of those who
were idle in social work.
"Let women go upon the platform
and speak upon political questions,
saying no word of suffrage," said
speaker at. the Inaugural meeting
the Political Equality League In Toronto, II: would prove, he said, the
best suffrage argument they could
offer. Let them take hold ot evi ry
great public question, and maki it
a servant of suffrage, showing men
how to make politics clean.\Another
speaker on thai occasion said of the
"new woman" that she is merely the
newly-awakened woman, contrary to
the usual contention of men. woman's
great fault has been silence. It .Was
always admitted that she could talk,
but, not that, she could speak."" New
women speakers appear who spenk
with  a   feminine  eloquence  all   their
I Montreal;  .1. Crooks,    of   Waterloo;
'and Mrs. Granville Cunningham,Wife
of tlie former Toronto assistant city
engineer, ure also grandchildren of
Hon. James Crooks. Descendants
of the one-time Bishop of Toronto,
Aleaxnder Nell Bethune, are also interested in the award.
Prunes In the Santa Clara valley,
which is the heaviest producing section of California, will run probably
i not more than 25 per cent, of normal, or only ahont 60.000,000 pounds
this year, the state horticultural com-
: mlssloner    announces.      Unfavorable
i weather hurt the crop.
lii.iuiie from a capital of live million
dollars will have to pay one-third at
his Income in taxes.
In the llrst place he has to pn> .'8
cents on every live dollars In income
tax;   then   be   has   to   pay   a  similar
amount in super-tax, and when   he
dies one dollar on every live of what
is left bus to be paid for death and
estate duties.    The total is figured at
just one-third of the income'.
This calculation has been made iy
Sir William Lever, one of the millionaires who will have to pay, but
who does not object.
"I like it," lie said.    "In my  rtew
lhe  Ideal  system  of    taxation,    both
'local and Imperial is  through  the  In-
, como     lax,     the     supertax,     death
duties, land tax, site value tax-, and
taxation  upon    luxuries,    such as  al-
, coiiol, tobaoco, et_     Everything cue
i free."
While Lloyd-George has follow d
his predecessors In his system "f
taxation, except that be has Incn i i-
ed the rate of income aud supertax
and death duties ?o that the wealthy
have lo pay th, lion's share, be ttas
gone to other countries for some nt
liis Ideas. IHs taxation of site ralui 9
is based op the law now In vogue ia
Ilritish Columbia, while he has gone
lo the American income tax law for
the idea of making money accruing
::   ���������>io British subjects from Investment
Irago was ��� abroad pa) its share of taxation.
In recent years British capitalists
have made immense Investments in
foreign countries. __en tbe __<__a
from these investments were brought
home lo be spent, the governnb irt
under tile old law did not touch ft.
.Vow Lloyd George says ail Income
or British subjects resident ln tha
a | United Kingdom must contribute to
the imperial revenue. These foreign
investments are estimated at. over a
billion and a half dollars, and from
this ihe chancellor hopes to 8____
$1,250,000 this year, and double that
amount next year. The revenue from
Income tux and death duties this yea/
will amount to something like J4_,t_tj -
In spite of those increases. Sir Geo.
Paish, editor of the Sta'ist. say^ tha
burden of taxation is much *niaii'=r
than it has been in modern histo _-.
lu 1880, when the expenditure cam.
to $41,000,000, it was raised out of _
national income of five billion dollars.
Now tlie national income reaches :h_
own and a logic toe line to be called ienormous total of $13,000,000,000
masculine. jit can easily stand the increased
Miss   Pethlclt,   o   suffrage   visitor penditure.   Sir George   argues
from England, closely identified with] England  can  bear  still  greater
creases in her budget.
"There are good grounds," he
"for believing that  the income
identified with
the movement there, hoped that Canadian women might get tlie vote, but
not too soon, "if you get it loo soon
half lhe women won't know
worth, but If you have to struggle
for it, women will be better educated,
and will do more with the ballot
when they get it."
Sir William Osier Honored
Sir William Osier. Regius Prof
of Medicine at Oxford Crtivorslty
been elecie.l foreign associate o
Academy of Medicine.
,    ,    _    _,     ~_  _-_,    and
its | wealth of this country will again
double In another thirty years. Wi.en
it readies twenty-live billion dollars
and I have no doubt that It will
within a generation, a budget of two
and a halt billion dollars will b_
borne more easily than tlie burden of
n million dollars In 1914."
Royal Society of Canada
The late Duke ��f Argyll established
one permanency in Canada���a'"Royal
Society," whose membership consists
of men of literature, science, art, etc.
When he started this body, a litera-
teur, who has since become P.K.C.,-remarked In print that "it will never do
anything for literature except furnish
satirists with a subject." The prophecy waB not realized. Of late, largely
by the able guidance of the honorary
secretary, this royal society has ex-
libited vigor, now contemplating useful plans for promoting ils avowed
Reach .ole by Airship
The famous explorer, Captain
aid Amundsen, has long been
vlnced of the practicability of an aeroplane expedition to the Pole. He has
learned how to Hy In France, and during the next few weeks he will be
practising the art at tlie Johannlstbal
Aerodome. Mis companion, Captain
.lacobsen, Is also to lake lessons in
aviation. The machinery destined for
the Polar journey la to be constructed by German engineers after plans
drawn by Amundsen himself. It will
be provided with floats resting on runners curved in such a way as to allow an ascent from the Ice itself. Especial intention is being paid to ihe
petrol reservoirs, since the spirit
freezes at a temperature of 20 deg.
(centigrade) below zero. Tlie reservoirs will he surrounded by pipes
through which tlie exhaust escapes
No decision has as yet been come to
as to the type of motor, and experiments will be made at Spitzbergen before tbe explorers make up their
minds whether it shall be cooled by
water or air.
Duke of Argyll Left Papers and Essays
The late Duke of Argyll left a great
mass of papers of various descriptions
and, it is believe'd, ample material
will be found therein to compile the
story of his life when the time comes j
for this work to be taken in hand.
He also left several unpublished I
essays, and these ultimately may be!
published In volume form. |
An  authorised  biography,  however.
Is not likely lo make Its appearance)
for two or three years.
Who is an American?
There hasn't been a president
Lincoln whose speeches on great
lie occasions can take rank with Mr.
Wilson's. That over the bodies of tha
sailors killed at Vera Cruz was a moat
striking utterance.
"Notice that these men were of cur
blood,"'lie said.   "1 mean of our American blood, which is not drawn from
| any other country, which is not drawn
! from any other  stock, which  Is not
| drawn from any one language tn the
world, but free men everywhere have
[sent   their country In order to make
' that great compounded na.ion which
11 onsists of all :he sturdy elements and
of all the best elements of the whole
globe.    I  listened again  to  this  Met
with a profound interest at the mixture of tin names, for the names bear
the    marks   of the several national
i stocks from which these men came-
But they are not Irishmen or Germans
lor Frenchmen or Hebrews m\v more.
'They were Americans, every'one of
ihem. and were no different In their
Americanism because of   the    stock
from which they came."
The idea needs to be emphasized for
Canadians quite as much as for their
neighbors, for here the same process
is going on.���Edmonton Capital.
This drawing shows one et the new motor lifeboats that have been built f��r
the new liner, the Aqultanln. The beat is SO _et lung by 9 feet 6 Inches
in width and Its primary function will be to tow Ibe ordinary lifeboats.
It la fitted with wireless apparatus ��lih a rnnRe nt too to ICO inlleB so tm
lo keep in loueh ��i!)i steamers in tunes ct smergenoy. it wiu _��� tan___
���B the boat dscb.
, First Sod Turned on  Site Where  Ha
I Stood  on   Nepean   Point
!    On the very spot, as accurately as
historians can calculate, where three
I hundred  and  one  years  ago   Samuel
[de Champlr.in, the great explorer, colonizer and soLiier, and the first Can-
Indian, stood when he turned his rug-
I ged face  towards the sun ic  regain
the bearings he had lost ou what is
now known as Nepean Point, the first
sod on the site of which his statute
will sinnd was cut   recently.     Mrs.
Thomas Abeam, president of the Ottawa Women's  Historical club of Ottawa,     mined   tbe   first  spadeful   of
i arth lu the presence Of members and
ileiegates to the convention of the Ontario Historical Society. She was as-
ststed  by   Mr.  Clarence   M.   Warner,
Napanee, the president of tiie Ontario
We are Specialists in
and Everything Else
Bidders'  Supply  Co.
���     B. C.
Films Developed and Printed
at Reasonable Rates
A Camera from Robertson's; a Box of Candies nice and fresh,  and i
Good Cigar
VJV have a customer for a tract
of from 5 to 20 acres. Must
be good soil, partly cleared and
under cultivation. Building no object.   Give us your best cash price.
Perez Block
OT.D ROYAJ.  BAKE   ni'll.lUXG
��� i _ clothes consult us and ascertain what tan
be -lon_   with  your old or soiled garments
i_ Trial Will Convince
Phone 17
Collector Will Cull
LaForest & Fortune
General Blacksmiths
COMOX       -       B. C.
Telephone M 92
Canadian Fairbanks-Morse Engines and Pumping Outfits
Horseshoeing  and  Boat  Irons
a Specialty
Try oir Excelsior Hoof
All Work Guaranteed
Cobblestone and
Septic Tank Work
All Work Guaranteed
A. Beveridge, Courtenay Hotel
Sand and Gravel
Rates Reasonable
Buyers  to  Share  in  Profits
Lower  Prices on  Ford  Cars
Effective   from   August   1,   1914,   to   August   1,   1915, and
guaranteed   against   any   reduction   during  that   time
Touring Car
Town Car    ���
Prices F. O. B. Ford, Ontario
ln the Dominion of Canada Only
FURTHER we will be able to obtain the maximum efficiency in
our factory production, and the minimum cost in our purchasing
aud sales departments IF we can reach an output of 30,000 cars
between the above dates
AND should we reach this production we agree to pay, as the
buyer's share, from $40 to $60 per car (on or about August 1,
1915) to every retail buyer who purchases a new Ford car between
August 1, 1914*, and August 1, 1915
For further particulars regarding these low prices and profit-
sharing plan, see the nearest Ford Branch or Dealer
E.  C EMDE, Local Agent
Ford Motor Company of Canada
FORD     -     -     ONT.
Local Lines
Try An Ad. In The Review.
Wanted���Good ranch eggs 2
cases weekly, also strawberries.
Berwick Store, N0.8 Mine.
For Sale���Two grade Jersey
cows. Apply B. D. Broughton,
Happy Valley.
Strayed on to the Harmston
ranch 1 black cow, owner please
apply at once.   Phone M90.
New Courtenay post cards, finest
selection by first class photographer
at Robertson's Drug Store.
For Sale���Cedar posts and poles;
beardless barley and good seed po,
tatoes. T. C. Woods, Sandwick
Phone R 96,
For Sale���8 fine buggy and express horses, 8 fine pedigree Yorkshire sows, young pigs, and one
Jersey cow, cheap for cash. Apply
Frank Childs. Sandwick
From MY hens to YOUR
kitchen direct, I deliver eggs every
Tuesday in Courtenay, at current
market rate. You want my eggs;
I want your money. Write and
ask me to call. H. W. Heberden,
Phone Y 96.   Sandwick,
For Sale--Pure bred Yorkshire
pigs, 6 weeks old, sired by pedigreed
boar, mother also sired by pedigreed
boar; in good shape. Good chance
to improve stock; delivered in
Courtenay, $5 each. Apply J.
Lawrence, Comox, B. C.
A few choice young pure bred
Yorkshire pigs of either sex for
sale. Parents prize winners at
New Westminster. Price to you
registered $10 each. Now is your
opportunity to get a really good
anuimal.   R. U. Hurford.
For Sale���Thirty acres, within
two hundred yards of station, with
daily train service, close to school
and wharf, about 18 acres of first
class alder bottom; with never failing strea n through property, first
class soil and very easily cleared
Price $100 per acre, one-quarter
cash, balance over three years 7 per
cent. Hickey & Thwaites, Parksville.
Long Distance
Telephone Rates
Courtenay to Union,
Cumberland to Fanny Bay
" Union
.20 (or two minutes
Fanny Bay " Cumberland
"  Taylors
"  Union
.20 "   "      "
Union        "  Courtenay
"   Cumberland
"   Fanny Bay
.10 "   "      "
Also Special Night Rates between 7 p. m. and 8
a. m., to all points in British Columbia. Three times
the regular day period for the regular day rate
Make appointments any time during the day
B. C. Telephone Company
For Sale���1 bay horse, 5 years,
good to ride or drive. Single or
double. Apply Box 378, Cumberland,
Wanted���Acreage near railroad
as first payment on residential property in Oak Bay, Victoria. Box 5
Review Office.
Maternity Hospital���Maternity
patients taken. Every care given.
Mrs. Marshall, Sandwick.
Lost���Irish Terrier Pup, two
months old, last seen at Parkin
Bros, store on Saturday night at
6 o'clock, Finder please notify
Berkley Grieves.


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