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The Review Dec 4, 1913

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 ***** aaiaiaai��a.aaaa.aaaa>aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.
|    List Your Property with
j      Island Realty Co.
I We Can Sell It
ll.ive \'ou Money lo Inrwl,
See us; we Can Make You
l.iirge Dlvidendi
Island  Realty  Co.
VOL. 2
NO. 2
$100.00 CASH BUYS
10 Acre Block
Good Land. Easily Cleared,
Good Situation
2  Miles from Courtenay
Price $800, $100 Cash, balance
on easy terms
P. L. ANDERTON, Manager
Phone 22 Courtenay, B. C.
Courtenay House Furnishing Stare
Don't forget the Furniture Store when
you go out to select that Christmas
Present. We have just recieved a
shipment of Toys for the children,
Engines that will run, Guns that are
safe for children to shoot, Dolls,
Etc., in great variety^
A large selection of Framed Pictures
and Photo Frames
C. A. BROWN, Manager
Our "Depot Addition"
Lots are the Best Buys in Courtenay Today.   Only
a Few Months before the Railway will be Here
We have Lots fronting on tlie Station Grounds.   Also on the 12 Acres
which the C. P. R. have cleared (or Station Buildings
Lots from $300 to $500 Each
To give the Small Investor a [Chance we will sell these L,ots on easy
$50 Down and $15 Per Month
The Best Buy in Courtenay Today
Real Estate and Insurance
Boats For Sale
and Hire
Boats of Any Size
Built to Order
On Short Notice
Courtenay   Marine
Construction Co.
The the telegraph line between
here and Campbell River was
broken in fourteen places by the
stoim last week.
To Rent���.' roomed Bungalo,
close in, 1', A. Smith, Courteuay.
Wanted���Office or outdoor work.
Apply Box 3, Review office.
For tine pdiutiiifff panerhangtiig
and decorating d.iu'il'ail to see
Doyle fit Home, Courtenay,
Store ami warehouse to rent, opposite Courtenay hotel. Apply,
Win. Lewis, Courteuay.
Lost or left somewhere by J. 11.
Barker, book of Xmascards, Finder please leave at Review < )ffi v.
A few made up suits for sale,
also several pairs of nanls, 30 per
cent below regular price, at Hind's.
Lost ���Ou Saturday Nov, ;.i a
gold brooch Initialled S II. Reward.    Return'to Mr, G.   1). Hind,
Tailor, Courtenay.
Stove Wood���Delivered i 11 Court-
nay ut reasonable rates. Geo. F.
Russell, Lake Trail. Orders may
be left at the Review Office,
For Sale���A number of thorough
bred   white wyandotte   cockerels
from good laying strain,   $2 each,
I Apply Geo. Butchers, Comox P. O.
For Sale-- A few fine rain coats
best English make $15 up. T. D,
Hind,. Courtenay, k. of P. Hall,
over McKean's store.
Acreage near Bellinghatn and
Lynden, Wash., to exchange for
acreage or lots near Courteuay,
Enquire li. W. Benton, or M. E.
Bliss, Courtenay.
Wanted���Situation as housekeeper or cook, first class nurse, by middle aged lady. Apply Mrs. Cunningham, care of Jack Davis,
Union Bay,
Mr, V. A. T'liomas, Piano tuner
will be in Courtenay and Comox
district lo attend to liis regular
tuning business about the first of
One box of cigars will be   given
to the person who makes the highest consecutive run at straight pool
during theSmonth of November at
I Macs' pool room
Lost or Strayed���Light Jersey
heifer about 13 months old. half
circle cut out of bottom of right |
ear and hole punched in end of
same ear. Send information toW.
H. Grieves, Saudwick.
For Sale���two houses aud half
lot next to the Court House, Cumberland. 6 ftet concrete cellars
with pillars from bed rock. Price
$3,500. Apply to D. Potter,
Box 441 Cumberland.
If you want any special pieces of
furniture made, kitchen cabinets,
cupboards, sideboards or pantry
work, store or office fixtures, counters or show cases, made to your
order, come in aud give us an idea
of what you want or we have
sketches for you to select from.
Picture framing and sign work
promptly doue. Sutton's Cabinet
Tenders to lease the Baily Farm,
situated, Upper Road, Sandwick,
B, C, (for a period of five years)
will be received by the undersigned
until noon of Tuesday December 2
1913. The owner is prepared to
spend twelve hundred dollars (conditionally) erecting additional
buildings and other improvements. /?=
Highest or any tender not necessarily accepted. For further information apply to Markham Ball,
Sandwick B. C. agent for Mrs. A.
M. Baily.
Mr. Joseph McPhee left for Vancouver on Tuesday evening's boat.
Mr. A. G. Marshall returned
home from Victoria last week.
Messrs. Humphries ami Fitzgerald who have been north ou the
j government survey all summer returned home on Tuesday.
Owing to the increase in mail
arriving at the post offiice anyone
who wishes to have a box till the
end of the year can do so by making a depoiit of 50 cents lor tlie
A parts- of hunters left on Wednesday for a deer hunting expedition. Tlie following composed tlie
party,���J, Parkin, J. Milligan, P.j
Machin, (', Hardy, L. Cliffe, B.:
b. Krause, L. Siuithers, B.Dawley
and J. McKenzie Sr. No doubt
much game will fall to Uie guns.
The storm last week was the
worst the oldest inhabi ant remembers in twent v years,
The higli tide on Saturday morning flats, race truck, and a large
number ol' cellars. There was
about ten inches deep on the floor
of the Review office.
Mr. A. Toombs has embarked iu
tlie real estate business ut Union
Bay, A bat ber shop and poolroom
has slso been recently opened at
ih it place.
The next dance under the auspices of the race track committee
will be held 011 Thursday the   nth
inst. Every one is cordially invited, although invitations were sent
out some were iuadvertently missed
These dances are public and for a
public cause, therefore all citizens
are welcome.
Local Agent for the Nanaimo & Esquimalt Railway
Lands, Comox District
Offices at
Courtenay - and - Comox, B. C.
Telephone 24
We specialize in Fruit, Vegetables
and Provisions
A large assortment of Biscuits, Candies, Cigars
and Tobaccos
Local Delivery
Telephone 40
The oldest'established firm of Auc tioneers, Real Estate and
Insurance Agents in the Comox District
Money Loaned in Small Amounts on First Mortgages
1 Cleared Acre with 3 Roomed House
Chicken .House, Forty fruit trees, etc., etc.    $400.00 cash.
Balance of $600.00 in 6 and 12 months 7 per cent.    1 mile
from Courtenay.
One   central   lot in  Courtenay, practically cleared $275 on
fe terms.   Oue minute's walk from Post Office.
Pnone 10
(Formerly of.Beaduell & Callin)
Accountant and Auditor
Estate and Insurance Agent
Collections handled with promptness and dispatch
Phone F91
Courtenay Till: REVIEW. COURTENAY, B.C.
> nu
ur inviMitn.t'.ii  i'i iviti
'!-��� tholr furt inn s in  m
H imtflK   fin. ;k;.��  i)|
ilu; rtcsl   ilt '':���''" antl
w e   offor
niialii a in.
1,000,000 wlihli
prcscnl   -J...\   li
KtiTot,  Winnipeg,  iMiolw  IIIkIi   \Mh
month.   Tlila InvoHimini will mean
22   Canada    Life    Building
Winnipeg,       Man.
Mali .     .<���<  per    ,���,���,    ,,
-mm,.",is in real .-sin.
I'HIlHllll    Will      llll,..      ���
nllHims uf mollis   v.m
Mnloek   Hn,-,-  ��iii,i,
Pi'irr   $175      $10   r.lsh
1 n lo . ou l#a  tew   <
inrs   ,
ill    \mi rlcs i
uouulatlou ,,r
'�����   made   i��
���"ins on Main
and    no    |,i>,'
no lima.
1   ���on   nblljrailon  "ii   mv   iwi't,
' ",l ""' nlun mul mi p.ii'ii. n-
ImuIooH  I'lrco
Istomeoh aod iho- ihnsv it. out like a
I drain pipe. Tell lleppla to pul im
'lee cream oo the stove.
j     Ho  we  waiipd  until   .Miss   l.eliila's
iimi been heated and waa brought in.
sloltled nver with pale lines, nol nr
thought,  but or    cnnrc,:t killer's    ilyra.
���Ulsr l.ciiiia ate it resignedly, IJko
ns nol rn break out, l did the last
Iiini'. she sulil gloomily, I only hope
I don'l ini nk oul in eolors.
Tho meal was over finally, bul If l
had hoped ror another word alone
wiiii Margery Fleming tlial evening,
Mary Roberts Rineharl
, ' lh" knowledge thai Visa i.,
��!"��>�� 'Pcelved um f,.0ln ��� ,���,,,,
b��nwha.r�� , In tho hack pa im-
i was foredoomed to
Letltla senl lhe girl,
bed ami ordered Jane
wiih a single curl up
(To  be  Continued)
iol nngently, u>
nit of Ilie I'linii]
ure low ni"'! i lie
Beginning with Die Brat or ium. fee-
lenders and tourists alike win have
to iiii'inli their thirst sviih oilier tban
aloohollo drinks, under ihe Anti-
siiirit law. consumption ot ihe present
siock or liiiiinrs in loeland, wbteb will
io a certainty be exhausted by .lun-
uary i, was permitted.
since loeland began to deal ��iiii
ihe llfluor question hi n draatlo manner, her trade and Industries have tre-
mendouslj Increased, tn the nasi -'0
years a greal dairying trade baa been
binii up ,,i.ii 8heep raising and fishing
nave grown to enormous proportions,
io new  Ince
a li  here she
my coat- ev
Jane; mine,
' I avlllg nil !
iimi loe   nr,.
My sister Is
can ami   wns1
explained aa
irythlng wns
wllh  l.elhin.
oe ni dinner,
not Injurious
io opposed in
io innlie
.   Tiles   In
II    O'.'l
ho was
ek lliiiiiii' en
���.oiiii' after tin
sell, bul thlli ii wns hard
dip ii>-i inlo the polltli
mil pulling o  Iol
weni after or than II
get.   lie  wanted  lo
il  un.  lie
affair hiui-
.j slick a
nl puddle with-
more than you
was healths to
know  If  I   luiil
has e
on Ihem
come acrosi
upon I put j
al   Delia
anj moro K.Y's. When
way llu noies i iimi mad
and .sin nie Brennnii.
CHAP ''���' 111
Ninety-eight Pearls
I wem io Bellwood iimi evening, li
wn�� a suburban town a dozen mllei
from ihe pity, Sired cars had-so far
failed to spoil i;s tree bordered streets
and ii was exclusive to the point of
stagnation, ''"lie Maitland place wns
al the head of the main street. Miss
l.etitin, who was seventy, had had suf-
flclem commercial Instlncl some years
before to mil her ancestral acres���
llieii ancestral acres, though .Miss
Jane hardly counted- Into building
lots, except perhaps an acre which
siirroiinCed lhe house. Thus ihe
Maitland ladies were repute, to be extremely wealthy. And as they never
siiciii any money, no doubt Iliey were.
I had taken dlnn ������ at Bellwood le-
fore. and the memory wus nol hilarious. Miss l.etilln svas dear, bill
chose to Ignore tlio fact. With superb
Indifference she would break into the
conversation with some wholly alien
remark that necessitated a reassembling of one's Ideas, making the meal a
series of mental gymnastics. Mis".
,'ane. through Ions practice and because she only skimmed Ihe surface of
conversation, look her cerebral MaJils
easily, but 1 am more unsvleldly of
Nor svas .Miss l.eiii'a' dominance
wholly conversational. Her sister
Jane was lier creature, alternately
snubbed and bullied. To Miss Lelilia,
Jane, in spile of her sixty-five years,
svas mill a clilld, and sometimes a
bad one. .Miss Lcilian ond the resud
purgated books to read and forbade
iier to read divorce court proceedings
111  lhe newspapers.
Poor .Miss Jane, She mel me with
a fluttering cordiality in tbe hall thai
night, safe in being herself for once,
Formed Watery Pimples. Itchy and
Had Horrible Burning Sensation.
Lost Some of Finger Nails. Could
Not Open Hands, Cured by Cuticura Soap and Ointment.
2""�� V. Ltagar St., Toronto, Ontario.���.
"l'orsevenyoars I has*obeeu troubled irlth
B'lill-i'lii-iuil.    It came mil nn m> linnib; nud
,'~ ./-s,   foruied kindofsvatery pimples
S i.,   ~y ..' ml over liun which became
ft" *NP   l"''> :""' U  'l"1 a ,">,Tihto
'v-'    ""' iliiK sensation   which
[���it me a good deal of
spain.    It camo out on my
V���7/    hands In tlui fall nnd remained
I///   I hero   llll   afler   spring.     I
might input ien thai   I lost somo of my
finger-nails by tin, dlsoass. 'Paring ilii.H
length or tiiuu l was iittorly nseloss, as l
could not open my hands, I tried several
other patent medicines without a bit of
relief. Pome of my friends advised me lo
try Cuticura Romodles so 1 sent for samples
and hy ushis them there was a great bn-
provomont. Tben I vent to ihe druggist
and bought one cake, of Outlcura Soap and
two boxes of Cuticura Ointment; afler using
them 1 am (dad to say I am completely
Cured. I had given up all hope of being
cured. 1 eau nay to all those who bave
Buffered as I have, not to loso courage hut
to give Cuticura Remedies a fair trial.''
(Signed) Miss Lillian irnhi, Oct. Ill, 1011.
I'm* more than a generatlod Outlcura soap
and Outlcura Ointment have afforded Ihe
most economical treatment for affections of
tho skin and .scalp lhat. torture, tell, burn,
fl^ale, and destroy sleep. .Sold everywhere.
Sample of each mailed free, tvilh 32-p. Skin
Book. Address post card Potter Drug &
Cliem. Corp.. Uem. aOD. lloston, IT. .S. A.
W.  N.  U. 971
them, mul i hmi io bog for iiii-
nn ihe contrary, the doctoi
ordered le's lor mj  young
I   mid gravely, an ;  I  dote
-Miss Jane beamed. Indeed, then
wns Bomotlilng aiinosi iinnattirallj gay
nboiii  ilie llllle old  hid'  ull thnl ' veiling,
Aliss l.eilla I' Celved mc us usual,
iii ihe back parlor. Miss Fleming
was Ihero. iiIbii, BQSVillg by a window.
in her sll'ftlgl.; whilp ilreHs. wllh her
hair drawn back aud braided around
her li.ud she looked even younger
Ulnil before. Tlier wns no lime for
conversation, .Miss i;etiiia launched
a' once Into the extravagance of iiolh
molasses and butter on the colored
orphans' bread.
Vou have had no news ai all'.' Miss
[���'Ien ing said cautiously, her head bent
over her work.
.None. I returned tinder cover of
lhe table linen lo which Aliss l.elilia's
mind had veered. 1 liny- a Kood man
working on it. As sbe glanced at
nie que tioningly. It needed a dele.'live. Aliss Flepilng. With every
movement of tbe girl J could see tbe]
gleaming of a diamond on her engage-
nieiil finger.
If I didn't watch her, .lane would
ruin them, said Miss Letitla. Sbe
gives tl'.ni apples when they Keep
their faces clean, nml the bills for
soap have gone up double. Soap once
a day's enough for a col< ved child.
To you smell anything burning, Knox?
I sniffed and lied, whereupon Miss
L-etttia swept her black silk, her colored orphrnn and her majestic presence nut. of the room. As the door
cloRed, Aliss I'Teming- put down her
1 tlo not dare to tell lliem. Air. Knox,
she s.lill. They ar.. old, and tbey
hale blm i nyivay, I couldn't sleep
last night, i have liciflmed tea towels for Ainu l.etilla today until 1
am frenetic, and all day I li:.ve been
wondering over something you said
yesterday. Von suld, you remember,
that, you svere not u detective, that
some men could lake nineteen from
thirty-live and leave nothing. Whal
did yon menu?
I was speechless for a. moment.
The fact is���I���you see, 1 blundered, it svas a���merely a figure of speech
a���speech of figures is more accurate.
And then dinner svas announced.
.Miss Letltla presided in garrulous
majesty. The two old ladies picked
at their food, and Miss Jane bad a
spol of pink in each svithered cheek.
Margery Fleming made a brave pretense, hut left her plate almost untouched. As for me, 1 ate a substantial masculine meal and half apologized for my appetite, but Letltla
did not bear. She tore the board of
managers to shreds with the roast and
denounced t.heiu svith tbe salad.
Please to eat your dinner, Jane
whispered, J made the salad myself.
And I know what it takes lo keep
a big man going. Harry eats more
Ilian Leti.la and I together. Doesn't
he, .MargeryV
Harry?  I asked.
Miss Jane leaned forward (o mc after looking at her neice.
Harry W'nrdrop, a cousin's son, and
���she patted Margery's hand wllh its
ring- soon lo he something closer.
The gill's face colored, but she relumed .Miss .lane's gentle pressure.
They  inn   up an  iron  fence,  Miss'
Letltla reverted somberly to her grievance, svhen a wooden one would have
done.     li was extravagance, ruinous
Harry slays wllh us when he is in
Manchester, Alius .lane svent on, nodding brightly across al Letllia. as If
she. too, svere damning the executive
board. Lately he lias been almost
i.'i Hie lime in Plattsburg He is
secretary (o .Margery's father. II Is
a position of considerable responsibility, and we are very proud of bim.
I bad expected something of the
sorl, but the remainder of lhe meal
had somehow lost lis savor. There
was a lull iu the conversation while
dessert was being brought in. Aliss
Fleming sal, one band on the table,
staring absently at her engagement
You look like a fool in lhat cap,
Jane, volunteered Letitia, while the
plates were being brought iu What's
l'or dessert?
lee cream, called Miss Jane over the
Well, you needn't, snapped Letilia,
I can hear you well enough. Vou
told me ii wa-j junket.
1 said ie ��� cream, and you said it
would be all right, poor Jane shrieked, ir ynu drink a cup of hot svat'.'
after ir. it won't hurl you.
Fiddle, I.r.t:a snapped unpleasantly.    I am  no;  going    to    rreeze    my!
I Baltimore. Md��� Nov, 11,
: Aliiianl s l.iulmeni Co., Limlled.
Sirs,.   | en me aol'OSe a bottle or vour
I ol one ,>r ilie stud, bis at ihe University of Maryland, nnd be being so kind
; us to let   nl0  ,1Kr   ,   aQl, a ve|,y   |,M|]
siunin, which 1 obtained in training
lor   loot,   uiers,   und   lo   si.v   thai   li
ii''ji'oii mc would be putting i:  vers
imildlj, umi i   therefore ask   if   you
WOUld   lei   um   know   of  0L��  or  your I
agents thai is olosoM i��� Baltimore si '
nun i may obtain some or ii. Thanh
lug son in advance i remain,
Sours Ivnly,
,.   , w.V. McCuenn
H si. Puul street,
i are Ollv, r Typev, rlter Oo,
P.B     Klndlj   answer ul   oner.
The Wretchedness
of Constipation
Cm quickly Le overborn? ly
Purely vegetable
���-actiurrlv ��nd
fisntly on tl
new, ind !nciig*rtfcn.     IVy Jo then July.
firall Pill, Small Dot*, Small Price.
Cenuine munler Signature
,   IH'
The Muzzled Wolves
The noises svere upon us, lie related
to the girl he, svas trying to impress.
Their liosvlin,. penetrated to our very
marrow. \\'e lied for our lives. But
each second sve knesv that the ravenous pack svas gaining on rs. Closer
and closer���at, last they svere so close
that sve could feel Ihelr muzzles
against our legs so thai ���
Ah. sighed the lady, greatly relieved. How glad vou must, have been
that the;' had their muzzles on!
Whal. asked tlio Sunday
teacher, is mean I bs in arlng
������ itiicss agalnsi one's neighbor,
I Ithow, aald �� Ilttlo girl, huldln,
hand   high   in   Iho   ulr.       H's   when
noboi.y  did anything nud  somebody
weni  nml lolii it in ni 1  il.
It Will Cure a Cold. Colds are
conn.nu eri nilments ot mankind und
if neglected ���'���",:} lead io sorlous coudl-
tlunc. lie Thomas' dielectric Oil will
relieve ihe bronchial pneuagea o( In-
lammallon .ipDidily and i borough Ij
'ol will B'treugtlien ihem ngatnst sub-
seiiueul attack, And as it eases ihe
Inliamraatlou i, will slop ihe cough
because ii ullays uP irritation in the
throat.     Try .'I nni! prove il.
c.-.n use
k'riic Cunrn.ilee.l "ON* nvr r....1
Sell Cellar Hoodoo
In some parts of the world, particularly in Germany, is is still believed
that the upsetting of ihe salt cellar
Ib the direct act. of Satan���I he peace
disturber. And the habit of trying
to avert any catastrophe which may
happen by tossing a llllle of the salt
over the shoulder is. due to ihe belief
that by so doing one blls the Invisible
Satan in the eye, which temporarily
at least, prevent.-- him doing further
All Kinds
, Ct<Mta(Slniplt,NoCtia.M
Jill   Sn,,l (,,, 1 ���.,.,  ri
��� lira Julniauii.UK litiniaon Cl
1 "ONE DYE for
ot Clotty
t>t MUtnbt-B.  TRV
' .ird ���mlAiMltltt
1 liiiil��il,V>lijfiUt��l
Mrs.Winslow's 600THIKO SvHir lifts beesb
wed for over sixrv VHARSby millions or
M0TII8K8 l'or mcir till r.IJKl-N SVI11L1
SOOTHES Hie I'llll.li, SOFTENS the liUMtV
it tlie hcsl n meily fer LUARRIIC2A, It is i;l>-
lelutetv hftnnlefis. tie sure mul nsk tor "Mu,
SVinsldn'A Suoiliinir Symp." and lake AO olt't*
kind.   'J'wxDty-livectnlsa bottle.
With     Kidney    Trouble.   Cured
Mr. Daniel F. Fraser, of Bridgevllle,
N.S., says about OIN PILLS. "For
twenty years, j have been troubled
with Kidney nnd Bladder Disease, and
have been treated hy many doctors
but found little relief. I bad given
up all hopes of getting cured svhen
1 tried OIN PILLS. Nosv, I can say
with a happy heart, that 1 am cured
after using only lour boxes of GIN
50c. a box. 6 for $2.50. Sample free if
you ssi'ile National Drug and Chemical
Co. of Canada Limited, Toronto. 217
A gen'rous lad's my broth. r Ned,
Said Llllle Johnny Lovltt.
Ile takes tbo middle of the bed
And leaves me both sides of if.
H-Rlth,  Eating
"1 had been sick for 10 years wllh
dyspepsia and a lot of complications,"
wrote a Western woman,
"An operation was advised, change
or climate was suggested, but no one
seemed to knosv jnsi svhat svas the
matter. I svas in bed three days in
(ho sveek and gol so thin I sveighed
only SO lb?. Xo food seemed lo agree
SVith  Ilie.
"I 'told my husband l svas going to
try some kind <f predigested food to
see if I could keep from this feeling
of continued hunger,
"Grape-Nuts and cream svas lhe food
I got and nothing bas seemed to satisfy me like il. 1 never feel hungry,
but. have . natural appetite. Have
had no neivoua spells since I began
this food, and bave laken no medicine.
"1 have gained so much strength
that I nosv do all ny housework and
feel well and strong. My weight has
Increased 8 lbs. in 8 sveeks and I shall
always eat Grape-Nuts as if. Ia far
pleasanter ihan taking medicines."
Name given by Canadian Postum Co..
Windsor, Onl. Head "The Road to
Wellville," iu pkgs "There's a reason."
Ever read tie above letter? A n*w
one appears from time to time. They
are genuine, true, and full of human
Your Case  Isn't Likely to be Worse,
and Can be Cured Quickly by
"Afler being an enthusiastic user of
Nerviline for years, I feel li my duty
to tell you personally what, your wonderful preparation bas done for me.
"I ll'ered torture fron. rheumatism
and heart (rouble, tried scores o�� so-
called remedies, consulted for weeks
and months with Toronto's most eminent, physicians, but derived only
slight benefit.
"A friend insisted on iny using N'er-
viline, and to my surprise a vigorous
rubbing of this powerful liniment
eased tile pains and reduced the st'ff-
ness in my joints. I continued to use
Nerviline and svas permanently cured. 1 am tow perfectly well, and
for three years have had no rheumatism at all. 1 k:'OW many families
where no other medicine but Nerviline
Is kept���Ir. is so useful in minor ailments like earache, toothache, neuralgia, coughs, cold.*, lumbago, and sciatica. 1 call Nerviline my 'Life
Guard,' a id urge all to try its merit."
Dec. 17th, 11." Pr.lnierslon Avenue,
(Signed)   FLOHA   CHAPMAN
It Is almost   criminal  lo  keep on
suffering svhen Neivillno can be had
ia any drug store.     50c. buys a large
bottle, 26c. for the trial size. Prepared
i DressiiiG
5 rem
,' HAfiNI i'- BUGCr TOP', \AUtflES.
'-' iLf .rgci :. , THAW ; -if, \>.f\ , <, .
H MlLllAP>  EQUimt MS.L1C.
"      "lid  lis'ht  sawlni
or sjii
  time, ���	
'list.' e,  charges  |
particulars,      Natl
Co.. Montreal.
home,  svhol6
work sent any
nil stamp for
.u.'iiiufuci urlnu
WANTED at once
Persons to work for us
In spHio tlm�� at home. No experience
require wllh our NEW ART COLORING PROCESS En;.y and fsscinotlnii
work. Cnoil pny. No canvassing. Writ*
fer Instructions ffree).
US College Street. Toronto, Canad*.
1,   The
K.Y., and
Kingston, Ont.
Fair Warning
Say you will be mine!! if sou do
not I'll throw myself into ibe Seine.
Thaiilr'you for warning me. 1 must
get. a filter. ^
Tne Soul 9f a  Piano is the |
Action.   Insist on ths
Piano Action
LUMSDEN  ���l-00.(c7v{jWiM) TORONTO.
vrmre roe rcnus. M.SlfS.
A Proper Question
Harry, dear, d.j my skirls show?
Below or through?
"lam an old man���and many of my troubles
never happt.nei."-ELBEHT HUBBARD
THE white hair and wrinkled faces of our busy men and svemen tell
of doubt, fear and anxiety���more than disease or oge. Worry plays
havoc with the nervous system���so that digestion is ruined and sleep
banished.   What oil is to the friction of the delicate parte of an engine���
Golden Medical Discovery
it to the delicate organs ef the body. It'a ��� tonic and body builder���teeausa it
stimulates the liver to vigorous action, auitu the stomach to aathnilatc food���thus
enriching the blood, and the nerves and heart in turn ire fed on pure rich blood.
Neuralgia "is the cry of starved nerves for food." For forty years "Golden
Medical Dleooverv" in liquid form has given great eatiifaction as a tonic and
blood maker.
A'eir if can be obtained in tablet form���from dealers iu medicine
or tend 50 one-cent slumps fortrielbox. Write R.V.Pierce, Buffalo.
Relieve e*aM'l��attwa, reoUfe ��ba Hm-,
smS ����wela.    Mmr *��� tgg ��� CStdr. THTC TtRVTBW. COFRTttKAY, V,.C-
Bagley'j    Revenge
im one occasion, just previous lo
'".i n -".:   iu   cr."   oi'   the  large  cities,
loRenh Jeffmon dischareeC his property lean, Uagley, for humiliating
lim in-fine n numbtr o( friends by familiarly addressing blm us 'Joey.'
Bagle.s sol linn.'.; right away, and
dial nlghi made bis. way to tlie nailery
o sea Mr. .lefferaon preaeni 'Rip Van
Winkle.' The angry fruu hnd just
driven poor, destitute Rip from the
uottuge, win u Rip turned, and with a
rorld of pathos, asked: Den hat I no
uteres;  in  flls    In,use"      The    luiuse
ras deathly still, the audlenci   halt
In tears, when Baglej �� cracked voice
eBpontled: Onlj   eight}   per   cent.,
Iue>   onl..  elgh,    per eenl
Vdnard's Liniment Relieves Neliraljlt
Not Very Nourishing
On. Ii I'    I'll.' dlnm I  : on should lake
'un,  inlnmea
Timid Hal ci I ��� \\ onld II be danger*
jus tn mill ,, bli ol meal and some
ci'.. tnbli
WHEN you buy a "Sask-Alta" Steel
Range you make a permanent
investment. The "Sask-Alta" is an efficient and economical cooker and baker as
well as a very durable range.
Have your dealt-r explain it fully before buying!
Toronto    Montreal    Winnipeg    Vancouver    St. John
Utile Hobby wns lold In sweep the
sidewalk, and when In wns doing so
ii ti'ioud came aloun-
lltllo, Bobby, said the ludy. Is
jour mother In
Sue, she's In. iinswercil  lloliby.  I'm
sou ihink im he sweeping the Bide-
walk   I sbe wusn'i  in '
A Puzzler
(Hi. dear, sighed her husband's wife..
I can't llnd a pin anywhiie!   I won*
\ der where iliey no to,
|    That's a dilllciili question i" answer,
I replied  Ills  wll'c'.  liiiahiiiul,    because
they are alwayi ,'olnted ln one direct-1
ion uud beaded <u nuolher.
It one  be troubled with eorlls and ���
wui'iM, he will llnd In Hoilowiiy's Corn
dure nn application iimi will entirely]
relieve sllll'erll ��..
Where  He Draws tbe Line
Hoes your husband objeci  to ths
slit skhl'?
Only on  mc
Mln.-rd'a Liniment Cures Burns. Etc.
In Waterman's Ideals it is a notable
fact that gold pens can be had to suit ��vcry hand
and character of writing. The more particular the
writer the greater tbe satisfaction in suiting him.   Bad; of
the. wonderful range of points in Waterman's Ideals, hosv-
ever, ate other essential features which  have made for
fountain pen success: the famous spoon feed, the ink-tight
chamber, friction cap, Ideal Clip, practical shapes, pure
Pitta rubber, the sizes, types, etc.   Avoid substitutes.
U-iiilil 0" Xenum
Sold by the Best Local Dealers
L. E. Waterman Company, Limited, Montreal
Charitable innn (to former blind
beggar) What I have you recovered
your sigh!.'. i
Beggar���Well, you sue. It'.-, this way.'
I've lost my dog ami as 1 can no long-'
er he blind, 1 bave become a dead
Change of Heart
Ves, my friend, I was about I > marry
the countess When I suddenly learned!
lhat. she spent moro than $'l_.uoo a
year on her dressmaker.
Then what did you do?
Married her dressmakei.
Grain Commission Merchants Winnipeg, Manitoba
Make Bii'.s Lading >iad: Port Arthur or Fort William. Nottry l'eter Jansen
Co., Winnipeg.                        _       A _ .. _   V   _
Liberal Advances Prompt Returns Best Grades
Something better than linen and no
iivtmii'v bills. Wash It with soap and
IVflter. All stores or direct. State style
nd size.     For ;r,e. we will mail sou.
I'pre    ARLINGTON    CO.    OF   CANADA,
58 Fraser Avenue. Toronto, Ontario
Sirs. Newlywed���I ss-onder why we
ate growing lived of each other?
Ncwlywed���I  haven't any  idea.
Mrs. N--Yes,  maybe  that  is  the
Here's a chance
(or you to buy
your range from
the factory and
save 30%- to
buy it on easy
terms and to get
the very range
you would choose, even if you
had to pay the retail price.
Our free book shows you
exactly what the unje is like. Il da.
sciibei each point clearly, and we
guarantee our range to be juat
as represented,
You might ai well save die retail
profit.   Mail tne coupon lo-diy.
Dominion Pride
��� Polished
��� steel body���
I unbreakable
��� doors and
VB castings���
^H. beautifully
^^ nickelled
itttit  ^,v
Malleable*  ^i
Heel (tangs Mlg. ^|v
it.. Limited, Qshiwi. ^
?l��M sand Book.
All He Asked
The young man and the girl were
standing outside the l'ront door having a final chat after his evening call.
He svas leaning against the doorpost,
talking in low tones. Presently the
young lady looked round to discover
her father in the doorway, clad in a
dressing gown.
Why, father, svhat in lhe world is
the matter.
John, said her parent, you know I
have never complained about your
staying late, and I am not going to
complain of that now; but for goodness sake stop leaning against the
bell-push and let the resl of lhe family get some sleep.
Often Laid Up for Days at a Time���
A Wonderful Tribute to Dr. Chase's
Few people were ever more elillius-
iastic. in praising Dr. Chase's Ointment, than the writer of. this letter.
When you read the description ot his
ease you will not wonder why.
Mr. John Johnson, Coleman, Alia.,
writes: "Three years ng.i I was cured
of blind. Itching idles of 21 years'
standing by using Dr. Chase's Ointment. I used to think that death
would he the only relief t would over
get, from the :errlble misery of piles.
Often 1 svas laid up for three days nt
a time, and nt cthev times worked
when I should havo been In bed.
"Dr. Chase's Ointment Is worth si.v
ty dollars a box instead of sixty cents.
I am a different man since using it.
I am farming all the time, and never
miss n day. Words fail io express
my gratitude for the cure this ointment made for me. I cannot tell half
as much a':out it as it deserves. Anyone doubting this ..an write direct to
Dr. Chase's Ointment, 60 cents a
box, all dealers, or Edmanson, Bates
& Co., Limited, Toronto.
-llow old an
you, little
Old Lady
Bobble���1 am under Ave years on
the street, ears, and over sixteen when
1 go   o the movies.
Asthma Overcome. The triumph
over asthma has assuredly conic. Dr.
J. D. Kellogg's Asthma Remedy has
proved the most positive blessing lhe
victim of asthmatic attacks has ever
known. Letters received from thousands who have tried It form a testimonial which leases no room for
doubt, that, here is a real remedy. (Jet
II. to-day from your dealer.
Rash Promise
Wife (complalnlngly)��� You prom
ised before sve were married that I
should have all the money I wanted.
Hub���I must have thought thero
was much move of it In circulation.
ids Happy Home
You look forlorn, old fellow/Where's
youi' wife all tlu-se months'.'
Veiling ho-v to make home happy
on the lecture platform.
Worms, by thn Irritation that they
cause in the stomach and intestines
deprive Infants of the nourishment
that they should dei'lv.e from food, and
| mal-nutrltton is the result. Miller's
Worm  Powders  destroy  worms  and
(correct the morbid conditions in tha
stomach and bowels that are favorable
to worms, so that the full nutriment
of the child is assured and develop-
men' in every way encouraged.
U. 971
Merely Logical
Boss, complained the fatuoui
lor. I'm all run down!
I  don't  wonder, sharply  answered
the manager of the    iciini.        You've
been trying lo stiv ��� your arm by pit-
chini; without winding up
Well Met-
A Good
A dainty, nourishing dish
for breakfast, lunch or supper
���ready to serve direct from
the package with cream and
"Toasties" are thin bits of
choice Indian Corn skilfully
cooked and toasted to an
appetizing golden brown.
Easy to Serve
Sold by Grocers everywhere
Canadian Postum Cereal Company,
Ltd., Windsor, Ont.
t.----- --.        tujijj;, ���
i iiii!
'   ''
Whether your arm is a Remington or ney
other standard make, whatever its calibre and
the load you need, you want Romington-L MC
metallics not because they are necessarily
stamped with the same name as your firearm,
but because they give, more accurate result--.
This company has been making ammunition for nfty
year��. We produce nirtallics (or every standard make ol
arm���and every Remington-UMC carttid;;e in teited io
the ami lor which it ia made.
May wff lend yon a booltl-t explaining simply nun-.- ,-: Im
'���' [ i.,\ technical point iol amrnunUion manufacture.  S. our rume and
'" r- adotaiaonapoatcarawill bifas It by return nail. ,
Arms-Union  Metallic Cartridge Co.,   Windsor,  Ontario
Slack Knight
Makes Home Brighter
and Labor Lighter
A Paste |theF.F.DalleyG,���| No Dust
When   yon   Cross     the     Atlantic
Choos?    ths       OLD       RELIABLE
the pionoer line nr Atlantic Steam shipping.     .'-'">
steamers have been aitdod lo tile Cunard Canadian R
nnd "Alaunla," carrying ono c.lnBS cabin    nil   nnd
splondld  Blilpa  nft'oi'd  cuny   luxury  and  comrort  n
nf passengers.   They nre mind with Marconi wireless
marine Signalling, etc., lu tact, ovcry modem device n
passengers. MAGNIFICENT appointments
Lounge, QymnaBiura,    Drawing-room,    SmoHlng-room,   	
'Promenades, Spacious Staterooms, Orchestra.
SPECIAL     CHRISTMAS     SAILING     DECEMBER      9th.     Portland     :a
Liverpool.    New  (1913)  S.S.  ''Alaunla"  carrying  one cla^s cabin   tl
third class only.    Early application for reservation is recommended
For particulars of sailings uud Borvlcos from Moon
nml Now S'oill, ;i|>l<ty In laical .Snouts, or
THE CUNARD STEAMSHIP CO., LTD., 30-1 Main Street, Whrnlgefl
the *'.Vndn
I,,,-,,,,,!'..   ���
id,  B'
You don't have to when you  CAN SHIP TC
Grain Exchange. Winnipeg.  Man
Licensed-Bonded Established   1310
life is Uncertain
���the   life   of   a   wooden   tub
or   pail.
Save time���temper���dollars-by Using
utensils that seem to never weir out.
Made of
Eddy's Fibreware
Ask Your Dealer fE
Just as good at
Eddy's   Matches
Can always make sure of getting the highest prices for WHEAT. OATS.
BARLEY and FLAX, by shipping their car lots to FORT WILLIAM MIO
PORT ARTHUR and having them sold on commission by
Bally Market Letter and Barnplti Grain Bags.
BenS ua your name and address and sve will
put you on our mailing list���It's free.   Let us
keep you posted on market prices for grain.
Personal attention given to Belling and grading of all
oars.    Our Oar Tracing and Claim Departments work in our
clients' Interests. We havo every facility for prompt Eervlce and
we get beat results for shippers.
Bend to-day for a supply of sample hags and deal with a    , ,
Arm whose business has been built up hy satisfied customers.      SI
The Royal Bank of Canada
Incorporated 1869
Capital I'niil Up $11,560,000 Reserve anil Undivided Profits $13,000,000
Payable in nil parts of the world
Special attention given to Savings Department and Transactions of Ordinary Banking Business by mail
For Gifts that will
be Appreciated
A Large and Varied Assortment of tlie
Holiday (looils and Cnrlstuias Novelties. Everything displayed where
you cati readily inspect  the
many different lines to
lnnke yonr selection
The Courtenay Review LAZO
General Store
Anil Comox Valley Advocate
A Weekly Newspaper,  Published at
Courteuay, B C,
N. II. Iloi'i'.N, Editor and Proprietor
Subscription 8i.ro per Vein- iii Advance
2o lb. pack Granulated Sugar $1.25
Currants, Raisins and Sultanas, 10
o/��� pkg, ioc each
All Spices at 10c per tin
Egg-0 Baking Powder, 16 oz. tin,
15c each
Cutting Tomatoes,   2 1-2  lb   tins,
2 for 25c
Fairbanks cottoline 4 lb. tin 50c
t ���i-i1:.:?1.'��� '1' -~ :r.ryi"������?-. .���zrx'.ft^T?
Washington I)ec, 2.���Washington housewives yesterdav joined
tlie movement for a national boy-
tcott of eggs. Thousands of women
pledged themselves not to buy eggs
until the price is reduced. Fifty
women started on a four days'
house-to-house canvass for signatures to the boycott petition. _, _  r.
Morning Glory Lorree
We are clearing this out at 3 1 lb
Washington,   Dec. 2.-Customs tins for $1.00 to make room for a
receipts   of   the government    fori good article
November fell off about $6,500,0001 will���ipeg prices for boots and shoes
compared  to November 1912,  ac-        d,.. ��,Jods    j hardware at
cording to  tlie monthly treasury
Statement issued yesterday.    No
vember svas the first full month of
operation for the new tariff, and if
the month  svas a fair test of  the
bill's revenue   producing powers,
the annual return from this source
will decline more than #50,000,000.
The merchants are all decorating
The Courtenay Literary and Debating Society held their first ladies 1
night of the season on   Monday |
evening.   A large number of the
Courtenay ladies availed themselves
of the opportunity to hear some of for ntT
the local orators.    Tlie subject under discussion was; "Resolved that
women have done more for civilization than man."   The affirmitive
leaders and those who assisted that
side of tlie subject ga\'e a \-ery good
account of themselves, tlie negative
was also svell handled by the members who favoured tlie doing of
the "mere man" in tlie past.    The
debate on tlie whole was good and
instructive.    All the ladies enjoyed
the evenings   entertainment   and
hoped it would not be long before
the Society gave another such evening.    The  subject for  Dec. Sth is
one that should give wide scope for
debate and good leaders are setting
the ball rolling. The topic is "Evolution vs Creation,    The evening
of Dec. 15 svill  be taken up with a
paper by Dr. Morrison.
their stores and
holiday season,
them and shosv
of rheir efforts
winbosvs for the
Call in and see
your appreciation
by making large
A girl is just as apt to marry
man too old for her, just as
widow is to marry one  too   young I
Military Brtubii���Novelty designs in Sterling   Silver    photo   [mines,     linir
brui lies, mili tarybrusbes nn I clothse '
Haddkerchiefs��� l,.ulies pure linen handkerchiefs in fancy boxes, from 75c to $2
per box; children's fancy linnilker-
cllleld at 20c anil 25c per hoi.
Handkerchief Caiec���Silk embroidered und
.   linntl painted handkerchief cases,
Emb. Handlnrcliitfi���IiOtlies Swiss embroidered handkerchiefs,   ISc to SI each,
Mantle Drapo- -Sill; embroidered table
covers ami iniinlle [trapes.
Linens---Kyelet embroidery uiul punch
work Huen center pieces, runners,
cushion covers and necktie rucks.
Motor Scurfs-Silk and lace motor scurfs
und neck mufflers,
Collars---Latest New York styles in Indies
luce collars, ties and jabots.
Far Sate-���Ladies fur sets, muffs and
stoles, iu black, beaver uiul white,
from ijo to $10 per set.
Bow���Children's while fur boas, ut 50c
ami 7.5c each.
Silk Blouses���Indies blouses in plain uiul
fancy silks, from S4.50 to $15.
Waist Length���Silk waist lengths in plain,
striped mul broche, from 75c to
$2.25 per yard,
Evening Silks���I'oiletta. messallne and
crepe-de-chene in nil evening shades
nt $1.25 and ��1,65 per yard.
Umbrellas���Ladies fancy handled umbrellas in silk and silk mixtures, from
SI.50 to $S.
Novelties���A complete stock of childs and
infants wear in fancy slippers, svool
boots nud bootees, polka jackets,
toques, leggins, silk buggy robes,
silk and muslin dresses.
Irish Linen Sets���Sets ol Irish linen table
covers anil napkins to mutch, suitable for Christmas gifts, from $4.50
to $6.50 per set.
He's an unusual man svho
doesn't love himself any more than
be loves his neighbour.
Green is a popular color at present, but uo girl should be greeu
with et vy.
A girl will put tne money that
in former days would ha\re been
invested in a winter's supply of red
flannel betticats into a stiiug of
beads and then stand out in the
the cold and argue about how
much woman has advanced in the
last few years.--Ohio State Journal.
A limited supply of mechanical Teddy Hears, Vac
Animals, I'Jtc., on display.
Letter to the Editor
Dear Mr. Editor,
In your last week's issue, we
notice iu your excellent editorial
boost of Mine S, remarks such as
"local property is stagnant "
Might sve point out that   in   the
past ten days or so sve have turned
over Jq.ooo worth of   lots   in   the
Courteuay   District   and doubtless
|other firms are doing equally well.
j Yours faithfully
I Hardy & Biscoe.
No. 8 Mine Townsite
The Next and Nearest Property to the Mines, Sawmills, and absolutely Inside Property
1-4 to 1-2 acre Lots, 60x80 by 120 feet deep,
Price $150 to $225 per Lot, on Easy Terms
You'll be on Easy Street in buying these.   It's the
White Man's City.   We do not sell to Asiatics
tots are selling fast, apply to A.   Pailtbrope "The Store" Berwick,
Harry Idiens
British Columbia Investments, Ltd.
Telephone 36 COURTENAY
Neckwear---Tliis season's newest creations
put up in fancy boxes, 50c to $1.25.
Gloves���A big selection.    A pair of these
would make a very suitable present,
60c to #3.50.
Handkerchiefs���tinelt   and colored   silks,
plain und  initialed, from 20c to $1,
Silk Neck Scarfs���Servicable and beautiful,
will make au  excellent   Christinas
gift, from 75c to $2.50
Bath Robe; and Smelling Jackets���These nre
comfortable, bandy uiul useful;
nothing could be more appreciated
for a holiday present thou one of
these, from $5 to $12.50.
Hosiery���An immense line of good hosiery
in all the popular  shades, 35c tuSl.
Fancy Vests���Are very much liked by
most men, and svill please direful
dressers, from $1.50 to $5,
Stylish New Hals���The latest shapes and
shades, stiff and soft, made from
rough Tweed mixtures, finest felt,
from $2 to $7.50.
Sweater Coats���Kverybody likes them.
They ure useful every duy. We
have a large range of patterns mnde
with the newest "V" shape collar,
nud other styles.    Prices $1.75 to $7.
Umbrellas���Make an attractive gift, a good
article nnd certain to be appreciated,
from $1.25 lo $7.50.
Winter Caps���Stylish shapes and shades;
mnde to keep tlie head ami ears
svarin, from 50c. to $1.50.
Shirts���Mens fine shirts in the newest
colorings and patterns, with soft attached und detachable collars ami
cults.    Prices 11.25 to $2.5o.
Combination Sets���Suspenders, arm bunds,
belts and garters. Nothing else so
sure lo be "Just what I want,"
prices, 75c to $2.50.
Men's Jewelery���Cuff links, watch fobs,
scarf pins, collar buttons, tie clips,
badges, etc.
Fancy Slippers���Our ideal Christmas present, and always acceptable, prices
from 81.25 to $2.
Boy's No��eIties---\V'e have a big selection
of boy's novelties; also the popular
Sandford suits and overcoats; huts,
caps, sweater coats, fine shirts, ties,
in fact everything that is newest and
best for boys to wear.
We would suggest the sooner you come
to make your selections the better
the assortment svill be. We are
showiug by far a finer collection of
desirable gifts for men and women
than ever before.
Dr. jNeffs
Sanitary Underwear
People are now looking for pure
wool underwear, garments made to
suit the Canadian climate. They
want perfect fitting underwear, soft
smooth and comfortable
We   guarantee  this   underwear   to
meet all these requirements
Call in and examine it
Cor. Union and Isabel Sts.
FEED!        FEED!        FEED !
A large stock of shorts, bran, crushed oats, hay and poultry
feed for sale at exceptionally low prices
Phone 32
How do I know?
The Corner Store has and Excellent Show
Ornaments, Fancy China and Glassware, Books for
young and old, Xmas Fruit and Candies
Presents for the Girl Presents for the Man
Presents for Everyone
Don't believe us?   Come and see for yourselves.   Always at
home to your wants and requirements.
Parkin Bros., Proprietors
Telephone 4 Sandwick, B. C.
THE Wise Real Estate Special-
* ist looks to the centre where
transportation   facilities   abound.
5 to 20 Acre Blocks, adjoining
the townsite, $100 an Acre, Easy Terms
���TBa^MaMim-Miaijan i ri     i   \*^^*^samme��timm*mamu**m*^ii^mmmsimmmtmmm9mtmm*sm*^m���m^mmmi^tsB
No Better Proof than what we Offer is
is the fact that all the buyers so far are men who
have lived at Union Bay for years, who intend
making it their home with a good living in Fruit
Vegetables and Poultry
Ring up
British Columbia Investments, Ltd.
Harry Idiens, Manager
Phone 36
0&^*^Vtl^*0*0*0^V*0*0*0*0*0*0*0O0*0*0**0*0*t*^*90O0%m90*0*0**l0*0t0*0*0t** THE COURTENAY REVIEW
You get it at PLIMLEY'S It's All Right
During stocktaking wc  hnve  found thnt  sve hnve quite n number of
second hand, shop  soiled nnd "returned Irom hire" machines
uud me holding un end of season clearance at big
reductions.    l,ook into this.
739 Yates St.
Victoria, B. C.
Riverside Hotel
llir Supplied with the Best Wines
Liquors and Cigars
Travellers Always Made Welcome
0. H. FECHNER, Prop.
G. W.  Shannon
Estimates Furnished Free of Charge
-, Shannon Block,     Courtenay
Cokely & Ferris
Dominion and B. C.
Land Surveyors
Sub-division Work
a Specialty
Courtenay -  B. C.
Express and
Dray Stables
Stage meets all Boats
Telephone 29
Day or Night
Oscar W. Davis
Comox, B. C.
Beit Meals North of Naniamo
Choice** Liquors and Cigars
C. A. Martin, Prop.
Ed. Wilson
Carpenter and Builder
Moving Buildings a Specialty
COURTENAY     -     B. C.
Sibley & Pollock
Contractors & Builders
Artistic Bungalows a Specialty
Masonry and Brickwear of every description.      Flans furniseed
Estimates Free
All Work Guaeanteed
B. C.
R.  N.  Fitzgerald
Contractor and Builder
Plans  and   Estimates Furnished,
First   Class   Workmanship and
Materials Guaranteed
Established Resident of Courtenay
.. Builder & Contractor
Letter to the Editor
Happy. Valley.
Dec. 3, 1913.
Editor Courtenay Reviesv,
Sir:���I see in your issue of the
27th a letter from Happy Valley,
which seems to me, if 1 hear aright,
speaks very favourably of Harvey
and his men, as workmen ou the
Government road. Sir, please
allow me sapce to offer my many,
many thanks to this gentleman
with so much courage who has
taken such desparate chances by
commending me on my work, I can
assure him I am highly elated, as I
so rarely get credit for anything in
Happy Valley, only as being a disturber of peace.
However, I might say Happy
Valley is not tbe only place that
commends me for my work. Mr.
Editor, tloes it ever appear strange
to you how simple some mysjerics
are solved, in regard to the Happy
Valley road previously mentioned,
the writer of tbe letter of the 27th,
in referring to the language of one
of the teamsters, says the air was
blue for yards around, now Sir,
there has been of late a very mysterious sulphurous odor around
the Valley which has seemed to
bring on very serious thought and
world end predictions, churches
over crowded and very sanctimonious faces packed around, oh well
the teamster solved the mjstery,
Now Mr. Editor, if my epistle is
not too long aud too .irritating
please allow me space for a few remarks on the way things have been
running during 1913. There certainly has been lots of criticism ou
the general management, I may
mention one thing in particular
which has seemed to gall the set
tiers this the miners who are on
strike in Cumberland have in opinion of many, been given the preference of work on the roads over the
tax payer. I am not doubting
their opinion, neither should we take
it as a great surprise,if the foremen
are selected from among them we
must not look for anything but a
backseat, as the saying goes "the
devil will look after his own," and
the strikers would be very foolish
if they did not look after their own.
However I know several who
were receiving) benefits from the
union in Cumberland all last winter
who were selected as foremen and
acted in that capacity all summer
until the money gave out and are
now receiving benefit from the
union again. However our annual
meeting is not far distant and I
hear there is going to be some
high kickers present. You may
hear from someone who is better
able to handle this question than
yours truly
��� .����'��
When you want amateur photo
supplies go to the Courtenay Photo
Studio.   Local views for sale.
Bungalow Specialist
;    Plans and Estimates Free
Palaee Livery
& Feed Stable
H torses' and Buggies for Hire
Reasonable Rates
Wc also attend to wood hauling
?hoW 'I
x 124      Courtenay
The Courtenay Hotel
Every Convenience for Guests
lhe Central Hotel for Sportsmen
rf oue but the BEST WINES an
LIQUORS at the Bar
. OHN JOHNSTON,     Prop.
Sutton & Kirkwood
Undertakers and
Night or Day Calls Promptly
Phone 27 Courtenay
Acadia Trust Co.
Acts as Trustees, Administraters of Estates, General
Financial Agents, Real Estate, Mortgages,
Loans, Insurance, Etc.
4 % Paid on Deposits
Property owners ef the Comox Valley are specially
invited to list their real estate with this Company
Thoroughbred Cockerels l'or Sale
$2.00 EACH
Wood For Sale
Stove, Cord, Alder,
Maple or Bark
Apply to
First-Class Plumbing
Hot Water and Steamfitting
Jackson & Whittle
Phone 9 Courtenay
Cumberland Hotel
Good Accomodation      Cusine Excellen
Wm. Merryfield
Cliffe & Higgin
Feed and Livery
Heavy Teaming Promptly Attended to
R. MacQUILLAN, Prop.
Phone 7
Union St. Courtenay
Waverley Hotel
Cumberland, B. C.
Best of Liquors and  Cigars,   Hot ami
Cold Water, Baths, etc.
FRANK DALLAS, Proprietor
Hair Brushes
The  Finest   Styles
and kinds of English Tweeds and Worsteds to select from at reasonable prices
p. dunjst
Cumberland        -        B. C
SEALED TENDERS addressed to the
undersigned and endorsed "Tender for
Immigration Detention Hospital Building, Vancouver. B. C.," will be reciev-
ed until 4.00, p. m., on Monday, December 29, 1913, for the erection of the
above named building.
Plans, specification and form of contract can be seen and forms of tender
obtained at this Department, at the
office of Wm. Henderson, resident
architect, Victoria, B. C.;.on application to Mr. A. J. Chisholm, Public
Building. Vancouver, B. C.
Persons tendering are notified that
tenders will not be considered unless
made on the printed forms supplied,
and signed svith their actual signatures,
stating their occupations and places of
residence. In the case of firms, the
actnal signature, the nature of the occupation, and place of residence of each
member of the firm must be given,
Each tender must be accompanied by
an accepted cheque on a chartered bank,
payable to the order of the Honourable
the Minister of Public Works, equal to
ten per cent. (10 p. c.) of the amount of
I the tender, which svill be forfeited if the
person tendering decline to enter into a
contract when called upon to do so, or
fail to complete the work contracted for.
If the tender be not accepted the cheque
will be returned.
The Department does not bind itself to
accept the lowest or any tender.
By order,
Department of Public Works,
Ottawa, November 19, 1913.
' Newspapers   will not be paid   for this
advertisment  if   they insert  it without
authority from the Department.--49327
IN THE MATTER of an application
for a fresh Certificate of Title to Lot 212
and part 69 acres of Section 18, Comox
NOTICE is hereby given of my intention at the expiration of one calendar
month from the first publication hereof
to issue a fresh Certificate of Title issued
to William James Andrews, on the 26th
day of June, 1905, and numbered 11343C
which has been lost.
Dated at Land Registry Office, Victoria, B. C, this 27th day of November,
Registrar General of Titles.
Candies, Cakes, Soft
Drinks and Lunches
Courtenay Drug Store
Close at 1 p. m on Thursdays
Cleaning, Pressing, Repairing and
Shoe Shining done by
John Shelbun
J.   E.    ASTON
Basement Willard Block
Loggers Boots and Shoes Made
Repairing Neatly and Promptly Done
Potter's Pool Room
J. POTTER, Proprietor
Comox, B. C.
First-class   Accommodation.   Best
Quality Wines Liquors and Cigars
R. McCuish, Prop.
We have now on display the finest assortment of Rifles and
Shotguns in the Comox Valley, including all of the best and
popular makes, and at the lowest pricesf Come in and inspect
our stock
Single Barrell Shotguns from $7.50 up
Double Barrell Shotguns from $14.00 up
Marlin; Stevens, Savage and Winchester Rifles.   Cartridges
in all the popular calibers
For 15 Months, Night and Day
THE Canadian Colleries (Dunsmuir) Ltd., have been spending money like
water out at No. 8 Mine.   The successful ihvestor discounts the future.
Glance then at developments as completed in the year 1915.
300 Company Houses
3000 of a Population
$1000,000 Monthly Payroll
"Shipping Centre of all Company's Mines in
the District"
"Main Line Passenger Station on Canadian
Northern Railway"
"Executive Headquarters of Canadian Colleries
(Dunsmuir) Limited "
"A Business Centre in 1915 Second to None
in the District"
"A Mine that Represents an Expenditure of
practically $4,000,000.00 before a Ton of
Coal is Shipped"
If skeptical, don't take our word. Go out and see for yourself. Developments there will
surprise you. Examine all property on the market, ask any employee you meet WHBRB
Tin; CLOSEST in PROPERTY FOR SALE  is located,  and he will immediately direct you to
The Business Centre of the New Townsite
Buggies and Express Wagoi
AU Rigs Guaranteed and Sold at the Lowest Possible Price
Blacksmith and Carriage Builder COURTKNAY   t
Stoddart, the Jeweler
Is nosv located when: ho gets the most business
You all knosv where?
The future business center of the
Comox District
Exclusive   Sales Agents
H. D.
Telephone 31
Friday's storm was the most
severe for a number of years. Two
of the windows in Mr. Howard's
house at the wireless station were
blown iu.
The tide of Kye Bay was the
highest for years, and logs that had
been left high and dry and half
rotten for a long time were taken
out by the wash to be thrown up
once more upon some other part of
the coast.
A tired and weatherbeaten stork
took refuge in Friday's gale on the
roof of Mr. D. T. Cameron's house
and left his card in the form of a
fine baby girl.
Iij The Lord Bishop of Columbia
held service with the Rev. J. Lay-
cock in the hall above C. Pigott's
warehouse on Tuesday evening last.
A meeting was held aftersvards to
discuss the prospects of having a
church established in this part of
Comox District. His lordship said
'hat provided some one svould give
the land required he svould guarantee the funds for a small church.
A scow and tug were set adrift
from Comox wharf iu Friday's
gale and were jambad together
under the short end of the wharf
the result being that several piles
were badly shaken aud the whole
more or less rendered unsafe.
On Wednesday the 2 8 th a reception was held iu the Comox hall
in honour of kis worship Dr. T.
Roper, Lord Bishop of   Columbia.
S. S. Charmer did not reach
Comox until Saturday at 4 a. m,
owing to gale preventing her getting in on time.
Courtenay, B. C.
A stock of Quarter Cut Oak Buffets and  China
Cabinets, Royal Weimar China.   Speciel lines of
Diners, Rockers, Etc. for Xmas Gifts
Dunsmuir Ave. Cumberland
Farmers' Institute
The annual meeting of the Co
mox Farmers Institute will be held
in the Agricultural Hall on Monday
evening Dec. 15 at 8 o'clock. The
officers for the ensuing year will be
elected. Speeches are promised
and the public are cordially invited
to be present,
In spite of certain dismal prophecies, the parcels post system in the
United  States   appears to be an
assured success, and even a financial
help to tlie revenue.    The first six j
mouths of its operation shows a net
increase in  the  postal returns of
about $14,000,000.    This means a I
revenue of probably $30,000,000 a '
year,  with a possibility of much ]
greater returns in the near future, i
That is,  the   government of the
United States has,   or   will   have, !
about $30,000,000, in   its  coffers,!
and the people will have their   ex-
press business done at   a   cheaper -
rate than ever before.    The people
are better off, the   government   is
better off, and the only   complaint
will come from the   express  companies.    But the railways are  not
going to rest content with this state
of affairs, aud already   they   have
intimated that they   are   carrying
Uncle Sam's postage too   cheaply.
No doubt they svant that   $30,000
000, but their possibility of getting
it seems rather remote, and   while
the citizens of the   United   States
are enjoying the   benefits   of   the
parcels post,   Cauada   expects   to
share with them soon.   The Postmaster general is  now   conferring
with the heads of   the    Canadian
Railways  concerning the   matter
when arrangements will be made in
regard to the   inauguration   of   a
parcels post at the new vear.    What
will the   railwaymen say?   When
we consider that the parcels post
if efficient will cut into their express profits it is hardly to be expected that they will look  upon  it
with much favor.    In this country
it seems that the railways and express companies are practically tbe
same and this fact alone will  ac-
couut for the slowness of our government to adopt  a really uselul
parcels   post.    Add   to this   the
other fact that the retailers generally are very fearful that it will cut
their trade and it is small wonder
that the parcels post has been slow
in coming    However, it is surely
coming now and the new year svill
see its advent,
A despatch from Ottawa says
that everything is practically in
readiness for the bringing into force
of the parcels post. The post office
department has been engaged dur
ing the greater part of the summer
and fall gathering data and information upon which they could
work out a scheme that svould be
just and equitable to all concerned
and yet could be operated without
too great a deficit on the part of
the government,
The big matter to be decided
upon nosv is the rates. It is not
necessary to iutroduce a bill iu
Parliament to bring the parcels post
into effect. Last Parliament gave
the Postmaster-General the necessary power and all that is required
is a departmental order from him.
This order, it is  learned,   will   be
issued ou January 1. The rates
are expectid to be slightly higher
than those which prevail in the
United States.
Nesv Courtenay post cards, finest
selection by first class photographer
at Peacey Drug Store.
Among the guests at the Rest-
more this week are the following:
Mr. Martin; P. Cott; N. Deufalt;
A. Grieve; I. Meca; H. Symonds;
J. Finch; H Hopper, Vancouver;
J. Johns, Victoria; W7. P. Fee and
wife; A. E. Toombs.
It  is   worth
the   market
man   who   is   in
us,   whether   his
the  time   of   any
for   lumber   to  see
order  is  large
We  have  in
Also some special grades and j prices which will
surprise you
A  Liberal  Discount to  Cflish  Buyers
Knowles - Smith Lumler Co., .Ltd.
B. .C
���agrtwaaeaflgWri ���ywnwacflflfl*.'
'������'- ���������M Jot
SIR EDMUND WALKER. CV.O, I.I..D, D.C.L.. President
General Manager AiisUtant General Manager
CAPITAL, $15,000,000 REST, $12,500,000
Accounts may be opened at every branch of The Canadian
Bank of Commerce to be operated by mail, and will receive the
same careful attention as is given to all other departments of the
Bank's business. Money may be deposited or withdrawn in this
way as satisfactorily as by a personal visit to the P., .k.        ,.4
W. T. WHITE, Manager, Courtenay, Comox anil Cumbei  .nd Branches
I'oiiuix branch open on Tuesday, from io to 3
If sou wish to secure a good Xmas  Dinner, place your order
as early as vou can with the
Comox Co-Operative Society
As sve arc having a special shipment of the finest
Turkeys, Geese, Ducks, Chickens, Etc., obtainable
at the lowest possible price
All orders svill rccieve our very best attention
Phone No. 2 Courtenay
The Pacific Coast during the
past week has been swept
with the worst gale in many years.
The steamship "President" which
left Victoria last Tuesday evening
for San Francisco lest four of her
cresv and the ' 'Joe Watson '' which
sailed from Seattle on Sunday to
San Francisco svas a day and a
half late in reaching that port.
One day at Victoria the gale was
blowing at over fifty miles an hour
and while the s'elocity had been excelled iu previous storms it broke all
recorbs for the year. Telegraphic
communication with the mainland was completely severed. Telephone and telegraph wires were
dowu almost evervsvhere ou the
southern portion of the Island.
The expansion of the militia in
British Columbia has been something phenomenal during the last
of tlie present year. East year
there were ten military units with
a total of 2,800 men. That number has nosv been increased to fourteen units with au authorized
strength of 5,400 men. Other
units are in force of formation and
still others have been recommended
to the authorities for sanction, By
next April there svill be twenty-two
units with a total of 7,500 men.
One foresees the triumph of the
potato, unforseen by William Cob-
bet, not so much as food, but as a
means of motion. Coal is giving
out; petrol is going up in price and
dosvn in production. The supply
of both is limited aud must come to
an cud, but there comes the cheer
that alcohol will be the motive
force of the future. Petrol aud
coal may give out but earth will
always grosv potatoes. Potatoes
can produce alcohol, and alcohol
can drive engines. In the potato
we seem to have discovered the
secret of perpetual motion.
The Islander says :
The autumn coursing season
opened ou Wednesday at the
Courteniy race course before a
large and fashionable gathering
The race opened prompt at 2 o'clock
The race track had been especially
covered with eighteen inches of
water. The contestants svere, Dog
Salmon, sired by Cod and Sasvbill.
Everybody Knows
What Xmas Means
And it will soon be
upon us once more
WE HAVE never had  such a fine selection of
good useful  presenrs before and Jit will be a
pleasure to have you come iu and look them over.
Mechanical Toys and Dolls
We can show you something in mechanical toys arid
dolls that we know cannot be surpased for
the price anywhere
Phone 6 Courtenay
THIS Gift Guide is Published for You
to Help Make [Your Gift Buying
How often have you wondered, aWhat will I tfive
mother?"    And in fact everyone else.
Make vour gift buying a real pleasure by consulting
the gift lists here mentioned, then come to our
store and make your selections.
Gifts for Women
Gifts for Men
Manicure Sets
Dressing Cases
Hand Bags
Work Baskets
Stationery Baskets
Trinket Boxes
Cut Glass
Fancy China
Table Ornaments
$2.00 to
gi.25 to
5.00 "
.50 "
2.215 "
. 10 "
1.50 "
.50 ���'
5.00 "
��� 25
Cuff Buttons
Scarf Pins
.50 "
1.50 "
1.00 "
���15 "
���25 "
2. .50
1.00 "
Arm Bands'
��� 25 "
Combination Suspender Set
I.OO "
��� 75
��� 25 "
���2.5 "
.10 "
Pocket Knives
��� 15 "
1.25 "
���50 "
i.75 "
Safety Razors
��� 25"
Alarm Clocks
���75 "
Cigars, Cigarettes,
Ktc, in
large varieties
Gifts for the Little Ones
Toy Books
$ .15*0 $2.50
.10 "    1.50
3,00 "    7.00
.5"     .50
1100"    1.75
Toys $    .5 to $5.00
Boys Book3     ,35 "     .75
Mitts, gloves .25
Shoes 1.00 "    2.50
Chocalate bxs.  25"   2.50
Games $ .10 to $1.00
Sleighs 1.00 "    1.25
Hosiery ,35 "    .,15
Slippers .50 " 1.00
Santa stockings .15 " i-.oo
Santa  Claus'   Headquarters
Union St. Courtenay
The hare(air) being too fresh a
bunch of minnosvs svere the quarry.
Great excitement prevailed and
large odds were offered but there
svere no takers. It was a neck to
neck race, both sides claiming the
Funny thing uo one in Courteuay
heard of these races. They could
not has'e been advertised extensis-e-
ly or there svould have been some
Our Xmas goods are arriving by
every boat. Currants, raisins, peel,
sultanas, almonds, walnuts, flavor
ing for Xmas pudding and cakes
We have a full line of Ladies neck
wear, waists aud silk handkerchiefs
table centres
Also gents ties, suspenders, garter
sets, fancy wool vests, silk mufflers
and gold mounted fountain pens,
all suitable for Xmas presents
A  large assortment  of china aud
glass ware, Xmas and New Year
TOYS       TOYS       TOYS
This is Santa Claus'   headquarters
for his presents.   Call and inspect
our stock, we cad suit all ages
Don't forget the address
That THIS YEAR you
can purchase your Xmas
gifts in Jewelery, Cut
Glass, Watches or Table
Ware at
Jewelery Store, Courtenay
DR.   MORRISON,   Dentist
Dr. Morrison is a graduate both of the
Chicago   ami   Detroit  Dental   Colleges
Having fl central office in  Courtenay !>.���
will visit surrounding towns at regular
The   Comox   Bf.rbcr   Shop
Oldest Shop iu Courtenay ���
Nothing   lint   First   Class   Work
Guaranteed.    Baths in c muection
C. E.   DAERYMPLE,   Prop.
Hoving Pictures
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday
and Saturday
By a nesv up-to-date electric plant
An Entire Change of Programme 	
Twice weekly
H. F. WHITTLE, Proprietor    iSwan's   Pool   Room
Soft Drinks
Subscribe for The   Review E. SWAN, Prop.
|The most Home-like Hotel North of Victoria \
Rates Reasonable *
Telephone 3-5
************************************* ***** ���>+++***���������* HH! REVIEW. COURTENAY, B.C.
Bad Blood-
REMEM3ER! The ointment
sou put on jrour child's skin gets
into the system just as surely as
food the child cats.    Don't let
impure fats nnd mineral coloring
(such as many  o
ointments contain
child's blood!   7.1
f thi
) cet
I.    l\o pon-
. c it always.
Ult end Stores.
is the direct and inevitable result of
irregular or constipated bov.ols and
ilogged-up kidneys and ikln, Tha
undigested iood and other waste matter which is allowed io accumulate
poisons tlie blood and tlie whole
system. Dr, Morse's Indian Root rills
act directly on the bowels, regulating
them���on the kidneys, clung them
ease and Strong! h lo properly filter the
blood���and on the skin, opening; up
the pores, l'or pure blood and pood
health lake
Dr. Morse's   ��
Indian Root Pills
So Thoughtful
Wife -Was, time (llil yoli get home
last night?
Husband���Eleven thirty!
Wife���1 sat up until 18.
Husband���Ve". I ��iit on the front
steps until you retl.'ed, bo as aol to
rllBttirb you.
Proleol lim ciiihi from tlie ravages
<>r worms by using Mother Graves'
Worm Estermlno'tcr. it is a standard remedy, and years if use have
enhanced ii!> reputation
�� i  i      iesiM I  1 i il MM
A Tightwad
[���'red   Brown is an awful tightwad,
Maud���Is he?
t'red   I should say as much.     lis
won'l even tell a story nl his own ex-
Minard's Llnlmer; Cures Dai.druft
No. ion.
li-.. nnj
ttini. nil h.
ffla.le r.i Lbcs. V��rd Larfl
(iiiit Intonlp.i Irom   .10.
.10, .25 up to SJ.sd
y per s,l,
Boklut entitled    A
In:, .tn.. Mora, Iudli>
try," Illustrating ove.
IU) tio.ium  ol   !>,!!nw
l.n-s, po'.t f:ri to :ui>-
t of  world.     Tho
1-mp.kera  are very
I.l.nl   ol   any   urdcri.
however .nu.!
SUCKS  II.'!*.��.
fn.i.ow  lm;b   ���,���.
wtan aar otlt.r.
Mrs.   Una
Olney.  Bnck.3
Better Name
Vlollin ot Street Car A.celdent
; (glancing at caller'n card) I nurs?
1 you're an ambulance chaser, aren't
I you?
Lawyer, (blam.lt) That's rather
1 a cruel name, old man. Why nol
call mo a -attlenieni worker.
How's This ?
Wo offer One Hundred Dollar!- Re-
ward for any case   of   Catarrh   that
cannot be cured   by   Hall's   Catarrh
'. Cure.
'        F.   ,T.   CHENE7 &  CO..  Teleiln.  O.
V.'i: the undet'slBticd, have known  P.
! .7. Chenoy for tlie last IB years, and be-
I tleve 1dm perfectly honest In oil business
| transactions and financially able to carry
l out iinr obligations mndo by bin firm,
Tnletlci. O.
Hall's Catarrh Cure Is talten Internally,
InelltiK directly upon (lie blood and rmtc-
1 cms surfaces c.f the Bystern. Testimonials
' cent five.    Prlee 76 ' cents   per   bottle.
Sold by all drusBlsts,
Tako Hall's Family rills for consl'.pa-
. tlon.
Cheap Daylight Job
A Kiel from tlie country who bad recently come to town io work, and svho
was busy all day, went to a dentist
one evening to have him ox'trac't a
tooth svhicli ban been troubling her.
She asked blm what he would charge
for tbe operation.
Fis'e dollars wllh gas, $2 without,
was the answer.
Oh, said the girl, then I'll drop iu
tomorrow and bave it out by daylight.
Pills That Have Benefited Thousands.���Known far and near as a sure
remedy in the treatment of indigestion and all derangements of the
stomach, liver and kidneys, Parmelee's
Vegetable Pills have brought relief to
thousands svhen other specifics have
failed. Innumerable testimonials can
be produced to establish the truth of
this assertion. Once tried they will
be found superior to all other pills in
the treatment of tho ailments for
whlcb iliey are prescribed.
Why Fish Yaw:,
A scientist has discovered that fish
Well, I wouldn't beat all surprised
if sonic of tlie big ones that got away
svould, could they hear the exaggerated talcs the fishermen tell.
Cab Humor
did Lady���Does your horse ever shy
al Motors?
Cabby���Lor blesn yer, no. lady; 'e
didn't even shy at the flrsl railway
\ suffragette says thnl s few days
in prison does her good. A kind of
arrest cure, ln fact.
You c��:inot al:?;.1 brt n-botojjing headaches.
NA-DRU-CO Headache Wafers
stop tlura in qukk tlms ��tid clsai your head,   Trey
do not contain either phenieolln, a. ."tin.t I, morphine),
opium or lay ci'.\:er dinjOfOUS d:i{.   2So. a i>ox al
.your Druggist's, ;;i
National Drill ��n�� ch'mii-.l ���.**. er c.-uda. tiaiTio.
Makes Better IM
and More of k I
treat success, ci,KEst:m.0MCWE.viNi?ss. lost vigor
TRV��BWDKAGc;-:tTA:-n.i.rw.)i-oitMOP   easy to taU
Minard's Liniment for sale everywhere
Don't   Mention  It
How much money did lie say he
lie didn't  say.
Al.a! Then he lias untold wealth.
congenial neodlosvork at homo; mako
from ihreo lo five dollars per day decorating cushion trips. Armour Art Co.,
Dept.  n., Brodalbano lUoul:, Winnipeg.
Try Murine   Eye Remedy
If you have Red, Weak, Watery Eyes
cr Granulated Eyelids. Doesn't Smart
���Soothes Eye Pain. Druggist? Sell
Murine Eye Remedy, Liquid, 25c, 50c.
Murine Eye Salve iu Aseptic Tubes,
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tic map. building a castle?
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Who Do Not Recover TheirStrength
as They Shnuld
Every mother svho fails t0 regain
her health and stiength after confinement needs a tonic. Tlie years of
weakness and suffering which so often follow are unnecessary muI easily
avoided. The fact that her strength
does not retun. is a certain indication
that hor blood supply has ��� cen overtaxed and is liiipoverishrd. This condition is often initio worse svhen the
mother lalces up her household duties while she Is still weak, when a
complete breakdown results. The
strength a s/ealc mother needs can
be quickly fount" in the to:.;e treat
nn'iit with Dr. Williams' Pink Pills,
These Pills increase and enrich the
blood supply, and thus bring health
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11 could relate many cases, relieved
I and cured, through the uge of Dr.
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i cases which I nurse I always use
j their, and 1 know of no other medicine
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j al this crilieal time. I have al._
found them of great value in the case
oi young girls, and I eau add that as
for myself they have saved me mauy
a doctor's bill. I feel safe in saying
they are tlie best tonic medicine I
1 tow of.''
Nursing mothers will find Dr. Wil
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* Know WHat This
Label Means ?   a
Ii meant cement of the higheil possible quality.
It means cement tested by experts whose authority is final at all oue mills.
It means cement acknowledged by engineers, architects snd hundreds of thousands
of farmers to fulfil every requirement of scientifically made Portland cement.
It means a cement that is absolutely reliable, whether used for a great bridge or
for a concrete watering trough.    You can use
Canada Cement
with complete confidence that your concrete {work svill be thoroughly tatiafactory.
Vou ought to have this confidence in the cement you use, because you have not tha
facilities for testing its qualities, such as are at the disposal of the engineer i in charge of
big contracting jobs.
These engineer! know that when cement has passed the tests mads upon it at Canada
Cement mills, it will pass all their tests.
And thit same cement is sold to you for your silo, your foundations, your feeding.floor,
rour milk-house or your watering-trough.
1/aad according to tha Idirections ia our ii.s boolc "What tho Farmer caa do with Concrota," Can.-,is
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ia you.  la asking tor tha book you do not Incur ths sliahtsst obligation.
Thtra It  a Canada Csnstnt Dsalsr in Your Neighborhood
Address: Farmers' Inftrmation Bureau
Canada Cement Company Limited,  Montreal
ROYALITE is the registered traae name for The
Imperial Oil Company's pure refined kerosene.
Royalite is absolutely uniform, gives no smoke
or soot, and is backed by The Imperial Oil Company's unqualified guarantee.
Due to its extensive manufacturing resources and
its system of delivering direct from refinery to store,
The Imperial Oil Company is able to offer Royalite
at a much lower price than any oil equal in quality.
The Imperial Oil Company is also general distributors throughout the Dominion for "Rayo" Lamps
and "Perfection" Heaters and Cook Stoves.
With these oil-burning devices, and with Royalite
Oil, you are assured of best light and most heat
at lowest cost.
Royalite Oil, Rayo Lamps and Perfection Heaters can be
obtained everywhere in the Dominion���in the small country
stores as well as in cities and towns.
Toronto Montreal Winnipeg Vancouver
Ottawa Quebec Calgary Edmonton
Halifax       St. John       Regina Saskatoon
All* dislrikutint stations In tli toxnt throughout the Dominion THE REVIEW. COURTENAY, B.tf,
*���*���-*���* w,*--*rm
\ A Sociological i
Ml <*t
i      Exhibit      1
*. .��>
;;, Josefa Followed Her Nose. as|
i     Was to Be Expected.     $
������������������ .ir$$$$4 {'���������';<5<* H ���>?������ if*'?'?*
if Josefa had nol hnd the Morris
tioso things might havo happened. The
Morris nose, understand, svas more
iti.tn a feature���rather a ball mark of
sorts throughout Rabuu county. Who
���TOff owned It svas held bound not only
10 follow It, but to keep It going in the
voclni lines marked oul by Groat-grand'
faber Morris, a gentleman whose spirit had been as high as bis nose.
Sho was not high spirited, But In
Mend meek and lowly in nilnd, as bo-
en WO her very iiuhIitiHo fortune. Het
mother, a born Morris, bad married
badly. Al least tbo family thought so
suit bad never scrupled to pay iliiil
poor Hilly Clayton never did but one
sensible thing���namely, dying before
he had 411II0 svasled bis Wlfo'S dowry.
She had brought Iiini land and money
-and tho laud remained, only a little
farm, lo lio sure, but big enough to
maintain tho widow and lief child.
It svould tako managing, of course,
but ibo Widow Clayton, sbe Hint wai
Anno Morris, was a born manager
That was exact truth. In proof take
the fact lhat. when .Tosofn svas eight
ten she bad been fairly educated, kepi
slways In wholesome comfort and bad
bad all along clothes quite as good an
any of her richer cousins,
What wonder then that Cousin Anne,
svho never svliined or asked for any-
tiling���advice least of all���svas well
liked and svbolly respected throughout
tlio sslmle family connection.
What wonder either tbat Cousin
Maria Dalton, also a born Morris, who,
having no children, svas a chronic join'
rr and daughter of whatever enine
slong, took a violent fancy to Josota.
Maria Dalton svas mighty pfoud'Of the
. Morris blood and doted especially upon
great-grandfather. Sbo bad a copy o[
his portrait over tbe mantel In bet
'front parlor aud had coated Lemuel
Morris, his eldest grandson, Into giving
ber bis commission in Ibo Continental
arm)'. That, too, of course, svas framed and Inmg tip iiosldo tlio portrait,
inevitably tbe next thing was to entertain her fellow daughters upou the
occasion svlien state chapters forefather, and thnt meant having Cousin
Anne and Josefa liolp in tbe entertain-
big. notwithstanding neither of tbem
iieloged to so much as ono chapter.
There were reasons, Mrs. Dalton was
rareffll fo explain to the visitors���
"otisln Anno svas the greatest home
bod , and Josefa, staying with her
Jtltlftllly. had no need of bolonglug.
���'Ves: Josefa Is going to bo mybeir-
���ss. 1 bellevo so iu blood," sbe confld-
��d to tbe lady president. Thnt person
pricked up her ears. Mrs. Dalton wns
rich, aud the lady president had a son,
i lawyer, just starting to practice In
the county town. Ho needed a wlfo
badly, especially one with expectations
mid family influence, and be was right
an tho spot, having come along with
the chapter, not only by svay of escort,
but as speaker of the occasion. He
had seized upon It as a chance to show
bis enthusiasm for local history. His
mother. Mrs. Mclvin, was inclined to
regard tbe fact In the light of a special
providence. She managed to speak
with blm quietly, a Ilttlo apart, before
he read his paper and was delighted to
hear him throw Into tbo reading solid
chunks of enthusiasm for Rabun county and Its glorious past.
Before tho assembly broke lie had
met Josefa and talked with her a good
half hour. Nest week be called on her
and tho next aud the next. Mrs. Dalton was early taken iuto bis confidence
and of course svas his svarm advocate,
"Ves. as you say. Josefa is a Morris
out and out, all but tbo name, aud wo'll
change tbat," sbe said, smiling at blm,
"And, remember, you aro going Into
. politics. F want you to bo senator at
tho very least. No matter how high
you go, Josefa '11 do you credit. But
don't, you fool yourself thinking you
ean get her just for asking. That ls
not tbe stay svith girls of tbo Morris
. blood. Court her like n man and don't
take 'N'o' If she gives It to you the first
Jack Mclvin listened, yearning to grit
his teeth. He svas not the least bit in
love. Josefa was not pretty for ail sbo
was so fresh and wholesome, and he
craved beauty above everything. Besides, there was Amelia Ware, but ho
dared not let ��.imself (hinlc ot ber,
Since they could not marry be rncattf
(o marry tbis Josefa. I mado him
laugh only to think of ber saylug "No"
lo blm. How could she when sbe knew
nobody else snve n few awkward country fellows?
Imagine his slate of mind svlien Jo-
refa did say "No" tho first time, tbe
lecond, tho third nnd each time more
sud moro as though she meant it. Aft-
ft' Iho third rejection bo went to Mrs.
Unlton. She million n laugn or indulgent pride wha lie bad finished, but
said emphatically; "I don'l blame josoy
-not a til. You've got tlie liamo nf
being a dreadful flirt, Whether or uo
yon deserve it i nm not saying, I'll gti
nvei' nnd slay all night wltb Cousin
Anne tomorrow, Vou conio out the
uejl day. I tbink you'll find tliint;;
changed a bit."
Woman disposes; man proposes;
sometimes fate Intervenes. Josofil
slood wllli fale iu (tils particular wros
lie. She snld "No" again and In a way
lhat told Jack Melvlu nt loust the
trimi�� svas up. Hut Urn. Dnlton ll��W on
stoutly to tier plan. Cousin Anne bad
fallen In svith It ardently, l'or all Iter
thrift she hnd a whole lot of family
pride. Moreover, sbe wanted Josefa to
get. tho Dalton money. So she joined
forces wllh tier cousin, and between
Ibein they gave the prospective heiress
una 11 pence.
Obstinacy, pure and simple���Hint svas
Whnt ailed Josefa. So snld her two
elders In conclave. Thero could not
possibly bo nuybody iu Molvln'a way.
loscfn had been sent lo school, tho
strictest possible boarding Bcbool, svhoi.
she, was barely thirteen, since she
eatnn hack from ii uoiio of ilie young.
iters roundabout had done more than
speak civilly to ber. Nol one bad so
much as conio to tbo bouse, except
Clayton Trigg, who svas a I'ai'tiff cousin and bail come lo buy yearlings and
fat lambs, lu vlrluo equnlly of his:
kinship aud a sudden shower hit had
stayed to dinner nud after it bad shaken hands cordially with both the ladies
of tlio house. All he bad said (o Josefa
svas that If she happened to bo at the
county fair next fall ho hoped she
would look nt liis sadillo horses. Mug.
gins and Mill Boy, as bo svas sure tbey
svould win tbo blue ribbon.
At fair time, svith Josefa still obdu>
rale, Mrs. Clayton had doubts as to
going, but Mrs. Dalton overruled the
doubts. Thus tbo three went together
In tbe Dalton barouche, and for the
best part of tho day Josefa svas banded
over to Mclvin. Just how she managed
It she never knew, but toward -t o'clock
she slipped away from bim and tu��t
herself In (bo crowd, It svas a delicious sensation. All the late summer
she bad been telling herself she svould
run away If sbe bad a chance, but bow
could sbo srbeu she bad not so nuicli
as a dollar of her own? Sbe almost
ran until she camo to tbo farther side
of Ibo amphitheater. At tho foot o(
tbe stairsvny sho found herself stopped.
hor hand strongly gripped aud a frank,
sunburned face with honest lil no eye9
smiling down at ber, but flushing In
spite of Its-sunburn.
Mrs. Dalton was off with a knot o(
tbo daughters. Mrs. Clayton stood rant
In contemplation of prlzo patchwork.
Each believed Josefa safe with the
other: also that Melvin svas a further
guard. Therefore tbey smiled affably
wheu tbe ringmaster'-shouted (bat
tbcro was a new feature, a wedding lu
tbo exhibit of Scrollsnw, Varnish &
Co., tho enterprising furnishing men.
A popular young couple had agreed ta
be married In tbo parlor arranged by
the firm, wbo meant to show tbelr appreciation by making the newly wed n
present of the suit. Mrs. Dalton said
to ber next neighbor: "Ob, I reckon It's
somebody from tbe back country. It
must be. Only bumpkins and limit
sweethearts still tolerate parlor suits."
Tho neighbor nodded, but added:
"Let's go and see. I come to fairs
mostly to see that sort of people. Tbey
nre sociological exhibits, you know-
better worth while than anything In
tho ring."
"Do you think sn? Tben let's hurry."
Mrs, Dalton agreed, but somehow In
spite of hurrying tbelr progress was
slow. They eame close enough at last
to bear without seeing. After tho benediction tho crowd drew its brentb,
aud women In It whispered: "Why, did
you ever'. Tbo girl looked radiant and
quite tbe lady.. And tbe fellow didn't
kiss her, although tbe squire bade blm
do It."
"Here they come!" said others, falling npart to make svay. Mrs. Clayton
had somehow met them. Melvin svas
across the svay, with Amelia Wnre, her
eyes downcast, clinging to bis arm.
Between tbem. bright eyed, head up,
walked Sir. nnd Mrs. Clayton Trigg.
Josefa went straight to her mother,
saylug demurely, but with tbe least
hard drnsvn breath: "We're going on a
Ilttlo trip, mother, but It svon't bo extravagant. The money for the pnrlof
suit���we sold It before we earned It���
will more than pay expenses. Von
stay with Aunt Ria, please, till we gel
"And then we're going to take care
of you always," Clayton Trigg Interrupted.
Mrs. Dalton was too stunned to
speak, but Mrs. Clayton said composedly: "Well, Joe, f snpposo you bad to
follow your nose. Tbo Morrises al��
ways did havo their own way."
Nervs of Her.
"How Is your now maid?'
"1 guess sbe Is .all right; she has the
baby out at present But sbe bas a
"How was that."
"Sho wanted 1,0 take FIdo along, and
she Is almost wholly unknown to ns."
-Houston Tost.
Craie Fer Gambling Amsng tht
Fashionable Women of London.
A certain area oi fashionable Lon<
don is infested vtith gaming establish,
ments, some open fjom early afternoon
to early morning. Tn and around IM*
cadilly", St. -lames street. Saekville
street, Hyde Park corner and Sloans
street the rambling bells flourish.
Large turns frequently are expended
for suitable accommodation. In on*
Instance a young olfioer living near 6t,
James Palace was ab'.o to let bis flat
for $100 a. night for six weeks, he bim.
;eh" going to live at a hotel.
Wliila (hero is no suggestion of
cheating at these places, gradually the
capital of both winners ami losers is
absorbed by the "kittles" or percentage oi the "bouse." To Insure them-
selves against dishonored checks, the
proprietors of some gaming establishments have taken out money lenders'
licenses, and Instead of accepting a
rlieck in return for a loan, they nosv
��sk the borrower for n promissory
note payable in a fer days, Interest
it .five per cent, is charged, so no
suggestion of usury is made. In the-te
circumstances the'gaming act cannot
ba pleaded, and lha money lent Is
recovered svithout legal difficulty.
One case in point is thn;, of a man
occupying an important post In India.
Last Christmas lie sent his daughter
(1,260 tn 'liable her to buy tho trousseau for her approaching marriage.
Accompanied by ber sister, tba girl
came to London on a shopping expedition. On (lie way tbey called on a
cousin who took the two sisters to a
'csiauiant for lunch. And afterward
to a gambling establishment.
Within an hour the trousseau money
bad disappeared and a nolo for .$425,
signed by tho widowed sister, was iu
the hands of tho "house.'' The London 'cousin waa unable t:> help, so
there was nothing for it Lut to write
home. The mother sent ari angry letter and a check for $1,600, all she
could raise at her bank. A day or
two later the sisters returned home
and tearfully confessed thai tho $1,600
likesvtsc had gone in an attempt to
recover the first amount. The sveddiug
lias been postponed indefinitely,,
The svife of a member of Parliament
Is known to have squander d in card
playing three or four times the $2,000
her husband receives in return for his
services to his country. Sho has confessed to losing $7,250 since the end of
last year.
Another society woman is practically
destitute as a result of gambling and
has the brokers in her homo at th*
present time.
Women Make Good Showing.
In England, Norway and France
there are more women than men. In
America. Australia, New Zealand and
Canada there are more men than
women. At the time of the last Ilritish
census there svere 18.624.884 women io
tho country and only 17.445.Gfl3 men,
so that 1,179,270 women aro hardly
likely to get husbands���or ralher, let,
us say, the prevailing theory svould
have us belisve that women marry
from either a sense of duty or necessity, bat never from inclination. Tha
causes for the preponderance of one
sex over the other are still very obscure. That r.ew countries should attract men rather than women is
natural enough, hut sv'iiy should th?
proportions vary so markedly between
the different parts of old settled countries? For example, in Ka;t Sussex
it was found lhat there wero 1,251! women to every 1.000 men. In Monmouthshire there wero 009 women to
1,000 men. Another curious result of
the English census shows the disparities in the criminal proclivities of men
and women The prisons contained
only 130 women to es'ery 1.000 men,
svhilo in the reformatories the proportion was 278 to 1.000 and in the svork-
houses 055 to 1,000. On tho other
hand, in (lie lunatic nsyluni3 there
were 1,HO. women fro 1,000 men. while
in the inebriate ref-jmiatories and retreats there were only 301 men out of
1,357 inmates.
Long Distance Pianist
Private Doughty, of the Royal Mar-
ice Light Infantry, completed a it}-
mnrkahlo piano-playing performance at
ilaet C'owes Town Hall recently, having
played without a stop for twenty-Use
hours. Doughty finished remarkably
fresh, Ida only food hosing been a few
hard-boiled eggs, grasps, sud a little
milk, relieved by au occasional puff of
a cigarette.
Moose in New Zealand.
Information given by a West Coast
settler to e Wellington (.New Zealand)
resident sisiitng the south in the s.s.
Hinemoa, leads to the belief that the
moose liberated some years ago in
George Sound are multiplying at a
greitt rate and indications seen by the
passengers on the 1. aemoa tend to
conform this belief.
The Record Potato.
A farmer in the Black Springs district of New South Wales has grown a
potato ]6 inches in length, 12 inehes in
circumference nt the thickest part, nnd
weighing 5 pounds. The tuber, which
was of the Beauty of Hebron variety,
in shape resembled a leal.
Audacious Tost of e Marksman's Skill
In a Dud.
M. Colombey, In his history of dueling, tells nn anecdote of a certain
noted duelist of bis time.
Ono day this man, M. rv, was al
Desenue'a shooting gallery lu fails
watching tho pistol practice. There
was ono man who was shooting very
well nnd Dcsenne was threatened with
tbo loss of all his glass balls nnd
swinging dolls. Every shot svas greeted by tbo spectators with exclamations of admiration.
B. looked on for awhile, and finally,
In n calm voice, mado tbo remark, "He
could not do as well on tbo field."
Tho object of tbo slighting remark
turned around, and In a loud and
nngry tone cried: "Who tiro you to
say that? Would you llko to test tbe
truth ot your remark?"
"Willingly," replied tlio unrecognized
dentist as ho led tbo way out to a
secluded place. Afler taking tbelr respective positions, tlioy drew lots, and
It fell to B, to shoot last. He waited
In sllonce for his adversary's shot. The
man fired���and missed.
B. lowered Ida pistol, "What did
1 tell you?" bo said, with a smile.
Then, pulling his pistol In his pocket,
be walked assay whistling.
1                   = ������"~ 1
'������--���...-������������������������ -.          ��������������� i i
Those of the Humming Bird Are About
the Size of a Walnut.
Tbo moat exquisitely dainty home
built by the bill and feet of birds Is
tbat of the ruby throated humming
bird. Wben completed it Is scarcely
larger tban an English walnut and Is
usually saddled on a small horizontal
limb of a tree or shrub frequently
many feet from the ground.
This dainty domicile is composed almost entirely of soft plant fibers, fragments of spiders' webs sometimes being uscd.jlcrhold tbem In shape. The
sides nre thickly studded svith bits of
lichen, and practiced indeed is tbo eye
of tbe man wbo can distinguish It from
n knot on the limb. Tbo eggs aro tbe
size of uiiinino pills.
Although tbe bumming bird's nest la
exceedingly frail, there appears to be
nothing on record to show that any
great numbers of tbem come to grief
during the summer rains. It is, hosv-
ever, not called upon for n long tenure
of occupancy. Within three weeks
after tho two little white eggs are laid
tho young base departed on their tiny
Cold, Heat and Humidity.
In hot svoatber less food Is needed;
(hero Is more blood in tho Internal
organs, tho skin nets moro and the
kidneys act less than Iu mild weather.
In cold weather moro food Is needed;
tbo skin acts less and the kidneys more.
Thero Is more deslro for active ex-
Humidity reduces tbe actual heat of
tho air In summer, but Increases Its
oppressiveness and makes people lethargic and relaxed. Tbo perspiration
does not evaporate and tho pores get
clogged. In cold weather dry air leaves
the body free to retain or give np Its
natural beat according to Its needs,
but moist air brings about a leakage ot
bodily warmth that ls difficult to prevent. Clothes will not do It, and wind
Increases It. Thnt is wby sve feel
damp cold so much more than dry.���
St. Louis Post-Dispatch.
Personal Remarks.
Tbe habit of making personal remarks grows upon people, and many
are surprised when informed that
there can bo no greater breach of
In any place svhere a conversation
can bo overheard mischief bound repairing ls often douo by remarks concerning tbo personal Affaire of cither
tlie speaker or ber friends. Usually lc
is women that mako tbem remarks.
Men have to be moro careful, for the
roason Unit tbey may map tbo just
reward of a knockdowu from some one
Oftcr these remarks arc made from
an overwhelming souse of curiosity.
An incident folates n story of a very
young girl svho, attending a large reception, noticed a most peculiar looking woman standing near and as soon
aa conventional greetings svere ovei
eagerly Inquired of ber hostess, "Deai
Mrs. X., svho is tbat dreadful svo-
mau standing over there by the door';"
Imagine her horror when tke reply
came in cold tones, "Tbat ls tur
mother." Sho fled to a near friend to
tell her talo of woe and received tben
and there a lecture tbat lasted through
life on tho importance of keeping h5?
remarks confined to other things than
personal matters.
It Is bad taste, Which means a breath
of etiquette, to ask anything about
anybody In n crosvd, whether It be at
a reception, on tbo street, lu a public
conveyance or in auy case excepting
perhaps the name of a person.
Oftcr the very person for whom the
curiosity ls felt Is really of Importance*
In a way, may be a celebrity, eccentrto
In dress nnd bearing, so It Is svcll to
steer clear of personal remarks unless
In the nature of a compliment. The
woman svho Is invited to spend any
titno with friends will do well to remember tbls law, for It Is a law of
etiquette, before making any sort of
remark about one guest to another or
to her hostess about any guest present, Sbo may find herself in very deep
water and never be Invited again.
People aro prone to talk about peopbt,
not nbout things, and that ts why one
woman got tbe reputation of being
"the best talker about the weather"
ever heard. She bad found It a safe
topic and kept herself out of trouble
by using nil ber posvers to maka ll
ber one pet subject.
All In the Game.
"Harold, you mustn't eat all the peanuts, even If you nro pretending to
be a monkey. Ton must give sister
"But, mother, I'm pretending she's
somo kind o' animal wot doesn't eat
An Arab Honeymoon.
For seven days after tbo sveddiug
the Arab bride and bridegroom are
supposed not to leave their room. Tbe
bride tuny see none of her own family
and only tbe women folk of her husband, svho svttlt on her. Sho remains
In all her wedding finery and paint and
does absolutely nothing. Tho bridegroom generally slips out at night after tbroo days and sees u fesv friends
privately, but bo persistently bides
from his svlfc's family, nnd should bo
by accident meet Ids father-in-law before the seven days are over ho turns
his back and draws bis burnoose, ot
balk, over bis face. Tbls Is their view
of a honeymoon, and tbey grosv as
weary of it ns any European couple do
of tbelr enforced continental tour.���
Wide World Magazine.
A Milwaukee man went to order s
wedding cako the other day.
"I'm getting married," be said, "and
I want a cake."
"Well, It's tbe latest thing," said the
salesgirl, "to bas-e wedding cakes In
harmony wltb the bridegroom's calling
or profession. Thus a Journalist has a
spice cake, a musician an oat cako, an
athleto a cup cake, a mau who loafs on
bis friends a sponge cake, and so forth
and so on. What Is your calling,
"J nm a pianist."
"Then, of course," said tho girl, "you'll
want a pound cake."���Exchange.
"Johnny, I'm afraid I'll have to whip
you," said tbo mother of an incorrigible youngster.
"All right, mamma," he replied. "And
after you svhlp me, may I have the
whip  to  play  horse  witb5"-Chlcage
Our Courtesy.
"There ls nothing which so exalts
and graces a man ln tbe opinion ot
others ns his politeness and consideration for hla wife. Instead ot being,
as some unfortunately feel it, unmanly
and weak, It Is tbe highest type of
manliness, and to such service of love
and respect tho woman will Invariably
respond wltb all tbe tenderness and
affection of ber nature," says an authority on etiquette.
What n splendid thing it would be if
every married man would take that
paragraph Into bis heart and model bis
manner to bis wife upon Itt
One of tho awkward momenta ���
guest sometimes experiences ls being
a witness of a man's rudeness to his
wife. Sympathy for tbe woman, wrath
et tho man and Indignation on her
own behalf���for rudeness to bis wife
Indicates the man would be discourteous to all ssomen If be dared���make
ber contemptuous of oue so lacking ln
true manliness. Fault rinding about
food, criticism over small oversights,
Impatience over errors at cards���all
trivial matters lhat a man should regard as tbe accidents of tbo moment
and rlso above���make tbo spectator
wonder hosv tbo wife fares In thl.
privacy of home.
Such things wound and humiliate
the wife and lessen ber love. Ves,
they do. Uow can sbo believe in a
mnn's love svho will not regard ber
feelings in public nt lea si? Sho laughs
tbem off-it Is tbe only thing sbe can
do���or sbe passes them over In silence,
but sbo knows how oilier women regard them, nnd she knosvs her bus-
band's stock ls going below par in
their estimation, and that hurts hei
pride ln him.
Envoy From Cuba.
A reoent visitor to the Dominion w����
���'use Montesino y Garcia, of Hasans,
Hubs, who is seeking better trade relations svith Canada. Beeently, he said,
he Cubans hnd undertaken the raising
if cattle on a large ecale, and, wonder
iul success was being obtained. In
lounettion with this a demand was be-
ng created for Canadian hay and oats.
Cubans are also importing Canadiai
lotiv for theiv own use.
In the matter of trade, he thought
he greatest friendship should exist;
letween the tw�� countries. 01 th*j
even principal hncis In Cubs, the"
loval Bank of Canada stood next t��i
he First Natio-al Bank af Cuba u#'
tad sir branch?! thore.
Not tY.* Bame.
Diantondr are different tt*
-ik�� bwsrov* ��.itk ti*. THE COURTENAY REVIEW
I   &*0*0*0t0*0t0t
" Don't spoil the ship for a ha'p'orth of tar," and do not spoil the appearance of your house by lack of care in selecting the best
Your Paints
Year Wall
Should be rmost carefully chosen.   Nothing indicates the good
taste of the owner more than well selected doors
The   Yale   Lock   is   known   and   appreciated   wherever
Locks   are   known
| Vavtiidiiaic ^e handle a full line of the famous "Bapco" pro-
cilltl   �� aiUlSncS duds. The names signifies all tli it is gosrl in paint supplies
aiUm/vo  Will always give you satisfaction is thsy are tinted
eiUngS with Alabastine or Prude itial Wall Finish
We are at your service any time you care to call and inspect our slock
JL1     KAJi
Phone 66
��� \s *
P. 0. Box 230
"Not better than the best, but better than the rest"
\J ��� a\.
General Blacksmiths
Agents for a full line of Farm Implements All Work Guaranteed
Next to Livery Stable
Comox, B. C.
FALL and
The Millinery Store
Courtenay   -   B. C.
In Gold and Silver
that wiii give satisfaction we lead
A Choice Selection of
Souvenir Jewelery for
Old Country Gifts
Jev/eler and Watchmaker
Union St. Courtenay
Aitken's Bread raised the standard procurable 50 per cent,
and dietetically is
the best investment
in   Comox   District
Scotch Shortbread a specialty
Courtenay Bakery
Opposite new Presbyterian Church
make their home in Happy Valley.
Those who braved the elements j
and attended the concert at the
school house on Wednesday evening
enjoyed a treat. There are many
i promising performers among those
! who took part wbo will be heard
from in the near future.
] Wild sweeps the dark southeaster by, in
I       torrents fall the rain,
I    The river overflows its banks and   Inundates the plain,
j Upon its  yellow   current   borne,   with
many a crash and groan,
Great logs, and ragged trunks of trees
torn from the roots, drive on
Tlie salmon leave the turbid   flood,   no
more their highway now,
And byways take   through   field   and
wood, where tiniest streamlets flow,
Though endless barriers block their course
they circumvent tlteni all,���
The log. the rock, the gravelley   bar,
the tumbling waterfall,
Mile after mile they leap and creep, nor
of returning think,
While water wets tlieir tails,   or   they
can find a drop to drink.
Tlie geese   in   solid  wedgelike   ranks,
well ordered south have passed,
Orders left at  Brown's  Furniture  Store
will be promptly executed.    Satisfaction
But yet, though grey-beard winter comes
he brings with him along
The cheereful round  of fireside joys,
tlie reading and the song.
Who will, may seek the crowded town,
or range the stormy sea,
This quiet independent life is just the
life for me.
& Hand
> .A. COT a ON
Gasoline Engines Repaired & Overhauled
BOX  124,  PHONH
Special Sale of Japanese
Goods and Jewelery at
Reasonable Prices
Next to Royal Hank
Cumberland -        B. C
Electrical Engineer and Contractor
Complete Electrical Equipments promptly installe.    Electric Wiring and Installation of all kinds of Electrical Work
Isolated Lighting Plants a Sdecialty
Boxl 95      Phone F9S      Courtenay
Plays Mit Clubs
I vent to see my girl de oder
night, und de first ting ve dun vas
to blay cards. Ve blayed Euchre,
Penocle, Sex und Sexzig, Krietz
Deible, und solo. My girl Way for
Dimends, she got none; I blay for
Harts, I got noue; de old man
sneak in de back door: he play mit
Clubs (I got sum,) I make High
And ducks and  cranes  in   wavering , LoW| jack und de Game   over   de
lines now ride the surly blast,
The yards where   herds   do   congregate
seem bottomless in mire,
And long-legged boots and   overcoats,
we farmers all require.
Gone are  tlie sunny   summer days,   the
harvest glory lost,
Tlie wretched earth is wearied by  alternate rain and frost,
back fence.
Ven I vas valking bast de house,
my girl said: "Say, Henry, I'll be
home to-morrow night.
"So vill I."
Willard's Harness Emporium
Fine Showing of  Horse  Blankets,   I,ap
Rugs, Gloves, Trunks, Suit Cases, Etc.
Harness Repaired Neatly
Cumberland and Courtenay
Happy Valley
Married���At the Manse, Sandwick, on Monday evening Dec. ist,
by Rev. T, Meuzies, Wm. Davis to
Mis�� Bertha Gray,  both of Happy
Valley.   The bride was attended!      termite rain and frost, |    It's just like a woman to begin
by her sister Miss Marian Gray, ITlle maple's gorgeous garb is gone, or figuring on how she will celebrate
and the groom by Mr. Ronald De sjftg��gg2&b* high * **S wedding before she has
lauey.      The young  people will I      the snows are edging down. I been married two weeks
One Dwelling House
$12 per month
Stable, $20 per month
Store, Warehouse and Barn,
$40 per month
For particulars apply to
Chas. G. Callin
Phone F91 Courtenay
Will advertisers please let us have
copy lor chang  of


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