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The Review Nov 9, 1916

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tiun not Im done nny Utter,  and
I    not .iiiit,' ho   well iHiywiie Ihu
I   hereabouta,   Our typo im I n    hin
[   ory in oompleta ami T
| pl'loos  ui' li :
Classified Ads.
Make your Utile Wauls kaown
through n uianlfl-d Atlvertlii menl
in 'I'lnr Review   ���   ���   ���   Phut"
VOL. 4
N J. 3.
Auction Sale
COMOX, b. c.
Wednesday, November 22, 1916
at 12.30 o'clock, prompt.
For H. W. Heberden, Esq., on his premises
Little Kivcr Road, one half mile from Comox, the whole of his
Household Furniture and  Outdoor Effects, including Ford Touring C.\r, Dairy Cow, Chickens, etc.
Particulars in posters, No reservei Terms cash.
M A p
"-   i-_.f_l__.rr. _'_.'!; _ri,..*.r:i___;_r__i-
Telephone 10
$6.00 Per Ton
Delivered in Courtenay
AH Orders Will Receive Prompt Attention
Phone 43 Courtenay
Cook   by
Electricity p:ovides the cleanest, the
most sanitary and the most hygenic
method of cooking
The Electric range closely parallels the wood or gas
range but excells either in flexibility of operation
With the Electric Range you cook
under ideal conditions because
Each cooking unit can be switched to high, medium or simmering haat and kept there as
long as needed
It is the acme of cleanliness
Practically no heat escapes into the room
The air is not vitiated
There is no contamination of food
You save food values through the retention of the
essential salts and meat juices, on a six pound
roast the saving is nearly a pound
All the latest standards of range   construction are
used,   including high oven,   thermometer or
glass door, porcelain splashers
The fire risk is lessened because there are no open
We will gladly give you  information on rates and
electric ranges
Courtenay Electric Light, Heat & Power
Co., Limited
Phones: Office 35, Res. R98       Office: Mill Street
Local Lines
No. i shingle bolts For Sale.
Apply Robert Solvn, Hornby Is.
Bor-i���On Tuesday. Oct. 30, to
Mr. and Mrs. R. Eraser. Biseoe, a
Born���At Courtenny, on Sunday
Nov. 5, to Mr. and Mrs. A. Sleu-
liouse, a daughter.
The regular meeting of the Comox Farmers' Institute will be held
on Thursday, Nov. 23rd.
Mr. E. Atkinson, the horse buy
er from Vancouver will nnaiii be at
th. Courtenay Hotel from Sunday
to Thursday buying horses
The Grantham school children
are getting up a concert to bu held
in their school house on Wednesday next. A good program is
being prepared.
A returned missionei v from India
gave an interesting lecture in   the
Presbyterian   church    last night
The lecture was illustrated by Ian
tern  views   of   interesting scenes
from that land.
The Comox Creamery Asrociat-
ion recently purchased 4700 feet of
tile at Victoria for the farmers
throughout the valley, By clubbing together they saved a hand.
some.suiii, and the fanners will be
much benefitted by the iiiiderdrain,
Mr. Sam Calhoun has just purchased a herd of eight good Ayr-
shise cows from Chilliwack some
of which are giving fifty pounds of
milk a day. Local dairymen who
have seen them say they are the
finess bunch cf cows ever brought
into the district.
Lieut J. Scott Williams, of the
! Royal Flying Corps, France, who,
according to word received here,
has been awarded the Militar
Cross, is ii nephew of Mrs. Kilpnt-
1 rick, and brother of Graham Williams. Young Williams was well
known here and In Cumberland.
Tho dance lust Thursday night
��� given to provide comforts for the
j boys who bave gone overseas, was
j a very successful affair. The net
proceeds of which together with
the sale of refreshments by thc
ladies, was $82.10. Since then
; voluntary donations of $29,25 have
been received. On Wednesday 48
boxes of homemade candy were
packed and forwarded to the boys
in the trenches The balance will
be expended in sending $1.25 hampers put up by the Overseas Club
in England. The Committee are
going to try and send something
to everv boy who has gone from
the district.
Lost���Rsddish colored Jersey
Heifer about 14 months old, An-
ahor brand on left hip. Finder
please pliotie or Hotify Fred Swan
House to Let--Free of rent far
winter. Apply Mrs. Cudmore,
Union Bay Road.
Car For Hire���H. W. Heberden; phone Xqj.
Welding���cast iron, aluminum,
brass, steel, etc,    Ford Garage.
Fi*rd Garage for Nobby, Goodyear and Dunlop auto and bicycle
tires and accessories.   Bicycles for
Be   sure   and
next spring.
Another dance will be given by
the Hall Committee ill the Agricultural hall next Tuesday. A
good time awaits all those who can
Married -On Monday, Oct. 30, at 9 n
in, in the Roman catholic church, comox, hy the Rev. Father Mertens. Mr.
J. E. Hudson, to Miss Mary K. Brenile
both of I.a/.o, Miss Hreude has been in
the Wilkinson family (or almost .." years
having heen in India and other parts
with them. Mr Hudson is one ol our
old timers, having heen liorn iu Ontario.
KiiiiiK Irom there to Minnesota with his
family. He drilled to I<os Angeles, und
nliout 20 years ago came up to C0I110X,
where he has acquired considerable property. They will make their home in
Mr. Wilkinson's house, tittle River.
A c'rand concert, with an eight piece
orchestra, will be given about the 2.5th
of November. The exact -lal. will be
announced next week, in aid of the
Prisoners ol Wnr Fuud, to be sent
through the Red Cross Society. Part
One consists of;
Madam Jarley's wax works, Consisting of animated wax figures, Professor
Micawber with a little adjusting, dusting.
nud winding up rejuvenates them, and |
we enjoy something unique in {the way
of entertainment.
Overture, Poet and Peasant, (S
piece orchestra.)
Qua. tete.
Trio,   when I Dream of Old lirin.
Schubert's Serenade.
Caller Herrin.   Pish Girl,
Comic   Something Scotch.
Coming Thro'the   Kye,   Fair Maid,
Candy will be sold during intermission
Part 2,
The scene in Part 2 is laid in the forests of Romany.
The Anvil Chorus. Bringing in Anvils, Gipsies, etc, There is also the imposing ceremony of crowning the Gip.y
Queen, the stage footlights making this
scene very effective.
Overture,   111 Trovatore.
nvil Chorus.   Company,
Duet.   Home to our Mountain?.
Solo., Ah I have sighed to  Rest  Me,
Dance oi the Gipsies, and crowning of
Gipsy Queen,
Gipsy Countess.
Old Madrid,
God Save The King.
Messrs. Hickman, Macintyre, Haines
Thompson, Burnett. Booth, Booth. Bay-
ley, Shepherd, Cokeley. Mesdames H,
Id ens. Cokeley, Hicks-Beach,"Hamilton
I'airburn, Macintyre, Booth, Misr-es J.
McKenzie, Freeman, Sackville, Mrs
I). Kilpatrick, Accompanist.
Buffet luncheon will be served at nominal charge.
Good music, good scenery, singing,
and excellent floor, Come and enjoy
yourselves, and help a good cause.
Anglican Church Notes
November 12th, 1916. 21st Sunday after Trinity.
11 a. 111., St. Peter's, Comox, Holy
3 p. 111. L,a/.o, Evensong and   Service.
7.30 p. in. St. John's, courtenay.
Evensong and Service.
The Corporation of the City
of Courtenay
The Voter's List for the forthec.-v
Mnui-ipal Elections is now being pn��
pared. Those whose names art t�����l-
led to be placed on this list withoU ��
personal declaration are all ttsett-.i
owners who arc nl*n registered need
holders. All other persons desiring to
have llieir names placed on ihc Voters'
List must file with the City Clerk, declarations as below mentioned. A list
of those whose names are entitled to 1 e
placed on the Voters' List without the
declaration may be seen at the City Hall,
assessed owner of real property is the
bolder ol the lastagreeuienttopurclii se
or llie lust assignee of siu-h agreement,
or the holler of an unregistered deed,
such owner, before having his name
placed oil the Voters' List must file
with the City Clerk before 5 o'cli ck
the afternoon of the 3otll daj ol Ni vei
her next, a declaration proving thru lie
or she is the holder of the last agreement to purchase, or the last assignee
thereof, or the holder of an nnregistere 1
deed, and that such holder or assignee
is liable to pay and has paid the current
year's taxes.
CORPORATIONS. Corporations
whose names are ou the Voters' List
can only vole by a duly authorized agent
whose authority must lie filed with the
City Clerk before the 3othof November,
such agent shall be a resident in tlie
province and a British subject of tlie full
age of 21 years.
HOLDERS.    Persons of this   class
are desirous of baying their uaaies place
ed on the Voters  List most, durin
mouth of October,   file  witli   the
Ch-rk 11 Statutory   Declaration   as
scribed by the Act and must also '���
paid t.ieir Road Tax or Lii 1 u -
Declaration forms may b.
the City Hall,
W, A, W, h mi
Citv 1
A Thing of Beauty
is a Joy Forever
NyaPs Face Cream
25 and 50c
NyaPs Beef & Iron Wine
$1 per Bottle
If you feel good, All is Good
Braces you up
plant   something
A Word to The Wise
Buy Your Christmas Presents
Early This Year
'--��- SHEPHERD & CO. "*
Family Butchers, Grocers and Provision Merchants
Presbyterian Church
St. Andrews' Sandwick
Service 2 p.m.     Sunday School
and Bible Class 3 p. in.
Sunday School and Bible Class
10:30 a. 111.   Evening service 7:30
p. m. All welcome
Comox Creamery
55c per Ib. this week
Groceries, Dry Goods, Boots, Shoes
Paints, Oils, Etc.
We carry in stock Bricks, Lime, Cement, Doors and Windows
Cet our prices^for goods [njarfje'quantities
Telephone 1 Courtenay ���THE   REVIEW.   COURTNEY.   B. C
Days of Rheumatism Now Over!
Wonderful Miracles Worked by" Nerviiine"
Its Strange Power   is  the:���,,*."1' "">" ���'������"���'���������������>-(-
M,     ..   .,,.              , ..    this great remedy,
arvel  ol   ihousanda it  |   Rheumatism   is the   greatest   test
ii       fiu-url Nerviiine has to meet. It cures pains,
nils v uilu big.and little, but to rheumatics es-
-��������� penally it is a great blessing, jusl as
You will welcome the good news it Is to those who suffer from ncural-
tli.u "Nerviiine" rapidly relieves tlir gia, sciatica, lumbago, stiffness or
most    excruciating  ji>������'****--______. enlarged joints.
Ncrviliu _4d<MpT'- *__r JI BT-^l^t-T*^*-.     Ihcrc    is    iiotliini;
Ir.ilis   dn | I i ^^^SkIj3_�� J1 flIk____P__a^   harmful   in   Ncrvi-
.csscs   pain-sitbdii- **"��iii!-i��it__i*yt*W***^ \,,u   c-,\n   use ii
ing power al least five limes greater
than anything heretofore di i ovcrcd.
Its curative Influence upon rheumatic
pains Is really wonderful,
Nerviiine     is     offered Vo     ihe
people   rn this   coinuiiiitil under
a positive guarantee! ol Its reliableness,
As a   curative . agonl of   scvcrc.1
freely on your children for their
aches and pains. It is dependable,
reliable, safe. Nothing to equal good
old Ncryilinc as a general family
��� t.ict the large 50 cent family bottlcj
it is far more economical than thc
25' rent  trial  size.    Sold  by  dealers
everywhere, or direct from The. pi-
liiriliuznuc Co,, Kingston, Canada,
New U. S. Watship
Has Serious Defects
10-Inch  Guns ol Super-Dreadnought
Cannot Bc Fired Simultaneously
The liu.ee 16-inch guns of the new
Sliper-dreadnoitght Pennsylvania cannot he Cued simultaneously, This
faet was revealed during ll-.c recent
target practice indulged in during the
go\ crnmcHt acceptance tests,
The Pennsylvania, with her si-lcr
ship Arizona���just completed in thc
Brooklyn Navy Yard -arc the first
Dreadnoughts to have all their big
guns installed three to a turret, 'The
super-dreadnoughts Oklahoma and
Nevada have two of llieir turrets
containing three guns, but thc remaining two turrets only contain iwo
guns each,
The trouble discovered on the
Pennsylvania also exists in thc three-
inch gun turrets, il is learned. When
thc three guns in the turrets arc fired
simultaneously thc middle t tin becomes deflected and cannot be controlled.
Minard's   Liniment   lor   sale   everywhere.
A husband was seeing his wifc off
for n counlry holiday which hc was
not able to share. As she got into
the train he said, "My dear, won't
you lake sonic fiction lo read:"
"Oh, uo," she responded innocently; "1 shall depend upon your letters
from home 1"
Miller's Worm Powders not only
expel worms from the system, but
will induce healthful conditions of the
system under which worms can no
longer thrive. Worms keep a child in
a continual state of restlessness and
pain, and Ihere can bc no comforl for
the little onc until lhc cause of suffering can be removed, which can bc
easily done by the use of these powders, ihan which llicrc is nothing
more effective.
Micklcbyi Old chap, didn'l your
better judgment tell you not to make
that investment?
Dingle: No, my hetlcr judgment
never tells mc anything until after
I've gone and made a fool of myself!"
Misery in Back, Headache
and Pain in Limbs.
Dear Mr. Editor ��� For more than n
year I suffered with misery in the back,
dull headache, pain in the limbs, wa9
somewhat conatipat-d and slept poorly
at night until I waa about ready to collapse, fleeing an iv.count of the wonderful qualities ot "Anuric," prepared
by Doctor Pierce, ol Buffalo, N. Y., I
Bent for a box, a:.- before using the
whole box f felt and .'ill feel improved.
My sleep is refreshing, misery reduced,
and life is not lhe drag it waa before. _
im il - heerfully rcc ;:r,nicnd this remedy
to sulfercra from li',. ailments,
Yours truly,      \V. A. ROBEBT8.
Notes You've a" undoubtedly beam
of the famous hr. _..*rcc and Ins we'l-
known medicines. Well, this prescription is ono lhat has been Buooessfu'ly
used for many yea.-, by tho physioin.u
Bud specialists of Dl Pierce's Invalids
Hotel and Surgical Institute, of Buffalo,
N. \\, for kidney complaints, and dis-
capes arising from disorders of the
kidneys and bladder, such as backache,
weak back, rheumatism, dropsy, congestion of tho kidneys, Inflammation
of tlio bladder, rxafding uriuc, and
urinary troubles.
Up to lhis lime, "Anuric" has not
been on sain to the public, but by the
persuasion of many patients ana the
increased demand for this wonderful
healing Tablet, Dr. Pierce has linally
deoided to put it into lhe drug stores
of this country within immediate reach
of all sufferers.
I know of one or two leading druggist" in town who have managed to
procure a supply of "Anuric" fur their
anxious customers in and around this
locality. If not obtainable send one
dime- by mail to Dr. Pierce for trial
package or ot) cents for full treatment.
EDITOR,-. Plenso insert this letter in
louie conspicuous place in your paper.
Animal-; Worth $6,000,000,000
_ tlte're arc about 191,000,000 domes-
tit animals in lhe United States, and
they,ire worth, roughly, $6,000,000,-
,0,00, 'There arc approximately 21,000,-
000 horses, representing an investment of $-,3ll(),l)l)0,00U. The despised
mule may nol he so despised when
vou consider that he. represents $560,-
000,000 of the total wealth and lhal
his kind numbers about -1,500,000.
The   Most   Common   Cause of This
Trouble ls Poor Blood
All conditions of depressed vitality
lend lo disturb the process of digestion, There is not a disturbed condition of life that may not affect digestion. Hut few catiucs of the trouble
arc so common as thin, weak blood,
ft affects directly and at once the process of nutrition. Not only is the action of the gastric and intestinal
glands diminished, but the muscular
action of the stomach is weakened.
Nothing will more promptly restore
digestive efficiency than good, red
blood. Without it the normal activity
of the stomach is impossible.
Thin, pale people who complain of
indigestion must improve the condition oi their blood to lind relief. Thc
most active blood builder in such
cases is Dr. Williams Pink Pills. They
make the rich, red blood which quick-
ly restores thc digestive organs to
their proper activity, and the dyspeptic who has hated the sight and smell
of food now looks forward lo meal
time with pleasure. As proving the
value of Dr. Williams Pink I'ills in
curing indigestion, Miss Edith AI.
Smith, R. R. No. 4, Perth, Out., says:
"I can honestly say I owe my present good health to Dr. Williams Pink
Pills. My stomach was terribly weak
and I suffered from indigestion and
sick headache, and was always very
nervous. I was troubled this way for
nearly llircc years, and in that time
took a great deal of doctors' medicine, which, however, did not help
inc. 1 could not cat anything without experiencing thc most agonizing
pnin. My sick headaches were mosl
violent and I could not rest night or
day. I was asked one day by a friend
to try Dr. Williams Pink Pills, and
consented to do so. Afler taking them
sonic time 1 found they wcrc helping
ntc, and I continued to take them
steadily for several months, until 1
found that I was completely j^urcd.
While taking the pills, I gained both
in strength and weight) and 1 feci il
impossible to praise Dr. Williams
Pink I'ills loo highly."
You can procure these pills through
any dealer in medicine or by mail,
post paid, at 50 cents a box, or six
boxes for $2.50, from The Dr. Williams Medicine Co., Brockvillc, Ont.
The Market Report
Weekly   Grain   Letter   Supplied   by
Randall, Gee & Mitchell, Ltd.,
There is onc feature of the present
wheal situation that is of the utmost
importance, and the one that, undoubtedly, is the cause for the persistent Strength of the market at llic
high level. It is lo bc nolcd that
since the inceptive of lhe advance lhe
situation has grown steadily more
bullish, 'This is a development oul of
the ordinary, as it is generally being
discovered, afler the agitation has
subsided  and  lhe  early reports  have
to be compared with ihc actual outcome that the scare exaggerated conditions, No one .can say lhal lhal is
lhc case this season, for it can be
said that '.Ihe rllll of news which affected crop"jiroihiclioii is slill favorable in high prices, Whatever other
Influences have entered inlo ihe trade
calculations arc influences that arc
based on lhe possibility of lhe world's
supply of bread Bluffs being augmented by lire'Russian surplus liirougli
successful military' operations of 'he
Entente Powers*.  ���   ���
The foundation of lhc presenl bull
market ''vns-.lald, of course, in the
heavy winter,loss in tlio soft wheal
slates. Ai lhal lii'ue, llic liberality of
the world's entry over from lhe generous l'H5,harvest was a drag on any
permanent market response, li wan
lhe time when lhe statistical position
of lhe wheal hung' heaviest on the
market, Importers bad the utmost
confidence of obtaining adequate supplies and felt lhal lhcy had lhc real
advantage in ihc market,
Il was lhc greal heal wave of July
and ils heavy toll of lhe spring wheat
crop that gave the real impetus lo
lhe bull market. The winter wheal
harvest was moderate, and on the top
of thai came a mosl unfavorable
Northwest harvest. From thai lime
on, Ihc developments have been towards a reduction of the world's
wheat production. The yield in thc
United Stales allows only a small reserve above the country's needs, and
a surplus available for the export,
even with lhe carry ovcr of last season, is small when the conditions
governing the. international market
arc taken into account. The latest
reports from Canada indicate a decided shrinkage from expectations,
and the news from the other surplus
countries do not suggest at this writing more than ordinary yields.
It is not expected that importing
countries will increase their production under the. abnormal conditions
that prevail. In fact, the reports arc
unfavorable. The requirements from
exporters will be large this season,
and exporting counlries in the aggregate have far less lo give than last
year. Whether prices have fully discounted this extraordinary situation
is a mailer of debate between the
bulls and the bears. The situation
has not been exaggerated.
Catarrh Cannot Be Cured
.amiot reach lhe seat of the disease. Catarrh
is a locnl disease, irrcatly Influenced by con-
itltutlolial conditions, and in order lo cure it
you musl take an Internal remedy. Hall's
Catarrh Cure is taken internally anil acts
Uirouyli lhe blood ou the mucous surfaces
ol tlie syslem. Hall's Catarrh Cine was pre-
Scribed by one of ihc best physicians in this
country for years. It is composed of some
of lhc best tonics known, combined with
some of the best blood purifiers. The perfect combination of lhe ingredients in Hall's
Catarrh thus is what produces such wonderful results in catarrhal conditions. Send for
testimonials, free.
I'. .1.  CHENEY & CO., Props., Toledo, O.
All Druggists, 75c.
Hall's l'aniily Pills for constipation.
"Willie, when did you wash your
face last:"
"Mother, don't let's bring up lite
A. speaker spoke, both loud and strong
And made lhc matter plain.
Another speaker came along
And mixed it up again.
Warts n-i the hands is a disfigurement lhal troubles many ladies, llol-
loway's Corn Cure will remove tl.e
blemishes without pain.
Sask. Wheat Wins in World Contest
Saskatchewan wheat has scored
another triumph in world competition, the first award for spring wheat
against all comers at the Canadian
National exhibition, Toronto, being
given to W. S. Simpson of thc Larch-
mount farm, Panibrun, according to
a notification received by Air. Simpson from the directorate.
The wheat which won the prize
was selected from a field of 1916 crop
of registered Marquis wheat, and one
bushels of this high grade wheat was
exhibited. Pambrtin is located on the
Empress branch of llic C.N.R., northwest of Swift Current,
Minard's    Liniment    Relieves    Neuralgia.
Miss  fto servant): Bc careful  not
to spill any soup on the ladies' laps.1
Jane: Yes, m'ni. Where shall I spill!
Mary's description of a dachshund:
A funny dog that is a dog anil a half
long and half a dog high; lhc only
dog lhal has four legs and looks as
though it ought lo have six.
Popularity of Autos
The report of the U.S. Department
of Agriculture shows that there were
2,245,664 motor cars in llie United
Suites on December 31, 1915, as
against 48,000 in 1906. While these
figures may be. somewhat exaggerated, when compared with a compilation of licr-cnsc statistics of the various
states, lhcy are near enough to give
a vivid idea of the growth of the motor industry. The total gross motor
vehicle registration and license revenues arc given as $18,2-15,713, of
which practically 90 per cent, is available for road improvement, so lhat
it will be appreciated what a benefit
to the entire country the automobile
has been, and is.
The increased use of automobiles
by the agricultural community in
Canada during lhc past two years is
onc of lhc wonders of the trade, |
"Made in Canada"
Best for Quality, Style
and Value. Guaranteed for all climates.
'-'"~"i ���!*______ "^
.A.^r'M^    10 Pounds'
���***%tiX    " ^ Nf ��** Happiness^
'   ' ' ""'" vll in thes*. Tins of *
!0 pounds of ttettcfousnstst when paten on Griddle Cnl��_^
Waffles- Muffins. Hot Biscuits or koo-1 wholesome Bread*
t  pounds of goodnsss, loo. ��� ecause "Crown Brand" la a
n&Hriahlnff, body-bulldlng food*
lOpoundaof conomy, vhenusodln makingOlneerbroad,
Our new ractpe book���
"Desserts and Can ilea"���
chows many new and
happy uses for "Crown
Brand". Write for u copy,
to our Montreal Office.
Puddings and Sweet fauces.
10 pounds of happtnsss. when converted Into home*
made Can ly todollf.lit UiacMiJifn.
Your dcatur has "Crown Brand" In 2, 5, 10
nnd 20 \ ouiui una���
, .   ���., ���   IIIE CANADA STARCH CO. tlHITEO
Makeritef"Lily ll'kite" t-^N      MoNTHEAL. OAHDIHAL. BRANTFORD.        A&
Coin Syrup- Benson's       "-"Ky. FORI WILLMM. ,��'
Laundry Slarcli,
���.    "i
-r     _./
���170 Grain Exchange
Write for market information.
James Richardson & Sons, Limited
Western Offices      ���      ���      Winnipeg, Calgary, Saskatoon
Specialists in the handling of farmers' shipments, Write, wire
or  'phone  our nearest office for ^notations or information.
LIMITED," to insure careful checking of grades. Liberal advances
on bills of lading. Quick adjustments guaranteed accompanied by
Government  Certificates of grade and weight.
You will profit by Sending ns Sampler! and Obtaining our Advice ot to neat
Destination before Shipping Yom drain, particularly Hurley. oaLsand Rye.
Established 18S7
Don't Suffer Longer
and allow yourself to become grouchy, upset, nervous
and depressed. These conditions usually indicate a disordered digestive system, which, if neglected, may be
hard to remedy. Remove the disturbing element and put
your digestive organs in good working order by talcing
They gently stimulate the liver, act on the bowels, tone
the stomach���purify the blood and regulate the system.
These benefits are particularly marked by women at
such times when nature makes special demands upon
their vitality. They act promptly and safely.
The next time you feel low-spirited and out of sorts, take
Beecham's Pills.  Their sure, mild, thorough action will
Give Quick Relief
Worth a Guinea n Box
Prepared only hy Tlinrais lleechain, St. Helena, Lancashire,^England
Sold everywhere io Canada and U. S. America.   In boxes, 25 cents.
Hubby Took Periodicals
"Do   you   take   any   periodicals?"
asked the minister on his first round
on parish visit.
"Well, I don'l," replied the woman,
"but ray husband lakes 'cm frequent,
I do wish you'd try to get him to sign
the pledge."���New York Sun.
Its Virtue Cannot Be Described. ���
No onc can explain the subtle power
(hat Dr. Thomas' Eclcctric Oil possesses. The originator was himself
surprised by the wonderful qualities
lhat his compound possessed. That
lie was ihc benefactor of humanity is
shown by the myriads that ris_ in
praise of this wonderful Oil. So familiar is everyone with it that it is
prized as a household medicine everywhere.
Stovepipe and Chimney Fires
With the approach of cooler weather, stoves and fireplaces will soon
be put inlo commission, lleforc this
is done, care should hc taken to see
that chimneys and Stovepipes arc in
good repair, thoroughly cleaned, and
rendered safe from fire. Owing to
the dampness of the early summer,
many stovepipes will bc found badly
rusted, which an outer coating of enamel will not expose. Examine these
carefully and replace defective pipes.
Fire prevention is one of the first
considerations of the householder.
Farmer Coming was asked whether tie had had a good year.
"Gosh, yes I" he exclaimed. "I had
four cows and three hogs killed by
railway trains and two hogs and
eleven chickens killed by automobiles. I cleared ncar'a thousand dollars."
Da* Reme-ies
And How to Feed
���Jallod tree to any a.drosi by
tlm AuUior
118 Weal 31st Street, New York
WANTED���Representative, either
sex, Europe's Greatest World War
and Lord Kitchener's career. Salary
or Commission. Experience unnecessary. Credit given. Sample free, send
postage, ten cents. Nichols, Limited,
Publishers, Toronto,
New Director: What did you say
lhc sinking fund was for?
Treasurer: To meet the floating
mm 4 m
The Local Newspaper as a Medium (or Furthering Plans for the
Carrying Out of Civic Advancement Movements, has been
Found to. be a Complete Success
ing and ihc movement created. It's
easier i now, to start tilings in thai
town 'llian' it used to be.
A newspaper, the commercial club
and lhc merchants of a North Dakota
town ��� worked together successfully
not long ago in a rnpvcmenl that enlisted the Interest til fanners' for
miles around ami resulted in profit
for .cYcry'ojic.'J . Th/' editor enlisted
l'i_'''ai'.t*df the ' cniiniiiTii.il   i Inli     in
What is your newspaper doing for
jrotir town? Is it co-operating wilh
yuu as it should? Do you go lo the
editor when your club, or your
church, or you yourself want something accomplished in your community?
Take lhc.mailer of that park bandstand. It hasn't been buill, or, if il
has  been  buill,  it  needs  painting or
new   lights,, ami   there's no   money"
available.      Voil    vaguely
soim-lliiiig /ought  lo  h
nexl lime yuu pass the
vim lias five niiiiiiles In spare, am
go see lhc editor. Talk over lhc matter while it's flesh in your mind, ar
range    a   [scltc     I
money, write a short
editor, and two lliirds of the task ia j tor was able to look with saiisfneti..,,
eomplclcd, ..-,., ��� ;,t 'wo big special editions of his pa-
Uno plan, used recently in a Mis-1per, and every'storekeeper in town
ji.iiii lown wiili lull success, was reported some of thc best business he
built up round whal was christened i,il(i enjoyed for a long time,
Brmdsland Day. lhc town's mcrcli-. "But above all these advantages, thc
.mis agreed  to  give a five  per ccnl.1,.,, ,-crcl-;l| (.].,-, got ,.,.���.,.,.,;��� u.u .vj.|,
sly feel that Icjia/lcrmg'-lhcJfij-'ii's biggest moving
done.      'f llft'iiu-lif'e Ihealrel'or a dav.    Then iner-
puhlie sqiin.ro1 dll'aflts were siihl?*iil one ccnl each,
id are reminded of Hint bandstand,', (Jckcts- fpr \he .thealre, to give wilh
'Op inlo a store, pick up s6mco[l- cacll lifiy-crnl pljr.liase on  the da>
"Eat Up lhe Crumbs"
German Army Order
Circular Urges Troops Not to Eat for
the Sake of Eating
Thc Paris Journal says the following is extracted from a circular intended for distribution among the
German iroops and foundjfLjf ihe possession of a captain, 'taken- prisoner
on the Soiiimr; '     ���'
"England and France aro making
implacable efforts to stop our revic-
lualliug from overseas coiiMljudf'*">iid
lo starve us out* /i'h_-Witf(To'f ep-rv
military man, officer ��'_r MflKciv. is
couscQiicntly to economize and husband lhc food and forage. Thus we
will counter ihe tajfemy's efforts,
"Satisfy youiv ���'iil|g<'jl��toiiio more
ihan (he iialiir���l'-m'i'irS,T*"irVup .ill
llie crumbs il is possible to use. Vou
have a right lo a generous portion of
rations, biit you-aie''not wliligi'il'irt.'
eai il all. Therefore, elainr all 'thai
ynu are entitled 'U��,'a"ild..iJJ you jfcci ive
tli fr food  from home use ill
The "Contemptible British Army" Has Become the Terrible
Hriiish Army, and Before the Slow Briu'sli lhe Germans are
Now Giving Miles Where They Once Gave Yards
Tales From the. Front
.Comrade's,'1, said lhc Kaiser lo his
.Otaicfs on 'the Somine, one day last
iir.it. t-      , , t-i      ,, "lull", '*it is your especial privilege to
Welshmen   Fought Like   Demons in, j^. -^   ^ ^M^,^
the Big Offensive .   jiuransi thai you .are lighting against
Almost-'every coimtj.   hi'Enftlan.,\'f:. I'l'1',i'',.:!-t!��li;l1',,li,:- (worn io destroy
Scotland land Wales now ha--.il- ii-di,.'Germany,  % Hi went on to sing thc
vidual story of '.'how our bos-is' fbiigh't c"&_-' Bf__'*!-Wl '!��� the-old, nearly for-
ilic Germans."   Mam new b'all'Alloiisl^,0"0" ,������t���'a_^!,'? exci1* llis mc" ae*
I their baptism offirc m'flftf "W," "-0 ?nMu ��J their "onc foe
for which' lhc "movie" had been renl
- 'Thr. crJmm'crfcrar   club gol hack a
r    raising  lhc| great .|0:il mqre .ihan the rent of llic
lory" lor the theatre in i'he sale of ticket.; thc cdi
gather    and h   id     n,nl. r;K ugs       , .     , , ��� , .
,,,  ������,, ,it..'..,.,: .i,.     ,, i,  \m    never be forgotten n  tier hiMitrv
id app a e it ly use ess articles,    sue u     ,. ,, ,:,.. , ,      '     ,   ,, ,-       ,.- , ;
- ��� - ��� >: -,",.J"1 im Welsh people, Wrote a iA'clsh
soldier In his prinnls in Cardiff, '.Re-
porls iii'iii    lhe.front    generally say
���Ics,    Sill
���in.',- w.d'r
as lins, leaden lubcsyoh'l rlotl)','woi'ii
oul hags, old clothes, and .odd pieces
of  leal her,   rubber', and ���'mcjijl'.p.  all
presented a discount slip thai    had
been printed in the latest issue of the
twecil the regular price and the sales
price.   Thus thc buyer got a dollar's
worth of goods for ninety cents, for
Instance,   and thc   merchant gave a
dime to thc bandstand fund
discount on some goods and ten per ,|lc fnrn)crs ;ls it ncvcr |)(,forc lia���
cent, on others, provided He buyer.-kn-owll ,hnil Sevcra] o! 0u.m l0ul.
presented a discount slip thai had olI, memberships that day, so please.
ICCli printed in the latest issue of hcjwere ,hi.y .vil|,'U,c dub's scheme for
.ape.- Ihe merchants gave lo the entertaining ihem, and with a big din
lamlstand    fund  the    difference  be-  n��� .������ oro:[l]\-,-M'um scmt)  frc��     a
noon lo all the visitors. Farmers and
club members alike learned lhat there
is no such thing as city limits.
A good many towns are planning
Pay-up    Day,  or    Pay-up   Week
'I'he reason    for this scheme may'i*'',-' ''���������, , , ,���   .
not bc apparent at first glance, but it ���P���.pcnod wl,.c,., everyone is asked
is easily understood when il is explained. Everyone likes to get a bargain. Love of home town is not nearly so strong a sentiment in the hearts
of a great many. Thus a person who
might not pay a dollar for an article, even if he knew a dime of the
money were going toward renovation
of the bandstand, is almost sure to
be willing lo pay ninety or ninety-five
to make a special effort to pay his
bills. A Minnesota community, considering observance of the day, recently discovered that the lown's ten
chief storekeepers have outstanding
bills payable of $30,000. Jn other
words, several of the merchants were
bankrupt, but never knew it until
they wcrc spurred on to a detailed
study of their books by the stimulus
__   V.lllllll      IU   NtlV   11111 _ I V   Ul    illll.IV -llv. -       , r t, T*.
cents for the article if that price is a ,ot PIans for.?*?������� D:'J\       .      ,
reduction from the usual charge.       LAs a r"*-l*. thfi town is going into
Thc editor made a lillle money-11 a''-."P- Da>'   observance    with    Us
not much, of course���from the sale
whole heart and intends lo put the
liul    inn.ii,    ui    .uui.-*..��� iiuui    in..    n.u\. , , . , - ,
of extra copies of lhc paper contain- merchants on ;l |)ollcr f00t)ng than
ing the discount coupons.   And   the they have enjoyed in years, lhc iner
merchants, when they counted up at
the cud of the day, found they had
done one of lhc best day's businesses
in llieir history. The band boys'
share was so large that enough was
chants    admit    that they    have few
really bad accounts on their books;
the people   of the town    simply arc
slow about paying their bills.
In this    case   almost any   of the
left ovcr to make'a start toward buy- schemes  outlined in this article, or
ing new uniforms. |many others that will occur   to per-
What was done on Handstand Day!S0"s Wittia  itlle ingenuity,   could be
���.can bc repeated anywhere, any time, -"-opted by the citizens and the cdi-
for any sort of movement.    It could tor a*i a nl(;a---i -or making lhc day a
���be adapted easily to starting a fund real success.
for a community building, or for buy- .���Ask your   editor to help you. -*
ing a tree for lhc schoolhousc yard. | William Shaw, in thc Counlry Gcn-
The chief necessity iu this plan, as, weman.
in any oilier destined to link up llic;
newspaper and the public in any sort Bravery of a French Officer
of civic    advancement movement, is
to keep it down to its simplest elements. Don't hedge your merchants'
offers" with too many rules and conditions.
I'oad-Drag   Day is another   event
Audacity of One Man Brings in 114
German Prisoners
The colonel of a regiment fighling
against the enemy in the vicinity of
that was made a success in Missouri Vcr(Iu_ did    _., .���. ,10���. ,,. __���,<,
through  co-opcralion    ol  tne  editor
and the public.    The split-log drag,
that boon for dirt roads, is popular
in Missouri,   but not   so popular in
some districts as it should bc.     An
editor with a mind of his own work-        -iheatl
ed out a scheme for stimulating its b ,,.',      i
use.   Hc induced the storekeepers in ;
his town to join in planning a day
when prizes would bc given for the
first road-drag to bc driven into town,
the drag driven the longest distance,
thc most unique drag, lhc best decorated drag, and the drag hauled by the
most unusual team.
Merchants were quick to scc the
point. Every drag driven to town
would do that much towards improving the dirt roads over which it passed. The services of the farmers wcrc
worth a great deal more than    the
lake possession of a certain fort by
the engineers or artillery. A captain
offered to seize it by infantry, and,
giving him carle blanche orders to do
Iiis best, thc Colonel allowed him to
cr had managed lo cscer-
tain the position of the communication trench leading to thc fortress.
Followed by a small body of men
consisting of a sub-lieutenant, a sergeant, a quartermaster, a corporal,
three cyclists, and a bugler, hc set
off at two o'clock one afternoon, and
penetrated alone inlo lhc fortification, _
Hc saw nothing, all Ihc Germans
being    underground.    Eventually    a I
number of men appeared,    and lhcn|
another body of men wilh a corporal, I
hut  lhc  officers continued  to  remain I
|#11__Q   lilt    lilv.1 , uuii.n   uiiu.ui      nn.    .... . . |
farmers jumped at the chance to win unucrgrouno.
thc attractive awards. Each man wilh1 . rlie Germans gazed with stupefac-
a drag had a chance to win more l'*"i at the frenchman isolated am-
ihan fifty dollars' worth of goods if ��'-S -hem. heeling that any hcsita-,
luck was on his side, and lhc resull '"'�� was dangerous, lhe captain shot
was that scores of farmers drove lo "own   with  his  revolver  lhe  first
Immi.i>ration from   '
The-United States
Between   Four   and   Five *-Hundred
Settlers'Arriving Every Week    '
"Immigration from lhe United
Slates inlo Canada during 1916 has
shown an incjreasc of 100 per cent,
ovcr last year, and this notwithstanding thc efforts of interested parlies
to deflect thc stream," says J. Bruce
Walker, Commissioner of Immigration for the Dominion of Canada, iu
a newspaper interview.
People considering moving into
Canada from across thc border," Mr.
Walker continues, "have been told
that llicy*were in danger of conscription, and would be subject to enormous war taxes. In answer to this,
it may bc said that the Government
has definitely promised that there
will be no conscription in Canada.
Furthermore, the subject of another
country cannot bc conscripted, and
three years' residence in Canada is
necessary before a man can become
a Canadian citizen. Even the most
pessimistic hope and expect that before the. end of three years the great
war will bc ended.
"There is no special war lax in the
West, nor is there likely to bc any.
A war tax to bc effective would have
to bc on lands. By thc constitution
of Canada, only provincial governments can impose taxes on land, and
the Federal government, which is financing Canada's participation in the
war, cannot interfere.
"Between four and five hundred
settlers come inlo Canada from the
United States every week. They can
sell land in their own counlry for
scvculy-fivc dollars an acre and buy
ffcnsiye; tO_ prove once more that
(ieriiK'nry is invincible, and reduce to
thr.pair' the relentless enemies of our
counlry so that lhcy-'will sue for
peace on terms honorable and profitable lo Germany."
The British have not yet becn re-
, ��� ,-,        ,      ,,- , ���      , ���      iiduccd tp despair, nor are ihey suing
Cardiff just like other Welsh'soldiers  for - ���    -       ���
stories   arc told in   other, parts    of ...i.
1 'inicn  fought
ed. iu   Welsh   1
soldier's   story
dash I
The i
' t'dl-    In !
'ihese stories are local history and
llicy arc squelching more labor lln-
rest at home than two years' talk by
cabinet ministers and parliament
could ever do. The recalcitrant. Welsh
miners who decided to take q vacation in sidle of Lloyd George's request for all work and ho play, altered their decision when the stories
of the big push began to come home.
The troublesome labor elements uu
lhe Tynesiile, in England, who prom-
���iscd periodical stubbornness, finally
informed lhc government that lhcy
were really loyal.
The Clyde workers in Scotland,
upon whom ihe navy depends for
much of iis strength,, have redoubled their efforts ami decided to
work, holidayless, lu beat lhe Germans.
Thc war, by virtue of lln* Picardy
offensive, is creeping inlo almost
every Britisii home, There are
empty chairs and pensions in many
of thcni. There are German helmets and oilier relics in some.
Wounded Tommies home lo recover
also are there. But iu all llicrc arc
lhc stories that will be told I'or generations: how Tom, Dick or Harry
fought in the big offensive,
The Mystery of the "Tank"
A Strictly   Legitimate   Device
for War Purposes Only
Thc imagination is piqued by tlic
exploits of the "lank*," lhe new
military machine of'thc Hriiish, the
secrets of whose construction arc
still well kept, says the .Minneapolis
Journal, The accounts of these lumbering monsters crawling awkwardly
but irresistibly ovcr trenches anil
shell craters, through barbed wire
entanglements and machine gun   dc-
,,,��� i i -    ,.,,-, , ,    f     ,.        . .        , fences, pushing ovcr walls and trees,
Sieiin__ ^Sll}\X^��Lt}l!ra}^.��l\an the lime impervious to the rattle
of bullets and the bursting of shrap-
quite as good in Canada for twenty I
or twenty-five   dollars.     Because of
this they   arc bringing   with them a
considerable amount  of stock, farml
implements and money.   All Western
Canada has quantities of water   and
town on Road-Drag Di.
It's easy to talk about the tangible
commercial results of this kind of cooperation between editor and citizens
but there are other, betler results
much less tangible but a
more valuable lo a community.
the  enemy    anil  shouted  "Forward."
llis eight men dashed up Io lhc Germans, who offered no further resistance.
The leader and his brave men rc-
grcat deal turned with- 114 prisoners, including
Thus two officers.    The fort    was    taken
an editor in a Minnesota town made The captain   was mentioned in des
much of a "Voiir-I)av-lo-Gain" move- patches in thc following terms:
ment, advertising February _9th    as . "P�� August 10, at the head of a
an extra day in the year and, consc- h*1;'}' ��j eight men, he captured will
qiienlly, a day that ought lo be turn
cd to account by everyone.
Churches, women's clubs, civic org
unheard-of audacity a fort occupied
by a company of the enemy and
three    machine    guns,    which    for
viiiii >.<>..,     I'wuikii   ,1    t.iuo.1,    mil-    V'��_*i f , I    a   *    .       	
anizations and a college wcrc among twenty-four    hours    had    kept    our
those taking up the movement. Although the editor made much fr.iii
the extra space he sold lo merchants
advertising special bargains for the
day, ho <J?c'flrcs he inade much more
iroops in cheek.   He took 114 prisoners, including two officers,"
The Only Way
r -,.-,.��� , . ,     , .      ,       There is only one way to  reduce
in rl!<! goodwill hc created for himself the high cost of living. That way is
by devoting a great deal of space to to strike at the root of lhc evil and
civic advancement pleas. abolish the laws that permit onc man
The gain for the editor was not the to put his hands into lhe pockets of
only profit. The whole town was Iiis neighbor and take therefrom
benefited by a heightened sense of money that really does not belong to
civic responsibility that thc advertis- him.���Winnipeg Tribune.
rill kinds of grain and for mixed farm
ing. Last year the crop was so enormous lhat lhc length of the harvest
season made it practically Impossible
to do any fall breaking.
"The ininii.ralinn now is practically all from lhe United Stales. It is
made up almost entirely of the sons
of prosnerous farmers who would
jather find new lauds than see the
paternal acres cut up and divided, and
thev are men who understand farming."
Viewing Battle Scenes
"A _ solemn panorama" is the description given by a woman after
viewing lhc Soinnie films shown in
London. Whether it is desirable to
show actual battle scenes to the
home public had been questioned,
but, as one visitor said, "What our
heroes cau bear to suffer we can bear
to scc."
There is nothing in lhis display to
harrow the feelings or distress those
who have lost beloved Relatives in
the war. The devotion of ihc Empire's young manhood, ihe majestic
offering of Britisii labor, arc rea.izcd
in every detail of the victorious advance. The huge guns which tore up
the German trenches arc pictured in
action, and their effect is seen, nol
only in columns of smoke and volcanic upheavals of the soil, but in the
panic-stricken, woc-begone faces of
the German prisoners. The legend
of German invincibility is destroyed
for ever.
Sonic critics object to lhc scenes
showing lhc wounded in doctors'
hands at the dressing station. The
authorities are wiser. "Look here
and here," they arc saying; "know
what your heroes arc enduring, and
show yourselves worthy of their sacrifice."
nc!, call up a picture that transcends
lhc imaginings of fiction, The Homeric talc of the great hollow horse
by which lhc Greeks tricked the Trojans and look llieir besieged rily, is
far outdone; and so are all ils successors whether real or imagined.
The "tank" is, no doubt, a caterpillar tractor of greal size and power.
It musl be much larger than the
peaceful American' machines, or it
could not cross trenches.     Already
peace, says the New Vork Times,
which proceeds to pay the following
tribute to' Britain and the British:
,, "Where the British had been pushing, ihe Germans back by the yard,
they arc now pushing them back by
lho mile. It is not due to any langor
ill the German defence, cither, for the
Associated Press reports show that
llur Kai'cr's men arc doing their best,
which all thc world now knows to be
a doughty best.' The Germans arc
being beaten back because they cannot stand. Some of the scientific German critics rcporled lhat the new
llritish army was not the equal of the
oh! one, almost wiped out at the he-
ginning of lhc war. If this is true
lhc old army must have been superhuman; or perhaps the scientific German critics arc wrong.
"The ualurc of the ground makes
no difference; when lhcy occupy ad-
vaulagcous crests the British drive'
lhe Germans before them, and then
descend and fight on slopes with the
same result. Everywhere the Germans give way before them, not because they have weakened their resistance for strategic reasons, but because after fighting their hardest
there is nothing left for them to do.
Over their wonderful defences goes
thc new British invention, born of
necessity, the armored car that can
ride over chasms. But it is nqt any
scientific invention that has driven thi
Germans back; it is thc manhood of
the United Kingdom and its colonies,
maligned by stay-at-home critics for
two years and now giving a terrific
"'England will fight to the last
Frenchman.' 'Everybody fights but
John Bull.' What has become of those
comfortable slurs from easy chairs
and typewriter desks? It was so easy
to make them, while a democratic
nation with a little army, caught unprepared because its people had been
afraid of 'militarism,' was seeing its
reviled soldiers die in vain. It has
lakeu that democratic nation long to
raise an army equal to Germany's under fire, but no longer than it would
take another democratic and ur.mili-
tary nation���say, for instance, the nation from which so many of those
easy slurs havc come.
"Thc 'contemptible British army'
has become the terrible Britisii army.
In vain tiie Kaiser stirred his men 'to
prove once more that Germany is invincible.' Before the slow British the
Germans arc giving miles where they
once gave yards. 'Vour duty is to
break   the English offensive,' but the
American claims to the credit for Ihc [duty is unfulfilled, and it is thc Ger-
lnvcntion of the "lank" arc heard on I man defensive which is being broken.
all siilcsr. Some of ihem may bc well jit will give way faster soon, for the
founded. At any rale, die British rate of speed of an advance like this
have turned out an engine of war, a docs not remain stationary; it bears
sort ol land warship, thai seems des-1compound, not simple, interest. That
lined to have considerable effect on has already been proved by yards
trench   warfare. which became miles. When a mile is
\nt\, unlike some of ihe oihei new taken today three miles may bc taken
engines oi warfare, il is a strictly soon, five miles after that. There
legitimate device because    it is used lis nothing mysterious   in this.     The
inner defences  arc  not  as  strong as
for military purposes only. That is
more than can he said for Zeppelins,
which di'op bombs on innocent non-
combatants, or fof submarines that
sink merchant vessels without warn
As One Man
should like lo print
lliis story-
in letters of gold. It is of a colonel
on Ihc Briiish front who wanted
twenty men to face almost certain
death. He called the whole company
together, and made the situation
clear to them. Then he asked
twenty volunteers   to   advance
the outer ones and become less so
the further the invaders go; and as the
speed of the advance increases it becomes more and morc difficult to
���I- strengthen thc last defences, because
there is not so much time to perfect
them. There will soon bc no need for
the French lo destroy their own cities, because they and the British will
bc going so fast that they can bc taken without that.
"The French have had praise, deserved end plentiful, for their heroism.    It is well to spare a little for
Y0'r the creation of the dead  Kitchener,
I irresistible in its might, prodigious in
ils courage, terrible avenging on the
Germans or thc sneers of neutrals."
First Boy: We're studyin' phystol-jsalute.
ogy at school.   I can tell you exactly! pace, sir,
how many bones  there arc in  your
Second Boy: 'Ow many?
First Boy: Two hundred and seven.
Second Boy: Wrong���two hundred
and eight. I swallowed a 'erring
bone this morning.
pace.   He loved his men, and it was I
alniosl morc than he could bear.   Hel
|closed    his    eyes lo keep back    the
tears, and when he opened them lhc     "Why are  meat and  eggs  so  ex��
j men stood in exactly the same form-1 pensive?"
|ation.   Hc was pained.   "Is there not j    "Possibly," replied tlie man    who
one volunteer?" he asked, and a lit- thinks it's his duty to answer every
lie    sergeant    stepped    forward    at question, "because they're among the
'Everyone has advanced onc
hc said.
Wilic: John, I mel a woman today
f hadn't Seen for years.
Jojini Did she know you?
Wilic: yes, she recognized ine by
this old hal. rncu lhc silence became
few articles of food that can't bc imitated in a factory.'
Victim: What has happened?
Where am 1?
Doctor: You have becn seriously
injured in a trolley accident, fcut
cheer up���you will recover.
The Courtenay Review
Ami Criinox Valley Advocate
Ami i'urn
���   New-pnr
M.   It.    ll'llll'.N
8nbscripi.ii ni SI I
ii per
���r.   I'llblslied
li. 0.
r and Proprietor
Year in Advance
THURSDAY, NOV , 9191'i
We welcome
tercst living
increasing in
v the Dominion authorities, in common with
municipalities, labour bodies, and
other organizations, concerning
llic rise in the cost of living.
While there is no doubt that the
part of tin- increase mav be account-
ed for bv the labor shortage, diversion of producers by enlistment,
decreased supplies and increased
consumption, still there it ��� growing conviction that ce��ain individuals and firms are making "�� fat
thing'' out of th* people's necessity
We hope that the investigations
will be pushed through, and that
no hesitation will be shewn in nam
ing those who arc camty fattening
like hogs, at a time when other
people are pinching to support
themselves, and to spare of their
means something for the patriotic,
red cross, and other fnnds. It is
a strange thing, but true nevertheless, that it is the easiest thing !in
the world to throw dust in the eyes
of the people. Too often, we fear.
a substantial contribution to charity is the result of the exacting of
a tenfold or hundredfold contribution from these  for  whose benefit
not mean more "drummers" com
ing up period'ca-ly for orders, for
there are plenty already, whose
travelling expenses add to the price
that the consumer has to pay.
One wholesale grocery firm could
supply the retailers in this district,
instead of having half a dozen
travelleis coining round every two
weeks, at the cost, as we said, of
the consumer,
City Council
There was a full attendance of
members at the Council meeting on
Monday evening, The only accounts were from the Creamery for
tile, f 10,61. *"d from the Telephone
Co, for use of phone
P. L. Andhrton, for the wharf
and lane committee reported that
lie bad interviewed Mr. McPhee, re
lots next to street for public wharf,
���nd be was not altogether in favor
of the scheme, but would sell his
lots at the assessed value. All the
property owners except Mr, Pares
were In favor of -peuiug a lane back
of their premises, When asked his
reasons. Mr. Parez stated that he
had purchased his property at boom
prices, and if anybody wanted lanes
they would have to buy his laud or
take it off their own
Aid, Aston stated that it was
now too wet to do any grading ou
Anderton Avenue, ..Work had been
started on ditch from station. Aid
Dunham reported that lie had interviewed the cow owners, and that
$8 had been  subscribed  towards
Just In
the particular charity exists.   But {seeding the burned over area.
let the names be made known, and
let the people deal with the ''war
hogs" themselves,
Politics these (lays are a secondary consideration for which it is
bard to stir up much interest or
enthusiasm, but the carrying-on of
the affairs of tllis province should
command more interest than it does.
When public interest decreases, the
influence of the political machine
increases, whatever government is
in power
The Fire and Water Coannitte
considered it was advisable to have
a cart made to carry ladders to fires
if necessary, A Government health
officer will be here shoitly and report on the water question.
The early closing by-law was
fina.iy adopter',
Aid, Hurforu brought lip the
matter of bringing in a Building
by-law. The matter wns discussed
but the City thought it was too
small at present, but the matter Will
The ta1 ing up b/ Mr.   Brewster c��"-e ��P aKaln-
of the reins of the government willl    Aid. Aston wanted to know what
be awaited with much interest, i ���', the Council were going to   do   regarding brush behind Mr, Creech s
fact by llu-tiun- that these lines are
in print, it may be an accomplished
fact. The famous writ, the God-
sen ease, the Scott trim, the personnel ol the cabinet, and the
question of the resulting bye-elections will afford plenty of scope foi
those who see ill politics the spirit
of a great game
The traders of Victoria are to
vlsii Courtenay, Cumberland and
other island points, with a view to
getting more business, as they feel
that for some reason, Victoria does
not get its share,    We hope it will
.Some have cleai.ed tip, and others
have instructed city to have work
done and charged to owners. The
last fire cosl citv $,o, whereas, if
this had been verified the liie would
���' not have occurred,
i     The Board of Works empowered
i to spend $35 on Isabel and   Grabel
I Streets.
The Electric Light Co. wrote
that they thought that there was
no use making a short   agreement
Udiet Coats
NsttMt modtti in  Udiei und  Misses
Costs, Costumes, and Skirts.
SwMt.tr Coat*
L-adUa aud Mint. Sweater Coats Sets in
all the leading shade;.
St. Margaret Jersey*
Children* St, Margaret all wool Jerseys
in Tan. Na-y, Copenhagen. Cardinal
and White. Boy. Jetsey suits in sites
20, 22, and 24, in Mvrtl., Cardinal, Tan
Navy and white.
Watson's Underwear
Watson All Wool underwear in   Ladies,
Misses, and Childrens in two piece combination..    "The underwear that wears
well and will not shrink."
The newest models iu   Ladies trimmed
and   ready-to-wear  hats.    Specials   in
black velvet sailors and shapes.
Invictus shoes
The best good shoe (or Ladies and Gents
Special values in Ladies Hi Kb Top siloes
Special showing this  week   oi  holiday
ribbons iu Checks, Plaids and Dresdens,
Newest patterns  in   Black   and   White
stripes, and broken checks.
Gents Hatss
Newest styles in Men's Headwear in
Hlack, Navy. Brown   and   Green.   The
latest creations in Mini's flowing  neckwear.
au agreement.
A nderton said it would cost $200
to get a lawyer from Victoria.
Mayor asked what was the *mat-
aud saggested thst a meeting of all  Ur wjlll our home soijcjtor)   or tne
parties concerned, and their   attor-   0I]e ������ Cumberland,
neys be held, and discuss and make
P. McBryde's
Bakery and Tea Rooms
Brown's Block, Courtenay
1st class certl'cate technics of breaduiaklng
lsr class certificate baking and confectionery
The place to buy Rood  bread,   made  Irom  Better  Flour.   Better
healthier yeast, and better methods,    Buy direct from
The baker ol Better Bread
Opposite the city hall
Esquimalt  &  Nanaimo  Railway
Through Passenger Trains leave Courtenay 11:35 on Monday, Wednesday and
Friday for Victoria and Way Stations
RETURNING���Arrives at Courtenay at
16:10, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
Steamship tickets on airlines to all parts
of the world. For particulars etc., address
Dill. Ptaatngcr Agent, Victoria
Agut Courtenay, Phone R60
Finally a motion was passed ordering the City Clerk to write the
Company that the city is not in a
position to discuss franchise right
awav, Why not have some simple
agreement so that the lights may
be tinned on the streets at once,
In the meantime state price of
plant iu the city,
Aid. Anderton says everything
the Council proposes the company
Aid. Aston remarked that there
was apparently no use of the council trying to do anything, ae.'the opposition would use the cry 'Dark
town lor election dope.
Mr. T. Hudson, Lazo has received a letter from his nephew,
Ed, Vogel, who was reported dangerously ill some w eeks ago, ���'_
am writiug fiom my cot in a hos-
, pital ward, so you will know that
Fritz and I had a go at it. I must
say that I didn't stay long at the
front but I think that I liavej got
a little the best of Fritz at that, as
you see I joined the Machine Guu
Section when I got over here, and
as I sent over to Fritz about six
thousand rounds before he had the
luck to hit me. I think that I have
a little better score than he has.
However, he hit me on Aug. 31
with a piece of shrapnel about a.i
inch square, which entered my
chest 3-4 in. above and 3*4 iu. to
the lest of my left nipple, and after
tearing the lining of my left lung it
came out through my back at the
level of the eighth rib, which it
partially fractured. The wound in
my chest is practically healed up
now, and the wound in my back is
doing verv nicely, while my breathing doesn't hurt very much any
more so I expect the lining of the
lung is healing too, I am quite
comfortable here aud get very good
care, aud the Sisters are very good
and pleasant,"
it-__a_!_pr--w..a --iv-ara'.jo-r.iBiwm
" ''VVryr^^**wk
���are known by the dittinctive trademark���Tim
Circlr M���on every ��ack.
��� *  .'.��������
It is very important that you should make a
note of thit in buviug���
Royal Standard Hour
Wild Rosa Pastry flour
Royal Standard Seeds
Royal Standard Corn Meal
Royal Standard Chic Foods
Etc; Etc.
This trademark is your guarantee of the
highest possible quality in any of thc Rovai.
Standard Products,
So, look for the Cikci.r V���at your dealers.
Royal Standard Grain Products
Pko.. 33, Eai al Bri'g. F. Mo-iti, Mgr.
Auto   and   Bicycle   Tires
and  Accessories
Bicycles For Sale
Phone L46 Courtenay
Do You Telephone ?
Or do you go out into the weather at an < x^ense of money
time and temper ?
You can telephone anywhere, and it is just as easy as
In fact telephoning is nothing else than conversation,
British  Columbia Telephone Co.
Willard's Harness Emporium
Fine Showing of Home Blankets,
Rugs, Gloves, Trunks, Suit Cases,
Harness Repaired Neatly
Cumberland and Courtenay
Practical Shoemaker and Repair
Next to Hardv & lliscoe
Comox, B. C.
Best Meals North of Naniamo
Choicest Liquors and Cigars
C. A. Martin,  Prop.
When In Doubt
Play Trumps
Have Goard Tune Your Piano
Factory Experience
Recommends  from  Leading Musicians
from tlie Atlantic to the Pacific.   Copies
of same furnished on request
V,'. J. Ooard  will tie  in this city  about
Oct.     1.     Leave orders  at this  Office,
or write direct to
845, 8th Ave., W.   -   Vancouver
Ice Cream
Swan's Old Stand, Courten Comox Valley Cow Testing Association
l,ist nf i
"Name ol cow
Unit hnvir uiven 51) lbs of butter during Aug
llis milk llis butler
���Sua  1029.
.Young Tiger 1302.
Dell 787..
"   5 months 5004.
Cherry 834 .
Merle U01.,
Nancy  1234.
. .6..2S
. 346.29
. ..II. I'.nriU'v
,T, 1). Smith
. ...W, Wain
...W. Beard
2 months  2636 113,54
Beauty 9 months  7298 457,18 W. Wain
Blackiiose7 months 8625 M3.29 R. Hurford
Maggie 7 months .6450 359.80 Pritchard & Sous
��etty 7 months 6909....; 388.65 "
Canle 7 months 5815 354.89
*Mary 6 months  5980 SW.T9 R, Hurford
Wlora4 months 4084 110.02 R. Davit
"Ntllie 6 months 5734 310.85 A. McMillan
Bom 11 months    IM7 121,88 W. Wain
Hat* 10 1-2 months 100251 518.58
Auction Sale
Instructed by H. W. Heberden, Esq., who is leaving for
New Brunswick, I shall tail by Public Auction at
his residence. Little River Road, about
half mile from Comox, on
Wednesday Nov. 22,1916
The whole of his Household Furniture, Dairy Cow, Motor
Car and Outdoor Effects
Dining and Drawing Rooms mattresses, Washstands, 3 Sets
Oak bureau, Writing desk, Folding Bedroom crockery, Dressing tables
oak table. Oak library table, Book and Dressine chests with niirors,
case. Quantity of books, Leather Iron cot. Chests of drawers. Book
arm cluiir, Sea grass chairs, Morris case- Wnoleiim. Rugs and matts,
chairs, Rocking chairs, English Chairs, Towel rails, Heater, Child's
carpet, Round table. Writing table Pen- Dol,'s hoilsei Occasional tab-
Caipet, 3 child's chairs, Infants tl9S- aild other ����ful articles,
high rhair, 6 Dining room   chairs, ._     ,       _,,
Small Table. 3   stools.   Linoleum, Outdoor kttects
Hanging double lamp, and mimer- Child's Krglish perambulator,  ia
ous other items. bore Shot Gun, Deck Chairs, Ten-
Kitchen and Pantry racquet, Golf Clubs, Treadle grincl-
,. ., ..,    .   .,      stone, Forge anvil and  vice,   Car,
kootenay Range wilh boiler, pe,,ter_ tools, Saws. Axes, Farm
Coa boxes _ tables, 4 chairs, store ,.--,, Ha���(1 g._det ,md Cultivator
.upboard, Linoleum, Lamps, Large wheelbuirow, Democrat, Rubber
quantity of crockery which will be tired D    cart tcd pord   ....
sold in suitable lots, All the Cook- just be#ll overhauledi   Su_drv  ac.
ing and Kitchen   utensils.    Butter  ,tssorieS] Also a  very
clinrn, Creamer, Milk pans and
pails, Washing Machine, Wash
tubs, Buckets. Water cans, etc.
etc. also about 3. dozen cooking
Bedroom and Nursery
Double and sinjie Bedsteads,
Springs, and ether Mattresses,
and Pillows,   2  child's cots  and
large quantity of small tocls and other useful
articles too numerous to mention,
Live Stock
Good family Jersey cow, now giving over 2 eallons milk per day,
due to freshen ist April, 40 Rhode
Island Red chickens, one year old
and pullets
I    tt is a 1. m.itkable fact that prac-
I iii il!, nil ut ti>  . 11 mers movements
which   have  accomplished    great
things have come from the farmers
themselves,   The   united   farmers
of Albeita have done ami are doing
much that benefits the agriculturist
in thai province, ��� The Grain Growers Gram Company in spite  of ihe
strongest opposition from the corns
bined interests ou   thc  grain  exchange emerged   triumphant, and
are daily growing iu Strength  and
iu allordiug protection to the farmers of the prairie provinces.   Ontario has followed suit   this  year
1 and is combining the farmers gran-
] ges and institute into one body that
may   work in ,ons   harmonious
whole and by combined efforts accomplish much that was impossible
with the separate bodies that were
scattered through that province.
Tht department of 'Agriculture
has worked for yesrs to try aud
srnose enthusiasm in , the farmers
institutes, and many end vsried
are tbe subjects end meetings called
which only loo .frequently are
sparsely attended.. No discredit
it meant towards the valuable work
of this department*, and It is to be
hoped that their efforts will not
only be continued, but increased to
help the country produce more, and
disseminate knowledge that is constantly being added by the efforts
of the patient investigators, and
gathered from observation, by the
Yet tn spite of these efforts as before stated the biggest movements
have come from the farmers themselves.
Designed this year it will ornament and enhance tlio
f_ood appearance of the tidiest kitchen in all Canada.
Come in and 111 show too why tha Kootenay stays ar
good as new long after other mages have to be repaired
or replaced. ***
For sale by C H. TaifcaO & Son, Courtenay
Barrister and Solicitor,
facturer either invites or comes to
au understanding,   As  hu often
been pointed out  Canadian made
machinery binders, mowers, etc. mre <
sold more cheaply in England and bl-m c
Scotland than here ., .--"t^**
A candidate   for   parliament, y: a mm mi i ���������a
honors pointed out that  although ������_%'... **        *.
three quarters of the vote  in  his COUrtC-iaV      Hotel
his constituency came from farmers
he had strong representation* from
mill men, and merchsnts snd labor,
Comic*. With Modtr.te Rate*
Bart WIbm T. BOOTH,
uui Liqnora Prop.
Cumberland Hotel
Gooil Accomodation      Cusine Kxc.ll.��
Wm. Merry-field
by competition among   themselves
Owing to the large number of lots to be sold and the days being, ^A-^J^'l.^l^-^.i.X.fli^iJ?
short, the auctioneer wishes to commence the sale punctually, " "'
aud none from the farmers,
The enormous interest  snd reserve necessary  to pay  the- war,
loans will be no doubt paid  by the
tax payers that have the least pro- j
tection aud make smallest  protest.
You know who that will be. |
The whole gathering  passed  s
unanimous vote in favor of uniting ,
Perhaps one of the most import-j together.   A committee was chosen, -   -
ant meetings in this province was then and there, aud men were nomi- -_-       ... _ .
held in the city of Duncan   on Sat- j nated from any district represented   lhe   Wfitter  UueStlOTI
urday last when a huge gathering It is greatly to b: hoped  that this
of farmers  from  all  surrounding will not be a spasmodic outburst of
country aid distiicts  around  Vic-'enthusiasm.   The result  rests ab-1
toria discussed whether the farmers solutely with the farmers  themsel-'
of British Columbia should   unite, ves,    For the time being   the  or-1
After some very iutsrestiug discus- gatiizatlon will be called the  Van-'
sion during which many phases  of corner Island Farmers   Protection
the situation were brought forward Society, as the Island is  expected
from the milk producers standpoint to organize before   the   mainland,
the butter   producer,   the chicken Although this started in   Duncans I
mail was also there, aud the   fruit the Comox district is  expected   to
grower. | furnish the greatest strength of the
It seems that the fruit grower in  Vancouver   Island   farmers    M*\
the Upper Country,   iu Okauagau Edmund Davis   and   R.   Hurford
and  distlict   have   to   deoeud  on  were nominated from here,  and   a
Chinese labor,   Boss Chinamen uu- mass meeting of   farmers   will   be
dertake the work by contract,  tak-; held shortly when the project   will
ing part crop.   They   grow  small'be discussed nd farmers from other j
fruits and vegetables between   the districts on the  Island   will   meet
trees, and employ other  chinamen our producers here with a  view to.
at $15 per month.   These laborers organization,
are under contracts with the   boss     All our live farmers  should at-
Chinamen for 5 to 7 years,   as   he tend this meeting,   of  which  due
imports the labor paying the   head notice will   be   given; and  when
tax.    Should the farmer desire   to these brother farmers   come   here
employ the chinamen he has to pay there is  no doubt   that   our  dis-1
$35 per month. trict A'i.l  show  them   a  meeting
Under these circumstances  it is that will   convince  them  of  the
difficult for the fruit grower to sell strength of our valley as compared ,
as cheap as the Chinaman without with  the   Island   districts,    The
facing a loss. spirit of cohesion will  not  be  ab-1 ,
The milk situation showed a lack sent we prophesy, as our   farmers
of cohesion as the  producers  have are just as wide awake to their owu
interests here as elsewhere.
Four Good
water and
light 111
Apply, MRS. WM.  LEWIS
Watchmaker, Jeweller and Opti
at Brown's
Any further particulars may be obtained from
Phone 10 Auctioneer, Courtenay
��o 3fabe_.torg
23 cents a gallon. They pay freight j
etc. out of this.   A few  moments
thought will convince you that the |        Letters to the Editor
remedy lies with the dairymen and Editor Courtenay Review
they should get together,   Nearly     sir:���Through the   medium   of
every branch of labour, and manu- your paper ������ woui,-   reqUMt every
, one to postpone all Patriotic  concerts and dances until after the 14th
of December, on which date a concert aiid dance will be given in aid
of the Overseas Club Hamper Fund
for gifts for the boys who have enlisted from this district,
Yours truly
H. Scott Porteous,
Hon. Corresponding Sec.
Principal repayable 1st October, 1919.
Interest payable half-yearly, 1st April and 1st October by cheque (free
of exchange at any chartered Bank in Canada) at the rate of five per cent
per annum from the date of purchase.
Holders of this stock will have thc privilege of surrendering at par and
accrued interest, as the equivalent of cash, in payment of any allotment
made under any future war loan issue in Canada other than an issue of
Treasury Bills or other like short date security.
Proceeds of this stock are for war purposes only.
A pommission of one-quarter of one per cent will be allowed to recognized bond and stock brokers on allotments made in respect of applications
for this stock which bear their stamp.
For application forms apply to the Deputy Minister of Finance, Ottawa.
OCTOBER 7th, 1916.
Courtenay, B. C.
= =_=_-_____.
Courtenay Tailor
Ladies and Gents Suits
Suits $27 up
Pants $7 up
Cleaning ami
Suits           �� .75
Suits          $1.25 up
Coats               .."'i
Coats                  .75
1'ants               . 2 i
Pauls                  ,50
Skirts             .2.
Skirts                ,50
Vests               . 1 i
Vests                  .35
Dresses            . .SO
Dresses             1.74
Overcoats        .7,
Overcoats         1.25
Rep .irinn, Ktc.
Gents clothe.-, kept in order hv the
month $2.50
Haney  I. Kushida
Store, Union St., Courtenay
First-Class Plumbing
Hot Water and Steamfitting
Jackson & Whittle
Phone g Courtenay
Sand and Gravel
Rates Reasonable
Buggies and Express Wagons
AU Rigs Guaranteed and Sold at the Lowest Possible Price
Blacksmith ard Carriage Builder COURTENAY
���MVM^i^y^MWW^ra'*'**.'!. *****t****tiP***>*****f*****^ [THE   REVIEW.   COURTNEY,   B. C
TT^'A ���  >'���������       iTViSa^r���TT7-
���" ���L_.^_.:.._y_:.1.--
'��� -���_. Mr-r-r^V
"  i .*���.._���,
.(OTtsSi1 mnj-ing Iiis \yay lo (lie
whore llic sirangcr was waiting
overlook Iiini ���"jrl-.r* the door.
"Whal   arc  vou   up   to?"  he  nskd
h I hat-ply, ,lV
W ^.���i*,!*irlp;'io'.rf','ril; to llu* jew
3 a pause
i'l.v excili
til. Ill I'I l wc
aY llicy li"
Wl���� i'i"
y.lll  lliv l.lirnrn. of
_ ' _ _    -,
stones   i.Ill   of  iheir  sell iiii;*;,   doestl'l
"Nol when inc wishes lo have one's
wifc ii|Mo-da'''_"ifi'*i-espe_l of her jewels as of cvCrylliifigfj.else,-"
"Well, I liopc.-j-Hii, wjjl.l .he able In
make your cas^ gc-pid.",,
"Case? Collie, one of your few
merits is  frankness*.'   Speak'rtlifr"
"All rit;iri;'*'Vr;ii,f-|,'0Vl| 'Kastlim* as
lie rose' from wh'crrc die was, sitting,
labor on the Farm
Fresh Air a Necessity
Yearly Employment of Help Would jVei'iilatibri.. of  Homes  Essential  to
Bc of Greal Value to the
Farmers       ��� ������*���'.'*>���'.
I- -i nil labor conditions i-"cciv"id
careful, attention in llie agrieiilljmil
survey conducted on 100 f���rliie"*ii
eiiili oi four counties in Ontario cf-.tr*
're summer
.Health of Occuoants
I ��� M_iiy"CGn)iadlaus have ��� returned
frmn .MmpJi'cr outings, of "vyjiicli tht'
nriu.inal'Tai_act ion and benefit were
lln'*-i'ir'*'iyiiiwiU .of llie open'air. LiV-f
in theijp.fl'has health values sn-
Jjuofe m fear f
'.���nid|_M>". ui'jii.-liil
. ing iu llic oiii
of 1913 liy'tlic:ebfil'r.t?^'ral''Vt,'i��*^-'iirlilU'iil1 ,cllr*;s- a"'1,
during llie warmer months, is fully
nn tho '���'i';.:.i-f^li_'.Siliiii-��J'il],;.urw mission  of Conservation. [during;flie warmer months, is fully
ii_w',..rim - I--* hail��� ��ol:i B|ilm.c. out, Hn-..mili��� th r, .w j ."'"v'.'X .On,- of the signal fails revealedN0/"1, ty l'"' Canadians. Today
.in l.nnl Mailing lum I suppose; il iyo_lcl.be heft,,, iMfeVC' was llio small mimbcr of fanners cm- fl'��h tt��� '.a a r��o_m_ed remedy foi
ilnrt'lo leriT'lroiii'l'im, j,,,.,. nll*W6#j-M'e!s ilTOOTiiVc1 ploying male help by-.Ho vear iUi'^ofiy\iit^y.->iiiArinHnmciny.i and a
j��,Jlllcrjcb_li5-.tone.     11��� ,���v s;mvV wire ViMVhv'vWfi: ���hUi Plindas lu farmers, in Waterloo sViii Pr#Mvi* *)AF$).se, 8cn?ra-jy-   .
pause. , Then  lord    Eastling; looked Llu.nbjoM'-jls b-ol-jict-iu-ra-v.. ���    -:.
slcanlityult his l>iollicr-iu-law-'.,;;'.';;<:-'ljj "^fow/ti'SaUi he, jiuiM, j|<*ll,.t,cll, njo
Paul  looked  back  at   him,  raisiiir; Whiji 'li.fj.i'jeKeii. yb.ii. iiiean hy iplcr-
his eyebrows slightly, as if .(.peeling fining in 'this,way iii my private af-
him    lo..���suirc    But.   Lord. Kaslliiu; I fairs':-"',-^'-     ������.*������    *    -
held his ground. .        ,.Al&ne' whir- I'he-other, I.ord ��� Past-
Lady,, Lrsula, seeing that both' hictilMm'g recoverc��l. h's e.rniiposure also,
were irritated, and vaguely fearful of!"'"Of course .I'll ..tell .yuu," lie snid
an explosion, began lo put-lhe jcw~|'luiclly, "if there's any' need of lell-
els away
willioui aslcmg   any more
Paul laid his hand upon.
"���Wait a moment," he. said. "Don't
put those things away yet. The man
from llie jeweller's is here-to take
them to be rc-set. 1 have just been
seeing him and giving him instructions."
Lord    Eastling,   feeling
wardness   of his position,
Paul  wanted    to speak    to his  wife,
was  moving unwillingly towards the
"Explain yourself."
"That fellow*in the other room is
no more, a respectable jeweller llian J
"No -''pre. respectable llian you are,
very likcl.v," retorted 1'aul with quiet
insolence' "But he's a jeweller. And
anyhow, if. I choose to trust my profile awk-.lperty with him, isn't it my affair?"
and that i    "No," said Lord Kaslling.
Do  you  know  what  you're
lying?    Do you pretend that    you
door.   J'.til ibesc words arrested him,(ought lo have a voice in everything,
and he turned back. : just  because  you  happen  to  bc  my
"Surely," he said, "you don't mean i wife's brother?"
to lit that fellow take away anything1     Lord  Eastling sat on  lhe edge of
of value!   i wouldn't trust him across
thc  street with half a sovereign."
Id- felt that thc circumstances excused this hardihood. Lady Ursula
agreed with him, for she hastily put.
away morc of the unset gems, instead
lhe table    and    regarded  llic    oilier
"J suppose I may as well speak out
now," hc said, at last, after a long
pause, "now we've got so far. I know
that tills fellow who is wailing to take
of obeying her husband.    She knew these stones away was hanging about
that something was wrong, and she, in town in lhc restaurant where j-ou
did not dare to ask what it was.
Meanwhile she hoped thai her husband would change his mind. She
did not care for jewellery in the ab-
incl 1 had luncheon
"Was he?   1 didn't notice him."
"lie and lhe fellow who was with
him must have bad an appointment
stract, but she was proud of the gems j with you, 1 suppose, which
which Paul had given her, and she couldn't keep because I was
felt that lhcy were in danger. you."
How  could   Paul   fail   lo   sec  lhis,|    "Vou  arc  very  discerning!"
too? ;cd  Paul.
Suddenly she looked up at him in- "I don'l know aboul that, but any-
quiringly, He was very pale, and he I how, 1 know you wrote something on
and Lord Eastling wcrc facing each ihc edge of tlie card on the tabic, and
rcspousHiilily.of.t1luniii"��tt*".r>r *   ,���*
"W'hv  should  I. feci anv  ia.'S.I")ii.*i-
L-iiity?,'    ���    'L ,,,;*.:v...."-,
I'ccausc, as I dare .say yon know,
whal has happened liefi during llic
lasl few days has 'drrtl'vB 'Attfttttian to
you. I don't kuow.|i��'sel|' wlio set
mailers' iu motions hut' J .,d.o_kn.ow
that there js a policc'oflic'r walling
in thc grounds." "���" '*'"' ���'
"What does that iiiallei- to inc?"
liul Paul had changed color, and
as lie spoke he glanced'iiciyouslv out
of the window. Lord Ensiling came
a step nearer lo him,'and lowered his
voice. ���    '  '"
"It's a confoundedly unpleasant
business for us all/' he.'said. "And I
never thought I should haw. lo .warn
a member of my family. ������ even a
member by marriage, that he was being shadowed By  lhc police."
"They're welcome io shadow ine,"
said   Paul,  recovering himself.
"Well," said I.ord Eastling, "I hope
.lil;"fes'._.he._'iliiiosphcrc hi' many
nd il cannot    he otherwise
xeludc llir
\thili' those ptoviih'iig euiiitoviiii'iit by J'811 ,  .
lhe. dav only wen- -ll iii Dunclas, 26 lil home.fi   ami It can,,
Waterloo, 50 in   .Viirtliuiuliorli'mr.rhH''''-1-'-' .1-MUIKSi.a*-* built I
" iii Carlctou,     Farmers   vinplo..v'iiig.j-.vj.'Vlr
'male help by    mixed methods 'mini-].   ���',������>'
bored  Ifi in  Duiidas. -I_ in Waln-loo,'] I;"11'- :'n'l  'f;"1
1|1 In Northumberland and 9 in Car
Jeion.      Trails!
"thus provided fi
400 fanners, as
I     In   view   of   lhc
! regarding  the   sea
tlie    foregoing
much  of lhe li
ers' own inakiii
expect   that  a
can    he maintained    Ip sii]
large demand at specific limes
what  an- llu
lihood     during     lhe  balance of     the
���ar?    True,  there are on  lhe greal
1*0 utilize
miiioii mistake to confuse
,iir  or  eolii aud  good
nir,     In- atmosphere   may be below
nt   employ ul   $s1*e**ln* ;""! S,|M 1,c W>,,?,,''_'"?>
i- 256 meii among the be excessively warn, and still be pure,
igainsl 61 continually   , ����! !'^ ,sl"!"1'1   h'* veniik, cd so
I thut it will bc impossible inr the oc-
,,|;,i|llsc���p;.���ls to. breathe  air already  used
,.,,,      - r       )|L%1     A. simple means-of keeping the. air
lata    indicate    that0' ;i n,Hlm 'rcsl' ls by ;l ,',"ss t,raft'
secured    tliroi:
ciilic-r side ol'
i:.       !   I n,,!..:lfn'''f WJ!U-OWS   < ,,,,,,
nly,  the upper sash should lie low-
lercd luul lho lower one raised.   Tllis
lt  Is to
the farm-
) much to J
is by a cross
i  open     windows on
house.   Where there
the side of a  room
ft.   rreu ami
 ll  lo secure a livcJ?,,'0WS,,l,}f  W:""'-        , ,,       ,,,,
lhe  balance of    lhe  through the opening above lhc uppci
sash as llie pure
i.i.i:,,nn   . ���is periods of    great ilow.' H'c lower. .
pressure,    when    lhe crops    must bo       I ^  ut.lixe    an  opening    above
I  it  is usually al  theso   'Pp" s;,sl' ��' a w,��dow fl,lly {?' "'*
Illation    and    at  the  same    lime  to
foul air to escape
old air enlers be
.      ,     r>   eared  for, and il is usually
vou mean it.   But I have to add that   times that lhe additional help is eiu-|,  '       , ���   , ,	
',      '"*������'" ��������    *���*������; ' ".in. ;o .uui ii ai i lower  thc  window    shade,  thc latter
the    man    who    is watching    in the  Ployed, _ I
told I     The   fanner   is   not   alone   in      this
life," '.situation, however; many of our larg-|
I est  factories    and    business    houses
grounds is the very officer win
inc all 1 know about your past
"D ," said Paul.
said   Paul,
mind your
with fierce look
"It's a pity, Eastling,'
"that you can't learn to
own business."
"I've found minding other people's
business to succeed thc best," retorted thc young man, with blazing eyes.
"What do you  mean?"
that the waiter'took it ovcr to lhc
Paul was surprised. He betrayed
tllis by lhc flash of bis eyes.
"I'cally! Vou seem able to sec
much further into a mill-slonc than
other people," he  said,
"So    thai when he    went to your
"Ive had a hand in bringing about'room at the hotel, and was hanging, will naturally b.
1 satisfactory (settlement    of a vcry'about the village yesterday," went on ! conditions    being
(To Bc Continued. 1
For Better Crops
Selected Seed Will Increase the Yield
of Grain
Every farmer is anxious lo increase
the yield oi his crops, but too few-
realize the comparative ease with
which this can bc done. Quite apart
from the duly incumbent upon every
patriotic citizen to produce as much
as possible, lhe raising of tlic aver-
ago number of busiiels per acre
grown throughout tiie West will
make a considciabie economic raving in lhe cost oi production, if
with the ordinary preparation given
to the land on an average larm
several more bushels ot wheat, or
other grains, can bc grown per ae.c,
the cost of production of that grain
I have had the same conditions to j
meet. One of the largest clothing
manufacturers    of the United States
j recently  stated  that  the  keeping  lo-
gother of their slaff of skilled workers had been onc of their hardest,
problems.    They had solved il, how-
lover, by utilizing their employees audi
'plain  in  llic  manufacture of     oilier
lines for which it was adaptable dur-|
ing  the  off  seasons  in  the  clothing
So with the farmer,   lie has at his
may bc attached to the roller by lour
or live pieces of lapc, about five inches long. This leaves a space between the roller and shade through
which llic impure air may escape.
Thc shade should also be shortened
so that when drawn down lo expose
lhc opening at Ihc top it leaves an
opening also at the bottom. This
will permit constant changing of the
air of a room.
Canadians should bc as fond ol
fresh air in winter as in summer. The
benefit of the three or four warmer
months with the open-air life is often
offset by lhe shutting-in process adopted    in the autumn,   and lhe life
air months arc frequently followed by
'lassitude and nervous depression, due
I entirely
to lhc lack of proper vcntil-
admit   you   overheard   tll8
between the   defendant and
said Lord    Eastling
equal, the fanner
it was inevitable that'will make a higher net pr'olit per acre,
oneself what bc was jit is certain that an increase in yield
can bc obtained on every farm if
carefully selected, plump, pure . eed
of a suitable variety be used. Dr.
James W. Robertson, president of the
Canadian Seed Growers' Association,
said in his address al the last annual
mccling that at leasl $3,000,000, more
was obtained for crops last year
through llle work of thc association
in  promoting  seed  selection,  and '.as
grave scandal
This frank reminder of the way**hi
which lie had played delcctive threw
Paul into a rage. He sprang ai llis
brother-in-law. Lady Ursula, on the
alert, threw herself between  Ihem.
"Think what you're doing, think
what you're saying, both of you," she
implored, speaking in a low voice, in
thrilling tones of passionate appeal.
"And think of mc."
The words, the tone, thc lender-' This was plain speaking, Bul Paul'yd 'ts activities are confined lo a
ness wiih which she thrust a hand j had luul similar straightforward blows comparative few farmers throughout
out   towards   each   of  them,  keeping  from his brother-in-law before. Iliic country. According to official sta-
thein aparl, and at the same timc-im-l    "Well," he said, "your cheek is al- fttstics,   ovcr   -I'i   million   bushels of
pressing upon them her own affection most too superlative to make one an- seed of all kinds are required annii-
gry." ally in Canada.    Of lhis amount, the
' "ilow can you bc angry," said LordD1,rce v*'*'slern provinces use about 20
Lord Eastling
one should ask
Paul turned upon him sharply.
"Well, and  what  do  you  think  he
was doing!-" demanded he.
��� But   the   younger   man   held   his
"i suppose I may take it for granted," lie said slowly, "lhat he was here
in connection with the loss of Mrs.
Finchdcn's pearls."
command   a wide range   of produc-i      , ...       ,   .    .       ,
lion.    By so operating his farm,    hc!a!ul v,Ror displayed during the open
can  increase,    his    work at    seasons
when   otherwise  there   would  bc  no
employment for his help.    Competent
help is as economical on lhe farm as
in the factory; training help is an ex-l
pensive undertaking,     By providing!      sou
continuous employment, thc    farmer 3u**r-'?'
not   only   overcomes   tIiis constant ''is wife?"
training of new men, but obtains the        *'?> sor> J do,   stoutly maintained
reduced- and, oilier '��������rc valuable assistance of men -fa- the'Witness.
miliar wilh his farm conditions. I       -lell  lhc  court,  if you
One of the maxims of tho Schools! he seemed to be doing."
Division of the Experimental Union ,    He seemed to bc dom'
of   lhc Onlaino   Agricultural College "lg.
might bc adopted with   profit   by Hie I 	
transient employers of labor, "Learn|
to look forward and plan your work."
By doing lhis ihc sjack seasons would
be eliminated, the farm would greatly increase its production, tho farmer
would bc better off financially and
would also be relieved of the worry
due lo lhc help problem.
can, what
the liflen-
Queer Superstition
and her own Irusl in  their Limine
had au instant effect upon bolh men.
Lord Eastling took his sister's hand
in  his  and  held it.
"I'm sorry, dear," said he, "thai I
lost my temper. Afler all," and he
raised his head and glanced at llis
brother-in-law, "perhaps I can be
more useful downstairs than I can
He'dropped   Lady TJrsnJa's   hand. ���
and wenl quickly out of ihe room.     [belter,
An exclamation, which lie smothered for his wife's sake, burst from
Paul's lips,
���'! ifim-l see lhat he doesn't make
mischief," said he quickly, and wilh a
muttered apology to Lady Ursula,
who Iried in vain, by clinging lo his
sleeves, to detain him, ho gol rid of
her affectionate, imploring hands and
followed the other man.
Lord Eastling was, as Paul had ox-
Eastling, "when you know lhat I've
dragged you out of one quagmire already?"
"\\ hat quagmire?"
"Arrest  for  stealing  lhc  pearls."
Paul shrugged his shoulders.
"Oh, arc we never lo hear the last
of lhal stor)-, thai I'm a forger and
|i thief?( Don't you think it would nc
instead of Jang1lTI3 lirefBC ni-
uinniej before pic always, In the
knowledge ihai 1 iaiil upset your
jVeoplc by resenting litem, if you were
to have mc arrested and have done
with ii?"
"ll won't resi whli me," said the
other quietly,    "ll   you arc  arrested,
Uneducated   Peasants   Believe
the Czar of Russia Has
Only One Ear
The uneducated peasants    ill
Cherson-province of Russia have an
extraordinary belief that lhe Czar has
only one ear. Thev arc confirmed in
with that obtained by the best farm; j their belief by pictures  and  pholo-
million bushels. In spile of the nil-'
incuse yields obtained in Canada in
lhc pasl, the average yield per acre
is unnecessarily low when compared
jers. For instance, lhc average yield
of spring wheat per acre is about l9
bushels, for oals, 35 bushels and for
.barley 2*i bushels. But many of lhc
lust |jjj an ers regularly produce ajl
average of T? UT-0 BlRllCi. per acre
of wheat, from  55  to fv'   bushels  of
ioats, and  from 'ID  lo  50 bushels  of
'barley. Several factors are responsible for these high average yields,
but one of lhc chief among Ihem is
the careful    production   and use    of
When Your Eyes Need Care
���it for Kill, Weak,
Cue Murine Eve:Uedtclni
fine ��� Ai'in qulokl.. T
Bore Byes _B_ar_nul���t.(l KypiuiH. Murine lj
compounded by our Ociillnts���not a "Patent
Medicine"-luiuiiifid in suiririssfiil Tli vsi.'inn.'
Practicei "or many year* Now dedicated io
ic Public nnd eold by Druggist* ni B0a per
Bottle. Murine Kye Solve In Aseptic Tulles.
Joe and 50c. Write l.ir book ot the Eve Free.
Murine Eye Romedy Company Chicago. Adv
Mr. Briglcy (entertaining a few
friends): Vou didn't brush lhc cobwebs off lhis bottle of porl!
James: Excuse me, sir, but I saw
you putting them on this morning,
��nd 1 woulmi't lake lhc liberty unhid!
, clean, pure plump seed of a suitable
n will be in spite of my efforts, and lv.lri(.1Vi As sm,��� ;is *|,c grain is ma-
nol hy the help ol  ihem ,���__   f/,   ,llc   timc   t0  sc|cc,   lhc   |K.rl
Arrested for what? Stealing h(.u|s |n ,|lc crop for sowing ill a
pearls that never were stolen, that'sccci r,]0t nexl spring. Every farm-
ivere taken as a praclieai joke, and ��� j��� |.js -_.��� interest, if for no
replaced oil the lirst opportunity!' i0.-,-r reason, should lhis vear deter-
ilcniandcd Paul. | i11lim. (.it|,(.r ,��� 8-|cc|  'l,c |,cst  heads
Oil, no. We've done witli t!iat|0f grain in Iiis own crop or make ar-
It Doesn't Pay
To buy inferior articles
for home use, no matter
liow small the article is.
With matches, a.s wilh
everything else, it pays
to buy the besl.
Will save your time and
temper, for they are good
strikers, SAl'K, SORB, and
sn. i:.nt.
_= EDDY'S ���
|affair, ihank goodness,
"What other?"
"There  are  the  jewels  which  you
gave to my sister as a wedding present."
"Well, what about  them?"
"It seems an odd tiling lo take thc
rangements for securing a sufficient
amount of first-class seed to lie u
readiness for next year's crop. ll
would also pay farmers to become
members of the Canadian Seed
Growers' Association, which costs
nothing and will be of great benefit.
���The Grain Growers' Guide.
graphs of the Czar showing a sidc-
facc view and naturally exhibiting
only one car. They account for lho
absence of llic other in the following
Some lime ago, llicy say, a deputation from llieir province waited upon
the Czar, and in lhc course of the
meeting llic Czar is said lo have
slated that all Russian laud would hc
equally divided among the peasants
of the various districts.
To tllis one of the deputation boldly said: "As sure as you cannot see
vour own cars you will nol divide the
. land."
The Czar's reply to this was lo cut
off one of bis (tlie Czar's) cars, wliicli
he placed upon the table, remarking
as lie did so, "As surely as I now see
my ear 1 will divide the land." To I ^jf" ingenuity, three possible lines
.lhis day one may lind Cherson peas- ���- ,\0;nKc for Sir Roger Casement,
ants who firmly believe that be has 0nc of t|1(!se was based on the plea
'only one car.-���lit-Dits. \   e jnsanity,   When Casement saw the
  | manu9crjpt he rejected it at once as
j    "Paw, what's Ihe longest period of I quite out of the question.   "No, no,"
time?" he said, "Shaw; must have thought he
!    "Prom one pay-day lo the next."     was writing his own defence."
A story is being told in the Lorn
tlon clubs about thc onc and only
G.T'.S.       Shaw   drew   up, with his
W.      N.
ED__OSETfA"isgoodte_' THE   REVIEW.   COURTNEY.   B. C.
It not only softens  thc
water but doubles the cleansing power of soap, and r.wkes
everything   sanitary   and
���**--n*    lOnoNii) our _*"*_Zi
The Rights of a Citizen
Henceforth, no young man should
bc permitted to exercise lhc rights
ami privileges of a voting citizen unless he can show affirmatively (1).
that he has a good character and
reputation; (_') that lie is able lo earn
._ living by doing sonic, kind of use-,
ful work; and (j) lhal he has been
trained in the duties of citizenship,
including a knowledge of Ins ordinary
��:ivic obligations and a duly, certified
fitness to render appropriate service
in case llic community or the country needs him in time of war or,olhcr
public emergency, -American ReviewI
tif Reviews. I
Impurities of the Blood Counter-
ctcd. ���Impurities in the blood cornel
from defect's iu llic action of lhc
liver. They arc revealed by pimples
and unsightly blotches ou the skin.
They musl lie treated inwardly, and
for this purpose llicrc is uo more effective compound lo he used than
Parmclcc's Vegetable I'ills. They
acl directly on lhc liver and by setting up healthy processes have a bcu-|
eficial effect upon the blood, so that
impurities arc eliminated.
Kings Are Fighters
Lumber Over the Counter
The recent reference to a department store iu Portland, ( Ire,, in
which lumber is sold iii "short
lengths for odd jobs," has been followed by the establishment of similar departments in a dozen big American cities, where bits of board are
sold for two, three or five cents. The.
idea has spread so rapidly lhal a
company has been formed at Portland, Ore., under the name of the
Miniature Lumber Company, to sip
ply department stores with cabinets
for llic display of such lumber,
A Clever Dog
Learned a Trick Thai Worked Both
There was an oh! lady wlio rented
a furnished villa for ihe slimmer,
anil with the villa also went a luge
dog. In the silling loom of the villa
llicrc was a verv comfortable arm
chair. The old lady liked lhe chair
boiler than any olhcr in lhe house,
But  alas!  she  nearly always  found
llic chair occupied by the large dog. I
Being  afraid   of   Pie  dog,  she  never
dared bid ii harshly to get out of ihc|
chair, as she feared that il might bitcj
Tlirr an
Don't Persecute
your Bowels
Cut out cuthartics and pnr^,.iivci.
iiriital"liarsli-unnet*e*._;-ry. '] ry
Purely vt��|f etn.le. Act
gently on tticlivrr.
soothe th-den.
"Vou  do
your bill i
not  leave  this  hotel  until
'Vou  are  too  kind;
I   take    il,  is
he would go to lhc I
would rush lo the
,  and  the  old  lady
thc    vacant    chair
Bird Lovers���Cd
Diek This Free
11 will well icpriy you in ii
llruck'-i lliul St'i'd.' llt'cnu*. [tic
iimck's unexcelled Iflril Reed
"iivai." Yi'sVii Irenl Hint dick i
wiili. H's a wonderful Ionic i
provius ulgcstjon, |}luitin_c und
lii'iiU ���. ninl Seed is acl.iitiOcnll
nud In llic only food Mini is specially set
[[diluted I'ni lenllicrcd Ml* in tlit.clliiintc,
Wrlld '(win. farlnniplc ol llrock's liiid Sent
ntidcnkcof Urock. Bird Trent, nud your pet will
���cry pnckiuo i
nil   Will   lind
Jit lie dellgliti
ir vuni pet, in
"Did you meet any nice men while
you were away?"
"Ves, mother,    T.ols of them."
"Lots of them! There aren't  thai
many in llie  whole world."���Detroit
Frco Press.
Royalty   Is   Represented in Fighting
Lines on All Battle Fronts
Those ingenious souls among the
pacifists wlio have been assuring a
war-weary world thai if the riders
wlio started llic war really knew what
actual war meant they would not
provoke it or keep it up are arguing
wilhoui their host. Never in all history have those al lhe head of things
known what the actual horrors are
more iiiinulely than is thc case just
now. There is mil a.king or an Emperor or a President or a Premier
who lias nol been iu the trenches and
al the froul iu all seasons and on all
occasions. The recent visit of King
George lo France merely repeals a
previous trip lo lhc front, while lhc
Kaiser's actual participation in the
campaigns in the cast and in the west
has been one of tlie striking features
of lhc war, and llic King of Italy lias
fought side by side with his subjects.
For pathos, the sufferings and flight
of Nicholas of
Pclcr of Serbia
as much might be said of tlie quiet I victim of asthmatic attacks lias ever
endurance and hopefulness of Albert | known. Letters received from thoti-
of Belgium,     No; whether for wcalj sands who have tried it form a tes
&   nn..
"What's your idea of an optimist?"
"A professional prizefighter  idling
what iic is going to do lo the other
Asthma Overcome. ��� The triumph
ovcr asthma lias assuredly come. Dr.
Montenegro and of I J. D. Kellogg's Asthma Remedy has
arc unequalled,  and  proved the most positive blessing the
window   and   call
Then lhc dog
window  and  bark
would slip    into
(Inc. day the dog entered the room
and found lhc old lady in possession
of the chair. lie strolled over to the
window and, looking out, appeared
\ery much excited and set up a tic-1
mentions barking.
The old lady rose ami hastened lo!
the window, to see what was tlie |
matter. Then the dog quietly climb-;
ed  into the  chair.���Chicago  Herald.   I
Cate Can
Sick lleedaehe nod Indigettion, ai millioni knot.
Small Pill, Small Doae, Small Price,
Genuine must bem Signature
"Some. reporters, said James
Kecly, the Chicago publisher, "clotl'l
pursue their ��� stories far enough. I
have iu mind a reporter who would
have gotten back from Bclsliazzar's I
Feast with lhe menu card all righl, I
and missed lhc Handwriting ou llic j
Is no more n.re*iMry
than Sm .it I pox,   hmf
eiperleiic- In* demoaf-.ral-.
Uie alui-r-t mlrtenleul *rtft*
Cacv, andharmlcssness.of An'.itypt.oi" Vacunatioi.
Dcvacctualc. NOW by your phy:kl_r, you and
four larr.l'.y.   tt tl mere viral than bellfe lasunnce.
Ask y-ur pbyilcUn, d'rur;.!il,OTS-r.H_l    Hats
.ouhiKlTyprioiil?" letting ol Typhold,J��eel_i1
results Irom us , and oVmc-r fr'.m Typhoid Ctrri-n.
riODUCItie VACCINES . S'..-*!* UMJIH II. l.   ���- '  UCUU
Minard's Liniment Cures Burns,
Minard's Liniment Cures Dandruff.
or woe, the Kings know what war
means, and the knowledge has not
lessened their determination to fight
it out till a durable peace is in sight.
���Philadelphia Ledger.
Ever Feel "Dopy"
After Meals?
Our Race Has Not Degenerated
We havc a list of decorations
awarded to officers and men in lhc
rich! which occupies a full page of thc
morning papers. England and the
colonies���for both Canadians and
Australians    arc  conspicuous    iu the
lists-     ,	
ed accounts that arc given of the potter. Good health and jovial spirits
deeds wliicli have been singled out are quickly found in this celebrated
for honor.   There could bc no belter : iticclicinc.
At limes wc all feci dull and heavy.
Just one thing lo do ��� relax the
bowels and cleanse lhc system wilh
Dr. Hamilton's Pills. Unclean matter is flushed out, the liver is toned,
-wilircad wilh pride the detail- blood is purified, and at once you feci
Enormous benefits follow
proof  that  lhe  spirit  of lhc  race  is
thc use   of Dr. Hamilton's    Pills
as high as it has ever been, and thai!every
tiinonial Which leaves no room
doubt that here is a real remedy,
it today from your dealer,
"Nearly everybody has sonic distinguishing designation that permits him
to attach a scries of letters lo his
"Ves,"  replied  Farmer  Corntossol,
"I must say I approve of it. 1 never
got any    regular degree,    bul  it's  a
r -| heap of satisfaction lo mc to see 'P
F. d;
on tho mail sent lo my ad-
Cook's Cotton Root Coispottal
A *afe, relieiUe rc-riJati**,
IKe_i_l.ru. Sola in Ibrw d��
irrees of strength. No. I.
Sl; No. 2, S3; No, 1. II
per box. Hold by lU
druggists, or sent prepaid tn plain package o*.
receipt of price, tfr**
pamphlet.    Address:
IU0KTB. CUT. (.'un
Biggest Concern in the World
"The Minister of Munitions, in the
small space of a few weeks has become head of onc of the most gigantic  business  concerns  the. world  has
ever seen.   Under the control of his
department some two and a half mil-;
lion men and women arc employed,
whose sole business in life is to pro-:
duce millions of guns of every sort i
and size, millions of tons, of shot and |
shell, all for the purpose of destroying Germans, Atlstrians and Turks."
���London (Eng.) Herald.
Rumania on Water Wagon
According    to the Vossischc    Zci-
individual bravery has risen rather
than diminished in the long years of
comparative peace. Lists such as
these are the best answer to those
who assumed the degeneracy of the
race before war broke out. As wc
read of the acts which have been singled out for mention, we have the
feeling that the tests applied to heroism have never before been so
strict, and that a man musl do something very exceptional indeed before
his claims to distinction arc recognized.���Westminster Gazelle.
lhcy arc very mild, very  lung, Russia has induced Rumania lo
���  ���       ��� -     prohibit absolutely the sale of liquors
and to consent to the appointment
of Russians as members of thc Rumanian secret police and department
prompt and guaranteed by lhc inal
ers. Insist on getting Dr. Hamilton's
Pills, 25c per box everywhere.
St. Isidore, P. Q��� Aug. 18, 1894.
Minard's Liniment Co., Limited,
Gentlemen, ������ I havc frequently
also prescribe it for my patients
always with the most gratifying results, and I consider it the best all-
round Liniment extant,
Yours truly,
Trie NEWFi.riCH n.M.ov. nn N<1 a.*.
trealiun cm, cunei> chromic rt'_.��rA>_'s l r ������..;��
NLBS KITIIRK Uo DJtUQOtirSor MAIt-ll P. '.' * J T%
roH-iNTo WRITS FOB FREE fl It TO OR L2 G.ll|
MED C'> nAVEhstilCKRn  ..AUr3T-_.0_.OlfE ' ��� W
%MH1\\i\X   IRADB   MAI.fct"**   WORD   ''.���"���?��� :%
SV.ll. tiUVI  S.A'Jr Atr PIXEL   TO ALL GSaVUlI . nCUl*
Something better than linen -ind bi. __u_t***-
ind water     All
style jnd   ___      l-rr
hills. Wash it wit!
stores nr direct, st.it
25c. wc will mall yuu
CANADA, Limit*.
Sfl Frauer Avt*_u��. T*.__lo. Oat
"What's the matter, Bobbie?"
"Please,    auntie,    1 don't like
"Well, dear, don't cat it."
"But, auntie,  I  have eaten it."
"Another Article
Against Tea and
In spite of broad publicity,
many people do not realize
the harm that the drug, caffeine, in tea and coffee does
to many users, until they
try a 10 days' change to
Postum satisfies the desire for a hot table drink,
and its users generally sleep
better, feel better, smilo
oftener and enjoy life more.
A fair trial���off both tea
and coffee and on Postum���
"There's a Reason"
C��.��diln Postum Cereal Co., Ltd.,
Windsor, On��,
"Safety First" With Firearms
F.ach year the shooting season records a long list of accidents due to
carelessness of Tiunlcrs in lhc forest
and in lhc use of firearms.
A gun going off accidentally and
hilling the owner, climbing fences
with the gun loaded and cocked, or
shooting at a companion in mistake
for an animal arc stereotyped causes.
With the knowledge of the danger of
handling firearms, it is surely incumbent upon hunters lo exercise every
precaution and keep continually before them the motto "safety first."
A safe and sure medicine for a child
troubled with worms is Mother
Graves' Worm Exterminator,
W.     N.     U.     1127
Calls for Vengeance
Maori Member of New Zealand Parliament Makes Striking Speech
A_ striking speech was made at the
closing session of the House of Representatives of the Dominion Parliament at Wellington, N.Z., by Dr,
Pomare, a member of the Cabinet
and a Maori. A resolution was be
fore the House expressing the Parliament's inflexible determination to
"continue the war lo a successful
end," when Dr. Poniarc arose and
"Today Aegean breezes stir the
grasses ovcr lhe graves of mine and
yours, and wherever a Maori hear
the moan of the wind, whenever he
hears the boom of guns it remind;
him that away beyond the seas ulu
(revenge) has got lo be brought
about for lhc dead. For that reason
the Maori's determination to end lhc
war victoriously is just as inflexible
as that of the pakeha (white man).
One result of the war will bc the cohesion of the Empire and the understanding between the different races
under the British flag. The spirit of
Rcwi and of other big fighters lives
in the Maori today, and he erics hi
the same spirit of defiance, 'Akc, akc,
ake!' (for ever and for ever)."
In piling for vengeance for the
Maori dead Dr. Poniarc had particular reference to lhc handful of soldiers of his race who, with a few
while New Zealandcrs, reached, after
desperate fighting, and held for a
few minutes during thc Suvla Bay
operations, a position from which
they could see the central Dardanelles. This, it is said, was the utmost point reached by any of the
allied troops in the Gallipoli campaign.
A bale of wool recently offered for
sale on the London Wool Exchange
for the benefit of dependents of lhe
men who lost their lives in lhc naval
battle and by thc foundering of the
of finance and as commanders of the Hampshire, was sold and resold about
forts in northeastern Rumania, and fifty times in ten minutes, and real-
administrators of the railroads. ized ovcr $7,500 for the fund.
My dear,    I I
different   |
Stage Manager
you would wear
the second act.
Rita Ravcnyclp: But tl
test style fall dress, and I paid
hundred dollars  for it.
Stage Manager: That may b I
but  when  your  husband  say;,  "U :-
man, you are hiding something frc
line," the   audience can't    figure   . .
what he means.
M -vs.
'���*' ���-_
The Modern Scourge
and How to Meet it
Mrs. Bloom: Do you find it more
economical to do your own cooking?
Mrs. Synie: Oh, yes; my husband
doesn't cat half as much as he did!
The speed at which we live, the hustle now so
necessary for   success   have  unfortunately a very
adverse effect on the nervous and digestive systems
of Canadians. The baneful results, increased lately
to an alarming degree, often lay the seeds of more
deadly trouble, but it will be satisfactory to learn
of the ever-increasing popularity in thc Dominion, of the Great
British Remedy, Dr. Cassell's Tablets.
Dr. Ramsay Colles, J.P. of the City of Dublin, a man of high eminence in the scientific
world, says:���" I have great pleasure in expressing my satisfaction as to the curative effect of
Dr. Cassell's Tablets in cases of nerve troubles, From several cases which have lately come under
my notice I am able to form lhe opinion (hat Dr. Cassell's Tablets constitute a safe and reliable
family remedy, and appear to be specially effective for nerve and bodily weakness."
Dr. Cassell's Tablets are Nutritive, Restorative, Alterative, and Anti-Spasmodic, and of great
therapeutic value in all derangements of the Nerve, Digestive, and Functional Systems in old or
young. They are the recognised modern home remedy for Dyspepsia, Nervous Breakdown,
Stomach Catarrh, Kidney Disease, Nerve and Spinal Paralysis, Infantile Paralysis, Rickets, St.
Vilus' Dance, Anaunia, Sleeplessness, Brain Fag, Headache, Palpitation, Wasting Diseases, Vital
Exhaustion, Loss of Flesh, and Premature Decay. Specially valuable for Nursing Mothers and
during the Critical Periods of Life.
Druggists and Dealers throughout Canada tell Dr. Cassell's Tablets.  If not procurable in your city send to the*>
sole agents, Harold F. Ritchie & Co., Ltd., 10, McCaul Street, Toronto; 1 tube SO cents, 6 tubes lor the price of five.
Sole Proprietors:���Dr. Cassell's Co., Ltd., Manelitster, Enr.
Dr. Cass el Is
Seed f*�� n*m tad eddem **S % tents toe
post**,, etc., u HtroU F. RVcJm * Co., IX.,
10, MtCmtl Stetot, ToeMtle. tnd a centrum,
temple ��i_ ���< *_t,_J ��-j pw<���S!d*f
f  '������'���   ��� '��
i>*r*ki1��jtt*'hW ' .   \>ULS**#&*l^r^^
Is Your
_'        .. '���-��� i��-.���,'>>' y-tfuL
To Messrs. Hicks Beach & Field,
Agents for the
London and Lancashire Fire Insurance Co.,
Courtenay, B. C,
Dear Sirs,���
I wish to thank you For the prompt manner in which the London &
Lancashire Fire Insurance Gompany havo settled my recent loss by fire.
The fire occured on October tho 2nd, and my receiving cheque inside of a
week is proof to me that it pays to insure in an old and established Fire
Insurance Company, when onc can bc sure there will be no delay in making
settlement, providing the assured lias taken the trouble to sec that the
description, etc., is correct .as set out in his policy.
Thanking you, I remain, yours truly,
Courtenay, B. C, October 9th, 1916
__ ... . . . . . Liquor License Act,
 ~*~ "~ Liquor License Act
Horses Want
Mr.   E. Atkinson of Vancouver,
will be at the
from Sunday November 12, until
Thursday, Nov. 16, buying
If you have horses for sale, call, or
Phone 3
Notice is hereby given that on tbe
1,5th. day of December, next, application
will lie made to llie noard ol License
commissioners of the city uf courtenay
for renewal of the hotel license to sell li>
quor by retail ill thejhotel known ns
the Courtenay Hotel situated in the city
nf courtenay, in the Province of British
Thomas booth.
Dated this 1st day   ol   November   1916.
Lquor License Act-
Notice is hereby given that on the
15th, day of December, next, application
will be made to the Hoard of License
commissioners of the city of courteuay
for renewal of the hotel license lo sell liquor Jby retail ill the h tel known as
the Riverside hotel, situated in the city
uf courtenny, in the Province of British
Dated this 1st day of November, 1916.
Special Tire  Bargains
Having purchased a large quantity of 30 x 3 1-2
plain casings, suitable for Fords'and other cars, we
are offering same at $12.00.cash, F. 0. B.any point
on the Island. These casings''are'^exceptionally
good value and guaranteed .or^3500jmiles.1	
Plimley's Garage
j\jV-tStJ-q>rV-*~^ie-^(~*r*mtm.-<~r~~ ��� ^~'' ��� '��������*'���"t*t*m.t*.m.t**T*r*m^****���_*���_**���**
NOTICI* is hereby given that, on the
first day of December next, application will be made lo the Superintend-1
enl of Provincial Police   lur   renewal of '���
the hotel license to sell liquor  by retail
iu the hotel kiuwn as  the  Heriot  Bay
Hotel, situate at Heriot Bay, ill the Province of British Columbia,
Dated this 21st day uf Sept. 1916.
H. A. BUM.,
Accounts Audited and
Books Kept
Office with Hicks  Beach  &  Field
Palaee Livei-y
Harses and  Buggies for Hire -
Terms cash.
We also attend to wood hauling
Courtenay Phone 25
I have just installed a cider mill
and am prepaied to make cider
every day. Bring your apples and
cider vessels.
Three   Reasons Why
has lor nine succesive years written the
Largest Canadian Business
of any company operating in'Canada
Its Premiums are the Lowest
Its Policies are the most Liberal
Its Dividends are the Highest
Vancouver Island Branch
109 Union Bank Bldg. Victoria, B. C.
P. L. ANDERTON, Agent, Courtenay
Tickets are now on sale for a con.
cert and dance to be held in the
school house next Monday evening
iu aid of the Belgian children now
remaining in that pa_t of Belgium
now occupied by the Germans.
Before deciding upon how many
tickets you will take think upon
the increasing hardships thrust upon the innocent children, That a
pitiless winter is fast approaching,,
and that they are in the clutches of
a still less pitiful enemy who has
robbed them of heart, home, and
kindred, That while they are being
supplied by the Neutral Commission for relief with a daily rati on,
this is barely sufficient to keep them
alive, That we here are safe from
any such inhuiii-ii sacrifices as have
been forced upon them, That
while the little we can do will not
iu itself bring relief to the two aud
a half millions of children estimated to be remaining in that part of
Belgium still held by the Germans.
it is hoped lhat in conjunction with
the efforts of other school children
throughout the Dominion of Canada all of which aro using their utmost endeavors at the same time
that a substantial offering' may be
made towards alleviating the sufferings of Belgian children, and thereby frustrating Germany's systematic warfare on children and in


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