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The Review Nov 16, 1916

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Can not bo dmiu uny letter,
not oiiitii so   wull miywlii io   i
liuroaliiiutn,   Our tynu.nn I m n 1
ory iH i iploto mill 'I'i ,- Iti.
prions u<��rl||li
Classified Ads.
Mulie   ynir  little:   Wants  known
/"\t"it*'i���li a l'lw-��ili>.'l A'K.rii "i.'i'
Sjl Tho Rovlow   *   -   ���   l'lidi.6 51
MWwllP��'��. ���.��,.......
VOL. 4
J }.  -52
Nov. 18, at Courtenay, Men's Furnishings, Boots &
Shoes, etc., for Loggie Bros. Sales at 1.30 in afternoon and 7.30 in thc evening
Nov. 20, at Union Bay, Household Furniture for Mr.
E, Lindon. Sale at 1.30.
Nov. 22, at 12.30 o'clock, prompt.
For H. W. Hebe-den, Esq., on his premises
Little River Rond, one half mile from Comox, the whole of his
Household Furniture and  Outdoor Effects, including Ford Touring Car, Dairy Cow, Chickens, etc.
Pni'ticuln's in posters. No reserve. Terms cash.
Telephone 10 COURTENAY
$6.00 Per Ton
Delivered in Courtenay
All Orders Will Receive Prompt Attention
Phone 43 Courtenay
Last year about this time we offered to rent a Sew E Z Sewing
machine motor to anyone for a
very small sum per day.
To every dollar paid iu rent for
the motor we gave one chance'in a
drawing which was to be held as
soon as we had received ;,the price
of the motor iu rents. There are
still a few chances left, and we
would strongly advise anyone who
has any sewing to do to give this
proposal a thought.
The motor does all the labor of
sewing, leaving nothing for you to
do but guide the material, and does
all this at a cost of about half a
cent an hour for current.
Courteuay Electric Light Co,
Local Lines
For Silk-���io young pigs, 7 weeks
oltl, $5 each.    Apply \V. Fletcher.
Courtenay, B, 0,,   or  enquire at
Shepherd & Co,
Auctioneer Hardy will conduct
an Auction Side for Mr. Heberdeu
nt C'Miiox, on Wednesday afternoon
next. And at Union liny on Monday he will sell for lv Lindon, all
his household effects, etc,
The Misses Milligiiu and Gibson
arc desirous of thanking the parents
of the children and o hers who _o
generously contributed toward the
relief of Belgian children. The
stun of forty-three dollars has been
I.oggi. Bros, have decided to
quit, and have instructed George
Hardy to sell by public auction, on
Saturday, Nov, 18, the whole of
their stock of boots and slioes. gents
furnishings, etc. Sale starts at
I.30 p. 111, sharp, and again at 7.30
in the evening.
Mr, Ernest Lindon, formerly of
this place, now of Union ��Bay, has
joined the 230th Forestry Battalion
and has been made'a Sergeant. Hc
will be glad to have any of the boys
from this district who with "to go
overseas, join up with his company
About fifty left with Sergt. Bates,
of the 238th, when they left,here in
August last, and Sergt. Lindon
would like to have as many join up
with him, He will give full particulars ou request.
Wood burn Fitzgerald. rof Courteuay, who enlisted with the 102nd
Batt, was killed iii Action ou Oct.
21. The word reached his mother
here last week, On Sunday evening Rev. T. Menzies conducted a
memorial service for hiin.
"Woody" was one of Courteiiay's
steadiest young men, He followed
the occupation of surveyors' assistant,
Soldiers, Relatives, and Friends,
Kindly send without delay to the
undersigned, the number, rank,
name, company, and battalion of
any you know who have enlisted
from this district.
Aii entertainment aud dance will
be given in the Agricultural hall
Courtenay, on Thursday, Dec. 14,
to raise funds to provide each soldier with a gift from the Over Seas
Club hamper fund.
No expense will be deducted
from the proceeds of this entertainment.
!H. Scott Porteous
Hon. Corresponding Sec.
Over-Seas Club
P. O, Box 245, Courteuay, B, C.
Welding���cast iron, aluminum,
brass, steel, etc,    Ford Garage.
Fi rd Garage for Nobby, Goodyear and Dunlop auto and bicycle
tires and accessories. Bicycles for
Mr. Siuiins new jewelry store
will be ready for occupation in a
week or two.
B.rn -At St, Joseph's Hospital,
on November 6, to Mr.   and   Mrs.
j R. McCourt. a son.
A train load of Victoria business
1 men numbering 65 visited Cor.r-
1 teuay yesterday. They arrived at
I 11 ..clock, had luncheon at the ho-
j te's. and after being taken   up  Ihe
valley by autos, left at io minutes
to 2 for Cumberland.
Owing to a slight Ullsuudei standing about the hall, the entertainment announced to take place about
the 25th inst, has been postponed
until some time in January, and
will take place on the occasion of
the opening of Fechuer's new hall.
Keep your mouev for the boys
who have gone overseas from here
by helping along the Patriotic concert and dance as previously announced, to be held on Dec. 14.
An entnusiastic meeting was held
in the Agricultural Hall last Wednesday afternoon by those interest-*
ed in its promotion, One of tbe
features will be "The Fairies" presented by Mrs, Beasley and Miss
Mildred Smith. A splendid concert program is being arranged by
Mrs Porteous The (Refreshment
Committee is composed of Mesdames Bubar, Callin, aud McNeil.
Dance Committee, Mrs. Parkin and
Alex. McNeil,
A sale of work mil be "given by
the womens Guild [of St, Peter's
church, Comox, in aid of the local
debts 011 the vicarage, in Martin's
hall, Comox. on the 24th of November, 1916. at 3 p. lh, The
guild have been working for some
months past, and have a good assortment of useful, fancy, and ornamental articles for sale. An excellent opportunity will be afforded
of purchasing Xmas presents both
for old and young. Various side
shows nre 'v fig arranged. A
dauce will be'giveu by the ladies of
Comox cn Friday. Nov. '.24, at 8
o'clock in the evening, iu Martin's
hall, to help St, Peters |church in
their efforts to reduce the local
debts or. the vicarage.
The Corporation of the City
of Courtenay
The Volcr's List for ll
i Mnuklpal Elections is u_\.  being  ,   ������
pared.   Those whose names ai�� ti.tr-
I fed to he pieced on this    1     ���'���"'"
personal   declaration  arc all  aia
owners who rue  also   registered   ueeu
1 holders.   A.11 other persons desiring   to
1 have their names placed on tb*' Voters'
List must file with the Cltv Clerk, declarations iis below  aientiniii il    A
of those whose names are entitled to I <���
I placed on the Voters'List  without the
declaration may be seen at the City Hall,
assessed owner ol real   property is the
holder ot the lost agreement to purch -
or the Inst osslgnee ol sncli   agr ement,
or the hoi ler ol an   unn .
such owner,   before   having   llis   11
placed on the   Voters'   I.i t   must
with tlie City Clerk before .i   o'clock in
the afternoon of tlie 3oih day of N'oveui-
ber next, a declaration proving that  be
or she is the bolder of   tin-  last   i
ment to purchase, or tbe   last  sssig .
thereof, or the holder of nn unregistered
deed, anil that such holder or .i*-u
is liable to pay and has paid tlie current
year's taxes.
CORPORATIONS.      Corporati'   *
whose names are on   the   Voters'   List
can only vote by a duly authorized agent
whose authority must be tiled  with   tlif
City Clerk before the 3otli .;f N'i     " '
such agent shall be a   residi nl
province nud a British subjeetol tl
age ol 21 years.
HOI/DERS. Persons of this class who
are desirous of having their nami s place
ed on the Voters' I.ist must, duriti
month of October, file with the Cut;
Clerk a Statutory Declaration
scribed by Ibe Act and mint also have
paid t'.ieir Road Tn\ or Ll    11
Declaration forms -1:. ���
the Cily Hall.
W. A   VV. Ham
Anglican Church Notes
22nl Sunaay after Trinity,
8.30   a.   in.     Holy   Communion,   St.
John's. Courtenay.
11 a. ui. Mattins aud Holy   Couiuuin*
' ion, St. Andrew's. Sandwick.
2 p, tn,. Sunday School, St. John's.
I    7,31) p. m., Evensong and Sermon, St.
I John's, Courtenay.
7.00 p.m.,   Evensong   and  Sermon"
: Holy Trinity, Cumberland.
A Thing oi BcaUv;
is a Joy Forever
NyaJPs Face r;:	
25 and 50c
Nyal's Beef & Iron Wine
$1 per Bottle
If you feel good, All is Good
Braces you up
Tenders Wanted
Tenders are asked lor purchase of pro.
perty situate on the Little (River  Road,
belonging to G. H. Knight. Property
j consists of half an   acre,   being  Section
No. 70, Comox, B. C, used formerly as
I a school house. Tenders to be'forward-
jed to A. B. Ball, merchant,   Comox,   by
November 30, 1916.
Safety  First
Go to
For Fresh   Tobacco, Cigars
Confectionery   and
Soft Drinks.
Isabel St.    Next Royal Bank
A Word to The Wise
Buy Your Christmas Presents
Early This Year
Ph47 SHEPHERD & CO. B2?6
Family Butchers, Grocers and Provision Merchants
Comox Creamery
55c per lh. this week
j ltii-i. i i_r j 1 -  - ��� ��� --�����������������'���'
Groceries, Dry Goods, Boots, Shoes
Paints, Oils, Etc.
We carry in stock Bricks, Lime, Cement, Doors and Windows
Get our prices'for goods iu large'quantltles
Telephone 1 Courtenay
If Rubbed   on   at   Night
Youre Weil Next Morning
Nerviiine Never Fails
When thiil cold conies, how i.i it to
be cured? This method is simplicity
itself. Hull the chest nud throat vis-1
orously with "Nerviiine." Rub it in
good and deep. Lots of rubbing
can't do any harm. Then put sonic
Nerviiine in the water and use it as,
a gargle; this will case the cough, cut
out the phlegm, assist iu breaking Up j
the cold quickly,
There is no telling how quickly
Nerviiine breaks up a hard racking
cough, cases a light chest, relieves a
pleuritic pain. Why, there isn't another liniment with half the power,
the penetrative qualities, the. honest
merit that has iiiiulir Nerviiine lhe
most popular American household
A large 50c bottle of Nerviiine
cures ills of the whole family, and
makes doctor's bill small. Gel it today. The large si/e is more economical than lhc -5c trial size. Sold by
dealers everywhere, or direct from
the Catarrhozone Co., Kingston,
The Study of Russian
German as a language will not be
popular iu Canada after the war.
Neither for the matter of thai will it
be popular anywhere else in lhc llritish Empire, wliicli is not to be. wondered at. No doubt a certain number
of people, attracted by German literature and anxious to study_ at first
hand the amazing phenomena of the
Hun mind as disclosed during the
lust two years, will learn German in
future. Liul most people will leave
it severely alone. What will take ils
place? Unquestionably French will
bc studied more llian ever, liul there
is onc language besides French which
Canadian students would do well to
acquire. That is Russian. Afler the
war Canada's trade with Kussia
should grow rapidly. The channels
through which it will flow arc now
being made by the shipment of war
supplies, in "the future these channels will bc deepened. And the need
for a closer understanding between
Canada and Russia will then be imperative.���Vancouver World.
More War Economy
Customer:   lint these   cigar.*
shorter than the others I had
j same price?
Plausible .Salesman: Vessir;
see the makers of that special brand
found that gentlemen threw away
aboul an inch of each cigar, so they
[decided lo save ou that by making
'them a trifle shorter,���Passing Show,
i the
"There will bc ladies coming as
well, sergeant; how many do you
think you can seal?"
"Four hundred, sir, easy ��� sitting
(amiliar!"���London Opinion.
St.   Raphael,   Ont.
' 'Pour years ;tgo I had such palnl
In my back that 1 could not work,
I read about Gin Fills and flout
for a jmniplo and used Ihem, and
found tho pains wero leaving mi
and that I was feeling botter.
After I had taken nix otuei
boxes of
I fslt as wsll and Btrone; as I
did at tin a.s ol ::o I am >
farmer, now .1 years old.
Frruik   Lcabnd."
All druggists sell Gin Pills  at
GOc. a box, or 6 boxes for S'...fiiJ.
Sample free if you write to
-<u'_-'.:j, Oat,      ti*i
Ontario Women.
Chatham, Ont.���"Some time ago I had
��� general breakdown.   It terminated in
quite a bad  case.
Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription waa
rrjirccouiinended to
I me by a friend who
j cyM used it and received
MgMlm n'uc'' benefit. I be-
%A.'tim&&t^lin ta---ns '*��� --1"1 in
fjr>;>*;k-.,��? completely cured of
W%&rt>'^" '*'��� my ailment and
��rrrr?,J'/-;'; have never had any
\f$ft~0:]L/'return of same. I
' **-;..��� can recommend this
medicine as being good, if one will give it
a fair trial."���Mas. ,1oiin Ackbut, 07
Edgar St., Chatham, Ont.
At the first symptoms of any derangement at any period of life Iho one safa
really helpful remedy ia Dr. Pierce's
Favorite Prescription.
Thousands of women in Canada have
taken it, with unfailing success.
Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription is a
true friend to women in times of trial.
For headache, backache, hot flashes,
mental depression, dizziness, fainting
spells, lassitude nnd exhaustion, women
Bhould never fail to lake this tried and
true woman's medicine.
Prepared from nature's roots and
herbs, it contains no alcohol or narcotic,
nor any harmful ingredient. In cither
tablet or liquid form. Write Dr. Pierce,
Invalids' Hotel, Buffalo, N. Y., to-day for
free medical advice.
Uncle John (to his nephew): This
is a wonderful luncheon for one and
Nephew: Splendid!   Lei's have another.
Minard's Liniment Cures Dandruff.
Willing to Do Business
An  Fuglisli milkman had just finished his morning's round,   and   was
returning home as he was addressed
|by an enlisting sergeant.
"Well, my man," said the sergeant,
"would you like to serve the King?
It would bc lhc making of you."
"That I would," said the milkman,
very excited. "How much docs he
take a day?"���Christan Register.
No belter protection against worms
can bc got than Miller's Worm Powders. They consume worms and render the stomach and intestines untenable to them. They heal the surfaces
lhat have become inflamed by the attacks of the parasites and serve to
restore Ihc strength of lhc child that
has been undermined by the draughts
that lhc worms have made upon it,
and that their operation is altogether
Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets not only
the original but the best Little Liver Pills,
first put up orer 40 years aat>, by Dr. R. V.
Pierce, have been much imitated but never
equaled, as thousands attest. They're
purely vegetable, being made up of concentrated and refined medicinal principles extracted from the roots of American
plants. Do not gripe. One or two for
stomach corrective, three or four for
Some Have to Be
Sir Cecil Spring-Rice, at a dinner
in  Washington, praised the pensions
and allowances made by the British
| Government in the present war.
"The English Government, after
! this war," he said, "won't have to be
'��� charged with neglect, parsimony, or
j "After this war thc schoolboy's
definition of a veteran won't have thc
ring of truth that it may have sometimes in lhc past.
"A    schoolboy,    you    know,    once
wrote in his examination paper:
" 'An old soldier is called a vegetarian.' "
Seedy Stranger: 1 would like lo se- It Makes New Friends Every Day.
cure a place in your,moving picture ���Not a day goes by that Dr. Tho-
Manager: Arc you an actor?
Stranger:  Ves.
Manager: Had any experience acting  without  audiences?
Stranger: Acting without audiences
is what lias brought mc here!
"Made in Canada"
Best for Quality, Style
and Value. Guaranteed for all climates.
Think Twice Before Selling
Fable   of  the   Man   Who  Did  Not
Want to Sell His Farm
A farmer who bad decided to sell
his property listed it with a real
estate dealer who wrote a very good
description of the plare. When the
agent read il over lo lhe farmer for
Ills approval, the old man said, "Read
that again." After the second reading the farmer sat for several mo-
tnents in a thoughtful mood, finally
said, "1 don'l believe 1 want to sell,
I've, been looking for just such a
place all my life and it never occurred to inc that I had il until you described it to me. No, 1 don't want lo
sell out."
T',18 slory contains a lesson for
farmers whether the story is only
fiction or an actual occurrence. Many
do not appreciate Iheir own farms
until someone points out tllc desirable features, Again, real rslate men
have a way of describing farm 01'
other propel ly, bringing out thc
merits and passing over llic undesirable features in ,i way to give the
reader a very exaggerated idea of
lhc farm, while every statement about
il  may bc, strictly accurate.
Spent Countless Nights
Unable to Rest or Sleep
Was Run Down and in Terribly Nervous Condition���By
Using Dr. Chase's Nerve Food Gained Regularly
Corns arc caused by lhc pressure
of tight boots, but uo one need he
troubled with Ihem lung when so
simple a remedy as Hollovvay's Corn
Cure is available.
Canada's Semi-Centennial.
Next Dominion Pay ill Canada will
mark the 50th anniversary of llic
founding of lhe nation. Its people
are indulging in no flattering or false
illusions at present; rather are ihey
preparing to respond to further calls
upon llieir loyalty, uo matter what
sacrifices may bc involved; bul they
would be more or less llian human if
lhcy did not cherish the hope that
next Dominion Day may bc observed
lhc assurance of an established
and enduring peace throughout the
Empire, and throughout the world.���
Christian Science Monitor.
In tills letter is told once more lhe
slory which comes front many thousands of women. It is thc story of
exhausted nerves, of a run-down system and of all tbe accompanying
misery of sleeplessness, headaches
and loss of energy and vigor.
But there is a silver lining to lhis
cloud. There is the light of new hope
and courage which comes with the
use of Dr. Chase's Nerve Food.
This letter is so representative of
the kind we nre daily receiving lhat
you can judge from it what ymi
might expect from this treatment
under similar circumstances.
Mrs. Conrad Schmidt, R. R, No. 1,
Mllvcrton, (int., writes; "Two years
ago last spring 1 was run down, had
nervous prostration, and was in a
terribly nervous condition. I could
not sleep or cat. Could scarcely
count thc nights that 1 passed without sleep, and if I did cat, had sick
headaches and vomiting spells. My
limbs would swell so badly that it
hurt inc lo walk.      1  would jump up
iu bed, awakened by bad dreams; in
fact, 1 was so bad 1 thought 1 could
not live, and started to use Dr.
Chase's Nerve F'ood without much
"Il tvas not long before I began ta
improve under this treatment, and I
can truthfully say it lias done ine a
world of good. It look some lime to
get the nervous system restored, but
1 kept right on using the Nerve Food
regularly, and gradually gained in
hcallh ami strength, 1 havc a fine
baby boy now. lie wciglicd 12 lbs.
at birth, and though my friends were
anxious afler the condition 1 was in,
I got over that line, and now weigh
l���0 lbs. Before using the Nerve
Food 1 was a mere skeleton,"
You arc not asked to expect miracles from 1 'r. Chase's Nerve F'ood.
Hut if you are willing to feed    back
lyour exhausted nerves to health and
strength you can depend absolutely
on lhis great food cure to produce
the desired results.   SOc a box, 6 for
!$-. 50, all dealers, or I'dm.-itison,
Hales & Co., Ltd., Toronto.
Visitor: Have you clubs for women
in this lown?
Resident: No, madam. I am glad
to say that, as yet, we have been able
to control our women without the use
of clubs.
470 Grain Exchange
Write for market information.
James Richardson & Sons, Limited
Western Offices      ���      ���      Winnipeg, Calgary, Saskatoon
Specialists in the handling of farmers' shipments. Write, wilt
or 'phone our nearest office for quotations or information.
LIMITED," to insure careful checking of grades. Liberal advances
on bills of lading. Quick adjustments guaranteed accompanied by
Government  Certificates of grade and weight.
Vou wilt profit by Sending- us Simples and Obtaining our Advice as to Best
_<*stinu_on be/ore Shipping Your Omln, particularly Barley, Oats and Rye.
Established 1157
mas' Eclectric Oil docs not widen the
circle of its friends. Orders for it
come from the most unlikely places
in the West and Far North, for its
fame, has travelled far. It deserves
this attention, for uo oil has done so
much for humanity, Its moderate
cost makes it easy lo get.
Germans Invited to Eat Bones
German science    has exercised ils
ingenuity   in every direction in    the
search for substitutes for fat. Among
the most valuable  results  are  those
connected    wilh thc food    value    of
bones.    It  has  been  discovered  that
r.boilcd aud dried bones yield, to begin with, 10 per rent, of fat of excellent quality and   very   useful   for
domestic cookery. Besides this, capl-
, ta! gravy is  thus produced.      After
jthis lhc bones can be dried and boiled again and ground lo powder. This
' contains 24.41 per cent, of protein and
j 13.11 per cent, of fat.    Experiments
i made by lhc Foodstuff Department cf
j the East Prussian Chamber of Agri-
' culture show that pigs, poultry and
i horses thrive on this diet,
"My daughter," said tlie father,
"has alwajjj been accustomed to all
the luxuries of w.alt!uTr
"Yees," replied the Count, bristling
up.   "Zat is what 1 am."-Exchange.
Depends Upon
Healthy Babies
Properly reared children grow
up to be strong, healthy
Many diseases to which children are susceptible, first indicate
their presence in the bowels.
The careful mother should
watch her child's bowel movements and use
Mrs. Winslow's
Soothing Syrup
It is a corrective for diarrhcra,
colic and other ailments to which
children arc subject especially
during the teething period.
It is absolutely non-narcotic
and contains neither opium,
morphine nor any of their derivatives.
Mrs. Winslow's
Soothing Syrup
Makes Cheerful,
Chubby Children
Soothes thc frcttiii-; child (luring
thc trying period of its development and thus (jives rest and
relief to both child and mother,
Buy a bottle today
and keep it handy
Sold ly all dniggiiti in Canada and
throughout the nverld
The Market Report
Supplied by Randall, Gee & Mitchell,
Limited, Winnipeg
A very positive feature of the
world's wheat siluation under the
conditions now existing is that the
markets arc more sensitive to bullish
than lo bearish news. Thc underly-
I ing condition is bullish, and while
this will not prevent wide price fluctuations, thc chances arc more favorable to the maintenance of a high
level than to any permanent decline.
So far as present indications arc a
criterion, the beginning of the third
year in the European struggle finds
the wheat position lhc strongest it
has been since that cvcnlful August
of 1914. ln two out of three seasons
of the war the harvests have been
disappointing, hi 1914 it might well
he said that the breadstuffs needs of
the world were almost wholly dependent on this continent, and while 1915
was a most favorable year in thc
surplus producing counlries, the present season is one of disappointment.
The wheat market since the first of
last July has been a most remarkable
onc. There have been great bull periods before, but it is very doubtful
if these great price movements have
been based ou such substantial
grounds. The trade has never seen
heretofore a market which recorded
so great an advance ostensibly on
sheer speculation, and when that
speculation went "stale" failed to
turn sharply in the other direction
and record a decline almost eiiual lo
the advance, if indeed it did not show
a loss greater than the upturn.
It is the firm undertone of thc
market at the higher level that is
most impressive, ll is confirmatory
of the strong commercial position of
wheat independent of speculation.
Few will dispute that previous lo last
week there was a decided shift in
speculative sentiment to (lie short
side of the market when prices had
shown such marked hesilency to go
higher, Based on the history of previous bull markets, this growing
bearisliness bad excellent precedence,
but these abnormal limes and the
market proved to be stronger than
the speculative clement realize.
IHI new r 1.HCH REMIDV. N.I N.I ���__!
(rut lucceii, corns chronic weakness, lost vmo��
riLE.** _.IT'1R�� NO URUniUSTSor MAIL, tl POST 4 CT1
t< .'��� -.MM Co M BE P. KM AN ST NSW WAR or LYMAN IIM
__._. .-__-___*_   _-_-_____.--    gA_,_, AHD
Weed's fhossbsti-u.;
The Orcat  Fntjlish   Itemed*.
Tonus and invigorates tli. who*.
nervous svsle-i, lnn-cs new Blood
in old Veins, Cures Kcrvou*
Debility, Mental and Drain Worry, Despondency, Lees of I'.nenni, J'alpitation cf tht
Heart, Failing Memory. Pric. Sl per box, .il
for$3, One willple.ee, eix will cure. Bold.by .11
druggists or mailed in plain pkg. on receipt ol
Rrien. jVefo pamphlet mailed free. THE WOOD
1E9IRI- ' CO.,T010SW,C_I. (r����r*i.')W_-|srJl
WANTED���Representative, either
jscx, Europe's Greatest World War
and Lord Kitchener's career. Salary
I or Commission. Experience unnecessary. Credit given. Sample free, send
postage, ten cents. Nichols, Limited,
Publishers, Toronto.
Minard's Liniment Cures Burns, Etc.
' A countryman, whll
a street, saw a sign:
bell for lhc caretaker,
ing for a few minute
and pulled the bell,
while, an angry-faced
"Arc you the carctnk
bcll-puiier.      '-^A
want?"   "f saw thc ii
the bell, and now I
why you can't ring it
e walking along
Please ring the
' After rellect-
s he walked up
After waiting a
man appeared,
er?" asked    thc
what   dp   you.
-���������cc. SO I rang
want  to  ���_.w
Overcrowding the Roads
As the number of motor cars multiplies, the more evident it is that
constant care by motorists is required. The highways are not being
widened proportionately. There is a
continually greater demand upon the
available road space. Suppose a
million or a million and a half new
cars come on lhc market next season. Many of ihese will be operated
by inexperienced drivers. There will
be many accidents, of course. One
great trouble is lhat even an experienced and careful driver is not safe,
because au irresponsible person may
at any moment run into him.���Editorial in Providence Journal.
JV,      N.      U.      1121 THE   REVIEW.   COURTNEY,   B-. 0.
Lord Shnughnessy Says That There Must Bc a Selection of the
Desired Classes and a Refusal to Accept Any and livery
Settler Who Might Offer lo Conic to Canada
Lord Sliaughncssy, president of i!,e
Canadian Pacific Railway-nfler returning from a prolonged lour oi inspection uf the company's system m
the West, gave a mosl cheering report on condition- in lhc four Western Provinces,
tiling asked aboul immigration after lhe war, llis Lordship made several important statements, In the
lirsl place, hc said that even if llicrc
was a movement toward Canada immediately alter lhe war, il COllld not
be handled, since il would take con-
ildcrablc lime to get ihc troops back,
and there would be. a great deal of
preliminary adjustment in Europe, lu
the second place, he said that after
the war there ought to be a much
iniiii' thorough administration oi ihe
immigration problem.
lie said lhat in addition lo dealing
in a bitter way with the immigrant
afler lie reached Canada, there should
be perfect supervision at the point of
origin. There must be a selection of
the desired classes, and refusal to accept any and every settler who might
offer to come to Canada.
In the third place, llis Lordship
said lhat after the war every means
would bc used to present the advantages of Canada to the intending settlers and to all desirable colonists
who might wish to uuike new homes
in new countries.
The Canadian Pacific would continue to make every effort to aid
these settlers after they reached the
Dominion. Hc expected that the policy of the ready-made farm would be
continued, but he thought that instead of building bouses, immigrants
might be furnished with materials
for buildings at the lowcSt possible
prices and be allowed lo construct
their own buildings, thus reducing
the cosl and affording the newcomers
employment for the first months of
their residence in the Dominion.
"Wc have no manner of doubt with
reference to the future of Canada after the war," said His Lordship. "In
the course of a few years there will
be a satisfactory immigration from
Europe, and thc development of the
country will continue, and go forward
as rapidly as is desirable. Canada has
fully demonstrated its productive capacity, and in the course of a few-
years, if wc do our duty, it will be
the equal of any country in the world.
With reference to the Western Provinces, I would say that I have never
wavered in my faith in them."
War and Women's Work
New Place of Women Brought About
by War Conditions
The new place of v,omen in lite
world is considered in au Interesting
article in the London Times, Thc
dominant idea is thai women have become the comrades of men. That implies equality���nol uniformity. There
is danger of the loss of certain lillle
graceful courtesies such as the raising of the hat or the man opening
lhc door fur the woman, If we keen
steadily ill view the idea "f equality
and justice wc may be confident lhat
what is good will survive, and what
is superfluous will disappear.
Alter all, there was a good deal ot
humbug and hypocrisy iu the. old syslem. The man's hat was raised punctiliously, but somewhere some druu
ken husband was healing bis wifc,
some loafer was living on his wife's
bard work ami savings. Thc woman
was so sanctified that she must be
protected from the arduous and dan-
igcrotis labor of making a cross on a
ballot; but she could scrub a floor. In
this delicate feminine task of floor,
washing she went down on her knees,
thereby offering a curious resemblance to the old-fashioned gallant
lover proposing marriage. ll may
have happened that the lover went
down on bis knees before marriage
and the wife afterwards.
The occasion of the Times' articles,
of course, is the part taken by women
in the present war. Women havc
been seen running omnibuses, and
working in munition factories. Truly
an amazing spectacle, calculated to
win men ovcr to woman's suffrage!
The danger, and the toil, and the
drudgery and the anxiety connected
with bringing up a family counted
for nothing. But during the war it
has been discovered that women arc
capable of doing hard work. Sa pos
sibly they may win thc suffrage. Thc
woman omnibus conductor lias done
in a few months what the poor toiler
it the needle and thc washtub could
not do in centuries. -Toronto Star.
Clothing Prices to Ascend Now
Shortage of 200,000,000 pounds of
wool confronts the clothiers of America, and unless sheep raisers in
that continent get busy at once,
winters arc going to bc colder for
millions of persons who cannot meet
higher prices, dealers declared in
New York. Thc increasing difficulty
of getting wool from abroad, and the
amazing shortage of the product in
this country is expected to cause a
rise in the prices of woolen goods
which will bc unparalleled.
Kitchener's Sound Vision
Kitchener had to make one of the
hardest choices in history. . .
Nine soldiers in ten would have play
cd for momentary results. They
would have burled into France every
fully trained man. They would have
packed off half-trained territorials
after a month's hardening in camp
They would havc left lhc future to
take care of itself. Lord Kitchener,
in rejecting the lure of prompt vie
tory, showed the sounder estimate of
the enemy's resources and capacity,
His decision, a simple, intuitive,
was the hardest and most momentous
act of will which any general in Europe has taken since thc Kaiser declared war. There was bigness and
vision in that man, and thc world
must move against its wish to the
slow rhythm of his thought. ��� The
New Republic.
Instant Relief For
�� in.iaiii nciiezi   ivi c  ; ~,:' v-
and otfcer Liver Troubles
The astonishing efficacy of Dr. Cassell's
Instant Relief is du* to its toning effect
upon the liver and bowels. It gives
strength to the organs and helps them bock
to health snd nstural action. In other
words it enables the system to care itself.
Don't w.iiken your liver with purgative
pills or morning salt*, don't get the salts-
taking habit; let Dr. Cassell's Instant
Relief bring you nstural snd therefore
lasting cure.
Dr. 0HAS. F. FCRStlAW, D.tC, F.R.M.S.,
a well-known British S-i-n'i-t, writes:" Never
tsk* Ssll-iis er Purgatives ler ConslipsHon to
lores Bowtl action it ts aura-its the. trou.li
and create the Constipation ha.it. I
men- ts a superior and convenient treatment
Dr. Cassell's Instant Reliei."
Price 60 cents, from all Druggists
and Storekeepers,
or  direct  from   tho Bole Acenta  for Canada,
Uarolii F. Ritchie and Co., Ltd., 10, M'Cavil^treet,
Toronto.     War tax 2 c.nu extra.
Dr. Ctiseil's Instant  Relief ie lhe companion
preparation ts Dr. Cassell's Tablets.
Life of (ireat Units
The Life of Modern Artillery Pieces
Is Comparatively Short
The life of a gun depends upon the
progress of erosion, which Booncr or
later is certain to impair the accuracy of lire, according to Iron Age.
Erosion is caused by the action of ibe
explosive gases at high temperature
and pressure, The hot gases cause a
thin lilin of steel to absorb heal. The
film expands and becomes set. Upon
the release of lhc pressure il contracts, which causes minute cracks
that grow larger with every discharge. As they Increase in size lhcy
form passageways for more, hot gas,
and that tends to enlarge tiiciu still
further. The inner surface thus becomes roughened and the bore begins
lo corrode. Finally, lhe bore becomes
so enlarged that it allows lhe gases
to escape, The shell (hies not Ihen
acquire its proper rotation, and ils
flight becomes erratic,
All guns except small ones arc now
constructed with linings in the lube,
which, when the bore is worn out, arc
removed and replaced by new ones.
The cosl of rclining a gun is approximately thirty per cent, of lhc cost of
the. gun. There appears lo be no
limit lo the number of times that a
gun can be. relincd, 'The small arms
used in the United Stales arc considered to bc worn out after 5,000
to 7,500 rounds have been fired.
Small naval guns can bc lired aboul
1,000 limes before they arc regarded
as worn out. Large twelve-inch mil
fourtecn-inch naval guns are considered to have a life, on onc lining, of
from 150 to 200 rounds. Low velocity
guns, such as howitzers and mortars,
havc correspondingly longer lives
than high velocity gnus of the same
calibre, because the pressure they
develop, and hence thc temperatures,
arc lower.
No Chapter in thc History of National Friendships Has Held
Greater Stories Than That Which Records thc Reckless
Sacrifices of Our Allies During thc Early
Period of thc War
Africa a Virgin Land
Development of North African Empire Expected After the War
When the war in Europe shall have
ended, the first great question which
peace will bring is that of a food
supply for the nations pauperized by
battles. There will bc an immediate
necessity for virgin lauds from which
huge crops may bc taken at small
cost, and with it will come thc need
for new sources of wealth of every
sort, says the "World Outlook."
There can bc no doubt but that Europe knows where they arc to bc
found. Unquestionably one of lhc
causes of the present war was the
need for richer fields for development. France, and England, particularly France, had found them. France
had looked across the Mediterranean
and had found at the very doorway
of Europe the making of a great
North African Empire. England had
looked and found Egypt. Italy had
looked and regained Tripoli for the
Roman stale.
Peace eventually would have resulted in the development of North
Africa, but this war will equal a century of peace in lhat respect. Bandaged Europe, turning ils empty
pockets inside out, will cross the
Mediterranean and thc North African empire will cease to bc a drca.n
and will become a reality.
"I think that we shall never be the
same people again," said Mr, Hughes,
! answering the lirsl note of his welcome home, Australians may think
with him, and hope with him, that
wc shall not, Wc laughed In thc sun
and followed our prosperous    paths
) with cheerful and childlike arrogance.
Thc lirsl of our men ran bravely,
even gayly, to the great game of war,
hearing the. trumpets and not the
groans, seeing the waving banners
and not thc stricken fields, Thc
knowledge and the pain of long endurance, sorrow and suffering have
come lo us since thru. Surely no
man in this counlry, aloof from war
yet redly streaked by war's long lingers, can look back ovcr two years
without a sudden flood of almost
ashamed gratitude for what other
countries have done for it. When
the news of war broke upon us two
years ago, there were few indeed
who looked forward to this time as
only thc glimmering dawn of the
day of release. Britain was to bc the
avenger. Her might, though long
unused, would spring at once to fullest life and crush the despoilrrs of
Belgium and the ravishcrs of France,
Those first black weeks left us gasping and sweating as from a nightmare, Confidence seemed on point
of giving way to terrible foreboding.
Then the fulfilment of Joffrc's bravely patient plans brought a (lush of
hope, and after that wc settled down
to his grim nibblings,
In thc long and imdcciding months
which followed we comprehended
morc and more distinctly    how    we
I wcrc dependent   upon   strength Ollt-
I side our own. No chapter in the history of national friendships has held
greater stories than that which records the reckless sacrifices of Kussia
for her allies' sake. She thrust an
army lancclikc into Prussia���it was
too slenderly supported to be called
a wedge���with the one purpose of
lessening the terrible hammering on
our weak lines in the west. The cost
ly relreat of ths.t army, involving the
withdrawal of a line stretching north
and south half across Europe never
shook for a moment Russia's sacri-
fical loyalty. Belgium and Serbia
have been destroyed, .'ranee has been
bled fearfully, great wounds have
been lorn in the vast territory of
Russia and Italy has flung millions
in men and money into the whirlpool
of war. Each of these nations has
been drawn by necessity or policy
into the struggle. While that fact is
plain enough, wc will not attempt
meanly to di=guise from ourselves the
circumstance that their warring has
achieved our preservation. Not Britain, nor any of the great nations now
linked with her, could have withstood
singly the fell preparations of the
Now, in our own countries, a great
measure of strength and order has
been wrought out of military nothingness. Though Kitchener has gone,
his work remains. We believe that
we scc victory ahead of us, but we
scc, too, the pitiful price that has yet
lo be paid. Slowly we have dragged
ourselves, through many little discords, to unity. It is our turn and
our chance to repay our great and
gallant friends. To this end Britain
herself has given all. Her dominions
have given much. To say that Aus-
tlaia could yet give more is not to
decry the nobleness and unselfishness
of hundreds oi thousands of brave
men, Individual sacrifices hive b��a
innumerable and wonderful. Britain,
in calling upon every fit man to serve
'his turn, lias made, as a nation, the
I supreme sacrifice, and paid her _o_-
| est debt to the men who first stood
i to arms. And we���alas, we ar: laggards!���Sydney Sun.
I    "I am    goinff to see    your fathTf
'about you," said a teacher to a boy
who had  exhausted  ber  patience.
"If you do you'll never come back."
j    "Why?" demanded the teacher.
" 'Cause pa's dead."
The Voting Age
In   Many   European   Countries   the
Voter Has More Restrictions
Than Here
Anywhere in North America onc
must have lived 21 years before hc
can vote. Not so in many other
The 11 un votes at 20, but the Austrian in the oilier half of the empire
must bc 24. Prussians cannot vote
until they arc 25 years old, and that
is the minimum age limit in a number
of German states.
Twenty-five is also the age in Holland, Belgium and Japan. Denmark
is a believer in the wisdom that comes
with age, hence no onc there under
30 can vote. English-speaking races
vote at 21.
In many Countries soldiers are disfranchised, and under the Portuguese
law no domestic servant or government employe had a ballot.
Sam Salter never lived in Belgium,
and yet lhat country lias a peculiar
system of multiple voting. College
graduates, for example, have three
voles, and so do many others who fulfill property requirements.
About 300,000 Belgians have each
three votes and more than that number have two voles. Failure to vole
in Belgium is punishable as a misdemeanor.��� Philadelphia Public Ledger.
Anxious to Settle in Canada
Laucc-Scrgt, Colin Alexander, of
the Royal Highlanders, an interned
prisoner of war al lhe Chateau Docx,
Switzerland, has written to London
saying how anxiously he and other
disabled Canadians there arc awaiting news of what Canada means to
do to help them to re-cslabiish
themselves in Canada after the war.
Mexander, whose thigh was fractured, but who is able to do light
work, has ambitions which many others in Switzerland share, to settle
down as a poultry farmer on a little
Canadian place of his own.
Lawyer: Don't worry. I'll see ihal
you get justice.
Client: I ain't hiring you for justice; I'm hiring you to win lhe suit.
W.      N.       U.       1121
M 'Woman'*
- 9rebkm
How to Feel Well During Middle
life Told by Three Women Who
Learned from Experience.
The Change of Life is a most critical period of a
woman's existence, and neglect of health at this time invites
disease and pain. Women everywhere should remember
that there is no other remedy known to medicine that will
so successfully cany women through this trying period as
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound, made from
native roots and herbs.    Read these letters: ���
Philadelphia,Pa���"Istarted the Change of life
five years ago. I always had a headache and backache ".villi bearing down pains and I would have
boat flashes very had at tim^s with dizzy spells and
nervous feelings. After taking Lydia E. l*inkham's
Vegetable Compound I feel like a new person and
am in better health and no more troubled with
the aches and pains I had before I took your wonderful remedy. I recommend it to my friends for I
cannot praise, it enough."���Mrs. _____qak_T Grass*
.ian, io'J N. Ringgold St., Philadelphia, Pa.
Beverly, Mass.���"1 took Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound, for nervousness and dyspepsia, when I was
going through the Change of Life. I found it very helpful and I
have always spoken of it to other women who suffer as I did and
have had them try it and they also have received
good results from it."���Mrs. (_eo**_e A. D-.nbah,
17 Roundy St., Beverly, Mass.
Erie, Pa.���"I was in poor health when the
Change of life started with me aud I took Lydia
E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound, or I think I
should not have got over it as easy us I did. Even
now- if I do not feel good I take the Compound
and it restores me in a short time. I will praise
your remedies to every woman for it may help
them as it has me."���Mrs. E. Kisslino, .lil. East
24th St., Erie, Pa.
No other medicine has been so successful in relieving woman's
suffering as lias Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound.
Women may receive free and helpful advice by writing the Lydia
1". Pinkham Medicine Co., Lynn, Mass. Such letters are receivsjd
���ml answered by women only and held In strict conndeno*- TH_B COURTENAY REVIEW
The Courtenay Review
And I'oinox Val!
\    iV-eky   N'.-��'.i,ii���
N. II.  UimiSN, 1'diti
r, Pub
B. 0,
r nud i
���.nbscription Sl.M) per Yt
l Ul
'i>v, In
;i ii
11| portunilies in British Coluin-
" ii publication issued by the
of 1 leatotis, Toronlo, contains
i ;renee to Ci iiii ii uny and lhe
ley. together with four pages of
.11 al ions Copies are lo be hud
of   Agriculture,   Yic-
of the Depl
lot in, H.  C,
The city of Vancouver spends
daily thc sum of $5,000 for butler,
according to a recent authority,
thai is. $1.8-5,000 annually, The
bulk of tills money goes lo the
prairie provinces, in spile of the
many dairying areas in this province. This Is a fact that should
make some of our farmers think
hard, for many of the local farms
are not being farm-d at all, they
are merely being .'scratched," that
is, when they are not let to a Jap.
Yet there is good money in butter,
or else how is it that the prairie
provinces can sell their dairy products in this province, ami in this
verv district at a profit, when climatically they are at a disadvantage
compared with 1!, C. Perhaps
��ome Ioc il fanner will enlighten our
We print elsewhere, concerning
improving trade prospects, what
some of our renders may hnve read
already ill the daily press, but
which wi.l help lo restore the confidence in the minds of those, and
the,'are many, wh ) have coin, to
believe that llritish Columbia is
"down nud out" Far from it.
Tlm busy mills, the building of
ships iu both wood nd steel, thej
ready marl els for our fruit and,
vegetables���All these factors spell
prosperity that will affect diiectly]
or indirectly, everybody in ihis,
province. But the batik is for the
strong and willing, those men who
refuse to wa't   <m   the   chance   of.
Church Sale of Work
There will be a grand Sale of
Work in the Orangemen's Hall,
(above Grieve and Dargie's store)
cut Tuesday, November .8th, The
side, which is held under the allspices of the Courtenay and Sandwick Women's Auxiliary, will be
opened by the Very Rev. Archdeacon Collisou at 3 o'clock. There
Will be on sale useful nnd fancy
goods, childrens clothes, apron-!,
cushion covers, etc. homemade
(rakes aud candy, bottled fruit and
pickles, An al tractive tea will he
served for _5c, children half price
Admission five. Cold supper of
chicken, fruit, salad etc, will be
nerved for 50c. There will be an
excellent programme of music and
tableaux in the evening. Bring
your men folk to supper and spend
an enjoyable evening
Just h
Ladies Coats
Newest models   in   Ladles   mil   Misses
Cunts, Costumes, and  Skirts.
Sweater Coats
In response to the appeal made
by the Lord Mayor of London and
the Duke of Norfolk tepresenting
the national committee for relief in
Belgium, through his Royal Highness the Duke af Conuatight,
wherein it was suggested that the
school children of the many scho��ls
throughout Canada should hold a
"Childrens Day" on behalf of the
children remaining in that part of
Belgium occupied by the Oerman
armies, the pupils of the Headquarters school on the evening of the
13th of November at a social and
As an incentive to the sale of
tickets, the principal of the school,
Miss M. Horbury had worked ant
presented a beautiful hand painted I
cushion to be drawn for by those
taking tickets so that  everv  ticket 1 The best good shoe for Ladies-nd Gents
. j     .,,   .,       , ._.:..;,     Special values 11 toadies High li
earned with it a chance to  win it. 1   ���
; Ladles and Misses Sweater Coats Sets III
1 nil tbe leading shade;.
j       St. Margaret Jerseys
j Childrens Sl, Margaret all wool Jerseys
in  Tan.   Navy,  Copenhagen.   Curdlnal
and White,    Boys'i.etsey suits  in  sizes
-I), 22, and 24, in Mvrtlc, Cardinal, Tan
Navy and white.
>        Watson's Underwear
Watson All Wool underwear iu   Ladies,
! Misses, and Childrens in two piece combinations.    "Tlie underwear that  wears
well and will not shrink."
The newest models iu Ladies trimmed
and ready-to-wear hats. Specials iu
black velvet sailors ami shapes.
Invictus shoes
business coming t'i them   I
Will see tli 11 it does come, ;
when that business is seem
be ��� tit nfler   more.    The
awaiting  enterprise     wen
-:t    Wt
ml wh
ed   wil'll
more plentiful than thev ate t .dav.
and the Comox Valley h is as many
chances and opportunities for   men I
of enterprise ns any district, in B. C.
Those chances   however   must   be'
taken up :.i time, for they   quickly j
pass. I
A molt enjoyable dance was held
in the Agricultural hall on Thursday evening.
There were in all 119 tickets sold
realizing the nice little sum of
The numbers corresponding with
the tickets sold having been placed
in a box. Catherine McNaughton
was asked to draw one, which she
t ery pleasantly did, and was surprised to find the lucky number*.
' 134, belonged to her mother. Good
luck to Catherine.
I During the evening Master Hallie
Dixon was enthusiastic it! the sale
of,chances to win a big box of
candy by inviting guests to pay 10
cents and guess the number of beans
contained in a bottle exhibited for
any contestants gaze.
Mr. Stitliffe, cur genial totisorial
artist residing in that part of Head
quarters known as Courtenav, Was
the lucky winner. Bill's modesty
would not allow him to take the
candy for himself, and afraid lest
by donating  it  to   any particular
Special showing this   week   of   holiday
ribbons in Checks, l'luid.*, and Dresdens,
Newest patterns   ill   Itluck   and   White
stripes, aud broken checks.
Gents Hatss
Newest styles   in Men's   Ikinlwear in
"Hack, Navy. Hrown   and   Green.    The
latest creations in Mini's (lowing  neckwear.
Bakery and Tea Rooms
Brown's Block, Courtenay
lsl class certificate technics of breadtnaking
lsr class certificate baking ami confectionery
The place to buy Rood   bread,   made   from   Better   l-'lour.   Better  nnd
healthier yeast, and belter methods.    Buy direct from
The linker of Better Bread
Opposite the city hall
Esquimalt   &   Nanaimo   Railway
Through Passenger Trains leave Courtenay 11:35 on Monday, Wednesday and
Friday for Victoria and Way Stations
RETURNING���Arrives at Courtenay at
16:10, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
Steamship tickets on airlines to all parts
of the world. For particulars etc., address
Dill. Psn��_g�� A|��nt, Victoria
Af-st Ctirteatr, Phone R60
lady others, might be angry with
him, asked that it be put up for
auction. This was done and after
some spirited bidding was knocked
down to Mr, Hartman of Headquarters, for tli3 sum of $4- which
also went to swell the proceeds of
the evening's entertainment
While the number of pupils attending this school is about 12
and each was most enthusiastic in
his or her endeavor to make the
evening a financial success, and by
the sale of Belgian colors, candies,
etc, brought the receipts up to the
sum of $76 86.
Dancing was indulged in till
about one o'clock by the camp
lime when a pleasant evening, made
the nioreso by the knowledge that
the gathering was brought about
in the hope of contributing somewhat materially to the happiness
of children suffering pitifully as
the result of the mad ambition of a
crazy monarch was brought to a
Much praise is due to Miss Horbury   Miss Margaret MaeN'augliton I
Mrs.    Dixon,   and   others   whose1
effotts to make thc evening a bright
one in the memory of the children
a success,
Many thanks are due to Messrs.
Gallant and Melnnes' whose spirited music was, us it always is, highly appreciated by those who dance
the light fantastic,
Mr, Clarence McCormick ably
acquitted himself as muster of the
dances so that not a single hitch
marred the proceedings,
During the evening Mr. Miller
entertained with many selections
from the masters on his   Victrola-
While it was suggested that the
I5th of November "King Albert's
Fete Dav1'would be an appropriate date on wliicli to hold this entertainment, fearing it might clash
with other appointments of those
desiring to be present, the thirteenth was selected instead. Never
theless, All Hail King Albert, may
his children subjects soon have
brighter days, is the loving wish
of the school children of Headquar-
ers. ii. C,
^SLs<W** "��������� "'^������'tsj^f
���are known by lhe distinctive trademark-��� 1 ut?
CIRCLE V���on every sack.
It is very important that you should,make a
nole ol this ill l'ii\ ing -
Royal Standard Flour
Wild Rose Pastry Flour
Royal Standard Seeds
Royal Standard Corn Meal
Royal Standard Chic Foods
Etc., Etc.
This trademark is
highest possible quality
Standard Products,
your guarantee of the
in any  of  the   UovAl,
So, look for the Ciucr,"* V���at your dealers.
Royal Standard Grain Products
Phone 33, End ol Bridge
F. Movitz,  M.r.
i __sj______r_i<_:::__c. .-. _"-_���_.:
Bicycles For Sale
Phone L46 Courtenay
The Vision of the Blind.
"Thousands at his bidding speed, and post o'er land aud ocean
without rest ; they also serve who only stand and wait."
Was the spirit of prophecv on John Milton when, more
than two hundred and fifty years ago, he dictated those words
to his daughter ?
'��� They also serve who only stand and wait." The Telephone is your servant, even while it only "stands and waits."
The whole system is always prepared and ready tor your instant command,
Every wire and switchboard and telephone instrument is
kept alive and responsive by an armv of telephone workers.
British   Columbia  Telephone Co.
Willard's Harness Emporium
Pine Showing of Horse filankcts,   Lap
Rugs, Cloves, "Trunks, Suit Cases, ICtc.
Harness Repaired Neatly
Cumberland and Courtenay
Practical Shoemaker and Repair
Next to Hardv & Iliscoe
Comox, B. C.
Best Meals North of Naniamo
Choicest Liquors aud Cigars
C. A. Martin,  Prop.	
When In Doubt
Play Trumps
Have Goard Tune Your Piano
Factory Experience
Recommends  from  Leading Musicians
Irom the Atlantic to the Pacific.   Copies
of same furnished on request
W. J. Goard  will Be  in this city  about
Oct,    1.     Leave orders at this Office,
or write direct to
845, 8th Ays., W.   ���  Vancouver
Ice Cream
Tobac cos
Swan'�� OW Stand, Courtenay
v: M:
11    \j?   il   __, '.ir*   -''!'.' . . '
r*_S3��WCJKft��U;,��_*"v_v:   ������..  ��� -.- ;"r-i:- I  -
. _*"��*��. '-.'I...'*_!____i_.'rvi__i__- -____>!_
AT 1.30 P. M. AND 7.30 P. M.
Instructed  by Messrs. Loggie Bros. I shall sell by Public
Auction as above, the whole of their stock of Men'3
Furnishings, Boots and Shoes
95 pr Men's and Boys' Boots and Shoes
6 doz. pair mens
6 doz. Fancy and Dress Shirts
A very large assortment of Fancy and Up-to-Date Ties
Heavy Woolen Shirts, etc., and the general assortment
usually kept in a Men's Furnishings Store
Further particulars from Loggie Bros, or
Phone 10 Auctioneer, Courtenay
Intense heat-resisting power is the feature of the almost
imperishable fire-box linings of our own McClary semi-
steel fire-box made Lu eight pieces���can't warp.
The man who designed the Kootenay knew his job. I
know that and that is why it carries my guarantee as well
as the makers'-, ,ra
For  sale by C. H. Tarbell & Son, Courtenay
Industrial Conditions in B. C.     No'material change has occurred hand and there is little   chance of
in the lumber trade since last mouth stock accumulating,   The   present
The following  notes  are   taken although there has been some fal- position of mills in operstion,  is to
"Industrial Progress" for  Novem- ling off in  the   demand from   the catch up with the ord.rs  in  hand,
ber, and are of a  reassuring nature prairies, attributed to a reduction and a fair winter season .is   looked
to those who have faith iu the province, and who hope   for   a
of building operations   on   account forward to.
trade of  the   harvesting.    Nevertheless,      The shingle   manufacturers   are
the mills have still good orders  on still experiencing difficulty   in   se-
Co ln.begtorg
Principal repayable 1st October, 1919.
Interest payable half-yearly, 1st April and 1st October by cheque (free
of exchange at any chartered Bank in Canada) at the rate of five per cent
per annum from the date of purchase.
Holders of this stock will have the privilege of surrendering at par and
accrued interest, as the equivalent of cash, in payment of any allotment
made under any future war loan issue in Canada other than an issue of
Treasury Bills or other like short date security.
Proceeds of this stock are for war purposes only.
A commission of one-quarter of one per cent will be allowed to recognized bond and stock brokers on allotments made in respect of applications
for this stock which bear their stamp.
For application forms apply tb the Deputy Minister of Finance, Ottawa.
OCTOBER 7th, 1916.
curing a steady supply   of   shingle
liolts, due to the shortage of labor.
In spite of the much greater log
cut this year, there is no evidence
of an undue surplus ol logs for this
season of the year, the mills having
continued to take large quantities
and cutting steadily. i
In the mountain district, the labor shortage in the camps has caused the shut down of several large
mills six weeks earlier   than usual.
Tlie Canadian products Ltd, plant
at New Westminster started operations this mouth, handling 125
tons of potatoes riailv, having large
orders on hand for European governments.
Kxport shipment of apples from
B. C. will exceed the 1915 season
and prices are higher, The peach !
crop is somewhat light, but prices
are satisfactory. In general the
fruit industry in the interior is
prosperous. New Zealand, Australia and South Africa have been
large buyers of I!- C. apples this
vear Heavy shipments have also ,
been sent lo England, Eastern states
and the demand from the prairies
has been satisfactory.
Terminal city Iron Works, Vancouver, who have completed their
shell contracts, are busy with mar- ,
itie work in connection with the
lumber vessels beina built tit North
Vancouver, md have work on hand
for nine months ahead. There is
a surprising amount of work being
given out by Wallace's Shipyard
Ltd. in connection with the littings
of the vessels under construction
and projected. [
The car building plant  of the C-,
N. R. at  Port   Mann   will   be   in
operation within a mouth or So and
is designed to turn out five cars per ,
day.    It will be operated to capacity
from the start, \
Representing a Norwegion   syn-'
dicate. Mr. Otto Dabl, of Philadel- I
phia, has ceen arranging   to   close
ship building contracts   amounting;
to about $5,000,000  and   entailing
the employment of   from   1500   to |
2000 men.    Tlie ships   are   to   be'
built by the Wallace   Shipbuilding j
Compapy, an 1 by Messrs Cotlghlau
& Company at their proposed yards
on False Creek.   Six ships   aie  to!
be built at the Wallace  Shipyards, I
each being of a  register   of   8800
tons.    Thev will be steel steamers. '
The negotiations   with   the   other!
firm are not sufficiently far advanc-,
ed yet to permit of   an   announcement.
Over 70 men are now employed j
at the Ocean Falls plant of the Pacific Mills Ltd,, and the company
has applied to the employment
bureau, Vancouver, for an additional 200 me.1 at $3 and $3.50 per day,
Barrister and  Solicitor,   Notary
Phone 6 Courtenay
I .1 '. I II1 "���!
Courtenay   Hotel
Kent Wines
and Liquors
Cumberland Hotel
Good Accomodation      Cusin? Excelled
Wm. Merry-field    -
The Water Question
Four Good   Houses,
water    and   electric
light in each
Watchmaker, Jeweller ami Optician
at Brown's
Courtenay, B. C.
Courtenay  Tailor
Ladies and Gents Suits
Suits $27 up
Pants $7 up
Cleaiiinj,' ami
$ .75
Suits         $l._j up
Coats                    .75
Pauls                   .50
Skirts                  .50
Vests                    .55
Dresses             1 74
.7 ,
Overcoats        1.25
Rep .irinc, lite.
Gents c
other, ke
)t in order by tlie
Married���On Wednesday, Nov.
15-, at Vancouver, Mr. Kobt. Fill-erg, the popular grading contractor of the Comox Logging and Rail
wav Co , to Miss Florence Mc-
Cortnack, daughter of J. McCor-
mack, President of the Canadian
Western Lumber Co. Ltd., and its
subsidery companies. The happy
couple will make their future home
at Headquarters,
Haney  I.  Kushida
Store, Union St., Courtenav
Sand and Gravel
Rates Reasonable
Buggies and Express Wagons
All Rigs Guaranteed and Sold at the Lowest Possible Price
Blacksmith ard Carriage Builder COURTENAY
��� "* ------- -��� - - - ,-|- - - - - - - -_ ��� - - - - ��� ��� __ ~**!*_**||-crri ~ r r rrm ��.i_J_JJJij'u _iu -_���_.. THE   REVIEW,   COUETNEY,  B. ft
Money From Waste
Glasgow is receiving a fair amount
ol revenue from the use of waste 111
a more Ihan usually Indirect wr.y.
The city has acquired a considerable
amount of land, and is fcrtillzin*" it
with the refuse which cannot bc disposed ol otherwise, The Income from
this source, last year reached $15,000,
Bovril makes other foods nouriih
you. It has a body-building power
proved equal to from 10 to 20 times
the amount ol Bovril taken.
, my i
llie manner in which Paul Tayne
received this announcement concerning the detective who was hanging
about the grounds of Oare Court
Struck a blow to Lord Eastling.
Although lie knew a good deal, and
suspected much more, about the lawless doings of his brother-in-law in
the past, the young man had hoped
against hope that 1'aul -was now, as
lie would have put it, "running
straight," and that he was showing
at least so much respect to the noble
woman he had married as to keep
away from questionable dealings
now that hc was connected by marriage with an honorable family.
Lord Eastling, favorably impressed from the outset by the manners
and good temper of Paul Payne, had
always been generous in his views of
him, and had wished, as much for the
man's sake as for Lady Ursula's,
that he would live down his past bad
record and prove himself at least apparently worthy of the family inlo
which he had married, as an offset
against his repudiation by the family
into which he was born.
But the events of (lie past few days
had shattered that hope, and Paul's
sudden change of color on hearing
about the detective in the grounds
had made it impossible to doubt thai
lie was still acting in concert with
thh ves.
Of course, Paul recovered his self-
possession immediately, and affected
lu be much amused by lhc solemn
warning thus given.
"That's awfully interesting by
Jove!" said he as be opened the door.
"I'.isls always arc exciting to hear
about, aren't they, when they belong
to other people?"
Willi these words he left his brother-in-law, and let himself inlo the
room where Brady Gane was wailing.
^ (ira-ulafetl Eyelids,
^ Eyes inflamed by exposure to Sun, Batl and Win.
< YSferxt���, quickly relieved by Hgrlst
��J v5) Eye Remedy. No Smarting,
�� just  Eye  Comfort.    At
Your Druggist's 50c pei Bottle Murine Eyl
Sslvein f_bei2Sc Foi-Boo_alf_e_ye.ree~sk
Pniggru. oi liurtac fiys Kenedy Co., Chicago
Brady, who was fidgeting about
impatiently, lingering everything in
the room, apparently with the object
of discovering something which it
would bc worth while to carry off,
dropped the volume bound in red
morocco, which be bad been turning
lover, and drew himself up. "Well,
Where's the stuff?" asked he quickly.
Paul shook llis head,    ll  was plain
from his looks thai hc had received
a shock, nnd the other stared lit him
"Nothing gone wrong, rh?" said he
in a hoarse whisper. "II il has, Syd, il
begins to look as if you'd b'st your
nerve, i.i- something, I'm sick and
tired of the way you've kepi US hanging round,   Come, out with it, What's
Paul made an effort lo recover his
usual calm manner, which impressed
his nervous and fidgety confederates
so much. But the knowledge thai
danger had conic so very close unnerved him, and his ryes wandered
uneasily towards the window as he
"There's a Yard mnn in the
grounds, on the lookout," said be.
"You've been followed, Gane. Vou
must get away as fasl as you can,
and bc sure you tlon'l go straight
back to Kvans. When yon do scc
him, warn him to bc careful,"
But before he had come lo the end
of this speech the expression of the
other man bad altered somewhat,
Prom interested he had become incredulous and impatient.
"Oh, yes, 1 dare say!" said he in a
mocking lone. "We've, had that
game, played on us already. Won't
work the second time, my lord. Not
"What do you mean?" asked Paul,
who, however, knew very well.
"Oh, what I mean, your lordship,
lis as you lold me that when I come
.to'sec you at the hotel. You said as
how there was a fellow on the lookout, and as you couldn't give mc tlie
i stuff because he was ready for to
I pounce out on mc. You said as I
; should find his band on my shoulder
! before I'd got out of the house, and
las he'd call a copper, and give mc in
charge. 'You mustn't bc found with
I the stuff on you,' says you. And 1,
i like the silly kid I was, let myself bc
kidded, and went away without the
stuff. Lord, how you must have
Paul, seeing lhat he bad a hard
task before him in persuading Gane
to go away quietly without the stones,
sat down in an armchair, crossctj^iis
legs and took out a cigar.
Brady's eyes grew round with indignation.
"Look here," said he, "I'll stand no
nonsense. Go and fetch the stuff, and
share out.   No more larks!'1
"I'm not in the humor for larks,
I assure you. Neither am I in the
humor to be arrested on a charge of
being concerned in stealing valuable
jewellery. And as that is what
would inevitably happen if you were
to go out of the house with ten thousand pounds' worth of stones on you,
I'm obliged to deny your request,
unreasonable as it no doubt seems to
Gane moved impatiently.
"Stow that bunkum!" growled he.
"I wasn't arrested at the hotel when
I was fool enough to listen to you,
and to let myself be gulled into going
away without the pearls you promised us. Well, 1 was had once, but I'm
not having none this lime."
Paul shook his head.
"I can't help that. I sec the point
of your remarks, but the fact that
you escaped search once does not induce mc to think you would escape
a second time, Anyhow, I can't afford to run risks."
"Why not?    1 can."   .
Paul laughed not in a conciliatory
"It's nol quite the. same thing,
What are your risks compared to
"Uli, conic now "
Paul drew himself up and spoke
with more emphasis,
"(.    repeat:    what arc your    risks?
'as you mean to do it.   So llicrc now."
I    Paul  shook his head.
"If 1 were, ever so virtuous 1 cottld-
jti'l give back the things now, because
'they don't exist any longer. I've, la-
ken lhe stones out and thrown away
jthr settings "
"Ves! pretty well that, for ;i man
as is turned so good!"
Paul nodded.
"As you say, it's prelly well for a
ninu turned good. Bill I'm nol good.
Don't bc afraid. I'm only frighten-
The confession wns SO unexpected
thai Gane stared,
Hut Paul nodded again gravely and
Ves, it's funk, pure funk, blue (unk,
thai makes mc anxious that neither
you, nor 1, nor Kvans should be.
cauglll now. A little while ago I
I think I could have carried it off with-
loiit so niucl) as minding ihe penally.
Bill I couldn't now; I own it." His
face grew very gra\e, and he looked
out at the trees and lhc lawn and the
misly landscape beyond, instead of at
Gane, as he. went on: "I want lo turn
over a new leaf."
Gane laughed, hoarsely, incredulous
"Well,   turn  away  as   fasl  as   ever
you like.    We shnn'l  slop you,"    lie.
cried mockingly,   "Only, before   you,
turn,  just  you  hand  us  ovcr     what
belongs to us."
"All right. Bul nol now. Listen,!
Gane, I want to know whether you
and Evans will consent to some sort
of a new arrangement. Vou wouldn't get much on the stones, under lhc
circumstances, would you?"
| But Gane's face had Hushed, and
his eyes were protruding.
"No, you don't," cried he with excitement, as he clenched bis iisl and
ground his teeth, and came nearer to
Paul in a threatening attitude. "You
don't play that game on lis, We're
not a-going for to lake a few sovereigns and leave you to go off with
the swag that we've been waiting for
our share of this many weeks.
We're "
Paul rose from his chair, and his
face assumed thai hard look which
Gane was morc accustomed to in him
than to the. more amiable expression
which he had worn so far lhat morning.
"All righl," he said quietly. "Bluster away. But I'm not going to give
you the stones to carry away today,
as 1 know you wouldn't get away
without being followed, and if you
were, followed you would be caught,
and ii you were caught you'd involve
me. 1 don'l pretend to be acting unselfishly."
"I should think not!" jeered Gane
at a white heat.
"I'm not a saint."
"Not  quite."
"I'm rather the olhcr thing."
"Just about."
"But 1 can'l afford lo bc found
This Fertile Area of Canada's Hinterland
Described in u New Booklet
The demand for accurate and reliable Information wilh regard to the
Peace Kivcr country is widespread,
and is rapidly becoming more insis-
Icnl. Any effort, therefore, that may
bc made lo provide this Information
through official sources is both timely ami valuable.
A booklet entiili-,1 "The. Pence
River Country" jusl issued by ihe Department ol the Interior dealing ivilll
lhis matter deserves lo be brought
prominently lo public, attention.
Hitherto those who wished to obtain information wiih reference to
this new land have been dependent
on reports ol a more or less fragmentary nature, gathered Irom any source
that happened to bc available, In
compiling authentic information from
reliable sources and publishing il iu
thc form of a handy and attractive,
booklet of fifty pages, the Department has provided a much needed
source of information (or all who are
or who may become interested in llic
Peace Kivcr counlry.
While a few pioneer settlers have
from lime- to time penetrated this
portion of Northern**Canada, it has
only been within lhc pasl few years
that it has been possible, to regard
thc grent. Peace River valley as within
the reach of the. Iiomcsceker. The
almost insurmountable difficulty in
taking in supplies nnd machinery and
the corresponding task of marketing
the crop rendered lhis fertile area of
Canada's hinterland a veritable "terra
Although but few have explored
this district, many will be surprised
lo learn that    so long ago as  1870
grain from the Peace River captured
ihe trophy in competition with thc
world al the Centennial Exposition
iii Philadelphia.
The booklet deals with all the subjects which naturally suggest themselves to the. average inquirer. Under
llic headings of Agriculture, Timber,
Minerals, Game and Transportation
the pamphlet gives a mass of information. Cllmalc and rainfall are
also dealt with, Numerous extracts
nre given from the. reports of well-
ktiown explorers and scientists who
have visited the country, dating from
the beginning of last century down
lo the present day. There is a concensus o( opinion among these authorities ;o to the adaptability ol the
country lo ihe growth of all grains
nnd root crops. The great amount
of sunshine which obtains in these
northern latitudes renders vegetation
both rapid ami luxuriant.
In llic Peace River district the seasons change very quickly, so that as
soon as the. snow passes the ground
is ready    for seeding.     The soil in
some places consists of a rich black
[loam,   In olbers it varies from i blue
I clay wilh a top soil of sandy loam���
from two lo six inches���lo a sandy
loam much desired by wheat growlers.
I Vegetables attain a large size, Dur-
; ing a large part of the winter season
I cattle and horrcs may remain outdoors.
It is a country adapted both tc
mixed farming and ranching,
A copy of the booklet may be obtained by addressing the. Railway-
Lands Branch, Department of the Interior, Ottawa.
Excelsior Policies Are Money Makers
A Caustic Beggar
Old Lady: "Here's a penny, my
poor man. Tell mc, how did you become so destitute?"
Beggar: "1 was always like you,
mum, a-givin' away vast sums fe.
thc pore an' needy."���London Opinion.
W.       N.       U,       1121
What is a term of imprisonment to
you? You've done onc or two already, and you're as well off in gaol
ns you are out of it; heller. Willi
mc it's different. Even you will admit that,  1  suppose."
"Even me!   1 like your cheek, Syd."
"Of course you do. It's my cheek,
as you call it, that has enabled mc lo
help you in ways that I'm sorry for
and ashamed of,"
Gane stuck out his chin.
"Oh, so that's it, is it? You're, coming the virtuous dodge ovcr us, eh, to
get out of giving back our share?
What are you going to do with Ihem,
eh? Give 'cm back again, perhaps?
Like what they say you did with the
pearls? Is that the new game?
Chuckle-headed sort of sport, I call
it, and what's more, 1 don't believe
"And suppose I was to go right up
to this 'tec���if I could find him," jeered Gane, "and to tell him as there
was a fine, gentleman in this house,
with a good haul of jewels as wasn't
his own to be accounted for, what
"Then you would probably get
locked up as a person suffering from
delusions," observed Paul impcrturb-
(To Bc Continued.)
Bulletin on Farm Accounts
Valuable Information Contained in a
New Bulletin by Prof. G. G.
"Farm Cost   Accounting,", is the
title of a new bulletin by Prof. G. G.
White,    of    Manitoba    Agricultural
College.    In    writing    tllis    bulletin,
I Prof.  White  treats    thc quesljou    of
farm accounts from rather a nc.w
atiglc. lie holds lhat lhc typo of
bookkeeping required on a farm dif-
I fers entirely from ordinary bookkeeping. "The primary object of farm cost
accounting," snys Prof. White, "is to
determine what the farm business as
a whole is making or losing each
year, what each department is mak-
ing or losing, aud to give such in-
: formation regarding each a., will enable the owner lo manage his far-n
more intelligently by knowing what
it is costing him to produce."
After dealing in detail with the
whole problem oi farm cost accounts,
Prof. While includes a number of
tables and instructions, such as ho\v
to estimate the number of bushels of
grain in a bill, amount of hay in a
stack, quantity of silage in n_ silo,
data regarding average life of innlc-
metlts, and similar information of
general farm interest. A copy of
the bulletin may bc had free irom i
the Manitoba Department of Agriculture or Manitoba Agricultural College, Winnipeg.
Boil It!
The beautiful aroma
of the finest cocoa beans is
brought out by boiling Cowan's
Perfection Cocoa from three to
four minutes.
A co-bastion ef Mi t_p_. __l
pasts. i"t*j pr.tl.ee a ��r__a_t,
_u__fi-in.wit_ vary lillle effart.
Itat po_t.es c��-Ui..*ic-l-al
w-l Ml crack Ibe Icat-er. Tit.
preserve lie ludurud batata
tie lift ��f jottt thou.
t. T. BkU.U1 Ct. OF CAN-DA Ud.
Harailtoa  - Cauda
secrets in   jrou��'
'None to speak of," he replied.
'is good ted' fb
TORONTO, our.. _
New Competitors in Bacon
Argentina   has, in the   past nine
tears, hern tin- best customer of the
British Berkshire Society. Russia-has
also been a fairly free purchaser.
The number of competitors iu the
world's bacon   market ir,   incrcasingl
(mil quality  will be more than ever
"he price of pre-eminence when lhc
���ar is ovcr.
Faultless in Preparation. ��� Unlike
py other stomach regulator, I'armc-
lec's Vegetable Pills are the result of
song study of Vegetable compounds
calculated to stimulate the stomachic
Junctions ami maintain them at the
_ormal condition. Years of use havc
proved their faultless character and
established their excellent reputation,
And this reputation they have maintained for years and will continue to
maintain, for these, pills must always
Stand at thc head of the list of Stan-
��(Jard preparations.
A British Julius Caesar
Julius Caesar had a prominent
tta. "sake in Sir Julius Caesar, .Master t the Rolls during lhc reign of
Jan. ��� I,, who married a niece of
Sac ', and perhaps knew llic hey to
Lhc i toriolis "cypher," About him
Lord Clarendon tells an amusing
story. The unpopular Karl of loit-
land S'.t up all night in a barricaded
house with his friends and retainers
armed to the teeth, because he had
.ound in his pocket a slip of paper
on wl ich was written "Remember
Caesar. ' Next day he found that this
ireferrc I, not to lhc assassination of
_he Ri nan statesman, but to some
prcferr cnt promised to a son of Sir
Julius i 'acsar. The tomb of Sir
Julius i'acsar, with a quaint epitaph
iin leg I phraseology, is among the
many curious monuments of St.
.���Helen'-, Bishopsgatc,
Winter Feeding of Cattle
Low Grade Grain That Can Be Used
to Advantage in Feeding
At the present lime there arc daily
passing tlirougli lhe Winnipeg stock
yards scores of carloads of sloclter
nud feeder cat lie which arc on llieir
way from the farms of Manitoba and
Saskatchewan lo the farms of lhe
Central and Central Western States.
During tho month of August, *t,805
head of cattle of all classes crossed
the line from the Winnipeg yards,
and lhis was before lhc stocker and
feeder movement had got under full
Steam, At the same lime, there is
in many parts of our own country a
good deal of feed that will never be
used, some of il griiin lhat is scarcely
worth threshing, but thai could be
used to feed a large number of animals.
This combination of circumstances
makes especially timely a new circular ou WlntCI  heeding of Cattle hy
the Animal Husbandry Dcpartmcnl
of Manitoba Agricultural Cullegc.
This circular contains data as to actual results iu previous Manitoba
feeding experiments, nnd oilers Stiff"
ffCSllons to those who are open to
consider this line of enterprise, A
free copy may be had by writing the
Publications Branch, Department of
Agriculture, Winnipeg, or Manitoba
Agricultural College.
Advice to Dyspeptics
Well Werih Following
lu the case of dyspepsia, the appetite is variable. .Sometimes it is ravenous, again it is often very poor. For
lhis condition there is but one sine
remedy���Ur. Hamilton's Pills���which
cure quickly and thoroughly,
Sufferers lind marked benefit in a
day, and as lime goes on improvement continues. No other medicine
will strengthen the stomach and digestive organs like Dr. Hamilton's
i'ills. 'I'hey supply the materials and
assistance necessary to convert cv-
crylhing eaten into nourishment, into
muscle, fibre and energy with which
to build up the run-down system,
Why not cure your dyspepsia
now? Get Dr. Hamilton's I'ills today, 25c per box at all dealers,
Vanishes Forever
Prompt Mitf���Pttmantnl Cart
Ll VER PILLS never
(ail.  Purely vegetable--ict surely
tut gently on
lhe liver.
Slop alter
cure imli-.
jeslion ��� improve llie complnion��� lirl.hten
the eyes. Small Pill, Small Due, Small Price.
Genuine nun beat Signature
Cannon and the Clouds
They Learn Nothing
Why is il thai the idea can never
seem lo be eradicated irom the Ger-
mnn mind lhal the worltl can be conquered by terror? Why Is It thai
lhc dreadful lessons of the lasl two
years remain still unlearned by the
What of good, of prolit, of advantage has (lowed from the Iwo years
iu which Germany hns built up for
her sons the reputation of wild animals throughout the civili_'d world?
lias ii aided German armies to
conquer France, to lake Verdun because German soldiers have outraged
French women, slaughtered French
children, destroyed the cathedrals,
wrecked the homes, defiled lhe beautiful in northern France?-New York
Shopwalker: Do you realize that
you wcrc four hours selling those
two women a yard of ribbon?
Saleswoman: 1 know, sir. But just
as they got lo the counter lhcy discovered that they each had a baby
just learning lo talk.
The world's population makes use
of _,500,000 glass eyes in the course
of each vear.
It lirin*|s Relief to Hoy Standing
His Watch Deep In
��� Johnny, who had been study-
ory but a short time, thought
d give his grandfather a try-
ihc subject, and asked:
Gramp, what great war broke
old gentleman laid down his
ip_pi ind looked thoughtfully at the
tooy :jr a moment, and then a sudden   iglit dawned upon  him,
"Why," he said, "that was the year
I married your grandmother,"���Harper's Magazine.
"jig hi
lie wi
out 0
ont i
Adds to the
Joy of Living���
It isn't alone the deliciously
awect nut-like taste of Grape-Nuts
that has niiiilc thc food famous,
though taste makes first appeal,
and goes a long way.
But with the zcstful flavor there
_�� in Grape-Nuts the entire nutriment of finest wheat and barley.
And this includes the rich mineral
elements of the grain, necessary for
***igorotis health���the greatest joy
of life.
Every table should have its
daily ration of
"There's a Reason"
Csnadi.n Postum Cereal Co., MX.
Windsor, Ont,
Thousands of thankful mothers
throughout Canada ��� many of them
your own neighbors���speak with the
greatest praise of that splendid medicine, Baby's Own Tablets. Many
mothers would have no other medicine for their little ones. Among
these is Mrs. Albert Nie, St. Bricux,
Sask., who says: "1 have been using
Baby's Own Tablets for the past
seven years and lhcy have done my
four children a world of good. I
would not be without them." Thc
Tablets arc sold by medicine dealers
or by mail at 25 cents a box fioin
The Dr. Williams Medicine Co.,
Brockville, Out.
Once upon a time, only a few
months after this terrible world war
had begun, Private Bailey, a soldier
in the ranks, had slood for days in
the trenches "somewhere in France."
The cold rains soaked Ii iin lo the
skin; the mud was deep. lie. had had
no rest. Weary and aching with
rheumatic pains, he recalled the faith
his mother had in Sloan's Liniment.
Hc asked for it in his next Inter
home. A large bottle was immediately sent him and a few applications
killed the pain, once more he was able
to stand the severe exposure. He
shared this" wonderful muscle-soother
with his comrades, and they all agreed
it was the greatest "reinforcement"
lhat had ever conic to their rescue.
At your druggist, 25c, 50c and $1.00
a bottle.
Improbable That Cannonading    lias
an Appreciable Effect on
By a remarkable coincidence    the
latter half of Ihe year nf 1914, and
the whole of 1915 and 1916, so far as!
it has gone, have shown an excessive I
rainfall   in   many   parts of America
and Europe, a stale of affairs    that
has given rise lo many surmises con-'
ccrning   the   relations   bctweeu the!
discharge of great quantities of ammunition at the front in Europe and '
the heavy fall.of moisture,    lu an ad-,
dress delivered recently before thej
British Rainfall Association n niem-i
her of that body pointed out that the:
processes of nature are so vast thai
it is highly improbable thai even thc
greal ffUlinrc of recent months has
had any effect on precipitation. To illustrate this statement it was shown
lhat ill one month lhe excess of rainfall mer an are.-t of 58,000 square
miles, which includes England and
Wales, was 3 1-2 inches, The speaker
showed that this large, excess represents over thirty billion tons of water
and lhat the minimum quantity of air
which musl have been carried ovcr
England and Wales lo transport lhat
water in the form of vapor musl have
becn at leasl 100 limes that amount
in weight. .Such staggering figures
are regarded as evidence tiiat lhe
amount of force required to move
masses of this magnitude is far beyond lhal which ran bc exerted even
by modern nations at war.
Catarrh Cannot Be Cured
���villi LOCAL APPLICATIONS, as they
.itiinot reach iiie scat oi tli*- disease. '";itarrU
is a lucal iliac;'sc, greatly influenced by con.
Itltutiotial conditions, ami in order to cine it
you must take an Internal remedy. J UN's
Catarrh Cute is taken internally and acts
tlnougli the i.loo-1 on tin. mucous surfaces
M the system. Hall's Catarrh Cure \>:r; prescribed hy one of the best physicians iu thi.
country ior years. Jt is composed of some
of the best tonics known, combined with
tomfl of the lipjt blood purifiers, The perfect combination of the ingredients In Hall's
Catarrh Cure is what produces such wonder*
(ul results in catarrhal conditions. Send for
testimonials, free.
l\ J. CHENEY & CO., Props., Toledo, O.
All Druggists, "5c.
Hall's Family 1'iIU for constipation.
New Banking Device
Multiple Cheque   Is Great   Saver of
Depositor's Time
The multiple check is the latest
banking device to save depositors
trouble. It has becn brought out by
a Boston trust company, and its
chief use is to make it possible for
a depositor to pay all his monthly
bills by drawing one cheque on or
about the first of the month.
The new cheque is precisely like
the old style cheque, except that its
size is much increased to give room
at the bottom for writing a list of
firms, with the sum set opposite
each one which the drawer desires
to pay. These arc added up, and the
cheque for the total, payable to (he
bank, is duly filled out and signed.
That ends the bother of the depositor, for the bank does the rest.
It deposits lhe sums named to the
credit of such payees as happen to
be depositors and remits to thc
The payer may make entry of the
firms and amounts paid on lhc stnb
of the cheque, or he may enter only
the lotal, saving his statements of
account for record.
The plan means more work for lhe
bank and less for the depositor. But
the bank gets its reward, no doubt,
in the satisfaction of the patron and
the consequent attraction of other
The bank cheque is a wonderful
instrument of business. We have become so accustomed to it that we
sometimes fail to appreciate its
daily miracle. The invention of the
multiple cheque shows that the uses
to which cheques may be put have
by no means been exhausted.
Minard's  Liniment  for   sale   everywhere.
"Singular thing, isn't it;"
"That people who arc. so different
from us seem to be satisfied with
themselves."���Boston Evening Transcript.
Minard's    Liniment    Relieves    Neuralgia.
Ambitious Plans
"Arc yuu prepared to do anything
for the heathen?" asked the mission
"I should say we arc!" answered
the capitalist, proudly. We've sent
some of our best salesmen lo China,
and I predict that in a short while
hundreds of well lo do Chinese will
bc enjoying rides in thc best motor
car made in America."���Birmingham
Age Herald.
REMEMBER! The ointment
yon put on your child's 'kin gets
into the system Just as surely as
food the child cats. Don't let
impure fat��an_".uinrral coloring
matter (such as many of the
cheap ointment! contain) get
into your child's blood I Zam-
Buk is purely herbal. No poisonous coloring. Use it always.
50c. llet el All Druggists *nJ Stores.
Something better than liner) and hiic laundry
hills.    Wain   It with loitp  and  water     All
shirrs or direct.    State style and lite.    F.t
25c. we will mail you
CANADA.  1.iu.il..!
S_ Praia.  Arena.. Toraal-. Oafarl*
The Heart of a Piano is toe
Action,   Insist on the
Otto Higel Piano Action
Ami ilea's
0*1 Retnoiie:
And How to Feed
Mulltd   f.M   tO   m'.lj   IiM_-*U   Sj
thi Aiitlior
IIS West ."1st Sireel. New lark
with itils ScU-Stanlni Electric 1'ihtia. Pi:
yuu run liave eloCU-Ifl 11,,'lu. In your firm bom.*.
,'uunlry   estate,  genera] itor,r,   ll-.-ery   Irsrns.
skating and curling rlnu, at rj ciruw uf  iem ot
ilsy.    Compact, simple���wife '-an oparmca it
Hhc eleclrlfl IroilS, waslirr*., cleaners, t, well _*
lilctily ul lnm|>a .lay or nlsht. Can v.e. fin hy
llic engine yuu iiavi* or wn can ruxttlab -r_nn,r. arc
lie't n minutes n"irr uncrating. Tall ua your ms_-t
lully guaranteed.   Write a k'.t.r. nor , nosr._ .'*_,(, tn
WI 'STERN CAUl.l CO.. Wlaol.-a. M.a
Western Druggists���Notice
The first cold snap starts rheumatic
pains and aches. Vou feel it in the
knees climbing steps or in Ihc back
or shoulders. Joints are stiff,
muscles are sore, every exertion is a
painful reminder. Vou resign yourself to a session of torture.
But there is relief at hand, Sloan's
Liniment, easily applied without rubbing, it quickly penetrates and drives
the crippling pain and disabling ache
out of your system. Heading and
lifting arc no longer agony.
Bruises, bumps and sprains following exercise quickly yield to ils application and mothers have it handy
for lhc numerous minor injuries to
children that, are more painful than
dangerous, Sloan's Liniment quickly
soothes. Lumbago, gout, neuralgia
and kindred ills that put grown-ups
in misery, chronic cold feet, loolli-
aclie; in fact, all external pains arc
banished by Sloan's Liniment, and it
does not stain the skin or clog the
pores, a disagreeable feature of plasters and ointments.
The   Last   Asthma   Attack    may
really be the last onc if prompt measures are taken.   Dr. J. 1). Kellogg's
Asthma Remedy will safeguard   you.
It will penetrate to the smallest broil- |
chial passage and bring about a heal- .
Ihy condition.   It always relieves and '
its continued use often effects a per-,
nianent cure.   Why not get this long-;
famous remedy today and commence*
its use?   Inhaled as smoke or vapor j
it is equally effective. >
"What   is there about   betting on !
horse races that is so  bad  for Ihc
health?" said young Mrs. Brown.       j
"I never heard    of anything," answered  the visitor.
"Didn't yoi?    Every lime Charley |
makes a bet hc comes home and says
there is something    wrong with his ,
system." I
Millard's Liniment Co., Limited,
Genls,���A customer of ours cured
a very bad case of distemper ;n a
valuable horse by 'lie  use ol"  UIN
Yours truly,
W.      N.      U.      1121
Hinkson: I hear your wife has been
taking singing lessons.
Gibbs: Yes.
Hinkson: Well, what do you think
of her voice since it's been trained?
Gibbs: It's no better, but there's a
lot more of it I
"Talk about check!" said the puppy.
Someone has gone    and put up    a
building right over the place where I
buried a bone."
Britain's Amazing Inventions
The Britisii arc manufacturing new
w-ar inventions "wliicli would turn
thc Krupps green with envy," according to Dr. Benjamin Rand, of
Harvard University, who returned to
New Vork recently from a"- visit to
Accorded privileges of inspection
by the Britisii Foreign Office, Dr.
Rand said he visited munition and
ordnance factories and saw "some astounding inventions," but that he was
pledged not to disclose their nature.
He found among every class, he
said, an intense determination to do
all possible to win the war. In one
factory he saw 7,000 women at work,
uniformed in khaki.
New factories were .being built, he
said, and existing ones constantly
It Doesn't Pay
To buy inferior article*
for home use, no matter
how small the article is.
With matches, as with
everything else, it pays
to buy the best.
Will save your time and
temper, for they are good
strikers, safe, SUE*", and
= EDDY'S =__
Affection's Pangs
"Do you love your country?"
"Of course I do," replied Senator
Sorghum. "And 1 don't mind saying that it gets me riled to see my
country Hiding with people who
don't belong lo my polilical party."���
Washington Star.
One of the commonest complaint*
of infants is worms, and the most effective application I'or them is Motliei
Graven' Worm Exterminator.
At an American eating station an
old colored man was ringing a bell,
and a little dog sat beside him howling dismally. The old man turned tc
him and said: "What you hollerin'
for?   You don't have to eat here,"
A Carelessly Treated Cold
is the source of most sickness because drugged
pills, syrups and alcoholic mixtures are
uncertain and unsafe.
Scott's Emulsion has been relied upon by
physicians for forty years as the safe and sensible
remedy to suppress the cold and build up the
enfeebled forces to avert throat and lung troubles.
Don't tolerate alcoholic subititutes, but intiit
on the Genuine Soott's Emulelon. One bottle usually
' nger than a cold.   Every druggist has it.   ���- - THE COURTENAY REVIEW
���A-XiJ-^i^i^;^'.' ^���^'���i^ftjfti^-J.'ftA'^
Is Your
To Messr
: ,
; ,
Beach & Field,
Agents Tor the
London and Lancashire Fire Insurance Co.,
Courtenay, B. C.,
Dear Sirs,	
I wish to thank you for the prompt manner in which the London &
Lancashire Fire Insurance Company have settled my recent loss by fire.
The fire occured on October thc 2nd, and my receiving cheque inside of a
week is proof to me that it pays to insure in an old and established Fire
Insurance Company, when one can bo sure there will be no delay in making
settlement, providing the assured has taken thc trouble to see that the
description, etc., is correct as set out in his policy.
Thanking you, I remain, yours truly,
Courtenay, B. C, October 9th, 1916
!^t^^i��^^i_^i*��&^�� &; .^-x^^^
Instructed by H. W. Hebe-den, Esq., who is leaving for
New Brunswick, I shall sell by Public Auction at
his residence, Little River Road, about
half mile from ConfOx, on
Wednesday Nov. 22,1916
The whole of his Household Furniture, Dairy Cow, Motor
Car and Outdoor Effects
Owing to the large number of lots to be sold and tbe days being
short, the auctioneer wishes to commence the sale punctually,
Any further particulars may be obtained from
Further particulars from
Auctioneer, Courtenay
Liquor License Act
Notice is hereby given that on the
15th. ilny of December, next, application
will be made to thc Board of License
Commissioners of the city of courtenay
(or renewal of the hotel license to sell liquor by retail in thejhotel known as
the Courtenay Hotel situated in the city
of courtenay, in the Province of llritish
Thomas boo-H,
Dated this 1st day   of   November  1916.
Phohe 10
Lquor License Act-
Notice is hereby Riven that on the
15th, day of December, next, application
will be made lo the Board ol License
commissioners of the city of courtenay
(or renewal of the hotel license to sell liquor |by retail iu the hotel known as
the Riverside hotel, situated in the city
ol courteuay, in the Province of llritish
Dated this 1st day of November, 1916.
The ladies of the Courtenay
branch of the Red Cross Society
intend holding a Jumble sale and Bill Millen has just returned Irom
afternoon ou Dec. ist. The com- Alaska,
tnittee will canvass the city for j Mrs, T Monks is spending her
small donations of any kind. The j holidays in Vancouver with her
Indies of the Committee are Mes- sister Mrs, Maichal.
dames Parkin, Hickman, Bubar, Miss Eva White has gone to the
II, Idiens, and Miss Griniason. I La Combe Academy. Alberta, to
Further particulars later. I resume her studies,
;^__^____^^^__^________^____.     Snipe hunting is good in Happy
m  hat ni  k rrnnAAV' Valley-   If voudoil,t believ* il ask
Accounts Audited and
Books Kept
Mrs. E, Carter has returned home
after a long stay iu Vancouver.
The R, O, P. Inspector has returned to Victoria afler   spending
Office with Hicks Beach & Field I tue week eu(j at Mr. W, T. Wain's
I have just installed a cider mill
and am prepaied to make cider
every day. Bring your apples and
cider vessels.
Auction Sale
CZJ g[AT UNION-BAY      j", I
I have  received instructions frcm Mr.! Ernest Lindon, who has joined  the   230th Battalion, to sell
without reserve at his residence Union Bay, on_
������'v5_K_*u_E ��� -,-.i___d- ...  .'..   '- ,___. 1.     _..._!   _'''������'- ��� ���' "*'
Monday,;: November 20
the whole of his Superior Household Furniture and
Effects.    Sale at 1.30 picrcpt
partner particulars.in,posters or frcm "__���*
G. J- HARDY,:Auctioneer
Three  Reasons Why
has (or nine succesive years written the
Largest Canadian Business
of any company operating hiiCanada
Its Premiums are the Lowest
Its Policies are the most Liberal
Its Dividends are the Highest
Vancouver Island Branch
J. HUltTT M0RQAN, MannRov
109 Union Bank Bldg. Victoria, B. C.
P. L. ANDEI'TON, Agent, Courtenay
Miss L, Dodds was down from
Cumberland seeing a few of her
A grand concert in aid of the
Belgian children is going to take
p'ace shortly in Happy Valley
school house with Mr. McKenzie
being the instructor.
Frank Dyer is visiting his mother
Mr_. Muuro.
Miss Margaret Church, daughter
| of Hubert Church, is visiting with
Mrs, Church, at Lazo.
The inhabitants of Lazo have
sent to the bovs of the 102nd and
.38II1 Batt. 15 2 pound hampers,
and 3 pounds worth of tobacco to
102nd Batt., all the 15 meu leaving
The knitting machine which was
drawn for at the Red Cross meeting
at Lazo was won by number 89.
Will the winner please come and
take the machine away trom Mrs.
John Knight's, Point Holmes.
The ladies of the Red Cross wish
to thank Mr, Martin for his kindness in supplying them with wood
for the winter for t'neir meetings
held every twe weeks.
The Liberal Association are goinj
to celebrate the election of Mr, H
Stewart by holding a banquet a
the Courtenny Hotel on WeduSsda*
evening, Nov. 22. The price 0
the tickets arc fi 50 each.


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