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The Review Nov 22, 1917

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Array IW
Can not be done any better, and
not quite bo well anywhere else
hereabouts. Our type and maahlu-
ery ig complete and The Review
prices are right
Gents'  Furnishings
and Hatters
VOL. 5
NO. 53
Auction   Sale
For Mrs. S. J. Piercy,  on her Ranch, Lower Road,
Sandwick, on
Tuesday, Dec. 4th, 1917
16 Head of choice Jersey and Grade Cattle, including 10
young dairy cows, due to freshen at an early date, and in calf
to that noted pedigreed Jersey bull " Sophie Fern's Pogis"
No. 106132' A.JC.C, and  6 grand  young calves sired by
above bull.   Also 1 capital work horse.   No reserve.
TERMS :���Under $50 cash, ovcr $50 approved joint note for
six months at 8 p. c-iut,
Full particulars may be had from
Telephone 10 COURTENAY
Gents' Furnishing Store
We also have a shipment of Ladies Shoes aud the Rinex Sole
Shoe for Children
Call and see our goods, you'll always find our prices right.
Courtenay Gent's Furnishings Store
Opposite Shepherds' W. Sutliff, Prop.
_finrvwi*i* attsttt*. ~-^^^*.
We Have Been
Fortunate in obtaining a large Shipment of the Famous
Ridley's Slab Toffee
A Slab of this Toffee is what everyone
should include in HIS parcel
An Extra Good Supply of Fruit will be on hand
for the week end
Consider Carefully
If you need Eveglasses and if not
quite sure consult
Qualified Optician
Courtenay, B. C.
t     No charge for sight testing
Local Lines
Harrv Fiske is home from a visit
to his old home in Boise, Idaho.
John Mills Glover, son of Mr,
and Mrs. Glover. Union Bay, was
killed iu action on Sept. 28.
A very successful bazaar and
sale of work was held in the Agri.
cultural Hall on Tuesday by the
Anglican church.
Herbert S, Clemence aud Geo
H Cowan K C wiil address a meeting in the agricultural hall on
Tuesday evening next and at Lazo
Schoolhouse ou Thursday evg.
The Foreign Minister of Holl-
and   announces that lhe Russian
Provisional    Government   has de-1
"ounced the commercial treaty of'
September 18 between Holland and ,
Russia, j
On Wednesday evening the Ma-1
pie Leaf Theatre was well filled to
see ''Her Beloyed Enemy" which
some people consider the best picture since the opening of the theatre
The management are endeavoring
to have the great picture, "The
Fall of the Romanoffs" played here
in the near future. The bill for
Saturday includes 6 reels, a comedy
"A Limberger Cyclone" "Universal screen mag.zine" the world's
latest moving pictures, and Univ.r
sal weekly, and a three reel thrilling drama entitled 'Steel Hearts"
by Mary Walcamp.
The Sandwick Ladies Aid Society
will hold a Sale of Work and Tea
in the class room of the Presbyterian church, Sandwick, on Wednes
day, Dec. 12..Fancy and useful articles iu great profusion wiil be
For Rent���Mrs, W, D. Stoker.s
house in the Orchard. $5 a month
to a steadv tenant, Apply at the
Reyiew Office.
Lost���On Tuesday, Nov. 13, between Comox and Courtenay, 5
songs, also an umbrella with green
hook handle on Nov. 8, between
Mrs. Atkinson's and Mrs Bayly's.
Finder please return to the Review
Slightly used 3 h, p. Fairbanks
gas engine For Sale at the Ford
Call and see the new 1-2 and 1
ton auto Trailers at $120 and $140
each, at the Ford Garage.
Nobby tread Ford tires are now
$24 each, and Ford chain tires are
$22 each at the Ford Garage.
Children's Shoes All the best and
most sensible styles, at Sutliff's.
Mrs. W. D, Stoker was up from
Vancouver this week.
H. S. Clements and W, W. B,
Mclnnes were nominated at Cumberland to contest the Comox-Al-
bemi seat.
At a meeting of the South Vancouver ratepayers last Friday evening a resolution was carried asking
the government lo take ovcr the
administration of South Vancouver
I affairs.
R, Filberg and  F,   McCormack
' were  arrested  by   Game   Warden
Rushlord charged with p.t lamping
and their guns confiscated while out
I looking for Ghas.  ways who was
lost iii the woods.
Read Victory Loan advertisment
on page 8. J
Some three or four years ago
when lhe Mitchell family were living at Black Greek the boys found
two young fawns on evening. The
next morning Ihey marked their
ears and took them near the place
where they were foni.d. when,
after a lot of fussing the mother
came and took them away. On
Sunday last W, Hayman, Harry
Loggie, and J. Aston were hunting in the vicinity of Black CreeK
and shot a fine buck weighing 150
lbs. with ear maiks on it, Il is
presumed to be one of the pair
marked by Cecil and Jack Mitchell.
Dominion of Canada
Victory Loan
In order to encourage small investors to participate in Canada,s
Victory Loan, the Royal Bank of
Canada, Courtenay branch, will
lend in moderate amounts upon the
pledge of the securities themselves
to subscribers to the loan who have
a reasonable certainty of repaying
the loan in one year. The Bank
will advance up to 90 per cent of
the amount subscribed, and the
rate of interest will be 5 1-2 per
cent per aniuii with monthly or
quarterly reduction payments as
may be arranged.
The bank will also accept from
Subscribers, for safekeeping, without charge, the interim securities
and later the bonds themselves to a
reasonable amount for the term of
oue year, For full particulars
phone, or call at the bank.
The following were registered at
the Rlyerside Hotel last week.
From Vancouver. G. Ke",y, P.
Gill, J, Willard, G. Horsmau, W;
Hazlitt. J, Garnard, G. McLeod,
R Thornsen, W. Sinnot, B. Fleming, W. McLeod,, Sid. Smith, W.
Goeth, S, Augustus, W Mclnnes,
J, Bain, A. Erington, E- Norton,
W. Williams, E. Cromie, A. Ezzv,
H. Reifel. W. Penwill; D. Heraty,
A. Johnston, M. Rector, J. Bartley
S. Adams, J. Cowan, g. Ion. H,
Morris, A, Godfrey. C. Johnston,
From Victoria, M. Morrison, L,
Nickson, F. Braun. From Nanaimo, o Fletcher, A. Husband, A.
Boyd, A. Forman, C, Reifel: A.
Prince' Hornby Is. D. Barnes, Wellington; W. Strait Seattle,  W-i6h.
B. Cody, Dennian Is. T. McBey,
Cameron Lake.
Presbyterian Church
St. Andrews'  Sandwick
Service 2 p.m.     Sunday  School
and Bible Class 3 p. ni.
Sunday School and  Bible Clas
10:30 a. m.    Evening service 7:30
p. m. All welcome
Anglican Services
Nov. 25, Sunday next before Advent.
11 a. m, Matins and Holv Com-
i-iuiiion at Holy Trinity, Cumber.
2.30 p, in. Evensong and Sermon
at the Lazo Mirsiou.
3 p m. Sunday School at St,
John's, Courtenny,
7.15 p, 111. Evensong and Sermon
at SI. I'eler's, Comox,
7.30 p. in. Evensong and Sermon
at St. John's, Courteuay.
For highest prices in hides, scrap
metal and old rubbers see Wm.
Douglas, Courtenay,
Cleveland Bicycles and bicycle
supplies at the Ford Garage.
Go to McBryde's for quality
For Sale���New Player Piano,
cheap for cash or on terms 5 h, p,
gas engine, with hoist attachment,
will pull stumps, grind grain, cut
ensilage, etc.; also a quantitv of
vegetables and apples, Will sell
cheap for cash, Apply Box A. Re
view Office.
'Safety  First
Several head of good high grade
Holstein Cows and Heifers
from heavy producing stock
Braefoot Farm,
R. R.No. 4, Victoria
Drug Store
Just Arrived:
Nyoltis Talcums
Rose,  Baby,
Lilac, Violet
Locust Blossom,
Mygracia, Mayflour
and Wood Violet
W.G. Robertson
Courtenay Drug Store
Go to
For Fresh   Tobacco, Cigars
Confectionery   and
Soft Drinks.
Isabel St.    Next Royal Bank
Comox Creamery
60c per lb. tMs week
We are Headquarters for
Rubber and Leather Footwear
to suit any member in
A general assortment of
always Rept in stock
We invite your inspection
Phon-* 48 Next the Drug Store THE   REVIEW.   COURTNEY,   ��L G,
The Squire's
��� M��__>._t, ._i r_M_i_
Having said it she remembered
Hint ]>oliy niiist not hear llic story
connected with l.cs Peupliers, and
hurried  on  to cover the  lapse.
"No one lias business this way but
the shepherd, We cannot even throw
thc message oil to the rath. Who
would come round lhc outer walls
of this place lo pick up a message
with a stone attached to it? No one.
Be quiet, love; I havc a better way."
"Hurry, then," said Dolly. "Remember that someone is in torture,
Oh, Kate, what Mr. Meyrick must be
enduring! When 1 think of it I feel
as though I must (lie with sorrow."
That was the thing Mrs. Bartlett
had to do, lo keep Dolly from considering her lover's anguish and despair. Now and again she turned
aside to think of her brother's trouble about her  disappearance.
"Even Louise will not be able to
console liim," she said. "She will
not be sorry that I am gone, however
I am gone. Louise always bated
"It is only a few days," Mrs. Bartlett pleaded. "Trust me, Miss Dolly. You shall return safe and sound
lo England. Think how glad they
will be to see yon! The Squire will
be wild with joy."
"Ah, but why dirl you lct him
bring me here?" Dolly asked suddenly; and with (lashing eye. "1 "was
helpless Ihen, under his wicked influence and could not resist him, and
lie knew it. Hc made inc keep my
veil down in the Pullman where the
people looked at us curiously. Why
did you not denounce him on the
boat? At tlle hotel where we lunched? In the shops where the English people came and went? 1 tried
lo call out to lhc people, but 1 could
Mrs. Bartlett moistened her lips
as though she found it hard lo speak.
Her poor distorted face flushed darkly. But before she could say anything Dolly's mood  changed.
"Forgive mc, Kate," she said. "I
know you did it for my sake. You
saw that you could take care of mc
and bring mc back, and you would
not have a fuss and a scene "
"And your name In the papers,
Miss Dolly," said Mrs. Bar.tlett, with
the manner of an old nurse. "Mr.
Meyrick would not like that, nor
your brother. The less is known or
talked about a young lady the belter."
Mrs. Bartlctt had discarded her
veil while she worked to clear the
weeds from about St. Roch and bis
dog, and the bush of roses. Her face
lind no terrors for Dolly. The moment she had won Kate Bartlett's
heart was when she had looked un-
shrinkinly at her face, and, then,
ruining nearer, had kissed  it.
While they worked Margot came
to thc door, looked at them and went
back again. At twelve o'clock she
served them an excellent dejeuner;
nnd lhcy bolh ale with appetite. Later she prepared the evening meal, set
the tray ready lo bc taken upstairs;
wrote on a slate in a large childish
hand, "rcchauffer," and went off at
a great rate just as the coming shadows began to gather over the valley,
It was niiite dark when Cooper returned. He seemed tired and depressed as he came iu and sal down
in the farm house kitchen. Hearing
him come in, Mrs. Bartlctt came
downstairs. He was silling wilh bis
head in his hands and as she saw
liim the woman's eyes through the
veil sin- always wore in bis presence
sent him a strange look of compas-
Wlllioul speaking sire came and
icrvi d  liim his meal.
"Mareot is gone, I suppose," he
said. "She would not slay here after nightfall for all the world could
give ber. Poor old devil���T make
tier come. Not anything strange this
lime; only that T saved her from a
pack of young ruffians who wcrc
stoning her. A fellow feeling, my
good woman. The Ishinael has compassion for lhe  Ishinael���that is all."
Hi- laughed in a dull  way and fell
Granulated Eyelids,
* Sore Eyes, Eyes inflamed by
J Sun, fiuit ami Wind quickly
" relieved hy Murine. Tfyltin
* your Eyes and in Baby's Eyes.
iNoSaartinr, Jnil EyeConlert
HnrlMEre Remedy ^ff.SrHK'i&S
1.0 Srlv��, in Tuli.R 2T_,   For Honk of Ih* Ell. - Tr...
Ask Morlae Ej�� Remc-7 Co.. Chlcam 4
W.     N.     U.     11W
lo his supper, while she went to and
fro attending his wants between the
sallc-a-mangcr and the little outside
kitchen wilh  lhe  half glass door.
"Margot scurries ofl like a frightened hare before lhe dusk," said
Cooper, with a sort of grim amusement. "As soon as ever lhc dusk
comes she sees someone hanging in
the woodshed outside -an uncommonly iinplcasanl thing for her to
scc,    What a cook she is!"
The next day the routine of the
previous-day was almost repealed.
I'ooper went mil early, was absent
all day, and came back with lhc same
baffled and beaten air. Again the
sun shone and Dolly worked in the
beds of the courtyard, getting St.
Koch and his dog quite free of thc
weeds. She seemed to have a. compassion for the battered and dishevelled saint.
"I wonder if he came from a convent garden," she said. "Poor saint!
How sad for him! Think of the pious nuns with their innocent faces
and demure soft voices, and then
think of the poor saint coming here
to tllis place of evil memories; for
there is evil here, Kale, though I
keep it at bay by my prayers. Since
1 have gone back to my prayers 1
am no longer afraid of anything evil.
He has lost his influence, It. will
not return while I pray. If I had
not forgotten my prayers he could
never have had power over mc."
As lhc days went on Dolly grew
impatient. She shook the bars of
her cage,  crying lo  get  out.
"Kate! Kate!" she cried in a sudden paroxysm of grief. "How long
is this to last? When are you going to deliver mc as you said you
would? When 1 think ol what is
happening in England I am frantic.
Will you let all the opportunities
pass by?"
It seemed as though Mrs. Barllett
would let all the opportunities pass
by. That first day it would have
been easy, if they had known it, to
follow old Margot when she went
away. After that day she was admitted by Cooper before he went out
In the morning, She awaited his return to leave, looking a dismal little object, if bis return was delayed
till dusk, as she sat in the full light
of the lamp in the sallc-a-mangcr,
watching tin) door wliicli opened into
the scullery w.th nn air of fascinated
terror. She reminded Kate Barllett
of sonic night owl, sitting blinking
miserably iu the. flood of lighl.
She had tried to make friends
with the little scared looking woman,
having indeed a greal pity for her
nanifest terror as the night drew in
and found her slill at Ihc farm
house. She spoke of it to Dolly. "I
once saw a little misery of a mouse
in a trap," she said, "and it looking
scared like all round the kitchen
where the cook was bustling about
waiting to drown thc creature when
she had the time. I was kitchen
maid. It was my first place, and 1
let it out. There was a queer row
about it. I never could stand a
mouse in a trap since. And that woman, Margot, is the very moral of
But try as she would she seemed
to make no headway towards winning Margot's confidence, There
seemed indeed to her mind an impossible barrier, a wall, between her
and the deaf and dumb woman. She
bad not the finger alphabet, and she
was met only wilh gestures of incomprehension when she tried writing to Dolly's dictation, while ever
the bright eyes watched her like the
eyes of the mouse in the trap, full
of a mortal terror and anguish.
In the evenings after she had
gone Cooper would tall: iu snatches
to himself, to Mrs. Bartlett, lo the
empty room, if she happened to bc
absent from it. He was drinking,
not whiskey now, for apparently he
found it less easy lo procure whiskey, or it was more expensive than
i'he  cheap polalo    spirit,    miscalled
cognac, of lhc country.
Kate Bartlctt began to watch him,
a certain terror growing in her eyes,
(hie night when he had opened a
fresh bottle, of the cognac, she
swooped down and took it from before him. She had expected a violent scene���but he seemed to bc too
amazed to be angry.
"I  say,  give  it  back,  you "  he
hurled  an  ugly  epithet.
Her only answer was to disappear
through the scullery door wilh the
botlle. Before he could overtake
her she had emptied out the contents.
He caught her by the wrists and
the bottle, fell and was broken into
fragments. His fierce eyes looked
into her through the veil. The pressure on her wrists was agonizing.
She felt herself turn sick, but her
eyes through the veil met his unflinchingly.
He had begun a torrent of violent
abuse. Horrible language (lowed
from his lips. His face was very
close to hers. She had an idea tha!
he would lift her and fling lier from
him, not caring how bc hurl Inr.
She .lid  not flinch,
(To Be Continued,)
tare of Blankets
Here is a satisfactory way of
washing blankets: Slice half a cake
of washing soap into two quarts of
water. Set on the slove and stir uniil dissolved, add cold water in a
large tub. To this soapy water add
four table spoons of powdered borax.
Soak the blankets in this overnight.
Then wash I hem in this water, rinse
them twice in cold waicr, wring, and
hang on the line. This recipe will
wash four blankets. Bc sure and
use only cold water and they will
conic out as soft and beautiful as
new. A teaspoonfnl of glycerine,
added to the rinsing water, will improve them.
A Valuable Official
He Keeps Cranks From the Mayor'.
Before a visitor gets to Mayor
Mitchell's office, or to the office of
his secretary, Theodore Rousseau, he
must sic Police Lieutenant William
Kennel, the most thoroughly established character about the city hall.
Mayors and mayors' secrctarii *.
come and go. So do visitors. Bin
not so Kennel. I'or more than
twenty years and tlirougli seven ad
ministrations, ranging all the %��av
from Tammany to reform, his cold,
light blue eye has given the "once
over" lo callers on the city father.
lie can spol a crank as far as he can
see one, can judge almost on sight
whether he is dangerous or not, and
can dispose ol harmless ones genllv
and dangerous ones with promptness
and efficiency.
"We had Iwo of those birds this
week," he said lo ine when I mail.
some inquiry about the subject. "Tlir
king of England called this morning,
just for n friendly lillle chat, A dinv
looking fellow he was, bul harmless.
And Tuesday we had llie lillle old
lady that owns rill lhe street cars on
Broadway. She's been in before
likes lo come around and watch Inr
cars keep going by. Slu- says sin
doesn't care aboul making money,
out of 'cm, nor how much people
use 'em, so long as lln: motormcii
don't forget lo bring 'cm back :rl
night. She doesn't like lo have her
cars  lefl   lying  around."
There is real need for a man like
Kennel at the city hall, Mayor Gay-
nor died as lhe resull of a bulb I:
wound, and Mitchell's life has been
al tempted.���Collier's  Weekly.
lady of the House- Why 'don't
you go to work for a living?
Lazy Luke--Well, lady, I want tcv
give every thing elcse_ a fair trial
first.���Boston Transcript.
Our papers are cleansed, treated and purified with Refined Paraiiue Waxes and Disinfectants.
They add to the Freshness, Cleanliness and Purity of your goods.
They preserve the Color and Quality of Fresh and Cooked Meats and are Germ-proof, Moisture-proof
and Grease-proof.    They will not stick to the Meat.
v\CAKES,PIES.ETl.        j
^SSlI^rl 'c I
parchment"   '//
s. BUTTER\HW,lI>//
Appleford's Carbon Coated Counter Sales Books are no dearer than the ordinary kind. Now made
with new improved Formulas and Appliances and better than ever before. If you are not ��� customer,
write us for a sample book.
Appleford Counter Check Book Co., Limited
wnmammmma THE    RKVTKW,  TOTrKTNTTY.    H t-
It Costs Something
Every line In n newspaper costs
lhe proprietor something. If it is
for the benefit of llic individual it
should be paid lor. If lhe grocer
were, asked lo contribute groceries
to one abundantly able lo pay for
them, he would refuse. The proprietor of a newspaper must pay for the
free advertising if the beneficiary
docs not, and yet it is one of the
hardest things lo be learned by many,
that a newspaper has space in its
���columns to rent and must rent them
lo live. To give away rent for anything less than living rales is as
fatal to a newspaper as for a landlord
lo furnish  rent free.
No foolishness I Lift your corns
and calluses off with fingers
���It's like magic I
Sore corns, hard corns, soft corns
or any kind of a corn, can harmlessly
be lifted right out with thc fingers if
you apply upon the coin a few drops
of freezone, says a Cincinnati author.
I-'or little cost one can pet a small
bottle of freezone at any drug store
which will positively rid one's feet of
���every corn or callus without pain
This simple drug dries thc moment
It is applied and docs not even irri
'.ate thc surrounding skin while applying it or afterwards.
This announcement will interest
many of our readers. If your druggist hasn't any freezone tell hint to
surely get a small bottle for you from
iiis wholesale ding, house.
The British Way
The housewife's clue to an under-
nanding of the new meat prices order is , the provision which requires
th. ' -I'tlicr to keep posted in a conspicuous position in Ills shop the
prices which he is permitted to
charge for cuts and joints. She need
not burden her memory with the
wholesale maximum dead meat
prices. These, are mainly intended to
warn cattle buyers, so that they may
not ��ivc foolishly high prices for
the live animal.
on the easily;
V,,;di:geSt��3^rv.  :'
wheat rahd"
barley-fp'od': \
������    iS' ; ���     '. ' y .
"There's a Reason"
The Peace Mask
Trying to Contuse the Minds of the
People on the Real Issues
Wilhclinstrasse may deny that it
has indirectly communicated its peace
offers to the Uniled States or has
sent any trial balloons in this direction. It is, however, sending them
out in the well-drilled German press.
They are trial balloons, but not
peace offers. Their purpose is not
to affect the judgment or the actions
of the government of the United
States, but lo confuse thc minds of
the people of llic United States and
of the other allies as well. The German government must know by tills
time that it cannot bribe or wheedle
the enemy governments. It still
thinks it can fool thc enemy peoples.���New York Times.
New York Tribune: Y'ou can't persuade a nation, however clever you
may be, habitually to endure the
things that Germany has made pco-
plo of all nations temporarily endure. German diplomacy is neither
better nor worse than the diplomacy
of any other country, An impossible
task has been set for it and it has
failed. Hut the failure should bc
charged against those who set the
task. It is the whole of Germanism
not a detail, which is responsible and
must be held responsible.
en Horses, Cuttle, &r, quickly cured by
For Sale by All Dealers
DoubIss   &   Co.,   Prop'rs,   Napanee,   Ont
(Free  Sample on   Request)
Profit on Hogs
Another instance of the profitableness of hogs iu Alberta is afforded by
the case of a farmer of St. Albert,
Alberta, who recently sent a carload
of 79 hogs to Edmonton stockyards
for sale. The net amount received,
after paying all expenses, was $3,398.-
70, which works out at an average
price of $42.53. The initial cost and
cost of raising them is estimated at
$1,500, or about $20 per hog, so that
the profit per hog was $22.53.
The Last Asthma Attack may really be the last onc if prompt measures are taken. Dr. J. D. Kellogg's
Asthma Remedy will safeguard you.
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bronchial passage and bring about a
healthy condition. It always relieves and its continued use often
effects a permanent cure. Why not
get tlit3 long-famous remedy today
and commence ils use? Inhaled as
smoke or vapor it is equally effective.
Messages by Bomb
The problem of communicating
when telephone wires have been cut
has becn solved by onc of the warring nations, by means of message
projectiles. There are two forms of
these message carriers; bombs for
communication between the front and
the battalion and regimental commanders red by grenade guns with
a range of 550 lo 650 yards, and light
shells for extending communication
back from the infantry and artillery
commanders to brigade headquarters
which arc fired from mortars with a
range of 1,300 yards.
Minard's Liniment Cures Colds, etc.
The French Soldier
One of the most striking characteristics of the French soldier, remarks a recent writer, is the way he
has of getting to work again at his
trade as soon as he gets home, even
if it is only for a few days' leave.
Thus, the farmer will pick up his
daily work at his little farm almost
at the hour he arrives, and the cobbler will get him to his last, .-.ager
to see how many of his old custo
mcrs he may serve during his stay
at home. A famous aviator, on four
days' leave, donned his white apron,
just as soon as ever he could���he
was a restaurant keeper���and was
glad to spend his short holiday serving the little coterie of guests whom
his wife had kept together.���Christ-
Ian Science Monitor.
Wartime Prosperity
After two and one-half years of
warfare Canada is this year buying
100,000 new motor cars���almost five
times as many as were purchased
during 1914 and au increase of 85
pe. cent. ov�� tha normal for   1913
...   SAW.
A Biff Increase
Exportation of Pulp    from   Canada
Last Year Showed an Increase
of Twenty-eight per cent.
The forestry branch of the department of the interior, Ottawa, has
just issued the annual bulletin on
the manufacture of pulpwood. The
tolal value ol the pulpwood made into pulp in Canada and exported for
manufacture elsewhere in 1916 was
nearly $20,000,000, which represents
an increase of ovcr 28 per cent, as
compared       with      1915. The
proportion of pulpwood manufactured into pulp in Canada compared
with that exported in the law state
is steadily increasing. These and
other particulars of this important
industry are set out in the bulletin
which may be had free by any citizen interested by addressing the director of forestry, Ottawa, and asking for the Pulpwood Bulletin for
1916.    -
Agricultural Training
Winter Agricultural   Courses   Liked
by Farm Lads
A large enrollment of students is
expected at the College of Agriculture of the University of Saskatchewan this year, Greater interest is being shown in the associate course
than has ever becn shown before,
and parents seem to be making a
special effort to get their boys of 16
and 18 years old into this course. It
gives farm ^ds five months of practical training during the winter
months, beginning after the busiest
farm work has becn completed, and
ending just before the spring work
begins. Similar courses arc being
conducted with much success in Alberta and Manitoba, aud arc proving
very popular with farm lads.
One. of the commonest complaints
of infants is worms, and the most
effective application for them is
Mother Graves' Worm Exterminator.
On Face.   Badly Disfigured.
Used 2 Bpxes Ointment
and 3 Cakes Soap.
"I had a bad itchy lot of pimples on
my lace which made it badly disfigured.
They were inllam.d and came to a head,
and I could tear my skin as soon as a
little heat came near them. 1 could
hardly sleep.
"When 1 saw Cutlcura Soap and
Ointment advertised I sent (or a tree
sample which did so much good that I
bought more, and I used two boxes of
Cuticura Ointment and three cakes of
Cuticura Soap when I was healed."
(Signed) Miss Hcrtha Nils-on, Stockholm, Sask.
If you have a good complexion keep
It so by using Cuticura Soap daily and
Cuticura Ointment occasionally.
For Free Sample Each by Mn_, address post-card: "Cuticura, Dept. A,
Boston, U. S. A."   Sold everywhere.
Great Natural Resource
Discovery of Potash at Weyburn to
Be at  Once  Developed
Chief Engineer Wagcmann, of thc
Saskatchewan Development Company
which is Ihe concern behind Ihc potash discovery in the vicinity of Weyburn, has selected the location for thc
lirst boring. This will be about onc
and a half miles northwest oi Kalph
and the plant is now being assembled there.
A large building will be creeled to
house the drill and work will go forward with night and day shifts
throughout the winter. The engineers are quite optimistic regarding
the outcome of their work, expressing the opinion that an extensive deposit of polasli will bc located and
that a lunge industry  will result.
Faultless in Preparation.���Unlike
any other stomach regulator Ramie-
Ice's Vegetable Tills are tlic result of
long study of vegetable compounds
calculated to stimulate the stomachic
functions and maintain Ihcni at the
normal condition. Years of use have
proved their faultless character and
established their excellent reputation, And this reputation tlicy have
maintained for years and will continue to maintain, for ihose pill,
must always stand at the head of the
lisl of standard preparations.
Japanese Airplane*
A sidelight on the resourcefulness
of the Japanese mind to improve upon the American inventor has eked
out of some correspondence that has
been published in England. The
Japanese are manufacturing airplanes at Osaka that will give the
Germans a shake up should they attempt to put on the yoke to the
Russian neck east of Petrograd.
The company started with a capital
of 300,000 yen, now tlicy can obtain
more capital than they require. If
rumor may bc relied upon, there are
10,000 young Japanese, mostly of the
student class, training night and day
for the inauguration of a greal aerial
r i ii
Too III to Walk Upright. Operation
Advised.   Saved by Lydia E.
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound.
This woman now raises chickens and
does manual labor.   Read her story:
Richmond, Ind.���"For two years I
[was so sick and weak with troubles
from my age that
when going up
stairs I had to go
very slowly with
my hands on the
steps, then sit down
at the top to rest.
The doctor said he
thought I should
have an operation,
and my friends
thought I would not
live to move into
our new house. My
daughter asked ma
to try lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable
Compound as she had taken It with good
results. I did to, my weakness disappeared, I gained in strength, moved
into our new horn*, did all kinds of
garden work, shoveled dirt, did building and cement work, and raised hundreds of chickens and ducks. I cannot say enough in praise of Lydia E.
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound and
tf tbese facts are useful you may publish them for the benefit of other
women. "-Mrs. M. O. JOHN3TOi*,RouU
D, Box UO. RicaBoad. lad,
Murder on the High Seas
A U.S. Consul on the  UBoat Barbarism
Wesley Frost, for sonic years the
consul of the United States at
Qucenstown, Ireland, was entertained by thc Cleveland Chamber of
commerce recently, and in the
course of some remarks ou his experiences while consul declared that
to his personal knowledge "ten
thousand men, women and children
have been killed by German submarines.
"Every month sees losses equal to
those of the Lusitania horror," ho
said. "At this moment the poor fellows from two to three vessels arc
fighting for breath. The ocean south
of Ireland is the most crowded highway of commerce in the world. On
a fine day I have seen merchant
ships in aii directions like a vast parade. As consul at Qucenstown for
three years ended last June, 1 reported to our government upon lhc destruction by submarine of 81 different ships carrying American citizens.
I collected at first hand this evidence, verified it, arid placed it in
legal  form.
"The witnesses usually came to
thc consulate straight from the sea,
with the cries of perishing comrades
ringing in their ears. Their statements were carefully checked against
one another and against the depositions of surviving officers. I am not
here to implant any opinions about
the submarine campaign, but to give
you facts for forming opinions of
your own."
Baby's Own Tablets are a perfect
medicine for little ones. They regulate the bowels; sweeten the stomach thus drive out constipation, indigestion, break up colds and simple
fevers and make teething easy. Concerning them Mrs. John Babincau,
Brest, N.B., writes: "I have used
Baby's Own Tablets and have found
them a perfect medicine for little
ones." The Tablets are sold by medicine dealers or by mail at 25 cents
a box from The Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont.
A Spectacled Dog
A short time ago, an article was
widely published about a valuable,
hunting dog which had been fitted
with eyeglasses for astigmatism.
Probably most people who read it,
laughed and thought it a fake.
lhe modern science of fitting eyeglasses, however, makes it possible
tp fit a dog, or any other dumb animal, with a lens which will correct
its eyesight. Up to date methods
have brought about the invention of
Instruments tjy which the error of
the human eye can be accurately
measurcd, and lenses to correct the
error prescribed without asking the
patient a single question. The "silent
method" is very rarely used exclusively however, except in the ftse of
thc foreigner, or our friend lhe dog,
when no interchange of thought can
be effected and the examiner must
rely entirely upon the findings of his
instruments.���Wcllswdrth Magazine.
Minard's Liniment Cures  Garget  in
Buy at Home
Every day $100,000 is spent by the
people of this province, says a British Columbia writer, for goods
brought in from the outside���goods
which could be purchased at home in
quality just as good audiefT-sl "as
little money,- Are you doing what
you can to remedy this deplorable
condition? Do you always ask for
Canadian goods, or do you carelessly
take what is offered, or, worse still,
insist on the foreign article? Create
a demand for the home article by
refusing to buy the foreign,
The destruction of birds in central
Europe, owing to famine conditions,
has led, It is stated by naturalists, to
a plague of insects in countries engaged in war. This particularly applies to Germany aud Austria.
A Saving to you���
A duty to our "Boys"
Buy biscuit in cartons���not in tins.
It'_ a saving in cents to you and a
duty to the boys at the front whose
food is largely supplied in tins.
An authority tells us that one
hundred million tins are needed
for pork and beans alone. We pack
and a full line of sweet biscuit
direct from the oven in paraffine-
lined cardboard cartons. Our
system of distribution makes them
reach you in the freshest possible
condition���without being in tins.
Youi Grocer hat them, or can get them,
Biscuit Co.,
Edmont'a, Alta.
Agencies al
Regina, Saskatoon,   Calgary,
���nd Vancouver
THC ���<������� FRENCH ft.MIOV. N.I N.I N.S
great lucceii, cukes chronic weakness, loot vioot
Files. eii-hkr no. druggists or kail St. cost i <ro
(TORONTO. white TOR FRCE BOOI tu Dn. L. <_x&*4
Mr.i..Co. ItAVSROTpGKRD. Ham r">:.*>���. loiiwi. E*'*.
IRY'lKW DRAQE&.TASTELESS) FORUOF   _a.y  to   .���__._.
BU THAT TRAOS   HARKED WORD  ' ; HI. .. ���    <    IS OM
Weci's PhMphodia..
Thi Great English Rrmtd*.
Tonus iti'l la-lgor-tes lb.. *������-...
nervous sy.t.rni. Bisks* ce- BlootJ
ia old Veins, I'-uret AVrru _t
tkbility.&Icnlal and Brain tt'orrtt, lie.up, -v
imey, /.o.j *f Knerey, fgltiiti-.tion cf IH*
ftart, I'niUne tiomor". Price 11 per .us. sit
ir|S. On. trill please, sit will eure. cVi'.i.l
ruiitstf orjBst'edia pl.tn pkg. oa raaatot nf
[Ice. ATa. t>nmj>��l_jf__U<_rrM. THI Tt 003
���a_ICIN_CO..T*i-ir��.-.T. (r_Mt___.au
The Heart ei a Piano it the
Actios,   luist on tbe
Otto Nigel Piano Action
Send a  Dominion  Express  Montr  Order.
They aro payable everywhere.
Alberta Rich in Maganese Dioxide
Deposits worth $54,400,000 hai*
already been discovered in the Cypress Hills, southeast Alberta, amoant-
inf. to 800,000 tons and this is beir.s
sold to the British war office tor
$68 and $69 per ton. Mr. Jas. F.
Reilly of Montreal is the engineer,
and the Herscy and Allied inttresti
arc said to control the enterprise.���
Montreal Weekly Witness.
Nature's Way
Is Best
Nature's laxative ia bile.
If your liver ie sending
the bile on its way ae it
should, you'll never ba
Keep the liver tuned
right up to its work.
Take one pill regularly
(mora only if necessary)
until your bowels act r eg.
ularbrvfrtdy, *_itu.iul/.
Genuine  bears   Signatm*
Colorlese faces often ahew th*
absence of Iron in tho blood.
Carter's Iron Pills
will kelp this condition.       U
The Courtenay Review
And Comox Valley Advocate
A   Weekly   Newspaper, Published at
Courtenay, B. 0,
N. H. Bodkn, I'ditor and Proprietor
Subscription 81..Ml per Year in  Advance
$2.00 per annum il not so paid
Iii the constituencies of Victoria
and Nanaimo, Union candidates
chosen !>y Conservatives Liberal-
Unionists, Returned Soldiers Associations and* win lhe war committees have been nominated to lh_
discomfiture ot the Laurier sttppoi'
ters, lor in both places large majorities are assured to the Union
cause. Mr, Mclnnes had better
retire and allow both oppoueuts
ami supporters to ^o on with their
work of winning the wa withoul |
further iuterruptiou from hiinelf
As n result of tl
of the local tribunal dealing with
applications for exemption, some
have been grluited and some refused. No taint attaches lu either
category, but it is up to thoseclios
en to go to do so cheerfully, nnd as
men upon whom a signal honor
lias descended, while as [or ihose
who have been selected to remain,
it is up io them appreciate what
tbe Euioire expects ol Ihem, namely
greater than ever at home to aid
the cause in the field. Farmers for
the most part have been exempted,
therefore it is up to them to make
the earth yield forth in greater increase t,,nii ever, unci to make their
labors constant and efficient. To
them it has been said by lhe tribunal that they can do more behind
the plough than behind Uie gun.
L,et them accept the honor and pro
ceed to carry out their mission,
Sir Wilfred Laurier makes a
gnine fight, age and political condition observed, but lur talks like
a beaten man. Sir Wilfred's mani
festo says as plain as day "What's
tlie use?" .Somehow or other it
sounds like the pale echo of the
Liberal platform of 1893 which Sir
Wilfred forgot for fifteen years and
remembered too late.
Sir Wi.fred's mahifesto shows
that bis main reliance i- on the
anti-conscription vote, If returned
he will suspend the Military Ser-
v ce Acl and take a referendum on
Conscription. He makes conscription the issue. My own opinion
is that those wlio make Conscription the main issue, whether for or
against, put tbe emphasis in the
wrong place and that the real function of union government is to cut
out partv and shape our domestic
politics witli reference to nothing
but the general welfare of Canada,
But these matters can be discussed
better after the election has been
-won and union government has
shaken down to its work of accomplishing the reatest good for the
greatest number, aud to hell witli
the Interests
Conscription being the issue it
may be well to look the thing
square in the face, A referendum
would defeat Conscription, It did
in Australia where the population
isninetyperce.it British, and it
would here where the population Is
thirty per cent French and another
twenty per cent foreign Moveover
the conscription returns���only 7
per c.nt of the fit waiving exempt
ion���go to show that
il unpopular, it is at least as unpopular as taxes or grocery bills,
both of which would be defeated,
if Sir Wilfred  tcok a  referendum
on them. Iucidenly the conscription returns prove that voluntary
recruiting isa dead horse. And
you can't ride to victory on a ead
horse���even wheu Sir Wilfred is
the rider. A dead horse cannot
get up enough action to stir up the
White Plume and make it behave
like an oriflamme
Sir Wilfred's calulation is that a
referendum would kill conscription
Neither those-about-to be conscripted, or their fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, cousins or aunts'
who would vote for Conscription.
The one hundred anil Unity.seven
thousand who have been found
physically fit but dou't want to go,
the fifty thousand slackers who
have bavn't reported to the medical boards at all, would vote against
conscription ��� one hundred and
eighty-seven thousand votes all
" j told- Multiply one hundred and
jei-'btv seven thoiisiunl by Ihree to
ibernlionsl take in the relatives of tin- coil.
scripts who might be angry enough
1> vote against 1 onscriptiou and ��� ou
have n grand total of five hundred
and sixty thousand against ine
measure quite enough, with the
oilier factors, not considered hereto give conscription a thorough
licking. Tliis is the way Sir Wilfred figures it out.
And yet to defeat conscription
would be a dirty trick���a breach
of faith with our brave soldies at
the front to whom we would be
saying "We got vou into this hole
Now, get yourselves out."
All wool while blankets, large size.
at $8,50 a pair.
C,ii\ wool blankets, large  size,   at
.6 50 a pair,
Eiderdown   comforters   full   si/.e,
fancy satin covered al $11   each.
Fancy sateen  covered  comforters,
cotton batting filled al  $4 and ��5.
.alher pillows al Si  25 1 hcIi.
ill value iu Marcells white bed
spreads from $3 C, $8.50
f*\ y^kt*** "*' ,ivm**J&/j
I. atlies'   Fall Coats
Newest styles
in Tweeds, t
ling ish
in Ladie
���   fall ci
Buy Victory Bonds, the safest
and surest investment obtainable,
It is reported that Montreal tribunals are exempting 94 out of 100
applicants for exemption.
The Okahagan fruit crop this
year is reported to have been the
best ever nnd that a good market
was obtained on everything offered,
It is remoerd that the Provincial
Parliament will open on Jan. 29th,
and that the provincial bye-election will take place a week or ten
clays before that date,
A number of bulletins on the
crop situation in B. C. have been
received by the Secretary of the
Fanner's Institute and have beeu
left with 0. J, Hardy, the Secretary
of the Agricultural Society for
distribution. It shows that 42,684
acres of wheat and 60,234 acres of
oats were sowed in B. C, during
the past year and the yield was
1,077.921 bus. wheat and 11,861,115
bus. oats. The average was 26.72
bus. of wheat per acre, and 47.50
bus. of oats per acre. Iu addition
to this 37 046 bus, beans, and 185-
054 bus. of barley were grown.
Furs and Fur Sets
Ladies stoles and sels ill Amerisaii
sable fur nt populai prices, also fur
sels of Mink Marmot and While
Russian Fox. Children's fur sets
in White Hare aud White Thibet,
Sole ag.nts in district for Invictus
shoes. "Thr Best good Shoes for
men and women,"
: Agenis for the popular CCA   La
j Grace Corsets, a model to suit any
figure always in stock,
1 A shipment of men's Sweater coats
and cloth tweed overcoats to hand.
Linoleums, Oilcloths Mattings
and Rugs
Mail  Contract
SEALED TENDERS addressed to the
Postmaster General will be reeeived
at Ottawa until noon, on Friday, the 28, ;
December, 1917 lor  the conveyance of
His Majesty's Mails, on a proposed Con
tract (or lour years, six times per week,
Irom the Post Master General's pleasure .
Printed notices containing further infer
mation ai to conditions ol proposed contract may be feen   and blank forms  ol
tender may be obtained at the Post   Of-
Cons.-iiptiou  dees of Cumberland aud Courtenay and at
office ol the undersigned. !
E. H. l'LETCHKR,        !
P. O, Inspector.
Post Office   Inspector's  office,  Victoria,
B. C. Nov. 1, 1917. I
Girls' Raincoats
10 and 12 year sizes
Boys English Corduroy Pants
Small Sizes fl.25
Large Sizes $1.70
We put our name behind these
goods and il not sarisfactory
your money is returned
Seabrook Young
623-5 Johnson St.
Victoria, B. C.
Wants 'em
of course!
Delicious, Appetising, Melt-iti-the.mouth Buns and
Biscuits that taste as Rood as thev look and smell.
Made from ROYAL STANDARD FLOUR ihey couldn't be
is made from a wheat that has uo peer���No, 1 Canadian
Hard���-carefully selected and just as carefully milled.
Its kernels hit sweet ns a nut, And because everv atom
of ils Roodnessgoe. i.uto ROYAL STANDARD FLOUR you
get the most perfect and satisfying Flour that ever entered it household
Look  for the Tratle Mark
" V " on Every Sack
Milled in British Columbia
Royal Standard Grain Products Agency
Phone 33, End ol Bridge B. Towler,   Mgr.
f     _��..���    TAjL0R   1
We have an Exhibit of a Large
Assortment of New Patterns
Store Between Bridges
The Brackman-Ker Milling Co. Ltd.
Courtenay Branch
We carry a full Line of Grains, Hay, Stock and
Dairy Feeds, Etc.
?s-___r!in_____^t. &   Nanaimo   Railway
For   Victoria���11.35   Monday,  Wednesday    and
Friday, connecting at Parksville Junction with train
for Port Alberni,
I     From   VictorTa-~-^OHFtr�����_lay^   Thursday,   and
Saturday, connecting at Parksville Junction  with
train from   Port   Alberni, and arriving at Courtenay at 16.10.
Phone R 60
Agent Coprttm.,
Comox  Livery   Stable
Phone 84 L
Auto Truck Meets all Boats
and Courtenay Trains
Autos and Teams for Hire
at reasonab'e rates
\ ���:) 1 1  ts Audited and
Books Kept
Office with Hicks Beach  &  Field
Tuning and Repairing
Here about Oct. 1
Leav-crderr at Rsview office
Purity Flour
B. & K. Bread Flour
Warehoure: Movitz's Old Stand. Phone 66
You Can Improve Your Own
Telephone Service
Leading telephone engineers have nmcle the following  statements.
When speaking into a telephone the best results nre obtained "with
the lips very close to the transmitter���just so that ;they do not touch
it. Removing the lips Irom the transmitter has the same effect as
leiigtening the line in use as lollows:
One inch lengthens the line 57 miles.
Two inches lengthens the line 12K miles,
Three inches lengthens the line 179 miles.
Four   inches lengthens the line 21S miles.
British  Columbia  Telephone Co.
The costof Living is High ,
Still There's Nothing Like Leather  Willard's Harness Emporium
Practical Shoemaker and Repair
Next to Hardv & Biseoe
Fine Showing ol Horse Blankets,  Lap
Rugs, Gloves, Trunks, Suit Cases,. Etc.
Harness Repaired Neatly
C:___c-.!:rd._dC_v.,:vcy TUB UUUKT1_NA_  REVIEW
It is manufactured
tobacco in its purest
It has a pleasing
It is tobacco scientifically prepared
for man's use.
il'hi.. ff*3 .. %
LO      ftfaslft        x__��*_i_-s._B
The Union Gov., Candidate, and
George   H.   Cowan,   K. C.
will address a
Ladies   Specially   Invited
Logger's Boots
We have just put on sale
a fine new 'line of the best
Loggers Shoes.    Fully
T. Booth & Sons
Telephone No. 1.
P. McBryde's
Bakery and Tea Rooms
Brown's Block, Courtenay
The B.stjanil cheapest bread in the district
14 Loaves for $1, 7 for 50 cts, 4 for 30cU, 2 for IS cts
We invite anyone to dispute the above advertisement;
in the
Agricultural Hall
at 8 o'clock p. m., sharp
Lazo School house, Thurs. Nov. 29
on the questions of the day
The baker ot Better Bread
Opposite the city hall
The concert and dance given in
the Maple Leaf Theatre on Friday
evening in aid of thc I. O, I). K.
wns well attended and wns a remarkable success financially, ll i.s
no. often that such musical artistes
ca i be induced to conn.- to small
places where thi total receipts do
not net the amount each receives
for a single per.'otui n c i . a large
city, The thanks of the music
lover-i in the community go to these
Indies for responding to Mrs. Kil-
patrick's solicitations. Miss Mc
Crauey's performance on the violin
wns n revelation, The audience
was enraptured from the first to lhe
hist numbers. In response to insistent encores Miss McCraney played
"Humoresqite" by Dovorak, aud
''Ave Mniie" by Schubert.
Mis, De Long has n full sweet
voice of great capacity, and a pleas
ant stage appearance, Her sours
were well rendered and in perfect
taste. In response to repealed encores she sang "The liu |alio Man"
aud "The Old Plaid Shawl."
r iss Williams, who has played
before to n Coui'.eu.iy audience Oil
more than one Occasion wns as
pleasing as ever, and her difficult
selections received well merited
calls for more to which she gracious
ly responded with "Rachtuingoff's
Prelude," and "Etude" by Chopin
to the third.
Should this trio ever again favor
Courtenav with another recital
they may be sure of a royal welcome.
It is the intention of these ladiei
to give a concert und.r the auspices of the Courtenav I () I) E for
the returned soldiers at the Military
Hospital at Qualicum Beach in the
near future.
There was a little dissatisfaction
over the Amusement Tax. but the
ladies in charge of the entertainment had no choice iu the matter.
The Brewster government claim
Ihey have to have the money to pay
their salaries, etc. and thev send a
constable around to every place of
amusement to collect 5c off everyone vvho pavs from 50c to 75c to.
witness a performance,
booklet Explains
why Kcotsnay Ranges stay good as
new, long after other ranges have worn
out; hew the asbestos joints prevent
leakage of air or drafts; how the alum-
mired flues prevent rust; and why
they require less fuel than other ranges.
Ask our dealer or write for booklet.
For sale by C. H. Tarbell & Sen, Ceurtenay
Preven*ion of Bribery
All Necessary Steps Taken to Prevent Corruption Under  Military
Service  Act
Ottawa, Nov. 19.���In selling up
tlie machinery for the operation of
the Militarv  Service   Act,   special
care bas been taken to select   only j
officials of  the   most   trustworthy j
character.    In the operation ot the l
Act, attempts at bribery are always
possible, in Canada no less than in
oilier countries.
Attempt to bribe any member of
an exemption tribunal or medical
board, or a military represntative
means a tcini of imprisonment not
less than one year and uot more
than five years. It will be very
difficult for anyone so inclined to
set aside the regulations of the
Military Act by corruption,
Not all of the preparations made
to etiard against venality and unfairness in the operation can be
made public, but il may be announ
ced that attempts to bribe officials
in view of tbe checks and supervisions to be imposed, will be an exceedingly hazardous business.
Buy a Victory Bond
The  Quadi,1   fain
on Sept  29,   pass.d
protesting   against     lhe
known as the Indian Dog
and will ask the Ioc il
government to do somi thi
leyiate the nuisance. The
also   passed   a   ies< lutioi
the Provincial Governmen
ply 6 ewes and one ram .1
1 ers of the Parmer's   lust
sections adopted   for   bn
sheep, and at cud   of   thr
tlio.e getting sheep are to
the department 6 ewes an
In '.ittite
res< ution
11 ace
. 1        lice
F      ral
he mem
1".-  in
^:rrj    of
-turn to
1   r.itn.
Cumberland Hotel
Rood Accomodation      Cusine Bxcellen
Win. Merry Held
Pro. "cm.r
Palace Livery
Horses  and   Buggies  for   Hire  ��
Terms cash.
We  also  attend  to  wood hauling
Courtenay Phone 25
Buggies and Express Wagons
All Rigs Guaranteed and Sold at the Lowest Possible Price
Blacksmith ard Carriage Builder COURTENAY
l   - 1 junrij'iJui-njTJirruiu-jru*^^ irmnrn���Tn���^rs**onr_*--~-*ir--ri  Towirmr ma***** m 1
Do You
The Courtenay  Review
family Herald and .Veekly S:ar
and the Daily Province
for one vear
for $6
Ladies and Gent's Tailor
New Spring Goods Now on Hand
McPhee Block    -    Courtenay
Sand and Gravel
Rates Reasonable
The Italian Reverse
is due to several reasons, one of which is the extreme scarcity
of coal. We in this country have lots of coal underground,
but lack tlie men and machinety necessary to get out sufficient
to supply ourselves and our allies, That is why our government is impressing upon us tlie importance of saving coal.
The best way to Save Coal is to
Everyone who saves coal or wood by  using Electricity that is
generated by Waterpower, as it is in thjs place,  is doing no
small bit toward helping to win this war for the Allies.
For information regarding speciol rates for Electric Cookiug
TheCourtenay ElectricLi ght
Hest & Power Company I Smited
General Blacksmiths
Heg to announce Hint they are prepared
to do all kinds of repairs at moderat
Horseshoeing  a   Specialty
Ice Cream
Barrister and Solicitor,   Notary
Phone 6
Cc-i-.-tenay .THE   REVIEW.   COHRTNEY.   B. CL
1  !
British Columbia Timber
nost Unlimited   Supply   Available
for Lumber and Pulp
British Columbia mills have a pos-
lible output ol 2,500,000,000 feet per
annum of lumber, according to an
estimate made by the Victoria Colonist. Pulp and paper mills when
fully in swing will be able to supplement the products of the cast and
probably indefinitely supply the demand for paper. In the years 1912
to 1914 not more than five per cent,
of the foreign lumber export trade on
the Pacific was handled from British
Columbia ports, notwithstanding the
natural resources of this province,
which arc greater than all the States
to the south. The figures, therefore,
show that Brilish Columbia, which is
ln a position to supply the major
portion of the demand, is as yet only
_ small minority in actual trade.
Cuban Aviators
Going to France
It is a mistake to think that anaemia is only a girl's complaint. Girls
'irobrilily show the cITcct of weak,
watery blood more plainly than boys.
Delayed development, pale faces,
headaches, palpitation, and a feeling
of listlcssness, call attention to weak
blood in the case of girls. But many
boys in their teens grow thin and
"weedy," and have pimples on lhc
face, showing lhat they have, not
enough blooj. The anaemic boy is
just as likely |,i become a victim of
consumption as  the pale, breathless
fdrl with her headaches and worn-out
ook. Let the hoy in this condition
calch cold and he will lose his
strength and his health becomes precarious.
To prevent serious disaster to
those of the rising generation, lct
both buys and girls be given the new
rich blood which Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills arc famous the world ovcr for
making. When giving these pills
watch how soon the appetite returns
ind how the languid girl or lhc
weak bov becomes full of activity
and high spirits, Remember that the
boy has to develop, too, if he is to
make a strong hearty man. Give
both the boys and girls a fair chance
to develop strongly through the
new, rich blood Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills actually make. You will then
lee active buys and girls, instead of
weakly children around you.
Dr. Williams' l'ink Pills are sold
by all medicine dealers or may bc
obtained by mail at 50 rents a box
or six boxes foi $2.50 from The Dr.
Willi,uns' Medicine Co., Brocl'vlllc,
Will Receive   Training at Pensacola
Col. Manuel Coronado, member of
the Cuban senate and editor of thc
newspaper La Discttsion, has organised au aviation unit which will bc
offered to France, with complete
equipment, in the near future. The
"Escadrille Cubaine," as the flying
unit will be called, will probably be
the first body of lighting men from
Cuba to serve ou French soil.
_ Thirty-three youths, representatives of the best families of Cuba,
have volunteered to take the prescribed aviation course, and individually to bear the expense of their
airplanes and equipment. Senator
Coronado has returned from New
Vork, where he conferred with the
officials of the Aero Club of America, and airplane manufacturers ovcr
thc details of the cscadrille's organization.
Colonel Coronado lias asked thc
navy department in Washington for
an arrangement by which lhe Cuban
aviators may undergo their preliminary training at the navy aviation
j school at Pensacola, Fla.
Minard's Liniment Cures Distemper.
An Er.ormoUB Guilt
When ihe country is being mlulled for money, when everybodj from
childhood to old age is Importuned
to save mom J io loan to lhe gov
eminent for war purposes, il seem:
an enormity of guili thai money by
llic millions sl ould be diverted from
the common . Li ire, thc common
cause, io swell ihe fatness of private
and corporati purses,���Peterborough
Meat Shortage in Britain
Declining Scale of Prices   on   Livestock Expected to Relieve
the Condition
The extent of England's present
meat shortage is shown in the summary for July of meat passing
through Sinilhfield market, England's
great distributing centre, received by
the United States food administration.
The total July receipts amounted
to 20,80.1 tons, as compared with 23,-
954 tons in the same month of 1918,
29,597 tuns in July, 1915, and 36,720
tons in July, 1914, or a decrease of
43.3 per cent., as compared with
Tliis shows the regular and marked decline that has taken place in the
meat supply ol England. A comparison of the first seven months of
1917 with the same months in 1914
shows that the present supply is less
than two-thirds of the pre-war normal,
The declining scale of prices on
live stock adopted in Great Britain
Is expected to relieve this condition.
The government'* fixed price for
rattle fur September is $17.76 per
100 pounds, for October $17.28, for
November and December $16.08, and
for January $1 ..-III.
It was expected that this decreasing ratio of prices will bring out the
cattle ready for market Immediately,
'lhe shortage of fodder in Holland
is also expected to put upon the
markcl  a    considerable    supply    ui
meal   from    lhat    country. Large
numbers ni the Holland rattle will
[probably he either exported ur
| slaughtered,
It is hard to break the
chains of habit. It took
one man six months to stop
saying " Gee Whiz."
Pcrhaps habit has kept you
same tea as before" when you
buy Red Rose,
reminder.   So next time you
led, we
Kept Good by the
Sealed Package
Tricks of the Air
How the Amd-Aircraft Guns Get
the Range
A pilot flying ovcr the lines uses
all sorts of tricks to deceive lhe
watchers below. Under normal circumstances tlicy can tell his height
to a few feet, and will show, too,
that they know it by lhe way lhcy
send up the bursts of "Archie" (antiaircraft gun). Indeed, no matter
whether you cross the lines one dav
at 8,000 fi. and another al 10,000 ft.
and another at 14,000 lt��� so sure as
you get within range there are tlie
six slowly widening rings of smoke
at your level���a few feet ahead or
behind or all around you. I Inn
"Archies" are generally grouped iu
sixes; and though their .chief objecl
is barrage and annoyance, men have
been brought down by "siglitci's"
and by direct hits at 15,000 It, from
onc of those falal sixes.
The "Archie" gunner judges height
by measuring the apparent size of
the machine's wings as it (lies above.
He knows every machine al a glance
at 10,000 yards' distance and farther,
lie gels plenty ol practice, lie knows
the measurements of every machine
and ils speed and can allow lor ii.
Ihc Hun "Archie" gunner hns reason to bc peculiarly ciVtcicnl���he get"
so much practice.
A Strong Canadian Company
Surplus    Over    Three-Quarters Million   Dollars
d Z
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j Jas. Richardson & Sons, Ltd. [
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Prompt Adjustm-ots. Wc are Dig Buyers of
| Oats, Barley, Flax and Rye \
r- 5
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Your Grain It Shipped.
Corns arc caused by the pressure
of light boots, bul no one need bc
troubled with them long when so
simple a remedy as Holloway's Corn
Cure  is  available.
jj~ Orsln Exchsngs, Winnl.sf
S Grain  Exchange,  Ctlfarjr
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Main  8533
Main   .28*
The Kaiser Is the Whole   Business
in Kaiserland
Ever since 16-10 and particularly
since 1713, the people ot Prussia
have lived under a rigorous discipline and have been taught that their
principal duty consists in worshipping Iheir ruler, in obeying implicitly his commaitds and those of his
underlings, and in paying their taxes.
Even now the German ruler is sacrosanct and stands high above the
Deity. God takes merely thc second place in the German scheme of
state. That may be seen from the
fact that, while there are fhany prosecutions for Icse-majeste in German}-, there are very few for blasphemy. Besides, while, according lo
the German penal code, blasphemy,
a verbal insult offered to God, is
punishable with imprisonment from
one day to three years, simple lese-
majeste, a verbal insult offered lo
ruler, is punishable with imprisonment from two months to five years.
The difference is characteristic and
highly significant.���J. Ellis Baker in
The Nineteenth Century.
No better protection against
worms ran be gut than Miller's
Worm Powders. They consume
worms and render the stomach and
intestines untenable to them. They
heal the surfaces that have become
inflamed by the attacks of the parasites and serve to restore the strength
of the child that has been undermined by the draughts that the worms
have made upon it, and that their
operation is altogether health-giving.
Halibut Going Up
Twenty-two cents a pound has
been paid iu Vancouver for halibut
which three years ago brought from
four to six cents a pound. Four
hundred thousand pounds of this fish
were landed at Prince Rupert, Vancouver and Seattle, of wliicli 1,800
pounds went to Vancouver.
Catarrh Cannot be Cured
wilh LOCAL API'LICATIONS, os (tier
.(innot reach the scat of the disease. Catarrh
Is a local disease, greatly influenced try constitutional conditions, and iu order to cure it
yen must tclce au internal remedy, Hall's
Catarrh Cure is taken internally and acts
through tlie bloorl on lhe mucous surfaces
sl lhe system. Hall's Catarrh Cure was pre-
-.ctilred by one of lhe best physicians in this
anuitiy lor years. It is composed of some
oi the best tonics known, combined with
tome of the best blood purifiers. The per-
tect combination of the ingredients in Hall's
Calarrh Cure is what produces such wonderful results in catarrhal conditions. Send lor
testimonials, free.
.. ;.  CHENEY  �� CO., Props., Toledo,  O.
All Druggists, 75c,
lli.ll'i. i'amily  I'ills  for constipation.
Crude Oil Highest in Fifty Years
Advance, in price of Pennsylvania
i iin!. nil from $.U0 to $3.23 bung the
quotation tu the highest level for
nearly half a century.���Wall Street
Minard's Liniment Cures Diphtheria.
Reventlow's Dream Is Changed
Count von Kcvenilow, who Inspired llu: "Hymn of Hate" anil is one
of llu- most vitriolic upholders of
Junkerdom, has struck a melancholy
note about the war.
On the advent of the fourth year
of thc war he tries to cheer his stalwarts thus: "In the heroic days of
1914, God gave us as our daily
bread a daily victory. Wc must fan
into (lame once more the glorious
enthusiasm of those days. Our losses, both in material things and in
human life, have been great. Terrible
too, is the havoc the war has wrought
in our political, moral, and religious
life at home, 'ihc high aspirations of
the early days have Dumed themselves away to ashes. The spirit at the
front, alasl has no longer Its counterpart in the spirit at home. Party
feeling is making men disloyal to the
cause. 'Democracy first and foremost' is their cry, and Hell and our
enemies will one day laugh at tlicra
for It"
> Queen's Oesserf
A Pure Vanilla Eating Chocolate
The smoothest, the richest, the most perfect chocolate that can bc manufactured from the cocoa
Sold everywhere. Made in Canada.
Can Hold Our Heads High
Despite all our losses, despite the
sorrows which have invaded so many
homes in our land, despite drawbacks and dangers, despite the disastrous effects of sedition in the
Russian army, despite these and
many other things which weigh upon
our spirits and to justify some of
the gloomy anticipations of our prophets, we can hold our heads high.
We are battling for the right, and
our ideals will not betray us.���Lou-
don Daily Telegraph.
It Makes New Friends Every Day.
Not a day goes by that Dr. Thomas'
Electric Oil does not widen the circle of Its friends. Orders for it
come from the most unlikely places
in the. west and far north, for ils
fame has travelled far. It deserves
this attention, for no oil has done so
much for humanity. Its moderate
cost makes it easy to get.
Wool Industry Grows
That Canada is doing her share in
keeping up the wool supply of thc
world is shown hy figures from Ontario. As a result of efforts to extend sheep raising, it is expected
that next year one hundred thousand
pounds of wool will be handled in
Ontario alone.
A druggist can obtain an imitation
Toronto house at a very low price,
and havc it labelled his own product.
This greasy imitation is the poorest due wc have yel seen of the
many that every Tom, Dick and
Harry has tried to Introduce.
Ask for MINARD'S and you will
get it.
Canadian Farmers Contribute Freely
Canadian dairymen continue to
help the peasant farmers in war
areas in a generous manner. Dr. jas.
W. Robertson, president of the Canadian branch, expresses himself as
highly gratified by the response
winch is being made by the patrons
of the cheese factories and creameries in all the provinces. The contribution from other Canadian farmers
are to be received tlirougli provincial
committees in December or January.
Seeds, agricultural machinery nnd
live stock will be provided by the
money donated by the farmers of
Paper Money of Recent Origin
Paper money has never in England's history been unnegotiable, as
is the case of paper money in many
parts of Germany today. Paper
money was first Introduced in London in the year 1694, when the Bank
ef Kngland *ui founded.
Minimize The Firs
Peril By Using
Chemically StK-Extinfuithiof
"Silent 500s"
The Matches With "No
EDDY it tht only Canadian
maker of these matches, evtrr
stick of which hu been treated
with a chemical solution which
positively ensures tht nuMh
becoming dead wood onct It
hat been lighted and blown
Look for th* words "C_et__-
cally self-extlngulsning" on tkt
New Burglar Alarm
Under the trade name of "The
Electric Kye," an inventor has produced a new burglar alarm. It consists of a small cell which will give
a signal when illuminated by the
flame of a match or electric torch,
The cell is small and can easily be
hidden iu the decorations of a safe
or piece of furniture and covered
wiih glass, 'i'he advantage claimed
over lhe ordinary burglar alarm il
that lhe device will operate as soon
ns a light is introduced Into the dark
room, whilst other alarms have to bt
excited by the breaking of an electrle
circuit or by mechanical vibrations.
Wit PILLS _=���
W.    N.    V.    1110 THE   REVIEW.   COCBTNEY,   B. C.
Pleasing flavor.
i* Is the worlds best chew.
It is the most economical chew."
.wo Canadian Forestry Companies are Now Working in  the
French Army Territory, Clearing Timber From Ground but
Recently Captured From the Enemy
ilu- militia department lias receiv-
���l two interesting reports covering
lomparativcly recent operations in
prance of Canadian railway and forestry corps. In regard to the latter,
It is said, that twelve new companies of the Canadian forestry corps
lave arrived in France, making a to-
ial of 42 now in the country, w-ith
a total strength of 270 officers and
'.2.3 other ranks. These figures do
i ot include Ihc second Canadian
.onstruction company (colored) 11
, fficcrs and 420 other ranks. A very
,..rge quantity of mill machinery and
sigging equipment has been receiv-
The report slates that the. sixth
company situated in thc English
army area, continues to increase its
output. The production of the companies in this area proved of great
value during the Vimy and Mcs-
f.incs attacks, a large quantity of
timber of all descriptions having
been supplied for roads, dugouts, gun
emplacements and mining operations.
Two newly-arrived Canadian forestry companies have been dispatched to the French army area where
operations have commenced in a
forest which was a short time ago
held by the enemy, who had a sawmill. There arc still on the ground
a large number of trees felled by
Huns, who had been driven from the
territory before they could convert
them into lhe lumber. It has becn
established also that the German
aimy has been in thc habit of sending logs from lhis front to Germany.
The. operations of these companies
will hc within a few kilometres of
the firing line and it has heen necessary lo have all men equipped with,
and trained iu the use of gas helmets. They have also been equipped
with  steel helmets.
The report on the Canadian railway troops stated that during lhc
month of July alone these forces located 82 miles of the narrow gauge
railway and 21 miles of wide gauge.
In addition, tlicy ballasted over 100
miles of railway and kept other lines
in repair. During the mouth nearly
.100 miles of railway line was being
maintained by lhis force which numbers approximately 8.000 men. Casualties during Llic period totalled 3
officers and 86 men. The report states
that a number of battalions engaged
in narrow Knagc works wcrc employed close behind lhe lines. Tllis necessitates the railway lines being constructed close up in lhe firing line
and on account of tin- increased
bhelllng of back areas on the part of
ihe enemy, a greal amount of repair work had  to be done.
Oh, Mani
"Tin evening wore on," continued
lie man who was telling the story.
"Excuse me." interrupted lhc
would In- wil, "but can you tell us
what thi- i veiling wore ou that occa-
"I do nul know that it is Important," replied thc story teller, "but if
you must know, I believe it was the;
close of a summer day."���From Ideal
Norway Has No Claim
Plea for Exemption From American
Embargo Not Considered
Of all the European neutrals, none
has suffered so from German fright-
fulness as Norway. Others have endured losses of life and property at
sea, but not in thc same measure.
And these have carried on a very
profitable trade with Germany, which
might bc regarded as compensation,
if compensation for such injuries
were possible. The. Norwegian merchant marine, which at the beginning of this year totalled 2,252,395
tons, is nearly as large as that of
Holland, with 1,611,320 tons, and
Sweden with 1,128,435 tons, combined and it is five times larger than
that of Denmark, with 587,556 tons.
But, though its amount of loss by
submarines would be. normally more
than that of thc others, tho excess
is out of all proportion to its sine.
No less than 604 ships out of a total
of 2,036 have been lost, and something like an equal number of seamen has been lost with them. It
has been said that one purpose of the
attacks on neutral tonnage has been
lo cripple Germany's business rivals
at sea, and this peculiar hostility to
the first of the Scandinavian naval
powers seems to prove it. No nation
ever was worse used by another
with which it was supposed lo be at
It would bc easier to sympathize
with Norway in her predicament, to
lend an attentive car to her pica for
exemption from an American embargo, if she had resented the German
attack with more spirit. Her position, it should be noted, is by no
means so difficult as that of Holland
or of Denmark. Nor has she pro-
German inclinations like Sweden.
While the allies keep the German
fleet in port Norway is in no danger
of invasion, unless from Sweden,
and this is too remote a contingency
lo be considered. Germany has offered her an ample casus belli, and
she ran accept it and defend her national security and her national honor without invoking destruction. She
could be of great service, to the allies
and they are in a position to prolccl
her. Hui since she remains supine
under injury, she cannot expect tho
United States to except her from the
operations uf ihe embargo.���Philadelphia  Public  Ledger.
War Makes "Entente
Cordiale" I'eriiianen
Japanese Make Many Shells
More   ihan   80,000 Japanese munitions makers    are working day   ami'
night  turning  out    umimiliilioil    for
the Hussian armies,   This statement i
was made iu  the  March,  l''17,  issiu :
of ihe Japan Magazine, in au article
on  "Making  Munitions   fur    lhe  Allies."
French Estimation ol English Characteristics   Undergoes  Complete Cha.._t
Three years of war have complete-;
ly revolutionized llie Frenchman?)
idea of the English character, and
have knit thc two nations in a friend-1
ship which will last forever. This
opinion was expressed by a great
French war correspondcnl in a letter
Written jusl before he died on the
field of battle. The letter was written tu a Britisii officer whom the
French correspondent had known in
peace times and given to thc. Associated J'ress for publication, it says
in part:
"Before the war, 1 tried to understand tlie English to far as a man
could, who docs not care much for
travel and is content to study a people by its works. I had read those
hooks which in France wc believed
to represent the best of what modern
England was writing.
"Modern England to me was a
very sombre counlry. I saw it always in my mind wilh those gray wet
skies that we used to think of (and
in that no doubt we were wrong,
too) as the habitual sky of England.
For such skies suited the England
that I knew. There were heavy
storm clouds always low over the
England where Mr. Hardy's tragic
figures stepped, bravely enough, to
their doom; and an unbroken gray
sky ovcr lhat troubled, unhappy, mismanaged England of Mi', Wells. I
knew lhat France was often unhappy,
and often all astray, and yet I knew
too, that the old unconquerable Hal-
lie soul was still in her people. Hut
if you knew her only from the works
of modern French writers, what
would you think? What were you iu
England thinking before Ihe war? I
ought to have suspected lhat I did
not know England. Instead I wondered often where was the soul of
England that had been, that Shakespeare had written about and boasted
of. His words of England showed
passion almost too great for words.
Wcrc there, none lo write of her
uow, or was she unworthy? _ There
were many in France thinking the
same as 1. Wc distrusted all politics and judged no people by what
their public men said and did.
"And so the. war came, and wc
wondered during those five days of
suspense what England would do.
How should we know? We did not
know her. I had only known her
from books, and such knowledge did
not seem to promise much at such a
"And then your army came lo
France. 1 never remember to have
met in any of the English books any
such soldiers. 1 saw your armies
How your modern writers^ have misrepresented you? Or was it that you
had suddenly changed? Here. In the
fields and towns of France I found
not modern England as 1 knew her,
but the England of Elizabeth.
"1 have seen your army in many
places now, and it has been like a
pageant of English ages and the old
English books lo mc. I have seen
Sam Wellcr himself in khaki and
heard him talk, though 1 understood
little, of it; and one night in a village
cstamincf, smoky and ill-lit. where
j our men r-rat around with thr. French
mud thick ou ihem. 1 felt myself in
one. of Shakespeare's own taverns.
And I have heard your soldiers'
"This it is that has astonished mc
in your soldiers, not iheir courtesy,
not their kindness, though ihese. have
astonished many, but their greal
gaiety. So that 1 have always thc
curious feeling that it is we French,
wlio have suffered much, who are
now the staid, dull people, and you
English, who have shown us those
great Gallic types lhat our writers
Rostand, Dattdct and thc re_i
"I have seen English soldiers going down the street, waving lo the
windows iheir green trench helmets,
lilcc ,ui old miiskateer's stuck _ on
with Gascon swagger, greal rollicking, uncouth types thai would have
enchanted Rabelais. \nd ihese are
the nun who have conn to us from
thai laud ol graj skies, lhal fog-dull,
rain-sodden, somlirc-respcctable land
lhat 1 tlioughl wns England. My
faith, how little  I km��  her."
Ihe Three Provinces of Manitoba, Saskatchewan anJ Alberta are
Capable of Producing More Wheat Than is Grown in All the
Principal Countries of the World Outside Central Powers
of 3.3 per cent, ovcr
figures were based on
It was with considerable satisfaction that readers in all allied countries received thc statement made a
short time ago by the Institute of
Agriculture at Rome that 1917 had
seen an increase in lhc wheat crop
of the principal countries of the
world, outside of thc central powers,
1916. These
returns from
Spain, France, Scotland,
Switzerland, Canada, the
States, India, Japan and
which countries are this year estimated to show a total wheat production of 1,665,448,000 bushels. At the
same time these same countries
show ail increase in their barley crop
of 2.4 per cent.; an increase in their
rye crop of 10.7 per cent.; an increase
in Iheir oat crop of 19.9 per cent.,
and an increase in their corn crop
of 25.3 per cent. That such increases
should bc possible among nations,
most of whom are engaged in war, is
in itself a tribute to the productive
energy of manhood.
The enormous total of 1,66:
bushels of wheal' is so great
refuses to be grasped by the
mind without some, units of i
ison. If this crop of wheat
loaded into freight ears, 1,001
els to Ihc car, and each car o
forty feet on the railway tn
would represent one solid
train 12,617 miles in length
than enough to reach half vn\
the-world at the equator,
loaded cars, without engines,
occupy seven-eights the entire
age of the Canadian Pacific i
known as the world's greatest
puliation company.
There  is,  however,  anoaicr
of view, ami a very appfqpria
particular period
lhat it
' bltsh-
ek,    it
.61 way,
I rails-
at this
agricultural cotintn
lo proi.lue,' tlie ntin
While  lhe.  coltntrii
dune    well
shrinks intc
pared   with
instauce, l!
inces of M.
: one
whin --the
arc called upon
I pound uf food.
mentioned havc
lln ir     accomplishment
insignificance when com-
thcir possibilities,      For
e  three    Canadian    prov-
nitcba, Saskatchewan and
Alberta could produce Ihree times
lhe total wheat crop above referred
to I This statement may seem extra,
vaganl until submitted lo the. lest of
cold figures, Then wc ��et data lik
According to the government of
Canada there are in lln provinces
mentioned the following areas suitable for agricultural purposes:
Manitoba 74.216,000 acres; Saskatchewan '-3.1:0 nm); Alberta 105,217,-
000;  total  272,8-12,000 acres. _
The in crage wheal crop in these
provinces fur the last ten vears has
been, Manitoba 18.20 bushels per
acre; Saskatchewan 18.-14 bushels per
acre; Alberta 211.19 bush.ls per acre.
Thc average I'm- the three provinces
Is therefore practically 19 bushels
per acre. If run multiply the available acreagi as given above by 19
you will find ih.it these provinces, i:
entirely cultivated, are capable of
producing in an average vear 5,184,-
918.000 bushels rn' lyheat���considerable more  thr n  Ihree times the total
htell i-i being  produced  thi-    year.
France,    Scotland.
Canada, I'nited
have 119)7, b
ami     Mgcria
province    of
Officer���What do the arm) regula
lions make the first requisite iu older that a man be buried with mili
tary honors?
Private Casey���lie muse bc dead,
English, Scotch and   Irish   l-*i_;bters
\n Ann liein recently returned
from service al llic fronl witli Canadian hoops tells of the difference Iii
preparations lor battle of the English
soldiers as compart d with lhe Scotch
ami Irish. When getting ready for
English soldier carefully
e mechanism of his rille
icks arc working proper-
i I  free  of nnu!  and    so
,u    in
e of
Scot and ihe Irishman pay
Bepels Colds, Chills, and
V.ner, ..
to se-'
Iv, lhc
'I'he .Scot ami Uie Irishman pay no
attention io the mud on lock, stock
or barrel, but each very carefully polishes his bayonet on his sleeve. The
battle over, the English soldiers may
hc observed proudly escorting bark
groups of prisoners, while the Scotch
and Irish ronie bark empty handed.
Asked about prisoners they reply!
"Prisoners! Never saw any!"--\. ill
Street lournal.
Find Indian Relics
A scientific   expedition   organized
by thc  Smithsonian Institution   and
the American Museum of the American Indian, which has been excavating among the Zupi ruins ol Ilawi-
kuli, in western New Mexico, has
exhumed a number of valuable Indian relics dating bark to thr early
sixteenth century.
Stales.   India,    Fapan
combined.    The  sing!
Alberta can produce as mucl
as all 'if these  counlries  am!
more left  "��� i r  than  was  gro
1917 in all Ci nada.
Of course, ii is impossible, as
practical.!���. malti r. to put every ;
able acn ui' land In any country
wheal. Inn if we say for the saki
illustration that one third uf il
abb- hind iu these provinces is summer fallow i tl, ..ue third *nv n to
coarse -iiuins or pasture, and one
ihird lo v.l,i it, the proportion thai
1-, ....'.ui to win :ii will produco a
greater crni ihan that already mentioned nt being grown hv all the
cutniirii _ !,, fore deferred lo,
n.nres may be Interesting
great comparison
which lhcy nfford, hut thev tnir-l also
carry lite conclusion that tin world
is :��� vrv long way from having rx-
liMistcd ils food producing possibilities. Anv scarelly of food production wliicli nine at present exist fs
linc.cr.ble almost entirely to an im-
i roper distribution of popul-tlon, In
tin- older countries the population Is
compelled to exist on stu.h limited
areas that production on a relatively
large scab- is ininossible. whereas In
the newer countries such as Western
Canada the population is at yet tot-
allv Insufltcietil lo bring the country
under cultivation.    These are  eondi
These ligures
generally for tin
lions which \
themselves! in
correction is .
and. whatev
ill    doubtless     right
fact the process   of
iling on very rapidly,
ltflicultlcs may he ex
perienced i'1 feeding the world dur
ing tire nexl few vears, there can be
no question lhal tlicy will he solved
ns Boon : a sufficient population is
found for lire great open plains
which are Itlll nwtiititig the husband-
Germany and the U. S.
From a Speech by Theodore Roosevelt at Kansas City
"For no nation does Germany fed
and express such bilter and contemptuous hostility as for the United
States. There is no nation on the
face of the globe which they would
be more delighted to ruin and plunder. _ Under such circumstances the
public men and newspapers engaged
in defending Germany or assailing
England and our other allies or in
protesting against the war and demanding an inconclusive peace are
Guilty of moral treason to this country, and while the German-American
papers have achieved an evil prominence in this matter the professional
anti-English Irisli papers are as bad
and the purely sensational demagogic and unpatriotic section of the
native American press is the worst
of all.
"Germany embodies the principle?
of successful militaristic autocracy.
Much has been said about our being
against the German government but
not against the German people. The
attitude of the German-American
press and the German alliance in this
country in their hearty support of
the German government and
practically unanimous support
that government heretofore by
Germans at home shows that
present the Germans arc back
German government.
"They have enthusiastically sur-
ported ils policy of brutal disregard
of the rights of others. Until they
reverse themselves, until thev cast
oil the yoke of militaristic autocracy
they identify themselves with it. and
force us to be against them. It is for
the German people themselves to
differentiate themselves from their
government. Until they do this they
force us to be against the German
people as a necessary incident of be
mg against tlie. German government
"1 he Germans govern from above
down. The people of this republic.
like the people of France, like, the
people of England, believe in government from below up. In other
words, we believe in government bv
ourselves. The Germans believe in
being governed by an autocratic dynasty which rests primarily on '��
great militaristic class and a peal
bcaurocratic class. N'o man who
supports Germany at this time can
claim to bc a real democrat or a
real lover of free institutions. He i.
false to both democracy and fr-r-
Corn Is Grass
Corn belongs to the grass family,
but it is grass lhat has taken a full
course and has alo done po-t-grad-
uate work in Nature's agricultural
college. Other grasses develop seed
at their tops. Even kaffir corn and
iroomcorn follow lhis plan. But Ir.-
dian corn, or maize broke away from
the grass tradition ami started developing its seed in ears coming from
the joints.
When corn developed this habit il
rang Uie bell of civilization and st.-m-
1 a new- era. For corn was unknown
to the civilized world until America
was discovered. Here the Indlani
were found _ cultivating thc strange
cereal iu their primitive way.
Y\ hen the white man acknowledged lhe corn, and look up its cultivation, he ploughed lire ground derp
with his meal ploughs and cultivated
it carefully, The corn, astonished at
this attention, waded in to show
what it could do in return. The results are seen today in lhe three bib
ion  bushel  crop  the    United  States
He���On tlie    street today   a very
landtome young ladj smiled at nn-.
' She���I  wottdn't  feel  br.dly    about
it.    There are some  men  who    look
even funnier than you do.
One of tbe reasons why Copenhtgen
Chewing Tobacco is becoming more
and more popular is, because ltdnes
not attract attention iu the mouth.
It is not chewed; ou the contrary, a
small pinch is placed in the mouth
betweeu the lower lip and gum.
This gives complete satisfaction
without chewing, and leaves a pleasant,
cool after-taste,
Copenhagen Chewing Tobace* in
scientifically prepared, of the best old,
ripe, high /favored leaf tobacco.
It is In the form of small grains, and
being very rich, only * small quanlit\
should be placed in the mouth.
"It's Ihi most economical
w.   n.   u.   iim THE COURTENAY REVIEW
Electors of Comox-Alberni
My Constituents for
the past six  years
Willi a sinful profusion of words nnd
a still more sinful lack ol patriotism,
Mr. Mclnnes in his manifesto to yon,
explodes in bis statement:
"1 declare emphatically that nt the
present time in Canada, conscription ol
men nre not necessary."
Thnt is his bold attilude towards the
Military Service Act and the system ol
selective draft embodied in it. It is not
the attitude ol nny red-blooded candidate or prospective candidate in any
other constituency in this province,
a province as Britisii at henrt as it is iu
name. It is however, the attitude ol
his Quebec leader, Sir Wilfred Laurier,
who. hoping to string not only the habitant vote but the whole anti-British vote
in Canada, hns in his manifesto declared
���'As to the present Military Service
Act my policy will be not to proceed
further under its provisions until the
people have au opportunity to'oronounce
upon it by way of referendum."
Iu the same manifest, speaking of the
Germans and Austrians in Canada who
lire denied the vote under the V.'ar Time
Election Act, he says:
"They thus are humiliated and treated
with contempt under the pretence, that
being born in enemy countries, Germany
and Austria, they might be biased ill favor of their native country and against
their adopted country."
There in a nutshell wc have the attitude of Sir Wilfred Laurier and his lone
and lonelv follower in llritish Columbia,
Mr,. W. W   B. Mclnnes.
To every citizen who is unwilling to
liglit for lhe Hag that protects him, however paltry his excuse or mean his motive, these two paper patriots are both
iu effect saying: We would not force
you to light against your will. To every
pro-German resident of Canada [these
two breeders of '.disloyalty are both ill
effect saying; We would put into your
hands the ballot as a weapon with which
to smite down reinforcements to our
fighting men in Flanders; To our men
in the trenches, men who, realizing the
risk they were Inking and realizing too, l
their duty to take thai risk, have chosen
wilhout waiting lor compulsion, the
paths of honor and of service���to these '
men, these two generals of this brittle
ol the ballots are both in effect saying;
We know that since last Xmns your
comrades in arms have been hit at the
rate ol 6012 per mouth und we nt home
hnve been sending you fresh fighting
men nt the rate only- 2076 per month,
but at the same time we know thnt by
leaving that destructive ratio of three to
one as it is, by promising not lo force
those who ought to go to your relief,
rest and reinforcements, we may perchance clamber on their shoulders into
political place nnd power. To the widows, mothers, sisters, wives and dear
ones of lhat glorious galaxy of warriors
who have finished their .light, Mr. Mclnnes and his leader are adding immeasurably to their weight ol grief in an unworthy endeavor by base appeal lo the
selfish and unpatriotic instincts ol men
to get a majority of the electorate tode
clare iu effect that the cause for which
our valorous dead have paid the supreme
sacrifice is a cause not worlh compelling
men to fight for.
That cause, the cause of freedom and
humanity, should be dearer to us than
life itself and as dear as honor and freedom are ton liberty-loving people. That
cause of right can never be defeated futile power of German might upon the
battlefield. It may, however, be endangered and our national honor may be
stained by giving power in Canada to
the forces of cupidity, cowardice .and
The facts are simple. In reserve we
have in England .*6,.iS(l available and fit
infinity, (not lull,0(1(1 as .Mr. Mclnnes
states.) In Canada we have 7S."S, In
other words we have not  enough   avail-;
able and fit infantry to bring our four J
divisions at the front up to lull strength
without committing the military blunder
of leaving our army without sulticient reserve. As 1 have already pointed out.
the casualties to our infantry since the
1st of January lust hnve averaged 6()1_
per mouth; to nil uruis of the-ervice the
casualties have averriged.l 1 ,421 per month
To mnke up tllis wastage the figures I
have already quoted in regard to voluntary enlistment clearly indicate thut we
cunnol look to that source. Tlle registrations under the Military Service Act
as clearly indicate tlle same thing. These
totalled _3_,j(li up to and including the
lOlll inst. Ol these only _l,.ib.i are willing to serve wilhout compulsion. In
Quebec alone there were up to that time
51,882 registrations of unmarried men
between the ages ol twenty mil thirty-
four. Ol these only 164 were willing to
serve without compulsion. In other
words only one out of every 194 of these
unmarried French Canadians, and only
one oul ol every 14 unmarried Canadians
iu other provinces, is willing to serve
wilhout compulsion. And it is to be re-
ineinlierd that of the few that ure willing and physically fit to serve there is
but a small per cent willing to fight
without cmpalsion.
I-'roui these facts, authentic and up to
date in every pnrticulur, what is the ir-
resistuble inference? I.s il not that voluntary enlistment bus failed and we
must do one or the other of two things.
Either we must proceed wtth the first
draft, exempting ull those esseutiul to
industry, all those essential to their dependents, all those in short who ure entitled to exemption under the Act. and
compel the rest who are physically lit to
light. Either that or else we must tarnish our national honor, deface >ur colours, haul down our (lag and compel
our boys at the front to quit the light.
To you, the electors ofCoinox-Albcrni
whom I have known so intimately and
served so long, let me say this. You are
not quitters. The handful of war worn
men at the front thai are slill lighting
for you and your children you will not
desert. Yuu know that they are ill sore
need ol reinforcements; you know that
the Military Service Act is theonly meus
ure before you that will give them what
they need; you will not fail them. To
fail Ihem now, in this hour of life-aud-
dcatb struggle, before the eyes of the
world and ill tlie face of the common foe
would bc a betrayal as much worse than
open rebellion, ns a liie of honor is bet
ter than one of disgrace. It would be u
bettuyul without pnralcll, except one, in
llie nnu ils ol lhe human race. You a e
not Judas Iscaiiols. On the contrary,
you will stand by the boys ill the trenches and stay with the fight until victory
is won and permanent peace assured.
Canada stretches her huge length Irom
the Atlantic to the I'acilic.uiid like her
giant brother of tiie _outh, is in the war
a though not of her own Choice to a
lriiiiupli.il.t finish. Canada's one determined purpose aud effort is .to inobolizc
all her men a: d money power and all
her resources to that cud. In order lo
get tbe .strength to effect this purpose
and make this effort a new union govern
incut, representing all element* ol the
population, bus been formed,
Willi relerence to mobilizing our money power and our resources it is the policy ot this new Government to go far
beyond the War Profits Act nnd the Income Tux of the lute Conservative Government nnd to proceed upon the principle lhat no citizen of Canada has u right
to make money out ot this war, that
every dollar of excess profits ovcr the
ordinary, yes, and every dollar of excess
wage over the ordinary paid or received
by reason of thi war, should go into the
coffers of the Slate nnd not into the
pockets of private profiteers. With that
principle I agree,
I also agree with the policy of a radical change in the soldier's pay and pensions. A citizen soldier crowds a life
time and risks into a few days or a few
hours lighting and should receive a lifetimes pay and pension (or that hazard.
And tlle amount of his pay and pension,
along with his earnings after lhe war,
should together make him not worseoli,
but. because ol the risks he has taken
(or the Stale, better off than he would
have been if he had remained iu civil
life. For this policy and tlle policy of
tiie new Union Government now being
developed for the care and vocational
training o( the Returned Soldier and his
settlement in suitable occupation, I ask
with confidence (or your support.
Allow ine to say in conclusion thnt it
is particularly gratifying to me that
those of you who have known me longest and best have been the foremost in
this campaign in their expressions of
confidence and goodwill and that the
great majority of you have been so frank
in your appreciation of the success that
has attended my efforts as  your   repre-
Thc Minister ov Finance offers for Public Subscription
Canada's Victory Loan
1ssue of
$150,000,000 5J% Gold Bonds
Bearlni Interest from December lit. 1017, und offered in three maturities, the choice of which is optional with the subscriber, as fotlowi!
5 year Bonds due December 1st, 1923
10 year Bonds due December 1st, 1927
20 year Bonds due December 1st, 1937
This Loan is authorized under Act of the Parliament of Canada, and both principal and interest are a charse upon the Consolidated Revenue Fund.
.       The amount of this Issue Is $150,000,000, exclusive of the amount (if any) paid by tho surrender of bonds of previous Issues.   Tha Minister of Finance
nowever, reserves the right to allot the whole or any part of the amount subscribed In excess of $150,000,000.
The Proceeds of this Loan will Iw used for War purpose! only, and will be spent wholly In Canada.
Denominations:   $50,
est pa;
$5M and $1,000
Subscriptions must be In sums of 150 or multiples thereof.
Principal payable without charse at the Office of the Minister of Finance and Receiver General at Ottawa, or at the Office of the Assistant Receiver
General at Halifax, St. John, Charlottetown, Montreal, Toronto, Winnipeg, Regina, Calgary and Victoria.
Interest payable, without charge, half-yearly, June 1st and December 1st, at any branch in Canada of any Chartered Bank.
Bearer or Registered Bonds
Bonds may be registered as to principal or as to principal and Interest.
Scrip certificates, non-negotiable, or payable to bearer, in accordance with the choice of the applicant for registered or bearer bonds, will be Issued after
allotment in exchange for provisional receipts. When these scrip certificates have been paid in full, and payment endorsed thereon by the bank receiving the money
they may be exchanged for bonds, when prepared, with coupons attached, payable to bearer, or registered as to principal, or for fully registered bonds when
prepared, without coupons, in accordance with the application.
Delivery of Interim certificates and of definitive bonds will be made through the Chartered Banks.
Bearer bonds with coupons will be Issued In denominations of $50., $100., $500., and $1,000. and may be registered as to principal only. Fully registered bo-ds. the interest on which ls paid direct to the owner by Government cheque, will be Issued in denominations of $1,000., $5,000. or any authorized
multiple ol $5,000.
Subject to the payment of 25 cents for each new bond Issued, holders of fully registered bonds without coupons, will have the right to convert into bonds
of the denomination of $1,000 with coupons, and holders of bonds with coupons will have the right to convert Into fully registered bonds of authorized denominations without coupons, ut uny time, on application to the Minister of Finance.
Surrender oi Bonds
Holders of Dominion of Canada Debenture Stock, due October Ist, 1919, and bonds of the three preceding Dominion of Canada War Loan Issues.
have the privilege of surrendering their bonds in part payment for subscriptions to bonds of this Issue, under the following conditions:���
Debenture Stock, due October    1st, 1910, at Par and Accrued Interest,
War Loan Bonds, due December 1st, 1925, at 97!. and Accrued Interest.
(The above will be accepted in part payment for bonds ol any ol the three maturities of this Issue)
War Loan Bonds, due October 1st, 10)1, at 971$ and Accrued Interest.
War Loan Bonds, due March   1st, 1937, at 96    and Accrued Interest.
(These will be accepted In part payment for bonds of the 1937 maturity ONLY of tliis Issue.)
Bonds of the various maturities of this Issue will. In the event of future Issues of like maturity, or longer, made by the Government, other than Issues
Isade abroad, be accepted at par and accrued Interest, us the equivalent of cash for the purpose of subscription to such Issues.
Issue Price   Par
Free from tasee���1-cludln. any Income tai���Imposed In pursuance of legislation enacted by the Parliament ol Canada.
Payment to be made al follows:
10% on December 1st, 1917
10% on January 2nd. 1018
20% on February 1st, 1018
on March 1st, 1918
on April 1st, 1918
on May    1st. 1918
A (ull half year's Interest will be paid on 1st June, 1018.
The Bonds therefore _lve a net Interest yield to the Investor of about:
5.61% on the 20 year Bond*
5.68% on the 10 year Bonds
5.81% on the    5 year Bonds
All payments are to be made to a Chartered Bank for the credit of the Minister of Finance.   Failure to pay any Instalment when due will render previous
payments liable to forfeiture, and the allotment to cancellation.   Subscriptions accompanied by a deposit of 10% of the amount subscribed, must be forwarded
through the medium of a Chartered Bank.   Any branch in Canada of any Chartered Bank will forward subscriptions and issue provisional receipts.
Iu case of partial allotments the surplus deposit will bc applied toward payment of the amount due on the January Instalment
Subscription.! may be pnirl in full on January 2nd. r.iis, or on any Instalment due date thereafter under discount at the rate of 5)4% per annum.   Under
this provision payments of the balance of nubscriptions may be made as follows:
If paid on January 2nd, 1018, at the rate of 80.1079.'. per $100.
If paid on February 1st, WIS, at thc rate of 79.40969 pur $100.
If paid on March 1st, 11118, nt the rata of 50,72274 por $100.
If paid on April lit, 1918, ut the rate of 30.111)950 par $100.
Forms of application may lie obtained from any branch In Canada of any Chartered Bank, or from nny Victory Ixian Committee, or member thereof.
The books of the Loan will be kept at the Department of Finance, Ottawa.
Applications will be ma.le in due course for llic listing of this issue on the Montreal and Toronto Stock Exchanges.
Subscription Lists will close on or before December 1st, 1911
Ottawa, November 12th, 1017.
tentative, i" tlle teeth olteu.of opposition
Irom government experts, to (jet the
government to adopt and carry out in
my constituency the comprehensive policy of developing its resources and industries and attracting eapilal into it by
improved communication through the
extension of its telephone, telegraph,
wireless and mail service antl by liuprov
ed transportation tlirougli the construction of wharves, lighthouses, log alarms
and oilier devices lor tlle salety of .slipping, llovy gratifying your appreciation
ol all inyclTi.ils is lo Hue you will tlle
better understand when I tell you that
those efforts gained for me at Ottawa
the unci viable distinction among my
fellow members of getting more than my
share for my own constituency. Vou
wi'l appreciate, us'my lellow members
iu the House of Commons could not,
that when 1 became your representative
iu 1911, the developing hand of the government had scarcely been seen ill your
disliict, that in fact 1 was a pioneer in
iu getting Dominion moneys expended
in your district (or it's improvement,
jusl us you are pioneer iu tlle expenditure of your own money aud.labor in developing the same resources. So Inr already bas the policy been carried out
that almost lhe whole Northern country
has been linked up by telegraph and
telephone, with lhe resull Unit distances
between its sparse und widely ..atteted
settlements have been largely annihilated and tis settlements have been brought
into quick and direct communication
wilh tiie outside world: that capital has
been attracted to il lor investment iu its
industries: and that the aid lo I' e injured and suffering has been brought within easier reach. So far also bas thnt
policy been carried out thai in many of
your sheltered bays and natural harbors
where settelemeuts have bc ��� itn lo spring
up wharves and land ngB have been built
and at many of the danger places ou the
ocean highway danger signals and safety
devices have been established, with the
ever increasing results that transportation has improved, ports of call are being
increased, new industries are springing
up. centres of distribution are . being established and llie investment of capital
and the employment of labor are being
Your kind words for this policy of
mine, as yel in infancy, it is human that
1 should appreciate. They encourage me
in my legitimate ambition to bend every
energy as your representative in the
futurejlo making of Comox Alberni tlle
banner constituency of Canada in rapid,
and substantial development.
From this l'tli day of December until
the last vote is polled ou the 17th oi
; Debember next, devotion by you to tlie
; sacred cause of winning the war and the
: worthy aim ol developing your own dis-
; trict will do more than anything else
I within your power to bring deserved
I prosperity to you at home and aud honor
able peace to us all abroad,
i Yours faithfully,
i Herbert S. Clements
Dated at Vancouver. 14th November, 1917
Perhaps a girl's hair is red for
the purpose of keeping her temper
Reports at hand show that upwards of $75,odo,ooo worth of
Victory Bonds had already beeu
subscribed for.
Parm Petty piece, oue of the editors of the Coiifederatiouist, is sup
porting Mr. Mclnnes in Vancouver
These two."big ntises" should kick
up quite a hullabaloo.
Looking Backward
Five yeats ago today O. H.
Fechner celebrated his 46th birthday by giving a dance in the Opera
House. Upwards of one hundred
guests were present.
A B Crawford's new launch
the "Moose" built at Courtenay.
was Innnclicd, and made it's maiden
trip lo Coniox.
The new chemical engine arrived
but owing to bad chemicals a poor
exhibition was given.
Hugh Miller's bouse and contents we-ie burued to the ground,
the family escaping iu their night
''Diamond" Franklin opened a
restaurant in the Fechner Block.
J. Wilmshurst, road superintendent, moved into the new office on
the east side of the btidge.
H. F, Whittle opeued a motion
picture show in the Opera House,
Four performances a week  given,
It is just 25 years since the tele-
gragh line was run through Courtenay.
- 1
Meat Market
Equipped with Modern Refrigerating plant
Highest Price paid for Beef
and Veal
Courtenay and Cumberland


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