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The Review Mar 4, 1915

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Array 3.
Can not be dune any letter,   and |
not quite so   well anywheie   else ���
hereabout*.   Our type and machin* f
ery ia complete aud The Review i
prices ^re ri^ht I
|        Classified Ads,
. M rice youi little Want* known
t th. ogh a Classified Advertisement
| to The Review * * ��� Phone 68
'****************���************ *********** *i
VOL. 3
NO. 14
The Best  Buy  On The Market
For Immediate Sale
One Acre of the best of land, house, barn, whole
of the household furniture, also sundry tools,
phonograph, horse, buggy and; harness, etc.,  etc-
Price for the whole $550
Full particulars from
Phone 10
Wlier.-  everybody  goes  for  choice
Candies, Cigars, Tobacco, Fruit,
Vegetables, Groceries, Etc.
Phone 40
It's a personal question.   How would you feel tomorrow morning if you and your family were
rushed out of home during the night
with only night clothes on,
Building, Furniture, Personal Effects a Total Loss
That I will see H. D. Fo d.
insure my home without
further delay
$6.00 Per Ton
Delivered in Courtenay
All Orders Will Recieve Prompt Attention
Phone 43 Courtenay
Sand and Gravel
Rates Reasonable
Cobblestone and
Septic Tank Work
All Work GimmitCGil
A. Beveridge, Courtenay Hotel
Local Lines
Board of Trade meets to-
Mrs. Kepner left yesterday for
Vancouver for a week's visit.
Born���At St. Joseph's hospital,
on Thursday Feb. 25th, to Mr. and
Mrs. J. Sutton, a son.
Mr.   John  Johnston,   formerly
\ night clerk at  the Riverside hotel,
is hid up with a sprained ankle. He
is resting at St. Joseph's hospital
Mr. Williams, who has been
visiting his daughter Mrs. D, Kilpatrick for the past few weeks, left
for his home in Vancouver yesterday morning.
The annual meeting of tlie Comox
Agricultural Association will be
held in the Agricultural hall on
Tuesday, March 9th, tortile election of officers aud other general
To the inhabitants of Comox
and district phone 48 for pron pt
delivery of first class meat at
lowest possible prices. All orders
promptly attended to. Cooke &
Matthewson, next to Brown's Fur-
nil ure Store.
Conl oil 25c per gallon or Jl per tin at
Courtenay Oil & Supply Co. Bring your
own tin.
Coal Oil��� $1.10 per. tin   at the
Courteuay   Garage,    Union    Bav
I Road.
Coal oil 25c per gallon or $1 per
tin at McKeau's. Bring vour o.vn
Good dry wood���14, 16, 18, and
24 in., $250 per load. Cordwood,
$2 per cord, cash.    A, D. Cudmore.
Farm to rent���About 35 acres
under cultivation. Apply to John
Marsden, Maple Farm, Cumberland.
One hundred dollars cash buys
the best car in Gourteuay, balance
arranged. Apply Palace Livery
To Let���Small chicken ranch.
clase to town. Good building 1
Low rent to good te'iant. Apply
Box 8, Review Office.
Wanted���Heavy general purpose
horse, light harness, dough, cultivator, siugle horse rake, separator
Must be bargain for cash. White
Wyandotte pullets for sale. Appy,
Box 9 Review Office.
Winning White Wyaudottes
My pen of 6 birds that won the
iast contest averaged 221 eggs each
in 12 months. For Price list o
hatching eggs, etc. write E. D.
Read. Duncan.
Lost���Between Courtenay and
Cumberland, au Emphatic Dijg
blott New Testament, name inside
cover, E. W. Hogarth. New West-
niiusU r Will finder please com
inuuicDtJ with E, W. Hogarth.
I have again improved my floe,
ot Rhbt'e Island Reds by the intr.
duction of new blood. Kxcelleir
winter layers, well adapted to thi;
climate. Price of eggs per settili)
reduced to $1. per setting of 13
$6 per 100. Cash with order
Bruce Towler, one mile south of
Courtenay.    P, O. Box.
Employers living anywhere in
Comox District requiring hired help
and all persons out of worK living
within the limits of Courtenay
municipality are requested to enquire at Tarbell's store for further
particulars. The terms and conditions are that any employei
securing help from the bureau i;
requested to deduct 5 per cent out
of the first week's wages and pay
same to the officer in charge of the
Large tract of good farming land
now open for free settlement in
Oregon. Over 200.000 acres in all.
Cood climate, rich soil, and does
not require irrigation to rai^e finest^
crops of grain, fruit and garden
truck. For large map, full instructions and information, and a
plan cf several sections of except-
ional'y good claims, send $3.40 to
John Keefe, Oregon City, Oregon.
Three years as a U. S. Surveyor
'and timberman. Ar. opportunity
1 to get a good fertile free homestead
near town and market.
Mr. Albert Budges left yesterday
morning for Victoria.
Con.1 oil 25c per gallon or $1 per tin at
Courtenay Oil & Supply Co. Bring your
own tin.
Mr. Jas, E. Aston has moved
his shoe shop from the basement of
Willard's block into the shop
formerly occupied by J, Forceia as
a barber shop.
A small choir is being formed
under ihe leadership ol Mr, L.
Hickman. Communicant members
of the church will be welcomed at
pratices on Friday nights at 8 p. m.
The Co-Operative Society have
sold their fine grey team to Mr. H.
Bates for the sum of $300. Mr.
Bates has made a remarkably good
buy, as this teai" is well matched,
young, and were worth $550 two
years ago.
Church of England services are
held on Sunday's at St. Andrew's
hurch Sandwick. at 11 a, in,, Mat-
tins and Holy Communion, and at
St, John's church, Gotirten; y, at
8.30 a. m., Holy Communion, and
at 7.30 p. m,,Evensong.
A "Bee" consisting of 1.5 men
from the upper lake trail road commenced last Monday, and have completed the erection of of a large
drivin _ shed for the use of persons
driving to the St.   John's church,
ourtenay. The shed provides accommodation for six buggies, and
will supply a much needed want.
Mr. Harry Sleemau, who for the
past seven yuars has been with the
Comox Co-Operative Society (the
I atter four as manager) severed his
connection with the business on
Monday last. Since he took hold
of the business it has grown to its
present large proportions. Mr,
Sleemau's many friends hope he
'ind Mrs Sleeman will not leave
Courtenav. where they have been
so well and favourably known.
- The British   Columbia Amateur
Boxing and   Wrestling   meet   has
been awarded to   the   Commercial
Athletic Club, and it will be staged
on Thursday sud   Friday,   March
nth and 12th, 1915, at   8   p.    in.
Entries will be received in the   following classes, 105. 115. 125.   145,
'58, 175, and heavyweight.    Each
entry form must be accompanied by |
a fee of one dollar,    Each contestant must be  registered  with,   and
have a 1 . C , A. A. U. card.    En-
iries close Wednesday, March, 10th
rt 6 p. ra.   Contestants weigh  in
it 5 and 7 p, m. each night.    For
entry form and further information
apply to  R,  Leighton,   Manager,
Jommerciai Athletic Club.
Wc  havo lhe following Oils in  stock tn
barrel, i. Hon or pint���
HARRIS Light and Heavy
W.VKIU.Y. ..Light and Heavy
POLARISE..,.I.ight and Heavy
SIBERIAN,.. .Light and Heavv
G AS EN( i IXE an.l fiOOu- STEAM
Everything for the _ai Rugtna ennl Auto
Presbyterian Church
St. Andrews'  Sandwick
Service 2 p.m.     Sunday  School
Hid Bible Class 3 p. 111.
Sunday  School and   Bible Class
10:30 a.m.   .Service 11:30.   Even-
ngservice 7:30 p. in- All welcome
Conl oil 25c per gallon or 51 per tin at
Courtenay Oil _ Supply Uu. Bring your
own tin.
A most enjoyable barn dance was
held by Miss Woods on Wednesday
eveivng to bid farewell to Miss
Lila Grieve who is leaving for
The City Council should pass a
by-law to regulate the speed with
which autos and other vehicles
should be driven within the citv
limits, and if they have the power
they should Aso deal stringently
wifh 'road hogs," that is drivers
who do no1 willingiv give half the
road when passing oilier drivers.
It is anything but pleasant for a
nervous driver to meet a fellow of
this description going full speed.
There are numerous incidents
where ���enous accidents have been
narrowly averted.
Ever since 0   H. Fee' tier fixed
up the lawn in front of the Riverside   hotel it   has  been a lounging
place for  dogs.     No amount  of
chasing could keep them off.    Yesterday   they   fixed   Up   a   piece of
meat attached to a pair of batteries
by a   long wire,  and whenever   a
purp took  bold of the  meat   the
juice was  turned on,   poor  doggie
let out  a howl   and ran, and gave
the  lawn  a wide  berth  the   uext
time h" passed.    Needless  ->' say
the experiment   was nitich enjoyed
by the onlookers,   and  the  lawn
was clean this morning.
A surprise partv was held at the
home of Mr. D. Bubar on Monday
evening to bid farewell to He, P.
Bubar. who has spent the winter
w'th her son. ' Whist an_ dancing
were indulged in until far into the
wee stna' hours. A pleasing part
of the program was the presentation
to Mrs. Bubar of an address and a
pretty souvenir spoon, which she
much appreciated and very feelingly
replied to. After singing "For
she's a jolly good fellow" and
"Auld Lang Syne," the party
broke up, everyone pronouncing
the event one of the best they had
spent in Cot'.rtenay, and wishing
Mrs. Bubar all tiie good thm*s in
life, and a pleasant journey to her
Inline iu Denver, Colorado., for
wdiich place she leaves on Sunday's
Coal oil -5c per gallon or $1 per till at
lourtenay Oil _ Supply co. Bring your
iwn tin.
Comox Creamery
50c per lb. this week
The  Courtenay  Jewellery   Store
You Cannot Afford To Neglect Your Eyes
Those Headaches Are Quite Unnecessary
Hat Made Eye Trouble His Special Study
Consultations Free To Delay Is Dangerous
The  Courtenay  Jewellery  Store THE COURTENAY REVIEW
The Couuenay Review
Anil Comas Valley Advocate
I     _    \\' tek\   Newspaper,   Pubished   at
|, . Courtenay, _. 0,
f*N. II. Bodkn, Editor and Proprietor
Subscription *! r,n pur Year in Advance
Telephone 59
We congratulate Mr. Hicks.
Beach upon his appointment to the
office of Police Magistrate and
judge of the small debts court
for our city. We believe the ap-
pointnien* to be a popular one, and
that Mr. Hicks-Beach will in all
cases do justice to all.
$73,000 of government money  wil
ibe spent iu t is immediate district
The estimates for the school   _eie
probably    Made befoie Courtenay
became incorporated as they include
salaries   fo1-   three    teachers.   01
course there will be   very   little   i!
any public  money  spent  oi o r
roads this year, although   there  is
j no  reason   why   the   government
should not pay for the  upkeep ol
the main Island   highway   and tlu
I Courtenay bridge.
The Conservative Party
The most welcome news that
Courtenay could have, came last
Saturday, win u it was definately
announced thai tlie Logging Camps
would commence operations this
week. The offices ot the company
were Immediately besiged witli applications for employment, and a
goodly number of the 300 men required were lined up here. Work
will commence on Monday morning
with that complement, and more
will be added as needed.
A by-law, entitled, A by-law to
regulate the standing committees
of the City Council, has been forced
through its seveial readings by the
''solid four," None of them seem
to understand what it means, not
even Dr Cromptou, who is credited with being able to see into the
millstone as far as anyone, said
''give it up" when askedthemeaning of certain clauses, Aid. Johnston, the father of the by-law, said
an eminent K. C. drewit, and gave
it as his opinion that the council,
had to pass the by-law willy-nilly.
This is a bright state of affairs. No
wonder the fame of our City Council has reached Nanaimo mid other
places- If these vaudeville performances keep up we will have
visitors from all over the province
applying for reserved seats at every
Lord Kitchener is quoted as saying that he "didn't know vheu the
war would end, but he did know
that it would begin next May."
That's a grim observation enough
and it sounds like the old soldier
who is credited with making it.
Kitchener with 2,000,000 men and
Koumauia with 600,000, will be
ready then. Nobody can guess
how many Russia wiil have by that
time, but unquestionably more than
ever before. Perhaps Italy, with
a million and a half or thereabouts,
will have taken her place in the
ranks of the allies. On both sides
the winter will be .i'ore or less devoted to preparation for the titanic
a tivities of the spring campaign.���
New York Press.
The estimates for the province
for the next fiscal year have been
published. The following grants
are made in the Comox district.
Public Works SS .000
Courteuay schools $2,760
Mint"...' 81,960
Coinox school $1,640
Grantham school $840
I. /o 5900
No. S Mine SI,SMI
Rnvston S7_0
Sandwick ��960
Constable $1,020
Game Warden $960
|;> t is we see t lat upwards ol
When we lake inlo cousideratli n
the h ngth of time the party h
be in control of the province, aud
their extensive developments in
every department, the great number of men en;ployed from the heads
of the departments down to the
petty employees, and never a charge
of graft substantiated, it is a record
of which any party might leel proud
The high moral integrity, the
watchfulness, the keen penetration
that is necessary to accomplish this
speaks well of the heads of the government, The chiefs of this government have held with a firm hand
over all departments, tolerating
neither loose methods or slipshod
work, and demanding of all a strict
account of their stewartship.
While I am not 11 worshipper of the
Conservative shrine nor a devotee
of perpetual adoration before McBride aud Bowser, I cannot but in
all fairness give them the praise
they so justly deserve.
The land policy of the Government up to the present has been in
the best interests of the province.
Private individuals, by buying np
large tracts of laud, can ^et that
land occupied by settlers better
than the government could. Plow
much development has been made
in Coinox Valley this last twenty
years when the land was sold to
settlers? Has there been oue hundred acres cleared? How much is
there being cleared just now? Has
the class of people coming into the
province got the pioneering spirit of
those of forty years ago? Those
who have taken uj) land in the last
few years have been too familiar
with the derby ha*, the stiff collar,
and could not rrsist the lure of the
ball game and peanut bag. These
are the people who have tried to j
develop the province and pose as
settlers in the land. We have
seen samples around here of this
type. Why should the government not sell to the capitalist in
preference to this boob?
The government needed the
money and was not looking for the
job to be wet nurse to baby farmers. When the government sold to
the t-p c llator, the transaction was
completed and the money went into the treasury. If instead, they
sold to the derby hat and the kid
glove farmer settler there would be
a perpetual demand for good roads
so that they could walk back to the
cities agsin. Some of the Liberals
think it is as easy to get. the proper
people on the laud as it is to steal
a platform.
(To be continued.)
The   Comox   Barber   Shop
Oldest Shop in Courtenay
Nothing   But   hirst   Class   Work
Guaranteed,    Baths in connection
C. E.  DAL.RYMPI.E,  Prop.
Ladies', Misses and Children's  Pattern and Ready-
To-Wear Hats
Newest Creations in Shapes
and   French   Sailors with
Military Effects
A large assortment of Imported Novelties in Childrens and Infants Hats and
Bonnets. This being a
sample lot there are no
two alike; ranging in price
from 50c to $3
Specialties in Childrens and
Infants   Silk   Embroidery,
Muslin and Cambric
Frocks and Pinafores from
75c to $2.50
Other Spring Goods to arrive Shortly
coat collar must fit right tip close lo the liuen collar
The piping neck of a
coat destroys the harmony of any |suit.
_o, if you want harmony
���if you want to look
well at every point your
Art Clothes ���':ody pe;[ect
 __________   hitting- qualities
and   they're   styled   along-  youthful
lines.    Add fine tailoring and  high
grade fabrics and  the cup of perfection is full to overflowing
Telephone 34
Next Royal Bank
Coal oil 25c per gallon or $1 per
tin at McKean's. Bring your own
General Merchant
Do You Remember
The beautiful patterns of Wall Paper we showed
you last spring and summer? This year's stock has
just come to hand, and we can assure you they are
the finest ever shown in the district; comprising
Ingrains and Oatmeals in good serviceable colors.
Also a selection of Specially Prepared Washable
Paper for your Kitchen or Bathroom at
General Merchant
IN THE MATTER of an application lor
a l'resli Certificate of Indefeasible
Title to I_ts 2, 109, 120 (excepting
thereout Blocks 17 anil 24, Map
507 A) and Lot 26 (excepting thereout a strip 1 chain in width measured from High Water Mark) all in
Sayward District, in the Province of
British Columbia.
intention at the expiration of one
calender month from the lirst publication
hereof to issue fresh certificates of
Indefeasible Title issued to Richard
Thomas Elliott on the 29th day of
December 1910, the 7th dav of October
191 _, the 12th day Of October 1910. and
the 5th day of February W12, and numbered 2458, 2213, 2216'and 4638 respectively, which have been lost.
Dated at the Land Registry Ofiice. at
Victoria. 11. C, Ihis 251.1 dav of ]anuarv
Registrar General of Titles
When  In  Doubt
Play Trumps
Have Goard Tune Your Piano
factory Experience
Recommends   from   Leading Musicians
from tlie Atlantic to tbe Pacific.    Copies
of same furnished on request
W. J. Goard   will be   in this city   about
April 1st,    Leave   orders  alibis   Ollice,
or write direct to
845, 8th Ave., W.   -   Vancouver
Cumberland Hotel
Good Accomodation       Cusine Excellent
Wm. Merryfield
Pearse's Pool Room.
Rial 1 ihlea In Town
Shoes! Shoes! Shoes!
A Genuine Bargain Sale
Lady's, [Misses, [Children's,   Boys'   and
Men's Shoes to go at Big Reductions
AU New Stock
A fine line of Boys and Men's Sweaters at cost price
Parkin Bros.
Telephone 4 SANDWICK
Barrister   and [Solicitor,   Notary   Public
P. O. Box 209
Phone 24 Courtenay
Bar supplied [with the finest brands of
Liquors and Cigars
JOS. WALKER       -       -       Proprietor
Plastering Contractor
Ustinmtes Furnished   Work Guaranteed
First-Class Plumbing
Hot Water and Steamfitting
Jackson & Whittle
Phone 9 Courtenay
Palace Livepy
Horses and  Buggies for Hire in j
Terms cash.
A'e   also  attend  to  wood hauling
General Blacksmiths
"licit Your Patronage.    Our if ill   Attention
(liven to Horses Keel,
Courtenay Phone 25 :
To  Bake
Not to Bake?
The former is really unnecessary when Bread from the
Courtenay Bakery is available
andby reason ofquality has so
many votaries. Get the A B
habit and satisfaction
W. Aitken
resbyteriau Church
Well then here
a shopping   suggestion   for you
Stop in and see
our new line of
Toilet Articles.
Antl while here,
be sure and see
Fashion's latest
fancies in colorings in our splendid assortment of
They sell for 10 cents a package.
at Robertson's W_T.a_:   5_AH_"T.__fO0 SHT
ALEXANDER LAIRD, General Manager JOHN AIRD, Amt General Manager
ML, $15,000,000    RESERVE FUND, $13,500,000
Interest at the current rate is allowed on all deposits of $1 and
upwards. Careful attention is given to every account. Small accounts
���re welcomed.    Accounts may be opened and operated by mail.
Accounts may be opened in the names of two or more persons, withdrawals to be made by any one of them or by the survivor. ��""*
F. C. BROCK, Manager, Courtenay Branch
Annual Meeting
The Annual Meeting of the
Courtenay Conservative Association was held on Thursday evening last. 'IMie Secretary's report
was a very exhaustive one, and
com red the woik done by the Association during the past year.
Fourteen meetings Inn! been l_ld
nnd much good accomplished, The
Treasurer's report showed that there
were 212 members on the roll, and
that there was #25 on hand.
The president Mr. S, Calhoun
announced that he did not wish to
stand for election again this year.
He bad been in ollice fur three
years and that wa. plenty. He
had done his duty to the best of
.his ability for the district as a
whole. He paid a glowing tribute
to Sir Richard McBride, and thanked the association for the confidence .t had reposed in him, He
then declared all offices vacant,
and Mr, C. E. Beasley was elected
to the chair to conduct the election
which resulted as follows,
Hon. President, Hon. R. L.
Borden, Hon. Vice Presidents, Sir
Richard McBride, H, S. Clements.
M. P. and Mr. Manson M. P. P.
President Mayor D Kilpatrick,
(by acclamation.) Vice Pres S.
Calhoun. Secretary, E. Hicks-
Beach, Treastiter O. Leighton,
Executive Committee, R. M, Allan
O. II. Fechner, Dr. Millard, I'M).
Cameron, E. Creech, II. Morrison,
J. Turubull. M. Marsden. F. Ker-
ton, C. Jackson, H. Bridges, J. R.
Johnston, M, Perez, N, H. Boden,
After the election, Mr. Martin,
of Coinox, addressed the meeting,
stating that owing to a faulty sur-
vev hy government licensed sur-
v.yors'he now stood to lose.his
hotel, whic. had cost him nearly
$22,000. He had asked the government to make a new survey 1 f
of the towusite, but had been unable to get them to consent.    The
meeting acceeded to Mr. Martin's
request, and the Association will
add their entreaties to that of Mr.
Martin to have the survey made at
the expense of the deed holders of
the village of Comox.
In speaking about lhe unemployed in the city, Aid, Robertson asked if llie association had any stig-
gestion to bring before the council
in this conn clion.
N.    H.    Boden   suggested   that
i Union street from the Royal   Bank
, to the Cumberland road might be
scraped and mecadamized,   and   a
I few other streets improved where
very deep holes have been worn in
Mr, Hicks-Beach made a brief
address as to the manner in  which
. work should be carried on.
Mr.   C.    K,   Beasley'  suggested
. that the military authorities be
communicated with  and asked  to
I have some of the newly enlisted
portions of the 3rd contingent
quartered at the Comox Spit, where
there are rifle butts, large buildings
etc., and plenty of dry ground  for
: manoetivers.
The annual herring run has commenced, The hftrring have reached the outer bay, and \yill be well
up the mouth of the river in a few
days, when everybody will be able
to get plenty of these bony fellows.
Spring salmon are not very plentiful vet. At least, not many are
being caught so far this season.
Born- At St. Joseph's hospital,
on Thursday, Feb. 25, to Mr, and
Mis, Wray, a daughter.
Mrs, Leo, Anderton i.s a patient
at St. Joseph's hospital.
Rev, F, Franklin-Watson's many
friends will be glad to see him
about again after a month's ilness.
Services at St Peter's church on
Sunday, Mattius and   Holy   Com-
Ford Runabout
Price $540
Prices on other Ford cars are :
Five Passenger Touring Car $590,
Two - Passenger Conpelet $850,
Five-Passenger Sedan $1150. All
cars fully equipped, including electric headlights. Prices F. O. B.
Ford, Ont. Buyers of all Ford
cars will slurp iu our profits if we
sell 30,000 cars between August 1,
1914 aud August r, 1915 All
Ford cars are on exhibition at the
minion at    11    1
ervice at 2 p, in.
An interesting     i-ketb
look place on Mondn ��� 1 .  1
1 merry dance follow
vas a double      a der, tl
earns being   :     Cuhibei  md
West   Cuini ei      I   hall
i'he first gauii  .v,i> between   West
. iiinberland  :      a team
it Ted Cliifr. Geo   Clin"      Hnrol
liaiit, R. Grant   and  P u
md resulted in .1 win for the   loci!
loys by 19 to 10     I'he    h    gam
.vitlt the Cumberland city team wa
. good   exhibi ion,   aithou
cure was altogether ti">     rg
0 3.    The team' were .is  tollov.
,'iiinox, (l. Thomas, _.��� Harding
f, Downey, E. (.rant, \V, R.ulfoi
'iiinberland,   ('.rant,   Bannerman
Vilson,  Cameron, another,   The
���cal hoys expect to take two teams
to Cumberland in the near future
in play the rertiin match.
Everybody "nose" what happen-
d lu one of   our   popular   young
ladies while playing basket ball.
There is a rumor that the C. P.
_. passenger boats are to be with
Irnwn from the Comox run in a
few months.
Mr. A. Graham, of Den nan Island, was a visitor in town on Tuesday afternoon.
The All Star basket ball team of
Vicona are expected to tour this
district again shortly. If they do,
just watch the All Blue Scrubs
take their measure.
Jerrv Kentura is wondering what
he will do with his hens, chickens,
md honey, now that the camps
are about to open.
Mrs. Richardson, of Vaucouve ,
is a guest at Mrs. Ray's.
Mr. Robb was not well enough
to come home last week, but is expected to arrive at the end of this
Coal oil 26c pur gallon or $1 per tin at
Courtenay Oil & Supply Co. Bring your
own tin,
J. *    *'f"iP^^T Canadian Fail       s-Morse En
��� v-"I_i___J 1 gmes ami r .11; iug Outfits
~ "  *������'���" Horseslu _in      mil  Boat   Irons
<��� tlacksmith a Specialty
/-. ��� r,    -, Try o ir lixce sior Hoof
Cc B. C. ���      Ointment
loue M\
A Work ���". ua:- mteeil
Bu |ies and Express Wagons
Rlas        ranleed and Sold at the lowest Possible Price
Blacksmith ai    jarring. Builder
Notice is hereby given that the annual
meeting o_ the above Association will
be held in the Agricultural Hall,
Courtenay, on Tuesday evening, the
9th of March, 1915, at 8 p.m. prompt
Business: Election of Officers, Etc.
In the Maker of William Albert Styles,
Deceased, and in the Matter of tho
Administration Act
TAKK NOTICK that by order of His
Honor Judge Hunter, iniule tlie
-1st day of December, A. I). 1914, I was
appointed administrator to all nitil singular the estate of William Albert Styles,
deceased; and all parties having claims
against the said I.state are hereby required to furnish same, properly verified
to me on or before the First dav of
.March 1915.
And all parties indebted to said Estate
ire required to pay the  amount of   tlieir !
indebtedness to me forthwith. {
WKSLKY W1I, .ARD,        j
Official Administrator.!
Dated this 29ht day of January A.D. 1915
Comox    Co-Operative   Society
Comox, B. C.
First-class   Accommodation.    Best
Quality Wines Liquors and Cigars
R.   McCuish, Prop.
Dealers ih all kinds of Meats,
Butter, Eggs and Farmer's
Produce, Cooked Meats a
Specialty We sell only the
best Prices are always low
and satisfactory. We ' pay
best prices for produce
Phone No. 2
Cook With
We are still offering our
Special Terms for Wiring
You incur no obligation
by asking as for information   aud   estimates
Courtenay Electric Light, Heat & Power Co., Ltd.
Phones: Office 35, Res. 65 Office: Mill Street
- .    .7* ���.      iu��� ry^-wE .scm^mm
PK_-����T.  "���***__?*���-_ THE COURTENAY REVIEW
The kind you ought to use and
when you ought to have it, that is
when you really need it. We have
contracted the habit of satisfying our
customers. Our work as a business
getter is of  the  highest  quality.
Coming Events
Board of Trade meetinc tonigl t
(jourt-iiuv Orchestra dance ill
K, oi P, hall tonight:
Annual meeting of Fair Associc-
tion next Tuesday evening.
The Scotch Concert and dance
in aid of the Belgian relief fund
next Thursday evening March n.
The Irish concert hv the Ladies
Aid Society on St. Patrick's day
March 17th, in the K. of P. hall.
Milk ���
The council met on Monday evening. Members all present. The
secretary of the Board of Trade
sent a letter setting out what had
been done iu the matter of getting
the city incorporated.
The chief Constable notified the
council that the city would be expected to provide their own policeman and lock-up in the future.
The provincial Secret.iiy notified
the council that Mr. _. Hicks-
Beach had been appointed Police
Magistrate, ami judge of small
debts court, with a salary of $25
per mouth, which the city will be
required to pay.
C. G. Callin offered  to sell the
city a typewriter for $30. also submitted a lease amended as requested
The lease was ordered signet
the letter laid over.
The Cofrtcnay Condensed
Co.  called   the   attention   of   the
council to the liad state of the road
near the wharf.   The road will be
O. II. Fechner made application
for a pool room license. It will be
granted on the usual terms.
The following accounts were
passed on to the Finance Cbnituittee
to pay if correct- Dept. Printing
and Stationery for Statutes etc, ��30
The Courtenay Herald J6.S4, Repairs to bridge .5.00, Repairs to
Mill St. $19.20, School requirements for Feb., $259.79.
Aid. Kirkwood called the attention of the council to the fact that
the teachers salary tor the night
school was $10 more lhat the council will be required to pay.
Aid. Crompton then asked leave
to introduce a paper setting forth
the maticis ihty ivished lo discuss
with the Electric Tight Co. This
bore all the ear marks of
been concocted liy lhe "solid four"
and various outsiders, and met
witli opposition from tlie Mayor.
Alter some discussion tlie matter
was forced ihrough the council,
A healed   discussion   arose over
Ihe qllestinll nl ri ; airing llle holes
iii the road on Mill street and the
Union Kay road, and the fixing of
Union street, 'Ihe Mayor said
that he would not put any motions
to spend money fo. building roads
until he knew where lhe money
was coniine from-   The discussion
got so warm Lhat the   Mayor  told :,l:lv ,    ,    ,     ,
au   ���_  t-    .,���   c     ���.   1 1     theni. aud who by the circumstances ri
Aid. Mckeiu.e to sit down   or   he l^   lrom tUe Whaye been deprived
would   have   him    ejecetd.    Ala. |of the 0pport,.nity of earning a living
Johnston said he did not think the
Mayor shotuld silence the  council.
A'd. Kirkwood said it was queer
Messrs.   Clinton, Baird,    Lock-
hard, Fleming, McLeod aud Chief
of  Po.ice   Stevenson,   visited  the!
City Council  on Monday evening. |
Thev, with  the Mayor and a number of prominent citizens were the i
guusts of  the Country   Club  after!
the session of the Council,   and
thoroughly enjoyed the hospitality
of this popular institution.
Patriotism and Production
continued front last week
questions as the correct soil, the
best way of preparing the ground,
the time to sow and the time to
cut. I
Dr, F. S. Tolmie, western reprc-'
sentative of tlie Dominion Livestock Commissioner, spoke of the
balauce of livestock iu tavor of lhe
Allies. He considered lhat the
war would bring enormous short-
wives (did fauiilie-i dependent upon [ ages, which would be Canada's op-
Good Morning!
We Are Introducing
American Silk
American ' aslnnere
American f'otton-_isle
They have stood tlie test. Give
real foot couifo-t. No seams to
rip, Never come loose or baggy,
The shape is knit���not pressed in.
OUARANTBEDfor fineness
style, superiority of materia and
w irltiii eiviip.    A.bmatey stun-
less.    Will wear 6 months without
hoes, or new ones free,
to every one sending $1.00 in currency ur u >sta note, to cover advertising and shipping charges, we
will send post-paid, with written
guarantee, backed by a five mil-
ion dollar company, either
3  Pain of onr  75c vilue
American Si k Hosiery,
or      4   Pairs ol  onr  SOc nine
American Cashmere Hosiery,
or     4  Pair* of onr  SOc nine
American Cotton-Lisle Hose,
or      6 Pairs of Children's Hosiery
Give tits coo . si/.'.*, an I whether
Ladies' or Gents' hosi .ry is desired
DON'T DI. ,AY���Offer  expires
IU.' 1   1  1 ���. 1.'   .1 ,' 11'    1 I 1.. ������ I i
The International Hosiery Co.
I'. O. Box 244
Haying regard to the   fact   that   this '
employment will he for  the benefit of ���
those more or less urgently in need of it
mill also to the fact that it is the  policy
ol  the committee lo   make   the   money
provide as much employment as possible.
Tin- wages to be paid will be 2.5 cents an I
hour.   Applicants (or work should regis- j
ter their name at the  office  of  Messes.
Hicks-Beach & Field, I -abel  Street,   on |
or before Saturday, March 6th. i
It is perhaps unnecessary to add that i
the committee have obtained tlieapprov-!
al of the Agricultural Society and the I
Landlord. I
It should also be unnecessary to point j
out the connection between this expmidi-1
for which
that wc sh -uld be called upon to
pay the salary o; a police magistrate when the man we recommended was turned down.
Aid. Crompton said he had
known for 5 mouths that Mr. Hicks
Beach was appointed, and wanted
to know if ttie government had
fined us .1000 for daring to ask fi r
a different police magistrate.
Bv-'aw no 2 was then given its
third reading.    The  council  went t��re and the PaWotic purpo
.;       ....       ,   ,   . I the committee was firmed.    Production
into committee of the whole to con-1 llt this time is as practical a form of
sider by la\y no. 4, and the Electric I patriotism as any, and any assistance
Aid.  Robertson' which can   be   given
__________ towards   objects
I having as their aim the stimulation of
production may fairly be considered within the scope of the committee's powers,
particularly when, as in the present case
Sitch assistance also helps tl ose who
I lack employment owing to conditions
| produced by tin- war.
1 am to take this Opportun ty of giving
I some explanations of  general  policy  of
j the Committee with regard    o  relief  in
a,->j. j respect to the money they bold in trust
. . ,' I They have held this for   the  benefit,   in
"'"���   tlie first place,   ol  dependents of  those
Ollli'" I who are serving at the front, aud secondly, of those who are in want of  the  necessities of life and  who  cannot  obtain
Government relief.
So lar as can be ascertained, there  do
not exist now any cases of   want aniout-
ing to starvation which are not being relieved, but there are a number of people
who are feeling very much the pinch  of
these bard times and who would   gladl)
ike work if they could  get  it.    In   tin
articles to be discussed with | course of a few weeks it is to be expected that there will be  some  employment
district, but meanwhile those who
Tight resolution
in the chair.
Aid. Leighton suggested that
Aid. Johnston was getting ready
for a new election. The chairman
May I ask who drew this by-law?
Aid. Johnston, Mr. Bodwell, K. C
a most eminent lawyer. Will you
read on sir, please ?
In answer   to    the    chairm
query if clause 4 was   lepal,
Crompton staled they wanted
thing to go by, except the Mayor's
recollection of  Ctimberlaiids  early
Council.    Aid.  Johnston  said   he
would bet any money he was worth
that it was  perfectly   legal;   as  it
had been drawn by a K. C.
The bylaw was then read   without more discussion.
The ____________
the I. ectric Light Co. went the
same way, Aid. Leighton remarking that it was no use trying to introduce ary sense into it, as it was
all cut and dried, and he was only
one against four.
The    cor.ni.il   adjourned    until
Tuesday evening,
tying'    ^l   l'le   ac_ourned   meeting on
'Tuesday evenirg it was decided to
expend $75 on Union street besides
fixing the holes in the other places
and Mr. Jos.    Fitzgerald   was appointed to have charge of the work
The  council   decided   to hire   a
typewriter for a tune.
A committee will also look into
the matter of securing Government
relief lor needy citizens if there are
I any _ committee was appointed
ito get m-sessiiieul roll ami oilier
forms needed.
Letter to The Editor
Comox, 3. C.
Best Meals North of Naniamo
Choicest Liquois and Cigars
C. A. Martin,  Prop.
The Courtenay Hotel
Every Convenience for Guests
The Central Hotel for Sportsmen
None but the BEST WINES and
LIQUORS at the Bar
in the i. _.,  	
would have been out of it through the
winter are feeling the pinch more severe
ly and it is to tide theni oyer this time
that the Committee provide the work referred to in this letter. As the winter is
now nearly over tbey do not feel they
are taking anv risk in spendiug a con
siderable portion of the money in their
With regard to the que.'tion of an
employment bureau, I am to .oiut oul
that tin lirst essential for success in this
direction is that there should be employ
ment. II there is no reasonable chance
of this, pi ople will not even register
Six mouths ago the coinniiltei advertised
1111 employment bureau in the hope tha;
though there was no employment ol the
usual character lo be bud. yet peopli
llllglll be able to create small jobs at low
i wages (1 rthe purpose of helping distress.
Al lhat lime, however, the need bad not
I made itself sufficiently felt for people In
tlo this, or (or those wanting work to be
i prepared to accept a lower rate of wages,
and accordingly there was no result.
, Now, however, that employment
(should naturally open up with the spring,
'the Committee invite those who car
I give it to communicate with them at tin
dice fas above] if they desire to be  '���������
poi .unity. For uistancr
to horses, he pointed out that the
life of a cavalry horse 111 time of
war was only about seven da\s,
and tlie life of an artillery horse
about one month. The Allies
were buying remounts on this continent, though Canada lias been
able to supply not more than 50 -
Dr. Tolmie was surprised that
sheep had not been more extensively bred iu Canada. There were
not more than 2,000,000 in the
whole countrv and a climate like
this was most ideal for them. Tlu
prospects for the hog market were
very good, as not more than sirch
per cent, of the nunfber sold iu
1014 were available this year.
Great attention should be given ti
theie feed, which should never contain trimmings of pork, for hog
cholera was given an opportunity
to spread in this manner. All new
hogs should be isolated.
The removal ot the duty by tlie
United States on cattle had opened
up large markets. While till���
would probably not result in large
sales of Canadian cattle in the State.-
it would have the effect of raising
prices paid to the producer through
the extra competition. The speakei
referred to the amount of produc.
imported iuto British Columbia
which amounted annually to mai.'\
millions of dollars. All this pro
duce might just'as well be raise
at home, The benefit to the farming community of these extra millions could easily be imagined.
Poultry men: said the speaker,
had not had a very rosy  time just
lately, with the low price for their
produce and the 1 i^h pnc.�� lor feed,
Nevertheless, he would advise them
to hang 011, study every  economy
aud cut out the culls.      _��� dairying
too, better business methods should
he practistd.    Economy in product
ion would  be largely  obtained if
dairymen grew as much  grain is
was possible for their livestock  111
stead of buying it,   It was wise to
keep a close record   of   the   catth
with regard to their yield of blitlei
aud milk,    This was done a  great
deal in the east and had resulted in
'arger \ ields.
Swan's Old Sfan _, Courtenay
I have removed my   shoe   shop  from
Willard's lllock to the shof- opposite the
government Telegraph   Office   where   I
will be pleased to meet all my customers
as  usual.
J.   E-  ASTON
Logger's  Shoes made to order.
In North and South, in East
and West,
Aston . Handmade Shoes will
stan ] the Test.
Willard's Harness Emporium
Fine Showing of  Horse   Blankets,   Lap
Rugs, Gloves, Trunks, Suit Cases,    .tc.
Harness Repaired Neatly
w. w. Willard
Cumberland and Courtenay
begs to announce that be has
repurchased his old barber
business from Mr. Smith and
will be pleased to meet all his
old customers at the old stand
Next to the   Opera   House
l_luor Review
Sir.��� I am  directed  by  the  Patriotic _           _     ^^^
Service Committee* to inform  you that | forniecl of those" who come from  having
they have decided to give $200 ill giving
employment to those who are in need in
this district. After considering wbat
objects would appeal generally to the inhabitants of the town and the district!
they have come to the conchisian that'
the Improvements of the Agricultural
Hall and grounds would be of benefit
to tbe district as a whole.
Now that there are   in   existence,   the
Creamery, the Condensory, and tbeT.i-e
Stock Association, they  think  that   tlie
natural corollary of these would be tacu
improvements    of     the      Agricultural
Society's premises as  may  make  theni
at the same time more of a credit lo the
town and  district and  more  general!)
iseful to the members  of  the  fanning
community ou whom the  prosperity of
die town and district so largely depends.
I am instructed to s��y that there  will
lie   employment   for    carpenters    snd
nainters as well as  laborers,   nml   tl in
r-ference will be given  to  those  win.
to support a family or other circumstance)
are ill more urgent need of it, and thev
invite those who need work to register
their names.
The Committee, for reasons that
brought it into exis_nce,!s in the rather
exceptional position of not being debarred from discrimniinating in its recommendations between those more or less
urgently in need of work. It is undei
no obligation, working as itdnes without
rcnuneratiou, to make recommendations
in order of application.
With regaril to the amount now to bi
expended, the committee venture to hope
that those who require work will take
this opportunity of assisting themselves
and of improving tlie town and district
in which thev live.
I am, Sir
Vour obedient servant
B. S. Fenn.
Hon. Sec. Patriotic Servi"e Committee.
Ccurtenay, P. C, Feb. 26, 1915.
Coal oil 2Sc per gallon or $1 per lin at
Courtenay Oil _ Supply Co. Bring you'
own tin.
Fifty Men Wanted for
the Mounted Rifles
Apply at Connaught
Barracks,  Nanaimo
has a fine new stock of
Fancy Dry Goods
Sutton _. Kirkwood
Undertakers and
Night or Day Calls Promptly
Phone 27
Coal oil 25c per gallon or, $1 per '.in at
Courtenay Oil _ Supply co. Bring your
own tin.


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