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The Review May 18, 1916

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Array ��
I Can not he done niiy Letter,  and :
I not quite bo  wt-11 anywhere  else j
i hereabouts,   Our tyno and tnaohin*- |
* ery is complete nml Tut1 Review j
t prloee .iru ri-jht |
Classified Ads.
Make   your little  Wants known
through it Classified Advertisement
I'll.mu 59
i   through m Class! fie
in The Uevlew   -
VOL. 4
NO. 26
Small house and outbuilding with 2
acres cleared land, about 1 1-2 miles
from Comox Wharf,  high  location,
open and extensive  view, a bargain
at $450.00
Particulars from
Real Estate Agents                             COURTENAY
Phone 43 Courtenay
Cook   by  Wire
Electricity provides the cleanest, the
most sanitary and the most hygenic
method of cooking
The Electric range closely parallels the wood or gas
range but excells either in flexibility of operation
With the Electric Range you cool-
under id eai conditions because
Each cooking unit can be switched to high, medium or simmering heat and kept there as
long as needed
It is the acme of cleanliness
Practically no heat escapes into the room
The air is not vitiated
There is no contamination of food
You save food values through the retention of the
essential salts and meat juices, on a six pound
roast the saving is nearly a pound
All the latest standards of range construction are
used, including high oven, thermometer or
glass door, porcelain splashers
The fire risk is lessened because there are no open
We will gladly give you information on rates and
electric ranges
Courtenay Electric Light, Heat & Power
Co., LimiteJ
Phones: Office 35, Res. R9S       Office: Mill Street
Victoria Day
The 102nd Batt, w'll hold a field
day :it the Goose Spit on Wednesday, May 24, The Battalion band
will be in attendance, Besides the
tisniil field sports of running, jumping, etc, there will be u baseball
match between the lo.nd and the
Courtenay teams. Free transportation bus been arranged from the
Comox wharf. Everybody welcome
Everybody come.
$6.00 Per Ton
Delivered in  Courtenay
All Orders Will Receive Prompt Attention
A Liberal ftnoker wns held at
Pojvel River last night,
Horn, at the Cumberland hospital
on Sunday May 6, to Mr. and Mrs.
John Baird a daughter.
Arrangements have been completed lor having the noted lecturer
Bengough lo give an entertainment iu the Agricultural hall on
Friday evening June 2.
At the court of Revision held at
Cumberland on Monday aud Tues
day the Liberal workers applied to
have a large number of names
struck off but were not very succes
The Courtenay Preparatorj
school commenced the summer term
on May ist. Puplis admitted al
any time. Apply Mrs. Halliday.
Piano   taught.
Welding-cast iron, aluminum,
brass, steel, etc,    Ford Garage.
45 horse power Overland car for
hire, day or night. Ford Garage,
phone 46R.
Look prosperous.    Fix up   your
shop front with an up lo-date sign
See Colin Campbell about it.
For sale at sacrifice price���1000
gallon tank. Fairbanks engine and
pump, almost new. Apply Box B,
Review office.
For Sale cheap���Child's go cart
in good condition, or will exchange
for small rocking chair with arms.
Apply Mrs. McDonald, on the
For Rent���Ranch on Deninan
Island. Good buildings, sea frontage, good orchard. Low rent to
suitable tenai I Apply Box C,
Rtview office.
Lost ���On the Upper Road,   May
4, between Gr'iitham and   Courte- I
nay, a 12 Amethyst ring.    Any information gladly  recieved.    Apply 1
at Review Office
If you can ride a bicycle and talk
, intelligently about a motor to drive
it, I can offer you a means ol mak- j
ni'. money.    Write Fred A. Caton '
'611 View St. Victoria, B. C.
For Sale��� One 6 h, p. Fairkanks
Morse Gas Kngine, one   3   k*   w. '
Dynamo switch board,   etc,   also j
pump and   belting,    Capacity   12
gallons    per   minute.   Apply   at
Riverside hotel,
For Sale���Hugh Besdnells ranch
of about 20 acres al Xob Hill, Co- j
mox. Or might be rented, with or
without 5 acre orchard, for 1 year
wilh option of purchase. Apply
Mr. Hicks Beach, Courtenay.
1 For Sale���Cyphers Incubator,
Leader churn, Universal breadmak-
er, sewing machine, fruit jars, roll-
to]) desk, White Wyandotte fowls,
Blick typewriter, reading lamps, 2
sets-bedroomware, some beds and
other furniture, books, sporting
rifle, kodak, complete enlarging
camera and outfit. Apply at Hugh
Beadnell's ranch, Comox.
Dr. Morrisson arrived home from
Alberni on Tuesnay evening.
Born, at the Comox hospital, to
Mr. and Mrs. I. H. Ellison a son,
Andrew McQuillan returned from
a two weeks' vacation on Thursday last, Mr. Gibbs, who was reviving him at the bank, left for
Vancouvei on Friday evening.
Miss Lowes Bubar celebrated her
6th birthday yesterday afternoon,
A large number of her schoolmates
and and lillle friends gathered together to have tea and cake with
The man who gels mad about
what tlie new.-paper says about him
should return '.hank* three times
a day and then some for what the
newspaper knew about him and
suppressed, If he knew that the editor knew wha' he knew about him,
he would quickly cool   off.
All ladies iu Uourtenay who wish
to help with the refreshments ou
M:iy 24th in connection with the
celebrations on the Spit aie invited
to send a cake or oilier eatables on
Tuesday the 23rd. either to Mrs.
Lavcock, Sandwic.c, or Mrs. Brock
Courtenay, who have been asked to
receive and forward all such gifts.
-��>. ��_.. r.
Anglican   Service
St. Andrews, .Sandwick, no a,
'i., Matins. St, John's, Courtenay
7.30 p. m , Evensong.
St. Mary's Grantham, Holy
Communion 9 30 a, mi.. Evensong
7.30 p. 111.
Presbyterian Church
St. Andrews'   Sandwick
Service 2 p.m.     Sunday   School
and Bible Class 3 p. 111.
Sunday School and  Bible Class
10:30 a. 111.    Evening service 7:30
p. m. All welcome
Rhode Island Red Eggs
per Setting of 15
75 cents
Bruce Towler, box 132, Courteuay
Comox Creamery
45c per lb. this week
Church Club
On Tuesday evening was held
the monthly social evening ill the
church club- Mrs. Campbell who
has charge of this department provided an excellent menu of entertainment and refreshment. Two
readings of legends of our province
by Mrs. Hutchison were greatly
enjoyed. One feature of the evening iu wliicli everyone engaged
with zeal was the drawing contest-
No prize was awarded owing to all
having attained about the same degree of excellence, Mr. Burnett's
design is deserving of special mention.
Next Tuesday evening is iu
charge of the literary committee
and an evening with Shakespear is
planned. As this is the tercentin-
ery of the poet's death much attention this year has been drawn
to his works and.their influence on
Britain's Imperial expansion from
the time of Queen Elizabeth to the
present. The general public i> invited to be present .to find what
can be learned from a review of the
life and achievements of this, the
world's greatest dramatist.
The Misses Alice Beaton and
Nellie Covert were visitors m Co .r-
tenay on Sunday. T ey came over
in Mr. Scaulon'.' launch.
X X v
<*���*%%_     ��e.
on Saturday
box 256 SHEPHERD'S ***,*��
Just now when fresh fruits are off
the market and unobtainable we are
offering the canned and dried commodity at the  following low prices:
Choice Okanagan Peaches 2 l-2s per
tin 20c
Choice Blackberries 10c per tin
Fancy Dried Peaches per 2 lbs. 25c.
Fresh Seedling Oranges 35c doz.
Try our Fresh Ground Coffee at 35c
l*^lm*tm*n*^*^t**ltt****t*S**Tt*^**M***\*J**^**gp^**t (THE   REVIEW.   COURTNEV.   B. C
Vanishes Forever   ;:
Vanishes Ft
Prompt f?eft>i''-"-P-rma��i'ril Cure
fa.il.  Purely vcget*.
���1,1:*    act suifly
tint y.'nlly on
thr- fivei,
Slop ,\lier
cuit ttidi
;*-f(i,ni   'improve tlie complexion -brighten
(lie eyei, Small Pill, A'-iia/l lh;e. inuall Price.
Genuine muitboe. Signature
S7 ^2__-*��**��
. After the  War Conferences
At the entl nt ih,. war we shall
1 cleniij need to have two great con*
I ferences, one a conference ot tin* bel*
, (illll,;   lilill    <*H tl II* 111    111,ill;    (III'   IllllIT   II
Iconference or iill ih,' powers, Includ*
��� ins: ih,. neutrals, to re-eslabllsli (he
law of nations on n sound basis, In
Hnd means [or upholding i1 In time
j of wur, ninl for ridding do' world of
Hie terror, of militarism even in llnio
j o[ pence bel ns always, in judging
, iii.- Aiiiei'lcnii people nnd llioir suites*
men, kei p our eyes on Dial llnul
: event, nnd so net Hint, whatoi er wc
1 or Ihey d w, we shall be nbln tn
work together, wbon the llm.' cotups
io Rnve llio world from n I'enewul of
i'ii'.  savagery,   Wesiniinntoi' Clnwlle.
Manitoba Woman
Sends Message
Mrs F. J. Garlis, Who Suffered With
Backaohe, Sayr, Tint the Results
She Got From Dodd's Kidney Pills
Wtre Wonderful.
Stewart  Valley, Susk.   iSpccluli,
Mrs. I1'. ,1. Garlis, wifo of un esllinnble
resident of this plnco, Is entliuslnstlc
in her praises of Dodd's Kidney Pills
"Dodd's Kidney Pills hitvc helpotl ine
wondei'Cully," Mrs. llni'lls says in un
Interview. "A ycui' ugo I wns so had
i my ha.'k I could hardly move, l
tool; four boxes of Dodd's Kidney rills
and i'ir\ helped me more than I nm
tell ,'ou.*"
Mrs, Garlis is now nblo to attend lo
hei- household duties us well ns nurse
i' line hi;; baby boy nml sh.. feels
thnl she cnnnol recommend Dodd's
Kidney Pills loo highly.
lluckiicho is Hie bane of i ho average
womun'.* lit'.1. It is accompanied by :i
weakness and lusbltnde Hint makes
life n hm.lea. Itni thousands of wo
men all over cnmnln nr.. telling their
suffering sisters lliul relief uml cure
is to lie found in I) .Id's Kidney I'ills.
'''Ley cure tii,* kidneys und nine tenths
of women _ ills come from diseased or
disordered kidneys.
New Trench Cannon
'I'ii,* llritish army hus given another
sad surprise lo its enemies,
it has Installed ami is already using
u mosi effective trench weapon which
is absolutely deadly io adversaries, nnd
being tuitoinatlcnllj aimed hy n perl-
scope nlliU'hnii'iit, exposes lliose using
ii i.. uo danger.
Hie*   ii reckless man rope enough '
nml   bu  will  pawn  il   for u drink
An Oil Without Alcohol.���Some oils
nnd main medicines have alcohol ns a
prominent Ingredient, A judicious
mingling of six essonllnl oils compose
die famous Ur. Thomas' lOeloctrlc Oil,
,n.I (hire is no alcohol in ii, so that its
effects are lusting. Thero Is no modi* :
I- lun I nil compounded  lhal  can eipuil
Dollars saved by Bovril
Bovril used in the Kit lien means dollars s.ivol in
tic Bank,
It makes nourishing hut dishes oul nt (.old loud
whu h would not otherwise be eaten, But see that
you get the real thing. If ii is not in the Bovril
bottle it is not Bovril.    Ami it must lie Bovril.
A Beauty Secret
No   Dream
Suddenly," said    lho i i  wiih a
Hus "'I In ns preventive and healing   tlirecs duyB' growth    of h -,i ami nu
power. out ot in lecittie, "i found myself   To have clear skin, bright eye8
tolling .1011,1)0(1 feel Into llic depths of
This Is ii  gootl  Huie P. look over  n bottomless pit."
nml  I'opuli'   nil    iiuichinory, harness,.    "Dreaming, 1 suppose."
nnd fi s.
Wise milliters who know lhe virtues
ni Mother Graves' Worm I'xtorniliinlor
always have ii al hand, because h
proves its value.
Crawford if you go lo wur you're
likoly In |���. killed.
Criilisliuw While if yon remain noil
ii*nl you'l probably be torpedoed,
and ;t healthy appearance, your
digestion must be i*ood  your
"No, Jusl   letllllg from under n cor      bOW-lS ,'111(1 liVlT kept  ilC11Ve
liierin wheat." | and regular. Assist nature-take
Minard's   Liniment   for  sale   every-
Some men are so cross grained in
ilielr disposition thai ii is nil ihey can
do io keep on good lernis wiih ihem
' selves.
Dlrtrtum. with I'trrv Rm of Spttlll Vilnc U W��_MB
bold eicrifwbii..   U brmi, I, ciata.
SI'.NU   ton    FRl'.i;   lioOKI.l'.T   COX-
TA1NINO    I'I  1,1,    I'.XH liei'l.AKS    OP
'.i u 'im. t'l'Mli.N i
The French woman who has received word of ber husband's safety in a
Gernuin prison cam'p, after welting 200
unproductive letters is a sir.my believer in perseverunce nnd one of those
who have profited by it,
"Mother Says We Couldn't
Run The Farm Without
T'S downright scandalous, Ihc number of ?0 pound tins I buy,
Put, 03 Mother say:;, we use It for 'most everything.
"Nothing elr.e tastes quite 80 good on all kinds of Hot
Bread. Johnny Cake and Griddle Cakea,
"!.'l ilber uses it lor all her cooking���(or Cookies, Cakes,
Gingerbread and Pits.
"And I am almost ashamed to mention the
quantity ol 'Crown Brand' and bread lhal my
youngsters consume.   This syrup certainly is
a favorite in my home".
 0 pour,' tin ts eonvcnlftnl nn<! economical fur lionn
use, altflOll.h you can (jet "Crown Brand" in '.'., 5 anJ 10
pound (ins,    Ask your dcaier.
Maim e/"/.ilv White" <-'��"' Syrup���Benson's Com
StarcM~-"Sttvei Gloss" Laundri Starch.
Na I u re's C tea tionfompanyl*��� u^man
|    ot Canada, Limited    j YOUR BLOOD
.lust now vou   nr,'   feeling "out of I
sorts"    not vour usual self,   Quite ex*
SELLING   AGENTS   WANTED hausteil   ul   times  and   cannot   devote!
In   every   town   iu Canada   to   sell   real energy to your work, .sleep does |
"Sterling clothes" t,, measure.   They   nol real you nml you wake up reeling
ar" absolutely guaranteed.   Write for   "nil tired out."   Perhaps rheumatism
particulars. 'is  Hying  through  vour  muscles and
holms, or may ho your skin is dlsflgur-1
535 College .tree*
ed by rashes, boils or pimples. Head
aches, Iwinges of neuralgia, Ills of ner*
 _       ���  votisness, Irritability of temper and a]
Couldn't Lend it to Her! disordered    Btomacli    often    Increase
A small boy wlio was sitting next   vour discomfort  in the spring.
to a very haughty lady iu u city street '    The cause- winter has left iis mark
cue. kepi sniffing in a must annoying ion you.   Theso (roubles are si.nns Hint
manner.    At last th" lady could bear   your blood  is  poor uml   winery, Hint,
ii mi longer, uml turned to lhe lad.    'vour nerves are exhausted. You intisl !
"Boy, have yon gol a hnndker* renew und enrich your blood nt once
chief.'" she demanded and restore tone to your tired nerves,
Tin* small  hoy  looked  nt  her  for or (here may in* n complete   break* .
a   few  seconds,  and  then,  iti   n   dig-   down.   The mosl powerful remedy for
Billed ion... came (lie answer: ihese spring ailments in men. women
"Ves, 1 have, hm I don't lend it to'ninl children is Mr. Williams' Pink'
stranger.." .Pills for Pule People, because these
 I'ills cleanse had blood and strengthen
WISE HOSTESS New, licit, red blood���your greatest
Won Her Guests to Postum I il In spring   is plentifully created |
  I by He  Williams' Pink  Pills, and with;
"Three greal  coffee drinkers    wore: this new, pure blood iu your veins you
my  old  school  friend    and  her  two (Illicitly   regain   health   and   Increase
daughters. ���'"'"'  strength.    Then  your skin  be*
"They were always complaining nnd conies clear,    your eyes bright, your
Inking medicine." tBoth tea and coffee nerves strong, and you feel better, eai
are Injurious lo man- persons, because better, sleep belter, uml are able to
they contain the   siihtle,    poisonous do your work.
drug, caffeine),   "1 determined to give Begin  your spring tonic treatment
them Postum  Instend of coffee when today for the blood and nerves wiih
they visited me, so without saying any- Dr.   Williams'  Pink  Pills   tlie    I'ills
thins 10 them aboul ii, I made a big that strengthen.
poi 1,1 Postum the lirsi morning, Theso Pills are sold by most dealers, i
"Before th" ai was half over, each hut do not be persuaded to take "someone passed up her cup to be refilled, re* Ihing Jusl  the  same."    If you can'l
marking how line llu. 'coffee' wns. Th,. get ti"' genuine I'ills from ..out' deal* I
mother asked for a duel mm nml In- era ihey will be Bent you by mall, posl
quired as to lhe brand of coffee I used polrt. ut 50 cents a hex or six boxes!
I didn't nnswer her question just then, for $2.50 by writing Tlie Dr. Williams'
for l ""..nl her say u while before that Medicine Co., lii-ockvlllo, Out.
she dldn'l lih" Postum unless it  was
more than half coffee "Father,  ,vhut is a veterinary Bur*
" Wler breakfast l told leu' that the    , ���
'coffee' she liked so wc I ul  breakfast " ������<),;,. ���. n, t>,. fellows al ihe pension
pure Postum, and th" reason she 0n|..��., ,,;., son, vol, examines tho vet-
liked it was because ii   wns properly jriins for pensions."
"' |M"' '"""", Urnn]"! 'J*' ''";." ^ ,1"1'-      A Pill That Proves Its Value.-Those
\�� ����� w,v\' ,    n.vl*ll,d' '" ;1 ""." '���""-  14 weak stomach will Bud sirength in,
dltlon ot physical health by leaving dVl   *   ,,.,..,  Vegetnb,0    Pm3|   ,...���. J
c0:!;"' V""'*    "V"'"'  ,,,,    'they servo to maintain lho healthful
'",." 'I""''/"     '';,!1 "' '",���" tl,e! nction of ih- stomach and lhe liver.'
world iron, coffee slavery   to Postum  ,n.egularltleg in .v���.cn are most  dis-
','",,!|,,,n' :l1"1  hlll'�� ea.r,ed. l,,e BnU'  tresslng.    Dyspeptics  aro    well    ae
""'" ��    ",".'"���"' ���Ti   '"'"';:      ^"T-qunin.od wilh   hem and value tl,",., ut
given by Canadian Postum Co., Wind   ,',���.,.  ���,,,,���,,. ���,���,.���,     .,..���,_  ,,.1Vl,  ,���,
*"!;   " . ,. "ordotl n lief when oilier preparations
Pos nm comes ,���   wo fo ns: ,.,,,,,���     d ,       ���,.,,���,,,,, ,���
Postum  Cerea     lie  original   form  a|in,ents of long standlug where other
must  be  well  boiled,    Ioc and  -be  m,,n|-lnPfl w,,,,. foluu1 onuvaili.m.
AGCOD lubricant in lhe wrong place is just as bad as a poor
lubricant. For every part of every machine there is one
tight lubricant���and it is worth money to you to find it. It means
less money spent for oil and a longer life for your machine.
The Imperial Oil Company makes a special oil exactly suited
to every part.
Recommended by leading builders for all types of internal combustion engines,
whether tractor or stationary, gasoline or kerosene. It keeps ils body at
high temperature, is practically free from carbon, and is absolutely uniform in quality. ,
An excellent nll-rouiid lubricant for exposed bearings of harvesters and other
farm machinery.    Stays on the bearings; will not gum or corrode.
The most effective and economical lubricant for steam engine cylinders;
proven'superior in praclieai competition witli other cylinder oils.
A high-grade, thick-bodied oil for lubricating the loose bearings of farm
machinery, sawmill.-, and factory shafting.
Keeps the cool bearing cool. Does not depend on heat or friction to cause
it to lubricate.
STEEL BARRELS -All on;- oils cm be obtained in 28-gallon and 45 gallon
steel barrels. These barrels save their cost hy eliminating leakage.    Vou use every drop you pay for.    Clean and convenient.
If your lubricating problem  gives  you trouble, lei us
help you.    Tell us thc machine, the make, the part������
and wc will gladly give you the benefit of our experience in selecting the proper lubricants.
Instant Postum���a soluble powder���i
dissolves tiulckl* In a cup of hot water,     ���'   '"
ami, with cream and sin;;ir, makes :,   hundred I ���       ���
delicious beveri  in_a,,iiu. 'in,. .,,, , '    Ami
;,!.��� tins.
Hut!, forms are 'finally delicious and  >:Ai 11,li"',is'
(*.-���: ahou lhe -in " per cup. ,        . , ,   , "	
"There's n llenson" for Postum.       !    M,nard B    *--n-mettt    Cures  Burns,
- soil by Grocers,    j ���"'c'
-* j     Sailor (who has Slipped nn u bunnmi
skin)���Torpedoed,  hv   gum
Tiie French have gained four!
(ires from tin' enemy.
, ,.,.,,. .... '- I'**"' splendid! That should
��� help t,, pui n stop io those dreadful ]
w. n. u. not THE   REVIEW.   COURTNEY,   B. ft
ENORMOUS CROP FIGURES SHOW   ' ,v"���Hel" ,,"es,i"n
L.isi Vear tlie  Province  Raised  Mine Cereals Than the  Total
Production of All Canada in 1900, According to the
Latest Government Figures
In H'Ofi tiie province of Snsknlche*, minerals,    malnl-    coal,    which    is
wan   produced   .10,(1)2,130   hiisliels  of large])  consumed  by settlers  it,  the
grain-   wheat,   oats,   barley,   und   Mux district   in   which   ll   Is  mined,     Even
- from un area under crop of 1,638,- manufacturing    has inadu a atari  In
281 acres,    Ten years late lhe suiiie ihc  province,    nml    now    dislrlliiile.s
province produced, according  t�� Ihc wages amounting  lo over $2,000,000
linrsi   Dominion  governnieni   injures, yearly and produces llnlshed products
Pay Liberal Wages and Provide Home
Mr, Win. li. Kbit, in ;i very Interest*
in., lolier io Hu- Breeder.'   Gazette,
lakes up lhe help t|UC8tloil for lho far*
iner und tolls liow Im Hunks ll call he
solved,   lie says;
"Before laying in; pen down I iiiiibI
make one remark lhal applies lo Ibis
S'orlh Ailiei-lcan continent, Wa ro
nuirc more farmers, more farm help,
iiiorc girls suitable I'or farmers' wives,
and more domestic help, if ihc farm*
ers of this continent will do ns Great
I It'll it i 11 bill done, provide married
men witn homes on farms, assist then*
io live cheaply hy git lip; ihem milk, I
potatoes, heel', pock, and onus III  rea* I Palace   Windows   Art   Broken   During
sellable prices, ihey will produce ram- Furious Rioting
II lea fro,,, which will conic hoys who      A  ,  ,      ,     ,      realrleU ill  Berlin
i'T .I!"",.!"..1"..���,.""!! _!l'l!���I1"' ',;''!  hoc lire has jusi reached Munehus*
1  ter,    Interviewed by n representative
The History of lhe War Shows That (Jreat Britain Must Create
A Second Navy to Rule the Winds as the First
One Dots the Waves
Slate of Life in Berlin
help  lhe   boys  make n   success.
the same crops to tin extent of 334,-  valued ut over S|.\ millions, shall then develop efficient, content* IT,',, T_iY_'"w_;I!."_,,_ .,'o,."Tin'o",'i���.
m'm h,,BllalH "'"" '"' "'���-' '"' '"''     riallwio    d io, ,���    has  .i-ronl*-!,,'^
"slightest conception of iho life of lhe
11(12,000 acres.   In mi' Saskatchewan [closely associated"''with'   ngrtciiliiirai! Hill  capacity   without   Improved  llv :'""'
man I'roni whal he WttB,    He looks Jusl
an old broken-down man. Ilia cheeks
are fallen, be Is deathly pule, und his
, hair Is quilt'
During one decade lhe crop pro at Ihc present iimc. With railway
��liii*iInn of Saskatchewan, of these dovolopnienl have come cities, towns,
four staples alone, Increased over land villages, siipporllug a Inrgo
(Illll per cent, while tile nnu lllltloi' pupuhil ion every one of whom Is
crop lo Hiesc cereals In.reused sonic , dlree,ly or Indirectly associated .vith
thing mer f,nu per cetil. And this iho agricultural llilcresl of Ihc
(overs only one branch of Suskiilclio | country, uml shares in lho gonci'til
Willi's [llI'll)Ills ope, ul ions.
When  reference is    made lo    th
greai  fertility of Western Canada it i    Remarkable   ns has been ihe pro-lsood,    eomforlablo  homo conditions. I .rilie oilier fr b   or, rather, repori
in  sonietlmes   i   bj   the  argiuiiont gross of Saskatchewan    during    tho  Then, besides, men should net rid of \ea to bo Lhera,    The reason I'or his
that   ns  ihc  hi,inn-'   becomes  older Nasi decado, [here Is every reason lo  the notion  of drifting  around  from  avoidance of Berlin will be quite oh*
ccssi'ully Hun requires skilled lielp by
ntteinpllng to place children ut lho
machines. There Is nothing for ihe
young mail of today thut offers a
Hrcaier  luducetneai   ihan agriculture, | ^  '^ ,', %''��" i * fr.-r "i..�� " 7,Vi ly'froiu
'���    '���""   "������������������� ���'<-   ���t��ek.    severe cold Is carefully kept lip, ll Is
I.ei  us suggest  iii Ihis connection generally known that the Kaiser Is suf
at.    lie
"    "'      "" ""    ��� '���   " ���  ���'      i    ,,,.>.,   ir. in ie   I'o" ..."     '    'i ,.nl nt om
Great Britain's absolute supremacy
of the sens is beyond question; and
iiie Biipei'lorlty nf the allies In men,
money and munitions is not to be
challenged, I.ord Noi thcllffe _i, lares
lhal iu his six visits i" the front he
lias always been struck bj ihe splendid health, excellent eqiilpmenl and
absolute confidence of the "Trench
soldier, lie was also Impressi il ij) the
Immensi number of men in ri set...
covorlng miles and miles of ground
and h> the quantities of luunttloas
I,'posited everywhere,    la    only oao
raised   ini.uiiu.uiin bushels    of Ihoso i development,   sieaiii   railway    lines i 'M.   We'cannot run ,, rami with ��� ;,!���,', ,���,.',���,, ,.',���,,
l'r!f ulirnnndu'lil'iunl:'"1'   """""'   '" ^"kOtchew UVU ito'ics r    out  sufficient  n-,,1 efficient   hel S   p8^nly a fo.'tnh.      go /'she said,
lion ol all ( iinailii lu 11)00, . l'.osl miles In nui.s ,,, mer n.OUO miles  more ihnn we can ri  factor-  sue t)|-, |^Hi8e,.,   n,. |H nu||0 ��� .n,*,',.,.,
Illll   llO WIC.     lie looks jl
en down man.    Ills choi
"' '' ull1!f, l,n1*!' "I"1 'I'" I deiiartmenl bus the barman "any p'rY-
c grey.   Alhciii.li the lie   ���,���������, ,,, 8llpel.iorlty.   The Prince ot
ie  Is  suffering  out*'  	
Is carefully kepi ,
 iowii thai the Kalse
prosperity duo   to llle agricultural de- hluil it  will pnj  well for the fariuer, rerlng ii-  cancer In the (lire
o  velopiuonl, Im KivB good men liberal wages und Low lives al l-otsd  when no
the fertility will greatly decrease, as ! believe ihai iiie province is now only
Iiiih  been   the  case  ill  so  many  oilier
countries,    it should lie remembered
thai    nm soil of WeBtorn Canada is
liol   lite  soil  of  |he  cilsl.     I'l'of.  HhllW,
one of tiie best known agronomists of
the I'nited Slates, (liter making ail ex-
on tho threshold of Ils prosperity.
The dlsadvaulnges of pioneer days,
wiih iheir luck of transportation,
telephone service, good roads, schools,
churches ami markets, have been
'trgely  swept    away,    years of ex*|
The Brown Moure
hnusilvo   siiniy   of  soil   qualities of perlmenlatlon,   both   by individual
Western Canada, said: corporations,   and governments, have
"One  aero of average  soil  in  lhe added enormously io the agricultural
Canadian  Wesl   is  worth  more  than knowledge of the country, and  now
in acres of average    soil along  the any Bottler with tin earnest desire to,              ���������
Atlantic  Beaboard,    The    man    who learn enn  quickly acquire the  tnfor-1 which   attempts to awaken the rpral 1 clally occurrence, tho peopl ipeclally
place to place. When ihey strike n vloua when I explain ihal lhe inobi
good mail they should stay by hint ns nllV8 broken almost eery window in
long na possible. the  Palace there."
There  were  sinister  rumors  as  to
what happened lo the crowd guilty of
this   ellll, ,,,il>   -Of   people   belllg   Shot
down  indiscriminately    bill    she hud
Dealing  With   Improved   Methods  ol   been unable to losi Iheir accuracy, as
Teaching in Rural Schools inov,  even regular German    residents
were    noi    allowed    free    course iu
The above caption is the ilile of n L|,e streets,
novel,    written    by    llerlieri    Quick |    ���'Rioting Is now," she continued, "of
tills the former can grow "u succes* niatlon necessary to success. Agri*
Blve crops will,out much diminution culture In Saskatchewan Is no long-
In lhe yields:    whereas,   the person  er  an  experiment.    Both   it allty
who tills the latter, In order lo grow and  quantity  lhe    products    of the
a single re Iterative crop, must  pay province are  now  big factors on  the
the vendor of fertilizers half us much markets, not only of Canada, but m
tor materials to fertilize an acre as | the world.    And'   all  this  has  been
would buy   an acre in the Canadian accomplished    with   11,000,000    acres
communities to the antiquated courses resenting the hoi thai thev are not
of study In lhe rural schools and lo Uliowcd now to purchase more lliuti a
point lhe way lo the kind of schools quarter of a pound oi butler or fill ul
thai should be provided for the hoys   0..ce,
and kIi'Is in the country, The hook "The Kaiser is now never cheered,
also sets forth the difficulties mer I wiieii he pusses through Berlin it Is
when a teacher or anyone else nl |M a dosed motor, preceded und follow*
tempts to change the courses of study |,..| |,., ol|,0). niuiors filled with soldiers
West." j under crop mil of i ul of 911,000,-  ��������� oUr e0 ry schools.   The presents- ���,������ officials armed to the teeth
Rut let us nol    try   lo   prove the  000 acres    In  the province, suitable "on of tl10 country school problem in      "g0  fnr ils  business  Is  concerned,
point by theories.   Mere are facts:      for agricultural purpose.-,. | the form of a story gives lo tills ��uh* J |3erlfn is a dead city. Almost all llu
In 1005 the wheat crop of Saskatchewan averaged .3.00 bushels, per aire.
In ihi", it averaged 28.64 bushels per
The oal erop of Saskatchewan in
1003 averaged 4..7n bushels per acre;
ln 1915, ,",:(.CT bushels pi r acre.
Barley, 1906, -T.I I bushels per acre;
1015,  30.83  bushels  I" c acre.
Flax, 1906, 15.71 bushels per acre;
1915, 13.00 bushels per ace.
li will be lioied that, except for
flax, 1916 shows n substantial iner, use
per acre over 1906, and litis notwithstanding Ihe facl iht.t the L906 crop
was one of the heaviest , ver reaped 111
li is not contended thai the permanent prosperity of Saskatchewan
Is to be buill upon grain raising, 'lhe
most fertile soil iu the world can be
exhausted if the process is continued
Ionp enough. But, as lias already been
said, grain raisin;,* covers only one
branch of Saskatchewan's fanning operations. Look at the live slock stat-
In 1900 tehre were 240,666 horses
it, Saskatchewan. Now there are 667,*
4*13. In Hie same period tile milch
cows 111 lhe province haw increased
from 122,618 to 348,540, and other
entile from 360,230 to 573,021. Sheep
have Increased from 112,290 to 192,-
014. and swine from 113,916 to 329,-
246. *
In    1907    mere were s
factories  and  creamer
Horse Sense
Ability to Manage a Primary Requirement   of  the   Successful
In Farmers' Bulletin 70*1 is an Interesting section entitled." "Horse
Sense," from which WO quote us follows:
"Without borso sense there's n poor
show for making a real money success of any kind. Without lhat faculty, otherwise called 'business ability.' industry, eapilal, credit, and even
a thorough knowledge of the mosl approved scientlc methods of agriculture, all Will be Of little avail. To
qualify as a business farmer a man
must be able to shape Iiis work and
change his plans "according to changing weather, shilling markets, and
up-and-down business conditions. He
iniisi be able to decide whether lie can
besl dispose of bis crop by feeding,
or by selling on Hie market. In sell-
in,!;' live stock or grain, the farmer
must know enough of the actual value of Ills product to know when the
local buyers arc offering him a fair
'It is not enough to grow   a good
the Power of the Air, which Is anuui-
"r mime for His Satanb Majesty, Is
getting too much of bis own ivaj In
what the Kaiser would probably
now call "his element." While the
wounds Inflicted bj the German alr-
criiii so far have been bj comparison
with the damage done generall) In.
the wnr, mere pln*pricks, they sag-
get,! an Infinite capacity for mlsi blef
when weather conditions are favor-
able, and unless more vigorous action
Is tuken to challenge 'her aerial -<-���
premacy, That the Brltlal governnieni and people me nol blind to tl
situation we know ami much Is bi
done to heat the Hun upon his o��a
ground, If wo may so call ti,,- c;r.
amhleiit air. But we have to "g�� i
move on" and posslblj the pin pricks
which arc intensely irritating to
Hriiish body and soul, may tend to
accelerate our movemi nl Th ��� Teutons arc not hni Ing It all their
way in the clouds by an) means Italia troplanes  killed  , g_t        I   ���'
Austrian soldiers   In barra, h - al   ,a
hu 'li    on     February     |9th   and   that
makes tip for the killing of many English cli lliuits,   men, women and children,  h\   aerman  Zeppelins.
The    whole    hlstorj    of the    war
shows   the potentiality of   aircraft
warfare and  the lc:*..'i  Is    that  'er
Ureal Britain the coi ft      Hi   t
ns Important    as the . ontrol
sen.    It means nothing less than the
creation of a second  H ritl ll   nar   -
Groat  Br I i n ca in l   i
ril to he.   and dare not be,      error
lo any oilier countrj in aerta   ��� ��� "*���������
Our thanks  reall-   ar ��� due    t      t  -
Kaiser for er ing us a va    ���
son and nrbblng   it well in.   We must
jed a different Interpretation nnd we  wholesale  houses    are    permanently
trust it  will arouse sufficient Interest  closed.   The others ily open iwo
In those guarding the destinies of lhe days per week, and musl gel n .per
country schools to lead them to pro n,|, before ihey sell any goods, and
vide more suitable courses of study, > ,\u, officials sec thai nothing is n'dow-
We have long realized Hun the ed to go oul likch to be of service to
country schools are not, on the whole, Ihem, The price of everything ban
serving their districts with the great*  gone up terribly," slm continued, ,    .,,,,..
est efficiency,   The courses offered by     One of tho most significant changes   ,
many of these institution:-  ure obso   she had noticed wns In relation In tlie
hie and  should  be  revised  to  meet j munition  works,  which  formerly  run
the  requirements of  the  ideals andIdoy and night,- but now only worked Ir
standards     of    lhe  presenl   century,  regularly.   Employees questioned us *o
There is no good reason why so many : the cause of this wen iilmoiis thai   M'''' regard"..-*cost of
ot the country schools should h,, as  there was ti snortage o  material ___. ,|s .,    ,   one _, ... ,   .,
muni as an oyster upon the subject oft    'This,   she remarked,   Is beginning  t|]e present war    It is rat        ,   ler
agriculture.   So far as they are con* to toll oh tho people, who are becoming  manan| investment and one tl it ;v:
cerned, you might think there Is no  more and  moro depressed    as  time   |nvolve   permanent   expenditure   for
sueb  occupation    ns    farming,    Wo  passes.    In Berlin the people openly  construction and maintenance    Tn th-
would  not  belittle  the fundamentals  clamor for peace. I have heard theory  ���resenl  Btnge   of   aerial    navlgatton
in our educational syslem. but these  frequently In the city, 'For Clod's sake   .|im..iri ot .,,( kjll(!s _..������ ,en() .    . :
would not be impaired In the leas! by   give  us  peace nl  any  cos'.'    People  (.,)1]K, ���(,.,���!,,,,, j,, ,.w.., ....
Incorporating  in  the courses of the allowed to enter Berlin from other ills*  do (he bntileshlps    The Zeppi
country schools a few subjects per-  I rids sny the same thing is observable  aeroplane may   be as good the  '���
tabling lo agriculture.   If done In Hie  elsewhere. is ,������ !mo tlle scrap he.p as ,  ,. ;,1V
right way, the agricultural    subjects      Reports   of rioting in hngland are   ,, n.as |,ui|U jllg| as m       . fip    A1:
would aid materially In teaching tho | circulated from lime to time,    Such   ^;,,-}J bas had to lie put on        ��� re-
fundamentals, as every boy and sic!
In the country bus a knowledge of the
things of the farm which can be readily used for illustrations ami examples.
.Mr.  Quick  points  out   the  injustice
done the boys and Kirls of the rural
were the reports circulated, that when t|-e(1 ]isl ���-mpiv because   som
she reached this comitr*    she    was better has been'tievised.   It is Just the
amazed.    She   expected   to   find   the Bamo    ,.���,*.    al]    klndg  ,,- |ndtI3trta
towns in ruins ami the people either pialUs.   Machines are thrown out  not
staiwed of enslaved. because  they have  Ins*  an        .     '
���The great mass of the pe "now.' their original    efflclem   .    bul    the
added  the lady,    despair ol  beating canuol  compete    with    machines    of
...ehools by not having their courses of pngland, ami tho Boldlers who are sent |atel. invention    and    Impri
crop, or even to grow a good crop ut   study better adapted to their needs. , u'''""u'rl te" the mosl harrowing por Greal  Britain the best nnd
seven cheese ,a iow Cost.   To make tin, big crop a | We share in ihis opinion nnd hope lhe 8torlf>3 of shortage of munitions uml up-to-date of    aerial    war-, rat
es In   Saskat-  business success, it musl be disposed  time is not far distant when those who f always be just good enougl   md
too good.   The   discarded   machines
  ,,,,n,in .-,.-, ._��._.oo, o  ,,,,,.*.   ,,.   ii<.*|.u.-v.,, ui.ie i> mo im uis'uui w iien i nose v, no
shewan.  Ihey produced 16,000 pounds ���,��� I1S efficiently as il is grown���must are in direct chnrge of the   country
of cbecse  worth    $1,950 and   132,803 _e B0 graded and packed as lo meet schools will see their dutv and theii The FcOIlOhlV of G'iod Roatl*i 'miv "ad new Bpheres ,������'   usefulness
pounds  of  butler  worth  $36,699.   Re- market standards, and so marketed as have ihc courage to do it _ ' In the paths of peace.   II will be pa�� -
turns for 1915 have not yet nil been re- l0 i���inK the fanner ihe bighesl cur- ��� ��,.,, Li'** .nul Eoenv Pet Into Com- !"g sirnnge if tin   Imm nse poa "���'���
corded, but the 23 creameries which ,.ent pl.loeB-" ..     ��,._,. ���..!!    t-..     ���   -  '"    n ., ties   In the way of aerial navigation
I!:':::,/To":*,. &���*    "AW      in other words,  managerial ability
pounds of butter valued at $1,069,443
primary requirement of lhe sue
They produced Ice ������'-'���'��;><���������, ''���"���"���"-  cessful fanner.   As a nil", ihe farmer
milk  io  a   value    o!    $379.1n3 -more
null   w  a   mo., e    oi    .**.���..,;,., -more      .      , praciie.,1 and elVir
han in times the total value ol theIr  ,.���, i(|-., of h      ,��� )rodu     ���
intter   production   only elgh   ye n T,,rou ��� ,,, ���,,,;,   ,,,      :lll;:
IgO.     .Moreover,  thev   have   establish-'   , .,,,   ,     ', '   ..   ,
observation  he  ha.",  acquired  a   very
reunify   Through   Good   Roads
ri���l  n..-. Ig Hon
demonstrated by the wur do no* rein  ;,  certain    community the  peo-  suit in n great utilization of dlrig   lea
Scientific   industrial  Organization   is  '''    "el'e certain t1,:,, they could nol   and   aeroplanes   for conimi    lal pur
Needed bv Britain afford good ro.uis. Through  mistaken   po i.   They are not like'- to   ot
'   "" ideas    of    economy    ihey   dragged   serlouslj with llu r llv t; land
throng    feh mini more than bnlf Hi    ships for the heavj fn Igh	
year.   The   effect   of   i . ��� bad i ad   , pei ...! I ��� '��� ���    of   iscfulness ca
We Need StiencL1
Lack of adequate scienlKI ���  i quip-
ment.   coupled   with   lack     of   en, ���;
ed    a  reputation    tor  Saskatchewan  considerable store   of knowledge re- Prlse    nnu  adaptability,    have  been wur   tllsartmu      Voun;     people   of lalnli bi  found for tl
butler on the market, which has ''*���* gardiuu ti)e best methods of cronnlng al*-*nsl   liH' s,llt' causes  In  the  past spirit   nnd  enterprise    lefl   the  ���   in- by, In Montreal Star,
suited in a demand that Is practically  _n(]  u;(.lUul.    ���|Hrketlng rather tlian "r  ''"'  failure    ..'acre   it   has   fallen munlty, going   io   cities or to other
Inexhaustible,    in    1915  52  -"���"'lo***Is | production Is ills perplexing problem '"'  British    commerce  and   British slates  to make their homes.    So  nl                 No Halfway House
_��"_'.".7i ,.    ,.".'���,       i.i-.   ,   '..,    > ,i,   ' pri'iiiniioii is ins perplexing promem
o   hutlei    we.e    slipped out  oi   ,1    , ���   , requisite, hots,
iron.ice. ami the Industry Is just In I.... ._ buI,_^M _WIJ|^    ,_ joj|i(,(|
its iniancy. ,���  with  the  results  of observation  and
ritese    figures    nre    siifflelenl    to , |t ���.,.,        b      ,   d
prove   ibnt   Saskatchewan s  prosper* y
Ily   is   ll   vei'v   real   fact,   nnd   that   it I
is pari nnd puree] of the agricultural I British Soldiers Love the Water
developnieni of the province, ii Is I At a meeting of Lhe members of
true ihal Saskatchewan has other the Institute of Sanitary Engineers
Industries which have contributed lo In England, Ueutennnl It. li. ihb-
the genoral prosperliy, bul it will be blethwalte, In an address on "Sanl-
found ihai ihey are closely related t:uy Work nt the Front with the
tn agriculture, ami the success of Expeditionary Force." said In no
tlle farmer    has made their success i previous   wur  had  lhe    sanitary  or-
industry     In    the      struggle    with life    was    well ilgh    Impossible    be*      This  wnr n    t be ei
foreign  rivals.  No Instructi l  person cause rarn     liomes    were llnki 1 to* triumph or       comi
will say  ihai   the t'aiiii   has  lain en- getlier on!}   by   hideous    depths    of tl , CJernii
tlrely    with    lho    British    merchant clinging wiry   clay.   The    roads   so is  Included  lln   Kais      ai .  a    i  sl
and    the    British  manufacturer.    II affected those   who   lived    b-   ihem counis  In  thi   civil  governm
has  not,    The governmi in    can and and  travelled  them  lhal    the  whole' Germany.      Then     Is    tto       ,:   ,,
ought   to  do  much   more  than    has community look on a tin-.'    of sad- bouse tor tin  Derail i  carmakers
been    dene  111  lhe pas;   io maintain ncss    ami  depression.    Then    there poaci  without plunder, a pea ���
and   push   llritish    Industries.    The cami   u  man    who    bad lived    in ti compelled Ihem to rjturn to th     l I  -
banks    can do much.    The  linkers'* iv,:J"!   of good roads, n man of fnltb quo and lefl i  ...   lo pai  evet
lies can do much,   And nil of them and enthusiasm,   lie began with the own shnn  i    thi   hill   and lo I   pose
working    iu   conjunction   on   a   con* road drag to smo th up nnd let  tin the   ��200,00  000    of    new  tas
sldered and   carefully    Hiought    out water ofl  a stretch of toad.    As    li which would be necessarj foi thi ip r
plan   ran   iin   Infinitely    more  than gol    better It   dragged ii renin,    li. pose, would discredit them hope
possible    while  ut    the  r.une  time  ganlzallon been  on such    a colossal Uny of them nlone.   One of the main ' kepi   nl   ll  enthusiastically    until  In lv, and lead inevitably to their down*
they havo contributed to the farmer's  scale, or with a sanitary section at-  lessons  of  the  war  will   have  bsen ! his  lighl   Imggy  he could .no swiftlv rail.    Whatever words they mny use
prosperity  1      enlarging   his    home  inched to each unit. ] missed if it  Is nol  realized thnl lhe and    easllj    lo   the village for   the about It. thc Oerman people know  in
Get many
has been due lirst nnd foremost,
nol to her traffic, not to her cheap
labor, but to her scientific Industrial organization,   it    can   onlj  be
market or providing his necessities. In France Hie canals were great I commercial triumph
For Instance, the province ban an places for bathing, and it wns no
annual lumber cut of approximately uncommon sluht to sc hundreds of
250,000,000 feel. This output affords soldiers In the water at one lime,
a valuable local source of supply lo ll was also common to see notices
the farmer, while ai the same lime | stating that u particular stretch of
Ihe men and teams engaged In the water belonged to ti certain unit, and
Industry consume his flour, oats, elaborate diving hoards attached to
butler, eggs, milk, vegetables, meat,-the sides or rafts tied to the banks.
and bay. The province's fisheries and even goalposts and nets lor
represent an income   of $160,000   a water polo,
year, and of course il is Impossible One scarcely ever saw a civilian
to record lish taken by farmers from In tho water, litil there were usually
couiiiless lakes and streams for their a considerable number on the hanks,
own use. ; looking    oil  with  amazement  and  an
Saskatchewan    has  a   yearly    pro-j expression which    almost said,   "'I'he
diictiou of about $800,000    worth    of  mad English."
mall.   Men   were Incredulous;    ihey their hearts lhat this was an aggt ,-���
.aid. "Walt until we really have had slve war undertaken for the object of
road-."   They waited; the man drag* enlarging the  territory  and   Increas-
ged again:    his road  kept  haul and Ing   the   power  of  lueir  state;   and
dry, like n  racetrack.    Tlnn  others If It turned ( .; In the end that thej
defeated  In  ihe long run  hj   an or-  believed,    Dragging began In earnest   had   hen  thrown  luck    into    their
ganlzallon     equnlly    complete    and
scientific.' -London  Dally  News.
Wife���Vou know, Henry, I speak as
I think.
Huh���Ves. my love;  only oflener.���
Topeka Journal,
Every iniin must put on tie boxing
film is with fate, whether he likes a
scrap or not.
In that township, a little calctiln* own territory ami bad succeeded
Hon revealed Hint a dollar's worth merely In defending themselves at
of horse energy spent In draggln? Immense cost ami sacrifice, Iheir
learns dial must draw loaded w,e���- nnger with their present leaders
eons over those loads The whole would be unbounded.���-Westminster
region Inblhed new hope. This year Gazette.
a stone road  will  bisect  the  town*
ship iu om dire: Hon ami elsewhere "Halfway I was picked up hj a flno
dragging is being religiously dun hnd, The d essing station was full
Thus bas new life and energy been I up. so the) telephoned to the head-
put Into a wiioh community, quarters for a stretcher ami bearers." THE COURTENAY REVIEW
The Courtenay Review
Ami Comox Valley Advocate
A   Weelcy   Newspaper,    l'uhislieil   at
Courtenay, B, ���'.
N. II. Bodhn, Keillor nnd Proprietor
inbBCrlption 11.1)0 per Vear in Advance
THURSDAY, MAY is, I'll',
What is wrong Willi the ladies?
Here ate important proposals be
fore the people, women's siilTernge,
prohibition and   oil cr grave   mat
tets, and tlie women tire   COIISpictl
ot a by   th*ir   .ileiuc,    Also,  food
pries tne being ml liculh   inflated,
and the ladies have Uu ii   meetings
end pow*wows, and nolliiiig   hap
pen i,   S'.icli iinlilli rencc   will, we
tear, militate agaii st  women's snf
fernge when the day t i    the refei
nudum   arrives,   on the   grounds
Hint ihe vole will be ol no  use   lo
the large majority of women,   Pei
haps the ladies will enlighten us on
this matter,
The strong efforts bting made lo
tilion as the date for holding the
Court of Revision The following
aldermen besides the Mayor, Aid,
Aston, Kerton, Hurford and McKenzie constitute the court,
An informal discussion ihen arose
relative to steps U be taken to have
tlle soldiers come to Courtenay, ns
Colonel Warden had reported that
the water supply had been condemned and thev would have to move
in a hurry, aud either Com lenay or
Qualiciini would be chosen,
A committee was appointed to
wiiit on Col. Warden ou his return
from Qiialictnn.
The Mavor and Aldermen decided to contribute personally to the
Comox sports; there being some
conscientious objection to taking
funds from tlie  citj 's  coffers   for
this pill pose.
At iiie request of Fx Aid. [ohn-
ston nnd " ti large number of oilier
citizens" we publish the following
article. We do not sec anything
objectionable or otherwise in it and
publish it without prejudice.���Ed,
secure compeusatiou for the license mivu/ CONTRACT
holders   would   seem    to    indicate   ' I'Ol"    I H'lITlW
that the liquor  interests are under
no delusions ns to the result of tin- City Enters Into  New   Agreement
plebiscite to he shortly taken on !
prohibition. We think that it is|
mosl unlikely tli.it. anv   compensa
tor Arc aud Ornamental Standards for 33 mouths
Intimation was forthcoming on Thins
tion will be awarded, und therefore day alter nut a special meeting of the
it is for the hotels to look for other j civic fire nnd p dice committee thai e
sources of revenue.     In   tlle   past,   |fv^m}',leBlerf"18 ""f1'.1   ^ given by the
,    ,       ,   , ,���    , ,    , ���'���*-. ��������� '-*��� tor electric lijtiiinie, lot do*
the hotels having n profitable busi. |meslicnnd commercial purposes, Aider-
ness in selling liquor, have neglect-, man Mahun, chahmnu, stilting llinl the
ed catering to visitors and   tourists,. company's efforts bad tllis   question un
der consideration,
The meeting was held   specifically for
and in   more   than   one   case   the
, , , . ,. ,. me meeting wns neiil spectlioaily lor
rooms tu an hotel have been found (he purpose ol considerirg a new agree-
to be Ullflimislied and unfitted for ment between the city and tiie company
the reception ot guests. The ho- hi the matter oi arc aid orniiiiieutal
tels have : got the opportunity to sir et lighting, the presenl contract ef-
, , .. i (ected 10 years ago, expiring ou the 4lh
take steps to attract a paying   class j..lle,
of business, und one, moreover ' Alderman Rlabon said the city clcelri-
which will benefit the whole com- clan and lie had several interviews with
nillllity. | Messrs. Kidd and Porter,   and   he   felt
J i|inte frankly lliul   thej had   obtained a
-���.��*������- vel._  g00t|   agreement.    He   suggested
thai the contract should expire at the
same time as the company's street railway franchise, that was, on the 9th of
February 1919,
A petition largely signed by property
owners, called attention to the hiLjli
charges for domestic consumption us
compared with other cities and suggest-
that tlle charges should be trout 3 to 31-2
, cents lor  business   and   6 to 6 1-2 cents
Alter lhe reading aud adoption (or residential premises per kllowat hour
of the minutes of the previous meet- but tlie chairman said the city council
ing n letter trout O. j. Har.lv was had no control over domestic and corn-
read Offering to illSltre the City ball lUfrcial rales, although it would render
* " , , iill possible assistance in an  endeavor to
for $1.55 per $100   lor one   > ear Ol" oWuill . reduction.    If the citizens   bad
*",* jo for three years.     It   was  de- the same  rites for  domestic  and coincided 10 place $*;oo on building and  mercial purposes as the city  had lor the ,
counts in Royal lusi^^
Council Meeting
The City Council held their regular fortnightly meeting iu the new
city hall ou Monday evening.
Present, the Mayor, Aid. Anderton, Aston, McKenxie und Kerton.
Ladies   Dept.
A fine assortment of sunshades in all the
leading shades and stripe clfecta  from 1
to 3.50
Wash skirts iu   rep,   pique   and   white
drill Irom 1,25
Satin Underskirts in attractive shades in
good quality satin from 1,75
Waists.    These ure   verj-   attractive and
come in voiles  beautifully embroidered
and iu [alley stripe silks
Silk Gloves, elbow   length, ol  very fine
quality iu nil the lending shades Iroin 75c
.Millinery In up-to dnle styles nl popular
Pine summer underwear, pumps and
strap slippers, tunic*, nnd vacation shoes
Hosiery, Super combed sill, lustre hose
lull fashioned nml ol high  grade quality
Children's   Dept.
Wash dresses for girls ill    sitluit novelty
Middy   waists   foi   eiiis with   skirts to
Wash huts for boys and git Is
Roys wash suits und straw huts
fine strap slippers.    Hoys and   girls patent hoots and   simp   slipper,,,   barefoot
sandals and vacation rubber shoes
Misses sunshades iu   pretty nlld   novelty
pallet us
Mens   Dept.
Neckwear,   made ol finest   silk in a big
variety of good colors nml designs
Whit   drill ami   tennis   punts   with bell
loops, siile strips nml cliff bottoms, good
wearing quality, 3.50
Tennis and vacation shoes
Outing shirts.    Excellent qunlity cloths,
neat fancy stripes,   silk striped  and sell
figured; also the new countrj' club   shirl I
with wide open neck
Straw ami fell huts in all   styles; also a
fine range of cups
Shoes.    Invictus "the best  good  shoe'':
in patent, tan, vici kid,    eiiiiiuet.il, etc.,
ill lace and button  with I,lack   anil grey j
Silk Hose.    They coiue'in ox blood, tail,
steel grey and black, 75c pair
A good assortment of summer under-1
wear to choose from in elbow* and knee '
kit [th, also 111   long   sleeves   and ullkle
The bonding co wrote lc renewal
of city treasurer's bond,
11. I). Forde, classifying lots $35.00
P. I,. Aiidertou, expenses lo
R. I'. Hurford, expenses to
J. Thomson,  rep. bridge
Under the new agreement tlltro-tuiigs-
ten lamps must be used, and and none
must be allowed to remain ill operation
after its enn,lie power has declined below Sit per cent, of the initial power,
this standard to be measured at a point
50 horizontal feet from the lamp.
11 a lamp is extinguished   for a period
of IJ, consecutive minutes  there will be
no pay allowed for   that   lamp for    that
night,   except   when   extinguished   by
building city hall 373.00 causes beyond  the  control of   the coin-
extras     26-95 Pan,
"9. **5
Lumber for culverts, etc,... 36,16
Light Co   36.16
VV. (i. Robertson
Clarke & Stewart
Telephones  7.50
C. II. Tarbeli  20.35
Aid, McKenzie   objected to Aid
II the  company   foils   to   furnish   or
maintain the Unlit for fifteen consecutive
nights the city council may by resolution
���".85   make other   arrangements   and   thc cx-
13.90  pense of the emergency   lighting   must
he home  by   tiie  company,    Abnormal
causes   will he   a saving   clause   ill this
connect) ui as on the former ease.
The company   must   maintain an etli-
Audertou   and   Hurford   charging'cient system of patrol lor inspection pur-
ior their time while on   their jaunt  Poses and lamps burning below standard
..... ,    ..  , .  must he prompt) put 111 order or replac-
to   Vicfrin,   and   these   accounts rf _t __��. ..^ ^(, lamps
were laid over    until   there   was a There must be no cutting off or inter-
full attendance.    The   balance    of ference with shade trees until notice hus
lhe accounts were passed on to the ''ecu given to the city   engineer  or cor-
r                       ,,,     ,'     ;,���     ,���,���,��� 1 poration in writing   and then   the work
finance committee lo pay il    found ]|msl he i|oiK. ,,��� e*>_perU ���t Ule expe_.e
correct. of the company under   the direction  oi
Monday, May   29,    was   decided city engineer.   The corporation reserves
Card of Thanks
Mr. J. Blackburn and sou Austin desire to express their heartfelt thanks for
the sympathy nnd kindness they have
received in their sad bereavement.
Esquimalt   &   Nanaimo   Railway
Through Passenger Trains leave Courtenay 11:35 on Monday, Wednesday and
Friday for Victoria and  Way  Stations
RETURNING���Arrives at Courtenay at
16:10, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
Steamship tickets on all lines to all parts
of the world.  For particulars etc., address
Dill, P��*>ei]{er A|fcnl, Victoria
Agent Courtenay, Phone R 60
to itself the rigbt to have all wires placed underground and to have lumps sus-
pciulc'I from ncal iron pole, which meet
the approval of llle board of works.
It was argued thut it would be impossible to have all wires placed under
ground in a year and there was a clause ]
iu the new contract that the company
should place wires underground within
ten years of receiving notice In writing
from the corporation.
Another clause provided that there
should he nothing in the contract to
prevent tlle city from establishing and
using its own* electric light plant and
system, and this contract could be annulled at one year's notice.
In future the charges will be $38 a
year for II 600 c. p. lamp. $35 for a 4(10
c. p. lump and s.i.' for a 250 c. p. lamp,
the former charge being $38 for a ���ISO c.
p. lamp.
On the ornamental standard lighting
the charge would be le a kilewat hour.
Anxious to keep all ornamental lights
burning, General Manager Kidd offered
to Hive a discount of 25 per cent, for a
period of one year.
Changes in lamps had, it was pointed
out, resulted ill a great saving in consumption and therefore ill cost.
The city will have power, ill cases
where lamps are less than' 95 feet, to
take out standards aud equalize the distance between the others.
Mr. G. Porter, chief electrical engineer, stated emphatically, ill answer to the
chairman, thnl the company could not
grant n 1 l-2c rule. The city solictor
was instructed to draft the agreement,
Banister and  Solicitor,   Notary
Phone 53 Courtenay
are the Acme of Perfection
For many years the chief Fundamental in producing KOYA1.
STANDARD products has been PERFECTION. Theaim hasalways
been to produce products always superior to uny othet on the market.
Tins policy litis always been carried out and always will. Whenever
von see the name ROYAL STANDARD be assured that it incurs the
Order a Sack of ROYAL
ROYAL.  STANDARD  FLOUR has long been recognized ns the
best bread Hour sold in Western Canada.    It is milled from the finest
wheat     RiOWIl    nnd    sold    under    it    strict
' money back" guarantee.
Royal  Standard  Grain  Products  Agency
Phono 33 F, Movil7,  "V. Km! oi Bridge
is itnol
ii i ,,! lhe billions Uo
v vi. Stan ha un
s     Thoiisiiu
Isol   pi
iilii much  hnva
found i
lint no oilier
Chick 1
 1 is e
ptnl to
0   Ibis
ion, too, il \
ui try it
Prohibition and
Agricultural Production
The farmer and fruit growers of
British Columbia will be cutting their
own throats if they vote for Prohibition.
Whisky is [doomed, but what we need
and must have is light beer, sparkling
cider and wines. There is no better
country the world over than B. C. to
produce the barley, hops, apples and
grapes for the fermentation of these
beverages. I happen to know that the
very best Three Star Cider made in
England, sparkling and equal to Champagne, is noted because of a blend of
Canadian apples with the English grown,
one in particular, the Baldwin, thousands of boxes being purchased through
the Liverpool merchants.
Courtenay, May 17, 1916.
Charlie Chaplin
at the Opera House
M-<    *        M
Results of International
Egg-Laying Contest i !"'���:���, V2'".-1"*; ? |,!',i"'
OO J       ""���. ' knit plain   61-2   incites
j ment of heel 11 inches,
I    No. 10 needles, cast on 56 stitches
11,   2  purl ;
(11 inches
following are the results during the first six months of the fifth Interna,  in nil 1
tional egg laying contest, held under tlm supervision of the Provlnclnl Depart-1     Heel���Knit plain  28  stitches on
In Memoriam
On Tuesday   nlii moon   . t   the
Parish church   ol   Sandwick   nutl
Courtenay n   large    ei ngrt-(-ati6it
men! oi Agriculture, ut the Exhibition Grounds,Victoria, from October 22, 1915, I to one needle turti, piirl back t-iese **'"'u''1'1' l"S'*'lb'i nt the ftineial ol
to September .'i, 1916, There is a lot of In'ornintloii liert lor the local poultrytnnii
I,   Lightweight Varieties, 6 birds ton pen
John   Hlaekbiirn
Pen No, Name and Address
10 C. 0, Poolsv, Ihiiicuu	
18 li. M, Ross, Cowiclinn	
11 Miss Bvu 1 lari, Sidney	
7 V, II. Wilson, Koksiluh	
20 I. Iliiltrrlicld,   Saunichtou	
.' J. Hanson, l'oi'mi lis, Ure 	
13 ll. a. iiiucks. Uungford Station
19 A. II. l.ouc,  Ukehlll	
1*1 W. 11. inacCotiiiell, Soinenos...
i A. V. lifing, Victoria	
,S .1. Craves, Sntitrnu   Island	
I None Bros., Cowichan	
15 I,. !���'. Solly, We.lltolnie	
lh A. UlllHYOI til,   Sim ills	
9 Mr, and Mrs.Chuliners, Thrums
17 ie Bradley, Ottawa. Out	
1 |. (). M. Thuckery, Cbilliwnck..
6 J. A, McCalluin, Grnntl Porks.,
5 'I', l.ivesley,  Atchclil/	
I..' ti. I'. Shinier, Cowiclinn	
 W.   Leghorn'
.8 stitches, turn, knit plain repent;Gratilham. U. 0, when death
these two rows, uKvnv.s slipping Hie ,������,. ,._e _, s, f ,,,. ,,_ .,.,
first stitch, sixteen nines, ,7 in al.. Lfl(,. ,,��� j|iness ���,  0|1^   ���������_ c,' ,
With the inside oi   the  heel  o- _��� SaUlrc|ay the ,3tl) ���������,
wards you, purl 16 studies, purl 2.    Thc 00u��r*_iffmi 11  it eluded most
together, purl 1. of lhe old timers of lhe distiict and
1 urn, knit6 Miches, slip 1, knit ,lunv ���,,���,,, ���,,,. .t..,;^.,, ,��� -,,ow
1, pull slipped slttch over, knit t, ti,elr respect for the deceased nnd
turn, purl 7 stitches,purl a loRether ,,,,.���. sy{npnt|,j,  .vi,|. ,���.,.  i!n,i,,,���.
IM",  '���       .        , . .   and son Austin iu their sorrow,
rum, knit 8 stitches, slip., knit     The beautiful and ���,*,.,', i���e, huri.
r, pull slipped stitch  over, knit 1,:,, service ���,   ,,k.  Anglican church I
turn, purl 9 stitches, purl 2 togethei J was reat| |IV ,,K. vi,,ir of lh       ish ,
purl 1 1.,    ..       .-���    ..
-f**.""1 iiiiiiiiiiii-i
Class II.    Heavyweights
Turn, knit 10 stitches, slip 1.
knit 1, pull slipped stitch over,knit
1, tutu, purl 11 stitches, purl s to
gether, purl 1.
Turn, knit ..�� stitches, slip 1,.
knit i, pull slipped stitch over,
tlnn, purl i,- stitches, purl 1 lo*
gether, purl 1.
Turn, knit . 1 stitches, slip 1,
knit 1, pull slippetl stitcli over,
im .1, pin I 15 stitches pui I 2 to
gt liter, purl 1.
"'urn, purl   15  slilehes,  slip   1,
the Rev,    I'.      P,     Live-eel;
pull   beareis  were   M
Swan,  I,. Cl H'e,   Q. ll.   Williams, |
Junes nm!
1 ,
The rut, lit,
quuilh mill , ���
11 enl todi tails
thai 1 u woul 1
expect I r 1, in
I. Ion's (ureal " - 1 M : ll.il y-,
Tailors ��� 1 call
expect In  n us
We e n nml ���
you a coi iph
kit within tin, -'
days   and   ;,i   1
ri in.iika' ly  |0'
'!'���.   iill   ill,"  ' I
foi nt ��� on  ippli
403   1
(lown the Miles of heel piece.
Knit the 2.s siitches of the front!
34 Iv, l>. Rend, Duncan W, Wolles 126
.',' Uciiii Bros,,  I "eatings         " Un
.'I llidl and Clnil;, Victoria W. Orps 121
2H C, G, lluinilion, Porl Wasbingtoii VV, Holies 1311
33 P, S. I.aiiipilitili, Vli'loriu S. C, I'd*, 135
���In l>, Glhbhrd, Mission Barred Itocko LIS
li C. lh Adnuis,   Victoria \\. In,lies llo
23 A. It, Gillies, Clovei Bar, Alia Barred.Rocks 125
35 S. S. Blac.inan,  Sidney S. C. beds KM
24 R. II, Vernier, Col wood  W. l*ottes 111
38 1, II. Crutteuden, New Westuiister Huff. Holies [35
.di \V, l'obblus, Chilli  nek     "    Orps 126
its A. I*. Smith, Victoria S, C, Reds 129
25 Reid & Greenwood, Victoria  115
21 P, Frederick, Plieonix li. I. Whites 100
22 Uosecroll I'oultn   i'.il ill.  Well itchee W.  Holies      79
29 [ns. Wood, Victoria   Buff Orps 117
30 S.Stewart,   Victoria   W. Uotles 108
39 D. Nlcol, Victoria  S. C. Reds 121
il   Mrs, Illggs, Sooke Hay  vV. Cornish 89
Price of eggs 25c per dozen; temperature, high 78, low 32; mean   50.4; ruin  Stitches of   the   front   end   of side
fell ou six days, re.^t ol month wilh one or two exceptions was line and sunny,       j needle, knit 2 together; kl.it 1.
Broodies, Glass   I -Pens I and 6   one each.    Class J    Pen 32   live, 2\ four,       Front needle   tii-iin
25 and 31 three,   .land   34 two,  22, 23, 26, 28, 30 and 35 one each,  lu class 1 all I     >\-w,, \ it      i ' ���,       r
pens but one Inid over 100 eggs, and in class   2 two pens only missed   thut total.       .1 nut needle,   k nit I Slip I, knit
The total production for month 4,626 eggs is below last years 4,879  and two years | ���*, P1"'    slipped   stitch   over,   knit
747 Yates St. VICTOR I A. B.C 8
m-rrTTTHTTmrm 1111111 fi~3f ���
A. Stile oi.d, st  , S, I'    ^^^^^^
C   1;. Ja-ksou,
The late Mis  Blackbtiin came to '
the present family   home  in Gran-
tliaui with   her   husband  over  21 ;
years ago      Her hoin ���   pieviotisl.v I	
was nt Sooke at lhe  south  ol the **
Island where she was born ii  1871,1 x-*�� .,      ., r...-    .    ���
hoi maiden name being A la Maria  vOUI ICi-iiy       1 lOiCI
Throtip, _ COUR11:   >iV, 1;  C
Mrs. Blackburn was essentially a 1        ,��� - ...   e,.,   ..
481    knit 1, pull slipped stiIch over.        I home loving woman  w levo.*.*..,,,    ....
W  j, lJickiip   and __ knit   14  stitches | her ]ife t0 t)le  i.ap|,i,|L.ss and wel '',',',11,;',!
fare of her liusbind and son.    She I .  -
needles, oil to Oil" needle, pick up
368 tiiid knit the 14 stitches attheothei
3*>*>    side of the heel   piece.     Divide tlle
heel stitches   oil   to   tiie   two side
need I
to llle centre heel
First needle, knit to within tine
was also an  active  member of the
Woman's Atixiliat v conni eltil with j    1   (| rj
o 5,268.
Red Cross Work
On Tuesday Inst the workers at
the Sandwick hall packed two cases
of finished goods and have sent
them to Victoria, They contained
the following work : 9 day shirts,
32 surgical shirts, 10 face cloths,
35 A Ii I) binders, 10 chest bandages. 15 prs pyjamas, 6 hot water
bottle covers,   43   pails   socks,   1
bundle of linen,  including sheets',,.   (,      _h *. ....
158 triangular  bandages, 6  hand-1 _heets ami .__kSi
kerchief-, S" doz. small pads. _ , ,   ,
The following ladies contributed;   .Property ^Ss fre needed again.
Mesdames W, T. Wain,   A. Wain,! How to ,*,ake tlle  regulation day
Laycock,   J. W,    McQuillan,   M.  0��� tllt. ne6dle
Piercy, E.Duncan,   M.   Halliday,      Knit plain until the  foot,   from
Preudergast,   Ployart,    Dingwall, h\ie back  of the  heel  measures 9
McPhee, Calhn, Marshall  Slither- inches.
laud,    Campbell,    Cowie.    J.    H. j    Toe-Divide the  57   stitches bc-
I'arkin, Conway, Hood and Lacan, Uveen Ule tllree needles,   nineteen
also the Misses Griniason. Freeman ion eaci,
Robertson,   Collins,    Collison   and
St    Mary's    church,   Grantham, j
Only three weeks Ih.oh' her death I
, she assisted materially in . he decor*
nil knit right round again | .���,������ (,- l)k. _-].,.,,-���*  for  n^ Haster
service. Her presence will begreat-
ly missed hy lier fellow work.ers in
the Atixiliat v, bill it is in ill; home
principally thai such a loss as hers
will leave a desolate blank und the
sympathy of the whole community
goes out til litis time to her husband inid son,
liesides her immediate famih
Mrs. Blackburn leaves three sist :.,
and two brothers to inon rn her It
A memorial se vice for the deceased will be held at St. Mary's
church, Grantham, on Sundav next
at 7.30 D.tn,
plain to end of needle.
This reducing to  continue every
other row until there tire 57 stitches
Kilpatrick Misses F. While, Lam-1
bie and Dun r 1, and all It dies
attending the different circles at
Mcs lames Calliti, Kirkwood, Hickman, Bubar, Idiens and Turnbull,
also   Mesdames Bridges, Willeinar,
1st row,   knit together   1st aud
^-,reel1' second stitches ou each needle.
No work need be   washed before       2ud row, knit   together   second
sending in except socks. n:Kl third stitches on each needle.
Bandages are uot needed so much I    3rd, row knit together 3rd and
4th stitches ou each needle.
And so ou. beginning again with
1st and 2nd stitches after reaching
the last stitches on each needle.
Decrease to 9 stitches, draw wool
through stitches and darn iu carefully.
sock will be found below.
Measurements ot  finished stick :
Length f 0111 top of sock to bottom
of heel 13 1-2 inches, length of foot
11 inches, length of   ribbing  4 12 j
inches, length of leg to commence-
leriand I i- ceJ
teeomodntion      Cu   in   Bxcellen
Wm. Merryfield
Willi or with, ul    train   . -
r .-._���. :     0.00
Practical   Watcbm
11 j ���
Courtenay B. C.
Ice Cream
Courtenay   Tailor
Ladies and Gents 5u   .
Suits $27 up        Pants $7 up
Try a Review Want Ad.
M si.Hi-
Swan's Old Stand, Courtenay 1 Dressc
Cannot be done any
better or any cheaper anywhere else in
B. C.  than at the
Courtenay Review
The Water Question
Four (rood   Houses
water   and   electric
light in each
Apply, MRS. WM.     EW;,'
... its
.        -
-' ��� -
^^^ '. -
..'�����      Drea
.75      Ovci    it *
Repairing, Etc.
Cer.:* clothes '.
. - -
I   -������
: .
Haney   I.  Kushida
The s.nue building .is  Rol ertson - ;>r.:_^
Store, Union St., Courtet
Sand and Gravel
Rates Reasonable
Buggies and Express Wagons
All Rigs Guaranteed und Sold at the Lowest Possible Price
Blacksmith ard Ca-Tiag-* Builder COURTENAY
1m1u11111.1111.111.  ��������
Get "More Money" for your Foxes
Muskrat. White Weasel, Beaver, 1 ytXX, Wolves,
Marten and other Fur bearers collated lo yoar nctlon
SHIP YOllt Kills DIRECT I.>"SIIIIIKHT"II:' l.rarfl
liousr III tin- World dealing txclutal) In MIRIi; UtESlCAN U . ,1 11 k*.
u rellabl.***^_iponslblo****safc Pur Housowith an unblemlahi re.
utaUonexlatlnir for "moro than athlrdofaceoturV," all ". bu ���
Cfssfu! rei'���r,l <,f icntliturl'iir.snipper*. nr"iupi.sA'I'l**t''AC li 'NY
AND PROFITABLE returns. Write tor tfl�� -.tiiibtri fttlpper,"
the only rollablo. accorato markot reiiort ninl pricollst published,
Wrlli. lor ll-NOW-ir. 1-I1KK
. d. _>n-_��Di_r-.i, inc. d,p_cjjchica THE   REVIEW,   COURTNEY   B. C.
:: LADY ::
Ward, Lock 6 Co., Limited
Isi'-nt nbn .as,                               Tlte Hold-over Flics Austria Wants Peace
|     Lord   Bustling   collected     his   nils. !
Tncii he spoke out boldly:
'lu ihc ila.is \\ hen you wore know i
'"ll' w��.b tura���B0 Hull io  should have I    '-'���','--'�� are, "I' "��'���������' Mes" of "win- A neutralI who lived many years in
fell   cloubtrul  uboi -  man's  guilt  ter "lies" which have been hibernal ug Austria   ell test e follow ng iiipres*
t  that mo,,,,',,,, nun lli.it it w��a hy  d'lflnK the  cold  tt-ealhor, and  which on   .a,    I      ,i "fa series oi  war
no  conscious   look   in   I'uul   Pnyne's   ��'H t0  ""  *"   ""'  l"1*"   W,U'"'  Sl|!"  "' ,LJ            ,     t     IU
ll'urc lhal  he now  tell  suiv tin   inilicl   !��lini|R'                                           ,    ,        ���| Hie letT bo effects of the Wttl'are
n | W|18 I,,,,,   I,,,,  on|v |n  ;, slight       lion i trust the cohl io kill ihem, ut once visible on arrival iii Vienna,
hardness ol the man's voice          "    warns  lho  North  Carolina    Bulletin. The    largo    rcstiuirtints,    brilliantly
'"Don'l   assume thui   they    aro  duttil lighted al ulglil mid resounding with
Swat  the   First   Flies   and   You   Will   People  Hate thc Germans  Almost  ns
Have Less to Kill Later on Moch  as Their  Enemies
There ure "hold-over Hies" or "tt in
��" u iiloli have been hlbei'iuitlug
the    colli     .M'.itll"!',    am'    Will
wake   lip   at   the   llrsl    wuriii   s'ikii
| spring.
"t'lllt   you   tell   I
cted'."' he nsked drily
lie   uhel'e   I   wus   COII'
i when you lind litem lying on thiol's or   Ills  music of Ol'chesiras  were almost
i window sills in uiiusue(l rooms.   The)   empty.   Occasionally a few boulevard
Thero wus more decision than ten
.(ii'nesg in iiis voice now, and l.inly
Ursula, after it moment's pause, during which she cast ;i swlf. look. HOW
nl her brother und now al her hus-
ii,nul, turned (illicitly nnd wnt Into
the adjoining room without another
Lord Eastling beckoned Payne to
Ihe iix'i iilor.
'.'Why nol here?" said lhe oilier, assuming now a definite air of bored as-
Innlshmonl al ihese strange proceedings, "Surely you don'l wnnl us
hold a conversation iu the passagi
"I ivanl io speak lo you ��here my
Bisler enn't hear what I say," said
Lord Eastling, coming nearer lo the
cili't'. ami  holding him steadily with
Ills   eye.
II,- iiii'l laid a sllghl emphasis on
tin words, "my sister," and tills gave
Payne his cue.
"As your Bisler is now my wife," he
tiiiswered with eipial emphasis, bill
tlill very coolly, "snrelj it is for me
(u say whether she is to hear whnl
3 oil have to say  or not ?" *
"1 tlon'l think you wiii say so when
you know why I havo come," said Lord
Ensiling. "Al any rate. 1 won'i speak
(o you where we can be overheard. So
come along/'
Pfttll   attoetrA   to   he   intensely   dis
-'       "  ���"��"��� m i window sills in iiniisueil rooms.    The) empty.    Occasionally a few  hnulovard-
Vou'v u   been  convicted   yet." are playing possum, ami will recover lers strolled In to take places ni the
lined I .mil Easillng boldly, when  the  temperature rises,    Clean tables, bul rarely to dine there. Ai \'i
'And hnve you no rear of lho law of up the house uml give Bpeclnl alien* ennn on u dnj when ihe mil of krone
al, when you conn  lo me with such  Hon     to    every out-of-the-way   place was ptirtlculurl)  acecniiuited    I    wus
ale?" j when   iini- nniy lurk.    Muke sure lliul aide  io  hear (lie hu,munitions ol the
'X0,,H    y,,,,  i,no,v belter ihnn io there Is nothing left which'muy harbor public ai ihe pay desks   or   various
ii. nn'action.   In the aniline, vou  their eggs." . hunks  nml  the phrase constantly  re
gttsted ami Irritated wiih this obslln-l    i, ,.,
ncy, hut  he threw down his hat  and  ,     '/ "aS,���S0 c?nn_Gn'"/'
........in    ;,,,   ,���,,,.���   ���,.,���i,,���,.���, Lord  Ensiling doubted for
bring un net Ion, lu the ineiinllnie, yon
musl lei my sister come buck will,
Lord Ensiling took a stop towards
the door.
"Don't   you   think,"  cried   out   Pint
'Germany   has deceived us,
iheir eggs '
If you tlon'l atlopl this strategy, nnd curred:    .,.1,���,..,.,    ,,,..-,
stun HOW, her,   is whal you may lie up (icriminy has lied in us.'
' " ' nipttiailon      '-'I'lie  coiislunl   news    of
of expert
tinlliig to il
spread by lhe Wolff Agency have no
longer the desired effect upon the Aus-
li'uiu people. I heard lhe following remarks made l,.i a high cinirt official!
'it our armies were not so Inextricably
tied to ihe German armies we should,
have made separate peace long ago.'
"Austria hus in store I'or ihe Kaiser
more than one surprise, For tho moment, however, the Germans dominate
die country and nothing more hhIoii-
|Bhes Hie 'ileriniinizers' in Austrlii
than io Uml 'hat their allies detest
llieiii  almost   us   much  as  Iheir  ene-
Aiiltual  World stales thai   the toUl
number of horses treated hy vets, in
tin hospitals iii Franco, up to lhe end
of .lull. Ihi.",. had been 81,134; of
these 47,11)1! had been I'ciurnnil us
cured,  '.mill hud died, 4,8'il hud  been
destroyed, and   1,842  hail  I n  sold,
while  .2,S9I    still    remained   under
victories j I real ment
A   female   fly   Blll'vlvlng   lhe   winter
ninj he expected lo begin laying ei
Payne,  in' a  languid  voice, "that,  il   "'"> bo expected to begin  nylng egg
Bitch a story as yours were true, your P" -Mini,    lief progeny w :.'ln lav
besi plan would i.e. not to make a fuss ��� "'"- "' 'U;l-V I heir progeny will I)
about this rumor vou have got hold of, ln.vl"�� >'> ���,"���"��� '��� V."��* ''���' "V,"
Imi to hmh it tip, for tho cretlli of ibe  H-1'<������'".������< i��� the hist ol October    rh. ,
milv. v ' family as well as niiticV I h.sl crop alone is In,; enough, bill sue
���s the same thing now, vou know." seeding generationsqu ckly run far be
The voilllg mail turned upon him I M'ml the grasp ol III- human lllingiin
-InnBlv lion.     It all the eggs hatched und do*
It Is  no
he   Sllltl
"Vou     have
wormed yourself into our house by
deceit uml fraud, anil hum you must
understand thai the connection is at
ul  end."
"Ami how Co you propose to separate lite Iron, my  wife?"
"I have only 10 lei her Know who
urn arc, whal you ure, io show you lo
her in your Irue colors, and there will
lie no fun her question as to your position with iter. .My sister Is a saint
among women."
"Perhaps you don't know much
about saints." said Payne quietly. "Bul
anyhow, It's never too Into to learn.
Come upstairs with inc. and tell her all
this, and ask her whal she's going to
lure dies, llic offspring I
lion.      I
veloped iulo ma ^^^^
ol thut  cue Ily would amount, hy (let
l. io iin- appalling number of 1111,220,* I
That 11 ll 111 bet' of Mies, il is said, if I
(might and pressed coinpuetly togellt I
or, would occupy a spine of .CO,000 I
cubic feet. Thai is lo say. they would I
probably Iill solidly, from cellar to at- I
tie, about ten ordinary houses. i
Of course, the eggs tlon'l all hutch, !
and the little larvae ami pupae don'l !
all grow   up. and  the adult  Mies don't
all   carry   out   Ihis  theoretical   laying   	
program     If they did, nil other forms      ._____-_._______.
IMi iiiTT TiBfir
of life iii |he world would soon be burled under an overwhelming avalanche
"   "lea, und all lhe foodstuff    iu lhe '
world would lie devoured by them, lint j
the fuels nre impressive enough within   tin's  mathematical  nightmare.        ;
The moral Is plain.   Swat the lirst
flies, and you'll have only tens to kill ,
cool, lhat
*���-.  ;���"        ��� , i.(irn  enismne iiounteu  tor a  moment
travelling  coal   with   more  petulance i ���,,,_.���__ ,,,. ",���,���  |llnuence ���.oul(1  ,���,
,,���,���   apprehension.     lie   played   tho     t , overpower  thai   of   :---,-���    ,    .- ,,,,, ���,e
B-ime lo the end. _  ,|lis |talui80lfle ,,,���.,,,, whl) ,,,,���1P1| ,,,  Instead ol lens ol thousands
I convinced of his own pow< rs.
And he dreaded the lasl, of telling
I h!s sister, of bringing such n hideous
| story to li,-r in ihe midst of lier radiant
| happiness in her love.
Hut il hud to be done', and heavily,
] uneasily, lie followed  Payne back to
sitting  room,   where    lltev   now        ...        _^_^
only   would
found Lady I'rstila, her lml and coat   slble Canadian  woods
off, silling by the lire which hud been   used    in   connection    with   tin
bust ily  lighted
'  'Hide sharpened, after the fatigues of
' lite journey.
She   looked   up.   innocent     of  any
evil news, bul  puzzled still.
"Well, have you finished the famous
talk?" she asked, putting out her
hand on the sofa beside her. and leaning forward, with a smile hovering
omul her lips
Lord Eastling led tlie way old of
iin- room, and ihen turned to see lhat
I'uul  was  following him.
"Where are wo going lo?" usked
Paul, in S holed voice.
"Mown till we come lo some room
where We can talk," replied the oilier
abrupt ly.
They descended to the ground floor.
where Lord Eastling opened the door
of a dark sitting room, turned up the
electric lighl, and then faced the other
Once  more.
Paul was still us coo! us u cucumber.
' I wonder if we may smoke here."
hi said as lie took oul a cigar-case.
"Better wail   till you've hear
1 have to say."
"I've come to take mv sisier hack io
I'uul appeared quite unniovi ,1. lie
just  raised  his eyebrows.
"Will she   ,o?" ho asked softly.
"Yes. When she knows whal I
1 now " I
"Indeed.    And what Is that'.'" I !'"' ,        ,.    ���',
iv,   round out that vou kept us a   "rother,   l rsuln,   wants  to   take  you
good deal in tie- dark as to vour aim-  *v3.�� r,'����� m-
cedents   Mr.   Tomklnson." She snt up, storing dumbly at him.
T.icv faced each other, and Paul did I        '"   !",''   ""'   'nva''-      *-',1('   echoed.
not   flinch,    lie  inst   raised  his  eye* wmuieringly.
brows, ills attitude indeed would ��������-��� dear. II.��� says he has I'oiiu
have seemed superb in iis Indifference '"" """ .1"" ? ""'f'(','��� ,l,i" m*>' ������ame
If Lord Eastling had nol known of his |!! something, i lorget whal, hut not
alb mpts to avoid this meeting. As it ! ���''"*' anyhow. And he says he is g0'
va,. he knew that all this was inst n8 *�� ,;l"'' "'" buck to England, and
"bounce." ami that the man hud had '" I"''",'"1 >'""���" 8ee*"S ���"<- any more."
plenty of time to prepare iiis recep- ���""' ''���"' rlsen l0 l,er feet. 1""1 f��> a
li,,,, ' moment she stood uncertain,   staring
lint  his auiiie   if aclins  it  was      l,rsl Into her husband's fuce and then
into that of her brother.
Canadian Hardwood
Extensive   Use  of Canadian  Wood  by ,
C.P.R.   Pleases   Lumber   Interests
,     Not   very   long  ugo     Lord   Shaugll*
1 nessj   announced thut so fur as pos- j
Quality i
which had been i used    in  connectt ���
ilruction    nnd    Interior Hnlsh of all
hastily  lighted, structloii    and    interior  nuisn  oi  uni
H seemed to her brother as he foi- 'Canadian Pacific buildings, railway
lowed Paul into iiie room that she ears, etc., un utiiiuiinceineiit wliicli I
looked more like a saint than ever, was hailed witli ureal satisfaction by I
wiih lier fair face a little drawn, a the lumber Interests of the Domln-
liilie sharpened, after the fatigues of ion.    Thai  such    a  programme    was I
Ion.    Thai
experts w
own to the forestry
..*,,.,.., ���,,,,  supplied tu tlie various Canadian governnieni exhibits in
Europe uml the United States, muguifl-
cnt samples of hardwoods with beautiful grains and nltrnctlve finish. It
would seem that Ihese woods are not
being exploited  sufficiently, hut.    -io
round lier lips. | being  exploited  sunlcientiy,  mil,    'io
"Ves.  mv  dear."  said   Paul  gently,  doubt, now that ii is known there will
"We've ou i'i,. finished.   And now we've   be a good demand for it   milliufnctur-
come to tell vou all aboul  it.    Vour *-''s ��"��������� B*ve the matter greuter eon
There is no riner
cocoa produced than Cowan's
Perfection Cocoa���rich in aroma,
nourishing- and delicious.
Destruction of Forest Areas
Whal   ruined  your business?'
.    now?"
] '    "1 let i, all be done by my coinpeti- ,
' tors." -Boston Transcript.
First Tommy Got toothache, 'avo
yei".'" I'd 'ave lhe beggar out if it was
Second Ditto So would I if it was
il   was
stared  al
"B. P."
��� i ii
fhrvounger^.nasTf'doiibtrin'oni'fs ,. Aml some glimmering of the sltua
lanitv   and then asked  with  perfecl K��" came into her mind, for she knew  	
gentleness and courtei ��� "'v ; "' '������M'resMi,;. of anguish upon her   ,,.,,, ^anas for Baden Powell.
"Win  do v,,ti call me Tomklnson? brothers race thai heal least believed | Known to every i-,.,y Seoul  well.
Mv mime Is'Pavne.   Von know it Is." -he charge he bad made, ,,, ,,  ..,.,,,lis rol. -b.V.'s"' motto -
The vouneer man held his erouml. I    l'"1'" moment she seemod lo hesll* I Meuniiie therefore that you've got to
The ye mger man held his ground,
although in spite of himself, he coulu
tot help fe, ling shaken by ihis com-
��� ll e.UI mil
"Are  you  golnji   with  him?"
i lie prepared for i-\or\ thing
usked | *p||n| |i,,   iiusslng hour mu)
Be Prepured-  ���lng-a-sslng, Uoin-hotn.
plctp self-conininiul. ,   ',. Be Prepured    /.Ing-a-.lng, uom-uom.
' "l know thnl vou call yourself Paul.   I'"1' answer she pui  her hands on
Payne now. bul vou were Tomklnson,  '   '' htisbaiula  shoulders, and  looked when with your patrol you start,
R ,'d.   ������ Tomklnson In    in other dnvs,"  "���'��� 'irttve :""1 eonfltlent. Into his face. ulil, ., B00d scout, clean and smart,
he ended, raiher nervously, i   i  ".���,        8al1'     "' ;"" 5'��"r w,-e' Be Prepared with everything;
p.. nc oiiuie over to him, and pui his   ���"���*������������ ' " slil>  ������d-1' you." Paper, pencil, matches, string,
fnci,   will,   ils   nnalilni!   Iinn-lsmim ilni'lr I To   h,    ,'outiuiiedl U-���lei-   Itnlfo.  and  hale],el     all
Pa  m- i auie over to him, and put his
fi       w Itli Its flashing, handsome dark
close  to Hint   of    the younger
ti. n
"What oi
Paper. P"ii
i Water, knife, und hutchet-
  ' Heady for a sudden call.
Tin' Dutch  people    occupy a conn*  Be Prepared    Zlng-a-zlng, Hon.-ho,n.
e asked with   try     which   contains   12,630    square
miles   Utile  more  than  one-tenth  of  B
the size of Ureal Britain and Ireland,
the population being jusl over 6,000,*
��� 000.    Holland  is  nol  only  flat,  it   is
hollow.     Hence   ils   name���"Hollow
Prepared  to play your part
erftll/RINEJ    Gran-luted Eyelids,
I�����*_-$t_J^U'  "-"s uilkunedby exposuro
-r*-.Sl^ fife. '" <'"lti Winds and Ilust       ,,..   ������,���.���   ,,,,,,,,,.
V^?>WS'cC<lllil;'il>"-'<!lieve--h''Mu*'in9 i laud."    Along   the   canals   the  mead
IUUR LTULyelttmwhr.   No Smart-   0WH ;l,v |��� f,.ei ���r |�� roc-t. sometimes
mf.n Al   Vm��� n,.,,,r,rlafo*
When your daily work you start;'
Be Prepared ami eager, too.
flood and helpful turns io do;
Be  Prepared  to conquer sin
By the grace of God within,
Be Prepared -""ing-a-zlng, Bom-bom.
Be Prepared with heavenly graci
i. _,���""., i      c     '."'"'���    tV ��� . . ov,s are  iu n-iu ,,r i. If,|'i, soiiieiintes
;;b;s&:_S;.,sss^ ��- te,,,,?Ba,?M,,,e T'r]inr-H>,,,,e
For Uook of the Eye Free write s"a-  '"   M&"   -���lle'  "ll','l>   '"'���'>'  hp  a ....  ...,._.-	
Mur'no Eyo Ramedy Company, Chicago difference iu  the  level of lh soil and ; For the  perils you must lace.
 ____________ of the ocean  of   quite   twenty-live When your morning prayers you say,
feet or more. ' Draw vour rations for tlle day.
��� Would you do something for u poor  .   Endless trouble you'll be spared
old anllor?" Inquired a tramp at the     Two billions    of  lead  pencils  are  if, "Prepared" be spelt P-H-E*
''""'��� made   each  year.     Half  of them  are   P*ll-A*Y-E****E*T*.
I'oor  oh]   saihu?"  said   the  work- mm\n of American cedar. j He Prepared   -Zlng-a-zlng, Bom-bom.
owed the water for
lligman's wife.
"Ves.   hi'iii.   1   [i
Sixteen yeurs."
"Well," said tiie woman, "you certainly don't look as if you ever caught
up with h I"
ire the Fin���A splendid stand of Western ('una
service as lumber, and to protect the water-po
in   Alberta's   irrigation  system.
da timber, ready to give
wet's so builly required
W. N. U.  1101
Red RoseTe A^goo-1^
^.PfortheA kidney��
What They Do
l.Avi'tvtji.e., Out.
''llnd trouble with my Kidneys nad Bladder
io I gol a sample of t'lin Pills and followed
directions. I fell belter nflor tin* llrsl dose
and I kept Inking ihem lor n month.
Ono day, Mr. Simpson, of (Ids lown, mill
nw about ihe trouble he luul wiih his kidneys,
���ud I recommended him lotryGIN PILLS,
mid gave lihn one lo tnko, llu* nest day,
lir boitghl some t���r himself, nnd both lie
mid Iiis wife havo derived greal benefit hem
(iin Pilli nre 50c, a hex or six boxes for
(2,5a nt all druggists. Sample sent tree if
tequesled. 17
National Drug & Chemical Co.
of Canada Limited, Toronto.
Cause of thc Collapse
Tho foreman employed by a bin eon
tractor rushed  into tiie office of iin-
boss,  wide-eyed  aud   palpitating.
"Bobs." said lie. in a greatly ngllllt*
ed voice, ���one of thorn new houses of
ours fell down lu the night!"
"What's lhat'.
ixclalmod ihe boss
jumping   right up   nnd beginning in
lake notice,    "What   was the  mailer'.'
How dhl  il  happen'"'
"ll was tlio (null of lhe workmen,
boss," answered ihe lore,nnu. "They
made lho mistake of taking down the
Bcaffolding  before    they  put  on the
Even in n match yon should
consider lhe "Little Things,"
Ihe wood- -the composition���
the   strikeability���the  (lame.
are made of slronjj dry pine
stems, with a secret perfected
composition that guarantees
"livery Match A Light." 65
years of knowing how���that's
thc reason!
All Eddy products are dependable products���Always.
Attacked by Asthma. The llrsl fear
fill sensation Is of suffocation, whlel
hour by hour becomes more desperu
and hopeless. To Blicll 11 ease Ihe relief afforded by Dr. ,1. I). Kellogg'a Asthma Homed' scents nothing less Ihan
miraculous, lis holp Is quickly iippnr*
em ami s,u,��� the dreadful attack Is
mastered, The asthmatic who
round nut lho dependability of ihis
Storllllg remedy will never lie wlllioul
ii.   11 is sold everywhere,
Setting   Himself  a   Bad   Example
An  actor was  bragging about  his j
summer home Ie,  me seaside.
"Whai did ii cost you?" asked a
"Around $50,000," Bttld lhe actor
moil pally,
"Hay, Illll!"
"I   wouldn't   he SO  reckless IIS tlllll   If
1   were you, even  wilh  ..lace  money."
Cure Children's Colds
External Treatment
French Airship
Like Huge Fish
It Possesies    Enormous    Speed    and
Given Qreat Freodom in Firing
A r 111 comniiinlc it ion from Purl -
isstiig  the slice ���- iful  <h I'etiro  of
1 agalnsl Zeppelin raids, which ;���;
attributed to the oxcellunl  use of tie
feiisiie aircraft, snyt
The latest   I'rcnch    Hying  invhlnu
resembles a gigantic,   shining, silver
"j Ing   llsh,  which    has  proved  mosl
puzzling to the Germans    'I his  new
gives the pllol absolute frei dom
1  (Ire  nl   any angle,    li   rises  front
he ground at almost third speed and
climbs ut   ihe  rue   of hundreds    of|
feel   11   uiiiiui".    The    h.ist   work    has '
been     don,,   by    the   slngle-moton d
Ph B.
Minard's   Liniment  Cures   Dandruff.
I suffered with an abscess on my
face," writes Mrs. Herbert Cox, if
i'ort McNIchol, Ont, "I tried svi r
thing and received medical treatment for some iini", but in i lln.
Finally the doctor advl md an opi r t-
tlon, which was performed, bin Instead ot Improving, the sure became
WOI' ic, I had despaired of ever finding a cure, when a friend recommended Zam-Buk. 1 wind It, with
ihe resull that boforn lone* lhe poison was drawn out and the sore li
gan ,to heal. Perseverance effected
a complete cure, und no* not even
a scar remains."
Zam-Buk is equally (mod for
eczema, blood-poisoning, ulcers,
boils, piles, burns, cuts, and ill
skin Injuries. All druggists, 60c.
box, 3 for ? 1.25, or from Zam-Hfule
fo., Toronto.
Mistress   Dinah,    1    hnvi u'l    seen
���  1 your hush,,ml aboul for .onie 1 im '.    I *
he   il
proud  ti
I..'   rutin'.  Slacking  Pill*.    Im-
priced, fmsh. rrltnli,,,: prrforo-a l>y
Welter. Rlockmen because (hey pro-
w     ��_�� ,**m    teet    where   othsr   vaccine!   fall.
fl     1. _T ""    Write f',r bnnkl.'i .anl tesUmonlaU,
II      W* t   m     Hi-del" pkge. Bliikln Pill, lion
MmdlL^^mm    '"-iliiio chg*. Blackleg Pllli   'M
Use niiT Injector, h'it Culler's Ikihi.
Tlie superiority of Cutter products ia due to over 15
VMn ' i  specialising  in vaccinci anil Sflruml only,
lell-t en Cutters.    If ,itu,l,liii*a��li>. or,l��r .llrei't,
THE   CUTTER   LAUORATORV,   Berkeley,   Callf<irnlt>.
rOLiiHtU"- *' UEEKUANB1 r-KV. .<iRh or 1. VMAN KHn��
tones io Win [K i ni( FREE BOOK To Hn LB Ci.f.rc
111  (iCVT ST AM.  APPIXBG l'<> ��U  CKhUINii JACKETS.
Csok'a Cotton Root Compoiiad.
A tafe, reliable rcputating
medicine. Sold in throe dr.-
screen of strength. No. 1,
11; No. 2, $*; No. 3. J5
per box. Sold by all
druggists, nr sent prepaid tn plain package on
receipt of price. l-Yee
pamphlet.   Address:
lUOaiO. OUT. tfumtU WWasrJ
Hard   Luck
.Mrs. A.���Vou seem lo have hard
luelt wiih your cooks.
Airs. B. Ves; lho first stayed only
three days nnd the second l can't
get rid of.
Spare tho children front suffering
front worms by using .Miller's Worm
Powders, the most effective vermifuge
that can be got with which to combat
these insidious foes of the young and
helpless.   There is nothing thnl excels
this preparation as a worm destroyer,
nnd when its qualities become known
in a household no olher will he used.
The medicine nets by itself, requiring
no purgative to assist It, nnd so .thoroughly lhal  nothing more Is desired.
Teacher���What did Caesar exclaim
When   BrillUS slabbed  him?
Bright  Boy���Ouch!
Mothers Will Find  Nothing so
Speedily and Reliable as Old
Time " Nerviiine"
It's really a shame to upset a young
child's stomach by Internal dosing,
when external treatment will so
prompllj break up a cold,
When your boy comes In alter play
wiili bin feet soaking wet, his throat
hoarse and sore, his little chest light
ami congested, Just apply Norvlllne,
(liie him a vigorous rubbing over his
throat, and put lots  of Nerviiine on
��ft��8iW#te^^ Dinah    No,   Indeedy   missus,  1'
i^'Ains no Ai.;.^��_w__i___i    flat;     he's jesi   simply  too  proud
ul a woman win
Good digestion Is tl
', | Inni  of n  satisfactory
sl have help,
main   Ingred'
inner,  bill   it
A good man isn'i a good liar
the difference between a good roan
nl a good lishei'tnun.
"I Ie   111,',! r
"That is lucky for him and pleasant
"Oh, I don't know,"
"Sho believes In self aacrulc
Inclined to den\ bet self iho pl
uml Is
Minard's  Liniment Relieves  Neural
total cultivated
he continuously
One-fourth of th
farm lands should
in legumes.
Extract.From a Letter of a Canadian I   N^ffi!?
Soldier  in  France xj_*.
To Mrs,  It,  li.  Bambrlclt, i <jJn.��Kn-n
The   Rectory,   Yarmouth,   N.S. ''Y '
Heath   .Mother, -Am    keeping  well, i   r^tm^i
have   good   food   and   well   protected r^*-**���
from ihe weather, but have some difficulty keeping  uninvited guests  from
,     visiting me.    Have you any patriotic
his chest and rub It right in. lo make   ,_     .��._ ,,,.,        .J   ,     something
���"""        '    'iniekly j ,.���_ ., _,t, overssasMf so, do you know | OfW
Nerviiine     penetrate     more
e     pmiei.rat.e     more     quio-Kiy   r-. ., -if- overseas? If so. do you know
cover his chest and throat with a hot something  that   Is good    tor every-
flannel    bandage.    This    treatment thing7   i ���o-01d Minard's Unlment.
WON .   lull.     Your  hoy   will  he   feel-, T|.v .,,���, S(>ni, ,,,��� soni|1
in;,' better in half an hour, and you
will have the satisfaction of knowing
you have warded off perhaps, a cold,
or grippe, or illness that might have
laid him up.
Nerviiine is mighty good for preventing colds and for breaking up a
bad one. too. For general family use
It cures all sorts of external aches
and pains���you simply can't heat It.
Try it tor earache, toothache, neuralgia, sciatica, lame hack, rheumatism,
or lumbago, Wherever there is congestion, inflammation or pain in the
joints or muscles, Nerviiine will cure
mighty quick. The large 50c family
size bollle is so economical, so useful, it should be in every home. There
Is also n small 25c size. Dealers anywhere sell Nerviiine.
No man should buy a suli of clothes
so loud that his oilier creditors can
hear it calling.
Women With Weakness
Find New Strength
For all special weakness from
which girls and women suffer, no
surer remedy exists that Dr. Hamilton's I'ills; they maintain lhal bracing
health every woman so earnestly desires, Ihey uproot disease und bring
strength that lasts till old age.
The  blood  is    richly  nourished   by
Dr.  Hamilton's    Pills.    Appetite    increases, weakness and secret ills give
way  lo  surplus  energy    and  reserve |
No pale girl, no ailing woman can
afford to miss the enormous good
thai comes from Dr. Hamilton's I'ills;
get n 25c box today.
"That statesman praises his country
very highly,"
"Yes. and he's noi backward In his
enthusiasm for himself."
Your affectionate son, Rob.
Manufactured  by the
Minard's Liniment Co., Yarmouth, N.S.
Lady- Ami you say :
ou an
an edu-
caled man?
Wearied   Will    Yes,
l'm    a
roads scholar.
Baby's Own Tablets are guaranteed
by a governnieni analyst to be absolutely safe and free from injurious
drugs. Once a mother has used them
she would not use anything else for
her little ones. Concerning them .Mrs.
George Tallinn, Noelville, Ont., writes;
"Please send me two more boxes of
Baby's Own Tablets for I have found
them so good for my baby, I would
not be without litem." The Tablets are
sold by medicine dealers or by mail
at 2i> cents a box from The Dr. Williams' .Medicine Co.. Brockvllle, Ont.
".���Mrs. Blank is in deep mourning,
Isn't she?"
"Very deep. I hear that she had discharged her blonde chauffeur and hired
a colored one."
H   -album
and consider the duty yon ow
your country, your friends  and
yourself   in   this  groat   war  of
rlghl against might, Are you doing your pun'.'
War Newsjjl
Nearly every Farmer in Canada knows
of the McLaughlin people, who havo
been making high grade buggies anil
sleighs since ISO!), and automobile:! sine*
They are now devoting their anllre energies lo motor cars.
They recommend Model DBO as .specially suited to the Canadian fan
It looks what ll is���a good car.
It Is not too small���nor yet too larg*
���just the right size for a lady to drive
It it a. solidly built car that will stand
tlie hard   wear.
It has a powerful "Valve In-Head" i-.ii*
glue of :'0-"5 Horse Tower.
It baa 32*I_C_ tires and 110-Inch wheel
it has genuine leather upholstering,
hair filling and deep spring cushions.
It will seat five people comfortably.
It. has electric self starting and lighting system, and Is furnished complete to
tho smallest, detail.
Bo up-to-date and buy a McLaughlin
Prloe $1,110���F.O.B.   OsCmw-. IM"
Write to-dati  lor   our  free  booklet
"Farm Llle and Freedom."
i .ae.lit*-
'.-    I        ���   -
<���'..' em -
���v ��� ..-�����
���.*.'...." j ���
* ,*��� .,   ������_��
O".., ::_*,
<Jh-lqu -
��� M'urxji ���
<>lJILtJI ���
<:��u*_!_- ���
Oui'.'-e ���
<!.'_.. ;__.���
��� .i"-,.aLj ���
���_���_���_: .
W. N. U. 1101
Tlirrfl t�� more cnlarrh ln tills u?')tlon
nf thft country tlinn all other di.pAsei
! put together, and until the last tew
i ypHrs w.is supposed to be Incurable.
; For a great msuy years doctors pro-
I nounce* it n local ataeaso and prescribed
local remedies, and by constantly ratlins
to cure with local treatment, pro*
nounced it Incurable. Science baa
proven (""at.rrh lo bo a constitutional
disease, and therefor,- requires constitutional treatment. Hall's Catarrh Cure,
manufactured by !���'. J. Cheney ft Co.,
Toledo. Ohio. l�� ihe only Constitutional
euro on the martlet, it is taken Intern*
nlly In doses from Hi drops to a toa-
BUOOllfUl It nets directly on tlio blood
ond mucous surfaces of ttio system,
They offer one hundred dollars for any
case' It falls to cure. Hend for circulars {
nml  testimonials, i
Address:   !���'.   J.   I'lIKNUY   5   CO.,   To* |
leuo.  Ohio
Sold bv  Druggsts,  "fie.
Take Halt's Family fills for constlpa
around you and see how many
Of liie men you know so well q
who are "doing their bit."
Would you nol he happier with
Litem? When lhe hoys return
which would give you the greatest pleasure io eheei or be
A holt now will save a trip to town
during ihe rush season;
When Holloway's Corn Cure is applied to a corn or wan it kills ihe roots
and the callosity conies out without injury to thc flesh.
Gloomy Workman (whitening posts
and curbs, to chatty ladyl--Thore's nothing inspiring about  this job, mum.
Now, in  me own line,  whitewashing I
ceilings, you can put some soul in ycr!
work. I
lo the pleadings of humanity
and of your own conscience.
You may never again have such
an opportunity to asserl your
manhood, Why nol grasp ii ,
P   now'.' O
"i)(i MEN required lo complete
the limit OVERSEAS BATTALION of the CAMERON illCril*
LANDERS, a distinctive regiment with a distinctive uniform,
-Lieut. Col. J. A. Cantlie, Q.C
Any physically 111 Britisher is
invited to join,
Enlisted men are granted 30
days' leave with pay where Ihey
can show they are going to
work  on  farms   for  seeding.
Transportation will he I'or-
�� warded to recruits from outside
points Immediately on receipt of
medical certificate from your
local doctor. All communications to he addressed |o the Adjutant, 17l)th Cameron Highlanders, Mlnlo street, Winnipeg.
12 Branches Throughout Canada
1   landi
3 ��3 C
Handy thing
tire plioiii-
1 9
**.... i,
'i in-i'-n linn; lins*n iing. 1 lal-
lo "Is that WillotiRhby, the
tailor?'' "Yes, Wil'.oughby is
speaking," "Cuii vou make
eie uiiotlici |iair of trousers in
,i hurry?" "Yes." ' Last
puir wus 0. I., in evci v tyny.
This was n conversation on
phone   22  yesterday,    II you
il IVll'l  time   tn im I   pliom  me
.unl I will ntteiul in your
wauls. Business nliom 22
house 7JX. Nn tronlile to
reply to you .it anv hour o( the
tiny rn night.
R. Willoughby's
(hili While Tailor in Courtenny
Nexl tloor to the i ipern   House
Practical Shoemaker ami Repair
Next to linrily & Biseoe
When  In  Doubt
Play  Trumps
Have Goard Tune Your Piano
I'nctory Uxperieuce
Recommends   from   Leading  .Musicians
from the Atlantic to lhe Pacific,    Copies
of same furnished ou request
W, J, Goard   will De   lu this city   shout
April   1,      l.eave orders   at this  Office,
or write direct to
845, 8th Ave., W.    -    Vancouver
Palaee Livepy
H-irses  and   Buggies   for   Hire  u.
Terms cash.
Wc   also  attend   to   wood li.(tiling
Courteuay Phone 25
The thanks of Lieut. Co
1. .1  W 1
Ward 1', the  cflic ".-. .1111
nu .1   ni
t ne 102nd Uatt,,C,C 1''., are due- to
the Indies and children   ul
.unl district lor iheir  kint
llieSS   ill
so generously contributing,
entire 1\
uiisolieited, to the limny n
,tol '.he
liiillnlion ho_pital,     Tlie
Stllll    III
5111 m .1- collected t>s- the 1
lilies,  US
.shown mi   the   follow ing
-heel  ;
By Cash
Collected by
Mis. Atkinson	
$ 8 75
Mrs. Bailey	
tu 1 0
Mi-s C.tiiie	
-17 25
Mrs   Martin
pi on
Mis. Vigors.
11 011
;��� is  Wllkersoii	
ii ou
51 11  00
To Cash
David Spencer "_ Co	
?.*/' *>S
U, C. Stevens & Co	
IS os
Mi. |   Carthew	
2d on
Kxpre.-w charges	
Materitil, etc	
X  00
7 9��
cured the contract for supplying
provisions lo the lo.nd Butt.
Tlie following appointments have
been gu'/.etlei ; 1,1 he pr. visional
lieitteuaiit(8upernuinerary) 1'ivdcr
ick (iiisby, James Stanley McAdmn
To be lieutenant (supernumerary)
Archibald McJJcliei-nn Phillips,
At the ijoofe Spit mi Wedfiesr
dii> next the Sergeant's mess will
be lilted up lo sell refit sliiiieuls for
the children The officers will allow the Indies of ih,.' district tlie
use of their rooms in which to hold
leu rooms, etc., where ten, cake
nnd coffee cm be procured Inr leu
cents, There will also be a i*vp-*i'
lent fur the telling of fortunes, etc,
a vocal concert, nt which Sergt.
Petch will assist, ice cream parlors
and various other attractions. 'I'he
proceeds from these attraction's will
be for the benefit uf St Joseph's
hospital, and the ladies of Comox
who are in charge uf the affair cordially Invite everyone in tlie district
In entile to tlle Spit next Wcdnes
day mid enjov tiie sports and sample the good things they have provided.
Willard's Harness Emporium
Fine Showing ol   Horse   Dlnnkets,   hap
Ru   -,  Gloves, Trunks,  Suil Cases,  Ktc.
Cumberland and Courtenay
Yon eannot eat your
eake anil have it
But you have the satisfaction
of knowing that the ingredients are of the highest
grade when purchasing at the
Courtenay. Customers swear
by, not at, "Purity" Bread for
Cakes of all descriptions made
to order
Courtenay   Bakery
jjlll  on
Signed Mrs. J, G. oatlev
Hon    Sec. Treasurer
Included in the gilts are seven
hospital cots, presented as follows :
Cot to be named "Ye.da" pte
seuted by Miss Game.
Cot lu be named "The Elk'1 presented by Mrs. Martin
Cot to be named " St Joseph "
by St Toseph hospital
Cot named " Ward " presented
by Mrs. and Miss Ward,
Cot named "Point Holmes Wireless Station & Kye Bay, ' presented by Rye Bayi
Cot to be named " Vigors," pre
seuted by Mrs. Yi. ors,
For each cot there was donated a
white enamel toilet sit, consisting|
of jug. basin aud   pail, and  a pair j
of flannelette sheets.
An operating table and surgical |
cabin- 1, both white enamelled, of;
local in ;ke. were included in the
donations, as also were pillows,
pillowslips, hot water battles, towels, feeders, and many other articles in general use in hospitals,
The ladies of Atlin made a donation through Mrs. Laycock of a!
cheque: to the value of $30, this'
amount to be expended by tlie 1
Battalion Medical officer. Ur, Mac-
Neill, when and how it may be required.
Tiie Children's Willing Workers!
Society of Oomox made many articles themselves and collected for
such articles its could not be made
by 1 belli, as I hey wished ten lo
make Iheir contribution to the battalion hospital. Their gifts included pillow, pillowslips, rubber-sheeting, seeks, bed socks, bandages,
mouth-wipes, too h-brushes, nail-;
brushes, gauze, safely pins, pyjamas, flannel cloths, dish cloths,
scrubbers, glass speciment holders
sutl a large supply of empty buttle:--.
Repeat' illy it has been said that
the hospital ol the 102nd Battalion
is one of the fintst. if not actually
the finest. battalion hospitals thatl
has been equipped in British Columbia, and this is due lo a very
great extent to tlie ladies and,
children of Comox and district, to
whom too much credit cannot be
given forthe generosity and energy
displayed in tllis connection.
Simon Lizer ol   Victoria  basse-1
Do not forget to make youi
news known through the medium
of the local paper, run by local
men for local people A community is often sized up by lhe appearance of the local paper, and as
Some nice things have been said
about "The Review" in this connection, it is up to the local people
to help make the paper interesting.
Be public spiiited and send in your
Charles Wheeler
begs to aunounccc
that he lias opeeed
The Elk Hotel Barber Shop
Chin' ness a Specialty
Comox, 1!. C.
Best Meals North of Naniaino
Choicest Liquors and Cigars
C.  A. Martin,   Prop. |
Bryde's Bakery &
Tea Rooms
Calhoun Block Courtenay
We win the favor of the  citizens and  soldier boys
because we give value  for the money.   Our tea
room is superlative.   The place to get a dainty tea.
Good cakes and brea 1 of quality unsurpassed.
Buy direct from McBryde's Bakery
Remember the address     -     Next the Royal Bank of Canada
First-Class Plumbing
Hot Water and Steamfitting
Jackson & Whittle
Phone o, Courteuay I
If a Coal Right Owner
to attend the   meeting next
in the Agricultural Hall
at 8 p. m.
i\3?'mm\*tmJ&.}\ CM tii Sill II
:*'.___,,-:-;3    ��__&   e_C-__3Lvr-.. :rr.
A 2
Produce More and Save More
Health Salts
Sutton & Kirkwood
Undertakers and
Night or Day Calls Promptly
Phone 21
The Ideal Disinfect
ing Fluid
The Empire needs food. If you are not in the fighting line you may be in the producing line. Labour
is limited - all the more reason to do more than ever
before. Grow food for the men who are fighting for you. The Allies need all the food that
you can produce. Every little helps. You are responsible for your own work. If you
cannot produce as much as you would like, produce all you can. Work with the right
spirit. Put fighting energy into your effort and produce now when it counts. The more
you produce the more you can save.    Producing and saving are war-service.
Make Your Labour Efficient
In wi'f nine do not waste time and energy on unim-
portant  and unprofitable   work.    Economize labour.
Put off unproductive work till after the war, and, if
help in producing something needed now.    Let us not waste labour.    Canada
If possible help to feed the Allies.    Make your backyard a productive garden.
needs it all
Cultivate it with a will
Make your labour count for as much as possible.
Do Not Waste Materials
There should be no waste in war-time.    Canada could
pay the annual interest on her war expenditure out
of what we waste on our farms, in our factories, in
Every pound of food saved from waste is as good as a pound of increased
The way for a nation to save is for every individual to save.    France is strong
Thc men and women of Great Britain are not
our homes.
to-day because of thrift in time of peace.
only " doing " but are learning to " do without."
Spend Your Money Wisely
finance the war.
better investment
Practise economy in the home by eliminating luxuries.   Wasting our dollars here weakens our strength
at the Front.     Your savings  will help Canada to
Save your money for the next Dominion War issue.   There can be no


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