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The Review Jan 24, 1918

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Array /3
Can not be done any better, and
not mute bo well anywhere elne
hereabouts. Our type and maohin-
ery in complete and The Review
prices are right
��������* H��*-t-m��-*ttHH-��*H��MH'*M��m44 ******
Gents'  Furnishings
and Hatters
VOL. 6
NO. 8
Auction    Sale
Friday January 25
At the Harvey Ranch, Lower Raad, Sandwick,
18 head Dairy cattle, Team Horses,  Harness,  Implements, hay, potatoes, turnips
at  1   o'clock.    No reserve
Terms : 3 months' credit on approved note
Wednesday Feb. 6, at 10.30
Dairy Cattle, Implen*__,.ts, M*.cVir_ery,H5i*3eho.d
Furniture etc, Including Piano Pla er, Ford car
Rowboat, Magnet cream Separator, Sewing Mach-
!ne, Hydraulic Ram, 5 H.P. Cas. Engine, etc, for Mr#
J. de L. Lawrence, Kye bay.
Particulars from
Telephone 10 COURTENAY
Gents' Furnishing Store
We also have a shipment of Ladies Shoes and the Rinex Sole
Shoe for Children
Call and see our goods, you'll always find our prices right.
Courtenay Gent's Furnishings Store
Opposite Shepherds' W. Sutliff, Prop.
Let Us Solve Your Tea an d
Coffee Problems.
.���""���"-������H^-W'-il"1 i
We have a splendid stock of Teas
and Coffees for you to choose from.
Teas ranging in price from 40c to
$1.25 per lb., and Coffees from 35c to
60c per lb.
We will be pleased to grind samples of fresh Coffee
beans for you to select from
Local Lines
Mr. Geo, Clinton was a visitor
in town on Monday,
Ceo. Fletcher, of the Nanaimo
Music House was in town last
The Maple I.inl Theatre will be available for tlie children's practice dancing
(roth 1 to 2.30 on Saturday afternoon,
Tlicrs. Menzies returned fiom
Zenith, Alta, on Wednesday uight's
boat, He left with \V, II. Kirk-
wood last February,
Mr. Win. Duncan was at Alberni
on Monday evening speaking on
behalf of Food Conservation and
production at lliot place,
The annual meeting of the   Comox Creamery Association   will be !
lield in the Agricultural Hall  this
(Thursday) evening.
Robt'. Duncan, writing from the
front, says they had good weather, j
good food aud a good time   in the ]
trenches on Christmas.
Mr. Herman Mahrer of Nanaimo
was in town yesterday,
Mr. J, R. Lockard, of Cumber-
laud \vp_ in town on Tuesday after
John Duncan i.-- in an English
hospital suffering from shock received nt Cambral,
Capt.-eadnell has . urcliased a new Ford
car from L'.  Emde.
Tlie choir ol tlie Presbyterian Church
Intend giving a concert [ou St. Valentines Day, l'-l).  14,
Geo. J. Hardy, Auctioneer, h,is
a couple of Auction Sales on li is
lir-t. On Friday, Jan. 25, he ivill
sell for Mr. Kuboto at t, e Harvtv
j     A meeting of the directors ot tlie |
I Farmer's Union was held 0:1 Mon-1
day to. take the. necessary to  form
a Da'ry Producer's Association.
Mr.   Caribou's  Ford   traclor is
1 now in commission and can be seen
. hauling timber from the Dyke sawmill to the  station tlirougli  Courtenay.    ���
Next Wednesday Jan. 30th, 3rd
episode ot "The Fatal Ring'' a 5
Act drama, "The Flame of Youth"
and a Luke Comedy,
Miss O. Ii, Hayes,   Director  of
Food Economy for tlie Food   Conservation Committee of B. C.   will
will arrive in Courtenay  ou Saturday. Jan. 26, aud on Monday, Tues
'day, and Wednesday will give demonstrations in the I, O, D. E, tea
I rooms from a 30 to 4.30.    Ladies
and gentlemen are invited to attend
Ranch to   Rent���160   acres,   20
cleared, dwelling house  aud bam,
gaiage, small orchard,   on  Lower
Road.    Apply at Review Office,
!STEPHEN LTD., 16th Ave. and
Main St. Vancouver, B. C Monuments, Headstones and Cemetery
Fences, the largest Monumental
works iu the west.
Strayed Away���One three year
old Holstein cow, should have calf
about 8 mouths old, mark, a hole
in each ear. Also 4 yearling heifer
calves. Anyone knowing of their
whereabouts "please notify Smith j
Bros., Saadwick
For Sale���A quantity of good
marketable timber by the sea; one j
haul will put it in the water. A '
good safe booming ground, Will
sell cheap for cash. No reasonable
offer refused. Apply at Review
Office. ;
To Rent���House lately occupied
by T. Booth.   Electric  light,  hot '
and cold water,   and   all   modern
conveniences.   Apply W. Duncan.
For highest prices in hides, scrap
metal and old rubbers see Wm.
Douglas, Courtenay,
Cleveland Bicycles and bicycle
supplies at the Ford c;jruge.
Go to McBryde's for quality
See Charlie Chaplin in the
Walker" at the Maple Leaf Theatre.     . aline. Saturd-y at  2.30 p.
in., and evening at 7,30 p,  in.
Harry Loggie and Joe Aunand
are at Seal Island ou a hunting expedition thi- week, Archie Bur-
nest is managing lhe s'.ore during
Harry's  absence,
The members of the City Council, with the exception cf Aid. Kerton, tcok the oath of office 011 Mon
day forenoon, and adjourned until
Wednesday evening tor the first
Cumberland's Mayor and Council ^vere elected by acclamation
this year. The Council i.-, as follows: Minor, P, P, Harrison,
Aldermen���T, E, Hanks, W, Brown
T, H. Carey, J. Furbpw, las. 11.
Halliday, George Tarbell,
Rev, Thos, Men/.it-s caught a
large white long eared owl iu his
chicken yard on Wednesday morning which measured 54" from tip '
to tip, ami was 22" long. The
bird put up a game scran, and severely scratched Mr, Menzies hand
before giving up the ghost. Mr.
Menzies .will ha\e the bird stuffed
and mounted.
Mr. Caribou's new tractor came
grief on Tuesday afternoon while
trying to cross the railway tracks.
Tlie force of the engiue bent the
frame making it impossible to go
ahead or to back up. Frank Mo-
vitz pulled the truck back off the
track, when the reach of tile tractor i
broke, scattering the lumber across
the road. So tightly bound that
it took the combined efforts of the
Royal Standard and Ted Cliffe's
motor trucks to haul it to the garage.
-.'loo,-1 ranch 13 dairy cows, 5 belters, and
a quantity of hay, potatoes, and
turnips. O" Feb, 8, he will sell
for Mr, J. deL Lawrence all his
farm .stock, implements, household
effects, etc. ���
Presbyterian Church
St. Andrews'  Saudwick
Service 2 p.m.     Sunday  School
and Bible Class 3 p. in.
Sunday School and  Bible Gas
10:30 a. in-    Evening service 7:30
!>. 111. All welcome
Drug Store
Nyoltis Talcums
Rose,   Baby,
Lilac, Violet
.    Mayflower
Perfumes :
Locust Blossom
Mygracia, Mayflower
and Wood Vio'_t
Courtenay   ���   B. C.
Expert Watchmaker
Qualified Optician
Watchmaker,   Jeweler
and Optician
Union Street, Courtenay
K-vy��iw.>.ii> *
Go to
For Fresh  Tobacco, Cigars
Confectionery   and
Soft Drinks.
Isabel St.    Next Royal Bank
Comox Creamery
60c per lb. this week
Courtenay Shoe Store
We are Headquarters for
Rubber and Leather Footwear
to suit any member in
A general assortment of
always Rept in stock
We invite your inspection
P kem 48
Next the Drug Store
iHtn; ��-*#t_. ______Mr4v *w THE
ii. \
^'^t^^'if'fmfms^ni*mmttiii "gj-mr^S^^^i
The F
'"louse W ith a IVlagnetism
The home-like nU'.iocipiiere of the Walker House (The House of Plenty) Is
the powerful magaet that annually attracts thousands ol people to ils doors,
Every appointment, eve-? surrounding have 'just lhat touch of chee-inoss
that makes.you eel coauortable, und comfoi t is (he one desirable feature you
seek when travelling.
The management <avs special stress on looking niter the requirements of
WOMEN and CHILDREN wlio may lie traveling without gentlemen cscn. is.
If you stay at the Wa'.kcr House when in Toronto, you, too, will feel the
magnetic influence of ils homc.ino atmosphere,
The Walker House
Toronto's Famous Hotel
Geo.     \\ i ., and
K. M. Carroll, I'roi
Pacific Coast Excursions
Canadian Northern   Railway   Is Oi-
lcring Special Inducements
vo "tourist:;
.���'   I a Ccvi tuil_���:-. away o . i ui o*
Pacific coast, other folks an   enjoying the temperature and   sports   r��,
suii bathing can bc had out there,
>: i!- it is pretty cold on tin pral-
n ". Greatly reduced fares arc offered |..i the . Caaadl.-ui Northern
Hallway, and tickets are on sale
Dec. 2 to 8, I'H., Ian 6 to 12, 1918,
and Feb, .1 to 9, 1918. Al! tickets
good to return up to April 30, Tic!
cts may bc purchased for New Wcsl
minster, Vancouver, Victoria, Scat-
tic, I'ortland, San Francisco, Sa;,
Diego, Los Angeles or nny othei
placi   i u tin   Pacific i oa >l  you wish
Thousands of thoughtless people neglect colds every winter.
A cough follow.; they get rundown���then stubborn sickness
sets in. This can be prevented easier than il can be cured.
If you will give your system the benefit of a few bottles of
you will find your whole system strengthened.    It will
/$> fortify your lungs and throat and enrich youi* blood
against  rheumatism.     Scott's is powerful concentrated
nourishment without drugs or opiates.
Don't neglect taking Scott'.*���������  GOinmenca today*
Won Fame on Its Merits.���The
unbounded popularity thai Dr, Thomas1 Electric Oil enjoys is not attributed to any elaborate advertising,
for ii has not been so advertised, bul
is entirely due to lhe merits of this
.Oil as u medicine, in every city,
'town ;unl hamlet in the country il is
light after solely because of its
���(���il qualities.
..._��. ',.���������������<-. Or...
Convicted of Murder
_   Queen's dessert
A Pure Vanilla Ealing Chocolafe
The smoothest, the richest, the most perfect chocolate that can bc manufactured from the cocoa
Sold everywhere.
Made in Canada.
V. i'. li. Annual Excursions
Excursion Rater, to Eastern Canada.
United States antl Coast Cities
The annual excursion rates to tlio
East, as well as home visitors ex :ur-
sion rale, to points in the United
States, will bc in effect daily during
thc month of December. The solid
vestibulcd, no transfer, two daily
through trains ("Canada's Finest")
of thc Canadian Pacific Railway offer
travel in absolute comfort.
On certain dates during December,
January .-unl February, excursion
rates to Vancouver, Victoria and
New Westminster will lie effective.
The company have published attractive literature, descriptive of these
event, which will be sent upon request to nearest C.l'.lt. agent or by
addressing Geo, A. Wilson, General
Passenger Agirni, Winnipeg.
It's a guarantee of satisfaction to
travel via "The World's Greatest
Miller's Worm rowdcrs will purge
the stomach and intestines of worms
so effectively and so easily and painlessly that the most delicate stomach will not feel any inconvenience
from iluir action. They recommend
themselves lo mothers as a preparation that will restore Btrength and
vigor lo their children and protect
them from th< debilitating effects
which result from the depredations
of worms
Unhappy Belgium
Germany's disregard for every
consideration of l.i.nor and humanity
Is been ow more Iii the statement
from The Hague thai she lias decided to appropriate for her own use
half tin Belgian yield of potatoes.
fruits and vegetables, while the other half is to bc used in part "for ex-
Ira rations to workmen who are engaged In work for Germany." Was
mi Industrious and peace-loving people ever compelled to Lear a more
grievous yoke than the om imposed
Upon King Albert's afflicted nation?
���Frovldem    lournal.
Minard's  Liniment Cures Distemper.
A magnificent head-dress over
futir feet In height and made entirely
frnm macaw feathers, has been
brought back from the head waters
of the Amazon and deposited in thc
museum of the University of Pennsylvania by Dr, William (.'. Farabce,
the explorer.
Girls Were Carried Away
'Il.e German government, iu an
official communique, admits lhat
young nil-Is of Alsace have been nar-
ried away from their homes. "Only
eight and a half per cent." of thc
girls are under 17 years of age, the
official statement declares, Willi
these crimes still Ir ing perpetrated
and l>\ an absolut ��� autocracy thai
threatens to visit the same inhumanities upon our own young women, we
engage in calm discussion of miserable partison squabbles.��� From the
London Free Press.
Minard's Liniment Cures Colds, etc.
It Must Be a Knockout
Germany lias got to he dcfea'.cd in
this war. It is not enough tIt.it she
is now willing to ouit on thc basis
of getting out of Belgium and Northern France, leaving those regions
desolate. If the war ended as matters now stand it would be found
that Germany Iran made vaster con-
qucsts than those, for she has subjugated Iter allies, Austria, Bulgaria
and Turkey, and with control of a
population of 150,000,000 people
would proceed to fi! out on a greater
scale than ever for a war of conquest.���Toronto Sur.
The most obstinate corns aud
warls fail to resist Holloway's Corn
Cure,   Try it.
Farmer Living   Near   Medicine    Hal
to   Hay  J'enalty  for  Crime
After one of the mosl sensational
as well as one- of lhc longest criminal trials ever roiuhlctcd in a Canadian court, Adam Ncigel, a farmer
living near Medicine Hat was convicted of the murder of his uifu
Clara Ncigel by poisoning ami he
wan sentenced by Mr, Justice Hynd-
inau to In- hanged on March 22.
The evidence against Nclgcl was
wholly circumstantial, there being no
direct proof lhat he had any poison
or thai he administered it to bis
wifc, Thc circumstances proven In
evidence showed that lie must have
given In r tin strychnine In a glass
of whiskey which Ncigel admitted
giving her. Witnesses who saw her
die described symptoms thai corresponded almost identically with those
of strychnine poisoning. Other wit-
nesses swore that Ncigel told them
he had poisoned his wife and the
chemical analysis of the stomach
showed the presence of strychnine.
| Coupled with these facts was the
evidence of witnesses thai Nelgel
had heen haling illicit relations with
another woman, who it happened
was one. of the witnesses who saw-
Clara jfeigel die. The defence held
lhat she swore as she did against
Ncigel to get revenge on him _ for
telling her husband of the relations
tha had existed between them.
The jury did nol believe the story
of conspiracy and found thai lhe
circumstances {.roved lhat Ncigel
was guilty.
(lentian Atrocities
Willie���"Oh,   mother I   The   train
killed  a loan  on our railway    crossing!"
Mother���."ThanlrHcavenl Now we
can get that crossing protected."
Mr. Tom Wing, M.l'., tells a story
of a venerable Scottish mother who
has lost four sons in thc wav. When
a sympathizing friend asked how she
managed to bear her sorrow, she
quietly replied: "Well, I just keep on
knitting socks and jerseys; I count
the stitches, and haven't time to
i count my sorrows."
A Young American Who Tells What
lie Saw
An Ann rican college stlldi i I v ho
served in the ambulauci corps foi
lour months at the western front rc
lutes the following ill the. Yah Literary Magazine;
"The  morning  following  Ihr.-,   lhe
scclion   uiul   into  C ,   which   \il
lage had heen abandoned Hint liighl
by the Bodies. As we drovi through
lhc shattered town and pasl tin Ilo
tel de Villi- a sigh! greeted our eyes
which was worse than anything wc
had yel encountered. Stretched oul
on n number ol planks thnl had been
lorn from the wall of a nearby house
ivcrc three Prone1, poillls. Two long
bayonets used a. pikes pii reed each
man llirougli llu shoulders, while the
hands and feet of each had been severed, interchanged, and tied in place.
Underneath liie poor fellows the
Bochcs had scrawled in black charcoal on a white board, "Stare and
wonder." Wc made photographs of
the monstrous atrocity, threw the
bodies in a corner lo await lurri;..'.
and proceeded to our lask."
$100 Reward. $100
The readers ol this pru.er wiil be pleased
to leain iliat there is nl least one arende-
llise.se lliat science liar, lieeii _li!c to cure in
nil Its stages, and that Is catarrh. Calarrh
being greatly- inlluenced by constitutional
conditions requires constitutional treatment,
llall'o Calarrh Cure Is laken Internally and
acts through the Utood on the Mucous Surfaces ol the System, thereby destroying the
foundation of tire disease, giving the patient
r-treuglh by building up the constitution anil
assisting nature iu doing its work. The r-r��
prietor.T have .so much faith in the cur.-.live
powers of Hall's Catarrh Cure that they offer
line Hundred Hollars for any case that it
tails to cure.   Henri for li-.t of testimonials.
Address: F. J. CHENEY Sr Co., Toledo,
Ohio.    Solil by all lire, .gists. 75c.
"My son, tliis will hurt me toons
than it will you," said the boy's
father, fingering thc strap���and for
once it was true, for the old man
had rheumatism in both arms.
The Earl of Perth, who is a prisoner at Rtthlebciii has received from
Ids fel'ow prisoners there the title
of tlie Pearl ofslhc Earth. The title
needs no explanation; lln litlle it
does need i.-. apparently supplied bv
thc fact that Lord Perth, wlio Is forty-six year. old. recently competed
In some soldiers' races, and made
the mosl gallant efforts to beat men
cf half his age.
"There's a great deal to be. said
on  both  sides," he asserted.
"Oh, f suppose so." she replied
wearily; "but what's to be said on
the  other  side  doesn't  Interest   me."
W.    N.
Study the Inside Nerves
To Learn the Cause of
WITH the brain as its centre,
the nervous system reaches
out to every organ of the
human body. From the spinal
column and from the various nerve
centres the thread-like nerve fibres
find their way to every nook and
corner of the body, controlling all
movements and action, and making
a living being of the mass of flesh
and bone.
Without the nerve force which
is manufactured in the brain there
could be no beating of the heart, no
breathing of the lungs, no digestion, no activity, no life.
It is only when you think of the
nervous system in this way that
you begin to realize its true
importance and to appreciate the
far-reaching effects of any derangement of the nerves. Any break in
this connection with the brain, or
any pressure on the nerve fibres to
interfere with the transmission of
nervous energy, means helplessness
or paralysis of the part affected.
It may be the loss of power to use
Dr. Cha
60 cents a box, a full treatment of 6 boxes for $2,75, at all dealer., or Eduianson, Bates _s Co.,
limited, Toronto.   Do not be talked into accepting a substitute,   Imitations only disappoint.
the hand or failure of the stomach
to do the work for wh'ch it was
If there is ever a time when
sympathy is needed it is when the
nerves give way. But you must
have more than sympathy if you
are to recover your nervous energy.
The feeble, exhausted nerve cells
must be nourished back to health
by the use of such treatment as Dr.
Chase's Nerve Food.
This treatment is so gentle and
natural in action that it admirably
suits tha delicate condition of the
exhausted nervous system, and at
the same time is wonderfully
potent in restoring vigor and
A little patience is necessary, in
order to build up the nervous system so far run down, but as headaches disappear, digestion improves, and you rest and sleep
better, you will be encouraged to
continue this treatment until re-
storation is complete.
"* r THE    u'KVlK-W,    COURTNEY,    B.    C.
A Vessel That Stalks the  Noiseless U-Boats By a Wondcrfu
Listening Device, and Shoots Torpedoes nt its Prey on the
Principle of a Shot Gun
Have they stopepd the submarines)
User your own judgment, but eon-
��l.er carefully thc significant dc-
relopmcnts of tho last few weeks.
Por they arc the most significant
of the war since the submarine campaign was begun by the Germans.
First���the fads: the reported sinkings two weeks ago wen- the lowest,
nnly one ship ol considerable bizc
being torpedoed.
Second���Arthur Pollen, thc foremost writer-expert on naval affairs,
has changed over completely on his
views of the possibility of the submarine campaign.   Hitherto he   had
refused   to   believe   that   any   weapon
could bo devised bv which the   submarine could be combatted.
Third���Marlcy I-'. Hay of the Den
ny-Hay Submarine company oi
Dumbarton, Scotland, speaking last
week before his fellow members of
the American Society of Naval Architects and Marine l.nglnccrs, told
for the lirst time of lhe eonira-sub-
marinc thai stalks ihc noiseless U-
boat by a wonderful listening device ami shoots many torpedoes at
its prey simultaneously on the pnn
ciplc of a shotgun.
These are lln- developments in rr
nutshell. All three may be. unrelated
bnl the probabilities arc that thev
arc closely related one to thc oilier.
VVe arc safe in assuming thai lhe re
port of the sinkings is correct! wi
know lhat Arthur Pollen would nol.
be converted to optimism without actual knowledge of a new factor in the
bands of ihe British navy, and we.
have only the revelation of lhc contra-Submarine, but also a wealth of
first band knowledge on U-boats that
gives an entirely new poinl of vi"iv
of the situation in lhe. speech oi Mr.
"An up-to-date German submarine
Is perferr'v bal""ced," said 'he
Scotch builder. "The vessel can remain stationary with only lhc tops
of ber fully extended periscopes exposed. The submarines have, sensation listening devices and arc nearly
"At first, little success was had in
combatting submarines. Later developments, however, made il possible lo bear even an invisibV submarine and lo approximate il< direction-
"Contra-submaritics of this kind,
however, do all their work submerg
ed and should perferably be   armed
with 12-inch torpedoes,
"Many should bc fired at once on
the principle of a shotgun, since a
submarine may be from 8 to 20 feet
beneath iis cnlongated periscope.
"These groups of tubes may be fit
led in tin bow of thc contra-submar-
iuc In stalking enemy submarines in
this way, however,  lhc    clement    of
chance is great."
Now llicrc is not a single shred ol
evidence lo show tha England has
Ini n "getting" ihc U-boats from
nub-surface boats, and Ihe much
prcss-agciilcd "depth bomb" has been
declared to be Impracticable. Nor is
there anv reason to believe thai Germany is'calling in her submarines for
any particular purpose.
Pulling two and two together,
many an expert has learned al Llic
loss of his reputation, docs not always make four in this war. _ And jt
is true that Mr. Hay qualifies his
revelation of the contra-submarine
with "tin- clement of chance." But
he has revived nn idea consigned to
limbo long ago by thc British navy
I���that a submarine can liglit a submarine,
! Less than two weeks ago Simon
| Lake of Bridgeport! Conn., made the
i unqualified statcmcnl that it was absolutely impossible to heat -.he sub-
i marine, What lhc American expert
! will have to say after a conference
with Mr. Hay���no vishnur submarine
expert leaves America without gel-
|lliig the benefit of Mr. Lake's knowl-
' edsre���will be Interesting.
Mr. Hav docs not imply; he states
that the British navy is using    submarine  against  submarine.  And note
lhis words "later developments   make
' il possible  to bear even uu invisible
submarine and approximate ils direction."    And note  thc lowered number of sinkings.   The conlra-suomar-
inc and ils shotgun    torpedo    lubes
cannot help but lake on the appear,
aucc of being thc cause.
i    But look upon  lhc  submarine  situation in  il.e  light of  the information tbat Mr. Hay went on to shed:
i    "l talked personally with Vou Tir-
���piiy. in  1911."  the    builder declared.
"The admiral then   to'd me that   he
considered submarines in the experimental stairc. of doubtful, utihty, and
thai the German government was not
lit! all convinced tha Ihey would form
an essential    or conspicuous part of
i future naval campaigns.
.  inniwin_nii___.���. ___- ���
The business of being a man
has its advantages these days as
well as its responsibilities���especi*
ally if someone thinks enough
about him, his needs and his wishes,
to choose for his Christmas gift
-^Gillette SaS-.tj-i-.-_.
Most men are practical. The welcome gill
in the aaeful gift���the Gillette���that fits right into
6 man's intimate personal life, makes things
easier for him, and proves ils quality by the way
it shaves.
At any good Hardware, Drug or Jewelry
Store you can pick out a Gillette Set that will be
sure to give him lasting pleasure. If you have
any trouble getting what you want, write us and
we will see that you are supplied.
Officeand Factory: GilletteBuildmi, Montreal.
"He was not camouflaging, for at
tlie time it was a well known fact
that as far as submarines were concerned Germany was a third class
power. When the war began Germany had only 25 submarines in
commission and only a half dozen
Krupp-Gcrmanla type aad von Tir-
pit��� explained apologetically that
explained almost apologetically that
they had been buill for experimental
"Considering her limitations," Mr,
Hay declares, "Germany could .inly
have had 20(1 submarines in commission last May. If all her public and
private shipyards nre being given exclusively to the building of submarines Germany can only build 100
submarines every six months. Mosl
of these have been 800 to 1,000 tons
displacement. Several groups of 1,-
500 Ions displacement have also been
commissioned] and a flotilla of cifrht
so-called submarine cruisers of .,800
ions displacement,
"Early in the war, the methods nl
defence against submarines were nets
with tell-tale devices and high speed
patrol launches armed with two-Inch
and three inch guns. The Jcnlfc
edges and net cutlers were put on
the submarines by Germany and
ih, i weri armed ivith four-inch guns
to outrange thc patrol boats. The
latest German submarines have six-
inch guns and arc formidable opponents to a destroyer, On the latest
submarines the periscopes arc sometimes 10 metres high to reduce dangers from ramming.
"Earl, in the war, Germany found
tbat sinking merchantmen with 18-
inch or 20-inch torpedoes was expensive and Inconvenient, Now a 1-1-
ilich  torpedo is Used."
Never before has an authorized
Brilish authority spoken so frankly
and clearly on the submarine question, His statements were a decided
addition to knowledge on the subject.
Unfaltering England
The Business   of Overpowering   the
Military Madmen
_ Over and ovcr ;r_.iiti, with variations in the language, but with the
spirit unflinchingly always the same,
England has declared that she will
arry on thc war. until her aims arc
accomplished, and that short of that
she will never stop, no matter bow
long the mighty task takes. Again
she proclaims through Secretary Balfour in thc commons that the foremost of these aims to which she isl
irrevocably committed is that Eur-
_pc shall be free "irom the pcrpct-.
uai menace of thc military party in
Germany." Great Britain simply reconsecrates herself to ihc business of
overpowering lhe military madmen;
what sort of strait-jacket to fit on
them when thev are laid by thc beds
is matter (or decision after thev are
bound and gauged. Grent Briiain
knows that this is a phvsical, not a
vocal or n mental problem to be
discussed in a peace conference.
Mierhi must In? met with when the
a. pressor refuses 10 listen to reason
and when his pledge to behave, is
useless his power to misbehave Is
taken away from him.���Providence
War Service ��f
The Boy Scouts
Covering a Very   Wide   Range   of
An attractive badge in red and
gold cloth has been authorized by the
Boy Scouts association for presentation to all Scouls performing eighty-
four hours' voluntary service in aid
of thc military ami other public auiliorities, Red Cross and other patriotic work connected with the war
A separate badge is also authorized
lor those performing onc hundred
days' voluntary service of at least
two hours per day.
Seven hundred ami fifty Boy
Scouts have already qualified lor lhe
former badge and one hundred for
the latter. War service bodges have
also been issued in several Instances
to members of thc junior branch of
thc Boy Scouts' cause, known as
Wolf Cubs, between llic ages of nine
aud twelve years.
Tiie war services rendered by the
Canadian Boy Scouts cover a very
wide range of activities, including
messenger services iu aid of the military and recruiting nuthorlifes, Red
Cross and Blue Cross societies, the
picking of small fruits and other
farm labor, gathering waste paper
for '.'.tc in aid of lhc Soldiers' comforts, meeting wounded soldiers at
the ports of disembarkation and
otherwise assisting returned soldiers,
distributing and collecting national
service cards, assisting soldiers'
wives, tag day collections, etc. Early
in the war a number of Scouts also
operated search '-glits in a Canadian
shipyard during ihc construction of
several submarines.
Iii a number of cases Hoy Scouts
have refused proffered payment for
their services, preferring to have
these count onlv among the "dailv
good turns" which every member of
this world wide organization is encouraged to perform.
"You tell mc," said the judge, "that
this is the person who ran yon down
with bis automobile. Could you
sw-e.ir lo tbe mani"
"I did," chirped lhe complainant
eagerly, "but he didn't stop to hear
the great economy of
Lady Chetwynd, Who Has Been Active in Women's Wnr Work
In Ln-iland, Contrasts Conditions on This Side of the Atlantic
As to Assistance of Women in Helping to Win the Wnr
Flags (lying in confusion never
seen in time of peace; soldiers in Increasing number give the streets a
martial air; determination to defeat
Germany at whatever cost is on the
lips of almost every .uie���yet almost
without exception the first comment
of a visitor from England or France
"Il is hard to believ. from the. appearance of New York that there is
ii war."
Whai arc the striking differences
between the looks of London and
I'aris and of New York that form
the basis for this comment? i.ady
Chetwynd of London, formerly Miss
Rosalind Secor of New York, ju^t ay
rived in lhis country, answers tllis
"The contrast that struck me
first," she said, "was the luxury oi
life in New York, as compared with
thc extreme simplicity of London,
What we have come to recognize as
signs of war in England arc not y< t
noticeable in New York. 1 sec men
at work in many positions which In
England are now practically Idled
with women, in order lhat nun may
be released lo serve as soldiers or in
work which women cannot undertake. How would it strike New
Yorkers to sc women .servants in
m.u's dubs in ,.nUr ih.it the number ot thc men at the front may be
increased? Yet that Is what has taken place in  London.
"Men conductors in the subway
seems strange to ine, coming direct
from England. Long ago women
took up this work in London. In
transportation women as ^ drivers
havc taken the place of men in nearly every class of work except as locomotive engineers,
"America has heard what women
arc doing in the rural districts and
in lhe munition factories. But neither America nor any other country,
outside of England itself, realizes
whal the women of that country_ arc-
doing to win thc war. To me it is
the mosl wonderful expression of the
war, and it is characteristic of it that
no onc who goes to Kngland now
could fail to notice at once. The women of Great Britain have been tnilv
mobilized for war, as completely and
practically as if lhcy were under
conscription. The force of opinion
among tllffn, that each _ should do
her part side, by side with (lie men,
lias been as compelling, one might
say, as a legal requirement would
have been. It is a spirit so strong
tbat one who hesitates because of
inconvenience or love of comfort
finds herself drawn into service
willy-nilly because of thc stand women in general havc taken on the
"It is beautiful lo scc how quietly
the women have gone about it. No
boasting, no unnecessary appeals to
bn��v men for advice, no self-seeking
for notcri.ty by leaders; Just the simple concentrated desire to help ail
they can. In their grief, too, women
have shown the same noble spirit of
self-effacement. It is the custom not
to wear black for the loss oi a loved
onc, that no private display of grief
may weaken m lhc slightcsl il e national endeavor,
"So, loo, women have overcome
any tendency to hysteria because of
the terrifying Zeppelin raids on London in the night, They have corno
to face the risk as a matter of
course. Bui it is something t!...t iri
trying cn thr' nerves, nevertheless.
Imagine how a woman -.'..mid fr< I in
New York if every night ihi v. ��� to
bed not knowing whether .i '������ mil
would descend on the hou-. . one
fc'l  within a  short  distano v i
house in Hyde Park.
There is, first, thc signal ..hi.-!.
for all to clear lo safety. Next lhe.
telephones arc shut off, co that tht
girls employed at the exchanges __>_
,-cck   shelter.        You   can     '���-:���
throbbing of thc engitn t In the
.then our i;uns  going  off.  tr-.iir_r
bring  the monsters  down,  then
broken  shell gii ces   falling    on
i. It is an cxpi rience
vho has nol been ���'.;������    ;h It   -.tun.:.
"Of a'l tin   work tlujl tlw
-if England are doing, the bravest cf
I all, I think, is thc -.-..-rk in  the am-
I munition  factories.    They do  i r-i_s si
no small risk.    They must -.>!..���    ail
I pieces of in. lal oct ,,f tin ir cfcrt&wr,
even  to  hairpins,  in  order  ro  bsxta
ihc dancer of explosions.   Tbi*". im*.
form consi.-'s of overalls __d a cap.
It is something to ?sk a woman  to
work at nrrrkiu" she'la for the Hffonrt
oi men. bul  thev    have    ov. ricked
that because of the rr   ! prinefote at
"This, then, strikes me as tire great
difference between lhe appearance of
war prcr.rirruions in this coimtrv anil
those of Great Britain���you '..-.-, e not
yet begun to realize the tmoorbtnea
of saving man power bv gammoning
women to every possible cmpti-v-
ment. I know tb" women here wi'l
respond when called upon, for 1
consider American women the most
adaptable in ihc world, ami crr'am-
lv th.-v have shown how tova] ���""���!
helpful their spirit is in what 'hey
have already accomplished iri aiding
in the work.
"Thc beautiful dresses I see here,
thc opera, ihc candy on displ-v in
thc slions, a'l these scorn of a different world from lhat of London.
"My first r.ijtbt in New York
made mc realize more sharply liow
far I was from London���when ail
the lights were tunic.1 on, so _or-
I'eous but so different from London,
When evening comes there it is like
primitive night,"
w,   n.   v.   nw
Safety and
The Useful,   Durable,
Practical Pr<~se*nt
for men, w:t})flgti
and the you^nfg$8
���-at the front, in camp,
business, home and college.
$2.50, $4.00, $5.00 and up
C*nyenient lo Buy, Efts, to Send
Sold by Best Local Dealers
L E. Watem**" Compan., Limited. Montreal THE COURTENAY REVIEW
The Courtenay Review
And Comox Valley Advocate
A   Weekly   Newspaper, Published ut
Courteuay, ll. *'.
N. II. HonitN, Editor and Proprietor
Subscription $1.50 per year lu Advance
.2.IIU per annum ii not so paid
rilURSDW JAN*.   24,    191S
There was very little excitement
over tlie polling on riiitrstlay last,
the election going about as many
had predicted, The eleventh hour
entrance of Mr. Robertson for
Mayoralty, and J, \V. McKenzie
for a seut'in Word a whs probably
a mistake, although, coiisideriii?
the shortuess of llieir campaign
thev ui.nle creditable showings.
The Board as uow constructed is
composed ol men of good busuu ss
ability and sound judgment, and
four of them Imve occupied si als at
tin- Council in the past, an I i re
familial' with the bu-iiiiess of tin
city, ll is lln- duty ol ill th 'iii
zeus to aid theni in giving a satisfactory administration, Al the
best of times the positions of Mayor
and Alileini.ii isa thankless one,
Mini i.s becoming rather unpopular,
and soon it will becoi difil nil lo
secure efficient busiii is men willing to offer themselves for seals at
tbe board.
One dollar a pound Cor fat beef
on ibe hoof sounds pretty big���but
that is just what James Leosl* &
Sous of Seagrave, Out, gol foi their
chan*piqir2-yeai--old steer, Black
George, wiuiic-i' of three championships at the Toronto Fat Slock
Show last month The steer
weighed 1360 pounds and was
bought by the Harris Abbatoir Co.
for .-'i..''.'. .ui I then gi en to tlie
Halifax Relief Committee to re-sell
for the benefit of the Halifax sufferers, This animal was admitted
lo be llie finest steer of any age
ever shown in Canada, At the
same show the T. EatoipCo. bought
another steer nre,! by VV, A, f'.u'li
tie, of New Dundee, under' one
year weighing qdo lbs. at 30 cents
per pound, Other prize winners
were sold atjfrom 12 lo 20 cents
per pound, The highest price paid
for prize nml ton wa-, 37c. I.eask
also secured 2nd prizes in the same
classes, but these animals oiilv
13 r-2 cents per pound, "Jimmy"
Leask is n cous'ii of Mr, Alex.
J.ediiigham, of Grantham, who i.s
also a breeder of good cattle, as
everyone in the valley knows.,
For the first time since Confederation tlie French.Canadians who
number nearly one-third of our population, are practically unrepresented on tiie government side of
the House of Commons. Some
may say that this was their own
doing but that does not make it
any the less the concern of their
Kuglish fellow citizens. The future of Canada hangs on   the   way
tliis problem is met. To allow the
people of tlle second largest pro.
viuce to stand aside from the privileges of their national citizenship
simply because they have expressed
an unwillingness to share lis burdens, i.s to foster n couditiou that
is a ininace to tbe common WPttl,
The Union Government can neither
sultify itself by offering forgiveness
on Quebec's own terms nor can it
pursue a policy of indifference towards Oiiebe which would make it
another Ireland, n ilioni in the
flesh, ll may be taken for gran ted
thai I'nion Goveriiinen will consider tlie questi- 11 if 1 luebec on ils
nieiils, seeking 01 ly in do wbut is
best by the whole poeple, Tile
French are witli in ���they must be
made of us to the extent requisite
for the coiumno good, Quebec is
pre eminently u < its ��� for that coi>l
.ict.iii lu-1, nnu p irtiz ui, un parochial tiisdotn which Union Govern
ineiit is suppose.! 1 > imply
Maple Lei i Theatre
1 hi Wednesday evening last tha
fin 1 episode of 1 be "Fatal Ring''
\v.i. shown, und has nlrcnd. era, I:-
ed quite an interest among tbe patrons of ihe theatre. The second
episode was given last night to n
goo i hi use, <in Friday ai d Saturday nights the war picture "Fortho
Freedom of the World" dieW j'.o id
business. Tbe pictures were well
screeued and easily followed Tlie
show for Saturday night also promises lo In.- a good one
One of Capl   Vigors horses gave
liim a bad kick over the   heart  on ,
Sunday afternoon   when   lie   was
j turning ihem iulo the pasture field.
Sec Charlie Chaplin in the "Floor;
Walker" at lhe Maple Leaf Theatre,    Matinee Saturday at 2.30 p
m.1 mi   iw ning at 7.30 ]i. in.
There will   be  another  practise
dance on Saturday afternoon at  2 ,
p   111.    The children are requested !
to wear slippers, ns   heavy   boots I
damage the door,'
On Monday evening some one'
went lo Mr, Hicks Beach's meat'
safe and took therefrom a nicely I
plucked chicken. If the parly who
"lifted" the bird will send his ad-',
dress Mr. ] [ icks Bench will forward ;
a plate to jerye il on.
New Milk Regulations
Tbe Food Controller has limited
t!;e amount which distributors of
milk may add to the actual cost of
the product delivered at their premises. Since Jan, ist and until
further notiee the amount thus added must not exceed such cost by
more than 5 1-4 cents per quart
anywhere iu Manitoba. Saskatche
This Week
Dirk   nnd   1/i'lit   Slriped
Flniiiuleiis  32 in.   width
nt 15c per yard
Zephyr giugh un Ui small
ch icks   ami   plaids,  fast
enl,n;s ,it 6 yds for $1
Special   Values in   Extra
heavy    Turkish    Towels
at 35c each
ty -y|j��**-*"mt"l"*""J^f
*   J
ty   C
fi to
ty II is ii concrete fact thai ROYAL STANDARD FI.oi'l'
j'ji has few equals in ihc whole world,   A better Hour cannot
���t. 1 1..
be inside.
ty    Wlmt a pity if some of our western  home bakers are tin
li\    consciously using some other inferior flour, and paying as      ;!'.
���I;    in tfch as ROY At STANDARD can be bought for. '!'
ty Order ROYAL STANDARD FLOUR from your
ty ,       , '
jJi grocer.    Do This To-day.
..'.'. Make vour Bread, your Huns, .-unl vour Biscuits of il,    You
ty arc going to like lhc results as well or bctlei than  any yotl
,���: have bad before from any make of flour,
Look for the Trademark, "Tlie Circle  V"
on every sack.
I'liiinc 33, End of Bridge
II. Towler,  Mgr.
ly c
Curtain Muslins and Art
Draperies in Chintzs,
Madras, Plain ilcuisii died and Colored Voiles,
Scrims and Spot Muslins,
Newest Designs in Ladies
White Voile Waists
wan. Alberta and Britisii Columbia
or by more than 5 ceU-S per quart
in Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia,
New Brunswick, or Prince Edward
Buggies and Express Wagons
AU Rigs Guaranteed and Sold at the Lowest Possible Price
Blacksmith ard Pa-Ting-; Builder
of Premises
Large corner store added
to Present Stand
623-5 Johnson St.
Great Clearance Sale
at 716 Yate Street
All Goods Mutt be  Cleared
Seabrook Young
Johnson and Broad Street
Victoria, B. C.
Esquimalt  &   Nanaimo  Railway
For   Victoria���11.35    Monday, Wednesday    and
Friday, connecting at Parksville Junction with train
for Port Alberni,
From   Victoria���9.00   Tuesday,    Thursday,   and
Saturday, connecting at  Parksville Junction with
train from   Port   Alberni, and arriving at Courtenay at 16.10.
Phone R]60
 __-���_ ,
A|e_t Ctirtenf,
Comox  Livery   Stable
Phone 84 L
Auto Truck Meets all Boats
and Courtenay Trains
Autos and Teams for Hire
at reasonab'e rates
V -.; > 11  ts Audited and
Books Kept
Office with Hicks Beach  &  Field
Tiling and Repairing
Here about Oct. 1)
Leave orders at Review office
fl to
i.    _---....__.--    .       . to
���_��������   *W> *9-^���&'0M**4W> 0**40'at*     ���__-'���*���'���_��-'   ^ ��� ^utt ��� gaf ��� nif ��� Mf ��� m** ��� .*>f ��� a** ' ^^  ''
/**JT^'��f*i^��*<^ ^__^|rfW��%<M|%y_V_^^^f   F*lVH<_^<M^<AjWI
We have an Exhibit  of a Large
Assortment of New Patterns
to    Royal Standard G am Products Agency
Store Between  Bridges
h*Hl4*0Sl*H *ni*t^\****l**S^K^a'*l*e^****'l
The Brackman-Ker Milling Co. Ltd.
Courtenay Branch
We are moving this week into our new warehouse adjoining
the east end of the Courteuay  River Bridge where we would
be pleased to have you call and inspect our new premises and
and our facilities for quick leading
Clover Hay will be in stock this week, also timothy
and  Alfalfa
Let us figure with you ou your requirements for
Field Seeds.
We Deliver
Phone  66
Why the Telephone Is
Sound travels at the rate of 1,070 feet per second; the
voice when telephoning travels at the rate of 15,000 per second. Think of it! The reason sound travels faster br telephoning is because it is accelerated by electricity, not very
much, but enough for the purpose,
So you can see the telephone is thc quickest���the surest
to send, the quickest to reach the ear you seek, and the easiest to bring the answer back.    From anywhere, too,
British  Columbia   Telephone Co.
-     .....  .���. .GRAND DISPLAY
The costof Living is High ,t
Still There's Nothing Like Leather   Willard's Harness Emporium
Practical .Shoemaker and Repair
Next to Hardv & Biseoe
Fine Showing ol Horse Blankets,  Lap
Rugs, Gloves, Trunks, Suit Cases, Etc.
Harness Repaired Neatly
Cum..Hand and C_>��: I :��_ay TH__ COURTENAY REVIEW
Political Parties
While the two should be kepi
distinct und separate, there is every
reason for a Union provincial gov.
eminent lu 13 C. j-.ist ,as the Dominion has chosen to have that
I'd nn of government in place ol the
ridiculous old party systems Mr,
Brewster tod.iy Is in [opposition to
the bulk of llic ministers constituting his cabinet. Bach minister
cau ninl does things in defiance of
the Premieri nnd the latter i.s unable to carry out the pledges he
solemnly gave to thejpeople, Put
I'Oliage hns never been exercised us
il is today by Liberal members and
Liberal ministers iu spite of the
Brewster pledge of 'no patronage'
tlie Civil Service lias liven elisor-
guni/cil instead uf being r.-orgiiui-
zed, its efficiency decreased, and
instead of economy there is being
practised a degree of ext-rayngauce
For which the inx payers are paying dearly, Certain corporations,
iu which prominent party men are
interested, have lhe government's
ear, while ii has already been proved that ibe party fundi hnve rceiv-
ed generous contributions from
such sources. The revenue estimates [or the nu H-ni year will nol
he realized, In Jspite of the surtax, amusement ins. and general
speeding up in collections l>v the
various (government departments,
("undoubtedly, before many weeks
arc over there will be .1 lax
order lo recover
sale 111
arrears of luxes
that have accumulated during lhe
past four or live years. This is a
bad lookout for some of us. never
mind whether we are provinci 1'
Liberals, Conservatives, or Socialists, The present governnieni Ji is
done nothing for tlie Upturned soldiers, excect to give to tli. com
parative few minor p isitious, main
ly in the outside service, that were
given in large numbers to men
who should have been nt llie from
Besides, under tlu- present system
in tliis province, Labour lias no
voice or representative in tlie' cabinet. While many of the pre
sent cabinet wore
inir men, theii
as today exists, and responsible to
llie people to govern tho province
ns it should uo governed. Mr.
Iii-ew'ii'i' is liable to dissolve par
linuii'iit shortly, I'm- reasons ftll'Oiuly
Stilted, and ll slum Id be nt ullC.
iiinih' t'li'iir by the pi'oplti that only
11 Union form of government will
be iiiiv|iinliir. Lid ns iiinkii ourselves i]iiiie clear; while ihe win-
lasts at leasl. we believe that nu
loader can iiiidi-i'iul.u lo form a
cabinet oil prnt.y lines 1 licit will b.
efficient. Where Mr, Brewster
hns failed, Bo will John Oliver.
Sir Clifti'los Tuppur, Mr. l-'anis,
or even M r. Bowser Inil, bltoiihl
nny of these aspire to lead a party
cabinet, Il is Union or nothing.
Lei 11- nl once plump I'm- I
and lose 110 time, \V
all prejudice,
��� iienl
Drying Off A Cow
Cows v ry very much III Ihi
duration of their milking period,
nnd il i.s not idvvays the cow thai
gives the largest yield during a
few weeks subsequent to parturition lhat is the heaviest milker over
the period ol lactation, Somecows
go dry very quickly, a   great
���1 in
��� il r I
formerly work
_^^^^^ iueinl aspirations
make them anxious
and, anyway, when you are gel-
ting $500 a month why should
yuu worry about ihu woes and
trials of the horny-handed son of
the "soil? A Union government
would be led hy 11 strong man,
commanding tlie support and respect of a majority of tire electors,
and assisted by cliusen ministers
selected I'eoin the provincial Liberal, Conservative and Labor
ranks, without any -'caucus" such
_____    deal
lh.in   llie.r owners  desie ���
e (.11 themselves iiie busi-
11 ,-. of drying - iff, but there are
tilers iii \,i.i 111 1 in- inilkiug habit
i so di veloped that they cau only
1 witli difficulty, and a few
vu preforce to be "milked
situ ��� ny attempt at drying
off ould be attend id witli great
. I; of c 1 : ling 11 Ider troubles.
.'���l.-.ii. cas*s of atrophied and in -
titrate '��� .quarter found to exist
when n cow comes to calve is tlie
result of mammary inflanjation
arising ���[rom neglect to g've proper
attention ��� at drying. When the
time for drying off comes���a month
or six weeks rest is quite sufficient
���succulent and milkirjg'prodticing
products foods should be witheld,
1 Drv food is a necessary condition,
ami '-oes a long way toward di ''in-
ishiug the secretion, in the "ma-
jority of cases a drop from 'good
feedin* to a maintenance allowance
ol moderate quality hay and allowing longer and longer intervals to
lapse between the milking is suffi-
cieut; but where the yield is persistent it is useful to .give a full
dose of epsoin salts and follow it
with a couple of drenches at intervals .f three or four days, containing bold doses of alum. A'n ezam-
nle of a dryiug drench is 4 oz. each
of powdered alum and cream of tar
tar, with 1-2 oz. of bruised juniper
berries, in a quart of water.
Have you tried
"Nabob Coffee"
in   sealed  tins
50c per lb.
NABOB stands for Qualify.    We specialize
on that brand
Booth & Sons
Telephone No. 1.
Bakery and Tea Rooms
Brown's Block, Courtenay
5 The Best?aud cheapest bread in the district
14 Loa.es for $1, 7 for 50 cts, 4 for 30cts, 2 for 15.ds
We invite anyone to dispute the above advertisement}
The baker ol Better Bread
Opposite the city hall
What Mr. Hanna Says
"As Food Controller. 1 cannot
change the fact of the worltl short
ire. I cannot, by degree., over
come the tremendous deficiency
of wheat in the Allied countries 01
supply the war demand for empty
granaries. But I can, and I will
do all in mv power to prevent spe
eolation, to ensure equitable dis.
tribution of essential food supplies
nnd to limit middlemen's profit to
11 reasonable compensation for necessary services."���Hon. J W,
Bran and Shorts for Farmers
As a result uf the Order ill Cum
cil placing milk feed stuffs under
embargo for export;, except under
li-eiise from the Pood Controller,
no less than 0,640 tons of bran am
shorts intended for lhe (Juitei
Sinies have been diverted for th
use of Canadian farmers,
Grow Wheat in Quebec
Professor K Swum rby, of Mac
douald College, discussing tlie
question of wheat-growing In Que.
bee says;���"Farmers ol this pro:
ivnee can vvell afford to devote three
lo five acres of iheir land 10 wheal.
Contrary lo ihe opinion held bv
many, wheat of excellent quality
can be grown in all parts of Quebec
Binder Twine Available
An ample supply of binder twine
for Canadian leqirreiueiHs next
year at reasonable pricas has been
ensured, as the result of n 1 agreement reached between the United
States Pood Adminislrarion and the
Mexican sisal grower-: of Yucatan.
Hanna's New Year Appeal
At the . beginning of lhe New-
Year the Food Controller appeals
loall public 'spirited citizens to
study tbe facts of the world food
situation aud their own personal
responsibilities in connection with
lhe food .shortage. There i.s not
enough food in the world to go
round on the same getieroti_ scale
as before the war. "Who shall go
short?" be asks.
How It Is In Europ e
In Mr, Hoover's latest coinmuui
cation to the members of the United States Pood Administration be
says: "There is uo waste of food
ameng our Allies. There is most
drastic reduction in their consumption. There is actual privation
among their women and chi.dren,
There is starvation iu Belgium,"
He explains that every particle of
diminished consumption by the peo
pie of America is one particle more
for the soldiers, men, women, and
children of our Allies, and for the
starving people in othe"- countries.
Voluntary, individual self sacrifice
to save the world is the call to the
people of the United States and
Canada iu one of the greatest criies
of the war."
It is manufactured
tobacco in its purest
It  has
It is tobacco scientifically prepared
for man's use.
UfT r"S 3��.- 'TVZ. 3
.'_^.___��_-___i ____*!�� i ���
_.    .    ���'
Our Usual Six
ruck  Bargains
... -
��� 11
and to
, tw
all in perfect:
2 Ton Federal,
in tires to rear
Months' Guarantee
Hit, il  with large
wheels,  engine.
Price when   new
Le sale. $1750.
2 Ton Gramm
rear wheels.
k.    I.
irge exp
runninE oniei
l Ton G
Cr! Ill 111.
id and 1
1  Ford Form, a True
Engine and traiismis
fitted   with
.built al a c
.    New
ion all ri
Make   I
��! over 1
ii es
body, sin .
P. ice    ���
ly.     Tho
5600. Price
wheels,   so!
Pitted with
body.    Price  $650
1 Overland delivery, covered bi ily.    Price #550
Johnson S.reet
Less Sugar for Candy
��� Preliminary steps have been taken to curtail the use of cane sugar
in the manufacture of candies.
Manufacturer; have beeu informed
of the necessity for saving sugar
aud are now endeavoring to adjust
their business to thc requirements
of the situation. Tlie money spent
for candv in the United States and
Canada in the past year is double
the amount of money needed to
keep Belgium supplied with food
for a year.
Ladies and Gent's Tailor
Now Showing New Spring Suitings
McPhee Block    -    Courtenay
If You have a
Light,    Heat
or Power
Bring it to us we can solve it for you Electrically
The CourtenayElect ricLight
He8t & Power Ccnoanv I ��mited
Victoria, ?.. C,
"So Sophy got herself iu bad
condition bv drinking too much
soda water?"
"Yes: she was a re^uhr fi/./ i.-al
wreck.'1    Baltimore American.
There It Is Again
Wilhe���Pa, why was Adam crc.it*
ed first?;
Pa ���To give him a chance to
say something, my sou. Ciucinat-
ti Enquirer.
Sotch Thrift
Scotch sloties are in order���for
this month gives us the Bobbie
Bums birthday celebrations. Scotch
men love to tell stories illustrative
to their own t'irift anu "cauniness"
Here is one I heard yesterday: A
lady had the misfortune to lose her
season ticket for the railway. On
the same evening she had a call
from two bovs, the elder of whom
at once handed her hack the lost
ticket. The lady, delighted at the
prompt return of her property, of.
fered the boy a shilling for hi* trou.
ble. The lad refused to accept it,
telling the lady that he was a Boy
Scout and that no member of the
Boy Scouts is allowed to accept any
return for a service rendered. Just
as the coin was about to be placed
back in the purse of ,the lady ,the
boy, looking up into her face, suddenly blurted out: t'liiit my w��e
brother's no' a Scout.''
Do You
The Courtenav  Review
Family Herald and Weekly Star
and the Daily Proviuce
for one year
for $6 THE    UWIEW,    COURTNEY,    B.    0.
The squire s
_���>___ M-!��.__��. >���_ ! _���__
bo a  working hard and had
lis holiday; and ho liked his solitary
tramp across country,   through    the
sweet winding; ways which were lull
r.t surprises in ilu- country lover who
musl  dwell in lown,    It might he a
"till tarn in tin initial of a woodland,
��� i  a vagrant wind that brought the
sccnl  oi :. I i aii I eld in blossom, or
pcrhaps thc sighl o( a shei I ol speed-1
wi 11 ami stiti hwort against   a   back I
stronud ."' gn i n sill,; or, as ii had
happi ned to him lately towards even- ���
iiiK, glow worms on llur banks, !ij��111-1
inn  nt> iii
{lushing  i'
Hilary lind seen the heir, and had
ga.ed curiously ra the lit lie wrinkled
Face in which Kate Bartlctt, installed
us nurse in Silverthorne nursery,
lonml a striking resemblance to lln
Squire. For a while she laid hern
Kate Cooper in Prance; but the- had
rom. back lo her own little cottage
within llie nails of Silverlhorne park
tl Kate Bartlctt, hoik- Identifying
her wilh tie wid of thai rascal.
Cooper, who bad been at Silverdale
last year and bud robbed bis brotll-
ir-in-law of several thousand pound,1.
Silverdale did not object to Draper's
being robbed. That war, only jus-
lice, seriut; how ho robbed tin' people, 'lhe attempted nrrcst and sill-
tide oi Cooper bad bein a nine-days'
wonder at Silverdale, The scandal
Ihc village had felt at seeing him on
terms of easy intimacy with the Eil-
fcertons had been forgotten. Thc
village found nothing amiss   in    thc
earned jibe May evening, Hilary began to
troll to himself, ihe song of a lover
'Oh, mistress mine, where are y on
lie shouted it with a will ai lhe
roud dipped inlo one of ibe .i, ep ravines thai intersected il.e country in
man) directions, malting it a climcull
place for liorsc flesh,
lie wenl  ilo\\ n   rutin ������    ia i klcssly,
carried along by his song, kicking ihe
iiini stones wiih lhe iocs of his Regent stro i -hi' s wliicli wen  so tils-
,    , ,  ,  . reputable with the chalk   'In-',    thai
"' ���������������" l:""T  .'"' 71"" ihey miglii have originated anywhere
li ni   al   SOlind  <>'   a     lout-   ��]�����
Half-way down lie   was    suddcnl
antctliing in'' in
less, lier eyes met Hilary's. She
recogrtized him. There was not
linn.- for a word nf greeting. Plainly
she was terribly agitated; agitated
beyond all lovers' consciousness,
(To lie Continued,)
I [edge rows ha
ban in Great Britain,  In com
wiih    the   urcat   agricultural   pro
grain for 1918 it is feared lhal one of
ibe pretty features of English land
scape iv il 1 endcrgo drastic changes.
In many places, it is said, llie hedgerows will have lo go down, and in
many more llic trees in hedges which
have wide-spreading roots   interfcr-
Edgertons since tie' Squire had married Miss  Irpt rioii.
Hilary  travelled  up  lo  lown  irom
"Silverdale,  .inly    meeting    Mrs.    di
van.' oi
with roses and honeysuckle. 'I le- cottage turned its end to   be mid and
I looked oul  upon a fragranl    lightly
packed garden of flowers and
tables,  with au  apple   In e, pi]
How Times Have Changed
1900���The kaiser    to the    German
troops embarking on ihc Boxer expedition;
"If you meet lhc enemy you will
defeat him, give no quarter, make no
prisoners j let whoever falls iu your
fallen under ilw bands be doomed. Just as a thou-
tlon *1""' years ago the linns, under their
king Kizel, made for themselves i
name, which to this day is a mighty
one in trndilon, so may your appear
ancc make lhe name German Ik
feared for a thousand years in China,
so never again will a Chinese dare
to look  a.-kain-e at any German."
1917���Germans in  Shanghai ordered by Chinese commissioner nf [..n-
leign affairs to register twice a monili
lat die Chinese police Elation in tlm
"Old   Bostcly   says   In:   has  a   mil-  Native Cily or at bin y.-tmen in  Bub
gc". I lion-dollar brain," observed the man bling Well Road.
s a I who was always picking up Informs
ivereii   ing with plowing will have to be
rose, in blossom, and i intisi of wall- tion,
flowers and narcissi bv lie paling.      |    "Hi's  Quite  rialn." answered    the
He glanced   in   carelessly,    Then other; "ii would eosl  him fully that
his heart  nave a bound.     Only be- imicl^ lo find oni  what's the mailer
cause a. dog very like Margaret's old] with It."���Indianapolis Star-.
collie, Bruce, whom she bad cared for
through many illnesses, was lying on
the grass plol under lhc cottage window, overhung by the apple tree.
Now  collies have a    slroni; family
I likeness.    Hilary  was qililC aware of
the silliness of the thing be did when
he stopped by the cottage gate, which
I might  attract  any    dusty    wayfarer,
Und called gently: "Bruce!  Bruce!"
i    ti... a.... i....i..'..i i    ���..
"Does your husband worry nboul
lhe grocery bill!"
"No; he says there's no scum- in
bolh himself and the grocer worrying over ibe same bills."
The dog looked round, wagged   a
la_y tail and gol up, his interest more
Ipronounced as lie came towards 1 Hilt's  wonderful  how quickly a hot   ary,    He was an old dog and half-
bath witli Cuticura .Sua), followed by n   blind as was apparent by the way he
gentle  anointing with Cuticura Oint-   looked into the young man's    face,
ment relieves itching, burning eczemas,    Then he made a clumsy attempt at
n gambol and licked Hilary's hand.
The cottage door stood open, He
laid hardly time for a wild surmise
when someone came out of thc cottage. Only one person in the world
walked wiih that free gracr, Margarcl.
She  was  dressed   in  while   with  a
rashes and dialings, permits sleep for
infar.i and rest for mother, and points
lo speedy liealment in most cases when
Montmorency of his acquaintances i >' seems nothing would do any good,
nn ihe railway platform. Ue. had j rhis is only one of the many things Cu-
been very cold to il-.e good lady1 tlcura does for thc skin when used for
when -he condoled with him on the i every day toilet purposes.
arrival  of  thi    heir,     saying    with  a J   Sample Each Free bv Mail. Address post-
iidrlong glance ;.'. Hilary's --"en face   eatii:"Cuticura, Dept.N,Boston,U.S.A."    black ribbon about ber slender waist
that everyone expected the      aire to    Sold ttooughout tho world. |;,���,1 at her throat, and she was hat
do tlie handsome thing; and that for
her part she hoped that Mr. Strangways would always regard her litlle
house.���very different from Silverthorne. le, be sun---;., offering him
�� cordial welcome.
Hilary thanked ber stitily and went
aa his wav. He had not cared particularly about his position as heir
prcsumptivi ; nor indeed had he accepted the position. Preposterous,
fie would have said, to assume that
ihc Squire would die wifeless and
hildlcs-. having him lo earrv on
llic succession. If there should lie a
few lers eards on Iiis mantelpiece
Trom London hostesses, in and o-at
nl the season, fewer scented notes reminding him that be hm! been an
ibscntec too long, lhat did nol .really^ trouble him. He bad bigtrcr
ihitu's to think of. He did not even
consider the facl of Margaret's being
ri rich woman, lie ha.) been loo long
nccustoined to Margarcl for that,
There would not be verv llltf'i that
her riches could give. him. il" ,v>s
keener on making a inline for himself than the flesh-pots. He bad
fnou.'li tor dignity, even if lhc Squire
withdrew Iris allowance or cut it
The long waiting bad done so
much for liim that it had m-ile Ids
mind clear about Margaret. He said
to himself that be had crown u�� loving hor. nlliidi.'b bn- frnnk and boyishness brid lield cn. ci'-i'siu ss a'
bay. .At" ibe n .-I bad been false
fire-. "Vvi.in tin- I.rilf-vodrf.,," he
murmured to hii,:..if. 51vinn.n1/ along
a narrow [-"Vrtfordsiiirc lane about a
week laier llian lhal dav on wbirh
Mrs. de Mnnlmnrrnc.v had rasicd
him   nerhme.s vi'1' itil""tion.
"When i'e- half-gods go" The
dav was Mav's: not a Mnv of nareh-
hli' east  wi"ils a"d  llinped  b"ds. but
a Mnv of "r.--i: bloom: IJin i.. -U
the green tWrkeis; misses oi white
on ih. thorn trees: llm liedwornwj
prim -.ed gentle win-re th,. -jiiitt-'im'
llfw I'f.- luul covered un ine vote
aiu' nniidin**" of 'as' \ r>i>r'�� I,-......
He was w��� .'king off Lis ills,,,menl.
It was S-iiiod-v evening antl someone had t..1.1 bint of r>�� inn oil a
Common wbrre one mip-bl la tl"
���-...lie fed and l..ii"'-d ami In ar the
nii.ii'iiii'-l.'s at night and sr.. the
Stimuli r Ti--""it.
He was linr.l at work now; no
lono, r "iw i.i tl.e ii niiesse ih.rce. lie
snid to hlmivlf '"il entered on it"'
first .1. ns of trrli""' name and fame
vvhtrh le'.sr tn et\e l-nl hit" 'lirni'irh
tb- low door of driiil".tv. Rlu . Man
pink cheeks and p-nlden hair, lis
ft-v suit, a rose plucked from the
hedge of a cottage crib-n in tl.e
lane' of his eoat, n'-ile him |nn|<
much more lil-e a gulden vont'i than
tl.e hard-workin. F* O. eh-rlc i| v-ae.
Vis ami.;.;,-,,, in 1���>.    Vet he had re-llv
Worth Protecting
A good article is worthy of a good package.
A rich, strong, delicious tea like Red Rose is
worth putting into a sealed package to keep it
fresh and good.
A cheap, common
tea is hardly worth
taking care of and is
usually sold in bulk.
Red Rose is always
sold in the sealed
package which keeps
it good.
mmmf""a*^m Jll'Sm'^
P�� Aj3*52*_?
WR/NEGnmthtUi Eyelid*,
...  -..-_._. j gorc j.  .  g     i__�����>ed by
|5un, Put,_nd Windquickly
' relieved by Murine. Try II In
your Escsandln Baby's Eyei.
I L-J.oSBi-.i_i, Jut EyeCu-for"
t your Druffo-Ut"! or by
.__ll,��l'.p.r bottle. _"_ri_a
ly* *U.., In Tote. Ste.   Fnr Ho..* cf Ik, Evl - . ��*.
.�����(__���._-������*����� Baaatir Co.. Chtcagae
Murine Eye Kenedy *���>*.�����.Pfsi&XsJ"
W.     N.     U.     1182
Use Sani-Wrappers
It Pays
Your customers will appreciate your care and cleanliness as
your parcel their purchases ot meats, butter, bread and
vegetables in Appleford's Sani-Wrappers.
Particular trade goes to the slorv that is careful of Ihe details ofcleanll*
ness and appearance.
Ask your Jobber for Appleford's Sani-Wrappers, or write us direct for
samples and prices.
Appleford Counter Check Book Co., Limited
THE    REVIEW,    COURTNEY,   B.    0.
l.i Ily tint) Quick!)   Cs>re<l witli
Vor Side by All  Dealers
_r.U(rl"i "r Co., Prop'r* Ntipanec, Om
��� <V��<2��.*..-. *>9*>S-*>.8*fc/9���%>��
j How to Purify
| the Blood
f. "Fift_.it  lo  thirty drops of f>
h  Extract  of  RooU,  commonly l)
J. called Mother Selgel's Cnrilive I
'  Syrup, may ba taken in wraler
wilh meals and at bedtime, for
Ihe euro of indigestion, const!-
palion nnd bad blood.   Perriit- *������
enco in thiitreatment will effect L
a cure in nearly *vety uie." J,
Get the genuine at dr-giiiste. h
��� <*.��'*��"*.(. *.-��-*:-9^.-9^>-*ie9l
lrf.li,   rrll.-.l.lr
���slcm   Bti.k-
j_3 vucclnei full,
~f~  \Vrll..|.,fl-K.II-,i���i,l lr.ir.nonl.il
IO-doii��k��.eiickl>���piili, jl...
-O-ilou pkj. Wicklei Pill . $1.00
'tlm iiineriorlty ol Cutter pn is In am t�� tyiet it i
was, ol ���peclalulr.ff la \ ..inks and biuiums I
OI.I.V. Insist oh Cdtibics. n um-ii ,in.i,\%, I
onlfr ftlrrcl. I
. Ths Culler Ultontnrr, BitloUy. California /
A Contrast in Methods
Letting the People at Home Know
Aboul Enemy Atrocities
Wo lire ever nt pains to enlighten
lhe neutral world on out- own war
objects, (.ur i.wn war ideals, and our
mm war method-, and on Germany's
shortcomings and breaches of the
rules of war. This we lell abroad
ivlth commendable vigor, eloquence,
mid knowledge, But' lure, at home,
here, where the hearts of lhe mourners of those br, illy butchered people arc casl down by sorrow, here
wc tell nothing, Propaganda at home-
is as necessary, aye, more necessary |
than il i.s abroad, (low much flabby
peace talk would there br- if our gov-
<��� inmt ill were to tell us how these
thousands oi victims were scut to
Iheir deaths wilhoui  a chance of eg-
caping, iheir life-boats fired upon,
and lhcy themselves, perhaps, lind
on a., they swam despairingly in ihe
Icy waters? Peace talk? The besl
propaganda, lln- mosl eloquent np-
peal lo (he people of these islands to
liardi ii their hearts, lo inalco sure
lhat "Never Again" musl be the
lo,   In   fight   to   lhe   eery   billcr
until ihere Is no more cha'nee
German military    revival���the
appeal, we say, i., t,. lell ilu- people
how llieir friends. Iheir brothers,
their sisters, and Iheir children have
been murdered at si a. London
Daily Express,
i ml
of a
Wcrtti a Guinea
a Box
The speediest remedy for sick
headache, biliousness and indigestion is a do...: or two of
Lars eat Sale of Any Medicine in the World.
Sold every where,  la bo_��i, _.<c.
The Heart oi a Piano is the
Action.   Insist on the
Otto Higel Piano Action
CEDAR FENCE POSTS, Farmcrr. v.-h-n
I'ii want cf Cedar Fence Posts, Ire sure ni.d
���Writ* us tor poem on carload loin delivered
]_t your station. Also for Telephone Poles.
|\V. have our own Timber Limits and can
l'livc you the be     values going.
L.MBEK in     ,-lostl lots, Strictly lii.lic.-'.
[grades oi Coast number ami Sliingics. Send
lun  your  bills of  Lumber  for  prices  beloro
l-rderinf.' elsewhere.     Prices   lowest   Whole-
liale, Shipments ilircct from Mill...    ��� �����
"R in either full or mixed carload let..
i SALT in carload lots for prompt skip-
|.ents. M'liicli can include Common Coarse or
'ine Salt, Dairy .Sail, Lump Rock Salt or
|'ty pound hard pressed salt in blocks for
SUGAR.     Both   Granulated    anil   Yellow
���lunar in carload lots or les;r.
FENCE WIRE. Kltlier Barb Wire or
ft'oven Wire Fencing, in any quantity.
Write  us  lor price- on  any  oi liie.-e .-mil
I ate  quantity  desired.      The  first  Ircrc   to
Jiiip direct irom Mill lo Consumer,
I'erchants   VtanU   Bldg, Winnipeg,   Man.
As to Internal Foes
Nine-tenths of wisdom   is   being
[ise in time,    vVc were not wise in
Imc.    Let  us  learn   from  our  past
I'lly future wisdom.    Our first duty
to win lhis war, and therefore llic
tadow tlnn  within our gates is our
lorst   internal   foe.    Our next and
Ijually imporlant duly is in prepare
Irainst disaster in tht-   future,   and
1 en-fore our   next    worst   internal
lc is ilu  sheep-like creature    who
Kites national disaster for the fu-
lre by bleating against    lhc Idling
lhe    truth    in    the    present.���T,
loose vel I iu  Kansas City Star,
(For Constipation
Carter's Little
Liver Pills
[will set you right
over night.
Purely Vegetable
l-m.ll Pill, Small Dose, Small Prlca
Carter's Iron Pills
(will rcstoro color to the facet of
(those who lack Iron In the blood,
ft moat paic-lacad people do.
Minard's I.lnlmenl Co., Limited,
Gentlemen,���Theodore Dornls, a
customer of mine,    was   completely
red of rheumatism after five years'
of sultering bv the judicious use of
The above facts can be verified by
writing to him, to the Parish Priest
or any of his neighbors,
A. COTE, Merchant.
���Sl, Isidore, Otic, 12 May, '98.
-The escaped convict ivas a very
polite fellow."
"Mow so?"
"Hc left behind liim a note for the
warden asking to bc excused for the
liberty he v.as taking,"���Baltimore
Kacapini. From the Turks
Three British Officers Had an Inter,
esting Experience
An entertaining slory    of lhc    experiences  of    three  British    officers
i escaped from the Turks is lold
. a. relative of one of lhc trio in a
iler io a stall' officer ai Ottawa.
Eluding Iheir guards the Ihree officers made their way across the
desert, Their first adventure came
the day follow ing their escape when
ihey suddenly came upon thirteen
Turkish  soldiers.      Tiie officers    r' ���
Igned themselves to recapture bin
were astonished and delighted lo discover afler some parley lhal lhc soldiers wire deserters fleeing from
thc hardships of the Turkish army
io some unknown destination, Thc
two parties thereupon joined forces,
and wen, proceeding amicably on
their cry when a Turkish patrol appeared, There was no doubl of I lulu.-lil.  Intentions   of   this bod
1   " light ensued, r**" "
An Industrial Hero
The Medal of the Order of the
Britisii Empire has been conferred
on Thomas Harper, an Industrial
hero. Ai llic age of seventy-two he
had retried and gone lo live in Australia. When ihe war broke out, he
returned lo England and went to
work in a munitions factory. For
two years be lias, it is stated, "actually done the work of two men."
Once he fainted aFllls task, bul resolutely refused lo give up, saying he
would never test while his countrymen "I the fronl needed shells.
Outdoor Workers
are subject to exposure to all kinds
cf weather, nnd strcnuoua outdoor
work brines the rheumatic nchea. You
can't afford to belaidup.sohced that
first twinge of rheumatism. Use
Sloan's Liniment. Clean and con
venieitt, no need to rub, no stains,
no clumsy plasters and your pom
Spmint, strain.-, ne'jntt'a ""lea a"J ���>;'*.
���oramusclse are all rrlitvod bf ll" ai'pl"
oation of 5lu-o'��� Liniment.
Generous slee fcotllw al til drugi'iU.-
Z5c, SOc. ���1.00.
���      '   KILLS PAIN? ;������-,.'���_.
������ft"."*"-������ .�����������!
��� ���.���..��..��...,..���.,�����.,,,_,, .J..^, _,���,���,
Do It Now. Disorders of the digestive apparatus should be dealt
wilh at once before complications
arise that may be difficult to cope
with. The purest remedy to this
end and one that is within reach of
all, is Parmelec's Vegetable Ti'ls,
lhe best laxative and sedative on
lhe market. Ilo not delay, but try
them now". One trial will convince
anyone lhal tltey are the best stomach regulator that can bc got.
j       WITH FINGERS j
�����������....-*-�����... ���..*-.��->���-_..��..,.,..,,.,.,,,
ion say to (lie   drug   store   man,
"Give me a small bottle of freezone
'lhis will cost very little bul will1
positively remove every hard or sott
corn or coins from one's feet.
A few drops.of lhis new ctlicr compound applied directly upon a tender, aching corn relieves thc soreness
instantly, rind soon the entire corn or
callus, root and all, dries up and can
be lilted elf with lite ringers.
This new way to rid one's feet ol
corns was introduced by a Cincinnati
man, who sa.-s that frc.zonc dries in
a moment, and simply shrivels up the
corn or callus without irritating the
surrounding skin.
Don't let father die of infection or
lockjaw- from whittling at his corns,
bin clip tiiis out and make liim try
If you druggist hasn't any frec-
stonc tell hint to order a small bottle
ft oni bis wholesale drug house for
W.    N.    U.    1189
Mr. VV. Gordon Griffiths of the
Y.M.C.A., told an audience at Cefn,
recently, thai he was proud to bc a
Welshman although be was unable
lo speak she "language of Paradise."
He had, however, learnt one thing in
Welsh and that was that lhc letters
Y.M.C.A., may bc translated to
mean "Vina Mae Cvfle Arderchog"
("Here is a splendid opportunity.")
Minard's Liniment Cures Garget  in
Increasing Timber Values
Canada Is the "Wood Pile" of the
Canada holds lhe only large for-
'csts in the whole Brilish empire.
I Australia and New Zealand, and
.South Africa have sacrificed mosl of
their original to llic fire fiend and
ruthless exploitation, 'Ihese facts
emphasize Canada's strategic position as containing the only "wood
pile" avni'abtc to lhc empire except
| those of Kussia. Sixty per cent, of
John Bull's huge timber demand is
[supplied by lhc Russian people inday
I'for lhe British Isles provide only
one log out of eight actually needed
for home use Whal part Canada's
forests will play iu British trade after tlie war is problematical but ihere
is no lack of prophets lo predict
that every square mile of growing
timber will double in value under the
strain of post-bellum demand from
the devastated districts of Euorpc,
Meanwhile Canadian governments
can prepare to take full advantage of
increasing timber values by thorough
fire protection and scientific control of wasteful lumbering.
"I'hyriiesliy is really a great poet,
bul lie i> always in debt."
"Ycpl lie's'the guy that put thc
Owe il  iu porl."
Setting a Good Example
What the C.P.R. Is Doing in Direction of Food  Conservation
Nothing that the C.P.R. has done
in lhc direction of food conservation
has resulted in so many letters of
commendation, as the footnote printed on all menu cards on C.P.R.
dining cars and hotels. This reads:
_ "lu lhe interest of food conservation, young lambs, lillle chickens,
little pigs, and their by-products arc-
no! used in lhc C.P.U. service."
The editor of a prominent milling
journal says in a leading article:
"Il must havc required some grit,
as well as a full sense of duty for
an institution which includes such
hotels and restaurants as arc found
on ihal railway, to put such a memorandum before their high-class
patrons. But it has becn done and
its mora! effect has been wider than
thc aclual wastage lhat has been
saved. Those who have read the notice have, in some cases at all events,
followed the good example of the
railway, and have given up purchasing any or lhc immature animal food.
"If the food controller could prohibit ihe sale or use of these young
animals it would bc another means
of food economy."
A Woman's Burdens
aro lightem-il when she turns to ths right
medicine. If her existence is mid*
gloomy by the chronic weaknesses, deli
���-uli- derangements, and painful disorders
Unit, afflict womankind alio will find relief
and emancipation from her troubles In
Pr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription. If
sho's overworked, nervous, or "rundown," she finds new life and strength.
It's a powerful, invigorating tonic and
iiorvino which wns discovered and used
by nn eminent physician for many years,
in his large medical practice among
women. For youug girls just entering
womanhood; for women in middle life,
the "Favorite Prescription" is tho only
medicine put up without ulcohol, and can
bo had in tablet as well as liquid form.
It's not n neemt prescription for its ingredients are printed on wrapper. Send
]0e. for trial package lo Dr. V. M. Pieicc,
Invalids' Hotel, Surgical Institute, Buffalo, N. Y., or branch in Bridgeburg, Ont.
Hamilton, Ont. ��� "When passing
through iniddlo life, as in most cases of
this kind, I began to fail in health. I
had severe pains in my head, dizzy spells,
my back ached nnd I had pains in my
Bide. I became very weak and nervous.
I took medicine without getting relief
until I look Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription and this medicine built mc up
in health and strength nnd I camo through
this critical period in a good healthy
state. Woman will find Dr, Pierce's
Favorite Prescription vory helpful during this trying time. "���Mm. 3-__h
C_. hi, 100 ttobiBi Ati.
Many a serious illness lias been
avoided by lhc prompt use of Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills. These pills actually enrich and purify the blood,
and in this way build up the sys-1
teni, tone and strengthen the nerves
and invigorate the vital organs.
Serious  diseases    generally    come I
from some simple disorder that has ,
been  neglected.  Therefore any  thin- :
ning of the blood should be  looked j
upon  as a warning sign, and   more
serious illness should bc avoided  by
the use of Dr. Wil'iams' Pink  Pills.
In the case of young girls and women the blood is peculiarly liable lo I
get out of order���to become thin and i
watery���and lo lead    to    a   general |
breakdown  in  health.    This can   bc ,
avoided by the occasional use of Dr, i
Wil'iams' Pink Pills, which are suit-1
able for the most delicate constitu-1
tion. These pills will give you a new |
appetite,   improve    your     digestion,
lone and strengthen weakened    nerves, banish depression   and   lack of
energy,    clear   the    complexion     of
pimples and blotches,   cure pain    in
thc    back    and    general    weakness,
cause thc   disappearance    of    headaches, dizziness and heart fluttering.
Give these pills a fair trial and you
will  soon  note a  wonderful  change
in your conditon.    Your spirits Will
brighten, good hcallh and    strength
will return, and you will feci like a
new person.   You can Confirm these
statements by enquiring among your
friends almost    anywhere,   as thou
sands and thousands of hopeless suf
fercrs have    been    restored to   new
health and energy by using Dr. Williams' Pink Pills.
You can get these pills through
any medicine dealer or by mail at SO
cents a box or six boxes for $2.50
from The Dr. Williams' Medicine
Co., Brockville, Ont.
Minimize The Fire
Peril By Uing
Chemically Self-Exlinguiihing
"Silent 500s"
The Matches With
EDDY is the only Canadian
maker of these matches, everv
stick of which has been treated
with a chemical solution which
positively ensures thc match
becoming dead wood once it
has been lighted and blown
Look for the words "Chemically self-extinguishing" on '.he
"Love makes the world go round,"
quoted   the Parlor Philosopher.
"Yes, but marriage generally
squares things," added lite Mere
Man.���Town Topics.
Freedom from Asthma. Asthma
is one of lhc most distressing troubles, sudden in its attacks and prolonged in its agonies. Frequently
many ihings arc tried, bill nothing
seems to give hope of relief. Dr.
T. D. Kellogg's Asthma Remedy is
the one help which can be depended
upon. If you have tried olhcr remedies wilhout success, do not fail lo
get al once a package of lhis uniformly successful preparation,
Trig RAP. ON 8S��itt3
freatlucceit, cukes cHitoNicwer.Kf.ES3 lost -noo*
VfU   KID..EV    I1L.ADDKB.  DISSuSES   gi,UDO   P->(iO*L
filet    tlTIIBIt  10  I'fliiGOfVrs or w .u. li   c    = ;   4 "7%
POUOSnACo -W hGKkman -if ssiv \<j'i-,o"L.. w ��� . .i ; >f
tonoNTo   wftiriroRjpftutooK roOn li ���_(.����a
StaaCo f.4VEi[.rocKRD..jAW��-9T���AO Lo-ico-t _:-��-_,
JiVNtWDRAQEfilTASTSLSiStfOHWOf   ��,_��   TO   nil
THErfAPION   XriZcta.*.
BI THAI   r It ADS.   11 a HI* SO  IVORO     . Hl.4 . f; ..-*���    IS 90
it. turn-it am r nrruto �� su, MNiriHi r *oim
. A l*fe, rettetle regtifatlr* imdk
(int. Sold tn three clef reel -
strentth. No. I. jl. M_ J, Ui
No. tliptT bra Sold br ��n
dnwtiiU, or mhi pirwlfl li
plnia packnre oo receipt ol
price Free pamphlet Addr-M
Tmett*. Ont. (Ftmute Wt-W.
An Expert on Farm Profits
There is no business in the United
Slates lhat pays a smaller percentage
of profit upon the capital invested
than is the case with the general
farmer. It is true that prices of farm
products arc high but it Is equally
Irue lhal along with the rise In prices j
has gone equal, if not greater, rise in
the cost of producing crop.���B, W,
Snow, formerly Statistician of United Siacs Department of Agriculture,
Mt_hrieot     svong
ever     aimed    at
Abortion,    Sterility,   and    Prcrua.
tare Calving,  one
or   one   hundred
cattle  treated   in
5   minutes.    Use
nrr- halt   ol   our
product,    il    uot
satisfied      return
lie   balance   and
et   vour   money.
'Kali Savir"
-_iii    25    pounds
$1.00.     Send   for
|>rimed  matte:.
_,i_������_iv S   PRODUCTS
Plant and Head  Office,  Edmonton,   Allnrta.
P.   O.   Box.   321
All mothers can put away anxiety
regarding their suffering chl'drcn
when lhcy have Mother Graves'
Worm Exterminator to give relief.
Its effects arc sure and lasting.
Dominion Expross Foreign Cheques are
accepted liy Field C'asltierH anil I'ayr.aitcn
In France for tiieir full fare value, 'there
Is no t'ctter vay to :.e:ir! money to the boys
in  tiie trenches.
Fair Girl���"I shall never marry���
believe me!"
Hesitant Lover���"I'd like to urge
you to, but women arc so uncertain,"
Minard's Liniment Cures Diphtheria.
_ The king of Bavaria's contribution lo the "gold purchasing headquarters" of his empire, which is
buying up old family heirlooms, jewels of all kinds and precious metal
and stones, is a cluster of 899 pearls,
which have a total value of a little
over $100,000. The king already has
turned in diamonds, rubies and other
stones worth $25,000.
Smart Boy
"Hoys." said a teacher to her
day school class, "can any of
quote a verse from the Scriptu
prove that it is wrong to have
A bright boy raised his hand.
"Well, Thomas,"    encouraged
Thomas stood up.   "No man
serve two masters," lie said pro
"Cr   tO
'���tii,. pills r
For more than a century the making of mats from bulrushes and other
varieties of rushes has been a house I
industry along the Ztiidcr Zee. Men, j
women and children are engaged in
the work, which, however, is poorly
paid, as the earnings arc ouly _4 to
36 cents a dav, THE COURTENAY REVIEW
Card of Thanks
To the Electors of the City of Courtenay
Ladies and Gentlemen���I wish to
tender my sincere thanks to all who
supported me in the civic elections on
Thursday last.
Yours respectfully,
Courtenay Elections
Card of Thanks
I wish to thank ;.h_ Jelectots of-
Ward 2 for tbe support nnd confidence in electing |me lo represent
tliuin on this year's council.
Card o. Thanks
I take this opportunity o�� i hanking the Electors of Ward i for llur
honor they have conferred upon me
in electing me to represent ".hem al
the Councrl board for the; ^coining
l'Rl',1) KERTON.
Card of Tnanlcs
I ui,'., to thank tin- Electors of
Wnnl i for their support at the
polls last Tlmrsiiay My best efforts will be given lo the- city's interest as in tlu- past.
The result
of the  polling
wns as
For Mayer
Wind i .
Ward 2,
Waul 3,
Astuii nml
Ilml.n.i   by
Consider   Only The  Best
<'���  v.;'.';
y jH��ya ;,&qp: The piano question
->J.> .._iito_aHr ������������'���' is peculiar in itself..
��� -' .vMaWxtA':".. Evei-3'tliiug about a
&P piano is vital to its tone
rn- li e and a weakness
a--.ywlii.-i-e proves eventually lo he like the had
apple i:i Lhe barrel, lu
other words, there can
hardly be a " pretty
good piano,1' It is cilli-
er good or il is not
trood.   Tin.'
_J'"V        !'
ffis     vi
.' 4;    V...., _
/   \     1    .V>_M___;:.
I> m ��� m
I   J    i
1        ���
Card of Thanks
To the- [flee ois of Courtenay���
I desire to Hi,ml: tin- voters of
Wnnl 2 who supported inc.- ai the
civic- elections in Thursday lasl
Inr Mr. J, deL Lawrence mi his ranch, Kye Bay,   adjoining  Ci'iie I,nzo Wireless
Station, about S miles fiom Comox, mi
Wednesday February Qth, 1918
A'l' 10.3
The whole of llie fui-ni stock,   itnpl
Household   Furniture
its, machinery,   In
iitniiltive, etc,
Kitchen and Storerooms
Kitchen table, kitchen cabinet fitted
with Hour bins, dish and plate rack with
grocery cabinet attached; linoleum on
lloor, Kootenay 6-hole range, fitted with
11. W. coil and stove cupboard; cabinet.
travelling clock, 8 days; knife basket;
quantity of Lamps; box stove and piping
high pressure circular boiler for hot ami
cold writer; large bath: twentieth century
washing machine: wringer: large wash
tub und board: small table; about 50
quart jars of preserved fruit; quantity of
economy jars; clothes basket; imperial
perfection oil stove, large sea chest,
quantity of crockery and china; cooking
at'd kitchen utensils: cutlery, mincing
machine; bread mixer: set of irons: double barreled breech loading shot gun
English make, in case.
Dining Room
Extension dining tcble with two leave9
6 chairs; rocker :sea grass chair: couch
occasional table; morris chair, arm chair
Piano Player, mission style in oak (rame,
as new. cost $650; music stool und 30
rolls, complete illustrated history ol the
war to date: large fire guard; mats; linoleum on floor; violin; army binoculars
S day clock, with Erettch movements,
10 oil paintings .animals) by a R. A.
Indian framed picture: ornaments and
bric-a-brac: fitted escritoire; large quantity of books including English college
educational books; double angle brass
hanging lamps with chain adjustment:
hand sewing machine: small book sheh es
horns, etc.
Bedrooms and Linen
Double beadstead and springs: camp
bed and springs; wash-tend; dresser with
large adjustible mirror: olow combination
tortoise stove lined with asbestos; 2 sea
chests, screen, cork linoleum 17' x 13'
travelling trunk, single iron bedstead
and springs, chest of drawers, washstand
mirror, mats, and sundries, 12 sheets,
10 pillow slips, bedspreads, 8 toilet covers, 15 table napkins, 8 tray cloths, 18
towels, 7 lace curtains, 6 single blankets
2 double blauket9, 2 table covers, 7 table
cloths, 10 pillows, etc. quantity of wearing apparel, including sou' west suits
and macintoshes, etc.
Wood crib with high sides, iron   crib,
bath, child's adjustable high chair,   numerous    toys,   English    perambulator,
child's sulky, and sundries.
2 milk pails, 2 6-gal cream cans, butler worker, butter mould, measures, magnet cream separator, as new, flour, weigh
scales to weigh up to 300 lbs., Sundries.
Outside Effects
Implements,  Machinery etc.
J. unl roll, wheelbarrow, Unlit wagon
with freight box, light democrat, spring
seat and hay ruck, hand seeder. 2 seat
light express wagon, turnip and corn
cultivator, 2 section iron looth harrow,
12 ft, horse rake, Frost & Hood one
hmse mower, with 2 knives, planet junior cultivator and seeder, spray motor
outfit with barrel and bamboo attachment
to hose, froh, grindstone, cement brick-
making machine with attachment*. 18-
inch circular saw with Cross cut and rip
saws, 5 h. p. vertical gas engine, on
skids, with hoist attachments, etc., 400
feet of 3-8 inch galvanized wire rope
with hooks and links, beam weights.
quantity of rough and dressed lumbei,
large tank lined with tin sheeting, spades
shovels, picks, axes, spring boards quantity 2 inch and 1-4 inch gal. iron piping,
quantity of carpenters tools, extension
vice, tin shears, blow torch, crosscut
saws, augurs, etc., baling wire, barrel ot
lime, fine cement, shingles, 4 iron scratch
blocks and chain with swamp hooks and
other apparatus for clearing laud, hydraulic ram no. 3 Myers low level high
pressure water and air pump. 3 iron
pails and numerous small tools.        ;
Poultry Yard
30 chickens including 16 White Wyandotte pullett and roosters, Read's strain,
Cypers outdoor brooder for 50 chicks,
with hover and special apartment lor
lamp, lined with asbestos, 2 dry feed
hoppers, chick hoppers, quantity of 6'
and 3' wire netting. 300 egg hot water
incubator, quantity ol ground clam
shell, quantity of medicated charcoal,
chicken teed, Izol disinfectant, chick
feed grinder, and sundries.
About 3 ton of oat hay. 2 Ion ol clover hay, 1 ton small turnips, 17 sacks of
Early Rose potatoes, prize winners, 6
sacks, cabbage, 10 sacks red carrots, 15
cwt. wheat straw, marquis seed wheat,
beets, etc.
Horses and Harness
Team of mares, weight about 2200 lbs.
particulars at time of sate, will be sold
separately; buggy mare and colt, set of
buggy harness, set of express harness,
several head stalls, sundry harness, 2
calf  weaners.
1 Jersey cow, fresh, 1 Jersey cow, due
April, 1 Jersey cow, due  April,   1  short
horn cow due March, I Shorthorn cow,
due in April, 2 Shorthorn heifers in calf
1 Jersey heifer calf.
12 clear cedar 2' rolls for shaker clutch
chains,. Ford touring car, 1910 model,
recently overhauled, in good running
order, adjustable truck with iron wheel-,
for 3 ft. track; 14 ft, row boat, clinker
built with oak ribs aud ash gunwale, 2
seats, numerous sundries
S_c Chat liu Chaplin in the "Floor
Walker" at the Maple Leaf Then.
in.-. Matinee Saturday at 2,30 p.
111,, and evening at 7.30 p. in,
Bai Masque
Tin.-   following   wen- ilu-   prize
winners at iin-   1. O. D. E.   Mas-
'querncle Ball list Tuesday night.
Best Comic Character, I*. Swan.
Sym'jol ol Peace, judged hy Mrs. )
Mitchell, Mrs. II. McKenzie,
Best Squaw, Mrs. Wnrdell. |'
Haw din Girl, Mrs. L. Harding.
Daughter ol Hie Allies, Miss Rushford ' J
I'gyptian   Costume,    Miss     Kathleen ! I
l'liggnn. ���
Hist Mexican, R.  M. Glazbrook.
I'.esi Historical Character, Mrs. brock
best Representative of Ford '.'���.��� r Miss
Lizzie Walker.
Best Dressed I. nly, Mrs. Laban.
Best Dressed'Gent, N. Pritchard.
best National Character, Gent. Mr. 1,.
best National Charater, Ladv, Mrs. C,
best Sustained Character Miss Nicholas
Best Sustained Chaiscter, Gent. 1).
Campbell and T. Donnelly,
Comic Character, Mrs. K.  Glazbrook,
Character representing Business liouse
Mrs, A. Shepherd.
Flower Girl, Mrs. A. Maxwell.
Costume representing I, O. D. E. Mr.
Brittanin, Mrs, J. McKenzie,  Comox.
CloWll, J. Mclnnis.
Topsy, Miss Edna Piercy,
Costume Representing City ol Courtenay, Mrs. G, Russell.
Married Couple, Mr. and Mrs. W. C,
Spanish Costume, Miss Lila Boden.
Costume representing Royal Standard
Co. Miss Janet Haytnan.
Prize Two-S ep, Mr. and Mrs. H. McKenzie.
Prize Waltz, Miss V. Harmston and
W, Urquhart.
Tontobolo Prize, No. 107.
Judges, Mr. C. Owen, Mr. Ilealy of
the Heinz. Pickle Co., Mr. Morris, of the
Columbia Paper Co,, Mr. Kerr, ofShall-
cross & McGauly, Mr Fraser, R. Wilson
& Co., Mr. M. McLeod, Sum Mor Biscuit Co., Mrs. Jack Mitchell and Mrs.
lias no weak Ir,iimi-,   ll has a construction, tone quality and
design that eminent musician), music  lovers-   yes nud competitors look io wilh n respect
Ymir present liistriitucnl laken as purl payment
and convenient IcriitH arranged
Cumberland, B. C. Nanaimo, B. C
Does Everybody Trade at the Corner Store ?
We keep the freshest line of Groceries in the
District.   Our prices are Right, and
Our Service is Unexcelled
We're going to tell you  something about slioes shortly
Parkin Bros.
Anglican Services
Septnagesiuia Sunday. Jan. 27th.
11 a, m. Matins and Holy Communion
at Holy Trinity, Cumberland.
2 30 p. m. Evensong and Sermon at
Lazo Mission,
3 p. 111. Sunday School at St. John's.
7.15 p. m. Kvensong and sermon at
St. Peter's, Comox.
7.30 p. tn. Evensong aud Sermon at
St. John's, Courtenay,
Miss Cass has received the following
letter from the Alexandra Non-Sectarian
Orphanage and Childrens Home ol Vancouver: -
Dear Madam.���Will you kindly convey
to your members tlie most grateful thanks '
for your kindness in remembering the
children at Christmas. . Thanks to the
many generous friends among whom we
like to number you. The children had
a perfect day, abundance of turkey and
good things and a laden tree in the afternoon. There were nothing but happy
faces to be seen in the home, and the
gilts will cause pleasure for many a long
See Charlie Chaplin iu the'' Floor
Walker" at the Maple Leaf Theatre. Matinee Saturday at 2,30 p.
m., and evening at 7.30 p  m.
As Mr. Lawrence is  leaving  for  England   immediately  after  the sale the terms
must be strict cash.    No reserve
The ladies of Little River will  provide  light refreshments at a  nominal charge
Owing to the large number of  lots the  auctioneer  wishes to  comneiicc the sale
punctually at the time advertised
Plume 10, Courtenay
City Council
Tne City Council held their adjourned
session on Wednesday evening. The
Mayor made a few felicitions remarks,
in which he booed lhat the Aldermen
would transact the business expeditiously.
Communications were rend from the
Secretary of United Municipalities and
North Vancouver councils enclosing petitions for signature were read, and the
Mayor and Clerk were authorized lo
sign same. The first one was asking
for closer  municipal  relations  between
the federal government and municipal
ities, and the other relative to having a
steel plant established on the coast,
The Finance minister wtote giving
the City permission to sell the bonds.
A leter was also read Irom nrent. Knox
& Co. relative to extension of time of
option on City bonds at 88.
A number of accounts;, were referred
to the Finance committee to pay if found
During the examination of the accounts
Aid. Aston discovered that the City had
been paying lor a telephone service in
Mr. Hames private house for the past
nine months. Some of the Aldermen
Wanted the money refunded, but no
action was taken, although Mr, Haines
will have to pay for bis own phone in
future. .
A by-law to borrow f3,000 from the
nank of commerce was given its first and
second readings.
Aid. Aston reported progress on the
slough bridge and gave notice that he
would introduce an amendment to the
Traffic hv-law.
Aid, Kerton enquired as to what had
been done about the City Scales. The
clerk was instructed to have them repaired as soon as possible.
Aid, Aston suggested that the assessments be made early this year, and that
the Aldermen put in their estimates at
the next meeting.
The amount ol taxes in arrears at the
end of last year was $7,160.47.
On the suggestion of Aid, Kerton a
warning board will be erected on the
Lake Trail near the city limits.
A lengthy discussion ensued on the
Houor Roll and addreases to returned
soldiers, and Aid. Leighton apd Aston
were appointed a committee to attend
to same.
Aid. Aston reported that there was no
good gravel in the city and that the
Govt, truck was available to have 200
loads hauled. This was agreed to by
the Council.
The Mayor remarked that the Gov't
should assist in the upkeep of the Island
Highway, The member for Comox will
be asked to meet the council when the
city's case will be explained to him.
Aid. Leighton asked what was going
to be done about a Policeman and a City
Clerk. Aid. Kerton thought a clerk
could be procured for .35 a month.
Aid. Aston was given permission to
get legal advice before proceeding fur-
ther in the matter of the Sleeman fence,
Ice Cream
Barrister and Solicitor,  Notary
Public, *
Phone 6 Courtenay
General Blacksmiths
Beg to announce that they are prepared
to do all kinds of repairs at moderat
Horseshoeing a Specialty     f
Meat Market
Equipped with Modern Refrigerating plant
Highest Price paid for Beef
and Veal
Courtenay and Gun.b .I'land


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