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The Review Jun 6, 1918

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****************  ****************************
Can not ho done any I etter,   iinrl 5
not iiuite so  well anywhere  else t
hereabontn.   OUr type and maohlii- \
cry ia complete ami The Review I
prices nre ri^-lit t
Gents'  Furnishings
and Hatlers
VOL. 6
NO. 27
A Li
Saw Mill Machinery
i ncltding Porl**L!e Boiler <C  x 14,  Atlas Engine
9 x 14, 4 good   Head  Blocks  for saw carriage,
Iron saw frame, elc.    Particulars from
Telephone 10 COURTENAY
Pte Win. Wain is homo on turlougl'.
There are a number of oontageous
tllsasi s reported in town.
Mrs. K. M. Olaisbrook and daughti r
spent the week-end al Vancouver.
Mr flbberl Sollan, of .Hornl y 1 hi .1
was a visitor In town this week.
"Hill" the linrliiT is 'having ths Ma-
I'occhl building nicely llie.l un for his
barber shop.
Dr. Millard has exchanged his Oakland oar for a new Chevrolel car. A
IVu weeks nnu ho disposed of his old
Ford car and purchased a new one.
John  Rlckson spent   lhe week erd Pour horses found rannlng at lnr..e
in Vancouver, in the city   were   Impounded by iiie
                          i consiiho on Monday.
Bandsman might of lhe 102nd;has
received his honorable discharge from A  local  auto  spc rei ;    r.j 1:1
llm military forces, and arrived back Magistrate Hames for furious driving,
in Courtenay on Tuesday afternorn, He was lei off with a warning,
Ml a I-   '���'��� Gregg, Dlstricl   Traffle	
3 ip rv'si r. !'.. C.  Teh phi ne Co,  wus
icwn this week Inspeclng tho  local     The  Sandwick   Ladles  Aid  Society
niiii- -. Intend    holding iheir   annual Straw-
h rry fertlval .-i"il sals of work on the
r: Mr- cf li ��� city bind es him are lawn of Mrs. John Grieve on Friday,
������'.:., to help lhe farmers rn-1 In lune 21st. A good progratnmi Is be-
heir i-r. i.; afler business hours and lEg prepared for the evening. Admls-
on l, lidays. ]*he matter will batak- sion 34c. Including concer and refreshen up ut lhe nexl meeting of ihe llusi- ntenls. Children ���.'.'.(���. Sale er work
ness man's Association. in lhe afternoon,
Gents' Furnishing Store
We also have a sliipnient of Ladies  .Shoes and the Rinex Sole
Shoe for Children
Call and see our geeds, you'll always  find  our  prices right.
Courtenay Gent's Furnishings Store
Opposite Shepherds' W. Sutliff, Prop.
Those who went lo Campbell River    8
nud the Upper Lakes on thr- holidays
edges wiih   thanks samples of iroul   ��,
caubhl by  Mr. Denton and party and   iv
also Mr. Christie. |
The Sandwick and Courlenay NY.A.'
will hold a pule of work al llio Vicarage, Sandwick, on Tuesday afternoon j
the 18th  Inst.   Refreshments will be
FOR    RENT���Cottar--*,    "   rooms, [
good well and out-bnlldl -  ������������
of land���would nia'ie gn cl chicken
ranch; also one driving horse and
buggy for sale, For particulars apply to Mrs. Thos. Cairns, Courlenay.
1st o* July Celebration.
There ia a scheme m fool lo h i'd a
Isl of Jul- calfihi-atlnn ol Roynton,
when n geiieial fele day will'be held,
niciii-ui"*- act-vatic sports a*nd otner
games and amusements,
Larger Wheat Acreage.
"Let me draw the attention cf the
farmers of Canada to the grave need
of plautlng every arre in wheat that
is in shape to grow it.   There should
:apie    Leaf   I feoatre. "V b,e a" ld!e ;;,:";.in ���'"������������".'..'���������,!-: -
* who is physically hi to work. ���Hon.
T. A. Crerar, Minister of Agrculture,
for Canada.
FOR SALE���Well-bred Jen
r ish. Anplv J. Hawkins, thi
Comox, B. C.
_v Cow
*    *    *
Second Hand ..Bicycle-* ..for Sale���
Gents English Wheal alnii-s new ���
cost $G5; will sell for $~2.50. Ladles'
Bicylo in good condition; new tires,
$22.50. Apply Dale & Partrldge.XJnlon
liny, 13. C .
I    Autos  for hire���larsro  and  small���
' day or night.   Ford Garage.     Phone
f The Ford Garage has a Welding
plant with a first class welder.
1 Briiia in your broken parts in cast
[iron, steel, aluminum, and brass.
1 etc. Anything from a stove lifter
i to a crank shaft.
Expert Watchmaker
Qualified Optician
Watchmaker,   Jeweler
and Optician
Union Street, Courtenay
Courtenay "Shoe Store
Outing Footwear
Whether its for tennis, boating or sport wear you'll find slioes in   this
collection to meet your wants.
Men's shoes in blue, black aud white, from $1.50 to $3.90
BoyS' aud Youths' shoes in black and white, low aud high top,   from
$1.20 to $1.50
Womens' shoes in different qualities in pumps, regular, and high top,
from $1.85 to $3.85
Childrens1 and Misses shoes in  blue,  black,  and  white,   all   heights
from $1.20 to $2.50
We give all our attention to shoes only,
1. per cent.dlscount toReturned 8ol*Hers, Soldlert and their wives
Next the Drug Store
Phone 48
Now feed the pig.���For Sale
cheap- Ou the farm, 3 or 4 tons
of culled potatoes, dry nnd sound,
for seed or pig feed, Apply C. H.
STEPHEN LTD., 16th   Ave. air!
Main St. Vancouver, B. C    Monti-1
ments, Headstones and  Cemetery |
Fences,    the largest  Monumental
works in the west.
Lost���22' Inuiic'i litill with red
trimmings last seen at Dyke .Sawmill boom ou Saturday. Finder
kindly notify N, H. Boden. phore
For Sale -About 3 1-2 acres of
laud iu the City of Courtenay,
Terms easy. .Address Owner. 3323
Tennyson Ave., Victoria, B.C.
For highest prices in hides, scrap
metal and old rubbers see W'm.
Douglas, Courtenay,
Cleveland Bicycles   and  bicycle
J.*- '%���
1    On and after June 15lh the und r-
[signed firms will conduct  their r.-trirt
111 Inos 1 on ;i Strictly Cash With 1 t-
1 del* basis.     This    change    from our
llormer arrangement  of -rj-i-rr  short-   .
term credits is due to th- increasing
lexpenre   of  the   Credll  Business and
;we are faced ��iih the alternative of
ongaglug    book-keepers    and  t-ffBslng
prices io    meel    with the ;id.!t*-l ex-
I pause, or dispensing with the Credit
j Syslem   altogether.    We   believe
iiles'l01"' patrons will agree thai  rhp Cash
System,    together   with,  lhe  I. west
Possible Prices will work out to the
-  , 1,1 ,       , ,��� 1 benefit  of all concerned.
girl who syffere-1   vrently   through The Bra_kman-Ker Milling Co.
b.n-g nitifli siiintti^ti jail st by  the I M. S. Stephens. Manage**-
c.amp she married, but v.-i .'filially The l-0-'1  Standard   Griin   Prouucts
Co.. Ltd.
Frank Movitz, Manager
fr.* -.- ...r.. ._!��_    r.......   ._.,..,,...,.:..,. r?i_>*$\
ki**..,n.t.. ..,^,���,m..     _;w__.W....q,,��..^^_|_;^C_l3
Fi r.n tlie stnry ''Creeping
iiy  Kale Jordan.
The story of   a  young English
attained happiness [in America
through a remarkable series of circumstances, A brilliantly entertaining offering
ft! JANE
supplies at the Ford enrage.
';',' If BASIL KING 'A.
Saturday June 15
"The Spreading Dawn."
Anglican Services
Sunday .Tune nth.  IMS
2nd   Sunday  after Trinity
11.00 a. m.���Mattins and Holy Communion at St. Peter's Comox.
11.00 a.   m.���Mattins  and   Holy  Com-
nunion at St. Mary's Grantham.
3.00 p. m���Evensong and Sermon at
Lazo  Mission
7.00 p. m.���Evensong and Sermon at
Holy Trinity, Cumberland.
7..10 p. ill.���Evensong and Sermon at
St. John's Courtenay.
Presbyterian Chrrch
St. Andrews' Finn!.vici*
Service 2 p.m.     Sunday   School
and Bible Class 3 p. in.
Sunday School and   Bible Clas
10:30 a. i'.'-    I'.veiling service 7:30
p. tit- All welcome
A pictiirizutlon uf the remarkable
Saturday Evening Post Serial by Basil King which created a sensation
throughout the country at the time of
Ha publication. It la a story of romance und   war, and   snld   to have
i    a-. ��i  ii. . i ���     t...   ..���������Jit.,   been made Into a remarkable picture.
I    Go  to   McBrydes  for   quality  Among the h1ghly Epcclacular 8Ceneg
bread, which    punctuate    the action  Is the
1 , , | burning of an entire theatre with the
consequent    panic of the spectators.
__ There aro also shown columns of sol-
Ofl ^j * S.   <"ers marching   away to ranee, and
l^IATV rlfCl'   Uiere la :l stirring areoplane fight.
Go to
In the County Court of Nana!mo,
Holden at Cumberland, B.C.
TAKE NOTICE Thnt by an Older of
llis Honor Judge Parker, made the
tenih d iy of April, 1918 I was appointed  Adniinist>n;or   1o Ihe estate of
For Fresh   Tobacco, Cigars  ,
Confectionery  and
Soft Drinks.
i    L  I Ci       NU..* D....I R������l,   William M. O'llrlen, deceased, and all
Isabel at.    Next Koyal dank  partIea hav!ng olalma against ,he sai.i
are hereby required to furnish Same
properly verified, on rr before the
6th day ff July, A. 11. 101". and all
parties Indebted to the said cstae n e
required to pay the :<��� o n t ef iheir
Indebtedness lo me f i-ih-.-lh.
\vksi.'-'v wn,I \"n.
oflic-lal Administrator
nat '   i'. : i"v. ii '"���
Comox Creamery
160c per lb. this week
U se
Corn Remover
p.r. the   m:\
fonrrxRiY,   b.   o.
The Hard Part
"How you gctlin' on wid youali
'rithmetic, Lou?"
"Well, I done learned to add up d<-
oughts, hui ih- Iim;.'!.-, bodder nn-."���
Boston Transcript.
In the Spring Most People Need a
Tonic Medicine
Our- of lhc surest signs that the
blood is out of oidcr i> the pimples,
Unsightly eruptions and eczema thai
come frequently with the change
from winter to spring. These prove
that the loir, indoor life of winter
has had its effect upon the blood.
and that a tonic medicine is needed
lo put ii right, Indeed there arc few
people who do not need a tonic at
this season, Bad blood does not
merely show itself in disfiguring
eruptions. To this same condition is
due attacks of rheumatism and lumbago; thc sharp stabbing pains of
sciatica and neuralgia, poor appetite
and a desire to avoid exertion. You
eannot cure these troubles by lhc
use of purgative medicines���you need
a tonic, and a Ionic only, and anion','
all medicines llit-rc is none can equal
Dr. Williams' .l'ink I'ills for their
tonic, life-giving, nerve-restoring
powers. Every dose oi lhis medicine makes new, rich blood which
drives out impurities, stimulates every organ and brings a feeling of
new health nnd energy to weak, tired
ailing men, women and children. II
you arc out of sorts give this medicine a trial and see how quickly it
will restore lhc appetite, revive
drooping spirits, aiid Iill your veins
with new, health-giving blood.
Vou can get these Tills from any
medicine dealer or by mail at 50
cents a box or si-: hoses for ��2.e0
from The Dr. Williams' Medicine
Co., Brockvillc, Out.
No Cattle Embargo
No Such Action Contemplated by U.
S. Government on Canadian
Inquiry by lhe Canadian Press based on rumors irom western Canada
that lire Untied Suites contemplates
placing restrictions on llic shipment
of cattle from Canada inlo llic United States, brought the reply from
Washington that no sueh action was
contemplated, ul least for llur present. Washington officials expressed
some curiosity as lo the origin ol
the report, and intimated lhat, so fruits lhcy knew, no embargo v.ns in
contemplation. Thc li>t 1 i-rt of articles placed under restriction, on
April 1, made no reference to livestock.
Pencils From Japan
The  Creation of a Lead  Pencil  Industry in Japan
An unthoiiglil-of result oi llu- war
lias been tin- creation of ti lead pencil industry in  |apan,
In 1911 Japan imported 65,000,000
pencils, mosl of which clinic, from
America and Germany, But u'llh lhe
opening of the European conflict
German sources of supply were cut
off and native niaiutfaolurcrs, who
had been producing only in comparatively small quantities, seized their
opportunity and made the most of it.
In 1914 Japan exported over 9,-
000,000 pencils, and in 1916 lhc number had increased lo 168,000,000.
There is strong indication that
many of the markets won by thc
Orientals will bc held by them after
the war, for tlicy hnve lhc advantage
of very cheap labor. Most of the
lead which lhcy use is imported from
India and England.
Wise and experienced niolliers
know when their children ;;rc troubled with worms and lose no time in
applying Miller's Worm Powders,
lhc most effective vermifuge that can
bc used. Il is absolute in clearing
thc system of worms and restoring
those healthy conditions without
which llicrc can bc no comfort for
lhe child, or hope of robust growth,
It is the most trustworthy of worm
Making the Pennies Reach
Thc litlle girl put six cents on thc
counter for a loaf of bread.
- "Another cent, please,"    said    the
"Has il rose, then?" asked the little girl.
"\ cs, bread went up lhis morning."
"Well, then," she replied, "give mc
one oi yesterday's." ��� Guclph Mercury.
Chronic Skin Disorders
Now Overcome Quickly
There is no hope of petting rid of
disfiguring skin blemishes until the
blood i:, puricd of every trace ot unclean matter.
Wonderful results follow the use
of Dr. Hamilton's Tills which provide lhc blood wilh the elements it
needs to become rich and red.
Quickly indeed tlie blood is
brought to normal strength, is filled
wilh nutrition, is given power to
drive out of the system the humors
that cause rashes, pimples, pasty
complexion and kindred ills. Don't
delay, (ict Hamilton's Pills today;
lhcy uo to work at once and    give
I prompt results.    Mild, efficient,  safe
for men and women or chlldi    . Get
|a ~.*c box todav from any dealer,
The Program
Is fo Save!
Crape-Nuts food
Ills in fine wilh this
idea. No fuel required to prepare;
no sugar needed;
there's no waste;
and the use of barley, in ils making,
conserves wheat.
is economical, nourishing and delicious.
Try a package.
Indians Are In
Big Food Drive
Fall in With Commissioner Graham's
Plans   Enthusiastically
Preparations for commencing op-
cralions on lhc homo production
farm, under lho direction of the dc-
I partment of Indian affairs, nre progressing rapidly. Sis tractors have
li.ii n shipped from Regina to nearby
points where lhc farms will bc maintained, I'tllil* houses and conk bouses
arc now in process of construction at
these pninis.
Indians at the Assiniboia reserve
recently scut a delegation to wait
upon Commissioner W; M. Graham,
and before tlicy left the cily arrangements bad been made by theni for
I iiii- purchase of three tractors. 'The
Indians ure financing the deal themselves nnd will make all llieir own
arran- rents for operating lhc machines.
Largo ureas of hind are constantly
being leased by the department for
grazing and agricultural purposes in
Alberta antl Saskatchewan. Individuals and delegations are. steadily
coming in to confer with Commissioner Graham in regard to the leasing of these lands,
W.     N.     U.     1208
Minard's   Liniment    Used by Physicians.
He Couldn't Afford It
A negro whn had an injured head
entered a doctor's ollice. "Hello,
Sain!    Got cut again, I scc."
"Yes, salt! I done got carved up
wilh a razor, doc."
"Why don'l you keep out of bad
company?" suit! the physician, after
lie  had dressed the wound.
'"Deed I'd like to, doc, but I ain't
got 'miff money to git a divorce."-
V ancoilver Province.
Gas Blew Back
Prussian Guards Got Dose of Their
Own Medicine
Advices received from Germany
sny four regiments of Prussian
Guards suffered severely from their
in nn attack on A'rnieiilicrcs when
ihc wind shifted suddenly nnd blew
fins buck in their faces.
In order thai people may not bc
alarmed at seeing so many men ol
crack regiments blinded by gas, orders hnve been given to remove thc
shoulder straps and other identification marks irom lhc victims before
lhcy arc sent back l" lhc base hospitals.
YOU should have at least $2,500 of Life |
Insurance. Write to-day for pamphlet of S
tlie new Excelsior 5
(Agents Wanted in Unrepresented Districts) 3
caKed ;#*:&��
For S-ile by all Dealers
Douglas & Company, Napanee, Ont
Strom*? m��U ��n" clowl) iiMCB.l-miklns ll . luinpLU.
bt.riw _.*i..nl.n.sabBati �� mll�� Mini! r..uli.r rap.
J uid U.1W1U wltei Ho. ��-lnt-nti��.li��t��i No. 13 ��iro-s.sd.#
fb.tb* noon Hwrlh proem wl.klilli,.._*4..,lwrU_tiluM
/ pro,... lo t>�� O,. heel.   Ail, _l.oot ou, t��m .n.i ..r.iim-nul
"l.n.-lns    Wi��� lod.y lor c.ulw    ll is aoat rrti Pn rtquotl.
TM aMW-.ll ���**��!��� Wll. **������������Cmw, im..
WlaolH*. *.t-        ll.mil*., dpi.
No Need to Economize
"John," snid Iiis wife, "do you spell
'graphic  with onc 'f or two?"
"Well, my dear, you may ns well
use Iwo if you are going tu use.
Machine Gunners Task
A higher degree of physical fitness is required in thc machine gunner Ihan in the soldier of nny oilier
branch ol the army. Size is not so
important as good health and muscular strength. The machine gunner
must be capable of currying his gun,
crawling on his hands and knees with
It, or running with il if need bc.
How  to loosen  a tender com
or callus so it lifts out
without pain
Lct folks step on your feet hereafter; wear shoes a size smaller if
you like, for corns will never again
send electric sparks of pain through
you, according to lhis Cincinnati
Hc says that a few drops of a
drug culled freezone, applied directly
upon a tender, aching corn, instantly
relieves soreness, and soon the entire corn, root and all, lifts right
This drug dries at once and simply
shrivels up the corn or callus without even irritating the surrounding
A small bottle of freezone obtain *d
at any drug store will cost very little
but will positively remove every
hard or soft corn of callus from one's
If your druggist hasn't stocked
this new drug yet, tell him to get a
small bottle of freezone for you from
his wholesale drug house.
Catarrh Cannot be Cured
with    LOCAL    APPLICATIONS,    it ih-7
..innot reach the sent ot the disease. Citarrii
��� a local 1lisc1.se, greatly influenced by ion-
llitulioiial LOiidiliulia, niul itl order to cure il
lou must tirl.c un internal remedy, llall't
Catarrh Cure is takeu internally and acts
liiiou_li tire blood on the mucous aiulace*
31 lhe sy-itcm. Hall's Catarrh Cure was pre-
-.crihed l.y one ci the best physicians in tint
country lor years. It is composed of some
ol the bent tonics ttnown, combined with
some ol the best blood purifiers. The periled combination ol the ingredients iu Hall's
Calarrh Curo is what produces such wonder,
lul results in catarrhal conditions. Send ior
testimonials, free.
I*. J. CHENEY te CO.,  Props., Toledo, O.
All Druggists, 75c.
Hall's l-'ainily  Pills for constipation.
A Stern Reminder
Morc Americans than were killed
in aciion in the whole Spanish-American Mar have already met their
death at thc front in France. This
single fact is a stern reminder of thc
ualtirc of the contest we arc now
engaged in. ��� Philadelphia Tublic
The Strength That Comes in the
Fight With Back to the Wall
Trust thc battle line of England,
the Indomitable! Of all the peoples
of history, none more than the Kng-
lish have shown thc strength that
coincs in the light wilh back lo the
wall. The hist ditch is where England fights best and there she will
fight best today if forced lo it by
the most tremendous military pressure the world hns ever known.
Thank God our boys arc fighting at
her side, even if it be but a few of
them. May tlicy carry to her the
assurance of our faith and glory in
her. May llicy sweep aside thc ancient prejudices thai have made us
rudge England her fair meed oi
Irust and honor.���Chicago Post.
Wretched from Asthma. Strength
of body and vigor of mind arc inevitably impaired by the visitations
of asthma. Who can live under the
cloud of recurring attacks and keep
body and mind at their full efficiency?
Dr. J. D. Kellogg's Asthma Remedy
dissipates the cloud by removing the
cause. It does relieve. It does restore the sufferer to normal bodily
trim and mental happiness.
There was a young man   wc   called
Who tickled a mule in the hoof.
They snid it was queer
How lie could disappear
Till they noticed the hole in lhc roof.
You can peel your corns off, lift
them out by the roots, do it without
pain and quickly, loo, if you first apply a few drops of Putnam's Corn
Extractor, Putnam's shrivels up the
com, makes it look like dead skin,
1 uproots it completely. Thc beauty
about Putnam's Extractor is this���it
nets without pain���docs it's work
quickly und costs but a quarter in
nny drug slorc in the hind. Get it
<HIIb-J��^^lf?-��� rr~c?
To drive a tank, handle the guns, and
sweep ovcr the enemy trenches, ta'ies
strong nerves, good rich blood, a good
stomach, liver and kidneys. When tha
time comes, the man wilh red blood in
his veins "is up and nt it." Ilo haB iron
nerves for hardships���an interest in his
work grips him. That's the way you
fed when you have taken .1 blood and
nerve Ionic, made up of Blood root,
Goldenseal root, Stone rootjCherry bark,
and rolled into a sugar-coated tablet
and sold in fifty-cent vials by almost
all druggists for past fifty years as
Dr. Tierce's Golden Medical Discovery.
This tonic, in liquid or tablet form, is
just what you need this spring lo give
you vim, vigor and vitality. At the
fag end of a hard winter, no wonder
you feel "run-down," blue, out of sorts.
Try lhis "Medical Discovery" of Dr.
Pierce's, Don't waitl To-day is the
day to begin I A little "pep," and you
laugh and live.
St. Catuaiuni-s, Oxt.���''Several years
ago, when convalescing afler a serious
Illness, I took a half dozen bottles each of
Dr. Plorce's Golden Medical Discovery
and Favorite Proscription us tonics. I
cannot praise those medicines too highly
for the benefit I rocelvcd���my health
was completely restored. I always take
pleasure ln recommending those two ot
Dr. Pierce's remedle3."-MB8. I'lokemck
Iioe.11-, 33 Beach Street.
A Voice Wanted
Are Men Who Have no Fixed Point
of Truth or Honor
Words still fail to lell the daily
tale of woe which those who do
things in thc name of Germany
bring lo the world. Devilish as arc
llieir physical cruellies even more
cruel   und  terrible   seem   to  be    the
menial tortures which lhcy infilfct
upon the world. For lhcy arc men
who have no fixed point of truth or
honor, and Iheir deeds and thoughts
are an insult to the world's common guud..ess. Strangely enough
llicrc seems no voice among lhc allies able to-scorch with prophetic utterance and to shame before the
world these representatives of Germany who on the throne and in ils
parliament and press and pulpit dally
kill all that civilization has won.
These sillnckr on truth go by default. They arc accepted 111 silence.
And yet as the Eternal liveth thc
men who utter Ihese things and so
defy liim shall answer for Ihem at
some great tribunal, Sliull not thc
Judge of all the earth do right?���
Public Opinion.
Keep    Minard's     Liniment   in   the
Crosses on Mount of Olives
In a lctlcr from Jerusalem, telling
of a lour of inspection ot lhc Hed
Cross units with    General Allenby's
forces, Mrs, Edith 11. Phillips saysr
"They must have made a    magnificent fight all up the  hilllsides,    especially Ncbi Samwil.     There    are
numerous little crosses on lhc moun-
I tains. Those cm the Mount of Olives
!look sad, but    wonderfully    imprcs-
I    Ncbi Samwil has    lhc    traditional
I tomb of lhc prophet Samuel and is
! identified with   Mizpah, thc city of
Minimize The Fire
Peril By Using
Chemically Self-Extinguishing
"Silent 500s"
The Matches With "No
EDDY Is the only Canadian
maker of these matches, every
���tick of which has been treated
with a chemical solution which
positively ensures the match
becoming dead wood one* it
has been lighted and blown
Look for the words "Chemically self-extinguishing" on the
'Woci'a Fheraho&iM.'
Thi Great Enolith Homed*.
Tones and Invigorate! ihe w hob
ner vous system, Bakes Lew Blood
la   old Veins,   Curt-* Kmotit
Hbitity.Uentat and Drain Worry, Dttpon.*
mey, hot* of ICncryy, Patpttntion ef ta*
teart, Fatltne Memory. Price 11 per boa, all
lU One it Jl plea:.,sli will cure. Bold by all
it__u*t or nailed I* plain pkg. on receipt of
iXtfnejiamphlet mailed free. THt WOOR
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Market Price for
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Winnipeg, Man.
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young people  cu i
father.  We buiM x
small  tables   loi 1
homes, ud br**-
er ones for pub- j
lir   ronm,.   ***au*fl* I
lie rooms. Equipment tree. Write
us at oncy (01
full particular*,
102-104 Adelaide St.  W.,  Toronlo
When buying your Piane
Insist on having an
Otto Higel Piano Action
The Road to Camp
Tommy���'Ow far is   it     to     the,j
Native���About five  miles  as     tlu
crow Ilics.
Tommy���Well, 'ow far more is ij
if lhc crow has lo walk and carry ij
rille and kit bag?���Tit-Bits,
Many mothers have reason tn blcs:
Mother Graves' Worm Extcriiilnatoi
because it hns relieved the lillle one I
of suffering und made theni healthy
The Standard Flour
Hand made, fancy bread in Can?,
da went off lhc market on March 19
under the Canada food board's neil
regulations. Only standard war flout}!
meaning Hour about two per ecu'!'
coarser than ordinary, may bc ttscij
(or bread from .henceforth.
Will      mtmfTmma.     Easy
mmmmmmmmmm #
THE    REVIEW,    COURTNEY,    B,    0.
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traced hack in most
instances to a bad cold
or catarrh that was
neglected. Don't court
this white plague���ensure yourself at once
Against it by inhaling
Catarrhozone, a pleasant antiseptic medication that is inhaled into the lungs, nasal
lassages, throat, and
bronchial lubes, where
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surfaces, relieves congestion, clears the
head and throat, aids
expectoration, and absolutely cures Calarrh
and Bronchitis. Quick
relief, cure guaranteed,
pleasant to use. Get
lhc $1.00 outfit of Cn-
tarrltozonc, it lasts
two months; small
size SOc. All dealers
or the Catarrhozone
Co., Kingston, Out.,
��� BY-
Imita. Mehtns, sad TereaM
"Well;" he said by and by, "my
opinion is that Daly thinks Lawrence
is here, so to speak, within his reach,
which must bc a strong encouragement. If he learns thc truth, he'll
no doubt, go back to Canada and
get on his track. I'd like to set him
searching for Lawrence up and down
Great Britain. There would bc
something amusing in his wasting his
time and money, but at present I
don't see how it could be done. However, wc have until tomorrow to
think of a plan."
Featherstone left him soon afterwards and he stayed in thc library
until dinner, which hc found a melancholy function. It was necessary
to appear undisturbed while thc servants were about, and hc envied his
friend's fine control. These people
had courage and when they talked
carelessly about things of no importance hc did his best to play up.
Still, although tlicy sometimes laughed their amusement sounded forced,
there was a curious feeling of tension, and he thought Mrs. Ecathcr-
stonc once or twice showed signs of
When the meal was ovcr he made
an excuse for leaving them alone,
but sonic time afterwards Alice came
into the hall, where he sat quietly
Ihinking. She was calm, but he saw
she had heard about the threatened
danger. He gol up as she advanced,
but she bcckc.cd him to sit down.
"My father has told mc about thc
letter, and I understand you know,"
she said.
"I wish I knew what ought to be
done! It's an awkward matter. To
tell the truth, it bothers inc."
Alice sat down, shielding her face
from the fire with her hand.
"You mean you feel you ought lo
put it right?"
"Something of the kind," said Foster, forcin-} a smile. "In a sense, of
course, that's presumptuous; but
then, you see, in many ways, I'm in
your brother's debt."
"You like-Jo pay your debts,"
Alice remarked, fixing a level glance
on him.
"When I can; but that's not all.
I'm not iu Lawrence's debt alone,"
Foster answered with sonic diffidence. "1 came ovcr here, a stranger, ignorant of your ideas and customs, and you made me welcome.
Of course, if I had jarred you, you
wouldn't have lit mc know-; but
llicrc arc different degrees of hospitality."
Alice smiled. "You needn't labor
your excuses for wanting lo help us,
and you arc not a stranger now-. Y'oti
must have understood this when my
father showed  you  lhc letter."
"Thank you," Foster replied with
feeling, and was silent for the next
few moments. Alice, who was proud
and reserved,  trusted him, and     he
CANADIANS have good reason to be proud of the position Canada
holds in the world today. This pride is justified by the activities of
her people, by her unlimited natural resources, by her splendid institutions, and particularly by her Industries.
Facts about the immensity of
tome Canadian industries would
astonish most people.
These industries, when viewed
In the light of comparison with
other countries, arc simply, tremendous.
Thc growth of any industry is
limited to thc number of people
it can serve, and that is a fact not
often properly appreciated when
Canadian industries arc compared
to similar enterprises in, say, tlie
United States.
For example: the population
of the United States exceeds
100,000,000. Opportunity for industries there is almost unlimited.
In comparison, Canada with its
seven million population is a small
country���yet in spite of this com-'
paratively small population, Canada possesses several industries
which in actual size rank among
the biggest in the world.
In shoemaking, onc Canadian
concern has developed a volume
of business and a service to thc
Canadian  people  which  is  not
equalled by another shoe manufacturer anywhere in the world.
This concern, if located in thc
United States, would rank as onc
of the twelve largest out of sonic
two thousand shoe manufacturers
While thc sales of the largest
shoe manufacturer in thc United
States���selling to the American
people���do not exceed twenty-five
(cents per capita per year, thc sales
of Ames Holden McCready to thc
Canadian people last year wcrc
approximately eighty cents per
In a comparative sense, therefore, this Canadian concern is
greater than the foremost American shoe manufacturer in the
United States.
Thus Ames Holden McCready
.truly merit the distinction of their
title "Shoemakers to the Canadian
Just imagine for a moment the
enormous work of supplying a large
portion of Canada's 7,000,000 peo-
ole with its boots and shoes:
���if requires���huge up-to-date factories equipped with thc most
modem machinery able to turn
out 8,000 pairs of shoes a day.
���it requires���a variety of nearly*
800 different styles to meet thc
requirements of all classes of people, for different grades, shapes and
kinds of shoes.
���it requires���thc maintenance of
six large distributing branches in
principal cities from coast to coast,
and in these are carried ovcr a
million dollars worth of stock,
ready for quick delivery to retailers.
���it requires���sixty travelling salesmen to call on the retail trade,
because out of approximately
10,000 retail dealers who sell shoes
in Canada, morc than 5,000 handle
A.H.M. Shoes.
���it requires���many other details
of organization and equipment,
but this brief outline will give you
some slight idea of the part that
this great shoe concern is playing in
the business of supplying footwear
to the Canadian people..
You will be interested in these facts, because the next time you buy footwear
bearing the A.H.M. Brand, you will know that they are the product of a large and
efficient organization making shoe* which will in every case give you the greatest,
value for your money.
"Shoemakers to the Nation"
URINB Granulated Eyelids,
^*^*'*-s*' Son Eyei, Eyes Inflamed by
Sun, Ami and Wind quickly
'relieved by Murine. Try It In
'your Eyesand In Baby's Eyes,
I'a 01 by
'. Murlss
Ask Marine E���� Bemed-r Co.. Chlcuo 1
CM tain. In lubts lio. For Booh./ the Kye-1
W.     N.     U.     1208
must somehow justify her confidence. Hc had a vague plan in his
mind, but it needed working out.
"But wc must bc practical," she
resumed. "Can you help? You must
sec that there is nobody else who
Foster made a sign of agreement,
'for it was plain thai Featherstone
could not tell his friends about his
"I begin to think I might; but although 1 haven't quite made my
plans yet, 1 scc some danger. Would
you take a risk /or your brother's
The girl's eyes sparkled, and hc
saw that she had Lawrence'.* reckless courage. He had heard his partner laugh when they faced starvation
on thc frozen trail.
"I would lake any risk lo save
him or punish thc blackmailer."
"Very well. I rather think your
father will leave things to mc, and 1
have a half-formed plan. There
ought bc some humor iu the plot,
if i can work it out. Daly's plainly
convinced that your brother's here,
and I don't scc why he shouldn't bc
encouraged to stick to his opinion.
In fact, the longer he looks for Lawrence, the more amusing lhc thing
will get. Of course, he may turn
spiteful when he tin-Is he has been
tricked, but he, no doubt, means to
all the harm hc can already. However, yotl must give inc until tomorrow."'
Alice got tip and when he rose
said quietly, but with something in
her voice lhat thrilled him: "I think
you like my mother and she knows
I meant to talk to you. Lawrence
is very dear to her and if lie wcrc
dragged back into disgrace, now
when wc thought it was all forgotten and he has made a new start in
Canada, I am not sure she could
bear thc shock. There is nobody else
who could help us and wc trust to
"Then I must try to deserve it,"
Foster answered Wiili a bow. "Hut
what about your old servant, John?
Havc you much confidence in him?"
The girl's tense face relaxed, "In
a sense, John is onc of the family,
but if you want his help, you must
use sonic lud and not expect western frankness. Hc is remarkably
Foster opened thc door for her,
and then went to the gun room,
where he found John, who had driven him from the station wh.;n he
arrived, pouring out sonic Rangoon
oil. Sitting down carelessly, he
lighted a cigarette.
"I understand you were rather
fond of my partner, Lawrence
Featherstone," he remarked,
"If I may say so, sir, I was. A
very likeable  young gentleman."
"1 expect you know he got into
John looked pained at his blunt-
ness. "1 heard something about it,
sir.    Perhaps  Mr.  Lawrence was    a
Bob lopg
iMtaum-frvmeCoaU (oCoait\
1     TORONTO CANADA*    '
litltle wild.   It sometimes happens in
very good families."
"Just so," said Foster. "Would
you bc surprised to hear he hadn't
got out of thai trouble yet?"
"Not surprised exactly; I was
afraid of something like it, sir."
Foster knew this was as much as
he would admit, but felt thai he
could trust the man.
"Very well. My partner's in some
danger, and wilh Mr. Fcathcrslone's
permission I must try to scc him
through, but may want your help. 1
suppose you're willing?"
"Ves, sir. If it's for Mr. Lawrence, you  can  take  it  that   I  am."
"Vou can drive an automobile
pretty well?"
"Not like a professoinut, sir, but
now we don't keep a chauffeur I
often  drive to lhe slation."
"That's satisfactory. I may want
the car tomorrow evening, but nobody else  must  know about  this."
"Very good, sir," said John.
"When you're ready you can give mc
your Instructions; they'll go no further."
Then he dipped a rag In the oil
and began to rub a gun, and Foster
went out, feeling satisfied. It was
plain thai lie could rely upon the old
fellow, who he tfiought was unflinchingly loyal to the Feather-
stones. After all, it was something
to have thc respect and affection of
one's servant.
(To Bc Continued.)
Making the Pennies Reach
The littic girl put six cents ou till
counter for a loaf of bread.
"Another ccnl, please," said tlie
"lias it rose, then;" asked thc little girl.
"Ves, bread went up this morning."
"Well, then," she replied, "give ine
one of yesterday's." ��� Guclph Mercury.
Idle Tears
No, my 'lisband ain't Killed, Mr-.
Marks. No sootier did I put all the
| kids in nioiiruin', even to biby in the
pram, when I gels a telegram nsayiit'
Vs alive and well. Ves, an' all lhis
expense  for nolhin'."
"Wot   a   crool   shame I"���Passing
The Businesslike Britisher
Excited Hun    Soldier ��� Oh,    Sir
Kaincradc,  I  gif ineinsclf up!    I  to
you  ineinsclf surrender,  Sir  Kanicr-
ud!    I	
llritish Officer���Cut it   short man.
This isn't   a    bally    opera.���Passing
No Need to Economize
"John," said his wife, "do you spell
'graphic' with one '(' or two?"
"Well, my dear, you may as well
use two if you arc going to use
Old Jewellery: Plate. Silver: Curios:
Miniatures: Picture* I Needlework] Lace:
Old China: Cut Glass: Ornamental
Watches:   Rings:   Table   Ware.
Write or tend by Express, to
B. M. & T. JENKINS. Limited
Antique  Galleries
28 and 30 College Street, Toronto, Ont.
'.Slt-EAT fM
J 1
*T*U��. ^^..-i-^^.���., D_..,;__���J    Kverv male person who is not on
I he Lourtenay Review aclive s;rvk.e j1,, .auy |ot Hls Ma.
And i oniox Valley Advocate
,   A   Weekly   Newspaper, Published at
Courteuay, 11. t'.
N. 11. Hoiu.N, I.ilitor iimi Proprietor
tSulisirriiiiiun ml Mi |. i  Year in  Advance
S^.tlli per mi ii n i ii il nut so paid
je.stv's Naval or Military Forces,
or in the N-ival or Military ^Forces
of any of His Majesty's Allies, anil
who at pareutly may be. or2w (rea-!
*'jsuiKihly ..lispeeteil to lie, witilill tlie
csciiption of Class One under the
lilt 1<M AN  Jl Mr   b,  1 yIK
j Military  Service jAct,   1917,   who
for nnv reason may   have   claimed
-   that he,i.->  not  within  Class One
Enn rccmonl   1 ( the Canada   Food ! ���lmk'1' lllL> A<-*t. must cm 1 y a certi-
licaie showing ihai ! e 1.1 exempt at
till limes The penult) lor 11011-
conformity to this r uiilaii.m is fyi
artl tie niav be littblu Jo- iniliiary
duty, Any peis 11 sibling a ^fnlse
certi cate is liable to ri li ie of tf.-soo
an.:  imprisonment 101' ri.x IliOtltllS,
Ui aul'B icgulalii ns as 1 l'..u.l c in er-
v..Lun has been placed in Ilia hinds
the of ihe police niai h in ry ��� r ihe
munlclpblitli s und of the ilIT irent
povlni 03 tin iightAil lho .loiii'nfcn.
Ii Is ihcInly niul ti 0 privilege ol
1 i-ovlni es li erf' r ������ I" ler, al laws
und lhe 1 ni      v (' ti aia  Poctl^
1 ���vJtl h[l ���' ' ������'" , :' 'v "' '-'"'I At lhe City Council meeting on
being passed upon authority ul n.'l  ���;...       . .      ,,      , ���  ,,   ,,
Issuld by iheuhvy council and pub- I i>esclaV evening the . Light Com-
lised in tho Ciiuadj Gaz 1 1. It. hi ��� ll"'-u'�� repented ilml t had met
1 ue, tacomes the duly ol police otll- Mr. tirflliain, nf lite Caiiudiaii Col-
cers Ihroiighoul Ihe Domln'on to :: ��� lu- ies, re oVK |.i."n*'i.'oiilrrict, A
qualm themselves win* lite--- rei i'.a- rAt .,.,,-. lln .... lud iv>en fpresent-
licns regardnlg our ti d ppuly a ' '" ea whidi W;,-, vn l r II tli
see to   i Ilml    lhcy an-   obeyed.   At I   .       ,. .
,1 ���     , .��� ,.,    ���. .1.1 ���. r.., 1 , -i- . ! the ot 01 e, ill iv
lhis "stage 11 lhe wi r.'i   3 1 .n 1 -��� 1   '-��� . >
lion when 4,750,000 pecple ii Eui ope. in tlie rates.
have slarvved lo dealh r:s   eomptred      I.. S. (Jokely   n|t> led   lhat   le
to 4,250,000 soldiers who have di rl as  had made 11 prdiii iry survey   if
the result 0' battle, II Is beyond cavil   t|ie Urqiihail spiinus, and prc.s-.ul-
or dispute that these t ot] regulation
tire   ahao'.u ely     neccss.ir*'.      Ind ret
many pei pie in  c mmti i   ii 111  will    , .
ri-lettds la England or in F'mire th-'nlt the  springs   are  314  feet  higher
our Canadian regulations mild In view than the bridge, There nre seven
P'opl" on the ol'her s'll*- rir- undergo ga'.loiis pei sei-Pii*1,, or (hid,1100 pal,
Ing, Patrii tlsm aa well ai duty sliou'd   lier (|.u  Q0\Ving from  tlle  spiings,
inBr1!,e s,'il!,'iv,i. ; '.".';' ,re3t/iot-) which >re  2 - ������ miles  from  the
ions bv the public ann vi*-il. nl entorc- . . ��� .    ... , .
menl  cl them hy  the tfiW.s of il e ho .l,,",,rv.     "e Kirkwood pn-p r
lav, ty 11* i.yjffe   I tgherlhiji; tlle bridge
In crses cf convlctl'-ns Eecnr**ril hy ail I about half t'l 1  distance away.'
I.hi   : "ir i ��� 1' po'ice 1 " ���   s.  l -h "I! , h     ....; ,.  : ���   ;���   , 0   il   Works  is
be nrled that where these convMHoits estimated al 'if. 4.6 75,    o   ivllich
resull In lhe impoeltlcn cf lines lhe ,,,u ,( . ,0 be t d.led land ilamatis
,,.,.,(.. .,.,..,,  n-e-p (1111" rv In be p-od ,      ,       , "-
,r . . ... icjn 1 (,.,    n-.i  , a , r si .11. eo-i oi 1 md an I   pr 11 s, etc,
larly   11   h-   as s were effl es   e-       . lie Cit   Clerk was Instructed, to
nu    ���  ���    ���;���������.     h    Canada   i-'roil vii ���.- ilu- Miiiir_ttr of Finance 2 isk-
hoard lis-- rdrculnrt-sed these nnle - In in-- perm) sion lo seIIJ$25,o,-o wot ill
official fn-      ih*-curiin.|    it," ivdice nf-hoiids'ioi  1 -uler  purpose*1,   and
of   he vrlma rrovlnces. &:     ,���  Vlili.  t,     Col    tlil ,.  of
u    om  I an ���dn 1 1  re- ....      ,. .   '     ,      ...
lie s-une as
ing ib 8 hange
ed a profile niapcoiiiineiiciii; [ t llie
ciu bouudai v ni the  Lake   frail.
^ BB8T
0 P4r/j
A Dependable Ally Always
Inspii-s the practical-minded housewife with supreme con-
lldencc from the very outset. She knows ll la inlllod from
golden ripe No, 1 hard Canadian Wheal, and milled In absolute conformity  with the loyal spirit of Ihese war-llnip days
Experience has taughl her thai In flavor, baking qualities,
Nutrllve  Value,  iini] ai! round worth 11 is   lhe   flour thai
will measure up to her fondest   expectations -her mosl <-x-
acllllg Inslcs.
Many h ;.:,
palrlolc savh;
Ives who insisl on going n step further wilh
. rue us'tig n 25 per conl proportion of
mi 1
. ... 1 Rigb s in s.-e what tlte**City
Tn il' en-es th*- ivag's- cjjij ��lo in ihe  mutter  cf a   water
ts hni-e  rtood   Prmly  Ireh'nd   'he. ti, lit trom t e springs,
regiilalfnns, anil  Imposed    (he peml-
llllillllll'l 11'IZilZ Arrangement With the U. S.:
to ih**ee months cr tot\   Rest-uraM 1*1' norab e (',. C. Robeitson, La-1
hr' a "���'.ir  ir--- i-v -l meal on p 0- Imr Re\ r s-nlalive in the  Govern-
hlbll il <l-s a-d hour*,  served sug-r n,el (] staled in '.lie Mouse ol Ccm-
' l'1'' |,"",   have 1110111   lint   ,-.11 arrangement    had
The New
Waist Line
and higher bust is
developed in all the
new model C/C b,
la GrSce Corsels,
now being eh own
Hi    v
wih heir baking allowances of "Royal Standard i'lour" and
In every Instance hnvo hen tlllghld al h i-osulls.
Tesl   lhis  plcasthg combination al your nexl baiting.
Ureal  Brtnlii Is on co mpulsory rations
whal  can you do?
[sailed by Canada i-'"i-d Board.
i/   Royal Standard Grain Products Agency
W Plmnc 33, End ol Biiilsc B. Towler,   Mjjr.
**> .>3--S�� -*5'J* AlA .*>, A-.S ;av%'A .,-. --S--S -*7.'-5^ Aifi A >&l
ft   >0i*  a*f0*  0* ��� 9*09*09   w���**���*/   *^>0*i��� 00*   ,.s^-0**-*y-^-^**g'-0ei>,0*'-ii*
to I
/*"%^��^*��MiA-j-.J^^��--s^e.*^   tejV^^A��'.)^-��^V,l*A/_W':r\<'>
i has enia'i'd ''eencoiupkitd by the United States '
11 imi lii-l.t of Labor .-.nd tlle Calm run [''epiirtineiit of Immigration
,1. il Co niiizalion for the inter-
change nl larm }'l_iborers. >Stveral
,lions.nul have already entered   the
fi C        '  '
n      0% \irit* L % \i u'*?.- iff, 'W ,' ���TS
rn  lhe tales    1 r
been hren-M  io
Spi'l ri!      pill Hc'tV
will do a I'le-'t  ile-rl more lo assurt
eonsi ilion of I'o-itl i-i public eatir��
plpeoq th-in  any  lllitr' pis !.
The anil 1 nri .. 'aw alro    'earing
mean   mi-   "rr  linro  f rd   1 it duel ton,
has likewise  teen  enforced.   Magis- ,,        ���      .,-   ,       .      , ���
trates have selse.l the opportnnitv ol  (-a""1'"' West under this arrange-
ileaine with loa'ers Irampa and spuria   "lent
I���- putting 'honi lo    work rn firms,
"N'on-essentlsl " Irdustrles have hern
interpreted bv r-iup magtslrates in'or
lore 01- less ilpl'.iri ������ -tr-iir--. a-"I men ' Seeding Well Ahead.
v iu> had  'o  I e ter e ���< n e   b in  om-
.. ���-���������,���.;   [,,   snid   I,,, . tlonah's  Inilns-       Vr-    J- D. "i'cGreg*or, Tirector of
have   i era   0'd red to gi   nt0   Labor, Canada Food Board, says that   11^ I        f\ -f"     'v  P> T\
Tin  g snc. ?t������;��� -irfng
We have an Exhibit  of a Large
Assortment of New* Patterns
���r_i i> . '-1  c-pupi i ' -.   [a   y.nni- seeding was never sn well advvaricfd
p.;rr n r, 1 rba**g-i b-i- b ei ohserv d 'n 'h   history of the Wesl as it is this
In ���!���.. Ft'-e*>|i silneo tipr-- i.-v wenl Ir- '���'",'    It is up to the men ii nones-
; ��� p'Ter-t.   The Idlers a-id loafers have *' mtlal Industries now to plan tn help
L'i eared.
with the harvest.
Ladies and Gent's Tailor
Nov/ Showing New Spring Suitings
!      McPhee Block
Here about Ap'. 1
Leave order; at F-ev'ew office
Comox   Livery   Stable
Phona 84 L
Auto Truck Meets all  Boats
and Courtenay Trains
Autos and Teams for Hire
at reasoiiab'e rates
Esquimalt   &   Nanaimo  Railway
For   Victoria���Leaves Courtenay 11.35   Monday,
Wednesday and  Fridny, connecting at Parksville
Junction with train fcr Port Alberni, and at Nanaimo with boat for Vancouver
Leaves Vi'toria���-9.00 Tuesday, Thursday, and
Saturday, connecting at Nanaimo with boat from
Vancouver and at Parksville Junction with the
train from Port Alberni, and arriving at Courtenay at 16.10.
Phone Rr60
A|eat CoiulMiijr,
\ -. ���. 1 i 1  is Audited and
Books Kept
Office with 11 icks  Beach  &  Field
Store Between  Bridges
^^t^a*egt^^(a^.^at^-,.i^iree*^^**i't^tr.^^*^, *^v_n-V>iii
For the Farm and Garden
Ensilage Corn, per lb
1000 Headed Kale, per lb   -
I" ape ....
Golden Bantam Table Corn
Mangels and Sugar Beets
For the Cattle s
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Hand Spray Pumps $1
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Great Clearance Sale
at 716 Yate Street
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Johnson and Broad Street
Victoria, B. C.
The Acme of Usefulness
With the grealei activity throughout the province, con-
seqti��iit on war time needs, the telephone has been a great adjunct to the peedy termination of business It supplement,-)
persona.l effort to the last degree, in fact Its usefulness almost
speaks for itself. That it is such a great utility, facilitating
endeavor along every Hue. is due to the cooperative human
element behind the scenes which makes the valuable, inanimate equipment iutensely useful.
The aim Is to make the telephone of the greatest use aud
convenience to everv user.
British Columbia  Telephone Co.
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Fine Sliowin** of Horse Blankets,  La-
Rugs, Gloves, Trunks, Suit Cases, KtcS
Harness Repaired Neatly
Cumberland and Courte\ay
by every male person who is not on active service in any of His Majesty's Naval or Military
Forces, or in the Naval or Military Forces of any of His Majesty's Allies, and who apparently
may be, or is reasonably suspected to be, within the description of Class One under the
Military Service Act, 1917, who for any reason may have claimed that he is not within Class
One under the Act.
JVJtiTU'K is hereby given that, under tho provisions of nn Order i-i Council
(I'.C 1013), of lho 20lh April, IMS, upon and after the 1st day i.fJunc,
1918, every malo persi n who i.i i nl. nn ;:.���:I _-<��� Bervico in any of liin Majesty's
Naval or Military Forces, rr in iin- Naimlcr Military Forces of His Majesty's
Allies, antl who apparently nmy bo, or i.r reasonably suspected to bo, withhi
tin; description of Class One ran! :r the Military ','���. rvii a Act, 1917, by whom
ei- im w-ltosn bphalf, il is ;;l m-y I imc irir-.-nrr���,!, claimed or alii god that he is not,
win llur by reasi n cf ��� ���. talus, nationality, exception, nr otherwise, within
Si i-.iir Ai-I, 1917, as defined fi r lho tlmo being
ei i! ''!::. a, ho i r exempted from or not liable t.i
I'r '.������ with ! I: i i p n I is p rst n at all times or in or
Class Oi Hinder the W
or i!.:1!, although v '.'
military scrvi
upon nnv bull
: 1- pi
certificate 11' tho
reputablo cili-i :
knowled**-** of th:
i lio i.s ? ot within thc clasa by reason of ngd, an official
f ).. i biribv* ���" v, certificate of hia age signed by iv.\>
ing hi tlie community in which ho lives and haying
v ���
If it bc claimed that he is not within the Class by reason of marriage, a
certificate, cither oHicH.il or signed by two reputablo citizens residing in the
community in which he lives ami having knowledge of the facts, certifying lo
his marriago and lhat his wife is living; or
If it be claimed that ho is net. within the Class by reason of his nationality,
a certificate of his nationality signed by n Consul or Vii-e-Cor.snl of thc foreign
i^tatc or Countrj' to which ho claims his allegiance is due; or a passport issued
by the Government of that Country establishing his nationality; or
If it bc claimed that he is excepted as a member of any of His Majesty's
Forces or us having since tlie 41 h Augusl, 1914, served in thc Military or
Naval Forces of Great Britain or lier Allies in any theatre of actual war anil has
becn honourably discharged therefrom, official documents or an official eertifi-,
rate evidencing the fact; or
If it be claimed that, he is excepted ns a member of the clergy, or of any
recognized order of an exclusively religious character, or is a minister of a
religious denomination existing in Canada on 29th August, 1917, or'ns being a
mouther of any other society or body, a certificate of thc fact signed by an
office-holder competent so to certify under the regulations of the church, order
or denomination, society or body, lo which ho belongs; or
If it bo claimed that he is exempted from er not liable to military Bervice
by reason of any exemption granted or claimed or applicai ion ponding under I ho
Military Ubrvico Acl, 1017, or the regulations thereunder, his exemption
papers, ur a certificate of the Registrar or Deputy Registrar of the district
lo which he belongs evidencing the fact; or
If it bo claimed that he is not within lhe Class, or that lie is exempted, nol
lieble or excepted upon any olhcr ground, a certificate of two reputable citizens
residing in lire community where he lives having knowledge of tho fact, upon
which the claim is founded and certifying thereto;
If upon or afler the 1st dny uf .lune, 1918, any such malo person be found
without the requisite evidence or certificate upon ins person or in or upon the
building or premises in which he is, he shrill thereupon be presumed to be a
person ut the time liable fcr military service and lo be a deserter or dofjuilter
without leave;
And he shall also be liable upon summary convict ion to a fine not, exceeding
_50 or to imprisonment for n period not exceeding one month, or to both such
fine and imprisonment; and moreover,-any sueh person may forthwith be
taken into mililary custody and mny bo there detained and required to perform military duty in the Canadian Expeditionary Force so long aa his services
shall be required, unless or until the fact be established to the satisfaction of
competent authority that he is not. liable for military duty.
The use, signing or giving of any such certificate as hereinbefore mentioned shall, if the certificate be in any material respect false or misleading to the
knowledge of lhe person using, signing, or giving the same, be an offence,
punishable, upon summary conviction, by a penally not exceeding five hundred
dollars, and by imprisonment for any term not exceeding six months and not
less than onc month.
Ottawa, May 22, 1918.
���Si    -
"France in Arms
Tuesday, June 11th 1918
Life is largely made up of Jpray-
m. ers for rain and wishes  for it to
j/ clear off again,
Some men go to war because
they cannot get married and others
because they cannot get a divorce.
Lots of women have a perfectly
delightful way of being mean.
Kortune is like a mirror, it does
not alter men; it just shows lhe -t
as they really are,
Some people make a virtne of a
necessity as a last resort.
P. McBryde's
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Blacksmith and Carriage Builder
11      FRANCE   IN   ARMS  "
Excellent Views of War at it it���Duel '
Between    Airplanes.
As tho name Implies ihis production
deals with thesrowth of tlie French
army Irom the year 11)14 to the present time, showing In detail tha methods employed by the French in their
reslslenoe of German Invasion. For
a vi r l Icicle il s v. illicit I. doubt-
ono of the very host that has been offered the American public. There Is
no tendency on the part of tho picture
to become dry owing to the many explanations of large guns and :!*eii* if-
fecl; but everything has been so presented lhat it will not only arouse the
interest of the spectators, bul will also show what a large nation must ne-
omplish to gain victory in modern
The picture first shows the mobll-
ation of France's man power. Then
it goes Into deiall explaining hew the
commissary, clothing, and other departments have grown io ken :--\-c
wiih the efficiency found in tne French army of to-day.
The views surrounding the airplane
pari in war affords ihe spectator any
number of thrills, Scenes have been
at a very high altitude ami show a
very exciting encounte r between the.
Oerman antl the French battlepltwnesr
The German is defeated and -make* a
must sensational plunge to��eirrth.
This is one of tl.e strongest points of
the picture, ns it shows war as It really is. Of course one. does net see the
wounded or deathr mat would in any
way provide a damper for anyone's
enthusiasm, hut it decs supply thrill
afior thrill for the benefit of the Interested spectators at home.
The picture finishes with a very
realistic harge of ihe French at six
o'clocli In the morning. They can be
plainly seen maglng the cli - e and
capturing a trench With a great number of prisoners.
���'France in Arms" supplies lhe
bitor '**��i!i  an   Imusual
Is opportune ami -highly enn i
ami above all Is th irnughly I
avoiding any so-called pi -
slums for Lhe beii'lik ot tin    u-iuum
ll    is   WithOUl   doubt   tlieilio-;
ing Uim seen for some time.
Soldiers of the Sc:'
Hoys enrolled ns farm b Ip
the Soldiers of the Soil a*gi
tion, 'inula- ,the auspices i
Camilla Food Board, are
good work with Cue seeding
Ontario 15,000 boys ha*
rolled, ninny of theni are *uow oa
the laud; iu Manitoba - v.r toco
ari_- at work; iu Saskatchewan ; too
are placed; in Alberta 624; in B.
C. 540; in Nova Scotia iy-.. !; in.
Quebec over 1000 have itready
been enrolled. New BrunswncS*
and Prince Edward Island ure r-t-H
to be heard from but the enr :';-.-..-:.:
is uhder way,
Soldiers Producing
The food shortage is recognized
as so serious in Europe tnat the
soldiers are cultivating 50 roo acres
between the lines'.In Franca, 7.00a
in Salonica, and apyrcximatelj
700,000'in Mesopotamia, Egypt,
Palestine and Cyprus. In Egypt.
Palestine, and .Salonica tbe British
armies will tuis year grotv^all their
own vegetable, and a large fart of
their hay and forage. All the
Military camps in England are
being cultivated also. At Abler-
shot where 28 acres were'being cult
tiyated 18 months ago, 1210 are
now under cultivation,
Cumberland Hotel
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right over-night, stimulates the Liver gently, but quickly restoring it to full and healthy action, and the stomach and bowels
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Siiuii nn
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Snull Prlc*
DOQV rUFCVQ or HEALTHY COLOR indlcitu Iron in Ihe Blood. Pal* or
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<ec.-u.otllrihowli_.l,.enrf Aeon- CARTFR S IRON PIl LS
dIUon which will b. much helped bj  V*/*I\ I ttl\ *3 1IVVS11  t\ 1L,LiO
Indiscriminate Policy in the Past of Encouraging Immigration of an
Undesirable Class from Europe Has Resulted in Complicated
Social and Economic Problems in the West
Canada's development after the
war affords a subject upon which
many minds have becn engaged, and
in regard to which many suggestions
havc been made. Not all of these
suggestions have been well considered. Certainly not all will pass the
test of practicability. But all those
who have given thc question serious
thought are, as thc Montreal Gazette says, in agreement as to thc
paramount importance of a sound
policy of immigration.
In the past, continues the Montreal paper, the aim has been to bring
in new citizens with morc regard to
numbers than to quality. The settlers brought across the Atlantic
havc been called the "off-scourings of
Europe." That is too harsh a term,
because the class of immigration
which it has been intended to embrace has included a great number
of sober,* industrious, thrifty and
useful settlers, who havc become
creditable citizens.    Thc policy   fol-
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lowed has been, nevertheless, too indiscriminate, with the result that the
newer provinces of the west are today called upon to face social and
economic problems from which wc
ought to have been spared.
When the war began the flow of
settlers from thc continent of Kurope stopped, as did the flow of new
citizens from the British Isles. The
influx from the United States also
was halted, chiefly because of the
apprehension that Canada's position
as a belligerent might impose upon
Canadian citizens, new as well as
old, the obligation to serve in the
army. The last year has brought a
change in this respect. Compulsory
military service was instituted in thc
United Slates before it was adopted
iu Canada, and lhc two countries arc
now on all fours as to the military
obligations of their citizens. The
latest information from Ottawa indicates that many farmers from the
United States arc now moving into
these Western Provinces, where lhcy
arc taking up lands.
There will be general agreement
with the view expressed by The Gazette that this is a most satisfactory
movement, one which must result in
solid benefit to this country. Thc
Gazette adds:
"The settlers who cnlcr thc Canadian West from the United Slates,
particularly from the western grain
states, are from many points of view
the best that the Prairie Provinces
can secure. They arc better equipped for grain growing on the prairie
than arc the men who go west from
the farms of Kaslcrn Canada. They
have had experience in farming under conditions of soil and climate
closely similar lo those which prevail
in Western Canada, so that lhcy
havc fewer new things to leant and
fewer old things to unlearn than
have lhc men front the eastern farms
who have never ploughed the prairie.
Moreover it is generally true that the
settler from lhc western stales is a
man of some worldly substance, already possessed of machinery and
stock or with money to purchase
both. The American settler iu the
Canadian West is infinitely more valuable as a new citizen than is the
best of the class which has conic in
the past from .Middle and Eastern
Kurope, a class composed of men of
alien stocks, speaking their own
languages, having their own social
standards, and assimilating slowly.
Whatever may bc the. extent of
European emigration afler lhe war
it is probable that Canada will ^.avc
to look to the middle and western
stales of America for ninny if not
for the most of her new- seniors.
That outlook is far from discouraging, From every economic standpoint this immigration must bc beneficial to Canada."���Regina Leader.
Urges Increased Acreage
Fifty per cent, more land under
cultivation is the objective which
Dr. J. W. Robertson, C.M.G., of Ottawa, asks the fanners of New
Brunswick to attain litis season.
This is an average of five acres morc
per farmer, lhe amount of land und-
u* cultivation in the province being
lower than in other parts of Canada,
owing to the lack of grain growing,
nnd the large proportion of farming
land used for dairying purposes, etc.
Frugality is good, if liberality be
joined with il. The first is leaving
off stipcii'lous expenses; the last bestowing them to the benefit of others lhat need. The first without the
lust begins covetness; the last without the first begins prodigality; bolh
together make au excellent temper.
���William Pciin,
Cost of Living
Some    Tips    Published   in    Britain
Upon War-time Economy
Sufficient food for one person for a
day can bc bought for a shilling, even at present prices. A shilling a
dny, once or twice a week, need not
involve a Spartan self-denial if the
money is spent judiciously. Thc
breakfast menu may bc a large soup-
plate of oatmeal porridge, two slices
o( toast with a little margarine, and
a cup of cocoa, half milk and half
water. For luncheon a pint of packet soup, costing twopence, a pound
of potatoes, and an apple or orange.
Tin- lust meal may include a pease-
pudding, boiled in a cloth, with :t
lump of margarine added, bread and
syrup, and a pint of cocoa with a
dash of milk. Such a dietary, on occasional days, costs uo more than a
shilling, and is sufficient nourishment
for all persons engaged in light_ manual work or sedentary occupation.
A shilling spent on dried peas,
beans, rice, or maize provides material for several dishes. If any fatty
food can bc obtained, such as dripping, oil or suet, a perfectly nourishing meal can bc made with onc of
llic pulses as the chief part. It is
possible to live healthily for a considerable time upon beans and fat.
Hut a full diet of beans and peas
cannot bc recommended to persons
of weak digestion.
Maize is quite as nourishing as
wheat and wc are beginning to recognize its high food value. The belief that maize is indigestible, is quite
erroneous, It is morc digestible
than while wheat flour. Cornflour,
often given invalids, is simply a preparation of maize. All kinds of
dishes, from porridge to rissoles and
fritters, can bc prepared from miiizc-
meal or flaked maize. This is probably the most economical food that
can bc obtained at present. Maize is
cheap, extremely nourishing, and easily absorbed by the body. It is a far
more valuable food than rice. Maize
builds up body tissue and provides
warmth. Its excellence as a food
should be known to every housewife
who has to study rigid economy and
wishes to obtain the best value in
food for thc cost of a shilling.
General Currie's Thanks
Letter    of   Appreciation   for    War
Comforts Sent
Those ladies and gentlemen who
devote their spare time enthusiastically to the provision for comforts
for lhc Canadian troops at thc front
will bc gratified by the following letter from Gen. Sir Arthur Currie to
Mr. Colmcr:
"It gives mc the greatest pleasure
lo have this opportunity of expressing lo you my own deep sense of
gratitude, and that of all ranks of
the Canadian corps, for thc untiring
efforts of the Canadian War Contingent association on our behalf.
"In thc wonderful work you arc
doing you touch the daily lives of
the men in the trenches in the closest possible way, and your abundant
supply of practical gifts has contributed in very large measure to
their comfort, happiness and
"Please accept my very best
wishes for the continued and increasing success of your splendid association, and my assurance that
your labors on behalf of thc Canadian soldiers arc deeply appreciated
by us all."
Drain on German Nobility
The heavy drain of the war on
German nobility is shown by thc latest issues of Gotha's Genealogical
Manuals. Summarized by thc Kolm-
ischc Volkszcitung, the manuals
show these losses: 270 members of
families of counts; 633 members of
baronial families; 843 members of
the old nobility, and 836 of the patent nobilitv.
Kitchener's Comment
What Kitchener said to the English landowner who questioned him
lis worth remembering. "If thc Germans should invade England, what
uniform should I wear as a member
I of the Home League lo repel them?"
iskrd the landowner.
"That  suit you wish  to be  buried
ni," answered K. of K.���Outlook.
Significant That the Modern Menace of Submarine Erightfulness
Should Find Its Sharpest Checkmate in the Modern
Achievements of the Flying Machine
The Luxuries of War
The War Is Bringing About Strange
Domestic Changes
Thc war is bringing about slrangc
domestic changes. The other day a
woman with a shawl ovcr her head
entered a piano dealer's shop in
Yorkshire, saying she wanted a piano. The salesman hesitatingly suggested a sound instrument at ��25,
expecting thus to end the inquiry,
"Not that," said the woman shortly,
"a real one." Taken aback, the
man more boldly indicated one at
��60. This was thought heller, but
not "up to the mark," and another at
��80 or ��90 was also dismissed as
inadequate. "I want one o' them
with a big, broad top." A grand I
Now beyond surprise, the salesman
pointed out the cheapest of that order at ��130. "That's morc like it,"
said the customer; and then, reassuringly, "Aw'vc got t' brass," produced at thc same time a sufficient
roll of notes from the recesses of
her clothing.
A lady district visitor to whom
the story was told followed the
grand shortly after to its cramped,
new quarters, where such splendor
had never been seen before. It was
safely installed, filling thc humble
room with its bulk and the family
with pride. "But tlicy can't make
any use of such a thing," declared
lhe perplexed salesman when the
visitor reported to him. "Yes, they
can," insisted the lady. "They were
having their dinner on it."���From
thc Manchester Guardian.
Not in Vain
Deed Has Put New Fighting Spirit
Into Germany's Foes
Whatever military success Germany may havc gained by the sinking of the Tuscania will cost her
Unlike the sinking of thc Lusitania
and the air raids ovcr London, this
latest great exploit of German war
by stealth can bc defended under the
laws of warfare; for a transport conveying combatant troops is not a
peaceful merchantman nor is it a
community of civilians, but is legitimate prey. But, like the air raids
and the sinking of merchantmen, this
deed has put new fighting spirit into
Gcrtnatr-'s foes. It has proved again
how far ast.../ Ger lany goes in her
calculations. It has revealed anew
thc self-control of the American
fighting man, his readiness for emergency, and Ids inflexible determination for victory. And it has stimulated recruiting in this country. For
every man that lost his life in that
disaster morc than one man has offered himself for service against
Those who sorrow for tire loss of
their men who went down with the
Tuscania havc no cause lo feci that
their loved ones died in vain. They
gave their lives heroically and to a
great end. They have been the means
of gaining new strength for the arms
of their country. They have made all
Americans their debtors. To them, as
well as to those who die at the front,
will belong lhc victory which they
have helped to purchase 'with their
lives.���From the New York Outlook.
The Bishop's Parable
Bishop  Paul Jones of Utah    was
asked by a committee the other day
to support a rather extreme   Sunday
"Gentlemen," the Bishop said, "the
wife of one of my ministers saw- her
litttlc boy last Sunday morning
chasing the hens all ovcr thc farmyard with a club.
" 'I'll learn you,' he was shouting.
'I'll learn you to lay eggs on the
Sabbath!' "���Florida Times-Union,
The official curtain wliicli shrouds
the persistent work of the Britisii
admiralty in ridding the seas of thc
lurking submarine menace has been
momentarily drawn aside. Ten recent instances have been given publicity in which the undcrscas emissaries of Teuton' barbarism have
been discovered and destroyed by
alert naval aircraft. The cases arc
recorded in the official language of
the. admiraliy reports.
Thc world "do move." It is significant that the modern menace of
U-boat fiiglltflthicss should find its
sharpest clic-rkinalu in thc modern
achievement of lhc (lying machine.
The seaplanes patrolling the narrow
waters around the coasts of Britain
and France arc the "eyes" which
keep the undcrscas marauder under
surveillance and arc ils constant terror. The sliced at wllictf' the "birds"
travel and llieir ability to dip at will
to the water's edge and cast forth
llieir deadly bombs enable them to
do splendid service iu exterminating
the lliin submarine. Even iu the
moment of llis seeming triumph thc
barbarian is liable to destruction
from tho air. One of the ten cases
enumerated by thu admiralty in its
matter-of-fact and uiienibcllishcd record reads as follows:
"A seaplane saw lhc track of a
torpedo wliicli had been fired at a
merchantman. It dived toward the
surface and sighted thc black shadow of the submarine well below the
surface. It dropped two bombs,
which both exploded close to the
submarine, resulting iu a large quantity of oii, bubbles and wreckage."
The glimpse that the admiralty has
given the public of thc efficient servicc being rendered by aircraft in
the steady destruction of German
submarines is most encouraging. It
illustrates how thc allies are persistently overtaking and removing the
U-boat menace, and it emphasizes
the tremendous value of the air service which is not only indispensable
to thc army in land operations, but
has become, in a very real and effective sense, the "eyes" of thc Britisii
navy.���Toronto Globe.
The Future of Russia
Perpetual Struggle to Free  Herself
From the Exploitation of
It is obviously German policy to
keep Russia poor, helpless and ignorant, so lhat she may never again use
her giant power against lhc Teuton.
Thc blinded Samson ir. doomed to
grind the com of the Philistines,
chained to lhc wheel. Wc scc the
future of Kussia unfolding itself before our mental vision, a perpetual
struggle to free herself from thc organized exploitation of Germany.
Patriots will arise; tlicy will die as
martyrs iu Ihc cause. Parties will be
organized; but llieir leaders will be
betrayed. For there will always be
.1 party of betrayal in Kussia���Germany will scc to that. Risings and
vain struggles to bc free will only
bring a heavier punishment upon the
head of the Russian people. It is a
terrible and tragic fate for a great
and proud nation.���London Morning
Fighting Tuberculosis
As tuberculosis is prevalent in
European countries, where food is
scarce and malnutrition prevalent,
the Canadian Association for the
Prevention of Tuberculosis is urging
the need of greater food production
as one method of assiling towards
llic prevention of tuberculosis.
Thc association purposes to obtain
from the army, if possible, records
of those rejected on account of tuberculosis, and an educational campaign will bc carried on amongst
le^ *~>
**��� *Tl
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gold. It Clentisefl, Purities, Deoder-
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.'use possible it Dc-Ox-Ide is used,
Invaluable for Sanitary Closets,
Sinks, Cesspools, etc, 1 ���rives away
Cockroaches, Bedbugs and nil other
rermlu. Large can makes S gallons
disinfectant, only 5uc nt your Grocer,
DrUggist, or Hardware dealer, or
mailed postpaid on receipt of price.
Parky te   Building,   Winnipeg
Boys on the Farm
What the   Boys   Have   Done   and
Can Do
Previous experience has shown
that there are few of the phases of
farm, work llic older hoys cannot
accomplish. Their main worth, perhaps, lies iii the fact that by attending to the chores, looking after feeding and milking of cows, weeding
and such other lighter hut necessary
farm work, llicy release the regular
farm labor for thc more strenuous
farm tasks. Reports of work done
last year show that lhc Soldiers of
the Soil looked alter the hoeing, harrowing, lighter seeding, weeding,
raking, mowing, planting, churning,
and delivery of cream and mil!*, general farm chares, feeding of all live
stock, and the letters received from
fanners who had these older boys
assisting llicni lold not only of the
good work done but also of the desire of these same farmers ti have
the. hoys help another year.
The productive capacity of 25,000
boys on the farm, according to authority, should bc equal to at least
live million bushels of wheat, if wc
take the labor of otic boy as equal
to lhc cultivation of ten acres ol
wheat nt twenty bushels to thc acre;
which calculation it would appear is
Two Years' Illness
Cured by Two Boxes
An Indication
Miss Howells���1 wonder if that
gentleman across lhc street can hear
mc sing?
Her Friend���1 think so, dear; he's
just closed his window.���I'ctcrboro
Ready-made Medicine.���You need
no physician for ordinary ills when
you have at hand a botlle of Dr.
Thomas' Electric Oil. For coughs,
colds, sore throat, bronchial troubles,
it is invaluable, for scalds, burns,
bruises, sprains it is unsurpassed,
while for cuts, sores, ulcers and the
like it is an unquestionable leader. It
needs no testimonial other than the
use, and that will satisfy anyone as
to its effectiveness.
Lord Rhondda, British food controller, says the food situation for
the allies will hc most difficult during thc next two months.
Overcome the worst enemies
of leather���water and dirt���
by using
"Lengthens leather lift"
Softens old harness, leaves it
pliable and waterproof, prevents cracking and breaking
of stitches, doubles the life of
new harness.
"Use half as much as any other"
Gives the effect of roller
bearings. The mica flakes
work into the pores and
crevices of the axle and the
grease holds them there. Mica
Grease prevents hot boxes,
locked wheels and screeching
axles. Saves wear and tear
on horses, harness and
wagons. " Best thing on
Sold lu standard tiled packajes by live
dealers cveiywhere.
W.     N.    U.     1208
He Suffered From Cramps in the
Muscles and Headaches, But Now
He Is Well Again.
Lac Bouchette, Lac St. Jean Co.,
Que. (Special).���"I cau assure you
Dodd's Kidney Pills made me well."
So says M. Joseph Larouche, well
known and highly respected here.
For two years he was a sufferer from
cramps in the muscles and headaches. He w-as treated by a doctor,
but got no permanent relief till he
used Dodd's Kidney Pills.
"Vou may publish my statement
lhat Dodd's Kidney Pills made me
well," says Mr. Larouche in an interview. "I was ill two years. I had
cramps in my muscles, and suffered
from terrible headaches. Two boxes
of Dodd's Kidney Pills cured me."
That Mr. Larouchc's troubles came
from his kidneys is evidenced by the
fact that hc found a cure in Dodd's
Kidney Pills. They are simply and
purely a kid. cy remedy. The reason
they arc credited with cures of rheumatism, lumbago, dropsy, backache,
diabetes and heart disease is that all
of these were either kidney diseases
or diseases caused by sick kidneys.
Relief Instantaneous. Healed
With 3 Cakes of Soap and
2 Boxes of Ointment.
"I was very much annoyed hy an
Irritation on my back. I found out t
had a bad case of ccr.ema.
My back was in a very bad
shape, and my cloiliing
irritated so that the skin
became very sore. I sent
forCuticura Soap and Ointment. Kelief was instantaneous and with the use of
three cakes of Cuticura
Soap and  two boxes of
Ointment I was healed."  (Signed)  Ji.
F. Grosch, Y. M. C. A., St. Catherines,
Ont., July 4, 1917.
For hair and skin health Cuticura
boap and Ointment are supreme.
For Free Sample Each by Mail ad.
dress post-card:  "Cuticura, Dept. A,
"Boston, U. S. A."   Sold everywhere.
Londoner's Sunday Work
Allotment holders go out in battalions on Sundays in London, Eng. In
every suburb land given over to lhc
people's vegetable push team with
workers as on no previous day���women in business-like blouses men in
llieir shirt sleeves.
Sunday is mainly a day of digging,
carried on diligently from morning
till evening in preparation for the
all-important seed-sowing. Nearly
everywhere, allotments have increased in number, as, for instance, at
Richmond, where 80 new plots have
been taken up on the athletic ground
alone__ Women recruits are particularly numerous. In many cases husband and wife have an allotment
Minard's     Liniment     Lumberman's
French Testaments
To assist the United States soldiers to learn French, and at the
same time make reading thc Bible
more interesting, the Bible Society
has issued a special pocket edition of
the Gospel of St. Mark, containing
the Gospel in French on one page
and its counterpart in English on the
opposite page.
It Is a Liver Pill.���Many of the
ailments that man has to contend
with have their origin in a disordered liver, which is a delicate organ,
peculiarly susceptible to the disturbances that conic from irregular habits or lack of care in eating and
drinking. This accounts for thc great
many liver regulators now pressed on
the attention of sufferers. Of these
there is none superior to Parmclce's
Vegetable Pills. Their operation
though gentle is effective, and the
most delicate can use them.
Militarism and Heredity
U. S. Grant called upon Robert E.
Lcc, in camp the other day. It is
characteristic of a peaceful counlry
that the grandson and grandncphew
of two world-famous generals ooth
entered the new army from civil
life. Neither is a professional soldier���another thing lhat a Prussian
Junker might find it hard to understand.���New York World.
Minard's Liniment Co., Ltd.
Gents,���I have used your Minard's
Liniment in my family and also   in
my stabled for years and consider it
the best medicine obtainable.
Yours truly,
Proprietor Roxton Pond Hotel  and
Livery Stables.
Shall Know the Worst
This offensive is giving us Germany's measure, with Kussia entirely
out of the war. When it is ovcr we
shall know the full and extreme limit of Germany's striking power.���The
Springfield Republican.
Whether the corn be of old or new
growth, it must yield to Holloway'i
Corn Cure, the simplest and best
cure offered to the public.
Exclusive Accomplishment
"Is there anything you can do better llian anyone else?"
"Yes," replied the small boy. "I
kin read my own writing."
Over 500 British soldiers at the
front have, sent in their names for
after-war training for thc church.
Kaiser Wanted Morocco
German   Plot   to   Murder    French
The Tangier correspondent of the
London Times lays bare a German
plot for ousting French and Spaniards from Morocco. It was proposed to Raisuli and other Moorish
Chieftains lhat on the declaration of
a German victory in France a revolution of tribes should break out in
Morocco. This revolution was to include thc massacre and extermination ot subjects of all allied powers
and bc followed by a declaration of
lhc independence of Morocco and
nomination of a pro-German sultan.
Ask for Minard's and take no Other.
Spies by Submarine
Like Sir Roger Casement, the two
German agents who were landed by
submarine on the coast of Greece
havc been caught and executed. In
the early days of lhc war the spy
coming and going by U-boat was a
familiar figure in sensational fiction,
and very likely the thing has happened oftcner than wc know.���From
lhc Springfield Republican.
Nothing can equal Baby's Own
Tablets as a medicine for little ones.
They are a laxative, mild but thorough i* action, and never fail lo relieve constipation, colic, colds and
simple fevers. Once a mother has
used them she will use nothing else.
Concerning them Mrs. Saluste Pclle-
tier, St. Damas des Aulnaics, Que.,
writes:���"I always keep a box of
Baby's Own Tablets in thc house.'
They arc the best medicine I know
of for little ones and I would not be
without ihem." The Tablets are sold
by medicine dealers or by mail at
25 cents a box from The Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville, Out.
"Did your Jatc employer give you
a testimonial?"
"Yes, but it doesn't seem lo me
anv good."
"What did he say?"
"He said I was one of the best men
his firm had ever turned out."
Ah! That's the Spot
Sloan's Liniment goes right to it.
Have you a rheumatic ache or a
dull throbbing neuralgic pain) You
can find a quick and effective relief
in Sloan's Liniment. Thousands of
homes have this remedy handy for
all external pains because time and
tisn. again it has proven tha quickest relief.
So clean and eaey ta apply, too. No rub.
bing, no etein. no inconvenience ae ia tha
cue with plasters or ointment*. If you onco
uie Sloan eLiniment.youwill never be without it.
Generous sized bottler, at all druggists.
Sloan's   prices   not   Increased   25c   50c   tl
A Quick Relief
for Headache
A Headache is frequently caused
by badly digested food; the gases
and acids resulting therefrom are
absorbed by the blood which in
turn irritates the nerves and
causes painful symptoms called
headache, neuralgia, rheumatism, etc. IS to 30 drops of
Mother Selgel's Syrup will correct
faulty digestion and afford relief.
es.*. ��� ���
Hamburg claims to bc proud of the
fact that in ten days 5,829 of its
1,000,000 odd citizens deposited over
20,095 ornaments of gold, including
845 jewels, of a lotal value of $423,-
000 for the imperial bank's melting
he Burden
of Atixietu
falls on
tatve JVbmeix
ALMOST everybody is living
under a tense nervous
strain during these trying
times, but the burden rests particularly heavy on the women in
the home. Whatever their employment about the house, the
mind has much time to dwell on
the dreadful things that might
There ia nothing so wearing on the
nerves as worry and anxiety. Nerve
force is consumed at an enormous
rate, and as the nerve cells become
starved and depleted you find yourself unable to rest or sleep. You soon
get so you can only s-ee the dark side,
and become down-hearted and discouraged,
Headaches, neuralgic pains, indigestion and failure of the vital organs
to properly perform their functions
are among the symptoms which tell
of exhausted nerves and low vitality.
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food will help
you if you will only give it a chance.
We know this from long experience
with this great food cure. We have
proven it by evidence published in
this paper from time to time. It only
remains for you to put it to the test.
��� YouTnay wonder why people are so
enthusiastic in recommending this
treatment for the nerves. But you
will understand after you have experienced the benefits that are to be
obtained by its use.
You will find yourself resting and
Bleeping better, appetite and digestion will improve and you will know
again the joy of good health.
Dr. Chase's Nerve F<
B0 cenU a box���do not pay more���at nil dealeri, or Edmanson, Bates & Co., Ltd.,
Toronto. On every box of the genuine jou will find tht portrait and signature ot A. W.
Chase, M.D., tht famous Receipt Book author, | THE COURTENAY REVIEW
sc Through <i
�� _. Om
It is manufactured
tobacco in its purest
mr:~^^$im^m   \�� !?bacco scicn;
WM      tincally   prepared
for man's use.
Mn Edison's
-    f, 0. D_ I, N&EI.     IF
The rummage sale held iu the Opera   house  on   Mnv  -J!ln_   wns  ri  hn-���
Bin-cesB, i-onll**ine    aboul    3.160, w'th
only a few dnll-*r*i expenses.       The
Prni'lilpis .-r tho rcinnro wl��h '������
1 l'ink nil IhOflfi who contributed In
tin. Rule rn-.l In Hi p p...,....|i|..n whn
WOl-lteil  hard  I"   mnVp  It  -a  to*"-*-*--!.
Al   lire  i-."."lilrn-  bim'.aBa   rn��o!ln��  oi
111.,   Ilrr:i"lil. ���������   of   IhH   Fii-'i-  I--'.I   nil
Mnv until n li'-i'-lv voo nl' iiian'**t wmi
i... ,i ..���_,,!   i..   "..- ���.���>.     it.,,.,i.-    r-Tnir-ea,
;.,  ,,,..,,.,.,.��|..,. m'I|1i  the rnmin - v.,t���
I  |i�����   In   ' i.   HV litiar     >'���   Wl,|ltl ..
j v.-lln   lrl-,-*v   donated      the   ll"B   nf   lh '
Opera house." i m**,��� agL--.^^^r���.���
' Tb?r';r;! 11"'J"1"T 1.'..r:1' fll**-**-���- '*' ���]���l^*****-*^
i i-.u-iii nn nnvl'lnrv In Hip ni-rlei- ' - li-l-   \   V*2. -..:~-:~s0i~"~
& %_y i/iii
1!   ..
��� ���.-,' L.rt~i-!��w. '^''1C    oven   in    lhc
..'"���" _  ,-.'.""���**>���*.       Kootenay Range is sur-
.1...    -'nt..,".,".���     !.}    -mm-    ra^GS    V*]lf*TF
snlillei-'n wife ni- d-inp.ni1ant"**mnv "���-���<}
help nf anv trfiid.   SntnoUmes M  hno
I..- "    I-.......1    ll.")    ,n:llr.i-K   hn.VP   (IfiVoI.
I nned ivhoi**1 soldiers' denendanls nep.rl-
; ...1   .,,!...,,,,.. R   pin .   ,.,���r|   I,;,,]   |,o   ���ne   to
ilu.in them. An auxiliary consisting
nr iri-q, R-<inn.irick rn-.l Mrs. T-Tlcic*-
I and Mrs Thotnrison and an asslstanl
| iVr r<i-nv. wns fnrmpd In heln Hie
I Greal War Veterans In nnv way tjiey
pOf-slMv   '-rnlil
Tl-.p followlne; sums worn voted, and
have since lipen forwarded, al he las'
business ineeH-itr pf lhe Dauirliters of
Iho Emnlre:���Prisoners' nf. War Fund
$10; Blind Boldlova' School nl St.
il | Dunslans, <": Canadian Hed Cross Solely, *���"; Army and Navy league of
Canada, $5.
.Kyi'-'/ . '        "VNiBiiiV
.v   j.\
of heat which is at every
 _^__,._        moment under vour in-
'"/>-_*i__:.      .ZJlil I  ���*__,    '    '      r  -_iii| .       , ,     ,
Hi'    WiM   V*i>   '  '���"���>��� *-.*;        stantameous    control.
���t&w-}--.      .sj.'.-.y.^) With    tlie     Kootenay
Range the heat control
is so easy and accurate
you can use ifll the heat
from your fuel wilhout
rounded by an envelope      j |      The atighters nf the Empire will
i        ���   ���     v.L*
ink,-     .M
For Sale  bv
H.  Tarbell   & Son
London Toronto Montreal Winnipeg Vancouver
St. John, N.B.    Calgary Hamilton Edmonton        Saskatoon
rvc refreshments, on lhe event
I the picture "Frande in Arms,'1 fnl
i ed by a dunce in the Opera holts.
Until you have heard the
iv TV a ^ yjti fiDi/SI I
" The Phonograph with a Soul"
You can liaye no conception as lo how true to life it really is.
The reproducer point is a genuine diamond, carefully selected
and polished, and the tecords used are indestructable and play
for a full five minutes each
Write us now for I'm tiler particulars   of   this   new   invention
which actually RECREATES music
Sailors'  Rations   Reduced.
Representatives of tlm British Mercantile Marino in conference with
Lord Ronda have agreed to a reduction of -*i0 per cent, in their meat allowance.
Cumberland, B. C. Nanaimo, B. C
A Personal Duty.
Every pound of food saved by each
Canadian citizen is apotlul given to
the suppori of out- army and Allies.
Every pound wasted or eaten unnecessarily is apound withheld.
Fifty Thousand Men Wanted.
It is estimated by a parliamentary
commit lee lhat 50C00 men will be
needed for he harvesl in Canada from
August 1st to September l|st.
li I
Canada's Registration
Its Purpose and Application
CANADA faces the gravest crisis in her history. Four years of war have taken from
the Dominion a heavy toll in talent and labor, yet despite the shortage of man
power, our Allies still depend on Canada to maintain her own fighting forces at full
strength and to increase her exports of food and war materials, so vital to them, and to
the successful prosecution of the war. _
Every ounce by which Canada can increase her food production and every ounce Canada
can save in her food consumption is needed for export to the Allies. ^
Should the war continue for another year, food cards and a rationing system may have to
be instituted. It is the duty of Canada to be prepared for whatever situation circumstances
may force upon her.
It is quite probable that before the war is won Our Government may have to place
restrictions upon the occupations in which men and women may engace. In such an
event the Government wishes to be in a position to render all possible assistance in
keeping our population usefully and profitably employed.
Registration Day, June 22nd
These condition* point to the necessity oi Canada
knowing (he exaCt capabilities ol her men and
women at home.
All persons residing in Canada, male or lemnle,
llritish or alien ol 16 years and over, will be required
to register on June 22nd and truthfully answer the
questions set forth upon the registration card.
it is not the Government's intention to conscript
labour in any (orm, bul to assist in directing it wisely,
���o that every available unit oi human energy may be
utilized to the best advantage.
The information procured through registration will
be used���as an aid to the Military Authorities in procuring the men necessary to maintain "Canada's
First Line ol Defence"���to mobilize all units of available labor in Ihe Dominion and direct them from less
essential to more essential occupations���to establish
and intelliftcr 'y administer a system of food rationing
shtfuld that L-jcome necessary.
Issued by authority of      ft.
Canada Registration Board
Does Everybody Trade at the Corner Store ?
We keep the freshest line of Groceries in the
District.   Our prices are Right, and
Our Service is Unexcelled
We're going to tell you something about slioes shortly
Parkin Bros.
1 --Tom Knight, of Point Holmes-
was the first farmrer in Comox to
instal and use the Henmaii Milking
Machine. He lias just sold, aud
is installing one for Mr. E. Davis
at Comox.
Labor for the Harvest
Mr. J. D, McGregor, Director of
Labor, Canada Food Board, say*
that the seeding of the West has
beeu managed very well by the cooperation of the men ln the towns
and cities, of the boys enlisted in
the Soldiers of the Soil, and by
men stcured from the United
"I have ,the assurauce of thc
Government," said Mr. McGregor,
"that measures will he adopted to
assure you the necesssry supply of
1 tbor for harvesting the crop, The
Anti-Loafing Law has worked won
ders, and idle foreigners and sports
have disappeared from the streets
of th�� west. They are at work on
the Farm."
Increase Your Acreage.
Despite the difficulty, we must produce more food than we have ever
duce before. Set apart all your land
fit for growing crops and plant as
much wheat as you can. Plan to
bring as much new land under cultivation for another crop as possible,
and and thus increase acreage for
next year. It will be needed then,
just as much as now.
**.*���''���> yet  -
.   ..
_      Service, 2 p.m.; Sunday School and
I | Bible Class, 3 p.m.
1 Courtenay
Q i    Sunday School    and    Bible    Class,
P   "..UU  p.m.;  evening service,  7!30 ,p.m.
/ ' All welcome.
Ice Cream
Barrister and  Solicitor,  Notary.
Phone 6 Courtenay
Ben. Mooring
General Blacksmith
Beg to announce that he is prepared
to do all kinds oi repairs at moderat
Horseshoeing a Specialty
Meat Market
Equipped with Modern Refrigerating plant
Highest Price paid for Beef
and Veal
Goni'teriay and Cumberland


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