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The Review Oct 7, 1915

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OAQ   not hm tliiiii' any (i-ttt-r,   ami
not quits no  well anywhere b1_8
hereabouts.   <lur tyiie ami mnchlu>
ery in complete nml Tho liovlew
pi-lues ire n.-ilit
Classified Ads.
t Make youi llttlt Wants known
I through a Classified Advertt��emeut
I   in 'I'll. Itevlow   ���   ���   ���   I'hom .".'J
VOL. 3
NO. 45
___* _?rr_''7J'?~-������v "_*"_***_***_i'*?&*t___i
5 Room Furnished House
in Courtena}', $10 per month
Real Estate Agents
Phone 10 Courtenay
:"6.0Q Per Ton
Delivered  in  Courtenay    ,
AM Orders Will Recieve Prompt Attention
Phone 43
a'    '
yyAA'y.M kAA*
Not Yet, But--
Willi the npproacli of winter and the long, dark evenings do
yuu not sometimes think how convenient it would he if you
couid light Jyour house by simply toticniiig a initton. Don't
you dread the daily drudge of cleaning and filling ill smelling
coal oil lamps?
Wouldn't you like lo he able to leave fllie room without being
afraid that   the ydungsters  would upset  the lamp and set fire
to the house?
After visiting your progressive neighbors in their electrically
lighted home*! do you   not enw them   when you return home
aud have   to grope Earound in   the dark  to find   a match to
light your lamps?
Did you never bark your shins on fa rocking chair when hunting for a match in the middle of the night?
Don't yott think it would be' worth something to you to be rid
of all these inconveniences?
Ask ) our   neighbors   if they   would like  to go  back to ccal
oil lamps again?
It will pay you to come in and see us about our
Special Wiring Offer
which will go into .force ou October nth, 1915
Courtenay Electric Light, Heat & Power
Co., Limited
Phones: Office 35, Res. R98       Office: Mill Street
Local Lines
V-i'   iiiiulels  iu C-Cja la Grace
  CersetS   have arrived.    Campbell's
The   Board of  Trade   meets tc-  Cumberland,
night flt 8 O'clock, Mrs. H.  V.    Collins   and    Miss
,         *    . V.UI11US       ,UIU       1UISS
I). Bubar, manager of theCourt-   Bltrgnr lett on Monday morning on
"���'' ' ir.-..  ..... ,    .    a visit to friends in Duncan
euay Condeusory left on  Sunday's
boat for Vancouver.
I     Miss Agnew, vvli
Red Cross Committee
I      .-.������.. ..^uv...,  ,11111 11,1,   i,L-eu    ine 1 \' men    wus in.11    r-miiL-   .-ii ill, 11    u
Gordon Thompson, of the Royal Suest ��f Mrs, taycock for the past adopted to   keep track   of all   th
Bnnk, was in Vancou\er hs week. week. ''-���" l"1' he* home in Victoria work done   lu this   connection,  i
visiting his brother,   who   expect* Monday moruiug, which all the   ladie   if tl      '   ic
to leave for the east shortly, ��*i_. ,,���,   ,,.,, could be iu touch with the g
to leave for the east shortly,
M1 and Mrs, K. I Irieves, who
li i\ e been spending a few weeks
with Mr. mid Mis, Harry l,oggie,
returned to iheir home in Nanaimo
-ni Friday last,
Trespass Notice- Any p.-rsou o'
persons trespassing on my pren ise
will be prosecuted according to law
and any dogs found piowling
around my premises will be attended to.   John Johnston, Lake Trail,
See   the   full   selection   of Wat
Spoons at Hornby's, 25c each,
For Sale���3 pedigree collie pups
$5 each,    Apply, Review Ofiice.
Wanted -\ business represenla
live  for a   few weeks.    Apply   at
Review ofiice.
We have a few new bicycles left
over we v, di.sell cheap. E. C.
Bind . Fo  I a ir.ige, Courteuay,
PI 1 ne .;  . Cook & Matthewson
the m   t up to date butchers in Die
listrict.    ...   o.-.li rs pi otnptly   al
tend id to.
Strayed - Dark Jersey Bull, aboul
6 months old, with strap around
neck. Finder please notify Lanca
nerkeley, phone L98 and get re
Losl W ��� li I ty night -a cylhi-
,��� en   Parkin's store
nd tl I tlie  fire,   will the
��������� return to   Parkin s
or   Ex hange ���a 5 foot
.; is bind ir   new this
���     George j.   Riches,
Hornby island.
I-'or exchange���One of the best
builr'ing lots in Courtenay for one
or two acres of good garden land.
Will pay cash difference. Apply
Box A, Review Office.
A meeting was held in the Agricultural hall ou Tuesday evening.
Rev T, Meuzies, president of the
Patriotic Society, explained the
I reason for calling the meeting,
icen tin-1 which was that some system be
idopted to   1 eep track   of  ill   ihe
i, In
It y
Miss Alice Gibbons left on Mon
nay morning for Ladysmith to attend lur father, who was injured in
a mine accident a few days ago,
Mr, Goard, of V incouver, is in
the district Ihis week repairing and
tuning pianos, Orders left at the
Review office will receive prompt
Frank I) Cameron left for Van.
cmv. r oil Monday morning to join
the British pioneers, which regiment expects tc leave for the Old
Country very shor'.ly.
Thanksgiving excursions rates to
all stations on the E & X. railway
Tickets on sale from Courtenay
October 8 and 11, return limit
October 12. Fare and one-filth for
I'jnnd trip,
Posters are out aniiounciufa Red
Cross conceit to h" given by the
'' Follies," 1 he Ioc il com eil con;.
pany organized by .Mrs. Robertson,
in the (Ipera House on Frida*,
e 1 ning (). lober 15, A dance will
follow the entertainment,
Harvsst   Tl mki dviug   services ^^^^^^
will be held on Sunday in   Sl   An-1 tatting reiuge 1111 '
hew's church. Sandwick, at tt.oo'A fine grom
1. 111.; St, John's chinch,   Courte  [the door being open, ot-Mr
nay, at 8 30 a. 111., Holy Communion, and ai 7 jo p.  in.,    Evensong,
Gifts of fruit and   vegetables to lie
tto the  churches on   Saturday
ing body, and ;h.' work be doue in
uniform manner. After som lis-
mission the followiug committees
were appointed;
liming -- Mes lames Mclntyre,
Hutchison and Laycock,
Culling 'out ��� Mesdames Glas-
broke, j," Parkin, I Dr. 1 Morrison
and Misses Gritnasou, Davey nd
Receiving ���Mesdames Can ill,
Idiens, Bailey, Bubar ind Hutchison.
The ladles held a short exi       i .e
meeting after tlie meeting a      .rued.
The Happy Valley   residents ire
nutting in a pole line tl
an end  avo   r to  1
Harvest   Th mksgiv 11 ;   ��� *        -
will be held   1 1
1>\ lerian church 1
next at   7.30     Rev.   T.
will con Ittcl the sei  ices
The game is   ,ipp ir intly    *      d
by   the snipers
Inking rel . ;:-.:
Those who 1 isisted on Red Crosi
'ag Day   were   Mesdames   Callin
liens, McPhee, Brock, Peterson
ead ; nd and cook, and the
Cingaud Davie    The ladies
Lime   and   Fertilizers���Agricul
tuiiii Lime J3.00 per ton at Kiln
, i-i,. , ,  no 0   hue clucks .
Jave decided   to spend   the money theu).selres off for\,
LS.LJ   Uirtena^ rt0  d0 farmer heard thero      t,
Red Cross work. Mrs. Mclntyre
wisher to thank those who helped
in thc work.
il thc  conn :
road, at   mi Ida)
and nf 1  1 ,1
the lining room.
One of   ::-!   :a1 big game 1
ers was out aft* r pile
on. vvh< ;e
���1 led into a ra
,   aud    re'i 1
investigation hea '   :      the
and demanded setll       1 its
urclay .11
com pan i
chii ;:m
trio of fine
Cock-butt Harry,  a bad   Indian,
fron   Squirrel   Cove   reservation,     '''!k* 8un d ' 1 it< d to tli ��� R -d C    ->
 _ was sentenced   to three   months at n,K'   Patriotic
Write for prices de]lvered"at* vour I New   w'estllli��ster  by   Magistrate Stewart, was won 1
11 station.   Also Fertilizers    Malet &   Pldcock   of   Q'"atiitski   Cove   last tl,e !'ck>' number being   71.
Co., 403 Central Building, Victoria    WCekL-    Thi!i   ll!'ii:!" keeps a large I1"-'1 P oceedswtre   :���-.-'.- '
number of vicious dogs and drives ��e equally divided betv
For Sale-One 6 h, p. Fairkank the d r out of the woods into the I c-,t Red Cross and Canadian Pat-
Morse Gas Engine, one 3 k. w. water where lie either slaughters
Dynamo switch hoard, etc., also them or Ihey drowr, If a settler
pump and belling, Capacity 12 '.ills a deer he lakes half of it if
j j gallons per minute. Apply at possible, claimitg that the Indians
Riverside hotel, own the deer,    He  has terrorized
hor sal, -Pure bre, 1 jersey hull calf   them for so long that Deputy Game
-", ,r:".::,'i::!';,:;;;;;ss&yrfi *��*����� Da^ a,,,, _*,_ wee
' ��� of ii i*  I reed.    Dam is Irani ! sellt.uP '" get him which they did.
im   . . Itli, tl       . .,, whose heii :rs   ���!-' >-s :i large man over 70 years of
���': [1   A:'  !;;:,; -!' !, ,<"sl\f L"A ��ith   age and put up  an awful light be-
< ��� ivi,1,; ^z^i^l'r^r �����!���*����������*
Call and see him. R. U. Hurford.      '       Ot winch   he nearly   drowned both
*^**,mmmmmmmmwmmmmmmmmm i of the game   wardens   aud drew   a
knife 1 1 slab them.
For Sale-���Team, wagon, and
1 Harness, 1 r exe lai ge for cattle,
Also 30 acres i-j mile from Gran-
j t'nam scln ' | irl cash, or exchauge
1 for auythiug of value, What have
j you to offer? Apply Box 8, Review Office,
Presbyterian Church
riotic ftinds.    A  large  ! 11 ge   1    1-
sure of the succi ss   of 1  1   h .
is due to the effort-, of the   lei
manager of ti;..-   Domini m   ex* .  -s
company's business   in O 11 '.j
Mr. John  Aitk n,  who   >old    ,    if
the tick-.: : two weeks
<* %A *��� ��
St.  Andrews'  Saudwick
Service 2 p.m.     Sunday   School
I and Bible Class i p. 111.
For sale ��� Cumberland   Steam Courtenav
laundry, the only white laundry in j     Sunday  School and  Bible Class
the district,    This is a good open- j 10:30 a. m.    Service 11:30.   Evening for man with family.     Duriii** j ngservice 7:30 p. in. All welcome
the stringent     times   the   present.
proprietor  has been  busy  all the |
time.    Apply  at the Laundry, or
at The Review Office.
For Sale or.To Rent���5 acres on
1 beach at Point Holmes w th house,
bam, c'.iicken houses and brooders,
green houses and cold frames. Also
store and dwelling, lately occupied
by W. G Robertson, as a drug
store, for terms etc., apply A, H.
Peacey, Cumberland.
%     <Pio
Comox Creamery
45c per lb. this week
Where  everybody goes  for  choice
Candies, Cigars, Tobacco, Fruit,
Vegetables, Groceries, Etc.
Phone 40 Courtenay THE    KEVIEW,   COURTNEY,   B. C.
Wore the Macaroni
"An acquaintance of mine." tlie
Morning Post's Berne corresponded
writes, "who Ims Just return -,i fro n
Bru a ils, where lie wo I i *ln ! il
the  tinie  nl'  Italy's    ilei laration    ol
war was much amused al the m er
in which the people evaded General
vmi i-i. slag's prohibition ot wearing
the Itallnu colon . ivhli li apparently
every mi., was anxlou   ;     ��� i
��� \     .auin   a>.   il   was     lino** i.   tlinl
Italy  liail joined    the   Ulie
Ilia. .    i ,     popillttl I in"' ll      ���' ���'..
th ���      Italian     i nlor .    'an nil)
promptly lienoriil van Mi a i u i
a pi  ..iuiiial Inn rorbtddln i '��� hia
"T   ���' ilora   i in' lu'il     ail    '��� I   ' I
every   one  spurted   a   In1'     p
I,,..   ironl    tioiicrnl mid
���aa   . a'.,   well  Issue  ii     rod
I'orbliUlii'ig  llie  weal in I   il   a <    " ail
i   .a      i     ::: |j     h       ia        ni ibl ���     I'e.sl '.ll
I    li    Inei    ilil ���    mil II
lie   ii    am     ni .���     a        nun     li
icmcuTO, onr
Ono Can Save
Energy and Teitii er
By Using' Only
'1 hey will not miss Fire il
Properly Held and Struck on
Rough Surface���Every Stick
is u Match���and Every Match
A Sure, Safe
Poison   Bombs  at  Ypres
"li  waa . li ;,r i lial  I lioi ���   ��� ivo birds
a a. ��� rlu , aw    ll    Ur mdo I'I n     ������ ���'
a.1.1lie    things,    i   i   a        suddenly
v iiii.. iiim' balls bun i a'.' round ihcm
Ius   im.  shrapnel  ot  our    own   uiua
iti .red   aboul   them.    Ai   any   iuo-
ni.aii na-ty things mlghl drop. I ducked ni) head behind  i ctu lain of brh-ks
is  I   la .ni  a  shrill    .nn ee!"  I'rom  n
1 shell, ll bursl cIobb with a scatter nnd
I a tin cup was flung tiguiusl a bil  nf
, wall i lust- in where .au- ol my Mends
. lal  in a shell hole,    lie picked it up
���   I      'i 'Queer,' ami Un n smell ii und
said 'Qui er!' again,   li ivns not an ur-
Unary bomb,    li bail held i .nn.' pais
iiiious liquid trom a Ueminti chemist's
The Beauty of a Clear Skin. The
condition nf the li'. t r ;ulates the
e ir.dltion of Hi-- i. na :. A ill (ordered
liver causes Impui itie: in tb ��� blood
ami Ihese show themselves in bl ini
; isli ... on llie skin. Parmelee's i'c -, i-
table Pills in acting ipon the Iii ar net
an in ia.. I lood i mi a clear, healthy
skin will i dli v.' ia'  111 eul use nf this
j fully   appri rial.'   ihis   prime   quality
' ot tin's. pills, i an use them ivlth the
certain!.;  that tlm effect will be most
' gratifying.
Great Br,tin- Cannot he Starved
i mi.i the - ntted King lorn possibly
manage to .; -i ilon ��� i ir si < months
wlthoul i - aia- million tons nf
foreign wheal au l I iur rec lived in
normal time . '
Ai     lirsl      iglu   I   ���   leflciehcy  ap-
I pears so    morinous   as lo Inevitably
! bring    Its    p .an ���     ice  to  face   >��� hh
start atlou   and       an elij     i i   double
ijuli :.  ��� me      '��� ul     i    ri ul I iy ot the
, native   re ion e ���.   nl   'in-   w mderfully
, i a. |o ��� ��� i   Hrltl Hi   ��� I nidi     dissipates
��� irsl  a ���. Iniisni
Fir a ���    unl   ', -ry   nutritious  bread,
i   i   in iy  b ���  made  of  other ci reals
exi i ju   ivheul    mil    Hi re is nciually
grown    in   ih :- ���   Islands    a   ft'  iter
-ia,nu It)   a   ���      il |    id than is i ateil.
1'hej    ire   i isi lui il,-   ielf lupportlng
far a< na1 .i-i ��������� .... i uu1 i n   i. and
mid   ., h  iiiini -. null ��� nicely without
r    ia v.. tel ii>l s
The Ilritish  farnu i   i    Ini
. .:��� 'a i ��� ib!) i the occ islon, so
thai ' ii. m ii' .''��� r ' this impossible
looking Iiin i i bl - kade if Britain
I ..,i- ml come about, while the Urlt-
, ib ml fill -i a live lil. ��� llghtln : i ocks,
icy eertaini       ml i  neve     larve!
Mj//   strong   and  Robust
For    Your   C
11   5  I llllC'S   ill
All n .- il.- I' iii
i.s iii.: I' .st 11
While   Teethlnt]
i'lai'1. Softena the I iu ns,
UlspelH   '.Via I   Coll       a. I
ra...   na   Infantile Diur-
Wonclerful Serum Cures Wounds
What are tli scribed as remarkable
cures of wounded Preach soldiers
have been effected by the new poly-
vateul serum, discovery nf which was
announced last March. Complete recovery Is announced of men who were
terribly mutilated, and for whom all
hope bad been given up before use
of I'm serum, so badly Infected warn
tbelr wounds,
I    Doctors Leclalnche and Valla,., the
Reliable Agenl In this town required | discoverers of the serum, have been
(male or female i to represent our line   unable  up to the  presenl   to    make
re than l!,000 Ita iks    of    n  dally,
sl of whicli goe'. tn ihe. base hos-
nivi   rasas arc  to
t run  be made  in
stilt'tcienl   quantities   to   suppij    the
firing line, where ii could be used pre-
of Private Greeting (
The .     lesl and best
propositions.    Sample  books  free oflpitals, when
charge:   111 flies I   i ommisslous.     Full I be found.   \
pari li-ulai's   nn I   instructions   how   lo
consldi rably   increase   your   income:
exlen ivr   territory.     P.O.     Box   2',i'2,   ventitively
Wiunineg, Man. now. it
v n rood tlmi    in save a baby
pr i. .��� it >li ... nourl King and oual-
y digested       I si lod ful   dg a id little
I'llliS \ll    I'i USl      : '1     111  I"' I)
"Wheu our bub) ��� ��� ilioiil ��� le���. in
month - old he beg in to gr n*. lliln and
pale.   1 hii '...as attrlbui -l to i ie li
an I the fuel tlu I Ills  lb were com
im.;. nut, in reality, the poor little
lltine .'.:, .'in Ing, bis uiotlii r ml li
i a h dug  mffi, i - -  || mrlshment.
"One day after a bad i rl id bitterly for nn hour, I siigg 'sled lhal my
,vlfe try hlni on Cirapo-Niila. Sir1 soak
��� at i wo lenspooufula In half n cup of
�� arm water for .", or ii niiiiutes. Thou
lio ire i oil ' ������ lliiiild and to II added
i in. . amount of rii li milk and a litlle
sugar,   T ii-. '-.it,, ate rai-cuously.
"II ..a nol man; la) - before h ���
[orgol all iboul bain ��� a irsod nnd has
since lived almost exclusively on
Llrupe-Nul. Tn lay the boy is strong
and robust, and as cute a uilsculel
maker as  i thirl i months old baby
"Use tills lei i ir   tnj   :��� ay yon wish, (
for m>    '��� if.'   md  I  ''.m  never praise
Or iii- .'-.us    uough   all er : lie  bright-1
Has; ji ba   bri ughl to our household."
Crap ��� N'uta Is nol made for a baby
food, but experiences with thou..mis
of babies shows it to be among the
hast, if not entirely the besl In use.
Being a scientific preparation ot Nature's grains, ll is equally effective a:,
a body and brain builder for grownups.    "There's a Reason."
Name   fiven   b     I una Han   Postum ���
Co.,  Windsor, Ont.
Ever read the above letter? A new
one appears from time to time. They
are qeiuiins, true and full of human
inter.' it.
/A"A*       --Am:,
\       A \   .:  :
.*\* ���.���������:��� ���      ym
���-'-/������ A?,
Are Yon Ready
for    the    15th?
The tang of dawn is in the air. High In tha uky, u red-bill wlngi Its
way southward,    ''lu. advance guard of n speeding aerial host.
Another.   Still another.    Ami now ibcy come,  in lull flight
Guns speak to tho right of you. To the left of you. Grey meteor*
plunge earthward.   Stray feathors float down with the broeae,
All day the guna talk,   With sunset, silence soltleaacross tho Holds.
Light-hearted���heavily-laden you "hit the homeward troll". And
tlm lightest hearts���tho hcavient bags���belong to sportsmen who uso
The ISth's the Pot/!   Remington-UMC in Ihe name!   Your llenle.r't
tho place In gel YOURSI
"NITRO CLUB" ���Tho steel-lined Speed Shell.
"ARROW"       ���The "last word" in Speed Shells, ��b
"REMINGTON"���The low-priced Smokeless Shell.
Remington   Arms-Union   Metallic   Cartridge   Co.
{Contractors to the British Imperial uml Colonial Governments)
London, Eni<. WINDSOIt. ONT. Now York, U.S.A.
Canada's New Transcontinental Road
anl i tetanus   se nun   It
iv "I that thousands o!
In ���
; roughly in sr
number ol
There is a
a lulpim nl ''���'���
iafely. It eo
.ram suppor
with ii strong
all  hinds cm
turning Rubbish
useful pit ra of outdoor
isisi of u wire tii'tiiii",
���.I .m legs, and fitted
hinged Ild. Papers of
be placed therein, uiul ,
Something   hi'iter   ih-in   linen   an.l   ins
liun.il>   lull-.     wash   It   wiib   -1111111   ami
w,t,.i'     .mi mer-n ur direct     Slate style
4iiil trie     I'-ir 25 "   we will mail ynu
68 Frasw Avenue, Toronto, Ontario
nm, which may be
. ii as a comblnal Ion of
rums agalnsl dlfferenl
iterla, has been pul lo
nly recently. Experi
its with ii wero made previously
i Purls laboratory, li was than
I by Dr. Bergeron In the Button
pital,  and    i fterwards  was  more
ile taken ail to the yard and i j
burned, in the container, with no
danger of lire, or blowing ashes, The
newest of tliese : i made with a pan
(adjustable) al th ��� base, so thai the
latter can be lefi in the kitchen while
the container is taken outside. This
prevents tho burned legs of tin- container from marring the lloor.
|   no
L'nilei'   llie  control   of  llie
Alilliulcd wiih
10,   A.
)epnrlment  of  Ami. ulliiro  of  Ont
the  University  ol  Toronto.
FRIDAY,    1ST    OCTOBER,    1915
\.  GRANaE,  V.S.,   M.Sc.,   Prlnolp
1/ LOSSES   SURELY PHEVENTEQ   leave  Fort   William    at    2  pan.  ami
"'    i.y ciiiim-'s Bimkinj Pun.    Low-   I'ori   Arthur    :.'.   p.m.     for   Purl    Mc-
vvira's���l!imw!ftos:us7t5M��1,ro'' Mcoll,  connecting    with  "Steamship
...   tsst   wiisrs   otiier   vaoeinss   lait.   Express'1  for Toronto and  nil  points
1    Wilw tor iiooklat and tiMtlmonlals,   ,,,      p'astci-n   Canadu     and      Eastern
10'iMs pkgo. Blasklag Pills $1.00      "'      '���'      '"    '   '���'". ���'      """      l-"-1   '"
5UalQiO iikgil.  CUokl.q Pilh    4.00    j SttltCS      .-. rl.    All.'" i IL   lilllllln.V.S,      s, . S, .
Uso any InjMlor. but Cutler's bast.   ,        ,   ,-,,     |.\-|{lavs,     S.S.     .Manitoba
srlorllr of Culler nrnilucls is ilue lo n��r IS ' '_"'   ���    '    .���,.���.        ,.   .,,,,.
issoinss and  tcrunii onlv.       ' s .. I al la; s.   S.S.    .'. s.-lll I llOUl   oil    1 ll.'n-
aml  S.S.   Athabasca on  Thurs-
'['rain    connecting  with  tliese
I steamers    leavi   Winulpeg at    18.05k
Utilization of Peach Seeds day   prior  to   selling     Call   on   Can-
Al  one frail  canning p ml  In Call-   ailiiU1   !'"'' lie  Passenger  Agent,  cor-
forula n thousand tuns ol peach  seeds I ��e!'  :'':l!"   nn}1   ' "; :,;:"'.    ,'.!"',/'
were ucc'.uiiulateil In   ne season   ri.ey   "'"'"'    '"',1    nmke    1,eservatl0n'-
were cracked  bj    special  m.i. ain.-ry. . ���'''" 	
anl tlie nu il     sh uiied to Cermaiiy,   _ ���,    ," ���    , T"   ���,,., ��� , ,
,_.:    .    ,        , .    ,    ,,  mallu:  From  Stock   Exchange  to  Battlefield
[in       ��� of   -sir    arid     imi    some      A  ltllalii  ' '- '  volume has been  Is-
ah. !��� products.   The me ts ilso    ""l  by    Lon Ion Stock  l-.xchan ��� ���
: id    n.   Uu   tierm ins tu   nnk       '   orli ������     bov ing   Hi ���   number   ol
Insist nu Cutter'!.    11 iin.liijiii.ini... iir.l.-i'   Mr- t.
THt   CUTTER   LAtlOlliUOilY,   Uirlmlev.   Culii^illo.
tiie bill      .  noiul    a; . ra nei       l ic
m    ig    coi i    -''li  : i ���    icll     r-
Mi    ii.l's  Liniment
Garget In
ll     'i   ii 11.- . .|    'em i to be   itiil
an in'iiimi.  friend of your
. ,   ���     .   . nd ' mi a1 live and mil
cellan bi r\       for  the    govern
ment, 'i a '. ' are approximately
a. toll i�� ��� Membi ra on active ser-
i |i ���, HUS; mil ci Iii in oils, 7.1: clerk i on
II,a l\ r    Bl . '. Ice,     1,1   ',''.      Illi'.'.a'llaai'oll.l,
21;   total        .      .  2,11)2,    The    tol tl
: (il meml   rs and clerks ul the
lasl  I nuncial  year  in   March   was  G
51,   .-a   that   nearly   approaching   a
Slu     Ves, he wn. iii ���   lesl  man al   ,,,,,., .,,,   B, rvlng tile|r country,
my ii:   iree proi lings  ��� .���
 Miller's Worm  Powders work so et-
j fei ��� ive y thai no traces of worms can
he I  und.   The pests are macerated in
the   stomach   ar.d   pass  nwny   in   the
stools wlthoul being perceptible. They
in. ke an entire and clean sweep uf tho
.nines, and nothing in the shape of
worm   ran   llnd   lodgement   tliere
' when ihese powders arc in operation.
t^"i^'J^!ii&i'ir'S��^J^-��l>S^**fe>*;'' iji-e iHorouitn or de-
r'-'.'-x: ;;"!te/'-fe-.*�����':-'iv-;!iS$,*��ii>.. iKV.v'*      sirable than their anion.
Requisite on
mer and  stocl
er s:
supply of  Dr.
ni as
on hand, not o
IS  .1
for ills in llie !
..'. but
a horse and e
potency.    As
oil  for horsea
colic   il   far   si
ran he admini
No Liciuoi- Allowed
-  .. .     '    ..\ new order-in-council    under   the
',' ���bi ill .,' Defence ot lhe H lalm Act Regulations
!'��� '! i,���!' nn' has been published in a supplement to
''���' A Ji., the London Gazette to the following
V'i'.5 i '''i ���'- effect: "Where the competent naval
.i,To IrVrani or military authority bus control of lh"���rJ*
anv dock premises he may by order
prohibil nay persou from bringing in-
3 Hill
n r
���r '
ml (sternly)
igbt,er, you ain't larfln' a
The i'oung Bllghl ir Ob
geant: no, sir.
Tin.' Sergeanl (more sten
what els . . ��� there in para
Minard's Liniment Cures Colds, etc.
mr sv
���n.viuin'^ili'ai   l0 or havlnS ln llis l,oss',;"io"  witl,in ,
'-  ll* l those premises, or ou board any ves-|
ael  therein,  any   inloxleatiag  liquor,
.    .,        excepl  for sui.-h purposes and subject
to auch conditions and restrictions as
may be specified In the order, and if
.. .. I any person contravenes any provision
ot the order be Khali be guilty of an
,,,, ���, I offence   under these rogulatlona, and
'.}  any person authorized by the competent naval or military authority, or any
police constable, mny search any person entering or within the dork prem-
I: is, and may seize any Intoxicating
S V. I ' i -. .i I . Ml .1 '���* :���:.", NKRVOI i D1SXASKI.
CHI   ���' i-^'*,- I     .-.J   N KRUPTtONB.HI.M,
wrlti lor FREE 1.0111 8 nu 'if.iu.ai. hook oh
these ilitesiei *n 1 wo ���>>��� r- ��� ��� ci pts effected by
ly tor youK OWN .ii.in.-n-. Absolutely FRCG
* up circuiari. No obligations. Dr.LeCi,kkc
r   IU  PROVK   THItRAPIOH  VflLL CUttK  100.
Displeased      Parenl    Molly,   i   nnd  "nuor found on him in
you h.i -��� ' ��� "i    uyin ���    ar. e pairs of  '" ""' ��"UM'
��� loves  ������ .1 . ml   [i I'm islmi.    Why did
v lo lhat';
Mi,a Molly ��� iged i .valval -Why,
iladdy, I ,vtts ibll ��� id to ha\ ,��� Bome
gloves;   I badn'l  a pair to wear!
in ipjens ��� i . irenl u was irery
v. rou ? ol ,-ou to bu; i be gi ives ��Itli-
ml asking yon mother nr me aboul It,
Mis . '���'������' ���' Well, a,'- ir mind, dad-
1, lear; h ��� a i eosl anything. I
ba I tb 'in 'aii': ��� I'
W.  N. O-  1069
In oim of the industrial towns in
South Wales a workman met with a
sari ius accident. The doctor was sent
for, and came and examined him, had
him bandaged and carried home ou a
stretcher, seemingly unconscious. Afler he was put to hed the doctor lold
his wife to give him sixpenny-worth
of brandy when be came lo himself.
After the doctor had left the wife told
the daughter to run und fetch three-
pennyworth of brandy for lur father
The old e'aap opened his eyes and said
ill a loud voice:
"Stxpenny'orth, the doctor said"
anishes Forever
Prompt t??f!e/"---Pera*anerif Cure
f.il. Hurt
oblr act
but gently
the liver.
Slop alt:
distress ���
g^stion ��� improve  the. complexion���biigliteni
lbs eyes. Snulj Pill, Small Dose, Small Puce.
Genuine oiuitbv-�� Signature
Cause of Asthma. No one eaa say
with certainty exactly whal causes the
establishing of asthmatic conditions,
Dual irom' lhe slreet. from Mowers.
from grain and varloua other Irritants
may sel up a trouble impossible to lr-
i-ad'lcale excepl through a sure preparation such us Dr, .1. D. Kellogg's Asthma Remedy, Uncertainly may exlal
as to cnuse, but there can be no uncertainty regarding n remedy which
haa freed a general! a of aathmatic
victims from this scourge of tho
bronchial tubes. It is sold everywhere,
Wants   1.000,000  Head  of  Beef Cattle
c. O. Robinson, representative   ofa
large   paekin..;   company   of  Chicago,
bus made public n copy of a cablegram
from Liverpool senl to the Chicago ofiice asking lhat an estimate be furnished or the cost of 1,000,000 head of
beef cattle, delivered  at  Liverpool.
Tlie order,  if filled,  suid  Robinson,
| would  require a  payment    of  about
$100,000,000 and would make vast inroads on the available cattle in  the
United Suites.
Minard's Liniment Cures Diphtheria.
The Kaiser some years ago was visiting a large library In his dominions.
"Bul why are all the hooks on the
shelves turned wrong side out?" be inquired.
"I could not permit them to turn
iheir hacks to your majesty," said the
Minard's Liniment Cures Distemper*.
Rlglii Hon. Secretary of State- -You
hnve long been a lending supporter of
mine. Col, Buffer, and 1 shall be glad
to do whal I can for your sou, hul  -ar
whal run lie do'.'
Pond Parenl -By Had. sir. if be
could tlo anything I should not think
of troubling you.
:-':.'SW^   "��� iff III   iv
His Wife���Aren'l you ever coming
to breakfast. Babington?
,*Jle���Yes, yes. dear. I've nearly finished the mbraing papers now; and I
only want to glance at the evening
papers that have just come iu.
Nervous, sick headaches tell
of exhausted nervos, and warn
yuu of approaching prostration
or paralysis- By enriching the
blood Dr. Chase's Nerve Food
restores the wasted nervo cells
and thoroughly cures headaches,
sleeplessness and other nervous
disorders. -   --������ *.
,";t> Cents a Bor, all Dealers,  of
Edmanson, Bates & Co., Limited,
iervefiiii^ (THE   REVIEW.   COURTNEY,   B. C.
,snr oLaml,  ���������  BUSINESS MEN OF GERMANY FACING
OtOpporttntit.es' ^ ^ A ^^ ff ^ ^
llie Prosperity of the Towns
Prosperity of the Farmers \v
Merchant .Should  be  Acti
By Clyde Ashley in thc Breederc'
in many places the chief topic of
discussion among farmers is how ihey
can gel away from the price-domination uf the local merchants, how ihey
tan buy co-operatively for cash and
ante on costs; how ihey ean sell cooperatively ami thus either force ihe
local merchant in n higher price or net
ii otherwise, Phcy forget to lake Into
account tlie fact thai when tbej bu*
one or two articles cooperatively tbey
buy for cash taking just so much husi
ness nway from the local merchunl
nnd forcing.him to'carrj them tor an
equal amount,
While Ihis is going un tlle local iiiit
chant tails down  on  orders,  lolls  the
traveling man thai co-operative buy
Ing ia eiiiiing down his trade ami
iniikini! ii ii eri'dii business; that now
lhe farmers will lei apples rol iu ihe
liclils if they enn mil sell direct;  thai
the corn coming io the gruin dealer Is I
soft und ihe eggs delivered to his
store are rotten. The local dealer ean
not sell co-operatively because the I
average co-operative company is set
doin a permanent organization and If
almost never Incorporated, hence iis
financial responsibility is limited,
Vou  ask   wliy   Ihey  do  not  get  to-!
gethor?   This is our question and the
Fact  remains  that  ihey    seldom  do.
They "cuss" and discuss one another I
nt regular Intervals when n little gel-l
ting together, u frank, open discussion
of grievances (for both the fanner and
the     merchant   have   them   a-plenty
would  give  both  a  new  viewpoint,  a
new   basis  for   future  relations   whieb '
should bring with  them greater net
profits io hoth.
iNearly every town of less than 10,-
(lOO In our great middle west owes ils
very existence to the farms surrounding il. Were the farmer nol lo trade,1
practically every store would be
forced out of business and in a few
years the town would pass out of existence. If the average village mer
chant realizes ibis dependence he usually chooses lo ignore it. If all of the
village slores were lo close, and lhe
lown pass out of existence, ihe farmer
would lack a place to buy and tell. He '
would buy at a higher price nml sell
at a lower, Mis farm would become
a less desirable place lo live, realty
values would fall and lhe farmer'
would be tbe loser. Small town uml
country are Inter-dependent. Whatever
helps lhe one  should  help the olhe:-.
is  in  Direct   Proportion  to ihc
10 Surround it and ihc Local
ve in Community Welfare
The prosperity of ilu- average American village is in direct proportion to
the prosperity of the farmers surrounding ii. Can ihe local merchant
do hlmsell a greater sen ice than in
inducing raini prosperity hy promoting general community welfare? lie
can iiiiiI 11 better markel for more
farm products, Instead of encouraging new llHiol'ies he cull secure ice
lures, corn shows, agricultural lairs,
agi Icilltural schools ami other live lea
lures winch atand lor heiier farming
and greater farm profits. He can keep
hlmsell' heiii r informed oi the turni
ers' needs and of articles ol' iiioney-
inaking value to ihe farmer lie could
dike 011 llie function uf a handler of
farm prodtiets\to his own advantage
uml io ihe farmer's profit,   ihe farm
er has a man's si/e lask in curing for
the production end He does not have
I hue for cooperative organization. Ile
is glad lo give a fair commission lor
services rendered, lull hecause no one
has been found who will lake over ihe
selling end of his business he has been
forced to toriii co-operative organizations.
Sonic small tOWUB hnve seen llle
lighl. Dill ill Iowa one county has
formed 0 board of trade which is
made up of farmers ami merchants in
equal number, in uu Ohio town there
is a club made up of the young farmers and young business men, where
iwo or three nights a week a small
gathering is sure to he found. A few
papers are un the table and the merchant reads the agricultural papers,
especially Hie advertisements, as carefully us the farmer. Hundreds of
towns hold fairs, agricultural schools
and corn shows.
The movement is barely started. It
needs impetus. No matter what your
line of work, it will pay you lo help-
It means opportunities undreamed uf
for the small town and country boy.
11 will help to keep down great congestion in centres of population, thus
relieving lhe problem of lhe city, it
will go far toward making us a nation
of more healthy suburban dwellers.
It will place the economic dependence
of more of our population on agriculture, where it rightly belongs. It will
provide a greater farm outlet for manufactured goods and thus keep more
men employed. It will solve the farm
labor problem, ll will make co-operative buying and selling unnecessary.
It will abolish the corporation line and
make, town and country the countryside.
Small Countries at War
The War is Hard Upon the Little
Wben Sui Marino, with its :,2
square miles of territory in northerly
Italy, declared war on Austro-Hungary
and assured the King of Italy lhal its
39 officers and lltltl soldiers desired nothing better than 10 march to Vienna
in the van of a victorious Italian army
public attention was drawn to the
fact thai many small peoples have
been cast into ibe present European
maelstrom, ll-re and ther- about Ihe
map uf Europe these petty countries
may be seen if one* looks very bard,
but despite tlieir si/e many of theni
have glorious traditions and histories
and can point with pride to some records which the large powers iniglil
well envy. Among '.lie more interesting of these independent and semi-
independent territories are Luxemburg, Monaco, l.ichonstcin, Ihe Isle
nf Man, the Isle of llerni, and the
siiiullest  of republics,  Sun   Marine-
Each of theni has seni men to wnr;
all of them have suffered Inhabitants of the Isle of Man, for instance,
are reported to be In a suite bordering' on starvation, because Hie tourist
traffic on which they lived has been
stopped, while Monte Carlo antl Its
vicinity is sun] to resemble a large
hospital, the wonderful hotels and
pleasure palaces being filled wiih
wounded sol Hers. Luxemburg was
lhe lirs: io Iin '..' the terrors ot war.
for the 'jerinnn soldiers swarmed into
tlie little grand duchy ni ihe outbronk
ol hostilities.
San Marino lias a population "f
ni.onl 9,500 people, uiul ihe entry oi
tli liny republic into the war is in
reality of greal assistance to Italy,
despite Hie smallness of its army.
Had San Marino deelnreil iis neutrality it would have afforded n haven for
Austrian neroplanes, which, having
flown over lluly could have alighted
in tiie republic and claimed Immunity
from capture. Curiously enough, San
Marino, il Is said, lias been In a suite
of war with Austria fur almost half
a century, or since the Italians and
Austrlans in isiltj fought with each
other. The republic at Hint time declared war, and when peace was concluded, failed to ratify it. it is suid,
and ihe matter wus entirely overlooked by all concerned, According
to tradition, ihe republic was founded by St. Marinus during the preaecu-
tions under Diocletian, while bis companion, St. l.eo, founded tlie village
of lhal name.
!       To Aid the Farmers
IW-  J.  Black,  Head of  Manitoba Agri-
i     cultural College, Advocates Closer
W. .1. Black, president of the Manitoba Agricultural    college,    returned
recently from a conference of hankers
and   fanners  held  at  Chicago,  under
tlie auspices of  the  agricultural  sec-
: tion   of   the  American   Hankers'   association.    Mr.   Black   was  Ibe  only
Canadian  at   lhe  conference,    At   a
' banquet  tendered    the  delegates,    .1
lecture un  the development of Western   Canada   was   delivered     by   Mr.
, Black.
"The  hankers of the  United Suites
are   realizing  lhat   the   prosperity  of
: tiie country    depends    upon a closer
relationship    between     the   bunkers
and     the    agricultural     population."
Mr.  Black told  Ihe Tribune upon bis
return.    "It is felt that  with a better   knowledge  of  business   methods
jibe   farmer  could   increase   bis  per-
] sonul   wealth,   which   would   redound
'10 ilie benefit of the nation.
"At    the    conference,"    Mr.   Black
said,   "methods    for    bringing    about
ibis  relationship were discussed and
it    appeared    that     in  many    cases
I bankers   were   loaning   money   lo   the
I farmers  for the  purpose  of sending
the  farmers' suns to nn agricultural
I college."
The  con Ien nee,     which   lasted   Iwo
days,   also    Interested   Itself    in   lhe
cause of good roads.
Representatives  from :J!' states  in
lhe   union   ulti ndeil.     an.l   editors   of
Kiine of the leading agricultural papers were present, among whom
were Henry Wallace of Wallace's
fanner." and 1'. .1. Goodwin of ihe
"Breeders' Gazette." Winnipeg Tribune.
Caring Ior War's Victims
Wife���Henry, yon really must base
the landlord eome and see for himself
the damage lhe rain did in our ceiling.
Huh���I can't without letting him
lee the damage the children bave
lone to the rest of the house,
Larger Provision to be Made for Canadians Totally Incapacitated at
the Front
Criticism has appeared In .the Canadian press lo tlie effect that men totally incapacitated at Hie front, including those who have lost tlie sight
of botli eyes, receive an allowance
of only Ifl per week, which is Insufficient. Officials of ihe militia department say thut the criticism is unfair
because this is onl- a pari of the provision made for the Incapacitated,
They are ut liberty to go inlo a convalescent home until after the close
of ihe wnr. If thi}' prefer tu lemain at
home ihey wore entitled lo an add!-,
lional alowance for an attendanti it!
is also pointed out that the question
of a larger measure of assistance for
those who have been wounded at the
from is 111 llie present time engaging
ihc attention of the government       '
Canada as a Field ol Investment and |
"Canada as a l'u Ul ol Invi 1 tmenl I
ami Enterprise" Is thi ml, ol an interesting and valuable work recently
issued liy Mes-'s A. II. Milium ic
i'o., Toronto, Tin book will prove
useful lo all who an interested in
Canadian affairs, as it 101.tains a
wealth uf Information in regard 10 the
economic, Industrial and financial conditions nf the country.
Healing wilb Ihc BUDjecl of Ibe area
and vast r.'sunn 1 - ol Ihi Dominion,
some striking lues in presented. We
cannot do battel than to quote a portion of a chapter on this subject:
"The Dominion of Canada has an
area greater than llu whob continent
of Europe, im lutlln*y Itussia In Europe; ihe respect I vi areas being Europe 3,870,000 Minnie mill s and the
Dominion of Canada 3,7-15,000 square
miles. II ina.i In said thnl this is
'Me. hut lhal a large pari o! ibis area
of Canada is Arclii ami semi-Arctic,
! Hut so is a large pari of Europe. Both
Canada und Europi have large areas
of ihis character, and both have sum
lur urcis of land that an capable ol
sustaining lurge populations.
"li Is now uu established fact thai
northern countries are not tbe barren
, areas that they wen once thought to
be; but, on the contrary, abound In
ualural wea Ih lhat is as necessary
and as useful lo the world aa lhe pro-1 j
duds of tin tropical, si mi-tropical and |'"''
lemperale zones. Petrograd is cue of
the worlds princiapl centres of civilization, yet ihe sanu. parrallel ofnorth
latitude which passes through ii, also
passes ihrough tne northern boundaries of the provinces of Saskatchewan nnd Alberta, li is. therefore, reasonable io expect thai large cities wil;
be built in the future in Hie norther-
most limits of these provinces. Tlie
climate, at least, can be no bar to such
developments. The same parallel of
norlh latitude which passe, ihrough
part of Germany and Denmark, also
passes through Central Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Tin parallel
of norlh latitude which passes through
Southern France and Italy also passes
througb Nova Scotia, New Brunswick
and  Southern Ontario.
"It may be seen Irom thi that the
Dominion, having similar climate, bus
the capacity to produce all tne different kinds of natural products that
Europe produces, with llie exception
of lliose produced in Spain, Central
and Southern Italy and Greece.
"The enormous possibilities of agriculture in Canada urn! particularly in
the west, cnn best lu realized by comparisons. Tiie United States in 1914
planted [13,541,000 acres in wheat and
raised the phenomenal crop of 891,-
(100,1100 bushels���lhe largest on record.
The single province of Saskatchewan
has almost double tnis acreage that is
suitable for wheal growing. In proof
of what it can do. it has already raised
a wheat crop (.1 more than 100,000,000
bushels, and its total planted area in
wheat, oats, barley ami flax lias
crossed the 10,000,000 acre marl,. It
has a total acreage suitable for cultivation of 93,000,000 acres. Directly to
ihe east lies Manitoba, wliieh ims 74,-
000,000 acres suitable lor growing
wheat, oats, barley and flax.
"The most interesting of all the
western provinces is Alberta, lis climate is milder Ihan that of Saskatchewan or Manitoba, ami here agricultural development in all ils variety
is in progress. In addition to growing wheat, barley, oals and flax, il is
supporting rapidly growing growing
dairy and live stock industries. Three
hundred and twenty-live miles from
the Montana boundary lies the Edmonton district, oik ol the most prosperous diversified districts in Hie Do*
minion. From Edmonton to Athabaska
Landing���100 miles distant���the railway runs through a prosperous mixed
farming country. 'I'o lhe northwest,
II00 miles from Athabaska Landing,
lies lhe rich lands of the Peace Hiver
country. In tlie Place Hiver country,
wh'eh is incorporated in the provinca
of Alberta, ihe gtowth of wheat, oats
ami barley 1 i r. any other staples, in-
eluding vegetables 111 great variety, is
���a pit ven success; and when lhe railways come in from Hie coast, ihis
country is bound lo contribute largely
to ihe world's supply of food.
"The futuri ol the province of Aiherta is one ol BDSorblng interest. It
has a vast 1 xpansr of land Hia: will
grow Hie best g ins in the world, a
toial of 106,000,000 acres, or nearly
double the eniiri are:, planted in
wheal by llll United Stales lust year,
which was 53,5-11,1 00 acres,
"While agriculture i> Canada's chief
Industry, there are many others of Importance. Manufacturing is expanding
���.ear by tear and ii. tlu census year
of 1910 tthe latest fer which reliable
figures are available) the annual production bail reached a total valui of
$1,660,000. This dnes 1101 include the
oiiipul of severu: thousands of butter
and cheese factories, whicli is embraced in the category ot agriculture.
"The fisheries are also an important source of presenl and potential
wealth to the country. There are hundreds of lakes and rivers, many in the
great west, where propagation of fish
is icing carried on under government
auspices; und the deep sea fisheries,
un both coasts, are made llie source.-
of steadily increasing wealth as the
problem uf transportation and markets is solved.
"In the mineral field Hit production
of nickel, gold, iron, steei. and coal
stands out prominently. There are i..
Nova Scoiia. Alberta ami British Columbia measures el coal that cannot
be exhausted in generation}, Tin iron
and steel industry is gradually growing, its scat being mainly in the eastern provinces. Tin nickel industry is
an all-importanl  one. Binct  inon  thai,
nine-tenths of thi   .end.   supply <>i
nickel  is  produced   il  Canada,  ijold
Alter  a  Year of War, German} is on ihc Verge nl Bankruptcy,
All  of her Colonial Possessions have been Swept Away,
And She .Now Stands as an Outlaw Among Nations
A London special says: Despite Germany's 'ju year:-', of preparation for
this terrific struggle ami her utter disregard for the laws of God aud man,
her violations uf ihe neutrality 01 Bel-
glum and Luxemburg and her invasion
of Prance, ner murders from ihc sky,
her     bombardments     of     undecided
tonus, he,- employment of asphyxiating guses, and her policy uf piracy
against unarmed enemy and neutral
vessels, culminating in tho boners of
lhe ages, lha sinking of the Lusitanla
without warning and the murder if
hundreds of I mullein; men and helpless   women   and children who   were
ricu, conquered by the redoubtable
Doer turned British, (Ien. Louli I
and added ie lhe po-sessions ol the
British empire, and ail signs indi-
cate that every vestige ct territory
whicli she has annexed in la: : 1
yon,1 her borders will be lest. The
Oerman fiat is nu longer seen upou
tbe Bea.
Her great Meet ot (omtni - ,,. ���, -
sels have been either capture I or
idle ui home or are Interned .
tral lands. Her great war fleet, loo,
is lo, 1.id in lu-hind lhe (tight of Heligoland, and l.er only triumphs 1 >
are lliose achieved by ber submarines
passengers, despite her foul  play und   in attacks on unarmed pr
h -uiiish practice-:, Germany ..1 th.
en 1 of the first year of lhe war, which
has eosl Hie ��� ves of four million men
and resulted in the maiming of double
lhat number, finds herself farther
from the kaiser's dream of world do-
minimi than ever, nnd lhe fruits 01
I her ambition have turned to ashes on
ips. Notwithstanding lier temporary sucees.es, and they are only
temporary, in the eastern theatre of
war, millions of homes in Germany are
in mourning; oilier millions will be
added before the great war for which
lhe kaiser abo.e all men is responsible, will be ended.
Germany's commerce wiih the out-
ide world, owing to tlie command of
the seas by the allied Heels,
and her business men,
lo fill the war chest of
ure facing ruin. The
at Warsaw, designed b _ ^^
of victory is really meant to rob them
of more money under the guise of sub-
icrlptions lo another war loan which
will leave the empire facing, if noi
.Ily in, bankruptcy, Germany's colonies are disappearing. First il wns
Kiaochau, taken by Germany from
China by trick and I heft and now in
tlie hands of the subtle Japanese.
Then followed Oerman Southwest Af-
sels or fishing smacks
Whenever and wherever the British and German navies have met, gun
for gun, as ir. the battle of tin I a.,-
laud Islands, the British have won,
and So at tlie close of a year or war-
lure, the ships of the Germany :.�� ���
outside of those in sanctuary at Kiel,
have beeu swept from tbe seas, and
Britannia still  rules the  waves.
Because of this British domination
of the sea, Germany, through ::-
agents and propagandists in America,
lias sought by appealing to sectional
interests, the cotton growers ef the
south, for instance, to embroil the
United Slates with Kngland, but li.cse
l>lots    have been   abortive,    tbe pro-
 , __ .....  German strikes in the munition works
robbed  lirst  of New Kngland have failed ai I
lhe war lord,   kaiser and liis government stand con-
great   thrust   victeii by the jury of American : ib
inspire hop.'   opinion us murderers and this ���>   riii
is Inforced b} even neutral nation   :;
ihe world,
While    Germany   has   sntT- - d   tl
niendous losses and statu'; as an out.
law    among   the   nations, thi   forces
iliul   are  lighting  for tl 1   ' a     -
the world have been compelled to
make appalling sacrifices ef men Ami
money, lhe expenditures running weil
into billions.
mining lias been developing in recent
year into a successful industry in
Northern Ontario, Situated in the
Porcupine district, on the slope lo lhe
Arctic, stamp mills am reporting a
steady increase in the out put of this
precious metal. A few miles southeast
lies Cobalt, one of tiie world's greatest silver proi ueing camps. In forests
the wealth of Canada stands in Ihe
front rank. In them, it is admitted,
Ihe Dominion holds a vast heritage
that, year by year, increases immeasurably in value, while timber supplies
diminish in other parts of Ihe world."
A copy of this book, whicli may be
obtained from Messrs. A .11. Martens
tc. Co., Royal Hank Building, Toronto,
should be in the possession of everyone who is interested in th - development of our country,
Russia's New Port
In Arctic Ocean
Milking Records
Of Dairy Cattle
Annual  Report Contains  152  Pages of
Of more than ordinary interest to
dairymen is tlie seventh annual report of the milking records of purebred dairy cattle, just issued by the
federal department of agriculture.
Nine years ago the livestock branch
of the federal department of agriculture, in co-operation wiih certain record associations representing breeds
of dairy entile, began to record lhe
performance of pure-bred milking
cows. Each record association agreed
upon a standard of yield for cows
fur its respective breed to qualify for
registration, while the livestock .commissioner formulated regulations under which llie tests were to be carried
oul. At the end uf each year a report has been issued containing a list
of ibe animals that qualified for registration during the year, together
with their breed, age, ownership, milking period, production uf milk and fat,
and such other information afl might
reasonably be looked for in an Official
I Each year the work bas Increased
until the seventh report, just issued.
contains nn less than 162 pages of
Information. During the year IU
cows qualified for registration, including 196 Holstein.-'. 123 Ayrshires, ',',0
Jerseys, 9 Guernseys. 11 French-Canadians, and ::6 Shorthorns. The high
est records made were: Shorthorn
19,636 pounds milk, 540 pounds fat;
French-Canadian, 10.767 pounds milk,
4(i.'l pounds fat; Guernsey, 11,445
pounds milk, 520 pounds fat; Holstein,
���13.717 pounds milk, S"l pounds fat;
Jersey, 15,211 pounds milk, 754 pound
fal; Ayrshire, 16,GOO pounds milk, Tlio
pounds fat.
Will  Be Open the  Year  Round���May
Be Ready This Fall
By>October 1 Russia hopes to have
a   double   track  railway   in  ope'
leading direct from Petrograd thronglli
Petrozavodsk to Kola and the Arctli
Ocean.   This new line will parallel ui��
present single track road, which coi.
riecis   Archangel   with   Vologda,   bun
will lie more than two hundred miles
to the westward.    What is more  im-
ponanl is the fact that en the completion  of the  new road   Russia   w. .
have  an  all-year-round  open   connection with .be western seas, aJid Urn
open communication will he maincain-
tl througb Kkaterina, at ibe head of
tlie Gulf of Kola
The distance between Kola and Eh-
I aterina is about thirty-live miles,    ia
I the winter time the ice prevents vessels approaching Kola closer than tea
and  a  half miles.    In  the  harbor  of
Kkaterina  ice  is  seldom  seen  except,
foi  a short period aiound the lasc .1
)', bruai-y or early in Marc';, and it ::i
only during winters of unusual severity.
Kkaterina enjoys tbe advantage of
being near to the Gulf Stream. It u
expected lhat with the inauguration
of tiie new service communication can
lie had between Ekaterina and Petrograd in twenty-four hours' time.
The Kloinma Works at G lutrin,
provinei of .Moscow, are building Mullet compound freight locomotives for
tha Arctic service. These engines
have a weig.'t of 64.:; tons, and vrifl
burn either coal or oil.
New Wheat Mark Per Acre
W. I.. Biddle, who lives near Wall-
seon, Ohio, broke the world's record
for raising the largest amount of
wheat per acre by producing 58.66
bushels an acre. There were till
bushels ot wheat from te. and five-
twelfths acres. The former world's
record was held by Dewey Haines of
Arcanum. O , with fifty-live and two-
thirds bushels an acre.
To Keep Farmers in East
Ontario   Government   Will   Encourage
Settlement  in  Northern  Ontario
i'luiis for a far-reaching campaign to
sine fo.- Ontario the farmers wjio a:*-
year by year leaving the'provlnce tor
the wheat fields of the west are, it is
understood, being made by Hon. G
I Inward Ferguson, minister of lands.
forests and mines. The minister's
proposals embrace the mobilization ot
every part of the government service
that can lend a hand, and the Immediate object wiil be the settlement
of big districts in Temiakamlng that
are now attracting but a small percentage of migrating agriculiur.sta.
Tbe real work will be done during
the winter, when, th rough tbe district
representatives of the department ot
agriculture and others, the colonization depart ment will be kept informed
of those farmers who are thinking of
moving into new fields.
Gasoline   in  War
years  ;.go  ihey  called
_ isolint car a plaything.
j" Today that "plaything" is doing the
I work of prancing steeds in carrying
stiff-backed officers back and forth
along the battle line; is transporting
ammunition and food supplies from
base  to  front   for  distances   unheard
other   wars:
Passing a swimming pool ln a small
city one day two country women read
Ihis sign at the entrance: "2a,li0u Gals,
li, ami Oul Every Hour."
"That's all nonsense," said one of
lhe women. "There isn't that many
women in tliis whole county."
serving as a
veritable battleships on wheels, from
whicli squads of gunners operate
1 heir rapid-lire pieces: is bearing
nurses nnd surgeons and wounded so
swiftly that the death rate is amazingly low considering tbe sue ot
thi tonten ling forces. THE COURTENAY REVIEW
The Courtenay Review ^^ft*^ again
Ami t'oiuox Valley Advocate
A   Wee|cy   Newspaper,   Pubished  at
Courtenav, II. C,
N. II.   lliil'i:.'.', la lilin "anil Proprietor
Bttbscriptioll 81.60 per Year  ill  Advance
Wl- WOllld
q?s:'.r��f.  -���
this week.
Mrs. Robb is visiting with friend
at Detimnn [sitiud.
The smiling face- nl'onr old friend >**
Peter Jackson is .seen   about   town
agaiu these days. Special   value   In   I,   li   '   Hand   Knit
The marriage I  ol   plai : on  Sat-   Sweater Sets nn letoi      r will
urday evening ... t at   Sl     Peter's  cont  ami tonne  t��� i  itch   iu .luuli
...                                Ich ii.'1 , Couiox, ' I    I                      -   . .  I ro ni .                      .   ��� "
like lo iluci't nlk-iilloii I ,,.;,-   ���,.-.,  ... , 1,1   ,  i,       ���,,,".
.   ,     ,,     .  .     ,   Llllle uiul l la!-, i, -   I. ���,. .     ll,      I he                        .,.'.
to an .iiuciiiliiii n    o  die- Municipa1
A. :   by which the  voti r;'   list wi
el      en Ni v   ;,n nl     o'clock,   Pel
si      iv ho have I    tl    Is this
y,. r must Hi"   w itli  lhe   nn    eipnl
clerk a statuto iol
i :.  .      'I hi '  111   :.        '     .���   with  III
brid   e. n ��� broi ;l I   in        1   ��� ivi n
nway by hei uu tl   r, was  :���!���   i
i  ..,..',
in iiii; and Mr. Otu  t . , .   ; ���
in.in.    Th   k  . .   I
i.    i iate !.     Mi ��� b'all slyl hand
i oats; .in   check;;
���'      nd asti I .    ' ���:
1 ol i  ii
���   ml :'.'. , . .. ii .   and o -
. .i il
im- ..���  an, tli   i   inn,
delaj ,1   deed   hu wi li   their ���,;......;.. ,   b(
!!   '     i '���''���'     '      '.
list     Agi    ,        lu a ;.
P1*1*'-1*1 ���"*.'."���   ' : ,.:.    .:.'.'.'.',.     I'll,
art'also en HI, , ,    ,
��'     !   Vl''.: ,  : '  "Pon t.t   ngu ,lowers mu| nuUlII1II |
sl        fl   declorntioi    ui  I   llll  .   II nm]  ,;,,   u,,,:sh   kf,   ���,���,, ,,,  .  ,
I '  ;' mi i thecercmon* for Oyster River
In. ii-
tl ��� 'i   I   lat iti in     fi      i o'clock ci
'Oct. 31,   :���'
days a ter it is niuiU The \.\, t that
a di e 1 is registeted at Ihe laud reg-
isli offic loesnot 1 ul V ,1 person
to vote, only j 1 names
ai m the 1 oil- s' list 1 eing ��� 1 titled
to vote at the municipal elections.
 �������� .*> ��� *-
Sportsman's Paradise.
Courlenay and the Coinox valley
abounds with game of all kinds this  population on   Sal
a nge <>i
A full
Plain and
Corded   Velvets
win re ihey 'pen: ihcirlhoi   ynu
Rev .   1 -1. i r 11:1 i i-VVul wus   nt
li. - mini Island tin Sunda*, last 1 m
^:Vt"' :;..V'.:: '. ".A��� dieting Harvest Tl n
vice:-, *,*, Inch we..    well   atl  ml  il,
The 1 hurch was als 1 pr ttily th
I']-. Creas ,   I       torts, is a \ isi-
tor at I'i. Montgomei s'-,
The girl frieui s of. Miss,   Glin'e
gave her a "showti" on Saturcl
There was   great   dissatisfaction
ami ng the juvenile ; 01 In 11  of the
evening, 1 ���~
sea-ton.     During   the   past  week   1 hen the party left the church do-r
several fine   bags   of   grouse  and   for Oyster river.    A larg    number   ;  complete stock tson'sjluderw.
pheasants were made.     Hugh mc-  of cans mul clubs had beeu collect-
,',���",.,-Kits on  ed for the purpose of giving theni a
We are open to receive applications for lhe follow-
loans on improved farm proyerly in lhe Comox
District, First Mortgage Security
$5,000 for 3 years at 8 p. c. interest
$1,000 for 3 years at 0 p. c. interest
$1,000 for 3 years at 10 p. c, interest
in ai
Lead iiii;
for   misses anil   children, "The   under-
wcai that will wear and not shrink"
Another shipment of l,adies Fall Millinery in  trimmed  and ready to   wear lints
in velvets and felts to arrive litis week
Blankets, eiderdown quilts,  comforters
and lluiiuelc-Ue sheets
Special  value  In   52 inch   flannelette in
licit stripes r.t S yards for ��1
A complete range   of ladies,   misses and
children's felt uud   velvet slippers in all
r    ^.aAA;
{.ii:   t ">/ '���'-"'''     '���'���'
.���]���;.��� ,;���..*������    -,..����� V'i.-i
]���'.    zie g n   six  c
Friday morning  just   back  of the  chivari; but the Intended recipients
schoolhouse in about half an hour,   ��i the denioustration did not  show | Thanksgiving linen in  table cloths, ser-
A number  of deer  w. rc  also shot   ��P   . ''    *e9'   centerpieces    tray  cloths  and
w    in a short distance of the city,      1,!i-ss Oa "c-' has a new detachable
Some splendid trout  und  a   lot of  motor for her bicycle,
cohoes are also being  taken from      ;\ taoat  enjoyable   concert   was
tbe river.    Kenny  Grieve caught  given by the  Nob   Hill   scholars,
two fine trout which weighed about  under the direction of their teacher
8 pounds each with a   ilv one day   M-ss Wright, in Martin's ball, last
last week,    It took over an hour to  Friday   night.   The   concert   was
laud them.      It  one  wants   good  followed by a dance, which was also
fishing or hunting  he  cannot find   well attended, a number being pre-
any better in   the   Province than  sent from Courtenay and  Cumber-
ri6ht here.    Big game abounds just  'and.    The. choruses by   the   boys
across the straits in the inlets, The- were rendered with spirit,    Harry
dink  season   opened   last Friday  Radford looked flue in kilts, was iu
n    ning and a few were- got at the g����d voice, and gave four numbers.
uu nth ot the river, the shooters arc  The Lullaby soug by Myra Thomp-
waiting for a  south-easter to drive   sou '���v;ls worthy of special mention
them into the flats and bay. whi.e the singing of   Irene Moore
 _��.��>.��_  and VV. Taylor wus specially good,
__.... v The little ones did their parts well,
LUMUA however.    The following wns the
program; ���
Harvest   Home services will   be   Nob Hill Hoys Chorus
held in   the   Comox   Presbyterian  Thc Spaniard...   .  Harry Kndford |
Church on Sunday next at io a. m.   Brig of Ayr Irene Moore
Euglish church services for Sun-  Beauty of the Guards,., Wm. Mc-   -	
day, Oct, to,    Lazo mission at   ii Keuzie Moon Song Mav Taylor and
a. m., ,St. Peter's, Comox, 1117,30,   My Baisooti ..Harry Radford chorus
.Sailors Four Youngest   Boys
Lullaby Myra Thompson
Slow Bleaks   tlle   Mom Five
Country Bumpkins,
Light Brigade Harry Radford
Sunboniiet Maiden Chorus
Jean McNeil Ilarry   Radford
Finding the North Pole. .\\'m. McKenzie.
Jusl the Same as His   Father,,H.
With Youi Left, Right... .Chorus
The Same   Way  Home. ... Walter
Patriotic Song Bertie Radford
Ci d Save The King
The proceeds, which   are   about
5J40 Will go to swell  the    fund    for
the Red Cross work.
A meetlug of the couucil of the
League of the   Sacred   IIeart   was
I held at the   heme of Mrs.  A.  E,
1 Hudson ou Monday evening,    lhe
j results ol the annual election held
on Sunday were announced,   Mr,
Miller was re-elected president, Mrs,
Downey and Mrs. Whalen   ist and
nnvrs w's
Under New Management
First   Cla-s
Rooms         Electric Light Toroughout
Meals         Srtlctly   Moderate   Rates
Only the
Vour  I'a
Best W
lies and I/iquor9 Stocked      TP   {?,._{!.
Is Respectfully Solicit,,1        ' ��� UCOliM
Esquimalt   &   Nanaimo   Railway
Through Passenger Trains leave Courtenay 11:35 on Monday, Wednesday and
Friday for Victoria and Way .Stations
Thanksgiving excursion rates to all .stations on li. ec X.
Ticket-on sale from Courteuay October 8 and 11. Return
limit October 1-'.    Fare  anil  one-fifth   lor the  round trip
RETURNING-Arnves at Courtenay at
16:10, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
Steamship tickets on all lines to all parts
of the world. For particulars etc., address
Dist. Passenger Agent, Victoria
Agent CourtciKiy, Plicim R 60
2nd vice president
At this meet-
uejirs. Banibrick and Mrs.Hudson
were elected to Iill the offices ol
treasurer and secretary respectively
The financial statement was presented also a list of league material
to be used for the ensuing year. A
list af those who are willing to practise the llolv Hours was drawu up
and the hours of prayer were allotted The communion of Atonement will be made'mi the first and
second Sunday of October. The
next meeting of the league will be
held on the last Friday cf October
at the Secretary's home.
A Halloween or Pumpkin Pie
dance will be held in Mart... s hall
on Friday evening Oct, 20th. The
proceeds will be used to purchase
materials for the juvenile Red Cross
sewing circle.   	
Co - Cpreative
Society Ltd.
has again opened for business in
Courtenay in the
and hopes to merit
a   Share   of    Public   Patronage
Xt'l-i    $      I-.    1-1 %2ta
Our Samples of
Xmas. and New
Year Greeting
Cards have anivtJ
Leave your order early
Telephone 59
Courtenay &0
���... F_ ,���r,��� ,...^-jjj..
���       ���
������ ii ��� i
' "
v\$'\    '
...*'.   ���   --'r -*-J   .   - _. ....    s. .���'.''���
Roy a I Standard
Wlu-ii ytu un    I i\ .' I    : i ' : I ' l I'
vou iii   liihi   ii  i,li     iilvn; ���      !e nil
I',.II:,.    .     lla le   is    In    Iiini     [il III     II    ill
mi   uio    11 il    i   i'i rr 11    ii iiiit i wl nl
you | a-.
why the city should pay for string er of ail ihc guiltv parties is ihc
iiij-the wire. Mr. Wood snid thai mayor of our city and CI Leijih'on
wheu the wire and lanipi were pul chairman of thc Board ol Uml*
in they would l.e the pioperty of committee, who iu del nice of our
the city, and could In return I In bylaws nud resolutions mira d
thecity, Tlie wirin ; of (he poles W. Hodgson to lake th planks (o
for city lighting was-the same as build a sidewalk cutiarj lo the
j wiring all individual house, the registered street lim pposite my
"wni. r p.r.l the co.il uf wiring his property on Uke Ti road and RFN J
house and furnished the lanips, tin    thereb*    creatit      a   nuis.u I
company just deli ertug the juice    obstructing me from having thc i G*
of the stri  t oppositi i     |n imi    ���    ,.|,, ���  voin
I nm    id\ isctl thai   tnis is   unl '���
and it should no '     i:. il. >IIL|. ���-'''' '
\ oin    tn Iv,
101 STON
Utk   Trail
Ci 1."  ' a.    i' :     . |   :   .
a      .   :   i
Best Mi ul
C   A
Letters to The Editor
Willi, i. , '
\ M.I  li
ST .XI'Al'l    mini     I    rei
mi   liuid ol   II II,   I ( i  I'
'line  imi     t niollu-i nd j   ���' 'na,ih
rm will ti  lift In llu  J I I'I kiiil-'i'l Y nl
In \ Al. STANDARD. 'I'm   1% Midi   ill
youi  home    llow,
ib?'} G:yh Preck
VViiGilCSaiv     Phones'!; Eml ol BiiJg.; F. Movili,  !S~t.
.'���-.-��� ���'- r.i     ...-.: .-.-
To Residents of the < Irehard
Fellow Suli''' i
I regret tu atl\ ise thai in
om p< titiou foi sti .       h      ".     a
was signed   i
and propel iy ow"i i . ol tli il 'Pil
of Dai ku< on i M ������ a light'
iii.' i Irehard, thai ���*, : at    .till i in
ii ���  : llll   '1   I.        II '        < llcr.S
Incak our   lens, and   swe n to oin
In ai i 's couteul on otu    lm icm
(lur child] 'lis' heal Is i ny slill
[i ilpitate ai i.i i, iv'iictn
Bogies" ". Ililst ivi tiding llieir wav
to the delights' ol ''the picture
show.'' all on account of our city
fathers, Ootl strafe them
t )u. woi en folks, returning
lioiii .1 nice . cuitl |..i. i, I ci
meetings, are still to go in fear ol
lot n costumes, mud baths, broken
limbs, all on tn count ol our city
fathers, Gott double strafe them.
Fello c stiffen rs, let us arouse in
otu wrath, le! us heard thc lions in
their den, inform them in language
plain and forceful that we refuse
to .he sidetracked for that most
common necessity and convenience
of modern life���Light, .when within our control. I,et lights l'or the
Orchard be ocr slogan, bright,
brilliaul lights,, in which each snag,
stump and apple tree will show up
'as plain as ill the   noonday sun, or
iiie Notice
To TIM ' Cil'.  ' I-
Nn'i .. lui tlmi the
������ ���". tl
��� ' ���     ���      i   '..,���.
nf O     '.. ', ii ���     ���   ��� | i
.ui .a    li llul     'I     be   illott   1
lm reli i r cent, on tin  ���.���.��� it r- I
III   I'lX.
VV. A. W. lIAMIiS.
Cil. Cli r
Dated at Co irtenny, Sept. 23,  I   I i,
C. P.      :NDAS
We also    '
JAS.   C,
il   Solicitor,   X.ilirv  Public
P. 0. Box 209
Com ii-iia\
Expert Wai
Phone 24
First-Class Plumbing
Hot Water and Steamfitting
Jackson & Whittle
Phone 9 Courteuay
.. .. ,  NFW
���1  else emigrate to   that haven of rest IN1U"
1^11111*11    "^e    Lake   Trail    Road,"   where ��^raP    t���,E ���  _ ���.    ...
UdlMOi   li;;l,tsl.,,vc- ben shine.    for ���, mv F| ^   \>* f,fo   u   %'
moons   past, where   sidewalks ate k"     t, <A   n . I <4 tl   Hi  t ii
Aid.   Leighton   movtd   laid with or without the consent of *     ******* ''U &Uk & *J
i n
Is selling S]
glasses  fn i
including *
eye teste I  i
-    '
The regular meeting of lhe  City i the  city
Council was held on Monday even- that the sidewalk be laid  from Au- the cjty co mcil, where street grad
iug. derton street to the C.P.R. tracks, ing is an accomplished  fact, where
All lhe   members being   present Aid. Kerton said it was   necessary they can have  anything they want  ����,��������--,     c,.i.nn| ��llnni;pt.
excepl Aid.   McNeil.     There was|owing   lo the   narrowness   of the by asking or taking it. Stationery,    School Supplies,
Th? Cciirte;
Have Goard
i' . ���
Recommend ���   i
(n,in tin   Atla
of - ll
W. I. Goard   w
August :.   ;.
-i '
.   I
also a large number of citizens pre- road   and the  cost   would   not 1 e      Let us move friends, cne and all
sent,   evidently   expecting  to see much   over   $5
Johnston   jt may i,u a wrench, but in parting
Toilet Articles,
some   fireworks   over   the   plank | said it  appeared to   Mini   that   the  with all home ties in that Dear Old
question,     however,    they     were, grading of Anderton avenue was of  Orchard Land, we  can   in parting  Hair Brushes   b-i=*tle  whale-
doomed    to    disappointment    as more importance' than sidewalks on  breathe with truth   those touching *    '""'    -������"���>
845, 8th Ave.,
"planks"   seemed  to   be   a dead the Lake Trail.    After  some   die- words, "Gone but Not Forgotten"
word so far as the Aldermen   were cussiou Aid, Kerton was appointed Vour fellow sufferer,
concerned,                                      1 a committee to estimate the cost of j-j   jj   FORDE.
Aid.   McKenzie   explained   that'laying the sidewalk; also  the side- Courtenay, October 6, 1915.
the ladder covers had   been put up J walks required in the orchard. 	
but no lights had been iurtalled as      Aid. Johnston wanted the cotiu-
the committee   had been unable to cil to move or give  him permission Editor Review,                              i
get figures from the Electric Light, to mo\ e the sidewalk latch laid bv Dear sir: ~r believe that the cit-
,j0     '                                              I W. Hodgson aud E  Kerton, about izens of   Courtenay  should   know
A communication   was   received 5 feet up to his fence so   ns to con- the whole truth iu connection with
from James McKenzie   asking that; form   to the   survey of  thesnbdi- the wrangle indulged in by certain
his property be assessed as  acreage; vision.    The board  of   works will parties over the question   of bridge
instead   of as a city lot, as  there look at the walk on Friday and ��re- planks taken ft0111 the   bridge in a
bone, etc.
Photographic   Supplies   and
Pure Drugs
Not tc . . \ 1
wah no subdivision of the Hogdson
tana.    The request was not grant-
port, sneaky dishonorable wav, especial-
The couucil went into committee  ���>' wllel1 il 1,;ul ,)L'e"   previously ar-
ed as it was too late for this year.      of the whole on   Mr. Duncan's ac-  ranged by the Hoard of   Works to
11   I). Forde wrote asking tint count for damages to his lots cans-   wait   for the   decision of   the City
sidewalks  be laid in   the   orchard ed by the city taking gravel  there-  Council no the question  before us-
subdivision.    This along with  the I from.    He   gave   the chair nan of j lliS them. And the greatest ofifend-
Conoeuia  subdivision was referred 1 the board   of works   permission to ' 	
to the board of works to   report as take some gravel from the river bed   '��� =-_-
Drug Stoie
The former i ��� unn **ces-
J    I sary   when
Sj Courteuay 1
andby reasoi
many votarii .. .
habit ai
W. Aitkc
/.cxt'i'te In The Review
Oppositenew Pi        I ���������.:���. C:-.  crch
to cost.
Anderson iS: Warden wrote asking for the job of engineering the
waterworks aud  electric  light sys
and when lie found where they
were taking gravel from he had
ordered him to have the work stopped the next day.    Thi;   was   not
terns when the city gets ready to done, although Mr, Leighton says
instal them. The 'eiter was filed lie told (he foreman uot to take any
for future reference, ! more from there, and the foreman,
J. J. Taylor Sale Co., wrote of- Mr, Toyce, says he did not; just
filing a safe for #180, No action said he came down to see how they
taken. I were   gelling   aloug, nnd   did not
The following accounts were pre- mention Mr, Duncan's name. He
sented aud leferred to the finance said the hols could le filled and
committee for perusal and pav- put into better shape than it was
ment; ' before tlie gravel had been removed
J. Stevenson $   300  for $20,    About 200 yards   of gra-
City Clerk, lumber     21 ;.s vel had been removed    The board
Ma- ni'scxp.'iis-s     17 55! of works and Mr.   Duncan decided
Dept, Ptg. and Stationery. 2 50 to look llie place over on Tuesday
E. Kerton, removal of lish.    10 00 afternoon and if an amicable settle-
j. Sutton             6 00 inent cannot be arrived   at the city
School Requisition     291 95 may buy the lot,
A petitiou from S3 residents and Aid McKenzie suggested that
property owners in the orchard the poles lying un the roadside be
was received asking that street gathered up and used for city relights be installed in the orchard, qtiirements rather than be sold for
and nfter a lot of discussion was 1 a pittance, This was agreed to,
turned down. I and the poles will be hauled onto a
Aid. Leighton reported   that the side   streeta��d   used for   ditching
city seats were to be erected along- and other purposes.
sidi    Fechner's  block   on   Isabel      Akl  Robertsou   moved  that the
stl'ect;' I utilities committee have lights in-
Al 1. McKenzie reported re grad-1 stalled in the orchard at once. Aid.
ing and sidewalk ou Anderton Johnston wanted the matter laid
sta . The idewalk was not a over till another meeting as in the
���j-ccessii* as tl: highway was high J meantime he hoped to have figures
and dry and the avenue was not 1 for a civic plant published iu The
used much aud was in much better Review.
shape than any other side street in J - Aid. McK- uzie wanted   to know
We are now able to supply the needs
of every merchant in the district with
the above goods at exactly the same
prices as quoted by eastern houses.
Holders supplied free. Ring us up
and  we will  call with  samples,  etc.
The Review, Cou;
Telephone 59 Isa! TIIE    REVIEW.   COURTNEY.    B. C.
He     I.,ule   Marlon   good-night   iiiiiI Valley and    ocaped.
sui'ily i-UiM'ii Hie di nr,   um he did not "Tlie eyes  ot  the  princess   blazed
lie dim n in ihe hea I ot tlie stall's, On when she'lu unl this,   she whs n ��-ll.l
the contrary, he crept quietly down to devastating  fury.    II  seemed  almost
his room again, Impossible lo believe thai l had seen
There   Tchigorskj     r.nd    Oeoffre* I lier In a tea gown at Simla, chattering
wniie.i iiim.   The lump was oneo more society platitudes In u  white Bahlb's
lighted.   Tehigorsky hud u grin on his bungalow     Ami   I  bltterlj   regretted,
'ace betruylng mysell', becatiBe I knew that,
"Polled  her?" he asked,    "I  heard wherever     lie   was,  Voskl   would   be
yon ' hunted .lnttii i,n,i killed, as the*  were
"For   tlie   presenl,   ot    any   rate," Beeklng to kill tne, ns they would slay
llalph  ri plied     "Thai  rhurmlng  wo. Ralph Ravenspur, only the-  have not
man does me the honor in regard me | recognized blm
.1:  11 benighted Idlol
The Mystery
ol the
By Fred M. White
Ward,   Lock   &   Co,   Limited
...London,  Melbourne  and  Toronto 111
(Coiitiiiui ai
1 .    hack to    jour    room,"    said
Ki. ii     "I will 111 h 11  for you."
' Ther Is mi ue. iisii.ii,' the woman
replied, "Tl e ho li of no eniie ; en has
1 ������ ' .1 me.    Iiiit ��lui   ore yen dolt ������'.'
"Sleeping un the stairs." Italpli said
ill   I.is  dullest,  lues'   mechanical   way
.J'*1:::'''   sleeping     ie    stairs! I happened,"  Ralph  repl	
,-, , ,     ,       ���     time ago Tehigorsky outlined 11 bold .!.'���','"''\ ',","1
1 rrequentlj do I     1 suffer from In- 8troke ������ tne  ,.���.,   j ������, ,���,.    He Bl|     k own to 11
omnia,    llie aet-denl  Hint deprived  gMted  ,|,iU  u  waa posB|biB, ,vlt���oln-
i.e   ol   my   slglll   iniiireil   tut   I'ensiin. \ ,.���,,,���,,,��������� . ,.. ,.,., , ���,���,,
Vest Pocket Cattle
alarm. In 0 big easy-chair al ibe fool
of 1 le I'eil Marion 1 e. lined, fasl
Vein cheeked an  Impulse to wake   Kerry.   Cattle    stand  High  as  6��f
her. 111 iliiii miserable household Bleep Froducero
wns  the mosl   blessed  of all  luxuries.
Why. iben. should Marlon be disturb-
a breed of dairy cows Hub  1,rn,��n
Ti-.blgorslij   tlroppeu    Into 11   chair
ind  i". Led in and fro, slinking wilb
1 olseless mirth,
Merc From the Past
Geoffrey   Iii,died   1,1,111   one   in   ih
other for explanation,
"W'nn'l   yOll   lell   llle   ttllal   has   Imp-
pi ned?" he asked.
"As a matter ot fact . nolhlng has
\  little
This 1- uue ef my lucid Intervals, for
o"-1 removing tt single bolt or bar, in sjiirit
1 nwny nne nf the family, who wuuld
years I slept 111 the mien air; the at- ���BVer ,���. heard ot .,���.,;��� Tehigorsky
mosphere pi a hedroom si,lies me,   10  wa3 mnklng ������  Drophecv;    hi
1 am Here.
was making no prophecy; be wns
speaking from knowledge, Well, lhe
attempl has been mad, and ii baa
"Who was the victim, uncle?"
"Vour cousin, Vera. SU down, my
. I1"1 "\'s man |,0y. \t yol] g0 piungingg ttboul like
know the terrible pos tlon he had lha| vml wlll niill overythlni
I in. ' .!   her  111?     Wns   he   telling  lhe '
'And here you are j
ull night?"
"Ves, 1 presume yi
1 ctlon."
Mrs. Mny was sia nl
oing in remain
"i have no i b-
iv   Doubtless she had come there to I ','  -'������*? country,  but always seen  at
protecl and, doubtless the girl would ' ''*nB sl \\"     **,1*owa la ""' r'ny Sa
know nil a 1 ii in the morning, : "i:lli ls ' ""' ?'**�������� compared with the
"I   will  1101   wnlie  her."  Vera  111,11-  <��*"��un   breed, Uiul  tney have 1 11
m,,re.i called "iisi poekel   cows, One ... thi
I mosl famous Kerrj bIiow bulls. Humb-
it,11 Bhe could nol sleep herself. I lie C0| Dieamirotl bu   -ti Inches in height
ifence the"changed  face and  Die 1 splltiiiiK. blinding headache wus very  al    the withers when two yenn  old,
glasses?" Geoffrey asked mud vldence    just    now.    Vhm   His length  from  withers  10 tall end
"Vim iiaie guessed ll" said  Hulpli I"'" "''" she would give nnylhlng for 11   was 118 Inches nml his hoarl 1 nu 5(1
1 ,11,1 |i(���  ���iinl  ,��� ,���   i,,,,,.,���'    1 un,   glass of cold spring water. She poured   Inches,    Another I'umoiis  bull   weigh
only a poor demented Idiot, a fool who|��ul """ '"'"''' """ bottle, hul 11 was  e I hul  i"" 1 ids
cumbers me ground." "'*' i""1 '''l1'1'- l'*rom nine Itnnieninrlul   llu    1 . n\
"l  had  betrayed  Voskl  wlthoul  do |    sl"' would B�� llown """ ""' "'"'"' 'has been bred iu in 1,1ml. where li  la
Ing anv good  in niyseir," Tehigorsky  Nagged out?r kitchen, where lhe pump h ��,, ���,. ,,,,. .'p001. mu\'s uow."    it
resumed, "If uny liurm hus come lo was, i""1 gel s"""' "',,;:l1 '" nl,)' lias ror centuries been the cow of the
Ium. 1 am his murderer, Presently ('a8e slle bad nol lhe least Idea.of go- lt-isli pcasanl cottager nml is sup
ihe princess calmed down, ami the lag to bed again. Vera parllj dressed p0Bcil lo be 11 deseendiuil ol the ahold cruel mocking light eame back to herself, doing up her hair m a big original collie ���i Ireland, in color
her eyes, We were speaking ICngllsh sl'lnlng lm"1. and then, m slippered I n iH usually black, thoiigli red some
by  this lime   u  language utterly uu ! r"'l   ��� '"l'1 down .tu ihe Inn lien.    She  times occurs,    White ninj occur ubotll
awestruck, open-mouth   bud m ul ui 11 lighl    there wns nl   n,,, 11,1,1,.,' ,,,��� scrotum, bul   ii   la um
ed priests around us. I ready enough to show the way. desirable     I'bo   enn bead carries up.
"'Let us pretend lhal ihis is my 1 How em.I nnd refreshing lhe wnter standing Blender while horns \\it.ti
drawing room in India and thnl 1 was! she drnak 11 ���tlnss and then 1,1,1,1, npK Tho Dexter-Kerry branch
nm entertaining you al ien.' she Bald,  laved her laee in ihe cryslnl lluld. All   ���r the    meed is more block In lype,
l.aier  Mm  shall  know s ethlng ot   headache     was   gone   by   tins   time,   shorlor legged,  heavier .n   he.el  and
mr  iM  my  ren]   chiiriicler.  I  suppose   Ibough Vera bod a curious trembling   neck,   more    beef-    in type Hum lhe
tun    recognlzod   He  risks   thnl   um  "' ber lower limbs thai she could not 'true Kerry, ami usunll' smaller,
ran?' j aeeounl tor. Vb ii null, producer the Kerry ranks
"'Perfectly,' I replied. 'We nre go-l She opened n side door leading Into | high In proportion in lur Blue, icing in he done lo death in barbarous ���' Bi'eeu iiuadrangle, and from there , curding io Ifingllsh authorities, twelve
fashion, because we have emu., here made her wa> lo tlie terrace hor a quarts of milk dnllj during ihe seu-
unl lenrnl ynur secrets ns your hus-|l'ew minutes she stood In a dark angle | sou ami from sis t, Bcven pounds ol
I band did'   ' facing the house, jnsi  picked mil, us 1 butter per  week    are  ihe estimated
a etl    er   ',-*    Was   1     .1 u     i!   ,1"" T wU\ ",i'! ovel'** **������������?���    ""' [  band tli'           facing ihe house, .ius,  picked out, us  butter per  wee e  tie estimated
'ti.:'..   warhespving   m he !/\ ^   >���>����� ��      ��' ,��>P   ��������''-�� ! "������, could afford Ihls shot.   1 could at-  it  was.,  from  the  gloom.    Along  .heU.il.    ,���'    ,,   Kerry cow,    and  cows
he dangerous enough to be removed'.' ,.,',.; ' f��rd to sny anything.   We were going   'I"" eon; dor son ie was advancing  8omel a give us much as    sixteen
Or was he the poor creature he repre- '   7,T-    ,,.,'.?.    ,���   hi��� w BMi���    <"    l'eris1'  '''   " lil'i'11' ""' horror of  with a light.                                         uuurts ot milk per day for'some time
sented himself to be? V, "' ,i( ' -, '    ,    l',,'           ,' SliH, is beyond all words, nnd bad I      Wha  could ,1 mean?   \Vhal was go- Ufter    calving.    The quail y ol  milk
V,.u should ge!  your .lever friend       ,   ,     "" >ou manRg( "' "m " *   '"'1 pulled ihe nose of lhe princess, hat g "" ���    ^ "'���' crouched close     he  is also superior, being rich In nu.
Tehigorsky to cure*you." she said. 11, ,,,,,..,,-,.,', ,1, ,,r,,    1,,. ,���, 1 11,    strangled her as she sal    (here, the I dark corner.    She had an Idea that      As   0   beet   producer    the   Kerry
"Tehigorsky has gone away, I don't  ���n,���p!,,f punishment could hnve been mude no ' she was going to witness something. ] stands high  illtj but Is ol course
kiuitt- when i sieiii A���r. i.im'ii. i���" '    ���   ''ul>'                                              worse                                                      ,'    The    ghl   ui   ths  corridor stopped 1 low iii quant ty,
TLtw-as good ne^. aT ony'rate, ,���2,   ,��015? pitle.'^i���the.J^;     '''Take enr,,' sh,  snid, 'you are In  and grew brighter.    From the black      The bi'eed Is"very hardy, as might
in  said   'vou are in'nnd grew brighter,    From  the  black      The breed Is very hardy, as might
shadow nf the house u human figure  be expected, sin,.,, n has been dev.l-
Mrs.   May stooped  In  artifice.    There V,  ,���!   , ,   '"I,        h ifle I   he r ,'  i'i m* Povlsr'    U'hal  do you men..':' sliailo-v ol  ine  louse I.  niinau ugtire   ue expected,  Slice .1  Has 1,,.,-n  uev.l
were reasons whv ihis man should be f��� ,,,-';,                            i,! " >  ""''"'  ��'-'���  >n''r busband  pene- crepl  ou   and slid along the terrace  ope(1  ,������,,,. B(Iverse  ���������   t.0nditions
got nu. nf Hi- wu a, present, lie hnd ' ^,1    ,, , ,    ' \." ��� ", , f-t f.f   ' f-'^ the secrel   o�� Buddha, and that to a spm where .1  wns just possible.].   ,s ���  ���������,,  ,.,-,,,,,. am]  thrives or
brought danger by his stupid ecceu- " ���"   " 1,         ,      ,.          ���            '" >���� married him so us to regain those or n man 0  strong courage and cool  comparatively    poor rations    11  Is 1
irieiiv   hm   i���. i���',i,i  ttime,,,  ����. ,���,, "'" '''' ''" n"" 'l ','iul''111' secrets     Tluv   ��er ���  iiuiiers  nnd  the'bead  to make  Ins   way  down tn the  resu t of a stern evolution where onl*
going \l? change^^tr plSus^ fo,  that v"*% y0U SHy """ Marlon ":'P wilh like.% he w^nld merely have been beach al  low tide.    A,  high tide the | the hardy and useful   could survive
"Be guided by me," she said,    "tlo ',,'             ., assassinated   in   the ordinary   vulgar sea swept the foot of the cliff.              in  cross-breeding     I  bus  been, usee
In your room,
1 am lure iill the morning," Ralph
She was.    Thai  nimble wil  of I;
led lur to snspeei danger. A slender
manner nnd there would have been un :     Vera strained her eyes lo make out 1 very successfully with the Shorthorn,
"'the   business.    Your  husband ! the figure.    It  passed so close to her   Angus, and  Hereford  in  England
said doggedly  "Go to yours    We are  "lrl llke her '""'ll lmve (lo";' nolh"1--' bus got  an  inkling of Ibis  nnd  that  thai she might have louche   the hem,
a   losl   doomed   race. ' Whal   does  it | uKuinsi. a strong nnd determined foe. -B wny he has hidden the documents   of     the   while   diaphanous  garment ,
matter what I do'" i " necessary, she would have been car- ,uul refuses to ~ive ihem up; he would : about it: a taint, sour kind ol perlume , Smle llt 0hiB ,,,,y of Toledo,      /    sh.
I   was useless'to combat sullen ob-  rlecl  <)IT and,  tlley wou*d  '"*ve klUed be murdered If he did.' was In the air.    These swiftly flying ..-Jens County, I
eUnM* H*.V Mr.. M��y ��^ "'Vou are a bold man,' the princess  feet made, not the���^'ff.    nc^ ^'S;. -��-{;X\;t.T
lew clear words in a language that
not one in a million would under-
atniid���certainly not three people in
England. It nevi r occurred lo her for
a momenl thai Ralph Ravenspur
might l.e one of the three, bul he was.
lie listened grimly. ,\*o doubt the
mysterious words 1 ad nothing to do
Geoffrey  shuddered,    lie was
Vera  guesred  al .onee  that .his  was \^���'a'& To'., Uo.ng huslness"tnilw iaty
"'.Nol al nil' 1 replied    'A man ean   one  of  the  Orientals   whom  she  and   ot  Toledo,  County  and  state  aforesaid,
only die onee.' Would you say that the ' Geoffrey had seen along the cliffs t/n a | M,dBlh,fuft*UVi7D*onPAVhefo?u?aoii
II seemed hopeless to flgJi   against a   condemned murderer was rash for at-1 memorable occasion, and every ease" ef Cat'nrrli that cannot
foe like Hub, a foe striking in the dark | tempting lo  pick  the  pocket of the I    sl|,s was imt  far wrong. II not the   be cured by the use- ui  uali.s  jat-
���'��������������� "- ;oa]er| even [01, attempting to murder  same, thoy belonged to the same noi-1 Altltil uumis.
of the whole business,    For the moment he was a pri y to utter desptlr.
and almost iiinvint Invisibly.
ridor  opened    und   Marion   emerged, I J." b.e sleeping close by,   Already the
carrying 0 light in her bund. Shecame  f��8    '"   ':'r',"    'i1", A wltl!,0,,t'
. A1.    n .        �� '  ova   iiimn I ir*ti ,,-   naal    , nivn     fianf.
ome  one  mrl      to   wuleh   that   hi'mV'w'bat i"suv'and'wiint T do'mat'-1 some band.   Almost before Vera could I    S,VM|I1 .��� ���l,,0UTi���Nl^���i' BUCSed 'in
lers    nolhlng      And   vou   know   that   recover from lier surprise another tig-   rm. -,.,.��,,nee.   .ins iiin day or December,
ore followed. I A.D.  u>su.
1     (Seal) A. \V, GI.EASO.N
with the mailer, but a door in the cot-  ,  "," is unnecessary.   1 am supposed   , arn telling the truth
swiftly   down   ihe   corridor,  her  Ions
"Come quickly to Vera's room," sh
said.    "I  wani  ynur help"
In li. r intense excitement she seemed nol to notice .Mi.-. .May.   The hi11cr ! '!.
stood aside while the oilier iwo passed
along.   She slipped Into her own room
eye open.    lJi>n't   he east down, Geoffrey.    Two" more of tlie enemy are on
their   wny   to   Yorkshire,   and   whin
i they   are  here   lhe  mouth   of the  net
"The   princess   smiled
Ralph here will remember thai smilt
hair streaming  behind  her.    As  she I ".V-V    I wo* more ot tlie enemy are on
saw Ralph she gave a sigh of relief, j    H'"'   ��a>    '"   l��!k^,e2   ",ni���wll<n
S  going  lo  elose.     I   pledge  you  my
word that no further harm shall eome
anybody.    And Tehigorsky will say
On  my head  be    it," Tehigorsky
Mv   friend      Ven*  watched   with  intense  eager-, Notul.y  ,.ul>|^
nl smile"   ness.     Slight    and    Iran   Ibough   She      Hull's Catarrh Curo Is taken Internal-
���1 could see .hen." Ralph muttered,   was. she was nol  In  the least afraid..   ly and actsfn:��;��^tgf" \hB^ljl^d��^
and I do remember It." : She  came from   the  wrong race for | SX^nials, f.e*e s
"���Verv   well'   Hie  princess   replied    lhat.    She had  made up her mind to ;    p.   j    cHEWiaif   &   CO.,   Toledo,    J.
vou are candid and I will he lhe same.', know whal  was going' on eve,, ,1 she j Sold by .ill nni^'sis. 76c.
Vhat you have said about my husband   ran   some  danger    in  ob a ning the        ��'��*   "��"*    *��""��  ''"��    f"'    '-��"-
... . . t 1... ���,,.in,iri        An.l    ii-11 ti 1    it 11     1 nnt    11" lit '
is perfectly true.    I did marry him to I knowledge.    And  whal  did that  light
recover  those   papers.     And   when   I   mean? '
accidentally lei   out  lhe truth thai  I      She was soon to know.    Presently |
was not outcasi  of my tribe he saw  another figure came along, a mil  ne
The   Last of the  Buffalo
Another thing for whieb the Auitri-
re  which In ihe gloom bore a strong ' van people, using the term in its Cull-
a  1111 u inc.
"How long hus she been like tills?"
Ralph asked-
"I don'l know." Minion replied. "1
w.is jnsi dropping asleep win 11 1
fnncied I beard Vera call out. In this
hotisi the mere suggestion sufficed, I
en pi quietly along ami came In here.
Thi room was empty sum- for Vera
uiul then ivos no sign of a struggle.
; ��� oul i hav e Imagined it to be all
fam s bul for the queer look in V. ra's
lie 1      When I touched hi r I found her
I sniok
"We  knew   we  w��re doomed
muttered,   "I am in greal danger.
"But nol  here," the olher said  eag-
could   see   our   ate in those smiling,   herhaniisand'spoVe inTrrse, vigorous   erly.    "Nobody  knows  you nre here.
merciless eyes, ("hat womandtai lived ' sentences     \  minute later  we  were ' The princess has   not   the least Idea
duty to perform.    I do il 11ms.
"She  ruse  to  her feet and  clapped
nm, ng     civilized   people;   she   knew   j,       , .���''       . dlggnl8e8 slipped from , of your presence. And Dr. Tehigorsky, \ ri*l�����
western life:  she hnd passed In sne-           N   ,  .,.���.    roBr ,hr  Dresent  you  my master, bade me hunt for you until   ^'i1-1111   ''"'
  '   Tomor-11 found you.   And 1 have done it"
ieiv almost  for an Englishwoman.
"Hut she wus native al  heart; all
inusl  he content lo leave us
row 1 shall  lell  lhe rest
"(Hi.   yes.   ynu   have  dune    it   right
her feelings were with her people. All   '"'rehiiiorskv^r'os'-'^Md1 yawned    bul   enough.'   And  Dr,  Tehigorsky  would
the   linsl    could    nol    save   us.     She
nieiini us to dii . and die wllh the mos,
horrlle  Inn nre  under her  very  own . ,
eyes,    Her life  in  India  was  a  mason, ,, Hill   1    ll'lll'lll'll    ll'   1     I    ll, 1111,1   III" I          ,. ,,, , ;, :        ,,.,.,,,.       n.l    Avt.l.n.. ���,  -.uuia.  ,,uh   u,         	
"    ''     ""-""       "      -""'"-'���    '''"Y^la':^ Mr"'
0111 -.1.1 .111.1     ,.,.,'    c.,...c    1,���������-    .,     tl,,u = l,���       ���''"'"     -,l'1>.
ItHlp     hook hie head '   '.'
"Mysterious aH ever," he said   "The   'A.A'uA AAA'   "''     CHAPTER XXX11I
me 11 ri anl Is by us, almost iu our I
hands and yel w e cannol touch him.!
been ren
drug The effect of it will pass
away in time, she will sleep till
im-: ning, ami you had bi Hi r remain
with her."
of lhe
been deciniutid, tbey would, on the
other hand, be sadly out of plaee in
that territory could they possibly be
lored to it today���Christian
As a vermifuge ihere is nothing so
potent as Mother craves' Worm  Exterminator, aid ii ean be giver to the
mosl delicate child wlthoul lear of in
in' iiayiVghV In ' a"'propi-r" 1'1'mY""natural I Jury lo Ibe constitution,
aeoffrov  would  fain have bad  more,  nol have sent for me unless there had |
"The"princess."    he said, "al  least   be-'n danger-    Bul  why not meet him j
11 in ��� If 1 know her."
Of .nurse you do.   I'rineess Zara is   raa.!jn"v ( .eh. Iin lhl. .MVI,  I     Women are   not  one  wall   less  pat-
j      '  1 ''    " 'iinlie  Ihan  men, and  al   nines  of  na-
Did vou ever know a Russian   " *" I    -The    dodo    li   a great man," he  tlonal peril they are stirred and exalt-
Her. Voskl  by name?    He  win ,    ���~i 1 snid.    "He knows.    Wo  you have  ed by precisely the sainejrapulses and
very llki  you.' ' "   ' "���'' "A '"' y0,ir enemles to guess that you have
"I recollected tin   man.   I had met Vera Sees Something seen my master?   Thai Is why 1 bring
V^rTiiirsleenVen^l^ yc'ars  hetore' and N<1 dlscusped      1,   was  nearing  dawn   when   Vera  you   ���ere  a,   night,    Thai   'is   why
;   .!.        ",.,." '..���"..���!��� "   ,..'m  J! ; this m r> Lassa trip. came lo herself oul of an uneasy slum- j ,1,,.,-,, |s R greal secret."
"'Yes,' said I   fo. il was useless lo   ber.    The darkesi   hour lhat  preceds (t0 dc continued)
hold   up   olll'   disguises     any   longer. ; ihe faint Hush 111 ihe eastern sky was!  !___	
���Whal of him?' moving away.    There  was a  light in
"'He eame I ere,' the princess said. : the room.
'   '        ./ll. learnt some of onr Becrets. Then ,     Vera rubbed ber eyes wondering. II |
Hypnotism and suggestion   are lie-
g used to cure German soldiers of
leaving ihe p ��� child alone."          ' . "   ""'"' -"""'"' '"   *���'*'  ',    ���""" ���     veia iiiijeo uer D���� �����,.....=- 'M naralvsls, convulsions, loss of speech
Ralph jus. touched .Marions cheek. '   wa�� ''.""'' ","1 '"'!   I'e,''ad t0 walk . wa�� one  ol   her  fancies to  hare no |         *   of h     ,      ..Professor Nonne
"You  are  a   good  girl-an  ongel," the '";"'k wlle>-'    '"' died'                  ight in her room    Better to.lie with a    ,,,������������., hM  ,,,���.,<���,,    ���,i,���ci,.s."
hi   murmured.    "What  we should do "All this vvasneivs to me.   So aston- -horrors she could not see than have          Ull   Deutcne nadizinsche Wosch-
without you 1 cannot sny.    htay here i��l��e.d  was. I   thai   I   buried  out  lhe; .he glimmer from a nig.  1         1.1  ng |     ������.,���.,,,_
iiliniit you 1
and have no leal     I shall
.   truth.   Only a year before, long after I every corner with  threatening  shad-
away. I am going go sleep for the rest! V(islii was supposed to be dead, I had ows.
nf ii, ��� nieh   on the floor outside"      met hm In London.   When I mention-      Vera  sat  up  in bed. torgeltlng for
',',    the floor  mv dear uncle''?'      led Lassa he changed the subject and the moment  lhat  she had  a  racking
"   ,, V    it  ia  no    ardsiin"'  said  refused to continue the conversation, headache.    Something had  happened
Halnh    "I have had   ar le s comfoi't   1   fancied   thai   he  suspected  me  of while she slept.    Something was al-      D'**-!*""'*
A        ',..': V many   '  time     I am   chafing him.   Now I know that he had ways happening in that house of fears,   same way I go
used  to Tt and    k    it     And" I sleep   been through the horrors of the Black so that Vera was conscious of no new   one to lenu.
emotions as ihelr fathers, husbands,
brothers and sons. At the present
time, when the whole destinies of
Hiiliiin and of the empire of which it
is the heart are ot stake, Ilritish women yearn to place al the service ot
tlieir country Iheir vast capacities for
labor and sacrifice. They cannot take
Iheir places on our ships of war, they
cannot light in the trenches. But over
and above lliose duties of motherhood,
there is nothing mine sacred or more
I irlotic, wide fields of service are
open nl home in time of war. London
Daily Chronicle.
-That's a  fine loi  of hunks you [
Why don'l  you get a ease for
have     Whv  don'l   vou  get a ease for |     Mrs.  Exe���Your maid   is  Inn  lamii-
them? I iar.    You should make her keep her
DlX���1 wuuld  if 1 could gel  one Ibe 1 place.
I  the books.    Have you .     Mrs.  Wye- If I'make her !���: :ep her
liki   a hare. The slight'st noise or motion and f am awake instantly"
Marion raised no further protests.
This singular individual was in the
luii.it of doing a" he pleased, and no-
thine could turn him from his humor.
1 plaee bed's quite lier job.
W.   N,  U.   1069
is crood ied' UK VIEW.
iW will (ind relief in Zam-Buk I
It cases the burning,.stinging
pain, stops bleeding nnd brings
ease. Perseverance, wiih Zaill-
Buli, means cure*. Why not prove
this 7   AU Dntgttttt "nd Mom.���
too In:.':.
"���'��� anted In ev try town nud \ Illn te,
to U  orders  for tlie besl   Made I i
Measure  Clothing   iu   Canadu     tl "*
commissi,,ns     Magiilfli etll Sainples
i   .n  da .i Rest Tailors,
N'l-v, and Second Hand Safes
Rom i, nn,. ii ��� ���, nml :,,., mil li ml
S lie . (*anh Iteglslers, Coiupiilln i
Seal      etc,, cheap     I'll   Itobins in,
BO   I'I'  BS   sire   I.   \Y peg
Straw a Nutritious Food
War. wuii its atteiidnnl Isolation
nf Hernial,y from tiie Importation
m' raw material, ond foodstuffs, bus
Btluiuallotl the efforts of Germ n
eel ilitlsts to dii. over new uses i
seemingly waste product-*
A Uerlin eheiulsl bus discovered :���
method of making straw n nutrll lotis
f.i'id Por innn n> laceration of Ih <
Inedibb cell walls, he has free l tin
tnilriiive substances within, an I has
made a Hour containing celluloB?,
various sugars, mln -i-.iI sails on i
alkalis Straw-porridge and stray,
bread are said to be excellenl f a i
for fighters.
N,. season of the ynu: Is so dangerous to the life of little ones as is the
summer. The excessive heal throws
the little stomach oul of order o
quickly that unless prompt aid is al
hand the baby may be beyond ill
human help before the mother realizes
lie is 111. Summer is the season when
diarrohoea, cholera Infantum, dya mi
try and colic arc most prevalent. Any
one of these troubles may prove deadly If not promptly treated. During
the summer the mothers' best friend
Is Baby's Own Tablets. They l,'���-��� >i
lato the bowels, sweeten tlfs stomach
and keep baby healthy. The Tablets
are snld i,y medicine dealers or by
mail ot 25 cents a box from The Dr.
Williams' Medicine Co., Brockvllle,
The English inovmeiit-for the re-
constitution of Louvain library Is
progressing fast, and some 2,500
books have already been offered or
sent. Probably as mnny as 1,000 will
come from the library of the lule Sir
Charles Nicholson, whose family
have Interested themselves greatly
iii the effort. Various universities
are contributing, and hooks or offer;
have eome from as far away as
Jamaica,  South   Africa  and   Lisbon.
Lachute, Que., 25lh Sep'.. "IMS.
Mlnard's Linimenl Co., Limited.
Gentlemen,   Ever    since    coming j
home   from   the   liner    war   I   have
been   bothered   wllh    running  fever
sores on  my    less.    I    tried    many |
salves  und  liniments;   also  doctored
continuously for the hlootl, but got no
permanent relief, till lasi winter when
my mother gol me to try MINARD'S
LINIMENT,   The effect of whicli was
almost    musical.    Two    bottles  completely cured me and I have worked
every  working day since.
Yours gratefully.
German South-West Africa, which
Is today no longer Oerman, liuinks
to lien. Botha, represented n very
considerable proportion of the German colonies before the war, the
total then being 1,100,000 square I
miles, of which South-Weal Africa
accounted for 322,450, or nol much
Bhort of a third, ll was more tbnn i
halt as large again as France, nearly three limes as large as Italy nnd
rather linger than Noi way, Sweden
and Denmark combined.
No one need endure lhe agony of
corns with l-Iolloway's Corn Cure at
ban i to remove ilieiu
England's Wettest Winter
Official rainfall statistics show that |
the ft re I quarter oE the year l!U6 was]
the wettest winl sr England bus exper-.
ieueed in n hundred years.   The quantity of rain which fell reached a total
of 12.86 Inches.
ComS    Applied in
Q* 5 Seconds
trCCl      Soro,   blistering Eeet
Q*    | irom     corn - pinched
nick to(>s can be cured hy
Putnam's Extractor
iu 21 hours. Putnam's" soothes away
that drawing pain, eases Instantly,
makes the feet fee] i^ood at once, (let
i  ���&<: bottle ot "Putnam's today.
W.  N. U- 1063
with ihfl depu lura from Toronto
of '���The National" on lt< firm trana-
���umtiiienuil irlp i\ new way haa been
i p<inad belwuan Baa tern and Western
Canada; n new iteel hlglm-u)' created
Unking '.in! Atlantic nnd  the I'ucltic.
The Inauguration of   throw li,   fast
nervtce   over  ttiln  great  all-Co
route  marka mi Important epoch  In
the Dominions development,    A  vaat
area   of   productive   land,   uf   great
t'cenia beauty, hitherto wlthoul  modern tranaportatlon facilities, i* mado
*.i*y --f aaeaagi    Ita mineral,  lumber
:;J  agricultural wealth  can  now  be
i   ind Ita op or ting pui ndi-i i a de-
>:��� ��� '.  '������ hlla .i m w  trail la created
��� ivelleri,     Tho (Intat equ pment
-   .i  ti�� produced in belli,  ui ed
��� neryica tr un Ita vei y Ini cption,
: ��� i He amooth roadbed and great
i briOgen embody all that haa been
���    ."  m three-quai tera of ���*. century
'     ihoau \*. ho build our i wllwaj ������.
"The National" will operate between
Toronto and Winnipeg over the linea
��� i thc tlrand Trunk, the Tf nu.* kamlng
.��� Northern Ontario Railway, and the
('anadinn Clovernment Itallwayu, mak*
i.i: .i fail run bei iveen the tv." cities
m( i rty-t* a hours The first stage
. f the journey from Toronto tnlcea the
ir.i\* Iter ihrough the heart of the
" ! Ugh lands of ' (ntnrlo," a region
Ltuddetl with beautiful laites and
winding alrcunwt, ami repleto with na-
t iral loveliness.
I'Tom Norlh Bay thc ateel stretches
ut* iy northwestward 235 miles,
I rough thi* fa mod Tlmagaml ro-
���,"H lo Ih* Town of Cochrane.
The train alsu eklrta tiie famous
Cobalt territory, the mlnea of which
hnve produced in the last few years
���e!lver valued a: a hundred million
d -liars.
From Cochrane to tVlnrttin*** ta
practically virgin territory. Thf scenery along tht> line i-j fascinating. At
Winnipeg "The National" makes cun-
nectlons with the Grand Trunk Pa-
Clflo line;;, wliieh stretch <;lear across
to Prince Rupert, B.C., thuy providing the Dominion with Its first all-
Canadlan transcontinental route.
. . Transcontinental,
ts the best net* railway
ever constructed. Here
of .
It Is Up to You, to Do "Your Bit, ancE at Once."   What is Your Answer ?
These Peaches will be peeled, halved
and packed in he.vy Syrup, each can
containing from Qi to 7 lbs. of Fruit.
Ths c<i.-.3 will be packed in cases I 6 cans
in each case i for Overseas Delivery
through the Canadian Red Cross
The actual Cost Price to Us is
50 Cents per can
and your order will be filled al this price.
If you wish to contribute towards providing a choice Delicacy (or Our Sick
and Wounded, Remit Direct by
Money Order or through Any Branch
of the Canadian Red Cross Society,
when due acknowledgement will be made.
Remember 50 CENTS
will help to provide a Delicious Delicacy during the Fall and Winter months
when Fruits are most needed and appre.
ciated by our Soldiers.
Don't Delay.   Be one of the first  to
Contribute.   This is Your Opportunity.
Tlie above photo is a
reduced size of package
wc are preparing
i furnishing u klialcl TSStament i
i Canadian
A Bible to Each Canadian Soldier
Members  or ihe   Canadian   Blbl
Society executive are e.v**jessing tbe I front. This lias been done so far. and
view that the society hus undertaken ' the  executive  will take steps at  Its
a task whicli will test its resources iu , approaching meeting to see thai  iu
agreement with the mini in depart-
soldier who goes to the ment lo continue the work is maintained, no inutler how vast the overseas Canadian force may ultimately
The war has put a stop to the extensive evangelistic work conducted
for many years by the Britisli and
foreign Bible Society in Belgium.
Gorinauy, Austria anil Turkey. THE COURTENAY REVIEW
1 he Telephone
tiways AvaikMe
WHF.N Emerpencies arise, and
ihey  arise  frequently,   as-
>*.'sic\r^c can i 'ways be sc-
I by meai.s of :'.:e telephone,
t your ri lit !.;\nd, ready for
service day or nighl:.
It may be tbe doctor has to be
sum-ioned, and if jo, no time
toed -ie lost. Help may be neeci-
from your neic*!iL''>r, from tbe
police    rely on ihe teiet ';one
The Telephone is the greatest of
domestic jti!itu*s.  Wha^. is the
co3l compared to the security and
se   of relief in knowing tbat
means of  instant communi-
c.   on  is avuiiabie  tit any  time
Board of Trade
In order to continue through
1916 a part ol the advertising ol
the Comox Valley��thnt the board is
carrying ou through Heatou's
agency, several ol the members
have recently circulated a subscrip
tion list uml succeeded in securing
gioo, The boanl issatisf.el that
owing to the remarkable facilifies
of distribution used by Hualon's
agency thiJ is the best method yet
liiiiii I for this sort of advertising,
uud ii is hoped 1 ut by i.ext spring
when the new issues will be eircn
lnted 1h.1t general conditions will be
such lhal n benefit will be ii ii\- d,
'i'iu- following public-spii ited citi-
>-, ns contributed 1
J. McPhee  J2000      Aquilegin   [Columbini-J while
1). il   Pi   liner     men) Iceland Poppies, yellow
A   Urquhart      1 VVallfiowers, Suttnn'i  lil I Red
W, Duncan     mini. I'i-. KingOrnnge
m. I'iihv       2 50 Moll-shock:., Mixed
D, Kilpatrick          2 5" Coreopsis, Large Y llow
Dr. Millard      500 Alys-um,  yellow
Royal Standard Graiu Co .     2 00. P1.���lls 5 lvllis ,,.rIl',, ,-.���.  .,-  ;eill
Aid. Johnston       500 of MISS GAMIi   Comox.
I''.. C. Hunk-	
VV. G, Robertson	
 '*"      2'v'i
5 * 11 1 1
uggies and Express Wagons
All Rigs Guaranteed and Sn'.il nt tlie lowest Possible Pric
Blacksmith ni ���' Caxrlag-j Builder COURTENAY
Plant Now
Antirrhinum  'suapdargon l various
P, I,. Anderton  	
T, l'.oiiili	
(.'has. Simms	
1 Shephetd & Hornby ..
Builders' Supply...   .
Ii. Stewarl	
! Cook* &  Matthewson
i Aiii.  \An ton	
I I. I', Aston....   . ...
\V. Aitken	
11, Fletcher	
. I'ss Dency Smith . . . .
Tarbell v Son	
' *   I 11 spection invited,
2 ",11 '
< Irders may be l< fl     itli Sh
& lb nib.'
1 il--1-;?-;
2 50
5 ""!
2 00
1 11.1
I   03 I
1  001
I   00 I
I  I'll
I    sn
jit 00 00
Sand and Gravel
Knits Reasonable
Cumberland Hotel
ooil Accomodation       Clislne lixii.-lleu
Wm. Men v field
1 ,*
AS T( >N
l.ni-in'i 's  Slioi s made to order.
In North and South, in F.\st
and West,
\ston'a Handmade Shoes * ill
s'an ! tlie Test.
fhc   C
r   Shop
- "������
S it';
1.    '
'. j
l.isi r,*;-ek     ��� i1"1-1.'-  ' .;���'-'������
���:    : adnell.jcrv, v..-.   il
e, J.   Knight;   ville: piano
nts,  1'    e,
��� any kind j"
Ile; l ��� llisn.in'.-; tie, II. Bridges,
nie; I [rum '' ; 'i. I,. S ivoi<;
nuts,    . .    ���'       le; In liter,
\ iloyli   1,    H.
; cenl     piece,   Mrs,   ['airbiiru, C,
,    II.     llu      :    11;   sllirl
il  ' m,    '   .     i'.i ye;   ,
ips,    Miss   McN'augl I.    Bridge;
Mr, 1 licks Beach render* .1 valu
ible assistance in solicilhij; mid in
1 lie ii e i.i his car
Bkuci* Towler,
Courtenay School
';'        ���  ml; n :i in  the  three divisions oi lie  public school   is  as
ws ;
Primary   Division���total enroll-
i-i. 1,.
Intel ine Hate   division
rollmeut  *���(>, ������ \-r   , ��� ntti
I-i! en-
'I nine o
enn ilimeni
I    1     1   an*
s, Mi . .   ley
Aston, tailor
',. . (5 i, ve,
M.-s. Adi v.   I
skirt,   C.'Ac
children's   s
111 '   clitd bam]
,     Moiidav   next   is    1 hanksgt' 111-2
'   Day,
I     The Athletic club intend holding
; j a masqaera '. '   1!   b mt the en I   if
the month. , 1   Grant ���
Ci, 01  :   II   1:    i'i had the tnisfor-  "���'���
ne I    ruu   a   peavie  through tie      j.. ( . 1    ,
i. Davis, Hilda  Iiri Igi 1, fane,
i      '.   Mrs.  R.'.sli     edliaii
f.    !' \       A     ' rt:1"Ul       i!' liril
l,o   ii>; 11       1 ��� i\
VI        ,    ..     .  .1... .    :    p,
v.    sirs,     Hul     dress, I,. Sa- i ie,  ].
.,   , .,1 nuais,   ^     ���  ��� '. ' ��� '���'���' ".ts 11 :
Olikst Shop in Courteuay
Nothing   But   hirst   Class   Work
Guaranteed,     Baths in connection
C.   IC    DM.liVM!'!,;:, Prop.
''   ) I  SPLAY
:.��� illard's ! 2 ri e       nporium
- tv : ���.,, of   II
Clovi   ,  Ti :',':
Harm ss Ri    ii    I .',', illy
W .   W. J
Ci  il eri I ai]
' r    iEVE
he i
iilhui;   ferns,   ��� ��� :u '��� ,
.    . quilt,
ion 01 plant*
fn ihia, Mis.
Piercy;   dim! le
1,    Hilda Brid-
[rs,    McKen-
Irs.   McKeu
11 ��� an*,    fli iwei,
ladies sprav,
iilllan; nastur-
[rs    Mclntyre:
i,.ni,   Mrs, Bu-
1 ium   Mil Ine,
Ro ' r.i, ci ocliel quilt,
(*y rug, y.:  . Iii  .: ...   1 .
K. I M'.iian,   diss I ;   i*nr,
Miller, ll'-llill;:, II  Hi    ' 11
II.   Creech,   ll.    Hutchis
kerchief, !> rs.   r.orinj;,  \
C,   while. A. Chittick,   tray cloth,    W,
Kirkwood, W, Grieve,   pill cushion, \Y.
Grieve, head rest,    Mrs. I.oriug,   drawn
work, Mrs: Diluiau, II.   Uridges,   faucv
hospital where he is i ling all right
'1 U    prohibition    meeting   last Adventi t-
Thursday eveniiiK was addressed by as a holidnj wl:   :  Hti��hie   m
Rev. V.   P. Laycock,   Rev.   Thos and he will work on Sundav
iienzies and j. B.   Morgan  of Vic- Hngbie rests.    All kinds of 1
toria.    The meeting decided to or- are bting shod   for g2   per 1
franize for work in the district. The w'tb a d'Vconut of   ��� pei   cen
following    officers   were   elected : 1 ash,
I .    f 01'
rk, W
, lire  hand-
K'tlll.'.      Till'
in die
[ >.'
S a -��� 1'
Courier ay
In '
���   1 .
- sod
Mrs.  'I'airi'uni, work
basket, B. Hutchison,   II.   Hi idgi -: sola
.pillow, I.   White,   Mrs.    Mclntyre, tea-
uoquet,    Mrs,   clolh] ,,  Col|jllS| 1 white, dressed doll,
'   boquet, Miss H. Bridges, cotton   pinafore,   C.   Adey, I
kt-t,   Mrs    Col-   uprou, W.   Millar, K.   Uugan,   -larncd
;; colle tion be-
n/ie; specimen
!>s.  McKenzie.
Bridges, Mrs,
Hilda Bridges,
:   bread, Mrs.
M'rs,   .IcPhee; cookies,
.... ,  ���    .. Callin;   baking
utt!,   Hilda   Bridgec,
Mrs. I Irl wo id;   "lirtnaiade, Mrs.
i,      '        Mi y; buns, Knight
Mr9, Adey; layer cake, Mrs. Callin, Mrs
Mitchell; 1 >plc pie, Hilda Bridges, .Mrs.
iin; le in 11 pie, .Mrs. McPhee; doughnuts, Mrs. Small. ]). Burns; plum pudding, Hilda Bridges; jellies, Mrs. Collins, Mrs Adey; jams, .Mrs. McPhee,
Kathleen Duggan; canned fruits, Kathleen Duggan, -Mrs. Adey; pickets, Mrs.
Adev, Kathleen Duggan; wines, Knight
Mrs! Adey; vinegar, Hilda Bridges;
honey, T Menzies; lien eggs, Knight,
Cirwithen; dressed fowls, R, Williamson
H.   Gurney,   boiled   potataes,   Knight,
Ladies Work
I.ace corehet work, Mrs. Hutchison,
Mis. I.oring; skirt crochet work, Mrs.
Taylor, Mrs. Adey; baBy's bonnet, Mt9.
-tucking, 11. Towler, dressed doll, to.
McPhee, Segnn, stocking darned by
bnelieliir, II. McPhee, French centre
piece, I. White, wallicliin, T. Montgomery, 1. White, iniunittnellio centre piece,
mis. Mclntyre, eyelet centre piece, W.
Grieve, C. White, monogram, .Mrs. .\lr-
Ken/.ie: stocking bag, I,. Neville; ma-
i-rame cord embroidery, I,. Duild' fancy
apron, C. Adey, II. Bridges, gents tie
rack, II. Briil'es, Mrs. Mclntyre; tea
cosy, 11. Bridges, punch work embroid-
dry, I-I, Bridges, T. Menzies, tatting C.
Ward, T. Menzies, huckaback darning,
II. Beadnell, C. Adey, hardauger work,
I.  McNaugliton
Pencil drawing, E, Miller, Comox
school, pen and ink drawing, E. Miller,
Comox School, pen and ink drawing, E.
Jackson, crayon drawing, A. Lighter,
water color. Miss Loring, Mrs. Diliuan,
oil painting, Miss Loaring, Mrs. Oilman
drawing child under 12, V. Campbell,
R, Taylor, penmanship, Comox School
1 and 2, grasses, H. Bridges. C. Sutton,
map, Coinox School 1 and 2, wild flowers, E. Millar, amateur photographs,
Mrs. H. V. Collins,
�����   A
Our samples of Xmas and New
Year greeting cards have arrived.
Leave your order early.
Pihviley's For Bicycles
Sir Thomas Upton's yacht in the Panama Canal,
which is closed on account of ^landslides
livery well known and -reliable make
of machine is represented in our collection of Second Hand and Shop
Soiled   Bicycles,    botli   ladies'   and
gents' models
Write today  for a list of them and
save money
727-735 Johnson St., VICTORIA


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