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The Review Oct 14, 1915

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Pan not lie dona nny U-tter, nnd
not unite so well anywhere else
hereabouts. Onr type and nmcliiri-
ery in complete ami The Review
prices ire right
Classified Ad"*.
Make your little Wani- l< m-n
iliM ie ' ., ClassIfied Advei ' eat
in 'II,   Review   -   -   ���   I      ���   59
VOL. 3
NO. 46
5 Room Furnished House
in Courtenay, $10 per month
Real Estate Agents
Phone 10
$6.00 Per Ton
Delivered in Courtenay
All Orders Will Recieve Prompt Attention
Phone 43 Courtenay
Not Yet, But-
with the approach of winter and the Ion**;, dark evenings do
yon not sometimes think how convenient it would be if yon
could light jjyour house by simply toucning a button. Don't
you dread the daily drudge of cleaning and filling ill smelling
coal oil lamps?
Wouldn't you like to be able to leaye [the room without being
afraid that  the youngsters  would upset the lamp and set fire
to the house?
After visiting your progressive neighbors in tbelr electrically
lighted home*) do you   not envv them   when you return home
and have   lo grope raround in   the dark to find   a match to
light your lamps?
Did you never bark your shins on fa rocking chair when hunt.
ing for a match in the middle of the night5
Don't you think it would be worth something to you to be rid
of all these inconveniences?
Ask jour   neighbors  if they   would like  logo  back to ecu 1
oil lamps again?
It will pay you to come iu and see us about our
Special Wiring Offer
which will go into _force on October nth, 1915
Courtenay Electric Light. Heat & Power
Co., Limited
Phones: Office 35, Ret. R98      Office: Mill Street
Local Lines
Mr, Parker, of  the Royal Bank<
spent the holiday at Oyster   River-
The Courtenay   Ladies Aid wi"
hold a ha/zar ou  Monday, Xovetn
ber i,    Donations will   be   thank*
fully received.
Trespass Notice���Any p.rsotl n
persons trespassing on mv promisor
will lie prosecuted according to law
and any dogs found prowling
around iny premises* will 'oe attended to.    John Johnston, Lake Trail.
See the full selection of War
Spoons at Hornby's, 25c each.
For Sale��� 3 pedigree collie pups
$5 each.    Apply, Review Office.
Wanted- Folding baby carriage,
must be cheap. Apply box C, Keview Ofiice.
Wanted��� \ business representative for a few weeks. Apply at
Keview ofiiee.
We have a few new bicycles left
over we will sell cheap. E. C.
Emde, Ford oarage, Courtenay,
Phone 48, Cook & Matthewson
the most up to-date butchers in tin
district. All orders promptly at
tended to.
Strayed���Dark Jersey null, aboti
6 months old, with strap aromn
neck. Finder please notify Lanct
Berkeley, phone L98 and get re
Lost Wednesday night���a cylin
der pump between Parkin's ston
and the scene of Ihe fire, will lb'
finder please return to Parkin';
For Sale--Strawberry plants, $\
per 100; yearling rhubarb plants,
35c per dozen, 2 and 3 year old
plants $ 1,25 per dozen Apply tc
Joe Davis
For Sale or Exchange���a 5 foot
cut Massey-Harris binder new thi,'
year, will trade for 6 foot cut 01
auy live stock, George J. Riches,
Hornby Island.
For exchange���One of the besl
buili'ing lots in Courteuay for one
or two acres of good garden land.
Will pay cash difference. Apply
Box A, Review Office.
Lime  and   Fertilizers���Agricul
111 rai Lime S3.00 per ton at Kiln.
Write for prices delivered at your
station.   Also Fertilizers.   Malet &
Co., 403 Central Building, Victoria.
For Sale��� One 6 h, p. Fairkanks
Morse Gas Engine, one 3 k. w.
Dynamo switch board, etc., also
pump and belling, Capacity 1.2
gallons per minute. Apply at
Riverside hotel,
For  Sale���Pure  lireil Jersey  bull calf
bred from Sophia Fern's Pogis a grand- i
son of Sophia 19th, tlie champion long
distance cow ol any breed,    Dam is from
Hmiiiciit J-ltli, the lirst of whose heifers I
to  freshen  lias  just finished  test with j
7386,65  His milk .ind 430  lbs fat  in   11
months,   calving lit 26  months 3  days, j
Call and see him, R. I1. Hurford.
For Sale���Tear', wagon, and i
harness, or ercharge for cattle,
Also 30 acres 1-2 mile from Grantham school, 1 u'l cash, or exchange
for anything of value. What have
you to offer? Apply Box 8, Keview Ollice,
For sale ��� Cumberland 1
laundry, the only white laundry in
the district.    Thi        I oj   u-
ing for man with family. During
the stringent times the present
propru tor has been busy all the
time. Apply at the Laundry, or
at The Review Office.
For Sale or To Rent���5 acres on
beach at Point Holmes with house,
barn, chicken houses and brooders,
green houses and cold frames. Also
store and dwelling, lately occupied
by W. G Robertson, as a drug
store, for terms etc., apply A, H.
Peacey, Cumberland.
Mrs. W. J. ^Carroll left for Red
Deer, Alta,, on yesterday's train,
Mrs. Clinton Woods was taken
to the Coinox hospital on Sunday.
Miss Penny Gray, of Vancouver,
is i.s spending a week witli Mildred
Miss Nellie Covert, of Powell
Rives, spent Sunday with Miss
Alice Beaton.
Mr. aud Mrs. VV. Aikenhend
returned to their home a*. Ladysmith on Monday morning,
While driving from Campbell
River on Monday evening the Editor of the Review taw five deer on
the highway.
Extract for September from the
Meteorological Register at Little
River, Bertrand Vogel, observer.
Maximum   79.0,   minimum   4i.o,
rainfall (inches) 1.02.
Mr. Scaulon,   of  Powell   River,
ran   into   a log   or   some piece of
drift wood,   while   coming  over to
Courtenay   on Sunday,   damaging'
the prow of his launch severely.
Mr, T. Btircha'l, of Comox, was
b fore Magistrate   Hicks-Beach on
Tuesday   morning   charged   with!
shooting a deer under one yearcld.
He was fined jf*25 and costs.
Harry Idiens hns severed bis
connection with lhe II, C. Invest
ments and the Comox Land Corporation Limited, ami will in In
lure dp 111 iii-.ss as an insurance
agent and farm specialist iu his
own name.
A hunting party composed of
Messrs. Cecil Smith, Hums, liingle
and Bowers were up at Oyster River a couple of weeks a^o anil secured fiye bears. Cecil Smith and his
sister went up again last .���������>--k and
secured two fine ones.
Mr,-Joe Davis has successfully
grown the kind of strawberry that
blooms all summer. Mr. Davis has
had a dish of strawberries for his
breakfast every morning for tbe
past five months, and there is a lot
of bloom on the plants yet.
Special    Thanksgiving    services
were   held   in   the     Presbyterian
Dhurches at Sandwick aud Courte-|
nay   on   Sunday,    Both   church**!*]
were prettily decorated with flowers]
fruit, field an 1   garden   vegetables.
Key. T. Menzies preached   appropriate sermons.
On Thursday night last a young
man, who bad been painting the
smoke .stack at Kil pat rick's mill,
named Joseph O'Brian, stole a pair
of boots and a valuable shot gun
belonging to O. H. Fechner out of
the office of the Riverside hotel.
The loss was discovered on Friday
morning aud an alarm sent out.
The thief was discovered at Union
Bay, where he had sold the rjun to
a soldier for $3, He was brought
before Magistrate Hicks-Beach on
Saturday morning and sentenced to
2 months hard labor at Victoria.
Presbyterian Church
St. Andrews' Sandwick
Service 2 p.m.    Sunday School
and Bible Class .1 p, 111.
Sunday  School and  Bible Class
10:30 a.m.    Service 11:30.   Even-
ng service 7:30 p. tn. All welcome
Red Cross Committee
At a nr.-e ing in the Agt
Hall, Courtenay, on Octobet
the   three   sub-committees
were appointed al a meet):
eat lier iu     lie same  <��venil ,'
agreed that the   materia!
ami the cutting   out   po
given to the cutting out coi
The cutting out to be  di
homes   of the   committee.
readv to be- delivered to W
ofiiee in Coirter.ay   or to tl
wick   hall, opposite   Parkin
store-    One- a fortnight, 1
Tuesday's from 2.30 to   4
of the respective   cominitt .
attend at each of these   st..
issue materi tl and receive   c
ted articles.    Entries   of   .
issued or received will   bv '
special note   hooks which
provided for the   purpose
a sufficient quantity   of art
ready   for   packing the   r
committee u ill   arrange  :'���
tion from   the   bove  statii
pack iu a convenient place
patch to the Red   0ro:>s So
Victoria. -Carried
5, of
it  vas
���ns be
��� tne
,   will
is to
. in
; e
(life of our euthusiastii ���*
sportsmen   succeeded   in   sl tg
thiee tame ducks belouging
Mitchell of the-dyke, on Mon
The   Comox    District   Patri
W.v   Fund   of   Ctttnberl md    h a
$1,322.90   on   baud, according  *o
the treasurer's  statement just |  .' -
The Hoard of Trade held ; sl rt
session 011  Thurs ; 13   e*   ntn ; ' ���".
Mr. Hugh   Stewart was   ��� ���   1 d
a   committee    to    ascert : i he
amount of   Bal -  upon   wbii I 1
grass can be used commerci
Thanksgiving Day pass : iff
very quietly. Nesrly M the male
population secured guns md scoured the neighboring woods for game
I The grouse and pheasants are 1 it-
ting very wild, and it is hard to
catch sight of them.
Do not forget the "Follies" concert tomorrow (Friday) evening.
Thc ladies and gentlemen have
practiced their parts well tud 10
doubt will give a good account if
themselves. The cause for which
they are working is a popular jne
and deserves all the SU] port -. s-
Last night the opening of tiie
' Master Key" took place in the
Opera House. This serial is said
to be exciting and interesting all
the way througb, with clear photography and stirring scenes, to set
olT the capable acting of the two
young favorites, Robert Leonar 1
and Ella Hall. The play will run
for fifteen weeks every Wednesday
Sl %
���^      ��A As,
���*%  \     ^      "*/+
</ Ar     A>   <9    %
W   %>. **
Comox Creamery
45c per lb. this week
Where  everybody goes for  choice
Candies, Cigars, Tobacco, Fruit,
Vegetables, Groceries, Etc.
Courtenay THE   REVIEW.   COURTNEY.   B. C.
Giants in the Garden of Eden
A story ot how the 2nd Dorsets
engaged tho Stamlioul Guards In the
Persian tlulf in told in a letter re-
Ontario Women.
Clii.ili.inii.Onl. -".Home lime iieoThar!
��� general breakdown.   I   terminated  n K|imv!,. ;���,���.���,,   ,,.,,���. ,_ ]r,*>nl ,���,,. s,���1|
'..������'' ��� whose ileatli  from  wounds has sine.
,^7'^i*      ir,,,.. Ai-,i���.'  "b<> " "lillil rrill,i wounds ims since
/Jf3fc^h        I' ,v���,:,��h '* '"' '���*'"���"���"������'   ""   '"e Hospital   shin
,     M *M A      "*""'""" V*"   .Madias.    "I   don't  think   I   havo  told
fc^fev^-fc '. , i'i,' �����������' ��!'"'' ��'c are In this country, as,
1 1~ iW'!'"'' :',' "';',. '���' �����������'�����*. ' "��i noi allowed to but
WA ZA [mm,       '','"',', ��'' ���"���" '������*���>>!>' "I  Present in the Our-
ftflL P$s$""'     "'"' ',    'I" '  Eden.    All  m.ii nu,  see for
K-if*-- ���*' .f|BII,,:ll"T;1"'1" miles ium miles niv date trees, which
If ��'V   /*"*^SI>' ","'"''"  '   ,"?inui  iiliuiil   i,  mile  inland, and  when
i A W^W/i"   ,0'' '"'., J '','"     wo leave Hull there Is tho open deserl
"JiA   Afe%:'f      !"���*'    ,"1'""'"  r'""'il'��i* Hii.iim,,,,!-. ,.r miles, which  is  ���
x\\'f''i ������ , "-?���'-.    have never lnul any ! ,.,���,.,-,,, w|,n ���atcr ,-���, sovclal miles.
'     W)     -      i    r""r "*'.*,. .** Wb Imd in mareli ir, inlli i the other
canirecommfwlthu  (,   . ..���,, ,,,. ���.,,,,,. ���,1S       ,,���,���,, ,���,,.
medicino as bcirij! good, it om-will give i .,      |       |   |,-om. (laya the battle
a  nu- trial.   -Mas.   John  Ackcbt, i.i   ,, ,,n    . ,, ^s all the best ot
Edgar bt., Chatham, Onl. I,:,,. Turkish iirmy, nml lho prisoners
Al tho find  ivmploms nf nny -lr-ranR*. W\ ca|)lmed    told  us they were all
menl al any period of life llie nne  iftfo    "' . ";'"'    \'"' s"","':l lmV�� 7'A
really   helpful  ro. Iv  is   Dr,   I'm o's   V1'"1    ,,r' *,m /"'!'      y ;"'"i
Vavorito iWrintion "  '""  Wlls ���ho 8l'ortesl   innn  i saw
���   Thowandli of Won In Canada havo h,0,w      ""''   " m w,,nl thoy Cttli
taken ii ''i'li unfailing Buceesa
Dr. Pierco's Favorito Prcsrriplion is a
i iin- si liniil Guards.  But still, ��Ith
nil lhelr liesl nun. the* i ould nol gel
���should never fail to tuke this trie'd and j :"" *'
true woman's medicine, , . ,       ,
Prepared from nature's rools and, Corns crlppli the feel and malic
herbs, it contains no alcohol or narcotic, walking a tenure, yet sure pal lei In
nm- anv harmful ingredient. In either I lhe shape ot Hollow-ays Corn Cure
tablet or liquid fenn. Write Dr Pierce, Is within reach ol i
invalids' Hotel, Buffalo, N. V., to-day for
tree medical advice,
If vou aro visiting Toronto, or live hero.oroii are welcome lo como to onr
Dr. Pierce's Ploasnnl Polio
More   Bombastic   Talk   From   Kalsor
A   French   torpedo   boat   hus  captured near Tripoli :i snili
.. ���   ���     ,i    ,  .,      i     ,  r -i.i    i mil.     innn   iie.u    i i i i'iu   .i   Mining   ,,..-.,   .'..
the ortf-i'ial! but tho besl Little Lirer Pills,  ,       (;m,,. ���.���..    A,���,..,.d ,���,,. ���,,,.,,
tirst .put up orer -10 Hiitra ni/n. hv Dr. R-V. I few Turks aml j-n.iam |��� German
Pierce buve been mucA iimiulnl but never 0O, R ,���������,,,,. ���r sc|mitnrs nnd olher
equaled, ns thousands attest. 1 hey re ,���.,,,���,.,, glru ���,,,, .,��� engrossed cas-
purely vegetable, being mnde up ol con-, ke| ,.()l,t���ini,,i, the following letter In
centrated and refined medicinal pnn- A,.HB'C I'rom the kaiser to tho chief
ciples extracted from tbo roots of American Qf |ne sonoiissi tribe'
plants. Do nol gripe One or two for "praises to the most high God -
stomach corrective, three or four tor Kmpel.01, William, sou ol' Charle-
cathartic, I mange, Allah's envoy and Islam's pro
tector in the Illustrious Chief of San-
oussi: \\'e pray God to lend our army
lo victory,   (lur will is thai thy valor
Two Wheat Heads on Single Stalk
North Dakota bus the tiueeresl as
well as perhaps the largest, grain crop
over raised In uny country of llko area.
lu the southeast" corner of tho state
there are whole fields ln which there
are two heads to the stalk.
Farmers who eamo to North Dakota
from Indiana, Illinois, and Iowa ure
unable to account for the growth, except thai il is a freak of nature resulting from exceptionally flue growing weather following a rain;' period.
They suy that they never beard of
tsiieh a growth In tho slates In which
they   formerly lived.    Pioneer North
is warriors shnll expo! tho Infidels
from the tribe belonging to lho true
believers und iheir commander. To
this end wo send tho arms und money,
and the tribe chiefs of our common
foes, whom Allah annihilates, shall
bow hoforo thee.   So be it.   William."
Mlnard's Liniment Co.. Limited.
Dear sirs,   1 had a Bleeding Tumor
on mv fnce for ii Ions time nnd tried
Dakotans   suy   the thing Is new to  ��  number   of remedies wlthoul any
���������Kill  results.    I   was  advised  lo  try
them, too-
The double heads, In practically all
cases, are full size and the kernels
are well filled. In some instances the
double growth will mean almost | pearett "
double tho ordinary crop, which '
would groatly Increase thc 116,300,
lino iiusliei governmeni wheal estimate
for the state, a yield thai sets i new
MINARD'S LINIMENT, and nfter using several hollies il made u complete
cure, and ii boated all up and disap-
I Bclloislc Station, Kings Co., .\'.lI..
Sept. IT, IDOL
Miller's Worm Powders w'.ll nol only
expel worms from the system, hul will
induce healthful conditions ol the sys
tem under which worms ran no longer
John Drier 1 Minion, president of
Princeton University, said ai tho Lake
Mnhnnk arbitration conference: "The
day Is noi yet come when violence nml
thrive. Worms keep a child in a con-[ oppression will melt nwny before right
linunl state of restlessness and pain, like the plumber's bill. Like, I ream! there can he no comfort for the peat, the plumber's bill. For a plum-
little one until tbe cause of suffering ber, you know, once presented to n
be removed, which can be easily done millionaire a bill for $100 for mending
by the use ni' ihese powders, than a pipe. But tbe millionaire handed
whicli there is nothing more effective,  tho plumber a dollar nolo aud  said
  I serenely; 'Itecelpl that bill fo your.; in
"Do  vou  see   thai   stroug,  healthy  full.'
looking man over there?" I    '"But���hut���'  said   the  plumber.
"I wns Jusl admiring his physique."      '"Rec.?ipl ii. in full,' the millionaire
"Tbe doctors gave    bim  up years | repeated.'1 used to be a plumber my-
ago." (soil'.
-Vou surprise me." The plumber in  this gave n greal
"Ves.   They found they couldn't get j start, receipted  the  bill and  handed
anything out of him." the   millionaire  50  cents  changs."
offices and read scores of original testimonials from reputable men and women
who havo usod this treatment. If you cannot como we will send Booklel containing
Sworn Testimony from those who have been helped and benefited.
Suite 14, Cosgravc Building, 1G3 Yorifio Street, TOROfsTO, C.WW rt.
Conserve Resources
Conservation of All Our Resources of
1 Vital Necessity During War
I    Sir Edward  Carson  In his stirring
manifesto on the flrsl yenr of tho war
��� from the British  viewpoint  snys thai
nobody knows how long tho struggle
; will i ontintio,   bul thai lho allies will
! never ngl'e? to pence until all Iheir do-
I mantis are satisfied.
That is ihe situation in plain Inn
Iguago. The only thing thul cnn bring
I about pence wlthoul the attainment
of tho objeel ench country is lighting
for is exhaustion, or n decisive heating. The character of the warfare
and the cmpliiynicul of such wist
numbers of troops preclude the possibility of a single engagement decisive iu Its nature. The struggle may,
iiiini will, be marked by many great
Individual conflicts, bul the chief factor will he tho endurance of tbo belligerents; tlie nation, or combination of
nations, with the superior staying
power will emerge vIctorlo.us,
ll is up to us nl! io aid lit tbe result
by every possible conservation of our
resources. The Germans have eliminate.! waste, and ure thereby that
much better prepared lo continue llie
struggle; without this genius for organizing tho Aiistro-Qermnn forces
would today be in a desperate position in all likelihood.
There are countless ways wherein
we might profitably emulate the enemy. The matter ot alcoholic consumption Is on- ni' these, ll is undeniable thai money spent for liquor
| ordinarily brings no return of usefulness to tbo consumer or purchaser,
So fnr as concerns the consumer the
money is completely wasted, Its expenditure resulting merely in the gratification of an appetite. The government gets a certain lux from the man-
nfacturo and sale of liquor, and this is
often advanced us an economic argument, but the remainder of the eosl
is purely u drain on lhe resources of
the Individual, and thus also the na-
tlon, without any useful return to
Would nol  the prosenl  be un auspicious lime In begin n  inoveinenl  lo
[ impress upon all tbe advantages from |
!a personal and a patriotic standpoint
lot abstaining from liquor?   The sheer
I waste of money In Canada In the pur-j
| chase and consumption of liquor,  to
suy nothing of its olher undeniable cf-1
feels,  nt  a   time   when    every    good
citizen    .should    bo   straining   every
nerve to conserve tho resources of the
country   is lamentable.   Ho   wo like
our beverage better than our country?
Do we cure less for Canada than the
average Gorman cures for the fatherland?���Ottawa Citizen.
It's what's inside
the cup that counts.
Under  the  control   of  the Department   of  Agriculture  ot'  Ontario.
Affiliated with the University of Toronto,
E.  A.   A.  GRANGE,  V.S..  M.So.,  Principal.
"Lined Up" For Sport
Repeating Rifles
You're ready for emergencies with n Remington-UMC
Repeating Rifle. Six to LS shots���with sp od ana accuracy
that only World-Standard Arms can insure. Clean cut
lines -perfect balance���light weight���and rapid action
ure the (nttshti'dio;! features of Remington-UMC Rules.
Metallic Cartridges
Remington-UMC Metallics in every calibre���
for all sporting and military Arms. .Every
cartridge gauged In the Arm for which it's
made.   Use theni���for a belter day's sport.
"Straight Shooting Tips" ami
tntr Catalog FREE on request.
Remington Arms -Union Metallic Cartridge Co.
(Contractors t; the Uritishnllitpcrial and
Colonial Coecrmcnls) 16
London. Ens}. flew York, U.S.A.
No symptoms tbat Indicate any of
the ailments of childhood should be
allowed to pass wlthoul prompt attention. The Hltle allmenl ma;' soon become u serious one nud perhaps a little   life   passes   out,   if Baby's Own
Virtues of the Homely Onion
Oniona supply a complete cure in
themselves for cold, as well as being a
wonderful remedy in eases of insomnia. An onion cure breakfast includes
a poached egg on toast, three table-
spoonfuls of fried onions and a cup of
coffee, Luncheons of sandwiches mnde
of brown bread, buttered, und 111 led
wiih line chopped raw onion, seasoned
with salt and pepper make the second I
meal on lho schedule. j
For the supper, the onion may be
fried as for hreakfast, and eaten ,wlth I
a chop and a baked potato,   The efficacy of onions is well known to the
singers of Italy    and Spain, who eal ,
Licensed and Bonded Dealers'
Over  16,000 Farmer Shareholders are behind
you when you consign your grain orsell on track to
1(30 McDcrmot  St., Winnipeg, or   100   DoUjIaJ
Block, Calgary
"The car lhal sptekt for ilsetl
Tablets are kept in the house minor the mevery day to Improve llie quality
troubles can   be promptly cured and  0f their voices and keep thorn smooth. , .,,..,,..-.
serious    ones    averted.    The   Tablets I onion plasters are prescribed lo break ! Distributors for Manitoba nnd Saskatchewan.S��ncl
can bo given to the new-born babe as   ,,���  ,,.���.,,   coughs.    'Thev  are   made  of   }<"��� detcripUvo literature.  Some territory .Iill open
well us the growing child. Thousands  trfed D]lio��� p].u.ed between two slices  *��l''-'c"*"""""'���	
of mothers use no other medicine for 0[ 0|(] muslin.   The plaster is kepi   ���
iheir little ones. Thoy are sold by quite hot until the patient is snugb 'Today, tor tlie first lim('i ��� waa
medicine dealers or by mall at 26 -n Ued, when ii is placed on the chest, ' really delighted to hear my neighbor's
���   ! ���    '���'���''���<   ' '" '"'   v-���'���':-:>'���>   to sliiy over nijiht.    Onion syrup  is   piuno going," remarked the observer
claimed by come to be unequalled as   |n Musical America.
ih dhille   C'
Brockvllle, Out.
A clergyman had taught an old innn
in liis parish to read, and found him
an opl  pupil.   Calling al the cottage
a cure  for a had ci Id  in  the head.
It  Ic  In  Demand.    So  greal   is  the
demand for Dr. Thomas' Eclectrlo Oil
iomo time nfter ho found only the that a large factory is kept continually
wife ;i' borne. busy making antl bottling It.   To be1
"How's John?" nsked he. -n demand shows popular appreciation
"llu  Is  well,  Iha'ik  you,    said  his  0[ this  preparation,  wliieh stands al
wife. hhe head of proprietary compounds as
he get on with bis reid- lho loading Oil in tlie market, and ii
is generally admitted thai it is deserving of the lead.
'Something wortl     listening to, I
"1 should say so.   1 heard the Instalment mnn Inking il  nwny.
"Nicely, sir."
"Ah, I sttppo e he can rend his Bible
comfortably now.'"
"Bihle, sir'.    Ble.is you, he was out
When 1 eame oul of church on Sunday I found my horse fast asleep in
of  the   Bible  and   Into  the  sporting the shed,
papers Ions ago!" why. he couldn't  hear bhe sermon
**"                            ,          . tliere, could l.e'.'
,\ new electric fan to be placed in 	
a window to ventilate a room can bo "Another new    hat!    You    should
regulnted to supply any amount of air reai'y  save  your    money,   with   the
desired and throw Its current in any i p,.)ce 0r everything goiii-,' up."
direction. "But why?    The longer  I s.nvo it,
  the less 1 ean buy with It."
Xever known to fail,'    "Whal makes you think you're quaii
Miunrci's    Liniment  for sale every
lets  without  pain  in
���;l hours. Is soothing,
healing;    takes    the
sting   right out,   Ko remedy so nuic-
lied lo run a hotsl?" inquired the man
behind the desk.
"Well." confided the applicant, "I've
ad a summer home for fifteen years.
ate and  sure  as  Putnam's  Painless   nnd all my friends hnve automobiles.'
Corn Extractor. So! 1 everywhere���25c
per bottle.
W. N. U, 1071
Lady���Theso strawberries nre quite
Peddler���Well, mum, they're just
from the country.
Bates   &   Co.,
Limited,   Toronto.
DftGhas^s TIIE   REVIEW.   COURTNEY",   ��. C.
In Addressing the Coal Miners, Urging a Greater Production of
Coal, lie  Pointed out that it is the Iiritisii Miner Helping
the British Sailor, that is a Big Factor in the Wnr
Air. David Lloyd George has made
many Important and eloquent speeches
since tlle war began, bill few of them
have equalled in effectrthat wliieh he
made  to the coal  miners  iu  London
on duly 21, when lie appealed
greater production of coal. Here
lew of bis chief points:
We are short of eoal in a great
We are suffering from lhe patriotism of the miner. A quarter of a million of them liave gone into tne fighting line.
Coal is overythlng for us. Our 360,-
Ouo casualties were Inflicted by Cler
innn eoal.
Parties have disappeared for the
time being, There are two new parties
now optimists nnd pessimists the
lllue sky School uml thu Qrey Sky
in my opinion the sky is mottled.
Tlle events  in  the  oust   mean  thai   n
larger share than over of the bunion
of lhe struggle will he oust upon  lho
(boulders of England.
Victory menus the fate of fi doin
for ages I" come. Freedom implies
tlie right lo : birk, for others lo do-
lend.    Is Hint  fnirV
Afler praising Hie miner as a worker, a politician, u. singer, a footballer,!
a soldier, the minister of munitions
went on to suy I
We nre shorl of eoal lo run tile j
���country in a great crisis. The de-1
iiiainl 'for coal is greater than ever.;
Tlie supply of labor is less Ihan ever, j
In   times  of  peace    eoal    is    the
most Important element iu tlie Industrial  life of the  country.  The  blood I
whicli   courses  through  Ihe  veins  of;
industry in this country is made by I
distilled eoal.    in peace and   in war!
King fold  is  the paramount  lord  of
industry.    II. enters ii.to every article
of consumption and of utility.
It is our real international coinage. We buy goods abroad, food and
raw material. We pay not hi gold,
we pay in coal. We pay in diamonds,
except that they are black, and
in gold.
t'oal brings meat and bread to us  '
from   the Argentine,   lt pays across
th i  counter  tliere  for  it n.ut    of its
own pocket,    We cannot do without J
coal,    iu war it is life for us
deatli  for our  foes.     If
fetches and carries for us
th,  drey sky School.
Let mo lell you what I think : .mil
the sky. The sky is mottled. Ihere
are some people wno can see nothing hut lhe black menace iu the sky,
am! tbey Imagine it shows a lack of
foresight tu look af lhe wide
stretches of blue still smiling in the
'lliere are some, ou the other hand,
who  fix    Iheir    gaze    rigidly  on   lhe
clear azure   above   the seas.    They
lieem ,1 disloyal to lako ally Hole
of Ihe dark thunder clouds lhat are
rolling up in ihe east aud lhe grey
sky which is hanging so heavily over
ihe devoted plains of Flanders uml
of France,
Hut sky staring is not enough for
us.     We    have  to pill,    forth  nil  our
Strength,     The     events   ill   tlle   east,
whatever they mean, portend that;
ihey mean that a larger share than
.ever or tiie burden of this struggle
will he enst upon tlie shoulders of
Britain, Do not shrink from it. We
inns' pay lhe price uf victory if ue
moan to get it.
Victory has its price, It is no use
calling attention to the cost wo have
Incurred���hundreds of thousands of
casualties and millions of men gathered together to go into tho battle-
Held, thousands of millions of expenditure whieh wo are incurring.
The ono question is, whether if is
enough, It is no use trying to
bridge a ]���; foot stream with an 11 foot
We have but one question to
ourselves���we  of all  marks,    of
grades,    and  or nil  trades���are
doing  enough  to secure  victory,
cause  victory  means    life    for
country?   (Hear, hear).
lt means   ihe fate of freedom
ages   to   eome.    There   is  no   price
which  is   too  great  for    us  to  pay
that  is  within  our power.  There is
too much disposition to cling on  lo
llie amenities of peace.    Business as
|]l|t i usual, enjoyment as usual, fashions,
I lockouts,   strikes,   ca-canny,   spree.j,
usual.    Wages    must    go up,
profits must also improve, but prices
must at all costs be kept down.
Freedom alter alt implies lhe right
..11d I *�� sbn'k.    Freedom implies lhe right
for  you
Soldit-rs Piling Up Savings
Most of Those .-.t  Front  Are  Lcavin
Pay on Credit
Canadian soldiers al the front, In
eluding those who are now prisoners
of war in Germany, aro piling up quite j  ,	
a tidy little savings account with the
Canadian government. Tbe pay allow- STRIKING   VINDICATION   OF   STRENGTH   OF   \ \\"\
uiiee to t io  Canadians  is  in  most |
vuses being in hi ti) tlieir credit ut
ihe London paymaster's office, us the
men at the front have litlle opportunity to spend money while in lhe war
none, and prefer to leave all hut. a
small pc'tlon of il lo iheir credit in
London. According to advices received
ni ihe militia department irom I .on- j Had Admiral Malum lived to see the
don, a considerable portion ol this ac- beginning uf the second '-ear of tho
cumulated pay wus recently Invested, [world war he would huve found In the
mi the request of the soldli rs, In bonds events of the lirst vear the most strlk-
sold by the ilritish government in eon- | |ng vindication yet'recorded ol the In-
The German fleet Might :is well have
stroyed for all lhe Service it has been able to Render the
I Inns Since the Outbreak of Hostilities
been Captured or
not  merelv I lur  -vo"  lu   enjoy  and  for  others   lo
it makes  defend you.    Is that freedom'.'   War
" '     '    and
,, ,      , ,,    ,     , :,,,,.., ���i,i,.i,   i" like a fever,   a deadly fever,
tlie material and the machinery which *
it transports.
-   fill
,      .,    ���,  , , .      :,    .:���-.   ,..,     iicltith are utterly uusiiited to a fever.
It bends, it molds,     , ���.' Ib  '',*   Restraints which would be irksome,
weapons ot war.   Steam means coal. unnecessary when a man
���titles    mean    coal.    Machine   guns ^
mean eoal.   Cannon mean coal. Shells  ...   .      %.',.���,.
are made with coal. Shells are tilled  '""."/, . ,',        ,-    ,
Willi eoal. The verv explosive inside "A hat is the use ot (he patient say-
them is coal, and then coal carries ing, "I must have meat as usual,
them on right into the battlefield to drink as usual, in fact, more than
lielo our men- usual,   because   1  am   thirstier  than
Coal is everything for us. and we usual. I have a high temperature,
want more of it to win victory. Coal so I am more parched than usual;
is the most terrible of enemies, and there is a greater strain on my
it is the most potent of friends. Vou strength, so 1 really ought to have
��� read lhat terrible casualty list given more than usual. If I want to go out
out bv the prime minister Hie olher why should I be confined to that
day 'Three hundred and fifty thous- little bed? Freedom above all."
and British soldiers. They were "But you die.' "Ah," he says- "It
casualties inflicted bv German coal, is mora glorious to die a Iree mnn
bv tbe Westpbalian miner, working than to live in bondage." Let Britain
in cooperation with the Prussian be beaten and discredited and dis-
engineer���without stint, without rc- honored, but let no mnn say that any
serve without regulation, putting Briton during the war was ever
their strength at the disposal of forced to do anything for Ius country
tlieir Fatherland.   Conl did that. except that which was pleasing in his
Yes,  and  when  you find  the  tier-  own sight.    Ah, victory    is    not on
man   flag    banished  from    the face  that road.
of the seas who has done it? The Tbo trenches are not all m Plan-
British miner helping the Ilritish ders; every pit is a trench in this war,
ga-'0j. a labyrinth of trenches; every work-
'l have stood on Beachy Head. It shop is a rampart, every yard which
is a line sight in days of war. Vou can turu out the munitions of war Is
will read in the papers about the a fortress; picks, shovels, lathes,
advance of the German legions, and hammers, they are f.s much the weap-
about their gigantic armies, and ons of this great war of European
there vou will see scores of great liberty as tlu bayonet, thc rifle and
British' ships tranquilly gliding the machine gun. That man who
through the waters without any in-1 does not handle (hem with all his
terference. .'strength  is  failing as much  in  his
Why?    Coal  propels    Ihem,    and'duty   as   the soldier   who runs away
coal protects tbem.    For if you will j from tlie battle at the front,
only look for a short time you will      What happened thc other day? The
see   a   British   battleships   tearing Now Zealand battalions and the Aus-
along     Vou  may  not see    the coal  trillions were   expecting   a   Turkish
smoke   because the eoal conies from  attack.    What   was  the  effect  upon
South  Wales.    But    vou    know it is | them?   .No man would go on the sick
tliere   for vou see the vessel tearing list.    Not all the doctors or th
along',  ami' you  know  there  is  coal j giment could persuade tbem;
In iis hunkeA, nnd you
nection  with  the  recenl   war loan.
The Canadian prlsoni rs of wur tn
Germany are also accumulating a
government credli at the rale uf
about 7,*i ci nis per day. The pay allowance of those men from the government Is being continued while
they ure prlsoni rs, but It Is Impracticable to forward II to them In Germany, uml Hie monthly amount due
tbem is hein; regularly placed to
Iheir credit, less the shilling per day
or 91.76 per week, whieh is being
forwarded through the Brltah wur
offleo through arrangement with (be
Hulled Stales consul-general at Berlin. The wur ofiiee Is forwarding a
shilling per duy to British soldiers
who are prisoners iu Germany, and it.
was not thought wise to allow a
larger sum to the Canadian fellow-
prisoners for spending money.
Russian Wheat
Granaries in Southern Russia Overloaded With Grain
Grain dealers and cereal farmers
will be interested In a report recently
made from Petrograd by Commercial Attache Baker, lie says that the
granaries of estates und farms in
Southern Russia are overloaded with
grain left over from the last crop.
The grain can be moved only within
the limits of the same district, not
from one district to another, the object ot such restriction is to prevent
speculation, In the section named
growers of wheat and rye have not
been subjected to any embarrassment
In consequence of not being able to
ship from Odessa this year. The
demand from Itussia Itself has proved
unexpectedly large. The hanks have
assisted farmers and estate owners to
hold unsold portions of their grain.
| There has been no need for sacrifice
sales, and the prices paid liave been
satisfactory, if the route through the
Dardanelles should be opened, probably no sudden cr heavy oversea
export movement from Odessa would
develop. Thc necessity of holding
back large supplies as food, together
with Ihe fact that the freight service
is largely given up to
wuuld muke any rapid
wheat to Odessa inlikely, and as Ihe
financial position of Hussia makes it
desirable that existing high prices for
grain should be fairly well upheld,
since grain is Russia's best cash asset
the government woul . probably discourage any sudden 1 envy export
movement such as might,tend seriously to depresi the worid'3 wheat
lluence of sea powe' upon history,
Except for the British mny, Germany today would be master of the
world. Germany's marvellous preparedness, combined  with    her unparal-
guns, in the mil. I ot this sniping tha
Bi ' nn' .��� co :h s i" do its main
work without interruption, while the
loss! ��� -'ailed by Lrit: h shipping
through submarine warfare aio without .������ ai importance as affecting tbe
outcome ol the wa'.
British and French coalmen continues bi cause the Germane cannot
command the sea, The Allies have tha
leled military i-esoutces, gave the Ten-  manufacturing resources ol the wo Id
I tonic allies a commanding advautng
} that all tho rest of Europe could not
have withstood hud land warfnri alone
been aide to deti rmlne the result.
But for lhe British domination of the
seas the war WOlllli he over and civilization prostrate before triumphant
German militarism.
i    What    bus    been accomplished by I only by the Britsh navy, and
I llrliish  sea  power  has   In en  carried  the Iiritisii navy Itussia would ni
(through without a single conspicuous
to draw upon. More than a mil . n
soldli rs bave bi i n lande i In Fr
under naval convoy wlthoul the . ss
of a single transport BrII li o onl tl
troops are transported from every
quurter of the globe as freely as In
limes of peace, The operatli .. ut the
i Dardanelles have been made ;
achievement. There has been uo de
cislve battle. \ui a slugle dreadnought has yet been in action except
against land defences, or has sighted
a hostile Mag at sea. None th
the work of lhe Briiish navy
whole is the one decisiv
j wur.
I German commerce has disappeared
from the ocean, and hundreds of thousands of tons of German ships are
rusting at their piers.l Except In a
clandestine fashion Germany Is cut off
front all trade wtlh the outside world
and compelled to manufacture for her
self whatever she
I or civil purposes.
able io obtain the supplies ol .
tlon  and gnus  without  Whil :   :        lr-
ther resistance could   D3 made
Herman advances,   Most of th
did     courage    and    devotion of the
less  French people in this conflict  .������   . i
have been futile had not the i
iu the  navy enabled the French governi
to supply I'm equipment in which the
army -ius no fatally deficient at Um
beginning of the wnr.
Much has been made    ly c
critics of  the failure of -
fleet to "captun  or d >stroy'  tl    Get
man fleet as ii was ordered I
the war began.   But   Hi. Qi t      t fleet
needs lor military I might as well have been ��� ip
Duly   her    Baltic destroyed lor all the  servl e
been able lo n ndi r to l   i i
to German arms.   A fleet which I
completely ovei matel ed that I
battle Is to im Ite d itrui
I tleally nor. i xlsl in    (oi all the
| poses to which s'a power can
, ports are open.    One hy one her
ionics have dropped away, and mouth
i by month her Isolation is more complete. The military consequences ot
that isolation   will become   more and
i more important us the wur proceeds,
Since the battle cruiser engagement llu time of wnr.
In the North Sea, in which the Blucher     Whither the British naval officers
; was destroyed,   Briiish   sea power Is  have doni all they i   uld than
Ino longer openly challenged  by Ger-. they should,   the   fact    ren i
many, which is satisfied to wage a fur-1 British Bea pow er has savi 1 I  ������ '
itive submarine   warfare   against un-  from defeat, and thai  tf -'
armed merchant ships and keep Von  finally crushed,   it i: l
Tirpltz's   navy snugly   hidden In the  er thai will have determti
Kiel Canal beyond lho riinge of Iiritisii ,'    New 'lork World.
Lightning Rods
Loss Due to Weeds
Annual Loss to Farmers by Lightning
Is Very Large
Tho annual loss inflicted on farmers by lightning is In tho aggregate
lililury work, | very large, and  it is a matter of the
movement of (utmost importance to them to ascertain definitely whether (.his loss is preventable.    For all practical purposes,
the efforts to discover or invent some
means of safeguarding isolated buildings date, from  the time  when  Benjamin Franklin discovered the identity
of ele'etricity nnd lightning, more than
a century and n half ago.
Franklin was tho llrst to suggest
the practicability of protecting buildings from lightning hy erecting on
their highest points iron conductors
communicating with the ground. His
theory on the subject was all right,
but defects iu construction made the
lightning rod;, so ineffective and often
dangerous, that they were for a, long
time utterly, and not unreasonably,
discredited. There is uow good reason lo believe that, as Professor
Day shows, a trustworthy system of
Some    Systematic   Effort  Should   Ee
Made  to  Grapple  Successfully
With the Problem
The loss to the farmer from weeds
generally   Is   obvious   enough   to  the
most superficial observer. Any weed
takes up as much space in a field, and , prutei.Uou ,)V mt,ans of ;:1,!;il ,..,, , , ���
draws to itseli as much ot the susten-1', ���,.��� ,,������ ���",��������� .,���,
ance afforded by the cultivated soil, as
know, if the
need arises, those mighty cannon on
its decks will be filled with distilled coal that will scatter destine
tlon to the foes of our country,
Then   Mr,   Lloyd  George  dwelt  up
on the Importance of the
went on:
It Is the fuel that the country is
in peril thai prompts the appeal to
all classes lo set. aside every regulation. Can anyone doubl, rending the
news Inteiltgontly, that the situation
is a serious, if not a perilous one.
] speak with trepidation when 1 refer to this.
There used to be a naval school
and n military school, a naval school
whicli depended entirely upon the
sea and upon the navy to protect us
against invasion, nnd it was called
the Blue Water .School. The new
parties ai'e the Blue Sky School and
was no shirking; they said, ".\'ot until the attack is over and we ha-e
finished tlie Turks, not until then
will we go into the hospital." Thai
is the spirit whieh alone will enable
us to win through. .Nothing short cf
miner and j it will achieve victory.
I The peril Is a great one, the peril
' is an Immediate one, but if the democracy of Britain rise lo the occasion, they will once mora triumph
over all the forces of despotism in
Kurope. Nothi .g we can say can
possibly do more to convince the
people of this country of the danger
than the fads that appear from day
to day in the papers; not the headlines, please, pas-   them over.   Head
the news, please, and the men who,
after doing that, do not understand
the peril nf their country, would not
believe it though one rose from the
dead to tell tbem.
Americans Know Canada
This country is so near Canada, and
so thoroughly informed concerning the
extent, resources and progress of its
neighbor across the northern boundary, that it has no doubts about the
future of Canadian finances. Thousands of Americans have visited the
principal cities of the Dominion since
the war began, and tbey are well
aware of the conditions existing
there. Such facts explain the great
rush to buy notes of tbe Canadian
government offered in the New York
market. Americans know Canada.
Thoy do not have to rely upon second
hand information about tha'. country.
���Cleveland Leader.
a grain stalk does, and it represents,
therefore, a dead or unrequited loss to
the owner of the crop. One of the distinguishing marks of good as contrasted with poor farming is the comparative absence of weeds, and a large
part of the time and attention of students in agricultural colleges is devoted
to learning how lo grapple successfully with this obstacle lo success in
No practical farmer needs to be Informed that certain  weeds aro specially hard to eradicate, hecause they
may be propagated by means of under-
.around stems as well as seeds; among
these are the well I nown Canada sow
thistle, the couch grass, and the perennial sow thistle. Except by frequent
disturbance by plough or disk harrow
,ina dry. hot sPell, It is extremely (Iif-1 ,,,.���,,
there  fjenit to kill conch grass, because a     '"
small   fragment   of  the   underground
stem at ones  becomes u new plant. I
The same is Hue of the Canada thistle, j
which hus the additional fan
capable of producing inu-ii.-;.' Irritation
by its prickles,
Tha perennial sow thistle has become a very formidable pest In Western Canada, it has there devastated
a large amount of fertile land, and it
bids fair to cause losses running well
up into millions of dollars, unless
some means of checking its images
are found und applied, lt is very productive of seeds, whicli ripen just before the grain is ready to cut, and it
spreads also hy means of its underground stem, pieces of whicli quickly
take root and become new plants. Cultivation causes tbe sow thistle to
spread, unless it succeeds In killing it.
In Manitoba, according to the Winnipeg Tribune, many fields of grain are
this year not worth cutting on account
of its prevalence, and unless systematic efforts are made to extirpate it
Hie loss will be greal er with each succeeding year.���Toronto Globe.
diictors has been devised, and muy be
inexpensively utilized.
There is good sense in lhe suggestion'that in most cases, the conducting rod being Itself perfect, the farmer
should himself affix it to his house
or barn. The directions given In lb.
published bulletins are easily followed, and the reasons for the various
steps are easily understood. The two
points to be kept 111 view are that the
rod should be absolutely continuous,
nnd that the lower end should be sunk
sufficiently deep in the ground to
reach permanently moist earth, and
the molster the better. A few years
ago, when the lower of the Toronto
citv hall was struck by lightning, the
Globe published a theory put forward
by un ordinary farmer with a bent for
Investigation, lie maintained the i.i-
reetion taken hy the electric current
that a water course must
have passed from northwest to southeast under the site or the pri sent
building, and maintained thai u> in-
'."J" """""��� I sure perfect safely for the hall ."
" '"���"''" would not be difficult to obtain practical results from its application.���
Toronto Globe.
A Suggestion
Practical      Inforn-aticn      Shou  1      Be
Available   For the  Young  i��*en
Who   Wish   to   Tern   U
There ��il] be a mo em ent l rds
the land during the next few yea :
and many young men will he inve ��� ..
their available resourci i In
gence, brawn and money in a pie; .- ,:
To the average man  who has  n.
been ifiruugh tlie mill, tha pro
acquiring the fan:, and the      .
follow in order to make the  Im
ment pay, Is a knotty one.
'1'i.ke ihc yor ig man  with   .good
knowledge   of  agriculture    who
trom one  thousand  to two t     -sand
dollars in the bank ant* who dei Ides to
go out for himself on a half -
A thousand dollars is a neat gum
cash the3e days, but it dwlndl - qui  -
ly when spread over .he purchase   E
land, implements, horses and ���     :. -.
does twice that sum, but it musi be . I
mined  that  tha*.   amount    of    cash
should, in the nature of things,
an intelligent, hardworkng yo .: .  .. m
a chance io make a start on a pi       of
land, and such a prospective f.i"... r
should be given every chance.
land can f
ably  with
given :imi.
lory of nis
n making en mil I  i, tha'
rented cheap, an '.  |
n  option,  to  buy af        i
Then he sets np an li . ������
���eeessary equipment, anl
d. in.- this he endeavors :    :
ystem of farming to foil
We  Had to Fight
We could rot have remained neutral
In ibis struggle without betraying our
obligations not merely to the nations
I with  whom we are allied, but to the
) whole cause of civilization in Europe.
' Kngland neutral ur Indifferent  while
; Belgium   was   being   ravaged,   while
I Germany poured out her wrath and
flier  frightfijlness  upon  the  innocent
population of France, and stamped her
military despotism -upon  a..   Kurope,
would have been aa England   which
Englishmen would have despised an.l
the whole world would haw- flouted ���
Westminster Gazette.
for reliable and quick returns
That Is a big problem, and it si
not devolve wholly on tbe unin:     I   !
man   who   is   looking   for  a   stari   :..
Our agricultural departments would
rent*< r ., signal st rvice to th y un ;
men ,f Canada by carefully apj .
thi msi Ives to the solution of this , ri
blem. Taking a reaso labl an ui ol
cash, Ihey could formulate a plan
win n by this cash could be ut l
the ver) best a Irani .ge In gii Ing it i
own. r a i';.:: in farming. That dees
noi merely mean a Buperl .1 statement of the price of tie' land and the
kind of en ps to grow and how to cui-
tlvate. ���': means first the mort economical use of this sum to gel the
land, under present con litions governing the availability of land, then each
Id taks
the  prospectivi
should be fully
Trees can be protected from Injury
by animals by keeping thc surrounding ground clean and coating their
trunks with a whitewash containing
Paris green.
a window,
in get tin
a concrete tank fitted with
a Scotch doctor succeeded
a number of motion photo-
of otters and other under wu-
of en;
:reat dearth of this kind
iformation and much o."
could be put In avail-
the subject of getting
in with u small amount
:o the land.���Faim and
ter animals.
Indignant Customer -Barber. wh>
id you drop thai towel on my face?
Burher    Because  it  was  hot,  sir.
Sir John French has a doubla in
the lienor, of a respected tradesman of
Armentieres, named Henriot. The
liki ness is said to he remarkable,
while in olher respects, such as
height and manner, the similarity is
vi ry pronounced. M. Ilenriit is
known as "le pere French," and Is
very proud of the distinction thrust
upon him It is bis fervent wish that
one nay lie may have the honor cf
in o'.iug Lis illustrious double. THE COURTENAY REVIEW
7 he Courtenay Review
Ami Comox Y.��i c Advocate
A   Weeky   Newspaper,   i ul.i-.hcd  at
Courtenay, 11
K   '!. BodKK, Bditoi Proprietor
BV.      iption "i 50        ',    '  in Advance
' RSDAV, OCTOI    R 14, 191
' \.   Mr.    '. ol  \\ i
i'       li, Vanci liver,     > i nis   tt    I ���
the only ehrg\. that   i    ���
1   ���. i the com tiR'i ih iminu   ' In
. : in] |ui 'Iin**
i  e Crisis in 1 luiu p
i iking Iiin .I tlie
,              llll'         i . 1 lulll'    l.e
': lii-iii.i i,"    111 i-l)     iin      "i
I      c Judas.
'J Iii Mini it -nit ut e.i
iMlpiii,*" ti ut I lie ti mil
fulness of Iiuil let, '"I In
t. in ]}, C.' evecverj
vvi of it i.s j thful as the
,s I li nun! thai 1 licks-Hi itch,
of this pi lehasetl some
sixte ii Ihoustintl s of land from
the Govei ium t i nominal sum-
lie never ptircli i ; i " i linn I 20
11 tlie rest ol   tin   stall nn nts are
;:   rt liabli ti   this on i   the Asscein
llltl ! eettted   instead
1      j*   tolerated i >  tin   indulgent
I ,.   ic,
A noted English churchman,
preaching recently in St. Paul's
Cathedral, Loudon, on temperance,
appealed for temperance in other
directions in addition to abstinence
from liquor. Especially did heap-
l eal for less of what he termed
ip," and plai -1 before liis
co regation three mosl excellent
rules to apply before passing on
hearsay and rumors: 1, K it true?
2. Is it kind? 3, Will il bear repeating? Everybody knows the
disintegrating influence of gossip,
especially in small communities,
aud of the pain caused to excellent
people by a few shallow pules and
busy bodies, whose tongues are far
more efficient than their thinking
powers, and certainly lacking in
that most excellent gift of charity.
By till  means,   in ��� ar time  of nil
times, let US   have less   tittle-tattle
pud cackling, and lei us think more
ot the boys fit the front nnd the
ta: k that is before us as a nation
und as an empire, t
A large quantity of Fraser valley
potatoes are being shipped to Australia this year, eighteen hundred
tons leaving Vancouver the other
day, V. has been f un 1 t! nt crttes
are the most satis*, actory form of
container, and should the shipments
continue, much waste lumber will
be thus utilized, Tha Department
ol Agriculture; i.s giving all possible
assistance, it i>> understi od.
Thi re is a likliki od i i the Do-
nuutou Government appealing to
tin. pi ople of Canada foi a loau of
oin hundred million dollars, instead
ot applying to   till s   ur    to
Thi i hi 'in  oi-
in prosei i.i. ���  ��� ���   i's   part in
��� mfli    nov if,  and
!. i   is no ih ti r ulib
ed.The in      i I will be
cent, mul ,vjl first
iiivestmeiil, coin i��-d h ii Ii the
ig bank di ; i  :' i 3   pel
In the en
111 iug sa\ iug: 1 an , the
:  1   i. ��� il   loui    v, ill be
ii 1 Ij.    All lhe mu t  is  in bi
I ��� .: lliul fucilitii ��� ill be  1      11
u 1 iosi who \\ ish in ti ..   ten  dol-
��� worth ol stock. 1 I ever)   L,o
yuhsl should rtsi to I n ion,
I lie inlliix of praii    farmers hns
nh   tdy begun, and  1   ��� ��� al lion
in Vict ma havi  I .eei    iiher sold < r
It 1 to tlu se who, I 1 ii- ue \v< il
io wheat, yearn foi llie > oast  alter
lm- 1 ionnis of   the   prairie,    Tl
should be no gr< ul di     11 Ity in pel
s 11 ding .'-. nne of tin     eligibli
tip. rs to come to tin   (      ��� . \ ill \.
Tin- K.lib 'ay compun    . : ...      I
velopiuenl League an .   Liureuti   of
Provincial Informatioi \v uld siiie-
Iv helpany local 1 (Toil   put   forth,
and of n truth alter    'Post   ofiice"
ami "Planks," Prairie would   be n
welcome subject tor discussion.
Copy of Letter t: i...
Lieutenant Governor
London, Eng., Sept. 29, 1915
via Toronto, Out.
His Honour the Lie .tenant Governor of li. C.,
Victoria, li. C.
I beg to inform you that the
British Red Cross Society and the
Order of St. John in view of the
great demands upon their resourses
both in France and the Near East
have decided to make uu appeal
throughout the Empire by street
and olher collections upon the 2ist(
of October next. The money received from this appeal will be devoted entirely to reviievirgthe sufferings! of our wounded soldiers and
sailors Irom home and overseas at
the various scuts of war from all
parts of the King's Dominions we
have already received generous assistance iu our work but with the
increase of Iiritisii ami Overseas
Forces at the Front there is ,1 cot-
responding im. reuse in our expenditure and we shall be truly grateful
to you if you will help us In organizing tin appeal and sending the
proceeds to us for the o'jjects which
\&.s* -'''�����  ''��' J **' ir fc-V'l. Or
Special   value   in   Ladies'   Hand   Knit
S renter Sets iniiilc 1 der with  iwcater
,."111   nml tuque   to in itcli   in shades  oi
irowns, Iilues,   tangoes,
111: ���      .   '  '
1,,-ulii  , uiisi. ���- nml   eliililri u's .ill wool
swi-nti rintion c:i
In uei li       'I I'l'l price!
Pull .
1.   nl   conts; also  coatiuj ���.   iu   checks;
��� ices anil .1 trncli 111      A  lnrgi   ai iort-
ment  of cliildn I ini   il     coat ��� ii
scarlet ami navy   serges, white uud colored hem
A lull rangfe <>l
'lain and
Corded   Velvets
in all the
Leading Shades,
.'. complete slock ol Watson's Underwear
for   misses mul   children, "The   under
wcai that will we.11 and not shrink"
Thanksgiving linen in   table cloths, serviettes,   centerpieces,   tray   cloths  uud
Another shipment of Ladies Fall Mllliu-
ei') iu trimmed nud ready to  wear hats
in velvets uud fells to arrive this week
Blankets,   eiderdown quilts,   comforters
.-imi liiinin letto sh.-ets
Special  vnllle- in 52 inch  flannelette in
neat stripes at S yards for *S1
A complete range   of Indies,   misses nnd
children's felt and   velvet slippers in all
Under New Management
Comfortable Rooms
First   Clars    Meals
Electric Light Toroughout
Srtictly   Moderate   Rates
Only the Best Wines and Licpiors Stocked
Ynur Patronage Is Respectfully Solicited
I have named I shall be greatly
obliged if you will kindly communicate the foregoing to your government ,
Their Majesties the King and
Queen and Her Majesty Queen
Alexandria are giving us their gra-
cious patronage and I trust that
vou will also be able to see your
wav to help,
President British Red Cross Society
83 Pall Mall, Loudon.
Esquimalt   &   Nanaimo  Railway
Through Passenger Trains leave Courtenay 11:35 on Monday, Wednesday and
Friday for Victoria and   Way^Stations
Thanksgiving excursion rates to all stations on J', ci N.
Tickets 011 sale from Courtenay October S and 11. Return
limit October 1-'.    Fare und  one-fifth  for the round trip
RETURNING���Arrives at Courtenay at
16:10, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
Steamship ticketsfon all lines to all parts
of the world. For particulars etc,, address
Dist. Passenger Agent, Victoria
Agent Courteuay, i'heue R GO
Victoria, Oct. 3.���The timber
returns for the mouth of August
issued by direction of the Minister
of Lands show that the total output of sawlogs for the Province as
shown by the scaling returns,
amounts to 64,257,966 feet board
measure, in addition to 71,383 lineal feet of piles and poles, and
8,32c; cords of railway ties, shingle-
bolts, fenceposts and cordwood
Of this total there were exported
13,984,874 feet of sawloes, of
wliieh 13,302,413 feet sawlogs was '
from the Vancouver District; al.so
5.320 lineal feet of piles and poles
aii of which was exported Irom the
Island District. Timber sales recorded during the month cover an
estimated total of 10,100,857 feet
of sawlogs, 85,000 lineal feet of
piles and poles and 1,234 coods of
1 pulpwood, cordwood, etc., the estimated revenue from this source
amounting to $18,160.36.
Wedding invitations, marriage
announcements and wedding cake
boxes at The Review Ofiice.
The Pioneers, of which several
members left from here last week,
expect to leave Vancouver] for
{or Winnipeg on Saturday
at 4 p.m., and be in Chatham,
England, in five weeks.
Owner of 320 Acre Farm in one of the best wheat
raising districts in Saskatchewan wishes to move to
the Comox District
He will accept a small   improved  farm here in part
trade for his 320  acres,  the balance  can probably
be arranged on thc 1-2 crop payment plan
Full particulars from
H. D.
Isabel St.
E & CO.
u��myy lAMAte
mox   to - Opreative
Society Ltd.
has again opened for business in
Courtenay in the
and hopes to merit
a   Share   of    Public   Patronage
Our Samples of
Xmas. and New
Year Greeting
Cards have arrived
Leave your order early
The Courtenay Review
Telephone 59
Courtenay 0
Dries Better I>tc��
h nnd t:i.,11.! 11 -<.1 Ii
tcsllf- I" llie M I'KlUOKiTY ol
, STANIMK1). 'I'm ii m.I. hi
in,    now.
iwy til
\  '..A...*.
Phono 33; End of Bridge; F. MoVltx, Wur.
t _  :'^_---B---ii'-.-*ii- :"**.-
Editor Review :
U .Sir,���Will you kindly allow tne a
little space iu your columns to place
a few facts and figures before the
ratepayers of our city which should
be of interest to them.
These figures have been obtained
fro 'i competent engineers, who
have been on the ground, by Aid,
Johnston, who has spent consider
able time and inoue
theni. The surveyors' maps and
engineer's estimates have bet it
handed to nie from which the foi
lowing statement is compiled :
The proposition is for the city to
instal a water and electric system of
its owu by making use of Brown's
Now, first I would like to draw
the ratepayers' attention to what
eugi.ue*fs have to say of the advisability of going to Brown's river in
preference to other proposed sources
Mr. F. W. Knewstubb in liis re-
port of 1913 to the Comptroller of
Water Rights 'ays ;
" With regard to the stream filed
on by the company (presumably
the Courtenay Waterworks Co Jon
July 30th this had fallen to 2.3
c.f.s. while Brown's: river on July
2ist gauged $2 5 c.f s,"
An engineer who was on the
ground this summer writes : " A
serious problem to be considered in
looking for a municipal water supply is that of finding a creek with
sufficient flow to maintain a health)'
condition of the water at the intake
In our examination several years
ago of the water supply ol the city
and power could be developed, at
from 2 to 3c per k.w ho-.ir,
To raise this *>.*i0,ooo the city
would sell bonds to the amount of
about $58,000 at go. 6 per cent,
repayable in 25 years. This would
realize about ,$52,000, which, allowing for commisdons,ete., would
net the required .$50,000. There
are different systems of repaying
iu obtaining j these bonds. The instalment system is probably the best for small
cities for by it the payments are
divided up equally over the whole
period, aud instead of placing a
certain amount in the bank yearly
as a sinking fund, this amount is
paid back to the bondholders which
makes the interest smaller each
The payments 011 a $60,000 loan by
this system would lie approximately fur
the first year ; Interest {53600, principal
5S130O.OO, while the last year wuuld be
interest JJ200, principal $5200,
As I have uot a table to give the
correct figures by this plan, I will
work out the cost to the city by the
old sinking fund system.
am unit, as this $36 we 1 ay yearly
for water and light would be just
that much less we would have to
pay on our propeih tax
On the other hand il yoll allow a
private contpnnv to own your water
aud light plan's you will pay this
$36 -.early to ilu- company and
your full share of the property tax
as well.
This i.s a propositi in which ea it
and every ratepayer should consider,
Yours truly,
H  M. WePiiKri
Courtenay Oct. 13
A meeting tc form .1 sah comm t-
tee of the Red Cross was held at
the home of Mis. C, C, Pierc*. 0 1
Tuesday afternoon Rev. Fran
liu- Watson occupied I he chair n 1
Rev. T. Meuzies explained 1 u
workings of 1 he orgnniz itiou, n tl
nfter a thorough di icitssiou the fo
lowing committee-! were appoint! i
Buying-  Mrs.   C.   Pi   cy,  M
Watson and Mrs, Martin,
Cutting out Mesdames J Carthew, Butchers and |. Mo ire.
Receiving and Shi; 1 1 ; ���Mt 1,
13, Moore, Mts Smith . id M .
Mrs, Wilcox offered the use of a
large room where the cutting out,
distributing,  etc,, will be done.
Rev. Mr Watson an I C, C,
Piercy were- appointed custodians
of the funds.
At Little River on Tuesday evening a similar organization was el'
fected. Rev, T. Men's! ������'��� occupied
the chair, and Miss \\' ird acted as
secretary. The Buying a muiittee
appointed was Mesdames Baird,
Knight and Fournby
Gutting out - Mesdanies Miller,
BurtwhistJe an 1 Small
Receiving and packing committee
Mesdames Bambrick, Partington
and Wilkinson.
Art's. Martin and Mrs Bourne
were appointed a finance committee
Liquor License Act.
NOTICK is Inn lij given th.-ii on the
15th day ol December next application
will be made 1" the Hoard ol Mei use
Commissioners ol the City of Courtenuy
lm the renewal ol the let. i license t<>
sell liquor-i by retail in the hotel known
as the Courtenay Hotel, u'tuated in the
Citv ol Courtenay, in tin Province ol
British Columbia.
Dated del.  13, 1915.
Liquor License Act.
NOTICli i- lien hi glvi i hat  mi the
I ;ih dny ol  IJ nl   r in ip| lie il   it
will be iniiili-- i'il.    Hon "i   Uceuse
Commissioners i.i :i,.' Cil I Court! n i\
(ur the n neu. I ol   the   i   : i   jieensi  to
sell liquors b- retail in iii ntcl known
ns tlle Riverside   lloli 1. situ ited   in  the
Citv nl  Cotirlenn-  in   llie Province   "(
uritlsh Columbia.
ii. II. . livi'k.
Dated Del. 13, I'd.-.
Besl Meals
Choicest I
C    *���
Li. ,
,.!;. ||    \ , i
Mil I. .-I!
I tors
Liquor License Act We also
NOTICK is In u by  givi '  Dial on the
lirsl dav nf  li leem    i   i!  ������    application
wall he in eh   to  He-  Superintendent ul I
Provincial Police, Victoria,   lor renewal I Courtenn
of the hotel license to sell   liquors b-, re -1
tail in the  hotel  known  as the  borne ]
hotel situ.he I al Co an., in the Proylnci
of British Colunibia
Ohorgi* Barlow,
I) ih-d Oct, 7ih, 1915, i Expert Wai 1
Liquor Lice.ise Act
I.s sellim
hv given  that
NOTICK i - hen
first day ot  lleeemi,
Will lie'made    to   ll:
Provincial Police, V;
the hotel lieease to ���
ill the In.lei  known
situated nt Comox,
British Columbia,
ClX'll, Al.KXAN
Dated Oet, 7th, 1915.
n I)
lesl  applicutic
apelililendellt uf J eye  Ic'Stc
i.i, fur renewal ul
liquors In1 retail
Ih.-  Klk  Hotel,
the  Province ul
glasses  fn
including ���
ibr Martin,
The Courte
Public Notice
Have Goard X
Kactoi;- .
Recommends   fr i
from the Ml.mo   '
uf saun I:.   .
To T11ic RaTKI'avi'ks OF Tin;
OTICK is hereby given Unit the
period (or all. .vine, rebate ou the
taxes has been extended id the 31st day
of October, Any person paying taxes
on or before that date will be allowed
the rebate of ;e'i per cent, on the general tax.
W*. A. W-. HAMBS,
Citv Clerk
Dated at Co'irtenav, Sept. 23, 191.5.
Stationery,   School Supplies,
Toilet  Arti   es,
Hair Brushes, bristle, whale-
i bone, etc.
w. J. Co.
August 1.
845, 8th Ave.,
Barrister  and  Solicitor,   Notary  Public
P. O. JJox 209
Phone 24 Courtenay
First-Class Plumbing
Hot Water aud Steamfitting
Jackson & Whittle
Phone 9 Courtenay
Photographic   Supplies
Pure Drugs
Drug Stoie
Supposing "*58,000 is borrowed
at 6 per cent, the city would have
to pay interest	
To pay off ��58,000 in 25 years a
sinking fund will have to be placed in the hank of	
The expense of operating would
be 3 men at $1200 per year	
Advertise In The Review
To  B:
Tlie former
Br< .     fi   ..:
andby reason ofqi
many votaries.
sai*3*   when
Courtenav 1
habit and	
W. Aitken
Oppositeuew Pres'
c:. di ..
of Duncan, where the water
taken from a small stream, we
found lhat the water iu the storage
dam was almost dead aud in a condition dangerous to the health of
the district. Thc conditions were
therefore condemned by ourselves
aud thc provincial authorities and a
new source was obtained "
These   reports are sufficient to
To pay this off we would hare
1st, Tlie interest on the sinking
fund at 3 per cent. Taking the
average for the whole period of 25
years this would equal 1 1-2 per
cent, on the 558,(100, amounting'
yearly to J
2nd. 2(111 consumers ol water at
wasj 5L5" per month or $18 per year,
3rd. 200 consumers of light  at
51.50 per month or W8 per year..
This leaves a   balance of $1330
which would have to be paid out of
the general revenue.
This charge of jit.50 a month for
water aud light would be aflat rate
aud consumers would  have all the
system is :
To instal a water system from
Brown's river, using a 11 in. main
and including 3 miles of distribu- I
tion pipe throughout the city... .$35,000
This would supply, as well as a
good water system, power for an
electric plant, which, .omplete
with three miles of distribution
throughout the city would be  15,000
Total 550,0(11)
This water system would provide
for a population of 20,000 people,
show the   necessity   of   going to water aud light they wished to use
Brown's river for a water supply.   . instead of having a metre running
The engineers'  estimate of the tip every time a tap was turned or
cost of a water  and  electric light a tight switched bu.
On the present assessment rf
$750,000 au additional tax of 1 3-4
mills would be required to provide
for this $1330.
When the city reaches the stage
where we have 270 consumers this
tax would be wiped out entirely,
and in 25 years we would have our
water and electric plants paid for
and all reveuue accruing from this
source would go to the city, which
would reduce our taxes a very grcat
Counter Check Books
Loose Leaf Billheads
We are now able to supply the needs
of every merchant in the district with
the above goods at exactly the same
prices as quoted by eastern houses.
Holders supplied free. Ring us up
and we will call with samples,  etc.
The Review, Com
Telephone 59 Isafc
. ���
of I
Vera concluded. "1 tell II you Jusl r.a
ii happened, on the whole, I thought
it us well in keep tho Information to
myself, i dare na- thai Dr. Tehlgor-
sky eau solve the problem."
"Ho shall have n chance," said
Geoffrey. Ami now. Iiadn'l we better
no back and say good-bye to Mrs.
May. Sue la leaving tho house i"i-
recti) "
Mrs. May did leavo the house In the
course of the morning, nil smiles and
blandishments, sin- had ii particularly
tender word and squeeze of the hand
for Geoffrey, whom sin- pressed In a
whtBper to eome and see her before
"l will." Geoffrey replied, "You mny
rely upou that."
It was with ii feeling of Intense re-
not  know  of the  death  of her mis- marvellous Bide of things lie told me|'
Important Home
Geoffrey nodded, He began lu sec
daylight. And, after all, the conceal
ment.  or  these   bodies   wns   no  crime,
"Whal do yon sny, Uncle Ralph?"
lie asked,
"Say   that  Tehigorsky    is    right "
By Fred M. White
Ward,   Lock   &   Co.   Limited
..London,  Melbourne  and  Toronto it
^=== -==^y
The mil innn muttered something
that Bounded like an acknowledgment "ef that he was rid of her. ti seemed
ol the force and me."ivy of this ren- hard to believe thai the smiling poisoning. Islied  woman of the  world, tl"' der-
"I dure suy ii is all right," lie said, niere or! of western civilization,
'Fetch vour master." should be one and Hie same with the
The Bervani salaamed and departed fanatic princess of the fanatical east.
;u iii" air, i iimi of the bouse, lie re- There was something wild nnd bi-
.turned presently with the information zarre aboul the very suggestion. There
that Tchigoriky had gone along tlu | was one last smile tor every one lull
terrace, There was a BuramoMiouse Marlon, who had nol appeared, nnd
,. little way off, where Tehigorsky Mrs. May was gone,
waited. (leoffrey   mude   his   wny   up   to  his
Vera tell her heart beating faster, uncle's room, There he found the
There was no summer house along the I two friends smoking. Tehir-orsky
terrace���nothing but a broken balus- looked at him from behind a cloud ol
nude iliut Rupert Ravenspur was al- thin smoke.
ways going to have mended. Over "You have news, my young friend,"
Ihls there was a sheer drop to the sea said Tehigorsky, "I see ii in your
below, j eyos."
As llie pair moved on, Vera follow- "I have the mosl important news,"
ed. Then whal followed seemed to i said (leoffrey. "only il does not convey
happen in Ho twinkling of an eye. any Impression to me. 11 is a dlscov-
A while-robed ligure emerged and | cry of Vera's. j'he hnd a lino ndven-
Hung himself upon the stranger. At i Hire last, nighl. She was not sure
the same lime the other miscreant,
who had iieted us Tehigorsky's servant, attacked him from behind,
"Vou rascals," the stranger cried,
speaking this lime in French. "So 1
l.avc been deceived. Vou are going to
i.'.row me over the cliff. There is no
iscupe tor me, Well, 1 don't mind.
Tin- agony of suspense has taken . 11
ihe sweetneas out of life for me. 1
knew that sooner or later this wan
bound to come. Hut I am going to take
a toll."
The stranger's breath was coming
rapidly between his teeth. Vera trie!
to scream, but n<> sound emerged from
her lips, she stood moled lo llle spot,
watching whnt seemed to her a long
struggle,    Ag  a   mailer of
"aiming Points
Movement  Launched That  Will  Meciv
a   Saving  of  Money   to   People
of the  Wist
lu  tlie little town of I'ligeld, .Man,
some   short   while   UgO,   u    uoveinonl
launched in a ver) quiet and tin-
whether or not she had seen your murder. Tehigorsky.
"Say on," Tehigorsky said calmly.
"Say on, my boy."
(leoffrey said on accordingly, Ile
fully expected to surprise his hearers,
anil he was not disappointed. Every
word lie said was followed with rapt
"And now can you explain il?"
Geoffrey asked eagerly.
"To me the explanation is perfectly
clear," Tehigorsky replied. "Last
nighl I told you thai there were two
other parties'to the vendetta now In
England, and that il was necessary to
get them into the net before we close
il. Thai Is no longer necessary, tor
the simple reason that these two men
Speaking by ih i letter thai was perfectly correct. Tehigorsky hnd told
Ralph nothing, for tho simple t-easou
that they  hm!  learnt nnd Buffered  to-
gel her.
"Then why did he come her.''.'" Mar-
Ralph croaked; "TchlgorEky Ib always 1 ton demanded.
right.    When  we gel  Voski's    holy.      "To try to BOlve the mystery,    lie
what shall we do with It?" declared that Orientalism was at the
"Lay ii oul iii Hie corridor, where 1   bottom of ii    Bul    we   shall    never
eau gel a look ai It," snid Tehigorsky.   know.    Tehigorsky  is  no  more, and
"For the presenl I do nol exlsl -atlsuch knowledge ns he mny hnve pos-1 ostentutlous way that will probably
least, bo far ns Ihis house is concern- sessi'il has gone down ii the sea with ' spread over Uie entire length and
eil.   All you hnve in iin is in follow him." invndiii of Wesiern  Canada,  ravolu-
my directions." Marlon   turned   nwny  with  a   sigh,  lionizing hundreds ami  thousands or
The strange pair gel oul on their ex-' Sltghl ns lhelr acquaintance hail been, western homos. No publicity was
eiirsion in (he afternoon, li was a sh.. hmi been drawn lo 'J'chlgoraUy, fcourted al the lime, ami tho proceed-
long pull from the village to the cliffs, she snid. Strange lhal whoever tried |int' hi tmestion although of ln< very
bul it was accompllBhoil al length, to help the hotiBe of Ravenspur should I highest unportanci neuny otxaped the
The hoiu wns nm aground at the least   come under the bun. attention of the prcaa ultogether,
dangerous spol and Ralph and Geof- "Bul Tehigorsky was drowned," said To r.ivo a brief imrriitlvo of thl
frey sci  mil  along the    Bands,    Tho  Ralph, event, and  to descrlbi   ll   mst aa  il
form ir'a step wns as free and assured ; "No, hid I," Marlon replied. "Ob, l happened, wo mlghl Bay thai on a oar-
as that of his younger compnulon.         know there :.re no Bigna of violence tain. Saturday nftui-noon rtga and auto-
"Ah," Geoffrej cried, "you are right, on the body. I know how dnngerouB mobllea were converging .ou Hugnld
There they nre.' the broken balustrade is;  bul  l have just as if ii  was lho lirsl ilny of tho
"I knew It," Ralph replied. "See If my oplnlona all the Bame," countrj   fnlr.    Ity lour o'clock iu tho
they are Injured," "You ure wrong tn this case," Ralph commodious with   hall   that   stands
(leoffrey steoled himself in his gnu--  snid, us he walked nwny face in face wtlh ihe village church
some task. The throe men lay Bide by Presently other people began in nr- about sixty or Bsveuty ladton, mem'
si !:��� ns if ihey had been placed bo by : rive. Kor the flrsl time for many bors of tho Economic Society had
human hands. | years    Ravenspur    wns    Invaded by gathered,    A little after lour o'clock
Aa far us Geoffrey could judge, thero strangers n policeman or two, it fus- Mrs, Mcllenlli, ihe well known woniu -.
were no Blgna of violence on the ally polite ln8pector, a journallal with farmer of llpudlngly, who Is always to
bodies of either of ibe unlives. They a colleague, pushing everywhere. They! lho from In nny movement calculated
lay by ench oilier, iheir faces trans- would hnve Interviewed Rttperl Rav- to Improve the domestic conditions ot
fixed   with  rage and  horror. ensptir, bul the cold glitter of his eye
Beyond  doubl, these men  had  been, awed  even  Ihem.
ill-owned,  sulked  down  by  lhe strong       The poliee lei  Ralph al , bUlGeof-
current and then casl up again by the   Dyy was subjected lo severe iniostlon-
seii as if iii cruel sport. ling.    On Hie wind.- he eame out of Ibe
"No hurls in either," Geoffrey mul- ordeal better than  Ralph  had antlci-
tered. j pated.
"li  Is possible.   Look al the olher.    "Vou managed that very well,"   lie
one." , said.
Geoffrey did bo. lie snw a face "I teel horribly mean and guilty. All
fixed with a grim smile, Ibe smile of those prevarications���"
Ihc man who enn meet death and "Call them lies, if vou like," Ralph
knows how tc punish lliose who in- put in coolly, "li doesn't matter.
Jure them. The face wus seared and Think of the good cause. Vou are tie-
criss-crossed Just like Tehigorsky's ceiving only our enemies; you are in-
and Ralph Ravenspur's: indeed, with Jurying nobody. And vou "nre giving
ils   tarange  disfigurement    the  dead  Tehigorsky a heaven-sont opportunity.
fact, ii had : oi lasted more than ten  are dead���drowned."
seconds. Gradually lie stranger was
rorced back.
Back ami back they forced him o
Die very edge of the cliff. Thro wus
no 'senile for htm now. lie reached
tun two long a il swingi: .; builds; he
grasped two arms, one for each of his
would-be assassins, and than he Jumped backwards, Two fearful wailing
cells rent the air; there was a mocking laugh, and silence.
llnd sbe really seen Ibis Ihing or had
siie dreamt It? Vera was not sure.
.lust for n brief moment her senses
.eft her. When she cume lo herself
again she crepi along to the house and
thence to her bedroom. She locked the
door and flung herself upon the bed,
pressing her hands lo her eyes.
"How long will il Inst'.'" she murmured, "llow loi!;; can one endure
this and live'.' Oh, heaven, is there no
mercy for us?''
Then the blessed mantle of oblivie. i
(til again,
Exit Tehigorsky
Il   seemed   to   have     been     taclily j
Ilo  you   mean   thnt   they  perished
with Ihiil stranger last night?"
"Certainly, I do.   A lino determined
fellow,  whose   death   I  cannot  sufficiently deplore.    And he had his vengeance upon bis foes.    If he perished,
Ihey  perished  also."
"Hut who was lie, Tehigorsky?"
"The olher man���my fellow countryman, Voskl,   Don't you remember my
telling you how the prlnceas spoke of
him?    He has been hunted down at
last.     They  lured   him  here  and  destroyed him under the pretence that I
wauled lo see him-   My presumed servant had ouly to mention my name,
and  the thing was done."
"Hut why bring him here?"
"Hecause the plaee is so quiet. He-
cause they wanted lo give Iheir mis;
tress,   the  prlncsss,  a   pleasant  surprise.   I don't, suppose she knew Ihey
were coming."
���'Hut the light In the corridor?''
"Thai was a curious and useless co-
Incidance.   Thc light in Die corridor
was  mine.    I   was  looking  l'or  something.    Neither of those    miscreants
was ever in the house at. all. At the
Itussian would have passed for Tchlg-
i li is country, was Introduced lo the
meeting, and explained that at the
request of Die Agricultural College
sh; wns iu iilleidnuee to glvo suir.e
piirl.ii'iiliirs ef new and up-to-date
methods of homo canning, such as
were now lieing so extensively used
throughout the United Slates. Mrs.
.Vlelleath then explained how about ."ill
per cent, of tbo vegetable products of
Western Canada were thrown ou the
waste heap every year, for luck of
some reliable method of preserving it.
She proceeded to demonstrate howi;
was now possible l'or every farmer's
wife in fact every householder In the
country   to  can 'inexpensively  every
"I doubt it, uncle.   Clever as Tchlg- kind of vegetable that inn be grown.
She read a number of time tables for
example showing how in an hour cr
two it was r. simple task to ean hundreds of pounds' worth of sweet corn,
beans, peas, tomatoes, beets, carrots,
oraky. I orskv is, well as he may disguise him
The   lace   was  black  and   swollen  self,' he  will  fail.    Did  not  Princess
I'rom an ugly bruise in the forehead.  zaza pick vou both out at Lassa?"
Had not he known the truth, und had j    "That was nol quite the same thing,
any  one  told Geoffrey that  Tehlgor- Remember she knew beforehand that
sky lay there, ho would have believed i we  were  going lo  make  the attempt i in fact every variety of vegetable and
It. to reach the hoi.  city.    She allowed  Put them away for future use, as well
A spade had been placed in the hot- ��� ���s t0 g0 so fa,, because she is naturally
torn of the boat, and with it two deep a t.riiel woman. Moreover, all the
graves were dug in the sand. Into tinie her spies had beeu dogging our
them the bodies of thc Orientals were ' footsteps.
east;    Ihe   smui   was   made     smooth;    "Before nightfall she will (Irmly he-  aml fre8h in color and taste, as at the
again, and a Inyo.- of heavy rocks laid h-eve Tehigorsky to be dead, which is  ll01ir when ihey wero gathered from
on the lop.   The body of Ihe Russian '., great point  in hia favor. She does
wus conveyed io the bout nnd thence  uot   |!now   that   her  other  iwo   mis-
ai! all kinds of fruits. Some glass jars
containing corn and peas, etc.. pickled
hist fall were passed around, and It
observed Ilia   they were ns sweet
agreed by Geoffrey and .Marion that
nothing could be gained by telling
Vera of the danger lhat she had escaped. Nothing could be gained by a
Hal of the dastardly attempt on ihc
i same time thev bad naturally gone to
their mistress with the pleasing news
thai they had despatched Voskl. 1 am
certain they were saving the news for
previous evening, and only .mother "What shall you do about it?" asked
ti rror��� would be added to the girl's life , u ,^-j,    , flo H   .,���,     at present,,
i,'1].*��� knows' tUej a" luul ter' j Tehigorsky  replied.  "I  have  a  little
idea that may work out to our adva:
On the other hand, Vera had made
Inge later.    Meanwhile nobody knows
i , her mind to say nothing to the fam-     fc       J ,,^ L,!!   h ,�� =
.*.ZVMLa* . 1 '",? ���: ' ."��"';  ���s afternoon you are going out lish-
i can Uml them all-
"We are certain  to Iind  Ihcm all,"
ventures,    of    course,  Geoffrey audi. .     ,   ��� .,,  in ,.,..,io,. ,.��� .,,,
mob     Ravenspur    would    have  *��� !f   ,\1    ,ub! ,Jog3 Tt' yim
, w, but tha rest were to be kepi in   B
the dark.
Veins   while   I'nee   and   serious   air,      , |nterrupl id. "They  will  be car-
vvere accounted tor by the headache  ���"*n fl (, ��� R   t (lll the     H ���,
���I- m which she was palpably sua, -,      ' ��    ��                 deposited on
ng    some ol   he other, untoitood,   gnu������l   wf tlu, tldj ebbs at
'    ,'V'y y:;;  '���'" 'il:'!8     tr!^ oUoc-i today.    I have no. lived
"It is nothing    said Vera.    A waU , ���r   .    nothlnc. We Bhal|
;,r.;r'1As:i:,''1%,ok,'\ir!o,n,n:r^;^^|-::v'-'^ itn....-** ��*
Geoffrey   signiiienully.   Ile   knew   lm-   w1,   "   '
ir dlately that the girl had Bomsthlng
important to sny to him, lie slipped
oulside and Vera followed him. Not
Iill Ihey were mil of I Ight of llie
house did siie speak.
"Dr. Tehigorsky is still about?" she
"Ves. dear," (leoffrey replied. "As
a matter of fact, he is hldli : in Uncle
Ralph's rojini, He has his own reasons for so doing, but the reasons are
to remain a profound Becret, 1 ought
nol io have told you. Vou are not to
till any one."
Vera gave a sigh of relief.
'1 promise that," she s:
And bring them up ihe cliff," Geoffrey shuddered.   "Ugh!"
������Vou will iin nothing of the kind,"
Tehigorsky su i.i coolly. -'Bring Voskl,
of course, but >un arc to bury the two
ruffians In the sand. It will he easy
to do so, and pile some rocks over
them afterwards."
Geoffrey vein und lo suggest lhat
such a. course might end disastrously,
tho officers of the law nol to know of
It. Tehigorsky waved lhe suggestion
aside contemptuously. It. was no time
for nice points like these.
Those foul creatures are dead, and
hi. "And  ['there is an end of it," he said. "What
ni.i exceedingly glad to bear that Dr.
Tehigorsky is safe. I was not sure
whether I hud i.ot seen his murder."
Geoffrey regarded Vera in nmaze-
rr.i nt.
can it muller whether there is an In
quest held ou them or not? If il is,
then there will be "an end of my
scheme, I say you must do Ihis. The
future    happiness  of the  family de
"Whv, vou were in vour room all   Sends upon It.   It is also of Ihe utmo it
night," he cried.    "Vou were���" | importance that  Princess  Zara  does
He was going to say "drugged," bul
he pulled himself up Just in time.
Vera told her story without further
preamble. It wns a thrilling story an.'.
none the less so because simply told.
"I don't profess  to  understand  it,"
lo ihe house. j creants have met with a deserved fate.
There was nobody to see the mourn- Tehigorsky will go to her, passing as
ful entry. All the family were on lhe ono cf them, .,m- w-|- tell her a won-
terrace. A startled servant or two dertul tale as to how be and his ally
came forward and gave the necessary compassed Voski's death. He will lell
assistance'to convey the body to the ],ow Diat death entailed the death of
dimly-lighted corridor. I u-s companion."
"(io  lo  the  vlllags  and   fetch   the]    ���it   js a   fearfully   dangerous   posh
constable," said Geoffrey.    "We have U\on ���>
found a dead body on llie beach." ..oni |t ,s    |iu| Tehigorsky will not.
The servant went off; the gallery j mi,1(i tbat. lie loves danger for its
was deserted. In a few minutes the own sake, And he will be able to act
family would he in the house again, tlle eharacter to ths life. Ile speaks
and the story would have to be lold.!|llB language perfectly; lie is up to all
Tehigorsky looked cautiously from his . lll0 rite3 am- e.-reu onies. Tehigorsky
hiding place. | wj]1 not fail."
"Is the coast clear?'  he asked. |     yiie  inquest   was appointed  for the
"Perfectly clear," said Geoffrey.        afternoon.    It  wis not  likely to last
Tehigorsky came forward. For a iong anu the verdict in the minds
long time he examined the body. The , (lf mo8t peopie waa a foregone conclu-
regret on his face was tempered by a alon T-ctiigorsky bad walked out into
gleam of grim satisfaction. I th(! darkness,  he  had stumbled over
"It is very like you," said Geoffrey, i ������, (.liffs and tnere waa an end of the
"It  is  me," Tehigorsky  whispered,  niatter,
"You are to recognize it as me.   The ,    Meanwhile    the  police  seemed  to
idea is that 1 fell over Die cliffa In the bave talu,n possession of Die house,
darkness and was drowned. I will ex-1 \|ul a]] |lle HnR, Tehigorsky was seat-
plain later.    Somebody comes.' . e(] ju a com(ortable lounge In Ralph's
Tehigorsky darted oil ns Marion ap-  room smoking cigarettes and making
peered.   She looked while and agitat-  plans tor t)ie future,
ed. ��� p Geoffrey had gone out afler lunch-
"Another horror," she said. Sims eon ne would not be wanted for a full
just told me.   Who is it?' , hom, all(i  resent��d the vulgar curlos-
"I regret lo say it is Dr. Tcliigor- jty 0|. (llcae strangei'B. Already some
sky," said Ralph, "lie must have4-ot t-,e jUrv had arrived, and .were crlti-
walked over the cliff In the darkness. caliy examining the broken balus-
See here." | trades with an owl like wisdom which
Minion henl over the body with aI )n ()tn(,r circumstances would have
shudder. been amUslng.
"Poor fellow, she sunt tenderly. Geoffrey walked along up the slope
"Tehigorsky beyond a doubt.
Ralph turned away, as if in grief.
Hut the grin on his face was the grin
of Mephlstopheles.
towards Jessop's farm. He met a smnll
governess cart drawn by u donkey
coming down the hill. In it was Mrs.
May driving slowly along. She pulled
up ns she saw Geoffrey ami held out
her hand. Her face was very clear
nnd bright  today.
(To be Continued)
Mrs.  May is  Pleased
Geoffroy was fain to confess thai
he couldn't quite follow.  He turned to I
Ralph, who once more had recovered      Canadian  trade  commissioners    :n
his     old   expression���an   expression. England report a big demaud for Can-       	
tinged with profound regret. From the ndian apples, because il is generally   0u  anc|  gas  deposits  of  Canada   l
the stalk.
Considerable enthusiasm was aroused among lhe members of the lOconom-
ic Society, nnd In view of tbe fact
that the entire canning outfits, particulars of which may lie had from
Prof. Lee of the Manitoba Agricultural
College, cost only n few dollars, many
presenl signified Iheir intention of installing one of tliese lime saving and
money saving apparatus, and ot thus
economizing the products of Iheir own
g.v.-dens, and cutting down living expenses.
Mr. Newton delivered a very pointed and interesting address, in which
he pointed out that if such outfits
were used throughout the west, the
actual productive powers of the country would he increased fiO per cent,
and fruit and vegetables now thrown
away nnd left to rot, would instead
be preserved and would represent a-
saving of hundreds of thousands of
dollars. Mr. Newton amused llie meeting by telling how he bought a large
number of turkeys in the winter, and
Just when the frost, was breaking up
in the spring he found he had fifty
birds left. He could not eat fifty
birds, he explained, in a week or ten
days, so he decided lo can them. This
he did, and Mr. Newton Is still eating
turkey as fresh and delicious as
Ibough it had been killed and dressed
expressly   for  his   Christmas  dinner.
us fact is Intonating hecause it
shows lhat practically anything can
be canned hy the outfits advocated by
the Agricultural College.
A market gardener from St. Nor-
herl also addressed the meeting and
explained that he had sowed over two
acres of beans expressly for canning.
lie slaled that the usefulness of such
an outfit to the market gardener wus
incalculable, hecause ii enabled him
to preserve whal be would otherwlso
have tn throw away or sell at unprofitable prices.
Survey   of  Oil   and   Gas   Deposits
V comprehensive    survey    of I in
hall below came the tones of Rupert believed that large quantities will
Ravenspur demanding lo know what probably find tbelr way to the troops
il  was all about. in the theatres of war.    As a'result
"Go and tell your grandfather," they state that a severe stiffening ot
Ralph said quietly. "Everybody who the retail i nd wholesale prices is'cer-
comes near us is fated ,it. seems. Poor ain, Owing, however, to shipping dif-
Tchigoraky is no more. He was a Acuities and the shortage or vessels,
mysterlus man, and wonderfully re- ] the prospects of there being large Can-
tlcent as to his past life, but he was ndian imports are not bright. While
the most interesting man I ever met, some experts think tha* eighty million
But I shall never hear anything more barrels from Canada and the United
about Tibet." 'stales will he forthcoming, others cal-
"He was a very old friend of ciilale on'only half that amount reach-
yours?" Marion asked. i ing Britain.
"Not   so  very old,"  Ralph    replied. "
"And I should hardly call blm a friend. The census of New Vork shows
We were mutually interested in cer- 586,103 women and girls working
tain scientific matters.    But as to the   outside of tlieir homes.
under preparation for the government
by the mines brunch, it. will deal particularly with gas in Ontario, the oil
resources In Ontario and Alberta, and
thc oil shares of lhe maritime provinces. Tlio surveys so fa.' show good
possibilities and when completed they
will form a good idea as to permanent
values. II. is understood lhat tha
showing of - in Alberta is not sncli
as to justify the specul.tlon which
occurred last year there on the basis
of certain  oil discoveries.
Wife���Oh, George, you've broken
your promise.
Husband���Never mind, dearie; I'll
make another.
W. N. V. 1071
is good test' /Jfc
Make the Liver
Do its Duty
Nine limes in ten when ihc liver Is right llie
stomach and bowels are right.
gently bul firmly com.
pel ��� lazy liver lo
do ils duty
Cures Con-
Headache, and Distress after Estinn.
Small Pill, Small Dose. Small Price.
v��fjr*.uine rauit bear Signature
Seed Potatoes
It lias beta quite generally believed
that   n   small   potato   seed   will   yield
I jusl ns largo ii crop as large tubers
I Extensive   tests  made  at  the South
Dakota   expi riuieiii sinlion, however,
prove quite conclusively    thai    this
theory is not irue in practice, in these
experiments the use of sljeable seed
produced a greater proportion of potatoes of de drable size than the use
of culls.    'The type of potatoes  nro-
i duced from culls used as seed is meas-
jin-ahly smnller. iii the flrsl generation.
from   those produced    from selected
tubers,   The   results   of   thia expert-
��� ment   furnish   quantitative   ct Ide i
;lh;il the use of culls for seen causes
:' potatoes io run on' N'ol only Is the
| type of potatoes produced Pr  selected seed larger than from mills, snys
the experimenters, bul ulso the
nge weighl oi tubi ra produc
greati r.
Winter Dairying Pays
'd   is
The best
yeast in
\ the world.
, Makes
The Match
Of Today
tlu* perfected product ��f
over 60 years experience in
thc match making business.
Silent Parlor
If correctly field and struck
on any rough surface, is warranted to give a steady, clear
light, first stroke.
The E.B.Eddy Co.
A Cure For Rheumatism.���-A pnln
ful nml perslsteni form of rheumatism
is caused by Impurities in the blood,
thc resuli of ih fi i live notion of lhe
liver nml liiuii' j     The blood b cotnoa
tainted  by  the  Introtluctioi  of uric
Hi-Id. wlijch onuses much pnin In Die
llssiii's find In Die join I x. I'lirmelee's
Vegetable l'ills ure known lo buve effected many remarkable cures, mul
their use is strongly recommended. A
trial of them ��ill convince anyone of
their raluo.
\ perfect
\\ bread.
ll _......
A  Bump For Science
\ small boy rambled Into n groo
i-ry store, followed by the usual dog
uml stepped up to where tbe proprlei
or wus busy wrapping something on
Die counter.
"Hello, Mr, Jones," snid the boy,
glancing toward the cako box. "Give
us a peek of pertaters, please.'
"All right," returned tho grocery-
man, proceeding to measure out lho
tuber?, "and while I am getting them
list look ul I li i -in uud think. Did il
ever occur to you that they contain
water, sugar nnd starch?"
"No," answered the boy
heard anything about your
but everybody snys there's
beans in your coffee und
your sugar."
"I never
pens and
sand in
SnriiiHIunk- bettor Ihan liiir-n nnd lit?
'-���iiiiilry mils wash li with sonp ������
����inr. All stores or direct. Slate style
and ��itc I'd sac we will mail you .
61 Fra����r Avenue, Toronto, Ontario
Don't full  to procure
For   Your   Children   Whits   Teething
lt soothes the Child, Softens lhe ciiinia,
Allays tho Pain, Dispels Wind folic, and
Is tlio Best Remedy for Infantllo Diarrhoea.
misTT-nVE CENTS A smir.
Catarrh Cannot Be Cured
with   LOCAL  APPLICATIONS,   as   tbey
cannot reach tho sent of the disease. Catarrh is a blood or constitutions disease,
and In order lo cure il yon must take Internal remedies.   Hall's Catarrh Cur's is
taken  Internally, and aels directly upon
lho  blood and  mucous surfaces.    Hall's
'Catarrh Cure Is not a uiiuck medicine, ll
was prisiiilied by ono of the' besl physicians in this country for years and Is a
J regular prescription,    it Is composed of
: tlio best, tonics known, combined with the
best blood pui-lflcr, actlnedirectly on tho
mucous  surfaces.  Tho perfect  combination of the two Ingredients is what produces such  wonderful results  In  curing
ealarrh.  Send  for  testimonials,  free,
F. J. CHENEY & CO., Props., Toledo, 0.
Sold by Druggists,  price 75c
Take Mall's Family Pills for Constipation.
The Boy as a Partner
Encourage  the   Boy   to   Stay   on  the
Farm by Giving Him on Interest
in the Business I
II doesn't seem right thai the boys
should bo often feel thai they must
leave lioine for prolltuble and attractive employment, In most oilier lines
of business it is the hope of tho business man to sec his sons follow in the
same business nnd lake il over when
he leaves it. Plans are made to that
end, and the boy Is trained up to a
thorough understanding of the business. Of course it doesn't always
work out ns planned, but every effort
Is made by the parent in most cases.
On too many farms every energy
seems to be directed toward driving
the boy away from the farm as soon
as he is old enough to get away. Very
often bis father wants blm to stay,
urges and sometimes commands him
to stay. But it is too late. The boy
has never been made to feel that he
is a partner in the business of that
fnrm. is'otliing is ever talked over
with him; nothing is ever explained.
And it isn't any wonder he proceeds
to hike. Tliere are exceptions to this
unfortunate method. Letters written
on neatly printed fai'm stationer**
sometimes come, and on it the managers of Die farm nro gravely announced as ",\. ll. C. & Hon." closer acquaintance often reveals the fact that
the "Son" may be ten, fifteen or twenty years old.���Oklahoma Farmer.
ttfOitt**,'OUT at 80KTB''RUN DOWN' '{JOT thQILUKS*
CI) RON [C Wf:*KNCbS.i I.I K Iiii,SKIN KRl'P IH'S'i.ril.KS,
lb-ma tfiiejtta an.I WONUi'Kriu, cures efTcctud br
THB NEWrilBNCH REMEDY. Nol ��.,2 N.3
thtrsmedr for vor it OWN ailment. Absolute!-? FRES
tio'tsllat* up circular**. No obliBaiionn. l)R. LeCI-KkC
$2 to $5
A DAY an I commission paid. Local representatives. Either sex. Experience
unnecessary. Sparc time accepted-
Nichols Limited, Publishers, Toronto.
Sweden's Army
The Swedish army is now the largest ami most efficient in the country's
history. Since lhe outbreak of the
-war tho army bus been almost doubled, il now aggregates 640,000 trained men, of whoi i 1180,000 ure troops
ot the llrst line and the remainder
landstrum. New training schools established since tlle war commenced
liavo added 60,000 non-commissioned
officers to the army.
Burning Met.il is Used With Shrapnel
The correspondent of the London
Morning Post at Petrograd sends the
following: "A new application is reported of ihe German Invention I have
previously mentioned. It serves to
show- how Germany develrps the
scientific side of her efforts as the war
"The incendiary fire bombs, whicli
contain some composition producing
sufficient heal to start a flame In anything that will burn, are now familiar.
The Germans have invented a method
of using something similar In the form
of, or combined with, shrapnel.
"Reports say any man struck by
shrapnel from these things is terribly
burned, the burns often proving fatal,
even when only a limb is struck.
"Presumably phosphorus enters into
Ihe consumption of this new weapon,
as also do certain poisonous bullets."
Mothers can easily know when (heir
children are troubled witli worms, and
they lose no time in applying the best
nf remedies���.Mother Graves' Worm
Teuton Revenge
The Qermntis   may   retaliate   for
lhe changing of tho names of Petrograd and  I'rzcmsyl by renaming the
Polish capital Warsausage.
Minard's  Liniment  Cures Dandruff,
Me was the slowest boy on earlh
and had beer, fired at three places in
two weeks, so his parents had apprenticed him to a naturalist.
But even he found him slow. It
took him two hours to give the canaries their seed, and lo slick a pin
through a ,'.ead butterfly and four to
pick a convolvus. The only point
about him was thai he was .filling,
"And what," he nsked. having spent
a whole afternoon changing the gold
fishes'  water,  "shall   I  tlo  now,  sir?"
The naturalist ran his lingers
through his locks.
"Well, Robert," he replied, at length.
"I think you might lake the tortoise
out for a run."
Freedom for the Poles
In addressing the relchstag, the
German chancellor, Von Bethmann-
Hollweg, referred to the recent victories of the kaiser's armies In Russian Poland. In part he said: "The
present occupation of the Polish east
frontier is the beginning of an evolution whicli will lead the country, freed
from the Russia,-, yoke, towards a
brighter future, in whicli she will be
ablo to develop and cultivate her national character. Further German and
Austrian victories will free the Balkan
nations from oppression, and make
possible the principle of 'the Balkans
for the Balkan nations.'" Were Germany to be the final victor in tbis
world-conflict sli9 would emancipate
the Poles and the Balkan peoples just
as she has lifted the peoples of Alsace-Lorraine and Belgium to constitutional freedom.
Mrs. Wttllaby���De agent says if we
ain't got do ''cut nex' Monday we's got
to git out-
���Sam Wullaby���Nex' Monday'.' Den
we doan' need ter vforry fo' de nex' fo'
The latest official reports regarding
the harvest show that Italy needs 2,-
040,000,00(1 pounds of grain l'or her
consumption until next year. Most of
this grain, it is understood, will be
purchased in America.
Produ;tion     is   Greatest   When
Cows   Freshen   in   Fall
There  are so  mnny  advantages  In
having dairy cows    come   fresh  in
the fall, while Die disadvantages are
but very few. if any, that one wonders why so little   progress Is beingI
made In lhat direction.    Those who!
have silos, und no one can afford lui
dairy without a silo in these days of
high priced land, should be especially I
anxious to have al least two-thirds ofl
their cows calve in the fall of the
September is a good month to have'
the cows freshen.   If grass is short at !
that time it can    be supplemented i
wilb  silage iiiiiI  tlle necessary grain,
and  ibus the How of mill;  brought .
up io   Die largesl amount  possible.
Later, with nn abundance of buccu-
lenl   feed at hand, the milk  flow can J
easily ic maintained throughoui the I In every Town in Canadu
. winl. r months.    Then,    by  tin-  liine   i<c,    r-        r'l    I      "
grass comes and the cows have given    sterling utotnes   to
milk for seven or elghl months and They are absolute
lhe flow lends to diminish, it will be   ��v ..    ,
Irevived when    :ows are turned  Write for pttrticu
on good pasture, while in July and
| August  when  the  llics  are   had   and'
conditions are against a liberal Howl
I of milk,  Ihc cows  are either dry or
very soon will be.
In other words, the cow Unit |
calves in the fall has n much better j
opportunity to produce a large
| amount of milk and butterfat in a
season than the one thai freshens in!
I the spring. This is readily appreciated upon a littlo reflection. Sup-
I pose a cow freshens in May u hep
pastures are good. She gives a large
flow of milk during Mny and June,
first because feed is abundant, and
second . because she has recently
freshened. But. no sooner has she
started than the hot months of July
and August with fiies nnd perhaps
dried up pastures are upon her and
the milk flow immediately drops-
When cooler weather returns nnd
grass revives there will be a slight
Increase In the yield of milk, but a
full flow normal for that period cannot be obtained till the cow hasl""111'
calved again. This means thai a
herd of low producing cows inusl he And tl
carried through the winter months.
with profits greal Iy reduced, hut the
labor remaining practically the same.
It does not lake quite So long lo
milk a. cow giving a small annum I
ot milk as    one    producing a  large
flow,  but.  if requires  just as  much
labor to feed    and  care    for a  low
producer us for the highest producer
in  the  world, and  the  task of doing
the other chores is the same for nil
kinds of cows,
lt is safe to say that  a given cow
will produce   twenty per cent, more
milk and butterfat when she calves
in the full    than    when she  comes
fresh in Ihe spring.   This increase in
production should in itself be. enough
to cause  any dairyman  to at  least
have the majority of his cows freshen
in the fall, but there are more  factors  favoring the  practice.    One  of
these is the higher price which dairy
products command    in    winter than
in summer,    Another is the cheaper
labor.   Labor  is  cheapest during the
period   when  milk  and   butter  bring
the   highest   prices   on   the market.
Then, too, the   farmer    himself can
devote more    time    to   the cows in
winter when   farm   work is reduced
to a minimum and  his  time  is  not
so valuable.   The   first three months
after  spring opens    are the  busiest  ,
in   the   whole   year   for the farmer,! m common.   |:i:ii':
just when cows   that calve    in the
spring need the most attention.   The
Inevitable result is more or less neglect, and neglect curly in the lactation period is mighty expensive business.
When It   comes   to   raising skim
milk calves,    those born in tho
soon  learn  to  cat grain  and  filestore grow faster than those that aro
dropped just as grass comes and do
not learn to eat. grain before extreme
Selling- Agents
i to sell
Sterling Tailoring Co..
535 College Street,   -   Toronto
City Wife More Lonesome
Than Farm Woman
Author    Declares     Monotonous   L. :j
Abound   in   Nineteenth   VV.irJ.
The writer of early Ann rican
the middle west and far uesi ���
sizes  the  hardships  Buffere lb]
women     pioneers   who  accompa
Iheir   husbands   on   the   plun ���"   I
the "wildi rness,"  and  polnl
wearying monotony of life led
men on the frontiers.
Tlie  student   of Bgrli niter. I
culls attention to the d i ar*
women   whose   fai mi i   hii   ai
to give them r iliel
monotony of work on the far
veil- r across tha d
which lie just east of Die |'...
pities the women wlm must pais l
lives in the monotony ol "an
and doss not marvel when -
thai   many  becom i    "eccenti
some actually  insane  under  tli
rilie strain.
But  accordtni
; ileiie. who bus j
I ef Investigation
working class, i
Lu il  ���   H
ti 'i  i
'    I'."     Hi
ara women
A swell chicken can always get up
stares without an elevator.
It's a bum adage���".Marry in haste-
repent at leisure." Married ginks
have no leisure.
A Londoner wai
country relative th
one day recently,
out.a magnificent
snowing nom-
sights of London
ind was pointing
Id residence built
Family Foad
Toothsome    and Requires
iin the boundaries of the
.esi city in the countrj
are jtiBt as dreary, Just as mon l
just as maddening us the liv       if the
pioneer   women.   Die   women   ot   I
farm, and the women of the deser
Miss Windctte's investigations "   ������
confined   chiefly   in   Die    .Vi.: ���
ward where condition.* were;'".:.:
leal of those in many oD: r parts ��� :
Chicago.   In her report, which Is   in-
titled   "Life   and   Work   Am  ng     i ��� . ���
Neighbors," she roviews in detail I
various phases of Ufa among the wcra
ing people-
Mere are some of her conclusion -
"No thoughtful person ean
struck  by Die monotony wl
acterizes the  life of mosl
women in the working clas
less marked iu Die more "���;
districts, where the life i, i
:   .:
. who live i
tha whole
ill to
h i .
T Is
id m
better than shut-in
streets and spend
doors, when their
"The young mother who ha* all '   -
care of a growing family of childi  ���
has  little  opportunity    tor    iir:r!:,-
fall  about.   .She may step into her n .
hor's house, or meet others i:i tlie yar:
or on the front doorstep to gossip, !>
rarely does she go farther.
is able to gel away for a I u
heat and millions of flies begin to
make life miserable for them. Then,
too, fall calves, it intended for the
dairy, can be bred to drop their first
calves in the fall as two year olds.���
.Montreal Family Herald.
years ngo by u fiuiio::.: nnd rather unscrupulous lawyer of his time.
"And,"  Die Londoner    was nskc:
"was he able io build
thnt by his practice?"
"Yes," was Die repley
tice and his practices."
a house like
"hy his prac-
Liniment    Cures   Burns,
VI. N. U. 1071
Dr. Charles J I. Pankhursl in his
witty war on cosmetics said in a rc-,
cent, lecture iu New  York:
"A girl am', a man sat under a palm
in a. rose garden on a soft March
evening at St. Augustine.
"'Is vour love true?' the girl asked,
"'As true.' thc man answered in
low, passionate tones, 'as the delicate
flush on your cheek.'
"'Oh���er���ah,' the girl stammered,
hurriedly, 'isn't the���er-don'i the
roses smell sweet?"���New York
Frail von Schmidt (of Berlin)��� Otto, where are we going for our holidays ihis summer?
Otto���Well���er���there's  furl's***,
A llllle hoy asked his molhcr to
write au account of how Grape-Nuts
food had helped their family.
She says Grape-Nuts was first
brought to her attention where she
������While I was there I used the food behind It
; regularly,   I gained weight and felt so dealer.
w'ell thai when I returned home I be-1
igan    using Grape-Nuts In the fnmlly
| regularly.
".My litile lS-months-old baby short-
I ly after being weaned was very ill
wiii'e teething. She was sick nine
weeks and we tried everything. 'She
became so emaciated that, it was painful to handle her and we thought wc
were going to lose her. One day a
happy thought urged me to try Grape-
Nuts soaked iu a little warm milk.
"Well, it worked like a charm and
she began taking it. regularly and improvement set in at once. Sho grew
well and round and fat as fast as possible on Grape-Xuts.
"Sometime ago several of the family were stricken with La Grippe at
the same time, and during the worst
stagas they could not relish anything
in the shape of food but Grape-Nuta
and oranges, everything else was nauseating.
"We all appreciate what your famous food has done for our family,"
"There's a Reason."
Name given by Canadian   Postum
Co., Windsor, Out.
Ever read the above letter? A new
one appears from time to time. They
are genuine, true, and full of human
Makes Breathing Easy.���The constriction of tho air passages and thc
struggle for breath, too familiar evidence of asthmatic trouble, cannot
daunt Dr. J. D. Kellogg's Asthma Itom-
cdy. This is Die famous remedy
which is known far anil wide for its
complete effectiveness even under
very savero conditions. It is no untried, experimental preparation, but
one with m .ny years of strong sprvict-
Buy it from your nearest
[ Theory and  Practice
An engineer   named Frank Koester
has written a book, "Secrets of Ger-
I man Progress,"    which the publisher
I advertises as contrasting the Amcri-
i can commonwealth with German democracy.   H seems that Germany has
an infinitely better government, better
journalism and art an dfinance, better
schools and industrial methods, better
methods of housing and city planning,
a superior navy, and that the German
i army  is   "the  greatest  organization
'which has ever been perfected by thc
brain of man."   Mr. Koester was born. J
raised, and educated in Germany, but
has lived the l"**t twelve years In the
United States, and  he is  not going
hack to Germany.   Why?   Doesn't he
believe his own BtUff-?���Prom Collier's.
I If   .  ���
:   ' a
Mi   i
.:i  t
'   :
. e:
.-  i
,o   has
evening at  Ihe  movies  .-
ually take the bah} wltb
"Education,   an    a rub
among  both  Jewish  and
men,   sadly   narrows   tar:.'
sources, and in Lie deadeiih
ony of tlieir live:;, these  v
often becom:- hopeless dru
"Where   there  are  threa
young children,  especial!;
arms,  illness  or  flnaneii i
heavily   npoi.   the   mother,
then to he nurse, cook, and In::
all In en.', without propi r u: an -
support either the children or b
To this cooking and washing lor :;���. i
lodgers is generally added, who. i: u I-
employed, slay about-the house.
"Jewish women I.ave much moi
freedom than the Italian women. :���:���.,
can decide nothing abot;'. the house c*
children, cr even BPend a penny without lha husband's eonser.t. The Jewitflt
wife often works with her husband,
and thus chips make the living. Th -
Jewish people like to live v. ei:. and
the women are exceedingly foal ot
jewellery and fine clothas.
"Mothers' clubs are conducted at
Hull house and at most of the settlements and missions iu the neighborhood. Few learn to speak English,
but a limited vocabulary is gained by
contact witli otber women and a small
circle of new friends. An acquaintance who conducts a weekly meeting
of Die class under consideration  re-
Minard's Liniment Relieves Neural
Pretty Good, Too
Sert���Well, old Herl sot soi
out of his wife's new  hat.
Sert���ll came in such a big box that
he used Ihc box for a guraae for his
ports  that  the hour thus
marked  as  the  one   plea:
week and the only time v.
den of housework is laid ���
cago Tribune.
spent  is
nre   in
Is no more nee*?S';Mr-j
than Smallpox, Array
experience hi; derao33t.\Ue<l
the almost mine uio;* I effi��
Cacy, r.r.dh��rm'r.Viic::s,tf Ant ity pri old Vaccinatioa.
Be ft] cctnatcd NOV/ by your phytic lap, yju jM
Tom family-   It it more rltal Uuia bowe Insurance*
Ask your physician, dftlfffflltj or ,e0,l 'or "HJ* *
you had Typlioidi1" teUJaB r,f TyplulJ Vacciat,
renults from use, and dancer from TyphoiJ Cirricr-u
mi: cutter laboratory, tiEiifitm, cal
ie Telephone
Is Always Available
Day   or   Night
WHEN Emergencies arise, and
they  arise  frequently,  as-
    sistance can always be secured by means of the telephone.
It is at your right hand, ready for
service day or night.
It may be the doctor has to be
summoned, and if so, no time
need be lost. Help may be need-
from your neighbor, from the
police���rely on the telephone
The Telephone is the greatest of
all domestic utilities. What is the
cost compared to the security and
se.-se of relief in knowing that
the means of instant communication  is available  at any time
.1  C,  Telephone   Co.,   Limited
The Ford Garage has installed an
\ '   me is Welding Outfit
the Oxo-Acetylene System
Somet   ii > that   bas been  bally   needed in this district for a
there are thousand*) of dollars worth of castings
iption   in cast  iron, brass,   aluminum, unliable,
j      soft- eel  etc., thrown   away every year, that could be made
. .ven stronger than when new  for less than half
lew nne  costs.    Anything  from   a  stove  lifter  to  a
nkshaft, bring it alone; we can fix it
Telephon    .46
,,..[ I,,,.
Guarantei :....  Assurance
Co., I     ited
Tlie Ocean Accident and
Guarantee Corporation
if ���-.- ���^ai>t:,.?mr>tnutti*anRr.jnx sn:,.-ja
Vwnrded     University    Agricultural
College Diploma, London, Eng, 1904
-   .'
.i'i ;'
In itify my numerous friends that I no longer represent the British Columbia Investments,
Limited, nud lhe Comox Land Corporation, Limited,
aud shall iu future trade in my own name.
Letter to The Editor
Editor Review,
Sir;���Kindly allow a visitor to
say that the large attendance at
your Agricultural Show mu>t prove
a pleasant reward to its management for ih ir strenuous labors to
mule it a success, especially to the
verv courteous and iudefatiguable
secretary, also J. Davis whose assistance and advice appeared to be
at the service of ull, It bus been
said that the onlooker sees mos-t "I
the game, assttn.ing that to be sn,
may un outsider and well wisher
make a suggestion or two for tit.
tine exhibitions, not criticisms, It
seems a necessity, judging from the
large and varied number of exlpb
its. a most creditable display foi
the dry season, tb.it ;i large addition
to the hall would be an advantage,
and especially more light, take I'm
instance the paintings and drawings
wliieh would have gained materially could tbey have been hunt; in a
good light, a necessity it they nie
to be studies with pleasure and
profit. In reletenc' lo these I was
amazed to find thai a couple of cabbage received as huge again a prize
as an oil painting, water color or
other drawing, certainly nut over
encouragement cf ait, though it
reflects considerable astuteness of
farmers aud gardeners who persum
ably arrange the prize list. Then
there is Ihe ladies needlework, evidently there was not bull' enough
room, this very valvable exhib't
which must have absorb, d months
of patient industry should not be
handled and tossed about before the
different articles can be examined,
despite the care and energy of the
ladies in charge of tbat department
which must have made heavj demands upon their nerves nnd good
tempers. Agricultural shows, like
chutches, would be failures to a
great extent if it were not for womens wu-.k and assistance, indeed
many of the latter would have to
close their doois unless men developed more activity in church
service. If a strictly carried out
rule was adopted that none but the
judges should be allowed to handle i
exhibits and tba* suitable too n '���
should be alloted lo each exhibitor!
who should arrange his or ber exhibit to wbat tbey consider the
best advantage,   tbey   would   then
Buggies and Express Wagons
All Riga Guaranteed aud Sold ;ii tlit? lowest Possible Trice
Blacksmith at d Carring** Builder COURTENAY
Sand and Gravel
SIDNEY,  13. C.
Rates Kn
J.   K-   AS TO IS
Logger's Shoes tin le to order.
In Norlh and South, in East
and West,
Aston's Handmade Shoes wil)
stan ! the Test.
Hotel Arrivals
At tlie Riverside lasl . eek .1. J bane.
Vancouver : J. O'Donohue, Victoria; II.
Will, Victoria ; W. I-;. Dunsutu, J. R.
Ilavne, Toiotllo ; Geo. Newlniry, San
l'riincisco ; 11. A. I.iuuenee, ("cuttle :
(ire. II. Donne, .Mr. and Mrs. II. May-
itard, Miss Smith, Mr. and Mrs. W. 0,
lice, Max Morrison, I-:. (',. Roebottom,
A. Sullivan, (',. Dunlop, W. II. Stednimi
Jus. Moss, N. (I. Smith, A. II. Tobiu
and wife, Victoria ; A. R. I-Ieauies, I-'.A.
Rielurlsjin, \V, ti. Richardson, F. Johnston, II. Amesbin-j, M. li. Rector. Vancouver ; |. R, Vuiiug, Saskatoon ; 11,
Mailer, C, Stockwell, A. Wilkensoii ai d
wife, J. II. Hoilgins, C. II. Barber, Geo,
Fletcher and wife-, Nanaimo; A. Peel,
Headquarters : C. I*. Parker, cumber-
laud ; Walter Woodhus, Miss Woodhu-s
Oyster River ; R, Scanlon, It. Moouey,
Powell River ; Frank Ford, Shearwater,
September Report
Cor 'ected
The attendance in the tbree divisions of the public school is as follows:
Primary Division���Total enroll*-
ment 38, average attendance 34.
Intermediate Division ���Total en-
bave no cause for complaint against ryllment 30| average attendance 25
nvone if thev were unsuccessful, l
ail of which is only surgessed, and]
the best intent for satisfactory results. The following is no reflection on the management. The
Red Cross Society offer to raise
funds i.s worthy of every support
we c. n individually give it, we are
all under gn at obligations to our
boys at the front, but it would be
wi 11 if each collector was supplied
with sufficient small change to give
lo anyone tendering a dollar bill,
wishing to giee io or 25 cents, it i.s
uiibnrrasing tu bave to sny or be
told "I have only 25 cents change"
aud aftet au awkward pause the
donor feels constrained to say "Oh
well keep the rest." No, they
may not be able to afford 75 cents
Three new soldiers arrived for
the Lazo guard on Tuesday. Ptes
Crawford and Tulpotleft vesterdny
for Victoria, where Mr, Ttilpot
expects to join tbe 67th for overseas work.
A lot ot wreckage is coming inlo
Kye Bay from ibe steamer "Capi-
biiio.' wliieh was wrecked oil the
mainland a couple of weeks ago.
Senior   Division      'Polnl   enrollment 22, average attendance 20.
E. V. DanAKD, Princip il,
Courtenay Church Club.
A meeting of those interested in
the forma lion of a club in comic-
tion with the Presbyterian church
of Courtenay was held in the church
on Tuesday the 121I1 inst. Some
society in which a pleasant and
profitable evening might he spent
each week bas been a long felt want
in lhe district. The subjects to bt
discussed are to be of a religious,
pnttiotic and literary nature In
addition to these subjects it is the
intention of tbe club lo have one
,-oeiai 1 veiling each month. The
first meeting of tbe club will be
he.d on Friday evening of next
week and it i.s to be of a social nature. The social will be held in
the basement of the church and is
scheduled to conunencd al 8 o'clock
sharp. All those wishing to join
the club are invited to be present
on Friday evening when all for
uiation regarding nieiiibi r
be given. Come aud enjoj
sunt evening and tlo your
making the club a sue.ess.
Cumberland Hold
Good Accomodation      Cusiue Ivxcellen
Win. Merryfield
Plant New
Antinhiniiin  'snapdargon)various
Aquilegia   | Columbine | while
Iceland Poppies,   yellow
Wallflowers, Sutton's Blood Red
Fire King ((range
Hollyhocks, Mixed
Coreopsis, Large Yellow
Alvs-utn,   yellow
Plants 5 cenis each, d for 25 cent
of MISS GAME, Comox.
Inspection invited.
Orders may be left  with Shepherd
& Urn bv
The   Coinox   Barber   Shop
Oldest Shop in Courtenay
Nothing   But   First   Class   Work
Guaranteed.    Baths in connection
C.  E.   OALRVMIT,]-, Prop.
Willard's Harness Emporium
Fine Showing of  Horse   Blankets,   Lap
Rugs,  Gloves, Trunks, Suit Cases, J'tc.
Harness Repaired Neatly
Ci:m!*er!r.r.() ant! Conrtes'iiy
Swan's O)'} ,Cla;�� 3, Courtenay
-Ar~A*A2crr- :.r:^i.-ocA::
Sutton & Kirkwood
-  0
Undertakers and
Night or Day Ci
lis |Prc
p  rt in   ���    ���-**���".������*���������
In Aid of the Red Cross, in
Courtenay Opera House
Friday, October 15
Painless Dental Parlors
*���'     VANCOUVER
Good Program
Admission 25c


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