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The Review May 6, 1915

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**************************************** ***���*<
Can ttO_ bfl dono any iftt_r, ami
not unite so well anywhere else
hereabouts. Our type ami inaeliin-
ery is complete uml The Heview
prices .we right
j Classified Ads.
X Muke   your  littl.   Wants   known
J through a Clwatfied Adv___ment
I in The Review   -   -   -   Phone 59
VOL. 3
NO. 23
Agricultural Grounds
Saturday, May 8, at 2 O'clock
Household Furniture and Effects;
Several Head of Dairy Cattle
Particulars on posters <��r tr nu
Real 1'. tale A.m'iili nud Auctioneers
Phone 10 Courtenay
Telephone 34
Next Royal Bank
Where  everybody goes  for  choice
Candies, Cigars, Tobaco, Fruit,
Vegetables, Groceries, 'Etc.
Phone 40
Fresh   Arravals
A Fresh Shipment of
the  famous
"Fleet Foot"
Tennis and Running
Shoes   have  arrived
We keep them in Men's, Boy's and Ladie's Sizes
See Our Show Windows
Local Lines
Mr. Bigelow was seriously injur-
1 wlii'e blasting on liis  ranch one
day last week.    He was   taken to
the Coinox Hospital.
Mr. Ridley   Thompson  rejoined
his regiment, the 4tli Hussars, as
soon as he reached Kngland, not
the Worcestershire Yeomanry as
previously reported in these col-
, nuins.
The Bible Classof the Presbyter-
iati church intend holding a pic nie
'on Thursday afternoon, May i,.,
( Ascension dav.) The pic nie will
he held across the bridge from the
Condensory. Friends ol lhe class
are also invited to attend
Those who were present at the ]
entertainment given by the "1915
Follies" at the Opera House on
Thursday evening were exceedingly pleased with the programme
1 presented. The singing was very
I good and the character work was
decidedly entertaining,
Bn Mooring and John Day have
dissolved partnership in the general
I blaeksmi thing business. Mr.
Mooring will continue in the business at the old stand. He has jus'.
installed a complete new   outfit  of
j machinery and tools,   also  a  good
stock of wood work, etc.. and   wi
be prepared to   do   work   on   the
shortest notice.
The Girl. Guild lea last Friday
was a very su:: ssfttl affair,
Mr. J. Gatlincole, of Royston,
has gone to the front. He will
assist in building shelters for the
allies iu France. Hardy & Biscoe
have been instructed to sell his
household effects by auction at the
Agricultural grounds ou Saturday
May S.
The Kckhart family of Swiss bell
ring*rs will give at) exhibition of
bell ringing in the Opera House on
Monday evening next, May to,
This ii the 15th consecutive season
Ihey have been on the road.
Everyone who hears them are always well plea ed with them.
Keep tbe date in mind Monday,
next. May 10. The prices are
Adults 5o cents. Children 25.
Since assuming charge of the
business of McPhee & Morrison,
Wallace McPhee has made a number of changes in the store, and all
for the better. The grocery aud
hardware departments have been
reversed. \ handsome plate glass
window has been let into tlie east
corner, and a sidewalk lias been
built along the east side of the
store. No one coining across ihe
bridge can fail to notice tlie improved appearance of the store, aud
][ when the window gets properly
dressed will greatly improve the
appearance of the front.
Tbe names of those who donated
Ito tbe linen  collection for   tlie soldiers will be printed next week.
EJlmer I.oggie and Oscar Davis
came into port this morning with
about 1.5 live salmon which they
caught oil Hornby Island.
( A bee is being held at the
] Athletic Park this afternoon to put
the football grounds iu shape. It
'is now up to the footballers to get
busy and practice. No one who is'
j not a member of the Associatiou
j will   be   allowed   to   play   on   tlie
grounds at any time.
I A service was held last Sunday
'evening in St. John's church in
| memory of the Canadian soldiers
who feil m the recent fighting, and
especially of the late Private Chas.
I Grundy, of the Princess Patricia's,
1 who was a member of   the  Church
of England. At the conclusion of
! the service Mendel* ihon's Funeral
! March was played while the con-
I jregation stood.    A memorial tab-
fet will be placed in the church by
'a few of   Mr.   Grundv's   personal
Comox Creamery
40c per lb. this week
$6.00 Per Ton
Delivered in Courtenay
All Orders Will Recieve Prompt Attention
Phone 43 Courtenay
A very enjoyable basket social
was held at Happy Valley on Tuesday evening. The proceeds were
given towards providing blinds for
the school. The young ladies are
to be congratulated iu the manner
in which tbe baskets were decorated
and also the contents. The Courtenay boys are looking forward to
the next social, which they hope
will be held shortly.
The renif.ius of the late D, Nel-
list, who lost his life in the South
Wellington disaster some time ago,
were recovered and were brought
to Courteuay on Tuesday afternoon and interred at tbe Sandwick
cemetery. The funeral was under
the auspices of Beuovelent Lodge,
K, of P., Cumberland, of which lie
was a longtime member. The
members of the Courtenay lodge,
K, of P., also met the remains at
the statiou and marched to the
g'ravesid:. j
Presbyterian Church
.St. Andrews'  Sandwick
Service 2 p.m.     Sunday  School
and Bible Class 3p.m.
Sunday  School aud  Bible Class
10:30 a, 111.   Service 11:30.   Evening service 7:30 p. m- All welcome
15th Season     JHE    MUSICAL     __^__!___1
���______���_������_���_������_���_���__��� _���___ i___H�� <7E_
Swiss Hand-Sell Rmgers
Musical Experts and Entertainers
will be at the
Courtenay Opera House
Monday, May 10, '15
Adults 50c.
Children 25c.
With Electricity you can now Roast,
Bake, Boil, Broil, Fry, Toast, Make Jellies,
everything the Coal or Gas Range can
do, and more. This stove also perfectly incorporates the tireless cooker idea
Hughes Electric Ranges
Clean, cool, odorless. Saves hours
of the woman's time. Not high priced. Homes of moderate income uses the Hughes. Spend a most interesting
quarter-hour  examining  this wonder stove at our store
Courtenay Electric Light, Heat & Power Co., Ltd.
Phones: Office 35, Res. 65
Office: Mill Street   2 THE   REVIEW,   COURTNEY,   B. C.
Tiring, Ceaseless Back-Ache
Can Be Rubbed Away To-Night
Italy Contracted for Wheat!
Relief is Almost Unfailing
from Even the First Application
Cold has a vicious way of finding
om ui iiini. musclea or weak joints.
How often pain settles In llie Unit.
causing Inflammation and excruciating
soreness, stiffness ami aching all
over follows.
An application ot Nervilin. at the
Atari glvi s Immediate relief and prevents worse trouble.
When the pain is very acute, _hi._
JI ne ims n chance to show Its wonderful penetrating and pain-subduing
power.   K strikes in deeply, ami Its
ftrike-ln-deop quality quickly proves
ta supertorltj to foebler remedies
then tiiis goodness is magnified by Us
strength,    easily five  times greator
than most liniments,
Surely so  powerful  mid curative a
| liniment ns Nerviline offers perfect seem Ity against pain.
Nerviline i.s the only guranteed pain
remedy sold in Canada. Forty years of
| success in many countries  warrants
ils manufacturers saying.    If ii  does
not  relieve, get your money back.
.\'o curable pnln, not even neuralgia,
lumbago, sciatica, or rlietimatism can
resist ilu magic power of Nervillnu.
Try it today, liuli il ou your lireil
back, lei ii i use your sore muscles,
lei ii lake tlie swelling nnd Btlitness
oul of your joints, li's a inaj'voi���thousands say so that use Nerviline.
Thn large rule fnmlly sizo bottle of
Nerviline is more economical than the
26c trial si/.e. Buy tlie largei sizo to-
duy. Sold by dealers everywhere or
the Catarrhozone Co., Kingston, Cuu-
' ada.
j Amount is Ample to Last Until After
the Next Harvest
Provision!) made by the gov- -nment
to supply Italy with wheat, pending
tho next uarvest,  were defended by
Mho minister of agriculture,    Signor
j Calvasola, In a Bpeecb before the
chamber of deputies.   He   declared
I special missions representing the mil-
it:.ry commissariat had made enormous purchares in the United States
and Argentine, although the largest
I quantities hail been bought in New
Vork and ( hlcago. Thi total amount
contracted for abroad, Signor Cava-
sola said, was 40,500.0J0 bushels,
which will be divan il between si .oral
of   the largest cities as distributing
I stations,   .'bout   one-third    of    the
\ uniouiil contracted for has arrived in
Italy.   The mini; ter declared that, in
��� vico of tho precautions luk.'ii by thc
government, a wheat famine would be
I impossible,  because   tne  supply  pro-
I vlded for would bo ample to lust uu-
II 1 after the Italian harvest.
For Coughs, folds and Distemper, and! at the first
symptoms of any such ailment, give small doses of
that wonderful remedy, now the most used in existence.
Ot any druggist or turf goods house.
Chemists  and   Bacteriologists,   Goshen,   Ind.,   U.S.A.
Good Roads
All-Important     Factor     in     Enabling!
Farmers to  Reach Markets
The campaign for good roads being!
carried on throughout Canada is only
part of the general awakening of the j
people, to the causes which have led
to the enormous increase in the prices
of the necessaries of life.  Thut  the j
transportation  problem is all-important for the farmer-producer is without j
question.   That he may at all seasons j
reach his markets at a minimum of
titiii' and expense is a necessary factor in the making of reasonable prices!
for his products.   For the consumer,
good roads have an advantage in the
fact that by enabling the farmers to
roach the markets in greater numbers,'
the supplies of produce will ho larger, I
and competition will be keener. A further consequence of this larger attendance (vill be that more attention
will be paid to tlie condition of tiie
produce offered by those displaying it.
l'or sale.
lu   the   present  campaign   for   increased   production,  good   roads   Will
play an important part. Motor transportation is being rapidly developed.
and utilized by lhe farmers. By   this
means greater distances eaa be covered    nnd fanners at a considerable
distance from i_fu__ts, with the ad-1
venl of better roads, will he able to-
bring their produce to the consumer i
in larger quantities and at less ex-'
Skin Trouble '
on the Scalp
Skin Dried and Cracked ar.d Hair Fell
Out���Cured by Dr. Chase's Ointment
Eczoma is annoying and distressing
at any time, but doubly so when it
gets into the eealp and causes the
hair ip fall out. Here is a grateful [
loiter from a lady who was cured by
using Ur. Chase's Ointment.
.Mrs.   Hector   Currie,   Tobermory,
Out., writes:  "1 wns cured pf a disagreeable  shin  disiasc  of  the   scalp!
by using Dr. Chase's Ointment. The
trouble started with itching and pain
lu Uio scalp, the skin would get dry j
and crack, and i' limes would bleed,
and lhe hair would fall out.   1 tried j
tlirefl doctors without benefit, and suffered for thn.   years. Reading In the'
almanac about Dr. Chase's ointment,!
I began    Its use, and am now com-!
plelely  cured.    Thc hair has grown |
again, and I am as well us I over was. j
You are at liberty to uso this letter,
for 1 am glad to recommend su excellent a treatment."
Dr, Chase's Ointment hns no rival'
as a cure for Itching skin disease,
One of the  Slighte,'  Accidents
There is a good story In the London!
Nation aboul one of tho slighter accidents of the ilcci'i.   The other day
the commander of a destroyer, rolling
heavily In a gale, and With her engiiu s
disabled, tried to lesson the strain by
ladling out oil.   The seaman engaged
in  ibis  work  wns  washed  overboard.!
nml washed hack again iy    returning
ivave.   lie picked himself up. saluted
his officer, nnd mid; "Very sorry, sir;
lost   tlie   liuel.nl !"
The Mai With Asthma alinosl longs
for ih alh io em his Biiffci in ��� ll ��� sees
ahead only years of endless torment
wiiii Intervals of rest which arc tlicm-j
solves fraught with iver censing feer
of renewed attack; i.oi hlni turn to
Ur. ,1. n K Hogg's; Asthma Remedy J
and kno�� ��ha! complete relloi ii enn
give. I.cl llllll bul use it fiiitht'ull,-
and lie will Iimi nis asthma a thing
of lhe past.
Bright   -An nppU   a day will  keep
the doctor away, snys tills article.
Simple     Olio     Ves, llllll  an  onion a
d.iy will keep everybody nway
Minard's     Liniment   Relieves   Neuralgia.
In in< ' nf war prepare I ir poae_��_j
This is Canada's duty at tho present ,
io cuiiir'i sii_ii. run.   _m-
Jirl._. frejh,  relUM.: yrcf-r.   .  ',/
Woatam ltocl__ it*"I'll* tha, nee
m     __| /��,     tfet    whera    aider    vaonlnnt    tan,
0 L ��� Wrim fnr booklet _.| tMUtnotiltU,
1 fi   ���     111- dou tkge. Blackl _ Klin $1,110
____-*'S*    90-doto fk|l. Blaofclrj PIIK   4.00
Uh ��!it I ni__r, but Cuttoi. hart.
_������ ntjisrloritr or ouitar pradiicti i. duo f'�� net is
f���n of  _ t._ , _ 11 _ I...-  In  vaeeinat ond Itru _    only,
lailit an cuttar'a.   V im >i.',.i[i_!.. new tltract
THE   CUTTER   LAUOflATOHY.   B.rkatey.   Callftrah.
A Period of Rest
Pointers   For   Dairymen   in   Keepin;
Record  of Average  Milk
In the fall of 1H14 many dairy cows
dried off somewhat earlier 'ban usual
on account of scarcity of feed. However long the period of rest may havo
been, six weeks i,r four months, cows
will soon he ready for business as
usual during 1015. Now lho point
arises, can the period of work be extended'.' That meai'o careful preparation in a variety uf ways,
One  item   may    well  lie  noted   by
the   dairyman   who   hns   not  yet  endeavored lo shorten that rest period.
It   dors   not follow Hint a cow riving
1,20O pounds of milk or so during her
llrst month will give as much during
the     whole' season us the cow that
gives only SOO pounds tlie llrst month.
The first one may he dry in a little j
over seven  months  and  then  settle i
down lo extended repose, while   the
second   cow will bo producing for ten ,
months, enabling her owner to take j
advantage of good prices in full   and I
winter,    Obviously, therefore, correct
judgment as to a cow's production Is J
to bo based on a knowledge of   the i
total weight for tho season, not for
the best, month or two only, for that
period of rest is a very variable factor. I
Keeping track cf the weight given
by each cow is simplified by using!
tlie forms supplied free by lhe gov-1
eminent Write to th Dairy Commissioner, Ottawa, for samples of the record forms of tbrfie days per mouth,
and those for dairy weights. II. will
be still better to take samples
as well so as lo [i am by iho tesl how
much fai each cow gjves.
A Venerable Horse
The oldest horse in tile world is,'
probably. Captain, who belongs to a
livery stable owner iu Oconto, Wis.
The little horso has given him service
for more than twenty yours, and lie
himself knows ii lo j,o several nioiilhs
past :;s. The average l_ ef a horsu .
is aboul H yours. Captain, littlw sorrel Indian pony, is taking life easy
now. Ile s comfortably stabled, carefully lot. coddled and petted. In the
spring h" will he Liven free run of a
largo pasture, where ho can disport
himself almost us freely as did liis
wild forebeais, "I've sold him three I
time!', and given him awuy onee," said
tho owner, "hut i body can buy hini
now, Ho bus been in more than 100
runaways, ��� nd I believe he'd run away
right now if lie was ; iveil a chance.
Ho is perhaps liio oldest horso in tho
world, and I'll keep him as long as
he lives."
Mrs   Jas.   10.   Mailman,  Gegoggln, j
N.S . writes; "I gavi  Baby's Own Tab- I
lots lo my bnby hoy for constipation
and teething trouble   and havo found j
liioiu a  gi.al  blessing.    1  think  the |
Tablets should  be    in   ivjry    home]
where there nre young children-" Tho
Tablets ar;  un absolutely safe remedy [
for Ilttlo ones, bsli.g bucked by t lib j
guarantee of u government analyst to
bo fn c from upiatos and narcotics,
They are sold |,y medh ine dealers or
hy mail ui 25 cfikUjii I ox from The
Ur. Williams' Me(llcl__l.'o., Hrockville, ;
The   Duke's .loke '
The popul'iril.v ol ihe Duke of Con-
nuughl iu Cumuli! ni the pres.in tlmo
Is unbounded, ami li is greatly due to
the est lem in which he is held that re-
(.rutting has been so brisk among
Canadians. The unite dearly loves a
joke, and ho is very smart al re-
partoe,    Sonn   years ago he  visited
Ireland, and u gentlem tamed llonu
nalsted on being Introduced to him, (
because, he said, hi. Bon ha I sut next'
in Ih" Duke when they wore up fori
their exam -ia ions (or the army. With-1
out a moment's hes!ta..on the Duke re-1
plied: "1 was, then, between two birds, |
for mi my other side was n Mr. Pea-1
cool;, and'," ho added, with a twinkle '
In his eye. "not oi.i of us wus pluck-!
ed."  -Pearson's Magazine.
Corns cripple lhe teel uud    make!
walking a torture, yet si ro relief iu !
tho shape of FTellowny's  Corn  Cure
Is within reach of all.
because the entire system
becomes permeated with
injurious acids.
To relieve rheumatism Scott's
Emulsion is a double help; it is
rich in blood-food; it imparts
strength to tho fun lions and supplies thc very oil-food that rheumatic conditions always need.
Scott's Emulsion has
helped countless thousands
when other remedies tailed.
Reluee Inferior Substitutes.
Maternal  Inconsistency
Robbie  i from tho depths of a bod-
time cudtlie)���Mjtlu r, you    'member
you told me today that no ono could
possibly leve dirty, noisy little hoys?
Mother���Yos, dour    What about it?
Robbie--Then what for uro you hug-
gin'  111_  so  tight';'
Spare  the children  trim  suffering!
from worms by using Miller's Worm;
Powders, the most -ffective vermifuge
thai cun he got with which lo combat
those Insidious loos of tho'young and
helpless.   Th ire is nothing that excels
this preparation as a wont) destroyer
and whon ils qualities become known!
iu a household no other will be used, i
The medicine acts by itself, requiring
no purgative to assist it, and so thoroughly that nothing more is desired.
"I hoar thai your daughter's -lurried a struggling young mau." I
"Well, yes. he did struggle, lut
'twas nn use; he couldn't get away."!
Corn Growing (.'(miosis
Speakers at Farm Crops Show Urge
Farmers to Form Social Clubs
Making practical the industrial subjects taught in the schools in .\linne-
sotil is the object of the hoys and girls
clubs being organized under the direction of the extension division of the
University, said Mrs. Margaret linker
al a meeting of tho C. .'in Crops show
in Crookston. Through "these iiuhs
thoy are interesting the young people
of iho rural communities in the farm,
the garden and the kitchen.
.Mrs, Baker suid that 3,100 club boys
had entered com growing contests und
lhat tho value in Iho state from llieir
efforts was estimated ut u million dollars.
Mrs. W, N, Powell or Warren urged
town and country people to got together in social intercourse Ihrough the
organization of clubs "There is no
class of people more Independent than
the farmers of today," she. said, "and
consequently there is no longer any
reason for depriving Ihe country woman of socint advantages,"
R 13. Ilalmer of the University of
Minnesota laid down lhe principles of
alfalfa growing to lho runners of lho
Ited Hiver Vnlle-. ile lold them uut
lo wait until hot weather for the Unit
planting, but lo sow from the llrst to
lhe fifteenth of .May.
The Kurm crops show reached its
climax with capacity crowds attending
every meeting ami hundreds wore
turned nwny from the meeting when
Governor Hammond gavo an address
appealing lo the people of the Northwest to bo true to American ideals.
Special trains brought Calegatlons
from Towns all Ihrough tho Ited Itiver
Valley, taxing the city to the utmost.
We have been using MINARD'S
LINIMENT iu our home for a number of years and use no other Liniment but MINARD'S, und we can
recommend it highly for sprains,
bruises, pains or lightness for sprains,
chest, soreness of the throat, headache or anything of that sort. We
will not be without it one single
duy, for we get (. new lottle before tho oilier is all used. 1 can recommend it highly to anyone.
f.alfiivo Islands, Lunenburg Co.,
Has been your
horse's \ best
friend for years.
It makes pulling easy; The
mica does it.
Dealers Evervwhert
Made in
Applied in
5 Seconds
Sore, blistering- feet
from corn ��� pinched
toes can he cured by
Putnam's Extractor iu
L'l hours. "Putnam's" soothes away
that drawing pain, eases instantly,
makes the feet feel good at ouce. Get
a "5c boitle of "Putnam's today.
Resources of Alberta
President II. M. Tory, of the Unl-
, versity of Alberta, ie authority for tlie
statement that Alberta, if properly
cultivated, could feed fifty million people.   In the course of aii address Dr.
, Tory claimed that Alberta was potentially richer than the German empire, lie appealed for moro home-
makers ar.d the most advanced scientific fanning In order that this great
potential  wealth  may be  realized.
"Of course I want my daughter to
have some kind of artistic education.
1 think I'll lot her study sin.ing."
"Why not ..rt or literature?"
"Art. spoils canvas, and literature
wastes reams of paper. Singing
merely produces a temporary dis-
turbar.ee cf the atmosphere."
"I wonder how Mrs. Inkleight got
lier start as  a  writer  of  fiction."
"Composing references for her discharged help, I understi nd."
"At last I am  at the end of    my
troubles." exclaimed the Optimist.
"Which end?" asked lhe Pessimist,
���% ���@FfflJM If
rl Ti"
_ ���
In spile of continued financial disturbance, trie year Nineteen
Fourteen was a period of uninterrupted progress and prosperity
for the Sun Life of Canada.
At the present moment the Company occupies an even stronger
position than at any lime in its forty-four years' history, as is clearly
shown by the substantial and highly satisfactory increases registered
during the past year.
_wc_nsntDce.8lst a a
I'usli 1 ni'oino . . . .
Surplus KiiriHKl,
_i_ln_li .rlbuleil ie Poll iyli
Added 111'ndlitrlliiitcd Sural
Nat tturplusnl Doc.'Hit .
Total I'uymoiu. to I _ fcylioltli
a...;u\uh'.'< luuetl mil I'liiil [0
In i'iiii uJa . . , ,
AhUiivuntiCH in Fo_o      .     .
191 .
S 64,187.658
S ���'.���'. 7 _,3t;
i.iss :i_
7 00,484
$ 8,461.389 (16.2VI
1,085,874 17.65.1
S47.S78 (48.Hi.)
165.339 IM'O
355,131 (84.2 _l
760.808 113.',)
1,178.734 I2J.6'.I
W. N. U. 1)46
"In  what meter shall  I  w,.ite this I
light verse, my dear?"
"How would gas i.eici' do?"
_ 1    ��� ,   " I
Principles ore   inllnll.ly  greater'
man   dollars unU   will   ;..   While   the
world  ltvu. I
iimni. ifi Policyholders
I'imflMils In   I'lilleylioldois
bie.ee nl'��.ilii..:iti��Hl
_n_nic,ili_iitloii iind .wcols
nun in-:,! for tlieir beuellt
383.. 0
17.!��>; 1
Pi'oniluiui received ilnce ovs*.
Assurances issued Rod paid for in conh during 1914 totalled
$32,167,339���the largest amount issued by any Canadian
Life Company, ln this respect as well as io amount of Assets,
Assurances in Force.lncome, and Surplus the Company again
established its posilion as
The Company's Growth
$      48,810.03
27 8,878,85
$      86,461.05
LIFE A_ll _.'.. 8
in 1 once
I 1,064,360.00
Policies in the Sun Life of Canada are safe and
Profitable Policies to Buy.
UAM.-lli.  DIHICTOa AhO   ItCMTAlr.
f~ ���_) \(
Census and Statistics Uflice at Ottawa (fives some Detailed Infor
niation Regarding Agricultural Conditions,  Cleaned
from Correspondents all over the Dominion
A bulletin recently issued hy  the i
census and  stati_tlcs  office  siinitnar- j
izes the results of inquiries mado by
crop reporting oorrespondennta as to j
(1) the values of farm laud, t_l the
values of farm help, and Ci) the values
rt' farm livestock in 11)14.
The average value of farm land in
Canada held for agricultural i:urposes,
whether improved or nnlinproveil, antl
including the ' value of dwelling
farm hiiildings, is returned iis $38.41
per ncrc, which is '.iliniit equal to that
of the lust similar Inquiry in 1910,
when the value was given us $38.46
per acre ln 1911 I! 0 average was returned by the census as $30.41, but I
this value was based upon returns
from all occupiers, Including farms
only I'econtly settlbd, and therefore ot
less value By provinces the avorage
values of 1. 1 _ range from $21 per
acre iu Alberta to $150 per acre in
Itritisli Columbia, In this province,
however, Uie high value is duo to orcharding, ordinary agriculture b ling
Subsidiary to fruit culture.
In recent years the wages of farm
help have increased considerably, anil
Ihey reached their highest point during the bumper harvest of 1913. Rut
In 1!)14 the pendulum swayed haclt,
loss labor being rcquirod ou farms
owing to lighter crop:;. Since August
the war has had for one of its effects
an increase in the supply of farm
labor, and consequently .. full in the
wages. The demand for labor this
winter has also decreased 'leeauso of
the increased cost of board'. For the
Dominion the average wages per
month during the summer, including
hoard, were $35.55 for male and $18.81
for female help. For the year, including board, the average wages were
$323.30 for males and $180 35 for fe-
1010. Average wages per month in
loll were lowest in Prince Edward
Island, viz., $21.71 for mules and $14.48
for females. In the western provinces
they were: For males, $30.13 in Manitoba: $40.51 in Saskatchewan, and
$���10.28 in Alberta,   females  receiving
$22.35 ill Manitoba, $22.95 in Saskatchewan, and $28.63 111 Aiherta. The
highest wages were paid in British
Columbia, viz., $47.85 for males and
$31.18 for females, these averages be-
Ing substantially less than in 1010,
v/nen mules received $57.40 nnd females $38.
Vaiue.-i for livestock are well maintained, so fiir as comparison with Hie
throe years ended 1910 is concerned;
but during L914 there has been a sub-
sianlial r.C luclion in the value both of
Shell Ihey Make       ^ ^ ^^ p^p^jQfj
Canadian Manufacturers Praised For
Adapting Themselves fo New
The arrangements brought abou: by
the meetiug of the finance ministi rs
of Franco, Russia and this country
have special interest tor Canada, says
a despatch from London. The decision
to proceed Jointly with their purchases means that the Dominion will
si cure an even larger share of tht
war contracts of France und Russia
than she has in lho past. Kac'u"\vcck
Hint ihe war lasts emphasises that the
capacity ot the motherland to maintain the production of,the Immense I
supplies required for the Britisli army
alone is Beverely taxed. Added to this,
great pressure .s the task of repleu-j
I. .ling lhe supplies of the vast armies
of France and Russia, which has been'
attacked most loyally, and oven at the .
i ost of delaying orders for lhe iiritisii I
forces,    llul   even  tho  old  country.
A Most Valuable Work Published by the Minister of Agriculture
at Ottawa, Deals with Many Live Topics which  will be
of Great Interest to Canadians from East to West
lt is doubtful if a mure intrinsically
1 valuable work was ever published in
��� Canada than    tlie Agricultural   War
1 Hook,  for  which  the  honorable,  the
.Minister of Agriculture, at Ottawa, is
. sponsor.   On every oiie of its hundred
I and fifty pages there is something lo
I be learned.    It is circuliucii    at the
I mere cost of asking l'or it, and thus
: should be rend, marked and inwardly
digested liy not only every farmer but
also  by  every  lover  of  his  country,
l'or  not  only   cun   the   husbandman
which bus surprised everyone bv her, ���      ,,
remarkable    vitality, has lier limits. S'^m gold, irom us contents, but thc
ami one reads the signs in a hundred ordinary cltiaeu can
wny;-,.    Production will be acoelerat- ��! knowledge about
oil still  more, but outside assistii'ci: Uiul not know before.
must bo secured. I     ihe  early  pages  are
Canadian manufacturers have'scor-' hriet essays principally on agriculture
ed distinctively by the way they have
;,���������,,    .,���,,   ,i ...On-   li  i..   i ,.,ikh ni' i adapted thorns, lives lo new conditions.!     ���    -   .   , , , ,       .
'"IS,S '' ' snlne' " ls '' ''���""   '"  I heard from a well-informed source, a"',8 minister of the country, by
uthoritles here had contract- various ministers and commissioncis
ed lo take away every shell thai a
well-known Toronto lirm could turn
out until tin.' end of August, a lirm, by
the remotest connection with tlie production of war material until within
the last few :nont'.s. This is not only
interesting as an Indication of what is
expected In regard to the duration of
the war by the authorities here, but
goes to show that on Canadian manu-. -   , . ,     , .   ��� ��� ,.
torturers, in Increasing measure, will Belgium was not only the most bio-
depend the production of supplies 1 }_. P��.��ulat��lL__ _.!' _'._!!' ._?_._a__.__'
also learn that the Russia government
general complaint thai the demand for
horses  other  than   for military  P111'-1 J., ' JJ."
poses luis fallen off    and thai prices
are less by from 25 to -10 or 50 per
cent, than 'hey yere in 11113.
Owing to tho high price of grain,
thn keeping of swine In the west is
suid to be no longer a paying proposition, lings have been sold f r what
thoy will fi ich- frequently for i; little
as 3'i eent:i per pound -and many
bave been marketed in an unfinished
condition. On the other hand, the
p_ees of . it tlo have been well maintained, and the average values for j have placed an order for shells with
dairy cows and for other horned catlb. \ another Toronto Arm whose represent
are considerably above those of 1910. | attve has just returned from Petro
lay  up  a  slock
tilings  that  he
devoted   to
al matters, but also on the duty of us
j all, by the prime minister, by the I'm-
of agriculture of the Dominion and the
provinces, and by tho learned proles
sors of agricultural colleges and directors of experimental farms. Following
are given industrial and agricultural
details in brief of each European
country engaged in the war or affected by the war, and of the British possessions. From this ii is learned that
prior to the  outbreak of hostilities,
males,   whilst   the   average cost   of
board per month works out to $14.27  $14,551,000; and swine, $42,418,000
for males and $11.20 for females, as ; an  aggregate of $725,530,000 for
compared with $12.49   and    $0.53    in | descriptions
War Creates New | Destroy Zeppelins
Trade for Canada Maxims
Material Used in High Explosive Can
be Easily Undertaken by Steel
Undoubtedly ono of the  most important  new" industries     which   has
been  established in    the    Dominion
since     the    war commenced is lhe
manufacture of shrapnel shells, whicli
are  now being  turned out  in
but also about the most industrious.
In the lirst 82 days of the war, damage to the extent of $1,059,836,000 had
been done, out of whicli $283,014,000
The averages per head    fo:- Canada i grad, and doubtless the same eondi-1   .  attributed    to agricultural  injury.
come to $127 for horses, $57 for milch ! tion applies to firms In other parts of  Northern France has suflcred piopo -
Canada' | ttonately to an einial extent, itussia,
What has impressed the authorities,
here most of all is the remarkable
facility with whicli Canadian flrmB
havo converted their plant for the purpose of making war munitions. It
has been warmly appreciated on all
sides, and, in the view of my informant, a rapid and extensive increase in
the number of wur orders placed In
the Dominion will be seen.
It is interesting to note that neither the government of France nor of
| Russia liad any conception ot what
Incendiary    Rifle to  Fight the  manufacturer.',  of  Canada  c.uld
d remit u0 '"  ,ll's *'*'"��� ,u"' what the.y have
_ircraii (lone jn t|le last tf,w raoul|ls llas sur-1
A  projectile   to  destroy  Zeppelins  prised    even the  home government,1
'''"' '"'  ' '   '""   who now appreciate how    splendidly j
they have cope 1 with new conditions.
cows, $12 for other cattle, $7 for
sheep, and $12 for swine. The following is believed to be a rough approximation of the total value of Canadian
farm livestock in 1914: Horses, $371,-
���130,000;   cattle,   $297,131,000;     sheep,
and otber aircraft is the latest In.
ventton of Sir Hiram Maxim, of maxim gun fame.
Sir Hiram claims that the new pro-
' jeetile tired either from a rifle or a
| small  Held  cannon,    would  make  a,
sucessful _eppslin raid   an impossi-
j billty,    Sir Hiram's idea is to obtain
while  pre-eminently  an   agricultural
country, producing nearly one-fourth
of the world'n wheat, fully a fourth
of its oats, a third of its barley and
a half of ils rye. still possesses immense manufactiirii.g  industries,    it
also abounds in minerals, and its forests, of which  thev��� are 900- million
acres, are the finest the earth knows.
Canada's interest lies In particular
with the export trade    of Germany,
much of which this coin.try l.as tbe
I right and  expectation  to secure.    In
1913, we learn from the War Dook,
Germany imported nearly one-eighth
I of all the world had to sell, and exported more tnan One-ninth of all the
world wanted to buy.   Her yearly out.
put of manufactured goods ran up to I Hanson;
between   twelve   and   iif teen   billion   ''   '"   '"
dollars,    of which one-sixth at. least
found its way to foreign markets that
are now closed to her and in many
cases will never be renewed. "Made
in Germai.y," and ".Made in Austria,"
. '.iUge I from the government a large number
iliiniitities by a large number ot tlrtns o�� ol(1 gel.vlce Martini-Henri rifles of
in all parts of the "Dominion. Ilie es-1 45 bore  iim] to n.,ke a projectile to
 fit whicii would travel like a rocket
tabllshment of Ihe new industry not
only enables many Canadian firms to
keep their factories running, and to
retain their employees at good wages,
but is, in addition, an important factor in providing munitions of war
for the arduous fight still ahead of the
allied armies.
It is announced that still another
industry has been created from war
conditions. Thin is the manufacture
of tuol-abase, a material used in high
explosives, which is in much demand
in Great Britain and the other warring countries. Thl;, is a by-product
of the coke ovens, which will also
produce benzol, a gas engine fuel of
high power.   These products can be
Button Saved Canadian
Officer of Princess Pats Had Narrow
Escape  When   He  Stepped  to
Save Subaltern I familiar, will, it is to be hoped, be
An officer of the Princess ..Pats, largely replaced by "Made in Canada."
writing from tiie front, says: ""Wie Vhat is ol special interest is the fact
last time we came cut ot tho trendies i thai Germr.ny in .1913 produced 2,720,-
my subaltern was hit just below Cie 000 tons of refined sugar from beets,
knee, and as we were tjh�� him up i mined  200,000,000  tons  of  coal  and
the surplus of the latter now iu stock
is being used for flour. Germany
b mght between seven and eight million geese from Itussia annually, and
sold Croat Britain between eleven and
twelve million bushels of oats. She
also in 1913 imported 160,000 tons-
mark it, tons���of eggs. These statements will sufficiently show the vast
disturbances that has taken place in
Herman productive trade.
Austria-Hungary exported in bulk
as many men and horses as it did of
material, from 150,0ni) to 2bO,'JOO immigrants crossing the seas every
year. But the dual empire is exceedingly rich in minerals and Hungary
is one of the principal grain growing
regions of Europe, tlie average produce being 145,000,000 bushels of
wheat, 4��,5no,000 bushelr. of rye, 53,-
500,000 bushels of barley, tj5,uu0,000
bushels of oats and 118,000,1100 bushels ot corn. Hunga.y, too, is rich iu
live stock, having in 1014, 21,309.000
horses, 7,300,000 cattle, 8,600,OOOi
sheep and 7,500,000 swine. Frcni these
figures it would seem that it wil! be
a tougher job to starve ait Germany
than reports would make it appear.
Statistics are al o given in the
Agricultural War Book of the produce
and trade of Great Britain, France,
Italy, Servia, Denmark. Norway, Sweden, Houmania and other countries,
but the foregoing facts are sufficient
>to show tbo educational value end
what may be called the international
scope of the work.
Pnrt IV. consists of articles with
exact details of the live stock situation, by H. S. Arkell, assistant live
slock commissioner at Ottawa; by
C. M. MacRae, abo of Ottawa, on
horses; on the meat supply, by the
health of animals branch, Ottawa; on
the dairying industry by J. A. Hud-
dick, Dominion dairy commissioner;
ou seed, by Geo. H. Clark, the seed
department, Ottawa; on growing potatoes, by W. T. Jlacoun. Dominion horticulturist, and on .he world's grain
situation, by T. K. Doherty. commie-
Blotter Imperial Agricultural institute.
Part V. deals with farm '.abor  "
llax fibre���the empire's need and our
, opportunity, by A. 1   McCredie; with
! tbe  sugar  beet  Industr/,   by C.   H.
Too Much Wheat:'' by Dr.
C. C. James, commissioner ot agriculture, Ottawa;  "Britain's Breed P_o6-
lem," by Kdward Brown, and a variety of other matter, including in particular, fertilizers.   Prof. C. A. Z_v_._;
contributes a notable article on Can-
and give off a sen.    of bright sparks
during the whole length of its flight.
se{\,y_roge^rr,i,sIli____?r__^  ' ��-  �����'���     ��� ��  '- ��'"".'��   ��-��'���-*>��   '-   "f  ""��   <"'"
but the right kind of spark will do
it. These rifles should be put in the
hands of a great number of people���
men and boys who know how to use ::
gun, and there are plenty ot such in
"A storm of incendiary bullets
directed at a hostile airship would
soon havo the desired effect; for it
would only require one little spark
to bring the Zeppelin to destruction.
The bullet in falling back might
break  slate   roofs,    but  the   falling
with which we had most of us become , adian root ,seeds.
  " Part VI. is entitled    "Feeding the
Fighters" and gives statistics of exports, imports and produce of the
the most enlightening character, the
whole con.tituting a hand book of invaluable worth. r\
In addition to the War Book, the
Dominion departme.il of agriculture ia
Issuing a large number cf bulletins.
ments latter 1 begi.n to feel all right  and that while using in that year of
and got up and we took the subaltern   peace   225,800  tons   of   copper,   she
to the drersing station,   I afterwards  could only unearth 23,000 tons of her   each   dealing   with   special   subjects,
examined my knit and found the bill-' own accord.    Germany normally iih. and all of which can be had without
let  had  gone  through   my  rucksack j ported  one-sixth  of  tlie  cereals  she . expense by applicaiion to the publiea-
and  stopped at the brass buckle of I consumes,     but    exports    enormous | tions branch, department of agrfctii-
manufactured by tlie steel companies I velocity would not be very great.
ot the Dominion, with a slight extension of their present plants and without any interference with their regular products.
it is stated that the Dominion Steel
corporation bas alread - received satisfactory contracts from the' government  for  tuol-abase,  and  when  the
'I should also recommend a light
gun whicli two men could carry about
on their shoulders, with a very simple
mounting to rest on the ground. This
gun would have a bore of 1 _ inches,
and would be . rovided with a projectile that could , no harm in falling,    This    projectile can    be  made
manufacture    of   the    product    has i but 1 can say no more about it until
reached a satisfactory  basis further 1 get permission to do so.
heavy orders are oxpected from tlie j    "if that permission comes we shall
Ilritish government.   Tlie   extent   of: soon    have something that makes us
the orders has not been made public, i feel safer than we do at the present
but it is stated that tbey are highly
Benzol, the o' er by-product of tlie
coke ovens, can be used as a substitute for petrol, or gasoline, lt is
more powerful than gasoline, but requires some 20 per cent, more air,
and only requires a slight ii���justnient
in the carburetors to be used In curs
and motor boats.
time. Hut at the moment the idea is
to havo something simple and cheap,
than can be pul in the hands of n
great number of people, and that Is
why 1 recommend the Incendiary I
my equipment, lt knocked the wind
otit of me, but did no further damage,
"lt is astonishing how little news
wa hear, but tlie naval victory in the
North sea was much appreciate,:. We
were in the trenches at tbe time. The
men all cheered antl wanted to charge,
but we kept them quiet."
"In what meter shall I write this
light verse, my dear?"
"How would gas r.eter do?"
J. J. Hill Starts Campaign
University Professors to Tour Northwest and Address Farmers Under
His Direction
University professors under the direction of .lames .1. Hill will conduct a
live stock campaign throughout the
northwest. They will tour the northwest and address farmers.
Prof. Howard K. Smith of the University of Minnesota has resigned his
chair to direct tlie work for Mr. Hill.
Prof. Smith will begin his work goon.
lir. Hill's campaign will last a year.
The campaign is a part of the work
Mr. Hill had in mind when he associ-
ut himself with Louis P. Swift in the
Stock Yards National Bank of South
St. Paul.
Mr. Green- Now I'm going to tell
vou something, Ethel.   Do you know	
that last night, at your party, your 1 area, perhaps 500,000 acres
Highbrow Quest (on perch of South-
em hotel In evening -Yonder is Saturn.
Lowbrow C.uci.t���Point It out tome.
Not that. I care a- rap, only jus; so I
can tell the fellows luck north that
1 saw _.
The call is tut more food. . . ���
What wo want to understand is
that it is millions of bushels, not
millions of acres, that are called
for; moro milk and butler and
cheese, rather than more cows. It
is n day when the economized use
of labor will tell. . . . Let us re-
meiniier that it is more bushels
per acre, more pounds of milk per
cow, more pounds of meat pe.' animal that will count, and that will
mean more fcod per farm. Let us
in 1915 make good on the farmer's
fighting Una with "MORE THAN
USUAL."- -C, C. .lames, at the 11115
annual meeting o" the commh.sion
of conservation,
quantities of potatoes. Without doubt ] tine, Ottawa.
Undersized Bismarcks
Kitchener's  Strategy*
German Diplomacy Has Undergone a Originated  Myth About '.he Russians
Change   Since   Bismarck's Landing in Scotland
Dismissal *\    The famous hoax jf the lirst weeks
The trouble with German diplomacy of war, wben a body of Russian sold-
it    that for many years back It has iers, said to numuer from 100,000 to
been neither intelligent nor cautious. 200,000 men. were  reported  to hava
After Bismarck's dismissal it gradual- circled around from Archangel, land-
lv lost that foresight and breadth of ed iu Scottish ports and then shipped
view which mado the great Chancel- through,  at  night    to  reinforce  the
lor's  successor    possible.    Bismarck British  forces  in  Franc.,  originated
j framed his policiies witli foreign opinion and llie obvious interests of other
I nations in plain view, ile did not worry about the effect of his diplomacy on
German sentiment so long as he was
sure of its effect In the world outside.
lie felt his way carefully and played
one outside interest against another
before he struck, iu that way he Isolated Austria-Hungary in lSGti and
France in   187U-7L
ills successors l.ave followed another course, Tbey have given far
less study to conditions and lhe drift
of sentiment outside Germany nnd
shaped their diplomacy so as to make
;t appeal Instead to Gorman pride and
consciousness of power. In that way
ihey have helped to unify Germany.
But nt the same time they have unified foreign opposition and driven
powers like Great Britain, France and
Itussia to ignore former diversities of
and to unite (or purpos
on.���New York Tribune.
The Wheat Are* in Great Britain Not
Materially  Increased
Lord Milner's idea tbat the British
wheat area can be trebled we believe
will not bear examination.    Any in
risk of our losing
and there is any ..��.. u. uu;  _��_..B ,    ���, ,.(... ...,��� ,.elll<.,11,,0,.- Caesar,"
even temporarily thc command of the  salfl thc jU(,ge (0 h)s nmlli ..tllilt y01ir
sea,    the policy of    the government
should be to aid our farmers to hold i
and to encourage   farmers in Canada,
.rense would best the expense of one India, and later on in Australia, to
of the other crops, and these require , grow as big a crop as possible, at the
increasing not decreasing in the com-; same time leaving the Importing mer-
ing season. It is not likely that valu- chant and miller of the United Mug-,
aide permanent glass land will be dom every latitude quietly to accumu-
broken up in any large quantity for' late an extra reserve of five or six
tho sake of raising high priced wheat' million quarters.   Tins, of course, they
vote   is   about  your  dearest   possession."
"Yassuli," sah'. Caosnr. "Al. m kjep-
ln' dut in mind. Jedge; but. at desame
time, suli, we get tub boab in mind de
fact ilat it '.on't pay tn muke it so dear
nobody kin ..fford to buy it, sub."
with Lord Kit liencr himself, according to a statement made by a British
officer to a correspondent of the Daily
Dispatch, lt is a noteworthy fact
that, although the myth spread like
wild tire through the Uui ed Kingdom
witn any number of witn.sses to swear
Ihey hud seen and talked to the Russians in their native language, the
preBS bureau .lid not issue an official
contradiction fur a long period.
The RuiBian tory, says ths Britisli
officer, '.'.as designed to impress the
Cirman commanders in Belgium and
Northern France and keep them in
fear of a urpris , either in tbe rear
or on the western flank It accom-
pUshcd its purpose, for this lread was
real among the German staff, and ac-
rouutfl to some extent for the retreat
Tom Paris of Gen. Von Kluck.
To give color to the report Lord
Kitchener is said to havj caused a
s'es of hundred transports laden with sundry
goods to be sent from Scottish ports
to Archangel after insuring tiiem in
Holland. And when the British troops
were moved from various points in
Scotland and the north of England to
the c'.'.annel ports, he ordered the
blinds of the train to be lowered so
as to arouse popular curiosity and
. retty thin, sir. Been
', tl
sister promised to marry me! I hope
you'll forgive me for taking her away.
Little Ethel���Forgive you, Mr.
Green? Of course, I will. Why that's
What the party was for.
for a single season,   ln our own conn
try we fear it is hopeless to iook for
any very great increase in thc wheat
or per-
chance 1,000,000 acres might be added
to the 2,000,000 acres normally under
the premier cereal, but even that ls a
good deal to expect.
If the war Is going to be a long one,
will  not  do  if    tl elr    enterprise,  is
checked by hints in the _ tvts or from I
Mr. Cltyhred���Do
yon milk?'.'
Mr. Tailgrass
at way long?    ?
Man in i'i. ir���Long?   I was born
I thut way.   It Is true that 8Ubsequontly
one ever gives  1 enjoyed a period of liitsute efflores-
your    cows  give
elsewhere that it .-rices are raised the , '}"'���
authorities may    step in and li.v an .ael lm
official price.   If merchants are to be
expected   to   sliouldcr the task of as-'    Cll>mon
suring the nation's food supply, their j you keep?
enterprise mus*.   not be discouraged, i    Subtirbanit
-Corn Trade News. ] twelve
I   ave to swap 'em fod-  ence, but it did not   ndure.
How  many  serv: its
-About    one    out
1    What  kind of ��    reputation    has
d0   Jones got?
So good that he can wear cun but-
0( ' tons with other people's initials ��nd
get away with it. THE COURTENAY REVIEW
The Courtenay Review
And Comox Valley Advocate
A  Week}   Newspaper,  Pubished  at
Courtenav, I!. C.
N. It. Bodbn, Mditor ainl Proprietor
Subscription (LEO per Year  in  Advance
Telephone .SO
Mr. Joint llntn ��� uml, the Posl
Office contractor, .'sited Coinox on
Wednesday morning.
Mr. I Ini mis, Asst. I', 0. Inspector, paid n visit tu all the post
offices iu tlm district last week,
Mr. and Mrs. H. \V Walsh left
Comox by this morning's boat for
Toronto, where they will make
their home' in future.
Jerry Kentttra was about town
jesterday, lie is taking a few days
lest, preparatory to going ranching
on a large scale.
Mrs. and Miss Spencer, of Cornwall street, Vancouver, have been
the gnosis of Mrs. C. C, Piercy for
the past week. They are delighted
with the splendid scenery and cannot say too much for the invigorating sea breezes. On Tuesday they
paid a visit to the boom camp where
they were entertained by the manager, Mr. Peter Donnelly.
Mrs, Horace .Smith, of Quathiski
Cove, is a guest at Ur. Beadnell's.
Her son is reported wounded at the
front. Prayers were offered at St.
Peter's church on Sunday for his
recovery and safe return.
J. Cecil Smith has rented his
place to Conductor Fletcher, and
has removed to Quathiski Gove for
the summer Mr. Eustice .Smith
has also gone north for the summer.
Mr. and Mrs. (Capt.) Tom Cliffe
of Vancouver are visiting With
Mrs. Cliffe.
J. E, Stillwell, chief firewarden
for this disttict, was here last week.
Mrs. Tyson, who has been visiting with her brother, Rev. Franklin
Watson for some time, left for Vancouver on Monday's train.
Miss Meadows, of Deiunau Island
is lhe guest of Mr. and Mrs. F.
Frauklin-Watson, at the vicarage.
Anglican church services will be
held til Lazo ou Sunday at 11 a, in,
and at St. Peter's, Coinox, at 7:30
p. in.
Mr, and Mrs. Hoiles have gone
lo Howen Island, where he has
secured a position.
Dr, Morrison D. I��� S,, of Courteuay, was a visitor in town on
The soldiers from the Wireless
station passed through towu on
Tuesday morning on a "hike."
Mr. and Mrs. McRae, Miss Brown
and Mr. Jack Quenell, of Nanaimo
spent the week end with Mr. and
Mrs. Barlow, at the Lome Hotel.
The members of St, Peter's Guild
at Gomox have decided to hold a
Social Afternoon in the vicarage
grounds, Comox, weather perm it-
ting, on Tlitiisdnv, Mny 20th, commercing at 3 o'clock. The program will consist of. Baby Show,
first, second prize for babies tinder
6 months, and under 12 months.
A nuifical entertainment during
which tea will be provided, 1. m'el
prize, laii'.'le game. A sale of work
flower roots for budding out, etc
Proceeds towards Vicarage fund.
I'Mitur Courtenay
Dear Mr. Bdlti
r.- A lew ol
the   citi
zens assembled by the P. (1, on Monday
morning to witness the hoisting of the
Union jnck for the lirst time outside tlie
building, It gave otic great pleasure to
do this, as I have always taken a greal
interest in Comox 1'. (I., uiul worked
heart uml soul for it iu its infancy. It
is now three years since II. Clements
M. P. was approached mi granting us a
1'. 0. here, anil for a time tilings looked
very uiicrtiiin. However, we eventually
gained our point. For those who nre
not thoroughly conservaut with the facts
I would like to say that at one time Comox hail a so-called P. (). iu a local
store. The building was ver) congested
evilly ventilated, und more than inconvenient both (or the customers inn! the
unfortunate P. M. I ofteu think it was
the sii^nt of the wretched place that decided Mr. Clements mi doing something
fur us. I talked tu Mr. Clements for
hours, some people lure sny days ami
weeks, I.vcutuuUv be decided thai if
wc could give n clear title Iii a suitable
building site mir chances would be good
tor a post office, V. R, Robb was approached, lie came to the front like a
mull, ami his price was such that the
citizens (poor as they were) found the
money nt once, and money was even refused us we bud all we wanted to make
the price for the lot. Mr, Manson M.
P, P., must not be omitted from the
lisi of workers on our behalf. His influence was .strongly exerted ou getting
us a P. o. here.
Wc have now n building that is 11
credit to Comox, anil the latest additions
viz, beautiful interior fixtures,  cement
sidewalks, anil last but not least, the
flag pole with the Union Jack proudly
flying aloft, give the: whole place a  city
appearance,   Comox has made a  g I
start, the place may be smalt lull I hope
lhat .Mr. Clements ami Mr, Manson
know und realize that we appreciate tlieir
elTorts in giving such an up-to-date
building to this place. May thev live
Ions uiul die happy ! ,
Thanking you Ior your valuable space.
Yours truly
liisepb II. Grieve,
Comox I��. 0., Box 1, May -I, 1915,
Locusts in Eastern Canada
Fen* people who have not experienced a plague ct le.cttsts can
appreciate how terribly destructive
the pest can be. In Circular No.
5, of the Entomological Branch of
the Federal Department of Agriculture. Mr, Arthur Gibson, Chief
Assistant Entomologist, tells something about locusts or "grasshoppers" that everv tiller of the soil
should know. He states that for
the last three years the pest has
been extremely destructive in the
provinces of Ontario and Quebec.
In one distiict of Lanark County
alone, an estimated loss of $6,000
was caused, representing 75 per
cent of lhe crops. In a number of
instances fields of barley and oats
were cut green to save for feed,
while iu other cases in the province
of Quebec farms have been abandoned owing to the prevalence of
locusts. The insects are most impartial in their attention, attacking
all kinds of grain and vegetables,
After describing the different
species which are liable to infest
any part of Canada, Mr. Gibson
suggests as an efficacious poison, a
bran mash that has beeu well tried,
consisting of
Bran 20 pounds
Paris green of white arsuic... 1 pound
Molasses 2 quarts
Oranges anil lemons 3 fruits
Water 3 1-2 gallons
It is said that the oranges ami lemons
make the bait more attractive nnd hence
lend to the undoing of tlie locust. . gx-
periments mude witli this mixture, whicli
can be concocted at small cost, have
proved most successful, in one case no
fewer than from 900 to I, _00 dead locusts
lieing counted to the square yard. Besides illustrating Uie efficiency of the
poison this statement also proves the
alarming ami overwhelming nature of
the creatures, As every farmer should
lie prepared to protect liis crops against
Cotum Crepe, Yoi'es,
Zephyr Gingham,  Ducks,
Piques, Galateas, Prints
Ladies' House Dresses
from JS1.50 in 82.50
in sizes ,?4 to 51
Children's Play Suits, Rompers,
Blouses aud Busier Suits iu
Duck, Holland and Galatea
in Ladies'
Children's White. Self Colored
and Striped Wash Huts
Ladies', M
tsses ami Children i
Ready-To Wear
Ladies', Misses, Youths and
Child's Tennis Shoes in
while, brown aud navy
New Models in C-C Corsets
from 75c to $5.00
Gents' Furnishings
Made-To-Mea_ure    Clothing.
There isn't the least doubt in the world
that you will be absolutely satisfied with
anv suit vou buy f:on CAMI'BHU/S
CI/OTHING. Otber well dressed men
are buying it regularly each time tin v
need new clothes. If you have , ot
yet found the make that satisfies you why
not try Campbell's Clothing next time
The  Newest  Styles
High  Crown
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Straw Hats in tlie popular Boater
Shnpe with high crown, $1,50 to $5
General Merchant
You   Tried   Our   "Own"
Special Blend Tea?
We have a new  shipment of Tea in stock direct
from Japan
We guarantee this to be the best Tea sold  at 50
cents per pound in this town or district.    Let
us prove this to you by selling you
a trial pound
the pest, he should see to it that as soon
as possible he becomes possessed of this
invaluable circular, and thit he can do
by applying to tile Publications Branch,
Department of Agriculture. Ottawa.
English Church Notes
W rk has been commenced on
the new Anglican Mission Church
at Grantham. This will take the
form of a memorial church, and is
the gift of au old country rector
who has announced his intention
of leaving certain small bequests to
it in his will. The church will be
dedicated to S   Mnry,   the   Virgin.
On 1'iiilav last the parochial
branch of the Woman's Auxiliary
of the church in Canada held its
| annual business meeting in the
Sunday School rooms in Courtenay.
Reports of the year's work wuri:
presented and passed, ami delegates
were chosen lo attend the annual
meetings of the Diocesan branch at
Victoria ou May IS and 19. It
was decided to hold a garden fete
in the Vicarage grounds early in
July, The Financial statements
presented shewed that the work  is
inking steady   pi ogress,   and   the
Now is the time to
procure   your  seeds
for early planting
We carry a full stock
of First Class Seeds
and Implements
Telephone 4 SANDWICK
Barrister  aud Solicitor,
1'. I).  Bo
Phone 24
F-  P I Iv I
Plastering Contractor
The Dyke COUR.T_._AY
'.sthniitcs Furnished   Work Guaranteed
When  In  Doubt
Play Trumps
Have Goard Tune Your Piano
Factory Experience
Recommends  from   Leading Musicians
from tlie Atlantic to the Pacific.   Copies
of same furnished ou request
W. J. Goard   will ne   iu this city   about
August 1.    Leave orders  at this  Office,
or write direct to
845, 8th Ave., W.   -   Vancouver
Cumberland Hotel
Gooil Accomodation       Cusine Excellen
Wm. Merryfield
and all
The members of Hiram Lodge,
No. 14, A. F. & A. M., will meet
at the Masonic Hall on Sunday,
May 9, at 7 p. in,, for the purpose
of attending Divine Service ill the
Presbyterian Church, Courtenav.
All visiting bi_th.rn are cordially invited to be present.
J. W. McKUNZlE, Sr., W- M.
suits for the baseball team, A
gasoline pump has been secured to
keep down the dust when our stars
make a home run. So, as French
remarked, "ve aie highly satisfied
with lhe on'look." Provision- is
being made for both football and
laciosse teams to play also. A
large number of Ty Cobbs were
out last practise sbowing plenty
good material" Next (censored)
afternoon the Bevan team  are  ex
Palace Livery
Herses and  Buggies for
Terms cash.
We also attend to wood hauling:
Phone 25
First-Class Plumbing
Hot Water and Steamlitting.
Jackson & Whittle
Phone a Courtenaj*
General Blacksmith
ollclt  Your Patroftnge,   Cnroful .Uluntloii
Given to Horses Knot
Comox, B. C.
First-class   Accommodation.    Best
secretary  was   able  to   announce pected down for the first match of l Q��ality Wines Liquors and Cigara
several new members. It was de
cided to have a Corporate Communion service iu the near future.
General Merchant
Diamond Dust
The Courtenay Athletic Association is making good. Foractivity
and getting there they have the
"Allewauds" beat ten Kilometers.
The executive has made every effort
to make the coming season's sport
a big success. The baseball diamond will be cindered, elavbanked
and rolled. The outer field gone
oyer and leveled. Our Mayor has
most liberally donated the lumber
for a grand stand, winch will be
erected back of the home plate.
Mr. Mayitnrd of the Silver Spring
Co. most generously promised new
the season. The next game will be
with Cumberland City team. The
team committee lias drawn up a
team to play next game, to try out
players in certain positions. All
Club members wishing to play will
be given a try-out, no favoritism
will be shown in this respect, as
we are out to win that cup. and no
doubt all members are sports
enough to see the very pick of the
club do bal tie.
Provisional Team
P, Robinson.
C. Downey.
1 B   Henry.
2 B. Dixon (Captain.)
3 B. J. Donelly.
���3. S. J. Anderton,
R. F, H. Grieve, M. Downey.
C. F. Glazbrook, McHelvie.
L,. F, R. Harding, H.   Mitchell.
R.  McCuish, Prop.
To Bake
Not to Bake?
The former is really unnecessary when Bread from the.
Courtenay Bakery is available
andby reason ofquality has so
many votaries. Get the A B
habit and satisfaction
W. Aitken    -      rop.
Opposite new Preslj teriau Chunk Q
SIR EDMUND WALKER, C.V.O., L _. D.. D.CX., President
ALEXANDER LAIRD. General Manager JOHN A1KD. Ass't General Manager
CAPITAL, $15,000,000    RESERVE FUND, $13,500,000
Interest at tho current rate is allowed on all deposits of $1 and
upwards. Careful attention is given to every account. Small accounts
���re welcomed.    Accounts may be opened and operated by mail.
Accounts may be opened in the names of two or more persons, withdrawals to be mnde by any one of them or by tho survivor. 821
F. C. BROCK, Manager, Courlcnay'Branch
Mr. J. Wihnsht rst, who has
been road superintendent here for
the past four years has been trans
ferred to llie mainland, with head
quarters at Powell River. Strath-
cona park hns also beeu added to
his district, lt must be highly
satisfactory to Mr. Wilmshurst lo
leave tin.' roads in mi good shape,
considering Unit when be came
here llieir were only two or three
cars in the district und it was an
almost impossible feat *to drive n
car to Catnpell River, now there is
Hot to be loiuul anywhere in the
province a better piece of road than
between Courtenay and Oyster
River. When he enr e here he
revolutionized the aysii r> in vogue,
and has standardized and widened
all the roads in the district. Mr.
Wilmshurst is recognized by the
Department to be oue of the best
road supervisors in the province,
aud this is evidenced by his being
appointed to look after Strathcona
Park. He was in charge of the
roads for many years at Greenwood
B. C, and was taken from there to
Victoria, where he acted as travelling inspector for a time before
coming to Comox. Dining his
residence here Mr. Wilmshurst
kept the business of making roads
out of pololics, which did not
ph'ase some extremists. Mr.
Wilmshurst s bluff, hearty ma'uier
has won him many friends in the
Valley, who* while regretting his
dearture wish both him and bis
family the best of luck in his new
Sphere of activities. Mr. Wilmshurst enters upon his new duties
this week. The family will not
move to Powell River until midsummer. Mr. J. McLeod, of Cumberland, his succcssrr here, com
inenced l.is duties on May ist.
Kerosene will restore soiled playing cards  to   their original   fresh
ness. exbess  oil being removed by
coiling them with talcum povvchr
until dry.
The  Bugle Bast (o C.na_a
Readers of lhe newspapers and
followers of lhe war musi long ago
have lu come convinced that t he
situation grows in,no and more in-
lense nml critical day by day.
(ileal Biiliuin is fii-ed not alone bv
outside enemies, but by labor
troubles and by lack of those immense internal resources in tbe
matter of food production that Germany and Austria-Hungary possess. She cannot feed herself, aud
is compelled to rely largely on
oilier countries for a supply of the
necessaries of life. In such ei.se
the duty of her children Is distinctly plain. It is noteworthy of her
enemies that Ihey are not only
thoroughly united, but that they
nie enduring with what fortitude
they possess the rigid military enforcements that are placed upon
them for the conservation bnt': of
food and material. Every man,
woman, and child, from the Kaiser
down, have been put on rations.
The idea is three-fold, to guard
against auy possible emergencies,
to mislead the foe into over-confidence and by thoroughness to bring
such pressure to bear as will hasten
the final decision. Britiain is pursuing thc same course. She has
not yet found il necessary to place
her population individually on
short rations, but she has found
it desirable to take over nunitiou
factories in order to ensure supplies
that mean either life or death to
the nation. Meantime, Germany
by cowardly sub.uarlne assassination is endeavoring to starve her
people and cripple her resources.
With such a state of affairs existent it i.s hardly ncteasary to explain
to stay-at-home Canadians how
best they can fulfil their manifest
duty and s! ow the burden bearers
how completely they possess their
sympathy. But the bugle blast bas
its rallving nower in peace as in
war.    To all the  people,   and   to
farmers, breeders uud settlers in
particu'ar, the Patriotism and Production movement that was in pro
gress is blowing ils bugle, or in
other Words, carrying its message
Its object is to arouse all and
sundry to the part thev are culled
on to play. That part 'Iocs nol of
necessity mean harder work or loci eased acreage; but it does imply
the exercise of every faculty Inattention and vigilance. It does imply iu ordtr to secure increased and
improved production, bv which
alcne cultivators of the soil enn
contribute toward-, ih ��� eiedit of
tbe country and empire, the greatest care in the selection of setd, in
the breeding of live stock and iu
economy of the land,
General   Bl..
Telephone M
B. C,
Cm    lim   r Irli ''it- Morse I a
; Pumping (mtlits
ii  ���     .' ,,, i 11;  nnd   Roat  Irons
a : ;  cialty
I]   I   l\ ,,'.   '.'.cl   Hoof
A Work *'" tranteed
Seattle, ���Not situ-, thegrenl rturopenn
conflict started has tint. been such a
strong beliel on this side an ul thu pre-
M'i'1 rvMs thut tin.' etui i~ iipproneliing
uml Uml when it arrives the Allies will
be si tiny ou top with lu- flag nt victory
floating overhead, Business i u this Bide
is quite ou the mend uml students nl
conditions say tin- promised revival is
due i" tlu- fact Hun mi ilu- jntlgmi nt ol
fur seeing people llu war has not much
longer to go. kitchei er with his cnor
nuns new army is tu w about ready n
strike what is believed will prove the
decisive blow of llu- war. Aside from
tlie great joy which news lor a victory
lor tin- Allies would briug to tlie people
of Camilla there is a commercial aspect
to the thing which would be welcome to
the farmers of Canada, lt relates to the
hog and cuttle market. For some lime,
it is undoubtedly true, Hint lhe h'og
market lias not been in a very satisfactory condition, and the price of hogs bus
been quite low, considering tlie price ef
grain, hut now. idler mouths of low
prices, a change bus come and it is for
the better. Hogs ure going up iu price;
they ure already higher in tlie Pugei
Sound country than thay were a month
ago und in 60 to 90 days from now they
should be from n cent and a half to two
cents high r. Th. meat paekers ou this
side admit that it is only n question of n
short time until they will be compelled
in pay the ririce demanded by bog raisers, It is an absolute certainty they sny
that there is going to lie il great scarcity
of hogs. Grain has been so high thai
farmers rather than feed it to their hogs
have held on to il and got rid of their
stock. A shortage in hogs is the result.
There bus been a pretty general clean-up
of tlie surplus pork brought aboat by
the action of the farmers in selling tlieir
stock, nnd now the price of pork is getting buck to normal nud the market is
very much on the rise. The Canadian
fanner who keeps his stock nud increases
his hog supply is going to make a lot of
money this summer and next fall.
Ford Touring Car
Price $590
Your neighbor drives a Ford���why
don't you? We are selling more Fords
in Canada this year than ever before���
becarse Canadians demand the best in
motor car set vice at the lowest pwsible
cost. The "Made in Canada'' Ford
it a necessity���not a luxury
Buyers of Fonl cars will share in our prollts if we .ell
30,000 oarsbetweon August 1, 1011, uiul August 1, ims
Runabout $M0; Tom n .Car $810; _. O. li. Ford On.
tarlo, equ'pniont, Incluillug electric headlights, Cars
on display antl sale at
The Archbishops of Canterbury
and York have issued an appeal
which has also beeu signed by
Cardinal Bourne, representing the
Roman Catholics; and the President
of the Free Church Council, representing English Nonconformists,
itrping upon all the duty of bearing
a voluntary part in tbe nation's
self-discipline and self-sacrifice by
abstaining from the use of alcohlic
drink as a beverage during the continuance of the war. The House
of Bishops in Cauada have also issued a similar appeal to every
churchman in the Dominion, and
specially asking them to refrain"
from treating others.
A nominating convention will be
held in Courtenay on Tuesday next
At present there does not seem to
be any opposition to H. S. Clements
the sitting member,
Comox, B. C.
Best Meals North of Naniamo
Choicest Liquors and Cigars
C. A. Martin,  Prop.
The  Comox   Barber   Shop
Oldest Shop in Courtenay
Nothing   But   First  Class  Work
Guaranteed.    Baths in connection
C. E.  DA.RYMPLE, Prop.
Sand and Gravel
Rates Reasonable
Cobblestone and
Septic Tank Work
All Work Guaranteed
A. Beveridge, Courtenay Hotel
Comox Cr -Operative Society Ltd.
yy ^'MiA \-y
l:'!-^'0Wm     I-CSt.
! lealers in ���'ll kinds i.i' Meats,
iViiiter, Eggs and Farmer's
! ...ihu- , Co led Meats a
il". We Mill only (lie
Trices are nl ways ' iw
and   satisfactor}.     We   pay
best prices for pre lue
Phone No. 2
Buggies anil Express Wagons
AU Riga Guaranteed ami Sold at the Lowest P ...'
Blacksmith ard'Carriage Builder   , COURTENAY
Corporation  of  the City  of
NOTICK is hereby given that n Coiir*-
of   Revision   fnr   the   purpose   0
hearing  complaints  against   the assess
ments ns made for the year 1915, will be
held in the Council Chamber, Courteuay
Ii. C, on
Monday, June 7th,
at 10:00 o'clock a. m.
Any person desiring to make com-
1'laint against the said assessment must
give notice in writing to tbe assessor,
stating the ground of his complaint, at
least ten days before the above mentioned date.
W. A. W. HAMES, c. m, c.
Dated at Courteuay, B.C., this 27th
day of April, 1915.
Painter .nd Paperhanger
First Class Carrli
Work Guarnntood
: n i., .-
Dyeing, CI en. rung;
and Pressing
Garments turned out H__tie<v
Alterations and repairs
of  every description
Old Bank Boil '.::���_
Phone 17 Ccurtenay
Try an Ad. in The Review,
The Advance Agent of
Comfort and
For a limited time
Business or Residence Telephones
will be installed upon payment of
$5 Rental in advance
For Particulars
W. D. Denholm,  Mgr
B. C. Telephone Co., limited _BE   REVIEW.   COURTNEY,   B. C.
The Mystery
(if the
liy Fred M. White
Ward,   Lock   _   Co,   Limited
..London,  Melbourne and Toronto 11
H iini'iim in
icreniu broke trom T< iii;;-
lle dancoil    aboul  lho
niiiiiniiin.   For the tlmo
impossible for liio aston-
w In-
tell U|)OII llu
tlllllg,"  111
an over-
"I would
vears dI
On,   Abell,
1'iispur [or
A cry -a
orsky's lipi
room like ;
being li wo
lslieil secretary lu dctci'iniii
thi* was joy ur anguish.
"Yen   nie   upsei   abolH
sir," lie sniil.
Tehigorsky recovered himself ny a
violent effort thai lefi blm trembling
like n reeii Bwepl in tiie wind, Ile
gasped for bream.
"li was the madness ol
whelming Joy!" lie cried,
cheerfully have given ten
my life lur ibis iuformatl
yoti will have to go to ttav
nie today."
Abell .said nothing, lie was used
ti> ihese swift surprises.
"Vou are to see i 11 Ralph Ravenspur, Abell," continued Tehigorsky,
"Nun ure nol lo call at the castloi
you are to liaug about till you gel a
chance of delivering my message unseen. The mere fuel Unit Ralph
Hnvenspur is blind w.ll suffice for a
clue to bis Identity. Lock up Hie time
Abell did so. lie found a train lo
land Iiini ul Biston Junction, some
ten miles from his destination. Hull'
an hour later lie was ready to siart.
Prom an iron safe Tehigorsky took a
small object and laid it in Abell's
"Hive him lhat," he said. "Vou are
simply to say: "Tehigorsky���Danger,'
and eome nway, unless Ralph Ravenspur desires speech with you. Now,
go. And as you value your life, do
not lose that casket."
It, was a small brass box no larger   fumbled   wilb   liis   hands    l'or
than a cigarette ease, rusty anil tarn-1
islied, and covered with si range char-
aclers,  evidently culled from    some
long-forgotten  tongue.
villi those long hands iiuil seemed to
lie always feeling for Millet it::;; like
the tentacles uf an octopus,
"Come with me In your groildgftlth-
er's room," be Bald. "1 want you to
lend me your eyes for a time."
Geoffrey followed willingly Hie
bedroom was exactly he Ravenspur
bad quitted it, tor as yet the house-
maid bud nol be' n there,
".Now    look round  you carefully."
salt! Ralph,   "Look for something 	
of tiie common,   I' maj i e a plei e ul'
rag. 11 BCI'ap nf pa'   ���', a spot of grease,
or a dub of .some foreign substance on
tbe carpet,   Is there n lire laid ber
"\o." Geoffrey replied. "Tlm grate
is a large open one     I  will see
I enn Iimi."
The young fellOW se;
ly l'or some lime no i
ills palna. Then bis eyi
"I ean only s no lutl
| said.
"In  :i   business  like  this,  there are
, no   BUcll   niiillers   nS     link'     lilllli. ."
Ralph replied. "A clue thai might
1 stand on a pin's p int often leads lo
I greal resulls. Tell me what it is thnl
i attraets yonr attention."
"A brown slain mi lhe hearthstone.
i It is about Ihu size Of tl palm of one's
baud,    ll  looks very  like ii  piece ol
glue dabbed down
i     "Take  a.  knife  and  scrape  il   up."
snid Ralph,    Ile spoke slowly and evi
I dently under excitement well repressed.    "Wrap  ii   In  vour handkerchief
! uud give it to me,   Has the stuff any
particular smell'!"
"Yes,"  asid   Geoffrey,    ''It     bas   il
sickly sweet odor.    I am si,re  that  I
never smelt anything like i'  before."
"Probably not. There, i bnvo no further   need   of  your   sen Ices,   and   I
I know that  Veiv. is waiting for yott,
���e not
lief ire.
Ravenspur only u few hours
was  sum
men I
tingling  i
i   leaping
.nun ia
ivy   wniche
sin,    lhe
:    he   saw
ih" _Dlll'd and i
iu a motal box
i lelti d onl and
iifi.y nv.pl  had
ei   the
���:es   uiul   llle
m.ul     OXCltQ-
lop of llie gorse
ves. i
ll mass taken
irefully slowed i
Then  tin- lire
ill traces of it
i  ui"
.villi   I
r Hi
I   wiih   all
niiolte  gradually
. fron
. II Wil
1 wns
Geoffrey nr.pl buck again lo Vera,
rtrembling from bend tn fool,   lie had
; mude up his mind  whul   to do.    He
j would say nolhlng uf ihis at range dis-
whaticovei_' io Vera; ho would keep il for
j Ralph   liaveiispiii's  ears  nioiie   Ralph
mile-Muni I ii iu foreign parts and might
iled ! understand the enigma,
Meanwhile It
J gel   out of  lhe
i not prudent for
j Ravenspur was
I inlo Geoffrey's
he.-llllle   necessary   lo
.Millies'   way.   II   was
iliein to know thai a
o close,   Vera looked i
ten, wondering,
"llow   pale   you   i re!'
"And  bow   long you  inn
"Come ami l"i  II,   wai'
; I'll y
I Slolle
I I Wil.
be    snid
said Geo. ���
"I    I   twisted   my   ankle  uu  a
aiiil   II   gave   me   ji   Iwingo   ur
U's   all   rlglii   now.   Shall   we
sit   if   we  can   gel   us   far  as   Sprawl
Point nud back before luncheon?"      i
Vera  roso to ihe challenge,    she
ml her prided  herself on  her  powers
as a walker.   The oxerctse caused her j
lo glow und tingle, ami all lhe way ii
never occurred to her how silent mid ,
abstracted Geoffrey had becomu.
(To be Continue'.!)
m with
Blanc Mange
"l.ll.V WIIITK" i��
a plllv v. hill' l'"in
Syrup - iiieii dell.
ciile in flavor than
Porliapi you would
prefer IL
Tlnw you never tried "(Yawn Brand   with
Blanc Mange and other Com Starch Puddings?
They seem to blend perfectly���each improves
the (ilber���together, Ihey make simple, inexpensive desserts, that everyone tays are
"simply delicious".
Ii ready to serve over all kinds ol 1 .ulilinjjs���
iniiki s a new nml attractive dish ol such un old
favorite as Baked Apples���is lar cheaper than
butter or preserves when spread on bread���and
is best lor Cnudy-Uiakiug.
ASK YOUR GROCER-IN .. 6. 10 IND 20 I*. TIN*.
Head Ollice  -  Montreal 30
A Ray of Light
of expectation, ai uneasy
nionientoit.   events  about
hung over
A sense
feeling of
to happen
pea red to feel the strain. Her
was pale, and, though she strove
lo regain  the old gentle gaiety
One word before you go
lo say n single word tn
Ihis mallei'; not a stngl
And no. 1 do not prop
you any longer."
Geoffrey retired with a puzzle, air.
When the echo of his footsteps hud
died away, Ralph rose and crept oul
upon Ihe leads. He was shivering with
excitement; there was a look of .iager
expectation, almost of triumph, on liis
Ile fell, his way along Uie leads until be came to a group of chimneys,
about  the  centre   one  uf  which  lie
Then lhe look of triumph nn his
face grew more marked ami stronger.
"Assurance doubly sure." be whispered.    His  voice    croaked    hoarsely
j with excitement,   "If 1 had only somebody  here whom 1  could trust!    If 1
told anybody here whom 1 suspected
Potash in Agriculture
Real Testimony
On Alfalfa
, her]
Hi"    doomed I (1"'>' wouul l'lse lili(' 01"'' lR'rs0"' anu
Fur <ne.'    Marion an-. ulrl me into u'e moat   Aml ���' ''""
'" '       ' |} | do no more than suspect.    Patience,
patience and yet patience."
From the terrace came the sounds
eyes were red am, :;.,l,'��� will, weep-1 ***> C'Sn^ttr^taW8."
Ml through breakfast she watched! ���'"""��� ��B|!>; m thejr tarnjji Uelr bten
Ravenspur in -f��>-- .fJ^yta^Uon^H* | SS^'of'IS.K'S^ ����____. ___ tne.
throw off the strain easily.
seemed to have obtained snme kind
of hold over her. Yet. untiling.could
be more patient, dull, and stolid than
the way In which he proceeded with
the meal, lie appeared lo dwell in
an unseen world of bis own; the stirring events of the previous night nad
left uo Impression on him whatever.
For lhe most part, Ihey were a sad
and igliont party. I'lie terror that
walked by night and day was stealing
closer to them; it was coining in u
new and still more dreadful form.
Accident or the Intervention of Provi.
denco bad averted a dire tragedy;
but it would come again.
Ravenspur made liglil of the matter. He spoke of the danger as something past. Yet it was impossible j
��� wholly to conceal the agitation that
lillcd him. Ile saw Marlon's pale,
sympathetic face; be .saw t'hi3 heavy
tetus in .era's eyes, and a dreadful
sense of liis absolute mil otsnee came
to bim.
"Let us forget it," he said almost
cheerfully. "Let. us think- no more of
the mailer. No doubt, science can explain this new mystery."
"Never," Ralph said in a thrilling
whisper. "Science is powerless here."
The speaker's sightless eyes were
turned upwards; he seemed to be
thinking aloud rather tbnn addressing
tbe company generally. Marion turned as If something had slung her.
"Uncle Ralph knows something that
be conceals from us," she cried.
Ralph smiled. Yet be bad the air
of one who is displeased with hini-
_  If.
"I know many things that are mercifully concealed from pure natures like
Mini's," he said. "But as to what
happened lust night I am as much in
the dark as any of you, All, if 1 wore
nol.  blind!"
A strained silence followed. (Ine
by one the company ruse until tha
room was deserted, save for ilulpii
Ravenspur and his nephew Geoffrey,
The handsome lad's Pace was pile, his
lips quivered.
"I am dreadfully disappointed,
uncle," lie observed.
"Meaning from your tone that you
are   disappointed   with     ine,     Geoff.
"Because you spoke at lirst as if
you understood things. And then you
professed lo be as ignorant as ibe
rest of us. Oli, it is ..wl'ul! I���I
would not enre so much if 1 were less
fond of Vera than 1 am. I love her;
1 love ber with my whole heart and
soul. If you could only see the beauty
of her face you would understand.
"And yet when she kisses me good
night I am never sure that it is not
for the last time. - feel that I must
wake up presently to llnd that all is
ah evil dream- Ani we can do nothing, nothing, nntliing but wait and
tremble and���die."
Ralph made n. reply: indeed there
was no reply to this passionate outburst. The blind man rose from the
table and groped his way to the door
They walked along side by side until they came to the cliffs. Here the
rugged ramparts rose high with jagged indentations and rough hollows,
There were deep cups mid Assures in
Hie rocks where a regiment of soldiers might lie securely bidden, For
miles tlie gorse was (lushed with its
golden glory.
"Let us sit. down and forget our
troubles,'1 r.ald Geoffrey. "How restful
the time if we could sail away in a
ship, Vera, away to the ends of the
earth, where we could hide ourselves
from ibis cruel vendetta and be at
pence. What use is the Kavenspur
property to us whe . we are doomed
to die'.'"
Vera shuddered slightly and tho
exquisite face grew pale.
"They might spare us," she said
plaintively. "We are young and we
have done no harm to anybody.   And
Several    Canadian Sources of Potash
Are Available to the  Farmer
For many years the SlasBfurl mines
I In Germany have been practically tho
sole source ol' tl.e potash compounds
I used for fertilising purposes on this
continent.   Anion,", the evil effects reuniting from the present war, there-
' fore, may be counted the cutting off
I from  the markets of the  world the
supply  of  this  material.    Dr.  Shuti,
: Dominion  chemist,  regards  this cir-
! cumstance as not so serious as some
I may consider.    In order to place bis
| views before the farmers of Camilla
i Dr. Shult has issued Circular No, 7 of
I the Experimental Farms, "Potash In
Agriculture."   It lakes up the subject
| under several heads and reaches the
1 following conclusions:
"it    is  only our light,  sandy  and
I gravelly soils that are markedly deficient in potash and this element is only
I specially  called  for  by  clover,  pota-
toes, roots and leafy crops generally.!
There is yet some potash in ilie mar-1
I ket though  it will probably have to1
i be purchased in tlie form of a com-1
! plete fertilizer. We have several Can- j
adian sources of potash available to'
| tbe   farmer���notably   liquid   manure,
wood ashes und sea weed���materials
rich  in  this  useful  constituent and,
j which are more or less rapidly obtain-
i able, in many parts of the Dominion.
; And  lastly  there  are    the    indirect j
j potassic fertilizers, which though not i
j adding to the sum total of the soil's j
potash yet may serve a useful purpose by liberating it 111 available forms
\ No More Profitable Crop Than Alfalfa
is Opinion of This Farmer
The Northwestern State Bank of
Orange City, lu., believes in alfalfa��� ���
It is conducting an alfalfa growing
contest and offering JlfiO in prizes.
In its announcement, the bank snys;
"Sioux county is worth from two or
three times ns much today as il  was
i ten years ago, but wo are still raising
about the same number of bushels of
i corn, oals and  wheal  to   the    acre.
Every farmer will soon be asking him-
| self these questions:   How can 1 Increase the yield of the crops which I
'now raise'.'   And what new crop can
11 raise whicli will give nie larger re-
: turns I'rom my land?   The answer is
found  in  one Word���ALFALFA.'
"Heretofore our farmers have paid
very little attention to alfalfa and it is
practically a new crop here," writes
(lerritt J, Slob, casiiier. "Three of
our farmers who have put in alfalfa
have had remarkable success. Kudosed find statement :,igued by one of
our progressive young farmers, showing his experience with alfalfa. Your
July number was a good one to circulate among our farmers."
Here is the statement Mr. Slob enclosed:
Orange City, la., June 15, i914.
This is to certify that in the fall
of 1911, on my farm on 3 mile west of
Orange City, I seeded 4'^. acres to
alfalfa. During the summer of 1013
1 received 14 tons from the lirst cutting, nine tons Irom the second
cutting.'   and    I would have received
partment of Agriculture at Ottawa.    !
Produce Cheap Pork
and thus in times such as the present  seven   tons   from the   third ctittin
may help to tide us over until potasti \ bllt i was away trom ilome, and lho al-
compounds are once more upon the  faifa was not'cut.   The lirst two cut-
market." tings amounted to '22 tons, whicli  at
This  circular is  available  free  at  ju per ton amounted to $253.    Hr.d
the  Publications  Branch  of  the  De-1 j cut jt three times, 1 would have ;realized  over  $:;:10  from  the  4V_  acres,
which  is  over $711  per    acre.    This
season 1  expect, to cut more tons of
hay  from  the  field  tban  I  did  last
I am thoroughly convinced that
Ihere is not a more profitable crop
than alfalfa.
(Signed) It. ...  BRINKS.
This is the kind of story we like
to print���Hint we want more of���the
real thing���no ti eoiy���a story of agricultural   experience  secured  by    ths
from one of his farmer ens-
It bears out our    slogan-
farm."���The Bank-
Hog Raising Contest in North Dakota
Shows  Big  Profit  in   Pork
The  contest among  the  boys  and
girls in hog raising ln North Dakota
was interest ing to the observer us well
as the boys. In tlie tlrst plac : it showed that cheap pork can be produced i banker
on the farm unde.' present conditions.; timers
yet I have not lost all faith.   1 feel hn the second place that liogMtfford an "Alfalfa on every
certain that Heaven above us will not | economical means of marketin;; farm  er.]rarmer.
permit this hideous slaughter to eon-j products.   Aud what is still more im-1 ' _ .���
tiaue." portant it shows that there is protlt i .    .y..
She laid  her  trembling  fingers  in i in pork production under   conditions I '.'"". . _,������-,,_,
Geoffrey's  band,  and    lie  drew   hsr  that now prevail. I    When the It uss.a is in 1,01 miircled
close to Jiini and kissed her. -v       of the 24 boys and girls that won   Into Cracow, the desire o   the K ng
"It seems bard  to look  into you.   pr!ge8 the average weight of Vie pigs oPrussia toibe crowned as the King
face and doubt  it, dearest," he said, latter seven months' feeding was _I0 i of  Poland  could  not be f lfllled be-
"Bven the nend who pursues us would I pounds.   These   gains were made by I cause   the  royal  ciown     l  m..ip-
hesitale, to destroy you.   But 1 dare | feeding the ordinary feeds raised on|Pe_re(l
To Boom the
Flax Industry
Practical Method Wanted of Dealing
With Tonnage cf Straw Waited
In West
During lho sen.: mi of 1913-lfi Hot
VV. T. While, minister Of finance, an
iioiinecd in bis budget lhat au investi
giilioti would be !) stltutod into the
Uav Industry of the Dominion Witt
u view to ascertaining the advisabiliti
of granting a bonus upon the manu
facture of llax fibre. At tho tim�� Ir
was contended that with a substantia
bonus flas libre for the manufacture
of binder (wine, rope, etc., could be
made a paying industry in tho Uoniiii
ion in a few years, "anil tbat muck
waste material could thus be turn_
lo profitable use. The investigation.
it is understood, has been going on
or .some time, but it is stated thai
since the war commenced a new
phase of the situation has been pre
seated to the attention of the govern
As a t insequenee of the war there
lias been tome apprehension express
ed jjs to lhe safety of tbe Irish am!
Scotch linen industi/ which in former
years drew a large part of its raw
material from Belgium, France anc
Hussia, and whose supply from these
countries has been practically cut oft
It is stated that there have recentlj
been in Ibis coinur. several representatives of large nrilish mills i:i an endeavor to cnilst the co-operation of
farmers In the larger production of
Although there lias never been ;
linen industry in Canada, flax has
been grown in small quantities in On
tario and Quebec for the uso of resi
dents in the home manufacture of
linen cloth. It is recorded, however,
that in only a few sections of Western
Ontario in 1904, 700 tons of itbre wore
produced which brought it price ol
$201 per ton. The avera.. price fo:
Irish flax libre during th? past five
yours has been $325 per ton, while tht
Belgian flax fibre averaged $405.
In Western Canada It is estimated
that one million tons of flax straw art
burned every year, and that if a prac
tical method were found for producing fibre a splendid opportunity would
be presented for taking advantage ol
the Britisli requirements and the Eur
opean scarcity.
It is understood that the govern
ment has under consideration some
proposal for the encouragement ol
this industry in the Dominion.
must not    think    of lhai.    If
��� taken awuy I do not want to
.'. Oh. iny feelin
the farm, After deducting the cost of
ibe home-grown feeds at markit
prices it was fotllli". thut lhe average
cost of producing a pound of pork was
2% cents. The bogs were sold at
twice and in some instances nearly
sea 12V4 times that price per pound, conso-
'led ' quantly the profit was satisfactory.
ind for over a century could
not   be   found.   Over 100 years after
I the fall of Cracow a terrific thunder-
! storm burst upon    the city, and an
I ancient elm, standing in a held jm.t
I outside the walls, was rent asunder,
1 and  in  Us  hollow  trunk  was  found
i hidden the famous crown of Poland's
ancient kings.   When it was removed
i some   of   lhe precious stones whicli
had been loosened In the process of
I time dropped  out, and  it  is asserted
! that this wu3 the llrst omen ot the
j great war now raging.
Horses That Know
Some of the artillery horses with
! the   British  army   in    France    have
, served for mui.y years, and these old
! l.orses  are available as  experienced
soldiers.   They have nothing lo learn
about war,    and ca . teach any new
driver a good deal.
For* example,  many  oC these  animals know wilb mathematical exact-
not. I
you ar
"Nor I either, Ge
are similar to yours:"
The dark  violet  eyes    filled    with
tears, the fresh  breeze from  the
ruffled Vera's fair hair and car
her tailor hut awuy up Ihe cliff, lt| ' The'principal feeds used In the con
rested, perched upon a gorse bush test nnd the in lees charged were as
overhanging one of the ravines or [follows: Corn, 50 cents ver bushel;
cups iii the rock. As Geoffrey ran to , barley, 45 cents; rye, 00 cents; bran
fetch the lial he looked over. 'and shorts. $10 per ton;    screenings,
A strange sight met his astonished j $10; skim milk, 25 cents per 100
gaze. The hollow might have been pounds; pasture, one-third cent per
lined with grass and moss, and In the I jay und corn hogged off, V3 per acr .
centre of lhe cup, whicli had no lis-1 in summarizing the resin... n_ these
sure or passage of any kind, two men , pig clubs the .North Dakota station
were   seated   bending  down   over  a I says;
small shell or gourd placed on a lire :    ''The boys and girls  nave  In  Ihis
of sticks. I contest demonstrated the possibilities
In ordinary circumstances lliere of pork production in North Dakota.
would have been nothing strange In They have demonstrated that the iio_
this, for the sight of peripatetic hawk- furnishes  the best material  for the  ���
crs and tinkers along the cliffs was produce raised on the farm. They havo  ness the porper interval of one gun \ awaits us fur our misdeeds. But fo
not unusual. j also demonstrated that the capital in-  from another. To swing the gun rou.:d j all that���"
But these men  di_ not  belong to | vested  in   pork  production   brings a | at the due distance is now ingrained!    "And here John  Wesley    hit    tli
Home Test For Dirt In Milk
The following is a simple hometesi
for dirty milk which it might be well
for the housewives of Canada to ap '
ply. A . .rfectlj clean funnel is usee
with a small piece of clean wire net
ting fitted In ihe neck opening and :
thin layer of clean cotton batting oi
the wire netting. The funnel is stooi
in a lane jar an.l quart or more o'
the milk filtered through the cotton
The cottoi. is then removed and placer
on clean white earn lo dry. If then
is evidence of dirt upon it. ;he atten
tion of the milkman may be caller
to this direct evidence of carcles'
handling and if rouble persists tin
local healfh a thorltioa may well bi
Real Patriotism
Colouel Roosevelt, congratulated a
n luncheon on his war articles, iol.
an interesting story about patriotisn
"Old John Wesley," he said, "gav.
in the pulpit once the hest exampl.
of patriotism in the world.
"'We English aro great sinners
old John Wesley said. 'Wc are miser
able worms. We havo abused all on
blessings, and a dreadful punishmen
that class.   They were tall and spare; \ higher return than  that invested In -, as an instinct and performed with the   reading desk a tliuiiipin
they  were clad  in  dingy robes;   on j land  that is used itt grain farming, j regularly of a ploughing horse when ! his fist
tlieir head ...,...-.. ...  ���
sad  color.
W. N. U. 1045
were turbans of the same
They were dark of feature, with thin faces and ragged
beards. In appearance they were sin-
gularly alike; indeed, they might have
been twin brothers some time past
the prime of life.
Prom the shell on the ground a
thick vapor was rising. The smell of
it floated on the air to Geoffrey's
nostrils. He reeled back almo_ sick
and faint with the perfume and the
discovery _ie hail made. For that Infernal stuff had exactly the same
smell as the pungent drug whicli had
lt would be hard to get acres devoted Ibe turns at the headland of lhe field,
to grain to return an average of $7S.10 If the driver, less skilful or wise in
after paying for everything except the the art, attempts to bring one gun too
labor, yet a sow and an acre of land near its neigh ior, the horse tf.kes the
cost about the same in North Dakota, matter into his own hai.ds with an
It will take many acres in grain farm- Olympian disregard of bit or whip,
ing to equal the litter of pigs in I lie will not disobey the regulation for
bringing returns."���Farm and Ranch,  any one.���London Daily Mall.
blow wil
But wc are the best people ln tb.
world for all that!' be Shou.ed."
Dallas, Tex.
"If you want to make that song successful you must sing louder."
"I'm singing as loud as I can. What
more can I do?"
"Be moro enthusiastic.    Open your | "Yes'ml"    replied
come so near to destroying the life of mouth and throw yourself into it!"    | "he was a poet."
A teacher had told a class of juvenile pupils that; Milton, the poet,
was blind.    The next day she asked
"What's the matter with your wife
She seems all broken up lately."
"Yes, she had a terrible shock. Sh
was assisting at a rummage sale; sin
took off her new hat and laid it (low
a moment���and ;.omebody sold it fi ���
thirty-five cents."
"Do you know anything about
if anv of them could remember what  language of flowers?"
Milton's      great     affliction      was."     "Only this much. A flTe dollar be
one little fellow; ' of roses talks a heap loiide.- to a gi;
than a fifty cent bunch of carnations [THE   REVIEW,   COURTNEY,   B. C.
Vanishes Forever
Prompt Itetief--'Permanent Cun
(ail.   Purrly \
but gently
tli. liver.
Slop at11
tealion ��� improve  tin' complexion���brighten
iccy<__ Small Pill, Small Dose, Small ftfefc
Ccnume _u:-,t___r Signature
Beef on the Farm
(J row More Alfalfa
_W_fW_y_.il !_���!_��
"I find it so hard to Economise, Inn 1 must do so for a
"Why not do your own
washing? It isn't hard if an
EDDY Washboard is part of
your Equipment. I have a
"Household Globe," it's a
Wonder-Worker ������ Loosens
thc Dirt so Easily���and 1 never
Tear the Clothes."
nny other si
lee's Vegetable
If you _���__'<_ , i of SOIt r_"RU_ DOWN' 'QOT thn BLUES'
_UF_ _��� __���__ KID__Y, BLAOftl _, I:. _vorS DIS_A3__,
'CHRONIC W_*_____ ,{:!._ RIIS.SKIS KRl'P I IONS, PI I. US,
writ* fur ___�����.  CLOTH BOUND MEDICAL BOOR UN
_____ _L__a��.t ami   ...i. n_R_ i .. rtn__ effect, tl by
"1 an __���___ .for
lbariBtaVfiirVuUROWNaLlmeRt, Absolutely FRCK
No'follow up 'circulars. No obligations, n��.I._Ci.K.o
U_I> C_l.rT_V_:_S_0< K. U.liAM.'. I BAD LONOOH.ttNO
WE  \.A_i   V��  . ROVI  THERAPION WILL CUt_   IO*.
��� rn ���_ nnr er ribnun _��� _������������ fcl* ��� ��� I
Tumors, l.tt.iu _ciir__-wit_ti.it _nif_ or
Children Teething
Mrs. winslow's
Soothing Syrup
MV"*. W��.Ui t* ftti** II*IT lntiiri.ee
1'_-. Ti>u i;_ iin>t.    .Villi'*' lt_.nru_ C_.
.,'.__....n   <_���i,i..y -_r,_..������ [--������__I*-.!   llt.i
i tl. .iv. fit Wiiimn ._ in* w_rt. _'_
__*_j'. _*i..i   A..iirk>��,    A|i[ily   Dunlin-
i ��� . K . __i.r UmKc.l, li. fi   0.. HJira-iinn .
���"..._. h...i_ Jn��.   Vet Mi.mtDt i_'a#eti .
8_4__��*KUr>' *"���*���
The Hudson's Bay Road
Steel has been laid cr. 2115 miles
of the main line ol tbe Hudson Bay
Railway. The line will be completed
In the auuunn oi: 1917 anil grain will
be shipped from the terminals then.
It will require two years more, hovv-
sver, to complete tbe terminals. Tbe
total cost, of tlie road to lhe end of
January last baa been $D,7(I8,809.
Mothers can easily know when their
children are troubled with worms, and
they lose no time In applying the best
ot remedies���Mother Graves' Worm
A Thrifty Scot
McTavish and a blither Scot, McPherson, entered tbe tram, and tool;
their seals near Uio door. Silting in
tho corner wns n nice young llicbin
lassie, and Me.avjsll was always
nudging bis friend. "Hoots, mail," said
McPherson.   "I ken her fine"
"IIoo arc yo no' garni np aside her,
then?" ashed McTavish.
"Och," said McPherson, "she linsiiu
jeyed her fare yet."
Money   in   Live   Stock   Will   Pay   Big
Dividends to the Farmer
"The time has conic," says .1. Ogdon
Armour, "for all concerned the packer, the farmer, tbe dealer and the consumer���to give Used to the menace
of the growing beef shortage In thin
country, nnd to realize that this situation will become more acute instead
of Improving in years to cnnic."
Force is lent to bis warning by the
statement that the cattle receipts at
the six principal western markets arc
now   be   smallest   ill     thirty    years. I
While the population  bas Increased
over 26 per cent, since 1900, beef cat-
lie have decreased I'll per cent. Seven
yearn ago there wire  iu  the country
51,000,000  bead  of entile:   new tlicre!
are  only  38,000,000,    And  yet  prices !
hnve advanced sn thai those 88,000,000 i
are worth (360,000,000 more t_an iho
51,000,000 wire worth  in 1907,
If I liis tendency goes nuicli fart her,
It's     evident   thai   tho  nation   must
swing pretty far Inwards a vegetarian
diet,    IB we want the inent Hint wc     ��r  ''""'���''
bave been accustomed to, we have got    . }' ;""'
iii gel busy and adapt cattle raising lo  ''',".'','''  '
changed condition*.   As Mr, Armour A'181���
point*   oul    the  range*  have  been S,lKnr bo
broken up by tbe withdrawal of public
lands for Irrigation project* and dry'
farming,   In the future, cattle raising
inusl be less specialized. Herds musi
lie smaller nnd more widely distributed. Hope of Increasing or even niniii-
tnining   the   presenl   por   capita   beef
production seems in depend nu tbe
farmers of all sections.
"Tlio farmer inusl receive every
practical encouragement to pui the
beef cattle nil bis lands and In conduct
liis business in such a way Hint the
cattle ami agricultural branches will
bo balanced," says Mr. Armour. Present beef prices ought to be, in themselves, a powerful encouragement for
such "balanced farming."���Chronicle.
Augusta, On.
Dr.   Williams'   Pink   Pills
Correct the  Cause  of
This Trouble
There arc few ailments that cause
more genuine misery in the lmiue than
attacks whicli are generally termed
sick headaches. Thc attacks arc often
periodical and when the mother of a
family is prostrated at intervals there
is not onlv her own suffering to consider, but the discomfort caused lhe
other members of the household. Sick
headaches arise from a variety of
causes, and most of tbem can be relieved or cured through the tonic
treatment wllh Dr, Williams' Pink
Pills. Mrs. Hugh Docherty, liocaville,
Sask., says: "I suffered for years with
what tlie doctors called nervous prostration ami sick headache. When
these spells.ame on I could not work
nor walk, and tbe pains in thc heart
were almost unbearable. At times the
pain in my head was so dreadful that
I feared it would drive ine mad. 1
tried four different doctors at limes,
and not only took bottles of medicine,
but quarts of it, but to no avail. Then
I quit taking medicine altogether and
tried dieting, hut it made no difference, I was still nil agonizing sufferer. Finally my husband" urged me to
trv Dr. Williams' Pink Pills and got
m'e a supply. Afler taking lhe Pills
for some weeks 1 felt a little better
and I gladly continued their use. My
nerves began to feel stronger, the terrible headr.ches came with less frequency, and after taking tbe Pills for
some 'months disappeared altogether.
Prom thai day tn ihls I have had no
return of the' trouble, and all who
knew of my illness regarded my cure
as marvellous. I cannot say too much
in praise of the Pills us they certainly saved me from a life of almost constant agony."
It is by building up and enriching
the blood and strengthening the
nerves that Dr. Williams' Pink Pills
work seemingly marvellous cures, und
what they have done for others they
will do for all ailing people if given a
fair trial. If you do not Iind these
Pills at yonr medicine dealers you cun
got them by mail nt 50 cents a box
or six boxes for $_.5ii from The Dr.
Williams' Medicine Co., Brookvllle,
Increase  In  Alfalfa    Fodder
Root Production
oompiled  from
Corn and
government c.isus return* show a
pronounced tncrea_u in production of
alfalfa, fodder corn, potatoes and root
crop* in Man! oba, Saskatchewan and
Alberta during 1914. The two onl -
standing feature* of tho reporl on
potato, root ami fodder crop* for inn,
are the Increase In acreage of alfalfa
ami the surprising acreage in fodder
corn. In previous years t. o acreage in
fodder corn bus been sn small that it
has nol often even been noted In lho
reports, In 19.11 tl e ncreago lu fodder corn was 16,700, and of this area
13,000 acres were :'n tho province or
Maultobn. The average yield per acre
was a little ever live ami tl half tens.
Increase in alfalfa acreage for lhe
three province, tor tho year is very
nearly 5,000 i cros.
nm.        1013,
Potatoes    18.847,000   $5,268,000
Turnip* and nih-
r    GII M E _
01 "11    ..
3,59(1, i
1 12,000
Intensive Cultivation
i Its
$19,014,000 $13,511,000
Preparation.��� I
acb regulator, ivrieo-
Pills nre resuli nf long
tidy of vegetable compounds calculated to stimulate the Btomachlc functions and maintain them at the normal condition, Years if use have
proved their faultless character and
.established their excellent r putntion.
And this reputation Ibcy have maintained for years and will continue to
maintain, for these pills must always
stand at the head of the list of standard preparations.
way of
An   Efficacious   Remedy
A t'liry is lold by President l'niu-
care of as old pea.ant who was very
superstitious, A neighbor said to
him one day:
"That potalo you gave me to carry
in my pocket as a cure for rheumatism has bad a wonderful effect. I
haven't bad a twinge since you gavo
it to mc."
"There 1" exclaimed the peasant,
triumphantly, "1 told you a potato
carried in life pockets wns a cure
for rheumatism, and you wouldn't
believe me."
"Yes," the other admitted, "and
the really strange thing is that it
must have been exercising ils influence on me before you gave it mc,
for 1 never had a twinge before I began carrying it."
Liniment    Cures    Burns,
Bullets Meet in Rifle Barrel
A German soldier gives a remarkable account, of a peculiar shot:
"From one of the trenches," he
says. "I aimed at my adversary. At
a distance of about seventy yards
the outlines of a cap offered a remarkably good aim.
"I pointed   my   rifle,   anil was already sure    of    success.    I was .iust   THEN
pulling the trigger.    The.  aim    was
clear;  my bullet-could not fail.
"Suddenly I staggered back, and
when I recovered I found my rine
damaged at. the lock and tbe chamber,
I had a very ugly wound in the fore-
"I examined my rifle and found in
the bu. rel a. French and a German
bullet, both flattened. AVhat had happened was this: A French bullet bad
entered my rifle at the muzzle, liad
followed the course of the barrel, had
Relation to the  Farm and to
Labor Question
The development of a more intensive cultivation inusl curry with it a
much more careful consideration of
the labor problem. The difficulty of
gelling nnd keeping labor on the farm
is a commonplace' 1 think farmers
have not faced tl"' fact that this dift'l-
d.ue iu thc main tn their own
doing llieir business. Competent men will not slay at farm labor
unless il. offers them continuous employment as part of a well ordered
business concern: ami this is not possible unless with a greatly Improved
Today agriculture has to compote
in the laber market against other, and
to many men more attractive, inilii ;-
trios, and a marked elevation iu the
whole standard of life In tlie rural
world is the best insurance of a belter supply of good farm labor. Only
an Intensive system of farming can
afford any large amount of permanent
employment, at decent wages to the
rural laborer, and only a good supply
of competent labor can render lnten-|
sivc fanning on any large scale profitable. Hut lhe intensive system of!
fanning not only gives regular em-1
ployinenl. and good wages: it also His
Ibo laborer of today���in a country
where a man can strike out for himself���to bo Ibe su__ssl'tll farmer of
tomorrow. Nor. iu these days nf Impersonal industrial relations, should
the fact be overlooked Unit under an
intensive system of agriculture, wc
Iind still preserved the kindly personal relation between employer and employed which contributes both to the
pleasantness of life and to economic,
progress nnd security.���Sir Horace
Plunkett in the Rural Life Problem
of the 1'nited Stales.
War Horses Turned Green
Effort to Change the Color of Whits
Horses Had Unexpected Result
lie was a sturdy littlo French gunner, and lev _d bis horses as an artilleryman should, hut ho was a little
disgusted when he saw the animal
turn green���"as creeii as au apple"���
as be said when ho told tho story.
White horses are not allowed at the
front, as they are too easily seen at
a distance, and Ihis is a war in which
invisibility is the great thing to
achieve. Several attempts have been
made since the beginning of hostilities to dye white horse* a serviceable
simile of brown, but so far with little success. Heavy rain lias generally
been the chief euen.y of such cxperi
Thc other day twenty-four horses
of one battery were dyed with a new
stain, and to lho delight, of officers
and men the rain seemed to have no
bad effect. But nuo night the horses
bad a specially hard bit cf work to
do. They sweated i nil lathered freely, and, to lhe horror of tne drivers,
they wero a bright green when the
morning light fell on them.
Something in the stain���the proud
Inventor ekeps its composition ue.'-
ret���had cliunged its color when
mixed wilb Ibo perspiration of tin
hard worked horses'.
A Remedy For Earache.���To ha v.
Ibe earache is to endure torture. Tin"
ear is a delicate organ and few care
to deal with it. considering it. work
fnr a doctor. Dr. Thomas' Eclectrlc
Oil offers a simple remedy. .V tew
drops upon a piece nf lint nr medicated eolton and placed in the car wil!
work wonders in relii ving pain.
He Could Not
MakeJDne Step j J
caused the explosion of my
ridge and the butt of'my rifle,
thus had wounded me."
Russia is twerty times .arger tban
France and Germany put together
(8,400,000 square miles), and her population is supposed to number ]Cii.-
OOu.OOn, being 100,000,000 more than
that of Germany, Canada's area ls
3,729,665 square miles.
"What is the shortest word iu the
English language?"
Without Ovcrloar,'!ng thc Stomach
The business mnn, especially, needs
food ill tbe morning Hint will nol. over-
_ ���  l. _  f       _     .,.    \.i ,. i l(,1"l     the  stomach,   but give  mental
Bright Future Fer the West j v|���.n,. ,.,���. ���,e ,,���,.
I     There   is  no  doubt   that  the   west; MUCh depends on  the start  u  ninn
will soon enter upon nn era of pros- ge(a oac], jnv as tn bow lie may cx-
I purity again. Its natural resources are poC| [0 accomplish llie work nn band.
enormous���in fact their development n,, can't j���, niert with   a heavy,
was   only   beginning   in   real   earnest trled-ineat-and-potntne.i   breakfast,   re-
; when lhe boom hud readied ils Itolgllt quiring a lot of vital cnergv in digest-
| in 1918,   The present period of read- w jt,
Mlnard's   Liniment  for  sale   everywhere.
A servant in Sou'beast London was
telling her mistres. the other day of
the boasting indulged in by the servant next door nbout her young man
In khaki. "I can't uuderstail.1 how he's
got on so fast," she remarked. "He's
jnly been in the ai.iiy a few months,
yet she told me in November that
iie wais a coi'porcl; last week she said
he'd been made a sergeant, and now
ihe sa.vs he's to bo cGuVt-martial"���
Pall Mall  Gazette.
��____** a .ranula,efl Eyelids,
t^9*jkT 'C.   Eyes inflamed by expo-
sure to Sun, Dusland _Io_
PjfA ���- quickly relieved by Murine
L, \ 9$ 5_P E>e Remedy. No Smarting,
����� just Eye Comfort.   At
Your Druggist's 50c per Bottle. Murine Eyt
ill _ in Tubes 2 5 c. I _ i BqoIi el i he Eye Free ;_k
Druggists oi Marin Eye _c_edy Co., Chicago
W. N. U. 1048
jttstment is paving the way for a re
sumption of progress thai will be
steady, natural and permanent. The
sot-back that I'.ekiess, gtvsping speculation lias received is anything but a
mist 'l'turie. The rich lands of Ibe
west are intended for thc settler and
producer, not for the enrichment of
thc real estate gambler. "With the
enlargement of the cultivating acreage now assured for tbe coming season, und the rising prices and increasing demand for foodstuffs, the prospect is that the western provinces will
A   Western  business  man  found  a
food combination for producing cuer- j
gy.    lie writes:
"For years 1 was unable to find a '
breakfast   food   that    bad    nutrition
enough     to  sustain  a   business  mail]
without   overloading    his    stomach,
causing  indigestion  and  kindred ail-]
ments. ��� j
"Being a very busy and also a very ;
nervous man, 1 had about decided to,
give up breakfast altogether. But luck- ���
ily I was induced lo try Grape-Nuts. \
"Since that morning I have been a
Newfoundland     Man    Finds    a   Firm
Cure After Suffering Ten Months
of    Torture.���Doctors    and
Other Medicines Failed to
Help   Him
l.ewisport, Twillillgate District,
Nltd.���(Special).���A thrilling story of
a splendid cure bv Dodd's Kidney
Bills is told by Waiter J. Roberts, a
well known resident of Ibis place.
"My trouble, starter, from a cold
after measles," Mr, Roberts stales.
"For nineteen months I was confined
to the house, and for ten months I
could not make one step.
"I tried many doctors and medicines but got no' relief from them. Tbe
trouble was in my feet, legs and arms
and at times was almost unbearable.
I could not feed myself for those ton
"At last I tried Dodd's Kidney l'ills.
taking twenty-eight boxes in all, und
ant . lad to say the;- made a firm cure
of tne." !
Air. Roberts' troubles were caused
by  diseased   kidney*.     That   is   why |
Dodd's  Kidney  Pills  cur d  him.  Dis- j
eased  Kidneys  tall in llieir duly of]
straining  lho  Impurities  out  of  the j
blond nnd the consequence is trouble
nil over the body.   Dodd's Kidney l'ills
cure diseased Kidneys.
Germany Wants Big Wheat Area
'J'be German government is con- i
templlUtllg tha issuance of a decree
reducing by one quarter tbe area pre- ;
vlously employed for the raising of j
sugar beets, ro as tc increase the pro- :
duct ion of grain and vegetables.
Sugar  manufacturers   are   raising
objections.   They   contend that sugar I
is a nourishing foot, and that tlie by- !
products uie valuable for feeding cat- 1
tie.      ^
Many children are so crammed with
everything that they know nothing, in
proof of this, road this specimen definition:
"Anatomy is-the human body, which
consists of three parts, the'bead, the
ist, and the stumniiek. The head
ontains the eyes and brains, if any:
the chist contains the lungs and a
piece of the liver. The stutumick is
devoted lo the bowels, of which there
nro five���a. c, i, o. u, and sometime?
w and y."
Minard's  Liniment Cures  Dandruff.
While the Canadian contingent
Is doing its part at the front and
the Canadian business man is Join?
his part at home, it remains for the
Canadian citizen also to do his part.
It is patriotic and i. is good business
lo buy goods, first, that are made in
our own town, second, in our own
country, and third, in our own Brit-
isli empire.
experience decidedly  improved  flnan-  new  man;  can  work' without  tiring, I
ial conditions before the end of the |
present year.���Sydney Post.
"Vou admit you are guilly, then,"
thundered tbe judge.
"Ah  do.  judge.    All's  guilty.    Ah
stole  detn  pants.    Bul,  your  I-Ionah, | business."
my head is clear and my nerves strong
and quiet.
"I (ind that Grape-Nuts, with a little sugar and a small quantity of cold
milk, makes a delicious morning meal,
whicli invigorates me for    the day's
del . nlnt no sin when de motive am
good. All stole dam pants to get baptised in."���Harper's Magazine.
Tlie spreading of wood ashes upon
land has beneficial effect upon tbe
soil, the pntnsh content being an excellent fertilizer.
Name given bv Canadian Postum
Co.. Windsor. Out. Read, "The Itoad
to Wellville," in pkgs. "There's a
Ever read the above letter? A new
one appears frcm time to time. Tbey
are genuine, true, and full of hur. an
Interest. I
Deafness Cannot Be Cured
try locml t.p]il!.--.tl_i. ts they rtr.not r_eta t_ 0*. '
0OS*l portl_ ol tni. _r.    There _ only on. wiy ta i
sort deitaMi. suit Out la by c<i_Ulul!on_,l rtrae<ll��_
DMfneu Is estlMd by sa Inflamed i-oii!l;tlo.i ot u*
_Bu_ua llnibf ot the Eustachian Tube.   When this
tuba Is Inflemal you have s rumbling sound or lm* <
perfect besrlnt, and when It Is entirely closed. Deaf-
seas ls the result, nnd unless Uie Inflammation can bo
taken out and this tube restored to Its _rmsl condition, hearing rill be destroyed forever;   nine eases
silt ol ten are caused by Csurrb. which Is nothing
but an Inflate,, condition ot tho mucous eurfsces.
Ws will ilve Ons Hundred llollsre tor any esse ot
Deafness tcnt__ by catarrh! that cannot be can* .
tt Hull Catsirh Cure.  Send tor clrculare. tree.
_. J. CH-_LV * CO., TO_*_ _
KM by nniaalsts. tie.
tike Hili'e Family I'i_ lot __!!_.__
"E�� yo1 bad your choice, I.iza. which
would yo' rather do���live or die au'
gn io heaven?"
"Ah'd rathor live."
"Why, l.lza White, yo' Bcanlou*
ihlle! Sunday sehi.ol haint dona yo'
nn good 'tall!''
and Ointment
Will help you when all else fails.
��� Unsightly complexions are often
a bar to social advancement and
business success.   Start life with
I a clear skin and good hair.
Samples Free by Mall
\ Cullrur.. :ii_;�� .in _ Oint mc nt no1_t throng. OUt tli ���
| WOTld, I!lir;'iU_ mplr .r r_'h mall .tl fror, rtth a_-p.
;  book. Ad _N��m"C_.1cu_i.." Dept. K, Ho stun. U___k. THE COURTENAY REVIEW
I '11
Jwn.r w:_
ieliver the Title Deeds to
$2^,500 worth of
Inside "Courtenay City Property"
matter was left in tlie hands of th
ure wardens.
Aid. Roberison   remarked   thai
��ome places in  the  oil   Country!
tire insurance companies furnishei
fire brigades,   and   suggested   that
the clerk write lhe   different   com
Local Lines
pauie doiug business
Only $8,000
Full particulars from
I   ' I G_ira_je and R
ii - [ici ii ictl 'U- ilcrs in  Conio
",1 parts .it factory pric
bin ��� everything fnr the Portl
_ in stock nomiiiion Plain
District for FORD  CWiS
imi Nobby Tread Tires
tock Goo_.y__.r Plain ami All Weather Tires
n _ I Hnilop Tires
1 tires at !;-.L price F. O. 11. Vancouver
the above tires in alt si/._s
i stock a fall line of auto accessories
:.. nil for your particular motor
_ ���. u in the business foi* a long time
! the iecon 1 car iu Comox distiieL
^ iM more than 50 per cent, of the (Mrs in this district
soli 150 percent, of the stationery engines in this district
p! ! several small electric lighting plants
M dozens of acetylene aud gasolene plants
11 please out- customers
Crescent and Victor Bicycles
monthly payments
��� rent, of the bicycles in this district
itcycle accessories
,    aud
eve aii'
;.| 60 pel
ml sell
Licensed Dealer
Ci .y Council Have
1  ; isting Session
Th.' Conn
Id   the
..UL' I   Hlni   I   n: ,
to buy bonds if
A letter from
Light i
agreeuien .
A    commun
' y eveniu..,   nil
re present.
Oo, bond brokers,
' statem nl, and
were in ilie market
the citv had any to
��� .ni,
lile  to   ]
the  city  clerk   of
that  owing to  fi-
,-. tbeii   ci _   was
mrcbase   the   Electric
and enclosed n copy of
Inn.-.. ���
���, '
catiou   from     Mr.
���nelosing a copy of corres-
'   fwi ���". himself and Mr.
In   post  office   site,
tnte i flutter of excitement'
rlienshad   staled   lo   Mr. I
Hint   ihe   City   Council
', tip lite matter and  were;
in the mailer,   which  was!
City's name should not have been
mentioned in the matter at all. He
was in favor of getting a post ofiice
built, but thought the city's name
should not be used to further private ends.
Aid. Kirkwood said that he was
interested iu selling the land ou
Union Stteet, aud had nothing
further to say other than that he
was not iu sympathy with the project.
Aid Johnston and I,eighlon stated that Mr Idiens had spoken to
ihem on the subject.
The following accounts  were referred to the finance committee.
.   il     . Gazette, $5.
P. I_ Audertcu,   Assessor,  $gt.
J. Thompson, carpenter work
Herald, $10 75.
School account $354.36.
Aid. Kirkwood reported that fire
buckets could   be   purchased   for
rom J5.75 to $10 per dozen,  aud
.adders al 35 cents per  foot.    The
^^^ here   to   set
how they feci   about   it,   as   thei
were the most interested parties.
The chairman of lhe Fire ward
ens will grant petmits to bun
slumps, rubbish, etc.
The chairman of the Board 0
Works reported that a Pairbank
scale would cost $135, and a Gtti
tiey $132.50, and recommended
that the latter be purchased. Thi
will be done.
Aid. McKenzie wanted the whole
matter left over till next year.
The Mayor said a scale was ,1
necessity and the city were bound
to have them, and ruled his motion
out nf order,
The Con. .able reported thai
tiler, were three tents on a .iiii
Street which were a nuisance.
Several piles of cans in
places sho.dil lie retltovei
several closets should be cleaned.
The const ible wus empowered lo
Aid. McKenzie again brought up
his notiee of motion, bul the Mayor
ruled it out of order.
Aid. Johnston then brought,
an amendment to clauses 6,5 am
of the Health by-law, which he
had had his eminent K. C. friend
prepare, aud whicli gave a householder a chance to appeal from the
decision of the analyist if he jvas
not satisfied. This passed the
council ou motion.
He then brought in anothei
clause, no Ho, whicli provides lhat
no M. 11. O. who has an interest in
a company supplying water to a
city shall hold ofiice. This clause
caused quite a discussion, but was
fin illy carried. The mayor pointing out that Mr. Bodwell was not
running this council, and that he
would not sign the by-law.
Mr. Johnston said that Mr. Bod - i n,-uc"e 'posv
well was an  eminent  lawyer,   aud   Courtenav.
knew more ebout law than   either!	
he or the mayor, and that he would
follow the mayor as far as he care 1
to go.
Thc constable reported that there
were a lot of pigs at the Co-Op
slaughter house, What was he to
do about it ?
Nothing iu the by-law covers
the case, and the by law is net passed yet.
The by-law amending the license
by-law received its third reading,
providing for a bottle license at
$125 for every six months
The matter of borrowing ��i;,oo
from the Government came up
again. The Department wanted to
know how aud when the money
was to be repaid, The committee
will endeavor te) borrow the amount
repayable on Dec. 31st.
Aid. Leighton drew the attention
of Trustees Kirkwood aud McPhee
to the way the time ol the children
at the school was being used
There was a lot of dissatisfaction,
and a number of scholars had been
withdrawn.    Aid.  Robertson  said
Tomato and   Celery  plants
ale at R. Feirls' greenhouse,
Wante I��� Good bulls, lit for kil-
ing, Also fat cows aud calves,
mv quantity,   for  cash.    Apply
Review Office,
l'or Side- 8 newly freshened
milch cows, mostly Jersey's. Apply
o A. McNeil, Crnigs Crossing,
.anoose District.
Wanted ���By young woman,
vork by day or mouth, App'y
Miss A Hunts, Courtenay 1'. <>,, or
ihone M 87 Happy Valley.
For Sale���Horse, harness, bttggy
saddle aud bridle ��75, Apply W.
!! Reckitt, Courtenay Oil Supply
.'0 , Comox Road, Courtenay,
Winning White Wyandottis,
My pen of 6 birds that won the
last contest averaged 221 eggs each
iu 12 months, Eor Price list ol
hatching eggs, etc. write H. 1).
Read- Duncan.
l'or Sale I lue d li, p. Kairkanks
Morse I las .vugine, one .1 k. w.
Dynamo switch hoard, etc, also
ptltnp and    betting,     Capacity     I..'
gallons    pel    minute,    Apply   al
Riverside hotel,
For Sale Franklins passenger
touring car, first class running
mder. Owner leaving l'or l.nglauil
Will pacriGei for $200 cash, balance
on terms to suit purchaser, Apply
Courtenay Oarage.
r_,ost���On Faster Sunday,   in St
Peter's   church,   or   between   the
I ciirttch and the wharf, a small meni-
Lorial   brooch   with   inscription   at
back, and date [804.    Finder  taking it lo Comox I'. O,   Will   get   a
��� reward.
I have again improved my   Hock
\ ot Rhode Island Reds by the iutro-
, duclion of   new  bio id,    Excellent
1 winter layers, well adapted   t) this
climate.    Prije of eggs per s -tting
reduced to $1.  per   setting  of    13.
I $6 -per    100.    Cash   with   order.
er, one mile   south   of
P, O. Box,
_wan's Old Stand, Courtenay
J.      I_.
logger's Shoe
made to order.
in North and South, in
and West,
K .ton's Handmade Shoes will
stan ! the Test.
Willard's Harness Emporium
I'ine SllOW'i
Rugs, Gliiv
nl     lino
���   Ulaukets,
Suit Cast's,
v. Repaired Xintlj
Cumberland and Courlenay
begs tn;
Willi.,' ],1
old customers
Next  ta   tha
lounce thai lie hns
I   liis old  barber
from Mr. Smith nnd
il in meet all his
it the old >,!. mil
Opera   House
Notice of Intention to Apply For
Re_.il Liquor Licence
intends 11 apj
License  Conamissio
that ou tiie Continent the  children
_K.>_,-.   ______���
' ,
��� and ���
<_    1"V
��� 'f\
Leaf  Billheads
We are now able to supply the needs
of every merchant in the district with
the above goods at exactly the same
prices as quoted by eastern houses.
Holders supplied free. Ring us up
and we will call with samples, etc.
The Review, Courtenay
Telephone 59 Isabel Street
were being taught out of doors
much ns possible.
Aid, Kirkwood e cplained that
tlie teachers were not altogether iu
iattlt. The garden work was taken
up late, and all the lime possible
had been devoted to it. He had
taken the matter up with the teacher, and things would be right in
Mr. W-. Hodgson than asked and
received permission to address the
council. He said that his children
had been neglected as well as the
others, and he had been compelled
to remove them. He had never
seen such idling, and made other
charges of a serious nature, which
will be investigated at once.
H D. Forde said he had no fault
to find.
Aid. Robertson said it was unfortunate hat the matter had not
been drawn to the trustees attention.
Mr.   > cPhec   said    "Make   the
charges in writing and they will be
attended to without delay."    This
J was too serious a matter  to   dally
The council and members of the
Board of Trade were invited to attend the reception to Mr. Rushford
at Cumberland, on his return from
the Front, on Tuesday   afternoon.
tli.it the undersigned
ipply to ihe Hoard of
License Commissioners at their next
regulsr sitting to be held on the second
dliesday iu the mouth of June next,
for a license to sell intoxicating liquor by
retail under Subsection 3 of Section 291),
of the ''Municipal Act" iu that certain
store or shop situ tte on thegrouud lloor,
corner, of those certain premises, situate
on I.ot 2S in lllock , at the corner of
Isabel and Union Streets, ill the City of
Dated this 23rd day of March,   A.   IJ.
In the Matte, of the ''Municipal Act," and
In the Matter of the Application
of Silvio Marocchi for a license to
sell intoxicating liquors by retail
under Subsctioti 3 of Section 290
of the " .Municipal Act "
TAKK NOTICE that the undersigned
intends to apply to the Hoard of
Licence Commissioners of the Citv of
Courteuay to lie held on the Second
Wednesday iu June 1915, for a licence to
slill intoxicating liquors by retail under
Subsection 3 of Section 290 of the above
mentioned act ill those certain shop or
store premises situate ill the " Maroeclll
Building" situate oil I.ot 30, Map 311,
Union Street, ill the City of Courteuay.
tiled the 24th day of March, A.l). 1915
Fifty coke ovens are   being prepared at Union Bay for service.
Kiinmer Arrow $35
Victor S35
Minstrel and Tourist $40
Singer, Humber, Enfield, Massey
and Standard
Indian,   Henderson and Douglas
Overland anil Russell
Motor  Car,  Motorcycle  aiid  liicjcle
Repairs and Supplies of Every
727-735 Johnson St., VICTORIA |
each Spring. Human nature
too must follow suit. Spring
is the ONK season in which
yotl cannot gel along with any
make-shift kind of suit. And
although I am quite busy
(thank you) I can still attend
to YOUR wants.
English box cloth in stock for
farmer's old country style gaiters.
Try me for riding breeches'.
The Custom Tailor
Sutton __ Kirkwood
Undertakers and
Night or Day Calls ^Promptly
Phone 27 Courtenay


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