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The Review Mar 12, 1914

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By Mary Roberts Rinehart
Witli Carter gone, his retreat covor-
ed by Uio polite, Bupplle With minis
from some |.i_bletriatloa! source, fur-
' tb.r search for him was worse tlia.i
useless. In fact, Davidson strongly
Intimated that it might lie ilau: erous
ami would he certainly unpleasant 1
yielded ungraciously and ordered the
cab t<i lake me home. lint on the
way 1 cursed my lolly l'or nol having
followed tbis obvious clew earlier and
I wondered What this thing could he
that. Carter knew, that was at least
surmised hy various headquarters men
and yet was so carefully hidden from
the world at large.
The parly newspapers had come out
that, day with a signed statement from
Mr, Fleming's physician in Plattsburg
that he had been in ill health and inclined to melancholia or some ti nie.
The air was thick with rumors of differences With, his party. The (lust
cloud eoverei. everything. Pretty
soon it would settle and hide the track
of those who hud hurried to cover under its protection.
Davidson lift me ai a corner downtown. ��� He turned to give me a parting admonition.
There's an old axiom in the mills
around here. Never sit down on a
piec-j of metal until you spit on it
If It sizzles, don't sit. lie grinned.
Your best position just now, young
man, is standing, with y ir hands
over your head. Confidentially, there
ain't anything within expectorating
distance just now that ain't pretty well
het up.
I did not see him again until at
not see him again until the night at
the White Cat vher. he helped put me
through tho transom. Recently, however, I have met him sevoial times. He
Invariably mentions the $8 and hl3 intention of repaying it. Unfortunately
Iho desire and the ability have not
yet happened to coincide.
I took the evening train I > Bellwood
and got then, shortly after 8 In the
midst, of the Sunday evening calm,
and the calm of a place li'.. Bellwood
is the peace of death without the hope
of resurrection.
Promiscuous inquiry was not advisable. So far Miss Jane's disappearance was known to very few. and Hunter had advised caution. I wandered
up the street and turned at random
to the right. A few doors ahead a
newish red brick building proclaimed
itself the postoffice. It occurred to
mo that here inside was Ihe one individual who, theoretically t '. least, in a
small place always know the idiosyncrasies of its   eople.
The postmaster proved to be a ono
armed veteran of the civil war, and
he was porting rapidly tli _ contents of
a mail bag, emptied on the coi tier,
No delivery tonight, he said shortly.     Sunday delivery, 2 to 3.
I suppose, then, I couldn't get a
dollar's worth of stamps?
Wo don't sell stamps en Sunday
nights, he explained.     But if you are
Aud occasional use of Cuticura Ointment. No other
emollients do so much to
prevent pore-clogging, pimples, blackheads, red, rough
hands, dandruff, itching
ecalps and falling hair.
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the world. A liberal sample ol each, with 3_ page
Bkln Book, sent poBKreo. Address rotter Drug&
C__u Corp., Dept. 4K, Jloston, U. S. A.
i ill a hurry for lhen>-
I am, 1 lied.      And after he had got
them mil, counting them with a wriik-
i b'd  linger and tearing them off  wilb
I ihe deliberation of age, I opened a gen-
oral conversation.
It was when 1 asked bim about his
empty sleeve, and he had told me that
be lost his . nn ai. Chancelloravllle,
that we became really friendly. When
he said lie had been a corporal in (lenernl Mankind's command my path was
one of ease.
The .Maitland ladies! 1 should say
1 do, he said warmly. I've been lighting with Miss Letltla Maitland as long
as 1 can remember. That woman will
scrap with the angel Gabriel at the
resurrection, it he wakes her up before she's had her sleep out.
Miss .lane is not that sort, is she?
Miss .lane? She's au angel���she is
that. She could have bee. married a.
dozen times wheu she was a girl, but
Letltla wouldn't have it. 1 was after
her myself forty-live years ago.
I suppose from that tho Maitland
ladies are wealthy, 1 said.
Wealthy! They don't know what
they're worth���not that it matters a
mite to Jane Maitland. ��� 'i a shameful thing that a worn;: as old as
Jane should have to gel, her letters
surreptitiously. For more than a year
uow she's been coming here twice a
week for her mail, and I've been keeping it for her. Rain or shine, Mondays and Thursdays, she's been coming, nnd a sight of letters she's been
getting too.
Did she come last Thursday? I asked over-eagerly. The postmaster all
at once regarded me with suspicion,
I don't know when er she did or not,
he said coldly, and my further attempt
to beguile him into conversation failed. I pocketed my stamps, and by
that time his resentment at, my curiosity was faJing. Ho followed me
to the door and lowered his voice
Any news of the old lady? he asked. It ain't generally known around
here that's she's missing, but Heppie,
the cook there, is a relation of my
We have no news, I replied, and
don't let it get around, will you?
He promised gravely.
I was telling tbe missus the other
day, he said, that there is an old walled up cellar under the Maitland place.
Have you looked there?
He seemed disappointed wben I said
we had, and I was about lo go when
he called me back.
Miss Jane didn't get her mail on
Thursday, but on Friday that niece of
hers came for it���two letters, one
from (lie city and one from New York.
Thanks, I returned, and went out into the quiet street.
I walked past the Maith.ud place,
but the windows were dark and the
house closed. Haphazard inquiry being out of the question, I took the 10
o'clock train b ok to the city. Why
had Margery gone for Miss Jane's
mall after the little lady was missing? And why did Miss Jane carry
on a clandestine correspondence?
W. N. U, 986
A Walk in the Park
The funeral occurred on Monday. It
was an ostentatious affair, with a long
list of honorary pallbearers, a picked
corps of city firemen in uniform ranged around tho casket, and enough
money wasted in floral pillows and
sheaves of wheat tied with purple
ribbon to have given all the hungry
children in tow?   a square meal.
Amid ail this state Margery moved
stricken and is-i.atcd. She went to
the een_etery with Edith, Miss Letltla
having sent a message that, having
never brok-.i hei nock to see the man
living, sho wasn't going to do it to
see him dead. Tho music was very
line and tlie eulogy spoke of this patriot who had served his country so
long and bo well. 'Follow: ���_ tho Flag,'
Fred commented under his breath, as
long as there was an appropriation attached lo It.
And when it was all over we went
back to Fred's until the Fleming house
could he put Int. o. der again.
Mrs. Butler arrived that day, which
made Fred BUS] icious that Edith's
plan to bring her far antedated his
consent. But she was there when
we got home from the funeral, and
after one glimpse at her thin face and
hollow eyes I begged Edith to keep
her away from Margery, for that day
at least.
Mrs. Buller was exhausted by her
journey and retirod to her room almost immediately. I watched her
slender figure go up the stairs, and
with her black trailing gown and colorless face she was an embodiment of
. .at is lonely and helpless. Fred
closed the door beliinC her ^nd stood
looking at Edith and me.
I tell you, hon ny, lie declared, that
brought into a cheerful tome is sufficient cause for divorce. Isn't it,
She is ill, Edith maintained valiantly. She is my cousin, too, which
gives her souie claim on me, aud my
guest, which gives her more.
From somewhere above there came
a sudden crash, followed by the announcement made by a acared house
maid that Mrs. Butler bad fainted.
Mrs. 3utler was really ill. and __..
jgery insisted on looking after her. It
was an odd coincidence, the widow of
one slate tr usurer and the orphaned
daughter of his successor. Both men
bad died violent deaths, In each case
when a boiling under the political
lid l.ad threatened to blow it off.
Tbe boys were allowed to have their
dinner wiih the family lhat evening in
lienor of Mrs. Buller's arrival, and it
wus a riotous meal. Margery got
back a little of her color. As I sat
: cross from her and watched her expressions change from sadness to resignation and even gradually to
aniuser..eiit at Ihe boy's antics, I wondered just bow much she knew or suspected that .-.he rrlV.seil lo tell me.
1 was firmly embarked on Iho case
now, and I tortured myself with one
idea. Sin pose 1 should find Wardrop
guilty and I should Hud extenuating
circumstances, what would I do? Publish the truth, see him hanged or imprisoned and l.ret'k Margery's heart or
keep back the truth, let her marry
him and try to forget that I had a
hand in lhe whole wretched business?
(To be Continued)
Causes _ As-hnrui. No one can say
with certain!} exactly what, causes the
establishing of asthmatic conditions.
Dust from I he atrcet, from flowers,
from grain and various rthor irritants
may set up a trouble impossible to ir-
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as tc causo but there, ran bo no uncertainty regarding n Feuiedy Which
bar freed a generation of asthmatic
victims from Ibis scour! e of the
bronchial tut ck. 11 is, c_d twy
His Fetr
Mrs. f'apron informed her husband
one morning ihat she expected a party
ot guests that afternoon. Immediately
Mr. Capron #_,_) and put all the tun
brellas away, much to ivs wife's astonishment.
Why, Waltti, do you fear my guests
will steal j.ur umbrellas? she asked
in an injured .one.
No, said WalUr, r.i ho cloced the
closet door; I'm afraid they will recognize them.
Minard's Liniment Cures:    Garget    in
Probably She Would
Mrs. Newbride came hurriedly into
her husband's study one morning.
Herbert, dear, sh. said, this recipe
for lemon pie says to sic on :. hot stove
and stir constantly.
Well, Alice, replied the doting husband, If you do sit on a Lot slove 1
think you will stir constantly.
Why Dcty Was Collected
What's thi_? demanded the customs officer, pointing to a package at
tho bottom oi the tourist's trunk.
That is a foreign book entitled 'Po-
llteness, answered the man who had
just landed.
Well, I guess I'll have to charge you
duty upon it, replied tho inspector. It
competes with a Email aud struggling
Industry iu this country.
A small boy had been vaccinated,
and after the : ^'-atioii the doctor prepared to bandage he sore arm, but
the hoy objected.
Put it on tho other arm, doctor.
Why, no, sail the phyclcian, I want
to put the bandage on your sore arm,
so the 'joys at school won't hi: you on
Put it on the other arm, Doc. reiterated the small boy; you isn't know
the fellows at our school.
And Found the Answer
Many pal?, sickly persons wonder
for years why they have to suffer so,
and eventually discover tbat the drug
���caffeine���in tea and coffee is the
main cause c- the trouble.
"I was always very fond of coffee
and drank it every day. I never had
much flesh and often wond red why
I was always so pale, thin nnd weak.
'About five years ago my health
completely broke down and ' was confined to my hod. My stomac".. was in
such condition .hat I could hardly
take sufficient -nourishment to sustain
"During this time I was drinkin:;
coffee, didn't think I could do without
it. (Tea is just r.s harmful because
it contains caffeine, ths 3ame drug
found In oeffee)
"After awhile I came lo the conclusion that .offee was hu.'tii * me, and
decided to give it up and try Postum.
When it was made right���dark and
rich-���I soon becam- very fond of it.
"In one week I began to feel better.
I 'ould eat more and sleep belter. My
sick headaches were less frequent, and
within five mor.ths I looked and felt
like o new being, headac'u spells entirely gone.
"My health continued to improve
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148 lbs. I attribute my present
health to the life-giving qualitis.; of
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Regular Postum���must hs boiled.
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In a cup ot hot water and, with cream
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Instantly.   Grocers sell both kinds.
"There's a Reason" for Postum.
Aged People
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How to Tell
Before the guests had arrived for
the Christmas parly the gi.s had congregated in tho lo-ier hall, conversing
on    lpios nearest  their  hearts.
Oh, girls! said Dolly; I know .-, now
charm to tell when a .y cue loves ynu.
Whnt is il    queried the chorus?
Vou take five or t'.x chestnuts, name
each after ioiik man you know, and
then put. (hem on the itove. The llrst
one that pops .8 the one .hat loves you.
H'm said tin beautiful young hlondo,
to i..g wiih e new diamond ring; I
".now a much bettoi way tli: u that.
Select ono man, placo ' ii on a sofa
In tho parlo- and sit closo to him
with a dim light. If he Soean't pop
it's time to change tho ni'tii ou tho
Not His Fault
Didn't 1 teli you tlie last time you
were here, said the magistrate sternly
tc tho prisoner who had celebrated
Christmas not wisely hut too well, that
I never wanted you to come before me
"j os, sir, replied the prisoner; but I
couldn't make tho policeman believe
Mlnard's Lir.lment Cures Diphtheria
Helping i.   iut
Mrs. Black woke her husband one
night aud whispered: Larry, there's
a burglar in tho parlor! He just
bumped against thy piano end struck
several keys.
Is that so? said Larry I'll go
right down there.
Oh, Larry, whispered the excited
wife, don't do anything ras I
Rash! repKed the husband. Why I
am going to help him. Vou don't
suppose he can move that piano from
the house without assistance.
teware ot Ointmenu. ��-rCatarr_
that Contain Mercury,
as twenty will surely rtetrtroy llif seise oi m_
and completely ilorause Ihe whole .syiitoin wtael
__]inir It through the mucous m:rl_*_ suet
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_.Lo llall'r _.T��ilr I'Uis Ior nntist'eivt_X
Merely a Matter of Spelling
Yes. said  ihe  severe maiden  lady,
the word 'mule' is only 'male' spelled
I suppose so, responded the crusty
bachelor; but acci_'!nr: lo the Latin
dictionary a wiman is 'muller.'
The Real Reason
Jan.es start d lip third helping of
pin.ding with .'.e.ght.
Once upon a time, James, admonished liis mother, there was a little boj
who ate too much pudding, uud lu
James conslderei. Tlicre ain't
such a thing as too much pudding, he
There inusl be, contended his mother, else why dii' the little hoy burst*
Juntos iinssof' his plate tor the
fourth time, saying: Not enough boy.
It Makes New Friends Every Day.���
Not a day goes by that Dr. Thomas'
Boloctrlo Oil does not widen the circle
of itb friends. Orders for It come
from (he mosl. unlikely plaees In the
wesL and far norlh, for Its fame has
I ravelled far. It iVserves this attention, for no oil has done ic much foi
humanity. lis moderate cost makes
it easy to get.
Her Threat
A certain young couplo who were
married some months ago never had a
cloud lo mar their happtno: a until re
cen'tly. Oue morning the young wife
came to breakfast In an extremely
sullen and unhappy mood. T ��� all her
husband's inquiries sho returned
snappish answers. She was In no
better frame of mind when he came
home that, evening for dinner, all ot
which mystified the young husband.
finally, lato in tlie evening, in reply
���o his insistent demands to know what
the matte- was, the wit. burst Into
tears and replied: Henry, If ever I.
dream again that you have kissed aft
other woman I'll never speak to yo*
as long as I live!
An Absolute Remedy for Corns
Is Putnair 's Painless Com Extract
or, -af?, sure, always painless. _
hundred substitutes prov9 he supremacy of Putnam's Painless Corn Extractor. The name tells tho story.
It is painless, it extracts corns, and
it does it quickl. Sold by druggist-
price 25c.
The Cautious Patient
Well, well, aid Dr. Bigbill, as he
mot a former patient on the street
I am glad to see you again, Mr.
Brown. How are you thl: morning!
First, Doctor, said Mr. Brown cautiously, does it cost anything to tell
Muc'.i Easier
After I wash my face I look in the
mirror to see if it's clean. Don't you?
asked the sweet little girl of Bobbie.
Don't havo to. said Bobbie; I just
look ct the towel.
Enjoyed His Wjrk
Twr men were discussing the friend
of their boyhood and mentioned one
who had a r.'.ost unfortunate disposition.
I wonder what became o; him, said
one of the raou. It always seemed
to me that it would be lmposs'hle for
him to find any work that would b:
I thought so, loo, said his friend, but
we vcre wrcng. He's got a job that
suits him perfectly. He'.: station
master in a place where there are
eighty trains a day and he sees somebody miss every one of them.
Prosperity has ruined many a man,
remarked tho moralizer,
Well, rejoine* the demoralizer, if I
was going to be ruined at all I'd prefer prosperity.
Vour troub'', said the optimistic
friend, may Lc a blessing It disguis*
Well, sighed the afflicted one, I must-
say it is the cleverest disguise I evei
A Protra- d Service
They must have long church services in a certain Western town
where a paper announced of a certain
church: The regular services will
commence next Sunday at 3 p.m., and
continue until further notice.
Was Willing to Try It Again
Once wben John D. Rockefeller was
playing goif a negro lad crossed the
links. Mr. .lockefeller had Just gives
the ball a vigorous stroko, and the lad
received tho missel squarely on the
head. It was a heavy jlc.v, but it
only stunned the ney ?. little, and after
blinking his eyes foi a moment ho was
himself again.
Mr, Rockefeller, who had rushed up
fearing that, the boy hat' been jadlj
Injured, was relieved Ij find that he
took it so calmly, and pulling a five
dollar hill frcm his pock_, he gav>
It to the youngster as a salve for hla
The boy looked at tho bill and grinned with delight.     Then 1: l looked al
Mr. Rockefeller and inquired: When
Is you going to be playing again?
Why Women Have Nerves
^t%     The "blues"���anxiety���sleeplessness���and warnings of pain and dis-l
"tress are sent by the nerves like flying messengers throughout body and'
limbs.    Such feelings may or may not be accompanied by backache or
headache or bearing down.  The local disorders and inflammation, if there
is any, should be treated with Dr. Pierce's Lotion Tablets.   Then the
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the tingle purpose of curing woman's peculiar ailments.
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tnutl.ni f
7__u ___! h	
c_l_ra snd (____���. ft'i _���
; mat* dsctol tn . ur b_ n bane.
5(/!_.o_/_im��j to Dr.
> __���
for Brightness
A Paste j
and Lightness.use
I No Dust
NoWaste  I the EF Dalley G> ltd. Hamilton.Ont.I No Rust
That Was the One
Father was on the warpath when he
came across Willie in an odd corner of
the garden.     Willie, he demanded,
have you eal n any of lho*c pears 1
|ten in tlie cupb-mrd.
1*11, replied Willie. I cannot tell n lie.
1 have not touched one.
William, senior, eyed William, jmi-
j ior. Then how is it. asked lhe parent, that 1 foifi' these three cores iu
your bedroom, and there is only one
pear in the cupboard?
Piither, said Willie, calculating the
dish.i'ce to the gate, that's the one I
didn't touch.
A  $3.00  Waist  for  $1.35,   Postage   Paid
Smart, perfect fitting Waist exactly
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material of pure wool and silk. Soft col-
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On Equal Terms
Every one at the club thought my
_at was lovely, dear, said Mrs. Holt,
with a beaming smile. Of course it
was not expensive. I only paid
twenty-two dollars for it, but it ls
quite as lovely as Mrs. _iug]ey's,
which cost her seventy five dollars.
But tho Ringlcyt, are able to own
a more conspicuous pew ln church
than we are, fal ;red her husband.
Well, Bhe exclaimed, radiant, they
can't come in any later than we can.
A Head Hard to Photograph
Ex-president Taft and the late Jus-
tlco Harlan, of the Supreme Court,
while playing golf on the Murray Uay
links near Mr. Tuft's summer home,
were approach.d by a photographer,
who requested them to sit for a picture togc.ier. They consented, and
Justice Harlan, removing l.ls cap, disclosed a thought [ul hut decidedly bald
head which his exertions caused to
glisten in tlie sunlight.
You want to look out, Judge, said
Mr. Tafl, you'll foe the plate.
Certainly Looked That V/ay
A Westerner who had never seen
the ocean,was standing on the beach
and he asked tli. beach guard:
Say, mister, do you fellows sell this
water in cise ".dks want to take a
sea bath in their rooms?
The beach guard thought .ie would
jolly him along and told him It was
fifteen cents a bucket, or two buckets
for a quarter.
The man seemed to think that was
too expensive and went, away. . When
he came around again it wus low tide.
Great Scott, said he, but you've sold
a lot since morning, haven't you?
By Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound���Their
Own Stories HereToId.
Edmonton, Alberta, Can. ��� " I think
It is no more than right tor me to thank
you for what your kind advice and Lydia
E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound have
done for me.
"When I wrote to you some time ago I
was a very sick woman suffering from
female troubles. I had organic inflammation and could not stand or walk any
distance. At last I was confined to' my
bed, and the doctor said I would have
to go through an operation, but this I
refused to do. A friend advised Lydia E.
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound, and
now, after using three bottles of it, I
feel like a new woman. I most heartily
recommend your medicine to all women
whosufferwith female troubles. I havo
also taken Lydia E. Pinkham's Liver
Pills, and think they are fine. I will
never be without the medicine in the
house."���Mrs. Frank Emsley, 903 Columbia Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta.
Tbo Other Case.
Beatrice, Neb.���"Just after my marriage my left side began to pain me and
tho pain got so severe at times that I
suffered terribly with it I visited three
doctors and each one wanted to operate
on me but I would not consent to an operation. I heard of the good Lydia E.
Pinkham's Vegetable ��� Compound was
doing for others and I used several bottles of it with the result that I haven't
been bothered with my side since then.
I am in good health andl have two little
A Cure for Fever and Ague.���Disturbance of the stomach ai. ' liver always precede attacks of fever and
ague, showing derangement of the digestive organs and deterioration in
the quality of the blood. In these
ailments Parmelee's Vegetable Pills
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In a few days. There are many who
are subject to these distressing disturbances and tc these thero is no better preparation procurable as a means
of relief.
His Orders
MlUa bad jnsi been mai ' foreman
of tho section .. ng, but he knev lhe
respect duo k_ rank.
Klnuegnn, he said stornl- to an argumentative assistant, 01*11 hov nothing
out if yez but silence���and mlghtj
Utile of lhat!
Magic "Nerviline"
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You don't bav to wait all day to
get, the kink out, of n stiff neck if you
rub on Nervli.no. And you don't
need to go around coniplatrlng about
lumbago any more. You can tub
nidi things u .vay very quickly with
Nerviline. It's Ilie grandest liniment,
the quickest tfl penetrate, the speediest to ease muscular pain of any kind.
On' twenty-live cent, trial bottle of
Nerviline will cure any attack of lumbago or lame back. Tills has been
proved a thousand limes, just as it
was in the case of Mrs. E, J. Grayden.
of Caledonia, who writes:���"I wouldn't think of going to bed 1th ut knowing we had Nerviline in the house. I
have used it or twenty odd /ears and
appreciate its valu as a family remedy more and more every Jay. It any
of the children gets a stiff neck, Nerviline cures quick'y. If it is earache,
toothache, cold on the chest, sore
throat, Nerviline is always my standby. My husband ince cured himself
of a frightful attack of lumbago by
Nerviline, and for a hundred ailments
that turn "up in a larga family Nerviline is by far the best thing to havo
about you."
are just as good
for the Bladder
as thoy are for Sho Kidneys. If thero ls trouble in retaining urine���if
you have tn get up three or four times or oftener during tho night���if the
ui'iuo Is hot aud Scalding���Gin l'ills will quickly relievo tbo trouble.
They euro the kidneys and heal tho irritated bladder. ��Uc. a Los;
6 for 82.50.   At all dealers or scut on receipt of price.
Sample free if you mention this paper. i <>t
"2 in 1" and "3 in 1"
No other   Washboards   hiv.   tho
tine crimped by 'ne method peculiar to  EDDY'S Washboards.
Thle patented proeete   oltmlnttot
the danger    of    torn    llnene���tho
abuse of hand*���the unpleaeantneee
of wash-day.
It aaturea comfort and economy _
the   areatoat     degree.    Inalat    M
������ o��od ts
Can always mako sura ef Dotting tho highest prlooa for WHEAT, MT|
BARLEY and FLAX, by .hipping tholr car Iota to FORT WILLIAM AMI
PORT ARTHUR and having thorn oold on commltolon b ���
And it . .obably Would
This advertisement recently appeared in a Western paper:
Wanted���A man to undertake the
sale of u new patent meu.olne. The
advertiser guarantees that it will be
profitable to the undertaker.
How the Minister Is Treated
Once upon a time a manager asked
George Ade if he had ever been taken
for a minister.
No, replied Ade, hut I _aYe been
treated like one
"ow was t'.-.at?
I have been kept waiting for my salary six or seven mouths.
His Preference
A certain island in the West Indies
is liable to the periodical advent of
earthquakes. One year before the
season of these terrestrial disturbances Mr. X, who lived in the danger
zone, sent his two sons to the home
of a brother in England, to secure
them from the impending havoc.
Evidently the quiet of the staid
English household was disturbed by
the two young Wes': Indians, for the
returning mall steamer carried a message to Mr. X. brief but emphatic.
Here are your boys; send me the
Minard's  Liniment  Cures Colds  Etc.
Cause and Effect
Now, Harry, asked the Sunday-
school teaoher, wha must wc do before our sins _.n be forgiven?
That's easy, replied Harry. We
must siu.
The Real Question
My son, said the father impressively; suppose I shoi :d be taken away
suddenly, what would become of you?
Why, said the son irreverently, I'd
stay here; the question Is, what would
become of you?
��� That Made a Difference
She���No, George, I am afraid I cannot marry you. I want' a man who
possesses a noble ambition; whose
heart is set on attaining some high
and worthy object.
He���Well, don't I want you?
She���Oh, George! I am yours!
W. N. U. 98?
His One Chance
You eat very little, Mr. Smith, said
the maiden coyly to the bashful lover
who had been invited to share the family Christmas dinner.
Yes, replied he, and for once he
saw a chance and, grasping his courage, ht said: Tc sit next to yon, Miss
Grace, is to lose one's appetite.
A Useless Extravagance
Young Sandy returned home from
the fair with a barometer which he
had purchased and which he showed
to his mother with much pride, explaining that It was a machine for
telling when it's going to rain.
Losh me, exclaimed the good dame,
sic an extravafe'ince. What for Aai
ye suppose a mercifu' Providence gied
yer feyther the rheumatism?
At a reVgious festival ii. the middle ages a child was gilded all over to
represent a golden image of a saint.
He di -d In a few hours.     Why?
The pores ot f _ skin were clogged
with the material used for gilding, and
he was poisoned by the imp.ritles of
his own blood, which were prevented
from getting out through the skin.
This is a good -lustration of the
effect of pore-clogging powder on the
general health, and should bo understood most particularly by mothers
who are accustomed to use powders
for chafing and irritation of baby's
The action of Dr. Chase's Ointment
Is entirely different, because it is absorbed by tht, skin, increases the activity of the pores, and while relieving itching nd Irritation, It tnakv.8
the skin Boft and smooth. Its marvellous healing properties are a revelation to persons who use it for the
first time, and it cannot prove other
than beneficial to the most tender
Why He Was Safe in    .Ming
While travelling in Scotland an
American saw a very linn shepherd
dog and tried to induce hh owner to
sell him.
Wad ye be takiu' him to America?
inquired the Scot.
Yes, indeed!  replied the American.
I thought as lnncklc, said the old
man.     1 couldna pairt wi' Nero.
While they vere talking an English
tourist came along and the owner sold
the dog tc him for less than the American had offered.
You told m you wouldn't sell that
dog, said the latter after the purchaser had depM'ted with the collie.
Na, na, said tho Scot; said I couldna pairt wl' him. Nero'll bo I ack in
a day or two, but lie couldna swim tlie
Minard's Liniment Cures Distemper
He Was Right
Bobby, said tho Sunday-school
teacher, can you tell mo the two
things necessary to baptism?
Yes'm, oalfi Hobby; water and a
They Had no Effect
Don't all those papers make you
tired? asked the kindly .'.iBtosed man
of the little newsbey who was struggling along unde' a huge load of evening papers.
Naw, replied the newsboy with supreme contempt.     I can't   ead.
Jenks and the Abstemious Fish
Say, said Jones lo Browi., you told
me that young Jenks drank like a
So he does.
But I have it on the best authority
that henever touches a drop oi liquor.
Well, neither does a fish.
Try   Murine  Eye   Remedy
It you have Red, Weak, Watery Eye3
or Granulated Eyelids. Doesn't Smart
���-Soothes Eye Pain. Druggist* Sell
Murine Eye Remedy, Liquid, 25e, SOc.
Murine Eye Salve in Aseptic Tubes,
25c, SOc.    Eye Books Free by Mail.
An   . a Tonic O*** t*r All Cyan tkat Na_ Car*
��tu___ Eve Remedy Co.. Chicago
To keep thi baby healthy and
strong his little stomach must be kept
sweet and his bowels working regularly���that is th ������. secret of health In little
ones. The mother who keeps a supply of Baby's Own Tablets in the house
can feel reasonably sure that her little
ones are goint, to escape tlie results of
childhood ailments, for f. e Tablets instantly reliev and cure such troubles
as constipation, indigestion, colds, colic and worms by regulating the sto.n-
rch and boweU. Concerning them
Mrs. Jas. D���ocl.e, Cache Bay, Out.,
writes: "I h;.v. used Baby'B Own Tablets for threu years and ave always
found them '.he best iem.dy for little
ones." They are sold by medicine
dealers or by mail at 25 cents a box
from The .Dr. WilU-.ms' Medicine Co.,
Orockville, Out.
How He Knew
No, complained the Scotch pressor to his students', ye dinna use your
faculties of ibsorvatlon. Ye dinna
use them.     For instance	
Picking up jar of chemicals of vile
odor he stuck one fin ,er into it and
then into his mouth.
Taste it, gentlemen! he command-
ed, a�� he passed the vessel from stu-
dent to student.
After each one had licked his finger j
and had feli rebellion through his
whole soul, Uie old professor exclaimed triumphantly.
I tol' ye so. Ye dinna use your
faculties. For if he had ohsarved ye
would ha' seen that the finger I stuck
Into the jar wan nao the fiuger I stuck
iuto my mouth.
Life Insurance Go.
Aueti      $ S,5_.i_o._
Insurance 1S,_0,0_.<_
Absolute Security For
Policy Holders
Eacelsior Policy Forms Approved by Dominioa
Insurance Department
lor Agencleg apply to Provincial 0_caa x\
TIip value nf a hull In in-
cream, and th'! dauft.' r ���____*!
Iiy cutting off Ills tmrni w.'.i ��
catttomen and _____ endorse o.
Write foe booklet C 8. U.
M'KENNA. 819 8o_rt Ittaat, To-
Toronto. Can.
Patent Your Ideas. No delay, .ind w<s
will sell it for you If the loea lias merit.
Send sketch for free report. Information on patent nnd list of InV-ntlonj
wanted mc.ied free. v
Patent Attorneys
154 Bay Street, Toronto. Canada
A New Answer to r.n Old Question
What would happen if an irresUtibla
force met an Immovable body? asked
the professor of science.
The result, 'replied the pretty co-ed,
would be some very interesting by-products.
She  family  remedy for Coughs and  Cold��
Small  dose.    Small bottle.    Best since  __.
Getting   . Kno i
How's Wilbur getting don? with his
new automobile? asked Brown.
Finely, said Willar's friend. He's
got so row chat he can almost tell
what's the matter when it won't go.
Children Buffering from worms soo .
show the symptoms, aim any mother
can detect the presence of these parasites by the wrlthings and fretting of
the .hild. Until expelled _ad the system cleared of them, the hild cannot regain its health. Miller's 'Worm
Powders are prompt and efficient, not
only for the eradication of worms,
but also as a tone- up for children
that are run down in consequence.
Tut, Tut
She frowned on him and called him
Because, in fun, he merely kr.
And then, ' i Bplte,
The following r.ight,
The naughty Mr. kr. Br?
Actions Spoke Louder Than Words
Yes, said George, I told -er I was
going to kiss her once for every step
of tho way.
What did she say?
Got awful mad. But I noticed that
she wore her hobble ai'���%
Let the
Breakfast Call
mean a dish of crisp, golden-
served .with a sprinkling of
sugar and some rich cream.
This delightful food made
of choice Indian Corn-flaked
and toasted-���is ready to
serve direct from the package.
Just the thing for breakfast, lunch or supper, winter
or summer.
A try tells why!
Toasties are sold by grocers���everywhere.
Canad.an Postum Cereal Company,
The Royal Bank of Canada
Incorporated 1N69
Capital Paid Op $11,560,000       Reserve nml Undivided Profits $13,000,000
Payable in all parts ol tlie world
Special attention given to Savings Department nml Transactions of Ordinary hanking Busiuess by mail
���   1). M. MORRISON, Mgr.
The Courtenay Review,   -      LAZO
Genera! Store
And Comox Valley Advocate
A   Weekly   Newspaper,   Published   at
Courtenay, B. C.
N. II. Hooks, Editor and Proprietor
Subscription $1,60 per Year in Advance
The report of the business done
during the past vear was read at
the metting of th; Board cf Trade
last Thursday, and nppears iu another column. This is an institution which should have the support of everybody living in the
district, whether they are engaged
injl.ti iness or not. The object of
the Hoard is to promote and encourage any scheme for the betterment of the district.
Mr. Clinton Wood is installing
an electric lighting plant in the
Condensory this week. The dynamo is 3-5.
The Masquerade Ball held last
Thursday night was a Aery enjoy-
able affair. The large number of
ladies present attested to tlie popularity of the dance. The majority
of them were brilliantly gowned,
and added much eclat to the occasion. Roy's orchestra furnished
exquisite music The male masquers were not so numerous as
could be desired. The prizes were
awarded as folbws: Waltz, Mrs.
Goode and W. Urquhart; Two-step
Miss Davis and (P, Dargy; Best
Dressed Lady, Mrs. Pigueron; Best
Dressed Gent, Morgan Reese; Col-
ored Gent, Colin Campbell; Hobo,
W- Bridges; National Costume,
Miss Hilda Bridges; Best Sustained
Character, MrsJ Goode; Comic
Character, Mrs. R. H. Robertson,
Cumberland; Flower Girl, Miss
Dawley. Tlie committee desire to
thank the people of the district aud
especially those who came from a
distance for their attendance.
For Choice
Family Groceries
Boots and Shoes
Dry Goods
One   Price   to  All
Born���On Friday March 6th., to
Dr. and Mrs. Morrison, a son.
John Alexander Carthew an old
resident of this valley died at
Prince Rupert on Saturday, February 28. He died from blood poisoning, caused by a scratch from a
fish bone. He was a first-class
mechanic and his services were always in requisition. The remains
were brought to Comox, the funeral
t ikiug place Wednesdav afternoon
from the (residence of his brother
Donald, to the Presbyterian burying at Saudwick. The service at
the church and graveside being
conducted by Rev, T. Menzies.
The pallbearers were Albert Grauti
Joseph Grieves, Joseph McPhee, A.
Urquhart, J. B. Holmes and W.
R. Robb. He leaves two brothers
here, Messrs. James 'and Donald
and a half-brother jMr. Wm. Ma-
t liescn.
No. 8 Mine Townsite
The Next   Nearest   and  Best   Situated   Property
to the Mines
'0 .
- To \
'">-.,'.;_   /Food fo CourtneyJ?/��_Mifes
It is the White Man's City,    We*do not soll'to Asiatics
1-4 to 1-2 Acre Lets, 60 and 80 loot Frontage by 120 Deep,    Price $150
to $22.') per Lot, on easy terms
Apply, A. Pailthorpe, "The Store" Berwick, or Harry Idiens
British Columbia Investments, Ltd.
Telephone 36 COURTENAY
Ladies' Department
Dress Goods,
House Dresses,
Exclusive   Styles in  Ladies'
Ready-to-wear and Model
Hats, Silk  Blouses and
Easter Novelties to
arrive from the best
Eastern Markets
Gents Department
Spring Samples in
Spring Hats,
Slater, Invictus, Shoes,
Eastern Neckwear,
Nifty Caps,
Negligee Shirts,
Fancy Sox,
Newest in Collars,
B. V. D. Combination
Prospectors and
Loggers Supplies
Tailored Suits
Over 400 Samples
to Choose From
Beats them all. They please
those who have worn them.
Order in time and get your
choice of over 400 Samples.
We aim to please
Phone 34       Courtenay
The  Corner  Store, Sandwick
First Class Groceries, Boot-, Shoes,
Dry Goods, Hardware, Etc.
As in the past year we are (always ready to attend
promptly to your order whether it be small or large
Call and see us or ring up
Telephone   4
Parkin Bros.
Notice oi application for the approval of worki
and preienting of Petition for the approval
of Undertaking
Take notice that the courtenay Water
Works company Limited, wil' apply to j
the comptroller of Water Rights for the
approval of the plans of the Works to be
constructed for the utilization  of water
from  Millard creek  in  comox District, ,
which the applicant is by Water Permit
No. 474 authorised to make for municipal j
A petition for the approval of the un-,
dertaking will be presented to the
Honourable the Minister of Lands.
The plans and particulars required by
Subsection 1 ol Section 70 of the Water
Act as amended and the said Petition
_q lired by Section 89 have been filed
witli the comptroller of Water Rights at
Victoria and with the Water Recorder at
Objections to the application or petition
may be filed with the comptroller of
Water Rights, Parliament Buildings,
Dated at courtenay, B. C this 10th
lay of March, 1914.
**^^^m**&**0**i*******n0*4*m0***4i0**i**i^^i0t*t0<0*0t0*0*f*f*a*\ -
Tenders for painting and staining the
manse, will be received up to Saturday,
March 14th. Apply at the manse for
Mrs. S. J. Piercy
Sec. of Ladies' Aid Society.
Mr. Williams, formerly telegraph
operator at Cumberland, is dead at
Mr. Cooksou has arrived in town
and will engage in the building
business this summer.
Born���On Friday March 6th,,
to Mr. and Mrs. Mikola, a daughter.
Ambrose Moore, who has been
visiting his many friends in Gomox
has returned home. We were all
sorry to see him go away.
The Most Home-Like Hotel North
of Victoria
Best of Attention Given to Guests
Rates Reasonable
Faber &  Faber, Props.
Tel .-phone 35
Under and by virtue of tlie powers contained in a certain mortgage which will be produced at the time uf wile., there will be offered
for Bide by Public Auction ou
Thursday, March 19, 1914
at tlie hour ot three o'cl-.ck in the afternoon
by (��. J, Hardy, Auctioneer, at the office of
Hardy & Biscoe, Courtenay, British Columbia
the following property namely:
A 1 and lingular that certain parcel or tract
of laud and premise a situate lying and being
in the District of Comox, Province of ilritish.
Columbia, being part of Section 17, and comprising ten acres (more or less) which said ten-
acres may be more particularly describe'1 as-
follows:��� Commencing a. a point ou the u
Easterly boundary of Section 17. eleven chains
from the S. E. Corner post of said Section,
thence along said boundary in a North Westerly direction eleven chains to the Southerly
side of the new road; thence along the Southerly side of the new road in a South Westerly
direction nine chains and ten links; thence at
right angles Southerly eleven chains; thence
at tight angles nine chains and ten links to
the point of commencement.
The vendor is informed that about three-
acres have been under cultivation, and that
there is a fiame dwelling house with outbuildings situate on the said property.
Twenty per cent of the purchase money is
to be paid in cash at the time of the sale,  and *\
tbe balance in accordauce with conditions to
be made known at the time of sale.
For further particulars and conditions of
sale apply to '
C. P. D undo*
Courtenay B, C.
Solicitor for the mortgagee
Dated Courtenay this 3rd day of March J. W*' m
SIR EDMUND WALKER. C.V.O, LL.I)., D.C.L.. President
General Manager Aauiatant General Manager
CAPITAL, $15,000,000 REST, $12,500,000
Accounts may be opened at every branch of The Canadian
Bank of Commerce to be operated by mail, and will receive the
tame careful attention as is given to all other departments of the
Bank's business. Money may be deposited or withdr- .n in this
way as satisfactorily as by a personal visit to the P ���_.        &4
W. S. LONGHURST, Acting Manager, Courtenay and Comox Benches
Comox branch open on Tuesday, from 11 to 3
Union Bay
Spring is here ami things are
looking ti]) already, in this part of
the District,
Tlm Anderson Logging Cain])
resumed operations last week, and
a number of familiar faces are back
again to work in the camp once
Mr. D. Jereniiason's smiling face
is again in our midst, with his Mc-
I.auchlm car. Jerry is some driver
now, the way be handles his auto
and manoeuvers it around the Bay,
would put Barney Oldfeold in the
The big block of laud that was
recently subdivided (situated jusL
half a mile back from the Bay) and
put on the market by the B. C.
Investments at $100.00 per. acre, is
selling rapidly 5 acre blocks and
upwards being taken up almost
every day, sometimes however it is
necessary to get H. Idiens down
from Courtenay to cinch the deal.
The most numerous ot the buyers
of this other property, are up to the
present local rdsideuts, a good in
dication that it must be a good
in vestment, and at the right price.
The acreage at the back of the
railway (C. P. K,) recently owned
by Mr. Street, has changed hands,
Louis is a dandy with the powder,
Report has is that the Post Office
will be transferred to the new
Government building on April ut.
we shall then have tlie Telegraph,
Customs and Postal Service all
working smoothlv in the oue building.
What with the coal wharf brilliantly lit at nights with electricity,
the Government Building, stores,
hotels, and residences, now using
the same light, we are qiite an up
to date little town, what we are
now looking forward to is an up to
date water supply, something similar to what the Courtenay residents
are expectiug to have in the near
The Tango Dancing Club of
Cumberland held a very enjovable
dance last Friday night. A large
number from Courtenay attended
We have now on display the finest assortment of Rifles and
Shotguns iu the Comox Valley,  including all of the best and
popular makes, aud at the lowest prices*   Come In and inspect
our stock
Single Barrell Shotguns from $7.50 up
Double Barrell Shotguns from $14.00 up
Marlin; Stevens, Savage and Winchester Rifles.   Cartridges
in all the popular calibers
COURTENAY     ���    and      -      CUMBERLAND
New Zeland Butter 3 lbs. for $1
Oranges - 15 cents per dozen
Bananas    [���     25 cents per dozen
P. S.���Our new Seeds for farm and
.   garden have just arrived, so get
in and dig.
Blouses!   Blouses!   Blouses ?
For 7 days only, commencing Friday next the 6th
inst, we will put on sale all our stock of Ladies Silk
and Net Blouses at prices regardless of cost
Now is the opportunity to get a really up-to-date
blouse below wholesale cost
We have your size so don't miss this chance
New Courtenay post cards, finest
selection by first class photographer
at Peacey Drug Store.
Phone 6 Courtenay
First-Class Plumbing
Hot Water and Steamfitting
Jackson & Whittle
Phone 9 Courtenay
Barrister   and  Solicitor,   Notary  Public
P. 0. Box 209
Phone 24 Courtenay
The   Comox  Barber       op
Oldest Shop in Courtenay
Nothiug   But   First   Class  Work
Guaranteed.    Baths in connection
C. E- DA_RYMPLE,  Prop.
To Bake
Not to Bake?
The former is realty unnecessary when Bread from the
Courtenay Bakery is available
andby reason ofquality has so
many votaries. Get the A B
habit and satisfaction
Comox Co-Operative Society
Dealers in all kinds uf Meats,
Butter. Eggs ar.d runner's
Produce, Cookt.l Meats a
Specialty. We sell only the
best. Prices are always low
and satisfactory. We pay-
best prices for produce
Phone No. 2
Dealer in
Hay, Hour, Feed and Grain
The barn is now stocked with a full assortment
and prompt delivery can be made
Phonh Y91 and your order will be filled at once
W. Aitken
Opposite new Presbyterian Church
Notice !k hereby given that Joseph McPhee,
Kenneth Edward Crompton and others hereby
live notice of their intention t'> apply to the
. ..untenant Governor in Council for the incorporation a. a City  .Municipality under th*
ame < f "Thu Corporation ot the City of
Courtenay" of tlie following area, namely:���
All that tract of land situate iu he Comox
District in the County of Nanaimo, and
described a. follows: Commencing at the most
westerly angle of Lot 118 Comox District.;
thence southerly along the boundaries of Lots
.It, lili and 23 J to the most southerly angle of
the subdivision of part of said lot 2.0, as
shewn on lieKistered Flan No. 14 ft; theuue
nurtherly and easterly aloug the boundary of
>aid subdivision to the boundary of lot 104;
thence easterly at right angles to the bouiuUry
of lot l"4 to the boundary of Beqtiou i _.; thence
westerly along the boundary of section G6 to
the most southerly ang e of section 68; thence
eusterly along the b mudary of section 68 and
said boundary produced to the westerly limit
of the Courtenay-Coniox road; thence north-
erly aloug the said westerly limit of said road
to the south-easterly .o__x.ary of section 14;
thence northerly along the said T. o u udary of
htaction 14 to a point from whence a line drawn
ul light angles to s.id boundary will meet the
most southerly angle of lot 10 of the. suh-
divi.i m of part of said section 14 as shewn on
registered plan No. 534 M; thence nurtherly
along the eastern boundary of said subdivision
to the point where it meets the northerly
boundary of said section 14, thf nee southerly
along the boundary of sectio 11 to the Courtenay River; thence to sout..> i .. edge of the
Hunt!edge River at its continence with the
'I'solum River; thence wester.y along the high
water mark of the Puntledge River to the
point, of commencement, c mtaining approximately 1331) acres but not extending over or
exceeding an area of two thousand acres.
Dated this twenty-first 1.21st) day of February, A. D. W14.
Courtenay Opera House
Change of Management
Latest Moving Pictures will be shown as under
Courte- 1J,'��",la>',
nay       Saturday
Cumber-  xilrl>
land      ~CKpi-
Wood For Sale
Stove, Cord, Alder,
Maple or Bark
Apply to
Cliffe & Higgins
Soft Drinks
Swan's Pool Room
E. SWAN, Prop.
Electrical Engineer and Contractor;
Complete Electrical Equipments promptly installed. Electric Wirins; ami Installation of all kinds of Electrical Work
Isolated Lighting Plants a Specialty
Box 195       Phone F9S       Courtenay
Power   .
Gasoline Engines Repaired _ Overhanltd
BOX 134, PHONE 2____
.^.��rM.v.;..��t.T'__ij_i_.T___*__l_2 _H*C_lEVj___v_ CO_mT_WAY, _.C
His Finish
_re_ Jenks is your next-door neighbor now, isn't he? remarked n man
While calling on a friend ono evening.
Who did you say?
Fred Jenks. I understand he Is a
finished cornetlst.
Is he?     Good! Who did it?
The Army of
U Qrowing Smaller Every Day.
iMponsiMc ���tlieynot .
only yivr relief ���
cure Con.tfrpa-
.ion.    Mil- .
lion| UIQ
litem tor ,
Biliousness, Indigestion, Sick Headache, Sallow Shin.
Small Pill, Small Dote, Small Price.
Genuine must bear Signature
[very Home Heeds
Uio it (or eczema, ulcers,
cold suroi. chapped
hands, poisoned wounds,
piles, scalp sores, and all
���I:in iniuriei and . iseasas. "
Beit balm for b a b y,
Purely herbal. All diug-
gisti and stores SOc box.
Full   flavored   and
perfectly cooked
W. CLARi;. MTr., Montreal. <
make   delicious
Yonr Life's In Yonr Hand! Head
Your Own Future! .'end Postal Note 25
cents and stamped addressed envelope
to Crescentia. tlie well known scientific, palmist v ho will mall you chart
from which you can read your own future. It will fully describe your past
nnd future life and it can be a constant
guide in life. CRESCENTIA, 8, Stobart
Block,  Winnipeg.
Book Free.    A simple
���ome treatment removed
lump From this lady'a breast
Old sores, ulcers  and
frewths cured.     Describe.
fast trouble�� we will send book and teslinieoiols.
Their Message
flie evening1 eaiiers wero chatting
with ihelr hosts when tliei-H came n
patter of little feet along the ball,
Hush, whispered tho hostess, raising
her hand, the _hil__n are coming with
their good-night message. It always
gives tne a feeling of reverence to hear
them. They are :'o much nearer to
Heaven than we, n.id they speak from
the fullness of their little hearts never
so freely as when tho dark 1ms Come.
There was a moment's pause, ami
then tne message ennio In a shrill
whisper: Mamma, it run, Willie found
a cockroach In the tub-
No Socialist He
Your husband is n Socialist, I be
lieve? asked a friend at the reception
of Mrs. Smith.
A Socialist? re pilot. Mrs. Smith. No,
Indeed. Why he hates to make calls
with mc.
As Her Mother Saw It
Have you spoken of our love 1o your
mother as yet? he asked.
The girl shook her head.
Not as yet, she whispered.
Has she noticed nothing?
Sho bas noticed that 1 have been
acting queerly of late, but she thinks
it's just biliousness.
She Didn't Wait for Mamma
Miss  Doyle,  said  the  six-year old
to the visitor, wbo was   waiting   for
Mamma, will  you take ono of your
shoes off a minute?
My shoes? repeated Miss Doyle in
amazement; why, Johnnie.
Why, I heard Mamma say you were
getting crow's feet awfully.
A safe and sure medicine for a child
troubled with worms i. Mother
Graves' Worm Exterminator.
She Took Every Precaution
Jane, said the mistress, ho\   was it
that I saw you eating of our cake last
I'm sure I don't know, Ma'am, answered the maid. I thought I had covered tho keyhole.
Ul 111 ft*. 'OUT Of SOU*' '.US tJOWK'Of'OUT THE BLUE*
���urrir Irom kidney, bladder, .k_vou_ disease*
wrtu (or my PRE! book,  the most instructivi
 1 FRINCHttlMEDY. N.I. N<-2. N4K
4 for VOUR OWN allasaol. Dot___e__
_ No'__*Wa___s. DI LS CUM
Vas. Co, uavsuiom as. H_M___. _��eoa,l_k
We P_y Highest Values
Write for Price Listil
.and Shipping Tag;
F_V snd Alexander, WINNJPBO .Canada
We also buy Hides and Seneca root.
The Label Regulated the Price
Whal. you i eed, Madam, said the
physician to his fashionable lady patient, is oxygen. Como every afternoon for inhalations. They will cost
you 11 vo dollars each.
There, said the lady, I just knew that
other doctor didn't know his business.
Ho told mo all I needed was plain
fresh air.
She Thought he Had Forgotten
Miseha Elm: i the violinist, was
playing at a reception at Russian
Prince's and, lie say . for an urchin of
seven, as I wa.. at that tlm . I flat ter
myself I rattled off Beethoven's 'Kreut-
zer Sonata' finely. Tbis sonata, you
know, has in it several long and lm
pressivo rests. In one of tiuse rests
a motherly old lady leaned forward,
patted my shoulder and said: 'Play
something yo   know, dear.
A Friendly Request
He was subject to fainting spells and
before starting out he wrote this note,
which he pinned to his shirt.
To the Doctor: If I fall on the street
an�� .m taken to the hospital tlo not operate. My appendix has been removed twice already.
We publish simple,.straight testimonials, not press agents' interviews,
from well-known people.
From al'. over America they testify
���;    the merits   of   MINARD'S   LINIMENT, tho best of Household Remedies.
50c. ��� box or six boxes for .2.50
a; all dealti., or Tne Dodds Medicine Compa.iy, Limited Toronto,
How She Knew
Elfle, said Mr.Vgle, who was poring
over her first reader, how can I tell
which ls a 'd' and which ls a 'b'?
Thai's easy, said Effie wisely, the
'd' has Its tummy en its back.
How It Wac Accounted For
llow docs it happen, said tlie teacher to tho new pupil, that your name is
Allen and your    mother's    name   is
Well, explained tlie small boy, afler
a moment's thought, you see, she married again and I didn't.
W. N, IJ  986
Why She Said It
King George was being entertained
ot a private luncheon recently when
the tiny daughter ot the hostess, being
spoken .o by Mis Majesty, responde.l
politely and lisped! I think Your Majesty ith ii very remarkable mau.
Astounded at such precocity the
King smiled, and asked kindly: Why
do you say tbat, my dear?
Becauth Ma told me to, was the un-
expected reply.
On moving Into a new neighborhood
tlie small boy of the family was cautioned not to tight with his new acquaintances. One day Tommy came
home with a black eyo and badly be-
spattered with mud.
Why, Tommy, said his mother, did
not I tell you not. to fight until you liad
r- .ated one    uidrec.
Yo, sniffled Tommy, and look what
Willie Smith did while I Was counting
one hundred.
His Gift
A young man was deeply in lovo
with a beautiful girl. One day she
told him th:u the next day would bo
her birthday, and he laughingly said
that he would send her a bunch of
roses, one  or each year of her life.
That evening he wrote to' his florist
ordering twenty-four roses to be sent
to tho young woman on the first delivery next day.
The proprietor of tho flower shop
looking over the mall in the morning
saw the order and said to th ��� foreman:
John, here's an order from young
Mr. Flint for twenty-four roses. He's
a mighty good customer, so put In n
dozen extra ones.
And (he young man never knew what
made the girl so angry witli hint.
Overcome by the Use of Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills
Throughout Canada la grippe (influenza) prostrates thousand of busy
men and women every winter, wreck-
. j their health nnd leaving behind
numerous ^er'ous ailments. It ls the
after effects of la grippe that cause
such widespread misery. Here is the
reason. La grippe leaves behind it
weakened vital powers, a shattered
nervous system, impure ml Impoverished blood, and a low stale of health
that renders the sufferer extremely
liable to rheumatism, indigestion, neuralgia and nervous disorders. You can
avoid la grippe tnlirely by keeping
the Mood rich and pure through tlie'oc-
casional use of Dr, Williams' Pink
Pills. Or if, because you have not
recog lined your blood weakness, la
grippe fastens its fangs upon you, its
disastrous after-effects can be drive..
out by the si me medicin . Dr. Williams' Pink pills increas i and enrich
the blood supply, feed the starving
nerves, and thus impart new health
and new strength to enfeebled men
and women. Mr. G. St. Clair, connected with the Sun Life Assurance
Co., Halifax, N.S., _.ys: "I was taken
down with a heavy cold an . la grippe
and was confined to the house for
some weeks. 1 had the best of medical attention, and although the doctor
said I was cured I was ttil". far from
well, and did not have the 'im necessary for a strenuous business life, aud
did not atte .a to either ofiice or field
work. Talking wlt.li a friend he said
'Why not try Dr. Willi:'., s Pink Pills.'
I decitled to do so, and befor I had
used a box felt an improvement, and
before long the rills made mo feel like
a new man. I can'i therefore say too.
much in fuvor of this valuable medicine, and hope that any who may rend
this and be in need of met! .al attention will be persuaded to try this truly
wonderful medicine."
You can get these health-renewing
Pills through any medicine dealer or
by mail post paid at 50 cents a box
or six boxes .or $2.50 from The Dr.
Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville,
No Use
They were out Balling . when the
wind died away, leaving ihem becalmed. The young man urged his fair
companion to whistle for soma wind,
Oli, no, she said archly, thero is no
telling what you will do when I get
my lips all puckered up.
I won't do anything at all, ho promised.
Well, she returned, then I won't
What Ailed Willie
There was a sound of -revelry by
night, for tho Bloggses were giving a
party. Mr. Bloggs was singing: TIs
Love (hat Makes the World Go Round,
and Master Illoggs seized tlie opportunity to slip Into the other room with
his father's pipe.
Shortly afterward It was apparent
that Willie wasn't well.
Goodness, child! criod his mother,
have vou beer smoking;
'Tain't that, Ma, said Willie feebly,
If It's true what Pa's been singing
nbout���I must bo In love.
Probably the Germ
Mr. Greene was threatened with a
contagious disease, aud when his little
sou, Ned, who wns of a very affectionate disposition, camo to embrace him
before retiring, ho said:
Neddie, my con, you mustn't hug me.
You'll catch 'An scarlet fever.
Ned looked nt his father In amazement for a mo neiit.    Then ho nskod:
Say, Father, who did you hug?
Waits on '.'_ hands Is a disfigurement that troubles many ladies. Hoi-
loway's Corn euro will remove the
blemishes without pain.
Rubbing It In
Mr, Wilkins was near the exploding
point when Lis neighbor met him in
the street.
That man, Tompkins, he burst out,
ins more nerve than anyone I ever
Why? asked his neighbor curiously.
He came over to . y hous'.' last evening and borrowed my gun to kill a
dog that kepi him awake at nights.
Well, what of that?
Why, shouted Mr. Wilkins, it was my
dog he killed.
Ready for His Job
Wli m the waiters struck In New
York seventy of the seventy-five cooks
employed at one of the largest hotels
went out. This left the kitchen rather
inadequately manned, ami the proprietor hurried downstairs .0 see what
could he done He found one iff the
five faithful ones ready for 'usiness.
You will remain? asked the proprietor.
Yes, sir.
You will help us cook for our patrons?
Yes, sir.
What do you do? What sort of
cook are you?
I make the meringue! he said
quickly stops coughs, cures colds, snd heals
the throat und limns.       ::       II      ���� cents.
The train stvuclc the man, did It
not? asked the lawyer of the engineer
at the trial.
It did, sir, said the engineer.
Was the nun on the track, sir?
thundered tin  lawyer.
On the track? asked the engineer. Of
course be was. No englnec worthy of
his ;ab would ruti his train into the
woods after a man.
Save Time!
Time lost because of headaches,
lassitude and depressions of biliousness, is worse than wasted.
Biliousness yields quickly to the
safe, certain home remedy���
�����-      ������     II       __   a-laaax a__na_     MV
Bold everywhere.   In l��o~_, 28 cents.
A New Use for Doctors
A farmer rushed up to the home of
a country doctor In the village Lite one
night and besought him to como at
once to a distant farmhouse.
The medicine man hitched up his
l.orse and they __ve furiously to the
farmer's home. Upon their arrival
the farmer said:
How much is your fee, Doc?
- Three dollars, said the physician in
Here y'are, said the farmer, handing
over the money; tho blamed liveryman wanted fiv dollars to drive me
He War. Lookinrj Too
An Ohio i.'.rmer wrote Lha" he owned
nine cows. at.d asked Repres'ntatlve
Nicholas Longworth to se ���(! him a Government exterminator for ajlies. Ho
got this  reply:
Sorry, but I, too, am in quest of the
same thing. I have no cows, hut I
have a bald head.
Mr. Zangwill's Preference
Israel Zangwell, while visiting in Chicago, was once seated at dinner next
to a young woman who. knowing his
religion, asked impertinently: Mr,
Zangwill, how do you like our Chicago
The great Jewish writer looked placidly at her.. Madam, ho replied, I
much prefer it to your Chicago tongue.
Louis had made loud and repealed
calls for more turkey at the Christmas
dinner. After she had disposed of a
liberal quantity she was told that
loo much turkey would make her sick.
Looking wistfully at tho fowl for a
moment she said:
Well, give me untizzer piece an' send
for the doctor.
PWA afc_M-Ma_t
i��i uopularly regarded ss THIS
LINK to use when hsvlng relatives nnd friends como out to
1 .10.11  TII_ 01.0 countrV
Tits   service   offered   Is   unex-
eo.ii_ out
The new twin screw steamships
carrying one class (II) Cabin and
third rlnss only,
13,400  Tons  null
Wero added to tho
In   1918,   and   are   replete  Willi
every  modern   Improvement.
Lounge,   Gymnasium,   Drawing
Room, Smoking HoDiii. Open and
Covered   Promenades,   Orchestra.
Othor   splendid   steamships   uro:
ASCANIA    (new),    AtSONIA
10,000 tons        8,000 tons
Carrying one class (II) Cabin snd
third class only.
FRAN OONIA  (new 1011)
I.ACONIA (iii-iT 10111
18,160 tons each���Twin Screw
C*A_MANIA (30,000 tons), Triple
��� Sorew Turbine
Carrying First, Second and Third
The     Cunsrd   Company   also
maintain   services  between  New
York,    Queenetown,    Fishguard,
Liverpool.   Boston,    Queonstown,
Fishguard, Liverpool.   New York,
Mediterranean, Adriatic.    Including  the  fastest  steamers In the
world,  "Lusltanla"  and  "Mauritania,''
Now  building   for  Canadian
S.S. "AURANIA"���1-1,000 Toils
For desorlptlvo literature, sailings, etc., apply to any Railway
or Steamship Agent, or
304 Mala St., Winnipeg, Man.
K.igijes oi' all kinds. Boilers of all
kinds, Pumping Machinery, Tanks,
Heavy Plate Wtrk, etc.-Write Ior
TORONTO.      -     CANADA
Mas, Winslow's Soothing S_t_> has oeeil
S_u ior oyer SIXTU KEARSby Mil UONS of
#!!__ o all PAIN | CUKES WIND COLIC, and
is the best remedy to, oIARRHtEA. It is at*
solutclv harmless. We sure and ask Wi "Mrs,
Winslow's Soothing Syrup," and _!_ no OU'���
_nd.   Twenty-bvu.eutaa Dottle
When Mr. Abbott called on a young
Woman one evening he was being entertained by her young brother, Andrew, until she made her appearance.
If you don'l. give me a quarter, said
little Andrew, 1 am going to toll about
you kissing my sister.
But 1 hadn't thought o( kissing your
sister, protested Mr. Abbott.
You ain't? i It. Andrew, plainly pir.
zled: then whin did she puy me io
say that to you for?
No    Failure,    Cure in    Every    Case
Treated by Catarrhozone
Catarrho: one can't, fall to cure Bronchitis; its co ' ealing, soothing and balsamic that every trace of the disease
flies before it. Wl.cn you inhale the
pure plney vapor of Catarrhozone, you
send healing medication to the spots
that are diseased and sore.
Isn't it rational lo applj medicine
here the disease exists? Certainly!
and that's why Catarrhozone is so successful, it goes where the trouble
really ls, gets where a spray or Otnt-
ment can't pei.etrate. For the rollef
and complete Sure C! '_'__hiHs: ������������
n.n, catarrh, throat trouble, wo guarantee Calarrhozone in every case. You
don't take medicine���you don't take
drowsy drugs���just breathe the balsamic essences of   Catarrhozone;, It
dees tlio rest safely and surely.
"For thre; years 1 was seriously
bothered by a bronchial cough. At
night, I would awaken with a dry irritable eeling in my throat. I couldn't cough up anything, but very soon
coughed my throat into quite nn in-
flammed condition. Once I got Catarrhozone Inhaler I was all right. I
took it to bed, and if an attack awakened me a few minutes use of the inhaler gave me relief. Catarrhozone
l.as cured me ar.d I strongl. urgi
everyone with a weak throat to use it
(Signed)  J.  B.  ElBAMBR,
Catarrhozone will nol disapp&Iflt
you. Get the complete $1.00 out III; it's
guaranteed. Smn.l size Gdc; trial or
sample size 26c. at dealers everywhere* 6b
Work That Requires Powerful
Hands and Arms.
That Brand of Hide Is Never Used, the
Finest Balls Taking Calf or Cow Skin
��� nd the Cheaper Grades Sheepskin.
The Bladders Are Made of Rubber.
That phrase so much used lu tho foot-
Lull season, "chasing the pigskin," In-
voices a popular error. Tbo football
Is not made of pigskin, but of the bide
af Ilie call or cow and for tho cheaper
variety the skin of the Bhoop, Foot-
bulls of (he ordinary grade are mado
In this country, 1 ' some of the tlnest,
(Old lo those who ure not particular
���bout price, arc Imported from Kng-
laiid. where tho Industry was an old
ono before It was started in America.
The making of a football la almost
entirely n male Industry. The only
Iblll'O that women have in the work Is
wen when one llrst enters a football
factory. At long tables girls sit pasting linings on sections of the footballs
cut In another part of the factory. It
Is work that a girl is particularly lltted
for, ns the linings must be carefully
fastened to the rough leather and
smoothed until thero is not a sign of a
bubble or rough place on the surface
ef lhe lining.
The llrst step In the making of a
football Is to select the leather.' Only
the best of picked shins are used, and
each skin is carefully gone over for
defects before being cut into the necessary sections. This is done by machinery, aud the seitlons are tben sent
to the room in which the girls nre al
Stork for the lining to be pasted ou.
Then the lined sections are sent to
tlie sewing room and the linings are
'stitched together, bringing tho outer
covering of the football into position
for the final stitching. This is done by
a machine that turns the footballs out
stitched In the seams but wroug Bide
out. Thoy must then be turned right
tide out, a job that is left to men who
slo nothing else nil day long but reverse the leather covers by hand, a
work that requires great strength and
endurance and.gives the workers a prodigious amount of pulling power in the
muscles of the arms and bands.
When the cover Is pulled rljlit side
out tho outer part of the football ls
finished ready for tbe inflation. The
bladder is inserted and blown up, and
the bull Is then stumped on a hot press
and worked up until the surface ts perfectly smooth and free from rough
spots. The ball ls tben deflated nnd
placed aside for shipment
Balls Intended for the soccer game
er for basket ball are also made In the
way described. A new idea recently
applied to the making of the football
is to provide a ball stilted to the rough
treatment Inseparable from play on the
' stono flagged or asphalted pavement ot
tbe school playground. It wns found
that tho finely finished footbnll Intended for use on a grass covered field
could not staud the burd usage received during practico in the school yard,
and n footbiij. was therefore devised
especially for this rough work, with
the scams stitched on tho outside Instead of the Inside. Sewing the seams
from tbo outside provided a Hugo that
protects the ball wben kicked nnd
bounced in a paved e urt and makes
tho cost of the footballs used in a sen-
son somewhat less than when tbe finely tiulsbed oval of the gr'dlron gro- udi
Is used.
Tbe origin of the term "kick1- g the
pigskin" was explained by one of the
authorities In this way. "Years ago,
when the game was in Its early stages
In England, the infliillon v s done by
means of n bladder of a pig. Ii. those
old days the skin of tho pig was actually subjected to the Indignity of he-
lug propelled high lu the air by tbe
too of n footbnll plnyer, but ns the
bladder Is no longer used tbe term bat
tensed to apply.
Tho bladders arc now made of the
best . nru rubber. Tho regulation football weighs from thirteen and a quarter to fourteen ounces. Tho^ soccer
ball weighs from thirteen to fifteen
ounces. One cannot definitely predict
the life of a football, but the makers
eny the hardest kicking should fall to
retire the ball In less limn two years.
It mny not bo generally Unown that
football has n patron saint. In l.r_0 a
boy named Hugh had the misfortune
to kick a football through u window tn
the house of n neighbor, who became
so Incensed at the damage done that
he slabbed the boy to death. Tbo populate avenged the boy's denth by killing his slayer and then exalted the
Mme of the unfortunate boy by calling
him "Saint _tigh."-Now York Sun
They Serve M��ny Purposes ��nd Take
th* Place ot Hands.
Elephants ure Interesting because
t'tey bave such varied feelings, such a
wide rutigo of Intelligent appreciation.
Doubtless this Is In part due to tbe
possession In the trunk of an organ
the development of which lias Itself
permitted development of brain power.
Very great brain power could not bave
been developed as au accompaniment
merely of hoofs; hands, however Imperfect, were necessary or something
else tbat would serve as a partial substitute for bands.
Ity watching a herd of elephants any
one can speedily see the iarge range of
uses to which tho trunk is put and the
large range of needs and emotions
which It develops and satisfies. During courtship tho bull and cow caress
one another with tbelr trunks. Elephants are very curious, and ibe trunks
aro used to test every object which
arouses their curiosity. Tbe cow ls
constantly fondling and guiding the
calf wltb her trunk. The trunk Is used
to gather every species of food and to
draw water. It Is used to spurt dust
or water over tho body. It ls used to
test rotten and dangerous ground. It
Is lu constant uso to try the wind so
ns to guard against the approach ot
any foo.
As one watches tbe great beasts tbe
trunks continually appear ln the air
above tbem, uncurling, twisting, feeling oach breath of air. Now and then
a great ear ls flapped. Now and then
tho weight of the body ls slightly
shifted from one colossal leg to another. Tbe huge beasts are rarely entirely motionless for any leugth ot
time. Nor nre they long silent, for
aside from subdued squeaks or growls
and occasional shrill calls there are
queer Internal rumblings. Their eyes
are very bud. Like tbo rhino, tbey can
only see as a very nearsighted man
sees. At a distance of eighty yards
or so, wben tn my dull colored bunting
clothes, I could walk slowly toward
them or shift my position without fear
of discovery.���Theodore Roosevelt la
Bcrlbne. b Magazine.
I They Travel Packed In Trains Like
Sardines In a Box.
Of course pilgrims In India usually
travel third class, and the best of such
accommodations makes no provision
for comfort. Most of the carriages aro
divided into small cubicles, with long,
narrow wooden benches running along
the two sides. There is uo convenience
of nny klud, uud the travelers are
packed Into the compartment like so
mnny sardines In a tin.
On festive occasions, when Hindus
Journey by the hundred thousand to
the. sacred spots, it ls a sight worth
traveling mnny miles to see a pilgrim
train bound for some shrine ou the
Ganges. When It stops at a wayside
station scores of Intending passengers
try to force their way Into the already
closely packed third class carriages by
battering down the locked doors or
even endeavoring to crawl through the
windows over tbe heads aud shouldr*.
of tho occupants. The pollco use their
batons freely to drive the Invaders
away, bnt usually a few manage to
evade the constables aud secure a foothold on the train.
Sometimes the authorities nre compelled to carry passengers In open
trucks. They plant themselves in tho
bottom of these care und remain thero,
exposed to the Inclemencies of the
weather, for ten, twenty, thirty, forty
hours at n stretch, one trending on tho
toes of tho other���fretful babies crying, men and women grunibllng-iintll
the end of the Journey ls reached.���
Wide World Mngnzlne.
Education and Suicide.
The American Practitioner declares
that suicide Increases with education
and civilization nnd adds: "It bas beeu
Raid thnt tho spread of the alphabet Is coincident with that of self murder. The savage rarely takes Ills own
life, lu Italy, Kussia and Spain, where
the standard of education Is low, tbe
fewest suicides on the continent of
Europe occur, while In Franco mid
Germany, where the people nre more
sensitive and refined nnd where the
standard of education Is higher, the
percentage Is much Increased."
"Are thoy desirable (oimuta?*
"Dear mc, no.   They're nice people,
nut they've got four children."-Detroit
Free I "less.
How the End Will Come.
The professor of natural phenomena
bad acquired a gasoline car.
"Tbe day Is coming," be said to his
class a few weeks later, "when the tire
will sag and punctures pierce the Inner tubo nnd the casing bllster-and
Iben this old earth of ours will have a
blowout that may shake the dog star
from its kennel nnd hurl the dipper
to kingdom comet"���Cleveland Plain
i Dealer.
For Great Britain's Navy.
j     The navy ot Great Britain will bs
i growing during the next IS months
M follows; A totpedo boat destroy**
| once a week for the n _;t nine months,
a light cruiser every 30 days for ths
next 12 months and a super-dreadnought of the latest type every 41
lays for the next If months
Toadstool Growths Which Are Capable of Lifting Pavement*.
Some years ago. says a London paper, a portion of the pavement In
Goswell road, London, was lifted out
of Its place in a inysti . lou.i manner.
Before it could be replaced numerous
toadstools made their appearance ln
the (."aping spaces betwee . tlie Btones. J
When lhe stones were removed'lt was
found that they rested on an Immense
spongy mass of toadstool growth,
which bad gone on increasing until
U made a way through which It could
push its bead into the air. One of
the stones moved by It measured four
feet by two feet and weighed 200
A m*fe extens've Injury was done
in tbe sam�� way some years ago at
the town of Basingstoke. Not many
months eftcr the town had been paved tho pavement was noticed to exhibit signs,of unevenness, which
could not be" account*-1 for. As soon
as tho unevenness was rmfflclent to
mako openings between tho stones,
the hidden enemy made his apcarance
In the shape of Innumerable toal-
itools. So completely had fio spores
or spawn got possession of the material on which the pavement was
laid that bad to be completely taken
up and tbo whole town repaved.
The toadstool and its ,-lnd seem t >
flourish ln places where the light ls
excluded, as In dark cellars, under
flagstones and in hollow trees. They
require the air, however, and a certain, though it may be small, amount
of light, that they may reach thetr
perfect condition. Unless they are
ablo to produce seed they go on developing this amorphous, spongy
mass until it attains sometimes a fabulous dimension. Everyone has heard
of the enormous growths of fungi ln
some wine cellars. A case Is on record in which a cask of wine, having
been left without attention in a dark
cellar for three years, was at the termination of that period found to have
been borne on the surface cf a mushroom growth until It was forced
against the roof. The fungus, moreover, had _ot access to the wine and
had drunk it all, 'iving upon its sugar, and so tho more easily raising
the gradually emptying cask from the
ground. Fungi have sometimes taken
possession of wor'".-out mines and
occupied enormous   paces.
Tho Part He edity Plays.
"While there ls no doubt that tners
is much truth in some of the modern
theories of eugenics," says Gen.
Bramwell Booth, >" ad of the Salvation Army. "I per onally do not believe that heredity plays so overwhelming a ptrt as io prevent children from coming out right if they
are given a fair chance. The problem
ls one of economics rather than of
"London has the greatest stum
population ln the world. We do much
work In those slums. Wo don't find
that as a rule tbo children of the
slums are the offspring of parents
who in their turn were themselves
children of the slums. We find that
the slums are inhabited largely by
those who have come down to the
slums from higher grades of society.
They have come down through shift-
letsness, in efficiency and vice. It
their children were given p fair
chance In the world the vast majority
of these children would turn out
"Of the thousands of male down-
and-outers to whom we minister in
the course of a year, we find that 80
per cent, are the sons of good parents, not the sons of tbe vicious. Give
the children of society a decent
chance, and thn question of eugenics
will largely take care of Itself.
Smiles Over "Self Help."
An editor who was compiling a
volume of prose selections had proposed to include a characteristic
piece from "Self Help," and the question of copyright arose. The publish-
e- (the worthy head of a distinguished house) himself look the matter in
l'tnd and sent tho editor an autograph note to the following effect:
"I have written to Mr. Smiles respecting the selection you propose to I
make from his writings, but there
has been no reply. Under tho circumstances I think you had better
omit this piece."
Naturally there is much curiosity
as to bow and where "Mr. Smiles"
was addressed. ��� Mancherter Guardian.
The Age of Caps.
This is the age of caps, especially
in London. There every one of masculine persuasion from errand boy to
Cabinet Minister and statesman has
adopted the cloth head covering.
Commenting on this a noted Englishman says:
"One of the most striking symptoms of the decadence of modern European male costume is the popularity of the cap. Surely it Is the most
hideous and inartistic head covering
the mind of man has ever devised.
"This cap, the appanage of tho errand boy, Is now freely worn by men
high ln official elides, whose predecessors would have shrunk ln terror
from any such idea."
i .ret Woman���1 hate for people to j
beYlways whispering.   Second Ditto-
Yes, it Is much harder to understand
what they aro saying to each other.���
Chicago Ilecnp.v__r��J_ |
Ottawa Women Doing a limit Work
For the Friendless.
The amelioration of Ihe condition
qf tho working Ctrl has occupied the
time and attention of philanthropists
for some years now. The fight for a
minimum wage, for decent lodging at
lowest rate, aud for a reasonable proportion of play after working hours,
ls agitating all the women's clubs today. Anyone who has a practical Idea
for the treatment ot women who are
obliged to earn their daily bread may
be sure of sympathy and a hearing.
So when the Women's Hostel and
Travelers' Aid Society was suggested, it received immediate support
from thinking Ottawana.
The Travelers' Aid Society had Us
origin at a small meeting held Nov.
20th, 1909, at the Working Girls'
Home, for the purpose of providing
comfortable lodging for shop girls at
lowest possible cost and at. the same
time surrounding them with a whole-
Bome, homelike, and Christian atmosphere. The experience of those attending the meeting Bhowed that often a girl's worst crime was poverty,
and when the struggle for respectability became too gnat, she succumbed to the temptations with
Which she was dnily beset.
At the time of the establishment
of the Working Girls' Home, n.) work
of a charitable i ature was carried "n
in the cast end of Ottawa. The
King's Daughters and Y. W. C. A.
took care of a good many girls whose
wages were small, but there was need
for another place whire they could
secure comfortable lodging and
board. The Girls' Home was opened,
where lodging was given for .2.25 a
week, transients' meals and beds at
15c. each If the girl's wage did not
exceed ?5 a week. Creed or nationality was immaterial; a girl's necessity
was her only passport.
As Is the case in every philanthropic effort, success made for
broader work, and the .'ravelers' Aid
grew out of the Working Girls' Home.
While-only three years In existence,
the reports show an almost unlooked-
for progress. During the first year
272 girls were brought from tho stations to the Home; (his year only
126 were taken in charge. This does
not mean a falling off in the work���
quite the reverse. It shown that tho
officers ot the society are so i Igllant
that there are fewer women loitering
about the stations, which are the
meeting-places of innocence and
vice; that there Is less activity in
the white slave traffic, and that the
Travelers' Aid is doing noble and efficient, police preventive work. At the
Union Station, both day and night,
trains are met; at the Central Station day trains only, although there
Is urgent necessity for having "the
lady with the white badge," as one
frightened country girl described the
officer on duty, at niirht there, also.
Financial stringency ts the only curb,
and it is earnestly hoped that with
the appointment of two women to the
Ottawa police force���Miss Campbell
and Mrs. Cheney���this need will be
met. Mrs. Cheney is now on night
duty at the Union Station, and Miss
Camobell meets al! day trains at the
Central, beside doing work for de-
linouet girls ln the police court.
The Women's Hostel was a still
further enlargement of the work. Its
oMect ls to brine out girls from the
old country for domestic service, and
Ottawa Is not the only city in the
Dominion benefitting by the work of
the Hostel. Girls are cent to many
different points. They are also received at the Hostel from different
cities and institutions, such as the
Miss Fltzglbbon hostel, Toronto: lhe
Francis Guild. Montreal; Girls'
Friendly Association, the Salvation
Armv. and others. ��� Canadian
Mian of Whom I.ejist Is Heard In Connection Willi Home Role Is Perhaps tho Most Busily Engaged of
All 111 the .resent MrusRli���Ho
is Chiefly Famous For His Liter
ary Activities.
In these days, when there is so
much talk for and against Home Rule
for Ireland, there is cue man behind
the scenes who says little and does
much. He Is the man destined, so il
would seem, to be the last Chi< f Secretary for Ireland in the British Cabinet, for when Home Utile is in lores
there will be no no d of th .office, !n
lis present form ai any rale. There
Is no more sincere Homo lluler than
he, and few are thn Ilritish polltlc_.na
wlio have a better knowledge of the
I'isli people and the'r problems,
Mr. Blrrell ia a most benevolent
looking man. He looks like one of
the Cbcrryble brothers. But you
mustn't think he ls as grandmotherly
as he looks. He resents with vehemence any attempt lo misconstrue,
something he has r-,ild. When one ot
the eloquent Cecils misqusted hla in
the House, hn at once lu term pled the
oration (in lhat lion's roar of a voice
that Is at onc-j the terror and delight
of his opponents) with, "I may be a
fool, but I'm not,such a silly tool as
to have said any. ing of the sort."
And he corrects his friends with the
same bluffness. He never lends bis
name to a misconception, nor cares
to be the peg for all the virtues with
which Party seeks to drape its leaders.   Ills education bill failed, prob-
Alhorta's Coal Wealth.
Statisticians ln the employ at th��
Provincial Department of Mines
have figured that tt would require
the services of 4,000,0(10 mon, each
producing live tons a day and working 300 days a year, 179 years to
mine the coal available to Alberta,
Which Is credited with 14'_ pel
cent, of the total coal resources ot
the world, estimated at 7,898,651,-
000,000 tons. The reserves ln Alberta are estimated lo contain 1,075,-
0:19,000,0(10 tons, as compared wltt
1(10,841,1110,0(10 tons for tho rest ol
The coal output, of Alberta foi
1912 Is placed at 3,600,000 tons, ol
a total of 13,000,000 tons for all
Canada, taking ln seven provinces
the Yukon and Northwest Terrltoriei
and the Arctic islands. There an
three distinct coal horizons In Alberta: The Kootenay, or lower Cre
taceous; tho Belly itlvcr, or middle
Cretaceous, and tbo Edmonton, lylni
at the top of the Cretaceous. Th��
Edmonton formations cover an area
of 77,184 square miles, of a total
eurtace area of 109,108 square nillcj
ln the Dominion of Canada.
A professor in St. Louis anuouuecs a
new law in physics. It is possible that
nature Is not exempt from thu present
lawmaking crust.
In nn ige when men aro taking to
wearing feathers in tbelr bats It Is
modest of tho women to demand merely a share In the elections.
"If you want 'o mako good in this
world let booze almic," snys .lohn I*.
In oilier words, a soill_|ny taken Id
time will prevent a scruiou.
ably, because it was a bad bill; hut It
would have stood a greater chance o.
success bad Its maker known more of
the art of humbugging. Many other
politicians would make capital out of
an exterior so benevolent, says a writer In The London Sketch.
He has half succeeded in establishing his ferocity. "Have you ever
known a female Blrrell?" asks Lady
Sybil Grant, as If the big voice rendered it futile for any woman to _H
plre to fill in politics the place that]
be fills. His wit, too, ic of a masculine quality. Based upon fact, rathe?!
than fancy, it is the wit of the student; his jokes are cracked in the
hard-headed school of logic. "Bob
Logic," Sir Frank Lockwood used tov
call him; and It ls In the company of
lawyers and doctors and politicians
tbat his humor flourishes.
Mr. Blrrell's taste in books, while
It ls sane and thorojgh, has the same
bias as his humor. H's Inclination is
for the weighty syllables of ths
eighteenth century. No trend of fash-
Ion beguiles him from the things that
naturally appeal to him. He loves his
Dr. Johnson whatever befalls, and
could go on editing him to the end of
time. Charles Lamb, and Browning,
nnd Charlotte Bronte are also among
his authors, and he has read "the
young men." But his preferences are
easily tested by his copious quotations. In talk, in speech-making. In
eBsay-wrltltig, he le continually citing
the heavy couplets, that lighter mem-
or'es cannot carry, even If they car��
The tasting sense Is his only guide
In literature; for him books, like apples, are either good o.- bad. He
likes to te'.I of the child who ran to
his mother, crylnt,: "Why, here's a
better book than the Bible," and so
began a long series of adventures
among masterpieces. That child,
probably, was no other than A. B.. for
It Is characteristic of him to break
with Genesis, and start again at the
beginning on his own account. One
of his weaknesses haa been a certaU.
willingness to sneer at the reader
who approaches literature in the _.
llglous, rather than the literary,
mood. Mr, Blrrell is irreverent, not
necessarily toward religion, but towards certain classes of the religious.1
Blrrellglon becomes very much tn*
lame thing as Irrellgion when the
Chief Secretary thinks he finds tba*
the devout, parent, with no sense of
humor, uses his devotions much ar
be uses ciistor-nll.	
All people are not faddists. For instance, there have been several su.
cldcs lately when lead Instead of mer.
We have just received a big boat load of Building Supplies
and are now well stocked with everything for the builder
No.   1  Flat Grain Flooring, Kiln Dried,   1x4,
No.  1  V Joint, extra fine quality,  Kiln Dried,  1x4,
No.  1  V Joint, 6 and 7 ft. lengths, Kiln Dried, 1x4
No.   1   V Joint, 3   to   7 ft. lengths, Kiln Dried, 1-2x4
No.  1  Drop Siding 3 to 7 ft. lengths, Kiln Dried, 1x6
1x6  Tongue and Groove Sheathing, good for floors
ov   fencing, 5   ft.  lengths	
No.  1   Clear Cedar Bevel Siding, Kiln Dried,  1-2x6
$26.50   per thousand
3 in. Agricultural Drain Tile, $7.00 per 100 feet
4 in.       " "       "   $8.00 per 100 feet
P_g. Empire Fencing, top and bottom wires are 9
guage and fillers and upright art 12 guage wire.
8 b_i- 48 in. high, 55c per rod
Elwood Poultry and rabbit proof fencing, $1 per rod
Pagol Lawn Fencing, 36 in. high, 12c per foot
We are clearing out our line of garden implements
consisting of shovels, rakes, spading forks, etc.,
at 20 p. c. discount to make room for a larger
stock of building hardware
I' s
Phone 66 COURTENAY P.O. Box 230
"Not better than the best, but better than the rest"
Mill on the Dyke
Don't fail to see us bofore you buy that bill of
Lumber.   We have attractive lumber at
attractive prices
iiowles-Smith Lumber Co., Ltd.
COURTENAY      -      B. C.
Denrnai.  Island
Born ���to Mr, aud Mrs. Edwarp
Graham, on Tuesday, March 3rd.
a son,
Miss Ella Hawkins, from Comox,
is slaying with her aunt and uncle,
Mr, ami Mrs. Edward Graham,
for a few weeks.
The new hall is still progressing.
It is a credit to Denman, the way
the men have been working. Now
boys, the little church is Still standing at the corner, and summer is
coming but now and again we will
get a stiff breeze so the windows
need to be put iu before the wee
bairns eau get christened.
We are glad to see another old
timer working at the saw-mill.
Mr. Ed. Graham, and A'r. H
Carmichael worked together at the
T .lion Bay Machine shops.
The monthly church meeting
took place last Monday at the resi
dence of T. Chalmers.
A very sad accident occurred at
the mill on Tuesday, march 3rd.
Mr. Thomas Scott, who was working on the boom, liad the misfortune to fall into the water.
The body was recovered in a few
moments and artificial respiration
applied, bin it was of uo avail.
The funeral took place on Thursday, aud was largely attended, not
ouly by his manv f .ends here, but
by several friends from Hornby,
Fanny Bay, and Courteuay,
Great sympathy is felt by everyone, for Mrs. Scott in her sudden
Mr. Carmichael and family have
moved here from Hornby.
Work has been re-commenced
on the English church.
Mark Coe, of Oyster River  was
in towu a few days this week,
The Builders' Supply Co. had a
boat in last week with a load of
supplies fer them.
Urquhart Bros, are installing a
short railroad at their saw mill for
handling logs from the farther parts
of the bush.
While coming home from the
Tango Club Dance last Saturday
morning, Mr. Longhurst lost control of his car. The machiue turned a somersault. In the car besides
Mr. Longhurst, were Miss Williams and Mr. Atkin. They were
all pinned down, and but for the
timely arrival of Dick Creech and
Jim Martin, would have lost their
lives. Miss Williams was slightly
bruised and nearly smothered.
Mr. Atkin had his shoulder dislocated, while Mr. Longhurst was
almost unhurt. The cover was
badly wrecked, but the car was
ready for business inla few hours.
Annual Report Read
That tlie Courtenay Board of Trade
is a "live wire" was clearly demonstrated
at the monthly meeting held in the
Hoard Room, Thurday evening, March
5th. It augurs well for a successful
year that nine new members J. W. McKenzie Sr., E. C. Kmde, Dr. J. C.
Morrison, H, N. Birch, C. P. Dundas,
R. McQuillan, J. Aitken, R, H. Hard-
wi ke, and J. H. Mclntyre were enrolled
at that meeting. As the Board is the
only non-partisan organization in the
District whose only object is the promotion of the best interests of the
community, all public-spirited citizens,
whether residents of Courtenay or of the
surrounding settlements, should feel it
not only a privilege but a duty to become
working members of this hoard.
After disposing of the usual routine
business, the Hoard discussed at some
length, the project of dredging the
Courtenay River. A committee, composed of Messrs. _S. H. Peterson, W. II.
Kirkwood, and H. II. M. Beadnell, was
appointed to solicit the co-operation of
I the .steamship companies, the Vancouver
wholesale houses and any others who
I may he interested in securing an appro-
1 prlatioii for this most important enter-
! prise; and the secretary was instructed
to wire Mr. Clements, urging upon him
the importance of having something
brought down for this purpose in the
supplementary estimates.
With one dissenting voice the Board
passed     the    following    resolutions: ���
Whereas, T. Iters Patent have been
applied for to incorporate the District of
courtenay as a city Municipality.
He it resolved, therefore, hy the
courtenay Board of Trade, that this
Hoard is in favour of such incorporation
of courtenay as a city; and further that
this Hoard i.s in favour of the municipal
ownership of all public utilities; aud
Be it further resolved that a copy of
this resolution he forwarded to the
Attorney General of the Province, the
Provincial Secretary of the Province, and
Mr. m, Manson, Member of Parliament
for the District.
The annual report of the Secretary
read as follows:���
The Courtenay Board of Trade was
organized Feb. 6th 1913, for the purpose
of promoting the welfare of Courtenay
and the District; Mr. Joseph McPhee
was elected president, Mr. Hardy, Vice
President, Mr. Collins Secretary, and
Mr. Callin Treasurer; while the executive committee was composed of Mr.
Boden, Mr.W. Idiens, Mr. Krause, Mr.
Anderton, and Mr. Allan. On that
date the Hoard took up its first big subject for consideration���namely, the
incorporation of Courtenay. A committee was then appointed to look into the
matter, and this committee reported a
month later in favour of Incorporation.
From the start thus made, a group of
citizens all   members  of  the  Board  0
Trade, has carried on the work until now
the Petition, praying for the Incorporation of Courtenay as a city, duly signed
by a sufficient number of registered
property holders, has been laid before
the Government at Victoria. It now
only remains for the Government to unwind a sufficient amount of red tape
before declaring Courteuay a duly Incorporated City.
The Board of Trade has taken no
decided stand in the Water Works controversy, although it was made very
plain at a special meeting called td hear
Mr. Clinton's p.opsal that the Hoard
favours Municipal ownership; and it is
quite evident lhat the Board is about to
take decisive action in this important
matter and give it the attention it deserves.
It was resolved at the July meeting of
the Hoard to apply for a municipal reserve on Brown's River, and the Water
Commissioner has granted us a reserve
of twenty second-feet.
In April the Board entertained the
Royal Agricultural Commission in a
very commendable manner, giving the
members of the Commission an auto
trip through the Valley, and a sumptuous banquet at the Courtenay Hotel.
From the sentiments expressed at the
banquet, it was quite evident that tlie
members of the Commission received a
most favourable impression of Courtenay and the Comox Valley.
Since the month of May, the Board
has been hammering away steadily on
the matter of the dredging of the
Courtenay River, which, needless to say
i.s the all-important proposition for
Courteuay. We are at last assured by
Mr. Clements that the work will he
started with an appropriation of about
twenty-live thousnad dollars.
Believing that all roads should lead
to Courtcnry as the centre of the District
the Board has obtaiecd the promise of a
direct road to Little River; in connection
with this matter the Hoard put itself on
record favouring any movement that
shall give Courtenay any better communication with all parts of the district. In
regard to the Utile River road, as well
as to repairing the Courtenay River
bridge, the Board has received the hearty
co-operation of the Road Superintendant.
Among the important matters that
have been brought up by the Board.
but concerning which definite results
have not yet been obtained are the appointing of a stipendiary magistrate for
Courtenay, the building af a Government Wharf at Walter Street, and the
acquisition of a part of the Indian Reserve for a city park.
The Board enrolled a total of thirtv-
four members during the year; two of
these Mr. W. S. McPhee and Mr. W. H.
Hatton were taken from us by death,
while Mr. Wilkie and Mr. Kidson hav
removed to distant parts.
It speaks well for the future of Courtenay that more than thirty of her citizens
give freely of their time and money in
order to promote the general welfare of
the community.
Bruce Towler, Sec.


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