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The Review Oct 23, 1913

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Array m
"List Your Property with
Island Realty Co.
We Can Sell It
Have You Money to iu��e��t,
See us; we Can Make Vou
Large Dividends
Island  Realty Co.
*99*************  *9******0****** **9*>*r*****9*9*t*t
VOL. 1
NO. 48
$100.00 CASH BUYS
10 Acre Block
Good Land, Easily Cleared,
Good Situation
2 Miles from Courtenay
Price $800, $100 Cash, balance
on easy terms
P. L. ANDERTON, Manager
Phone 22 Courtenay, B. C.
Courtenay House Furnishing Store
The Vacuum Cleaner is the greatest help you can
employ in keeping your house clean.   They
work easily and do the work thoroughly.
Come in and see one work.   Agents for
The Golden Rod Vacuum Cleaner
���!     We have a nice line of Go Carts and Baby Buggies
and Child's Cribs and Cradles
Just received a large shipment of Window Shades
in different sizes
Iron Beds, Spring, Mattresses, Couches and Chairs
to choose from
Courtenay House Furnishing Store
C. A. BROWN, Manager
Our "Depot Addition"
Lots are the Best Buys in Courtenay Today.   Only
a Few Months before the Railway will be Here
We have Lots fronting on the  Station Grounds.   Also on the  12 Acres
which the C. P. R. have cleared for Station Buildings
Lots from $300 to $500 Each
To give the Small Investor a  Chance we will sell  these Lots on easy
$50 Down and $15 Per Month
The Best Buy in Courtenay Today
Real Estate and Insurance
Wanted���Office or out door work.
Apply Box 3, Review office.
For Sale������ 3 milch cows and one
heifer, Apply A. Hogg. Sandwick
P. O.
Wanted at once��� hirst class so
licitor for our publications. The
Courtenay Review.
Store and warehouse to rent, opposite Courtenay hotel. Apply,
Will, Lewis, Courtenay.
For Sale���Thoroughly reliable
mare, cheap. Apply, Mrs. Sinims,
box 353, Cumberland.
For  Rent ��� 4.roomed  cottage,
partly   furnished,    Happy   Valley.
Apply, box 11, Review Office.
All the latest stvles in Fall and
Winter hats are on display lit Miss
Dency Smith's Millinery parlors.
Found adrift���At Point Holmes,
a lixteeil foot row boat. Apply
John Knight, Point Holmes,
When you want amateur photo
supplies go to the Courtenay Photo
Studio.    Local views for sale,
Found���Gold watch chain with
loclcet containing two pictures and
initials P, O. AppI), Review
Found���A eold watch and fob
owner can have same by proving
property and paying expenses. J.
Haunay, Constable, Courtenay.
For Sale���A number of thorough
bred white wyandotte cockere s
from good laying strain. $> each,
Apply Geo. Butchers, Comox P. ().
Steady married man wants situation in any capacity, farm work
preferred. Apply Box 15 Review
All aboard for Victoria���A r.
A, J. Marshall is going to motor to
Vicloria on Tuesday, any one wanting passage should make arrangements early.
For rent���Large room 24 x 50
above the uew butcher shop, will
be fitted to suit tenant. Apply
M. Parez, Courtenay.
Stove Wood���Delivered in Court-
nay at reasonable rates. Geo. F.
Russell, Lake Trail. Orders may
be left at the Review Office,
Certificated Nurse���Mrs Samuel
Carto who has been in the profession for 20 years is prepared to
attend patients at their own homes.
Charges reasonable. Apply second
cottage past school house. Little
River Road, Comox P. O.
Just arrived at Wizard's Harness Emporium: a fine line of horse
blankets, lap rugs, trunks and suit
cases at all prices. Harness repairing promptly and neatly done.
Wesley Willard, Cumberland and
For Rent���6 roomed house, good
water, orchard, chicken stable,
barn and 15 acres next to Little
River school house, best chance for
a start. Rent very reasonable.
Applv for particulars to the Postmaster at Comox.
Owing to termination of lease R.
U. Hurford will sell choice dairy
cows, high grrde Jerseye, in calf to
pedigree bull, will freshen about
January. Also 1-2 mow, about 20
tons hay, loose; I horse, 1400 lbs.;
2-year-old gelding; 1 filly colt;
some choice pigs, including good
breeding stock.
If you want any special pieces of
furniture made, kitchen cabinets,
cupboards, sideboards or pantry
work, store or office fixtures, counters or show cases, made to your
order, come in and give us an idea
of what you want or we have
sketches for you to select from,
picture framing and sign work
promptly done. Sutton's Cabinet
Boats For Sale
and Hire
< 1 �� 1 a��
Boats of Any Size
Built to Order
On Short  Notice
Courtenay   Marine
Construction Co.
Otis lioden is spending the week
in Vancouver.
Mr.s. Pankhurst has been refused
admission to United States,
Mr. A. J. Marshall leaves for
Victoria ou Tuesday next, he expects to be gone about a mouth,
Messrs. Lane and Fitchpatrlck
were in town this week Inspecting
the B. C. Telephone office here.
A barrister will be located per-
mantly iu Mr. Harry Beadnell's
office, about the first of November,
Horace McPhee returned on Friday last from a three months sojourn iu the mountains 011 the mainland, looking fine.
Mr. J, H. Forcelet, tlu barbe
has just put iu a steam aud shower
medicated bath, which will cure
nervousness, headaches, colds aud
rheumatism. Alcoholic and nicotine poisoning is also cleansed from
the system by these baths.
Robt. Grieves  was a  visitor
Vancouver over the holiday.
Mr. Mee the new manager of tha
telephone office has arrived iu
A handsome new verandah is
being built onto the local Telephone
G. C. Kidson expects to leave 011
Sunday afternoon for a trip to the
A new company is being formed
for the purpose of supplying Courtenay with electric light. List
week the promoters were around
seeing about how many users they
could secure.
A K. of P. meeting be will held
at 7-30 p. m. ou Friday evening
Oct. 24th in the K. of P. hall
Courtenay. All who have made
application for membership are requested to be on hand.
Local Agent for the Nanaimo & Esquimalt Railway
Lands, Comox District
Offices at
Courtenay - and - Comox, B. C.
Telephone 24
We specialize in Fruit, Vegetables
and Provisions
A large assortment of Biscuits, Candies, Cigars
and Tobaccos
Local Delivery
Telephone 40
Look at This
New cottage, shingled and lined inside, 1-2 acre cleared, 1-2
mile out, $800' 1-4 cash, 6, 12 and 18 months, 7 per cent.
40 acres, close to new road from Cumberland to Headquarters
$30 per acre, terms
25 acres, greater part best of black loam soil,   5 minutes from
Grantham, $85 per acre
4.5 acres, close to Mine 8, $750
Central lot in Courtenay, {250, 1-3 cash, 6 and 12 months
Real Estate and Auctioneers
Phone" 10 COURTENAY, B. C.
(Formerly ofjBeadnell & Callin)
Accountant and Auditor
Estate'andJInsurance Agent
Phone F91
But you don't flatter yourself you
art) going to turn out the Uovern-
Morrlarty was tbe Questioner,
oil, no! Thpy win have a majority
but not a big one; Biiiall small cuough
to Bhuke Hanley.
Mason had been reading tbo resolution to himself, in�� boat suggested,
Head It aloud. Tbe whole party listened attentively.
A negative disguised under the suggestion of arbitration, remarked Mason wben be had finished.
Arbitration never favons Kngland.
It will not come to that. If the majority Ib email, the Government will
accept tho verdict as ilnal, and will
yield their point.
Which foreigners will regard as a
victory over Great Britain.
It can't be helped.     Right Is right.
A few significant glances were exchanged. That Thompson-Halllday
did not love Hanley was tolerably well
known. This enthusiasm for the abstract probity of nations had not the
ring about it of strict sincerity.
Mason and Morrlarty walked to tbelr
club together. ���
Halliday seems pretty certain this
time, the former remarked when their
host's door closed behind them.
'['here's many a slip���especially In
politics���betwixt the cup and the lip.
In the suit Halliday versus Hanley, I
���mould be Inclined to back t'.ie defendant; but In this case the men in the
know seem on the side of the plaintiff.
That's so. The Pioneer too, which
bas always been on llanley's side, lias
been very quiet of late. Thai's a bad
i don't know so much about that.
Tbe man who did those articles Is out
of town; I had it from the editor
ttralght. He hinted a special mission,
but nothing definite. You know the
man I, mean? A smart chap, and
with some Intellect at the back of him
' I know. They say he's coming into
(.he House. By Jove, that's funny.
There he ls!
At that moment a hansom passed
the pair going slowly, owing to a temporary block. Murgatroyd was sitting in It, and leaning forward over
ihe closed lower doors, evidently an-
n-vyed at the dtlay.
k young man in a hurry, quoted the
A second later tlie hansom absolutely stopped, the block being complete. A quick step passed the pair
and a tall man in a thick, fur-trimmed
overcoat Btrodo to the side of the
horse, waving to the driver who was
Just about to proceed. Murgatroyd
looked Intensely surprised; then he
mi.de room for the stranger by bis
side. Both men uttered an exclamation when the new-comer faced them,
end the banBom drove on. It was
Sir Richard Hanley.
Jordan Makes Hie Bow
Jordan had the   politeness
White Blisters Spread All Over
Head. Scratched Until Mass of
Sores. Hard Crusts Left Raw
Flesh. Had to Cut Hair Away.
Healed by Cuticura Soap and
Ointment. Hair Growing Thicr*,
��� a	
HO Komalno St.; IMerboro; Ontario.���
"My llillo Bii-l'a head was In a terrible
unto. 11 marled with little white blisters,
which would break until It
spread all over hor head.
Tho burning nnd Itching
wore dreadful, especially
at night when she would
scratch It until It was one
mass of sores all over hor
bead nnd tho pillow would
, be covered with blood. She
could get no rest at all with
Ibe pain. She would beg of me to put
lomothlng on to cool the burning and
Irritation. Bard crusts would form on her
bead which whon she scratched It would
leave tho raw flesh underneath, and her
hair camo off with It or would bo in such
n dreadful state that I would bs obliged
to cut tho hair away.
"I tried sovcral remedies but none of
them seomed to do any good. I then cut
her hair quite close, washed It with Cuticura
Soap and bandaged it using Cuticura Ointment. It ls now quite healed without a
mark on the skin. Her hair Is growing nice
nnd thick again." (Signed) Mrs. M. Saunders, Feb. 13,1012.
Cuticura Soap and Outlcura Ointment are
cold by druggists nnd dealers everywhere.
A single set Is often sufficient. Liberal
sample of each mailed free, with 82-p. Skin
Book. Address post card Potter Drug Ss
Cliem. Corp., Dopt. 38D, Boston, U. S. A.
W. N. U. 965
I king; to perfection. He arrived at
Mr. Murray Mttrgatdoyd's rooms in
Henrietta Strict, Coven Garden
I punctually to a minute, at the time
appointed, on the following day. Murgatroyd instamly noticed a subtle
change In his visitor, lie was carefully droned In a black froclc-cdat
with pepper-and-salt waistcoat and
trousers���all obviously new. Jordan's
whole air betokened' the well-to-do
tradesman, Iioucki with the scales,
sans peur et tans reproohe. Murgatroyd, who whb enjoying liis morning
pipe -'tier breakfast, felt Inclined to
laugh outright,
Jordan made a profound bow on
entering, and Murgatroyd without rising, held oul his hand. Jordan accepted the proffered civil-:y. nnd then
sat down on the chair the journalist
Indicated with a wave of his band.
Yon bave not been made it church
\ aid en slnco we purled?
No, not exactly. .Ionian replied, accepting tho mild pleasantry ns if It
were cnrncit.
1 was completely successful last
night; although It. came near to being
an awkward business just for a few
Mr. Muller showed fight? 1 thought
he was a goodp'ueked 'un.
Yes! The sight of Inspector Murphy
from Scotland Yard quieted Mr, however, and In tlie end it wns all settled
as amicably bb the circumstance* permitted.
Jordan Indicated bis satisfaction,
Murgatroyd wint to a drawer in ills
writing-table, unlocked It, and took
out tho money he had promised Jordan, together with nn additional substantial present which was not in the
A gleam of tho old manner came
over Jordan when lie Baw the operation.
I don't call that exactly safe, sir,
a child might find its way in with a
Is anything safe?
Not much, sir, I am afraid. Jordan
had relapsed Into his new manner.
One would judge that depravity of all
kinds was alien to this simple unaffected nature.
Murgatroyd laughed out loud this
Well, your money ls safe at any
rate, and no doubt you will know how
to take care of It. Not that I often
keep anything of value here, he added,
not being too sure of immunity from
the propensity of his alley when their
present association was over.
Jordan received th money with
business-like alacrity, and was profuse
in his thanks for the added present.
Murgatroyd had made up h.s mind to
speak seriously to Jordan, about giving up the precarious living, which
could only have one ending if persevered In. He was forestalled, however; for Jordan had important news
to Impart.
Perhaps, sir, you are aware my
name Is not really Jordan? I took
the name in case of trouble. My folk
are some of them well up.
I thought it probable that you had
more namos than one, Murgatroyd
said balf-sarcastlcally, in the best
Pioneer manner.
Jordan   wincei.   Only   two,     sir,
a'help me.
What is your real one?
Alison James,   I   was   christened
nigh forty years ago.
You bear your years well.
Jordan took no notice of the Interruption.
Since I saw you last, .sir, circumstances have changed. 1 went to a
quiet club���not the one you found me
in_where I am known by my real
name. I found a letter for me there.
A cousin of mine is dead and.he has
left me a nice little malting business
down Winchester way, with a small
capital���a going concern, which has
been In tbe family over a hundred
Murgatroyd was really rejoiced to
hear it. For in spite of his past bad
habits, he had all alon.; recognized
that there was good in the quondam
I am Jolly glad! Than you will not
go back to the old life at all?
Jordan is dead and burled. I was
the only mourner at the funeral.
Then, with the greatest, solemnity in
the world, he handed to Murgatroyd
a card with the words inscribed upon
Malsters, lleyihorpe, near Winchester
Only tbo best materials used. All orders promptly attended to. Office
hours, etc,
I am Thomas Alison and Company,
said the ex-Jemmy Jordan with dignified simplicity.
Well, If you do the malting as well
as you do other things, aftev a pause
In search of an amiable ambiguity,
you are likely to make thing, brisk at
���what's the name of the place?
Heythorpe. I hope you will come
and see me, sir, if ever you are that
way. It is only two miles from Winchester, and has a station.
Murgatroyd promised. Alison stood
up to go.
I think, sir, by all I bear, you are
making a step up too?
In what way?
It is do secret, sir; all the- papers
are full of It���that you are to be member for Streatneld WeBt.
There's many a slip 'twixt the cup
and the lip. You mustn't believe all
you read in the papers.
Well sir, yon ought to know best
about that, seeing tbat yo.. write them,
Murgatroyd laughed.
Not the news���only the comment.
Well, I hope it's true anyway.     I
don't know where they will get a better member.
Thank you.       I   hope   Streatfleld
West thinkB as you do.
So tbey parted, with a hearty hand-
Ywwfll find relief hZaWBak'l
It eases the burning, clinging
pain, stops bleeding and brings
ease. Perseverance, with Zam-
Buk, means cure; Why not prove
this?  tiU Drutftstee^i etertse-
am 0uk
j fiUU BUnfJW 8
shake; Alison hul toning up ills money
witli a precaution which befitted boili
his late and his future callings,
(To  be  Continued)
Two llllle girls become Involved in
a Quarrel the other daw which culminated In physical violence. One of
the mothers took her little daughter lo
uisk very severely. Wishing to emphasize tlio enormity of her offence,
ibe moti.er said; It'u the devil who
l. lis you to do such naughty things.
The little girl replied, between sobs;
He may have told me lo pull her lint*-.
but 1 thought of kicking ber shins all
by myself.
Stnlo of Ohio,  mv  of  Toledo,    \
Lucas County ,'    ������
Frank .T. Cheney makes onth that ho ts
Fcnior partner of the Arm nf i<\ j.
Chen'- A Co,, doing business In tlio city
of Toledo, County and Btnlo aforesaid,
ni i thnt snld firm will lmv tlio Bum of
u.itt HUNDRED DOM,/ rt I r each and
every enso of catarrh. Hint cannot be
cured "hv Iho uso of Hall's catarrh Cure.
Sworn to before ine mid subscribed
In bis presence, this 6lh day of December. A.D., 1886.
tSeal.) A.  W.  QLBASON,
,, ,���    _ Notary  Public'
Hall a Catarrh Cure ts taken Internally,
ana acts directly on the blood and
mucous surfaces of tho system. Send
for  testimonials   free.
,   J". J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo. O.
���lold by all druggists,  76c.
lake Hall's Family rills for constlpa-
It was after Christmas and the little
maid of eight was sitting disconsolately by the nursery window.
Aren't you going to play with your
new doll? asked her mother, with a
side glance at the discarded present.
No, said the little girl.
Oh! but you wanted a nice dolly.
One that talked, didn't you?
No response.
And this one says, Ma-ma, Pa-pa.
The little maid's eyes flashed and
sparkled as she replied! I want a doll
that says: Votes for women.
Corns cannot exist when Holloway's
Corn Cure is applied to them, because
it goes to the root and kilU the
Robert Henri, the artist, was talking
at the annual exhibition of the Philadelphia Academy of Fine Arts about
certain old masters. Take for instance, he said, 'Morland.' The illustrious and indefatigable Morland painted In the course of forty years 4,000
pictures. And of these��� Mr. Henri
smiled his quiet and intelligent smile.
Of these, he continued, to less than
3,900 are extant.
World's Record Made at Great Bliley
European shooting authorities are
enthusiastic In their praise of the remarkable marksmanship of Major P.
VV, Hlchardson at the annual meet of
England's National Hide Association
at UlBley, England.
In ihe London Daily Telegraph's report of the competition, July 22, ihls
Ifltntion is made of Major Richard-
son't work:
"Major P. W. Richardson, the well-
known marksman, wbo captained tho
last. Briiisii shooting team that visited
Canada and Australia, bas created
what is believed lo be a world's record by scoring 311 consecutlvo bull's
eyes at 1,100 yards, They wero secured, it is true, In two competitions,
pais extra Bhots, but ns they were obtained absolutely without interval the
feat stands unparalleled. Improved
ammunition, It must not be forgotten,
1 layed its own part In the phenomenal Miooting witnessed last week In
the match-rifle competitions. Major
Richardson shot with Amerioan service ammunition, manufactured by the
Femlngton Arms Union-Metallic Cartridge Com] ci y."
A Genius In Mosaics
There reoen ly died at Ivry. a Bub-
urb of Paris, a remarkable old man
named J/ralssard, who. It it claimed,
could have been one of the world's
most famous sculptors, It he hnd so
desired, but who. Instead, lived In a
quiet, unpretentious way and finished
life as be began It, with very little
In lhe way ol this world's goods.
When a boy. Mr. Fraissard wiih apprenticed to a marble-cutter, says tbe
London News. For HO years he continued to execute iho most beautiful
works of art; mostly In mosaics, it
Is claimed that every piece of work
lie did was a masterpiece, and the two
rooms In which he lived contain a
wonderful colled ion ot beautiful objects. Ono is a black marble table
with chessboard in onyx, and some
cups, glasses and bottles. So delicate
is the workmanship that, the saucers
are transparent. Eight years were
occupied in the fashioning of this
piece of work".
M. Fralssard's masterpiece took him
nearly three times as long. It is a
black mnrble table. In the middle ls
a chessboard, on either side of which
are playing cari.-, arranged as fans.
On the table are dominoes and dice,
cigars and cigarettes and several
coins in gold and silver. All these
are, of course, inlaid. The materials
in the table besides the black marble,
are agate, onyx, porphry, malchite and
lapis lazuli, the tones of which are
black, red, orange, blue and white.
Ninety different kinds of marble were
also used.
In the old man's lodgings there are
dozens of mosaics, opal cupB, chandeliers and inkstands, inlaid In all sorts
of stones. Fifty years of overwork,
however, brought on a paralytic seizure, and for two years he had been
helpless. He would never part with
any of his works, no matter what price
was offered him.
Every ten cent packet will
kill more flies than $8.00 worth f
of any sticky fly killer. Refuse
substitutes,   which  arc  most
Mlnard's Liniment Curea  Diphtheria
A youthful Canadian, who Is possessed of the romantic idee of going
to sea, is meeting with much parental
The sailor never amounts to anything, lry boy, urged his prosaic lather. He works hard, has few holidays and never achieves great success.
That's wheie you're mistaken, exclaimed young .Canada, triumphantly.
Look at King George! He started
out as a sailor and now he's got to
be the head of the empire.
Taking Tonics, and Built up on Right
The mistake is frequently made of
trying to build up a worn-out nervous
system on so-called tonics���drugs.
New material from which to rebuild
wasted nerve cells, is what should be
supplied, and this can be obtained only
from proper food.
"Two years ago I found myself on
the verge of a complete nervous collapse, due to overwork and . tudy, and
to lllne; ; 1: the family," writes a
young mother.
"My friends became alarmed because I grew ,.ale nnd thin and could
not sleep nghts. I took various tonics prescribed by physicians, but their
effects wore off shortly after I stopped
taking them. My food did not seem
to nourish me and I gained no flesh
nor blood.
Reading of Grape Nuts, - determined
to stop ihe tonici and see what a
change of diet would do. I ate Grape-
Nuts four times a t'.ay with cream and
drank milk also, went to bed early
after eating a dish of Grape-Nuts before retiring.
"In about two weekt I was sleeping
soundly. In a short time gained 201bs.
in weight and felt like a different
woman. My little daughter whom I
was obliged to keep out of school last
spring on account of chronic catarrh,
has changed from a thin, pale nervous
child to a rosy, healthy girl and has
gone back to school this fall.
"Grape-Nuts and fresh air were the
only agents used to accomplish the
bappy results."
Name given by Canadian Postum
Co., Windsor, Ont. Read the little
booklet, "The Road to Wellville," In
pkgs.     "There's a Reason."
Ever read the above letter? A new
one appears from time to time. They
are genuine, true, and full nf human
Went Rloht to It
James Francis Dwyer, the Australian
novelist, tells the following story
about the Japanese. Dwyer began
as a reporter in Melbourne.
Japan sent a warship on invitation
to Australia, said he. We were to
unveil a monument in a park in the
interior of Melbourne. The Japanese
sailors were to grace the cccasion.
Not one of the Japanese had ever
been on shore there before. When
the morning of the unveiling came
Melbourne sent a mounted escort to
show the visitors the way to the park.
The escort wasn't needed. At the
head of the brown column marched
an officer with his nose on a map, pinned to a bit of board.
He never looked up, said Dwyer.
Now and then he'd give an order in
Japanese, and the column would wheel
to the left or right. Kind friends
would wave their hands at the mounted escort, marching proudly up the
wrong street, and tell them they had
lost the city's guests.
Two or three times that performance was repeated. Then the mounted escort gave it up in disgust. The
Japanese went to the park in the interior of the city straight as a pigeon
flies to a hole In the barn. Afterwards Dwyer and other reporters
measured the route and discovered
that the Japanese, guided only by
their war map, had taken the shortest route to their destination through
a strange city.
No mailer what biok we read, some
thing within uu lifts us above that
book; we must press on, No master
piece In any art Ib a measure of [Whal
Micro Im In any one of us. Ws art
forever ..sling the plOtUl'es Hint have
never been painted, Wo see statuei
llliquarrlod, yet In the marble of Par
oh. our ears listen for mmlo that
has never ��� cached human instruments
Our eyes vaguely mnlto out templet
that, hnve never been built. In lib
hands tin Ihe books that have ncvei
been written. It Is thus wllh lip man
spirit In Ibo arts. II cannot long fold
Its wings upon Its own masterpieces;
It. rests there awhile, the] must fly
on. Thus all achievement Is bnt c
small part of what man strives tc
achieve; and I bus the old ajwayfl
levvcB tlio young something to do.
Mlnard's Llnl.ient Cures Colds, Etc.
Reviving the Frozen
Professor Hakhmetleff, of Moscow
University, lias proved that animals
may bo frozen alive and then resus
oitated without the slightest harm.
Tho llrst experiments were made
with cold-blooded animals and Insects
Butterflies were enclosed in ai vessel
containing air at a temperature of miu
us 23 degrees centigrade. The bodj
fluid., immediately froze hard, all vita:
actions ceased, and in ordinary phr&s
eology, th.- butterflies were frozen tc
Professor Bnkhmetleff soon discov
ered, however, that by slow and care
ful warming they could be restored tc
life at any time before the body tem
perature had fallen below minus 10 de
grees centigrade. Further test:
showed that when the resuscitation,
process was begun at a body temper
ature of minus 4 1-2 degrees centigrade
recovery was quickest and most com
The next stage was the repetition
of the experiment on warm-bloodec
animals and en mammals. Two hundred tests in all were made and near
ly all succeeded. Bats were refrig
erated and kept dead for many weeks,
and then completely restored.
No child should be allowed tj- suffei
an hour from worms when prompt
relief can be got in a simple but
strong remedy���Mother Graves'.-Wor*
Angry Diner���Waiter, you are not
fit to serve a pig.
Walter���I un doing my best, air.
A young Phlladelphlan who had Oe
elded that his somewhat extravagant
spouse ought to keep an account of het
expenditures, came to her, o.;e day.
with a neat account book, prettil:
Now, Suzanne, he said, I want you
to put down on this side of the book
the money 1 give you for the house
hold expenses, and on th. other s
statement of how it goes. In aiooupk
of .veeks I'll give you another supply
of money.
Suzanne took the book and promisee
to follow instructions.
Two weeks later hubby called foi
the book.
Oh, I have kept it all right, Bald St
zanne.     Here it la.
On one page was written: Receive*
from Dick $100, and on the opposite
side was the comprehensive statement,
spent it all,
The admiration entertained, by i
Trenton boy for his uncle includes all
tho latter'B attributes and even jps
sessions which tho uncle himself Is m>i
wont to deem desirable.
Uncle, said the lad one day after ht
had ieen studying bis uncle in laughing conversation with Ills father, 1
don't care much for plain teeth like
mine. I wish I had some copper-tocc
ones like yours.
Success depends largely upon
Good Health JB
In yonr race for success don't loose sight of the fact that only
through good health can you attain success.
The tension yon must necessarily place npon yonr nerves, and the
sacrifice of proper exercise you have to make at times must be
balanced in some way.
Dr. Pierce's  Golden  Medical  Discovery
It the balancing power���a vitalizing power. ' It acts on
tlie stomach and organs of digestion and nutrition, thai
purifying the blood and giving strength to the nerves,
indirectly aiding the liver to perform Its very Important
work. Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Ditcotury haa been
successful for a generation as atonic and body builder.
Sold by medicine dealer* in liquid or tablet form-
trial box of "Tablets" nailed on receipt of 60 one*
cent stamps.
If in failing health write Dr. R. V. KerceV
faculty at Invalid*' Hotel. Buffalo, New York.
T>�� P***lt's Cmmm
6*a**t**M*tiA/M**r THE REVIEW. COURTENAY, tMS*
Wo unheutaUngly
recommend Magic Baking
Powder at being the best, purest
���nd most healthful baking pow-
der that it is possible to produce.
All ingredients aro plainly printed
on the label.
Free Iridlasi.s
in proportion io tho numher of in-
latiVtants there are very    nearly   as
many- piamss ami automobiles In tha
own.) ol the old ('.berokec nation lu
UTe present Biato of Oklahoma as there
vre luiuiise of Vei-inoni or Delaware.
rile only Civilians who are in tho old
"re.��, nomadic condition are about 200
Jemtuolea iu tho Florida everglades
vnd tile tiiif cypress morass. These
Indians am ae Independent or tin*
white Diamond almost as isolated from
Wtnj an- wero liuelr forefathers when
Bonce ile neon and De Soto landed
m lllcHi neighborhood, says the At-
antic, i'hoy aro neither citizens nor
tfards oi tha United Stales, nor do
they hold any relation to their old
ERSoelates who were transferred by
tlie government to the west side of
tha Mississippi two thirds of a century ago, and who became 0110 ol the
five civilized tribes ot the present
state of Oklahoma.
Suffered for  Years���Tried  all   Kinds
of Treatment���Surprised at Results
From Dr. Chase's Ointment.
You can soon tell when people are
enthusiastic about medical treatment
by the language they use.     After experimenting with all sorts    of   ointments in a vain effort to obtain relief
nnd cure, the writer ot this letter was
astonished at the quick and satisfactory results obtained by the use .of Dr.
Chase's Ointment.
"It worked like magic," she writes.
Endeetl, it is surprising the healing that
is often effected in a single night by
this great ointment. The stinging
und itching are relieved at once, and
cure is only a matter of time and patient treatment.
Mrs. Clethents, 13 Strange street,
Toronto, Out., writes: "I have suffered
irom eczema for years, and after using all kinds of ointments, at last tried
Dr. Chase's Ointment. It worked
like magic and proved a Godsend to
)ae. I would advise anyone suffering
irom eczema to try one box and be
convinced." 60 cents a box, all
jkealers, or Edmanson, Bates & Co.,
Limited, Toronto.
Even for Once
The man of whom wc were told
went into a downtown restaurant a
Uoon or so ago and ordered a substantial luncheon. Ho ate It growl-
fogly and when he had finished and
Received liis check he marched up to
jne caBhier's deBk and slapped dowu
1 fine-looking bank note.
It was a Confederate bill and the
rashier was not slow to detect It.
Bhe pushed it back t.j the customer.
This is no good, she said scornful-
Neither was the lunch, answered
the patron. Keep the change how-
liver.-'   And he went away.
An Oil That Is Famous.��� Though
Canada was not the birthplace of Dr.
Thomas' Eclectric Oil, It is tlie home
at that famous compound. From here
its good name was spread to Central
and South America, the West Indies,
Australia and New Zealand. That is
far afield enough to attest Its excellence! for in all these countries it ls
un sale aud iu demand.
Casting Shadows Before
South Sea   Islanders,   in   Captain
Cook's day,  believed thai when they
fed on un enemy his courage found Us
way Inlo their hearts, We may
Binlle at 0 notion so crude. Two
hundred years ago. ami more, South
American Indiana began relieving the
pangs of Indigestion by eating iho
stomachs of ostriches, We may imagine I'hi'in removing from those organs any rosldum ot nulls, or doorknobs, which might remain there. For
a long time Ihls rude remedy was
laughed at by Spaniards aud English
men. Today, throughout tho world
pepsin takes its piece among Jhe
trustworthy resources of pharmacy
and this pepsin ls prepared from the
stomachs, not of ostriches1, but of
swine���bravely competitive with os
trlches in feats of digestion.
Nutrition, which follows upon digestion, seems to depend upon lhe thyroid gland, conspicuous iu the human
throat as Adam's apple. When one
of the lower animals suffers the removal of Us thyroid gland, nutrition is
at once seriously disturbed. It the
poor brute under experiment has
pieces of fresh gland grafted beneath
Its skin, the derangement of nutrition
is forthwith checked. An extract
from such a gland serves just as well.
A singular fact ls that thyroid glands
in healthy and mature animals contain more iodine than does any other
tissue; and the activity of a gland as
a remedy is in proportion to tlie iodine
it contans. Why, nobody knows as
yet. But knowledge, though incomplete, may have great value as far as
it goes. In some parts of Europe, especially in Switzerland and Northern
Italy, the deformity known as cretinism, afflicts wide districts. This and
allied diseases of imperfect nutrition
aro accompanied by thyroid glands
cither withered or undeveloped. In
such cases welcome relief follows upon the administration of thyroid extract; its particles seem to fly to the
places where they find similar parti-,
cles, much as Iron filings speed to
the magnet swayed above them.
Other glands, In elaborate tests, are
proving to be equally helpful to physicians. Take, for example, those
borne immediately abov> the kidney.
They yield a preparation called adrenalin. This powerfully closes tlie
smaller blood-vessels, so that It arrests bleeding, which unchecked,
might threaten death. Its uses are
golden in many seveie surgical operations. Thus from a quarter unimag-
ined twenty years ago disease confronts a new foe, and health finds a
faithful defendei.
Mnard's Liniment Co., Limited.
Dear Sirs,���This fall I got thrown
on a fence and hurt my chest very
bad, so I could not work and it hurt
mo to breathe. I tried all kinds of
Liniments and they did me no good.
One bott'.e ot MINARD'S LINIMENT, warmed on flannels and applied on my breast, cured me completely.
C. H. COSSA1300M.
Rossway, Dlgby Co., N.S.
Sho���There seems to be a strange
ttfllnlty between a colored man and a
chicken.     1 wonder why?
He���Naturally enough. One Is de-
scended from Ham and the other from
No matter how soiled they arc.
Crease, Ink aud all other stains
cotiic off with Snap. Leaves the
bauds soft and white.   Antiseptic.
SIMP COMMNT, MUTED.    ���    Montreal.
Muffled Knocks
'Bobby, you mustn't put your sticky
fingers on Mrs. Kawier's nice dress;
It's the only silk dress she has.
No, Mr. Smyler, I haven't tlie slightest objection to your smoking In my
house; let me offer you a good cigar.
Old Scout, you always pitch a good
game of ball���except when I am betting ou you.
You live in Outsomehurst, do
you, Mr. Blubbins? Has that suburb
a respectable residence section?
You show good literary judgment,
Mr. Lee; you are always stealing my
Won't you let your little boy come
to our Sunday school. Mrs. Jordie?
It can't make him any worse, and it
may do him much good.
W. N. U. 965
Poisoning by canned goods will not
occur if care is exercised in their
selection. Never purchase cans with
two lumps of soldier as this shows
that the contents had worked and so
had to be boiled over and re-sealed.
If top of can bulges outward do not
take the can as the contents are fermenting, and if finger is pressed on
can and dent fails right back in place
as soon as the *ngc-r is removed, the
same ls true, as it Is gas which
quickly pushes the tin back in place.
If a can is bent or dented, one may
be assured that the contents are n
fine condition. Always empty the
contents of can as soon as possible.
Brigandage in Northern Manchuria
Commercial conditions in North
Manchuria during tho year 1912. have
been fur from satisfactory, says Mr.
Mr. A. E. Eastes, the British Acting
Consul at Harbin, In his report for
lft!2. Even ai this great distance from
tho centre* ot the Chinese revolution
which broke out in ihe autumn of
1911, he says, its effects have been
manifested In lessening the already
sulllclently vague and Shadowy authority exercised by Chinese officialdom over tlie population.
A direct Incentive was thus given
lo lawless acts of brigandage, and
large numbers swelled the ranks of
tho redoubtable lluiighiit/.u or red
beards who infested the countryside
and made a prosperous livelihood by
means of rapine and Iho holding for
ransom of personB and properly. Such
terror did these men exercise that carriers refused to face tlie risk of Ilie
road unless very highly paid, and the
prices commanded for Uie hire of their
services and vehicles rose in ono hundred and fifty per cenl. iu excess of
the nonilnul figure.
Tho natural result was that far
smaller quantities or cereals were obtainable tban bad been anticipated,
and the local prices rose to an almost
prohibitive scale���from $ts ttb $20
per ton; failures were not Infrequent,
and the more substantial merchants
were In many cases only able to load
the vessels chartered lo fulfil their
forward contracts al a serlnus loss.
Instead of Ilie anticipated large increase in the exports of soya beans
liming the year 1912, for iho haulage
of which the Chinese Eastern Railway
had made elaborate preparations, the
value of exports of tills commodity
was actually only some 77 per cent,
of the figures reached in 1911.
Prior to the end of 1912 the Chinese
look no steps to cope witli tlie state
of affairs; it is, however, satisfactory
to be able lo report that at. the time
of writing (April, 1913) efficient military measures ot repression have been
carried out, and dn the chief producing
centres within 100 miles radius of
Harbin order and safety to life and
properly have been restored.
And there is Nothing Better Than
Dr. Williams' Pink Pil's fir
Toning Up the Blood
It Is said that woman's work is
never done, and it is a fact that whether In society or in the home her life
Is filled with more cares and more
worries than falls to ths lot of man.
For this reason women are compelled
regretfully to watch the growing pallor
of their cheeks, the coming of wrinkles
and the thinness that becomes more
distressing every day. Every woman
knows that, ill health and worry is a
fatal enemy to beauty, and that good
health gives tlie plainest face an en
during attractiveness.
What women fail to realize ls the
fact that if lhe blood supply is kept
rich and pure, the day of the coming of wrinkles, and pallor, dull eyes
and sharp headaches is immeasurably
postponed. Dr. Williams' Pink Pills
are literally worth their weight in
gold to growing girls and women of
mature years. They fill the veins
with the rich, red blood that brings
brightness to Uie eye, the glow of
health to sallow cheeks, and charms
away the headaches and backache that
render the lives of so many women
constantly miserable.
Mrs. William Jones, Crow Lake,
Ont., says; "I feel that Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills saved my life. I was so
badly run down that I could hardly
drag myself around. I was so bloodless that I was as pale as a sheet, and
you could almost see through my
hands. In fact the doctor told me my
blood had all turned to water. I was
taking medicine constantly, but without benefit. My mother had so much
faith in Dr. Williams' Pink Pills, that
lie bought me two boxes and urged me
to take them. How 'hnnkful I am
that I followed her advice. Before
these were gone I began to feel better, and 1 continued using the Pills
until I had taken live moro boxes when
I was again enjoying the blessing of
perfect health, with a good color in my
face, a good appetite, aid I feel sure
a new lease of life. I will always,
you may be sure, be a warm friend
of Dr. Williams' Pink Pills."
If vou are weak or ailing begin to
cure yourself to-day with the rich red
blood'Dr. Williams' Pink Pills actually
make. If you do-not find the Pills at
your dealer's send 50 cents for a box
or $2.50 for six boxes to the Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville. Ont.,
and they will lie scut you by mail,
post paid.
Henry was very proud of the new
kittens,' and went for them to show
them to visitors. His mother heard
them coming along the hall, and alarmed at the noise of tlie procession, called out: Don't hurt the kittens, Henry.
No mother, came the reassuring answer, I am carrying them very carefully
'���   the stems.
'factory loaded shotgun shells
I It's not sentiment that makes the most successful shots
Winchester Factory Loaded Shells.   It's the results they give.   It's their entire reliability, cven-
I ness of pattern and uniform shooting. Winchester
"Leader" shells, loaded with smokeless powder,
Sure the best shells on the market.    Winchester
["Repeater" shells loaded with smokeless powder
I are cheap in price but not in quality.   Winchester
''New Rival" black powder shells are the favorite
I black powder load on the market on account of
I their snooting and reloading qualities. Try either of
I these shells and you'll be well pleased.  They are
���-in special convertible box.
���-good matches always ready at the bottom.
���-burnt sticks are dropped in the top.
--noiseless; heads do not glow.
.and absolutely non-poisonous.
EDDY'S Matches are
the only NON-
manufactured in
For safety's sake-mmEddy's
' 'Safeguard'' Matches- - ���
ONLY -.. should he in
evert) home.
Ontario Veterinary College
Temperance Street, Toronto
Affiliated with the University of Toronto and under the control
of the Department of Agriculture of Ontario.
N. B,"Calendar on application
E, A, A. GRANGE,  V. S, M. Sc,  Principal
A Pound makes More Cups
and the Flavour is Better"
Garter Knights
Tha elevation ot Earl Spencer to the
rank ot Garter Knight increases the
number of that august body to thirty
though it was formerly fixed at twenty-five. Its numbers were increased
to meet the growing demands of
George Ill's f.amlly. The origin of this
most noble puissant order is not definitely known. Two theories hold
the field. In the one romance predominates, the other is more prosaic. Giving romance pride of pli.ee, we hear
of a Countess of Salisbury and her
dropped garter, of Its replacement by
our chivalrous King Edward III., and
of his opposite remark to allay the I
jealous fears of his suspicious consort.
The more prosaic theory says that I
Richard and his knights made a vow I
to St. George and to aid their memories tied tightly beneath their left!
knee a leathern thonr. And It is
tills leathern thong which has become
the strip of blue Bilk with its diamond
border which kings number amongst!
their honors.
Why he Was Dejected
A well-known university professor
who has taken much interest in the
woman's suffrage movement, was persuaded to carry a banner in a parade
that was held in New York some
months ago.
His wife observed him marching
with a dejected air and carrying his
banner so that it hung limply on its
standard, and later she reproved him
for not making a better appearance.
Why didn't you march like somebody, and let people see your banner?
she said.
My dear, meekly replied the professor, did you see what was on the
banner? It read: Any man can vote-
Why can't 1?
Try Murine Eye Remedy
If you have Red, Weak, Watery Eyes
or Granulated Eyelids. Doesn't Smart
���Soothes Eye Pain. Druggist* Sell
Murine Eye Remedy, Liquid, 25c, 50c.
Murine Eye Salve in Aseptic Tubes,
25c,  50c.    Eye Books Free by Mail.
An tya Tanlc O*** far All lyaa that M**t Car*
Murine Eye Rsratdr Co., Chicma
The iioy Problem
The World's Work has been des-
erlbing what bas boon doue for the
boy b/ the Scouts, the Y.M.C.A., the
Salvation Army and other bodies. Always in scliooi and elsewhere where I
boys congregate, we are told, there,
are gangs. Usually these gangs are
a nuisance; very often they are a serious menace to the morals ot the
gang members and tu the peace ot
the neighborhood. For usually the
energy of the ganc: la directed
against law and order. But a new
time is coming, tor so many people
in the schools, in the Boy Scouts, and
in many other activities have grasped the fundamental tact that if these
gang activities are guided, most wonderful results can be achieved���results that will leave these boys far
better able to handle themselves 'honestly and effectively In the world
than were their pr decessors.���Edmonton Journal.
Miller's Worm Powders are no' surpassed by any other preparation as a
vermifuge or worm destroyer. Indeed,
there are few preparations that havo
the merit that it has to recommend ir.
Mothers, aware of its excellence. s::k
its aid al the first indication of th-?
presence of worms in their children,
knowing that it is a perfectly trustworthy medicine that will give immediate aud lasting relief.
Not Half Enough
Kitty���They say. you know, that
love makes the world go round.
Marie���Maybe; but if cannot make
the eligible young nietl go round.
Where Autos are Not
Prince Edward Island is not the
onlv place where the automobile is
under the ban. Mount Desert, Maine,
recently reaffirmed Its resolution that
no automobiles shall be allowed within the corporate limits. Mr. John
D. Rockefeller, Jr., one of the advocates ot this measure, said that he
took his family to Mtr.uit Desert to
get away from automobiles.
Appearances Deceptive
Aunt���I don't like to see you d.uig-
ling about with "mere boys all the
time. What do you find so entertaining In that smooth-faced young
Niece���Why. aunt, his face isn't so
smooth as it looks.
Dr. Morse's
Indian Root Pills
are mad? according to a formula in
usciicajly a centujVayjinjpng the
dians, M
Indians', irjd IflffiM ft|nrthcn'i by
Dr. Morse. Thouili repeated attempts have been made, by physicians and chemists, it has been found
impossible to improve the formula or
the pills. Dr. Morse's Indian Root
Pills are a household remedy throughout the world for Constipation and
all Kidney and Liver troubles. They
act promptly and effectively, and
Cleanse the System �����'���
The Royal Bank of Canada I Campbell's
Incorporated IS69
Capital Paid Up $11,560,000        Reserve and Undivided Profits $13,000,000
Payable in all parts of the world
Special attention given to Savings Department and Transactions of Ordinary Banking Business by mail
The Courtenay Review
And Comox Valley Advocate
A Weekly Newspaper,  Published at
Courteuay, H. C.
K. II. lionuN, Uditor and Proprietor
Subscription   '    ���   per Year in  Advance
Governor Sulzer of New York
has been found H"ilty of niisap-
propreation of Campaign funds by
the High Cotut before which his
case i', being tried. i
The grocers of the city of Moose
Jaw will grant no more credit to the
citizens after November 15. This
was the step decided upon at a \
meeting and made public. Protection against the money stringency
this year is the reason given for the
drastic   action,
The Earl of Clarendon' in an interview at Toronto, said the farmers of
the Western Prairies are money
mad. He believed that they are
wasting the land by draining the
soil of its fertility and was strongly
in favour of mixed farming being
introduced on a large scale in the
The Alberta Legislature passed
a resolution asking the provincial
authorities to get the aid of the federal department of agriculture in
ridding the province of tuberoulus
cattle. British Columbia is the
only province which so far has undertaken the task of keeping its
cattle free from this disease. Mail
aud Empire.
The manager of the Powell River
Paper Co., states that the new duty
to be collected on paper valued at
over s 1-2 cents per pound will not
affect his company as they sell it at
that price. If there is a paper buyer in B. C. who can buy at t' at
price we'd like to hear from him
We use a lot of Powell River paper
and the best we have been able to
obtain yet is 4 1-2 cents per pound.
There's a nigger in the bush somewhere.
An Eastern paper has discovered
that by means of the mixing privi-
ledge allowed at the elevators the
province farmers are cheated out of
enormous sums. By manipulation
at an elevator nearly 3 million bushels 110.2 northern was raised to no. 1
and about a quarter of a million
ptishelsof number three was also
raised. As the difference in price
is nearly 10 cents per. bus. the farmer at this one elevator are cheated
out of about $300,000 besides the
middleman's profit.
General Store
We Invite Vour Inspection of Our
Boots and Shoes
Dry Goods
Mens Department
! Sweater Coats
I We can fill every requirement in the best
' baud-knitted   sweater   eoats  Hint  it   is
possible tn obtain ami iu tlie must popular styles.   We have them in all shades
and combinations,   Prices $3.00 to $8.30
Mens Overcoats made from the finest
Imported tweeds uiul cheviots and made
in this seasons designs, A lnrne variety
nf colorings in .ill sizes. Values from
$8,00 to $33.00
We are now showing .1 large range in tlie
popular   Ctirrie   Raincoat,    Ni>    finer
material displayed  in Waterproofs anywhere,   Price $8.50 In ��25.00
New Ooods Coming in on livery Boat
Prices as Low .-is the Lowest
Chas. H. Pigott
Institution of the Knights of
The new three-way road scraper
was tried out on the Comox road
last week, with  graifyiug success.
Tsolum Lodge Mo. ,52 K, of P.
was instituted 011 Friday evening
Oct. 17th, by Deputy Grand Chan-
celler Chappie of Victoria, the
affair was a great success and too
much cannot be said for the organizers. The ceremonies commenced
at 8.30 p.m. and were kept up tin-
till 7 o'clock Saturday morning.
The banquet at the Riverside Hotel
was one of the most brilliant affairs
ever held iu Courtenay, the ctisine
consisted of the very best that the
market could produce, which was
enjoyed by all present, The dining room being handsomely deco-
lated for the occasion. The toasts
were numerous and some eloquent
replies were made. Mine Host
Fechner was the recipient of frequent laudations for tlie pairs he
had taken in the decoration and the
bouuteousness of the lepast.
The officers elected were: O. V.
Sibly C. C; E. Linden V. C.; Rev.
T. Meuzies P.; T. D. Hind M. W ;
J. Barnett M. F.; A. W. H. Shep-
yard M. E.; VV. Robertson K, of
R. S; W. B. Dawley M.A; Harvey
Hodgkiusou O, G; S. M. Hobbs I.
G. Past Chancellors, T. D. Hind,
Jeff. Hannay, Wallace F. McPhee,
Dr. Crompton.
 ��� ���  >���      .
The meetings of the Debating
Society are becoming more interesting each week. The'debate last
Monday night was spirited and
sonic excellent points were made.
Next Monday evening will be
Author's night' when the members
will read selections from their
favourite authors.
We bave just added to our stoek another
shipment of mens sults-you would do
well to inspect these; also our fall and
winter samples in made-to-measure clothing, of which we have a bigger ami
better range than usual. We give satisfaction iu every detail. Prices $20.0(1
to $37,50
Our mens khaki, black drill, blue flannel
anil flannelete shirts are of exceptional
merit  anil   will   wear.     Prices  tanging
from 51.25 to $4.00
We have  a complete stock in   Curdroy
pants, also MacKinan coats, shirts and
pants, oil clothing, gum boots, all rubber
goods, etc:, etc.
New Townsite-No. 8 Mine
This consists of Eighty Acres, half of quarter section 22S, the
Canadian Colliery owning the other half on which the main
shaft and sawmills are situate, so that it is well situated, being close to business operations ond absolutely inside property
Price of Lots $150 and upwards, on easy terms
Telephone 36
Courtenay, B. C.
Ladies Department
Womens, Misses and Childrens Cloth Coats
We are showing tin's season an assortment superior to ally season previous for
Quality and Style. Our stock comprises
nil the prevailing styles for Fall and
Winter in brown, tans, blues, grays and
blacks. These coats are made in a large
variety of cloths and colour combinations
such as moss cloth iu solid and two tone
effects, two tone diagnols, curl cloths,
zireline, tweeds and mixtures, in lengths
of 48, 50 aud 52 inches, in straight and
cutawav styles. Prices ranging from
$8.50 to $25.00
We are showing this week a complete
range of fall dress goods in all the
fashionable shades in plain and novelty
weaves, comprising serges, poplins,
ratiens, satin cloths, tweeds, plaids,
ladies cloth, pauamas, voiles anil crepes.
A complete range of Watsons underwear
that will wear and will not shrink, in
ladies, misses nnd childrens. Special
lines in ladies fine wool combination
suits and childrens wool knit black
British Columbialnvestments, Ltd.
Full Line of Infants Wear
Comprising, Infants long nnd short
dresses, pinafores, barra coats in flannel
and flannelette. Shirts, bands, nightgowns, socks und bootees. Drawers and
water proof dress protectors. Wool,and
silk hoods. White wool knit overalls
and leggins.    Wool veils.
Indies,   misses   nnd  childrens Maltese
Cross brand rubbers,   in black and tan,
in shapes and sizes to fit any shoe
For Fall Wear
Mens and Youths Heavy, Medium
and Light Woollen Underwear,
Woollen and Cashmere Sox, Dress
and Working Trousers, Light and
Heavy Raincoats, Winter Shirts, Etc.
Sole agents for Up-To-Date Tailored Suits, tailored
and guaranteed by the
FEED!        FEED !        FEED !
A large stock of shorts, bran, crushed oats, hay and poultry'
feed for sale at exceptionally low prices
Phone 32
This Week's Arrivals���Boots and Shoes, Preserving
Kettles, Apricots and Peaches
First Class Quality   1 The
Prompt Delivery PARKIN
S/M for Cash        ' Way
Corner Store, Sandwick
Parkin Bros., Props.
We are Now Running Full Time and are Able to
Supply Rough and Dressed Lumber
at Short Notice
Our Timber It All First Class
Grantham Sawmill Co.
Acadia Trust Co.
Acts as Trustees, Administrates of Estates, General
Financial Agents, Real Estate, Mortgages,
Loans, Insurance, Etc.
4 % Paid on Deposits
Property owners of the Comox Valley are specially
invited to list their real estate with this Company . It*
We beg to announce that we have just teceived one of
the finest lines of Undertaking and Embalming Supplies
ever shown  in Bl C.,   < onsistlng of  Caskets, Coffins,
Burial Robes, Etc., Etc.
We are graduates in Anatomy, Sanitary Science, and the
Science of Embalming, and are prepared to do  Embalming for Export or Domestic  Burial, in the most scientific
manner. Calls answered day or night
Respectfully submitted,
The Furniture & Undertaking Co.
mzxOiisMtmtm AmBXat^rr-ouiawEEBi.
If You get it at PLIMLEY'S It's All Right
Take Advantage of the Open Country
It's at your door when you ride
Anybody who has ever ridden a bicycle can master the Indian ii live
minutes. You need no mechanical knowledge or skill. You need only
to become fnuiilnr with tlie control devices, and in tlie Indian they are
very simple. A twist of tlie wrist applies and releases the power, and
absolute control is assured at all times.
The leading  feature  of tlie   1913 models is  the Cradle  Spring Frame.
There are several models ranging in price from $290
Thos. Plimley
739 Yates St. Victoria, B. C.
��������� ^Builder & Contractor
Bungalow Specialist
L jPlans and Estimates Free
Box 124      Courtenay
R. Athey
Contractor and Builder
_ <	
Plans and Estimates Supplied
on Short Notice
Express and Cokely & Ferris
Dray Stables
Riverside Hotel
Bar Supplied with the Best Wines
Liquors and Cigars
Travellers Always Made Welcome
O. H. FECHNER, Prop.
C. W.  Shannon
Estimates Furnished Free of ChargeJ!
Shannon Block,     Courtenay
Dominion and B. C.
Land Surveyors
Stage meets all Boats
Telephone 29
Day or Night
Oscar W. Davis
Comox, B. C.
Beit Meala North of Naniamo
Choicest Liquors and Cigars
C. A. Martin, Prop.
Plastering Contractor
Cement Work a Specialty
Sub-division Work
a Specialty
Courtenay -  B. C.
Palace Livepy
& Feed Stable
Two girls were conversing the
other day, and one was heard to
observe to her companion: "Mother
is H'-ttinj; so queer; there's no
pleasing her." That's the lament
of many a young j;irl to-dav, but
let ns hope ii does not emanate from
the sensible ones. Ofcourse, mother
is getting queer in the estimation
of the modem product called girlhood���she would not be a sensible
old mother if she didn't feel queer-
and horrified���occasionally. What
with the actions nnd habits and
modes of dress and different ideas
that the girls of to-day ape and aim
at the wonder is that the well-
brought up mothers don't occasionally get something worse than
"queer." And ii there was nothing
of this to cause mother to be queer
she would still have some justification for feeling as slit often does.
No mother who has raised a family
can jj;et over a certain age without
feeling that w.iy many times.
There are physical reasons for it,
and there are also many mental
ones. She sees her loved ones
leaving her and going sometimes
far away, whether with those she
approves or disapproves only marks
the degree of the queer feeling inseparable from such disruptions of
the home life. Mother by that
time has sacrificed enough of herself to feel worn out���pains, heartaches and the bitterness often of
feeling neglected and unappreciated
have made her wish for rest many
a time. The girl who thinks her
mother "queer" is, no doubt, one
of the chief hear,aches of the
mother���her waywardness, indifference, and total lack of sympathy
have added many a pang to the
mother's aching heart. Then, it
is uot always the mother who is
queer. Very, very often it is the
daughter, who has imbibed the
queer notions of the age aud hasn't
got the sense to realize that, though
mother may bt old-fashioned, aud
her views and actions not those of
the present day, they are still the
views and actions of a dear old soul,
aud of a period that produced the
best of men and women. The
queerness some girls discover in
their mothers is often the distorted
views of a precocioua sex that seeks
to recognize no authority, no law,
and no morals, except its own
dangerous and perverted ones. So,
my young friend, when you come
to speak of your mother as queer,
revert the looking glass and take a
look at yourself. Perhaps a dispassionate, sensible glance will reveal where the chief fault lies.
There is a report going around in
the Old Land that Prince Alexander of Tech, brother of Queen
Mary, will be Canada's next governor general.
Comox, B. C,
Kirst-class   Accommodation.   Best
Quality Wines Liquors and Cigars
R.   McCuish, Prop.
First Class Plumbing
Hot Waler and Stcamfitting
Jackson & Whittle
Phone 9 Courtenay
go with the bunch to , Cumberland Hotel
r Otter S  I 001 i\O0m Goo,\ Accomodation     Cu&lne Uxcellen
J. POTTER, Proprietor
J.   E.   ASTON
Basement Willard Block
loggers Roots nnd Shoes Made
Repairing Neatly anil  Promptly   Doue
Wm. Merryfield
Estate of Walter S. McPhee, Deceased
All persons having claims against the
above estate are requested to furnish
particulars thereof, and all persons Indebted thereto are requested to pay the
amount of such claims to tlie undersigned at once.
C. 0. CAJ.MN
Agenfor Kiecutrix.
Union St., Courtenny,
July 24, 1913.
In the Matter of the Estate of
Andrew Byron Crawford, Deceased.
Notice is hereby given that all debts
due the above mentioned Estate must be
paid forthwith. Payment of such dehts
must be made at tlie office of the Acadia
Trust Company Limited at Courteuay
li. C.
Kxecutors and trustees of above-mentioned estate.
Executrix and trustee of tlie above-mentioned estate.
May 14, 1913.
Waverley Hotel
Cumberland, B. C.
Best  of  Liquors  and  Cigars,   Hot  and
Cold Water, Baths, ��tc.
FRANK DALLAS, Proprietor
"Mac's" Billiard
and Pool Room
Basement McPhee Mock
Cigars, Tobacco, Soft Drinks
. and Candy
I have on hand about 13 suits of
mens clothes, sizes 36 to 40 which
will be offered at $16, $18 ond $20
per suit, and prices of pants $4.50
$5, $6 and $7 per pair These are
all 35 per cent, less than regular
T. D. Hinds
Board of Trade Building
Union St. Courtenay
Heating and
Electric Wiring
Allan & Drinkwater
Next to Royal Bank
Ed. Wilson
Carpenter and Builder
��� Moving Buildings a Specialty
COURTENAY     -     B. C.
Sibley & Pollock
Contractors & Builders
Manufacturers of
High-Grade Havana Cigars. "Monarch"
and "Oak Brand"
For Sale at All Hotels
619 Johnson St.        Victoria
5 Passenger Stoddart-Dayto'i
Motor Car For
A. J. MARSH VLL, Owner au I Delve?
Phone  36
Union St.     Courtenay
Jos. Barrie
Cleaning, Pressing, Repairing and
Shoe Shining done by the
Courtenay Cleaners
W. L. SCOTT, Prop.
Next door to the Butcher Shop
Dealer in
Choice Fruits,
Soft Drinks
Dunsmuir Ave., Cumberland
The Courtenay Hotel
Every Convenience for Guests
The Central Hotel for Sportsmen
None bit the BESJ WINES an
LIQUORS at the Bar
Ie Star
Livery Stable
Livery and team work promptly attended to.   All kinds of
hauling done \
First-Class Buggies for Hire
Alex. Maxwell, Prop,
Artistic Bungalows a Specialty
Masonry and Brickwear of every description.       Plans furniseed
Estimates Free
All Work Guaeanteed
B. C.
Herses and Buggies for Hire at
Reasonable Rates
We also attend to wood hauling
Subscribe for The Review
' Proprietors
Courtensy Phone 35
R. N.  Fitzgerald
Contractor and Builder
Plans  and   Estimates Furnished,
First   Class   Workmanship and
Materials Guaranteed
Established Resident of Courtenay
We have now on display the finest assortment of Rifles and
Shotguns in the Comox Valley, (including all of the best ard
popular makes, and at the lowest pricesj  Come tn and inspect
our stock
Single Barrell Shotguns from $7.50 up
Double Barrell Shotguns from $14.00 up
Marlin; Stevens, Savage and Winchester Rifles.   Cartridges
in all the popular calibers
. Mai
High Glass Job Printing
The Review Office
OUR type and machinery equipment is
complete.    We make a specialty of
good work���the kind you are proud of
and like to tell your friends about
Classy letterheads, cards, folders, etc.,
as well as the larger work���we are
there, gentlemen, and you will never
quit us if we get one chance at your
Direct from the FTeney Manufacturing Co.,''"( Montreal, a car load of
Buggies, Democrats  and
Express Waggons
Also a Quantity of Extra
Wheels, Shafts and Buggy Poles
AU Riga Guaranteed and Suld nt the Lowest Possible Price
Geo. Leighton
Blacksmith and Carriage Builder
COURTENAY   -   ���   B. C.
Stoddart, the Jeweler
Is now located where he gets the most business
You all know where?
The future business center of the
Comox District
New Courtenay post cards, finest
selection by first class photographer
at Peacey's.
The teamsters between jCoruox
and Courtenay have applied to the
Government to remove the auto
ruts opposite Grant's house.
The Comox young men had
better wake up or they will be left
behind; Phil is on steady now and
we all wish him good luck in his
Mr. Albert Beckensell has resigned his position with Mr. A. B.
Ball and intends taking auoliter
position as night watchman with
Mr, Hornal.
Sandy Tom says the hunting is
good around the Nob Hill School
House. i
Miss C. Fraser who has been the
guest of Mrs. Holmes for the last
week, returned on Saturday with
Mr. Vogel.
Confidence is what makes gullible persons buy worthless stocks
and baldheaded men buy hair restorers.
Won Two Medals
Victoria, Oct. 1 7-���The award off
two gold medals to this province at
the Canadian Laud and Apple
Show, now in progress at Winnipeg, which was announced
in a telegram received yesterday by
Hon. Price Ellison, minister of agriculture, has again given tangible
proof that, in open competition,
British Columbia has no rival in
her apple orchards or iu her natural
I believe that the success at this
prominent show is one of the most
signal victories ever obtained by this
department," said Mr. W. E, Scott,
deputy minister of agriculture.
"It will not only improve our trade
in the Northwest, but it will show
that our apples and natural resources are unrivalled."
The two gold medals were awarded for the best collection of apples
and for the best display of natural
Feed and Livery
���     Stable
^ Heavy Teaming Promptly Attended to
!      R. MacQUILLAN, Prop.
Phone 7
Union St. Courtenay
Extra fine Peppermints, 25c per lb.
Courtenay Drug Store
Close at 1 p. m on Thursdays
What about those Xmas Cards?
Drop in at The Review and see
samples.    ���
Saturday was pay day at the local
mines with $110.000 of a pay roll.
The output for the week ending
Friday Oct. 17th, totals 11,905
tons. 9
During the last week fifteen
families have arrived from England
to take up tlieir abode at Cumberland and Bevan.
Samuel Rogers of Campbell
Rivar, who attempted to commit
suicide, came up tor hearing on
Tuesday before j. Maitland Dou-
gall' S. M., and was committed to
stand his trial at Nanaimo.
Mrs. Thos. E. Banks left on
Saturday evening's train for Victoria and Sound cities.
Most of a man's illusions come
out with his hair.
The keel of Sir Thomas Lipton's
new challenger has been laid. giie
will be both beautiful and speedy,
and great hopes of lifting the cup
are entertained for her.
A movement is on foot to prohibit in Canada the showing of moving picture films in which the American flag is too prominently dfs-
played. .<. ....
It  is   worth   the  time  of   any   man   who   is   in
the   market   for   lumber   to  see   us,   whether   his
order is  large  or small
We  have in  Stock:
Also some special grades and prices which will
surprise you
A  Liberal  Discount to  Cash  Buyers
Knowles - Smith Lumber Co., Ltd.
COURTENAY      -      B. C.
******���**��� ��� ��� ��� ~ ������ - -,- - ��� nnjui. m
SIR EDMUND WALKER, C.V.O. LL.D., D.C.I.., President
General Manager AaaUtant General Manager
CAPITAL, $15,000,000 REST, $12,500,000
Accounts may be opened at every branch of The Canadian
Bank of Commerce to be operated by mail, and will receive the
same careful attention as is given to all other departments of the
Bank's business. Money may be deposited or withdrawn in this
way as satisfactorily as by a personal visit to the Bank.        B4
W. T. WHITE, Manager, Courtenay, Comox and Cumberland Bra I e
Comox branch open on Tuesday, from 10 to 3
Comox Co-Operative Society
Union Street
Dealers in
All kinds of Meats,
I lam, Paeon, Cooked
Meats, Fruits, Vegetables an Chicken to
order. The prices
are always right
Masquerade Ball
On Tuesday evening Happy
Kidson's masquerade ball was a
decided success. A large crowd
came down from Cumberland, Bevan, Union Bay, and other places,
besides a large crowd of spectators.
The masqueraders were many and
fc'le co ;tumes were varied and o ig'-
na' -from tramps to tlie most fasti
dious appearing ladies and gentle
men. The following are the prize
Waltz, ist VV. Urquhart and Mrs.
R. Good, 2nd W. Quiuu and Mrs.
S. Robinson.
Two-step, M. De Cour and Airs
J. Potter.
Three-step, P. Shearer and Mrs.
Best dres-ied getit. G. Ardley.
Best dressed lady, Hilda Davis.
Flow-'r girl, Miss McCollister.
National Costume' P. Shearer.
Best sustained character, Celia
Original character, F. A. Lim-
Best Hobo, John Leljeberg,
Best clqwn, T Treloar.
Cowboy, C. McCormick.
Cowgirl, Miss Cunliffe.
Indian girl, Mrs. B. Brown.
Advertising character,  Mrs.
Kxtra, C. Renuison.
Courtenay Brass Band
Our Bandmaster X r. Blight has
been in communication with Vancouver, Victoria and Toronto asking
the price of Instruments, the eastern city Toronto certainly means to
get the business if there is half a
chance of doing so. A firm there
writes that they are sending on 12
days trial eight instruments the
best bargain which ever left their
store and they are certain the
Bandmaster will be pleased with
the goods. Hurry up boys-- Mr.
Blight is now looking for eight
bright intelligent Courtenay young
men, permanent residents prefer
red, between 16 and 20 years of
age to take charge of oue of the.s e
instruments free of charge.
It is likely that the clause in
the Panama Canal Act granting free
tolls to American vesssls will be
suspended until the canal is on a
paying basis.
and are now doing business in our
new premises, next door to the new
butcher shop, and having a much
larger store we are carrying a larger
stock generally. Our first shipment
of new Dry Goods is here and ready
for your inspection
Remember we always carry a full
line of Choicest Groceries and our
prices are right
Phone 6 Courtenay
There'll Come a
SOME of these evenings you'll
want to look
"just right," and you know
as well as we do,
that there's nothing like
a well-tailored blue or black
serge suit.
They're right at night.
The proper caper always!
Let us take your measure for
a Hobberlin-made, all
wool serge.
The kind that wont fade,
or get rusty.
To-day is the day to
Sole Agents for Hobberlin Tailoring
Jeweler, Courtenay
lias engaged Chas. Sininis
latsly with O. B. Allan,
Vancouver, and 20 years
Old Country experience
Mend that Watch
of Yours
We have just opened up our
Fall Goods, including Shoes,
high and short legged Gum
Boots, Rubbers, Hats and
Sweaters, all the latest styles
and regular town prices
Give us a trial for your grocery order. Phone R88 and
have your  order  delivered
right awayj
 r ��� ��
5 per cent, discount for cash
 1 ���       .
i^j    Proprietor^
Advertise iu The Review.
The Undersigned hereby give notiee that
the instate of Andrew Hyron Crawford
will not be responsible for nor pay any
debts or other obligations contracted by
any person without the written order of
the undersigned.
Bhrtiia Grace Crawford.
Acadia Trust Co., I/rn.
Executrix and executors  respectively of
the Estate of Andrew liyron Crawford,
June 3rd, 1913
DR.   MORRISON,   Dentist
Dr. Morrison is a graduate both of the
Chicago and Detroit Dental Colleges.
Having a central office in Cowtenaj he
will visit surrounding towns at regular
The   Comox  Barber   Shop
Oldest Shop in Courtenay
Nothing   But   First   Class   Work
Guaranteed.    Hnths in connection
C. E-  DALRV.MPLE,  Prop.
Summer Drinks
rioving Pictures
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday
and Saturday
By a new up-to-date electric plant
COURTENAY OPERA HOUSE _ >      O      1    D
An Entire Change of Programme ] SW&Il S   I 001   KOOITl
Twice weekly '
H. F. WHITTLE, Proprietor    ! E. SWAN, Prop.
************************************ ****************
gThe most Home-like Hotel North of Victoria
Rates Reasonable
Telephone 3-5 COURTENAY, B. C.
9 i
****************************************************i rtHE .REVIEW. COURTENAY, B.C.
The Wretchedness
of Constipation
Can quickly be overcome by
Purely vjgstilw
act ��ii[?ly i\ud
K?.itly ou tKo
livrr. Cure
Hill >.ui*M,
neta, and lnJigcttion,    They do tlirii duly.
Small Pill, Small Doac, Small Price.
Genuine mint beer Signature
The Soul of a   Piano  is the
Action.   Insist on the
Piano Action
Mrs. WiNSLQW'fi KoQT,uinn Byrup has been
. tuecl fur over slxi'y VKAttsliy mu,i,ion&v(
WOTHRRH lor tlieir rilUCORfiN WlNl;*
SUO'l'HKS lire CHILD, 60RSBNB the OUM8.
U the best remedy lor DIARKHUtA. It ls absolutely hannless. He sure and ask for " Mrfl.
winelow's Soothing Syrup," nnd lake fio other
kind.  Twenty-five cents u bottle.
WANTED at once
Persons to work for us
In spare time nt home. No experience
required with our NEW ART COLORING PROCESS Enuy and fascinating
work. Good pay. No canvassing. Write
for Instructions (Tree).
315 College Street. Toronto, Canada.
ru.KS. BIT 11 Bit KO. IMlUGGlSlSorMAiLSl. POST 4 CT8
TOItON io. white i-OR FftEG book to Dr. Le CLERO
\        rndgtsW  ^S
Suppose one of your horses
dropped down Willi Colic ?
What would you do? What
could a Veterinary do after
you eot him? Colic often
kills in an hour���30 minutes
delay means a valuable
horse lost.
The thing1 to do h to have a
botllc of
Colic Cure
Cures in ten minutes Spasmodic Colic, tiao Colic.
Kidney Colic, Bloat, Acute I mi iff rut ion, Grain
Founder. It neutralizes the acids in the
stomach���expels gasex from the intestines���
instantly reduces bloating;���stops the spasms of
pain���and renders the stomach and bowels clean
and antiseptic.
Absolutely guaranteed to cure every case of
Colic or money refunded.
Sold by Dealers Everywhere.
60c- and $1.00 per bottle.
Clothes Wagon
I removed tlio basket from an old
baby buggy and nailed several boards
or slats across the i-ame, writes a
contributor to Good Housekeeping.
On wash dnys I put. my clothes basket, en the buggy and wheel it along
as I hang up the clothes or take them
down. I can hang up clothes la
about bait tlie time it used to take
me, and do not have to bend over the
Cheap Talk
That Mrs. Niiybor dropped In this
afternoon and got oft a lot of cheap
Cheap talk?
Yes, sho used our telephone for a
full half-hour.
k PILLS   ;
SOc. a box or six boxes for $2.50,
at all dealers, or The Dodds Medicine Comppr.y, Llrr.lted, Toronto,
An Aerolite Fires a Village and Wipes
It Out of Existence
The r.cent terrific storms which
swept over Spain has yielded a largo
crop of weird stories. Here Is one
whirl, has just been received.
The village of Alcocer, near Valencia, has been practically wiped out
ami the surrounding country ravaged
by an aerolite of great sl/.o.
Shortly after noon there 'dropped
from a cloudless sky a great ball of
lire. A deafening series of detonations like a thousand riflo bIioIs resounded through the atmosphere, and
scattering tongues Of Homo In all directions, the heavy mass buried itself
In Iho earth.
The surrounding country was set.
ou fire, and within an hour nothing
but blackened masses of smouldering
cinders remainou of farmhouses, hay-
lulls and gi-.thered crops of hay, wheat
anil ollv, s.
The whole population of Alcocer wns
n't lhe moment attending a requiem
service In the church, somo two tulles
distant. But for that circumstance
the loss of life would have been terrible. As It was live persons were
seriously burnt, one of them succumbing to his injuries the satn.. evening.
Al  tho moment the aerolite fell at
Alcocer a terrific thunderstorm, which
was accompanied hy a rain of stones,
somo tho size of i ranges ami weighing
ti arly two pounds, burst over the
neighboring villages i Benavltes and
The ground was covered In places
to a depth of five Inches by these
stones. A pungent odor of sulphur
pervaded the locality for hours after
the phenomenon.
Relieves Asthma at Little Expense.
Thousands of dollars have been vainly
spent upon remedies for asthma and
seldom, if ever, with any relief. Dr.
,T. IJ. Kellogg's Asthma Remedy, despite its assurance ot benefit, costs so
little that it ls within reach of all. It
is the national remedy for asthma, far
removed from Hie class of doubtful
aid experimental preparations. Your
dealer can supply it.
Maxims for the Married
Never both be angry at the same
Never taunt with past error.
Never allow a request to be repeated.
Never meet without a loving welcome.
Let self-denial be the daily practice
of each.
Neglect everyone else, even the
whole world, rather than each other.
Never let the sun go down upon thy
Never speak loudly to each other,
unless the house is on nre.
Never make a remark at the other's
expense���it is a meanness.
Never fii3s over what might have
been, hut mako the most ot what is.
Never part for the day without a
loving or gentle word to think of during absence.
Never mind fault unless it is perfectly certain a fault has teen committed,
and always speak lovingly.
Mlnard's  Liniment  Cures  Garget  In
Women Succeed as Bankers
The possibilities of banking as a
career for women have been demonstrated by Farrow's Bank for Women,
which was inaugurated a couple of
years ago in London, England, and
which, managed entirely by women,
proved so successful that 't was recently moved to new and enlarged
The bank's success, In the opinion
of Mrs. Kate Kelly, the manageress, is
largely due to the hearty support il
has received from women.
In an interview she said: The eagerness with which women of all classes
aud from all parts ot the empire, took
up tha idea of an institution devoted
entirely to tlieir needs was in itself a
proof that Farrow's novel departure
was fulfilling a long-felt want.
Our bank gives women the privilege
of consulting one of their own sex
over their business affairs.
The business transacted here Is
precisely the same as that transacted
by any other Joint stock bank, and
the fact that all our staff consists ot
women is good evidence that one sex
ls not more gifted than the other In
accuracy and a head for figures.
A feature of our establishment hero
is a rendezvous room for our clients,
where they can meet their friends and
write letters.
At a railway s'allon In a small town
a solitary travelu'.* was waiting for the
day's only train. Vraln time came
and went, but no trafh. He went
over to the station master, an old
darky: Say, when does today's train
get here, anyway?
Oh, dat train won't be In for a long
time yet.
In a few minutes, however, a train
was seen crawling toward the station.
There comes the train! exclaimed the
traveller, exultantly, to the darkey.
Seems to me you dor. t know your
business, If I'm not mistaken.
Say, mister, replied the darky, I reckon you's a perfect stranger around
here. Dat's yesterday's train, dat is.
Today's train won't be in t 11 to-morrow.
W. N   U, 965
The Lawyer Scores
Lawyer���I say, doctor, why are you
ways running us lawyers down.
Doctor (dryly)���Well, your profession doesn't make angels of men, does
Lawyer���Why, no; you certainly
have the advantage of us there
Austria and Toronto Exhibition
The Introduction ot a steamship
service between Canada and Austria
by the Canadian Pacific Railway Company has already demonstrated its
usefulness In bringing the two countries Into closer touch with each other
and tho Inauguration of Observation
cars on the Government railways of
that country was the initial step towards cementing the people together,
This excellent work hts beon the
means of arousing the enthusiasm and
Interest of tlie Austrian Government
to a greater Uegree In an industrial
direction, the natural and industrial
wealth of tho Dominion of Canada appealing to this section of Austria.
With a view to the future development
of Important Industries In Canada, the
Austrian Government got Into, touch
wllh the promoters of tho forthcoming
exhibition at Toronto and through
theso ofllees one of lhe principal exhibits nt this annual show will be that
or the Austrian Government, which
will occupy two hundred yards of
space. It will be typical of Austria In
"very detail anil over fifty firms, employing an aggregate of nearly one
hundred thousand people, will be
showing their various manufactures,
which is further evidence of the desire
of the Austrian Government to got
Into closer relationship with (liis great
country of ours.
ARROW" and
Made in
V^HAT do you pay for in shot-   **
" shells?    Why, plainly for  shooti
ooting ';<i(yJ
quality which means accurate loads, uniformity, sura H ti'^
fire, care and experience in the making.
Then specify Rcmington-UMC���Canadian made, from our new
factory at Windsor, Ontario. Arrow or NitroCluVi smokeless loads.
Slightly hiuher in cost���mora reliable in the field.
Mlnard's Liniment Cures Distemper
How Rockefeller Got His Start
When 1 wus ten years old I hud succeeded in earning some money. It
was $50. I loaned it to a neighbor at
7 per cent, interest. In a year the
money earned me $:��.!iU. From that
time onward I determined to make
money work for me,
Ho writes John Davison Rockefeller
who began to mako ti living almost as
soon as ho could work. At 10 he
was earning 37 cents a duy hoeing
a neighbor's potato fields. Iu 1853,
when he was 14, he left his Tioga
County, N.Y., birthplace for Cleveland.
There he got a j >h as office boy. Later he became a clerk; then cashier and
bookkeeper for a mercantile house. He
and two friends managed to borrow
enough money to take hold of a petroleum refinery. Rockfel.cr saw wonderful possibilities in oil and he reached
out for one refinery after another, until in 1861 ,he was able to organize
the S'audard Oil Co. Six years later
the Standard Oil Trust was formed
and Rockefeller was on the way to fabulous fortune. He had a genius for
borrowing. Indeed, his start was
made on borrowed capital plus genius.
He is snld :o have been worth less
than $1,000 in liis own right when ho
was 30. But the borrowed money
worked for htm until there was no
further need to borrow.
Hope for the Chronic Dyspeptic.���
Through lack of consideration of the
body's needs many persons show disorders of the digestive apparatus to endure until they become chronic, filling
days and nights with suffering. To
theso a course of Parmelee's Vegetable
Pills is ' ecommended as . sure and
speedy way to regain health. These
pills are so specially compounded to
combat dyspei ,la and the many ills
that ."ollow in it. train, and they are
successful always.
A woman never admits that Bhe
was wrong.
i don't know about that, replied Air.
Meekton. A number of them seem
anxious to prove that they showed
pretty poor judgment I.. selecting husbands.
We will 1��- rI.kI lo send n bnnldet rxplniuiua simply many technical pnlnta of nmmU"
nition manufacture,   Your name and address on a post-cartl brings it by return mail
Jtcnirngton-Arrns-Union Metallic Cartridge Co., Windsor, Ontsria
Grain  Commission  Merchant*
Make Bllla Lading road: Port Arthur or Port William
Co.i Winnipeg.
Liberal Advances Prompt Returns
Winnipeg, ManltobJ
Notify Peter Janstn
Qest Grades
Services from Montreal, Boston, New York
The Cunard Line has long hern famoua for tho comfort and luxury of its
passenger accommodation, ami in UiIn, tin tn othor rospeotSi ti.o steamers
of tho Canadian Borvtoe which carry ono class cabin (U) and third class
only unit Ball for London, calling at Plymouth, maintain Uu. high reputation
of tho Company,
.M>r particulars and reservations on the Company's various services (Montreal, N.v., Boston), Including the World's fastest steamships, Mauretanla-
Lusltanla, apply to local agents ovorywhoroi or
304 Main  Street,
'Hints For Western Grain Shippers'
Write us today for this interesting booklet, sent free to all farmers until stoclc exliausted.
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Mrs. Gramercy���When I married
you I thought you'd sowu your wild
Gramercy���With all your money,
my dear, it would have been a shame
not to start another crop.
Let 'Em Go
First Trooper Imperial Yeomanry
(discussing a new officer)���Swears a
bit, don't 'e, sometimes?
3econd Trooper���E's a masterpiece
'e is, just opens 'Is mouth and lets it
say wot it likes.
Very Encouraging >     '
Every time I have called on Mls3 '
Glbbleson  lately she  lias  been  out, j
complained young   Mr.   Fathead.     1 J
never seem to have any luck.
Cheer up, answered young Mr. Ner-
veen, gaily; I'll tell you how to male ���
sure she's at home.   Come with um >
the next time I call.
An up-state New York woman tipped over a hot stove while spanking
her son.
It. is believed Uie boy was sufficient.,
ly warmed.
MAKE certain of complete success in your concrete work
by always using
CANADAPortiand cement
We are supplying Canadian (aimen with the highest quality of" Portland Cement it is possible,
lor human skill to make. ���"������ ����� 1 ���
We have reduced the price of Canada Portland Cement until it it within your reach (or practically
every purpose.   It it the only building material that ii not increasing in cost
Be sure to ask for Canada
Cement, in bags.
Canada Cement Company Limited, Montreal
If MM have net received a frtt copy ef'' What the farmer can it with Concrete,'' virile ter lnformeuk*.
Department and get uu.    Wl * complete practical concrete encyclopedia. THE REVIEW, COTTRTEXAY, HC.
| It Had an Addsd Chapter
I       Later on In Town.
'lhe gin lirst saw tiic man coming to
��� aid ber out ol the east In bis cunue
like tt herald of the rising sun. Imagl-
IHllloii tl'QllSfUI'lllod linn to a yellow
luiireil viking itiitl his ii|) tu ditto cunue
t�� 11 lm 11 It; gill ley wilb a serpent's head
pro w.
The innn saw (lie gill standing,
straight us n lurch sapling, on u lingo
brown rocki muting uui ill iiliii ovci the
wnter. .''uiicy puluictl het u siren let
t*> lure him tu destruction Oil tllO IMOlll
it hn feet. Without it moment's l)ull<
tiiiloii he dccitluil it would he pioajanl
tu be 111 red,    lie arched Ills litinil UllOVO
iiis mouth,
"Vo bo!" he called l�� her.
she mimlcUed bis action,
"Veluil" slio answered buik.
The next stroke uf tlio pmliiie almost
llfleil lhe ramie Irom the Willed nml
the Kill meditated  IgllOlllllllUIIS lllgllt,
jet, knowlug who ho wns, she decided
lo remain.
"Ilu certainly is nil Hint rimmi paints
bim 111 Ihe way oi strength." she soliloquized us she watched, fiisclnuled, the
piny of the muscles uf bis mighty
When he wits near enough for her to
rce she colored nt the unstinted admiration In bis eyes.
"You're glorious!'' he cried Impilb
���lively as ho deftly shot the canue tip
to the rock.
"You're extremely bold!" she retort
nl nervously.
He smiled Irrept-esslhly.
"I've come for yOu-get In," lie snid
peremptorily. "It needs ouiy you, leaning ngaltist that forward thwart, tu
make the morning perfect"
"My goodness," she gasped, "yon are
e viking!"
"You're making fun or my hair," he
sold, simulating offense. "You shouldn't
cull me such a hard name simply because my hair is tow colored."
In a moment she wns seated among
the pillows.
Ue watched ber trail her lingers In
the brown water awhile aud then "I'm
Edric Stanford," be said abruptly.
"And youV"
"leannette Burritnan of Pittsburgh,"
sbe answered, eytug blm furtively.
He stopped paddling tur a moment
and looked at ber lu amazement
"Not Malcolm Barrlman's daughter!"
be blurted.
���'Yes," she said simply.
"You know wbo I am?" be ques<
She nodded affirmatively.
"And yet-and yet"��� he floundered.
"Well," sbe queried, finding he did
not seem inclined to continue, "and
yet what?"
"Ob, nothing," he answered lamely
and fell to paddling furiously.
After all, be thought, what did It
matter? Only a vacation episode. II
could be nothing more. He would carry It out In tbe spirit in which he had
A morning of enchantment was
theirs. They visited ti spot where the
���harp nosed pickerel leaped wltb
twinkling frequency. Tbey slipped
through an Eden of Immense golden
cupped water lilies wide open to (be
glory of the dawu. They glided JtenltU-
ily along In the shadow of the shore
fringe until presently they saw u stag
with his soft eyed wives come dowu
to tbe shore to drink. He brought het
nearer to nature than sbe ever before
bad been.
"I shall come bere tbe first thing to-
morrow morning." he snld ns he I sip-
ed her up the rock where be bad found
ber.   "Shall 1 llnd you here?"
"Perhaps," sho answered, but there
wns a half promise In ber manner
when she wared blm guodby from
the hilltop.
He was earlier than she next morning, but be bud not long to wait In a
few moments she came smiling toward
bim down the bill.
"If you like," be said ns be helped
her to ber sent, "we'll visit that eagle's
nest on Ha Id mountain. I bure been
op to ber aerie uud seen ber baby:
Jenuuetle's eyes sparkled.
Tbey started while tbe mists wero
still gray, .leannette wore a short red
coat in anticipation uf the coolness of
the nlr at thu high altitude ot the
mountain. Shortly1 before noon, after
a wearying climb, they gained a spot
where it seemed advisable to eat their
"We must wall bere until Mrs. Etigle
goes preying for the family dinner,"
Stanford Informed bis companion.
"Then by hurrying we'll have time to
climb and take u peep at the little
eaglets and get away before the old
bird returns."
Tit a few moments they saw the
m-idicr bird sour upward with great
thread or wings nnu circle um orer
ihe valley.
"Now Is our time,'' said Stanford,
>|>rlnglng up anil lending the way, "hut
ivo must hurl'}."
A hard scramble over a scries ot
ragged bowlders brought tbem to tha
jrag where the eagle had built her
nest. Four young eagles stretched out
Ihelr feutherless necks, their yellow
hunks wide open for the expected iliu,
tier of blond wnrm flesh.
Suddenly Stanford gave a cry of distil ny.
"Quick! Quick!" bo shunted, "Theuld
lilrd Is coining buck!" And, grasping
.Tcunnettc by tbe arm. be rusoed net
awny from the nest.
But tho miglo wits coming with the
rapidity of a rocket und was upon
tiiem before '.hey had got very far. Attracted probably by her red coat, the
enraged bird mnde straight for Jean-
nolle. Stanford succeeded In only partially saving her from tho onslaught.
One of the lingo wings struck ber a
glancing blow and knocked het down.
The euglo wns carried fnr beyond
Ihcm by Iho impetus ol tho rush; but,
dropping the rabbit it bad brought lor
ns young, it circled quickly and re>
luiu d to renew lhe attack,
Stanford looked about for n weapon.
lio grasped a young scrub oak, struggling for growth In the barren soil, nnd
lore It up by the fouls. Swinging It In
lhe air. he brought it down on the
eagle's bend ns the great bird poised
over the prostrate girl to attack her
with Its talons.
The soil that had clung to tlie routs
of i'ie sapling mitigated the force of
tho blow, nnd thu eagle lay but partially stunned, beating its wings on the
ground, lis beady eyes glaring venom
and hale at Its assailant,
With more time now lo choose a
won pun, Stanford picked up a heavy,
rock and stepped forward lo dispatch
tho bird. Hut .leannette, who had rls-
. en to her feet, stayed bis arm with
her lm nil.
"Don't," she suld, clinking hack het)
emotion; "lhe young birds haven't had
their dinner yet"
Stanford hurled the rock from blm
and, picking up Jeuntiette In his arms,
mnde n hasty retreat from the dangerous locality. As be felt the girl's
heart beating iignlnst ills own he decided lhat the "vacation episode" was
carrying hlni beyond his depth.
When he reached thu spot where
luncheon had been eaten he stopped
and looked down tit her. Her face wus
crimson, but she was smiling tit hlni.
"How strong ynu are," she whispered, "to tear Hint tree up bv ll.e
roots! And you curry me as easily as
It I were a child."
The temptation was too much for
Stanford. Ile simply couldn't help It
He bent his bead and kissed her.
"You belong to mel" he exclaimed
She hid her face on his shoulder, her
j hot cheek pressing ngnlnst his neck,
nnd although her assent was softly
spoken he heard It.
!    "Hut-but," he stammered, "arc von
I taking everything Into consideration'*"
i    "Yes."  she answered  seriously,  "I
am, and nothing counts but this."
"Ilut you've known ine such u short
; time."
"I've known you all my life���In my
heart," she snld quietly.
Tbo next day Muuturd received a
telegram culling llliu buck to the city,
but he fotiu' lime tor a short cull
upon .leannette ut the farm where she
was stopping with her aunt
Hut the month tbut Intervened before her return to town gave hiiu much
time fnr deliberation, und he decided
that the affair must revert tu what he
lintl at lirst termed It���"a vacation
Heavy hearted be made his way to
her home when he learned sbe bad HP
rived.   Jeuntiette cume to him soon,
and he felt his resolve weakening at
the sight of Iter.   She halted a puce or
two  from  him   when  she saw  the
{ strained expression ou bis lace.
I    "It-It Is all  a   mistake,"  be snld
gloomily, hi answer to her look Jl Inquiry.    "1 should  nut  have been su
: weak."
"As yon like," she suld coldly, elevating her chin a trifle, "but art: you
considering mo nt till f"
i "I'm considering you wholly," he re-
1 tortcd. "Do you think I conlil let yoll
; sacrifice yourself so? Thlnkl Think
what I am! Down where tlie great
cranes swing their molten loads und
the chink of the rolling mill Is never
still; down In the dirt nnd dust uiul
sweltering bent of the furnaces-there
I find my level. Your life lies among
such luxuries us these. You ure Malcolm llarrlman's daughter, I"-hit'
terly���"am but the superintendent ot
his works!"
"You should remember lirst." said
tbo girl softly, "tbat you are Edric
Stanford. I understand enough about
papa's business to know that he owes
much of hit success to your Ingenuity,
I Aud I tuotight you brave."
! Sbe came n step nearer, and her approach sent a tremor through bluia
She leaned toward blm tnntnllzlngly.
"Yehol" she called softly.
A smile struggled a* tbe corners of
his mouth,
"Yon'.e a viking," she tauntel, "��
vtklng and a bold, bold wooer. That
day on the mountain when ; ui curried*
me' In your arms yun���yoir��- |
He swept ber toward blm passionately, and the scene on the mountain!
wus re-enacted In a moro conventional
1 have a sand bed, end 1 play
There In the mind (or halt the day.        '
And mother comes and sits by me, ;
And little slater likes to see
The many things I mttlio of stind.
Hut she's too young to understand
About tho houses nnd the hills,
Tho mines nnd stores and lloiirlng mills
And then I make believe and say
My sand bed Is the sunny bay;
These blocks are boats, and (ur nwny
They sail all night and sail ull duy
And carry Iron.   When they return
And bring ua coal that we may burn.
And now my Hand bed la n fnrm.
This la the barn,   Here, ante (torn harm
My horses und my cows 1 keep.
Theuo sheds are (ur tho woolly sheep.
And thero you see my piggies' pens.
TIMs yuiil holds in tho lively hens.
Tills Is the Harden, where I hoe
My plants, aud here tlio flowers grolf.
Theso clicks are plrais, so strnlght, so ta)
Ant', [lurk.   Out these aren't linK ot all
The things 1 mako each pleasant day     I
Out In tlio sand bed where I piny.
-Charles \V. Jerome in Survey,   j
Her Wish.
Meggy���Yes, I wns going abroad, bul
I���aw-I changed my mind, you know
Peggy���Well, I do hope you got l
better one In the change.���St, Louli
ti lobe-Democrat.
In Other Days.
Beau of 1S18-1 bear the Purltat
Women's auxiliary has put tbe bun ot
this new dance, the���what d'ye call
Bello of 1813-And quite right too
I was watcblng young Nolly Hastings
teaching It to Peggy Lee, and 1 do
clare there wasn't more than a fool
between them all the time tbey wen
dancing!���Philadelphia Ledger.
Nothing to Retract.
"I've fished bere all day aud haven'l
had a bite. Yet yon say In yonr booklet, 'Speckled trout caught In tbesi
waters In enormous quantities.'"
"Yes, sir. Last year one of out
guests caught two that weighed ten
pounds apiece. If that Isn't nn enor
mous speckled trout 1 don't want ��
ccnt"-St. Louis Post-DIspntcb.
"So Hobble ls going to marry yoni
"Yes. I'd like to throw a few old
shoes at blm when ho starts ou bll
wedding journey."
"Thnt would signify your good will."
"I mean old horseshoes."���Binning
ham Age-Herald.
The Butcher's Romance.
Miss Shclgb���Excuse me, sir, but���el
���can you dress a chicken?
Handsome Young Butcher���Er���well |
���I just had a raise In salary.
And thus they were married, and hi
���he had to make botb ends "meat"-'
Florida Times-Union.
Book Chat,
"These One old theological works
don't appear to be a very Billable commodity wltb you. my man."
"Well, sir, the way ls, we buys tbe
hooks In lots, an' we 'as to take ths
bad wltb the good."���Punch.
His Suggestion.
"I want a piece of meat without any
bone, fat or gristle," said tbe bride on
her first trip to market
"Yes, mn'am," replied the butcher,
"I would suggest that you take an
egg."���Youth's Companion.
Better, but Not Cheaper.
"After all. 'tis better to bave loved
nnd lost than never to bave loved ai
"Huh! Tbe chump wbo said thai
didn't know what It costs to be engaged."���Houston Post
Often Caught.
Billy ��� I really believe there are
germs tn kisses.
Mllly-What could a girl catch that
Hilly-Well, she might catch ��� bo*
A Bath In Senegal Wat Something
tike a Surgical Operation.
dome years ago, when tlio capital ol
the French colony of Senegal was t
dull, unprogresslvo town where official
Ism and red tape prevailed, a Krcnco
traveler, with a friend, had a mosl
amusing experience when he wished
to obtain n bath. There wns no buth
Ing establishment lu tho cnpltnl ol
Senegal at tho time, but rumor had II
that it was possible to purchase batlu
at the hospital.
Accordingly the travelers repaired tt
tho hospital, where they stated thf
purpose of their visit
"Certainly," said the official, "tuk<
seats. Your names, surnames and
"Hut wo merely want a bnth."
"Exactly. What Is your name, ami
whero nnd when were you horn, and
nre you government servants, soldier*
or officers? No? Well, Ihe rules dil
not provide for this, .lust n moment,
1 will rend them again, Yes, hero If
your en so. You must first make oul
on stumped paper nn application to the
governor of tho colony. After favorable notice from tlio governor you
send another application to tho chlel
colonial doctor, who will scud for you
and examine yon."
"But wo nro not 111."
"It Is tho rule. Having examined
yon, the doctor will give you two noncommissioned officers' bath tickets, to
be delivered to tho assistant doctor."
"Why lhe noncommissioned officers'
"For tho reason Hint In our accounts'
we recognize only two categories of
persons-officers and civil servants, the
latter taking rank with officers or pet.
ty officers. You aro not official nt all.
If officers were to find you In their
baths they would probably mako a
"What period of time will all these
formalities consume?"
"Two or three days, provided yout
application Is approved at tbo government bouse."���Chicago Mecord Her,
Or. Richard Mead's Action During the
Plague of 1721.
To Dr. Richard Mead, who was In
consultation nt tbo deathbed of Queen
Anne and became physician to George
I., was duo the credit ot baring first
established quarantine.
In 1721, when the plague ravaged
Marseilles and Its contagions origin
���wis discredited, Dr. Mead declared the
plague to be "a contagious distemper,"
snd a quarantine was enjoined. He
also proposed n system of medical police, which finds Its counterpart In tbe
health officers of today. It was be
who declared, "As pastiness ts a great
source of Infection, so cleanliness Is
tbe greatest preventative."
, Ho It was who said nearly 200 years
ago: "If there bo any Contagious Distemper In tbe Ship the Sound men
should leave their Cloaths, which
should be burnt, the men washed and
shaved and, having fresh Cloaths,
should stay In Lazaretto���that Is,
quarantine-thirty to forty days. The
reason for tbis ls because Persons may
be recovered from a Disease themselves and yet retain matter of Infection about them a considerable time."
In practice Mead was without a rival, his receipts averaging for several
years between {0,000 and ��7,000, an
enormous sum In relation to the value
of money at that period. He possessed
a rare taste for collecting. But his
books, his statues, his medals, were
not to amuse only his own leisure.
Tbe humble student the nnrecom-
mended foreigner, the poor Inquirer,
derived as much enjoyment from these
treasures as their owner. At bis table
might be seen the most eminent men
of the age. Popo was a ready guest
and the delicate poet was sure to be
regaled with his favorite dlsb of
Matthew Arnold and the Girls.
Of Matthew Arnold as a icbool examiner a tale ls told by a fellow inspector of a class of girl pupil teachers
that be asked Arnold to examine foi
blm. Arnold gave tbem all tbe excellent mark.
"But," said the other Inspector,
"surely tbey are not all as good as they
can be. Some must be better than others."
"Perhaps that ls so," replied Arnold.
"But tben, you see, they are all such
very nice girls."
Professionally Considered.
"Tbe Declaration of Independence ls
a wonderful document," said the patriotic citizen.
"Yes," replied the legal expert - "It'a
one of the ablest documents I ever saw.
And tbe most remarkable thing ls tbat
with all tho ability It represents, nobody appears to have received a cent
for drawing It up."���Washington Stan
The General Manager ��� Are yon
I ware tbe cashier bas taken a halt Interest in a yacht? Tbe Confidential
Adviser���No. Perhaps we had better
investigate and see he does, not become
t full fledged skipper-
Summer Whooping Cough.
In tho summer thero often comes an
epidemic of whooping cough. Mothei
noticcav that her child has a slight
hacking cough, which becomes mora
frequent and prolonged as the days
pass and which seems uot lo respond
lo o.o usual treatments for colds. Ths
paroxysms seem to glow more pronounced at night, and vomiting follows
a severe spell of coughing.
Well, It It Is whooping cough you
will havo to accept tho fact pleasantly
-und Intelligently���and do your best
for your own child nnd for every olhei
child In tho vicinity.
A child may have ninny severe cough
ing spells during tho day nnd yet his
health bo not much ltnpnlrcd. The
main point Is to give noiirlsbmcnt thai
can be retained. This can bo done bj
feeding every two hours in small portions rather I ban giving three licavj
meals. A tlgbt bandage around tin
abdomen will lessen the elrnln ol
coughing and tend to prevent vomiting
In the early stages of Whooping
cough relief is given If the month b��
sprayed frequently during the day
with a mild antiseptic solution.
The whooping Is heard about Hire*
weeks after tho flret signs, nud it lastt
for about three weeks. Tho congl
may remain for somo time after thl
typical whoop has gone.
Disinfection ls necessnry. ChlOridi
of lime or a 5 per cent solution of cue
bollc acid will answer all demands
Do not neglect to give fresh air���plan
ty of It���during waking and sleeplui
hours. Sunlight must bo admitted, nml
protection from bad weather must 04
given. It Is belter to have speclul to.vl
that may bo burned when the patten!
Tbe chief dangers of whooping emit;!
oro the results, or tho "sequela." at
doctors call them. It Is not uncotrn
mon for pneumonia to follu^ this tli*
ease. Tuberculosis Is another terrible
consequence of which parents shoulj
be especially watchful. It Is frequent
ly established before suspected, ant*
through carelessness of psrents Irren,
arnblo damage Is done.
If tbe child coughs for an unreasonably prolonged period, bo wise In time
Have bis lungs tested once n wee!
and feed tbem frelh air. Give the
deadly germs no opportunity to establish themselves, nnd, It perchance i
few are present, battle with them by
using nature's weapons���sunlight, abend nourishing food.
A disinfection of tbe room after re
covery Is a safeguard not to be forgot
ten. Tour child contracts tbe disease
from some one. Prevent some ooe'i
child from taking and passing on thl
Educating Father.
Mary Stewart Cutting In Harper')
Bazar writes about "Educating Father." Among the phases of tbls process which sbe describes with muct
humor ls the following:
"Father's salient Idea, of course
when Selma graduates, ls tbat now sbe
will stay at home and help her mother.
It makes no difference that mothei
doesn't want Selma's help In the household. Her ono desire Is to have hei
child 'asked to everything* andvto be
able to see Selma enjoying herself; to
hare the house full of Selma's young
friends, arrange for the clothes needed
when she ls Invited away over a week
end and smooth over all the difficulties
that may be in the way���to the moth
erly providence over Selma's youthful
happiness and bear about it nil In the
first glow of Selma's return from a de
llgbtful visit, to be, as it were, vicariously, a girl herself again.
"It Is dear and flattering to have
father sternly insisting thnt mother.
shall be considered first She would
miss It If ho didn't show tbat ever
jealous regard for ber, but It ts dreadfully hampering as far as her and Selma's plans are concerned.
"It keeps her, In perfunctory respect
for his authority, earnestly Impressing
on the girl bow thoughtful and kind
and generous father ls and how much
money he has already spent on her,
really more tban be can afford, and the
exact reason he doesn't want her to go
to the party on Saturday, us If youth
conld ever be reasoned ont of wanting
ft good time, while all the time mother
knows, and so does Selma, tbat she Is
going to persuade him to agree to el)
they want"
Guess Again.
"there's always room at the top,"
said the sphinx,
"Take ��� look at ne and guess again,"
replied tbe pyramids.���Cincinnati Ear
High as Harr.an.
Church-Human of Biblical times wm
ft nervous Individual, wasn't he?
Gotbam-Ob, yes; ho wo* high
fltniBC-Tonkem BUtegman. I 111
Bapco Wagon Paint.     Bapco Enamel
Bapco makes old furniture look like new again
Bapco Varnishes set like Iron, hence the name " Ironite "
The largest stock of Oils and Dry Colors in the district
Repair that Leaky  Roof with Rubberoid Roofing
the best on earth (or anywhere else)
^^0*&0*0*0*g*0S, m
Phone 66 COURTENAY, B. C.
P. 0. Box 230
"Not better than the best, but better than the rest"
Premier   Would   Keep Out]
The Orientals.
A London dispatchsays: Sir Richard McBride, premier of British
Columbia, has imposed on Sir Edward Grey, British secretary of
state for foreign affairs, the task of
reconciling Oreat Britain's pro-
Japanese proclivities with British
Columbia's determination to exclude Asiatics from its territory.
The Japanese government has
been insistently, protesting against
the attitude taken up in Canada,
especially dwelling on the Japanese
being debarred from cutting timber
aud excluded from the fisheries.
One object of Sir Richard Mc-
Brides visit to London was to impress the f< reign officii with the fact
that British Columbia's. determiua-J
tion is irrevocable, and to obtain
the support of tlie Imperial govern-1
inent for its action.
A new sidewalk has been laid
west from Miss Smith's for a couple
of hundre.t feet. A new crossing
has been put down from McPhee &
Morrison's store to the bridge, nnd
a sidewalk is being laid from Mc-
Kenzies corner to Sandwick Post
Mr. Chas. Callin, late of the firm
of Beadnell & Callin, has openedi
business for himself as accountant I
auditor, fire and life assuarance,
financial agent, conveyancer etc.
He will be at his home for a few
weeks until the Royal Bank move
into their new premises, when he
will take their present premises.
The Bay Store, Comox
Having taken over the business lately
carried on by McPhee & Morrison, A. B,
Ball, late manager, hopes by strict and
personal attention to business to still
maintain vour patronage and support.
Thanking you for past favors.
A. B. Bam..
Local Lines
Mr. Davidson of Smith, Davidson
& Wright was iu town on Tuesday.
Mr. James Knight, of Campbell
River, is visiting in town tlrs
Remember the Race Track Committee's Sx-ial and Dance iu the
Opera house  on  November 7.
Mr. J Sutton left for Campbell
River yesterday, in connection witn
the death of a logger by drowning
at that place.
Dr Morrison has moved his
dental parlors into the office formerly occupied by Hardy & Biscoe, as
a real estate office.
Mr. and Mrs. J, Aitken for along
time night operators at the telephone
office, have moved into their new
home on the Lake Trail.
The bridge over the Courtenay
was examined last week. With
the exception of a couple of pilei
near the ends, it was found to be in
first class shape. Some new planks
have also been put in where worn
oy the traffic.
The ladies of St. Andrews Presbyterian Church will hold a grand
Hollow'een concert on Friday evening October 31st. A good programme of musical selections, games, tea, ect. Don't forget it. Admission 50 cents. .
Work on the new Presbyterian
church goes on apace. The building is being wired for electricty.
The belfry is being put in place
this week and will contain a four
hundred pound bell and also a tolling hammer. The walls and ceilings are already lathed, and the
plastering will commence next
Among the giiests fit the Rest-
more thl* Week are: G. Shultz; J.
Bushby; A. A. Rawlins, Bray on
Thames; H. C. Lane, Victoria; G.
S. Procter, Victcria; A. Fawkner,.
Victoria; Chas. Aerson, Nanaimo;
S. Modill, Nanaimo; Mr. King;
Mr. Brown; James Martin; Thos,
Powell; D. W. Miner, Vancouver;
M. Flins, Port Townsend, Wash.;
M. Francis; E. Hameberg; Viscount
and Viscountess P. De Cuarny.
A Welsh chein ist named Williams
is maturing an idea of growing
wheat in factories, thereby reducing
the cost of a loaf of bread to one-
quarter the present price. It is
claimed that the plan, if workable
will revolutionize the markets.
Williams asserts that he has discov-
evered a method of specially treating the soil he will use by electricity
and a secret solution which will
force growth.
The Daily News says that Williams proposes a factory of several
floors covered with sand and gravel
impregnated with a nitrate solution.
Wires and tubes will supply radiated electricitv affording heat and
light, and it is expected to harvest
six crops a year at a cost of a shilling a bushel.
Game Laws
Ou Vancouver Island and vicinity
game may Le shot as following-
(all dates inclusive):
Grouse of all kiuds���the islands
and Electoral Distrcts, Vancouver
Island and the islands adjacent,
Sept. 5 th to Dec.31.
Cock Pheasants and Quail���
Esquiinatilt, Saanich,Cowichan aud
Jsla ds Elec 01 al Districts Oct. 1 to
Dec. 31.
Cock Pheasants and Quail���Newcastle and Comox Electoral Districts
Oct. 1 to Oct. 31
Duck and Snipe���Island Electoral District, Vancouver Island, and
Islands adjacent, Sept, 14 to Fe, 28
Columbian or Coast Deer, only
owr one year3ept.i5 to Dec.   15.
M.ssrs. E. T. Cliffe and W. B.
Higgins have purchased the Comox Livery Stables from Mr.
John McKenzie, aud will continue
to carry on the business as formerly. Your patronage is solicited.
E. T. Cliffe
W. B, Higgins
A co-operative credit banking law j
applicable to all provinces, providing cleiir, plain and simple machinery for the incorporation of co-operative banks in each and every province of Canada, will be embodied
in a bill, which, it is understood,
is being drafted by the solicitor-gen
eral, and which will be introduced
at the next session of parliament.
The agriculturists of Canada have
been besieging the Dominion government in favour of co-operative
banks for the last ten years.
A bill providing for co-operative
institutions "for distribution was
introduced ten years ago, passed by
the house of commons, but was
killed in the senate.
It is estimated that the average
rate of interest paid on loans bv
Canadian farmers is about 8 per.
cent. The total amount borrowed
by the Canadian agrculturists totals
somewhere in the immediate vicinity
of $150,000,000.
& Hand
Gasoline Engines Repaired & Overhauled
58 Acres For Sale
Watch, Clock
and Jewelery Repairs
AU Work Guarauteed
Choice selection of
Watches, Jewelery
Clocks  and  Silver
Plate at
Watchmaker and Jeweler
Situate in the famous "Happy Valley"
Comox District, about 3 acres cleared
and cultivated. 6 acres slashed ready to
burn, good land anil easy to clear. New
small house ami outbuildings. Good
supply of water. Close to church, school,
railroad, wharf and market. Price for
one month only $5250.00, or will subdivide to suit ��t a slightly advanced price.
This is 22 per cent, below market value.
Terms, 25 per cent., balance easy payments at 7 per cent. Address, Owner,
Box 171, Courteuay, B. C.
Notice is hereby given that on the
First titty of December, next, application
will be made to the Superintendent of
Provincial Police for renewal of the
hotel license to sell liquor by retail in
the hotel known as the Port Augusta
Hotel, situate at Comox, in the Province  iif British Columbia,
RomsiticK McCuish.
Dated this 29th day of September, 1913.
Notice is hereby given that on the
First day of December, next, application
will be made to the Superintendent of
Provincial Police for renewal of the
hotel license to sell liquor by retail in the
hotel known as the Klk Hotel, situate at
Comox, the in Province of British Columbia.
Cecil Ai.kxandisr Martin.
Dated this 29tlt day of September, 1913.
The local Orange lodge will hold
a concert and dance on Nov. 5th.
Can't You Cut It Shorter ?
I have heard all night the doleful
Of the cow bereft of her young���
At the Indian grave I have heard
the song
By the ancient Kloocthmen lung;
I have heard the voice of the wandering wolf
Afar on the snowy  plain,
But for long drawn misery give to
The howl of the Courtenay train.
Heath Factor
Aitken's Bread raised the standard procurable 50 per Jcent
and dietetically is
the best investment
in  Comox   District
Scotch Shortbread a specialty
Courtenay Bakery
Opposite new Presbyterian ChnrC'x


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