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The Review Sep 27, 1917

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C��n not Im done any hotter, and
not quit* io well anywhere else
hereabout*. Our typo and nmiililn-
ery ia complete ami The Review
prioea are right
Gents'   Furnishings
and Halters
VOL. 5
N D. 13
Little River, near Comox
Saturday, September 29th, 1917
at 2 o'clock p.m., for Mr. Bear.-l
11 Head of Cattle, including   6 Grand Dairy Cows'
3 Fresh. 4 Horses
At the Courtenay Hotel, for Mr. T. Booth
Wednesday  October   3, at  1.30
3 grand Dairy Cows, Work Horse, about 16C0 lbs,
2 light Horses, 8 Pigs, 200 head of Poultry, including Turkeys, Ducks and Chickens, Quantity of
Rabbits, Heavy and Light Wagons, Several sets of
Heavy and light Harness, Garden Tools Large
quantity of flowering plants, Hanging Baskets, Indian Curios, 2 Shot Guns, Some furniture and a
ver ��� large number of other valuable articles too
numerous to mention
Terms and particulars from Mr. Booth or
Telephone 10 COURTENAY
Gents' Furnishing Store
Have you seen the H- S. & M. fall samples of clothes ?
If not be sure and see them before placing your order for a
suit or overcoat elsewhere.
the best shoe in the west for men, boys and children
We also handle the famous Saufield Underwear iu all
sizes and our prices arc- right.
We have just received a shipment of Stetson Hats in
various shades. Come in and try one on. They are "The Hat"
Courtenay Gent's Furnishings Store
Opposite Shepherds' W. Sutliff, Prop.
Do   You  Remember
that delicious cup of coffee you had at the fall fair?
Well, you can have that sort of coffee
every morning for breakfast
Just Phone " 40 " and ask for a tin of
Empress Coffee
We will grind it for you if you wish
Price 50c per lb
Local Lines
Mr. and Mrs. H. Simmers >ef
on Monday for their home in Victoria,
Mrs. 11, Kilpatrick left nn Sa.
tn i da. moi nil g's b( at ft r Vancouver i.i bring her daughter. Miss
Amy home, She is suffering frcm
an nl tack of rhcutiisOsni of the
i The Vancouver Sun lias a despatch l'u,in Toronto stating lhat the
j Dom Inion Elections will be held oil
December ioth, and that  nonilnat-
I ions will take place oil Nov. 12.
Lost���Onc while double end row
1 bout with ours and row locks,   part
chain and new rope for painter, $,-
(rewind,   Fraser &   Home,   union
Found-���Pair of gla.ses, Owner
enn hnve same by applying; at the
j Royal Bank,
Ripe- and green totuntoes Fo1'
I Sale.    Apply F. K. F, Biseoe,
Horn-At St. Joseph's Hoiptial,
on Thursday, Stpi 20. to Capt.
and MiSGitthrie; a daughter.
For Sale���New Player Piano,
j cheap for cash or on terms 5 h, p
'. i^-is en��iue. with hoist attachment,
will pull stumps, grind grain, cut
ensilage, etc.; also a qttantitv ol
vegetables and apples, Will sell
cheap for cash, Apply Box A, Rc
view Office.
Cheque protectogrnph, Never
used. Foi Sale. See William Doug
I.ost���On Wednesday evening
of last week between R. Grieve's
store and Mrs. Ferris' residence.
I.ake Trail, a gold earring with a
pearl setting, Finder please communicate with Mrs. Ferris.
For Sale���Pigs and Heifers.   8
j young pigs, and several head of
young stock 3 mouths to 2 years
old     Apply Colin Jackson,   cran-
| thain, Sandwick P. O., Phone 6.
Nobby tread Ford tires are now
'$24 each, and Ford chain tires are
$22 each at the Ford Garage.
I Butter wrappers, printed or
plain, at the Review Office.
We pay the  highest   prices   for
I good beef and veal.   No,   1 Beef
j 16 1-2 cents   per  pound   dressed,
No  1   veal   17   cents  per pound |
dressed,    Comox Co-Operative So-1
ciety, Courtenay and Cumberland, j
Phone 2
\ Children's Shoes All the best and
most sensible styles, at Sutliff's.
New two horse power Fairbanks
' gasoline engine for sale cheap at
I the Ford   arage.
Hats -All the latest shades and styles
at Sutliff's.
For highest prices in hides, scrap
metal and old rubbers see Wm.
Douglas, Courtenay, ,
I Cleveland Bicycles and bicycle
supplies at the Ford Garage.
I House to Let���At corner of Union Street and Cumberland Road.
Also lot adjoining For particulars apply at Review office.
1 Go to McBryde's for quality
Safety  First
For Fresh   Tobacco, Cigars
Confectionery   and
Soft Drinks.
Isabel St.    Next Royal Bank
Messrs, Fo*l and Kirkup were
visitors in town Inst Friday and
Miss Alice Gibbons of Victoria
spent the week end with friends in
Anglican  cervice_
Sept. 30, 17II1 Sunday after Tritii y
1 i.oo a, 111   Mattins and   Si ill!  11
at St, Peter's   Comox,
3.00 p, 111. Sunday School at St.
John's Courtenay,
7.30 p in, Evensong and sermon
The lust food   conservation slo- at St John's, Courtenay,
gan in date is   "Don't  stuff your     There will be no sermon al
husband, but husband your stuff," thain,
Mr r, Dalziel and   a  number of
Demnati rslanders won visitots at Rally   Day
the Fail' lasl  week,
.1' Gran-
Robt. orjeve is moving   his eon-
I fectionery store iiito   the  premises
I latch- occupied by the co Operative
Society in the Brown block,
Titos Booth & Sons have purchased   the   McPhee.&   Mcrri.ou
general stoic form Mr. cross who
has conducted it for the past t.u
The Cotirlenny Hotel will be
closed up after Oct ist. Mr. T.
Booth, the proprietor, will dispose
cl his effects bv public aution on
Wednesday. October 3.
The Daughter, of the Empire
took in over four hundred dollars
at their booths nt the fair on Friday
afternoon, a] 1 the .young ladies of
' he tow 11 being impressed into clerks
waitresses, and sellers of Red cross
September is usually a month
when cash receipts are vety liglit
in newpnper offices and expenses
arc about as heavy as usual, If
vou owe a dollar on your subscription now would be a good time to
call or send it, ami get :>ur of debt,
wouldn't it?
Just a week ngo Mr. T. Rickson
hnd erected a large sig 1; un tbe cor
ner of Isabel nnd Union Streets.
Ou Saturday night someone placed
a barrel filled with straw and refuse
under it and set fire to it. Just as
it was blazing nicely Constable
Beaton came along and noticed it
nud scattered the mass. Mr, Rick-
Sou i.s quite wiathycv r the matter,
and the offender will get a warm
reception if caught. I
Sunday, Sept, 30 will be d'h ���
ed as Rnllv Daw and the service
npool 11 ted for that day will be .,eld
in Courtenay church at ro.30 in !
the teachers invite all the scholars
nnd their parents, and nil intereste I
ill Sunday School work to lie present at the service, A colleclii 11
will be taken I'or the Board ol Sabbath Schools and Ycung Peoples
Societies of theJP.esbyterian churcli
in Caradi.
Dreg Store
New Premises Next to
Royal Bank
Health  Salt
Lemonade   Cry***!*
1 bottle makes 2 gn
delicious Leinoitaue
25c per Bottle
of all kinds
Courtenay Drug Store
Chas.  Simms
Watchmaker Jeweler and Optician
Special 15 Jeweled Lever watch
Special  7
do do
Waltham 17        do do
Fully Gsar nteed in Screw Cases
$ 6.50
Comox Creamery
60c per ib. this week
at The Shoe Store
Our seasons supply of Fubber Footwear has arrived and we are prepared
to suit you on any style of Rubber
Only the best grade kept in stock
Lowest Possible Prices
See Our Knee Length Rubbers
Phone 48
Bailer  Block TliK    UKVIKW,   COUKTNKY.   M. &
t \
The Squire's
' WARD. I .OCX Ik CO , LIMIT! ">
I _n,_i   M#lls,i.��.   ...I    ,___��
W Idle they ale, Mrs. I*arllett, who
hud pushed up her veil Far enough to
amble hrr i,, cal withoul revealing
lier features, watched Dolly keenly
from behind thc veil. The brighTness
of her eyes was visibl : through the
meshes of Ihr- veil, Holly was very
pale, very apathetic. There was a
<lr.ll look about her, as though she
were drugged. She ate in silence,
apparently unknowing what she -.it*-,
and except fur an occasional inquiry
from llie man as lo what they would
cat or drink, the meal passed in silence, There was so much chatter at
the other tables in the sallc a manger
tlirit llieir silence might well pass un-
obsch ed.
\\ lii'ii the meal wns over they left
thc hotel. The rain had left off, although Ihe sky was grey and cold
and ilu- damp wind nipped.
Cooper, with his strange politeness,
inquired thc wishes uf his companions ns lo whether ihey would walk
or drive. They elected I" walk fur
lhc sake of the fresh air. 'i'he calcche
hr.,1 been sliding, the sallc a manger
of ihc   I.ion dc rland.es steamy.
lhcy went down hill, over the
clippery cobbles of thc streets, bc-
u irn ihi- high houses���a stream of
water in thc gutters running with
them all the way. Al a shop which
bore ilo- sign of Au Petit General,
Cooper slopped.
"Get whatever clothes you require
for yourself and your lady; il i.s a
K< oil shop," he s.iid. and handed a
tin poundViolc io Mrs. Bartlctt. "I
will smoke in j cigar while you are
\\ liih- tin v made iheir purchases���
some warm wraps, a change of clolh-
iiiv. combs and brushes, and a few
oilier necessaries���Cooper walked up
an,I down oulsidc, concealing his
impatience, if lie fill any. Now and
a,1.,in a woman, tripping hy daintily,
lu i' skirls held up on each side, as the
I'i, niliuuuian does ii, from the wel
cobhh s, would send a sideways look
at the dark- handsome face; and in
spite of hi. preoccupation the man
wns not unaware of those glances'
<li,i nu! fail in respond to ihein by au
amorous glance irom the velvety eves
with ihe yellow whites. It wns his
way with women,���a detestable way.
Au obviously English party-���a
while nioustached man, well set up
and clean-looking, a comfortable
matron, and a couple of rosy-cheek;
td. blue-eyed girls, came into thi
flap. Having made some .purchases,
liny asked fur the whereabouts of
ihe Britisii consulate, and were told.
Mrs. Barllett, waiting for her
change from thc ten-pound note, lis-
ti in .1  eag( rly  for  tlu   answer.
I heir shopping done, lhcy enlered
a Irani .nul wi re carried up to ilu
Ramparts, I paving the tram al its
liirtln n si point, llicy walked mi ovcrl
hill, to where the ground began to
(.ill again 10 the level country *'��� ���'.
li d v itli iu , ii,v. h towers, it. sti e]
roofed villagi s, it ��� rows    of    formal
I'   pi;   -  i I.ir.i'   when   the  mail  la)
They went on without asking qui
lion- I'hey Iimi walked quite a 10*11 ]
h run' Cooper )>ullcd up short.
11,, rc was i i ai t of tin- countrj.
���' !>. In, ni, ,| ovi i, standing at ��a
I'm in r ivhere four roads met.
llu   lain  had  begun  again,    mor,
hopclcssh   llian ever, and a chill, Ihi
ler -.. ind hii ...    Ihere was no shell
er iu  ihc long  straight  road,     ' he
covered enn  was welcome,     It  wa
better in ii  than  outside,      Perhaps'
i!,.,:   was   .vl )    Mrs.   Hartlrtt    help, d
Oollj   in  so  quietly and look a  seat
lusiiji  hii- under ihc hood, They sail
on  hard planks, but  il    was    belter
than iiuisiih; it  was comfortable by.
comparison, llieir feet in fresh, warm
straw.    Cooper  mounted  to  the  side
oi  ih.   driver,    lhe two men shelter'
id  iin   interior of the cart from the
rain,    which    blew    in    iheir   faces, j
Cooper had lil a cigarette and sinok-i
nl wilh an unconcerned air, turning!
round  now and again to ask  them  ii
they we.e comfortable,
i in tin y went in silejice only
broken bj the cracking of the driv-j
it's whip and Cooper's occasional ill
quiry, The hacks of the two men
Idled tip the front of the. can. The
driver of the queer looking ear
had a monstrous head, which looked,
lo mn -ide. The curtains were fn>
liind together at the back. Above
llu   heads of the two men   nothing
W.     N.     U.     1172
was visible hnl  lln
and   lln-  driving   inin
It was very cold ami draughty inside, although it had seemed wann
\ hen ihey escaped from ilu- bitter
��� ind and rain into ih, shelter. I he
seats were hard and ihe atmosphere
: itolcrably stuffy despite lhe
draughts. liolly had fallen ., di up,
leaning against Mrs. Bartlett's shotil
der. Mrs. Bartlctt nodded after a
time, despite lhe crampedness of her
position, came lo with a confused
nnse ol whal was happening, aud
nodded again,
ll see.nca to her thai lhcy had
hi i u going on foi interminable.
hours, during which Dolly's head
had jerked to and fro against her
shoulder while slu tried to keep il
steady. She awoke to a si use of increased light ami air. Cooper and
llu uncouth driver had gol dowjl.
The rart  had slopped.
While she. wondered whal was Ruing lo happen, Cooper came round
lo the back, undid iiie curtains, and
announced that tlicy had reached
iheir destination. Tl.e can was
Standing before a gate in a high wall.
Stiffly they obeyed him and alighted, standing to one side while he
gave some money to thc driver.
There was something thc matter wilh
the driver. Me seemed to have no
control ovej; the muscles of his neck,
his mouth fell, open, llis eyes were
without intelligence. I here was a
smell of the sea in the air, but all
detail was blotted oul in the pall of
tbe steady rain. The road by which
the carl went away, down hill, was
apparently a cart track. There were
some grey huddled shapes in thr
mist���sheep. A little bell sounded
somewhere close to them���a sheep
The two drew together forlornly,
while Cooper fumbled with the lock
of the gaic, which seemed to give
liim some trouble. Mrs. Bartlett
looked at  Dolly, who  had  begun  to
come awake and wore a chill and
frightened look. To her imhgination
a question seemed lo form itself on
tl.e girl's pale lips,
"Why did you lei him bring llle
In re, away from lhc world lhal
v.ould   have   protected  mo?"
The woman had hardly tboughl of
\ by. She seemed to rculize for the
lirsl liiiie that they were in Cooper's
hands completely- the last person
from lhe outside world going further and further away from them into
tin   mist  that  hid  all beyond  il.
She drew nearer lo Dolly, taking
her cold hand inlo a close grasp.
"Nothing shall hurl vou, my lamb,"
sl e muttered under her breath,
Cooper straightened himself, pui
led the key from llie lock, pilslli ':
at the gate with all his strength, unl
ii opened before him.
fallen  from  ihe  .vails and  lay  across'and going ofl  with it  into outer re-
I the  path.       lhe   panes  were   covered mens,
i with cobwebs.   There was not a sign
of life,     llirougli the dusty panes one
could see  lhal  thc  rooms'wa ���-'black  (*hi'i��lian (~ivili.-li inn
and   tireless   within.      'The    erccpii-.g  Xjttl lsl,an ^IVHl/idUOn
dusk was over everything,
"It i.s not so bad," said  Cooper, as
though  he guessed  th.-  chill  in   tlie) prom an Address by Robt. Lansiua,
hearts of  the  lind  women.     lie   was, ..a    <__..-.���...   _r   _.  .
,ii-      .i      i , ,       .., U.S.  .secretary ol State
Unlocking  the  dour as  he  spoke.      1]
am sorry   I  did not  foresee that    we      Mv  friends,  I  am firmly convinced
/ould  mid  a   lire.     I   shall  hav-    a thai lhe independence of no milium is
n   lil  for you in no time,    I:  is nol   safe, thai  the liberty of no individual
The Farm Mouse Amid the Dunes
'lhe door shut lo behind them as
Ihey passed through .md lhcy hearl
the  key linn  in   lhe lock.
They were in the courtyard of a
farm house. All around three r-idr>
nl the square it formed there were
farm buildings. The centre of the
courtyard had evidently once been a
garden; but now, even in the dusk
they could sec that the beds were
overgrown with weeds, lu the ecu
trc there was a figure, stained by ihc
weather and broken in places, which
might havc been St. Koch, for there
was a dm, by his hand. The figures
were almost hidden in tin tail grasses, that choked what had once been
'The fourth side of llu square was
formed by the house itself. It had
originally been whitewashed h.-.l was
now sadly in need of another coal.
The lower windows were barred and
the bars rusty,   A climbing ruse had
(To Be Continued,)
ln Manifest Peril
"I'ic lit lor Min in no nine. I: is not, sale, lhal Uie lilurly ul no nutn nlm. I
so long .since I was here for a Hying is "nre, until tlu- military despotism
visit, It is noi so until in bouse even ' hlch holds ihe German people in
Miss Pgrrlou. When I have lil thej the hollow Of its hand has been
lire I will'fetch whatever vou may'made impotent and harmless forever.
w.ini from ilu- village." ',/ipcpals lo justice, io moral obllcra-
TIlC door opened wilh a sudden tion, lo honor, no longer avail with
force, as though it yielded lo pres sneh a power, There is hui one w��y
sure, and he stood back lo bl limn, to restore peace lo Ihr world, and
enler. A chill air, cold us ihc gene, lhal is hj becoming Gentian imper
breathed upon them from the house, hdlsts llv force of .inns. I'm- its
Damp, of com sc; whal else could il ""'�� safely, as well as for lhe cause
be?   'lhe. walls streamed wilh damp.1"' human  liberty,  ibis  great  repub
lic,     ihe. m.ills streamed wilh damp.1"1'  human  liberty,  this  great   npub-
The room, imi  .in    unpleasant    one, he is marshalling its armies ami preparing   wilh  all  ils  VIgOl   to aid    in
he room, noi an unpleasant on,,
wilh ils austerity of sanded lloor and
very lillle furniture, was apparently
reeking with damp. The surface of
the mahogany table, the crockery on
lhc dresser, wen blurred; lln- cop
pel's and brasses on lhe wall were
dull; the mirror over the mantle-
piece was as though il rained  tears.
"ll is not so damp as il serins,"
Cooper explained. "The bouse was
buill wilh si a sand in the mortar. It
always weeps ol a wel day."
Dolly stood forlornly shivering in
her warm wraps, gaidng about her as
though she did not know where she
"I'll have a lire in a few minutes,"
Cooper went on. "Take her upstairs. By the time yon conic djwn
tilings will be different, I shall have
,i servant for you presently. Vou
can live like princesses���the ug.y and
the beautiful."
lie laughed unpleasantly, taking up
the baskr t which stood by tbe hearth
lidding Germany, as will as the
world, ol the musl ambitions and
most unprincipled autocracy which
has arisen to stay the wheels of progress and imperil Christian civilization."
Little of It
"You havc sworn    lo    lell nothing
bul lhe truth."
"Nothing Inn  ihr  truth, your hon-
"Then, judge, with lhat limitation
upon .me, 1 might as well warn you
lhal I'm not going to have much to
say."   -Detroit   Free   Press.
Dude Applicant for Service���T
suppose I've got to shed my bloc.
for my  country.
Recruiting Officer���You've got to
sued those spats and lhc loud .loefci
Our papers are cleansed, treated and putified with Refined Prj-afine Waxes and Disinfectants.
They add to the Freshness, Cleanliness and Purity of your goods.
They preseive the Color and Quality of Fresh and Cooked Meats and are Germ-proof, Moisture-proof
and Grease-pioot.     They will not stick to the Meat.
Appleford's Carbon Coated Counter Sales Books art no dearer than the ordinary kind. Now made
with new improved Formulas and Appliances and better than ever belore. II you are not a customer,
write us for a sample book.
Appleford ^Counter Check Book Co., Limited
The   simplest    and    best   inelhod   of  saving
money is by an Endowment .Policy   iii   the
Write   (or  pamphlet   today.
Girl Guides
Ivot a Single Soldier on Guard Outside Brilish War Office
Probably there is no other war office like the imperial one in the.
world at least, in, one respect���there
Is not a soldier ou guard cither outside or inside the whole building.
The task ul keeping order is left
entirely in the bauds of ihc Metropolitan policemen,    Kvcry   stranger
who enters is asked his business by
a constable, (ills iu an inquiry form
under the guidance of a   constable,
���iiii, when he leaves, delivers that
form, which selves him as a pass up
'o anothei constable, If he requires
direction inside lhe building he i.s put
In charge uf a lillle girl apparently
fresh from school, who lakes him to
the room, he rcq'lllrcs. I ler only
mark of officialdom is a brown over-
���II with a .mall ciown on each point
cf the collar.
At Ihc first sign of illness during
the bol weather give the little ones
llaby's Own Tablets, or iu a few
li'ours lie may be beyond cure. These
Tablets will prevent summer complaints if given occasionally to the
well child and will promptly cure
these troubles if they come on sud-
tlcnly. llaby's Own Tablets should
always be kept in every home where
there arc young children. There is
���no other medicine as good and the
mother has the guarantee of a government analyst that they are absolutely safe. The Tablets "arc sold by
medicine dealers or by mail at 25
cents a box from The Dr. Williams'
Medicine Co.. Brockvillc, Ont.
Waste  Not, Want Not
There is no better advice in the
English language today by which lo
tu guided in the present crisis than
don't starve. Don't he hysterical.
Eat and use what' you need to main-
lain health.
But don't waste. 1 lon't eat and
don't use whal you don't need..
Waste not, w*inl not. and end the
v/ar.���l'l'uin  the  Montreal Star.
For a Democratic Germany
Mr.  Scheidemann  Learns  Something
at Stockholm
The advantages of foreign travel
for Germans arc exemplified in the
ease, of Philip Scheidcinahtl, the Socialist   leader.   He   returns   from   the
Stockholm conference convinced thai
about lhe only way to deliver Germany from the horrors of a fourth
winicr of war is ihc democratization
of ihc empire,
"it  was iii  Stockholm," he .says in
a two-column article in    Vorwaerts,
that  I  finally accepted as   my    unshakable conviction that   of  'which
1 had before   been   conscious���the
thing cannot ho achieved withoul   llle
sweeping democratization of Germany," The ihing to be achieved is
lhc finding of j way out of -this
endless murdering of nations,"
More Germans ought to go abroad,
a great many more, lhat is the only
way they can learn the truth, Within the empire ihey are taught to believe that Germany is fighting for Its
life againsl a combination of powerful and desperately wicked nations
seeking to destroy il. ll has been
drilled Into their minds thai Germany's enemies will not desist until
lhcy have accomplished their purpose���Germany's only hope is
through victory. Air. Scheidemann
saw a new light in Stockholm, he ii
spreading it in Berlin, It is the duty
ul Germans, he says, "to seek the
way lhat will lead us out of this endless murdering of nations," and the
only way i.s to make thc empire democratic. 'The rest of Ihe world
knew long ago that that was the
way. lhat peace would come if the
German people were made free. The
nations havc united nol to destroy
Germany, but to destroy the German
autocracy, just as in the mining communities of former days peaceable
men would unite to rid lhe. town of
ils "bad man."���trom the. New York
Dominion Express Money Orders are on
Hie in five thou-ana ollice. throughout Canada.
are uanec-essar.' if you wear
Arlington Collars and Cuffs
They are watarproof and aU that fo necessary
-when they become soiled Is to wash them with
soap and water and they look as (rood us linen,
Ko .ro_iin_E is necessary. Ask your dealer for
them. Manufactured by the
Fraser Avenue, Toronto
Wool's P_to��p_iod__ui.
Tht Great Englitk Remed*.
Tou-. and invigorates tlu wholia
Biirviiii. system, uakea new Blood
old Velna.  Cure*  tfervoug
ility. Mental and Brain Worry. Jlespon.
Ifney, lets *f Kne.rtni, d'atpitntion of Ihi
JJenrt, ftttttna Memory. Tne. tl per boi, ill
EarlS. Onawill pl-'iao, aii will cure. Bol,I l-v all
lra__i**a or niaifo-i io plain pkg. on receipt ol
r: ���"wvnmphlt mailed free. THltltaOO. ,
��CO..t*.0��T0.0UT. ir��autiih.iaij   I
Warts are disfigurements tbat. disappear when treated with rfollovray's
'.'orn (.'inc.
Our Name
When the new confederation was
formed the question was, by what
style should it be known" At ii - si
it was "United Provinces," and so
remained in the first six drafts of the
bill. Then a new title was substituted, "Kingdom of Canada." But Lord
Derby, premier at the time, looking
lo the great and growing republic
across the Canadian frontier, said:
"Why needlessly wound American
sensitiveness;" And so, Dominion it
became, 'e.ntl remains, none the less
majestic a heritage for not chrdl- 'g-
ing the armour propre of the men
now lighting by our side.���-ondoit
Daily  Chronicle.
Admiral Beatty's Hero
Nelson's Example Is the Pattern He
Would Follow
Cio into Admiral Realty's parlor
and glanre at the line of boohs which
lie on the table. I( i-r Njjgon's dispatches, T.ook on Iih cli :.|. iiiul you
will lind a Inrsl of lhe great admiral.
The prints and pictures on tin- walls
Inn- commemorating greal deeds of
the navy also are lit wiih the light
of tbe navy's greatest Inspiration.
Hire is the. dinner table of the rap-
lain of a famous ship of llic First
Baltic Squadron, Note ihe centrepiece���a silver statuette, Need you
ask whose it is? Nelson stands shin-
ing before bim as silling he drinks
the king's health ill lhe way of llie
iiavy, and the statuette i- his mascot,
duly once did be leave il behind,
and the ship had trouble, That was
on manoeuvres, and never since lias
Nelson been forgotten, llis servant,
who knew the value the caplain attached to it, asked before the battle
of Jutland if he would slow the
slaluelle safely away, "tip/' replied
lhe captain, "he must go through it."
And go through il lhe lillle slatuetlr.
did, and the ship thai carried him
wenl llirougli it, loo, and earned fresh
laurels.���From the Loudon Daily
I........................................������.. ��..���..��. ._,.*..���..���.-���<
No humbug I    Apply few drop*
then juit lift them away
with fingers.
Minard's Liniment   Relieves   Neuralgia.
treat lucrffi. CftlS I .IRONIC tmiCNBSS, LOST VJQOI
*  VIM, KIUNI , .   IC.AUDBK, flit. V.r... HI.OOP   POISON,
fii.ss. ii ini-.it no. i '   . ,.-i -... -.mm m  -. . i �� cri
ffuRUNfu.   Wl.TSrOR PMC n-i'-K ru OH, Lk CLBRO
Men. co. ii * vi. km--I ���; tin (Tau.sti .���*, London, bnq.
lM��WpMO��aiTAUELB35)FOnyoi;   fASV  ,���  MK|
__..___ . _ _    .  . cum.
KB THAT TiROI  UAH -ft* WORD ' I it mi ..[���-������' i!�� UN
If.aOVT.IUU.* ��M i \M�� iu hi, ... m r,h rum.a
IRVNIWDRAUKKIIASM ' i  ,���,...in .I >p    *
|M MAT flftDI  UARKBD WORD    in*-'
Minimize The Fire
Peril By U ing
Chemically Self-Exlinguithin**
"Silent 500s"
The Matches With "No
A fterglow "
EDDY is the only Canadian
maker of these matches, every
stick of which has been treated
with a chemical solution which
positively ensures the match
becoming dead wood once it
has been lighted and blown
Look for the words "Chemically self-extinguishing" on the
Valuable Practical Experience
There is nothing like praetieal experience to open eyes. Some city
vacant-lot gardeners who paid from
$4 to $5 for a bag of potatoes to
plant a small lot, the cultivation of
which for planting cost $.1 or $4, aud
who have hoed and hoed and now
lir.d Paris green is (iO cents per
pound, are beginning to figure that
llieir work lias been patriotic, foi
irom their $7 lo $10 outlay, lo say
nothing of interest or rent of lot anil
labor. Ihey are likely lo gel from seven to ten bags (,f potatoes and maybe
potatoes will nol bc more than /.'
cents to $1 per bag nexl winter. It
is a great experience, Growing slnll
for sale to Other, is 110 easier, 'i'he
farmer doesn't journey out lo the
field and pick Up money. Neither does
lho backyard gardener.���Farmers'
This new drug is an ether compound discovered by a Cincinnati
chemist. It is called frcc-
, zone, and can now be obtained in liny bottles as
here shown at very little
cost from any drug
store. Just ask for free-
zone. Apply a drop or
two directly upon a tender corn or callus and instantly the soreness disappears. Shortly you will
find the corn or callus so
loose that you can lift it
oil, root and all, with the
Not a' twinge of pain,
soreness or irritation; not
even the slightest smarting, either when-applying
freezone or afterwards.
This  drug   doesn't    "at
up the corn or callus, but
shrivels    them    so     llicy
loosen    and    come,    right
out.  It i.s no humbug!  It
works like a charm.   I'or
______      a few  cents  you can  get
fid of every hard corn, soft corn or
corn between the Iocs, as "well gs
painful calluses on bottom of yoiir
feet. It never disappoints ami never
burns, bites or inflames. If your
druggist hasn't any freezone yet,
tell him to get a little bottle for you
from his wholesale house.
Timber Resources of Canada
Canada's timber resources are th*
third largest iii-the world. The Do-
niinion has a supply of ."00,000,000,-
000 to 800,000,000,000 feet board measure, eovering.an area approximately
of 250,000,000 aires. This estimate
ri.ly refers to saw timber and does
not lake into account material suitable for pulp wood, lire wood and
W,     N.     U.     1172
Catarrhal Deafness Cannot be Cured
by local application! na tin-, ranaot reach
lhc ill,ea.nl portion ol Uie eai. Tlicre il
only one w.iv lo .lire iril.trrli.il deafness, ..'.al
iiini ib by a toiisiiiiitional remedy. Catarrhal
Ueafness it caused by rut Inhaim-d condition
���i the unit out Hninfi ol lhc Eustachian Tiic-c.
When this lube ia inflamed you have a nun*
liling Hound or imperfect hearing, .m<l when
u la entirely closed, Deafness is th. result.
Unless ihe Inflammation can lie reduced and
; iiii* tube restored  io  itn  normal  condition,
hearing    will be destroyed   forever.     Many
I cases   ol deafness    an- caused    by  catarrh,
I which Is an Inflamed t-oiitluioti oi tne mucous
surfaces.     Hall's  Catarrh  Cure an; through
' i tie blood on lhc mucous surfaces ot the sys-
j tern.
We will Rive (Inc Hundred DotlrrfS for any
case of Catarrhal Deafness thnl cannot be
cured   b>   Hall's   Catarrh   One.     Circulars
j bee.     All  Druggists,  ?Sc.
1\ J. CHKNIr.Y & CO.,  Toledo, 0.
Caring For Eggs
There are  many  egg farmers  who
are negligent  in  Iheir modes of car-
, ing for eggs. Vou can't fool the egg
- dealer who knows bis business,   for
| the care you give an egg is  registered on  its inside.
J    Too many poultry-men  earn    little
I for the quality of eggs when prottuc-
led,   Their aim seems to bc quantity
' lo the utter neglect of quality,    yet
| no one can make a big success    oi
poultry work withoul study    of the
��� care of eggs,
St, Isidore. P. Q., Aug   IX. 1804.
Minard's Liniment Co., Limited.
Gentlemen, I have frequently usul
prescribe -i for m. patients always
wilh the mosl gratifying results, itnd
I consider it the best all round Liniment extant.
Vour." truly,
Di;. fOS, AUG, SIRi 'is.
Aerial Patrol for Sheep Ranch
Flying shepherds may add a picturesque touch lo life on western
sheep ranches if ihe plans of a
wealthy Montana herdsman prove to
be as practicable as they arc origi
nal. Last season 2,600 of Die rancher's sheep wandered into the bills
and perished. Therefore he has purchased a biplane and has becn receiving Instruction at Los Angeles in
its operation, Hc expects to patrol
the ranch with the air craft nnd locate missing flocks, J'y dropping
smoke bombs their positions will be
marked. The machine is to be equipped with radio apparatus so as to bc
in communication wilh the pack
train, if the scheme works out successfully, the raiicher contemplates
maintaining a flotilla of five or six
machines, and it is possible that others in thc vicinity will do likewise.
Better, Not Less, Buying
Uiiy as much as you need when
you need it. Hut buy intelligently,
carefully, wasting neither your own
money nor another's time. Heller
buying, not less buying, should be
our new shopping slogan.���iNcw Vork
How Prohibition
Affects Russia
Results so Satisfactory That There
Is Small Chance of Return to Old Order
Recently the Russian ministry of
finance published a volume in which
it discussed the effect of the prohibition of vodka upon thc Russian
people. The review covers the period from July, 1914, to April, 1915:
but while it covers less than a year
it is well worth noting ils conclusions, it declares that while drunkenness has decreased, church-going
has increased; and' while vodka shops
have disappeared, their place has
been taken by tea-houses and eating-
houses. Village life has been changed for the better, and prosperity i.s
much iu cvidtnice. ll is asserted that
suicides have decreased considerably
while thieving, murder, streei fights
and such like have decreased in some
Idealities on the average about 46.4
per cent. Thc health of the people
has improved, and beggars have almost disappeared. On account of
tlie village bouses being built of wood
and straw, tire has been a terrible
scourge; but prohibition has lessened
the. tire rale from _0 to 40 per cent,
'lhc deposits iu governmental savings banks have increased in an ex
traordinary degree, and iu the pro
vince of Perm alone the population
has added about $8(000,000 to its;
wealth in tllis way. The abolition of
vodka bas greatly "increased the efficiency of labor in sonic eases, iu tin
Moscow- industrial district the ill
crease being as high as _5 per cent
The people generally seem glad that
the curse has been banished, and
there seems small probability thai
the republic will return to the evil
which lhc empire put under the ban.
���Christian Guardian,
Will Try To Excite Pity
Look Out  for    This    Big    German
x Trick
"We learn from a sourci that is
generally trustworthy that tlie Germans on their part contemplate the
possibility of having recourse to the
stratagem of a pseudo-revolution. It
has, wc are informed, been decided
in high quarters to excite the pity
of the Allies, anil in induce them to
conclude an illusiv. peace by stimulating an intention lo introduce a regime of democratic liberalism in
Germany, The supreme head of the
state has been induced to promise
temporary reforms of so radical a nature that the Allies could not help
being impressed by  them.
"This metamorphosis of Germany
would, of course, last only until ri
favorable peace had been concluded
As the memory of the war faded.
Prussia would gradually revert to the
old slate of affairs, but the aim
would have been achieved and Germany would have been saved bv
ephemeral concessions, We are u
Mired tbat German agents are wording actively and cleverly in the interest of ibe propagation of thu
great German plan."���Gazette dc
Lausanne,  (Switzerland).
For Frost Bites and Chilblain..���
Chilblaines come from undue expos.
ure lo slush and cold and frost-bite
from the icy winds of winter. In th*
treatment of either there is no be:
ter preparation than Dr. Thonui"
Electric Oil, as it counteracts the inflammation and relieves the pain. The
action of the oil is instantaneous an.
its application is extremely si "pie.
Small .but .Potent. ��� Farmetee's
Vegetable I'ills arc small, but they
are effective in action. Their fine
qualities as a corrector of stomach
troubles are known to thousands and
they arc in constant demand everywhere by those who know what a
safe and simple remedy they are.
'Ihey need no introduction to those
acquainted with them, but to those
who may not know them they arc
presented as thr best preparation ou
the market for disorders of thc stomach.
Britain's Coming Air Fleet
No fewer than a hundred factories
are engaged on some process or other connected with the construction
and equipment of tbe Hying machine.
lu Greal Britain, according t" a
statement issued by Dr. Addison,
output is increasing by    leaps   and
bounds. If, for the purpose of com
piirison, you pin the number of airplane!', produced in May, 1916, al 100,
then in May of this year tbe number
lose io rather more than .'00.
To meet the demand for labor,
special schools have becn slarled all
over the country.
English Channel Tunnel
A plan for boring four tunnels beneath lhe English channel within
thirty-live days has been submitted
lo lhc British cabinet by John K.
Hecken, a civil engineer of New
Vork, who claims to havc invented ��
iiyicliiue which will cut through earth
and rock at thc rate of 100 feet an
hour. Mr. Hecken asserts that he
can have the tunnels completed and
ready for operation within a few
mouths' time. His plans not only
provide for a trackway in each tunnel, but a driveway as well, along
which motor lorries can be driven
from England to the supply bases in
Prance without breaking bulk.
Minard's Liniment Cures Burns, Etc,
Speaking of advertising, here is
v.^iat some of the publishers charge
for spare: Ladies' Home Journal, SH
a line or $104 per inch, and $0,000 for
a full page each issue; tlie back cover sells for $10,000. A full page ad
verliscnient in lln- Saturday F\cning
Cost sells for $5,000, and the baek
cover sells for $7,000; the centre page
iu colors i* $12,000, As this advertising space is always filled, it is
evident that advertising pays even at
these prices.   -IVirolia Advertiser.
White Cake
White Liquid
r- ��� r-r-jr ,:
and Childrens Shoes
Looks Better
Lasts Longer
- Easy to use
.-, Best (brShoes
A [) A     t 1 [> .       rwAMILlOi..   (   AN. THE COURTENAY REVIEW
The Courtenay Review
And l.'ouiox Vatley Advocate
A   Weelty   Newspaper,   I'ubislied   at
Courteuay, It. 0,
N. H. ItoniiN, 1-ililoi nnd Proprietor
Subscription $1.80 pur Veur in Advance
$2,00 per iiniiuiii if not so paid
THURSDAY SEI'. 20, 1917
Note and Comment
We were in error n few weeks
ago when We stilted that Mr. W.
B, Mclnnis bad been rejected of
Comox mi a former occasion. Our
informant, lil;. ourselves, is a comparative UeWC-iuel to llm district,
und bad been misinformed. A.s be
.happens to lie a good Liberal llie
mistake will doubtless be overlook,
T.e cauada; Sir wilrfed'B organ in
Montreal says:-������ \vs me bound to
repeat that conscription is complete
ly banished, in any form, under
any pretext, from the Liberal programme, Sir willred hasstated and
repeated in the- house .lhat be is irrevocably opposed to compulsory
service, Should Uie war last indefinitely and voluntary enlistment
become inadequate lo fill the- ranks
of our army, cauada, under a Liberal government will rather eu-
deavcr to intensify and multiply its
co-i peratiotl in foodstuffs and munitions."
Call and see tlie ji-w [���_ and i
ton unto Trailers at 5120 and $140
each, at the Ford oarage,
Fall Goods
Now being Shown
tber drawing will be held on Oct.
.(tb. at the regular Hireling,
10 was ibe lucky ticket for sofa
cushion, Mrs. Glazbrook being the
2o_ was the ticket drawn for the
night go'-'ii, Mr. McCormack of
Headquarters being the winner.
The Regent and members of tbe
I. O. 1). E, wish to thank all those
who iu any way contributed to the
day's success, nnu for the- ji-nu.ous
donations of articles for the Novelty 1 	
stall nml  refreshments,   The foi-  _, _, ��_.n.
lowing gaye cash ibuatiotis. Newest Lieatio.-.s in Millinery
Mt-s lames Cliowii. Quluu, Carter     anJ Millinery ..ccesscrie.
Johnston, Kerton, Fitzgerald Mus-,
camps, I'tieud,    Messrs,   Nnpoleon
Nickerson, Mni'sliull Everett, Mars Ladies and  Mis cs Tweeds,
den   Prleii'd    Over lour hundred    Beaverc oth and Astrachan
dollars waj taken In,   A tlt-imled
list of receipts und expenses will       Coats at popular prices
appear m-xi wee'*, j 	
One ot the ph. ising   fsntures   of
tbe da) was llic. collection of $15.30
1 by lillle- Miss   w . ml  ami   lit r   pet '
I lamb.
Too much credit cunnol be given
I to the- Tug cm
son   mid   Mis
who collected
The comedy plav staged by Mr,
and Mrs. Hicks-Beach and Mrs.
Haughtou, was much enjoyed by
11 large audience,
Would parties who look dishes,
pie platci, etc. to the fair kindly
call or send for them sonic Thursday al the Orange Hall,
>^ju#i ""*'"* "��ikJH
id  Misses Sweater
Miss Mollie Robert
Minnie   Leighton,
35.15    a1"1    Slf>'0..
ies  anc
Coats and Sweater Sets
Fall Dress Gootls Sc Coa ings
Special vnl
lasl lives, 1
Sll.."'., I
Tweeds, Ciibiml
({iilines, .\inr
plain and   1,iiu'i
iju, lilt-       nud
lilllll sllrldes   sir
illir     Weill'    111    c.
ill   ll
���   and    Pen-
ill.-   I,
L'liit bs
First .ailuad of 1918   Fords   ar-.
rived ibis week at the lu id Gar���ge
When vou have an item of  news     'i'b. earliest tiieniioii of coal is in
for The Review do not   wait  until the  writings of Theophrastu.,
Thursday   to seud   it   in,    li  is}greek philosopher, who lived about
oficti necessary lo leave items   outj .(J0 jji q
because they arc telephoned loo late|
foi insertion,    The Review   is   al- Editor Omit.nny Revll\v
ways pleased to l.ceive news of any      Deai Sir:���Will ymi please pub-
Mrs. C, Campbell, Secretary of
tlie Women's Institute, wishes to
thank Miss Barbara Duncan, Miss
Hazel Leighton and Miss Viola
Campbell for their work on Fair
Day on behalf of the Blue Cross.
The sum of $jS has been forwarded
to Miss Kitto, Victoria, for this
excellent cause.
The soldiers from Qualicutu had
a ball throwing' contest at the Fair
grounds on Friday afternoon winch
attracted a lot of patrons. Sergt-
Major Blown and the others 'b0
came from Qualicum desire to thank
the poeple of tbe district for their
very liberal patronage, also the
following who assisted in making
their visit a sticcees; The Fair As
sociation through t; Hardy, Sec
O Fechner for free transportation,
T Booth for cigars, J Thompson
for carpenters work etc, The receipts we re J1KH3, afler expenses
arc paid about $40 will be left to
purchase sporting materials. Those
making tbe trip with the Sergt
Major were Sergt Stevens, 7 Batt,
Corp Jones. 102nd, Corp Plllinmer
31st, Lce-Cpl, Se'erwood 54th,
Pte, Mcl'hee 47th, Sapper Town-
send Engiueers,
lis'i the inclosed list of literature
f 10111 tlie Department of Agriculture for tbe benefit of the members
of the Farmers' Institute, and they
can have a copy of the same upon
application to the undersigned secretary- Hog raising in B. C, bulletin 110. 60; Silos and Sila,ge, no,
66; Milk testing and dairy records,
no. 72; Mai ket Poultry, no, 49;
Care and marketing of eggs. no. 55
Noxious weeds, llieir identification
and eradication, no, 18: Exhibiting
fruit and vegetables, no. 48: practi
cal Poultry raising, no. 26: Chicken
pox 111 poultry, no 20; Tlie care of
Milk and cream. 110, 10; Butter
making on the fnrm. no, 71,
Yours truly,
G, Bigelow,
I. O. D. E. Notes
The Rallies of the Daughleis of
the Empire were drawn as follows:
105 for SWeatei G.at and Cap,
Not Claimed.
40 for Tea Cloth.    Nol claimed,
Would parlies holding tiie above
tickets phone Mrs R. Christie Sic.
I. O   IV K      In ibe   v '.ii  of these
numbers nol being claimed  a  fur-
New Shipment of
Curl Cloth Coats
2 to 6 yrs, $4.50
ill black and navy
Ladies' Jap Silk Waists
36 to 42, $1.25
Boys Cashmere Jerseys
Drown, Navy, Saxe, ('.ream.
Cardinal, $1 .75 lip
Seabrook Young
623-5 Johnson St.
Victoria, B. C.
Esquimalt   &   Nanaimo   Railway
Ttianksgiving  Day
From al! points on the E. & N. Ry.
Good good Octobtr 5th   and   8th,  Final return
October 9th
Fare nnd One-Filth for Round Trip
Phone R 60
Agent Cc.rte.ay,
In ."I inch wldil
Cloths,Cliincblllii:, Sp
in light und iin . sluid
|ii r yard ; also .
Plaids in aina-il nml kit
(nnu Sl.7- 1. 1 wl I
iu   Rlanket
imrl Checks
C. C. a la Grace Corsets
Comfort, l-'hM style, perfect li1-
tiug unci ilu 'ubility eniplia:,./ I
in every pair. Complete rau^e
of new lunik-Is now beiutf shown
Special value iu Invictus Shoes
(the best good slim.- fnr women)
ill \i\yCnt (-.rev und Chamois ���
colored cloth lops, wilh Patent
mid Vici Kid Vumps, and Cuban and Louis Heels
I Deliver
your ordei for
Fresh Groceries
Vour patronage solicited.
It is u concrete fact Hint ROYAL STANDARD FLOUR
bus few equals in tbe whole world, A better flour cannot lu- made
\Ylint -i pity if bO'Ueof our western home linkers arc unconsciously usiiiff some other inferior Hour, and paying
ns much ns ROYAL STANDARD can be boiiRhl for
Order ROYAL STANDARD FLOOR from your grocer.     DO THIS TO DAY
Make your Bread, uml your buns, and your liiscnitsnf it
You're going to 1 ke the results us well or battel than
nny you liuve bail before from nny mnke of Hour,
" V " on Every Sack
Royal Standard Grain Products Agency
Phone 3?, End ul Bridge . Towler,  M���r.
^l*rf>������W(^%J��V������_V������    ��^'>��^<V'^V<^����tf��*\_*^*W^'��-��,��W^*��^j'a^
We have an Exhibit of a Large
Assortment of New Patterns
Store Between  Bridges
$6.00 Per Ton
Delivered in Courtenay
All Orders Will Receive Prompt Attention
Phone 43 Courtenay
Comox   Livery   Stable
Phone 84 L
Auto Truck Meets all Boats
and Courtenay Trains
Autos and Teams for Hire
at reasonab'e rates
V -.:>i 1  ts Audited and
Books Kept
Office with Hicks Beach & Field
Telephoning is
Face to Face Conversation
When a person speaks over the Telephone, the tones and
accent of the yoice are very distinct; each talker recognizes
instantly tbe voice of the other.
That's what makes Long Distance telephoning so satisfactory, You know whom you are talking to, vou know your
message is being received, and you get your answer.
Every telepbone is a Long Distance telephone.
British  Columbia  Telephone Co.
The co stof Living is High
Still There's Nothing Like Leather
Practical Shoemaker and Repair
Next to Hardr & Biseoe
Willard's Harness Emporium
Fine Showing of Horse Blankets,  Lap
Rags, Gloves, Trunks, Suit Cases, Btc.
Harness Repaired Neatly
Cumterfend and Courtenay THE COURTENAY REVIEW
Court-nay's Annual Fall Fair
One of the Most Successful
in Society's History
Courtenay's annual exhibition
was held on Thursday and Friday
of last week, and as was expected
was a very successful one. Secre-
sary Hardy and an enthusiastic
directorate bad dor.e ull in their
power to provide au attractive pro
gramme, while the number of exhibits was not up to some of former
years, the quality was all llm1
could be desired, The new regulations iu the Ladies department
brought out n number of new exhibitors with new varieties' of ladies
work, In the grounds the exhibit
of Ihoreughbred cattle wns fairly
good, there was a marked abs-iice
of grade nninuils however, .Sheep
and swine were probabl inon- in
evidence than in Cornier years.
Bridges llros. had a bow and Uu
little pigs, which were well worthy
of tiie ist prae they obtained, Dttr
ing the nfteruoou the 12small pbrk-
eis wen- sold for $122, There was
more poultry titan ou any I'm mer
occasion in the past six years, 'Hie
burses linn also was well filled
with substantial looking animals,
.porting events bolh lor children
and grownup.' were well contested
,\ number of business men had dis
plays of merchandise ou the ground
which was quite noticeable, The
dance 111 the evening wai well pat-
rouized by the young people of lhe
Registered Jerseys,
Hull, Junior, ist, W.   Urquhart,
2nd C. Jackson: Hull calf, K.   Williamson; Cow, island  2nd  R.   U.
Hurford: Champion Cow,  R,   U
Hurford, Meda .
Registered   Holsteins
Cow, R. Smith; Holstein Cow, silver medal by Courteuay Condensed Milk Co. val-,   $50,   \V.   Mat-
Registeied Ayrshires, ist and 2nd
O, 0. Game; Bull, Medal, G. G'me
Heifer Calf, G. Game. Champion
Cow, G  Game,
Beef Grade. Beef Animal, Capt
Dairv Grade. Cow, H, Gurney
W Urquhart; heifer, W, Urquhart
H, Gurney, Heifer, R. Hurford,
H. Gurney: Heifer, ist and ami V.
Halliday: Best dairy animal, prize
by Comox Creamery Ass'11, R. U.
Hurford. H. Gurney: Dairy Cow,
Medal by Bank of Commerce, R.
Hurford; Herd of cattle, G  Game,
Stallion W. Urquhart; Mare, \V,
Urquhart; Mare or gelding, Bridges Bros, cult or lilly, W. Urquhart
draught team, Bridges Bios.
Agricultural or Light Draught
Class, Mare, H. Guruev; M"re or
gelding, W. Urquhart, V, llallidnv
Colt or Filly, yearling II. Gurney:
Colt or Filly, sucking, II, r.uruev:
agricultural team, V. Hallid.iy, w.
General Purpose. Mare or gelding, Bridges Bros. V. Halliday;
coll or filly, Bridges Bros.
Carriage Class, carriage turnout
c. Weaver.    ���
Roadsters Mare, 11ri1l.es nr.>s.
colt or filly. nrldge_ nro.; saddle
lio-se, midges nros ; lady's Riddle
horse R. McQullnit; champion mare
or horse, medal, Bridges nros,
Shropshire Sheep |{-\_: __h.nrs
midges nros, ewe, .shearling, midges nros.: ewe Intnb,  iiridgt.s niu.s,
Oxfords Ran), midge > iiro.s, 2nd
Capt. Vigors; ewe, ."shear.' midges
nros. Cant, Vigors: ewe, sh
Bridges mos, Capl. Vigor-
lamb, Capt. Vigors, iiridges
ewe lamb, Capl, Vigors, midges
mos. pen of sheep Bridges Bros.,
C'api. Vigors; chainpion ran in ���
rial, midges nros,, champion ewe,
midges mos,
Fat Sheep Two wether lambs,
A. Shepherd, Gapt. Vigors.
craded Sheep One ewe, .shear.
midges nros.: ewe, yearling, Brid
ges Bros.: ewe lamb, midges   in us.
Fleeces I) mestic line, dipt.
Vigors; domestic medium Capt.
Vigors: dome-tic coarse, Capt, Vi
gors, Jos, Davis.
.   Boar, 1 year,   Bridge   Bros,   \V,
Urquhart- sow, 1 year, Bridges nros
sow, with litter not   less   than   8
Bridges Bros
Graded Pigs   nest   Bacon
V. Halliday,
Poultry Pekiu ducks, c,
F. Jaynes; duck, Bridge.
geese, Toulouse, 2nd, nidges nros,
any goose, R, Livingstone; \i\\-
niontb rock 2 pullets. W, Haines;
Rhode Island Rer's, cock. 2 bens
g. Game: Rhode island Reds, cock
erel and 2 pullets. R. Hurford, G
Game: White Leghorn, R. Hurford
White wyandottes. cock, 2 hens,
R. Hornal, Bridges Bros,; white
wyandottes, cockerel and 2 pullets.
G, Randall, R. Hornal; any othei
kind, G, inline; display of poultry,
Bridges Bros,. Guinea fowls, Lloyd
Diinhuni; pair rabbits, F. Janes,
Dairy Produce Creamery butter
Comox Creamery'] dairy butler V.
Halliday, Plate of butter, Mrs, B.
Crawford, R. Williamson; Cream.
��,. Livingstone.
Garden Vegetables Potatoes,
Beauty of Hebron. T. Smith, ear
Iv Ruse. J, de Lawrence, T, Booth
any oilier early, named, J Cliffe,
R \\'ilIininsoii: Gold Coin, R. wi 1 ���
lianiS' n; Up-to date, Mrs Crawford
T, Smith: Biiii>ank, P, cooae; any
other lute variety, J. Cliffe, R. Mc
QuI.Ip.ii; early named, Bridge Bros:
j, Cliffe; late tunned, J. Cliffe, R,
J Smith] collelion, J. Cliffe, Jos.
Vclinw, J. Knight, J,
J, Knigut, J. Cttithew,
,    Davis;   Shallots,    J.
Chile; led
Heels    |
Is 11111Ii;, J
'.lolie.'R, Williamson Mrs
Carrots Long, J. 0,
1'iniii: Inlt ruiedinle, J.
Knight, T. Booth; titble coin, R.
MeQuiilau, \ . Halliday; tablt
tin nips, J. Cliffe) J, Lawrence,
Cabbage, pointed, T. Boolb, 1'..
Smith; Ihu, R, Smith, J, Lawrence
savoy, T. iiooth; C'Utlillowef, T.
Boolb; brussels sprouts, J D.wis,
11. Gtirne-,; Scotch-kale, I., notith
J Uayts; l.ctluce, Mis. Hamilton;
.-quash, \i.. .Smith, J. Davis; vegetable marrow, J. -Knight, J. Davis;
pumpkin, R."Smith; cucumber. R.
.Smi'li, T. Booth; citron, T, unutli,
M-s. Bridges; tomatoes, J, Knight,
J. Ca thew; pens, J. Knight, Jos,
Unvis; k'ox beans,���Mrs, Coberley,
R. McQuillan; celery, j. Knight, 1
iiooth; rhubarb, L. Dtiuham, j.
Knight; leeks, J. Knight, 1. Me.
qiil.iiii; vegetables, j. knight, it,
Muith^vegetable niaiiuw. hoy oi
girl, j. Thompson, j, McPhee, citron, boy or girl, R. Hornal,
Sheaf of wheal, K.  Livingstone,
r. willianisou: she if of oats,   midges Bros; li,   Livingstone:   spring
wheal, R,   Smith,   Bridges   Bros,
oats, Bridges Bios, R, Smith;   tlir
nips, R. Smith, \v, Urquhart; mangels, globe, j.   Knight,   long,   it,t
aud 2nd vv. urqtihuit: sugar beet
H: Gurney, H, i.iviugstoue: carrots
whi'.e, j. Kniviit, j  Cliffe;   red,   j,
Prain, J.  Knight;   heaviest  pumpkins, R. Smith; ensilage corn,   E.
(To be continued next week )
No barm can befall a good  man
whether dead or alive,
Guaranteed To Satisfy
The -* Sunshine " Furnace gives healthful, warm air heat���and plenty of it.
When installed, according to plans
furnished by our heating engineers,
it is guaranteed to give absolute satisfaction. Write for free illustrated
For sale by C. H. Tarbell & Son, Courtenay
Letters to the Editor
Presbyterian Church
,,   . St. Andrews' Sandwick
K.hior I unit..nay  Review-   _ g     ... SmA      S(hool
D.nrSin- Iu your last issue I f    3     ni
nad wiili mv ti -������mil  interest   your Courtenav
inutial mention  of the  results of
the National I'.gg iLayi.ng Contest
Sunday School and   Brtile Clas
,,   , 10:30 a. m,    Evening service 7:30
just finished at Victoria.    Perhap. AnWelcome
it might interest your many  readers to know that some ol   our lo_-.il   __= . as-sa
In-iis au-also thrifty egg producers XUCTr.      DI7 Af?QF
Although tin vdu   not   reach   the 1 1J.__-C.-L.'       rUrriAOI.
height of the prize   winners,   they hnrrister and  Solicitor,   Not*.,
go higher than tbe   average   birds Public,
entered al tiie, contest. ,                                    /-       .    	
Our flock of ii pullets and ,. old Phone 6                 Courtenay
hens, hnve lai   this year from  lhe   , : =3
Jan. ist tn Sept. 15,   eight  and  a
half months, 2143 eggs, or an aver (J u ni I (Cl'land   I [l lid
age of 153 eggs per ben,
17S do/.eii, average figure, -|<>
cents #7'--l��
Peed bought ��19,40
Tbe eggs were sold at dealers li-
,rer;wl,ici, are usually 5 cents be-   p^gg    ^^V
We often bear that   il  does  not u
il Accomodation      Cusiue Bxcellen
Wm. Merryfield
Leaving a balance of f.ss.oo ���.
Tbe eggs were sold at dealers figures which are usually 5 cents be
pay to keep chickens when feed  is   g    ��-| J O*���> _. V-. 1 .
so high, but the above figuies prove   Xj  H ftPQ r\T.fi Ljl fc
.be contrary,    Our hens have been   <������*������ l   WtilUUttiVlV
confined in a small yard all summer. Horses and Buggies for  Hire _
if properly fed it is not necessary for j
laying hens to run at large, Terms cash.
Next to proper feeding it is   ne-1 . ,,,���,������
cessary to keep fowls  scrupulously , We  ajso attend  to  wood hauling
clean,    We have kept our   hens in. ..	
the same little yard and house   tori .,.�����-   ��    c0>r
over three vears and are still look-:        MS-   CAIRNS  &   SON
ag for the'first flea, Proprietors
��� A. Duncan    | Courtenay Phone as
Sept. 25. 1917-
Comox, B Ci '
Comfortable  Rooms    for  Tourists and
MRS. T. D. HIND, Managress
Har supplied with best wines
liquors and cigars I
Do You
The  Courtenav  Review
Family Herald and Weekly viand the Daily Province
for one year
for $6
Mooring fctlansfield
General Blacksmiths        '  1 ���������
Ileg to announce thai tliey are  prepared I
Sa.""kin,ls"'re,,airs llt moler" j First-Class Plumbing
Horseshoeing a  Specialty  j     Hot Wtte_ am) StearaflUil)R
,       . Jackson & Whittle
GRIEVE and DARGIE ^ Co"rte"i,y
Ice Cream
The average man can easily afford age on a Ford  than o-i  anv other
a Ford car.    It is the most inex- car.
pensive car to drive, You can buy a Ford for yourself
20 to 25 miles on a gallon of and one for your wife for the price
gasoline is an everyday occurance. of one car at $1000. You can run
33 miles is frequently reported by both Fords at about the same ex-
Ford owners, Yearly repair ex- pense as one larger, heavier car.
penses of less than one dollar are You can always sell a " used "
not unusual. ' The car is light in Ford at a good price. You have to
weight, and tires give more mile- accept a big reduction for a "used"
larger car
Go and take a ride in the 1917
model. See how comfortable it is.
And stylish, too���stream line effect
tapered hood, crown fenders,
beautiful finish. You need one
for business. Your wife and children need one for pleasure aud
Sand and Gravel
Rates Reasonable
**l^^*��**t***ll*gi.r t*t*a**
Ford Garage
Courtenay B. C.
Buggies and Express Wagons
AU Rigs Guaranteed and Sold at the Lowest Possible Price
Blacksmith ard Carriage Builder COURTKNAY
att*****s*gt****s*f m
y^t_gff_��___H��8Bl ���****~ri*&-f,f*p
Vour Eleven Acrei
One Person Must Live Off tlie Production of Eleven Acres
The earth hm a trifle less Ihan
!7,tliiii,iiil() square miles of lotal surface. A little, over n fotirlli ol tills
surface is Inn,I, 55,000,000 square
miles  of it.    And  of this 28,000^)00
tquarc miles, or .i scant (radii vet
one-half, ir, soil thnl can be used for
food produi tion, The n sl is di acrt,
inotiiit.-iiii  range, and polar   regions,
ads in
on ilu
A linii of this might
cliiiiii.il, Inn  ii,,i  very much
So hen- wi   have Iwo i ilal
lhe  practical   p-ograph)    o(
'1 In ��� 1,0011,000,1  pi ople
earth  to feed <J 28,000,000
mill s 0f tillable land wilh which t
do it. Or, reduced lo figures in
which wc nn- more ni i in loincd lo
Hi ink, this in uns lh tl one person
must live off i1 ��� produi !'"i ol every
eleven acres, mi nn uvi rage, ih
,- nii'l ovi r, I inii't say, "li can'l b
ii must he iluiic or
A Family Reunion
body will Mar
us for lln l.i-1
inolhcrs wniii
starve to deal
Poland is in
plight, judgin
tiiiy reports
throiiKli, .'im
I ..II  E
Belgium forhiy.
years, helpless
babies slowly
ire their eyes,
pijiable ,i
v fragmen-
c filtered
is suffering
to   the
���rinils  of  niolli
virtue    of    M
-om experience
rs can testify
it'ier Graves1
because they
bow  useful il
the Daily N
sny warm
private sell
mn of the
in a circle
Open Air Lessons
iugton Gardens arc becoming
u  academy  (says a  writer
ana Leader
Villi li
in rill
i - tiny
nl little
sorts of
in   the
In fact, the Gardens have
quite an opcn-aii' kinder
Students of all hinds may
II with their paraphernalia
water-color artists are numer
id yesterday I was amused lo
tiny maid sitting in isolation
upon a great volume of Beethoven
while she worked engrossed at a
manuscript music hook iu her hand.
It is sad thai education under such
conditions should be at tin mere)
a ctiprieious climate,
be si
I I rlil
tills, ;
see a
Changed His Mind
A 'Pan of notoriously had .1
ter residing in a village ivislu
emigrate. To obtain assistance
tin- emigration commissioners
musl have a character, and the.
accordingly asked    one     trom
ar 'c
il to
, rybody wns anxious
ii-.d everybody thorc-
his excellent rep Ita-
was more asto'iisl ed
himself al this result
and .liter looking al his eerlili ate
villi ils long ii-i of signatures, lie
said, "Well, I had no idea I was so
pinch esteemed in tlu neighborhood.
1 think I -hall stay."
neighbors.     I'
In- should go,
fori  testified ti
lion.    No oni
than  llic  man
Real  Englishman  Now
the Keal American
an American minister, ihe
Dr, J. F, Newton, now pastor i
City Temple, London, ycr)
says In a recent article in the
Mall (ia/ittc: "America enters
1'iena with no undue optimism,
uo illusion:,; bin, as regards lhe
male outcome, wilhout a shadow nl
doubt. No mail can foretell what effect this alliance hei ween ihe United
Slates and England may have upon
our future relations. The entry of
America is like a family reunion ol
Ihose who have heen living apart for
a while. Von will presently meet a
new kind of American, You are al
ready familiar wilh the 'glob
ti r,' tin- 'gel rich quirk' and the speculator. .Now, the real American is
going to meet the real Englishman!
They will meet as comrades lit lho
lunch jjnd on the fighling line lhis
means unpredictable things thing!
impossible hy any formal political
Wire ct/x0
on Horses, Cnttle, tee, quickly cured lir
For Sale hj All Dealers
llpujlan   *   Co.,   Prop'i's,   N.7|_in.fi,
(Ftee  Sample  on   Request)
was a favorite name among the long-forgotten food products
of half a century ago, just as it is among the live ones
of to-day. Only exceptional quality can explain such
permanent popularity.
"Let Redpath Sweeten it." 2
Made in one grade only- -the highest!
"Hindenburg Peace" Tract
2 and 5 Ih. Cartons���
10,20, SO and 100 Ih. Bags.
How Shrapnel Works
A shrapnel which breaks properly
during flight simply scatters shrap,
ncl halls, not fragments and pieces
of jagged shell such ns fly from an
exploding high-explosive shell, When
a shrapnel, through failure of lhc
time fuse to respond, does not explode until it comes in contact wilh
the ground or some olhcr firm object in ils path, ihen, and only then,
the steel shell is fractured and pieces
scalier iu all directions.
When you get into a frame of
mind that makes life seem one tiresome duty afler another, with no
pleasure in it; when, ill-health seems
to lake all the joy out of life and
you worry over things that are really not worlh worrying about, then
your nervous system is becoming exhausted, and you arc on the way to
a general breakdown in hcallh. in
this condition your health and happiness is worth fighting for and good,
rich, red. blood is what your system
needs. It is a hopeless task to try
to restore your health while your
blood is deficient either in quantity
pr quality, And remember that no
medicine can bc of any use io you
that docs not build up jour weak,
v atcry blood,
To build up lhe blood and
strengthen the nerves there is one
remedy lhat has been a household
word for inure than a generation���
Dr. Williams' Pink I'ills for Pale
People. It is the actual mission of
these pills to make new, rich, red
blood, which strengthens the nerves
nnd tones.the entire syslem. Tlicy
give, you a new appetite, make sleep
refreshing, put color in thc lips and
cheeks, and drive, away that unnatural tired feeling that oppresses so
many people; If yon want to experience new- health and happiness give
Dr. Williams' Pin
You enn Rei these pills through
nny medicine dealer oj: by mail at 50
cents a box or six boxes for   $2.50
It Tells Germans thc Allies Will Demand $4,000,000,000 a Yea.
A copy of on,- of ihe circulars he
uir distributed all ovcr Germany by
the advocates of a "Hindciiburg
peace'' lhat is, more territory and
indemnities for the Kaiser���has
obtained through neutral some
II c J.ond.iu  Daily  Mail.
I,'ended "Appeal lo German
nml Women I" it SUuls with ai.
monition" to remember what
many's enemies have in pickle for a
defeated Fatherland, 'besides great
tracts of German territory lhe foe
wants a war indemnity of $4,000,000,-
000 a year, in order iu make us ui-
htilary to liim for a century     In nd
ditiotl,    he wants Genua iucs and
German factories lo supply liim with
their products free of charge and to
enslave the German working classes
for llis own enrichment. Think of ii!
Before lhe war the German imperial
debt amounted to only $18.75 per
head. If Germany accepts a peace
wilhout annexations and indtinniiies
lhe ,'.i In will aiuonu lo $623 per
head, while the lax burden of
citizen will be quintupled!"
_ After setting forth that il is lhe
duly of every tine G.nnan, whether
Socialist or junker, to insist up 11 "a
strong German peace, for the sake ofl
a healthy future internal develop-]
menl, plenty of work, good wages,
and universal national warfare," the
appeal concludes:
"<>nr victory is nearer than ever.
The war clock stands at 5 minutes of
12. England's fateful hour will soon I
slake? Already the Englishman, on.'
greediest and basest enemy, is bc-
ginning to feel the pangs of hunger.
Only a little while longer nud the
Englishman, when he realizes that he
is himself about lo sulTcr the death
hy starvation, which he had planne
Practicing Economy
Donald McAllister, a Scottish farmer, wns (.(iiii). to town for a day ol
IWO, nml his daughter Maggie had-n
weary lime listening lo llle hundred
nnd one instructions he gave her as
lo care ami economy,
"Mind llie eual," "Don't   waste any
food," "Don'l sii   up burning light,
Finally, he
set oil, Imt in a moment
with a parting admon-
"An' Maggie, there's young Angus.
See lhal he docsna wear his spectacles when lie's uo rcadin' or wr'itin'l
It's needless -v-ai an' tear!"���Tit-
Counter Check
f very
Haig Wai Once Rejected
Had   Much   Trouble   in   Being   Ad
milted to the Army
Unlike mosl professional soldiers
ol the Hriiish army, Sir Douglas
Haig is a university mnn. He wns
graduated from Oxford, where In-
was renowned at Brnscnosc College
for his prowess on the cricket and
football fields, as well ns on the riv
cr, rather than as a student, lie
had some difficulty in gelling inlo
the. army, having been turned down
by lhc medical examiners as color
blind. Possessed of means, he in
voked ibe assistance of tlie leading
octilisls in Kngland, France and Gei -
many, wilhoui avail, and wns equally
unsuccessful iu all his endeavor, to
_       __    . __.        .      I secure reconsideration of his case or
Or Sales Books!il"r7'���'I,;iIi;;;,ili::s.,,is f;ivnr hy lllc mi|-
At last he had the good fortune to
attract the attention and to arouse
Ihe good will and sympathy of the
old Duke of Cambridge, then the
head of the army, and he pave special orders admitting Haig to Sandhurst, with the promise of a com-
nisision in the calvary after he had
gone through the necessary training
there. Had il not been for'the Duke
Sir Douglas Haig, now at the head
of the largest British force ever assembled under onc command, numbering as it docs some 2,000,000 men,
would have becn kept out of tho
army and condemned lo a civilian career.���By the Marquise de l-'ontenoy.
already using our
Sales Hooks we
solicit    your next
experience   in tht
Mr. Merchant:���
Jl you arc not
Counter Check oi
would respectfully
order.    Vears  of
manufacture of this line enable us to
give yon a book as nearly perfect as
it is possible to bc made iu these difficult limes.
All classes nud grades of paper are
now from 100 to 400 per cent, higher than they were two years ago.
Carbon papers, waxes for coated
books, labor, in fact everything that
goes into the cost of counter check
or sales books are very high in price.
Notwithstanding these facts, oui
modern and well equipped plant for
lhis particular work enables us to
Mill keep our prices reasonably
low, Before placing your next order
write ns for samples and prices, or
consult  the proprietor of this paper.
We   make  a  specially  of   Carbon
Back or Coated  Books,   also   O.K.
'ji Special   Triplicate  hooks.    On  these.
us, will cry for au 'undcrstaiid-
;:nd our regular duplicate and tripli
calc separate Carbon J.eai Books, wc
"The.,,, German soul, be mercilessly! !iumbe.r T'i"", ��"''  cmt0.aia,S   ""
,���,.,, ,   , ,,       ,                      :     ' large, t and best commercial   house
hard!  Let  there be  uo peace at  any J   B           ,,...,    v      ._u��� s_
.  ���  ,       .             ������ i     '���,,    .,      ,   -.from coast   o coast, Wo order  s too
price���a peace winch,  with  the   bad|,._  _ ; ,, ,��� ,���. ,������i,.,, ���f,_.
crops all over the world, will not
bring us a single extra grain of sus-
ti nance and could only result in lifelong remorse. Let each onc think
only of the future, of his own exist-
| large or loo small to be looked aflc
li carefully.
Wc    have   connections    with    the
mg an ample supply of the best grade
, ��� , ,   . , paper used in counter   check   books.
i'i-..  v   nl,  ,���!!���-.  I,, mre a..;.   in'.rr-| $<}��� arc therefore assured of an extra grade of paper,   prompt    service
national brothcrhoodl
venient soda biscuit
a real treat when it's
The  Dr.
Let the voice!
I'ills a fair trial,  of  every    mnn    and    woman      ringLn,|   .I,j5>s11 --.>i
out as loudly as possible in demand-]'       \i,....j _
ing  a   peace   which   will  compel    an
enemy who has rejected with scorn
The convenient soda biscuit
becomes a real treat when it's
It is quite out of the ordinary in crisp-
ness and flavor; as well as in price���
In Packages only.   Plain or Baited.
Another inexpensive and delicioui
Vanilla Wafers
Britons Must Be Adaptable
Sir Thomas Lipton. the well-
known spoilsman and successful
merchant, discoursed tlie oilier daj
upon lire conditions of success rc
quired lo make Great Britain a greater commercial power ihan she i.- al
present. Hc used illustrations from
his own tiavcls.
"In India," he said, "the hens lay
liiile eggs, which in a Hriiish egg
cup sink so low as lo be hnd lo
handle, ' iftcn 1 hnd noted this and
wondered why English manufacturers had nol nu d ��� little egg cups for
use in India, I hie da) in Benares 1
saw a small "mouthed egg cup whirl
held the eye well up, conveniently,
enterprise ,,i last, I tlioughl. I wns
right, Hut it ivas German enterprise, That's a liny illustration of
the sort of chances which an adaptable people can find in all parts of
the world. Trade? There arc uncounted quantities waiting everywhere in the Britisii empire to be
picked   lip."
Waxed Papers and Sanitary
.,11 our repealed efforts of peace loi W'e also manufacture Waxed Bread
reimburse us richly for all our sacrl- and M��* Wrappers, plain and prmt-
ficesl German men and wonien!| '���?'; C.oii/cctioui-ry Wrappers, ,1 ure
Vou are warned!    Act accordingly!"
Food  Waxed Paper  Kolls for Home
Use, Fruit Wrappers, etc.
.;, .   .  .,   "      ,, I     W'rile for samples   of our G. & B.
Women and Asthma. Women arc Waxed   ,,..���,,.,.,   uscd   ���,   ���   mc^
numbered among the sufferers   from Wrapper,    ll   is   both    grease   and
asthma by lhc countlessi thotisands. lnoisturc proof| -,m\ lhc lowe8, pric.
In every climate they will be found, e_ arljcic 0n the    market    for   this
helpless in the grin ni this rc'pntlc!
disease    unless    they    hnve   availe
themselves of lhe proper remedy. Dr. Butter Wrappers
I, 1). Kellogg's Asthma Remedy has
brought new hope and life to many
such, Testimonials, sent eulirclj
wilhout solicitation, show the enormous benefit it hns wrought among
women everywhere,
.''",''"I Genuine   Vegetable    Parchment
nctly. Dr.
Minard's Liniment Cures Dandruff.
North-West Biscuit Co., Limited
���     I        ������     ���
W.     N.     U.     117.
Tree Plantings in Alberta
John Glcnbeck of Alberta, has
planted many trees on his farm near
Gleichcit, Five years ago hc planted
1,1'00 Ir'-es. seedlings and cuttings.
Tlicy were obtained from the government forestry station n^. ludiii.
Head,. Saskatchewan, and consisted
of Manitoba maples, green ash, willow and collonwood, The nraplcsi
ash and willows are from 6 lo 8
I feet high, while sonic of the cotton-
' wood are. 12 feet liich. Two year;
ago he set out 1,300 morc trees received from the same place nud
:;,iiM_ sort of trees.
A year ago he set oul some 1,500
more trees, among which wen some
tamaracks.   All arc doing well.
Fluency ot Speech
nunon fluency of speech in
many men and most women is ow
im; lo a sen.iity of mutter nud n
scarcity of words; for whoever is a
master of language and has a mind
full ni ideas, will he apt ill speaking
to hei
late upon the choice of both;
s common speakers have only
on, sei of ideas, and one set of words
lo clothe them in. and these nre always ready at the mo'uth, so pcoph
cumc faster out of a church when il
is alniosl empty than when a crowd
is nl the door.���Swift
We are large importers of this
particular brand of paper, Our prices
j ou 8x11 size in %100M quantities and
upward-, are very low considering
tin- present high price of this paper.
We can supply any quantity printed
"Choice Dairy Butler" from stock.
Our machinery and equipment for
Waxing and Printing is thc most
modern nnd complete In Canada and
crrsures yuu first class goods and
prompt service,
Hamilton, Canada.
Offices:  Toronto,   .Montreal,
peg,  Vancouver.
Jones���Great work, old topi You
s'oppi ! the ear instantly when you
aw lhe child,
Chauffeur -What child? 1 saw a
hi,ind woman waving to ine from a
window���wai that nil she meant?
tCt ^ u a Granulalcd Eyelids,
Eyes inflamed by eipo-
���uif to Son, Dull and Win.
quickly relieved by Murln*
tyttiem*6y. NoSini
just Eye Comfort.   Al
fm -��� rAm** 3��'ci-iyreiie-cd by Marine
Itw V f_��_9 tyttiem*6y. No Smarting,
a, \\ . . 'u,t E>'�� Comfort. At
VOW Druggist's SOc per Bottle. MurlM ty*
WveniTubes.Sc. PorBwktlllwEwrrMMk
Prugguu m HariM Rye U��__cdy Ct., Ckluf*
If Miller's Worm Powders needed
the support of testimonials they
could he ;rot by the thousands froiii
mothers who know the great virtue
of this excellent medicine. But tho
powders will speak for thcmselvc,
and in such a way that there can ha
no question of them. They act
speedily and thoroughly, and the
child to whom they an- administered
will show improvement from the first
The Junk of War
The debris of war has accumulated
to such an ex lent In France that
the. government has decided lo begin
disposing of it without waiting for
the end of hostilities. A commission
has been appointed lo inventory all
lhe materials and equipment that
have been discarded by the army or
navy, to classify them and ascertain
how they may bc sold to the best
advantage, The commission is asked
also to determine where the secondhand material may be used to best
facilitate the economic revival in
France nfler the war.
Minard's Liniment
for   sale   Kvery.
The First Stage
The first stage on the way to
peace is that the Germans should, get
rid of their megalomaniac dreams
and bring sonic intelligent criticism
to bear on themselves and their gov
eminent. Afler that events may
move faster than at present seems
probable. If any voice from hers
reaches the German people, we cannot sny too often that we are at war
with Pru.ssirii'isni, nml that, though
we. do not dictate to them how t'icy
shnll be governed, the "guarantees"
thai we require, to use iheir favorile
word, musl be much stiffcr, if at ihe
end of the war we are dealing villi
the unrcformed Prussian system,
ihan if we were dealing with a freo
Germany which we could trust.���
Westminster Gazetle,
Americans in Canada
\ ridiculous rumor is in circulation on the American side of the
bcundary, to the effect thai person" enlering Canadian territory run
a risk of being conscripted into the
Canadian military service. This repori, ludicrous ns it is, is said to
have to some extent the effect of
deterring American tourists from
visiting Canada, As much publicity
ns possible should he given to contradictions of this rumor. While most
tourists would nol take such a repori
seriously there nre some who, on
hcnriiig a rumor of ihis kind may allow themselves to bc influenced by il
to thc exlcnl of supposing that tiicy
mighi, in Canada, be subjected to
some Inconvenience���Vancouver Sun.
CTHB  HEVIEW.  l-OnHTNBaf.  ���. u
French Minister of War Warns Nation Thai The Determination
To Win Musl Last To Supreme Hour Of Victory, No .Mailer
How Hard May He Trials Stiil To Bc Endured
01 Our Umpire
All Parts ii British Empire Contribute lo the Pood Supply
The question then arises, to what
extent can the empire supply liu
own needs? Jn attempting an answer, J would lirsl poinl mn thai iis
position  is  unique.     Never  In lore   iu
history ha.- nn empire 'covered so
wide a range of climate. Of of soils.
1     W'esl   lo   Irnsl   il    gi idles    the
globe, and North and .Small it extends from Arctic to Antarctic, <>f
all existing states ii covers ihe widest tropical and subtropical areas.
Somewhere   within    iis   boundaries
there are always crops ripe. It enn
supply every vital need of civilized
mun. -
"Lei us lake a few of lhe more
Important foodstuffs; all the wheat
the empire needs can be'supplied by
Canada, Australia, ami India; all tin
meat by Australia, Xew Zealand and
Soulh Africa; Iill the tea by .India and
Ceylon; nil lhc coffee by India; all
the cocoa hy the West Indies and
Ceylon. The sugar-producing areas
of India, the W'esl Indies, Mauritius,
Natal, and Australia could produce
all, and more Ihnn all, the cane sugar needed. Had we in (ireat Britain
nu iuiluslri.il policy worthy of the
name, we could hnve produced 1,300-
000 tons of beet sugar which we
bought from Germany and Austria in
195Jl nnd should not be paying (id. a
pound I'or Cuban sugar and bc limited tb 3-4 lb. a week today. The Palm
Kernels of West Africa could supply
us with nil thc margarine and the
dairy farms of Canada and New Zealand with all the butler and cheese
we require, The list niighl be multi-
plied almost indefinitely'; but enough
has been said to prove that in food
thc empire call be self-sustained."--
Sir George Makgill, Bart., in Nineteenth  Century.
M, Pnlnlqvc, French minister of
war, in a nn in debate iu the French
chamber -aid, iu pari:
"Lei us nul lire of repealing, for
|l is llu- t in ill, and it is a truth
which is ou. glory, of yesterday and
our ccrliilntj of tomorrow's victory
��� ii is the entire forces of Germany
which the IT.ml, nud English nnu
id have had io face during these
lasl  i ihs.
"W cjl, look ,u lhe map; compare
���h" firing line as ii was al llll beginning ol March nnd ns il Is today
Nol ono fool of ground hnve we
Hti Pped backward, nnd nlong ihc
whole fronl ii is iho enemy who has
given wai. li is now thai, iu Oltl
pons, there is disembarking, wilhoui loss oi ninu or horse or nun, th"
first legion of lho powerful American army, whose brave and vigorous
noldicrs I'aris acclaimed but yesterday,
'Surely, cruel trials slill nwnil us;
Ihe ransom lhal shall deliver future
humanity is bloodj; bill these trials
wc shall surmount with constancy
and   stoicism,       Whnl     shnll    be  thc
chances and changi s oi ihe battle
of the morrow? Shall we beat down
German fore when ii now is, or
will il fall back once more beneath
our thrust? That is the. future's secret, bin there is one thine; we ma.
declare now and with certainty���on
thc firmness of our souls depends our
destiny. And bccnr.se we are certain
of llu future we have nothing to fear
from the truth.
"Ves, faults, grave, faults, were
committer! in the course of thc last
offensive. . . . Ves, lhe results gained by lhe offensive���of which, how-
e.er wc must be carefufStot to un-
dcrratc the importance--were paid
too dear. Ves, losses and heavy losses were undergone���oh! not those,
colossal figures of killed and wounded nnd prisoners, which mischievous
tales, started no one knows where,
circulated through I'aris and France
���but yet losses too cruel, because
they might have been avoided, and
��� must  be  avoided henceforth,
"Often our epoch bas been compared with that of the Revolution.
Our. is ihe greater. The soldiers
then inarched out over the world;
they knew tlle joy of new horizons
and the triumphal welcome of liberated cities acclaiming the tricolor
flag and the soldiers in wooden
shoes who bore it, the intrepid ambassadors of liberty. Our own soldiers hnve to live at the same spot
in lhe same bloody mire, day after
ilny, lighting, resisting, dying. History will tell how they have reached
thc limit of human courage and lhc
very monotony of their sacrifice
adds to ils grandeur.
"'Conquer or submit,' says President Wilson. Vis, conquer or submit���that is ihe alternative, there is
no other.
"Submit to what? T<? some compromise, modest but tolerable? Not
at all, but to lhe heaviest, host hateful, most degrading serfdom. Tomorrow, let our will seem to give
way, let a crevice stein to show in
the' solid block of our military force,
and you will sec'nt once, in. I rail of
the winking smile of Scheidemann,
the pan-tii rmnn grimace. There
would not be one future hour when
the French peasant in his field nnd
the. French workman In his work
chop would not be laboring, as an
expression lhat is old has it, for lhe
King nf Prussia.
"Look around you. among our
friends as will as among our enemies���no nation has shown morc
perfect   order   llian   thai   which     hns
reigned in Franco, or greater liberty, This musl Insi lo lhc supreme
hour of victory, no ma'ler how hard
may be the irials we still hnve to
endure. And if one ol those, wink
hearts of whom Kerenskv speaks h|
the burning words of his jnoilanin-
tioil should ask mc; 'Whither arc
you dragging us, and when will you
sny that you have, reached the nini?'
1 would answer in the masterly
words of ihe president of tho United Slates: 'We shnll attain our end
nnd cease to fight the dav democracy is safe I'"
No More Cats in Holland
A Dutchman, importer of tulip
bulbs, whose, place of business is in
New Vork, but whose family lives
In Holland, received a letter from
Jus mother recently which said:
"With plenty of money it is impossible for mc to get enough lo eat,
and poor kilty was yesterday commandeered by the government for
Germany, There are. no cats any
mere in Holland, All of them havc
been sent to Germany for fats of
which they nre, as you know, iii great
need." The letter also states there
are no dogs in Germany���"every domestic animal pet has to give up its
life for lhe fatherland." llic importer said it will be impossible to import tulip tubers this year, as Germany is using them for chemicals
���nd fodder.
British Pride and Patience
Although Prisoners   of   War,   They
Preserved Their Good Humor
Rene Aroos, in a letter to a Chicago newspaper, describes the. experiences of Hriiish and French prisoners who have recently been transferred from Germany to Switzerland,
The writer defines the prisoner's life
as composed of good and bad days.
"Sometimes wc French enjoyed ourselves and 'fit other times we lived
through somber hours. Our grcates
pain was oi a moral nature. The separation from those we loved; the
duration of our captivity, llic absence
of reliable news and the'state of uncertainty nud insecurity in which we
lived exercised a fatal influence ovcr
lhc great number of us. Natures
grew bitter and violent, disputes
v.-crc frequent between our comrades
in misfortune. The. sight of these
quarrels caused us undcfinable sorrow from wdiich it look long to recover,
"It seemed to me that, of all the
prisoners, the English got ou the
best together, Their solidarity wns
admirable. .Though treated more severely than we were, tlicy preserved
their steady good humor, and their
pride was comforting to scc."
Food Conservation
Opinions Kxpressei!   on   This   Vital
Question Throughout  Canada
"We. look lo the resources of Cn
nadn, and to tho Indomitable energ\
of Canadians for an answer thai will
(halter Germany's threat of starvation." says llnron Rhondda, food con-
troiier of Great Britain in n message
to Hon. VV. J. Hanna, food control
ler of Canada.
"The primary duty of a food con
trollcr in Canada and the United
States," said lion. \V. J. Ilanna, in a
recent interview, "is t'o see that the
men al the front do not sulTc from
waul of food, and lhal our Mother
Country and our European Allies
should not suffer from want of food."
"Have you power lo cheek prices.'"
Hon. W. J, Hanna wns nsked.
"Are you going' to exercise il?"
"In   lhc   crises   win re   wc   have,   lhe
necessary data we will nol hesitate
lo check prices," declared Air.  linn
Sir William Hearst, premier of
Ontario, fears lhat shortage of food
supplies will hinder the Allh s iu
winning ihc war.
"Wc musl look calmly and fearlessly at ihe pn-sent situation, Unless then- is greater thrift, ceonomy
and conservation of food, there will
be a shortage of supplies to Great
Britain and her Allies that will bin
der her chances of winning the wnr."
said Premier Hearst,
"Thc majority of lhe people eai
too much, anyway," snid Miss Eddie,
professor of household science at
the Manitoba agricultural college,
wlnu discussing ihe Canadian food
controller'.; suggestion that holds
nud restaurants institute iwo mcoM
h-ss days a week. "And limiting hotel
menus lo two or three courses Ss a
fine idea."
lhc food conlrollers of Canada
nml lhe United Stntes will work in
mutual "larmony and understanding,
Hon. W. J. Hanna, the Canadian
food controller and Mr. Herbert
Hoover have, known each other for
sonic years.
Britain in twelve months will hnve
to import five months' supplies, according to the statement by Kennedy
Jones, director general of food economy, iii-eat Britain, llis calculation
included the. cereals at present on
hand, the rate of submarine losses,
the new tonnage to be available and
the result of the campaign to eliminate food waste. Canada nnd thc
United States are. looked to for the
live months' supplies necessary lo.b-
j imported.
"It is in the homes of the province
of Ontario that the great battles wi
nre lo face will have to be fought
nnd won," declares. Sir William
Hearst, premier of Ontario), referring to liie food controller's food
conservation campaign. Premier
Hearst's words apply to all Canada.
"At first the call was for men, munitions, and money," says food controller Hanna. ".Now the cry is for
men, munitions and food."
"Food controllers in the Slates
and Canada were appointed in order
that the men at the front niighl bc
fed," says Hon. W. J. Hanna, Canadian food controller. "In order that
those behind at home should not go
hungry; in order that Great Britain
niul lier Allies should not have to
retreat from the enemy for want of
The Allies, including Great Britain,
France and Belgium nerd .100/100.000
bushels of imported wheat. North
America will have to supply il.
Ii Is Believed That It Will Be Feasible To Operate HeaVier-Than*
Air Flying Machines Which Will Carry Fifty Passengers At
An Average Speed Of One Hundred Miles Per Hour
Restoration Of Territory
Must Be First Move
ire o
i cold
., tin-
Germans Fasl Losing Confidence   iii
Ability to  Stand  Another
A   Loudon dispatch in   iin    Xew
York  Sun  reads'
"If  Merlin, under    lhe.  pn
Austria and tin- dlsnffctced
in Germany,   put forward n serious,
direct pemc proposal in  lln   .111(1111111,
ii) order Ui avoid another w1nt
wnr, as is almost universally 1
cd  here,  il   is  likely   lo  get
reception  in  London  and   Pari
less it promises definitely nnd
lively  ihe    restoration    oi all
quercd    territory,    including    \1
and Lorraine   and   ample indemnity
for the damage done.
"It is beyond question lhat thc
Germans arc fast losing confidence
in the ability to withstand another
winter of war. Reports lo ihis effect arc coming with increasing
frequency from a variety of sources.
Thus the "uiistcribim \ isschcrij
Courant, after citing other test!
many, says;
"'W'e saw a letter lodny from a
big German manufacturer who has
o'len visited the kaiser, saying that
peace can be expected speedily. Last
week another German of considerable importance declared that Ger-
���nd 10 begin
1  any 1
es not
try is
.able 1
0 '
the en
i.ian  in
r,   1
nnv  il   tllfl
a new
gh t"
however, ns Ger-
lopcs and plans for
peace increase Great Britain nnd
France stiffen in the resislai ee to
peace proposals which nn- not accompanied by an initial assurance of
iteration of territories and repara-
lion fi
��� loss
Honesty Not Deac
The  Man Who Would  Not   Accept
Undue Profits
Honor and hOncsty nre not quite
de.1,1, even among people who have
capital Invested, \lso, ns straws show
which way the wind blows, this liul,
slory niiij confirm people i-r their impression lhal wnr profits nre excessive
A certain mnn, too old to volunteer
but not too old lo hnve two stalwart
young brothers at the from, has
money invested in n company thai
hns been making munitions as a sideline. Not long ago lhe dividend
came in and he wns startle'd to find
tliul his check was out of all proportion 10 the amount of money invested
and much larger than he had ever received. Hc filed his objections with
the management, but. was asked if he
supposed the company was in the
munition-business for the good of its
Exposure seemed impracticable and
of little avail, and use of the ill-won
surplus was impossible. So a certain
branch of the Red Cross found itself
enriched by a substantial sum of
money and thus one man refused to
profit by legalized theft.
Rather Personal
Tingler���-Jack, that's the second
time I've heard you use the phrase
"aching void." 1 wish you would tell
me how a void can ache?
Jack���Well, not lo speak of a hollow tooth, don't you sometimes have
a headachei
Memory Comes Back Again
Three Years of Blank Before Famour;
War Mystery Is Solved in
A soldier in a    London    hospital
wounded in October, 1914, in thc re
treat from Mons,  who had lost  his
memory completely and had   never
been Identified, has "come back" after nearly three years and a famous
war mystery hns been solved,
The man's picture wns printed n ���
ccntly nnd was seen by Joseph flul
ler, of London, lie suspected that i'
was bis brother nnd sent an old
friend to visit the mystery man. The
moment the visitor entered the room
thc patient recognized him and called
cheerily, "Hello Tack, Conic nnd sh
Inrc and .talk with me." Hc was
identified f.y the visitor ns John But
ler and later the ��� brother, Joseph,
confirmed this.
r-fhc only feet concerning himself
that John Butler had becn able to
recall wns that he hnd belonged to a
Cornwall regiment, At lhe hospital
he wns known ns John Mason, He
is now on the. ,-oad to complete n
Sandy's Gift to the Dug-Out
A. sergeant writes of some of his
comrades in the same trench, ex lolling llieir deeds. He gives special
place lo, a Scotchman, with a droll
manner even in times of hazard- and
danger.   He relates one incident:
On the occasion of a raid, hc says,
the Scot worked his way unseen to
the enemy dugout and suddenly peered over thc lop. It was a cold, rainy
night, and a group of Germans were
seated about a little stove. "How
many of you fellows down there?"
crleu out the Scotsman In a raucous
voice. "Neln," came back a startled
and ambiguous reply. "Well, Share
that among ye," shouted the scottle,
as be hurled a bomb and threw him
self flat on the ground- to avoid thi
effects of the explosion.
Everybody Violating
Keg u lal ions
German  food  Supply   Gets   Rapidly
Reports from Germany show ihe
steady disintegration of national confidence in the food supply. The Berlin trade unions visited Chancellor
Michaeli-, demanding morc food, and
received assurances which the Chancellor later hnd to admit coMd nul
be. redefined.
The workers then demanded ihnl
Ihe representatives of the Miners'
Union in the I'russian food controller's office memorialize the Chancellor, threatening immediate reduction in lhc conl output unless there
was more food throughout the
Undersized potatoes are being dug
extensively nnd sold nt extravagant
prices, injuring lhe crop prospects.
Others than consumers must not buy
more than two pounds of fruit arc
being disregarded utterly, the people
buying all they possibly can and frequently destroying it when i; is rumored the inspectors are liable to
The rich buy and hide all lhcy can
getj leaving the markets bare when
the poor apply,
A'Dusseldorf paper declans everybody is violating the regulations, even eiiies competing to obtain and
store supplies; exporting districts
prohibiting exportation and importing districts offering exirn prices.
I he municipality of Bremen offered
potato growers of Hanover an enormous price for in w potatoes, The
Hanover food authorities promptly
threatened lo prohibit exports unless
lire  Bremen offer In: withdraw n,
I on, a?0 lhc food conlrollci s pro
iniscd 10 increase thc bread ration on
Augu.I 15 nud Snid there would be
lio reduction in meat rations uniil
thin. X'ow it is announced that the
promise cannot he kept. The bread
ration will remain stationary and the
meal ration will be reduced sharply.
Recently Saxony sharply reduced thc
meat ration, causing intense Socialist
The remarkably rapid evolution 0!
hcavier-than-air Hying machines, during lhc three years ol the war, naturally suggests the question of applying the war potentiality of this
modern invention to some practical
use iu the. next interval of peace,
This attractive subject of conjecture
is the theme of an inti resting article
by two British writers in the July
niiuiber of The Contemporary Re
view. In their opinion il will he
feasible lo build, immediately aflci
lhe wnr, passenger aircraft, each of
which will carry twenty-five or fifty
people at an average speed of nearly
a hundred miles an hour; these to hc
followed later by larger craft, filled
with motors developing thousands of
horse-power, which should nttahi a
j speed of from two hundred to three
' hundred miles. The potentiality ot
the airplane is unquestionable; its
evolution for peace purposes and
service is a matter of co-operation
among inventors, organizers, and capitalists.
Sonic of lhe possibilities of
achievement in traveling arc more
than interesting. Instead of a business man consuming seven hours ir.
travelling by sen and rail between
London and Paris, he will be able
mnke it comfortably in two. .he
time, needed for crossing the Atlantic and returning between Britain ami
America will bc reduced to forty-
eight hours. A Russian business
inan may embark on an airplane at
Petrograd in the morning and rind
himself in London the same evening,
avoiding all frontier delays, the use
oi passports, and oilier irritating and
delaying obstacles, 'ihese and other
illustrations arc no longer the iin
ments of the visionary; they are
quite within llie feasibilities of prac-
tical life. The collaborating aviators
���Claude Graham White and Ham.
Harper���are practical men. ami their
speculative foreshadowing:) are we::.
within the bounds of moderation.
The question of comparative risk.
as among modes oi travelling by
land, sea, and air, respectively, is
dealt with, and so is the need ot _
common speech, like Esperanto, as a
means of cosmopolitan communication. The danger from accidents,
such as collisions or explosions, is
even now hardly greater in the air
ihnn il is on the sea or land, and in
the long run it may be very much
less. As in the case of an ocean
liner, which is driven by many engines and boilers, some of which
may be out of use wilhout any worse
effect than lessening the speed of
the vessel, so the airplane of the
future will be filled with multi-engines driving a number of independent propellers.���Toronto Globe.
Is Still
Rifle's Day Not Over
University Students in German Army
Of n total of 4..000 German University students railed to tlvf colors
Up lo the conclusion of last fall and
winter, 6,000 have been reported ns
killed, according lo advices received
at Copenhagen from  Berlin.
Berlin University was represented
iim Germany's fighting ranks by S.285
men, of whom 500 nre dead. Bonn
University supplied 3,647, of whom
364 are killed. The figures for some
other universities follow: Heidelberg
1,649 called up, .'50 killed; Munich
5,255 called Up, ten per cent, killed;
Liipzig 3,700 called up, 64-1 killed
"An emergency always.brings ior-
war'l a man to meet it.'1
"I don't know about that. Many'a
the time. 1 hnve seen my hal blow.
down lire street while strong men
Stood by and simply laughed "-.
Washington Siar.
Valuable   and
The overwhelming position in tire
war picture occupied by the big guns
lhe machine guns nnd Lewis guns,
the importance of trench mortars.
I hand grenades, bombs, rifle grenades
and other accessories of trench war-
warfare, mnke some men think that
the day of thc lille. as an important
adjunct lo success in battle is wcll-
uight past.
Such is not the case. Those of us
who can 'remember the brave advances of the Prussian Guard al
Ypres, when they mar,bed in battalion formation right up the Merlin
road, straight nt our trenches���on
, one occasion, if not more, marching
1 lo almost sure death at the goose
step���know- the value of accurate,
inpid rifle lire. , So do these Prussian guardsmen, if any of them are
still alve. Not many of them were
left when thc broken waves of gray
were swept back, like leaves by an
-autumn wind.
i'he rifles did most of it. Machine
guns we hnd, to bc sure, but woefully few of them. Those that we had
were overworked to n point that
made us wonder, net when they jammed, but when they worked long
without jamming, The rifle in 'ho
hands of a man who can shoot
straight and shoot with great rapidity, is a wicked weapon still; and*
thc vaule of cold steel, though it is
not a subject on which men who
have seen it used love to dwell, hai
not, so far ns I can see, changed
greatly, if at all, in the three year��
of grim v. ar in Europe.
Take Nothing for Granted
We are at war with the most merciless and inhuman nation in the
world. Hundreds of thousands of its
people in this country want to see
America humiliated and beaten to
her knees, and they are. doing, and
will do, everything in their power to
bring this about. Take, nothing for
granted. Energy and alertness in
this direction may save the lif�� of
your son, your husband or your
brother.���Providence Journal. THE COURTENAY REVIEW
The Cleanest Range
The Kootenay has a nickeled steel,
rust-proof oven that is as easy to wash
and keep clean as any cooking utensil.
The ash-chute directs all the ashes
into the pan, which is roomy and large
enough to hold a two days' accumulation.   "Write i'or booklet,
LONDON      TORONTO     MiiNTi!'"
ST, JOHN, Nil.     II ���
For Sale by C. H. Tarbell & Son,  Courtenay
Ladies and Gent's Tailor
New  Spring  Goods  Nov,   on Hand
The folio.vii r guests were registered at the Riverside Hotel last
D. Hay I���. Morris, J. McKenzie
W. Penwill R. oallailt, K, Roust-.
J. Mint, r,, Olstrom, it. McKay, A.
Ivzzy, D. McCuskill. M. Hoyd, Capi
and Mrs. Galeiitis, from Vancouvei,
Col; Clayton, Dr. Proctor, R, Svvit.
zer, II, Wille, c, Edwards, l'.Snin
done, J. _,ivtlgnte, tl. Sandbei-g, Jin
McDonald, W. Richardson, K. C.is
sidy, J. Biojiati,. from victoria. A,
DeitdoiT, R. t-ii-kiip, A. Ford, A.
Davis, 'Jon, Reifel, from Nanaimo,
P. Broder, A. Ptilpingioti, F, Dyei
Miss Richards, Miss Shearer, Mis-
Dixon, P. Bell, E, Mcoiggis, V.
Matsou, I1'. Clinic, N. D..ftttilt, W.
Doimely, from l-Ieiidqiiarlers, T.
r.ilbeit, Van Anderson, from Sent
lie, Oorp, Silcerwi nil. Sergt Ste
veus, Lce-Opl. Piiimiiier, Pte. J.
Townsend, Corp, Jones, Pie, McPhee, from Qualicum, J, Bnuiton
C, v c-Kcn/io, J Slonc, wStarsmau
from Campbell River, A loyce, j
vnldez Is, P Ren wick, S Olaniek |
Qtia*lliaS|.i Cove, U. .Morrison.
K Sessions from Illniiie, wash, r,
Pickes, Hornby Is.TMcBey, Cameron Lake, Mr and Mrs Meacliam
Chicago, 111.
It is manufactured
tobacco in its purest
It has a pleasing
It is tobacco scientifically prepared
for man's use.
McPhee Block
Bakery and Tea Rooms
Brown's Block, Courtenay
The Bcst.'aiid cheapest bread in the district
14 Loaves for $1,  7 for SO cts,  4 for 30cts, 2 for 15 cts
We invite anyone to dispute tlie above advertisement
The baker of fletter Bread
Opposite the city hal1
To Trespassers ou Indian Reserves
Notice is hereby given lliatauv pel-soil
liniinl trespassing'mi unj Indian reserve
either by settling, residing, or hunting
thereon, or by fishing in nny marsh,
river, stream nr creek thereon, or who
cu ir-,. carries away or removes from such
reserve any of the trees, saplings,
shrubs, underwood, limber, cor-lwood,
wild grass, hay or other valuables is
liable lu be prosecuted,
DemttvSupt, Gen. of Indian Afairs
Tuning and Repairing
Here about Oct. 1
Leave orders at Review office
Oregor. & C.-.lifornia Railroad Co. Grant Lands
Title to same revested in Uunited
States by Act of Congress, dated
June 9, i��i6. Two million, three
hundred thousand acres to be opened up for homesteads and sale.
Timber and Agricultural lands
Containing some of the best land
left in United States. Now is the
opportune time. Large map showing lands by sections an d description of soil, climate, rainfall, elevations, ect. Postpaid $1, Grant
Lands Locating Co., Box 610.
Portland, Orep-oii.
Den-nan Island Fair
Pr'ze Winners
Iced i,aver fake, Isl Mrs.    A.   Sunn,
i _nd ["Isle Meadows: Iced ['mil   cake Isl
' Maggie Corrigall. 2nd lilsie Mcl-'arlanc,
Lemon 1'ie, Isl m v Mc._rl_lie.2iid Mrs.
1. Wood; Plain pake, Isl  Rlsle .Meadows
i Jn.l Mrs. Dalziel; I.oiif of Bread. Isl Mrs
IS.iil.ic-, 2nd Mrs,    Dalziel;   biscuits,   1st
Mrs.    A.   Swan,  2nd   Mrs.   Chalmers:
notlled I'ruit, 1st Ada  Bell-Irving,  2nd
Maggie corrigal;   Jelly,   1st Mss. Swan,
2nd Hell-Irvine; lam, Isl Maggie   Corrigall.   2nd   Heather   Bell-Irving:   Plain
Cake, junior, Isl lidilh   Chalmers,   2nd
Gladys I'ierey;  fruit   cake,  junior,   int
Gladvs Piercv, 2nd I'dith Chalmers, loaf
nf Bread, 1st Rdith Chalmers. 2nd Dorothy Graham; Pencil Drawing.JlstWallace
, naikie. 2nd Irene Graham; Map Drawing
1st I'd lh Chalmers' 2nd Irene Graham,
Plain sew ing, Junior, 1st Vctra   Piercv.
2nd,  Ruby Piercv;   Crochet  Work,   Isl
Vetra Piercy, 2nd Edith  Chalmers; Soldiers Sox, 1st Elsie Meadows, 2nd   Miss
Hood; Other Knitting, 1st Mrs. A Swan
2nd   Mable  McMillan.   Crochet  Work,
Senior, 1st Mable McMillan,   2nd  Elsie
Meadows; Embroidery, senior, 1st Mrs.
A, Swan, 2nd,   Mrs,   Wilkinson;   Plain
Sewing,'1st Mrs. A.   Graham;   Graven-
sti-in Apples, 1st Mrs.   Bell-Irving,   2nd
Mrs. Corni-ton. Kings, 1st Isn   Bell-Irving; Baldwin, 1st Alex. McMillan,  2nd
Isn Bell-irving. Spvs, 1st Mrs, Cortliston
2iid II. Piercv; Wealthy, 1st T. Pickett.
2nd H. McMiHan; Gloria Mundi,   J. W.
Scott, 2nd T. Chalmers;  Bellflower,   A.
Swan, H. Piercy; Russets, T. Piket. Isa
Bell-Irving; Ben Davis, Isa Bell-Irving;
20 oz. Pippin, A. Swan, II.   Piercv    A.
O, V. Apple, J. Wood,   T.   Piket;   Lar-
Best apple, J. Corrigal, A. Cody; Box of
Apples, Isa Bell-Irving, Mrs. nell-Irving
Bartlett Peas,    Isa   Bell-Irving,   Piercy
Bros.; A. 0, V,   Pear,   Isa  nell-Irving.
A. McMillan: Yellow Egg Plum. <Mrs,
corniston; Prunes, Piercy Bros,, A' Mc
Millan; A. 0. V. Plum, II. Piercy, A.
McMillan; Collection ol Fruit, I leather
"ell Irving, a. McMillan; nrown Onions
R, Sunn, It. 'icl'nrhuie. Yellow Globe,
II. Piercy, I', McForlane, Red Onions.
Iv, McFiirlaue, A. Douey; niallnts, Mrs
Pickles, R. Sunn, most beets, 11. Piercy
nros.. Piercy nros., I.ong Carrots,  Ivlsic
Mcl-'a laiic, PierC) nros
carrots, li. McPi'irlanc, R.
carrots, Ir. Mcl'arlaue,
Table < oni, tl. uiirr.1l,
Cabbage. T, l.essaro, Mc.
Inge, VV. Hurley, A. Done
Pickles, J. Sell. Ripe
Chalmers, Green toinatoi
ow , mis. ir.iikie; Collecti
Swan. Short
Mis, naikie;
Mis. naikie;
naikie: Cab-
['omntoi's, '1'.
, Dr. Mead-
i of  vegetab
les, '���-'.. McFarlauc, T. l.essaro. Swedes,
J, Scott, R. Swan; Whit.- Turnips, J.
Scon, |. Corrigall;��Mangeis, a. Cody,
I!. McFiirlaue; Sugar Beets, I*. Mcl-ni-
lane. C. Russel; Field Carrots, U- Swan
T. Chalmers; Stalks Corn, 13. Davis,
Comox, A. .McMillan: Ears Corn, Ed.
Davis Comox, Piercy urns. Sheaf Oats,
Piercy Pros, 11, Piercv: Sheal Wheat,
Piercy Bros, A. Swaii; l.arly Rose Rotates, Mrs. Chalmers, A. Cody: -Carmen
potatoes, Piercy Bros.; White Wonder,
K. Swan; Gold Coin, Mrs Bell.Irving,
A. O V, I'.. Russel: R. Swan: Dressed
Fowls, Mrs. Dalziel; Eggs; Mrs, Pickles
Butter, T. Chalmers, T. Piket. School
(-.aniens Section. Potatoes, W. Baikie,
iV. Dotiey; Carrots, C. McParlane, Ii.
Baikie; Onions, C. Mcl-'arlane, W. Doney
Turnips, W. 'Baikie. W. Doney: Beets;
J. Corrigal, w, Stewart, Com, W. Baikie
J. Baikie- Marrows, C. Mcl-'arlane, Jas.
Mcl-'arlane: Cabbage, II. Baikie, J. Baikie; Citrons, J. McFa.lane, 0. McFnr-
lane: 'Tomatoes, li Chalmers, A. Piercy,
Parsnips, T. Piercy, J. Oarrigal: Collection of Vegetables, T. Piercy, J, Corrigal
Boys and Girls Competition. Chickens.
M. Dalziel, E. Chalmers; Pigs Vetra
Piercy, Ruby i'ierey, Potatoes, W. Baikie
A Doney. Bankers competition. Pigs
Vetra piercy, N. Chalmers; calves, E.
Chalmers, H, Baikie. Best Baby, Mrs.
Doheny, Mrs. Baikie.
Your Printing!
Cannot be done any
better or any cheaper anywhere else in
B. C.  than at th
Courtenay Review
,:_.. '!.   i_5>r;:,_:_i_.
Cooking three meals a day over a hot
stove. There's no longer any need for it
An Electric Kitchen
is Cool
Make Hubby order an
Electric Range
He uses the most up-to-date and efficient machines in his business
You, his wife, are entitled to the same
up-to-date equipment for your kitchen
For Sale by
The Courtenay Electric
Light Heat and Power
Company Limited


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