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The Review Feb 22, 1917

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('tut nut be done uny Letter, anil
not oulto ho wi-ll uny whe to duo
horeauOUtB, Our type ami nuiuliiii-
ory in complete uml Tho Review
prices are i-i-jlit
Classified Ads.
Mnke *, -m little Wants known
ill-1 ugh .' Clanatfieil AilvertUenii n
in The Heview   -   -   -   I'lione Ml     j
VOL. 5
NO. 14
Auction   Sale
The Milligan Ranch, Lower Road, Sandwick
2 Miles from Courtenay, on
Saturday,  March 3rd,   1917
at 2 o'clock prompt
27 Dairy Cows and Heifers, Holstein Bull
Farm Implements
Full particulars ami termss from
Telephone 10 COURTENAY
$6.00 Per Ton
��� Delivered in  Cou.Lenay
All Orders Will Receive Prompt Attention
Phone 43 Courtenay
The quality of
is not strained
It it wonderfully improved if
made in an
Courtenay Electric
Light, Heat and Power
Company Limited
I Local Lines
Robt, McQuaid is iu Victoria
this week.
Born-���On Thursday, Feb, 22,
to Mr. and Mrs. II. V. Collins, 11
Born���On .Sunday, Feb, it, to
Mr. and Mrs. I'very-Clayton, a
Boys' suits size 23 to 30, at cost,
at Moore's, Comox.
There was no quorum at the
Council chamber on Monday night
consequently, no meeting.
Mr, nml Mrs. W. Hi  Kirkwood
[and lainily left on Tiie_d���v morning for their new home 111 Alberta,
Their   many   frieqds   wish   them
,every success.
On Monday evening  ;i  surprise
party was held at the home of Mr.
ar.d Mrs. VV,   J.   Oarrol'l   by the
scholars of lhe High School, to bid
i farewell to Thus. Alen/.iry,   who is
goi:ig to Alberta to learn' farming
with Mr.   Kirkwood.    His  school
[mates presented him with a pair of
military brushes.
Notice���If you have any copper
Brass, zinc, lead, rags, bags featb-
ets, rubber, write to the Canadian
Junk Co., 509 Johnston St. Victoria, B, C,
Strayed awity from A, Ibbotson'a
place, Happy Valley���Dark Jersey Heifer, one year old.
Mr. and Mrs, Alex Benton left
on Sunday for Vancouver, where
they expect to meet their son Angus iu a few days.
The board of   arbitration   wliicli  -
sat fur twenty two days to  decide j ed to learn that his wife  had died
the value of the   Kitsilauo   Indian  on Jan. 7, and his son  Dewey died
Reserve has decided that the   Van-   on Jan. 26,    The family have been
couver harbour commissioners must living at B-ilinglnnn.
pay   the    Dominion    government
Miss l'eggy Headnell, who his
been very ill with Pneumonia, is
recovering very nicely.
Mr, Charlie Hummer's many
friends in Courtenay will be griev-
Axes,    wedges
wholesale puces at
ind   sledges
$666,200 for the seventy acres. It
is understood that the arbitrators,
costs are $7,510. The property
was originally purchased trom the
Provincial Government for $300,00
j    Anglican Church Notes
ist Sunday in Lent,
11 a. in Holy Cominuion at
Holy Trinitv, Cumberland,
3 p, 111. Evensong and Sermon,
Lazo Mission,
7.15 p. 111. Evensong and Sermon
St. Peter's, Comox.
7.30 p, m. Evensong and Sermon
St, John's, Courtenay.
7 30 p, 111. Evensong and Sermon
St. Mary's, Grantham.
The annual meeting of the Comox Creamery Association Limited
was held Thursday afternoon. The
annual report shows that the last
year was one of the best in the history of the Association, 101.410
lbs, of butter fat was supplied by
the farmers for which they were
paid $33 524.59, The total amount
of butter sold was 103,795 lbs. of
which 494 was purchased from outside sources to sup;ilv their customers. The demand for Coi 0;
butter is  steadily  increasing,   am
Lost���Ladies purse  bag,  purple
leather, between Little River Road
and Courtenay, on Feb. 8U1.    l-'i-.i
der please return to Miss Game, or
Review office
Sutton's seeds are RELIABLE
and it always Pays to get the best.
Write for catalogue. F. R, F,
Biseoe. Comox P, O, Also agent
for Layritz Nurseries, All stock
propagated near Victoria, and acclimatized to Vancouver Island,
Seed wheat for sa'e, blue stem
J. L, McGirr, Royston, B. C.
Lost���Part Jersey cow, about 3
years old, piece cut out of bottnm
of tight ear also punch mark. Finder please communicate with VV.
H, Grieve, Sandwick.
Found adrift���A fiat bottomed
boat about 4 ft,[wide at stern and
15 feet long, Owner can have same
by paying cost of this, and $5 sal-
vage, Apply J. Idiens, Royston. |
B. C. j
Wood For Sale���$4 per load cash
Teaming and carting done. L.
Alexandet, Courtenay.
For Sale���3 h. p. steam engine
and boiler in good order. Price $80
Apply Review Office, 1
For Rent���The Milligan farm,
For particulars apply at Review
Part of a house, unfurnished to
let. Apply Mrs. Halliday, Courtenay. !
60. to McBryde's for quality
Auditor Griffiths ol Victoria, is
in town and will prese.it his report
of the cost of the Electric Light
Company,s plant at a special meeting of.the Council to be held this
At the annual meeting of the
Central Liberal Association the foi.
lowing officers were elected,
Hon. Pres. Sir Wilfred  Laurier,
Hon. Vice Pre.*. Premier Brewster, aud II. Stewart, M. P. P,
President, J. Lawrence,   Bevan
Vice Pres. P, L, Anderton ) .
Bruce, Cumberland, Mrs. A. Mc,
Kinnon, Cumberland.
Secretary, T. Casev,
Treas  A, B. Ball.
The Executive Committee consists of the officers of the local associations,
Ladies' rubbers at 60c at Moore -
Probes are Costly
Winnipeg, Fab, 17.���The I
amount of fees paid lawyers of
Winnipeg in connection with tiie
enquiries into the Parliament buildings. Agricultural College and
highway overpayments, toj
with the ex-metnbers trials,   1
the high price it commands is'a sure the end of tlie fiscal .o,   No< e
indication of its quality. 30, is $109,677,
Bakery and Tea Rooms
Brown's Block, Courtenay
The BestTand cheapest bread in the district
14 Loaves  for $1, 7 for 50 cts,    for 30cts,  2  for 15 cts
We invite anyone to dispute the above advertisement
Tlie bilker of Better Bread
Opposite the city hall
Safety First
Go to
For Fresh  Tobacco, Cigars
Confectionery and
Soft Drinks.
Isabel St.    Next Royal Bank
No Rubbing
Standing one day at my washtub
I was weary and ill at ease
My fingers sore with rubbing;
And a-trembling in my knees.
I know not what I was dreaming
Or what I was thinking then,
But I heard the voice ol my neighbor siv
"Why aon't you use WASHCLUAN?"
Since then it has brought to my household
A peace and a love y calm
For I boil my clothes with WASHCI<KAN
And I (eel like singing a psalm.
I have bought and I use it daily
Por my lace and collars fine,
And by 9 o'clock in the morning
My clothes are out on the line.
It may be that some day my Grocer
Will tempt me with something akin
But I'll never buy anything M>m him
Unless lean get WASHCLKAN.
Gold Medal
No Alkali
Grand Prize
No Acid
Two Diplomas'
No Injury to
Three Weeks'
Have It
Have It
Comox Creamery
55c per lb. this week
Chas.  Simms
Watchmaker Jeweler and Optician
has just received a consignment of
suitable for Wedding  presents.   Wedding rings
always in stock at
His Best
Sh  board   hip) Mi   I"'1   . ii I
f.'ll mi erbdard and v ere . rowi big,
'.��� ould j on jump in anil save mc?
lb    (hi  ilalin ,   Inn I 'sl):    H.v
(ovi !   11., yon km    . I don't hclii i-i   l
could,    Uul   I. tell   whal  I would
do, I w "iil'l r .1,.-li you drown wllll
thc deep! .-I  sono i  ninl u gn I. ��� Life.
"I lijivo ..ceil for tt'O ti.nl two
yoon a cripple w.tu Muscular ami
taflaunnatory RheuniatiRtn, ,x tried
������lmoni, oyerytliing known to uindU
.vl nciont-H to rollevo mo ot tne.
mteiiRo pM'i and Inflammations i
isngUt ci'iiuKn of -.1 iim to in Kcil-
t.icky ami other .Southern pointfl
without reliof, Yum- manager ia
huh city recommended (J in tills
;iuti I hitve dime tuknn eight boxc*
_iid **hi now cured,   I couMidcr
the conqueror uf EIiCHUutiam, aud
Kidney Diseases.
Or. 15. Held.-*
All druggists Bell Gin PUIS nt
fiOo, a lion, or G boxes for $3.50.
Sample free if you writo to
Xoronto, Out. 'it.
The Squire's
inlo a  hole rinrl  hide  ns ever did
mouse before a eai or n bare bi fore
ll.- had taken her b- lhe hand a
had found n place of i - fugo for \,
ns hidden as mighi bc. Inside his
park wall Ihere was n cottage v Inch
had once bi cu a gate lodge. The
gates had pro- cd incoiivenleiil , U o
i..v from the houi ������, and had been
blocked tip, bul thc lodge remained,
h Blood in un old orchard ol gnarled
appli Irccs, vi ri pleaiat i in lhc
��� pring and Binnnii r, ll had been
' int.! \ for a good long lime now, being Irii inaccessible and remote by
iin* walling up of the gati s. He had
bech ihinking of brealciiig a wickct-
gate in the wall to give access to (lie
village, whli li lay jusl beyond the
wall, so that the place might bc isolated for an inmate, ll was a pn tty
little place, and it seemed a pity that
il should not bc occupied,
Hc had spoken of it to Mrs. Ilarl-
(ii, and tin* pour face bad worn an
'xpression as though she thirsted af-
;cr green    places and water-springs,
\s soon as she was able to bo removed from    the Cottage    Hospital his
carriage    had been srni    for her to
bring her to llic lodge,   No one wns
surprised.     The Squire   wai
doing    qui.'llic things    ill  ll
quixotic way.  The Squire's coachmc
i-i ni filled to the servants' hall thai 1
thought "(lie like of 'er might ba\
come    by    carr .cr's-cart,"    bin
Squire's servants, for all Ids g
ness, km v.  how lo obey his belli
withoul    any show of opposition
She had broughl  away  with
the  Persian  kitten which no on
lhc cottage hospital had wanted.
The Squire had nol been present at
her arrival. J'he following day he
walked over to see if -he. wm com-
fortaWy installed. She had lold him
she could do line needlework, and
his first idea had been lo ask    Mrs.
was the hardest thing I ever did
my  life,    1  very nearly ran away
land put them on again when I saw
id you coming,    Do you think, sir, that
ir people will get used to mc seeing mi
3 I as I am?    I'd be afraid to speak to a
child now, and I'm desperately fond
of children, fearing  I'd  frighten    the
pretty things, You're the first I've
faced.    II  won'l  In* so hard now,"
He. laid a kind hand on her shoulder,
"Vou arc a brave worn in," he said,
"Believe me. It will get cash r and
easier, if there was anything to bc
done, anything known lo the surgeons which would restore your poor
face, ii should bc d
I lor-
she *.rid,
and suddenly
which   rested
Here is noil a choked
kissed his
her   shoul-
lln re'
rc!" h
he soothed, a child
Vou arc going to he very happy here.
I sec Mrs. Brown has given you some
work lo do already. There is a deal
to he done, she says, Nov., is llicrc
anything I can do for you?"
"No, sir," she said brokenly. "The
place is like heaven to mc, Jusl. a
little place of my own, out of ihc rain
and-wind, That's lhc only happiness
I've, looked for lhis many a day. It
i.s so peaceful."
lie looked at her bowed head.   She
the  had withdrawn a little way froirf-liini
lt.lc-1and was lifting a piece of linen from
Is. the heap as though she inspected ils
-r| weak places.   The winter sun    oame
llirougli the low window and brought
out the bronze and chestnut in   her
hair.     lie  wondered  what   siorni  gf
life might have east her high -ind dry,
but broken, on the sands, with no desire henceforth save for a shelter and
"Whal age arc your" he asked,
"Thirty-five, sir," she answered.
'Ah, I thought you could not  have
The Squire thought of the Pharisees, but was loo reverent to speak
of it. lie had all the shyness about
speaking of religious matters wliicli
belongs to lhe I'tiglishman of the
Upper elas.ses and lhe Anglican
Church. He was not al all interested
in what Mrs. Ellison said about Lady
South's stockings ami petticoats. In
fact, he was shy as at an indelicacy;
hut the feeling was slight as compared with the indignation he fell about
thc gossip.
"I am sorry," he said in an icy
voice, "to havc listened to so much
lhat cannot bc true of a lady 1 honor," and, lifting his hat, he went olf,
leaving Mrs. Uc Montmorency .in a
state of bitter affront, which set her
tongue wagging more freely to the
next person she met.
Thc Squire walked on fuming. He
was on his way to sec Mrs. Bartlett,
who was now out of the hospital. She
had not known where lo go to hide
her scarred and marred face; and she
seemed  as  desperately  eager  lo  run
Brown, his housekeeper, to employ been more. You mustn't talk a:
her in ihc linen-room. Mrs, Brown i though your life wcrc over. As you
was always complaining of tho dc- grow stronger and recover from 'he
gencracy of these days in lhc matter effects of that horrible accident you
of    needlework.    Since    l>tty  Hale  will begin to feel that life holds some-
"Thero is no greal er patriot��� not even
the soldier on tho battlefield���than the
man who bailies wilh the stubborn soil
niul makes it yield lur tlie support of the
nations." Wc have in Canada a power
of dominion in our resources that will
make the power that comes with strategy,
brute force ami armament, insignificant.
If we know whal, v o have and use it wisely,
we will make othere dependent upon ua.
The stomach is the center of tho body
from which radiates our vitality, etrenu-
oaily, our fighting strength. A healthy
stomach turns the. food wc enl, into nourishment fur the blood ill renin and llic
nerves. Dr. Pierce's Holden Medical
Discovery refreshes mid tones up the
stomach walls. Removes thc poisonous
giiMi"i from the system. *.
Th'r lirst day vou start lo take ibid
reliable medicine, impure germs and accumulations begin to separate in the blood
anil are then expelled llirougli llio liver,
bowels and kidneys.
Get Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery to-day from any medicine dealer;
it is a powerful blood purifier and tonic.
Depend upon this grand remedy ro give
you lhe kind of blood lhal makes lhe skin
clear, the mind alert, the vision keener and
puts ambition and energy into the entire
body. Contains neither alcohol nor nar-
eoticri. lis ingredients arc made public
and prilled nn wrapper. It's a pure
alterative extract made with glycarino
from mil ive roots and herbs.
Sold- by medicine dealers in liquid or
tablet form, or send 50 cents to Pr.
Pierce's Invalids' Hold, Buffalo, N. Y.,
for a trial box of tablets.
Send fifty cents (or stamps) lo pay for I
wrapping nnd mailing and enclose this I
notice, and Dr. Pierce, of the Invalids'
Hotel, Buffalo, N. Y., will send you a revised copy of his Common Sense Medical
Adviser, in cloth binding, 1008 pages, with
eolor plates. Just what you need in case
of sickness or accident.
\ W.      N,
died, she had had no one lo whom
she could entrust the darning oi the
beautiful old- damask and fine liners,
and she had been complaining of llic
accumulation of ihings needing repair in the linen clo.CtS,
When the Squire knocked al: thc
door, which stood a lillle ajar, showing onc wall of the passage with a
few old colored prints upon it and a
tall oltl clock ticking away in the corner, he hati a sense of being observed, overlooked. When he came in,
Mrs. Barllett was standing, considering a pile of linen which Mrs. Brown
had sent down from lhc house. Hc
had walked in in answer lo her
"Please come in."
She lurncd about, and llirougli the
thickening of her disfigured skin he
fell rather than saw lhat she reddened painfully.
His first instinct was lo avert his
eyes, to look away; but he hastily reconsidered it. He smiled, looking at
the poor, seamed face as though it
were quite normal.
"So you arc settled in, Mrs. Bart-
lei t," he said.
"Oh, yes, sir. What a lillle Paradise of a place! I shall bc quite happy here, sir; may the Lord reward
you!    Won't you sit down, sir;"
Hc sat down in the little parlor
where the gate-leg table was heaped
W,ilh the linen, and the smoke-blue
Persian lay curled up on a chair in
front of the fire, fast asleep. The
lodge was quite prettily furnished, in
cottage style. It had not pone to rr.ck
and ruin. Occasionally, in summei,
il had had an inmate, someone' from
London, from ihe Convalescent
Home for Poor Ladies, for which Pril*
I.rely I'larissa had done so much, that of
it had become a pious duly wilh her
-on io continue her benefactions.
He hail called upon those occasional guests of his, as he regarded Ihem.
He knew pretty well all lhe types of
reduced ladyhood; and .these poor
things had covered the whole range
of depressed energy. They hati usually found lhe place lonely, which il
-was, and had departed wiih rcsigurv
lion when llieir month was over. .Vol
one hati seemed to desire thc coltagi
for her own, else il would noi have
been available now for Mrs. Barllett.
'I'he place had a new hofne-lil.e air
a* though someone al lasl had settled
down and made their own of il. He
thought to himself thai Mrs. Bartlctt
musl have been up at daybreak; ''or
lln- room was shining, its brass candlesticks and brass fender polished to
gold; lhc windows cleaned; lhe lillle
bookcase showing lhe bright backs >f
its novels through new polished I P.
panes; not a speck of dust anywhere, and a few while flowers of
ihc lauresliues standing in a broivil
jar on tlle piantel-slielf.
���'Am .[ dreadful, sir?" Mrs. Bartkll
asked pitcously, and her eyes blinked rapidly before his gaze,
"Not at all," hc answered pleas-
antly, "I am glad to scc you with
thc ban_ag.es olf. Vou know the doctor said that time would help a great
deal. All those scars are new. Time
will make a great difference; you will
"Thank you, sir," she said gratefully. "1 made up my mind that I'd
throw oil the bandages this morning.
as long
Ihing for you beyond resignation."
"You wouldn't want to turn me
out, sir? You won'l be wanting the
collage for anyone else?"
She had n swift terrified look
which reminded him of the hare before the hounds.
"No, no," hc sftid
cottage is yours for
need it."
He postponed telling her lhal he
might perhaps ask her to house .-. reduced lady now and again when the
summer should come round. Before
he need talk of that she would have
grown less frightened,
"Most people find the place loo
lonely," he said. "It has had inmates
from time to time���ladies who needed rest and change���my mother- was
interested iu such. I think they were
always glad lo come, but they wen-
glad lo go. London oilers a good
deal even lo a poor lady. 1 wondered if it would not bc too lonely for
"Lonely!" she repeated, "ll couldn't bc loo lonely for mc. I have my
lillle cat."
"You would like a _og.    There is
a litter of puppies in the stable-yard.
You shall have one, if you like."
(To Bc Continued,)
Value of Rice as a Food
You Should Eat Rice, Grow Fat, and
Save Money
This is a free advertisement *"r
rice, Rice is one of lhc few food
products lhat has not advanced in
"I on can gel about four pounds
rice for a quarter. A quarter's
worlh of riee will carry you further
than 50 cents' worth of beef. A quarter's worlh of rice will carry you as
far as 50 cents' wcjfrih of flour.
Rice is a wholesome food. Fashion
caused a reduction of the greatest
food value in rice requiring it to ire
polished, There ought lo he a law
forbidding the whitening of flour and
polishing of riee. The law siiouh] be
SO, lhal the whole grain diuuld be
ground inlo (lour. - People woldd
have better icelh and heller digestion.
But this article ir* aboul cheap food
and not about the business of keeping
Rice is ihe chief diet <>f about a
third of lhe population of lhe world.
The rice eating .lap whipped thc filling out of the tallow ami Hour eating Russian, A man can go further
on a riee diet than cm any other sin-
rticlc of food that is grown,
if you do not want to spend ali
your money for food, buy riee.
If you want to havc a variety in
your diet, and that cheaply, buy
sweet potatoes. And if you want a
dessert buy some molasses. Rice,
sweet potatoes antl-molasses are the
only food products we know of lhal
are not high, l-'.at rice, it is healthful; and eat rice, it is cheap,���Memphis Commercial-Appeal.
Importance of Shell Holes |
Special Correspondence of the London Times Prom the
Then is hardly a message iu which
I do not have to sp al; ol Pie importance of shell holes in this battl , and
1 have quoted lhe dictum uf th distinguished officer who said that on
the Somme liny constitute an extra
alemi nt, like Napolcan's mud in Poland, With every day, almost, their
Importance increases; nol merely been.si i'icy themselves daily increase
in number, but because b uh wo and
lhe. enemy learn to make more use
of ihem. In lhis new country, between villages, Iheie are nol lhe old;
Well-fortified   lines   of   trenches   wilh
deep dugouts of the old firsi and s c-
ond lines. Thc comparatively hastily
made trenches in the open con ry
arc soon pottnded to pieces and a'-
niost obliterated by lhe guns, until
they give no shelter, 111 shell ho! s,
however, rem in ami multiply; and
scattered shell boles, eacn converted
hastily into a machine gun position,
may easily b- even mor effective for
defensive purposes, in roasting an
advance over exposed ground than a
continuous trench, consecutively
manned, which the artillery can set
itself systematically to destroy.
"Don't you know how lo drive a
nail iu yet without smashin' your finger?'''asked Barney Pagan ol a carpenter.
"No, and neither do you!" replied
the carpcnti r.
"Sure 1 do! Hold lhe hammer in
both bands!" said Barney.
Isrilain is Building
Huge Cargo Boats
Much of New Tonnage Available for
Use of State in Six Months
Thc London Times' shipping cor"
i' -pondem  writes:
"Very considerable orders are. it ie
believed, being placed for new cargo
steamers to be built for use of tho
Stale. Tfiey will prfibably carry 8(\r
ono inns deadweight, planned on th*
simples! possible lines. There is ev<*ry
reason to believe lhal, provided tha
problems of labor and material ca��
lie solved, a considerable amount ol
new efficient tonnage will he avail-
aide for service within six months, lis
order to assist in lhc provision of labor, arrangements, it is understood.
have been made whereby no men will
be taken from the shipyards and engine works for military service without the sanction of the Admiralty anil
Shipping Controller."
"According to the minister's s<*i*��
mini Ibis morning," said Mrs. Enpccltv,
"llicrc. is lo bc no marrying or Riving
in marriage iu heaven. Do you believe lhat?"
"Well, I have no reason to doubt
il," answered Enpeck. "There imis"
bc some way to disli aguish it from
lhc other place."
"How does young' Jackson stand fn
"Not so well."
"Why is lhat?"
"lie is all right enough in iiis ���*_��
dies, but lie i.s more than suspected
of cutting football games."
and poor Appetite
That dti'd aching, that nausea and distaste
for food wiih which so many begin tlio
day, soon goes when you take Dr. Cassell's
Instant Relief. The root of the trouble in disordered liver, perhaps constipation, and Dr. Cat-oil's Instant Relief so surely restores
both liver and bowels that theso complaints  become  impossible.
"Science Si"_.i;*," April 11, 1916, sayi:- '-r-MvMeiK* his liven
us the brsir.j to -*vi-- means ta eoinpemate Nature tor tur ill-___tn--_t
other. . . . The m-.-.n- at hand come from nttural sources, and w*
have them embodied in such spier..!. couikintUeni is Dr. OmmH'i
Initant Relief. We take this preparation as an ssimple bseauso H
is so well balance. In the matter ol components and so effeclivo In over.
TaVe Dr. Cassell'.- Instant Re'r��f for eonstipstlon, _;:'cus_e_��,
torpiil liver, sick headache, dizziness, specks belore the eyet flatulence an . windy spasms, ac.d.l;/, heartburn, impure bleed, ind
that dull, heavy feeling Which is a sure i_-ies_.ii of livei
Ask for Dr. Cassell': Instant Relief and take r.o substitute.
Price 50 cents, from all Druggists and Storekeepers,
Or direct from lhe pole a.irril-s tor OanadO. Harold P. Bitobre and Go.
til., 10. M'Cau'*str��ei, Toronto.  War Tax _ oents tstm.
Or. Cassell's Instant Relit! it Ihe oempanisn to Dr. Cassall't Tablets.
Sole Proprietor*: Dr. CoiltH'l Co., Ltd., ttancliettcr, Indian-.
Dr. Cassell's
_��*V _���:*_.
wc   must
Employer: One    thing
have our figures correct.
Fair Applicant: Well, I've never
had any complaints on thai score.���
Sydney bulletin.
Canadians -wanted for the Royal Naval Canadian Volunteer
Reserve for immediate overteat tervice,   Only men of good
character aud good physique accepted.
Pay $1.10 Minimum per day���Free Kit.
$20.00 per Month Separation Allowance.
E.perieiKc. raeo from 38 lo 45, as. boys mm
15 lo 18 ample, for service ia Ibe CANADIAN
NAVAL PATROLS (or dele.ee of Ihe Cotsti.
Apply io the Nearest N.val
K.citilling btatltn, or tj the
Dept. ol Ihe N-nl Service
Wasters Cause Shortage
Bolvinu thc Food Problem by Cutting
Down Wastefulness
Those who waste food are largely
tesponsiblc for ihe present acute
Shortage throughout the country,
They lire helping In raise loud prices,
���01 only foi  llicii  own cxtrava*tanl
bill   for   provident
well.     American*!
mylhing, (ear-
���01   only
elass  oi   waster
���ted to scorn I" nave ....,-
faig to be caught in an acl of economy, which wn* alniosl synonymous
with povert) ilself or stinginess.
Happily, this false ideal is passing.
The millionaire wrestles with the
plumber's bill in least as assiduously
OS the laborer tries to pare down bis
allowance for potatoes and smoking
tobacco. If every family eliminated
locnl waste, by careful apportioning
when cooking and by thc utmost cart
in utilizing left-overs, thc foot'
lem would be solved without a
sl a boycott or investigation
torial in Minneapoli
the food prob
Worth It
"When we were in Egypt Mrs.
Twobblc stood speechless before the
Pyramids," remarked Mr. Twobblc,
"Fancy that! -1 don't remember what
the trip cost mc, but it was worth
the money." - Birmingham Age-
"Toll my friends, If they want
to help me, to Bend _oei�� Zain-Bitk.
Tha boys hero pay It ls very good,
���cd If. 1�� muth In demand." This
b ��n extract from a letter received
from Pto. .1. R. Smith of "Tho
"Princess Pat3" in .'ranee.
There is certainly nothing so
good as Zam-Buk tor the accidents
���nd ailments Incidental to a
soldier's life. It Is splendid for all
kinds of Bor-B, blisters, burns and
cuts, and It In equally good for
frost biles, chilblains, cold cracks
���nd chapped hands. Nothing ends
pain and heals to quickly, and being antiseptic, an application of
y.ax-Huk to u wound as soon as
sustained, v.-!ll prevent all danger
���f blood-poisoning.
If you waul to send your soldier
friend something lie Is sure to ap*
predate���put a box or two of
Eam-Buk ln your next parcel.
All druggists, or Zam-Buk Co.,
Toronto.   60c. box, 3 for $1.26.
Wocd'a Iho-shfldl&it
T)it Gnat Enalith, Pewedf,
Tout 3 M.il iarigor.trs tint whole
ner*. mi. nvtrtflm, milese Bess Blood
ia oltl Vidua, ('isret -.'��*v-iss
StebCitp, ilenlnl and Brain Worry, Vettion-
ttenrp. In,, ��f Knercnj, Palpitation ef tht
_#�����*. Failing Memory. Price tl pel br-i, sit
for It iJnis-iU]ii'.rr'c,��inrUlt-ui-. eoltll.ysll
tinggyxt* or _is.it: I in plnin p\tg. on jrteelot ol
Kico. Neinpeimplilrletinilcdfrte. THEWOOtt
ERICIN-rCO.,T IHOII-t., Ofl. (FllllfllWIII'tH.
thcrap.on gssara
rest lur:. t_M. Qt)MI| CHRONIC WIAKK8S8. LOST ViGOt
���ll.tS IfniKK No DHUOGISTIOr UAttll POST *CT|
TH SKA PI ON EtS-J.ii_.e_*
���sis.oov. sr aut ui ��� ������ lh i-o m.i. a-HUiuipic-tnt
B. C. Mines Do Big Business
Laifce Increase in Tonnage of Coal
Mined in Province
Au increase of 2(3 per cent. In Ihe
tonimse of coal mined in lhc province
of British Columbia i.-. shown by a
statement made by the Minister oi'
Mines. The mines on Vancouver Island bad an increase in tonnage of
48 per cent. In llic (..'row's Ncsl Pass
field there was nu increase of aboul
10 per cent, Slight increases are
shown in lhc various mines in the
Nicola field.
British Columbia mines have this
year paid larger dividends ihan ever
before. The aggregate is $3,446,000.
Besides this, P has been a record
year for active ti' Vi iopineilt of many
large properties whose owners have
laid oul work ni large expense, for
years to come when prices of copper
and olher metals will probably be
lower llian al present.
U-uekly Cured ���
for sale :    Ml licAlens
Ifnitis ll Cu.   Co i> vl    Hitpa-tc. 0_L
kural I'ctort
"Thai horse of yours interferes."
"Wiil, lie ain't inierfcriii- with you,
is he?"
WEiX in winter
Winter is a dangerous season for
lhc little ones, The days arc so
changeable���one bright, the next cold
and stormy, that the mother is afraid
to take the children out for the fresh
air and exercise they need so much.
In consequence, ihey are often cooped up in overheated, badly ventilated
rooms and are soon seized with colds
or grippe. What is needed to keep
the little ones well is Baby's Own
Tablets. They will regulate the sto-
macli and bowels and drive out colds
and by their use the baby will be
iilile to get over the winter season
in perfect safety. Tlio Tablets are
sold by medicine dealers or by mail
at 25 cents a box from The Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Brockvillc, Out.1
Results of Spcculul'oA
Gambling in Food Commodities Denounced by Montreal Board
ol Trade
The council of the Montreal Board
of Trade, as a means to check the
advance in liie cost of foodstuffs, has
suggested the slopping of option and
future sales on the Winnipeg grain
market by persons not interested in
farming or the milling and grain
trades. Such persons, it is .kxjarcd,
have no legitimate business interest
in the buying or selling of gfain, be-
ins merely actuated by thc desire to
profit by thc increase of price brought
about by war conditions. There is
little doubt lhal speculation on this
continent, being so generally in anticipation of advancing prices, docs
operate lo increase market values. Ii
it could be stopped thc consurnci
would gain, il may not be practicable, however, to secure the end in
view by either executive or legislative
action. Speculation in the Minneapolis or Chicago markets, or even in
those of Great Britain, raising prices
clscwlurc would raise them here
also.���Montreal Gazette.
War Tourists
France T'xpects to Profit By Tourist
Trade Alter the War
Millions of Americans will come to
Europe and will bring with them millions of dollars with thr intention of]
leaving millions behind them,    ll will
bc like    au overwhelming    wave .
first, followed by many other subsequent waves.   Certainly, most Amcii-
ciiiis will nol leave   Europe   withoul
v'isiling  oilier  parts  of   France,   luit,|
first Of all,  lhcy   will  be anxious  to I
visil those parts which will have been
visited by tho war.   Thai is why it i'
to  your  interest   to  leave  mute  wit- j
nesses    of war to    stand.    Tourists
who return  lo  ih'ir    own  countries ]
will talk of what they have seen, but j
stones  and  earth   must   lirsl   lall;   tc |
them,    Certain things musl be kepi
in lhc slate in which lhcy were dining the war, sueh, for instance! i
trenches on ihc Yscr, on the Somme
 I at Verdun, lhc quarries ol Soli
sons . . . and ihere musl also |e
kept standing, for a certain liiiie nl!
least, two or more villages or (own:,
ruined by the war, and espcclallj i
few monuments, city halls and cathedrals, Editorial In l.a Petite Gir-
your nervous system ia shattered; your strength is wasted;
your digestion weakened; your blood impoverished.
is the rich tonic-food to nourish your nerve-centers, repaii
the wasted   tissue, improve  your   blood-power,   a
sharpen your appetite and gradually re-establish   ^\\
your strength.
Get SCOTT'S for yourself, or remind some ailing
friend that SCOTT'S has proven these words for
thousands of others,       Look for this Trade-Mark.
Soot! fe Bi-sviic Toronto, Oni.
Farmers Buy Autos
These Pills Cure Rheumatism.���-To
the many who suffer dom rheumatism a trial of Parmclec's Vegetable
I'ills i3 recommended, They have
pronounced action upon lhe liver and]
kidneys and by regulating the action
of these organs act as an alternative
In preventing lhc admixture of uric
acid and blood that causes this painful disorder. They musl be taken according to directions and used steadily, and they will speedily give evidence of their beneficial effects.
s. Willis: Where is Land's End?
Gillis: It is where that lot which I
bought from thc real estate company
Minard's Liniment Cures Colds, Etc.
Little Ernest! I know lhat lady
ovcr there, mamma. She often sneaks
to mc.
Mother: Yes, darling, and what
does she say to you?
Little Ernest: She���she say?:
"Don't you dare to throw stones al
my dog again, you lillle wretch!"
It is said that sixty i" r ccnl ol ih<
automobiles made in the United
Slates lasl year were sold to fanners.
Roughly a million cars, ens'ine, eight
hundred million dollars, were purchased by Carailiaii and Atnct' an farmers in the automobile year ending
the 31st of .July, 1916, Manufacturers
estimate that about the same percentage of car,*, made this year will go
lo ihe farms, and as the number of
cars made is expected to show an increase of about 25 per ccnl. over thc
output of 1916, the money spent ou
this continent by farmers for motor
cars in the automobile year of i '16-
17 will come very close lo a billion
dollars.���Charlottetown Guardian.
Billy was sending out invitations to
Iiis birthday party, "1 don't think I
would mention thc birthday," advised
his mother. "It looks so much like
asking for a present."
To this Billy demurred violently,
but was finally persuaded to yield
the point. For a long time hc though!
deeply. Then, solving the problem,
he  asked:
"Well, mother, wc won'l say anything about the birthday, but' don't
you think wc might put lhe picture
of a cake with candles at the top of
the paper?"
War the Mixer
The Value of Different Units wt the
Empire Becoming Better
( aptain Stuart  M.  Hob idci . I in -
adian infantry? who is now at t ardiff,
having been wounded on the  -
speaks highly of Canadian Welshmen
al the front.    "Half our company,"
he   said to   an interviewer,   "were
Welshmen,   and some of   them have
done   well.     The  mi It  mi" i
sent to the front, and, without exception, they havc  turned o.t  mag-in-
cenlly,    Thc trouble with us i-      it
wc do not  very   quickly get to 1
lhe regiments around us, .but   when
we do we try to mix freely witl
and it is an education to all of us. It
would be a good thing���a    valuable
thing���to   allow   all to mi
Tliis war    is going to be  'the biggest thing    for the Empire,    ar.d i-
would bc of immense value for ill to
know  one another,  in  view  ol  ��fc[
will happen when it is all over." Cap-
lllolmdiii is a journalist    by pr
sion, ami has Berved on the Montreal
Star and the Edmonton Journal   :- -
father was on the former paper tor
twenty-five years.    He is a i       ��� .
of  Mr.   David   Christie   Murrv
son of Mr. 11. Reid Holmden, .      '-. -.
Canadian    Archives,    Ottawa.���Montreal Herald.
Little L
Then She Relented
"Henry, can vou look me in thc eye
and tell'inc. a falsehood?"
"I'm afraid I can. my dear."
"Oh, yon brute!"
"Could 1 ever have persuaded a woman like you to many me if I hadn't
exaggerated my good qualities?"���
Birmingham Age-Herald..
Minard's Liniment Cures Distemper.
"Bein' contented uif yob lot," said
Uncle F.beu, "ain' no excuse fob not
hltstlin' to git do mortgage olf'ii it."-���
Washington Star.
Worms in ehibircn, if lhcy be not
attended to, cause convulsions, ami
often death. Mother Graves' W.mu
exterminator will protect thc children
from these distressing ailliciions,
lie: Before we were married you
used to say there wasn't another man
like mc in lhc world.
She: Ves, and now I'd hate to think
that llicrc was.
And How to Feed
M.I10U fre;* lo any (id.nrsfl by
iim Author
118 We��t "1st Street, New York
A Power of Its Own.���Dr. Thomas' Ecicctric Oil has a subtle powci
of its own that other oils cannot pretend lo, though there are many pretenders. All who have used it know
this and keep it by Ihem as the mosl
]valuable liniment available. Its usts
are innumerable and for many years
it lias been prized as the leading liniment for man and beast,
T-iight in slmpleit English durin|
tion (uanntetd litre been teach*
irn by corrcsponderr�� tventf
!-��r�� Graduate* twisted lu tnsas
way*. K-rery p_non lnt.reated It
itock -rwuld take it^ Write lof
0l��t tt -   -   -
Mild take it.     Write lo;
W.      N.      V.      11*13
Doukhobors Contribute to Troops
The women of I'etcr Vcregin's
Doughobor settlement at Brilliant,
B.C., near Nelson, have donated 24,-
00(1 pounds of jam "for use in Canada
for the suffering ones caused by this
war." The gift will make a carload
and is valued at $5,000. The jam is
made from fruit grown in their own
gardens and is uolcd throughout the
country for its excellent quality, It
has becn declared to be the finest jam
in the world.
IN Eoeliester, N.Y., there has been formed an association the object of which
is to promote ihe "Live a Little
Longer" idea. It aims to encourage men
and women to give attention to their
health, and by preventive methods to
avoid serious disease and add years of
happiness to their lives.
This idea is suited to people of all ages,
but seems particularly applicable to persons of advancing years who feel their
vitality on the wane. It i3 truly wonderful what is accomplished by Dr. Chase'fl
Nerve Pood under these circumstances.
By forming new, rich blood, and nourishing the starved, wasted nerve cells,.it
instils new life and vigor into tho vital
organs and enables them to perform their
natural functions.
This means now strength and comfort,
freedom from paiu and disease, and longer
life. This letter gives you some idea what
old people may expect from the use of
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food.
Wtt, Sophia Balcor, T_neoo_ Island, Lunenburg
Co., N.S., wrlUs :���"I have been reading about people
wno nave been cured by Dr. Chase'* rnedlnes, _nd as I have obtained irest benefit
from tho use of Dr. Chase's Nerve Food I want to tell you my eiperience I am an
old woman of 80 years. My sleep was very poor;, I could not cat anything, and my
nerves wore ln a bad state. Hearing about the Nerve Food, I decided to use It, and
must say that the five boxes I took helped me wonderfully. I never expect to be
'.:'_e I was at B0, but this troatment haa helped me to sleep well, Improved tbe appetite and built up the nervos. An. one whe wishes can %rlt* to me for full p��r-
00 cents ��� box, O for $2.50. all -osiers, or .KdinanswB, Dates Jt Co., limited, Toronto.
Do not be talked into accepting a inbstitute.   Imitation! disappoint.
The Courtenay Review
A   Week-
Courteuay, it
N. 11, Hi
iu-;n, 1'
dltor i
ml I'roprii
ii $1,110
per V
-ur in Ad\
22, 1917
Tho. sudden death of the Hon,
Ralph Suiilli inukis a hii|i lliat will
not easily be filled, for he was one
of tin- foremost figures in the
Brewster cabinet, and a strong man
withal, as was evidenced bv lhe
dramatic nature <���! Iiis admission
into tlie executive. He bad wider
views llian most men in politics,
and by his decease the province hus
lost not only an able minister, but
���also one who would, in tin- ii|iiiii(in
of tunny, have been a candidate for
the premiership Itself in the near
future, li will be n very aide successor thai will be required lo take
bis place.
A Victoria despatch says thai llie
provincial executive is considering
a proposal to reduce the salaries of
cabinet ministers from ii?6ooo to
$5oiin, and members' sessional iu-
cl.mnities from Ji-'oo to $1200 or
even jjiooo, Such a step would be
only consistent wiih the reiterated
declarations of policy on the part
of the new administrators to make
both 1 uds meet by reducing expenses, No one will quarrel with
that policy if it is general and made
applicable throughout the whole
raupe of the expenditure controlled
by the government. We believe
that British Columbia pays its
cabinet ministers on a higher scale
than any other province iu Canada
There is therefore reasonable room
for pruning.
The Dominion authorities have
not lost much time in initiating proceedings against one western sugar
refining firm nt least iu the su^ar
trust. Criminal conspiracy is alleged, the firm in question and apparently other firms 111 the combine
as well, having bound tlie wholesalers buying their products to handle sugar from noother source, and
restricting them from selling to the
retailers at less than the price determined upon from time to time by
the refinery. The wholesaler, the
retailer and the consumer have thus
been compelled to dance to the tune
set by the refinery. It has moreover been elicited that when the
stocks at the coast were much larger than the demand warranted,
carloads of sugar were sent so far
cast us Winnipeg, and actually sold ,
there at a lower price than was pre
yailiiig in Ii C. It was high time]
that the government did steo in to
protect the people, and it is a scandal that such a state of aoairs
should exist in time of war, when
our people have had to make great
sacrifices in flesh ami blood, and
in anxiety and scraping to make
both ends meet. We hope that the
firms concerned will be able to clear
themselves of this grave charge,
for their action if it is true, is as
un* Bit ish and un-patriotic as it is
possible to imagine.
every householder to grow ns much
ns possible, both of potatoes ami
oilier garden produce, in order in
release .similar produce im' {export,
and io avoid higher prices iu Cau.
adu,    Canned goads will be  away
up lllis fall, Si) thai there is   every
inducement fur .intelligent people
to look ahead, Moreover, the luck
of labor ou lhe prairies will result
iu a much smaller area being put
miller i-ultiv atiiiii liiis year than
lasl, which means dearer flour,
While we can hardly describe mir
plea as a "voice in ibe wilderness"
at the same time we should like to
see this important question taken
up vigorously by such bodies us
the ("ily Council, lhc Fanners' and
Womens' In-'tiUttes, and by the
church congregations, The rising
cost of living will hii them all to 11
greater extent than hitherto, and
concerted action alone will alleviate
llie results,
The Bit-ing Committee of the
Red Cross Society held a 1 cry successful whist drive ami dance last
Wednesday evening. Twenty-four
tables were filled, The honors
were won by Mrs Hoyg and Mrs,
(lla/.liroo1- for the ladies, and
ERNIE SWAN ami T. l>. Bubar
for the gentlemen, A delicious
lunch wns served and exquisite
music furnished by the Ilo-Ilo Or-
chest ra.
The following is the report of
tbe St. Valentines Whist Drive and
Receipts amounted to      $106,30
(including whist,   ''-nice,
raffling ofcand^Stipper
donation of fs.50
cheque from Mr. Bubar.1 #8,95
Music $10.50
Oar Hire 3.00
Printing 525
Mr. Dunham (cream)    1.00
Posting bills 1 oo
Ughling 2.00
The Committee wish to thank
each and every one who assisted iu
any way wliicli helped to make the
evening such a successful one
Special mention being made ot Mr.
Booth, Mr. Grieve, and the Woman's Institute for the loan of
chairs- Ladies' Aid and W. A. and
Mr. Grieve for loan of dishes, and
Mrs. Robertson for candy: and Mr,
Urquhart, Mr M. Idiens. and the
Hall Committee lor the free use of
.the hall for the evening.
The cheque' received   from   Mr.
Bubar for $8.95, is the balance from '
the dance given   to  send   hampers i
to our bovs overseas.    We   extend I
Spring Showing
Wash Goods
In Zephyrs, Glngliams, .rials, Per
enles, Orgn'idteu, Printed Voiles
Inilin Head, Piques, Repps, Oalatem
Wash Skirts
I'ltpies,   Bedford   Curd    mid   biileli
Wash Skirts iii the newest Spring
Middy Waists
I,u lies' nml Misses' Middy Waists,
in Plain nnd Melted Styles, with
Striped Collar nnd Cults in Mine
l'ink nml Black Stripes, fust colors.
Also ill llll white.
House Drosses
Two-piece liouse drosses In nenl pnl-
leriis witli fancy  muslin collars nud
Special   value  in one-piece   liouse
dresses of sell color chmnhrny, triin-
nieil wiili pique and smocking,
Silk 1'ipllu Underskirts in all shinies
Also Btiiniuci-welglit women's underskirts in all shinies.
Dress Goods
In Shepherd's Plidds and broken
cheeks, Tweed Suitings mid Poplins
in all shinies. Voiles and Costume
Velveteens in nil shinies.
Children's Pinafores nt'd Dresses.
Boys' Duster nud wash suits.
Men's Dept.
G. & R. Shirts
Men's Itest quality Cambric Shirts
Self-colors, Fancy Stripes nnd hlnek
and white stripes, S'llt (rout mill
French cuff. Men's port shirts, in
plain collar., also tv'l'i striped collars iu line cambric mid silk mixture
Complete bines of new Spring
Styles ol Invictus. Slioes, " The
Ht-st Good Shoe for Men,"
Hats and Caps
Newest Spring styles in Men's and
Hoys' p'elt Hats in all the leading
Shapes and shades. Men's Tweed
Cups in Checks and Plaids and Novelty Sport Patterns.
A Complete Stock of Men's and
Hoys' Sundford's Kendy-to-Wear
Clothing at popular price-.
New Spring samples of Campbell's
Mnde-to-Measure Clothing, Style
ami Fit Guaranteed,
our thanks to the committee of that
The amount of $101,00 has been
banded to the local R?d Cross
Tremendous efforts are being
made in the Old Country to avoid
a shortage of potatoes this year,
and even greenhouses are being
pressed into service. Canada will
doubtless be called upon to a greater extent than h'therto, ami should j
be proud to supply the homely |
'spud "    Thi-r i<    a   reminder   to
Tenders  Wanted
Tenders will he received by the under- j
signed up to noon of Wednesday,  February 28th, 1917, lor  the   erection  of a
store building 011 Union  street;   for Mr. j
J. B. Bailey,     Plans and  specifications
may he seen at  .ny  office.     Lowest  or
���ny tender not necessarily rccepted.        ,
Courtenay, Feb. 14, 1917.
Tenders Wanted
Tenders will be received by the undersigned up to noon of Wednesday, February 28th for the erection of a wire fence
for Mrs. Lewis, Particulars at my
office." Lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.
Courtenav, Keb. 14, 1917.
YOU Need
a New Spring Suit
Samples for 1917 are now on
baud. Styles are becoming
more moderate, the best dressed men are not wearing "pegs"
uow. The " Pinchback " is
very dressy, a real smart thing
for young men.
You can have your suit
made right here, or I have
agencies for the '' The Very
Best Canadian Tailors," Be
Patriotic, support British Industries.
I do repairing.
cleaning and
Esquimalt   &   Nanaimo  Railway
For   Victoria���11.35   Monday,  Wednesday    and
Friday, connecting at Parksville Junction with train
for Port Alberni
Frcm   Vi--toria-.-9.00   Tuesday,     Thursday,   and
Saturday, connecting at Parksville  Junction  with
train from   Port   Alberni,   and arriving at Courtenay at 16.10
For infrrmatiou regarding your trip to  Eastern  Canada, the
United States, or Europe, plea:.e communicate with
Phone R 60
Agent Caurtenajr, Phone R60
Tailor to Women and Men
A ccounts Audited and
Books Kept
Office with Hicks Beach  &  Field
';. 5**** ''
ROW, fTAtlMll
��� makes those great big,wholesome
loaves of bread ��� those delicious
buns and 'liscuits that appeal to
every member of a household,
Get a sack now���try it���and prove it.
Mark���the Circle "V"���on every sack.
Look  for the Trade
Your grocer sells it,
Crown  and   Bridge Work
Painless Extraction
Fees Moderate AU Work Guaranteed
Office Open Tuesday, January 9th
Touring $495 ;   Runabout $475
F. O. B, Ford, Ont.
��. C. Emde, Dealer for Comox District
Auto, Launch,  Motor Cycle,  Gas Engine and
Bicycle Supplies,   Repairing, etc.
Phone L46 Courtenay
The Easiest Way to Telephone is Best
It is important that you speak directly into the telephona,
The natural, conversational cone, spoken  clearly into the
mouthpiece, carries clearly to any   local telephone, and to
most Long Distance points.
Telephone transmission is a matter of   voice  DIRECTION
not voice FOi'.CE.
British   Columbia   Telephone Co.
I have just installed a cider mill
and am prepaied to make cider
every day. Bring your apples and
cider vessels.
Love and reason are seldom on
speaking terms.
Practical Shoemaker anil Repair
Next to Hardy & lliscoe
When In Doubt
Play Trumps
Have Goard Tune Your Piano
l-'actory Experience
Recommends Irom  Leading Musicians
Irom the Atlantic to the Pacific.   Copies
of same furnished on request
VI. J. Gonril   will ne  in this city  about
Oct.    1.     Leave orders at this Office,
or write direct to
845 f tb Ave., W,   .   Vancouver
Willard's Harness Emporium
Fine Showing of Horse Blankets,  Cap
Rugs, Gloves, Trunks, Suit Cases, Etc.
Harness Repaired Neatly
Cumberland and Courtenay
Ice Cream
Swan's Old Stand, Courtenay TOE UUUJtiZsznix _-.i_-._ui
|hose who, from time to time, have funds requiring
investment may purchase
Principal repayable 1st October, 1919.
Interest payable half-yearly, 1st April and 1st October by cheque (free of exohange at
any charterod Bank In Canada) at the rate of five per cent per annum from the dato of
Holders of this stock will have the prlvllego of surrendering at par and accrued interest,
as the equivalent of cash, In payment of any allotment made under any future war loan issuo
In Canada other than an Issuo of Treasury Bills or other liko short dato security.
Procoods of this stock aro for war purposos only.
A commission of ono-quartor of ono por cont will bo allowod to recognized bond and
stock brokors on allotments made in rospoct of applications for this stock which bear their
For application forms apply to tho Doputy Minister of Finance, Ottawa.
OCTOBER 7th, 1010.
'. '* -*.W?"?- ���_T*'""--'_"""r ""��� i >* 2
Uo rust can attack thc flue.- because they are so thoroughly aluminize'i, and they economize nearly every bil
of heal:.
Before you invest in a new range let me show you the
Kootenay's sensible ideas for saving time and labor.
Forsale by C. H. Tarbell & Son, Courtenay
ment of one   of   the   best   known j
farming papers of the west.
Ever since his   high  school   days
Mr. McTaggart   has   licen closely
connected with sonic branch of the
newspaper profession and during
the past eighteen   mouths, in his;
capacity as  Fruit  Markets Com* I
missloner. he   lias  been   In close:
touch wilh publishers in the prairie
provinces,   Mr   McTnggart's new I
headquarters will bs iu  Winnipeg,
and his many friends iu p. C.   will
Ibe sorry to learn thnl lie ;is   going
so far afield,
<AN. t, itir
Presbyterian Church
St. Andrews' Sandwick
Service 2 p.m.    Sunday School
nnd Bible Class ." p, in.
Sunday  School and  Bible Clas
10:30 a.m.   Evening service 7:30
p. m. All welcome
Barrister nml Solicitor,   Notary
The people of Canada   need  to Phone 6 Courtenay
steel tlieins.lvos against   nnv  dan-	
ger of ignoring the claims   of   llie ���
relumed  soldier,    Flag   wagging,
cheering, and th. like arc easy ac* i
complishnients, but it requires rath- ���
er more spirit to see  that   the   re*, i
turned     heroes    get      a    better j
shew than the man who has stayed '
at home with no danger to bis own
skin, when the otlier is fighting his ,
battles for him.    Not   that   everv
man is lit to fight, but  rather that
the fighting man, iu times of stress I
and national danger, is  the   more
necessary of the   two,  and should
therefore be treated   with  correspondingly   greater   consideration,  ft8rge9 and  Buggies for  Hire  �����
Any individual, or body   of   indi* |
v'.duals. ignoring the returned   sol- i
dier in favor of a civilian  (provid- |
ing of course that tbe   soldier   has  We als
qualifications approaching those of I
the man who has retained civilian .
habits.-) is guilty of lack of patriot-!       JAS.   CAIRNS &
ism and can only be compared to the '                    Proprietors
many people and   companies  who j Courtenay
prefer a chinaman to a   white man
any u-y.   We trust that our  pro*!
vincial representative,   aud associ ,   =
.!_....  ...Ill  1 _  ���.:.   : !.  j '
"Produce moi-ei- 1S17" -Hon. Martin Burrel), Dominion Minister of Finance.
WE ure extent-ill�� mir already extensive fieltl seed business for
1917. llis tlie desire of the Canadian Government that the
people pnirliicir it. much as possible during the ensuing year,
and we are arranging witli the leading dealers throughout llritish
Columbia anil Alberta to carry a complete Hue of ROYAI/
STANDARD l-HSU* SEEDS. These seeds are the choicest it is
possible to secure iu the World's Markets. They are Government
inspected and carefully selected for purity.
Seeds should be purchased early as prices inevitably advance as
the Season progresses. In all probability the market will be short
and it will be difficult later in the year to make purchases.
Order ROYAL STANDARD Field Seeds NOW. K your dealer
cannot supply you write us and we will ship to vou direct,
Vancouver Milling & Grain Co. Ltd.
I beg to-Jannounce that I have opened a Flour and
Fe' d Store on Mill Street, Courtenay, and will be
pleased to supply your needs in
Wheat and Flour, Bran, Shorts
Hay, Straw, etc.
Frank   flovitz.
The Goat Breeders
The British Columbia Goat Breed
ers' Assoaintion was duly incorporated on February 3, Almost 100
goat bleeders in the province have'
aiready joined or have signified
their intention of becoming members immediately.
The officers of tbe association
for the present year are, President,
S. Hopkins, Victoria; Vice Pres.
D, Mouat, McKay, Secretary-
Treasurer, Geo. Pilmer, Victoria,
Directors- Arthur Crowe, Victoria,
G. Cowell, Port Alberni. R. Hed-
die, R. Hed lie, Nelson; N. K. Tuu-
bridge, Penticon.
Practically every goat breeder in
the province has been circularized
in an effort to find out how many
goats there are iu British Columbia
The members are urging thai all
goats be kept in the province and
that none be sold outside its boundaries, as it is pointed out that tbe
demand within the province is much
greater than the supply and will,
in all probability continue to be so
for some years to come.
Cumberland Hotel
Utintl Accomodation      Cuslne Excelled
Wm. Merry Held
Palace Livepy
.1 Buggies fi
Terms cash,
attend  to  wood hauling
Phone *_
I ous will bear tri.s in mind.
Fruit Markets
Commissioner Resigns
Mr. W. K. McTaggart, who has
occupied the position of Fruit Markets Commissioner, with hedaquar,
ters a*. Calgary, has handed his
resignation to Mr. Wm. F,. Scott,
Deputy Minister of Agriculture,
Mr, McTaggart is leaving the service of the Department to take
charge of the   circulation  depart-
The Blacksmithing Business carried on bv McKenzie & Mooring
has been dissolved. The business
will be carried on ir. future by the
undersigned, to whom all accounts
are payable. First-Class work is
still the watchword at this shop.'
Victoria.   Feb.   17. -The formation as a Britisii Columbia  Farmer's Union, to   include   within   its
sc.pe every branch of the agricultural industry of the province, was
uiiaimottsly apyroved at a crowded
convention which opened yesterday!
in   Convention   Ha 1,   Legislative
buildings.     Quite   200   delegates
from practically all sections of the j
the province, the majority of whom
have been in aetendauce at the re- j
cent annual gathering of the farm-1
ers   Institutes,    fruitgrowers  and ]
stockbreeders   were   present,   and]
with not a  dissentient  voice  the;
project to organize the agricultural
interests for mutual protection was
adopted.   The  new organization
w'H be formed similar to the grtat
cooperative organizations of farmers in the  prairie provinces,  will
work for the benefit of the producers in eve-v direction and will, it is
hoped supply  what  has hitherto
been lacking in the   agricltural industry, au organization  which can
make itself felt when   it
speak on behalf of the
on the multitude of vital questions
which concern tlie well-being of the
industry in B. C,    Actim; iu conjunction with the   eastern   organizations it is felt by tbe   originators
of the plan that such   co-operation
will mean that the voice of the producer in western Canada will hereafter prove a most potent one
Coitftenay  Tailor
Ladies and Gents Suits
Suits $27 up
Pant? $7 up
Clt-aninir; unil
Suit."            5 .7.5
Suits           J_.2_ up
Coats               ,50
Coats                .7.1
Punts               ,2i
Skirts              .2;
Skirts                  ..-n
Vests               .IS
Vests                   .33
Dresses            ..ill
Dresses              1.71
Overcoats       .7
Overcoats        l.i."
Rei .iriiiK, Etc.
Gents clothe ���. k
ept ill onler by the
h |2.50
comes t_>VsiUione 9
Haney  I. Kushida
Store, Union St., Courtenay
First-Class Plumbing
Hot Water and Steamfitting
Jackson & Whittle
Sand and Gravel
Rates Reasonable
Buggies and Express Wagons
All Rigs Guaranteed antl Sold at the Lowest Possible Price
Blacksmith ard Carriage Builder
Clean, bright utensils mean clean appetizing food   -use
Old Dutch
Turkish Delight
Trench Life at Gallipoli Is Described
By Writer
"A shell can be 1
Jolin Gallishavv in
the cn
to b- ���
the ai
Week i
rd coining, says
renching at Gal-
"Expcrts i i.im to identify
b.rc of n gun by tli-.- sound the
akes. Few live long enough
m sin h experts, lu Gallipoli
i ig   length of life was three
dugout wt always ate our
such as tin.i ivcrc, to lhe accompaniment of '-tnrl.-i.ili delight,' the
Newfoundlanders' name for shrapnel.
Wc had become accustomed to rifle
bullets. Vi ! '. n run hear tlie zing of a
Spent bullet or thc sharp crack of an
explosive you Know- it has passed
you. The onc thai hits you you never
hear, At first v i dodged at the
sound uf a passing bullet, but soon
wc came actually lo believe !Ur su-
pei titioi thai a bullcl would nol '.lit
a mai ml ��� it had on ii his regimental mn -'[ai and his name,"
Viiii-1    \i on - Powders act so thoroughly that stomachic and intestinal
worms rite literally    <
m the child v.ii
id   _
thc  :
bc fc
ao lhat, i-i-'ii
vermifuge, il
health giving i
iriS it
It   r    bl
round up and
hottt being no-
oiivi'iiicncc to
painless and
I all limes will
diciiic, utreng-
stomach and
���i his operation,
- ail r (fectivc
a I
Tea in  China
' j iking     tea   ir-   Chins
from lhc little handlelcss
an Amcrii riii v isitor    lo
hon    hold, "mani    limes
���th ���
ly ma
leave :
the ii
titer,   i
In- I
pOl,   !
mc drink
ups," says
a Chinese
limes  through the
n or cream, enjoy-
- ii as the first cup
that ii is -nopei-
I quantity   of lea
in    a hot ;'0t, and
of boiling- waicr is
Three to live min-
dlo .vi :l for infusion, then the
- ii strained into another hot
1, behold,  we have    Chinese
The rir*
.ci them.
-. in- Old i.ady: You
iay with inc, will ynu?
Cabby;   Lor,  bless  you, mum
���no; ivhy, 1'vi  gol a wifc and eight
kid*   ai    hoini    a'ready,   ���   London
nm a
Tommy's Spoiling Instinct.
Fun in llie trenches! With shells
dropping all around and blowing lhe
botli.ii oi your comrades inlo rid
fragmentsl Whai tlo tho soldiers do,
I wondered, when this is happening?
The Frenchmen sing, this captain
told me, Not to keep up Iheir courage, liiii joyously, exultantly. "And
lhc British?" "Sure, tht-y laj bels
ou whal the next shell will do."
Belgian Slavery
American   Paper   Puts   a   Pertinent
Question to Ils Readers
We arc horrified by the spectacle
presented in ccriain parts of Europe
by the overthrow of all the modern
safeguards that had been apparently
placed about human freedom. In
what was supposed to be one of the
most highly civilized corners of the
earth we see manhood slavery reintroduced, men, women and children
subjected to horrors that render the
first of mediaeval atrocities comparatively unimpressive. We witness lhe
light of liberty going out in Europe
and the rcaliz.ili.ui conies lo us lhat
there can conic no peace on earth
Until whatever freedom the Old
World  recently    possessed  has been
restored despite ihe might of ihose
who have oveilhiovni it.
Are there in this country today
Americans so narrow-minded, sclhsii,
self-centred, materialistic that they
dare assert thai the re-c.tabllshmcnt
of liturftui slaver) on the continent of
Europo is of no com em in the people
ol lhis country?-���New Vork Sun.
"ll no longer takefl three generations to make a gentleman,"
"Think so?"
"yes. Wo are moving so much
faster. And ii lakes nnly one generation to produce.--_*4��Ji_U*-_-....
Cause nf Asthma. No one can say
with certainty exactly win! causes
llu establishing "5f 'a'_lli'tii-.it"i_ condi*-
lions, Dusl from tin- i Irei t, irom
flowers, from grain and various other
irritants may set up a trouble impossible to eradicate cxcepl through a
sure preparation such as Dr. J. P.
ICellogg's Asthma Remedy. Uncertainty may cxisl as to cause, bul
there can be no uncertainty regarding
a remedy which has freed a gencr��i-
tioii of asthmatic victims from this
scourge of the bronchial tubes, ll is
sold  i i-ervwhere.
flits, ll
fa I
of tlic groom
"No, l didn't. I've a daughter, loo,
and  i  kn >w whal ihey cost,"
tlier.  abounding   health,  vitality  and
pleasure in life.   To make lhe blood
iuard's   I iniinei i  Co., Limited.
G utlemen, - Lasl  winter I  rccciv-
great benefit from the use of Ml-
VRD'S    LINIMENT in    a scs.-n-
ack of La Grippe, and  I have frc-
roved ii to be verj effective
���f Inflammation,   '
W. i   ill i C1IINS0N.
Mr. vA iizzy up yet?
I ai dlady (sti rnly): Yes, In goi iip
an hour ago, drank his bath, ar-.t.l
went bai k to bi d.   London Notes.
Before; starting thc. youngsters
to school give them a piping hot
Clip ' 'I'
Just a Little More Rich, Red Blood
Cures  Most  Ailments
The lack of sufficient red health-
giving blood docs not end mc.rsly in
a pale complexion, It is much more
serious. Bloodless people arc lhe
tired, languid, run-down folk who
never have a bit of enjoyment in life,
Food does not nourish, there's indigestion, heart palpitation, headache,
backache, sometimes fainting spells
and always nervousness. If anaemia
or bloodlcssncss bc neglected too
long a decline is sure to follow. '!'.i
a little more blond,cures all th
troubles. Jusl more
rich, red and pure, use I'i. Williams'
Pink Pills.    No other medicine    increases    the pun     blood suppl;     so
quickly or ��������� surely.   The cure actual'- begin." ivith the first dose, though
naturally ir is not noticeable    Thi*- is
not a men claim,   Dr, Williams' Pink I S'���
Pills have been doing lhis ovci and
over again ir. Canada for morc than van
a quarter - f a century.   This is why '* "
thousands ! ive always a good word|c"c
to sav for this great medicine, for in
stance Mrs.  Ucx, Gillis, Glenvillc, N.
S��� says: "I  cannot praise  Dr, Williams' Pink   I'ills too highly,    Thej
arc rcallj   a   ivonderful medicine.    I
was  vet;.   -���..-;!    run down, suffered
from  frequent  dizzy spells, ;���' tl had
an almost constant severe pain i-, ii.- j
back.   My home work- was a source in
of dread, I fell so weak, and life held
but little enjoyment,    Then  1  began i
taking Dr   Williams'  Pink   Pills _nd
the    result  ivas almost    marvellous. "1
They made me feel like a new wo-1 te
man, and   fully restored   my  health, ni
I  would urge every  iveak- womau t-    -
":V; '"; 'ti'iv^vliHamV Pink mjm::**msjaLm*iiiiimrM
Pills through any dealer in medicine
or by  mail, post paid, .at 5U -cents ._ |
hoK or six l*oi r $2.50 from The
Is Issuing a New Policy Conn act With Up-
to-date Privileges
Cf you aie buying Insurance, t^e oui Police first
There's Money In
Your Stump'Land
gii* -- us*   n
FIRST pull out tho stumps, then pull out lho profits. Chang*
your barren stump lands into cultivated, fields. Stop payw
ing taxes on worthless hind. Clear it; do it the quickest, easiest
ond cheapest way. Get the money fromuuderyour-iurnps with*
Ono Man
Stump Puller
It gives you a giant's power.   No sturnp Is big
enough, no root deep enough, to resist it Horses
jt    are unnecessary, Vour money back unless tha
?*       Kirsrtin pulls stumps from your "avid.
Ten days' trial.
Send for Eig,
Fret Catalog
See tlm plctur-a of stumps It tins polled* vend tin. letter* from the f-nnors who h��v- bought Klrstlua.    /
Learn how th- Kristin Free Servics given ill th��    ,*>'
Information you ncod about land cleuinf.   Doa't   JF
buy * puller until you tin this book. f Ns-nm	
rJUS   De.-mi* Street,   Sault  Stc   Marie,
'an.tli.n   Co*
9125  Dennis St,
Sault   Kit;.   Marie,
��*     . : Srt as nnr.d ma T**tt
Pret Utroh  sa   LanS
/   T.W__ ..���.,.������_...,
�����*    S-P_XWP_>.B9I���
Indirect Taxation
Brinkcr: Yes, your wife's clothes
havc cosl nn  a good bit of mom".-.
Tinker: M. wife's clothes! Whai
tlo you mean?
Brinkcr: Why. every- time your
wife gels a mrvv gown, my wifc tuusl
havi one just as expensive!���Judge.
; "-..to ol Oliio,  Citr of Tol��_c,
l.ucas Count*, sr.
Pr.nl:  J.   etirtiey   makes   oath   tint   Its   ia
ii     r vi, *n   | senior   partner  of  the  hrm  of  F,   J.   diel*./
j _ Co.. tioitrff business in the Citv of Toledo,
i County   atiti.  State   afore-said,   .ind   that   said
I  r.  dlsad-   firm will  pay* the sura of ONE HVtiUUEU
ids. Thcr*   DOLLARS for- each and et.tr.   caw of Ca.
,,,,   :,    .  ill,: '"Tli   that   rannol   be   cured   br   too   line   til
lit ll   witli   HALL'S CATARRH CURE,
 _  Sworn  to before nre and subscribed  in  mj
Minafd's Liniment Cures Diphtheria.  P__r"ce' thij *"��� **r ��- o-v-mber, a. d.
' I Seal) Notary l'ublic
n  v. cut into a liie instil'-      H*11'* Catanii Core is taken internally and
id requested to ''"   inain*    *ct' l*lr,*",!;|i t.he Bleodjon tha Mucous Sue
liotlld  beef  lie.
you see, beef ir
iilk must other I
thod of adulter:
ii i,Id n
nipaiiy  asked  hi
, I   man.      t-
Send  for  tc.ti_to_i__l
ly four."
the old man.
tatistics, and they will
ewer men    die    after
it before it,"-*   1 it-Mils.
- faces of  the System,
F. J. CHENEY ��� CO., Toledo, a
Sold  by  all  druuista,  *-5c.
;     Haifa  l'.i_Uy  l'lila for co_sti9��ti_n.
"The early bird catches the v.c'-i-..'-
j    "That's because tin* worm is    fool
-   ougll lo get up early, too."
Countless    have    been  the    cures
worked by Holloway's Corn Cure.   It
-1 has a power of ils own not found i"
thcr preparations,
Although somewhat increased in price owing te
the continued high prices
of Potash, Glue, and other
raw material, are of tha
usual high standard of
quality wljiel- has made
them famous for two-
thirds of a century.
Always Ask for
Eddy's Matches
They Taste
Dr.  William
vllle; Ont.
Medicine C
l rostuffl
School   teacher.*!,  doctors   and
food experts agree on two points
I    ihal    the
a  ho!
shouldn'l  be l< a or coffee.
Postum fills the need admirably
and ith very extensive use among
thoughtful parents, coupled with
the child's fondness for this
flavor*,*, nourishing food-drink,
show how completely it meets
the requirement.
"There's a Reason"
No change in price, quality.
or size of package.
Creamery ai. (.rami Prairie
First    Creamery    for    Peace    River |
Country  ly   Established
Hie    - -   eh i.ii.11 :    of    lh.    i rent
t'eace  I'ivi i- district in thc i In rn
pari  of Albi rta    li.    take i  ;- greal
lep forv   n   ivitl   tin   i stablit li i enl
- ol    .. i rei in< rv    at Grande Prairie, I
liven in the largci   farming districl
owing    '      ' ���   . bsi lice    of  ��� cii ntific |
neans of manufacturing and   storing
butter, the supplj   was nol   rvailabli
Iri'in onc season lo,another, so ship
ments had lo b< mad'.- into that cotui-:
I      fi in noi ton.     I'he  situntidi
was som ivhal iinoinalou ' '' he
li. Riv������ ������ country is cxc< ptionall)
(iuetl i-i become u great mixed larm-
ing -iiiti dairying country, but owing
to tin   simfllni ss of populati ���������    the
a crcaiucrv is- to be ercc id there, and
will br read) for business bi nexl
One itwo���-three���four���let the
Children have all they want of
Pat's Amusement
"To ihe German soldier war ia n
serious business. To the Frenchman
it is sublime devotion. To thc Englishman it's Imlly sport." This f.-oi'.i
Capt. Patrick Corcoran of the Royal
Engineers, hero of ji dozen "Somc-
wheres" in France, twice wounded
and now on permanent leave in New
Vork Cily,    "And to the Irishman?
ighting always was ihe Irishman's
irrcat amusement," he said. "The English an good sports, but they never
did gel the fun out of their fun that
thi   Irish do."
Minard's Liniment  Cures Garget   in
Japan'* Celluloid Toys
The Soul oi a Piano is tho
Action.   Insist on tho
Otto Higel Piano Action
U.      1143
Nothing could bs cleaner,purer
or more wholesome. Very ft: w
things are less expensive. Plain
Of salted, In Packages only.
Town;:  Named After battles
The    Provincial    Governmi nt
Quebec has decided li   give to nc
township;   to  be  created  the names!
of the great battles in which Canadian soldiers took part.    So wc may
have in tin- near future lhc townships
of   ifprcs,   Courcj-lcttc,   St,   Julieii,
Langemarck, h*estubert, etc.
It has been "decided to give to the I
natural landmarks in thc-cr townships'
the names of our most noted fallen'
A stern parent Is   one-   who   take
lis grouch home and thinl s Ire   is
jreat disciplinarian.
'Arrowroot Biscuit
It'a made With real Arrowroot 1
North-West Biscuit Co., Limited
While the European war ha* ruined most of thc ordinary trade in Japan, ihc manufacturers of celluloid
toys at any rate have found il profitable. Thej arc working lo their Utmost capacit] to met t the growing
demand for celluloid toys from Australia, England,  India, China,    Hong
'Kong and the I'nited States.
Thc increase in Japan's toy trade is
due  to  llu:  fact that thirty' iclluloid
I factories in Germany havc been turned into munition works. The materials for the toys, at the same time,-
have, become much scarcer in Germany.     Before   thc   war   Germany
t monopolized the world's toy market,
j but today Japanese goods are driving out the German-made articles. ���
Montreal Mail.
"Did you sec ihc pleased t xprcs-
sion on Mrs. Ward's face when 1 told
her slit- looked no older than Inr
daughter?" asked Mrs. Gibbs.
"i\o," said Mrs. Hates. "1 was
looking at thc expression on hei
(laughter's face!"
Reform Needed
Frances: You say you are going to
marry a man to reform him. That i.s
fine, May I ask who he is:
Flora: It's young Bond.
Frances: Why, I didn't know he
had any bud habits.
Flora: Well, llis friends arc saying
that hc has become quite miserly,--
Getting Back at Her
Miss Goldie: I wouldn't marry votl
if you were worth a million dollars.
Mr. Hunter; Well, lhat shows the
difference between us. I wouldn't
marry you if you weren't.
-"DODD'S v
[THE   IlEVIEW.   C0U11TNEY.   W. CL
Sonic Amazing Figures C.ivcn in the Startling Story told by
Sydnej Brooks of tho Growth of Britain's Annies and Navy
Since the Beginning of the War
Sydm j Brooks, writing iu 'he. X; w
VoVk Times tnagaaiuc under the title
"England Laces 1917 in her fullest
Stri ngtll." snys in pat i:
How liavo lh-: allies been able to
main lain an iiuccii ing and disintegrating pressure on the very vitals of
Germany? U hal haa made ll pos ilblc
lit bud ome 2,000,000 men ou
iilinciit of Europe, equipped
very    single item in
-me of ihi-ni before lhc
even an knur's expcricnci
lor u
thc c
-villi ever
ilely  v:;ii
war?    lb
in a posil
Cameroon i, S.
polnmin, the I
There ni.- K'ii
-this  nioincut
Saloniki.     I l.i
British stibji
hundreds of
from all llie
central haul
toyed lluin
The Uniled Stales lu
the allies a lratle thai I
vious American experie
commerce inlo the sh.
many Americans, i. won
ask themselves how it h
oliiiue of nierchandis-
Ihu infill
I  modern
i is  I
lh ii wc have been
-.min -i simultaneous
vpi, East Africa, the
Invest \frica, Mt'so-
���nns and the Pacific?
in iroops fighting at
France and around
dlirthcj   gel
iu    hundreds
ll * r* 111! s   lr.iv-'   I
i ol the earth
Whal agciu
t p.:
llicrc t
in thc
y conic, ltd
un uiih
rail pic
i foreign
But how
Slop   tO
ihai this vast
has  crossed
tin: Atlantic in the midst of the
great.-st war in rill history almost as
Swiftly and securely a.s in the days ol
profoundest peace?
Cine by out: Germany's colonics
have been lorn from her grasp, tlow
comes it that not a single blow has
been struck in defence of ihem by
the Fatherland itself Mow is it,1
again, that of German sea-borne commerce there is none; that not a single German merchant vessel dare
show her nose���her nose, I said, not
her periscope-���out of harbor; and
that Germany has been totally stripped of the enormous asset of her foreign trade?
ilow-is it, once morc, that the Belgian and the Serbian armies have
been rearmed) reconstituted aud 'C-
cquipped; lhat Kussia has been re-
munitioned; that France, though her
Pennsylvania is in the enemy's ham'r,
is still for purposes both of war anil
of commerce a great manufacturing
nation, and that all lhe allies can import freely what they need from the
neutral world?
The answer.lo all these questions,
and the sole answer to most of them,
is the British navy. Our control of
the seas is not a mere adjunct to ihe
strength of the alliance. It is its
basis. It Supports the whole edifice.
Without it all that the allies have
built up would crumble to pieces.
With il Ihey can erect tm a rock tlie
instruments of certain victory.
.And besides being thc maritime
and financial bulwark of the alliance,
Great Britain is also becoming its supreme arsenal and workshop. Already, and on an enormous scale, she
has furnished the allies with indispensable supplies, munitions, ships, coal,
clothing, and other material, To her
all who arc- fighting with her turn as
to an exliaustless treasure house, and
rarely turn in vain. Shells, field howitzers, heavy guns, grenades, machine guns, and small arms leave British ports in immense, quantities day
after day for the use of our allies.
One-third of our total production
of shell steel goes to France. That
fact alone, to those who understand
the character of lhis war, is an cpi
tome of the industrial services icn
dered by Great Britain lo the'common cause. Three-fourths of til
steel-producing districts of France
an- occupied by thc enemy, and our
ally absolutely depends on us for
commarjd of the sea to procure the
essential basis of all modern warfare.
n is the same with other metals
with copper, for instance, antimony,
lead, tin, spelter, tungsten, mercury
high-speed steel, and other less vir.il
substances.   All these we are manufacturing    in    Great Britain    or    in
olhcr parts of  lhc   Empire, or pur
chasing unneutral lands ami delivering to our allies, under the protection of the Hriiish navy, to the value
of $30,00(1,000 a Month,    Million-, of
tons    of coal nnd coke    reach then
fronl our shores every week;    one
fifth of our total,production of machine tools is set aside lor them, and |
huge cargoes of explosives and -lhi-j
chinery arc daily despatched to their
There i.s a factory in England who1-
ly manned by Belgians aud engaged
iu manufacturing nothing but guns
and small arms for thc Belgian
troops. There are iwo or-three that
do nothing but.supply Russia's needs,
and two or Ihree others solely devoted  lo  making guns  for  the  French.
All the allies, except the Rumanians,
are lighting at this moment in British-made military bools, of which wc
have turned out some 30,000,000 pairs
since thc war began, and British
workshops played their part in�� ine
Russian sweep through Galicia last
May and lhe Italian repulse, of Aus-
There ar.e today in Great Britain
over 4,000 firms wholly engaged in
tlie production of war material, and
iir iimi
^^ if thai
class of work. Nearly 100 colossal
plants   have  been   er.-cicil,  nnd   SOI11C
3,500,000 p.-..pie, ..I whom .00,000 are
women, find employment llicrcln,
That i.s a miracle ol Improvisation
that must, I suppose, bc unique in industrial history,
Wc .ue now turning out In three
weeks as much clghlecn-poundcr ammunition, in two weeks as much m Id
howitzer ammunition, in eleven days
as many medium-sized shells, and in
four days as many heavy shells as v.
were turning oul In lho whole of the
lirsl year of lhe war. The enormous
British armies overseas have been
equipped with rifles ami machine guns
solely Iroin domestic sources, Every
month we are manufacturing twice
as many heavy guns as the entire
army possessed eighteen months ago,
ihe production having multiplied sixfold in the hist year, and being sli'l
rapidly on lhe increased
Americans, J. imagine, have little
idea of the tremendous scale on
which things are done. Since the beginning of the war wc must have ordered and paid for abroad or manufactured at home���mainly the latter
���about 100,000,000 yards of woollen
cloth, as much of flannel, as much of
cotton, about a thousand million buttons and another thousand million
horseshoe nails, 60,000,000 pairs of
socks, nearly ..0,000,0110 blankets, 10,-
000,000 woollen gloves, 50,000,000
brushes, 25,000,000 knives and forks,
a thousand million sandbags, 7,000,-
000 razors, over 2,000 miles of wire
rope, a thousand million pounds o
Hour, 230,000,000 pounds of crackers,
ind at least 200,000,000 pounds of
Tommy Atktn's delight���I mean, of
course, jam and marmalade.
Besides this we have increased our
navy by the tonnage equivalent of between fifty and sixty super-Dreadnoughts; our merchant marine is today all but a.s large as it was at the
opening of the war, in spile of all
losses; London remains the financial
clearing house of lhe world, and the
Britisii people have brought the value
of their ordinary export trade to a figure that must soon surpass thc returns for the most prosperous years
of peace. And yet, 1 dare say, there
arc still Americans who believe that
Britisii labor has not pulled its proper weight.
But as the. climax lo all her other
achievements Great Britain has converted herself into a military power
of the first rank. After raising an
army that far outdistanced in point
of numbers any army ever raised on
the voluntary system, she has thrown
aside the prejudices of centuries and
imposed universal military service on
all her men between the ages of
eighteen and forty-one. Five million
men enlisted in the army from Ihe
British Isles before conscription
came into force. By lhc lime the war
is over at least twelve per cent, ol
the population will have served with
the colors.
And this new army, drawn from
every class and profession and trade
in thc United Kingdom, has shown
during the last five months on the
Sointnc, in what is by far the greatest battle of this or any other war,
that they can beat lhc Germans al
their own game. The troops that
could carry such positions as Fli-
court, Contalmaison and Thicpval can
carry anything, and the Germans
know it. Wc have developed the
scheme of attack which lhcy Ittcmpt-
ed at Verdun, and we have turned il
against themselves on a far bigger
scale, with a far heavier weight of
men and melal behind it and with
far greater results.
Since tlie battle of the Somme began ovcr 700,000 of the enemy have
been put out of action, and whal lias
happened on the Somme is a mere
joke to what is coining. Wc can
continue it indefinitely; wc can repeat it in other sectors when the
right moment strikes. Combined with
the stranglehold which our fleets
maintain on lhc arteries of German
life, our armies in France and Flanders, packed up by a commissariat,
medical- transport, supply and repairing organization lhat "is the lasl
word in military efficiency, are a guarantee of victory as good as any nation could desire.
The world did not know, Germany
certainly did not know, 1 am not sure
that we even- knew ourselves, of whal
Great Britain was capable when* all
her resources of character and material might were extended to the
uttermost. But wc know now; the
measure has been taken; a great crisis
has supplied the test, and tiie nation
which Germany affected* to despise
has become the chief instrument of
that downfall which the coming year
wiil assuredly register.
elhe blending
pgngepaB-i BBB -sT*��*^-_r*-i--cjgc
Manitoba Serbian Relief
Collecting  Funds  for  Purchase  oi
Pood ami Clothin" for Scr
biaii Refugees
Money i.s coining in rapidly lo the
Manitoba Serbian Relief Committee,
which is working in conjunction with
the Serbian lit lief Fund of Luiulon,
England, This money is being spent
for food and clothing for Serbian refugees in the colonies formed for
them in co-operation with the French
authorities in Corsica and Southern
France. Wounded Serbian soldiers
are also assisted llirougli Ihis fund.
Indeed the money received is applied
with judgment and kindliness to the
relief of the Serbian sufferers through
this terrible European war.
All children who collect $5 or more
for this fund���that is, for the special
relief fund for thc Serbian children
who have become orphaned through
the war, will receive a certificate
from tlie fund signed by the Bishop
of London, and Iheir names will be
placed ou the "Koll of Sympathy" to
be scut lo thc Serbian King when ihc
l^var i.s over.
Contributions nre solicited to the
(| Manitoba Relief Fund, also the special children's fund for ihis cause,
Further, information will bc gladly
supplied by the seen tary-trcasurcr,
Mrs. W. S. Hamilton, -IO Knappcn
Street, Winnipeg. All cheques, money orders and postal notes should bc
sent to her.
Testing Prussia's
War Theory
Teutons Now Learning What n War
of Nations Really Means
"The plain facl is that thc theory
of war, having been perfected in Germany about a century ago, is now for
the lirsl time being put to lhe lest
of experience on an adequate and
really instructive scale. They were
great logicians, were those I'm
theorists. They saw, what was u
festly inn-, that it was absurd for a
nation to go to war with less than
its whole strength. Small professional armies had a certain excuse in the
days when transport was an enormous difficulty, but when the progress of engineering made it possible
to feed huge hosts aud to convey immense quantities of munitions, il
was evident that the nation whicfl
went to war wilhoui being able and
willing lo throw all ils weight inlo
tlie struggle was playing a fool's part.
. . . Logic decreed thai il should
be a case of all or none; and in a
worltl in which only a few advanced
thinkers (Kant among lhe number)
had ever doubted ihe eternal nects-
sity of war, 'all' was lhe onlj possible
answer. To thc nation which lirst
acted up lo lhis conception, ami did
so with thoroughness and diligence,
great successes were assured. . . .
But all the world had by this lime
recognized llle cogency of the Prussian logic, and had seen that two
(and even more) could play at lhc
game of organizing so as to bring all
llieir strength io bear. The result is
lhat Prussia, confronted by half a dozen converts to her own creed, is now
learning whai a war ol 'nalio: in
arms' really means."���-William
chcr, in London Dailj V. i- *.
Desires Peace Only Because Shadows of Defeat arc Lengthening
Throughout the Fatherland, and Famine Threatens to Husun
thc Approaching End of Her yiilitary Power
Enemy's Submarine
Crew of Vessel Subjected to Brutal
Treatment By the. Germans
Thc senior wireless
of il..; Britisii vessels
man submarine has
esling account ..t his .
"We lefl New Vork oi
day as lln- Dcutschland,'
"and proceeded on our l'.
out incident till ncarini
hail been on duly till I we
was snatching a few hou
the wireless cabin win u 1
ened by lln- bursting of ������
my head. The dawn was
ii'ig, and 1 iiniiu-iliai.l.v mi
tious fur sending out for
second shell, however, fn
marine struck the a.-ri
disconnected the whole
leaving us al lhe subma
The. slielling continued f-
and lhe. wireless cabin,
was the sole occupaut, v
till the boats were low
iveu an
on the
re you saving up anything for a
rainy -dayj^' asked the thrifty citizen.
"Yes," replied Mr. Chuggins. "In
a little while 1 expect to have enough
to buy a brand-new top for my automobile."
The Common Soldier
Glorious   Heroism Should  Be   Properly Rewarded
We. would app.al-io tin aiitllo__jes
lo cast aside tin- lasl lingering traces
of lhc old idea which used lo prevail
at army headquarters, lhal llie common soldier was a mere cipher, and
thai when the State had rounded olT
the career of soine successful Commander-in-Chief wilh a peerage and
the insignia of several orders of
knighthood, il had fully done iis duty
also to the greal soldier's veterans,
The glorious heroism displayed during this war in circumstances and
surroundings of unexampled danger
nnd hardship has led* io the institution of new medals ami new crosses,
aud yel il is the unanimous judgment
of all who have seen lhe fighling thai
these honors are richly Won ever and
over again by hundreds of men who
receive no special recognition. Wc
cannot do loo much���indeed, we can
never do half enough���in the way "f
recognition either for the living 3ol-
dier or for the dead.���Loudon Ti lo-
In- states,
���ai c with-
igTand. I
a.m., and
i' rest in
was awak-
liill above
us' break-
he   Slill-
ind lhis
r some time
of which 1
is under i'i e
red, and,  in
company with the captain, 1 was the
lasl to  leave  the ship.
"The submarine command
d one of lhe boats to appro,
"Do you believe that egotism ami
genius go together?"
"Not always. There would be a loi
more genius if they did,"
___________ _ _      ch I:
I, ami several sailors boarded
her carrying explosives and on reaching the ship these were placed on
board. Our cook was taken out of
one of the boats, and, with a pistol
pointed at his bend, was directed to
reveal where lhc stores and provisions were kept. These v.ere loaded
in one of ihe lifeboats slill on our
vessel, and we then pulled away wilh
ihis in tow lo the submarine, Here
the commander gave certain instructions, and cross-examined the cap-
lain, the while a German sailor danced round a gun trained oil our boat,
tlie rest of the crew clapping their
hands in delight at thc prospect ol
mor.-  'rightfulness.
"There was one thing 1 particularly
noticed, 'lhe submarine had no number, but on the bow was painted the
colors of the German Oag in a circle.
"The commander of the submarine
having gained as much information
as our captain cared to imparl,
directed us to pull away, and, in
broken English, said, 'Get to bell out
of it.' Wc 'gol,' and lir: last we saw
was the submarine manoeuvring
round our ship, preparing, no doubt,
lo give it the coup-dc-graee
"In a fairly rough sea, with the
boat full of waicr, clad only in my
pyjamas, oil-skin, ami lifebelt, it
wns seven hours before wc were nick
id up by another vessel, and right
thankful were we when wc landed ;o
be recejved with every hospitality,
and thankful to hnve escaped with
our live*."
The Kecord of Our Navy
What the Empire Has Accomplished
With the Aid of the Fleet
Sea power has never been employ-
d with such unalloyed success; ne
.cr before has a maritime country
been controlled, as Germany has
been coin rolled, with an iron tloinin
ion lhal has prevented it floating :
keel on any of the oceans of tin
we-rld. * Nor is that all. Under thc
guardianship of the fleet wt; have
carried out transport operations un
prcccdented in their character. Seven
million soldiers and olhers have been
carried overseas, in many instances
making voyages of several thousand
miles, apart from 1,250,000 horses ar.d
7,000,000 tons of supplies and ammunition, This coun.try has also been
fed from ihr sea, and communication
with the Dominions and with neutral
markets have been maintained, Above
all, lhe navy, without a day's intermission, has offered a threat to the
second greatest sea power, slithering
Iiis ships lit hind mines and coastal
defences, and has prevented him from
carrying out his widily-advcrti*c.ri'.t-
sign of invading lhis counlry. That
in brief summary, is the record o:
navy.-- London Telegraph
The Prussian fumed and blustered
and clanked his dishonored jIai'-! as
hc  strutted_ across  the  stage in   the
character of a peace emissary,     He
goes llirougli the same sabre-rattlin.
performance    now  lhat his    insolent
peace proposals have been Bung bask
iu his face by tlie confederated nations   arrayed   iu   arms  against
ami   who have  taken  lhe  me.
lhe bully of Europe in ibis thi       tax
of war.    Professing to be sun  i
by the tone of the Allied reply
defeated foe who claims the fruits of
victory,  lhc  German   Tress  with  one
accord breaks into maledictions, and
vows to reap with the sword the harvest of triumph which the war-lord)
have failed to garner by the cunning
of diplomacy.    Germany deceives no
one by her game of bluff.   She wan 9
peace,  and   wants   it  badly,   not   because, she sorrows over the ccuiuksj
graves where sleep the victims .( he.
insatiable lust for power, not because
she finds her soul and longs ler the
way of peace and righteousness, but
because  the  shadows of defeat     tr:
lengthening   throughout   the Pather-
land, and famine threatens to follow
the avenging    sword in    completing
the downfall of German pride    -nd
German    military    power.    Nothing
will silence thc guns of the Allies so
long as the enemy hopes to avert by
premature     peace negotiations     the
punishment that alone fits his crime.
Despite the  most  rigorous  censorship of news, the cooking of casualty
lists, and the false and misleading reports    of    specially-conducted    war-
tourists, Germany can no longer conceal  from    the world  the desp..ra:e
conditions    lhat prevail    throughec"
the land and that foreshadow the ap-
.proacliing end of her domination in
F.uropc.    Writing    in The    Londoa
Times of the cooked casualties,   Mr.
D. T. Curtin, who has been in Gei-
many, Bays;
When the great veil of mystery
that shrouds Germany is lifted I be-
lievt- U will be*>o""d i'--' ���'������*- ���
uallies have, in true Berlin censor
fashion, been __*_>ed, suppi. .,. a,
and confused. They arc believed in
by hardly any members of the onlj
thinking party in Germany���the Social Democrats. Daily intercourse
with Germans brings lo light the fact
that Tohann, who was killed five
months ago, has not been mentioned
in any list, and that Heinricii, who
was reporled wounded, has really-
been dead six months.
"My inquiries on this head la     ';
lay among those connected with   the
wonderful <!er i '��������� -��� Itals, :-  ������    -h
1 took au interest on .his as on previous visits. I in 11 .... i in.. . ,1-
cal Service makes no secret of ihe
facl lhat the Government is keeping
unpleasant realities from the people."
The   new   year   i-   lhe  Allied   year.
Comparative inactivity may prevail
during the winter months, but no anxiety or despair clouds the hopes of
the Allied nations. N'cmesis haj
overtaken the ravishcr of Belgium.
The German war-lords may keep
their people in the dark as to thc fortunes of lhe army, but they cannot,
by cooked reports, restore the balance of military power essentia! to
victory, or,satisfy the German pet pie
with stones when Ihey cry for bread,
-���Toronlo Globe.
Anxious Parent: Does my !.
to have a natural bent in a
Schoolmaster: Ves, sir. He gives
every indication of being a captain
of industry one day. He gets the other boys to do all his work for him.
Hor ���_-*-> _iraDUL-,,ftf E*e|i,ls��
inai,   ,
if the *
Er ��*�� inflamed by expo
lure to Sll, Ditt ud WM
l>-ii<.n quickly relieved bv M-rt-t
LVCS iy-ttsmtt, NoS.__r._f.
~*/ w**' ju.t Eye Comfort. IS,
Vour Drugp-i'i 50c pri Bottle. Mvriie Er��
fllvtin rub-'-Se. For ~la*_tli___)er>-cM
Onigir-w o. Nit-M Kit Smtiy Ci.. C-J_if��
United Farmers of B. C.
A step of tho greatest importance
in the agricultulriil history of the
province was taken hist week in
Victoria when the New Parmer's
Tluion was successfully "launched
under the title of the''United
Farmers of British Columbia."
The convention was attended br
some 2tiodelegates from nil parls
of the province ami resulted ill the
formation of a powerful organization which will, by affiliation embrace all the existing Earmers' Associations and work Independently
of Government infltience and support.
The organization will for the
present and probably permanently
have its central ollice at Victoria,
and will be governed by a Central
board composed of a president,
three vice-presidents, nud sonic ten
or twelve directors, one of whom
will be chosen from each "District
organization," The Executive will
consist of the President, Vice-Presidents and three directors elected by
the Central Hoard. Each district
organization will 'be composed of
not less tnan ten "Local Unions"
each of which will have its own officers and working organization.    *
The subscription for membership
was fixed at the small sum Jof one
dollar per annum so as to place its
privileges within the {reach "of the
humblest pre-emptor engaged in
agriculture whether in the form of
livestock, vegetable produce, poultry raising, or kindred lines,
As the revenue thus produced
will be quite inadequate to carry
ou the work the association has in
prospect, provision was made for
life members, who may qualify by
paying a lump sum of twenty-five
dollars. Many of the wealthier
farmers present at the convention'
announced their intention of contributing generously to   lhe  funds
in order to enable the Association
tn prosecute its work vigorously
from the outset,
The convention was addressed by
the lion John Oliver, Minister of
Agriculture, and by W, 1',. Scott.
Deputy Minister, both of whom
welcomed the inauguration of the
movement as one emanating from
the farmers themselves, and predicting a grent future for the fanners of 11, C, as the outcome of its
Mr. Scott undertook to circular
the existing funnel's' organizations
recommending their affiliation as
provided in its constitution with
the new association.
Such affiliation may be effected
by a subscription of SO Cents per
head of their membership.
The officers as elected by the
convention are the following;
President* G. C. Palmer Kgre, ol
Vice-Presidents, CL Berry, Lower Mainland; R, A. Copelanrl Oku-
nagan; P. Moore- Vancouver Island
Directors, R. IL Hiirford. Courtenay; ",R. Helniar, Summerland;
L. Diiworth, Kelo'viia, W". Smith,
Revelstoke; J. Johnston. Nelson;
With power to add to their numbers as new district organizations
are formed,
The local union of the Comox
Valley district, which embraces
Valdez Island, Campbell River, and
Deninan Island, was represented at
the convention by Messrs. Colin P.
Jackson, and W. T. Wain.
Mr. Geo. T. Hardy of Courtenay
is the Secretary of the Comox Valley local, which already comprises
some 120 members who will be
pleased to receive applications for
A woman should never   go   out
walking in a driving rain,
make mm miiiiim
mmE : -?camda
$ 25.OO FOR $21.SO
BO.OO  "    43.00
100.00  "    86.00
JAN. ��, 1*17
From heavy-laying " Hoganized " Stock
$1.50 per IS. $4 per 50. $7 per 100
Special Matiugs $yco per 15
aj^jmHag^MtMOJOMMM BBl__M**W-*! **_-------8_-B<>6BflB<>>MW<M>BM>ft<
"The Tale of Ten"
Ten little merchants iu a certain line,
One didn't advertise,   uml   then  there
were nine.
Nine  liiile merchants buying  by  the
One bought a carload,   and   then  there
were eight.
Eight little merchants might have gone
tt) heaven.
Illll ime skinneil llis customers, uml then
there were seven.
Seven little merchants listening to kieks
One lust llis temper and then there were
Six little men-limits  scenic.I  ut  lust tu
One fell behind the times nnd then there
were five,
l'ive lillle merchants Beamed at last to
One u,ol big headed und then there were
Four little merchants busy us could be,
One trusted recklessly  uml  then  there
were three.
Three little merchants with  mora, than
they could tlo,
One left il a 1 to  the   clerks,   uml   then
there were two,
Two little merchants had au even run.
Till one run for ollice,   and  then   there
wns one,
One little merchant���but now the story's
lit- retired with plenty, und   Ihen   there
was none,
��� The Conim.rclal Review.
Winter in the North Sea
Grey of the sky und grey of   the  North
Sen rolling,
Ami these grey shapes that slip between
the grey?������
England's  buttle  squadrons  guarding
England's children,
Vigilant and untiring, but   praying   for
the Day I
Fog bunks that blind the view,   and  icy
ruin unceasing,   ���
Hungry seas  that leap   the  decks  ns
wolves lenp on their prey:
Men upon the reeling bridge blinded by
the spindrift,
Looking lo the east and hungry for  the
Gales from the Shetlands   driving   hell
before them.
Al! Hie might of  ocean   eager   for   the
Terrors of the night in narrow  crowded
Riiling without lights���waiting for the
Funels white with salt-rime weather,���
scarred their decks,
England's buttle squadrons hold the one
sen way.
Battleships and    cruisers,    destroyers
sleek and grim,
Flagship and mine-sweeper praying for
' the Hay!
G, J. W.
Gents' Furnishing Store
We are going to lead whtfe others follow, with
Hart, Schaffer & Max Clothes
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yourself.   We also have a full line of Children's
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Sutliff Gents'  Furnishing Store
Geo. J. Hardy held a very successful auction sale on Saturday for
Mr, Dalrymple, who has gone to
Ex tract from the Meteorological
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t t
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1.    H. W, Bayley Observer      Extracts from the Meteorlogical
"    3
"     4
"     5
Jan 31
Feb. 1
"    2
37.9  ���
Min, 09.8  registe..Lazo Station, for week end-
"   1-,.2  ing Feb, 12,    II. Bayley,  Observ-
'   _i.o er,
'   25.0    "    6       "     43.5 "   35.0
'   33 o    "    7       "     4>-5 "    34-3
'   34.2     "    8       "     41.2 "    34.��
'   35.0    '     9 '     "'   40.2 " . 34,o
13 in, j   '' 10       ''     41,5 ''     36.5
5 i". '   "I*        "      43-8 "     37-5
3 in,    " 12      "     49.5 "'    31.0
"   2       Rainfall   ,      0.81 in,      Note Feb. 12. .49.5) istheliigh-
4 " 0.13 in,  est temperature since Get, 24.
Total precipitation 3.04 in, Rainfall fall for week.
Total Snowfall 21 00 in. Feb, 9, 0.05 in, durattou 2 hr.
Max. depth of snow 16,5 in,       j    Feb  10, 0.55 iu. duration 11 hr.
Duration of bright sunshine  for-    Duration of bright sunshine for
week, 4 hours, ! week, 6 hrs.
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better or any cheaper anywhere else in
B. C. than at the
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