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The Review Jul 23, 1914

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Array List Your Propertywith
Island Realty Co.
We Can Selflt    ���
I Have You Money to Invent,
I See us; wt Call Make You
��� Large Dividend"
j Island Realty Co.
. a___j
NO. 35
8 1-2 Acres in Courtenay
One Mile from Station; Good House and Barn,
Fronting on Two Roads; Good Fresh Water
Stream, all in good state of cultivation
This will make a lovely home for the
man who is lucky enough to buy at
$4,500, Easy Terms
. , , , . _	
P. L. ANDERTON, Manager
Phone 22 Courtenay, B. C.
Hardy & Biscoe
Real  Estate,  Insurance
Agents and Auctioneers
Olie Acre Lot 'n Orchard with River Frontage,
   all cleared, price $1150, 1-5 cash
Five Acres Three   Acres  Cleared  and   under
 cultivation, Two-room House, Chicken House, Etc., all fenced, price $1,800; terms, $500
cash, balance 6,12 and 18 months
Phone 10
Y A H0
On Easy Terms While Prices Are Low
5 Room House, on Lot and Half, $1,700
4 "      "     "   "    "     "     1,400
5 "      "     " Large Lot       1,300
Well situated with good view, about five minutes
walk from Post Office. Only a moderate cash
payment required and balance at $15 per month
It's Just as Easy as Paying Rent
R. fl. Allan
Real Estate
Give us your order for
Letterheads, Billheads,
Statements, Envelopes,
Wedding Stationery, Etc.
Mrs. W. J. Watehorn returned
from Victoria ou Tuesday evenin_.
Horn--On Sunday. July 19, to
Mr. and Mrs. Victor Halliday, a
Mr, Fletcher has just completed
a fine dinghy for Mr, Peacev, of
Cumberland, aud has the keel laid
for a fine launch at the Courtenay
Marine Ways,
Mrs. W. y. Smith will address
the children at 4 o'clock on Saturday afternoon ou "Miniature
Flower Gardens" at the Women's
Institute Hall, Sandwick, all children 15 aud under arc invited.
On Sunday afternoon a party of
automohilists coming towards
Courtenay noticed the roof of Mr.
Reeves' 'louse to be ou fire. They
immediately notified the inmates,
who phoned to Bridges Bros.' ranch
for help, inside of 5 minutes five
men on horseback were there and
by herculean efforts with water
buckets had the fire out before any
damage except to the roof had been
On Monday, Robert Ferris' horse
took a notion to run away just as
he started to come to Courtenay
with a load of vegetables. The
wagon was wrecked and the contents spilled. Yesterday morning
he secured another wagon and
started out again, when outside his
gate the horse bolted, and wrecked
the wagon, scattering the contents
about and severly injuring Mr.
Fertis about the head, one leg being
also badly damaged.
The Imperial Laundry Company
of Nanaimo, wish to announce that
they are prepared to give good
laundry service iu this district, and
respectfully solicit youi patronage
All orders will receive careful and
prompt attention. At present work
obtained on Monday will be delivered on Saturday, but a more prompt
service will be inaugurated when
the train is in operation.
A clear title to forty acres of land
within a few miles of Courtenay,
half a mile from the sea,  near the
latest C. N. Ry. line, survey,   aud I
valued at forty dollars an acre, will
be   given   to   anyone    who   will
thoroughly clear twenty acres near
Courtenay,   The land to be cleared 1
has been logged off,   and is con-
sjdered  light   clearing.   A   few |
acres must be cleared this year and
the balance finished by the end of
1915.   For any further particulars
apply   Box   75,    Review    Office,
Miss Blanchard wishes to announce that she has moved her
dressmaking establishment into the
Perez Block on Isabel Street, and
is prepared to do all kinds of dressmaking and Ladies' tailoring, at
reasonable prices. Fit and work
Maternity Hospital���Maternity
patients taken. Every care given.
Mrs. Marshall, Sandwick.
For Sale���Good quiet saddle
horse, sound in every way, very
fast, with or without saddle aud
bridle Terms reasonable to suit
purchaser. Apply W. Sanders, box
131, Courtenay.
For Sale��� Sixty-five acres in
Happy Valley, will sell 20 or 45.
Good first class soil, 500 fruit trees,
100 bearing. Good buildings,
Apply box X Review office.
Do you want cordwood or poles
cut with circular saw? If so" call
up Grimsley & Hodgkiusbn
Telephone 36, or enquire B. C.
Investments. Wood delivered "$4
per load.
Cumberland Steam Laundry For
Sale���Buildings, boiler, engine,
and machinery and all utensils.
Good business will be sold at a
bargain. Can be seen at any time.
Price $1250.   Liberal terms.
Courteuay is getting to be quite
a summer re-sort for people irom
Vancouver and Victoria,
For kicking a football on the
street, W. Halcrow, P. Dargie,
and W. Sutherland will have to
appear before the magistrate.
Mr. J. R. Smith, formerly of
Vancouver, is opening an ice cream
and cigar stand, i:i the old photo
gallery across the bridge,
Mr. Longhurst left ou Saturday
on his bolidaj s, which he will
spend at Bowen Island and Vancouver. Mr. J. D. Lewis is releiving
The prize .of $3 in golds donated
by McPhee & Morrison and omitted
in the Flower Show prize list will
be made a special for the best
Specimen plant.
Robert Miller left on Friday for
San Francisco, where he intends
to reside permanently. He went
with his old time chum, Thos,
Ferris, who had been here visiting
with R. Surgenor and W. J, Mc-
Wm Saunders returned on Monday from a week's holiday spent at
Vancouver and New Westminister.
The Powell River baseball team
could not make connections to play
a game here ou Sunday, so the
boys will go to Bevan instead.
A logger from camp 1 got his
arm broken ou Wednesday afternoon. He was taken to Comox
The Duncan Creamery board has
been discussing the question of
starting a jam factory. The matter
will come up again at a future
Dr. Wiiiuingham aud wife together with a party of seven others
of Seattle, who are cruising the B.
C. coast in a fine new 50 ft. launch
are at Comox this week. Yesterday morning Mr. Harry Winning-
ham took them fot an auto trip
through the Valley, up to Cumberland aud to Comox Lake. They
expressed themselves as greatly
pleased with the appearance of the
B. S.   Fenn begs to announce that he will
return to Courtenay at the end of July and
will  open   his   Photographic  Studio   in   the
early part of August
H.   H.   M.   BEADNELL
Courtenay Avenue is to be shortly opened up from
the Union Bay Road to the Station. The cheapest
and largest lots in Courtenay, 50 x 120, face on
this street. Prices to be raised shortly. Now is
the time to buy
Sea Frontage with Beautiful Sandy Beach
25 1-2 Acres, good land and most of it is easily
cleared, on Kye Bay, road to property.   Price for
14 days $135 per Acre.   Terms, 1-3 Cash, balance
in one and two years
Phone 24
Everybody to call and see our choice selection of
Small Groceries, Biscuits, Candies, Etc. Also Hams
and Bacon, Tobaccos and Cigars in large variety
All Fruits and Vegetables in Season
Nothing but the Best.   Pikes Right
Local Delivery Telephone 40
Everitt Car For Hire
at Duncan & Birch Garage
Union Bay Road
Telephone 38 COURTENAY
Films Developed and Printed
at Reasonable Rates
A Camera Irom Robertson's; n Box ol Candles, nice anil fresh,
Good Cigar
The Royal Bank of Canada
Incorporated 1S69
Capital Paid Up 511,560,(100        Reserve and Undivided Profits j_3,000,000
Payable In all parts ol the world
Special attention given to Savings Department and Transactions of Ordinary Banking Business by mall
The Courtenay Review
And Comox Valley Advocate
A  Weekly  Newspaper,   Published  at
Courtenay, B. C.
N. H. Boden, Editor and Proprietor
Subscription S1.D0 per Year in Advance
THURSDAY, Jl'.Y 23, 1914
Mrs. N. H. Boden is visiting at
Miss Cunliffe has taken a position
at J. Forceia's shooting gallery,
Mr. Spencer Taylor, of Parksville
intends locating here in the near
Messrs. Athey and Benton have
opened a cabinet shop in the Perez
block on Isabel street.
The Womens' Institute will hold
tlieir annual flower show ntxt
Thursday, the 30th inst.
Mr. E. C. Emde has this week
added a Shaler steam vulcanizer to
his extensive repairing plant
Messrs. Hicks-Beach & Field
have erected a large new sign ou
the side of their real estate office.
Robt. Martin has been laid up
for the past week, having got his
eyes full of cinders from the engine,
A camping party composed of
Mr, and Mrs. Sutton and family.
Mrs. Carroll and daughters, and
Mr. and Miss Dunham leave Fri-
dav for Oyster River, where they
intend spending about a month.
The Vin Moore Stock Company
are billed to play here 3 nights
next week. The press speak
very favourably of these performers in other places, and no doubt
they will receive a hearty welcome
here. Reserved seats 75. General admission, 50c and 25c.
While deepening J. Forceia.s
well on Tuesday, a flowing spring
was struck at a depth of about 15
feet. The water came in so fast
that the digger had barely time to
get out, in a few minutes the water
had riseu 5 feet when it stopped
and remained at that depth.
Mr. W. S. Kipley. manager of
the Ford Motor Car Company, for
B. C, and Mr. Wai. Swanson. Ford
Agent at Nanaimo, were in town
last Thursday visiting Mr. E. C.
Emde. He took them for a ride
through the valley, which they admired very much. They found the
state of business here very good.
An At Home will be given by
the Vicar and Council of St. Andrew's Church on Tuesday July
28, in the Vicarage garden, from
3.30 P. M., to welcome home the
Rev. and Mrs, J. X. Wilemar
from their tripto Europe.   All old
General Store
 m>* _��. __��	
For Choice
Family Groceries
Boots and Shoes
Dry Goods
One  Price  to AH
friends of Mr. aud Mrs. Willemar
will be welcome.
Mr. Torrence, of Vancouver
has taken a situation with C. H.
Tarbell & Sou.
Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Southard,
of Seattle, are the guests of Mr
aud Mrs. C- G. Callin.
The results of the Entrance Examinations makes a possible 13
pupils in the Valley to attend High
School, and the Government will at
once be as'ed to provide a teacher
for a superior school to teach the
first and second year High School
work. This i.s the only course
open to the Government. A whole
lot of hot air has been exploded for
the past year about a high school
for Courteuay-where only three or
four pupils were available. Cumberland already has one, aud thj
Government could not establish
another so close. Courtenay is,
nor will not be for many years, in
shape to support a High School.
While the Board of Trade slumbered after putting up a strenuous
fight for incorporation against the
Water Co., the Courteuay Electric
Light Co., stepped in and secured
a charter and now the contract is
let for erecting the poles, and iu
a few weeks light and power will
be available for those who wish it.
Some of the members of the Board
of Trade t link they have scarcely
had a fair deal from the government
in this connection, and some of the
Water Works Co., think they had
thj definite promise of the electr j
light franchise from the government.
"They'll Not Be Happy Till They Get There"
If you wish to please your children an.
see them grow strong and healthy, buy
a waterfront lot at Roy's Beach. On
asking a seven year old of one family
located there if he was having a good
time, he quickly answered "Ubetcher."
British Columbia Investments Ltd.
You as well
as the next
man will come round some
day to the idea of buying
ready-to-wear clothes. Most
of the best dressed men of
today are wearing them
is the one clothing in which
wearing quality is considered
as the greatest point  striven
for in the making
A shipment of the above  now to  hand.
A complete range of samples
Maile-to-Measiire,   style  ami
g uaraule
Men's Negligee outing shirts in silk and
striped cambric with collar attached and
detachable collar
Men's  White Duck pants' and  Tennis
shoes, at popular prices
Dry Goods Department
Specials This Week
The   balance of our stock of I. dies aud
Misses trimmed and ready to wear hats,
at a discount of 25 to 30 per cent.
Values in White Wear
Corset covers from 2.5c to ,  .50 each
Embroidered skirls from #1.25 to $3.00
Ladies drawers from 40c to SI. 75 a pair
Specials in Princess slips with embroidered nainsook yokes and skirt lloiiticeing
of Torchon lace and insertion
Swiss   embroidery    edging,    widths   to
2 to 4 inches with insertion to match at
10c per yard
Novelty designs in nainsook embroidery
from 25c to 40c per yard
Corset  cover embroidery at  25, 30 and
50c per yard
Allover flouncing and skirting embroidery at popular prices
Lace Curtains and towels and towelling
at manufacturers prices
Ready-to-wear Goods
House dresses and wrappers, childrens
and misses dresses and pinafores, childs
rompers, ladies white lawn aprons wiih
bibs, tea aprons, kitchen aprons, blouses
and shirt waists
Ladies,   Misses and   childrens  summer
"Hirner" Fashioned Foot
This   it   the only   sock   made   that fits the foot
No pull on the garter as in other socks
More room in the heel which prevents   pulling
on the top of the toe
The wrinkles at the instep are absent
Price 50 cents
Call and examine them
See our window
For sale by
Loggie Bros.       Phone 34
The  Corner  Store,  Sandwick
for the Rush of Fruit. Remember the
Fruit Season does not last long and
its a long winter without lots of fruit.
We have a sull line of everything
you may   require at  lowest   prices.
Prompt Delivery Is Our Motto
Phone 4
Parkin Bros.
See Our Stock of
Waltham and
Hamilton Watches
Shannon Bld'g       Courtenay
Dear Ma Jam:���Rather than have our select stock of
wearing apparel and millinery for women and children damaged by the clouds of dust that must accompany the extensive
alterations about to be made to our store, we have decided to
give you the advantage of reduced prices, in fact, cuts from
one-third to one-half.
In spite of the hard times, our business has growu to
( such au extent that more room is necessary and we have  ac-
' quired the premises.next door, now occupied by A'essrs. Duck
& Johnston.
This means that the partition dividing the two stores
must come down, and unLss we can dispose of the dainty
garments, millinery, trimmings and fashionable shapes before
alterations commence, heavy loss wili result.
. Monday, July 20, is the opening day of this Great
Sale. Are you willing to take advantage of the immense
saving it means for you?
Watch our windows for bargains that will appeal to you.
623 Johnson St.
English    Bay  beach is littered
with logs and the remains of seven
or eight  boats as the result of the
eavy westerly gale which came up
uuda y evening and lasted through
the night. Hundreds of people
remained along the shore and saw
some thrilling escapes and a gallant
rescue from the boiling surf. /aS
t_H IlEVTEW. CO-TRTl-lT-iY. B.C.
By L. T. Meade
Ward,   Lock   t.   Co.,   Limited
_ondon,  Melbourne and Toron
I Continued)
"Not yet, sir. one or two ollontB
havo called by appointment and are
-Ailing to see him."
"llu may not bo well," said Pnvliea.
"Vmi had bettor ask Mr. Sunnlngloy's
clients io cull again."
"Yen, sir."
The "inn wlthdrow. Parkes sanlt
back In his chair with a sense of relief, iv Bunulngley did not come to
ilie oftlco today, bo, Parkes, need not
Know nbout tbo bocvoI which Lim
black box contained. Ho would, lu
abort, havo u roprlove -bo was very
glad .f a reprieve."
Mo went, on examining bin letters,
lio lnul not half done villi ihem yot.
It hum posslblo there liiiRhl be one
from little Barbara; bul no, nho had
not written. Where hud she gone?
When; was she? Had she any money?
Kile hud told hlni, when ho called oil
her ut   Wortbtngton-on-tlie-Hlll,   that
alio had plenty. Hut a country girl's
Ideas of plenty wore, ho felt, sure,
vague. In her own homo, surrounded
by her own friends, she would always
have abundance. But where was she
Ills clerk came back again.
' Mr. Siinningley bus arrived, sir; 1
thought I'd uienlion It."
"All light., Dawson. Dawson, you
needn't send Miss Justin until I ring.
Tell her lo get. her letters through and
then wait until I ring."
"I will do so, sir."
Dawson had scarcely left the room
lieforu Siinningley appeared. One
glance at his face Caused Parkes to
turn deadly white. Siinningley shut
the door, turned the key in the look
nnd e.iiue deliberately forward. He
held the llllle black box In his band;
Parkes actually felt, himself shaking.
Siinningley put the box on the table
where Parkes wa3 sorting his letters.
"Yes, ln Clod's name, what is it, Sun-
"I have read everything in tho box,"
was Bimningley'B answer; "and, what
ls more, I have read u private letter
which I found In a narrow drawer at
tho bottom of the box. and which 1
don't think little Barbara Chance discovered. Thank God she didn't discover It!"
"It Is a mare's nest, of course," said
Parkes, although, he did not believe
the words when he uttered them.
"It IB a (leueed bad business," was
Sunuingley's response.
"Eh. eh?   What, what?"
"You had better read, then you will
"I don't want to. I was always fond
of Chance, poor fellow."
"Ah, well, yes," said Siinningley.
"Poor fellow, as you say. He always
seemed to nie a particularly luiright
man, particularly charming, too, a
man of the world and yet a divine���
curious mixture; hut there are such
people, and I should havo singled hlin
out. as an example ot such."
Parkes did not speak; his anxious
eyes were fixed on Sunuingley's face.
After a pause, Siinningley continued:
"Chance has gone to his   account,
Like Boils. Worst on Face. Watery
When Rubbed. Also Hands
Cracked and Smarted.   Cuticura
Soap and Ointment Cured.
Main St.; Eye-Jlrow. Sask.���"I w4__,y
bothered wllh email pimples similar tt.'
little bolls for four or tlvo years. They were
, all over mo but worst on
Lmy face. Of course tlioy
I nave mo a bail appearance.
The plmplea were bolh pain ���
fill and Itchy so I scralchcd
till quite large soroa would
be the result nnd they
_\ \ seeme0- *�� oe very watery
\\\\\ v. afler I rubbed them to _
My face w��s very Bcarred during the
time It was tore.
"I was troubled with sore hands most all
winter for two years. They kept cracked
till they would be bleeding, aud they
smarted and were so sore I could hardly
bear to get them wet.
"L'poo seeing Cuticura Soap and Olnt;
ment advertised I thought, there would be
jio harm lu trying them bo I started with a
small sample. 1 purchased a full-sized cake
of Cuticura Soap also a box of Cuticura
Ointment and before I had quite finished
this I saw I was lota b_ter so tho Becond
cake of Cuticura Soap end box of Cuticura
Ointment was purchased. But little waa
used when I waa entirely cured." (Signed)
Mrs. Wm. Dickson, May 23,1013.
For treating poor complexions, red, rough
hands, and dry, thia and falling hair, Cuticura Soap and Cut Ic ur a Ointment bave been
the world'a favorites for more than a generation. Asingle_t_oftcnsu-lc_nt. Sold
everywhere. Forallberalfreosampleofeach,
with 32-p. book, tend postroard to Pollen
_mg*Chi-_Corji.,Deyt.-.___n, U.S.A.
Cod knows he carried a heavy burden.   A question now arises' ��� it is tbls
whnt is in be done wllh the girl?"
"Siinningley. I have been thinking il,
| over. Tho child haa a llllle money,
I surely lier rightful Inheritance. Hor
father Insured hi�� llfo Cor her- two
thousand pounds���not much, hut a lit-
tlo, Then there was her mother's
j small fortune, After paying tlio neces-
sary dealh duties which 1 thought you
and Dean Chance arranged to meet���
however, we need not talk about tbat
just now; the girl ought to have about
one hundred uud fifty pounds a jear.
On that sum she need not starve.
Some day a good mnn will fall in love
with so sweet a girl, and she can marry; many a girl has married, on .ib
little. She can manage; 1 think so,
don't you?"
"I haven't the least doubt that she
will manage," said Siinningley, "but.
of course," he added, "she cannot possibly touch that money."
"What do you mean?"
"Just what I say. She cannot louch
it. Head the letters, and you will
agree with me."
Parkes felt himself huddling down
into the depths of his chair. Ile had a
most curious sensation, as though u
number of years had passed over his
head, as though he were feeling the
weight of hiB years and could not raise
himself to his normal height. lie hardly knew what to do.
Siinningley went to the door to answer a knock; he opened the door n
little way and bad a conversation with
the managing clerk.
"Say that my partner and I are specially engaged and can't Bee anyone.'
He then locked the dour and came
back. i
"Parkes," lie said, "I am sorry for
you, but moro sorry for myself, and
more sorry for tlie child. The child
will be my care If I can find her. You
and 1, Parkes, havo to face this thing.
There is danger, danger for the child.
Head the letters."
"Now?" said Parkes?"
"Well, of course; that child read
them all alone In the dead of night.
They affected the memory of her father; they affected���but you will know
when you have read them. Surely you
can stand reading them in broad daylight."
"Siinningley, can we do nothing
for her?"
"Read the letters, anil then wo will
talk about what we can do."
As Siinningley spoke, he opened the
box and put the first little packet of
letters before his partner. "There,"
ho said, "you're _ sharp man of business, you will soon see the drift of
tho thing."
Parkes began to read; Sunningley
waited. Once the lawyer began his
task, he got absorbed; soon he was
deeply interested. As he finished each
llttlo.plle of letters he pushed It back
lo Sunningley, who strapped it up
neatly onee more and gave him the.
next pile to peruse. By and by he had
read everything except tho letter
which was found In the thin drawer
at the bottom of the box. Now Siinningley touched a spring, opened tlie
drawer, and gave him the last letter.
This letter caused the partners to look
eneh at tho other.
"Well?" said Sunningley.
"My Cod, Sunningley! you are
"Yon could not say anything else,
could you?" was Sunuingley's response.
"Nothing. That poor child! It is
scarcely likely that she has returned
to U'orthlngton-on-thc-Hill."
"Our business," said Sunningley, "i3
to discover her."
"It is my impression that, she has
very little money.'' was Parkes' remark.
"We must take steps to discover her
without delay," said the other.
"Yes," said Parkes.
"Meanwhile." continued Sunningley, "these terrible letters, we must
think them over. It is the most downright terrible work that was ever put
into the hands of men like ourselves;
we've always kept clear of that sort
of thing, haven't, we?"
"We have."
The partners talked for a little long
er, then the elder man went out.
W. N. U. 1005
London wus such a complete change
in her, ihnl she felt reeling and could
acut'cely, for a time at least, contain
herself. While the clerk al Parkes'
and Sunuingley's wus searching tor
tills young girl she was herself pacing
Quietly up nml down In Mlchuroh
square, she knew nothing whatever
of this quaint liltle place, her finding
it was the merest chance. For a moment in' two she was certainly ihe only
woman iu thi. square, Tho men who
passed In and out. were "wlg-and-
gown" men. men also who had "taken
Bilk," but. no women seemed to have
anything io do with Allchurch square.
More than ona barrister stared ut lha
girl, noticed tho remarkable attractiveness of her small face, ond i ven turned to gliinco.nl her again, wondering
which lawyer's clerk she was wailing
for, why she hud come thus In the
middle of the day to disturb the clerk
lit bis duties.
Barbara, however, had her thoughts
vory far away; no body except her
lather filled her mind. She wauled to
put things Straight [or him, she felt
that she was doing so, and thai nothing else greatly mattered. Having,
however, gone through her agony, she
had at thnl moment, a sensation of almost pleasure. A load had been lilted from her heart, sin- could breathe
once again. Then she thought over
her own future', not. however, clearly,
nor even every steadily, she had
given up her inheritance, and sho bad
said good-bye to the homo of her life
and lo tlie friends of her life for ever.
She must not think of Ralph. It hurt
her to think of Ralph, it went to her
heart like a sharp knife, she was glad
he was out of Kngland, he could
never, never have anything to do with
lier in tlie future. When ho came
back he would forget her and he
could marry Margot, and Margot was
rich and would bring wealth to add to
his wealth, oh yes, oh yes! ho could
never marry little Barbara Chance,
never, never, never!
Tlie teal's dropped  from her eyes.
But in the meantime, what was she lo
do?    She thought and thought. Suddenly an idea illuminated her mind.
(To be Continued)
The Tea of " Distinction"
Red Rose is a distinctive tea. It is largely
composed of the fine teas of Northern India,
which are generous in strength and richness.
These, blended with the more flavory teas of
Ceylon, produce the qualities for which Red
Rose Tea is famed.
The 50c. quality of Red Rose is an cxlra finr lea���
stronger and fuller-flavored than the 40c. quality,
which has the largest sale
In 1 Ib. and !j lb. lead
packages at dOc, 50c. and
60c.���.ilso in tins of 3 lbs.
and larger.
N.B.- Coffee users will 6nd Red
Rose CofTci a- generously good
as Ned Kose Tea. ��;i
Miller's Worm Powders tan do uo
injury to the nios'. delicate child. Any
child, Infant or in the state of adoles-
ence, who is Infested with worms wm
take this preparation without a qualm
ot the stomach, and will find iu it a
sure relief and a full protection from
these destructive posts, which are responsible for much silliness anil
great Buffering to legions of little
The Dark Deed
Wife (entering room wringing hoi-
lands, with nn expression of extreme
agony)���Now l have dono It. But it
serves mo right for not turning on the
light I might have known I would
malic a mistake.
Husband (who is reading the papers���Great Guns! What have you
done?    Taken bichloride?
Wife���-Bichloride? No. I put a
two cent stamp on a postcard.���Columbia Jester.
A   New  Species of  Fish
"Does your husband go llslitng?"
"Ves," replied young .Mrs. Torklns.
"Haven't fish  peculiar    names';    Tho
last, fishing trip Charlie sat for three!
hours trying to catch a flush.''
A pleasant medicine for children lsl
.Mother Graves' Worm Exterminator,
and  there  Ib nothing better tor driving worms from the system.
Fifty Per Cent. Job
Child���I want, you to cut mj   hair,
and here is 10 centB.
Barber���llu: a hair cut co.--.tH 20
Child���My mother onl halt of il already.���Moggendurfer Blatter.
How - This ?
We offer One Hundroo Dollars Reward for any case of Catarrh lhat
cannot be cured by Hall's Catarrh
!���'. .T. Cnfc'NEV .<- C'O , Toledo, o
Wo, lhe undersigned, have known _ .1.
Cheney for lhe last lli yearn, anil believe
blm perfectly honoiablo In all business
transactions ami financially able to carry
out any obligations made Ia- his firm.
Toledo. O,
Hull's Catarrh Cure 1 _ taken Internally, acting directly upon tbe blood and mucous surfaces of the system. Tesllmou-
Inls eent free. I't'Ice. ii, cents per bottle.
Sold by all  -lugglsts.
Take Hall's Family Pills for constipation,
Why  He Gloated
He���I enjoyed the melodrama immensely.
Another He���Why? It wasn't particularly good.
He���H'b tho first occasion on which
my wife shed tears for which Bhe
couldn't blame me.���Philadelphia Ledger.
The boied youth turned to liis dinner partner with ij yawn.
"Who is that strange looking man
over thero who Ktnres at me so
much?" ho drawh d.
"Oh, that's Prof. .Tonkins," she replied, the famous expert on Insanity."
Skinned the  City  Feller
Hiram   flaw!   Haw!   Haw!   I skin
ned one of them city fellers that put
the lightning rod3 on my house.
-ilas--Ye did?    Iiiw did you do It'
Hiram  -Why, when I made out the.
cheek  to pay him  I just signed  _J
name without specifying the amount.
I'll bet there will be somebody prct .
mad  when ho goes io cash it.
Teething time Is usually a time ol
worry to mothers, it is usually __������
compnnted b, nervousness, stom_.li
troubla and extreme tretfulnesft T^e
niolher can avoid all this; she cam
bave her baby pas.; through the _f__
gerous teething time without pala or
crossness. Baby's Own Tablets ar_
tho mother's greatest friend at this
time. They sweeten the stomach, regulate the bowels, allay fcvc._sl_n._a
which usually accompanies tte coming of new teeth, and iu this way
mako teething easy. Tho Tablets _f��
sold by medicine di alers or by mail
at 25 cents a hex from The Dr. V11-
lianis' Medicine i.".., l!roc_ville, Ont.
"Mary, why didn't you    sound  __
dinner gong?"
"Please 'ni,  i couldn't find It."
"Why, there It is on the hall table"*
"Please 'm,    you said Mt _.__-__
that  was    the    breakfast    gong."���
He-���I enjoyed the melodrama Immensely.
Another He���Why? It wasn't particularly good?
He���it's the first occasion on ivt__.lt
my wife shed tears for which she
couldn't blame m...���Public Ledger.
Teacher of Hygiene���Why must we
always bo careful to keep our rooms
clean and neat?
Litlle Girl���Because company may
walk in at any moment.
Proved a Wise, Good Friend
When Barbara Chance left the consequential offices of Messrs. Parkes
and Sunningley, she turned suddenly
down a small laug and found herself
the next minute in a little square,
which was more or less hidden from
the public view. This square was i.c-
cupied by barristers and by r, few
solicitors; sbme old-fashioned trees
stood in its midst. It was quiet here,
tlie noisy traffic did not reach It. Barbara was glad of this, for from the
quiet country to the great bustle of
A young woman found a wise, good
friend in her mother-in-law, jokes notwithstanding.   She writer:
" I was greatly troubled with my
stomach, complexion was blotchy and
yellow. After meals I often suffered
sharp pains and would have to lie
down. My mother often told me it was
the coffee I dtank at meals. But
when I'd quite coffee I'd have a severe
headache." (Tea contains the same
poisonous drug, caffeine, as coffee).
"While visiting my mothor-inlaw I
remarked that. sIk always made such
good coffee, and asked her to tell me
how. Sho laughed and told me it was
easy to make good 'coffee' wheu you
use Postum.
"I began to use Postum as soon as
11 got home, a;id now we hnve the
! Bame good 'coffee' (Postum) every
I day, and I have no more trouble. Indigestion is a thing of the past, and
my complexion has cleared up beautifully.
"My grandmother suffered a great
deal witli her stomach. Her doctor
told her to leave off coffee. She then
took tea but that was just aa bad.
"She finally was induced lo try Postum which she has used for over a
year. She travelled during the winter visiting, something she had not
been able to do for years. She says
Bho owes her present good health to
Name given by Canadian Postum
Co., Windsor, Ont. Read "The Road
to Wellvllle" in pkgs
Postum now comes In two forms:
Regular Postum���must be well boiled,    l.'c and 2uc packages.
Instant Postum���ls a soluble powder. A teaspoonful dissolves quickly
In a cup of hot water and, with
cream and sugar, makes a delicious
beverage instantly.   SOc and BOc lir.s.
The cost, per eup ot both kinds Is
about the same.
"There's a neasor." for Postum.
���--sold  by Grocers.
It the "Golden Rule" nowadays, which is why
you should deal with the Grocer
who wraps his goods in
Eddy's Antiseptic
Paper Bags
And still breakfast on time by using a
No Kiel to kindle���no wood or coal to nun with. Jettt
touch a match to the wick���then you have all the heat yc _
want, when yon want it. Lessens the labor in the kitchen.
I, 2, 3 and . burner tin* and ��� new stove with Fi___
Cooking Oven.   All hardware and general _o_��.
Uie Royalite Oil ior Bett Reiult*
THE 1MPERULT0_-<_).,_____*
Ciliary      Rcfia*   ���' Mo_r_l
Hil-u       WImIh*
Comox, B. C.
First-class  Accommodation.   Best
Quality Wines Liquors ami Cigars
R,   McCuish, Prop.
The Comox Creimery Still Lives
Cumberland Hotel
Good Accomodation      Cusiue _xcelleu
Wm. Merryfield
Comox, IJ. C.
Best Men I.i Nottli of Naniaino
Choicest Liquors ami Cigars
C.  A.   Martin,   Prop.
liar supplied with lhe finest brands of
Liquors and Cigars
JOS. WALKER      -      -      Proprietoi
The Courtenay Hotel
Every Convenience for Guests
The Central Hotel for Sportsmen
None hut the BUST WINKS au
LIQUORS at the Bar
Leroy S. Cokely
Dominion  and   B.  C.
Land Surveyor
Offifie in Capt. lieailnell's Building
COURTENAY      -      B. C.
C. E, Wesley
B. C. L.
Apply at
Riverside Hotel,    Courtenay
JElectrical Engineer and Contractor
Complete Electrical Equipments promptly installed. Electric Wiring and Installation id nil kinds <>f Electrical Work
Isolated Lighting Plant sn Specialty
Box 195      Plionc F95      Courtenay
P. w'
Cditor Courtenay Review
Dear Sir:���Allow tne  the  privilege to trespass on a little space in
I your valuable paper to bring to the
attention   of   the   farmers  of  lhe
valley a few facts in support of the
Comox Creamery,  an Association
thai has done more for the prosperity of this Valley than any other
project.    There seems to be an impression abroad that lhe Creamery
 i lis very near its end, that a concern
i that can only   pay  its  patrons   27
In North and South, in East, e'"nts !l pound for butter,  und the
and West Condensory   pay   its    patrons   40
A ____'. ______! ________ ....Ml cents per pound alight to be allowed
Aston sHandinadeShoes will to  ^   *   rAhJ ))e kk,kt,(| (o
death.   For the month of March
the    Creamery    paid    28     cents
Potter's Pool Room
J. POTTER, Proprietor
stan . the Test.
First Class Plumbing
Hot Water and Steamfittiug
Jackson & Whittle
Phone 9 Courtenay
Ez Hand
Gasoline Engines Repaired .  Overhauled
.OX   124,  PHONE
Builder & Contractor
Bungalow Specialist
Plans and Estimates Free
Box 124      Courtenay
R.  N.  Fitzgerald
Contractor and Builder
Plans   and   Estimates' Furnished,
First   Class   Workmanship and
Materials Guaranteed
Established Resident of Courtenay
for butter, for April, 27
per pound for butter, a rather
low figure, charging the patrons
an additional 1 cent per pound for
making aud marketing the butter
for these months, over the regular
figlir_ charged, namely, 4 cents
per pound for six wilder months,
and 5 cents per pound for six summer months, for the reason that
during the six or eight months
previous to May 1st. i_i<|, a large
quantity of new machinery had lo
be installed into the Cteamery to
replace machinery thnt Imd beeu
worn out in the service of nil patrons, this machinery being charged
to the manufacturing account,
payment for same covering quite a
period, the final payments being
deducted from the cheques for
March and April, as the Creamery
Directors thought it only fair that
all those patrons who had helped
to put this machinery out of commission, whet lit r they went over to
the Condi iisory, or remained with
the Creamery, should bear their
fair share of thisexpeuse. Ii must
be remembered that the directors
are responsible to the sharehclden
the actual cost being very near  the
5 cent mark.    Since that date the
local sales  have  increased  rapidly
until  now the Creamery's entire
output, (about one ton   per week)
is being sold locally with the actual
cost of making  anil   marketing  at
about 3 cents  per  pound,   which
menus increased returns '.o patrons. I
Another   p&int    of  advantage  to I
Creainery patrons is that butter has
recently been advancing in price,
wholesale price was 32c.   then   35c
until on July 13, the price jumped
to 40 cents per lb for  butter,   and
while selling at this price will give
patrons about 41 cents per  pound
butter fat, and they will retain the |
skimmed milk   to   feed   on   their'
While Sir, we admit that the I
cents Condensory is a good thing for the |
District, that il employs n far
greater nuiubtr ot hands than the
Creamery does, and we wish it
every success, so long as that success does not mean the permaueut
closing of the Creamery. Not
that we are afraid of ��� it closing
while we have men of Mr. Urqtl-
hart's business ability staying with
the Creamery, sending the cream
from over fifty of the Sliest Jersey
cows in the District. Mr. Urquhart gives me permission to state
that they do not have the slightest
intention of sending their milk to
the Condensory in spite of any reports that limy be circulated to the
contrary, and in conversation with
a most ardent supporter of t he
Condensory, Mr. Urquhart said,
"You are sending to tlie Condensory thai which you may not miss
list now, but the time will soon
come when you will miss it."
In conclusion we present thi i
letter with due apology to any who
may not see with us in this matter,
claiming lor our excuse our regard
for a concern  that  we   have  been
The   Com...
Oldest Shop in
Nothing   lim   First   Class   Work
Guaranteed,    Baths in connection
C. Iv   DA .KY.MI'I. ;,   i'lop.
and SURl i_0_
Telephone M \_     COMOX, B, C.
F-   J> I  K E
I'la. .ci!'i_. Contractor
stimuli'. I'uriil .In 'I   W01 _ On
0. ii,,
Phont  24
.     [l
______ jurti
Willard's H-rneas Emporium
1, (i
wing ui
oven, Ti
ss Repaired N'eatlyJ
-���   ��>
W. W. V.7."_. ___
Cumberland a    C< urtenay
, , .        s i associated with so long, some of us
to keep the  Creamery equipment being ou-.it, fljst Boa.d of  Direct-
' ...     ,, , I ors, and introducing the first pound
Now, Sir, allow me to take thia 0f butter fa the Cumberland mar-
most   objfccUonanle  27  cents pet
pound, and  compare it with the
Dray Stables
Stage meets all Boats
Telephone  29
Pny or Night
Oscar W. Davis
Palace Livepy
&Feed Stable
Wood!  Wood!
Price $4.50 per load
or cord delivered
Price $3.25 per load
in the bush
D. CUDMORE - Courtenay
Horses  and  Buggies for Hire
Reasonable Rates
We also attend to wood hauling
Builders of
Oars and Paddles
made to order
Accessories for Motor Boats
District   Agent   for   Ferro,
Honest Clay and Foos Engines
Patronize Home Industry
Boat Builder        Courtenay
Phone 35; Try an Ad. in The Review
Condensed) 's 40 cents per pound
l'or butter fat,   and,  to do so intelligently it will be necessary to
use the manager of the Condensory'S figures,   with  due apology
for doing so.    Mr.   I'u'iar unsuccessfully tried to purchase  from  a
number of the  Creamery, pations
(myself anion? the  number)  their
separated  milk,  offering  for that
commodiate 3 1-2 cents per. gallon.
It takes the cream  from  a little
more than two gallons of milk  to
produce one pound of butter fat,
so that the Condensory patrons are
really receiving 32 cents per. pound
for butter fat, and 8 cents for the
milk   that goes along with  that
butter fat,   If that butter fat had
been made into butter at the Cream-
ery, a certain amount  of moisture :
must of necessity have been incor-
porated with  it to produce good
butter, the general average being
15 percent., but the Comox Creamery desiring tc place on the market
a No. 1 article, ciily  retain about
10 per cent,  moisture, with their
product, (this is the report of the
Government Analyst,) so that their
patrons sending 90 lbs.  of butter
fat to the Creamery,  get credited
with 100 lbs. of butter as  it makes
tl at amount of butter, for in testing
cr a u  with  the oil  test there is
p aclically no overrun,   whereas if
tbe  Babiock Test  was used   the
patrons    would   have   to   supply
actually about no lbs. of butter to
get credit for 100 lbs, 01 butter,
Therefore the patrons of one industry were receiving $32.00 for
loo lbs, of butter fat,  while those
patrons of the other industry were
receiving $27.00 for go lbs. of the
same commodity.   Now, Sir,  the
usual expenses of the Creamery are 1
about 3 cents per.   pound  for all
items of expense in connection with
the actual cost of making and box-
ing of butter ready to ship from j
the Creamery,   Buttermakers.  and j
Secetary'o salari.it, boxes,   wrappers,    fire-wood,   general  repairs,
insurance, interest  on capital invested etc.   In   addition   to  this
there is a cost of 2  cents per lb.
for every pound of butter shipped
from   the   District,    for   freight
and  commission   fees,  making a
total of nearly 5 cents, per  pound,
making aud marketing, the actual
cost being influenced materially  in
proportion to the amount shipped
out.    Previous   to May   1,   1914,1
the proportion to the act.al make I
shipped out was very small,  hence ���~"
Yours truly
Markham B.
Why should some men so persistently go about making enemies
when enemies have no market
Announces the Opening
of her new store in the
Tuesday,   July   14
Afternoon Tea will be served to fill
L'i'lies pi Comox IJistriCt
To  B;
!.} .      ��� ���
The former is really unnecessary when Bread from the
Courteuay Baki . i :.. aii il le
andby reason ofquality h ���
many votaries. Get t'.ie A B
habit and satisfaction
.. Aitken
Opposite tiuv. Pr_
Niiflit or Da
Phone 27
5_as_- _r,-' .���,_;_.��� .��_
An Ad. in
Buggies and Express W.~
All Rigs Guan
anteert and Sold at the I. west Possible Price
Blacksmith ar. ^-"05. Builder (
Fly and Insect Destroyer
This preparation is guaranteed to protect _ orsea
and cattle from fly and insect pests and to des-
troy vermin. While being perfectly harmlessjt
acts as a Grand Disinfectant and is easily applied.
Once used, always used
1-4 gallon Un 60c      1-2 gallon tin 90c      1 gallon tin $1.50
and      -     CUMBERLAND ��_���
SIR EDMUND WALKER, C.V.O., L L. D., D.C.L., Prealdent
ALEXANDER LAIRD. General Mummer JOHN AIRD, Ass _ General Manager
CAPITAL, $15,000,000    RESERVE FOND, $13,500,000
Interest at tlie current rale is allowed on all deposits of $1 and
upwards. Careful attention i.s given to every account. Small accounts
are welcomed.    Accounts may be opened and operated by mail.
Accounts may be opened in the names of two or more persons, withdrawals to be made by any one of them or by the survivor. 821
W. S. LONGHURST, Acting Manager, Courtenay ami Comox Branches
Comox branch open on Tuesdays, from ii to 3
with easy terms, buys 40x120 corner lot,
opposite C. P. R Station
Hicks  Beach & Field
LaForest & Fortune
General Blacksmith.
COMOX       -       B. C.
Telephone JI92
Canadian Fairbanks-Morse Engines and Pumping Outfits
Horseshoeing  and   Boat  Irons
a Specialty
Try o'tr Excelsior Hoof
All Work Guaranteed
Pensioning Teachers
California has just put into effect
a new teachers' pension law. Its
requirements are simple: First,
thirty years' service in public
schools; and second, the payment
of $360, or $i a month, for' thirty
years. The pension is $500 a year
to all who have taught thirty years.
The funds come from what the
teachers pay. the interest ou $75,-
000 given by two private organizations, and 5 per cent, of the State
inheritance tax. Thus there is no
tax on ai y living man or woman
save the teacher, but the teachers
are fairly well provided for. No
doubt Canadian teachers would
welcome a somewhat similar plan.
Presbyterian Church
St. Andrews' Sandwick
Service 2 p.m.     Sunday  School
and Bible Class 3 p. 111.
Sunday School aud Bible Class
10:30 a. 111.   Service 11:30.   Evening service 7:30 p. m. All welcome.
Entrance Examinations
The Jap. Team from Cumberland defeated Courtenay by the
score of 4 to 3 on Sunday afternoon, and the Courtenay boys
beat Bevan by 8 to 5  afterwards.
The results ot the recent Entrance Examinations were announced on Msnday morning.
, The following passed in this di:--
Jtrict who wrote at Cumberland,
Cumberland���Number of candidates, 19; passed ll, George
j Mordy 693, Hazel J. Whyte 672,
] John Liddle 618, Joshepine Balagno
I613, Mamie Potter 606, William
I Ricksou 604, Andrew Anderson 595
j Edith W. Bickle 588, Rhoda Biekl'e
1575, Doris Murray 573, Christina
Gray 571. s
Comox���Number of Candidate
2- passed 0.
Courtenay���Number of Candidates 8; passed 3. Annie Victoria
Carroll 588, Thomas J. McQuillan
570, George Millard 550.
Denman Island���Number of
Candidates 2; passed 2, Stanley
Dumaresq 695, Joseph Dumaresq
!    Fanny Bay���Number of Candidates 2; passed 1.    Bessie Hastings
Headquarters���Number of Candidates 1, passed 1. Irene Dixon
Sandwick Numbei of Candidates
2; passed 0,
Union Bay-.-Number of Candi-
A Dollar
taken out of this town
says goodbye for ever,
while one spent athoin? simply says "Till we mee_ a^nin"
After reading the above remember McPhee & Morrison are prepaired with a full line of merchandise
of every description, including Groceries, Flour and
Feed, Fruit, Vegetables, Boots, S'loes, Hardware,
Stationery, Ladies' and Gents1 Dry Goods, Etc., and
the  prices  are  right
dates  7;  pnssed 1.    Phyllis Par.-
ridge 550.
At the King Edward High
School, where lie lias been attending, John Duncan pn-sul 51I1 in
his class.
Lots of Untitled Land
Vancouver Sun
The census .ureal' has issued a
bulletin .giving Uie amount of laud
in each province that could be put
under crop nnd is not being used.
In Manitoba only 17 per cent, is
cultivated, in Alberta the proportion is the same, while in Saskatchewan the percentage is 30, says the
Edmonton Journal. British Columbia claims that only three per
cent, of its available area has been
taken advantage of. But there is
a big difference between thcqualitv
of what it has st'll to offer ar.d
that still open to the industrious
farmer in the prairie provinces,
Dealers in al! kinds of A its
Butter, Eggs and Farmer's
Produce, Cooked Meats 1
Specialty. We sell only the
bjst. Prices are always low
and satisfactory. V. e pay
best prices for produce
Phone No. 2
Courtenay   j
Record Output of
Cumberland Mine
No, 6 Mine on Thursday put all
previous records in the shade by
hoisting 500 tons in 8 hours. No.
2 hovers around the 1,000 ton
mark, No. 4 generally goes over
1,000 tons per day, while No. 7
hoists between 700 aud 800 tons per
day, leaving No. 0 a new mine,
out of the question, The daily
output for the Cumberland Mines
when working is not far off 3500
tons per day. With a generous
supply of shipping it is easily seen
what that means for this City.
(Cumberland Islander.)
Timothy, Clover and Farm Seeds
at greatly reduced price, ^
the next two weeks
Phone Y91 and your order will be filled at once
The Hiudus aboard the Komo-
gata Maru and the Vancouver police had a lively encounter on Sunday morning when a tug put out
to reprovisiou the boat on her return journey. The Hindus were
gathered along the rail armed with
coal and pieces of iron, which they
flung at the officers as soon as they
attempted to board. Many were
hurt more or less seriously, but iu
the end the police had to put back.
It was then decided to have the
Government Cruiser Rainbow come
over, and with a force of men subdue the Hiudus, aud to tow them
out into the Straits, but it was uot
found necessary as they gave up
the fight yesterday, and offered to
return to their own country, if the
immigration autnorities would grub
stake them home, This, of course
was immediately acceded to, and
they will set sail to-day.
The directors of the Agricultural
Society met on Tuesday afternoon
and reviled the Prize List,, which
is now in in the hands of the printers. Many new classes were added. A letter from the Minister
of Agriculture stating that $1250
would be given towards the building fund providing the Society
raised a like amount. A meeting
will be held ou Monday afternoon
to look over the grounds.
I _-_M.^
SEA .EI) TENDERS addressed to the
undersigned, and endorsed "Tender lor New Public Building, at Courteuay, B. C," will be received at this
office until 4.001. M., on Wednesday,
August 5, 1914, lor tile work mentioned.
Flans, Specification and form of contract can be seen and forms of tender
obtained at the office of |Mr Henderson,
Resident Architect, Victoria, B. C, at
the Post Office, Courtenay, 11. C, and
at this department.
Persons tendering are notified that
tenders will nol be considered unless
made ou the printed forms supplied, and
signed with their actual signatures, stating their occupations and places of residence. In the case of firms, the actual
signature, the nature of the occupation
and place of residence of each member
of the firm nm. t be given.
Each tender must be accompanied by
an accepted cheque on a cnartered bank,
payable to the order of the Honourable
the Minister of Public Works, equal to
ten per cent. (10 p. c.) of the amount of
the tender, which will be forfeited if the
person tendering decline to enter into a
contract when called upon to do so or
fail to complete the ..ork contracted for.
If the tender be not accepted the cheque
will be returned.
The Department does not bind  itself
to accept the lowest or any tender.
By ordei,
Department of Public Works,
Ottawa, July 3, 1914.
Newspapers will uot be paid for this
advertisement if thev insert it withou
authority fnim the   Department,    63892.
An Ad. in The Review Pay��
Cancellation ol Reserve
1   rebj a   th
notice of which   ; ;      _' :'
1 the Ilritish Columbia G izetteon tlie 2}th
day of December, 1Vh7, is cancelled in so
' far as it relates to lauds covered by 8s
pired   Timber  License   N      12936  ���,.,.
known as Lot Xo. .174, Sayward District;
and that the said  lands will be opened
for staking for pre-ei  ptioi
ed  lands iu  compliance       h
visions of the "I/i" I Acl     it  -       lock
in the forenoon on I    ��� :      .'������ . ust 11
1914.    For furthei  ini . ., lion  ippli  to
the    Government   Agent,     Vancouver
through   whose   office    ill   applications
must be made.
Deputy Minister of Lands.
Lauds Department,
Victoria, B. C,
June 10, 1914.
Try an Ad. in The Review
Soft Drinks
Swan's Fool Room
We ha\ _ a full st3C k of Robinson's Remedies���the
R3r_-_les that NEVER DID FAIL
Rol ini ��� .'; Liea Killer   $1 snd 85c can
Mite Spray 75c p_r can
RojpCura 75c
Poultry Tonic      75c
L-.'.ii .   .   ample can and test it for yourself
more   chick-ins,   more   money   and
more  egijs  for you
m   Supply Co.
'    ' ;nay
B. C.
���I.��;-..-����,  ,^5_ft_...-C^s.
"'   V_- _ ���;'"-_
^$____&_f fjp
t ���     < 'v^-_-ffl_:r.
,i .^'_';���__v_ ���.���___.___.
The !      I \ oloi   Co., of  Manchester, England, makes  and  sells more
cars   ii   England   today  than  the  combined  output of the  next five
largest aulotnobile manufacturers in England
The l'ord was the lirst public taxieah in London, as in  St.   Petersburg
and New Vork
i    rage   for  storage  battery   charging  and repairing ignition
���,    ��� iring and lighting, etc.     Gasoline 35 cents per gallon
HI.    . _ 3RDE
.   .JYING
lothes consult us and ascertain what can
,���   cone   with  your  old  or soiled  garments
Phone 17
Collector Will Call
i       Onl; '   t Watchmaker can detect a RELIABLE watch at a glance
j Time will prove that Charles Simms sells only RELIABLE watches
IBefo     '   ��� ng   from  Catalogues call and inspect his Waltham and
Elgin Watches
lie has a reputation to lose and recommends only the best and most
suitable to purchaser
The Courtenay Jewelry Store COURTENAY
Local Lines
Try An Ad. In The Review.
For Sale���Good tent 16 x 24 ft.
Fly and building complete. Apply
Review office.
! cases   weekly,
Berwick .tore.
For    Sale
cows.    Apply
Happy Valley.
also strawberries.
No.K Mine.
Two    grade  Jersey
IS.   1).   Iirotighton,
Miss I.oriui Greensfield, a visitor
at the Elk Hotel met with an accident while doing some fancy sewing on .Monday. She ran the
machine needle through her finger.
Wanted���Good   ranch   eggs   2 Dr. Montgomery  wus called, aud,
extracted the broken needle from
'.lie fin _er, and we are able to report that she is progressing
Miss Campbell and Miss Munroe
have been visiting Mrs, H.  Moore]
New Courteuay post cards, finest  for ;|,e la. t few days left for Sandwick on Sunday.
Mr, Ernest Grant, while diving I
in the Courtenay   River,   had the |
misfortune of striking a rock which
cut a nasty gash in his head,  that
he had to haw several stitches put
I    Mr.   E.   Smith,   with  Dr, and'
I Mr, Beadnell and frieuds  left  Co* 1
: mux on Sunday morning for Oyster
River iu his launch, but owing to
For   Sale���One    team   horses the heavy wind had to return  and
weighing   2800  pounds,   general make the journey by motor.
selection bv first class photographer
at Robertson's Drugstore.
For Sale ���Cedar posts and poles;
beardless barley and good seed po,
tatoes. T, C. Woods, Sandwick
Phone R g6,
Wanted���Acreage near railroad
as first payment oil residential property in Oak Uav, Victoria. Box 5
Review Office.
pui pose. Can he seen at A,
sawmill,   Happy   Valley.
lakes the pair.
For Sale���8 fine buggy and ex-
press horses, 8 fine pedigree Yorkshire sows, young pigs, and oue
jersey cow, cheap for cash. Apply
Frank Childs. Sandwick
From MV hens to YOUR
kitchen direct, I deliver eggs every
Tuesday ill Courtenay, at current
market rate You want my eggs;
I want your money. Write aud
ask me to call. H. W. Heberden,
Phone V 96,   Saudwick,
A few choice young pure bred
Yorkshire pigs of either sex for
sale. Parents prize winners at
New Westminster. Price to you
registered $10 each. Now is your
opportunity to get a really gcod
minimal.    R. U. Hurford.
For Sale���Gasoline launch hull,
25 ft. "Columbia River" type fish
boat, practically new since overhauled, sheeted bottom to above
water line, new cabin, ready for
engine, Al shape, snap for $75.
Want cash immediately. Box 61
Review Office.
$20 Reward���Lost or stolen from
Happy Valley on the 3rd, 1 sorrel
mare (in foal) branded HD on left
hip. JE on shoulder. While star
iu forehead, uo shoe* on. I bav
branded XX ou  hip.    $20
Miss Alice- Gibbons and Mi^-s
I CI lie Swanson, from Courlenay,
spent an enjoyable Sunday at Comox, visiting fi iends.
An enjoyable dance was held at
Comox on Friday last. A large
number of ladies being present, but
young bloods were scarce. What's
the matter boys, were you scared
of the heal ?
If the parly who wrote to Mickey
Si. Thwaites, Parksville, ou July 6,
without signing their name will
write again, the letter will be answered by return mail.
Human Life is Cheap
Damning evidence bearing. on
the recent disaster at Hillcrest,
Alberta, wherein 2Q0 coal miners
lost their lives by an explosion,
was given at the enquiry last Wednesday. Mr. Francis Aspinall,
district inspector of coal mines,
with jurisdiction over Hillcrest,
was on the witness stand, He
said that the nine was very gassy
and dusty, and as far back as July
19i2, he had condemned the ventilating system used, His examination of the of the mine since the
disaster had satisfied him that it
was iu even worse condition than
before,'apart from the effects of the
explosion, His evidence practically meant that the reversing of the
fan in No. 2 level, and  the  work-
will be paid for their recovery.   In
formation to R. Williamson, Happy j illg of too many men in the sections
Valley, or box 378 Cumberlond. j v.as a direct vioiatiou 0f the Coal
The British Columbia Nurseries Mfi>��' Regulation Act. Asked as
Co. Ltd. have appo-nted Mr, W. t0 hls 0Plu'on ��,f the ^e bosses
D. Stoker, of Courtenay their lo-' testimony that they could not say
cal representative for ibe sale of bow man. mmep w<-'rc working 111
tlieir wep known nursery stock, each section at the time of the ex-
Mr. Stoker is now taking orders, p.*10"- J. .sald .tllat tlcV were
for Fall 1914 and Spring 1915 de-!'/"�������. His investigation had satis-
livery, of fruit and ornamental, fied him that there was gas present
trees,    etc.,    Intending    planters;-��d l'����r ventilation in No. 2 level
should place their orders NOW.     | vYhel1 the, m,llc .blew. .U,P- ,As t0
I the actual way  in  which  the  ex-
For Sale���Thirty acres,   within plosion was eventually caused,  he
two hundred yards of station, with could not ascertain.
daily train service, close to   school 1 	
aud wharf,  about 18  acres of first,
class alder bottom; with never fail- j    The report bureau of Mines gives
ing strean  through property, first the  following   as the amount of
class soil and very easily cleared   coai mined by the  Canadian  Col-
Price  $100 per acre,  one-quarter i;cries iast year,
cash, balance over three years 7 per j
cent.    Hickey & Thwaites, Parks-j'
old for consumption 111
Sold foi export to United
States 25,359
Lost in washing .157,616
Used under colliery boilers,
etc 40,991
Difference (_ added to) stock
dltrfrlg year x 8,276
Outptlt of colliery for year 565,950
The report also gives the following report of the number of miners
employed by the same company
Supervision and clerical assistance  61
Whites--Miners   205
Miners' helpers 80
Laborers 129
Mechanics and skilled
labour 14*
Boys 56
I hereby challenge Harry Grieve! Japanese���Miners 7i
Large tract of good farming land j
now  open  for free settlement in
Oregon.   Over 200.000 acres in all.
Cood climate, rich  soil,   and   does
not require irrigation to raise finest
crops of grain,   fruit  and  garden j
truck.    For large map,    full    in-1
structions aud information,   and  a
plan of several sections of except-1
ionally good claims, send $3.40 to
John Keefe, Oregon City, Oregon.
Three years as a  U.   S.   Surveyor
aud timberman.     An opportunity
to get a good fertile free homestead
near town and market.
to 15 or 20 rounds for $50 a side
and gate receipts, winner to take
John Potter.
Helpers 46
Laborers H
Chinese���Miners 118
Helpers 93
Laborers 196
Total 1,208
It. will be seen that out of a total
of 1208 there were 125 Japanese
8.15, leaves at 11, Charmer arrives; and 284 Chinese, an aggregate of
at 6, leaves at 7.13 Wednesday'
Thursday, Charmer arrives at 6,
leaves at 7 15 Friday morning.
�� jSautrday,   Charmer   arrives   at
7 p. in., leaves at 11. p. m.
Sunday,   Cowichan   arrives
8.15 a, m,, leaves at 4p. m.
The Phoenix Assurance Co.
of London
The  London Assurance
The Canada Life Insurance
Summer Boat Schedule
Tuesday,   Cowichan  arrives at
409, Of this number 126 are employed above ground, leaving the
total number of Asiatics employed
underground at all the Cananian
Collieries Co. at 283. These are
the figures as supplied by the de-
at' partmeut and can be accepted as
correcti       , 	
The Guardian Casualty
St. Paul Marine and Fire
Insurance Company
I am local agent for the
above companies and
also represent
Call or write for rates in
any of the above lines
Phone 42
ill St.   Courtenay


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