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The Review May 20, 1915

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�����#���.���._���_�����_�����_���___��������������������_���__.     ****4*4*****
��� ('iiii uot lie dune nuy tetter, and
| not t|iiit_ ho well iinywheie eUe
| hereabouts.   Our type ami iuiu iliin-
* ��ry U complete aiui The Review
j prices *re right
|        Classified Ads.
{    Make   y.mr   little  Wants  kno
J   tliruiijjli a Cla.ih-il A.U _rti_m
flit       |
j   iu The Review   ���   -   ���   Phone
VOL. 3
NO. 25
Hardy _ Biscoe, Instructed hy the  Courtenay   Oil &  Supply Co., wil
sell by public au li, n, without reserve, on the premises,
Junction Road, Courtenay
Saturday, May 22, at 2 O'clock
The entire Btock of Coal Oil, Cylinder Oil of various grades, Axle
c.sease, Cun i'.reuse, lite., Quantity of Tools, Table l,ainps, Caudles
mid Miscellaneous Uiues, nlso one Wayne Pinup, self measuring from
1 pint in 1 gallon, Tank and I .ttllllFs, also Morse, lluggy  and Harness
Particulars on posters or from
Phone 10
Heal Kstate Agents nnd Auclione
Fresh   Arrivals
A Fresh Shipment of
the  famous
"Fleet Foot"
Tennis and Running
Shoes   have arrived
We keep them in Men's, Boy's and Ladie's Sizes
See Our Show Windows
Telephone 34
Next Royal Bank
Where   everybody  goes  for  choice
Candies, Cigars, Tobacc), Fruit,
Vegetables, Groceries, Etc.
Phone 40
$6.00 Per Ton
Delivered in Courtenay
All Orders Will Recieve Prompt Attention
Phone 43 Courtenay
Local Lines
Mr. E  H.   Peterson   spent the
week cud at  Duncan.
Mr. Wilmshurst and family in-
tend leaving tur PoWell River on
.Sunday's boat.
Robert Duncan
McGill University,
is   home   from
Vancouver.      I
Diamond Dust
Look for bargains at McPhee i_
Morrison's on Friday and Saturday.
The local team went down   from
'erusalem to Jericho and   fell   into
uiul luck last   Sunday  afternoon.
The steamer Matsqui was in port The   Cumberland J.ovs   are   sure
yesterday with a cargo of boxes for some b't-obbs     lhe Cubs put up
the Condensory. j good all round plays, but an   error
I early ir the game gave Cumberland
The Bachelor Girls of Courteuay the lead which they  kept   tu the
held a dance iu the   Opera   House sum of 2" to  12,   The   Cubs  put
list Friday night. up a scrappy game considering the
little practise they have had. Bet-
In the matter of the charges ter luck next time. The team will
against the Public school teacher, go to Powell River on May 24th to
A. G, Read, the trustees considered show those paper nakers how the
them ao serious that thev decided game ought to be played. Let
not to handle them, and forwarded every fan turn out on Friday even-
them to tbe Educational Department ing to root during practise, then go
at Victoria, for investigation. lover on Monday and cheer the boys
along to  victory.    The   managers
Th: Campbell River Benefit Club frora Union Bay- Cumberland, and
will   give a   grand concert   in the a committee  from Courtenav   met
Opera Mouse  Courtenav ou Friday tjjjs w��ek, formed a league, andar-
I May 28.    A si le-splitting play en- raURe(j a schedule of games for the
Don't   forget   the   big   sale  at
McPhee ,._ Morrison's,   to-morrow
and Saturday.
The Puntledge Lawn Tennis
Club is holding its opening day this
(Thin.day) afternoon,
Some miscreant threw lye onto
two of Mayor I.ilpatrick's horses
and one belonging lo Sam I.ee OU
Friday night. The horse belonging to Sam is iu pretty bad shape,
ivhile Dan's racing mare is nearly
is bad. The big hoise got only a
���light scalding.    The council have
ITered a reward of   $50 which th ________________________________________________________________________________________________���
Mayor it duplicating for the arrest I titled "Whiskers" will also he en- rc.st 0f ti)L. season, beginning on the
md conviction of the guilty parties. | acted bv tlie club. The concert is jst 0f June, .Some red hot bingles
. i being .riven in aid of the  Campbell j a]ui home runs ought to be seen in
lhe Ladies Aid Society  of  the Kjver Hospital    This club has a j these games,   as  the   prize,   the
chinch I u.jf|e reputation, and   their concert (Stewart   Cup will   stand   for  the
championship of the district.
^^^^ of  the
Courtenay     Presbyterian
held their regular meeting on Fri- ,,.'111 be worth listening to. After
lay afternoon, when final arrange- the concert a dance will beheld,
nents were made   for   the   picnic the Harmony Orchestra furnishing
the music,
vhich will beheld at McCtitcheou's
,'ijint on Monday, Miy 24II1
File ladies have arranged for boats
o convey those who wish to ride
it 15 cents a passenger, or two for
15 cents, childien 10 cents. Con-
wyances will leave tlie bridge at
.en, and later several trips being
nadejthrotigh the day. Everybody
velcome, Come and bring your
lasket. The Girls Guild Will
erye ice cream, lemonade, and
Mr. H. S Porteous has just received the intelligence that Mis
Majesty th- King has been
graciously pleased to
the appointment to be a Companion of the Distinguished Service
Order of his nephew Capta ���'���
McDonald Porteous, 1st Btitul o. ,
Princess Louise's (Argyll and
Sutherland     Highlanders.)     For
Hornby Island
Mr. A. G. Read, who lately
chased   a   new   buggy,   lead
Bill" down to the wharf and hitched
ipproye   of,him into it to  ta_��� it home.    ' >u
the  way   "Bill"  became   fractious
,and ran away, throwing Mr. Read
and his companion out aloug   si !e
: the road, the lady loosing her purse,
j A   few days after  Henry   Bennett
found the purse, and thinking some-
I conspicuous gallantry on many oc- June had been waylaid advertised it
A meeting of the executive of the   .esiol,sUlroU"l10l!_.._,_ C__ilpaig.n'' at tile p��st Office.
.'ourtenav Athletic Association was \.* vcr>', *"��* dwin"
.eldinthe   President's   office last disregard of danger on
Vednesday afternoon.   The prin- sance duty..especially at St   Elo
���ipal point of   discussion   was the on February 19,   1915,  was   most
ppoiutmeut of team  managers for notlcea )le>
he baseball,   football and  lacrosse 	
cams.    The football and   lacrosse
earns were left over until the ex
Free Lecture
cutive see  what  players   take au | in the Agricultural Hall, Courtenav
uteres! in these branches of sport. | under the auspices of the Courtenay
and   total j    Farming conditions are go
reconnais-! the Island, crops are looking st'. ::���
"'    ""     did.
A jolly dance was held at \V.
Kavain. gh's ou Friday night
The annual picnic will be held
.1 May 2.|th at the Goose Spit.
Everybody welcome. The Progress
Club have the matter in hand and
1 good time is promised for all.
\ L- Anderton was elected mana-'Board  of  Trade^ on   YVedncsu.n
:cr of the baseball team.    The City evening the 26th inst, at 8 o'clu.k
.eague   rules and   schedule   were p.  m.,  by Miss  Alice  Ravenh IJ,
lien presented   by the committee, : Fellow of the Royal Sanitary Ins'.!-
ir.d   with   one   amendment   were,tide,  certificated   Lecturer of the
adopted and will be   posted up in ! National  Health  Society of Greal
he club house.   Three teams have j Britain and   Ireland,  late  lecturer
���ntcred, lhe managers   being John ! on Hygiene. University of London,
vlitchell, John McKenzie and E.H. I Kings College  for  Women.    Miss
Peterson.    The first game nil beI Raveuhill's subject on Wednesday
played tonight between   the Pencil [ evening will be  "The  Place and
Pushers and   McKenzie's   Rough-/Purpose of  Family Life."    Music
aecks.   All those who have mem- will be furnished by local  talent
lership tickets for sale  must make' Refreshments will be served by,
Presbyterian Church
St. Andrews'  Sandwick
Service 2 p.m.     Sunday  School
aud Bible Class 3 p. tn,
Sunday  School and   Bible Class
10:30 a.m.   Service 11:30-   Evening service 7:30 p. m. All welcome
their returns to E. H- Peterson be
lore June 1, as no person will be
allowed to play on the grounds
.ifter that date unless thev are
for   the benefit of the   Woman's!
Institute.    A   general invitation is
hereby extended  to the ladies and
gentleman   of   Comox  Valley   to
Comox Creamery
40c per lb. this week
that on and after June 1st,  1615, our terms for
House Wiring will be
Anyone wishing to take advantage of our special
terms as hereto offered must make application before the above date
Courtenay ElectricJLight, Heat & Power Co., Ltd.
Phones: Office 35,'Jles. R68
Office: Mill Street TIIE   REVIEW,   COURTNEY,   B. C.
The Mystery]
of tbe
By Fred M. White
Ward,   Lock   _   Co.   Limited
...London.  Melbourne and  Toronto ll
^==__=__=_-______- _#
Ills mil
reokleiB tolly
,n  the outset
reason or other h
liis natural guise,
itniiiii orled. "Surelj
.'I  gulgo, Oil,  lliis  is
Doob lie outirl deteal
ot our enterprise?"
bUBtled   up,   l'or  sumo
-hose iii appeal' in
Not iill Hi_y worn
Ravenspur venture to
Ims   111 ml u   ynu
in   llir call fllll
"Much     learning
mail," hr Bald bitterly
"Not a Iiii ol' li,' Hn' Hiissiiui re-
Bponcled, "Unfortunately for ma the
priests of i.iissa bave discovered that
i ani deeply vorsed In their seeretB.
Nol that they believe for �� moment
iimi Tehigorsky nml the Itussian who
walked tha valloy of the Ited Death
are one and lho samo. Thoy deem
uie to be the reclplenl of that unhappy man's early discoveries, But your
Identity remains u secret. Tho cleverest eyes In the world could never
penetrate .vour dlsguls?."
"il comforts me t>- hear that," Ralph
replied, "JUverythirg depends upon
my Identity being concealed. Once it
is discovered, every Ravenspur is
doomed. Hut I cannot understand
why you escape recognition at the
liiiinls of the foe."
A bitter smile camo over Tchlgor-
Bk_S face,
"Can you not?" he said. "If you bad
your eyes you would understand. .Man,
I have boon actually In '.lie company
of thosn who Hung me into the valley
of Ueil Death and thoy have not
know_"_te. After . .at 1 stood in the
presence of my own mother, and she
nsked who I was.
"Tiie marks on my face? Well,
there aro plenty of explorers who
have been victims to tlio wire helmet
and have never dreamt of entering
Lussa. 1 am a broken, bowed decrepit wreck. I who was onee so proud
of my inches, The horrors of that one
day have changed me beyond recognition.   Hut you know."
Ralph shuddered from head to foot.
A cold moisture ttood on his forehead.
"Don't," lie whispered. "Don't
speak of It. When tho recollection
comes over me 1 have to hold on to
my senses as a shipwrecked sailor
clings to a plank. Never mind the
past���the future has peril and dan-
ger enough, You know why 1 am
"To Rave your house from lliecurse
upon II. To bring thi' I-.ist nml West
together, ami loll of the vilest conspiracy the world has ever seen. Do
you know who the guilty creature is.
whose band is actually striking the
"I think ro: in fact I nm sure of it.
ltut who would believe my accusation?"
"Who, Indeed! Hul we shall be in
a position lo prove our case, now thai
the secrets of Ihe prison house lie before us.    We the three to fear."
"Ves,  yes," said  Ralpli.
Bonzes-  who have actually
near Ravenspur���and    lhe
Zura.   could she recognize
Ralph asked the Question in almost
passionate entreaty.
"I am certain she could not,"
Tehigorsky repled, "Come, victory
shall bo ours yel. Here we are at
my house at last. Hy the way, you
musi have a name. You shall be my
cousin Nicholas Tehigorsky, a clever
savant, who, by reason of a deplorable accident, has become both blind
uml deaf.   Allons."
A Master of Fence
Ludy Mallowbloom's reception
rooms were more than usually crowded. And every other man or woman
in the glittering salon was a celebrity. There was a strong sprinkling
of the aristocracy to leaven ihe lump;
here mid Ihere lhe fin. i of rod cloth
und gold could be scon.
in his quiet masterly style Tehigorsky pushed his wny up the stulrs.
Ralph Ravenspur followed, his hand
upon the Russian's arm. lie could
feel the swish of satin draperies go
by hlni; he caught the perfume ot: the
warm air.
"Why no ynu lira:; me here'.'" he
grumbled, "I can see nothing; it only
bewilders me. 1 should have been fnr
happier in your study."
"Vou mope too much," Tehigorsky
said gaily. "To mingle with one's fellows is good ul limes. 1 know so many
people who are here tonight."
"And I know nobody: add to which
circumstances compel me lo be
iliimli. Place me in some secluded
spot witli my back tu the wall, and
then-enjoy yourself for an hour. I dare
say I shall manage to kill lhe time."
There were many celebrities in the
brilliantly lighted room, and Tehigorsky indicated u few A popular lady
novelist passed on the arm of a poet
on her way to the buffet.
Granulated Eyelids,
Eves inflamed bv exposure tc Ji!_ DS!!._5d W. .
fip��/_3,,C quickly relieved by l_��rit_
1_, 1.  <CJSS E}'����MM<y. No Smarting,
tr j'.isi ��ye  Comfort.    At
Your Druggist's 50c per Bottle. Murlie _y��
_alveinTiibC9_5r. ForBooliollbciiye-_C_k
���meirists oi Murine Eve Semntlv Co.. Cblr.nne
'The two
been seen
In  no more necessary
tli.in Smullpt>x     Army
e*_ rleore hiis tlemo_t_t_
the almost miraculous cities1 v, anil hu____s__ ABtUyphOlc. Vaccination.
Be Vaccinated NOW l,y yuur physician, you and
JO'ir family. It Is mme vital than house Insurance.
Aslc youi physician, d__,'_.'Ut. or send for "Havo
jrouliad Typhyldt" MUpk of Typhoid Vaccine,
lesulls from use, and dinger from Typhoid Carriers.
"_ wonderful woman," ihe fair
authoress was saying. "Eastern and
full of mystery, you know, hid you
notice the eyes of the I'l'iucess?"
"Who eoiihl fall to?" wns tlle reply.
"They suy that she is quite live and
forty, and yet she would easily pass
for eighteen,   lull   for  her knowledge
of ihe world, 'lour ISasteri] Princess
is one of ihe most fascinating women
1 have ever seen."
Others passed, uiul bad tlle same
theme, Ralph Bllrred to a taint curiosity.
"Who is ihe iiiw marvel?" he asked,
"I don't know," Tehigorsky admitted, "The last new Hon. I suppose.
Some pretty Begum or ihe wife of
some Oriental whose dark eyes appear ti) bave tired Boclely. Hy the
crowd of peoplo coming I Ills way I
presume ihe dusky beauty Is among
I hem. If so, she' hus un excellent
knowledge of Engltoh."
A clear, sweet voice urose. At the
first sound of ii. Ralph jumped to his
feet and clutched ul his throat as if
Something choked him. Ile shook
with a great agitation; u nameless
fear had bim in a close grip,
"Do you recognize Hie voice?"
Ralph gasped.
The itussian was not unmoved. Hul
liis agitation wns quickly suppressed,
lie forced Ralph down in his seal
"You will have to behave heller
than thai if yotl are lo bea trusty ally
of mine," ho said. "Come, Hint Is better! Still still; she is coming Ihls
way." .
"I'm all right now.'' Ralph replied.
"The shock of finding myself hi the
presence of Princess Zura was overpowering.    Have no fear for me."
A tall woman, magnificently dressed, was making her way inwards
Tehigorsky, Her face wus the hue of
old ivory, and as line: her great lustrous eyes gleamed brightly; a mass
of hair wus piled high on a daintily
poised head. The woman might have
been extremely young so far as lhe
touch of time was concerned, but Ihe
easy self possession told another tale.
The red lips tightened for un instant, a strange gleam came into the
'ar:: magnotlo eyes as they fell upon
Tehigorsky. Then Ihe Indian Princess
advanced with a smile and held out
her hand to the Russian.
"Ho you nre still here!" she said.
Tlicre was the suggestion of a challenge in her tones. Her eyes met
thoso of Tehigorsky as tiie eyes of
two swordsmen might meet. There
was a tigerish playfulness undorlyin.i
the words, a call note of significant
"1 still take the liberty of existing,"
said Tehigorsky.
"Vou are a brave man, doctor. Vour
friend here?"
"Is my cousin Nicholas Tehigorsky! The poor fellow is blind and
dumb, as Hie result of a terrible accident.    Host not lo notice  him."
The Princess shrugged her beautiful shoulders as she dropped gracefully Inlo a seat.
"I beard you were in London," she
said, "and something told nie that we
should meet sooner or later. Vou arc
slill interested iu occult matters?"
Again  Ralph  detected  the  note  nf
warning hi the speech.   He could see
nothing of Hie expression on that per- j
feet, face; hut he could judge it fairly
"1 am more ini crested in occult
mailers than ever," Tehigorsky said
gravely, "especially in certain discoveries placed in my bands by a traveller in Tibet."
"Ah, that was your fellow-countryman,    lie died, you know!"
"lie was murdered lu the vilest
manner.   Hut before the end, he nian-
lf you know everything and proclaim
il to the world���"
"Civilisation will <ome as one man.
and no stone in l,as_i shall sland on
another,   ifour priests will be butchered  like  wibl   heasls;    an  infernal
plague   spot   will   bo   wiped   , if   llie
face of the  olltragod  earth!"
The Prl icess caughl    her breath
(swiftly,   just for one moment thero
i was murder in her eyes,   She held
! her fan as if ii  were u hugger rendy
for lhe Russian's heart.
"Why   should   yoll   do   Ibis   thing?"
she asked.
"Hecause your knowledge is diabolical," Tehigorsky replied, "In ihe
llrsl place, nil who nre in the seerel
can commit murder wiih Impunity,
As Hie Anglo-Saxon pushes on hi the
four cornel's of the earth thai Know-
lodge inusl lieionn public properly.
I   mil  going  to  stop  Ihu    if  I   can."
"And if you uie in me meantime?
Vou nre bold le rashness. And yet
there ui'o ninny hings thai you do nol
"The longer I live, lhe more glaring
my Ignorance becomes. I do uoi know
whence you derive your perfect 111 tl _-
lory of the English tongue, lim I do
know thut 1 nm going to see this business Ihi'oiigli,"
"Man proposes, bill ihe arm of the
prloBts Is long,''
"Ah, I understand. I mny die tonight, I : boiild nol mill,!. Slill, let
us argue the matter mil. Suy Hint I
have already solved the problem. 1
write twenty detailed statements;  I
enclose lhe key iu Olioll. These slate-
ments I addre ��� to a score of ihe
leading savanls iu lOurope.
"Then I place ihem ill sny, a safe
deposit unin my death, I write to
eaeli of those wise men ll letter
wilb nn enclosure not :.i he opened
till 1 die. Tl.ul enclosur contains a
key lo iiiy safe, . ml presently in ilia I
safe all those savanls Iind a pack..'!
addressed to themselves, lu a week
ull Kurope would ring with my wonderful discoveries. Think of the outcry, lhe wrath, lhe Indignation!"
Tlie Princess smiled, she could appreciate a stratagem like this, with
dull, stolid nnd averted face, Ralph
Ravenspur listened and wondered, lie
heard the laugh thai came from lhe
lips of the Princess: he detected tlie
vexation underlying it. Tehigorsky
was a foeman worthy of her steel.
(To be Continued)
{So Good
Millions of pounds
of delicious "Crown
Brand'.' Com . yrup
are sold every year to
mothers, just for the
Crown Brand"
Mothers know il is practically all nourishment.
9 They know ii Is a food���that Bread spread with
_J "Crown I'.iand" makes a well balanced food
���iii that sustains and builds up Uie strength.
Mothers know, loo, iti.it "Crown Brand" is tin- tnosi
no a out iiii / ".v.,'_���/_////j;" for ull gorts of Cakes, Tics,
Puddings uml Sane' s   nud is the whole thing lonlcl.
clons homemade Candies.
"i.ii.y wun I'." in our .tro white Coin Bymjwnot
no pronounced in Mavor ni "Crown Brnnd1'_.cqtifdly
choice mt' llie iiiiile mul forciualy making,
The Canada Starch Co., Limited, Montreal
Preparing- Poultry
Demand for Beef
Prospects Are  Bright  For the Cattle
Raising   Industry   in   Western
Much Interesting Information wus
Contained in the report of the seorc-
tary of the Saskatchewan Cattle
Breeders' association, ut the. annual
meeting held at Regina recently. The
report in pait was us follows:
If anything, the situation wilb regard io the cattle breeding Industry
has become more serious, and the.
shortage of beef out He more marked.
This is not only true of llie Dominion
of Canada, but also of the United
States. Great Britain and France. In
fact, the shortage is world wide. The
figures in proof of this are as follows:
One year's decrease In cattle in:
Canada, 9.3 per cent.: Unl tod States,
3.3 per cent.; Britain, 2.1 per cent.;
France,  9 per cent,
Th ': the shortage is acutely felt at
the leading markets is shown by the
following figures taKe.i for the month
of September, 1913 and .1914, at ihe
six leading eattle markets in the
United Stales, namely: Chicago,
Kansas City, Ohama, St. Louis, St.
Joseph and Sioiix City. The tolal
number received during September,
1913, was 954,181, md during September, .1911, was 814,986, or a decrease of
lt might not be fair to take lhat us
an average decreasi but cutting these
figures exactly in half we have u total
decrease in cattle shipments l'or the
year, ;.t the above named markets,
835,17H head, or roughly speaking,
300,000 pounds of beef. This decrease
for the entire United States for 1913
aged to convey important information j ]ias |,Beil estimated at nine beef cat-
lu nie." tie per 100 people. Owing to lhe aboli-
"Useless ^information unless yon i tlon of the United Stales tariff, a
had the hey." ! large number of Canadian cattlj went
There      was     one     traveller  who
W. N. U. 1047
found  the key, you remember V"
"True, doctor. He also, I fancy,
met with'an accident lhat, unfortunately, resulted in bis death."
Ralph shuddered slightly. Princess
Zara's tones were hard as steel. If
she had spoken openly and callously
ot this man being murdered, she
rould not have expressed the. same
thing more plainly. A beautiful woman, u fascinating one; but, a woman with no heart and no feeling
where hor hatreds were concerned.
"It is just possible I have the hey,"
said Tehigorsky.
The eyes of tlie Princess blazed for
a moment,   Then she smiled.
"Dare you use it'.'" she naked. '|If
you dare, then all lhe secrets' of
heaven and hell nre yours. For four
thousand years the priests of the
temple at I.assa and lhe heads of my
family have solved the future, Vou
know what we can do. We are all
powerful for evil. We can strike
down our foes by means unknown to
your boasted Western science. They
are all the same to us, proud potentate, ex-meddling doctor."
There was a menace in the last
words.    Tehigorsky  smiled
south.   Tho St. Paul market alone re-
la ived 38,ii'2:\ head.
The question may be asked, granting Ihese figures to be correct,  Why
the price of beef is not higher.    In
I this regard it mny be stated that the
| retail price of all meals in Canada to-
| day is approximately the same as in
I Great Britain,    Tin average price nf
'choice   beef  per  pound   live   weight
: during  1914  al   Hie  lending western
markets was: Choice sle.rs, Toronto,
17.07 cents; Chicago, 9.33 cenls; Montreal, ti.G" cents; Winnipeg, u.07 cents;
j Calgary, ti.!i4 cents.   Whilst the retailers' prices in the following cities were
,- -Sirloin Steak, Montreal. 22.1 eeul3:
W'lniiipeg,   _(i.S   lects;     liegina,    ^8
.cents;   Calgary.   112.8   fonts.   .Medium
chuck, Montreal, 18 cents; Winnipeg,
,18.8  cents;   Regina,  18.4   cents;   Cal-
i gary, 15 cents.
I    The  question  deserves  considcra-
' tion.
The farmer who had a dozen good
breeding females last fall, and in
spito of the scarcity of feed, still has
I hem is the man, who, if he is a
i. .oekman. is going to make money
within the next three years. The market for good breeding females is not
only here, but is here to atay. The
How Can These Thoughtlecs Farmers
be  Reached?
We have discussed the question of
fitting poultry properly before shipping to market until it would seem
that the trouble has become chronic
with us. No one can appreciate the
need for more education and demonstration along this very line unlil ho
sees for himself tho boxes of birds
lhat eome to oily dealers Apart altogether from the act lhat feed is
scarce, any thrifty farmer or farmer's
wife would offer the mosl severe criticism if he or ska could see what we
have soon. The Coin nil Farmers'
Market of Winnipeg vory wisely look
a fow specimens of poorly dresse.il
birds and presented them before the
delegates io lhe Grain Growers' convention al Brandon. Every farmer
und farmer's wile who saw them was
astounished lo think lhat any farmer
would be foolish enough to ship such
stuff to market.
Yel that exhibit wns quite lypieul of
hundreds of pounds of dressed poultry
thai eome on our western markets.
There is no possible excuse tor shipping birds lhai are so thin that no
city family would take them as a
gift. Some geese and turkeys come
ou the market that are smaller than
medium sized ducks, ami ducks are
shipped that would nol make a meal
for two. Some eases of all classes
of fowl come to market half plucked,
dirty, bloody and so Ihin that Ihey
ean only he handled by restaurants
for making pot pie. For Ihis purpose
the price is naturally very low. It
is really astonishing to see ihe miserable condition in which smne farmsrs
send their poultry lo market.
Now, who sends this poor trash?
We know, as well as (Lies the general
public, that the thrifty farmer or
fawner's wife would not. think of shipping poultry to market before it was
properly fattened, properly cleaned
and dressed and presented in the best
possible shape, if they had no grain
io fatten them, Ihey would keep them
at home, and, If they wanted to know
how to dress and pack them, theji
would Iind out rather than ship them
in "any-old-shapo." Such si tiff is shipped by the disinterested, uneducated
farmer, the man who does not. take a
farm paper and to whom the education afforded by our agricultural colleges does not appeal, lie does not
read; he. does nol know; and, perhaps, he does not care.
This class is always Hie most difficult to reach, How can they be reached? It will require some co-operative
effort to reach ihem. For Instance,
one way would be ior dealers lo keep
a list of the names of shippers who
send forward Ihls poor stuff and turn
these names over io those who have
charge of lis educiitional work, say,
our agricultural colleges or departments of agriculture. The shipper
could then be reached direct by letters of informal ion, or personally visited by 'a district representative or
agricultural secretary, such as are
found in. some provinces of Canada.
Clear-Cut Facts
Some  Gcod   Advice  and   Information
Regarding Economic Questions
in Canada
The first essential for good crops il
good seed.
Paradoxical as it may se< in, the Al
lies nre lighting for peace.
Catlle are down because cereals art
up. Cattle wero up when cereals'
were down. Snob changes are iuevit
able in compliance with lho laws of
supply nnd demand.
Wheat-stuffs are rising in price ir.
Britain; Before summer comes there
will ba a .marked ascendance in Can
Every oily, town and district should,
have a committee or commissioner ol
employment to help everybody tc
have work.
Farm labor is sea: call over Kurope
as well as in Canada. In Britain ihere
is talk of putting boys on farms Instead of sending (hem to school.
In the lust three months of 19U
Canada's exports, principally of bread-
'stuffs, io Britain, compared with Ihe
same  period  of 1913i showed  au iu
crease in value of $9,500,000.
A German scientist is said to have
discovered a method by which straw
lean be converted into wholesome food
I for human beings. This is an excellenl
i example of the result of enforced
i economy.
Good   seed   on   good  soil  benefits
' both sower and reaper,   It also advantages the country and helps the empire.   '
i All warfare is savage, but civilized
men whom the savage has called tc
, arms must be clothed and fed.
I All the countries of Kurope, except
; ing only Russia, will Ihls year need
to be importers of wheat, of oats and
]of barley. So, too, will Australia,
j where the effects of last year's drouth
is still disastrously felt.
If the war lasts six months more,
il is estimated that between live ant!
six million horses will have been sacrificed.
Great Britain boughl thousands oi
horses from Hungary during the
South African war���a market that li
completely closed to her now.
Lord Kitchener gives the war twe
years more to run. By that time, ac
cording to presenl progress, there will
be three or four million fewer men,
three or four times as many cripples,
half a million blind or nearly blind,
and a million nervous wrecks.
There are thousands of acres of un
(.coupled land in and around the cities
and towns of Canada. If every acre
were cultivated there would be work
und food for all (he unemployed and
something to snare.
The Teacher���If Ihere wore foil!
I flies ou a table and 1 killed one, how
| many would be left?"
The Little Boy���One���the dead
A man Is not necessarily a harst
taskmaster because he pays strict
attention to business.
The meddling doctor has already) motto  of the 'cattle breeder'should
be:  "Retain the good females, finish
the steers properly."
had personal experience," he said. "I
carry (he marks of my suffering to
the grave 1 remember how your peasants treated me and this does not
tend 1" relax my efforts."
"And yet you might die at any moment. If you persist in your studies
you will have to die. The eyes of
Western men must not look upon the :
secrets of the priests of Lassa and
live. Be warned, Dr. Tehigorsky, be
warned ln time.   You are brave and
Come  home  an'
me, Plannigan.
Shure it's  past  yer    supper
an' it's furious yer wife'H be.
That's just it;    she   can't lick the
two av us.
lake  supper  wid
( clever, and as such command respect. ] good goods.
Canada-made goods must always be
Every business man knows bow difficult it ia to keep the pigeon holes and drawers
of hia desk tree from tlie accumulation of useless papers. Every housewife knows
how difficult It is to keep her home freo from the accumulation of all manner
of useless things. So it Is with tho body. It is difficult to keep it free from the
accumulation of waste matter. Unless the waste is promptly eliminated the machinery of the body soon becomes clogged.   Thia is the beginning of most human ilie.
(fa Tablet or Liquid Fenn)
Assists the stomach In the proper digestion of food, which is turned into health-
sustaining blood and all poisonous waste matter is speedily disposed of through
Nature's channels. It makes men and women clear-headed and able-bodied���restores
to them the health and strength of youth. Now is the time for your rejuvenation.
Bend 50 cents for a trial box of this medicine.
Send 31 one .est sUmpi fer Dr. Pierce's Cem_en Sense Medical
_drls��r-100Sp��|cs-Y.orthS2.  A___��_udrIneaieof f_nll�� Mutts.
I WdreM tl. V. Wjggg, Mm*, M, V. 1 THE   REVIEW.   COURTNEY,   B. C.
.feist Cakes
Ireland Boosts Population
. .rst Time Since Year of Great Famine Tbat This Has Happened
.lulu'. Redmond, speaking al Mau-
:liostor, said una yoar was the first
ilnco the greal famine thai the popu-
at lou of Ireland hud actually Inoreas-
*d. Ile had been told, ll ��� said, by
fOSponslble men iu Canada and other
jverseas dominions, that an enormous
proportion of the contingents wore
���omposed of lrlsiiiu_n. The Irish nice
had now with the colors at least a
luarter ot a million of ber sons, said
���sir. Redmond, Sir John French cume
_r good Irish stock, Admiral Beatty
.lime from the county of Wexford uud
\dmlral ('anion from Tippcrary, con-
.���luded Mr. Redmond.
Minard's    Liniment  Relieves  Neu-
Little Invasion of Men's Work
From the investigation made In the
���hief cities and towns of the United
Kingdom concerning thc effect of the
war upon women wage earners, it is
;lear that only in tbo smallest degree
a the war tin-owing into the hands of
somen work hitlurto done by men.
Exhaustive Inquiries have failed to
.licit evidence of any marked tend-
>ncv to employ girls and women in
���.he"place of youths and men. Here
md there, one comes across instances
_ such substitution, but too rarely
mil on too small a scale to be other
han exceptions to the general rule.
No Alcohol, More Work
Marked Increase In the Productivity
of tbe Worker In Russia
In nn oxplanntory note accompanying die Budget 13111, llie Russian niln-
Isttv of llnanco states thut the termination of tho mobilization bus permitted tbo gradual re-establlshmont
ot the circulation of merchandise.
: Thus the loading of goods trucks dur-
j ing November wus on _��� till per cent,
below that of November, 1013. Except
in tbo Inconsiderable portion ot the
country occupied by llle enemy, the
Industrial life of the country lias not
siiowii uny sensible diminution. The
Bll nation is relatively favorable, an!
la explained by the increase in the
productivity of the worker owing to
(he suppression of the sa.e. Of alcohol.
The Increase of productivity has
reached 30 lo 50 per coat, aud compensates largely l'or tho diminution
in tho number of workers due to the
call to the colors.
For J_ove of the Work
Many Russian Women of tlie Wealthy
Class  Study   Medicine  and
The  Russia  of today lias  uu  social
life,  ils   women   have  mi   though)   of
dress  und  uliiuseiueul.  All are   work-
j Ing for   ibeir country,   and nn exceptional number   of   the   women ot
education   In   Unit country are speo-
' tally qualified to be ot servlco to the
, wounded  soldiers.    Speaking ol  ber
country,  the  wife ot a  Russian at-
! luiiio in Loudon snid:  "Perhaps the
i women Of Russia study medicine iiiiiI ���
nursing more generally than    is the
case    elsewhere,    for    In  Russia  Uie
j poorer classes look more naturally to
.ibose who are blessed with a larger
share of this world's goods for care
aud protection.   This feeling Is now
I on the decline In towns, but in country places, where doctors have rounds
nf u hundred miles' radius, ibe poor
of n district,   in the absence of the]
I medical man,   are looked after ami;
tended by the daughters of the housei
iiii whose ostato tbey live. Thus every
I >��� _n111k' girl noes in for medicine be* j
1 cause sbe loves tlle work.
What is an Internal Bath?
By K. W. Beal
Women and Asthma.���Women are
lumbered among tho sufferers from
isthma by the countless thousands. In
every climate Ihey will be found, helpless'in the grip of tnis iclentless disease unless they have availed themselves of the proper remedy. Br. J. D.
Kellogg's Asthma Remedy has brought
���new hope and lift to many such.
Testimonial.-, sent entirely without
solicitation, show the enormous benefit it has wrought among women
Thc Heiress���Have you seen papa?
The Duke���Yos, It's all off.
Heiress���You don't mean to say
hat he refused to give his consent?
The Huke���Oh, no. He said he'd
_ve his consent���but not another
"You must remember Miss Banks-
just think a moment."
"Oh, the rich gir'���"
"Yes; she's engaged to Jack Cadey."
"Oh, the poor girl!"
Of Baby. Could Not Sleep, Fretful and Cross, Itched and Burned.
Hair Came Out. Cuticura Soap
and Ointment Healed.
Dornl .', P. E. L���"When my little r;_
iras three days old a lino rush dimo out nil
ovor hor head and face. At first 1 thought
It was huliy rash lull after a wook or two 1
found Unit It waa very Itching and she could
out sloop. Him was getting very frotful aud
cross uud il mado lier Blok. It Itched and
burnod so much Unit sho used to scratch lt
until lb bocamo ono solid mass ol' soro eruption aud It made doat'ly al! her hair coiuu out.
il was getting worst, all tho tlino aud it,
���polled her Ionics.
"I was told sho bad eczema and I cot
lonio ointment to u_ on hor but It did no
3nod. Jly tlio tlmo she wus four months
old the oczoraa was all over hor face, head
and neck, 1 then docldod to scud for a
sample of Outlcura Hoap and Ointment.Tho
flrst application relieved her of tho Itching.
I then bought a box of Cuticura Ointment
-ind two cakes of Outlcura Soap and used
It according to directions for eczema. I
bathed her taco and head with tho Cuticura
'Soap and put tho Outlcura Olntmont on
jjontly and by the tlmo tho box of Cuticura
Ointment aud two cakes of Cuticura Soap
*-oro gono thero Was not, a sign of cczoma
ind sho was.completely healed." (Signed)
Mrs. Philip Roach. May 12, 1014,
Samples Free by Mail
To prevent falling hair, romovo crusts and
___i. and allay itching and Irritation of tho
scalp, Outlcura Hoap and Outlcura Olnt-
.tncnl aro ludisponsablo. Sold overywhero.
t.ihoral sample of each mailed froo, with
32-p. Slcin Book. Address post-card " Cu-
(tlcura, Dopt. L>, Boston, U.S.A."
They're Popular
In Nova Scotia
People Have Learned From Long Experience That By Curing the Kidney Ills They Benefit the
ths Entire Body
Spry Harbor, Halifax C_, N.S.-���
(Special).���"I have taken a couple of
boxes of Dodd's Kidney Pills und have
reeeived great benefit from them.
They are certainly a fine pill for anyone suffering from Kidney trouble."
So says Mrs. Alex K. Nilchey, and she
speaks the sentiments of a large
number of the women of Nova Scotia.
Dodd's Kidney Pills have so long
been in general use that they are recognized as the standard remedy for
Kidney troubles. They have become a
family medicine In thousands of
home's. People have learned from
long experience that if tbey cure their
minor Kidney ills with Dodd's Kidney
Pills they need not fenr those more
terrible developments such as
Bright's Disease, Diabetes, Dropsy
and Rheumatism. They have also
learned that when tho Kidneys are
cured hy Dodd's Kidney Pills the
whole body benefits. For cured Kidneys mean pure blood, and pure blood
is the foundation of all health. That's
why Dodd's Kidney Pills are universally popular.
, Och, Sure and Ye Won't
A famous hospital surgeon was
Imparting some clinical instruction
tp half a dozen students who accompanied lilm on liis rounds.
Pausing beside the bed of an Irishman who was a doubtful case, he
said, "Now, gentlemen, do you
think this is or is it not a-case for
operation?" One by one the students made their diagnosis, and all
of them oame to the conclusion it
was not. "Well, gentlemen, you
are. all wrong," said the surgeon,
"and I will operate tomorrow." "Och,
sure and ye won't," exclaimed Paddy
aa he rose from his bed. "Six ter
wan is a good majority. Nurse, give
me my clothes, I'm going home."
There is no poisonous Ingredient
iu Holloway's Corn Cure, ami it can
be used without danger of injury.
Loss of Army Horses 15 P.C Per Year
Since the beginning of the war the
loss of horses has been at the rate of
il'toen per cent, per annum, said H.
I. Tennaut, parliamentary under-sec-
ivtary for war, in a discussion of the
irmy administration in the house of
commons. He compared these figures
with a loss of between 55 and CO per
cent, of the horses in the South
Uriea war, and said it indicated a
;reat advance for the army veterinary authorities. The loss of army
���torses ls due to pleuropneumonia
Minard'o   Liniment   Cures   Burns,
Baby's Own   Tablets are lhe best
medicine iu the world for little ones.
Tbey are absolutely   safe   and never
fall to regulate the stomach and bowels, break up colds .nd simple fevers,
expel worms und make teething easy.
Concerning   Ihem   Mrs.   I).   S.   Bernhardt,  Port Dalhousie, Ont.,  writes: j
"1 have been using Baby's Own Tab-j
lets for my baby and would not bo \
without theni."   The Tablets are sold
hy medicine dealers or by mail at 25
centB a"box from The Dr. Williams'
Medicine Co., Brookvllle, Ont,
Has Surplus of Women
Unmarried  Females Under 45 Years
of Age in England Outnumber
Males  by  Half Million
A volume in two parts containing
evidence and papers submitted to the
Dominions Royal Commission in London during its sittings in Juno und
July last has been issued. The llrst
section includes the report of the
special committee of the Royal Statistical Society ou tho emigration of
women from lhe. United Kingdom to
tho dominions and a report on the
distribution of sexes in various parts
of the empire, with special reference
to the surplus of women in tlfff British
Isles available for emigration, by
Dr. 10. C. Snow,
Dr. Snow, in the course of a paper |
on "The Magnitude of the Population
of Kngland Available for Emigration,"
recently read before the Royal Statistical Society, argued thai, apart from
military considerations, there practically was no male population for emigration from Kngland and Wales, but
an appreciable number of unmarried
women under forty-five, perhaps as
many as half a million, could be
spared. In the interests of lha future
development of the dominions tho present deficiency in the number of
women emigrants should be rectified.
The second section deals with
communications. Among the contents
are a memorandum by Mr. Charles
Bright, the consulting engineer to
the Commonwealth of Australia, and
a statement of the views cf the Empire Press Union on the subject of a
state owned Atlantic cable. The
transmission of newspapers between
the United Kingdom and the dominions is referred to. The section also
contains a memora: dum drawn up by
Mr. H, L. Drayton, chief commissioner
of the Canadian Railway Board, on
the subject of ocean freight rates to
and from Canada.
Food Question
Settled With Perfect Satisfaction
Much   has  been  said  and  volumes
have    been    written   describing ut"
length lhe many kinds ol butlis civilized mull has indulged in troni time.
to time, Uvery possible resource of
the human mind line been brought Into play io fashion new methods of
bnthlng, but, strangers it may seem,
lie' most important, aa well us most
beneficial of ull bulbs, the "Internal
Bulb," has been given litile thought,
Tin- ivustiu for tnis Is probnbly due
to the filet thnl. few people seem to
realize ibe tremendous pari that Internal bathing plays in ihe acquiring
ami maintaining ot health,
If you wero to ask a dozen people
In di'llne un Internal bath, you would
have us many different definitions and
lhe probability is Uml not one of them
would be correct.    To avoid any nils-j
conception us to weal constitutes an
Internal bath, let It he snid that a hot!
water enema is no more an Internal
bnth than a bill of fare is a dinner.
if II were possible and agreeable to
lake lhe great mass of thinking people to witness an average postmortem
the sights they would see nnd the
things they would leurn would prove
of such lasting benefit and impress
them so profoundly that further argument in favor of Internal bathing
would he unnecessary to convince
them. Unfortunately, however, il is
not possible to do this, profitable us
such an experience would doubtless
prove to be. There is, then, only one
other way to got this Information into Ihelr hands, and that is by acquainting theni with such knowledge
as will enable them to appreciate the
value of this long-sought-for, health-
producing necessity.
Few people realize what a very
little thing is necessary sometimes
to Improve their physical condition,
Also, they have almost no conception
of how litllo carelessness, indifference or neglect can bo the fundamental cause of the most virulent
disease. For instance, that universal
disorder from which almost all humanity is suffering, known as "constipation," "aiito-intoxieatlon," "auto-in-
fection," and a multitude of other
terms, is not only curable, hut pre-
ventible, Ihrough the consistent practice of internal bathing.
How many people realize that normal function ing of the bowels und a
clean intestinal trad mako it impossible to become sick'.' ".Man ut today
is only fifty per cent, efficient." Reduced to simple English, this means
that, most men are trying lo do a
man's portion of work on half a man's
power. This applies equally to women.
That it is impossible to continue to
do this indefinitely must be apparent
to all. Nature never Intended the
delicate human organism to be operated on a hundred per cent, overload.
A machine could not stand this and
not break down, and the body certainly cannot do more than a machin*.
There is certainly too much unnecessary and avoidable sickness in the
How many people can you name,
including yourself, who are physically vigorous, healthy and strong? The
number is appallingly small
It is not a complex matter to keep
in condition, but it takes a little time,
and in these strenuous days people
have lime to do everything else usees,
snryfur iiie attainment of happiness
but' llu' most essential thing of all,
lhai of giving llieir bodies their proper care,
Wuuld yoli believe that live to ten
minutes of time devoted to systematic
Internal bulbing cuu make you benl-
lliy and maintain your physical efficiency Indefinitely? Granting that such
a simple procedure as this will do
whut is claimed for It, Is It not worth
while to learn more aboi.i that which
will accomplish tbis end? Internal
Bathing will do this, and it will do it
for people of all ages and In all conditions of health and disease
I'i ople don't seem to realize, strange
to say, bow important it Is to keep
the body free from accumulated body-
waste (poisons). Their doing so would
prevent lhe absorption into the blood
ot the poisonous excretions of the
body, and health would be tbe Inevitable result.
If you would keep your blood pure,
your heart normal, your eyes clear,
your complexion clean, your mind
keen, your blood pressure normal,
your nerves relaxed, and bo able to
enjoy Iho vigor of youth in your declining years, practice internal bath,
ing, and begin today.
Now that your attention has been
called to the Importance of Internal
bathing, il may be that a number ot
questions will suggest themselves to
your mind. You will probably want to
know WHAT an Internal Bath is.
WHY people should take them, and
Ihe WAY to take them. These and
countless other questions are all answered in a booklet entitled "THF.
by Doctor ('has. A. Tyrell, tlie Inventor of ihe "J.B.L, Cascade," whose
lifelong study und research along thU
line make him the pre-eminent authority on this subject. Not only has internal bathing saved and prolonged
Dr. Tyrell's own life, but the Uvea ot
iiinllinitios of individuals have be-';.
equally spared and prolonged. No
other book has ever been written containing such a vast amount of pru ct_
eal Information to the business man.
lhe worker and the housewife. All
thnt is necessary to secure thia boolc
is to write to Dr. Tyrell. at Room lit."',
280 College street. Toronto, and sam .
will be immediately mailed to yon
free of all cost or obligation.
Perhaps you realize now. more than
over, tbe truth of these .statements,
and if lho reading of this article will
result in a proper appreciation on
your part of the value of internal
bathing, it will have served Us purpose. What you will want to do now
is to avail yourself of the opportunity of learning more about the subject, und your writing for this book
will give 'you that information. Do
not put off doing this, but send for
tho book now, while the matter is
fresh on your mind.
"Procrastination Is the thief of
lime." A thief is one who steals something. Don't allow procrastination to
cheat you out of your opportunity to
get' this valuable information, whicli
is free for the asking. If you would
be natural be healthy. It is unnatural
to be sick. Why he unnatural
when It is such a simple thin? to t.
W. N. U. 1047
"I want to sue Dr. Blank for hsavy
damages!" said llie citizen, entering
ihe lawyer's office. "What has he
done?" asked the attorney. "When
he operated on me he left a pair cf
surgical scissors in me. How much
can I sue hill) for?"
"Oh, don't sue him at all," counsel-;
ed the lawyer.   "Just send him a bill
for storage."
The people who go out looking for;
trouble might just as well stay at |
U's not an easy matter to satisfy all
the members of lhe family at meal
time, as every housewife knows.
And when lhe husband can't eat
ordinary food withcut causing trouble
the food question becomes doubly annoying.
A lady writes:
"My husband's health was poor, he
had no appetite for anything I could i
get for him, it seemed.'
"He suffered severely with stomach
trouble, was hardly able to work, was]
taking medicine continually, and as"!
soon as he would feel belter would
go to work again only to give up in
a few weeks.
"One day, seeing nn advertisement
about Grape-Nuts, I got some and he |
tried it for breakfast the next morn-j
ing. |
"We all thought it was pretty good
although we had no idea of using it
regularly. But when my husband came
home at. night he asked for Grape-
"It was the same next day and 1
had to get it right along, because when
we would get to the table the question, 'Have you any Grape-Nuts' was
a regular thing. So I began to buy it
by the dozen pkgs.
"My husband's health began to improve right alCng. I sometimes felt
offended when I'd make something I
thought he would like for a change,
and still hear tho same old question,
'Have you any Grape-Nuts?'
"He got so well that for the last two
years he has hardly lost a day from
his work, and we are still using
Grape-Nuts." -i
Name given by Canadian Postum j
Co., Windsor, Ont. Read, "The Road |
to Wellville," In pkgs. "There's ai
Reason." |
Ever read the above letter?   A new
one ,-ppears from time to time.   They j
are genuine, true and full of human!
interest. I
Treatment of Indians
The world  has  been  greatly  sur-!
prised that our handling, of the Indian j
problem has been so singularly infer-
ior to that of the Canadian method, I
for in Cauada,  though dealing with |
many of tlie same tribes of Indians
that dwelt on this side of the border, 1
there   has   never   been  any  serious:
trouble, no Indian wars, but, on the |
contrary, a state of peace and bar- j
mony altogether admirable.
Tlie Canadians have from   the beginning treated the Indians consider- i
ately aud with regard for their wel-
fare. Their ways   of living and modes j
of thought were studied sympatheti-.
cally and understood almost from the I
beginning of the settlement    of the
country and the result, bus been such !
ns to make the Canadian record envi-1
able alike for Its success und ils jus-1
tice.���Buffalo News.
Oil Burning Locomotives
Grand Trunk Pacific Will Use Them
to Reduce Fire Risk on B.C.
Tlie Grand Trunk Pacific railway
has announced that contracts have
been let and other arrangements
made for the Installation of crude oil
as locomotive fuel on their passenger engines to be operated between
I .inco Rupert, B.C., and Jasper. Alta.,
a distance of 71S miles. It is expected that this installation will be complete by�� June. The announcement
does not cover the use rrf oil burners
on freight engines: it is undersl iod
that these will continue to use coal,
at least for the present.
Stop the Cough.���Coughing is
causod by irritation in the respiratory
passages and is the effort to dislodge
obstructions that come from intlani-
matlon of the mucous membrane. |
Treatment with Dr. Thomas' Eo'.ectric
Oil will allay the inflammation and
in consequence the cough will ceas .
Try It, and you will use no other preparation for a cold.
Frenchman���You are funny people,
you Engleesh. You take strong whiskey; you put water in lt to make it
weak; yon put sugar it in to maka it
sweet; you put lemon in it to make
it sour; then you say 'here's to you,'
and drink it yourself."
Minard's  Liniment for sale  everywhere.
When the little son was about two
weeks old a friend arrived to see the
newcomer. "How is the little youngster?" was the first inquiry. |"Oh,
fine," replied the proud mother. "He
seems to be growing more like his
father every day." "Too had," said
the friend sorrowfully. "And have you
tried everything?"
Kilty���Jack told me last night that
I was' the prettiest girl he'd ever
Ethel���Oh, that's nothing; he snid
the same to me a year ago.
Kitty���1 know that, but as one
grows older one's taste improves, you
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it means that the Kidneys need
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Bess- Jack seems perfectly devoted
to you,    Why don'l   you many hlni?
Betty���Oh, l like to li ive blm devoted lo 111"
The Courtenay Review
And Comox Valley Advocate
A   Weeky   Newspaper,   Publshed   at
Courteuay, B, 0,
N. H. Honiix, Editor aud Proprietor
Subscription SI.WJ |u-r Year iu Advance
Telephone 59
THURSDAY, MAY 20, 1915
Mayer Kilpatrick took a very dt
terralhed stand ta keep the Pos
Office site squabble out of the Cit.
Council, In the face of Mr.
Clement's letter stating that ttudet
no circumstances would the question
be reconsidered unless Mr, Parez
wns satisfied to take back his offer
and property, the Mayor conceded
to the wishes of those who wish to
change the siie so far as to appoint
a committee to interview Mr, Ynu-/.
and they mny nlso find out the different sites uiul the prices asked
Mr. Clements lias stated tbat a free
site will have to be furnished by
the citizens. Now, where can a lot
the size of the Parez lot be got on
Union Street, or where can the
money be got to pay tor one?
There's not a .suitable site the same
size on Union street The citizens
of Courtenay are not in the humor
(financially or otherwise) to dig
down into _i<tir Jeans for the price
of a lot. We have been accused of
being t'le only person in town
favorable to the Po��t Office being
built on Isabel street because we
happen to own property m that
vicinity. When the post office site
was first being discussed we did
not vote for the Isabel street site.
When the Government official selected the site he gave his reasons
for so doing. They see ned sound
to us, and to every other citizen in
town and also the members of the
Board of Trade. We have as yet
found uo reason to change our
mind. Tbe meeting at wdiich Mr.
Clements was present, was unanimously in favor of the present site,
and we believe it is tbe best one
available. The only site which ean
compare with it at all is the one
opposite the Riverside Hotel, and
that we believe will cost too much,
and if the cost has to be taken out
of the appropriation, the building
will not be worth sacrificing the
best corner in town for.
From time to time reference has
been made to the excellent pamphlets issued by liie Provincial Government foi the guidance of various
sections of the community, and for
the benefit and welfare of the whole
province. The small poultry keeper would do well to write to the
Department of Agriculture Live
Stock Branch, Victoria, and ask for
Circular Bulletin Ijjo, it, "Poultry
Keeping on a City Lot," which is
a ically good guide to a profitable
hobbv. The same department supplies a ureful booklet on B. C.
fruits, issued with the object of
putting the consumer in touch with
the grower, and giving various
reci-ipes aud directions for canning
and jam making, with the idea of
getting the people of B. C. to use
the home product iu preference to
American fruit,
The farmer luvno expects a crop
without plating seed is ab rother
to the dead one who tries lo run a
store without advertiring,
As a result of the Conservation
movement, and the demand for a
reduction m the high cost of living.
and owing not a little to the excellent advice given in the Department of Agriculture's circular bul
letiti "Gardening on a city lot," a
large number of vacant lots and
hitherto uncultivated backyards in
Victoria aud4Vancouver have this
year been placed under crop, mnny
for the benefit of the unemployed,
.md all for the benefit of the Dominion jind Empire, The making
of two blades of grass to grow
where one (or less) grew before, is
:i most worthy object, especially iu
wnr time,
For the better prosecution of the
war the British authorities have
restricted the hours during whicli
honor may be sold,
This has had a great effect in
promoting sobriety and progress
One poor woman observd thut although the cost of food had gone
up, she and her husband ware better off, the earlier closing of saloons enabling thc latter to earlier
and get to work in good time, making a full week instead of broken
days. The Empire needs men
with full possession of every faculty, not human beings with besotted
minds and btdies, and Canada
would do well to follow the lead of
Britain. It would be a creditable
thing if the liquor trade iu Canada
voluntarily resolved to close earlier
say 9 p. in., instead of waiting for
the Government to make the necessary order, for it i.s certain that
some action of this kind is both
necessary and likely.
Di Victoria the necessity for
such action is apparent already,
the efficiency of tlie troops as well
as the civil population being impaired as things are at present, and
the same i.s true throughout Ihe
'whole Dominion, If stores c'o e
early, the saloons should follow
suit, and the progress attained
would speedily convince the
In the matter of promoting temperance the women of tbe west are
far behind their sisters of the east,
and in the old country, although
in other patriotic endeavours they
are well to the fore. The Conser
vation movement needs the activity
of nil high minded men and women, iu all its branches.
The following resolution was passed at a meeting of the House of
Bishops of the Church in Canada
in session assembled at Fort William, April 14: "The Bishops of
the Church of England in Canada
strongly recommend the members
of the Church oi England through
Out the Do .Union to abstain entire -
lv ftom the use of alcoholic liquors
as a beverage dulitlg the present
war aud to refain from treating
"And further they urge the Pro
vincial Government to shorten con
sidcrabl. the hours during which
liquors may be sold at the present
" _nd that each Bishop lake-
steps to make this resolution known
to the different congregations in
his diocese."
A preliminary estimate prepared
by direction of the Minister of
Lauds sbows that the total value of
the lumber products of Britisli
Columbia  for   the   year   1914   Is
General Merchant
You   Tried   Our   "Own*'
Special Blend Tea?
We have a  new  shipment  of  Tea  in stock direct
from Japan
We  guarantee this to be the best Tea  sold  at 50
cents per pound in this town or district.    Let
us  prove this  to you by  selling you
a trial pound
There arti cheaper eoriet*. but
why ihoultl you wear them when
the difference in price i_ oo little.
_<���.        ^:,<:
tCy? ?/���'���-__     ���:������    ���   .' '  .._���_,*
_..<-_'..- ..'_'~_   ���-..   ..'   ���. --..' ...   _-���
Victoria Day Celebration
Monday, May the 24th, 1915
Excursion  on  S. S. Santa  Marie,
leaviug Royston at 8:00 a. m.,
Comox 9;00 a. in,. Union
li.-tv 10:00 a, m.
Returning after the dance
Round Trip $1 One Big Day
General Merch
5*8,6_o,ooo as compared with
533,600,000, the total for the previous year, it will be remembered
thai the last five mouths of 1914
were seriously affected by the war
upheaval, that conditions were unsettled for a month or two previous
to the outbreak of hostilities owing
to tne political situation in Europe
and the consequent stoppage of the
flow of capital necessary to feed development enterprises in Canada
in common with other new
countries; also that the war led to
internment, destruction and com-
mandeering of tonnage. Under
such circumstances affecting
practically six months of last year,
the decline 111 the figures is much
less than might have been anticipated .
Mr. and Mrs. W, T. White and
family left for Virdeu, Manitoba,
on Thursday.
Mrs    Bi ;���   1 ill   be   "At
Home" in future only on the second Wednesday of each month.
Rev, Wm. Elliott received a
cable on Wednesday  that his son
Now is the time to
procure   your  seeds
for early planting
We carry a full stock
of First Glass Seeds
and Implements
Telephone 4 SANDWICK
Barrister nml "Solicitor,  Notary
P. O.  Mux 209
Phone 24
Plastering Contractor
sibilates Furnished   Work Guaranteed
When In Doubt
Play Trumps
Have Goard Tune Your Pianc
Factory Experience
Recommends   trom   Leading Musicians
from the Atlantic to tlie Pacific.   Copies
of same furnished on request
W. J. Goard   will ne   in this city  aboul
August 1.    Leave orders  at tin's   Office.
or write direct to
845, 8th Ave., W.   ���   Vancouver
Cumberland Hotel
Good Accomodation      Cusine E.xcellen
Wm. Merryfield
Creditors' Trust Deeds Act
and Amending Acts
NOTICK is hereby given tlist William George McKean, trading as a
general merchant at Courteuay, in the
Province of Ilritish Columbia, assigned
to Jainea Roy, Accountant, 222 Pacific
ll.iildiug, Vancouver. It. C. ill trust for
his creditors, all his real and personal
property, credits, and effects, which may
be seized and sold under execution,
which assignment is dated the 6th dav of
Hay, 1915.
And notice is further given that a
meeting of the creditors will be held at
the office of the THE CANADIAN
CREDIT MEN'S TRUST ASSOCIATION LTD., 225 Pacific Building, 744
Hastings St. West, Vancouver, _, C., on
Wednesday, the l_h day of May, 1915,
al 11 o'clock in the forenoon, for the
pin pose of giving directions for tlle disposal of tiie estate.
And notice is further given tltatcreditors nre required to send to the assignee
on or before the l'_li day of May, 1915,
particulars, duly verified, of their claims
and the security (if any) held by them,
and to entitle any creditor lo vote his
claim musi be filed on or before the day
of thc meeting.
Ami notice is further given that the
assignee will, on, or alter the 19th day
of May, 1915, proceed lo distribute the
assets of the said William George McKean, among the persons entitled thereto, having regard only to the claims of
which he shall have then had notice,
and he will not be held responsible for
the assets, or any part thereof, so distributed to any person of whose claim he
shall not then have been notified.
Dated at Vancouver, H. C,, this 7th
day of May, 1915.
and all
Palace Livery
Horses  and  Buggies for Hire
Terms cash.
We  also attend  to wood hauling
Phone 25
First-Class Plumbing
Hot Water and Steamfitting
Jackson & Whittle
Phone 9 Courteuay
General Blacksmith
otie.lt, Your Pntronngo.   Cn_ful .Vttuntlon
Given to Horses Foot
Fletcher was not killed in the battle
of Ypres, but is still alive-
G. W. Clinton, Superiutendant
of the Canadian Collieries (Dunsmuir) Ltd., left for Nanaimo en
_. Hurford, D. Waldron, andA.
. teulioiise left on Wednesday for
Victoria, to make application to
join the army for the front-
Comox, B. C.
First-class   Accommodation.    Best
Quality Wines Liquors and Cigars
R.   McCuish, Prop.
To Bake
Not to Bake?
The former is really unnecessary when Bread from the
Courtenay Bakery is available
andby reason ofquality has so
many votaries. Get the A B
habit and satisfaction
W. Aitken    -      rop.
Opposite new Presbyterian Church .
SIR EDMUND WALKER. C.V.O.. 1.1. a, D.C.U President
ALEXANDER LAIRD, General Manager JOHN AIRD. Am't General
CAPITAL, $15,000,000    RESERVE FOND, $13,500,000
Interest at the current rate is allowed on all deposits of $1 and
upwards. Careful attention is given to every account. Small accounts
are welcomed.    Accounts may be opened and operated by mail.
Accounts may be opened in the names of two or more persons, withdrawals to be mada by any one of them or by the survivor. Bll
F. C. BROCK, Manager, Courlenay Branch
Campbell River
Thai Complied River possesses material lor a Dramatic Society without a pert
in the Province, was the uuaniiuous vet
diet o( those prlvlledged to atlend the
concert mid dunce held in that coiiiiiiiin-
ity last night ill aid of the Caiuphell
Kiver hospital. The capacity of tlie hull
wns taxed to the utmost, anil hundreds
were refused admission owfiig to lack of
seating aeeoiiiiuoi la lions.
The hall was mosl tastefully decorated
by the ladies of tlle Campbell River
Social Benefit Society, and mi elaborate
sta.ee was erected (or the artistes participating iu lhe concert,
Mr. Gooding was master ot ceremonies
of the evening, and the announced programme was followed to th _ lettc.
The first number an 'Instrumental
Duet, "Cossack Dance" was most
Charmingly rendered by Mrs, John Glanville and Miss A, Thulin.
A vocal duet by Mrs. Glanville and
Miss McPherson. aec iinpauied hv M!ss
A. Thulin, met with the enthusiastic reception it undoubtedly deserved.
Mr. V. Masters' recitation of (he
"Shooting of Dan McGrew," was rendered in a manner which would have
done credit to Mr, I . W. Service himself.
Miss Mael'hersoii's rendition of llie
song "His Majesty" with chorus, �� is
exceptionally well done, and brought
the audience to its feet several times.
The Rev. C, T. Hepburn contributed
a much appreciated recitation entitled
"I am der Kaiser," and being enthusiastically encored he oblige! them with an
exceptionally splendid rendering ot
"The Habitant."
Another musical treat was the "I.tilrv
of the Gladiators," most pleasingly
executed by Mis. Glanville and Miss
Miss MaePhersoi) treated the audience
to a most niirlli provoking original recitation in which the celebrities of the
district were not spared.
A dance by the Misses Anna. Kllcn,
und I. llie Thulin and .Miss Maggie McNeil was a most unexpected treat and
the plaudits it evoked were indeed well
Those ill the audience to whom the
miustrelsey of Tom Moore appealed were
genuinely disappointed when .Miss Mnc-
Phei'son deliued an encore to her song
"Irish Eyes "
The pantoinine. "A Wife Wanted"
gave ample opportunity to Misj Grimmer,
as the man ia search of a wife, to Miss
Maggie McNeil as the Wugli girl; to Mis-
Klin and l.illie Thuilii as lhe careless
housewives; "to Miss Mncl'he-son, the
dainty girl who refused to soil her
fingers: imd to Miss Anna Thulin as the
model of domesticity, to clearly prove
llieir scvnal abilities as actresses of tlle
first water.
A comic quartet ��of Miss McPherson,
Mr. and mis. Glauville and sir. Pit?.-
gernld was screauilligly funny and Unrepealed encores of the audience clearly
showed llieir deep appreciation,
The coiiludltig number, a playlet,
"whiskers" the cast of the characters of
whicli appears below, was undoubtedly
the supreme effort of the evening. The
part of tlle bride was played by Miss
Grimmer of the hospital staff and in this
portrayal of tlle nervous bride, when
unexpected delays seem to be about preventing tlie wedding, Miss Grimmer
rose magnificently to the occasion and
demonstrated her right to be considered
oil'- of tiu most "fable actresses iu the
amateur ranks of the province.
miss MaePhersoit as the elderly maiden
aunt was exceptionally good iu this
rather trying part.
Mr. Glanville jtave one the impr ssson
that the stage was no new thing to him,
and proved to be greatly at home as the
Miss Anna Thtiiin as the maid gave a
very clever rendition of the part, and her
negro di.,! el was tlie least appreciated
o| her efforts.
Mrs. W, Crawford, Mi-s l.illie and
Klin Thulin were charming as bridesmaids, and ,Miss Maggie McNeil in love
with the best man clearly showed that
she was uotyro and made an exceeding'
ly pleasant impression.
Mr. Walter Crawford, the bridegroom's
uncle who was mistaken for the fat
sheriff wUh the black whiskers got
everything out of lhe part possible, and
Mr. Carl Timlin, fascinating one of the
bridesmaids made love iu au admirable
m,-i liner.
At Die conclusion of the concert the
audience sang tlie National Anthem, and
lhe hall was cleared for a dance, at
which a large number of visitors from
the surrounding islands were present.
An elaborate collation was served by
the ladies of the Guild during tlle evening iu lhe Willows hotel'spacious banquet
hall, and altogether the unanimous
opinion expressed by the guests was that
a most enjoyable evening had been
spent, and that the entertainment had
been au entire credit to tlie ladies of
Campbell River.
Some innsfc elaborate gowns neve noticed
among the _;'..-- s, tlie fo lowing being espeol-
ably noticvblei���
Mis. Clin, thulin in grey   silk.    Mrs, 1.
Timlin in a beautiful gown of blue silk Mi . _
l.illie anil Klin Tlm i 1 , ml,ruble.,,I Mm,pit"
setto. Mint Anna Tlm in in e nbrutd, ml
voile. MtsaGrimiLcr tn yellow ehiffuM 8_t��
with jet trimming. Un, In ,lamt_ on lu a
delightjful 0_tl__ ol I'reine ilu elieue. Mis
Crawford io white embroidered lawn Mr-
Granville tool earn silk Mrs MorrtRon in B__
uiun blue Matin Mrs Wnier. iu blue er, I e
Mi.-H McNei 1 in embroidered net ��� er p;uk
Mn ti ri Minn MncPlirte u in a must ohatmlng
iinvni of blue eliill' u olotli Mi_ Hotmail
looked delightful in blank uatiu with white
Bilk trimmings Mi--M Grimmer hi nstunning coHtuu.e of embroidered marqueeette un_
nijBt eliiiiiiiiiiK'.   Mrs Huns,ui in   brownsilc,
Mrs. FitsgM<ud In a ��t Iwoomlnggiey _lk
Mrs Iterg In pale blue satin Mini' Thompson tp I lack ami white Mrs A liny in wine
lawn Mrs _ Banner in white ereps Mr M
Anderton in blnok taffeta Mrs I) J Holmes
black silk Miss Stake blue taffeta, Miss Me-
l.eteliie in pale blue Bilk, Mrs iv Xorloi, in a
pleasing gn y, M isa ,1 Phelps in vie over
hlaek silk, Mrs .1 Abrams in brown orepe,
Mrs Louiox in white with 1,1a k velvet, Miss
(I Smith in white lawn, Mrs ('inter in blue
silk, Miss Grace Templeton pale blue silk
embroidered voile with poarl trimming. Miss
Mae Anderson pale pink ohlffon over silk
with oo-snge bouquet of   .moriuan beauties
Miss Ellis ill blai'k    Velvet  ll'ilnlue I    with Be*
ipiiu., Miss .1 w li'oriester iu lielgian blue
erepe with lu inn Mti liu Insertion, Miss
Margaret Bagot iu most effective oostume of
Among the gentlemen present were noticed
Olios Tlm! n, . Thilln, .1 Abrahams,J Mc
Lean, W l_ Anderson, C Kirby, .1 Harper. _
Harper, Kcv UU Hepburn, A li,got, F lia-
got, II Iti-hop, W p.naut P Hague, (i Hamilton. Carl Thulin, It I'Yaser. It Berteaux, _
.Norton, .1 Phelps,,I Ironsides, V\ .Minis, u, I,
'I'll,lion, ,M I' Me.Milan, (,' l''iiz_ral,l, K
SoholeReld, dm Sutherland, W Sutherland, .1
-utheraind, If Wats ,n, K I'yr, .1 lilanvil]e,li
Hardy, it Guoiilng, P. Vlke, .1 McDonald, I'
Mc. onalil, A K Mitchell, it Burnstoad C
Mirston, 1) S Laughlln, W Marrows, C Anderson, Capt .Mi-Kill,,p, li Stiles, (J Ives, U
Hi'lte FUodin, F Masters, B Cooper, J
Waters, K Thompson, ,1 Spong, Dr H Jamio-
.ui, CWShaw, JHiokey, KMcI.eod, W
Crawford, J Ulanville. A Hay, Del Edwards,
Jack McNeil, Jim McNeill, Jessee James, M
It is announced J.hat overtures have
been made to those who participated iu
the concert, to have them tour the Island, and it is hoped that these arrangements will be satisfactorily concluded,
A sum total of seventy-eight dollars
clear of expenses was realized, which
amount was handed over to the hospital
management at the conclusion of the
'��__.,  ... i- .-_���.-��� ''-: .
\Sfi__. ___________
Fore! Touring Car
Price $520
Yonr neighbor drives a Fori
don't you2 We are selling more
in CJanada this year than ever be
becii-se Canadians demand the
motor car set vice at the lowest i
cost. The " Made in Canada '
it a necessity���not a luxury
Buyors of Ford cars will share in our profits
30,01)11 ears between August I, mil, and Ame
Runabout $140; Town iCar SSJO; I. P.B,
tin-to. equ'pinont, lncludlug-olcotrlo lioadllgl:
on display and sale at
General  Blacksmith
COMOX       -      B. C
Canadiau Fairbanks-Morse Engines am! Pumping Outfits
Ho.st-'.sliot'in','  ami   Boat   Irons
a Specialty
Try o tr Kxce'slor II��*of
A Work Guaranteed
Comox Co-Operative Society Ltd.
Dealers in all kinds of Meats,
Butter, Eggs and Fanner's
Produce, Cooked Meats _
Specially. We sell only the
best. Prices are always low
and satisfactory. We pay
best prices for produce
Gun  Shots
Our Mayor, Mr. Kilpatrick has
again shown his interest in good
sport by generously offirii.g a trophy to b�� shot for 3 years in succession, It will be known as the
"Kilpatrick Cup." The higfc man
each year will have his name engraved ou cup, To win it njust be
high gun for 3 years. The club
member are delighted and are giving a special prize th second   high
Buggies and Express Wagons
All Rigs Guaranteed and Sold at tlie Lowest Possible Price
Blacksmith and Carriag; Builder
Mr. W. F. Holes worth left for the Old
Country on Wednesday morning. On
.Monday night Mrs. Small held a gathering in his honor, and Tuesday evening a
smoker was held, at which short speeches, etc, were the order. Tlle ladies presented Mr. Holesworth with 2 pairs ot
socks and a muffler.
Dissolution of Partnership
Is'otlce is hereby given Hint tlie partnership
heretofore existing i etweotl ns antl carried on
under the (inn name of  Holesworth  _ Partington, in the village ef  Lazo,  Province of
British Columbia, bus been dissolved bv mutual consent    A i debts  due to tin said (inn
of Holesworth A Partington 11111 _ be paid to
Walter  Parting!, n of Lazo,  aforesaid, who
will 0 Hitiiine to carry on toe snid business and
discharge ml the liubi ities of the said partnership
l)uteil ut Lazo this 17th day of Mny, 1016
Wm. F. Holesworth
Walter Partington
First Class Carrlagi ' ilu ':sc
All Kinds of Furnlturi   ;:      _   I and
Work Guaranteed A " ���     -���   ���
Corporation of the City of ,()LAFF  HENNING
Courtenay r, ��� _ _ ���
. Painter and Pan .-r_.-,gc^
NOTIC_ is hereby given that a Court'
of   Revision   lor   tlle   purpose   o
hearing  complaints against   the assess
ments as made for the year 1915, will be
held in the Council Chamber, Courtenay
Ii. C, on
Monday, June 7th,
at 10:00 o'clock a. m.
Any person desiring to make complaint against the said assessment must
give notice in writing to the assessor,
stating the ground of his complaint, at
least ten days before the above mentioned date.
W. A. W. HAMES, C. M. c.
Dated at Courtenay, B. C, *his 27th
day of April, 1915.
Dyeing, Clean:riband Pressing
Garments turned out __-._ ne v
Alterations and ret ._-.
of every description
OL! Bdl '���
Phone 17 Courtenay
Comox, B, C.
Best Meals North of Naniamo
Choicest Liquors and Cigars
C. A. Martin,   Prop.
The   Comox   Barber   Shop
Oldest Shop in Courteuay
Nothing   But   First   Class   Work
Guaranteed,    Baths in connection
C. E. D VLfi_V.VlcJ_,r.1 Pro?.
Sand and Gravel
Rates Reasonable
Cobblestone and
Septic Tank Work
All Work (lilarantecd
A. Beveridge, Courtenay Hotel
Try an^Ad. in The Review
w__~.  ���.___..��_,
The Advance Agent of
For a limited time
Business or Residence Telepho ties
will be installed upon payment of
$5 Rental in advance
For Particulars
VV. D. Denholm,  Mgr.
B. C. Telephone Co., _______ THE   REVIEW.   COURTNEY,   B. C.
Amazing Relief Comes at:
Once -Cure Every Time
_c_lug Joints nml soro muscles are
uiiiiimnn iii rheumatic people. Inflammation Is deep in tbe tissues. Vou
might uso u (iii/.on remedies and de-
rive  less  relief Hiau Norvlllne  will'
give you iu ball' uu lioui'.
Nerviline Is a paln-subduei lhat
words Un not altogether describe,
It is fully live times Btronger than'
most remedies, not that it affects the
skin unfavorably no, its ureal powor
Is due to Its wonderful penetrative
Quality���lt strikes iu deeply, but never
burns nr blisters,
Just rub Nervlllno into sore
musclos, shif joints and note the glow
of comfort, the cane of pain that follows.
Vou nre astonished, delighted; this
Is because words do nol express the
promptness and permanency with
which Nerviline cures every ache nnd
pain in the muscles and joints.
Marvellous, you'll say. Natural, we
say. because Nerviline is different,
Btronger, more penetrating, a true
paln-subduer. Just iry lt and Bee if
ii dooBn't cure rheumatism, neuralgia,
lumbago, strains and sprains.
The large BOo family size bottle Is
far    more economical than the
trial size,    (let it today,    Suhi    by
dealers everywhere, or dlrocl   from
ihe I'aiarriiozoni' Co., Kingston, Canada,
Value of Screenings
Feeding Test With Sheep War, Made
With Surprsing ftesults I
Screenings are sometimes considered as of no value. This Is h m'.s- |
lake. The screenings are made up
of seeds, the same as tho grain, nud
these sells contain the same food elements us the grains. To tesi tbo value
of screenings an experiment was car-1
rled om by two students, Amos Ewen I
Iiiini Kplii'aini Weslluinl. al lho North |
Dakota   Agricultural   College.    Tbey j
I ted three pens of Bheep, Tbe first
one was fed oats and bran, the sec-
oud, pigeon grass sceii, and tho third,
screenings, The feeding period covered ll) weeks, li was, lo some, a little surprising to llinl thai the Bheep I
I gutting the mils nitii bran made the
Catarrhal Fever,
And nil diseases of the horse affecting bis throat,
speedily cured; colts and horses tu same Stable kept
from having I hem by using SPOHN'S DISTEMPER
COMPOUND,  il   to li  doses  often  cure.    One bottle
guaranteed to euro one case. Safe tor brood mares,
baby colls, stallions ��� all ages and conditions. Most
skillful scientific conipoun������'    Any druggist,
SPOHN MEDICAL CO., Goshen, Ind., U.S.A.
Silent Scot True Till Death
Private Archie Bothwell, who Is ly-
lag wounded at Belfast, says: There
was n very odd chap among the last
drafts of tbo Scottish Borderers, lie
always kept to himself, and would not
say moro than "Ves" or "No" If lie
could help It, One night tho Borderers were driven out of lhe trenches
and one of (be. men dropped with a
oouple of bullet wounds. His neighbor happened to he the odd chap that
we had all declared to bo the daftest
of the daft. Without saying ._ word ho
knelt down liy the wounded man, and,
raising his ri'llc lo his shoulder, waited for the oncoming Germans, By and
by we rallied and dashed back to meet
the Germans. The tdd chap was dead,
but tbo man ho had tried to save was
still breathing.
and Headaches
Arising From Constipation, Cured and
Regular  Habits  Established  by
Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver
,   In the western provinces, where to
many thousands live tar from doctors
and drug stores, very many rely ou
Dr. Chase's   medicines   to cure disease      and    maintain    health    and
strength.   This letter gives somo idea
of what perfect control Dr. Chase's
Kidney-Llvor  Pills   exert  over"   tho
most common Ills of life.
Mrs. H. K. Hewer, farmer's wife,
Eastburg, Alta,, writes: "For about
ten years I suffered from constipation, indigestion, headache and languid feelings. Treatment rom two
or three doctors afforded only temporary relief, so I turned to Dr.
Chase's Kldney-Llver Pills, and with
most satisfactory results. Headaches
have disappeared, regular habits established and general noiiltb very
much better. Bot! my husband and
I can speak highly of Dr. Chase's
Kldney-Llver Pills, as we have both
been greatly benefitted by them." One
pill a dose, 26c a box, 5 for $1.00, all
dealers, or Edmanson, Pates _ Co,
Limited, Toronto.
"I hope," said one wife to another,
"that you never nag your husband."
"Only when he is beating the rugs,"
said the second one. "When ho is
thoroughly irritated ho makes a much
belter job of it."
"Isn't Morton something of a miser?"
"1 should say so. Why, he's too
tight to risk a suggestion.
Your horse can
p ullbiggerloacis
i. you grease
your wagons
It is the Mica
that does it-
makes a smooth
bearing surface/
perfectly lubricated, on whicli
the wheel revolves without
Dealers Everywhere
Alade in
Legumes in Dairying:
Food  For
dairy farm
High Value of Alfalfa as
Dairy Cattle
Somo Interesting facts
tho uso of legumes on llu
have been gleaned In connection Willi
some of the cow testing associations
iu tho United State"..
Alfalfa probably stands pro-eminent
as a food for dairy cattle, III fuel,
alfalfa together with good corn silage, supplemented with a ration of
grain and meal makes an excellent
ration and produces results.
.Most farmers have liy this tlmo
been thoroughly convinced of llie
value of silage, and in some manner
or other try to feed tlieir corn In this
form. Various schemes for increasing the vuliu of the protein content
of corn silage by tlie addition of various other fodders, such as cowpeas,
soja beans, etc., have been advocated,
The results along theso lines have
been disastrous In many eases. Tlie
beans are either too green or too dry
to make good silago at the time tlie
silo is (Hied, or else there is trouble
in the cutting and lining operations,
with the result that when the middlo
of winter comes a largo amount of
silago is wasted by rotting. The beans
or peas being of different texture
than the corn, do not pack tight, with
the-result that air pockets are formed
around them in process of filling and
the beans or peas spoil and In their
decomposition spoil tho silngo next
to them.
It is safer to put the pure corn into
tlie silo, and to cure the cow poas,
beans, etc., into  liny.
Results show that the farmers who
devote their attention to the produc-
ie i smallest   gains.     The  screenings   lot
made 111  pounds mora gain and used
up oul.   i- pounds mine screenings >
Unin lm one ale of the oats and bran.
The   Iol    Hun    were fed the pigeon I
grass   seed     made   Iii   pounds   inor.' ;
gain  Iiian  tbe oat  and  bran   lm   and |
used up lu pounds more ot the pigeon
grass seed than    lot one ate' of ihe
bran  and    oats,    This    experiment i
brings out the value of llie screenings |
Hint so often are left in the grain and
nothing  received  fo    it.
Worms  feed  upon  the  vitality
iliildren and endanger their lives.
simple  and  effective  cure  Is  Mol
Craves' Worm Exterminator.
Farming In Colorado
lu 1880, Colorado had 1,600 farms,
valued at li! million dollars; In ID10,
���10,17(1 farms, valued at nearly one-
hall' billion dollars, The principal
crops are wheat, oats, potatoes, sugar
beets, alfalfa, livestock, friiii, flax,
vegetables, dairying and poultry. The
greatest acre yield 111 tlle cotinliy,
according to returns to the United
States department of agriculture, is
lu Colorado. The average yield of
potatoes in 1913 was lip bushels to
the acre; wheat, _1 bushels; oats,
30 bushels; and hay two tons io the
Spring Impurities
In The Blood
THE  BIGGEST  MOTOR CAR  BUY of the year.    A  combination of
price, construction and equipment that has never before been brought together in ono car.
tion of a high protein roughag
tlie way in milk production,
It  is
Marion Bridge, C.B., May 30,
1 have handled MINARD'S
MENT during the past. year,
always Hie first Liniment asked for
here, and unquestionably the hest
seller of all the different kinds of
Liniment 1 handle.
Germans Shelled Dummies
The following  story    is    told    by
Colonel Pearce Serocold, of the King's
Royal Rilles, who has been invalided
The Royal Rilles found themselves
in the open with no means of hiding
their trenches from the German aeroplanes. One of the battalions received a tremendous consignment of
clothes and this give them a brilliant idea. They put on tho new
clothes and stuffed the old ones into
the empty trencnes."
The Germans shelled tiio trenches
for three or four days before finding
out their mistake.
The Best Liver Pill.���The action
of tlle liver is easily disarranged. A
suiULn chill, undue exposure to Hie
elements, over-indulgence iu som3
favorite food, excess in drinking, are
a few of tlio causes. But whatever
may be tho cause, Parmelee's Vegc-
nie Pills ean be relied upon as the
best corrective that can be taken.
They are tho leading liver pills and
they have no superiors among aucn
A Tonic Medicine is a Necessity At This Season
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale '
People are an all year round tonic, :
blood builder and nerve restorer. Dut
they are especially valuable in the
.spring when the system is loaded with
impurities as a result of tlle indoor
life of lhe winter months. There is no
other season when the blood is so
much in need of purifying and enriching, and every dose of these Pills
helps to make new. rich, red blood. In
the spring one feels weak and tired���
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills ;.ive strength.
In the spring the appetite is often
poor-���Dr. Williams' Pink Pills develop the appetite, tone the stomach
and aid digestion. It is in tlie spring
that poisons in Hie blood li d an outlet in disfiguring pimples, eruptions
and boils. Dr. Williams' Pink Pills
speedily clear the skin because they
go to the root- of the trouble in tlie
blood. In the spring anaemia, rheumatism, Indigestion, neuralgia, erysipelas and many other troubles are
most persistent because of poor,
weak blood, and it is at this time
when all nature takes on new life
that the blood most seriously needs
attention. Some people dose themselves with purgatives at this season,
but these only further -weaken themselves. A purgative merely gallops
through lho system, emptying the
bowels but it does not ���cure anything.
On the other hand Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills actually make, new blood, whicli
reaches every nerve and organ In the
body, bringing new strength, new
health anil vigor lo weak, easily tired
men, women and children. Try Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills this spring���
they will not disappoint you.
You can get these health renewing
Pills through any medicine dealer or
by mail post paid at 50 cents a box
or six boxes for $2.50 from The Dr.
Williams' Medicine Co., Brockvllle,
KEETON car_ are built to givi)
day In and day out service. Only
tho best materials can give you
tills service.
Keetou construction Is of recognized quality, Hut don't take our
word for it, mako us prove it.
!i Pas.eager Touring.
3 Passenger Roadster.
$ .376.00 and $1,425.00.
1. Improved body lines, giving
graceful  stream  lino effect.
2. Clear vision, rain vision
.'I. Deeper an I sofler upholstering. In high grado leather.
4. Gasoline ta..k ai rear, giving
a better diet lbutlon ot weight.
5. Vacuum Gravity Gasoline
feed���a feature of tlio higher
priced ears.
G. Addition of one-man me^ialr
top, exlru tiro and tube and dash
lamp as standard equipment.
Keeton Motors, Limited, Manufacturers
A Modest Hero
Count Karolyi, on returning to his
castle In Hungary, met, according to
the Vosslsche Zeltung, one of his
old servants who had just been sent
back wounded from the war.
"My good man. I hear you fought
valiantly at tho front," said the
count. "I should like to give you
some reward.   What shall it be?"
The old servant replied:
"Well, if you insist upon it. sir,
just give mc enough kronen to reach
from one ear to the other."
'���That seems to bo a very small
reward," replied the count, smiling at
the odd request.
"It's enough for me, sir," answered
the servant, modestly.
As the count was about to comply with lhe strange request, he noticed that the servant had only one
ear, and remarked upon the fact.
"Yes, sir, I left the olher ear on
the battlefield at Shabatz!" answered
the modest man.
Children Teething
Mrs. Winslows
Soothing Syrup
If vmi fuel'ii UT of _;>�� _S"_r_ DOWU' 'HOT the BLURS'
ciikunI . wkaknr_ss,ri CE_8_SKI_ _BUPTIOKB.fILBS,
tli��s�� _i_i��a.__ am! wn_[��_ .. i I. f'r___ orTcn.il h��
the___V'_r VOUROWKallniiMil. Absolutely FR__
r_'l_l_vui. circulars. No obligations, lm. I.i:ci.i'._:
ws WANT io rauv_ unin _l >n will c<_* too
Minard's Liniment Cures Dandruff.
W. N. U. 1047
A "horny handed son of toil," who
had been married bss than u year,
was complaining lo a friend of his
wife's extravagance. "How is a man
going to save anything for old age?"
he said. "I no sooner p,et homo than
it's Tom, give me a dollar, give me
fifty cents, give mo fifteen cents; five
for this, that and tlie olher thin... I
just can't stand it." "Why, Tom, what
in the world does your wife do with
so much money'."' "1 don't know���I
ain't gave her none yet."
Diver���See, here, where are those
oysters I ordered on the half shell?
Walter���Don't get impatient, sah.
We're dreffle short on shells, but
you're next, sah.
He (sarcastically)���You know
some one has said, If you would make
a lasting pair of shoes, take for the
soles the tongue of a wo.  an.
She���Yes, and for the uppers the
cheek of tlie man who said it.
Little Johnny, ou being asked hy
his school teacher if lie knew what
was meant by "at par," replied that
"Ma was always at pa when he came
home late."
He���I shall never marry until I
meet a woman who is my direct opposite.
Sho (encouragingly)���Well, my
friend, there are numbers of bright,
Intelligent girls in this neighborhood;
A man must be an egotist to boast
that ho never has the wool pulled
over his I's.
William Dean Howclls said of modern American letters:
"In a New Kngland village I entered the main street department
store one afternoon and said to the
clerk at the book counter:
'���Let' me have, please, tho 'Letters
(E Charles Lamb.'
" 'Post office right, across tho
i street, Mr. Lamb,' said the clerk
I witli a polite, brisk smile."
i  Deafness Cannot Be Cured
ky local replications, at thoy cannot reach tbo d_
M_d portico, of Hit ear. There la ouly oat way t_
���ure d__ e_, and tbat fa by constitutional remedial
Paafneu la canoed by an Indamiid condition ol tha
mucoua Unl-'l oi the Eustachian Tube, wheu thia
tube la Inliamel you have a rumbling eoupd or Imperfect hearing, and when It Is entirely closed, l>__
oeee is tbo result, and unless the Inflammation can be
otlten out and tbls tuiie restored to ILS normal condition, hearing rill be deetroyed forever; nine oaset
tut ot ton are caused by Catarrh, which U oothlof
but an Inflamed condition of the mucous mirla��_
We will five One Hundred Dollara for any case ol
Deafness (ca__ by catarrh) that cannot _ _r���
try Hall's Catarrh Cure.   Send for circulars, tree.
F. J. CHUNKY _ CO., Toted* 9,
���old by nnusi'ts. He,
fa_a Ball'a family PUIS (or ooaatlpalloa.
A Scottish laird invited an English
friend to go salmon fishing with him.
The Englishman honked a salmon, but
in his excitement, fell into the stream.
I The keeper, seeing he was no swim-
j mer, went to his aid, when the lairn
called out: "What are ye about. Donald? Get baud o' the rod and look
to th_ feesh. He will wait, but the
feesh wlnna."
Tumors, Lupin; cured without _ nlf_ e
" pain. AH work guaranteed, jjjjj^f      "
DR.  WILLIAMS, Sporiali.t nn '��� , ,
20 85 Ui.i_.r__r Are. B. & Mir.___m!ii��, Minn.
Make the Liver
Do its Duty
Nine times in ten when the liver is right tlie
stomach and bowels are right.
pel a lazy liver to
do ils duly
Cures Con
Headache, antl Distress after Eating.
Small Pill, Small Dose, Small Price
Genuine musi bear Signature
Tiie use of Miller's Worm Powders
insures healthy children so far as the
ailments attributable to worms are
concerned. A high mortality among
children is traceable to worms. These
sap the strength of infants so that
thev are unable to maintain the battle for life and succumb to weakness.
This preparation gives promise of
health and keeps it.
McTavish (to convalescent soldier)
���I was heariu' ye had a bullet ln yo
yet. Are ye no gawn ta hae it tnen
Soldier���No, the noo. Ye see, I'll be
gawn back tao the fr-ront in a weo
while, an' when I come buck I'll just
hae them a' oot theglther,
"Don't you think a girl should mnr-
i��� an economical man?" asked Madge.
"Oh, I suppose so," nuswered Dolly,
"but I tell you it's awful I elng engaged to ono."
Mrs. Wfseneighbour Says
"I should have told you the other
day when we were speaking of
quite as necessary to havo an Indurated Fibreware Tub in which
to wash the clothes, if you want
to make a success of wash day."
Mrs. Newlywed Says
"I've often heard of EDDY'S
What's Ibe difference between
ilbrc and  woodenware?"
made from compressed 'Hire baked
at extreme heat. All in i ue solid
piece. Cannot warp or fall apart.
No chance of spll.tcrB. Wear
longer, look bettor nnd arc very
light to handle. The hitler point
should always be a matter of consideration when buying kitchen
utensils." concludes Mrs. Wise-
Mint���Arc you getting along
nicely at school, Charlie?
Charlie���Yes, Aunt, 1 ve got the
best place in the class.
Aunt���And  where   is  that���at
Charlie���No, near the fire.
It was an Irishman who objected
to taking an emetic, as he was sure
he couldn't keep it down.
Paint    on     f> jtnam'_
Extractor tonight, and
Aiif corns feel better In the
_/U_ morning. Magical the
way "Putnam's" ease3 the pain, destroys tho roots, kills a corn for all
time. No pain. Cure guaranteed. Qet
a 25c bottle of Putnam's Extractor .o-
da: ./
An Association of Farmers and Business Men  Whose Aim will
lie to Disseminate Knowledge  of  thc Most Approved
Farming Methods, and to Secure Greater Efficiency
An Aeroplane        SER[0(|S S|TUAT|0N M (^1
Turned German Army From Its Dash
A committee of Canadian agriculturists were Induced lo make a trip
to North Dakota to Investigate tlie
work of agricultural Instruction us
carried on by the U.S. government,
Mr. tieo. A. Merrick, of Winnipeg, has
Kent us llieir report, showing Ihe re-
Hull of llieir investigation, which Is ns
liear Sir, Tlie nienib ns of tin.
Committee     selected   lo   visit   .North
Dakota and Investigate at lirsi h<jii<i
tlie resuliH of tiie Field Agent System
uf agricultural instruction, report:
Tlie iiim of your committee wbh lo
obtain as much Information as possible from ihi! farmers themselves
In districts where tiie system I" iu
opera I loll, and through tbe couriesy
of Mr. Thomas Cooper, director Of tlle
North ihikoin Agricultural Experiment Station, and Mr. I1'. It. Crane,
agricultural commissioner of the Great
Norllicrn Hallway, we were enabled
to spend  three Whole days motoring
and Interviewing farmers In ibe country tributary to Valley City, in tbo
eastern purl of the slate; iMinol. '.u
tlie North Central District; Willislon,
near the western boundary; and \
half day was spenl, ou the return
journey, In the Grand Porks district.
We were also afforded an opportunity
tu each place to discuss with numerous
bankers and business men Ibe quos-
.liou of lhe results being accomplished, nnd no effort was spared lo make
tlie investigation a thorough one.
it lu our unanimous opinion that tlie
better fanning campaign being conducted in North Dakota is proving
successful in a remarkable degree,
und Is rapidly creating conditions
which will ensure an enormous enhancement of tho prosperity of the
slate, as well as contribute to a material Improvement of the social conditions of farm life. From an Investigation of tlie .cost of the work we conclude that the expenditures thereon
will be returned a hundredfold
through increase of agricultural i��ro-
Wo are further of the opinion that
the experience of North Dakota, considered in conjunction witli lho history of agricultural progress in other
parts of North America, serves to establish conclusively thiit the attainment of a thoroughly satisfactory development of the agriciiiluriil industry of a new country requires lhat
there shall exist���as auxiliary to tlu
departments of agricultural and experimental farms���-un efficiently organized staff or held men to carry in
formation to the farmers on their
own farms.
As a natural consequence of the
unparalleled rapidity of tlie settlement of Western Canada in the last
few years we have admittedly an unusually large percentage of settler_
whose knowledge of farming is slight,
and it is therefore an abvious deduction that tlie reuiP; whicli could be
looked for from an efficient organization of Held men would be proportionately greater here than in North Dakota.
The necessity for an organized
movement to increase largely agricul
tural production in the prairie provinces by greater efficiency of farming
methods is now widely recognized,
and we cannot urge iou sttongly that
Bteps be taken without delay to Inaugurate the Field Agon: System
here, as the most effective means of
accomplishing the desire.', ond.
Wc think it well to add that In our
opinion a movement nlon. the lines
recommended, in order to be productive of lho maximum good, should
take the form of a combination of
the Farmers' Association , and the
more important business interests to
co-operate with the department of
agriculture. We are not losing sight
of the fact that tlie department of
agriculture iu aK ll'rec o" onr prairie
provinces are already do.ig excellent
extension work. Thoy are, however,
somewhat hampered by lack of
funds, and it is our conviction that
Hie organization of a Field Agent
System should bo set on foot on r.
scale sufficient to demonstrate effectively Its value with the least possible
los:. "of time.
We attach a draft covering our suggestions    for the organization of an
Association of Farming and Business,
Respectfully submitted.
Name: "Association of Farming
uiul Business."
Form of Organization: An association to be incorporated by private act.
Purpose: To promote agricultural
development in Western Canada.
Support and Membership: The general funds of the association to be
provided by subscriptions to be invited from all business and farming interests, a subscription of $10 or more
uniiually to entitle the ".iibscribcr to
Further financial support to be solicited from municipalities in which thc
association conducts field operations.
General Council; Tlie association
to be governed liy a board of forty-
two councillors chosen as follows:
By Grain Growers' associations   G
Live Stock Breeders' association        4
Agricultural Societies     _
Railways lone each)      __
Canadian Credit Men's association       4
Bankers'    Association    (west
ern section)  	
Mortgage Loans association of
Western Canada 	
Winnipeg Grain Exchange...,
Manufacturers'        Association,
I Western   Caiadal   	
Implement Companies' association 	
Canadian   Press   assoclatl	
(Western   bran il BS)    	
Dominion    Retailers' assocta
lion (Western branches)	
i  lo  be selected   by
iu all, lb lo form ii
And  six  oil
lho foregoing,
Directorate. Tho affairs of the association to be administered by a
board   of   nine   directors,   of   whicli
three to bo appointed by the minister
of ngi'lculluro and six by the general
Tim chief aim of the association
being to Increase agricultural pi'BdUo-'
tlon by disseminating knowledge ut
the most approved farming methods,
It is proposed lo adopl the plan now
being followed under varying auspices
in i terous parts of North America,
Of employing a stalT of Held agents to
carry in forma lion to farmers on their
farms /and induce them to conduct
their operations on line" recommended by the department of agriculture.
Superintendent: The neld work to
be In charge of a superintendent appointed by the board of directors, and
selected With a view to his knowledge of tho science of tigricultui",
as well as his qupliflcallons as an
executive. The responsibility for appointments of Held agpntu will rest
witli him.
Field Agents: The work of each
field agent may be more particularly
described as follows:
I. Going to the Individual farmer
on bis own farm and actively co-operating with him���taking up the particular problems presented upon each
farm, and demonstrating through the,
tanners' own efforts' satisfactory solutions, ilia activities will be entirely
In the Held, ile will have no regular
ollice, but will arrange to spend an
hour or two periodically in different
centres to meet all Inquirers. Among
tlie matters with whicli ho will have
to deal with are the following:
(a) Increasing y'elds per acre lij
treatment of soil conditions, tii) better tillage mothods and moisture conservation; Iiii) selection of seed; (iv)
proper rotation, introducing new
crops of value, smh as corn and a_
(b) Planning farmsteads, buildings,
silos, etc.
.(c) Selection, care and feeding of
live stock.
(d) Prevention and eradication of
weeds, pests and diseases of stock.
(e) Proper use and care of farm
(f) Planting trees and vegetable
gardens, and adding to convenience
and attractiveness of farm homes and
: ni u n dings.
(g) General business management
ot farm, including simple system tl
_ Reaching tho family community
generally through:
(a) Delinite demonstration work, as
above, on individual farms;
(b) Co-operation with branches of
Grain Growers' associations and with
the Live Stoeic Breeders' association;
li) assisting ill their marketing activities; (ii) locating good seed, sounl
stock, etc; iiii) helping to obtain and
distribute labcr; (iv) addressing
meetings (especially in winter time)
and assisting in preparation of programs; (v) stimulating social, features and general interest.
(c) Co-operating with those In the
charge of agricultural fairs, especially
by arranging for contests :. .<! prizes
which will feature work done by the
Association of Farming and Business
���boys' and girls' competitions in crop
growing, pork production, seed seier.
tion, stock judging, poultry, dairying,
id) Local short course:; fur farm,
et's and also boys' camps.
te) Working through rural schools
liy ii) stimulating interest of inspectors; (ii) addressing teachers at their
association gatherings; iiii) popular
talks to pupils, and (iv) encouraging
various school contests,
(f) Distributing popular bulletins,
circulars and pasters.
3. Promoting cooperation of farmers i.nd local business with a view tt
a better mutual understanding.
(a) Joint economic gain will be
brought about from increased production and improved marketing methods, and a condition created whereby
farmers will he enabled to purchase
on a cash basis by rensen of tlie fact
that they will have product.! marketable throughout the year.
(b) From town merchants, bankers,
etc., then wil. be sought practical
support in giving farmer customers
(whether dealing Individually or cooperatively) the best possible treatment.
.Anxious Lady���1 say, my good man,
is this boat going up or flown?"
Deckhand���Well, she's a leaky tub,
mum. So I slioiilon't wonder if she
was going down. But I lien, again, her
b'llers ain't any too good, uo she
might go up.
on Paric and Changed Whole
Line of Battle
cropliiiie scouting (light which
made history has conic to light, many
months after it too]( place, The report, of the two aviators making tho
Bight turned Gen. von Kiiick's column toward the south from ils dash
on Paris in August and changed ibe
whole  line  of  buttle   in   the  wesl.
A striking featuri of the flight,
moreover, was that its course did not
follow orders, inn was determined
upon tlie Initiative Of the Myers. The
story of Hie (light, taken from a
Uerman magazine, devol d io aeronautics, follows:
"it happened on the occnslon or our
di. h mi Paris.   The   Inhabitants of
ii city oi light" received a dally
visit from (Icrniiin aviators, The
latter were eccustome,    to   drop .,
COUple of hOmbS every day, but llieir
visit lure was not the objeci of ihelr
program, Tlie chief thing wns to
keep watch of lhe movements of the
Paris reserve army. This army had
marched up with its from toward ihe
east and one day nu aeroplane wont
ii)i to observe it. again,
"Tlie aviators wire slriick witli the
uncertain movements of tlie opponents of a German corps, who appeared to be having a. trilling conflict witli
troop; further nortlf, Upon their own
responsibility the aviators changed
llieir course and lb w off lo the north.
"They flew and flew, for what, tltey
saw was well worth closer observation. Then tbey speeded baok to headquarters' and announced that a hostile
army was marching upon von Kiiick's
"Nobody would believe it at lirst.
Cavalry patrols had brought no ne./s
to Indicate such a movement. But
nevertheless it was true.
"The report resulted in lhe known
new disposition of I lie German position In tlie west, and in lho conferring of the Iron Cross of Ibe first
class upou the pilot and the officer observer.
Tiie Iwo men referred to nre both
first lieutenants, They but. recently
carried out an important flight over
Win saw.
Persistent Reports that Germany is Running Short of Shot and
Shell, and Should tho Essen Firm Fail to Keep  up wiih
the Demand, it Might Hi-jn*| about the End of the War
Germany's mosl vulnerable point
may be expressed in a single word���
Tliis .ureal concern nl Ksscn supplies priietlcall. tho whole of Germany's war materials, and lis Inability to keep up with ibe enormous
demands of the kaiser's great armies
may bring about   lhe cud of the war
I'u "n.ices. ""
Tin.'   Annan  steel   works,    another
Krupp unit, manutaotures open-hearth
and crucible sieel castings tor uavni
purposes, and employs 1,000 men, The
Cnisonwerko, at Maedgburg, is another great branch, with 5,000 bands,
manufacturing gun mountings, gun
carriages and ammunition,   Tlie Ger-
at it much earlier date than has yet  mania shipyard, at Kiel, is yet anoth
Boy Scouts in England
Have Proven Their Value Since Out-;
break of War
The Hoy Scouts have proved their
value since ihe outbreak or' war.
Four hours after tlie call can.'
thousands ol boys were at tho disposal of tlieir country. One morning
a telegram reached a British commissioner asking for a thousand
Scouts. Tlie same evening he had
four thousand standing by waiting
for orders.
.Many an adult warriors in thc British Isles, lirst knew he was wanted
when a Scout brought him a letter
telling him where to report himself.
The emergency substitution) work of
the lads was Wonderful.
Tbo suddenness of the war meant
that many coastguards had to return
Immediately to the Navy, vet their
work was more necessary than ever.
Hundreds of .Scouts took their
places, and had tlie time of '.heir lives
staying out all night or watching all
.day through big telescopes for tbe
enemies' ships.
It was a hardened journalist who
confessed that a lump came into his
throat when late one night he met a
small group of Scouts dragging their
trek cart, laden with bivouac gear,
and moving quietly through the dark
to their vigil on the cliffs."
entered into any oin'; ealculntloi
As ;i maiii r or fact,   tbe capacity
of tlie much Vaunted Krupp works
Is nol nearly so great i.s Ibe aggregate  capacity   of   Britain's   live   mosl
Important armament iirniB.   Deports
that Germany is running short of slim
and shell are persistent, and arc likely
enough to be tru'e, nn i It is notorlouu
that Germany is making frantic efforts to secure supplies of metal by
any means iind al any price.
There is also plenty of evidence
that Kriippnianiifiietiired munitions
are by no means so superior as ninny
people bad been led to b.'lieve, and
we know, too, (hat the "colossus ol
armament firms" has been mixed up
In scandals, bribery, ond corruption
Germany has been very proud of Its
Krupp's and has lnul unbounded con
lldenco in the huge Essen factory. In
tlie supreme lest now being applied
Krupp's may fall the fatherland,
Founded at, Essen ]02 years ago as
a factory for tlio production of "English east steel," and employing only
seventy workman in 1S1S, this company now employs 70,000, of whom
38,lli)0 are in tlie ICssen sleel works
alone. Tho great Mannosmnnti Iron
and steel works at Dussoldorf, capitalized at $6,000,000 lias been absorbed
into the Essen concern, bringing iho
combined share and loan capita! id
Krupp's  up to 071,000,000.
As nn Indicfit'on of the ex__ t of
the Essen corks, it may be mentioned that the plant is served by oighly
miles,of private railway, and thai lhe
traffic between the works and the
Prussian s'a'e system average bo
twecn  lif'.y and sixty trains daily.
The en lire coal supply is furnished
liy the company's own colli, rics,
which employ 10,000 men and produce
nearly 3,000,000 tons a yir. Thi
linn's iron ore mines employ 5,"( 0
men. The pig iron for the steel work!
Is mostly supplied by llie Friedl'lcn-
Alfred Jiuttc, another important unit
of the Krupp organization, These
famous iron works cover nearly 700
acres'of laud, and include seven blast
Naval Code Book
Great Precaution Is Used to Guard the
Se;ret Signalo
Every navy has a secret code of
signals' different from the ordinary
code in general use. This code is
used only in time of war and in tlie
presence of the enemy, if the enemy
could read the signals ho could secure a greet advantage. So the secret code books arc carefully guarded and none is more carefully protected than that of the United States
navy. The secret code books are
issued only io tbe executive officers
of .ships and every precaution is
taken lo prevent them being stolen
by men ill the service of foreign
governments. The books are hound
iu heavy metal covers, so that If r.
voss'-l is threatened wiih capture tiie
commander may throw his cede book
overboard and it will sink, thus
avoiding seizure.
Krupp properly, ami now ranks
among the three best establishments
Of lis kind iu the world, lt has half a
mils of water frontage, and can ac-
commodate about ten of the largest
vessels Ou the stocks at one time.
besides torpedoes ami other small
A novel branch of the Krupp enterprise Is a press bun an. Four
thousand newspapers, technical magazines, reviews and books, besides a
deluge of cutting!), are received at
Hi- Esseiier llof monthly Xo publish-
���'i report, article, or paragraph deal
ing with the subjects in which the
many branches of the Krupp establishment are interested faills to reach
be bureau. Tiny are all indexed and
Tin: particulars���dimensions, a_e.
and location���of every s.iip of war
and practically every big gun In the
world are carefully recorded at
Krupp's, where the German naval and
military authorities have a mine ot
ready Information.
Lately tills great lirm lias com,, im
der a  cloud of suspicion  which appears to bo thickening.   The cose in
which judgment was delivered a year
lien shook ilie fail ti of not a few Germans in Krupp's, if not in tl. _govet_
Mucin which fosterec and shielded the
1 lirm.    It   may    bo recalled ttiat the
jscandal was llrst brought   to   publ
notlco iii lha Reichstag in April, i:h;i.
by   the  Socialist  Li'.'bui.elit  who  ha:
I lirst     communicatee,    liis    charges
ngainsl  Krupp's to   ho war minister
in  November, 1912.
Although many documents were
suppressed on the ground that th.y
contained state secrets, and certain
'allegations were ruled out as Irrelevant, the evidence which was permitted in open court was damagtn-,
There is no smoui without tiro, and
if only half the reports now torrent
on Ihe Continent aro true, the limit
of Krupp's capacity lo supply the gigantic demands made by the kaiser'-"
military staff may be reached at any
"There was a wonderful rain scene
In the play his: night."
"Realistic, eh?"
"I should say ii was. Why, when
tlie rain storm came up my corns
began to hurt me."
Production of Cows
Some Will be Found to be ..Much More
Profitable  Than  Others���Test
Will Tell
The Dominion department of agriculture, dairy division, Ottawa, issues
the following bulletin, under the beading of "Economical Machines."
"Mas it impressed Itself on your
mind, as a practical man, selling farm
crops in the form of milk through the
medium of cows' manufacturing apparatus, that possibly some of this animated machinery needs overhauling
and closely examining? A new machine, running more economically, may
save a manufacturer its cost several
times over in a very short while. So
if your cows were regarded in this
light, some might be found to be very
economical producers, and possibly
the less said about the capacity of
others the better.
"Some cow testing figures given to
the dairy division, Ottawa, by dairy
farmers prove that some herds of
cows produce milk at a feed cost of
$1 Ai, per J00 pounds, while close by
are other herds whose average feed
cost of production is only 80 cents
per HH) pounds of milk. Again, between two cows in the same herd the
cost of feed per pound of butter-fat is
frequently found to vary as much as
from 23 to 10 cents.
What is of Importance to the average dairyman is this fact, that cow
testing helps to put each cow in the
herd on a good paying basis very
quickly. A simple plan of weighing
and testing each individual cow's mill;
soon discovers if any unit machines in
the milk making factory are not In
good economical running order. Then
that makes $20 or $30 or more clear
profit above tbe cost of feed. Does
each one of your cows do that? It
will pay you tb find out."
Host of a college man's education
is acquired nfter be graduates.
Millions of Feet of Dredging in a
Since IStiO something like .C2,000,-
000 has been expended upon the widening and improvement of the Suez
Canal. When lirst opened tii3 channel
liad a uniform depth of 25 feet. It is
now 31 feet, deep, 108 feet wide at the
bottom, and 420 feet at tlie water
level, lt is still being deepened and
widened. Quite apart from this work
says a writer in the London Magazine,
a whole fleet ot dredges are continually engaged ou merely keeping tlie
channei free from sand.   We get some
when it is stated that last year over
2,00.00.0 cvbic yards of mat.rial were!
; tiken  out  of  the  canal    by    these j
| dredges.
I Despite the lieaiy cost entailed in
running the waterway and keeping it
i open for traffic, the scheme lias almost from the lirst been a financial
; success, and Suez Canal siiares are
j always much sought after. Hy the pur-
Chase, in 1875, for ��3,976,682 ot die
170,602   ._-ii original shares held by
i the Khedive, the British government
: obtained joint control over the canal
1 witli prance.
idea of the magnitude of this  task
Canada's Duty
Should Now Make Good the Boast
That She is the Granary of the
Empire "
All sorts of prophesies are being
made of the likely duration of the
war, Lord Kitchener originally said
three years. So far as newspaper reports are concerned there,is no reason to believe, ho has changed his
opinion. All that lie is known to have
subsequently remarked is tbat he
didn't know when the war could end,
but that be did know when it wouln
begin���in .day. This, ot course, was
taken as indicating that the real offensive campaign of tbe allies wouiif-
then start. Meantime, beyond sending over contingents, tlio plain duty
remains to Canada of being prepared
for any contingency. This country i.s
tlie nearest of the large overseas Dominions, and to this country liritain
will naturally look for a great portion
of her supplies. That she is doing -o
already is abundantly proven by the
fact tnat the trace returns for the
five months of the war that elapsed
In 1914 show a decidedly marked increase. For the linal quarter of tbe
year, compared with the same period
in 1913, that increase was no less
than nine and a half million dollars,
principally in lhe value nf foodstuffs.
There is surely groundwork for
thought in such a statement. Canada
has proudly claimed lo he the granary
of the empire. It i:. now up to her to
fnllll that i oast, and not only in the
mallei' of cereals, but also as regards
beef, mutton, pork, bacon and vegetables. In cultivation of lho last-
mentioned the cities and towns (an
help by utillziii.. tlie present waste
land either In llieir miifst or in the
surrounding territory. An unoccupied
acre at these limes implies extravagance both In soil and labor. Nobody
can plead ignorance in these matters
when he can write ti the Publications
Branch, Department of Agriculture,
Ottawa, and obtain absolutely free,
bulletins and pamphlets giving information on how best to grow peas,
beans, potatoes, turnips, onions, parsnips, carrots, Indian corn, wheat,
oats and barley. Also on the breeding
and rearing of live stock, and on dairy
products, bee cultivation, etc. A letter
to the department, addressed as stated, will bring a catalogue of upwards
of two hundred of publications, all of
which can be I.ad gratuitously.
Over 69 per cent, of the working
women in Philadelphia are earning
less iban enough in wages properly
to sustain their living.
Cook--The tea Ic quite exhausted,
Mistress-��1 noticed that It seemed
verv \ eak lhe last time THE COURTENAY REVIEW
j___t._nceCompany Limited, of London, England
Fire and Acciient
|_ uud
Assets Hxcecil
vln, Silll,ill III
Invested in Canada Exceed
You Insured Against Fire?
Now thai the w
on llu ' d ���
lire insurance p
are agents "for
inn dry
dicv ill
weather is coining on,
��� dwelling  may resuli
good  coiupauy is the
haw Union  n
jeeoud to none
I   Ri
ick, ���
us d
when the slighcst spark
in a disastrous fire, A
be si of all assets, We
coiupauy  with it record
r rates
Ph om
City   Fathers   in   Session
the Council held a regular ses-j
11 on Wednesday evening, all the.
"" i for instructions to deal with persons
who refused to pay dog licenses or
dispose of dogs.
The Constable said a number  of
dogs had been left behind  by   parties moving away, and were roam
ling about, and asked for   po ver to
de tioy them,
Aid. Robertson stated that it was
ip to thc city to offer a reward for
the apprehension of the patties who,
maliciously burned several horses
one dav last week, Aid, Johnston
objecting. Finally lhe city decided
to offer $50, while the Mayor will
offer a like amount.
Ou motion of Aid. Robertson the
Clerk was instructed to publish a
financial statement monthly,
Aid. Cromptou brought up the
matter of cows and horses running
at large, A great drove of horses
were continually racitrg about the
streets. Aid. Johnston snid he had
been spoken to about llie Same
Aid. I.eighton brought up the
matter of trying to have the Post
Ollice site changed, und persistently tried to h:i"c the council take it
up. The Mayer said it was a
political matter, and the city should
leave it alone. A public meeting
will be called shortly, aud if it was
iu favor of changing the site, then
it would be time for the council to
take action.
Local Lines
Tomato and   Celery  plants
sale at R. Fetris' greenhouse,
For Sate Young pigs, $3.50
each. Hugh Beadnell, Knob Hill
Orchard, Comox,
Wanted- Good bulls, fit for killing. Also bit cows ar.d calves,
anv quantity, for cash. Apply
Review Office.
For Sale���8 newly freshened
milch cows, mostly Jersey's   Apply
to   A.    McNeil,    Cl'aigS   Crossing,
Nanoose District
Strayed onto tlie Indian Reservation���6 yearling calves. Owner
can luve same by proving property
and paying expenses U
Wanted ��� By    young   woman,
I work  by  day  or   mouth.    Apply
Miss A Burns, Coutteuay
photic M S; Happy Valley
l'or Sale
saddle and
11   keckill
Swan's Old Stand, Courtenay
uinde to order.
-. Ii irness, buggy
$.5.   Apply W.
Courtenay (>
Co., Comox Road, Courtenay
For Sale - Fish boat
feet long, 8 1-2 h. p.
engine,   _ n"1 cash for
about    22
leavy dutv
quick sale.
Comox.   ao
Mr, Holeswoi'th, of Holesworth
i_ Partington, left on Wedncduy
morning for the Old Country.
A baseball club is being formed
at Coinox to compete for the Stewart cup, and chances arc good for
annexing the hardware,
Mr. Wilcox is moving the building lately occupied by II. H. M.
Beadnell as a real estate office onto
the Wilcox Block.
The banns announcing the marriage of Miss Josie McDonald  and
Aid, Leighton replied that since
the matter had come up lie had ill-
members present, The minutes cf j terviewed several business men and
the previous meeting read and all claimed that the scales were a
adopted. Aid. McKenzie noting necessity. Aid. McKenzie sail
that his notice of motion had not that when the taxes came in lie
been inserted. In: would nol be against   the   pro-
COMMUNICATIONS pos'al.    Aid. McKenzie's motion to
FrouiC. Ci. Callin, asking for rescind the purchase of scales was
approval of plans   of   sub-division'lost,
of Mrs. Hodgson's. Laid over until      During   tlie   discussion   it   was
a by-law is passed. '.brought   out   that   the   estimated
From Iv. I licks.-Beach, re books tax receipts would be $7000, lienses
bu Small Debts Court, and also giOoo. The estimated amount to
asking the Council to co operate j tun the city was $1000, The city
with the Conservative Association was now $1300 in debt. Aid.
in getting the river dredged, This' Kirkwood said if three teachers had
will lie done j to be employed it would cost $3400
I'rom Debentures  Ltd,  offering 1 to run the schools,   if only  two,
to handle civic bonds   a.nd   debeu-  al out $2,600.   of  his amount   tlie
lures,   and   asking   for   financial  Government would pay $1,600,      ,    -
statement.    Filed. j    There was =ome complaint of as-! ^r- Jos- Anderton were published
ACCOUNTS sessments ��� being   too   high,   Aid   llt tbe church of St. Jo hn the Bap- ct���
C.H, Tarbell   $11.00  Robertson remarking that   if   tin: ""   *""'u"      ',1P   ����>d_ih_t__
Electric Light Co #9.70  assessment was reduced   the mill
II. 1). Forde & Co S_-oo rate would go up, and the  mattet
F. Hicks-Beach $2.2-,  was as broad as it was long.
Aid. Robertson reported that the I Aid. Johnston moved, seconded
Utilities Committee vou Id have the j by Aid. Crompton, that the Health
Electric Light agreement ready for j By-Law be fi ti al I v passed, Aid.
next meeting, j Robertson moved tbat Clause _j be
Aid, Leighton, for Hoard of'struck out. Aid. Johnston said he
Works, reported that lumber was Iliad not a copy of the Statutes with
needed to repair the bridge, and him, but the clause as prepared by
asked whether any one had any Mr. Bodwcll was quite correct. He
objection to getting it at Kil was confident that his lat.yer was
Patrick's Mill. It was the only one right iu putting it there
iu town, and t*he ouly one running j Aid. Kirkwood thought the
in the district. j clause should stand,    The  ainend-
Tlu Mayor said lie cold 1 not ment was lost, and the by-law with
sell lumber to the city direct. ! Clause   80   included   was   finally
The repairing of the bridge was j adopted,
left in the hands ci  the   Board  of i    The by-law to amend the revenue
Works. I was also finally adopted.
Aid. Johnston wauted to  know      Aid. McKenzie drew the atten-
nbable cost  would   be. j tion of the council to the f.iet that
Kijipi ii, tlie Dyk
Winning White Wyaudottes,!
My pen of 6 birds that won the
last contest averaged 221 eggs each
in 12 months. Eor Price li^t of
, hatching eggs, etc. write F. I).
Read. Duncan.
For Sale- One 6 h, p. Fairkanks
Morse (las Engine, one ;i k w.
Dynamo switch board, etc , also
pump and belting. Capacity .12
gallons per minute Apply at
Riverside hotel,
I l'or Sale���Franklin", passenger
touring ear, first class running
order. Owner leaving for England
Will sacrifie. for $200 cash, balance
i on terms to suit purchaser,    Apply
' Courteuay Garage.
Lost���On Faster Sunday, in St
Peter's   church,   of   between   the
jogger's Sbo
In North and South, in East
and West,
A.ton's HandmadeShoes will
stan I the Test.
Willard's Harness Emporium
Fine Showing ol   Horse blankets,   l,np
Kegs, Gloves, Trunks, Suit Cases,   Ute.
Ibn'tiess Repaired Neatly
Cumberland and Courtenay
ruch and the wharf, a small mem
tist,   on   Sunday.    The   wedding; orial brooch   with   inscription
will take place on June 8- i back, and date 1804
Rev. Franklin Watson will con-  in_ il to Comox P
duct services at Lazo on .Sunday at  reward.
Finder  tak-
O.   Will  get  a
11 a. 111., and at St. Peter's, Comox, a'. 7,30,
Rev, Henry Edwards, rector of
St. James, church' Vancouver, is
a . uest at Dr. Beadnell's
The Comox Baseball nine will
pUy Courteuay at Tyee Park, at
-���30 on Sunday afternoon
lice,., to announce tli.it lie hus
rcpurch iscil his old barber
business (rom Mr, Smith and
will Ik- pleased to meet nil his
old customers nt.lie old stand
Next to  the   Opera   House
what tne prooar.
Aid, Leighton replied that  il   was
impossib'e   to   estimate   tile   eo.it,
owing to the traffic over the bridge.
Aid, McKenzie said a number of
were two applicants for bottle
liceu-c    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
grant both?
Aid. Robertson gave notice that
ople'had asked him to try  and lhe would introduce an'early closing
have the purchase of scales  put off! by-law at the next meeting,
for a time
Was il their intention lo
Tha City Olerk asked the council
Counter Check Books
Loose Leaf
We are now able to supply the needs
of every merchant in the district with
the above goods at exactly the same
prices as quoted by eastern houses.
Holders supplied free. Ring us up
and we will call with samples,  etc.
The Review, Courtenay
Telephone 9 Isabel Street
Bicycle Bargains���Scores of shop
soiled and second hand bicycles aud
motorcycles are offered at snap
pi ices during our great clearaiue
siie, Write for particulars,
Plimley's Cycle Works. Victoria,
Colonial Fnglishman, middle
aged, tetotaler, many years practical experience, including dairying.
agrichlture, poultry, wants management small farm. Salary uot
required, Prefers to work on share
profits. Apply "Practical" Review office.
I have again improved my flock
oi Rhor'e Island Reds by the introduction of new blood, Excellent
winter layers, well adapted to this
climate. Pri.e of eggs per setting
reduced to $t, per setting of 13.
$6 per 100. Cash with order.
Bruce Towler, one mile south of
Courtenay.    P, O. Box.
hor Sale - One horse, 4 years old,
agricultural class, quiet to handle,
and a good worker. I filly. ? years
old, Hackney sire, general purpose
mare, Will make a fine strong
driver, or for light work. 3 mature
brood sows and 1 boar. The above
is the property of W. J. Andrews.
1 am instructed to sell, and will
refuse 1.0 reasonable offer, R. U.
Notice of Intention to Apply For
Retail Liquor Licence
TAKK, NOTICE that the undersigned
intends to apply to tlie Hoard of
License Commissioners nt tlieir next
regulsr sitting lo be held on the second
Wednesday in the month of June next,
(or a license to sell intoxicating liquor by
retail under Subsection 3 ot Section 290,
of the ''Municipal Act" iu that certain
store or shop situate 011 the ground floor,
corner, of those certain premises, situate
on I.ot 2.S, in Block , at the corner of
Isabel and Union Streets, ill the City of
Dated this 23rd day of March,   A.   D.
In the Matter of the " Municipal Act," and
In the Matter of the Application
of Silvio .Marocchi for a license to
sell intoxicating licpiors by retail
under Subsction 3 of Section 290
of tlie " Municipal Act "
TAKE NOTICE that the undersigned
intends to apply to the Hoard of
Licence Commissioners of the City of
Courtenay to be held on the Second
Wednesday ill June t915, for a licence to
slill intoxicating liquors by retail under
Subsection 3 of Section 290 of tlie above
mentioned act iu those certain shop or
store premises situate in the " Marocchi
Building" situate on I.ot 30, Map 311,
Union Street, in tlie City of Courtenay.
Dated tlie 24th day of March, A.O. 1915
PLIML   V'_   low   olCYCLES
Second Hand
Auto Bargains
Overland, 30 lip, 5 passenger. ..$ 500
Russell-Knight,  5 passenger...    650
Mitchell, 35 lip     400
Cadillac Bus, 10 passenger     750
Chalmers Six, 5 passengei  1500
Regal, 40 lip, 7 passenger     500
Stoddart-DaytonjTruck, 40 lip.     700
River, 1 cycle, 2 passenger     152
Swift. 2 cycle, 5 passenger     150
Swift, 2 cycle, 2 passenget     125
each Spring. Human nature
too must follow suit. Spring
is the ONI', season in which
you cannot get along _ith any
make-shift kind of suit. And
although I am quite busy
(thank you) I can still attend
to YOUR wants.
English box cloth in stock for
fanner's old country style gaiters.
Try me for riding breeches.
The Custom Tailor
Write lor further particulars, to
727-735 Johnson St., VICTORIA
Sutton & Kirkwood
Undertakers and
Night or Day Calls Promptly
Phone 27


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