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The Review May 27, 1915

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Can nut l,e done nny I otter, ami
nol unite so well anywhere else
hereulient. Our type _ud machinery U complete ana Tlie Review
prima no ri^li.
Classified Ads. |
Make   your   lit tit*   Wants   known ���
through ft Classified AdvarUntasnt ���
in Thf Etovtew   -   -   -   Phone 58 f
VOL. 3
NO. 26
Geo. J. Hardy
R. F. R. Bi?co2
MWB_R_ ViCTtittiA nCAU.VtA1.   .._>!_!__   AN.   THI
NATION. I _S.U_iAtH'_ (i<   I f fit   EtTATI   I M HANI TS
Re 1 Estate and Insurance Agents,
Phone 10
Fresh  ArrivaSs
A Fresh Shipment of
the  famous
"Fleet Foot"
Tennis and Running
oes   have   arrived
We keep them in Men's, Boy's and Ladie's Sizes
See Our Show Windows
Telephone 34 Next Royal Bank
i ______.__.
Where  everybbdy  goes  for   choice
Candies, Cigars, Tobacco, Fruit,
Vegetables, Groceries, Etc.
Phone 40
Local Lines
Born���At Sandwick, on May 8.,
to Mr. and Mr . Meile Halliday, a
Tlie Liberals of Comox, and Al-
Iienii have decided not to bold a
nominating convention at Parks-
ville on Friday, May 28,
Mrs. Joyce Union Hay Road, has I
ju..i received word that two ol her:
! The members of St. Peter's
|(Uhnrcli of Ellg.and) Guild will
_. , ,, ,, .. , . , 'hold a Strawberry Festival and
St. Josephs Hospital agatn has Dauce in Martin's hallt Comox, on
a large number of patients, among Weduesday, June 16th. Tickets,
tne n being two men iron, the Ug-* ^ ceutsJ , adjt,s -5 ceil.s,
Ming camps, who are very serious-.s T,le0su]e of Work and RutertaitJ.
IV wounded, j ment givell by the st Peter.g, ;���iia
The ladies of Comox intend hold- j Comox, on tlie \'i:arage ground?
ing a concert and dance on Friday, ,V!1 Thursday la?, was a jjrss! sue-
Juue 4, The proceeds will be sent | cess/jn every way. everything being
to the Red Cross Fund, in aid of sold j���   ,ile  various  stalls.   The
brothers were killed at the   front in
I':.' battle b-V., raged near Ypres, '
Ueflt. F, C, F.  Biscoe,  of the
.���nd   Worcershire   Battaltow,   wus
killed at   the   battle   near   Y| r.s, I
Deceased was Ihe youngest brolher
of Mr. R, P, Biscoe cf this piece.
Three young men lo . their livis
at Oyster River on Monday, vhi'e
fishing from a boat, Thev wee
Ernest Renberg, K. Holmes, and
another named Swanson, The
body of Swanson had not yet been
recovered late last night. Re ber^;
was the man who accideutlv shot
his brother while hunting Inst full, ;
Diamond Dust
The Cubs had one pala day at
Powell River on the 24th. Robinson pul: over a line of fade aways,
and inshoots that kep! the pulp.;
makers busy, Some errors in their
difficult side-line outfield gave
the Rivt rites the lead, but the next
in et will t:o doubt recoid another
tale. In athletics our boys swept
the field and prizes clean, White
won easily the 100 yard dash,-with
[Grant, of Gomox, second, Grant,
I after a comical tussle won the ob-
'slacleiace, Whit'', the broad ,jump.
_ relay race was most exciting,
and was one of the best four entered. Douelly, While, H. GiieVe,
and Grant, The way Harry filled
the air with dust made 'spectators
think it was laining fragments.
Bevan won a hard football contest,
by two points to one. The Main-
landers have a think coming that
the Island produces some athletes
as well as the famous Comox butter. A fine ball in the evening
with "real moosic" by the D. O.
IC. K, orchestra brought a delightful days outing to a close. The
Powell Riverites are Royal entertainers, everybody being delighted
with the reception they gave to
visitors, The baseball players saw
the Paper Makers Union Secretary
and made a strong bid for to have
them to come here on their annual
outing, promising them a hyu welcome and good cheer. They will
let us know the date in a few days,
If they come here a local committee
should be formed to arrange the
days programme and give them the
id hand.
the soldiers at the front.    This is a
most worthy object an .:'.   ���'��� alto
prize tangle which was under the
direction of Mrs.   Mitchell,  caused
likely lhat a  good   turnout grtia* amusement, and did a lot  of
will be   1111    hand.    All   excellent
programme is being prepared, after
. hicli a dance will be held,
Mrs. Albert Rlppon, who has had Pj .rcy
several   operations at the hospital,  \,v \_rs
was convalescing with Mrs. C. G
Piercy, for a week.
business.    The first   prize  of  one
dozen pure bred White Wyandotte
n'ckeiis was won by   Miss   Flora
The  baby  show,   judged
ribbits,   resulted   in   ist
piize under 12   months,   going   to
Mrs.    Partot's    bab\,    2nd    Mrs.
Mrs. Dalzdl, of Denman Island,   Butcher,,  baby.    Uu'der 3  years,
ist prize. Grace Smith. 2nd,   Al.m
Ray,    The fancy and useful article
stall was iu charge of Mrs.   Frank-
j Iill-Watson.    Stall of   Plants,   Bis-
jcuits.   Jams,   Eggs,   etc,   was   in
of Mrs. Wilkin
is a guest with Mrs. Rood.
lie hud b.-eii lo a "slag" party
and his wife wanted to hear about
it. when he got home, "Well" he
.said, "one rather odd thing occurred; Jim Blauktou got up and left [charge of Mrs. Wilkinson. Heme
the table because some fellow told I "mde Caudy 'slaii '" charKe of
a story be didn't approve of." Mlss Game- The afternoon tea
"How nobl- of Mr. lilauktou," ex-!""1' refreshments were 111 charge of
claimed the wife; "aud���w.iai vas Mrs> J- B'   Ho,to s    Mr&   '""'���-'���'���
the Story, follll ?" i Mrs.  P. Beckensell and MissBubb,
'The    musical   programme   which
Mr. Partington, the popular Lazo
storekeeper, has purchased a Ford
Services at St. Peter's Anglican
church at 11 a. 111. on Sunday, and
at St Saviours, Denin in Island, at
7 p. in.
Mr. Victor Price, ol Powell River
is visiting with h.s sisler, Mrs.
Butcher, of Nob Hill.
exceptionally good was arranged
by Mrs. (Capt.) Vigors and the
Vicar, consisting,of duets by Mrs.
Mrs. Beard and Mrs. Gray, Songs
by Mr. Hames, Mrs. Gray, aud
Mr. Henderson, The entertainment closed with a sketch entitled
"Ca nping," given by the scholars
Knob Hill school, under tbe direct-
,,      .,      ,   ,, ,      ���    , lion ot  Miss   Wright     which    <
Mrs, L. C, Raiue has just return-        .1 .  ,,     ,,
_        -,-    ,     ,    ., : _. _., J great y appreciated by all
$6.00 Per Ton
Delivered in Courtenay
j." g All Orders Will Recieve Prompt Attention
ed from England and is the guest
of Mrs. Ed. Bourne, Point Holmes,
Dr. Beadnell paid his regular
visit to Comox wharf last week.
The Ci mox School teacher-, and
pupils V'icniced   to Hardy beach on
Victoria day was a   very   quiet
one iu Courtenay,    A large  number went tc  Powell   River   to   the
'doings"   there.    Some   wen1:   ta
Monday, a pleasant time was spent.' Nanaimo to  attend   the   shooting
Abjut    two   dozen   citizens   of tournament, and take in-the  fight.
while others either -'_���. ><| quietly
at home, or spent the afternoon at
Cumberland where tlie annual
sporls took place.
Presbyterian Church
St. Andrews'  Sandwick
Service 2 p.m.     Sunday School
Comox went over to I'owel! River
oh tlie excursion on Monday They
leport having a splendid time at
the paper making citv.
Nob Hill Strawberries are already '
011   the   market.    Mrs.    Reynolds
was  the first  to pick and market 1
Mr. Thompson of Nob Hill has |
secur.d a contract for laud clearing' allc] Bible Class 3 p. in
at Kye Bay. Courtenav
We hear that Percy Smith has; Sunday School and Bible "Class
secure! au order for twenty tons of! iq:3o a. in. Service 11:30. Even-
larberiy bark. He will soon have ingservice7:30 p. 111. AU welcome
a gang gathering it.
The Mission Ship Colurabiecame
into the Harbor ou Thursday and
remained for a few days.
lames Lawlor, of Royston, paid
Comox one ol" his periodical yisit_
011; day last week. The iuukeep-
-.���-.s and merchants were glad to see
a "live one" strike town.
Comox Creamery
40c per Ib. this week
ake Notice!
Phone 43 iCourtenay
that on and after June  1st,  1915, our terms for
House Wiring will be'
Anyone wishing to take advantage of our special
terms as hereto offered must make application before the above date
^_^^^^__w q
^__ 1���.,_*__^*.
Courtenay Electric Light, Heat & Power Co., Ltd.
Phones: Office 35, Res. R68
Office: Mill Street THE   REVIEW.   COURTNEY,   B.  _.
Illustration Farms
I Much Interest is Shown and Goad Results Fallow
lu  his  report on the inspection of
Prompt   Action  Often   Pre- llu" x<,|'viu.     aas probably Bnved you  the illustration Parma conducted by
vents Pleurisy or
_ .> long breaths hurt you* Try it.
���ml see. It you notice a whee_e ur a
catch in your side, theu be Bura
trouble exists.
Proper action consists hi u vigorous
rubbing of the back, ohesl and Bora
eiilc with "Nervlllae. rJ' 1��i_ wonderful
liniment sinks inlo the tissues where
tho pala i* seated gives Instant relief. Thai cutcii disappears, all sense
of soreness goes, uud you then know
394 Portage Avenue, Winnipeg.   Also at  Toronto,
Montreal and Vancouver
Mixed Farming
The   All-Round   Farmer   Meets   With
Mori. Success Than the Strictly
Grain Producer
Why can't every Champaign county
farmer raise and feed hogs and more
live stock'.'   says ihe Banker-Former.
Statistics show that the live'stock
farms ure the most profitable aud fertile.
t'ntil a decade ago this county was
a great stock raising county, before it
went grain crop mini, und when stock
prices were not half as good us now.
The farmer-stockman, raising and
feeding stock, fattens his farm and
liis bunk balance, gets two prices for
his crops, keeps for himself the profits of the grain speculator and the
railroad and increases tlie demand for
and the price of grain and becomes a
bigger, broader nnd richer man by being an "all round farmer."
Live stock prices are very high,
will long remain so. war or ��� war,
uud hog cholera can be prevented.
This bank ls working to build up
this county as well as the bank���
that's why il uses most of its advertising space, to talk about "Hogs" and
public welfare,
from pleurisy. the Commission of Conservation, ihe
Just uy NYrviiiue tor chest tight 'agriculturist of commission at the an-
cess, coughs, aches aud soreness it's mini meeting suid:
u wonderful liniment, .unl wheu kept I "TMB work hus been intensely Into the home saves iiic family from |terestlng, and the manner iu which
tots of ills and suffering. A large hot-, the farmers have undertaken and so
tie on band makes the doctor's bill J successfully carried on the work out-
mighty small, and can he depended on htued is indeed gratifying. Another
as u reliable and mighty prompt cure feature which must ooi be overlooked
for rheumatism, sciatica, lumbago, ims been t rulehteetslTeft-bo esu
pleurisy, stiff neck, sore muscles nud has been the Interest aroused among
enlarged joints. | tUe young people In the great possl-
del the large 60c family size bottle; bllltles of tell old home farm when
ii is far more economical than ibe _>c solentlDc and up-lo-date methods nre
trial size. Sold by dealers everywhere adopted, On one nf the Illustration
or direct, from tiie Cnturrhozoue Co.,! Farms, among ibe French-speaking
Kingston, Cauada. | farmers of Quebec, the farmer and his
i si\     grownup   sons   would   drop  ull
Work  io acconipnuy    ibe  Instructor
iiuil   lime   he   visited  Ibe    farm,  ull
joining iu Ibe discussions uud asking I
questions relating tn ibe farm operations.    This   former  himself    stated
i iimi. since following tbe advico of the
j commission's instructors, be hmi the
��� flrsl successful crop of clover and oil
I com lie had ever grown ou bis" farm.
This \va$ iu LO] I"
What Mothers Say of
Baby's Own  Tablets
oi.ee    n  mother lias used  Baby's
Own Tablets I'm' bir little ones sbe
will use no other medicine She
quickly realizes the Tablets are an
absolutely safe remedy and one lhai
will give' sure results, Concerning
Ihem Mrs. It. I,. Wright, I'eiinnbil,
Sask., writes: "I have used Baby's
Own Tablets for my three babies and
think so much of tbem that 1 always
keep them in lhe house." Tlie Tablets
nre sold by medicine dealers or by
mail at _.'���", cents a box from The Dr.
Williams' Mediclni Co., Brockvillo,
For DISTEMPER pskHpE,r:,9ee_tc
*-*���1-K-''���"*-'-""���"������ *-"-wan_ Catarrhal Fever.
Sure em*, and positive preventive, no matter bow Ihmm*.
nt any are mv [nfeotocl or "exposed.*1 Liquid, riven on tit*
tongue, acta on ilu. Blood and Glands, expels tiie poisonous
germs from the body. Cures Distemper hi Oops and Sheep
ami Cholera in Poultry. Largest sluing; itve stock remedy.
Cures La urlppe among human botngs ami la a ftna kidney
remedy. Cut this out. Keep It, Show ii in your druggist.
who will gel it for you. PVco Hm.viot. "Distemper, f'ausej
SPOHN    Ml.DICAT.    CO.,  Chemists  an,l   Bacteriologists,
UOSH10N,   IN1>.,   I'.S.A.
Should Vou Die Suddenly ?
Keep the Roof over the Children's Head by a  Policy ia
OFFICES:     Winnipeg, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Vancouver,
Calgary,    Regina.      Agen.s    Wanted
Minard's   Liniment  for  sale   everywhere.
Old or Young at Forty
Much Depends on Our Every Day
Habits of  Life
A physical director in ihe Young
.Men's Christian Association who has
examined more than 2,000 city men iu
the past year, snys that be limls tbo
type phyElcally deteriorating. Tho
average business nil u, he says, grows
old before liis time. At forty, he
, finds, tlie business mnn bus many ot
i the symptoms of actual old age, and
often seems on the \er__e cf a physical breakdown,
That is familiar talk. Tbe difficulty
is that so much of it is so nearly
true. The encouraging part of It, ou
the other hand, is thm few men need
to be old at forty unless they choose.
In a large measure, il is an optional
matter. If one keeps bis nose to tlie
grindstone of business, eats too much,
indulges himself too freely, gets no
physical exercise and takes bis business cares home nnd to bed with him
every night, he is .iretty likely to be
what, the director snys lie is.
Tlie suggestion that a man���or woman���is old at forty ought to be absurd. That it is nut absurd is something of a reflection upon that portion of us who because we are unwilling to take little trouble, are actually
bringing on age at forty.���Cleveland
Plain  Healer.
Scribbler���1\_ it poem here advocating peace.
Kditoi���I suppose that you honestly
nnd sincerely desire pence.
Scrlbblei���Ves, sir.
Editor���Then burn Hie poem.
CASE of Mrs. HAM
Declares Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound
Saved Her Life
and Sanity.
Shamrock, Mo.���"I feel It my duty
to tell the public the condition of my
health before using
your medicine. I had
falling, inflammation and congestion,
female weakness,
pains in both sides,
backaches and bearing down pains, was
short of memory,
nervous, impatient,
passed sleepless
nights, antl had
neither strength i_r
energy. There was always a fear and
dread ie my mind, I had cold, nervous,
weal: spells, hot flashes over my body.
I had n plica in my right side that was
ao s.re that ] could hardly bear the
weight of my clothes. I tried medicines
and doctors, but they did me little good,
and 1 never expected to get out again.
I got Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable
Compound and Blood Purifier, and I certainly would havebeen in grave or in an
asylum if your medicines had not saved
me. But now I can work all day, sleep
well at night, eat anything I want, have
no hot flashes or weak, nervous spells.
All pains, aches, feara and dreads are
gone, my house, children and husband
ore no longer neglected, aa 1 am almost
entirely free of the bad symptoms 1 had
before taking your remedies, and all is
pleasure and happiness in my home. "���
Mrs. Jo3i_ Ham, R. F. D. 1, Box 22,
Shamrock, Missouri.
11' you want special ad vice wrl te
Lydia E. Pinkham Medicine Co.,
(confidential) Lyon,Mass.
Separate School
Teacher Speaks
She  Had No Faith in Them, But the
Results and  Health Obtained
Convinced Her
Crates Cove, Trinity Bay, Xfld.���
I Special)���Among the thousands in
Newfoundland who pin their faith to
Dodd's Kidney Pills is .Miss Mary
Bridget Whelan, teacher in tbe Itoman Catholic school here.
"I am exceedingly grateful to
Dodd's Kidney Pills," Miss Whelan
states in an interview. "I was very
much run down iu health. Close confinement io my work brought ou my
''Reading of Ibe many cures by
Dodd's Kidney Pills 1 begin to use
tbem and 1 must confess with very
little faith.
"Before I had taken one box I was
not only cured but my etrengtli was
growing rapidly, and [ felt, a great
Improvement lu every way."
Miss Whelan gives the real leason
of the popularity of Dodd's Kidney
Pills. They do not cure the ailment
aimed at. at the expense of some
Oilier pail of he body. They build np
health all over ibe body. They do
Ibis by curing lhe Kidneys. Cured
Kidneys mean pure blood.
A Billion Wheat Deficit
Canada Should Increase Her Productions as Much as Poss'ble
According to reliable statistics
there are tied up at the present lime
about two billiou bushels of wheat,
the production of the countries at
war. 'i'his is In the vicinity ot halt
Ihe world's total production of wheat.
A recognized authority argue,, tbat
graining that the warring nations produce u one-half crop iu t'.ie coming
year, a1 deficit of one billion bushels
will still be shown. The three countries upon which the filling of this
deficit of one billion bushels will rest
are Canada, the t'nited States and
Argentina. The combined output of
these three countries is only ],2-19,-
uoo.OiiO: tlieir exportable surnlus
would, of course, be much less, so it
can easily he seen that tin question
Is not one to be easily solv.tl, and it
behooves Canada to increase her productions as much as she possibly can,
for when the war is over and trade
begins to re-establish itself and the
nations undergo a process of rehab-
'dilution, the demand for all bread-
stuffs must be enormous.
THE   BIGGEST  MOTOR  CAR   BUY   of  tlie  year.    A   combination  of
price, construction and equipment that has nrver before been brought together In one car.
A Remedy For Bilious Headache.���
To those subject to bilious headach .
Parmelee's Vegetable Pills are recommended as the way to speedy relief.
Taken according to directions they
will subdue irregularities of the stomach and so act upon the nerves and
blood vessels that the pains in tbe
head will cease. There are few who
are not at sometime subject to biliousness and familiar with its attendant evils. Yet none need suffer with
Ihese pills at hand.
Frozen Meat Trade
The repoit that the Australian government is buying up Ibe meat supplies to hold them in readiness for imperial needs, is a reminder tbat the
Antipodean frozen meat trade, vast
as it now is, dates only from 1882.
when the New Zealand grime: . tried
ihe experiment of exporting frozen
carcasses to Kngland. Tlie Antipodean!!, however, were not Ibe first to
hit. on the Idea of supplying frozen
meat, ln January, :l8lli. three Ksqui-
niaux arrived ai Harwich with a large
Consignment of game, frozen and
packed iu airtight cases, for which
Ihey found a ready sale at extraordinarily high prices.
KEETON rar_ ure built to give
day iu aud day out service. Only
tbo best, mater.als can giva you
this service.
Keeton construction is of recognized quality. Hut don't lake our
word for lt, make us prove lt.
5 Pas enger Touring.
3 Passenger Roadster.  ,
$1,375.00 and $1,425.00
1. Improved body Hues, giving
graceful  stream lino effect
L'. Clear vision, rain vision
:i. Deeper nn ' softer upholstering, in high grade leather.
4. Casollne ta..k iii. rear, giving
a better dial, (button of weight.
5. Vacuum Gravity Gasoline
feed���a feature of tba higher
priced cars.
G. Addition of one-man mohair
top, extra tire aud tube aud dash
iatup as standart equipment.
Keeton Motors, Limited, Manufacturers
".      A(   \.
ft I       ']       A��PI
/_     f.
.   1 f   .   .
Two litlle colored boys were viewing lhe sighls ill the Food Imposition,
says the National Monthly, and as
Iliey passed a cheese stall one of theni
sniffed nud said: "Phew! dat man's
done had dat cheese nn hand too
long." "No such thing," retorted lhe
other little buy, "it's dat 'spensive
lumbago cheese."
W. N. U. 104_
Liniment   Relieves   Neu-
(ireul Britain has been paying out
aiijverage of a thousand million dollars a year for foodstuffs, excluding
tea. coffee and cocoa, and all beverages. Noteworthy importations in
1913 were two million dollars' worth
of potatoes nnd a million dollars'
worth of eggs fr_ni Germany and
nearly two million dollars' worth of
hen fruit, from Austria-Hungary. Another notable Importation in lhe lirst
ix months of last year was fifteen
hundred thousard dollars' worth of
fruit from Turki ���.
1     A Prime Dressing For Wounds.   -In
| some   factories  und   workshops  car-
i bolic acid is kept for use in cauteriz-
' lug wounds and cuts sustained by the
workmen.   Par belter to keep oil hand
a bottle of Dr. Thomas' Eclectric Oil.
lt is just as quick iu actiun and does
not  scar the skin or burn lhe flesh,
There  is   no  other  Oil   that   lias  its
curative qualities.
Housing and Roads
Two hundred years hence the great
housing and town planning movement,
now at its meridian, which lias for ils
objects thf- planning out with wide
roads and open spaces of the land
lying round cities and towns and the
creel ion of houses for rich and poor
which shall be hysienically constructed and provided witli au abundance of
unfettered ground space, will be compared in importance ami consequences with the Renaissance of the
fifteenth and sixteenth centuries.
is adapted to all internal combustion engines, both
gasoline and kerosene burning. It retains its body
at high working temperatures and'is always uniform
in quality. Known to farmers tliroughoutthe Northwest for years as an absolutely reliable product. An
excellent oil for tractors.
Prairie Harvester Oil. A genera! utility oil for farm machinery.
Capitol Cylinder Oil.  Manufactured expressly for _t_m
tractor uiul stationary steam engine lubrication.
Thresher Hard Oil.   A high grade cup urease fur use on
separators nnd other farm machinery.
Eldorado Castor Oil.    A heavy ot. for farm machinery,
especially adapted for loose-lilting and worn bearings.
Arctic Cup Grease, iiiiule in seven grades to inert varying
Ask for our lubricants in steel barrels equipped with faucets
���the clean, economical method of handling mis on the farm.
Branch Stations Thioughout the Dominion
Made tn^^Canada
Liniment    Cures    Burnt,
��___>_*__> Granulated Eyelids,
t_JP\JP J *\^i ''''Ci inflamed by expo-
^._. lure to San, Dust and Win J
Flf^iC quickly relieved by MurllU
i"! V 9 EycReawdy. No .Smarting,
*f just  Eve Comfort,   A'
Vour Druggist's SOc per Bottle, _Brt_ Ey��
S��l.linT__i2$c. ForBe<_o!l_e_ye__ ���k
Druggists oi- _tirlie Eye Seoety C*., Cbicag.
Witii but three minutes to catch
his train, the traveller inquired of the
I rallicar conductor, "Gail you go
faster than this?"
"Yes," the bell ringer replied, "but
I have to slay with my iraincar."
As a vermicide there is nn preparation that equals Mother Graves' Worm
Exterminator, It has saved the lives
of countless children.
Alcohol evaporates, to which respect lt resembles the courage that is
screwed up by it.
ft is stated that it is now imposslbls
lo get a Turkish ball, in Loudon. Or
an 'Irish stew in Berlin, we suppose,
���Detroit free Press,
Children T eethsn a
Mrs. Winslows
Soothing Syrup
CrHeart oi P__andiHIST0RY 0F THE M0ST CRUC,AL
All of the Progress in Western Canada is not by any Means of the
lioom Order, as Fortunes Have Been Made in a Short
Space of Time by lhe Man on the Farm
Guy tilth.ail I'elton,
Montreal Journal uf c
of some Information i
trip  through   the  west,
writing iu lho
iininerce, tells
alhered ou a
mark, li rem In ,| Uial marl, less iban
tell days later, Tlmt baulie gol live
linics loi his side line what lie gol
ius regular salary,
We bear much tluse days of tlie; There are hundreds ot farmers of
the diail- the est who are nmking fortunes,
st Hint we ; nicy me making ihem quietly aud
bout must .ayiug In lie aboiii .t. .Men ai I com-
i It Is but in,; into Aiherta and Saskatchewan
cities.   So   from the  Daltolns,  from    Iowa,  tlie
dull west, the dead wesl
liistoneil west. All the wi
hear aboul - Hint we hear i
Ij in least Is tlie wesl a
tied up in a dozen i. less
l.lldtlle and western slates. .More
would come it Ihey could gel rid u!
ihelr American holdlnss, The llllle
low iis   uf   Alberta    are     iu   splendid
much  has  been  spoken,  written,   ,lc-
lured, of ihe unemployed men, of lho
lull   of  llie real   estate   boom,   of   Ibe
dump  in  rents and  lhe  llgblness  uf
money - I li til we liuvo forgotten about I shape, I can name a dozen lowns of
Hie real wesl. Tbe real west Is in lit,) |,.o population Ihrough which the hog
country- not lhe dozen or less cities, shipments run into J300.000 annually.
The real west is in lhe unboonied. and the wheat ami grains from $400,-
1 have Jusl completed a tour of i nun i(, $1,000,001) annually. Tbe. conn
some two dozen Albcrtn agricultural I try is booming, but tlieir cars are so
districts, and one district in Saskutch I deafened with the knocking and pessi-
ewim.    I lime talked with bunk mau-, tujsni   that  they  know  it  nol.    They
iigers, Interviewed homesteaders,
.halted with country merchants. Let
me say here that if tills same trip
could be taken by some of our, financiers, magnates and others wlio only
could toll what they found, the wesl
would have a boom such as it has
never had, Rather than give the
names of each district in which the
stories are connected. 1 will append
al the end of this article the names of |Bold  since
by me. Then it
.  hoard  ot
are  in  the  midst, ot prosperity,    bul
their  eyes are  so  blinded  by  newspaper shirk's of unemployed and lower city rents and unsold real estate
thai Ihey see il no-
One   farmer   spoke   In   this   wise,
"Last week 1 sold one of my farms
and got !f!),uuo for it.   Today I brought
lu a carload of hogs, which will make
total of some $4,oo0 worth 1 have
Christinas.  1 wns foolish
tlie districts visited by me. Iben it enough to let my wheat, go at $1.25. 1
will uot look like a board of trade had fO.Otio bushels���nearly all .No. 1."
publicity campaign. Then, reminded of the hard times and
In oue district 1 met a man who had , the war by contact with a city man,
been a Slreet, car conductor, lirst in he spoiled il all by remarking, "But
Toronto, then in Edmonton. Five 11 tell you, boy, this war has hit me
years ago he took a homestead, and hard. I have got considerable unsold
all he bad was a lot of ambition and property in Bdmorton, and a couple
a very little money���less than $500. j of unsold lots in Saskatoon."
That waB five years ago. Today lie j it js true that some farmers had
owns over 700 acres of land, 50 horses, j their crops burned out. Somo need
200 head of cattle, and his bank ac- government said to buy this year's
count shows a credit of $7,800���the seed. But It Is also true that the west
cash being this year's wheat money. ha tilled with prosperous farmers.
Ills land, his stock and his equipment There are literally thousands of agri-
are all paid for. _       culturists w_j have in live to eight
In another district, just on- of a | years made themselves financially in-
town which in the boom days was ��� dependent. It is fashionable to talk
much boomed, there is : uotner mau. about hard times, so Ihey do it and
In professional life ho was a scribe��� the outside world hears the grumbling
a poorly paid newspaper man Uo | .,U(j knows nothing ot the brighter
oilier kind of a newspaper man being ] Bui_.
p sible). He never farmed in his in a five weeks'trip 1 met continual-
life before. He has been eight years My young men who had left the city
on tl.e land. He is a modest man and J [tfe live or six years previously, who
doesn't like to talk about his own had been journalists, plumbers, street
success.   In those e.ght years be hasjear conductors, bookkeepers, median-
""""" '  '"'"''   ics-.and if 1  got their confidence I
found that they were wealthy, independent men, men who were making
���accumulated two section: of land
some U00 bead of cattle, and Brad-
streets rate him as worth .$150,000.
That's better than the .Journal of.
Commerce editor could do In eight
In a third district there is an ex-
plumber, lie admits that the plumber
Is usually well pain, but it doesn't
compare with farm life in the Canadian vest. He started with .$600, and
he hasn't ended up yet. His hogs
bring him $6,000 per year, and wheat
last year brought him $6,500. His
farm life has lasted six years and he
doesn't want to go back to the city.
ln a Saskatchewan village t met a
bank manager who mildly intimated
that he had gone into farming as a
Bide line. The week I met him he
notified the elevators at Port Arthur
that they coulil let his 6,000 bushels
of wheat go when it reached tlie $1.30
anually from hogs and wheat and
mixed farming as much money as Ib
paid our lieutenant-governors, our
provincial premiers, our supreme
court judges. 1 dare to predict that
the west has only commenced���for
each and every oi|g of these successful agriculturists is advising his
friends to quit the city and its
troubles and get out Into the open.
(The above stories, which are all
true, were gathered in the following
districts visited by me���North Battle-
ford, I'rovost, Chauvin, Bdgerton,
Fort Saskatchewan, Vermilion, Vegre-
ville, Wainwiight, Camrose, Hardlsty,
Lougheed, Daysland, Viking and numerous small towns on the O.N.R.,
G.T.P., and the Edmonton-Winnipeg
branch of the C.P.R.)
i The   Ancient  Capital  of  Poland  is a
City   With a  History
I   Around the ancient capital ol Pol
.anil, Cracow,    _lit li   the  Russians
j nope i.i capture, clusters most of the
'glorious memories of that last but
' not forgotten kingdom,
,    There for more than four hundred
| years the   kings    uf  Poland    were
crowned and  burled,   and  for more
I than three hundred year., it was tlieir
I seat of government,   There lie buried
|Jan Sobleskl,   who delivered Vienna
and    iherchy    all  Europe��� ol    the
Turks; .ontntowskl, the famous general  who became one  of Napoleon's
marshals;  Mtclitowics,   tbe   poet ot
'on.uu.   .mil KobcIubko,   the patriot
In ro of the Poles.
The    linn lis of all  four  are   in   llie
I Stanislas     Cathedral,   a    beautiful
Iiloiblc   church    built   in 1360,   that l
crowns tbe  Wavel, u rocky hill that
rises mi ibe o.ige nt ihe town. There
\ are  other  llu,,  churches  in  lhe  city, j
jibe    Jtugiisiinii.il    mul    Dominican I
among them;   uml there is also Hie1
j great  Royal  Castle,  which   was  long I
the residence of the kings of Poland,
which fell to the uses of a barracks
after the  kingdom  was divided, and]
which has within the. iasl  fifty years |
been restored.
The city also contains a very fam- ]
[oiis old university, which dales from |
186.4,   and    in age is second only to
| Prague among the universities of Kurope.
The Intellectual and artistic
achievements of the Poles and the
Bohemians, attained six centuries and
more ago, show thai (he Slav is capable of the highest tilings. Ile is
weakest perhaps in the organization
of government, for 'Poland, long the
bulwark of civilization against, the
Tartar and tlie Turk, fell at last because of the endless dissensions
among its brave and brilliant nobility.
Cracow Itself war founded about
TOO A.D. .More than once it was destroyed by the Tartars, rebuilt and re-
colonized by Polish, Herman and Bohemian settlers,
From 1305 to 1610 It was the capital of Poland; later it was part of the
grand duchy of Warsaw, and from
1815 to 1846 it was, wiih its immediate neighborhood, a free an 1 neutral
state, a distinction It lost when internal disorders gave Austria an ex
case to step in and take possession
of the town.
One of the most Interesting things
in Cracow is Kosciusko Hill, a mound
of earth on the top of lhe Borislava
hill, lt is made of handfuls of earth
brought by Poles from every corner
of the kingdom, and thrown together
to form a memorial to the Polish patriot, composed ot the soil of the
country he loved so well. Across the
river Vistula on Krakus Hill there is
a similar mound, which is said to be
almost twelve hundred ;�����..'. s old; It
was, so tradition says, raided in ihe
same way to the memory of Krakus.
the Slavic prince wbo founded the
If the war results in an autonomous
or semi-autonomous kingdom of Poland, Warsaw instead of Cracow may
bo its capital, since it is more centrally situated and much larger. But
to Hie patriotic Pole, Cracow is always tlie spiritual centre of his fatherland���the "heart of Poland."
Most Gigantic Crisis in the Historj of the British Empire was the
Climax of  the Fighting at Ypres, when (lenernl French
by his Presence' Turned the Tide of Battle
"1 was present at llouge between French had at noon on Ibis day.
2 and u o'clock on tills day." Thes ' A little later Ine automobile oi Gen-
thirteen words will ring down through era! French whirled Into the little
the ages in Britisli history, They, town of Hooge. A short distance up
were written by Sir John French, .n the .Meny road was'he very heart and
his official report ot tne battle of core of the battle.
Ypres on October 31, u bas taken ro Bea General French come into
the British people mail, months to tbe heart ol the battle, amid the
learn wbat a gigantic crisis in the Ins- s|K.|ls, to know that he had no; given
lory of the empire lies behind ibis     - ��� ^^���> ���
phrase. Tbey were Blxty short, ter
rlble mil es that climaxed twenty
days of terrific lighting. Each day
had seen a battle nun was historic iu
iis* intensity.
up hope, was an Inspiration to the officers. New life came into the British. General French was spending
that famous little hour "at Hooge
between _ and 3 oelock."
General  French  and  Sir    Douglas
,    .���    ... usuBim    i lenen    mm    _|I       UOUgi
lhe Germans  ha., lake,     Antwerp     . officers hustled from
and.were swingi-.g down toward the  _���,*     ,,���    '^ melr comtag
English, channel and Calais, . ir John
French and his men bad beeu entrusted with the duly of stopping the gap
lu the allied lines between ,' mien
Heres and Ypres.
For twenty  days  French   bad  been
point     to     point. ^^^^^^^
majors, colonels, captains, all were
tired wilb the greatness of the moment. They became privates; they
seized rilles and fought with their
men. There wns no longer un:d for of-
Tommy Atkins
Is A Puzzle
Soldier and Civiliar Alike in Franc .
Regard With Wonder the Men
Who Play Football
The thousands of English soldiers
now on French toil are to Frenchmen,
strange, exotic creatures, the study of
which is full of delightful surprises.
A French journalist who travelled to
the trenches and Interviewed several
specimens of tlie renins Tommy Atkins, published the results in a Paris
One Tommy was "of the species
crane," with thin legs and arms like
telegraph wires, by no means as taciturn as iho l'Tenciiman had believed
Englishmen to be. lie told the Frenchman some tall yarns. "In oue tight
our battalion lost 500 men," he vouchsafed. ' One bullet, which just scratched uiy nose, killed my pal beside
Another Tommy dwelt on the awful
fact that lie had been "twenty-two
days on water without any tea In it."
He, too, had been in tlie thick of the
fray und nud killed several of the
enemy with Ills own hand, which
recounts the Frenchman, tilled him
with a "gentle joy,"
"Arc the inhabitants of this part
of France hospitable'.'" the journalist
inquired of another Tommy.
"Awfully nice," replied the soldier.
These words the correspondent, after
giving them in English to show how
strange they look, translates: "Ter-
rlblement amiable- a combination
wiiiuh must appear perfectly incomprehensible to Frenchmen, who do not
see how a thing can be "awful" and
"nice" at the same time.
At a village In Northern France tha
newspaper man found some English
soldiers instructing a lot of village
boys ln the rudiments of football.
"When the French (earn scored a
point," he wrote: "I said to one of
the Englishmen: 'But c_en't you
uhamed to let them beat you at your
|wn game'.'' to whl h the Britain re-
is  .ine  until     he  had ! ?Ce,r,S;   ,he ,bi,ttle tilrt ljeoome a ����;''t
120,000   men,   but   during   the    same ln Ule avalih
space of timi  the Germans had been ll was shortly before 220 that Gen-
piltng  up  their  forces  until,  ou  Lhe el'a'  French  got his  lirst chance  to
morning  of  October  31,   there   wire hit tlie Germans on their Hank.    The
nearly four German army corps fac- si(|e attack flustered tliem. With cold
Ing the centre of the British, general's Isteel "llJI'e   the   Worcesters   retook
line.    Thin     centre     was    held   by Cheluvelt and closed the .Meny road.
Sir Douglas llalg.    four Germans to Fr��ni thai moment the tide of battle
one Britisher were   he odds. turned.    By 3 o'clock, when the his-
General French   realize I that after t'"'i''  visil of sir John    French    at
twenty days of sparring, the Germans Hooge had ended, the British soldiers
had decided where io strike Tho bal lim'w th,'.v had held the G:rmans back
tie began  in  the  niorniii -,  with con- and that tho issue bad been decided.
tests along the whole Hi n   The field The British lost, about. 50,000 man on
of Waterloo was as a child's garden llns momeutous October 31 and in the
in   size,    compared    with    General -'-' days .ightlng that preceded tt Tha
French's battleground. French and  Belgians lost about. :;,,
Back at    i'pres,   General    French    men and tbo German losses were
studied the battle by means ol maps, estimated     at   about  360,000.  In   ait
Telephones and courier', brought iiini dearly half a million men were lost
news almost every uiomeut,    As lha Tli ' losses of the north In the entire
day advanced towards noon tho light ''ivil War were about 600,000.
ing on the wings   grew   less;  iu the I    General   French's    laconic    report
centre ii grew fiercer and fiercer, the merely said:
burden of the day was falling on the "I  was  present    with Sir  Douglas
first army corps. Almost every minute Halg     at   Hooge  between  2  ar.d   3
some British regiment was either suf- o'clock    on mis day, when the  Hist
ferlng some catastrophe or achieving division  were retirbi    1 regarded  ir.
some teat that would go down In i's us tha most critical moment at 'am
history forever. great  bailie.    The  rally  of  the  tirsr.
British    histories and  all  military   division and the re-capture of the __l~
history will say that no general in the   laga of Cheluvelt at such a time wan
annals of grcai battles over had great fraught    with    momentou.     come-
cr cause of giving up hope than Gen. i rjuences."
Tetanus in German Shells' A  Close C'lll
plied: 'Ah, but we want to encourage
the people of France to take up
Football was being played wherever
there were Englishmen Often tlie
games were between teams of English
and French soldiers. Where a ball
was not to be had the players were
quite content to kick about a bundle
of clothes.
When uot thus engaged, the English soldier finds time to enter the
lists of Cupid. The French writer
tells of ono Tommy whom he saw
"promenading proudly before the awestruck glances of the villagers with
three girls on his arm!"
"Tlie English'.' Oh, they're good
fellows," remarked a villager In ]
whose house a number of lhe allies of
France were quartered, "They're In I
bed snoring every night at 8. They
gel together ln my kitchen while 1
make their tea and sing sentimental
songs. They're all musical." The
Journalist added in corroboration of
this statement, that he himself heard
Tommies "singing discordantly to the
acconipttnjm _at of tlie cannon."
Also he found that Tommy had a
sense of humor. On one occasion, he
learned a German officer came charging at the head of his men into an
English trench. Leaping over tlie
edge of it he fell headlong into a sea of
black mud, from which he picked himself up, black and dripping, and ��yc-
"What a confounded nuisance this
old war is, isn't it'.'"
Whereupon a Tommy, about to run
his bayonet through the intruder,
hurst into roars of laughter and made
him a prisoner instead.
"And ihe Tommies arc philosophers
too," writes the Frenchman. "I heard
one of Ihem say solemnly to a comrade: 'If you have any money, spend
It all today. Vou may be dead tomorrow!' "
Figures That Carry Lesson
Large Importations From Foreign
Countries of Grain by Great
Great Britain imported 51,786,015
bushels of wheat from Canada in
1913. She also imported 9,360,'100
bushels from Hussia, 2,050,987 from
Germany, 804,533 from .Prance, 201,-
653 from Houma.iia, 265,843 from
Austria-Hungary, and 76,533 bushels
from Bulgaria, a total of J2,759,019
bushels that will have io be made up.
There was a decrease in Russia's exportation to Britain of 7.000,000 bushels In 1913, compared with 1912, and
of 24,0000,000 compared With 1911.
In 191", the United S.ates supplied tlie
Doited Kingdom with 80,13,870
bushels, an increase of 32,000,000
bushels over 1911, while Canada's increase in 1913 over llll2 was only
1,177,000 bushels. Great Britain's
lotal Importations reached 229,58'.-
865 bushels.
Great Britain imported 14,246,000
if barley from Hussia 'n
J40,583 bushels from Ron-
208,700 bushels from Turkey
832,067 from Germany, and
bushels from Austria-Hun-
total of 24,148,833 bushels,
supplied 6,977,633 bushels,
United States MJJ366,56'
Great Britain's
amounted   to
total   im-
1913,    3
mania, 6
in Asia,
gary,   a
and  the
Great Britain Imported 9,173.459
bushels of oats from Rossi . in 1913,
11,27::,459 bushels from Germany,
and 2,007,765 bushels I'rom Roiimania,
a total of 22.4.r,4.683 bushels. Canada
supplied 7,734,588 bushels, and the
United States 4.723,814. Great. Britain's total Importations of oats were
59,829,950 bushels.
surely the foregoing figures carry
tlnir own moral to Canadian farmers.
Sir     William      Ramsay      Translates
French  Chemist's Warning
Sir \Yilii_m Ramsa^ writes to the
London Times,, enclosing a translation
of part of an article which appears
in the current numuer of Hie Comptcs
rendtis" of tlio French Academy of
Science. Il is by M, Victor Henri,
'ii French chemist of the highest reputation; 11. Urbaln is one of the most
distinguished scientific men. Tin
translation is as follows:
".M. Urban, who      i had an oppo
tunlty of examining a nui.ber of Ger
man  .-.hells  which  have  failed  to explode,   informs     me   that    explosive
shells of 77 calibre and shrapnel shells ,
contain mostly a  large    quantity of:
violet brown  powder, smeling strong ;
ly of white phosphorus, 97 per cent. '
of which consist of various kinds of
phosphorus, the red variety predominating.
"in the explosive shells the phos-
pl'.orus is -,'onlained in a cylindrical
box, one inch by two inches, lu lhe
shrapnel the bails are contained iu a;
cylindrical box, two and tua-balf
inches in diameter, and the inter :
slices between the balls re filled by
the violet brown powder, containing
97 per cent, of phosphorus. The balls
are roughened, so as to retain a certain quantity of adhering phosphorus.
"Consequently, fragments of Ger
man shells and shrapnel carry into a
wound more . ��� less phosphorus, This
should be speedily called t, tho notice of surgeons, for phosphorus produces morlillcaiiiiu of the tissues ii i
contact ewn witli a shrapnel hall;
microbes, especially anaerobic ones,
which produe, tetanus and gangrene,
llnd a mel,.um favorable to their development, and tne wound may be
come grave. Wounds produced by
German shrapnel and shelli should
therefore be greatly lucised and cleaned out  with lhe greatest (..re."
Sir William adds that the temperature of explosion would convert lhe
comparatively   harmless    red    phosphorus into tlio dangerous yellow va- i
riety. i
How a Dog Brought a Soldier of tii a
Royal Navy to Life
Dog lovers will Le interested in t__
following account to the "Scotsman.
respecting the recovery of .John Cowan, an A.B. of the Royal Fleet Reserve, one of Hie crew of the "Formidable," when .hat ship was knocked
out in the Channel. When Cowan,
who ia a Fifeshire boy, was brought
to J^yme Regis with some other rescued men, he was carried into the
Pilot Boat hotel and placed on the
kitchen tloor in the belief that he
was dead, all efforts to restore him
after he had been lifted out ot tho
boat.having apparently failed. AU ha
had on was a pair of thin pants and
a vest, and in this meagre dress he
pass. 1 through tho fearfu, experiences
of those unfcrgeitable 22 hours. Seeing that 14 of his comrades, some better clad than he, bad succumbed to
exposure and exhaustion, it is small
wonder that it was thought he. too,
was dead. As Le lay there, unconscious and unattended���all attention
being concentrated '.n those who
showed any rign of life���a remark
able incident occurred. A dog ot the
house, a rough haired cross bred collie, walked to tlie body and displayed
considerable uneasiness. "Lassie"���
for that is the dog's name���whined
piteous.y, and lay alongside Cowan
and began to lick his face. At the end
of half nn hour, a faint mom, :. movement of the body, and a glad whining
from the dog attracted the attention
of ono of tb; helpers. The warmth
of llie dog's body against Cowan's
heart and his assiduous licking of his
face had induced circulation. Immediately, willing hands com.leted the
work the dog had begun and in a
short time Cowan sat up. Since then
the dog and Cowan have been insep
aral.de, and as Cowan is not yet allowed out, he and the dog spend most
of the time before tho kitchen fire cultivating Hie acquaintance so curiously
begun.���Edinburgh Scotsman.
On The Farm
"Wbat do you want with all those
hammocks and phonograph records
and fancy groceries?" as..ed the storekeeper. Going to have summer
"No," replied Farmer Co;-tassel. "I
wouldn't waste all them on summer
Bill bail a billboard; Bill also bad it j boarders. I'm trying to make the
bo'ardbill. The boartlbill bored Bil! so I place attractive enough to persuail- a
he told Hie billboard to pay the board-1 few farmhands to linger ..round an'
bill. After Hill sold the billboard tbe I help me out with the wheat crop."���
boartlbill no longer bo.ed Bill., .Kansas City Journal.
Those Subtle Germans !
In this crisis (Britain's command of I
the sea)  it occurred    to  some iron-1
crossed genius that if America could
be persuaded that it was Imminently '
dangerous for her merchant E'lips to
approach British ports, the American,'
government, seeing its traaa cut off!
from all- the belligerents, would insist
that  Great   Britain  should  surrender:
her  sea  power  and  agree  to  allow :
neutral   vessels   to   carry   cargoes  to!
Germany.     The   idea   was   based   on
Ibe  qtilte  erroneous  belief    that Hie j
American people earn for nothing but
money and profits.   The Kaiser forgot
the American's exuberant    sense    of
humor. - London Express.
Survival of the Unfit
Tlie Haeckel doctrine, in fart, fs the
survival of the unlit. Like most German scientists in the past forty years,
he was a laborious imitator, carrying
the discoveries and theories of other
men .'. few obvious steps further. The
people he would postulate as survivors would not, in point of usefulness
to the world, be the fittest. They
might he ihe strongest or the most
brutal or the most successful, in tha
crudest meaning of the term. But in
all thai makes man higher than the
brute and lift' him nearer to his God,
the doctrine of the survival of the fittest, thus stated, represents the sul-
eide of tiie human rare through a
gradual relapse Into barbarism.���Wall
Street Journal.
ahe���Qlve me a week to think your v,:e feel safe In suggesting that tbe
proposal over'.' ��� ' Franco-British  fleet, put the  Hell In
He -Sure. If I'm not married tn'the Hellespont���Southern Lumber
Hint time, I'll let yon know, man. THE COURTENAY REVIEW
The Courtenay Review
Anil Comox Valley Advocate
A   Wecky   Newspaper,   Pllbished   at
Courtenav, II. 0,
N. n. ituiuiN, Editor aud Proprietor
Subscription tl.SO per War in Advance
Telephone 59
THURSDAY, MAY 27, 1915
Mr. Wm. I liens in lust week'i
Herald pays his respects to tin
Editor ui tliis. paper. Now we 'lu
md sec that Mr. Idiens' epistle has
done us an. K���i,,l, neither has it
done us any liatni, an,I has only |
served to muke M,, .dtetlS appear
ridiculous in tlu- i yes of ail fair-
minded citizens. If Mr, Idiens
thinks l'or oue moment thai Mr,
Pere/. is Koing to give ai my
claims in or the citizen., on Isabel
street have to tin pi si i (_ i to a
buucli of real estate speculators he
is much mistaken, He will find
that it will take more than a "turkey dinner" to influence Mr, Perez
invaluable. Furthermore, it was
known that shipping engaged by
the Admiralty was being used in
the Pacific, With this in mind the
Hon. W. K. Rosa cabled Sir Richard McBride and the Agent General
in London, and through tin irefforts
it lias been possible to secure the
me of a number of Itritisli bottoms
as lumber carriers from this Pro
vluce on the return voyage, In tlie
case ol the 10,000,000 feet order
naw obtained, the British Admiralty |
will itself make all arrangements
for the iKi.i--s.ai\- tonnage, thus
making shipment a certainty, Tin
Minister of Lands, in an interview,
laid much emphasis upon the sue?
cess of the Province in securing Ihis
Inital order, The Hon, VV. j.
Ilowsei al.so referred u> the action
of the Dominion Government
through Sir George Foster, whose
far-sighted work 011 behalf ot the
lumbering industry of British Columbia was very highly appreciated
|iu this Province.   At the instance
Of the llon.'W.  R,  Ross, tilt: Com
Have wc not just as good a rieht to' "llisslon.er of Commerce at Ottawa
try and have the post office near to | ?,!?.; ���n"f,_   t0 e!ery sawmi11 ;"d
mu���printing   ollice   as   Mr, Idiens
I       0m�� uc,,, tuighiugle min operator ,��� the Province
ollice   as   Mr, linens    ,;������.., ,     t e    1   ..
'otlenug  to supply   lice ot   charge
future   numbers   of   Ute   Wetkly
has to have it built opposite his
real estate office? We have the
heaviest mail in Courtenay, why
should we eart it all over town?
The post office site was .selected as
the best suited to all ..iti.'ciis of
Courtenay We believe il is the
best vet with but one exception.
Mr. Idiens has not fought fairly
from the beginning of this controversy. Because A r. Idiens has sold
j.35 lots to a lot of "suckers" for
$250 is no reason why the rest ot
us should let them have the post
office built away out in the suburbs.
In this connection we are quite
willing to admit that we were
"suckers" enough to buy four lots
at $250 each, t. e productive value
of which is practically nil.
Report issued by  lhe Department
of Trade and Commerce upon ap
plication,     This publication contains tlie  various reports from the
Canadian    Trade    Commissioners
throughout the wdrid, information
on overseas markets aud  a list of
openings for Canadian manufacturers.    From time to time then- will
be included   the reports   received
from Mr  II. R. MacMillan, who is
now investigating conditions in the
principal markets on behalf of the
Canadian timber trade in his capa
city as Special Trade Commissioner.
So keen i.s the interest shown in tlu
States in such matters t'at  it i-
uecessary to print the publications
corresponding to the above daily
instead of weekly.   It is, therefore,
The Hon.   W. R. Ross has an. | hoped thaUv  y Britisli Columbia
nounced that the ilritish Admiralty I operator will take advantage of the
is placing an order with   British  offer, and so keep in touch with the
Columbia mills for 10,000,000 feat Movement for wider markets,'
of demension lumber for shipment
in June and July.    The Provincial
Government was informed of   its
successful efforts on behalf of  the
export lumber trade by cable from
Sir   Richard   McBride.     Hitherto
British Columbir firms whether bidding on private or British Government orders have been able to deal
only     with     American     brokers
through whom it has been the custom to place such European orders.
Thus the order now .secured is the
first instance in which direct dealing
between the Old Country nnd this
portion of thc Empire has been formally recognized as the only proper
method,     In    future    all   British
Government enquiries  for Pacific
Coast   lumber   will   be   addressed
direct  to   British  Columbia as   a
result of the representations made
by  the Provincial Government   to
the Home authorities.    British Columbia lumbermen have al.so be-11
handicapped b\ the control of available shipping secured by American
brokers   and    American   shipping
companies which deal in lumber as
well as carrying it to foreign markets.    This feature was one of the
main  reasons for the despatch of
Mr, II.   R, MacMillan  as Special
Trade Commissioner to the United
Kingdom, under instructions from
Sir George Foster, whose energelk
co-operation in this matter 1ms been
George and .Miss Tarbell left by
auto for Victoria ou Wednesday���
From there they will cross ovei lo
Seattle antl take thc Shasta, en
route for San Francisco, on a visil
to the Panama Exposition.
Marion Grey, Nettie Robertson,
and Eva Bickle, who have completed their studies at tlie Vancouver
Normal school, returned home on
Sunday, Miss Hilda Watson arrived ou Wednesday.
Rev. William Elliott, B, A., left
on Monday to attend the B, C.
Conference at New Westminster.
Mr.   Willoiigbby,   of   Courtenay 1
pulpit i.i
the   Methodist
Sunday evening
Coup :
trict Hos
issue of the li- C. Ga: ��� tl
appointment of John Bj
member of the board' of
of St.  Joseph's   Hospital,
and Union & Comox Disti
pital, Cumberland.
At :i special meeting
Volunteer Fire Brigade, held on
Tuesday 1 . euiug, Thos. K- Banks,
chief of lhe Department, on behall
of   the   Fire   Brigade,    presented
You   Tried   Our
md Tea
" Own "
We have a new  sh
Tea  in stock direct
from Japan
We  guarantee  this to be the best Tea sold  at 50
cents per pound in this town or district.    Let
us prove  this  to you by  selling you
a trial pound
'"^ _:
(,_��<_ In CanaJe)
Now is the time to
procure   your  seeds
for early planting
We carry a full stock
of First Class Seeds
and Implements
Telephone 4 SANDWICK
Barrister ami'Solicitor,  Notary  Publii
and JSollcllor,  Notary
P, 0. Box 21)9
F.  P I K li]
Plastering Contractor
The Dyke COllR'I'l.NAV
Estimates Pnrliislieil   Work Guaratlteei
Th_e nre cheaper
why Hliould you wn_
the dilTerence in _,:!
' them
>_   _*���
Mlm, ___
..._.'���     ���       ���        ���    ���'
���*' _j_&E:_ ���_. .. :str
Frank Hurford vvith a handsome
gold wristlet watch as a token of
esteem and appreciation 011 his
leaving to join the Canadian Forces
We understand that Mr. Hurford
has joined the transport service,
A farewell dance was held   ir  the
When In
Play Trumps
Have Goard Tune Your Piano
Factory Experience
Recommends   from   Leading Maslciaui
Irom tlle Atlantic to the I'licific.    Copies
of .same (lU'iiislied nn request
\V, T. Goard   will De   in tlii_ city  aboul
August 1.     .eave orders at tliis Office,
or write direct lo
845, 8th Ave., W.    -   Vancouve;
Cumberland Hotel [Palace LJVePy
Good Accomodation
Wm. Merryfield
Cusine Excellcn
Creditors' Trust  Deeda  Act
and Amending Acts
Peti   Dai
to haven
wi 1-1 :        i, in the  1       ill
ni Cun berland
OTIC I. is hereby given that William George McKean, trading asa
general merchant at Courtenay, in the
Province nl Britisli Columbia, assigned
to Jamea Roy, Accountant, 221 I'licific
ll.iilding, Vancouver. I!. C. in trust for
bis creditors, all bis real and personal
property, credits, and effects, which may
be seized and sold under execution,
which assignment is dated Lhe 6lh day of
Genera! F. _.r__c_i..
ceivi 'i by the Mitnsti r oi i ,an i
indicate that the fire situation is
considered dangerous in the Prince
Rupert, Hazeltoiii Fort George,
I :'' 11 ��� an ' Ti te faune I listrii Is,
ihe weathei f >r the pasl \ .��� ������!���. having ! ecu hot .: d dry. Thirty
large (i'i 1 !':iv, occtti red in the
Fo t Geor .e District 1 lone.
Clearing operations are general
thrbttghont the Province, much ac
tivity 1 eing shown in this directicn
by pre-einptors. especially in the
Fraser Valley, Vancouver Island,
Vernon and Tele Jaune areas
From Craubrook heavy rains nre
reported, which with th* heavy
growth of green vegetation have
greatly reduced the fire hazard. Iu
that district some eighteen hundred
acres of lodging slash lui^e been
disposed of this spring and more
will be d.ealt with.
Fires in the Vancouver  and   Island Districts were confined to  eld
stands which is a constant source
of :';������ ;er the Forest
tii ng I .    ���      Tha
Horses and  Buggies  for Hire
Terms cash.
We  also attend to wood hauling
Courtenay Phone 25
First-Class Plumbing
Hot Water and Steamfitting
Jackson & Whittle
Phone 9 Courteuay
And notice is   further   given   that
��� uk of the creditors will be  held all
..I   the   Till.    CANADIAN'j
( 1 IJW'l     MEN'S   TRUST    ASSOCI-
.       :'., 225 Pacific Building,   7-141
St. West, Vancouver, II. C, on |
Wednesday, the 19th day of  May, 1915,
at i I o'cli ':  in the   forenoon,   for  the |
1      '    a giving directions for the rlis-
posal of tin     tail .
And notice is further given that creditors are required to send to tlle  assignee:
ou or befi.ie the l'.Mh day of May,   1915,    __________________________________________
particulars, duly verified, of tlieir claims I .
and the security (if any) held by  them, !
and to entitle any creditor to vote bis PORT   AUGUSTA   HOTEL
claim must be filed on or before the day
of the meeting.
And noil e Is further given that
assignee will, oil, or alter the 19th
of May, 1915, proceed to distribute
assets of the said   William   George
Genera! Blacksmith
nlieii   Vuur I'uti'iiiiinrc.   riireful Attontton
Qlvcn lu Horses Feci
McKean, among the persons entitled thereto, having regard only to the claims of
which he shall bave then hnd notice
and he will not be held responsible for
the assets, or any part thereof, so di
tributeil to any person of whose claim he
shall not then havi been notified.
Dated at Vancouver,  II.   C,,   this  7th
day-of May, 1915.
Comox-, B, C.
First-class   Accommodation.   Best
Quality Wines Liquors and Cigars
R.   McCuish, Prop.
To Bake
unusually early the danger
ight on
comes dining the time between the
disappearance of the .',now and the
growth of the new vegetation,    At
such a time, a   spark,   match,   or
carelessly-left   camper's  fire   may
lend to a   conflagration   likely   to
run ever a large area, travelling by
... ..::   of fallen needles,   dry leaves!
and dead grass,    Numerous fires of |W     Aitt'osi
The former is really unnecessary when Bread from the
Courteuay Bakery is available
andby reason ofquality has so
many votaries. Get the A B
habit and satisfaction
this   character
i'i   the    Hazelton I
Opposite new  Presbyterian Church fi
SIK EDMUND WALKER. C.V.O., L I.. T)., n.C.T... President
ALEXANDER I.A1UU. General Mam _cr JOHN Aim., A��'t General Manager
CAPITAL, $15,000,000    RESERVE FUND, $13,500,000
Interest at the current rate is allowed on all deposits of $1 and
���pwards. Careful attention is given to every account. Small accounts
���re welcomed.    Accounts may bo opened and operated by mail.
Accounts may be opened In the names of two or more persons, withdrawals to be mad* by any ono of them or by tho survivor. SJ1
F. C. BROCK, Manager, Courtenay Branch
acre, almost  every square yard of
laud, iu anticipation ot a crop that
shall put au cud to the i uiiiors that
tlie country can be starved out.
Women and boys ranging from
fi to06 nud old men air industriously plowing, planting or sowing'
Iu place of tiie horses thai have
been been requisioned for military
purposes one sees quantities of oxen
and even milch ci ius attached to
plows, harrows nud wagons,
General Blacksmith
COMOX       -       B. C.
Telephone]}! 92
Can i Iimi Fairbanks Uoi ,i  I.n
glni s iiiul Pumping Outfits
Horseshoeing  aud   Boat   In i
a Specialty
Try n ir Kxce sloi Kool
\ Work 'li ni ....
And The Father.-, Will
Declare Unto The Sons
"As lon_ as'brave defeds retain
the powei to fire the blood of
Anglo Saxons; the stand made by
tbe Canadians in those desperate
days will be told by fathers to their
sous, for in the inilitui y records ol
Canada this defence will  shine as
Comox Co Operative Society fid.
Letters to The Editor
Editor The Review,
Dear Sir: In your columns ol
the lolii ilist., you state' thai "lhe
trusties considered lhe charges
against the public school tenchei
Mr, A. O, Rend, so serious thai
they decided uoi to handle them
and foi warded them to the depart
ment fur investigation." As this
is not correct I would ask you to
be good enough lo give equal publicity to the facts which arc: Tlmi
with one exception, there were no
charges made which required Lives-
gatiotion our part and as mis one ckte'orthaVpositionStoU!a____J_.l'_ |H<���' W. R. Ross, reporting on fire
exception is to   be dealt   With iu a  cleaning. conditions, it   would   appear   that
civil suit we fee! il our duty to
notify the department as to what
was going on in our school. v, _,-. v _ in.i.
Yours truly, Wm, Law
IT. M,  McPHKb.     I Heriot Bay, May 15, 1915,
Sec. School Board
positions tliov may or may not Inw I'"'��lul-v !ls '" "''" "COids of the
lield.jffwo ii.ii,n ui tin- Conservative British army the stubborn valor
voters nre KulTcrlitjj Irom wind Mr. with which Sir lames MacCoiinel
llcrteuux calls ''defection," olivlonsly It nlK| t|u. guards beat had; from
is   uue I   ilillii'iill   In   specialize   ntnnni;   T. ,  ,,       r   ���  ��� _   ,���
r.fleeii hundred defections. Hoiigounioilt the division   of   Poy
Mr, Mum ui'   friends liare Ibecit mail  ' mid the army corps ol   Reille.
ine gonil use ol Hi" press during llie late      ''The Canadians have ure'led in
li,".l(' Political llu ,  and   exaggerated   the trenches over the bodies of the
eliinis arc I,, I"' expected turn'   in   view Li     i       i       ..    i   i     ,i i .
of the necessity of iiifliieiicinir "waverinc dead and wounded, lhe r ght to
Conservatives. II ll the pi; I ilie "will ni t 'stand side liy side witli the Sltpberb
be deceived by such soi nnd babies milk troops, who; ill the first battle i.f
'.vlii.'l. is only iiiea.it I r sick im n,   men j ypres, broke and drove them before
i the     flower    of     the     Prussian
Guards."���War Office Report.
From advices received   from  the
Phone No. 2
I) mlers in aii kinds ol
Butte i.  Eggs
ami   satisfactory.     V\
,_%v  .-(S "utter,   i.ggs     " i
WAtA v-i)jf^\ '''""'I" ".    l'<'"������' ' -v- '
V.   A:\-y: \ Snci'ia'.iv.    Wo   - -.
I 'j       ....',      .7 lit-'Sl.     I .'ices    ' ...
best prices f i
\ lm have nol dime the rigid tiling, and
who im longer hold the confidence of the
As one df the defections 1 deeply regret Hrit tiie unsanitary condldtlons of
our Political U uvse are such as to cause
llie ueci r.. upon the cand
Hoping you will give this letter as rain has beeu general throughout
uucli prominence as you did the insert- u proviuc'fe during t]le past week
on referred In, I reuinin , ,        ,6     ...       ���
Courtenay, May 24, 1915-
Editor Courteuay Review
Sir,���My attention   lias   drawn   to   ,,        , ,
news item published in _ recent issue of Seventy-five men are employed
your paper in whicli you oflei the views in rcpairi aud improving the
of Messrs, W, li. Wood, k, (.'. lierteau:: steann r W ." igton at Union Bay,
and Dr. H.-Jamieson, upon the situation an jclett[ s, , [or shipbuilding and
of provincial  polotics 111  this northern .     ���   . ' ' .
part of Comox district.   The statement tnanufactunni   |  ti'| es,    It is not
offered by Mr, lierteaux that "there are kuo.Vll into what service the Wel-
about three men who lead the Stewart Iington will enter when completed,
cohorts up there"- is so pointed dir cl- It s,,ems !IS t])ough u ,.(. '.ls ,ln
ly nt ine that 1   feel   compelled   In   ask   . ,.        , , r     ,,
your permission to correct spine ���1 the immediate demand for mc steamer,
chief statements of the interview. as her repairs are being rushed   to
In the lirst place, I take it that I am
meant ns one of those Hirer, lue mse as
Conservative of eighteen years standing
in this district I(have declared myself
publicly as suppordng Mr Stewart, arid
shall a' e an : c.ive part during the next
_ e_i 11 painpaign in an effort to relieve
the district of the element which is
rapi-llv undermining the foundation "1
Conservative Party
completion, and is expected  to be
finished aud ready for sea inside 0
two weeks.
Production Is Power
Berlin   May 2 ..-Germany  is on
P lrsuant to Mr.   Bcrteaux's  remarks, I immense   truck    garden    and farm
Not   in   the   entire
''Everyone of these three is  supporting this   spring
him (Stewart,) not on principle  but be   . .,, .   , , ,
cause theV-either can'tget a Government   ]letorV   ol the   Empire has   there
been such a wholesale reversion of
position, or have held one and been
dismissed for incompetency," I wish to
say that I have never applied for a Government position, and have never he'd 11
position directly or indirectly pertaining .
to the Government.    I cannot tell  who | as well    as llle   country    and have
the other two men  may be,  pr what plowed and pl.ntid every available
In unprecedented numbers Germans have turned out in  the cities
���Jiff; : - ��� ;������������-������.. �����_ ',ii^s
. ... ... . \%^Mm
For__ To'^r"..?^ Ca.;���
Piiee $S_)
Your neighbor drives a Pord ���why
don'l you? We arc selling more Porils
ill Canada this year than ever before���
because Canadians demand the best in
motorcar seivice at the lowest passible
cost. The "Made in Canada" Fori
il a necessity���not a luxury
Buyers of Ford oars will sliaro In our profits If wu sell
80,000 oars l_elw_n Autfusl 1. 1:111, .-ui,! Angusl 1,1915
Itunnhonl $._0: Town ,Car ?S_; _ O. D. Ford On.
turin, equ'piueiil, including oluetrlc lio.ulHghts, Cars
on display and sulo al
____B_-_B_______5_r-" .-������-���'-  .^V..���- - -������	
���.,,.....     .....   ._
checking and extinguishing  fires,
and stimulating vegetation,   which
acts as a barrier against forest fires.
The Hazelton,   Ulloet,   and   Fort
George Districts repotts the fires iu
those areas as being under control,
thirteen   outbreaks   in    the    first
named division having been fought
by the G. T. P,    Il is noteworthy
that slash burning in the Cranbrook
district   continues,    the     logging
operators being alive to the  necessity of reducing one of   the   main
liie hazards.   For tiie  lime being
the fire situation is pronounced safe
so far as green timber is concerned,
I,ires may continue to break out on
cut over lands or on old burns, but
the extremely dangerous conditions
whicli existed a week ago have pas-
ed away.
uggies and Express'
All Rigs Guaranteed and Suld at tlle Lowest p.
Blacksmith ai d Cartiag. Builder
begs to announce that he has
repurclnsed his old barber
���business from Mr. Smith and
will be pleased lo meet all bis
old customers at the old stand
Next to the   Opera   House
Dissolution of Partnership
Notiee in hereby given that the partnership
heretofore ex .itlu_. i etween ns ami earrlod on
ti 11. le 1 the firm name of tlolesworfcli i_ Partington, in tlie village , f Lazo, Province of
British Columbia, li s been dissolved i,y mutual consent A 1 debts due t.<, tho snid firm
of l-IoloBivorth 1- Partington iim-t lie paid to
Wnlter I'artiiigt 11 of Lasso, aforesaid, who
will oontlnueto carry on tne snid bus_es_and
discharge uii the- linlii itiea nf tlm said partner-
Dated ut Lazo this 17th day of -May, 1D15
Win. F. Holesworth
Walter Part ngton
Corporation of the City of
NOTICE is hereby given that 11 Court
of   Revision   tor   the  purpose   0
hearing  complaints  against,   the assess
ments as made for tii" 'ear 1. 15, will be
held in the Council Chamber, Courtenay
B. C, on
Monday, June 7th,
at 10:00 o'clock a, m,
Any person desiring to make complaint against the snid assessment must
give notice ill writing to the assessor,
stating the ground of his complaint, at
least ten days before the above mentioned date.
W. A, W. HAMES, c. _. c, I
-  Dated at   Courtenay, 11. C.,  this   27th
day of April, 191.. |
Painter ai
Flrsl Olass Cari
All Kinds ol Vun.
Work (liiuranleeil
Dyeing. C
Garments turned
of ever)"
Phone 17
Comox, B. C.
Besl Meals North of Nattiamo
Choiceut Liquors and Cigars
C. A. Martin,   Prop.
The   Comox   Barber   Shop
Oldest Shop in Courtenay
Nothing   But   First   Class   Work
Guaranteed,    Baths in connection
C. E.  DALRVWIPI. ., Prop.
rg 11 _r.
\   :
^_i :-_.-��� r
Sand and Gravel
Rates Reasonable
Cobblestone  and
Septic Tank Work
All Work Guaranteed
A. Beveridge, Courtenr.y Hole!
The Advance Agenl
(���Ofh^fc:! an
Oil V
Foi" a limited time
Bi__:r_e��_ c*" Ee::J ���^^.  T'!
v/ill be m _tal!ed upon payi
$5 Rental in ad van
For ParttcuWs    P*A
Tvi,-,..]'    _._,   SI I
i cicpiione   ^j v
W. D. Denhoim,  Mgr.
Telephone Co., F THE   REVIEW.   COURTNEY,   B. C.
The Mystery
ot th.
By Fred M. White
Ward,   Lock A  Co.,  Umiud
���u London, M(IbtUrni ond Toronte .,,
^���_a_    ��� | ���' ' |...j.i'tt mt&y
"What do you propose to do','" she
a, 1, ml.
"A question juii will pardon me tor
not answering," Bald Tchlijorslty,
"Vmi havo niiiiiu. your move ami 1
bave made mine, whether I ain going
to do iho thins, i r whether 1 have
done sn, remains to lie Been. W'liiili-
er you dare risk iny di'utli now Is u
matter tor j on to decide Chech to
your king."
Again id. PrlnceiB smlleil. She
looked searching.1 Into Tchlgoriky'i
face, as if she would lain read his
very soul. But she saw nothing I hero
hut the dull eyes of a Uiatl Who keeps
hla feelings behind a husk. Then,
with a flirt cf her fan anil a inure or
lens mocking curtesy, she turned to
"Vou are a tino antagonist," she
said; "but l do uoi admit yet that
you axe cheek lo iny king. 1 shall
find a way.    tlood-.'iighl!"
She turned and plunged iulu llie
glittering crowd, and was seen no
more. A Btrange lit ot trembling
came over Kavenspur as Tehigorsky
led 11iill out.
"That woman stifles ine," he said.
"If she had only guessed who had
been sealed so near to her! Tchigor
sky, you played your cards well."
Tehigorsky smiled.
"I was glad of that opportunity,"
he said. "She meant to have nie
murdered; but she will hesitate l'or
a lime. We have one great advantage���we know what we have to faes
and she does not, The mon are on tlie
board, the cards are on the table. It
is ynu ami 1 against Princess _ara
and the two priests of the temple of
Lassa. And we play l'or the lives ot
a good and innocent family."
"We do," Ralph snid grimly. "But
why -why does this fascinating
Asialie come all those miles to, destroy one by one a race that she can
scarcely have heard of? Why, does
siie ao It, Tehigorsky?"
"Vou have not guessed who lhe
Princess is, then?"
Tehigorsky bent, down and whispered lliree words in Ralph's ear. And
not. until Brunt, slreet; was reached
had Ralph come hack from bis amazement to the  hind of speech.
April  Lays
The terror never lifted now Irom
the old house. There were days and
weeks when nothing happeneu, but
the garrison did not permit Itself lo
believe that (lie unseen enemy had
abandoned the unoqual contest.
The old people were prepared for
th'' end which Ihey believe to be Inevitable. A settled melancholy was
upon Ihem, and it was only when they
were together lhat anything like a
sense of security prevailed. For the
moment they wen safe���there was
always safety In numbers.
Uut when '.bey parted for tiie night
they purled an comrades on the eve
of ii bloody balllp. They might meet
again, but the chances were strong
agiiinsl it. Kiir themselves tbey cared
nothing; for the younger people,
ed In a voice that was almost a whis
wiih a laugh lhat was nol altogether
natural. "Uut 1 am ;.ll right now, dear
.Marion. Save l'or a racking headache,
1 inn  myself again."
Marlon,   solicitous   for  others  al 1
ways.  Mew  l'or her smelling sails,  lu
si rides   Ralph   was  across   lhe i
anil had closed Ilia dour behind
Mis    iiianin r   bad    Instantly
.���il;   be   wns   full  ul'  energy  and
Prevented by
Shampoos followed by occasional dressings of Cuticura
Ointment. These super-
creamy emollients do much
for dry, thin and falling hair,
dmdviiff and itching scalps,
and do it speedily, agreeably
and economically. '
Samples Free by Mail
Cullcum Snap nnd Ointment lol'l throughout 111*
world. I.llmriil Huiiiplnof f_h mulloil freo, with I _-n,
look. Aiid:c_ "Cuticura," 1. ciii.K, Utibtou, U.S.A.
VV. N. U. 1048
li was fiiriiiuuii' thai Hie line constitutions and strong nerves of Geoffrey and Vera and Marlon kepi them
going, A really Imaginative mnn or
woman would have been driven mad
by ilie awful Btispeuse. lim Geoffrey
was prighl and sunny; he always fell
thnl lhe truth would eome In light
some day. And bis biniyinl. Bangulne
nature reacted on  lhe nth. rs.
Nearly a  month  hud elapsed sim'O j
lhe weird attempt mi Hie life of ltup- '
ii'l Ravenspur; four week, since Geoffrey's   strange   experience     on     Ibe
cliffs; and nothing had happened. Thn
family had elapced once more into
Ihelr ordinary  mode of living;   blind
Ralph   wns   hiiek   again,   feeling   bis I
way ulioiil the easlii   ;.s usual, silent,
moody, in the habil of gliding in upon
people ns u snake eoines Ihrough the
Ralph eame in tn breakfast, creep- '
ing to his chair without touching any-
thing, dropping Inlo ii as if he had
fallen from lho clouds. .Marion, nexl to !
hlni.  shuddered.    They   were    quite
gv.od   friends,  these  Iwo,  hul  Marion
was slightly afraid of her uncle. Ills '
secret ways repelled her;   he had u ]
way or miking wilb bis sighllcss eyes
upturned;   he seemed to understand
the unspoken thoughts of others.
"Whal is- thn matter?" he asked.
Marlon laughed. None of ibe others i
had come down yet.
"What should be the matter?" she:
"Well, you shuddered,    You should
be sorry for me, my dear.    Some of i
tlicse  days  1  mean  to tell  you  the
story of my life.   Ob, yes, il will be a
story���what a  story!  And  you  will I
never forget lt.as long as you live."
There was something uncanny in
the words���a veiled threat, the suggestion of one who had waited for a
full revenge, witli the knowledge that
the time would come. Yet the scarred
face was without expression; the eyes
were vacant.
"Won't you tell nie now'.'" .Marion
asked   softly.    "I   am  so   sorry   for \
The    sweel,      thrilling     sympathy
would have moved _. stone, but it bad \
no effect upon Ralph,   lie merely car-j
essed Marlon's slim, lingers and smiled,   ll was significant of his extraordinary power that lie found Marlon's j
blind without feeling for It.   He was \
given   to  touch  those   slim   fingers,
And yet he never allowed Marion to j
kiss hlni.
"All in good time," be said; "but.
not yet, not yet."
Before .Marion could reply, .Mrs.
Cordon Ravenspur came into tbe
room, Marion seemed to divine more
than see that, something had happen-
ed. She jumped to her l'eet , and j
crossed the room.
"Hear aunl," she said quickly.
"What is It?"
"Vera," Mrs. Cordon replied. "She
called me into her .00111 just now saying she was feeling _rr from well. I
had hardly got Into, ker room before
she fainted. 1 have never known Vera
do such a thing before."
Ralph was sitting and drumming his
fingers on the table as if the subject
liad not the slightest interest for him.
But, with the swiftness of lightning, a
strange, hard, cunning expression
flashed across his face and was gone.
When Marion turned to him he had ,
vanished also. It almost seemed as (
if he had the gift of fernseed.
"A mere passing weakness," Mar-1
ion said soothingly.
"I should like tu think so,"    Mrs. I
Gordon  replied.  "In  normal  circumstances 1 should think so.    But not
now; not now, Marion."
Marion sighed deeply. There were
times when even she was oppressed.
"I'll go and see Vera," she said. "I '
11111 sure there is no cause for alarm." j
Marion   slipped   rapidly   away   up j
the stone stairs and along the echo- j
ing corridor  toward's    Vein's  room-
She was smiling now, and she kissed
her hand to the dead and gone Raven-
spurs   frowning upon  her  from  the j
walls.    Then   she  burst    gaily   into
Vera's room.
"My dear child," she .ried, "you
really must not alarm us by���"
She paused suddenly. Vera, fully j
dressed, was seated in a chair, whilst
Ralph was by her side. He seemed!
more alive than usual; he bad been
saying something to Vera that hnd
brought Ibe color to her face. As
.Marion entered he grew grave and
self-contained; like a snail retreating
into Ils shell, Marlon thought, lie sat
down and tattooed with his lingers
on the dressing table.
"1 had no idea you had company,"
Marion smiled.
"1 intruded," Ralph said gravely.
There was a sardonic Inflection in his
voice. "Vet I flatter myself that
Vera is the better for my attention."
Marion looked swiftly from one to
the other. She was puzzled. Almost
flawless as she was, she hnd her minor weaknesses, or she had been less
charming than she was, and she hated
to be puzzled. Vera was no longer
pule and all signs of languor had departed, yet she looked confused and
ihere was the trace of a blush on her
"Sometimes I fancy that Uncle
Ralph is laughing at us all," she said,
net inn.
"Tuke   Ihis,"   ! i,   whispered,   "Take
ii ami the cure will he complete,
('rush li up between yonr leeth und
drink a glass of water afterwards."
He forced a miiiiiII white pellet be-
iween Vera's leeth; he heard her
teeth crushing It. With his peculiar
gift for finding things, he crossed over
to the wushsLind and returned with a
glass uf water.
"Vou are better?" lir asked, as Vora
gulped the water down.
"Oil, yes, uncle; are you a wizard or
what?   My headache seems to ba>
lifted from me as one lakes oil' a luU.
The Ktnff you gave me    "
"Suy no moro aboul It; think no
more about 11. lim whenever the
same feeling oomes over you ugaln
lei me know al onee. And ynu are
not to mention this to anybody."
"Bul my mother and Geoffrey
und  -"
"Ah, you love Geoffrey? Hul. ihere
Ib no need lo ask ynu Ihe quosllon.
You waul to rid the house of ils nameless terror; you waul lo be tree, to
marry Geoffrey and be happy. Deal
child, all these things will come If you
listen In me. I swear it. And now
will you promise mo thai ynu will
say nothing of this to 11 sour.'"
"Hear uncle, 1 promise."
Ralph hud grown eold uud moody
ugaln. When Marion returned with
her salts he slipped out of the room
as callously us If he were not in the
least -Interested. And while many
anxious eyes followed Vera ul break-
fust time, .Ralph alone wus Indlfferont,
brutally  indifferent,  Marion  thought,
"Are you thinking of the saiue
thing that we are?" she asked.
"No," Ralph said shortly, "I was
thinking what poor bacon this  is."
A  Little Sunshine
After luncheon, Geoffrey was hailing over the slone balustrade of the
terrace wailing for Vera. Beyond a
slight restlessness and extra brilliancy of.the eye she was heller. She
bad proposed a ramble along the
cliffs and Geoffrey had assented eagerly.
His anxiety was lulling away like
the ashes of his cigarette, At first he
had been inclined to Imagine that
Vera's indisposilion bad been a move
on the part of the unseen foe. Hul he
put this idea from him as illogical.
The enemy was not in tlie habit of
using the gloved band like this. He
struck down fiercely ami remorseless-
"No," Geoffrey murmured aloud;
"Vera could not have  been spared!'
A gentle hand was laid upon his
arm. Marlon slood beside him. They
were alone at that angle of the terrace and unseen from the house.
"You are right," said Marion. "Don't
worry ubout that any more."
Geoffrey nodded approvingly, lie
slipped his arm round Marion's waist
and kissed her in a brotherly fashion.
Marion inclined towards him with
half-closed eyes and a brightened color. Her limbs trembled; the pressure
of her lips was warm  and sweet.
"Dear little sister," Geoffrey murmured. "What should we do without
Marion drew herself away abruptly.
She rested her clasped hands over the
stone balcony so that Geoffrey should
not see their unsteadiness; her flushed face wns half averted, li was a
taking, a perfect picture.
"What would Vera sav?" she ask
"As if Vera would mind! Don't
we all love you the same? And how
many times has Vera seen me kiss
you? If there were no Vera, little
sister, then yon may be sure that I
should have kissed you in a different
Marion laughed at the easy impertinence. That Geoffrey liad no real
love or passion for anybody lint Vera
she knew perfectly well. She laughed
again, but there was nothing spontaneous in It; indeed, anybody hut a
youthful egotist In love could have
detected a certain jarring no;e of
"Here Is Vera," said Geoffrey. "Let
us ask her."
They put It to I or merrily. Tbey
might have been In a world beyond
all sorrow or suffering. The music of
their fresh young voices floated in the
air. Then Marlon bent over the balustrade and watched the lovers out of
sight. Her face grew hard; a veil of
heavy years seemed to bave fallen
over it.
(To be Continued)
��!2___i. IKUII.CMCi
/ ______ _________
nu. ��3
. tTBL_.7 .-igff;
Some Hints
For Travellers
A   Little   Etiquette   For   .leaping  Car
Tiie following communication was
recently addressed to Hie editor of
ini'  Montreal Gazette:
Sir, .Many years' experience ot the
peuy annoyances caused by tho iulu-
iiiity composed of thoughtless, as well
iib bullish, persons travelling iu sleeping curs has run nil nie lo .write tun
fouowtug, which may induce a few .1
leasl 01 tlie offenders 10 reform;
The necessarily small spine in a
sleeping car In comparison with an
hotel suggests 1 hut the greatest com-
fori to the sleeping ear traveller will
result from a fair regard for the
rights ami feelings or others by all
sleeping cur travellers.
So long us passengers desire to
have their .lollies brushed with a
whisk, ihe space in lhe passage way
at either end of the car 1; the only
proper place for this practice to occur. Thu sleeping car company s
instructions to the porters require
them to nsk passengers to go to the
aisle at the cud of 1. e car if desiring lo
lie brushed. Porters are ier_y human
therefore differ in tneir obedirnca it
orders. Every traveller cu- assist In
tiie observance of this rule (which
was made for the general good) und
prevent uiinoyuiiee to other passengers, ll ihe public want tlie brushing
practice io cease altogether, the remedy in in tholr possession.
The combined lavatory und smoking
room is necessarily limited in capacity, and at the time in tfie morning
when it has lo bo used U3 a lavatory
it is not intended to be used at all r.a
fellows a chance of some room.
Don't smoke iu this room in Ihe
early morning when the other later
risers than you are obliged to perforin their toilets. Vou can defer your
smoke. Von are in the way and merely an annoyance to the majority, und
show u selfish disregard for the rights
of others. Under present conditions,
get up.late once in a well i.llcd car
and your one experience ot the man
in tiie seat smoking will show you
wbat other people think about your
ease nt other limes.
Don't bring in your suit case to this
room. Use a toilet "hold-all." Many
men do. Vou ca.i. Give the other
fellows a eahnce of some room.
Don't whisk your clothes in this
room it other persons are present.
Tbey don't want to breathe your dust.
They merely consider you are wanting in good maimers.
Don't get up late and shave, if by
so doing you discomfort others. No
one objects to a man shaving if he
does not interfere unreasonably with
oilier men wbo want merely to wash
their face and bands, etc.
Tbe Instant you have finished yonr
toilet, get out of lhe room. You have
no further rights there while tha other
men require the room as a lavatory.
They are anxious to see you go as
quickly as you can. Don't stay in this
room and crowd the later risers.
Don't, whistle anywhere in a sleeo-
iug car. Your alleged music pleases
only you. No one else wants to hear
it. Most men think the whistle a
Don't talk loudly in ihe body of
the car when most people have retired lo sleep. The others have pail
l'or as quiet a rest as such travelling
affords. Their enly interest iu yonr
conversation is to wish you were
After 9 n.m. usually the smoking
room Is In use almost entirely for
smoking purposes. Those who are
not smoking should not. occupy the
room tc the exclusion of those desiring to smoke.
Smut in Grains
Simple  Treatment  Will   Prevent the
Continuance of Thu Pcut
It   is rs lilllli."1  llllll  tic  Hold  lOSB  il'
ihe 1 mi' ii stales due to b_,ui
amounts to mer us million dollars nm
nnily. ,\ proportionate lots in Cuiuulu
would be from nine i�� 1 welve million
nm of lho 5U0 runners in Quebec
uml tbo Marlltinu Provinces visited b)
representatives of the Commission 0/
Conservation, only lliree were loiiiui
to he treating tliell' seed grain lm
smut, in Ontario, ::,i per cent., aim
in ilie I'rairio Provinces about UU per
I'i'iii. wiiu inuiiil 1,1 trenl their sum
grain, Tne losses from this source
me much greator than Imagined by
ihe [armor, and, even if only a small
amount of smut was present iu lasi
year's crop, il will p;ij to treat lm
grain  before sowing it ihis spring.
Several methods have been devise I
to control tho various forms of smui
but, as tiin formalin iron'ment is the
cheapest, simplest nnd inos. effective
for slinking suiul of wheal, smut ol
ouls, and covered smui of barley when
properly used, it will be described,
the commercial i4l) per ,:piu.) forma
iln is used in solution with water nl
llie rate of one. pin1. 1! lb.) Io forty
gallons. The grain to be treated
should he spread out upou a clean
tloor or caucus,"in a layer two or llirse
inches thick, The solution is then
sprinkled over it. An ordinary sprinkling enn or small spray pump is useful
for this purpose. The ijruin should
be shovelled or raked over during
sprinkling to iusuiv thai every grain
is thoroughly wette'd. After this, the
grain is shoveled Into a close pile ami
covered with canvas or old sucks 10
hold in the fumes of the formalin. The
grain should remain in ibe covered
pile for Irom eight to ten hours, after
which it must be spread out thin so
as to dry without tproutin;. One gal-
ion ot solution is sufficient for a
bushel of grain.
After drying, the seed may be
plained at once or stored for future
use. Here it is Important to remember that the seed may become re-infested from old socks, bins or even
the drill itself. Everything, therefore, whicli comes in coi:tact with the
grain after it is treated should be first
thoroughly disinfected with a strong
formalin solution. Commercial formalin usually coits from twenty-five to
fifty c?nts a pound (pint), if the grain
is planted before it is completely dry,
enough more should be sown to compensate for the increase In size of the
seed through swelling.
In treating stinking smut of wheat
it is be: to Immerse the gr.iin so that
the smut balls can be skimmed oft.���
An English school teacher recently
gave his pupils a lecture ou patriotism. He pointed oil' the high motives
whicli moved the Territorials to leave
their homes and light, for tlieir country. The BChool teacher noticed that
one boy did net pay attention to the
instruction, and as a test question he
asked him: "What motives took the
Territorials to the var?" The boy was
puzzled for a moment. then, remembering the public "send oil'" to the
local regimen' at lho railway station,
he  replied:   "Locomotives,  sir."
"How did your daughter pass her
examination'.'" asked one mother of
"Pass!" was the answer. "She
didn't pass at all, Perhaps you
wouldn't believe it, but they asked
that girl about things that happened
long before she was horn!"
Willis���What are you worrying
about? Didn't the agent who sold yon
the lot guarantee it was only a gunshot from the station?
Qlllts���Yes, but I wss reading this
morning that the Germans have guns
that carry twenty miles.
Feeding men is something lo blush
for���nobody boasls that his ancestor
was in the commissary department!
Grandfather's sword is a priceless
treasure. But for Heaven's sake don't
mention Great-grandfaflier's bread
"Farm produce cost more than
they used to."
"Yes," replied the farmer. 'When
a farmer is supposed lo know tha
botanical name of what lie's raisin'
an' the zoological name of the insect
that eats it, and the chemical name
of what will kill it, somebody's got
to pay."
Drowning No Bother to Them
Old Gentleman (who has just finished reading an account of .1 shipwreck with loss of, passengers and all
hands)���lla! 1 urn sorry for tho poor
sailors lhat were drowned.
Old Lady���Sailors! It isn't the sailors���it's tlie passengers I um sorry
for.    The sailors are used  _  it.
Good Nights
are enjoyed by those in good health.
Thc perfect digestion, clear system,
and pure blood upon which sound
health depends, will be given you by
_____��__ Sale of Any Medicine in the World,
gold everywhere.   Ia boxes. 25 c
SEE THE DEALER ___^TT__f__rfr___^_
Your Liver
is Clogged up
__��_�� Why You're Tired���Out of
Sorli - Have no Appetite.
will put ynu right
in a lew day
They do
llieir duly.
tiliousness, Indigestion, and Sit* Headache.
_ mall Pill, Small Doie, Small Price.
Genuine muttbeu Signature
A Market to Retain
mmente     Importation     of   Canadian
Produce   by   Great   Britain
in lull Britain Imported Canadian
j produce in excess of nil" to tlie value
of $4,85 .000,  und   in  excess of   1912,
of $22,080,000,    For the lust quarter
of lint the excess over ihu same per
iod iii Ibe previous year wan nine and
a hull' millions,   Tliese llgures surely
| furnish sonic Idea of tho   necessity
[there is for further production.   To
retuiu the market, Canada musi buve |
llie  goods.    To  buve  111
wood seeds in Soils    jo Avoid Fire Risk
The    Importance   of  Short  Rotations
Good   Cultivation
Tin' preseu if weed seeds in soils
under    different system.: of culture
uiul cropping should be suggestive to
farmers.   An Investigation being eon
ducto. by Hie Seed Branch, Ottawu,
'hows u sod field whicli bud been in
iny or pastUl'O for six years to con-.
luiu  Il),l��:i  weed  seeds  in  a  surface i
square yard uue  Inch deep, S.MIl' in
ibo sunie volume of soil ul a depthIl\l0 condition is small, while the ne
irom jvviMo three luchesiiiid t,::n;i nt  lol ���,��� Bame m]Kh|  prove  very b
Some   Hints   and   Suggestions   as   to
Fire   Protection
a ;.r, ni many of tlie disastrous tiros
which occur arc caused by iho accumulation of rubbish in uml around
premises, lt is generally deposited in
plans whose it is mosl likely to cause
liie. ami where, in the event nf u lir'
occurring, it would be moBt likely to
spread.    Tlie cost of guarding BgalBSI
_T_��_W____ III Mil--lilllli'
Mrs. Wisencighbour Says
"1 should have told you lhe oilier
day when ue were npeuking of
i|ult(! as necessary to have an indurated l.brewt ro Tub lu which
lo wash tlie clothes, if you want
to make a success of wash day."
Mrs. Newlywed Says
"I've Often I card of EDDY'S
What's lhe difference between
libre and  woodenware?"
made from compressed fibre baked
at extreme heat All in one solid
piece. Cannot warp or fall apart.
No chance of splint" s. Wear
longer, loo)^ belter and are very
light to handle. The latter point
should always he a matter of consideration when buying kitchen
utensils," concludes Mrs. Wise-
I'nion Made
Samples sent your dealer on request.
R, G. LONG & CO., LIMITED, Toronto
, N,i_.r__L
U__din Preach
_^^^^  _  llosjiitali with
ttVNKWDRA _E_lTA_.rx_S_tFO_UO_     kaSY TO TABS
THERAPION r._,rc__
A��nte W.__ _  t* Wc _��� H .11 In*., .net
F��r- The __n_i_t Wrellir. .i_)r��i.i_. Co.
'.'.'"' .'' "n J',,">!"l")-l't',ori_)_��|R_ i. _��
��� tl.  YW.  fit  Wplllflft in it.,  wwt.  tfor
(�����! firm. *�� I . _i.:,t, plfji n'jf     -
 _, n..i. c��� itfe__iori
..Ml��_6ft*.   _r Ma_^_AKn_ ���
A.Wv rrdflk A. '..,'_��_, DM ti..
*. Bio.!,. Vtsuistgc'i    "*e-J*
"What's the idea ot using tho pronoun 'we' so often 'B your article?"
"We_," replied tho editor, "It's a
_attcr of self porleetion. In case any
body takes offence I want to sound as
aiuch as possible l.ke a crowd."
Skids���Dues your wife take an intelligent interest in tbe wur?
Skittles���Well, not especially so.
When I told her of tlie loss ot the
IT-IB she seemed to be under the Impression it was a theatre seat."
gOOOB,     In   hnve   lhe   gnod.i   sin .     ,,   ��� .     , ,     ,,
musi cultivate tb" hest. ll |S tills \[\ to""1, ?���� ,t0 ,B8,ven lnch?8' Another
great and itnporlaiil doctrine thai ihe!1"'1'1 wlli,'h ll0'1, u?.en und?r ll Bood
I'l.iriiiiisin nml Production campaign i "���""!" !", cultlvaton und rotation
is Instilling, und thut the pU plications contolaod 4,08-1 weed seeds In the Bur-
face* soil nnd 8,020 In each "i lhe
other depths. The concentration of
seeds iu the surface layer the Bod Hold
limy he explnlueil by  Weeds being nl
lowed to reproduce themselves from
years to year. Information us to ihe
percentage vitality nf weed seeds at
ilie iliil'ereiii depths is imi yet complete, but ii large number of the Bur-
face seeds in Ibe. case of Ihe sod Held
are Vital. This Investigation Indicates
Ihi' importance of short rotations,
good cultivation and preventlcn of
iveeds going to seed. Other Important
ei_ ^^
stroy growing weeds thorough cultivation during the growing season of
hoed ci'OPB and after-harvest cultivation of cereal crops which have not
been seeded down.
issued by Ibe ilepi.rlinent ol nsricnl-
1 ii ri' nre Intended In Impress unit further. Any of 111���_. Ilteratuio enn I"'
had hy sending n pnsl free application
lo ihe Publications Branoh, Department nf Agriculture, Ottawa, saying
whin is wanted, a llsl of upwards
of two hundred publications "trom
which in chooso will be forwarded on
Relieves Asthma at Little Expense.
Thousands of dollars have been vainly spent  upon  rcmodloB  for asthma
Never known tn tail:
acts without puin iu
J4 hours. Is BOOthlng,
healing;      takes     tn_
sling right out.  No remedy sc  nuick.
safe  anil   sure  as  Putnam's   Painless
Corn Extractor. Sold everywhere���26c
per bottlo.
The Seed Law
..    s.icu,   upon   ,,',���e���ie:i   ������   w nu y    f     ,, , .    . -
und sell nil, il  ever,  will,  any  �����������'���   ploughing of  sod  lauds    followed  by
Dr. .   I. Kelloggs Asthma Remedy, Jreqgent .llltlinm  cultivation  to do
despite Its assurance of benefit, costs
Bo little that it is within reach of all.
It is the national reemdy for asthma,
far removed from the class of doubtful and experimental preparations,
Vour denier can supply II.
The corporal was much better at
his drill than at grammar, says the
Manchester Guardian, but the defect
did not worry blm iu the slightest.
Ile had just sharply ordered his men
to "mind tbem spaces, now," when
the smiling lieutenant observed:
"Why 'them spaces,' corporal?"
"Well, sir, If I said 'distances' about
'art ot 'em wouldn't understand me,"
he explained simply
Wbo will win in this war? An English bishop, after the Yankee fashion
and with a marked touch of tho Yan-
ee  wit,  answered  this  question  by
king: "Who won ihe San Francisco
rthqualce?"���Providence   Journal.
There In more catarrh In tlila section
of the country than all other dl. a._a
put together, and nntll the last lew
years was supposed to bo Incurable.
For a great many years doctors pronounced It h local.dlseasu anil prescribed
local remedies, and by constantly railing
to cure with local treatment, pronounced lt incurable. Science has
proven Catarrh to be a constitutional
disease, ami therefore requires constitutional treatment. Hall's Catarrh Cure,
manufactured by P. "J. Cheney ��� Co.,
Toledo. Ohio. Is the only Constitutional
cure on the market, lt is taken Internally ln doses from 3 0 drops to a teaspoonful It acts directly on the blood
and mucous surfaces of the system.
They offer one hundred dollars for any
case It fails to cure. Send for circulars
and   testimonials.
Address: P, J. CHENEY _ CO., Toledo.  Ohio
Sold   by   I .wrests,   75c.
Take Hall's Family Pills for constipation.
Fire Losses
Education In Fire Prevention Gradually Showing Results
Canada is making head wny in the
matter of reduction of lire losses.
From reports of lires in Canada for
the two months of 1915 a loss is
shown of $ .4118,881 as against 1.5,717,-
061 for the same period of 1914, or a
reduction of .1,218,177. This is the
lowest lire loss  fo rover flva years.
Of the 58i lires which occurred
ln February, 1915, however, ;;61 took
place in dwellings, and the majority
of tliese originated from easily preventable causes. Defective pipes and
lines are well established as tho
causes of the, largest number of fires.
Flues aro defective in numerous ways
and even close inspection may not
reveal a dangerous condition. Critical
examination is, in most cases, impossible, as the construction is in itself
faulty, and a cold spell, witli forcing
of the. healing apparatus, linds the
weak places.
Nervous Diseases
In The Spring
Cured by Toning the Blood
and Strengthening the
It is tlie opinion of the best medical
authorities, after long observation
that nervous diseases are more common ami more serious in the spring
than at any other time of the year.
Vital changes iu tlie system, after long
winter months, may cause much more
trouble than the familiar spring weakness and weariness from which most
(jieople suffer us the result of indoor
life, in poorly ventilated and often
overheated buildings. Official records
prove lhai in April and Jlay neuralgia, St. Vitus dance, epilepsy and
other forms of nerv i troubles are at
their worst, aud that then, more than
any oilier time, a blood making, nerve-
restoring tonic is needed.
The antiquated custom of taking
purgatives in tlie spring is useless, for
the system really needs strengthen
ing, while purgatives only gallop
through the boweh, leaving you weaker. Dr. Williams' Pink Pills are the
best medicine, for tbey actually make
the new, rich, red blood that feeds
the starved nerves, and thus cure
tbe many forms of nervous disorders.
They cure also such other forms of
spring troubles as headaches, poor appetite, weakness in tho limbs, as well
as remove unsightly pimples and
eruptions. In fact they unfailingly
bring new health and strengtli to
weak, tired and depressed men,
women and children.
Sold by all medicine dealers or by
mail at 60 cents a box or six boxes
for $2.50 from The Dr. Williams' Med-
ecine Co., Brookvllle, Ont.
" Teacher���Yob, the ruler of Russia
is called the Cz.ir. Now, whet is the
ruler nf Germany  called?"
Young Hill���Pleas', mum. I know
what me father called him, hut I dou't
like to tell yotl.
Are Your Hands Tied?
by a chronic _li_o__a common to womankind? You feel dull���hcadachey? Backache, paina here and there���diz_ine__ or
perhaps hot flashes? There's nothing you
can accomplish���nothing you can enjoy!
There's no good reason for it���because
you can find permanent relief In
Favorite Prescription
Mrs. Fannie H. Brent, of Bryant, Nelson Co., Vs., writes: "I believe I hod
���very pain and ache a woman could have, my back was weak, and I suffered with
���MrTousness and could not sleep at night. Suffered wiih soreness in my right
hip, and every month would have spells and have to stay in bed. 4 hava taken
eight bottle* of your 'Favorite Prescription' and one vial of your 'Pleasant Pellets'.
Can now do my work for six in family, and feel like a new woman. ! think
It is the best medicine in the world for women. I recommend it to all my friends
���ad many ot them bave been greatly benefited by it.
Believe Liver lib!
Smuts and Rostr of Grain Crops
It is estimated that the losses sustained from smuts in Ontario grain
crops amount to $2,7110,000 annually,
about two thirds of which occur in
oats, wheat being the next greatest
sufferer. To cope with tli is danger
Bulletin 2-0, entitled "Smuts and
Rusts nf Grain Crops," prepared by
,T. E. llowitt and R. 10. Slone, has been
issued by th: Ontario Department of
Agriculture, for free distribution to
those who may apply for it. This
very practical bulletin goes fully into
the cause and cure of smuts an.l
rusts, and gives a number of ways ot
treating seed grain in order lo avoid
or lessen injury to grain crops from
these causes. Practical farmers will
hail it. as a valuable adviser regarding relief from theso two common
grain troubles.
Minard's  Liniment  Cures  Dandruff.
The vicar of a mining village sent
a pair of boots to the cobbler's for
repairs, but Hill, who had been imbibing rather freely, felt no inclination .for work, so the hoots were not
touched that day, says Tit-Bits. Next
morning liis nerves were rather
Bhalty, and he longed for a "hair ot
the dog that bit him." His own boots
were rather dirty, so he thought there
was no harm in putting on the parson's, which he accordingly did, and
turned off Into the village nub l'or a
big "receiver." He had not gone very
far when whom did he meet but the
vicar, who said. "I sent my boots
down for repairs, William. Are you
finished with them yet?" "Well, mister," answered Bill calmly, "they're
not mended 5'it, but they're on the
In the basement of some . .ores are
i i he found hay. boxes, exoelelor nun
oilier Inflammable materials, having
nn artificial  light, clerks and  occu-
linn Is lighting mill, I n-.   iiii  llieir visit;
i in ilie basement, by throwing the
lighted matches amongal the has and
other Inflammable materials,' Frequently one Tunis ihr family living nil
Hie second floor of such buildings nn I
a lire in the bnseiueiii al night woull
jeopardize their lives. a little procutr
Hon iu guarding against lires in such
buildings would be time anil labor
well spent.
A word aboul the use of gasoline
in the home for cleaning. Soap ami
water with the.aid of common washing soda will do all the household
cleaning that gasoline can possibly
do, and wearing apparel ii better sent
to a cleaner, who will get. better Jesuits with much less risk.
To Ihe farmer: .ire on lhe farm is
greatly attributed to tlie result of
carelessness, faulty chimneys nnd
Hues, unsafe stovepipes, smoking and
careless handling of matches, and too
often allowing au accumulation of
trash, grass, weeds ant' other lire
breeders. Our fanners, as well as
other citizens, should sit up and take
notice, "preventable hres should go."
Prevent lires liy cleaning up In and
around the buildings. Ho this early
In the spring, before the heavy work-
begins. It is better to do this than
to mourn over a Hi" loss afterwards
which would he the result of carelessness and neglect in a general "cleanup." Do not smoke in your barns or
other buildings or allow il done by
others. A useful article to have on
the farm is buckets of water placed
around your barn anil in tlie right
place, fire buckets with rounded bottoms which on account, of tlieir slinpe
are inconvenient tor general use, so
that they can he placed in a round
hole cut in a shelf or bench; they
should be covered and inspected regularly to assure of their being kept,
full. To prevent freezing two pounds
of fused calcium chloride to the pail
may be used, buckets should be paint"
ed red so lhat they will bo more conspicuous, a constant reminder of the
(lunger of lire.
A little effort of the part of each
business man and farmer will result
to the advantage of both. Help one another in prevention of (ire and you are
thus helping the province in the reduction of tire wat-te by starting a
campaign in tlie education of Are prevention, it will pay you better than
any other investment.
Wise and experienced' mothers
know when .their children are
troubled with worms and lose no time
in applying Miller's Worm Powders,
the most effective vermifuge that can
be ised. It is absolute In clearing
the system of worms and restoring
those healthy conditions without
whicli there can be no comfort for
the child, or hope ot robust growth.
it is the most trustworthy of worm
Rapid progress is being made on the
five mile Selkirk tunnel which the
C.P.R. is driving under Rogers pass
indeed, all records for speed have
been broken. The pioneer tunnels
have been bored So that they are only
11,903 feet apart���the east, pud tunnel being 7,402 feel, in, while the west
end 5,538 feet have been driven. Of
the main tunnel over 8,604 feet have
been drilled out and timbered to ,the
extent of 745 feet.���Montreal Gazette.
Regulations     Governing     the   Sale  of
Seeds, For Protection of Growers
Wiih ihr jpenlng of tin ioi6 seei
i nidi- seedsmen, farmtrs aiul gardeners may wisii io revli �� the conditions under which snle.^ iniiy ha
made, The seed control acl provides
thnt timothy, nlsll.e, re I clover and
alfalfa seed musi not be put on s.,i ���
fiir lhe purpose of sliding without
being plainly marked ui11! the grade,
namely:  Extra .No.  1. No,   1. No. :.
\ii.-3.   Farmers m���j sill i I below
No. 3 i|iuility only lo dealers i	
cleaned and brought up to grade, au
other grass, clover and forage plant
seeds nnd those of cereals and llax
must he marked In a piala nnd indelible manner with the common
name or names of any noxious weed
seeds present.
Seed of cereals, flax, grasses, clovers, forage plants, Held roots and
garden vegetables musi have u germination of two-third of the percentage standard vitality fur good
seed of the kind, or lie marked wiih
tiie   percentage    that    are    capable
germinating, "Papered Beeds" must
be marked with tl.e year in Which
the packet was lllle.l.
Representative samples of seeds
for purity and germination teats may
he sent, to the Seed Bra ich, Ottawa
I'lvo ounces of grass seed, white or
alslke clover, four ounces of red
clover, alfalfa. seed of like sl_i .
ind ono pound of cereals are desir-
ill, Samples under S ounces ni.iy >"'
sent without postage ami are tested
free of charge jip to twenty live ta
number for each person or Inn,���
Seed Branch, Ottaw ..
No mailer how deep rooted tin-corn
or wart may be. it must yioUi to Itolln-
way's Corn Cure if used as directed.
Two of a Kiod
A  tourist   in  the    Highlands
dinner with a querulous old  [
Who yawned about, hard times
minutes at a stretch.
"Why. man." said the tourist, "you
ought to he able to make iota o_
money shipping corn to the London
"Ves," was the sullen r-��ply
"Vou have tlie land, _suppos .. an t
can get the seed?"
"Ves, I think so."
"Then, why don't you go into t:.��
"No use, dr," sadly replied tii-t
farmer, "lhe old woman is too lazy _
do tl'.e ploughin' and piaintfn."
To whom it may concern: ThM
is to certifv that I have used MI.V
ARD'S LINIMENT myself as well aa
prescribed it in my practice where a
liniment was required and have never
failed to get the desired effect.
C. A. KING, M.Dr
During ! e recent lighting along tii .
hanks of the Aisne a mau was badly
wounded. The ambulance corps tenderly placed him on a stretcher.
"Tnke him into the Hospital," jail
thc man iu charge.
Slowly the wounded man opened his
eyes and whispered faintly:
"What's the mnlter with the canteen?"
Danger Signals Warn You
of Approaching Paralysis
Slowly and Surely Exhaustion Goes on Until Collapse
of the Nerves is the Natural Result.
Tou may be restless, nervous,
The mere .'act that he likes to camp
out is no sign a nan enjoys house-
VV. N. U. 104C
tablo and sleepless, but you think
there Is nothing to be alarmed at. You
have no appetite,
digestion is impaired, and there is
weakness and Irregularity ot other
bodily organs. You
feel tired In body
and mind, and find
that you lack ihe
energy to a.ttend to
the dally task.
You    may    not
realise   that   these
are  the  symptoms
of nervous prostration and the dan- .rT.���
eer  signals  which     MRS- AXLAN.
warn you that some form of paralysis
U the next step of development.
Dr> Chase's Nerve Food Is the most
successful restorative for tho nerves
that lias ever been offered to the pub,.
irrl-1 lie.    This  has  been  proven  In  ma!.y
thousands of cases similar to the one
described in this letter.
Mrs. Thos. Allan. R.l'.D., 3. Sombra,
Ont., writes:���"Five years a��o I mt-
fercd a complete breakdown, and frequently had palpitation of the heart.
Since (hat illness I have had dizzy
spells, had no power over my limbi
(locomotor ataxia) and could nol
wall; straight. At night I would h��YJ
severe nervous "njij^wuh i___ ��__!?
pltation, and would shako as though
I had tho ague. I felt Improvement
after using tlie drat box ot Dr. C'hase'a
Nerve Pood, and after continuing th��
treatment, ean now wall;, eat and sleep
well, have no nervous spells and do
Uot require heart medicine. I hsv��
told several of my neighbors of tha
splendid results obtained from the uie
of Dr. Chase's Nerve Food."
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food, (0 cents ���>
box, 6 for $2.60, all dealers, or Kd-
iiiau.sou, Bate* a Co., Limited, _�����
-into. LAW UNION &  ROC.
Insurance Company Limited, of London, England
Fire and Accident
Asi els Exceed
H'linils Invested in Cauada Exceed
Ave You Insured Against Fire?
Now iliut tbe warm dry weather is coining on, wheu tl ie ilighest spark
on tlu   t ol i        Lore or <\ "\ lling   may result  in ;i disastrous fire,    A
fin   :; in.im. ii,.i:.\ in n pood  coiupauy ia thu  best of all ;i.sts.    Wc
I'f.i'��� j-i   the  l.n.v  Uuioii aud   Rock, a company witli a record
second iu none,   See ub for rates
'   rfe 57 COURTENAY
' .      for Prisoners
Oi v/a. in Germany
From it ports   received   by   the
ion. VV, _. Ross it would appear
thai there is inure  activity   in   the
,,  ,    , , numbering industry at the present
Letters       itters   should   l>    left ;.:  .,....     ._,        ,.'
,    '     i ������        i'i   postal   parcel
..  follows:'
1.    Rank; i iiii il    name.
.' tiler unit.
3.    British     (or    Canadian,
.    . .'.        :.   prisoner o
i il e, i
i'i ��� i nh
.:       il
mil    mil
K   ���- Lc ; i
time than many p o] '   n alize, par
li_ il.irly along the Coast.
An interesting feature is the
shipping of yellow pine innn
Vernon district to New Vork nnd
Eastern States, where it sells iu
cofhpetitou   with   Easlern   white
taleil! iiiue box mnn nine I nre i_ ;ilso active
parcels runnel be 1 ., , ��� , . . ,,,
iif int. i niiiiiil i-l1" l'1:l. district, 1 wenty-two cut
must be iii ink. of twentv-nine sawmills '.il! oper-
.lioiiiil be limited ate this season in theOkanagau, of
ews and to neces- i tt],jcij ci.iht._ jn have already start- j the P
Nnv, 1,   Military
shoultl  I'.
fie Vernon  district   tie   clearing Local Line*
this spring is reported to be greater 	
than during the wbo'e of the  past      Horsefor    Sale-\pply    Olof
five years.    1 l.e heavy clearing ol   Henniug C;lirlis Um/��t��bie<
slash and other  debris  bv  settlers
has certainly diminished the fire     I'"l,r  Sale���Young  pit's,  $3.50
bazar J, as well as aiding agricul- each.   Hugh Beadnell, Knob Hill
tural production.    In this connect-, Orchard, Com. x.
ion observers have been struck with      Wanted- Good bulls, fit for kil-
Ihe   extra   acreage   being   placed   ij���g     Also (at  cows   and   calves,
under cultivation this year and Uie nuv quantity,   for  cash.   Apply
urcat amount   of settlement   ha   Review Office,
has taken place along the I'. O. J.  | '  ,
Practically no fires have escaped .for Sale-8 newly freshened
from settlers' clearing oieration.s | nulch cows, mostly Jersey's. Applj
Large areas of logging slash have''? A' M������}' Cli,1��s tossing,
been burned successfully this spring j Na,lw^' Ulst"tl'
under the supervision, or al tie' Strayed onto the Indian. Resef
s iggestion of the b'orest Service, vatiou���6 yearling calves. Owner
the Cranbrook, Te'.e Jaime, and can hive same by proving property
Nelson   d'stricts   being   especially  and paying expenses �� tf
noticeable for this excellent work.;    Wmil(.(1 _.���
lhe-. P. R a,���l(,   N,  R,  hnve       k ,     (,   . br  month.    Apply
been   preparing   for  the   coining  Miss A Burns, Comlenay P, o/or
season bv burning ���rf grass   aUlg     h       M ���   H Va|,-
llu ir lights ol-wny,   while  the   G. . '       '''
_. P. has done oimi ar work lu-.hi*      For Sale���Horie, harness, buggy
direction. 1 saddle and bridle $75.    Apply W,
|H Reckitt,  Courteuay Oil Supply
_.��.��.        -��� Co., Como:; Road, Courlenay,
For Sale -Fish boat, about 22
feel lon>\ S 1-2 h, p lic-n'v dut',
engine, Jton cash for quick sale
A. Rippon, the Dyke, C ox,    ao
Sewing   j.   Anderson,  Denman
Swan's Old Stand, Courtenay
_ .    (I. Iv  is   expected to catim
e   J1''; 1 much activity.    Slash   burning i,<
At lele Jaime Cache a consider-1 progressing along the right of-wav.
.c.._amlnrB,nl,nHon.��remE KrtA,_i_!^,�� ?scial 1���"* f.or iThe optimism   fell with   regard to
. ,','seontainiiiBSUcb f,    o    .��   Ah��1S .  ,e"  sh'Pped   l,}'
.  lelivered. tlie Ij.  I.  P.,   while   at   Melinde
.1 ends of prisoners of wnrare ad-1 Work has been done on a provision-
Ipostcaril   In preference to {el contract for 40,000 ties, of which
; 1 si ' lids n:e   1 ss   lil ely tn I
i_    I.    11    letters   .ire   seat,   thev     .
Iioultl not ( xcced in length two sides of;lal. '"Otl Winter
<i slice! ���.:'   ole papi r.    tin  no account
In crossed. ^^ ^^^
itforthe  present l.e^ joine machinery for the new   mill.
The ;dv nt ol mills in this district
Victoria, May 26.-The Hon. W
R. Ross states that weather condi
I"ons throughout the province havi
slill further reduced the fire hazard lsla"1'' wo"M "ke vvork liv t,fl) or
heavy rains having  fallen over the W0L'k-   Suits and   tin s imakii g  in
southern half-of British Columbia all Its branches.    Work gunr uteed
while showers h.V-beei:   the rule      Winning     White   Wynndotles,
iu lhe   Northern   Interior,   From Mj pen of 6 birds  lhat   won   the
the  Nelson   District  news   comes last contest averaged 221 eggs each
that the Edgewood Lumber Co , tt in 12  months.    Eor   Price lisi  oi
Ca .legar, is about to   start sawing hatching eggs, etc.   write   li.   I)
3.000,00.0 feet, and ;,in the LiUooet Read. Duncan.
division lhe resumption of work on
J.    E.   AS TO IN
logger's .Shuts made to order.
In North and South, in East
and West,
Aston-Handmade Shoes will
stan ! the Test.
l"  u"'   .'  .de ..nun,.i.v ui Mijciiii miii,_   ror  The optimism   felt with   regard
tlie crop prospects is leading lhe
prairie farmers to place orders with
the mills already according to advices from the Kamloops   district.
joilly 5000 were delivered   owing to
I'm- Sale - (lue 0 li, p. Fuirkanks
Morse C,;is 1] igine, one ."> I. w.
Dynamo switch hoard, etc, also
pump and belting, Capacity .12
gallons |_
Riverside 1
t   minute.    Apply   at
For Sale���Franklin 5   passenger
louring   car,    first   class   running
Much satisfaction   is expressed  at  order.    Owner leaving for Kngland
the large areas of slash, which have   Will sacrific. for $200 cash, balance
Id       ivril
Lcth "i ci
���I ie paid 1 itlicr on J
l'ne Upper Fraser Lumber Com- I |.een dealt with on   Vancouyer  Is- on terms to suil purchaser,    Apply
any at Dome Creek   has received | land.    Itjis estimated that   to s'd- Courteuay Garage.
erably over 1000 acres   of farmers'!    Lost���On Easter Sunday,  in St
,... .^^^.     ,         .,    ,          ,         ,          ,   ,slaih have been-loaned up between peler's   church,   or   between   the
_dr_ scd lo Pi isoners, VU ! provide the settlers  along  the j Victoria aud Nanaimo, while grcat chruch aud the wharf - smal| mem.
lo,,! 1 I,,, cdosed in   ,'UCT,W'   '���"",";'   ,ett0ril',"C,    tlm; I RTogress    in   the   same   direction orinl   brooch   wllh   jllscrjrtion   a,
..    !!__,! ^,^;.u;;i  lethal would oil er.ise be burned  i3    .rep0,ted     from     ibe     north back, and date. 1804.    Finder  Ink-
Bo fsr as is known   in  and clearing operations.               ! end    0f    the    E-    &    N,    giant. i,lg it to Comox P. O.   will   get   a
in on the contents of j     From Prince Rupert it ;s learned, Large areas of logging slash have rewarti
-t-ui mid null be   that increased activity i.i  the   fi h-; di appeared, notably 300 acres near
1   foodstuffs 01  ing industry is [ roviding a good ' r,~���'-' T ������������ ������    "-- - '
ul   11   lbs.
. market for boxes    tin
1 supplying 6000 a  mouth.
ng industry is 1 roviciiusi a
1   mills
_ ���^^^^^___ ^^^^^_^^_^_ Dunn"
IH lances cm tie mude by money I the winter and spring there were
an l!rloLUinedhPPifn'in�� /our ��W..iIHs will, a
Accouiitins Post/ dalI>' capacity of So.000 le-t: and
ion of coin, either] one -liingle mill, with a ap.ncit 1 f
- expressly pro- 20,000 eet Ii i< interesting ti
1,11(1 '"���",k ��otes|know th t :2o aiidl-gg.rs are
, i    ,    i   ,i  , working   ii   the    Prince   Rupert
_    Tl tl "Vr_' ci'   llml    i o   rv  ,:,..i '
idciveryii   parcels   or    ./-"?  nt ' '   l"'^"'1''.!'      Con-
i-iil iimi  the I'ost I sideraUe  lnp  e its of cedar posts
:   I unsibilily._   in any I to (.he p.airi- are being  made from
. ':
Cowichan Lake, the presence ofj Bicycle Bargains-Scores of shop
which constituted a great fire dan- soiled ami second hand bicycles ami
ger. also   100  acres  near  Sioue's  motorcycles   are   offered   at   snap
juices during our  great clearance
siie,       Write     for     particulars.
Plimley\s Cycle Works.    Victoria.
__���������       or
a   Unit
.. may take   | laee
nu  ncknowiedg-
irilv be   Ink, u as
. ers   nud   parcels
ni,   prisoners of
illowed   to   write
mul lime  to  time;
. i s have   facilities
he   fuel   that   uo
i ed   from  llii'in
In the Cranbrook district nearly |
5 o men a' ��� sugared in the woods
and nulls. |
Clearing  operalions  throughout
tlie Piovince appear to  have  been !
far in advance of recent years, aud
ha\e  beeu   helped   by   the   early
spring and favorable weather.    In
m   _rf t 'H
$1.50 Per Year
Colonial FngHslimnu, middle
aged, tetotaler, many years practical experience, including dairying.
agrichlture, poultry, wants management small farm. Salary not
required. Prefers to work on share
       profits.     Apply     ''Practical"    Re-
#*   7P?���  * S  vie'" oflke'
. ".
)se  Leaf Billheads
We arc now able to supply the needs
of every merchant in the district with
the above goods at exactly the same
prices as quoted by eastern houses.
Holders supplied free. Ring us up
and we will call with samples,  etc.
The Review, Courtenay
Telephone 9 Isabel Street
I have again improved my flock
of Rhot'e Island Reds by the iutro-
duciion of new blood, Excellent
winter layers, well adapted to this
climate. Price of eggs per setting
reduced to $1, per .setting of 13.
$(, per 100. Cash with order,
Bruce Towler, one mile south of
Courtenay.    P, 0. Box.
For Sale - One horse, 4 y< a s old,
agricultural class, quiet to handle,
and a good worker, 1 filly, 2 years
old, Hackney sire, general purpose
mare, will make a fine strong
driver, or for light work. 3 mature
brood sows and 1 boar. The above
is the property of \V, J. Andrews,
1 am instructed to sell, and will
refuse no reasonable offer, R. U,
Willard's Harness Emporium
Pine SIiowIhr of  Horse  Blankets    I ������
l_.es, Cloves, Trunks, Suit Cases, ictc.
Iiiini, sa Required Neatly
Cumberland and CeMcnay
ce 0. ,rnt__lioii to A.ply For
Retail Liquor Licence
T.AKi; NOTICE iliiii tlie undersigned
intend 1 1,, apply to the Board of
f..iceuse Ci'iiiiiii--,'iiei's nl their next
ri'iiulM' silting in lie held ou the second
Wednesday iu the month uf June next,
for a lie a-'.- in sell intoxicating liquor by
retail under Subsection 3 of Section 29i),
of the''Municipal Acf-in thai certain
store or shop situate on the ground floor,
corner, ol those certain premises, situate
on l.ot 28, in Block , at tlie comer of
[sabel and I'nion Streets, ill the City ol
.'.'nl day of March,   A,   U.
Dated this
!n the Matter of the " Municipal Act," and
In the M'lii.T of tlie Application
of Silvio Marocchi for 11 license to
sell intoxicating liquor:; by retail
under Subsctioii 3 of Sectioy 290
of the " Municipal Act "
TAI.li NOTICE iliiii the undersigned
intends to apply to the Bonrd of
l.ifi'iH'e Commissioners of thc City of
Courtenay to be held 011 the Second
Wednesday in .bine 1915, for a licence to
.Iill intoxicating liquors by retail under
Subsection .1 of Ectloti 290 nt lhe above
mentioned actio tt-osi certain shop or
store premises situate in the " Marocchi
Building" situate on bot 30, .Map .Ul,
Union Street, in the City of Courtenay.
sr.V-0 .marocchi, applicant
Paled the -Itli day of March, A.U. 1915
We have a number of High-
grade Bicycles, both Ladies' and
Gents' models, some ure second
baud machine, others are new
i but have become slightly shop
j soiled, but in every case the
price has been cut to the  limit
Mills' Duncan.   Cthera .asdea.t
I with include 200 acres by Lhe New
Ladysmith Lumber Company;  500
; acres by   ihe   Anderson   lagging
j Com pail) bear Union Ba ; and 200
I acres by D. Kilpatticl 11 ar Comox:
I al.so 300 acres of.fani ers' land nfter
j lieing logged off by t ie  Canadian
I Panama Company in theSookeand
other    districts.    Roads'de    slash!
has been cleared through mt the Island _3l_tri_t| while the Ii.  & N, g
, and Victoria   _   Sidney   railways j
have shown their cilstotnory atteii-'
tion to  the   safeguariug   of  their5B
rights-of-way.   It i.s impossible toll
overestimate   the    importance   of*
slash disposal, first of  all,   as  reA
moving a fire hazard, and. secondly]
as preparing land for prouiietiou,or j
if _.UStillable for agricultural  pur- j
noses, thiil for timber reproduction;
and general credit  is due to   the
logging operators for their active j
co-operation in this dinction.
Write for further particulars, to
727-735 Johnson St., VICTORIA
Try an Ad. in The Review
Sutton & Kirkwooj
Undertaker- and
Night or Day Calls ,Ptbtaptif
Phone 27 Courtenay


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