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The Review Aug 30, 1917

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Array m
Can tint be done any better, anil
not unite ho well anywhere else
hereabout.. Our typo anil manhin-
ery is complete ami The Review
prices are right
Gents' Furnishings
and Hatters
>.'������ **��*����� ���*.������
VOL. 5
NO. 4!
The Fall Fair
will be held in the Agricultural Grounds
Courtenay, on
Thursday & Friday
Sept. 20 & 21
Prize Lists and Entry Forms may be had
from the Secretary
Telephone 10 COURTENAY
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Local Lines
Mrs. P, Fletcher is visiting nt
Wm. Ilaytnaii is holidaying al
Oyster Kiver.
Miss Nellie Hoiien arrived home
fiom Vaucottyer on Saturday last,
Mr, Jos. McPhee spent a few
days at Vancouver, returning on
Tuesday afternoon.
Mrs Peter Walker and Miss
lie.itlte of Victoria are visiting al J
Led ger wood's, Lake Trail,
We arc giving a bin reductloi) on
all Hoy-', Misses and Children's
shoes for school opening weeK.
At Sutliff's Furnlsuiug Store,
Word was received here that
Drew Berkley had been gassed
while in action at the front. lie
left here with the 102nd Battalion
last year.
Mrs. Christie gave a bridge party
and dance for lite Daughters of the
Empire on Friday evening last.
A neat little sum was realized for
the wool purchasing department,
Mr. and Mrs, Harris returned
from at week's holiday at Victoria.
During Mr. Harris' alisei.ee his
duties at the station were ably
looked after bv Mr. lack Carwithen
Government Cow Inspectors are
in the .district testing io.vs for tu-
bercti'.-is. They have visited
about ll It" of the ranchers iu the
valley ::i<l found upwards of seven
ty cot! alected. The majority of
these cews were shipped into the
district from near Chilliwack in the
Fraser Valley last spring. Mr. S .
Calhoun who paid $15' 0 for his
herd loses seventeen, Bridges Bros,
lose 11 aud various others one to
six each. The animals are being
shipped to Vancouver where they
will be slaughtered and the unaffec
ted parts will be used. The farmers will Ret some compensation,
about $50 per cow.
For sale by tender���2 1-2 acres
of oat hay, Cumberland road, opposite Bruce Towler's residence.
Apply A. Kerton, Lake Trail
Butter wrappers, printed or
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We pay the highest prices for
good beef and veal. No, 1 Beef'
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No. 1 veal 17 cents per pound
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Also lot adjoining For particulars apply at Review office.
Go to McBryde's for quality
bread, 1
Mr. Frank Crois, who has been
at St. Joseph's hospital for llie past
month sufferiug with blood poisoning in his hand, returned home last
Lieut,   Robt.   Kilpatrick,
School re-orens on Monday i.ext
after the long holiday .
Horn���On Monday,   Auk. .6, t,.
i Mr   aud Mrs, Fred Swan, a s 11.
Tlie Directors of the Agricultur-
Lieut,  Robt.   Kilpatrick,   7<*l_ai Society will hold a meeting 011
7'   ,',   nHf ���    Bnde' ha.  Friday evening, Aug, 31.
insferred to the Flying  Corps at;
Mr. 1;. G, Nlck.rsou, wife and
children who have been visiting
with Mr. Nickerson at the station
Mr. James McKenzie hns been
re-eugaged to teach tin- Qualicum
school lor the ensuing year.
left for their hot..'.' at Moos
0.1 Monday, Mr. Nickersi
returned with them.
Mrs. Blackburn Wileman
Duncan,; a member of the advisory
board, addressed a meeting of the
Women's Institute at the Sandwick
hall on Tuesday evening 011 the
Work of the Institutes. Shesp.ke
or. Citizenship, and also Prohibition,
Upwards of one hundred lowers
attended the funeral of Isaac Frauki
last Thursday evening at 6 o'clock,
the logging company having placed
a train at their disposal. The deceased had been hit by flying tackle
on Monday, death following on
Tuesday .    A Coroner's jury view
The Central Conservative Asso
elation will hold a business meeting    at   Courteuay     011     Fri
Read Mr. A. II.Hall's  advertise
0f I ment in another page,    He i*
ling goods cheaper than ever during
the sum mer sale.
We are giving a Fig-reduction nn
all Hoys, Misses and Children's
.hoes for school opening week.
Sutliff's Furnishing Store,
Mis. S. J. Piercv received a wire
.last week that her sou Matt, who
s with the 102nd Batt. was reported missing. Two days later ancther
message came saying lhat he li 1 I
turned up safely.
Mr,, aud Mrs. John Colli-haw, of
Five Acres,   have   announced
ed the remains and  after hearing"engagement of their daughter. Ce-
the evidence, rendered a verdict of cl|y Gertrude, to Dr. T  J. Mc!
death by accident.     The deceased of Nanaimo,   The   marriage
was very popular   with   his   com- take place in November,
We are giving a big reduction on
all Boys. Misses and Children's
.allocs for school opening week.
Sutliff's Furnishing store.
Dr. Millard performed a very
critical operation iu setting a broken leg for an employee of the Inter
national Lumber Company one day
last week The bone had been
broken with u grab hook in a
slanting way, and would not hold
together. A piece oF steel was
screwed onto each end of the bone
when it was put intc, v'"ce. This
will prevent slipping until the bone
knits, and incideutly stops the suffering of the patient.
At the meeting of the City Cotin
cil ou Monday evening only two
questions were debated, viz. amending the Pound By-Law to allow
milch cows to run at large at all
times providing that their bells be
removed at night. Horses and
young stock to be debarred as here
tofore. The other question was
that ot establishing some place or
places where farmers and others
can tie their horses when they
come to town to do their business.
At present there is no p'ace except
along the railing opposite the post
office, where the streets are very
narrow. The Chairman of the
Board of Works was instructed to
into the matter and report at the
next meeting if he cau find a suitable place for hitching posts on one
of the side streets.
Anglican Services
13th Sunday after Trinity, Sept. 2
11 a. m   Matins and  Sermon  at
St, Andrew's, Sandwick.
7 p. iu.   Evensong and Sermon
at Holy Trinity, Cumberland,
Drug Store
New Premises Next to
Royal Bank
Health Salt
Lemonade   Crystals
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25c per Bottle
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Comox Creamery
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at The Shoe Store
We have made a reduction of 10 per cent, to clear
on all lines of
including   Men's   Boys' Women's,   Misses
and Childrens'
Phone 48
Bailey  Block THE   REVIEW.   COtCRTNBY.   B. EL
The Squire's
lm.,V*   i. W> .aw   ...I  I _r__t��
"Hull...,   Slrangv iiysl      \\ It
ynu couicl"
"< )nly today lo find '.he Squire in
town and nol ,.xpcct��d back iill tomorrow."
"Anything ilu matter?"
I lie Vicar had become aware of a
certain disorder in Hilary's aspect.
The young gcntlcinan had always
been remarkable for a clean, shining,
well-polished air, borne out by his irregular face, iiis clear complexion,
and golden hair.
"I mighi ask what i.s tlir matter
with you?" Hilary responded, "but 1
won't, 1 am worried, confoundedly
worried. 1 have just been told that,
the gossip-mongi rs here are saying
that "
"I know. 11 is about Lady .Soulh,
Is it not?"
There was something of uncertainly in ihe manner of his speech which
I lilary did not notice.
"Ves, ii is about Lady -South; of
course it is a  lie!"
"ll is, unfortunately, quite true
thai Sir Gilbert i.s seeking to divorce
lier. I have just conic from there. If
lie had not been an old man, and a
miserable one at lhat, I should have
struck him-not for his insolence to
in,', bill for the things he said about
his wife and daughter."
���\ red spot came into Mr. Pri.
chard's checks and bis lips were very
"How long has lhis been known?"
I.Red  Hilary.
"The citation has oni) just been
served, 1 don't know how those women got bold of il so soon. They
si. nl   out   everything."
"They had better not say il to
iu.," said Hilary violently. "My
dearest hope is lhal Margaret .Soulh
will become my wife. That poor woman! ll will kill lur as surely as
though a knife wire driven through
In r hearl."
Il.e went off, in.' agitated to say
good bye, and lhe Vicar walked on to
llis Own house, where a bad cook did
In r worst for him in the serene certainly that the master would never
know the difference. The Rev. Bertram Pritchard look ihings exceedingly hard. The misdoings of the black
sliccp among his flock had often left
liim comfortless before. Now he
walked as though his feet wen- as
lu avv as lead.
"I wish ihere. was no truth in it,"
lie ilml tend to himself. "The two
poor sottlsl Vet they have one stout
champion���God bless him I"
Then he sighed for another Iron.
Lie. Was no one to be spared, however innocent? Certainly the Vicar
took things loo hard. He had never
li . me accustomed lo the things
that happ< ned. He. had blood fiery in
his denunciation of slander and evil-
Bpcakingf bringing upon himself thi
dislike of Mrs. Dc Montmorency and
her kind, without having any apprc-
iiajil.   ill. 11   upon   llieir  tongues.
lie had been almost comfortless.
Yel comfort came lo him, and his
l.i acl v as lifted with some thought.
"Poor linle girll" he said to him;
nil; and he waa not thinking of Mar'-
Ran.| South "No one will dare to
think   .11   of   her   when     she    is     lhe
Squire's ���""'. still b ss lo speak ill of
|,.i M, ,.,���-,.I, .'.in defend his own- -
tliinil   Codl"
ilr gossips. Ill London 110 one had
liiiie for such i em.in. He w anted lo
s.e Mr, Langton, to know whal was
going lo he done. II" said lo himself
that somehow or other I.ady South
uitisl bc kept oul of il, taken away
from it. His poor girl, loo, so proud
and innocent, (lit, ii was loo- -the
hoy ground oni words between his
teeth on which the Recording Angel
urelv dropped ,i lear.
lie went ihrottgh his dinnci iii silence, which, being reported on lu
lhe servant's hall, caused much uneasy speculation as to whal was
wrong with Master Hilary, or whai
"he'd been a-doln' of." The cook had
sent him up an excellent lillle din
uer, considering that it was an impromptu, The head gardener had cut
Ids very first bunch of ripe grapes in
honor of the occasion. Hilary merely
toyed with one or two of them���
would have bi I hi. ni pa.ss if be had
not been reminded by the butler that
the gardener had done, him special
honor in cutting the grapes.
The first lire of the year had been
lil in the library. There was plenty
of lime for Hilary to consider lln
matter of returning to town, for
there was no train before, len o'clock.
Ue did not know how he was going
to get through the time intervening,
llis thoughts worked upon earb olhcr as the corn is ground between the
stones of a mill. His brain fell over-
stimulated, lie was restless lo be
doing something.
Ife. got up from his chair and began to walk up and down the library,
as soon as the servant bad departed,
having left cigars and cigarettes al
his elbow. His feet in lhe Turkey
carpels made no sound, lie wauled
to bc out doing something. Earlier
in lhe. afternoon he had thought that
hc would look in on the Egertons.
Ho. liked Lionel Egerton; and he had
liked ilrs. Egerton before ihis afternoon, while looking upon her as
something    incomprehensible.      Now
he liked her no longer. He made a
wry face as he ibought upon her
and was sorry for her husband.
He could nol go to sec anyone, lie
was so wretchedly ill al ease that hc
would be incapable of concealing his
(motions, leu o'clock, ll would \e
marly eleven by the lime he reached
town. What mailer! Mr. I.anglon
was nol likely lo keep early hours.
Anyhow he would Iry to lind him. lie
might lie at thai house among the
fields which Hilary hud nol been able
io locate. He supposed ii wns somewhere north or northwest of I 011-
doii. He had not followed the way
lhe motor look lhal night, and he
was nol gifted with .. sen...' of topography, so dial beyond lhc Strand
and llie west end streets he knew lillle of London,
N'ow and again he glanced al the
clock, Kim- 'o'clock. When one
dines alone and plays with one's food
one gets finish, il quickly. There
would be ample lime, if be sluiied lo
walk at Iweuty minutes before lhe
train iiine. He was not going to
take ,. horse mil - not lie, Tlle walk
would do llilll good, lie would IlllVC
slarled at once if he had not been
afraid of going by the old station
master, who had known liiiii from
the time he was a child, and would
���insist on his coining in lo wail by
the lire and talk lo Mrs. Hall. Hilary
valued all ihese friendships, but he
simply could not lull; lo people lo
While he fretted tlie door opened
and the. Squire came in.
"Hello, Squire," said Hilary, wilh
a mechanical cheerfulness. "We didn't expect  you  home  tonighj."
To himself he said; "I can'l possibly get away now, the minute he has
come. How am 1 going to slick il
till tomorrow?"
The Squire came up lo lhe fire and
warmed his hands at lhe blaze; suddenly Hilary was struck dumb by the
I calamity which lay upon his face as
it was revealed in lhe. firelight, He
looked a man who had received a
blow  from   wliicli   he  still   reeled.
"Whal i-- the matter, Don?" Hilary
asked, recovering himself. lhc
Squire's face frightened him. Willi
;i lover's egoism Iiis thoughts flew to
Margaret. Had anything happened?
"There is nothing wrong    wilh-   wilh
"An extraordinary ihing has hap
pencd, Hilary," said the Squire, slill
warming his hands ami looking as
cold as a stone. Tho lifelossness of
his lac: had something terrifying
about il. "It is���Dolly, She and
Mrs. Bartlett Ini the studio this
morning aboul eleven. They have mil
returned. I do nol know whal lo
"Rul, my dear 1)1111," Hilary said,
Willi reliei in his voice. "Is thai
all? Only this mornillgl Why, Ihere
aie a hundred possible explanations
of their absence.    They  might "
"Dolly expected mo this afternoon.
She was always wailing I'm me, and
wo used 10 go oul together. I have
been .silling ihere in lhe studio for
nearly live hours. Every time I heard
a fool on lhc stone staircase or the
corridor outside "
He  turned away  his  head  wilhoui
concluding lhe sentence; and  Hilary
understood, iis he would not have 1111-
di rstood a lillle while, ago.
(To llc'Conlinued.)
A then a Dairy Statistics
The growth of the dairy industry
of Alberta is lo be seen in Ihe fact
thai iu 1910 ihere wore 147,687 dairy
cows in lhc province, with a value
of dairy products of -7,953,847, while
in 1911) there were 215,0.13 cows and
an estimated value of products of
$12,500,000. Two million and a half
pounds of butter were produced in
1011, and 1(111,000 pounds of cheese;
eight millions and it half pounds of
butter In 1916 and 375,000 pounds of
Sailors Paid To
Smuggle Letters!
How German Plotters Get Mail Into
United StateB
Federal authorities investigating
si.spooled methods of communication
between lhe United Slates and Germany announced the seizure of a
bundle of Idlers, including coinnm-
ideations which, arriving from the
central powers, apparently were in.
tended io reach Alexander von Nuli.r
formerly Austrian consul-general III
New Vork. Von Nuber left after the
governnieni Investigated charges that
he shipped reservists to Austria un.
dor fraudulent passports ill 1915.
How lhc letters now confiscated!
wore tp reach vou Nuber hat not
been disclosed nor was his preaent
whereabouts announced, The letters
v (10 brought by sailors on a Scandinavian steamship and delivered to ,1
saloon keeper in Iloboken. The plan',
according to ihe investigators, was
for the mail lo bc re-addressed so
lhat il would appear to be corre.s.
pondence from the United State..
Thc sailors admitted they wns
paid to smuggle mail past the British censors and promised to testify
for lho governnieni if needed. Soma
of the letters wcrc addressed to persons in New Zealand, Australia in_
Red Tape in France ,
An incident at a French port which
shows that red tape is nol unknown
on the oilier side of the channel even
yet is related by the Club in the Fall
.Mall Gazelle, Tho. big hoists ceased
to work because thc supply of coal
had run out. For 18 hours they
remained at a standstill until at l_s|
a supply was delivered, Meantime
lhe Britisii transport officer funiecj
and threatened and pointed to l.ii
cargo waiting to bo unloaded���4,UU'(
Ions of coal!
I'll M'ii'.K   \\ I.
Love Lies Bleeding
Ihi,,. ,'s lirsl impulse was lo lum
aboul and go straight to Sir Gilbcrl
Soulh: bin the Virai discouraged
"Mr dear boy," he said, "there
Isn'l lhc slightest use. Hc knows
quite well lite wontonness of the
thing lie i-- doing. No man could
gi 1 ;l divoi'Ci from thc wife whom his
conduct had driven from his house
so that she mighi have an operation
to save her life. Hr' wants to drag
lur in llie mild, lhat is all. He has
.mm ",ii oi insane hatred for hor.
poor gentle lady, and for his daughter, and (or the man who has only
done whal you or I or any other man
with :. sense of duty should do if
it came .,ur way."
Hilary went back lo Silverthorne
ruefully. Hc had a great mind lo
return lo town that night. For the.
firs! time, lie was up in arms againsl
Silverdale, calling it opprobrious
names  in   his  own   mind  because,  of
W.     N.     U.     1168
Our papers are cleansed, treated and purified "With Refined Parafine Waxes and Disinlectants.
They add to lhe Freshness, Cleanliness and Purity ol your goods.
They preserve the Color aud Quality of Fresh and Cooked Meats and are Germ-proof,'Moisture-proof
and Grease-proof.     They will not slick to the Meat.
Appleford's Carbon Coated Counter Sales Books ate no dearer than the ordinary kind. Now made
with new improved Formulas and Appliances and better than ever before. II you are not a customer,
write ns for a sample book.
Appieforci Counter Check Book Co., Limited
alum POWDER i
Stranded In England
Pathetic Position of Canadian Wo
' men Who Went Overseas
According to the Loudon news
Japers, about 40,O0Q dependents of
Canadian soldiers arc- stranded 111
this country���-wives and children who
cither followed their menfolk across
to bc as near them as possible while
they were on active service, or came
vver to scc them in hospital aflci
Ihey bad  been  wounded,
They are not stranded in lhc ordinary sense of the wind, for no eases
p\ waul havo. been reported, liul it
teems impossible for them lo return
to Canada now    or for some lime  lo
tome, owing to lack of passenger accommodation, and il is stated thai
iyon were the wai t6 cud soon fully
eighteen months musl elai.se before
tonnage could bc spared to transport a large, body of people.
The position of. some of these Canadian visitors is pathetic. There, are
inaiiy whose menfolk arc actually
pack in Canada themselves, wounded
llnd discharged from llie army. Olh-
ei'S have lost those whom thoy followed lo this country, and arc alls
Sons to return lo their homos and re
lalivea. Recently the admiralty has
licen able to find room for a few wo-
tneu and children on returning transports, and it is hoped lo continue lhis
A Ready Weapon Against Pain.���
Jriicrc is nothing equal to Dr. Tho-
jjn.is' Electric <'il when well rubbed
Jin. It penetrates the tissues and pain
disappears before it. There is no
known preparation that will reach
the spol quicker than this magic Oil.
In consequence il ranks first among
liniments now offered Ip the public
and is accredited firs! place among
all iis competitors.
(Official Announcement
Ig Eagerly Awaited
-Result  of  'Comb  Out'  in  Britain  Is
Kept Secret
*! lie resull of England's great
ilpring "combing out" to raise an
a. my of 500,000 for Sir Win. Robertson is eagerly awaited. Absolute
arcrccy lias surrounded the details of
the nation's latest effort lo procure
su n. Whether the full complement
ol 500,000 has been obtained will not
be known until the official announcement, but it is certain that several
hundred thousand of those hitherto
Exempted have been drafted.
' The "comb out' 'plan started with
ie withdrawal of many men from formerly "protected" occupations, chiefly the munitions factories, where old-
n men from less essential trades
took the places. A rigid search for
���lackers was also instituted.
Popular sentiment throughout England has supported the "comb out."
.(Tllis is almost England's last sweep
if hunianhood. If it has failed, or if
���till morc men arc required, one of
.wo things is inevitable���the raising
4>f thc age limits, or the withdrawal
pi men essentia! in industry.
for To-morrow
Many people seem able
to drink tea and coffee for
a time without apparent
harm, but when health
disturbance follows, even
though slight, it is wise to
Thousands of homes,
where tea or coffee were
found to disagree, have
changed the family table
drink to
With improved health,
and it usually follows, the
change made becomes a
permanent one. It pays
to prepare for the health
of to-morrow.
"There's a Reason"
Canadian Postum CerefllCo., Ml,.
Windsor, Ont.
Dogs Of War In Macedonia
Every Man Carries a Gun to Protect
Himself Aagainsl Hungry Beasts
Everywhere are the dogs in Mace-
donia. lu this counlry of shepherds
cwy peasant's cottage lias a moving
fringe of dogs. In lhe east thc dog is
neither fed nor polled, so that he feels
himself an outcast and despised, During this war one army and then the
other has swept over northern Macedonia, driving tlio peasants before
Ihem. The dogs have been left behind. Al night one hears them how!
ing on the desolate hills.
Tlie tainted breeze that came down
llie valley binls at llie ghastly food
on which they live! By day every
man shoots al every dog save the
few lhat cling close to au inhabited
collage. Tlicy slink, coyote fashion,
behind rocks. AI night one hears
their feci padding behind him on il.e
lonely roads. 'Iheir eyes shine III llie
flare ol the electric torch, Everyone
carries anus in Macedonia at night,
nol againsl man, but as a prole, linn
against thc dogs. Herbert Grbj in
lhe National Geographic Magazine,
Sum- nl Ohio, I 'ni ol Toledo,
l.lti.l'   Connly,   s-.
Frank J, Cheney makes o.uli licit lie ii
senior purine) of the lirn. of l. *. Cheney
St Co., iloinn litisines', in llie Cily of Toledo,
I'oui.i)' nml Smtc .foresaid, nnd liul snld
firm will y.<y llu- sum of ONJ* 11 |:N1)H l.ll
DOLLARS for eacll nnd ever, ease ol Ci
t.u-ili Hint cannot he cured l.y llie Use of
Sworn lo before mc and subscribed in r,.y
presence, ll..-, oili dn. ol December, A I;.,
188d. A   VV. GLKASON,
(Seal) Notary Public,
Hall's Catarrh (hit ii taken internally and
acts tliioni.li tbe lllood on il.e Mucous Sur-
laces of the System. Send for testimonials
!���'.  .1.  CHENEY   *   CO.,  Toledo,   O,
Sold In all druffffist., 75c.
Hall, .ainily  Puis tor constipation
Censorship Of
Outgoing Cables
2 nnd 5 lb. Cartons ���
10, 20, '50 and 100 lb. Bags.
Patriotic Offer Made
has sweetened half a century with the same crystal purity
tiiat makes it the favorite to-day. Buy it in original packages
and be sure of the genuine.
"Let Redpath Sweeten it."
Made in one grade only���the highest!
A plan ha.- been I'm moil by tin:
.National Service Commission, Ihej
Vaniifaclnicrs' Association and Ihej
Department  oi Agriculture of Quc-i
bee by which laborers in the factories will be placed al the disposal ofj
fanners for aboul four weeks, providing lhcy I.e paid $8 per week in addition to board and lodging. Manufacturers undertake lo pay sueh employees half Iheir wages during their
absence, it is to bc hoped the farm-
i is in need of labor will hasten to
lake advantage of this generous and
patriotic offer of the manufacturers,
��� loiirnal of Agriculture.
Counter Check
Or Sales Books
US    Believes  Valuable   Information
Is Reaching the Teutons
Censorship of outgoing cables undoubtedly will be made much more
rigid to prevent spies from sending
information to the enemy. Many officials believe information is reaching
Germany now iu the form of commercial messages cabled from the
United Stales to European neutral
countries. Already it is said the
governnieni in cases thai excite suspicion is changing the wording of
Reports ihal German insurance
companies operating in this country
lave easy access lo confidential information having lo do with shipping
and ihe despatch of troops lias
prompted the government to invest!
gale, their activities. Secretary Red
field said be thought the operation of
those companies should be kept tin-
dor a close and continuous scrutiny,
A Sure Corrective of Flatulency.���
When the undigested food lies in the
stomach il throws off gases causing
pains and oppression in the- stomachic region. The belching or eructation of these gases is offensive and
the only way to prevent them is lo
restore the stomach to proper action.
I'arineloo's Vegetable i'ills will do
this. Simple directions go witli each
packet and a course of them taken
systematically is certain to effect a
Ruined Ability
Will      This
Yet      Make
W.     N.     U.     1168
A remarkable story was told of the
career of Roger Jl. Mooy-I.evy, aged
25, who was charged at Westminster
wilh wearing an officer's uniform
aud decorations wilhoui authority,
Joining the army in Australia, the
licensed, who was said lo possess
great ability, obtained a commission
and served iu Egypt, but was dis
missed for drunkenness and sent
back to Australia.
Qualified as a master mariner, he
returned to England, got to Nov
Vork and "skipped" u, Canada,
Ihere hi joined lho Mounted Rifles,
became a scolll sergeant, and was
chosen   with    others  for    service    in
ihc R.I'.C. iu England.
Again his abilities wcrc recognized
and, anticipating bis promotion,* he
I'blaiued a captain's uniform and was
found wearing the D.S.O., with Zulu,
Egypt, and other decorations to
which he was not entitled, and passing as Captain  Maxwell   lainham.
lie oseapod from arrcsl, and, dismissed from llu Flying Corps, enlisted in the machine gun section of lhe
New Zealand forces, where his antecedents  were   found  out.
Mr. Horace .Smith, the judge, said
he seemed a very clever man���loo
clover. -
Captain Shaud: Ves. And he is
not a coward. I believe he wanted to
got back lo the fighling line, hut un-
I'.rlimalely bis record is not good
enough, llis ruin has been his desire lo put ou "swank" and fas!
living. He obtained 70 pounds from
one officer in llie Flying Corps, but
he bad a reasonable expectation that
he could repay it when be gol a commission.
When arrested the defendant said
bis one desire was to "make good
yet," llis last enlistment was with
a view of getting to France. Mr.
Horace Smith sentenced him lo two
months' hard labor.
Mr. Merchant:���
if you arc not already using our
Counter Check or Sales Books we
would respectfully .solicit your next
order. Vears of experience in llu
manufacture of this line enable us to
give you a book as nearly perfect as
it is possible lo bc made iu ihe.-e difficult  linns.
All classes and grades of paper arc
now from 100 lo '1011 per cent, higher than they wire two years ago.
Carbon papers, waxes for coated
books, labor, in fact everything that
goes into the cost of counter chock
or sales books are very high in price.
Notwithstanding these facts, om
modern and well equipped plant For
this particular work enables us to
! still keep our prices reasonably
low. Before placing your next order
write us for samples and prices, or
consult thc proprietor of tllis  paper.
We make a specialty of Carbon
Back or Coaled Books, also O.K.
Special Triplicate books. On these.,
and our regular duplicate and triplicate separate Carbon Leaf Books, we
number among our customers the
k.rgcsl and best commercial houses
(roin coast to coast. No order is too
large or too small to bc looked after
We have connections with the
largest paper mill in Canada, ensuring an ample supply of the besl grade
paper used in counter check books.
Vou arc therefore assured of an. extra grade of paper, prompt service
and shipments.
Waxed Papers and Sanitary
Wc also manufacture Waxed Bread
and Meat Wrappers, plain and printed; Confectionery Wrappers, Pure
i'ood Waxed Taper Rolls for Home
Use, Fruit Wrappers, etc.
Write for samples of our C.
Waxed Papers used as a
Wrapper. It is both grease
uioisture proof, and the lowest
cd article on the market for
Genuine   Vegetable    Parchment
Butter Wrappers
Wc   arc   large    iiu.o'ric.s    of
particular brand of paper, Our prices!
on IJxll .-ize in  100M quantities and
upwards,   are   very   lou   considering!
the present high price of this paper.
We can  sui.ply  any  quantity  printed
"Choice Dairy Butter" from stock.
Oltl' machinery 'and equipment for
Waxing and Printing is the most
modern and complete in Canada and
ensures you firsl-clnss goods and,
prompt service. j
M'l'l.l'.h'i.iI'D COUNTER CHECK
Hamilton, Canada.
Offices:  Toronto,   Montreal,   Wiuui
peg,  Vancouver.
Back To The Fatherland
Exodus ol  Hebrews From All  Parts
of  the  World  to  Holy Land
Anticipated  by  Strauss
A Jewish nation with modern cities, a free govejiuneiil and a population of iwo millfbii, will be established iu Palestine after the war, in the
opinion of Nathan Strauss, philanthropist.
He loolo for a marked exodus of
Jews from the United States aud
oilier countries, back to their father-
land. Religious jews, lie believes,
will not hesitate to give up their
wealth and properly in America and
return to Palestine to fulfill lhc Biblical prophecy. Strauss also expect,
thousands of Christians lo go there.
"Wc will establish a government
along whatever linos the allies suggest," leclarcd Strauss. "There is
no selfishness about it. 'lhe Bible
says we will have our own counlry
back'and tlio Allies are winning it
back. They must decide whal is
lie indicated, however, lhal a re
publican form of government under
a protectorate of the powers would
be besl. Asked whether the counlry
would be modernized, as Manilla has
been, he said:
"Given half a chance, we will make
it lhe paradise of lhe earth. 11 will
be up-to-date iu every particular.
'! he Palestine soil is better than that
of California���I'm satisfied of lhat
through my own experiments, 'I'ho
Jewish nation will bo self-supporting.
I don't 'think we will establish great
industries and compete iu the world
trade because Ibe counlry will bc
more of a religious community llian
a commercial one. Palestine will sup
port two million people, and il only
has 600,000 now. Educationally and
religiously it will bo the promised
land  of  Ihe  whole   world."
May Declare War
Funds of Teutons Will Be Seized it
Mexico Plunges
According to prominent Mexicans,
who assert that war will bo declared
against Germany within a mouth, all
German money in Mexico City. Tor-
rcon, Chihauhau City and other banks
will bc seized as soon as war is declared; the German boats in Tamplco
and other ports will bc seized, thereby giving Mexico a inueli-ucded merchant fleet, and all Germans will
cilher bc interned or depor'.ed at
once, their properties being conlis-
lated. The Tampion oil fields will
be made safe for the oil supply of
the Allied fleets by declaring a zone
in which traffic would bc restricted,
and the mines, smelters aud mills reopened at once to produce munitions
metals  for  the.  Allies.
Worms in children, if they be nol
attended to, cause convulsions, and
often death. Mother Graves' Worm
Exterminator will protect the child
ten from these distressing affliction"
& B.
His Trouble
Tlie Sub���I'm iu greal trouble,
Trixie���Arc you, dearest? Toll me
about it���'cos no one has a bigger
right to share vour sorrows tltaii your
The Sub���-Mr���I've just got married I���London  Bystander.
German Writes
Of Revolt Ahead
Letter on Prisoner Tells of Capitalists Fears; Poor Fight Put Up
by Hun Airmen
Reports from the British front contain extracts from the 'letter of a
German soldier found in a capt ill ed
dugout,    ll says:
"My Dear Boy: -I can't loll you
how sorry 1 am you are being led
to the slaughter pencil, but 1. hayc
sworn if any tius/oiiiiiTe overtake
you 1 will have revenge on the dogs
who lct you in for this. The cowardly capitalist parly is terribl;
afraid of lire revolution which 1
coming a- soon as thc war is ended,
Br before."
The captured diary o( a German
stretcher-bearer, beginning May .'7,
alludes continually to the fact tin
Britisii shells deprive the Germans
of shelter, wipe out their dugouts,
and force ihem into thi open. There
arc many references in captured let
tors in    British   air supremacy,   in
which there are many sneers al the
poor liglit put up by the German
Some mention lhe facl il is much
safer to bombard open towns than
to llv oni   lhe  Brilish linos.
Minard's Liniment Cures Diphtheria.
ChfiMA Granrialed Eyelids,
Eyei inflamed by expo*
lure to S��, Dull ind Will
Siri.kly relieved by MlrlM
ysRt*M.f No Smarting,
jmt Ere Comfort. Al
Vour Druniit'i SOc per Bottle. Miriae Em
IthreinTubei*Sc. For-���������*llhe_.e.re��_ik
Prugfuu oi NuiM Rjrs Staiijr Ct., CMc_|l
Russian Prisoners Starve in Germany
Main hundred thousands of Russian prisoners in Germany have already died and more are dying from
famine and tuberculosis, according to
a letter scut by Messrs. Borodine and
Sakhnovsk of ilu- Russian mission to
the Rod Cross War Council, 'I'he
prisoners receive "less than one-half
a pound of bread por day and besides
this a very small quantity of unwholesome potatoes and the worst
kind of cofl'ee," the letter said.
The Red Cross js asked by the
commission to do everything possible
to obtain from Copenhagen at the
present-time a quantity*.! bread sufficient at least for the lirsl month,
while Russian organizations '..te pro
paring to meet lh'' difficulty.
Mothers who keep a box ol Baby's
Own Tablets iu the house may feel
that the lives of Iheir little ones are
reasonably safe during thc hot weather. Stomach troubles,' cholera infantum and diarrhoea carry otf thousands of little ones every summer, in
mosl eases because the mother doe.
not have a safe medicine a', band to
give promptly. Baby's Own Tablets
cure these troubles, ..r if given occasionally to the well child will prevent thejr coining on. The Tablets
are guaranteed by a government analyst to he absolutely harmless (-.,-, n
to lhe newborn babe. I'hey are especially good in summer because they
regulate the bowels and k-ep the
stomach sweet and pure. Tbey are
sold by medicine dealers or h. mail
at _.* cents a box from The Dr Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville   Ont.
Disgusted With War
Scarcity of Food Sowing    Seeds    o(
Discontent Among Teutons
1 The appearance of the Rumanian
troops, their equipment and their artillery, are all excellent. The order,
given to the Prussian divisions on
the Rumanian front are that the soldiers shall keep on a strict defensive
and never show themselves out of the
trenches. As soon as the intense artillery fire increases, the Germans
hurriedly leave the first line trenches,
The artillery is provided at present with inferior material. Prisoners taken lately confess that they are
very much disgusted with the war.
Scarcity of food is becoming greater
and the ration of bread, which it
of b.yj quality, hjs been reduced in
quantity! 'I'ii' only tiling which pre-
venls the inon deserting is the throat
thai their families in Germany will
be subjected to vexations by the government,
Minard's  Liniment   Cures  Garget   in
Knitting for American Navy
Women havdssiol been able to n ,n-
opolizc tin knitting craze in Milwaukee, flier, j, in. old ninu at .'Ul
Vlict street, who can rattle the knit-
ling needles fasti r than most feminine knitters, L'nlil recently ho h,,_
been knitting for pastime. Hereafter
he is going to knit for the navy, lhe
man knitter i- Freiderich Droese. 78
years old, who learned to knit when
ho was a shepherd boy in Pommern.
- DODDS   7
k pills ���-
, 8HirTfUMA'T,r-'"
The Courtenay Review
And ('omox Valley Advocate
A   Weeicy   Newspaper,   I'ubished   at
Courteuay, 11. 0.
N. H.  Houkn, I'ditor nnd Proprietor
Subscription $1.80 per Vear in  Advance
S2.0U per annuiu if not so paid
THURSDAY AUG, 30, 1917
Note and Comment
The Winnipeg convention has
not resulted in the con iolidatiou of
of the western Lib rs hy any means
and we might murk, fortunately
for the go.nl name and patriotism
of those I.il. i-bIh who place Canada
and the Km; ire before Laurier and
office, The li. C, delegates left
for that convention with a great
fanfare of trumpets, nud came
back apparently unconscious of
what thev had surrendered, Listen to what "an old fashioned Liberal" writing in the Saskatoon
Saturday Press and Prairie Farm,
a Liberal journal snys aboul then),
' The Briti h Columbi i delegates
whose noise reminded you of empty vessels were moved hy real es
tate considerations in the city ol
Victoria and Prince Rupeit," No
wonder that men like Dr. Michael
Chirk, of,Red Deer. Alia, have
had to declare that tll.y cannot
work under Laurier, unci side Inside with such men as these,
Meanwhile. Sir Robert Borden, in
.spite of the mud slinging of the
Little Canada press which dares to
assume that all Liberals are Little
Cauadtnns���Sir R ihert Bordi n is
going ahead with his national gov
eminent scheme N .1 an easy job
by anv means, especially since men
like Bob Rogers ou llic Conseryat
ive side, one of the few who were
blocking the path, have had to be
got rid of, but a far finer piece of
work than Luirier's low down
truckling to the French-Canadian
disloyalty and socialist.c   sedition.
Sir Robert Borden, by the appearance of things, will hnve the
western fatmers behind him, and
their representatives in his cabinet
It is well known that the prairie
fanners had no use foo Laurier in
time of peace, because of his many
manufacturing interest supporters
who were determined to block any
lowering of the tariff. That Laurier has noiv promised this, and a
hundred and one other things will
not deceive the farmers, Let 3.
C. see to it that the poor showing
of her Liberal delegates at W'inni
peg be wiped out by the return of
every Union Oovernmeiit candidate
We do not know whether the
trades and labor councils in this
province are representative of la
labor, but their trend of opinion
appears to be against prohibition
and against conscription. Tbat
blessed word, ''I.ibeity" may ex
plain .heir attitude on each matter.
but we feel sure that it is grossly
libellous to assume that the work
ing llian would have ]. C. a wet
province, and Canada a refuge for
slackers and shirkers, Libeiiv is
being fought for in Europe just
now" not a liberty of license, but a
disciplined lihety, the liherl .��� lh it
is good and wlnlesotne tint tends
to make life pleasant and endurable for all, lather than f r lhe
strong only.
Three years ago Sunday Aug. _6
the first artilleiy draft of seventy
men left Viclorif lor the front, to
be follower! two days later by over
live liuudied infiinuy men. Some
of these heroes are still fighting,
and distinguished themselves near
Lens only a few days ni;o. Ily
rights, they should have been re-
iiifoicdd bv another hundied tho..s I
and men in addition to those already
ssut, But Sir Wilfred I,aurer
would have a referendum first to
decide the alter. So much for!
hungry politicians, who of course
do not teel the war as the soldier
or the working man does, A German air raid on Quebec would
soon nb l.niitiii of his supporters,
The pity of it a'l is iini the Canadian soldiers are iieiug led to dis-
trust Canada and the poeple who
decreed tlieni .fi' to the wnr, by
.vn! c(itiilur't of the
nly     .'ocm . Atlin
to    handle    il      for
selfish and di
will know h"
ther" i- nn i'.
Illori'-v i Jl'Clt!.
��� mnn   si c it   .
ing in l! is   cl.
" 'Our "French-Canadians are
tooted to the soil' " proclaims .the
Senator ChoqiK'tie. So wen- the
Belgians. ���Oit, wn Joi.u...l Pics.
Til cllil In it'- pennies bnve
hclpi I '" i.l'rnv the cost of the
wnr shrines in many of Loudon's
menu streets, and of the Daily
Chronicle in the east end reports
one of the results. A verv sinnll
bov, noticing a non-susbscribing
juvenile nboHt to do same mis-hi.f
to a shrine, assumed n threatening
air and exclaimed, "You touch it,
flint's "11, and see what I'll gi"e
vou, There's tuppence of mine
Ii was nn' to be expected th il
] the Prime Minister of Saskatchewan, recently returned to power
by the French and foreign vole,
would Mipport n union government
or a win the war movement.
The following guests were registered ,il tiie Riverside h.si week,
vv'. Jo .iisoii, F. Thompson, A. C
Lochead-, N, McConuon. Mrs, C.
Iloyt, C, Hunter, R. Hunter. Mr.
and Mrs. M Grant, A. K/./.y. T.
Barrie, J. Re.dy, T. Wood' M .,
Levy, T, Yasunaka, from Vancouver; P Petrokon J. Fox. P. A,
Por.er, \". Harrison, J. Baird, T.
Nevins, fiom Niinaiino; VV. Haight
L. Shepherd, A. 1-rn.vr, F, McGregor J. Goodfellow, from Victoria- L. Green. C, Sisk, W. Jack-
sou. A. Limberg, from Headquar-
:.eis Mr. aud Mrs. A, Reynolds,
Pisadena, T. Waters. Pasadena.
Cal,: Mrs. C. Slawson, Spokane, |
vl'asll. J. Kronewethe Blanchard,���
II. 0.: J. Holt, Bowser, b. C. '
We are showing this
week our first shipment of
Ladies'   Fall  Dress
Goods and
Special values in Dresn Goods,
inst dyes, nii'l popular prices, iu
Seri'i's, Pnj Him, Ciisluueres,
Tweeds, (l il-inline,, and Hen-
i',,Mims. >.' iveltv weaves iu
pltiili uml fiiiicy Voiles, "ilar-
^,i,-.iu' mill Sill. Itrnche in
light sliiiiles tultiible for evening  wear lu  cosiitine  lougfhs
Ci ating
ir. sl iiie'i ������ Mill* iii lllanket
l othrt,. liin lillns, Sport Checks
In lighl nu ! . irk 'hnil- i nl .3..'()
per   yard  ;      nl.su     to,, |.h. i.l's
Fluids iu -nui ' in I In ''"'I'lrs
from #1,75 i�� r v.l lo ->...nn
Crepe de Chene Waists
Sills nnd Head einhroid.rj Crepe
ih- chetie wiiisls in pink. sl. y.
nuiiz.,    old   h -e,     ei I'lini   nnd
hi..!. (It tel.7.1
,.-x  _nr_rv._a. Sea J?, st/r'jfSjt
^hU#*1" "" "> ***d/u
4& PA%
Note���We invite vour Inspection t, oitr
Full .Uillin.ri���'.��� ii. i ruing mi Riturdny
September 1st, when we will have
on display the newest American
models iu I. ulys Trimmed and I'n-
trimineil Hats ; also newest fabric*
in dress goods. Misses and children's
sweater coals, etc.
Important   Sale
of Interest to Every Woman
Seabrook Young
623-5 Johnson St.
Victoria, B. C.
To he cleared AT ONO' our entire
stock ol Cotton, Voile and Muslin
Dresses for women and children.
Offered nt absolutely REGARDLESS
Ol-' COST.
Too many lines to mention all here
so we give just a few :
Women's Drosses Irom 75c up
'Little Tots" Wash Dresses 4"c up
Middies lor Women and Children���
values to .2 lor7.5c
('���iris' Middy Suits,   two-piece,   go
at ..l.2u.
Esquima.t   &   Nanaimo   Railway
Excursion Rates
Between e.11 Stations on the E. & N. F.
Good going Aug. 31st an-1 Sept. 3rd. Final
Return September 4th
Fare and   One-Fifth for Round Trip
Phone R 60
Agent Courtenay,
I Deliver
your order for
Fresh Groceries
to 93 L
Your patronage solicited.
Comox  Livery   Stable
Phone 84 L
Auto Truck Meets all Boats
and Courtenay Trains
Autos and Teams for Hire
at reasonab'e rates
E. C. CLIFFE   ���   COMOX
.inn  ts Audited and
Books Kept
Office with Hicks  Beach  & Field
ROYAI,   STANDARD is without  exception   the
most popular bread flour in Westel n Canada.
The reasons for this are-
��� Milled specially for household use
���Great rising power
���Better knitted, closer textured bread of full food
���Prcpacd under conditions of snowwbite cleanliness
���Prom No, 1 Canadian Hard Wheat-
- Tested daily, insuring
���Absolute uniformity, year in and year out
Royal Standard Grain Products Agency
Phone 33, Euil ol Bri,!_e . Towler,   Mgr.
__________a___a__a___lMB_Ma_______a_i .-j_ji *K________T_K__r*-v__flK___?~_B__r-w""""
. "1
We have an Exhibit of a Large
Assortment of New Patterns
Store Between  Bridges
$6.00 Per Ton
Delivered in Courtenay
All Orders Will Receive Prompt Attention
Phone 43 Courtenay
The Long Distance Telephone Becomes More Popular Every Day
Reasons:���Directness of conversation is not reached iu
the written communication ; you speak with the party you
want ; you receive your answer immediately ; no journey is
required : distance is eliminated ; the weather does not count.
What better service would vou desire ?
British  Columbia  Telephone Co.
_,.  .....  .���. .GRAND DISPLAY
1 he.cost oi Living is High ��t
Still There's Nothing Like Leather! Willard's Harness Emporium
Practical Shoemaker and Repair
Next to Hardy & Biseoe
Pine Showing ol  Horse  Blankets,   Lap
Rugs, Gloves, Trunks, Suit Cases, Etc.
Harness Repaired Neatly
Cumberland and Courtenay fi
A small bluee was discovered in
the debris at the foot of the new
stairway Mr. McPhee is bavin)-
built to his block, evidently started
from a cigar or cigarette end carelessly dropped by a passing pedes-
trian. A bucket of water from the
Review oflice well, skilfully applied
by Mr. Win. Swan quickly squelch
ed the blaze, but it is appaling to
think of what might have happened had the flames broken out at
A week ago Sunday I'x-Ald.
Johnston observed two of his
neighbors heifers running at large.
He made it his business to go down
town and hunt up the constable
nnd assist him in taking the animals lo the city pound, The own
ers were notified and both refused
to redeem their animals, Some
time on Tuesday the animals escaped from the pound and the city was
apparently out the amount of Ices
���and the cost of keeping the animals
two days, The constable, urged
by Mr. Johnston thereupon laid,in
information again, t Aid. Leighton
and I��� Berkley for permitting their
-cattle to inn at huge, also against
Mr. McCourt for allowing his hor.-e
to run at large These came be
fore Magistrate Hames on Tuesday
evening, when the offenders were
fined $2 and costs each, A large
number of citizen) gathered expect
ing to see sonic fire works, but
nothing happened.
Augusts I.emieux. a brother of
the late Postmaster General, and
prospective Liberal candidate for
Ottawa, is more candid thai', some
of his leaders, lie said recently at
a public uie.li.ig that the main
thing was to will the election,
It i.s wonderful the confidence
some of tlie critics of the
thc government put in the government. They find fault with H lor
not taking oyer this industry or
that "lid running il for thu people,
i hat ishows a confidence that is
Hon, Mr. Lougheed, lending tlie
Senate, warned the senators that if
the Militia Service Hill was defeated
the government might drop it and
put the mare lira,,tic Mililia Act
inlo operation, They therefore gave it a good majority,
being afraid, no doubt, that in its
place the Government would ui
force the Militia Act as lefl them
by Sir Wilfred Laurier.
Tuning and Repairing
Here about Oct. 1
Leave order, nt Review office
Letters to the Editor
Kditor Courtenay Review
Dear Sir: ���Can you tell us why
one of the Police Commissioners
for the Citv of Courteuay is allow,
cd to drive his auto at from 30 to
40 miles per hour in the citv limits
while the rest of us have to conform to the city speed laws?
It would also be interesting to
know why the city authorities cut
the thistles alongside the dam and
left them standing 011 one of tbe
Aldermen's property alongside the
Yours truly
Old Subscriber,
[The only explanation   we can
give is that kissing goes by  favor.
For a government that "lacks
direction and leadership" the lior-
deu  Government undertakes Qand
executes sonic big things,
Ice Ore 1 m
As!* Om LocaS Dea.er
When installed according to plans furnished by us, the Sunshine Furnace
will heat your home comfortably,
healthfully and economically. Ask
our local dealer to tell you how it's
done, or write for free booklet.
For sale by C. H. Tarbell & Son, Courtenay
Care of Horses
The average man can easily afford age on a Ford  than on  anv other larger car,
a Ford car.    It is the most inex- car.
pensive car to drive, You can buy a Ford for yourself
20 to 25 miles on a gallon of and one for your wife for the price
gasoline is an everyday occurance. of one car at $1000. You can run
33 miles is frequently reported by both Fords at about the same ex-
Ford owners, Yearly repair ex- pense as one larger, heavier car.
penses of less than one dollar are You can always sell a " used "
not unusual. The car is light in Ford at a good price. You have to
weight, and tires Rive more mile- accept a big reduction for a "used"
Go and take a ride in the 1917
model. See how comfortable it is.
Aud stylish, too���stream line effect
tapered hood, crown fenders,
beautiful finish. You need one
for business. Your wife and children need one for pleasure and
E.  C.  EMDE
Ford Garage
Courtenay B. C.
I beg toJannounce that I have opened a Flour and
Fef d Store on Mill Street, Courtenay, and will be
pleased to supply your needs in
Wheat and Flour, Bran, Shorts
Hay, Straw, etc.
Frank   flovitz.
.   >#_iWHWwvV<��w>
Lieut. Gleason of the 102nd,
Batt. has been killed in action. He
left with the 67th Western Scots
aud received his commission in action and was tiansferred to Warden's Warriors recently,
The horao always has been recognized as man's closest luilmul companion, and It is a question aa to whether
the man ever lived who did not delight
in driving or riding a good horse, 'i'lrls
subject Is nf partlealar lati n at to every
man who raises or liainllrs horses, An
old saying is that eggs and colts are
much aliko, for they must be broken
before tlicy can be used.
Tbe proper breaking of a rnlt, says
John Buckler, who has charge nf the
livo stock at the Iowa experimei I Million, determines In lnrirc pari the tutu: ������ usefulness of the horse, ami no man
tvirn has dealt in horses and c.i < rlencad
difficulties In their management will
deny lhat thero is much room for Improvement in thai, lino. Every day
brings fresh Illustrations of Improper
breaking. Less Ihan a week ago a man
drove down to thc experiment stnllon
barn, driving a horse that had been
nulled for more than two years that
had not been taughl to back', This la
only one of many pimilnr cases,
Ilr .'ides the losses resulting from Improper breaking, thousands of dollars
are lost, to the farmers every year by
selling horses that have not been properly fitted for sale.
In breaking, the first thing to bo considered Is the nature (if the horse. The
dispositions of no two horses are exactly aliko. There If also a great difference in the draft temperament and
those more highly bred, such as trotting
and coach horBes, tbe former requiring
much less preparatory handling than
the latter.
After studying closely the disposition
of the colt, the next step Is to halter,
and in this, as well as all other periods
of the breaking, the person ln charge
should exercise patience. The colt
should be gotten Into some shed or box
stall, preferably one with a ground
floor, so thero will be no danger of slipping. Now, with halter, to which Is
attached 15 feet of rope, gently work
around the colt, caressing him as much
as possible, so as to win his confidence,
and when he sees you are not going to
hurt him you can usually put the halter
on without any trouble. Now, presuming this colt to be one that will pull
on the halter, take the loose end of the
rope and pass It through a hole In the
manger or around a post, bnck between
the fore legs, around the girth and tie.
The colt Is now tied by both head and
body. Step back and let him fight It
out, which will take only a short time.
And when tied ln this way there is no
danger of injury as la sometimes the
case when tied by the head only. As
soon aa he gives up pulling go to him
and caress him. and by so doing give
him to understand that you are his
friend. It If wall to leave him tied for
some UUI* time, after which hs ma,
be led.
Leading Is a very Important part. A
horse well broken to lead Is more attractive, easier to handle, and will command a higher price ln the market Ihan
one that Is not. In training to lead, always teach the colt to walk b.-lcle you
and never allow him to follow along
behind, as Is often done. This can he
done by taking a whip In the left hand,
touching him up a little from behind.
After being well trained to walk beside
you, encourage him to trot.
Presbyterian Church
St. Andrews'  Sandwick
Service 2 p.m.     Sunday  School
and Bible Class 3 p. in.
Sunday  .School and   Bible Clas
10:30 a. in.   Evening service 7:30
p. tn. All welcome
Barrister ami  Solicitor,   Notary
Phone 6
Cumberland Hotel
Good Accomodation      Cusiue B-ccel_.ii
Wm. Mem/field
Palaee Livery
Horses  and   Buggies  for   Hire  *
Terms cash.
We  also attend  to  wood hauling
Phone ��5
Do You
The Courtenay  Review
Family Herald and Weekly 5:ir
and the Daily Province
for one year
for $6
First-Class Plumbing
Hot Water and Steamfitting
Jackson & Whittle
Phone 9 Courtenay
Comox, B.C.
Comfortable Rooms   for Tourists and
MRS. T. D. HIND, Managress
Bar supplied with best wines
liquors and cigars
Mooring & Mansfield
General Blacksmiths
Beg to announce that they are prepared
to do all kinds of repairs at nioderiit
Horseshosing  a   Specialty
Fisherman are reported to be
making as high as $50 per day
B.Suing opposite Campbell River.
Sand and Gravel
Rates Reasonable
Buggies and Express Wagons
All Rigs Guarauteed and Sold at the Lowest Possible Price
Blacksmith and Carriage Builder COURTKNAY
My tayggss ,_B_BMflflBBBaa_MSaaB8fl8BBBaWfl�� *WQ'8lW-ff>*^|WK--r*<*MW<W>> THE   REVIEW.   COURTNEY.   ���. C.
Ontario Veterinary College
110 University Avenue, Toronto, Canada
Under  the  control  of  tlie  Department  of  Agriculture   of   Ontario,
Affiliated   with   the  University of   Toronto.
College Reopens Monday, Oct. 1, 1917. Calendar Sent on Application
E.   A.   A.   ORANGE,  V S ,  M Sc ,   Principal
Increase in C.P.R. Earnings
Two Washboards
For the Price ot One!
Both ildei of EDDY'S
Twin    Beaver   Washboard"
can   lie   uvd    (living   double
���crvii o fm ihr price of one.
FIBRE.VARE (which is
really pulp hardened and
baked by a special process)
it cunnol splinter or lull
apart, Won'l hurl your lingers or I'-ar you dollies.
Double value for your money���almost life Unilng.
Don't do   another   washing
until you grt one.
The E. B. Eddy Company
HULL     -     -     CANADA
Control Of Kxporta
Enormous Power in  Hands   of   the
United Slules
"llic United Slates has an enormous power iu ils hands today in iir.
control ol exports lo I'liropcnn ncu
nals," snid lord Cecil, ihc minister
ol blockade. In a talk on Ihis bitbjcct,
"I do mil like in express nnv opinion
as to ihc policy which would guide
ii In ihc cxcrclso ol lids power," ion
Untied I.ord Robert, "That is lhc
United Stales' busines*, nol ours,
However, we have had three years
ol Intensive experience in blockade
i ud e\ crything wc have leariu d din
ing that lime is at the disposal of ihe
United Slates.
"The United States lias ihe power
of making any bargain .md stipulation  il  thinks proper with tin SC nc"
For thc month ol April llic * l-'.R
shows an  increase ot net profits    o
$'141,241.65  over    Un-    corresi Iini
month  lasl  year.
The company is talking of ini rent
ing their freight rules 15 per ccnl
The net profits do im1. look a
Ihoftgh this is necessary al lhc pres
'���nt lime. Net profits for the firs
four months of lhis vear: $1_,."-,"|8__,
7-1   which is an increase of $990,005,
II   0\ er   Ihe   ncl    profits   (llll in .      ill. , , i       ��� /.
corresponding  four   llis  ol    lasl Se.lOUS LlHUllt.'Oll
I he   simplest     and     best   method   of   saving
money is by an  Endowment   I'olicy   in   the
..'rile   (or   pamphlet   today.
Turkish Army's
on  (lone . C.iiile, St., quickly cl I hr
I'or Siik by Alt Dealers
Douttlafl A  Co.,  Prop'rs,  Napanee,  Out.
t Fret Sample on   Reque 0
A Paying Side Line
Merchandtbe   Washed   Ashore   Sal-
Woo&'o ?-to_p_u.dia.j
Tht   Orcnt   flnglieh   liemnlm
luii'.ie-nd. Invigor.tol tim wbolfl
iitrvonn U'atOB, iii.lc.is new Blouj
. --- in   unl Voln.   Cure*  Jv.riioui
lo reliable advices irom | jjiiiiniy.jlenin'. ami Brain worm, iietpon.
g/COIIliy. nirniii: -nr* main ll orrtl, I'ci.unn.
\-ia Minor  lhc  Turkish   army    is   ill   ttrnrti. Lost[*/.aKneroVi l'olpilntion ef tht
tleiirt. Fiiitiwj Memc���     "
, i,  i , , I llcnrt,Fatllmi Memory. Free $1 per box, il*
llic most sciions plight of any period | form,   one nit lplMM, iii will out*. Sold by "tl
tti-iiggl.te ttr t*t,ltte\in plnlu plij. on receipt nf
of ilu- \>a, on account of the dcpl
lion oi man power from lhe ravages
of epidemics and from actual slarva
iimi as a result of ihc failure ol ilu
commissariat, All classes of ihe gen-
damn un an niobolizcd to Iill tin
ll   is   said   lhe   .spread     of    mutiny
among Arab and Kurd troops has In
conic so alarming lhal    l"nvci' Pasha,  ��i,irDii*'oV*o._|-rMlri!
Rrirs. Nan pamphlet matted free. THE WOOD
l-DICIN. CO..I0.0NT0. OUT. I.irmlf WlUnti
ft Vl.l. KIDKKV, B.ADOI ��. Ill',
ril.i s in I,lire ������., i"" ������ HIT!
*uci,|.R\ lo, 'Jit in I'KMAn s|. -,
Tonim'u. man cn' FREE
iin. ll\,i
r viiiim
i ���>. ni.uoi, roc.n",
imi, 11. rest I i.n
VORKorl VM.s ll, ...
ir in lilt. t,_ ci.miu
' in. London, Hnd,
".'   r/.o  io imii
lhc Turkish war minister, is rushing| "rij CO A D._Sf_l ��a"����n.
io   Mi .on,, I mn i  iu an  i-IVori  lo com     * ���* mm f*l***r I\SI"1  ustin-cum.
Ill    an si,|ii,i.iiiu,I    in   .in    inon   IO   i ii)M      |jj (HAI l'SADt ��A��KKO WOKO 'rilKSAPION' IS OH
vagetl by Villagers
'lis an ill Wind Ihai blows no-
irals, and ihis 1s a very important body good"; and though limes havel
weapon against Germany. Thc food 11��� n, hard forjic inhabitants ol lhc
siulTs which Germany obtains from liasl Coasl towns of I'nghmd ibis
Holland and Denmark alone musl be war time, then.' arc many dwellers by
measured in hundreds of thousands ihc sea who have, profiled in an un-
"i Ions, while ihc mineral and fish expected, though tragic manner, by
-ports of the Scandinavian  ntilions| the "frightfulucss" of the linn
v.iiii ll
Drunk In The Air f
Gunner Sound  Asleep Was Captured: j
By British Pilot
' Inc    oi   llic  most  humorous   mci
dents t.ii  lhc  war occurred not   very
long ago in Northern France.   A big
enemy  biphuu   was   attacked    by   a
little   British   single-seater,  lhc  pilot
of which hnd a few shots at    long
range.    When    he came    closer    lie j
found  there  was  no answering    fire
from lire passenger in the after seal.
Having sheltered himself behind the!
tail   oi   lhc   i ,i muni   machine   he     intended lo pop up and sliool him when I
he offered an easy  mark clear of the [
tail and accordingly he Hen   out  and I
put a few mon   shots diagonally inlol
the front of  lhe enemy's  machine.
Tin pilot thereupon put bis nose
down and landed righl ou a Britisii
When lhc machine landed, soldiers
wenl "in io fetch in the prisoners,
Slid at tie.I ihey tlioughl the pilot
had bronchi lhc machine away by
himself, a- there was no sign of a
passenger. Then ihey looked iulo|
lhe after cockpit, however, and found!
Ihe gunner curled up in a heap on llic'
floor. The} tlioughl he wa- dead or
badlj hit, and were considering i
wliicli was lhc inst way In get llilll |
oul when tlie) were startled by al
loud snore from lhe cockpit. I
Thereupon they yanked ihe gentleman oul by lhc collar and found'
there was nol a scratch uu him.i
lie was mcrclj gloriously druuk and;
Tlle pilot, v ii" wa- -described as
"comfortably oiled." smiled benignly
or- hi., captors .nul remarked that but
for his drunken (.tinner lie would
havc |iiil Up a ih ccnl fight, but in. Ihe
circumstances    he    thought he    had, ..()m , . wlToksa,e hoUfc
don-* nil he coi lu
It i*. usually sad' to say thai when
?, child is palCj sickly," peevish ami
restless, the cause i-, wo I'm 9, These
parasites range tlie slomach and intestines, causing serious disorders of
ihe digestion and preventing the in
font from deriving sustenance froti��
.   .:. .1 .,..,,., .      ,    ,,,.. "i     ,'t .    ''        ,       I food.    Miller's   Worm   Powders,    bv
���������� unportanci  lo Un lhe ravages ol  Hie U-boals   haie L slnivi      tl��� wornw   ,.���,.,r,ls ���,���',.
..  materially    lo  llic  harvest of rnt,Hs of the digestion and
UlC     sea,    and  (lur,,,,'   lhc   pasl     few   ,cst-rc  ������. ,���,,.������  ,���  |,,;lll|
j  months whole shiploads oi merclian-
j   disc  have been washed ashore' lo  be
_ I   salved by lhe villagers,
LIFT YOUR CORNS f       .he spoils have consisted    princi-
* pall)     of    timber    and      margarine,
OR CALLUSES OFF   \   though earlier in the season the I lun
��� sent  us a cargo of fruit ���l
.,    , ,     .    ,    . !   in many cases sound and eatable.   A
No  humbug!     Apply  few drops    ' , ,-,.���. wec,{S ag0 R,.e. t ,U,)S    ;(||d _....
then just  lift them away        *   ���f  butler  aud  margarine  came    rol-
with  fingers. j ' ling in  on  lhc waves.   ���
; I    A large quantity was quite tincat-
 "*"���"���"���"��� " -.-...-.���..���.���. ���-�������� i able, and  the rest sandy and soaked
Ihi-   new  drug  i.-,  an  ether    coin-l with sea water, was collected in carls I     L
^'"',l" ���''���'"'���     (     '"'"   :   of|.fnr.li- .1     ie digestion  and serves  k.
rgans lo healthy action,
Changing Interests
'Kdiiculi.uial    standards  change  iu
war time."
'Yes.    In  peace,  education  is  dc-
fruil  v'oted to reading and writing. In v.ai
and   fighting "    "
ii s Fcedi
ton  Sla
"vercd by a Cincinnat: for distribution to munition faclor-
cliemisl. ll is called free- ics, lirsl going through some cleans
zone, and can now be ob-j iug process.
taincd iu tiny lioiiles rs j This salvage work forms a profit-
here shown al very little able side line for liie villagers, l-'.ach
cost from any drugjiuan marks his individual heap with
store. Just ask- for free-1 his name, carls and wagons collect
/one. Apply a drop or the spoils for lhe admiralty, and Ihe.
two directly, upon a lend- salvors eventually obtain for their
er corn or 'alius and in- labor two-thirds of the value of the
slant!) lhe soreness dis- goods when they have been sold,
appears. Shortly vou will At the present moment, al one
find llu- corn or callus so small place on the East toasl, Ihere
loose thai you can lift it is limber awaiting disposal salved
off, rool and all, villi the from a recent wreck to the lime of
ii". ers. I roiiie    hundreds of. pounds, of which
Not a Iw ingc of pain,.1 amor
soreness or irritation; nol,' lhc 1
i ven the sligluesf   smart-;
ppelitc during the summer months is a common trouble,
and indie.iti s thai lhe digestive system is otll of order. Lacking a
healthy appctile ltiany pcoph���especially women���-go loo long wilhoui food, or cat sparingly because
food seems lo distress them, and il
is 110 wonder lhal ihey complain thai
lhcy are constantly tired and unable
to stand the hot weather. This simply means that ihc digestive system
is not doing iis proper work, and
that the nutriment lhat should come
from lhc food is not being distributed to lhc various organs of lhe body.
In oilier winds the blood is grow'irg
roughly, two-thirds benefill thin and watery
I gatherers. |    You need a summer Ionic, and in
ill ihe realm of medicine there is no
iliicr when applying;                       Family Trait tonic   can    equal  Dr.  Williams' l'ink
freezone or afterwards.         At ihe annual pri/e dav of a cer- Pills.   Take a short treatment with
This cliifir  doesn't    cat  lain  school,  the  bead  boy  rose    to these    pills    now    and    notice how
up the corn or callus, but give  his  recitation.       - promptly  your appetite returns and
shrivels    thru,    so    thev]     "friends, Romans, countrymen," lit
loosen    and    come    right: vociferated, "lend mc your cars"
as the minute they left the oven
���that's the way you always get
In the tri;il_-3ealed Cartons.
Plain or Salted.
���In Packages only.
/���'or a change to something
equally fresh and delicious,
try our
nil    li is no humbug! It)    "There." commented the mother of
.Mirk- like a el.aru .'I or, a defeated pupil, sneeringly,    "that's
few  cents you can get   Mrs.   Biggs' boy!    lie   wouldn't    bc
rid bf every  hard corn, soft corn on his mother's son ii he didn't waul lo
corn  between  the  toes,  as  well    as borrow   something."���Tit-Bits.
painful calluses on bottom of    your| ���	
feel, ll never disappoints and never
burns, bins or inflames, If your
druggist   hasn't    any    freezone    yet, ���
tell him to get a little bottle for you
I bought a horse with a supposcd-
  Iv incurable ringbone for $30.00. lur
Real Mermaids In Hamilton1"' biro wiiii $1.00; worth  of  m-
i.NAI'liS   I.IMMIAI   and  sold  lum
Spaniard  Possesses Two Most Curi-i f"r ?85'00'    l'���!it <"' Liniment, $54.
ous Creatures, Half Human. N|(I|SI'   DEttOSCE.
Half Fish "olcl  Keeper, St.  I'billippc, Que.
J,  l��� ^uiii! , a Spaniard residing ill
Hamilton, Out., possesses twe  crea |
[ lures  that an   probably  unique,    lie
insiders  ihem    lo    be    mermaids. .	
I Though  llicsi   arc described as "fab |
led" or "fictitious" creatures in    the|
dictionaries,  ilu-  creatures    in    Mr,
:Ninilf- hands have heads shaped like
- ihosc   of   huir.au   beings  and   -bodies
Creative Waste
d    "Pity   the     rain     spoiled     the
! game today."
1      \'cd    "liul   imi  got  a  check, didn't
your power lo digest food improves.
Vour food will then do you good,
vour slrcnglb will return and you
will no longer complain lhat the hot
weather tires you out.
The best lime to begin taking Dr.
Williams' l'ink Tills is the moment
yotl feel lhc least bit out of sorts.
:| lie sooner you do so the sooner you
will regain vour old time energy.
Vou can gel'these pills through any
i icdicine deal, r or by mail at 50
cents a bos or six boxes for $-.50
from The Dr, Williams' .Medicine
Co., Brockville, Ont.
The professor was showing a friend
round his chemical laboratory. "What
has become of Jim I'illbottlc?" the
iiicnd asked. "Wasn't lie studying
with the class last year?"
"Ah, ves." replied llm professor.
"Fillbot'llc, poor fellow' A tine stttd-
��� nt, but abscntminded in tlie use of
chemicals���verv. That slight discolor,
tilion on the ceiling   -nolice il f'
"That's     Fillbolllc."    W'il   and   IIU-
i lhal an   distinctly   fish-like.    I Inc  is, )
much larger than  the other, and    i-i
; considi ri d   lo  be   lhe    lliollli r,    and  ".
; reckoned lo he .TOO years old    Uolh  >'
have fine hah like a human being, and;
.,  small  ifloti.larln   and beard.       I i
I vou
led     "Yi
e  llll   he-
Martyr to Duty
bin io gel of] I had to;    N,rs   |r.l5i,ionplalc    Poor deal  Mrs.
*x-'usc ' '���''' lr'"1 "' m>'  Upperlon is K, be buried today, Are
______ I vou  going   lo  lhe   funeral?
Mrs.  h'.ua Quel���I really can'l, you
Countless    iiave    been     lhe     cure.
Corn  lure,   ll
I, .ul i- altnchcd lo a humaii-lil rck v.orked by Hollow-ay
wliicli merges into thc lish-like body, ''a*, a power o   us own not found in
land the arms arc something like those  "   preparations
of a  in.uike-.,  only  lhal   the  fingers ���
an   webbed     lie has    been    offered Makes a  Difference
$700 fm ' i- curios.   M is said lhal the .	
I .realm' - wen   found in the wreck of j.|enty  ���|   qu1,s  Kecp  the Germans
i, -hi,, in the Arabian Sea. _��� t,le Mqvc                     j
Minard's  Liniment Cures Colds, Etc.       v Toinuiy was discussing Ihe open
  | warfare,    "lhis    break    away    from!
Irench   war eiv, s  us  a  much  belter'
lime." he paid,   "Wc know uow  lhal
we are keeping ihc Germans on   ihel
move.    And they're busy all the time
wondering;   ihey. don't   know   where
thc nest whack :.-> coining from.  Mind I
VOU,  I'm far irom saying lhat we can
know.    I    have
ow ed mc ri call.
just    discovered she
-Los Anr-iles Times.
i,'. I.-, I ..!,'  .1,1,,,.,   I,, A 1.1,    ,,    .1  |
nn- untioi .Mary If you wonr     '
Arlington Collars and Cuff..
Thej in,- waterproof and nil thai Is u ecenanry
u'licii thej becomosoiledl>lo ivierli them wiili
SOUP lllnl wilier uml Illl'l lulili  il'l I'.iiml lislilli'llj
Nu ironing Is tiecessnry.  Ask imir dealer foi
tin-in. Maniifacliircd by Uie
France Avenue, Toronto
.              I
- Pioniir
Dog Remedies
And How to Feed
.U:iii��4 frcn to mir  DilJnu by
, tlio Auttior
118 Weil 31 it Street, New York
Secure lho agency in your district
for 1M.1.MAM'S PEERLESS 1'KUl'i'
pay; exclusive territory, Our agctl,
cics are valuable. Write PELHAM
NURSERY CO., Toronlo, Ont.
Tli. safe way tu send money by mail is bf
Dominion Kxpress  Money Order.
More Honey Wanted
Sugar is an important war food
ils price is high and lliere will hi
probably a shortage in the near fa-
lure. Honey is getting more poptlla/
every year and present indication!
point lo a greater demand and pos<
sibly higher price., Bee keepcrt
should get busy and produce as much
as possible tllis year as they will nol
only increase their returns but will
be helping the empire.
Manitoba produced 800,000 poiindl
ol honev in 1916, and tlie estimate foi
1<H7 is 1,000,000 pounds.���Journal ol
Minard's Liniment Cures Distemper.
In Bad Repute
The heathen are understood to l><
pretty thoroughly ashamed of .Chris
tiau Prussia, and we guess about al'
lhc real admirers she has left art
thc  hyenas.���Ohio  State Journal.
Asthma Is Torture.   No one   who
hasn't gasped for breath in the fow
cr of asthma knows what sueh suf'
firing is. Thousands do know, however, from experience how immeas.
in-able i.s the relief provided by thai
marvellous preparation, Dr, J. D.
Kellogg's Asthma Remedy, hoi
years it has been relieving and curing Ihc most severe cases. If you
are a sufferer do not delay a day. in
securing lhis remedy from youi
Two Train Loads of Cattle Imported
A large shipment- of Hereford
Blockers, consitsing of 2,443 head, hai
jusl been made from Muielo, Texas,
io Wiscton, Saskatchewan, li consisted of two train loads of thiitj
cars each. The rallle lo hc placed
Oil tlie ranch of a large ranching com.
pany iu  Saskatchewan
=__ ��� ! 1 ���.
Where to Look for Immigrants
I. S. I Icniiis ol Ihe C..P.1'. sav s,
"Canada's hope for new population
lies ill llie U.S., ami N.W. I'ltropc."
ll I. obvious ihai immigration can
"ulv   be  carried  on  in    the    Hriiish
[.��'" Incidentally.      In    lhc  -.United,; ���       ,��� h    ���    -      f h_
s,:" erc  �� a.grca   utimbcr    of J(. ^    b ' -,,      wl|holllJ .  b���    -i
young  men   who  leave  the  fiirnis   for
, scrapping  yet, bul  it  is only a  ones-
ig  cities  yearly as  land  is nol  pro-    , ,    ^       {,        cHITeret.1   Scnsa-
crable      Bj    placing good  induce-   . . , f.	
nienls  before  Hem  ihey  might   per-     ,       j,  ���".. ������  t|,(, eJ   d Vm,
'jal,s l"' Persuaded to c c to C-nna-LCC| wc ���.,.,, ���, kno���   -,,.��� ;������. ,,,���,
| were not nearly so many as the Germans' aud that wr hadn't lhe stuff lo
North-West Biscuit Co., Limited
VV.       N.
A   Healthful   Promotion
lie    I seed    your   son, Clarge, ihe
other  dav.   Mrs.   Wee!,-;   ',-   be   much
stouter llian when I seed 'im last,
She    Ves; he bc filled out proper- -
1 they've ui.ide :���  lance corpulent of 'im
now    Mi.   "itnii ' .     I'aller
plll over.    Wc knew   lhat it depended
how   quickly  we could  gel    through j
lhe  Bochc barrage and in among the |
blighters with llie bayonet,   Now, we
jusi  climb out of a  trench and  walk
behind the cut lain of lire.   It makes a|
dill', ictice." '
���. -v; > for Mens. Womens.
'LiqtlfbS^dChilcJrensShoes Cake,0(
F |;_daile'v.co-ot Canada   ltd. Hamilton c/in fo
THE   REVIEW.   roUHTNEY.   * Cl
Interesting Letter
From Front Trenches
Brilish Forces Selected Finest Season Uf The Year For Their
Entrance Into Holy Land ��� Occasional Showers Miii-Jate
The Meal And Malaria Can Be Avoided
Military uu n do nol    believe    lh
Hriiish   forces  now   iu   Palestine   w\
���  to-
ii n do nol believe
es now iu Palestine
altcinpl any iiiimcdialc advanc
ward Jerusalem,      The  Holy
���hey say, is lor lhe present a see
ondary coiisdcraiou,    h s consdercd
unlikely   ||M|   ||���.   capture   of   terusa
l"11   will  bc  atlcuiplod  until  all    ihe
"in.i  legion of  Palcslinc is secured,
which   Iim)    lake   some   lime   In     lhc
conditions oi modern warfare
Hie strength of Jerusalem for dc
fence is very gnat. Tills mil mil due
In her ancient walls and lowers, imr
to lhc trenches which lhe Turks hav,
dug roundabout, but lo lhc fact lhat
llm   city   lies   id I   2,400   feet   above
seji level ,encircled by rugged 11101111-
l.iius. while lhc few passes are in
deep    valleys,    capable    of    easy  de-
fence.    It   was  only   conditions   of
natural  .strength     lhal     enabled     the
kingdom of jtidali to outlive thai of
Israel by considerably more than a
century, that made possible ihe Jewish uprising againsl the Grcco-Sy-
liaus, and two centuries later, prolonged ihc resistance of lhe Jew:,
against  ihc  Romans,
Against au army advancing from
Egypt, Jerusalem is secured by wilderness frontiers to the east and
soulh, while no attack is possible
from lhe north until ihc. Plain of
I'adraclon is secured. Thc western
frontier presents a long wall of
mountain, Southwest, tlie, newly-
made military road running to Bcer-
sheba would present a long line of
very difficult advance. The pass up
the valleys lis Saul and Es Sur,
through which Antiochua V. made a
successful attack with camels and
elephants in 10.1 B.C., would only lie
suitable for mountain guns, and rould
hardy he used for the main attack.
The direct ionics are by way of lhe
railway through the valley of Sorck,
a long winding way llirougli a deep
gorge, very easily defended and the
more open, but still difficult high
road a little further north, Probably
the entrances lo both these valleys
are well  fortified.
The difficulties are. so grral lhat
ii is belli veil a modern military cx-
pedilion would, as has occurred several limes iii history, have Jerusalem itself r's ihe. last aim of the campaign. If the approaches on every
side arc captured, tlie cily itself inns!
fall; in all probability the Turkish
army would hasten lo extricate itself
before lhc last avenue was closed,
'llie fale nf Jerusalem has several
times before this been settled in the
The P.riii-ii forces selected llic fin
est season of lhc year for their entrance inlo the Holy Land. From
April lo lane Ihe country is al ils
hest climatically. The fields of 1'hil-
isla arc green wilh young com, affording abundant fodder for horses
and camels; lhe ground has hardened
since the winter's rains, and fresh
nreC7.cs -and occasional showers mitigate lhc heal. Malaria, which makes
camping dangerous in lhe plains dur:
rue the summer and autumn, is now
of a mild type and can usually be
avoided. Xorlh of Gaza there should
be no Ink of water or provender fm
the army.
Spy Net Tightened
Teutons Ordered  to    Make    Themselves Scarce
AH Germans   formerly   co ctcd
wilh ihe German embassy or any
other ol the many consulates iii
America have been requested to leave
the 1 lilted Stales,    Notification that
in \i
imir prescnci
aide has bcci
state ilcparlin.nl,
Tin   Germans, wh
clerks  or servants,
lhat liny    wen
spies.   T
I   lo
ica is uudesir
iImiii by   ih
The King antl the Fuse Girl
Liked Because He Is Human and a
His Majesty, King (ieorgc, paid a
surprise visit to a fuse factory in
London. On reaching lhe second
Door, 8Ui) girls slopped work, raised
Iheir fuse eafis, and Ihen broke into
a loud, ringing welcome cheer.
"Why," he remarked lo his equerry,
"they are as jolly as school children
going for a picnic."
Nexl day, one of the grils, who
lives out Hammersmith way, was
asked whal she thought of the
event. "I liked the King's eyes. Ik
didn't wander all over the outfit. He
just struck lhe righl thing all lhe
lime, and as he passed my bench
he smiled at mc. Why? Because I
looked straight at him. That's il.
And Why? Well, a brother of mine
was a choir buy al Windsor, and
onc day King George palted him on
the hack I'or his singing and good
behavior at prayers. How did the
King know lhat, now, unless he was
jtfsl like tiie rest of us, Ihinking of
something else at prayer time? That
hoy lies today somewhere in France,
and you can understand how- tears
came into my eyes when the King
passed by. lie didn't know the
meaning of my tears. God bless him.
lie is a worker, and he don't go
tripping round the front aud telling
the fellows lhat God and he are a
sort of I'..in directors running the
world for llieir own special entertainment, Our King serves the
people, and we like him. And that's
all there is lo il. It is the parliament that makes lhe laws, and if
Ihey are bad it's no Wee blaming it
en lo King George and Queen Mary."
principally are
r,      Wit il    lold
suspected nf being
rciicc lhat llieir loyally lo the kaisi r might make it difficult fnr ihem in remain ill litis
counlry wiih.mi attempting to send
information of a military character
lo Iheir government  uas made clear.
Aiming lhc first lo go will be llein-
lieii Sehaai'liaiiM n, formerly attached
to llu- German embassy, bill left behind by Count von Bernslorff, and
since, attached lo the department of
German interests of the Swiss legation; lu addition to Scliaafhatisei
there is a long train of clinks and
servants���at leasl they have served
in such capacities in lhis country���
al lh ought this government has no
means of knowing definitely whal
lhc exact status of must of them is
with the German governnieni. Thcr'.'
is ground for belief that some, of
them are. persons of more importance
lo  lhe  German   intelligence  system.
Dr. George Barthchnc, the author
nf ihe much-discussed despatch* to
lhe Cologne Gazelle at lhe lime diplomatic relations were severed, slill
is in Washington, hut is required lo
report to certain governnieni officials in person  twice a week.
Although the bulk of the German
and Austrian embassy stall's departed wiih their ambassadors, two of
Germany's allies still have their representatives here.
Abdul Hal. Hussein Bey, in charge
of the Turkish embassy, pleaded
with the state department not to insist on his departure, llis wife is an
English woman and on the ground
that her health might be effected Ingoing to Constantinople the Bey has
been permitted to remain here. The
Bulgarian minister also is still al his
There are' many indications lhat
the government is taking steps to
lighten the spy net and make even'
more difficult the gelling of military
information to Germany.
New Type Machines
Flew in  Same Formation as Geese,
Which Made Hits Difficult
In official circles it has been definitely concluded that twenty-two
German airplanes participated in lhe
raid ou London. The raiders were
of lhc Go tha type of machine. These,
are three times lhc size of thc "-ingle
scalers and would therefore appear
to be flying at a third of tlle height
thai smaller machines would seem lo
be. The immense size of the new
type also would give the impression
that lhc airplanes were flying slow
whereas lhcy i ravelled between To
and SO miles an  hour.
When over London the raiders
were always within range of lhe anti-aircraft guns, which Ihe auiliorities
say, registered many hits,-though
none of the Germans were brought
('.own hy the artillery, British airmen often relumed from the German
lines with machines punctured by
bullets and pilots wounded, SO il is
not surprising thai the difficult targets were not brought down over,
London. The raiders flew like geese
a formation mosl difficult lo break
lip and destroy.
Though the program of London's
defences is completed it i- nol i
claimed that no improveiuenl is pos-|
siblc as no general ever is satisfied
wilh  the  size of his army.
A Million Dollars' Worth of Autos
What is said lo he the largest siu-
gle order for automobiles ever placed in Canada was signed a few days
ago by a linn in LcthhrldgC, Alberta, ll calls for Ihe delivery of one
million dollars' worlh nf automobiles
to be delivered during lhe nest fourteen months, The ears are of a tuod-
(rate-priced make, and as the market
for them is mainly among fanners,
lhe placing of lhis order is an excellent indication of lhe prospcriiy prevailing among fanners iu Southern
Alberta, It also indicates that in thc
opinion of the dealers the prospects
for lhe 1917 crop are as goot"
any previous year.
The following mn ii sting h inr!
from a well known ami popular Regina liny, whil has been ,,| ij,c fro,,|
all' osi from thc beginning uf ihc war,
will pr,".e interesting and speaks for
"lion. W. M. Mat-tin,
Premier of Saskatchewan,
Dear Mr.  Martin; -
The subject of this letter is ihe 5th
Canadian Infantry Battalion, ami my
leasons for addressing yuu on this
subject rue that lln .slh Canadian Infantry Baiialion is the first Saskatchewan battalion and you an- ihc
Premier of  Ihe  province,
When war broke mil in July, 1914,
lhc mnbilizalioii orders were very unusual, instead of battalions in ing
formed al home, lhcy wenl forward
in \ alcarlicr in small detachments,
from lhc centres where ihey joined
llu- colors, Consequent!) lhc Western Canadians had no means of (lis
tinguishing in the numerals o( tin
first sixteen baltalinns llu particular
batlulions which were made, up of
men from their province.
The men who went from Saskatchewan were recruited half by lhe
militia infantry and half by llie cavalry militia, the hitler volunteering at
lhc outset for service as infantry ami
ill order io preserve their identity,
the Western cavalry were formed into a composite battalion known as
llie 5th Canadian Infantry Battalion,
(Western Cavalry) which was made
up originally of; l-'th Manitoba Dragoons; loth Saskatchewan Light
Horse; 27th Saskatchewan light
Horse; 29th Saskatchewan Light
Horse; ,.0ih llritish Columbia Lighl
Horse; 31st Brilish Columbia Lighl
Horse; J.'ih Central Alberta Horse
lhe Corps of Guides (Saskatchewan)
and on leaving Valcarticr lhc West'
ern provinces in the approximate
proportions���of Saskatchewan 75 per
cent.; Maniloba, ten per cent.; Brilish Columbia, len per ccnl, and Al
berla live per cent.
Before proceeding to France from
Kngland it was decided to use four
baltalinns as a reserve lo tlle three
brigades proceeding to the fronl, and
about two hundred men, constituting
the Saskatchewan Company of tin
llt.li Canadian Infantry Battalion
were at once transferred lo the 5th
Canadian Infantry Battalion, so that
amongst thc units which proceeded
to the front wiiii Ihc first Canadian
division, the. province of Saskatchewan was solely represented by one
infantry battalion, namely lhe. 5th.
Owing to the methods of organization which 1 have mentioned and the
various changes which took place, Unpeople of Canada lost I race to a certain extent of the regiments which
really represented their especial localities and although (he other regi
ments of the first division were v( ry
early claimed by trie provinces from
which iheir men came, Saskatchewan
never claimed thc 5th, but Moose
Jaw and Yorkton as local centres occasionally showed some interest.
Afler lhe second battle of V'prcs
and ihc stirring engagements of J;cs-
tubcrt and Givenchy, lhc orders of
the. day were filled with congratulatory messages from various provinces
and principal (owns of Canada. There
was uo message, however, from Saskatchewan or any cily in the province. This want of enthusiasm was,
of course, of minor importance, but
thc failure of Saskatchewan lo show
interest or in any way support llieir
baiialion has been fell rather severely.. Thc question of regimental funds
on proceeding overseas to France
was a very serious one but for the
generosity uf a few personal friends
of the senior officers there would
have been much suffering dur.ng lhc
fall ami winter of 1915. At uo lime
have we had a large fund nor has
much opportunity iver presented itself to enable us by our own efforts
to create a fund. The canteen arrangements at Valcarticr were, most
irregular, none of the profits found
lluir way to regimental funds for lhc
benefit of tiie nun. During our stay-
in England lhe profits of the British
canteens operating in Canadian ana.
wcrc paid into regimental coffers and
were -pent on comforts for thc men
in England, with thc esc ption "f
30 pounds, which sum supplanted by
a donation of 60 pounds made by
Moose Jaw friends of om- former
colonel, w.re Uie only moneys which
were al lhc disposal of our commanding officer for nrgiinentul -purposes.
Shortly after coining lo France
wc organized a dry  canteen for lb.
Dm -in., flight Was < larried Oul Exactly As Planned, The Voyage
Bsing Made In The Darkest Hours Of The Night ��� Reached
I Ionic Scathless Afler (.veiling Journey
to purchase even the lumber to make
the crosses which marked lhc graves
ol our dead. Wherever possible fresh
I'riiil uml vegetables have been pur-
i based to vary lhe diet, il is our invariable practice to give the men hot
cocoa during the cold weather. This
is served lo them from .1 a.m. lo 5
a.m., and is tlle verv besl tiling to
warm Ihem after their all night vigil
in the trenches, This alone costs us
$250 a month, Footballs, baseball
anil cricketing outlils have beet, pur.
chased so that they might have a bit
of sport when opportunity offered.
Our prisoners of war iii Germany
have never beer, forgotten and in
many cases lhe dependents of soldiers in the field hav been assisted,
Wc have spent three Chrislmases
away from home and every effort
has been made on each occasion lo
give lhe men as good a time as possible.    The baiialion enjoys of course,
a distinctive regimental bailee and
these have- been purchased and is
stud free of charge 1" lhc men Dining llie winter mouths coal is purchased to keep the men warm, Today, as a baiialion, wc are however,
unable lo look after our men as well
as wc would like lo because we arc
alniosl out of funds.
This letter, ihcrcio
llm purpose of sect
and in the hope thai
be created among lire peoph ot our
province in tllis baiialion.
lu this brigade, which    is    purely
Western, the other battalions are well
looked after by llieir n spectivc provinces  and  generous donations   have
been made br Manitoba, Albi rla and
Brilish Columbia, and as regards the
r,  tiny   have    taken
illations in  ihis di-
��� wiiii led  for  funds.
reived   the   sum    of
is lime and another
brigade    r ived
lonations   50  pounds
ll'len  fOl
l-._i.tcrn provinci
care thai their h
vision have nev
Onc battalion n
$2,500 at Chrtslm
baiialion in lhis
amongst other
per month.
At Christmas lime this year wc
were able to provide a very respectable spread for llle men, bul this fact
was accomplished by every officer
going down into his pockcl and by
lhe   men   also  assisting   out   of   their
(To Bc Continued.)
Cheaper Poultry Feed
Millers   Requested  to  Put  Cleanings
On Market
On account of the scarcity and
high price of feed lhc poultry industry of this counlry is threatened by
the prospect of thc wholesale slaughter of laying stock and a serious'falling off in thc number of pullets to bc
The necessity for retaining for
milling everv possible bushel of
wheat suitable for that purpose need
not be emphasized. To provide pottl-
trymen wiih feed for rearing their
young stock wilhout unnecessarily
lowering the supplies of milling
wheat, the federal Department of Agriculture hns rc'iuested millers
throughout Canada to put on the
market the cracked aud shrunken
wheat removed from grain before it
is milled.
In addition to small and broken
wheat these cleanings consist chiefly
of the seeds of wild buckwheat, a near
relative of the cultivated buckwheat,
The poullry division of the central
experimental farm has used wild
buckwheat in feeding experiments
and reports il lo bc a highly salis
factory poultry feed and has ordi r-
cl two cars of buckwheat screenings
for the central and branch experimental farms from the Canadian governmi nt i lc\ itors at Fort V\ illlam,
Fowls used to good grain do not take
to it al first Imi when they become
.ecus',nm (1 to if they cat it readily
and do well on it.
The mill cleanings from local flour
irrills also contain traces of many
other weed seed-, including several
hinds of mustards. These, however,
would not as a rule amount to  more
'I he most daring raid yet carried
out against lhc great Krupp munition
works at Essen was recounted to a
staff correspondent of lhc Associated
I'ress by Sergeant Maime Gallois,
who defied all the German anti-aircraft defenses and bombarded the
heart of the German armament���producing factories with high explosives
crossed thc German from line twice,
flew ovcr many Rhenish cities, and
reached  home  scathless.
Thc whole flight lasted seven
hours, during wliicli lhc daring
French aviator was guided only by
llie moon and star9 and the compass
as the voyage was made in the darkest hours nf the night, the destination being reached exactly according
to plan. Wilh Sergeant Gallois
were Lieut. Ardisson de rerdeguir,
Eergeant Durand and another comrade, Sergt. Gallois said:
"Wc left our base at nightfall
with the intention of reahcing Essen.
Soon afterward we ran into foggy
weather, and lost sight of each other.
I flew at an altitude of 1,200 metres,
nnd passed over Met. and Thionville,
following the course of the river Moselle. The batteries fired at me cross-
in gibe Rhine and as I passed over
Met_ searchlights played about thc
sky. At Thionville 1 heard another
airplane nearby, but made it out to
be ArdiSson's. After that I was compelled to travel by the aid of tin
compass, the stars and the moon.
At Treves 1 saw a heavy bombardment which 1 calculated was direct-ii
at my comrade. Therefore 1 knew I
was travelling in the right direction.
I did not sec Coblenz. I law the re-
flection of the moon on the Rhine
and found Bonn, From there to Dus-
seldorff there was a regular sea of
electricity, which increased u 1 got
further mirth.
"Cologne was ablaze with luminosity, and at Dusseldorfl there were all
kinds of lights, blue, red and whi-.e
All the time the anti-aircraft guns
fired as I passed, and around Cologne
lhe gunners were very acurate in the
"Leaving there. 1 saw, like cliffs en
the horizon, a brilliant illumination.
which seemed kilometres in length,
stretching to tiie left ot Essen, while
southward was another long line of
lights coining from  the  factories.
"Arriving over Essen I rose to
about Iwo thousand metres. I -ir-
eled around searching for a place
where the lights from the workshops
appeared  densest.
"Then 1 threw the inst bomb. After counting ton I dropped the second and then the remainder of the
len I carried at similar intervals. I
could not tell whether the bombs exploded, but probably they did. It was
impossible to distinguish their effect
owing to thc flaming furnace chimneys.
"My duty done I turned homeward
not having seen my comrades again.
1 came back exactly the same Mayas 1 went and was tired at many
Lt. Ardisson .'.nd Sergt. Durand
both returned tn the French base.
having gone as far as Treves when
they found that tin ir supply of
gasoline would uot permit them lo
italic Essen, so thev dropped all
Iheir bombs on Treves before flying
It is believed that the fourth man
reached and bombed Essen, but he
had not returned to ihe b.i"-.
Supplies to England Small
Report Shows Germany is Receiving
Bulk of Exports
Regarding the Dutch minister's
Statement to ihe press at Washington, regarding exports of the Netherlands in dairy products that most of
these go to England and some to
Gi rinany, The 1 inns obtained the
following official Dutch figures pnb-
llshcd in Holland:
I'or the first quarter of 1017, the
exports of Dutch dairy products
were: To Germany! Butter, 1,847
metric tons; cheese, o.JKj tons; c__s
purpose m supplying ihe men    withllhan  Iwo or three per cent, of the
ls a_ they  mighi wish cleanings in the ease nt thc standard13,443 Ions;    total 14,300    tons.      In
grades of Western wheat. This material is specially recommended    for
A gentleman was put oul of patience by some blunder of Paddy, his
new groom.
"Look here!" he cried in his anger.
"I won't have things done in this
way.    Do you think I'm a fool?"
"I can'l say, sir," answered Faddy.
"1  only  came yesterday."
tic.ll   iueiih n'
lo purchase, Thc profits, of course,
going in our regimental fund, From
other canteens iu lhc field a percentage rn' profits was also received and
by lhis means a small fund has been
ai our constant disposal otu nf which
to provide, although very inadequate-
ly, extras for the men in supplement
lo issue rations, etc,
' Thc question mighi be asked���
What does a regiment iu lhc field
need in addition to government -up
lilies and comforts sent forward I'm
the benefit of lhe men by lhe various
institutions such as the Canadian
War Contingent Association!'-and in
answer to this I might enumerate
some of thc things which we have
found it neccssar) to purchase during
the two years which this battalion
has been at lhc front in France and
In lhe early davs il  was necessary
England;   Butter
3,493  tons;    eggs
backyard, suburb,in and professional 14,617 tons,   Of  Dutch  butter, cheese
poultry nun. 'in farms the cleanings |
from yards aud poullry houses where
it had been fed would have to bc disposed nf so as nol to disseminate
noxious weeds in grain fields.
Those, interested in obtaining lhis
class of fi cd should immediately arrange with local mills or feed dialers for a supply, The mills cannot
be expected lo keep lhis material for
poultry unless it is demanded for
lhat purpose and thai rests wilh the
poullrymcn themselves.
Critic���Well, old man, if you wan.
my candid opinion of your picture,
all 1 havc lo sav is, that il that's
art, then   I'm  an  ass.
Artist t lh, 'that's art right rn
o ii.ii!
i,d eggs, Germany received last
138,003 tons; England 9,75$ tons
Lasl year Germany received 122,009
tons of potatoes and A0,314 tons of
meat from Holland; England 3,137
tons of potatoes and 9,057 tons of
meat. Comment seems unnecessary
Dutch are Suffering
The Handelsblad says the situation
of Dutch shipping is now the. most
critical of any period of lhe'war owing to the fact that all of Holland's
ouilets now fall within llic danger
���/one of one or the other oi the belligerents. It urges ihe Dutch government to map oui a channel oi its
own in which Dutch vessels will n
move mine-; and protect  Dutch shipping by force of arms. THE COURTENAY REVIEW
Our Booklet Explains
why Kootenay Ranges stay good as
new, long after other ranges have worn
out; how the asbestos joints prevent
leakage of air or drafts; how the alum-
inked flues prevent rust; and why
they require less fuel than other ranges.
Ask our dealer or write for booklet.
For Sale bv C. H. Tarbell & Son, Courtenay
An Australian has been granted
a United States patent for a process
for transplanting living hair upou
bald heads.
Knowledge is of two kinds: We
know a sebject ourselves, or wc
know where we can find Information about.
Ladies and Gent's Tailor
New Spring Goods Now on Hand
McPhee Block     -     Courtenay
It seems I'm getting old, John,
My hair is turning white���
Not caused by early piety,
Nor from sudden fright.
My joints are not so nimble, John,
My Knit ii little slow,
I'm not the man 1 was, John,
Some twenty years ngo.
I want lo join the army, John -
I'm pasl the age 'tis Hue,
When I get over in Flanders, John,
There's something I enn do.
II 1 CMIlIOl curry a rifle,
I enn pack n smaller gnu,
11 I cannot _ei n crack nt Hill,
I'll net some other llun .
I could gel iu tlie home guard--
nm that's imi quite the tliiiuj.
I wnnl io go to Flanders. John.
And tight (or Britain's king.
When I return lo Canada
With half ri dozen scars,
I'll show the cowardly slackers
That I've been through ll ur wars.
I wnnl to no to Flanders, John,
Where there's fighting to be done.
Not wiilk llie streets iu uniform
And never lire a gut),
The Doctor tays, n trifle old���
Bul thinks me fairly lit
I've ^ol llle warhorse fever, John,
I'm champing on the bit,
i ask not for commission���-
Private quite good enough,
'Tis the fighting men we ttiiiiI, boys,
.Men of tlie proper stuff.
We wnnl k'""1 men of courage,
Ol muscle and of bone,
Men Hint's not afraid to die---
Let cowards stay al borne,
And should 1 die in Flanders, John,
Will you be so kind
As In speak n word of comfort
To the girl I left behind,
And place this plain inscription
(in a slab beside my grave,
Thnl the poet fought for liberty-
He scorned lo bc* u skive.
! One favor more I ask-, John,
[usl a li^ht request-
Wrap ine up in the British flag,
The Hag that I love best.
The flng thai has protected me
From every foreign foe,
It hung above my cradle, John,
More than eighty vears ago.
Bakery and Tea Rooms
Brown's Block, Courtenay
The llest'aiid cheapest bread in the district
14 Loaves for $1, 7 for 50 cts, 4 for 30cts, 2 for 15 cts
We invite anyone to dispute the above advertisement
The baker ol Better Bread
Opposite the city hall
A scientist states it is a fact that
the bacillus uf tenatusis frequently found in paper used for cartiid-
g_s, so that a bullet can easily be
the means of introducing it.
Oregon & California Railroad Co. Grant Lands
Title to same revested in Uimited
States by Act of   Congress,   dated
June 9. *9i6.    Two million, three
hundred thousand acres to be opened up   for   homesteads and   sale.
Timber   and Agricultural    lands
Containing some of the best  land
left in United States.    Now is  the
opportune time.    Large map show-
I ing lands by sections an d descrip-
| tion of soil, climate, rainfall,   ele-
I vations, ect.    Postpaid $1,    Grant
Lands   Locating   Co.,   Box 610.
I Portland, Oregon,
Your Printing!
Cannot be done any
better or any cheaper anywhere else in
B. C. than at th
BE| 9 ---T���-���    - -* ?,^*yysf3i^sp%ggff^ SHE
Km "?* .v_._w.... ���..- -   ".      ������; !*>--'.. ;.-:,. :..l...   L��'j-3fc*___,
It is manufactured
tobacco in its purest
It has a pleasing
It is tobacco scientifically prepared
for man's use.
i #11
$ 25.00   for   $21.50
50.00.    " 43.00
100.00      " 86.00
JAN. 9, 1917
Finance   Department
Cooking three meals a day over a hot
stove. There's no longer any need for it
An Electric Kitchen
is Cool
Make Hubby order an
Electric Range
He uses the most up-to-date and efficient machines in his business
You, his wife, are entitled to the same
up-to-date equipment for your kitchen
For Sale by
yhe Courtenay Electric
Light Heat and Power
Company Limited


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