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The Review Jun 7, 1917

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Array gj
Can not 1)8 done nny bettor, niul
not quite ao woll iiuywheru else
hereabout.. Our type nml maaliln-
cry is complete ninl The Review
pricon are right
Gents'  Furnishings
and Halters
VOL. 5
nID. 2 3
Auction  S
Tuesday, June 19, 1917
Household  Furniture and  other   effects  for  Mr.
Joseph McPhee, who has rented his house, also 10
Bedroom Suites from the Restmorc Rooms
Sale at 1 o'clock sharp
Telephone 10 COURTENAY
Local Lines
Mrs. Dawley received   word   on,   M" d,v was observed as a public
...    ,.,,   ,   0 ,,      . ,   Sunday that her husband had been holiday in  honor   ol   thr   kings
Miss Ethel Sutton has secured  vvol.illda, .UK, , ,,��� M       ,     , btrthda..    Hags were flying  fr m.
a position in the Royal Bank, the City Hall, the school, and   the
Childrens Overalls- Just the tlihiR for      Mr. G. J. Manly will conduct an six Poles on t,lt- Riverside hotel,
children during thr summer, at Sutliffa,   auction hale on Tutsdny, Jlme   ,0, |
Mi, Win   Duncan was   up   I'm in   I'm' Mr,   Jos.   McPhee.   who   hus
Victoria oyer the holiday. rented his home to Mr. Brock, and    , , : ���,     Nn      ,
intends lenviiii* lor trie erist >hnilv. i ... , ���        ,    7     >��i
0, H. Fecliner has   recently had hudav evening  last     Ihey  cam
six nvw ll.-n-sinlTs erected   ou   the      The Military Medal  awarded  l0 overos the ������TlielnW   as   far .
dormers ol the Riverside Hotel.       Corp, Robert Swanson a short time f-��TX' 1 W,      T     V
,,���,,,���            ,, , nvthi.n   ri.in . olllt.nlv       A   very
ah   Mn. I ,,i   revolts tn   is  deal h.    tins ��- n ,           ,.             ,          ���
aii iiii best .uai   i         ,,,,������,      ,, ,. . happy fraternal evening was spent,
ut Sutliff'..             forwarded to his sister, Miss Effie
Swanson, of this place.
Children's   Sli
must sensible sly
Upwards of forty Masonic bi i
n n of Powell Kivcr paid a fral r   tl
I.'eiit   11, T, Cameron, formerly
of ihis place, has been appointed t��� j���st a year ago, (June loili) the
a Ueuteuacy iu the Canadian' For- Cotnox-Atliu Battalion, 102nd  left
cstry Battalion now in England, the Comox wharf on their
Mr. R. Christie, local manager France. Since then they Hnve been
of the Royal Hank, lefl yesterday '"some heavy engagements and
on a two week's vacation at Chilli- uave gallantly upheld the name of
wack and other points, the battalion aud the district  they
Mrs. Warwick and daughter represent. M.tiy of them have
Margaret returned to Nanaimo af-1 b,een wounded, and many have paid
ter spending a couple of weeks ' the s��l'reme sacrifice. Ills lilting
with her daughter, Mrs, Chas. IUlerefore tllal ;1 sPeci
A iter the routine Work, the fourth
decree was exemplified, The visi-
orsgot away about 2  i>,  m.,   well
pleased with their yisit.
Vancouver   General
way to     i*���rn���At
Gents' Furnishing Store
We lead-while others follow, with  H.  S. & M,   Clothing.
We take your measurement and guarantee a fit
In all shades, styles and prices.    If  you   should  need a new
hat for the 24th of May,  see our  s'.ock���just arrived from
the East, beforejptirchasing elsewhere
Summer Underwear in all Sizes���Come and See for Yourself
5 H 0 E S
Youth's  Misses aud  Children's Shoes   in  Tan  and  Black
Leather also an assortment of white canvas.
Our prices are right and we guarantee them to wear
Courtenay   Gent's    Furnishings   Store
Opposite_Shepherds' W. Sutliff, Prop.
Would you pay one quarter of one cent
an hour lo have all your sewing done
for you ?
You know you would, and much more
This sounds  so  good  to you that you
think it is a joke
We were never more serious and we
guarantee that a
Sewing  Machine  Motor   will sew   for
you tor one quarter of a cent per hour
for current
It costs only $18.50 and iasls a lifetime
For  Saie  by
ft   !"���>.-'��������'
The Courtenay El
Light Heat and Power
Company Limited
Messrs. Kmde, Theo Johnston
and Iy, Cokelev gave the use of
their cars to carry the Cumberland
Follies to Qualicum Beach on Mon-
day evening, where they gave a
verv successful entertainment for
soldiers at that place.
Ou Saturday evening, May 27th,
about seven o'clock, the home ot
Mrs. Theodore J. Cramer, Heriot
Bay. formerly of this place was
burned to the ground. Mr. Cramer
went overseas w itli the 102111I Batt
last June.
George Ardley, for a number of
years in charge of the grocery department of McPhee & Morrison's
store has gone into business for
himself at Lazo, having taken over
Mr. Chas. Pigott's .store there.
His many friends will wish bitn success in his new venture.
Wanted���Second hand Fordi car
for cash, must be in good cond tiou
and a snap. Apply H. W. Bayley
Comox, B. G.
New two horse power Fairbanks
gasoline engine for sale cheap at
the Ford Garage.
For Sale���Credit cheque for $206
on purcha��e of piano. Apyly Box
144. Courtenay, or at Review Office,
Staryed onto my premises���One
red heifer and one white one.
Owner is requested to come and
pay damages and take the animal
away,   Jos. Nitnnim
Hats -All the latest shades and styles
at Sutlili's. I
Wanted to purchase���Beef and
Veal���Prices 16c for fat beef, 16c
for good veal, dressed; 1 ic live
weight. City Meat Market, Cumberland.    Phone in. 1
Por highest prices in hides, scrap
metal and old rubbers see Wm.
Douglas, Courteuay, 1
-Cleveland Bicycles and bicycle
supplies at the Ford Garage,      ���
House to Let���At comer of Un.
ion Street and Cumberland Road.
Also lot adjoining For particulars apply at Review office.
therefore that a
should be held in the Presbyterian
church next Sunday livening in
commemoration of their departure,
and in memory of the local boys
who will never return. Reference
will be made to these by the minis
ter, and special music is being arranged by tlie choir. Miss Wood
and Mrs. Macintyre will be the
Hospital on May 21, on   niuisday
Mav 21, io  Mr,   and   Mrs.   John
Thompson, ** sou.
Anglican   Church   Notes
1st Sunday after Trinity. June 10
t) 30 a. m, Holy Communion at
St. Mary's. Grantham.
11 a. 111. Mattins and Holy Communion at St. Peter's, Comox.
3 p. ui. Evensong and Serin in at
the I.a/.'  Mission.
7,30p.m. Evensong and Sermon at St. John's, Courtenay.
7 p ni, Eve.oug and Sermon -it
Holy Trinity, Cumberland
We have an Exhibit of a Large
Assortment of New Patterns
Store Between  Bridges
Courtenay C
'���**��^<��'s-|*��*������s��*W����-��-����*s'-��s����-��*��-Si�����-*��������-��-���*��< >*r****��sn**iJl<*y
A Shipment
of New Scribblers has arrived. The
piclure on each book depicts some
historical event in the great war, with
a description ofthe deed on back page
Fresh Fruit by Every Boat and Train
A  large   shipment ol' Old  Country
Tobacco   arrived  tin-  week,   and  is
now on display.
Oo  to  McBryde's  for
.7 *ri*"'in)ir rs-ir^r
For Fresh   Tobacco,  Cigars
Confectionery   and
Soft   Drinks.
Isabel St.    Next Royal Bank
'���""'*���'  y%
._--   i
*%*J L
��� _��t;*_tf!*?:    ,*-*v
.. .....v
Comox Creamery j
Butter I
55c per lb. this week,
��� v atel naker Jewelerarw
Special 15 Jeweled Lever watcl
Special   7 tlo do
Waltham 17        do \5o
Fully Gar nteeri in Screw Cases
3 6.50
12.50 tniE   REVIEW.   COIOCTNEY,   ft. C
���   *n _;iiii:.i 0>
f   Tlio beat
'_ <**> !��*____��� f   "7J'i ;'rtT_ ! i     t
^|^;��/;.-|, y-'i-^'-t i"
*^'A"/'"~"1'':''1l9>\ ''ll-' world.
���"." "-���::    i,;
j��i___a_i.*r ��� ~y
wiNNin.o* M0N'"!Al___ll_
German Diplomacy
Has    rioen    Successful    in    Making
Knemies in All Nations
Wli.it is thc next triumph reserved for German diplomacy? What
field is there Ir it fur the exercise of
tlie Wilhcnistrasse's great gifts of
finesse? It Irs now been crowned
with repeated successes until Ihere is
no quarter of llic world in which
Geftnany i* ui t confronted with a
drawn sword. To date German diplomacy has arrayed eleven countries
against Germany, a record, it is believed, that has never been surpassed by the diplomats of any nation.
After the tu- Ic the Uniled States
gave them probably they are equal,
too, to any job that remains before
them, They haven't much room lefl
to work in, only Soulh America and
China, ami they already have induced China to break off relations
South America, hy reason of its isolation, may be a harder job, but the
German diplomats doubtless arc
-.���orking on il. If tltey are baffled
there and tire South American countries succeed in remaining friendly
to Germany, or even in a state of
hostile neutrality toward her, it will
bc the first real setback German
diplomacy has encountered in a triumphant cour.-1 now extending nearly three years,    Kansas City  Star.
Th.ir Intimate Concern
The Woi Id Fs One and Its Best In-
terests the Concern of All
Thus questions of foreign policy
which have been hitherto Utterly
outside the ken of the Dominion peoples arc mnv their Intimate concern.
I he great European problems which
fail to he seltlcd by the verdict of
war���the future integrity of Belgium.
ihe fate of Poland, the settlement of
the Balkans, and numberless others
equally difficult and Important���arc
henceforth problems for Canada and
New Zealand and tire other Dominions as well as for Great Britain,
I'he fancied remoteness of lhe Dominions from these old diicinus ol
European diplomacy i.s at an end.
I'he war has shown it to lie a clelu-
Blon of peace without real security.
'I'he world is one, and no part of it
can disclaim concern wilh any olher
part, The war cabinet is at once the
result of this truth and its revelation to the peoples oi thc Empire,���
London Times.
She is Always Ready
To Tell Reason Why
SHE     IS     RECO M M E N DI N G
Minard's      Liniment     Lumberman's
Britons   Siudy   Languages
War Has Pointed the
Knowing Foreign
When   King     George
school for thc study of
guages  he  placed  oflici
approval  on   tin-  revival
ment thai since  the  wi
gaining rapid headway
try���the studj  i.f foreig
The school opened by
the fust of itiprsjiinli jn
Empire,  which  counts
ciliz'ns speaking Orient
''ne  of  the    lesson'
country by the war has I
for a wirier knowledge
languages.  The  Britisii
liarned through lhe. war
erage Lrcrmai
Ihan the avci
igc Briton.
Wisdom    of
opened    a
Oriental lan-
al   stamp    of
!  of a  iiKlvc-
ir has    been
in  this coun-
u languages.
the  King    is
...the   llritish
320    million
al language r. I
taught     this
rcen the need
oi    foreign
people   have
that thc av-
re languages
"The trouble with my boy Josh is
that he's always ahead of the times,"
remarked Farmer Corntosscl." What
lias he done?" "Went to town to
See about a position. He found a
Strike in progress and joined the
strike before lie. cot the job."
If tea or coffee
was the cause
change to
and sleep!
There's a Reason
W      N      U      1157
Miss E. Demerit States They Cured
Her of Sick Headache and Rheumatism From Which She Suffered
for Six Months
Hull, Que-, (Special)���Cured of
chronic indigestion, sick headache
ami rheumatism, from which she had
suffered for six months, Miss E. De-
mers, of 190 Maisonncuve St., here,
gives all the credit for her cure to
Dodd's Kidney I'ills. She is recommending them to nil her friends who
suffer from kidney troubles of any
"I am always ready to tell what
Dodd's Kidney I'ills did for uie," says
Miss Demcrs. "I am never without
them in lhc house, My case was one
of the worst.
"I had tiied several medicines from
the doctor and was getting no better
when 1 decided to try Dodd's Kidney
fills. I took seven boxes and all my
rheumatism, sick headache and indigestion was gone.
"When my father saw how much
good Dodd's Kidney Pills had done
mc he began to take them for kidney trouble.  Hc is better now."
Dodd's Kidney Tills make healthy
kidneys. Healthy kidneys strain all
the impurities, all the poison, out of
the blood. They arc the greatest of
all tonics.
Harry Lauder's voice i3 clearly
one of Ihc assets of the Empire. He
has just invested another $'10,000 in
War Loan, bringing his tolal holding up to $295,000.
How's This?
Wt offer Ore Hundred Dollars Reward
fnr liny ease ol Catarrh that cannot bo cured
by   Hall's  Catarrh   Cure.
Hall's Catarrh Cure has been talren by
catarrh rrificrers for the past thirty-five
rears, anil has icirjme known as the mosl
reliable re iiedy for Catarrh. Hall's Catarrh
Cure act-i through lhe Blood ou the Mucous
surfaces, expelling the Poison from the Mood
and   healing   Ihe   diseased   portions.
After you havo t^ken Hall's Catarrh Cure
lor a short time you will see a great improve,
ment in your general health. Start taking
Hall's Catarrh Cure at once and get rid of
catarrh.    Send  for testimonials free.
F.  J.  CHENKY  & CO.,'Toledo,  Ohio.
Sold  by   all  Druggists,   75c.
"This dog took first prize at  the
cat show."
"How's that?"
"Well, he took lhc cat."
Ask for Minard's and take no other
Bible Readers and the War
Progress   of   Eastern   Campaign   of
Great Interest to Students of
the Scriptures
The war development in western
Asia will revive knowledge of
places that figured in some of thc
i arlie.il historj of lhe world, Airmen have 1"' n dropping bombs on
Bcersheba, where Abraham ranked
himself among tie foresters by planting a tree, and ".hose people were
later di nol i d by the prophet Amos. Near by is
III bron, win 16 also, Abraham
was sojourner, as' was Isaac,
ids son, and Jacob wdio gave his
name to a people, To the westward
is (iaza a great city of lite Philistines, which sold Hebrew slaves to
Edotn, ami for a time held Samson
as a prisoner, till, lifting the gates of
thc place from their fastenings, he
went oft with them, casting them on
the Mount Muntar, before Hebron.
The further progress of the campaign
will be interesting to Bible as well
as newspaper readers.
Use the Soil
just as important under pres
ent conditions to have reserves of
food as reserves of cartridges- When
so much is dependent upon a good
crop, thc entire community should
concern ibrlf about the situation
from the beginning of the season,
'there are certain common vegetables
'���comprising a large, part of the food
supply, such as potatoes, beans, onions, etc., which do well in all parts
of llie country. They can be grown
in a small way without machinery,
and their production this year in ample quantities should he assured beyond chance or doubt,
Would Help Some
When Great Britain fixes prices
for food it Is a fixed price, The con
troller of food fixed the price of po
tatoes at three cents a pound. Cer
tain tradesmen charged four ccnls a
pound for potatoes and were promptly fined $5 each. A little of this sort
of law would bc popular in Canada.
���������Montreal Slur.
V ___'*_. *f 'it    S_t*.-   _*?''���_'���____'1  eV-A-lfi.    -*'<^'   .''���'*;  .   ***i
For Sale by all Dealers
Douglas & Company, Napnneo, Oni
La Follctte Folly
Representative      La    Follctte,    of
Wisconsin, has proposed that Great
Britain sell Canada lo the United
.Sl.rli'3 for $10,000,(100,000. If thc
Kalzcnjammer Kids arc interned for
the duration of the war llie La Fol-
Ictte comedians can acceptably take
their place. -'Toronto Mail and Empire,
No man or woman should hobble
painfully aboul because of corns
when so certain a relief is at hand as
Holloway's Corn Cure.
Battle ol the Peoples
This war is neither a Mary Pick-
ford "movie" nor a 1 larold Bell
Wright novel, it is a battle of the
peoples against an unscrupulous and
brutal Machiavellianism, it ia a test
of the brain power of freemen.-���
New York Tribune.
Cured by Toning    tho    Blooil    ond
Strengthening the Nerves
It is the opinion of llic best medical authorities, after long observation, that nervous diseases are more
common and more scrioii3 in '.he
spring than at any other tine of the
year. Vital changes in the system,
after long winter months, may cause
much more trouble than the familiar
spring weakness and weariness from
which most people suffer as thc result of indoor life, in poorly ventilated and often overheated building��.
Official records prove that in April
and May neuralgia, St. Vitus dance,
epilepsy and other forms of nerve
troubles are at their worst, and that
then, more than any other lime, a
blood-making, nerve-restoring tonic
is needed.
'The antiquated custom of taking
purgatives in the spring is useless,
for lhc system really needs strengthening, while purgatives only gallop
through thc bowels, leaving you
weaker. Dr. Williams' Pink Pills
are the best medicine, for they actually make thc new, rich, red blood
that feeds thc starved nerves, and
thus cure the many forms qf nervous
disorders, 'lhcy cure also such other
forms of spring troubles as headaches, poor appetite, weakness in the
limbs, as well as remove unsightly
pimples and eruptions. In fact tlicy
unfailingly bring new hcallh and
sl length to weak, tired and depressed
men, women and children.
Sold by all medicine dealers or by
mail at 50 cents a box or six boxes
for $2.50 from The Dr, Williams'
Medicine  Co:, Brockvillc,  Ont,
Locomotive Hauls Church
Among thc many unusual methods
employed to move buildings, few
havc been so novel as that used in
Soulh Bend, Ind-, to transport an old
church to a new site where it was to
bc remodelled into a theatre,
The. structure, after being properly
blocked up, was moved over s railway track and coupled to^ _ freight
engine I lien the locomotive slowly
drew the bulky load a distance of 5
blocks, to a p.'int not far from the
ni ..��� location.
Plfysician���-Did your husband foi
low my directions, taking his medi-
i im    religiolislj ?
\\ ife- 1 fi ai not, doctoi . Hr
swore even time 1 gave hiin a
dosi .    Puck
irienu whether ln training, or already at tho front--_(!6ds Snam-fluk,
It cannot be equalled tor the many
small Injuries and ailmouts incidental to u Midler'a Ufa
Sergt. V. Brcmnur of tb��i Sth
Canadian Mounted Rides, writes:
"For heallus cuts, sores, blisters,
etc., Zum-tluk cannot be beaten."
Corp. Kremlin or tbe 10th Field
Ambulance, writing from France,
Bays: " Wa find Zum-lSuk .pl<miild
for Injuries and allmnuU, but we
haven't enough of It."
Every eoldier Bhould carry a box
of Zam-Buk, an nothing ends pain
and stops bleeding so quickly; it
also prevents blood-poisoning. BOo.
all druggists, or Zam-Buk Co.,
Or Distemper lu eUllione, brood nurei, ce-tu arid ill oiliori J|
mosl destructive. Tha germ causing tlm dlitat* must ho remor*
si from thi bodj si tho auimal. To pieveat t's.��� trouble the >.���---��.
must bo done. '-
Will  Ho  both���curt the  sick  .ud  preveut  those "exposed"    liuus'
having tl��o disease.   All druggists.
8FOHN MEDICAL CO. Chemists, \Jailni. Ind,, V. 9. V
John Bull in Shape
Since August, 1914, England has
been grimly inarching through the
ruins of her 'owner self to a new
England. She has been learning day
by day lessons branded in letters of
blood and lire. She was a giant fat
with peace. Now she is a giaul
Stripped, clean muscled, with her
tuivy a-shining, Impenetrable shield,
her army a sword kern as death, her
economic organs healthy, rclnvlgorat-
CO, her heart beating strong with national pride and purpose.
This is one of llu; miracles of this
epic time. Arc we going to ignore it?
Must wc prors through the. same darkness and agony to learn thc same Ies.
son?- Chicago Tribune,
Your Liver
has Important work to do. Under favorable conditions it docs
it well. If sluggish, relieve it with
They Cleanse While They Cure.���
The vegetable compounds of which
I'arnulcc's Vegetable Pills are composed, mainly dandelion and mandrake, clcai tlle Btomach and iules-
tincs of deleterious matter and re-
store the deranged organs to healthful action. Hence they arc the best
remedy for indigestion available today. A trial of them will establish
the truth of this assertion and do
more lo convince thc ailing than any
thing that can bc written of these
British Columbia Fruit Industry
The fruit industry in Britisii Columbia has within thc last two years
shown great progress, with thc re
suit tiial the province now supplies
60 per cent, of lhe fruit consumed 111
the prairie provinces of the Dominion and looks forward to supplying it
nil. This is thc statement of W. J.
McDowall, manager of the Okana-
gan  United Growers of Vernon, ii
Lrtrvesl "rule uf Any Medic-Inn In I',.,   WurU,
Sold everywhere.   Iii boxes, 25c.
Minard's Liniment Co., Limited.
Dear Sirs���Your MINARD'S LINIMENT is our remedy for sore
throat, colds and all ordinary ailments.
It never fails to relieve and cure
Port Mulgravc.
Spend Vacations on Farm
City Men Will Use Spare Time to
Help The Farmers
Favoring the plan of lhe Ontario
government for increased production of foodsluIVs by encouraging
city men to assist farmers, more than
one hundred members of the Windsor Chamber of Commerce will give
one wreck of their vacation this year
to farm work without cost to the
farmers. This decision has been made
as a result of a meeting held in Windsor recently, when \V.R. Knowles,
of the Ontario government agricultural department, made a plea for cooperation among farmers and men of
thc urban sections with a view to increasing crops and staple foodstuffs,
ll is planned to enlist the
high school boys, retired farmers and others wlio havc
had experience in farm work. Tlie
officers of lhc Chamber of Commerce
there are confident that at least 1,-
000 men of Windsor and adjoining
towns will interest themselves in tire
Dust Causes Asthma���Even a llttli
speck too small to see will lead to
agonies which no words ran describe-
'J lie walls of lhe breathing tubes
contract and it seems as if the very
life must pass. Irom this condition
Dr, J.D. Kellogg's Asthma Remedy
brings the user to perfect rest and
health, ll relieves the passages and
normal breathing is firmly established again. Hundreds of testimonials
received annually prove its effectiveness,
Advertisers Are Not Pirates
Here is a nut for every householder to crack: Thc price of comniodi
tics wliicli are. advertised for sale lias
risen much less than the price of
things never advertised. If you
haven't a hammer handy I'll crack
that nut for yon. When any concern
has spent thousands for advertising
il cannot afford to throw away business in a species of piratical charges.
Not so with the vendor of a head of
cabbage or a bag ot potatoes. He is
restrained by nothing except the contents of your   pocket. Philadelphia
"Paya. when you are a diplomat
you try lo make tlie other fellow believe everything you say, don't you?"
"Not exactly, my son. You try to
make him believe just the opposite
of what lie thinks you really intend
to say, and even then you are lying
to him."���Life.
Two Washboards
For the Price ol Onel
Both sides of KDDY'S
Twin Beaver Washboards
can be used--giving double
service (or lho price of one.
FIBREWAR.E (which li
really pulp hardened and
baked by a special process)
it cannot splinter or fall
apart. Won't hurt your fingers or tear you clothes,
Double value for your money���almost life lasting.
Don't do another washing
until you get one.
The E. B. Eddy Company
HULL     -     -    CANADA
Do away with alt Laundry Hills. When thoy
become (.oiled inst wash them -with soap und
water. No Ironing necessary, Suitable for
those ot tho most fastidious taste as they look us
good as linen. Ask your dealer for them.
Fr-aH*. r Avcnuo, Toronto
treat lucceit, curss chronic weakness, lost v.oo>
VIM RIl.-'.K'' ILiii.!"-! DISBASBS. BLOOD roiSOH.
Ik. :;kv. (mv-I.'RUa': rELCjS) fohmof   b*SY TO TU|
THERAPION '.""cc...
Wit- oovi iiftur a-tvukq to all qbnuimi fackt*
Ame iln's
Dug Remedies
And How to Feed
M:.i!_"  free to any nil-r.sl hy
tti�� Author
118 West 31st Street, New York
A iafe, reliable regulnltn, mad,
elm. Sold in ihree degrees ol
slren.th. No. I, II ; No. 2. Mi
N'o. 3, $5 per box. Sol. by _U
druggists, or sent preiiald la
plain truckage on receipt ol
price, l'ree pmnplilet. AddreM
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Wrlti'lortwiMct an iKs'tuwnl.ill.
10-0Hpkg.DlacklegFills, J1.00
80-.MS phe. Blackleg Pills, S'.OO
Useeny Injector, bul Cutter'. ifraplesl SBditrongest.
His Share
Officer (lo private)���What thc devil arc you doing down that shell-
hole? Didn't you hear mc say we
wcrc out against four to one?
Geordie (a trade unionist)���Ay.
Aa heard you; hut aa'vc killed ma
"GoinR to plant potatoes in your
garden thi.' year?" "I thought I
would, hut when 1 looked up tho
way to do it I found that potatoes
have to be planted in hills, and our
yard is perfectly flat."���Baltimore
��� _._._ Meat ���"""""""iillllllMlllllllllllllllllllllliy
AIIO. MB Two Eyes (er a Lifetime ��
=   MnulstC   MiirlniiUfiirTlrodBy". lie" ���
s   mOVICa  Byes -Sure llyes- lirumileted
5  ���_______��� Bjolids.    Bests-Ketresbes-
= HeMoros. Marine ls a Favorite Treatment
_ fur Urns unit feol dry und smart. Olveyoar
z Kyos'us much of yonr loving care ��e svttt
ts Teetll and Willi the same regularity.
- Sold at Drug anl Optical .tores or by Mall.
i iik Murine Eis Semii) Co., Mileage, lei free Mak
_miiiMiiiiliiiiiiiiHHlMiiininHiiiiiiiiimn!ii.MiMM!|.;i fo
THT.  .krvikw.   coiIETNET,   B. 0.
Hie Cause oi the Allies Depends to a Very Large*Extent on the
Production of Abundant Crop., and Every Effort Should Be
I'm Forth to Meci the Situation lo lhe Fullest Extent
All roads lead to the fnrm, Without the active co-operation of the
farmer the wheels uf Industry that
ilrive the chariots of war would bc
���ui thc scrap heap and the heel of thc
Prussian invader nn the neek of liberty loving mankind. City folk, who
111 normal limes cn at least three
meals a day, ranly slop to think of
the pari llie farm plays In ministering to their wants and their Comfort Rarely du bankers or men of
affairs give si rlous thought to thc
farmi r apart from the contribution
lie annually makes lo thc visible
wealth of the community. Middlemen take a keener interest In the
food producer, bill It is Ihc interest
of men who hope to reap where
Others have sown. 'Ihere are times
when the thoughts o( the non-agii-
eultural classes nun to llie farm,
When crops fail and prices of foodstuffs soar, the people of the towns
and cities arc disposed lo attribute
the fault to the farmer. Little effort
is made to co-ordinate town and
country, lo bring producer and consumer into touch, and to obliterate
the lines of cleavage that too often
keep (heni^ apart, 'lhc average
townsman h ignorant of the economies of farming. lie canot understand
why the farmer should not always be
willing to raise an abundance of
crops at low prices. Problems of
labor, transportation, marketing fa-1
ci.litics, and market prices, ovcr which
the farmer has no control, do not enter into his calculations. He has a
vague idea that Agricultural Departments take good care of thc fanner,
and see to it that the road between
the farm and tlie lown is paved not
only wilh good intentions, but'also
with legislative enactments that make.
' It attractive for the farmer to farm
not for a living only, but for a
War has restored the city man's
perspective. He now knows that hc
nnd the farmer have much in common, lie sees that botli have been
exploited hy interested middlemen;
that neither thc farmer nor the consumer has had a square deal in lhe
past. Any scheme of reconstruction
that does not free the farmer from
the harassing restrictions now imposed upon his industry, by lack of facilities for marketing his products to
advantage, will he strenuously opposed by thc consumer in the city
ns well as by .the tiller of the soil.
The railways were made for Canada, not Canada for the railways. Tlie
same sound ethical principle applies
to all the artificial harriers between
the farm and the town. It i-t a disgraceful tiling that, at llie very mo-
men when the thoughts of patriotic
men are turned lo the problem of
increased food production, men arc
Rambling on the Winnipeg market in
October wheat before the, seed has
been put in the ground. The famine
stares the.world in the face unless
food production is greatly increased
this year, is the deliberate conciu-
cion of competent auiliorities who
cannot be regarded as mere alarmists. The American continent, which
is free from the darker tragedies of
war, has a great duty to fulfill in tlie
production of surplus crops su'.ncicnl
to meet the craving necessities of
countries more unfavorably circumstanced. Under the most favorable
harvesting conditions thc situation
next year will be very grave. The
abnormal influences of war In the
reduction of crop acreage must be
counterbalanced by a concentrated
effort on this side of the Atlantic to
avert the appalling suffering and privation that threaten the Allied countries through lhc shortage in food-
MnlTs. Steps must bc taken, and
quickly, not only to Increase the
acreage, under crops, but also lo provide for the proper marketing and
distribution of tiie. crops when harvested. Waste must bc eliminated
and prices so regulated that the poor
as well as the rich shall have a fair
.hare of the  fruits of the land.
The appeal today is lo the farmer.
In his hands n'Sls the greal decision.
It is with no desire to force his hand
or to limit his freedom of action that
thc towns and cities arc combining
to co-operate as far as possible in
restoring tlie balance of labor. The
towns and cities hate discovered
when too late how much' lhe cause
oi' lhe Allies in this war depends on
tlle farmer. It is in his power to
strike a staggering blow for liberty.
Hc lias sent his sons to the lighting
front; hc has given Vis money to tlie
cause in various ways; he has seen
Iiis hired help recruited for tlie army
and has not complained. Now, at
thc eleventh hour, he is asked to do
the impossible���to produce more
crops. Hut with liim, as wilh lhc
lads at the front, the Impossible is
the way of duly, of patriotism, of
nacrlnce. Because the task seems impossible he will face it in the spirit
of these spacious times. He will face
'it in the spirit of his forebears, who
declaimed the waste places of Canada
and wlio turned the barren wilderness into a fruitful garden,���Toronto Globe,
Victory Ovcr Wounds
'Ihe Disabled  Soldiers'   Resurrection
to-a New Life of Activity
Canada should he as proud of her
wounded soldiers' vlclory over their
WOltnda as she in nf lhe glorious
lights in which Ihey fell. Their strug
gle up from llie depths of disablement is often as hard, and even as
heroic, as Iheir desperate defence ol
Vpn IS or their dashing capture of thc
Vimy ridge,
A preacher on Easter morning was
thanked for the inspiring sermon he
had just preached, on the resurrection, He said: "1 had my lext sitting
in front of me���a man in khaki, with
an empty sleeve. He has had two
resurrections already. He was buried
by a shell explosion, and was dug
out only just in lime lo save his life-
That was the first. lie spent months
in hospital, fighting his way back lo
health. That was lhe second.
"Doctoring and nursing of course
did much for him; so did the exercises and occupations that they provide nowadays���perhaps the best
part of the treatment. But the man
himself was working out bis own rc-
surrcction, by resolutely pulling his
own will-power Into the task. Now
he is almost ready to go out into the
world, a better and abler man, he
says, ihan he was before, in spite of
his lost arm.
"While the rest of us arc thinking
of a resurrection beyond the grave,
he has won a resurrection this side
of it, to a new life of activity and
independence among his fellow-countrymen."
Authentic cases resembling that
are not rare in the records of the
Military Hospitals Commission. Here
are a few that have just been communicated to us:
A mechanic wdio enlisted In the
Princess Patricia's Regiment was
wounded, returned to Canada, spent
three months in a convalescent hospital, and now earns double his former pay, having taken full advantage
of thc mechanical drawing and arithmetic classes carried.on llicrc. Writing to the hospital instructor, he
"When I enlisted, I was earning
about $3 a day at my trade. At present, and since my discharge from
military service, I am, technically, a
better man all around; I am able
��ow to hold a job as foreman in a
machine shop, with more than twice
the. salary 1 was gelling before. This
benefit to me is greatly due to your
practical information, and my only
^ et is that 1 was unable, after my
i hargc, to continue instruction
with you as you had advised."
Not every man, of course, can
"double his pay." But one of the
most cheering facts proved by experience during the war has been
this���tbat almost all the disabled
men, including the very seriously
wounded, can be equipped once more
with power to earn a good living.
And often, as Lord Shaughnessy
said the other day, thc occupations
and training provided by tlie Military
Hospitals system "reveal astonishing
talents which even thc man himself
did nol know he possessed."
The Farmer and
The Hired Man
A Long Way From '76
Anglo-Saxon Race Finding Common
Ground on the Defence
of Liberty
British-Americans have nursed ever since 76 the firm belief that the
American Revolution was in ils basic
principles a jusi revolution. They
havc been frond lo remember that in
that great struggle George Washington, an Englishman, led a nation of
Anglo-Saxons into bailie against thc
tyranny of a German king of England. Out of this feeling there has
grown throughout lire counlry a firm-
founded belief that ultimately lhe
destinies of thc two great Anglo-
Saxon races would again unite at
some future day in thc defence of
some common cause. An American-
British alliance is one of the. foremost hopes of such prominent British-Americans as Viscount Bryce.
We arc a long way from 76, when a
Brilish officer organizes in lhc United States a regiment of British-born
to fight for the defence of Old Glory.
Evidently thc Anglo-Saxon race has
found once more a common ground
in thc defence of liberty.���Baltimore
A Good Sucueistion For Both Parties
To Consider
Many a western farmer hait clamored for hired help, aud when hc has
got, it, it has ruined him. Labor
hurt always been scarce in Western
Canada with the result that it lias
ofl en been able to demand wages out
of all proportion to its value on the
land. It is scarcer today llian ever it
has been in the history of the country, and the question arises: "What
is going to bc done lo put a reasonable limit on the wages of ihe hired
It he Is allowed lo put up his services to auction, and close with the
highest bidder, a new rate of pay
will bc established that will not read-
ill be relinquished, even when prices
of grain and cattle have dropped lo
a normal figure. A dangerous precedent is liable In bc set that will spell
the ruin of many of our farmers in
the  years  lo come.
There is tlie obvious solution that
fanners throughout Western Canada
should get together and iix a standard wage for skilled ami unskilled
labor respectively, the figures to bc
based on the season of the year, But
this would need a basis of cp-opera-
tion that does not exist among our
farmers, unhappily, or many evils
they are subject lo would speedily be
Let us look at the question from
the hired man's point of view, Perhaps in 60 doing we may find the
answer,    remembering    that    today's
| hired man is tomorrow's hired man's
In the majority of cases, the farm
laborer is not in Western Canada
merely for a wage. He has his own
ambitions, fortunately for the coun-
tiy, which probably centre on a
homestead which he means to take up
j one day, when hc has capital enough.
I He hires himself out meantime,
partly to acquire that necessary cap-
1 ital, partly to gain lhc no loss neccs-
' sary  experience  of  western  farming
j conditions. When thc question of llis
wages arises, he naturally stands out
for every cent he thinks he can demand. Ahead of liim arc months of
rather irksome, and unquestionably
hard work the fruits of which, as he
sees it, can only be reckoned in dollars that will bring him nearer to his
own independence.
This self-centered attitude is equally shared by the farmer, who sees iu
the hired man a necessary piece of
human machinery, to whom so many
dollars a month must bc paid to
crank it up for work.
Now surely these relations between
lhe farmer aud thc hired man in a
country like Western Canada arc absolutely wrong. ,Except in the ease
of large farms, employing a number
of hands, and with the result of the
year's work practically guaranteed,
the present system of wages gives
rise to conditions diametrically opposed to the best interests of both
farmer and hired man.
In seventy-five cases out of a hundred, better and more profitable relations might be established between
the Iwo, on thc following basis
Let tiie farmer pay the hired man
a minimum salary of say $30 a month
and a bonus on the crop. Instead of
treating the hired -.nan as a necessary
evil, and as a kind of living mortgage
on thc harvesting of his wheat, put
him on a partnership basis, and give
him a quarter, a fifth, or a sixth
share in thc farm, tbe extent of the
interest to be determined by the size
of the crop, the length of his services ou the land, and his degree of
capacity and experience. An agreement should bc drawn up by a local
solicitor, so that the hired man will
know that his interests are properly
| protected, and that hc is actually part
owner in the forthcoming harvest,
and can collect his share thereof, as
soon as it is threshed.
Such an understanding should redound to thc benefit of both parlies.
It would give the hired man a much
more enviable position, ten limes llis
interest in  his work, and the oppor-
j Utility to make a substantial slake,
considerably in excess of accumulated wages, by his own labor and initiative. It would give the fanner a
comrade .is anxious as himself to
harvest his crops on the most profitable basis, and it v, culd ensure thai
lhe laud ilself paid llic man's wage,
according to the yield, which would
seem thc right aud proper basis of
ln France Joffre played the part of
ia great man.  He. was for two years
I the idol of his country, and admired
| the. world ovcr.   Hc used to declare
! that he cared little about men    who
I had great military reputations to pre.
serve; he was looking rather for men
who were about to earn great reputations. Thc day came when he was
asked to accept the principle as applied to himself���he    was asked    to
stand aside with thc great reputation
he had won, and make way for General Nivelle
General Joffre was equal to It. Ue
stepped aside. He did not get angry
and go inlo politics, but kept on doing whatever was required of him.
I If lhc story of General Joffre is anything like what it is popularly supposed to be he will bc a fine   figure
Fond Hope
Father���You  have    been    runnin
ahead of your allowance,  Robert.
Son���I know it, dad.     I've   bcenl fn" hUtory. not'oniy for "what he'did,
hoping for a long lime that the al-' '' '   "
lowanee would strengthen up enough
to overtake me.���Boston Transcript'
, but for tiie spirit in which he mad
.way   for    his    successor.���Toronto
I Star.
Cool-lieadcd Justice May Not Call for Reprisals in  Kind, bul
Will ("crtainly Impose Payment for Damage Inflicted, Which
Will Mean Indemnities Running Over Years
Forest and Prairie Fires
Saskatchewan Takes Action tc
come These Scourge:;
The possibility of preventing damage by forest and prairie lues iii Saskatchewan wilt be greatly facilitated
by a new law which has recently
been enacted by the Saskal In wan
legislature. This law prohibits the
selling out of fires except when certain specified precautions arc laken,
and provides for lhe appointment or
the reeve as chief lire guardian in
each rural municipalilyyAll members
of the provincial police shall bc fire
guardians, ex officio, under the new
Provision is made also for ihe appointment of fire guardians in unorganized areas. It is to be anticipated
that the latter provision will pave
lhc way for co-operation with thc
Dominion Forestry Branch, for the
belter protection of areas immediately adjacent to forest reserves. The
new law includes a provision for the
permit system of regulating, settlers
slash-burning operations in forest
sections. Thc enforccmcnl of ihis
provision, through co-operation with
the Dominion Forestry Branch, iu
the neighborhood of foresi n serves,
will greatly reduce the danger oi
damage lo the forest reserves
through fires coining in from the
outside. Such fires lum been a fruitful source    of damage in  lhe past,
Reports fin all fires are in In made
lo the Provincial Fire Commissioner,
who will bc in general charge of thc
administration of the law.
'I'he   act   prohibits     lln-     Ihr..wing
away  uf  matches,  cigars  and   cigarette  stubs,  etc.,  withoul   r\
ing same.  It provides also
zens may bc required to li
which occur within 15 miles
cd   districts,   and   6  miles   i
Fire guardians are givi n
to make arrests for violate
��� Provision is mad/ also foi
disposal of debris resulting
construction of roads, Ira
graph or telephone lines, ;
ways, or from the clearing
for other purposes,
Thc new act is thoroughly progressive and its enforcement will unquestionably go far toward reducing llie
forest and prairie lire losses in Saskatchewan.���CI..
Great Mineral Wealth
Mineral Wealth of Britisii Columbia
Could Take Care of British War Debt
There are, enough minerals in Canada not only lo pay the war delit of
the Dominion hm of the whole Empire. Tlie mineral wealth of (
is like that which was found
Ural mountains from which the
dukes in Russia secured fabuloi
times, and it would not be. surprising
if the Rockies are nol a portion of
thc same formation and connec
by a dip below the sea. This is
the Marquis of Quccnsbury, on
thc leading authorities on n
matters, spoke recently at \\'ie
on Iiis way from British Columl
England, intending to interest
talists there in some of the
claims he has staked in ihe Can
West. The people of Canada, Ir
clarcs, need havc no fear aboi
war debt, as lire, mineral wealt
British Columbia alone could
care of that and also of lhe di
Great Britain. He has travelh
every clime aud tongue and his
elusion is lhat Canadians do in
alize the real value of their hei
iu thc matter of natural rcsol
Pome of the greatest mining .
the world has ever seen, hc saj'
be seen there before the next il
has passed, lie has secured
square miles of mineral'country on
Porcher Island, which he proposes
to offer to the home government on
condition thai they establish a smelter there. 'Hie. marquis says lu- Is
surprised lhal more Canadians do not
go in for this branch of study, i specially tho;.- ;\h<- have interest in geology. Most of ihe prospectors now
in the field, hc says, have au eye for
only the commonest ores and hi '.he
most valuable-ones go untouched,
111   \\O0(l-
i   P
f thc
��� safe
ri the
r  to
- ipi-
If there is left in the world any
principle of justice, the Germans
must pay for the wanton devastation
they are making in France. It is it;
vain that their dispatches plead military necessity. Law and custom of
lhe civilized world limit such necessity. An army may destroy bouses
.nil villages which binder the use of
a particular terrain. Such right, however, Is properly exercised only when
a battle is Imminent. There is uo
warrant for destroying a whole region, on the oil' chance that battles
will bc fought somewhere within its
limits, In brutality ravaging one of
the fairest portions of France, the
Germans are consistent wilh their
record in Belgium and Poland.
Their cruel and ignoble policy has,
of course, its base in their theory
of the conduct of war. Oilier nations
expect to win by the impressions
their troops make on the armed foe.
Germany expects to win by Striking
terror into helpless non-combatants.
She hoped to hasten victory by sacking Acrschol, Dinant, Louvain, and
scores of hapless villages. She now
hopes lo make the cost of driving her
back intolerably heavy by crcaling a
wilderness as she withdraws. How
shall such a nation bc dealt with in
The  danger  is    some    casual    re
course lo lex  lalionls.    The time   s
not  log  far distant    when    rep;i  ;:!
for Louvain could bc  made in     h ���
lovely  cities    of  the     Rhine.       .' r
Drachcnfcls might pay for   the   demolished  castle    of    Corny.       S    ::
vengeance  would  be  just,   but    mistaken .    Cool-headed    justice    won
impose; simply payment for   damage
inflicted,    ami    indemnities    run  :
ovcr years, and    reminding    children
of the sins of llieir fathers would ba
a  far  more    exemplary    retributi
than  reprisals In  kind.
If this view is correct, it has a
distinct bearing on thc peace term-.
As a preliminary to negotiations,
Germany should be required to ���
render Hamburg and Bremen. It is
only through possession of the great
custom houses of the empire that
there can be any cert.duty of collecting the vast indemnities whi
Germany will owe. The errs-
houses should bc held until the guarantees for payment arc adequate. It
would be an exemplary act if the
entente allies should commit the estimate of indemnity to an impartial
tribunal, as Tlie Hague court. Nothing would more strengthen the principle of international arbitration ���
Prof. F.J. Mather, of Princeton, ia
New Vork Times.
Food Profiteers Are Traitors
The monopolist who exacts unreasonable prices from the Canadian
public, iorxneccssaries of life jusl because war conditions enable him lo
do so is just as effectively a traitor
as the munition maker who robs ihe
government in a deal for war -applies. It amounts lo thc same thing���
the weakening of national strength al
a time when lo weaken it is a crime.
The food profiteer deserves the same
punishment as the munitions profiteer���and both of them deserves a
good deal more ihan they seem at
all likely lo get.���From the Ednioa-
New Elevators
A String of Forty Elevators to Bs
Erected in Alberta This '
Elevator companies are planning to
construct this spring a large number
of new storehouses in Alberta. Tha
Alberta Farmers' Co-operative c n
pany counts on pulling up forty elevators in the province before the 1917
crop is ripe, to reach from lhc Peace
Kivcr to tlie southern boundary. Already 30 sites have been secured, and
negotiations arc under way for thc
remainder. All railway lines are being treated impartially, and new
Structures will appear this year on
practically every branch line in the
province. The lotal cost of the elevators is placed roughly at $350,000,
and the capacity of the structures
will run all thc way from 35.0011 to
6S.00O bushels each. The buildings
.. .will bc planned much the same as
lagcl those already iu use by this coi |
with all modern handling and s:
Placing the average storage
ly of 'these elevatoi - m 40,000
els,    lhe    total    additional    capacity
which will be provided by thi- ci
pany for the 1917 crop will bc 1,600,-
000 bushels. Work is to be. commei i -
ed at once, and about 150 men will be
Resposibility of the Professors
it is. thc professors who are nn '.
responsible for Germany's failure, to
understand thc psychology of other
peoples or, for thai matter, lo recognize that psychology calls for common-sense in ils practitioners. The
German people and thc German government have been filled up by llic
professors wilh generalizations based
on no facts at all or no facts unil-
luminated by lhc teachings of common-sense. Coupled with the fundamental generalization of lhe Tcu-
jton-"racc" as the darling of destiny
and evolution went tiie generalization of France, as a degenerate nation that could not fight, of England
as a shopkecping nation that would
not fight, of Russia as a semi-bestial
nation that might bc left out ot ..
count except when needed as a
bugaboo for Socialists,���From lire
TKp Cnnrif*n*\T R tavipur are "g'"^'^ to liberty aud Jcivili/.-
i ne courtenay _\eview|ation at lhe front ,n the *Unlted
And Comox Valley Advocate
A  W ���
1'nhished   at
ay  Newspaper,
Courtenav, B. Cl,
N. II.  Bonus, Editor and Proprietor
Subscription 11.60 per Vear in Advance
THURSDAY J0NB 7,   1917
Wo hope that Sir
will take speedy sir
gambling in food supplies and other
essentials, also abolish all honrdiug
of provisions hv dealers nnd others.
Free wheat could well be followed
by free entrv cf bran, shorts aud
other feed. Out I uim-rs have shared but little in the rise of commodities, although Ihey have suffered
to tint full. I.e .s lias been done
for them than for nnv other class,
practically speaking, anil while
they have been exhorted to produce
n. re, with most of their help enlisted, the dutv mi farm implements
has not been lessened . llm then,
the East knows not tlie West, although it is quite tiun
East acquired a belter
in that respect, It is
time that tbe Wi sl 1
dumb, bin then, we ek
ers ns a rule to
Dominion 1 loin
and convinced
come from the i
kingdom, upon what grounds cau
such a step be justified m Canada.
All the more so, when it is remembered that Canada, unfortunately,
li.-s a dangerously large percentage
ol ��� dters of alien oriyin who ure
not at ihe trout and whose votes,
;     in the absence of the si
bert Borden | well decide .lie issue.
'" '" ''"' The iruMi is thai from whatever
standpoint regarded, the prospect
of an election in thiscounlry under
present circumstances presents the
gravest possibilities-- possibilities
tint cau and should be avoided.
that   the
Those having unsettled accounts
against the to-ttd Battalion, me
lequested to send tin in lo Mr, H
S, Clements M, P, at Ottawa,
where they will be loo_ed after,
it is probable that owing to the lire
in Col Duff Stewart's ollice the
former accounts were destroyed.
e, so moi
hat   wist
���O    lilgll jl
llie    less I !
is bi the
The McBryde Journal  n
tl led   piiiflicntion.    Tins
��� 23rd nev\spnpei to go
past  two
' ir
-iini during the
e are holding
est are we
men  all
���o .
Conscription is
nearer, and. as w
already   resultsd
threats of revolt
province oi tne Doinii
to wit, Quebec.    A n
the French Caua li.ui!
of neither France nor
lrawing steai
s expected,   has
in   ri rtiug   and
n  that  loval (? I
uiiiioii of Canada
���e oi hybrids
ure  worthy
Canada, and
The residents of Courtenay wero
I startled lo In ar mi Sunday, that an
I explosion bud taken place al No. 6
| Mine  Cumberland, and many from
y the district wenl   up to   hear   the
������'' particulars.    It appears th i   Stir-
;'   veyors Bertram and Murdock, am
1 '��� fire boss Beaubo and a miner uaiuet
ns had
th-.'ir present conduct brings to the
surface their naltuel attributes.
Sir.Wilfred Lanrier his done no-
thing more than piously admonish
his naughty constituents, which
lhck oi action has lost him thousands of votes. Sir Robert Borden
in a praiseworthy attempt to form
a national government, proposes to
call in to his cabinet men of all
parties. That is only right, and
is what .should have been done two
years ago. Let the same policy be
carried further and be observed in
our own province, for the present
administration could well do with
the help of the opposition leaders,
thereby ensuring more work aud
less bickering.
WhoShail Vt-rf-TirCanada?|
Iu the course of a notable speech
in opposition to au election during
the war, ex-Premier Asqiiith maintained that au appeal to the electorate could not be honestly made
when so many of the t-leclors were
absent in the trenches, His words
are so applicable to Canada in view
of the agitation for a war election
in the Dominion, that they should
be given the widest possible publicity.   Sai'' the Kx-Premier:
"Voters fighting ill various theatres of
war would not be able to record their
votes. An election under these conditions would uot be an election at all. It
\. ould be a farce and a sham, and nobody would regard the House so chosen
as possessing In any real sense the moral authority either for legislation or
criticism of administration. To take a
course which would necessitate the holding of all election under such circumstances would be to fly in the face ot
common law, common fairness, and
common sense,"
Every word of this applies with
double force to Canada. If, as Mr
Asqiiith holds, ��� and v. ho will deny
it?���it would be a sh un and a farce
to elect a new parliament behind
the besl citizens of ihe country who
i)  T   llrou: li
machine sectic
and by some met
explosion of gns.
There were over   three hundred
volunteers to go into the   mine for j
rescue work.    The funeral  ol   the j
victims took place on   Wednesday. ;
A Coroner's jury   was summoned I
from Courtenav and  vicinity, consisting of H. V, Collins,    foreman
G,.Hardv, J. Aston ]   Prane, Mr,
Longlang and J. Williamson,    Af-j
ter   hearing   the    evidence   they
brought      in    u    verdict   of accidental death caused   by  ignition
of gas iu the   machine   section   of j
No. 6 mine.
I Deliver
your ordei for
Fresh Groceries
Vmir patronage solicited.
Last Thursday the voting on the
Electric Light By-Law ! took place
and resulted in 76 votes being cast
for the by law and 39 against, the
nays failing to make the necessary
two-fifths by four votes. Early in
the morning ex-Aid. Johnston bad
a number of automobiles engaged
to bring in tlie voters, Fritzy acting
as footman, There was some jubi-
lition over the eeent the next day.
Mr. Johnston was around with a
petition ou Friday asking members
of the Council to assist him in de-
frayin'* the cjsts of auto hire, which
amounted lo #53.
Tourng  $495;   Ruuabout $475
F. O. B. Ford, Ont.
E. C. Emde, Dealer for Comox District
Auto, Launch, Motor Cycle, Gas Engine and
Bicycle  Supplies, Repairing, etc.
Phone L46 Courtenay
Esquimalt  &   Nanaimo   Railway
For   Victoria���11.35   Monday,  Wednesday    and
Friday, connecting at Parksville Junction with train
for Port Alberni
From  Victoria���9.00   Tuesday,     Thursday,   and
Saturday, connecting at Parksville Junction with
train from   Port   Alberni,   and arriving at Courtenay at 16.10
Isn't It?
I have _ome extra Heatwave
Suitings that are just the thine
for now. There's plenty of
competition in my line, but
there's no one in town can
show you these suitings. Drop
in and see them.
Tailor to Women and Men
Union Bay Road
Possibilities of theTelephone
There is an excellent instance in Vancouver of how a suburban drug merchant built up business by telephone, Two
morals adorn the tale. One, that such a possibility is open
to eveiy shopkeeper; two, that with the telephone in the house
one never needs to travel, even as far as the comer store, And
the telephone is just as effective iu reaching outside points.
No matter where you want to go, the telephone will take you.
No time wasted, uo^travelling expense.
British  Columbia  Telephone Co.
Pi-one R 60
Agent Courteo..,
A ccounts Audited and
Books Kept
Office with Hicks Beach  & Field
l'riictiail Shoemaker and Repair
Next to Hardv & Biseoe
ThecostofLiving isHigh GRAND DISPLAY
Still There's Nothing Like Leather] ilt
Willard's Harness Emporium
l'ine Showing of  Horse  Blankets,   I^ap
Rugs, Gloves, Trunks, Suit Cases, Etc.
Harness Repaired Neatly
Cumberland and Courtenay
Ice Cream
Tobac cos
Swan's Old Stan*? Cc ��'ei *y
Tuning and Repairing
Here about Oct. 1
Leave orders at Review office F
I   Comox
Comox Valley Cow Testing Association
List ol cows that have give
Nome ol eow lbs milk
n 50 llis ol Butter dur ng May
IBs Butter owner
Fanny 2 months...
Polly 3 months....
Darkle 3 months..
Black Kitty	
Roxy 6 mouths....
Maggie 4 months.
Some Cow	
Heather 3 months.
Blackie 2 months,.
Topsy 2months...
Beauty 5 months,.
Bessie 3 mouths...
Lady l.irln	
Brownie ....  	
Silver .run nlh;.. ..
Betty -'. months...
Molly 3 months...
Rose -' i iniii llis....
iiueenie 2 months
Daisy * months...
981 .
. 1100,
  S2 (i
,...155 2
.... SO 7
... 224 5
77 8
.. .. 72 S
....184 7
72 4
.. 70 7
67 8
66 7
 368 9
65 5
....221 7
..     64 4
.. 63 8
  63 o
..    182 3
62 5
.... 117 3
. 60 1
102 3
. 59 5
58 9
. :-S s
2% 9
.  37 9
57 9
.IM 5
57 8
. 57  I
56 H
. 56 ii
. 840.
. 1(162..
. 893..
l'eegic 2 months.
Boss 6 months ���
One Kye	
.. 700.
,. 927
.. 946.
Kitty 3 months	
Delf 2nd of Blue Ribbon 111-2
Jewel 7 months	
Leonette 7 mortlis	
Nora 7 months 	
Fern 5 niontlis	
. 760.
 55 'i
.. 54 8
160 5
.. 51 5
Bui 2
54 3
...    150 6 -.
53 9
..1119 I
   53 6
..     53 .4
,    ..US 5
53 3
53 1
....  52 6
152 6
..   52 3
52 3
102 0
51  9
511 ft
.. 51 6
51 5
....  51 4
...      51 3
.... 51 2
50 9
50 8
50 8
50 5
50 5
.... 50 4
.... 50 4
....176 5
50 4
....700 77
....397 4
 355 1-
.... 289 1
A. McMillan
R. 0. Hurford
A. Urquhart
A. McMillan
T. I). Smith
Pritchard & Sous
R   1. Smith
G, Dalziel
A. McMillan
11. Gurney
T. Chalmers
T. I). Smith
Ir, (). Livingstone
W. T. Wain
R, Hurford j
T, 1>. Smith |
��� |, Chalmers 1
J, I'ii ivy j
I. Chalmers \
\. Urquhart j
T. Chalmers
J. Scott!
I. Chalmers
A, McMillan
Pritchard & Sons
T, 1). Smith I
A. McMillan i
T. Chalmers
Pritchard & Suns
C. o. Game
S. Calhoun
T. Chilmets
T. D. Smith
J. Scott
A. McMillan
W, T. Wain
R, J, Smith
K. Caluait
A. Wain is: Sous
K. Kees
A. Urquhart
J. Chalmers
J. Scott
T. Chalmers
E. WBalen
R, J. Smith
K. Wlielan
E. Caluan
A. Urquhart
T. D. Smith
Potato Growing
That the whole of  North   Am-
iriia is faced with a vmv sei ions Intense heat-resisting power is the feature of the almost
shortage of potatoes is a fact thai Imperishable fire-box linings of our own McClary semi-
has been put before tlie public in
nuny different ways. It, lias been
���pulton of by poiliticiana, the press
haa niv vn prominence to many
-tan incuts regarding this mutter
nul ilic various departments of
Agriculture have been trying to
iiiul*''the people realize the true
facts of the situation..
The authorities of the different
provincial Governments of Canada
have been conducting investigations regarding llic conditions and
tlie supply ni' potatoes available,
In Britisii Columbia it has been
that the supply of potatoes is bare
ly sufficient for the requirements
of the peopleof the  province   for
seed nml I' I.    The  province  of
Alburtn is in a slightly better con
lit ion nml it is reported that then
steel fire-box made in eight pieces���can't warp.
The man who designed the Kootenay knew his job. I
know that and that is why it carries my guarantee as well
as the makers'. w>
For sale by C. H. Tarbell & Son, Courtenay
ma1 ter the booklet contains tables
nl Western Uaiiiuln's temperatures
and precipitations, an   article   mi
nre aim ui 800,000' bushels  avail-1lllt) 2,���'1" ll';"1''- }M���
able for shipment from  thai   pro-1
vinco,    Uniil ihe winter passes il
will bo impossible to  estimate ihc
I capacity anil grain  prii'
yield 'il grain For pasl
vested; st itistics, an
Presbyterian Church
St. Andrew-'  Sandwick
Service 2 p.m.     Sunday   School
and Bible Class 3 p. in.
Sunday  School and  Bible Clas
surplus in   Saskatchewan.     It   is
gtiiierallv believed lhat tlie surplus
will imi lie though   ii" official   li
gnres aro available up 1" the   present,
lu Ontario it is   essential   that
additional supplies be  secured   us
I ie value
I 111.Ill'
in iiini
10:30 a. in.    Kveniu.
p. in. All welcome
n si ch topics   as    '-iv nly
in uie"      I'm in-,        natural ��� it ion   ���*--
school system,   agricultural   edu
_aii���n, railway lacilities, taxation,    * r_.E_E.LJ      FE*/-'aA\__���___
system of fuel survey,   etc..     lhe Barrister and  Solicitpr,   Notnn
Book   i.s   liiinilsoiiiclv    i'i us! rate I
ml  Solic
the estimates show that   there are I with 84 pb"togmphs <.i see
not enough potatoes to supply  th J western Canada,   and    mcliiile
demand for either   food   or   seed'kl,c!   "*���"-   "'   W'""'n'   l """
Phone 6
\nv pi .son interested may obtain
G, Hornby
Mr. G O. Game has imported a
5 months' old thoroughbred Ayrshire bull from Washington. He
is a   grandson   of   the   champion
butterfat cow.
The logging camps   near   Bella
Coola are short of meu.
$6.00 Per Ton
Delivered in Courtenay
AU Orders Will Receive Prompt Attention
Phone 43 Courtenay
I beg toiannounce that I have opened a Flour and
Fe>rd Store on Mill Street, Courtenay, and will be
pleased to supply your needs in
Wheat and Flour, Bran, Shorts
Hay, Straw, etc.
Frank   flovitz.
r\ I _i_HV   llflbUIi   i llLt-Mf-MCii   iim .    umni / * 1 1 J     TT      ,      1
,..-      Quebec reports that in K- J          ��� L 11 IVi llCrkuid   tlOteJ
Pome localities there is   a  surplus l_ uoV) "   M'l,'!i-' ,'   ,"   ', *
hut in others there is a   shortage.   l" ,tho Pu^'ty Urnm-l-, ( . P. K .   Good Accon.odat.o.,      Cnslne Bxcell
Calgary, Alberta.
It is expected that the surplus will
only be large enough to mal'e up
the shortages within the province
and there will be none for export.
The outlook ill New Brunswick
is a little brighter ar- the surplus
above the local requirements is cs
hinated at 750,0011 bushels.
Nova Scotia reports that there
are potatoes there for export, but
Prince Edward Island reports
that there is a surplus of 500,000
bushels there,
This will uo doubt bring home
more clearly 'ban anything else
the condition of the potato sup-
supplies in Canada at the present
tmie and the people will, it ib hoped, realize that each one nil list do
all in his or her power to assist in
relieving the situation either by
economy or increased production
or both.
Grow something'besides weeds in
your back yard,
Wm. Merry.ield
Tenders Wanted
Alberta, Saskatchewan and
The above is the name of a new
booklet just issued by the Department of colonization and Development of the C. I'. R. As it's
name implies, it is a description
of these three great provinces with
particular reference to their agri.
cultural resources. Although designed primarily to interest in
tending settlers in C. P, R. lands,
the booklet also contains a vast
amount of geneial information of
value to all who have thrown in
their lot in Western Canada, or
who may contemplate doing so,
In addition to general   descriptive
TENDERS are invited for  installing
a new furnace at t'ourtenay Schc
Particulars on application,
Secretary School Hoard.
Palaee Livepy
; &FeedStabU
Comox, B Ci
MRS. T. D. HIND, Managress
Bar supplied with best wines
liquors and cigars
TAKE   NCTICH  Unit Timlin  Bros,,
the Campbell Kivcr  Hospital,   and  tlie
Campbell River School,   whose  address
is Campbell River, II, C, will applv lor
a license to take   and-use   lo.DUO  (ten
thousand) gallons  and  to  store 100,0111)
gallons of water out ol a  stream known
as Camp  Creek  which  flows  northerly
and drains into  Campbell  River about
half a mile from the mouth.   The storage-dam will be  located at twenty de-1
grees  west  south east corner  lease 49, !
Lot 74.    The capacity of the reservoir to
be created is about   100,000 gallons, and
it will flood about three acres  of land..|
The water will be diverted  Irom  the
stream at    a   point six   hundred  feel
north, twenty degrees west of the south-,
east comer of lease 49, lot 74, and will'
be used  lot   domestic purpose upon the I
Municipal Sub-division described as Subdivision of lot 69. Tllis notice was posted '
on the ground on the 5th day of June 1917 .
A copy of this notice and an application
pursuant  thereto and  to the  "' Water
Act, 1914," will be filed  in the office of
the  Water  Recorder  at   Nanaimo,   B.
C. . Objections to the application may be j
filed with the  said   Water   Recorder or
with the Comptroller of  Water  Rights, I
Parliament   buildings,  Victoria,  B. C., ,
within  thirty  days  after  the  first ap-!
pearance of this notice in the Courtenay
Review, a local  newspaper.     The date j
of the first publication ol  this notice is
June 7th, 1917.
Thimn Bros.
Thr Cami'iiki.i, River School [
Thr Cami'hhi.i, Rivita Hospital
By Chas. T_ttn.ii*,
Horses  and   Buggies for   Hire  -
Terms cash.
We  also attend to  wood hauling
Phone _5
Do You
The Courtenav  Review
Family Herald and Weekly St i r
and the Daily Province
fo: one vear
for $6
TAKE NOTICE that sixty days after
date I intend to apply to the Honorable the Minister of Lands of Britisii
Columbia for a license to prospect (or
coal on the following described lands.
Commencing at a post planted at the
north-west corner of Lot No. 42, Comox
District, B. ���'., thence north eighty
chains. Ihcnce east eighty chains',
thence south eighty chains thence west
eighty chains to point of .commencement, and containing six hundred and
NOTICE is hereby given that the UOg [���r.v acres more or less,
Taxes lor the year 1917 are past due. i * HARRISON P. MILLARD,
and any  dogs   found   running at large I Applicant,
without a tag are liable to bc impounded Courtenay, B. 0, April 3, 1917.
and dealt with according to  the Dog By
First-Class Plumbing
Hot Water and Steamfitting
Jackson & Whittle
Phone 9 Courtenay
Sand and Gravel
Rates Reasonable
Citv Clerk
Dated 8th May, 1017.
Mooring & Inpi
General Blacksmiths
Beg to announce that they are prepared
to do all kinds ol repairs at moderat
Horseshoeing a  Specialty
Buggies and Express Wagons
AU Rigs Guaranteed and Sold at the Lowest Possible Price
9****** _s*s_s*sj' **Mat*t**M*t*0**ss*p*f*
Blacksmith ard Carriage Builder COURTENAY
********** ~**e**v**^**^*^*i*i******^********^^***+***m*, lixrvyu ��� r��at _mmj 1r|_. r THE   REVIEW,   COUBXISISY.   B. IL
The Squire's
l_ml_B, M_!m,���lsr. .S'J I _s.la
had given up in di spair, And now,
i'i the inexplicable way of love, love
I ad come, for a girl who had looked
al liim from under In r long lashes,
like a sleep-walker���a golden bee he
had called her once, in an unusual
(light nf fancy ��� lhat was all but it
I ad been enough to wakcii his sleeping heart, With thc realization upon
Iiini, hc felt somewhat guilty and
ashamed for the little saint whoso
v. hite beauty like thc moonlight had
led bis liie coldly    all  these
Quite All Right
"Sec here that costume is cut en-
tircly too low for a ballroom."
"lion't bc absurd, mother.   This is
a street suit."
I here was a field path thai ran bj
Hm boundary hedge oi the New Cot
tagc to Linthorpc, a little village on
the side of the bill. Al this hour ii
was very lonely, 1'lic quiet fields fall
of dew and mystery had once been a
battlefield, Tlicy said lhat if you dug
there you might turn up a skull after
the lirst few spadefuls of earth, li
was enough to keep the rustics away
from thc fields after nightfall, even
though There was a stile midway of
the fields by which one entered a
little coppice, and the stile was
know as the Lovers' Stile, because
o^thc many hcarls and darts rind cn-
twiifed initials of lovers that were
cut into it and on the near trees. Alto in thc coppice was a Wishing
Stone, a Druid's Altar, the learned
called it, and if one sat there and
wished for one's heart's desire onc
was bound to gel it.
llic roses were out in the garden,
of lhe Old Cottage, great heavy cabbage roses, little, ica-roses let ling
,,loose their scent on the night air.
Syringa was heavily sweet in the
hedgerows; the garden, drenched
with silver dews, seemed breathing
out its whole heart in the coolness
afler thc heat of the day.
II was llic night for young lovers,
lhc Squire said lo himself. If one
had not grey hairs and mature pulses
nnv might quite well lose one's head
nnd do anything foolish on such a
The moon was coming up behind
the hill, just showing lhc born of her
silver crescent. Presently she would
illuminate vale, and hill, but for tiie
moment she gave little, light. All was
in pale obscurity, for the afterglow
had not yet quite faded from the
There were many sounds ill thc
night-���the hooting of owls, the whirr
of the night-jar, the bun. of the great
bumble-bees as they blundered along,
slriking what ever was in their path.
Suddenly a new sound came ill ihc
night���the call of if plover. Standing
Inside the privet hedge--the. privet
was almost as sweel as the syringa���
the Squire noticed the plover's call
and wondered. How on earth did the
plovers eonie on this well-drained
upland, with its fall to the valley?
'Ihere were no marshy places, no
running water, such as the plover
llicrc it was again���short, sharp,
insistent. Vaguely he was aware that
when he had walked up lo the door
of thc New Collage he had heard the
same sound���a smaller pipe then. It
was very loud for a plover. And���
there wcrc no plovers there. It was
. someone imitating the plover; a sig
nal of some Und; a lover's call, or
perhaps onc of the village boys call
ing to another.
While he listened the door of tin
Old Cottage opened, sending a long
flood of light down lhc path between
the apple tiers.  Dolly slood on the
threshold, came oul and seemed   to
listen, standing just beyond the little
green  porch.   She listened, her brad
heiil.  The Squire's fingers closed on
something mar him. A sharp aroma
tic smell rose to his nostrils. It was
���i bush  ..I   Lad's Love.  There    wasj
another name for It, he remembered;
Old Man's Beard.
It's pulses began to beat fast as
bc watched the girl all in while be
vond the apple boughs. She was
lonely, his poor little girl, grieved
nnd fretted, tic began to wondi r
what she would say if be wcrc to go
to her and tell her be loved her, and
ask ii her golden youth could cvei
turn to hi   grcj  hairs.
He wondered what had put sueh
foolislun ��� s inlo his head. It must
have been some way in which Dolly
had look d I him of late, sending
liim swift glances from her slumbrous beautiful eyes, then veiling them
with her white lids nnd long lashes.
What hnd she meant by it if she had
realized his forty years?
"She should never have looked at mc
li site meant 1 should not love her.''
muttered the Squire to himself. Pool
little Mary Chainpneys; there would
be always an altar dedicated to her
white memory in bis heart; but that
shadowy memory had receded into
llic background of his life. Something warm and glowing hnd Conic.
In its place. A good many 'women
bad been willing and eager to make
him  forget  Mary    Chanipneys,    a.;;,']
Restored to Health by Lydia E.
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound.
Aurora, 111.���"Por seven long months
I suffered from a female trouble, with
severe pains in my
back and sides until
I became so weak I
could hardly walk
from chair to chair,
and got so nervous
1 would jump al tho
slightest noise.   I
was entirely unfit
to do   my housework, I was giving
up hope of ever being well, when my
Bister asked mc to
try Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound.   I took six bottlea and today I
nm a healthy woman able to do my own
housework.    I wish  every suffering"
woman would try Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound, and find out for
themoelves how good it 13."���Mrs. CAUL
^^^ A. KlESO, 696 North Ave., Aurora, 111.
table, with a little figure just sketch-!    The great number of unsolicited teB-
ed in. Her gloves lay on tbe tabic timonials on file at the Pinkham Lab-
amid a confusion of'books and pa- j oratory, many of which are. from tiino
mist's materials of    one kind | to time^published by pernii-sinri. ara
"My dear!" Ire said to himself,
"She would not if she .rould have
condemned mc to bc wifeless and
childless, because she  left  inc."
He Marled forward, lie was in a
mood to fling away his doubts, llis
chills���to seize on the girl, and woo
her as .lie should be wooed. "My
dear! my delight!" lie whispered,
Then ihere came again the call of
thc plover,
Dolly Egerton was listening, her
hands clasped together, her head
bent, something tense in her attitude,
as though she was absorbed entirely
in (lie act of listening. She. drew to
thc door behind her. For a moment
he could not sec her in Ihc darkness.
She, revealed herself, shadowy-white
going away from the house round
llirougli lhc lillle plantation at the
He did not think of anything but
tbat she would return. He walked
np to the door, pushed it, and found
that it yielded. There was her shaded lamp, the sketching block on the
and another. Her hat
pink ribbon from a kn
chair.  Amid  the confusion
swiiiv'"by'ItsiP1'00^ ��f "the value of "Lydia E. Pink*
ob of a carved | *,f^l���Yr?e,l'?_'.1i,_J'i,,',TU'ld'   *n   th8
The Mosquito Peril
Danger     From     Disease     Carriers
Should be Better Known
Onc of the greatest discoveries in
the history of medicine was that of,
Dr. Ronald Ross, who, at Calcutta,
in July, 1898, found that the spores
of malarial parasites arc concentrated in the salivary gland of the mosquito. As Dr. Ross himself wrote,
"The exact route of infection of this
great disease, which annually slays
its millions of human beings and
keeps whole continents In darkness,
was revealed. These minute spores
I enter the salivary gland of lhc mosquito aud pass with its poisonous
saliva directly inlo the blood of men.
Never in our dreams had' wc imagined so wonderful a talc as this."
Until lately it was not known whether a disease-spreading mosquito could
infect more than one person. Recent
experiments of the public health service of the United Slates governnieni
have proved that an infected malar
ial mosquito ran Infect several per
ranis wilhoui again obtaining bio nl
from an original source of infection,
and that an infected mosquito retains
her ability to infect wilh malaria for
at least _5 days. Even if a niosquili
empties her available supply of malarial parasites into one man, she may
infect a second man a few hours or
a few days laler llirougli a new
generation of parasites. This is a
most important t discovery, for ii
shows that thc individual disease-
laden insect is a veritable machine-
gun in point of danger, and il emphasizes thc necessity for stamping
eilt the. breeding places of the malarial mosquito.
of    the
treatment of female ills.
Every ailing woman in Canada ia
table, a  space  had  been  cleared  for.       ,. ,-   .    . ���- . .,    _   ,,
- ten mv   A liiiie l-eitle was sine- cordially.invited to write to the Lydia
a tea tray. A little kettle was sing | e. PlnkW Medicine Co. (confidential),
Lynn, Mass., i'or special advice.   It is
ing on the hearth. There were
or three roses in a glass which must
have been very near her cheek as she
sat at work.
Her aura, her atmosphere, met in
tbe quiet little room. He drew in
deep breaths of delight at being
there. Then he had suddenly a
guilty sense. Perhaps he ought not
to bc there. If a village gossip chanced lo scc liim! He knew what such
people wcrc; how easily bc and Dolly would come to bc discussed, spied
upon, an occasion for scandal.
He glanced at the open door and
the path of light down between thelg
apple boughs. There, was a white S3
moth fluttering toward the door, a I S
little speck of paleness on the track: 5
of light. It. would burn itself at the 15
lamp if it conic in by the open door, j 5
He laid down his book on the table! 5
beside lhe sketching block and Went S
out, closing lhc door to softly be-! 3
hind him so that lhc moth might bc j 3
safe, without latching it. He almost 3
expected to meet ber in thc doorway,: s
and was afraid of startling her. I 5
Where had she gone to, stealing iulo. 5
the darkness? He remembered. Shcj3
had a kitten, a blue Persian, very a
like the one Mrs. Barllett had I 3
brought from the hospital, which shej 5
carried about on her shoulder, its! S3
soft, large face against her damask j 5
cheek, She had complained that thels
creature would wander, cared noth-|5
ing for thc comforts of a house, even 5
iu rainy weather. ��
"She is not like Keeper, who would 3
never leave inc," she had said. "SliC'S
_s a wild tiling. I must go round the 3
liouse calling her every night before i s
she will come in from the dark gar-| E
den and the fields." ~*
Something rubbed itself gently
.'.gains; his legs, purring���the kitten.
Hc took her up and stroked her,
rubbing his cluck in her soft lu, as
lie had seen Dully do.
Again the plover's call rang oul
clear and sharp. Why, it was no plover! lie knew for certain now that
it was someone mimidking the plover, and missing the sleepy softness
that would have bein in the bird's
call. It was a summons.All at once
knew lhat it  was for his  Dolly,
free, will bring you health and may
nave vour life.
Germs in a Sneeze
Dr.. Edward Martin, of Philadelphia, in a recent lecture declared that
in a single cough or sneeze an influenza victim pleased 20,000,000 disease germs into the atmosphere ot
an ordinary room. Of these genn�� t
well person might inhale 20,000 in sr
single breath.
Write for Catalogue No. 62 T.
The Kingston Smith Arms
Co., Limited
.91 Main Sl.      10142-lOlst St.
Winnipeg, Man.     Edmonton, Alta.
Joktun���Gracious I Your mudguard
is all smashed! Did you bump into
perfectly still,
skidded into us.
were standing
a fire-hydrant
Bright Youth
I aller��� Sn your son Willie has
started to work as an oflicc boy. Ho v.
is he gelling on?
Loud Mother--Splendidly! lie already knows wdio oughi to be discharged and is merely waiting to gei
promoted so that he cau attend to it.
want to look at some  notepa-
Watered stock, madam?"
"I should say not.    My   husband
has wasted money enough on    thai
kind."���Detroit Free  l'rcss.
Counter Check Books I
i  .    s
Of Every Description ||
and for every line of business,
and used from Coast to Coast.
Our books are the Standard of Quality
and what we make are the best to be had in Canada.
Duplicate and Triplicate Separate Carbon
Leaf Books, in all sizes
Duplicate  and  Triplicate   Carbon Back
Books, in all sizes
O. K. Special Triplicate Books, patented
Write us for Samples and Prices before placing your next order, or
see our agent, the proprietor of this paper.
W.     N.
and that she ha I gone in answi r
il. I B
llis heart turned suddenly cold. 3
His exaltation fell dead within him. ��
A chill rage seized him against some. ~
one, something. Not against Dolly. 3
What toil was she caught in, llis 15
poor little beautiful sweetheart? 3
What snares had been laid for lier j 5
innocent feet? ll crime to him as he; 3
followed quickly that she bad gone H
unwillingly, 'llie droop of ber fig-1 5
ure, her hanging head as she listened! 3
for the call, her gliding, slow steps |S
as she went. What ever tryst she s
kept she did not go to it happily. S
She went to it asleep. Hc knew now! 3
at last why she looked at him half
asleep. Someone bad power ovei I
her���evil power, lie cried out to tin
angels of God to protect her.
(To Bc Conliimcd.)
Poet (to editor)���I hope that you
didn't throw my poem into thc
Editor���Oh no,
Tort (eageTly)���Then you accepted it?
Editor���No, 1 threw it out of the
Waxed Papers and
Sanitary Wrappers
Waxed Bread and Meat Wrappers, plain and printed. Confectionery
Wrappers. Pure Food Waxed Paper Rolls for Home Use. Fruit
Wrappers, Etc. ,
Write for Samples of our G. & B. WAXED PAPERS, used as a meat
wrapper, It is both grease and moisture proof and most reasonable
in price. ���
Genuine Vegetable Parchment
We are large importers of this particular brand of paper. Our prices
on 8 x 11 size in luOM quantities and upwards are very low, considering
the present high price of this paper. We can supply any quantity printed
" Choice Dairy Butter" from stock; No order too large or too small to
be looked after carefully.
Our Machinery and Equipment for Waxing and Printing is the most
modern and complete in Canada, and ensures you first-clast* goods and
prompt service.
Appleford Counter Check Book Co.
Hamilton      -      -      Canada
Offices: Toronto, Montreal, Winnipeg, Vancouver
lUMiimuiimmiimiiiiiimiMiim^^^ THE   REVIEW.   COTJRTNEY,   B. C
Nature's Way
Is Best
Nature's laxative ie bile.
If your liver is sending
tha bile on its way as it
should, you'll never be
Keep the liver limed
rigbt up to it* work.
Take ot*-��� pill regularly
(niore only if necc.r-ary)
until your bowels actrcg-
ularly, freely, naturally.
��� pills
Genuine   bears   'Signetar*
Colorless face, often sliawt_-
absence of Iron in tho blood.
Carter's IronPHis
Will help ll'.rt condition.
or stutteriii,* .Aeremno pitsiiivcuy. i��ur
natural methods permanently restore)
natural speech. Cr.itluatH pupils everywhere.   Free ndvlce and literature.
KITCHliMrR,      ���      (IAN ADA
A  Dominion  Express  Money
Ive dollars costs  three cents.
Whisky and War
War is about to deliver the final
Snockout blow to John Barleycorn.
War and whisky, it has been observed
iii past experience, do not mix well.
War is a season for well considered
Judgment, clear eyes and steady ncr-
r/cs, for alert men in full possession
ii all their faculties. Intoxicating
liquor is a handicap to these requisites of manhood, and therefore, in
die national emergency, whisky must
io.���Seattle Post-Intelligencer.
makes harness   strong   and j
tough. i
This mineral oil   not   only ��
lakes dirt off bul keeps dirt 1
out.    It  fills thc   pores   of |
the leather. I
That i) why a harness treat- j
ed with Eureka  is  tough, ���
pliable.sliinyandnewlooking. J
the I
Limited J
Branches Throughout f^
l aimda *
* '
For  Regenerated Belgium
Flans to Build Railroads Like Those
of This Continent
Regenerated Belgium   will   model
some of her important railway lines
on the American plan. Railway capitalists of that outraged nation have
sent an agent lo America to study
railroad operating methods, railway
shops, and, more especially, the important electric installations ou trunk
lines in various parts of the country.
The name of this Belgian audit is
Joseph Carlicr. Hc is Assistant Professor of Railways at the University
cf Liege. Professor Carlier said lis
believed that at least $_00,000,000
v ould be spent to place thc railways
or Belgium on a proper footing after
the war, and that the United States
would doubtless bc called upon to
supply a large part of thc new equipment.
Mr, Carlicr is also a member of
the special commission which was in-
slalled in Paris last fall, thc members having been appointed by the
Belgian minister, for the study of
electrification of the Belgian railways.
"We havc approximately 8,000,000
pcoplc^-iiul a lillle ovcr .1,000 miles of
broad gauge, and about '1,500 miles
of single-track railroad. Wc have also a system of narrow-gauge railroads, something like 1,500 miles, for
6mall freight traffic, Our freight
sl.llio,is are unusually long and very
large. 1 think we should adopt many
of your ideas as lo car building. 1
think wc shall have to make compartment cars for the most part.
Belgium is a windy country, and wc
cannot very well havc a long, one-
room car such as you have in America, because il would bc much too
Says   Dr.  Cassell's   Tablets   Have
kept him Fit through
Two Wars
.upper A. Hartley, of tlie A Company,
Canadian Engineers, whose home address is
906, Trafalgar-street, Loudon, Ontario, is onc
of the many who have written in praise of
Dr. Cassell's Tablets. He says: "As a constant user of Dr. Cassell's Tablets, I would
like to add my testimony to their value. 1
used them when i was in the Soulh Airicarl
War, and, lindit'g tlle benclrt oi them there,
havc taken them since whenever 1 felt rundown. 1 always recommend them, for 1 know
that they do all dial is claimed for them, lu
my opinion they arc lhe beat tonic anyone
cau take for loss of appetite, poorness oi the
blcod, or general weakness oi the system.'
A free sample of Dr- Cassell's Tablets will be sent to you on receipt of
5 cents for mailing and packing. Address: Harold F. Ritchie & Co., Ltd-,
10, M'Caul-st-, Toronto.
Dr. Cassell's Tablets are tlle surest home
remedy for Dyspepsia, Kiduey Trouble, Sleeplessness, Anaemia, Nervous Ailments, Nerve
Paralysis, l'alpitation, and Weakness in Children. Specially valuable for nursing mothers
and during tire critical periods of life. Sold by
druggists and storekeepers throughout Canada. 1'rices: One tube, 50 cts; six tubes for the
price of live. Beware of imitations said to con-
tain hypophosphites. The composition of Dr.
Cassell's Tablets is known only to the proprietors, and uo imitation can ever be the same.
Sole Proprietors: Dr. Cassell's   Co..
Ltd., Manchester, Kngland
m\t*m*tm -
If better sugar is ever produced than the present
REDPATH Extra Granulated, you may be sure it will
be made in the same Refinery that has led for over half
a century���and sold under the same name���REDPATH.
"Let Redpath Sweeten it." 13
io, _o"n5o ami ioo ib.liag..  Canada Sugar Refining Co., Limited, Montreal.
The Armies of Labor
Influence That Will Attract Soldiers
to Farming
Love of life in the open is fostered by service ou the field of battle,
and this influence will attract many
of the fighters of Europe to farming
and the restoration of ravaged lands.
The military experience will have increased the manual skill and technical efficiency of thousands of other
soldiers. Modern agencies for thc
distribution of labor arc more numerous and scientific than they wcrc a
century ago, a generation ago. W c
shall sec the soldiers of Europe
melting back into the armies of labor as did Cromwell's Ironsides in
1600, when it was said of some
specially efficient and industrious
worker that he was quite sure to
havc been "onc of Oliver's men."���
Spokane Spokesman-Review.
TfeBmiier Spring
Is a Sleepy Thinti ���
���lit is made of 100 steel      r
spiral springs, tempered in oil, that
yield under pressure to every curve of
the body, uo matter how heavy or how
light.   It "fits the sleeper."
Its Non-Rusting Enamel Finish
is guaranteed not to damage bedding.
The genuine "Banner" spring is guaranteed
for 20 years.  Your dealer has it or
w i 11 get it i'or you. Ask for it by name,
The Alaska Bedding Co.
Ualier* of tledttenda and Bidding   e
Calgary        WINNIPEG Regina
"AU- ass ass artlcla means Utah Grade Svtry
J3��W i'-rlicfa"
Help Belgian Children
The school children of Saskatchewan last year inaugurated a fund for
the relief of the children of Belgium,
Collections wcrc taken at every city
and rural school in the province, with
thc result that up to the present, with
thc fund slill open, $56,1)00 odd has
been raised and sent by the children
of Saskatchewan for the relief of the
children of Belgium.
Counter Check
Or Sales Books
Mr. Merchant:-���
If you are not already using out
Counter Check or Salts Books we
would respectfully solicit your next
order. Years of experience in the
manufacture of this line enable Us to
give you a book as nearly perfect as
it is possible to be made m these difficult times.
All classes and arades of paper are
now from 100 lo <00 per cent, higher than they wcrc two years ago.
Carbon papers, waxes for coated
books, labor, in fact everything that
goes into tbe cost of counter check
or sales books arc very high In price.
Notwithstanding these facts, our
modern and well equipped plant for
this particular work enables us to
still keep our prices reasonably
low. Before placing your next order
write us for samples and prices, or
consult the proprietor of this paper.
We make a specialty of Carbon
Eack or Coated Books, also O.K.
Special Triplicate books. On these,
and our regular duplicate and triplicate separate Carbon Leaf Books, we
number among our customers the
largest and best commercial houses
from coast to coast. No order is too
large or too small to bc looked after
We have connections with the
largest paper mill in Canada, ensuring an ample supply of tbe best grade
paper used in counter check books.
Vou arc therefore assured of an extra grade of prapcr, prompt service
and shipments.
Waxed Papers and Sanitary
We also manufacture Waxed Bread
and Meat Wrappers, plain and printed; Confectionery Wrappers, Pure
Food Waxed Paper Rolls for Home
Use, Fruit Wrappers, etc.
Write for samples of our G. & B.
Waxed Papers used as a Meat
Wrapper. It is both grease and
moisture proof, and the lowest priced article on the market for this
Genuine    Vegetable    Parchment for
Butter Wrappers
We are large, importers of this
particular brand of paper. Our prices
on 8x11 size in 100M quantities and
upwards, arc very low, considering
the present high price of this paper.
We can supply any quantity printed
"Choice Dairy Butter" from stock.
Our machinery and equipment for
Waxing and Printing is the most
modern and complete in Canada and
ensures you first-class goods and
prompt service.
Hamilton, Canada.
Offices:  Toronto,  Montreal,    Winni
peg,  Vancouver.
A Russian newspaper is now being
published at Trcbizond, in Armenia,
onc of thc cities conquered by the
Russians in their advance against
the Turks last year.
Keep Minard's Liniment in the house
Cultivation of the Soil
"Of all forms of productive capa
cily there is none morc vital, indis
pcnsable and steadying than thc ap
plication of human industry to tbe
cultivation of the soil. And if there
is one point at which order seems
beginning to emerge from the pres
ent confusion of our political and
social aims it is precisely with regard
.to this fundamental necessity of
making a better use of tlie greatest
of all natural resources."���Viscount
You may have noticed that foolish
people are always happy.
W.     N.     U.     1157
Make the Boy a Partner
Secure His Interest in the Business
Side of the Farm Work
Six per cent, of tlie '100 farmers
who wcrc visited in connection with
an agricultural survey by lhc Commission of Conservation in Dundas
county in 1916, wcrc paying members
of the family who remained at home
to work on the farm. No farmer
was found who had taken the mem-J
bcrs of the family into active and
actual partnership in the farm enterprise.
It is essential that many of our
best boys remain on llic farm and
help in developing rural life inlo what
it could and should bc. Sonic of our
farm boys may be better suited for
occupations other than farming, bin
those who ar* suited for farming
and wish to farm should bc given
encouragement to do so.
Boys on the farm are too often al
lowed to drift along with very little
attention being paid to them. Thej
boy will be more likely to become a
willing worker if Iiis interest is
aroused in the business side of his
work aud hc will gain ability lo save
if be is taught to spend thoughfully
and wisely. These two factors, willingness to work and ability lo save,
arc fundamental for future success.
Permit the boy to participate in the
practical business transactions of the
farm as the conditions allow. Let
him do some of the buying and selling. When hc has decided lhat he
wiil bc a farmer, the father may be
gradually relieved from some of his
responsibilities through a partnership management.���F.C.N, in Conservation.
A Just Tribute
The cheapness of Mother Graves'
Worm Exterminator puts it within
.each of all, and it can be got at any
The quiet wedding may be the
calm before the storm.
Sometimes a genius fools people by
wearing good clothes.
Miller's Worm Powders act mildly
and without iiijury to the child, and
there can bc no doubt of their deadly effect upon worms. They'have
been in successful use for a long
time and arc recognized as a hading
preparation for the purpose. They
have proved their power in numberless cases and have given relief 'to
thousands of children, who, but for
the good offices of this superior compound, would have continued weak
and enfeebled.
Might Be Fooled
"That answer was a setback," said
John G. Johnson, thc lawyer, discussing a case in Washington.
"It was like the answer of the man
whose dying wifc looked into his
eyes and said:
" 'George, afler I'm gone, do you
think you'd marry again?1
"'I may,' said George gloomily, 'if
lhc trap is set different.'"���Dallas
A law to prevent "dumping" after
the war is being drafted in Japan.
The New York World would have
thc United Stales make a gift of $1,.
000,000,000 to France,* as a proof of
affection and appreciation of lhe aid ���
given the colonials during the American revolution of 1776. It would be
only a just tribute; for, according to
a recent statement, they received
$700,000,000 from France at that
period, of which neither the principle nor the interest thereon wus ever
asked for or returned.���-Hamilton
Childhood constipation can be
promptly cured by Baby's Own Tablets. These Tablets never fail to
regulate the. bowels and stomach thru
curing constipation, colic, indig
and the many other minor ills ot little nnes. Concerning them Mrs
Louis Nicole, St. Paul du Buton,
Luc, writes:���"My baby sufferer!
from constipation but thanks t>
Baby's Own Tablets hc ii a fine
healthy boy today. It gives
iiiuch pleasure iu recommending tin
Tablets to olhcr mothers." The
tablets arc sold hy medicine de.-.l >
or by mail at 25 reus a box trom
The Dr. Williams' Medicine C .
Btockville, Ont.
American Regret
Americans will feci a ccrta:'-. _mr_
in thc thought that Can ida has outdistanced us in reaching the battl.
linc, which is the frontier of our civilization.���New   York  Tribune.
Minard's Liniment   used   by   Physicians
"Biggins attaches a great deal ol
importance  to his  opinions."
"You can't blame him," replied
Miss Cayenne. "An opitfton costs
him so much intellectual cttort that
he feels like making a pet of it."
An Oil for All Men.���The sailor,
the soldier, the fisherman, the lumberman, thc out-door laborer and all
who are exposed to injury ar.d tha*
elements will find in Dr. Thomas-
Electric Oil a true and faithful friend.
To case pain, lelieve colds, dress
wounds, subdue lumbago and overcome rheumatism, it has no eqcal.
Therefore, it should have a place in
all home medicines and those taken
on a journey.
"Some, of our greatest sacrifices
bring us little credit."
"That's right," replied Senator Sorghum. "When I suppress my natural
inclination to arise and waste time in
specchmaking nobody ever takes ma
by tbe band and congratulates me."
���Washington Star.
A Patriot
"What is your opinion of a patriot?"
"Well, my opinion is that a patriot
is a man who actually serves tlie flag
that others cheer for."���Detroit Free
-____  r't      _"'        ���'��� tl*        rj*      .I*    ��� ���      *]���
"TOW'S THE  POLISH"1    ''
F. F. Dalley Co. of Canada, Ltd.
IlsmilloD,   Can.
���I* i  !l_ *������ _1_ THE COURTENAY REVIEW
Mrs. Kinjr ot Mexico is the guest
of Mr. and Mrs. Olazbrook.
A meeting of the Agricultural
Soci��ty will be held on Saturday
Mrs, Win. Duncan lias received
word that her brother had recently
paid the sup:cine sacrifice at the
Mrs. T. D, 11 imi is now in charge
ot the Elk Hotel, wheren full stock
of wines, liquors, etc. iskept, Special attention will be given io the
tourist trade as formerly
Th- soldiers wives nl Com.is are
holding a dance to morrow i Friday)
night iu Martin's Hall, A good
time is expected.
On. day last week the young
son of Chas. Adey, Upper Road,
met with a serious accident which
might have cost him the sight of
both his eyes, He picked up a
shot gun cartridge and carried it
out doors ami Imili a bonfire around
it. Tlie shell exploded and blow
the powder into Iiis face and eyes,
He must have closed his eyes when
tlie explosion took place, as the
.sight is uninjured, He is progressing nicely.
Red Cross Gala Day
The Red Cro_s Society intend
holding a Field Day and Shower
on Wednesday, June 13, i A tlie
heusfit of the soldiers hospital at
Qualicum Beach, and the Prisoners
I of War Fund, lit the evening
Mrs. Laban and Mrs. Cox will furnish the programme, which will be
followed by a dance. The following committees hnve charge of the
affairs, ���:
Refreshment, Mesdames Glaz-
brock. Cross Campbell and Boden 1
Shower Mrs. McKenzie, to choose
her own assistants. Soldiers coin- j
forts such as cigarettes, pipes, tobacco, chewing gum. candy, playing cards, checkers, tennis racquets
and balls, etc,
Ice Cream,    Mesdames Aitken,]
Mclntvre, Millard, and J, Mitchell
Candy.    M isdames Brock,   Kil- j
patrick, and Idiens.
General, Mrs. Parkin and   Mrs. j
W. Urquhart, Floor Manager for!
the evening.
Admission lo concert,   50  cents, 1
to dance 50 cents.    The Iio-Ilo orchestra u-ill furnish the music. '
Mr. and Mr. J. IJ. Hudson have
gone to Strawberry vale, near Victoria, where Mr. Hudson will have
charge of a large farm,
George Ardley has taken over
the I.azo Store. (Ieorgc is well
known in tlle district, he has had a
large experience iu groceries, and
is a hustler, There is no doubt
bill that lie will (io Well  here.
Ladies and Gent's Tailor
New Spring Goods  Now on Hand
McPhee Block
P. McBryde's
Bakery and Tea Rooms
Brown's Block, Courtenay
The Best7and cheapest bread in the district
14 Loaves for $1, 7 for SO cts,    for 30cts, 2 for IS cts
We invite anyone to dispute the above advertisement
The baker ol Better Bread
Opposite the city hall
The Fly is the Tie that Bind
the Healthy 'o the Unhealthy
The fly has no equal as a conn
"cnrriei," us many us five hundred
million germs have been found in
and on tlie body of a single fly.
II is definitely known that lhe
By is the''currier" of the genus
of typhoid fever; it is widely believed that it is also the carrier of
other diseases, including possibly
Infantile paralysis     "��-
The very presence of a Ily is a
���signal and notification that n house
keeper is uncleanly and inefficient.
Do u.t wait until the insects begin to pester; anticipate the annoyance,
April, May and June are the best
moulds to conduct au anti-fly campaign,
The fanning' and suburban districts provide ideal breeding places
and the new born flies do not remain at their birth place but migrate, using railroads and other
means of transportation to towns
and cities.
Kill flies and save lives,
Egg and poultry prices, the like
of which have seldom or never
been experienced, certainly make
it worth anyone's while to start
keeping hens. By.doing so you
have fresh eggs at the most trifling
cost, At the same time you have
the splendid satisfaction of knowing that you are doing something
towards helping Britain, Canada
and the Allies achieve victory this
At Alberni canal, a 200 hundred I
ton schooner was  built   56   years
a*o. I
Oregon & California Railroad Co. Grant Lusl*
Title to same revested in Uuuited
States by Act of Congress, dated
June 9, 1916. Two million, three
hundred thousand acres to be opened up for homesteads and sale.
Timber and Agricultural lands
Containing some of the best land
left in United States. Now is the
opportune time. Large map showing lands by sections an d description of soil, climate, rainfall, elevations, ect. Postpaid $1, Grant
Lands Locating Co,, Box 610.
Portland, Oregon.
Your Printing!
Cannot be done any
'. ,
cer or any cheap
er aeywiiere else in
'��       \*tm
i at tie
:-. '.....*-*   'i1:*:-::. ..        .      . . c.
��� ���-. ���: J_._CT_____HBEBK^r��_^:5:r.i i_rfl^____i!T_:'_^r.Tiin'y,r:-:_st_K^Sk3:'i
r ���
���   V, '    ��� !-.>���:-<   ..." ., -.fTT, ��
J_<___  _i H   _���! .'     I', i.' ,' !l
v*rY   K
k%r W &\
.. ., ..-r-v^r-.
3*2**/  something for his
Some can bear arms
Some can produce food
Some can make munitions
Some can give money
It is the privilege of all to help.
Are YOU doing your part?
A LL EYES turn now to
��\^ the Canadian Farmer,
for he can render the
in this sternest year of the
But���our farms are badly undermanned���25,000 men are needed on
the land.
With insufficient help, the Man on
the Land fights an uphill fight to
meet the pressing need for Food.
can help.
Municipal Councils, Churches and
Schools, and other organizations,
both of men and women, can render
National Service by directing all
available labour to the Land.
Farmers themselves can exchange
labour.   School boys can assist.
Were you raised on a farm ? Can you
drive a team? Can you handle fork
or hoe? If you can't fight, you can
produce. Spend the Summer working on the Farm.
Let every man, woman and child in
the Domini **. who has access to
Land, no ir... tor how small the plot,
make it produce Food in 1917.
For Information on any subject relating to
the Farm and Garden write:���


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