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The Review Mar 30, 1916

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Can nut hu done any inter, uml
not unite ho will anywhere else
hereabout!!. Our type ami maoliln*
ery is complete nml The Review
prloea are ri^ht
��������������������������������� ������*���**�����*���<
VOL. 4
| Classified Ads.
: .Milk.-   your  Utile  Wants  known
| through .1. Classified Advertbetneni
$ in Tlit: Uoview   -   -   -   Phone ;VJ
NO. 19
Auction   5ales!
4th April
Furniture, 4 head cattle, horse, laying hens, etc., for
E. J. Council, McKelvie Road, Sandwick, at 2 p. m.
5th April
Superior household furniture, outdoor effects, bee
hives etc., 'or J. B. Btiley, Upper Road, Sandwick, at 1:30
Full particulars on posters or from
Real Estate Agents COURTENAY
$6.00 Per Ton
Delivered ,in  Courtenay
j All Orders WiH Receive Prompt Attention
Phone 43 Courtenay
provides the cleanest, the most sanitary and the most hygenic
method of cooking
The Electric range closely parallels the wood or gas
range but excells either in flexibility of operation
With the Electric Range you cook
under idgal conditions because
Each cooking unit can be switched to high, medium or simmering heat and kept there as
long as needed
It is the acme of cleanliness
Practically no heat escapes into the room
The air is not vitrated
There is no contamination of food
You save food values througn the retentioo of the
essential salts and meat juices, on a six pound
roast the saving is nearly a pound
AU the latest standards of range construction are
used, including high oven, thermometer or
glass door, porcelain splashers
The fire risk is lessened because there are no open
We will gladly give you information on rates and
electric ranges
Courtenay Electric Light, Heat k Power
Co., Limited
Phones: Office 35, Ret. R93      jOffice: Mill Street
I Local Lines
1916 shooting licenses may be
procured from Constable Iluimay.
Bom���At Victoria, to tlie wife of
Harold II. Smith, a son, on the
second Sunday in Lent
Remember the dance in the
Opera House on Friday evening,
under euspices of the Rice Track
Welding ���cast iron, altinitiiuii,
brass, steel, etc,    Ford Garage.
Housekeeping rooms lo let, Apply Brown's furniture store, Courtenny,
45 horse power Overland car for
hire, day or night. Ford Oarage,
phone 46R.
\ Get Colin Campbell, the local
decorator, to paper that room that
needs doing so bad.
Fool Room to   Let -over  Cooke
& Matlhewsou'S shop.    Apply M.
j Perez, Courtenay.
I'or sale ��� 1 fresh cow,   with calf
��� at foot, very quiet and heavy milker
Apply Geo, Davis, Union Hay.
For sale at sacrifice price���toon
gallon tank. Fairbanks engine am!
pump, almost new. Apply Box b,
Review office.
For Sale cheap���A lot of agree
ment and assignment forms, leases,
bills of sale, ciattel mortagage, re
lease of mortgage. Apply Review
For sale���1 pure bred Ayrshi.i
bull calf 6 months old. Bred foi
show and milk production; pedi
gree and transfer supplied; prici
575,    Apply G. Game, Comox
Fred. H. Bates, wlio left here a
few weeks ago to join the Arm*
Medical Corps was among thosi
who, with the 67th, left Victoria
last Friday night for the Old Country.
For Sale- One 6 h, p. Fairkanks
Morse Gas Engine, one 3 k. w.
Dynamo switch board, etc., also
pump and belling, Capacity 12
gallons per minute. Apply at
Riverside liotel.
For Kent ���15 acres, 7 cleared ;
good 4-roomed house and all other
necessary buildings ; school of the
place ; about 2 miles from Cumberland, in Happy Valley. Apply
Edward Parkin, box 325, Cumberland. ,
Lost���row boat rigged for two j
sets oars, rowlocks on oars, boat 10 j
or 11 feet long, clinker built, two
j seats for row'tig, painted copper
bottom to water line, white to gunwales and black gunwales, painted
slate cob r inside, thin slats 011 ribs
inside, seat in stern; two liolei on
back for attaching rudder. Reward
will be paid for its recovery. Apply E. Hicks Beach. Courtenay,
For Sale���A hot water incubator
300 egg capacity, with thermometers, lamp, trays, etc., complete,
cost $30 will sacrifice for $8, cash.
Also : out door brooder, Cyphers
storm king No, I A, with hover
and lamp, etc., asbestos lined, 50
chick capacity, only $10 cash ; alsoI
a 6 h.p. gasoline engine with hoist,
mounted on skids, will pull stumps,
logs, etc., engine can be disconnect-1
ed from hoist to run any machinery ;
a mo.t useful machine ou the farm,
price 5225 cash. Also 1 cement |
brick machine, capacitv 500 bricks ,
per diem, four different styles of 1
moulds and corner moulds, com- j
plete, price $14. Apply J. deL.!
Lawrence. Kye Bay, Comox.
Rhode Island Red Eggs
per Setting of IS
75 cents
Bruce Towler, box 13., Courtenay
Comox (Creamery
45c per Jib.] this] week
Born���At Nelson, 11. C, to the
wife of Thomas YV. Mouat, a sou,
011 th* second Sunday in Lent.
W. Hodgson has just received
word that the suit entered ajainst
Geo. Leighton and himself by
ex-Schoolmaster Read had been
The Ladies Aid Society wish to
thank all those wdio so generously
helped to make their concert a Success, both material!*, and artistically, and especially Mr. Whittle
for the hall and Mr. Wood for tile
On Monday Sandy Lediiigham
drove tj Cumberland and put his
lior.e up. Sliortl- afterwards a
soldier came along and appropriated
tlie outfit and drove as far as Courtenay where it w.is fi.nnd tied to a
po��t while the driver wus enjoying
himself in a local li istelry, The
Cuiubeiland police force, accompanied by the ��� provincial police
name down aud arrested the culprit,
and took him back to Cumberland
lc stand his trial.
Presbyterian Church
St. Audrews' Sandwick
Service _ p.m.     Sunday   School
and Bible Class 3 p. Ill,
Sunday  School aud   Bible Class
10:30 a. in-    livening service 7:30
p. 111. All welcome
The next regular meeting of the
City Council will be held on Monday next, April 3rd.
The Comox Central Conservative
Association will hold a meeting in
the K, of P. had on Thursday evening.
The Ladies Aid concert last Wednesday evening was a very pleasant
affair,    Tlie concert   part   of   liie
programme was given entirely by
local talent, and   included a chorus
" The best Old Flag on  Earth,"
songs by Mrs  Fairburn, Mrs M ic-
intyre, Mr. Hames,  Mr,   Preuder-
gast, Mrs   Blair.   Miss   Anr.te Carroll, a sketch by   Mrs.   Callin   and
Mr. Macintyre.    A number of tab*.
leaux wele nicely staged   and were
tlm "Three Graces,"   Misses  Carroll Menzies and McKenzie,' Three
Disgraces,"    Messrs.     Macintyre,
Glazbrook and Boden,   " Waiting
for the Male" and " Arrival of tl e
Male" by the same artistes : " Everybody works   but   Father,"   by
Mr. Prendergast and company was
a laughable sett'ng to    h.- po| ular
song, with A. Shepherd as  father
and Mrs.   Hutch uson  as mother,
'W' 111 in's Rights' was another tib-
leau expressive of how tlie women
will rule the  meu   when  they get
their '' rights,"   " Miss Canada  '
and chorus was   also  very  pretty.
Dainty  refreshments  were ser\t-il
in pretty baskets,   ice  cream,   tea,
coffee and candies were also .m sale.
For Sale Now
Solid Oak Mission Dining
Room Furniture
Large Oak Arm Chairs
Piano, Carpets,
Good  Hunting Pictures,
2 Bureaus, Double Bedstead,
China and Kitchenware
Mrs. E. Allen
Happy Valley
h. h
> <s> <t, ��-k��0
���* X
4> �� %
A\V 1
Seed   Potatoes!
Elephants, Up-To-Dates
Burbanks,       Early Rose,
box 256 SHEPHERD'S n-.*
We have just finished Stocktaking and  will now
place on view our new lines of Spring Goods which
havejbeen arriving since the first of the month
Some of them are:
Garden and Field Seeds,
Wall Papers, House Lining,
Dry Goods and Decorations
Come inland make your choice early
Our stock _in  Groceries, Hardware,
Paints, Oils, Etc., is complete
WWWl_-BaaB-M-MM-_M-i THE    REVIEW.    COURTNEY,   B. C.
The Mystery
of the
By Fred M. White
Ward,   Lock   <��   Co ,   LlrrlUd
London,  Melbourne and  Toronto...
U was late, Rml i lie riunll) were ro
tiring. Marlon had already gone, in
me drawing room n group luul gathered round the Are. rimy were silent
anil sail, tor they had heard many
tilings iliul had moved ihem strangely.
There was a knock ;u the door and
Symonds looked 111.
"My prisoner Is ilea I," nhe said coldly and unmoved. "I suppose she managed 10 secrete come poison and take
It. , IJui she U dead."
"It is well," Ravenspur replied. "II
might have been worse, li was the
best she could do lo lll'l the shadow of
disgrace  from  this  unhappy  house."
Marlon had bowed her head before
(.lie coming storm, she nsked no
mercy and expected none. Vci she
looked the same pure, unaffected sainl
she had ever appeared. Ravenspur
would have taken her hand, but she
drew it away.
"li is true," sin* said. "I am a fallen
angel. I have never seen anything
else. Put il down to my mother's
training if yon like bul I rama her as
lier friend, nol yours. My religion is
hers, my feelings arc hers; I :ini of
her people. With all the wicked
knowledge of the Knsl I came here to
cut you off rool and branch."
"Why'.''' Ravenspur said brokenly.
"In the name of Heaven, why'.'"
"Because for years I have been
taught to hale you; because I am at
hearl an Asiatic. II would be ..rand to
have all your money, so lliul I iiiishl
be it greal person in ray own country
some day. Then 1 came and brought
the curse with me. It never seemed lo
strike any of yuu thai lhe curse and
I came together. Three deaths followed. In every one of these 1 played
;i pari: I wns responsible for them
iill.   Shall l tell yon ho1**?"
"No, no." said Ravenspur. "Heavens, i his is too horrible. To thiuk of
you looking so sweet and so fair nnd
good; to think that you should have
crepl into our hearts only to betray
us like lhis. We mint to hear nothing
beyond your confession, Have you a
hearl, nl all, or nre. you u beautiful
"I did nol imagine lhal I had n heart
at all until I came here." .Marion replied, she had not abated a jol of
her sweetness of expression or angelic manner. "Then graduilly I began to hive you all. When I inel my
cousin Geoffrey I recognized the facl
thai  1  wns n woman.
"More tlinn once 1 have been on
the polnl of betraying myself to htm.
I3ut the more passion for him lilled my
hearl ihe worse 1 felt, I win going to
kill you all off nnd keep Geoffrey for
myself.    If Vera  had died lie would
Medicine Which Made Surgeon's Work Unnecessary.
Astoria, N. Y. ��� "For two years I
Wis feeling ill _nd took  all hinds of
 .tonics.   1 was get-
111111     ing worse everyday.
Wm      .[fTadehillD.myhearl
!!||-��.e!    Wl'lllll   10.il'.',    1    Wl.1
sTw^Li always tin-il. 1 could
Wi not walk  straight
B-j   because of ii-." pain
���rjij! in mybacl andl bed
[      pains in my .ton*-
Mji I'.eh.   I went to-.
���3����i-?*r*P i' ui;   l''�� under nn
P-T^V^'S <'!'< rati' a. I ul I dill
 !;*_��,���.'���!:]in ! !.',''���     I read ill
the paper about
Lydia E. Plnkham'8 Vegetable (,'om-
pound and told my hu ibnml about it. I
paid 'I know nothing will hi In me bul I
will try this.' ! found myself improving from the very first bottle, and in two
weeks time 1 waa able losit down and
cat a hearty breakfast with my husband, which 1 had not done for two years.
I unl now in the best of Iiealtli and
did not havo the operation."- Mrs.
John A. Koenio, 602 Flushing Avenue,
Astoria, N. V.
Every one dreads the surgeon's lcnifa
and liie open.ling table. Sometimes
nothing else will do; but many limes
doctors say thoy are necessary when
they nre not. Letterafler letter comes
to (he Pinkham Laboratory, telling how
operations were advised and were not
lerforini il; or, if per formed, did no good,
jut Lydia E.Pinkham's Vegetable Compound was ure- and good health followed.
If you want advice write to
Lydia B. Pinkham Medioino.Oot
(couiuleutial), Lynn, "."ass,
W. N. U. 1094
have come to care for me In time. 1
know  lie  would.
"Then my mother came. I ��us nol
getting along fasl enough I'or her.
Her keen eyes sum Into my breast nnd
discovered iny secret nt once. I'or
thai reason she marked 'Geoffrey
down for her nexl victim, l tried to
warn him;.l wrote him n loiter, And I
had in ilo in in in death myself, li wns
I who cui the iiiasl away; H wns 1 who
Bttwed llio scull'., i ��ns llio girl In lhe
blue dress."
"Amazing," Oeoffiej murmured. "To
think of it'.   Marlon,   Marlon!"
There were tears In his eyes; lie
| could nm be angry with her Tin it
Mere tears in the eyes of everybody.
Vera wns crying SOftl). And nil the
grief wns as so man*, daggers In the
heart of the uuliappi girl,
"Go on." she sniii. "Cry for llio.
Every look ol plly and every siim of
grief slings me lo the quick, Perhaps
1 nm lniKl; perhaps I am nol responsible I'or my actions, Hill I swear lhal
nil llic ilme I have been plotting
agalnsl your lives I have cared for
you. only my training and my religion forced me on. Call me Insane if
yuu please, as you say of the fakir who
sleeps upon n bed of sharp nails. I
could explain all the mysteries���-'
"Vou need not," l(nl|di said. "I can
do that In good lime, from the first
1 knew you, from the lirsi I have dogged you from room to room at night
 1   frustrated   your  designs.    Then
came Tchlgorsky, who finished the
task for me.   Need I say more'.'"
Marion moved towards the dour.
The imploring look had gone from her
face; her eyes had grown sad and
hopeless. And yet in the face of her
confession, in face of the knowledge
of her crimes, not one of them had the
slightest  linger for her.
"I nm going," she said. "In the
event of this happening, I had made
my plans. It may be tli.it I shall have
lo lake my trial; it may he iliar 1. shall
be spared. One thing you may be certain of���my mother will never stand
in the dock."
Ralph ruse and slipped quietly irom
the room.
"If she dies, if anything happens lo
her." .Marion went on. "it may he possible to spare nn*. Nobody knows anything to my dishonor outside tlie l'am-
. ily but Dr. Tchlgorsky, anil you can
rely upon his silence. If my mother is
no more there need be no scandal,
Farewell, farewell to you all! Oh, if
1 Heaven had been good lo me, and senl
mo here ns a little child, then what a
happy life niigln have been mine!"
She passed out of lhe room and nobody made any attempt lo detain her.
ill was ii long, long lime before any-
ibody spoke and no voice was raised
above a whisper. The shock was Stll-
i peudous, In none of their past sorrows had iheir feelings been more out-
! raged.
The cloud lay heavy upon Ihem all:
It would be n long while before il
passed away. Ravenspur rose at
length, his face white and worn.
"We can .do no good here," he said.
"Perhaps sieep will bring us merciful
( relief."
II was al ihis moment lhat Symonds
looked in with her Information, li
j was no shock, because all were past
being shocked. Vera cried on Geoffrey's shoulder.
"I am glad of It," she whispered:
"it's an awful tiling to say, but 1 am
glad, li saves Marlon. We shall
never see her again; but I am glad she
is saved."
A young couple were looking down
on the Mediterranean from the terrace
of an old garden lilled with the choic-
j est flowers. The man looked bronzed
' and well, the girl radiantly happy. For
grief has no abiding place in lhe eyes
of youth.
"Hoesn't ii seem wonderful, Geoffrey?" the girl said. 'Positively I can*
noi realize thai we have been married
three weeks. I shnll wake up presently nml find ni'scii hack at Ravenspur again wondering whal dreadful
thing is going to happen next."
<; ofi'rey touched u letter thai lay In
Vcr.t's lap.
"I lore is the i ���, idenee ot our freedom," lie Bald. "Kind it In me,
Vera picked up the Idler. Tin re was
nu heading.   'I lieu i lu read I
"I nm near you and yel fur off.    I
.hear Utile tliluga from (lie world from
lime lo time, and I know thai yon nn
married to Geoffrey.  I fell thai I musl
write you n few lines.
"1 nm In u convent here, in n convent from whence i can never emerge
again, lleavon knows how many liu*
iiiiiii tragedies nre hound up In ihese
grey old walls. Hut of nil the miser-
abl ' wretches lure there is none more
miserable than myself, siiil. in my
new faith I have found consolation. I
know t lint I here is hope even for sinners as black as myself.
, "Will il sound strange lo you io
bear thai I long nnd yearn for you nl-
wnys: that 1 still love (hose whom I
would have destroyed? I meant to
write you a long letter, bul my hearl
is too full. Do not reply, because we
are not allowed to have letters here.
"Heaven lness you both and give
you the happiness you deserve!
Geoffrey look up llio letter and lore
lit iulo minute fragments. The gentle
j breeze carried il over the oleanders
! and lemon trees like snow.
Down  below lhe blue sen  sparkled
'nnd    lhe  world  seemed  full  of    tlie
pure delight of life.
"Geoffrey," Vera said after a long
, pause, "'ure we too happy?"
"ls il possible lo lie too hnpp> ?"
Geoffre;   replied.
"Well, too selfishly happy 1 mean.
It seems awful lu he so blissful when
.Marion is full of misery. I shall never
feel anything but affection for her. II
seems a strange thing lo say, 1ml  I
j mean it.   Poor .Marion."
Geoffrey   stooped   and   kissed   the
I quivering lips.
j "Poor Marlon, indeed!" he said.
"Marlon wns two distinct persons, Of
iall tlie shocks we ever bud, her confession hurl me must of all. A creature
so sweei and pure and good averitable
angel! n is sufficient to utterl* lies*
i rey one's faith iu human nature,    li
I would b  I hadn't gol yuu."
Scarcity of Food Not
Serious in Russia
Only at a  Few Isolated  Points Due to
Faulty Transportation
Commenting on Hut nnnoiinceinenl
ihai lhe Russian minister of agriculture has ordered two meat fast days
weekly in Russia, advices received
from Petrograd say there is no serious scarcity of food in Russia generally, bin only ui a few Isolated points,
and lhal this is due largely to faulty
Generally speaking, ihe newspapers
say lhe scarcity of provisions is peculiar io Petrograd, which musl be provisioned by means of u single railway
which already is heavily laxed by war
At Moscow the situation is normal
and everywhere else, both in town
and country, (here are ample supplies,
and the mass of the people are in heller condition to purchase llian ever
before. The peasants nre receiving
about double the usual amount I'or
their produce and labor mid cannot
waste iheir means on drink. The only
reason why lhe liow fasl days apply
to ihe whole empire is a precaution
lo check the tendency to eat more
meat llian usual and thereby cause a
dangerous drain on the supplies of
Suggests Winnipeg as Capital
The Calgary News-Telegram, in un
editorial, urges the moving of the Dominion capital from Ottawa lo some
more westerly point. Winnipeg is
suggested as the besl situated city.
Tlie editorial, in pari, says:
"ll is quits possible lhat the N'ews-
Telegram bus. up lo the present,
been alone of nil Canadian newspapers io make ihe suggestion that
before tiie governnieni of Canada
should decide lo rebuild lhe parliament, buildings ut Ottawa some little
consideration should ge given to the
advisability of removing the national
eapilal to a point wliicli would be
reasonably central within Ihis vast
Canadian empire of ours. Of course,
we did not expect that any eastern
newspaper would care lo raise the
point; in fact, tlie majority of lliciu
wiil laugh at llu idea. However, lhe
News-Telegram can see no reason
why a newspaper such as this, which
keeps a trifle ahead of the limes.
should noi advocate such a change.
Can any one. Indeed, give any gjjd
reason why the Canadian national
eapilal should not be moved to tlie
centre of Ihe Dominion of Canada?"
"I suppose now you are married
your lime of billing and cooing has
"Well, the cooing bus ceased, but
lhe  billing is us brisk as ever!"
Suffered from Rheumatism.
Waterloo, Ont.���"Wo use Dr. Pierce's
medicines in our home and have always
found them to lie lhe very best.   Some
lime ago my husband was iaken sick
! with muscular rheumatism.   Ho was very
bad for four years   could not do a stroke
'��� of work*,   lie look several different kinds
I of medicine und bad several good doctors
i in that time, bat did not get one bit of
.relief.    He, began Inking "Golden Medical Disccery    and "Pleasant Pellets"
< and in less ihnn a year lie was a well
i man  and lie goes to work every day.
We all feel very kindly toward Dr. Pierce
, for his wonderful cure when ovcry thing else
I failed,"���Mas. Jacob Wolfe, 8 Queen St.
.   Tiin  Greatest  lllemini  Mankind
Can  Have.
Many Canadian pcoplo need this power-
��� ful vegetable remedy that puis the
stomach, liver and bowels in line condition; that clears the skin of pimples,
rash, blemishes, and eczema; that dis-
i solves boils and cnrbunolesj that makes
nerves stronger and steadier, and gives to
pale, weak, run-down people the fullest
: measuro of heajlh and happiness.
Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery,
, free from alcohol or naVcotics) docs just
what is staled above, simply because it
banishes from the blood all poison and
impure matter, It dissolves the impure
deposits and carries them out, us il, does
all impurities, through tho Liver, Bowels,
Kidneys aud Skin.
If you have a bad cough, bronchial,
nasal or other catarrh, unsteady nerves
or Unsightly skin, get "Golden Medical
Discovery" to-day and start nt once
lo replace your impure blood with the
kind lhat puts energy and ambition into
you and brings back- vigorous action.
All medicine dealers cun supply you
in either liquid or tablet form or send
CO cents for trial box of tablets to Dr.
Pierce, Invalids' Hotel, Buffalo, N. Y.
The Finish of Germany
extermination  of  the  Teuton  Species,
is the  Prediction of Kipling
Tile Toronto Globe publishes lb1'
following article from lliidyurd Kipling:
"We are pussing through dark,
damp days which are not good for lhe
soul. m
"I lime known some black moments
and doubtless shall know worse. The
German is exploiting all ibe psychological factors be is capable of understanding, and bis press just now is
engaged in confirming Ihe world ill lhe
idea of a motionless unbeatable Michael, straddled across Europe and disdainful  of  Ills little enemies.
"Bui ihe Idea is beginning to penetrate iin Teutons head that this is noi
a wnr nf victories, but n wur of extermination of his species. We iu Pri!
uiu nre better Informed on this point
I bun  ��e were i. year ago,
"When n whole notion goes Into Ibe
trenches there can be no victories;
I here c.iii only be killing, and ul least
Ihree nations desire greedily thai lhe
{Teuton be killed in retail since he
cunnol   be  killed  in   wholesale.
"Th.' German cannot withdraw from
bis presenl lines, lie dare nol because
hi' would iiave io explain lhal action
to his own people, lie must use himself up gradually, either by advancing
and winning victories, or by staying
where he is.
"And when lie is used up there will
be very little of ibe German problem
lo settle. That is the end whereto
the destinies ure bearing us despite
all efforts ��c hme made to avoid II.
"The question of indemnity lo (!;r-
milllj has disappeared by lhe fore:' of
fuels. If she claims one il will be
cheaper io continue killing. If she demands peace without indemnity, returning io (lie slates quo, what guarantee will there be lhat as soon as
civilization is disarmed she will not
i throw horse), on us again?
"The moral law directing ber life,
compels ber to do so.
'"j.ial is why her ships cannot be
allowed  io  go on  the  sea  again.
"She cunnol wage any more war
than sho is now waging, because she
is engaged in all possible fronts. Shi
can defend and consolidate her conquests, but what goo.i i; consolidation
when she perpetually has to throw
men into the fringe of lire burning all
around  her'.'
"Allah lias decreed (bat she shall
perish by her own net, from the consequences of the law that she pro-
losses, und through her own temperament. If the allies hud won live or
| six months ago they would have left
Germany still capable of regaining her
| "No Germany will remain. This
may sound extravagant, but all lhat
will remain will be a few peoples living on the eternal defensive in moral,
social and political trenches. Grant
that everything in Germany favors a
defensive impossible to break, and Influx of foodstuffs which cannot be
stopped, a peopl"' Indefinitely enthusiastic for wnr. Even then we must
hold on���France, who lias paid th?
price of her flesh; Britain with her
half million losses nnd nboul to pay
more: Russia 'iiih her dead impossible lo count.
"All lhe nils are before us iu the
same ditch, and as fur as Britain and
the empire are concerned, we can pui
as many men Into Ilia lines in France
to hold the Teutons as tlie French
"Regarding iiie   financial situation:
If I were younger 1 would say an immense   wave   of   prosperity     follows
every war. bin  I  leave thai  thesis lo
I people twenty years younger and accept lb.' common belief that universal
'ruin awaits us.   But-when the whole
I world is materially ruined each nution
j of nobility, a compensation that will
"I   imagine   thai     in   Britain,   where
|small subscribers are now numerous,
a ceiiain proportion   of debi will be
simply effaced   or repudiated for ihe
very jusl reason lliul men rich enough
to lend big slim ������ lo 111:' stale ure rich
enough  to lose Cieiii.    11   is  Immoral,
j but.  we  should  only  laugh,    and    so
I would even lhe rich men thus forced
lo lose.
"Perhaps  ihey  would  receive  lilies
of nobility, a compensation tlita will
be un admirable and practical apotheosis  I'm' our national  snobbery.
1    "Ail} how   we  shall  sec*  funny    nuances  and  lhe  spectacle  of  Central
I Europe  administered   like  an   estate
I for the benefit of Prance, Russia, Italy,
| Serbia. Montenegro, Japan, Australia,
i New Zealand,   Canada,   South Africa
[ uml India.
|    "Those who fill the soil will be rich
I after the war; those who do not will
be .poor,    but there  will  be no  more
How Japan Helps
Germany's apprehension over lhe
Russian offensive is expressed iu lhe
"Kolnischo Zeltung," which says that
the slackening in the struggle iu
Galicia probanly does not mean Hint
the Russian offensive is ended, but
only lhat tlie enemy Is taking breath.
It is believed that grjal reinforcements are being brought up, and
some have already been noticed, in
the artillery preparation of lhe attacks the Russians used great quantities of ammunition wliicli the Japanese had provided. The, Japanese
are not only providing artillery and
ammunition, for the greater part of
the Russian Infantry in Galicia are
armed with rifles of Japanese origin.
Bree.l Dairy Cov.s,
Is Expert's Advice
Prof.   H.   H.   Dean     of   O.A.C.   Gives
Good   Tip  at   HolBtollV
Frleslan Banquet
"Tint c no risks with tlm dairy
cow, therefore II In a sure investment
land makes the farm pay. Tlirougli
many generation It bus saved tne
human race, un ' modern science has
neither discovered nor invented anything to take Its place in supporting
mankind; therefore I advise you _j
breed llic dairy cow," said Professor
II.   II.   Ilea   Of   the   O.A.C.   Ouolpll,   III
ithe   eighth annual banquet   of   the
.Molstelii'l'i'esian   association    at    tlie ,
The importance of the rural school
1 titiI- for Hie coiniuiiaiice of uilelli
I gent farming was emphnslzed by c,
i p. italley, assistant deputy niinistoi
Of agriculture     fur    Ontario.     "Since
[11)12, when these were commenced
with ii nucleus of Iwont' -live schools,
I am proud to sa> thai lasi year it
extended lo j:m fairs, thus Interesting
over   .,200    chools     and     employing
1 over 111,000 pupils."
other spen kers during the o von Ing
wee,. |i, r. Plan, lho president; Dr.
.1. A. Macdonald, who spoke on "Can*
fndn's   Patriot lam;"    Prof.    Geo.    K.
| llu'   of   ibe   O.A.C.   ami   A.   .1.   Craig,
Alberta's deputy minister of agriculture, lintli of whom spoke on agricultural  topics.    Toronto  Globe.
Live-stock in Demand
Farmers    and     Ranchers   of   Alberta
Benefiting  From  Competitive
Following is part nf a report made
by a livestock commission linn ut'Cal-
gary, which tells its own story:
"The best Indication of the growing
I strength in the market is the broad
I outlet for generous receipts, which in
j lhe ease ol hogs, the eastern packers
are apparently unable lo buy sufl'ic-
i lent hogs in the east to Iill the de-
! mand, and nre therefore compelled
' to pay high prices here to compete
| with local packers. In regard to the
i cattle market we opened a new outlet
j by shipping lo Seattle, wliicli has had
a stimulating affect on the market
| here. We .have had shipped, siuee the
middle of November, over 3,000 head
j 01' beef cattle. We might also add that
I Ihese cattle brought the top price on
! the open market. The highest price
I paid on ihc Seattle market was for an
I Alberta steer, which' we shipped Deli-ember 20, 1915, weighing 1,700 lbs,,
| which brought lhe fancy price of 10c
I per  lb.
j "Since the opening of the Alberto
stockyards the livestock business in
Alberta lias grown, and markets bav��
i been opened, which have given th���
farmers a; competitive market foi
Iheir livestock.
"The hog Industry lias multiplied
j many limes in the last three years.
| There are many signs pointing to ar.
increase in the number of sheep and
cattle. The sheep business is being
developed rapidly, and the demand fot
breeding ewes lias tenl prices up both
east and west. Breeders of pure-bred
sheep have sold all they can spare.
Derlng the past two or three years
fanners and ranchers have been increasing their herds; cows and heiH.
ers have been held, while hundred*
wliicli have come to market hav��
been shipped back to the country foi
I breeding purposes. The producer iu
Hie country has no need tu worry, and
we anticipate good prices tor everything he  has lo sell."
One of Hie questions    of ibe San
Francisco    Examiner's    animal story
conlest,    upon    which   children    are
asked  to  write  is,   Why  does  a Cow
I need two stomachs?
Sad     experiences    evidently    bad
much  to  do  with  the    deductions ol
little   Mark  Sihey.  of  I'ruitvale, for
i he replied:
"So when  she has  on  ache in one
of lier stomachs    she  enn  use   the
I other one."*���Our Animals.
Now You lay Throw
Away fear Classes
Thi' stnlemen! is wu.it* that thousands
vcvur eyeglasses who do Hot really tired
them, ir you are one of thepo unfortunates, tliou Ihese glasses may ho ruining
your eyes Instead ot helping (hem. Thousands who weav these "windows" may
prove fur themselves thut (hey can dispense with glasses if they will get the
following prescription lilled at onco : Go
to any activo drag store and get a bottle
of Hon Opto tablets; im a t.wo*ounco bottle with warm water and drop in one Bon-
Opto tablet. With (his harmless liquid
solution ballm the eyes two to four limes
dully, und you are likely to be astonished
at the results rlghl from the start Many
who havo been told that they havo astigmatism, eye-strain, cataract, sore eyelids,
weak eye;*, conjunctivitis and other eye
disorders, report wonderful benefits from
the use of this proscription. Get this prc-
scriptfon filled nml use It; you may so
strengthen your eyes that glasses will not
be necessaryt Thousands who aro blind,
or nearly so, or who went1 glasses might
never have required them if they hud cared
for thnlr eyes In time. Snvo your eyes be-
fore it ls ioo lata '. Do not become ono of
these victims of neglect Eyeglasses are
only llhe cratches, and every few years
they must be rlmoged to lit tho. ever-Increasing weakened condition, f?o bettor see
If you enn, like many others, get elear,
healthy, strong magnetic eyes through the
prescription hero given. Tho Vahniui Drug
Co, of Toronto will fill the above preMrip
tion by mall, If your drugftot < THE   REVIEW.   COURTNEY.   B. C.
What's the Neutral?
"is     there   something    malicious
about even the fairest and kindest ot|
neutrals?" Bald liuuth Tnrklngton in
"Does a itoutral, In the very nature of things, incline tu rejoice a
'idle over a warring slsier nation's
misfortune?     I   hope' nut.
"I hope not, nml yel, iii thinking
of neutrals, i can't help thinking of
iwo boys    who stood H thor day
��ml watched an onormous safe being
raised up lo the twenty-sixth store-
A a sliyscr.ipi r
"Tho hoys watched tho safe rise
���lowly, dangling in tho end of its
Aire rope, and .viii*,i il reached lho
twentieth  storey tho older lad  turn
d away iu disgust,
" 'Coine on, joe,' ho said. 'We
night as well move on. 'i'hey ain't
���-goln' in let lier drop.'" Washing'
on Star.
Stormy Weather
Hard on Baby
Tho sloruiy, blustery weather
vhieh wo have during February and
March is extremely hard on children.
Conditions make ii necessary for the
mother in keep them in lhe house.j
I'hey are often conlined to over-heal-'
���ii, badly vontilated rooms and catch
:olds which rucks their whole system.
To guard against Ibis a box of Baby's
Dwn Tablets should he kept in the
house and an occasional dose Riven
'.he baby to keep his stomach and
bowels working regularly. This will
not fail to break up colds and keep
lhe health of the baby in good eoudi-
'lon till lhe brighter days come along
The Tablets are sold by medicine
leal ers or by mail at 25 cents a box
Irom The Dr. V.'illiiniis' .Medicine Co.,
Brockrille, out.
Clank, clank, clank! Whal dread-
'ul sounds are. these, breaking Hie
stillness of the Sunday afternoon? In
haste. Mrs. Maclarty leaves Hie lir"-
iide, and goes in seiireh of the cause
ot the disturbance. In lhe garden
the limls her husband nailing n board
an the bottom of Hie barrow.
"Donald, man," she says, "ye're
makin' un awful row. What'll the
leighbors think?"
"Nicer mind them, Kirsty," says
Donald, "i maun get my barra'
"Oh, but Donabi." says Kirsty, "it's
very wrong to work on Lhe Sabbath,
\'o ought (ae use screws!"
Asthma Cannot Last when the great-
?st of al asthma species is used. Dr.
if. D. Kellogg's Asthma Remedy assur-
?dly deserves this exalted title. It has
countless cures, to its credit which
other preparations had failed to bene-
lit. It brings help to even the most
severe eases and brings lhe patient lo
i condition of blessed relief. Surely
suffering from aslhma is needless
when ii remedy like this is so easily
Alberta hanks Loan
Money on Grain
Farmers Unable to Get it to  Market
and Compelled to Borrow
Since the analysis of the grain traffic and the existing conditions when
the farmer cannot ship or sell his
grain, lhe banks of Alberta are loaning a great deal of mouey to Hie grain
growers on grain in the Held uml in
the privately owned bins of Hie tanner. This is tho information learned
from a prominent Calgary banker.
"Perhaps the banks have not until
recently loaned ureal sums of money
on grain on the larm, ns permitted by
section SS of Hie Bank act, but lately !
there has been n greal Increase in lhe
amounts in be loaned," said Hie bank
manager. "The reason for the much
larger amounts so loaned now as
compared lo formerly Is that until
this season few farmers bad grain on
the farm on which in borrow money.
Also, the farmers this year luul little
call in borrow money on their grain
uniil the transportation facilities gol
so thai Hie grain could nul be moved
io market and sold, nm lately there
Is Btich a congestion of grain al terminals, ami s.i few c nrs (did so Utile i
moli'.e power, lhal the fanners can;
not sell ami ninsi borrow money, And
Ibe llrsl ones limy conic lo are lhe
bnilllB; and 111-' hanks loan llmiu money when Hie blinks enn do so safely;
when tiie farmer has a character and I
Blending lhal will wnrranl it: be need!
nni have grain if Hie manager lias
found   him   In  be  ;i   uniil  of bis   word
and id' excellent character."
Sciatica Vanishes Instantly
if Nerviiine is Used
Xo ordinary liniment will even relievo Sciatica, Nothing but the most
powerful kind of a remedy can penetrate through lhe tissues and finally
reach the Sciatic Nerve. Vou can always depend on the old time "Nerviiine." Nothing made today is as good
for Sciatic as Nerviiine was when
first produced, about forty years ago.
All this time the same old "Nerviiine"
has been curing Sciatica, Lumbago,
Rheumatism and is considered to be
without an equal in relieving pain or
soreness anywhere. "'Nerviiine'
couldn't be made stronger or better,"
writes James E..Edwards. "The way
it cures Sciatica is to me simply a
miracle. For years I suffered frightfully. I ruined my stomach with in-1
ternal dosing, I rubbed in gallons of I
oils and liniments���none were strong
enough. One good rubbing with Nerviiine relieved. 1 kept on rubbing and
shortly was cured. .My father cured
rheumatism in his right arm and
shoulder with Nerviiine, anil my
mother cured herself of chronic lumbago with Nerviiine. Our family simply swears by Nerviiine and we are
never without a 50c family size bottle in our home. We lind lhat for external paiu, for coughs, colds, earache,
such minor ills it is a veritable family
Would yon like lo end  lhat ter-   ,
rlble llching, that burning pain; w  \ "'.','.���., '
heal those horrid sores? "   ,      ',
Many Shells Ordered
Arc  For tlie  British  Army and Worth
Probably   Over  $'0,000,000
Aii   order    for    sen. Ighteen
pounder shrapnel shells bus i n received by the Imperial munitions
hoard  from  tho  Hriiish    ministry of
You have tried all soils of fatty
ointments, loi inns and powders. Put
them aside now and give Nature a
chance as represented by Zhm-Buk,
Znin-r.uk Is made from herbal essences; is a natural hen,;r "s r.ot
something you have to send io the
end of lho world for, and pay a
heavy price! Every druggist will
sell you Zam-Buk and I'or :>()('. only.
Just give it a fair trial and ine'l*
denlly give yourself ease by lho
quickest route.   See nanje on box; ���
Ireland Must Help
To Crush Prussians
John  Redmond  Makes a Stirring Appeal   For   Recruils   in   His
John Redmond has issued a stirring
appeal for recruits from Ireland. He
"Recent events have made it absolutely essential that Ireland, for lier
own sake, to guard lice own highest
Interests and to maintain her honor,
should make it plai.i to the whole
world that she is willing and eager
to fulfill her obligations. Any impression lhat Ireland is shrinking her
duly will be a d-eadly injury to her
future interests.
"There has been slackness in recruiting in the agricultural districts,
but winning the war is of the greatest
importance to Irish agriculturists, for
If the allies are defeated there Is danger of every Irish tenant being robbed of his land by the Prussians, The
position of the tenant farmer who expects the people of the towns tu fight
for him is contemptible. To desert
your countrymen in the trenches will
mean the death knell of your hopes,
aspirations and ambitious."
This is tlie llrsl large order lo C'ati- j
ada since the presi nl Imperial muni
tions board succeeded i li ��� shell com-
| nilttee, the board's energies having
been directed chiefly towards hasten*
lllg deliveries on orders placed seme ,
lime ago.
It is probable thai new orders w ill |
bo allotted in Hie form nf renewals lo
firms which are already engaged in
the manufacture of these shells. Tiie
munitions industries in Canada bnve
developed greater capacity for turning
out eighteen-pounder shrapnel shells
than for the manufacture of uny other
and Is  well  able  lo  lake  cure of the
large   order   whlCli has jusl been re- j
The value of the order was nol slat* j
ed, bul, based on prices reported tor]
orders placed during the past year, it
should  Im worib  between $10,000,000
and $12,000,000.
'"alrvlllo, Sept. 30, 1002.
.Minard's Liniment Co., Limited.
Dear Sirs,���We wish to inform
you that we consider your MINARD'S
LINIMENT a very superior article,
and we use it as a sure relief for sore
throat and chest. When I I ell you I
would not be ivilliout it If the price
was one dollar a bottle,  1  mean it.
Yours truly,
CHAS.   F.   Til.TON.
Nowhere in Europe have mediaeval
conditions persisted ns strongly .is
in the Baltic provinces of Russia,
where practically all lhe land over
a four-hundred mile stretch is in the
hands of a thousand families, the
head of each bearing the title of
baron and wielding a power that has
decreased practically not at all since
ancient feudal times.
SOME TREATMENT. -De��criS(, your disease,
and write for free boot* and It'Slimouiuls.
Bovril makei othei loodi uourun.
you. Ii has a Body-building power
proved equal to from 10 to "0 i uiea
the amount o< liovril taken.
"Some men have no hearts.' said
the tramp.    "I've been a-tellia1   hat
feller I am so dead  bloke Heat  I  hav
to sleep oul doors."
"Didn't that letch him?" said the
"Naw. He tor me he was a-doia'
the same thing, and had to pay the
doctor for telling him to do it."
Rub it in for Lame Back. A brisk
nibbing with Dr. Thomas' Bclectric
Oil will cure lame back. The skin will
immediately aiisorb the oil and il nril
penetrate the tissues and bring speedy
relief. Try it and be convinced A.<
the liniment sinks in the paiu comes
out and there are ample ground.- toe
saying that its touch Is magical, u_>
if is.
Libre Belglque, the daringly published Brussels newspap r, the honl i
of which the Germans, despite their
most, strenuous efforts, have tai
to unearth, has now- reached its ttfty-
third number. Domlciliar* searches
for Its editors and staff tak
everywhere, but uo single capture ha.
been  made.
No Use to Treat Seed Corn for Smut
There is no treatment of seed corn
for smut. The spores which acuse
smut in corn live over from one year
until the nexl ill manure, soil, refuse,
;itc. in the summer, under favorable
conditions those spores which may
have wintered in the soil or may have
been hauled to Hie Held In the manure, lind lodge menl. oil the tender
parts of the corn plant, usually by the
iction of wind, and start  to grow.
The source of Ilia spore is pot the
seed corn, therefore treatment will do
no good. Tin' only method of eradication is to eul off the smutty stalks
ind burn Ihem, This, of course, is
Impractical.���0. M. Allyu. Kami
Jrops Division; University of Illinois.
The Meaning of "Germany"
If we can neither trust nor compel
Germany to keep the peace, what
hope is there for the future? The answer lo this lies in Hie meaning attached to the word "Germany." The
Germany that nobody can trust is the
Germany ilia, lias revealed itself in
this war, the Germany that acknowledges no law or obligation but her
own interests, the Germany that tears
up treaties, murders non-combatants,
and neutrals wholesale, plots arson
and outrages and crimes of violence
in neutral (thai is friendly) countries,
that maltreats prisoners of war, and
violates even the few strict rules of
warfare unconditionally laid down in
its own cynical wnrbook, which allows
almost everything by way of exception under (he piea of necessity. So
long as that, Germany remains on that
moral plane, and in that stale of mind,
there can be no real peace, and to
negotiate with her. either early or
bile, is lo lose lho war in effect, if not
in  appearance.���Nineteenth  century.
V?>. "*V  VSJ4K-.t��-;, . ':3
Minard's Linirrent Cures Colds, etc
in the privacy of his home the village butcher was telling his wife of
tho arrival of a new resident, "She
eame in today,'' be said, with enthusiasm, "und I can loll you she's a real
'ady, broilghl up solecl und exclusive,
.-ihe don'l know one cut o1 meal from
iinolhei', nor veal from mutton."
-for Motherhood
MOTHKRHOOP is nol; a
time for experiment, tut for
proven qualities, and nothing
exceeds the value of good
cheer, needful exercise and
SCX3TTS EMULSION charges the.
blood with life-sustaining richness,
suppresses nervous conditions, aids
the quality and quantity of milk
���nd Insures sufficient fat.
Iu COD IJVEIt OIL fi--* tho Terr
life eel-, lu LIME .nd SOOA licit*
KetAX rickeU and mak* tsathinu *:ay,
U-U AtoiiSabititatet.
Relief for Suffering Everywhere.���
He whose life is made miserable by
the suffering that conies from Indigestion and has not tried I'arme'iee's Pills
docs not know how easily this formidable foe can be dealt with. These pills
will relieve where others fail. They
are lhe result of long and patient
sliuly and are confidently pel forward
as n sure corrector of disorders of the
digestive organs, from which so many
Private Dougal HcTavish Hate of
the Alberta Police) Mon, In ma sec-
lion 'lis alien fatty degrees below
zero. Hut. bless ye, 'tis dry cold, ye'll
never feel it.
L. ('. Owen Tyrell (late of Carpentaria Telegraphs)��� Down under it is
usually 126 in Ihe shade. Hut thin it
is dry heat, you are niver sensible of
Corporal .Tames Brown (late tram
conductor, Vancouver)���In B.C. we
stake upon "12 lo "14 rainy days In
tlie year. Hut it is dry rain, it don't
wet   you.- -Punch.
W. N. U. 1094
Minard's Liniment Cures Distemper.
The prosy old barrister was arguing a technical case in the high court.
i Ho was drifting along in a monotonous voice, when lhe bored judge
[yawned wilh liarnly any attempt at
"I sincerely trust thai I am not
unduly trespassing on the lime of the
court?" said the barrister with just
the slightest tinge of sarcasm in his
"There is some difference," replied
llio judge, "between trespassing on
time and encroach lag on eternity,"
Miss Evelena M. Rlsser, Dublin
Shore, Lunenburg, N.S.. writes :���"I
suffered from severe headaches for
two years. In fact, I had headaches
day and night. My appetite was very
poor and I frequently had pains in the
back, After using a few boxes of Dr.
Chase's Xervo Food the headache-
disappeared, appetite improved and I
gained in health and strength. I am
very thankful for the benefit obtained
from the uso of Dr. Chase's Nerve
food, for T am well again afier two
years of misery."
nil something   is   wrong   in  the
I'or instance, vou should
The object of pain seems to be lo give warning
human system.   For this reason, when you have a, headache
honestly seek i'or tlie cause.
_ Headache is not a disease in itself, but rather a symptom, If you And other indications that the nervous system is exhausted���if you nre rest less, nervous, sleepless
and irritable���you may rightly suppose that 1o be tiie cause of the headache.
The headache warns you Hint wilh neglect of lho nervous system you laler expect
nervous prostration, locomotor ataxia, or some form of paralysis. Wisdom suggests tin)
use of such treatment as Dr. Chase's Nerve Food to build up lho system, and thereby
remove Ibe causo of the headache, as well as prevent more serious (roubles,
The use of headache powders is not only n dangerous practice, but the shoe!; to the
system of drugs which are so powerful and poisonous as to immediately slop pain is must
harmful. The relief is merely temporary, ami with Ibis danger signal removed the
disease which caused the headache continues to develop uulil results are serious. The
moral is, when you have headaches or pain of any kind look for Ibe cause and remove it.
Dr. ('base's Xerve Food is nol intended as a mere relief for headache. It euros by
supplying the ingredients from which nature rebuilds and revitalizes the wasted nerve
cells. Some patience is required for Ibis reconstructive process, but the results are
wonderfully satisfying, because they an; boih thorough and lasting,
If you would be freed from headaches, as was lhe writer of the letter quoted above,
put Dr. (''base's Xerve Food to Ibe test, Working, as it docs, hand in hand with Nature,
it can uo more fail than can other of Nature's laws,
!>0 cents a bov, all dealers, or 1'iliiiiiu-
son,   IJates   &   Co.,   Ltd.,   Toronto.
Dr. Chase's Iteoijie.noolc, 1,000 selected recipes, scut free it yon mention thli paper. THE COURTENAY REVIEW
The Courtenay Review KS. we neetl all,ll!at is,,neant
And Como. Valle? Advocate ]���  ..-*��__e_S_? ��* ��PP��**<-   ��.   Sttl*i"a-
A  Weeky  Newspaper,   Pubished  at
Courtenay, B, C.
N. II. Bodkn, Bditor ifiM Proprietor
Telephone 59
Subscription $1.60 per Vear in Advance
City Clerk Raines is sending out
notices to delinquent taxpayers,
staling thai unless theii taxis are
paid within Unci months of ibis
date their land may be sold for lhe
taxes due, If ai all possible lhe
cily should collect Ihese totes, oi it
m.'iv lir.d itself    in I lie    same lix as
Eslevnu and several othei prairie
towns, which .it the request of subdivision owners did nol insist upon
collecting the taxes when due, .\i
recent tax sale- Ihey were compelled io buy in i lie properly, and
now lind Ibat the) cannot exercise
proprietory rights foi two wins
yet in eoiiie. Tin v are now liying
to net the subdivision syndicates lo
voluntarily assign Ibeii right of redemption so that tlie land can be
sold io farmers foi what it may
bung in order thai the town may
baie funds to goon with, Conrte-
nny has nearly three thousand dollars outstanding in unpaid taxes,
nml il might be well to ave a tax
sale every year if the city intends
to live within its income,
Md. Hurford takes exception to
our remarks last week nnd says
that the intention of the committee
was lo find out what nre the city's
rights in the matter from lawyers
and engineers before seeking to
. make au agreement with the Goin-
pflliy, and thinks this is a very wise
and businesslike way of doing the
work \VV must confess that it is
quite the correct way. But wc
gathered from the report of the
Utilities Committee, and the action
of the council, that they were to be
empowered to frame up the agreement to suit themselves, the lawyers and engineers, and then present it to the Company for their
signature, willy nilly, which would
be most unbusinesslike. We hold
nn liiief for the Company but like
ail the rest ot tlie citizens think
that the light is a good thing for
Courtenay, and would not like to
see the Company badgered until in
disgust they cut the light off from
us aud waited until the town grew
large enough to create a paving demand for light, which at the prsent
time it does rot, before turning it
on again or seeking a franchise.
For a live town, with prospects,
enjoying a fair share of the good
and bad alike, Courtenay seldom
gets mention from the leading
newspapers of the province, the
reason being that no one troubles
to send news items concerning the
municipality and district to the
pi ess. The camp of the 102nd
Batt., at Comox, has advertised the
district more than any event in
past years, and should be followed
up by regular contributions to the
outside newspapers in order to
bring the district constantly before
tb ��� notice of the general public.
We appeal to our readers to lift up
their imaginations somewhat, and
to cease to think of Courtenay as a
place "which was, and now is not."
We   need   settlers, we   need fresh
tion; progre��sis life, and stagnation
is death. But how can settlers,
capital, new blood and all the
other desireable features be attracted unless something is done to let
folks know that Courtenay und the
Comox Vallev nre not merely clearings in the bush. The west is supposed to be typical of " hustle."
Well, if the presenl stale of affairs
represents " hustle," then let us
have a change, cease bluffing and
deliver the goo,Is.
It   would   stimulate   recruitiug
wcte employers of labor, large and
small, lo announce  thai preference
would be given lo returned soidiers, ]
When the war broke out all classes
were  moved, almost to excess,   in
their efforts for  the well being   of
those who were patriotic enough lo
go nn.I light     Ai the   termination
of lhe South Africnn War, when in
England more particularly, eiitlniS'
insin bad died down somewhat, returned soldiers tramped  the streets
in companies seeking work.    After
a time the Inborn nnu kit  absorbed
lliein but the incident   left a nasty
flavour.    It would    be   deplorable
were this to be repeated at the close
of the presenl   war, or   weie it to
happen in   individual cases ol soldiers already returned,    The large
corporations should   give a lead in
Ihis matter,   for   their   interests, I
equally with those of   smaller em-1
ployers, have been   safeguarded as
a result of the action   taketi by the
British Empire.   Thus far, practi-1
cally no firm of   any standing has
come forwaid   and said, "We give'
preference to   returned soldiers." i
It is a   reflection   on   those   firms
which are benefitting by   working'
Canadian natural resources, amidst
perfect security,
We have been fortunate in
securing the exclusive agency
in this district for the Individual Ladies' Tailoring Co.,
and we are now showing
The   New
Spring and Summer
Styles and Fabrics
Individual Ladies'
Tailoring Co.
The proposal bus more than once
been advanced that British Golum-1
bia should have n force similar to
lhe North West Mounted Police,
one of the finest bodies of men in
the world and able to go anyweere
and to do anything. When the
war is ended, there will be a splendid supply of first class officers and
recruits, and such a force would be
in every way valuable. The uniform alone would be a moral force
and the military system under
which the R N.W.P. is governed
would be the best for a province,
which like the prairie provinces,
contains a very mixed population.
The opponents of Prohibition would
then have no fears about loopholes,
blind pigs, etc., for such and the
R.N.W.P. do not go together, In
saying this, we do not attack the
present system of policing rural
districts; we merely seek to supersede it with a better one, and one
which would be most popular and
Suits, Coats, Skirts
to your measure
All  Garments are
guaranteed for
Fit,   Style, Quality
If The Review is worth writing
to, and the Editor (poor soul) gives
the letters space, surely the paper
should have many more subscribers
In the same way The Review deserves far more contributors,
Events at Black Creek, Deinnau Is
land, Hornby Island. Lazo, Headquarters, Cumberland, Uniou Bay, '
Royston and other places, are in-
teresting and should be made
known to the community through
the medium of this p per. Maybe
it is not of engrossing interest   to
capital, we nted new blood in every | hear   for   instance,   that   Farmer
Through Passenger Trains leave Courtenay 11:35 on Monday, Wednesday and
Friday for Victoria and Way Stations
RETURNING���Arrives at Courtenay at
16:10, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
Steamship tickets on all lines lo all parts
of the world. For particulars etc., address
[lilt, Puitn-ier Aural, Victoria
Agent Courlcna*.', Phone R60
Jones' bull got loose and did a lot
of damage, or that Dame Blank of
 got scared by a panther,    but
such news is better than nothing,
and shows that something is moving.
The people of the Nor'west are
leaders iu community life, and cooperation in every form, agricultural, industrial, social and political, is most marked. Take up anv
of the prairie farm journals and
you gain an idea of the earnestness
of purpose and the spirit of advance
that is in vivid contrast to the sluggishness and indifference so rife in
other localities. The prairie folks
"go to il" and therefore are seldom "up against it."
The returned soldier is going to
be a much bigger problem th.n
some people imagine. One of our
western towns had a veteran come
back a few weeks ago. The mayor
got busy and offered him a job.
He said be did not care for jobs, he
wanted a permanent position with
a salary so that he could send 'ome
for bis wife,
Writing to the Editor is like
blood-letting. It relieves the feelings, hurts nobody and gives the
paper qtiiie a sparkle. Everybody
is feeling better as a result of the
recent airing of views in tlie always
open columns of The Review.
Talking about slang, an Englishman went home for a holiday, and
upon his return from the old conn-
Good Chick Food Means
Dollars for You
Lay tlie right food fur your chicks, and later thev will
lay the right loot! lor vou: UC5GS, link's continue to
command high prices'thai spell IJOWyARS and CENTS
FOR YOU: hut vim mast feed your chickens well
Royal Standard Mills  Chick  Food
lines not scour young chickse
ishes and hastens a henldiy m
nor waste ingredients, i-- uol i
Scientifically compounded, ci
uisliiR mortality. Inn nour-
owtli, Contains no dust
lienpened for sale purpose,
Hildas special  high grade
meat scraps, and has a   I'ROTl'lN   VAbUK of 752.   A
nuTTi'i' (.'iiicK pood is not so*.'* anywhere
You   Order   the
Your    Chicks
Royal Standard Gra in Products
F. Moviti, Mgr.
Phone 33; End of Bridge
Honeft  Beer
The greatest authority I know as to whether liquor is
a poison is Mr, Samuel Sandeman, of London, Eng., onetime Governor of the Bank of England, and now a Director,
who 25 years ago I used frequently to see drive up to the
private entrance of that great house. He celebrated his 84th
birthday the middle of last month, and says life is still sweet
to him at that age, He has not had a doctor or medicine for
20 years. His specific for health and happiness is���Don't
worry; don't march half way to meet trouble, but stand your
ground and fight them. vSanic as I am now doing the Prohibitionists. And above all keep vour pecker up. Then you can
laugh at the slings and arrows. He'd bad plenty of them in
his time, but cheerfulness had conquered them all. He said
never touch spirits except in a medicinal way, thev are poison;
but a little wine for the stomach's sake is excellent. If in
these tumultuous war times the Exechequcr will not run to
Port or Sherry, then drink the Wine of your Country.
Honest Beer���
the grand  drink that George Barrow wrote so nobly about.
Honest Beer���
has done as much to build up the British spirit and the British
stamina as the Roast Beef of Old England. It's both food
and drink, and you cannot go wrong if you stick to it.
Ask niv old sport the Coster if, what Sandeman says
about Beer is true? 'E'H tell you 'e enjoys it quite as much
as 'is donkey does the tea leaves 'e saves up for 'im to eat
wen 'e gives 'im er rest in 'is back yard on er Sunday. I've
told 'im to keep 'is pecker up, as those cruel Prohibs wouldn't
succeed in cuttin' it orf.
Wot's more Great Britain, Russia, France nnd Germany are supplying the Tommies in the base camps, if not in
the trenches, with this glorious honest beer.
Good-day Sir, keep yout pecker up.���Critic.
Courtenay, B. C, March 20, 1916.
First-Class Plumbing
Hot Water aud Steamfitting
Jackson & Whittle
Phone q Courten
Barrister and Solicitor, Notary
P. O. Box 209
Phone 24
try wondered what bis sister meant
when she wrote that somebody she
knew was "close beside it." k..
A Special meeting ol the Board of Incense Commissioners for tlie City of
Courtenay will lie held in the Municipal
Olliee on Saturday, the eighth day of
April, at the hour ol 7.30 o'cloc'-, p. in.
W. A. \V. Hames,
C. M. C.
NOTICE is hereby given that all Dog
Licenses must he   paid on   or before the First  day ol   April.    Ally   dog
found running  without a lag after that
dale will he summarily dealt with.
City Clerk
Courtenay, 1 .'tli March, 1916. Jtr
Jos. Davis is very ill with rheumatism,
The bands of the 102111I along
with the base company, pioneers,
siguallers, etc., paraded out on
Tuesday morning. They went via
the back road to Sandwick, thence
home bv the Comox road.
A number of ladies bad an exciting time Milestcping the telephone
and trytng to talk wilh their feet
while standing on their heads
Six companies and the band of
the loand Halt, attended drumhead
seniles in J. Carthew's field on
Archdeacon Colll-Oll took the
services at S Peters on Sunday and
will conduct services regularly ns
soon as Rev. Mr. Uaycock recovers
A Sony service was held in Martin's ball on Sunday evening.
Bandmaster Wren is lo be congratulated oil the excellence of bis 01-
Major Rothuie is away this
Happy Valley
Mr, Williamson; si., k ll on Sunday by tlie Charmer for Blubber
liny on a business nip.
The night school doses Thursday lllght, the last two weeks being
spent in exams. The pupils responded in an efficient maimer, lhe
majority obtaining over qo per cent
in every subject. The Minto night
.school have been very fortunate in
securing such an able teacher as
Mr. Cork 11111.
Mr. David Somerville is discontinuing lhe milk wagon at the end
of the month, We shall all miss
bis genial mannei and pleasant way
of doing his business.
Crochet work is still fashionable
with the young ladies. (One. of
them having done SO much asked
me the best use to put it to, I ciig-
gested as a joke to send it to some
zoo, as it would make fine trimmings for a sleeve waistcoat for a
baby elephant,)
Happy Valley is still holdin. its
own as a dairy centre, the herd
managed by Mr. Alfred Williamson
securing the highest average test
for the last mouth.
Everybody  Invited
Opera House Friday Night
It's time to clean up back yards
and allies of all the waste material
and rubbish accumulated during
the winter.
The dependability of the offers
made in the advertisements of our
merchants is guaranteed by the
fact that these merchants plan to
remain in business for a long time,
and they could not continue at all
if their advertisements were misleading,
Letters to the Editor
Editor Courteuay Review
Dc.if Sir:--1 met today a mar
from Comox who was positive that
the Hon. Bowser would frame a
bill "No Compensation" to the hotel keepers. I offered to bet him
25 dollars to one that the Don
Howsci would iiii no sueb thing,
but he would nol lake me. Will
anyone in Court, nay do so? li bo
call al niv office.
W. Idiens.
March 29, 1916.
ttdllor Review :
Dear Sir,--, 1 am greatly surprised nt
tlie iiiissinieiiients regarding elettric
licjit agreement in your last issue and
trust that they are not wilful.
A paper that is the side organ ol n
community, such as yours, possesses a
tremendous power for good or evil, and
offers a great opportunity and means not
inconsiderable responsibility,
In the first place it wns pointed out I
us you well know, that there is nothing
in proposed agreement to prevent the
city Irom making n further arrangement
with the electric lighl company at the
end of the term of franchise, and vou j
quote "that the company has to cease
Before the council meeting vou your-
self stated that the running cost of half 1
horse power motor wliicli you have installed works out at 14c for 3 hours or
$262 h. p. per year working regular
hours only.  -
(in top of this you criticize tlie business
acumen of the committee for wishing for
an interview with a capable electrical
Although you are not in favor of the
city owning its public utilities, surely as
a citizen and a ratepayer you believe 111
the interests of lhe town being safeguarded. Yours truly,
R, V. Hurford.
The Church Club meets regularly in the basement of the Presbyterian church. The departments
taken up successively each month
1st Tuesday���Bible Study
2nd Tuesday���Patriotic
3rd Tuesday���Social
4th Tuesday���Literary
5th Tuesday��� Missionary
Next Tuesday evening's meeting
is iu charge of Mr. W. Duncan.;
As our travelling library has arrived
we invite those not yet members,'
who wish to enjoy with us sonic
really good books, to join at next
meeting. I
Anglican Services
Sunday, April 2, S. Andrew's church
Sandwick, Morning Priyer and Holy
Communion 11 a.m. Preacher the Key
A. Dtischlnger,. S. John's church Courtenay, Pvensotig 7,3011.111, Preacher the
Yen.' Archdeacon Colllsou,
If reading the ads will help you
lo buy nu uc wisely, i.->ifl lhe task
worth while.
The io*nd Batt. bands paraded
down llic back   road and home to
Com.ix    via the    Comox roai  on
Tuesday morning,
II. S, Clements, M, P., has bail'
an appropriation made tor the repair of Royston wharf, which was
damaged by a scow lasl year.
The Knights of Pythias dance in|
their hall last    nighl wns    well attended and a most  enjoyable  time
was   spent   by the   guests of the I
The adjourned meeting of the license commissioners will be held on
Saturday, Apr'l S. The chief
nintler for com ideration wili be the
granting of a bottle license to J. R.
The soldiers were allowed to
come Courtenay last Saturday for
the first iinie in two weeks; the
quarantine having been lifted this
far. Cumberland is still out of
bounds for the soldiers.
All the Chinese quarters were
searched last Wednesday night by
the local constable and police from
the 102nd Batt. for opium Not a
trace of the dope was found, The
men from Comox claimed to have a
straight tip that some of the local
Chinamen were Sltpplping one of
their men with the stuff.
The Scottish Concert to be held
on April 7th is going to be one of
the best entertainments ever held
in Courtenay. Those who attend
ed the last concert will remember
the dancing cf ' is Nava Rushford
and bagpipe playing, and will be
repeated this time. A great number of the progra 11 numbers are
from outside points, including some
fine instrumental and vocal selections. This concert is for the
Overseas Tobacco Fund,
The Wellington Colliery Kail
wnv carried 'hui passengers between
Cumberland ami Ui ion Kav during
last week.
The annual HospiUl 11.ill under
llu- auspices of lln- Ladies' Auxili
niv ol' ibe Cuminrland General
Hospital -iill lie held in the West
Cumberland Hand Hall on Wednesday, Ap il 26th,
Tb: heal Liberals held a smokci
iu he ci y ball o 1 Thursday even |
ing . They are evidently no p'n
liibitionists as the growler.-was passed around very freely, mi much so
that some nl tin m li id thai "��) be
joyful" look when they came out
of the smoker -  Islander,
New Westminster Markets
The following   Were   the
lioilS (It I lie   New Wesl illinsl
kit on Friday Inst, Some
best hindquarters "i beef I
but ioc per pound, and 1 lie 1
pi ice ri potatoes was ;.i 7   [
Local apples were ;*i   to **.i
I nicks, young, pic pair	
1 lucks, dressed,  per lb	
I lucks, old, live weight	
do       dressed 	
1I11       Spring   	
Potatoes pcrton   	
Potatoes, per sack	
Onions per sack	
Cahbega per sack	
Carrots, pel suck	
Turnips per sack....  	
lieets per sack	
Bggs, retail	
IJggS, wholesale	
liggs, Duck	
Duller, retail, per lb   ....
Butter, wholesale	
Steer beef in carcass.	
Iieef, hindquarters 	
Beef, forequiirters 	
21 1.1 28
, i." to 11
17 lo20
2-1 to 2h
211 lo 12
16 to $18
... SI.nn
... S52.40
... SI.eu
..." sue
.... 73c
... 73c
, 2-1 to 23
.21 to 22
,,.. $100
9 to m
Courfenay    Hotel
COUIM li*-AY, B   C
Comfort  With  .M ideiate   Rati ���
i'.c-t win s 1. 1    ra
: iiil [,iqiturs
PURSUANT to Section 27 of the Tens-
tees Act, notice is hereby given
that fetters Probute to the last Will and
Testament of Win. Lewis, late of Courtenay, 11. C, who died on tlie 4th January
1916, at Courteuay aforesaid, were issued out of the Supreme Court of llritish Columbia on the 22uil day ol March
1916, to Thomas Morgan of the City of
Nanaimo, tlie sole Executor appointed
under said Will.
All persons having claims against tlie
Ksti'te of the said William Lewis, _.-
ceased, are hereby recpiired to forward
particulars of their claims duly verified
and of the nature of the securities (if
any) held by them, to the said Thomas
Morgan, on or before the 29th day of
April 1916, after which date said Executor will distribute the assets of the Estate amongst the parties entitled thereto,
having regard to the claims of which he
shall then have received notice, aud will
not be liable for the assets or anv part
thereof so distributed, to any person of
whose claim he hail not then notice.        I
Dated this 24th day of March, 1916.
Solicitor for Thomas Morgan, Executor
Cumberland Hotel
Good Accomodation       Cusine ESxceUes
Wm. Merryfield
I'xpert Watchniaki r   Qu '
s selling Spectac'es an '���* ���.���
glasses  from  $2.50 per pair.
Including sight testing   Each
eye tested separately to insure
correct  vision
The Courtenay Jewelry Store
Courtenay  Tailor
Ladies and Gents Suits
Suits $27 up        Pants $7 up
Your Printing
Cannot be done any
better or any cheaper anywhere else in
B. C. than at the
tenay Review
The Water Question
Four Good  Houses,
water    and   electric
light in each
Apply, MRS. WM.  LEWIS
. 15       Suits
..SO        Coats
Cleaning in-i
51.-5 up
.25        Skirts
.!."       Vests ;
..ill       Dresses 1.74
.75        Overcoats 1.2.*
Repairing, Etc.
Gents clothes kept in order hy the
month $2.50
Haney   I.   Kushida
The same building as   Robertson's Dra^;
Store, Union St., Courtenay
Sand and Gravel
Kates Reasonable
Buggies and Express Wagons
All Rigs Guaranteed and Sold at the Lowest Possible Price
Blacksmith ard Carriag. Builder
Get "More Moiie
y " for ynnr Foxes
Muskrat, White Weasel, Beaver. Lynx, Wolves,
Marten and other Fur bearers collected i��� j-onrMetloa
SHIP TOUn FURS DinECT,(o"snunBnT" Iii lar-ies!
house in the world iic'iinn exclusively in nokii; amemcin raw runs
ar��llnble-**���espon8lble-safeFurHouBe**.' h
utatjon existing; for more than .1 third otai entury," aloi ���'-
eeMfulreconcl of sending Fur Shippers pr, nipt.SATISF VCTORY
ami PROFITABLE returns. Write tor "Vbt Mubm Miner."
the only reliable, accurate market report and prt 6list tmtfalie.
Write for It-Motv-K'n FREE
A. B. SHUBRRT. Tit*   *���>�������� Wl        U8TIN   VE
...   ���_-.  _w*.ue.l*. 1,  Mil..   , THE   REVIEW. .COURTNEY,   B. C.
You'll always'have nice clean
pantry sh elves if you go
over them occasionally with
j Kaiser and Archduke
Made Secret Compact
Old Dutch
British Scientists Ask
Reforms in Education
I "Pact of Konopishl" a Dismal  Failure
Because Britain Was Mis-
I    A curious article hy Henry   Wick-
ham Steed, foreign editor of tho [���_������]
don  Times, appears  in  Hie  February I
number of   "the Nineteenth Conltirj
i and Alter."   li lo ontltled "Tlii   Papl
j ol Konopishl," ti 1111 deals with events
alleged in have transpired Immediately preceding the war.
1 \ Fortnight before the assasstna*
lion rn' the Archduke Francis Ferilln*
I un il ami Ills wife, sayo lho writer, they I
I were  visited  al   lhe ensile  I'i mopish i, I
iin   Hohcinla,  by  lhe Oerinan  Kaiser
and Admiral eon Tlrplt.,   Ostensibly
i the Uniperor    wenl  to Konopishl  Lo
i  nu  rose gardens, The story Steed]
tells Is lhal nt Konopishl  the Kaiser I
aim ihe Archduke made ii secret coin- ]
: pact,
The paramount desire of lhe Arch*
i il ii Ui* ami his wife was to make pro-
' \ i iion Cor i lielr sons, who were de*
: hiirrod h> life llnpsburg family law
I from attaining imperial rank. The
I Kaiser, ii Is said, unfolded Ills greal
��� Bchemo of the war.
Russia wns iii bo provoked lo con*
j iiie;   wiili    German*    and    Austria;
Frunce was  to be liistanlly Biultlen
  in   iiie iiust. whllo the abstention   of
o'.ir-'.elf Britain was considered certain. Tho
, Kaiser proposed in reconstitute the
old Kingdom of Poland, which, with
Lithuania and the Russian Province
of Ukraine, stretching from the iial-
iit*, io the Black Sea, was in be lhe
Inheritance of Francis and his eldosl
For    tlio    second  son a  kingdom
was ii) lie carved out, Including  iio-
hernia,  Hungary,    Serbia,    lhe  Sluv
eastern Adriatic,   nnd
mil iiiuros  I nil
POHN'S.  .old  by
Chemists .unl Bacteriologists Coiii
- otintf  Man,   Don't Wail   Until Vou  arc   Fifty
//!flp�� Heron   You Begin lo Suvo t'p For Old .Vse.
Tail;   Willi  Oni   of Our  Agents,
"Ilow   are  you  enjoyln
while your wife is away?"
w, sew," he replied, struggling
  wiili a button and thread.
Thirty-Six   Issue  a   Manifesto   Calling '  	
A manifesto calling for a drastic
reform in the educatli mil system of
tireai   llriiuiii   is  published  over  the
signatures of a committee ol thirty- '               ,
.ix leading scientists, including   sir lhe  Modern  Method  is  Most coast o   tne
William  Osier,   Resins   Professor of Siipfpcsfnl   in   Trot-tii-iif Salonikl. 	
Medicine,    Oxford Unlversltv;    Sir I        auctesstui   m    iitatiiij>        |   German Austria, -villi Trieste, was
Willi:,in   Ramsay,  Sir   Wm   Crookos indigestion                    to pass to thj3 present heir, the Arch*
,,     , ,,    , ,', ,,.,      ,, .   ,.              ,    ,      ,            duke Charles Joseph, iii be   ncorpor*
and Lord Raylelgh. The old-fashioned methods of treat* ��, ,T liie Geiraau empire.
rhe manifesto declares   tii.it   the ing Indigestion and stomach trophies      ,   .,.,,.t   Wouiil    bo created  and  ���(
Hriiish are a  woefully ignorant peo* are    being    discarded.    The    trouble *.uga 'rauitavy cud  economic alliance
pie and are paying heavily for their with   the   old-fashioned methods was  ma,ie     with the  Kaiser sunreme  in
ignorance.   Ii urges ��� reconstruction that when the treat*) t wns stopped Europe,   and perhaps throughout lhe
,ui the school system as an immediate the trouble returned In an aggrovat- wol.](|
necessity. ed form.   The modern mel I of our-     Mv.'Steed in an analysis of the ex-
"Tho nation's .success now   and in Ing   Indigcsllon   and   other   stomach  traordinarv   olrcurastiliiceB   surround*
the diffieult period of   reconstruction troubles is to nun.' tip lho stomach to  ��������� nu, assassination of 'he Archduke
after the war,"    says tlie manifesto, do nature's work.   Every step toward Lnt| ���.*., consort seems to imply that it
"depends largely on the possession by recover}' is a step gamed, nol  to be|was     connected      with    resontmonl
the   lenders   niid   administrators   of lost again.   The recovery of tho up-
scientific    methods    and   habits    of petite,   th
mind.    For  the  past   fifty  years  cf- absence i
torts have been made vainly lo Intro-!road  to 1,_   mm mu.c  nnu iiui-enim  Mim,ai  ,,.- |lls princtpa
agalnsl  the  Hapsburg  family.
Wg��$��//> u m-        - W.>-_W %&Sfcr%
their lie.iii'i iii!'', On ! nu ins
loss, When a lion e goes I inio
uli. Splint, Ringbone���don t
neglect���don'l run jut as great a
ii itli unknown "ecu'", Gi t ice old
lliniii  Out., w
IUW  tl\ill|'   ,i
.'!>  -1   Doltlo  i.i
r (lie UMiii'ily n
iKKlpts,   Aslt yoi
"I h
Im  l... 111
i (ree cu-iy ..I hoc
F.NosBtmr. palis vermo'ir.U.S.A.
Fur Trade Has Been Active
Fur dealers at lOdinonloii roporl
that ihc trade in furs for the lust
two months of 1.1)15 was tho best
known for many years. There was
keen competition for furs coming out
of Hie north country, which meant
that the trappers got higher prices
than ever before, and a period of considerable prosperity was. ushered In
in  those districts  where fur produc*
study   of   experimental  tried    tho tonic i
e disappearance ol pain, the     'j*ile writer suggests that the Kaiser tlon is the principal Industry
i gas,   are nil steps on the persisted  iii  forcing the    war after 	
estltli that those who liave[(ile removal of his principal necom-1\TJ71_ _��     <j-L,rt f^
Yawned for Him
uncut   remember
pllce because   die murders furnished
science Into the  'Olintry's schools and I distinctly.    Dr.    Williams' Pink  Pills ' jjjjji w'ith ;i' fresh and useful pretext.
colleges as an essential pan   of ihe  are a  blood-builder,    tunic medicine,    ________
educational  program." . [every constituent.of which is helpful     Minard's Liniment Cures Garget in
I Cows.
lln  building up the digestive organs,
.Miller's    Worm    Powders   destroy &m* 's therefore the very besl remedy
worms wiiuiiiu any inconvenient
I for cli nmi
of stomach trouble.
the child, and so effectually that thoy Thousiuuls of cases like the following
pass from the body impend veil. They '"'"'''
are not ejected In iheir entirety, but 'H:    ������''
ore ground up and pass away through Ont., si......    , ,,,..,   ,������,.,, ..���,��� 6,.���,        nvltioh
the  bowels  with  the excreta.    Thev benefit  from Dr, Williams' Pink Pill"     J'"1'-"
lion  successful this treat ment
Amy    Browning, Cornith,
British  Columbia's Copper
The war lias resulted in a great demand for copper with a corresponding
I  have found such ureal
in price, and ihc importance
lumblu  copper resources
thoroughly" eleanse-tliesloinaVl, 'and ���<������*�� ��� would be ungrateful if I did not  * " Je . ^ |ip   ,��"   ^ f ��� "',
bowels and leave ������',��� i��� n condition  Publicly say a  good word  in    their     - ^^ ''. ^,.   ���6. ��rlt  h
not favorable to worms, and there will ; ;       ��;���;���   ''  '>.   " down and my    .���.,���������.���  m|      '  ���   ,,���-, ,llld  **.,  t0.
be in. revival of the pests. | stoma. I. was in a verj  had condition. | m  ���  _ow  eslfraated    at    g2.000.000
pounds.    The   mineral   iirodiictioti  of
Ills Wire���Oil, dear! 1 won ler if
there is any periled happiness In this
The Cheerful Pessimlsl -Xol likely.
Silver linings are sill'rououdcd by
All  food  distressed  me, and  left me
How's This?
Wo offer One Hundred Dollars Re
al,    l suffered from [ \
and    frequent
nausea  nnd   dizziness  and    frequent iPitl8h Co,llm'bl\lM! yea!' T��}frlX,S
sick 1 (Inches, and this was further I *�� a '"'<'""1 ,el,01t' 'u,s Vi,im'" "l $20''
aggravated by pains 111 tlio back and
sides.    1    was    In  tills  condition   for
several years,    and    alcliongli  I  hud
got nn'iliciiic from several doctors it
did not help me,   Then I heard of Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills and began taking
(hem.   I nm ..lad lo say that they soon
'"'\\' -"-"""���"* "^ i helin'fl me, and now I am as well us Lu.    trn-annraHni
wed  for any case of Caitarrh   t a ;     '    (,in Qat .��� lii|1(|s ���r -_���,,,     uh   U e    iransporatloi
cannot be cued    by Halls Catarrh |_..,.���_ ,im| ]|aV(, _p| .,��� ..,,. or _.,_ ��� 1-urope.      	
"i'oii can get these Pills tlirougli any I
There may be no sleel vessels cm-
ployed in the Xewfniindliuid sea
fishery next spring,    five such  ve
others   will   soon
lie purchased  for
of    freight    to
Now He Can Do His Day's Work as
Well as He Could Ten Years Ago -
Offers Proof of His Statement.
Old Purl Day, Labradore, Que.--'
(Special).���Cured of Bright'- Disease
when llio grave yawned before him,
Sandy Goulette, an old settler here,
wants all the wor'.u to know thai he
owes his life, to Dodd's  Kidney Pills,
"I  was swollen out of shape from
head to loot.   1 was so short of breath
[ could hardly speak."    Mr. Goulettel
slates.   "The doctor could do noi him
liven in a malcli you should
consider the "Little Things,"
the wood���the composition���
the   strikeability- the   flame.
are made of strong dry pine
stems, with a secret perfected
composition that guarantees
"Every Match A Light." 65
years of knowing how���that's
the reason I
All Eddy products  are dependable products���Always.
-J.1 "���ffi-afgPMMWDV. N.l HI*. N.S.
lli-UU-l.      ihai     .-..,,....*. .m      an...      >*"-�� ,���, ���     ��� ,, iMFPADintll    l-   -'Im I''..'I'l-
SClS were    recently sold to the Rus-*]?01  n'��'    Jhe raln Btel  Bave uie- the    I nCrSMr*IUIM Hoiplt.lttriik
sian governnieni. and il is said that [^ "������<'/"":';"��� '"'l  ���' foi old priest   ^V*."^^^
'caiiio and told me llun l l-ouIu not live1 -    -      prison,
niucU longer.
. ._.   roisori,
fl!.i:s. EITHER HO. DKt i_uisis or HAH. $1. POST 4 CT*
"1 was sick all winter and in tlir m��d.co,iu> K-,ioi:KHn,n\s)'-sT_.AD,LuspoN,EKii.
spring I telegraphed two hundred BHQjS^XoTniu �������"���"
miles for two boxes of Dodd's Kidney' I n E. r.>-\~l Uli lasting cuu.
Pills. I took three pills tlie night they g,^.1.*.0.!.^?.*--_"��?.'-_*-.�������'-��-*
caiuo and 1 got relief before morning. |,
P. .1. CHENEY .*��� CO, Toledo, O,    ; ,  ���''''' "" ;���?''.'.".';""��� ' ',"' """"f" ""���' I    .Taeiines    Tell me. is il true that lhe
We, ihe undersiBiied,  mvo known l. j.    ea er in inedlcine or by mail,  post celebrated cubist. Plorlnski, has been
Cheney for tlio Inst 16 years, and believe   paid,  at   50 cents a  box or six  boxes i .,,���,   i"   ,,';��� ���-  ���  ���nv,
?rnsa.[fo,U,5a,l,d0n��l'.c.aiil. '.llc^r?  ("f'^S Tonl%^r}n!mma' M��dT   ^ ^S,   It's  quite' correct.     He 11  took i-��odd's Kidney  fills and  they
out  any obligations made by his llrm.      "  "'   l " "  l'""l'u"'' 0l"- made a  portrait  study of Joftro and j '''���.���'?'��� ��"���������
NATIONAL BANI-t OP COHMERCE,   Ihev look it for a plan of the I'alais i       Jf  llll.vlllie   doubts   tills   slatement|
Hail's Catarrh Curo is inkm ttiuS.      , " ��''derS '" Fr<!'1Ch fortifications!
ly, aclhis directly upon the blood and mil-       "���   was   "��t  sufficient   for  unhappy!	
e.ius surfaces of ne system. Tesilmon-  Belgium that a horde   of    barbarians
lals sent free,   -ri y, 7.', cents per bottle. ,poured over her fair land and svslc-'
T^lialisJ'Sy'rihsii,,  .,,(,.c;..- >;'' ^'t, iTnu''r\l!" ''^"c ],T'\ ^   Change   of   Food   Works   Wonders
Uo,, nation, looted their homes, applied the*
| Incendiaries'   torch,   nnd   committed
ui. aovi.sTA.r ami.i* io all cincin. facutk
l��� one of the southern Slates the!"very kind "of out rage" i'oo horribIe"to I. ^Vrons food and drink oauae alot o��
negroes are great patrons of a uiatri*  hear   reproducing   in    print-as not ���roul)1?1in ,t,lia   wo,'!a-   .*��.'-Hanse >s
6 ��� 6    -   ' I ���  ' Itrst aid when a person is ill, particu
larly from stomach and nervous
troubles. As an illustration: A lady
was brought around io health again
they can write me and I will give tlieui
names of people who know mo and
| who will vouch for me, I am able to
do my day's work as well now as 1
could ten j ears ago."
Dodd's Kidney l'ills are no cure-all.
They simply cure the Kidneys.
uioiiial agency, due negro, anxious to  established  by documentary evidence
lind u  wife for his son, went to this I    all this was nol enough; the kultur
agent, who handed lilnf his list of lady  ''.'   Huns   must  needs    murder  li?l-
clients.     Running   through   this",   the a)um's mother tongue,    A notice set
man came upon his own wife's name, I np bj   the Germans in a Belgian  iii-    ���'' K"-Vl**_ 0|1' coffee (Tea is just as in-
enier.'d  as desirious of obtaining  a  lage is Intended lo convey to the In- Jurlol,s  because  it  contains caffeine,
husband between the ages of 28 and  habitants the order thai  "al twilight t"e Ban,e ll1"'1"  touna ln coffee)  and
���:;. every one must retire within doors;   some  articles  ol   food   lhat did   not
Korgeltlng obout his son, tlie darkey and  thai  lhe inhabitants  must  show I agr.'.- wiili her.
hurried home to announce his diseov*  reaped lo the Oerman troops passing '' *���*>���������!
erj in his wife. She was not at all through and to Oerman soldiers in- "''"'' " n*"**her of years I suffered
disturbed. ' divldually." with stomach and bowel trouble which
' "Yes," she said, "I  done give him '    Whal the notice actually says, how- M"*" Betting worse until 1 was ill most
m\-  ie.    I puis it down when vou i ever, Is Ihis, "Ai twilight each one is'"1  ���'"- |IMI"'    v'!,"''!  Com   5'**ars ago
was so sick in de winter and .1" doc- bound to withdraw within himself ' '"" "" ''";"" ;""i *-*-San using I'os-
tor Bays we nitisl prepare for de (thai is, to recognize the error of his tllm' }ly stomach and bowels Im*
wont."   Tlt-BitB. ways). The inliabllants are to respect prove(' '''":!' ;,:""';' '""  ' v''!ls !i�� ro"
 the  passing  troops and  the slngulnr aucei' ,n ""'" and so nervous thixt the
Oerman soldiers."   Here Is this choice lells'  ":i""! ftoul(1 "Vl',v"l:!'' ,,l:'-
specimen of German kultur  a model     "Then l changed my food and began]
I".       ��.    r. I0,* i,l:'"1"1"' nud Pretentious scholar- !,slnS ;;;':'i' -Nuts in addition to I'os- vermifuao there i
Doll t   PerSeCUte IslHn: "Au crenuscme c-lmeun est tenu>tnni    Mu"'i "n ""' " ,,v" ��'"��"'��""- I    Aa '' ,( """"������'  '""'  '
Wood's Ftosp-todiao.
The Great English liemedu*.
ronca iiii-l lavitfomtod lho wliolo
(uorvuu{*0yatomi makes now lilooj
'in old Veins, Cures Nervous
Debility, Mental end Brain Worry, Vesvoii'
dencti, Loss of JCntrgv, Palpitation vf the
Heart, Failing Memory* Price tl per box, _i.c
for$5. One will please, elz will oaro. Sold by nil
drusglitts or matted in plnln ptcg- on receipt of
prlco, XetriMMuliM mailed!res. THE WOOD
The lotul production of canned salmon   in   Hriiish   Columbia    in   1916
amounted to 1,132,.00 cases which is I
an increase of .2,000 cases over the
previous year. | .irc high-class, well-made, and perfect
  ; fitting.   All ordered clothing made to
Minard's    Liniment     Cures     Dipb    measure, Agents  wanted in every town
",e| ia        i The Clifton Tailors, Limited
"Oil,  Mr.   Pllpperley,"  she  exclaim- 20 Hayter St., Toronto. Out.
ed, soiilfully. "have you ever  felt n |  ������
dim, uneasy sense of oppression as If perfection hazo"* paste
liie mere weight ul life were a burden "-'ill Bliniptn **onr Mazor Dttltr mul dulolc-ii
loo heavy lo be borne by the chained llian enu U,- doae in :in> otliei way.   Last, a
spirit   panting   wilh   psychic   longing rSiS..^    Sut"-f��cUmi .u.1,,,11',,.,.,1 oi mi. ii y
In   l��.   free""                                                        . I. linnl'vl  |,^*l  n - 28   Cant*.       I'���n,   Ko/nr
"'   IK   '"'��� Strops 75 Cents.    O. K. SIidm Sl.BO   Bast
"I   Invariably   have   such   a   feeling * ���*���->���   Canada Hon* Co.. �����,
Ofter a heavy dinner." was the callous   *ob��, Cum-u
response: "but hitherto I have altrl
Ijuled it to the pudding."
11, Muni-,
your do
t. il out calharlice
Purely vepctabli
j.tuly on tlie live
eliminate bile.o
Cure Con
1 ]h ed on the: g two principally
i' tn csi HMiu I ;._���;;������,:,;;'.;':'"������;;.���". "V,'.1''.",'.' WWW'] ! pnlent as .Moilu'i- Qruvcs* Worm Bx-
Je renlrer en Uilmeme. bes habitants '0nL��oW TV n,.���J; ?��� uLuld terminator, and ii can be given to tho
,!nlv'"L re8pcct-0P l(-; ,n)l"^ na-, :.; Iv\ \rl.ul U?*S; J^Ji Ul! moil dellouto child without tear of in-
nnu    ot i�� BinguliorS Boidats alio-1 ^ ��^t^^ ^^eaith^a^lum I ^l^' W the eoniiltuthm.
\""l'ilv,   11;
uuhappi   11
Vork   fin i
Must  Enter  Rank
of bitterness is full, I antlGrape-Nuts.
.    |,| y     ,_    ye.,!       llushand wus Iroubled,   for a long
"' " '       | lime wilh occasional cramps and slept
badly, Finally 1 prevailed upon him
to leave off coffee and take Postum.
After he tried Postum lorn few days
he found that ho could sleep
ramps  dilappeared.    lie   in
Mi'  lltadach; and Indigestion, an laitiior.t   'note.
Small Pill, Small Dose, Small Pri:.'.
vienuino must _��� Signature
i    it  is sidled at the department of
;iuiliiiii thai the new system of training officers in Canada whereby they I went buck to coffee."   Nave given by
will enter the ranks ns privates, be Canadian  Postum  Co., Windsor, Out.
recommended   by  their commanding     Postum comes in two forms;
officers,  nnd   take    a    probationary     Postum Cereal���the original form-
course, will go into effecl Immediate* must ],: well boiled. 15c and 25c pack-
I ly.    H  is  slated  positively  that  thelaaes.
j subaltern tralnlug classes now under
i wa
Made a Good Record
Tiie sympathizing neighbor was condoling wilh l'n' Oabe.
"Your wife, unci.', was a wonderful
1 thai j    "She were indeed. Bull.    See ilat li'l
 r ; chap  playln' jes'    outside    de gate"
Well, sub,  lie's on.  sixtoent'."*���Chicago Tribune.
No one ii?cd endure lhe agony of
corns with llolloway's Coin Cure al
hand to remove them.
W. N. U. 1094
Instant Postum���a loluble powder  *	
ay in vurious parts of Canada will (dissolves quickly in a cup of hot wa-1    "lie is a rising pugilist, isn't
e the last of the kind to be held.    I ter, and, with cream and sugar, makes I    "Indeed .he  Is,  but  he  doesn
 .  (;l  delicious  beverage   instantly.    80c
"I  suppose   now  you   are  married I and 60c tins.
your time of billing and cooing has i   Doth kinds are equally delicious and
ceasoni" [cost about the same per cup,
"Well,  the cooing has  ceased,  but]    "There's a Iteasou" for PostUl
is as brisk
-noil by Grocers.
L de*
rve   any   special   credit   for   being
such a fighter."
"Why not?"
"Ills  mother named   him  Ohadlah,
aud kepi hifl hair in ringlets until he
was 14, so he had to light."
"Look at that foolish Maker," said
one man to another, "out on a rainy
day like this without an umbrella!
Is ho crazy?"
"I suppose so," said Ills friend hurriedly. Let's hurry on, 1 don't want
to meet him."
"Why not?"
"Ha may recognbe this umbrella.
it's his."
Murine t�� pre-
pired by our Pliy-
u Biclttnii, at udfiil  for
..*�� many years in' their
*5feJ practice, now deiiical-
od t.i the Public and
Rolil byYour Druggiit.
 _. TryMurlnetoRefretli.
Cleana?, nnd Strengthen Eyes after exposure ti��
Cold Ciittiiia: Winds and Duyt and to restort*
liealtlitnl tone lo Kyi's Keddenvd und madoiJei .
by Overwork nnd Kye Strain.
Some broaihnlnded riiyaicians use and reeom-
r.i.ii J Murine while others perhaps jealous of iis
Buccoss, talk and rush into print in opposition;
those whose Eyes need care can guess why, ae
there is no Prescription fee in Murine. Just hand
your Drui'Rlet 'Uc und you have a Complete "*.**.
Kye Book���Murlno��� Dropper -and Cor. Sersw--
ready for use. Try it in your Eyes and in Baby's
Eyes for Eve Troubles- No Smarting���Just t\*
Comfort. Write for Hook of the Eye Free,
Murlnt Eye Remedy Cvmaiiiy, CNMM��
YouaWESs' go
A. Fcv\ Thousand Men in Charge of the Grand Fleet Exerting a
Greater Pressure on Enemy than the Huge Land Forces
and in Final Analysis, Decision Rests with Nav>
A map ot
a world at
Would Ie ci
"pi-     Celle
world today exhibits
r,    Four    continents
galnsl our
Inland  soi
or in
enn called  ii   th
pernio, and along so mnny lines ot
furious violence, that, listening, you
inn alniosl h 'in- from anywhere the
boom of ihe nuns, iho irump of armed men. lhe cries ol the wounded, tho
answering .-il ic ol lhe dead. Millions of iu.ii Inn,' Kiine down IlltO
darkness. .Millions more may lie des-
llllOtl ill follow  lllelll.    The lines sway,
now backwards, nnu forwards, and
ho would be a hold mail 'who would
dcliiiiiely declare what would bo tho
ultimate rcsuli of this world bailie,
"Somewhere lu ihe British islands."
or lis Blirrotindlng seas there is 11
which ill ihc Wgosl scale iiinp
arena of war would mil occupy
ihan  a   inlnuto  fraction  of a
head.     A   levy   thousand   men
(i  i.unl  numbers  ihnn  llic ens*
���(   where,
,-iiick as supplying 1"'"'' "" "!"" *���'"'���' dronmoi
Innnnnlv      In   l-'iir I'1'"''''' '''"'   l'""1'1   DOlletrul
leopard},   in bin- *|0 and Marmorn   Hriiish
Europe, us Napni-! dr,. performing deeds which are ih<
eonlllcl  Is so ties* Wonder of lho world. i
Nothing is more Instructive than to!
And in eu
before the
I Hint such
e ihe liul-
siihuiiirltiefl i
To Secure World Peace
Dr.  C.  W.  Eliot  Urges  U.S.  to  Make
Alliance With France and
nr Charles w. EIlol, presi.en: emeritus of Harvard university, has
contributed a thoughtful article io
the New York Times, li is captioned: "Should America .loin a
League of 'Faith-Keeping Nations*'"
First of all Dr, IClim emphasises the
point Unit a largo proportion of the
Anioricnns in favor of military preparation have hazy ideas as to whal
military preparation entnils, and also
as in lho purpose in ]>c served by
such preparation. And mi the other
hand, avers Dr. Eliot, tin- opponents
of preparedness are oquallj diverse
in  iheir arguments,
Bill whai fh.y are nil ngr I upon,
thinks, is thai the L'nlted States
I .Old
of the
I here   rest   un
ines wroughi i
which   could
s.inure   miles.
machines are i
Hriiish empire.
ihis fraction o
eide  the   war,
perhaps    indii.v
Ij   oh
lami  attack  -
strnnga innch*
of sleel and  iron, nil of
lie   packed   Into  a   few
Hm     Ihese   men   ami
lhe Grand   Fleet  of Ihe
watch ihe gradual change iu tho vor* I
did of iin- German experts In lho Qerman papers during ihc fifteen nimitluJ
of niivnl war.   ai llrsl Ihoy wore ex*
tiltanl in llic affirmation l.lml Hrllaln j
hud been struck a blow in lhe vulnerable phii f her  iii'iiiour.    They  ro-
juiced over iin- "Erudon" malting terror of the Indian Ocean, over Lho
Gorman Pacific Heel destroying Hriiish ships under tho shadow of lho
Andes at the close ni a stonily win I it
day; in ihe various destructions commuted   by  united    merchantmen  or
ligbl    cruisers   in    the   various   trade
I'OUtes of the  world.     As  one  by  one
ihese disappeared, and. finally, by a
daring  comblnat.oti   of  slrutoiry  and
effective  seamanship,    the    Qerman
Paclllc licet was haltered to pieces off
Hie Falkland Islands, they closed thnl
chapter with �� sigli of regret, in the
second  chapter,  ihey  fought desperately to encourage tho spirit of their
peoples by talking of little but of their
And ihe contents of I"gallant submarines."   It  is not  too
��� a  pin's head will do much io say that the loss of the "Lusi-
with   lhe  end  coming tanla"  caused  universal  applause  in
perhaps    tomorrow; ' every German  city and hamlet,  And
bill, wilh the end  assured. ilhis,  not from any special delight in
If our enemies could only obtain, as j the slaughter of women and children,
a gift of the gods ihey worship, some but because thev had promised to do a
earthquake er volcanic or frightful thing, and had don,'' il successfully;
natural upheaval, how Inevitable because they saw in vision, one after
would be their choice. Not London, another, each Hriiish Dreadnought
the li^ai't of the empire; not the mil* succumbing to the same atlack. Last-
Dons who hold the line from East to ly, came the period when even Ihe
West; lint jus; this tiny spot in lhe ] pretence of Ihis success could no
ocean where a commander, always longer he maintained. The terrified
watchful, controls machines the fear I islanders could no longer be depicted
as cowering in fear before the might
of instruments of tho air "r of lhe.
deep. The blockade closed in, and
as il tightened, there began to bo exhausted the accumulated Mocks of
oversea produce which at lirst made
that blockade only felt fas it were) as
a slight tickling ai .lie throat wliicli a
strong man could disregard, The sanest, of the Qerman naval experts, such
as Captain I'ei'sius. noil openly declare thai the decision on lhe sea is
settled, and in favor of England, They
the allied fleet's
beginning vastly
-'iin    run    no risk m  Hie fnto winch
has     overtaken    Belgium,    Poland,
Northern  Frnnci
portion*! of Euro
satisfactory    Insurance
only accessible Insurance
ihc ex-president. "Increase
Tensive features in    naval  warfare
such ns mines, submarines, monitors,
aeroplanes,   and   BWlfi cruisers   and
ample provision of shore batteries of
long  range  nuns.    Musi    Americans
of   tile   .
Serbia  and
'.   "An.;   iin
Northeliit Praises the Energy and Resourcefulness of the
Dominion, and snys That Canadians arc a People of
liiiiiicn.se ('mirage and Vitality
'-el   in   his
I (im iu lhe
��� ���  (Ie-
compuh ion,"
!  is II u ish ed.
Hie   men
willing in pay
even   if t|)(.  risk
hm   he admitted
cf wliicli keeps the German fleet in
hiding behind booms and protective
���mines, and whose existence gives tlie
freedom of the ocean, not only to lhe
armed forces of ourselves and our allies, lull io the. peaceful plying Of the
commerce of all the merchantmen of
ihe world���exoepl those uf our enemies. The German Hag flies nowhere iu tiie seven seas. Tho Gorman merchantman and greal liners
have been banished from litem like a
dream when oni awaketh. The whole,
gigantic oversea trade whieli Ger-1acknowledge thai
many has built up with so much care I were not only at Ih
niiil pride tradi which is vital lo the I stronger than those ot Germany, but
welfare of her people, destruction ofievery day Increases that disposition
which means gigautic misery afld ruin ot strength. The Immense effort of
-���-has fallen like a great house to the (Clyde and Wear am] Tyne Im creating
"Far. seeing   people
the fit till', see thai tin
be    in  the  hands  of
They   know   lhal   lhe
of  Canada,  Australia,
ground. The few German warships
which existed outside Germany when
war began have been hunted down,
and lie, for the most part, deeper than
ever plummet's sounding in the abysses of alien oceans. Tlie great German pons, once tlie scenes of busy
life, repo.-c like cities of the dead.
The greai. German meronntilo sea
lords proclaim iheir bankruptcy. A
few merchants and commis voyageurs
stranded at .Monte Video or Yokohama, wait vainly for the ship thai
will never come, and the order that
will never be executed. The llritish
navv is lie one instrument, on either
side of conflict, which lias performed
its work with complete and unchallengeable success. It has broken, as
by a sudden hammer-blow, the whole
of Germany thut. lived upon and trafficked in deep waters. It has rendered lhe German high sea Heel, as innocuous in iis hiding place as if ii
.had never existed���as if lho throe
hundred million pounds spent iu Its
construction hud been thrown carelessly into the German Ocean. And
slowly but surely, without ostentation
or boasting, like tl    ^^^^^
in the darkness by an unseen hand
il  has laid  its grip  on   the  throat o:
Germany,  never henceforth  to he re
laxed  until tlie end  comes.    Th" lie
a new navy, and doubling tiie strength
of our sea-power. So much is this
true that Ihey havo even begun to instruct their readers in the theory that
sea-power does not much matter���-
these readers having spent three hundred millions on the theory that "lhe
future of Germany lies on the water." They announce thai ihey will
counter the sea blockade with an Immense laud adventure, and Hiug their
forces io ihe Persian (lull' or tho borders of Arabia, or along North Africa
to Morocco and the Pillars of Hercules, Hui. wherever ihey go, they
| will lind lhe sea dominant and the
"terrified islanders" countering' their
efforts, barring their only practicable
way to Syria or from Syria to Egypt,
transporting armed forces whither
Ihey will, from Archangel to the Persian  Gulf.
All the while Ihe oversea products
on which depend I lie German vital
forces steadily decline. Rubber is unobtainable. Copper and similar metals have to ho dismally accumulated
hy scrapping private houses or melting down church bells. Their cotton
of a man | industry and wool industry for civil
supply havo almost ceased, and even
for military equipment are proving
steadily insufficient; while the price
of the vital articles of food has risen
tlm may struggle, lash oul with hands to such a height as to cause rioting,
niiil feel, writhe in agony, and in Its recrimination between class and
struggles damage all surrounding class, ami a snirit something ap*
things; bul despite the struggles the| proachlng revolution at home.   If al*
grip will remain secure, the pressure
continued and Intensified. Ami II Is
all dependent on some tiny aggregate
of ships ami men "somewhero In the
British Isles."
The long controversy betweoh Admiral Mah,ni nn,! his critics, passing
from theory (o practice, seems likely
to end In a vindication of hi< contentions more complete than even bo hud
dared fo anticipate. The boldness of
Mr. Balfour's acute anil critical mind
in acceptation uf the theories of the
"Blue-water School" against the protests of Lord Roberts and any los.i
distinguished follow ers. has been
more ihan justified. The only anxiety
and the only loss havo conic from lhe
Introduction nf a weapon, in n sense
del ached from and independent of sea
power -the submarine, whose existence and action at one lime caused
dismay among the "-inl'hcarled
"smny Is now nearly ov
ready tills Internal cancer is developing, how much it is likely to develop
during the winter cold ami lho coming o! spring! Sooner or laler lhe
fen:nil Powers will bo In tho position
of tho South in America, The Increasing chaos and confusion, demonstrations of hunger, degeneration
amongst the splrll of iho people, and
slningiilalioii which, as il increases,
will plunge Germany headlong iulo
such ruin ns no civilized nation has
ever yel suffered, are due in ihe main
to the efficiency, determination, and
untiring vlgilnnce of those who, guarding the gates of all the ocean, today
can 'still signal "All's Well!"���The
Right Hon. c. F. 0. Masterman, in the
London  Nation,
would undoubtedly I
for ihis  insurance,
of  successful     InVI
in   |,e   very   small."
Doubl is cast by Ih'. F.liol upon the
point whether the American public
has made up iis mind to "organize
and support an army In the modern
sense,'' Hill lie is quits clear that
if it ever does make up Us mind to
do so the present army system nnd
slate inllilin will have to he abandoned. In their place a democratic
army modeled more or less after the
Swiss army, will, in iiis .opinion, lis
necessary. This, says Dr. Eliot, would
be "novel" to the average American
and his reason for thinking so appears from the following passage:
"The new  legislation    would  have
lo  cover  such   unfamiliar    and   distasteful subjects   us accurate registration,  watchfully    maintained,    of 111'
lhe  training,    occupation   and   place
of residence  of    every    able  bodied
man  bid ween  _rn  nnd   In;     mobilization,    the  proclamation    uf martial
law,  the    seizure    of many kinds  ot
private  properly    for military    uses,
and taxation raised much-above the
peace limits.    Unless    ihe crisis he
acute, this is not a job lo be undertaken    by    congress   in  a   hurry  or
under the stimulus of either wrath I heaval thai
or fear.    II  is very doubtful, indeed.!    "I am not  fond
if congress would  "ever   ndopt    such   Lord   Norlhcliffe.
legislation    except    under    the influ* greatly  preferred
once of   serious   disasters   In actual j kepi  out  of the
war.   The Civil War brought no such j possible, but I  sh
legislation,    ('.rent. Britain  even  now \ belong in lhe rac
does not adopt it."
Tho second portion of his article
Dr. Eliot, devotes to a consideration of
the allied questions of the rreedom of
tlio seas and tho commercial rights
of neutrals in war time. In regard to
the freedom of the seas Dr. Eliot is
not satisfied that the task can he permanently accomplished by Ihe British navy alone, even making full allowance for whal it has accomplished
iu Hie present war "with a little aid
from France, Italy and Japan." His
own solution is the following:
"One satisfactory solution of that
problem can now he clearly discerned���and only one which would he
both feasible and effective. A linn
and durable combination of Great
Britain, France. Italy, Russia, and
Japan���presenl belligerents���and hy
invitation tiie United States or Pan-
America and Scandinavia, could assure the freedom of the seas for all
the world in time of peace, and for
themselves and their allies in time of
war, by means of their navies with
;arrisons iu<
A   special     London     cu
says.  "I  wcni  lo see Lord
today, in  his customary
small but comfortable sun
Times office,
"I wanted to tnlk lo him about I'au
add, for he has seen a good deal IIIOI'l
Canadian  territory    ihnn  most Can
"I   won't   I..Ik     a! I
said  his  lordship.    "'Ill
Wc   enn   now   raise   all
want   for lhe  War by a
system   that   provents
provides     exactly   iis     manj   men   lis
may   he   required   iiii  any  given   date.
The   si niggle   was   long     and   lici'ce,
and  ii   was  much  misunderstood    in
Canada,   where  you   are deluged   with
some    pro-German    views    hy    cable
and   otherwise   from   London.
"Let us talk about Canada he-
fore, during and after the war. When
visualized hy the world 1141 to August,
mil. Canada was a greal grain producing country, and anywhere where
emigrants could he found there were
pictures of vusi prairie wheat fields.
For the rest ii was known as one of
several 'Lands of Promise.' with line
railways and unlimited acres for ambitious solders.
"ll was a picture ihai ,vas beginning to pall somewhat, we had seen
it und heard of it so often. As a
piece of material ii was Immensely
attractive, hut marerial is not so
much in fashion in the world in January,   11)16,  as    il    was   in  January,
who   look   lo ,
world will not 1
lhe  pacificists.
proved   nations
New   Zealand, ;
South Africa. Greal iiriliiin, France,
Belgium and Hilly will occupy a
position which will he ((really reinforced by a manhood that has been
through the greal  lesl of a vasl  up-
and thirty years since tin* whistle
oi the transcontinental locomotive
was first heard oil the Paeilie,
ll is only a few months tiuce
'Ypres' wns on the world's tongue.
Today if looms in ihe world's his-
ion. and as the years go by it will
grow bigger and bigger. 1 luce met
a rcw Canadians who are not parilcu.
larly enthusiastic over lhe war. I
never met one who confesses he
would have stood hy and kepi aloof
from this wnr, a war 1101 01 revenge
hut   of justice.
"Canadian charity ton has shone
nut like a great star iu a dark firmament. The results have amazed
people in Britain, lint Canada's tin-
ancial stability, her willingness to
help finance the war, are two new
lights on the Dominion. For more
than a quarter of a century 1 have
been an enthusiastic visitor, 10 and
an admirer of Canada, but I confess  iter efforts  have  surprised  me.
"Sometimes in many parts of Canada I havo met gloomy men who
thought the empire was tumbling to
pieces, that their future relations
were all 'North and South,' not 'East
and West.' How wrong they w- re
The future trade relations ar.- obviously still more East and West'
than   ever.
"Canada  stands    before   Lit-   world
today as a complete nation, a nation
which     has     sent   a   larger   army   a
greater  distance   than    any   In
world's history.    Our effort in S
Africa   sixteen     years     ago     ��.('     .1
wonderful   piece     of   transport     and
difficult   lighting,    hut    if    Cati-tla
sends     lier   690,000   men   across      '
listed   out   of   a   population   of   f.igtlt
millions, it will be a record    une |tutl-
Dominion-Wide Prohibition
; understanding
had  turned  a.*
Monster robin
lions, Canada
; ions  were  to
tlie    support
these nations ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
to  provide.   .   .   .
"Tlie experiences of the civilized
world since the lirst conference, at
The Hague have demonstrated that
peace cannot be procured or maintained for Europe or the world
through International agreements,
however comprehensive and rational:
because some strong nations in Europe claim the rlghl to disregard any
agreement on grounds of a military
necessity, ihey to be sole judges of
the necessity. The peace-desiring nations are. therefore, thrown back onlUnlted States
the study of a less ambitious and the future relations
more hopsfui project���the creation ofjCanada.
riio  Russians    ev
ken  tl
"1     sh
to    se
war  if i
lou'ul be ashamed to
'e, hound by treaties
Belgium,   and   hy   an
wilh     France,   It   wc
hie    while llu* German
d,  ravaged and slew,
10    German    calculr-.*
and   tiie  ciiier Ilomin-
havo  risen    in  revolt
Universe     The   M��re   ComPl<!?--   'he   Dry   P.tqimi
continued ' tn<! Better for the Country
ihi     have)    People who never before took
England j than a languid Interest in the -
had   been j(
discussing  provincial prohibition.
Many  drinking  men  say  the    ���*.
welcome absolute prohibition. It ih   *
is to ha a dry regime, ihe more
(dele it is in iheir opinion, the
They     would  expect  better  res
from provincial prohibition than   -   .
local  veto.    From  Dominion  pr .. .
tion they would look for better yet.
For, of course, it must be borr. \
mind that  under  provincial  prohibition,  breweries    and    distilleries   a
in Hamilton could continue to maun-
facture, and find sale for their wares
in Quebec or the. I'nited States, and
is a mistake that has cosl them very J anyone   in   Hamilton   desiring   Iif*_oc
dearly indeed." \ could   get   it   by   private   order  from
Turning to the already historic Buffalo. The province has nothing to
battles iii which the Canadian forces do wilh manufacture or importation;
have fought and distinguished them-, it can only regulate or prohibit the
selves, Und  .Northelil'fe said: 1 sale.    But ajiouse can only be- built
"Ypres, FcsHihert. and Givemliy from the ground up. Stone by stone,
aro battlefields which will live in the loc"al option has been laying tii'- foiro-
ftiture as greater than Waterloo, Idation, Provincial prohibition would
throughout Franc:', Great Britain furnish the superstructure. Dominion
and  Belgium nml far away into litis-; prohibition  would add the  roof, pro*
agalust  England    when    we    wore I
drawn into Hie vortex of a European
wur.    Among the things thai the Ger-1
mans  are  rubbing their thick  heads
about is this great miscalcuiation.    II '
sin. Canada now stands nol merely
as a nation nf great commercial capacity, hut as a people of Immense
courage and vitality.
"Upon the top of this reputation
comes tho news thai Ihc Dominion,
with a population of some eight
millions, is about lo increase its contribution 10 the war to a magnificent
total of ,*ii)n,i)oij men. That news Is
having iis effect all over the world
already. Prestige counts for everything. Canada has already gained
her prestige in the great World
"I   notice as a   resull   lhat  I
sian  newspapers,  which   were
lecting ami  rendering complete  the
whole edilico.   The Committee of One
Hundred will probably find  ho.-r*  0'
people ready to aid them in seeking
to carry the province along one Btep
at a time.    Partial  prohibition,  the
will think, is better than none a:   .
When all ho provinces, or near! -   ,i
go as far as ihey can go, the Dominion  parliament  may  be  expected   to
act.- Hamilton  Spectator.
Good Roads Banish Isolation
Improvement     of     Highways   of   Immense  Benefit to   Rural   Districts
lo merely    interested    iu Canada as i    The public   highway is the way to
being a place    at    the    top of Hie! the market
now discussing
of  Russia  am!
Russia Not in  U.S.  Market
The  imperial  munitions board   in
rhat I officially  Informed  thai   there Is no
In-1 truth in the statements which have
gonulty 0-  ih- navj'nnd lis norma] | appeared recently' to" the effect'that I
a small league of fallh-keeplng nations pledged 10 resist attack from
without on any of its members. Had
such a lea.uc existed in July, 191*1,
tin present war would noi have
takei place, even if ii ha 1 contained
only three powers-���Great Britain,
France and Kii.-.-ia. Seventeen months
of furious lighting and heartrending
suffering have made Ihc creation ami
maintenance of a large league more
than  possible���even  probable."
\s a kind  nf secondary proposal
Dr. Eliol fii.rysts ilia: "for the purpose of defending the United
from    foreign Invasions"   a    smaller
league might suffice.    Britain, France
and the United Slates would, in his
; opinion,  form  such  a   league.    Each
I would be pledged 10 resist attack un
[either of the others.    In  support  of
Ibis proposal the doctor advances the
"For the formation of that combination many strong motives conspire.
Tlio.-o iiro Ihe three nations which
have    slood  longest,    and  now stand
hear more about the Canadians.
vast Hussian empire contains
some .".ii.oou miles of railroads,
have begun lo talk about your
crb transcontinental lines, and
asking whether the men who
those roads cannot conic and 1
roads   in   Russia,    and   open   up
I to
The I
onlv I
I'hey ;
sup- j
are I
buill I
nd from the market. It
essential that such roads be built
as will make the market easily acces-
sible at the particular lime that prices
are highest, li is worth while to construct and maintain good highways
for this purpose alone. This is suffic-
i. ir. rc-ii-n-i, perhaps, for taxing the
people for ihe support of an adequate
system of roads.
But there is another view of ibe
usefulness of road*-; growing more important every day. The social value
of ;'. highway is increasing as automobiles multiply. What seemed at
one lime necessary for business is
now a great convenience as well and
an added source of pleasure. The isolation of farm life, the separation of
community life begins to vanish as
good roads materialize. The further improvements of lhe school in
many parts of Illinois awaits better
roads. The churches will be greatly
benefited hy improved highways. Rur-
 _.,  al  social life  will be  lifted and  the
Vou are a friend, a prov- j neighborhoods  strengthened    by  the
(movements   for   improved   highways
quite :
vast terrilori.es that are so fur
unreachable io each other.
"They are hearing about your
wheat Holds, your agricultural machinery, They waul to know the
tales I manufacturing capacity of Canada.
To iheir surprise Hie allies are finding that Canada can turn out un Immense amount of munitions; and if
munitions during the war, why nol
machinery after the war'.' To say
you are a Canadian in Russia today
Is to need no other introduction
ed friend
"liussia    desires above all to s
on"  ihe  commercial  yoke  thai
many has put around lier neck,
efficiency and courage lias rendered
this inveution in (he hands of our
enemies comparaatively innocuous. II
never could even attempl lo raise the
sea blockade of Germany, It had no
success in home waters, either in attack on eapilal ships or interference
with the transport of men and munitions of war. Today, while the besl
of lhe German submarines and their
most adventurous crew* lie rotting on
the Boors of the ocean, ihis new weapon has Itself been turned by the Royal
me Russian government is negotiating the placing' of orders for ten
million Bhrapnel and high explosive
shells in the United States," says a
statement issued by the board recently.
The hoard has recently placed au
or���er for 60,000 boxes I'or 4.ii brass
curl ridge cases. Tenders were culled
for and the tenders received ranged
from "1...U per box lo $1 per box.
The order way placed at the lowest
price quoted.
firmest for lhe ideals of political audi site 'is looking lo vou to help. There
social freedom and justice, and of
consideration for the weak or unfortunate In lhe conduct of public
affairs. War be!ween any ot these
three nations Is hereafter absolutely
nthinkable; and any compact made
fore my personal acquaintance with
both Canada and Russia convinces me
ihai there arc a score of reasons
why trad- relations between your
two vast territories would in the future   be   of  such   a   nuture   as   would
lake! As in days ot old, all roads lead 10
Ger- j Rome, now all roads lead to a richer
und  community life.   The   "Highwaymen"
are the real builders of communities.
���University of Illinois Bulletin.
by a 1 three would remain firm and Igreatly henefll both countries
inviolable,  no   matter  whal  the  exe-      "The rise of Canada has I n com-
eution of the compact might cost, paratlvcly slow. It Is about .70
Here again Ifl a definite object for years since Jacques Cartlcr lean
naval preparation by the United the process of opening up, it is little
States, but an object which might In- more than 160 years since Wolfe nut
volvr ���8 m heavy responslbillles."       Quebec on  the map of the empire
Will Not See Liberty Crushed
In a speech at the annual dinner
and business meeting of the Pilgrims
of the United States, in New Vork,
Joseph 11. Choate, former American
ambassador to Great Britain, said
that be did not believe that the peo-
ph uf tlie I'nited States eou'.d siand
by and see the cause of liberty crushed In the present war without UUti-_
pall .n the light THE COURTENAY REVIEW
Comox, B, C.
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Scow C. (i. L. -'. Lasl seen off Na-
noose liny, December -'1st
\ii\- iuloi'iiiiiliuti ie.iiling In lhe tccov-
ery uf this Scow will he rewarded.
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Letter to the Editor
Editor Review:
1 have been much   interet-.ttd in
tlie article.'* ap] earing 1.1 the Courte-!
nay Review and    Y uieotiver    Pro |
vince written li\ those who are op-i
posed to tlii; pri liiliili.in movement i
One thiug    litany of    the    writet'P|
would impress upon  us, readers, is
lhe wholcsoineiiess   ol   beer.    We
:11c told beer is   nourishing, health
^iviuu    nnd    uolliutoxicating      It
seems such a waste of lime and material to write letters to the press in
the hope of convincing  the readers
when we know lliul lhe   large 111.1
jority of Uin'c who   peruse the papers arc tola! abstainers who refuse
to be   convinced.    A much  better
wav would be lo try   and persuade
ib" users of alcoholic   beverages to
confine   themselves i" the   health
giving beer, nol by   writing letters
to the papers but by   getting them
together nnd lecturing them on the
suiijei 1.    This should   not be difficult to do its groups of   men an-, lo
Ik- found at street cornel ���  and outside of    saloons even in    our   little
town of Courtenay.
Wc are expected to believe lhal
since the new Saskatchewan Liquor
Act came Jnto force drinking is
much worse there, because a mail
who formerly could go 10 ihe bar
I'm his bee: now carries home
spirits instead. IVia-Ji .'ohiuiUa
lias no prohibili 11 law in force al
present, ycr the nun who frequent
lists do 11 it by auy menus c.nlilie
themselves lo beer else why should
thev walk so totteringly,
I have been wondering where the
husband and sons of lhe pool farmer's wife irom Sask.i who was vis
itiiiK this vallev, learnt the "awful
language" they began to use since
the man brought bis spirits home.
W.in it corked up in the bottle ot
spirits or had they learned it while
frequenting the saloon? Tli. latter is contidered a goi 1 school for
an edi cation in that line.
If I had interviewed that farm
ei s wife I would probably have
learned that the new liquor act had
lit I le to do with lier Ironic
farmers who are frequ.liters of
b.us are not on the right road to
prosperity but the opposite     That
j woman'.) troubles began when she
married a man who drank
j Reader
Editor Review:
II. S. Clements, M. P., wri es
me that he is end. avonrlug to get
the Rovstoii ,\*',in; f r< p.iird, ut* he
understands it is being used extensively by the regiment at the present time, and will be in the future Ij
I was talking to a II ippv Valley j
man at our Conservative meeting !
the oilier 1 ight and asked him if
his postal address was Cumberland;
when he replied "Oh dear no, I've
a box right ut my door." Thanks
10 Clements, who cannot be beat as
our Federal member, ubeicher.
Harry Idiens
Late Sec. Comox Valley Con. Ass.
Prohibition Meeting
The Pruhibitii ui.*,ts  held u meeting in liie   Agricultural   Hall   on
Thursday evening last, when Mr.
11. J, Knott, of Victoria, gave an
interesting address. Mr. VV. Duncan was in the chair, Rev. Titos.
Menzies and I". Willoughby also
gave short addresses. Mr. Win.
Idiens, who hud distributed some
anti-prohibition literature earlier in
the evening, was nsked lo make a
lew remarks, and kept the audience in good liniiior I'or upwards of
half an hour with amusing anncc-
dotes, etc.
At tiie conclusion of ihe meeting
the following resolution was llll*
adiiuotisly carried: "Thai this
meeting notes with great satisfaction the announcement by lhe Premier of the Province with reference
1. the pr, hibiticn of tlie liquor traffic, and that this meeting hereby
expresses iis sincere appreciation of
the attitude assumed by the Executive ���''ouiicd, aud that this
m��eting hereby requests lhe mem
ber of the Legislative Assembly for
Comox Electoral District to give
all the assistance iu hii power to
the Executive Council in carrying
out its policy as announced bv tlie
Honorable the Premier, and that
co; i s of this resolution be sent lo
Mr M, M nsou, our representative
and to the Honorable the Premier."
MeBryde's Bakery &
Tea Rooms
Calhoun Block Courtenay
P. McBryde for alniosl ,S years witli  Marocclii Bros,
begs to announce lo the community that he lias opened a Bakery and Tea Room at tlie above address
I have had a technical training in the Kihnanio.k
Bakery School and Glasgow Technical, Scotland,
under the best masters, and bold a first class certificate, upper grade, in tlie technics of bread malting
and a first class certificate in baking confectionery by
the Master Bakers Association i .an assure the public that the bread and caKes made by me will be manufactured by the best methods kIiuwti to the baking
world today and will be pur?, healthful and appetising
Hi pit.g for a share of public patronage
Remcmler the address     -     Next tlie Rojal Bank of Canada
Willard's Harness Emporium
Fine Showing of  Horse  Blankets,   I<aj
Rugs, Gloves, Trunks, Suit Cases,  lite.
Harness Repaired N'cally
Cumberland ant! Comienay
You cannot eat yon?
eake an. lave it
But you have the satisfaction
of knowing that the ingre-
diei ts are of the highest
grade when purchasing at the
Courtenay. Customers swear
by, not at, "Purity" Bread for
Cakes of all descriptions made
to order
Courtenay   Bakery
Sutton & Kirkwood
Undertakers and
Night or Day Calls Promptly
A1 tended
Phone I
Editor Review:
The only matter wliicli I can find time
to criticise this week is the fact that we
luiilly need a tree library ill Courtenay
and I send you newspaper clipping of a
i letter which appeared over niv signature
' ---not critic���in The Week for 25th inst.
II you'll kindly insert this, at the same
time urge my good friends ol Courtenay
in read, mark and inwardly digest this
library business I shall he glad.-���Critic:
"1 have read with interest your common
sense editorial on "Fair Flay" which is
what every true Britisher lights for.
The report of tlie Auditor General for
ll. C. for 1915 has been mailed to me,
and on looking tlirougli it 1 notice that
llu* Piuvmciai Government Department
al Victoria spent "950 last year in the
purchase of 37 rare old books and prints
averaging ^.'5 each, amongst winch was
"Tlie Poor Man's Comfort," a tragedy
comedy written 11 1655. Haying in
, view that our sons fighting at the front
1 need all the com forts we can afford
them, I respectfully submit that it was a
tragedy on the part of anyone to ccrti y
ihis account, more especially when the
outside rural cities "are c ying out for a
free library. Courtenay, for instance,
there's nowhere for the poor man or
middle classes, [.and llu* ex-service men
who have returned from the war wounded, to resort to for a change, except the
"bar." In these circumstances can one
wonder that drunkenness is proportionately greater in the rural cities than ti is
iu tiie populous cities nf Victoria and
Vancouver, who have all the comforts .if
free libraries and V.M.CA't.
I    proposed   at our   Board   of   Trade
meeting last Thursday, thai   the people '
should authorize our  city canned to borrow   nioncy lo   build one,   and I would
give my quota towards the inside equip*
I mint in books, etc., but my  motion was
opposed by one of our ex-Aldermen who
lias all the comforts of a nice home  and
j library of his own, being lucky   enough
, to find a   buyer  for   Iiis acerage   at top
I notch price in  the boom   times.    Wot's
1 more, he's  an old   bachelor, living   hii
I own selfish life, and has enough surplus
dollars ill the bank to build a library for
us it he had   the  good   heart to   do so.
This it the   man, and   the like   of him,
that want to rob my dear old   sport, the
Coster, of his beer,   and put   the hotels
out of business  without  compensation.
Then  again, why  dosen't that  trained
debater employed by the Prohibition Or-1
i gnnization, instead of throwing dust in '
' the people's eyt��, while he  at the same
time  is having   such a good  old time
running around tlie country,   travelling
first class  parlaur  car,  and smoking a
good big  cigar,   urge this  librara business as one of the   remedies for   tlie liquor habit, at the same time it would be
'the  poor  man's  comfort',"���William
Agricultural Society
The following resolution was
passed at the last nicctinc; of the
Directors of the Agricultural Association Whereas great damage
has for many years heeii done in
the Comox Valley tlirougli dogs
worrying **heep, whereas tiie President and Directors of the Comox
Agricultural Association feel it incumbent upon them in the interests
of the slice;) farmers to appeal to
all owners of dogs 10 co-operate in
trying lo prevent further damage.
They also take tins opportunity
of pointing out that the raising of
sheep in this* district, a branch ot
stockraising which unfortunately is
on the decline, is of the utmost importance, not tiilv lo ill" district
an.t llritish Columbia, but to the
Empire, in view of tiie fact the production of meat is falling off
throughout the world, as also is
wool for clothing.
They therefore appeal most earnestly for hearty co operation for
the good of all.
The attention of dog owners is
drawn to clause 3, of the 1915 Amendment to the Animals Act, which
provides that any person may kill
any dog caught chasing sheep, and
any sheep fanner or his servant may
kill any dog which he finis stray ing
on his farm between the hour of
sunrise and sunset.
Red Cross Work
On Tuesday last two cases were
packed by the ladies of the receiving committee and others, and sent
to Victoria. 17 suits of pyjamas,
14 flannel shirts, 33 helpless case
jackets, 21 pairs of socks. 2 pairs
of mitts, 1 woollen scarf, 3 dozen
face cloths, 59 handkerchiefs, 3
doz, wound dressings. 32 roller
bandages, 46 A. V. D. bandages,
3 T. bandages, 110 triangle bandages, 10 doz. small pads, 2 doz.
large pads, 2 doz. compresses.
The following ladies contributed
to the work. Mcsdames Merle
Halliday, Clayton, Prendergast,
Bailey, Hardy. Biseoe, Glazbrook,
M. Piercv, Fielder, E* Duncan,
La-cock Vigors. Kerton, Anderton
Scobey, Cowie, Lacon, Conway.
Bell-Irving, W. McQuillan; J, Parkin, Stoner, Mitchell, Sutherland,
To Loan
We arc open to receive applications
for Loans on   Improved   Farm
Property    in    the   Comox
Real Estate, Insurance and
Financial  Agents
Notice of Intention to Apply for
Retail Liquor License
TAKE NOTICE that the undersigned
intends to apply to the Hoard of
Incense Commissioners at their next sit-
i ting to be held on the 8th day of April,
' 1915, for a license to sell intoxicating liquor by retail under Subsection .* of Sec
tion 29(1, of the "Municipal Act" in that
certain store or shop situate on the
gr mud floor, of those certain premises,
situate on I,ot 4, .Map 311, Townsile of
Courtenay, formerly known as I'eocej'a
Drug Store, 011 Mill Street, ill the City
of Courtenay.
' Applicant
Hated   this   8th day   of   March,   A.
D. 1916.
IN THE MATTER of an application
for a fresh Certificate of Title to Sections
Twenty-six (26) and Thirty-five (35),
Comox District, British Columbia.
intention at the expiration of one
calander month from the first publication hereof to issue 11 fresh Certificate ol
Title in lieu of the Certificate of Title
issued to Reginald Terry Carwitlien oil
the 6th day of November 1871, and
Numbered 372A, which has been lost.
Dated at the Hand Registry Office,
Victoria, B. C, this 2nd day of March
Registrar General of Titles
Charles Wheeler
begs to anuouncce
that he lias opeeed
The Elk Hotel Barber Shop
Cleanliness a Specialty
Mentholated White Pine and
Tar 50c per bottle
Laxative Quinine Tablets
25c per box
Cod Liver Oil and Malt with
Wild Cherry $1
Cod Liver Oil Compound $1
Wild Cherry Cough Mixture
Drug Stoie
Phone  30
Millard Gray, Beaton, Taylor, also
all ladies including; Mcsdames Ball
Marshall,   and    ClifTc,   attending
Mrs. J.   Grieves  working   party;
Mrs. Bubar's party, including the
Mesdatnes Thompson and  Carroll;
M s- H. Idiens party including the
Misses Freeman; Mrs.   Hickman's
working party and Mrs. Kirkwoods J .
party.  The Misses Game Grimason  �����
Collin, Dodd, Bell-Irving, iRobert- red cross children* working party,
son, Beaton, Hardy, Miss Davey's1-*�����������-��� Miss Dunham's school children.
Swan's Old Stand, Courtenay


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