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The Review May 3, 1917

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0��n not bt done ��_jr bettor, and
not fl-lte eo well anywhere elee
herenbouU. Our type ���ml ina.hin-
ery ie complete and The Review
price. >re riflht
ClaMified Adi.
Make your little Want* known
tlirt'tlijh a 1'lansilit'il Ailvtrrtisement
in The Review   -   -   -   I hone 59
VOL. 5
N }. .4
Telephone 10 COURTENAY
$6.00 Per Ton
Delivered in Courtenay
All Orders Will Receive Prompt Attention
Phone 43 Courtenay
What  does  the   Puntledge
River do for Courtenay? ,A
It lights our streets, business houses
and residences.
It cooks our food.
It prints our " Review "
It runs our machine shops.
It charges our storage batteries.
It pumps our water.
It makes our sausages.*!
It washes and irons our clothes.
It presses our suits.
It runs our sewing machines, and
many other things too numerous to
Although it is but a humble stream it
does its work just as well as the mighty
Niagara does all these things (or th*
great cities ol tbe Bast.
It does them better than anything else
could possibly do.
It is the Kver Willing Servant. It
stands ready to do your bidding twenty
four hours of tbe day, and three bun*
dred and sixty-five days in tbe year.
Its power is furnished to us through a
wire and exactly where it is needed.
It does its work silently, ana it brings
not the least bit of dirt with it, and it
leaves not the . i lightest bit of dirt behind it;
If you have any work for this wonderful servant to do just phone
Courtenay Electric
Light, Heat and Power
Company Limited
Local Lines
Mr. ami Mrs. J, H. Macintyre were at
Vancouver attenaiiig tlie funeral o( the
former's sister.
Mr. J, Mclvor, the cattle king,
of Oyster River was in town on
Monday afternoon,
The Coartenay Condensory
brotrgt in leu more cows on Sun-
iluy's boat They were all'snapped
tip by tlie fanners on Monday
Since coming lo Oottrtenay to
take charge of the 11, C. Telephone
Ce. olli e Mr. V. Cucksey Ins installed 56 phones. There are at
present a large number of applicants for phones in the outlying
district which the Company cannot
I as yet supply,
Wm. Hayman got six  fine trout;
al the Junction tm   Friday   ni^ht, '
This was the finest catch made for !
some weeks by local sportsmen, although a couple of anglers   are re-1
ported to have not over   one   hundred from the Black Creek iu three
hours recentlv.
J. Knight had a vr-ry narrow escape from instant death a few days
ago while driving along the road
near T. B.eekensell's, A large tree
fell across the road directly in front
of his automobile The . limbs of
the tree broke his fender and punctured both front tires.
For Sale���Baby buggy, Almost
new. Apply Mrs. J. Haniiay,
Courtenay. B. C.
For Sale- Grade Jersey cow, six
years old," fresh, Also Gent's bicycle, in good condition. Apply
Grain Growers Association, the
Dyke. Courtenay.
For Sale���19*4 Ford runabout,
in good condition, speedometer.
baUery ignition, good 'tires, $225
cash. C. Thomas, wireless Station
Cape Lazo.
Cleveland Bicycles and bicycle
supplies at the Ford Garage.
For Sale���Disk barrow, plough,
cultivator, express wagon, Singer
sewing machine. Apply at Elk
For Sale���Bay Mare, harness
and light express. * Apply w,
Douglas, Courtenay.
Seed Potatoes���For Sale. Early
Rose and Burbanks, Apply to
Pritchard & Sons, Comox,
Mammoth White   Pekin  Duck
Eggs for sale,   $i.oo  per  dozen.
Book your orders now.   Apply at
! Review Office.
I    House to Let���At corner of Uu-
| ion Street and Cumberland  Road.
Also lot  adjoining    For particulars apply at Review office.
Go to McBryde's for quality
Sutton's seeds are RELIABLE
and it always Pays to get the best. i
Write   for  catalogue.     F. R, F. i
Biseoe. Comox P, O,   Also  agent!
tor Layritz  Nurseries,   All stock \
propagated near Victoria, and acclimatized   to  Vancouver  Island,
Thoroughbred  White^ Wyandotte
eggs (i.5o per setting.
Wood For Sale���$4 per load cash
Teaming and carting done, L.
Alexaudet, Courtenay.
IC, C. Emde went to Victoria on
Fridav last and returned 3ii Sunday with a fine Overland car.
Mr. 0. H. Fechuer expects to
commence finishing off the Opera
liouse this week.
Do not forget "Poor   Pilllcody" |
and the dwarfs at the Agricultural
Hall on Wednesday, May gth,
In the course of Iiis  remarks  on
Sunday evening Rev. T.   Menzies
made feeling reference to li. Vogcl. j
W, Holmes, and Lieut McLennan,
who had fallen at the front recent-���
A bakers do/eu of llie Liberals'
of Courtenay attended the Central
Association meeting at Cumberland
on Friday evening last Upwards
of a dozen ladies were present, and
alter routine business, lunch was
setved and au enjoyable evening
.Messrs. Patterson and Bli-liau
of Victoria were here last week m
specting the switchboard at the H.
C. Telephone oliice. Mr, McGillg-
an, General Commercial Superintendent, ol Vancouver came as Fat-
as Parksville but switched over to
If women want to vote thev must
register before the 14th of this
month, It should lie understood
that any woman who has arrived at
the full age of 21 years anil has
been a resident of llie province for
six months and in the electoral district for one monili is entitled to
the full use of Ihe francliise.
A few weeks ago Mr, T, Hudson
lost a spare tire and rim off his car
ou the Island Highway. A small
ad in the Review found the findei,
Mr. E. Hick3-Beach. and the tire
was restored the next day. He
came up to Comox wharf last Sunday week and lost th*. same tire
between Comox and Courtenay,
He again sent an ad to the Review
knowing full well it would find the
finder, but iu tbe meantime he took
a little scout around himself and
located the tire at the Rancheree
before the paper came out,
VV. Duncan was upfront Victoria
over Sunday.
A goodly number of Courtenay
poeple visited Cumberland on Saturday evening.
Be liberal and take t :e family to
see "Poor Pillicody" and the
dwarfs at the Agricultural Hall on
Ma.  i.tli.
Tbe Ciils Basketball learn Inten 1
going to   Cumberland   on   Fri lav
cvi'iii.ig to plav the la lies   of   that
city a rei urn match.
While driving to Cumberland on
Saturday evening Mr. Cokeley an 1
Harry Idiaus  met   a   full  grown
in the road near the halfway bouse
Tlie 11, C. Telephone Co intend
to fill iu the crek beside th.ir building, build a retaining wall and in
oilier wavs beautify their grouuds.
He conservative ami see everything offered in your home town.
Remember May 9U1 is the .lay to
see ' Poor Pillicody" ai the Agricultural Hall.
10 acre farm,   all   cleared,    with
go d modern In ise, barn   ind
buildings For Rent. -": 1 :i_:
Monej    to   lour   < n    :
Hicks Beach & Fie d
The winner 1 >!' tlie   h .mil
drawn for al the VV. A      1 is  the
holder of ticket X 1, * ���
holder of this ticket pleas
Mrs, Hick_-Beach's for thc
With Sir Wilfred deel tring th it
"we won'l have conscription" and
Hon, Charles Murphy cbarg 1 _
Lloyd George with treachery and
treason, a Laurier-Murpliy Government hardly looks like a sal's
venture for Canada.
Mr. Ingram, a practical horse
shoer and blacksmith, formerly of
Victoria, ha*t_ined Ben Mooring
in the blacksmithing imsiness carried on by him for the past two or
three years on Mill St. Mr. Tn-
gram seems to bc a generous whole
souled Scotchman and there is no
doubt that the new firm svill get a
fair share of the business going,
Safety  First
Go to
For Fresh   Tobacco, Cigars
Confectionery   and
Soft Drinks.
Isabel St.    Next Royal Bank
Seed   Potatoes!
We have a splendid stock of " Early
Rose " Seed Potatoes. These are
fine large clean goods for which we
anticipate a large demand, so you
will be well advised to place your
order at an early date. Few Bur-
banks and Elephants
Comox Creamery
55c petflb. this week
Chas.  Simms
Watchmaker Jeweler an d Optician
Special 15 Jeweled Lever watch $ 6.50
Special   7 do do - 4.50
Waltham 17        do do ��� 12.50
Fully Gt.ar nteed in Screw.Cases
Nora Doesn't Mind
"Nora," began Mrs, Newliwed timidly, "I don't suppose���er���-that   you
"Would object to my getting an alarm
"Not at all, mem," replied the
eleepy one, "them clocks never dis-
tnrli tne!"
It takes a
joint of
beef to
make va
hr_t_;[e 0f
On sale at all
Druggists and Stores.
The Squire's
i.i. -i-_i.. Ww'witw. sail litfi��te
He was glad that she had not
found Cooper. Tlir more lie was interested in Dolly Egerton the more
lie disliked and resented Cooper. T e
man had saved lier life. It was tiat-
ural she should br- grateful lo him
But In tinted any intimacy between
them, Jl,- raid' to himself that if
Cooper had - ed her life many times
he, if he had lln power, would forbid any intercourse between them.
lie war. beginning to hope that lie
should have  lln   power.
"Trust me," he said. "I've nursed
many dogs, till Dash forbade me
having any dogs liul liim." He turned about and went with her. She lold
liim about Keeper,   Of late the dog
By a Canadian Witness.
Bwchmont, Out.���"I fen! It my duty
lo tall what Dr, Pierce's remedies Jt.v��
,***-v "       done   for   me.
$& :>2��?_ '��      When I commenced
,'""'^.'��LjV'; taking them I was
;'.!#-'/ completely   run
���.i'iVA ������   down.    I   hnve
%W��  ���*��,   fi$& '--,ien altogether
.i'Wk'-'-' W ij.'\'' nine hotllee of the
W&'^-S'W'' 'Golden   Medical
W$iA       >iS''l I'ineoycry'   and
��� .-Ss?!- _  S? ^r-_?^i 'Favorite Preserip-
Wm.iWgsI   'tion.'   togothei
�����..? fr'��s;2*      with Iho 'Pleaeaut
-''���i^Jltf;       PelleU'   und   can
truthfully nny thru
I feel like a DOW woman, I would cer
tainly recommend them medicines to any
pne suffering aa I did."���Mas, Wit. Pi.tm-
Uit, Deeeluiiont, Ont.
An Imitation of nature's method nf re-
placing waste of tissue, enriching Impov
.risked blood and increasing nervo lorci
is when you lake an altorativo extrad
nf herbs and roots mado with pure glycerine, without the use of alcohol, like Dr
Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery. Tli.
yegetablo medicine coaxes tho digestive
(unctions and helps in the assimilation ol
food, or rather takes from the food jusl
the nutriment the blood requires.
i'nre blood is essential to Rood health.
Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery
Dot only cleanses the bloi d of impurities,
but it inoreases tho activity of the blood-
making glands, end enriches the body with
��n abundant supply of pure, rich blood.
It thus cures scrofula, eczema, erysipelas,
boils, pimples and other eruption* that
nmr and scar the skin.
Write Dr. Pierce, Invalids' Hotel,
Buffalo, N. Y., for free medical advice.
Free. -Dr. Pierce'. Medical Adyincr,
(loth-bound, sent free on receipt of 50
tenia (or stamps) to pay expense of
mailing only. Dr. Pierce, Invalids'
Hotel, tm Main Street, Buffalo, N. Y
W.     N.     U.
had been restless, escaped fronl the
house as often as he could, ami wandered,    lie had urowii very thin.
."1 had lo leave him so much
alone," she said, with tears In her
eyes and voice. "Louise would nut
have him there, bhe dislikes dogs,
She said she could nol trust him with
Susan. If she had only seen him
ami Susan together, Susan, little
darling, loves him. My poor Keeper, he belongs to my good days, Leo
asquiesced when Louise, would ii��k
have liim in the house. I don't understand nicii. Louise thought a
kennel with a run would In' very
J nice for him. Thai was why 1 lived
ir, ihe old Cottage, at least partly,
1 love it! It is my place of refuge."
She had never spoken lo liim so
freely before. Site had not lord many
opportunities, although hr had been
lmu-Jj at llie Egertons, and they had
lunched and dined aud tca'd with
him at Silverlhorne Manor. On those
occasions, Mrs. Egerton had claimed
his attention with a manner of indolent acceptance of its being her
rightful due, Hilary bad paired nff
with Dolly as long as he stayed; and
Lionel Egerton, with lillle Susan on
his shoulder or led by the hand, wandered in the gardens, or lay ou the.
grass, his bat pulled over his eyes,
while the child sal contentedly playing wilh the daisies.
Not  from  Dolly herself, but  from
her brother's frank speech had he poi
i at  the  heart  of  the  girl's    tragedy.
Her devotion had been given lo her
I brother iill the other woman    came
and pushed her out.    Something had
sharpened  the  Squire's  wits,  for he,
who was not quick aboul such ihings
Ihad become aware that Mrs. Egerton
I deliberately  excluded    her    sister-in-
! law,  kept  her  away  from both bus
band and child.   Dolly's extravagant
worship of the child had no counter
part in the mother's tolerance of "the
brat," as she called lhe charming lil
tic creature.      And  the child    loved
Dolly���would  always    run    to    he
when she escaped from her mother
Of late he had observed an awaken
ing of maternal emotions    in    Mrs
Egerton when it was a question   of
Dolly and Susan.
Only yesterday Egerton had re
marked unsuspectingly. "Why, Granny, what has come to you? You used
to be bored with the kid, and willing
lo lei anybody take her off your
hands. Why not let Dolly take her
fur a walk?"
"Because I prefer to take her myself," Mrs. Egerton had replied wilh
what her husband called her Monna
Lisa smile. "Perhaps I am beginning to take au interest in her after
all, although she is such a naughty
little thin;!."
"Poor Susan!'' said the lather,
looking down humorously at thc
fairy-faced child. "You speck! Imagine your being naughty!"
But Susan certainly was naughty,
for she cried steadily Iill she drove
her father from his work, while her
mother, slill wearing the Monna Lisa
smile, insisted lhat it was lime Susan
should learn to obey.
As they approached the New Cottage they saw in the distance thc figure of a man approaching them.
"Oh," said Dolly, "it is Mr. Cooper. They told me he was away last
nipdit when I called at the shop.
What shall I do?"
_ lhe Squire spoke as though life
and death, J"}0[^ dian tjjc d"u's depended on her acccptaiitc of "\-lrat Tie
"Don't ask llis advice. I am-quite
qualified to advise. If there is anything a vet. can do I will telegraph
to Tattlcsham."
"Very well," said the girl under Inr
breath. Did ber sigh mean relief? "1
need not tell him, tlnn I I am | .'.ul
I met you."
Cooper came along the road wilh
the swaggering gait which was characteristic of liiiu. As be came near
enough to be aware, of them, Iiis ex-
ptcssion changed, A curious darkness overspread his face, .deepening
the color almost to purple. His eyes,
with   the   yellow   whites     lo      Ihein,
scowled, The Squire thought ae
heard a Utile catch of the breath of
his companion. Was it possible she
was afraid of the fellow?
"Good morning!" he said, chilly
polite. Cooper made as though to
stop; .hen, siring that they were
going on, he passed them, lifting his
hat with a sullen response.
"We ought to have spoken to him,"
said Dully Egerton under her breath,
"He. hiked so angry. I never meant
lo have passed him by like that."
The Squire made a most unfogyis'n
"If it depended on me, you would
always pass him by," he said. "I
wish it depended on inc."
"But why?" asked lhc girl, lifting
lir wet eyes to him,
"I don't know. I detest the fcl-
1< w."
"Vou know what he did for mci'
"I know. I. wish someone else had
none it."
"He is very brave," said Dolly, and
a wave of color came over her face
"I know lie. is not exactly a gentleman; but I  can never forget the hor
riblc thing he saved me from. That
minute when I sat there, helpless,
seeing the head-lights of the train
sweep round the curve. It seemed
that nothing could have saved me.
Really and truly hc seemed like an
angel to me ..When I saw him. I try
to remember it now, when I am disposed to hate him. I suppose hc
cannot lulp his looks and his manners. You would try to forget all
that, would you not, if he had saved
your life?"
So she knew. The Squire felt an
immense sense of relief.
"I wish someone else had rendered
you that service," he said, "I wish
I had done il"���then he added, as
wilh an effort: "I concede that he. is
brave���and efficient, 1 Iran seen llis
efficiency in action."
They turned in at the white gale
of the New Cottage, crossed the
lawn, and went in at llie opening in
the privet-hedge.
Dolly unlocked the collage door
wilh a key taken from under a slonc.
She listened with a strained anxiety.
Counter Check
Or Sales Books
Mr. Merchant:���
If you arc nol already using our
Counter Check or Sales Books we,
would respectfully solicit your next
order. Years of experience in the
manufacture of this line enable us to;
give you a book as nearly perfect as
it is possible to be made in these difficult limes.
All classes and grades of paper are
now from 100 to 400 per cent, high-,
er than they were two years ago.
Carbon papers, waxes for coated
books, labor, in fact everything that
goes into the cost of counter check
or sales books are very high in price.
Notwithstanding these facts, our
modern and well equipped plant for
this particular work enables us to
still keep our prices reasonably
'low. Before placing your next order
write us for samples and prices, or
consult thc proprietor oi this paper.
We make a specialty of Carbu.
Eack or Coated Books, also O.K.I
Special Triplicate books. Ou these,
and our regular duplicate and triplicate separate Carbon Leaf Books, we
number among our customers the
largest and best commercial houses
from coast to coast. No order is loo
large or too small to bc looked after
Wc have connections with the
largest paper null in Canada, ensuring an ample supply of the best grade
paper used in counter check books.
You are therefore assured of an extra grade of praper, prompt service
and shipments.
Waxed Paper- and Sanitary
We also manufacture Waxed Bread
end Meat Wrappers, plain and printJ
ed; Confectionery Wrappers, Pura
Food Waxed Paper Rolls for Homi
Use, Fruit Wrappers, etc. I
Write for samples of our G. & B.l
Waxed Papers used as a Meat
Wrapper, It is both grease and
moisture proof, and lhc lowest priced article on thc market for this
Genuine Vegetable Parchment for
Butter Wrappers
We are large, importers of this
particular brand of paper. 0-i.r price*
on 8x11 size in 100M quantifies aiu.
Upwards, are very low, considering,
the present high price of this papcr.i
We can supply any quantity printed
"Choice Dairy Butter." from stock.
Our machinery and equipment for
Waxing and Printing is the most
modern and complete in Canada and
ensures you first-class goods and
prompt service.
Hamilton, Canada.
Offices: Toronlo, Montreal,    Winnipeg, Vancouver.
There was a sound���the thumping of
a dog's tail upon the floor.
Pushing open the door, she ran to
the dog, who lay iu a corner of lhe
room up against the wall. She knell
down by him. The tail still beat lhe
giound feebly; but the eyes had begun not to sec.
"Oh," she cried, with piteous entreaty, "what is the matter with him?
My darling old dog!    ls hc dying?"
A great sigh shook the dog. There
was a lil tie struggle, which she did
not scc because, the Squire had pui
an arm about her and hidden her
face, Keeper was dead. He had
just lived long enough lo recognize
Ills mistress on her return, It was
Ihe last sentient acl.
At first she was inconsolable. Sin;
was possessed by sonic painful remorse for fancied unkiiiduess lo an
old friend. There had been a day
when she had been angry with
Louise, and she had spoken harshly
to Keeper when he came, thrusting
his head into her hand. She had lell
him alone for hours in thc collage.
She had felt him a tie, a hindrance,
when she wauled lo go up lo London.
The Squire consoled her patiently
and tenderly.
"I wish you would go up lo London
now," he. said, "and have me to ileal
with this."
Hc sighed because Lionel Egerton
was away, though he would be back
iu a few hour's lime. Dolly sat and
wept heart-broken tears, while the
form of the dog settled into rigidity,
She wept for herself and the dog���
for her mother, who had loved him;
for the unkiiiduess that had been
shown to him; for her own neglect,
or fancied neglect, of'himj and for
minute acts of impatience which
Keeper would have been thc first to
excuse tlle mistress he adored. She
wept for lhe losl companionship, for
lhe years the dog had taken with
(To Bc Continued.)
To Exempt Soldiers From Taxes
By an amendment which wa*
agreed upon in the Saskatchewan
legislature provision is made at once
in the Rural Municipality Act whereby all Saskatchewan persons who
have joined, as volunteers or reservists, the forces of llis Majesty or anf
of lhe Allies of Great Britain, for
overseas service in lhc present war,
shall bc exempt from all taxation of
their land up to half a section.
Do You Play Any
Outdoor Game?
If you don't you should���thu
is if you're physically fit.   Our
Includes every requisite for
every Outdoor Summer Game
played in Canada. Copies mailed ou request.
.JfBfz/ MainSt-
itTatssjffltf       Winnipeg
Trade Mark
Ships Biggest British Need
Call for Speeding up Mercantile Shipbuilding Becomes More Insistent
London press and public men are
confident that lhc military situation
is well ill hand. The only element of
uncertainty is the subniaiinc warfare's effect on the food supply. The
call for speeding up the mercantile
shipbuilding is mosl insistent. It tak.rs
the place of lire demands earlier in
the war for men and munitions. The.
action of neutrals in holding ships in
port has been the subject qJ inquiries
and discussion in thc House of Commons, aud there may be further de-
vclopments in lhis direction, most im.
porlant to Canada, if the Danes and
Hollanders arc unable to ship Iheir
dairy products in Iheir own vessels
or are unwilling lo lake any risk at
Iu carrying on in London tire established business of provisioning
Britain, there is a disposition here to
turn more and more toward making
thc Empire self-contained iu the
matter of foodstuffs in peace or \var.
Canada profits at once by lhis, because she is the nearest of lhc overseas Dominions, and much less shipping is ncded to bring her products
lo Britain than in the case of the
outer Dominions;
The valor and candid simplicl
the Indian Babu   is   proverbial
rftory goes of one ancnl. lhc dc
Last campaign,   who���in   the   v
of a contemporary���was
most laconic, competent,
nest station-master   and
combined that ever lived,
of men like him would end thc
for  this is  the  wire hc  sent;
hundred  Germans  attacking  sta
Send immediately one rifle and
hundred rounds of ammunition,
A rcgi
ly oi
"Say, Casey, did you ever make an
idot of yourself over women?"
"An idjut, is ut? Sure. I've made
iiicsill an illtoire asylum."
Language and Alliances
A Tribute to the Binding Power of f
Mutual Tongue
No two nations streaking the same
language are fighting against each,
other in tins war. It is also true
that there can never bc a perfect alliance, between any two ��� nations
which do not speak the same luiiguc.
There can be strong economic and.
military alliances between countries,,
these alliances being arranged by the
respective governments, the benefits
fully appreciated by lhc peoples, and
a mutual understanding existing between these individuals who arc able
to communicate wiiii each olhcr. A,
perfect alliance between two nations,
if such a thing is possible, means that
lhe people of each nation arc able to
visualize the habit of thought of tho
other, this not applying to the few
that arc particularly well informed,
but to all farmers, workmen and business men, as well as scholars, diplomats or social cosmopolites. Between America ar.d England, tncrc-
fore, exists a bond like that between
no other two great countries in the
world, wilh the exception of Germany and Austria, ami the closeness
of the alliance between these two
countries is tribute lo the binding
power of a mutual tongue. This point
of sympathetic contact acts in every
vray to bring about a good under*
Standing.���From the London Daily
Care of Eggs for Hatching
Eggs for hatching purposes should
not bc held ovcr ten days. The freshet lhcy are when put iu the incubator, the better. They need to be
gathered often to prevent chilling ii:
the nests. A mixture of various sizes
and shapes is a sure guarantee oi indifferent results. Dirty eggs also aro
to be avoided, as the pores in lliej
shcll of such eggs are closed up, thus
preventing proper entrance of fresh
air or lhe escape of gases from lhe
eggs. Washing and drying with a
cloth destroys the cuticle of an egg,
and permits too rapid evaporation of
its moisture,
has sweetened half a century with the same crystal purity
that makes it the favorite to-day. Buy it in original packages
and be sure of the genuine.
"Ut Redpath Sweeten It." it
w,\$o*t woTS.it-.  Made in one grade only���the highest I
/ p
^Shipping Fever
nnd all   others,   no matter   how   "exposed
any of    these    diseases    with SPOilN';
Influenxa,     rinkcye.
EplzoOtiCi      Dislcni'i-
er and   all nose nnd
throat diseases cured
5Cd|"   kept  from   having
COMPOUND,. Three to six doses ofteu cure a case.   One 50-ecttt
bottle  Riiaratit.rd  lo do so.     Dost  thing  tor brood  marcs;  net;,  on
the blood.    Druggists and harness s1k.ii* nr manufacturers sell it.
SPOHN MEDICAL CO., ctets Goschen, Ind.
Invents Apparatus
To Destroy
The Farmers' Era Arrives
leg R'niciios
And How to Feed
Mnlle4 free to nny address by-
ttio Author
118 West 31st Street, N.w York
Governments Trying to Get on   the
Good Side of the Land Tiller
According to thc evidences ot lhc
naked eye there is a wild scramble by
all governments of Canada to get on!
the good side of the fanners. Which
must cause chuckles among our
friends in the country who have vivid1
recollections of lhc days when the
I powers scorned tluir intelligence and
I influence, ll is being borne in upon
the leaders of Canada that this is a
i country that is dependent for ils
greatest wealth production upon iis
agriculture, Hence those who produce this great wealth musl be rc-
spectcd. And further, legislation,
thai will put the (arming class on a
par wilh the banking, manufacturing
and transportation classes in the. matter of rights and benefits is being enacted with morc haste than decorum,
Truly it is a great day for the farmer.���! lalgary News-Telegram,
Teacher lias Not Lost
One Day In A Year
Wonderful Claims arc Made   for   a
Pitt'burg Man's Discovery
Theodore Jiichholz a young engineer and architect of Pittsburg, has invented a wireless device that may bc
used to destroy submarines by causing an explosion of gases that are always present in silbmersiblcs, For
several years the inventor was connected wilh thc United States Corps
of Engineers.
Mr. Eicllholz stated that a few days
r-yo a small experimental apparatus
iu his home on Neville Island sunk
a small "dummy" submarine in the
Ohio River five miles away. The destroyed model was built of sleel and
had been submerged to a depth of ten
Minard's Liniment  Cures Dandruff.
Tbe Soul of a Piaai
Action.   Insist on
Otto Kigel Piano
> is tbe
i"6r st:-U'*ra.a overcome [n-stnveiy. Our
I naUir-.i methods pemumcnily restore
I ntUiira! speech. Gradi-iv to pupils every
J where.   Free advice anil literature.
KITCHENER,     -     CANADA     . Jl
Buy your out of town supplies with
���Dominion Express Money Orders.
IFive dollars costs three cents.
$75,000,000 More for West
The wheat crop of Western Canada, says the Winnipeg Telegram, has
proven to bc some thirty per cent,
larger than was originally esimated
by the crop experts. The crop was
placed at from 170,000,000 to 180,-
00(1,01):) bushels, but il will run about
225,000,000 bushels. At $1.50 per
bushel (which is less than lhe current
market price) it means that the western wheat crop is worth sonic $75,-
000,000 more than was anticipated,
Before that She Suffered from Sciatica, Neuralgia, Nervousness and
Other Troubles Coming from Sick
Kidneys, Which Dodd's Kidney
Pills Cured.
Elm Tree, Gloucester, Co., N. B.,
(Special)���Mrs. Jos. Roger, the popular teacher here, is fully recovered
from a long siege of sciatica, neuralgia, and other troubles resulting from
diseased kidneys and has made
statement in which she gives Dodd's
Kidney I'ills all the credit for her
cure.  ,
"My trouble came from a strain
Mrs.   Roger stales, "and I  suffered
for thirteen months.   Backache, heart
fluttcrings, sciatica, neuralgia,   di_
ncss and failing memory were among
my symptoms.    When tlu*. doctor  I
consulted failed to do me any lasting
good I decided lhat my kidneys were
the root of my troubles and decided
to try Dodd's Kidney I'ills.    1 look
twelve boxes  in  all  and    you    may
I judge of the results when I tell you
j that 1 have not lost a day's .work as
teacher in the last year.
"I can say that Dodd's Kidney Pills
| havc done all for mc that was claim-
| cd for them."
Others of Mrs. Rogers symptoms
I were nervousness, that tired feeling,
I irritability and a dry harsh skin that
itched and burned at night. They all
conic from diseased kidneys and all
vanished when she used Dodd's Kidney I'ills.
Teacher���Tommy, can you spell
Thomas���Ves, sir.    h'-U-R.
Teacher���That's right. Now can
you tell mc what fur ir ?
Thomas���Yes, sir. Eur is an awful long way.���Cornell Widow.
Could Hardly Live for Asthma.���
Writes one man who after years of
suffering has found complete relief
through Dr. .1. D. Kellogg's Asthma
Remedy. Now he knows iiow needless has be.n his suffering. This
matchless remedy gives sure help to
all afflicted with asthma, Inhaled as
smoke or vapor it brings the help so
long needed. Every dealer has it or
cau get it far you from his wholesaler.
Needn't Wait To Be Forced
Daylight saving is again suggested
and as a means of giving more time.
for work in vegetable gardens. But
people need not wait for laws; they
can be a law unto themselves in this
matter,���Kingston Standard,
Constipation is one of lhe most
Common ailments of childhood and
thc child suffering from it canned
thrive. To keep the little one well
the bowels must be kept regular and
the stomach sweet. To do this nothing can equal Baby's Own Tablets,
Concerning them Mr*. Romain Polr-
ler, Mitenncttc, N. B., saysi���"My
baby suffered from constipation but
thank.-, to Baby's Own Tablets he is
perfectly well again." The Tablets
��rc sold by mcdicini dealers or by
mail al 25 cents a .b"s from The Dr.
���Willi,mis' Medicine Co., Broekvilh,
Railway Mileage Quadrupled
The provincial dcparlnic.nl of rail'
-ways of  Saskatchewan  reports    lhat
from lhc year 1905 to 1015 lhe pill
age of railways iu  the province    ir
creased from 1,551  to 6,101.
The Oil for the Farmer.���A bottle
of  Dr.  Thomas'  Electric  Oil  in  the
farm liouse will save many a journey
for the doctor.    It is not only good
j for thc children when taken with cold
I and croup, and for the mature    who
. suffer  from  pains    and    aches,    bat
, there  are  directions  for  ils  use  on
! sirk cattle.  ,There should always bc
I a bottle of it in lhe liouse.
Way to Bat High Prices
Here's New  England   thrift     for
' you.   ,\ man living   at   Gloucester,
' Mass., advertised in a local paper that
i he would give $5 for lhe best specimen potato sent him during a certain
period.    Despite the present value of
tubers, fine specimens came in every
day, until at the close of the contest
he had six barrels of choice potatoes
--all for $5.
Where Are They?
The man who had made a huge
fortune was speaking a few words to
a number of students at a business
class. Of course, the main theme of
his address was himself.
"All my success in life, all my tremendous financial prestige," he said
proudly, "I owe to one thing alone���
pluck, pluck, pluck!"
He made an impressive pause here
but the effect was ruined by one student, who asked impressively;
"Yes, sir; but how arc we to find
the right people lo pluck?"
few pe.ple i-c-li-_ what a serious disease.
Catarrh really  is.    if neglected thcr damage
it  docs    is    often    Irreparable.      Deafness, I
il.ung   troubles   and   Jlca.l   Noises   that   drive ;
tlie sufferer nearly  frantic aie invariably due ,
To this Insidious disoase.    Don't neglect Ca-
tarrh! Don't let it make you into a worn-out,
'rundown  Catarrh  wreck.     What  is  Catarrh
today  may  soon  be  something  far  morc  serious.    Remember  it  is  more  than  a  grilling
ailment���morc thau a disgusting disease. It's
a dangerous one.      Unchecked  it frequently
destroys smell, taste, hearing and  slowly bat
surely undermines the general health.     But
why  buller and take chances?    Secure Irom
your  druggist     1     ounce     Varmint     (double
strength),   take   this   home   and   add   to   il   a'
'quarter pint of hot wale:  and 4 ounce,   of
granulated sugar, stir until dissolved.    Take
1  tablespootllul  four time: ri  c'.ric.
Parmint is the great English remedy foi
Catarrh lliat is now hernir ao ci .crly 501! .lit
lor lie-is iu Canada where it Is giving satis '
faction even under our 0.ir Irving climatin
Catarrh ii a disease of thc blood and the
only possible way to cure it is by treating llie
blood. Drive the Catarrh poisons lrolu the
s)Mem by treating lhe blood ami the disease
Itself must vanish, Parmint lias nrovc-d
successful in so many case- because it acts
directly upon the bloc.-l and mucous lueru.
To be able to breathe freely, lo hear plain
!>. smell, taste and rnir-c- in tlie morning ie-
frerhed ami strong ai'd with head .ind thioal
free from phlegm are conditions that make
life  worlh living.
For your own sake give Parmint a trial
���aud with your wholx system crying for ro.
I;ef���start the treatment at on c For coughs
and colds it is unsurpassed.
Any druggist can supply you. or' a bottle
will be scut ou receipt ol . 5c, i ��� '..1 note of
money order. Address Internationa] Labor*.
loiies, "4 St. Antonle St., M     real, '.r.ads
.omen are
Women who feel weak, languid and depressed���
who look pale and dull-eyed, and have lost appetite and fresh looks���need a tonic that will
purify the blood, help the organs of digestion,
regulate the liver and bowels, and strengthen
tlie system.   It long has been known that
W*f&1% *P WT
are a blessiir. to weak women, for they quickly correct
womanly ailments, improve the appetite, purify tire
blood and re-establish healthy condition.-. They are
safe to take as they are purely vegetable and without
any harmful drug. A few doses will bring better
spirits, improved health and a feeling of fitness.
Frt_-rmre-i only I-*/ Thomni) Brccln'm, Et. I .i:Ions, LutCA .hirr. Erta'sinJ.
Sold every whuro in Ciinnch a��ii U. 5, America.   In bo..c_, 1.3 Cttatl-
For immediate
overseas service,
Overseas Division.
The Navy must be kept supreme���more men are needed to man
the fleets which are sweeping the seas of commerce-raiders and submarines.   Canadians joining the R. N. C. V. R., Overseas Division, are
sent at once to England for training.
$1.10 a day and upwards���Free Kit ���
Separation allowance as in C. E. F.
No experience necessary���Candidates must be sons
of natural born British subjects���Ages 18 to 38.
Experienced men from IS to 45 may enlist for service in
the Canadian Naval Patrols io guard Canadian Coasts.
Pay irom $1.05 a day and separation allowance:.
For Particulars apply to thc nearest Naval
Recruiting Station
or to the Naval Recruiting Secretary, Ottawa.
���a-_^_i_;$fS_^_ii___&;^ 'A*3tf*i_^____^ \\ ;
Corns and warts disappear when
treated with Hollow-ay's Corn Cure
without leaving a scar,
"Old Blank's nieces and nephews
don'l dare balk lii'ii in the slightest
"lie must have great will power."
"You bet he has!      Ho can    will
Itlinard's Liniment    for    Sale    Sale
' Everywhere.
Larger Root Production in Manitoba
The province of Manitoba produced in 1016 9,080,602 bushels -nl potatoes and 3,849,132 bushels of other
roots. This was 1,300,000 bushels of
potatoes more than in 1915 and 700,-
000 bushels morc of other roots. The
uvcragc. production increased 31 and
J.H bushels per acre respectively.
W.    N.    U.    U51
_> ^�� w
/. o. b. OSHAWA
Valve-in-head motor. New front spring suspen-
Electric lighting and darting system.
Selective sliding gear
transmission, 3 speeds
forward and reverse.
Staunch frame.
New front and rear spring
New accelerator foot rest.
Oil indicator light equip.
Ample road clearance.
Cantilever Springs.
Improved Upholstery.
Mohair top.
Non-skid tires on   rear
CANADA, Limited
OSHAWA,      ���      ���      ONTARIO
ltl'.Rl- is s CHEVROLET Outer In >our locality
anxious to ���ivc >ou a demonstration. See him be-
loic jou buy your I'rl7 Motor Car.    Write lo ('slu
for a new catalogue sLowing -U Chevrolet Models.
The G)urtenay Review
And Comox Valley Advocate
A  Weelcy   Newspaper,   Pubished   at
Courtenay, B. ('.
N. H. Bodkn, Editor ami Proprietor
������bscription *l rill per Year in Advance
The engrossing struggle oil the
western front is must difficult to
desciibe in a weekly journal, so
rapidly do events move. Hut the
Abies are making daily progress,
their artillery literati) blasts away
the German defences, and ihe Hun
positions nre steadily captured.
Win.iher the I iiii-a mid h'reueh
make attacks ;.i nice! counter attack., the killing of Ihe linns proceeds, and uid by ml. am! mile by
mile the soil of Prance is being
cleared of the invader, The Allies
will profit just as lh. ;'. r. i1:1.1 .'..11
be handicapped, by t' r.-,__iui_g
of the mines of northern Prance
from the enemy, while liie guns
aud huge quantities of oilier useful material taken arc proof that
the German retirement was at least
not one dictated by strategy. Of
course the war is not waged without our suffering grievous losses,
and many of our men have been
called upon to make the supreme
sacrifice. Their martyrdom is the
price of a freedom thai has no place
tinder (-.enn,in rule, and since so
many men talk so glibly of this
province becoming an oriental appendage, will go.-, /.a astosaythat
not even Japanese or Chinese rule
or mis-rule could equal what the
Germans have inflict.cl upon the
districts they have occupied. In
tact, we would prefer Japanese occupation of this province to it being
a German province, and the splen
did achievements of our gallant
lads at the taking of \*imy Ridge
have appreciably put back the lat
ter ajpiration, It is unfortunate
that our public in ii in this pro*
Vllice signall. I'ailel to voice tlie
common feeling of pride at the
Canadians ex pit its there; in fact.
our "great" provincial politicians
would, and have done, greater justice to the winning of some miserable by-election, oi lo a dinner
tendered to some low down ward
boss.    Splendor sine occastl,
No, we have no undertaker at
tached to the "Review" in any way
as yet, nor will his professional services be required. The "Reyiew"
i.s neither dying nor dead, but. we
might add, it will not be an easy
matter for a body of stockholders
to run a paper, although it is easy
enough to ruin it. The best of
business men are not necessarily
good newspaper directors, aud
maiiv a good editor has been driven
crazy by the dictation of a bunch
of stockholders, who could not
agree amongst themselves for five
minutes. Given proper support in
a public-spirited manner, one local
newspaper is a better booster for the district Ihan two
starvelings, for while there
may be nothing in the one (you car
never please some people) there i.s
even les-i in two. Courtenay needs
other local industries and payrolls
worse than it need.-; a second newspaper, and it is a pitv that the
money we are told will be raised
to run our inspected rival could not
be invested in some real enterprise
that would benefit, not just a bunch
but rather, the whole   community,
At the sitting of the Court of
Revision on Monday evening there
were e'even appeals against the as-
scsinciil. the majority of then being
against the assessment of orchard
property where nearly all lhe opponents of the present regime had
their assessment increased'from 10
to 20 per cent. The following appeals were disposed of, all against
over assessment, .''��� VVood.E.
Fletcher Erie Duncan, N, II Do-
den, Mrs. Adey. Ed, Creech, G.
Leighton. .]��� Mcl'hee, Union Turst
co., Dr. Crompton, J. ib Holmes,
The only successful applicant was
Ed. Creech, who succeeded in getting $t50 struck off his barn and
cabin on Mill street. It looked as
though tbe court of Revision was
a "cooked up'' affair, as the mayor
remarked when a motion was made
to reduce some of the assessments.
''It don't make any difference
whetliei it is seconded or not. it's
all going thc one way anyhow "
Sport Silks
While breaking a jamb of logs in
the Tsolum river near Sandwick,
T, D. Unbar and J Hornal slipped
off a log and got a nice co d   bath,
Sport Silks in Pongee shades, with
colored stripes   and   large colored
spots, iii  purplex,  old rose,  endet
nnd poddy,
Sport I litis in Panama ninl Leghorn
ill all shades.
Ladies'  washable   Chamois Glnyes
with black cord backs
Ladies   White  Cape   Kid   washable
(.loves wilh white   ami    black   cord
l���nlii-s Silk Crepe de Chene ami
Georgette Crepe Waists in the newest styles in nil .light shades and
tints, Ladies' white embroidered
voile ninl iiiiTiTt i/.t-il voile waists in
exclusive designs.
A large assortment ol Indies' ready-
In wear skirts in all sizes hi the prevailing styles iu serges, Panamas
niul Tweeds, ut popular prices,
Middy Waists and Belts
Ladies' Middy Wai is and Wash
Skirts in rep, pique and irrilia head.
Alsn black patent belts and black
patent edged with silk eord in all
widths.    Middy ratings aud ties,
W.sh Goods
in Voiles, Zephyrs, Ginghauts, Gal-
itteas, Repps, I nicks I'jqnes, Pongees ia natural and colored.
Advance styles in ladies trimmed
rind ready-to-wear hats. Children's
wash ha's ami infants' bonnets,
also all milliiie y accessories,
C-C A La   Grace  Corsets  and
Invictus Shoes
B.C. CoastS. S. Service
Comox, Union Bay-Vancouver Route
B. C. Commercial Travellers
War Danae Excursion Rates
Going Dates April 29th to May 4th inclusive.
Final return May 9th, 1917
Fare and One-Third for   Round Trip
Children Under 12 half fare
General Passenger Agt., Vanconver
of May
Esquimalt   &   Nanaimo   Railway
For   Victoria���11.35   Monday,  Wednesday    and
Friday, connecting at Parksville Junction with train
for Port Alberni
From   Victoria���9.00   Tuesday,     Thursday,   and
Saturday, connecting at Parksville Junction with
train from   Port   Alberni,   and arriving at Courtenay at 16.10
Ph.ne R 60
Ap;i_! oiirtMijF,
will soon be here. On that
day every mau wauts to put
on his summer suit. Each
suit is made with regard to
what suits the individual.
S'j le is one point to remember
hut SUITABLE style is what
is aimed at here. Its no use
putting a young man's coat on
e man of 50 or 60 years,
Tailor to Women and Men
Union Bay Road
A ccounts Audited and
Books Kept
Office with Hicks  Beach  &  Field
I have just installed a cider mill
and am prepared to make cider
every day. Bring your apples and
cider vessels.
ROYAL, STANDARD is without exception the most popular
bread (lour in Western Canada^
The reasons Inr this are-
Milled specially for household use
Great rising power
Ilettsr knitted, closer textured bread of full fund value
More loaves to Uie sack
I'repared under conditions ol snow-white cleanliness
From Nn. 1 Canadian hard wheat
Tested dally, insuring
Absolute uniformity vear lu and year out,
Royal Standard Grain Products Agency
Phone 33, End of Bridge
B. Towler,   Mgr.
Tourng  $495;   Ruuabout $475
F. O, B. Ford, Ont.
��. C. Emde, Dealer for Comox District
Auto, Launch, Motor Cycle, Gas Engine and
Bicycle   Supplies, Repairing, etc.
Phone L46 Courtenay
Your Telephone
Isof Greater ValueEvery day
The more telephones there are, the more value your telephone is.
II you could reach everyone by telephone, your telephone would be of
maximum value.   This! however, is not probable.
The number of telephone users is increasing every day. It means
that in Britisii Columbia the telephone subscriber is able to reach 300
more subscribers each month.
No other commodity gives such good value as your telephone
British  Columbia  Telephone Co.
ThecostofLivingisHigh GRAND DISPLAY
Still There's Nothing Like Leather]
Willard's Harness Emporium
Practical Shoemaker and Repair
Next to Hardy & Biseoe
I,ove and reoccn are seldom ou
ok'n-Is:'**, ���
Tuning and Repairing
Here, about April 1
F .ave orders at Review office
Fine Showing of Horse Blankets,   Lap
Rugs, Gloves, Trunks, Suit Cases, I.tc.
Harness Repaired Neatly
Cumberland and Courtenay
Ice Cream
Swan's Old Stan-.. Cow Jei-ftf r
Owing to  Mr. Sam Cilhotin's
. efforts in securing a couple of gentlemen to look over the  coal proposition in the valley a  couple  of
, months ago, an exhaustive report
has been  made  and   negotiations
\ have been opened   with   a   strong
; financial company who ar; content-
\ plating sendiiig men to examine the
| coal lands on their  behalf  iu   the
near future.    I,et us hope that the
efforts of   Mr,   Calhoun   and  the
other  gentlemen   associated   with
i him will meet  wilh   success.    Co-
, mox is ideally situated   for   a coal
, industry and all that goes wilh it,
as well as iron   and   steel   works.
Comox harbor is deep   enough   to
float the largest battleship   at   low
tide, and large enough to  float the
shipping of the Pacific ocean.   The
harbor i' protected from sea svve.ls
by reason of it's being an   arm   of,
the Straits ami lhc   Pacific ocean, |
The harbor   is   further   protected
from any possible rough sens which
might occur on the straits by  Den
man Island, lying southeast cf th*
entrance to the   bay,   and   Goose
Spits a linger like ledge of protect
ion sandstone extending from Knob
Hill at the the south-east   entrance
of the hay, for the distance of .bout
a mile.   This splendid   harbor   is
practically undeveloped, there being
but a single clock constructed   iulo
deep water from the village   of Co
mox on the    north   shore,   ami   a
.small wharf   nt   Royston   oil   lhe
The Comox Cogging and Kail-
way Co. also have their booming
ground on the south side, where
tlie logs from the Camps round
about Headquarters are hauled
down their railroad through Courtenay and formed into rafts or
booms and towed to their mills on
Vie Fraser River, where they are
converted into lumber and shipped
to tlie markets of the world. These
logging camps a*e the largest in
the world, and from 500,000 to 800-
ouo feet are hauled to the booming
grounds daily. Comox Bay and
the Courtenay River i.s an ideal lo-J
cation for the shipbuilding industry
with coal, coke, lumber and immense deposits of iron iu the mountains at our back door. The climate is mild, the mercury rarely
going below freezing in the winter
and as high as 85 in the summer.
There is iu thc near vicinity an unlimited supply of raw material from
which pulp for paper can be made,
aud ihere are vast undeveloped water power possibilities on the rivers
tributary to Comox.
The grade of coal underlying the
Comox valley is hitunious in
character, geneially free from impurities and is esteemed a high
grade coking and steam coal, and
there is about twenty feet of il, and
it has been estimated that there are
35,000 tons lo lhe acre, therefore
If theie are 15.000 acres available
coal lauds there should be approximately 500 0011,00) tons of coal underlying the district at a depth of
about 2100 feet,
Iron and Steel
The present development: of the
Pacific coast Slates and Alaska
would absorb nil lhe iron and steel
output of a steel plant of considerable proportions. Willi coke, iron
ore and limestone at near points,
Coniox Bay with its water transportation facilities, would be an
idea! point at which to establish an
iron and steel industry, There are
large deposits of iron ore in the
hills north-west of Courtenay and
iron ore and limestone on Texada
Island, only a few miles east of us.
Bulletin No. 1. II. C, Bureau of
Mines says; "As is well known;
there is on the coast in the aggregate, an adequate supply of iron ore
quite sufficiently free from intpur:.
We have an Exhibit of a Large -
Assortment of New Patterns
Store Between Bridges
Gents' Furnishing Store
We are going to lead while others follow, with
Hart, Schaffer & Max Clothes
We have a full line of Samples to choose from
We would like you to give us a call and see for
yourself.   We also have a full line of Children's
Shoes at all Prices
Remember what we havn't got we will get for you
Sutliff Gents'  Furnishing Store
ties to be withiu Bessemer grade."
This district is probably the only
one on Vancouver Island of which
the underlying coal is not a part of
1 he coal grants to the railroads.
The railway grants were designed
aud intended to absorb all of the
coal deposits on the Island, but this
section of the Island having been
taken by farmer settlers pnorito the
railroad grab, the title to the farmers carried the coal rights which
can now be secured independent of
the railroads, and this is the only
available tract of any magnitude on
the Island,
The possibilities of investment
iu this district present many alluring points. The rapid development
of the Pacific Coast region, Alaska
and the north-west, jn the event
of a coal mine, being opened up
there is enough coal to maintain an
output of 3000 tons per day for
hundreds of years, The real estate
feature of Comox Valley are particularly blight and any one who
has holdings near Courtenav and
the Bay will undoubtedly renp a
rich harvest in the not far off fu
The luniberiiijj industry i.s also
looking Up, the Royston mills have
lar^e orders ahead, enough to keep
tlie mill going another year. The
Courtenay Sawmill lies been
for the past six mouths.
Grantham sawmill is running
Tsolum Lumber Company's
at Nob Hill has started getting out
lit s. Piercy's mill at Happy Val
ley is ready to run, and Win. Mat-
thewson, who lately acquired the
Smith, Knowles Mill on the Dyke-
is having it overhauled, aud will be
ready to start in a few weeks,
The Puntledge Cannery Co. w'll
not build a cannery this year owing ta the ti" shortage. They intend to fish, however, and have
found a market for all the fresh
fish they can catch.
Their license covers the waters
from Yellow Rock lo Oyster River
and is considered good fishing
grounds. The rivers hereabouts
are well stocked with game fish,
and the woods are full of grouse
pheasants and deer.
The time will never come when
Canada will not be a large producer
of cattle. Comox is essentially a
dairying district and is fast coming
ahead. Within the past five years
the number of dairy cattle has doub
led in the Valley. Within the past
two months upward, of one lum
dred cows have been imported from
outside places. The Creamery and
Condensory are running almost lo
capacity, and the farmers are all
drawing large monthly checks,
The greatest obstacle to successful
dairying in the valley is the lack
of cleared land for growing feed to
crrry the stock over the winter
months, When a farmer has to
buy feed all winter it makes way
with the profits of the previous
I beg toiannounce that I have opened a Flour and
Feed Store on Mill Street, Courtenay, and will be
pleased to supply your needs in
Wheat and Flour, Bran, Shorts
Hay, Straw, etc.
Frank   flovitz.
The Home Garden
From the cares of business and
the nervous strain of the office the
back-yard garden offers a relief
which is not sufficiently enjoyed
Open air exercise is essential to
good health, To what better end
could this effort be devoted than
the cultivation of the back yard
It requires but a small area of
land to supply a table with green
vegetables, These may be had
crisp and fresh, and, on this account 'luch more of such food will
be used, to the great .advantage of
The product of the home garden
relieves to that extent the demand
Upon the general supply. "Self-
preservation is the first law of
nature.'" Do not abuse that law
by expecting others to provide your
food supply when you are capable
and have the facilities for growing
at least part of your needs.
Intense heat-resisting power is the feature of the almost
imperishable fire-box linings of our own McClary semi-
steel fire-box made in eight pieces���can't warp.
The man who designed the Kootenay knew his job. I
know that and that is why it carries my guarantee as well
as the makers'.
For sale by C. H. Tarbell & Son, Courtenay
Letter to the Editor Presbyterian Church
Editor Conrtenny Review St   AmIrews' Sandwick
Dea- Sir;���We appreciate great Service 2 p.m.     Sunday School
v ihe kind remarks in allncibn to and Bible Class 3 p. in.
my son who was killed ill   Franco Courtenav
I take this opportunity   ol   thank- Sunday School and  Bible Clas
ing you and those wlio hnve  ten- 10:30 a.m.   Evening service 7:30
.iered their sympathy.     We Mere I5, m' All welcome
in hopes after being kept free from     ���   	
danger to long, that lie   would he --pr jr*rT.      DC A DCC
-dared to return und   live   to Feu 1 OE.Jfc_L?       I i_-AI\s_>___
the fruits of the united   action   of Barrister and  Solicitor,   Notary
lhe Allied Nations in thu cause ol Public,
freedom and    liberty,    Witli   tho Dl         n                   r.
same hope   for  victory we   must Phone 6                 Courtenay
lio|iir that llie great   sacrifice    has   =~~-         "" *������-���"
lint been ill vain,   but   will    bring ���          .        .          1   TT
great und lasting benefits   to tho Llll.lbenatld   Hotel
cause of hi inity    all   over   the Good Accomodation      Cu-lue Excellen
world, and vvhil&thegreat joy and
privilege so  cao-erly   looked   for- Wm. Merry.ield
I r-> r���        ,r
ward to in being able   to   person- Proonator
ally be congratulating and thank--   ______________________
ing some of our heroes   for   their
services may bn denied to ninny of Do I o/jn    I   i\-)/3p\/
us.    Nothing ram take away from I  QlGlUC/    L-lVCl^
us th.i precious memory   of   such
 ''"rii's-: v ,tmiy &FeedStabk
I   il. Holmes.| Horses and  Buggies for Hire _
TAKE NOTICE that Timlin Bros,,
the Campbell River School, and the
Campbell River Hospital, whose address
is Campbell River, II, C, will npplv for
a license to take and use 10,001) (ten
thousand) gallons and to store 100,0(10
gallons ol water out of a stream known
as ('amp Creek which flows northerly
and drains into Campbell River pbout
half a mile from its mouth. The storage-dam will be located at 11 point on the
creek, Lease 49, lot 84. The capacity
of the reservoir to be created is about
100,000 gallons, and it will flood about
three acres of land. The water will be
diverted from the stream at n point
about six hundred feel north, twenty degrees west ol the south-east corner of
lease 49, und will be used for domestic
land and premises described as lots 69
and 73. This notice was posted on the I
ground 011 the 27th day ol April, 1917. '
A copy of this notice and an application
pursuant thereto and to the "' Water
Act. 1914," will tie filed in the office ol
the Water Recorder at Cumberland, B.
C. Objections to the application may be
61ed with the said Water Recorder or
with the Comptroller of Water Rights,
Parliament buildings, Victoria, B. C,
within thirty days after the first appearance of this notice in the Courtenay
Review, a local newspaper. The date
of the first publication of this notice is
May 3rd, 1917.
Thi'i.in Bros.
Thr Campiikm. Rivbr School
Thr Camp-KM. RivBR Hospital
By Chas. Thumn,
Terms cash.
We  also attend  to wood hauling
TAKE NOTICE that sixty days after
date I intend to apply to the Honorable the Minister of Lauds of British
Columbia for a license to prospect for
coul on the following described lands.
Commencing at a post planted at the
north-west corner of I,ot No. 42, Comox
District, B. C., thence north eighty
chains, thence east eighty chains,
thence south eighty chains thence west
eighty chains to point of commencement, and containing six hundred and
forty acres more or less,
Courtenay, B. O. April 3, 1917.
Courtenay Phone 23
Do You
The Courtenay  Review
Family Herald aud Weekly ���>; 1 r
and the Daily Province
for one year
(or $6
First-Class Plumbing
Hot Water and Steamfitting
Jackson & Whittle
Phone q Courtenay
Sand and Gravel
Rates Reasonable
Moorag & Ingram
General Blacksmiths
Beg to announce that they are prepared
to do all kinds of  repairs at moderat
prices' e     ��� it-
Horseshoeing a Specialty
Buggies and Express Wagons
AU Rigs Guaranteed and Sold at the Lowest Possible Price
Blacksmith arc. Carriage Builder COURTENAY     1
*<****a*m*a**lt****^      ***%+���* * *   t   . ��_   ��"<*_,   -���.V)V
****************** .���'��!' ��������� l?*r'
-    .
*�����     , .��_..   -   _   ��_�� ���     Highest prices paid
|,nHr    iwi Si ��� ni* for 01d ,ron of M
Kinds, Load. Bottles, Rags. Sacks, and Horsehair.   Write us for
full imorrnation.   Established 1894.
Phone  St. John 2788 �� Cor. Salter   &   Sutherland,    Winnipeg
_����� ,
s-    * (*   1 _>
3   I
/    ^
0'ir i aw red. ��� r '���; ���
"Desserta an i C n I ������"-*
ehowa many now an I
hap. y use* for "Crown
Brar.-*' . Write for a py,
to our Ma ti -..'. I  ��� ".
Makers   ��� ' ' _
^PBfc ^ Pounds \
"of Happinessv
In tiles* Tins of
_....j .���'- Laundry Htuich.
I 0 pounds Of ���./_.-(mrsnrss, v.-lien "atcn on Grid lio C.-ikel,
W-llles, Mufllns, Hoi BlKlllta or coed wholesome Broad.
I   innrlaol jToorfnim, loo, l.tcauso "Cio'.m Bund" la
nourithln., bo'y-biilldlni-r.o-'.
lOrounHaof conomy, ��� henu_��dlnm��kln_Ctne��rbrea',
Pud lines wdSwool j.ucoa.
10 pound, of haniiines., when converted Into Iroma-
ninde Candy to dell_hl lho children.
Your dnn.ler  trria "Crown Brand" In 2    6.  10
nnd 20 pound Una���
���rr��>. .081 witiua, ^.  :������
-mF*-^,- y^:/
Delending Our Coast
'ihe Need of Volunteers for Canadian
Naval Patrols
Attention is drawn to an advertisement in an ilh , cr lun
Ibe Roy;
that the
and thai
for inori
those wl
for over
from 18
arlian N
coast of
to cngai
our  c I .
..I Ca
-s   i-
Record Coal Output From Alberta
The coal output of Alberta for the
year 1916, according to llic statistics
compiled by thc Provincial Mining
Department, amounted to 4,648,604
tons, compared    with    3,434,891    for
mn of tliis paper,|H9i5 and with 4,306,346 for 1913, the
or enlistment in| record year so far in the history of
adian Volunteers; COaI mining in Alberta.
laid  on  the fact
���i... ; msl bi kept supreme,
here is au urgent demand
nn to join tlie .service. To
maj not v.ish to volunteer
cn ii , > Kpcrienced men
��� ;: i lay i uli.l in tlie Canal Patrols to guard thel
!anada. Tlir- need of menl
in the work of defending
line  is  very   (.real  at    tire
With the Fingers!
Says Corns Lift Out
Vithout Any Pain
Give Up Hidden Gold
British Victory Loan Uncovers Much
Hoarded Wealth
Staggering under ihr weight of a
large leather bag, a man dumped it
down on the door of the New Maiden branch of the London and .Southwestern Hank and modestly informed llie cashier that he wauled to invent 2,000 pounds in llie war loan.
The money was mostly in sovereigns, but thc man offered no explanation as to how such an extraordinary quantity oi gold came to be
in Iiis possession, and the bank officials did not inquire,
"It is a curious fact," an official at
ihc bunk's head office said, " that at
tliis bank during llic last monili three
times as much gold was paid in as I
in any of the preceding six nioiillis.']
l'*roin all over the country sovereigns and half-sovereigns came into
the local War Savings Committees,
from people who have not felt any
special compunction up to the presenl about hiding them, but who now
say that they arc not going lo risk)
a German success (or want of their
lillle hit.
Lady Maxwell, wife of Lieut.-Gen.
era) Sir John .Maxwell, offered the
Slate the use of a third of her capital free of interest for llic duration of
the war. This is equivalent to a gift
of 1,750 pounds a year.
Altogether slie proposes to lend
lhe government 35,000 pounds as lier
contribution towards llic cost of the
' At the olhcr end of the scalc^ is
a widow wlio has seal to the National War Savings Committee a 10s
'treasury note and a postal order for
5s 6d.
For Clean Seed
Smut in Oats Is Checked   by   Seed
Treating seed oats with formaldehyde solution lo prevent loose or
head smut has been shown by the
Ohio Experiment Station lo be highly
profitable for time so spent, One
pint or pound of 40 per cent, formaldehyde, sold al drug stores as formalin, mixed in 40 gallons of water will
be sufficient to treat 40 bushels of
seed oats.
The solution should bc sprinkled
ovcr the oats spread on a tight floor
or canvas, and the oats shovelled over
so that every grain will bc thoroughly
moistened, After being covered with
a blanket for three hours or overnight, the oals should be spread oul
to dry. In order to prevenl further
infection bags, mills and drills should
bc disinfected with the same solution
if lhc oats arc to bc put in them,
For Sale by all Dealers
Douglas & Company, Napanee, Ont.
������1  in
prcr  rr   \<
stamen oi all grades are asked for
inns im- unexperienced
Sore corns, hard corns, soft corn
any kind of a corn can shortly be
Volunteers arc dircclcd lo apply    to! lifted right out  witli  the fingers    if
the  nearest   naval  recruiting  station,  you will apply on the corn    a    fee.
when full information will bc given
Miller's  Worm  Powders not   onlv
make  lln   infantile   system untenable! bottle of freezot
for wprnis, bul bj I'm it action on the
M ��� in :���':. livi r i nd bowi Is liny < or-
reef such troubles as lack of appetile,
biliousm   s and othi r inli rnal disor
ders  tin I   '���'���������   " or
jin thrive upon
what  i ��� dition  their    worm-infested
.im' n iv be in  they will show
impro. nn nl  as  soon  as    tin   '
menl 1 ii -.
drops of freezone, says a Cincinnati
At little cost one can get a small
at an" drug store,
which will positive*-  rid one's feci ol
'cry corn or callus withoul. pain or
rcness or thc danger ol infection.
This new drug is an    ether   com-
( hild-  pound, and dries lhe moment il i.s ap-
auttci'J plied and docs not inflame or    even
Dairying in Alberta
In the past six years the. number
of dairy cows in Alberta has increased from 147,687 head, valued at $7,-
953,847, to 215,033 head, valued al
$12,500,000. in the same time llic output of creamery butter has increased
from two and a hall to eight and a
half million pounds, and the output
of cheese from 100,000 to 680,000
Specimen ol German "Kultur"
The    following    brief item in    llio
London  Times  tells    of    many    sad
"A verdicl of death from lubcrcii
Insis, accelerated by privations and
unsuitable fund while a prisoner of
war in Germany, was returned at the
inquest on Joseph Wright, aged 29,
a private in a Lincoln regiment, wlio
died in a military hospital.
"Wright   was  formerly  a  butler in
Chester,   lie was slightly   wounded
and taken prisoner at Loos, lie was
a prisoner of war in Germany nine
iiiniiths before being sent to Switzerland, where he arrived in a terribly
emaciated condition,"
hard lab
dc tiroi
Heard In Court
.-ir;  months    in    jail    with
Say, judgi. can'l j er d nibh
��� ' cut "in th  1 bo.i
irritate the surrounding lis.-tn. Just
think! You can lift off youi corns
and calluses now withoul a bit of
pain or soreness. If your druggi
hasn't freezone lie can easily get
small bottle for you from his whol
sale drug house.
,.   girl    ni   mine
br". al
evei   l.un
"How ! ul thc Ten Command-
im nl  I
"Oh, 1 lon'l can so i*.:ncli about
tin 're not mine you know."
Thf- ���-��� Nervesl
li ii's caffeine the drug
in tea and coffee ��� dial's
eai - shaky nerves, the
r< ti "- in perfectly plainer both tea and coffee,
an I for a pleasant, h< althful
table ir. verage, use���
> n q t
Postum is a delicious
cereal drink, pure and nourishing and absolutely free
from any harmful ingredient.
There's a big army of
Postum users who are enjoying better health and
comfort since joining the
"There's a Reason'
r Posllltll enrr.il Co.. 1,10..
Windsor, Ont,
Lady Visitor (in slums)-���So thty
pui your fallrer away for safekeeping?
Urchin���Nawi for safc-brcakin'.
A Pill for Brain Workers.���The
man who works with his brains i-
morc liable to derangement of the digestive system than the man who
works with his hands, because the
one ,-rtlls upon his nervous energy
while the other applies only his mus-
! eul.ar strength,    Brain fag begets ir-
1 regularities of thc stomach ar.d liver,
and the besl n medy that ran be used
; is Parmclec's Veeetablc Pills. They
an- specially compounded for such
cases  and  all  those  who use    theiu
! can certify lo their superior power,
Why Prices Are High
' A Simple Explanation of the Jump ill
Cn;-.: oi Commodities
n riiths ago win ii sugar slar-
, ud to lain   a rise in price, lhc    dc-
gn ati i   ihan usual and far-
iri, rs, as wi II ii   some lown fofk, begun i" lay ii   sugar by Ihc hundred
i ound    i was i dviscd to do lln   ii	
thing, but nn inquiring al the stores
J  found nn,   groccrymarl thai  would
' r.ol   prici   sugar  in  hundred    pound
Inls and lie explained: "The more pco-
i pic that gel seared and buy in quantity,  the  higher  sugar  will  go  until
! all have laid in their supplies; then
J thc brisk demand falling   off, sugar
, will go to uoiinal prices again."
j     This set  mc  to  thinking, and it  is
J true of any commodity.    While prices
j are normal it is well to lay in sup
| plies, bul when there is a scarcity, the
I fewer people who buy, and fche smaller  the lots purchased,    the greater
the tendency to hold prices down to
��� normal.    Had you ever tboughl of it
that way?
Profitable Aeroplane Trade
Aeroplane making is onc of the
most profitable businesses today, and
rue or two makers are rapidly ac-
c.i iriug fortunes. The new scouting
machines cost .something like $5,500
while the big biplanes used in the
army air training schools run to
about $7,500. ll is as much as makers can do to keep pace with the de.
mand, the army requires more, and
more, and the training centres lake
a good many.
There   1-   more   r.ttarr_   In   this   sr. noil   ol
- mid  for j.-...:.  :t  was  ��� upposeu  lu lio
nctr blc Doctors presertbe-d local remedies.
Hid 11 constantly failing lo cure with I0...1I
treatment, pronounced i: incurable. Catarrh
ts .-, .local oisca.se, greatli influenced bj con.
stiluiional conditions ;trr,l therefore 3c ".:;, .-s
constitutional treatment. Hall's Catarrh
Cure, manula mrcd hv !-'��� 1 Cheney & Co.,
roledo, Ohio, is in istitutional remedi is
aken internally and nets through thc III .1
Sir the Mucous Surface! 0 lie Systci l' e
Hundred Dollars reward is _�����__[�� an.
case is-it flail's Calarrh Cure tails to cure. I
Send for c'��� ulars and tentiinoniais.
I-. ;. CHE.VKY  St UO., Toledo,  Ohio.
Solii by  Dru_cists,  /ic.
Inquisitive Dick (somewhere in
l'rancc)���-Been   out  'ere. afore  male?
Thc Mons Veteran���Once!���wiv a
Cook's Tourl
Minard's Liniment Relieves    Neuralgia
The Crucial Question
"But you can cook?,' asked the prosaic young man.
"Lct us take these questions up in
their proper order,'' returned llic wise
girl. "The nailer of cooking i-. not
the first thing 10 be considered."
"Then, what is the first?" he dc-
"Can vou provide the things to bc
co ked?'"'
Ro'ik " Patent Protection*' Vreo
l-uiintiiy Patent OffiM Examiner.    Eatab. 187T
Brar.ch.5- Ottawa and VV.shingt.ii
"linv. i- your , new liOUSi r 1 liling
"Flrsl rati We've got the roof
r.r.il lh   un>rti- : ;e on."
al Have fell
Ones efficient way to remove
nasal calarrh is to treat its cause
/ which in most cases is physical
weakness. The system needs
more oil and easily digested
iiquid-food, and you
The Trcbule is   Often   Kcally   St.
Vitus Dance���Do Not
Neglect It
.Many a child has been called mvk
ward, has been punished., ill school
for not keeping slill or for dropping
ihings when tlie trouble was really St.
Vitus Dance. Tllis disease may appear at any age, but is most common
between the ages of six and fourteen
years. It is caused by thin blood
which fails lo carry suineient nourishment to lhe nerves, and the child becomes restless and twitching of the
muscles and jerking of the iimbs and
body follow. In severe eases the
child is unable lo 'hold any thing or
feed itself. St. Vitus Dance is cured
by building up the blood. The most
successful treatment is to remove the
child from all mental excitement,
slop school work and give Dr. Williams' l'ink Tills. These pills renew
the blood supply, strengthen the ner.
vcs,-and restore the child to perfect
health. Here is proof of their power
to cure. Mrs. S. Sharpc, Oakvillc,
Out., says:���"When my daughter was
nine years old she was attacked with]
St. Vitus Dance. She was scut to a;
sanatorium where she remained for
nine weeks wilhoui any benefit. Indeed when we brought her home she
was as helpless as a baby. 1 gol a
supply of Dr. Williams' Pink Pills
and continued giving her half a pill
after each meal for several months,
when she had fully recovered and has
never had a symptom of the trouble
since.''      '*'"-
You can get Dr. Williams' Pink
I'ills llirougli any dealer in medicine
or bv mail at 50 cents a box or six
boxes for $2.50 from Thc Dr, Williams' .Medicine Co., lirockvillc, Ont.
"What is a portable housi. pa?"
"Any house carried away by a cy-l
,'��� i . ish, pale, rcslh ss, and sickly I
cliil'li'-.n owe their condition to
woi ins. Mother Graves' Worm Kx-j
terminator will relieve them and re i
A _;��� . reliable regulattn, mid,
cine. Sold in llm-e degtreei ol
Strength. No. 1. (11 No. 2,13,
No. 3, $5 per box. hold by all
drujTRists, or setrt prepaid In
pIhui package ou recfipt oi
pricf. Free pamphlet. Address
Voionto. Old. (Formerly U'lndetrd
is no mora necessary
thnnSmi'.llpo_; Army
c.-rpetlence has demoiistiateil
Uie almost miraculous cffl- .
Cac., and harmlMrrness, of Antityphoid Vaccination.
Be vacclna-.i-d NOW by your physician, you and
youi fa.r.iiy. I*. Is more vital thau house Insurance,
Ask youi physician, dnmnlst, 01 send foi    Have
s/ou had Typhoid?" telling nf Typhoid ")��ctiae,
resrills from us , and dancer Ir<nn Typhoid (.atriers.
f real iticceii. curbs chronic weakness lost vmoi
Mfd Co Ham.hstock[.d Hampstbao London Bn��_
frvhbwdraqbb(tastelbss)pormof   *a5y to tabs
THERAPION ��.���_��
toll.GOV] SJA-ll ALU,.:, in ...__ OK.SUiNarACKlTft
W.     N.     U.     1151
. Minard's Liniment Cures Burns, bite, j
Nothing on Him���But Mud
The lady autoist apologized to tho
1 pcilcsiiian for knocking   him   down,
! but added: "Vou   know   you    must
i have been  walking very  recklessly.
I am a very careful driver.    I  have
driven a car fnr five year.-."
"Vou have nothing on mc," returned the victim, brushing the dirl off
his clothes, "1 hnvi been walking for
fifty years
after each meal to enrich your
blood and help heal the sensitive membranes with its pure
oil-food properties.
The results of this Scott's
Emulsion treatment will
surprise those who have used
irritating snuffs and vapors.
:������ ���:���   ir- alttl
Crabbe���Sonic   people   make   mc
Cutting���It's only   fair    thai    they!
should reciprocate.
Marion Bridge, (.,'. B��� -May 30, '02,
1  have  handled MINARD'S LINIMENT during the past year.    It is
I always the first Liniment asked   lor
here, and unquestionably    the    best
j seller of all the   different   kinds   of
j Liniment I handle.
Extremely Polite
He was a man noted for his Chcs-
Urliildian address and he had been
very ill,
"Vou were at death's door," remarked lhc doctor as his patient began to mend.
"Really, doctor?" caiiie the reply.
"Do you happen to know whether 1���
er- -left my card?"
Chemically Self-
Extinguishing !
What do these words
mean to you ?
They mean greater safely
in thc Home!
Perhaps you have noticed
thi.se words on our new
match boxes. The splints
ol all matches contained
in these boxes have been
soaked in a solution which
renders thejn dead wood,
once they have been lighted and blown ont, thereby
reducing tlie danger of
FIR li from glowing
matches to the greatest
Safety First and Always -
An Appropriate Cargo
ll is rare nowadays to find a vessel
loaded with such a harmonious and
altogether fining cargo as that which
the Sardinian recently look into Boston. It consisted of rum and tombstones.- -Youth's Companion.
"I say, Mose, i.s that dog of yours i
"No salir; jes' common dog, sah."--
Baltimore American.
at.._ *i,_ """iti'iitiiiiiiiitiiiiiiiiiiiiiitiiiiiig
MIST IHO Two Eyei for ��� Llfotlmo _
e   UauIb-A MtirlDoisforTlre-Kjes. He. 3
:   sTIUVias   _,-���-_ure_T-s-Ur_iiul_te_ 3
:  ���'"-^" Hrollils.    HetU-Hrfrrshes -
_ Unnttires.  Marine ls is Favorite Treatment
= l,ir H. es tbat feel dr? and smart.  Give, our
_ Ky��s us much of y, ur loving can M yoor
= To-lli and with the same regularity.
= Hold at Drug and Optical Bloret or by Mill.
= ilk Murlm lis tmtts Ce, Chiefs, Im Fm Ink
.niii"ii,niiiiiii���iimmlllll,lmuilluilmilllM,iii��_u, [THE   REVIEW.   COURT-TOY.   ft. CL
*7?.e Wending
is ejcceptional
[Necessary to Defeat the Military Power Upon Which the Prussian
War Lords Depend, and for the Complete Overthrow of the
Mi-.ftuiJcil Political Influences that Control the People
Minister  of   Agriculture Tells of lhe Different Measures  That
Have Heen Adopted by the Government to Iincourage the
Production of Oops of All Kinds from Const to Coast
Hon, Martin Hurrrll, ulicn asked
'hai efforts were being made to in-
n,i-,e food production, said in part;
The wheal yield of the three wcsl
em "provinces in"i.l3was 20^262,0061 tion.   t Every provincial  minister
tics, followed by a personal letter to
the mayor of every town and city in
Canada, setting the situation forth nl
sonic length and inviting   co-opcra-
bushels, am! in 1914, 140,958,000 bushels. Assistance was imperative. War
made il morc imperative, An extraordinary situation justified extraordinary measures, and for the supply of
iin-.',.iry food and fodder, and for
seed grain on an unprecedented scale,
llie Federal government advanced'
the sum of $12,309,000.
"The Department of Agriculture,
In the winter and spring of 1915, carried out a wide campaign of '1'atri-
otisin and Production,' As a result of
lhc sentiment aroused, and of the
fortunate climatic conditions, ue witnessed, happily, the greatest harvest
in lhe history of the western country
-342,948,000 bushels. Another campaign of 'Production and Thrift' was
made in the vv-cter and spring of
1916. Unfortunately, lhe climatic
conditions of 1916 were thc reverse
of favorable. An excess of moisture
in-many parts of thc counlry, widespread outbreaks of rust, and other
difficulties, resulted in a wheat crop
In the three western provinces of approximately 199,900,000 bushels, and
a shortage of most crops throughout
the country, with the exception of
"It seemed desirable, therefore, that
the department should meet the new
situation in a new way. England,
whose average crop oi wheat is 61,-
000,000 bushels, and whose yearly import of wheat is approximately 210,-
000,000 bushels, could no longer look
to Kussia. Supplies from Australia
and India, and even supplies from
Canada and the United States, were
rendered more difficult and more
costly by shortage of transportation
igriculture* was also written to, the
directors of national service and others, and, from the replies, it is abundantly evident that a strong and
healthy sentiment exisls all through
the country, and thai already much
excellent work had been done.
"Wc havc organized a special bureau of information in the department, and, in addition to literature
already printed, have in preparation
special pamphlets and circulars designed to bc of direct, practical use
to those who have hitherto paid little
attention to gardening or production
of any kind. The experimental farm
| system now embraces twenty-five
farms and stations, covering thc
counlry from coast to coast. Thc
work is naturally nearly all of an ex-j
perimental or investigational character, 'lhis year the officers in the respective districts have been instructed to direct their cfforls to tlie immediate problem of crop production,
and the help and influence of each
farm should stretch ovcr a large territory.
"A departmental committee has
been appointed to give special and
close attention to thc whole question
of food supplies. It consists of J. H.
Grisdale, Director of Experimental
Farms; J. A. Ruddick, Dairy Commissioner; George II. Clark, Seel
Commissioner; II. S. Arkcll, Assistant Live Stock Commissioner, and
W. J. Black, Commissioner under
the agricultural instruction act. These
officers will keep in touch wilh the
situation and re-port to me from time
to time.
"Amongst ihose products upon
which  particular stress  may b
Discharge and PcnsionRuiea
New Provisions Made for Benefit of
Soldiers in Respect to Pensions
The following memorandum has
been issued by the Dominion Minister of Militia:
Important changes have just becn
promulgated in relation lo the discharge and pensioning nl Canadian
soldiers. Hereafter, no invalided
soldier will be discharged from the
Canadian Expeditionary force until a
medical board has certified that further treatment or hospital care will
not improve his condition, or that it
is advisable that he should pass under his own control.
When discharge lias been recommended ou account of physical unfitness, ii will pot be carried out
until a notification has been received
from the pension commissioners that
the amount of the pension has been
determined. "The notice, will make
clear on what day thc pension will
commence and uniil that time, pay
and allowance will be made to lhe
soldier or to those dependent on him.
The adoption of this system insures the disabled man receiving his
pension immediately on his discharge, up lo which time his pay
and allowance wiil be continued.
Pensions are always paid monthly
in advance.
It is difficult to   understand   the
German people. For two years they
have seen their armies held up and
unable to attain their objectives; they'
have experienced the growing pressure of the Allied blockade and suffered the increasing discomforts of
hunger unappcascd. But through it
all they have not lost faith in their
leaders or abandoned hopes of victory. Their credulity is unbounded,
Years of slate regulation have robbed them of initiative and independence of thought. 'Ihey still believe
that the llritish fh-cl was defeated in
the battle of Jutland, ami th.u German submarines arc causing famine
and starvation throughout the United Kingdom. They are prepared to
believe anything lhe government tells
them as to this war. Especially are
they consumed with hatred of Great
Britain, and ready to accept any report, however extravagant, us to conditions iu llic Brilish Isles.
In the Prussian Mouse of Deputies
during llie recent session the Socialists urged the extension of the franchise to women. A prominent Conservative, Hen- lleins, met this demand with the assertion that the
granting of the vole to women would
mean "the assassination of family
life." On what did Hcrr Hcins base
ihis indictment of feminism? lie had
discovered that ill England mere
married men than single had offered
as recruits for the army. There could
be but onc explanation of the action
bird places," and killed women    and
children by shelling open  towns,
The credulity of the German people is one of lhe great obstacles to
an early peace. So long as they stand
behind their present rulers and have
unshaken confidence in the righteousness of their cause, so long will it be
impossible for the Allies to listen to
terms of peace. There can be no defeat with Germany save through the
defeat of the military power on which
the Prussian war lords depend (or
lhc achievement of their aims in this
war and the complete overthrow of
the political influences that have driven Germany to wage a barb.trous
war against tlie world.
and by the submarine menace,   ���_..,.,_.
lions were vital; foodstuffs vital,   Re-  '}"'��� Wheat, oats, peas
strictioji of unessential imports   was���] bacon,  poultry,   eggs,
hound to come.   In face of the condi-  c''ecse
tions touched on above,   it   seemed
clear that Canada should increase lier
productive  efforts and    direct    them
along the right lines.
"For this reason an appeal was is-
sued recently to citizens, nol only in
the rural but in the urban communi-
Could Employ Soldiers
ln Forest Work
Returned  Warriors Could do Useful
Service in Protection From
'flic possibility of employing a
considerable number of returned soldiers in forestry and lire protection
work is pointed out in the issue of
"Conservation," for March, which
"F'or many of these men, such work
would be highly attractive. In carrying out a plan for the establishment
of vocational schools for the training
of returned soldiers, provisions |
should be made in some way for
special courses of instruction in forestry work. Such courses should be
of thc most practical character, calculated lo make the services of the
men of great value to Dominion and
provincial forestry and fire protective
���-.. otgahizations, and to private timber
laid ! owners as well.
of thc married men, in fact,
Heiii's words,-'The married in
fact, enlisted to escape from
verves." Of onc thing Heir
may rest assured: these Britis
lied soldiers did not fl;, tn
Prussian Guard and the picked
of the Kaiser. The strange
about the statement of Herr
II err
in,   iu
i mar-
u    the
New Homestead Regulation!
Returned Soldiers to Get Priority In
Making Entry
An important order-in-council has
becn passed which prohibits the
granting of homesteads or rights of
any kind to any person "who was not
at the commencement of the present
war and who has not since continued
to bc a Britisii subject or a subject
of a country which is an ally of his
majesty in the present war or a subject of a neutral country, and who
establishes lhe same to the satisfaction of the minister of the interior."
The order applied to "rights, powers or other benefits in conection with
any water powers, forestry, dominion
lands, admiralty lands, dominion
lands in the railway belt of Brilish
Columbia, school lands, mining lands,
limber and grazing lands, dominion
parks irrigation or the national resources of the northwest."
Another order has also been p.ijed
giving returned soldiers a (lay priority in applying for entries for dominion lauds.
was that it never occurred    lo    hi
brother Deputies to doubl the truth
of his observation  reflccling H    the ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
married women  of    England.     The "I  don't always get stenographer!
German  people believed  the.    Kaiser who can spell."
when he called.on his army lo walk "Refer 'em to thc dictionary,    old
over French's "contemptible little ar- chap."
my" that turned the tide al ihe Mar "But  I'm in  the  motor    business,
ne.   They believed their government and  that has    produced  a flock    of
when it described watering-places on words that haven't got into the dic-
tlie south coast of England as "fort- tionary as yet."
"In regard to the appeal ol ihe
people in cilies and towns foi the
utilization of vacant lots and gardens
in productive work, it is obvious that
vegetables, including potatoes, would
be chiefly grown.    Potatoes aie not
Technical forest schools arc already in existence at Toronto, Quebec and Fredericton, and another is
contemplated at Vancouver. It should
bc possible to secure the co-operation
o( these schools in the establishment
cl supplementary rangers' schools,
specializing primarily in the several
classes of forest    engineering    work
a perfect food, having a heavy water which would best tit tlie men for the
I content, and  aie  to bulky  to bc  a practical duties with     which     they
very desirable form of export to: would be confronted in the lines of
| Greal  Britain.      Nevertheless,    their I government or private employ.   An-
food value is considerable, ami  their  other possibility is the establishment
production and use on a large scale! of such courses of instruction direct
C>oId wcnllicr ochen follow
, exposure. Soothe and relieve them with Sloan's Liniment, easy to apply, it quickly
fcnclnlts without rubbing. Cleaner
than mussy plasters or ointments,
docs not stain the skin,
For rheumatic pains, neuralgia,
tfout,   lumbago,   sprains,  strains,
Bruises and stiff sore muscles, have
Sloan's Liniment handy.
At alt druggists, 25c. SOc. aad $1.00.
'"''$__��*���-���-_->"''* _*v'*_*'���':   . *?:,&$$:���''���
%&**f/LiS   t��Atrt'p,i��
lhis year would assist in the releasing of other more compart and highly nutritious foods, which it might be
t Throng
wo wars
Ontario Sapper Praises Dr. Cassell's Tablets.
vv.    n.    u.    11SI
by thc several government fire protective organizations, Dominion and
provincial. Each of these should bc
able to provide employment for quite
a number of returned soldiers, with
great mutual advantage, providing
the men are properly trained."
Lumber Cut In B C.
From ihe preliminary figures which
arelreing compiled by llic forestry
branch of the British Columbia Department of Lands, ii is evident thai
tbe cut of timber in the province. I'm
the year 1910 was considerably rum
er ijian lhat for 1915. It is ll ������!(,!:!
that the value of the cut will be :- mil
to be up to at leasl $33,000,00.. For
1915 the value was pui at $29,1.50.000,
bul last year there was a brisker demand for lumber, and prices rul^
higher, so that the liguie of the cut
of 1913 is likely to he approached.
That was $33,500,000, There has been
a very satisfactory demand from Ontario during the year, particularly for
flooring, gannclling and moulding
Oat Varieties in Ohio \
Of more than liity varieties of oats
tested for eleven years by the Ohio
F.xperimcnt  Station  at   Woo.ler,   the|
following, arranged in order of rank,
vftally necessary to gel  'n  Kngland.'
"Iu Canada for the ten fiscal years,
from 1007 lo 1916 the average pro-i
duction has been 70,0uM.(l0() bushels. I
For the pasl season thr crop has;
been estimated al about f*n,00(),OU_ j
bushels. From official and commercial Information gathered from a
large number of sources, the present
supplies, over and above the estimated requirements for fond and seed,
are between .1,000,000 and 2,500,000
bushels. I
"It is most encouraging to know ofl
lhe widespread interest aroused inj
the'towns -and cities in this whole
question of production, Provincial j
aud municipal auiliorities, and local j
organizations of all kinds, are actively
engaged in the work."
Longest Way is Safest Way
A huge sign in a toinisl ollice al
Copenhagen, Denmark, irails: "Safest route to America���via Ihe trans-
Siberian railroad. Tickets for sale
The sign is attracting the attention
or a huge number of Americans in
Copenhagen, who have becn waiting
for several weeks for an opportunity
to return to the United States by sea. l  _,     _
A trip from Denmark to New Yorkj have yielded more than d5 bushels to
by way of the    trans-Siberian    rail-'the acre Siberian,  Improved  Ameri-I
way would cover something over 15,-  can,   Big Four,   Silvcrmlnc,     Green
000 miles,    The journey    would    be   Mountain, American    banner,    Sixty,
from Copenhagen to    Petrograd    to  Day, Lincoln, C_ar of    Russia    and]
Vladivostok, thence by way of Japan i Jeanette.   Sixty Day ripens fully
across the Pacific ami thence across i days ahead of the others, which
the American continent to New Vork, I midseason or late varieties,
Tint a soldier should use an J praise
Dr. Cassell's Tablets i3 clear proof of
the wonderful sustaining power of this
great strength-giving medicine. And
thousands of seiviee
men on 'and and
���ea nre trust ng to
Dr. Cassell's "Tablets
lo sustain them
through ail tin-
hardships of relentless war.
address Is uc.,
is one of man* who
have      writer,       II
prates of I'r, Cassjll'a
fa}s:-'-"As   n   ion.-'.ant
fusei   cf
Casse l'j 't'lbiot* I  would like lo
ray testimony to their value. I oed
them when 1 was in the South Africro
War, aud, findini the benefit cf rh-'tn
there, have ta'.iea
them since whenever Kelt run down.
1 always rteoromend
them, for I kr-.ow'
they do all thi'. '.S
claimed for them.
In my opinion they
ere the besl lonia
anyone can take (:r
less of appetite,
poorness oi trie
blood, or general
weakness cf the sys-
tern. We have had
a lot oi hard t:a.n-
ing here, and lom.
tints a_-> 1 begin la
feet the strain, hut
1 got come Dr. Cas-
Bell's Tablets, and
tire boys are surprised at what a
d.ffor'-nee th'y male in me. I mean
to have aome with aie *l-v*j* on
active service."
O.. Catttll't Tablet, pat new lift and vigour into weak,
overytroined people. They nourith the nervet, enrich th*
bloud. ttrengthen the general tytlem, and create that map
und fitncr.s which make life a joy. Take a course of them,
ami h-a!:h and vita! energy will toon be yoan.
On  receipt   of fi
cenn to coTer
mailing aud pack*
inr. ;i Rsjncroui
frr* tamp] ��� wi.) &e
If nt a I coe*.
Addretl. h-iri'.'i P.
Ritrlii*. .t Oo . Mrt��
15, UcOft-ul -siYtpU
Dr. Oaaaell s rabMa are Jfalritite, Xertera-T*. Altent_r��.
and Antl-SpMlnodlo, and the recognised   rented,   for
Herveus Irs-iik.awn    glespUssncsi Mai nutritien
Nerve Paralysis Anemia Wasting Disease!
inlantili Wraknttf      Kidney Treubli      Palpitation
Nturatlhtnia Dyspepsia Vilal Exhaustion
SpecV'y   ti'nabl*   for  nursing  mnl'rers and during  the
Critical Periods of tile.
P.M  bj   Di-u .ruts and Storekeepers throrjgbo.t Canada,
Pri,**: Oi.i tube. M wnie; ill tubes for tbs> price if _se
W'-.ir tai, I tenia per tube eilra. r
gel* Pre. rieier.i Pr. Cas.HI ��� Ce.. IM. Mafishtater, Ut,
By the death of Mrs. V, H. Janes ol
Grantham, which took place at her home
on Saturday April 21st, the family lost a
faithful wife and loving mother, the
district ol Grantham a kind, considerate
and generous neighbor, and the Methodist church a devoted and indeftttigltable
worker. The funeral service which took
place at Sandwick I'reshterinn Church
on Tuesday the J-lth was un eloquent
testimony of the high esteem which her
life had engendered in the hearts of
those who knew her. The service both
in the church and nt the graveside was
jointly taken In- ihe Rev. T. M-nzles
and Rev. Rev, II. Wilson, pastor of the
Cumberland and Grantham Methodist
churches, of wliicli the deceased was an
energetic member. Tin- prill beaiers
were Messrs. ,\1. II. hill. II. R, Clarke,
W, II. Grieve, P, Swan, A. Urquhart
and R. Willoughby
A fitting memorial service was held mi
Sunday last in ihe Grantham school
bouse by Rev. II. Wilson, assisted by
.Mr, R. Willoughby. The chapter which
has brought comforting solace to every
burdened heart for centuries (St. John
11) being read I,a- lesson. Rev. Wilson
speaking of the return home ,4 ransomed souls, basing his remarks un Isaiah
35-10. Whilst' Mr Willoughby spnkc
of tlie comfort to mourning hearts that
is found by standing nl the foul of Uncross, taking as a text St. John 19, 25-27
Ellen Jlarv Whitburn was horn iu
Melbourne, Australia, Her father was
captain of a merchant vessel, the whole
family being connected with  the seafar
ing industry. Wheu quite an infant ihe
was taken from Australia to Kngland,
her parents taking up residence in the
port ol Liverpool where her widowed
mother still lives. She was brought up
in the hallowed atmosphere of a Methodist home and connected lor many years
with the Methodist church and Sunday
School iu Egbert St. Liverpool, where
she grew to know and reverence many
of the sainted men of God whose devoted
lives have helped to make the Methodist
church the power for good and the
terror to evil doers it has become. It
was.always a delight I" her when an opportunity offered to talk over with a
friend tho glorious days nf the past with
its delights for ihosc- who love the
I "better things." Sonic years ago she
came to Canada ami settled at Morley.
east of Calgary, Alberta, where she was
assistant matron iu tin- Indian, school.
Whilst employed there she first mel Mr.
Janes; the friendship there begun cul-
ininatlng iu a happy marriage in |mni-
nry 191(1. It wns not a li .111 task to
which she thus consecrated herself. Mr
Jayues had been left with a family of
five -lillnreii by the death of his first
wile, hut she entered upon lhe duties of
the new life with a brave heart and a
natural hive for others, Seldom has a
second wife so fully gained theefFections
nl a family. Those who have been privileged to know thai hum. llfereiuetuber
with joy the perfect. h've that existed
there. Never of a robust nature, she
yet gave of herself freely for others, and
whilst slur had an Intolerance for  any-
Ladies and Gent's Tailor
New  Spring Goods  Now  on Hand
McPhee Block    -    Courtenay
thing that waa irreverent or (.patriotic
she was capable of a broad deep sympathy .
with those who wire trying to do some- |
thing for their felloi men. Her hospitality was a bye-word with all who knew
her and her keen appreciation of any
who knew her. Her religious convictions were very strong and her Christian life was of a practical kind. It was
not a matter of theory to he used on
Sunday's and in the church only, but it
broadened out into the every day life
until now it has reached it's full inatur.
ily and she sees the King in llis beauty,
Slur leaves behind to liiimrn for.her not
only the husband nnd live- children referred to but also three other little ones
that had come to crown the joy of their
married life. Mrs. Janes' brother is au
officer in lhe Britisii Navy and was in
command of the gunboat Ply" which
assisted iu the destruction of the German
"Konlgsberg" on the African const,
Her iinclc was honored by being decorated lor "bravery nt sen" by lhc hit
King Edward, who said tn linn. "It is
such liii-u ns you Hint hnve . iulo England
what she is.
Those who attended the Conservative
smoker nu Tui-sil.iv evening had lhc
pleasure oflistcuiug tn as good au euter-
(niutnent as has been put tip in Courtenay
for many moons. There wns ;t very
good attendance ami while the absence
of If. S. Clements was deplored, the
President of the association, Mr. Sain
('alhouii made a few rousing remarks
which exhiliarated e.ery one present -
The program was contributed to hy Mr,
Dozier, Scr^t. Gurney, O, Fechner. W.
Aitken, W- G. Robertson, J. Mcheod, M
Palgrave, S. Calhoun, I*. Kerton, hi.
Ilicks-iiencli, J. Carwithen, R. Eraser, A
Kerton, E. Oreechj II, Bridges, ami I'.
U. Hurford, Refreshments were served
During tin- evening the meeting passed
a motion expressing renewed confidence
in our member and the premier of the
Federal house.
Increased production of food
helps not only to lower the liinh
! cost of living, but it helps tn increase the urgently needed .surplus
of Canada's food I'or export. It
saves money otherwise spent for
eggi and poultry at high prices,
and saves the labor of others whose
effort is needed for more vital war
P. McBryde's
Bakery and Tea Rooms
Brown's Block, Courtenay
The Best'and cheapest bread in the district
14 Loaves for $1, 7 for SO cts,    for 30cU, 2 for IS cts
We invite anyone to dispute the above advertisement
The baker of Better Bread
Opposite the city hall
Anglican Church Notes
4th Sunday after Easter,  May 6.
11 a. m, irattins and Sermon at
St. Andrew's, Sand rick.
7 p. in. Evensong aud sermon at
Holy Trinity, Cumberland.
Oref ob & California Railroad Co. Grant Isndi
Title to same revested in Uunited
States by Act of Congress, dated
June 9. 1916. Two million, three
hundred thousand acres to be opened up for homesteads and sale.
Timber and Agricultural lands
Containing some of the best land
left in United States. Now is the
opportune time. Large map showing lands by sections an d description of soil, climate, rainfall, elevations, ect. Postpaid $1, Grant
Lands Locating Co., Box 610.
Portland, Oregon,
Your Printing!
Cannot be done any
better or any cheaper anywhere else in
B. C. than at the
Courtenay Review
���, - VERY ONE CAN do
Eh - something for his
Sonic can bear arms
Some can produce food
Some can make munitions
Some can give money
It is the privilege of all to help.
*~l <__7 C_?
Are YOU doing your part ?
LL EYES turn now to
the Canadian Farmer,
for he can render the
in this sternest year of the
But���our farms are badly undermanned���25,000 men are needed on
the land.
With insufficient help, the Man on
the Land fights an uphill fight to
meet the pressing need for Food.
can help.
* Municipal Councils, Churches and
Schools, and other organizations,
both of men and women, can render
National Service by directing all
available labour to the Land.
Farmers themselves can exchange
labour.   School boys can assist.
Were you raised on a farm. Can you
drive a team? Can you handle fork
or hoe? If you can't fight, you can
produce. Spend the Summer work-
ing on the Farm.
Let every man, woman and child in
the Dominion who has access to
Land, no matter how small the plot,
make it produce Food in 1917.
For Information on any subject relating to
the Farm and Garden write:���


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