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The Review Mar 9, 1916

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I   ""l 'I"!*" ��o   well ,���������],, |w
f   heraaOotib*.   Our typo anil niauliln*
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K. ^ Ve/ -J E~*" '^ . .   ! .
VOL. 4
*******>* *+4***** ������������������������������     HMHMMM��tH^t��H
j Classified Ads. |
J    Muke   your   little  W.u.is  kuowti    j
!*   through a Cluaeified AdvertUemenl     I
in The Review   -   -   -   Phone 59    }
************************ ******* ****,**,****+*++'
NO.  16
Local Lines
home on
Upper Road, Sandwick
Furniture and   Outdoor   Effects for
J. B. Bailey, Esq.
Sale  to  take place  about the  End  of March
Full  particulars  later
Real Estate Agents COURTENAY
$6.00 Per Ton
Delivered in Courtenay
AlljOrders Will Receive Prompt Attention
Phone 43 Courtenay
Making  the   Most   of It
YOU, as an up-to-date "merchant, know
Hunt it pays to give a great deal of attention to your stole-its fittings and arrangement. Your store represents a
bit,* investment and only by keeping it thoroughly modern and not neglecting uny one
feature can you expect to make your investment profitable. The large merchants whose
stores attract hundreds and thousands of customers have built their success mainly JJIiy
tnkin ; advantage of everything which would
lend individually to their stores and bring
them to tile attention of the public,
Perhaps the most Important feature, and the
one which until recently  so many  merchants
neglected, is tlie lighting.   There is no reason
why the lighting  in your  store  should not be
considered strictly as an investment on which
a certain amount of business should be returned.    The way to make this investment  profitable   is simple when   you   stop   to   consider.
First, you must use the most   efficient lighting
unit available, and, second, your light must be
different and must make your store individual.
By carefully selecting  efficient   lighting  units
you minimize the cost, which is necessary from
an  investment standpoint.   Iiidividiializating
your light enables   you to obtain   the full advertising value of it  which is secured   only by
making it different,   The commonplace  never
attracts���in lighting or in anything else.
Courtenay Electric Light. Heat k Power
Co., Limited
Phones: 01 ice 35, Res. R98      (Office: Mill Street
Mrs. Mclntyre arrived
Mrs. Hutchisonr turned on Sunday's bout from Vancouver,
Miss Ida Carroll returned home
from Vancouver, on Sunday, where
she has been (raining ns a nurse
for the past few months,
Elmer toggle and \V. II. Kirk-
wood had a rough lime of it on
Wednesday evening iliul all day
Thursday in the gale, They were
between Hornby and Denniaii Islands and lost theii canoe, The
���wind was so strong that it blew
great clouds of spray clear over
��ellow Rock lighthouse,
One of the .stellar attractions at i
the Moving Picture Show on Sat
urilav evening will be "Fatherhood" in which Hobarl Bosworth,
the author of the play, is the leading hero. This is a gripping 5 act
drama of the far west, the films
being made by the Universal Films
company, The 7U1 episode of the
Black Box will be shown. As the
weeks go by this specialty grows
more thrilling and attractive. Good
houses turn out to see every per
Wanted-r-Cheap Mare or Horse.
Apply Review Office.
Housekeeping rooms to let. Apply Brown's furniture store, Cour
The Race Track Committee will
hold their next dance on Friday
evg., March 31st,
For sale at half price���first class
English saddle, cost $42 new. Ap-
at Review office. 1119
Wiinted-Oood quiet cow for
family use, must be cheap for cash.
Apply box 162, Coirtenay.
For sale���1 fresh ?ow, with calf
at foot, very quiet and heavy milker
Apply Geo, Davis, Union Bay.
Wanted���A lady's astride saddle
in good condition. State orice to
C.E.W., Comox.
The soldiers have neatly all been
transferred lo the spit
The next meeting  of the  Board
of Trade will be held on Thursday,
March 16. at 8 p. in,, in   the City
1, 11
nboul 7
the elec-
On   Thursday  evenini
o'clock 11 tree fell   across   ,
trie light wire   between the
house ami the   Lake   Trai
lights were off till 3 a, 111.
Dr. Millard has secured the services of Dr, II, P, Cox to assist
hint in his practice in this city am'
the Royal College of Surgeons
England, a licentiate of the Royal
College of Physicians, London,
Eng,, and a coroner in and for the
Province of British Columbia, He
will reside at Comox to which place
he will shortly bring his family
who are now re.id'ilg in Victoria
During the   performance  at the
Opera House 011   Friday   evening
last some   miscreants   were   busy
One cut the strings of  Mr.   Blair's
iiaiij ���, which effectively spoi'e I his
-oiigswiii.li   uere .11110 g the best
possible.    Tlie other threw a lighted firecracker under the   throne of
Bro, Jobusing, the explosion near
ly scared the wits out of   this gentlemen of color,   and the   lady sitting next to him had   her dress set
on fire in several places by the lly-
'iig sparks.    It will not be well tor
the one who perpetrated   this outrage   if  his   name   ever   becomes
known.   There   will   be a   police
court case, and if a   conviction follows the punishment   will not be a
light one.
Presbyterian Church
St. Andrews' .Sandwick
Service 2 pin.     Sunday   School
and Bible Class 3 p. m.
.Sunday  School and   Bible Class
10:30 a. in.    Evening service 7:30
p. m. Ail welcome
It is reported that Vicount and
Vicountcss I'i.iHiin have arrived
in Vancouver on their way back
from Switzerland,
The 111 tny friends of Mr. C. II.
Gravelev, formerle/of the Comox
Cow Testing Association, will be
glad to have news of liirn, After
tiiiuiug at Friends Atnbu,atice
Unit Camp at Jordan's near Bea-
consfield, Buckinghamshire, England, he left for France mi J mu lry
19. . His exact location is cut out
by censors, but the unit have a
hospital under their charge al?o a
convoy of ambulance   cars use 1  by
Dr. Cox is a   member of  C,onvoy of ambtllallce  <--i- use 1 by
I   College   of   Sureeons       ' Fr*|ncb  military authorities for
conveying  of   sick   ami   wounded
from   the   railway   station   to the
seven hospitals in town aud four iu
the country near there     To  quote
from his letter addressed   to R. U.
Hurford: "I was sent as orderlv in
a car last Saturday night that went
into Belgium and  into the   British
zone, aud   luul   a fine   view of the
star shells and   ordinary   shells in
the distance.    It looked almost like
a fireworks   display.    We   had   a
Tatibe or Zepplin over here yesterday'morning; nobody   seems ��� = ni ter
certain which i' was.   but no   imi-
age was done     I have to get early
dinner now at 11:15 s"   l< to be on
dtttv at station at 12.    My      :-  *.s
is Field Ambulance Unit, Artny P.
O.   Sio,    British     Expeditioi a y
Force, France.
Wanted for cash ���10 pigs about
75 lbs. each, at ioc per lb. Apply
P, O, Box 161, Courtenay.
For sale���sleigh, with pole, also
top bttggv almost new. Apply W.
Duncan, Sandwick.
Wanted to buy from the farmers
of the Comox valley, potatoes and
other vegetables. A. B. Ball,
For sale at sacrifice price���1000
gallon tank. Fairbanks engine and
pump, almost new.    Apply Box B, |
Review office.
I'or Sale cheap���A lot of   agree-
ment and assignment forms, leases,
bills of sale, chattel mortagage, re- j
lease of mortgage.    Apply Review :
For Rent���J. B. Bailey's fain-
Upper Road,   10   acres,   with   or
! without dwelling house, all cleared.
Apply Hi.'ki-Beach & Field, Court-,
jeiiay, I
I.. To rent-Nob   Hill,   Comox, ,'4
'acre chicken ranch, 2 acres cleared,   '���
4 room house, good   well, 1-2 acre
strawberries and other small fruits.
Apply, P. O., Comox.
For Sale- One 6 h, p. Fairkanks
Morse Gas Engine, one 3 k- w.
Dynamo switch board, etc, also
pump and belting, Capacity 12
j-allous per minute. Apply at
, Riverside hotel,
Ten acre ranch, six acres cleared
Fine six room house, barn, stable,
chicken bouses nd large yards,
wire fenced, 3 miles from Courtenay
price fifteen hundred dollars. Improvements cost over $1200. Apply by letter Box 11 Review office
Comox .Creamery
45c per lb. this week
A Large   Shipment   of   Dried   Fr iiis   have  just
arrived, consisti ig of
Peaehes, Pears, Apricots, Prunes
bo. ase SHEPHERD'S �����������>"�����
m*Ag*kftt**0kr*kf*tn*+***l "������������������������������^��i��.**M*-^��W'V��_��Wi>^^������-_**_^
McPhee  &  Morrison
We have just finished Stocktaking and  will now
place on view our new lines of Spring Goods which
have been arriving since'the first of the month
Some of them are:
Garden and Field Seeds,
Wall Papers, House Lining,
Dry Goods and Decorations
Come in and make_jyour choice early
Our stock m fGroceries, Hardware,
Paints, Oils, Etc., is complete THE   REVIEW.   COURTNEY,   B. C
The Mystery
of the
By Fred M. Whito
Lock  &  Co.   Llmltod
Melbourne and Toronto
(Contlnm 'lj
Hand and Foot
Whal iiiii ii mean? Why was
all Ihis commotion in the liousi
why iliil everybody leave lier so severely alone? These wen ihc questions iliiit Princess ���ara, otherwise
Mrs. .May. otherwise Mrs. Jasper Ravenspur, asked herselC. Ami why had
Marion not returned?
Oh, it was bitter to lie there fettered hand und l'oot al Hip very moment
when activity anil cunning nnd net km
wero most imperatively needed, Audi
Tchlgorsky was not dead, llow she
had been tricked and fooled!
Fate hud played against her,  Who I
could  have  anticipated    that   Voskt'
would havo come to Ravenspur and
met his death there!    Bj   this time
tho sham Ben lleer hud all necessary
proofs in his hands.
The door opened
looking' womun came
was something of the
yet more severe und
came in und took her
air of ono who watch
u  resolute
in.    Her gai'D
hospital type,
plainer.    She
place with the.
:s u prisoner,
"I do not require your services," the
adventuress Bald coldly.
"It is Immaterial, madam," was tho
equally cold reply, "I am sent to do
my duly whether you require my services or not."
"Indeed! Am I to regard myself
as a prisoner, then?"
The other bowed. The bolt had
fallen. There was nothing for It but
to Bubnilt quietly. By this time
Tchigorsky's pruofs were in possession of the police. The prisoner Biuil-
ed grimly us she thought how she
could escape her toes j'et.
"What is tho    contusion
house?" she asked,    "What
"My name is Symonds.
fetched here by the Inspector of police The bodies of two Asiatics have
been found drowned in the vaults,
at ii ti Ihey are getting ready [or the
inquest tomorrow."
Once again the defeated murderess
smiled. Fate was all against her.
Those men had eomo to do her bidding und hud perished. Doubtless
lho note seni by Vera Ravenspur
would be found on one of them, una
ihis would be no more than another
link In tho long chain.
She tried io rise bul sho could not.
Sho lay on tlie bed fully dressed, tier
lira in was ns quick and as clear ns
ever, but the paralysis in the lower
liinhs fettered her. A blind fury
shook her for the moment.
If she hud only been free to move
sho would have triumphed even yet.
Tchlgorsky might have been n clever
man, but she would have shown him
that he, was no match lor her. And
now she hud been watched iulo tin
eastlo; doubtless tho enemy hud seen
her lay those wires, und had arranged
to give her a taste of thai deadly sunt
���she hud prepared for others. Then
Maiion hud been Bplrlted away, and
the key of the safe taken from her.
Subsequently Tchlgorsky hud ransacked tho box. ' Oh. she saw it all,
The famllj of Ravenspur Baw II ai
by this lime. too. She wus llu longer
ii guest in lee house of Ravenspur, but
a prisoner In charge of n [i mule warder. In u day or two she would be
east Into prison. In due course Bhe
would undergo hor trial and Anally he
hanged by the nek until she were
li nu.; this Let though! lhal i nisi tl
, r to ��� nub she was too clever a
woman nol to accept tha Inevitable
A greal many people in her position
would have protested and lied and
blustered,   she saw the folly ot It
"I should like to see Mr. Raven*
spur," Bhe Bald. "Will you tell him
so? You need not fear. I am helpless,    I  could not  move.''
Mrs. Symonds stepped into the cor*
Has bcin Canada'
I.VClitC   )T,15t  lot
I tnoie than lotty
Enough lot 5c. to
���''tilirilCflHiffll^'   pioduce 50 large
g_Ja____JB��jijS��? loaves ol  line,
in caiuca     wholesome nout-
i*hinj-  home  made  btead.     Do
not rxpaimrnt, there is nothing
jllll a., good.
W. N. U. 1003
rldor nnd gave tho message to a passing servant. After a lime a slow
step came Bhuffllng along up the
stairs, li was Ralph, who presenllj
nun" iuiu ibe room.
"You can leave us for a little Lime,"
he laid.
Symonds discreetly disappeared,
Shu passed Into tho corridor, The
woman in the bed opened her mouth to
ipenk, but stopped In astonishment.
Ralph's glasses were cone, and the
imootli unguents had disappeared
rom his luce. Those cruel criss-cross
lines siood oul with startling distinctiveness.
"YOU wanted to see my father"" he.
said. "My father declines to sec you
in an*, circumstances,   Perhaps l shall
(10   OS   Well."
"Vou are one c. the men l saw at
l.nssii." The words came from lhe
.vomau's lips v.illi a gasp. She hud
never been so astonished in nil her
"Yes, l was the other one." Ralph
said coolly. "I had to disgulso myself when I found oul you were in
England. There is no longer uny need
for disguise. I hope you are delighted
to see nic, my dour slsler-ln-law."
"Oh, so vou know that also?"
"Vou may lake 11 for granted thai
I knew everything."
There was a lout;' pause before lhe
woman spoke again,
"I need lint nsk wiial opinion you
have formed of me?"
"You nre perhaps tho mosl depraved
wretch who ever drew the breath of
life." said Ralph, slowly und without
emotion. "To your ambition and what
you cull your religion you nre pre
pared to sacrifice everything. You
deliberately murdered ibe man who
loved vou.''
"Your brother .lustier.. I admit it.
Perhaps you will find it Impossible to
believe that I loved him. But 1 did
with my whole hear! and soul. 1
loved him and I killed him. Does it
not Bound strange? But this ls the
fact, I had to do It���for the sake of
my people and my religion I had to
do ii. When 1 recovered those papers
I slow him as he knew | would, lie
was the only thing ou earth that 1
hud to cure  for."
"Oh!    Had you not a daiigUter?"
The womun made a gesture of contempt.
"A poor creature," she said. "But I
brought her up in the strong faith I
follow, and so sho lias not been wilh-
oui her uses. .Not that she knows anything of the Holy Temple und ihe
ceremonial there.' I never told her
about the two men who escaped along
the Black Valley. If I had 1 should
have known yon lo bo n worthy antagonist Instead of a half wilted fool,
und then you would never have
brought me to this pass. Oh, ir 1 hud
only  told her thnl!"
There wus u passionate, ring in the
woman's voice.. It was the first time
during the interview that sbe had
displayed any humanity.
"You didn't and there is au end of
il." Ralph sniii.    "Go on."
"Is there any need lo go on? 1 havo
failed and there is an end of the mutter. Win n my husband died my feelings were turned to rage and hatred
of you all."
"Why should you all live and prosper while he wus dead'.'" said Mrs.
May. "With your money 1 could do
anything among my own people. 1
could found a dynasty. Did 1 not
posses., ibe occult knowledge of the
Bast with a thorough knowledge of
whal ymi are pleased to call Western
civilization? I could do il. A little
longer and your wealth would have
come lo my child; in other words, It
would have come to me. Do you understand what 1 mean?"
"Perfectly, l have understood for
some lime. Before I returned to England 1 had un idea of what was at the
bottom of the vendetta. But yon
would not have succeeded. Tclltgor-
Bky and myself made up our minds
iliut if we could nol bring the crimes
home in you we would shoot you."
Ralph spoke with a grim coldness
that was not without iis effect upon
the listener. Hard as she was, the
sentiment was after her own heart,
"Thni ivould have been murder,"
Bhe  Bald.
"Perhaps so. In the prosiac eyes of
tin  ' ��� ���,   ��� " might havo been regarded
as criminals of ihe type you mention;
bul   We  did   nol   propose  lo  pay  any
(lel'ele! ee   111   tile   hlW.      Nol'   Wulllll   OUT
deed   have     been     discovered.     Yon
would simply have disappeared! we
should have shot you and thrown your
body into ibe sea'. And I don't fancy
thai I lie deed would have weighed
very heavily on lhe conscience of either of us."
The womun smiled. Nothing seemed to dlsturh her. she wns full of
passionati fury against lhe decrees
of fate,  but siie did  nol  show  il.
"I suppose you planned everything
oni'.'" she asked.
"Everything; Tchlgorsky nnd my*
sell between us. It was Tchlgorsky
who rescui d my nephew after your
[amlllar in the blue dress nnd red
hat had cut. the mast uml seulls. We
guessed ibut the Bearch for Geoffrey
would empty the bouse, nnd lliul vou
would take advantage of the fact.
"Geoffrey and I watched you laying
those wires, l wanted to lay you by
ihc beds here while Tcbigorsky overhauled your possessions, Your mes-
Benger wus waylaid and robbed of
your hey. Also 1 opened Ihe letter
you    int.  by  my  niece,  so  that   your
confederates might be summoned to
your assistance,"
"Marlon bus come back again?"
"Within the lust hour, yes. You
will see her presently."
The woman smiled furiously.
"Not tonight," she said.    ".Not to
night.     I  am   lit Hill   fancy   I   shut1
sleep well.    I sbull be glad of a   lollg,
long rest,    shall l see your father?"
"A'o,"   Ralph   said    sternly.    "You
certainly shall nol."
"Then good-nighl,    Do not  bo surprised if I beul you yet."
To he Continued)
Moving to Town
The    Retired  Farmer is  Not Always
Contented In His New Surroundings
Every spring In almost  every section of the country there Is au exodus
of  middle  aged   uml  elderly   farmers
Ifrom ihe farm to the little towns   a
sort of counter movement to Ihe buck
to ihe land migration ol town folks,
we 'nine investigated many of Ihese
exchanges of the rami for lhe town,
and  we are convinced  that  in  most
cases lhe initiative has been taken by
[the wife,  the    husband    acquiescing
willingly or grudgingly as his lute-rest
in bis farm homo was slight or deep
But why do farmers want to sell or
rent their farms, give up the habits of
a lifetime and .move Into u cramped
house in the town'.' Doubtless in n
majority of Instances the answer
would he that the difficulty of obtaining help indoors and out, and the coil-
sequent hard work entailed upon the
farm owner, make lhe change desirable or Imperative. Then there ure
jthe wife und daughters longing for a
Utile more liveliness and excitement;
'���. but at ihe bottom of it all Is that
j restlessness and all Impelling desire
for a change which attacks every man
when he has reached middle life. If
i one is able to withstand the disease
! for a few years, he is likely lo lind
his familiar environment take on new
! attractions. Just now in our neighborhood this insistent desire for a change
; has gripped a number of my neighbors so hard thut. ihey ure joining in
excursions to Florida, In the hope of
finding swamps, where, it is claimed,
summer Is perpetual, tho alligators
good company, the neighbors rich, refined and cultured, and where an assured and ample income is derived
from celery, asparagus, potatoes or
some oilier single crop to which the
land is alleged to be peculiarly well
adapted. Some of our neighbors who
have, returned are full of enthusiasm,
while others, and these are the, more
observing and successful at home, see
nothing particularly Inviting in lhe
Florida prospect.
What does n man who has lived and
worked on a farm for fifty years or
longer gain by moving to town and
engaging in the monotonous task of
klling lime? In the lirst place he
pains leisure, if that is desirable. He
has time to get into the front, line
whenever n lire occurs and the engines aro brought, into play; bul even
that novelty grows stale in tini". lie
has leisure lo visit the court room
antl witness the administration of justice, us it, Ib displayed in the trial of
.scores of trivial and petty enses; bul
be soon finds lliul, it adds little lo his
contentment or satisfaction of mind
and less to his income. And it Is ihe
; paucity of his income that, is a constant source of worry lo himself nnd
| his good wife. To get along on it ut
I all it is necessiiry to skimp and pure
'and lo sail close to the wind. What
! would happen if tlie crops should
prove had und ihe, tenant default in
the payment of his rent, they dure not
think; and so they linil eventually that
life in th" town is not all it was to
their imagination as tin y discussed
the prospect in lhe sitting room buck
home, and thai not even the privilege
of sitting on a store box in front of a
town dry goods store in Ibe bright
spring weniher, swapping farm experiences with other "retired'' and marooned farmers, provides lhe entire
satisfaction it was supposed io. 1 have
seen many of these abandoned farmers in the country town, and very few
of them wear a happy smile. The older men seem to me to have lost all interest in llie game of life, and to have
descended to the role of pott- gossip-
ors, while wniiing for the grim Reaper to gather ihem in, lo be laid away
llnally underneath ihe clods uml ihe
grass' they hud long ago hastened to
escape when they decided to leave the
farm. It items to me that no mailer
how it Is viewed, this abandoning the
I'arni for n home in town, fails to realize ibe Investment in happiness anil
contenl thai is promised al the outset.
Butter From Saskatchewan
Shipments of butter from Saskatchewan  io  points outside the province
lasl vear totalled *>- carloads, according' to u sluteinenl made by the dairy
commissioner at  the annual convention of iho Saskatchewan Dairymen's
association.    This  is  a  great change j
from receni conditions when Saskatchewan was an Importer of butter for
its own needs, hut th'' commissioner
savs lhe industry is just in its infancy
as there is nu unlimited export market,     ruder  Ihe  careful  government
supervision,  under    which  creamery
butler is produced   in the province,
Saskatchewan butter tins attained nu ;
excellent  quality    which    has    been,
shown  by lhe preference accorded  it j
on outside markets.
WJ!'?;jV��j . Granulated Fyclids,
-"#~>.��L_i, Eyca Inflamed by oxposura
3"-, to odd Winds and Dust
V"^*-^". quickly relieved by Murin��
lOUft WtjF.yo ltcmedy.   No Smarting, just l_y_ Comfort.   At Your Druggiiita'
SOcpcrllottlc. MurincEyeSulviiinTube32'c
For Hook of the Eye. Free wrilo
Murine E.�� Rtmtdy Company, Chicago
Urges Revival of Religion
Sir  David  Beatty  Says  Britain  Must
Get Betterment Out of War
Yii o-Admirnl Sir David Beatty,
commander of the First British Rattle
Cruiser Squadron, whose ships defeated tlie Germans in the North Sou, has
made a stirring appeal for a greal re
ltglous revival in Britain as a necessary step to victory in the wnr. in a
letter rend ut ihe annual convention
of in.' Society for the Propagation of
Christian   Knowledge,   be   writes:
"Surely Almighty Hod does nol Im
tend this war to he just a hideous
fracas, There must be purpose in
ii; Improvement must come mn of
il. "In what direction'.' France has
already Bhown us the way and lias
risen out of ber ruined cities Willi a
revival of religion thai is wonderful.
Russia bus been welded into n whole,
and religion plays a great part. Sri*
i ii in litil] ri mains to he taken oul of
ihe stupor of self-satisfaction nnd
complncencj iulo which her nourishing condition has steeped her. Until
she ecu In slired oul of ibis contli
lion, until a religious ro\Ivnl laki a
place, jits! : o hui'; v, ill llic war i on
"When she call look on Ibe future
with humbler eyes and a prayer on
her lips, then we can begin lo count
the days towards lhe end. Your society is helping lo Ibis end. and so is
helping io bring ibe war lo a successful end."
Not Conquered*, But Overrun
Germany   Will   Not   Permanently   Acquire  Any  New Territory as a
Result of the War
The German Emperor will make
himself lhe laughing slock of lhe
world if he appoints his second son,
Prince Eltel Fredrlch, King of Serbia. Tlie Throne of Serbia is not yet
vacant, und lhe territory of Serbia
is still unconquered, iu Bpite of lhe
fact thut its capital has been transferred to a foreign country. The same
remark applies to Belgium, whose
capital was removed to France early
in the war, ns was also that of Montenegro a few days) ago. There is noi a
sane observer of current events outside of Germany who does not. believe
that each of these ihree kingdoms will
be freed from lhe Teutonic invaders
at or before lhe conclusion of the war,
nnd Hint each of Ihem will he territorially enlarged us the resull of the
whole International catacylsm.
History abounds in precedents for
ibis view of ihe present situation. I
Scotland wns overrun in "he fourteenth century by the Eng-ish army.
und her crowned king was for several
years a fugitive among the mountains
of his own kingdom, bul ihal kingdom I
was during the Interval only in a slate i
of suspense. Napoleon Bonaparte in
1808 made his own brother, Joseph.
King' of Spain, but the captive Spanish monarch was restored after tlie
explosion of the French army in IMF. ,
an interval of seven years. Napoleon
himself took Vienna twice and Berlin once in the interval between 1805
and 18(!|t bul il did not occur lo anyone
Hint these kingdoms had thereby been
subjugated. To attempt lo Inflict a
Gorman king on either Serbia or Montenegro would at the present stage of
lhe war be regarded as presumptive
proof of tlie insanity of tlie German
Whatever delusions Ihc Kaiser may
still cherish aboul healing the allies
into submission, there is not a commander in his array or navy, nol a
statesman in his chancellory, not a
dignitary among his ecclesiastics, not
u professor in iiis universities, not an
economist or a financier worthy
either title in his whole realm that
regards such un outcome of the war as
a possibility. They know, if he docs
not, that. Germany can permanently
acquire no territory us the result, of
this wur, und that it is possible, if not
probable, she will lose some. They
know tliiil Ihe allies can, hy adopting
a certain mode of warfare, cause her
to cnoose between being choked to
death and being bled fo death. It is j
still open to Germany to save something from the wreck of the empire,
imt not even Hint will he possible for
any considerable time. -Toronto
Germany Expect*; to
Retain Belgium
Sites Selected  in  Antwerp on  Which
Official  Teuton  Buildings  Will
be Erected
The determination of the Germans
to remain in Belgium and hold Antwerp is clearly shown by an Incident
told to a newspaper correspondent by
a neutral who has just returned from
Tho owners of lhe great printing
plant or la In "miiis Freres, which waa
badlj wrecked hy the bombardment,
requested ihe "KomiflaiKlantur" tor
permission to rebuild, tie wns refused the ground on which the building had been located on the Marche
Aux Oeufs, adjacent to tho cathedral,
The German governor 'tillered the
old buildings ilea'- ihe monument, Including ihe Melr Bridge, must he destroyed to permit the construction ot
official buildings of Teuton architecture.
The basement of lhe Hotel de Villa,
the neutral reported, was already
transformed into _ rathskeller.
Reduction ol' Hours
Beneficial  Effects  Evidenced li-  Etifl*
land  Through  Curtailment   of
Sale of Liquor
The following pun cf .,;: editorial
f:oni ihe Ottawa Citizen show, llu!
the reduction in tl'" hours durln.
which liquor niny be sold mi Liver-
pool, hu- produced remarkable ro
suits. Imnglnc ivhut 11 would hava
been ii it had been prohibited entirely.
"The war has shown lho necessity
for economy ami the cutting of non
essentials. When such uro 111 addition,
harmful to the individual and famll*
tlie foundation of society then
should be no hesitation in curtailing
their talc or altogether prohibiting it
Britain, where the liquor Intoreats
are more strongly entrenched than In
Canada, has seen the beiinllctnl results
of its restriction regarding lhe sale
liquor. Liverpool, w n ire tho antl'
treating law has been slrielly enforc
,.���1, dot-lares lhal the new regulations
have priiied ihc virtual salvation oi
ihc community, in sal- guarding llu,
families of tiie poor, and others, from
uclual poverty, The cllj formerly hat]
the reputation of being one <if tha
v.orsi iii the kingdom; now it has be
come on" of th-' soberest, and ti
drunken person on the streets is ti
rare sight. With added sobriety jms
coiiie a remarkable Increase in indus,
try, and the authorities believe that
troubles with dock workers unit oilier
classes will now he less frequent. The
hoiirs for drinking in Liverpool ure
limited from noon each day to 2.30 p.n*
and from 6.30 to 9..0 p.m. Outsidi
these hours it is impossible lo buj
liquor in Liverpool,
The Liverpool regulations have
proved more successful than those of
London, simply because they have, up
plied to rich anil poor alike, hi Lou
don they are aimed nl the poor, and
noi until ihis week did the authorities
close clown on the fashionable cafes
where dancing and drinking continued
Into the early hours of the morning
But lhe recent action of lho London
authorities may soon cause a condition
of affairs in the Capital similar tc
those in  vogue now in  Liverpool.
ln Ontario the decision of the government will he hailed as an carnesi
of its im enl ion to deal with (he pro
blem in response lo public demand.
We spend uml waste about half a
million dollars a day through the liquot
traffic. Can we afford it'.' II. Arnotl
M.B., M.C.P.S.
An Indignant mother wrote to the
principal of the high school:
"Dear Sir.���My son writes me that
he has to study too hard. He says he
bus to translate filly hexameters ol
Latin a day. 1 looked 'hexameter' up
in the dictionary and lind it is a poetic
vrse of six feel. Now, lhat makes
three, hundred feet, or one hundred
yards of poetry for my poor son tc
translate each day. i think about hall
a hexameter, or thirty-six- inches, of
litis Latin is plenty for u hoy of hinge.   Your truly, Mrs. Smith."
Mew York's Speedway
Drivers of fust horses in New Yorl
city have the costliest speedway ir
the world, ll cos; $8,000,000 nnd if
reserved by Ihc city for the special
use of drivers of fast horses. It begins al One Hundred and Fifty-fiflJ
Btreol and extends north to Dyckman
street, a distance of four and one
quarter miles.
Jflif...���.'.'*   . :..J.
Well-known Women.
Chatham, Ont, " 1 was sick for aboir.
verv weak, could no'
eat. lo amount k
uny I hing. I got
j vary thin anil hm:
no strength nt nil
: I waa very mud
; discouraged a'
'���:���'"_"���' '������*-"*��� -thought '.
ffl�� was never going U
t better. 1
ihi not walk B
block without feel-
/, iini'; nil tired-out
W>\ I look different
'"J""'' \ medicines but die.
not get (lie lirlp 1 needed. A friend ol
mine advised me to try Dr, Pierce's Favorite Prescription. I began to take i.
with lhe 'Pleasant Pellets' und by the
time 1 had taken two bottles I was well
on the loud lo recovery, uml in nix mont'it
I wus entirely well. My appetite ctuni
hack and I gained in fic'-h. Now 1 am tu
strong and healthy us any one could wi��V
to lie. 1 owe it all lo Dr. Pierce's med
nines end I am glad of lho opportunity
to give testimony in iheir favor; the-
have done wonders for me.1'���Mist
Th__MA pAIlKEn, Ml E. King St.
Chatham, Out. "1 have taken Dt
Pierce's medicine with good results. 1
wus weak nnd run down, lost my appetite
nnd got very thin, I t oak ' Favorite
Prescription' and 'Pleasant PelloU' am.
Ihese two medicines buill mo up in a verv
short space of lime SO lhal 1 felt as woi.
ua over. 1. found tliem to be all that i.
recommended ol them; Ihey arc aood."-
Mns. Wm. \Vb_8e, Cor, Taylor at Qr&nc
Ave., 1"., Chatham, Ont.
Every woman who has backache, head
ache, low spirits, slceplesa nights, owes i'
lo herself lo speedily overcome thetroubli
before a breakdown canscii prostration,
Pr, Pierce'. Favorite Prescription ii
n non-alcoholic remedy lhat any ailini
womun can safely |tako because It is prepared from root, and horbi with pun
glycerine, containing tonic propuiM-a THE   REVIEW.   COUHTNEY,   B. C
) MM
To heal sores, does not mean to
hoal over tho outer skin, only to
havo din sores break out again,
Ileal healing, means going to lho
root of the trouble und curing from
tho base upward. That is the way
Zam-Buk heals, and that Is why
Zam-Buk cures are Ins'iilg.
Zam-Buk, as soon as applied to
> sore, commences three processes.
It soothes the paiu by drawing out
tlm inuammation, Being a strong
germicide, ii thoroughly cleanses
the sore hy destroying Till germs;
-nd then by Ur marvellous healing
power. It promotes the growth of
new, healthy tissue. As the new
ti3suo gradually develops, it casts
off the old, until the diseased patch
Is replaced by new, healthy flesh.
Effected by this unique method of
healing, Zani-Biik euros are thorough and permanent. Send this
-rtlcle and ie. stamp for return
postage, to Zam-Buk Co., Toronto,
tind we will send you n free trial
Working Young Horses
Great   Care   Must   be   Taken   Not  to
Overwork  the Crowing  Animal
.Some young horses of good size and
strength can safely be worked al two
years of age. if ihey ure worked moderately and bundled ivilli cure and
The writer bus broken und worked
two young horses at two years of age,
and in both cases ihey turned oul to
be splendid mature aniinals. Both
grew nnd developed right along" till
they were live years of age, but they
mere handled with Utmost care add
fed liberally.
It is not reasonabl i lo expect a two-
year-old or a inr;'.'-: ear-old horse to
jo as much wor; as a mature animal.
Tho young horse must be given a
light load at first, und It must not be
pushed to its limit during the first
working period of its young life. It
:. best lo work the young horse with
a strong and reliable older one, giving the younger one advantage over
the old. A stay chain should be used
on the older ,iorse so that be can
start the loud und even pull it by
himself in hard places. The loud for
the team should never be excessively
Another importan' point ;n working
'.he young horse is to never work iiuii
full (lays at first, and never crowd
aim to the pnhu of fatigue, especially
en warm days. Do nol iry to worn
the life und villi out of the young
iinimul at firs' simply because he lias
life and vim. Such is apl lo ruin his
spirit nnd result iu n slow or balky
animal. You wish to preserve his
vim and spirit lor later use.
And, by ul! means, feed ihe young
working animal liberally of it variety
io furnish energy for work and inat-
tii'iuls for the building of rich blood,
muscle, and boa -. Feed some outs,
corn, wheat bran, and alfalfa or clover hay, wiili a little oil meal, The
young animal musl be built up in body
.3 he works and grows.
Economic Commission
lo Divide Lip Work
Staff of Experts Will be Appointed to
Conduct   Investigations
The big problems which ure being
attacked bj the Dominion l.coiioimc ]
and Deveiopnioul commission, especially those in relation to conditions
alter the war, are to be looaeti into
by the stall of experts. 'I Here are '
nine menu ers on me commission, nnd
I'd!' lllelll nl| to visit III'1 lllliel'elll   pane. I
of Hie country und Invsstigato mat
lets ai llrsl band Ibe number is ratiiei
linwli lily. Sen: tor l.ougiiecil and
Secretary Bmcli have in en working |
on a. plan winch contemplates a illusion "i Hi" work and specluc investigation by experts.
It Is proposed to outline cighi or
ten subjects upon which detailed investigation by these experts will be
made, Primarily there is ihe question of Immigration after the war, und
tlie problem nol only of selection but
of location of the Immigrants, and assisting lllelll ill gelling ll tootbold ill
tne country, inner questions nre ag*
ricultural production, transportation,
marketing ami rural credits.
Duncan Campbell paid a \lsil lo a
friend in GlnHgow, who look him lo
dine in a rather Hohemlnn restaiiriu.it. I
Duncan's natural caution  led  him to i The Leaning Tower
look around often in see thai his hat The campaniles ot. St, Mark and
and coal remained slill on tho pegIPisa were buill or begun in the same
where ho bad lel'l Ihem. cenlur*    -viz., lite twelfth.   The lean-
"Yoll arc n simpletons chap," said Ing lower is ITU feci high und 51 feet
his friend al lusl. 'Who do you tli._��� 8 inches in diameter, cylindrical in
is going to walk in here and steal I form, the exterior entirely buill of
our coats?" | white marble and the Interior of Ver-
"Cannti say."  replied  Duncan, "but ruca  stone.
I'll till.' .''ttiii cure thai naebuddy gets |  .
;iwa' wl' mine.  Yoors went  ten  mean
its  ago,"
Bovril makes other foods
nourish you. It has :i Bodybuilding power proved equal
to from 10 to 20 times the
amount  of   Bovril    taken.
i'or yeurs Mother -Craves' Worm
! Exterminator bus ranked as the most
effective preparation manufactured,
and it always maintains its reputation.
An Old New York Grave
The oldest grave in Trinity cliurch-
. . I yard, New York City, so far as can be
,,      ,,    ,,   ..       '.,   ,,      ,  ,     determined, Is that of Richard ChuVch*
Her llciilt.i Must Be Carefully er.   The stone on the grave Indicates
Guarded as -She Approaches    tliat the ll0y (liotl at the age o�� Bve
... ,        , land a  bail' years, April 5,  1681.
Womanhood . 	
The mol her wild call to mind herj
own girlhood knows now urgently ber
(laugmer is luteiy to need ueip tinu
strength In tlie years between eany
sellout days und womaniiood. li is
men that growing gins nroup, become
(eeij.e,   b'iouilless   und   nervous.    .\u-
The   Xova  Scotia  "Lumber   King"
says; >
"1    consider MINARD'S LINIMENT
A Purely Vegetable Pill. -The chief
ingredients of Parmelee's Vegetable
Pills are mandrake und dandelion,
sedative and'purgative, but perfectly
harmless ln their action. They cleanse
and purify and have a most healthful
effect upon lhe secretions of the digestive organs. The dyspeptic and all
who suffer from liver and kidneys ailments will find in these pills lhe most
effective, medicine in concentrated
form thut bus yet been offered lo the
"Pcroy looks a hit worried this afternoon."
"Yes, poor fellow. His I'alel is
down sick and Percy doesn't know
Whether the lie lie's wearing is the
one to go with Ibe suit he's got on."
Self-made Host (showing his pictures)���I don'l know whether it's u
Lancia or a Holbein. I bought a
motor car at the same time and got
the tags mixed.
tiire is calling for more nourishment I the best LINIMENT In use.
tnan the biood can supply,   signs of     1 Kol my foot badly jammed lately.
distress ure plainly evmenl    in dun j I bathed It well with MINARD'S LINI-
j e) es, pule eliecKs,    weak and aching   MENT and it was as well as ever next
imcKs, nis oi depression und otten u day.
dislike for proper rood,    inese bi_u.      Yours very truly,
mean anaemia���-tnat is bloodi.ssneos. T. (!. McMULLEN.
I    The watchful mother tunes prompt |
si -;'S lo give her girl tlie new, ricn,
red blood her system calls lor, ny giving lier Cr. Williams' Pink Plus, winch  ,	
transiorm weait, anaemic gnus Into a lie Arc yon superstitious when
condition  of perfect  heaitn,  through  thirteen persons sit down to the table
' ine rich, new blood these puis ueiuui.y jut tlie same time'.'
make.    .No other medicine  lias  ever i    she���Well, not superstitious, but I
succeeded like Dr. Wtllams' Pink Pills 'am sometimes worried, if 1 have cook-
and thousands of weal:, disheartened ed only enough i'or ten.
[girls  have proved  their  tvortn.  Miss | 	
iviabel Sinclair, Cobourg, Ont., says; | With so thorough a preparation al,
"About, three years ago I was a very hand as Miller's Worm Powders the
sick, nervous and run down girl. At! mother who allows her children to suf-
'the least excitement 1 would trembieifer from the ravages of worms is un-
antl faint away, and the slightest noise wise and culpably careless. A child
would annoy me. I had severe pains subjected to the attacks of worms
about the heart, and would often take Ms always unhealthy and will be -stunt-
dizzy and smothering spells. 1 lost ed in its growth. It is a merciful net
in weight and lhe color all left my to rid it of these destructive parasites.
face. My mother get nil sorts ot; especially when it can be done with*
medicine for me, but all failed to do .out difficulty.
mo  any  good,  and  i  war.  still  going:  ���	
down bill. One day we read in the ! Draft French Womenfrr Army Work
newspaper of a .similar ease cured by j "Women must replace auxiliary
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills und the next, soldiers in lhe army clothing stores,
time my mother went, to town sue J uniform repair shops, hosptials and,
got three boxes. In a short lime I so far as possible, in the shell making
it'll the Pills were helping me, and factories," savs Gen. Oallienl in a
irom lhat on every day they helped statement made public recently.
me more. 1 look altogether nine Rigi,- instructions io this effect
mixes mid felt like a new person. 1 have been out. to liie military author-
was ready foi all my meals, gained hi | itio. throughout Prance
weight; the color came back to my "An initial experiment in tentatively
cheeks, and I was again enjoying per- replacing men with women." Cener.il
fed health, and have ever since en-jOallieni says, "has proved complete-
joyed that blessed condition, l earn- ������ SUOcessful, especially In office work
estly advise all weak girls to give Dr. ... ���*.��� ministries. The time has come
Williams' Pink Pills a fair trial, as I t0 _raft the women for real army
am sure they will do as much for them : work."
as they did for me." , .	
You can get these pills from any
medicine dealer or by mail al nil cents
a box or six boxes for $2.50 from The
How They Cure
Plkssisvu.*.., Qub.
"I suffered from Kidney Trouble let
several years, nnd tried numerous romedics
and doctors' prescriptions without ncrmniiont
relief, my caso being chronic, After seeing
about Gill Pills, and as il i- a well known
fact Hint Juniper, without alcohol. Is excellent
for tlie Kidneys, I deckled to try Gin Pill.-.
One single pill gave tne great relief, I have
now (liken lour liuxe-. of I Iin Pills mill find
myself completely cured. No more bud
humor���Increase In weight���clear eyes���fresh
color���more strength and vigor. This is
what Gin Pills have dime lor me."
ii. fowls in: it ni; in-.
Your druggists sells Gin Pills joe. a box
or six boxes $-,50.   Write lor free cample lu
National Drug & Chemical Cc.
of Canada, Limited, Toronto.
W. N. U. 1093
Methods of Detecting Life'
Methods Used  to Dctermlno Whether
Wounded  Soldiers Arc Alive or
Three mi thods us- ! in the r ur ol
lho lighl II ! Hill     I )  .'!     ,   ��� 'ire ens lo
del  i���: ii   i  c ul 'in: cases  �� liether
ii soldier who has fell ui l    nllvi   or I
dead are described in Ln Clinlen Med- ,
lea Ittiliuna, and discussed in lite cur-
rent  number of iih' Medical  it i or I.
The flrsl uf Ihese is in drop elher Into !
tho conjunctival  sac of one eye.    if j
ibis is followed i.y ;, reddening of the
conjunctiva, ii affords proof thut the I
cln illation is  intact, and thut  lif.- Is
still present.    'I in. other eye is usi ,1
as a control. Tin' Becond te l has b u n
recently proposed by Icard. Il consists
in the .subcutaneous Injection of door-
escin, which, if the Individual is still
living,  is soon  followed  by u yellowish coloring of llic skin und mucusa,
The conjunctiva and the mucous mem-
bi'une of the mouth, and particularly
llic  I'renuni of the tongue, show this
coloration most distinctly.    The test
consists in  ibe injection of eight to
ten cubic centimeters of a solution of
20 grams of lluorcscin und :;n grams
of sodium carbonate in 100 grams of|
distilled water.    .\ negative result  is
obtained in cases of marked slowing
or enfeeblement    of ihc circulation.
ns during the agonal condition.    Tin- '
third tesl  has recently been proposed,
by  llulluin.    It consists ill the direct
exploration of the heart by means of u
stiletto.   This is introduced throuogh !
:i  small incision  in one of tlie  intercostal spaces.   Any movement of ibe |
heart is communicated to lhe stiletto.
In some cases of suspended animation j
it is possible to arouse cardiac activity hy means of gentle movements of
the stilette,  combined  with  artificial '
respiration,���Springfield    Republican
-..(vs.* ���*"--��---**--*^--rit*fft_iMHfnjjut
The Wretchedness
of Constipation
Can ijiiitkly he '
ionic ]>y
Purrly vsgetabl'
���act surely and
p'n'.ly on the
liver. Cure
nciS, and Indigestion.    They do  their du'y.
Small Pill, Small Dole, Small Price.
Genuine must ben Signature
Forests of the Philippines, according lo a governnieni expert, contain
200,000,000,000 bourn feci of lumber,
one-half as much as iu ihc forest reserves of the United States, bin on
one-eighth the area of bind.
Mack, 1 wish you'd come lo see me
'Why, Vanessa, I thought you were
engaged  to  .Algernon   Fitzwhlsllo?"
'No; but I think I could if I could
organize a little brisk competition."
Lumbago's Misery Ceases,
Every Aching Muscle Cured
Incense is the resinous gum that ex-
Housing the Sheep
mainland from neiir Herberu to Cape
Gttardaful, some incense comes from
a region adjoining Maskat, near the
Vrablail   const.     Inferior   Incense   I
Contrary to general opinion, sheep I round In India, hut the best und great-
ns  well as any other class of farm | est quantity conns from  British  Ko-
anlmals require clean, dry shelter. It malllaud,
is especially Important that the feet I _-_���_-���-_���_
and fleeco be kept dry.    If their quar-1 Run to One  Name
ters are dry and clean the sheep will j��� t|ie vllage of Walchwil, Swii/cr-
Staild very cold weather without (lis- \iiUh\, oul of u population of 1,044 no
comfori or disease. There must he; ,-,,...,,.. tliiiii BOS pefSoas possess the
ample ventilation, for sheep if closely  namB 0r Hurllmann.
crowded sweat badly .and quickly use j	
up oxygen In the air, hui there must "~ "  ""
he no drafts us sheep are very subject
;'l"JJt'('1 ' FiUf^r
ate tholT\_.,7
to colds.   Iii tho ordinary climate tho I IT"" -s?     Bj& YOU.-.      Li
sheep burn may be constructed of one 'if     J-\ n> �����i**1 ^ ���*D_��H_,"�� Tr
thickness   of   matched    boards,    it | L^/-' M" P.M'\m Wmhl .v.-.-/ .
hoiihl he large enough to house tli'lly*1-,
         ���-_ ..���_..    ���      ��������� (II I'.
entire Hock without crowding. Win-'iff K1
ilows enough lo penult lots of sun-\ r
shine to enter nnd clean, dry bedding    /-*/
under foot ure necessities, The lambing pens should he of warmer construction than the general shed.
Minard's Liniment Cures Garget In
Rapid Shocm-king
A piece of leather can now he transformed Into a pair of hoots in thirty-
four minutes, passing ihrough the
bunds of sixty-three people and
through fifteen machines,
Bleaching Ivory |
Ivory may be bleached by placing it j
in a glass dish filled with' turpentine
and exposing it for two or three days!
to tlie sunlight '
Not necessiiry lo drug Inside!
Thut awful stiffness that makes you
yelp worse than, a kicked dog will be
cured���cured for a certainly, und
quickly, loo, if you just rub on Nerviiine.
Hub Nerviiine right Into the sore
spot, rub lots oi il over those tortured
muscles, do ihis and the pain will go.
Vou see Nerviiine is thin, not oily.
Therefore, it sinks in, it penelrates
through the tissues, it, gels right lo
those stiff, sore muscles and Irritated
nerves that make you dance.witli pain.
You'll get almost instant relief from
muscle soreness, stiffness, aching
joints, lameness or rheumatism by
rubbing with Nerviiine. It's a soothing liniment, and doesn't blister,
doesn't burn, or even stain the skin.
It's lhe mosl harmless cure in the
world for Lumbago, Hack Strain or
Sciatica. It tnkes away the ache at
once and ends your misery quickly.
Now quit complaining���don't suffer
another day���Nerviiine, lhat good,
soothing old-time liniment will limber
you up mighty quick, <lct busy today, the large 50c family size bottle
is the mosl economical, of course, the
trial size costs but 25c. Any dealer
anywhere can supply Nerviiine.
Is Canada Ready?
Lord Derby believes that nfler (he
war there will he a rush of young
Britshers to Canada, it Is to be hoped
Lord Derby is a correct prognosticate
or, and thai Canada Is ready for tiie
rush when it comes.���Calgary Herald,
We offer One Hundred Dollars Reward for ituy   case of Catarrh that
cannot bo   cured    by Hall's Catarrh
P,  J.  CHENEY & CO., Toledo,  O.
We, iho undersigned, have known .'.
J. Cheney for the last 10 years, and believe iiini perfectly honest in ah business
transactions ami Itnanotally able to carry
out any obligations mado by his linn.
Toledo. O.
Hull's Calarrh Cure Is taken internally,
_ctin��� directly upon the blood und mucous surfaces of the system. Testimonials
sent tree. Price 75 cents per buttle.
Bold  by all  druggists.
Tuke 11.1:1 a Family P.lls (or constipation.
i'.vcn in a match   you   sb
consider the "Little   I'll in .  .
the wood���the cornpi
the   strikeabilitj - the   01
are made of strong dry pre
stems, with a secret perfe.'e :'
composition that guarantees
"Every Match A Light.' '.;
years of knowing how���that's
the reason!
All Eddy products are dependable products���Always.
Cook's Cotton Roc? CoasootsO.
A soft, reliable r  ttUxtinrj
medicine.  �������� ���*��� In I : -
pi-pi-f- of strength S I,
$1; No, 2, fi; N '. $5
por    box.     S . l
di ii.'.;:.-.".    0|     - -���  .     |
paiu ii*   ;.:���.'. t
roci Ipl      - '    ; :    ���        . .��� .
pamphl t.   t\ : li
THt; COOXMt. i ,IN'��COJ
lC.13J.Td. CRT. (f����dj KKjmJ
rHENEWPREr-OHltElVcDY. Nil  �� 2 N 3.
great tacceu,, ���   : .. ���    ,; .
* VIM. '.ID'.j.v.  BLAODEK, I       \ - J
CU.tS.   I.iril"! I.o. l)��     (GISTS 1| ���.,-:   5|. |       |   ,       ,
roc.BIU ci. ����� BSIKMAS SI   I.WVOR "
ro��o��io  vujtnnrngtt   ... ,0
MM'.Co.im   ... ,, -.Kt.,,u :. .;. .-., ;.
IBl XKWdKi ...,.t, ��TE*.( U> |  IKM   . -.    - . _ _
BS THAT   IKAHF.   Ml��SI.0   U, .��*,   ' Til I !..l : .   .     |I      .
-'^ZJ^y Poor Blood _.
is the indirect cause of much
winter sickness���it allows chills,
invites colds and sickness.
Nourishment alone makes blood-
not drugs or liquora���and the nourishing food in Scott'* Emultion charges
summer blood with winter richness
and increases the red corpuscles.
Its Cod Liver Oil warms
the bod**, fortifies the lungs,
���nd alleviate* rheumatic
Prohibition Law Tor Saskntchewan
Hy ii unanimous decision lito com-
niitiec of One Hundred ot the Saskatchewan Social, Moral nnd Reform
League, wont on record for prohibition, und is risking the Saskatchewan
government for tlio abolition of tlie
remaining liquor stores within the
province, nnd to so amend the Sales
of Liquor Act of 11)16 as to necessitate
the CloalBg of nil liquor stores within
the province on und after Juno III),
An amendment asking thai the
government have a plebiscite at the
next provincial election In December,
1916, when the people shall decide
whether or not there shall be pro-
hlbltlon, was lost, only seven members voting for it.
Lasts a
Will sharpen your iiarer Belli
il-an can U- i'o ie In nu .  otliei
Lifetime.    Snt'sfactlou bv m,.[
refuiiileil |i -i i>,    25  Cents       i_ti    ioto'r
s  o,-75 Cents.    " k Straps $1.80   Ei nl
Made.   Canada Kone Co., iv.,\i. ���,-.,  Mani-
il. Ci
The hruin of a man exceeds  twlc
that of any other animal.
HOME TREATMENT. - Describi' sour il
sad write for free booh and leslinionia!-;.
, Iii every town in Canada to sell "Sterl*
I in1; clothe:;" to measure. They arc absolutely guaranteed.   Write far partic-
I ulars.
; 575 College Street ��� Tcronto
Putting Ono Over
The Kronen was di-.atl.'ficd with
tho leitor whicii his stenogrupher presented I'or his signature, tie signed,
but made her put it back Into tho
machine and add:    P.S.--Dictated to
i a poor stenographer.
I She folded lho letter and put il In
tli.' envelope, but no sooner waa her
employer's back turned than she took
lit oul and added: P.S. No. .-The rca-
1 son I am so poor Is because he pays
me only U per waek. THE COURTENAY REVIEW
The Courtenay Review
And Comox Valley Advocate
A  Weeky Newspaper,   Pubished at
Courtenay, B. 0,
N. II.  MomtN, Editor and Proprietor
Telephone 59
Bnhscription $1.50 per Year in  Advance
The people nt' Vaurouver nnd
Vii'toi a have elected two Liberal
ineiiiliei's to the Legislature whose
actions will lie watched with interest by all the rest of the peu] le of
B, C. Whether they acquit themselves as statesmen or as plain
everyday j_wsmiths will largely de
termiue the fate of liiemselves and
their followers at the next general
election, There's au old saying
that if you tkrow mud enough some
of it is hound to stick. The Liberals by the help of all their prospective caudidalfjs, disgruntled Conservatives, and the reported use of
vast sums of money, made enough
of it stick to defeat two members
of the present administrators, within a week,
Notes By The Way
It pays to advertise if good value
for the money is given, tiie old
saving being:
The man who'd rise before lie dies
Must cither "bust" or advertise,
It is no use Hilly Brown advertising his apples if his mode of packing is to put the large ones on the
top layer of the box und the small
ones underneath, because Iiis brand
soon becomes known.
The dentist should advertise to
tell the people the absolute necessity of attending to their teeth, especially when we hear Irom a reliable source that strong Billingsgate
language was used by a Coster on
Un occasion of a supper at which
his Rood old friend the Baroness
Burdett Couts was present, when
some ice pudding got ill the hollow
of his tooth, forgetting the company he was iii, luil fortunately her
ladyship didn't heat it,
The stay nt home "Critic" referred to in our lasl issue tells the
Review that he stays at home to
"Review" tilings while his grandson 23 of age. who enlisted 10
montbsago, is doing his bit al the
front, which the fact of the Review
not closing down, when other
newspapers did, enables him to do,
take for instance the watered stock
company shark whom he said a
few weeks back should get a black
eye. The Hon. Sir Mr. White,
Federal Minister ol Finance, has
promised to do this by including in
Iiis budget a tax much higher man
the present act calls for on all
watered stock companies, lu all
probability our Federal ' ember
Clements urged this, being as much
anxious as "Critic" to do his level
best for the honest, iudiistiious
working man.
Rev. A. Bushlnger desires to express his regret at being unable to
conduct services at S. Peters on
Sunday last, owing to the bud eon
dition of the roads between Cum
Iv .land and Coiltteiiay.     He  Weill
down in Royston intending to row
ai ross lo Co nox, there was not a
breath of wind when he   left Cum
berland, but on arriving at Roys-
ton it began to blow and the sea
got up. He and Mr. J, Idiens
launched a bout and essayed to
cross tlie harbour, but before Ihey
got n third of the way across they
were nearly swamped aud were
nearly swamped and were obliged
to turn back.
About one hundred soldiers headed bv two bands of the 10.ml Batt.
inarched up to the Church of St.
John the Bapt'sl on Sunday morning, and after service escorted them
back to Comox again, There was
not room enough in the church for
the band, so tbev adjourned to the
hospital, where Ihey serenaded the
inmates, and were served with refreshments by the Sisters. Such a
sight was never witnessed in Comox before.
The Sisters at the hospital have
been very busy    with sick   soldiers
nml camp accidents.
The snow has all disappeared
from the fields nboul Comox with
tlie exception of a patch near the
The Sisters of St. Joseph's Hos-
are about to instal an electric light
1 ��� a
Mr. and Mrs- Nellomoved down
to Union Bay on Friday where
they will reside for a few months'.
Mr. T. Pearse has returned home
from his extended trip to the Rock"
ies, and says he is feeling just fine-
Messrs- J. and T. Williamson
spent last Thursday visiting Mr,
James Monks out at Bevan, When
they were coining back it was too
airy lor some of the trees. There
was only nineteen across the road
to pull the sleigh over.
This is examination week at the
night school The pupils had better be careful with iheir double t's
p's and i|'s.
On Tuesday night a very enjoyable young people's party was held
lit Crouton Ranch. Mr. C Pearse
created lots of fun by conveying
most of the party, chiefly ladies, in
his original prairie schooner, the
only one extant.
Mr. Fotiracre has reopened his
store at Rovston, It is well slocked with the usual necessities,
Mr. II. Williamson, who has
; been visiting his parents, left for
Indian Head, Sask-, on Friday's
The annual meeting of  the Go-
mox Cooperative Society Ltd. was
[held on Tuesday   eveuiu*.     The
auditors'statement   was   read and
(also reports from manager, of Cumberland and Courtenay shops.   The
1 oid board of directors was re-elected
! The business was found to be growing in volume and   it is hoped that
if conditions continue  to  improve
aud if fanners will patronize their
'own business to the fullest possible
I extent, that il will be within reason
to expect that the  concern will yet
pay one hundred cents on lhe dollar.    In this connection it may be
stated that the GoOp  is now  in a
position to handle aud pay cash for
practically all tlie   beef,   veal   and
pork in the valley,   and   il may be
pointed out    thai    the   larger   the
turnover the sooner it   will be able
to begin lo pay its   old   accounts.
Sell voiir beef,   etc.. and buy \ our
meat from the Co Op Society   and
thus give tic business  a chance to
pay wh.it it uivts,
Spring 1916
The Following
Now on Show
Ladies House Dresses
Wash Skirts and Middy Suits
Shirt Waists and Middy
Silk and Satin Underskirts
Dress   Goods
Dress Ginghams
Dress Muslins and Ducks
Esquii-ialt   &.
Through Passenger Trails leave Courtenay 11:35 on Monday, Wednesday and
Friday for Victoria and Way Stations
RETURNING���Arrives at Courlenay at
16:10, Tuesday, Thursday ar.d Saturday
Steamship tickets on nil lines to all parts
of the world. For particulars etc., address
Dial. Patience- Aurcnt, Victoria
Agent Courtenay, Phone K 60
Waidsook and Lawns
Gala teas
Towels and Towelling
Spring Models
now being shown in
C-G a la Grace
Seeds MUST be ordered early this year
Shortage is expected through ot Dominion
The Vancouver Milling & Grain Co,, Limited have, (or
many years, made a careful and thorough study of seeds
that would prove BEST for conditions wliicli govern in Ilrit.
ish Columbia. Today, we believo we carry the best on the
Indications throughout the Dominion point to a shortage
this year, and it will lie NliCl'SSAKY to order MARIA' il
you wish to secure a supply.
We carry the following: -
CLOVI'RS   (all kinds),   GRASSES,  TIMOTHY  (99 1-2 per
cent,  pure) SU'KI'T CORN, 1'NSILAl Hi CORN
All kinds of Vegetables such us Turnip, Mangle, Carrot,
Sugar Meet, etc., etc. Also lull line ol Seed Grains, including
leading varieties of Wheal, Oats, Hurley, Rye and Peas.
Order Early���Ready for Delivery March 15th, or earlier
if desired.    But Order NOW
Look for the familiar "Circle V" trade mark on every bag
Royal Standard Grain Products Agency
F. Movitz, Mgr. Phone 3H End of Bridge
On Friday evening last one of the
largest audiences that ever gathered in Courtenay turned out to see
the Courtenay Minstrel Company
perform The club were g eatly
handicapped by the absence of several of their best performers, owing
to tlie storm of the night previous
and ravages of the grip, viz, Mrs.
Hutchinson. C. Seagreaves, O.
Gibson and T. Hudson, The club
was organized by Mrs. Kilpatrick
several weeks ago lo give a series
nf entertainments for the benefit of
the prisoners of war fund, and the
amount realized from the initial
entertainment was highly gratifying to all concerned.
The curtain rose on a row of
1 luck faced artistes sitting in a
circle round the stage with the in-
lerlocuctor, Bro, Johusing, on a
raised dias in the centre of the
crescent and nil singing a medley
of plantation songs.
The numbers were all well received, there being many fine voices
in Courtenay. Tlie singing ol Mrs.
Blair, Mrs'. Hicks Beach, Mrs.
Campbell, .Mrs. Cooke aud Mrs.
Mitchell was much appreciated by
tlie audience. F, Daly is host in
himself in the singing line, and W.
A. W. Hames song also received
marked attention. Sandy Blair's
songs need no uieuti&n, they are
always enterlainig and Sanely always has something new lo say and
sing. The Endmen's jokes were
tmelv and to the point, and some
of them made a decided hit with
the audience. If you don't believe
Arthur Shepherd is makes a good
Koon, ask Feck, both these artists
distinguished themselves   in   their
u-nial able manner.
The Cake Walk by Mrs. Cook
Miss Glazbrook, Mr. Hames and
Mr. 1'ei'liner was a n.veltv in
Courtenay aud took well.
The skirt dance by Mrs. Hieks-
Beaeh receive'.'! well-merited applause and had to be repeated.
The burlesque on Uncle Tom's
Cabin was extremely funny, while
the tableau "T e Allies" was extremely well staged.
Thi', Program
Solo, Mrs. Mitchell.
Solo, "Don't You   Cry   Ma   Honey"
Mrs, Hicks-Beach,
Solo "Down 011 the Old Svvanec" A.
W. 11. Shephard.
Solo, I Can't Stop Loving You." Mrs.
Solo, "I'm Proud To Be  Tlie   Mother
Of A Hoy Like You." Mrs. Campbell.
End Song, "Rulus Rastus," F, Daly.
Solo, "Way Down   Upon lhe Swanee
River," Mrs. Blair.
Laughing Song. Mr. Mar.
Chorus, The King Tailed Coon.
Solo, "Al The   Bottom of   The Deep
Illue Sea." Mr. Fechner.
Solo,   "Goodbye Summer,  So Lone
Fall, Hello Winter Time," Mr.   Hames.
Cake Walk, Mrs. Cooke,   Miss   Glazbrook, Mr. Hames, Mr. Feclmer.
Stump Speech, Colin Campbell.
Skirt Dance, Mrs. Hicks-Beach.
"On the Shores ol Italy,"   song   and
dance.      Mr.    Hames,    Misses   Creech,
McKenzie, Ola/.br 10k and   Mrs,   Cooke.
This win. one of   tlie best   numbers  on
the program.
Burlesque, "Uncle Tom's Cabin."
Tableaux. "The Allies."
National Anthem.
Mrs. Kilpatrick, Accompaiiiast.
The others who assisted in tlie chorus,
ses were Mrs, II. Idiens,   Mrs.   Macbin,
land Mr. Allan.
I    The ladies sold home-made confettons
'during the intermission, and at the con-
! elusion of the programme   refreshments
consisting of  sandwiches, cake and coffee were served at   10c  per  plate.    The
dance wliicli   followed   was   one   of the
[ mosl   enjoyable   held   this   sensor., the
I Hour was in excellent shape, and lhe original Harmony Orchestra supplied  the
music.    During   tlie   latter part   of the
'. evening   a    large     number   cf    cakes
j which were left over were  auctioned oil',
mosl ol them   being   purchased   by the
I soldiers.
Il seems high time that sonic-
thing was done to protect British
Columbia egg producers against
unfair competition. At present
cases of American andChinese eggs
only the eases being slauihed" American produce " in each instance,
are entering Victoria, being sold
by retailers as case eggs, the purchaser being led to believe that
they are from cold storage. Until
'each egg is stamped with the country of origin, un important industry is being heavily handicapped.
iBythe-.vay, much has been said
about the duty of the consumer
to " buy in B.C." It seems only
fair Unit an appeal be made lo the
jobbers and wholesalers to do the
same, and to the retailers, in addition to be honest.
Daily 20 tons of Epsom salts are
sent  east  from    Orovillc. |
is the lieu that pays.
have laid steadily thru lhe past long
winter. Eggs per setting of 13, $1
Bruce Towler, box 132, Courteuay
Charles Wheeler
begs to aiinouticce
that he has opeeed
The Elk Hotel Barber Shop
Cleanliness a Specialty
Coiirtenay  Tailor
Ladies and Gents Suits
Suits $27 up        Pants $7 up
Cleaning aud
S .' -1
Suits          $1.25 up
Coals                  .75
. J.->
Pauls                   ..in
Skirts                    .511
Vests                    .35
111 esses
Dresses              1.7-1
. / ,1
Overcoats          1.25
g,  lite.
Cents c
olhes ki'l
t in onler bv the
Haney   I.  Kushida
The same building as  Robertson's Drug
Store, Union St., Courteuay
The cut, lil,
quaillviiid strict
regard to details
that vou would
expect fro in
London's fore-
ni o si Military
Tailors you can
expect from us.
We can make
you a complete
kit within three
days and at a
remarkably low
forms on application.
���** LAIt HtLbfiOOtt.tUti
8 747Yat_sSt.,VICT0RIA,B.C. B
VfrgJ-n-nrrnTnTiTi 11 rn r-rrmTrff.iv'
Lately it has been necessary to cut
through two feet of ice in order to
get the salts out of the lake.
The total production of canned
salmon in B, C, in 1915 amounted
to 1,132.200 eases, which is an increase of 21,000 cases over the pre-
of the
Municipality of the City of Courtenay
for the Year ending
December 31. 1915
Receipts and Expenditure
Arrears of Taxes
School  J"    0301
Current Taxes
General,. #4409 ."5
Less rebates allowed     333 yo    4075 45
Road Tax       16 00
Dog Tax       H7 00
Trade Licenses  610 00
Liquor Lie-uses  500 00
Government School Orants  1501 50   2314 50
License Applications  37500
Miscellaneous earnings  26 10
57354 06
Interest on temporary loans  $   53 3*"
Expense Accounts
Legal expense $110 60
Flection expense   44S 25
Assessment expense  110 00
Advertising expense  41 9.2
Printing expense  31 50
Stationery expense  107 05
Postage, telegrams, telephones  5s 33
Grant to Agricultural Association... 100 00       100765
Municipal Clerk's Office  510 00
Travelling Expenses
Mayor or Aldermen     3*8��
Municipal Officials      54 55 86 35
Fire Department
Equipment  7�� 8o
Police Department
Maiutance and expense       34 4��
Salaries     353 ���� 3S7 4��
Police Court salaries  12500
Health  Department
Maintenance, scavenging     16 25
Salaries, Medical Officer      5 00
21 25
Public Works Department
Street grading   704 35
Trallic signs     47 5��
Sidewalk construction     84 00
Repairs to bridges    12S 13
Repairs lo sidewalks    '   2 50
Installing weigh-scales  107 45
Street-lighting expense   16662        124055
Municipal Hall Property
Office rents  72 50
Office Furniture and Equipment
Municipal Clerk  188 15
School gardens  179 10
Furniture  74 (-2
Teachers' salaries 2078 05
Other salaries  223 00
Supplies ���  n6 13
Fuel  75 50
Insurance  080      275520
Note covering indebtedness of .School
Board of 1914  6715
Refund of Licence Applications,...
375 00
287 74
7254 06
Cash 011 hand $480 21
Cash in bank     10 92
55"" *3
Outstanding  cheques   $213 39
Balance as above   J87 74
55(1(l '3
Assets and Liabilities
Cash Balances
Cash on hand ,$489 21
Bank credit balance     10 92 50013
Tax Arrears
Arrears on General Tax tqi.s 2979 99
Arrears 011 Oov't School Tax, 251 50       3231 49
Outstanding Rates
Traders' Licenses  225 00
Real Estate, Buildings and Furniture
Municipal Hall Furniture   17092
Public School Site  1500 00
Public School Buildings 300000
Public School Furniture  630 00       5300 92
Weigh Scales
Equipment  24305
Fire Department
Equipment  69 10
Police Department
Equipment  10 00
Plank Sidewalks    150 00
$9729 69
Bank, Outstanding cheques  21239
Salaries  235 00
Accounts payable  1373 22
Surplus  7909 07
59729 "9
Card of Thanks
Mr. and Mrs Angus Be tou and
family desire to th mk 1 li 1 people
of the district for their many messages of sMiipathv iii'h" loss of
tin it son John, whose death occurred last week in England front the
effects of wounds received in battle
Five miners working in the
Jingle Pot mine were fined $10 tad*
and costs for infractions if the coal
mining regiil itions. ( nc was
charged with breaking the law that
no lamp should he placed within a
radius of the swing of a pick. The
other four were charged with having
allowed their lamps to become dsm-
aped by various accidental means.
The sterm of last  Thursday was
one of the worst seen   hereabouts.
The wind in some places  reached a
velo.ity of 90 miles an hour.    Shingles and tar roofing were blown off
I roofs.    Innumerable   trees     were
blown across the roads    The telephone   and   telegraph   lines   v-.-re
j down in all directions.    The   most
j serious damage reported,  ho vever.
is   to   Eric   Duncan's   new     irn
which was so badlv twisted that it
will likely   have to   be turn   down
and rcbult.
City Clerk
Anglican Services
March 12, First Sunday in  Lent
The preacher at the church services on Sunday will be the Ven.
Archdeacon IL Collison, who was
recently appointed to the northern
half of Vancouver. He is a.son of
the Archdeacon of Metlakhatla, the
veteran pioneer missionary to the
Indians of I'or'; Simpson, Queen
Charlatle Islands, and the Naas
river, and was born in B. 0. where
he has lived most of his life, Th.
Archdeacon has been rector of S.
Luke's, Mt. Tolmie, Victoria, for
last eight years
S. Andrew's Church, Sandwick,
11 a. in.
S.   John's Church.   Courtenay,
30 a. in. and 7.30 p. in.
There will be a service in the old
school house at La/.j at 3 p. in, on
March 12.
A public meeting is called by the
Beard of Trade for Tuesday evening March 14, at 8 o'clock, in the
Agricultural Hall, for the purpose
of organizing a "Returned Soldiers
Committee," Tlie Board hopes
that every patriotic citizen will attend,
The ' jllowing is this list of ladies
who donated cakes to the soldier's
Sunday supper two weeks ago:
Mesdaines Slceinan. Dr. Millard,
Kilpatrick, J. Mitchell, VV. McPhee, Funic, Dingwall. VV. Duncan, Fisk, Laycock, Parkin ITanay,
and Miss ilaymau. Arrangements
had been made to solicit fruit from
the settlement the following Sunday
but owing to the condition of the
toads it was found necessary to
postpone it.
Mrs. Emma Hood, for years a
practiced nurse of Victoria, is paying a visit to her   daughter.    Mrs.
Hniiuy. and expects to leave in
the early part of April, She has
not been in Courtenay for several
years. The well known Rabson
Ranch, at present owned by Campbell's, was the property of her
father, C. Rabson. She has meet
many old time friends since her ar>
rival here. She was very much
pleased to see such a change and
the way Courtenay has drown, as
there was nothing but   bush where
Courteuay now stands. Mrs,
Hood has 4 daughters in this
district, Mrs. VV. and F. Machin
and Mrs. J. Ktidd .
The regular meeting of the Woman's institute was held at Sandwick yesterday afternoon with the
president in the chair. The following officers were elected : prcs.
Mrs. W, Duncan, 1st vice, pres.,
Mrs. \V. H. Smith. 2nd vice-pres,
Mrs. E, Parkin, Sec-treas, Mrs.
Colin Campbell, Librarian, Mrs. S.
Taylor. All those having library
books please return Ihem as soon I
possible as a new library will be
sent for as soon as the books are all
in. Mrs Taylor will be at the
Sandwick hall Wednesday after-1
noons from 3 to 4
When the storm was at its height
011 Tliurslay evening about 8
o'clock, the chitnuey on Mrs. Mc-I
Pine's lions.* caught "ii lire. The
conflagration greatly alarmed some
of the nearbv residents. A large
party of soldiers and civilians were
quickly on the scene to render assistance if necessary,
A woman in Maine   is enjoying 1
robust old age at   toi   years   and
contends that she would have died
long ago if she had nut made a
practise of controlling her temper.
But there are many people iu this
world who would rather die young
ih.111 give up their inalienable right
to anger.
If you want to make  a splendid
showing this year in vegetables and
flowers, plant SFTTOXS seeds.
They are the best, h'or free catalogue apply F, R. F. Biscoe, Hardy
& Biscoe's office, Courtenay.
The Water Question
Four Good   Houses,
water    and   electric
light in each
Apply, MRS.  \VM.   LEWI5
��� " '" - "    "���-.-IS
Courtenay    Hotel
I'"Inf..it   Wi-      V
Bent Wines
I and _ii|iioi.
== -
Cumberland H I
Good Accouiodati m : -. ���
Wm. Merrviield
First-Class Plumbii_g
Hot Water and Si am il   ������.-
Jackson & Whittle
Phone 9 Co n
Barrister  and  Solii it -,   N
P. 0. Bos .  ���
Phone 24 Courtenay
Expert Watchni ik
s sellin.tr Spect icles au ���'. ��� 1
glasses  from  ,f.\-    ���   r |   ir,
Including sij
1 vt lesteel sej     itel
correel   ���
The Courtenay Jewelry More
Sand and Gravel
Rates k<.-a*-. :     li
Buggies and Express Wagons
All Rigs Guaranteed nnd Sold nt the Lowest Possible Price
Blacksmith and Carriage Builder
f |*"*'*>_"��i**>*w****��**��w>_***^*s-** THE   REVIEW,   COURTNEY,   B. fc.
German Hopes Gone i
ll Is not likely that any Oerman expects now that Germany will win this
i war.   The Herman arms have perform-
led prodigies of valor,    their trained
I skill and efficiency lias been the mar*
' vel of the world,   bul  the fallun   ;
destroy tlio French armies nml rein b
Paris in the early weeks of tin   iva '
was doubtless    fatal   to their hopes,
Perhaps (ho greal  l"rci: ���'    ��� h lor;   al
ihe battle of the Manic and the llrll
ish  victory al   tyres will be seen to
have  been  lhe    Inn dei U Ive  battles
of the war in the deepsl  ��� ense, com
n   II
iu ih  iniii   ��tiilili* niiil
ii win ii vou iii-ain ihe it
SPOHN'S is Kill'' 10 nun '
ii iircvi nls nil il sti i"i�� i'
ui.   uny   tint,   lire   "i'X|	
{-noils    hi.us. ���-    ..:nl    IlKlltl
nee nil  it "Its RUffei'tug w ill:
tlllll III     >���'"   neill'l   how    \ 011111*.
i uny i "It. li  Is w |. ii'ul liuw
11,,    lll.'lll.'l'    llOW     r.lllS    Ol'    'll'lS'   :-
"    All   BOUll    llrill',Bl��t.H    : :;,|    IIIri
SPOHN'S    I'v    ll'."
lint lit-   in    il":.. ii.   ST'OKil    MEDICAL   CO..   Ch
Bacteriologists,   Goshen,'Ind.,   U.S.A.
��� Kill
I Still Singing
Canada's Vision
The I niiiidhins have come io realize
pietelv ladlii-'vim: ni'l iin- Gorman vie   ��s "ever beforp Hie nature oi a com-
lories' in  ftussla  ami  in  Hie   iliilkiins.   monwt-altli  and    the  ureal   part   Llic.
tocbester Herald. Rlll>' '���> '>���
I lie hlllicI'llciul  idealism    which  the
Ciinailhiii bus blllierlo lulled Ills i on
science und senses with liaa been dis-
polled   by   ii liner kind    which i olds
ii J.,,...;  , _,-,   Uml    progress    is   often n mutter ol
!!   I tl 1S1!t_>  Bteni  dm.,   mid  sacrifice   and  not  u
] phase of fatalism.
DODD'S KIDNEY PILLS CURED HIS   .   I':"l;"i'1 -I,1"- tilke*- '"' ""' !"-' :   . '
������,,,���,.������ Is Rending her sons t" surfer and die
RHEUMATI-M .,��� ���,. blU1iet|0l(]s 0f Uurope and Asia
Minor,   she is raising money for loans
Mr, D. A. Bi'otlierston Tells How His  and war funds,    she has glimpsed n
vision   ihe    vision  of truu comntoi
Rheumatism Dis.ipce.-i-ed   Over  a
..         . ,'    .,         .         weal, and by her action lias nol m
Year    AUo and    Has Never Come   __vcd ]u,,.S|llr ,,,������ ,.lnutl.|lloll nn_ ,
i ��� cull"', ni'iki-i i'.'..    i .�����
cay, but is preserving and perpetuating n society wilier than Canada, yel
one   within   which     she   can   fulfil   nil
opes,  ambitions  uml   service,
ulfalo News.
Victoria  Harbor,  Ont,  -(Special
Cured ol rheumatism over a year sun  D"e
by using Dodd's Kidney Pills, Mr. D. 1"';'
A.   Drolherstou,  a   well   known   resident of this place, is still singing the
praises or the great Canadian kidney I Minard's Liniment Cures Colds, etc.
"I was troubled with rheumatism In The Blood ln the BM*
my left hand", which would shift to m\ There ure twelily-clghl pounds ol
elho'A and then to nr. shoulder." Mr. blood In tlio body of an averag ���
Brotherston snvs. "i'i was verv an- grown-up person, and al each pulsa
noylng and  painful nl    limes, inn   l   tlon the lietui moves ten pounds.
heard of Dodd's Kldnev Pills helping    ���
others bo i quit the linimenl l ivas The "use with which corns nnd
using and look six boxesof them The ; warts can bo removed b.i   lloHowuy's
' ���*���       W-'il j **"-_l       *W1      i'i'11"      l ''    '
Ltj*<*  0    _  :..'."':,.,H,
J_-H*"*.."R     *   't""' Pkl��. Ull-ali
I'.r.   ,.   ,    ll     ���
Tlm (tiperlorlir nf I'm >    i>    v.   ���
���MMI..  of   ������.:. till/I'::   I'I   VOOOtnOJ      111
liul-i iiii Oiiltir'i    If  !' " ���
rheuinniisiii disappeared, Thai was
over a year ago, but ii lias nol returned,
"I know Dodd's Kidney Pills aro
good for kidney trouble both In my
own case and through others ivho have
used them,"
Rheumatism Is caused by uric acid
In the blood. If you cure your kidneys
by using Dodd's 'Kidney Pills lacy will
drain all the uric acid oul of the blood
and there can be no rheumatism,
Largest Tree Trunk
Said lo he the largest tree trunk In
the  world  is  that  ot a iulo tree at
Hltia,  Mexico, which    measures    115
feet in girth,
Corn Cure is its Blrongesl rccom
ilaliou.   li seldom fails.
iJini't lake a violent purgative,
the slttRfiisli condition with the sale,
vegetable remi dy which has held public confidence tor over sixty years.
PAH A11'.ft
Hosiery   Prices  Advance
Tho.-''' Iii America who insist on
Imported hosiery will have to pay
more it In the future, says a report
from England, So will those who fancy
Scotch material for their clothing.
Scotch woollen and hosiery manufac'
Hirers announce a substantia] increase . ��	
iu price owing to the scarcity of raw I
wool and dyes. "I'm trying lo g
'���'i'i'.'.! Australia also comes the oldmolher," whined
news of a shortage iii Australian ain'l seen me face
supplies, dua IP the Inability Lo secure years."
tonnage. Thus, factorymeu are not !
overwhelmed. There nre bright prospects for lhe coming season.
l___t.*t Sale ci" /my Medicine in tHo World.
Sold every*1 here,   In boxen. 25 ceui*.
back in a." p lor
the tramp, "sho
for    ten    long
speaking iho
ruth," muttered the old gentleman.
Why don't you wash It?"
Winter Hard on Baby
What We Owe to the  Farmers Year of  Pronress
Probably In no other part of the em-     Summed  up as a twelvemonth of
pire have greater services been rend- achievement i'or the prohibition cause,
ered  to the cause of civilization dur-  the year  lh|4  takes a unique place,
ing   the  past  year  than   have  been  .\r, over Canada the agitation agalnsl
rendered  by tlie farmers of Alberta.! the liquor traffic awoke to renewed
This was the glsl of the message of life and activity.   Everywhere the bet-
greeting extended to the United farm*' ter element In the community answer-1
ers of Alberta by   Hon.   .lanes    A.! ed the call of duty.   In every province
Lougheed, minister without portfolio the stirring up of public sentiment to |
in th.. Dominion cabinet, and with this  ���ghl agalnsl the great evil of the. agej
appreciation    tin re   will   be   general  has     been     remarkable.���Vancouver
Bgn   ment.   The farming class of Al- World.
bcria has not only given hundreds of
men to the Canadian army that is now
tin active service. Inn it has also produced the greatesl crop that this province has known al a time when it was      The wijller season Is a hard one oni
most   needed.    Their services  lo the  the baby.    He is mere or less coniin-
empire has been of incalculable value,  ed  to stuffy, badly ventilated rooms.
and  li   is  well understood  thai  thoy  it is so often stormy thai the mother!
Mid continue to devote their best el'-  does not gel htm out In ihe fresh air
forts to aid the cause of the eutento  as often as she should.    Ho catches
.libs until the period of stress is end- colds which rinks   his little system:
ed.���Calgary News-Telegram. hli  stomach    and bowels   get out of
  j order   and   ho   becomes   peevish und
Minard's    Liniment     Cures     Diph-1 cross.     To    guard    against  this  the
tnorla. mother should keep a box of Baby'a
��� ��������� i Own Tablets In the bouse.   They ,re-
Alberta's First Short Course gulate  the    stomach and  bowels and
The   Alberta   department  of  agrl*  break up colds.   They   are   sold by
culture is holding its first schools of medicine   dealers  or  by  mail  nt  '2',
agriculture tnis    winter.    The depart-! "-tits  a  box from  Tlio Dr. Williams'
Bent has made complete plans for giv- .Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont.
Ing llio very best Instruction possible' ���
in live stock, dairying, agronomy and'    Calendars with white figures on a
poultry raising for the men. and com- dark background are more easily read
plete courses of lectures In cooking,  iu an Insufficiently lighted room than]
Bewing, laundry work and home nurs- those with  black figures upon white'
tug for the women. . paper.
Ocean Water A  Foe to    Asthma.���t.ivp    Asthma
At the bottom of the ocean water is  half a chance and it gains ground rap-
fflUCh colder than ut the top. |_ly.    Hut  glvo it repeated treat incuts
. 'in Dr. .1. 1). Kelloi.'.'s Asthma Remedy
and il will fall back even faster. There
FOOD   FACTS Ps no half way measure about lids
,.._ .        ,. _   , , remedy.    It. goes right to work and
What an M.D. Learned (lrjVi��� .|Htlllu., om.   ��� reaclies the in-
. "... nu sl   breathing  passages  and leaves
..      prominent     physician     wenl   ��� ,  .,,,��� ,������,. .,* trouble to lurk. Have
through a food experience which he ���   '  .      .��� .     lllv US(,
tnakes public:
"ll ivas my own experience that first """   ' '
Jed mo to advocate Qrape-Nuts food;
��nd l also know from having prescrib
J. "''' *'���   ���<$L\%P'1" "���>
lit l"*" ������#'*�����"*��'-1'*^.
���-'���f ���>.*?:���}.��� --T'-. ������'������  ��� '-'A
'' -'������;-' ,9,'��s?v-'/:J
' ,1F *�� ���! ** fr t
Breacl In Germany
The Qcrmans, comparatively, do nol
ed It to convalescents and other weak  cat  much bread,   mi many tables of
patients that this food is a wonderful well-to-do persons ii is never eaten at
rebullder und restorer of nerve and  lhe principal moai of the day.
brain tissue, as well as muscle, It  : a	
proves the digestion and patients guin,      Minard's Liniment Cures Distemper.
Just ns I did In strength lliul weight,  ���
very rapidly. Smart  Y*ouig Man    What   do   you!
"I   was  In   such  a low  stale  that  think of Brown?
I   bad   to  give    up    my   work  en-      Indignant    old Gentleman���Brown,
tlrely and >;o lo the mountains, but sir!    He Is one of those people that |
two 'months tin re did not Improve me; ' pat you on the back before your lace,
iu  fact   I  was  not quite as  well as, and hit  ymi In the eye behind your
when I loft  home.   My food did not  back.   Tit-Bits.
eubI 'in mo and ii became plain that ij -   ���	
must, change. It Will Prevent Ulcerated Throat.���
"I began to use Qrape-Nuts and Ai the llrsl symptoms of sore throat,
in two wo.J..:- I could walk n mile, which presages ulceration and Inflam-I
and in five weeks returned to my tnatlon, take a spoonful of Dr. Thomas'
lioni" and practice, taking up hard Rclectrlc Oil. Add a little sugar to it
work again, Since that time I have to make It palatable. It will allay the I
felt as well ami strong us l ever did ��� irritation and prevent the ulceration
In my life. and     swelling    that aro  so painful,
"As a physician who seeks to help!Those who were periodically subject
ail sufferers I consider il a dutv to'to quinsy have thus made themselves
make these facts public." Immune to attack.
Trial   in days on tlrapc-Xuls when 	
the regular food does not Beemtosus*     "I have here, sir, a compendium of
tain the body will work wonders.        useful knowledge."
"There's ii Reason." Name given "Does thai book contain any infor-
li.v Canadian Postum Co., Windsor,; mat ion lhat will help me in my busl-
Ont. uess.'"
Ever read the above letter*   A new      "Most  assuredly, sir.    I understand
one appears from time to time.   They  >'0tl deal in trunks."
are genuine, tree, and full of human      "Yes."
Interest. "Well, there's a chapter on crime In
this volume that gives full details ot
all the trunk mysteries ever recorded."
1�� every chikl in every school in Ihis great
country could be tauglil I Iiis -one rule of health
in such a, way as to appreciate iis value, and
live up to it-jtealth would abound, a multitude
of pains ami aches would, disappear, and
Canada would be known as u. country whore people live
to a great ago.
When vou call tho doctor his first question refers to
Hie condition of ihe bowels, ami Iiis first medicine is
intended to ensure the activity of Ihese organs. Whether
ymi have a cold or appendicitis, kidney disease or rheumatism, there are poisons in tho system which must be
removed, and which would not have lingered lo cause
trouble if the bowels had been healthful and active'.
For this reason wc claim that the First and Most
Important Rule of Health is "Daily Movement of the
If the bowels can be kept in healthful action at all
limes there is little need for either doctor or medicines,
and about uine-teiiihs of the auuoying and dangerous ills
of life ii.i'e avoided.
The ideal corrective treatment for the bowels is \h\
Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills.    Not nnly I ausc of their
promptness of action, but also because Ihey immediately
arouse the sluggish liver, and by so doing euro constipation.
The bile which is filtered from the blood by an active
liver is Nature's cathartic, so if you can keep the liver
right there will be no sluggishness in tlio action of tho
bowels. Keep the liver and kidneys healthy and active by
using Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills and you will prevent
and cure constipation, and thereby avoid a tnultitudo of ills.
One pill a dose. 23 cents a box, all dealers, or Eduuvnson, lintes & Co., Ltd., Toronto.
W   N. U. 1093
Kidney Liver Pills-
Or. Chase'.-, Recipe Book, 1,000 selected recipe*, ��e_t f.e��, ii you mention this n��f*e_. &
The Future of the World for a Century lo Come is .lust as Much
at Stake in Scaling the Terms of Peace us It is in
Winning ihc War
The appeals tor peace from neutral
countries; obvlouslj Inspired by tier*
man-Americans, Herman-Swiss or
otner hyphenated patriots, is nn un
mistankblo sign tlnn Germany feels
her ion ,��� is on ihe decline. That being so', n follows naturally mat tno
sooner she in,ike", or trios lo make,
pence, tin better leverage for bargaining alio will have, nn the other hand,
llic entente powers are jusl as anxious
for peace os Germany, bul u must ""
peaee on their terms. If the oneni)
ls not rend) to accepl llieso terms,
tlio wnr will continue urn"  *>.n
The Btibjcct iu ponce terms is, Ihoro-
fore, in' Interi'si jum  now.    n  in....   ��� .'
well' in glum: ��� llrst at the ii nils tier-
mail)   ami- Ipnled   in   ease  o
when she tvna in the midst ot her de-
Hberntn  prei hoik >	
'Ihey ivere pubilslied iinoul seven
years ago .in a Trench magazine, In
tho form "f a signed Inlerilew witli
a prominent German official, whose
nnmo was withheld I'm' obvious reasons, Tlio German staled thnl ins
countrymen bud calcitlntcd the cosl of
tl> lent on Hie following basis:
The suri'C r ol .\Ifi.- and Lorraine
to France.
The neutralization of Alsace.
I'lm return ol Schlcswlg-I-Iolstein in
Au Indemnity of "400.000,000 to
'I'ho cession of tho Kameruns and
Togland to Franco.
'i'he cession of German East and
Southwest Africa io lilngland.
The return of Heligoland to England.
'ihc transfer of sic German ironclads and twelve German cruisers to
An Indemnity of $600,000 to Russia.
Boundary rectifications in favor of
It may noi be interesting lo glance
at the terms of peace in Ihc event of a
German victory. They wero published
shortly alter the outbreak of the
wnr, and it was stated later that, owing to the "serious inconveniences" to
which the allies had put poor Inoffensive Germany, they would probably be
mado much more exacting when the
time cunie (o formulate tueni officially, The reader will notice the difference between the two sets of tonus.
The following represent ihe demands
of a victorious Germany:
The cession of all Franco's overseas
empire, amounting lo 4,397,826 square
miles, with a population of approximately 65,000,	
Tlie cession of north-eastern France,
wliicli includes some of Hie richest
iron districts in Central Eumpo, and
lias numerous blast furnaces lind iron
The demolition of all French forts
on that frontier.
The reduction of the French army
to 200,000  (from  three million).
The signing of a treaty of commerce on terms to he dictated by Germany.
The payment of an Indemnity of
$4,000,000,000, Germany to practically
occupy tiie country until two-thirds
had been paid in gold.
France to abandon Britain ami Russia, and sign an alliance witli Germany  I'or  a   period   of  25  years.
Thosa are only the terms lo be demanded from France according in
Professor llasekal. England was to
be occupied by German troops and lhe
British oversells dominions were io be
taken over. Belgium was to be absorbed, together with lier Congo territory in Africa. I'olaud was lo be reestablished as a part of Austria. The
Russian Baltic provinces were to be
given up to Germany,
The German idea of war is not self-
defence bin plunder, and Ibis was
strikingly Illustrated when Bismarck
visited London about half a century
ago. li" remained silent practically
all the time b" was being taken about
the priceless treasures oi ihe museum
or ihe royal palaces or art galleries.
The historical association! of the venerable Tower of London leu him unmoved. Tim exquisite haze lhal creeps
about Ibe river during Hie long English twilight had no interest for him.
But when he bad seen everything, be
roused himself from a lit of abstraction nnd murmured ecstatically.
"Wass fur plunder!" ("What a place
10 plunder").
1 hut. however, by ibe way. It may
be weli by way of conclusion to consider tlie terms of peace which the
victorious entente powers will demand
from the beaten Germanic empires
and their allies. Tlie flrsl slop will bo
the restoration of Belgium, Serbia,
Mom.negro and Poland, witli nn indemnity sufficient to rebuild those
countries and 10 take cure of their
ruined Industries for al least twenty
years to eoine Tiie frontiers of Germany mut 1 im readjusted to satisfy
every legitimate national aspiration of
liose who have ihe misfortune to be
her neighbors. Germany must be separated from France by lier nalui.il
boundary line of the Rhine, nnd from
Russia by an autonomous kingdom of
Poland. Tlie menace of ihe German
Meet must be destroyed. Tlie markets
of tlie entente powrs must be closed
lo the Germanic empires until they
have purged themselves or their un*
cleaness, and especially until they
have tiling the Hohenzollews and
their guilty advisers from power. German unnilgralloii into Hie overseas
portions i" the 1 nt tllte empires must
I be strictly regulated, if nol prohibited
1 altogether,  for an  indelinii 1    period.
I Tlie Balkan kingdoms musl he recon-
sill il. as inr us practicable, in accordance wiili naiiiinallsl principles,
and also taking Into account the attitude of iis various peoples towards
this war for civilization, Italy must
receive special consideration, iioth In
the north, where Iboro nre large numbers of her sons under Austrian rule,
and in Albania. Turkey will have to
be thrown right mil of Enrop -. Russia, in il use, would probably obtain Constantinople in addition lo territorial compensation in Easl Prussia
.���Hid elsewhere. Japan will no doubt
llnd sal isl'ael inn in I lie retention of
KI1111 ('Iiini, and possibly some other
1 portions of the German overs, as empire.
The     Indemnity question   will   no
dotibl   receive speclul    consideration.
Germany has crippled herself terribly
j In her mud adventure, but the allies
I musl. think of justice, before mercy,
land [11 this connection un>  nonsense
from  the  pacificist    cranks  must  '
I overwhelmed   immediately    by    the
whole force of public opinion. The future of the world for a century to come
Is just iis much at stake in settling
the terms of peace ns in winning the
war.    There is jusl. one   other point
worlii mentioning, and that is that the
allies should, and probably will, refuse
to recognize the Kaiser or tlm government or any of those who are consld-
1 ered  to be responsible for the war,
The German people will have to bear
the terrible cosl  of it, and the allies
should treat with Ihem direct through
i their parliament.
Dr J. D. Prince Urges Efficient Means
In   Gcttinu   After   it
Dr, J, D, Prince, profi :!o\- of Slavonic languages al Columbia I'nlvcr
slty, \'ew Vork. speaking al a luni ll-
eon of the Canadian club at Montreal,
impressed upon the club tha Importance of cultivating more extensive
trade relations with Russia during the
war. so that after the war was over
the Dominion inighl bear ;;s share In
permnnentl) ousiin;. the Germans
from Russian trade. There ivas it very
large attendance and much InterestI
was aroused by Dr. Prince's explanation ot Russia's advance during tIn* i
pasi few years and Hi" opportunities
that are opeaittg ul
lie pointed 0111 1 iia
praci Ically all Russia
was handled b) Hie
huge   trade eon
Three t'ood Meals a Day Provided for the British Troops
Plenty of Warm Clothing Helps to Make Conditions
in the Trenches as Favorable as Possible
for   extended
Movies Making Strong
Appeal at Base Camps
(ore the war  Military  "Y"  Provides  Entertainment
foreign    trade in Many stran.e Theatres
Germans,    tins      ,,.,.,
en out by      Providing  entertainment
adopted 1 adlan soldiers near tin
���0 As most people know, there
ii"i i r been a war, In which the
Ish    commissariat   department
made as good a showing as ia
Although Hie food supplies are
taken across from Britain, our troop,
always have their meals prepared for
them���three times a day, j-ood vikol.-
mc food In abundant e.
rations   are   carefully cbo_.ii
able to spank I lie language. This h
ler, Dr. Prince emphasized, was a
priu," factor, and lie advocated lhe
establishment of work along these
lines in al leas! two Canadian universities, oik, in the east und one in the
Testing Seed Grain
It Is doubtful if any subject, excepting only Hie war itself, at ibis
juncture In the world's history Is
commanding mor# attention than the
products of the dairy, with which
cold storage is Intimately allied.
Therefore, Hie report of tlie dairy
and eold storage commissioner for
the fiscal year ending March 31st,
1015, recently issued, and which can
be bad on application to the publications branch, department of agriculture, Ottawa, will doubtless lie received with more llian ordinary at-
lenlion. The commissioner, .Mr. .1. A.
Kuddick, briefly records bis experience on a visit lo Europe us Canadian government delegate 10 the
sixth International Dairy Congress
held in June, 1914, ill, Berne, Switzerland. Returning via England, be
found (hat possible I'iivor, commanding even a better price than that of
New Zealand, where special and unremitted efforts are being made to
capture the Hriiish trade in dairy
products, and where lhe cheese factories have recently greatly increased
iu number. Canadian cheese. .Mr.
Ruddlck testifies, has become the
standard fur nil 'mportatlons. He
paid a visit of Inspection 10 iho centres of ihc Chedder cheese Industry
in Shropshire, Flintshire, ami Cheshire and was surprised at its extent.
An Interesting account is given ni
Hie report oi lhe extension of marketing facilities and of the operations of
the Finch and Bromc dairy stations.
Oilier mutters dealt with are Hie
dairy herd records, excess of water in
butter, Inspection of weighing butter
and cheese, the activities of the Prc-
cooling and Experimental Fruit Storage warehouse, at Grimsby, Ont.. cold
storage progress, publications and
meetings, An exceptionally full appendix covering ninely-six pages, and
divided into twelve sections, deals
historically with the twenty-five
years' life work of tiie assistant
dairy commissioner, Mr. .1. C. Cha*
pais, ��it! Hie work of the. chief of
Hie markets extension division, in
connection with which a quantity id'
valuablo Information is furnished
regarding tho needs and methods of
the British and French markets \iiili
tables of prims of every variety of
farm and garden produce and slock
at each month in lhe war: and with
dairy herd records and tests in different provinces. Reports in mil are
also furnished as parts of the appendix of the cold storage Inspector, of
the chief Inspector of dairy products,
of the fruit, cold storage and transportation Investigations division, and or
Hie Inspector of weighing of butter
and cheese, lhe whole concluding with
statistics of Hm total Canadian ex-
ports and imports of butter and
cheese for the lasl 35 years, for the
lusl seven years of Hie Canadian exports ot cheese, butter, cream, condensed milk, casein and fresh milk,
and for the last J] years of Hie total
exports of cheese and butter-by all
Many    Samples    cf
Show Signs cf Frost Damatj
Are Unfit For Seed
Germination tests made on oats.
wheat and barley this fall at the Dominion seed laboratory, at Calgary,
show that thero are considerable
quantities of oats and barley, particularly in Alberta and Saskatchewan which are unfit for seed. The
average percentage germination for
Alberta oats is'08 per cent, and none
of th.; samples of Alberta oats received have germinated up to the
standard wliicli is 95 per cent. .Moreover ihe average preliminary count
which is made ut the "lid ol' six days
is as low as 35 lier cent. Hood seed
oats should give a preliminary
of 85 per cent, to 90 per cent.'
final 114-day) count of I'D per
to 93 per cent, of vital seeds
send someone in advance to view
his accommodations, as ail lie had was
un old barn." be writes. "Wo found
the officers ami all the men assembled
Iin the old burn, and, although without beat or light,    we had a merry
levelling. The piles of lust year's straw
j served ns desirable sents for a large
number,    while the overhead   beams
I wero crowded with those who wanted
uninterrupted views, The curtain
course. Last year there wero hard-
ships which were inevitable, especially ir. the French lines, and yet t e
cases of illness due to the ,' tier
conditions and the discomforts . the
trenches were negligible. This ..::���
the French High Comma.: has
laken every advantage of the experience they gained during t_,; ;_,.-.
winter campaign.
The  French   troops  are   better  fed
Dlf-l    -inrl    R-!rlpV I iiwim,.... it,....,*    .........    ....    ^.      _ .._��	
'   ' ' ' suspended among the cobwebs and the | than the Hermans.   On ti:   ot   >r side
and a
��� column, w ho
"Hie 'V.' sure
���arts of those
are  snnd   in
.!���_..        .1        1_     I !   1   IWUKUg       UL
1 _
Samples of oats received from Saskatchewan are somewhat better. Tlie
average preliminary count   is DO per
cent, ami the average final count is
ib! per csnt.   .Many samples show evidence ui   frost injury,    these always I
giving low percentages of vital seeds,,
boih    in  Hie  preliminary    and    linal
counts.   Alberta barley has. also given
low   germination   percentages.   The
average preliminary  (6-day) count is
52 per cent, and tha average linal (11-
day) count is TO per cent. These figures are  very low and indicate Hm
considerable   proportlt
oats    nnd   barley  and
oats are weak in vitality and  untie
sirable for seed purposes.
As 0110 cf Hie first essentials for
a good crop of any kind is good seed,
it is important that only good seed
witli strong germination energy and
a high percentage ot" genniuabic
seels should be used. Tho germination energy of a sample Is Indicated
by the percentage of seeds which
germinate during the first four or
live days of Hie tost. Tlie preliminary count, therefore, Is an index of
the germination energy. If. for example, the preliminary count on a
sample of oais is 26 per ecu!., the
germination energy of Hie sample is
very  low,     but    if    Hie   preliminary
'count, is 90 per cent, the germination energy is slroiig. Two samples
may vary as widely as this in the
preliminary count, but may contain
the same percentage of vital seeds
--in which enso tlie Una! counts
would be lhe same. If the final
counts only were considered
I these  samples   would   be Hu
ibe as good as    the oilier,    while in
1 reality ono    Is good seed    and    Hie
\ other  undesirable   for  uso  as   seed.
Tlie sample with a high preliminary
count    will    withstand    unfavorable
! weather   conditions   at   the lime of
! seeding very much bettor than
other.    I:     will  give  a  more    even
tand "a 'be field and a crop which
will    iu    all  probability ripen somewhat earlier.
I Farmers should satisfy themselves
before seeding time next .spring that
'their seed grain is of the last quality, This ean only be done by a
���.iii ulnatlou test, conducted either at
j home  or at  Hie  Dominion  seed  lac-
I oratory iu Calgary. Samples up to
twenty-live in number will be tested
;at Hi" seed laboratory free of charge
'for any Individual or company in one
jyeur.   Above ibis number 25 cuts per
j test is charged.
Samples from Manitoba. Saskatchewan,  Alberta and  British  Colum-
[ bin   fur  tesl   s'.iouid   be  addressed  to
: tli *    Dominion  seed  laboratory,  Box
j 1684.   Calgary,   Alberta,  and   postage I ton'police,   li
paid  by  the sender.    It is  unneces- war lllu-  for
isnry 10 send Btamps for return post- outbreak
I age.    For    wheat,    outs,  barley and'     ,\t  t'i,a't   i;mn
i seed   of   similar sine,   about   half a 1 |tnown  to  be in
teacupful    should    be sent *
i for seeds of smaller size
I of the iron wall built across Europe,
Hi"  Hermans    in    the  tirst  lli     .in..
given    only one meal a day -at uooa
���and have to be 1 ��� 1  ��� at   1
with ibe coffee servi 1 out
or ids.' with such provisions as they
have   been   able   lu     buy   for   t
.-<. Ives.
Tlio French commissariat has
cr failed to pro. el" th eat -
>.itii two good meals 1 ���:.:;,.
when the tempera:;.p req tfr
bo| drinks tea, cofj i and
measures of alcohol- will bo serv..;
oul regularly.
Excellent service is being rend -��':
by    the    cuisines    ri
drawn camp kitcln ns),  wi  ��� 1     n    U
Inched to all the arm..  cor-|
from, and  a  light  railway
gauge)  has  !���. 1 -,  ,        r-<
un  the distribute .      ntras
II arlous rail-heads.
The troops have been  �����?). pre
��� ed with warm 'im. I '   on I
necessary  they  have   race
I uniforms.   Special a- tentlon
, paid    10    the    sold   rs'
; smallest   units  now   have
biers' shops,    and    .1:
moment new    marching   boo
puttees   are   being    I itri nt
x  ally.    For the tren .
been  supplied,    but one .
devices for   keeping    ia.;  a
dry    has    ncen  found    to be :-
diniiry wooden  sa.   r.    Warm
'ot.iiing of nil  kinds  ::as  .".
provided  by  the stat     . 1:
��� one private organlaat    .
The   most radiciii reforms that
French  and  British troops ha     ..., ���
! ed,   however,   is   in   the    ::���:,.
making the trenches as  ..   .   ...
as'and healthy as possible.
than sixty      A great featur- of taose impr
wuiL'ii started nt  Summit  ed barracks is the stove.    the
near the spot where Phil- of  which  in    the  front  irer..   >s
'overed anthracite coal [taken by Hie charcoal bra .
may bo short, but in the :.- .,
there  is  no  scarcity  of  woi I      ���  .-
lighting it has been found ;. ���
yleiie is both cheap and bandy.
The    Herman  newspapers   talk   it
great length    of    tiie    am
1 made by their rulers to en.
pathescope machine mounted on a
couple of bully, beef boxes, while lee
gramophone was honored with a sir. 1.1
table bprowed from n farm bouse.
"No audience at a famous theatre
could have enjoyed lhe evening lal
ter than those chaps. When the
phonograph played pieces thoy knew
j they all joined in, and several Hui'"
i during Hie evening Ihey enlivened tl.e
bam wiih selections that were no,
I known when llic flrsl division loft Canada. Fight rolls of films were Bhown,
and when ut the (lose of the eventu :
lho colonel called for cheers for the
V.M.C.A., Ihey made Hie rafters ring,
and an officer from lln
accompanied me, said,
has a place in llu; hi
"Five  nights  a  week
this way, and so far the colinni!
loaned 1110 a, car   so thut these
can bo reached.   Tiny average
miles  from  Ibe central 'V.'
"Recently I  asked an officer from
an Ontario town to accompany nm en
one of tbe.se (rips    and operate the
line, which lie gladly did.   A: the
of the evening lie said: 'Do you
lhe 'Y.
know, the last time I was in
they put me oul  for using bad  I
uage, and thire I've run throu.l
dims and haven't sworn once.' "
Blaze   Started   Sixty  Years  Ago
Burned Through  Immense Concrete Wall
Tb"   famous   mine   iire,   wliicli
been raging now for mo
years,  and  which
inn, Penn.,
lip Glnter _
in 1871, has burned through the i
men.se concrete wall which the Lehigh Coal and Navigation Company
sunk in I1011I of it deep down into the
earth several .years ago, at a cosl of
more than a million dollars. It is
now  threatening the  mammoth  vein
in tha panther Creek valley, the larg- soldiers" to keep thei s Ivei  .    1
est and richest vein ot anthracite ln  though, as a matter 0:  tact, I
l"��m*       ... 1  ��� ,     ,   I man soldier    is extreme")
The wall,   wdiich was sunk into the tno Prench army   :,   ,_ *..,.
ground to a depth 01 100 feet,  was the COmplete absence of all ei
 -, tifteen  feet  tuck,  of  sou,   concrete.   shows  how   .,,:���   ,,.
one of and experts believed    that  tho sub- liaa  |00ked after He' men  fro     -   -
;ht tol prranean    fire     would    never    eat poInt of view,    Every precat
through  it.    but    Hint  it  would  pre-  ���
vent,  it  from  spreading  any  farther
and    eventually    extinguish  it.    The
fact    ilia!    tlie    Hames  have    eaten
through this huge barrier has caused
fears among the  Lehigh  Coal
taken  to ens ire a  good    suppij
d. Inking water,   even in plai   ���
lho Champagne Poullleuse,
times  of peace good  water   ��� .
tremely scarce.
thejand Navigation officials; who aro now j _ ,A" "ie,m���e,n,J'ave '���<*-"���?<} froi
|0 j military doctors a  s,.rios of short in
putting forth every possible effort t
prevent  lb" lire welling into the vast
lulls of anthracite  in Hie  vicinity.
A large force of men are at work 1
drilling    holes deep    into    the earth,  working on (be ro.'ds. which ar    nojt
uml Into   these openings   water ami  "
slush is being poured directly on lite
structtons to enaoli   Hem to t,.-     nt
themselves from being frost bltti
A very large number of men     re
subterranean lire, in llio iinpe of pre
Mining a rapid spread, if impossible
to extinguish it.
Already this fire has destroyed
millions of dollars worth of coal,
while the sixty-year light to extinguish it has cost enormous sums.
Caserta  Wac Spy in Canada
That Caserta, the emissary of Vou
Papon of the German embassy nt
Washington, was in Canada, acting as
a spy is a fact known to the Doinin-
is certain, ttei ' ept in the 1
0:' the armies than those near Paris.
Mi ��� banical transport is being u ;
as far as possible, even qulti near
the firing iin". iu order to spar- the
men ail physical exertion which
be avoided.
was hero prior to the
few weeks after the
There is no real substitute which
Germany has discovered for Hie necessities of war and of life. She has
learned lo go without. "If we cntinol
drive as fast with Hie substitute rubber tires, we simply drive a little slower, bul get there just ihe same." The
present Herman substitute for bread
is less bread, The substitute for meat
is much less meat, Tlm substitute for
milk is no milk. Will Hey gel there
just the same?- New  Vork  Post.
flax, red clover, .timothy, etc., half
this quantity Is sufficient. If more
llian one sample of the Earn?, kind
of seed  is  sent for test  they should
Caserta    was    not
:...,, ...  the  employ  of th..'
for test; Germans, but   subsequently   he was
'    *5 traced in different parts of.the coun-
bear   some
distinguishing    mark or
Forced Farm Production
France intends to Bee thai Hie
nations agricultural production is
broil';:.', to its maximum during the
wnr and a bill is being introduced
compelling the owners of uncultivated
land to begin tillage within two wpoks
niter notice .vhlch will be given by
registered letter.
11 training for overseas service
v, ill be allowed to take part i:: the
spring seeding ::.p .������ 1011I the nonunion. A Bhotl time "-���) B. N. Lewis,
M.P., called the attention of tlie minister of niiiitiu to 1 fact tl ���.: :.
would be desirable for Canada to
plant as li r t n .. 1 .1 as possible
try. Before lie could be apprehended, this year. I al a | "..; , rop might be
however, he escaped, nnd bus not re- grown and garnered for the benefit of
turned. Canada, of Britain and of her allies.
The police are not aware of any I General Hughes ls therefore ling
depredations he committed, apartjorders through the divisional com*
from acting as a spy and endeavoring mandi rs that m in In units thri ti *hout
to secure Information of possible ad*jtho country may obtain leave t)f ab*
vantage to tl.e enemy. sonce front  their mllitar)   dutiet   In
  itli" spring for a    tilth lent  It ni tl   it
The famous detective gasped as heitiine to ernib! th in to plant th .-��� tl
arrived at the scene of thi crime. for the crops In every   provlm ��� In
���Heavens," said i,e. a: he looked at f Canada, In doing H ;��. General
the window through which the thief General Hugln ��� it following iho pre-
had 1 scaped, "tills is more bcHous cedent set last summer, when the sold-
than 1 had expected! it's broken onihrs in training \, re allowed to help
both sides." |_ ti,, harvest THE COURTENAY REVIEW
Comox, B. C,
Best Me lis North of Naniatno
Choice t i.i'jtt  "- and Cigars
C,  A.  Martin,   Prop.
J.   LO-   ASTON
Logger's  Sinn's made to order.
In North and South, in East
and1 West,
A.ton's Handmade Shoes will
stan ! the Test.
Letter to the Editor
(Too late for last week. |
l'Milor Com in,.iv Re\ iew
Deui S i     I'robiibl)   alili i
mini' w ill have replied to Mr, Win Idiens
A long discussion ensued upon
the recommendations of the auditor
that suitable books and vouchers be
used tn keep the city's accounts so
- ,''"'"> [that tltey COtlld be close.'. and;
audited   at   any   time.    Also that
letter   which
the school money be kept in a sup-!
urate a ciiiint.    The) were   finally
ell agreed 10 and the clerk instructed in procure   the  necessary   sup
C- nox   Barber   Shop
i lldesl Shop in Courtenay
Nothing   But   First   Class   Work
(ittnrauieed,     Ibitlts in connection
C.   I''.    DA.L.RYMPM5, Prop
On DecemW the 17th from Steiestou,
Scow i',. 11. I.. _'. Lasl seen off N'a-
lioosc Itav, Dccembi r .1st.
ir lusl is i
niiglil wi II havi; been headed "Stirling
lip the mud." ll is ,i li'lti'i thai iSillike
untimely <tnl uiit'iilled for, the reverse ol
llritish and the ver) oppo it- ol all Unit
is meant by ''thinking impcri illy," Let
il I..' grnnled that the nativi born   C inn-   plies.
iliuii ��us sio.v iii  enlisting,   Were  not      On motion cf Aid. McKenzie the
many who offered turned down lor slight ! city clerk was ordered    to have the
reasons oul v. and does il not tnllnw lhat    ,*,,.*,_���  . ,,,,. ,    i
,i , ,i ii iii., city liaL sci un hcil.
lb" 111 ill nl  the collllliv ll.lil  111 ue  ties In |
sever and arrange tliaii the Idler arrival,       Al(1   Anderton   wanted   tc know
ivi.;ii ii'iieii. iiisiuu. ii   s'c iiiintn null; whit was going   to be done about
Wei diun ni    Did mil man', e igei recruits   assessing   the city,
express the feu thnl the wni   �� mid   he      ,*.* ��� ,   .      u
ovci bel ire they cniiM ���.;. I I" tlui   flout: I - ,
Are not ii large   number   ol   Cunadi  lot Of    Wild   land   being   held    for
living hi rem ite places lo   which   ticw.i   speculative pin poses   and it should
li-nv 'Is bin   slowly?   Nevertheless,   the be taxed higher thnn clesred land.
native sons nre rallying  up   now,   ever,       Th was laid    over until
Ihoiigh lliev wee turned   down   belnre, I
even though they have rend  and   heard  the snow goes oltand the  land can
all nboul tin- bib' no u ulrenml o(   lmr* , be seen.
rors ol a wnr under Hun auspices,   even       The City's    tools have    mil been
though they had to sacrifice, for the tune I..,,,.,,.,! _���,      ,,,*.__��� ���,.. . numuer
' returned vet,   There an
though ��f shovels,   picks,   saws
Any information I
-���. it Li;     'vjuw Hi:
'line t" the re
be rewarded.
Co., Ltd,
Kew Westmiust-r I'hone
. for tlie ttuii
being at uny rule, quartei' sections
ranches, and ten ncre lots, eve
tltey have bul recently heard of, or realized their pan iu the great war. Yea,sir,
the lion's cubs nre n-lollopiug along,
licking their jnws and with every pros-1
pect o("doing their bit" along  the  his-j
toric regiments of   Britain,   the   British  taxes are lobe   collected
territorials, nnd the other Canadian regi-1 persons over 11   who are
When  In Doubt
Play Trumps
Have Gor.-'d Tune Your Piano
I-'actory tfxperieuee
axes, hauitners,   etc ,   which   the
constable was   instructed  to locale
I and brute t,, the city hall
By resolution of the council road
from all
nientsat the   (null   with   their _ mixedj ! payers or llOU '
Mrili-.il und .''iiiadiaii liorn,   ll-livlllg mill   '     , ,
a-fighthig shoulder to shoulder. The 1911 j koine residents of the orchard
census is out oi date, and very many : have complained to Aid. Ml'Ken*
more British immigrants settled in Can-1 ���j_ *J.at a iiiiinlier of dogs make
.xla alter 1911 and right up to lhe out
break of war.
ll is true there are slackers in Canada \ snarlin '.
not all Canadian born  either, but  lb .-re       The clerk was instructed    to col*
nre also slackers in the old country.       | led the dog licenses before April  l
The council then adjourned until
McBryde?s Bdkc:
Tea Rooms
Calhoun  Block Cour.enay
P, McBrycl. for rtliuosl 8 years with  Marocchi Bros,
bet*   to aimounce lo the coumiunilj' that he has opened a bakery aud Tea Room at the above address
I have had a technical training in the Kihuanio.k
Bakery School and Glasgow Technical, Scotland,
under the host masters, and hold a first class certificate, upper grade, in i! e technics of bread malting
and a first class certificate in baking confectiouery hy
the Master Halters Association 1 can assure the public that the bread aud caites made by me will be manufactured by the best methods Khown to the baking
world today and will be pure, healthful and appetising
Hoping for a share of public patronage
Remember the address
Next the Royal Bank of Canada
I night hidious by their bsrking and
In conclusion,   Mr. I'ditor,   your cor-
r spondent, Mr. Idiens, wus carried iulo   ..
pritil hi a hurry apparently,   and I have   '' riilny evening at 7 30 p. 111.
doubt that since considering llic mat-
Recommends ��� from   Lending  Musicians   ter, he has modified his views.   Canad ij
from the Atlantic to the I'ncific.   Copies   is committed to half a million   men  na-
nf same fiirnislie
.1 n
1 req
\v. .1
Goard   will De   iti
1.     Leave orders
or write ilirec
his c
nt tl
tv   nbout
is Office,
8th Ave., W.
School Report
Primary room - Enrollment  30,  aver-
eurollment   2.S,
Palaee Livepy
Horses and  liu^gies for  Hire
Terms cash.
ttve sons (bless'emJ   and llritish   horn
as ..-ell us Americans.  Poles   and   other
valued   legionnries,    and   Canada   will
surelv   send   what   she   lias   promised.
This'is not the acceptable time  lo start  ;l**e --tendance 26.
harking, for we need   . united   Cauadn ,    Iuterinediele   room
within a united Ktnpire.    Let  us all do averuge attendance 12
our bit, and trust that  Johnny   Canuck |    Sen,_r room_enroll'meut
au I ins brothers trom Hie   llritish   Isles
alike will do each   bis part   loyally and  attendance 17.
with grim determination.    We can learn j    Since last reported Class V bus had an
from one another,   trust  one another,  examination    in   Arithmetic,   Algebra,
and in union shall be our strength. , , ;        ,. ... .,,.,
Yours trul v I.ilernture, Drawing and Grammer.   lhe
Ihiin Bun      following is the percentage:
 -*���-.�����-���������  Leila Carroll 7.1
I City Council
, ,      . The   Council   met   at the   City,,, ,   ,
We   also  attend  to  wood hauling   H;lll   _.,   Ml ���d.y   evenillg     T,/e jMjel1 Sutton
only absentee being Aid. Carroll
JAS.   CAIRNS  &   SON        .     Before the   reading of   the mill I
Proprietors , tiles Aid. Hurford moved, seconded :
Courtenny Phone aj   by Aid.  Kerton,   that the   council;
George Millard 62
Harry Radford   59
Catharine Glazbrook "S
I Annie Carroll 48
( Lilii Bodeii -16
'Norman Janes 39
litis Slaughter S3
Gordon McQuillan 23
Wilfred Moore :2>
Wc arc open to receive applications
for Loans on  Improved   Farm
Property   in    the   Comox
Ucal Hstate, Insurance aiul
Financial  Agents
Willard's Harness Emporium
nit Cases, .
Harness Repaired Neat!-.'
Cumberland and Courtenay
express us  sorrow on   learning of
the death af John Beaton, aud that 1     .     . ��, ,.       , , ,    ..     .     ��    .    t
a letter express! ig its sympathy be1   S'""-!^t reported, Class  IV has had_Notice of  Intention to   Apply   for
sent to the bereaved family.
The minutes were adopted as
Mr. Peterson wrote asking that
the -"15 promised for   ditching An-1.,  ,;���,,  .','  ting to be held 011 the sib day  o.'Apni
I an examination   in   Canadian   History
Geography,     Composition,   Arithmetic,
I Drawing and Spelling.   The percentage
obtained by each pupil is us follows:       |   1     intends  to npp
Thomas Menzies 79  Wcense Commissioners at their next sit-
Retail Liquor License
TAKIi NOTICli that the undersigned
intends  to apply   to the   Hoard ol
I Mary Sutton 71
Suit Cases, Etc,   derlon Ave!)lie be paid, as  some of \T.V}."""*"".'. "   -y*6. for 11 license to sell intoxicating li
the men who di I the   work needed
the money to pay their taxes.
The following accounts were ordered paid by the Finance Committee:
C G. Callin, rent $ - 50
Minnie I.cightoii 64 qu.r by retail under Subsection 3 ol
Mary Hodgson 62 tion 29'n, of the "Municipal Act" iu that
Jean Menzies .SS certain   store   or  shot
I Claud I'loynrt 58
W. Duncan, gravel.
itttate  on   il
gr mud door, of those   certain premises,
situate oil  Lot  4, Map   311, Towlisile ol
Edward llodeu 55   Courtenay, formerly   known as Pence- 's
Edith Fitzgerald 49  Drug Store, on Mill  Street, in  the City
,,, ,1   Mabel Robertson ,(6  of Courteuay. 	
24 3.1   ,.        _.     ,    , ,.i JOHN R. JOHNSTON,
-��t                          11 w'  *n,ncau, gravel. . .
i ci! cannot eat your _ if m.,--..;.,
U _l,���,.l,..,.l   v.     |t,���.,,l���,
eake .nd havo it
39 4"
.    7 SO
.  .5 00
Shepherd cc Hornby presented a
bill foi ��2.25, the p-ice of a bag of
flour destroyed by one of the horses
that have been running at large all
Henry Crawford...
Walter Trautinaii.
��� 42      Hated   this   8tli day
I). 1916.
March,  A.
A Difficult Problem
One   of the   pestilent   problems     IN   THE   -MATTER of an application
But you have the satisfaction
of knowing that the ingredients are of the highest
grade when purchasing at the
Courtenay. Customers swear
by, not at, "Purity" Bread for
Cakes of all descriptions made
to order
Courtenay   Bakery
winter.    The account was received ! which beset a central station tnana-, |or a fresh Certificate of Title to Sections
and no action taken. ger in many small towns is that of Twenty-six (26) and  Thirty-live  (35),
Aid. Hurford   reported that the dealing   with   the   customer   wh0 Comox District, BriUsh Columbia,
committee had examined   the sites wants a lighting service forSorio N^_Sto���S?Spt��Z'o,fM?
for the proposed city   hall, and re- weeks at most and look* with   nor- t;lian<ler month from the first publica
���ommended that it be   built on the ror on   anything   which   approxi
.lUcn & Kirkwood
Undertakers and
Night or Day Calls Promptly
A1 tended
street end nearly opposite the Hank
of Commerce The report was received and lhe Board of Works
was order
tions aud advertise for tenders to
erect the building
Aid. Hurford reported for the
committee that examined R. M.
I Allan's safe, that it was satisfactory
1 but that Capt. Beadnell also had
one for sale at a lower price. The
committee were instructed to see
the latter safe before the final selection was made.
Aid. Hurfotd also said the Utilities Committee had interviewed the
Electric Light Co re agreement',
and said the company were willing
to make an agreement, but both
the city and compauy would have
to give ground 011 the last proposals. There was a lot of work to be
dote yet, and suggested that an
other alderman be added to the
committee The mayor said that
the company only wanted a fran.
1 chise to do business in the city until such time as the city saw fit to
buy them out.
mates paving a fair price for it.
Many a goodnatured manager has
erected 2 or 3 miles   of line   to ac
red to prepare specified- comodate ten or a dozen customers
whose aggregate bills are hardly
sufficient to pay for the insulators.
Moreover, in nine cases out of ten
tlie installation has not even a
fighting chance of paying for itself
by the load obtained along the
way. Just what to do with the demand of this class of customers it
is not always easy to say. In
many cases a special rate is established reasonably high in appearance yet very seldom actually recouping the station for its pains.
No ordinary form of demand system can cope with the problem,
since it is not the demand which
is at issue, but the great distance
of the load, The best way out of
the difficulty in such cases is actually to chaige the construction to
the distant subscribers, perhaps letting the charge take the form of a
minimum monthly bill until the
account is squared. -���- Electtical
World, Nov. 28, 1914.
tion hereof to issue a fresh Certificate of
Title in lieu of the Certificate of Title-
issued to Reginald Terry Cnrwilhcn oil
the 6th day of November 1S71, nnd
Numbered 372A, which has been lost.
Dated at the band Registry Ollicc,
Victoria, 11. C, this 2nd day of March
Registrar General of Titles
Quadra Sinking To Be
Investigated at Nanaimo
An immediate investigation has
been ordered by the Dominion Gov-
into the circinnstnnces attending
the collision which occurred off Nanaimo on Saturday between the
Canadian Pacific Steamer Charmer
and the Canadian Lighthouse tender Quadra. Capt. John D. Mcpherson, wreck commissioner for
B C, was in receipt of a telegram
from Ottawa yesterday, iiis'riictiii'r
him to arrange for the holding of
a formal investigation into the marine mishap at his earliest convenience . The euquiry will be held at
Nanaimo,   probably    on   Monday
Mentholated White Pine and
Tar 50c per bottle
Laxative Quinine Tablets
25c per box
Cod Liver Oil and Malt with
Wild Cherry $1
Cod Liver Oil Compound $1
Wild Cherry Cough Mixture
Drug Stoie
Phone  30
Swan's Old Stand, Courtenay
next, and Capt, McPhersou will appoint two nautical assessors within
the next few days.


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