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The Review Nov 29, 1917

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Array w
Can not he clnnu liny I etter, unit
not quite so well anywhere elno
hereabouts. Our type aud luimlnu-
ei-y is complete ami The Review
prures are ri^ht
//Gents'  Furnishings
*M. V&S       and Hatters
VOL. 6
B ����� /-"T"
For Mrs, S. J- Piercy,  on  her Ranch, Lower Komi,
Sandwicki ori
Tuesday, Dec, 4th, 1917
16 lie.ul nf choice Jersey and Grade Cattle> including 10
yoniiK dairy cows, due to freshen at an early date, and in calf
to that noted pedigreed Jersey bull "Sophie Peru's Ppfris"
No. 106132' A.J.'C.C.  and  6 grand   young calves sired by
above bull.   Also _ capital work horse.   No reservei
TERMS :���Under $50 cash) over $50 approved joint note for
six months at 8 p. c iut,
Full particulars may lie hail from
Telephone 10 COURTENAY
Gents* Furnishing Store
!-������ '   ' "���"������: ���"  ,.:.:���- 1 ������  ������    ���.,***.**,...     ���-
We also hr.ve a shipment of Ladies  Shoes aud the Riuex Sole
Shoe for Children
Call and see our goods, you'll always find our  prices right.
Courtenay Gent's Furnishings Store
Opposite Shepherds' W. Sutliff, Prop.
When You See
A Good Thing���Grab It
Maconochie's Mixed Pickles
25c per Large Glass Jar
Fresh Table Raisins Just in
2 Boxes for 25c.
Consider Carefully
If you need Eveglasses and if not
quite sure consult
Qualified Optician
Courtenay, B. C.
I     No charge for sight testing
Locnl Lines
Horn -At St. Joseph's Hospital
on Saturday, Nov 24, to Mr, and
Mrs. IVrcy Boolh, n daughter,
Born���Ou Wednesday, Nov 14,
at St Joseph's Hospital, to Mr. and
Mrs. Reg. Fitzgerald, a son.
Born ���At Courtenay, on Friday,
Nov. S3, to Mr. and Mrs. Harry
Idiens, n son.
Mr. II. McCourt has repurchased
I the team lie sold to Mr, Bubar, and
taken over the contract oi   hauling
milk for the Condensory,
Mr. G, Harwood and sister are
of Hornby Island arc guests at J,
W. McKeuzk's, jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Culhbert' have
taken Mrs, Stoker's house in the
Orchard, and expect to move in a
few days.
Geo J. Hardy will conduct an
auction sale of dairy cattle for Mrs.
S.J. Piercy, Lower Road, Sandwick, on Tuesday December 4th.
Mr. H. Fc.tt Porteous has
received additional replies from
Jack McCaim and Norman Cross
thanking the citizens of Courtenay
for hampers.
Mrs, Marshall has been notified
that her son Harry has been wounded at the Front. She has two
other sons and a grandson in the
King's Service one of whom lias a
wife and seven young children at
The Girls' Basketball Club had
a strenuous practise last night,
black eyes, sore shins, badlvbruis
ed bodies and other contusions are
in evidence among the players this
The recent rainy weather has
stopped operations on the new side
walk on the Lake Ti ail. The Isabel street walk has not yet been
commenced If Contractor Johns
ton does not get a move on the residents of the Orchard will have to
wade through mud and slush again
this winter.
Wanted ��� Respectable girl or
middle aged woman for general
housework and care of children.
Mrs. Cokeley, phone 51F.
Butter wrappers, printed or
plain, at the Review Office.
For Rent���Mrs. W, D. Stoker.s 1
house in the Orchard.    $5 a month j
to a steadv tenant,    Apply at  the
Reyiew Office.
Slightly used 3 h, p. Fairbanks I
gas engine For Sale at the Ford j
Garage. j
Call and see the new 1-2   aud   1 !
ton auto Trailers at $120 and $140
each, at the Ford Garage.
Nobby tread Ford tires are  uow
$24 each, and Ford chain tires are 1
$22 each at the Fold Garage.
Children's Slioes All the best and
most sensible styles, at Sutliff's,
For highest prices in hide.*, scrap
'metal and old rubbers see Win.
I Douglas, Courteuay,
I    Cleveland Bicycles   and  bicycle
supplies at the Ford ci 11 rage,
I    Co   to   McBryde's   for   quality
hi end,
Corp. ceo. Barrass Ims secured a
situation as Electriciau at the Power House.
Woi d was received here last week
that W. Darrah '-Casey" has been
seiiously wounded.
Pte. Charlie Grieve is reported to
have been badly wounded ill the
recent fightin   in Frauce,
M. Perez was home for a few
days this week. Helms joined H.
M S. Olrauto as chief steward.
Seigt- Maj (Buster) Brown is now
attached to the ist Depot Batt. B.
C, Regt. Hastings Park, for duty
at present.
Mrs. Cramer of Heriot Bay has
received word that her husband,
Pte. Theodore Cramer, ot the 102nd
Batt, has been admitted to the general hospital, Rouen, sei ions gun
shot in the head.
Mr. Stevens, manager of the
BrackmaiiKer Co.has kindly promised the use of their new warehouse as soon a.s completed for a
whist drive aud dance iu aid of the
I O D K fu.ids.
The Daughters of the Empire request that all socks already knitted
be sent in at once. The Regent
also extends the thanks of the
Chapter to all those ladies, who
while not members are doing knitting for the Society.
While driving along the lower
road last Fr.day afternoon Mr,
Porteous horse took fright at a herd
of sheep in front of Bridges Bros,
ranch, and bolted into a telegraph
pole. The rig was badly demolished, and Mr. Porteous was severely
hurt about the shoulders
Married���At St. John's Church
bv Veil, Archdeacon Collison
Courtenay, at 10 o'clock on Mon
day Nov. 26th, Mr James Aitken
to Miss Margaret Smith. After a
honeymoon speut at Vancouver and
Victoria, the young people will reside at Steveston.
On and after the first day of December, 1917. and until the Governor General in Council has by order
declared that the present abnormal
conditions have ceased, no grain of
auy kind and uo substance that can
be used for food shall be used in
Canada for the distillation of potable liquors. An offence against
this order is punisnable by a fine of
one thousand dollar ,
Help avoid hard times���buy Vic-
trry Bonds
Several head of good  high  grade
Holstein Cows and Heifers
from heavy producing stock
BrakfooT Farm,
R. R. No. 4, Victoria
Mayor McKenzie
wil-niiu ticke-1   or
which tickets are   1
City Hall on Moml ���
Mr. .II S,   Clt 1
Cowan will addrjii
Little River at the La
this (Thursday ) even
The Military Medii
in the district on Moil 11
day examining caudi I        I
Don't forget  the j..
Sntui'daj night.
The melancholy days hive come.
The saddest of the year,
Christmas goods are cow  on  sale.
And father quakes with fear
Presbyterian Church
St. Andrews'  Sandwick
Service 2 p.m.     Sunday  School
and Bible Class 3 p. 111.
Sunday School and  Bible Clas
10:30 a. 111.    Evening service 7:30
p. 111. All welcome
Anglican Services
December 2nd, Advent  Sunday.
11 a. 111. Matins and Sermon at
St. Andrew's, Sandwick.
3 p. m, Sunday School at St.
John's Courteuay.
3 30 p. 111. Evensong and Sermon
at Holy Trinity, Cumberland.
Drue S
Just Arrived:
Nyoltis Talcums
Rose,  Baby,
Lilac, Violet
Perfumes :
Locust Blossom,
Mygracia, Mayflour
and Wood Violet
Courtenay Drug Store
Safety  First
Go to
For Fresh   Tobacco, Cigars
Confectionery   and
. Soft Drinks.
Isabel St.    Next Royal Bank
Comox Creamery
60cper lb. t,!s -.veck
Courtenay Shoe Store
We are Headquarters for
Rubber and Leather Footwear
to suit any member in
A general assortment of
always Rept in stock
We invite your inspection
Phon-- 43
Ne:*t the Dp**; Store
-/r-_re-jry''-" "�����*���_*      VT*m*n+ �� $���'������.
The Squire's
war;>, lock ii co.. uMin-o
-tnul-e, t*i T___*
Me shook In-r with savage t'u-y.
Suddenly lie let her wrists fall. An
extraordinary change came over his
"I know who yotl remind inc of,"
he said, "I've alwnys known il. Only
she's dead She died leu years ago
in tlie Richmond hospital���I'd think
it was Kitty's face that was hidden
behind those infernal weals and
scars that I can see even through
that  thing yon wear."
She said nothing, only stood with
lier head bent, looking downwards.
He went inlo lhe salle-a-nianger;
then came back to her again.
"You did quite right to take thai
holtle from me," he said. "There's
no excuse for me, for the bottle never bad much attraction for me. liul
I've been infernally battled and beaten of late."
Suddenly he look bold of Ihe half-
open door and leant his forehead
against it with an air of weariness
and defeat.
"Here am I, Kitty," lie said; she
trembled as he used the name, bu*
apparently he had used it unconsciously, "here am 1, only wauling to
do the straight thing. I want lo
marry lillle Dolly, lo go away somewhere where the past won't follow
ine and begin a new life,. And here
in this, infernal country wc can't get
married. Anyone could have lold
me; any educated person. That's
what comes of being ignorant. No
matter how clever you arc you never eateh up on those who have lhc
education. 'Ihey won'l marry us.
I'm at my wit's ends. Dolly's not
the sort to drag about the world unmarried, There've been times, when
the drink was out of me, when 1
could have wished I'd let Dollv
alone. I might have if il hadn't been
for the other fellow, who has everything I haven't, damn him!"
Doubtless it was the drink in him
spoke, but the compassion in Kate
Bartlett's eyes was wonderful.
"Mere I am with mv neck in thc
noose," he went on, lifting his head
and staring at her, "while every day
I've tramped the'coiinlry round looking for someone, priest, or notary, or
anyone that would marry us. I'll
have to move on afler all���lo where
the laws are easier. This is too
damned near Kngland for mc. It's
Suddenly a look of fear came into
his eyes. Hc was staring through
lhc half glass door into the dark strip
of garden outside.
"Infernal tricks that coarse brandy
plays on a man," he muttered. "Vou
did well lo take it away from me,
my girl. Do you see how it sways
up and down���thc body of Michel
Quenelle out there, in the woodshed?"
She gazed in a fascinated horror
the way he pointed. Something moved  oul   there   in   the   dark.
"I thought it was only Margot
that saw it " he said. "Margot. who
did the poisoning lo phase her lover. Win- should vou nr 1 see it? We
never did Michel Quenelle anv
llir dry lips muttered a prayer.
She moved nearer lo liim for companionship, I licre was something
nut there; something that moved
���lowly  I" and fro, as in a  wind.
"It's lln cursid brandy," Cooper
said, Riving himself a shake, as a
big doe might coming out of Ihe
water. "What a find I am! The life
/ is telling on inc. I'll so- whal il Isi
man or devil."
Copenhagen Chewing Tobacco ls
entirely different from the ordinary
"plug" or "line eul".
It is made of the best, old, rich,
high flavored tobacco.
Being hi small grains, it imparts its
Strength and flavor more freely and
fully than tobacco iu thc usual form.
J-'or this reason, Copenhagen iu not
chewed ; but ls placed in tlu: mouth
between the lower lip and the gum.
A small pinch is nil that is necessary
to thoroughly satisfy, uml those who
���re using "Copenhagen" for tbe first
time, should take rare to use only a
small pinch, otherwise "Copenhagen"
will be thought to have too mueb
tobacco strength.
*_t'�� thn tnott economical chew".
W.    N,    U.    lilt
lie went back to the sallc a man-
gcr, look the lamp and wenl cut to
ihc woodshed. An old shepherd's
crook hung from a rafter. Beyond
thai there was    nothing,   absolutely
thi ne..
The Flight
The days passed, tense with expectation, but nothing happened. Coop-
"i- went out now but seldom, and
tlien only when dusk had fallen. He
rarely appeared before midday, and
ll'tcr a meal he would go back lo
his own room, where lie would lie
on his bed hall asleep till dusk came
to set htm free lo wander a while.
The evidences of his drinking were
iu thc pallor of his fare, llie nervous
jcrkincss of bis speech, his morose-
ness and irritability, his bloodshot
eyes and trembling hand.
��T\vo women watched him in these
days with a growing terror. Kale
Bartlctt would leok up and bc aware
lhat Margot's eyes w-ere also on
Cooper. Each was estimating the
point at which he would become
Dolly was kept out of il. He made
no attempt to see her. There were
times when it would almost seem
tbat hc must have forgotten her. She
kept to her room when he was aboul
the house, docile as a child in Kale
Bartlett's hands; and when she asked
in tears when they were going to
be set free, she was confronted by
Kate's assurance that freedom would
come today or else tomorrow.
Once Dolly appeared with a
strange talc. She. had fled to thc
granary from the courtyard at the
sound of Cooper's voice in the house
coming her way. While she was
there she had heard voices, English voices, close by, passing beneath
her. More, she had thought she recognized one of the voices for that of
the Squire's young cousin, Hilary
Strangways. So sure had she becn
that She had called out.   Of course
the people who passed hail nol heard
her; Ihey had gone loo far; and if
ihey had looked back lhcy could not
have discovered her peep-hole.
Kale Bartlett shook her head over
ihe recital. To her all English
voices were alike, ll was most improbable that Master Hilary would
be in Audigiiac. The poor child's
mind was full of the Squire, so, of
course she would imagine things.
Dully slept uneasily that night. At
the slightest sound Kale j'.arlliil
would awake and lift herself on her
elbow |o listen. Dolly cried and
struggled and shrieked on her lover
to save her from some deadly peril.
The woman who was listening to her
was cold with fear in the darkness,
oppressed by a nameless sense Of
guilt towards lhe innocent child in
her charge, and her benefactor, the
Squire, who had trusted her, afler
saving her life.
The nral day Cooper kepi to his
room all day. When Kate Bartlctt
brought in a tray with food he
seemed to be asleep. There was a
full bottle of brandy on the table beside liim. She looked at il; advanced her hand towaafis it as though
she would take il away; then shook
her head, and, leaving lhe tray ou
the table, went out.
That same day Dolly made another discovery. Seeing something
glittering on the floor���she could
not have imagined how she had overlooked it before���in lhc alcove
where the bed was, she picked the
thing up. It was a wedding ring, on
which someone had trodden, crushing it almost out of shape.
She was looking at il when Kate
came into Ihc room, and, coming to
see what the girl was looking at so
intently, slared as though it were
the Gorgon's Head. To Dolly's
amazement she snatched it from her
and flung it through the open win
dow; then put her arms about thc
girl and begged her darling Miss
Dolly to forgive her; slu did not
know- why she had done il; only lhat
i( seemed a strange, uncanny thing
lo lind, and she could not bear lo
see. it in her darling's hands.
Later in the afternoon, while Dolly
was out of doors, she went quickly
upstairs, and, having locked the door
of the damask room behind her, she
took a bunch of uisly keys and tried
them one alter another on the. clos.l
door of the dressing room which had
been locked when Ihey came and
had remained locked. She tried
many keys before one seemed to fit.
Afler a struggle it turned in the
lock, aud the door came open.
(To Be Continued,.
Jibway once, wrote on article lhat
was published in newspapers from
one end of the counlry to llie oilier.
Vou surprise inc. 1 had no idea
Jibway Could write. Was il a piece
ol fiction?
Yes���a p_ieni medicine testimonial.���Birmingham   \ge-Hcrald.
As Instructed
A shoemaker in a Midland cily,
getting on well in the way of business, became proud. One day there
were a lot ol customers in the shop
when the shop boy came in to say
that thc mistress bid him say dinner
wns ready.
"What's for dinner?" asked Ihc
"Herrings, sir," answered  lho boy.
"All righl," said the shoemaker,
and when bc went in lo dinner he
reprimanded the boy for not mentioning something deccul and big,
Idling the boy iu future always lo
mention a good feed when there
were any people in llic  shop.
A (ew days alter thc boy camp In
say thai dinner was ready,
"What's for dinner?" asked the
"Fish, sir," answered  the boy.
"Whal sort of lish?"
"A whale, sir," replied  lln   boy.
ASSAM Teas for Economy
Assam teas are the strongest
grown.    It is of these teas that
chiefly consists.    That is why
very large number of 250 cups to tii
cost of about a cent
for   five   cups,   and agSFi '���-���*���' ��- >���'"_."
every cup rich,
strong, delicious tea.
Kept Good by
the Sealed
Our papers are cleansed, treated and purified with Refined Par-fine Waxes and Disinfectants.
They add to the Freshness, Cleanliness and Purity of your goods.
They preserve the Color and Quality of Fresh and Cooked Meats and are Germ-proof, Moisture-prool
and Grease-proof.    They will not stick to the Meat.
^\F0R LUNCHES.MEATS,       //
\cakes, Pits. Eft.       /
G&B 5AN1-
\   WRAPPERS   .
r ��� y
Appleford's Carbon Coated Counter Sales Books are no dearer than the ordinary kind. Now made
with new improved Formulas and Appliances and better than ever before. If you are'not a customer,
write us (or a sample book.
Appleford Counter Check Book Co., Limited
Ho* Mm Canada's favorite yeoef. for over ���
quarter of a cenlurv. Bread baked with Royal
Voaat will keep froth and moist longer than that
mado with any othor, to that a full wool, t oupply
aan eaelly bo mado at ono baking-, and tho laot
loaf will bo jMot aa good ao tho flrot
Fixing Wheat Prices
Tin- fixed prices of wheat hove
/nt the wheat gambler out of bnsi-
icss. After lhc wheat was oul of
lie farmers' hands lhis summer, lhc
���peculator got busy and pushed lhe
irice up an extra dollar; Ihc millers
���romptly put up the price of flour
Ind the bakers boosted the price of
bread. The little game is spoiled
for tb��� present year by tho price-
'xing plan, ll would bia very fine
ihing for Canada if lhe- price of wheal
rould bc fixed each year lo allow a
reasonable profit to tlie wheal grower and fixed prices on flour and
Bread. Gambling in food should be
.fade a clinic.���Grain Growers'
The. need for people to bc healthy
is urgent. Those whom illness has
(nit outside lhc ranks of robust men
snd women feel their position keenly. They arc handicapped in every
walk of life and weak men and
nerve-worn women need more earnestly than eve. lo put their health
right and become active and strong.
Many who began "patching" months
ago arc as ill now as on the day
they began vainly tinkering with
common drugs. Every ailing man
and woman should remember lhat the
ills of debility, nerve exhaustion, indigestion, sleeplessness, neuralgia,
and depression conic from a faulty
blood supply. Worry, over-work or
oilier causes havc impoverished thc
blood and left the life-stream impure.
lhe nerves thereby arc starving and
thc whole system is languishing for
new blood, ln this condition many
thousands have won back strong
nerves and new health and strength j
through the new rich blood Dr.
Williams' l'ink Tills actually makes,
ln a weak or bloodless condition it
is not only a waste of time and
money, but also a further menace to
your health to tinker with common
drugs. Follow the example ol so
many thousands by giving Dr. Williams' l'ink Pills a fair trial, and they
will transform you into healthy, active, men and women.
You can get these pills through
any dealer in medicine, or by mail at
50 cents a box or six boxes for
$2.50 from The Dr. Williams' Medi-
trinc Co., Brockvlllc, Ont.
Going Back on the Kaiser
German   People   Gradually    Losing
Faith in the War Lord
In the September number of the
Nineteenth Century there is an Interesting articlo by Prof. F. Scfton
Dclmcr. He, Australian, bom, had
lived for luciily years pasl in Germany, during the latter part of llic
lime being a professor in lhc University of Berlin. From the outbreak of the war uniil May of this
year, he was a civil prisoner in Berlin. Hc was able, however, lo go
about under restrictions, and to sec
something of his university friends.
Whal he writes of their change of
opinion is instructive,    He declares:
"Before the war lhe intellectual
classes of Germany wcrc almost to a
man on lhc side of the Kaiser. But
many of these people, who in August, 1911, lauded their ruler to the
skies as a new Charlemagne, now
shrug their shoulders at him and his
house. They put the disaster which
has come over them in consequence
of this war, and the still worse disasters with which tlicy see themselves threatened in the near future,
down to the Kaiser's clumsy diplomatic preparation of the war, and
his autocratic system. His everlasting pose, his wish to delude himself and them into the belief that he
is a second Frederick the* Great, his
fickleness and impulsiveness as a pilot of German policy, have all come
home to them. 'He dismissed Bismarck," I havc heard people say,
'but just look at llic slatcmen he has
chosen as his chancellors since���first
Cap.ivi, a mere soldier; then Holicn-
lohe, the courtier; then the selfish
fox von Bulow, and afler him the pliable and weak-kneed philosopher
Bcthmami, but never a really strong
man or a greal statesman among
them all.'"
Herr Ballin's Fate
Fallen at last out of favor with
the kaiser, Germany's greatest shipping director, Albert Ballin of thc
Hamb'urg-Amcrican Line, can now
survey in all its fulness the tragedy
which bis master's war has made of
Iiis great life-work.
It was to him "an idiotic war," and
lie said so. He was before the war
"winning more trenches every day"
(or Germany than the k liscr's armies arc winning in months, and he
said so. His magnificent merchant
fleet is now in the use of Germany's
enemies or going to pieces in idle
and hungry German porls.
Thc fruits of his genius and long
years of labor have been practically
wiped out before his eyes, and that
anguish of spirit which musl be his
can win from the autocrat he served only too well no better consolation than a kick,���New York World.
Soft corns arc difficult to eradicate,
but Holloway's Corn Cure will draw
them out painlessly.
The Broad-faced One
A servant was once despatched to
purchase a chicken and passing a
naturalist's on her way she went in
and enquired thc price of the broad-
faced chicken in the window.
"Oh," said the proprietor, smiling,
"that's not a chicken, that's an owl."
"Well," said the maid, "it'll do all
right, it's only for lhe lodger."
The Best Liver Pill.���The action
of thc liver is easily disarranged. A
sudden chill, undue exposure to the
elements, overindulgence in your favorite food, excess in drinking, are a
few of the causes. But whatever
may be the cause, Parmelec's Vegetable Pills can be relied upon as the
best corrective that can be taken.
They are thc leading liver pills and
tlicy have no superiors among such
Not to Be Caught
Doctor���You arc slightly morbid,
my dear lady. You should look about
you and marry again.
Widow���Oh, doctor, is���is this i<
Doctor���Allow mc to remind you
madam, that a doctor prescribes
medicine���but he doesn't lake it.
as a table beverage.
A package from
the grocer is well
worth a trial, in place
df tea ��� especially
When Tea Disagrees!
W.    N.    V.    lilt
Minard's Liniment Cures Distemper.
Germany's Stupid Diplomats
������ Her Government Today Is Distrust
ed and Hated Everywhere
What will proud Germans ihink ol
[ their   foreign    oflicc    meekly   lyinp
j down before an ultimatum from Ar-
i gentiiia? Willi  what composure will
I lhcy read of lhc alii nation of Sweden
by official rcceit? How will lhcy feel
' about their Ziiuiiicrnianns  and their
< I.uxburgs and llieir BernslorlTs, when
the full  evidence of llieir iucrcdibl
! follies is laid before the German public? With the shame there will sure
' ly be    resentment���resentment    that
! Germany lias been put in such a bad
: light by the acts of her rulers,    so
| that her government today    is    dis
��� trusted or bated everywhere, and no
I one can bc found to place faith in
its pledges, or lo bc anything    but
| nauseated when it talks about mor-
! ality and good faith among nations.
! President Wilson docs not need    to
; go outside of Germany to find pow-
: crful support for his contention that
the existing German government has
made itself   impossible.     To    havc
been guilty of such gigantic stupidities is a condemna!:-n from    which
1 there can be no appeal.    Ferocious
j lawlessness might have becn pardon-
| cd if it had   been   successful;   but
failure heaped on mistake makes up
an undeniable Dummlu it upon which
the German people, in sheer self-defence, will soon be compelled to lay
violent hands.���From the New York
Evening Post,
U. S. Destroyers' Work
Good Work of the U.S. Destroyers
in the Forbidden Zone
I'or military reasons the facts cannot be detailed, but it may be said
that thc United States destroyers are
very active in the protection of vessels in Germany's "forbidden zone,"
and that the strain on officers and
men is heavy. They are exposed to
danger from the enemy and from
rough weather. "Pour days on and
four days off" for officers and men
on the destroyers and patrols hunting U-boats on the other side means
that thc navy is doing its full share
of hard work; for "four days on"
spells for them no rest, little sleep,
hard work and hardship. The crews
come into port utterly exhausted, but
after four days ashore go back,
prepared for another turn with thc
submarines. When llic number of
ships and their crews and what they
have accomplished is told, the work
of thc navy will show that its worth
has not been less than its prestige
called for.���Army and Navy Journal.
With the Fingers!
Says Corns Lift Out
Without Any Pain
. >*>>.�����.���, >���>��������������>... :������.. ������>>���><........ *...........,.���. ...������*>���
Sore corns, hard corns, soft corns
or any kind of a corn can shortly be
lifted right out with the fingers if
you will apply on the corn, a few
drops of freezone, says a Cincinnati
At little cost one can get a small
bottle of freezone at any drug store,
which will positively rid one's feet of
every corn or callus without pain or
soreness or the danger of infection.
This new drug is an ether compound and dries the moment it is applied and docs not inflame or even
iiritate the surrounding tissue. Just
think! You can life off your corns
and calluses now without a bit of
pain or sorenes. If your druggist
hasn't freezone he can easily get a
small bottle for you from his wholesale drug house, ���
Blamed the Shoes
This mistress of the liouse entered
thc butler's pantry quietly, "James!"
she said severely. The butler looked
up with a guilty flash. "James,1'.she
asked, "how is it that whenever 1
come into the pantry I find your
work only half done and you lying
down reading the newspaper?"
"Well, madam," the butler answerer, "I should say it was en account
of them soft soled shoes you usually
wear, ma'am."
Minard's Liniment Cures  Garget  in
It is manufactured
tobacco in its purest
It  has
x  pleasing
It is tobacco scientifically prepared
for man's use.
S   Wheal prices are fixed but servicc is not.   The best is assured you    S
���3 when you consign  your a
| Wheat, Oats, Barley, Flax or Rye f
55 To lhc Old  Reliable Grain Commission Merchant* s
I Jas. Richardson & Sons, Ltd. f
=   Sixty years of satisfied customers. Careful checking of grades.   Lib-    3
=: cral advances.    Prompt adjustments. ~
2 Grain Exchange, Winnipeg
5 Grain Exchange, Calgary
S Canada  Building,   Saskatoon
Main  1522 ~
Mail   2261 3
32.1 5
Von Tirpitz's Sympathy
The fine Americans who arc telling
us all thc time that this is a capitalistic war on our part have support
and sympathy now from their grand
old friend, Admiral von Tirpitz, who
started the submarine massacre. In
a speech to thc reactionaries in Berlin he casually remarked that if thc
Kaiser and God were to bc defeated
in this conflict it would bc by "Anglo-American capital."���New York
No More Asthma. Dr. J. D. Kellogg's Asthma Remedy sounds thc
death knell of this trying trouble. It
stops the awful choking and painful
breathing. It guards against night
attacks and gives renewed ability to
sleep and rest the whole night long.
Much is claimed for this remedy, but
nothing but what cau bc demonstrated by a trial. If you suffer from
asthma try it and convince yourself
of its great value.
Will Be Huns Forever
W'e can bc sure that the kaiser will
carry his bluff lo lhc last ditch, lie
will hold out while there is a shadow
of hope that the allies will weary of
the war. For liim anything less than
a victorious peace would bc disaster
of lhe most terrible kind. A German
pod pictures the position of Germany in the event of defeat. "Lct
them call us Huns,' 'he says, "if wc
can but gain the victory., Hut let us
die fust if wc are to bc called Huns
and to be defeated as well."
The allies will come out of- the
war with clean hands, with head held
high, with conscious honor and with
a cause in lhc support of which all
the world outside of the central powers is as a common brotherhood.���
London Free Press.
'I' fwSri the 'Poiiis,H-l��� "
10. -BlACK-WHITE-TANr |0.
F.F.Dalley Co. of Canada, Ltd.
Hamiltoo,   C��u,
'!��� 'I- *!��� -������ ���'!'
The German Fleet
When asked recently by a representative of the Zuricher Zcitung if
hc believed that a sea fight between
the entente fleets and the German iu
the near future was possible, Admiral Scheer, chief of the German admiralty, smilingly replied: "That depends absolutely on the British."
Imprisoned in German ports, the
German fleet is still repeating:
"When will the British come out?"
It is ovcr fifteen months since the
Germans ventured a trial of .strength
in the Skagcrrak battle, and since
that boasted "victory" lhcy have not
dared to sick another.���New York-
Minard's Liniment Co., Limited.
Gentlemen,���I have used MINARD'S LINIMENT on my vessel
and in my family for years, and for
the every day ills and accidents of
life I consider it has no equal.
I would not :iart on a voyage
without it if il cost a dollar a bot-
capt. f. r. nj--.sjAi.nw,
Schr. "Storke," St Andre,    Kamou-.
Sheep to Stock Manitoba Farms
Hearing lhat a number of sheep
were being sold for slaughter in Ontario, the minister of agriculture for
the province thought Ihc opportunity was good for obtaining some of
these animals to stock Manitoba
farms. The government has, therefore, decided to spend $125,000 in
thc purchase of sheep in Ontario at
once, and will sell them at cost to
the farmers in the province,
Member S. P. C. A, (to brutal
driver���No, my friend, 1 won't shut
up. Your poor hor... unfortunately,
cannot speak like Balaam's ass, bul
I would have you know, sir, that I
can.���Boston Transcript.
Minimize The Fire
Peril By Using
Chemically M_>Eitii|tfjUif
"Silent 500s"
The Matches With "No
ADD. le the only Canadian
���taker of Iheie m-tchee, every
nick of which has been treated
wilh a chemical lolutioo which
positively eniurei the match
becoming dead wood once it
hi��� been lighted and blowout.
Look for tit* words "Chemically nlf-eali-guiihing" on the
Can't Afford to Lose
If wc should suffer defeat, if the
force of our arms and those of our
allies should disintegrate, then wa
should find that nothing on earth
matters. Our farms, our factories,
and our homes would avail us noth
ing. We've got to win because we
can't afford to lose.���Chicago Tribune.
lf|a- tha '""""""""'""''iiiiiiiiniHiiiiiiiiii
li-wT in* Two (ree t*t a Lifetime
Mavlat H":-��>i" for ti��* _rM iu*
wIPHq.o* "Tree-owe -ree-Um.oiewe
��� *���-"���    ��������- '.rnekM-
������      irelMi.    *mtM~
norm. Marine le * . nont
lot that MMi feel inutiim Of rem.
wee w eieok of tour loeioa eon oe row
.eel. **�� ��IU> Ue ease raeflemr      "^
iii Mm be In* to, ttnk fa ttti SS
The Courtenay Review
And Comox Valk-y Advocate
A   Weekly  Newspaper, Published at
Courtenay, II. 0,
N. II. Bodk.n, I'ditor and Proprietor
V-bscription #1 HO per Year in  Advance
$2.00 per annum if not so paid
THURSDAY NOV. 29, 1917
In llis latest Vancouver speech
Billy Mclnnes charges that a Comox Clergyman could not get an
appointment as Chaplain ��f lhe 102
Batt. without first seeing Mr. Dan
Kilpatrick, chairman of the Conservative Association. A greater
falsehood was never uttered hy the
pettiest political heeler- It is quite
true that the Rev T. Menzies, and
all honor to him, did make appli
cation to be appointed Chaplain of
the regiment, but his application
���was not made until after the ap
poiiitment had been made by the
Colonel in charge. He also asked
the good offices of IT. -S. Clements,
who did all lie could for him, even
recommending him at Ottawa.
Waste no time on Mclnnes, By
accepting the Vancouver (and Van
couver Liberals were exceedingly
hard tip for a candidate) he has
clearly indicated that he expects
no suyport in Comox-Alberni, So
long as he is elected the division is
immaterial to him, and while his
friends are sweating themselves on
his behalf, Billy is relying upon
Vancouver to elect him, At the
same time, this division is useful
as a second string. If Comox-Alberni, could not produce even a
better Laurier Liberal than ''Yukon" Mclnnes then we are sorry
for that faction for while he is very
good .specimen of a "carpet bagger
politician" Billy is a poor Liberal
The party of wliicli William
Wallace Burns is a shining light
broke up a meeting iii Kitchener.
Ontario, a notorious German
stronghold, and refused a hearing
to Sir Rober. Borden. If the
"West retaliates, Mr. Mclnnes and
iiis friends will have   a  strenuous
1 unes has many names and much
nerve. If lie could put loyalty
and common sense first he would
stand a better chance but this district has sent too many men to the
front to elect, n man who would
hamper their gallant endeavors,
To the assembled patriots of   six
of the Middle West states, conven-'
td in St.   Paul,   President   Wilson!
sent a   message  that  has the  true,
ring of  service and  sacrifice  and I
and   applies  with  equal   force    to
Canada. After referring to the conditions which have made the prairie
nd the forest the home of a  new
race and the temple ol a new   faith
lhe President says: "This is  uot   a
bankers' war for ever y straight-out
American,    whether   our  flag  be
his by birth or adoption      We are
today ajnation in aruH and wc must
liglit and faun, mine anil manufacture, conserve food and   fuel,   save
and spend tu the one common   purpose.-'
With this i..s;re the Review celebrates in sixth birthday, We
have seen Courtenav grow from a
small hamlet to a respectable incorporated city���and the Review
grown with it in importance
To ask the Ganadain people to
tt, at less of certain foods in order
that the soldiers at the front may
not go short is not a matter for ridicule, but one of intense seriousness
Strayed onto my premises about three
months ago a brownish black yearling
heiler, branded "V" on left hip. Owner
is requested to prove property, pay expenses and tnke the animal away,
not claimed within 14 days from
date the animal will he sold.
Dated at Courtenay Nov, 29. 1917
All wool white blankets, large size.
al $8,50 a pair.
Grey wool blankets, large size,   at
$6 50 a pair,
Eiderdown   comforters   full   size,
fancy satin covered al $11   each,
Fancy sateen   covered  comforters,
cotton batting filled at $4 and $5.
Leather pillows at $1  25 each.
Special value iu Marcells white bed
spreads from j",;, t_ $8.50
Ladies'  Fall Coats
Newest styles in Ladies   fall  coats
iu Tweeds. Chinchilla, Heaver and
Kng ish  Whitney Cloths.
Furs and Fur Sets
Ladies stoles and sets in American
sable fur at popular prices, also fur
sets of Mink Marmot and White
Russian Fox. Children's fur sets
in White Hare and White Thibet.
Sole agents iu district for Invictus
shoes. "Tin Best good Shoes for
men and women,"
Sh       I BEST
The Housewife's
first order on her
grocery list is
Royal Standard Flour
Sheriffs  Sale
Under Mortgage
This indenture made the 30th day of
January in the year of our I.ord, one
thousand nine luindre il and lilteen, in
pursuance of the " Bills of Sale Act,'
between Cecil A. Martin of Comox, in
the Province of British Columbia, hotel-
time.    But, the   Western  Uiiioii-lkee,,,H:r',llf1-ei"���1T cal!e'U1^ ''Gra��t*
vy   _i_iu    oiiiuii  j or       of   the   first   part,   and  Herman
Mabrer, ol the ('ity of  Nanainio, in the
aforesaid province, hereinafter called the
Grantee," ol the second part.
ists aie gentlemen, and tlie Laur-
iei'-MoInnes factions are hardly
so describable. For them, as for
the Huns, "might is right" and
might means power,
Tlie Laurier faction is very fond
of the term "conscription of
wealth,'-' and has apparently hazy
ideas of what it means. All the
same tlmy would hold np Canadian
reinforcements white they argue
about it, thai is. when they get
into power at Ottawa. The Victory Loan lias given Canada a
good idea of what conscription of
wealth means, and in spite of
Laurier, Mclnnes and Bonrassa,
^tlie latest freak recruit) Canada
has risen to the call. Poor and
rich of all callings and descriptions
liuve come thi'ou&h with their
savings to help Win the war. TWit
is the b.'st way of arguing-let your
money fight.
What's iu a name? One of the
candidates for Comox A Thorn i who
is also a candidate in Vancouver,
rejoices in tlie appellation of William Walluce Burns Mclnnes,
The only reflection is thnl there
WOllld need to be iiiiiuy liloru na
tional heroes nnd poets thrown in
before the electors cul-l swallow
the Mu] lines  port I m.    Mr.   Mc
Under and by virtue of the power of
sale contained in a certain indenture of
mortgage, a true copy of which will lie
produced at tlie time ol sale, 1 will offer
for sale and will sell by public auction,
all the right, title and interest of the
said Cecil Martin in all the goods and
chattels situated in the Elk Hotel Comox
B. C, on SATURDAY, the 1st day of
December, 1917, at the hour of 11 o'clock
in the forenoon at the Klk Hotel, Comox
B, C. Tlie snid goods and chattels will
he sold ell li'oc, and consist ol furniture,
floor coverings, beds, blankets and mat-
resses, dishes, etc.
Terms of sale Casb,
Sheriff in and for the County of Nanaimo
Acting for Mortgagee.
Agenis for the popular C C  A  La
Gra.e Corsets, a model to suit any
figure always in stock,
A shipment of men's Sweater coats
and cloth tweed overcoats to baud.
Linoleums, Oilcloths Mattings
and Rugs
Mail  Contract
SEALED TKNDERS addressed to the
Postmaster General will be reeeiyeU
at Ottawa until 110011, on Friday, tbe 28,
December, 1917 for tbe conveyance ot
His Majesty's Mails, on a proposed Con
tract for four years, six times per week,
from the Post Master General's pleasure
Printed notices containing further mlor
i ination a�� to conditions of proposed contract may In-seen and blank forms ol
tender may lie obtained at the Post Offices of Cumberland and Courtenay and at
ollice of the undersigned.   	
E. II. 1-I.I-TCI1HR,
P. O. Inspector.
Post Office Inspector's oflicc, Victoria,
B. G. Nov. I, 111".
Milled in British Columbia
rHILK   SHE   MIGHT  possibly   do
without a  number  of  tilings, she
realizes that with  a  sack  of thc   famous
money-back " flour close  at hand, she's S
got the best part of  lhe  equipment  for a S
first-class meal.    Her  baking will  be   the if
pleasantest part of her task,   Her BREAD JJ
BUNS and BISCUITS   vill be a delight to ^
the eye���a lure- a temptation to the appe- yj
tite. fl
At your dealers Look for the to
Cricle  " V " on Every Sack    to
Royal Standard Grain Products Agency    jjj
Phone 33, End of Bridge B. Towler,  Mgr. jay
$*T**g*awS*mw*ai*rmt***sm*��)^ *a*^**^*^*i*t,tgt^g,^^i\**^tyui\gi^ai*,
We have an Exhibit of a Large
Assortment of New Patterns
Store Between Bridges
Girls' Raincoats
10 and 12 year sizes
Boys English Corduroy Pants
.Small Sizes $1.25
Large Sizes $1.70
We put our name behind these
goods and if not  sarisfactory
your money is returned
Seabrook Young
623-5 Johnson St.
Victoria, B. C.
The Brackman-Ker Milling Co. Ltd.
Courtenay Branch
We carry a full Line of Grains, Hay, Stock and
Dairy Feeds, Etc.
Esquimalt   &   Nanaimo  Railway
For   Victoria���11.35   Monday,  Wednesday    and
Friday, connecting at Parksville Junction with train
for Port Alberni,
From   Victoria���9.00   Tuesday,    Thursday,   and
Saturday, connecting at Parksville Junction with
train from   Port   Alberni, and arriving at Courtenay at 16.10.
Phone R 60
Agent Courtenay,
Comox  Livery  Stable
Phone 84 L
Auto Truck Meets all Boats
and Courtenay Trains
Autos and Teams for Hire
at reasonable rates
E. C. CLIFFE   ���    COMOX
.-.iii  ts Audited and
Books Kept
Office with Hicks Beach  &  Field
Tuning and Repairing
Here about Oct. 1
Leav; order? at Rev'ew office
Purity Flour
B. & K. Bread Flour
Warehoure: Movitz's Old Stand. Phone 66
The Telephone and Its High Cost of Living
Materials used daily iu lhe telephone business have increased in
price between August 1st, 1914, and Sept. 14, 1917, as follows :
Glass insulators 51 per cent., galvanized ground rods 75 per cent,
lend coveied cable 94 p.c. rubber-covered telephone wire 41 p,c, dry
butteries 76 per cent., telephone instruments, pole line hardware, 123
per cent,, tools 55 per cent.
These nre merely a lew items selected from a list of more than 600
articles of material used in the telephone business. Nowhere on the
entire list ol materials used by the telephone company, is there an article that has not increased iu price since the wur began. Some material
cannot be obtained at present, at any price. While all other materials
and commodities vou use were going skyward in prices on account of the
Have you ever consipered the fact that,  compared   with the prices
yon are paying lor everything else,
Telephone Service it Comparatively Cheaper Today Ihan Anything Else you nu
British  Columbia  Telephone Co.
-,    ,,,..���. .GRAND DISPLAY
The costot Living is High at
Still There's Nothing Like Leather  Willard's Harness Emporium
Practical Shoemaker and Repair
Next to Hardv & Biseoe
Fine Showing of Horse Blankets,  Lap
Rugs, Gloves, Trunks, Suit Cases, Btc.
Harness Repaired Neatly
Che* J**:!:-. __���_ Cnr.-J' ry THE COURTENAY REVIEW
H. S. Clements
and George
Address a Crowded House at Coarteaay
Mr. Clements Gives Account ol Stewardship
Mr. Cowan Makes Patriotic Address
On Tuesday evening H. S, Cle
ments mado his fir-t campaign
speech in Ooui'tenay. Ho was ao-
oompatued hy Geo, H. (Jowan, K
(J. of Vancouver. Mr. Every-
Clayton in a few humorous remarks introduced Mr. Clements
.as our past present ami future rep
reemitative,   On -iBirig  to spea1'
onn of llm best fm-   the   develop
niuht of capital,  Referred  to  tli'
dredging operations in tho Court
enn.*- river. Tills will nllow nny ol
the Binnllei' craft to come here  at
any time.   Tlm Finance Minister
luul stated  that no more money
would be spent mi public work until after the war.     For thu p��si
six yours Im  hnd  .enrcsetited
riding and in
iic just
life "o-   not
Mr. Clements received an ovation,! would say thnt ho hud
while his remarks did  not  have  ted any stock in  any
the frothy flambuoyancy of Mr. | or a nickel from any
Mclnnes, he was listened to   with  in   the   Dominion  o
wrapt attention.    He said Sir Ro I public   man   should
bert Borden had boon  trying for  honest as in  private
over a year to form a Union go- ' seek nomination,
voi'iiinent.    'was  in favor of  Un        Several   Fishery  holdings
ion government and hoped it would  been cut in   two.     Notably   Mr
continue many years after tho war i Brewster's   In 1911 ihere was noi
as   an   economic  measure.   The  a single white fisherman.      Now
great Liberal  Leaders   who  had j under   his   representation    there
joi led the Union Govt, were men J were 4OOO.    Fishing was  one of
ot   the highest  standing   in  the  the great assets of  the  province,
country and wore to be commend-J and tlie canneries  should operate
ed for their actions.    He   trusted   these plants the year round  thus
that every   Canadian  thoroughly ' providing labor for white men.
understood the seriousness of   the      Mr. Mclnnes should be the last man
Avar, and was prepared to help will   to talk about profiteers, ham bacon,  or
it      ".in..  piHr>t.rl fn. Ihia   ponstir-   the Ross rifle.    He hated food profiteers
it,    since elected 101 1111s  constu-  w;th all his llearL   The Dominion Go-
uency he has given given Conser-  vernmeathad.nothing to do with the
vatives,   Liberals,    Socialists  etc.   buying of ham ami bacon trom the Davis
equal consideration and would   do ^&_^^ft"JK
60 in future.    When he started in   contracted lor by the Laurier govern-
1911 the p)Stal facilities were poor   ment, and   as  one  government always
., u   . * 1 j   continues the busicess of  it's   predeces-
there were but tour wharves,   and 50rlhe Borden govenimellt had contin-
very few telegraph lines,    He had ued taking their rifles until they were
insisited   upon    the   government proved useless when they defied the
,.  , . K, _,        ..."       .       .., Ross people to takeany legal proceedings
linking up all the settlements With a���a ordered them to make proper rifles.
the telegraph, improved the postal 400 factories had been built   up  by  the
-service and built wharves.    As a toi^-giweram-mt purchase of shells
result 01 his representations 6 mil-      Mr. Clements pertinently asked whose
lions of dollare had been appro- child was the C. N, R. and the G, T. P.
priated for tins work by the V *���������� fff*** *S&��2
eminent. Each and every settle- eud ol the country to the other saying
ment had been taken care ot, and tllat il woulJ cost but 13 mil,lio" dollars.
_, ... .    .      .,      It has already co.t the people of Canada
there was not a settlement in the 340million. 'Ti,e p. N r. wi,ile not a
���constituency which could not be paving proposition now. would be some
reached by telegraph or telephone, time and it seemed a good bargain to
" . vat r buy 60 per cent of the stock for 10 mil-
There IS no place III Canada lion dollars in order to sav e the country
���with greater natural resources and many millions ol dollars and the bond
holders upwards ot 400 millions. Referred to the granting ol the franchise to
women, something they never had wus
uo loss. Tbe governnieni thought that
it wns but fair those women whose loved
om-s were offering their lives lur the
country should have something to say
in the elections. The Election Act sthe
sriiiur Acl as formed by Mr, Nteluucs
parly friends and it is used in the prairie
Mr. Clements rend an extract (rom
Billy's latest speech ns reported ill ll
Vancouver paper, suiting that Mr, Men-
zies had been referred to Dan Kilpatrick
when he applied lor a position as Chaplin to the .02nd. He stated thai M r,
Menzies application came loo late and
Hint he hail dune everything 111 his power
to get Mr. Menzies the appointment,
Mr. Cowan iu opening Iiis remarks,
stated that the carrier ol a travel stained
carpetbag came lhis way about the end
ol October, just belore Elollowe'en,
Billy hadn't heard 11 whisper about Vancouver centre then or he would'nl hnvi
come lu-rc, lie would give hiseyeteeth
to represent Vancouver centre, where ill
1908 he wns snowed muter bv so great
an avalanche ol ballots Hint lie hasn't
dun himself out yet. |
lie luul none to lln- expense of cabling
to L'ugland to find out  how  many sol-
',       " , '  1    I diers   there   were   in   l'ugland   today,
I   represented   tlie   There are 36,580-not enough   lo make
answer   lo   critics I our (oar divisions up lo strength.   The
wastage ill the war wns   over   11421 lier
month, and recruiting only   got  .070.
Wasn't it time lor conscription?   Nol  a
single high-minded Liberal hnd snid that
Conscription is not needed in Canada today,   Was not the cause men bad (ought
and died (or worth being forced  to fight
for Is the question.   Men  among men
dare not shirk tbe issue.    If  vou  are  a
woman you dare not.    Mr. Mclnnes was
the only follower ol Sir Wilfred I,nurier
in II. C.   This   light   is   between   the
Unionist party  and the   Quebec party,
Al) the money you can get from   Billy is
Quebec money -get it iu advance.
Laurier and Mclnnes claim 65 seats In
Quebec. He advised those who want to
see Quebec Rale in Canada to vote for
Mclnnes and when the war is over get
out of the country. Only one half ot
one per cent o( the eligible men in Quebec have enlisted. We have got to make
Quebec fight.
Mr. Cowan said lhat there was no mid
die course, we must support the Allies
and men or quit. Iu the lace of all that
is honorable among men, for liberty's
sake, (oi- God's sake, stand by the men
nnd give them reinforcements. Don't
dure to take a chance. Mr. Mclnnes is
not satisfied with soldiers pay. By the
way, he was not satisfied with bis own
pay, aud tiie soldiers pay is under consideration by the government, The soldier isfigbtiug (or something, Billy knows
nothing about��� honor.'
He referred in scathing terms to the
followers o'. Sir Wilfred in Berlin, who
refused Sir Robert Borden a' hearing.
Ideal For Wash-Day
The Kootenay Range acconunodates
the wash boiler and still leaves four
holes free for cooking. This allows
you to serve wash-day dinners that are
just as good as other days and doesn't
interfere with your laundering. Ask
our dealer or write for booklet.
lt\   f&Jjf*'
For sale by C. H. Tarbell & Son. Courtenay       ^
not accep.
��� the fii'r-l week
Mrs. HaseU of Victoria,  Secretary of the I O D E of British Co-
lumbia will visit the io.nd Regina
Trench Chapter, D uigliters of the
Daughters of the Empire ou Thurs
day Dec. 6, and a reception will be
held in the Maple Leaf Theatre on
that Jevening at 8 o'clock.   The
Chapter has been looking   forward
to meeting Mrs. Hassel, as be ng a
new Chapter they feel she can give
them valuable information as to the
best way in which they cau  help
and do their part in this great war.
AH members are asked to  make  a
special effort to have a big audience
with a dance
The concert given liv the Vancouver artistes Mrs. 1). Long Miss
McCraney and Miss William.-, lit-
sides being a splendid treat to the
peopie of Comox district, netted
the I O D E nearly S^a towards
their funds.
One hundred and thirty-two
Christmas parcels containing fruit
cake, candy, gum, and several
kinds of tobacco have been mailed
to the boys wlio lefl Come., district for overseas by the lo.nd Regina Trench  Chapter  I. 0, D. K.
to hear Mrs. Hasel and bring with
them any ladies who are interested
in the work of the Daughters of the
Empire are undertaking,
The beautiful cactus so kindly
donated by Mrs. R, McQuillan has
been raffled and the lucky ticket
will be drawn by the Mayor at the
Councillors nieetingtnext Monday
The winning number will be published in the press,
Tbe I O D E are   contemulatiug
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Wm. Merryfield
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a Bridge and Whist drive followed  We also attet_d to wood hauling
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McPhee Block    -    Courtenay
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The Italian Reverse
is due to several reasons, one of which is the extreme scarcity
of coal. We in this country have lots of coal underground,
but lack the men and machinety necessary to Ret out sufficient
to supply ourselves and our allies, That is why our government is impiessiug upon us the importance of saving coal.
The best way to Save Coal is to
Everyone- who saves coal or wood by  using Electricity that is
genet ated by Waterpower, as it is iu thjs place, is doiug uo
smai'. bit toward helping to win this war for the Allies,
For information regarding speciol rates for Electric Cooking
The Courtenay ElectricLi ght
Heat & Power Companv 1 imiterl
Mooring ^Mansfield
General Blacksmiths
He;; to announce that they ate prepared
to do all kinds ol repairs at moderat
Horseshoeing   a   Specialty
Ice Cream
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<Jru__t��t-. or wnt timid I*
plain ptici.__e on receipt of
price. Free piraphtet Ad-raM
Timmt, On tfw-i m_��j
Uncle Sam's Soldiers
Origin ol the Marks ol   Rank   are
The marks of rank on the clothing
of American military officers arc not
the sains as those used in the Hriiish army. An officer with General
Pershing's force lias explained tlicir
origin. The oak leaf, hc says, is worn
hy a captain, and llic poplar leaf by
a major, because the poplar grows
taller than llic oak. The eagle signified a colonel, because the eagle
sours over tin- poplar. The stars
are for generals, because llic eagle
looks towards the stars which shine
ovcr all.
An officer's coal sleeve has brown
braid round il, while llur enlisted man
has merely Iwo rows of stitching.
The overcoat of an officer is endless
and has various braidings to denote
tank, while ihe enlisted man's overcoat has a culT. Thc officer also has
Uvo bone buttons on the hack of his
overcoat bell; lhe enlisted man two
bronze, buttons bearing thc^ Uniled
Slates arms.���London  Tit-Bits.
(P Write (or booWlf! an
1n.i_.. -__ _>i,,.t.
fash. feli_.lt>;
ircleneil l.y
I '-"itrrn sic.:.-
ri,cm. Iwtjjnse
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rclnei fall.
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One dose of Miller's Worm Powders will clear the Stomach and bow-
cl'i of worms, so that the. child will
no more bc troubled by their ravages. The powders are sweet to the
taste and no child will object Jo taking them, They are lion-injurious in
their composition, and while in sonic
cases they may cause vomiting1, thai
must not be taken as a sign lhal
they are nauseating, but as an indication of their effective work.
great iitcceit, CL;r >- chronic 'vrak.>es3. lost viqoh
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easy ro iaai
Ice THar rKAOf.
|11T. r.OVT.ST.MI   I
sare a_o
LasTlrlG cuet.
OKI) 'ihkrapion   IS OH
i..ao lu au .,ev.."i..Meruit
Calgary Rotarians Adopt Little Waif
Thc Calgary Kolary club has decided to adopt a waif, find a good
home for him, supply a surgical operation and furnish a complete education until such lime as the boy can
earn his own living. Last spring a
14-year old boy tramped from a point
west of Edmonton to Calgary, and
was found in destitute circumstances
at Saracce military camp, lie was
taken in charge by the Children's Aid
society, where he has remained. He
is one of a large family of children.
The father is doing his bit in France,
and the mother lias deserted the
I Minard's Liniment Cures Diphtheria.
Don't Neglect
your stomach. Keep it strong
and well. When food disagrees with it, strengthen it with
Worth a Guinea a Box
-inctiow nf ,ip'..ir) Vatne to We_cn ere wile-eery 8*.
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When buying jour Piano
Insist on harinf ut
Otto Higei Piano Action
Ate Onions Like Apples
Lady Shacklelon gives llic interesting information that the members
of her husband's expedition found
the greatest benefit from eating raw-
onions like apples. The ironical
title of "violets" conferred on ihem
for an obvious reason, explains why
onions arc banned, but their nutritive and tonic value, particularly in
cold conditions, is beyond question.
In the Peninsulai laborers in the
fields take wilh Ihem a Spanish onion, which is lhc pick of the family,
just as in this country they would a
lump of cheese, and the advantage
scientifically is, wc believe, on the
side of the onion. JScfore llie war,
Breton fishermen, iu their blue jerseys, carrying their strings of onions,
were a familiar sight every season in
English streets.���From lhe London
The Future of German v
Accidents to Aviators
Performing   Complicated   Kvolutions
Proved a Source of Danger
Accidents of course, are inevitable,
and tlicy may nol be too frequent hi
proportion lo the number of men
who arc now i" the air every day.
It is for the authorities lo judge of
that, just as it i.s for them to judge
whether an undue number of these
accidents can bc attributed to avoidable causes. Jltit wc arc bound lo
say that the increasing tendency of
airmen in this country to perform
complicated evolutions very close to
lhc ground suggests to the lay observer that needless risks arc being
taken. Practice iu tactics of (his
kind is an essential pari of lhe. training of the fighting pilot. Except for
this purpose, however, and especially
iu lhc earlier stages of training, wc
should have thought them unnecessary and unjustifiably dangerous,
however alluring Ihey may be to thc
building pilot. If so, they should be
prohibited at once.���London Times.
Unless worms be expelled from
the system, no child can bc healthy.
Mother Graves' Worm Exterminator
is the best medicine cxtanl lo destroy worms.
Another Dream Faded
If Zecbrugge. ami Ostcndc have
been rendered useless as submarine
bases the coast ol Belgium loses
much of its importance. Once the
Germans thought to launch from it
an invading expedition against England. But that has faded like many
another iridescent dream of the Hohcnzollcrns.
Buy your our of lown supplies with Do-
minion EtxpresH Money Orders. Five dol-
!ars costs three i ems.
Britain Increases
Army and Navy Pay
Advance   in   Pay   Involves  Sum   of
50,000,000 Pounds for First
ihe Britisii cabinet lias increased
the army and navy pay, although lhe
increases an small compared with
thr American and Colonial standards Proficiency pay at lhc rate of
from three to six pence a dav will
be payable after six months' servicc,
instead of two years, as under the
presenl army rule. There is also an
im ri use of .. penny a day for each
year oi war service. Thc present
compulsory allotment of six pence
daily for privates and len pence for
sergeants is abolished,
Th.- nav. increase is about lhc
same rate of pay, and lln- allowances
to Ihc aniij nnd navy now amount
to 225,000,000 pounds yearly, The
increases involve .-10,000,000 pounds
for l!nr firsi vear.
Fresh    Supplies    in     Demand.���
Wherever Dr. Thomas' Electric Oil
has becn introduced increased sup-
lies have been ordered showing that
wherever it goes this excellent Oil
impresses its power on the people.
No matter iu what latitude it may bc
found its potency is never impaired.
It i.s put up in most portable shape
in bottles and can be carried wilhout
fear of breaking.
Automobiles in Canada
_*\lotorists continue to be a most
vigorous actuality in Canada, according to figures given in lhc Toronto
Star, an estimate of $50,000,000 being
held ns the worlh of cars manufactured in this counlry tit's year. Those
purchased in the same period arc
placed at 100,000. or five times the
number acquired in 1914, or one lo
about 57 of the population. Canada
thus occupies third place among the
nations of the world iu lhc use of
automobiles-���the United States coming first, with 3,000,000 for 110,000,-
000 people ami Britain second with
-76,000. This is certainly going sonic
for a young rminlry like ours, with
its sparse population," but il must not
be, overlooked thni uo Inconsiderable
number ate. utilized lor agricultural
and, industrial purposes, causing
"much economic saving in lime and
labor. Many users arc not joy-riders.���Hamilton Spectator,
The Public Health Service reports that more people live to
the age of forty years to-day, but from forty to sixty years
mortality is increasing from degenerative diseases in tiie U. S.
Thousands of well-informed men and women to-day are
learning the true value of
as a powerful blood-enricher and strength-builder
to ward off the headaches and backaches that mean
weakness. SCOTT'S helps fortify the body against
grippe, pneumonia and weakening colds, through
its force ol medicinal nourishment.
ktstsm 4tw_nttt fatr-rt. Tfcmt Do Wat (aanUia (,W U-��r Oi.
SmM t, tn���. Tern**. Om. ��*
Mrs. A. C. Smith, (loodwood, Out.,
writes:���"I have used Baby's Own
Tablets for the past two years and
havc found them the besl medicine
a mother can give her little, ones and
I would not be wilhout theni." Thc
Tablets never, fail to banish the
simple ailments of childhood. They
regulate lhc bowels; sweeten the
stomach and make thc cross sickly
baby bright, healthy and happy.
They arc soid by medicine dealers
or by mail at 25 cents a box from
The Dr. Williams' Medicine Co..
Brockvillc, Ont.
Will Suffer from an Economic   and
Social Boycott
Whether victorious or defeated,
Germany is likely io suffer for manj
years from a social ami cconomii
boycott, not necessarily inspired by
any government, but the vohmtarv
act of thousands of individuals with
whom the feeling of resentment vvill
be keen and lasting, ll is ptobable
that it will be many years before
any Frenchman or Briton will, without urgent necessity, have business
relations wilh Germans, Travel be
Iwccii lire countries will be paralyzed
for few -Yeiiclirrren or I'ritons will
niter Germany and still fewer Germans will be welcomed iu France
or Great Britain,
W'e hardly realize the intensity of
feeling which the sufferings and barbarities of lhis wnr have brought
about. The conclusion seems reasonable lhat thc mate rial prosperity of
Germany will suffer immeasurably
for years lo come from this economic
and social boycott, and it is unlikely
that when ii is further recognized
that much ol Hie resentment of lhc
world would disappear if Germany
were to transform its autocratic
monarchy inlo a republic or limited
monarchy by dethroning lhc t-Ioiicn
zollcrn dynasty, thai the business iu
tcrcsts of Germnny will find oppor
(unity to suggest in no unmeaning
way lhal, as Germany sacrificed it
self for lhe prestige ot Ihi- kaiser, lln
time has ronie when the kaiser could
profitably sacrifice his crown for lhe
benefit of llic German pcnnlc? -
No Compromise
There is mi compromise,    11.- re. is
no method   wherein   civilization
be half shackled I);
beaten. Either the sh
burst off or Germany
beaten. Nor can llur
postponed. It is here,
the world musl settle
Germany for all timr
Washington Post.
Germany half
icltles will he
will    not    be
struggle be
and now lhat
accounts wilh
to    conic.���
isn't just a purgative.
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fenuine   bears   S/gtiotuit
Colorless faces uf ten show
the absence of Iron in the
will help this condition.
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Salmon Uncertain
dinners say the outlook is serious
in Il.C. The only hope for the future is to suspend fishing ou the
Sound for at least four years to allow for lhe reproduction of sock-
eyes. In place of a daily catch exceeding 100,0110 humpbacks or
"pinks" the traps arc yielding little
mon- than 20.000 al lhis time���Montreal Weekly Witness.
Catarrh Cannot be Cured
iritli LOCAL APPLICATIONS, as thej
.nnnot reach the seat ol the disease. Catarrh
le a local disease, greatly influenced by con-
ititutiotiat conditions, and in order to cure it
von must tirke an internal remedy. Hall's
Catarrh Cure is taken internally and acts
through the blood on the mucous surfaces
si the system. Hall's Catarrh Cure was pre-
'.crihed by one cf the best physicians in this
country for years. It is composed of some
at the best tonics known, combined with
iome of the best blood purifiers. The per.
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Catarrh Cure is what pioduces such wonder.
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Hall's Family i'ills for constipation ���
An Eye Witness
Gentleman-���Why don't you gel om
and hustle? Hard work never kills
Kastus���You're mistooken dcre
boss, I'se losl fouli wives dat  way.
Why the U.S. Is at War
We are fighting to save American
husbands from being forced to dig
graves for their wives. We arc fighting to save American babcis from
your bayonetmcu. We are fighling
to save American women from the
flames. Loyal and ihinking Americans feel that if lhc ship-watch on
the North sea slackens, and the
weary guard from the Yser lo Bel-
fort is batlcrcd down, your cannon
would point toward us and soon the
trench line would be on the Hudson,
lhe Delaware and the Chesapeake.���
Detroit lournal.
The Kaiser s Hopeless Task
Prefers the Horrors of War to tin
Terrors of Reckoning
People have wondered why llia.
Itaiscr has clung so long���and slill
clings���lo his hopeless task, with .ill
ils bloody sacrifice, -May it nol well
be that he prefers even the horrors
of war to the terrors of reckoning
what peace will bring? War at least
is a distraction, and he may well
shrink from the cold light peace will
thrown ou a bankrupt Germany-
bankrupt not only in the financial
sense, but also in the physical, for
in using up 1919 class today the kai>
scr is drawing heavily on the fu->
lure, and working his man-power on
credit as well as his finance. No
wonder there is evidence of growina
peace-hunger among lhc people of,
Berlin���-many of whom would bo
glad to hand over not only Belgium
and Alsace-Lorraine and all the German colonies but the Kaiser and ilia
Crown Prince along wilh them. And
hence the growing anxiety iu tha
government I���Glasgow Herald.
For Forty Years Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound has Relieved
the Sufferings of Women.
Minard's Liniment Cures Colds, etc.
Women in the Industrial World
The Pennsylvania railroad decided
last spring to open as many avenues
of employment to women as possible
and now employ ovcr 2,000 morc women than formerly in many varied
positions, including despatches, station cleaners, car cleaners, draughtswomen, messengers, ticket sellers,
station agents, watchwoiuen, drawbridge lenders, etc. The increase in
thc number of women employed was
the result of the satisfactory service
given by (hose, employe*] in the
Broad street slation at  Philadelphia.
Saskatchewan's Crop of Potatoes
Saskatchewan will have ovcr 5,000-
000 bushels of potatoes this year, according to the estimate of the department of agriculture, which places
lhc acreage under crop-as 49,244 and
lhc average crop at 102.4 bushels per
w   n.   u.   un
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country who continues to suffer without giving Lydia E.
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound a trial after all the evidence that is continually being published, proving beyond
contradiction that' lhis grand old medicine has relieved
more suffering among women than any other medicine in
thc world.
Mrs. Kieso Cured After Bevel* Month's lllnes*.
Aurora, 111.���"For seven long months I suffered
from a female trouble, with severe pains in my back
and sides until I became so weak I could hardly
walk from chair to chair, and got so nervous I
would jump at the slightest, noise. I fas entirely
unlit to do my house work, I was givink up hope of
ever being well, when my sister asked mo to try
Lydia E. I'inkham's Vegetable Compound. I took
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|do my own housework. I wish every suffering
woman would try Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable
Compound, and Una out for horself how good
it is."���Mus. Karl A. Kikso, 696 North Ave., Aurora, Vi.
Could Hardly < Jet Off Her Bed.
Cincinnati, Ohio.���"I want you to know the good Lydia E. Pinkham's Vcgetablo Compound lias done for me. I was in such bad
health from female troubles that I could hardly get off my bed. I
had bocn doctoring for a long time and my mother said,'I want you
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has certainly made me a well woman. I am able to do my house worH
and am so happy as I never expected to go around the way I do again,
and I want others to know what Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable
Compound has done for mc."���Mrs. Josi* CorHER, 1668 Harrison Ave^
Fair mount, Cinciiuiati, Ohio.
If you want special advice writ* to Lydia E. Pinkham Medi��
Cine Co. (conlidentinl) Lynn, Mass. Your letter Trill be opened*
nad and unswered by a woman nnd beld ln strict confldenw* ZTHE  REVIEW.  COnRTNIYL  s\ 0.
Colonel Roosevelt Believes That the  Only Peace Which
Make the World Safe for Democracy Must Be Based On the
Complete Overthrow of Germany, Austria and Turkc>
Lord Northcliflc Says Many People are Deluded by Pro-German
Propagandists Into Supposing That This is a Commercial War,
Bul Points Out tbe Utter Fallacy of Such Reasoning
Thai lln
fighling to
American people arc not
make lhe world sale for
but to make il safe foils the opinion expressed
by Lord Northcliffe, head of tb
Brilish mission in the United Slates,
in an article printed in tho October
issue, of Current Opinion Magazine.
The article, which is headed, "What
America Is Fighting For," says:
"If this counlry had meant lo take
up arms in defense of Brilish or
French interests, or in the interest
of Belgium, or in order to spread
democracy, it would not havc waited
until April, llll". If its aims had
been commercial, il would have becn
in the war long ago. Thc motive
wliicli brought the United States in
was not sympathy for any other nation, was not desire for gain, was
not an abstract fondness for democratic as opposed to autocratic gov.
eminent; it was self-interest, self
preservation, and sclf-rcspcct."
Lord Northcliffe says that the only
way for America lo make the world
safe for herself is to make Prussia
admit that her theory of a state
which lias no conscience, a state
which can do no wrong, is out of
"The German people," lie adds,
"have been purposely included into
lln: belief that lhcy arc defending
themselves against foes who arc set
upon crushing them out of existence,
a design which nobody but a lunatic
would conceive or imagine possible
of execution. Austria fancies that
she went to war to defend herself
against Russia, the truth being that
she was used as a cat's-paw by the
liohcuzollcra gang. Bulgaria is still
under thc delusion that she will gain
the reward promised her by .Prussian Junkcrdoiu for her treachery tc
her fellow Slavs.
"Even among lhe allies there exist
misconceptions as to the causes and
aims of the struggle. A number of
English people still fancy that Britain could havf kept out of the conflict if Belgium had not been invaded. These people are slill unable
to understand thai Prussia's object
in forcing war upon France and Russia was in order to clear them out
of the way and be able to attack
England, and, in course of time, the
United Stales, with a good prospect
���of success later ou.
"In Russia ihc pro-Prussian propagandists have infected many wilh
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W.    N.    U.    1181
lhc crazy notion lhat .lie new republic lias no interests of its own to
defend against Germany, and only
remains in thc war for the bent-lit of
France and Britain. 1 have even
heard French people speak as if
their country took up arms for the
purpose of regaining Alsace and
Lorraine, whereas we know that
France would never have brought
upon the world the frightful calamity of war for selfish aims.
"Here in the United States, T am
told, and I have discovered proof for
myself, that there arc people deluded by German and pro-German propagandists into supposing that 'this
is a commercial war.' It is not very
easy to make out exactly what ihese
people mean by that expression. So
far as 1 can learn, they suppose that
the cause of the wnr was commercial
rivalry, and that the combatants arc
each seeking to obtain control of
the world's markets."
Denying that the allies arc al war
for commercial reasons, Lord Northcliffe asks: "What would have been
thc good of Britain going to war with
Germany in order to secure markets?
As soon as she had secured them,
tlicy would have been open to German as freely as to British trade.
The German vice-chancellor, Dr.
HeliTrich, has asserted that Great
Britain's object was "the economic
oppression of Germany." How could
Britain oppress any nation economically as long as she allowed the
traders of all nations to compote
with her own traders upon equal
"The peoples of the British empire
did not want war. They had nothing
to gain from war. Tlicy wcrc threatened. Tlicy were attacked. Whether
Prussia had invaded Belgium or not,
Britain would have been obliged to
fight in self-defense. It was not
Brussels that the Germans wanted
when "for strategic reasons" lhcy
marched their troops across the Belgian frontier which they had signed
a solemn contract to respect. Tlicy
wanted Antwerp, which Napoleon
called, with clear-sighted understanding, "a pistol pointed at the
heart of Kngland." They wanted an
outlet for their ocean-going submarines.    Tlicy wanted Calais.
"The delusion industriously sown
in the United Slates by Germans and
those who are in favor of Prussian-
ism, including, 1 am sorry io say,
many Irishmen, that Britain always
fights for commercial advantages has
long been a Prussian slander. Treit
schke, the writer on whose teaching
Kaiser Wilhelm II. was nurtured,
taught lhal England's wars were always undertaken with a view to thc
conquest of markets, lie did not
explain why Kngland should lake so
much irouble lo conquer markets,
seeing _ that she gave Ihc whole
world, including Germany, ihc benefit of access to them."
A Thieves'Paradise
Our Starving Allies
Position of Invaded Serbia Becomes
More and More Serious
The following appeal for help and
justice for the starving Serbian people appears iu "La Serblc," a weekly
paper published by Serbs in exile,
ajftl edited by Dr. I.a.ar Mirkovic, a
professor of Belgrade university.
The position of invaded Serbia becomes more and more serious.
The population awaits help, which
at present reaches it in an absolutely insufficient measure.
The reasons invoked by the allied
governments against the .sending of
foodstuffs lo Serbia do not preclude
and ought not to preclude lhc sending of help which, while relieving
the famished Serbian population,
would in no way weaken the effects
of the blockade.
The Swiss committee for Serbian
relief provides a sufficient guarantee
that the foodstuffs and other indispensable articles will be distributed
among lhe Serbian population and
that this distribution will iu no wav
replace rations accorded by the invaders. As regards flour, in the First
place there arc in Serbia a great
number of people who rannol gel
bread lo eat oftener than once a
week. Then there arc things that
are totally lacking, for example, mill.,
which if sent to Serbia could save,
the children who still remain alive
from certain dealh. Clothing and
slioes arc uo longer to be had in
Serbia, or arc so costly lhat lhe population is not in a position to obtain
To supply all this to the Serbs
would in no way diminish lhe effects
of the blockade, because the persons
who would benefit would not cede
their rations to the invader, for lhis
simple reason that they arc receiving
nothing from the invader.
One sees, therefore, thai military
necessities and the exigencies of the
most elementary humanity can be
reconciled, and with a little more
good-will one could arrive at satisfactory results.
It Is the duty of the Serbian representatives lo explain to our Brilish and American allies that there is
no question of any action in favor
of the enemy but of the saving of
the Serbian population, which is
menaced by death from starvation.
Wc make appeal lo the generosity
so largely and so often displayed of
lhc British, the French, and the
Americans, lo rescue our unhappy
compatriots from an appalling situation. One may say the same, thing
of the Serbs inlcrned and prisoners.:
of iiar, whose fate is mosl tragic.
City of Berlin Now Given Over
_ From a city of order, Berlin is beginning to become a city of disorder,
as a lengthy and hitler report iu the
Berlin Tageblatt clearly shows. In
the big railway sheds, when' goods
are received and distributed there is
absolute chaos. An almost nidless
an ay of packages, trunks, parcels of
all descriptions, arc stored tin re in
hopeless disorder; many have been
stolen or lost. The public accuses !'
new   officials   nf   stealing   then;     1
officials say that the thefts inc. due
to dishonest cabdrivcrs ami untrustworthy forwarding agcnls. Tin- greal
Berlin forwarding agency declares
that parcels of all descriptions are
stolen by thieves while lhe conveyance are passing through the streets
The agency in all soberness makes
the astounding statement that Merlin
is full of thieves, convicted criminals
who have been refused admission to
the army, serving to make Ihe
st reels thoroughly unsafe.
Another forwarding company says
that it is useless bringing charges
against the dishonest drivers, as there
arc so many of them that the Crown
Prosecutor has given it up as a bad
Reporters Nip German Plots
Girl   Stenographer    Used    to    Trap
Agents and Fist Fight Helps
Calling attention to lhe "stupidity"
of German intrigue in   tin
Stales ami revealing eviden
German  secret   service,
Theodore Roosevelt, speaking ur
New York at a "National Service'
mass meeting under llic auspici s ol
the mayors' committee on national
defense, declared the only peace
which will make the world safe for
democracy must be based upon ihr
complete overthrow of Austria and
Turkey. .Included In ihc program ht
outlined were a free Arabia and Al
irienia, Poland and Lithuania, with
an independent Czech commonwealth
and a Jugo-SlttV state.
"Continually we hear    rumors    of
peace," he said.    "1  think the cirei.-
latlqn of such rumors Is injurious ta
jl�� I America and to the    cause    of de
'"���I i  .i .	
T. Ho
York :
tiers  c
r of the
how a
i'i and
il' the
tall   to
What Britain Did
Great Britain first oi all upset the
German plans for a quick and not
costly military victory in Europe,
Great Britain upset these plans by
entering the war and by sea
power alone reversed the conditions
which Germnny hoped would' prevail. German, not French ports
were Blockaded. Germany, noi
France, was thrown hack upon herself aud forced lo rely upon intensive interior development of mater
ials and manufacture, I'm nee
saved  by  the  Brilish  fleet  and
maday, direct
Zoological par
f Germany,"
newspaper man    sin
himself againsl    ihe     mosl
agents of the Berlin govcrum
exposed their plots.
"One lonesome American
paper man, lohn R. Ralliom
Providence Journal, had tin-
plant an employee in a sc
position at His Excellency von Bcrn-
storff's elbow. Also he nm a bright
American girl stenographer (Willi a
red pencil) in the office of thi' Austrian consul-general in New Vork
and he plained an office on eacii side
of the fake passpoi'l factory in New
"And il was a Providence Journal
man who changed portfolios with
the astute Dr. Albcrt^of Austria, and
staged a lighl in a slrecl ear���withoul extra charge.-,���while lhal horrible mistake was being made. Nearly 48 hours el;ips, d before lhe. lynx-
eyed doctor noticed lhe substitution.
"The girl stenographer sat demure-
f incriminating pa-
i its shipment to
her lunch with the
rn, mid dreamily
red hearts mi the
eiitiniental von
1 trnnsfix-
ly on a big bi
pers    just prior
Germany, sliarin.'
'shrewd'von    Pa]
drawing two larf
box cover.      Thr:
Papen tenderly adde'd
ing arrow. This spooning lc
cheap and  easy  idcntificalio
box in Kngland."
tn the
of thc
-\   reserve     .,li
States  medical
returned  to  llu
Britain is loud  i
work in bone su
British  hospitals
can take a  rib i
it to replace   ,i
nn.    Patients \
would have bei ir
ently disabled ai
few week-; :-,> ih
tn ihi'  front
���nc hospital, i
Germans recognized ii by hating the I and 1,000 of i
Hriiish in a ferocious ccstary.���From   end of lhe
the Chicago Tribune. I fight again.
Surgery Marvels
officer    iu  lhe   United
orps  who  recently
Slates   from  Great
his  praises of  the
.cry being done in
He   saysi     They
from a man and use
.1 crushed bone in bis
v, ho iu earlier  times
n considered perinan-
are now fixed up in a
tint they can go back
In a single month, in
.  had 1,350 bone eases,
. ill   were readv ,11   the
ulh    lo    go bio k ami
ceney and democracy. We should
make it clearly understood that the
conduct of Germany has been JUch
that we regard as encmie.s^of mankind all people who would strive to
bring about a peace based upon treating Germany, Austria rind Turkey on
lhe one baud, and the allies on lh*
other, as standing on a footing ol
equality. The only pi ace thai wil!
make lhe world safe ioi democracy
is a peace based upon the complete
overthrow of Germany and the du
solution of Austria unit Turkey.
"Unless we have used the phra--
in a hyprocrltical and insincere man
ner, this is the way to make the
world sate for democracy, and the
only way; and this means that tht
only peace we can accept is the peace
of overwhelming victory. Turkey'?
conduct toward the Armenian and
Syrian Christians has been sue!'
lo make it evident lhat the Turk
iniist not only be driven out of Kurope, but his empire destroyed. Gnc
Arabia freedom, give Armenia free
dom. Establish a free cily at Con
stantiuoplc and keep ihe strain ab-
solutcly open for ilu- Russian, and
for everyone else.
"Make a great independent Polae
and probably a great independent
Finland, too. Give ihc Lithuanian'
at least autonomy; mak-' an indepen
dent Czech commonwealth lo include
the Bohemians, Moravians and Slovaks. Make a Jugo-Slav commonwealth lo include ou a footing of entire equality Croats, Serbians arid
Slovaks, whether Orthodox, Catholic
or Mohammedans, Restore Italia-
Austria to Italy, and Roumanian
Hungary to Roumania.
"As for Belgium, she is not on!>
entitled to restoration, but to the
heaviest kind of indemnity. Lei
France have Alsace-Lorraine; let Poland include the whole Baltic �����_.!
to which she is entitled. Let the
British and the Japanese keep
colonies tlicy have won."
The Pilot's Heart
A Pride That
a   Pilot   Car
"The romance of the air," write?
an aviator of sonic experience, "Is a
different thing from mascots and
superstitions. It is not boiTi'd up in
the machines. It is something deep
down in its own grim and callous
self. Those who know it best acknowledge it least. Aud the pilots
themselves���do they speak of a
"lucky" or an "unlucky" pilot"
Never. They speak only of a "good"
pilot or a "bad" one. The only time
a man is told he is lucky is when hr
has failed to break his neck despite
bad piloting. Flying is a cruel mistress. Only a pilot knows what she
docs to a pilot's heart. Where are
the young pilots? Al the aerodromes
learning to Ily. They are nowhere
else. But bound up in the romance
there is a pride that only a pilot can
know. It is the pride of the self-
Lots of people take offense
there is none in sight.
The less a woman has to complai.r
about the more she complains.
Northern Ontario
This new district will one day
make onc ol the finest la/rming countries in Canada. Farmers are also
gelling well established in stock
raising. Northern Ontario potatoes
have become well known for their
excellent qualities as seed. Potato
growers in lhe new district of Ontario find very lillle trouble with insect enemies and the seed gives
earlier and larger yields. Farmers
arc enthusiastic about the possibilities of this new northern country
where 7,000 bushels of grain have
been produced in a season,,
"I've come to kill a printer," said
the little man,
"Any printer in particular?" asked
the foreman, obligingly.
"Ob, any onc will do. I would
prefer a small one, but I've got to
make some sort of a show at a fight
or leave home since your paper called my wife's lea parly a 'swill affair.' "
2 and S Ib. Carton.���
10.20,60 ��nd 100 lb. a*-,..
Redpath refining methods produce no second
grade sugar. We make and sell one grade only���the
highest���so that you will never get anything but tho
best under the name ol Redpath.
"Let Redpath Sweeten it.'' ���
Canai.--. Sugar Refining Ca, Limited, Montreal.
W \i-V
I / m W ���  	
_>�� **--���*.# _SS_'f___-_A!_-__H' -f^l/^T.^-'""",   '~'   ������''' ' "���"-T'-**���*;���'.
���'*---"-���..:���������-' ���*.   :
-���  -.
f   \riMml
' ii'.ifejr _;��� "��� . n ���
cr ijjl
�� �������� �� .'-"^pfVI    'i'C " ''\">
v'v' ������\--:&y>;i.--.\v,'> >?���--������ '
_ii-.'J-(i'.-'. ii-r-._-v,...!i-'rJf.__ )<      ���:--.-.-..'-r'���>'..        . ������  -'���.
iiMJSS:_.^_^��L_.::r.' _i:-:rv :_..���__*  _ _i i_^f!S8^
T__TOW   many   Victory Bonds  have you
bought ?
Have you put yourself to any real inconvenience to buy Victory Bonds?
Have you denied yourself seme purely
personal gratification, so that you could
invest the money saved in Victory Bonds?
Have you realized the urgent need for
personal self-sacrifice tc sake the Victory
Loan a great success?
Until you have bought Victory Bonds
to the very limit of you ability, you have
not done your duty.
ign uoses Saturday Nig1
What Answer
Will Yon Give?
Issuer)  by Canada's Victory Loan Committee
in co-operation wit li the Minister of Finance
of the Dominion of Canada.
Why _hou'd you deprive your-
seltofthe wholesome pleasure
that music brings when fcr the
ti ifling cost cf a few dollar, a
month a sum o_ would never
miss spent in other ways���you
<:.:��� secure a Columbia Grafo-
Of ������ ourse iu have thought of
getting one���h ve long intended to get one���some day. It is
si iply a r. fccv of making up
your mi ��� 1 tc " do it now."
Make up your mind to look into
^^^^^^^^^_^B this matter t_-..ry
Make the appointment with yourself���now.   We
don't ask you to buy now-or any other tinie-unless
you feel that you feel tha' you want to do so. But
we would like to show you these instruments and
let you see what they can do to increase the sum
total of your day's happiness
Cumberland, B. C. Nanaimo, B. C.
veyance, Any surplus uu the deal
beiug donated for the erection of a
monument to commemorate the
pei'SCUt LIliKRALmannerin which
the interest of a worthy public aie
catered  to.
The hospitality of the city is extended to our hero whose only dread
is that he may succumb to senile
decav bufore the situation is remedied and he be able to safely negotiate the return journey,
Letter to the Editor
Editor Courtenay Review
meeting of that kind, or the scath-
ful reference to the alleged denunciation of soldiers families as paupers by men ami w.men and administering the Patriotic Fund as
filling compensation for the self
imposed anil honest endeavors of
those devoting their time to the alleviation of sorrow and distress
caused by the absence of the bread
winner on the nation's cause?
Such contumely is unworthy of
one who should look uponjfair play
as a jewel if he wants to ^represent
this community at Ottawa.
It is strange how small a gnat
will gag some people who have just
UMVFsiV:l-yourcou't'eniporai-yig"-ped down a"mangy dromedary
1 �� J       ���1-11-   I!.it.    _1 .   .1   ...    _!___..;_,    Unl
while little short of an electric bolt
or the kick of a mule will make
others opeu their eyes aud realize
there yet remains more than
One-of the Boobs.
Goverr.inent-.onlrolled boots for
civilians will shortly be sold in England, the standard for women will
have neither hi*h heels nor embel
bailments. They will be neither artistic nor ugly; in fact they will
have common-sense toes and com
mon-sense heels���the latter about
an inch and a half high, Cloth tops
and fanciful touches will be eliminated, but as a compensation the
boots will give excellent service.
The prices will range from $3,25
to 5.25 a pair. Great Britain has
rationed lier footwear before her
Notes by the Way
From reliable] sources information has been leaking through lhat
communication with Headquarters
the City of Sunlight in Ihe shade
of the hills, has been almost entirely cut off from the Comox Valley
during lhe past two weeks owing
to the incursions of Stevens jugger
itaut on the highway leading to
that busy centre. We are glad to
make it known, however, that the
gauntlet was safely run by a veil-
tursone spirit who negotiated thru'
floes of mud and slush in a stone-
boat drawn bv a team borrowed
from one of the ranchers iu the locality.
The hero of the hour is in town
recovering from his experiences,
when he purposes returning by the
Fame route as soon as his laud
craft has b.eu provisioned.
He i.T :il presrel iii.'_,ijliaiing ml
insti'aiici policy lo cotei   | er.-oual
damage anticipated on meeting the
owner of the team,
He states ha has not been in
Flanders but wished he iwas there
when negotiating the six foot wide
craters which Hue both sides and
middle of the stretch from Headquarters to the bend near the railway crossing, as he is of opinion
that bad as the mud is in Flanders
it is worse here from the very fact
that our gallant troops do become
inured to it eventually: which is
impossible with the conditions obtaining due east of Headquarters.
and at the same lime maintain the
cheerful sang-froid attributed to
those Somewhere in France;
While the space available in his
wheeless chariot, (the only known
method by which it is advisable to
make the journey/ is limited, and
on account of its contortions while
writhing and twisting through mud
over boulders, down one side of a
crater and up tlie   il.ic.   ...   lapid
succession like a "tauk" at the
front,��� he was able to bring iu a
few of the curiosities churned up
from the bowels of the earth.by the
juggernaut. Interesting as thesejare
to geologists and others however,
the most valuable iu the opinion of
our hero is the recolleetiou of a
continuous stream of sulphuric language like the convulsions of an
active volcano which were occasion
ally audible from the inside of a
notable Overland car whose, driver
was making strenuous efforts to
reach Headquarters in time for sup
per with one mile to go and four
hours to it iu. on low gear and the
aid of John Smith's team which
had mercifully come to his assistance.
Whether he reached his destination or was entirely engulfed in
the mire is not yet known.
We are advised however that a
number of cars in the neighborhood
are offered for sale or exchange for
the more useful, if antiquated,Jcon-
iii his is.,ue of the 22nd publishes a
letter from "Returned Soldier"   in
which he assails tne fot thejremarks
contained in the letter published in
your columns of the 15th itist.
He alleges I   made   no   definite
charge or even disproved   the correctness of anv of   the   statements
referred .0 therein.
Iu replv I can only sav that those
statements were so  overwhelmingly at fault that to disprove them is
unnecessary,   besides which "Re
turned Soldier" would have  much
further cause for complaint at  the
space it would be necessary to allot
for such a purpose.
Had our orator told us the moon
was made of green cheese he would
apparently have swallowed it whole
was not proof furnished him Jprov-
ed it was not so.
Most people   are adverse to this
skuuk lecturing on   sweet incense
kind of stuff and as most, if not all
of the statements and statistics told
to the audience were as misleading
as the  unfair   comparisons ot re.
cruiting betweei. Britisii Columbia
and other provinces or the'hundred
thousand Canadian soldiers wasting
I their time aud the public money in
England, one could   come   to   no
other conclusion   than   that   they
I were the result of studied amphibology, and as the most common
I creature intended by nature In live
in two elements is the frog I likened the leaps and .amblings ou the
occasion to  that pot  bellied am-
If the analogy was apt in more
ways than one  it   was unkind of
"Returned Soldier" to draw attention lo it, as I had no intention of
crediting the speaker with the responsibility of ths works of nature.
Any injustice on my part was to
the frog, but as I did not set out to
apologize to a toad I hope this will
I pacify the mind of
i dier" on that account.
I would like to ask him however
if from his experience as a   soldier
he considers the   terms   snobbery,
the scon.fill   remoiks   anent  their
wearing corsets and the denunciat- _____________���__���
ion of them as parasites of Ihe Con  Highest Price  paid   for Beef
servative party as   applied  lo  lhe antJ Veal
officers of the Canadian Expedition
ary Forces justifiable comment at a      Courtenay  and Cumberland
The following wire registered at
the Riverside Hottl last week.
From Vancouver, G. McDonatd,
P, r ullen, T. Mann, P. Bain, F,
Culleti, G. Hacke. \, Ezz>'> C.
Williamr, C. Hampton, D. Greile,
J. Land.y, F. Preston, M. Carmen
F. Brook, S. Brook, J. McGilvary,
Vv. McGee, T. Burues, Capt. Fuller, Corp, Asliton, W- Vance, Mr,
and Mrs. Platilla, V, Lee, P. McLennan; H. Clements, G. Cowan,
0, Snider, J, De Long, E. Warner
From Nanaimo, H, Marher, J.
McDonald. A, Geddes. From Vic
toria, Capt. Harrison, Capt. ciocher
P. Sinnot, C. Wall. From Gyster
River, A, Peel, C- Johnston. J,
Stotie, W- Storie, B, Pearse, N,
McDonald. J. Mccinnis, W. Smith
L. Harvey, Toronto, R. Pearson.
Wellington, H, Murphy. Campbell
River, S. Calhoun, City.
Meat Market
Equipped with Modern Refrigerating plant


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