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The Review Jan 13, 1916

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Array 5
Can not l.e .lone any I utter, and
not unite so well itnywheie elae
hereabouts. Our typo anil iimiiliin-
ery in complete ami Tim Review
prices ��re rijil.t
Classified Ads.
Make ��� ur tittle Wants known
through . liissitie.l Advertisement
in Tin- Hevlew   -   -   ���   Phone 59
VOL. 4
NO. 3
For Sale���A newly and substantia^ built house, 4 rooms, basement, high and pleasantly situated,
few minutes walk from post office,
Price  $400
Phone 10
Sole Agents
In Aid of the Red Cross in the
Opera House, Courtenay
at 8:15 p. m., on
Friday, Jan, 21
Dance to Follow
Admission 25c     Reserved Seat 50c      Dance 75c
you have any sewing to do it will pay
you to investigate our plan whereby
you may own   a Sew  E-Z  Sewing
Machine Motor
This Is It
If you have a day's sewing to do let us know and
we will deliver the motor at your house and charge
you a very moderate rent for it. For every day
you rent the motor we give you one cnance on a
drawing to be held as soon as the value of the
motor has been received in rentals.
There are only 25 chances on the motor, and four
are gone already, so get your application in if you
want this motor
This motor is guaranteed for 5 years and is exceedingly good value for the money
Courtenay Electric Light, Heat k Power
Co., Limited
Phones: Office 35, Ret. R98       Office: Mill Street
Local Lines
Skating was indulged in on the
mill i>otiil (or a few li lya list week,
Tlie WoinansIIospitnl Auxiliary
of Cumberland will hoi I their annual Si. Valentine s M ill, VVe lues-
day, 1''. Ii'iiai v il, iii ih. West
Cumberland Hull.
Owing to ilk' vi rv inul inenl
weather there was uui quite so large
a crowd as large as usual at the
Knights of I'vtliiastlaikv mi Thursday evening, Those present however, had a splendid time,
Ladies desiring work in connection with the Red Cross Society
may obtain same on the ist and 3rd
Tuesday's in the month tit Sand-
wick (near 1'arkin Bros, Store) or
at Mr, \V. Idien's office: Work
is done on these days from 2.30 to
4:30 in Sandwick hall by ladies who
attend for the purpose, and any
who care to spend these afternoons
in this way will be welcome.
Found���L,adies brown leather
handbag.   Apply Review office.
Wanted���-6 little pigs. Apply
Uox 245. Cumberland.
For sale���sleigh, with pole, also
top buggv almost new. Apply W.
Duncan, Sandwick,
Wanted immediately���A piano,
Must be cheap. Spot rash. Apply Box 12, Review office,
One or two bright furnished
rooms to let on main road. Apply
Miss Davey, Courttuay Postolfice.
Wanted to buy from the farmery
of the Comox valley, potatoes and
other vegetables. A. B. Ball,
Wanted���2nd hand cream separator in good working order, De
La Valle preferred. Apply W.
Bailey, La/.o.
Strayed onto my premises, a
Jersey steer, Owner can have
same bv paying expenses, Alex.
Leddiugham, Grantham.
Lost, $5 bill between the Grain
Growers' agency aud Courtenay
Hotel, on Friday last. Reward.
Apply Box 13, Review Office.
Wanted���Jersey cow, to come
fresh soon : state price, age, and
when tresh. Address Carl Peterson, Campbell River B. C.
For sale. Australian stump puller
will trade for small launch engine, |
must be good.     Apply J. Caljouw, I
Bowser P.O., Vancouver Isle.
Found���On the Lake Trail road. 1
between the Power House road, and ���
the cioss road, a   black   enamelled
search   light.    Apply   at   Review
For Sale- One 6 h, p. Fairkanks
Morse Gas Engine, one .? k. w.
Dynamo switch board, etc., also
pump and belting, Capacity 121
gallons per minute. Apply at
Riverside hotel,
Strayed���onto my premises at
Kve Bay, a young red steer, Same
will be sold to pay expenses of
keep, etc., if not claimed within 10
days of this notice. Apply, to J.
Lawrence, Kye Bay.
Ten acre ranch, six acres cleared
Fine six room house, barn, stable,
chicken houses nd large yards,
wire fenced, .5 miles from Courtenay
price fifteen hundred dollars. Improvements cost over 51200, Ap-
ply by letter Box 11 Review office
Born���At Grantham, mi Sun.lav
Jan. Q, to Mr. ami Mrs, I. Crock-
ell, a son.
Tli.' reci "I coltl snap . rinsed .1 lol
of wati 1 pipes lo I.ni i-i. -m I biouhgl
a smile to Jackson's fa. ������ which ha
not come o!'i' yet,
There is over a fool of snow all
over iltt valley, and tli" 1 old snap
of Sunday uighl has made excellent
The Citizens ticketers held a
meeting 01: Sunday afternoon, The
better the day, the better the deed.
A well-known Liberal worker
aade the statement this week that
the Liberals were the only respectable people in town, antl that everyone should vote for their ticket.
Now, fellow Conservatives, what do
you think of that ? Are you going
to take it lying down, or are you
going to hit back at the polls today
aud show who are the better men,
and the most competent to rule
Courtenay ?
Throw out some scraps for the
birds dady while the snow is mi rjie
ground, Our feathered friends are
having a hard time to exist these
days. The gun clubs should also
do something towards feeding the
pheasants if they expect any shooting this fall. The poor little fellows must be pretty short of rations
'.<y this time- Three years ago the
Government instructed the game
wardens to put out feed for the
game birds. It's about time something w I-, An; for th,mi 110.V,
Presbyterian Church
St. Andrews' Sandwick
Service 2 p.m.     Sunday School
and Bible Class 3 p. 111.
Sunday School and Bible Class
10:30 a.m.   Service 11:30-   Evcn-
ingservice7:30 p. m- All welcome
Mr. J. Sutton, \\ ho lin p ��� 11 laid
up with Pneumonia for past
couple of weeks is arornd 11      1,
Remen bei the Baskt 1 Ball ib's
1 mce I-, mori nv   Prdiay   1 rig,
'': - Harmony ' ircliestr 1 wi Furnish the mu
The walking public   of ���        x
wish lo thank   Mr,   ! - .1     ew
fro 1 iiuniug h's - 1 iv plo nn
the hospital to the villat
Miss Mildred Smith left I r>
day for her school at Union I ly,
A brand new school house has been
erected, The opening day took
place yesterday.
P. McBride for a long time bak��r
at Marrochi's, lias decided to g 1 into business on his own account and
is operinga bake-shop and tea room
in the Calhoun block next to Log-
gie's store. He has secured the
best stand in town and should m ike
business hum,
The platform of the Citizens ticket was the production of a Cum I er-
land printer. Arc we to understand
by that, that the Ciii'.ens ticket, if
elected, intend uivmg outsiders tiie
benefit of any work that may tc.ru
tin. They already boast that tney
/. ��� t, l,) hiie outside lawyers
and engineers. They might as well
go a step further ami Say they are
going to hand tlie whole city over
to   outsiders,
rtyr   9*    "OSS
��S. *o%
1 cake Flelscliiiinnii's Yeast,   1 cup milk,  scalded and cooled, I table-
spoonful sugnr, .1 cups sifted flour, white of one egg, 2 table?poonfttls
lard or Imtter, melted, 1-2 teaspoottful salt
Disolve 1 cake Fleisclimann's yeast and sugar in Utkewa.in milk, add
1 1-2 cups flour and heat until smooth, then add white of egg, well
beaten, lard or butter, remainder of Hour, or enough to mak a moderately firm dough and the salt; knead lightly, usiug as little Hour in
kneading as possible; place ill well greased bowl, cover and set to rise
ill a warm place, free from draft, until double in bul'j���about -' hours:
mould into rolls the size of walnuts: place in well greased paust protect
from draft, and let rise 1-J hour, or until light; glaze with white of
egg, diluted with water; bake Hi minutes in a hot oven
Box 256
Phone 40
Baily Farm
Markham Ball -  Sandwick
Comox Creamery
45c per lb. this week
Xmas. Presents
We are now opening a large and varied stock of
goods suirable for the Christmas trade, consisting of
Cut Glass, China, Fancy Glass Sets,
Cutlery, Toys, Gloves, Fancy Handkerchiefs, Ties for Ladies and Gentlemen, Ladies Blouses and Fur Sets
for Children
The stock is so large it Jwill have to be seen to be appreciated
Also Plain and Fancy Croceries in great variety at
lowest cash prices
NePhee & Morrison's Gash Store fHE   REVIEW.   COURTNEY.   B. C.
The Mystery
ol the
By Fred M. White
Ward,   Lock   &   Co,   Limllad
ll London, Melbourne and Toronto   ll "'  niunltloi
%. Jfl   worst wo
v^it==s>crrv; - -^gg���^P rdrnggh
111"    Wlllcll,      Ill-   ihi-u    |,||(.1(     il"
urn Hi.- rnpltl liitlc puis,. I,sin
In- rose in liis feel.
Tl .
The Saskatchewan Yield
] Wheat  Crop  This  Year  Greater  Thai
Any   Since   1901.   Says
"Well, we were nol going In live in
tiii'si' rlrrlllilHtilliCi-B, inn ulU) he sun'
For ih.' iii'\t  leu  days wn were left |    "To bo continued in our next," li
It) inn- own   resiiun rs  in  n  tlnrll  dun-   said,     "Tlie   lime   lias   eunie   in   net. I
I geon  ��iili tin- h ii".   ruts ami vermin   follow  mo ami betray no surprise ul
for e puny    \S'e were half starved  anything yoi y see or Iteur." | Department
| nu.i tiie bargain, mill when we were      "You run rely  upi ie." tleulTre) '    In u Dual report mi the griiln cro|i
brought Into tlie imiii once more Ihoy  whispered    "head on." of  Saskatchewan,   ihc   provincial  de
iiatiiriill)   pvtpoctpd  submission parlmenl  nf agriculture    slates    Hie
"Hui Ibcj a ��� la 111 ��� i i-ri it, Tin -j ilul in.i en \pi |,;n  j(|,ix, , average yield per lure is 115.2 hush.'Is
roallxn tho slilff wn were niHde of  \litl Ralph Takes Charne "'   wheat,   r,!l   bushels  m   nuts.  :;::.:'
Ihey hud no Idea wc worn armed    We]    .,., ,uw,,    ,'      "   ]...,   ,.,,_.. | bushels of barley and 11.2 IniBliels ol
] had  inn-  revolver
our piii'imis  hit,
en \i'i i:u xi.i.x.
Ralph Takes Charge
.,;,.,,;,���   ,       '  '    ,"1'U"|1'I'",1I,!  lulllH0    ''"'I  r��!'l" I Six', "in "uitiT'ihe wiie'ul 'avei'a'ged"i:,'i"i   i���� heen prpparml by ihe iinder-socre-
tunc  liiiy  rounds tfl8*1'" .i"8'',   ""'>' wo,''p u11 ""p" ,l��  bushels tu I lie uere, the 0nU    ",.   Llir>   '"   nsij.rnal  afHilrs,  l-nrnis may
Must Have Passport
Belter Mot Try to Leave Country
Without   Necessary   Document
Slnco tlie nnnouncemont ot lhe de-
pai'tmeui of external affairs that all
llritish subjects travelling t�� ureal
Itrlialn mum bdoiu-o pasBpovts, there
hove ii.'mi prepared by tho undar-Boore-
.is in tho meihod of procuring them.
I'"1 "is nl application  for pnsBportfl
in   If the won t eiime in
sii.nii.i in'i die ��Ithoui a
iwooplng horrors; iin
Idly   p ��� < nl li-ii   how   mi.,  trouble
. nihil \ Iv
(Goutinui ui
.ii \ri tin xi. vin
More  r't'om Ihc  Past
lri.it 11. r binl  huppi-neil
Wall, there wits a lingo p ver over I ��� A"'1  H, llmJ l""'"  ;i"  "wilful day.
us     before  tho  priests   In  the  big \}'��\ ll,�� luBI le,v ,l0!,u'H "|p-y l""1 llv011
temple, with Zar.  her throne, mill, !', 'I'!.'3,'1 .""."SeUy,    I rue, the fruged>
" '' I !",.���.. tied liils year's j li l-t In I	
Wheal    Aii'.'if/'.    11.88-1,871
n line ImproBsli o scene ii was. or, nl
Itself bail i n averted, luu for
����s pregna ihc    perfume ol   been' mo  InteroBTeil 7iV tci' nin- own I r<?nl. HiipK-   The Ruvenaijiirs. e.   ������
���   Till    i....in . i,,.;:,'.  M^mihYbine'vsu' hud Ve'not I ' "
iit.'i'.'si.'.i ns in inir own
I ni in i tllnte future, \i mil rale, II was
n comforl in know lluil there were no
more tortures for the present, for no-
lllllg nf the liitnl  was lo be seen. We
e.inlil reiui our
��� nun
Turkish clgurelles nnd i otfec   lialph
banded u cup to lila nephew.
"Drink  thai," lie sai.l.    "You  wain
something to keep you awake.".
tleoffrej  accepted the coffee grate-   were golng"to dli
fully,    it had ih.' desired effeel     He'iaontoiien    jn tb��
lliet'e bail  belli  lhe llgOlly nl  tin
ed by ih - ilniiii of emotion, had
'I yield was greater than ibis year. Dais
be   PTH'SIS
-It the clouds lifting from his brain "iong  bCf0,.e tne  elaborate  mm cry
tun!  the  drowsy  heaviness    of  limb
was over.
ham's Vegetable Compound.
"I  tell you ii  seemed hard lo per
'Are you coming with us'."' he ask Ish like that jusl at the lime when
ed. I we had penetrated nearly nil lhe Bee-
Ralph shook his head.   There was aIrets we had come In search of.   And L,    .    ... ., _   ,    ,.   ,-. ,,.   ,
Btrnnge eh' n his face. II  was no less hard lo 1 w Ihal  If  Made Well By Lydia L.rink-
"1 stti\ here," he said. "You are go- the princess had postpoued her \isii
ing to he busy, bul I also have much another week she would have been loo
io  do.    Don't  i.e concerned   for me.  Into.    It.   Unit  lime  we should  have
lilitiil as I am. I am capable of taking led t.ussa Car behind. Philadelphia, Ps. ���"I had a severs
.are of myself, i shall have a deal u> "The-1 rial or ceremony, or whatever case of nervous prostration, with palpi-
tell you in the morning." you like lo call It, came to an end nl j mm mmm tation of the heart,
\ minute oi two Inter and the two length, ami then we were brought up]
. inspirators slipped away, n struck to the throne of the prim-ess. Vou'
i; offre; us strange thai they should know the woman, you have looked up
ui.i leave the house In the usual way; on the beauty and fuselnatlon of her
but Tchlgorsky grimly explained |ha: face; bul you have no Idea how differ-
lie much preferred uslug lhe Ivy out- cut she was in the homes of her peo-
tide Ralph's window, I pp..   she looked a real (iiieeii, a tpieen I
Always be mi the sale Bide," from head in foot. We siood awed
Tehlgorskj  muttered.   "Come along."  before her.
(leoffrey followed. Where Tchlgor- "'You have been offered term-- and
ek; could go in- fell competent to l.d-l refused them,' she said. 'It is now loo
low     They  rendu d  lhe    ground  In j late,'
safe!} and later wen  In the mad. The      "'We   could   nol   Irusl   you,'  I   re-
a a had gone and ll  was Intensely plied boldly;   wo had nothing to gain
j avcragn yield,    tffi.!!    bushels
, > iebl.  171! i"!l," "fi luishi It.
Oati     \i rcag. .       .'.RKI.iMll
iiM'i'ii'je  yield,     4R.1I     bushels
1 yield,  l3U,!lin,(M8   bush 'Is.
Hurley    Aereago,     ���:',:.������>���'
nvpi'agc   i "Th     fill .'   IiiisIipIs;
yield, !i,u-i::,sl:: bush. Is
l-'h.v    \.ien-e.    ,i::.,!., I  acres
nrage yield,  ll 2 liusheU;  total
ii.iniii. ll'li Inn liels.
I.nnil prepai-pd Inr lbs I it Iii
ln.M::.',..ii iicroi
! I.nnd preparptl for Iho crop ol
191(1 New brcnklng, 72H,.'..'���:; acres;
| siiiiinieri'iilliiw ine. 2,0111,8-11 acres;
full plowing, 1,7:11,407 aci'pi ; Inlnl
props red    for    llllil    crop,    l.iiO-l.liSI
II rci
Lot ul
Electricity  "Pinched"  From Germans
l-'ni- downrlghl   Ingeiiuli)   und  daring,  Hu-  following   incident,  lold   by
Capiain    (',   W.   Thl'USBell,     of     Iho
Royal Irish Itllics, has 1,-w parallels:
"(in    tine  occasion    our  'i lephou -
linesman happi ned    lo nnd two Iii"
cables nit  the ground  In the  rear of
iir trenches    Nn    one happened  lo
in   w bom   Ihe)    belong ld   >>t
wiiencc  they    came;   riunnr   had   ll
thai     the   generating     station     was
somewhere    in     lhe    Herman  lines.
Without  nsklne   Ipui e from Ihp (1 r-
inaii      Hlllhoritics,      nir      Mm small
promptly   lltli d   a Ires    and   cat i li d
troubles  by taking   mem  ,���  ,i,,.  battalion   headquarters,
Lydia E. Plnkham's   the  dreBsing  stutlon,    dffleers'  dug-
onslipation, headaches, dizziness,
noise in my cars,
timid, nervous, restless feelings and know
"1 read in the paper where a young
woman had been
cured of the same
 cured  nt   bis  i,iliie   by   writing,
bul in oni r in prevent delay application blanki Inn o been gonl to most nf
ihe t'liiiinliau bntlkfl and Inilisb
iteamshlp ngencles, Tin bo li.rn.. . ii
ti^ iiiiriieiilai's nf ell in.-ti- hip. descrip
inn nl' ii.ii. Upi', ele , must he ae-
oiupunlpd h,\ n ileelat'iiiloii made by
'liber a mayor, maglBirnlp, minister
it luimlgrnilnn, barrister, physician,
lurgenii,   ..in urn. or iioinry public,
Tin re in ii -t also in forwiirdetl tw i
ihoiographs nf the nppllcnnl 'i'horo
- mi t|i lay al lhe ill inn intent in for-
vnrdlllg I he pnsspiirl. w Iiii h Is m .nil-
\   mallPil  ih.- same dn>  lhe npplica-
dark, bin tleoffrpj  knew the way per-1 by politeness.    'Better anything than ! Vegetable Compound so I threw away   nuts. etc.    Lumps  were round In tha
fecti . 'ibe living death you offered us.   And   the medicines tho doctor left meant! be-   deserted houses of a  village, just be-
"Straight to .lessop's farm?" be ask-  we can only die once.' , Ran taking the Compound.   Before I ! hind,  and
ed. j    "The princess smiled In her blood-  had taken half a bottle I was able to sit
"Ai   far us ihe lawn," Tchlgorsky curdling way. up and in a short time I was able to do ' working order     Ith  powi
rep]   I,   "It will be a good hour yet     '"You do nol  know  whal you t��i' ���! nil my work. Your medicine has proved
venture to carry oul     :   )g about,' she said.   'Ah, you will | itself able to do all you say it will and I
have recommended it in every household
"She gave',, sign nnd we we.,  led   Ibw.J^"-lfa.MabyJohmton,
away unbound.     \    (inainl    walling   210 Siegel Street, Philadelphia, Pa.
music lillej the air; the prii sts were
singing  nut'  funeral   sunn.    I   never i
Llceniori and Bonded DeaUr*'
It pays to ship your grain to a rcliahla
Commission firm, best ntlenlion given
to consignments,
drain Eachanfe, Wlnnlpeit
Ship loSAMllt-i   SPINK. Pioneer (Irani Coin.
minion Merchant, lor  brsl  reaultl,   (iradr,  tar*.
lully w.idled    S��les made in br-.t advanlafa���
Prompt return,. Try ni.  Sliipplnf lulls on rariuaat.
'.'till ('.rain Exchanje, Winnipeg, Man.
R.leren.r    Union and Royal Banki. 	
Ship Your Grain To
Grain Commiiiion Merchant), 510 Grain Eaehania
A rrliablc Tirin who aim lo gWe aaliafadion. Special
attention given to gtutling. Liberal ail.ante,
nr burglary.   I can run no risks until   liml oul  when you come to walk lhe
I know iii.it those two-Asiatics ar il
ol the way.    Whal  time is it'.'"
"Aboiil   ien  minutes in twelve."
Tchlgi rakj   ttered Dial  Hu   time
nol  nulli   sniiablc for him.    Hi
lass eh ctrle Installation wus in  lull
i-orking ordei
li'iiin il.Tiiiani,"
"The spirit ot the tuny remains
unchanged whatever the dangers
which  confront   It."  writes   Mr.   Ash
Grain  Exchange,     ��� Winnipei
TIIOS. BRODIE, s. A. ilARr.RA.rr.
Manna^r Seclreaa.
sens eoMMiaaion utacH.Nra
mend   Uartlett,  "1   do nol   llllpk   I  can I MZ Grain Eaehange, Winnipeg, Mara,
describe it    belter   than by quoting      the continental grain co.. ltd..
What     Was    round   bj    lhe   ceusor   In   Ucenetd,Bonded,aolirila yaurgrainwnaignmenta,
till'   letter   Of  ii   yOllllg   bluejlicket: 'Liberal  Advance:    Promp:   rrtiirnl.
"'.Mother, it is sometimes very hot ��.��� >��.�� i>; .<,
mil  here  v.inn  the  slmlls are drop- Winnipeg, man
-   all     ain't    you     and   the   sub-1 '
Another Bad Case.
eUy,    Ephrata, Pa.-"About a year ago I
was a stifled whirr of machinery,  I  of rending  Ihe  burial  service    m a   was down wjttl norvous prostration.   I
Ihc repeater's rapid pulse bcal I waive  criminal   on hla way to the scaffold   was pale and weak and would havehys-
ivlt      hi   silvery chime nf a quarter  till  then.    It   makes   me  shudder  in ; teric spells, sick headaches and a bad pmg  an    u.ium   .. ,       ��� ,v ,    ..si��rviceahipyaur (��1n
fi  i  lhe h..nr. I think ni'ii even now, pain under my shoulder-blade,   I was marines are hovering round, ami you | ,0 l!m ,lfIM,|ve ,nj .,pl.���Cnced tinmrnw
"You  ar    wrong," lie  said     "You     "They led us oul Into the open air,   under the care of different doctors but "1!iy slril.e a  mine at    any minute.   Houae, alwaya ready to buy your grain on track.
-"    i is between a quarter nnd half- still crooning lhat dirgea. They brouglil   did not improve    I was so weak I could Al   nrsl    '   ni,s  ;i  bil   ���;,;"'1''1' ,""   l blackburn �� mills.
���   , twelve.   We will lie on .lessop's ���s al  length to the \M of a great   hard,ystandIong6nonghtodomydishes. ^T^H-^IZVl t?' ^Icii" '   '" G"'"'E"1"""' ~: *���"���
lawn till one o clock and then all will U-alpy hel ween huge towering inoun- '...-'       ?...     . ,, ��� lasl    Sunday,    when he said.     .Men,,        .,,_���,.���.,���_    ���..,,������,
,':'"    l��l" I'the Alps had been sliced LlW^?^S*ffi!5S !?!?.���   .��"?��.!   l'f,l?> ..f ,.,d.S AUTOMOBM    DEALERS
They lay there waiting for I lie I jn two and u narrow passage made pound has made ma well and happy and look upward"." i did look upwards,
i .,1 pass. The minutes seemed to between thorn. At the head of this I have begun to gain in weight and my mother, and if there wasn't a bloom-
be  weighted.    "Tell  me  mine more  passage was n door lei Into the cliff face looks healthy now."���Mrs. J. W. [las   aeroplane    dropping   bombs oul	
if  your  l.is-n  ndvcntnres,"  Reoffrej    ��nd   down   through   Ihis   door  they HORNBERGEB, R. No. 8, Ephrata, Pa.    jus!" breln motor co., Winnipeg.
llirusi  us,    ll  was dark  inside.    For . ,    . ,   Factory  distributors for Manitoba and
"Vet)   well,"   Tchlgorsky    replied,  the m-sl pan of the way, till we reach- : , ';,}'���� >v��nt speela\ ^advice wrlie to      sir Adam Beck, who is the chief oi   SaskatclleiV!11J [or SludebakcrCnrs. Good
"When  did I leave oil'?    Mi   wt  hml  ,.,) .;���, !!.,,,r ..r Uic vallev. we were m ' I-.Tiua L.Tinkitnm Medicine Co.(conf!��   the remounl dppartmpul ror the Can-1 ^  ltorv onell (or live aEentj,
lust been torlured on that awful grill. ......<:..v.r  -     v ....<. ��� :n     ....,,-.���-,.
,\nd wr had ie en offered our lives mi
: ' Hon   thai   we   consented   to  be   breaking our necks before we reach
hopi ess   idiots   tor tlie   real   of  our  e(i  the bottom.    Bul  our guides did
 nol mean ua to perish bo mercifully.
������ 'Listen to me,' /.urn cried, 'listen
j fi r the lasl time. You are going into
the Black Valley; ot iis horrors' and
Vo engineer would be mad enough to dangers you know nothing as yet.
run ! \ lhe Dag which signaled danger. Rui ymi will sunn learn. Take coin-
What the danger was he mi^it not under- fori in the (act that there is an exll
stand, bul lie would lake no chances, al the rar end ii you can Dud It.
li in differcnl with the average man i.r | When you are oul of the exll you arc
Sir Adam Beck, who is the chief of
the remounl dppartmpul for lhe Can-
be accompanied by four priests, a dell ' dcntial) Lynn,Mass.   lfourlctleriyill   adlan government, stales that no more
cate attention  to  prevent    ua  from   ��p opened, rend and answered by a   horses were being hough! for a while
Yiomau and held in strict confidence.   :" 'east.   There are enough leinmi..!'
 in England, he said, to supply all lhe
units    nnd    line!    any  wastage  for
glad of rest. some lime to eonn .
won t.ti.    I'l -;, al-
��� n mpl    . ��� ii  ��� inllj
li rue Is. ihc danger signals ol  <gfi
rn.tare   and   Ihal      '"
u(letup!   p.    la
thousand:  ol I ves
rvcrj   year.    When  i
spi - tile bi comes irrogn
Itu i" en n t gives oul
wluii  slei p  is   troubled
und h 'ol - ii   \.l, i: there
i" n loss of flush,   .' li '.
tin re in      pi .i     ...   I,  1-
ui". of ilullnceai and kn-
y ii     n       i  ;,  i ting
lla dan : signal, Tho
i ..in., ii and us tdli"il
ni'gann ure failing in their
work ai i Ihi b uly is losing Ihi nutrition on whieh
ilsslrcnglh depend!
Suih a condition cai
fur the prompt use of f)i
Pierce's Golden  Medica
Ills. .eery.
It is the world's proved
blood purifier. Its noi
a H'orct: remedy for its
ingredients are- printed on tli" wrapper.
Isiurt In tat," ii to-day anil before another
day has passed, lhe impurities of the
blood will begin lo leave your body
through ihc liver, kidneys, bowels and
skin, and iii a few days yen will know
by your Blcadicr nerves, firmer Btcp,
keener mind, brighter eyes and clearer
skin thai. ih. binl liloud is passing oul
and new. rich, pure blood Js Idling your
arteries, I h" same good blood will cause
pimples, acne, eczema ami ail skin eruptions to dry up and disappear, It's n
tonic and body builder, (let ii to-day in
either liquid or tablet form nr write Dr.
1'ie.in . Invalids' Hotel, liufJaK N. Y., for
free medical otlvica,
| free.    Thousands  have  walked  ihis
1inth -. aud over their dry bones you
male   ; our   way.     Out   of  Ih. ie
VaUjJtlQODlie      Greater In Valu*
Oai lhe 1916 Cfctelol
tOmlFII   MAW a CO..   li'.lllFD.   W1NNIPM
They   were presumably  asleep  new,
all bul .Ralph. Long after deep silence hud fallen on i he house he Bat;
alone In the darkness, The glow ni' his
pipe jusl ion.-lied his Inscrutable fea-
tares and a faint halo of llghl played
iihnui. his grizzled head. A mouse
nibbling behind the panels sounded
ih ar as the crack of u pistol shot,
Th.- big stable clock boomed two,
��� ion amis one man 'escaped. Perhaps      nalph laid aside hbj pipe and; crept
vim will in- in fortunate.   Farewell!'
"The dooi   - anged  behind us. und
wp wen  al ��� -    ��� ll . in" prli Bis.   We
could in i onlj I". I our
wav    down lliosc awful cliffs   where
tu the door. Ih- opened it atlentlj and
passed out Into the corridor. \ cal
would not have made less noise. Yci
lie mine 1 sw ill 1 >  nnd confidently, as
une   who  has  eyes  in  see    familiar
one falsi     - ;.       ild   avi    ina'shi i ns   ground.    Me  came al   lengll	
to pleci      Bill il ���   prli   is never In       : Jlay was I
Bted    llnwi   di wn we wi nl until    i
-..     pd tin   bottom,    There w '-'I
|usl      P (1     IJ
" 'You -. -ih    uid ��� us thro
She hud I.e. -i made fairly comfort-
nlili Hi r tire ��� i had been ioosi ned at
th"  throat,  bul   she    still  wore  Ihe
ii : Iii    In v III !  she had been tli .1
ai the ilme of In r uei id. nl
'  ,    r(,'c,   ,', -,,,  .,, ,.,   ihousantlB   !" pni forward Ralph tell certain. Urn
~}   of them  it tin temple, all alike as  the dress wm  another matter. Ralph
.���One  of  Ihc   pri. il     nodded     He      l-'1' i i   " ��'< ��U1 perhaps find II dlffl- ,
, ,���!,!   bvi   .1- If he liked. Moi Ihal  I   '"'"  '" accounl  for masquerading In;
was  gnint;  to   waste   my   breath   bj
; asking tin in    'i iej  wi re pi iests ot a
the castle In i ml strange- giiis-1. That
sin- would have Bonip Ingenious plea
pi as in u pod, If these mi n failed lo
n turn Ihej would never be missed A
desperate resolution came to mo. In
j ii few ICnglisli whispered words 1
conveyed il lo Ralph Ravenspur,
"We -.till had b prlosl on either
shl. of us. Al a given signal we produced our revolvt rs. and before Ihc
priests had the remotes! Idea whal
had bapp 'ned Iwo of them were dead
on the ground, shoi through the brain.
When iii" thousand and one echoes
lied uwav we each had our man by
W, N. U. 1084
grliiiu ii to himself as he thought  of
(To ho Continued)
Pal   iiiid   .Mike
rlvi r on  a   ferry boat.
, I
watching Intently a big dredging I
barge thai was sending its mammoth 1
scoops under the water and bringing I
up ions of mud. I
"Pat,"    says  Mike, "wouldn't  yez '
lolke to be a workln' over there nn that
mud digger'.'"
llie"throat    Whal did wc cure if the I    "Vis." says Pat, "but, begorra, Oid
i,lo| was dh ��� ed or nol! We wore  hate to be one the fellers under the
Ijotti desperate, | water that's lillin' up thlm shovels,"
"Listen, dog,' 1  cried,    'You have
seen your contra les perish, If you
would ' Bcap ��� a similar death, you will
bi ar us to safely    Vim slmll walk ten
paces In front, and If you try to evade
Dangers  in  High   Places i
"King George   fell from his horse; ,
perhaps the Kaiser will   now   get a
kick In the wrist from the chapfe of
us vou die, for our  weapons curry pjs automobile."���Detroit Free Press. |
farther than you can run in the sjjace And perhaps after that, President
of two minutes.   Welt, are you going Wilson v.ill gel squirted In the eye
to convey us to n place of safely, or while filling his fountain pen for an-
shall we shoot you like tin others?'" other   note.'   London   lOnt.)   Adver-
Tchigorsky, .pnn��pd  and  pnlipri  at tlser. ��
THE   REVIEW,   COUHTNEY.   ��. c.
Sunlight Soap is made for tho
housewife's profit, for only
thereby can the makers hope
to profit. Sunlight Soup makes
your work lighter, your clothes
whiter, your home brighter, It
is mild and pure and does not
harm  cither hands or fabric.
unlioht Soap
Crown Brand
orn Syrup
Agricultural Education
Need   of   Professional    Training    For
Teachers   of  Agriculture
Al  ree.'in conferences   of   agricultural education men from \ nrlous (ie-
pain is of education, the necessity
nf professional training in education
tor Instructors of agriculture In colleges und high schools has been emphasized. Ai a ni"eiin" ree mtly held
a! Columbus, Ohio, under tlie uusplces
of iiie r.s. office of cxpt rlnienl stations, ii was resolved llinl the mini
mum ivi is "in -in nf sueb I ruining
for lenehei's nf agriculture in secondary schools slinulil he ten per cent, of
the lolitl ereilii  houi'B for griiduallou
fr  standard iigrlculiurul college
or  its  equivalent,    This  moans  tho
passim;  nl   I lie  day   vvlll'll  all   Hgl'lulll-
I tiirul teiichcr need he merely a grnd-
I nine   from   11   fanner's   course   in   IIII
j ngrlpiillurnl college,    The Ipncher nf
I iigrlouflure   In both college ami high
i "iii.ni-  in ml-- in have a general train- i
( Ing, a Bclentldc or technical I milling, ,
! nnd n professional training, The mini I
j en.is. tiiiiiiies nf iigrlciiltiirul coll ige
, gmduiilen ua loachet'fl In Iho Bocond-
I an schools, al -ii In colli "."", la rapid
I ly  forcing the issue.    The necessity
1 inr pedagogical training is being r.-
cognized by llioso who are In n post-
lion   tn  n.ii"  the  successea  nnd   the
failures of young teachers who Inn
mma BAKING ^
gsgm PO'V"  '" v
Wc iinkc-ilaunyly recommend Ma
Baking Powder as being the bes
and ntosl healthful baking powc
it is possible to produce  All
arc plainly printed cm tlie lot
The   Weakening   Enemy
llllalre Helloc In "Laud nnd Water"
Tim enemy  has  no bo ircu of new
energy.     11"   cniinoi     Incn .-.���    his
power  of   iiiiinitiiitiiiieiii:   In   i.innii;
iiiei'euse  iiis  dwindling    reserves    In
Cost of Horse Labor
The annual eost of keepiug a torts
was found to he .<:m 10 in one i intj
In  Minnesota, W  in    anoi .a I
$75.07 in a third.    These flgtu   -   - ���
iverages for the ye, rs  1904-1907     l.i
men.    This Is a plain piece of arith- the  lirsi   count}   these  charges  were
luetic   whlcli    everyone    throughout as   folows:    Interest   on   Inve I   ent,
hud  I ha- throsl'old  Iralulng ubove  In-  lrjurope knows, and no one belter than $5.54;   depreciation,   $5.56:     harness
llciited, and of   those who have nol   the    enemy's commander,    One new |clepi lallon,   $2.10;    shoeing,   $1.22:
for f energy, and onu only,  has teed, $CX49;  labor,    $11.18,   tnd mis
ibe i-u.'iny any prospecl uf tapping, cellaneous, 10 cents, making a total
nnd thai is the having upon his side of $00.40. These costs have ��� -�����:
forces hitherto neutral bucIi as Qui- This emphasizes the need ol eepiig
garla, the horses busy and of ha' ag no
  idlers on the farm.
ml sueb training.    Ilural Educator,
Minard's Liniment Cures Diphtheria.
Canada and the Rebuilding of Belgium
During 10111, In a time ot peine,
Bays "Canada Lumberman," lielgium
Imported building ami rough nirii-
isbing materials to tho following extent: From Germany, 1132,250,730
kilogrammes (1,000 kilogrammes approximately being equal to one ton i:
from the l'nlted Kingdom, 150,038,-
li-12 kilogrammes; from France. 1.45,-
090,7 Hi kilogramnu b; from lhe Netherlands, 38,073,465 kilogrammes;
from the United Stales. 9,361,978 kilogrammes, Germany had a strangle
hold upon the trade,
The li dgluiiB are   dctermi I    nol
In lake up annul their business relations with tin' Germans. All ihc
greal volume of trade with Germany
will cease and the hi 'Minis mat. rip' ���
which made up her 1913 exports to
Rolgium amounting to over tn.miu,-
nut) kilogrammes, must come from
otbpr countries.
Canada should    certainly   have   a
look in ui  this Importaiil  trade.
Pleurisy Pains Vanish!
Chest Colds Cured!
Nerviiine Has Never Failed
To Cure
Nerviiine Is Your Relief
N'.Ti lltnn jusl  rubbed on, lot!  ..; ll,
will   ease   thai   drawn,   tiglu   reeling
over your ribs,  will destroj   Urn pall
will  liave you smiling antl  happy   i
A li ^rse in lie- field i- n " tl     ��� Q
III the bill II.   Vou Can't prevent
Sp.i-.-iii, Kin-'iione, Spins ���":
patting your horse In the barn I
eiin prevent ll.    - tl       1     iron: a  ���       ;
llo: ���"-.iillll'-b.liu -. -     long-,   Vou   is;
Opposite the Cniun Station. Wecallil "The House of Com fori," because
of tin- tnuuy innovations and modern improvements designed to give our
guest, "maximum comfort at minimum Cost." Then again all of our employees lake a personal pride in doiug something t.> add materially to the
comfort of our guests. Rates American Plan, $2.50 ��3.00 per day without
bath; $3.00 S3.SO per day with bath; also Ivuropean Plan iI preferred. Say
"Carls-Rite" to the Red Cap al the station und in one minute your journey
lias elide.!.
a niiyrirugfrUU&t$l ibottle " i--;
s'-ii-l.iIl'.'.wilU'ii: ���
i"-l horsemen wi 1        ' utile
'TreatUeou the li .      fr  ���
Dr. B. J. KENDAII (0., Enoabam (alls. Vu
"I cauglil cold lasl week while motoring," w riles p. t Mullery, from
Linden. "AIj chesl ivus full of con
gestiou, my Lhroat wus mighty sure,'
nnd I hud' ih.- liei'.'i'.st stitch in inj
side yon could Imagine. As u boj I
was accustomed to have my uiotiier
iiis.- Xeivillue for   all our minor aJI-
Warts    will    render   the prelflesl    n,s  and remembering what coulld-1
hands unsightly,    char   the    excres-  om.a si,,, i,-,,i i;, Xet-vlllne, I senl oul
cGtises  uwtty  by    using    llollowny's  ful. ;l bottle m 0nc".    Between n i
Corn Cure, which acts Ihorouyhli and ,uu| ,.\..tll ,,-,.|(���.u i aUd a whole bottle
painlessly. rubbed on. and then got Into u pets
" pliaiiiin   under    the  blankets.    This
Letters on Dead Germans drove the Xervlllne In good and deep,
An  official  French    communication and I woke up nexl morning fresh as j
contains "two crushing documents"��� a dollar und absolutely cured.   Nervl-    thismIld family remedy to avoid il aem
letters found on the bodies of German I "no Is now always pari ol my navel-    tnismiia.tamuyreme
soldiers���whlfth furnish a confession I !'"."��� Kil- i""1 I nlU u0Ver '"' "'Ithoul
nt cynical brutality which Is opposed  "���"
in nil ihe laws nf humanity and of Tl"' lin"" "'"' lal��IIy size bottle is
��ar. ii/.. ihai the Germans are il"' """'i economical, or you can ea-
maklng no more prisoners. Ilv -������'    Ihc 25c trial size from
Thousands Take
How Turkey Entered War
"It will li ' remembered Ihal Turkey got ill I o tho war by one nf her
battle cruisers living on a Russian
port in lb ��� Black Sea," sins Alt'.
Bouclc White, win. lias lately returned from Constantinople, "The
Turkish minister of marine, a young
Turk, uf prominence, was in a club in
Constantinople playing curds. A messenger entered, and told him Unit one
of the bonis in bis navy luni lire.I in
the Russians, thus ereuting a cnsuB
belli. The luce of I In- minister went
white. "1 didu'l know unythlng about
it!" he gasped mil; "I didn't know
anything about It." ISnver. the war
minister, at the behesl uf Iiis Gorman
owners, had forced the Issue over ihe
heads nf fellow members in bis own
cabinet and in their enlire Ignorance."
Minard's Liniment Cures Garget in
Better lo Have Rich Cream
Cream    for  butter   king  should
bo rich. If th" cream h .paralor can
be brought in skim only a rich cream,
and to shim ii cloi .-ly. there is a lol
nf saving i fti clod. It takes less room
tu shipping ami there is |.-- ��� welghl
to he handled per pound of hull r re
lulting from i' if it i- s.'in in iiie
creamery there Is so inucl m mill.
lO   be   led   til   llOUl '       ll   eusis   less   pel'
hundredweight nf htilter io . hu n
thick cream, ii fusts less lu psstour
l/e il   less  i..- In i in.I  il.  -i IiiIe sci"
butter inal, iv express ihe conviction
lhat thick cream beeps   belter, thai
there   la   less   loss   of   huni'ifiit.     nnd
that, the grade of butter made rrom
it will he in iter than iiini ma.i" from
a tliln cream of a similar quality.
Mm n ��%
Clean Milk Wanted
Tin- sedlmenl tesl Is the best method of detecting dirt in milk. This
lesl should he used wherever milk
is sold, li shows the dairyman the
degree  of cleanliness of his  milk,
in order thai as little din as pos-
lly gel
iny i
School Saving Banks
A million and a quarter dollars are
on  deposil   in  school  savings  in   lhe
One letter dated September 21, reporting the capture of n French
trench says: "We made no prisoners.
One has gni in llnlsh off this vermin
one.- and  for all."
Tin- second letter, wrliten flv ys Iunited slates.    The money is dlstrl
later, and announcing Iho assault of j buteil annum 217,000 school children,
uiiniiier l-'r. in-h trench, says: "We who are learning lessens of llirlfl for
tool, nn prisoners: we hayonetted the use in later life,
ile may adhere tu ihe cows, Llielr I lot. I showed no mercy. These filthy -J Belgium lias the honor ot original-
udders. Hunks ami tails should be IFrench must ho stamped out. They ing tin- school savings hank system,
kepi clipped; all loose dusl can then I musl either sign peace or all be'and a native of Belgium put the
be easily- brushed off    with n dump|killed." school savings banks on a permanent
cloth   before  milking,    Never should
anyone be allowed to milk wet, as it      A   lad
is :i  nlthy exercise. Boston, Mo
From i.'.-ts with open and covered old negro p
pulls ll hu.- been found Hull ii nil-1 I,, the lad}
oi iii    pail    closed    aboul   two-thirds      "Oh. sir."'
���  fooling in the I'niled Slate
ii  a  crowded  train  car In      Several  methods  in  vogue  for col-
.-.-.. had no seal.   A polite j lectins  and   banking  the  savings  of
nu up ami offered his ssii'ibo  children  are  practised.    Usually
I the co-operation of a well established
tald she. "I do no!  w; h  savings hank in the school community
and to improve and protect their health.
They keep their blood pure, t��eir
livers active, their bowels regular and
digestion sound and strong with
I.arif fist Sid a of Any Mediein* in th* WoriJa
SoiJ efcrywfi��rc.   In boxes, 25 c<*au.
Will Sharpen   ��� mi  Razor  I      ������   . ��� ;    . :   , ������
tluiu can be donf in an m      Lasts a
Lifetime.    SaU^Ai lion sua ma teed money
refundeiI posl free 2S cants p i | /��� -
grow 78 MnU,u K. St ps $1.50 8��a|
Utado.   Canada Hune Co., v. t*     esa   kfa  .-
vvttli    ii  hood  will  keep oul  at   least   to  deprive you  of your seat." j is  nvfll   secured.    Porms  and  hlaoka a  Hard Winter In  Europe
75 per cent, of the dirt.   Theoe j.iiiisj    And the kind old dnrkey prompt 1) lore provided by the banks.   When ih-1       u ,,,,. ,���.���,.,.., lF, ������ .. i,.. ..
ur. jusl as ronvenlem lo use as the  replied:  "Ijat'i. all right   ma'am   it's  amount  raarliex one dollar  the child | aulhopUlw   ���   ,,:     .
....iiiiiii.i  ones ami cost lime more.    ; Icpruvlly, n.. iippruvlty ut nil!        i.; given a  bank  book uiul  becomes,
Drcppcd .i Valuaiilc  Hint
A at miner will    imt    take nut the |
line   seilimi'ii]   ill   milk,   bill   is   llsi I'll I
inr luklng oul   hair and oilier Inrge
roreign siuiT, nml ulsu serves for de
lectins     the     tllrtj     mill. r.     Iluck j
towelling ninl.es u vei-i good siriiim-   !    "Kor nboul  eighl    years," writ
olntli.'   All  cans and  utensils slioiild  luily, "l  biiIV red  from nervoiism
he   washed nnd sciilded    everj  llnic|piiri ,,t the time down In bed,
used nnd  Riven    their dully sun  Until
in l.eep them sweei.
Producers and   consumers    should   speak.   At other ilmea   I would hnvi
i. i ���   ins drawn up u fo
through ihe school, a  regular patron v.,,.,,;,,.,. ,���,   lMa ,,,,,
of  Iho   bank.    When    the    deposil cordlnc  lo    the  Ports  corres   md
,-. in,,-. (:i or $.1 rn- the banks elec l ,,.   ,  ,   ,,.,     -,-,���,    ,;
h   draws   im.-r.-.-i  nl    ' innr-  per ,, .  pl.u|) ,; ,a    ,    , ,,.  .   ,
cent.   Itural  I'.dm ator. i,   ,���...  vorg, evi,. i.,.     .
 .  I'lli-      li '        : 'In'
Milh-r's Worm I'n..i.-rs, mil .iii.li V|,��� Blll| obtuiiicd  ���
eule ih ��� worm evil Ihal beai i so lieui ��� ,-, ,���,.,    ,���,,   .-., . , ,
unmet lines I would gotnumb nnd ll   \\y  in\   r-hlldren   mil   Is  believed   to ,..,.   to)l|   ,, ���.     ,
woiihl   he almost Impossible for me to  cum n>   fatalities.    The)  ure sn
mice,  iu-i.'.iil uf I'liri'i-' n-
i-iiiiiueeis iiini   consumers    b 1.1   spoal     Al o ' timea   l would hnvi   lir,   pmblc  modlcliiB u> children  and    ,,���..-,..���. , .   ,���     .  ,, p.
'"" :"" and scp thai n premium Is   severe billow  ullncl -.   and my lienrl   ,..,,, i���- rully relied upon lo clear I i-  .,,   ,.
pultl lo IhiiBe Mint produce clean milk,   would llntipi' painfully when   I would  f i   chnniu'ls   llinrotigbly    of   these  BonC do	
walk fust, or sw pp. I destructive parasites and restore the
Exhausted From Asthma. .Man) who      "I Iiuvp taken   enough   medicine to inflamed     and    painful   surfaces   t.>
rea1  lit.""   v.  ..!-  know   tlie terrible  slnrt a small drug store,   but without heulthftilneas.   They are an excellent
druln upiiii lieallh and siiPiiglh, which   pormnneul  benefit.   One cvphIiiu oui��� renipdi   for ihose evils,
routes   In   tin-    irnln    o(    iislhmntlc Urocei  wn   asking my husband now I 	
U bles.    Many ill. nol  realize, how    was, ami urged   thai 1 unit eolTee und "Sonic   collection   box"  Is  how  nn
e'er. Hun  i.i.'ie is .me iiue t'etue.ly . ���.,.    i\, |Hm, si. h ��� brought  home :i American rallglous paper describes a
ivhlch will sui.'l   stop this drain. Dr.   package and  I  made ii  according to  unl ollectlon Imx said  to ha\
I. n. Koliogg's Aslliinu  l!i'ine.|y Is a  (Urncllons and wc were both delighted   been invented by an Oklahoma man.,
wonderful check In Ihis enervating ail-  with it.   Wc unit coffc ��� nllog. ther nnd hf. tl member of the congregation drops |
'I'       ami  plum 1    po in
son ie lusloti, i
lieliis  pnl Ih uliiriy  cniphalli
weather >..::.i'-
Tbo urn.   aill -      ��� I    . .
;.. ted on iii-- ad ��� - ������   i   pi-1-. a
;,,.   i-;,..'  ii during  the
; cold monlhs
Into it a :'.'i vent  piece or a coin of |
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The Courtenay Review
And Comox Va i. Advocate
\   Weeky   Newspape.     Puliisheil   at
Courtenay, H C,
N. II. IioDKN, ICtlitor and Proprietor
Subscription ILUl per Year  in   Advance
The Opera House was   comfort
nl.lv Riled on Monday evening with
citizens who hncl i ed oul to hear
whal the Citizen'; ticket candidate
It.ni in say. li ilu y inine expecting to see any fireworks Ihey were
disappointed. All Ihe candidates
set uicil io be agree i ilint tlic\ were
willing to work for the city's besl
ii I- rests Until sidt s agreed that
the Electric Ugh! was au excellent
institution. Uolli sides were willing
to i Ive them a franchise, otieof the
citizen's ticket candidates wen of-
feting in make ii so vears, if the
engineer so recommended it' Both
sides seeminglj agree that the city
can not possiblv finance an Flectric
plant or waterworks system at the
present time, or In the near future.
timl the main issue now simmers
di wn lo which-ticket would be Hi*
most competent lo make the agreement for the city with the company
Of course Mr, McPhee and his followers claimed that they were the
only Simon pure people who could
be entrusted to do that delicate job.
The gentlemen opposite were on
the Kilpatrickt icket, and must pre-
foree be under his thumb, and no
matter how goud a bargain thev
drove, there would always be the
stignin that they were on lhe Kil-
patrick or Electric Light ticket,
and might be influenced to let the
Company have some loop hole.
On the other hand, the gentlemen
who are on the Ratepayers ticket
are just as good business men as
those on the Citizens ticket. They
have made just a�� big a mark in
the business and social world, and
are making it to-day. They are
all hard headed business men, and
can see just as fur into the millstone
as the gentlemen opposite, and when
ia conies to making a bargain with
the Electric Light Company can be
depended on to make just as good
a bargain for the city as any one
else. None of them are tied to the
Electric Light Co. in any way, and
to our certain knowledge, have
never been approached bv the
Company in any way whatever
The fact that nomination papers
were peddled all over the city for
different nominees to sign, does not
add anything to their value. Any
two ratepayers could have nominated the whole bunch, and it would
have been quite legal, and have
carried just as much weight.
Aid. McKenzie was in favor of
buying lumber, labor, supplies, etc
from outside points. This is not
a very good plank in the "citizens"
platform, Citizens should come
fust, last, and all the time, and
when all their energies are used up
then its time to go outside.
Aid. Keton contended that everybody was in favor of Public Ownership where possible, but it wasn't
possible in Courtenay���at present.
Aid. Johnston said he and his friend
Bodwell had saved the city tome
money in the C, P. R. assessment,
and that the Board of jWorks had
run the city into JUoo useless expense.
Aid, McKenzie acknowledged
that he had not done a great deal
for his ward, and if|sent back under
the present Mayor would not do
anything this year, but if under
the Citizens ticket would do his
best. Said the city scales were a
useless expense, and said when he
opposed 'lie Mayor's views he was
told to sit down or be put out,
There are no dirty wells in Courtenay,
P. L. Auderton was pleased to
set'so many present which showed
that interest was being taken, lie
luni assessed the city fairly and
equitably, and didn't like the letter
ill last week s Review.
Jus. Aston was a candidate In
Ward 3, and citizens would gel
their pound of llesh if he was elected, also wanted lights in ward ,;.
N. 11. Bodeti said he was a candidate in Ward .', tiiid might have
sofetliing lo say (;u W'ednesdiiy
W. Duncan said lie knew he had
land in Courtenay when he got
his assessment notice. Saw practically no difference in the platform
of the two parties, Electric light
was a great advantage, He was
also a candidate for school trustee.
Had always taken au interest In
school affairs, and would see that
the city got a square deal, if elected,
Mr. Hurford apologized for not
calling on all the voters id Ward 2,
where he wants to be elected. He-
was asked to stand to combat the
report that the Citizens ticket was
being run on political lines.
Mr. Idiens asked the privilege of
saying a few words. Said last year
he had been against the Electric
Light Co. This year on account
of the Arbitration clause, he was
in favor of it, and would support
the Kilpatrick ticket.
The chairman, Mr. Kirkwood,
announced that Mr. John Sutton
was also a candidate for school
trustee, and asked for his support.
One or two questions were asked
and answered.
20 p. c. discount on
Ladies, Misses and
Children's Tweed
and Waterproof Coats
Flannelette Underwear
Ladies, Misses and Chilerens
Watson's AH Wool
All Wool Handknit Sweater
Coats in Ladies and Gents
Flannelette Wrapper and
House   Dresses
There will be no service in St-
Andrew's church on the i6th.
Last night Mayor Kilpstrick aud
his supporters held a meeting in
the Opera house which was well attended by an attentive and sometimes demonstrative audience. The
Mayor gave an outline of the past
year's business and showed when
the solid four had put the city to
useless expense in pa) ing exrtava-
gaut bills. He said that all the
Electric Light Co. wanted was the
privilege to do business. He explained the plank episode again.
Would like to see a water system,
but city couldn't afford to do it
now. Had been in business for 20
years in the district and made a
success of it, aud was fully qualified
to make a success for the citv.
Horace McPhee said he had not
much to add to what he had said
at the previous meeting. He took
exception to statements in letter
which the chairman had just read.
The Mayor should have seen to it
that the wires and lights were looked after properly. We do not
know whether we are paying a fair
price for a electric energy or not.
Mr. McPhee had no land in the
city limits which had been taxed as
wild land for many years. The tax
rate should have been 8 mills instead of 10. The mayor's platform
was all riggt, but he was afraid he
would not carry it out. He had
been assured of all the votes in
Mayor Kilpatrick said all the
voters at No.   7,   Union  Bay and
Esquimalt  &  Nanaimo  Railway
Christmas and New Year Excursion Rates
Good going Dec. 24 and 31, final return
limit Jan. 4, fare and one-fifth for round trip
Through Passenger Trains leave Courtenay 11:35 on Monday, Wednesday and
Friday for Victoria and Way  Stations
RETURNING���Arrives at Courtenay at
16:10, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
Steamship tickets on allfllincs to all parts
of tlie world.  For particulars etc., address
Dill, Passenger Agent, Victoria
Agent Courtenay,^Phooe R60
Cumberland were going to vote for
him. Etm
ML Johnston said the Company's
letter was not exactly right. We
were paying for every bit of light
we got.
Fred Kerton said the electric
light switches should be controlled
by hand, not by clocks, He would
do his best to have sidewalks in
ward 1 if elected.
J. W. McKenzie thought Mayor
Kilpatrick's platform a good one if
he would carry it out. He also
said the assessor had lowered the
assessment on Mr. Creech's lot.
Mr. Creech said he had raised it
Mr.Forde explained the Orchard
petitions satisfactorily.
Aid. Leighton gave a very good
account of his stewareship, and
claimed that the "solid four" had
run the council into unnecessary
expense. He also touched upon
the scoool matters, and plank episode which Aid. Johnston had pushed until Bodwell and Lawson had
to cull it off Believed that beating
the E. & N. was not goo policy.
P. L. Auderton tackled the as-
esment question with but little success. He also wanted to watch the
Electric Light Co, and claimed
that the Mayor was to blame for
the l'ght burning overtime.
Mr. Duncan said it was usual
for government employees to go
where they were sent. Said that
Mr. Kilpatrick, as Mayor of the
town would carry more weight
than otherwise and thought the
town would be no worse off by
electing Mr. Kilpatrick and his
full ticket. He advised]young men
to take up some land, and if they
cannot clear it themselves, let a Jap
do the work.
James Aston if elected would do
his duty to the city' and endeavor
to have two years appropriation
spent in one in Ward 3.
N, H. Boden, R. U. Hurford
and M. Parez, the candidates for
Ward 2, made short addresses, and
will endeavor to look after the
city's interests if elected.
Anglican Church services, Jan.
16. St. John's Church, Courtenay
Anniversary of Dedication, Holy
Communion, 8.30 p. in.; Morning
piayer and Holy Communion, 11
a. 111,, Evenin Prayer, 7.80 p. m.
Preacher at the 11 o,clock service
will be the Rev, A Bischlager,
Vicar of Cumberland.
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build our Province by using ONLY (lour
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Lessons given on the Violin
and Music
Harmony Orchcatra
Riverside Hotel COURTHNAV
Promptly at 12 o'clock, Return-
Officer Haines read the proclamation and declared that he was open
to receive nominations for the office
of Mayor, Aldermen, and School
Trustee, for the City of Courtenay
for the year 1916. The following
nominations were made. Mayor,
Horace McPhee, D Kilpatrick.
For Aldermen. Ward I; P. L.
Andertan, John Johnston, Fred
Kerton' Geo, Leightou.
Ward 2. N, H. Bcden, R. U.
Hurford. J. W. McKenzie, and
M  Perez.
Ward 3, Jas. Aston W J, Carroll, and W. Duncan,
School Trustees. W. Duncan,
Fred Kerton, and John Sutton.
Ratepayer's Association
At a largely attended meeting of
ratepayers held on Saturday evening
last, it was decided to form themselves into a ratepayers association.
It was also decided to indorse the
candidature ol 1). Kilpatrick and
his ticket for Mayor and Aldermen
respectively. The Association will
keep in close touch with municipal
matters, aud invite all ratepayers
to enrol.
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garden and orchard, soil cannot be
beaten. Best bargain ever offered in
this District. Price $2,000 cash, bal-
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If the snow lays many days limner the game birds will have to be
provided with f( od,
Mr. and Mis. \V, Chase and
family, who have been vixitiiiK' with
Mis. J. \V. McKenzie Si', left for
Chinook, Alia., nn yesterday,
Mr. Johnston's 6c Rlectiie Mglil
platform is not much in evidence ol
this elecltou, It's possible to fool
the people once, Inn they won't
stand lot it a second time,
To-morrow is polling day. Vote
early, ami support the Kilpatrick
ticket. They stand lor a clean citj
honesty, progressive and haiuiou-
iotis atliiiinislriiiion,
Mr. Nation, ot Victoria, Provincial Secretary of ihc Canadian Patriotic 1 ���'111��� 11. will address a meeting
in the Opera House on Thursday
' evening iinnn diatclv af'er the pie
tu it- show, on the aims, objects,
operations and requirements of the
Patriotic Fund, and will give a detailed stainient of its finances, cost
of administration, and full particulars, as lo the assistance rendered,
and every detail in connection of
the matter, which should be of
Ureal interest to all loyal people of
the Country who are interested in
the successI'til outcome of the war,
There will be no collection taken
up, nor will there be any recruiting.
As will be seen in another place
in this paper, a'.id also by bills distributed throughout the district, the
Follies are advertising their second
entertainment for the evening of
Friday, Jan. 21 it, This announce
merit will no doubt be received with
a good deal of satisf .ction by many
people who so thoroughly enjoyed
their first attempt, and we understand the ''Follies" intend to live
up to their reputation; and hope to
produce as good and possibly a better show than the previous one.
The proceeds will be devoted as before to the Red Cross Refresh"-
nients and a dance will follow, the
Harmony Orchestra having been
engaged for the latter
$6.00 Per Ton
Delivered  in  Courtenay
All Orders Will Receive Prompt Attention
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Comox, B, C.
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Choicest Liquors and Cigars
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Barrister  an.!  Solicitor,  Notary  Public
P, t). Ho.\ 209
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On December the 17th from Ste-resl n,
Scow G, Q, I,. 2. I.'.-: seen i 5 Xa-
noose Day, December 21st.
Any information lending to the recovery of this Scow will be rewarded.
Co., I.t I.
New Westiiiiii-t.r Phon    -  -
First-Class Plumbing
Hot Water and Steamfittiug
Jackson & Whittle
Phone 9 Courtena)
Annual Meeting
The annual meeting of the Comox Co-
Operative Society will beheld in Agricultural        Hall, Courtenay,       on
Tuesday, February 8th. 1916
at 8 p. in. At the same time anil place
a meeting of the creditors ot the above
Society will be held to hear the report of
thedirctois for the last six months, and
to make arrangements for the future
carrying oil of the business.
W. Duncan
Chairman, Hoard of Directors.
Annual Meeting
Tlie annual meeting of the patrons
and shareholders of the Comox. Creamery Association Ltd. will be held at   the
Presbyterian Church Basement
Thursday, January the 20th
at 8 p. ni.
as some questions vitally concerning tlie
dairy interests of the District will be
brought forward. It is earnestly hoped
that all the milk producers will make a
special effort to attend.
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ustiul illploinatlc clianiu'l i utnl form
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tlie .Kussimi government
f Ohio,  dry nf Toledo,    J       us.
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perhaps the Kaiser will now i;ei a
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his automobile." Detrnll Free Press,
And perhaps after that, Presideal
Wilson will gel squirted in tho eye
ivlille lllllng hla fountain pen for until her note. London i Ontj Atl\ er-
Looking Old
,,   (i,f / ui.  Nave Advanced
"^,iW FihiptoHoffcrfl, Weeivollberalgradei,
'���"���ar   fullvaluoincaflhandquickreturns. Wo
hnve l"?*t market in America for Furs, Ili-liM. pee.
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TrtnporB' tiuwlies. at Factory Prices
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*M^\ Wood's EhospLodina.
" i Great English Ueme.dy.
ea ami in vigors I *.i I li ��� v.-\t >lo
crvou??yfltcm, makea new fjl'tod
j o!d Wins, Cures. Nervous
!)��� i ity, Menial nnd Brain Worry, Despoil*
aeney, F,oas of Knergy, Palpitation of the
Heart, FatHna Memory. Prli e Si per box, six
lor 13. Oi.u mil plrace, fix will pure. Sold by nil
dv; ���,: fN or iiiitti.il in pinto, pkg. on r ��� ipi of
nr: t\'riojnniiphtrtvutitedi'ree. THE WOOD
MEDICINE CO.,T0C0NT0,0NT, (firwilj WMmM
" e have been makinjj matcli<rs
lor fi) years now Domestic
anil every other kind.   %
home ol our specialties arc
a H inch stick��"THE EDDY-
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I popular match is the"Sl LENT
5," bul tor everj use
v. II 1*0 -        n I > ���   11 | >. Ml,SI    1||<r      'If*.  *   '  la
���trill fo meE bOlH 6ti(.Mn UIDIMI 1001 ��h
tilti* llitun aui '?i.i.<on!Pj. t.i.mii *lt��oMd t>r
THERAPION :      :;
U,sri:iid; ���  ro > ur,,, uimtu     \...-- --t *bi.��
Ni'^JiJIiif"'!.. "'I ub-i|iii.i(��* Uk.I.h 1 li��:
HtuC0.HlVIKSTOt:XftO.M\MI*llISO I  ir��i��'Mi  Mm ���
*��� wAsr i* rim  rNKKArMM ��u.l IVm %*%���
Too Soon
The Condition of Too Many
Women and Too Many
Too   many    women    and too many
! girls mm, old lull:; before they should.
i heir faces become pah' it mi drawn;
wrinkles appear ami their eyes Inolt
brightness,   (.'an tills be wondered at
.'.'nn  tliej   so frequent)    haye  headaches,   backaches and a general feeling  of  wretchedness  and  weakness?
in most rases ii Is the blood thai is to
1 blame. I'roni one cause or auolher tii ���
i blond has become thin and watery and
it Is ii fuel    tiini anaemia (bloodless
nessi     more  than  any  oilier  cause,
I'h'-s    women their prematurely uged
I appearance.   It  is Important  thai tin-
' liiiiiiil  supply  ni' girls and  women  be
regularly  replenish, d   important   not
only mi the score of looks, bill to restore rohnsl hi alth. which is of greater value.   Or. Williams' Pink Pills ac-
uiilly make new blood and restore the
system shattered by overwork or worry.   These pills uiw n glow of health
in pale far - nn i  make llred. weary
women and girls feel bright and hap-
| py.    w |th nr. Williams' Pink Pills al
! hand there is no need for any woman
I or any i;li'l lo look ill or feel 111. Mrs.
j .1.  McDonald, j1 .  Hay, Ont., says:  "I
honestly   believe   Dr,   Williams'   Pink
Pills saved my life.    Some years ago
1 l  had unaenila, und as I did nol  real-
\ izn  lhe serlousr.i ��� -  of the trouble  I
.-������ii became u complete w reck, I nut
��� ii \ enk I could hardl} walk, I iieilhor
ate  nor slepl  well, and could nol  v
upi lair    ��lllioiu sinpiiiiit! In rest.  At
tlnn s I bud nn aliiioi I iiubeiirnbl ��� pain
in in\ back nun wo tltl have to remain
in li d    l nufft red almosl conslnntly
from    n    iluli    hi aila. he,    nnd  when
,���     'plug If I  would stoop in pick up
anylhing I  wotilil gel  so dizzy iinn  I
would   liuve   m calcb liold of som i
thing to keep from fulling. .\i  times
my  heurl   would  heal   so  I'asl   thai   1
would  Inn i  n  smothering  sensal Ion
My eye.i wore sunken and my hands
nnd   limbs  would   be  Bwolleu   in   the
moriilngs.    I   trie i   several  kinds  of
medicine    ��llhoul    beuelll    and   my
I'rli ml-- ihoiiglil  I  would not  recoier,
'I hen  I   hi gan  taking    Dr.   Willi uns'
j Pink Pills, nml li'-iii'   long could see
mid i" 'I tlnn  they were helping me.
I  kindly    continued    the  us! of  lhe
mils until I was completely cured nnd
: I  caiinol  say enough in their prnls e,
und ( strongly re. o leml litem to nil
run-down girls and women."
Vou    can    gel    Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills from any dealer in medicines or
by mall in lil) c nt�� n box or si', boxes
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Go Or Give
We should smnl in the trout every
man ihal we can Induce to ctilisl and
tlnn we can train and equip. As for
those who cannot go, whose services
would not Im uccepletl If they were
offered and who cannol boasi since
we are not lo bo tes! 'd, we should
give every dollar that we can spure
beyond the decent support of uiir
families to liospitsla, to tin: Red Cross
or patriotic funds, to the various
agencies nnd organizations which In
the words of Lincoln, strive "to hind
up the nation's wounds, lo care for
Iiini who shall have borne tho battle
' and for his ��Idon nnd his orphan."
Any man v\lio makes monei in these
days Is disgraced, Any man who
seeks io be richer ul the end of the
war iii.in when the war began is n
traitor to those who offer their li\t's
for his  protection.   Toronto  .News.
A Remedy For Earache. Tu have
the earache is to endure tori tire. The
ear is n delicate organ nml few care
to deal wiiii It, considering it work
for n doctor. Dr. Thomas' lilclectric ]
oil offers n simple remedy. A few
drops upon n piece of Mill or medicated cotton and placed in the ear will
work wonders in relieving pain.
"li. ii'i you come across a good
ninny livings In the Bible thin you
don'i understand, like the problem of
Cain's wife, for Instance'.'" queried Ihe
layman ns he sal al a cily restaurant
"Oh, yes, of coirse," acknowledged
the clerg) man,
"Well, whal do you do about It?"
"My dear friend." replied the minister, laying down his fork. "I simply
do just as I would while eating n nice
fresh herring, When | c line to the
bone I quietly lay ii on one side, nnd
an on enjoying the meal, letting an;
id1 d thai insists on choking himself
on the hone do so."
A Safe Pill For Sufferers. There
are pills that violently purge and nil
the stomach und Intestines with pain.
Parmelee's Veg Utblo Pills ara mild
und "iv ci i Tho, are purely vege
table, no mineral .iiirgallve entering
Into their composition mid their effect
. nothing and beneficial. 'Try Ihem
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strength to tin el> i se of this most ox-
teil.Mil    III, ,|i' llle.
A Low Death Rate Results In Large Profits
War claims less ih.in
>t surplus
Head Office    Toronto
N.ti.     Write  lor Memo Book and Circular.
Your Trip to Toronto
loiMiuiiK lh.it lliere
���1 liiisiii r social
. iv.,,,. nlmul jour
..;.��� rour Is und
mil ���. in- -1111111-
m,in-al tin ilcno
line'i       Rates
inn ilcunl nml minis nl rule- - i miaonnlile ilml ion will
iies.mi   .lie-, i��� in Hi.  Wulki'i I Ion ���(��� pin ins Hint inci'i all
Wnlki-r House  "The Ilnusi nl I'i, ni,,     "I'umnln's I-'iiiiioim
Am. r'.i ni Clan   < wi pi: .:.:   in., iiii     ran i'i,,n, Sncciul
Geo.   Wright   &  Co.,   Proprietors
: in}' o! satisfict
who ship
Graiu to
Make bills of lading read Peter
Ian-ell   Co..    J
id.,  Fort
or   Port
Arthur, notify Pete
' Jansen Co., 1
td., Winn
Two wealthy Americans bad rented
a .-in iting In the Highlands al war
nil . and, full of anticipation, arrived
on lhe scene with tli dr mi us. etc. 'I he
flrsl day 111 T- lie i walked Into the
village, ��'li re thej got into conversation with an ancient   Highlander.
"Is the sporl good about here?"
., iked  one' of the t isitors.
"Ay. mis sue liad'1 replied the bi -
i v, lilskci '"I native cautiously,
"El' are ill to any [leer In the
i iieighliorhood'.'" nsked the American
"Weel," replied the Highlander, still
no :.   cautiously, "there wis yln n year
or i ,vo buck, but the gliify  yis aye
shooting  ni  lhe pulr beastie, an' Aw
- ik ll left the tlci strlc'l"
New Cxpcrimei'ita! Farms
.'. ii. llrlsdule, dir 'dor of experimental farms has returned easl
from an Inspection trip of the experimental farms throughout the
\. est and reports thai lhe pusi season has been the mosl aitccessfitl In
i im hlstoi'} of the experimental
While in Winnipeg lie announced
Hun ii is iii' Intention of the de-
pari nu nl to shortly establish two
more experimental farms in the
we.-i mi" of wh. will bo located in
lhe northern pari of Manitoba, und
the oilier in southwestern Sas-
kali liewan.
!   ���..,.-   mired  of  painful   Goitre  by
Chatham, Ont,
1  was i iiied of   Inflammation    by
MIX Mill's   I.IMMCNT.
Walsh, Out.
1 was eared of Paclal Neuralgia by
MINAltD'S  l.!XIMi:.\l'.
J.   II.   BAILEY.
l'ark.ial".  Ont.
"Bllgglns Is a remarkable lislitr-
"Yes I honestly believe it's more
wondci fill for n man io think up the
��� lorie.- Hligglns tells than I1 ivt lid be
actually  to emeu  :]' ��� lis i."
Mary nnd Tonini} liad be ill lo hear
n   missionary  talk  ul  Sundii)   school.
"Did he tell you about the poor
heathen?" father Inquired ill t ie dinner table.
"Yes, dad," answered Mary, "lie
said they were often hungry, ami
when they heat on their tuin-tums it
could be heard  for miles."
e/>/?��/j7/.V��. ���  r.r.uliiulcJ  Kytlid'..
/l~j&SutgLL' ^''"* lal'aiedby exposure
^JnmfSk. rn .  ihi  Winds mid  llnst
Psris Honors Miss Cavell
The Paris city council bus decided
to    name    streets  after  Miss   I'dllh
Cavell  nml   lOml'.e   Despres,  executed
liy the Germans in Belgium,
Complete In lUolf, Mother Qravea'
Worm   I'.Mei'miiiiitor does not   require
tlie assistance of any oilier medicine
io make it efforti\e,   It does not fall
I in do it.- work.
\7.   **��iKf'7rC quickly relieved by Muring
lOUR LTtJIlye lleini-dy.   No Smart-
ing, just Eye Uorafort.  At Your Druggists'
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For Book oi the i!ye Freo writo
Murine ��y�� Remiidy Campany, Chicig*
W, N. U.  1084
Unconditional   SurreiHter
"How,"   nsked   tltn   captuln   of   the'
train robbers, "did you manage io go
through so many passengers alone?"!
I    "I bad only," rejoined ihe ordinal-} i
brlgaud, "to carry a whisk broom in
my hand  aud  they  suspected  noth-
lag." I
By   making   the
blood .toll ami red
l>r.   (bas'V   S'ci'. '
I'noil    rio-iis    n -,y
cells ami  tissues  nnd
nourishes  Ihc   stlln'Oll
nerves back u> licalUt
and rigor.
Kj noting your Increase In weight wliiln
UStllg il ym. can prove
positively the benefit
licing dorlvod from
(Ills great  food  euro.
r.O    ei-l.ta     n,    Iiot,    Mil    ,lfalr-a,    or
lalmniniia,,     Haifa    a>    Co.,     I.linltril,
Br Chase'sj
Nerve Food
&!-,~>m THE   REVIEW.   COURTNEY,   B. C.
Circular Sent to .-a 11 Lumbermen, Mills !
and   Facton.T.  in  Ontario
To  preseul   lo  lhe   I'm;,:,  govern
mom n number of portable houses as '
GHASTLY SCENES ENACTED liV HliAR TLESS 11 IRKS'" B"'-' '" "nl"' '" relleVB l'"1"11 i"'" : u n\m. .<< nn   iiii   uoiticu  inuavr.i  ��.,,,,    ,
 wl ���ve been driven out of their   "UINUllK&  n|     in'    BRITISH ADVANCE ON BAGDAD
Homes mid deprived of mosl of ihelr
; property  during Iho advance of the
"7V7Zc!X^s WIWee���ailL��f PUn5er ^^^^tb^iSU^ i, irinii^e,:,^-"^ Througl,  ihe   Land of Ada,,, and Noah ��� the Ancient
HI     IHC     I lap.CSS     AinieniallS,    WHICH,     He  SayS,   Surpass   111 ^^^ _m__^-_^_^_^-_^_i
Horror Whal lias Been Previous!) Published
! ron I and operating to help the peo
pie.    In  the portion   which  lies this
^^^^ J side of the present line of the armlet
'"lac H Bryce bus made public the i subjected to revolting tortures   Their f'"rsis districts 'lllis ravaged are belli
dentils of further Armenian massacres  linger nails   nnd then their toe nails I ''elnhablteil by their people, who nr
which, In a letter accompanying them,  were    forcibly extracted'  teeth wore
he Bays "surpass    In  horror, If that knocked out, and In some cases noses
were possible, whal has been publish-   were    whittled    down,   tho   victims
nl iilieady, ����� thus   being  done    to   deaili    under
'I reel,   Iiis letter continues, "thai   shocking lingering agony,
inch crimes ougln    to bo exposed to     "The  female  relatives'ol  Hi
the utmost, and  thai   the elm	
other nations will more ihmi
drawn    to    the    unhappy    r
when ii  is known hIhii  their
ami   fellow   country men    Inn
f.ieii." move the Turkish hearts. "ICauadaand   denoting   the   province
Vlscounl    Hrvce savs    the   delulls i    "In  the  town  of  Mush  Itself    iliel1'1'""1  which  thej   c i,  would Berve
City of Bagdad, There ('uuld be no More Striking Episode
in the Conflict Beyond Europe
of   Ian
j.'i'l   lo lllliiliermil
We learned recenllj  the surprising. mored   motorcar"    uf  the
news ibni u mixed Hrltlsh and Indian   series of mounds which are at
r     eomiiiions  in   ureal   privation ' ,        -....- ........ ��������� ,����,�����...,., ..uivuuub buicu are 111 mat  i
disiress. ���'"���''" w;ls within n hundred miles m Melt of the mighty city of Babylon  It
n. a. Howard Ferguson, minister ,T?e,a'1' .sh.uld ","'. ll'"ops .reach should soon be tramping through the
mis, forests and mine- for On- ""'"' f'.'"1' ,he-v ';'" ""'" Performed desolate ruins ot Seleucla, where once
, has Bent a circular on the sub- ??e ,',' lhfi "mn ,l,':1:":;1"' oxp pita In | the Greeks ruled over a rnimoo souls
   ,, ,,.,  ,���   ,,���.   ........   - -o lumberman, mills and factories"16 '"*','"���   otZI"-' ��� y   wl" h,ave  Its footsteps will ring within the gi-
itiiy of thus wi,,, cnine ���, iheir rescueWere "'   province,   lu the course of the ""chne,c1f0V?Li"l,"11 f8  rom the Per- gantic vaulted hall of ctesiphon, the
ever be assaulted In   nubile  before the very communication be says: I,.""  l'"",' throughout the    lands 0f last relic of the winter palace wt the
'enigecB  eyes  of   ir1 iiii.uiiited  men     Tie     "A -l�� rr"'�� ''"' great lumber pro- ��2"��� '"''' ,,r,,NT  -!el�� liie pace Parthian kings.
friends  shrieks ami death cries   of tho vie-|V'"'"" In >"'' shape of ii  ber of  "   .', ' ' Ji'.'v - W nb's" ,m   , nil    ,___     Aml ""'" Rl last. If a" goes well the
"    Bll[   !""���'!��!����� '?.l��J-.,****    ftatrHilS  ,���_ aJ'!L��i �� gilded dom
ghastly  Armenians,  under  the  leadership  of  ""' only Insofar as their number wa
���''-'-.-���-��� ithere,    enlrt he;l j coiicerneil. to men  im   wants ot the
'  '  ' , Dagdad. fstnnding umbi iir.v... ,,:   ;al,
lhe operations    which    have  thus | palms and    orange trees,    from    the
nn    Hryce says    the
ecu ii iiii   nml     iimpllfy     Hie
history  oi   deportations    by    which I tlotoyan     ,,,,,,��� ���,ll,il    - _.  ....
Arinenlnns   In   norlliern   mid   oni n   themselves   In  churches    nnd  stone- P��oplo but would stand as n verj ex- developed began modestly enough Inst firs, chapter of the Book of Genesis
Anatolia   were  driven  lo it  death  of built    homes,    ami foiighl  for    four ce"enl   advertlsoinenl   ot whal could November with a joint naval and mill- It will pass    at a stride to the vers
fiendish  cruelty,    Tlie    llrsl   pari  of  days  in  _olf defei sc,    Inn    Turkish\be ''one '" l,1,s direction antl the cost tRI'y advance from   the head   of the heart of   the "Arabian  Nights - aid
the evidence,  he says,  was  received  artillery, manned by German officers, Hl which It could be done. Persian Oulf up the Shatt-al-Arab, the sweep   through    the   shady   bazaars
1}  lhe committee of enquiry  In the  nindo aliori work of all the Armenian      "''"'   I'"'""'''   people are, I believe, j'vel! formed by the confluence of the where    Haroun    al-Raschld   loved to
United  Stales,    mid  Dm sei.imi  part  positions,  nnd every one  of the   \r- prepared to make n  very large mini- ! Tigris and  Euphrates,  After oiip im- roam,
tomes from nn  Armenian gentleman   menlnn    leatlere, as    well  as    llioti- ber oF Llieso nml to send reprcsenta- Portant action the expedition reached The   fall of Bagdad owuld resound
at Tlflls,  who received  ii   from  rein    men, worn killed  in the lighting. livt's '" Bete1"""   and Prance al  the Bussorah,    sixty miles from  the sea, more ]rimUs- thronghout the easi than
scenes    which    rot- proper time to undertake business nc- <"*f    perhaps  the oldest seaport in a)l the battles  fought  between
yet tlieao I gotlations.    Could  not    ibis  govern-
gees where il vents bnpponeil. ^^^^
"I be sufferers of Iho iiensants and I lowed muy seem Incredible
moiiiiLiilueers in the    region of Van, reports hnvi
Mush    and  Stinnm,"  VTucoiitil   Bryce  all doubt.    Tin
k;i}s, "seem  io have i n moi'o tor- ployed ft
rinle than were those of the peaceful  and    children       ....  .
townfolk, di urn ibed iii purl on, of llie|was by burning,   PIro was set to IhelP1  ,ng      '
.busily    scenes    which    rot- proper time to undertake business nc- ��nd,    perhaps  the oldest, .seaport  In all the battles  fought  between War
y seem Incredible, yet these  Botlattons.    Could  not    this govern- Asia. saw and Ostend.   Bagdad was once In
iiivb  be,:, confirmed  hevond  *>"����. tlie lumber mills   and factories   . ':'���'"'' l!le <l����5's ol Bussorah daring tne eyes 0l- all Asia ,ns most sDi~'dw
.    The   shortest  menus' em-1mii<s In making a presentation of a  Arab navigators sailed many centuries ctly ;��� tha world    ,, w.(, th   ?*���<* uv;
���r   disposing of   the women I certain  number of these    houses  in ; ago and sacked ('anion, m   the days the Caliphate the centre of Islam
Idren  in  the  various eamps  knockdown oondillon, the factory men  wnen Arabia  held the secret ol  the abode of Moslem literature   and art
linal    processes on   the |K011
��� and science, a capital v ���
report,    tivery    successive    pure of large wooden   sheds   in AHJnn,   Mo- lumber cut to dimensions, the lumber   , \\ was the port whence sindbad the 1 |,HVe hH(] a population of two m        -
evidence Incrcasea Iho horror of the grakom, nnd other An ilnn villages nillls providing as their pari the lum- Sailor, wliose   chronicles nro   plainly Tradition survives   dei ���     a As
story mm conllrins il i-eudl'ul cer- and   tho  absolutely   helpless   women '"''' necessary, and the government of l'ie exaggerated record ol many genu- more ,|111M in Europ
tniiii}  ot Its truth." a iliildren were roasted to death. the     province,  say,  undertaking the Mjei voyages, roved the eastern seas.  Bagu-ad of today has shr
Alter   giving pari    of tho evidence      ".Many women v.ent mad and throw "(,sl  '"' transport  either to  the port  Nelson litmsell has lefi on record that  sheltering nboul I	
received  from    the    United    Slates, away   their children.    Some   women "r shipmenl or to the runt of destina-  ne visited Bussorah as a  lad  in  the |,as ��� ,���,���,, ami a pn n ���
German Kultur
Ian   European  Hug.
The British chased the Turks liriy
miles farther up the river to Kiii'nn.
One column weul up ihe River Karon
Into Persian territory to sine tlie ml-
Viscount   Bryce says Him the follow-j knoll   down    and  prayed,    amid   the
ing extracts  were    taken    from    his flames   which    were    burning    their
correspondent nl Tlflls: bodies.    Other    shrieked    for    help,
"Toward  the end of May DJevdet which came from nowhere,   ami lhe
Bey, the military governor, wus ex- executioners, who   seemed unmoved
celled from  Van.    Djevei fled south by      ibis      unparalleled    savagery,
wards   and entered Sairt, with some grasped Infants by one leg nnd hurl-
8,000    soldiers,    whom be called 'but- ed  Ibem   Into the  fire  calling out  to I                                                                    imlrnltv nil nine line     v nol her Ire   i-e-
cber battalions.'   lie massacred most the burning   mothers, 'Merc are your There Appears to be a Vast Difference   '"""'.',!.,,",,   ;,     w.,v i',,,'  , hundred
of the Christians of Sairt, the details lions.'                                                          Between Culture and the German      miiej   throiiali   the   swamtis   and   In-
of which  nothing is  known. On  the "Turkish prlso.iers, who   apparent-                           Kultllr                                     ,,���,,���;,  b    ���      ,, ,,,.,'���������, ,������
best nl  authority, however, n  Is re- ly witnessed some    of these scenes,      ,.  ,, , ,,   , ,      ,, m,,, i. ��� ,���,-.,i���.   .',��� i ui i ., i.,,.���t.
roiled that be ordered Ills soldiers to were  horrlfled  and  maddened  at  re-   ,. K   tur   �� ,l ' ��''u ,th"t h.ils '"T" u',  ','!";'.  ' v.r'          '' '    I'.S
burn in the public squares the Armen- memberlng the   sight.    The odor of  lam"."' *>nvt: L"���g1inninE, *,"    "'.''      ,���     t   ,  u,- niv ���,         ed ���,     .
im, bishop. Egiiae Vartarved, and the burning flesh,   they say,    permeatet^r  '"   "'""I"':    GZT^  d'T       ' ,'i.           ,        ,   w ���    iH ,1   ma a
Chaldean  bishop, Addal Shor. tl Ir for many days.- lhl' w(ar b-v, BaflnS ' "   !L Wiis ��ecf-     '!!.%: '   n ;*,  !' ��� '',, .,   ,", ',,,"'. .' ,'
"On June 25 liie Turks surrounded "In the liillv country ot Sasun the ' "''>' l" exten<1 its K,!'""' '" a" the | only  100 miles tiom  Bagdad bj  land
. 5
"Seahorse"    Ve,    though         Ba.t  Delhi or Peking.    I       I
li is pointed out these bouses should    ndian    Company     had    warehouses  oluer ,,���,��� ,,nv clt, ,��� ���. ,
         -     prlng of next I Ihere, never before bus the port flown  ��� ��� mentioned In the !������
surbnnlpal and Tiglati PIli
the town of Billis and  cut   iis com- j surviving  warriors  found  themselves
mimical ion   with   nelghorlng   Armen- surrounded  al  close  quarters  by  30,
Ian villages.    Then mosl  of the able-1000 Turks and Kurds.    Then followed
bodied  men    wire taken  away  from one      ot    those    desperate    heroic
their women    by domiciliary    visits. ] struggles for life which have always
liiiring the following few days all ihe been  the pride of the mountaineers,
men  under arresl   were shot outside Men,   women   and    children    fought
the town, und buried In deep trenches with     knives,   scythes,    stones,   antl
dug by the  vdctuna themselves. The anything-  else    tiiey   could    handle.
young   men    and    children were (lis- They rolled blocks of stone down tho
trlbuted  among the  rulfte.    The re- steep  slopes,  killing' many    of their
mninder,    'the    useless    lot,'    were enemies,    in    tlie   frightful   hand-to-
driveu lo the south, and are believed hand    combats,    women    were  seen
to have been drowned in the Tigris. thrusting their knives into the throats
"It  is  iii  such  n  fashion   thai   the of Turks.
Turks  disposed  of about   15,000  Ar- "When   every  warrior    had   fallen,
liieniiins ul  Bitlis.    Ai  .Mush, early in several  of  the  younger  women,   who
July, the authorities demanded arms were  is  danger   of  falling  into  the
from the Armenians, and a large sum hands of the Turks, threw themselves
in. ransom  of  notables  of the  town, j from  the  rocks, sonic of them  with
The head men
one of Its quays ma    .till  ie traced an
Insi rlpltloii ol   X. bi
ol  lint.} ion.
la i it never   be   forgi tten I        we
tlril Ish were iii the Pe and
thus on  the  In rder ol
lands, before the Ti rks     1*1      ',
Turks i steaded their rule
the borders of Mesopota     i
comparatively newi .   ,
Tb'} took I3agdat' h .
ilre i y( ars ago. Thej ha
ly eoiiqiu red    the Lower Tigr
Eupl rates.    Below  Bag lad ha   ���
i been   taxgathers    and   a
world.    At llrsl  il  was assumed lhat \ though   -00   miles     by   the   winding
Kultur was identical with culture, and   course of i'i i river.    Long  before  it
many who admired German literature I reached Km  the expedition  was  well      ,,,,,.��� ,��� ,.      -r, ,     ,
and scholarship were quite prepared   pasl   the  worsl   obstacles    the    slial-     '7.  T    '    '���,
tt mil  that the spread of German   lows   and    rapids   on     the     Tigris.   �������>   '    ^   n.f'
culture to all peoples might be a good   Though the river Is al present al  its    orah, save soldiers ai I
thing.    But it is only now  beginning  lowest, there should be good water all    "!-���   To all the p
to be understood Ilia   Kultur does not  the way to Bagdad, if we are relying    ��?    l ^ a'
mean culture, but the distinctive Get- on   water transport,    which    Is  not   :'';.f ',:'-���' ���'���', ���" ; :-
man  spin,  and  methods of life.    It   clear. 1   ���,  ;,        ��     '   '': '
means the  death ot democracy and I    The region In which our troops are | ?r'l'-h "s deliverers .      .,
the extension of governmental control now operating   Is ot extraordinary in-  ���','
to the minutest features of social life   terest, althougii Hie Immense alluvial      me loss ol Bagdo ,
It  means  the  abolition    ot    private  plain between lhe Tigris and the I3u- J irreparable  blow  upon  Turkish
choice and initiative  and the stib3ec- phrates contains not a single .iiill and   ilge,   but the greatest resold
Hon  ot all personal aims to particl-  hardly a free,    ll  is an  endless flat, i thai il would sink,, al I iea-t
pation In a national purpose and the  yellow expanse of the sill of countless  ol the German dreams
means of executing it.   It means that  ages, the richest soil in the world, the   minion In Eastern Europ , and
older of things which has made Cer- i granary of   early   civilizations, where   em Asia, which largely c.
ny the besl  prepared military na-  wheat grew wild when man first found   bringing about   the present war.   The
n  In  the  world  and   enabled   the  himself.   Soi nowhere in ihis are   lies ; Bagdad railway-was    ���
(erman government to include all thej lhe traditional sile   of tl
irlvate resources of the nation in Its  Eden.    The Arabs place
of the Garden of tral features of German   fo
private resources ot the nation in its ; raen.    me Araus place it at  Kurna, The dreams are shatti re :. Greal
Prnviflino- fnr Hip       ' fiomvin Hn�� Ulnrhinaa Gun   I military operations.    German Kultur,  where our troops have been encamped !��n is nearing Bagdad,   ind
rroviaing tor liie uermdn uas Matlline Ulin    gfl  |]m-   eJp]alne(1   hgg no    ,.((.��� f0; s)nce January; but Sir William Will- sorah she holds the   gate
Maimed   Soldiers'   free will exeepi the will to conform  cocks pins iiis fi. i Hit, ii place far Germany had expected to
Its  Use  in  War Was  Decided  Upon j to   the  spirit   and   methods    of  the  above    Babylon,    on    the   River  Km on tbe snores or tne Persian Gulf,
1 .     ..            . .   bfafes. u is noi too soon to speculate up..
Canadians to be Placed in Institutions '
to  Receive the  Best Treatment
A Hero's Death
Some  Years  Ago
Among other   valuable and curious
^^^ things  captured  from    the  Germans
Soldiers returning from the  front, I during   a    recent   retreat    was the.
according to the plans ol the hospitals  ^nrnphei-nalla of an ambulance,
commission,  will  not he sent  home, i     v complete    post    was    taken, in-
but will be placed in the convalescent  cim|ing doctors, nurses, and appara-lMen   Were   lnsPir"d   cy   Their  Cap
Institutions provided for the purpose. [t���g.    The   most interesting object of
Sine;  the   influx  of  disabled  men ; M is a maohine for curing sufferers
began, it. fins been found that their f|.orn ,,;,s poisoning
tendency is against going Into homes.      ,,  consists ot a cylinder with two
They wish io go to their own people, compartments, one containing oxy-l Captain laiugilale. against the l-Ioheri-|thp",��i}p��"of"eitTeB w
lhe homecoming celebrations do not gen the other an alkaline substance zollerft Redoubt. The men were rang- Uumerlans that womb
always stimulate their recovery. ' n0w  being analyzed,    Fr"    '���    I   ������    ��� '""   '""  l
In  view of Uic fact that the gov-
lions  for    its    use  were  found,  and
eminent will have to pay these men lhe Frencn grCntly admired lhe tech-
a pension in permanency, the com- nlcal perfectlon both of this machine
mission proposes lo exercise its antli- and ot the greal itipply of surgical
ority and In all  serious cases placa | instruments.    But    lhe  most  signlfi-
them in institutions where they may
cant detail was an inscription on the
be properly and scientifically cared cylinder itself, it is there described
for nnd their condition ameliorated. as "Pattern D m& improved from
nils, it i-  icll, is particularly deslr-  Mode| ,. ,��,,   ln)proved ,���,.������, Model
ai h because of the facl thai ihe
pension Is to be based upon tile nature and oxi.on of tlie permanent injury.
By    way  of    overcoming    number
��� omplnlnl    it    bus    been decided that
A   1910." 	
Tills   WOllld   seem   to   be   proof   thai
stale.-   Prof,   W.   II.   Allison   In   .New ^^_
Vork Times. There are very few corners of the future  consequences  of  this   ..
  'world where tlie'Britlsli army has not able conquest.    With a revival of ir
marched   and fought before, but ibis rigation   Chaldea   ought    to   b
is one of them.   Cor a parallel lo tiie again    one of the  granaries of    ihe
European     invasion   of Chaldea   wt world,    while    Bussorah    -.
have lo go hack lo the days of Alex- made   an   Eastern   Hamburg     Theae
,nin., r,lb,  i antler lhe Great.   The British force Is questions  belong to  the  still   :    ant
tains Gallantry traversing land over much, IE we are I period of peace.
Anion.; the  many gallant deeds ol ,,��� accept the Inviting theories of Sir      The advance on Bagdad Is a d  - r.-
this world  war none stand out more  William  Wlllcocks, tlie ark  of Noah teat of arms,   but it must nol
prominently than the charge, led by|mU3| ilava   Honied.   It bus passed by gotten thai the Turks may send
here dwell llii forcemeats down the Tigris. The army
   _ irful race whose of India, which lias heavy normal reed in the irench to his right and to Iiis ,.,.,'.'. existence was unsuspected bv sponslbllities, is endeavoring I d -
left all ready and wailing for the Ucn'olars until recent years, li is to- great many tilings al once.���Lovat
word lo leap up the parapet and rush   uay within a two hours' run "by ar- Fraser, In the   London  Daily Mail,
through a  hundred yards 0f Gorman \    ' ________
machine gnu lire and rifle lire. Cupi. \ ~~��� ' ' I "
signf" i,y qniaiy sluing on0'^...!!: ���   Britain _ I-rompt Action   [Germany Looses Nearly
stool smoking a pipe as though not li- .
Ing   Of   mom.'ill   was  about   to  occur. [Why  the   German   Walkover   Did   Not
Once ho relit the pipe and look a few Materialize
puffs,   Then, rising with a shout, lie
veiled. "Come on. Lelcestershlres!" as I Jl^T^MnV' !"u iS.^1", "i"'
the use of chlorine gas in'ibe medl-lhe leaned over the parapet, while all , ...'   ''   '���M ; '";,.:,���' ''   ^ fi'.:
taied    war    was  settled m  least as! his men dashed after him.    Within a1       -    ' '    uermans would nave
early as  IIHu
\l   tlie  same  plat
and    lim '
rush  of twenty yards they  met  tlie
storm, whlcl
Four Million Men
reached Paris and perhaps Calais, bad
  ;'"->,  ���\ulu'' 1l"'-,-\ "!.'  '""Inot the governnieni taken nroinnt nc-
,     ��� ,. .     "���!���,������   .in!     .'o   urn   i-i'iii'i   mace   aim     urn ���   tlie | si or in,   v. inch   dec, male,    but   did   not i,;.,,. .,,,,..,  ,-.,,.���;, i. ���  :   ,     , ���      - tnmii ami is ;uc lotui uumoer Oi casi
Il,r    ""-v "ll"n   "val '   mn" "�����'  French  also    captured    nn elaborate  check them.    When  they  were  half  ''"''    :"      ,.w' .   'fo-   ,   i",'�� '���""  a   ���    In the German army during tb
no   cease when ho reaches Canada, )mic.nllle ,������,.   dlstrlbmlng   poisonous way to the goal lhe G rman lire parth   !f��� , MtS ��        8   '" ��l the Ger  ��'ar up to and imlu'iiig November 2
Official Lists up to Nov. 22 Issued by
Germany Show This Fact
Si ��� rial - aid s to the New '. i rk
World  from  London, say:
"Thn e     million    sevi a red
thousand   s the total number ol - ������ -.-
but shall  be  continued    until
time   us   bis   polish ll   begil
li  is worn as (i knapsack over ceased,  and  ihey could   be  seen  re
British Wounded  Well Cared  For
Major Vardlej  Wean r, of the Can-
idlan forces, writing to his lather In
.lanchesler, says:
"The wounded ure   extraordinarily
the hack    ami very much resembles  treating  to their  further  line    Still  did  everythlng
���""�����    "'   ihe  new  patterns  of fruit1'1'" "���""-",  ,"""��   ���������    "ii.-.i   i.������<���< i
! man intentions
I    The     liritlsli  government,  he  said.
aim ^^^^^
sprayer. Prom the cylinder ilexiblc
;,;,-. s come round under the arms
of ine wearer, enabling him lo spray
the gas In any direction he pleases.
lie    himself    wears    a  helmet "Very
possible   to   get   ag-
Inst.    That    the killed, wounded an I
missing amount to this vast number
the central figure, well    ahead, kepi !,.>���.;,.��� ;,,���., "'������,,,.',,, :  ,B  . ,'r is   shown bv the official lists ol ti.
rolling  Ms    encouragement.    Then !f's"""���)**** �� l " , "e '';^ls "r  llc mmi    casualties    including    No   gi
came  a   mad  rush   for  the  eupt.ircd i '���;,'. ,,"10"sn '-,,���'''""""""' f,n which has just been received in ti
those  tbul   did   lotintl    their  gallant ,,.,..,,   n..irot���   ���-..    ��� ,    ,,,i Wor.d.
leader   missing,   lie   was   among   tilt
deud some thirty yards behind.
wed cured  for.    All lhe medical nr- much of the pattern used by diver
rangements are splendid. If an officer  Below the chin is a sack of oxygen,!
or mnn receives a wound at-nll ser- and    (he man    breathes    the air In
ions, he is sent to England nl  once,  manufactures,
"The nriiiy service   corps and iiie j    These  knapsack    sprayers are
supply are wonderful.    We have hot  pare   l.   supplied    only to englm
meat in the    trenches,    besides ten,  alt_c,,l In various rorccs   i-,'  !,,T .��� i     ,    ot   Archangel   open during theIaback by the magnitude and duration i wholesale,    the lists prove.   List No.
cheese and a nip ol rum twice week-jen, divisions. ��� : ,,���,,     gue  9at,ed   ,,,,,���.,,.,  vvilil  ��� J, lju,  ���������,,,,,��� wWch  ���.. si]R.c ���  :,,s   datea Xovf,mb,,r   20, announces
Cafl'.iulnn crew for Archangel  where veloped, and that nobody has been so i that Major-General Friese, of Madge-
One More German Trick | Hh o will be handed over io the Hus-Jmucji surprised as' (he German gen-   burg  has been seriously wounded and
"Minto"   Sold  to   Russia
Tbe Canadian ice breaking steamer
"P i Minto has been sold to the Russian
government   for  use   in   keeping  the
nonary   measures. ,,-������. i
Great  Britain  was    not    taken    tin- ____���_���_______
awares, but was able to mobilize the Embraced In these lists are 10,306
armv and navy al  the  first moment |mges'    "!     newest list maintains a
of the outbreak of the war. 'i'"1-' average of 9,000.
Lord llubliiiie expressed   the belief "The localities where tiie losses are
that  there  Is    not  a  single  govern- suffered  are   not   mentioned    in  the
mont among the powers that has not lists.    Entire  companies  of  German
been    wholly   surprised   nnd    taken infantry  continue   to   be   wiped   cut
New York's Population
A police census of lhe city, just
completed, shows that the greater
city has 5,253,888 Inhabitants In iis
Jive boroughs. The state census last
July gave the total population us 5,-
cOMi". bul some dls-sallsfactlon was
felt wiih this count and at the in-
stance of tko health department: the
police were employed to compile a
_tw census.
Until tlie allies hold Germany In
their grip there is 1ml one way in
which to deal with talk about peace���
lo regard il us what it is, one more
German trick, and an old and favorite
on,? witli Bis.maie.lt. A trick to gain
time. A trick to con fits? feeble minds
and encourage the sentimentalists.
A trick, above all to veil a more vigorous prosecution of ihe war. -London Daily Mall.
truueut. A year ago the Can-lernl staff,    which  '"bad    expected a
a.lian ice breaker Karl Grej   ,a^ inld   walkover in tiboul  three months,
to   Russia   and   has   been   renderln
splendid ser ice.
Cutting  Off   Military   Luxuries
Generals and other high officers ol
capi ;:��� ���!. and that Major-General Von.
Semmern,'of Blakenburg, has been
wounded slightly.
Heavy losses ot non-commissioned
33.000   British   Prisoners   of   War
The number of British prisoners ofjoffl ers remain ihe feature of almost
war in Germany Is now approximate- every casualty roll, Casualties among
ly 33,000. These figures were given battalion of middle aged men, con-
the French army musl gel along with lin response to a question In the Brit- sisting of Landwehr and Landstunn
fewer automobiles anil ;.-i- here-1ish House of commons by Harold j. troops, are conspicuous in all the lista
after by order or Gen. Gallienl, min- Tennant, parliamentary under-secre-; of Prussian, Bavarian, Wurttemburg
ister of war. Itar.   for war. and Saxon continsents," ���&W&&
Our  Platform
1. The Mayor and Aldermen shall give their services
free of salary for the ensuing year.
2. Realizing the benefit the electric light is to the City,
and realizing this question is the cause of great strife in our
City, we pledge ourselves at the very earliest date to procure 'he very best expert advice from engineers ar.d lawyers
on an agreement to be entered into with the Courtenay
Elec':r'c Light, Heat & Power Company with a view to immediate settlement of this question; such agreement to contain a franchise of not more than ten years.
3. Under the present financial conditions, v/e deeply
regr.:t tr:e greal waste of the City's funds and pledge ourselves to carry out the necessary works of the City with
economy and sound business judgement.
4. With a view of carrying out clause 3 ard other
matlc-rs affecting the City, we would recommend that a
Ratepayers' Association be formed.
5. That allthe proper I j te ({ptdfc'fla fair valuation and that the rate of taxation be kept as low as possible to meet the necessary expenditure.
6. We fa. o the City owning its own water system and
as seen as necessary, ar.d as times warrant it, the City instal
a watsr system from Brown's River.
7. The City should assist in finding suitable employment for our returned wounded soldiers.
8. All work paid for by the City shall be done by
white labor.
9. Each and every person shall pay their just proportion of taxes.
10. Any question presented to the Council by any
Citizen shall receive careful consideration.
I?ir*V%   r .   ' ,' ���,j_flpi*7 "'. ���"������   -.���.���._..-._-.' r'i���n.__*_.
^2' V   'a_IIU��__atai
I |       1
I     _H%
Mark Your Ballot Thus:
H. M. McPhee
John  Johnston
P. L. Anderton
R. U. Hurford
J. W. McKenzie, jr.
W. J. Carroll
James E. Aston
will be held in the OPERA HOUSE on
, January 10th, at 8 p. m.
In Support of the Platform of the above Candidates
Al! other Aspirants for Civic Honors are Invited to Attend and Address the Meeting
Vnte for the Citizens' Ticket!
Vote for an Hooest Administration!
Vote for a Clean Town!
J. H. Mclntyre, Chairman
D. Bubar, Secretary
H. Idiens,
E. H. Peterson,
Geo. Endall,
W. H. Kirkwood


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