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The Review Nov 4, 1915

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��� *********4*i
Can not lie done any I titter, and
not quite bo wt-11 anywhere ^Iho
hereabouts. Our tyne aud machinery i_ complete aud The Review
prices .\re ri^lit
Tlassified Ads.
Mak ��� our little Wants known
tli otttfh a Classified Advertisement
in Th.- Ueview   -   -   ���   I'i.   ���   59
VOL. 3
NO. 41
Auction Sale
Agricultural Grounds
Saturday, Nov. 13, at 2 p. m
Dairy  Cows  and   Young   Stock,
Horses, Pigs, Chickens, Implements, Furniture, Etc.
further particulars from Auctioneers
Real Estate Agents
Phone 10 Courtenay
$6.00 Per Ton
Delivered in Courtenay
All Orders Will Recieve Prompt Attention
Phone e43 Courtenay
Thos. H. Edison
the Wizard of   Electricity, says,
"lEleftrical Appliances make household drudgery a thing of the past,
and that as soon as woman pleases"
To assist you in making your home
more comfortable and attractive we
give a liberal discount on all Electrical Appliances for the home
Courtenay Electric Light, Heat & Power
Co., Limited
Phones: Office 35. Rm. R98      Office: MiU Street
Local Lines
Fred Parkin hns a dandy new-
top for his delivery mr,
> r. Colin Campbell returned yesterday from Cumberland.
Miss Nickeraon of Vancouver is
visiting ber brother, 1). li. Nicker-
son, agent at E. & N. Ky.
Mr, Parker, \\h > hns been k-ller
at tbe Royal batik for the past year
left by this morning's bout for Vancouver.
Tliere will lie Q meeting of the
South Gomox Central Conservative
Association at Cumberland to-morrow (.Friday) night,
The Kiiiplits of Pythias are holding a whist drive and dance on
Tuesday evening next. This will
be tlieir first social event this season,
Those wishing to co-operate in
obtaining agricultural lime af 54 a
ton, if our order comes to $ 100 or
over, or jjj per ton if under 100
tons, will send nie tlie name and
quantity wanted before 15th February 1916. This price is for lime
delivered t Courtenay, Royston or
Coinox. J. A. Halliday, Sandwick
Nov. 1, 1915.
Trespass Notice���Any p.rson or
persons trespassing on my premiser
will be prosecuted according to law
and any dogs found prowling
around my premises will 'oe attended to.   John Johnston, Lake Trail.
Phone 4S, Cooke & Matthewson
the most up to-date butchers in the
district. All orders promptly at
tended to.
For Sale Cheap--15 light electric
outfit with engine, dynamo and
storage batteries, can be seen in
operation at tlie Ford Garage.
For Sale--Strawberry plants, $1
per 100; yearling rhubarb plants,
135c per dozen, a and 3 year old
plants $1.25 per dozen. Apply to
Joe Davis
Strayed���Onto my premisse at
Roy.itou, a Jersey Cow and calf,
number on ear. Owner can have
same by paving expenses. Aoply
to Charles Simms,
Found adrift on high seas���decked scow, 32 feet lon-r, 12 feet wide.
Owner please see VValter Wood-
buss Oyster River Hotel, Vancouver Island, where scow is now
Strayed���onto my premises about
two weeTcs ago, a large white sow,
owner is requested to prove property and pay expenses, and take animal aw.y. H. L. Fiske, Sandwick.
For Sale- One 6 h, p. Fairkanks
Morse Gas Engine, one 3 k. w.
Dynamo switch board, etc., also
pump and belting, Capacity 12
gallons per minute. Apply at
Riverside hotel,
For Sale-���Teat", wagon, and
harness, or exchange for cattle,
Al.so 30 acres i-a mile from Grantham school, part cash, or exchange
for anything of value. What have
j you to offer? Apply Box 8, Review Office,
For sale ��� Cumberland Steam
laundry, the only white laundry in
the district. This is a good opening for man with family. During
the stringent times the present
proprietor has been busy all the
time. Apply at the Laundry, or
at The Review Office.        	
For Sale or To Rent���5 acres on
beach at Point Holmes with house,
barn, chicken houses and brooders,
green houses and cold frames. Also
store and dwelling, lately occupied
by W. g Robertson, as a drug
store, for terms etc., apply A. H.
Peacey, Cumberland.
Mr. Morgan, of Victaria, was in
town yesterday.
The get tlemen of the Follies Co.
were at Gomox yesterday fixing up
the stage for their concert to-morrow evening
The pheasant shooting season
closed on Sunday, Everybody that
could pack a gun was oul trying to
get a last shot.
There was a good crowd at the
dance in the Opera house on Friday
night A number came down
from Cumberland with tlie orches-
Hoys on hallowcen turned over
the sidewalk iu front of Mr. Hodgson's. They also removed a few
gates and overturned a number of
Years ago ths old diggings on
White Mors; creek, Fast Kootenay
were practically abandoned. Vet a
Chinaman working tliere recently
iironght into Cranbrook $11,000 in
gold as a result of his labors,
Mr. W. A. W. Hames called at
tlie school on Ttiesdav lo request
lhat in future the pastime of throwing stones by tlie pupils be cliseon.
tinned on account of the inconvenience and danger to passers by.
Mr. Kyle, instructor iu drawing
aud manual training from tlie Department of Education, paid a visit
lo the Gourtenay schools on Monday. While here he gave the pupils a lessou in drawing. He spoke
very highly of the effort made by
the senior classes.
Courtenay is doing its share to
bouse and feed the nation The
Logging Co. each mouth ships out
through Courtenay about six and a
half million feet of logs; the creamery turned out 9,500 lbs of butter,
and the condensory takes in nearly
a hundred tons of milk per month,
It is estimated that nearly a thousand tons of potatoes were grown iii
the valley this year.
The Master Key, a milling romance, is the title of a stirring motion picture play now running
every Wednesday evening at the
Opeia House. The plot seem? to
be a taking one depicting striking
scenes in western mining life. Tlie
films are clear and pleasant to look
at. Tliere are also a number of
other films shown at each performance.
A grand bazaar will be  held in
the agriculttiltural  hall ou  Thursday November   nth,  commencing
at 3 p.m., under the atispicesof the
Courtenav   ladies'  aid.     A  large
assortment of   home  made candy,
toys, plain and   fancy   goods, and
articles suitable for Christmas pre-
I sents will   be  displayed.     Special
features will be Kitchen booth with
j its iiicky cake, a fish pond and bran
pie, also a demonstration in biscuit
j making.      Refreshments   will   be
I served, and an attractive program
, has been   arranged,    Admission is
i free,
Presbyterian Church
St. Andrews' Sandwick
Service 2 p.m.     Sunday  School
and Bible Class 3 p. 111.
Sunday School and  Bible Class
10:30 a.m.   Service 11:30.   Even-
ng service 7:30 p. ni. All welcome
The steamer Clansman was ia
yesterday l'or a cargo of condensed
milk. Tbe Matsqui is expe ted in
Shepherd & Hornby hav put on
a bran new auto delivery, Mr.
Collins handles it like an old hand
at the business.
Miss Jean McKenzie 1- on the
sick list this week Miss Lillian
Woods i.s taking her place it the
telephone office.
Miss Tottie William*;, Mrs, Kil-
patrick's sister, left Vancouver on
Tuesday to spend th? winter with
her brother in New Vork,
It i.s not often that a man eau
serve two masters, but Ex-Consta-
bie West has solved the problem
and got away with "the goods "
Messrs. Hardy & Biscoe will hold
an extensive auction sale of dairy
cattle, horses, pigs, furniture, etc.,
at tlie Agricultural grounds ou Saturday Nov. 13.
As a result of Mr. Stewart's investigations, ns a committee from
the Hoard ot Trade, he has found
that there is between 1500 and 20CO
acres of Seaweed in the vi< ittitv
whicli is suitable for unking stuffing for matresses etc.
Tlie Coinox road is in verv pi ot
shape fot automobiles just now It
i.s full of holes aiul very low in tie
centre, nnd full of water. The
road is altogether too fiat. It ue-: is
" crovTuiug " up. A few loads of
gravel and a gia.ler run along tiie
sides would help a lot.
On Monday the Government 1 * ���
truck took away a large load ot t'.ie
old planks left over from tiie br- : g:
This will likely close the til ink incident unless the residents of the
orchard rise up and kick ab :*.
those now lying ou Isabel stre-jt
which tlie council uow threaten - 1
utilize in Hungry Hollow.
After the picture show on Wednesday evening a phonograph dance
will be held. This form of dancing
is very popular in other places, and
thc management have secured some
fine dan-ing music which will be
tried out next Wednesday- night.
There will be no extra char,;.
Anyone paying 25 cents to the show
will be entitled to stay for the dance
The Master Key and other films will
be shown as usual.
Tlie following registered at the
Riverside Hotel this week.
M. F- Hill, Vancouver: A H.
Fraser, Vancouver: M. Ball, Vancouver; C. E. Webb, Victoria: F,
Scliarschmidt, Vancouver; N. Adrian, Vancouver: Henry Halford,
Vancouver: A, Eggs, Vancouver;
J. Goodfellow, Victoria; J. Kyle.
Victoria: G, Brisco, Victoria, J. B.
Morgan, Victoria; K, Ferguson,
Victoria; A- Peel. Headquarters;
W. McCann, Comox.
Comox Creamery
40c per lb. this week
Direct from the PJantationto Cup
We have just  installed au   Elgin   Coffee  Grinder and  can now supply
you with freshly ground coffee beans.    Try a pound the next time you
are out of coffee.     You will be pleasantly with the delightful taste .and aroma	
50c lb.
will be glad to hear that another shipment of
MCINTOSH'S TOFFBE  has arrived
The Boys
Box 256    SHEPHERD'S    **��<"��> TIIE   REVIEW.   COURTNEY,   B. C.
Value of Oil Cake
Its   Richness   In   Protein   Makes   it   a
Splendid  Balance to Other
Perhaps you are one who lias never
I us yel acquired the oil cake habit. If
so.  rhe  time   when  other  teetla  an- j
I di ar, and when flax sesd Is conipara- j
! llvelj ehe-ip, ouglil to I"- a good time .
; io mai,i- ii sum.   Thai time is i-r_.lii i
now.  Hoth  beefmakers nnd  milkuink-1
ers  are     feeling  llie    force    of the
lirsi   nt iin'  two  facts.    For    coarse I
grains   high   iirici s   un-  available   in
spin cash.    It is hard tur dairymen or
^.V-LW-J       I' ! ���   ' 'i"11'-   ''' '   In'-I.  a ml   I'll' i
\��j Sjlj ���Clij  i ''��� i'i- in ' ���:'��� .if plaint'   i i-ihh- llnii  Hum
sfr>*r"j_1    :irv "'" "Im-'t-tlisr
.i_S..?.-__.-^ul    i        'I!     'v..- nr,:..;      11 |H-|C|.     li.,     B
food alone. Uul win n ll Is consider-
'���������"���' 'Si I ei' "'"' "s 'h'lniess in protein makes
re a m i Bllt.|| ., gn),,,,!,,i balance to rations all i
. , gj too strongly Inclined tn run m the
'";���* *B ' carbo livdratc sld ��� of tin tabfe, the
":-"'   ���   fuel  thai  with  i-  as a balance tliese '
,     m   can  he  to I  to far greater advantage
8 1$    nml,i-    j;  nu , i-ounmir |:,itor, jusl  like
iii   in   ilie  hearings  of ynur  inaciitn- '
i j.
Added lo Mils, pll cako or old  pro ,
|t��3^/lj3j ' '���'-    '���"''     itn-ll.    smile    11"-    cnllsl illlil-
Tls^'Sgis ��� inn. ni:d I..I;, -s maintain uu open con
1 s_VB   dltlon  of lii" digestive tract. Of Um
'-A5M   latter oil cake is the best. II will go u
way  i iward   the  reullantloii   of
v coats, vi Ivetv skins and good
  -ul luuli'i.
 , over and  above  nil,    oil   meal   Is
m      ��-  ,     .   , ���.     .,     ,     worth nearly its price us a  producer
War Material 011   I$l,!>"  Scale of fertilizer.   Our land needs some of
  j its constituents, and often very badly.
Mill Produces 2.000 Miles of Khaki In I j*��w is f,,,?���'1 ������'"'", "',."!i,'kl' ".I"1'nl.il" |
able commencement  ol  Um ml  cako
One WeeK habit.   Order a ten to begin with, antl ;
Tiie  chief  argument   ndvnne   ;   by  when  yon  hnve  proven  thai   ii   Is a
tlm  enemies   of  compulsory   military j thing thnl you can't  economically al'-l
service Is the danger of crippling the, ford to do without, gel a few of your I
essential trades of Oreat Britain, and I neighbors in on It, and order u carlol
particularly the industries engaged lu '    Canadian ('oiuitryinan.
tii.- manufacture of war material   An
idea    of    the .tremendous   sea,-   on      It   Rubs  Pain  Away.���There  is  n .
which    war equipment of every des-  linimenl so efficacious in overcoming I
criptlon is    being    manufactured    lu   pain     as  Dr.  Thomas'  .electric Oil.
Greal   Britain   is   found  In  statistics | The hand that rubs it in rubs the pain I
relating to the textile Industries Iniaway antl ou this account-there is no jgnnlzers; it has merely rev aied il
Leeds and other Vorkshin towns 1 preparation thai stands so high In resource and adaptabllit; thej kue
where mills big and small are work-1 public esteem. There Is no surer pain it to possess. The devices_ use
Ing night and day to turn om huge killer procurable, as thousands can at- agalnsl the submarines ari of it3 d
quantities  of  khaki  cloth    nol    onlyltesl  who have used it successively In | vising;   they   have   been   wonderfull
nwft'\*\'0'f<c. y_te_��Ckh��rc
Tin- MOONEY way mentis moro biscuits, less Ik,mo cooking:
Because MOONEY'S BISCUITS aro fresh enough ami appetizing
ctu "."].i in tuke tin- plneo (if iIn- producl of your own oven,    l'or tho dailymoal
the crispost, (Truii.ii ��� I, mosl delicious soda
M5$ yM*i&y$$^       biscuits ever produced and ihcy'romadcin Winn
PI *_J _?_S-^1        ���"'*-*���   A W(,stom biscuH f,,r Western people.
sjs-m '��� 3BLraJ
II iill' I Igtll   p
our Navy nnd the submarines        Alberta Dairy Industry No Virtue in Radium
he navy has not astonished Its or-1 ��
for tin  British  troops hm   [or those I tn
of   im- allies as well.   The   belliger-
ent troops aro now taking to wearitig
khaki uml    the other allies ure evl-
itins many ailments.
We have
ently doing the same,    for  French,  if    evarv ,���.,���  [n*.llc ���,.
clever, varied and sue
completely  sn against
boats.    They can  not,
y  within  our grasp I mentioned:  bul their i
No Excuse For Apathy
Seven     Million   Pounds   of   Creamery Not  Yet  Proved  of Grcat  Value  as a
Butter in One  year Fertilizer
The wealth of the province can no nut\\am  is one  of the  newest  ler-
nnllt &,     h  ",eMnred   b-v  ,h"  l',usheis til "ers  on   the  market,  an,  as  yet,
nosl   ot grain that are grown nor yet by the n,.,,  u  known   In   ihe  eenoral   mib-
iller   number  of  cattle   thai    ar i   the1 *
rse, be   ranges,  ror there  Is another    fnctor
enters   very   largely   into   Hie
.o  make  tne
i i'i
laptalns    and  agricultural   prosperity-  of  the
kitssiau and Italian officers nr ton  wll] n(lvl'l((, uis svlioli  energies to war crows of llie submarines more afraid   try,  antl  thai   Is  Ihe'dalrj   industry
seen  wearing  khaki  uniforms  ol  the  gerv-ce    Tiial service can bo rentier-  ol our navy and what  il can do than   says   a   reporl   from   Edmonton,     T<
regulation type j (,,, in .,  ,,,,,;,{1,1(i<. ���,��� wayg.   there is  is the navy of the submarines. When   doubl   this  is  to  Ily    in  the  lue"  oi
In one big mill in \orkshlre J000 none who canncl do something; yet ��'e ��'��'
tniles ol khaki, about Uty-six Inches after ��� ���,.,. ���,- ���.al. Ke ,-���,., sco,.eg ot or the-
wide, Is being woven, dyed and turn-1 men (jl,-,.,,,,. tne ,.,.,..,,, ,,, o��   excuses  '>������"��'�����
tion 'London).
lc as to iis real  value though  much
uis  been  snisi  aud  written  conceru-
ng It.    Al the Illinois Station h  was
ned out on coin and sny beans and
onnd   wanting   In   both   eases.    Out
:'   ^1   average   results  only   r,i>   per
in favored the radium. In all classes
li3 average variation from the check
\   Alberta over  Ave  million������' oT n'lnni'l'-    "'  untei'tlli'/ed   plant   vas   so   slight
'carried  of butter? nnd this year the oufpTof  [],A *��  """,l>"  ��Btrlbuted   for    and
��� was one duel loo  facts antl figures, for last year thei
Now    [here    are  was manufactured in tl
elusive ns they.
^Il,im" -""''  '���""'i'1!1';    Hlils tor for iheir self-indulgence and apathy. U''eat secrel sea-war has been carried of butter, and Iliis year the output of   D"a'inF3t .''; ' |   ,,,. s,",',   ,   ��� lhl. ,:������.
sold era In  u   week     When  the war  Now .,|)n(llv ,,.,,,. ,��� only   n   ,,,���,   ���  on. much to our -.dvantaec.    lhe .Na- Butler  from  the 56  odd    creameries .��� "ffi   ,,,���,   ��� ,, ���n   ni  iic'l a   a cost
C i ' I Ml i i r!         I I i il'      ��� I I i ll       ll- 1 i ( i l>i >      t , .      ii.l m .    1 ��� l    '                                                  -                                                           '                                                          '   l ! ���            I   I    .... .1    ...   . ,,'     i       ���       .      1          .1                                                     ���>��� .                                        .               ' I I I II 1 1 1 I I          11(11       1 ill I I I I ! i I      III'   'lo   ���'     *' l      ll     ��        -   <���
���A       ,i   r    '    ���"   ,.    ,    ��� i' :;:..:" war of this character.   Reflection on  tio" iLondonj, ��ill reach the seven  million  pounds  ot $,   .10 01. $100|    |u,,.   acre    ,���.,,.
nan al  the summer
' Ves."
started how and where to gel
and tailors to make it ui
ments uulckly enough to keep ;,h-"
witli recrultng and n ;eds i l the
[orci s in llu- held was almost as
.serious -i problem as ih.ii ol duc-
Ing men lo enlist.    Bolb  these prob-
lems:  .,'"!1:''(.''r'    vvcre    ���';,':'--"1   n'lth   war can be won.  I won'within ren-1    "H	
equal rapidity. sonable time.   Bul it can be won only
 ��� ��� by the Britisli empire and the tlevo-     "Did you s
Peevish,   pale,   restless   and   sickly I tion    of the  whob   resources of the  Arthur?"
children     owe    their    condition   to | British empire lo this one    supreme I    "Ves,     I
a war of this character. Reflection on
sar* tho lessons of the pasl year constitutes a clarion call to Bervica and sm ���
liliee, and J I furl_dr set-vice and
and sacrifice. II any man hangs back
lei him asli whal the German hei 'lio
laffecls i" condemn is doin.!;-. For this | hotel?
loiher   lir
terminator will
is'   Worm   Fx-
tlu-m and  re-
Times of  India.
on -    supr 'me j
Transportation  of Whe^t  Crop
Arrangoments    lo  secure  adi ipi
facilities ot  transportation    for
western win nl crop a re in I lie    .-
of a, i ommitl ���" of thc gvc i rimen: i
Minard's Linimtnt  Relieves Neural
mrk.    Ihis does not, pi course, take;,,.   : ,   ;    ,,,.,������.,  lipbn "tliG crop yields
''". ';:;l  ��"'y   tie   iiZe,lZl\0i\ u0   Rm,OU,nt, f  el her Uie flrsl or second season."
n. iht.y In, te    lu.l isdaily iniirkeleil in,    T]     experimenters  at   the   Illinois
he afferent towns and cities through-   stallon  0i'alm  ,h���|   even   ii  the  rucl-
|,0   , .,,   the   "     inn poviuee   nor does il lake inlo ; ���������   ,-, ,.|iliz,,.   ,ver0   ,���   increase   tha
' ;""'""    - llH'.    il1""  '"  I'".1'' ''lei-op vields "the effect would be that
maiufacttred In the district, whichiin L,   , ���,������,���.������,    an(1    Ule    increase
eierj year amount, to a considerable L,couk] be ,���,,���,,,, .���  lhe e-penge ���r
i'ubotil me,  sum. ... the  soil.    Thus    the  soil   would   not
A   air average price for butter   iL enr|che(,  in  fertility, bul  actually
[  he agreed   p�� cents n pound, and^ figured on this   ,   poverlshed   bv   such   treatment."
basis  the outpul   ol   tins year repre-      }llir, v,,,,. ���  ���, beln, legted out at
"lien he said I mig.itmarry you      so ts  a   law mini   of money   more   ,,,,    -^   ,0    Agricultural    College,
-Why- cr   no.   I 111 dn I mnte gel to ; than   most  psoplo   would   Imagine  is   bl���  ��� is l00 soon ye,  ���, ge| defiiilte
the point ot asking him that.    Ijusl   being made  by tne  farmers in  this L r       tio*    rrom this souree.   Front
'"" l"'',nHl l"  ,1,e agricultural Indus. ,   lnnicaUoua,  however,  it  may
I with nn
said you
Only Mors Horrible ~7~              *  *                _ '"���'���                                                              I prove   of   sonic   value.   Until   Its   ac-
\   Philadelphia  school  teacher has ,     '���      ,'          '; " "'���'   i;: '' ""'"''v      ,,.,,   .    ;.":   ;    ~���;���            tual  value  has  been  determined   we
. '''���"���' 'i           I, "'"���'"'   "'���' 0' nationa     revenue    ..-    common to .Mill-rs  v. oi-iu   Powders   will  ilr ve  ... ,,i ,     i.i.    ,-.,, ,-.,,���.,,..���. ,, nnv wimt
e v   m;-ii in.irueuu"- her nniu's In ���          _,                    . ~ .,     ,-         .i                      ��� ,     ,   ���      v    h   advise   ne laitiier m nny  \wi.u
.'..., iiiuuv    cottiitr os.      There    are      -ti svorms  Irom   the  system  without   in-  ,    ,.,'.'.   ,��� , , ,,,���,ri     .���.,,,,;,. m,.,..,i,i
Htln- of Sir Qeonre  F   Fo��i  r and   ,    "''"���' m?    ��l0gy'    \, s T p!tt,U A counti'les In  the  ivorl l. namely   Au*- Jury to the child.   The powders are so  ' J' ';    "T '" '"  !;'""L """'" > ""',1'"
'i         ir-"-      n'e-   rui-r'- 'y,\^Ay''",]''y''':U{t],''Sh:t'[U)nd' tna-Hungary,    China.    Greece   India, easy  i��� take  thai   the  mon  delicate  MontreBl'
[on.      1 ss.s.  Ro.eis,  Bunell,   Reid  and  the nex   day^recount    hen,   ��� lta]                 R        ���,������  -���v,Ui Svj, stomae,, ,;���, .���,_,���,��� ,,,.���      , ��� ,. (                    ���--
It   is  anticipated    that    t
ocean tonnage will li" avnilnbl
purposo     and   every  effort
made in lhal direction.   The
of ocean rates, which are li
Iv  high    Is  also  recoh Ing   ���
They slinwed an upward t'i nd
their  own   language
icienl   whom was given th ^^^^^
���I' th ��� rentli-r in his own language the slot
being I of the Gorgous, did so in tliese terms:
stlon "The Gorgons were three sisters that
Inate- lived in the Islands of i-lesperides,
ntion. somewhare In the Indian ocean. They
', hi- had long snakes [or bait, tusks [or
' teeth,   and claws   for nails, uud r
One    lad ""!>'  ']al'an', Rou��*,anla- Sei'vtu. Swit-   stomach can assimilate Ihem and we!-1    M]nard-S    Linim.nt    Cures  Burn
uut    nu,    lu  zerland    and      urkev  where govern-   eome them as spesdy easers ol pain, i c.
assignmenl to  ment snn mcnopolv prevails. because they promptlv kill the worms   c 	
' Did she Uianl:
' No:   bul   as slli
she hegge d llie in
y pron
-��� ,.,   "ml cause the pain, and thus the suf-1    ���y     m���st learn t-Tleed your [ami-
ni for   he seat?    tering ol the child is re le veil.    Witli   )|ea  gc|e���liflcally,  my dear    women."
-i-i,,! dowu iu it   so sterling .-, remedy nl hand noc illd      ,, u    fo  , |eotm.er.   "Certain art-
uuiilil   sillier  an  lioin-  trom  worms
since arisen Including the scarce-  looked  like  women,    only  more hor-
onnage, have nol  i porate I  to
tlle sit unl ean
Mlnard's    Liniment  for s.ile  every
i ihl"
of dim   develop certain    quail-
Lowered   German   Flag "-fhen."   nsked   a   little   woman   In
A    characteristic   story ol    British h',e  audience     "would    you    advise
Sl  Catharines Onl -"Two vcars auo 11'0nlhal'd,"?ss  U  l"1'1  w',l!l,  r��sii|,d   l0  agalnsl  giving a  quick-tempered  hus-
'    " ' ��� '""    ii Bfliiare in a  French village during  wmH ��� |msty pudding?"
I was in :i very nervous, generally rtm-
down condition, so
tli ii I awoke in the
morning mme tired
War end Manhood
"The evil effect    of war on  n  na-
: lion's nninhooil has been revealed In
a  remarkable manner by the Japan-1 fi, [__.   ^li'i   I bun when I retired
ok  of  esc   conscription    B.vstoiii," says   the | tl;y,-P*-T ii> 'ijijjgjii Tb-'ilociorsthougl
,lu|ia?i  Magazine, published In Tokio,
"Wiii   do you call    you
poems ;, Baga?" MS
"Because  everybodj   who   rei 's   it ; "It   is  now  jusl   twenty  years  sine.1
want!- to lighl mo." the  war  with  china, and  lho  mules
  horn iiini  year nnv,- como of age for
ll,-   lal   ll."u  p.m.)-  Well,    misery   army  service,     trier   nn   exhaustive
loves company, > ui know. examination of I In   physical condition
Sh    (st 111 1 uy u yawn)    Nol  ai  this   ol lhe voting men  bor.i In thnl  j wr
Lour   I  i.i irk III   ha-  li en discovered  Ihul   thoy do
 nol   coi pare    nvonibly   with   those
burn either before or alter in ���  war,
Ifl   nr,   mere nflCOS'liry ^h^^h  ____���        ___���
iiunSmallpox,  -.iniy     i In-   i-crj   extrnordlmir*   decrease  In
eipenracr'���...:.i "ii .      i    the  number ul   i-ccrull    111   for  enn
c��i.,i,,,dh,,m,^v-'/.:-,'    :       -'A     ��crlptlon thl       nr, ,,    roin ,| will,
i. ��� inow to -. m pit ii    i, i    .:-i     a .  ollu     yenr    slnci   the   war  with
���roll       Ily,   Itli ���������: ���" tlmi than li ,   - i.    ranc��,      ClllllU,  showi        llistlllCI   Offecl   Oil   lie
Ask your pbyalclaa, clruasltt, orseniltor' lava      hfi-Lli   rate  din-  In  war      V;  lo   nlivsl.
jrouhi    ..;-.   I?" telling ot TypholJ Va   Ins,      ""Ul   rail, uu      o     in      a.   ii  pnysi
result       in .,  nd danger from Typhoid Currlst s.      oal     I    Oil,     ll     Is   lotuid   thai   Ihls
nit- niTTEB LABORATORY   bTRr_l_Y, CAl,      .v:-r   ' l::.     thirteen    per cent, of tho
sRsDuciiiaVAccmssasinuusundcii u j.oov.'.icsusp | recruits    conn     up    to    the    highest j Mk.s. Joii.',-  I.r.v
!   'iili.irin.-. Ont.
.BL /^Ss*I i'    hui   J   gol   no
"lienelii.   I heard of
the  three days of the German  oeeu-
in one corner a flagstaff had been
er -i-teil, and f- un ii the German
flag was Hying. Two sentries wen
posted aboul  a  hundred yards apart,
each about  the  .-ame  distance  from ,. , .,.,,���,���.
the flagstaff   Stopping at the flagstaff'      * ''
"Some men have no hearts." said
tlie tramp. "I've beon aiallin' that
fellow i am so dea I broke that I havo
to sleep oul dooi'3."
"Didn't thai fetch him?''
lowered tho German colors and
misled In iheir place the Union Jac
the same thing, and had to pay the
ilnei ir for tellln' him lo do It."
;��  '���'       ,"" '''',"""��� '''!"�����    ��'i|!l    the stolen Hug as  u 	
hf.   dies  Ihrough a   trophy ihey dashed off again, Mining    Slock     Promoter���tt here
:'A    friend who had heon      Am]    the German sentries   only n I <mn I hide?   Tho police are coining!
lo   your   Invalids'   : ,;,, ,   yards  away   never   noticed      Chief Clerk-Get  Into the card hi-
Aeroplane Wood Rangers
llolel for an opera- Bh.t'wns Vapjienliig
ion   (which  proved cnlirely mu'ccssful) 	
ml I nl i ti v i; - ihc ' l-'uvurile Prcscrip-
lion.'    I   i iol;   llu ���'   L lilcs  altogether      ,.,,.,, ,,
  al lho end of thrc weeks I foil en-      I'ores   lires in the woods of north
irclvcuriHl and have hoc, well and strung f  '   ._>,)����� ''8��  f���  ���\ "Ul '
���    iii ii    ? an   alrniin   who     ravels   u
"������'"���'   wu hour   ti  singl I   spell.    I {    .     ,,     ,   .       u       ,
iloppc<llaku.gital.o,|i tm-ceinonlhsngo h|1(|   ,,.   ,:,.,   8url.omullll     ,-,���,���,   v...
!'.",  ,u" f'1'"1   ';.:'"   ,"   one how splni- ���   u  ,   ,     ,-,���     ,        ,,,������    ,
ly ynur modicum li is healed  I
dex card cubp,   I defj
anything in tin r -.
IZ\ $n^ NERMIS-,
WI,Eer! IM^fMMtt
standard   of   pnysicai   excellence   r
[Ulred  by  ih ��� at my.  whereas  In  or-
nary years llie pen ontnge  is nbout
rlv Iwo.
Licensed and Bonded Dealers'
The Only Way
'Whal a  n-., I;  baby!" said Brannl-
Dcnl wllh lhe Pioneer Company Otgankei and   gall.     "Hnve  ye  bad   iis   picture  look
cwn-d i,v (armors.  Grain handled nn consignment   yal '.'"
��l on track.   Absolute security,-prompt returns;
"Nol   yet."  snii  his   proud   father.
Tv ��� tried to, bul after an hour's lost
160 McDcrmot St., Winnipeg, or luo it(ni<s'.e.t  ia,_or i!i" photographer advised US to
o  to u  movin'  picture studio!"
Block, Calgary
The miglil) r
Pierce's l-'avorili
muses all woman
of n nu fool  tower.    The airman re-
.-, .M.eira tit., ot.   cenl]j.   discovered   u     lire    30   miles
. ..      away  and   gave   ils   location   and   ex-
,'���'���''"���"'! i'.""-',r "'   .''���   ium   accurately.    An   additional   ad-
lr icripium  speedily   vanlnge ���|- ,|,���  <|y|ns    hoal    is thai
I,,  '',",'''��� -''" ilHi|iii",ii-   i; (,,ul |.each ih' scene ol a lire with-
mtl brings buck heaiih and strength to   hl ., few minutes where hours would
icrvqus, irrtlable and oxliausled women,   , ])0 ,,,,,n|,.0||  bv ,,,,, ,-,���.,,s,  ra-gel. us.
ft is n wonderful proscription prepared   (     ordinary menus of inn el.
only from nature! roots ami herbs with ���  .	
no alcohol to falsi ly stimulate and no
narcotic  to wreck  lhc nerves.    It  banishes pain, headache, I u kiicho, low spirits,
bol Boshes, worn  mil sleeples
md without los of lim -.
(ii I il now!    Ail druggists.
pel holler."
THE DODGE BROS. MOTORCAR -|   thought   SO,     llul   a   pel   boiler   is
' The car that speaks lor itself sbmethhiir   \ciii   nailil   iuerolv   In  sell
CADILLAC MOTOH SALES CO, LTD., I JOmtlll 111!,    ,U 'U    [JUIIll     llll 1 . II     |,i    Mil.
Winnipeg - I ean I a ill it.
Distributors for Manitoba and Saskatchewan. .Send I . ,	
tor descriptive literature.  Some territory ��U1I open I . |,���  v(jll   t],|n|(  vour  |J0V - wftl  leave
���or local agency. .....
Two utii-'1 nt cannon balls were dug
up recentl*   by  Biltish soldiers when
ir mob    digging    1. iar    Vjires.    One j
weiglis    between    25 and *_(J pounds.
and the othei jusl ovi r :i potinils.    Il j
^^^^^^^^^ Is thought that imh cannon balls are |
'Ihls picture,    said  the artist, "Is ��� I tlie relies of one of the    numerous |
my  masterpiece. V Croat Book Every Woman Should Huvs.   si(,,, ,..    ���,- yppe-   v.hk.., has ,,,,,, more
���to" told me last  month ii  was a I    Over a million copies of tlie '-'The Peo-   than itB share of bombardment.    _!ic I
W, N. U. 1075
I I'ooiprini.-. on lhi; sands of lime?"
|    "He'd   leave   'em   anywhere.    Jusl
j look ai that carpet''
>lc's Common Sense Medical Advisor "are jas|   siege  was  in   1 Tui.    when    tin
now in Uijj hands of the people.   It is a French i ok  the town from the Aits-
book iiuil cvoryon ��� -h iulu ii ivo an 1 read trlans in u few days'.
Sendlifly cents or stamps to Dr, Pierce, Artist's wife (during quarrel)���You
'nvfilids' Hotel, Buffalo, N. V., antl en- wave quite obscure before"!  lnuiried
���I'ise this noli,.-e iiinl'voii will t live hy yon.                                                           .!
��� ciurn nuiir. ul! I'lfai'ges :i:'ul "-.���.-..u i il-ry ,\rii.-i    Vou didn't have any trouble
(*fep'jiit___>*aliHible-hool*. ���        ������        ��� In-'ffildin'g me.                                    ,
Nervous, slcls lieatlaches tell
of exhausted nerves, and warn
yott of approaching prostrutlon
or paVnlysls. Ky enriching tho
blood Dr. Chase's Nei'vc l-'ood
restores the wasted nerve ceils
nml thoroughly cures heuduclies,
sleeplessness and oilier nervous
CO Cents a Box, nil Dcnlcrs*, op
Ednians'on, Butes & lo., l.lmitiHl,
Toronto. /_*"
Greater than any Colony Germany has Lost in the Great Pari  ni
Asia  Minor where she Imd Intended to Build a Second
Germany with the Assistance of Turkey
Writing iu Nov.   Vork Tribune, Mr, which sin- lias    feared lo challenge,
Frank h. sinionds says thai at Con 'ihere   was one great field, however,
stantlnople as ul Queueo a greal em- In which, granted certain conditions,
plre uud a magnificent colonial dream  she t I lear in   rival, nnd thai  was
un ai sink,-; me German place in the Asia Minor,   ouce the centre of pros-
fin. i- being losl or won.   The strug- perlty and  civilization,    bill   now   al-
gle upon    the Gallipoli  Peninsula, In mosl u desert, though rich iu all the
so fin  as Its Immediate strategic re- possibilities o( Industrial   and    com-
mill- an   concerned,   Is    pretty gen- uierclnl life,    u   was and is pun  ol
ernlly undnrslootl.   All men Know, for Turkey;  Inn  Turkey tiloito could  nol
instance, thai  If the AHios force the hold  II  against  Germanv,    Tho  lirsl
Narrows, and pormll  warships lo up- step, then,    was    lo alienate Turkey
pear   before Constantinople, the wny from whnl  European friends she had,
will li ��� open for   Russia's huge itccti- to bcome her cluimptous for n  time, I
iiitihiUun of gruin    lo   teach Its nun- obtain    tieeessnr,'    concessions,    ami
loi,  nmi ii  will la- possible lm- Huh thou    when    the' moment  . rrlved, to
sia freely lo Impoii the munition!) nc destroy    Turkish    authority    In    ilu-
t'lcHperntdly  needed.    Bo  far as  tins greal  colonial  empire    she meant to
sin .. cnnipnigii Is concerned, lhe light- build up,
Ing at the Dardanelles Is of lhe must
Fcrri     Planninij     ,i   Submarine   Th.it !
Would End All Wars
Win n Hi nrj Ford nf Detn - ....
his confert nee wil li sephtis Daniels, si cretni*' ot :\ navy, in Wash-
In ���.<���:.. lie lint a er- a; surprise In
Bt ire for armament makers. Mr. Ford
announces thai lie has plans for a
ne-,-,   submarine   'lish'   thai   will  out-
polm anything now known and cost j Y��lc Universitj Professor Tells Americans  that  the    .Hies are
less than om   |�� .  ceni   as much as a| ... '
dreadnought. Fighting tor  Principles of  Freedom,  and \\ aging  War
"ll woubl b-' no trick at all to build . , -     ,  ,,      .-.->      , ,- .,      rv   ���       ���_._.      , , ���
Ajjainst the Defenders oi the Divine Right of Kings
a submarine one-fourth of the si/.e of
lliose now in use thai  could carr)  a
pill   ill   llu-  cud   Of  li   pole   \, it'll   Sllil'ie-
nin  explosive    power   to    hoist the
mlgluiesl  tin adnoug n  i ver buill oul
In the opinion of Prof. George many rapidly expanding, but s. was
Trumbull Ladd ol Vale there Is only expanding largely through the efforts
one possible way In  ivliich peace can j of th    rer;   power to which she as-
��     ���   ���'"���'���".'���''���"  uue nu , on, ; ,���������.,��� tl,e eartl,, end lhai Is bj the cribed ��� murderous jealous-   namely
"��� "��� -,'���'��� A ''        flns,t0 telPe(i;  absolute    overthrow     of    Germany, Greal I   Itain, for it was Britain that
I::1';"'1  r'~:  BQ  *'neB  '  s'r  """'    Wilting in the  Ne*   Vork Times he cleared the   eas oi ,������. ��_rlu ot p"
!,,",.,          ,                .             .     '.-ays:    'The triumph ol  lhe T utonlc ntes, open   1  scores of free ports all
..    Xllil    '"', "".    'y"  ol  ���' ,'J ",R   allies, or even a drawn battle between over tin surface of the earth and took
*���������?���"      "  ''   Biibmiirlnei   would   cos t  the , ���,, mlghty rorrM range(1 ,,,   ,,,,   ,,���   ,,.���,,  ���,  ,,-,  , ,,���.,.       p      '*
'";'-'          ''���'"';"���   "   "hat    he present Lwo sldes ,��� ,,��� ,���,���,������, ,iiUe  ������������ ,,,,., ���      ,,���������,.,,,,  ������,,,. ,...
ner  cent   or  wi at  _,, -Ta\e,\   dread    "0l   l'rin"  ����" *��"�� '"' *�� ***e <'i"i'-  "!  ''"' "'"" <*����r "�� ''       '"_��
|,M   "i:<"   ��    ",.,   latesl   dread    -.inlted States, or peace nud good-will worsl   fair nude.
noughts wil cost.                                  among the nations of The earth.   For .,��� ,   ,    ,,           ���   ,    ,
"Subma-lnes   cp .,.<   with   gaso- teh  temporary defeat ot ball defeat.
line engines  lm- their entire  motive
tremendous Imnorlnncc. li is Import
ant, tnu, its solving lhe Bnlluin tines-
lion    in rr win 0e rendered a neg
llglble ouaniiij with tho alllfs in Com
stanllnople. iiitlgai'lu and llutiinanla
will hnve to make ihelr tonus with
the masters o( Byzantine Turkey
will be put om of tlm Dghtlng. The
v.lmie strength ul tlio allies can lie
concentrated upon German* and Austria,
Hut, us Mr. Simonds points out, im-
portant, and Indeed vital, so far as
ihis war is concerned, us will be the
results of lhe fighting iu the Galli-
poli peninsula, where Uie .Turk is
lighting witli    his back  to the wall,
In ii vory few years lho preliminary
moves lnul hon'i mnde, and with the
greatest success Germany became
iiie I'nvorod friend nl Constantinople,
Turkey turned from Britain, a d, assured of Germany's support, ceased
to fear Itusslu. Germany encouraged
misrule in Macedonia, meaning one
day to establish her own order there.
She Blood staunchly by Turkey in
her persecutions or Serbs and Bulbars. In inns her plans were threatened by Ihe Young Turk movement,
bul arrangements satisfactory to both
parties were made nml Enver Pasha,
the leader ol the Young Turks, became ii German agent. The war between   Italy   uiul    Turkey,    however,
just  as  lhe  point   where  he   lirst   en ,      . .
ered Europe more than five cen- wh���*.cl> Germany tried hard to pre-
turlos ..lu,, thee are more Important *'**������ wa? a more serious blow, no
still In lhal upon the battle depends Realise laly acquired Irlpoli but
Germany's dream of colonial empire. beMUse 11'rkey s military weakness
It Is true that the Briiish navy and was revealed to the Balkan States.
British und French soldiers have al- They made war upou Turkey, aud
leady wrested from Germany all her almost succeeded in driving her out
colonies, tier ling Hies today no- of Europe. German diplomacy, how-
when but in Kurope. But greater * ever, averted this i risis, und succeed-
thnn nny colony she has lesl is that ed In making trouble among the Bal-
great pan of Asia Minor where she kan powers, with the result lhat llnl-
had intended building up a second garla fought Greece and Serbia, with
Germany with the assistance of Tur- disastrous results. The war had not
key. Il is true that she has not yet the ending Germtiny expected, for
grasped the prize. If Constantinople Serbia emerged stronger than ever,
falls she can never grasp it. She will und Serbia was the real barrier be-
be forever doomed to remain a ecu- tween Austrian territory and Turkish
tral European power with not a territory through which Germany
Bquare mile ol  colonial ejupire. had planned to run  her famous Bag-
It is only in the past forty years dad railway, for which she hud al-
that Germany has had the oppor- ready secured concessions. There can
tunlty of acquiring colonies- By the up little doubl that one of the chief
time the German confederacy had reasons why Germany urged Austria
bi eu established ,-s an empire, and forward against Serbia, was her de-
she looked abroad, she found thut termination to have Serbia made a
practically all ihe rich territories of I mere vassal state, so that the railway
lhe  world  bad  passed  lo some olher] to Turkey could pass Ihrough Serbian
territory. If Constantinople is lost
to the Turk, then Asia Minor is lost
for all time to Germany, and her last
hope of a colonial empire is crushed
of ihe cause of Independent national- V" !" ' ""ponam-,. ���, the I i
power ran be man lo weigh it t|iiar-ilsnl afl{, ot democratic representative s"1" '"��� "'" '"'���* .""" , ,:A " ::- : ' -'u
ter of what the present ones do. rhey B0Vernmenl cannol avail for tholr be- A'""' ,i ?'" ls; "wl*ether ** *-������>-
'-���"\ u" "������"���*-, ';.' "'��� Prope"?' un- ing permanentlv d teatcd. The cause >efntatl*.e ,i.-n-".-racy or a milll >
guided, not only rrom sitli to Bide, bul (1| .���, autocrucy suppori -d b\ nn tirm- autocracy shall be dominant In Eur-
up and down in the water, entirely by (1|, ,-,���.',��� under the control of a divine-''"'" ',ml the Near East, and so - ���:
llieu-own power I ney ,:,n be made 1}, app0|nted war lord cannot be ultl- " - r'T:"'v", ��\er lhl-' ��'ho}e civil -.
to swim  around  witli as much  tree-; ���,Ml���K. ,��� ,,,��� ���v,.,.,���i���,���.v   ���,-,������.��� uin   W01''1'.   whether  the   national   exis-
nre coming as sun  as fate if the uti- J tfeil"     undei   feet.'     He rebukes tli
lions  refuse to dlsi.rm,    If we don'l j    ,,'.of  r acl(, ue||evea ,inl ,,,,, ���e nlp  ��ena  who think tiie interests ot tha
 ���"*��� some oilier of lhe  jnlt0(1  ^laies  have    not yet   ?oUoJ1  f?r��"'er3 of,the ^ci,t!l- the to-
soon as one  thoroughly grasped the fact lhat the   '"','A,f, A ,   e,J*eel Packe"   ':      -
d the other  ���ni,.c    ,,r,i m.nn,,,, .-���,. ���v,,���Hv ,���,���<,., I culturlsts In the west, and    u   tnter-
neir own power     I ney can be made ,y iUn,()int0(| ffar iuni uttmiot be Hitl. aggressne  o'er  tne   whole   clvuiietf
o sum.  around  will, as inuch  tree  ,mll,.h- in the lls, Iencv, Tuel.e ttiU worn;:   whether  the   national   exis-
l������l motion as n  Hah. be war In the heaven nnd war on the t(;.n'���,* ��     **'tak B',a.*' '"' '':; '   -' ���
-ih- submarines ol  which I speak I earth unin this supreme issue is set-       mi| '.,y '"'i'11'1^ --''-*���' t trample them
make Hie new boa
country is goin^ to.    A
nation has them  perfet
nations are   going to find out about
Ihem  and   make them  too,
1 believe thai the greatesl agency
bringing about peace is education.
But if the time ever comes when they
principles to whieb the United States f8'3"1 ,::   .-;'"-""--'"* '    v ��  l
was dedicated.   Thev are fighting for I vo th eonslllerlnf  A -'
-l peneve tnat tne greatesl agency  g0ven,ment of the people for the peo- f,e ''',"
in bringing about peace is education. pJo by ,hl, peopi0,   They are waging  \ :"j'-
are   needed,   these
themselves   exen
fluence  in   procurir
"Tin J*   will   ilnllll
$15,000,000       battlcshi]
1 war agalnsl the defend
uiimarmcs   win , vino r|gn, o( |c(ngSi    lf t],e tlieory of
wonderful   in* the divine right of tlie kaiser to do
disarmament.      whatever he pleased  with the power
:������ y  iiiaiie our! wi,i, w]lj(.|, |ie ]s invested, and answer
io  no one  but  God   for  his  actions, I
mporters of X- w Y      ,. --.
issue.    >!..    reml   is
sa\ag ���'���
lessly  some ot  th        s: -      Ini  resl -
s�� Indie I    i :.���    Ami rlc in   jovei   mei
.in: Ing ��� he stress o   the comparai
ly i: sl! nificanl  an I cat . .
psolete. ; |��� no (mi,  |.;||   nmi  fol. i,js uctions,      \fter   warning  the   i  opte   :.-.      i
There will be no use In putting mil- were |0 triumph In Europe, how long   United Slates -.1 the'greal  peri
!'?":. '." s.n'!'f .!!���'.. ''"" '    ^!:"!     ".would  it  be  before  an  effort   wuuld'a  Teutonic  triumph   wi
' " er  tlu i-    doorstep, lie calls    tl
,   ,..iris of the world?   The Monroe Doc- another gra\    uai ������ ���  l ited
ean  be obtained  trine,  in  the opinion  of  Prof,  baud,  bj   lb    German-Amerl   u -
,��.-,so -n'1'!     .'!! I Wl,uld be laughed at; the Integrity of hopinf  for u German    el    :���
China    would    disappear;     Holland,  ing everything In their .
Denmark,    and     Switzerland    would I It  about.     Hieir    propaga   la means
probably     follow   Belgium   Into   the  that the;   have becon -   '
Prussian   maw;   Independence   would  zens  wlthoul  uny  Idi i -
bo crushed In ths  Balkans, mul Tur-  lions  thereby   impos
key would bo gi.en a  free haul [or  thai they do nol und   :    - a
I'-.'.rlher massacres. principles  if govi n ������  ���
For  these  reasons  lho  sympathies  United  Suite.-   Is     ded
of  the  people  of the   United  States,  mon, however signall
and if need be their activities, us Prof,   ed in swinging Ami r    ���
l.ntld asserts, oughl to be unanimous-  ion t -ward Germany, Au trta    -
ly with tlle enemies of Germany. He  key, neve.rth li is  ci nsi ���
j-eminds      German-Americans      that, |danger  to  American   ins
while    it    is    now    true    thai  Her-   pecially   since    thej     have
many    in    fighting   for   her life just | themselves    together
a." -      C '     ���   n
Immediately   liss
against :, terror of the deep that costs  be nmde to extend the theor
only  u  few  thousand dollars.    With |
the explosives lhal
the  loss  of life   -Ail
thai the very terror ol ii  will be an
influence tor peace.
''And. best uf ull. thoy will eosl so
lit tie to make that ii will hardly pay
tin people who now demand wdr for
tbe sain- of commercial profit and
the; will be forced to forget war ami
go Into peaceful pursuits In order io
muke a living. When the profit in
money is taken for war. desire for
it  will  ie- greatly lessened."
Mr. Eord refused to disclose jusl.
whal sort of no engine lie believed
could be Installed in a submarine to
give the power he promised outside
of tha fact that it was
mol or.
gasoline | a3 certainly as Is Belgium und every Ipolitit
other belligerent country ihis was not  them
power, chiefly to Britain or France.
Her expansion upon this continent
was barred by the Monroe Doctrine,
which   she   lui I  never  accepted,  but
The Unsuccessful Farmer
Staking   All   Co   One   Line  of  Production is Poor Eusinesj Policy
A  few    days  ego,    w'e   won't  say
l ...i.���.i..,. :,   ������.,..  n,,,.., ,,,. jM ft neigh-
Asks for Comforts
The   National   Service Committee   Re-
ceivee Important Announcement
The national" service committee, the
executive body of all nationally organized women's societies In Canada,
und under whose direction tlio collection ot comforts for the troops overseas has boon placed, has received an
important announcement from the
Canadian war contingent association
in London. The message wus contemplating the formation of a central
organization for co-ordinating tlie
work of various luxuries to the British troops. Meanwhile the war office
recommended the women of Canada",
as with olher portions of lho empire,
to concentrate on tha following garments:
Mufflers, iiS inches lung, 11) inches
wide, gray, khaki or beat her mixture.
Mitts, S inches long, short thumb, no
ll-.igers, stitches being cast off at the
Socks, always essential, the lea; ul
bast.      LL!   inches   long,   llle   fool    11
This Seems the Worst
Culmination of Inhumanity and Stupidity
By what proems of reasoning can
tin Germans conceive iimi by murdering powerless iion-oombatanta by
Zeppelin night attacks on cities they
can conotier a spirited and brave
W'ouhl It nol he common sense to
believe thai such attacks would small lhc virile blood 111 tho must sluggish shirker of military duly und
prompt every Briton to rally lo lhe
defence of his children and women-
kind, no matter how indifferent lie
might bo 10 any military enterprise
in which tho government, of his
country chose to embark?
Of iiii the stupid as well us inhuman things that tlie Germans have
done during the past year this seems
the worst.��� .New Vork Sun.
Acts of Kindness
Rewards 90 to  People Who  Do Their
Work Just-a  Little  Bit  Better
Than  io  Expected
Miss Florence Moberly,    a trained
nurse, faithfully attended    tlie   Rev,
Dr. Balterson,    of    Philadelphia, and
later    was   equaly   kind   111     nursing
Mrs. Balterson.    Now   comes the reward of $1:11,111)11, wliieh is left 10 her
by the will of the clergyman's wife.
Not every act ot kindness has a spot
cash value of that extent, but it sets
its   pay large   or small in some coin
quite as good as gold.
A  modest   railroad  brakesman  uiu-
| ed an elderly    ludy from a train, and
j she was so pleased   by Ihe kindness
i that she told hei son about him.   Tlle
son happened to be ll. ll. Rogers, lhe
Standard Oil magnate, and the young
; railroader was lifted  from one place
jto another   until   he   became an ini-
; portant man   In   the business world.
A streel  railway conductor in  Philadelphia won a notable promotion and
; an Increase   of 200 per cent. In pay
who   vas   powerful   enough to   help
the poor   mnn    who had helped hlni.
i A Philadelphia   hunk   president snys
that Hie courtesy of minor employees
broughl to his bunk a new depositor
with   $100,000.
I    Tho rule of life Is everywhere the
'same.   All lhe rewards go to tlle men
and women who do their work jusl a
little hii  better than is expected of
them. Nobody pays anybody anything
for an acl ot insolence or discourtesy
or  Ill-service,    "You  mny  insult me,
but don'i- insult a customer," said the
head  of a great  busines:  to  an  elevator boy who displayed more rudeness  than   tact  lo  his   unknown   em-
ployer.    So   that  $tiiHi()ii  reward   for
j faithful   nursing   is  only  notable  by
j the size of the  appreciation,  not in
' the quality of It.
A  few    ......    ��� .- .
whether ii   was here
boring  town,  a
in   a   general   s
farmer  walk
(rue of her before the war began. A
claim lo this effect was hoth hypocritical and false.    Not only was Ger-
with the defeal ot German;    md tb
may yel   bring greal  tro unfa  to  land
of Iheir adoption.
Constantinople Streets
anker was stuiulin
re  and    watched a
...   ...     and   buy  30   cents
worth of navy beans, $3.00 worth of
salt meat ami three cans of corn. In
a soeial conversation which followed
the banker asked tbe farmer how long
he bad lived upon the farm be is now
cultivating, und was Informed that he
had been tliere three years.
During that afternoon ihe editor
and the banker were enjoying a social visit at thc bank when the same
farmer walked In and wanted to borrow $50. The banker informed him
that business conditions were such
that he would be unable to accommodate him. The farmer had scarcely gotten out of siglti. when in walked
another farmer and applied for a loan
oil $100, which he received almost Immediately.
This aroused the curiosity of the
I editor and he nsked the banker for
uu explanation. He recited to us
his observations of the forenoon
down iu the store and said: "Xo man
is a sale financial risk who will stay
on one farm three years and tlicn
buy uav. beans, canned
sail incut to make
This  gives   us    f
Many ol oar farmers when they get
iulu a  special  line of production  forget that in the same time tbey might
Ibe producing  the necessities of
without    additional
ranchers  In    the
ib..  west   for a  time  produced  prac-
I tlcally nothing but  wheat.   Gradual-
lv    however,   ibcy   realized   lhat   lhc
;   of     vegetables,     fruits     and
was   running  nway    wllh    n
percentage  of  the  profits.    In
uf  the  dairy  district:
1 i 1 lc,    and  bu
la run
sell  1
..   corn  and
Ills  fourth  crop
nl    for thought.!
in pease.     The
wheat   seel Ions   of
The naval service department received word lhat tlie men taken norlh
on the schooner Burleigh had completed the foundation work for llie
wireless station on Maunsell Islaiiil,
in the northeastern part of Hudson
Bav, und also tbe erection of build-
Incs to bouse the larger gang who
will erect the wireless station at Fort
Nelson and by tlie spring of 11117 will
lie ready to aid vessels sailing In and
out of (in- bay. Another wireless station will also he elected on Hudson
First Ascent of Mt. Geikie
Dr. Andrew  ,1. Gilmour announced;
on returning from Albrta and British
Columbia ,that ho and Prof.  Edward
W. D. Holway, of the department of
I botany  of   the   I'nivcisity  of   Minnc-
isota, had  climbed  lo the summit of
Mount Geikie, in Alberta.
It was asserted that they were the
first to attain the summit of that
mountain,  11-.016  feet high.
Tlie final ascent was made on Aug.
">,   Dr.  Gilmour  said.    The   physician
I added that 5,000 feet of the way was
I up a nearly sheer wall    of Ice und
I snow, In which tho explorers had to
cut steps.
Both Dr. Gilmour and Prof. Holway
'are members of the Canadian Alpine
club and the American  Alpine club.
meat from the
r, bread from the baker and
from the storekeeper. Of
nol all of ihem do but the
practice is noi uncommon. Tne reason of ii is in ih" majority of canes
���hat tbey liave not stopped 10 think
,-hai il "means, li is an undisputed
act that practically all the food can
- and should be produced at home,
the farmer who makes
if producing some special crop becomes a buyer of nearly
evervthing else.���-Montreal Family
bin usually
a   business
The Teutonic Herod
The  London   Express,  commenting
'upon former Zeppelin raids, says: "A I
litlle  English  child  is  of  more value
to us than iiie whole black' brood of
the   llobenzolle.'iis,    and   our   rulers
should hnd courage to state definite-1
ly thai Great Britain will not rest un-]
' iii  the  Teutonic  Herod  is tried and
���punished for the killing   uf English
I babies.  -Victoria Times.
Cosmopolitan In Every Sense Are thc
Scenes in This Eastern Citv
There are probably few cities
which buve been oftener described
than Constantinople, a city which has
appealed to so many different tastes.
In "World Pictures, ' Mortimer Mem-
pes' daughter Dorothy, speaks of its
streets as her delight. -They literally teem," she says, "with color; the
wares were bright, the sellers were
bright, tlio buyers were bright, and
the sun shone down bri ' ily.
"Water carriers, oil-earners soldiers, policemen, women muffled to the
chin, black slaves, Turkish gentlemen dressed in black European
clothes with fezes ranging from new
crimson color to weather-beaten lobster shade, thronged the dark narrow
sl roots or rather lanes. On either side
were tho regular Turkish shops, llllle low cupboards with slanting slabs
on whicli Hie bath towels, slippers,
daggers, silk goods and the usuui
rtibblshly Block in trade were displayed.
������Then there are sire its filled wilb
men of a totally different stamp, ihere
are the workers, patient and industrious, (lold beaters, carpenters, jewelers, fez-makers tinker;, tailors and
candle stick makers, all bard at work.
Hero I spent most ol my time for the
atmosphere of the hammer and anvil
were more congenial to my mind than
the close scented air of the bazaars."
From South Africa to Fight
Men of Botha's Army Cannot \A'ait
For Enlistment of Overseas
"A bottle of water and throe biscuits daily composed the rations
served out to Botha's urmy in the recent campaign," says a young English
Dutch trooper ncountered by a London correspondent. Having gone
through the German'African campaign in safety, lie and a party of
comrades havu come to England al
their own expense to enlist for Flanders, being too impatient to wait for
tlie contingent which Is to he raised
b- South Africa. The ��� oting troopers
anticipate that General Louis Hotha
will be given a close run in lho elections by Ilerlzog. They believe the
latter lo be loyal, but say he is very
jealous of Internal autonomy for
South Africa. -The intense enthusiasm of the overseas people is exemplified by the fact that this young
trooper's family has already lost 11
father, killed in German-Africa, a son
wounded at the Dardanelles and u
daughter lost on the Liisitanla, yet
ibe mother who accompanied her son
to England, is quite willing that ho
should  enlist  ugaiu."
To Raise Ke;.niit3
More Attention to be Paid to Reeni :-
inn  in the Smaller Places
;    Major-General    Hushes    has    __-
I notuii-?d that he is considering a new
'plan In connection with recrultng thia
I winter, the effect of which  ���'
; lo give the young man In smaller centres r. better opportunity  to offer iia
] services.    The  minister  Brat  potnl
I out that the original call was tor 80,
loOd men.   This was increasn; to thirty, seventy-five, one hundred and 1
land finally 10 one hundred   ��� .;  .':
thousand men. These have ; .   ���
tlcally all raised, the majority ra    .
larger centres.
lf authorization is given to increase
this   number,  the    minister    stated,
more   attention will be paid than In
the past to the towns and vfUagea    t
Canada.    If twenty men or more volunteer in a village or small community they will be trained and billeted
in thi   locality throughout the winter.
; In  villages and towns  of one  thousand and over, fifty men will have I
I volunl 1 .-   before  arrangements   are
madi  for them to be trained and billeted al bome.   In towns around four
j thousand  .one hundred must c-niist in
! order : 1 receive their training in the
1 horn     '-u.inanity white larger *     . ,
; will ��� xpected   to   raise   a
1 company, or one hundred and Bfty
mi n, bt '"'���'" the same pri-. iii 2-- is ex-
1 mded. Tin minister Is at prea nt
.havi! nt ��orl; on this plan and will
probably be In a position to m*>l*e a
more definite announcement in tbe
1 oursi  ol h short time.
France and Neutral Nation:
In October last year the Bulletin de
['Alliance Francalse was started fi r
the special purpose of counteracting
.-:0111c- Of U.e German inventions whim
had been sedulously circulated in neutral countries. Ten thousand copies
of the paper were mailed every fort-
nigin during the first month of its
publication, i.nd since that date the
numb r has risen to 200,000 copies.
'Ihey are sent chiefly in private pe: ���
sons' und institutions which have re-
ouch with the
In November.
Ere in
,, bo kept in
ew of events
tbe paper was brought out in French
and Spanish solely, since then it lias
been found necessary to publish it In
Dutch, Danish, Norwegian. Portu-
guest . German, Swedish, lulian and
English. Among the subscribers lo
tbe funds f the publication are Presi-
dent Polncaire, Lie Academy of Vine
Arts, the Academj of Natural Science
an 1 many other public bodies and
private Individuals.
Ar, ll! inch torpedo ordinarily contains about 133 pounds ot gun cotton.
L.iger torpedoes contain up to "JOu
pounds of Ule explosive. THE COURTENAY REVIEW
The Courtenay Review
Ami Comox Yallei Advocate
A  Weeky  Newspaper,   I'ubished  at
Courtenav, 1>. ''.
N. II. B0DRN, Editor nud Proprietor
tnbscripttoO (*1.5U per Year in  Advance
Comox-Atlin  Batl.
II. S Clements, our energetic
M. P., bas succeeded in getting
permission from the Militia Department to recruit n regiment in
his riding, which will I wu its name
Comox Ailin. The bnllulioii will
be iin iiitcd in in iIn Yukon tn
Comox. The head training grounds j
will be at Comox spit, where there
ure u huge   number  of  buildings
Whicll can lie used   fur lioilsiiij; the
soldiets.    Nearly   nil   the   lauded I
proprietors iu tin- district  have offered the   use df  ilnir  farms  l'or
nmnoiiveriiig   purposes.   Capt. J.
Warden, lately returned   from
Red Cross Funds
Statement ol all money received ami
expended by The Courtenay Patriotic
Service Committee ou account "Red
.'ins-" to date, October 31, 1915,
Rec ipts
'Proceeds oi Grantham concert. ...s II so
Proceeds ol Courteuay concert... loo nil
Proceeds ol   Comox  conceit, per
Mrs. Piercy  115 hO
Transfer from Machine Can Fund 123 05
Proceeds of rnzor raffle     14 70
Share ol proceeds front   shol nun
rillle     23 50
Proceeds ol Tag day    110 11
Proceeds of "Follies" conceit...   137 60.
Railroad and
Teamsters Coats
$735 36 :
Cash remitted to Red Cross iu
Material purchased from McPhee.
Material purchased Irom Partington	
.Mali-rial purchased from McPhee.
Material purchased from McPhee,
Cash returned to Comox Ass    115 611
Cash returned to Couiox Ass.,
share of .subscription to machine .cuu     24 -17 |
Cash, stamps      1 od
JI150 00
is su
25 ���
Special in railroad i
coats in olive lihaki.
keeps out all tlie water
Vnu   can nol   "i-i the
ml   teamster
A coat that
all the time,
lc.es of   your
pants wet in  thi
proof qualities an
. coat,   its wnter-
Fall Overcoats
-Men's     heavy   overcoats   ill   curly
cloths iiuil tweeds in the latest cuts
Balance at Royal Hank,.
,,   . 367 69
$735 56
Hon, Scc-Treas.
and (ounil to be
E, C. Johnston
Included In the last shipment in July to
the Red Cross Society in Victoria was a
number of articles made by the Women's
Institute, the material costing $12.35,
which was purchased by the Institute.
tlu- front after being wourded, will
have charge of tlie recruiting, and
visited Comox ou Sunday iu that
Tin's is quite a feather in Mr.
Clc-iiic-nts, cap to get the this concession, lint it will not be so easy
to raise a battalion now as it would
have been sonic months a^o, Nearly one third of the male population
of Courton.iy has already unlisted,
and many more have offered tlieir
services who have been rejected on
physical grounds. There are however a number of young men ill
the district yet who are eligible
who have not heard the call and
who may now see their way to don
the King's uniform.
Sir Charles Tupper Dead
Sir Charles Tupper, the Canadian
veteran, a former Prime Minister of
Canada, and the sole surviving
member of the Fathers of Confederation, died on Saturday in England
He was in his ninety-fourth year.
Tlie news of the death of Sir
Charles came in a cablegram from
Sir George Pulley Canadian High
Commissioner to Sir Robert Borden
the Premier, Heath, Kent. The
ofliciiil cablegram reads;
"Sir Charles Tupper died peacefully tin's iiiorniiii*-,"
Charles Stuart Tupper, of Wiimi- those who attend,
peg, Man., son ot the late James | Services will be held at St. Peters
Stuart Tupper, and grandson of Sir j church Comox, on Sunday as fol-
Charles, succeeds to the baronetcy, 'lows; Matins and Holy Communion
lie is tlie son-in-law of Dr, Charles at u.oo, Sunday School at 2.30.
Morse, registrar of (lie Exchequer] We saw Mr. A, ii. Pall's car
Court, of Ottawa, and is about to 1 doing; another towing stunt. A,
leav for the front, having obtained 'B's car must be a good] actor and
a Commission in the Cameraman I no doubt a great boon to him for
Highlanders. 'business purposes.
Men's English rninpro
sizes and popular price
of coals in all
Ladies cord velvet raincoats ill fawn
and grey iu new styles and popular
Special   vain
Sweater Sets mad
nit   and toque   I
ce Is,  browns, greens,   blue
white and black
Tiie Mother General, who lias
been the guest of Mother   Majella, | LadieS RaittCOatS
and the Sisters at the hospital,   left
last Thursday morning,
The dance at Martin's hall on
Friday evening was a e'ecided success. Tlie hall was prettily decorated with lanterns. Pumpkin pie
sold at 50 per large slice.
Some Hallowe'en prankers took
the gate wire oil the post office
premises Saturday night, and have
not returned it yet. Any information as to its whereabouts left at
Post Ofiice will be greatly appreciated.
We hope soon to see the soldiers
training here in tliese parts.    This
district needs a little impetus,  and
everyone will be benefitted by their J
visit. hum*   ���,-���'���	
The Follies Entertainment Company, of Courtenay will give a concert in Martin's hall on Friday
evening ill aid of the Red Cross
Fund.   A fine treat is in store for
Hand    Knit
Lo order with sweater
match   iu shades   of
Coating suitable for ladies and
childrens coats in checks; serges,
rstrachan and bearskin
Dress Goods
Newest fabrics and novelty weaves in
dress goods in all tlie leading sliadi
serges, poplins, ladies cloths, satin
cloths, ratines, novelty stripes in
silk mixture, fabrics in all light
shades suitable for evening wear
Under New Management
Comfortable Rooms
First   Clays   Meals
Electric Light Toroughout
Srtictly   Moderate   Rates
Only the Hest Wines and Uquors Stocked       TT   D-���I.L    P��>rtl.
Your Patronage Is Respectfully Solicited        *. . DOOTIl, IlOp.
Herbert Moore and family have
taken up quarters over the Departmental store next to the Post office.
You know man.
On Sunday night one of our flag
poles was decorated with a large
wire gate, suspended very high by
the ropes: This must have been
done for advertising porposes,
Mr. Stiles, who has lately been
operated upon at the ^Sister's hospital is doing very well.
Mr. and Mrs. F. Bosworth ar#
guesls of Dr. and Mrs. Montgomery.
Esquimalt  &   Nanaimo   Railway
Through Passenger Trains leave Courtenay 11:35 on Monday, Wednesday and j
Friday for Victoria and Way Stations
RETURNING���Arrives at Courtenay at
16:10, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
Steamship tickets 011 alljlines to all parts
of the world. For particulars etc., address
Dist. Passenger Agent, Victoria
Agent Courlenay, Phone R (id
Socks Go To Soldiers
��� ��� ���
Toronto,Oct- 21,���As a result of
rumors persistently circulated, that
the Canadian Red Cross is selling
socks knitted by persons who desire
to contribute them to the soldiers,
Noel Marshall, chairman of the
Red Cross, cabled Commissioner
Hodgetts in London asking it tliere
was the slightest foundation for the
reports. 'Absolutely preposterous" was the Commissioner's replv
Mr. Marshall has offered a reward
of $100 for the conviction of any
person circulating the calumny.
Use Our Telephone
Use our 'phone for sending in
news items of interest. Don't think
because you know a bit of news
that everyone else knows it. By
sending it to us we in turn may
impart it to the world, Phone 59-
What interests vou is always
sure to interest the readers of the
Courlenay Review; aud it will
make the paper more interesting to
yott, as you can then rend what
someone else sends in, Don'l wait
for the other person to start it.    ���
Xo. 1.
No. 2.
No. 3.
No. A.
Below arc Four Safe Investments:
Loan of $300  required for two  years at   10 per  cent, interest,
first mortgage  security 011 improved farm valued by
owner   at   $2,000
Loan ol $520 required for three years at Id per cent, interest,
lirst mortgage security 011 Improved (arm valued by
owner   nt   {1,500
t.oau of >7(KI required foi  three  years at   S per   cent, interest,
lirst mortgage security on improved (arm valued by
owner  at  $8,500
Loan of 51.100 required for three years at  8 per   cent, interest,
first mortgage security on improved (arm valued by
owner at $1,2000
Full particulars Irom
Isabel St.
Real [{state, Insurance ami
Financial  Agents
Xmas. Cards
Our Samples of
Xmas. and New
Year Greeting
Cards have arrived
Leave your order early
The Courtenay Review
Telephone 59 Courtenay
In Vancouver
I Can Do Your
Dental Work
For Half
My improved 'PRECISION'
system permits in to save
you time and money on your
dental work, A large practice keeps nie busy and you
pay for no idle.tiine. Also I
buy materials in large quantities and secure lower prices
Thus I un able to tave yon a>
much ai 50 p. c. on all kinds of
Dental Work. I make Higbeit
Ouality crown and britlgework
at $4 pet tooth���no more-
no less
So when you come over to
Vancouver be sure to see me
Eliminations and Consultations
Be Patriotic
Build up your own city, not
Toronto or any other city
foreign to your own interests-
Keep your money in circula,
tion here
See our
Xmas. Toys
and Dolls
not made in Germany, at
 Drug Stoie
{before sending out of town
Sand and Gravel
Rates; Reasonable AcA6
Royal Standard
Bakes Better Bread
��->      When yon use   ROYAL  STANDARD
\      vou e,et  belter  results- alvayp,    In all
Canada  lliere is  no  belter  flour mode
uo  more  perfect   flour no  uuilter what
you pay.
RdVAl, STANDARD lineiins bipger,
whiter, cleaner btend ol III,I, FOOD
Thousands ol mothers and (rrnntlinoth-
cis will testify lo the SUPERIORITY of
ROYAL STANDARD. Try a sack in
your home��� now.
Royal Standard Grain Products
Wholesale Phone 33; End of Bridge; f. Movitz, Mgr. Retail
No Lights for
The Orchard
The citv council at its meeting
on Monday again turned down the
request of tlie residents aud property owners iu tlie orchard for the
maintaiuence of four electric lights;
although 57 names were attached
to the petition.
After the reading of the minutes
of the last meeting The clerk announced that there were no communications, and onlv four accounts, as follows:
Ford Garage  %   t oo
C. A. Brown       i 50
Chas. Callin         7 50
School requisition  450 00
Tliese, 011 motion, were referred
to the Finance Committee to pay if
found correct.
The petition of H. D. Forde and
56 others for lights iu the Orchard
was then laid 011 tlie table.
Aid. Robertson reported that two
lights over the bridge had been
shot with a 22 rifle aud put out of
Aid. Leighton, for the board of
works, recommended that the road
from the creamery to   Union   Bay
I road be built as   soon as   possible.
,Also that a   sidewalk be   laid from
i the Royal   Bank corner   on Isabel
'street to Drabble street, up Drabble
'to Judson,   aud   that   the   hill on
Drabble street be cut down and the
earth filh-d iu; also   that a   portion
be put on Wallace street  and that
tenders be   asked  for same.   Also
that a culvert iu front of   Eudall's
premises was broken and the  ditch
should be deepeuded.
The city clerk reported   that he
had divided   tlie city   into 3 wards
of nearly equal assessment and population, which was adopted.
The financial report showed that
the receipts to date had been $8,
1550 27, and the expenses58,498,27
j The estimated expenses for the
! balance of the year were $1,207.50
jand the estimated collections $1600
[andabeut $3,000 in taxes would
remain unpaid this year.
A couple of accounts from last
year's school board were presented
and as the amount will be refunded
by the government from taxes
wheu received, were ordered  paid.
When the pound bylaw came up
for final adoption Aid. McKenzie
moved that ft be thrown out the
window. Aid. Leighton said thnt
as the season was so lute now it
might as well go over until next
year. The bylaw was finally adopted and hereafter it will be unlawful for any annual to roam at
latge ou the city streets
Tlie clerk reported that he lnul
given notice of appeal in the case of
West v. tlie city, in which tiie city
had been mulched for 515, the a-
nioiint M'\ West lnul received for
acting as balilT tor Mr. Fenn while
in tlie city's employ. Tiie coiui.il
thought it the better part of valor
to pay the amount than to fij'lit
the case. Mr, West will be requested to return some tools belonging
to the city, whicli so fir he has not
turned in.
Mr. Duncan wns asked to stale
tin" least amount he would settle
his bill for damages for. After a
lot of discussion lie stated that if
the hole was filed in to liis satisfaction and payment made for the
gravel taken he" would be satisfied,
lint would not take $So and let the
hole remain as it ii, A committee
consisting of Aids. Leighton and
McKenzie will try and make arrangements witli Mr. Duncan.
When the petition for lighting
the orchard camp up Aid. McKenzie said lie would uot support the
motion. There was not sufficient
funds on hand. Aid Johnston
said that if tlie company put in tlie
wires and lamps he would be willing that the council pay for the
juice. Aid. Kerton said he was
opposed to putting wires and lights
on coiupauy poles. Aid, Robert-
sou moved, .seconded by Aid.
Leighton, that tlie petition be
granted. Aids. Kerton, Johnston,
McNeil and McKenzie voted against tlie motion.
Aid. Robertson drew the attention of the council to the serious
condition cf Union street above the
j bank corner.
i Aid. Johnston wanted to know
what was the serious matter referred to, Aid, Robertson, "Duck
J ponds in the middle of the street."
j The board of works were instruct-
| ed to fix the road and culvert, the
cost not to exceed $50.
Tenders will be called for grading of hill on Drabble street.
The board of works was ordered to attend to the broken culverts
ou the Lake^Trail, and deepeuing
of ditch.
Aids. McKenzie and Robertson
tried vigorously to have tenders
called for fixing some streets aud
sidewalks in the orchard, but they
were out talked by the rest of the
The city will buy Mr. Cal.iu's
typewriter if the terms eau be arranged satisfactorily.
The couucil decided to allow 5
per cent, off on all taxes paid on or
before December 15.
Two men   were   reported to be
putting in the   city scales   by day
Mr. Beasley   handed a uotice to
the mayor which stilted lhat |0  or
50 more men were wanted ior overseas track laving, etc
Aid. Johuston   wauted   lo know
whether tlieOricni.il-. living in the
town had paid the road tax of >-���
same as other single men did.
Aid. McKenzie said that lie noticed that the orental shops did nut
close iiiiou Wednesday afternoon.
The clerk said thn'. the ,,: ttter had
been brought to his attention aud
he had notified the offt nders and
they had promise!! lo observe the
The aottncil adjourned until next
Monday evening
Liquor License Act.
NOTICE is hereby (riven that mi the
15th day of December next implication
will be made to tbe Hoard of License'
Commissioners of the City of Courtenay
for tlie renewal of llu1 hot' 1 license to
sell liquors by retail iu the hotel known
as the Courtenav Hotel, situated in the
Citv of Courtenav, in tlie Province of
Iiritisii Columbia.
Dated Oct. 13, 191.5.
ELK   HOT'.x.
Coinox, II. C.
Besl M .ils North of ."'
Choicest Liquors aim Cigars
C. A. Martin,   Pr >���>.
General Black;- *
olitii   Youi   Pntronnfrc    Cnrei , [ou
Uivon to Hi     -
Liquor L cense Act.
NOTICE is hereby given that on llie
15th day of December next application
will be made t > tbe Hoard rtf I.ioeine
Commissioners of tlie City of Courteuay
for tlie renewal of the hotel license to
sell liquors by retail iu tlie hotel known
as the Riverside Hotel, situated in tlie
City of Courtenay in tbe Province of
iiritisii Columbia.
0.  H,  I'I'X'IINGR.
Dated Oct. 13, 1915.
Liquor License Act
NOTICE is hereby given that ou the
first day ol December next application
will be made to the Superintendent of
Provincial 1'olicc, Victoria, for renewal
of the hotel license to sell liquors by retail in the hotel known as tlie Lome
hotel situated at Comox, iu the Province
ol Iiritisii Columbia.
Gkorgu li.uu.ow.
Dated Oct. 7th, 1915.
Palace Livery
Horses and  Buggies for Hire _
Terms ca?h.
We  also attend  to  wood hauling
Courteuay Phoue 25
Expert Watchmaker   Qualified      ti ian
Is selling Spectacles and Bye-
glasses from $2.50 per pair,
including sight testing Each
eve testetl separately to insure
correct vision
The Courtenay Jewelry Store
Liquor License Act
NOTICE is hereby given that on the
first day of December next application
will lie made to the Superintendent of
Provincial Police, Victoria, for renewal of
the hotel license to sell liquors by retail
in the hotel known as the Elk Hotel,
situated at Comox, in the Province of
Britisli Columbia.
Ci-cii, Ai.exaxdkr Martin.
Dated Oct, 7th, 1915.
Barrister  and  Solicitor,   Notary Public
P. O. Box 209
When  In  Doubt
Play Trumps
Have Goard Tune Your Piano
Factory Experience
Recommends   from   Leading   W   licians
from tlie Atlantic to the P tcifj
of same furnished on reqti   it
\V. J. Goard   will Oe   In this 1. ���.���.-.
August 1.    Leave orders  at thia   Office,
or write direct to
845, 8th Ave., W.    -   Vancouver
Phone 24
The Courtenay "Follies" will give
an Entertainment in
Martin's Hall, Comox
at 8:15, on
Friday, Nov. 5
Admission 25c      Reserved Seat 50c      Dance 50c
First-Class Plumbing
Hot Water and Steamfitting
Jackson & Whittle
Phoue 9 Courtenay
Advertise In The Review
To Bake
Not to Bake?
The former is really unnecessary when Bread from the
Courtenay Bakery is available
andby reason ofquality has so
many votaries.    Get the A B
habit and'satisfaction
W. Aitken
Oppositenew Presbyterian (i
Counter Check Books
��������� and	
Loose Leaf Billheads
We are now able to supply the needs
of every merchant in the district with
the above goods at exactly the same
prices as quoted by eastern houses.
Holders supplied free. Ring us up
and we will call with samples,  etc.
The Review, Courtenay
Telephone 59 Isabel Street THE   REVIEW.   COURTNEY.   B. C.
The Mystery
in the
rK"iX7fiS Ask for Generous SuPP��rt|Life of the Eskimo The Topic
try own    bul one musi be ��� A.     -
Of the Hour
in the world to cause unnecessary .-uf
\i i ing   good,
enough ot im>  .... ,i        ........  ...
.nil   i���   1;..   kind   -mm limes    I   have   An APPe-H on  B.-half of the   National i
,orketl out  tlie sclie ;   1  have Been Canadian  Patriotic  Fund Census    Taken    of the  Northern   In- ]
the enemy's cards, mil I urn playing      \ye |,aVe ,,���_, entered upon the sec- habitants o* Canada
"due accordingly.    I tell you the step  olu|   year  0f  (|10   KaVi  am|   the  end I    "Nol   lost,    bill   gone   Into  a   blue   Ways and   Means  for  Bettering  the
io imperative." seems  us  (ar  oil'  as  ever.    No one I book," is um mi Incorrect manner of
"Bill   Vera,
.   trontied.    "II   imagined, a vear ag
iill   kill   Vera,    in   normal   circuw
v itli
tried Hie u
ra,    Geoffrey  groniied.    'It   imagined,  u year ago,  that   in   Sep. speaking in regard to much vuluablo   .,.,������,.,,���,���,, . ,.     ,
Vera,    in   normal  clreum-!tomber  ot  1915  Canada   would  have  Information collected nt great cost by v,J,    J_    -;("'lla"  ''���  Black,
he shock  would be great:   s,.ni   across  ,,,,,  Albnti(.  ���eal.ly ���;u.  Ottawa  officials,  nnd  which   rails  to     ,���,    ���,,,'  u' '"''''. It,-',*ina*
1 who has been so Bwtully hmnrjred thousand men, with ns many  reach the eyo ol anybod- sue the dil - *       . ,'," ,?  mm  Important  move
ie\vs may mep loss of rea- mol.e   ,,,  r���|,mv   if   necessary.    This  Igenl   browser amongst'   governmeni ,. ,      '    ',' *}ro8e aniong ,ll(> P���
,,,���������!i , ii. .lm,.   n-l,in.     i���  ,:     i-   _1_��  ��� I'1'   "'  'be  west is iiiuiulesliv sweet
By Fred M. White
Ward,   Lock   &   Co,   Limited
... London,   Melbourne  and  Toronto m,
(Coutinui uj
\s he benl his back lo lhe work,
lie toppled oi er the a -h wltb iwo
shoi'l litlliups in his hands. The oars.
too, ha.i been sawn through nnd Oi offrey was helpelcss, four miles from
Iiiini in mi open boat, with no means
uf progress and nobody In sight.
The position wns nhrinlug. There
would In nothing for it but to wall
until some passing crnfl came along
and picked him up, Qui the time '.vent
by  wlthoul   any  sie,n  of a  boal   and
starvation might  be the resuli.    Nor | '] '���'   ' """ '   '""."   '''  '"' ""''  ""'  od, lhal  the reserves are being inn
was the position improved when ll be- J A\2n?,:     '"' '"''""'    ""���'   '""' comes  eriully decreased and thai il atlon
tan tu dawn upon Geoffrey  thai   ihe j ���' '. ���**��� nl  executive committee  now   llnds it
boat was filling fast. i     "'      ,'  ,"'"'  ',      '7 A    ' necessary to  make n  Curtlier appeal
lie saw tlmi a large hole had been  "��J* "'V*'1   '���'1',r " . ;"��''<>'l>    Posing   t   ������. ,.'������,,���,��� pnblk,
bored  in  the  bottom and  filled  with  Nlev,eiihuelT 1,e **'cl ",01 "eelect prop-      .... I
smne kind  of  suhstai.ee  lhal   slowly I *'r  Precautions.    As   he  reached  tli
People's Schools
bul ii would be flying In the face ol
Providence to Inter.ere with the delicate and deeply laid scheme nf a man
like Tcliigorskv.
"All right,*' he suid.   "I'll do ns you
he  boat    off wlthoul
Vnu   will  understand
Then  pm
Further dela
'men have gone forward witli the i,
assurance thai  Iho people of Canada
1 ��ill see lo il IhaJ during Iheir ah.
seme, their wives, widowed mothers
and liule children shall be maintained
in i omfort. We hear thai tbe drain
upon ilie luiiii is assuming large proportions,  lhai   in  meel   the  neoib
tiiuuruu  on   wun  us ,101111   himself tlle
Greal   d fflcully    was    experienced  udvnnlage of the  world's rlpoBt edu
b-  lhe oili mils,    iiotwlthstandliig lhn
; help  of an   Interpretei
l:";":    Ibe invarlahls reply  was * none    ,,���,��� ^   ,,������   w   ScM   Spettkjn��.
hav    ml,    mul     endless   calculii Ions  ,���   sasltntchewan   l.eglslatlvo  Assem
barking   liack   to  outstanding    local   hlv .,,, |11,.lllil.,. nll(| mMeie,. ���r ,.,|ll(.u
events, scores ol  years since had to  Uoll   .lMir. ,, ,,,.,,  ,hougn  ,,,,.   0|100|
he entered into in  the inittve before i
 o-      ...      ...v      .. ... ...   o     st|IVDS     t>UU
withstanding the  cll(.*onnl  science  nml  experience.
tor   Asi.ed   lhelr     *j*|i, vemenl  wns launched when
reply   wns 'none:  u.i    n .-   ..    ..
, ,������,   rMl  ,���  ���6 8 , X  ?S-��^^ fo .Province hm, been n
entry in ihe age column.    Uskl
Hill  ea.'il;
heir mode of d,
s    Intricate,
month,"   "duv
iip to le
lei mlr.atl
'lhe tei
above Mini i
ire absoluti
one   lor   pioneer  days,   llu
time   was   now   ut   h ii ml   ior  u   I'lindn
menial   revision  ami  readjustment ol
I tin    '
lost   of mysteries to   un Eskimo, und his Ian
aws mul regulations  relating to
coniiuoii    schools,    particularly
in cm,bin districts,    while not
Mired   in   lie   liollo.n   um     il ei    wnli   ���'                 ';" '"   "'"  "'��� ���>���������* ��""'' There      are   mnnv   funds    most   uf i "tjsiei ies ,u    un  I'.sKiino, uud bis l.iu  , ,.,_,    ,,:���-, . ,.,.               ,   "	
some  kind  of  substance  lhal   slowly  er  Precautions     As  he  reached    he ������,,��� �� ��         ���/���,,.,   ,, ,  ,, ',������,.  K"age has no Iranslmio,, for ihem; |.t.   .     '    '   H',,    s           ,    '       ,l" ""-
dissolved   In   lhe   water.   With   a   till  cave again be found   rchlgorsky lying .       kind Is th" ,.,w,��� ���    ��� ,  a low I knows ""l.v "summer"   ami -winter."      ?'" ""]*:, .   , *<-!'*"<''l '""I1-
dipper Geoffrey worked away with all P" ;l,  "���"I' "' ^ ���**-'i'w"'"1 8���okl"S �� the full, it Is the duty of tb"' gov"??.  tlla laUc'' l��**����B nine or ten monil.s   �� ^ '   4"'"  "' '"""^ I"""'11"- ��b
i.tSt^XT&J?.1 IK i ; 7;'   W* - 1-e.to I bank Mrs. May ' -^o mm,, ^^nVZ& I ��     ^^  ^Ui  t^i "tt Lf^S^ ��'��� ^   T^'l
'bat tlie exertion would soon tel, up-  ^bl^^^
"'"Help!"    he  cried.    "Help!    be.pi   ?-><y "O^'-"���.knew it was coming6; ^^
He ceased to call as sudden!
had begun, Whal was the use of calling so long as nobody could hear him?
And why waste tlle breath lhal would
be so preciotiB to him later? He could
not see lhal a mass ol wreckage und
seaweed had drifted close to the bout.
He saw ntitliine; till it Hue thrown Into
the boal struck hlni smartly on the
lace.    Mr looked up.
"Can      you   manage   to   keep   her i
allonl?" a lion,'so voice came from the
v i-oekage,
"For an hour, perhaps," Geoffrey re-
Ither,   ner
,     ,.,,u,���.       'I    Vabcsso  ,���   ,���,.  riiin,   .      t-j      bene(1-s -     ���*      - fl_
lauaged to make hlmsel   understood education  without being weane,!
iy  nsking  flrsl   it   Ihey   had  an   Iglo I,
family home), a koney i w
. a   pit
I kt-nini (children).   Absence oi family
surnames   effectually   hides   the  pos
a wu v  IT
ntry lire; the revision.
of the curriculum particularly with ;.
view to giving agriculture a more era-
.     .   , ..... jvaseomlns,     , t, , generogUy    oI
iu  lint,  very  lit tie*  can  hup hmi  how   ..   .  ,      ....
,       )tl    ; ,-SC0Unt.;:;',;'; ���    ,��'s?"u|'," ."'av; ",���'",'"'
'" I My ruse suec . dec  capitally.   Heboid    fht ,R' �� " battleB' .^"evins tlmi we
""'in me Hon Heer, one of the two nils-   ��?a���nt   wl.li"   we  f8."1   wllf    V  u)l\
creants who succeeded  In destroying    llom.,s   le5r���we"t Co78rd: 'Go und
....      ,,      ,,i,,������     ���,���.i.i,   i  i��� ,i,   ' we will cure lor llie wile am   kuUlies.
i trnnf      (0lle,,gne |)e"'~',l!l "' ""���   It   would   be  to  our  everlasting dis-
" "The princess Is convinced of lhal ?" N^f " "��;' ��lfse ��'ere broken,,
"Absolutely. She is certain that 1, . ' hA "on**' Mganizattons, with
Sergius Tclilgorsky, have none over l��eadnuarters at Ottawa and branches
to the greal majority. Besides, l have ��' 8ff" fte* associations, In every
placed proofs ��� my alleged crime InM""1,1" "le n"m"',t"1- w worthy ol our
he,- hand the Garuda ilone all lhe ,no,s f0eu��r��l,S """"' '��� " , , , ,"
fuss was about. II Is a clever imita-1!"',,lo"s ;"" ever-growing task that
tlon, bin thai Is beside the (piestlon."  *' h:,s undertaken.
"So you have been  taken  into her " VCttUV eHlulur.a    U[1 uu jiveraee mis     "_  ~  ~*	
Dnfldence?" Waste of Feed seemed  to  run" anywhere  from  $sou!'"'. sn,,"ls ,hr,t,1.1"1.' '"'"'"'''I  to <-'"'',."lr
to $1,000, but worth, 0f course  u vast a,slns'?,?   emfe,y il:i11 enterprise;
  'deal   more   if   these   hunters ' of   the    ''!'   '," f'" ' A' ,""'   '"��� !'"''<��'��>   BJ'S-
frozen solitudes could market the pro-  kl"   ttnd   P��ssibIe  creation   ol   rural
surnames  eiTecuiaiiy   limes   Uie  pos-  tral    )ace .���=,  1Tml?,.inf. (h(, K..hooll,
s > '" "'"'"'s relationships of the m ,   , ,    t,  ,   ,,���.,    ,. t gl
same generation or of one generation , tor citizenship in such �� province
irom another, whieh added to the cen- Ls' Sttskatei,ewan;     the   creation  of
BU?rl,a ,_'8, S?Jp ?xltle_; ���,, ,    educational means to meet the needs
liie.r ability to reckon  with much \   r    , ,,,,       ��� , , v       ,
accuracy higher than he lota niini- eatab]Iali__enl of 7, school district wat
ber of fingers and thumbs oi heir |mpracticable; tho abolition of wha-.
pair of hands mad. i burde some to k ��� d .,,m���m.,ti(. ��� school s,,ull,.
ascertain any Idea ol an individuals d ������, eslablIshmen, ,������ a B7Btor_
yearly earnings.    On an average Hns...,.   ,._...
"Thai Will do," said Ibe other. 'I ve,     .,,,.���     ", .,,,,���,
got a paddle here.    Hitch the rope oil !        Vel '  ""' |0!t8c"-'   llat-     !ul  "'" -v , 	
to the nose of tlle boal and hale out f8* Bclieme ,s '���',''":'tl''' K" '���"' il!; ''"- Car, .. ���, . . ,-.,.., . _ .._��� '
for all vou mv worth. This is another | ';llis ai'e concerned to some oi ns. and , ^ Should be Taken in Feeding ,
of  the'princess's  little  tricks.    I  ex-1 'boi'dorc   I  am   in  u   position  to dis-1       Animals   in   Order  to   Prevent
peeled ii     Only ii  hasn't turned oul
count ihe future,    In ordinary ctrcuni-
tj u i tc
Now. bail
ii  Au, w-ay" il'.V.T'V u'ni'lrlpni'"rt. j ^r^L^1 ""Ifn "'n^nil^H,.?���^ !    Tlio balan.
you agalnsl  going fishing today, and
eel   ou  ll
farm would show a much larger pro- counted for by lhe hunter's capture of
,. ,.   .   , ,;      :     , "   ��� ��� ,.  superintendencies,    so   Unit   country
S_S_s��_*T -b3_ ! sa_��_a__n_p a
us given would be ac-
proved so beneficial
"Tehigorsky,"     Geoffrey     gasped ' ""ls checkmated  the  foe agate;  bul , ;,, ,    |0 Httig ten  or  twenty  polar  hears,  of  anv-,"".',.R0 ""'   .     .    .,  ",    ,
"Tchtgofskyi" ;,i,i'    tt!'!,kl havo "l","  '"���"'"��""��� i     ll i     I,,,    i     ��� , ki where  from   twenty-live  or  thirty  lo        '',1  prS?ler tn?M,    ""  a?88m, y
���Wo much nl your service. 1 rigged      '^et   I  wanted the princess to    Se'X^ffl���'^ ft0���^UB, _  one    Hundred  red  foxes, of possibly   |   V'^ 'Jmn, dl iea    orm'i, e, '���M-
up (his contrivance this morning and j ��^ ��'    "'\ ��    "n" !   '   "      ��� '   "''  lake  ihe  time  to  count  up   what  is  two, three or four narwals, of eighl to  ��� 8 f 88t   �� '" ;   '   ' *.   ," ��    n�� d;
ill about  it   when  we are ashore
II. was lui nl and weary work for
both of them, hut it was Accomplished
ut last. Ueoffrey was utterly exhausted when tlie bout was safely beached,
and Tehigorsky, too. fall the effect of
his exertions, lie lifted himself cautiously off his rati and mado ,i dart
for one of the caves.
Inside he had dry clothing, long
flowing robes, Wig, and hair for his
face, pigments thai changed the hue
of one hemisphere n> that ol another,
Geoffrey, limp and exhausted with admiration,
"It's wonderful," he suid. "bul then
yOU are a wonderful man. Tclltgorksy.
llow did ii all happen?   Who did ii?"
Tchigorskj smiled as he touched up
111 ' laee.
"Ii vas Inspired by a woman and
carried oul by a woman,' he said. "I
dared nol v.ni-n you before you started, and indeed I expected further developments. Bill a woman doctored
j on    boat  for you."
Geoffrey   started   as   un   id; a   came
lo blm,
"Was she young and -ornl looking?"
he asked.   "Dressed in
"Dressed," Tehigorsky smiled, "In a
blue serge dress and a red tam-o'-
shaiiler. l nuuil not ask ii you have
mel llie lady
"Who was ii  tampered    with    ih
boal ?"
"Vou win learn in good lime. Let
us meanwhile assume thai i, was lhe
work of one of my dusky companions.
For the presenl you and I remain
where we are���till dark probably���
when it will be possible to smuggle
you ntv lo your uncle's room. 1 have
not been regardless of your creature
comforts, litre are cold meat and u
balile  of  champagne.    We  dine  to-
^Geoffrey accepted his portion win, ! feeding ."oors which will' not "only
resignation. And Tehigorsky was an : P*��' '"-���'��� cos '" '"' w.f ' ',e-v sa���ve
entertaining companion.    There  was   n �� few years  but enable the quai-
, nlluessii, his presence. ten. [0 be  kept   In  a  more  sanitary
"Very well," Geoffrey    said'as he ��� V1" ""���     , ,,,    ,      .,.,.,
lighted'   a   cigarette,     "We   are   safe       '""���'' *'u'-'  '"' waslSd wUe��  "  ,s [^
,.,    ,,,,.,  ,��� ,,,..   ,    . iul  session  of  the  legislature  might
urprised  al  the large quantity  tbat  be throws to IiUi dogs-         ��� ,    ���        , fl, (    ,  ��� ,       b    ,
c^Mln^fu^e8161'8 '�� "" m��re byWtneetr   1,,^^ whlc^^con & ,     [fd almos,  exclusively to Introdu.
���"on? of the 'mos,' common ways of! bleak way ���nn���a,,y,   an Eskimo's lo-     * "   ^o '"y"? ni as    muld'n a e U
wasting tied  is i��� feed it.upon the | would Mj be__so_hcpelessly mifortitn-1 ^^ ���, no;](i [n |h{, Kom_   V
.'round when the surface, is wet or
soft. Deed scattered uliout in this
fashion will soon he trampled upon
and buried under tne mud. Pigs, especially, are wasteful of feed given
to Ihem in ihis way, but many I'eed-
,���, i .   i ���  ..   , ��� ! second to none In  Ihe world,
uie.     Ihe    traders    'skin    Ium    as1    .    ,,,... ,���������,���,.���,..   >;,.   vi-iii.���,.,i,i,.-
, , , , ,,,...        ,.1    iaei-e pioou.sab, .ui.  w  iui," mi,
thoroughly us lie impel.s the victim ot j ���..,������,,.���.  ,!,- ,i,���  ������,���,t.i,i������   i,-���-(n\.
iiis prowess wtlh spear or arrow out j
lis  leader of tlie  opposition,  heartily
on the ice Hoes or in his It vale on the |,C0"8mie ��� ,,ml sl.nC8 ' "'" 'hero bus.
frigid, emerald waters of the inlets. ��?n 1m0ore Tn,es\,B, y, f,."J?'i*!
Subsequently at the outpost factories  schools are and should be Ihan evei
o Ihem in (his way, but many ,1'eed-l -uusequeiuiy at tueouipost lactones   before" ln "any like period,
rs have, realized Hie..loss und have | be  exdianges-equally _, guilelessly���|    Thi, flrst  -(, rcsI)'(J1!(I  |o
prevented   it   by   building   concrete
Xow's   lhe   linn
i iii the mangers in excess of the anl
recital of vour thrilling adventures In mal's 1,ec,ls' ,���s   .is !',!os" ih'Ai ^
, ��� i easily  preventable,  ior Uio  leeder tl
'"Agreed," Tehigorsky cried. "Where  |;,e [a observing will know Just  how
did i lone oii"'" much the aiilmal will eat up clean.
"You lad been gagged and bound at      <>n   Kom"  'AA*   lho1  gren,t    loss I
the Instigation o   the princess." ��""����� '? .^Sft ,       tat* ���T
"True, it is also true that hul for hucl- " tbe.foo that.is taken into
lhe Intervention of the same princess "f ,S>,-St , L , , "1 "e"y i'-S,m,'
we should have bee,, lorn lo piec- ���- Ililled  ''""''   wa8tet1'    s,ml<!    ",mmlls
lhe spot; and, Incidentally, I may mention that that would have resulted in
will  slop  eating  when  the  stomach
is  full,  while others  will  eut so long
ubsolule cviiiHtion of the house of I f , "���"   k\ ���yil)]"S, .f�����     \l)c,A
ftavenspur.    The men who a moment  A'llmuls such as the Utter should he
had    been    grave    reserved  8hen onl,y ll*8,amo��St.o( U',011 t,at
his m6iiey,"or anv remaining furs' he :. i.'1". &rat .'" respond lo the preni-
happens lo have, for a few pounds of,'"''�� invltaUon for suggestions were
biscuits and tobacco, pipes, matches, naturally the teachers 0I the prov-
some few yards of showy cotton lnce',wn0* Ibrough the board ol sub-
goods. God help the poor Eskimo! The ! examiners conducting lhe annual de-
early Indians of Quebec or Ontario Partmental examinations last July,
were not treated more generously un- presented very important memorials
dor either French or English bus- lo,tne minister oi education. The
pices, it mav be. but at least lie. pur- autumn is the season tor teachers
sued his hunting under circumstances conventions and every week liund-
to which lhe Eskimo's life is little mls �� other professional educators
short of a cold storage hell." are debating  In  whal    respects the
 ��  i school  system   is   open   lo    improve
. menl.
ude to a car ,    Every Important  newspaper In Uie
My auto, 'lis of thee, sliorl cul to province has vigorously supported Ihe
poverty���of the. I chant- 1 blew u campaign of discussion and it is evi
pile of dough on you two years ago, tlenl that it is to supply the great imp-
now you refuse to go, or won't, or | ular topic for boll, correspondence
can't. Through town and country-land editorial columns this winter.
side, you were my joy and pride���a I Most important Ol all, however, is
happy day. I loved thy gaudy hue, the  the growing response of labor unions,
beads to his fori head, and he lay at
tho entrance to the cave exhausted.
Meanwhile Tehigorsky had appeared again clad in tlie long Oriental
robes thai sull -,l blm so well. Kven
In lhe strong lighl thai tillered
through n crack on to his face Geoffrey found it Impossible to recognize
"All  riglit."  Geoffrey  gasped.    "I'm
a Utile bit pumped, of course" Tehigorsky pointed to the boat pulled over j
Uie ledge of i'ock
alicisin has been displayed ill civilized
dominions. They were nol any worse
than the bigots who burned yonr Hug
lish marlyi
B.C.   Timber
ruder the direction of the Hon. the
���   ..���  ...  , ���,. ���,, ������  ���   portion
iy. 1 paid for line u price, 'twould of the province- The president is Mr.
buy a mansion twice, now all ure yell-' w. P, Reekie of Weyburn and the seeing "ice" ���1 wonder why? Thy motor retary, Mr. W. G. Gates, Box 1101.
has the grippe, thy spark plug has ; Moose Jaw. The Manitoba govern-
tllO pip. and woe Is thine.   I, loo, hnve ! menl   sent   a   special   representative
i martyrs. under the direction ot tne Hon. tne | --r. >'������", -���**;,, ,',:', .";-   """���   *'  :
We should have been torn to pieces j Minister nf Lands, an attractive pam-  suffered chills, ague und kindred ills,   (0 this convention.
on the spot, as I told you, bul for the phlet entitled "Iiritisii Columbia Tlm-,  rylng .to  pay   my   bills,  since  thou |    Very seldom hus n subject or such
authority  of the  princess,    So  com- ber" has been prepared  for dlstribu- w8rt mine.   Gone is my tank roll now,  vital concern to tlie average citizen so
monplace  a  death   did   nol   siiii   her tion among the buyers    in overseas  n�� more 'twould choke a cow, as once engrossed the attention of such a mul-
ideas of ilie eternal fitness of things, markets,   ll is intended to draw the before.   Vel, If I had the mon, so help  titude of the people of ho west.
Many and   mnny  u   lime afterwards,   attention   of   Importers   overseas   to  me John, Amen!    I'd buy a car again I  ���
when  racket!  by agony,  |  deeply do- the  foresi   products  of lhe  province, |and speetl sonie more,
plored that supposed act of clemency. KOd especially to ihe facilities for ex
Women Desire Franchise
..-.-     - .. .   ,,.������ e..|...-.......  ... .....   ..-.. ���-. ���_-, In  Winnipeg    alone     7,600   women
'���Then oblige me by shoving her off  It would have been a far moremercl- porting Briiish Columbia lumber. Con-  Canadian   Wheat    For  New  Zealand [ |mve  already  signed   ihe. petition  lo
and letting her sink In shallow water,'1   ful death. sistlng of nearly forty pages, and con-     Fifty thousand bushels    of    wheat  the Manitoba government asking lot
he said.   "It is not pleasanl and mny (To be Continued) talnlng nearly thirty illustrations, the  bought in Canada  by lhc New Zea- an equal franchise with the men. The
cause  your  friends  a   great   deal  of . I pamphlet treats of the  principal ex- ] land  government  nre  being shipped,  league alms at a total of 22,000 for the
This is Hie second Instalment of one , province and some of the workers are
hundred thousand bushels purchased,, building on having a list of 50,000
In addition to four hundred thousand  names lo show  tlie government  tlie
pamphlet treats of the principal ex
anxiety, bin for a little while It will be      ''I   know   two  tunes,    real    well!"   portable   woods,  their   qualities  and
necessary for tlm world lo regard you   boasted  the  poor  whistler.    "I    am   uses, together  with  information con-
as one who lias met    with a watery   pretty sure one of theni is -Tipperary.'  cernihg    Iheir    strength  value
grave." but I'm kindu afraid tiie otner Isn't."  suitability for various uses.
"But surely this  doc- nol  apply to , ,	
iny family?" Geoffrey nsked anxiously. ~ " ~
"To your family mosl of all," said
Tehigorsky coolly, "ll is all part of the
"My  dear  boy.   l  am  the lasl   man
bushels secured lasl winter.
I earnestness of the demand.
W. N. U. 1075
Don't Persecute
your Bowels
tJS^^^gy*���- ntyt!*
PiircU'veRl*t;iblf, Act
venttyoatlto liver
fat (to
VA lUadatlti em: hHigenUon, as millioni f*noar*
-Snail Pill, Small Dose, Small Piico.
Genuine musi bew Signature
Britain's Cattle Flag
Banana I'.uur
i <
The Match
Of Today
Is the perfected product <>f
over 60 years experience in
the match making business.
Silent Parlor
If correctly held and struck
on any rough surface, is warranted io give a steady, clear
light, lirsl stroke.
Hull,    -    -    -    Canada
Evolution of the Flag of Freedom on ' Meal   of  tlie   Banana   is   Used   Mixed
Which the  Sun  Never Sets With  Wheat  Flour
The anctenl Britons, conquered by ' I he nu,nun,,,ure of hauuini meal !
.lulius Caesar, toughl under stand or Hour ns a regular industry prom- |
ards on wWch wire displayed the Ises to be au oft'eel of the year real-.
figures ou nnininls nml birds eornmon ! t--d by Jamaica, The diminished'
to various sections of iheir country, sales oi bannr.as have led to careful
Anion-; these were ilie bear, ilie wild experiments, nnd ii cousulur reporl I
boar, the vulture, the raven, lhe states that In one ol' these BS" pouuds
hliiei. eagle, tlie.,cormorant, the wolf,  of frull yielded    138 pounds of Hour, 1
I the stng and even the rain. the   cost    being low enough to make ���
|    There    were,  of    course,    no  silk selling ui twopence i, pound very pro j
standards in those days, the material  fltntle,    Mixed with wheat  Hour, the
used  fur  ihese  Muss    being woollen j banana meal   makes satisfactory and '
cloth or leather.   Caesar sent a mini- i nutritious   bread    nnd    cakes    thai
hor of Britisli bauners to Rome after I housewives ure   urged   to   try.    l'or
.the coniiuesi ot Britain. bread the iuaterla-1 n>n>   be eiiual  io
In 1000 A.D. u standard benrlngjor somewhat less than the wheal
n raven wus unfurled In Euglnnrt by flour, and Cor plain cake or ginger
ilie conqiierlug Danes; in InsT the bread the banana meal may be rub-
ennlgn of William Rul'iis bore the stinted ontlrbly for oilier flour, the
effigy of n young eagle looking the t usual Ingredients being added. -Tit-1
sun in the I'ucp, with  -| i ndnre ll" for' Bits.
a motto. I   	
In   1606   Hie    tlrst     British   I'nion   *	
Jnok, combining si. George's and St,
Andrew's croEs und symbolizing lhe
| union between Ungland und Scotland,
'wus decreed hy Kin;; James Ibe Sixth
I oi' Scotland nnd h'lrsl ot England, in
1801, when In land was unl od lo the
j empire, tho cross of St. Patrick  wnr.
j udded lo Ibose of SI Goorg, nnd SI.
Andrew, lliuu forming tho trlnltj
crosses which constitute the meteor
due of England, on which the ami
uevor seis.
�����_cTloN_n    L w vV J
_=rS^*fi     CONTAINS  NO ALUM
'this X-'������.     VVe unnesilatingly recommend Magic
��%ffiff!Kl!    H*-kl;'- powclcl' �� being the- best.purest
IS COMPOSED Of THEV I i 1      I.I f I   I   i i r    ,    .
MNOINBREDI-J     and most hcaltntul baking powder that
HI A ENTS AND HGHC0THER�� |     it is possible to produce All ingredients
!; I3^��8g||    ^ P[:^]y Pnnied on (he label
ri i    TtL_/^-
Million Dollar Contract     Canadian ('aide for France
We offer one Hundred Dollars Ke- I
wani  for any    case ot Catarrh  that!
caunot be   cured    by Hull's Caltirrli '
Cure. i
!���'. .! CHENEY ��� CO., Toledo, O. j
We, Uie uuderslsn, il, buve known I''. '
J. Cheney for the Ins, 16 years, uml be- '
Ifevo lilin perfectly honest In all business .
transactions uml iliianclnlly able lo carry
oul any obligations uiadu by his lirm. ' ���
Canadian Woollen Mills Get Giant Or-   Beginning   of   Trade   Which   Will   be
> der From  Italy Built  up   Between   Canada  and
j    Canadian woollen mills are working Europe
ona huge order from the Italian gov-      According to tha    Weekly  Qui
cnineiii.    1 Ins order Is ior one linn-: 0 r the department  of trad,   and
red     hoi sand blankets und no   ess | ���u.,���,  , ���,, ���,,liK ol Canatllan    ,
tha    six hundred  thousand  woollen  have nrrlved in France.   Thtg is
shits.   It was placed through the Ital- .ginning ot the importation b*   Pi
inn    commission  In  London and was   ot ,������,��������� llv��� ,.���',,��� ,,.���  tt.j��� ...   .
���    ir,    e,   T!f\     V 1""'!"V" ,",*���''������'inlr.-il  to  keep  up  the stock  o
sonal representatives to  Bngland  by  countr'y  which  is  being  depleted   by
Ue Canadian mills    rhese represent-  war conditions.    Arrangemenl
allies dealt directly will the Italian   been made wliereby ,,,,..,,,. la ,
Mmmlsalon and were able to satisfy   ,civi.   tro-   Kn!dll*���   ,���    ,..
hem as lo the capacity ol the Canad-   rrMI ��� ���,,,,,. in adaitlon   0 miS|       .
: 1  ���:,!,' S,0" tllS f|";""   *��> '"* required from thirty t ,
I      ,     ���!      ,,''  '       ' ���      ,, ��� ���      l"  f��rtJ   thousand  head  of cal
An  Importan   factor    in obtaining:  fee(l tne alw,   Ti���, ,. .....    ,
the contract  was  the undertaking of I POiinecUo-i   with     tin
Toledo, O.   HOMESTEAD  ENTRIES the department of    trade    and coin-    ���',,',,   ,.'"..    :'    .
i    Hall's Catarrh Cura is token interna ly, ��-how   mr   nPi-pcAoc   m��r���  tn  ,,,,lm"   ,, .���     r, , , ���   ''���'""' ol  Canadian   cati
acting directly upon, the blood and mu<H oH0W   BIG   DECREASE   meice   to  assume   the  lesponsfbiity  teresting to note thai   1.021
ous siui'aeos of the system. Testimonials ���  lor tbe  inspection  ol  the goods. Tlie ....    lU ,    , .*,
 i free.   Prlco J5    cents ner    bottle, j War  Has  Had Telling  Effect  on  lm-  contract   is  worth  a  million  dollars-   n't  Saint Nazairc
migration  to  Canndian   West        Already  deliveries    are  commencing	
Homestead entries in Western Can-  i? '",'. '!'.'"!.���' , T'"' ,,"ods u'i!1l1"' sel'l I respect.       i
uuafor the first seven months of this | ^.^n](ork t0 0enou as tl,c mosl
Bold  bv  all  ilrutigfsls.
Tuke  Hall's l'-amily Pills for constlpa-
all  oi   whli
hen lhe utmosl satl ifael Ion   Q
idn for the lirsl seven months of this
yonr totalled 10,270, a decrease of 5,-i'
If yuu feei 'Ol , ol ��..'< I-i 'lti''i DOWN' 'tiOT tin* Bl.' Eg"
tvrtfmt trots KIUNI .". Bl thUKR. IIKRVUUS D15KASUS,
wnt�� for FRttrZ t UTil H IUND URDK *L ��n**k OS
tines di*--*-.;-;-! n���.| WOMDKRFUL CI "hs rfferted bv
Non-Fattening Foods
Many roods whieh are nourishing I 8-13 as compared with the correspond-
do noi proiliue I'al. Tlle two kinds '"S period of last year. Tliere were
wliieh create fatty tissues are fats 2,954 lower entries In Saskatchewan, i
of all kinds, like butter lard, drip- 3,002 fewer iu Alberta, nnd 145 (ewer
pens Hood cooked in them), and the!"1 Brltsli Columbia, lu Manitoba lhe
large group    ot    loods    classed    as  entries  this year have totalled 2,3001 Minard's  l.iniineni  Co,
I .limited.
No'lollo* up ,
Ur.n Co.tlAVl
is WAia w
va allmtnt.  Akiolulsly FRee
.. No obllgstlons. Dh. UeCLKkc
.   1'IIERAPIOM  AIM. Hill, SOU.
I starches. If eaten m excess starch ns compared with 2,092 last year, tl Is Dear Sirs,���J ean recommend MtN-1 trailsporlatloi
! will be iuid up in the body us super- interesting to note Unit during July ARD'S UN1MENT for Rheumatism carried out."
I ll,unis or stored fat. homestead entries were made  by  22  and  Sprains,  as   I   have  used   ii   fori    This is onl
Following   Is  a  lisi   of  nourishing Germans nnd  HM Austro-Hungarlans.  both   with  excellenl   results.
foods  which  will  not produce  excess   s ours truly,
A   Real   Asthma   Relief.���Dr.   J.   D.I T .1!. I..Will!*.
Kellogg's Asthma "Remedy bus never' St. ,lobn.
been advertised by oxtrnvaganl state-
tiotaloes';' fruU'oj'all kinds except ban-1 ments. lis claims are conservative
anas- grain or cereals, except oatmeal indeed, when judged by lhe cures
and rice    beans and cheese; milk, In  whicli ,1 performs.   Expect real relief
small quantity eggs aw1 perninnenl benefit when you buy 	
Mill,  und  eggB    will  fallen  unless  Ulls  remedy and  you  will  noi   have1
exercise is taken or   the body is In cause  for  disappointment.     It  gives
uml   thc   parliamentary    agrli iltttra
committee, were  both   r, p     , ni   I  ..
tho posl of Sitinl  Nnzaii
Canndian  cattle  arrived,   an
. one wns greatij   in pr is, I  v
quantity  of    the   animals
from    Canada, and i ip, ,
favorablo , ondltion , und, r ��
oi  th,
a beeini
I tat:
meals,   like chicken,    while
i lish, lean heel', all vegetables except
Captain   Bernier   Discovers   Land     , h,.���,,,   un.u  11](,  ,���.,,.,,���
Captain  Joseph   Bernier,  Canadian  shall be In a position to get  mr
waterproof collars a��o our���    ,' "'   f' ,'s      ���   ��� c0e0a is i permanent   relief    in    many uses   , l ���""-'"'  Joseph   Bernier,  Canadian shall be In a posl,ion to get
Something  bettor  tban   linen  and  bi*  a ve y .un dovii eonfltllon. Cocoa is\v                                 remedies have Arctic explorer, lias returned on the 0f the trade.
!Srrl  ��T ��uw or dlroct" SUt? ��5R-   '   lftUenins """K ,"b0'                           utterly failed. vessel Guide, after a successful trip	
idiiim    for ����'.��� we will mail you         j                  ^7~"             _                                    -  to new land discovered in the north,                     French  Tribute
the arlincton company of Canada ! Greatly Discouraged
68 Fras&r Avenue, Toronto, Ontario
2n every Town in Canada to sell "Sterling Clothes" to measure.   They are absolutely guurauleed.   Write for particulars.
535 College Street Toronto
I    '
and lighl sewing at home:  whole
���or spare time, work .sent nny distance;
pany, Montreal
Whnt   would  hav<
Oil   in   Bread I known as Baffin  Island, Whlcb 111 1010
,^ ft   .    .    mi I    Bread In which olive oil was used  wi" be recognized as a Canadian pos-, .      ...    ,   .
Over KabyS  Illne^S instead of lard was found to bo very  ��'���o<i-    ���s newly-discovered land, j f,-"VL"""-,"���  n_"'e ��L
  much sweeter nnd more tender.   The j which  Is located In the Arctic archi-
Mrs los Gaudreau, Voire Dame same quantity of oil waj used as P��lago, "bout 2,500 miles -from Que
des Hois ("ue writes: "Last autumn I had been used 111 lard, and after the b8c> comprises 500,000 aires ol tern
our baby was very sick aud we were  loaves were made up for baking they j ""'.v ?�� extensive as France and Italy
"rdatlV discouraged.    The doclor did were   rubbed over with lhe oil, which  combined. The only casualty reported
not  seem nble to help  him  nnd  we  improved  the  crust.    The   healthful-  by   Captain Bernier. was the loss of
t seem nine to neif
began using Baby's Own Tablets
whicli soon made l'.ini a fat, healthy
cliild-" Thousands of other mothers
give Baby's Own Tablets the same
praise. The Tablets regulate the
stomach and bowels, break up colds I sin'."'
and simple fevers, expel worms, cure ',    "Never."
ii  lhe  German  fleer    had  drive
from the seas uiul had blue1,   I
If Germany had been able to .  i
herself  in  America and    elsewhe
Britain goes lo war.    Immediately the
German Heel  is forced  to confln
self lo its own territorial waters  G
many Is blockaded and cut oft  fr
ness of olive oil as a   food    is well   one lil('- u German, who while taking
known i photos  ol  the  islands,  wandered  loo
1   far away from the Eskimo settlement  co"ntrl"-s   w ���*,*-*���   supplied
.,    ,        , ., ,,     ;.,,,,i ��.,,��� Mai cotton,    metals and munitions of al
"Charley,   dear,    said   young Mrs.  unci was lost. ,���,,,,.  fmm Mimtrin ��ii��p��   rm  ���
, , \ IthO-ol ho,"    llin    lidn    .....c    tuuiriaeatitl I -u" l**,    IIUUI    ('Oil II, I ten    WIICIO,    IOO,   d,
do you ever buv on a mar-      Aiiogeinei   ine  nip  was  successful |��������� ,  ������-���
in    every way and brings to a eloso  01��e million of her reservists, who ar
spare time, work sent any distance; n ,uu, make {eethin aasy, They ..Well( wllv d0���.( you, ,( seems t(
arges paid, send stamp lor pnriie- ,m g_1(] b moalclne aealers or by me much safer to dabble around thc
us.    National  Mauufncturllig Com-  maj, ���, 26 cents a box from The Dr.  edge and avoid getting in too deep..'
The First Step in Economy
When people -re compelled by circumstances to economize on their
former rale of expenditure Ihey begin
by cutting down tho things they can
best spare. They give up sonic things
altogether and others    they   reduce
I Captain Bernier's fiftieth year of Iif,
11 seems to""  ""'  water,
e .
Pills     of   Attested   Value.���Purine
unable lo rejoin.    Our army  is  reinforced  by an army which,   is beini
mude up, slowly but surely' of all I ���
best,   fighting   material,   not   only
.Medicine  Co.,   Brockvllle,
That is. the position of tlie nation today, us il is the position ol all the
Belligerent nations. Every man, woman and child can help, and will have
lo do so sooner in- later. The lirsl
step    in  economy is to stop waste,
A Doctor's Experience       [tain roots and  herbs, and  the action
r>,..i.j ,i Tta,,n�� i Medicine   Not  Needed   in  This  Case I ot such as sedatives and laxatives on
Cameo It Through   the digestive apparatus.   The success
A teacher in a rural school in Mas- ,( ,g hu,.(1 (o conv]nce some people tbe compounders buve mel with at-
saehusetts wus one day explaining to llmt le,, ('ir coffee (]oes tnem aD |-. tests tbe value of their work. These
her class the degrees of comparison I j ui-y!    They lay their bud feelings to  P'"s bave been  recognized  for many
but ths true and ' years  as  lhe   besl   cleansers  of  the
ystein  thai   can  be  got.    Their
lee'S Vegetable Pills are the'result of I ?_l,talI1!._12Lt,_?,_Can__'?"  S,i.::
careful study of the properties of cer
our  Hnan
and   Australasia,
power Is being consolidated by its Hi
ancial power in the world, the power
which, in the twelfth month ni war
capable of raising, withoui  In .; .    -
lence to herself, a loan of  ��610,	
m n.   -i,n Guerre Soclale  (Paris).
������-'   , '. ���������-   ,���"     ,          jtirv:     iney iay inei
ol adjectives,    ro make sure she was L,^ even,     uge
understood,  he called on  each pupil  unBUSpected one.
In turn to give comparatives and sup-j    But lil(, ,|0Ilr),.' knows. His wide ex- eelleuce was recognized from the lirst
erlatives   of  adjectives    wliieh    BneDerienca hns proven to him that   to and tbey crow more popular daily.
named   and  got  ���?ood  answers  until  gome gyslem-   tefl .lmi cofEee .���.,, ln.
she asked  one little tallow to name  a-uuous   poisons  thai   undermlno  ibe Agriculture Commission's Wide Scops
the comparative degree of "sick."     jtiealtli.    Ask    him    If tea  or coffee It. Is slated that when the govern-
1 he answer puzzled the teacher, be-1 ^ ft  callse  0f constipation,  stomach menl   appoints  a  commission,  which
That entails no hardship, only i, little  cause, although  it  was no    the  ona|aml ���el.voua troubles.                          i for some time ii has had In view, to
trouble,    Loudon Times.                       she  waned,  the  pupil  had  given a     ..,  |U1V,  ueeI] ��� (.���ri-..,, ar|nker all go Into lhe  whole nuest'Ion of agrl-
                     comparative.   She   decided she could  ���,y  ,,,���,,   .������,   when   taken   si,.u   two culture    production,    transportation
Corn., nnd  warts   disappear   wh-n  hesi show him hisi error by letting.hliti; years  ag0  with  nervous  prostration, marketing, if Is probable thai  it  will
treated  with   Itollowny's    Corn  Cure go on, and asked  swaetty,    \\ en, _.i . ,h��� Aocior sa|(] ,|,.u my nervous Bys- be  a   larger  body    than    Is usually
tem     was  broken  down   nnd  thai   I created.
without leaving n scur.
Another Bo:t For Canndian Meat
Ilk-hard ll. id, agent-general for Ontario, states thnl it is'pxpected tbat moment
mother ship will bo provided shortly by the admiralty for tbe Canadian
moat trade. This will have triple the
accommodation of that now loading at
Montreal, end will sail from Halifax,
n  on,  and   ashed   swaetly,  'Well
���worse'  is  the  comparative of 'sick,'
what   would  you give as the superlative''"
"Dead," came the answer wlthoul u
"1 got so weak and slinky I could  worli   to   be  divided   np  and  under-
nol   work, und reading nn advertise- taken   by   dlfferenl groups, thus pro-
I msnl ol Postum I asked my grocer it riding    for  greater  expedition   ihan
| ho had any obit.    He said. 'Yes' and | would  be  possible  where the  whole
Champion   Shot   Killed
Lieut. A. X. v   ll. Ommundsen   ol
Edinburgh,  Scotland,   champion   - io
ol the British empire, is reported I
have   been   killed   while   ligh'ins   In
Flanders. Lieut, Ommundsen was rh
winner     of  tlle   chief   prizes   at   I .
shooting tourneys teld al Bisley, E -
land.     Including    the    King'
whicli lie took at the meeting of the
National Kilt I'nssoc latlon i.i i HO. .'
has  been a  member of ini  rns
title teams.
Minard's   Liniment   Cures   Dandruff.
Gentleman  -I   wouldn't   mind   help-ltfoat he used il  in his family and it. commission deall  with    the diff"rent
ing yon If 1  thought there was uny- was nil It claimed to me. questions  successively.
thing In you. |    "So l quit coffeo and commenced to     Tlio   investigation    proposed    will I
Tramp'���Gimme  a   dime,  boss,  an'  use Postum steadily, and in about two  not deal alone with agricultural prob-
aee how quick dere'll be somethth'ln   weeks,I could sleep better and get up  lems,  bul   ulso  wltb  allied  subjects,]
in  lho  morning    feeling    fresh.    In Including  immigration  subsequenl   to
about  iwo  months  l   began  to  gain  the war
Mesh, i weighed only 140 pounds when j   |
il commenced  on   Postum  and  now  I Imperial   Growth
Chatty    Neighbor���1    suppose you  weigh 167 and feel better, than I did      -y\n  Canadian  premier    does    not I
don't   stand  for any   war arguments U| 20 years of age. doubl lhat after victory our imperial I
among your boarders? |    ��������� an] working every day and sleep I structure  will  crow  further,  because'
Boarding House Mistress���-Oh, yes. well at night. My two children were ��� n ,B ., |(r|-g thing, and growth is its
Vou see. our biggest eater gets so in- coffee drinkers, hilt they have nol jaw, ||' js tbe old problvn In a new;
teresled lhat bo forgets to cat. and l drank any since Postum-came Into the form���to meet thc needs of a chang-
bttr ncxi biggest eater gets so mad I bouse, and are far more healthy than jng world without throwing away the
I that he leaves before the menl is ball': they were before." Name given bylberitage of our past progress. If on
over," Canadian Postum Co., Windsor. Ont. I ths whole perhaps the Briiish people
  |    Postum conic. In two forms: ! mav claim  In  iheir  history  lo  have.
"But what is his reputation?   Thnt,    postum   Cereal���lhe  original   form Uolved  Ihis  problem   will, 'an  excep-l
is the principal thins." ���musi  be  well boiled.    15c and  25c  tlpnal degree of success, let us hop
".Well, papa, he is reputed to spendi packages, thai  the genius of the race mav he
fifty   thousand   a   year.   That's   good |    Instant   Postum���a   soluble   powder
enough for ine!" i--dissolves  quickly  In  a  cup  of hoi
  ���  ''] water,  and,   with   cream   and   sugar,
"Did   you  ever  dream  of  being a makes a delicious beverage instantly,
pirate  when  you  were a  boy?" I :!,ic and .",(,(��� tins.
Bill���-I  sec the  de, pi st   tren I
the  sens  y, I   dlsco\  r id   Is  off  Mindanao, in the 1'aeiiie. 32,088 feet.
Jill���Thai may b i us ful Infoi "nation when the sail, :'��� tak ��� to lighting
in trenches.
W,  N. U. 1075
"Oli. yes.    Isn't il queer? Now I'm      Both   kinds  are  equally    delicious
In the prosaic business of managing and cost* aliout the same per'cup*
an automobile repair shop." I    "There's a  Renson" for Postum.
"Umph!   Vou didn't miss it so fur." I ���sold by Grocers.
witli us In solve it once more in ils
ever-groWins complexities and on ils
ever-widening arenas -London Daily
Ethel���Jack .pretends i�� love niui-ic,
yel [ie never asks mc to blng.
Mario���Perhaps that's his way ot
proving that lie does.
. ollS_K-".,'"*y.y* A^s.-.^ys*
:j^ mimm
Prof. Frankltinel demonstrates (hat COD LIVER OIL
generates more body-heat
than anything else.
pure oil is so prepared that the
blood profits from every drop",
white it fortifies throat and lungs.
If you nre subject to rsld hand*
or feel; it you fliivcr ond c��tch cold
rnsily: l��l.e SCOTT'S EMULSION
for .ono i.iouUi t_d walch its &o_l
11 10       UEFUSE SUBSTTnn_S.
! of the stock trade which
1 up     bet ween   Canada   end   tb
I opoan     countr;. s.    Afl  r thi
I over  riiiuee. as  well  as    tiie
countries now engaged in w ir, -
quire     many   cnltl ���   to   resl
I farms    and    ranges  v hich    ' a
I come    depleted.    We  shall  pri
I have   lo  compete   with    tli
tales,  but   if  we  prepare  n >'
t The Telephone
s Always Available
Day   or   Night
WHEN Emergencies arise, and
they  arise  frequently,  as-
___   sistance can always be secured by means of the telephone.
It is at your right hand, ready for
service day or night.
It may be the doctor has to be
summoned, and if so, no time
need be lost. Help may be need-
from your neighbor, from the
police ���rely on the telephone
The Telephone is the greatest of
all domestic utilities. What is the
cost compared to the security and
sense of relief in knowing that
the means of instant communication is available at  any  time
B. C.  Telephone   Co.,  Limited
The Ford Garage has installed an
Autogenous Welding Outfit
by the Oxo-Acetylene System
Something that lias been badly needed in this district for a
long time, as there are thousands of dollars worth of castings
of every description in cast iron, brass, aluminum, malable,
soft steel, etc., thrown away every year, that could be made
as strong and even stronger than when new for less than half
what a new one costs. Anything from a stove lifter to a
crankshaft, bring it along we can fix it
Telephone L46 , COURTENAY
In  exchange for
House   in   Vancouver,   revenue
_____ Box 220, Courtenay
Letters to The Editor
Editor Review;
Dear Sir:���In The Review of
O-toiler 2 th vV. Hodgson hay a
1 tier iu whi h he savs that after
Hugh Morrison sold ten acres to J
J illusion and ten acres to J H ill-
day, he then divided the remainder
of his land in plots wliieh he then
sold to oilier parties, and immediately discovered that there was one
acre short of what his deed culled
for, and thut Morrison then perceived for the first time that the forty
i ods in length by four rods iu
breadth across the hinds sold to J.
Johnston und 1, Halliday which
was required for lhe public road
accounted for the missing acre of
laud, ami that by adding these
plots together Morrison is confident
that "the road was a reserve and
that Johnston and Halliday did not
pay for any of it.
These elusive arguments of
Hodgson is silly prate intended to
contradict the fact th.it we paid for
one half of the road as slated in my
letter of 19th October. If H. Morris! 11 will, through the press, deny
what I say about paying for one
liall of the road and sign his own
name to the denial 1 will be at the
expense of proving from the Registry ofiice the truth of my statements.
With reference to what Mr.
Hodgson says about a road allowance shown outside of his properly
ou the tracing attached to the deed
of his land. That road tracing was
never adopted nor used for the
public road, neither was the road
tracing of any of the propel ties adhered to by the Government. The
old road path was repaired from
year to year and used as the public
road until the land was subdivided
for city purposes; and when the
subdivisions were approved by the
Registrar General all the streets
therein became established.
Not any of the original owners
on the Lake Trail have ever received any payment for the land taken for Lake Trail Road and Mr.
Hodgson should be dealt with on
tlie principle as aii other property
owners. I paid for one of the
roads opposite my property without any compensation for same.
The plan of the street line requires
to run inside of Hodgson's fence
and the city should get the question
settled without further delay.
Yours truly,
John Johnston
Courteuay, Nov. 2, 1915,
Get "More Money" for your Foxes
Muskrat, White Weasel, Beaver, Lynx, Wolves,
Marten and other Fur hearers colltci.d in vour suction
smr Yorit Fills nut i-i T to "-HUBERT" the lamest
house In Iiie World dealing exclusively In miKril AMMtlCAN K.UV IIIKS
u reliable���responsible���safe fur I louse with antl tibial nlatiei 1 ren.
milium exlstlntt lor "more Hum a tliinl nf u century," n long BU_
oessful record otsendlns Pur Shippersprompt,SATlSPACTORY
AND PROFITABLE returns. Write for"_lir finlinlirri _,liiimir,"
the only reluiulo, accurate market repon ami price list published
Wrilf. lor It-NOW-IC. FREE
A. B. SHUBERT Ine ""west Austin ave.
n. ls. _>i i-jdlix 1, inc. D,ptc ��� CH1CAGO u s A
Buggies and Express Wagons
All Rigs Guaranteed ami Sold nt the lowest Possible Price
Blacksmith ard Carriage Builder
J.   E.  ASTON
Logger's Shoes made to order,       '   ,,/mnm ���_��������.���.   _
In North and South, in Ea.t      GRAND DUKE CIGARS
and West,
Aston's Handmade Shoes will
stan 1 the Test.
Editor Review,
Dear Sir:���Iu   my   opinion it is
unwise and contrary to the hest interests cf the City of Courtenay for
the city   to pay for   installation of
any electric   li^ht which   is owned
bv a   private   co iipany,   and   my
j lawyers  have   told ine   so in their
! letters     The  city   expects   in the
I near future to be able   to prove by
' the quotations  of c instructing  engineers who are   willing to provide
all the various   material and do all
the work of completing an electric
light and   water system   to supply
our city   for   a   population  of ten
thousand  inhabitants for   the sum
of $50,000, and   all our streets and
��� premises will be supplied with water aud light for ore   half the price
! we would   be compelled   to pay to
1 any private company.    No   matter
; what Mr. Ford or anyone else may
tell to the  contrary it   is not wi e
for the city   to pay for   the installation   of any more   lights   iu our
city until we get ready to put in our
own system of water and light. For
the city to pav for   the installation
I of any more lights would   make it
more  difficult for the  city to deal
', with any company   in the near future when it  is prepared to put in
its own system,
Yours truly,
John Johnston
Courtenay, Nov. 4.
To Residents and
Property Holders
of "The Orchard"
Ladies and Gentlemen;
Petition No. 2 for street lights
in "The Orchard ' containing 57
signatures in all, hai met the same
fate as Petition No. 1. They don't
seem to give a ��� for petitions in
the Courtenay Municipal Chambers
treat them as mere "scraps of paper," I'm thinking some of'em
must be of German extraction down
there. But, are we downhearted?
No! Alderman Johnston stated
during the discussion our little old
petition started, that provided the
Electric Light Co., installed "The
Orchard" street lights at thfir own
expense, he would support a request from Orchard residents that
the city pav the monthly bill for
electricity consumed by said liijhts.
Alderman Johnston is a man of his
word, witli him in our favor, added
to our own supporters we eau swing
the vote,
It is a plain case, of getting busy
with the Electric Light Co., as our
next move.
Going home last night I fell over
three snags, bumped into two apple trees, and twain six yards from
Judsou Street around into Drabble
Street, but got home safe.
Your fellow resident,
H. D. Forde
Courtenay, Nov. 2, 1915.
Cumberland Hotel
Good Accomodation      Cusine Kxcelleu
Wm. Merryfield
Sutton & Kirkwood
Undertaken and
Night or Day Calls Promptly
Phone 7 Courtenay
October School Report
Primary room���enrollment 37,
average attendance 34.
Intermediate room ��� enrollment
27, average attendance 24.
Senior room���enrollment 24, average 22.
One writ'en examina ion h: s
been held each Friday in the senior
room. The following are the totals obtained:
Advanced Grade- Total 500
Gordon McQuillan 291
Preliminary Grade���Total 600
Leila Carroll 500
George Millard 424
Annie Carroll  363
Catharine Glazbrook 357
Evis Slaughter 347
Lila Boden 338
Harry Radford 29c.
Ethel Sutton 282
Gordon McQuillan 267
Normau Janes 230
Wilfred Moore 183
Sr. IV Grade���Total 600
Molly Robertson 457
Mary Sutton 449
Jean Menzies 414
Edward Boden 33*
Edith Fitzgerald 318
Mary Hodgson 288
Henry Crawford 253
Minnie Leighton .248
Claud Ployart 245
Walter Tr_utm_n 208
Hugh Forde 194
Thomas Menzies i6j
E. V. Danardl
Plant Now
Antirrhinum  'siiapdarjroii) various
Aquilegia   _Columbiuc] white
Iceland Poppies, yellow-
Wallflowers, Sutton's Blood Red
Fire King Orange
Hollyhocks, Mixed
Coreopsis, Large Yellow
Alvssum, yellow
Plants 5 cenis each, 6 for 2<- cent
.       of MISS GAME, Comox.
Inspection invited.
Orders may be left  with Shepherd
& Hornby
The  Comox   Barber   Shop
Oldest Siiop in Courteuay
Nothing   But   First   Class   Work
Guaranteed.    Baths in connection
C. E.  D..LIY.MP LB, Prop.
Willard's Harness Emporium
Fine Showing ot  Horse  Blankets,   Lap
"���".tigs, Gloves, Trunks, Suit Cases, Etc.
Harness Repaired Neatly
Cumberland and Courtenay
Swan's Old Stand, Courtenay
Go to Vancouver
I or Victoria for f
Painless Dentistry
These are features in our
offices. It will pay you to
hvne your dental work done
in Vancouver. l All work
is guaranteed for 10 years
Painless Dental Parlors


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