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The Review Dec 20, 1917

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Array w
Can not he dona nny I .ttor,   nml
not nulte so   well anywhere  else
hereabout*.   Our typo anil irinithiii-     .
ery is complete anil The Review    !
pi'iiriw are ri_ht J
Gents'  Furnishings
and Hatters
VOL. 6
N D. 3
Telephone 10 COURTENAY
Gents' Furnishing Store
We also have a shipment of Ladies Shoes and the Rinex Sole
Shoe for Children
Call and see our goods, you'll always find our prices right.
Courtenay Gent's Furnishings Store
Opposite Shepherds' W. Sutliff, Prop.
rju\nrrit~tft~ - ��� ���- ��� ��� ��� man. ��������� ��� ������������
We Wish Our
Friends and Customers
a Merry Christmas
Christmas Presents
Best Selection Yet Seen in Courtenay of
also Real French Ivory Toilet Goods
and enquire prices before mailing away your order*
Local Lines
Mr. and Mrs. R, Perrott arrived
home on Saturday evening.
Miss K, Dllggatl of Comox has
taken a position with the Hank of
Commerce here.
The Smyphony Orchestn concert
which was to have  been  given   iu
I the Agricultural  Hall on Sunday
evening has beeu indefinitely  post
The I. O. D,   E,   served   beans
nnd hot coffee in the old tailorshop
'near the Agricultural Flail ou Elec-
| tion day, and did   a big  business
around meal lime. Tlle net receipts
! were $26,
The  business   houses   have all
: their windows n cely decorated  for
I the holiday season and are display-
ling templing   goods  tliis   season
They also report business as being \
At ihe meeting of llm City Conn
cil on Tuesday evening the sum
of $100 was voted to the Halifax
sufferers. Thu I. 0 J). K. Iiave
also donated #50. and tho schools
iilt-o solid.n donation.
The annual Xmas tree entertain,
ment will be held in the basement
of the Presbyterian church on Monday, Dec. 24, at 6 p. m. Refreshments will be served to children
'and parents after which a program
will be proceeded wilh. Admission
A disastrous fire occurred at
Campbell River on Sunday, Dec 9
in the Campbell River Trading Co
store. The store, post oflicc, and
telegraph office adjoining were destroyed and the large stock of goods
was almost a total loss. Mr, Thulin estimates the loss at aboul
1917 series, 40 h. p. 7 passenger,
one spare tire, tools, Pyrene fire extinguisher, all tires in good condition, only run 4900 miles. Price
$750. Arply Box 343, Cumberland.
For Sale���A quantity of good
marketable timber by the sea; one
haul will put it in the water. A
good safe booming ground, Will
sell cheap for cash. No reasonable
offer refused. Apply at Review
To Rent���House lately occupied
by T. Booth. Electric light, hot
and cold water, and all modern
conveniences.   Apply W. Duncan.
I Slightly used 3 h, p. Fairbanks
gas engine For Sale at the Ford
Call and see the new i-_ and 1
too auto Trailers at $120 aud $140
each, at the Ford Garage.
Nobby tread Ford tires are now
$24 each, and Ford chain tires are
$22 each at the Ford Garage.
For highest prices in hides, scrap
metal  and "old rubbers  see   Wm
Douglas, Courtenay,
Cleveland Bicycles and bicycle
supplies at the Ford G.rage,
Go to McBryde's for quality
Mr. 1", Cross paid a business
to Vancouver last week.
llrickiiiiiii gi Kc'i'\- new aiilo
delivery truck arrived yesterday
nf fei'iioon.
A concert nud dance h ill In '
in tin' Sandwich school   lions
Friday t veiling.
'   nil
Timber cruisers have been busy
iu Campbell River since midsummer
three parties being at work,
R, M, Allan was up from Port
Moody last week getting ready to
move his family to that place.
llandsnniii A. \V, Wight arrived
home from France on Saturday
morning last. On account of ill-
health he has been transferred to
Canada for Home Defence work,
The Bridge and Whist Drive held
by the I.   O.  I).   K,  on   Moudaj
evening of last week   was  a   most
enjoyable affair.    The tables were
well filled with expert card manipulators,    The winners at biidgewere
Miss M. Sutton and J.   Macintvfe.
second, Mrs. Sutton and Mr. Fair-
burn.   At whist Mrs. Campbell won
first lor ladies, and Dr. Millard for
the gentlemen.    The consolations
went to Mr, McKenzie for tiie  ladies and Mr. Kerr   for the  gents.
The receipts were.
Cards                                 ."7-30
Refre hment                       "'���:*_
Dance and Cake drawings  42.00
5 8.55
Music $13 00
Cream and milk 1.40
leaving a balance of $74.15 for the
order.  .
The following guests were registered at the RiAerside Hotel last
week, From Aaucouver: II. Harris and wife, G. Hearties, M, Holin
O. Johnston, i��� Koski. B Arm-
stiong, G. Mather, J. Dawe, Mrs,
J. Abrams, C. Lundman, J. Fraser
B. Phorsen. Mrs. J. McNamara, F
Ogle, E. Woods, Mrs, I. Moody,
A. Lmith. W. Truesdale, W Murphy, A. Shrogeu, E, Norton, E.
Reynolds, Lee. Cpl. R. Wilson,
E. Sweeney, P Coughlin, D. Dixon, H. McSwain, H. Somechuck,
J.Scott, J. Bartley, E. Croteau,
V. Lee. From Victoria, G. Ford,
J. Turner. From Naraiino, T.
Edmunds. A. Geddes, From Sandwick, S. Calhoun, M. Piercy. A-
Blight; R. P��arson, Wellington;
H, Leath.ad, Union Bay.
Presbyterian Church
St.  Andrew.''  Sandwick
Service 2 p.m.     Sunday   School
and Bible Class 3 p. in.
Sunday   School and   Bible  Clas
10:30 a.m.    Evening service 7:30
p. in. All welcome
Anglican  Services
4thSunday in Advent, Ik.-.   25,
11 a, in Matins and Holy Communion at Holy Trinity Cumberland,
2.30 p m. Evensong and Set mon
at the Lazo Mission.
.���"p.m. Sunday School at St,
John's, Courtenay.
7.15 p. 111. Evensong and Serine 11
at St. Peter's. Comox.
7,30 p. in, Evensong and Sermon
at St. John's, Courtenav
Services for  Xmas Da., Dec    :_*.
S 10 a. m. Holy Communion a:
St: John's, Courteuay.
9,00:1.111. Holv Communion at
St. Peter's. Comox.
11 a, i-i, Matins ind Holv Communion at St, Andrew's, Sandwick
11 a. 111 iY ntius and Holy C ' -
���million at Holy Trinity, Cumberland,
ri a, iu, Matins and Sermon at
St. Mary's, Grantham,
Several head of good high grade
Holstein Cows and Heifers j
from heavy producing stock
Braefoot Farm,
R. R. No. 4, Victoria
Drug Store
Courtenay   -   . C .
Safety  First
Go to
For Fresh   Tobacco, Cigars
Confectionery   and
Soft Drinks.
Isabel St.    Next Royal Bank
Comox Creamery
60c per lb. this week
Courtenay Shoe Store
We are Headquarters for
Rubber and Leather Footwear
to suit any member in
A general assortment of
always Rept in stock
We invite your inspection
Phon*> 48 Next the Drug Store THK   REVIEW.   COURTNEY*   IL ll
The Squire's
__-__,M_-����_..-! I-
The detectives, not undcrslanillng
the .Squire's confidence in Mrs. Bartlett, thought otherwise. Onlv to
himself did lie sav that wilhout the
thought of Kate Bartlett by Dolly's
side the strain would have been too
much for him, 11. remembered
with a queer sense of comfort that
she went armed. She hail shown
liim a revolver one day, little but
deadly, which she said she always
tarried about her. lie had objected
at thc time, and she hnd shown liim.
that she knew how to use lhe weapon. Now lie thought to himself of
ihe revolver will: something of comfort. He knew the woman was us
faithful to hiin as his dog. How he
knew he could not havc told.
He wns sure that his sweetheart
would never have kept liim in tliis
Intolerable suspense if she could help
it. She was alway.s so gentle with
liim, so loving, so pitiful of his lonely years. He was dreadfully restless
in those days, harassing Hilary beyond bearing. He ate next to [milling. His eyes looked as though tlicy
ached for sleep. Obviously a consuming flame of anxiety burned he-
hind' those eves, marring lhe man's
grave and noble comeliness,
No onc knew the Ihing that ailed
liim except Hilary, who guessed at
the aversion with which thc Si|iiirc
shrank from any gossip about his
sweetheart. Mr. Langton was noi
so absorbed in his grief lh.it he did
not notice how the Squire was in
dire trouble. But he asked no questions. There were no drums in lhe
pharmacopoeia for a mind diseased.
He watched the Squire with something of sympathy and apprehension;
said a word to Hilary that lie should
ntit leave Iiis cousin while he was in
trouble; for the rest went his own
His own way was often their way.
The three went for Ions tramps over
the country, making this or that historical spot the object ostensibly of
their walks. They talked very little.
Even Hilary, who had always been
full of laughter, seemed to have llis
preoccupations like the older men.
The doctor, keeping an observant
eye unohstrusively ou lhc Squire,
said one day to Hilary thai the man
must he tired ont physically, so that
lie should get some natural sleep at
Greatly to the grief of Monsieur
nnd Madame Dufour. Hilary had removed to the Splendidc, to bc with
his cousin. The excellent pair lived
in hopes of his return. In a few
days or so lhc Splendidc would close
its doors for the winter. When that
came about lhc trcs distingue English Monsieur whom the Diifours admired so immensely, and M. Ilari.
would, no doubt, hc very1 glad li
come hack to the- Chateau du Bois,
or the Hotel tie la Marine, the bedrooms of which w,c_rc. even more
stuffy than ihe bedrooms of the Chateau,
Mrs. Lloyd nnd her Kitty still
lingered like the last roses of summer.
It was fine open autumn weather
and the ladies were in the water every day. Mrs. Lloyd swimming oul
to the Fort or the Head as easily
as a fish, to the horror of the French
people who found such a love of water, especially now- the summer was
over, an occasion for much shrugging
of tin- shoulders and lifting up of
hands nnd eyebrows, while they muttered of the mad English.
It was 'iot often the lady, who
ve* an old habitue of the place, slaved on after all the summer visitors
had flown. There was Mr. Lloyd, a
patient person, whose professional
duties required Ids presenile in England. Mrs. Lloyd was usually sincerely glad to ro back to him in the
little Hampstead house when the
Himiiicr was over, with a feeling of
wrapping the domesticities about her
as a protection against the cold.
This year she had kept lhe poor
man cn garcon some weeks longer
than usual. Hc was a good, sensible man, so she did not confide to
Jiim what she did    to   her   young
Granulated Eyelids,
I Sore Eyes, Eyes inflamed by
J Sun. Dml an,! Wind quickly
-'relieved by Murine. Try II in
* your Eye* and In Baby's Eyes.
 jNoSoutiii, Joit Er��Co__.rt
*__���__ Eye Remedy ��Mffi$^\$&
ty* ���_-��., In TubM Ke.  For him k of Out!,,- te���.
Ask Marine Ere ftuaed. Co., CMca_��*
daughter, with whom she was on delightful terms ni' intimacy.
"As a matter of fact, Kill" she said
"I want to see what's going In happen, t feel it in the air about mc
thai something is going to happen.
with Audigiiac for iis theatre, It will
nol be the lirst lime of strange
events lii-rc. Apart from my interest in that delightful, distinguished-
looking Mr. Mcyrick, nnd Ins very
pleasant cousin, and Mr. Langton,
who Is an old friend, Ihere is the interest of the drama. I simply cunnol go hack to our quiet fireside
without knowing ihc denouement."
Kitty was quite resigned to wailing on her mother's whimsicalities,
Of course, she could not he expected to scc the possibilities Mrs. Lloyd
did in the. situation; hui her love for
her mother was tolerant, as became
the differences iu their ages, and slur
listened with an amused air. Kitty
had ralhcr a fancy for Mr. Strangways���not a silky sentimental, attachment; she would have, said that
she was not given that way���but a
warm friendship, arising from a
community of tastes about dogs and
horses and oilier less important matters from an appreciation of Hilary's good nature when he brought
her fairings from the town, from
sympathy, because she perceived lhal
he too had his anxieties.
Hilary came often to Mrs, Lloyd
and her daughter for the relaxation
he needed which was not afforded to
him by the abstraction of the olhcr
two men. He was on easy terms of
intimacy with the Iwo ladies by lhis
time. Mrs. Lloyd treated Iiini as she
might have treated a son of hei
own, Kilty's manner to him was that
of a pelted litlle sisler to au adored
grown-up brother, lie was always
being called iulo counsel aboul one
thing or another, lie was entrusted
with many messages and commissions from Mrs. Lloyd when his expeditions led liim lo a town, lie had
an endlcs patience .'ind conscientious
ness about fulfilling these commissions which used to make the other
men smile, despite their obsession
with  their own troubles.
'Lhc summer was quite over and
done wilh at lust. A high tide had
brought the waves washing over the
roadway in the towi, where Hilary
had been yesterday; rind the wet
bathing boxes, drawn high up for
safely, the rain driving upon theni,
gave n  sense  of dreariness    to    tlie
| place  that  had been  so gay and  full
I of life a few weeks before,
The  rain  had  come    in    nt     Mrs.
I Lloyd's windows, which, moreover,
were so shaken by the storms that
rest at night was impossible, Hilary,
who had a taste for carpentry, offered to plug the ill-litling windows
so thai they should not rattle.
Would you like In end that terrible itching, that. burning pain; lo
lical those hrirrld sores?
You have trtfld all _orls of fulty
ointments, lotions and powders'. Put
them aside, now und give- Nature a
chance as represented hy Zam-Buk,
Zam-Buk is mnde from herbal essences; is a natural healer. Is not
something you have io send lo llie
end of the world for. and pay n.
heavy price! Every druggist will
sell you Zam-Buk nnd for 50c. only
.lust give ll a fair tri.l mid ihel-
dently give yourself ease by the
quickest, route.  S,>o name on box:���
He spent an hour over lhc job.
Whistling while he did it. As often
happens, he had got up wilh a light
heart, the cause of which he could
not place. It had been puzzling to
him since he had got up and run
down to the shore for a dip, and had
ronie back tingling with the joy of
life, despite the grey skies and promise of more wind.
lie completed thc lask to Mrs.
Lloyd's perfect contentment and the
admiration of Monsieur and Madame, Tiny had endured rattling
windows as an ordinance of the good
Godj if you had sea you must expect
to havc rattling windows; but Madame, a horn I'lirisicniie, ascribed
her nerves to the rattling of tile windows ill her sleep and lhe grent winds
one must hear. The Kittling windows now were not so necessary after all if one were only as clever a.s
M. Ilari and knew how to make them
J lilmy laughed and promised before another day was done to carry
out the plugging process on lhc other windows of the Hotel de hi .Marine, which was swept by a fierce
wind where il stood al the four
cross roads al lhc head of the vil-
Later in llie day, while he sat with
his two silent companions at lunch
at the Hotel du Commerce of an old
walled town, pulling Iiis hand into
his pocket for his pipe, hc pulled out
n tight wad of paper. For a second
or two he held il in the hollow of
llis hand, wondering how he came by
it. Then he remembered. It was
one of llie Ihings with which Mrs,
Lloyd had vainly endeavored to
wedge her shaking  windows.
lie dropped ii on the sanded floor.
Then picked it up again and opened
it. The Petite Parisien lay upon the
table at his elbow. It had occurred
to him that he had not rcael an Eng- |
lish  paper  for  many  days.
Mchcanically he smoothed out the
piece of paper,    It was a page of lhe
'I inies;  the  Time.-., a   fopliiiglVi"* id '
He remembered now how Mrs, I I.  ^
hud offered it to I'iiu on lhc ivglu .
his -I, rival.
(To It   ' oiilitun il. >
lb Poor Brown I He lias i isi all
his money in :i wild cal nriuin^ i oni
She -Mercyl I didn't l.-nnw you
had to mine for v lid cats Ilo! loi
Every lime you gel youi ow n wm
you make an enemy,
Rash On This Little Babj
Ovcr Face and Head.
Quite Disfigured.
When lay baby was four months old
had a rash nil over her face and
licul, and was quite (lir
figured.   Her skin was inflamed and sore, and itched
and bunted and the rash
later developed into large
\ i". A' fed eruptions, making her
/fe2rf'V cross nnd fretful, The ba-
���~s>v       by could not get any sleep.
- ">   A        "jiy husband bought a
box of Cuticura Oinmient-unl a cake ol
Soapandl used two tins of Ointment with
twocakesof Soap and she was healed,'
(Signed) Mrs. A. Down, 1010 Gertrude
St., Verdun, Montreal, One., March 2.
Cuticura Soap anel Ointment often
prevent pimples or other emptions.
For Free Sample Each by Mnil address post-card: "Cuticura, Dept. A,
Boston, 11. S. A."    Sold everywhere.
W.    N.    U.     1184
Our papers are cleansed, treated and purified with Refined Parafine Waxes and Disinfectants.
They add to the Freshness, Cleanliness and Purity of your goods.
They preserve the Color and Quality of Fresh and Cooked Meats and are Germ-prool Moisture-proof
and Grease-proof.    They will not stick to the Meat.
Appleford's Carbon Coated Counter Sales Books are no dearer than the ordinary kind. Now made
with new improved Formulas and Appliances and better than ever before. If you we not a customer,
write us for a sample book,
Appleford Counter Check Book Co., Limited
	 THF    KK.VIKW,    COURTNEY.    *  C
Carter's Little Liver Pills
For Constipation
A vcgliable remedy Hut ilwan fives prompt relief In ceosti-
pilion. Bsnishes that tired feeilng altocelher and puts you
right ever-nirht, stimulates the Liver gently, hut quickly restoring it te fulfand healthy action, and the stomach sad bowels
to their natural functions.  Making life worth living.
BE:   /��**~*rf��^
ROSY CHEEKS "H^THY COLOR I.WI.....Ir_nl_t_. Bio... P-I.o.
te_rKtVt_7_.u:bu^& CARTER'S IRON PILLS
Wheat prices are lixed bul service is not.   The best in assured you    S
when you consign  your S
What Is Winter Comfort?
A Comfortable Temperature Appears
to Be a Matter of Habit
Vo to u certain point the temperature in which wc like lo sit is entirely u matter of habit. To a
Scotchman, :i temperature of 58 de?
(trees is exactly the same as a temperature of 68 is to an American, The
public school rooms are in Scotland
required to be kept ni 58 and no
higher, for the ''comfort and health"
of the pupils, liul that would mean
torture for an American school child,
coming from a home where lhe temperature is often maintained at 80.
'lhe Eskimo is obliged to remove all
his upper garments as soon as the
temperature in his Igloo is raised, by
lhc radiation of his whale-oil lamp,
as high as 50 degrees. All the continent of Europe, outside of Kussia
and perhaps one or two other
northern countries, siis in perfect
coin fort in a temperature of 00 degrees, And that our own people do
not really need moro is proved by
the fact that it lakes only a single
winter abroad to accustom them lo
European stundard, so that they abhor the indoor heat lo which tlicy
were "bom.���Huston Transcript.
Wheat, Oats, Barley, Flax or Rye |
.   To the Old Reliable Grain Commission Merchant* -    ���
Jas. Richardson & Sons, Ltd. (
i. Ci
Sixty years of satisfied customers. Careful checking of (Trades.   Lib-.    3
cral advances.    Prompt adjustments, _"
Grain Exchange, Winnipeg
Grain Exchange, Calgary
Canada  Building,  Saskatoon
Main SS22 3
Mai*   2261 g
'241 _S
* Filbert Nu. Bar
Fresh plump filberts scattered generously
throughout the finest and smoothest milk
chocolate manufactured.
Sold everywhere. Made in Canada-
Intensive Farming
.'armors Must Try to Produce More
On Every Acre
What is required of thc fanners is
more intensive fanning. Each acre
should produce more this year than
It has evcT produced before; each cow-
should produce more milk than ever
before. No farmer should kill a calt
until it is at leasl a mouth old, so
that it will hc valuable for food and
its skin valuable feir leather; moreover, mote heifer calves should be
raised so as to increase thc dairies
snd provide for an increase in milk.
The cattle have been killed in nearly
all countries at war to an alarming
extent, hence there will be a ureal
scarcity of milk products and beef
for some years.
Minard's Liniment Cures Colds, etc.
Clerk���But you just bought this
novel and paid for tl.
Clerk���Ihen why do >ou wish to
return il?
Customer���I finished it while waiting for my change.���Boston Tnns-
High Status of Selected Men
Only Men of High Physical Type to
Be Called
It has been noted here with open
satisfaction that President Wilson of
the United States recently led a parade .of drafted men through the
streets of Washington and subsequently praised their spirit in a notable address. It is similar public and
official recognition of their high status as military men that will bc giv-
rii to the men selected for service in
Canada under thc military service-
(July men of a high physical
type will be called to the colors for
service overseas from the various
classes established hv the act, since
it is the intention to raise. 100,000
reinforcements who will add effective strength to the Canadians now- at
the front. Every official recognition
and care will be given these men in
accordance with their deserts as
patriots in the service of their country.
Opce a mother has used Baby's
Own Tablets for her little ones she:
will use nothing else. The satisfaction she derives from their use is
wonderful. Tlicy are easy lo give
the baby; their action is prompt and
thorough and above all they arc absolutely harmless. Concerning them
Mrs. Jean Decliainc, Lacordnirc,
Sask., writes:���"! am well satisfied
with Baby's Own Tablets. I bad no
trouble in giving Ihein to my baby
and lhcy have promptly cured her of
constipation." The Tablets are solel
hy medicine dealers or hy mail at 25
cents a box from The Dr. Williams'
Medicine Co., Brockvillc, Ont.
A Strong Canadian Company S
Surplus    Ovcr    Three-Quarters Million   Dollars    ��
Shipyards of the World
Britain   Has   236, Colonies   58,   and
United States 18
An inventory of the world's shipbuilding facilities-just completed by
the shipping affairs bureau ol thc
Japanese government shows that
there are .80 shipyards, of which .'04
arc equipped to build sleel ships of
1,000 tons or more, while 416 arc
able lo turn out vessels ol less than
1,000 Ions. They arc: Britain .'3d;
Britisii colonics 58; Holland 105;
Germany 51; Japan 25; Italy 18;
France 25; Austria-Hungary 9; Spain
14; Belgium 7; America 48; Norway
24; Sweden 17; Denmark "; Russia
17; China 5; other nations 12,
Current Interest
"What are you reading?"
"A tale of buried treasurer."
"Wasting your time on fiction?"
"No. This is expert advice on how
lo     plant     potatoes."���Washington
Minard's Liniment Cures Diphtheria.
Canada Now Handing
The Torch to U. S.
Present Conflict Not a War But   a
Crusade, Says a Canadian
Cessation of the world war at lhis
time would mean thc waste of all
that nations have given lo defeat
Germany, Rev. Dr. Bruce Taylor,
principal of Queen's University, and
former chaplain of the 42nel Canadian
Highlanders, declared at the final
session at Philadelphia of the conference of college and university representatives and the university section of the committee of engineering anel education of lhe advisory
commission of the council of national defence
"Canada is now handing the torch
to thc United Slates," said Dr. Taylor, after describing his experiences
on the European balllcfronts. "Thc
present conflict is no ordinary war,
but a crusade, and the United States
must give all it has, for we arc almost spent."
The speaker deplored thc frightful
losses among college /men, who, he
said, "were scut from Canada merely
to slop a gap and die. obscured, with
their technical training of no avail."
"But lhcy served their purpose,"
he aelded, "for they slopped lhc first
German rush."
Every careful ami observant inoth-
cr knows when her child suffers from
worms. She also knows that if sonic
remedy bc not speedily applied much
harm will result to the infant, .he
best application thai can bc got is
Miller's Worm Powders. They drive
worms from thc syslem anil set up
stimulating and soothing effects, so
that the child's progress thereafter
is painless and satisfying.
Wartime Courting Methods
Winning Hearts and Walloping   the I
Kaiser at the Same Time
The school girls in Wichita
renounced candy and ice crcau
the duration of the war and
warned their best fellows to
something besides candy when
come calling. We have heen accustomed to laugh at Mr. Barkis, who
wooed Miss Clara Peggotly by
stealthily leaving oranges, onions,
umbrellas and legs of mutton behind
the kitchen door as marks of his affection. But there will he no occasion to laugh at thc "willin"' young
men of Wichita if they choose a
similar method of winning hearts
and walloping the kaiser at the same
time.���Kansas City Star-,
Minimize The Fire
Peril By Using
Chemically Self-E-tinguithing
"Silent 500s"
The Matches With "No
EDDY is thc only Canadian
maker of these matches, every
stick of which has beru treated
with a chemical solution which
positively ensures the match
becoming dead wood once it
has been lighted and blown
Look for tlie words "frier.;..
o_lly self-extinguishing" on the
iring I
"Weed'a F-tosjiodiM.
Tht   Crint   English   I'tmedw.
Tiinoii .ud invi_.rietei th. .   ,..
_erv.il?��vlt,._i, in.k-tn.t-, _.ni.|
ia old Vein., fiirei Her****
ilebililv. Mental and llrain Worry, lie.tjivnr
tteney, host *J I'lnergtl, Vnlpilntion of I r,
Peart, Fatlinr. Memory. Prii�� II \>er bos, ���<���
forts. Ontnillpliiftair.iliwiileirre. SbUtbjrta
_ri!__lil. or _a_if.d la plnio pk*. on re ,t of
6Ice. jXeioptimtaltlet mniieti tree. THI WOOO
���OICINCCO..T0l*NT0.e��T. (Ik-hii ��-_.,_
"The falling leaves fill mc with
melancholy thoughts," said the poetic
"They used to have that effect on
ine," said the unpoetic  person.
"What changed you?"
"I moved into an apartment aud
don't have to rake them any morc."
���Birmingham Age-Herald.
Many a man's strong breath is due
to his weak backbone.
Reducing Expenses I
The war has so increased the cost of living, the
housewife must make her money go further.
By using Red Rose Tea, which chiefly consists of
strong, rich Assam teas, the can keep her tea bill*
down.    The rich Assam
strength requires less tea in
the pot���and there's only
one tea with the rich Red
Rote flavor!
Kept Good by the
Sealed Package
Mothers Value This Oil.���Mothers
who know how suddenly croup may
seize their children and how necessary prompt action is in applying relief, always keep at hand a supply of
Dr. Thomas' Electric Oil, because
experience has taught them that
there is no better preparation to, bc
had for the treatment of this ailment, And they are wise, for ils
various uses render it a valuable
Corns cannot exist when Hollo-
way's Corn Cure is applied lo them,
because it goes to lhc root and kills
the growth.
When buying your Piane
Insist on having u
Otto Higel Piano Action
Send   a   Dominion   Express   M��ney   Order
Five dollars cosls three cent..
li is reported that the bloodhound.
will bc discarded from "Uncle Tom'.*
Cabin." The next thing we. kno*
.someone will stand on the edge of
the frozen ice and throw ken-pie do' ���
at Eliza, Art is not what it used to
be.���Lawrence (Kan.) Journal.
It is almost as easy to f.ud tro��r-i��
as it is to make excuses.
A Little Lower
Fair Onc���I'm afraid these Louis
XV heels are much too high for me.
Perhaps you have lower ones���say
about Louis X would do, 1 think.���
London Opinion.
How'i This?
We offer Onc Hundred Dollars Rcwarel
for any cane of Catarrh that cannot be cured
by Hall'd Catarrh Cure.
Hall's Catarrh Cure has been taken by
catarrh sufferers for the past thirty-five
years, and has become known as the most
tellable remedy for Catarrh. Hall's Catarrh
Cure acts through the Blood on the Mucous
surfaces, expelling the Poison Irom the Blood
and healing the diseased portions.
After you have taken Hall's Catarrh Cure
for a short time you will see a great improvement in your general health. Start taking
F. J. CHENEY & CO.. Toledo. O.
Sold by all druggists, 75c.
Fie an Economic Index
One of thc visible evidences of the
high cost of living is the division of
the pie. In the good old times it
was cut into four quarters, and no
customer was offered less than a
quarter circle. Now the pie is cut
into six, even eight parts, and the
hungry citizen gets a mere weelgc
instead of a full quarter. The thought
occurs to the anxious boy: "Will the
day of the quarter of a pie ever
come back?"���Portland Oregonian.
W,    N.    U.    I'M
if (or Christmas, 1917, you send
him a Gillette Safety Razor! That's
the gift that is valued Overseas for itself as well as for
the sake of the sender. Few articles of personal
equipment are so welcome, for the Gillette is known
up and down the Allied lines, by Canadian, Briton
and Anzac, Frenchman, Italian and American, as the
one sure passport to a clean and enjoyable shave.
Even if he has already had one, the man in whom
your hopes centre will be glad to get another Gillette
Safety Razor. For under active service conditions,
equipment so sought after as the Gillette strays easily
and often, and he may now be trying to worry along
again without one. So whatever else your box may
contain, don't forget a GILLETTE SAFETY RAZOR
���and a good supply of blades.
If you prefer, we will lake your order, through your dealer or
dire fl, and deliver Ihe razor of your choice from our neareft
depot Oversea.. Ask youi dealer about this when he shows you
hit Gillette assortment.
Standard Sett and "Bulldogs" cost $5.00���Pocket
Editions $5.00 to $6.00���Combination Sets $650
up ���at Drug, Jewelry and Hardware Stores.
Mails are congested���ehipmenti slow.  Send hi* Gill*tt* tarty I
Office ud Factory i Gill.lt* BiiMIif, Mnlretl IN
The Courtenay Review\?Z*XVi IH. i"","i>i,ml !'��i"?
. .. ��� .,     J , , | iniist be selected npenleV an<l nliove
Anil Comox Valley Advocate
A   Weekly   Newspaper, Published at
Courteuay, B, 0, iP,l)'e1'-
N. II. IloniCN, 1'ilitor niul Proprietor
Subscription Sl .'i" per year in Advance
$2.00 per annum if not so paid
y niiil niiiive
boanl by the whole of tlie rate-
TII UK SHAY DEC. 20,  1917
Every true-hearted Britisii subject must feel piotul tn In- a Canadian citizen linhtv. I'he result of
Monday's pulling shows thai Can-'
tula js true to herself and tn her
soldiers. The people have shown
their faith ill tlie new Union Gov-
eminent and have given n tin-
qualigetl assent to continue the war
tu its ultimate victorious end.
Practically all the opposition totlie
new parlinin.nl will come Irom
Quebec where iu followers of Sii
Wilfred I.aiirir-i have been elected,
niauv of tlie 1 iniejiilsls losing tlu ir
deposit, The English speaking
people have absolutely refused to
lx- ili.-tnteil to bv lhe French speaking. We believe that Sir v> ilfaecl
Laurier will accept the verdict with
his usual grace, and we trust that
he and his compatriots will see
plainly tbat it is their duty to do
their full share in furnishing men
to win the war The results must
show the whole world tint we are
a united people anel are not asleep,
The new government has a hard
task before it, Almost every candidate has declared himself against
profiteering and patronage, The
Military Service Act must be enforced without fear or favor ill order that the day of victory may
come the .sooner.
Since tlm above was penned Mr
Will.  Duncan Iihb announced liim
s.'ll' ns   a   Mayoralty   candidate,
a' tiie request of n   large  iiuiiibi-.
i>f   voters   and   r.'ilrp.iyi-i's.      Mr.
Dinie-aii i.s loo well known    ill tllis
district iii uei'il any eulogistic ro
murks from anyone,    llis I'aii'tiese
und integrity win nol bu questioned
lie  will  iiuike an  ideal   Mayor,
M i', Jiilinsioii hns also   oliosun   au
Aiili-i'iiiunii- liulcul for whom  .-up- j
port is asked ai iiie pulls.    Whet- j
Imr or no an opposing ticket   will  C,,_,__���{..���_��� .'__���
-.iirer tlie Held we are not prepared  Suggestions   OF
to say,    I'l'i'siniriili  wc  have no
thing againsl   nn-   nf   Mr,   John-
riiuh*.   uouiiuui'ti  n In i'  i Inin   lhal
iii v ure nm er iIn- uI'ong convoy, j
hi il llm   iiinji ; i \   n|'  iiii-m   havo
lieeii riiusi'ii im-  i heir  fancied or
express! d opiKi ii mn lu I lie   Elec-
t   il'   l.ioll'    t'i .
in antiiiitr col ii nm will be found
a decision ol Mr. Justice liuli (the
highest court of appeal I in llie-casein fanner who appealed againsl
an older to join the colours.
The Christinas service at. tlle
Presbyterian Church will be held
next Sunday evening. Special
music will be snug by the choir
and the church will be suitably
decorated. On Sunday evening
Jan, 6,'iejiiS, a song and musical
service will be held of wliicli the
particular's will appear later.
Tlie Kevii w acknowledges with
I'm Sets, Sweater Sets, Silk
ami Crepe Waists, Neckwear
and Neckwear Novelties,
ll.ll'is and II Ikf Boxes. Silk
Parasols, 11.nul Embroidered
Centre Pieces, Doilies tray
Cloths and Bureau Scarfs,
I..lilies' Silk Scarfs and Caps.
Kiiiionas. Vases, Cut ('hiss,
Trays, Picture Frames, Kid
Gloves, Glove Cases, etc.
liipprecinli n the receipt of u beau-
it ou foot in I lil'nl tjbi'i.-liniis erii'il   from   Robt.
Gifts for Men:
There is a inoveiuun
('iiritciiaj in  have   iinotber -.-li jCuinis, Ma.soiir in llio Can.   Red.
que" Council next yuar.    As  tlu-Cross   hospital.    The Christinas j
movement started  on   tlie   innm- reminder is appreciated   not  only
side of ."'u fence it is viewed  with for ;���.  |���.iuiy, hm   the  sentiment
ft eertnir. iinieniil   ol   suspicion by wliicli il carries with it,   ami   will
those   on   the   other   side.   The| be treasured by   us   fur years   to
ci     Thai ihe L"i'd will  watch
over the buys nl the front and send
iliein liuinu bel'ui'ii another Xmas
season is upnii us is our since.est
nioveuienl una nr inav iiiii In' a
good one, Jusl al lhis particular
lime wn -lu not see thai r is.  The
present i m-il has apparently g"t
themselves into u bad llnaiicuil
muddle. Tlmy r-ny they were
elected to settle lho Electric I,min
question. All they have dune in
tlie matter is to loi tlie City in for
sonic two thousand dollars of costs
L,il theni settle it eir udirlit that
they cannot and resign. Tlie farther they go the worse the muddle   Q1-'},1''j1' TlvNlH-US ii<lelic-s_e,l to the j	
'ss ,    , ^j   Postmaster General will be reeeived
gets.     Heretofore a viscious  eli���  at Ottawa until noon, on Friday, the 28,
que have chosen a ticketi and ano- December, 1V17 lur the conveyance of1
the,- set of rateppaers have chosen ^S^^S^^.SS.'
another.    Until last January   noi-   over the CUMBERLAND RURAL ROUTE NOI.
ther side had u working  minority,   froln U'e Post Muster General's pleasure
, ., , ���, i ..��� i. i ..i ' Printed notices containingfurtheriufor
when the Liberal ticket with one miltjon ., t0 colldilio���s ()f proposed con-
Conservative thrown in secured a tract may be teen and blank forms of
verdict.    Now alone- comes  ano    neud" ma-v ,,e obtained at the Post Of-
,        ,. .     .9 . .       flees ol Cuiiiuerlanil anil Courtenav and at
-titer clique nominating committee oliice of Uie underslgned.
ended by Mr.   Johnston   wliicli K. H. FLETCHER,
Dressing; Gowns and Smoking
Jackets, Umbrellas, Silk Shirts
Newest Creations ill Neckwear
New Styles in Huts and Caps.
Ready-to-wear Suits and Overcoats, . Itli- fs and 1 Idkf Boxes,
Fancy Suspenders and Suspender Sels, Collar Boxes,
Tie Boxes, Armlets, Scent
Cases, Club Ihp.s, Belts anel
FancyHosiery Neck Scarfs.
Mufflers, etc.
The millers of Royal Standard Flour, Wild Rose
Pastry Flour and other Royal Standard Products extend
to their thousands of patrons their  heartfelt wishes for
a Joyous Christmas
Prosperous New Year
Wc also wish (o thank our customers for thc loyal
suppott given the Company and to assure them that the
same high quality, characteristic of all Roval Standard
products in the past, will be as rigidly maintained in
the future,
Cordially yours
JJJ   Vancouver Milling & Grain Co. Ltd.
Vancouver,    Victoria,    New   Westminster,   Nanaimo
���will Di'obiibly ask" ns to  swallow   '    __    _      ;  , p_.��- inspector
,,-,,.���' .,  ., . ,   .      ,   Post Office  Inspector's  ollice,  Victoria
their selections,    Nothing doing! b. C. Nov. 1 1917.
Buggies and Express Wagons
All Rigs Guaranteed and Sold at the Lowest Possible Price
Blacksmith ard Carriag? Builder COURTENAY
Crib Blankets
foi Baby
Special   Imported   bines   of   White
Flannelette  Blankets 27 x 36,  with
pink or blue stripeel entls
85c per pair
Black Silk Underskirts
$8.50 and 59.75
Colored Moire, $3.50
and S5..50
Seabrook Young
623-5 Johnson St.
Victoria, B. C.
Esquimalt   &   Nanaimo  Railway
Christmas and  New Year
Tickets to all points will be sold at
Fare and One-Fifth (or Round Trip
Good grirg Tec. 24 to 31, r��*urwng up to
Jen. 3, 1918.
Phone R 60
Agent Courteaiy,
Comox  Livery   Stable
Phone 84 L
Auto Truck Meets all Boats
and Courtenay Trains
Autos and Teams for Hire
at reasonab'. rates
. ���: > i i  ts Audited and
Books Kept
Office with Hicks Beach  &  Field
Tun' ig and Repairing
Here about Oct. 1
? r a v: order? at Re-'iew office
^'3-33.-S��S3��r53 *-_*3**33a33!_r_B#'
����^*r.l.--*ie\XV.+l**~*VU,   ��*<>---'W^%vV*_r*^i;V,*��_^^
We have an Exhibit  of a Large
Assortment of New Patterns
Store Between   Bridges
l����^S*-***|->��*'-->*��yv*_^^ SrVMM.J'^
The Brackman-Ker Milling Co. Ltd.
Courtenay Branch
We carry a full Line of Grains, Hay, Stock and
Dairy Feeds, Etc.
Purity Flour
B.&K. Bread Floui
Warehoure: Movitz's Old Stand. Phone 66
Don't Forget Your Friends
on Christmas
What is more pleasant than a cheery word on Christmas
Day? The Telephone enables you to extend best wishes to
all your friends. The Telephone gives to the message a personal sentiment .hat is appreciated.
Telephoning to your friends is the same as a visit You
need not trouble about the distance-the telephone wil'l carry
your voice tones any where.
Transmit your message personally on Christinas.
British  Columbia  Telephone Co.
T.    .'...  .���. .GRAND DISPLAY
The costof Living is High ,t
Still There's Nothing Like Leather  Willard's Harness Emporium
JAMES   E. ASTON *'��>* Showing of Horse Blankets,  Lap
Rugs, Gloves, Trunks, Suit Cases, Etc.
Practical Shoemaker and Repair TT ���.,_,_,
Harness Repaired Neatly
Next to Hardv * Biseoe ����_��-���    __��_*_
Crs".:*kill a__ C*-u-.le'._y (H
It is manufactured
tobacco in its purest
It has a pleasing
It is tobacco scientifically prepared
for man's use.
Christmas Cheer
at the Bay Store
When we were boys we bought our Toys
at Ball's Store
Now we are men  we  go again
to Ball's Store
We have a Fine Selection of Useful
Strong-Toys, all Vancouver made
Rocking Horses, Shoe Flys (two horses with a seat
for young children) Doll's buggies, Strong Wood
Wagons with steel and wood wnea's Kindergarten
Sets, composed of two cha rs and table, Rocking
Chairs, Wood Engines, Doll Cradles, Sleighs, Dandy
Coas'ers"[needno gas] Dc'.ls and all kinds of
Small Toys, Table Quoits and Ten Pins, Crockery
and Chinaware, etc. We have also a good supply
of Children's Toy and Paint books, and books for
old and young children by the best authors
My order fcr Men' and Boys' Rubber Boots, 5 and
Six eye holes, has somehow got doubled, so  1 am
making a special offer at $3.50 and $3.95
Knee, High and Hip Gum Boots
also in stock
The Bay Store
Comox, B. C.
Special Holiday Goods
Mixed English Peel in pkgs  40c
Cutrants, 2 pkgs  35c
Raisins, seeded, ijfur  25c
Raisins, Sedless, 2 lor  25c
Shelled Almonds, per lb   60c
Shelled Walnuts, per lb  60 and 75c
'fable Raisins, per pkg  30c
Mixed Nut., per lb  30c
Mince Meat, 2 lb tins  45c
Mince Meat, 4 lb tins  85c
Boiled Cider   per bottle  30c
Our Special Tea, per lb  40c
Chocolates in fancy floxes, Irom 75c lo $4 per box.
Letter to the Editor
To all whom it may concern in
the Comox District.
I'ii-. A. \V. Blight, whn left this
district with tltt. i-.r-'iiil Batt, in
Jinn-, 1916, has returned to J|Court-
enny on ri short leave, wishes to
tlnink all the friends who contributed in any wav towards .expenses
of sending parcels mid , good cheer
of any kind or description while on
active seivice ',in France. Letters
and parcels received from the
friends at home while Serving ones
Country under sneii rigorous conditions are cettaiuly appreciated
beyond expression,
I would like also to sny to those
who have relatives from Uie district
in lhe lOJiid have just cause   to'
proud nf their conduct ,,as soldiers
of the King,
Their: devotion to dittv, their
conduct as men is ebeyoud praise,
and tlle I'iiends of tha Comox .va'
ley will not be likely to forget to
give theni a hearty welcome on
their return, wliicli God grant may
not be loll'*: delayed.
I am sincerely yours,
A  W, lilight.
Dear Mothar and sisters: ���
Just a few lilies to let you know  I
am well .and  o  k,,   hopiug   this
finds you  all  the same,    1   have
lieeii moved to a new camp since
last wrote and will be   here   for  a '
considerable length of  time, as we
arc working making a railroad, and (
I will have  a   small   pay   coming
soon,    It will sure help sjme  as I
can buv several little things  that I
need.    We get quite a lot   of  rain |
here as the town that   we   aie  bil-
litccl in is among the mountains,'
I expect il will be very  cold   here
this winter, but otherwise   it  is  a
very nice place.    W'e are Till  busy ,
writing as it is the lirst opportunity
we have had since we  left  Solton,
I saw some lovely "scenery coming along the railroad here, I saw
three big deer and four fawns, they
seem much the same as lbe���deer at
home, The farmers keep goats
around here ar.d Ihey seem to be
quite plentiful.
I suppose you are gelling up the
root crop and also baling hay. in
spare time,
We had a fine work day today,
but it i.s clouding up again for rain.
I am patiently waiting for a !letter from home, It seems a long
time since I heard from you. Mai-
da said iu her last letter that Fechner had lost hi. hotel license, so Jbe
sure and let me know who i.s the
proprietor of   the  Riverside  now.
I hav. not had any parcels from
the Red Cross Society, but expe.t
one soon as it is nearly eight weeks
since my address has gone through
to them. I suppose they will catch
me up uow as I have been doing a
lot of travelling through Germany
There are about ninety men in
this camp and there are '/only six
Special   Truck   Bargains
ti. .... ..:.:'_., _   *_*__��___uTl_-_ _;*3__*^__*--I___-_��-''-ll-i��2_B^.;
Our Usual Six Months' Guarantee
T. Booth & Sons
Telephone No. 1.
P. McBryde's
Bakery and Tea Rooms
Brown's Block, Courtenay
The Bestjand cheapest bread in the district
14 Loaves for $1, 7 for SO ell, 4 for 30cti, 2 for 15 ct��
We itivite anyone to dispute the above adrertisentent.
1   1 1 2 lo _ Ton Federab fitted  with large express body
and topi twin tires to rear wheels,  engine,   running gem-
all in perfect condition,     Price when   new  $3200.     For
immediate sale, $1751'
I 2 Ton Grniuni truck.    Large express   body, single   lire:,
rear wheels,     [n good running order.    Price $1300
1 l Ton Gram tu i  fitted  wilh stake body.    Thoroughly
overhauled and rebuilt at a cost ovei $61 0. Price $1000
t Ford Form a Truck,    New tires all   \ heels, solid rear.
Engine and transmission all rebuilt.     Fitted with express
body.    Price $650
1 Overland delivery, covered body.    Price $550
Johnson Street
.._. ______ __,_;_
Canadians among them, the n-si
being Australians and Imperial
Be sure and send me all the news
when writing, I have no news worth
writing about.
I suppose the-salmon areas thick
as usual iu the nver.'now, and the
perfume has the same old smell, fel
suppose Joe is after the ducks and
deer the same a usual ou wet days
and Sunday's. I. guess you have
the grain threshed by now and 1
hope you had a good crop.
Lce.-Cpl. M. T. I'ierey.
In Harz, Germany, Get. 15,  1917.
Victoria, B. C.
Union Government
Sweeps  the Country
Clements Leads by Nearly  ��
Au enthusiastic audieuc   .:
ed at the Maple
Monday evening
tion returns, and
Mr. Porteous has received tlie following l.tterfrotu W. Sanders under dale
oi Nov,;;.
Scafoilh, Sussex,
Dear Sir:���I beg to tlinul; you for the
parcel uf candy received while I was in
hospital. It wns sent to France quite
.safe for ine in Lhe trenches and then
bact* to ine in Kngland ill good condition
which I appreciate very much. I was
wounded 111 France that is why the parcel traced me hack here. I am sure they
are very acceptable while the soldiers are
in the trenches a-id 1 hope to be lit
again soon for France. Again thanking you for your kindness, with best
The residents of the Lower Road
say tliat Roadmaster Stevens has
invented 1 new way to drain the
highway���just run the juggernaut
over it a few times, everv little
wav it cuts a deep hole where the
water from the rest of the road
lelinitely knowi
l.e.lf    The
0 heai
when   it   ' :
1 that M tun -      i
been   defeated  bo
Vancouver tha api
eniug.    A g'kulh
1   hei .
mse was   .'
^ill".'.'' .'!   l.v)
gathered at'the Uui mist head [t\ triers to htar the returns, and H
consequently very jubilant wl n
the returns showed that Clero its
had been elected in C .
.and that the Unionist cause hid
I carried through tbe country. Gi
satisfaction was expressed at Mr,
Mclnnes1 defeat was also expressed
at Vancouver and Victoria, Hi.,
bold attitude against the Union
cause, -and his absclttte self assur
anee caused many to have a little
anxiety for result, However, Hilly
won't have to decide which seat he
will sit in. The people have definitely stated that Clements and
Stevens will occupy the front seats
and Billy will have to hunt up a
bench away back in the rear for
another four or live years.
The return      da te   are  as   follows:
Clements Mclnnes
Ladies and Gent's Tailor
Now. Showing   ew       i ft Suitings
McPhee Block    -    Courtenay
Wellington     57
Nanoose        26
Parksville   117
Port Alberni   117
Alberni     156
Schelet     52
Powell River  26a
Ban-field.....    27
Erriugton      47
Gibson's Lauding-.������    75
Qualicmu Beach-.unofficial majority for Clements, 15.
Cumberland      222
Courtenay       266
Comox       98
Squamish    78
Kildonan      26
Bowser     37
Qualicum    97
Clayoquot     36
I Ucluslet     31
The baker of Better Bread
Opposite the city hal'
Christmas Presents
are Economical, Useful
and are
Great   Labor   Savers
for s _ile by
The CourtenayElectricLight
Heat & Powe�� C.i-noanv I Smite*.
Quatsiuo     25
Shoal Bay     21
Cape Scott    	
San Joseph   Bay    ...
Rock Bay	
Green Point Rapids...
Hardy Bay	
Alett Bay   	
Port Alice	
Mill Creek	
Heriot Bay	
Union Bay	
Province       Union
P. K. Ialand	
, Nova Scotia    5
1 New Brunswick.. 6
1 Quebec     3
Ontario 72
j Manitoba  13
, Saskatchewan...    6
; Alberta   10
I Britisii Columbia 12 1
Totals 137 92
2 scats in doubt in Alberta
Should Produce More
Government Farms
For Training Stations
Suggestion of Senator Foster Widely
Endorsed Throughout the
Dominion   m
Jlr" suggestion made in llie senile by Senator George G. Foster
(hat the experimental farms tliroiigli-
oui the. Dominion be used as training slation s for returned soldiers
wlio would engage in agricultural
work, or who have been fanners before their enlistment and want to return to the work, is not an entirely
new idea, for the military hospitals
commission has already placed some
men for training at the farm at Truro.
This additional service which experimental farms may be able to render in supplying, a training school
lor would-be farmers is endorsed
widely, and arrangements have, becn
made for accommodating some returned soldiers at the experimental
(arm at Sle. Anne dc Bellevue, and
tn the neighborhood of the college
at Guelph, (Intario.
A committci in the senate will be
ippointcd to consider thc proposition further.
Ha_i_ of Canada's Prosperity are Her
Farm Lands
The Saskathccwan Farmer says:
Buying land al from $10 lo $20 an
acre, and doing nothing with it, cx-
pcctitif: to make a profit from unearned increment is jusi as foolish
as buying sub-division property lhat
may not be required for building purposes for a quarter of a century,
There are thousands of farm homes
ii. Western Canada lhat havc been
improved for the last 20 to. 30 years
and now owners would nol sell for
$50 or $b0 an acre, For 1915 thc
crop on many of these farms gave a
profit of from $20 to $-10 an acre, and
vi t there are millions of acres in
Western Canada, virgin prairie, that
can hc purchased al from $15 to $30
an acre. What is the explanation?
Simply this, that for a number pi
years the great part of our advertising has been to induce settlers to
ronie lo our cities and towns lo establish industries, iiie basis of all
our prosperity���our farm lands���was
Ignored. Today our farm lands arc
once more taking their proper place.
"Produce more," whether ii lie more
grain, more live slock, more butter,
more poultry and eggs can only apply to farm lands.
Easily  ami  Quickly
Cured  wilh
I'or Sole bv
All   Dealers
Mapnncc      -      Ont.
Minard's Liniment Cures Garget
How Many Hun I
Submarines Lost ?
Germany    Losing   Pirate   Ships   at
Rate of Four a Week
From January lo llie present date
the Hriiish navy has destroyed twice
as many German submarines a.s during the whole of 1916. Mr. Lloyd
George is authority for the slate-
ment. The number destroyed in 1016
is not known, bill it is believed to
be approximately 75 undcr-water vessels. Assuming this to be correct,
Germany hai already lost this year
no fewer than 150 U-boats or at llic
rate of aboul four a week. If this
bc so il is in. wonder that thc loss
of steamers tlirougli lhe. activities of
Hun pirates has been so greatly'reduced. At present the loss per week
in tonnage ir- less than one-third of
what it was in April last, when till
U-boat campaign was al its height-
Vancouver  World.
Joint Action
For Food Control
A    Reduction   in    Consumption    of
Wheat, Beef and Bacon
Is Essential
Joint action to secure essential
commodities for export while protecting the general public against exploitation and permitting fair returns
to producers is lhe plan of the British, Canadian and American food
A reduction of at least 25 per
cent, in home consumption of wheat,
beef and bacon in lhe Dominion is
essential if sufficient quantities are.
to I.,- released for export lo Great
Britain and our European allies. The
Britisii government has prohibited
the import of bacon, butter, hams,
and lard except under license. The
British food ministry has established
a single government buying agency
in the United Slates fur tin se products, and makes all purchases
through this agency, beginning September 3rd. Thc establishment of
this agency insures international action by the, British, United Stales
and Canadian food controllers to
eliminate the speculation in food due
lo free individual competition in
Britain, France and Italy, which has
resulted in the exhorbitant prices
that havc been paid, both there and
in America.
Canada must save 12,000,000 bushels of wheat lhis year.
If vou shiver in'frosty
weather, if you have cold
hands and feet, if colds are
stubborn and frequent,
then your blood may be
thin and impoverished.
has been correcting this condition for nearly fifty years. It
possesses rare powers for
creating natural body-warmth, for
charging summer blood
with winter richness and
strengthening both throat
and Jungs.
Scott & Iimi-iiir. Toronto, Onlj,     Br
are combined in ihe
perfected ready-cooked
cereal ���
This appetizing blend
of Wheat and Barley
is over 98% Food.
W.     N.     U.    1181
To Men Who Live Inactive Lives.
���Exercise in the open air is the best
tonic for the stomach and system
generally! but there are those who
are compelled to follow sedentary
occupations and the inactivity tends I
to restrict the healthy action of the
digestive organs and sickness follows. Parmelce's Vegetable I'ills
regulate the stomach and liver and
restore healthy r.ction, It is wise to
have a packet of the pills always on
How To Get On
With "Tommy"
Forget the "1770   Stuff."   a   Gunner
Advises and When in Difficulty Have Tea
Win n lhe '\iiierieati gets to England lif- is going to have a hard lime
at first gelling along with tbe Englishmen, 'I'hey are so different. The
Englishman has a way of taking everything for granted. Vow mustn't
talk to au Englishman uliotit the
v,ar, or ask him about lhc victory;
he is perfectly sure about lhe victory; the only thine he doesn't know
is now long il is going to take. You
mustn't talk to an Englishman about
money, cither. And you mustn't tell
liim that baseball is far superior to
cricket; his opinion of baseball is
just thc satin- as your opinion of
cricket, you know I
Don'l tell him lie is a fool for being governed by a king���the Englishman is a good observer, and he
might come back at you and punch
some boles in our senate and congress.
Then the American mustn't herald
his arrival iu England and France as
a great event, and say lie Ts going lo
v,in the. war! Aud when lie is with
the. English soldiers he's gol to forget all this 1770 stuff���the Americans
and English am just brothers in arms
If an embarrassing situation docs
arise between an American and au
Englishman, an uncomfortable silence, or something of llle sort, lie
added, I'll tell you the thing to do;
the American should either offer or
accept an imitation to teal Over a
cup of lea the awkward silution vanishes, .tore, pleasant situations and
good friendships are built up over a
cup of tea llian ovcr a cocktail.��� i
Gunner Arthur fitly Kinply of the
Btitir.1i Army in lhe New York
Tn the getting out of the lirsl number of a new English magazine in
Tokyo recently a proofreader discovered that the number '10.0(10 had
been printed 39,000, On inquiring
through an interpreter how such au
mid mistake could have occured, the
proofreader said: "I can imagine a
mistake of 20,000 or .10,0110 being
made, but how could he gel 30,000
instead of 40,000?" i'he typesetter's
reply was: "1 had no '4' at the moment so 1 calculated that 39,000
would be nearer the right amount
than any other figure."
Few people realize that nervous
ailments often arise frmn digestive
I roubles. The stomach fails, for
some reason, lo digest food properly. Then the system languishes and
the nerves become exhausted in
striving lo continue llieir work. Impure blood also causes nerve troubles, but frequently it is its the stomach where the mischief starts. As
the. nourishment is carried to ihc
nerves by the blood, it will be 'seen
\\liat an important connection exists
between thc stomach, the nerves and
the blood, and how such troubles as
nervous headaches, nervous dyspepsia and insomnia  may begin.
In such cases relief is easily obtainable by means of Dr. Williams'
l'ink I'ills. These pills replenish the
blood wilh lhe food elements on
which lhe nerves thrive; at the same
lime they exercise a tonic influence
on (he digestive organs, enabling llic
system to derive nourishment from
the food taken. Hy this perfectly
natural process nervous ills are steadily dispelled by Dr. Williams' link
I'ills. if you are suffering from
nerves, or require a blood-making
tonic, give these pills a fair trial, and
see how speedily the best of health
will be yours.
You can get these pills through
any dealer in medicine, or by mail
at 50 cents a box or six boxes for
$2.50 from The Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville, Om.
Ration Must Last Eleven Days
The Dutch minister of agriculture
lias decided that the bread ration of
2,800 grammes per head must suffice
for eleven days after September 2.
When bread Tickets were first issued
seven days was the period for this
ration; later it was extended to nine
days, but the increasing scarcity
necessitates a further reduction in
1 was cured of terrible lumbago by
I was cured of a bad ease of head-
I was cured of sensitive lungs bv
"So yotl found out fm' vour. ell"
thai it was wrong lo fi-liii"
"Ves," replied the boy with a
bruised eye and a swollen lip. "Tt
was wrong for me; but it was all
right for the olhcr fellow."���Washington Star.
v HimmJi,/,
HT'S   DI5H*-. r1
���"UJET.5   B,���|ll
Practical Food Control
Cutting Down Supply of  Meat  and
Wheat Products in New
York Hotels
The hotels and restaurants . division of the United States food administration has received a report
from New York City that out of 225
members of the Society of Restalt-
ranteurs, 224 have adopted a "meatless Tuesday" and a "whcatlcss
It was also reported that beginning in October no wheat was used iu
any French pasteries and pies served at the Blltmorci the Manhattan
and the Ansonia hotels, as well as a
number of other hotels in New York
City. Kye, rice, cliesmit and potato
flours were substituted.
When lea or coffee is served in the
rooms in some of the New Vork hotels, three pieces of sugar are served
lo one person, and live pieces to two
persons. All icing on pastry, it was
added,  has been  eliminated.
One New York City hotel supply
company reports that since meatless
Tuesday has been inaugurated, its
lonnage has dropped twelve thousand
to fourteen thousand pounds as compared wilh lhe average Thcsday of
August. August is regarded as a
fair average, although it was less
than the heavy months of last fall.
Drives Asthma Before It.���The
smoke or vapor from Dr, .1. D, Kellogg's Asthma Remedy gives asthma
no chance to linger. It eradicates
the cause. Our experience with the
relief giving remedy shows bow actual and positive is lhe succor it
gives, ll is lhe result of long study
and experiment and was not sub'
milled to llie public uniil ils maker
knew  it would do iis work ��ell
No Need to Rub
Try Sloan'a  Liniment and  see
how quickly the swelling is reduced
and thc pain disappearc.    No need
. to rub: it penetrates quickly and.
brings relief. Have
a bottle handy for
rheumatic pains,
neuralgia, back
ache and all muscle sorencjs.
Generous slued
es,   at   your
druggist,   25c
50c,, 91.00.
s^smtat^m'    .iv:.,   ��� 3
';.;JJfoefl'b .ia.    \
-'-&V___   '<_��� ��� . '.��� .. :i' \ti
Future Provision
For Sick Soldiers
Military Medical Attention   Assured
Men Who Suffer Relapse
From War Injuries
Tlie government lias made provision so lhat any man who suffers a
recurrence of a disability due lo
army service can receive free treatment from a military medical officer.
If his condition requires hospital
care lie can be reattestcd and replaced on pay and allowances, until
he ha'S been put in shape again.
i'he military hospital commission
makes this statement to correct the
impression which seems to havc
gained circulation, that a discharged
soldier can go to a medical practitioner as a civilian and receive treatment, or enter a hospital as a civilian and then forward the bill to the
government for payment,
The eoinmiiiission will not be accountable for unauthorized account.
for medical service.
England's Sacrifice
Every page of Ihis    war is full of
heroic episodes;    nol a country bin
has lis deeds and ils legends of sacrifice, ihr extent and lhe sorrow
of those* sacrifices are shown by the
lengthening lisis in our English
churches and college chapels and before our shrines of Ihose who have
given everything that man can give
for a in,ble cause. Jlut who knows
of those lists outside England?���
London  Daily  Mail.
No child should be allowed to suffer an hour from worms when
prompt relief can be got in a simple
but strong remedy���Mother Graves'
Worm Exterminator.
Canadian Hospitals for Serbia
I >r. Fred. Burnham, of Winnipeg,
has arrived in London from the Balkans, where lie has labored as director of Serbian hospitals almost from
the beginning of the war.
Dr. Burnham receiyed? the order of
Saint Sava from the Crown Prince
of Serbia, and he is now returning
to Canada lo appeal for funds to establish Canadian hospitals in Serbia
to be equipped and staffed by Canadians.
Cincinnati man tells how to dry
up a corn or callus so it
lifts off with lingers.
You corn-pestered men and women
need suffer no lunger. Wear the shoes
that nearly killed you before, says
this Cincinnati authority, because a
few drops of freezone applied directly
on a tender, aching corn or callus,
slops soreness at once and soon the
corn or hardened callus loosens so it
can bc lifted off, root and all, without paiu.
A small bottle of freezone costs
very lillle al any drug store, but will
positively lake off every hard or soft
com or callus. This should be tried,
as il is inexpensive and is said nol to
irritate  the  .surrounding skin.
If your druggist hasn't any freezone
lell him lo get a small bottle for you
from his wholesale drug house, it is
fine stuff and acts like a charm every
Indians in Northland
Indians in the Northland arc more
prosperous and healthy than lhcy
were years ago. During 1917 the
Indian commissioner received several reports from sub-inspectors in the
northern wilds. Practically uo sickness and no sign of shortage of
food was noted. A year ago special
airangcnicttts were made with the
Hudson's Bay Co, lo feed the Indians to prevent starvation. Fur-
bearing animals are more plentiful
and the trading posts a"i'c paying a
better price for skins llian they were
Minard's Liniment Cures Distemper.
Foe Food Crops
.- crops of grain arc very
small, and Germany can no longer
look to the neighboring neutrals for
such quantities of food as have been
coming from them in the last two
years. One cause of revolt in lhc
navy was lack of sufficient food, and
this has made strikes al the coal
mines. Great unrest and food riots
in the coining winter may be expected, There are. new reports wliicli
show shortage of the metals required for munitions, of rubber, and of
Cotton for explosives. Almost daily
there is aildiliiuial evidence to support and confirm our government's
determination so to control exports
that neither food nor materials for
war shall go to Germany from this
continent, and to use iis influence in
legitimate wavs to prevent transportation of them from countries south
of us.���New York Time;.
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ninny beautiful
retail stores,
where thc best In
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people find that
jt is possiblo to
save the expense
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Christmas shopping through buying In
What an Opportunity
to enjoy a visit to thc City and mnke ���
pleasant holiday out of what would otherwise be a tedious, difficult task. No need
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minutes' walk from thc principal stores.
We have special facilities for handling
your parcels.
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The House of Plenty
nnd Reasonable Itattt
Save the calves
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Mightiest ���wind
ever limed al
Abortion, Sterility, and Piemai
tin c Calving, oni
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cattle treated if)
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ff;ierce fur fo.,L
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vet. kidney, bladdbr, diseases, blood pojsok.
m.m. eiTiiEs ho. oB.ams.sorMiui.il. rose sen
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g flavor.
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It is the most economical chew.'*
j Blinded Canadian
Heroes Making Good
Sergt.-Major   Middleniiss   Writes   ol
the Success of St. Dunstan's
Courses in Suitable
Sergt.-Major Robert Midtlleimss of
the  King's Own Scottish  Borderers,
llirougli whose ljlitul eyes thousands
of Americans caught their lirst
glimpse of the awful realities of war,
when he circled #'lic states on a lecture lour in the early spring, has
been taking a CQUi'se in poultry raising at St. Dunstan's school for the
blind, where the blinded heroes of
all the empire's forces are re-educated for civil life, and will soon he oh
a little farm of his own.
The majority of the 31 Canadians
who have been blinded in lite war,
the only class of disabled soldier not
cared for ill Canada by the military
hospitals commission, arc there with
him taking various courses determined by iheir abilities ami interests,
and in a letter which lie typed himself he tells of Iheir progress. 'J!icv
arc all doing well, he declares, and
those who havo been trained and are
now settled at worlc in various occupations they were latighl in the
school arc very stieeesful.
Mr. Harry Turner! a Canadian
newspaper man who was blinded in
the war and retained at St. Diiii-
stan's is now working on a Saskatoon paper, others arc masseurs,
lawyers, stenographers, dictaphone
operators and insurance men.
llie Editor of tlie Economist, Published at Chica-io, after a Recent
Trip Through the Western Provinces, Writes Enthusiastically
Of the Splendid Opportunities Western Canada Offers
Gallant Sons of Canada Can Be Found in Livery Branch oi
imperial Service, Doing Their Bit in Various Capacities, biu
Lending Great Assistance in Winning tlie K_ht
The giant of thc north stretches
his thirty-seven hundred miles from
Atlantic to l'acific and groans under
his own weight of wealth, actual and
potential. Hc is getting self conscious and is lifting bis bead for recognition as among the great of thc
earth, Canada deserves unstinted
praise for its part in thc present war,
and despite the large, number _ of
cririplcs on thc streets of lhc cities,
*ouragc and purpose are at a high
pitch. The Canadians arc game. And
their loyalty to the home -government is among the marvels of the
lime. Any suggestion of faltering in
that loyalty appears to be unknown
in the Dominion of Canada. The primary reason for this is not the undoubted excellence of the government of Great Britain but in the fact
that tlie Canadian people are left to
manage their own affairs. "We are
the freest people on earth," is an expression one frequently bears from
the lips of men who know what the
ether governments arc. As to thc
provinces, they remind one of thc
states of this country, but they appear to have their local affairs almost exclusively in their own bands.
The theory of self-government is
perhaps as well carried out in Canada as in any part of the world. But
in respect to the whole Dominion
there is an amount of intelligent
study of resources and opportunities
that perhaps docs not exist anywhere
else. Corporations, individuals, government officials, arc constantly exploring, mapping, and inviting mankind to come and scc. Many are
coming to stay, as onc knows from
the migration out of thc United
The great potencies are the quality
of thc English race, particularly as
expressed in Brilish rule, an enterprising government of the Dominion
itself and the railroad companies,
notably the Canadian Pacific, which,
to use ils own expression, "spans the
earth" wilh its eighteen thousand
miles of road and its many steamships. These forces act in concert
nud lind lines of effort in all sorts of
subordinate departments and bureaus
which have in hand irrigation, the
opening of new areas, colonization
and enlistment of capital. Study of
the whole is dominant, for the people seem to have grasped the idea
that their own individual prosperity
is involved iu the common weal. The
banking system is one of the most
powerful means of promotion anil
safeguards against misfortune, Americans have admired this system these
temperature in areas far north.
Vancouver temperatures as low :
in midwinter rarely occur, and
city and ils neighbor,   Victoria
places of residence arc extremely
s 15
itrtig. Far inland lhc chinook comes
in winter to ease the cold weather.
Wc, therefore, should not apply tbe
Medicine Hat test to everything in
the Dominion. One cannot yel say-
how great is the area of arable land
in the Dominion, for there are large
sections which have, not yet been
opened and the. quality of which is a
matter for furl her investigation. The
statement has been made that of the
3,700,000 square miles of Canada only
440,000 square miles is fit for farming. This, however, excludes grazing
lands and other areas which will unquestionably come iu laler on.
Broadly speaking, thc farther north
lhc locality the shorter the season,
but the rapidity of growth is something astonishing, unless one remembers that 18 hours of daylight has
more effect ou a plant than 10 or 12
No Half-Way Houses
In Ending the War
Choice of Both Sides in the Contest
Is Surrender or Defeat, Says
London Times
A London Times editorial headed
"Futile peace schemes" contains lhe
following passages. "There is nol lhc
slightest intention or lhe slightest
wish ou either side of the Atlantic
to accept mediation. The nations
opposed to Germany know well what
they are fighting for. Tlicy mean to
utterly end thc system which forced
war on a peace-loving world and
which as they clearly perceive would
infallibly lead to a renewal of the
conflict upon a scale slill more awful
wcrc it not now lorn up by the
roots. These roots are still deep in
the minds of the militarist classes of
Central Europe and their - deluded
dupes. The war, Tirpitz said, must
prove lhal England has not beaten
Germany. The war, the allies reply
wilh one accord, must prove pajft all
question of doubt that the alliance
has beaten Germany.^ There is no
place for a compromise, or thc good
offices of mediation. The choice to
both sides is surrender or defeat.
There can be no half-way house.
The following article, contributed
by Rowland Hill from war correspondents-' headquarters, France, is
issued by the militia department:
"Canada's part iu the war is not
lonnned by any means lo the splendid troops under General Currie, now
beleaguering Lens, There are scores
of officers and men in various imperial services fitting effectively into
thc Britisii machine. In scons of
places one would never suspect I here
arc. Canadian battalions���-their numbers arc now legion���which in the
aggregate easily 'make, up a large
force. Smart young Canadians are
naval officers in every port lhal feeds
lhe front, keeping to the traditions
of the- Brilish navy. Then, too, there
arc the flying men, in both services,
their range perhaps the greatest of
all, sometimes eyes of the grand
fleet itself, and on lhis western
fiont a majority iu many squadrons.
"Today the colonel, of Canadian
tailway troops iuvitcd me lo accompany him lo an exhibition he was
giving to French, Belgian and British
engineers. He walked along a new
main military line built wiili rails
from Canada's government railways.
Thc ties had been cut in a minattire
Canadian sawmill not many miles
south, in woods where the kaiser's
Uhlans roamed earlv in the war. Out
in the large yard there, wa- a big
steam shovel caliug away the side of
the bill, filling a truck a minute���the
Belgian officer timed the great engine���to go forward where the lighl
railway crews, Canadians there, too,
were ballasting new lines. Fritz's
airmen spotted it   one   day and for
weeks afterwards his artillery starched for them, wasting hundreds ot
rounds of ammunition, Thc Germans
thought jt was some new mastodon
of destruction. It used to work on a
Canadian Pacific grade in Northern
"When the Huns broke back along
the coast tlicy _ left various bits of
tangled machinery. The Canadian
colonel gathered these up, commandeered a big railway iruck, and built
a track-layer in his own blacksmith
One of the reasons why Copeahagea
Chewing Tobacco is becoming ourta
and more popular is, because it dues
nol attract attention in the mouth.     '
It is not chewed; on the contrary, I
small pinch is placed in the mouth
between the lower lip and gum.
This gives complete satisfaction
without chewing, and leaves a pleasant..
cool after-taste.
Copenhagen Chewing Tobacco ia
scientifically prepared, of the best old
ripe, high flavored leaf tobacco.
It is in the form of small grains, and
being very rich, only a small quantity
should be placed in the mouth.
"Ife tha most economical chaw".
Unity years and
pals are embodic
serve plan. Tin.
get closer lo lh
sonic of its prinit-
I in our federal rc-
e banks appear to
r people  than  those
ot In r counlries. A liberal policy
is followed ill the establishment of
branch hanks. One finds hardly a
hamlet without a representative of
one of Ihese well-known institutions,
usually housed in a building commanding respect by ils archilecttirc,
though all about il may bc the crude-
ness of a new country. Thc greatest
advantage of this branch system over that of individual institutions such
as we have in Ihe United Slates is in
the name and the known solvency of
the parent institution.
With Chicago men of affairs, particularly those of the board of trade,
thc time has long gone by for considering Canada so boreal as lo bc
forbidding or an Uninviting field for
enterprise. The wheat of Canada io
among the besl raised in the world,
and land_ eleven hundred miles north
of this city yield the cereal liberally.
The mention of the fifty-ninth parallel lo one familiar with thc wheat
trade does not chill him. Then there
an; climatic conditions which soften
W.     N,     U.     1184
"Danger Ahead" is the Warning
Which Headache Signals to You
���RUE, an occasional headache
may result fipm conditions
that pass away, but "persistent headaches" tell of serious
trouble, and demand attention.
Women are more liable to
headaches than men. The direct
cause may be overwork, worry or
mental anxiety, but the real
source of trouble is debility of
the nerve centres.
The brain is the "central station" of the nervous system, and
here is first felt any unusual
strain. Headache results, and
you are warned of the exhausted
condition of the nerve cells.
The first thought is of relief,
and too often there is formed the
habit of resorting to headache
powders or tablets, instead of
aiming at the restoration of the
nervous system.
Nerve Cells of Brain
Cry Aloud for Rich
Red Blood
The Food Cure
Mrs. O. Starring, lit Catharine
street, Kingston, Ont., writes : "[
have been suffering for the last live
years with nervousness, headaclion, so
that my eyeballs would fnlrlj _;>l|t,
dizziness, and weakness of the heart,
and a generally rundown condition. I
doctorod for several years with different
doctors, but without getting relief.
Through reading one of your booklets I
thought that possibly I could get benefit
from Dr. Chase's Nerve Food, bo I decided to try It. I got one box, took the
pills, and, feeling better, followed It up
with more. 'Now I am feeling much
better, am stronger, and able to get
around and do my work without difficulty. I would recommend Dr. chase's
Nerve Food to anyone suffering from
nervousness and rundown condition."
Anaemia or bloodlessness if
often an accompaniment of headaches. The blood is thin and
watery, the nerves are starved,
there are spells of melancholy
and discouragement, and you feel
in many ways the need of reconstructive treatment such as Dr.
Chase's Nerve Food.
Fatigue and exertion should be
avoided, and you should have
exercise in the open air while
using this food cure to nourish
the starved, depleted nerve cells
back to health.
Not only do you cure headache
by uang this treatment, but you
���build up the run-down system,
and prevent such developments
as nervous prostration and
Dr. Chase's Nerve F<
in ���
60 east, ft box, ft full treatment of 6 faoxei for $3.75, ftt
Limited, Toronto.   Do sot be talked into accepting a
all dealer., r,r Ednianion, Bates & Co.,
substitute.   Iinitationi only disappoint THE COURTENAY REVIEW
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Christmas Service Sunday Evg.
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Anthem : " It Came Upon the Midnight Clear "
7.30 p. m.
Everybody Welcome
Municipal Elections
to Tin-: i;i,i-:ct(irs
Till.  CITY 01* COl'KTHNAY
Hnvltig been requested by a large de
putation nl ratepayers lo stand lor the
office ol Mayor, 1 have consented lo do
nn nml respectfully solicit your vole nnd
The Best
TO Till': [.1,1'C'i'ORS
Ai tlir request nl n large number nf
the ratepayer^ nml voters in the City ol
Cinirteteiy, 1 have consented in he n
candidate (or Alderman in Wnnl 1 nt
tlie forthcouiiug civic election, absolutely free from any parly politics,
& t%^1^^>
,.'"<~-r.:v v>'_**���-*-
mat Appeal Judgfe
Gives Kuli.ad oa
ExeiBpiio.ii ei F^raiers
Mr. Justice Duff (the Final Court of Appeal) Declares it is Essential that there shall he No
Diminution in Agricultural Production.
Al the request of a lal-ge number of
the ratepayers nml voters in the City of
Courtenny, 1 bnve consented lo be ri
candidate lor Aldermun iu Wnnl I nt
the (orllieoiuine, civic election, absolutely free fiom nny party politics.
(Published by authority of Director of Public Information,
Hon. Mr. Justice Duff p;ave judgment cn December
6th, in the first test case brought before him, as Central
Appeal Judge (the final court of appeal), f :��� lh. s exemption of a farmer. The appe,?.! was made by W. H. I .own-
tree in respect cf bis son, W. J. Rowntree, from the
decision of Lorn! Tribunal, Ontario, No. 421, which
refused a claim for exemption. The 3on was stated to
be an experienced farm hand, who had been working
on the farm continuously for the past se**en years, and
ever since leaving school. He lives and works with his
father, who owns a farm of 150 acres near Weston,
Ontario. With the exception of a younger brother, he
is the only male help of the father on the farm. The
father is a man of advanced years.
In granting the man exemption "until he ceases to
be employed in agricultural labor," Mr. Justice Duff
"The Military Service Act does not deal with the
subject of the exemption of persons engaged in the agricultural industry; and the question which it is my duty
to decide is whether the applicant being and having
been, as above mentioned, habitually and effectively engaged in agriculture and in labor essential to the carrying on of agricultural production, ought to be exempted
under the provisions of the Military Service Act.
"These two propositions are indisputable :
"(1) In order that the military power of the allies
may be adequately sustained, it is essential that in this
country and under the present conditions, there
should be no diminution in agricultural production.
"(2) The supply of competent labor available for
the purpose of agricultural production is not abundant,
but actually is deficient.
"The proper conclusion appears to be that the applicant, a competent person, who had been habitually
and effectively engaged in labor essential to such production, ought not to be withdrawn from it.
"It is perhaps unnecessary to say that such exemptions are not granted as concessions on account of personal hardship, still less as a favor to a class. The sole
ground of them is that the national interest is the better
served by keeping these men at home. The supreme
necessity (upon the existence of which, as its preamble
shows, this policy of the Military Service Act is founded) that leads the State to take men by compulsion and
put them in the fighting line requires that men shall be
kept at home who are engaged in work essential to en
able the State to maintain the full efficiency of the combatant forces, and whose places cannot be taken by
others not within the cla?s called out."
Ottawa, Dec. 8, 1917.
'l'u Till-; IU.ECT0RS
AL the request of u large number of
the ratepayers and voters in llie Cily of
Courtenay, ' have consented to be a
candidate lor Alderman iu Ward 2 ut
llie forthcoming civic election, absolutely (ree from any warty polities.
_*>  *.�����. ,',;..':;;' i ue  piano  question
rv--���''��'-''':';'t-____r "'''' '"s   l'L(-'ll-'-ir   'n   itself.
V''.t Ji'^^'JaWSRtC''. I.vc:ytiling about a
V.i piano is vital to its tone
pr li e and a weakness
anywhere proves eventually to be liie the hud
;i] ] I. in llie bai re], In
other winds, there can
hardly be a " pretty
go d piano.-' Il is either good or it is not
(ji.(tl.   Ti e
has no weak feature,   It bus a construcliou��� tone quality und
ilLsii;n that eminent musician*, music lovers��� yes nnd coin-
pelitoi s look to with a i es'peel
Your present instrument Ulteii us purl payment
and convenient lei ins iiiTHngird
Cumberland, B. C. Nanaimo, B. C
At the request of a large number of
llie ratepayers and voters in lhe City of
Conrteuay, I have consented lo be a
caimiilate for Alderman in Ward 2 at
the forthcoming civic election, absolutely free frmn any party politics.
At the request of a laige number ol
the ratepayers and voters in the City of
Courtenay, I have consented to be a
candidate for Alderman in Ward 3 at
the forthcoming civic election, absolutely free from any party politics.
Parkin Bros.
wish their many Customers
and Friends
a Merry Christmas
and a Bright and Joyous
New Year
church here. She came here when
everything was at a very low ebb and by
her enthusiastic zeal and energy accomplished very muck. Her loss will be (elt
by all.
Miss E. Creeden, the school maun
is leaving us. She has accepted a position in Saanich: says she'll be sorry to
leave Comox,
At tiie request of a large number of
the ratepayers and voters in the City of
Courtenay, I have consented to be a
candidate for Alderman in Ward 3 at
the forthcoming civic election, absolutely free from any partv politics.
i Mrs. J. W. MeCatin wishes to hav*
the report contradicted through the medium ol your paper that her son Wamlord
McCann hnd been  imprisoned  for   five
r years for tailing to report to (he military
authorities.   The  following letter will
I exlitin.
To Miss I. M. McCann, E. 60th and
Belmont St., Portland, Ore.
re Vivian Warnford McCann.
Dear Madam:-Your letter of Oct. 29
regarding your brother has been forwarded me for reply. On Nov. 16 your
brother was handed over to the First
Alberta Depot Batt. iu which unit he is
now serving. He was not punished in
any way for his neglect to register. A
letter addressed in eare of No. 1 Co. 1st
Alberta Depot Batt, Calgary, will reach
Signed G. West Jones,
Lt. Col. Prevost Marshal M. D. No. 13.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Dr. Cox and family left
for Calgary last week where the Doctor
hus reoeived a military appointment. All
resilients nre sorry to lose him. We very
much deplore llie (net that Comox cannot support a resident doctor. 4 hnve
tried their luck here without success.
Can anyone explain this peculiar stnteof
At n meeting of the Comox church
Ouild Mrs. Cox was presented with a
leather travelling case and purse -by
members of the guild and congregation,
in recognition of tbe vnlunlile aid and
support in all mutters pertaining   to the
The following message has heen
sent to Courtenay by Mr. H, S.
Clements:���"Please convey to all
my Unionist friends my fullest appreciation for the splendid work
and assistance in putting Country
before Party, in saving Canada's
gcod name in this, the most critical
time of her history,"
There was great rejoicing at the
Unionist headquarters on Monday
evening when the first news of Mclnnes defeat came in, and when it
became definitely known tbat the
Unionist cause had won throughout
the country,
A convenient and simple fcrm tn
help tell whether the flock is paying or uot, has been worked out by
the Poultry Division, Experimental
Farm, Ottawa.
This form, which may be hung
up in the poultry house or the kitchen, provides space for marking
down each day, the number of eggs
laid. It also indicates space for
recordiug the number of eggs and
poultry sold or eaten, also space to
note the feed bought or taken from
the farm, and columns for entering
cash receipts, expenditures and balances,
The form is a convenient place
to keep your poultry account each
month, and may he hnd on application to the Poultry Division,Experimental Farm, Ottawa, free of
cost, provid'tig a duplicate copy is
sent to the Poulrry Division each
If you want to know what your
hens are doing, write for them,
Ice Cream
Barrister and  Solicitor,   Notary-
Phone 6 Courtenay
Mooring &MansMd
General Blacksmiths
Beg to announce that they are prepared
to do all kinds of repairs at moderat
Horseshoeing a Specialty
Meat Market
Equipped with Modern Refrigerating plant
Highest Price paid for Beef
and Veal
Cuiirteiiay  and  OliTi berland


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