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The Review May 30, 1918

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Array w
/(fl      _.
Can n.i be drum nny I otter,   and I
nut quite ao   woll ftiiywliore   vine \
liereaboutii.   Our tyiio ��nd msohln- }
ery in oiwipluto Mini Tlio  Ki-vi.-w {
price;- ��ro ri^kt *
Gents'  Furnishings
and Halters
VOL. 6
NO. 26
Saw Mill M&dtainery
including Portable Boiler 46   X  14,  Alias Engine
9 x 14, 4 good   Head  Bloc! r,  for *nw carriage,
Iron saw ft iime, etc.   Particulars from
Telephone 10 COURTENAY
Gents* Furnishing Store
We also have a sliipnient of Ladies Slioes aind the Rinex Sole
Shoe for Children
Call aud see our gcods. you'll always  find  our prices right.
Courtenay Gent's Furnishings Store
Opposite Shepherds' W. Sutliff, Prop.
Expert Watchmaker
Qualified Optician
Wati!: maker,   Jeweler
and Optician
Union Street, Courtenay
Next the Drug Store Phone 48
I   iNext
l.ccal Lines
Wm. Dingwall Ira here from Vlc'torlai 1st of Jul>' Celebration.
There Is a scheme on ion  in h ild a
Mr, rt. Chr'stie has purchased anew. 1st   of July celebration   nt Royoton,
Clevorlol car, when ii genera! fclo day will lie held,
Mrs, .1. VV,  MoKehzle, ar,, In lc  o ii-.ciuun-" act-uanc sports a*nd   other
after o month's visil with her da ***_.      i ��� . i. Hi Ham haa s- 'tl ' Is eipr to.   games and amusements.
I''1' -1'an. Mr, W, Robertson, 	
...    .   ,      ,, ��� ,,,    , .      ��� As will be seen by   refertuce  to
l'u-. Andrew McQuillan lefl on Mon-      ��,-.., i.:,,.-- |�� i, ��� a f oni a visil to ttll0ihe, coin   n  everv mule British
day n-ornlng I'm- Toronto tn rejoin the     .imnhuv r atioiiie.i coin ..n, evtij mine untisn
Royal Flying'Cor-ps, I  itl.jecl residei I   it   Uuada    born
Mini   \, n'n   '���atrull     i, lit   lhe s'nce   ll,e   tbirteei: tli  ol  Cc'.ober,
Owing.to the poor patronage given      ' "      . '   18*17, who has ellaii ed Ihfe nee  ut
I'I,1 t\!ll! ^rZl iivo      ^"-n"'""- .9 -UinuM ���,.,������,���..    ������.
deolded to out ihem oul ln future, '���' ���'���   \a\n\     Walker .'���pent  H eMary awthoiities on or br-tore  June
��� do ilnv nl Nan'tiii-io. ist,  or  ns soon tbeteafftr us he
The tenl onlerplllars are becom'ng ranches his 19th  birllidav.   Those
aullo a pesi  In   the   orchard.    They      ('oul hi Mi-Quillni* Ufl for "Van    i .jne j��� q  r   Lre to reiiorl to the
seem to be worse this year than ever   c ,, . ..  pl, -,;,,'���"., |.,v morn 11 ���
bofore. '
A large number   if  imioisis   from
her,- spenl Sunday at Kye Bay.
I*, [''let hei lias sold iifs   latin It
t r Mr   T. I'll.ell     of   I'll mil ill   Is.
A 11 ad in lhe iC vi ��� tv did tbe busi-
Tins. Booth and I'ainllv moL'TBil in  ness,
Nanaimo on Friday lo attend the cole-
Imitlon there. Mr   MeDui.ald (if I' e   Provincial
, ,       ��� ,, I,a 'I   Sel'l in.nt   Board    wa." "In
uuver   Willoughby  rf Vancouver-, . ,
wim a vlBltor with HU sister, Mrs, Mc-   *')vUI   !,s* u'*"' :-
(Jourl over the holiday. 1
_ Mr.    '| 11 rs   cf   \ . in onver li r-;
\ IL-rt.-t! litre Cl Ulteilil)   IlnUi, which
Ueorge    Millard wns up firm  lie*   has Leeli vacanl since '���-1. October
1 torln over. Hie holiday, returning in
Monday morning. |     j...... ' 1' 11 c>: 1.; :-��� > 11 has  sn-oured the
I co urncl I. r en dimi ol .1   store   oil
;    A lnrge number from hero look in   U > "" ���">'��� '   :   :   :    '    :
1 tiie shorts ;���   Cumberland on Friday,
i and lhe young folks took In lhe d.ii  e
in the evening.
I.egislrar al Vancouver, Young
men so reporiing will not Ue plac-
id on active service at oulc.
Fire dest oyed i'he fr rm hcuse on
Mr. J, del. Lawrence's ranch on Saturday morning last. It was occupied
by T Sackville, who 1 sl 1 th household dice's except a gramaphone ard
a few small articles.
Second Hand ..Bicycl**- ..for- S-ile���
Gents English Wheel al iv s new ���
cost $65; will sell for $'.2.50. Ladies'
Bicyle In good condition; new tires,
$22.50.  Apply  Dale  & Part ridge,Union
Eay, B. C .
*   *>   *
' Autos for hire���In re and small-
day or night. Ford Garage. Phoni
The Ford Garaj-e/has a Welilinu
plain with a firsi class welder.
Briii*** in your broken parts in cast
iron, sleel, aluminum, and brass.
ftc. Anything from a stove lifter
to a crank shaft.
Now feed the pig.���For Salt*
cheap- On the farm, 3 or 4 tons
ot culled potatoes, dry and sound,
for seed or pig fr ed, Apply C. IT.
Origin of Names of P.ov'n. e3
Pi ir.ee Edward Island was named
after Queen Victoria's f_ther, Edward, Duke of Kent.
Nova Sciri wns settled bj .1
Scottish 0 lony, under tin !'.. rl of
Stirling, The nntiu . of course, is
1' e I,-tin for New Scotland .
.-cw Brunswick wns aNo named
in 1874 , afii r tl.e family ��� E the
r ij; dug sovereign ol Gieat ll.rt.iiti
ihe House of Brunswick.
Quebec is from 'Kebec' i narrow
ing     This is an Indian word,   ami
was given to the t-i'.e of  tbe   first
Th ��� '. ' , ' . '.-'. Iiel.l 11 verj sue    l-'icicdi settl nieiu , lieaui-e iiie St
c-'-sl -l   Kn, -.nr ,.���   ;vi:  jestenny  Lawrence rivernurrt'Wh there, The
fi-.- i.u.ni.    Muliy   ,.n   attic  must province took H's  name  from  the
have been  cleaned out   to  iiiHdN pending settlement.
Llie   ninny   tisclui   nnd  oiliei'wisi I    Ontario is From  the  wd**d   'On-
rticles which CHine uiide'r the hand  lario' uieaniii'- beautiful lake   The
province thus gets its  name  from
Mrs SIpu-'IiI " M's
nc 1 Mis- I i- S1 i" !-
Wediiesdat i--r V m o.,
rif Auctioneer Hardy. Aboul $125
was realized for coinfoils for the
I'otuox boys nv.,-1 s.-as.
me of its principal lakes.
Manitoba i.s also from Indian <le-
revatiou. 'Manitou-ba' means the
prosing of the Gre.it Spirit.
Saskatchewan is an Indian word,
in tlie Cree dia'.-ct, m.aiiiiig swiftly
flowing water.
Alberta \v��s named after the 6tti
daughter cf Queen Victoria wife
of the Duke of Arjj\ie. f.cttise.
Oaroliue, Alberta.
British Columbia lienors Coitltn-
In view of th r rapid exhaustion dur-
;''   ree nl   ��� n s 1 f available Crown
Lands in (less proximity to the railways, a sliortiu-c that Ins h-en acce-i-
iuatcd by tho resarvation in the interests of scWler settlement, the desire
on the raft nf p-rspeelive aetlers 'o
procure land with'n reasonable distance of a line of transportation has
sugg-st-d I'- thi Department   of   the
Interim- the lisii-g.of the names and|bus the ducoverer oflAmerica, and
addresses of the owners of those also t, jj, )irc to wilicl)|i. beIougs
quarter sections   of unoccupied   and * in
non-p oduc'ng lands which  are  lying     	
dormant   so far as ogricultural pro- ��      1* cT     ���
duet ian is   ecneeriicd,   the   presutnpt-l Anglican   Services
ion befilS*. that in a number of cases #
the owneVs would be Interested fromI lst Sun,,       ft    Trl ,t ^
either a financial or patriotic pMnt of 7
!7i"^s?" ^J%L? ^i"6/.1" n.00 a. m.-Matti���s and Sermou at
PATTERSON CHANDLER & ! !������ir^Z '��   pUrCh03e   Pr ,0Mel    ' St. Andrew's, Sandwick
; llvir hn'-'ings.
'2.'20  p.m.���Kvensoi.g    and sermon if
.Mary's Grantham.
STEPHEN LTD., ioth   Ave. and ,    ThCGC !:,., rre available for distri.
Main St. Vancouver, II. C   Monti-   _-f on . n .������,,:,���\e-.oi, n   to t .��� ..ntr.i-.i 7 00 p  m_HVens0Bg and Sermon a*
inenls, Headstones and  Cemetery ' 1 es urte ,*,...un-gence pranch ol the
Fences,    the largest  Monumental | ^������i""-^nr of the interior at Ottawa.
works in thc west. 1 	
Lost���22' launch bull  with  red |      C, nada imports  annually  canned
trimmings Inst seen at   Dyke Saw- . sardines valued at over $100,000. The
,1 ,- ,   .1   .      i.-i., i���, i '' ajor portion of Ihese   imp rts nre
null boom 011 Saturday.    Finder, [trm the lInUe(1 gtaleS| Nonvav, the
kindly notify N, Ii. Boden.   phoce . United Kingdom and Portugal, in the
5q_ , , cider named.   Oddly enough only 20
Holy Trinity, Cumberland.
Presbyterian Ch' .
Courtenay Shoe Store
Outing Footwear
Whether its for tennis, boating or sport wear you'll find shoes in   tliis
collection to meet your wants.
Men's slioes in blue, black and white, from $1.50 to $3.90
Boys'and Youths'shoes in black and white, low aud high top,  from
$1.20 to $1,50
Womens' shoes iu different qualities in pumps, regular, aud high top,
from $1.85 to $3.85
Childrens' niul Misses shoes 111  blue,  black,   and  white,   all   heights
from $1.20 to $2.50
Wa give all our attention to shoes only.
1. per cent.dlscount loReturned Soldiers, Soldiers and their wives
l land in   lhe   City   of   Courtenay,
| Terms ease    Address Owner, 3323
Tennyson Ave Victoria, B. C
For highest prices in hides, scrap
metal and old rubbers see Wm.
Douglas, Courtenay,
I    Cleveland Bicycles   and  bicycle
'supplies at the Ford oarage.
j    Go   lo   McBryde's   for   quality
. bread,
St. Andrews'  Suit '-'..ick
Service 2 p.m.     Sunday  School
and Bible Class 3 p. iii.
Sunday Fdiooland  Bible Clas
10:30 a. ll'-    Kv.niiif; service 7:30
per cent, ot the New Brunswick eaten
. 1     b'or Sale    About 3 1-2   acres  of   -1B canned in this country.      The remaining   80 per cent. Ia   shipped to,
Maine to be canned by American can-. P* m- welcome
uers.   Canada Food Boa,rd Is at pre-| t_-= 1 =**-*--������-
sent taking active steps o havc thor-e
fish canned In Canada, which will be
j        ror iiiR-iesi -jui-caji* mnn-, My  an advantage to Canadian consumers
Maple   Leaf  Theatre.
Saturday, June 1st.
Goldwin's SUrr'n; Ph. to In 5 Acts,
starting "Maxine Blliot.t' by Hoi
Cooper Meprue a: d Irv in T. Cobb,
ott makes l.er f.:st apiear.nce as a
Reel Comedy.
Safety  First
Got�� j        NOTICE
|f J\/\.JjEj1v ij I" tt-e County Court of Nanaimo
For Fresh   Tobacco, Cigars
Confectionery   and
Soft Drinks.
Hclden at Cumberland, B.C.
TAKE NOTICE That by an order of
His Honor Judje Earker, m.*de tl.e
tenth d y of April, 191. 1 was appointed Adi linlst a or    10 the estate of
1    1   101      M_.��i- D��r.l n_���l,   William M. O'Brien, deceased, and n'l
Iso-bel bt.    Next Kojal Hank  pRrtlea hav.a, olaim8 ]lgRln���, ,he sM
are hereby c.ulnd to IVi-pi-h 'jame
properly votl '.ed, 111 >r tore Hie
."ih day 1-1' July, A. P. '.'-'T. m d all
parties Ind 'L'.el m '1 p i-t 1 sl
required ;n pay .- ��� 0 ' t tl
indebted*!  ���������   -        '' "''���' i;*
V>'K "I "v '\'lv '   'V
Ofllelal Ad minis! i>tor
Com Remover
Comox Creamery
60c per lb. tVis week j D
;: W.G.Robertson
*_o'ir ei* *
p r
____"..___ _r_ ^..^Siti_���i THE    REYIEW,    COURTNEY,    B.    C.
.im rr.MLtir cohpor'hom i"."*"ri**��,***np' ,
A Kidney Remedy
Kidney troubles are frequently
caused by badly digested food
which overtake! thcie orgam to
eliminate th. irritant acid*
formed. Help your stomach to
properly digest the food by
taking IS:to 30 drops nf Extract
of Roots, sold as Mother Selgel'i
Curative Syrup, and your kidney
disorder will promptly dis.
���ppear. Get the genuine.      7
The German Emperor
By J. W. Geriard in "Face to Face
With Kaiscrism"
The talents nml ability and agrcc-
able personality of the Gentian emperor must not blind us to the fact
that lie is llie centre of llic system
which has brought tlm world lu a
despair and misery such as It never
lias known sim.' llur duwn of history. W'e. must remember thai ill
his utterances disclose the soul of
the conqueror, of a man intensely
anxious for earthly fame and a conspicuous place in iin- gallery nf human events; citV'ioilS, t'��o, of Cl 1O
great names of tin- past, Iiis cars 00
tuned for admiration and applause
that thoy fail p. lurir tin- great, long-
drawn wail ol agony lhat echoes
around the world, llis eyes are so
blinded with the sheen of his own
glory that tiny do not see thc mutilated corpses,' tlu: crime, the pesti-
lencc, the hunger, the incalculable
sorrow that sweeps the earth from
the jungles of Africa to the frozen
plains of lhc north, from Siberia to
Saskatchewan, from Texas to Trieste, from Alaska to Afghanistan���everywhere lie has brought the dark
angel of mourning to millions upon
millions of desolate homes.
Postal Service in Palestine
Ask for Minard's and Take no Other.
The Heart oi a Piano is tht
Action.   Insist on the
Otto Higel Piano Action
Hard Luck
"Had luck, that, for poor old Bill,"
said Jinks, the chauffeur. "He got
fined for taking out his employer's
car wilhout permission."
"But liow did thc boss know he
look it?"
"Bill ran ovcr him."���-New York
Send  a  Dominion  Express  Money  Ortler*
Thev are payable everywhere.
A Soldierly Accomplishment
Quickness Is Needed   in   Preparing
Trenches to Repel an Attack
The best thing an infantryman
docs is dig. He learns lo dig quickly,
to dig frantically, but efficiently, for
many times during a year in the
trenches llis sho :1 saves his life,
and the ground lie has won at the
risk of Ills life!
This is best illustrated in the ense
of a successful attack. . . .
Thc fourth trench���the last lo be
taken���is where thc real scene of
activity ensues. One second wasted
may mean a hundred lives lost.
The reason for this rush is that it
is now a maximum of lhc fighting
on the western front that a counterattack may reasonably be expected
���within live minutes after a set of
trenches has been taken���certainly
within ten. 'i lie enemy, in making a
counter-attack, naturally hits first at
thc trench nearest him, which is thc
fourth one captured in the successful
attack. Therefore it is vitally necessary lo face lhe parapet the other
way, pile up thc sandbags, piles and
other obstructions, for breastworks,
throw up barbed wire and fasten it
to a tangle of stakes if lime allows,
and generally transform what has
been the enemy's fourlh line of defence into a new first line trench
ready to repel an attack.
A Cure for Fever and Ague.���Disturbance of the stomach and liver always precede attacks of fever and
ague, showing derangement of the digestive organs and deterioration in
the quality of the blood. In these
ailments Parmclcc's Vegetable Pills
have been found most effective, abating the fever and subduing the ague
in a few days. There arc many who
arc subject to these distressing disturbances and lo these there is no
better preparation procurable as a
means of relief.
Like Jonah
A party of tourists were discussing
the Darwinian   theory,   and   one of
them,    turning    to  the  guide,  said:
"And what, my friend, do yotl think
I of the matter?"
I "Well, sir," said the guide, "you
I gentlemen may all have come from
I apes-. It's not for mc to contradict
I you. But, as for inc, I can say that
! my folks came from Wales."
Delicate Young Girls,
Pale, Tired Women
itcmna scalps
On retiring touch spots of dandruff and
itching with Cuticura Ointment. Next
morning shampoo with Cuticura Soap
and hot water. This treatment docs
much to keep the scalp clean and
healthy and lo promote hair growtl*,
Sample Each Free hy Mall.
"Cuticura. licet. N, lloaton, U
by dealcm tbrongbom tlie world.
_<!ilri_i pou-earS:
"   S. A."   ttolil
Only a Matter of Time
Mrs.    Hiram    Daly   (reading)���It
says that Nero had 200 cooks.
Husband���That beats our record
by fifty at leasl.���Vancouver Province.
Cincinnati man tells how to dry
up a corn or callus so it
lifts off with fingers.
You corn-pestcrcd men and women
need suffer no longer. Wear the shoes
that nearly killed you before, says
this Cincinnati authority, because a
few drops of freezone applied directly
on a tender, aching corn or callus,
stops soreness at once and soon the
corn or hardened callus loosens so it
can bc lifted off, root and all, without pain.
A small bottle of freezone costs
very little at any drug store, but will
positively take off every hard or soft
corn or callus. This should be tried,
as it is inexpensive and is said not to
irritate the surrounding skin.
If your druggist hasn't any freezone
tell him to get a-small bottle for you
from his wholesale drug house, it is
fine stuff and acts like a charm every
time. \
At the Factories
Where Postum
is Made
great numbers of the
high-waged, skilled employes buy and drink
A tribute, if you please,
to honest materials and
sanitary surroundings
in manufacture; but best
of all a preference based
on true knowledge of
its healthfulness and
attractive flavor.
"There's a Reason"
���at Grocers.
W.    N.    U.    1207
There is no beauty in pallor, but
proof of plenty of weakness. Exertion makes your heart flutter, your
back and limbs ache, and you sadly
need something to put some ginger
inlo your syslem. Try Dr. Hamilton's
Pills; tlicy make you feci alive,
make you want to do things. They
renew and purify tlie blood���then
conic strong nerves, rosy checks,
laughing eyes, robust good health.
You'll be helped in a hundred ways
by Dr. Hamilton's I'ills, which arc
an old family remedy of great renown. Thousands use no other medicine and never have a day's sickness
of any kind. Get a 25c box today.
Sold by all dealers.
Worth Asking For
A Free   Offer   Is Made by a Reli-
able Firm
There are very few people who
arc not in some measure famliar with
lhe merits of Dr. Chase's medicines,
and in many homes these well-
known preparations occupy first
place in lhe family medicine chest.
To ihose who may not as yet have
given Dr. Chase's remedies a trial,
a free offer is being made of one 25
cent box of Dr. Chase's Kidney-I.iv-
er Tills, one sample box of Dr.
Chase's Ointment, and one copy of
Dr. Chase's Recipes, All that is
necessary in order to lake advantage
of lhc above offer is to write to
Kilmaiisoii. Bates & Co., Ltd., Dr.
Chase Bldg., Toronto, mentioning
llic name of this paper, and enclosing a 2-ccnt stamp to pay postage.
For Farmers Only
A handbook for farmers is a very
useful booklet that has just been issued by the commission of conservation, h treats of tillage, use of manures, seed selection, clover growing,
the farm garden, weeds and insect
pests, and other farm topics, in an
informative as well as popular manner. The quantity is limited and the
booklet will be supplied on request
only to bona tide farmers.
Minard's     Liniment     Lumberman's
Biblical Authority
A correspondent finds something
in the Bible to turn him against daylight saving. Similarly, lhe Bible is
urged in opposition to or in defence
of nearly every proposed change.
How about this: "At evening time
it shall bc light."���Zccli. 14, 7.���
Montreal Star.
A Canny Scot
Sandy and John wcrc sitting in a
car when a pretty girl got in and
smiled at lh- former. Hc raised his
"Do you know her?" asked lhe
"Oh, yes, very wcel," the Scot replied.
"Well, shall wc go and sit ovcr beside her and then you can introduce
mc?" asked his companion.
"Wait a bit," returned the canny
Scot. "She basna paid her fare yet."
��� Pittsburg CHroniclc-Telegraph
The British government has recently announced that it requires
only five women to do the work of
four men in munitions factories, despite lhc fact that most of the women pitched in without training.
Courage is a matter of the blood.
Without good red blood a man has a
weak heart and poor nerves.
In the spring ia the best timet to
take stock of one's condition. If the
blood is thin and watery, face pale or
flimply, generally weak, tired and
ifltless, one should take a spring tonic.
One that will do the spring house-
cleaning, an old-fashioned herbal remedy that was used by everybody nearly
50 years ago is still safe and Bane
because it contains no alcohol or narcotic. It is made up of Blood root,
Golden Seal root, Oregon Grape root,
Queen's root, Stone root, Black Cherry
bark ���extracted with glycerine ana
made into liquid or tablets. This
blood tonic was first put out by Or.
Pierce in ready-to-use form and since
then has been sold by million bottles
as Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery. If druggists do not keep this in tablet form, send 60 cents for a vial to Dr.
Pierce's Invalids' Hotel, Buffalo, N. Y.,
or branch in Bridgeburg, Ont.
Cfntrai, Butts, Sask.���"1 have nsed
Dr. Pierce's < ioldon Medical Discovery for
a number of years and am pleased to recommend It as a blood purifier. I know it
his no equal, us I used It for my boy. Mr
neighbors and friends were surprised with
the results; In fact, I do not think he
would be alive to-day had It not been for
the ' Medical Discovery.' I also keep It
on hand for coughs as it differs so trom
other medicines, Instead of upsetting the
stomach as cough syrups do It Is good for
the stomach. I only wish I had known
about Dr. Pierce's medicines sooner."���
Mas. Piacr Wood.
Now   Being   Provided   Provisionally
by thc Army PostoRice
Tlur postollice department announces that information has becn
received from lhe general postollice,
kni/kind, that II postal service to the
civilian population of lhat portion of
Palestine occupied by the Hriiish
forces is now being provided provisionally by the army postoffico with
the Egyptian Expeditionary Force.
Unregistered letters and postcards
fully prepaid at llic international letter rate of 5 cents for lhc first, ounce
. :\ 3 cents for each -;,.'.-.u'viW.'.'
ounce, and 2 cents for postcards, can
bc forwarded. Tho" correspondence
must be solely of a private or domestic character, There is no service al present for printed matter or
Unless worms bc expelled from the
syslem, no child can bc healthy.
Mother Graves' Worm Exterminator
is thc best medicine extant lo destroy worms.
Gaining On Her
Druggist���How did you find that
hair restorer I sold you a fortnight
Hcnpcck���Great! My wifc can't
pull out my hair fast enough lo keep
up with it.
Keep   Minard's     Liniment   in   the
The Lawyer
"Father," asked lhc little sou,
"what is a lawyer?"
"A lawyer? Well, my son, a lawyer is a man who gets two men to
strip for a fight and then runs off
with their clothes."���Buffalo Courier.
The Spring is a time of anxiety to
mothers who have littic ones in thc
home. Conditions make it necessary
to keep the baby indoors. Hc is often
confine- lo overheated, badly ventilated rooms and catches colds which
rack his whole system. To guard
against this a box of Baby's Own
Tabids should bc kept in the house
and an occasional dose given the
baby to keep his stomach and bowels working regularly. This will
prevent colds; constipation or colic
and keep baby well. The Tablets
are sold by medicine dealers or by
mail at 25 cents a box from The Dr.
Williams' Medicine Co., Brockvillc,
Passenger Agent���Here arc some
postcard views along our line of railway.   Would you tike them?
Visitor���No, thank you. I rode
ovcr the line one day last week and
have views of my own on it.
It is magic, no, scientific���a wonderful combination discovered that
will shrivel up the toughest old corn
you ever saw. The name of this remedy is Putnam's Corn Extractor. It's
a corker thc way it loosens a corn;
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Mike's Philosophy
What Contributed Most to His Financial Success
Being well equipped physically,
Michael Murphy had no difficulty in
holding his job as sexton until the
first internment, when he was asked
to sign the certificate.
"I can't write," said Mike, and
was discharged.
Out of a job, Mike turned lo contracting, and in time became wealthy
and a figure in the community,
When hc applied to the leading
bank for a loan of ten thousand
pounds he was assured that he could
get it, and was asked to sign the
necessary notes.
Again he was obliged to reply, "I
can't write."
The banker was astounded.
"And you have accumulated all
this wealth and position without
knowing how to write?" lie exclaimed. "What would you have been today if you could v,rite?"
Mike paused for a moment and answered: "I would have beeu a sexton."���Montreal Herald.
After 10 Years of Asthma Dr. J,
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"All! he said, "you have heard
from Lawrence."
"No, but thc letter's about hitli,"
Featherstone replied, and sitting
down opposite, was silent for a few
moments. His pose was slack and
he looked as if lie had got a shock.
"I don't scc how you can help, but
perhaps you had better know how
matters arc," he resumed and gave
lhc letter to Foster.
It was short, but Foster, who was
surprised and disturbed, understood
his host's alarm. Daly had written
from Hexham, asking, or rather summoning, Featherstone to meet him
there next day, although he stated
that if lhis was impossible, he would
arrive at the Garth in the evening.
There was a threat in the intimation
that it would bc to Lawrence's advantage if Featherstone saw him
"Well," said Foster dryly, "it looks
as if our plot had succcccdcd better
than we thought. Wc certainly didn't expect the fellow would follow
mc to England."
Featherstone did not seem lo understand, and Foster remembered that
with thc object of saving him anxiety, he had said nothing aboul
Daly's having extorted money from
Lawrence in Canada. He now explained the situation in as few words
as possible.
"But Lawrence ought to have told
mc!" Featherstone exclaimed.
"I don't know that it would have
been of much use. You see, Lawrence meant to put Daly off the
track, and if lie failed iu this, to fight.
When I heard of it, 1 quite agreed."
"But he can'l fight," Featherstone
objected in a strained voice. "I'd
havc urged him to do so, if it had
been possible.    We're not cowards."
"Why is it impossible?"
"Don't you know?" Featherstone
asked with some surprise.
"1 know my partner's in trouble;
that's all."
Featherstone hesitated, as if he
wanted to lake Ihc other into Iiis
confidence, but shrank from doing
so. Then he said with forced quietness: "If this rogue knows as much
as 1 suspect he can gel my son arrested."
"On a serious charge? I don't ask
what it is."
"It would mean a long imprisonment, to say nothing of the humiliation, Featherstone answered brokenly, and was silent for a minute
with thc firelight on his tense  face.
Granulated Eyelidi,
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Then he went ou with an effort: "I
must tell you what I can. Lawrence in a desperate moment Injured, 1 had better call it robbed, a relative of ours. The boy had got into
difficulties, bul hitherto, although hc
had been a fool, there was a certain
generosity iu his rashness. Hc was
very hard pressed���1 have seen that
since���but 1 can make no excuse for
what he did."
"He made good afterwards," Foster interposed,
"Wc tried In think so, but it looks
as if one can't make good. The
punishment for a wrong done, or
consented to, musl bc borne. Well,
when 1 learned the truth 1 went to
the man my son had robbed and of-
fcn-il lo repay him, Hc said he would
take nn Ulioncy, for reasons that I
ought -to grasp, and sent mc away
afraid, because I knew hc was hard
and very jusl."
Featherstone paused, ami Foster,
who murmured a few words of awkward sympathy, waited until ho resumed: "I am a magistrate, pledged
lo do my duty, but 1 helped my hoy
to escape, and llic man I was afraid
of did nothing, lliough lie knew. After a lime, I went in liim again, and
hc gave inc to understand lhal he
would not interfere so long as Lawrence stayctl away, bul must be free
in lake ihc proper line if he came
back. It's obvious now that he knew
my son's faults and meant in give
him tin- chain-, nf overcoming Ihciu
by hard work iu Canada. At last,
when he. was very ill, lie sent for
mc, anil said I could let Lawrence
know he was  forgiven."
"Ah!" said Foster, "now I understand whal my partner meant."
"Tllis was not long before ynu
came," Featherstone continued. "It
was a wonderful relief to know lhc
danger was over, and then you told
us how Lawrence had grown out of
his folly and become a useful man.
Although wc longed to scc llilll, our
satisfaction was complete. Now this
Idler comes, and I fear my wifc is
unable to hear the strain again."
Foster was moved by his distress.
Featherstone was promt and honor-
I able, and it musl havc cost him much
to help his son lo steal away. Indeed, Foster thought what he had
done then would always trouble him,
! and after all it had proved useless.
The worst was that his sensitive uprightness might make him an easy
victim of thc unscrupulous adventurer. But Foster did not mean him to
lie victimized. As a rule, hc was
rather humorous than dramatic, but
he got up and stood with his hands
"This thing touches us both, sir.
Lawrence is your son, but lie's my
friend, and I've got to scc liim
through, wliicli warrants my giving
you thc best advice 1 can. Very
well, yotl must show a bold front to
Daly; to begin with, you can't go to
Featherstone gave him a grateful
glance. He felt dejected and desperate, but Foster looked comfortingly resolute. Al first he had welcomed him for his son's sake, but
had come to like him for himself.
"No," hc agreed, "I can't go; but
that doesn't help us, because he'll
come here." '
"Ves; he must bc met. But do you
know how he came to learn about
the matter?"
"I don't, but my relative, who was
interested in politics and social
schemes, had a secretary. I can't
remember his name, but this might
bc the fellow."
"Then it's curious he didn't get on
Lawrence's track before. Anyway,
he must be met with the bluff direct
"How can lie be bluffed?" Featherstone asked with a hopeless gesture. "Hc can have my son arrested
if 1 don't agree to his demands."
"Hc would first havc to tell the
police all he knew, and as soon as
he did this his hold on you would
bc gone. Then they'd ask why he'd
kept the secret, which would bc remarkably hard to answer, although
he might perhaps take thc risk out
of malice if he saw you meant to be
firm. For all that, you must bc
firm; you can't buy him off. He'd
conic back later with a fresh demand.
Would your estate stand the strain?"
"My wifc and daughter would
make any sacrifice for Lawrence's
"Thc sacrifice would benefit this
bloodsucker, which is a different
thing," Foster rejoined. "Then, even
of you impoverished your family,
you'd only put off the reckoning,
wliicli would conic when the fellow
had taken all you'd got. In short,
he must bc bluffed off now."
Hc sal down and pondered and
there was silence for sonic minutes.
It had got dark and he heard the
steady patter of the rain. Hc knew
lie had undertaken a difficult task,
and felt daunted because he could
not scc his way. Still, it looked as
if the happiness of these charming
people and perhaps his partner's future depended upon him. If lhat
wc * so, he must not fail them.
(To Bc Continued.)
Among llic advertisements in a
paper appeared the following: "The
gentleman who found a purse with
money in it is requested to forward
it to the address of the loser, as hc
is recognized." A few days afterward the reply was inserted: "Thc
recognized gentleman who picked up
a purse requests thc loser to call at
Iiis house."
Have you
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What thc Plough
Is Supposed to Do
His Preference
"Bobby," said a friend to a six-
year-old boy, "I hear you arc going
to school now."
"Yes, sir," was thc reply.
"What part of school do you like
best, then?"
"Coinin' home," was the prompt
reply.���Kansas City Star.
Various Types of Ploughs,  for   the
Various Kinds of Land to Bc
Aside from crumbling the soil, lhc
chief objects ni ploughing are io destroy wild plants sn lhat cultivated
ones may take their place; ami to
bury trash, manure, stubble and potato vines. A plough that dors not
accomplish these things is faulty. All
refuse should bc completely covered
so that it will not bc brought to the
surface by thc harrow. To Bury
weeds, clover or other tall green manure crops, a chin should he used,
one end attached lo the plough beam
the other to the double tree, thus allowing thc loop to pull the tall plains
down into lhc furrow to he covered.
The joiner or skiin-cniillcr is littic
used in many districts. Many farmers do not even know what it is.
When manure, stubble or grass is to
bc turned under, it is a very useful
attachment, It skims a shallow furrow slice and deposits it in the bottom of lhc furrow, where it is covered by lhc main furrow slice and
will rot more readily. When stubble
or gtfass is ploughed without a jointer, there is likely to bc a line of it
between the furrows, which interferes with the harrow or begins to
grow and cause trouble. This is a
common sight, but could, and should,
be overcome by the use of thc joinl-
Thc implement dealers of the
country could perform a distinct service to agriculture by encouraging
thc general use of jointers on plows.
There should be one on every farm.
It is well to have various types of
plows for the various kinds of land
to bc plowed. This costs more, but
greater efficiency results. A soil
plow will not do good work in soft
stubble lands, nor will a stubble
plow perform well ill stiff sod.���
From "Handbook for Fanners," published by lhc Commission of Conservation.
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The  Oldest Joke
Speaking nf hoary jests, a recent
excavation in Egypt has unearthed
the oldest joke on record���naturally
it was a pun. 'I'he mother of an
Egyptian Prince, thousands of years
before Caesar was born, had just
died, and her body was prepared, as
was thc custom, to adorn the ancestral catacombs. A friend of tlie
Prince looked at the solemn procession, and then whispered to the
Prince, "Look, there goes your
mummy,"���The Canadian Sapper.
"Bled while!" they said, now
months ago. Yet forward, France
steps into thc battle. Sheer intellect,
sheer soul, she stands before our
blurred eyes today���calm, radiant,
unconquerable as right and beauty
aud truth.���New  York Tribune.
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Parcels for Soldiers
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Hamilton      ...      Canada THE COURTENAY REVIEW
���pi       /-> r\       ��� stocks of nalmon nud hul'.dlnhs of loa-
1 lie L.OUrtenaV KeVieW ssr Importance.   Now people may ar-
Awl Uonioi Vuliey Advocate '*!"',��;;u  *�������� '����� not-hln�� proved ag-
...... -       ,,,,. alnsi  the Herman spies thai nre Bt!l
A   Weekly   Newi, paper, Published ut
Courteiiiiv, 11. tl.
N. H.  ItonuN, IJilitor and Proprietor
tSobacriution ��i   n pn   Venr in   Advnnc
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T.I I : i 11 ���' ,1 ..' iJ, mi
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' will cavee a Ions lo   llio   i easury   i r
over ii,.. i|v upa"i| .! Mors,  i   nsl lute
It   grilVr.   l-elleeliol!    lipnll    llle    Rtlllllll g
iiii'iIii.iIh |y cogue, li was a pn i n y
only when iho dofnulllng nfilclal I u It
i" Hir*:,j thai siispli i ui ���'���o.e aroused,
We h.-i. I- rtlwnvs hn-l i! - i : ���- sh n
thnl lho pn i luce tv b w " ��� ��� nr 'il by
Govve-'itn ei I ������ minis b Ii ly >'i nupl-
en in i in ; :.; i. up the *nrli "rr ill li'lcl
ofll es, und v II i md i t ������ "' to
many months ngo a < mil Ilo .."n r I
wns Imported frmn Albi If rn |i d n
i*< ���-<���>�� it a ��� i i ���___., i iiudiniir. s " , ��� nd his
ilepiirlnieiii upends te b i f ll' ' " s
of dalla b In nil rl - ��� .1 ra I'i! g
expenses I'm " tnali . > i ppn ' ':���
pui ll over on him.
man upi.
ul large but we would point l.Ut Hint
llieir methods are i.ot llicrly to l:e
such thai would render ihem easily,
distinguishable ior wru'd Ihey ho
.an in In the act. Our readers, en-
poolally Hu- ranchers, will ho wise to
watch all strangers and thoso of alien
origin already In run- district, The
lin/iti-d is h o boHi ua i" be lightly regarded, nd fore warned Ib forearmed,!
Canada treals enemy aliens like fa-l
-oreil  guests on  Iho usBiiiurl'on hal
thoy are horo to oscnpo iholyranny er
heir iiv.ii country, wl eai Llie Kaiser
"The BUgitostion hat i ������ n mode pi rl;
lrnr- vinrcli lo (oiirm nd Is '1! as
defei is lhal co :'il le n e :i me, that
Canada hiuiII consci Ipl her : I uniil the war Is wi a, I ve..: wage oain-
er wh ���!]������':��� n Inclpal "��� o i' yi o,
would re ei o ..��� t.'.O pi r dny, ' 5 per
month : il I rio al If in-rr d, i.-i al-
lev ance '' ��� food anil i 'lit. l-'v rev y,
hu if' es r an 1 ���' n i . a n!ng i oirein
would i" ndmlnlsteretl by the governnieni mi! r Hi s scl c e, : ml o til e,
whe hi r    nbin**!   ,i;"' i -r, captain (f
iiidiif try,    il (-inr  ��� i il   "i i "-'"inn,
wrul 1 . el nn re Ihnn si. 0 i er d: y.
To r si ��� In il o pche ��� e In full would
need ay.i lum* l.ul here are i a Inoad
HIRE     AN*   TH-RE.
1*0   Iill!'-   lliewotind   '    enemy   In-'
In, or in.-ivl e   l !s a'also fr! 1, In
��� i i-i li liim or I of i'i! satisfaction,
"li.- e, inii**..'.- provincial 'ax sale will
.,..���,. ..,,   .i,..������.��� ,,.. |��� ,.,.(|  iiicluillng
ir- yi ,ir- 1015 'l  Is bi llovod. [
Jn all   n 1 Ted   no lo   jive  undue
iivi*iliipii*e    ii     t.   ��� I   niailer i,  anil .
[ -conl  considers I ���* 'o -rent maters.
I i avr.cli oul Into lhe tl ep,
-,-������ . v-;;,,, ri\- :-..,'v! He soc'elles are
,,.,i,,,,-���,; i, prni i ' various v i" "i-
���i -. mies, such as dipp using with 'rc-
��� i i ���: , nis iii heir ��� ��� Ihorlngs, A lo-
nl rynj renrnr.eil 111 I i wee betOV
���r-'ii ihey retain he refreshments
tin! i ul oiil tho small talk,
i counlry rosli"Wress in Alberta,
hniidlnb n faruu " his mall, sa!d :
)��r ie e s in il papers,
. ���   r  your poi i cards
��� Hero  :ai
ci, so pie
and   n-
3 ill!    '
'haire Pun
, ' i':r   ��� r.f t!
.-(. aro
�� p|rl ���  ri'-p ilr,-
ln "in In   war I
lislaf-1 BOniO of
in winning n
'.".   '".** R   OF   T
(**. S. B. C. 1911, Cap.39'5
clap tho le
and iii" !:.('  Shipyard ������' e stives, h'fo   !
on strike      Fori imp telv    toy '-i- fair
nan:- ;. ���' !ta | I n e iii hi my, Quebec
is   I o    o    rr    n   :  n  ��� I : - n ���'.    if   '' o
I   l" r.'el   ci tl c: 1 Ics   ** lil   (iei i   -I i ard
���i'i h     le'e's      s    r It ,b  g-ru'il -le   In the matter- of the Courten.-iy Eles-I
dealt wiili  In  time if nallcntil  rerll,       '������- i'i-ih H at ard Power Company
li'c:     'r'ri'i e  I   v |]r,      Limited.    (A   Priv*tj   Con-p-my)
riders of tho Cnn.idlan stri- (in Voluntary Liquidation)
kern inlo gacl for five yonrs, tnere w'U TAKE NOTICB thai a meeting of!
In- an end to such dlssu ling 'reach- he creditors of the above named-corn
ery. j; .a- will be  held on  lho 8h  dny of
Ji , 1918, nl the hour of 2 o'clock p.
Thero  is  every  reason   to  assume   in. at the o.1ico of the Liquidator situ-
lhal   i c"; uu    .rl htfilness"  hrs  te-   ''���" in thi   Willard   Block,   Dunsmuir
gun   i    ,.      ''I        i   '������    ii'-:' e!!y  Ave, City *>f Cumberland, B. C.   The
true lhal jusl ns sron as the Huns r���*-  crcd'tors rn :he above company are rei
allzo thai   Ihey ars In'-n there will    ' ' rd rr.    r  hefcrc the  "nth  dny  of,
be a series of worldspread outrages,   June 1P18, lo sei-d Iheir names and ad |
large and small, intended to sta_*re-    dress*-* nrd   lhe  particulars  nf Iheir
humanity.     Fire Is bul ene cb.-ni el   d-i.*is or claims  to Mr. Paul  P.  Bar-
for these reo'en  Urr ris s, .- nd  ie-  risen, of ths City cf Cumberland, af-i
cnntly wo hnve see,, the prim-Ira! In-  nre'iii! hnrrlstsr-at-law, ihe liquidator |
dustry in Vancouvver crippled by tha  of the said Company, nml if so rc'iuir-,
Cottghlln shliiyord fire, serious loss In-1 ed by notice in writing from the said,
dieted on  shipping destined  fnr llie   liquidator, are by Iheir solicitors on
Allies, al    leasl    one thousand men   personally lo come In and prove their
thrown ml of work, nnd iwn million   said debts or claims at such tlmo ard
dollars   daniaie    Incfilsitall**.      Von-  " ���"'" "'' ���:',a" l)(! specified in suh no-!
,.,���,.r    r'.';,.],-"..-, ,,r,| have    ' e -i ''"������'���'���' ���'' In default hereof, they will he
Ftroyerl bed Hi" *Yi**-d have tct i L-l-.'---   '���'"���'. d from the henefH nf nnv tils- j
Ing.'   At Powell'   River an A us'ran   :,'!''''' i ��''"l<' before such debts are
has 11  ���   nvesli 1 B-.isrecletl of irr- :>n- . 1''"' ���'''
dlnry   cl   rjjrrs    v    n    lie  big  l :i' cr'     I'-'" I  at   Cunil erland    B.  C,  lhis
plan!   iin re, a  similar ca e occu-.re*!   -'-i '1;" of May, A. D. 1' '
ni Ocean rails, while at Steve=.tri* a
big  lire    dosfroyeil    tliree CBJlnerieB,
That has been  the Goal we
have  sought for  in all our
��� igid I aboratory tests of
loyal Standard Flour
and  the  Government rebulatlons have left us with our superior  milling  facilities  unimpaired  nnd  unhampered.
Royal   Standard'   unrl.rriocG thc same exacting analysis In
ll.r;)-.i;nl   'ssajiods  .ino/ equipped  local   laboratory today as
In   the  past '
Sk,i|..r \   (tin means for the housewife Flour of the
hiclicst iy;ic of pn ity and Bread-making v.rlne.
If you-,-rr-i r.-t a us��r of   'royal   standard   noun"
or   "ROYAL   STAN PAR D RYE   Fl OUR,test    their  delicious
vholesomeness  'in   your i-.nxt loavcs--your next baking,    In
a  judicious  admixture of three parts to one, you will find
the secret of Ideal Dread���the necret of true wartime e.on-
Deprivations such as wo have nol rol!s.oil is helng expert
enccd dally In lho Al Hod  laiulB ovnn ens.
Royal. Standard Grain Products Agency
Plione 33, End of B,i���i;_ B. Towler,  Mer.
a>3s 4 -"?. us 48 '.-.t*. ."**.:*���- ���,"?-. -..**-���; ad J5 -.a ^ai�� '-*? --S _5B ���%>
at.'  *J-*"��� exe ��� ijJ ��� .-j* ��� in, ���.*-..*   io.    , St'sn.^*'   ,.>'_*���..' .^f-^a-e.' 'Ot'Sri
iirfir.j'rv��>nrfvrr>*��- v"*-"'"^*-.'* 'wr'^-^viif'-.s,*���.-;v*>u.-.*.\-**-, wW-V-i
We have an Exhibit  of a Large
Assortment of New Patterns
Store Between  Bridges
La diss and Gent's Tailor
Now  Showing New Spring Suitings
I      McPlise Block
Esquimalt   &   Nanaimo  Railway
For   Victoria���Leaves Courtenay 11.35    Monday,
Wednesday and  Friday,  connecting  at Parksville
Junction with train for Port Alberni, and at Nanaimo with boat for Vancouver
Leaves Vi' toria���9.00 Tuesday, Thursday, and
Saturday, connecting at Nanaimo with boat from
Vancouver and at Parksville Junction with the
train from Port Alberni, and arriving at Courtenay ait 16.10.
Phone R"60
Agent Conrleni-r,
"      FRANCE   IN   .'���  ,M3  "
Excellent Vie   s of W?r ,*s it is���Duel
Bu..c n   Alrpl;. .6
As the name i ".:.!y.- ),'-. j. cductbn
deals with lhe rawlii ; l e t'rench
army from Uie yeir ::'-. Lc the present time, Ehowiiig In drlrll lho meth-
cda employed ly lhe i ench in their
resiEience cl Germay ..r.i il u. For
a \fi i li in il c \ .1 ci t i. I'tiYt
tne of the very test that hits heen offered tiie American public. There is
no tendency on lhe part of lhe picture
to lcc_n:e dry owing to the many explanations if large i-.r.. s and their i f-
lect; hut everything has been so presented lhal it will not only arouse the
intoresl of tho spectators, hut will also show v hat a large nation musl. ac-
i in: li h in gain victory in modem!
war. i
The liciu;" lir I ..hows Ihe tiiolii'-
allcn of France's man power. Then
ii gees ;'".: detail explaining how the
comtriss.-.ry, 'ri ng, tmd other de-J
partmrutB l.ttvo grown io hecp pace!
���'ilh i: enioieney found in iheFren-
i h army of lo-day,
The vie..'.; surrounding flu- alrplare
parr In war afords tlie spectator nny
i"""'" nf il'ilia. Scenes 'nave heen
at a very high altllmle and show a
very exciting eiicoiinle r between lhe,
i' fit'iI '   ��� French bftttlenlanes, j
Tho German ls defeated and maker a
must ;��� on sail, mil plunge to eJITth.
This is one of llie strongesl points of
the plctti -. ��������� ii shows war as li really Is. Of coui re one docs nol see the
wounded or deaths lhat would iu any
way provide a damper for an; o e's
i nilrir. ir.-i', i nt ii does supply thrill
after thrill for the benefit of the Interest! .1 : ;     latin's at homo.
The picture   finishes   with a very,
realistic  harge of  Ihe  French  al   six
o'clock in ihe morning.   They can hcj
plainly seen  niaglng tlie charge and
capturing a trench wiih a great number of prisoners.
"France in Arms" supplies the exhibitor with an tinusual attraction. It
is opportune and highly entertaining,
and al ove all is thoroughly legitimate
avoiding any so-called posing or fake
slim!* for liie benefit of the camera.
It Is wilhout doubt theniosl interesting lilin seen for some lime.
\^S^^%^f^^0^%a^t^ft^^^f^/n^^^^>^/,til^^ s^V*-^b***����������
For the Farm and Garden
Ensilage Corn, per lb
looo Headed Kale, per ll*    -
Golden Bantam Table Corn
Mangels and Sugar Beets
For the Cattle
Fly Knocker keeps away flies, 50c, 75c and S1.25
Hand Spray Pumps $1
Purity Flour, 2St Gcvt. Standard Grade, 49 lb sack $2.90
The Brackman-Ker Milling Co. Ltd.
Courtenay Branch
$1  00
Service, 2 p.m.; Sunday School and
Bible Class, 3 p.m.
Sunday School and Bible Class,
3.00 p.m.; evening service, 7.30 p.m.
All welcome.
The Operator and the nTelephone
User Work Together
Real, helpful, animate service is what the telephone
operator gives, She i.s trained to her work, her every fraove-
ment i.s made instinatlvely as the result of constant practise.
Her efforts are always direcled towards giving seivice; it becomes a habit. To tlo otherwise she Wguld have to degrauge
her daily course of action.
With considerate co-operatiyn on the part of theSstibscri-
ber, telephone service should hu well-nigh perfect.
British Columbia   Telephone Co.
The costof Living is High
I Still There's Nothing Like Leather   Willard's Harness Emporium
1-ractical Shoeuinker and Repair
Fine Showing of Horse Blankets,  Ivap
Rugs, Gloves, Trunks, Suit Cases, Etc.
I [Next to Hardv & Biseoe
Harness Repaired Neatly
Cumberland and C��mfe\ay
" France in Arms "
Jm i C
��L1 iftifli   dBLIiHlUE
pUBLIC NOTICE is hereby given that, by
the effect of the regulations of the Governor General of Canada in Council of the 20th
of April, *1.18, and the Proclamation cf .th
May, 1918, recent!
British subject resident
since  the   13th
y   puoii
c:!, every male
lada, Lorn cr: or
October, 1837, who has
attained or shall attain the aye of 19 years and
who is unmarried or a widower without children
must, (unless he is within one of the classes of
persons mentioned in the schedule cf E;:cep:
tions to the Military Service Act) report as
hereinafter directed on or before the 1st day of
June, 1918, or within ten days after his 19th
birthday, whichever date shall be the latter.
Such report must tc in writing and must give his
name in full, the date of his Lirth and his place of residence and also his usual post office addreirj.
The report must be addressed to thc Registrar or
Deputy Registrar under the Military Service Act of the
Registration District in which hc resides (sec below) and
olidl be sent by registered post, for which no Canada
postage in required.
Young men so reporting will not be placed on active
service till further notice. They must, however, notify
the appropriate Registrar or Deputy Registrar of any
change of residence or address.
Cn receipt of the report an identification card will be
forwarded by the Registrar which will protect thr; bearer
from arrest.
Punctual compliance with therre requirements is or
great importance to those affected. Failure to report
within the time limited will expose the delinquent to severe
penalties and will in addition render him liable to
immediate apprehension for Military Service.
MILITARY SERVICE BRANCH, this 15th day of May,
NOTEl   The men required to report should address their reports as follows:
ONTARIO���To the Deputy Registrar under the Military
Service Act, 1917, London, if they reside in the
County of Essex, Kent, Lambton, Elgin, Middlesex,
Oxford, Waterloo, Wellington, Perth, Huron, or
To the Registrar under the Military Service
Act, 1917, Toronto, if they reside in the County of
Lincoln, Wellnnd,, Haldimend, Norfolk, Brant,
Wcntworth, Halton, Peel, York, Ontario, Grey,
Dufferin, Simcoe, or in the Districts of Muskoka,
Parry Sound, Algoma and Nipissing north of the
Mattawa and French rivers (including the Townships of Ferris and Bonfield.)
r To the Deputy Registrar under the Military
Servicc Act, 1917, Kingston, if they reside in the
County of Durham, Northumberland, Victoria,
Peterborough, Hastings, Prince Edward, Leunpx,
Addington, Frontenac, Haliburton, Carlcton, Dm-
das. Glengarry, Renfrew, Russell, Slormont, Gren-
ville, Lanark, Leeds, Prcscott, or the District of
Nipissing south of Mattawa river (exclusive of the
Townships of Ferris end Bonfrcld.)
To the Registrar under the Military Service Act,
1917, Winnipeg, if they reside in the Districts of
Kenora, Rainy River, or Thunder Bay.
QUEBEC���To the Registrar under the Military Service
Act, 19T7, Montreal, if they reside in the County of
Jacques Cartier, Hochelaga, Laval, Vaudreuil,
Soulanges, Napierville, Beauharnois, Chnteauguay,
Huntington, Laprairic, Argenteuil, Terrebonne, Two
- Mountains, Montcalm, L'Assomption, Joiiette, Ecr-
thier, Maskinongt-, St. Maurice, Three Rivers, St.
Johns, Iberville, Missisquoi, Bromc, Shefford, Rou-
villc, Cliambly, Vcrchercs, St. Hyacinthe, Bagot,
Drummond, Richelieu, Yamoska, Nicolet, Artha-
baska, Shcrbrookc, and Stanstead.
To the Deputy Registrar under the Military Service
Act, 1917, Quebec, if they reside in the County of
Wolfe, Richmond, Compton, Beauce, Bellechassc,
Bonaventure, Dorchester, Gaspe, Kamouraska, Levis,
L'Islct, Champlain, Charlevoix, Chicoutimi, Montmorency, Quebec, Portneuf, Saguenay, Lotbinicre,
Montmagny, Matane, M��gantic, Rimouski and
To tlie Deputy Registrar under the Military Service
Act, 1917, Hull, if they reside in the County of
Timiskaming, Pontiac, Ottawa and Labcllc.
NOVA SCOTIA���To tha Registrar under the Military
Service Act, 1917, Halifax, if they reside in the
Province of .Nova Scotia.
NEW BRUNSWICK���To the Registrar under the
Military Service Act, 1917, St. John, if they reside in
the Province of New Brunswick.
PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND -To the Registrar under-
the Military Service Act, 1917, Chrrr!o; trtown, if they
reside in the Province of Prince Edward Island.
BRITISH COLUMBIA���To the Registrar under the
Military Service Act, 1917, Vancouver, if they reside
in the Province of British Columbia.
SASKATCHEWAN���To the Registrar under the Military
Service Act, 1917, Regina, if they reside in thc
Province of Saskatchewan.
ALBERTA���To the Registrar under the Military Service
Act, 1917, Calgary, if they reside in thc Province of
MANITOBA���To the Registrar under the Military
Service Act, 1917, Winnipeg, if they reside in the
Province of Manitoba.
YUKON���To the Registrar under the Military Service
Act, 1917,' Dawson, if they reside in the Yukon
Puff Paitry Illegal.
Th,. following prii.luctlons.ln which
sugar la the principal constituent, are
now prohibited of manufacture :���
French or puff pastry, doughnuts or
crullers, Sooloh short bread, eiiltcs.
macaroons, or Hiic products, wiih
more Hum 50 per cenl cane sugar ;
ninii'h mallow with mure llian .'13 1-3
per cent, siii'itr. cakes or lilsulis Iced
or Oiled with su_iu- products. Allm
of form $100 to $1,000, or Imprison-
menl up io Ihree months, or both,are
ihe penalties for iho Infraction of
authorities, which ever may Inntliuii
ilu- proceedings, Bxchbh holding!* ire
liable to seizure after May l'liii.
New Regulations In Force
The ctlll nl condition of  foi '1  buU
! !h a fr r rh' ah' b during the nexl
v mri.lhs lun led ilia Oanada Poi il
Ui nrd ir' ..-: a addll . nl orders aff ������
ting wheal ninl flour, ii hns been
iinloii illegal for farmers or anyone
else, in use nny mlllable wheal (cr
fi eU for any kind of animals, C-.m-
suniera are prnhlblle.1 from accumulating slocks of flour beyond their actual ourrenl needs and must return i.
dealers any excess they may have
been hoarding, nnd dealers must re-
pnr-i their excess Btocks which will 1 *
returned io the millers or disposed 61
us he Canada Food Board directs. -
Home-Made Candy Prohibited
II is now illegal lo make homemade canity ft-enfeane sugar for "private ronsumpion. People may noi
have more lian 16 days' supply of sugar in their homes, If they live within
Iwo miles nf a licensed dealer. If living more Minn two miles and less
than live miles away, Ihey may have
UO days iruppy. If living more than
five miles nnd less than len miles,
Ihey may have up to Oil days' supply.
I-'arinrs and all others living al a distance of ten miles or more Irom il licensed dealers storo may store sugar
for 12D days' Bitpply only. Wholesale and relail dealers, and licensed
manufacturers, using sugar In their
products may not lino moro than suf-
licieni sugar for the trade of l*> days.
Excess sugar must he returned al
once lo llie dealer from whom it was
purchased, who will pay for il If In
good condition, at lhe market price'
or lhe price a. vl ieh It was sold,,
which ever bo the lower.
In order loraise and finish nil the
extra pigs that will be farrowed in
Canada this year as the result of the
campaign for Increased production,
it will be necessary lo exercise the utmost economy In the use of coneeri-
Irnlr-d foods. Pig Misers who have
access to dairy by-products havo a
great ?dvantage ovpr others Experiments have proven that when men'
worlh $40 a ton, milk is worth more
than $8 for an equal weight, that Is,
provided It Is fed economically. Experiments carried on. at the Beminion
Experimental Farms and Station
show that for growing hogs, GO lbs or
over, 400 lbs of skim milk produced
results equal lo 100 lbs of mixed meal
Buttermilk fed fresh ls equal to skim
Whey is not so valuable. One hundred pounds of whey was proved equal to 19.2 lbs of milk, lhat is-provided It is fed in not too large quantities
and before it has soured.
A study of experiments with skim
show that for young pigs 1 lb of milk
fed wilh 2 1-2 or three lbs of meal
gives best results. For larger hogs
less milk may be used. For hogs over
100 lbs In weight not more than 5 lbs
of skim milkilaily should be fed In order to get lhe greatest, value from the
Al the Nova Scotia Agricultural College it was shown that Ihe best gains
were made hv feeilig a lot of pig la-
tion composed of 14S lbs of grain, 900
lbs of skim milk nml 110 lbs of mangels. At the Ontario Agricultural Co'-*
lege lhe lest resulls were obtaiied
where lhc proportion of milk lo meal
was 2,5 to I. In me trial in which
lhis proporl'on wrs i sed, BEB l!s of
skim milk were equal lo 100 lis of
meal This agrees fairly closely with
lie resuls chained at he Ota ��� a. and
Branch Farms.
In a scrks cf articles that appear
In the May number of the Agricultural
Gazete bolh ihe Ottawa and Ouelph
authorities agree that it dees not do
to change the.dlel from sweet lo soul-
milk.   For youg pigs (he sweet milk
P. McBryde's
akery and Tea Rooms
Brown's Block, Courtenay
" The Best and cheapest bread in tlie district
12   18oz.   Loaves for [$1
Vancouver nnd Victoria 10 18 oz. loaves ��1
We invite anyone to dispute the above advertisement
llie baker of Better Bread
Opposite the city hall
Shop Only Where You are Invited to Shop
Buggies and Express Wagons
All Rigs Guaranteed and Sold at the Lowest Possible Price
Blacksmith ar.d Carriage Builder COURTENAY
la much to bn preferred. Fnr larger
nigs It seinr to make little difference
whether or not it Is fed swoet or mod-
erateiy sour, provided whatever con-
'linn favond Is uniformly I ept up,
I lint Is lo say, If the milk cannot be
obtained always sweet, then It should
he fed sour as a rule.
A highly su-c ss.'ul lias ct social
and dance, In aid of ihe Campbell
River Hospital took place rn Saturday night, .May 11 111. A remrrrknlile
failure of the gathering wns <he auc-
''.'iilng of lie supper baskets, Ihe bidding belg specially keen in bpnour lo
���hu e ihe I or-our of supper w ih the
limited number of the fair sc:- present
9"'e wt lhe laskeis reached he amount of 111, tho toal sum amounting-
|" $-22.00 Mr.Hardy of th i Campbell
River Post ollliwmid Mr. Hags of the
Camer n itt'"ier ro.. i._jow d gfeaL
ability as auctioneers, Great thanks
are t' the Campbell River rrchcistra
and thc licMie vl'0 fo ally fffif.tleyl
nl o in the niniingonieiii of the Inter-
null mil Lumber Co. who conveyed
a largo number to lhe hall on their
logging train. The resull speaks well
for 'Ire irrent value of the hospital lo
ihe Campbell   River   community and
lh -. wi rk carried cn there.
of Premises
Large corner store added
to Present Stand
623-5 Johnson. St.
Great Clearance Sale
at 716 Yate Street
All Goods  Must be   Clears*!
SeaWook Yo-mg
Johnson  rind Broad Street j
Victoria, B. C. ���
Comox   Livery   Stable
Phone 84 L
Auto Truck Meets al!   Beats
and Courtenay Trai **. *
Autos and Teams for Hire
at reasonab'e rate-;
V ���. :> 11 ts Audited and
Books Kept
Office with Hicks  Beach   &   Field
Tun'Tig and Repairing
Here about Ap'. 1
Leave orders at Rev'ew office
Cumberland Hotel
Good Accomodation      Cuslne Kxcellen
Wm. Merryfield
I *-*. .^_i,��9a_EaBBwa_yas���ag'
Sand and Gravel
Rates Reasonable
Do You
The Courtenay Review
Family Herald and Weekly Snr
and the Daily Province
for one year
for $6
/ THE   REVIEW,    COURTNEY,   B,    0,
It is manufactured
tobacco in its purest
It has a pleasing
It is tobacco scientifically prepared
for man's use.
Peace That May Be Concluded With Germany That Does No1
Involve Her Destruction as a Military Power May Only
Bc Regarded as a Mere Armistice
If an Englishman should now
write a book discussing the possibilities of the next war, assert that wails the best occupation of mankind
and that to prepare for it wc should
among other things be very careful
to preserve the aristocratic idea, he
could in thc first place get nobody
to publish it. If lie produced it at
Iiis own expense he might consider
himself lucky if ;t court adjudged
him insane. Otherwise lie would hc
lynched. Yet such a book has been
written in Germany hy Licutcnant-
Gcncral Baron von Fretag-Loring-
hoven and it is a fit companion for
the books of Bernhardi, which did
to much to develop in the German
people the spirit that has horrified
the world in thc past three years.
The baron is no mere dreamer, no
Irresponsible theorist, no fanatic
with a hobby that has unhinged his
mind. He stands high in the war
councils of Germany, Hc is the
especial confidante of LudcndorfF.
In fact, he is deputy chief of thc
general staff of the German army.
His book, entitled, "Deductions from
the World War," was published last
fall, and is said to havc had a great
talc in Germany. Efforts lo prevent
It from circulating outside, the country wcrc made, but a few copies
were smuggled out, and from onc of
them an English edition has been!
prepared. j
Its importance is such lliat it is I
a duty to impress upon the public
thc significance of this work. Itj
confirms an opinion that has been!
more than once expressed in these 1
columns, namely, lhat tho Germans
must bc judged as a people, and |
that to make distinctions between i
the kaiser and the junker class and j
the rest of Germany is both idle audi
vicious so far as militarism i.s con-1
cerncd.    There was a time in    the
war when certain English and Can-
| adian publicists sought to impress
upon the people that they must not
hate the Germans; that wc must
[consider them as unfortunate stiffcr-
!ing from a poison; that wc wcrc not
| to bc their executioners, but rather
; their kindly, if firm, attendants and
| physicians. Until quite lately some
'such idea appears to have been entertained by President Wilson. It is
reasonable to suppose, that the German people know themselves best,
and if there arc any yet who persist
iu the doctrine that lhc Germans
have had forced upon them a form
of government which they abhor,
and that lhcy arc really decent, kindly, peace-loving folk at heart, the
words of Prince Billow arc interesting: "Militarism is not a Prussian
invention," he says, "Militarism is
Prussia herself."
It seems incredible that after this
war Germany should still have a
taste for slaughter, but it is plain
that Baron Freytag-Loringhovcn is
acting on this belief. There is only
one thing that will cure this maniacal bent in the German mind, and
that is absolute, overwhelming defeat, bitter suffering and a league
of nations that will constitute itself
an armed guard of Germany for a
generation and morc to come. The
baron laughs at thc idea of ridding
the world of war by means of mutual agreements. Hc admits that
there will be agreements, but says
that occasions must continue lo arise
when the forces in one nation will
refuse to bc controlled by an agreement made years before. The notion
of a universal league for the preservation oi peace is ridiculous, he
says, and any proud-spirited nation
would regard such an organization
as "intolerable tutelage." Equally
Utopian, therefore,    is  thc idea that
Germany herself should hc invited lo
join such a league. There was, in
fact, if not in name, such a league
before lhc war began; that is lo say
a league of nalions that would not
provoke war. Germany was sup
posed to bc a member of it. llcnci
the present struggle.
Preying spreads the gospel of war
among the German people. If he has
any regrets as a result of tlle d'
velopments of the presenl win- the
chief is that the Germans have not
sufficiently studied war. He quotes
with approval the words of Frederick, who wrote in 1768: '"i'he mill
tary art demands continuous study if
one desires lo attain a thorough mastery of it. I am far from flattering
myself that I have exhausted it| 1
am even of opinion that a human
lifetime is not long enough iii order
to pursue it lo the very end." Plainly
it _ will be the duty of German
scientists to concentrate their attention on tlie problem of increasing
the span of human life, so that Germany may produce n certain number
of murderers who will begin ihc
study of military science at the age
of three and continue it for a hundred years or so. On their deathbeds tlicy will then hc able tn hand
their plans to the ruling kaiser or
president and permit him to start tlie
next war with belter prospects of
As regards the practical lessons
learned from this war, the baron
says that in future there must bc a
great increase iu the number of machine guns to a company. Cavalry
ought not to bc proportionately increased, but a considerable force will
be necessary. The system of training must be made lo include men
not now subject to il. In fact, every
male, able-bodied or not, must have
military training. The navy must
bc greatly increased, but how it is
to bc increased he docs not say.
Perhaps the idea is to take ovcr the
Britisii navy as n going concern. He
points out thc necessity of seizing
industrial centres and coal fields in
neutral counlries and admits lhat
economic conditions will continue to
play an increasing part in future
wars. The lesson wc should read
from this book is that any peace that
may bc concluded with Germany
that docs not involve lier destruction
as a military power will be regarded
as a mere armistice, which will enable, her to raise another army and
make another bid for world dominion.���Toronto Mail and Empire.  ,
Another Price Rise
.M* . Hand It Out To Them
S        as They Pass	
Or better, send them half a dozen bars of this nourishing chocolate. There is many a brave fellow hungry to*
day in the trenches, who will appreciate this highly concentrated food more than anything cite. Positively the finest
eating chocolate made, Sc. and 25c. sizes.
Compensation by   Government    for
Diseased Animals
A bill will bc introduced by the
minister of agriculture at thc present
session increasing the amounts to bc
paid by the government lo thc owners of animals slaughtered under thc
operation of the Animal Contagious
Diseases Act. The amount to be
paid must not exceed in the case oi
grade animals $200 for each horse,
$80 for each head of cattle and $20
for each pig or sheep. In the case
of pure-bred animals thc amount to
be paid will not exceed $500 for
each horse, $250 for each head of
cattle and $75 for each pig or sheep.
These amendments to the act arc to
remain in force for three years.
Permits for Canadians
Food Supply for Wives and Dependents in England
A matter which closely affects lhc
wives ami other dependents of Canadian soldiers now in England is
their position under tire food rationing system, shortly to bc extended
to the whole, country. It has been
laid down especially that all officers,
soldiers and their families (with any
servants) must be in possession of
permits lo deal iu foodstuffs at regimental institutes. Such permit will
state on it the total number of persons comprising the soldier's household, and in llic case of women will
contain an undertaking that they arc
not drawing separation or dependents' allowances. Each permit is
available for three months.
The amount of the articles to be
purchased at thc institutes will be
varied in accordance with the periodical orders of the food controller.
Japan's Navy
She Is to Expend Nearly ��15,000,000
on Her Fleet During 1918
Notwitslanding the scarcity of
steel lapaii is to expend nearly
��15,000,000 on her navy during 1918.
Some of the enhanced outlay will bc
met from surplus funds and increased revenue, but most of it will depend on increased taxes. The total
increase in income tax will amount
to about 20 per cent. 011 an average,
the wealthier classes feeling it most.
The directors of seven Japanese
shipyards, havo decided to offer to
supply lJ/_ tons of shipping to
America for every ton of steel despatched from America. They arc
prepared to undertake t o supply
nearly 300,000 tons of shipping to
In 1917 the agricultural societies of
thc province of Saskatchewan held 13
spring stallion shows, 50 ploughing
matches, 2 good fanning competitions, 133 exhibitions, 23 standing
crop competitions, 52 seed fairs, 17
poultry shows and 60 short courses.
For HIGH Production
Every page In the Reniiic 1018 catalogue
Is a giilil'i to War-time production. But
there arc a niiiuber of ouutanding values and
tlierre arc culled to your attentlou by a star
border such us encloucs tliis. I
SEEDS of high productive power are a vital War-time necessity. Not only must every 6i|iiarc yard of available ground
be made to produce, but Rennie's Seeds must be sown to
ensure the finest possible crop. It is a War-time duty. When
buying from dealers insist on Ronnie's, The following seeds
can bc obtained from dealers or by mail.
BEET���Crosby's Egyptian 05
CABBAGE ��� Danish Summer
Roundhead 10
CARROT ��� Rennie's  Market
Garden 10
CORN���Rennie's Gulden Bantam .10
LETTUCE���Burpee's Earliest:
Wayahcad 10
ONION���Early Yellow  Danvers   .10
Rennie's Extra Early Red OS
PEAS��� Utile Marvel 10
Senator���Ucst Second Early .. .10
TOMATO ��� Bonny Best 10
Blue Stem Early (King Edward) .10
TURNIP��� Breadstone (Swede)..   .05
.90    2.75
6 lbs.
ONION SETS-Yellow Multiplier Sets
White Multiplier Sets.
New Giant Astcrmum���Mixed	
Rennie's XXX Defiance Balsam���Mixed	
Rennie's XXX Hybrids Climbing Nasturtium���Mixture...
Rennie's XXX Chameleon Dwarf Nasturtium���Mixture...
Grandifiora Phlox Druniniondi���Mixed	
Rennie's XXX Giant Spencer Sweet Peas���Mixtur
Not. Prepaid
Ib.  filbs.
.20     .90
Rennie's XXX Mammoth Mixture Verbena 10
When buying from dealers, insist on Rennie's.   If your
dealer hasn't them, we will ship direct. 4
All of the Uncivilized Methods of the Enemy, While at Timet
Coming as a Surprise to the Allies, Have Been
Systematically Met and Overcome
In one oi iiis informing articles in
"Land and Water," Mr. Hilairc Bcl-
loc points out in a striking way the
growth of superiority upon the side
of civilization, and the corresponding
decline upon the side of its enemies,
as illustrated by the war. Hc remarks that thc great war has seen
three waves of this sort. After the
unprovoked and unexpected attack
was checked and broken at the Mar-
nc, and held before Ypres, Europe
began to recover itself, and during
the next six months the inferiority
of barbarism became apparent. The
rale of mimilionnicnt, the improvisation of armies from Britain, thc development of work in the air, thc
production of heavy artillery on a
scale before unheard of���in all these
new things civilization grew rapidly
up in thc race and began to get
ahead of the enemy.
Mr. Bclloc gives one impressive
example. In August, lyl4, thc large
howitzer which thc Austrians had
produced was lirst employed. Thc
Germans, who alone were thoroughly preparing and planning for war,
had worked out lhe effect of the lire
of these huge weapons, as regulated
by lhc new and hitherto impossible
method of observation from thc air.
The result wns that the ring fortresses, upon which French theory reposed, were quickly reduced, though,
except for observation from thc air,
these fortresses would have stood indefinitely. This new piece had taken
about three years lo design and develop, until the hour struck when
Prussia decided that lhc moment for
her succcsftil surprise had conic.
While these, great engines were
known to exist, their effect was a
surprise, but tlicy had no great mobility, because their only function
was to reduce siege works. Thc
French, faced lhe problem at once,
and in a very short time Mr, Bclloc
saw the castings of a gun, not a stationary howitzer, but a weapon possessing great mobility. Hc had to
keep quiet about it, and those who
showed him what was being done
wcrc met by his natural criticism
that lhc recoil could not bc absorbed, and that such a huge gun could
not havc the mobility which was absolutely essential. His criticisms
were immediately answered, and, although he was not allowed at the
time to know the secret of thc solution, it was not very long before
these enormous pieces were brought
forward, and it was shown that they
had completely absorbed their recoil.
Tliis is only onc example of thc way
in which civilization catches up with
each unexpected success of the enemy.
Another example is thc introduction of poison gas, to thc horror of
civilization. The civilized nations
quickly beat the German at his own
game. Hc had prepared defensive
methods against such a gas. We
elaborated be'tor ones. He came into tlie field with a just appreciation
of the machine gun and of trench
weapons, in which we were hopelessly behindhand. Wc produced more,
if not belter, of the onc, and certainly better of the other. He decided to bombard civilization in open
towns from thc air���an abomination
not before heard of, and indeed
strictly forbidden by conventions to
which the German had put his hand.
We devised defences against such
action superior to his own, and we
now appear as his superior even in
that last deplorable development
which, as he himself chose and commenced, he must now suffer from.
All this the cucniy knows just as
clearly as wc do. As Mr. Bclloc
points out, wc wcrc catching him up
and passing him when hc got his
lirst respite through the inability of
the eastern Slavs to munition themselves by lack of   industrial   power.
One of the reasons why Copenhagen
Chewing Tobacco is becoming more
and more popular is, because it does
not attract attention in the mouth.
It it not chewed 1 on the contrary, a
small pinch is placed in the mouth
between the lower lip end gum.
This gives complete satisfaction
without chewing, and leaves a pleasant,
cool after-laste
Copenhagen Chewing Tobacco is
scientifically prepared, of the best old,
ripe, high flavored leaf tobacco.
It is in the form of small grains, and
being very rich, only ��� small quantity
should be placed in the mouth.
UW* tbe most economical chew*.
W.    N.    U.    1207 THE    REVIEW,    COURTNEY,    B.    0.
It not only softens the
water but doubles the cleans-'
Ing power of soap, and makes
everything   ssnltsry  and
Canada and the U. S.
Americans in general know too
little about Canada. Canadians, on
the other liand, know a lot about tin-
United States, Canadian scho >1
courses give adequate courses on lhc
geography, thc history and lhe resources of this counlry, while ours
content themselves with n hasty survey of our neighbor. As partners
In this great war enterprise, Canada
snd the United Slates have reached
a unity of purpose which cements
the friendship of lhc Inst century in
new bonds. We ought to get acquainted and keep acquainted in lhc
years lo come.���Detroit News,
Catarrh Cannot bc Cured
Kith LOCAL AIT Lit ..M IONS, �� flier
.aunot reach tlm neat ot tho disease. Cntarrn
la k local disease, greatly i'tlliictici-it by ton-
Itltuuoiinl rendition*., and in nnler to curt it
Eou must tike au lutcrtirtl remedy. Hall'*
'atairli Cure is trila-n internally and acts
through the blood on lite mucous surtjtcs
al the system. Hall's Catarrh Cure itras pre-
Scribed by one nl the best phyrmuao.i in this
country lor years. It n composed ol boiii-
d! the best tonics known, cotnbiued with
Some ot the best blood purifiers, lhe ocr-
lect combination ol the ni_.itdi.nn In Hall's
Catarrh Cure is what produces such wonder.
lul results in catarrhal conditions. Semi lur
testimonials, tree.
IT. J. CHENEV  & CO.,  fiops.. Toledo, 0.
All Iinmgists, 75c.
Hall's  I'aimly  fills for rnnstipritiou.
Son of the Soil
Under the auspices of the Canada
food board, 25,000 Canadian boys
from 15 to 19 years of age, were called to help out this summer on the
farm. _ To date, 23,00(1 responded in
Ontario and the western provinces
alone. Quebec and the Maritime
Provinces hold their enrolment  lrtt-
What He Meant
.Small Politician���I want to talk to
ymi, sir, about a remark you made
respecting mc in your paper. You
lulled tne a political jobber, sirl
Editor���Yes, it was a very annoying typographical error, and I
promptly dismissed the compositor.
Small Politician���All I llirn yotl
didn't menu lo call ine a jobber?
Editor���No, sir. 1 wrote "robber"
very distinctly,���Calgary Herald.
An Oil of Merit.���Dr. Thomas'
Electric Oil is not a jumble of medicinal substances thrown together
and pushed by advertising, but lhc
result of thc careful investigation of
lhc curative qualities of certain oils
ns applied to the human body. It is
n rare combination and it won and
kept public favor from the first. A
trial of it will carry conviction to
any who doubt its power to repair
and lical.
Why Not?
The kaiser is to assume, among
others, the titles Grand Duke of
Collrland, Grand Duke of Lithuania
and lhc Prince of Esthonia and Livonia and Great Protector of Fin-
hud. Why not Grand Ravishcr of
Belgium.���New York Evening Sun.
>    Soft corns arc difficult lo eradicate,
but Holloway's Corn Cure will draw
I them out painlessly.
The Privileged Pretty
J "Do plain girls or pretty girls do
; better in business?" It's about a
1 loss-tip. Thc plain girls don't make
i so many mistakes, but there arc few-
| cr kicks about the blunders the prct-
| ty girls make.���Boston Transcript.
To Give People Homes
The Britisii government is proposing to grant financial aid for the
erection of 300,000 houses in England
and Wales and 50,000 in Scotland,
building to be begun during the demobilisation of the forces. The national housing and town planning
council is to consider a comprehensive scheme for London and Greater
London. Various suggestions arc to
bc dealt with. Among others, that
preferential treatment sliull be given
to large families, that slum areas
shall bc cleared and housing schemes
carried into effect wherever there is
a shortage.
For Sale by all Dealers
Douglas & Company, Napanee, Oat
The Spirit That Wins
That was a noble, a self-sacrificing
spirit evidenced by General Pershing, commanding the American forces in France, when he told the allies: "All that we have arc yours to
dispose of as you will." That is the
spirit that wins.���-Knigston Whip.
Had ship's anchor fall on my knee
and leg, and knee swelled up and for
six days I could not move it or get
help. I then started to use MINARD'S LINIMENT and two bottles
cured me.
Thousands for Farms
Thousands of men are needed immediately to help on the farm this
summer. The increased acreage _ of
cereals is an imperative war time
necessity. Employers of labor should
allow men with farm experience to
go back to the farm.
'ATURB gives warning of
mamm  ���****- o- -    -   " " W _
approaching disaster, and
backache tells you that the
kidneys are deranged.
As soon as the kidneys fail
poisons are left in the blood,
which cause aches and pains,
rheumatism and lumbago.
The digestive system is interfered with, and there is gradual
loss of flesh and harshness
and dryness of the skin.
There is often headache
and dropsical swelling of
the limbs.
"7*\     -^m^f"    -msim.���""-""������-������aHKSK^ Th*5 most effective treat"
ni      Mm HI ���"���*M?8S ment is that which awakens
the action of the liver and
bowels, as well as the kidneys,
for these  organs work together in removing the poisonous impurities from the system.
This is the reason why Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills are so successful
in the treatment of diseases of the kidneys. This is why they frequently
cure when ordinary kidney medicines fail.
Just put this medicine to the test when you have backache, headache
and other indications that these filtering and eliminating organs are sluggish
in action, and see how quickly they will respond.
Prevention is always the wiser course. For this reason it is well to keep
Dr. SS Sdney-Liver Pills at hand, and by regulating these organs
forestall serious disease.
Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills
One pill a dose, 25 cents a box, all dealers, or Edmanson, Bates * Co., Ltd., Toronto.   Do not be talked Into accepting a subftUuto.   Imltattoni only disappoint. J
Bad Year Ahead
In Forest Fires
Rangers Ask Public to Help Them
Keep Fire Out of the Woods
The danger season for forest fires
is near at hand. Rapidly drying soil
has left the old grass, brush, leaves,
etc., in most perilous condition for
starting fires.
An effort is being made by the fire
rangers in this province to keep
down the forest losses this year to a
minimum. They will succeed only if
every camper carefully extinguishes
Iiis campfire before leaving it, if every smoker refrains from tossing
away burnt matches or tobacco in or
near a wood, and if settlers in the
newly opened districts guard their
land-clearing fires with the utmost
care. Settlers' fires continue to be
the very worst source of forest conflagration, although campers and
careless smokers are close competitors.
"The fire rangers," says the Canadian Forestry Association, "want every good citizen to regard himself as
a deputy ranger from now until November first.
"A Canadian forest was never
worth so much as today, never gave
so many jobs as today, never put
money into circulation as it does this
A Tonic Medicine Is a Necessity at
This Season
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale
People are an all-year-round tonic,
blood-builder and nerve restorer.
But they are especially valuable in
the spring when the system is loaded with impurities as a result of the
indoor life of the winter months.
There is no other season of the year
when the blood is so much in need
of purifying and enriching, and every dose of these pills helps to make
new, red blood. In the spring one
feels weak and tired���Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills give new strength.���In
the spring the appetite is often poor
���Dr. Williams' Pink Pills develop
the appetite, tone the stomach and
aid weak digestion. It is in the
spring that prisons in the blood find
an outlet in disfiguring pimples,
eruptions and boils���Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills speedily clear the skin because they go to thc root of the
trouble in the blood. In the spring
anaemia, rheumatism, neuralgia, erysipelas and many other troubles are
most persistent because of poor,
weak blood, and it is at this time,
when all nature takes on new life,
that the blood most seriously needs
attention. Dr. Williams' Pink Pills
actually renew and enrich the blood,
and this new blood reaches every
organ and every nerve in the body,
bringing new health and new
strength to ivcak, easily tired men,
women and children.���Here is a bit
of proof: Miss Anna Patterson, R.
F.D. No. 1, Thorold, Ont., says:���
"My trouble was one of general
weakness, which thinned my blood
and gave mc at times _ unbearable
headaches, loss of appetite and also
loss in weight. I tried several medicines, but withou; success. Then I
heard of Dr. Williams' Pink Pills
and decided to give them a fair trial.
The result is that I feel like a new
person. My appetite improved, I
gained in weight, my blood is thoroughly purified, and my face cleared
of some unsightly pimples which had
troubled me. If one good turn deserves another then I _ have much
pleasure in recommending Dr. Williams' Pink Pills."
If you need a medicine this spring
try Dr. Williams' Pink Pills���ihey
will not disappoint you. These pills
are sold by all medicine dealers, or
you can get them by mail at SOc a
box or six boxes for $2.50 from The
Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Brock-
villc, Ont.
"No, madam," said the lazy tramp.
"I'm sorry but it's ag'in my principles.    I can't chop no wood."
"Well," answered the farmer's
wifc, "there will be some coal here
this afternoon and "
"I'm sorry ag'in, but I can't carry
no coal. But I'll tell you what I will
do. I'll compromise. If you've got
a gas stove I'll turn on the gas fur
ye."���Boston Transcript.
Thc use of Miller's Worm Powders insures healthy children so far
as the ailments attributable to worms
are concerned. A high mortality
ainojig children is traceable to
worms.    These sap the strength   of
fanls so that they are unable to
maintain lhe battle for life and succumb to weakness. This preparation
gives promise of health and keeps it.
City Labor
The Montreal builders' exchange
and thc Winnipeg builders' exchange are encouraging their men to
take jobs on farms. They have offered to take contracts for the cultivation of large areas of land or thc
breaking of prairie.	
Minard's   Liniment Used by Physi-
No Need to Rub
Try Sloan'*  Liniment and  see
how quickly the swelling is reduced
and the pain disappears.   No need
to rub; it penetrates quickly and
brings relief. Ha va
a bottle handy for
rheumatic pains-
neuralgia, back
ache and all muscle soreness.
Generous sized
bottles,  at  your __jfl____.tl.IB
druggist* '
The Wo rids
Slosn's   prices   not   Increased   25c   SOc   tl
Unwholesome Foodstuffs
Their  Destruction  Provided  for. in
Bill to Be Introduced
The confiscation and destruction of
unsound or unwholesome foodstuffs
found in packing houses or cold-
storage warehouses is provided for
in a resolution of which notice has
been given by Hon. T. A. Crcrar,
minister of agriculture, on which a
bill will bc based. The resolution
provides lliat abattoirs, packing
houses or other premises where
foodstuffs arc kept, shall be brought
under lhe provisions of thc meat and
canned foods act. It provides also
for inspection and marking of foodstuffs imported or exported.
*'I Believe They
Have Cured Me"
Grow potaoes and vegetables in
every vacant-city lot and feed pigs
on kitchen refuse���these are two
ways of doing .something to help the
present food crisis.
He Had Previously Tried Doctor's
Medicine, Plasters and Liniments
for His Sore Back, Without Getting Permanent Results.
Parker's Ridge, York Co., N. B.���
(Special).���After suffering for years
from pain in the back, Newton P.
Smith, a highly-respected citizen of
tllis place, believes that at last he
has found a permanent cure through
the use of Dodd's Kidney Pills. Asked to make a statement for publication, Mr. Smith said:���
"I suffered for a number of years
with pain in my back. At times I
was unable to work. After taking
doctor's medicine and using plasters
and liniments with but temporary results, I decided to try Dodd's Kidney Pills, which I believe have cured
All through York County you find
people who give credit to Dodd's
Kidney Pills for a renewed lease of
health. They have been tried for all
forms of kidney diseases, including
rheumatism, dropsy, Bright's disease,
lumbago, heart disease and diabetes,
as well as the milder forms of kidney irouble. Their popularity all
ovcr the country is a tribute to the
splendid results obtained. If you
haven't used them, ask your neighbors about them.
Mrs. Kawlcr���Then you and young
Mr. Sharp are not on speaking
terms any morc?
Mrs. Uliiudcrby���Xo, indeed. The
last time I met him I told him my
husband had locomotive atacksia and
the young whippersnappcr had the
impudence to ask if he whistled at
Small PUI
Small Dom
8ml! Prico
have stood the test of time.
Purely vegetable. Wonderfully
quick to banish biliousness,
, headache, Indigestion and to
clear up a bad complexion.
G*a*laa***g* ���Isainu*
Cta_nH-r ladlcsM a lack
el boa la Hm Blood
Carter'slron Pills
WHI iMlp UU eoodMoa
It is manuf'icttircd
tobacco in its purest
It lias a pleasing
It is tobacco scientifically prepared
for man's use.
Thpoudh ��a
Mr. Edison's
Courtenay Electric Liglit.
'TMi; City
1 sale thc
P      /f-, T* "' ' *' * 5*5 i I ��& fi
W W-'ii,i��. e��__ \_..'ia^lj
!*!-!  -^*. r-^\ >^m
Tha oven in the
Kootenay Range is surrounded by an envelope
of heat which is at every
moment under your in-
stantanepus control.
With tiie Kootenay
Range lhe heat control
is sn easy and accurate
you can use all the heat
from your fuel without
Courlen lyisoll.
iohl Ir il.iiu'i- "r the above
debeiitures amounting l'> {110,000,UU.
These debeiitures are in deiiotniiuitious
nl $100.0,1 each nnd hear iutere't til lhe
rale of fa per cent, per annul, pupiible
half yearly, The debentures ure repay-
iilik- nn tin- 30lh dav of Mnv, 1937,
Tli ry .!.������ offered nl 90 cents nu th.-
doll n- .r-i 1 teemed Interest. This offers
r. -���; i.'r. !i-l upp n luuily li. mv person
who has any iiinouiit from J100.00 up
wat !- t.i i.. ��� .'. ��� line in an absolutely
secure itivestuieiil at ti fair rate nf interest.
I'm- Ittrtlicr  particulars apply nt the
Citv Hall.
w. A. w,   II UN'S,
City Clerk.
Unti's you have he aad the
I?._.*' '--V.'
It looks as If fin..i- pooplo never!
Ihink ut anything lo say until ronie
i ne else starts ir; talk.
The small  1 oy  who won'l   flehl   i
always nagging al little girls.
" The Phonograph with a Soul"
You can li iv: no conception us to how line to liie it really i;.
The reproducer poind i-s a genuine diaiuoud, carefully selected
and polished, and the records used are iiulestructnble nntl play
Im ti full live minutes each
Write us now for fmther parlicnUrs of lhis new  liivenlioii
which actually RECRE) A.TKS music
London Toronto
St. John, N.B.    Calgary
il is i i I ro l ad
right hui ynu ma
iiuis by your coksi
body else is wi one
n, c
i are
It obnox-
Ihal every
1      k      ^
1. /*i.   I
Cumba-'land, B. C.
ra   f.
Deeds talk louder than cr i ji'. :.
A linn often calls in a ,'.nr-1or to attend lo his wife when all she needs
is a little love ami affection.
*   =.    *
People who are too busy to think
about nervous prostratii n never have
Many a man whn poses a*-, a public
benefactor never lliin!:.? of givvlngliis
wife a dollar for her own use.
* *   n
When some men get up in tha world
everybody appears small to tthemand
ihey appear small to everybody.
* .    #
Seems rather early for winter to be
starling, doesn't it?
* *   *; .
TIip lorgest periods in oilman boys
life are those between meals. j!
The less a man knows lhe easier itl
is to eouvine him that he knows il all.1
Does Everybody Trade at the Corner Store ?
Lack oforlglnalitv ln sumo people
displays llieir good judgement. I
When theideal turns out to le nn]
ordeal then comoes the bivvorce,
Some men    when they get inlo a
j   public meeting are like un emetic-
hard to keep down.
Happiness is often the price of being commonplae,
Some people are so well known
tthat they cannot even borrow an umbrella,
We keep the freshest line of Groceries in the
District.    Our prices are Right, and
Out Service is Unexcelled
We're going lo tell you something about shoes shortly
Parkin Bros.
. Ford Car Takes t!?e Place t
All These Things
WHEN you own a Ford you can do away with many
articles that are a source of continuoU3 ..��,.. ,.r-o to
the man who still drives a horse,   l-'or instance, not
only your driving-horse and buggy, hut the single harness,
blankets, whips, currycombs, brushes, hores-shoes, pitchforks, feed-bins, etc.
In their place you have a speedy, dependable, dicnified,
roomy Ford Car���complete in itself. It Is vastly superior to
the narrow, cramped buggy that travels so slowly. And
when a Kord is standing uilo it does not eat three meals a
day, and it requires no  looking after.".
A Ford will save you time, trouble, and money. It is the
utility car for the busy farmer and his family.
.  $575
Touring  ���
.  $595
-  $770
Sedan ��� ���
.  $970
Chassis   ���
���  $535
Ice Cream
THE UNIVERSAL CAR One-ton Truck $750
>r,  Notary
Barristir and  Solicitor,  Notary
7/i. Goldwyn Pictures
E. Co Eifrdc^ Dealer, CoiHteijc
THIRTY-ONE GOWNS IN A MONTH hy Allan Rwan.director of the produc-
r-i , .��tt "'in, that she would havve lo havvve
FOR MAXINE ELLIOTT ^hirty-one   Rowns   and   that she had
just twenty- seven days in which to
*   *   ���' ���   ,    , ,,  i    gel them.
A striking fiattne cf lhe C nldwln i   A(.,.(���.,|ln(rly   M|S8   Elloll    look   an
production of "FlRhtlng Odds" which apartment In a down lown hotel to he
is ptesented at ttc Maple Leaf Ths- near her costume���, and for days ard
,,i,��� ,��� ..,,,,.,,���.. ,��� ,i,0 riumber of sometimes nights she wus kept, busy
.me ni saiuiday is tne nuraue' ol flttln��� gownSi During this period Bhe
wonderful Rowns v. in ly Maxlno I-.- wn!i .|!i.��� ml,i(jlu. visits to lhe studio,
lh.it, lhe Doled b titty and Gtur, who ,.,, ,,... (. ,,.;, t)m'o she'had (llled und
Is making h��� r lln . RpaearancC on lhe . L., (.(,,npit,|,,(i tfce lasi of lho gowns
son-en. , l&he was tired out.
The iltt.iir:, ihr iltr.e ami   -c rati-1   gn.me of (hc moBt beauttCul orea-
required In ; siting tn: c bow..��ltl-. 1;. ut t)l0 mo(nS|n-(, .~i nre soon  In
i niiiriil Miss Klliott c��,'-,'"'!'1*.:ihe-ninnv eh-r.rt-K   let.lred   b.-   her
v : i   ic in)- rttsct if 1 <r v ou. id. I....  jjjg wife'of a millionaire manu
i-3 career.   On her *   i_ vl*.l      r!lcUlrcr, .   .^.jf, I
iv; C-.dWln studies :������-    - -  ;   ed,
Mooring &MansMd
General Blacksmiths
Beg to announce that they are prepared*,
to do all kinds of repairs at uiotlerat:
Horseshoeing a Specialty
Meat Market
Equipped with Modern Refrigerating plant
Highest Price paid (or Beef
and Veal
Onrletiny nml CV.n.bei'landi


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