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The Coalmont Courier May 6, 1912

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i We will mail the ('..iwWr to  .-.«v pro*- J
Published urjeekly in the intepests o? the Talarrjv>en arid Simil^?intiec!5 country.
f 'iVn are "•(•II equipped 10 do all kind**
{of ■ ommmrial and .fob Printing,     m
Circulates in every home in Princeton, East Princeton, Otter Fiat, Asp§a Greye, Merritt, Nicola, Hedley, Kevemeos and around the terrestrial gl bs
I'luci: Five Ckkts
coAUfON'T, ifc*J:
XDAY. MAY .;. m2
No. 1
Printed on Wrapping Pap*
Tilson a
ci avis
™ sit
led by
SyUoquy on th» Procrastination of Railroads     $
The Town of "flots" ■ r^^.TTT'T >^ -practical Joker Lives
In tlic will! an<i woolly Weft, whore wo oiin-
»ot pet our pilfer, Mire we lmvc to do our best for
the public here to enter; m> wo l(»uow<(I from a
friend all hie ►fork of "tvrftj'j'ftijj brown," Viiusc the
railroads woiddh't'tend to<'Ur s<|ivals to bj'ihfi it
4uwn. It'u been tbio<> wet Its on the journey just
from Culyiry to berp. und the Mii]ij»iii}r bill nays
Kearney ]nit it in with k«*jrs of l<Ptr. How we
Wiph thosf! kf^« bad rolled up. and our rolls of pap-
,w|oo, then we wouldn't tued to hole, up our siib-
•criberK as we do but the C. I* K. is weary and
(he <J. N. It dei«! lunte, so our romps, get good and
nMtery white they play this wnitinjr game, Ku: we
♦ru»t they will got movhrp by a week more In in
tttMhtv, for the prblieMren't apprt\ii\ix Mieb ridie-
uloua delay, and it's npr to raise their dtindcr when
thev'n* alwav* plavexl for Miokn. e'en the solemn
vwafped *'jr»jj<ler" now and llu-n fivts up and bucks
'•rainst this apath'tie systdn Mailing fi<ij_'lii ^<.od«
for an age, it nukes us want to frisk "tin aid to ^
biff 'em in our rage. Oh! you i). V. If. so vestiy J
and you G. N. It dead l;in-e, can you answer now J
this (piery: tell \ s where to lay the blann ? %
A melee over tli   deal line at Granite
resulted  in » hurrr   c-ill   to   Princeton?'
f jr police aid Issi ISatiiriUy eve.
Patter around Princeton
By Our Resident Correspondent
The Tort lend Cement Company have
two mere I»'J< buihliags almost tYW.-
!    Yn'i Lave iieitlirr of Coalman!  henrd
nor seen,   noi'  travelled  tlirouirli   llic.
Tulaniceis; you've  never horn iu   ihe
town that a'ands undreamed of by   tht1
Kasti in Hands.    It* m.t a tout) of (Ify
ami starts where you  and  ian:o-y  •<:ihv
pait..    It'Miot a town tt'lieie the gr»l<-
rr winkj, »•••'!« nfii-r liitll like n I'.iinl cif
I'll, kn it'a not n tin:, in  the  I'. S    A.
wh t« tiny |irt<tutt<l to  liniit  ttu'  trt Kt<
at liny     h'h not n  tu«r« iu the  .unity
S nth, whirr you <ie\ it all l,y  word of
tnim'li— how tin' citni* jr'.vi't^a fortttnc
'c'c.ir 11 eviT.v I »p| with a willing car.
I where the oHlrieli hiiwils nine time* a
yeir, and everything i»' oil!  Hfl  ijouer.
Urunjfe*, ^rajwn, iMKtuf, gtn-vm*,  nil
easy futiinec for the it-s h     IlV   not  a
town in tie hard wheat helt   where no-
ihiiiff luit winter i-i ver felt; where, the
hli/.zard and ntitt'lll will inalce j'nn Knee'.e
and the hundred dc^rei* (jive a |ilne1i
jatttlll *i(iieeze.    N<>! IlV not a town   of
thesi wieiehed extreme*,- ttnr M town of
: f4iioe heavei ly theme*: it's not  a   town
to *e I a f»ro* t lot which "nineolie in »,ir-
' yiftg tip pipio^ hoi; lt*n not a town with
a litlll In roar, keep lijflit !hi. way, we're
I wnnlin^ tiion: it'« not a town, Hint eir-
ly anil late, yu need to   In,  sl.'.v.n^   to
wink mil your   fn'e;   it's   not.  a   luffeii
wli'To the |<Mir are oopressed,  hut ev-
eiy one Imlitedai-inz with the ITEt.    It's
not a pluee where you so.* H IntiJ? face,
. nor can even a mum  ir uncover, (or it's
not a place •vheii-lloy're all   in .t   race
to nmliu or injure a hr.itler. Ii'h not
.0:1  the   ("oa'-t   where   it'i   everyono'..
I oist of the  reullv  ♦'(iiiitahle weatle't
fin tlie iliiek and ttio drake,  which  arc I        .•"""
ii.til unite fake, will hrin I (r.outhe m<a<.     '''he br,ither-j,McJJ  i! Ii 've gone on a
1 or the luvtlier.    It s tml a |<l«v<i whore   road cui.tr»tl tfre will* i>iile of '.t.t>:i
I,      .rPm-ii      '(-.•.,        1, II IIjIi'j,,)   .   .... •■«,	
In Merritt.
Uert (t-oitliaauti, mine hont «.' y-
t.ratiite Creek hotel and owocr Tit
aevcral jwW c1«(ih>, hi O.c vicinity, ha^
i< tie on a trip t., SpiHuHM and .Seattle,
whence he will return via V'anriatvt i
and Mcrr tt in tlii courne of a week 'or
two. *ilhaN\> '.' piirofc Itl f- et rci;ar<liu^
.... .      . - ; tirospccta up here, with the ri»ult tha'
J. Ky»,i of the fcntmout hotel  kft   """""' ot **inK  ""'lr'1   lhi»  w!ly  on
for Spokane on Fi ttlajr,
The firat Utmc of '.he Ct.«rirr falln!
to ipp-ar lo>l trcrkowl>ur t«* ihv tuachi*
nation* of some smart A le k ,'nwn in
Merritt. A printer win c inius' Ihr-
from tht! coast to « urA<*.t.tance ;md on
rracliini; the Nicola Valley town thi».
clevt-r (juy r .; bll.J prov^tiuu -er nsan
the at&ffa next morning tie was beatiag
'tit' Hack
home   aa  fa*t  as' the   Nt'ola
liver could carry him.   Another
UnU Mirwtte, tire popular tnana-er ;.-|liail Be llai, ivi,l.,) whcn Nll  . ,aiu.,, ,,,
f the Cjalinont Hotel,   went down   to^fat^rlalisc took-friifhl before q'lining
Princeton < n Sunday, returning  a
Jack McNeil-irtth   Ilia  brother  Fred
returned   oil   Wednesday'*  atage  lust i
week  !i'm   otteuding  the  funeral  of
I Itcle brother Koliert at   I.yttoii.    Jack,     ». No. 2 pr»'ors1ho.faT.i::
11-porta thines dull it, Merritt and isay* , the, hoine.iteart in Vancuver and
tlie niiucK recrutly laid tflfcni hunt rid- dr iptiet! in a wrelrs« o.l Situdiy
men iomwc two ,vcek«.
es 11 inf  i'.  oiT.. ,Hivl«if
itiundance o!
replies to oor'Hii,  iu   tne  Ptovince   w<:
got busy on the phone once   more  and
Tle-c-ptfi.u'.cilt   8IH. 1,1
' . sncceede-1 in prying /.no'.her in in looac
mai.agiiig  director  of   the  Colnmbin    f,-om ,|,c Hloppy alipe town who was to
Coal <&   Cotte compajiy,  arrived batk ' have eol Merr,itt Moodav. ric promptly
Jr T.  Johnston,
Enjr'ish Ranchers Tumbling into Tulamccn
Oh reliable authority wo understand that the
Southern B.tJ. LandaJc Miiie», Ltd, of Merntf, are
engaged jus! now in putting through a deal where*
by an English syndicate or ranchers will become
possessed of a large tract of land in the Of tor Valley
adjoining the lake lor the purpose of dividing up
into neighboring ranches. W. & l-nnean of the*
.Soul hern I) (.'. Lands &. Mines was recently in the
vicinity, which lends color to the statement. A
W. McVittic of Merritt was alao in town a week
ago and the report goes thut the Merriitian is likewise interested in devcloptnonts along this line.
The Tnlameen country will welcome all the
good ranchers that feel inclined to come in but can
dispense with the uHaw, haw" variety which
prompted a young t anadian girl to rcmurk in j|
their presence one day last sunmicr. '-Theme ii
'bltioraing' English men positively {five rae a pain!" !|
Victoria is the fit and proper resting place for these <'
guys and the TulMiueen wants none of them. \\
Irom ths coaat on Satarday last.
They let vurai:
TWCeariar will circulate in ererjr
kernel. I'riuaetoa and Ka.i J'lio.el.™
tiefiHre the aaesth ia out.
The TeaaU Court ie bring greatly
paironir.e-i hy thoffl ei joying ltr» atreii•
* i*t Merrier, anil especially iy the la
The Methodist Churc'a In K«tl I'riiice
tun ia wtII mi the way to i-niupleliou
ami wilt ihor.il> l« ready (or ojiflnlug
tot aei rices.
Levie Seherfcaunr has e,on|l»tr<l the
reiuoiU-lliag ami general luiproviiig of
Me residence. v>xt to Del Vnu l„''s, on
Miller k*(
The MvDoaypal taw mill aill com
nracr ttnrk «v Moii.ln;, Kith a foil
(oree eJ men. TheV have two Million
fe«Jt of ktgt to rut; plenty o| Wi rk ahead
The Rank of M..utra«l ewplfyes and
Jack McDonald h»l« wrnl i»t„ llti-lr
MMWI elwelliuf en ike Similk.mem
Kiter, jaat heloar Mr. Schialer's re.-ld
Soihc of the 4ireal %'uHkeru wAicinlr
•rrleeil in I'rlHveti*em ■ ^perial tli-
week, and paid Ka-t Tit .n't.in a ri-it,
iaiperllng tke.Vur up to the I'.rtlnitd
CenttMit pwal.
Tuesd«y, «e\'oni|MHita I ly h!e 'lai.,.liler
tlnry. lie reportt that llitj rajlgeii awt
I lekin^ flue anil green owing to (he li-
teiit rains Ilis hotel will he n-uly for
Im-iiu-s* in nlmut n werk
y ni    walk   with   graee.  live   hundred pj^
tnies or livttcr, though foot ev horse Is
good of enui'se,,ll for ia Iroad :a the let-       ,,.    ,      ,. , ..       -, , ,.
" A    . Wesley I< • alter of (.r.mile and the
tor    It 8 not a hind  nhero  rvrv  h.-itul
Is wmltlng totlecciv, yon, forCMii t Co,,rier KCribe wcllt '"Ci,r "«nli»(f with
HQtlorUuf  the.   whole  'I'nlntncen,  mil 3D .,0'» last week-end.     Several  recent
Waiting to leceive you     She niakes  no traces of  bear and  deer  were   fount*,
claim neither strung- nor  hon-  for  the Uut the   total   d..y'«   \ng   were   {line
jflulled ot  this   vall-y, yet  it  is ipii e
The aports eoniiiiitte.e of Hit Ker -
liiros t eii hr.itinn has writ'en tuthe sec-
r.lary of the I'limcton liuid asking
for thulr services (or the gith of May.
There are ahoiit IK pieces in I III) hntttl,
which held n bumper pruellco hut
Wedi e-day, under the aide lendership
of Sam fSlhanO.
nlain if roll lire but sane, She will soon
make Villi her ally.
black crovs and   on^
lost the tra/tn at V.in , but wi'-e-l cheer-
•ly he wouldn't do it again   and   v.oulc. ;
be through n»xt day, evidently anticipating   an   aeroplane   service out   pf •
Merritt.    To stall our joKerWc^pVioncdV*
instnus+Vi'ls C.',"'.,.''.rr7,,'oi>d  fried t t} :ory,c
McOrutlicr to corral him  rijiht  at  the
depot, ditve him down  to  the  Merritt
Hotel, pack him spcure'v awiy  in   bed
and l.iiid him on tha sta^c ic:c; morn- ,  ,——
mir. He beat Geirife to it. thouirh, and ...
, .     ,   . .      _ A ETO/rt  mid  btUPOIiaM* snrcess in
slipped paat our friend  m'o th.e Coid
water   Ik lei, there to ruminate on  Ul- .''^''T wtty was the send off   Jfiveil   the
poor  harmless   joys of out)try life   wiili  one st^e-e a   DJWGonltnoiit Tlottsl On its furtnn,'opon-
Coalraont Hotel Housewarming
A Staining Soccq
Gorgeous Hosfirality for Big Crowd .Assembled
And Tulaiueen had jrathcrail then
Her beauty and her chivalry.
Ilert Gondinnon reltirnetl home on
Wcdnesdny via Merriti after an enj iy-
iiI le holid iv visitine old cn-tiieH in (Spokane, Scatt> and Vancouver lie pays
those villages arc all right to li(|lllilate
n wad in, hut it's the city of Qriltiitu for
Kast   l'rii.elon aid   I'rincelo::   n„„ ; M^.'vetmore, An.e...
Tl'AUl* j. -iin-J in (, haul | raetice oh Still'!
day laal, on the icho.il fiotinds.    Much I
improvement was aliown slni't' the last
*rr* |>'ii Mar.torn Andy Miller, Archie
l.e-r, Saj.iO-!b»o|,, I.owell I'etrie, Mel    a— WtlllllefrlgagSCIJ— —•
vill   Walell, Vticly O.-hotne, Slim and-S    [imri     o, PIMbCDC    I
1!. Heatrtiah, Uieiy uiuiiuutir at ilic
•ompreSBcr, luft with his family on   I-'i i-
Ainomt   those   taking part | **'* *™Ut for KWWM»»
little squirrel. On the return trip ihe
Chink'» larder at the compressor was
successfully raided hy the hungry
a boy acted iu the capaci
to a Pennsylvania  prinery.     He   has
thrown   out  a  standing offer to  feed
pres»e« when w> get stuck for a press
Harry Marks, the comedian showing
iu Princeton recently, is a brother of
J.J. Marks, proprietor of the Home
Sneet Home restaurant :n .Verrill.
Mm   All A and Mn    Ward,   W. JL'
Davi', W. J. and Mrs. Klrkpatrick, 11
AHd Mra. Schiller, Miea Willlawa. Mil«
Mildreil Schlsler, Mra (i Wanile, tt.
(J. ltrown, It A, I-ashbrook, J. Jt
Driiiiiinniiii, A. E Met onn, L.S l'etrei.
Mrs At I'hllllp*. Neil iluiton, E llarf-
toii, S Nelson, K Sinitk, Arehie hegg^
Miinj invitations broil ilcait to come and   ''e-orfe Tlmrker
both sexca frrai: M.'&ueoii, I. (J. and Mrs. i-'rairr, H 0.
a'l points of t!ie.r»iiiyas« came lumhlin.: > Helmbecker,   .1. Isbi.Wr,   J. i'ender-
At   II,.-   ,«.,!,ii-,ill    ilnl.i! ,
fcnme. af Ike rrit.eel.Hi lays ana  prar
tisiaf l.arrnsee.    Their is the makiiij;
of wjN*4 Lacrosse Irani ill I'.lliCfltoii :,
there Ware ai.y outside trams to com-
|iete with thriu.
lsan lissjtrs, tflio.had his restaurs!.
Imsinesi buriit out a few da\s »f>, wi 1
re open and he ready to do hutilM m in
ik« old J'ool room f urinrrl.v occupied I -\
Orriii Allan, in a few dayts.
-4J. L. OtniluiiiRl left c>rlr Moiuiai
■*•»«!**£. with a tram and wajron ladei
Jrllli seed grain, faruj im, l.-m.-nts am
jirorisioiii, for a. tew Veoks w. ik on l-i-
(u-e-empliua mmr Oraujrvi:!-, Five Mile
C.K Mink, reire.seuliue the Dunlin-
lilll C'arlr d„'e('o., ifilvie n shooting c\-
hildtinu at the I'rjuccriiii (inn Chili's
liars, on Wednesday afternoon, April R Carew, KV'.K.-, (i Oohonie. B T
.'llh lie gave a lirst clas- exhibition nf Sparrow. Vane uver; J H Ward. ('• II
tkr fnllowiuii shots: the ll-nd Milror. I Turner, K Stevenson, Albert Philll|l,
Side Arm Mirror, 'Sad.ll-. Ilea I and ' Princet-k; J K Keil'y. K.K Creek;
Aerial. 'I he most •trikipir fr-atiiiei Iu Krauk Hiiley, M.rrin; .1 H Jacfs'ott,
the iihibilln were his aerial slllltt I'ul meen; J V and Miss Nelli ? In-
whea he placed four and (iv« riflfl shot- ,ri»m, Orient. Wash : Jott Wlftnure,
in a van le.fore it lell after heiiiirtliroan Ales W*d. Koanry) H P Waller, J II
inlothealr. Thr an.iuuuitiou which Wa«uer, HI. Wood, L> Kalciilfe, U II
he us,-,I ».,« mole hy the new l)<>miniou Dieksi r, II O llciintiecker.
t,',■ M't-ja I'll , and aeeni «l to he It.iM -
less Mr. Mil k is uniloiihtedly an expert iu Ihe use of firearms Among
till' rutins lasts slut uilios-ed Hie ex
hlhili .ii wue It. Waterman, I. Atulrar,
Itev. Oihnrlie, J D lisWtie, ii n
Avery Jr , .1. W U'.i^ht, f II .wse
K.esyili Brother^, "'am Spencer and
week and thai one  fi-ne     M.anwhi'e   [nj{ ton  ditys  ntfo,  lite oiva-io..   I.rin
we laid off woik and were burniue  II e   Cl.|cbrntctfby Manager Jtiircotto hv  I,
wires roun-d Spokane, Arrow Lake and
the Okanajran   to arc which   way  . ur
bird had flown-forg-ot to  meitiun 1 is!I|,IV,! » S' d I hue at the grand  hi.Hl  oi rmu  COAMWW
  naiiie is Sjatn w.    In a day   or  sow.    jr.irscd   na   ihe   nuaplcfniu   occasion j    (j It Dicksoa, Miss Praaer, Mist K.H.
Jack Kyan of the Coalmont hotil   a" , discovered him   ,ii'l  in.siii aiine  dor n ' Nearly two hundred of I
ly of  "devil"   In MerrjM     sd   ponderini;  on  how   to
ret I'oalni ut     Then the  cditorh.l  ire   .
n.to town i.i nutot and ri;rt, ridih:.'sad  '^.,t   Krsnk SJiull   1   J  s-i I Mrs   K«r«
arose   an I    we   iu(,^;i sted     in    crisp, n ~ | a»'«*S| r isus .tjiuii, a   j. a i i aire, rvenv.
metallic tonoa over the phone  that   as , dleh.ick or walking fiotu neai -by places,. |.   ,V11|  Mrs   Kiddy, ('    Wernlek, IL
i, wings app-. red to be cropped   he'.;   illld by Mve u clock the scone was a llv.-   |I„l,nei, UHft I'hoOhe Itohins-m, lloomt
iw*«  but 6' j |y one nrutind the vicinity of the h.ntle j ft'efcinson, J  ami Mrs. ttobiiiwn, Jaaea
ry,'.vliic!i is cipacloiis & iiisio-datoiuev. i"nuhertson, J    11    liyau,   [,.  and   Mr*.
eiy way, the fuinisliingi being eqnal toljUrenttt,  Miss  Ada  Rohan,    Ed. *.
cily hotels and having hot and cold wa ( Clark, (i. W. Ilodjs 8 U. and   Mra.
ter uervice nil over the house. ; 1'ilson, Uobt   Morris, A iolpb (ialarean,
W.l ia n    Harrison's    livery    team, j v   '' »"d Mn  Ituller, A  T   and   Mra,
brought huge party up from lMitcrtnn,' ""fwell, MJsa Katie Hamilton,   D.  tt.
hiclmliiig I'rincelou   flrrhestra,  which .aM(l Mr" H "leher, MurraSy etonrher, f.
He made It. too, with  an  nceasloual   had l.e^n engaged for the occasion and   >' tiworx«, H. I., ami Mra MUiiHfstll. I..
ft and  we  hope to hold Jiiui  for a   .n,,,,,,,,,,,, swc,., slr.ulis f ,r „„, ,,,„ efl' '«'"' s|i" K lllainl.il, Fred I-a-ney, IL
Illld as he's securely »ndl< ckcit to the
.1. T.  Jnlinstoii    vice president and
THIS   WKI.K. a   m Hinging directurot Ihcadu nbiaOnal
—————I  & Cnku l-'o , left town Tiu-diy moruiiie
for  Winnipeg, on  hllsiiiesii connected
oe.iter walk, txplainlnt;
miles Mid thut we'd made it .eTflclves i
in a day-aod a-haif easily oue time
when circumstances didn't run le
autoa. At this B irui'cle came ov r Ihr
phone, the receiver dropped w:ih a |
^laih and we thoutfht the poor fellow
h..d swooned; but he recovered o-fti
cicot y after a whil- to luarmur weakly
"All ii«h\ I'll start in ihe moroior.."
Tie a-.b, town Co-ill.1i 'Hi UfcB bc^lct.
rllicct n t«i it hi the iHat'er.trf;organi.
•inga ceK-bratioii for the 24;li. hie
esters and lull reports in next week's
William I''rye and ll-s men bavi coi»-
n- nee.! to work the:> tdacer claiiss »l
he mouth of Chain, io i C:e<k.
Connelly & Speck hare struck i;0"<
■re iu their tunacl eia K-.bbitt M. tin
At Oil-   lli.lrl   llllr.    I'llltl
I> ij.iin, K C "k»on, J Thompson, II
II dines, J Ituferworlh; !•' Ml'Kill ley,
K V Serve.,; I II Wagner, I'riu etui:
Mis. K lllaisdell, M lluii h, r, K N
Clark, 0 W H'lrtgldn, P Craii', foil-
diun'i E C Rice, Summit Cltyj Kiark
tlalley, Meniii; 11 ttoodisioii, Granite
• :r»k;J IV Ho'rne., Victiri:,; A Scli-
l'ct, Nicola; Oven O'Sen, Siiinuiit; I'
lleuiaiiotf, Lbmupiuu Creek; H 'A' Du-
oois, Pi.iiS'-e.pliia; K It Koche, N:col- ;
..1 h'abbitt, K ihuittstown.
At IU" Hotel Prliirotani
W W Ore. ii. Harry Bailey, Bob C e
mer. r'lve Millj T S Or. old, Calg r ;
K E Campbell, Phoenix; Pcicy K-dluy.
N'ew York; T O Brown, liedle,; Em'l
i' Vuight, Copper Mountain; Sam tt
McKse, Aahuola: K U Shuchaw, Van
•loiivei; O N t;ilchrist. Nel.un; J M
Tnrnbull,  Trail;  K A Murray,  'oa-
illOl t.
with tin, Oi inpany
Wrd;ies,l.-.v nfti rnoiili .1 Lynch, mini
nger of the 'I'ulamceii -tw litlll, thiiti d
the Courier staff down llie lake on a
crnzy strucliire which di lu't heed all
iceberg to make il drop t) pi'ces ltd
means it f..i ii IkmiIIiiUI e » hen couudet-
eil, hut Hi'' fllhlu Illld • --'ck weren't
built when lie look us for - sml ni il the
sad sea wines ciiuie wnslll >K ahaft tin-
•a-e all day and loo scared of the bear*
prowlinjr around nights to nake anj
lire-iks aft.-r dark.
Such arc the trials and tribulations
of a country new paper editor : Hob
Low try can doubtless coniinui the
yur.i iiidefini'ely.
Maitin, T.  W.
: .1   Diiiilop,
Sn.iih,   Mr.   and   Mrs.
nf   MciTitt.
v di.ie launi h
Armstrong & Slager intend workit if
Mr. Hankinson and  Mias Sum met s
both oll'riiiceton;trere married recont-1 tneir    mi„iag
ly iu Sltokano.   They »1H. ihortly  re-  (jreek as soon aa thinCs are favorable.
tarn to rrincetoit where tl*jr will make- 	
(hairhome, as Mr.  Huikinsoii  inlends.    The |iiriy of mlniiis; eagineers  wh.
Hwing into business in the town. nave be<-u iiiascc-iinj  piO|rerty. at  ihe
jtsunmii    for   Spokane    people   report
C. Y Samerad caf).^ran-evilk», W*4 f,TOr..hly ...d intend cu»uieiieinff in
Mile Cwok,»»i.i i'lincciou * via* :i>* I ^ uC iour weel(|
At lite sjli.tilkamneil   llalel:
C R Mink, J D Pickard. 1)G McDion,
M U'rigaon, Vancottvct; Gus Johnson,
I Copper Mountain; A K Thomps.n,
property on lhaildei | Spokatll. Hailk s„ bley, Five Mil.; t
J McN., ly, Calgar.,; 1'rauk W Sinilh,
Ci-ncwcAilIy, M"; D I. Mililroy.
'•nimiily'' Halrfsnii,
I* now in charge ot th
. n Otter l.ilke, so the stafl Will he able
to make, it with the best girl this sum
in--r — if she's « il.iiii;.
. Qtt'te n few r on hers are rolliug into
Ihe luUnieen coliidry this Spring mil
a-ttliigoii prc-e.mpttoiiH ir.oiind Otter
Lake and iu Ihe vicinity (f Ihli Tula
meen river.
Bert Goodisaou, the. (sip i!ar host of
the Granite Creek hole.!, ha- a  brother
Alt who is  busy just   now  erecting  n '.
school and hospital for the Indians on I
the Shulihs reserve near Merritt,
Dan Mcltae if ihe Dominion  llolel.
i I'ulatiieeu, welt down to 1'iiiceloii   on
Little Things /Needed
In Coalmont
Their are good opeiting! I"r lb* folU-
irlllK iusti iitions j-ut at present In
ihi- burg!
A church t-. pray In,
A bank to hold ■ ur loose cb inge,
A sh.-tm iki r to men I t.iuls,
A mot lug picture shj.r   to   tukc   th.
beat liirl to;
n| the Icrpsirhnroans till an uarly liratr
The large dining room had bemi clear
ltd for dancing purposes, while the ei|-! »ni-c>inri     s«k»
ually spacious commercial nittl writing     ji  »„„,     and Mra. Nalaon, W   A.
ruoni was  utilised   as   a   supper   hall, I H,|,nrs, K. I'.tmk, W and Mrs. Ilawe,
where it la carte mc lis weie (erred   up 1 \\'„|, T Itnsiiler,
by a spicisl staff III waiters provided hy
the mauagr-ineut.    There was nothing
to pay incept for old Crow   across  the
loir and , \'er> rme was  made   hapi v  at
he iiiiinilicent h .spilnlitv dl-pluyed hjr
the pnsjnbters dltnng tliu evening,    llv-
eylhing went but the Inrk.'V trjt,  the
' gii/./.'y I ear mid the jelly wobl.l.'. Which
I I .nil-of gyrations were,  stiiclly   lab-ui
. thiotighoiit the | eifi.rmaiice.
Af ur supper an excellent Hail light
photograph of the group was taken ly
CUililtiill of Granite Clock , and lb. f2i"r-
ij party did not break Up til. Ii a ia ,
when nmiy hariy coiigrntiilatlona
were i xiended to .1 K.VHII and l.oni.-
Mauotte for Ihe excellent entertain-
nient  provided  and  widios  were   ex
li-ia till ivn,
!    II   Uidnw,  Mra. W.  .1.  Heudursan.
t'barlirand W. K. Henderson, Miss M.
^larrli'SJi.Ttios H  Murphy, J. y.aal
Mr,.   .Isrksoii,' Frank   MrKinly,   Jo*
i sou all ovaa
Blllla Daly, Karemels; J. A Neliaa.
O.ov.lle. Wash.; It Smith, Nelson; Mn-.
I. II Wnlte, New Wrstminiler; J. It.
,','iird, X-sr 11 rk City; Align, ,M.-|i.,n-
gall, Kisli Creek Nova Scotia; Williacn
itiirrows, Cndijsh flat, N-.ve Sco'.ir.;
Mis I'upi in MolvilW, Mldwa.i: and
thcrs our reporter coaldn'l grt nvxL
LIAjl /^*   mtint provided  and wi-hes  wore   ex
j   fyj] iH        , r.!.-sed for ano'her dance to he held on
WyT £&■     ttio-tso r.lsi f this Hnollutul in the ilea.
'   S* ' tiitni'n.
One husky   policeman   to  round up
Ihe soaks.
And a J P. to soak aforesaid gents.
Amongst near'v two Hundred
were noticed the foliowing;—
Willie M. lutyre, who is cxpau(*4
hack in Merritt shor'ly from EllrOpB
sod the East, is Interested with threw
others in a goid claim up the Skeena-
Itiver, and ts said to he on the I ink out
for an efficient man Io aapervise p,r«*
d action.
I! ly hlul   Mrs.   Hiwe   I.ft   U.anili
—'       ''**'        - Creek for I'rincetnu on Thursday.    T..I-
1". I'. Cook received a car load of live] ly lias been running the ii  tel in   I'uTt'.-
I lose. I'I ur. Iced and iiccd Grain. Itull-i absence and Sirs. Howo cam u iilnpg to
cd Outs, etc , on Friday's train. keep liim good.
A smart g iy doivn in New York once
Hold ints in tie Hudson Itiver and fi nud
u kers 11   put their good  in y   in
I'll.isy who b iv lots iu Coalinoiit are
not of the sucker vari l>; they're tuk-
ii.g no chai.c«s; the laud Is mi the mnp,
mil iu ilm Crimk, and is simply bound
to jump |'n value at the coming Increase
iu the pay roll lure.
Sam More, C.  and   Mrs.   Will.rsnn.
W  Sumaie.rs, I.- and Mis. Parish, Misr j ritt on Saturday.   Hob hnnf-d it tkessagk.
Mans, Cu-.-11111 Mrs   (Inf.   Misa  Mary   to the Nicola Valley.
s, nierad, '>. H. Onrle, Shorty Wagner,   joys the scenery al ,ng tha route.
Miss VcC ffiey.   Miss K. L   lhtrpce,  J.
It. Seely left for VancouVar Tia   Mer-
li Saturday.   Bob
Ho iav« he ca
ll   S nhaii, II irl liwin,   Mr   and   Mra
V G.irriao s .lack t.'raiinu, Misa Tttftj
Irwin. Millie Knight, Miss Edlta  l.jall,
(!. I.vail,   M.e-   I*. Swauoii,  Mr. and
Since writing oar editorial about
(iratiite Creek bridge, we aolieea ««nip-
le ef t irigl have boon tacked to tUo bro-
k' ll -.'-r» 0 Mn .eio.s.
1 . \\
■I 'I'll".  (OAUiuvT  cot; it J Kit
.!)   Tl'bAJIEKN   KKCORT)
4»Coalmont riercaniile€o.4>
iTlte   CsaJiucmt  (Courier
>MJ IL'L.'.MS EN t:fiCOk!J
*    L.
.   0>
"In Business (or f out patronai; ■"
est s9»$»e»9ci*99V99ms—*e3»& **2
B Our System. *« '-"j"6 <hata I
^ aatisncd   customer
is a Stdre'a best advertisement.
We intend  to *l« you only ilrai-
.     .i -|u.,lity goods at ica-
souable prices.
e  W'e don't  ai't 'ou  'or  unreason-  e
n  max*,n    ! m i    able hold-up prices. ; ^
Our Motto w'" De "°' 0l,lv ,,,e 3
■ i first time you come to 2
our Store, bat all the time.   &
1   i»«rj    W.i
i:il MiM
aj mnrillua in 111 '
: ii i-Ti :: n i-i-n I y ll,i
little <>'d town is sure going
to I'u lipard from all Oyer the
Curier Printing: & Publishing Co.,
C *I,MONT,   ItHtriSlI    LKt.CMKI.'.
-II   Cbuimutiicallons and  r<
;i ice>, t>- the Company.
Tulameen Pioneer Stores.
'Qti'crlpltmi iv I tit in tli • IJKtMi Einfiif
vf-iir  mi   rtti-ii i   i.i   ■* Sitjf in»t *i.|irti'l
«•('• r.'vl-t* on tfir k.1 1, ■ :i. fi;. :■     .     ■":    r
Wv.-« stT -"■•cflll <-.' tl'« Ilil't fti"'|lll|f. i'*-:f *||j* bi
H'/iM't t-j n ii'h-r, ol -. ci : [jf.-r-it ivt-1 I."
Lf'-lif y l'Cf i1 ■• i If [Hltll.lilii m ■'. H-«f' ■ ■■: i ■
!».. In t!'< writ-:', diiwl" »lH mMri;.-. in!
ini"": r ;. I'.r jnili ii-fjiit.i 1 ii' [Uta uUu/aii'M
• •'. ft "! la.iM \» inut'cr >>i *« Rffniltil-'ii*
lil.*>l!«i'l . u. i-n-i fl ."ir miliru- v.-jli !■.- u-fP'i
Ii i.    'i'     i-    .ur.-    . i-'.-j tsiiM'.'    till    limiillvrf   t
•.Iimii tl ;..- j.'tiii 1-  it fit i ii   mn'  isititi   .t   ti.
i.iijKi* Mj;'/.   Tyi" MtiittTi i'u v i' ji i-'t-rrnl
lln- I'uiirVr ilu n    lit ...rn-uiUy end mi! I to
-■':lllu    tltriPtjttf    -fi  M  II.-  i     lif  Ji   It'U'Ii B,
Atl V«'I :i-.ll(*   ;;;»'(*■:
We   lire   headquarter*
irnfil i-<i
General Groceries, Boiled and Eaw
Linseed Oil, Paints and Varnish in
tins, Dry Colors and White Lead
Large assortment of Wall P?pers figured and ingrained
Schubert's - Supply - Stores
OlHHlltwl A.lvurtl Miu-iila .- .-in - ;
w. ,-K; l L'l-lll -I  rtl-lll -1,1' i 'lll-l I  y
I'll  iiri-iif-V
A'l-i. with l-fi.ill-.;- „r rlUplnv. "iiiKlt- t-nii'iii
.1-   |UT llli'll <il     1-1  Uufik,  IfAu.  I'nell   Hllli
■  -I I   U'euk.     Il-lll»k--'-"lli:illl r-liiu'C doulili
voicks «'i:v in<; iv Tiir;«:i,i>i-jiiNKss
W'c uotiM ca'l tlio attention of 'the provincial goveiti-
meat t > the urgency of
jirovidihg; n new hif>li-!eve!
in itl.»e in pljirv; of the tlc;;lo-
utljle sthieturc 'uiyy in atstiite
i./'Ueerojiiiud! ai tl la.-t luri-ig
t<ii it'PCsaeio stiieTulainien
at Granite (,'icL'k-. Moat of
its ;-.; ;i'-arii;s arc i!<;\\n and
t, c i'it)!w;iy let'lsi none too
ti.ifi.' for pct'Soii.s of s'ibi'icfy,
vv' i!o i i the i.'a-e of a man
wiih a jag il  ia n custtnet-
temptation  t«> suicide,    We
iie.'i^'oi'e trust  tlic  jj'oveni-
l"vh.| miut.lvfullo«in.l«alnairf   ;ni;!lt 'vi;!  "l';   l!»s.V   Hllilkilio'
1   •  p.-i ii".  1  I ^.i'k; I'l- .-• luif *iil.-i-iiii"iir .v      .. ,. .   . .
Jimsy out 11 nis accustomed
trance linil c-v lirts to if ilmt
Mrsico in the hold hat! tia:e< and how
he c-ii'ttir-d tjeroi imo than are fouuil
in the biographies of Anir-rir-ari U-xico-
^i-;il»hrr«. Nijw \u Ihfa same wicked
■-.it}' rphi'.'e. a wrll.ku^'.vit j>ur»iali>t
who in an inv^tcratr cigarette fiend,
whirh to Sh r v >pella perdition with a
cap l», ir-lir virtue of Image and ail- I
I rem d experience vrhen he hat crmtrac
i«.l a s>ix hit j tjf and e»pie» this unfor
tinmte r'>iui(f mm with a coffiii-nall |
«'ui k in lllk faco he tak-s i' iip-n him
•elf ti.» dole out a curtail! lecture oil the
• '■'il "f hi* »ari in ihi* aim "I got u
« y riu'iu here that a tn.n tint wnulc
ini,>k< a iisaiKiir wuhl likely rob a
c lurch ur pinch ,a,dy from a blind
kid; and as Mien I ain'l i<ot no u*t- f. r
liim." U'heieupuii the w k j. ca'.illlv
pr c-eiU in light another of the olnio-
k:l.ii+ weeiU ami bnv for the Louie,
whi It i:iv-ri:ilily geln Sh-.rty'a gnat
and he retires in high dudgeon to con
r"<ib ivi'.h the kitchen f-iry.
What a great alory  re-echoed  round
he   world   a*    ther   tolrl  of  the   hero
Cap'ain   Smith'*    giant    megaphone
allying Ii » men iii Ihe black darkliaaa
• if an Atlantic night w iih ihe a!og*an to
Raths 4 Steam Meatiii.?.
Everything New & Up-to-date
Courteous Attention and First-class Accommodation
Coalmont Kotci Co.. LtJ., Props.
L. N. Marco!te, Manager
I,it:.I   \f.\   ■ •; .i ii'   1 ■»•    | cr line   lit \vti ■::; fit'
II tlic il .■ Ii .11'.."1 I  lit iv,- -k,
I..H..1    uiin ■•   Tllll i r l.lr '' rfili-a'f-t (."
lilljltuVL-nuHl ..ih'.,  l7 f-i'  in diy«,   fit   for   ':
1 :■ ■ ■
•:.-i.Mn.* ?»' IIm#.oiliur than ! (.'.(!-. ". . pt'i  II l
i-iil-Ii limcrtl ii
.'..!• i N'i lic-i ". ,' i]ftVH. OVff :'" VttifU ui'l
in i|h| ■'"'•. f"   ivirvV'  iv -nl -  I   limit-.'  fl mi.
il ; ent'h iid liti .I'ui fri w riliur tu.-t4t i*V.
(hniiHii  .Mwin,,.'.,   uiii  plot«o noro
III it  |tt  d n.ll'f fi   clu'iijc -'iili.t   mum! 1m*
til Wv  'I llHlwt'ay  HUUttt
Trail i-ii* nrivnrtirii mcuN |mi nh\t> Iu iidvat cc,
U   :.       ii i i.iiti'.nt- fin ninlit'il nil fippltunlioil.
Ill   Vttl'MMit. IT llJtil   \':t't()ljrt
TliftCmi IwImhi nuilcitnll llm le.ntiiiu Itolcln,
rite I'.tilinnM'i I IfPMilfi.u H nun nml M Ilu-
ntttmitit i. NuttM MhimIi Vtiimouvi r
ibzD rrttrM{UI>'D,u-
•*Ja-* bn   Vrf--
Tin- tlcnnc'.T- Tvjjfwri'tr piuImkJ o , at lew tha*. .ouc-fiflh. I lie
co»t of the hUnuui! machine, .ill that in K^t.ti^d cf a i^pewrittr.
In the Ii -miett you (ftft clear, visibl .• w * tin ', -* s / to vh. little noisf,
perfect «lif,rr:uirtii, adjtts'a>'le nuir^ii', uvei>ll'le r.bhm, C'tfhty-
four chafartera on Univt-r-al Uey board mid ■ apaci'y lor ' wo cttpit*
with one original. Thcac arc tl.« IcaiiTOs i u vvhictl tho hij;h*coM
niachincs bane their claims, nayiug hothing' about their thirty t»r
more pound ti of wc-ifht, !ar^c size and ffreat number of ji.u's.
The Bennett irei^hs le>fi than five pounds, case mid till, ft
uicsmi'is eleven inches across, five iuches front ti» i> ok and two
fnclics high. It has less than two hundred :i <! fifty |<ar"t« oountii k
every spring-and screw, whereas ibe large t^ptwritera ha»e over
twu thousat (1 p. rts. It is the only low priced tynewrlter printing
by mi'iiiis . f ;m ipked ribbon.
The ntfiijLtrit 'ias l)Cen l"11 tcl ''f""'1 dtfd prnc'M ;tl u*e by 20,000
puiciia>c.r=*i who luva al-u ti^ntly (temonfatrH^d that :t Ia both
durable andeflMerft. it has fi ne tii ir work, meet I (1^ .--II sorts
of iudividua) tJ#(juircUicnts fully and priutiuully. It will meet
jour'-, too,
Anothf r ir.jipeu.se advantage of (he Bunnell U i's pot t.> t.«ifci*y.
A sa lea man or i ravelling man cm put a Uc tnett iu'o his yrip %u I
hh taailr ns a book. It i^ alway* handy for dorro-pomleiice vf wiy
sort—letter*) bills estimates, contract* cr fur ma! i*»g out crdfe's
and memoranda fur customers or for the lnice
Vou can put the Hennett on your kocls or on a rhait- or t.V.lo.
and do perfect work. It la so atroug. ad riy i*-» »o hhnpic, thai no
shaking or NpaettingC«M hint ft.
The Bennett Typewriter i*> jvtst ;.k well aixl anbstautially made
as the Urge machinm. The *-11..iHer cost does not com;.- from thlj
use of inferior niatti ifila. Ilia, mis' ntcu d oo a tun -pii ce ( aat*irou
frame; every working part is u,ade ..f i'as.'-han'eiied hteel nr:d
during the |rt*ocesa of (tibkln^ it i^ repeatedly tested. Rxpused
parts jf re n Self el led or enamelled and the whole appearance < f the
machine is handsome and busil csnlike. The secret of iis Io*v cost
lies in the Miiall number of parts and simplicity of consti uction.
The Hennett h(*a a line quality rnbVer platen i lu; cylinder on
which the paper rnllfc) taking at sheet up to nine iiichis wide, The
tjable on which the table lien as it gees under the platen is full
at ah da rd h'z? and f«*lda (or ward when not i ; ti«<\
A marginal atop regulates the stn'tiuy point of the hue of
writ in (r, By Operating it tl e writing may be ma.-'c to begin iit
vari"tiK points on the scale without the trouble of ores * log i lie space
Ury until ihe''eared pjint in leached.
The line »|ia\:e l^vcrin the Bennett works precKc'y as in 912.5
The scale as in high-priced typewriters indicates the position
of the Willing on the paper in tenth* of an i ich
A little j uinti r below the seal.' sh' ws i xa :lly » here illti next
character win he printed, both oil the scale und on the paper it*".-;f.
It in abajciutcly accurate
The keyboard has two shift keys, one for Lrlr^ing capital
letters and the other for brli #rinif figures into action. '
The Deuiiitt  liUi the simplified  atandnrd  kryboard,  twenty     i
eight characters making elghty-f jut cba^aot ra.
The touch oft c. pe^whci I machine ditli-rs slightly from thai of
the type*bar pattern. The keys are operated with a gentle. • ven
p csMirc aud not \y »>harp blowi with the finger lip*, All the
■infers i.f both bauds ma v be use !• I It** average speed mi u tyi e-
writer U about U) woidS a ttliutitij which the Uennett ran etjital and
with a pract'aed operator ijrarly double.
The Hennett signals the approach 10 the end ot a Iti.'e '(
w riting hy Ihe stroke of a belli
The Ueonttt is a typO'Whaol ihachlnr instead of ih« 'ype b-r
pMtcru. All the tyj c. an: cut o i a \'itlcaii''7,*d rubber wheel iu*| ml
of each separate charucter being on the end of n lo u j n tui ■■ ni,
ft i* thu* tmpofkitda Jur iiie writing It* be out of lltie, a- I* so fun
tkeeftse wttti the type*bir luachiiiea whoae rofH <»r j [tits become
bcntoi I'one. Ween furnish type-wheels and keyboards fur tie
English, Gennan, ITiench, Spanish, Ku*»>lan, Polish, P riu^ucne,
Koumanlan, Swedish, fc*innisb, Not wegiau, Danish and Urdu, with
otheis in |ncj>i-rition.
Our Warranty: Tlic Hennett is gu i ran teed ogalnsl any deft ct
lu ui*leii-«l ur workiuauahij'a Any parts showing defectn within
one j car, not eaiued by mlsufe, wiil be replaced at our c^pciue,
libbou-n afcepted.
A  liir*«( II,
tin-   MiiMireitl Slur
I.llllloil    .\|,-''lil     -
Iw ciiii 11-.« eti nt tli«
Piif fo!d«r«t etc., or Inspection of niafhiiie
^Vho ha&   iole
ontrol  for  the  Tulameen ami   s miiVamet-u country
ti-iiili/\ ii-. hi- ti- Mn -ii ii |- i-j,niiil,-i|i:i-. i ir s ,
fur [uT'il lilaliuill mil tliiilllim will nvlw
Mil,.-Ti| li,,l., or Athrrli-i II.t*. I-- nil i III l-i-luif
i.u..\ioNT.  11.C, May 0, 1912
KI.OItKAT   i;o.li..llii.N l .
Witii this isbiio the Courier
iii'isos n^ a slnr in ihe linna-;
mciit of joiiriiiilisiii— fixed,
nol llio foinel viu'ioty. 'i'lu's
(d'.vii may lie only n baby
hut .she's n bonny one ill thut
and destined ultimalilv for
one of the largosl iu the Iu-
terior of iiiia.sli Columbia,
with a payroll of many linn
dreds. W'e have mountains
of eoal at our back door, and
very best quality eoal al that
so that an i ra of inin'ermp-
ted prosperity maybe aiitici-
paled by themosi pessimistic
.of our citizens whose name is
[Ttuddy, haling IVein u little
this inipor'anf, matter Is re
medi d without uny fiirtficr
When the Great Northern
blew into town they stoldour
WHffon road '>r tlieir riyht
of way and .' 11iir as aiHither
I'.ijiz,- structure! his>h uj) on
tho moiilituiii side whereon
it is impOssibla t\iv two tenuis
o pa-s and (lie banks of
which in plaws arc;crumb-
liiiii' every day. 'I here's
tfpilig'to bo it ljior slido here
one day when the team participating will gi> rolling
meri'ily a I'm idrcdjarid fifty
feet down o \ to .the Great
Xortlurn traek, and we may
say we don't wish to be connected w ith that team just
'hen, The ri'iiiedy l:-efl in
the proposi d newj'oad across
the rulamjcn from Granite
into L'oahuouf, whtcli (cannot
be built a day too soon for
public safety and tieiiernl
c nvenience.
It is hightrrne the government startevljdpwinjr id that
•310,000 n'rant oi) the s'reets
of-Coalmont; iiie roads need
the work and we need (he
money   circu!afin»'   in   this
jerkwater town in the sage- ^.^ S(   ^.^ }f]. p;u.]i;i.
'"■''■•"h  ,'"im,r'v   v,l,,'r"  ""•>• ment^etafiaitonand put
us next that t.;n thou.
This is about all tho kick
we have corning this week,
but we'll see If we can't hash
up some mole for our next
issue us experience teaches
one £Gtsriotmng from a railroad ii: a "'ovo'rnmentwithout
Kpiealing to] lrgh Heaven
t'ov it".       • -' • i.
There arc quite-Ii fevr j.-cache3 funnel
;i'ij\,.'iiij;'- -iruuiiU Co.'ilmont.
When you're ilirbuRli with this paper
mail il to a frimid - it will helj) liousl
tli» town.
W'u iw-rd a rrirreniioiidenl fftr ihi? A»
pell   OroVB I'oiiulry.cSoliool   Icaclipm
»  !><,'•!.
liurii nothinri' else because
ibore's nothing else to burn,
andiviiihim we've converted into a firm believer in tho
superiority of coal oversale-
biinsh as fuel
hi addition (o cur main-
dec-k card, Which is of the
.black diamond variety, we
have in il.e beautiful Tula-
: meen country oceans of untold wealth in gold, diamonds, platinum, onuiridium
jand other valnablo ores,
much as yet undeveloped or
undiscovfrid but suflioient
.vcraich.ed on the surface to
ensure one of the gieatist
ru.-lii sol'modern t'niesbefore
many moons. Samples of ore
scni to Ottawa r< ccntly fi'om
the vicini y of Qninite ( n ek
a-'saw'd  at    fO'D,000 to the
loll — sixty     cool      ihoilMllid,   ull-heavj «ii|;lit»,
hark ye, d'ye get that? As
i <'L'.iids   gypsum,   all   our.
needs in this vicinily   art;   u
shovel and a iiitle energy!
dig inln ihe nearest roadside
bank and you'd come lo it a
It oi or two down. Don't
contradict because we've
seen 1'ob Poid'cy doing it on
tUC    Princeton    trail   and    IjC   L,«half of the Courier,    Our price* cuu
kllO\NS gypSlim   When hC   hitS : >>C beaten nml . ur Uiff«- iircu* will |iriiit i
it. i     a bi|fKcr  poster than   any  print  bllop
Coalmont will be the head-■oaUi"cli'""1'"|,",jr Vaac"uv"'-
ipuiriers this summer for two
lines of railroad headed  for
the ■ coast—this in itself
|should be sufficient to make
any     self-respecting     baby
grow, but  ill addition there
will be a  large  increase  in
the payroll at  the  mines in
the couue of the next six
.months to liven things hp
jsoino, and when his Jimship
condescends   to   uive us a
lita aitjkitig   cri w,
  I "     Oil audi aimllicr lin;lit III   III.
uutretehliij,' trnntlluda uf the Boutli
African vrhlt wr vividly reeall aiu-tliei
hero'* Word! an lie iftilloped around Ihr
little laJirrr iu the banieg-ed (arrUuo if
rv«tcciltrt, mrrouniled at that Unit bj
tneniv tli-ni-.lull »ix fi-rt Mattibele
warrior*. At the moment of a fierce.]
mm,!!!', ijii" cut in cliiiiou nolc» Col.
Kiitiitiif ton'a iiteinorable charga to hi*
"<.ii£h-rider« : '*j^rnj»nih»r ymir lljy.
rrin* mh» r vnur Q ,eni. rcinrnibcr *<,ur
hoilii-L iiiitt It'V (I i,ii«*^; t, nieniber ynn'lc
IC i'l is hnien ami rail «lira » Bug lUh men
-li-'iild. Al "V ^11. lei evt'rv shf-i till "
1 lie Titanic holocau»l br-.u^ht nu-
Anglo-S.-x,hi riilor in a drclilcd man-
iit-i: vritueat, the c.se of fnyile Mra.
I>i,lore Straua, who preferred death
wiill her husband to a life of brreavt
merit--"even unto dealh will I vliiij;
unto thee:1' ao Uiin noble little l*d)
ittiod by the ahip uud went down with
her, lovingly claiped in herdear nialc'i
arm*.    All honor to the noble e'ead.
A well-known mining eng-inrer had
b.-ni pros pee tin (,' for tfuld ill the Tula-
tin-en the other day and en returning
a.c^o.•.^ 'he prbbly bed of the old river
cour»e wliieh lies rl|rht|acioM t.'wu he ,
eaa^jed Ihe remark that underneath
•ho>,.f pebbl-al.iy hidden torn of tie
prvcit'll* u.cial. ''Why in tarnation
ilm't you pack a shovel and iljf (low i
for ii? ' Inquired: bia~ practical friend.
"Ala»! ' iiuoth the m.in of nilulag lorr
a.idl), "I I—h —h.iven't ){—j—got the
c—e-r-c—ii- euergy!*'
Tli<-y nay Dr. (>«!«• of Rfflill will
.nhortv locale here. V i,li he'd harry,
our editor is mlfhty nil k 'heae day>
and diftiuir mainly on loiiV liver
pellets.     Some   kind   friend   rrreuil.i
I mailed him a bulky volume called r,
"Medical Guide" which lie's been
studying lately,    I'rom a eareful pern- '
'sal of  this   valuable  compendium   lie
; finds biiuBclf, arrived at the terrible
conclusion he must h-ivc contracted
pretty near every known disease  from
' scarlet fever to housemaid's kni»e or
lockjaw in the funny bone, and he's'
now anxiously enquiring for a church.
, doc or undertaker to locale here.
Wc are ar.ansinpr for a private
telephone servico w^th Kamloops,
whereby the Courier, will be away
ahead of district newspapers in the
transmission of international, Do-,
minion or provincial news of import.
When visiting the boundary district stop at the really
best house combined with niodora'e rates. Htccntly re
modelled and strictly up-to-date.    Restaurant in connection
ROY  &   liOYER, Proprietors
"Welcome, ye stranaer: speed, ye parting guest,"
is I lie motto at the
ifp§ ml
Where you aie assured of civility and fine accommodation all the year round.    They always come back.
S.  J.  MILLER,  Proprietor
Ooji Bite Dep t Kxtemive ofteratlouk have bi'-'i recently made,
Irpi'af wniltur this hilel in'ooneof the most roinfurta'bl« In the Interior,
A ihoic »,. eclior, ,,f I.-q u,rs aud Ci«,irs. N -w Poy) R,,0tn and Sample
Rooms in countcilou,
Mrs. A. F. flirfay, Prop.
Headquarters for Groceries.
Vegetables and Provisions.
Fruits, Oranges, Lemons, Bananas and Cranberries
ItV q'lcr    h"w   \6tlg il  t'iceg  tli'
uhoz fijfhicr to j'-irv ii j > lo it that heV
j b. utam tij, ag.itut flic  hi'mrU'*'  ul
Tin* New York dun »&y* that IlrHUh
Cb'uitibiH i* wiling tht* pace for th*
entire A hi erica u coutijicnt. VVu merely
with to mid that Coalmont will nhol 11)
aet the puce for all UrilUh Culumbiu.
W'e have a reaidont correspondent al ■
.'rir.retori who will attend to  all   buif-
nogs .it that end ati'I   U   anthoriscit   to
•-'Cnit:   aOvcrtifcing" and   job work  vn\
Tl.ere are no nine potU vet erected I
ulonj the Oreal Northern road |tlto j
thi* bury, which loa weary hubo hit-:
linff the ciudcr* is very difchearteuinp.
I'Voin a personul experience on a J/'tM) i
mile tramp ,w know tb« comfort of
being av)le tu riuge oua'-l. mileaj*ehonr
ij.Y hour.
Down in Merritt the naughty liven a
'little Comic opera old Yankee  by   the
uattie of Shortj Kcs»!er who wear*  hia
'<Iass':a ot top of Ida pate ami averages
two j ig".i a tijy -,,..,• ;,i  mid year out.
regftlfti1   trait!   SOhechlle   thlS'Shorty can relate n.^re  tiimsdotea of
Well,   well,   well,   whtr*   do   U.S.
•Miiitora Ihu their ach^lin/r, or dou't
they tfet hrji ? \\c llimiRht fv-rvl-oiiY
wi i aw^re tha: watci t (?iit nilkhead*
were not provided as a itieinjapf e«-ape
' for the pis»enc*i», je h0(1» *flrf little
tithe*! yet hfrc we have a Iwary old
aenatnr sWeiiinty crosa examining the
ffi-er of tho watch on the Titanic aa
to whether aome of the doomed one*
could not have aaved their livfi thro
the waterHglit coMpirtmentH Lai I; a
iay, jumpftfjt Monc.-! (■hirer mv
tiuit)er« ! aufftrhlff rat.N! ! wat-rtight
bulkheads Jc't ope*i for life a*titt|r!
Tip o' the cUli, worthy Senatir!
Moreover, looking at thia »"if oonatl
tuted Senatorial  l< quUiti -n  from  an
ibatract point of l»w reipardtnif international fl*0ff| we  «*ri«>'i»ly  queailoti
the b'ffa'ity of a body of  (ffliorant  old
no- dle« (wJ-oi-.m't tell a caphUn from a
uurlit^sp kc),   no   r. attr r    bow   ti 1 aj li -
placed, fcteppit.^ iti  and—five ihi*.ntfs
after thc»e noble Ilritish scmtirn   have
cine through the pa tea  of hell fro«»
aiiperhumaii efforts tuuvc rtieir fellow ;
man — browbeating   and    aweatb.oxln^ !
ftriWsh olYicere in the n-'-torionv Amen*   i
can   detective   ''third  decree"    atyle; [
becauae, forsooth! a few  of  their  mil-1
liounire friends bappeiuaboard.     Ima j
a^iiic poor old doddlvraacared of a (food- I
aUcd    bath-tub    all   their   lives—the,
"Juhiiuy waa it ttatlur luld
Who'll iiet'er I't'i'ii upon tli-j mm,
ThiJUtfli of  Qt'ttu. lo:u Im'd  roap, as he
Strutted on tlif sltortt,
But that w»i IiIji jeeulitiiity"
kind—prr*umitig- to question a«d cast
Ahperaiofl on tho bravery and seagoing
ellicieucy of men born  and   reared  on
the  bosom of   -he  deep!    Kcriproeityj
later, maybe, Wut duu't try trading any
old-.siocU Senatora, Uhc Sam. please-
Canada has uo use lur dead ones.
\ Si flltir ol tlif I'niuiiy ('..iii-t of VnV Ml 1 l.« I
lull M thu (cuil Uuiixc, I'rltmeton, mi I
IVfdiiemtHr, .Mhj h, Uti't, .ii tho li'iir «t |
-'..'luoYI uk jii llitititluriio'uii    Hy i iiiniiiHhii,       i
IIU ill  Hlf.N'I'KKV
ii (h-iflsfrftr uf lountj Outrt,    i
aio'TICE is IIICKKUY  f.JVKN Iluil mi ii,J
/v   Ural J.i ni.I im-nt'M u|tjillo.itton mil i...
iii.nl. i,i ii». .s.i|.i-.ii.ii.iiii(ni n| I'mi'liii'Ial
I'ulll'H f.ir flu-trrallt uf a IIl'Bll«n Im- Hie Kaa-ltl nl
liqimr h\ I-. i.iil iiuiiiihi|i hi i!>i- iii mi u«ki own
II'   III!    dl.1,1   S    I till t|l   ||ll||.|. allUUlO       I     I'lll'll-
tnli. il!-l. Il,» In iIk ili-i rilinl i' III „<li I, I, ,1 I.,
lorni'i nl II liltfu'Ktri'Ut mill llanil i Avi'liuu,
• Halcil il,|.illli,l.,.v nl April.liil.',
I  f .   I'ICl'KII SU ANMI.V, ApiilVnni,
Villi I.nml fillWnii, Villi- lU'ii'lrt.
T.uiK SUTICK Unit Cinorga Liiiirlt' Kra*r,
Dl Ciiiliii'inl. h.O., uiTlljinli III inli i' lltnllai.'rr,
inli-iiil.-1 . j t-j * j i' y f.-r wiinl .-Ihi I" |.iiri-li-s,- lliu
oiulvlna ili-.,ri'iln-il laii'l :-' iiniiiii.'iii'lMl! nl II
i nil pliititi'il nl llm wtlllli I'tt't iioriuti- i.f hut fliH
III iil'O I l.llhillK miulh In fllllllia, Wl'.l i| M-.Ililil:-.
llurlli 411 el.uiiin, Wal ikl lillolllH, t-l |i-iinl- 11 i- III-
munt'oinuiil, t!uut,ilulii(r al i .u-i-i-.i iiioto uc l*>«
K. 1.   I'MMSKK.
Oviiliiiuiil, 11,(1 . Mini'h i.i, 11112. Mf
PI.A'I'IM .M.ir-,1,1 ,i,„|  ,|,|,j,., |„ve  htm r
rlMiil, niaiki M ami i-„,,,i ,„ |„ ,, 1(
I'l': I l|lllllll.r-
Tin  mnilii. after nil valiliM liave Iron rxlrai-.
M«i,Vr Iii!'"   ",etlIH*- ".MH """•-'" v,lu,,i„
■vh* run,,,,,,-,, 0.1,1 > I'jailaidu, i.,j„
s,CXizhaz" ^^«4
Till- men iii mlUlim* lo tin iiuiujmiiy,
i..",' V.rV.'.',r'r'■"-' --'"• "-'■'"•- I" ralaa lnu||»«
<.i|ilt.ii.,rWi.,,„ i, ,,„(,„ K„lri,,|,.,l( ,„ ,   , ,
:'::-'u,,.r:i",';.,M!i,:i;;::,!,,.'1'''''-''1 ->
l.|..|.|.i.vin,lil -||„.   ,„.,„   ,„,„,       |.
..in.,,.. >.,i„.    „„ „.,„ Kl.„Uy CU(, ,„,,„,„„.
Tulameen Gold & Platinum
1-l.MllKll. '
C'll |>lt.-«l (/il*0,t»(>u,  iii,ii.„ „.«,„,,i„.  ,,.,„„    ,
..-   .L! hw**,l"f-*i ."i,"0 sti.-iri.-ri,
!=;,  nu  l|-,-a»i.rt.
- il hunt  Weal,   Vunouuvar
r>MI   lluatl
l'li'|lllul.o Sij-ii
droi> in to
Gabe's Pool Room
Vor it Quiet <iiiui(< On K'""' Tub lea
Fine Line of Cigars. Ciga"rel|e* and
Main Street   -   COALMONT
r'ltOl)   1..1W.MV,   Prop,
Arid iriw the Enpliali suffragettes
inttnj llCyCOtltHg tlic weddiii),' lintf.
Well, s.-,y,%hat kind ol a Iooj namslo
lie upviitli a '(felte, auvwav?
When yi.ii need a gv>od i-quare mral
don't   forget
la w heie rou'll g"et il avnrv tim.\
Leading Canadian & American
Papers lakrri.
A.c-'ii:llio<l,.iiaii by Ilia wcik,  nu.uili, j-uar
ur .ti.tui>.
WIKK WANTED by a m,„ fa Kood
posilioa in the Tulameen: vi,uue „j.
(low not objected to if able lo cook,
sew and kctli snili,,^. Adv.rli.er
no chicken bul hu.sk> and «-ouW make
good husband.-Address in strictest
confidence c.o. Box A, Courier office.
Cjurier round Coalmont and district,
Uood candy money.—Apply Crurier,
STRAYEJD to itiy premiaeS, April 19,
nie marling Clyde Colt, bay, white
legs and faco, tinbrandrd. Owner
can have same by proving j ropcrty
and paying a!1 rxpeimea—John
Ilromloy, Princeton, April 29, 1912, TIIK    CuAl.MONT    (JO'URIKII    AM)     lTLAMKhX    fl HJUltf)
TTJLiAluIEEjrsr    OITY,    3.   O.
In ihe Tufameei..
Its History from Small Beginnings.
Ds R. Boucher ,
Ula 6. 3. fwderscn
Gateway to theTulam en Gold & Platinum Fields.
-t-^Dominion Hotel**
Miners', Prospector,' and Travellers' Home
Kates $1 tu Si SO a day
D McRAE, Proprietor
-   -    Tulameeii City
Comfortably furnished and tilted throughout.
Commercial Sample Koouiu.       -       -       -        Headquarters  for M.niti^  Men
^ulameen  J-fotefl
Bridge Street, Princeton, E C.
Modern Conven'ences      -      -       Bathrooms, Etc.
Good Attentive Service
KIRKPATRiCK & W1ALONE,  Proprietors
Nciir Itiillnity Hlutioti,
Mod*-rn Accoiiinitiilnllon
Cmiiiiifi'i'Iiil Siittiplt* Itooiilf
imilkamccn Hotel
Vermilion Avenue, Princeton
i-im: mqiioks and cioaus at tiik iiaic
SUMMEUS & WARDLti, Proprietors
"In the Land of Gold and Platinum"
Granite Creek Hotel
HciuUiuutfi-K for MinriH, .'roniM ctortt unci Itnllvouri Wen.
Tanty   MoiiN ami   I Ji'fl unt   lEuiiiiil
H. Goodisson, Prop.
Granite Creek, B.C.
When visiting Nicola Valley stay at the
Hotel Merritt
* ——       ■■" — "■'    ■■—         ■ i        ■        '■■■    ■
Tinder new m inr.jfeiiieut and inanv t-npr »veJ facilities.
Mo e accommodation uud (hit of the beat.
In cv^rj dep irimeii- wo aim to jlca o aud u-ua'lv suc'ced.
[By Bo. N. Ci.irk 1
la   the   summer of  the   year   188">
Thomas  A    Collin,   attract, J   by   tb,r
; gold excitement arountl Granite C evk.
came through with the rush to s;iy < ill
- V
the hind and rfter looking   round -yiir.
hardy   prospector locate,^ on  a gujeh
subsequently known aayCollin   liulWi.
j Th'af season  ho worked   cunslder&lrie
I ground on his discovery claim and   returned to his farm   at   North Sainic'i,
Vancouver  Island,  atiout   the  end  of
j October  with   a   gold   saelc   of   great'
value •   As the winter wore'away his'
unrest became  apparent:   emboldened
I hy his success he  was yearning  oiice
I again for the mountains of the Interior
and in March, 1816, he started  out   for
I what lie called Qui!'* country.   Iu thoi-e
I benighted times the sicauish'ip "K. P.
Kithet" took the up country   tiavellcr
from   Victorii  to  New   Westaiiiistrr,
whenee.a smaller stetuiboat   beat   the
mighty waters of the l'Vaaer as far as
I-'oit Vale, but our  friend  alighted  at
Hope.    It to.lt him but a  short  while
j to sel.ct hit grit is lake at Jimmy War-
die's store for his loug rntisli   through
the allow and  shouid-iiug  a  u-«qJt   of
some sixty or s vciity pounds he  made
camp just before  nightfall   about ten
miles ou his j rlirucy—and   sweet  and
refreshing was his sleep   bcticult   the
«lud<:   of   the   mighty   cedars.  ■   The
j trail wis  well   beaten   at   this   period
excitement wis at its height, the  newcomers overll nving  with   enthusiasm
at ihe prospect of the untold wealth lo
be  uncovered,  some di.-gruutled  ones
going out cursing  tile  country   to  all
; perdition: but these Utter were greeu-
: horns  who  had gambled  and  squandered the  hard-earned   money  derived
from   the   Canadian  Pa:iti:   Hallway!
and Onderdonk'scontract and knowing j
little or nothing of placer gold washing j
forthwith turned about and condemned
ihe couutry.
Keaching Granite Creek   ate in the
March of '86,  Collin  rested  and out-
tilted, packing each load on his back lo
ihe i.;ulch, a trip of two lo three da;s.
Some few. weeks after this  wheu   he
blew into town again—for Granite was
"lown" then with fourteen hotels wide
open  all the time—Collin reported a
stiikc of some very  line coal  that  he
was using in his cauip atove  and  the
fireplace iu  his cabin:  and thla  was,
the writer believes, the first knowledge
of coal in any quautity in the vicinity,
Later on At Tregillus, of the firm of
fregillus & iVIalOue Til  NeUou,   while
out hunting discovered small parti lea
of coal turned out of tile Holes of what
he called a uiouuiaiu beaver—probably
a marmot—these industrious little animals doing some Coal mining on their
'. owii   account.      This  discovery   was
made ou  the ncrih   fork   of   Granite
i Creek, bul comparatively  small a I ten-.
I lion was given to these liuda-: the lime
j vvua not yet ripe  lor development,   as
i the   country   only   had  Italia  and. no
j roads, to say nothing of  railway  connections.
Some few jears litter K^b-.r; Suveu-
,! sou, now known as ' the Culoud," who I
I »us operating the Urauile Creek   liy  '
uraulil! mine, brought oul considerable ;
cjul from the north fork  and  isscd   il
Uest of W ties and Liquors alwayi iu stock.
Geo. McQruther, Prop.
Mcnitt, B.C.
When goiny thr 'ii;;li lo Spokane <ir way pointn »'op o*.er at tlie
Where you will receive courteous attention combined with
first-class accommodation.
Rates : $2 per day and up.
E. N. GRUBB, Prop.
For the "right" kind of Printing
you want to patronise the Courier
Quick Print.   Savez ?
tor biackamith purposes, hater again
Uarcluy Uoolinouc, now a resident ol
ihe sloppy slope city, iuluicsled Ku-
glisll capital in us .'xploitatiou, taking
bonds Iroin tbe owner, and developing
a few of the large seams found at thill
poiu,: bill In an oversight, il is said,
the bonds lapsed aud shortly afUrwsrJs
the present owner*, the Coluuibltt Ova.
and Coke Company, with head ofliccs
iu Winnipvg, became possessorsol the
Wliul the  Columbia  are   lining,
The Columbia Coal & Coke Co., Ltd ,
is developing  ils property   here  ill   a
uio.>t ci editable maimer.    The woik is
being done under Hie supervision of G
U. I'raaer, who has to   his  credit  the
opening  of  the  mines  of   the  Inter
national Coal Co. aud  the  Koyal Collier, es, Ltd., iu the Croiv'a Nest Pass.
Mr.   Kraser  has  had  associated   with
him iu the work from its  inception  J.
Powell as underground superintendent
aud George   U    Dickson   as  engineer.
Mr Po-veil was formerly  inspector ol
mii.es for Alberta and both he aud Mr.
Dickson were alao ou the  stall of  the
International Coal Co,
The     development   and   equipment
! undertaken by the Columbia  involves
an expenditure of $500,000.1)0 ou llieac
qttisitioii and development of the iiiiiir,
which has ou Ils directorate the names
: of several millionaires.   The property
will shortly have the unparalleled  ad
vantage of transportation by two  rail
ways the V. V. ft K. branch of thf
Oreat Northern, ahead, laid in am! 1 e
yon J this town, and the Kettle Vail-}
line of the Cauadii-n P.citic, now in
ciurse of construction and due to cute.
the town this summer. It is a .afe
oet that Coalmont will heal Merritt in
the race for trai aportatiou by two uN
tltiot and separate railroads, and the
next six ui ,-utlls will witness laud
values soaring iu the town and imrue
dia'e vicinity.
The Columbia Coal and Cokr
KJonipjny ar» adding to the plant
'coke ovens, teats having shown
the coal to be splendidly adapted for
cokiug purposes; and ih :y are hoping,
iu view of the proximity of their miner,
teethe smelters of the Uuuudary and
Sap'.h lioo enay, to secure a share il
thaj business, besides the new market*
opened up by a direct line lo the poist
Aluoog other works recaully curried
out py the company was the couatruct-
tiou of :i bridge sonic Iw.x. in length !
over Hie Tulaineeii river, this structure {
liicludjng a Howe span of 122ft. and j
VwoQnecu sp,m» ol Out't each, the co«t
of the woik approsiiualiuvf JS.OOu 00.
The njevelopmeut   •.rork   includes a;
timbered tunnel run through solid rock j
for a distance of l,«7ol:.  and  tapping i
the coal .at   about   this distance in \
This tunnel gi.es a depth of 1,300ft. ou :
the pitch yf  the coal  aud  a vertical
depth   of 'Jieiweeii .800ft.    and   900ft.
From this lafmel entries arc being run
east aud aefton the strike of the coal,
together   ivla)i   "rai*es" to the surface
for the purpose of ventilation.   A large
fan will be installed at the entrance to
a   tunnel   being   run   to   meet   the-e
"raises,"   and   Iu  order to  pu»h the!
wcrk as rapidly as  possible  and have
the mine.rc.id.wHjship about  500 tons1
a day on   the.*ope1iiug up  of  railroad
transportation   development   work   i.-
being pu»hc1 w~ifh three shifts, a force I
of 80 men ■bcing'cuiployej by the Co.     j
The.    Columbia    Coal     and     Mike-
Company     have, , already      expended '
spoilt   JaO.'Pdo.OD^^jpcrmaneut    mine
buildings.    They have purchased 100!
cars of two and a-ha,iiton capacity for.
conveyinif the coal ever their tramway :
to the bunkers on the railway and  the
maohinery for qfleratiSg the tramway j
isatl on the grouudjik readiness for in- {
atailxtioh'  in   connecllft'n    with    both
the   tipple   and   bunkers.       Aud   the I
management  are .wisely  deciding  on I
a   most   thorough   exploration of the!
various scams  lapped  aifd. extending
every   precaution—-reg-ardtess   of   the
monetary cost—for the future safety of
the miners before cmnmeiicing to ship.
Ueforespending »ny 'money on the;
development of the propeVty th'i com
pauy   had   it   thoroughly    prospected
with the diamond drill to ascertain the
probable extent anil tliickueH ,f  the.
st a ins   of   loal.   "•'' * ..
The company haeerected a.capacious
sawmill iu the proximity of its nine,
whe-i e it obtains all cut lninber for'
timbering its work,; aud has alao built
roruls aud trails fruin all poj[ut*"of the
compass leading up to the, pit,.lfcads
High up ou the *K,ouiilayi- nid«t«\hev
have installed iwoiiOh.p. boilera-'aiid a
7-drill air comiiressor for lupplyiug
power to the drills. -..»•
A boarding'huise camp has flee..
erected both at ihe cuiiprws*'and
fartliar down in the valley,.aud evWy
thing is apparently being dohe" oli
systematic lines for Ihe comfort of the
in lite-worker* and their families.   • '
The Columbia Coal & Coke cOmpauJ
has a very *irony directorate, cOolprTsed
as followa: - "' .
Piesident -Hon. Colin Campbell,
Attorney General for Manitoba, Willi
residence at Winuioeg.
Vice-president and managing direc-    '
ter—J. T. Johnston, Coalmont,     ,   ., • ' *•
Tulamecii & Coalmont
Livery and Feed M,4)lcs
Koyrf Mai   and Freighl Dj ivery dull, j
he^reeu  I'ulaiiieen ^nd Ptlucett n
Horses  for Hire,  Si, g e  and   DouMi i
IJi,' Stable-.    Variety ,.I. Klgt.
Drayiug to all branches.   Prices High' .'
Our Stock is complete
Our Prices Right
J. J. P!
As e, mmm
c6.vrK.vcro.<  ,v\u   ihjildbk
- —*--
Kitiinatc-i given.    -   Wo k guarantee!
Best CedarS liuglea 5.! SO per 1,000
j1  ^OF   CANADA,	
| Pegs lo announce the opening of a Ilranch at
| A General Damc'ltfe1 Banking Busluess Trau»acteJ.
| Sai Ins* Ai'n,,, nits opt-n-jl   for uiiomkiI.  ■! Ilu-   ll.llo anil apvsrili,
;, liitt-r^st  alioo <->l st t-urrrut rsle..
I Vour patronage  will to© approcloutwel.
■ ~~~~—»-.-. .-^^A^.—--- • ■. ■  .
t Capital paid up 16 250 UOO.       -       Keaerve Fund $7,056,000.
Total Assets SI 10,!>W,000.
j G. II. K. McLfcOD, Manager.
tU gold rush of tbe
'so's, ani we're still doing business a!
■<tntmi\m Wsr* ,ur«i j»Nm tmm
Princeton, Granite Creek and
, r -1
Secretary treasurer—W. Ivv Parrlsh
A itinipeg.
Directors—D. Donald, Vaneouvvr
J. \V. llrown, Winnipeg; J. W. lletres,
The building' is completed and we will shortly
^^:;^Z:^mov{^^ our general store at Coalmont with an entirely
new range of high-class ^oeds in every department
from footwear to stove polish, dry goods, miners/ out?
The head officei of the company arc
located in the Grain Kxch.nigc Building
at Winnipeg, anil it is a close corporation.
Communicaticn with the Courier       _ />   n i* t* • t «   • t m
, ., ,       +,    ,,   i fits, a full line of groceries and provisions, hardware,
by telephone  nr-telegraph from | ' O x ' >»»»>wv,
Merritt,    Van ouver,   Princeton,
Spokane or olh?r points can be
obtained by connecting with tne'|     naven't  g0t  OF  Cail't get  Oil  SllOrt UOtice.
Granite Creel office,
etc., etc.   It's pretty hard to ask us for something we
'■-.ii IMNUMMNMM**1"
ft r,  ioaui.i»**   <mutruH   A->ft  WUkWt&   UlU'iHU
r"". i;
*    r<
The centre of the opal and mineral belt and
the hub of business enterprise in the
cen valley
Coalmont Lots as an
wum Lois as < spectfadoa,
=*■?■»   j ■■    - =■'   v-*" »'     aea ■   ■■.■.■ ;    ■ a i    -" **   i   »■■-'•
A few good .Residential and Business Lots, still on the market.
"Take time by the forelock: she has no
back hair."
Your opportunity is not
tomorrow; it is
60LUMBIA 60AM G^uTo©.,
mMmmt m
*. *
A o Lti I
;";      '.
,       -


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