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You will Like Chilliwack.
Vol; i.
'IflllVfl    A   ^\
The Women's Institute
Labor Day Picnic
Ikis Popular Organization of the Ladies
Enjoy a Hcliday Outing
Despite tin- u it propitious weather
im Labor Day the picnic held lit,
(In* Women's Institute at Town's
Grove wiiH n success, nlmuty eighty
I in nil on joy |ng iho beauties ami re-
■realions thai ran hu enjoyed at that
onpulur |>Rmiu resort. The Farmer's
institute WHO ropi'csoiltod, ami tin-
It ty Beouts rendered themselves 1111-
iiiatukahly   useful ami   valuable to
iho Ladies hy meeting the Incoming
'trams mill carrying lunch baskets
le. Thr spurts were participated
.n hy ninny. Mi. Cursun ami Mr.
Donhotm QarrylngufV Lliu lions share
/ prises For tin- men, while Mr.
tfhUlitll, Mrs. Build, Mrs. Culvert
mill Mm'. Mitotan onrrloil nit tho
laurels for the women. Mr. For-
•yth's launch was -generously nt the
lUposnl of llio momlwrs and friends
,f (hu Wniiu'ii's Institute and the
l| nl Its feel wry grateful to all 11 lose
Hit) assisted in malting their picnic
(ho BU ss it was.
V A. Alugflli] has disposed of his
loo orcftin ami confectionery business.
Lo S. .Johnson, of Suuttle, wlio took
I oasession on Monday, Mr. Alsgard
|4ill remain in the city   for a  few
veeks, Imt expects to go east of the
lounlains where thecHnmto seems
i lie. hotter suited to Mr*. Alsgard,
.inee going t-> Alberta    Mrs. Als-
ml's health has improved.    Mr.
thnson, the   new   proprietor,   of
'.io  business,   has  hail  ten years
xporlonce in this particular line,
.ml will conduct the business along
tho lines maintained hy Mr.Alsgard
Jyery effort will bo made to conduct
ajttgh-class store. Mr.and Mrs. John
-•in are experienced candy makers,
uml iv'lH ht*e,i ItftnVflty Ol llii*^rff\M)tl!f
on iiand and always fresh. We
vish the new proprietor much sue*
'ss in Chilliwack.
The musical comedy,"The Rose of
Rlundeon" which the Juvenile Bo*
toniuns will present at the Opera
House on Wednesday Sept, 13 is Undoubtedly  the best comedy which
ihis favorite company has hecn vup-
piied with. It is the seasons hit and
fairly   sparkles   with excellent
pineuy, catchv  music and pretty
girls,while- the principal parts are in
the hands of delightful little singers
-nd artists. The scenic equipment
tuts year is far superior to that usual*
ly carried by musical comedy corn's- The songs introduced are all
and are all of the bright catchy
songs that  you  will  whistle
d sing for months.
gf h-'.v an'
\t   -der;s
With Yht JuveRlle gwtenieai
Chilliwack Boy Scouts
Muoevarcs at Town's Grew
Five-thirty a.m. was the hour set
hy Scout Muster T. A.C.Collins
for the Hoy Scouts to meet and leave
for Town's drove, on Labor Day.
Twenty-six (2ft) in all—in three
I patrols, lead respectively hy Patrol
leaders, Ian (We, Leslie Knight,
;.lack Davies,and Scout MasterT.A.C,
Collins and Assistant Scout Master
Dewey Hummer, in charge. They
Bpeitt a prolituhle and it pleasant
jtiny, indulging in scouting, swimming and other manly sports. The
ladles of the Women's Institute
very kindly provided an appetizing
lunch ami Btipper for the Scouts and
Mr. Forsyth also was good enough
to take the ynting-tuen-tii-traiiiing
for an hours ride in his gasoline
launch. The corps returned hy the
seven o'clock train,more enthusiastic
than ever over their work and their
leaders. Kev. Douglas and Principal Calvert assisted in the scouting
exorcises during the afternoon
An event of much local interest
look place at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. W.A. Crafton.Hpftdina Avc.on
Tuesday last at 10.30 a.m. when
their eldest daughter, Tressu, was
married to Mr. John C. Henderson.
Jim. the ceremony taking place
on the lawn in the presence of about
thirty guests. Promptly at the hour,
to the strains of the wedding march
I beautifully rendered by If iss Catherine Henderson, the bridal party
took their place under a Moral arch
from which u wedding 'tell was suspended, Kev. Mr. Douglas tying the
nuptial knot. The bride who was
given away by her father was attired in a lovely gown of crenmPulietU
silk trimmed with silk applique and
braided net and wore the con veil
tional veil of embroidered tulle and
- nitnftr biiwaonit .and carried a specially artistically arranged bouquet of
bridal roses mid fern. The bridesmaid, Miss Klsie Grafton wore a lie
coining and dninty dress of pale blue
mull with bouquet of pink and white
carnations. Mr. ('has Johnstone was
an able assistant to air. Henderson
The ceremony and congratulations
over, nil sat down to a sumptuous
wedding breakfast, the table decoration color-scheme being carried out
in pink and white. The happy couple
left by the one o'clock train, the
bride travelling in a becoming suit
of navy blue broadcloth with hat to
match, for Vancouver and Victoria
Mr. and Mrs.Henderson's new home
is now ready for them, on Gore Ave
Mountain View. The grooms gift to
the bride was a necklace and pend-
ant of pearls, to the bridesmaid a
a pearl and amethyst brooch and to
his best man a pearl tie pin. The
gifts received were many and beautiful, some of them being: Mr. and
Goodwin, Kocanville, cushion top;
Mr. and Mrs. K. B. Horsman, Vancouver, silver bon bon dish; Miss.
Klsie (Jrafton,chenille curtains; Rev.
and Mrs. Douglas, book of poems:
Rhesa Short, fancy table; Miss M.
Bell, china cream and sugar; Mr.
and Mrs. K. W. Thorburn, Salmon
Arm, biscuit jar; Mr. and Mrs.
Grafton, oak lied mom suite; Mr.
and Mrs. Hutton, silver bread tray;
Mr. and Mrs. T. H. Henderson,
salt, pepper and mustard in leather
case; Mr. and Mrs. Vradenbiirg.
hand painted sofa cushion; Miss C.
Humphreys, cut glass fruit howl;
Mr. and Mrs. N. Short, mannelade
jar; ThclmaOrufton, berry set; Calvin ami Kthol Short, salt and tappers James Grafton, cut glass cream
and sugar; Mrs. It. J. Sparling,
Saskatoon, fruit spoon; Mr. and It.
Mrs.Fowler, Welwyne,Sask,salt and
peppers; Mr. and Mrs G.S. Hend*
trson, Seattle, soup spoons; Ruth
Henderson, teaspoons, Mr. and Mrs.
.1. N. Miller, Kocanville, Sask.,
hattenhurg sideboard scarf; Dr. and
Mrs. Henderson, cut glass bon Ism
dish; Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Goodwin
Kocanville, live o'clock tea set ; C.
and K. Johnstone, cut glass vingar:
Miss 0. Topley, cut glass Ism Urn
dish; Mr. and Mrs. L. Snider, table
linen ; Mr. and Mrs. H. Street,
silver fish set ; Miss B. Kennedy,
centerpiece; Mr. and Mrs. W. Uow,
mantle clock; Mr. It. G. Howat,
china tea set j Miss B Kennedy,
oenterplero, Mr. Joudry, silver fern
City Council asks for Park Site at Cultns Lake
and Dealt with Other Matters
The City Council met in regular
session on Tuesday night, all the
members being present.
City Engineer reported that, he
had disconnected private drains
from storm water drain on Voting
Itoad, and also that sidewalk had
been cleared in front of Hunk of
Montreal building.
Mr. Beer of the It. C. Electric in
a letter asked to liave cases of defective street lights reported to his
ottice, when they would be promptly
attended to.
Mr. Ash well asked permission to
move the old Cawley house along
Princess and Hope Streets, which
was granted
Mrs. Kinma Cawley asked for a
cement walk along Main Street between Church and Spadina. Tenders
will be asked for at once for a nine
foot walk.
An additional hydrant will be
placed between Young and llobisoti
on Recce Avenue.
The verdict of the Coroner's Jury
in the Kipp case was read and
brought forth a lively discussion.
The Cultns Lake Park proposition
was discussed and action taken in
the resolution "That many learned
from Mr. Charleson, representing
the Xorih Pacific Lumber Co. that
the said Co. are willing to grant
certain privileges on their leased
lands at Cultns Lake, therefore
the municipality of the city of Chilliwack would humbly request the
North Pacific Lumber Company to
execute an agreement, granting the
city and the rural municipality of
Chilli whack the privilege of entering
upon the south half and the northwest quarter of section 26 (except-
inat that portion which lies west of
the lake) and using said lands for
park purport--*, during the continuance of their lease with the Dominion Government, and that a copy
of this resolution he sent the said
company, also a copy lo the rural
municipality jf Chilliwhack. Council then adjourned.
A Check Artist Checked City Water Supply to be
Increased At Once
Rpsedale hall team, augmented
hy a numlier of paid artists defeated the local team here last Thursday hy a score of eleven runs'to four.
The Rosedale boys would have shown
better sportsmanship if they had
left their "specials''off their lineup.
After playing a full season with the
home talent and winning the cup.
it is not to their credit to spoil a
rather enviable record, hy adopting
such a course. It is regrettable that
the lietter judgment of the club had
not prevailed. We hope to see the
league started next season under
stronger and more definite rules.
A Happy Knight gets into the. purses
of Local Men    -
A young man hy the name of
Herbert, and hailing from Nelson
has been a visitor about the city
for tho past few weeks, during which
time he got into the good graces of
numerous young men, and disported himself at tennis, cricket, fishing
etc, and partaking of the hospitality
offered, with a thorough, make-
yoitrsolf-nl home style, while he
I smoked the best cigarettes and
| nil I led away tho working hours with
hooks. Checks are handy pieces of
paper and as funds were necessary
our genial friend issued a few oi
local acquaintances. In the mean
time In- purloined ft watch md chain
from K. Hubble, and paid a debt
with it. Just about this lime (he
real genius of the fellow oozed out,
and In-fore he could vamoose he was
taken in and given a little of the
City's hospitality. He appeared before (no magistrate yesterday afternoon on the watch stealing charge
and was sent to Westminster for
trial, where four or live charges of
| passing checks will lie brought to
his notice. He seemed ftp tak'c
(evcrything as a mutter of course
land \vas quite undisturbed. He
|will probably laud where'the turmoil of life wilt not dishevel his
careless demeanor.
Liberal Mass Meetings
JehsOhver,UieralCaissUle,leasiVeu Meetings at Sana and Roseiale Thtrisar sight
Public meetings in the interests
of John Oliver, the Liberal candidate for Westminster, will he held
at Sard is at three p.m.. and at
Koseduleetghtp.in. Mr. Oliver and
other speakers will lie present and
deliver addresses on thequcjutoiis of
the day. A cordial invitajihn'is extended to all who can, to be present
at either or l»>th of these meetings
Thursday, September, 14th.
That Chilliwack has some well
bred chlckena, is show by the way
in which A. R. Orr, of Chilliwack
Central Road, invaded the ranks of
chicken fancier* at the Vancouver
Exhibition. He secured first, second
third and fourth prizes for hen; the
same foreoekbird and also for cockerel; second for pullet; first for
breeding hen; special for brooding
hen east of Mission; special for
white Leghorns, and special for
best hen in Mediterranean classes.
New Main will be Laid frost Reservoir to City,
giving a Further Supply and Increased Pressure
The local manager of Die Klk Creek
Waterworks Company, R, A. Kipp, hus
ticca Instructed )>y I lis Company to in*
stall n twelve Inch water main from (he
resevolr lo the City, in addition in the
i-iH'i Inch mnlei id ready in. The now
initiii will enim* into lliu City hy way of
Mountain View, anil will provide that
portion ui the City tvith u u I ecrvli-e,
us well us Improving the water slliinllnti
I't'iiiTiilly through (lie city   ami   valley.
Tin- action nf the Company) while in tho
opinion of many was tuiiioonwiHly delayed] is a welcome move, ami it is hoped tin- water supply ami pressuiv will Is-
Hiitllelent for the growing needs of the
dty. ^_	
A quiet marriage ceremony was
performed at thePresbytorinn Manse
on Wednesday Aug. 110, when R,
G. McLeod and Miss Edith Brooks
of Vancouver, were joined in wedlock. Kev. K. J. Douglas, performed the ceremony.
L. F. Croft, of the Mee Studio,
bus a special announcement in this
issue, and one which should prove
to lw of much interest to the old
timers. His scheme is to form a
gallery of the pioneers of the valley
and to do bo offers to take photos
freeof charge, up to Oct. 1st. These
will he grouped and nively framed
and will form a very interesting
moment of the pioneer life and
times of the valley, which are deal'.
to all who have liecu resident here I
for the past quarter of ft century.
If the scheme is a success, and it is I
probable, nno of the pictures'
may adorn the Government Build- j
iugsat Victoria.
Messrs. F. M. Thornton, L. A.l
Thornton, and Win. Italhgate, the;
proprietors of. the Chilliwack Plate*
lug Mlllslmvo tills mill plant inline.
running order. Numerous improve-
' incuts have been made and a large
supply of material is now on hand
for the manufacture of the many
lines handled hy this firm.
b. P, t'ruft-Ol.l Timers.
heiimark A BttrtOII—Paints.
Juvenile Rostonlsiis—Sent, Hilt J. Mcltilosh—Bhoo Specials,
J. Johnson '-Confectionery, etc.
Dominion Government— Tenders,
Forty-live Minutes from Hroudwuy.
1. It. Smiili Co.—Henderson Stock,
Chilliwack I'lmum! Mills - Fruit Boson.
W.B.Treiiholm—Frep Furniture Specials
M. A. Alsgnrd desires to thank
his many customers for their valued
patronage during the time he has
been in business in the City, and
would ask for bis successor, Mr.
Johnson of Seattle, a continuance
of that support.
Hart & Co, stdd this week eighty
acres of the Captain Gardner farm
on Prairie Cential Road to Richard
Brett. This property adjoins the
property sold recently by Mr, Brett,
The same firm has also sold an additional eighty acres of the Gardiner farm lo C. K. Kckert, the vendors being a New Fotindlaiid syndicate. Tho activity in real estate in
this district is a result of the recent
purchase of holdings by a syndicate
for tho reported purpose of establishing a large cement manufacturing plant, K is learned on good
authority that almost an unlimited
supply of marh- is to he hud, nnd
that this new industrial concern
will employ from 000 to KXK) men
in its work, Should the concern
materialize it will give a big boost
to Chilliwack and especially the
eastern portion of the valley, The
cement company has, wo understand secured a branch Hue of the
B. C. K. Ry. tnd>e operated to the
site of the cement mills.
Tho Chilliwack opera house is the
seme of considerable activity this
week in preparation for u season of
theatrical attractions never before (melons; Natii mil Biscuit ami Con
A real good lime was the experience of all who attend the Chilliwack Clerks Association Picnic held
at Town's Grove on Thursday Aug.
81. The trip was made on the one
o'clock tram and the afternoon was
spent in various forms of sports and
pastimes. Luncheon and supper
were served, there being a Isumlitul
.supply of good things to satisfy the
appetite. Advantage was taken of
Mr. Forsyth's launch and a series
of pleasant rides on Somas lake
were much enjoyed. The Association
is indebted to Vancouver wholesale
firms for generoi s donations, and
desire to express their thanks for
the interest nnd kindness shown.
Those contributing wen*: Kelly-
Douglas, box of mixed tinned meats
and pickles; W. II. Malkim, half
ease nf lemons; W. C. Irwin, CUBC
f oranges; Lcesnn & Dickie, water-
dish; Mrs. A. Grafton, hand made
pin cushion; Miss M. F. Gammon,
centerpiece ; Mr. and Mrs. R. A.
Henderson, cheque; Kdnu Grafton,
caks plats ; Mies X, Rtece, table
attempted in Chilliwack. The auditorium is being re-decorated.through-
nt and will bo fitted with new
opera chairs. The stage will lie very
attractive in a new dress of sidings.
A new fancy drop curtain, on the
centre of which is a mountain and
lake scene"TheThree Sisters", artistically portrayed.'A new street
scene is presented by the inner curtain, while a complete wood set,
parlor set, and garden set of scenes,
will  alh.nl ample  accommodation
for tho fori) iiiiug attractions. The I thick* 	
Calgary Scenic Studio, with CllftS. Pressed hog*
Kngehrit as representative, In doing jJ^J^11'
the scenery, and the work is good.!
A. J. McKelvie, the new lessee,
arranged to have Chilliwack on
the Vancouver Opera House circuit
which insures a line of first class attractions, at popular prices. It is
expected that the improvements
will he completed for the opening
perfornr.anCO on Saturday evening,
when the popular theatrical "Forty-
five Minutes from Broadway." will
be presented. Wo hope to see tho
lietter class of entertainment encouraged sufficiently in the city to
make It a profitable venture.
Wotch UI grow — Smiths.
feettonery Co., chocolates; Little
Bros,, cakes and confectionery;
F. IE. Stewart, ham; Braid Tea
Co., teas.
Fiill.m inu arc the prevailim; wholesale
price* til Vancouver ilii* week :
lluy $10.00 to 118.00 per (on
Chickens, live
Itmirli i
Appl. ■
20.00 t'
.. Kl.00
... R0.00
.. 10.001.
weiylit  ..
ISeto20e Mi!
 134-1. He Hi |
 Nolo I tic p.
...41c .1../.
A very happy event took place at
Calgary.Alta., on Saturday Sept.2,
when J.C.Knight,a former resident
of Chilliwack,and a brother of T.P.
Knight,was married, the lady of bis
choice being Miss Irene Watson .The
groom is a son of John Knight of
Chilliwack. We extend congratulations.    	
The season for fruit boxes is now
on and you can secure your supply
aUheChilllwaek Planing Mills.
The Editorial Viewpoint
A Personal Word wan our Readers:
The Free Press, it's Ideal, it's Politics, it's
Purpose and Hepe
We lake much pleasure in presenting to you; readers of the New Km,
people of Chilliwack and of the far-
famed Kras.-r Valley, the first issue
of the Chilliwack Free Press. A
paper with a now name, published
in n new ottice by a comparatively
new I'Mitor, in a much enlarged
and improved form, on ft new cylinder newspaper press, from a complement of new type. Six weeks
ago, the now editor ami proprietor
of the Free Press arrived here from
Pilot Mound, Man., and in taking
over the New Kra did so with ft firm
belief and the growing importance
ami future possibilities of this City
and Valley. With this in mind, a
newspaper and job printing plant
has been installed seldom equalled
in li city of this size, with which
equipment — and the ability and
energy we will, we hope, Im) able tu
concentrate oil the work—win for
us your approval and co-operation
in (he forward step we have taken
in the newspaper field in the Harden
City of British Columbia.
In this day of competition, quality and service, count for much. To
possess these assets, the newest and
and most up-to-date equipment, together with knowledge gained by
practical experience, are first requisites. We modestly claim these
for ourselves, thus befitting us to
meet the growing needs of the City
and the individual needs of all.
In addition to the foregoing and
to what we said in our " Introductory," we also adopt at this time a
political policy. Many readers have
been curious to learn what the attitude of this paper would he on the
question of politics. At the outset
we wish to state that the Chilliwack
Free Press bus not been been bought
or pledged to support, any party, or
either candidate in this election.
Nevertheless, having given both attention and thought to the various
important issues now submitted U
tho electors, and having acquired
some knowledge of the needs of the
country and the liesl available means
of meeting and serving them, the
Free Press has decided to support,
with whatever ability it may possess,
the Liberal party during this election. And we will do so, so long,
and so long only, as we consider
our conclusions correct. In making
this statement it does not mean
that the Conservative party or it-
policy will l>c abused. AH will
meet with nothing but fair treatment in these columns : " Charity
toward all and malice toward none.*'
We propose todiscusspolitical questions dispassionately and without
prejudice. Fulsome flattery and
virulent recrimination are alike
foreign to our taste, and we venture
to hope that as time goes on, our
honesty of purpose and fairness of
method will lie acknowledged by
our readers ot all political shades
of opinion.
We take it that the great majority
of (he people of this favored spot in
It. C, are broad in outlook, fair
minded, and above the adoption of
of small tactics toward each other,
arising out of an honest diffeience
of opinion on any subject.
Regardless of nil other interests,
our first interest is our City of Chilliwack, and all that pertains to its
material, social, and moral advancement. The Chilliwack Free Press
will not l»e a party to, or countenance to (be least degree, any politi-
•iiI or oilier faction in any matter
»f local interest or development.
This I'ity, like all others, to grow
ami produce the best it has, must
have the united and Undivided sup*
port n| all its citizens nil the time.
We trust that we have made our
position clear to all. Wo will endeavor to merit your support and
Hint an ever increasing degree of
the favor ami patronage of the people of the Fraser Valley will Iw extended to the Chilliwack Free Press.
SEALED TENIiEItS, addrvtwd to the
undersigned, mid eTTdorijed "Tender
for Public Building, CllHllwsek, li. i'.,*1
will  lie  received at   tlllfl office  Itlllll hOO
P.MM on WMmwlny, Sgptetnber 80, hui,
for the construction nf a Public Building,
Chilliwack, B.C.
Plans, ipcclfleatloii and form of contract can Im> Been and fornw of tender
obtained ai the office of .Mr. Win. Hwi-
demon ResldeiitArehliect,Vlcioria.B.C.,
at the post Office, Chilliwack, B.C., uml
ut this Department,
Persons tendering ore notified that
tenders «ill not '«■ considered mitus
inudc on iIh- printed forms supplied, nnd
signed with their actual ngnauiit-i juu-
iiiK their occupations and place* ui red*
donee In the cane of Onus, the actual
signature, the natnre-ol tin h otviipaiiou,
uml place of n-iilcii.-i .-f each member oi
the loin must be given.
Euch tender must be accompanied )>>
mi accepted cheque mi tti bartered ) auk.
payable lo the order oTltKi ffmiourebte
the Mhilater "i Public Works, equal to
ten per cent, i in p..- i ..t the -unomu ■■!
the tender, which trill be forfeited if the
person tendering decline to enter Into*
contract when called open to da •■■ t
lui) to complete the rfork contracted for
It the tender t-- not accepted the cheque
will be returned.
The Department doea not bind itsetl to
accept the lowest or am b ruU t
By order,
-v. rcuurj
Department ol Pnulk WorRs,
Ottawa, AugniH so, phi,
Newspapers »iil not t- paid f-ir tin-
advertisement U tiny ffucn it without
authority from the department.
G. R.
til  tflN
>- a
CE.M.KIi TKM-lt> Bii.irvw.
*^ undereigued, mh\* entlur«s|
der for Wharf aiuj tv ipB*o«
Brine.- Rupert, Ojiuraniii ■ -< itii
by Island, B.C.
Plans, "peciiieioioii ami Girm di • n
tract can oe even and farm* 'if under
obtained at thli Dbjwrttwrni and
braces of <-. a iv t. r. Esq !■' h i
Engineer, New \VmtrnlIuHer, IftC, mil
on application t>> ti*' PMsnaata-ni u
Prince Unpen ami Vu-tori-*. B.C.
Persona teadaringiiivaisib'vtl rhut u
iters will not tw cuiuridveed  nlvas madi
on the printed forms BtBplled. and *igm it
with their actual -utnutnr. -., -uiinii On-r
OCl'npatiohl uml  filaif- "t'■■•"-iileHi'-s.    In
the case ol Brut*, t!-- aatnul •H^oiatum
the nature of their iK-VUlMltiiUI, and plat*
of re-hlenetr of ,n-U niemlii -i ihe ilm
imwt Im- (-ive)i.
Each ti-iidi r mnat be oucompiutiisl
an aceeptal pheqia* on n. Imr-rn-i bank,
payable to the onb-r of the HiiimnmlU>
theMinnterofPiibnVWseits, moral " '"
per ••cm i lop c knttin anuHinl ura»mB*r
wliU'bvill I-- i.irtiii.'ti i ilif Bimii tan
•b-ruig tl»H-lu»-   !■. ..liter mi..   .4. itnttQtta
when called npea wilo -   ■>• rail a>Hmni-
plt-tc the contrart.    If dw lender lie uoi
accepted the cheipir nrill bo iftnvne<£
The DeparUiieni does mn bind ttaeO
accepl tli..- luweit nr any u>uder
By onfcr,
Department of Public W.,rlt».
Ottawa, Angtun :■
Kewapapen ■-*ill not   ■•■  laid       hfa
advertiaement  it they trmen   i   * i tout
authority from the I>*-tmrineiii.
SEALED TENDERS adilmwed m thfi
uruleiaiRned and emlorae-l Tendw
for Wharf ut Sort Inlet, R i . ' *UI ^>f
received ai this office itneij t M 1* .M.. on
Tuesday, Septembei .*"•. 1011 Mr rJutaon-
struction of a Pile Wbart ai -art Inlet.
PrineeaiRoyal tslanil l oaat Ddarun B >
Plane, ipedncatlou end form at ears-
tract can beaeen uml formri - ( tinder
•tl'taiii-'.l SI il-i- l»*'|«Mr..t ni   IIH) it (SHI
offlcea of *». A. Keefnr, r.-.     : fas ■■
Engineer, New Wejtmfaf-terMB i     u
on applicatiiin tothePa-ta-aatasai Prinw
Hu-,rf it and Victoria, It.C.
Peraoru tendering are nothled thai voder* will not be ennaMenrd mdras auhfo
on the printed fbrnwanppuVd, aaatanrru-fl
with their actual Efgnatama. rtacftif theit
ocenpationsand pwreaof f&Mnet In
the case ot flrnat, tbe artnal rignataw,
the iiutlire of the (■•[iij-uti.-ti.  ,in.| [.Ut-
of resilience ot each member ot toe tlrm
nni-t lie given.
Each lender most !*■ accompanied liy
an aceepiifl cueqtieon a ebatteml hank,
payable to the order of the Honoarabk
the Mlulaterol PabUc VTotfca, eqoal to tan
l**r cent. I hip .-. )n( thr airman! of tender,
which will he forWted II die permn ten*
dering dei line to .ut. r int.. a eontratl
wliencalk-d npon lo-to *•• nt fail locom
pletc th<- contract It tti* tendas be »--<
accepted die cheque v. til be rvtoraed
The De|«rtmenl itoea not Uud KatW to
accept the lowest or any i- n-i-r.
By 6nk r.
It. (*. DESROt IIH:-.
lepartmeni "f PnUk Worita,
Ottawa, Angnel », 101 h
NcHnp:i|.r- nil] not ba pajd for that
advrrtwctnenl if they Inarrt it althoni
auUiorlty from (In Drpartrnetrt.
Tenders for the construction of
the new City Post Office are called
for by the Dominion Government
in to-day's Issue of tho Free Press.
Tenders must be In by Wednesday
September 30.
Tho clothing and gent" furnishing
store ofs. a. Parsons In the Hart
Iths-k will soon present a new front
to the public.   Tie- erttrn to the
store will U- equated and widened,
double plate glass door-- put in and
the entrance flllishcil in ilalnctl
glass,wpile bras- (litiMuing" will loused. New lights mil be in-tailed
and altogether a eitv like effect will
be produced.In additro'i to this, two
pew silent salometi will be put in,
Mr. Parsons is receiving quantities
of new gisids daily to be added to
hisalready large stock, Mr. Parsons
is one of the older merchants of
Chilliwack and believes in keeping
abreast of the times.
Fruit luxe* made in all standi rd
sites and for the crating and boxing
of the various kinds of fruit may be
had at the Chilliwack Pinning M Ills,
^ '*><
She Rewards a Patient
Copyright by American Press Association, 1UU.
The liarn.vurd feme dlrlded Jacob
Keene'H tin in from tlltll ol tils neigh-
Our,    t.urenzu   Nettle.     Jacob   leaned
over ibu fi e ana looked wistfully at
itie gaum rruineti uetitu mure that
drooped dejeeiedly near the closed
diair of liet staiiiH. Hit rugged, an
kenipl ma He was tangled Willi burs,
■otiie uf lust year's crop one eye
whm or that dull i i, <)•- Iu(t a sight-
leas vision. I lie otlier yplle, uf ti soft
bruwn uilhliiexs, wiii iiiriu'd toward
the will, iiiin Mr Keeiid Ttia uiure
■lilfled tier sprung knees aud wheezed
Jacob turned and stumped tutu the
house, scattering the gathered chick
eilfl Willi liH euddeu luipeltioHlty
"Lbutftr," lie Bald, udtl routing his wife.
"Us ii confuiMided nlii  how  l.uret)
tu treniH ihiti ware. | wish i hud ihe
money to buy Malay off ut him."
Sirs Kecne turned wild blue eyes on
bei irute lord "i who juti hud. dear,"
alia im Id meekly.
"VtlMnug dun't do any goud," noap
peil Jto-ub.
"Tlml's what I wee thinking." she
admitted tactlessly,
"tlutupti: That's all the sympathy
1 gel. Lizzie Keene."
"^uore making yourself sick ovei
that horse,' ubjeeted Mrs keene us
ber btiahuud moved Ids chair uway
from his half tinned supper "If Lo
renzo won't sell Uuisy tu yuu, wliy
dou t yon nive up the ideoV"
Jacob mured i>ui ui in-- window anci
■wuiiuwcd tinia. "It ntnt unit bureu
to duo t want to sell the critter, laz
ale." tie explained Impatiently "He
aln'i gut no use rut hei witti the brown
burse. He's just naturally a mean
bunks and hn-auae be knowa I re been
wamiuii lo buy back Malay ever slnt-e
t'nciu Willie sold It tu Lorenzo with
out kIvIuh uie flrst bid en It. I never
beard of u Nettle yet ttiut knew buwto
treat a critter banian."
"lie Kite* lici t-in.iu'h to cut. dun t
bar" auk I'd Mrs  Keen? deprecatlusly.
"Yen. utter he's kept her walling long
enough, and lie* get* drink, too, orter
awhile. Hut ir kIi>> uuly had hail tin-
attenUon thut itie brown one gets shed
miik* a uilithiy good loobTug hur-e."
Ill* wile opeued her e>va wide
"Hut abet terrible sprung, mid soma
bod? Mlild *he hml ttle heaves. Jacub."
"Heave* or uu lieu ret, I'll net I could
niake that critter hmk like n lady iu
•"lil*. or a Week," asiierietl Jacob cmitt
deiilly, **l-e never forgot how all*
looked    when    I Dele    \\ llile    used    10
di-ui?   her   iu   ritureii   on   Sundays
While as snow sin   was, nnJ Ikt mam
tin crinkly like silk, wiih u blue ribbon
li'ii In ber forelock, She looks "Uite
u i sinm uow. dun't aheV" be Jeered.
fHiluilug ai iii*- sorry procession enter
tan ibe .Nellie--table. Sim. kecue arose
and prtHuu-d tier tblD ii- -iv te the win
Plrat there frisked the Nellie dog, at
If bei no-plug bark uncut luduea ureal
•f speed Iu the lemureiy prunes* of tile
bllRbteO llfllsy, who -.iiaintiied in with
buuglui* li.-ail Lureii/ii Nellie tot|oW
td,  inirniiL'  an empty  eurn   measure
broad I'liim mni perhaps casting
a ipeiinuiive eye tuward Ibe s.:i:*et
redu-ti.'i windows ol uis nelgbbof
liureii/ii Nellie win not itibniouii our
was he hunl lienrted; lie meleiy lured
tuuuey and he nud learned Unit a utile
apparent neghtl toward Delay would
only ruuaure tier ruin*- in the eyce ur
the oepbew ur net former owner.
Nur was ii" mistaken, t-.r ecurrely
bud he closed tbe itabie dour upon the
utd UUtra, now i-uuilurtaldy watered
and te.i in ber sun. ihuu Jacub
Keene* rotund form bobbed UU tbe
ulbrr side uf ihe (Hire.
"Howdy T" iui|nn-Hl (.oreniu genially.
"guilt* home.'' replied Jacob absent
ly. Then, "1 say. Lorenzo, what about
aelllog   liuisfi"
Lorenzo Nellie atrulghteiied sudden-
ly and n»nkei| nil.:tply at bis ueigbbcir
"Well, wlmt ubout eelllug tier)"
"Von mild you'd consider my offer of
$17." protected Sir. Keene.
"1 have considered It. and I dun't
consider It eiiuugh. Now. Jacub, yuu
kuuw * our fin m Willie si I great slure
by Uttls>: When be BOlll her Iu uie he
■aid abe'd unide ber Ihree inlnule-t
over to I tu) s iruelt the summer tbe
•evi-u yeur locust* didn't cmue when
Ibey wa-» due. and yon know darned
well yuu can't alpeet to eel a three
minute trotter for $17!   No, sir!"
Jacub   Keetie  aul   Iu   tl tihtful   s|
leie e   for   uwhllft     "Yen   Unutit   tli.it
tbvra l»iil-y ufieen years bjjo. Loraa
ao." he mated mildly, "nnd the ITW
the Neven ji-iir iwush ■kipped Mill*
Hirer wan Iweire year* before Hint
t-u I i-mi Hi-'tM* that Daley wasnl do
tug any thre« iuiioii.-s when run
bought ber off of t'Ui le Willie, and If
yuu paid rnorVa Wfl for ber tbeu I'll
fwi my bat'"
A- l.oien/ii did not offer lo -tohe tin-
problem of liul-ya »"«t Ibafl WSS Bn
(«. ii-ii.n for Jacob to mm h on ni- d
h-pldated iii-iulgear. Kerwltialeaw thai
l.iilllfd gentleman nlbidi-d IbuUgbtfbl
ly ut Ui* totaled "tmw brim
"ind you nrrrr tuui of loythlag in
rreasloa In raiuof* a*ked l-OftfOSO *U
tr aw title
"Not boraaa-oataaa ynn'r* tryina to
•rati* Ibal Ibe hnrh prhe of meat bo*
got oofibiog to do with It." rvturuvd
Incob -M-ornfully.   "As I rememliei It
Loreir.u Nellie, tfav sUItllliel Ui> I u- la
Willie aoid you Daisy was ibe ntiie
when I bud lb* typhoid fet>r. mid 1
wag «o atek that I didn't know notb
tug uttoiii ibe traaaaciiuti. Ami whea
I was up ngHlu aud found out BUOUt
tl. Why, Lie le Willi* bud (Med. and yu*
wouldn*l aell the horse tu me.**
"IllgUt ouougb! Why should I wii
It to you, Jacovt elbe wu-t )u*-t Hm
rrliter I wanted for apani woth.
Votive acted taraaimu rooiish over
that critter for flheeu year, and you
might aa well iptt It cut now mid tell
in* wby you want that partlrulm dugs
aim no oilier Yuu ain't g^t atabht
romti for ber with yimr two, nnd slat
ain't what you'd call fancy looking
now, Is she?"
"Slip Is not," aatd Jiutib seriously,
"Ian l always liked Daisy, nud when
iim was a colt Uncle Willie promised
if in. ever sold her to anybody bed
clve tut- tlrst i bauce un bet 1 walled
twelve yours for her, uud when I was
sick be"-
"I aspect lie thought you waig't no-
Iiik tu get any batter," remarked Lorenzo "Well, li'a all done and gene,
Jacob, mid tbe mare is mine If yuu
winner pity rlfly for her. why'*-*
"Fifty 1" twiluwed Jacob uugrlly,
Nllppltlg over Into his own vaitl, "I
guess you're cut lulled In yunr mind
between tiorsellesb thirty tears old
and cold slot ago beef" Atnl he ills-
<i|i|ienreil In ihe ilaikt'iiim: twltlgbl to
spinier  his  wruth to the putletit  ears
if I.
I 'I lie nest ntortiliig Rt 10 o'clock he
faced   a   trlllfunuaut   Lorenzo   ueross
11tu- btiriiynrd fence. "Well, y'nti'fe tnu
late uow, *-\ i'ii It you've a uilnd to give
• Hfly," remarked Mr. Nettle.
"WilliI do you itii-Hii'.' Von ain't never meil hulsy'f" challenged Jit.oli.
"Tbtii'e it"
"Who toy" ii sited Jacob owlp-hly,
"The uiiiilster over to Kiuiviile.   tie
-uw her yi-sterday, and he sent word
by DlIU last iil|!bt he'd lake her     He'l
. giving  11 rt y  lor ber.    bee ins to kuuw
| what ties about too"
| "SeettiH lu me If I was tti.tng to «n I rati minister on a horse deal I wuitldli I
take so much from him.'' declared la
, cub. crtiusuu with tinker uud coo-
Lorenzo flushed, "You're mad be
cause yuu  ain't gut the price  lo buy
1 ner yourself."
"I tun mad because you won't sell
, fur what she is worth. The least you
i'iin do tu make things right fur that
minister. Lorenzo Nettle. Is to Us tbut
Horse up hu she'll took respectable tor
a tuihlstir tu drive behind"
"Wlmt  would yaa do';"  demanded
Lorenzo, opening ibe stable dour and
i leading forth the object uf discussion.
!   Jin ob surveyed hut lost opportunity
with lender eyeft.    "I'd begin by L'lvlnj*
, her ii good scrubbing wlih warm wa-
' ler and yaller soap and i-ltfe her good
- till   she   was   while   :is   when   Uncle
: Willie   used   tu  drive   her.    Then   I'd
i soak   ber  mane la   warm   wuier nnd
I comb out all tbe burs nnd tangles till
It was white nnd flnftv, nud I'd braid
a blue ribbon lu her forelock,   I'd rub
ber down  till  she ■httied   llko  shIih.
and I'd cm  her retlocks mnl trim her
hoofs and  oil 'em. ami  I'd have  her
. new shod, and then I'd rub her down
good   with   llhinieiit  tu  lake some uf
ihe kluk nutet ber muscles.    Willi tier
i.-tli  waving like a  white plume she'd
luok    like   mie   Of   lliem   old    but.le
rburgers, ehV
"Hy all your talk I reckon she would.
I s'pu-c I mluhl as well do It. though,"
■greed luirenzo aa a ao|. iu n s rat ber
burdened eonseleaca,
luiie that nfternoon a reiuvennted
Daisy, as white as the vlmnja n- war
fur which she wan named   was turned
into ibe da lay grown meadow to caper
awkwardly uIhiiII on her -dn-.-uiuily
trim feet    The blue rlbbou dangled
■ buvv tier astoiitslied good eye and
guvu ber a decidedly rakish appearance, but with her knees bidden in the
clover mid d.u-ies siie looked very
handsome as siu> moved ilowly iu nnd
fro, nipping daintily with ber worn
teeth mid soft white lose. Jacob
Keene stood ufnr and luoked tin her
snow white furm wllli tears lu bis
eyes and was not ushmued. To blui
she wiih the one horse be bud uiwayv
desired, and uuw she wuu d never be
That nlcht at tl o'clock he w.i*called
forth by the eselted hired man to l^»
renzo Nettle's barnvnrd.    "What a the
mutter?'' be demanded tintluiialy.
"Sla-'a    dead."    auapped    Lurenzo.
. "That burse Is dead.    That cuuiea uf
■ washing her and"—
"I've dune that lota of time**. Sir.
Nettle." protested hla hind man. "umy
I guess ymi lei bar outdoor* loo auou."
]   "Aud she hasn't been paid for." went
on  I.iin-ii/o bitterly.    "1 eipet-t   I ciio
i aell her to tbe soap fa- lory fur Dve"—
"I'll give yuu went.en,'  said Jacob
"Well, of all the—I'll take It. m«h
now,"   said   Lorenzo,   ami   there   fob
1 lowed a brief transaction that  made
; Jacob Kern- the owner uf ibe mug
coveied burse, only Bow she was white
and stiff. Jacob aald be would bury
Imhy in a eonmrof b- meadow where
hit favorite dog wa* Interred, uud it
Was u silent proetmslou bended by Ibe
lirown mine wbteb dim-ged the blanket  on  win- b rapoaed tbe atlif furui
, if Daisy.
The tirsi thrust of a -burp spade IB
Ihe  mouu!t|-hied turf of the  meadow
] happened to k'lan'e sharidy icross
Daisy's flunk, aud tu the horror uf tbe
i.nlooker sbe kicked ml dlv. related her
HiftVlicd inoii lea. iblveied and slowly
•■■ in mi-led io tier feet
I H'Nol dead. bQt Bleeping,*" quoted
Dan Harmon under his bn-alh as tbe
•ll->coiicwied Lurenzo turned sharply
i iKiiit and went back tu Intl. while Ja
• oli Kit ne. with III eomi'Hled delight,
1 larefully led his liinu w.utwi for uet
lulu the coe-formlti-i elall.
Msdern "Oew Ponda."
The   Nlic.etil   ".t.-,\    p  lots"   ol   Kug
i in.d have tin.i modern rounlerparu
! ui th ■ n.ok "1 Qlbraltar, alters dunk
ling water li ubtallietl by the cunden<
. Ration • t th- abundant dew in espa-
|  mli) prepared uaaina    Ine primitive
if ..'• io.-t-  in  making  a  holloa
' in the froand, and bllnui tbe bottom
' a.ih di) lira*, over allien i» placed *
ny.-r ol clay. t)a a char night the
ht) oil- very rapidly, ami ine d>*
ti contlen ed tutu vatei in the basin.
Ho- point .* Improved by putting a
layer ut a-paait or Portland cement
undei tin- maw, At Qtbreltar tin- pre#.
■ ui practice li t» u*.- wood Instead ol
itraa and eheet iron Instead ol olay
It Mubt Bo Pretty Good Stuff to Past
tho Covarnmont Teitl-
Tho men uf (he United Slntea army
.ume nearer knowing lu a certainly
wlmt they are buying In ihe way ol
'.'huh ilian do uny oilier consumurs lu
the country, stiya Mary Beaton Vorae
ih Success Magazine. When the guv
eriimeot gives out u mllllun dnllut
Cloth contract It seems to it that li
•lets, material accurdlng lu spi-ciiica
tlua The specific coutruele fur vah
jut sorts ol clotli are elaborate mid go
llllo ihe lei Initial side uf (he mutter-
the number uf threads tu be used tu
the yard. I tie kind of wool tu be used
:ii  the  uitiiuifucture— for  the  United
Slates soldier lias lu be well dressed In
..lilies (hat will stand Ihe strain of
weather and uf work Oh (iuverncv*
Island, New York city, there Is a (est
itifi laboratory for clotli. A speclfli-utloi
of the weight per linear ytird nf wiel
kind of ctoih is mentioned, Knelt bun
jf gondii is weighed, and If li fultu
short of the proper weight it is throws
lilt.     Next   the <|iicst|oti  of  wear anil
tear Is considered, mid again the spci
(trillion is stated (hut eieh imceltll kind
if doth will stilt id a siriiln of so ninny
pounds lo the Inch work way and sn
many pounds In the Inch tUllftu way
8o, after weighing, Ihe nesi lest la to
•ut a sample ami try tu a tnflfhlite the
-ttrengtti   of   the   cloth      If   it   won't
itiintl this lest ihe cloth is thrown out
After the cloth has bi-i-h pronounced
perfect  fur  weight  and strength   Hie
lye tests are made.    It niusi stand two
ti-td tests for perspiration, uud llle inn
terlal must slntid boiling for ten mln
lltes in a COI'tlllll soap solution, show-
I   tin  (hut  It  will stand  washing  with
j strong u Ik tills, nnd flnitlly cornea the
| weather test, the tmilerlul Is'lng ei-
i nosed thirty days on the roof without
'. 'hnnglhg color  iipprecbihly     If  the
j ,'lotll has passed It" eta mi nations sue
j -essfully each  yard nf ettch  piece of
i  -loth Is Inspected, being mil over inn-
■bines  fur the pentose,  while Inspectors watch for any  Itnper feet Ions In
the weave     An eighth n( a  yard  fur
' such Imperfection la charged to ihe
: mnniifncttirer.
1    so when Iho cloth I-* Blinlly aenl to
the contractor to lie made lilt I
forms it Is known In be of really gins!
, material, Bitch a|siol of thread each
button, each lining, each ttlllm; used
j In the clothes uf soldiers has ita own
' ijiwiai test.
Pigs For Melancholia.
Dr.   William   Hulleyn,  of   ihe  same
family     lis     Ihe     tllifoiliiiiate     Anne
Boleyn. was n routemtstrary ufHydnay,
Hulelmi. Drake. Hawkins, Urenvdle
Spimser and the rest of Hint futrou*
galaxy thai llltimlmiled ihe ICitltltelh-
mi era The leadlni' phyalebio of his
day. be took great Interest In few-
table remedies, and tils "Hook of Sim
pies" was mi honored itntl.orltj for
Kenertitlous. lie rveomiuendn the f'ee
use uf s:c;e tea mid uf Rgs, aavlhg!
Tlggos la) goial ngnlual ueimrhoiy
and the falllnt: evil (eplteptyi io be
eaten Flgires. nuts mid hetiie gniHse
do make a sufficient medicine ne/ilnst
IMiisuu ur the iiestllehce FlggeS mike
a    Kood    garcmlsm    lu   rletust*    the
throat."—Charles wiusiuw Dill in Na
tlunul Magazine.
Not Loaded.
No other lungiM},'* under the Min Is
open tu su many ititerpretatli ns ut Hie
I'mgllsb language, ua witness tin- con
vernation belweeu two Sb.iruu ll.li
ylrla the other eteiilng:
"Ob. May." said Ibe first me. -'Jim
nud Ititl tried to iliMii a duel  oei me."
"Uow romantic J   What happem-d?"
"It was terrible. I came int. Hie
room,   nnd   ttio-e   fuollsh   tkirs   were
iKilntliig nig pistols ut each •the-'"
-fistula?     Houvenal     Were   thoy
"Not a bit.   Thai Is Inst « hut -mole
It really very serious.   They both were
tober."— Philadelphia  limes.
The Importance of the t*-erd
The Iniportauce of ibe Is-ai I win fnt
ly recbgnlxed in Hie middle agea. Here
! la n pttssinie (quoted by J   A.  F. Or
man in "Shlii.e It- tiie'i rtoin a letter
if Hie writer. Itartoioineo t'titenj: "It
Is well Hint Hi.is,, who have It lend
| and govern should bare a loug ar.d tlm-
■tenrd Ami I can assure yuu Hut Hie
i*overiiluenl of cities anil pr.rhi'v* bus
been l'Io-ii io more tliiiu out preeile Im1
railSf he bad n lung and tine beard
otherwise   be   were   liut   worthy   thul
: honor."
"Do they teach domestic acl.-nce at
( vnur pnllegeT' Inquired ttu vUitur of
' ibe freahionn.
j    "Only acwlng." replied ihe freshman
'   •Hlund Idea," said Hie Mdtur   "Aod
what do you sew chiefly/'
"Wild iiala" replied tbe freshman
Harper's Weekly.
Took It lo Heart.
"Didn't   you   iieai-   all   of   ibe   pro
fcss,,r's IwliireV"
"Why. no     He began by saying that
deep is Hie sitrei uf rlicht mim:  and
' then I cnitie home and went to bed."-
■ 'h-v-datid I'laln (tenter.
Tarrroneiogieel lataactltude.
If I* nhit might I iihtl a "terml
.loloL'hal   Uie\ii. Iltllde"   lo say   Ibal   ■
tiiiiu  I*  "in. lined  i.i tie bald."   Aa a
i   ui,.    to   iH-.uiif   bald   |a   absolutely
lenlust n man's m< llunti mi.
j Home Trainiao.
Mother Itois-rt. come Iters to ma In
, -I a till v    Kols-M-Aw. shut op!   ILdhei
KoUti how dure .ton talk lo me like
',   hat 1     Kay.    "Maiuuia,    ht   quiet." -
Tln-v are RlHves who dare not he tr
tbe right rtllh iwu or three. -LowelL
Doctors McTaggcrt and Dugaa of thi
Quaboc Attornty-Qantral's Depart-
merit Spend Most of Their Tlmt
Unravelling Mysteriei, Examining
Bloodataina and Making Analyili
For Poiaon—Bolved Pope Riddle.
There are lew cltloa ahead ol Montreal in the completeness ot tic tnedi-
co-legal  depurtiuciita connected  with
the detection uf orimt- and  pursuit ol
the criminal. This department U a
pari ol the Attorney-Qeneral'i ulllce,
but all tin- work Is dune in Montreal,
and the gp'ut majority ul the vaae>
euuie (nun the city.
A little ul Die interior workli gs ot
thtf department, the heads of which
; are Dr. SlcTnggart and Dr. Duguo,
were revealed by Uie investigation in
t hi the I'ope ease, Pope beitig tiie
1 merchant ot Brumptorivllle who dli<
I appeared leaving n coat uml but covered with blood. It was the medicolegal department which iliowed tlmt
j tiie   man    hud    nut   boon   murdered.
After a aeries ot lonj and dlftlcull
\ eaperiuients   it   was  shown  that  the
blood which hiitl flowed ro prolueely
' was not thai of u iua.ii, but one ul the
| lower   animals.
| Few people appreciate the real
I value uf this department. Few ktmw
I what it is, how the «urk \a done uml
{ what an aid it Is to the detectives
Ail tin- stories of detectives which
have ul lute yean Hooded the market
' have been ol the Central Ofllce man
, or Uie private sleuth who trucks down
i-i. [-io.il iu various Impossible wayi
| Tin- modern criminal ban more than
ft.,    detective ollici'  to tear.    He has
U> pit himself against  the   research
I and Investigation of years by some ol
! tbe cleverest scientists who have
' made   seemingly   impossible   tilings
' possible, Many ul these men are never heard uf. outside the select circle
. who wau-h their work,
i Ten years ago, a group ul such
i scientists in Germany, headed by one,
i Wasaerman, ended a aeries of expert-
! ments which made It absolutely pOS-
' tilde    tu   distinguish     human    bluod-
itains,  Hitherto there had been test*
, bul tlit-y hud never made the result a
iertainty, The scrum test, as it i*
known, is the last word. U .a ab$o<
The experiments which are usually
made to discover whether Stains are
, of human bluod number six. They
' are:
1. Gross examination.
!   2. Microscopical exauiinatloD.
■   3. Gylao test.
4. Haemln test.
t> Spectroscopic test.
'     6. Serum   test.
The gross examination requires an
intimate knowledge uf the manner iu
which  it coagulate!  and the changes
. in  appearance  which ore  visible u
Hu- liak.-d eye. SUCll ui Change! in
color. Dun rust very frequetilly rc-
Kctiible-i   dried   blood,   bul   it   seldom
I presents a dark red and gluzeit up
pearanCC.     Knives   used   to   cut   acid
1 truits may present dark reddish
mains, but Uh-m.- cutitain vegetable
cells colored with iron salts. Hy the
microscope, which is the. second test
the absence ol red blood cells is noted, This entails a knuwledge ol the
comparative morphulugy ol cells and
the process uf -ta.n.tuj Uiem properly
I lur examination.
i If the blood ll dry it is sometime*
rather difficult to restore tiie red cells
A great variety of expedients are sutt-
gested, and if one tails another may
lUCCeed, Selecting ftome part ol the
blood clot whtclt has drnd rapidly,
a portion  it scraped 6ft with a clean
{ knife.   This substance is transferred
I to a glass slide. To tins should be
added one or two drops ol a fluid
which will isolate the coherent <vll-
I and tend tu restore their original form.
The specimen Llieu u covered with a
< cove r-g) ar-t.
There   are   various   fluids   used   to
isolate tliL' coherent cells.   When lle-y
are  isolated   t  -  cells  a: ■   measured.
' At   one  lime   this  measurement   «an
1 the one way  in which human  Llm.d
, cells were distinguished from ihuse of
j other iu iiiuiia!.-.   The determination of
; the  size  of  these cells  was  (ur  lung
one ol  the  most csacntial as  well us
1 ditticult problems of the inedico-letfal
| department.   This test, however,  has
been reduced tu a svcuiidiry position
j since  the   introductiun  uf  (he   serum
1 test, as being much less certain.    In
', extremely  minute stains, however,  it
i is the ,,ii|y practicable test.
*ly tin- gross at.d microscopical ex-
. ■miitatiuii the investigator should I*-
fairly   certain   atictiier   the   stain   if
' Hint of blood  ur nut.    Tu  make certainty   surer,   buaever,   there   is   the
, gu.acuiu   test.    The  substance  undci
exatiiiualiul)  is treated  with guiarum
and uld uil ul turpentine.    If it gives
a blu - oil r it is quite sale to assume
that it is bluud
• .ere is still a further test aod tliH
, is a standard  one,  the haemin  test
It depend* un Uie furmatiuii  uf car-
. tain characteristic crystals uf haema-
, tin.   These-crystals cannot be mistaken lor any otiier ubject in nature oc-
' erring   uud-r   the   same  conditions,
i 1 he   method   kllowed   is   lu   take   a
' small  portion  uf  Uie  substance,  sup-
(misssI  to be  I.1 i -I  and place it on ■
; glass »ode.   It i> theu inoliteord with
a drop . 1 S pet cent   solution ol common salt or ■ dlletS solulicti of lod.de
i uf potassium.    Ily  a gentle  lo-.tt  the
mixture li dried.   A cover glaie i»
then   put   on   ami   a  drop  uf   ulacial
I acetic   aenl   i*   run   und-r   tbt-   |lasa,
1 The ipseinien is then gently  heated
until   bubbles    ..f    ami   appear,   ai
• Inch temperature  it is  l.dd  until
the   act   (a   slosly   mwl   completely
, evaporated     *■* this procedure \U-
blotxl    p.gtlienl    is   dissolved    by    the
. acid, am) combined by the ehlnrins ut
the  salt  to form  the  li>rochli.n<le ot
i tiie snhfride ui haemelin ahleh eryii
' telli*. -  on evaporation
but il is not "lily iii the testing ul
, blood that Dr McTamrarl perioral
I inter.--.tiiu- esperlfneota. The exaioin-
; atioii of the tissue* and couleuts -rf
|he slum* li lor |wlauii entail mau|
| UittieaW and delicate cxpvrtMeiiia.
Curiam  Offers  to   Public   parsonages
to Go On Stage.
A Rtatosmun in the poeition of Mr.
I.loyd-Geargo receives muny curious
communications, but It ta not likely
that un odder una ever readied him
than u cable message, offering him
the princely salary uf So,OQQ a week
tu go  upon  the  stage.
It is hardly necessary to state that
the offer emanated from America. A
firm ut music-hull proprietors giuirun-
toed the Chancellor o minimum ot
five thousand dullurs a week—or ten
times the salary he draws as Chancellor of the Exchequer—-to deliver a
speech nightly no subjects connected
with the political situation In Rritntn.
Other men. ho'vnver, have not turn
ed tieuf ours to such offers—Mr. Hun-
uuble, for iustiuice. mice Candidate fur
Juriow. tie appeared as a music-hall
artiste uu .ne stage nf a London hull,
i.ie HuinoroUS Hero of .1 arrow,
lu a
Purely   Political  Perversity,
'Modern Klectloneerlng,'
A r.-ul crmvtl will hackle Hun-
sable, but will he "liliiinulile"
to upset Ins arguments."
6»i run the poster announcing the
turn, and we understand that he drew
$.'1011 it week.
1    Almost any person who looms large
In the public eye—whatever the cause
will llrutt Well at a music hall. There
was that M Otroii, for iiislanep, with
whom the Princess LutiUe uf Cohurg
run away seven years ago. The energetic muiiager ol a Lotioon music haM
offered him $l,tKHi a week for a sin
weeks' engagement, while a gcntl'inan
from New  York  suggested a series o|
, lectures un the maimers and morals nf
ihe Courts ul l-.urupe, at a minimum
salary of yjiio a night.
I     A  lady  who  was  recently   much  III
the public eye—namely. Miss Violet
1 Charlesworth did actuatly appear on
the stage uf a London music hall, but
her debut Has not a success. Statte
(right overcame her, aud she was quite
i The famous "Captain Koeponlok,"
who, hy his daring itii|s)sttire at the
German u>wn ol tlmt name, mldcd »
new word to the German- language
it another public character who received u good offer to make his appearance on the stage.    Hut the tier-
I man Government would have none of
One other criminal whom an attempt
whs made to exploit was Linda Murri.
who, alter one ul the must sensational
, trials ol modern times, was sentenced.
I iu t'jiMi, to ten yours' imprisonment fur
complicity iu the murder of her husband. She was released last yeur,
but, Instead of going on the stuge.
married uga.n.
Hations  it Tea.
I in Ktiglaiiil. France, and Germany
tea is made in much the same plebeian way; but in other countries the
method oi en joying the cup which
cheers   is  a   more   picturesque  cere-
' many,
In China, h.r example, a large, ar-
■ tlstlo cup is set in u hru-s or silver
holder, and in this cup the tea is
placed and covered with boiling water. A little saucer which |us1 tits it
is pluced Inside the cup to keep in
the steam and ilavot ol the tea. When
it is drawn it is poured from the
big cap into dainty little noes im big-
gt-r than an eggshell.   The method
followed in Japan Is almost similar.
Tea-mukiiig in Russia is a simple
process involving merely the use ul
a samovar and a slice uf lemon or uf
In .lava tea is served iu broad, flut
cups,  aud   flavored   with   Hutuvia  ur-
j rack;  and  in  Formosa it  is  -.u-cped
, with   lea-flowers   and   uiie   ur   two
Fur their leu-drinking the Uruguayan-, employ silver tubes, each uf
which has at the end a ball-like strainer known as a bumba ur bombilla.
, In Martinique an aromatic tea is
used, and a peculiar liqueur made by
the   inunks   and   by   the   old   French
Hew Accidents Are Avoided When
Royalty Travels by Train,
The oorbnation ceremonies have cast
enoriiiuus responsibilities un the railway companies, uud especially on the
main lines in the suuth, running direct Into London, For a co aside rub la
lime uuw bearcely a duy has uussed
without one or oilier of the railways
being entrusted with the carriage of
some illustrious visitor and his retinue, whose personal safety is un important question.
In the working ol royal trains safety is naturally the tlrst consideration,
and Uie most elaborate precautious
dealiiig In detail with every phase of
railway working are issued to all having any connection with the working
of tiie train, and these are supposed
to be kept strictly private.    Primary
1 importance is attached to signalling,
| ana whenever u royal train is being
worked all signal-boxes on the route,
and    all    intermediate    block-posts,
j which, in the ordinary course, would
be closed, are opened, and wherever
. necessary tiie signals are lighted a
considerable  time before the "pilot''
j is due, and remain su until tlm royal
1 train has passed.
All goods trains are cleared ul the
main lines  at  least  half an hour be-
! fore the royal train is due to tiass,
ami all shunting operations un sidings
i and contiguous  lines are suspended.
\ Drivers of trains standing in sidings
or adjoining lines are strictly instruct-
' ed to prevent their engines from emit-
j ting smoke; steam is not to be blown
I off, and whistling is prohibited.
Station-masters  arc  charged   with
, the placing of reliable men at facing
[ points over which the train will run.
j thirty minutes bolora its timed arrival,  and   they   remain  ut  the  spot
I until It has passed.   The facing poind
1 are curcftillv examined, securely clip-
{)cd and padlocked soon alter the pilot
las passed, ami slgn&Uboxei aro visited to ascertain that Die signalmen ant
fully acquainted with the special instructions.    The greatest vigilance is
observed at, nnd adjacent t<), all stations through  which  the  royal  train
f.asses. Approach road gates and gabs
sadlng to goods yards ami sidings are
closed and locked before tho "royal"
is due, and the station-master holds
the keys until the train has traveled
. a good distance from tho station.
!     Naturally,   great   discrimination   is
1 exercised in the selection »f the drlv-
I ers  of  "royals."    Men  nf  undoubted
steadiness and experience, aud  with
a perfect knowledge ol the route, are
: alone selected.
The Sculptor Who Executed the Great
Queen Victoria Memorial In London
Was the Son of a Builder and Had
a Hard Time Getting to London to
Learn His Art- Received His Title
at the   Festivities,
All the Wurltl has been talking ot
the great marble memorial to Queen
Victoria unveiled by King George, a-
slsted hy Ihe Kaiser, The memorial
is said tu be the mosl impressive uf
uil the thousands that deck London,
uud will fittingly commemorate the
greatness ami duration of the great
Queen's reign. A paragraph in th■•
cabled accounts oi the proceedings
and of the doings of the v ious members uf the royul families present
chronicled the fact that the urti-t
who designed and carried out the
work   was   knighted.    Mr.   Brock,   ur
sir Thomas, us he I imes tmw, lives
up to tin- reputation ul his profession
lor modesty, Ho has been, in tho
best sense of Ihe word, the architect
of his own  fortunes.   The sou uf a
Russia's National Anthem.
The Russian national anthem is the
. only national hymn which was adopted as such in upeii competition. Until
the time uf the Kmperur Nicholas I.
the English "God Save the King" hud
i served Russia, but Nicholas tletermiu-
' ed to institute u genuine and native
j Russian anthem.      He announced  a
1 competition,  open   to  all  musicians,
for  an  original   national  hymn,    A
! musical committee reduced the thou-
: sands of entries to two, and between
i these, the works of Glinka and I.voff.
, the czar himself decided.   The highly
martial charucter. with the drums and
trumpets, of Lvoff's composition won
(the imperial verdict, and it was de*
' creed as henceforth the Russian na-
| lional anthem.
ftrnsperuu: builder mar Worcester, he
utd to encounter u great deal of bp-
position from his father in deciding
to follow an artistic career. It was
only with his mother's help that he
was uble tu face London. The boy
knew from the beginning what be
wished to do, mid he lust no time in
securing   an   apprenticeship   in   a
sculptors studio, which sSjou brought
him tiie magnificent salary ol $11) a
Week. It is a noteworthy fact that he
is to-day working under the same root
which received him so many years
ago, as eager and earnest us when he
came there u student. It was here
thut lie won his early successes Id
the shape of competitions—-succes- i
which enabled him tu marry in early
life, and tu raise up two uf his six
buys uf artists to help him in his
work.   There are in all six boys an.I
two girls, although two of the former
are now located In South Africa.
Beat the "G-O.M."
Viscount Cruss has entered upon
hit eighty-ninth year. It is a quarter
of a century since his lordi<hip went
tu the Huuse of Lords, uud tifty-fuur
years since lie tlrst entered Parliament.
He was never a "funny man," but
there are still some vetirans kit who
remember tiie mirthful moment iu
which Lord Cruss endeavored to be
sarcastic, and having fixed a certain
hilarious Minister with his eye, ex*
claimed, "Ahl I hear the right honorable gentleman smile!"
Lord Cross enjoyed the intimate
confidence uf the late Queen Victoria,
and it is his happiest recollection that
he defeated Mr. liladstoue iu South,
west Lancashire.
"Blasted Hopes."
The recent marriage uf Lord Linlithgow tu the duughter ul Sir Frederick
, George   Milm-r   reminds   one   of an
i amusing story which is told apropos
'■ ul his lurds'i.p'k Imiiily name ul Hope.
I A large family parly uiie Sunday was
' attending   Divine   service,   when   the
minister, pleaching on earthly vanity,
opened his d;scuur*e with the observation,  "This  world   is  lull  ul  blasted
' hupes."  Lord Linlithgow's lather was
I tiie first Governor-General ul the Cum
| uiunwcalth. and ga.m-d much pupulur
ity  "down   under"   by   his  uncoilveu
: Uuual, democratic ways, it being hi..
> cuatuiu  tu  ride  thruugh  the  cuuntr)
attiM-.i in regular bush "get-up"—col-
| uted   aturt.   breeches,   tup   bouts,  aud
sluuch   hut.    Tiie   present   I., rd    Lilt-
! lithgow Inherited a beautiful home in
- Hupetuwu House, ."-i.utii Queensferry,
> its gardens In-.iig laid out in imitii-
; tiun ut Versailles. One of the tree.-
I uu-   in   tin-  picture  tui.i-n.■-   is  tlu
Uiiihii- "headless" Van Uyck. painted
by Van H\k iu answer to an accusation that the chief merit of his pic
tures lay in the marvellous painting
| ui me iiandi.
Collects Emeralds.
The Duchess of Roxburghe has added another great emerald to her won-
1 derful collection,   It is said that the
I emerald, which is mutinied in a circle
ol diamonds, was brought to London
, and  sold  by   an  Oriental  potentate
there tor the coronation.  The duchess
' has, perhaps, the finest collection ot
emeralds known, with the exception
' of the German Empress.  The duchess
. has two necklaces of cut emeralds aud
I two topes of cabochun emeralds of
great site; also a tiara of diamonds
i and emeralds and a stomacher of dia-
1 monds and emeralds.
The Wrong House.
The Princess Royal (Duchess ol
Fife), although she is far from loud
of society, is an indefatigable chaperon, this season taking her two young
daughters, the Princesses Alexandra
end Maud, tu many of the important
b:ills. Those who nave the privilege
ol visiting the duchess at her house
iu Portmun square say she is *he kindest vl hostesses, and that it is at home
she is seen to the greatest advantage.
A couple ol years ago the friends of
Iter Royal Highness were telling of
an incident which took place one Sun-
' day at her town bouse. A mun came
, lo pay a duly call on a hostess whom
he knew very slightly who lived in
that quarter, and had given him un
invitation tu dinner which he was unable tu accept. He was shown straight
into a drawing-room where three ladies sat at tea. each of whom greeted
hint Courteously, A foultuau handed
him tea, and his hostess came and
spoke to him. By slow degrees the
strunger began to realize that he had
Come to tiie wrong house, and that
the three ladies he sut among were no
other than the then Queen of England and her daughters, the liu. :..--*
ul Fife and Queen Muud uf Nurwuy.
The  Silent  Sculptor.
One "t tin* cleverest sculptors in
the   United   Kingdom   li   Miss   D.
Slantun-Wi>e, whn is particularly
gifted in the ait o( sculpturing in wax
and plaster She has been deaf ami
dumb (nun binh. After passing
thruugh the Bnlltll   Kensington School
ul Art. Mis- Blsnton-VVIse studied in
Pun- and Florence At the Royal
Academy she ha- b.en represented
on two occasions,    Mi-s Wise ha    ju-t
produced ninety-all miniature flgurei
leprraentlng scenes m Imlimi history
for lie- In Ian section ut the Feativul
<*f b'upire.
Veteran ef the Misting.
Col. W. Swynfen Jervia, late of the
Royal Munster Fusiliers, probably saw
more of the terrible experiences of the
Indian Mutiny than any uther living
man. In the British army at the age
of seventeen, lu? witnessed the first
bloodshed of the mutiny at Barrack-
pore, near Calcutta, March iW, lt£7,
and the last on the Nvpuu) frontier
In January. l?5ii. He was in at the
relief of Lucknow and led the first
company to enter the Lucknow residency. He entered the army as a
color-bearer, and altogether, saw bitty-
1 three years' service. His homo Is at
YYoudside, Bouthsea,
A Deadlock.
"Burton's marriage with that heir*
ess will never cutue off."
"Why notr
"She won't marry him till he's paid
all ale debts, and he can't pay Ips
debts till she marries him."—Loudon
Astonished an Official.
An amusing incident is recorded ot
tiie  time   when   King  GUStaV  uf Sweden, who is famous tor his modestr-
atteiided the wedding uf his sou with
Princess Margaret uf Cotiuaught ul
Windsor a few years ago. King Gu-tuv
stipuLit<-d that he should be allowed
to remain in the background as much
as possible. In order to escape the
crowd, he slipped out of his roOfOJ
at the Castle by a side entrance and
made his way on loot to St. George's
' Chapel, where the ceremony took
place.    Arriving  at the  entrance,  he
was confronted hy one uf the Court
officials whu was assisting to tdiuw
the congregation to their seats. The
official contemplated him gtavely lot
a moment, and then said: "1 l-k youi
iiardoii. sir, but I dun't recognize yuu.
Who mii:h* you be, and where would
I you like to sitr"
"Ob, I am merely the lather ol the
. bridegroom." rejoined the King, with
' a smile.   "Put me anywhere yuu hks
out ul the aay."
Fine Mamas.
A  Storm  Signal.
I     For the first time in Ins lifts he was
I braving  the  |ter.l* of  (he   SU  and't
i the   heavy   handicap  ol   high   strung
nerves and a weak stomach.   The i Id
stagers iu the smoking loom held him
spi-llbuuud with soulstirroig stories ut
shipwreck and hurricane   Suddenly a
sailur dropped  a  heavy   bh.ck   Upon
the dealt,
"What's thutr ha cried, piling.
"ihe barometer tailing," answered » '
"I...il  help ml"  hu  ni.ii-.n-- 1  ai  he
[ staggered away  tu his cabin.
Triolets Cencernini a Certain lea-sty.
net  ■.«.■!« .ur. rare.
Mi.- tr snrgr>airiy drened.
A - on ■'."I in cure.
Ii-m ji WM-. are rure.
net BlHluldara ar- bare,
Uu is iniieti  d iter breast.
l.i-i  irwela iii.1 pioi-
brie la -turv< >u-lr dressed.
She lias beamy ami -irMe.
nut tier tie.it t in much frayett
She a- i'OH> ouMMe,
Mi.- has i..-Miiv ami -.ride.
Slut Miu'ii 1.i.a ii  le-j. uyed
If her soul wen .I'.j.Ujed.
■he nas beauty ami prtilo.
Slut ner heart 11 much frayed,
-uncage itK0rS-tlerel4
His Pa's In Congress
I    Caller-"Thai is an old nickname
, your brother lisi."
j*   Dicky— "Yes;  h|  calls  him   'Appto-
prtstlon Bill' benuss he's steilln' nle
] am) preserves all the lime."—Boston
j Kveiiing Transcript.
( According lo government figures the
number of food uiimriN In the Unili-d
States has decrorfsed about o.oon.eoo in
1 ibe Inst decade, while the number of
consumers hn* noreaSfd nhuiit 12,-
Uml r the butter and margarine set 1
ot tv.7, 1 .mi "fancy names   fur mar-
|atiue and lotty-lour name-, (ur  111,»
lutes b|   butter  and  milk   have  besb
epproved by tue British Uuard ul Agri '
tare en Them,
He—1 feel, darling, that I am Dot
, hall good enough to be yuur husband,
She- Dut what. George?
He—I'm a sight too good to be the
sun-in law of your gruuehy parents.
Parish Is Shrinking.
Horsenden, Bucks, the smallest parish in England, Is maintaining its re-
tiutatlon. During the past ten years
he population has shrunk from thirty-
flft to ecveuleeu.
New Philanthropy
"We think 11 lot of thai man. lie
has done much lu our town."
"Did he give rati 11 library, ur a
"Nothing like thai. He endowed
our   bii-i I..til   team  with  ti   first-class1
pitcher."-Washington HituIiI.
You cannot bt 1 goml fellow unleai
your health is 1 gaj,
"Wolt-h.er. Alt? Yer tonkin nick:
aid is lir "Work! Nufliuk but
work,  work,  work, from iimrnin'  till,
nlghl. Ow  lung 'nve yer been nt
It?"   "Start loinorrer."—Punch.
Felt So Small
Bona- "Did you get lu till right lust
woggs  "Oh, yes."
Ituggs-"Then Ibe doors wcnui I
locked us you feared r"
Wongs "Indeed tln-v were, bul my
wife veiled nt me SI I was going up
the sleiM, xo I crawled in through the
letter Hint."-Puck.
Xoologlats aver thai in 100 years tin
Hun will he extinct
Keeper—"Do you know this water is
preserved, air?
Angler (of Utile experience, slill
awaiting a bite?)— "I thought there
wart something, the matter wiih III"—
Wants to Row.
One of the chief ambitious ot Ui*
Prince uf Wales, whu is very fund ut
boating, is to row Iii the Oxlurd and
Cambridge nice. During holidays ht
aud his brothers spend a eonilderabll
part ol their lime uu the river, whert
each bus his own boat, bulb uu thi
Thames ami ut- Sandrii ham. Th1
young princes enter Into keen riv.il'-
fur success iu races in which alsu par
tioipute several uf the sons nf persunal
friends of tlo-ir parents who uie about
the same ages. Fur although the soul
ot the King and Queen are iiumemui
enough In themselves, their parent!
have always been ot opinion it is go .1
fur th. in to have plenty uf the cm
panioiiship uf uther boys.
Foolish Feltaw
"I'll never entrust my prnclleq lu a
j beginner again."
•    "What did tlm young doctor dpf"
.    "Cured half my   pnlieiilH   while I
j was away,"'   Washington Herald.
! ltii.il Cop "Hey, there, hoy: yew
can't ll»h around here without ti pel-
Small Hoy "Oh. I dun't know, I'm
gettin' along pretty well with this
anglo-WOrm. —Boston Trnnacript.
Mveiv time a man quits he discovers thai he would have won out
by hanging on another minute.
The Binder of Merit.    A Sura Tyer,
Feroe Faad Elevator.
Ontario  Veterinary   College
Affiliated with the University of Toronto, and under the control of
th. Department of Aprieultjre of Ontario. Infirmary for Sick
Animal, .t the College.
COLLEGE     REOPENS    OCTOBER 2nd,    1911.
N.   0.—Calendar on  Application.
E.   A    A.   GRANGE,  VS.,  MS ,    Principal.
CLOTHES' INSURANCE—A paid-up "policy1
against the ordinary troubles of Wash-day—is yours if
yon use one of
Substitution doesn't pay—it means to you loss of
confidence and to the Grocer loss of a custoinei. There
are no Washboards "just as good" as Eddy's.
"Hut don't yuu    think   you could
loam to love liioP" hu inquirod ol tlm
beniititiil heiress.
"I'll always Bald    I    was   hard    to
loam," she replied tnntalixtngly,
"Hut 1 urn nut   a   buok,"   lie protested.
"Oil, I con read you uil right," she
'J^tor Oognomens Bsstowad cm Equlns
A man can change his name when
I To    the    United    States—Extensions j Brotldlieed girlr1"
Being Built on Lines
It is stated that the Canadian Pnc
he grows up, if an "unkind parent has  j ||r Railway is preparing to market it
Mrs.   Idler—"Let's    Bee!    Wasn't
there Hume   scandal   concerning   that
Mrs. Chatter—"Oh, yes! don't you
I recollect? She married (or lover—
i Puck.
Boys and Girls
We are ottering FKEF this fully
-guaranteed Watch, a beautiful French
Doll, twenty inches tall, a ladies'
leather Hand Bag, or a beaut lul gold-
plated Bracelet, for selling only $400
worth ol uur beautiful Picture Post
Cards at 8 fur 10c.
All', you have to do is to write for
cards, and we will send them to yuu,
»uil when you have sold them we will
sand you post t>ai<1 any premium you
wont, or if you write ua we will w>nd i
you our Illustrated premium circular j
showing you wnat we give FREE.
Our aim Is to please every boy and
girl, because we want you to adver- j
tise us hy telling your little playmates
what nice premiums we give, and tell
them what you earned ao easily.
Dept. IU, Toronto, Ont. '
Canada's  Reliable   Premium   House.
Hard Times Ahead I
Mrs.  Knickcr—"They say  Paris is]
entry  over  fringe." j
Knicker—"Well, I'll wear it on my
trousers if you get any inure dresses."
—New York Sun.
to Filklno Had a Little Talk With tho
Cuatoms Inepaotor.
FilkliiM hud juat returned from a oil
months' totir ul the emollient, uud bio
trunks uml box** were numerous. With
considerable anxious cure be bud prepared his declaration, hut when he
taw tbe eagle eyed Inspector plunge
luto bis work a wove of fear spread
over htm. Cuitld be by any ihmhIuII
Ity have fiirpiiieu anything? And If I
so and It wiW brought to light would
be have to suffer the pain aod buuill-
tattoo of arrest. Itapldly he ran over
Id bis mini! ihe dutiable objects mat
tie remembered having heard that olb '■
era hud brought In-clot hint*, objects
of- art. book*, brlcu brae. Jewels, urn-!
slcul lii-truiiieiit»-ab. his heart stood
Still-UlUSical iiislruuieiita-pbuios. vlo
Una,  mites   organs—
With beating heart ha approached;
■be Inspector
"la there any duty on organs?" ht
asked In a trembling voice.
"There la." mild the Inspector, fixing
a cold, steely eye upon him.
"Then." aald rVllkhis, *i deal:-* to
withdraw my declaration for a moment."
"What for?" demanded the inspector.
"1 wish to amend II,'* said Kllklna
"I've had my none, repaired and made
over on tbe uther side, and I'd hate tu
have that organ seised because I'd
overlooked it"-Hari>er'!s Weekly.
An Oil lor AM Man.-The Mtlur. tbe
■uldier. the fli-heiDiaii. tbe lumberman,
tbr out-dour laborer and all who are ei-
rrd to Injury and the eb-menta will find
ur. Thomas' Eclrctric Oft a true and
faithful friend. To ease pain, relief*
rbpumatlim. It haa no equal. Therefore,
it should have a place la all home oiedl-
vinea aod those taken un a journey.
He (hotly)—"Are you trying to
make a fool uf ine?"
She (coldly)—"I really do not see
the necessity of such effort on my
purt."—Baltimore American.
Place n Irox of lime in tlm closet in
which jams, preserves, ete., are stored
away. It will prevent mold gathering
on Hie fruit.
She Was Wist
"Why do you insist un asking that
young man tu sing!-"
"Because," replied Miss Cayenne,
"when he'a singing he Isn't trying tu
converse."—Washington Star.
Minard's  Liniment Cures  Distemper.
Admiral Hichliorii once had a Chinese servant named Chow, whom lie
brought with him from the East. One
itnv chow asked permission to go to a
"All right." said the Admiral.  Then
he added' "I suppose ymi will put It
lot of food mid sweeliueiits on In
grave an they do in China?"
"Altec -utile China," Chow rcplie.l.
"Now. dhow, eonlImied the Admiral, "when do you think the dead
ClilllRinao will come up to eat the
food you have on his graver"
"Alice t|i i lie time Mi lieu ti iiiiiii
ci.un- up to smcllcc (lowers you leave
oil his grave." answered Chow, ur-
linnely.    Pitt'-Imiit  Leader.
Five Thousand Rtio Par Two Moots In
a Braailian Hotel.
Hotel* are few and HI conducted in
the Hnixllhio coast towns, niihniigh
ao occasional good one Is met with.
Americana who patronize a Brazilian
hotel or- restaurant fur tbe tlrst lime
are generally treated to a surprise
when the hill lo preaented. Two
yciiujc mi lion* had dinner one day in
IVniiimbiiio, and, lo their horror, the
bill was r..iasi rets.
'they nearly fainted and would hare
tied without attempting lo Settle; but,
there hetng no chance of em-ape. they
dubbed logelher nil Ihe money they
bad. iiInuii IU. and humbly offered It
io ihe prophelor. Instead of having
litem thrown Into jail, be laughed and
explained thai their bill In American
coin was ft!'*!
He furthermore explained that the
basis of llraxillnn currency lo an Imaginary coin culled ti .via. l.nfN> of
which make n mlirels. Everything
Is eotinii-d in r.-is. mid the rlgureo hnre
a very tmpo«hi|i ootimt -2ik. rets for s
ilde on a street car. H*> rela for having your boms blacked, a million rela
for n bouse, and ao on. It la a slllv
system, hill Hie Hni/.tllun* oeeuj to
iblnk It iierfc iloii.-Excbunge.
Stopped tho Stealing.
The ftev. Joseph Krsklue of Edln
burgh nt one time III lilt life lost hand
kerchief after hundken hlef. tie found
on luveKiigiitlon ttuif tl whs on Sim
day the**-* io-«-es net-limit, nnd intiifd*
mgiy .Mrs Entklue ocwm) tils hundker*
chief In Hie toll |HN-kft of UU coat
"Nihi," mild she-"low iat ua aer
whnt null iiui'peii"
Mr. Krsklue. w lib the sewed In bund
Here ii let, piis«cd dow-u the Male o| the
liiin h ibul  morning, an UhiihI. to aa-
• end to the pulpn, hut its he suited by
ibe iiniL-n corner he felt a gentle lug
behind,   a   dt'lleiile   nibble   ill ik   "I*
• uiim-.iIIm 'l'iieirii(sni he turned on ilia
disappointed old vrniiiitn In the corner
and said, wiih a trtumplitint ■mile:
"No1 the day, boneat wumau; no' ids
weighted him with something like
"Gatacre Majuba Buller," e» at least
one child was enristuoed during the
Boer War. But a horse! Well, a none
can uniy kick, but his name sticks.
The appear an Cti ut a blue-blooded
baby fual on this earthly sphere Immediately sets sportsmen thinking out
a -suitable name. The ideal name is,
uf course, a clever combination of
thus-i uf tl..- sire and dam, a name
that will automatically indicate the
youngster's pedigree.
Many horses get their names, in
nuitu a haphazard way. Fur instance,
line Away IVtta so called because the
sou nt t i mvticr had a habit of catling this expression out loudly every
time he gave a III Us at  hil'.iurds!
Many owners, too, have a craze for
a..iterative names, uml these generally tin.I fuvor with the public    Among
 ui uniy be recalled tommy Tittle-
mouse, (lie hist mount uf the must
famous uf all jockeys, Fred Archer.
Then there ware loose well-known
horses, Pretty Polly and Mink Mutiny.
Home years ago everyone was talk-
1. g abutit Lord Abingdon's Pot-H-O's,
a horse which won u nui...ier ol faces,
and was sire ul two Derby winners.
Lord Abingdon offered one day,
when un a visit to his trainer, one of
the Btablu-bcys live shilling: if he
could spell the name Potatoes—which
he had previously llxed upon—correctly, The buy was puxsled fur a minute, hut, tailing a piece of chalk, he
scrawled on the corn-bin "Put-8-O's,"
which so amused his lordship tlmt he
altered his own spelling to suit the
nt able-hoy's,   us   Well   as   giving   him
tbe live shillings for his ingenuity.
Quarrelsome lovers may take a tip
from the naming uf Reconciliation!
whole sire and dam wer- Lovo Wisely
and Sulks! Another cleverly-named
horse was Chestnut 8uwlay, by Bush-
ey Park and May Race. It will he
recalled that May is the time for the
Londoner's visit to see tho gorgeous
chestnuts in flower In Buahey Park.
Mr. John Cxrlett, the well-known
newspaper owner, christened one of
Iiia horses Let Go the Painter. The
sire was Vclasquex, named after the
great Spanish painter, and the dam
was Turned..; so an apter name could
hardlv have b°en chose:-,.
His late Maj.-sty King Edward VII.
was very particular abcut the christening of his horses. That famous
horse, Diamond Jubilee, * as so named
at the express wish of Q'teeii Alexandra, in com-' miration < l the jubilee
of Queen victoria. King Edward's
first Derby winner. Persimmon, received its name -y a simple combine*
tic n of those of his sire ind dam, St.
Simon and PerJita II.
The late Duke of De*.*mahire was
respons.ble lor a el«*«r name when
lie chose Burgundy, nut tf Isinglass-
Burgonet. Caruso—the ht'fse, not the
singer—was a cult, whose j.arents were
f>t. Fruaquin and Melbn.
But nowadays horses get n.iit - that
they need nut, as a rule, be ashamed
ef. In the past, howevel, the most
ridiculous names were fasted upon
tin- long-suffering animals. H»'e I Go
with My Eye Out was an extraordinary one fsmi'iar to race-go-*** of a pRSt
generation. Doncaater, whl'th won the
Derby, was ihe sire of Ben*) Or. Before he cirritd off the clas3 c race, he
had the extraordinary and ridiculous
name of All -Heart and No Peel.
iiietise shipments of coal in the United
States in the near future. The C. P.
II, is expending huge sums of money
iu rushing to completion extensions
from the Pnclfio Const uud the Northern boundary of the United states to
its productive coal deposits In the
Rocky mountains. The 0, P. It. lines
already come within striking distance
of the International boundary ut several points uml with the other extensions  that  are  now   being   built  the
Neglect if u sunburn on fuce, arm
or neck often leads to the after growth
ot skin which is freckled or coarse;
and this |g particularly distressing to
ladies. Timely application of /.am
Ituk and regular use of Xnm-Buk Soap
will prevent this. Zum-Buk is a herbal balm, which soothes and cools the
burned skin, ami assists nature to re-
Rock\ MminTiiin'colli mine* wm'talttl 1'h.ce the  .httnuged  tissue  with soft
active competition with United States v„Ivol,! ?w.n'  Zam-Buk Soap Is spec!
ally Hindi    ■■- ■—*■-- -•'	
Ulllies for the trade of til
northwest. An idea of the enormous
expenditure involved in the building
ol those new western linos by the c.
I'. It. can he hud from the statement
that altogether const met ion work is
lining gone oti with on over one thousand miles of now line. Most of these
extensions lire being built us feeders
from the country north of or parallel
to the line, hut are also u uoo.ily number of miles of truck which is stretch-
lllg down toward the Imiimlury line,
uml they afford excellent opportunities for the butitling up hy the C.
P. It ol a nourishing trade in Oano-
.linn Rocky Mountain coal with the
United Stut.s.
for tender skins,
Xuin-ltuk is also good for stings,
serntelies, heat sores, blisters on
hands or feet, mid nil skin injuries
Applied to these it quickly stops till
smarting, and ensures quick hcnling
As it is free from uniiual fat, and mill,
erul coloring mutter, it is particularly suited to the delicate skin of buhie-
suffering from beat rushes, chafed
places, etc. Sold everywhere hy Druggists and store-keepers. /.aui-Biik ftbv
box. Zotil-Bilk Huup 8&Q. tablet, ut
box of .'1 for 7oo.
Children Often Need ^^^^ hJ
purgatives ln|ura the bowels and pave the way for
life-long troubles.   The new
avaouant In
^^^^^^^^^ does the work most
effectively without Irritating the bowels
or oausing any discomfort.   The children like them (or they taste
Ilka candy.   One of tho  most popular of the NA-DRU-CO preparation*
18*. a Wt.  H your druittat has not ret stocked tham. sand "tScenJwa win mall iham. 30
NtWaaaal Dr*f —4 Chaari—I CpMSaf «f Coaatjfc Ussjtsj-j.        -        ■        Wont-aai
FOR  AUG.  20,   1911
Th. Llktrty M-J.r V.ki.l T..h Wllh
th. Ecc.ntrlc Oi.r, Paul I.
^^^^  P.ul I., the -eccentric Car ol Rub-
Tho tuinmer mon'tli. are the har<l.l"»',.-*,-Mll,*,fd 'f 1,801' WM, ,e"r
«t ol the year on small children.' »•"«'}'«.•' «? ¥ dre»» -1"1 co»-
Oholera  i.ilaiituni, diarrl.oea,    dyHOII; | fiSIJJ.S?   •»"*'    '.
are     " "  "
Major Vak'.L'i, U, win
ol Bupreme
tery and atomaoh' trouble, ' are" uU: U..porUnce. This peculiarity «i
eomuion at.thla lime and many a I »?«S »k™"f S*gJ -I to » oBtell
precloua lite h .nulled out after only, °< "'» «u"™«- "*'"r.J?*,",... . Ule
L'ther ,7o»rTecpA'B.to?.'e8o!,rn '< '™   "ad'tlel St'al'hunffi rlZ
S!::,"i,,,l'™elh„u»p !fiim&\»*toj<&™*£""ul"»
.... ii.,n?l«TBfiLi«?% n ''»»« '•■ '"»k poritbn lor a moment
» £■ " I nnim v hahv .j!: immediately iS (rout ol the daring
M r-itt? .™m'her'l,!:S »n!l, gft,^^IlLSSSZ
Man   oVvinu""i;p"r""ni;i.»'." Own   T.'il," I'""' UM "*" omo'f. "«"' ""na """"
,r.e,tt binsi.y,nchi.r i ft ^$*\rftf&*&
The ' Dr.    Williams'    Medicine    Co., j
Itrockville, Ont.
Jorklns—"How did you ever come
into possession of such a cheap-looking umbrella?"
ael's countenance, which, however, reflected only an expression uf childlike Innocence, mingled witn the most
deferential astonishmeiit.
"Who dared do that:*" demanded
the enraged Czar, his eyes Hashing
evidence   that   his   most   dangerous
lWki..*~"WI,y. I got this umliMla  "^"wu'u'im,.."him"0"
...     aid Vasal,
who, however his heart may have (tut-
| tered, managed to preserve outward!/
, unrultl.'d  calm,  together  with  ail  ex-
I preesion of innocent surprise.   "It was
kwrf, yuur majesty,"  hu added  ill
-The Pathfinder ^^^^^
Catarrh Cannot Be Cured
■tUt LOCAL APPLICATIONS, aa Our cannot -rata
UM •*•» •« »>» Sbraae.    Catarrh I- a tiloud ur ronaU ^^_^_^__
tutluul dbraar. and in uru-i ivcuic it ymi inuit UBS 1 „     „n„ti.l..iiiinl     iin.l.Ttinic      "anil     I
kU-roal r-mr-ltas.   Ilalta Oiar-li cun M Uktn b>    ■     COIindeilUai     UllU'-tlone,        aim     I
ttraaiir. and ai-u dirrcur ursin uw biocsi and mu-ooj   straightened   it  fur  fear  the  younger
■urtacea.   Hall'a Catarrh Cure to not a quark irwdl-     1ih„.,.j  .i,,,nl,l   .....  it "
clu.  It waa prw«lb--d by one ot the tx-rt phynkiaM    oU'08rf, s,loum  6ve n'    . ,     .
tn Ihto countrr for i-cara and a a rniutar pmrrtpooa.       Pauls countenance cleared at once.
II M toiniKi*ru of tbe bntt Umlra known, rumblntd     ti,,   u|ur,.illv   riv.x.lv     however   at   Vak-
SrMM tha beat blood purillFra. actlns dlrecttr on Un    He  HlariUly   »*ea'*V  OOWBVer  at   va«
auroua lurtiora.   The perfect combination or tM   net's   iiilioet-nt-louking   lace   tor   some
two Irif-edlenta M nhat produc-a lucb wondertul *•*    tAfinnAt      Vnlcm-I   Miliiiitted   afterward
HNS a» aatS satstta.  Send lor l-atinwouk*. IrM.   : *t;o,ltf .      YiTieJ   auiiiiuto   aoerwaru
f. j. ciienky a co.. Props., Toudv, o   that this was the trying moment, but
h*.M9Bm*jm&.-^.- I he had said to himsell, "If 1 waver I
nmmmwn^wmmwmmmm i        j^,,,   Th(j|i ^ Cm gpokej 1|l(J
New to Him I lP$*'° ^ a11 mW bean
... a «■ ii   ,-. i   . ■   .t   !      1 thank you, colonel!"
Mistreas-Wel, Gopper, what is the     ,f ever , fa in tank WM gBlned by
weather to ofl Hko? purest effrontery  it was so acquired
Gardener-Well,     Mum,   I (dunnaj| Jn tilia occasion, and Vaksel lelt the
Agtd Bride and Groom.
Itemarkoble scenes were aitnessed
at Cbatbuiii a few days ago. when a
sprightly couple whose to'.nl years
were 174 went to the altar, Ihe bridegroom was William Hennen IM), and
the bride, Fanny Wadbams ."Mil. Immense crowds ass-mbled tt sen tiie
Eair. and the vehicular traffic wo*
ruught to a standstill. The weeding
was the culmination of a workhouse
romance, for the couple left the Med-
way Union to get married on the
strength of their old age pensions.
Hennen is the last of the old postboys, and the townspeople of Chatham
presented the old gentleman with a
but the paper snya "Forecast."
] held not only promoted to a coveted
!     Th. B.WIIS Must Act Hatltr.lly.~In    moot    POsWOs.    J"    (J»   «u«d».    bul    richer
ailtnentH the  iirxt care »f the  me-iieai! by many hundred rubles as tha result
I man la  tu nee  that the howebi are open , ol the  wager,
and   fully    performim   their   functions.  . .	
Parauloes vegatable   Pills   are to com-
' iMiunded that i-ertain ingredlenti in tbem
. act on the bowels -<>lely and they are the
J very best  medli-iuc available tu produce
healthy   action   ul   the  bowela.       Indeed,,        _   „, „„.»    ,
■ there is no other speclftr so nervlreanle in . -nj rn*.nntlv ahw .'.m(l.t.«l innm nf her
heenln* the digeative orcana in health «>u Kceni y sne cotinaeu some of ner
fniaitit.il. ambitions to a reporter.
"* want to have a really good edu-
Authoress at Thirteen.
A thirteen-year-old girl, Ada Archer,
has  written  a  13,000-word  novelette.
Glbbs—"What an aggravating habit cation, read all the best booaa, travel
Jones lias of answering a question by round the world, write romances, and
asking another." ' make sufficient money ao that poor
Dibits—"Yes,     I've   noticed   that,  mother will not have to work ao hard."
Last night I asked him if he'd loan I    She is the eldest ot eight children,
me $5. nod be replied bv asking me  ind is her mother's r.ght hand. Bchool
if  1  took  him tor a darned fool."—  and household duties keep her busy
brand  new  frock  suit and  overcoat, I Huston TruiiHcript. I the greater part of the day, but when
__j »»._ 1-jj a *-.„ . :-.~j .v.. ; lhfl children are put to bed, and alter
she has finished "helping mother,"
she weaves romances into halfpenny
exercise books, and evolves wonderful
plots in which poor girls marry rich
and the ladles ot the town ritged the
bride out in a beautiful wedding
gown. A local jeweler provided tin-
wedding ring. After the ceremony an
up-to-date motor car was requisition'
eJ aiid'Mr" end *MV~Heitmm were IMINARD'S l.INIMKNT CO, MniltPd.|«»rls and live'in'a' world"where'alTTs
conveyed in style to the COS]  apart- i    Gentlemen,—I have used MINAItl) 8  happiness and beauty.
ments which their kind fellow towns-    l.INIMKNT on my vessel and in my i    ger uovelette was handed to a well-
folk   had  provided   in   readiness  for | family (or years, ami   for   the every   known publisher's reader, who spoke
them. day ills and accidents ot life I cou- ot it in nighly complimentary terms.
  I aider it has no equal. "She's a   regular    bookworm,'' re-
A Compliment For Hint I    1 would not ot art on a voyage With* | marked  the child's  mother  proudly
'"" " "" "*" r make a
,       —, —.-  — book uu
Storke," Ht.  Andre,  huiiii.iira-.Ku
She was eJ^itM^ wrV"ihr. "J ! °Ul '*' "naiS^i? fttllumiM    11!HS* «*" *' *"t' ^°[
she never had been in the city be- 10   MO, ^JrA^'^.TviiSSiS^m I S*?'*?uri ««»lh there a a b
fore.    There  was no one at the sta- "   " '   "   " ~
tiou to meet her, and she looked
about timidly for a cub. Her rhuther
had told her to take a hans'iin She
lid not nee any hansom nor di I she
know that the cabbies wore a livery
all ttieir own. She did not See a
IHilicemnn, either, so she approached a youth who was standing en the
corner of the street with her bitihful i
"Please,'' she began, "are yiu a
hansom man?"
The youth rst»ed his hand an 1
twirled his moustache im-retiatl'ialy,
smiling with deprecating assumption
of modesty.
"I  am so considered," tie  rejdiej
v minister-Now. just one thing i
before   I   accept    this    charge
you u..t a "supply"?^ j
der her arm. And sometimes she
breaks off In the middle ot making
pea-soup or scrubbing a tloor, and
says, 'Oh, I've got a lovely ideal'
And I get so Interested myself that 1
have to stop work and listen."
Ancient Urn Found.
nea^.n-W.-ll, ye-,' 'though we never' fhe adventure of two buys has re-
.said anything to the in-t preacher •»"«j *» **» fwovtw, mar Brighton.
about it. I'll show you where it is. «• » »'■« speelmen of an ancient Brit-
I and get you a kev. hut I tell voo you; ••* WWW urn. On the cliffs to the
will have to be Just Rl ciircfu! about;*"1 *>' Brighton there have recently
I Using it as the rest of US I- Puck. . ■•» heavy    landslips     A  boy,  who
  * crawled to tho edge of the cliff to look
over, say the mouth ol an uru pro-
m Weak Heart
W Many people safer from weak he». i. They may eipcri*
once shortness ol breelti on oiortioa, pain over tho heart,
or diaay feetlags, oppressed breething alter meals or their
eyes become blurred, their heart is not suftolcntly strong
to pump blood to the oxtremttiei, oad they hove oold heads
ead feet, or poor appetite because of weakened Mood supply
lu tho stomach. A heart tonia and alterative should he token
which has ao bod after-effect. Such is Dr. Pierre's < .olden
Mtdioal Discovery, which contains ao dangerous narcotics
nor alcohol.
The IngrtdkHtte, ao attested anetr -Mia, are Steae reat (Cef/lasMaS flaSmfja
oai), n*M«trMt (SMSftifMria UaaaVaars),OaWan *t««| reel (MyaVaaOs CeaaaVa*
Mandrake rsat {P*+*in*mHhM*m), with irlnts rttlrieo <rlyi.arlM, >n-«rMl
la a scientHk laWalory ta a wojr that Mtratrim caald lasfUtt.
This toaio contains ao alcohol to shrink up the rod blood corpuscles j bat, oa
Iho other head, It increases their number oad they become roaad oad healthy.
It helps the human system la tho eoaetoat manufacture of rich, red blood. It
helps the stomach to asslmilrte or toko up tho proper elements from tha food,
thereby helping digeslioa aad earing dyspepsia, heart*burn aad many uncomfortable symptoms, .lops excessive tissue waste in convalescence Irom levers I
for the rua-dowa. anemic, thin-Wooded people, the " Diirmry " is rofroshiasl
aad vilallaial.   Stiek to this safe aad saaa remedy, ead refute all'' fust as good "
BMdtaiaee oflerad hy the dniaisi who Is taokusM lor a Urger praal.   Kethlag
Wt Dr. Pweo's Oolaea MedToal DUoovefy erg da yaw Ml ae maoei jae-a, |
The Pnulmlit-Oonlound it, Mala*1
♦*1ii. the veil's (tote up. we can't find
the tatlo-v caudles, provisions ar*>
most gone, and it will be a week
before *•- can tot a path -.liu-vl.'.l
thiotiifh to town!
The Optimist-Cheer up, Nehfltilahl
Just think that a hundred years from
now, when our great-«reat-gran'chil- I
dren have gmwu up to lie novelist*, I
dramatists and artists, they will pie. I
tore these days as Ihe "«.oJ ut'J .
times." j
,,., BBbbbbbbbbI.      .1 over,   sny   me   innoiii   oi   nil   urn   uric
Vol,  we  lire goinn  In  the lOMldt   UgUiuJ from the newly-eiposed face ot
again,    All bul father,   t'other eay^,lnf c^in    Kmthf!r l(nJ. (,lun| to ,,,„
(be must huye a rest. j h„j#  tnd |)e 1|Ung ov„ (he edgft o|
the cliff SO feet above the water,
dug out the urn and brought it up
, uninjured. The urn, wb.eb haa been
, secured by the museum authorities,
A man always thinks n woman I (j pronounced to be a rare specimen,
.tight to lie interested in the tiling!  showing remarkable features of design
^^^^^ I n rest.
"Going ii-li*hing, eh?"
"No.   It.■'* going to slay
Cleveland   "lain   Denier.
at home.'
that interest him.
A lure Cure.
"I Just hate a man who keeps nosing around the kitchen, don't font"
''Well. I soon put n stop to that sort
of things in my family.
"Heavens!   How  did  you  manage
"Every Hiw ny husbntiii shows his
tact in the kitchen 1 hand him either
tbe coal pail or tho ash pan ur both,"
An Ivsn Break.
"The roads today ore overrun by bu
toluol ill pa.'1
"Well, the made haven't got ear
itlwj un ihe lardeatPtape" ritltburi
and ornament. It contained the bones
of a British chieftain, who must have
been cremated end buried about Ihe
time ot Caesar's first visit to Britain.
W. N. U., Na.
Th. Leul. llyl...
It waa the French king Luul, XI.
• In. Invented (ulii lac. and It ill
! 1.0UI. XIV.  »llu i.rdiTcd  .11  Ihe .ilk
unhol.terie. i>l the |i.l.ce don. In
' whit, with itiurM nl (old and blue
and a touch nl red, The loui.ine milk*
I ar. named alter Inui, and all th.
I French kinii ol the nam. ol Loull
i have had their inline, brought down
i to pollerily thruniih Ihe invention ol
' tome ntlcle nl drell, whether it be a
i Louit quiii.. heel ol . I.nui« iieiu
| eoat, while to Loull guatorae belong.
th. honor ol a cud ami a hat.
N.iiy Java.
Java I. .iilil In I* IUe r-Bkin ol lh*
llolw where II thunder, ollvn-tl, taring   Ibunder-lornm   un   mueijietti
tail ul the «»'
Write tu us toilny lur tmr choice
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rnuruiNO. with r«*rTi    aoccft
ii aesa
Is the bast r-tu-d» for IjI AKKHiKa It la *a>
tolutrl* hirtnlfii Be «ur- and ••* for "ISra
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The "Wellington" Hat
(or men.
anteetl ut
All sixes
lUff   felt-*
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*t hat value in Canada,
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Ask   your   Dcilar,  or
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CHAS.   C    PUNCHARO   &   CO..
Toronto,  Ont
Ttxt of the Lesson, Jer, xxxvll, 4-21. j
Memory    Verse,    15—Golden    Text j
Num.  xxxii, 23—Commentary  Pre. j
pared by Rev, D. M. Stearns.
We have not yet reached tha end ofj
the sorrows of Jeremiah, ami thesu <
today's lesson seem to have been some
uf the greatest, but all were because
of the truth ami the God of truth (Isit.
Ixv, IU) whoso witness he was. It has
been a long lime since he ceased lo||
complain of his suffering* for the
trtiin s sake, hut he still awuib* the
lull glory of the kingdom which by the1
spirit be foresaw uud predicted. Many
others have come ami gone, uml tiie'
kingdom is not yet. uud the sufferings
continue for the fuithful, but "thi't
Lord (i"il oi recompenses ahull surely
requite" (Jer. li, fail, and the suffer-
ings are not worthy to be compared
with the glory tlmt ahull be revealer1
(Horn, viii, 1«; I Pet. iv, 13).
It seems easy to say it, hut it is true
that suffering for the truth's suke
great privilege uml will bring ua great]
glory in His Kingdom (IMiil, i, si. II
Cor. iv, 17, IB).     Alter   Jehoiakim'
miserable death   ami   seemingly   no
buriiil or as good aa none (Jer. xxxvi,
.'to), hia .son, .Icconinh, reigned three]
months,  which  was  about tin.- same
as no reign ut nil, and was then curried captive to Kuliylon, where he was
a prisoner thiity-six years.   The books
of II Kings uml of Juruniiah end with
tlm   record   of   lliu   deliverance   from
prison   after  tlmt   lom-   period.    His.
lather's brother, ZedcKiau, was then;
made  king,  ami   lu-    reigned    eleven
years, hut neither he nor his servants
nor  the  people    of    tin-    lanil   would'
hearken to the words   ol    the Lord
(veree 2), ulthotigh they professed to,
want Jeremiah to pray for them (verse
.1),  and  more than    once    Zedekiah
consulted him (verse IT; xxxviii. M).
The Itnd twenty-two years before the
captivity, the tune "I these four king-*,
was a time of increasing evil  ami s
specially trying time for    a    faithful Nat Foe
witness like Jeremiah, but no one i*. Patartamiliu—I vaal u
ever tried beyond the grace given to thai notion ol tha birth .
sustain under the trial (I Cor. x, 13).       K.iir.,r-Will yon rwpaa
The Lord's answer to the king who     P&tsrrtrsmiuaa-—Vat  i     .
sent his messengers to inquire ot Jer
oiiiih   in   IoiiikI   hi   verse;-   tl   to   10
our lesson with the admonition "Thus
saith the Lord, deceive not yourselvei
(verse 9).    When the I-ord Jesus fore-	
told iii His Olivet discourse the trou-' T'nh.t- a man haa i " ■ :- m o
hies that woultl come in the approach-. his makeup hu II omt-u unmtns ta
ing years and also nt the end of this nraeh.
age, He said, "lake lieed that no man	
deceive you" (Matt, xxiv, 4).   He also   Minard's Liniment sum - ir^■■•  n :-«•
iitlticil that tlie wonders ami signs ot	
false Christ! and false prophets at the'    To  rraam*n   t  salt  Lfah   Bf   I   dsin
end of this age will, if possible, de-  side  ap in  an   iarthnn   •■• B* nantn
ceive the very elect (verse 24).   From   in tin.
the day on which the devil deceived, 	
Kve he htta been   diligently   working'    Wilson's Ply Pi.;- urn nhi   if   n.ic
tStoflOf B".t-aeia»-a*»'--.» -III"!-*—i.l-jm   j*.;i.   t'*ii*
OB a trnula at 'ln».-t'-» jr lu,.»..-■i.
W.f.Vavac.rst.t»ll/nwiuutaa.. a>n<r-<4.Cm
"in..|i-.l tjf air-Ill lk.M I -V nn.  -.     V       ,,,
■   .
j      If one .,-> troabuMl -*tn  airna ind  a-arta.
.'he mil  itnii   u   ntollowao •     ..-I     in   aa
ll'lli  ■ .■»'!■. II    'hill     -Oil   lUtUfSalS      .-'II a
Mil* aJ] Dniggtat  -    out   — n>
nil Stores throuahi ul I nnodaa    "i-"
i kill many Umes mora flies Mum   m$
other article.
The SolocftOUO  £momv-r
porter   il   i  tamoiiM    —■-o-i—
hoM lieim* attacketi   ij    Ina-ai   vttilit
on duty, •■■.;■< kind empuiy -r ami
rjpstalrs to bed iml aallwl i ihfBJuian
' Winn  tii--  doctor same  down,   ifiw
. having attended Ms patSens; lha   .« ■-
prietor accoated him.
"Well, doctor    10a     Lid     fan  in I
m-'   he naked.
"He's   coming   Joera     #irh     the
on tlmt lino, perhaps never more ao
thun now, hut the time draws near
when he shall he imprisoned uml deceive the nations no more for n thousand years (Kev. xx, 1-3). One cannot
hut tremble for the multitudes who
are deceiving ami being deceived in
these days, but it must end soon. Tlm
prayer of Peter in 1 Pet. v, 10, II. i-.
iust right for all the faithful witnesses
suffering for the truth.
Wc cannot wonder that Jeremiah
lunged to separate himself from all the
unbelieving ones nhout him nnd gel I
away somewhere alone with God (verse
121, mid to be arrested nnd fulaely ac-<   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
cuse.l ami smitten    and   imprisoned  grippe,'1 was the doctor's rr-pfy
nod like to die in a filthy cell (verses,    "if \lt. ,,.„-, |  i  K*nd Mm aadl ■■■
12-16, 20) was hunl indeed for poor hu., bed.    I  warned  him  net  tn   rtg   ui
inanity.   Even John the Baptist seems  more    tMsjgage    today swnm
to have grown discouraged under his   Horn.- ('..nipanion.
imprisonment and seeming neglect by —
Him whom he had pointed out as the     NUrw_.wh«t ta tha matter1
Umh of God (Malt, xi, 4-41).  Oh, how     j0hnny—Tha  bahy    ta    t  rhfc.     [
great is our need of patience and an   ■■,-,.„,. him on the door and be  i„m-.
unwavering faith in God thai will not  bounce »  bit.—New  York ."on
he offended under any circumstances '
(John xvi, I-ilj Rev, xiii, 10; xtv. Ill; ■— -       ■■■    ■ —
Heh. x, TO, 57).
After many days—how lottg they
must have seemed—the kim- sent (or
Jeremiah nud inquired, "Is there any
word from the Lord?" (Verse 171.
There waa no new wont, hut just Ihe
former one concerning the captivity in
Ilnhylon. Jeremiah took occasion to
ask why he had been imprisoned mid
to nsk thut he might not he sent hack
to where he hud been, so he was left
for a time in the court of the prison
(verses 18-81)—just a breathing space
ere his persecutors would ugttin seek
his life, but it would be helpful while
it lusted. Note the daily piece of
bread of verse 31. and let us learn the
lesson of daily bread uml duily
streogtli, the mutter of the day in his
day (chapter iii, .'M, margin). Jehnlu-
chio had no doubt nn abundant supply from the king's table, poor Jere.
iniuli had a piece of bread.
The next chapter tells how the
princes, with the king's consent, cast
Jeremiah into a dungeon, where he
auk In the mire ami would have died
of hunger it he had not been rescued
by an Kthiopinu named Kbedmelaoh,
who, with some other men ind by
tm-ans of rones nin! some old rags to
put under his arms that the ropes
might not hurt him. drew him up from
the dungeon, ami again he is permit-
b-l to remain in the court of the prig-
On ind was there on the day that the
eltv wns taken (chapter xxxviii, 1.1.
2Hi The sequel to Ihe story of Jpre-
tninli and how he wns given perfect
freedom to go where lie ptensei, after
Jerusalem wna taken, hut, choosing to
remain In the city, whs afterward
compelhil fo go down to Egypt, Il
found In chapters xi to xllli.
" Do you know Minn Gnrrelous?"
"Not to «penk to." "But I thought
you hint called on her." "I did but
she did all of the talking."—Toledo
He—"I dreamed last night that
your mother was ill?"
She— "Unite; ! heard you laugh in
your sleep."—Tit-Hits.
Phrenologist—"Dear me, your bump
of dnstruellveness Is very large. Are
you a soldier*"
OiStomer— "No; I'm a chauffeur!"
-Sydney Bulletin.
Women sulT-ring from any form of
Illness are Inviod to promptly communicate with Mrs. Plnkhaa at:.-:.:.,
Mass. All letters art reedvad, opeasa,
read and anawered bj woinea A »-*-
n.Afi ran fr«-f iy talk
of bet private Illness to a womaa,
thus Ins beet »•*■•
tabliale-l  1I.ii " te
Bdenea betweea
Mrs Plnkhan at.d
the women of
AnMrlca whb h baO
never beta brukta.
Never 1ms |hl pub.
Ilshed a testimonial or used a letter
without the written consent of th*
writer, and never has the CompaDf
allowed these cnulldentlal letters to
f't  out of   their possession, as  the
tindreds of thousands  of   them  in
their files will attest.
Out of the vast volume of experience
! which  Mrs.   l'inkham  has to draw
I from, It Is more than possible tlmt t>!>«
has gained the very knowledge needed
In your case,   she asks nothing In return except your good will, and her
advice has helped thousands.   Surely
any woman, rich or poor, should be
glad to take advantage of this genet-
I oui offer of aaslstance.   Address Mrs.
I'lnkham. care of hydla K. 1'mkbam
< Medicine Co., Lynn, Mass,
i    Every woman ought to have
I LydU   K.   IMtikham'a   Ho-peuja
Text Book.  It la not a lunik for
geaeral distribution, as ii to too
•xfwnatve.   It la fro* and only
•Mnlnakto hy aaail-   Writ* fat FREE  rRESS,  CHILLIWACK, BRITISH COLUMBIA
»««*«*»«+**« CHILLIWACK FREE PRESS vllliigosfni thi'i grounds during itn.it
ChilliwacK Fair
Sept. 19-20-21
, A. is vitlil.lt..
lit) uml pilllllsli
nlll.t. W. -tJj.il
I. I'll
liii-li Kuiiilre;  lot tilteil Slnte-.Sl.30.
■Ui-rlMiig niti-Ntlc|u>iulelit mi leriiinr
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once  and  make this
Year's Fair
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♦ Phone, write, or call on the Secretary %
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! A. L. Coote,
H. T. Goodland,
Tin' following in :i pon nluiuro uf
tlii-Cliillltviiolc vnlloy us portrayed
in "Tl|.s fur Trips" n llyiiubl lulled by Hi.' lir.Kleetrio Railway Co:
leaving tho pritli'lo llm lino r.illotvr.
along lli» Blilohllls of llm Vmlilnr
Mountain nt il sullii'iiiit height Im
safely in times u[ ll<in,l uu Mm IhIi.i,
this precaution Involving cnuslih
omble rook work mill lllling. Tin.
Irn 1.i winds in uml mil iilniig lli'
■here nt tin. lain- iintil ii iimii." liii , .
Vi'ilili'ii'i Ic.nliii'l.iili'iil i Inin   	
mm nt Hu,  _^^_„
A^fnw luilus fiirllii'i'iiii ilikI Chilli-
wneli, thoonslcrn ti'l'liiilllls nf till'
I'Vaser Vnll.iy l.illi'.is 1'Oliehod,There
is i I nf tills folder Hiunling
thoiirnisosnfClillllwaok, Il hnsd	
its wnrli If il him  pliiei.il before the
i lor "iii-li : iillni,   uf il,,   |rip
throughl Iho vulloy na tu loail tlm
l.iiii'isi I., liilio tlio trip. Onco thi'
visitor Inn,Is in t'liilliivui'k tho oil-
izi'lis uf Unit place will 'I" thorost,
lot- in 11..- "< :;i i-.l.-M < -it.v nl" Ihe Friim-r
Valley''every i'iti/.enisnl>l'onnilnooil
"linusti'i'" fur his liuiiii' linvn.
If Iho traveller hasn tow days tn|
-pure li" limy   wnll   plilii  tn "| I
lh, in nl   Cnilllwneli.   Tho    valley
ilhniiiids ing I   mads, uml   trips
inny with onsclm iimilo In pi>lills nl
Interest uml 1 .inuly. ftholnllor
holng Ciillii" l.iiln'. ii vorlilnhla gotn
uf water lying mi Wilder Mnnnliilii
,i I'm ml,      ,.nil,,,I'll 11 v  ill whirl,
is   II,,'  n,l, I,II,,I     lu   eiVllle
ii grail pul.li.' I'
loves tho "rod  I   stream"    will |* .....»........«•>It
gnzo li.ngingly, for th..-.' swirling*  Local and District |i|
pools nnd oddiesnrelhc hull film   '.*.<.*»»...».....<».«.; I
"big nnes" „f llm trout   family      ,,„ |,i.ir,,r.l. uf tho Snlurilny
Acruss this famous fishing sire  Sll|,„„t  „.,,„ „ v1si(0|. in ,„„„ .,-,„,;
tho train passes „n u   high   bridge, |,L|V    ,,,.  „.„„   ,„.,. m m |n
nnd,nlleriiHliorti-nti through forest ,,,,    „-,,, „„. |,„|,|i,,,li„„ ,lf
*      enllllll'.V.  emerges   illln   Ibe  fi H" | „„.    , |,i||i„:l,.|,     p„,ilni     „f   'I-,,,,,,,!
♦ 1 Chllliwiiel; Volley. Amliiltliispoint   ,.   ,, ,
♦**.|********.,**»«.*.:..:.<..K..W presented ii view nbieh will  lllllll       '
Ibe   traveller's    tlt.tl>lltl(>ll     wlllllllll
***iWt*****************t* ************ **» <•+<■++++*****
1 Williams 1
I destroyer!
$1.00 ® $1.75
Per Tin
Also on Hand
I wish to nnnoiinei! lo Uib people of Cliilliwnck
mill Valley tlmt I linvc purchased tlio lee ('renin
uml Confectionery Business recently conducted
by Mr, Alsgard. Having had Ion years experience in this lino I mn prepared to enter to the
wants of tho puhlic in a manner that 1 feel sure
will iiiei'l with vniii iippi'nval. Only the hesl
grades ofg Is will he curried and eilieielil service given.
We  make our candy
Lighl l.unelies.  rile
re li  daily,    lee ('ream,
in a style lo please.
hlllle? II. I'nilller, ntHtrnlnO, Alio
J tiie traveller1,   nllontlun    wl ill „|„,.„  pU,oh„so id Mr. Ilellls frnll||
J  in,)'iliroelii.il frnli. Ihese pages.   AI -„,.,„ „.„s „. ,|' |llM Wl,.k, |„ ox.  i
f Uie eastern I ut Iho vnlloy tower. „,,,.„ ,„.|iVi. |n.|v .„     i(||
♦,.MnonU'hoii,,,, 11,0011 feet iii height, ,,,„ „■,.. ,im| fllI|lj|j. |lm| (vi|| rw.(|(,
4 uml from its tufty summit, iii regular jn tjM, v.,||,,v
; | order, tin; lesser peaks of tho t'honin
Tanglefoot, Wilson's
Fly   Fads,      Foison
Fnds.    '('nils,     nnd
Insect Fowdcr
j H. J. BARBER j
t I
x, .         ,,    i   , •       Mr.    Hopkins, ..f Pint   Aithu
♦   range des id, lu  lie liimllv   Instill      ,      , ,       , ,
,    ,      , .,, ,   ,    , ,     ,    ,  ,        "bu   lias pluvliiisnl several iliTes u
it ho foothills aniltho brond stretches        ,,, ,    ,        „   ..
'     ,,       ,,        ,   ,    ,   .        ,1     •,  vegetable gimliin   .,,     un    'mini
of the vidlev.   And wlmt n vnlloy it'
************ •:•**>:••:
is ! For ninny .vein's tho area bus
been under cultivntion, onrly settlers
having learned uf its fertility, because of the nature nf its soil nnd
its favored location, tho result be-
Ing thai today il Ian vert ilnblo garde:
pi'-tilretl'ino end tiielld.
The printed word can but faintly
describe the impression which will
be made upon the luin-isl its fur Ibe
first lime he gnaw npuu this great
tract which one traveller declared,
after spending sevoral dues in th,.
district, lu lie truly worthy, nf Ibe.
bililieidiippelliil'nii "a land Unwind >♦♦«,,»«J-.HU«t,,«.«,,,«-.»■;
milk ineI I y ".   Sulliocil to Sify  * -    '    ' ♦
lli;itfnrferlily,riebnes"iin.| evidoncc
(proa|ici'lly Iho traveller will travel
riueUiili'liefuri.. he Tunis ilseiinnl.
Central iiiii'l, uill, with Ids family
shortly reside iii Mr. II. C, McGII-
livray'a realdo'nce no Wcatminaler
stieei, Mr. linpkias will engage iu
general gardening and as a landscape
gill'lller uf sulne repute.
Mr.   Jnlif1aT.il    II.   Ungton,  ..f
Cliilliwnck, bul n lii'.'iolifid exhibit
uf l„.i„..v:,ltT'..V,uieuiiv.'l'|-'nir bulb
in the bund Inglnsscs. lie mis
 f the primiii'i.'xhil.it.,i> in tin-
honey iind njinrium priidnct clnss,
winning live llrsls.
Uml lids in,ii has n cord attached.    This means Unit with the
IHiTI-ilINT KI.I'.CTIi'U'llluN
■   .^—    ■      i. ■ -      vim have im lires In I mil.I.  no    |
-    needless steps In iniike, il in t ithnvenll ihat—yon really    -
iron iu comfort.    Thai   is,  Ihe  llntpoiul   way.    Just
nttaeh the eiinl in v ■ electric light socket and commence ironing,    No wailing.
Over Kitty llolpoinl Irons old in Vancouver each day.
B. C. Electric Railway Co., Limited
|   Suijt Cases  \
1  Hand Bags \
I      rpniitbeb Illilll.ls'in  the bill-IX
side isiia ideal Inenlinii forurellunl,
mid here tbe e.V|.erl ill iiuil- Inl
funml bis wn.v iind tbe results uf Id
toil arc evidenced In tlio onortni.tt
shipments which aro now mitdcfrr.m
the district, iho fruit Iiclng engn-ly
suiiiht in whatever markel tli.-v arc
placed on account uf llielr tim-ij
quality. (In the richer lower ground
tin- market gardener holds fnrtll.ni.d
his offerings nf berries and prtnlnco
make the mnilth nl the traveller
Water a. the place is passed, lu the
nearby elty is a cannery, wlilch bus
J I la-en eslnhllsliMl hut neninpai'iilively 11
short lime, yet its iiioiind shipmentjf    fur. al ;1 price that wi
Situated ten ininiiloswnlk to posloltlce,
All iu (lrsl-cliiss slate ..I' mdlivalion
high, dry and lev.'I. witli wide froiitagi
mi Charles Stieei. Kncli iptai'lei'-acn
lias a l in in I »-r uf choice fruit trees ii
full hearing, nnd llm prices aiv ipiiti
The ChilliwacK Specialist
liuying you have done
r spine time,
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Chas. Parker
Your Outfitter
tells the story of ihe productivenessI;
of the valley in Hint line. |;
Itieh   piisture lands are pnnseil ]     for spine til
|! thruugh uml in the herds ..f mngnifi-!;
cent entile wldeh inny he scon then
! iu lie" nlle nf tbe grenl asset- uf II
district, Su rich n country is judged If
tube worthy  of the   l„-l   breeds of
dairy enllle I the fur is nf the
Clillliwnnk Valley have selected their
stuck  sn carefully   tlmt  the tamejf
i if their bents bus gone fare and wide.
Tl xlcill nf Hie dairy Inisiness nf
till' distliet limy be jllilgeil ulli'II    il   t, 	
i" stated that tiieuiitpiii iniin iwoof J    Fit Reform Clothier
the eii-npei'lllive ereiuoeries   uf thi.
section was reeeolly llnlcdnl   loo...
11001) pounds nf butler per y -,  Im
J   wllirh il pi'i.',' lis.V'Ihr mill l.el ip|,,|.|
lion ivnseuietaiill.v llretl hccall-e
t ,,( high qunllly nl tbeprniluel. Ami
thin reckoning il  not  lake Into
account olhcr small creameries or
the large ainouiil from linilifidnirto.,
! Iftlio vi-ilur bus tin lime il is well'
■>•:•♦•>»*»**♦  worth hlswldlolos|o|iovonilClillll ;
||wnck nud ins|H'el the Ivleoliiuili m
We have iplete
stick   id   these   guilds
fur the summer season.
Y.ui eaii get a nine
Hand ling, Suit Case
or Trunk, just the kind
von have been looking
,f-n,OIKIe;,sesuflr.,itanil«'gel;ible"i|     ,|1:||.„    ,,„.„,    ,|„   ,„.,,      |  J
Let Us Have Your
Order for
The ilesi Qunlity,
Tile  Lowest   I'riee
oii.l u Certainty of
Prompt  Delivery.
Have Yon Tried
Robin Hood Flour
i liir Guarantee is
Cash Grocery
Saturday, Sept. 9th.
Beginning Saturday, Sept. il, wo .will have placed
on sale the largest slock of high-class turn it un-,
rugs,    linoleums,    mattresses,    bedding,    window
shades, dishes, etc, ever displayed in Cliilliwnck,
The goods are the hesl and the prices are rock
lioltiiin.    We invite you to call and sec our new
store and stock whether you Imy or not.
. t
Specials for One Week
Six Kitchen Chairs Free
With   the   piii'ehase   of  each   Dinillg-I ui   Suite,
amounting In $511 orovi'l', we will give Free, Six
Kitchen I 'hnii'
Choice of Toilet Set Free
Willi each purchase of a Bodrooni.Suitc amounting to ifiUfi or over, We will give  Free your choice
of a Six Piece Toilet Sel.
Free Tea Pot
With every Dinner Sol at any price, we will give
One lirown Tea Pol Free,
Free Furniture Polish
Willi every pmchase of J5.00 or over, we will present you with a 50c, holtle of  Liquid Veneer or
Veri-Briglit Furniture Polish.    One holtle only to
each customer.
These exceptional inducement- are good for One
Week beginning Saturday, Sept. !).
This is Your Opportunity. Call Early.
T..e Leaiing Furniture Man      CHILLIWACK, B.C.
«•; •>■:-•:•; -s •>**#****+♦♦♦♦♦♦->♦♦<
♦ Electrical Contractor
Wiring for Power
and Lighting
J A complete line of J
I Fittings mid Supplies I
> J
******************* *******
Scene  From
Opera House     .     .     Sept. 13
Chilliwack Free Press
$1.00 per year in advance
THE MERCHANTS BANK tTr\'\ rlw; rv.'V1
***•      *! Will find pIllllU Iei|lll|illlellt wliioli
i sn I
Paid-up (liipillll and Hesei'Vi
.*l 1,000,000
Money I..... in 11 lo Itespoiiriililo Penpli
Accounts Opened mi Fnvornlilu Ternii
OnibbiwAOK Branch   -   N. s. MacKe-nhir, Mnnngov i
********************>***■•.■<■■■.■**<■** i*****+**********mj
ioi'ii lili.ilel ill ever.v l'e"|ieel.
Siildis    is  |,i|..,.,|   shortly   before
coining In rbilliivaek, ami al Ibis
iiniiil tilellnl passes llirniigb liuml-
dreds nf aeresiif hii|i.viiids, the volley
having been  fiilUld III   la1   favuralile
iii the proper growth uf this rather
: i particular vine. If the trip nl the
J | tourist is taken during,Hoiilombor be
wilt Iind lliese hopyardfl a -eoliu nf
nl great activity, fnrthisis the lime
whentllfl'"rophf Ibe.veari-plucked,
lie work Isdng choifl.v dune by the
luiliiilis,   who  establish tomimnu'j'
!   A Business Buy   !
Wc can deliver 7"> ii-'t't of Inisiness property, exceedingly close in at
$.'{0.00 per front foot, on terms.
This is a Special. Secure It
F. J. HART & CO., LTD.
The Chilliwack Specialists
-k. mm
——a i   as—"——*—^—
j   ! THIS !   !
* iili ft. x 204 ft. near Ihe   f
* %
'oat Office witli liuibl-
i ingfl   whicli   can   rent f
* . 4.
t for $.85,00 per month, j
* T
•y   *
Price $12,600,00
.*:;inn cash.
*   lial. $Hl)0 per nullum   |
% bu' inn years.
■six per ei'iit. interest,
I Hutcheson I
® Co.        ♦
: t
*    Rsilty antl Insurance   *
I Agents J
I *
_>|  U'limilfleiTiifl   lUiltf.        I'lmllf II
Arthur E. Baker
Hiilitirimti HoiiifnaRiieclitUy.
Roht. Carniiuhiiol, nf Cuwleyifc
t'nriiiiclniel, U in Vancouver on 1>U8-
ine.-* thi* w-.-k, Imvtng BUfHclently
recovered fioin tho efTecU of .1 sore
font to In- around tigtun,
Fruit Uixcn nt Cliilliwnck lMitn-
iiiK Mills.
All roads lead to Glilllhvftck on
Sept, 19, 20 nnd 21, the dates of
tlm iinntnil Full Pail'.
A session of the Rural School
Riinnl was held mi Auk2!). Routine
bushiest wits the ordor.
Tbe Empttw Hotel Is being ro*
fitted with stoam radiators in preparation nf tho cooler season.
Mi. nnd Mrs. V. II. Itohson have
tnken up tht'ir rcsitlonce-nt the R,
('. Klt'fli'it* Htiition whi'iv Mr. Unh*
son is ngi'iit,
A Conservative rally and plonial
was held at Mllnor yoBtcrUiiy. A
uuiuIhm1 of Ineal Conferva lives were
in iitteiitli	
.lolui ICwen, who is in charge of
.1. II. Clougbtnii'n law olllee in Hit*
City, has reuotvud 11 cotiitnlssiou as
u Notary Public.
[>. Murden hits purcjiascd tin1
Imruefls litisluoss rocOntly conducted
hy .1. I.. Dcnbolm. It is just uliutit \
n year -i Mr. Mtirdou Bold  out.
Miss Uoyle, the mllllnor, Is showing tln> latest nnvolttos in Kail Kelts
at Iter store opiiostto the Post oflico.
All ladios un' invited t<> cull anil
see thoso goods, Phone 1088.
Mr. Hayhursl, nf Vancouver, bns
taken a position iu W.U. Lillio'a
Grocery Store. Mr. Hnyhurst Isitn
oxjrerienced grocery man mid will
he an addition to Mr. Ullie's staff.
The Women's Institute will meet
on Sept. It), as usual, anil a vory|
interesting program lias been prepared. Among other items is a talk
by Mrs. Alex Mercer of Kosedule,
on,and n practical demonstration of,
Free furniture polish, kitchen
chairs,toiibi sets, nnd ten pots til
Tronholin's furniture.store> See Ins
advt. in this issue of tho Chilliwack
Free Press,
Mr, Grnsnell, of Victoria, nnd
Win. Cnrswoll nnd J. P. McOumell
of Vancouver, spent Sunday and
Monday on the hitter's ranch east
of the city, returning to Vancouver
on Tuesday.
The plate glass front in W.li.
Trenbolni's furniture store lias been
completed, The large whitlows and
marble buses, make a very effective
front iiniliifVni'ds good display space
for furniture,
Another home is in course of construction on Core Avenue, Mr. T.
II.  Moore, of Ituskiit,  being Ihe
owner and Mr. While ll on tractor
The  bouse i* 11 srveii 1 ineil one
and haa already Inn, leaped.
McDonald limn, ihe r. \, I;
railway coutcaelors were given an
informal banquet al the ICinpressou
Monday ovoidug by a inim'xir of
their friends, on the eve of tbeir
departure for Kamloops
Mrs. \V, K. Ferris bad tho misfortune to break a bono III her right
arm between the wrist and elbow-
on Wednesday evening last. She
bail been tint in the garden and was
returning lo tbe bouse imrripdly
when she slipped ami fell striking
a piece of limber with her right arm
which caused the fracture,
City Clerk, K. .1. Hnucher, was a
visitor to Vancouver Fail last week
ami returned with a new thirty
horse power overland car on Sunday
evening. The trip was made in
about nine hours. We expect soon
to hco all the City aldermen investing in these modern distance ui.ni
SubscrilH* for the Free Press
ChilliwuclC* Big Fait—Sept 10,
20 and 21,
Beginning Sept. 1 11 reduction in
passenger rates between Chilliwack
and Vancouver on the B.C. Electric
went into effect. The fare now to
Vancouverer either single or return
will he ten cents less than formerly.
The week-end excursion rates are
also reduced.
A large number of local sports
journeyed to Westminster on Monday to witness the big lacrosse match
between Westminster and Vancouver. The game was won hy tbe Royals hy eight goals to five, and is
reported In have boon a clctin and
clever exhibition of the national
game, The eastern lacrosse magnate
Jos. bally, came ;mhm miles to referee the game, and performed his
duties with entire satisfaction  to
s| tutor* uml contestants nlike, Tbe
two teams are  now  tied  for the
Delightful,fascinating, enjoyable,
captivating, unique, bewitching,
dainty, U would take all of the above
and ninny other complimentary
expressions to properly dchcrilieone
of tho performances given by the
Juvenile Boston fans. Thin charming
organization of girls has been very
aptly called the dessert of the theatrical menu, which expresses the
refreshing tastincss of their entertainment perfectly. Thin season they
will appear in that tuneful operetta,
The Rose of I tin 11 dee n whicli is said to
he one of theulcvercst sougshowsen
tour this year, and when produced
by this clever bunch of youthful
artists there is little room left 'for
doubting the assertion that the theatre going public of Cliilliwnck have
a treat 111 store for them on Sept.
!8, when the manager of tbe Opera
House offers this bright attraction
for 11 one night engagement.
The organ in the Roller Rink was
being tuned this week, In anticipation
of the coming season of roller skating.
The Chilliwack Liberal Association
Committee rooms are located over
Webb's hardware store, The Conservative rooms are over tbe Progress
Hart A Co., report the sale of fifty-
three acres of the Win. Bruithwuite
term, situated on the Camp Slougli
road, to Messrs. Chisholm Bros., of
Muurn for 810,000.
Friday nan'ATI unusual number of
Indians on the streets, bailing from
the North country as far as Port
Simpson in anticipation of tbe gathering of the hop crop. This is a
yearly trip for these people ami hot h
the bop growci aud the merchant
derive much benefit from their visit.
Friends of Mr. and Mrs. (1. P,
Chamberlain will be orry to bear
that their son. Paul, who accompanied Mr. Cluimlicrland east u short
time ago, is lying.very seriously ill
at Sudbury. Ptomaine poisoning
is, a* far as can lie learned, the cause
of master Paul's illness.
III an effort It) i-Htuhlixli it nailery nf
ploneors of the Fraser Valley, I will
irive tu every mint whu liu-i lieeii a resilient of the valley nut lens than
twenty-five sears and who is elixihle
tu iiit-inlH-rtailp in The Old Timers
Aufwrlalioit, 0»e large Plat ine Finish
iihnt'igraph tif himself, stiiiahle fur
framing, frre.
Provided, tlmt he will conic to my
studio 1 iefnre the lirsl day of October
next and give a few moments of his
time in an effort tu nhiain a likeiuiw
that will not only be a credit to lilnt-
wH and the pioneer* of the Valley,
but tbe Httidio as well,
L. F. CROFT. Photographer
Tkt Mm Slaala   CalluwacS, l.f.
Implement and
Produce Co.
All kinds of
Poultry Food
Armour'* Mont Si'rap
Chick Feed
Phono 9
Feed Co.
is now ready for Inisiness uml offer to sell
at lowest prices: Flour,
Grain, Feed and Poultry Supplies, retail and
Wc will bnyHay, Grain,
Fruit, Potatoes,  Poultry and Eggs.
CoBD.clt.nl at V.nc.it.r,
Vlcl.rU u< Frlmc. laaart.
».tat. «»• Grain Sack.
rat Salt.
ChilliwacK Feed Co.
C. T. Vradenbur-j
rittcaar St.
will be glad
to furnish you
with an estimate on your
lumber bill
whether you
place your order with them
or not.
j    Phone 86
I Macken-
I Smith
1 Lumber Co.
Conaeaxd Advtrtnitt
HOUSE TO RKST-Kmir nmti Un
on corner ,,f Ri-nin mil girAoal -Si*.
Apply lu II..I.I. Hi!,... Maty St
1'OK SALE OB Tu KEST-Eliduj km
will. Kveral boom un] iniiuni"
Sii- J   Hi." Bvnl
KIIK   SALE—Sbl.-inliil   timing   Man-.
UliKKJ .11*1 lt.ir!„ f
Apply t.i H. 1 SbaSjrata
in the
Mornir g
Av'oid the
For the
of our
thia Store will
remain Open
avll day
and Friday and
Ever "r
dv ii
I     .
The I. D. Smith Co. of New YorK - making^twork
People stream in all day long and get what they want. A magnificent stock of Dry Goods, Cloaks,
Suits Etc.,in fact everything that a lady or child may need. This superior stock is going in all directions.
GUTTING HEADY TO GET OUT OF BUSINESS QUICKLY causes bargains that are attracting
eager attention.        :        Everyone amazed at the very low prices. :        Come before all. are gone.
DONT DELAY!    It means a Big saving for You.
Henderson Bought His Merchandise For Cash.   A Big Saving Over Those Stores Who Bought On
Long Credit.    Now You Can Buy Anything In The House At And Below Manufiictuei's Cost.
The reason that Henderson's Gigantic Clearing Out Sale is such a success is easily accounted for. The
ladies of Chilliwack antl vicinity tire familiar with the standards and policies of this store, and notwithstanding the cut-slash prices which prevail, the high standard of quality which made this store famous,
will be strictly adhered to during this sale.
IP VERY nrtWfl rk«l In plnln flgurn",  Tlio roil pries mi
evoi')* ni'lli'lu proven without doubt t<> tlio lu.sts.it pcoplo
ttlm linvo sn fin' lii'iii'liii'.l l'\ our splondiil mlnptiniw tlmt
tliis wile In nli-olutoly tin- prnmiorovont, and jiult-iiivc by the
wnv tbe oi'owiIh have, been buying and by tbe satisfaction
shown, till- sub. is Iho greatest monoy-saviag salo over hold.
A Few Prlcei That Make Thli Sale The Phenomenal
Success That It It
|ii,ihi.| ynrilil I'rint, Iti'ii. Iii'..-. iiinl I,".', u .vnnl, now 3 .vitrilit tor -""•.
I.",.•. Klniliinlolto III...
Dlioklllil I'lii'i'i' Flnimololtc, ">l iiir wi.tu, in linn tin.- untli-rn* . Kk.
300, Itliiii'lu'il SlisuliiiK!. dir 2l)c. . Hlo.u'li.il HIieetiiiK-i imw 20c.
Double Wliltll, nil wool, Dims floods, in unit patlurim, wurtli 60"., 2tn.
Qi IMK in nnd look over our stuck, whotltor you wish to buy
or in.1.  Wo know when ymi soo the prtoes quoted you
or nut. Wo know when _v.ui sim the prices qtiotod you
will sity ii good wor<l f..r us to yoiir friends, uud your personal efforts will be of groat help'to ua. Plenty of extra, competent salespeople, have In-eu engaged, so'that no -•*•■•-
bow great the crowds arc you will be waited upon pr
by clerks who are only too anxious Ui pluiiso.
• a
Under Management of The L D. SMITH CO. of New York
1    Urn-M-tUMIM"'** H « » <IIMMtt<fcMMMMM11.|ll| n, ,,,., ^^MMM|. aaa^aaat-asa
j -L
free press, chilliwack, British Columbia.
it Led to Results In a Love
Tbe nli-lit operutur nt Hlenker'a Lift
bud been cryllltf. Job Duly, the tnrl
turu old trackwalker, huw iliut with
half un eye -which wiih all bit evei til
reeled toward tbe sei—when hetatne
ID for the OOal, scuttle tlmt eienlng
Tiling bis imagination for u cause, :
Job miuiilavd Unit lunula wept bt> ,
cause bur father wiih laid ti|i ngniu
Willi Ida crippled back, a meuieuto ot ;
(he lual landslide, which he iiud defied
In order to (leg ufl.u warning to other*
As a mailer ot tact the girl's (curs
were not nihil ones, but permitted to
tbe discovery (bat Uie young engineer ,
ot No. T was tio ordinary a'weat-ol the
brow running ainii, but a chap ot very
different caliber--lu short, a son ut (he
tint vice president, with a ptMicbaut
for practical knowledge cunceruiug bis
father's road.
True, Dave maintained that a man
Is oot accounltilile fur tils tat her uud
bad blustered reassuringly when Ww j
da wormed uut of nun the admission
tbat bin aire hud shuwu n tendency iu '
a bot but wtifu told ot then tuatrlmo
Dial plans.
"Dad needn't be ao doggoned crlt
leal." grumbled Dave, Dlisstuily de
positing a cinder amudge uear Itnodu »
pink mouth. "He's aeit made, ever)
lut-h ot him: begun at rink boitoui tor
ly years agu. lies ofleu iota me thai
I'm named for an old 'imiuty ut his
■ome one he (bought ltie world ol anil
Would give a loi to iind."
Notwithstanding the vice president'* ;
magnanimity towurd the umuiory ut ti  !
whilom "buddy," itbuda telt that bei
bumble   sell    as   a    duughier-in law
should not be wnotoTiiy thrust upon
him, particularly since i)ave cuntestteu:
light heuriediy tbat tbe act mijjin hind
bim to un engineer's lire tn dead ear
nest  Khe wufi a girl wltb a conscience.
aud thai unfeeling mentor represented
tbat she otiiuhi not to wreck her lov
tr's career.   Therefore Ithotla wuk dig   '.
glny e Utile bean grave that night at
Hleuker'a Lift and trying to shovel bin |
liare Into It.
Old Job In bis world lean sympathy
bad tilled up iter coal atuve su solicit-
otisly al 10 uviti.it and again at I lhat
Jtlioda was driven to ibe open dour
for a breath ut tiie keen mountain air
of lale November the black nlgbi
■bowed inny a lew sickly slurs above
tbe lull pines and Jub Daly s lantern
■winging-along the winding pnih In
ward nt* own aiitutiy. Suddenly this
one friendly twnikm amin ihe diuk-
nt-tw lurt'Ued sitienuys autl went out.
"Job," mi mi it iiuda concernedly*-
"Job, did yuu fallT
Tberv was no answer, and the girl
turned resolutely within the oltire.
Bbe bad lighted nuother luniem and :
was reacbing Tor a wrap win-n un
usual sounds umde ber wheel quickly
Five burly, evil looking men blocked
Ibe doorway.
Kboda siep|H*d arrtMia to ibe table,
ber eyes seeking ibe old fashioned
photograph hanging above It at one
might ap|»eai tu a crucifix. It was
tbe likeness of ber father, whom she
ldollxHl. and she wits taking eouuael
of in in now and also tliankinu Hod
tbat It was she on duty Hint night iu
atead of bint. I hen she coolly faced
tbe Intruders, bet buck to tbe table ,
and one baud creeping out stealthily ,
behind ber.
"Drop that, etirse fonF* marled one
of tbe men "Yuu 11 ttuger that ticker
when I tell yuu tu aud uut before.
It was .the ugliest vllinin uf (hem all
wbu s|K>ke. uud itbodu s arm tell at
ber aide.
"Now you'll wire the old man at
Ruuifurd," ihe fetmw euiuiuauded. leveling a stimuli: fmrrel a( tier bead, '
"tbat there a a rock or a tree-make
tl a tree-on the Iruek, and the express  'Il  have li> lake Ihe aiiltit-*    'r*»l
The Kidneys
Wear Out
But Many People of Advanced Years I
Have Learned How to Keep These
Organs Healthy by Using j
The kidneys arc often the first organ* of tln> hotly Ui cause    trouble.
Their work of filtering the I.I I j.
greatly increased hy excessive ontlng
or hy (lie UM of highly seasoned foods!
ami alcohiillc drink- I
As inlvaiiccil age   comes   mi   must
|ieo|i!e suffer more or less frtuii do-
raiigemctils of the kidneys. Willi'
Mime there are years nf polnn and
aches,  wiih others  llright's disease ill
soon tlevi'Iuped ttiiil tiie end comes
fortunately a great many have
learned about Dr. Chase's Kidney and
Liver Pills, and are enabled hy their
Use to keep the kidneys hcallhy and
This medicine is entirely different,
from ordinary kidney treatments, and
invigorates the aetluii of Hip liver nnd
howets, To this combined action is i
attributed its remarkable success.
Mr. Richard Preston, of Osborne,
UmbtOfl ctiunty. Ont., writes:—-"I;
want to testify to tie' wonderful cum-1
live properties uf Dr. A. W. Chase's
Kiilney and I.iver fills. Seventeen
vears agti I hegnn Ihe use of lids
iiiedicine, when my hack was sn hud
lo stoop or rise wan torture tn me.
The kidneys were in had condition,.
but these "pills entirely freed me nl
hack pains. I have used them ever J
since, whenever the kidneys would gel
out ot order, and now, at eighty years,
tun well mi.I hearty, thanks to this
medicine."   •
Dr. A. W. Chase's Kidney and I.iver
Pills, one pill a dose. 2a cents a box.
at all dealers, or Kdiniiiison, Holes ft
Co., Toronto. '
'em the old guy Is hurt nnd they'll
have to throw the switch themselves."
He lowered tils vnlce, speaking to the
others, "That'll give us time to Bi the
engineer unit gel aboard"   t,   ■
Ills accomplices uodded.
"Now hump yourself, girl. 'I'lili man.
Telegraph Ulli, Is next tu the dm nud
dash lingo, so yuu cant tool Us, ami
you'll do tbe Jub up prupet ur It'll be
all day with you." A metallic, Click
emphasized the threat.
Ithotla glanced slowly alma) the clr
cle ot dark, sinister faces. panting
last tu Telegraph Mill, she saw that the
man was listening Intelllgur'ly to a
messago passing over the wire, and she
knew the leader had spoken truly.
They were not tu lie fooled.
An ashen pallor overspread bar face.
She reached tiesltatlugiy fur tbe key
tier lingers 'stiffened on It unwillingly,
and Jerkily the Instrument began to
tide. At the Drat souud Telegraph Rill
looked up, and their eyes held each
other for an Instant, (hen tbe man's
brow contracted doggedly, and be looked down. Even a train robber may not
relish seeing a loyal hearted woman
compelled to betray her post.
Tick, tick, tick, sped the message,
while Rhoda gazed fascinatedly at the
one man who understood It When she
had finished their eyes met again, but
his spoke only a bold admiration before which Hboda'e lashes sank,
After cutting tbe wires tbe men filed
uuu eugageu to muttered colloquy,
llliiida Hung herset; duwu, hei heud
upon bet alius. 1 lieu, ut the thullgbt
ot all tbat might yet be, she drew a
bright little revuivei truui the drawer
aud beta it tremblingly. A muttied
step aud Telegrupb Hill stood before
ber, glancing buck apprehensively aa
If tu see 11 he were watched,
The gill's weapon flushed aimlessly.
With a Hoar su imprceatluu the uuiu
lunged to the Hum. his temple striking
a broken drawhead, wblch tata, In (be
pei-suu ot Job Duiy, nud east into a
corner that afteruuun. Ktuod gushed
from two wounds, and he lay white
and mntluuless where he had fallen.
In Htiotlii a eara was a running re-
verberaUuu Site thought It waa her
own heart till the deek lights ot a
frelghi whizzed past, and then she knew
why the report ot her shot had not
brought i lie uthet uieu hack. She
trout ind iu hot chair, hiding her eyes
from Hint rigid while raced object with
Its oozing blond The wonted companionship ut the suundet  was gone, uud
the mournful signing of the plue trees
without seemed a gtiuslly requiem tor
■lain hope.
Afiet many hours, she thought, there
came a locuniuiive's stmrp cry. waking
the mountain echoes; then the neuter
rulllug (bunder ut a train. She heard
tbe brake shoe* grind upon the wheels,
and then ubilviuu infolded ber, utipeue-
trated by Uie hubbub ol shouts and
bring which rulluwed.
What she knew next was thai Dave
bent over her, pressing ber drooping
heud against the breast ot his souty
cunt, 'the room was full uf men,
some ot them bound and gagged.
Among these tittle* wns .lob. fur otn-e
more silent Ihiin even be enjoyed,
though ne spoke no word when some
one loosed him.
A stalely old ge-illetnnn emerged
from die Ditekground and. crossing
over, twitched ibe engineer's sleeve.
Tbe young innu lifted bis eyes, a tender, adoring ilghi sllll tilling them.
"Kuiher!" he exclaimed. "What lo
the name of all"—
Tbe old genlleinnn smiled qulxxlcnlly.
"I had a fancy to see now yuu ran
an engine, Dave, and I got rlgbt luto
It   lley. boyV"
At (but moment a commotion arose
from the ruttiuu in tbe comer. Raising blmsell on one elbow, he stared
stupidly about, then lifted a vindictive
fist and shook It ai Itbuda.
"You young JexelHtl, you.'' he roared
painfully, "to serve me tike this after
I'd suveil yuu rruui itie gang. They'd
buvu aiung yuu u through ticket If I'd
blowed your me.s-.nge, and yuu know
It too. you-you-bully Utile devil
bcnl I was going to belp von make a
sneak II you hado i plugged uie, nut"—
A groan aud a collapse ended tbe
Ithotla sprang forward, remorsefully
wringing ber hands. Duve'a gaze
went wiih ber devouringly.
The vice president looked from one
to tbe other. J lieu be adjusted his
eyeglasses and picked up tho yellow
telegram slip whlrb the division su*
pertuteudeui hud just laid duwu. lie
"Danger at H Rubbers waiting for
train Na 1, Don't stop, fur Uud a
The oilli'lal smiled again, this ttme a
little uncertainly. Kdglng closer to
his suu, be luld a gentle bund upon tils
Mt-ad," he said reproachfully, pointing to the Utile uid photograph above
tbe table, "why didu t you tell ms
luug ago thai she was Dave Urody a
girl? Surely yuu knew that he Waa
my uld buddy/"
Haw to Care For Winter Garments to
Avoid  Moths,
livery dpot that ia not clean is inviting to the dying moth, where its
| --h'aja   may   be   safely   deposited   and
I hutched in duo time. So the Hut necessity is to have such spots thorough-
j ly cleaned—tula even if the whole gar-
, merit need not be washed,
I Kor heavy cloth coats and wraps s
good beating, airit",- and sunning, with
| careful attention to suited aputs, will
usually he quite bUfHcieut. Then, if
eaoli  is placed  inside  it  hag made oi
j stout musl.ti and with a dratvstring
in the lop, then- is little risk.
| Among furs sealskin is exempt fruin
the ravages of moths,   (loud brushing
I and a care in cleaning nut the dust
and ridding the fur nf uuy lumpy
places, with a day of sunning and utir-
[ng, luffloe.   The furs are then ready
! to be placed in bags and hung where
they will not  be crushed.
i     Underwear tlmt lias any woul in it
1 must be taken cure of also. A clean
trunk, witii iiti paper lining the bottom and sides ami a piece tn lay over
after packing, is perhaps the best for
such things, ns it is easy to look them
, over  two  or  three  times  during the
1 summer, siring and sunning. Indeed,
this precaution shmilil he taken with
all wools, lurs ami clothing. Select a
bright, day,  take everything out and
I hung  on  lines,  beating mid  brushing
i am] looking over carefully.
Blankets shnuhl be washed, ami for
that purpose it is better to take a
warm and cloudless day that they may
have   all  the  sweetness  of  the  suu
i stored in their folds. If put away
quite dry   and   clean   moths  will   not
i trouble  blankets at  all.
,     Dress   skirts    should    be    carefully
' cleaned, brushed until every particle
of dust is out anil also hung in long,
, slender hags.    If this  is  not  possible
I try to foltl only once and place tissue
paper in the folds.    Coats ami wisps
; should not be folded. Two may be
inelosod in the sum-' bag and hung
, (loin  the same hook,  hut hung they
. should he.
Ostrich feathers, fur trimmings, caps
hiuI irloves, small shawls hihI nil the
troublesome little things must be
clean. Then orris and sandalwood
powdered In saohots will keep nut
moths just as well as cumphor and
moth hulls.
True Hospltsllt|-.
Inslend oi shouldering your guest
wllli a llllOtliehKl grout) at bis weight
and straining yuinsi-it out of iimpe to
carry nun. bid mm welcome to what
yuu have and iu the way yuu have it
Is your urcaklusi hunt n't Continue
It during his Hell, though yuu may
kuuw that he ordinarily breakfasts at
U     It he (eels I lie. need of lutef sleep
Mian yuu, keep his portion but so lie
can turn- It when ne doel appear Rut
don't semi ine ehlidreli to school with
hult Mllafleti appetites and uiske John
litje al his oltlce and subject the whole
duttieaitc nitmliilstraUnn to a annul-
nloti uu uccouut ul your guest, fur If
he is us courteous in thought as you
aim to ne In artlou smh a disiuibanco
will only cause rum ehngrtn, ll (he
family bedtime is io aud he is a night
owl [.ui mm ui uu easy chair, see that
the lump Is welt trimmed, freshen the
, tire wiih tin eiira log, lay your hunks
nud mugiiXliiey IHid cigars convenient
lo his tin ml mid tell tutu tu Hint nnd
Invite his soUl i» as nil** an limn na
be rhnoHos, nut go to lied eoui-sell n
iisuui. m short, show mm Hint j.nir
borne Is Hirer!) hull in Uie hesi sense,
being dedicated lu the ilte-rty ol the
family as well as io tliul »i Ihe friend.
Airy Reply,
"llnve  ymi   heard  thai   we are  tu
have mi athitlull club III tuWtl'l"
"Well. I've got wind of If-i'Rts
burg Dispatch.
Etiquette   For   Husbands,
The model huaband should learn
Esperanto, It contains no -wear
The husband of a woman with s
mission should not drink more than
Just enough to produce semi-oblivion.
The husband of a lady doctor
should not boost *>f what "we" know.
He doesn't know anything; his wife
knows it all.
The husband of a suffragette orator
ihnuhJ, if possible, he horn deaf and
dumb. If he hasn't this virtue he
should  assume  it.
The husband ol a schoolteacher
. should never stay out late at night
without bringing home u written ex-
cuse in the morning.
The  husband of  the landlady of a
! select   boarding   house   should   efface
himself   as   much   as   possible.     Tiie
■ guests will hp more reconciled to their
own condition of they believe he is
worse off than  th.-v  tire.    He should
never "answer hack" to his wile, at
SUch conduct 1ms n tendency to tempt
, the   hoarders   to   do   likewise.     Above
all   else,   he   should   avoid   being   fat,
for that  might lend them  to suspect
i that  he  wus  getting "bites" between
meals.   His role should he that of the
clinging   vine,   pure   and   aiutpl-.-—ca-
|ii ciiilly   simple.
The Head on the Desk.
Two famous trapedies—the suicide
; of Crown Prince Rudolph and the assassination of his mother, Empresr*
1 Elisabeth—are recorded in the innali
: of the Austrian house of Hapsburg.
, Now a third tragedy, not SO sensa-
p tlonal perhaps, hut none the ie?» re-
ninrknhle. occupies the aged emper-
or's. thoughts.
' Count Set-fried, who married Prin-
1 eesa Elisabeth of Ravaria, a grand-
, daughter of Francis Joseph, and who
I bus a line castle near Salzburg, was
overawed one day recently lo see a
girl's head roll off his desk as he sat
( down to work. The police Were called  in  immediately.
The same day the headless body nl
i a young   woman  was   found on   the
railway whicli runs past the castle.
. All sorts <d horrible rumors filled
the neighborhood, hut the theory accepted is that the count's dog carried
; the head to the pluce where it wai
| found.
Anarchist orators declare (hat the
' reigning house is under a spell.
"Bird of  the  Devil."
The Arabs ol Algeria had no need
\ of a word for the aeroplane In their
vocabulary until lh4 Algerian aviator Servles   alight' d   one afternoon
| last Sept.-mher near an Arab encamp-
| ment   when   tie   ran   out   of   gasoline.
I Within it few minutes 200 men. women
and  children   were  gathered  around
i his apparatus at a reepectfu] distance.
| They risnected it at long range, ami
, tint one ol litem guve the name hy
which it wits to known among them.
: It'n a bird ol thedevlir When a "no
horiS' wii»oii" 1ml reached the aviator
Slid   supplied   his  a-r*.plane  with  "e*
senee," us the French s«y. Ihe "bird
.■I flu- devil" Dew off to I'erregaui.
fume iloi'tiirs itiuld not cure s bam.
- Milwaukee Wlae-uieln.
And »imie lawyers couldn't try a
case ol lard   Hern lit on Tribune.
And some pianists ttntldn'i play a
Hue ot lurae.   Mobile Register.
And Mum* literary eiiitiei couldn't
tttlle n WrtiHg    1-itS Angeles KlprtMA
And some angler* ttuiidni rail a
sliiie - VulingslliWIl  lelfgniui.
Anil some Humeri couldn't shoot ibe
cbutea. -1 •nji  •'*>•* l*faes
Wise   King.
"These hanging gardens of Bubylon
are -;.i.| tu have bv.cn 300 (eel in tbe
"Why did the king put them su
"Perhaps the m igbborlng kings kepi
Continental Thiavos and Their Meth-  j
odt of Operating.
The unpleasant experience which
recently befell u British Cabinet Miu.
ister uu his journey to tJwtUerlaud is
not an uncommon one for English
travelers on the continent. Few day*
puss during the Riviera season, for
instance* without the report of some
daring train robbery, and in most
cases only gems and money are taken. The rieavy toll exacted [mm travelers passes Into the pockets nl an
exceptionally clever and highly oi<
gaiiizKl gang of international thieve!
Their operations cover a wide area,
and are carried out with scruploui
regard to detail and an ingenult-
wnich haa often battled the police
Few transatlantic liners, cross-Chan
ml bouts, or traiis-Europeati expresses
|ourney without representatives of the
gang aboard. They have agents in all
the bjg towns ami eiti.s, who warn
them of the movements of well-known
people who are likely to be worth
plundering. The thieves themselves
are drawn (roiu all nations, and are
generally well-bred men ami women.
who are Invariably well-dressed, and
put up at the best hotels. Many ol
them    are    excellent    linguists,    and
through being able to reiiuei friendly
services to travelers who do not know
tlieir way about are often aide tu
rob their unsuspecting victims with
Impunity. It is the woman, us n
rule, who acts us the decoy, says u
writer  iu The  Evening  SUunhir.l.
How full ol resource are the women
who have taken un this class of crime
| is well Illustrated by the adventure
uf   an   Ktigl.shuiau   who   returned   re-
j cehtly from Paris.   He carried  with
I liim  bank notes of the value ol £60,
i and,    being   a    man    of    the    world,
j brrfsquely   repelled   Ihe   advances   of
j two men  who journeyed  in the same
, compartment   of   the   tram   to   Bom
logue.    Just   us   he   was   hunting   at
| Folkestone, however, a pretty French
girl iu front of him tripped and fell.
Instinctively he went  I    her assistance,  hut  while her profuse thanks
1 were ringing lu his ears he Ixuud that
] his pockets hail  been   rifled.    Another
' case of remarkable self-possession ami
coolness occurred in Parts two veeri"
I ago, the victim mi that occasion being
s jeweler. A well-dressed man. carry-
| log a gold-headed walking-stick, en-
' tereil the jeweler's shop, and was
j looking at some scarf-pins, when two
I uieu came in ami arrested him, ex-
i plaining to the jeweler that he whs a
i crook, ' and that, as police officers,
1 (hey must take away with them the
trays of jewelry from which they faid
their prisoner had stolen various arti-
j cles. They entered a taxlcab and
drove of! with a rich haul The jewel-
I er never saw the "officers" or their
: prisom-r again.
!     Again,  in   1WH,   Mr.   Angus  Forbes,
! of Montreal,  lost  >5.0tKi in  the train
between   Paris  and  Calais,  am)   Mis*
Alice Miller of Montrose was robbed
■ of  her jewels  at  a   Paris  terminus.
■ There is a regular clearing-house for
stolen jewels  in  more  than one Con-
■ tinental city, and very few gems are
j recovered. In 1906 the "Princess of
. Thieves," a handsome Belgian woman,
who hrd lived many years In Chicago.
; came to London, and by the clever
| substitution   ol   H   dummy   while   In-
: spectlng » pearl and diamond neck-
; lace, worth 110.000. at Christie's, man-
] aged tu si-iure tin- valuable.    Another
woman, arrested in 1009 in Paris, with
t two   Russians   ami'  an   American,   always wore  a satin  robe  with  a long.
, deep   pocket   when   visiting   jewelers'
! shops, tu which she always drove in
1 sn  expensive  motor-car.    In a gang
i caught in Paris in 1900 was a women
' who  used to  take  the  booty  to  the
French  capital  lor disposal.    It  was
stilted at the trial    hut  t'.tey had got
rid ol gems worth  $*J00,fl00.   The pro-
fitahle   nature  of this  traffic  is  also
| shown by the boast of a Spanish wo-
1 man,  arrested  at   Aix-les-Balns.  that
i she had made S15.000 a year lor five
: years.—The   People.
Why Bread Causes Fat.
I ' Whit- bread la fattening because
we rarely digest it completely.   Starchy
. foods are quite unaffected by the gas.
trie  juices   which   digest  the   meats.
] Their digestive li-rmeuts are obtained
chiefly from the saliva in the mouth.
| which' therefore should be thorough!)
I mixed with each mouthful before
swallowing. But white bread is su
soft and lacking in substance that we
unconsciously swallow it long before
it has hf-.it a fair chance to become su**-
, flciently permeated with the digestive
; saliva. The result is delayed digestion (if digestion takes place at all),
and at the best the starch is very apt
to be convert.-.1 into disfiguring, unwanted and uuhealthful fat.—London
Back to tha City.
A city chap went to work for a
farmer out in one ut the western pro-
vinces recently. At 3 o'clock the next
morning the farm t called to him to
begin tbe day's labors. A few minute* later the young man came out ot
the hedroom currying his grip.
"You ain't a-goln' to .ake that gfip
with you to work, air fouf" asked
I the farmer.
"Naw," answered the man with a
I fine icom. "bul I'm gdln' to find
j some place lo -ti.y ail night!"
The Word Affinity.
The word affinity in the eyes of the
j law   is   rather   respectable.    The   encyclopedia  says      Affinity   in   law   is
|'he r*lallons contracted by marriage
'••tweii n ||U*bnnd ami his wife's kin.
| (red and  between a wife ami li«r bus-
hand's limited   h ntradlstlnotion
: r-itu relation hy blood.   But the kin
j if the husband ar> iu nu way related
i'  the kin of Ihe wife."
Esasperiit'il l.ciirtier (to cuddle)—
Why ar>' vou dragging (hut lump of
tnrl .ill   >vet  ihe link-?
The Caddie 1 thoeht that after a'
the trouble ye had dlnriu' it up ye
-nii-ht like tn- tak' it huiue tae practice uu.
Mr*. Hoyle   What sort of a man did
foil get*
Mrs. Doyle—He was a blond man
witii a brunette heart.
/ Tliut makes them neuter, oHfipor, ilututier, more appetizing;
The one biscuit gtiud enough to take tlm plu.ee uf your own baking,'
Fresh as the biscuits from your own oven,
Think wlmt tlmt means!  Freedom from u broiling kltchon—lelauro on tho porch
or In the parlor.   Time to do the littlo kniek-kmula that huvu boon neglected.
Are the creamiest, cris|»uat crackers muttu.
They aro baked in the big minitttry factory in Winnipeg—
right ut your very dour.
Vtm MOONEY'S and  bo  sure  of  a  biscuit   tlmt  U
a'isoliittdy  fresh; u biscuit that will eatisfy the family,
lu tempting packages or sealed ting
lis you prefer.
He Sang to Her
"How sweet, how divine!"
she gush-
The   violinist   blushed
"Ah," he began, "I wns merely"—
"No, no; you needn't make any excuses,   Mr.   Kid.llinski,"    she    cried.
"Really and truly not.    I  heard your
magnificent phiying as I came through
' the hallway jusl now, nnd oh, it was
■. beautiful—beautiful I"
I "Now no 'huts," please. I positively refuse to listen to them.   That    is
| the only thing I have against you
great artists," she wenl on; tupping
playfully. "You are always apologizing for your wonderful work. Tell me
what you were playing, Mr. PIddlfn-
-kir   It was the sweetest thing I have
ever heard    W-B •' um- o1 -v"ur own
"Er—well, perhaps," replied the
musician, with u faint smile, "I was
putting in a new K string."
Protect IIip chlhl from the nunue- of
' woruiK liy using Mmhrr flraves' Worm Kt-
■ icrniiiiin.il.     It    l>   a    maihIiinl   remedy.
and yearn of uae have enhsnceil its repu-
"It's hard," said  the sentimental
landlady at the dinner table, "to
think that this pour little liimh should
he destroyed in its youth just lo cuter
to our appetites."
"Yes," replied the smart boarder,
struggling with his portion, '"It i*
Minard's Liniment Cures Diphtheria.
A parson, seeing a lnr.y man standing Idly at the street corner, approach-
him ami said:
"Don't you know, my dear sir. that
it is positively sinful lo -tun.I ahoul
wasting your time in this manner?"
The man replied: "Yes, 1 know it is,
parson, ami I'm going (o stop it just
as soon as I find a comfortable place
to sit down."
An Eaiy Pill to Take,—Some p-TNina
have remiruani'e to in IN liecaiiH of their
iiiin-i'iitiiiif taste. Pnrmelee'N Vesetnhle
Pill-, are *■> prepared «» to make them
Birrreiihli- to the most fu-tnli.ni-. The
moil delicate ran take them -rithout feeling the n-viit-imi that folluwa the tsklntt
of ordinary pilla. This Is one reaaoa for
the impnlartty of these celehrnled |illls,
tuit the main reason Is their hl-th totikaf
((tiality aa a medicine for the atomm-h.
AFTER doing up the
""chorea" use,,8NAP"
to remove the dirt and tiie
smells from your_ handi.
clean .v nwci't.
without hard!
Krabblag.     U«m»j
Oni Man Who Csnti Back
Two liglll   inns   were UlScUkSing th*
left ties Jofinsoii rigni.
"It n Ihe uld sun)    the)   nevel  coins
"Kicepi  Riuh h  Anleii,' replM tha
iihet, "hiiu n. uml m go swii) ugatii.*
■ Kieiylsitit s \in>..mine.
' "Thai's queer." "What Is?" "Last
i week my daughter wrote tin' from the
{summer resort that she is rugnged to
i a man named Prank; and in her next
letter she calls him John."—Detroit
I Free Press.
Wtrt  Holding  a  Waks
'    An  Irishman with one side ol his
(ace  badly  swollen  stepped  into  Dr.
Wicten's utlice   and   Inquired if the
' dentist was ill.
.     "1  am  the  dentist,"  said  the doctor.
"Well, then, I want ye to see what a
I the matter wid me tooth."
|    The doctor examined the offending
; molar, and explained:
"The  nerve   in dead;  Unit's   what'a
. ihe matter."
"Thin,  he  the  powersI"  the  lri«h-
. man exclaimed, "the other teeth must
be houldiu' a wake over It!"
1   The servants worn ibed and tho doc.
tor answered the hell himself,    \ col-
(iied mull Stood on the steps holding a
Inrge  piieknge.
;    "Is  Miss   Matilda,    the    cook,    al
! home, htihr" asked the man.
i    "Yes, hut she hue retired," returned
the doctor.
"I'nn I leali dis lo' her, sah?"'
i   "Certainly," said the doctor,
I    He took  the bundle,    from    which
flowers ami bu.tx were protruding, tn i
| ufiei  bidding the man    good    night
car* fully carried it to the kiteuen,
I where he ilepoMtcd it, paper and ul',
| iu a  pan of water.
The doctor thought nothing more r.l
i the   ulfiiir   until   he   heurd   Matilda'*
angry voice raised    in   convermuhn
Willi Ihe maid.
"El I  had de pussnn heah," eried
Ihe cook. 'Mat put mall new noting
hat in dis ver disbpan I'd scald 'fin
for' sho'l" — Pittsburg Chrtmlcle-Tele-
Pleaie  Briouoe.
He rtttiiiieo in.iii ine nut full of llqunr.
His win limn una urns hi itw ti.|noi,
I'tian. SptayinS   *  ean-i.
fsiie.ii-n   'in, mil mam sml
I'll ttiuo.i yon wiiti uu- m.ii tr tniq'MWf* J
- uutioii iran-HiribL
W. N. U.. Ne.
For C. P. R. Shops—No Decision Given Out Yet. Port Arthur and Fort
William Made a Joint Offer, but
Sir William Whyte sayt it is Impossible to Locate There—Close race
between Calgary and Medicine Hat.
| Winnipeg.—The contest among west*
|ern cities us to whicli will secure the
proposed new .-Imps of the Canadian
Pacific Kiiilvrav still goes merrily on.
The  C.   I\   It.   is   being   besieged   with
letters and telegrams from parties Interested ami there is touch rivalry
uniting various centres JU to which
will land the coveted shops.    Nu goon*
er does urn' municipality come up with
a big offer than its nearest competitor
goes it one better and so the bidding
is quite brisk. Recently local official*
were approached to* SC'e if they could
give uuy Information that would allay
the suspense hul they had nothing to
 ke public other than that the matter was under consideration and that
a decision would soon be rendered.
From the distance it looks as
though the matter rested between Calgary ami Medicine Hat. The cities
of I'oit Arthur ami Kort William maile
a joint bid for the simps, hut Sir
William Whyte, the Vice-President
of (he 0. 1*. If- states that it would he
Impossible to make advantageous use
of a locution east of Alberto, as hy the
time the shops are built the company
will have ready for them nl-out -on
locomotives in its territory between
the mountains and the western Manitoba boundary. Sir William, did not
turn the Lake Superior cities down
without a ray of hope however, as lie
stated thnt he considered the company's terminal point at the heud of
tin- lakes, an idea] spot for car building shops and intimated that the company might soon be open to discuss
the idea of locating car works there.
With Port Arthur ami Fort William
out of the running either Calgary or
Medicine Hat will probably get the
simps. Dassano had hopes that their
hnit ol cheap wnter-[Ki\ver might prove
effective, hut the 0. P. R. will nrob-
Rbly   want   to  locate     in  one  of  the
I larger centres.
■ President  Falconer    ."♦!   a Pleasant
Surprise and a Hsndioms Gift.
Ai ibe tliunnl dinner in Toronto
recently, Presldenl Falconer related
. <n   IntervalInu    »|.• ry  about    the  W:iy
rorontu University received it* latest
lejraoy.    lie wai   getting   ready one
l ifteriKon  nut  long ago to leave (he
■ity   mid.   like   m.-t   men   who   want
■ 'o catch a train, had very little time
I it his disposal, A visitor wis announced* a    Mr*.    M.tii.i     whme
1 -lame wai quite unfamiliar In him.
The president told the maid tn i*k
! her  if -h uld   not eotll" to .ee him
liter   ill   Ihe   week.      IlllWi'V   f   ll|e   lady
' Insisted 'hat she wanted lo sec him
'hen ami n-.w "I've come n Ibnuiaftd
■nil-*  lo n t  the president of To-
[rohto University." wdd she.
So Presldenl Falconer went down
'to the reception room to interview
Mi visitor,   The lads explained I hit I
•he teas an A merles n i wh husband
hud died recently. "My husband/!
, aid she, "wn* during hi* lifetime
| 're.itly int-n-t d in Canada and was
■articular!) imnr «.<"d with the flue
vork being done liy the t'uiv-r-itv -d
Foronto. He lolfnwed it* progrew
with (he deepest interest nnd often
■xpre-*cd the wish that he could do
something to Hssoclate hi* name with
t. He dii-d nil -lute. hut. kltowin-J \
'its  wishes  in  Ihe matter,  I  wntil  to
iffer you sonie money, which might
he Used ill any way yon 'thought Well '
'u perpetuate   hi*   memory in   vou? f
Itllver-ilv.     Will   yotl   accept   |«i.|)lSIV" j
The president pramfietl lo lay tin
mlttei before the hoard of governors. I
insuring her ilmi the board wouiu
'uird'y he likely tu refuse so BonerotM
ill offer, n has been deeidetl thai
die money thus-romantically donated
-hull lie used to found a lectureship
to he known as fit" IViir-'Ui-Kirkmitn-
Muritcct lectureship. Bvery "thfoe
tear* -ome prominent man, pref-ra-
ily an American, will he secured to
lei.ver a aerie* of lecture* nu some
base of public or International life.
he first   lecture   will   prubably   bs
iven neat year.
"Doc."  give  mo  something for  my
headache.'    "Did  you  ever have a
headache   before?"     "Nope—usually
after. "-Toledo Blade.
Minard's  Liniment Cures Colds, Etc.
Arabian deseri uwellera shake hands
eight limes when they meet,
Ur. J 1» Kellogt'a Djrseotery Cordial la
oonpou io It-it -!•■. i.ttly tn ..initial dyM-ir
tery, .-In-li-m timrliUr. ainl all inHaiu
matiiry disorders that rhuiige uf f....d ur
wiiirr inut eel up in the itotaaea auJ in
iMlfiK-i The-M- .-.inplalma are more ...in
in.>ii in summer than in winter, ■■»■ they
are not • .niiiti.-.l in tin- wuriu luuiilhs. aa
undue Imtt.-- nf the iim-fl- may mIh a
man at any tune. Such u -uttirti will
tun!  ipcfldf  relief in this t'.iniinl
Anyway, a woman's t»-
if a lot .if difficulties
us Hunt  her
Dr.   ('.   Gordon   Hewitt,   Dominion
Ktitoiuologist, says in reference Io the
infantile .lentli rate from Intestinal
diseases and diarrhoea spread by the
hoUJc   Hy.   he   believes    that    the   su-
called harmless fly is yearly causing
tiie death of thousands of infants, as
well as Spreading the germs of typhoid
fever. Wilson's Fly Fails are the only
thing that will ritl vour house of these
An  Obvious  Error
She had written on the blackboard
(he sentence, "The toast was drunk in
silence," ami turned to her class lor
them lo discover the mistake.
Little lien tiie Sheridati waved his
hand frantically, uml going to the
board scrawled the correction: "The
toast waB eaten in silence."—Metropolitan Magaslne.
Alway* spread cornmeal out on
paper to dry thoroughly before putting it away.
Mr. John
"It was In the latter end of the
year IBM ili.it a nasty Itch came
IhrotiJli iav skin, and 1 seratehe-l it
until I (on- the fles]!-   1 Iriinl several
ointiu -ms tu no effect- I went to _
► .in h . jutiii.    Tliey advi-wil in,* |u
gi 10 the lloapital, hut 1 rr-
f.j.'l I could nut aluep with Hie
(Miit1-.it itch. I waa thai w.iy until
un j nl tout tie* month uf Ji.uuary.
ttu ■ ay I. Iihiii.sI I1...H' in tliepui'iis
a ut ■■ lit*'1 mine, bul I gave it no
era . moO. At lu-t I snitl, 'I will tiy
tin t'uticiirn Ifemitlitw.' Willi the
Ur . wash ami tutu umi Oititnu'nt I
II tl. I found their effects. 1 got
on> (1.11 of (he Ointment mun>, and
III leal tli ui one week the si, 111 wiih alt
rif*ht, and left no traci-s after It. 1
have not had a return of tho same
Since, and 1 shall alwaya praise tho
OuUoura Hemedli-s aa Ireinr, the
Menu*, uf my cure." '
(Signed) Jon* Traitrtx,
Ul, HooUand Road, Liverpool.
I naftirl her Idler Mr. Tyrrell adds:
"The llr>i appeuiuiiii- of my sldn
etvema was a tntniliiK itch wtihh 1
tore and left my hotly, legs ami arms
one uiAHs of sure*. It caused slecp-
h'M nigliis, hut uuw 1 can skwp as
well as ever."
Soap aod Ointment
•n-nldbrdriaj*d--im-T*a«re. Potter un.«
S i-iwii.  (-ara,  n,.k  Prupa.   Mflatnt.   Maai FREE  PRESS,  CHILL[WACK,   RRITISH  COLUMBIA*
How the Treaty
A Story Inspired b> (be Pre*
Wenl's Peace Plan
Copyright by American I'reai Aseo-
ciatiua, mil.
Id tbe changes tbat hsve come ovei
Europe the pnuci pa titles of ivrtoiiin
and Weaden bar* disappeared from
tbe map Ihey were carved out ol
the ancteut territory called Ueiveila
and were adjoining pruvioces. rut
years ihe boundsry line between the
two was s matter ot dispute, aud much
bluud bad beeu spilled without any
progress being made to Us it permit
taently. ai nisi war bud reduced tiiem
butb to bankruptcy.
One day s young man. Herman von
(Inn/., rude Into the capital uf Ueitdcn,
drew up at the palace ut the reigumg
prince uud announced himself aa an
envoy estrnurdinary from the surer
elgu uf PertOOla, baving power lo
UlSko a treaty with bis neighbors uf
Wenileo establishing s boundary Hue
Al Ihe time ot tils arrival the minister
of foreign affairs was wllh Ihe prince,
who. having beard Von dial/'* an
nuuiicemcui, turned to lits cabinet of
fleer and said:
"Count vi.n Rtelnwltt. negotiate a
treaty such as ihls young man is sent
to make. I do nut wi-.ii to see II ur lie
consulted with regard tu ll till II has
been signed, sealed aud delivered
Then. If it tn satlafactnry to me. I will
make yuu s marquis, giving yuu at
tba same time ouu ol my eatult-a. If
the treaty fails to unci my approval
yuu snail lose your bend "
At (tils the ambassador looked very
niucb s*(ouisbeU
"What su i prises yuu?" asked the
"A coincidence. My sovereign tbe
Prince ul I'enonls has Imposed upon
me tbe same conditions."
"Yes. your highness, wtib tbts addition, thai ibe treaty must be made
1 csnnut escspe by a failure lo agree."
Turning to Voo SielowKz. tbe prince
"Add tbat condition to those I hsve
nsuied. Take my brother sovereign's
representaive lo your castle and keep
him there (Ul you bave come tu au
Tbe minister and tba ambassador
bowed themselves uut. mounted uorses
and rude to Von stein win •> csalie.
There was s great dinvpamc in years
between tbe two diplomats, Voo Stem
will being over amy years old. while
Voo Urals was scarcely thirty. 'Ibe
former wua nut much worried for bis
bead, for be waa a veteran in diploma
cy and had uo fear but thai Qe coii.d
outwit tbe younger aud leas espen
eoced man. tpon then arrlrnl the
boat placed bis guest in tbe nandtoru
est Butt of apartments In the ensile
left him and. going to bis catr.net. ur
dered so attendant to say to bt* datigh
ter, Ibe Countess Kertba. tbat be wtsb
ed ber to come to nun Its a tew min
Dies lbs maiden Joined ber father.
aad be said to ber:
"A young diplomat la bare from the
king of Pertuula, Slake it yuur bust
ness to win his heart."
"Ten. f si her." said Ibe girl dutifully
and retired She asked no reason for
tbls strange n-qoewt. and o»»e was of
fered. Like all girls of that pvflod.
sbe wss scru*tunied to bear and to
obey. Parents did uot give reasons Cor
their orders.
Voo tlrati me* Her tba ron Stelnwlts
at suppef Ibe same evening No orders
were necessary la either ease so fur
■s lore was coDeerued. for ibe young
diplomat as soon aa be sel eyes on (be
countess waa enraptured. And Ber-
tba la Ibe baodsouie race and figure,
tbe Intellectual cast of Voo Urals's
bead and eooaleuaoce, saw aa ideal
such as sbe bad treasured from child
hood. After ibe meat ibe crafty count
withdrew to his cabinet, leaving tbe
two tugetber.
Tbe nest morning after breskfast
Von steluwiiz. laatead ul writing bis
guest to begin tbe negotiations, ur
dered horse- aud falcons tu o** brought
and sent his guest sod Henna out tut a
bum. Ail day they rod* inruugb tbe
woods slieoded by a reilnue of courtiers aod servants. Henna uot only
found soy stiempt lo tasclnuiv ber
companion repulsive, bul needless,
flbe bad only to be beraell to win mm.
and sbe gave bei heart to nun without
tbe asking l-or* is a nner diplomat
than any earibty sovereign has ever
employed. Hie two brt-aiurd It lo
wltb Ibe pure sir. Wben tbeir birds
look flight for the ror->i»d game,
though 1 belt eyes rom-wed. tbeir bearla
remained 10 pmiliultf. And « hm the
bunt wss ended aud ibey rode back to
tbe casilo the? took 00 thought of
love; tbe Utile god alone bad a cure for
Tbe second day wss tike the first.
And so tbe lime passed Lore progressed, but nut tba treaty. Teo days
bsd gone by, and uot s Mol lu It bed
been di«ru*sed then Hie young dlpio.
mst begau lo realise tbat lie lovwl Ida
autagouisi s daughter. A new feature
bad come over the treaty. If the
count achieved a diplomatic advantage
the lover would lose bis bend If Ihe
lover secured a victory the fader of
tbe girl be hived must die. There
could be hut one barmy resuit-a tren
ty so inspired by generous motives
thai Ihe work when Oolabed would be
•attafactorv to IniHi sovereigns
Then one murium: Ibe count. Instead
•I detinue Be* Measures fat Ul
guest, invited aim into ble cebluel
■od tbe i«o aat down togeibei ovei
paiwrs aod onii-s.
Now, lleriusu voo Urals had been
sent on Mils mtssk'o ue-kiiie he wits a
wuudei In (be game ol diplomacy. I'be
two prlucipiiiiiiea were tu mm Imt
Cbesalsisnls, l| be gave up a town
and gained an island il he it'll uut a
province for futons consideration and
sliced oft a penlaadla. II was all fur a
flusl cliwkluiile of His eiieui) ft king
During this first nsorumg. when pre
Mmtnarles fot the struggle were alone
taken up. bis miod was uimui a differ
Ml   saatter     Ua   was   ihiukiug   of
liertha and that If he possessed her
she must be given him by bis oppu
neui tn the diplomatic game. Hut the
next day, when tbe buttle began, he
temporarily forgot bis love, uud the
oitlei man was surprised lo learn that
ne bad a genius tor an autagunlat.
"I*i us proceed," said Von Urals.
"methodically. When 1 gram you a
province tor a town or un island we
will mark the same uo our map, and
tbe agreement shah be Immutable If
we du nut proceed thus we sbull make
00 treaty and both suffer the penalty."
Ihe  count   saw   ibe   necessity,   but
acquiesced reluctantly. 'Ihe buundury
ran tor a distune* of some frnu miles,
si limes the natural division uemg a
uiiiimiiiiu chain, at nines a river. Ibe
geld uu wiih li ibe game was played
was su bt-uutl ibal ouiy oue wim titiii
a bead titled fot the purpose eouid retain at one lime lis dltlereut purls.
Tbe players aat down to work ut Id
lu tbe morning and oevef caused even
for s meui tin lu si night. Uieu on
the concessions of hoih parties they
drew Hie treiiiy. V, hen ll wua lluisti
ed It must he signed, tor every step
In li was irrwvocauia.
Von  Urals  put   bia signature  to  It
without rending it.    I'be coiini dread
ed (u du Hie same, but tbere was ho
I escape,    'I hen  ins  antagonist   leaned
back in bis chnti won** ion ttieiuwils
I read the dociimeui. He Dad liol Half
1 Mulshed 11 when lie paied. Ills enemy
1 had secured au overwhelming ad van
1 age.
|    Fur s few momenta Hie count gave
i himself  up  tui   lost.     'I hen   suddenly
he remembered hm Instructions 10 ins
' daughter     He uml given them with s
view 10 providing lot snen a comiu
, gency as this mill nail ol nerved Ihe re
suits.   Ileiammg mi pretence of mind
, he  eipte.-M-cd   no  dlssailHlaelluu   wub
Ihe treaty.   'I'be seals ol Hoih |>riui-lpuil
1 lies Were atluched. aud the instrument
wua de facto.
"Yuu win remain as my guesi a few
days  lunger." said  tbe count,  "while
engrossed copies sea being made, uieu
1 1 suppoM!  I  snail be obliged tu pari
wllh yuu "
"And your head,'' added Von (Irats.
Fur the nrsi iisot in** two looked at
each oilier, oui wub duplicity, but in
I (heir true -eiulious.
[    "Yes,*  replied ibe count lo s iremu
tons voice,   "who 017 bcuU "
j    "Had  I   out   played  a   belter  game
(bau you It woutd gave been my ueud
1 tu drop under ibe at."
"ll surely would."
"A botiudary una equitable to both
sovereigns ruuld uot (Hsriuio 10 this
treaty. K01 ceuiuries bulb nave spilled liluod ovei it. aud uuw tbul au ad
vunce has ueeu made iu Hie method
of settlement utia uf us must gel tbe
1 better ul ibe utber, aud the oue thai
. la heateo dies."
"How can 11 be otherwise?"
1    "What may come lu future limes I
kuuw uot   ivrbiipe It may be a grow
. lug seuse of  Justice when  diplomacy
will   out   mean   aa   Iniellevtuiil   battle
wltb armies luoklng on to give mural
support to Ihe players,    lu Ihe case
before us  love comes to to abrogate
that   treaty   we  bare  )ust   uutde  and
, construct another.    Jo striking yuu I
strike  yuur   daughter,   whom   1   love
That I cniiiioi da"
Taking up ihe treaty, be tore It Into
"Now tel us make a compart. In
spired ool by armies, not by ships, not
by inieiiet lual superiority, but by
Tbe old count looked at bis younger
victor tu u«tou#hment. Then heads of
persplratloo stood ool on bis line, uud
he trembled l.to-tly he folded Vou
Urals in his arms wltb the words:
"My uotile sun."
It was the lover who made tbe new
draft ol the treaty, smile the old uuiu
sat giving his faculties time lo regala
their equilibrium rnr an buiii Herman jutted down memoranda, making
erasures and uddlng hen data on the
map, Hien wrote out Ihe articles of
agreement When the statement was
finished he ha tided It lo tho count, re-
| marking:
"There Is no war la that; there Is
peace. There is 00 victory gained by
Intellectual supremacy; mere la pros-
,' perlty It Is ool bused on (intled. for
bliman Justice Is seldom determinable.
It Is bssed 00 tha oue ample word
. 'lore.'**
Voo  Stelnwlts  read  tbe  document
' and saw  In II  that equal  division of
advantages   which   tnn-i   sanely   une
wbu (Hisseased the slightest sense ur
When Ibe treaty was presented to
the two eurereigna eacb tb.<ught Ihe
other had galnej tba tluo'a share. Uut
after reading 11 eacb saw Ibis wss nut
so and felt a sense of relief and sat
Isfscttou thai a necessity for bloodshed
waa past and bis |ieople might devote
themselves lo binding up Ihelr wound*,
tilling the roll aud making articles
oecesNary 10 their comfort.
When II beeume known ibat a maid
en bad inspired tbe treaty and thai
she was to marry one of lis makers
both principalities rose up lo erleb'Sle
the nuptials Ulfl't poured In from sll
quarter*, and I here was more entbuat
asm In Ibe festivities Hun at sny
roysl aerrtsga that bad e.er ex*
Effects  Upon  the  Nerves  of   Wrecks
Upon the Rails.
A wieck soiuullmea upseta even the
must Iron uened. Once the wreck
master 011 his arrival noticed a bure-
beaded man In overalls, covered with
coal dust nnd blood, sitting beside his
engine wllh (ears tunning down his
face. He recognized him as tbe engineer, who had been hauled out a few
minutes before from under the mass
of twisted, battered steel tbut had
once been a lucutiutlve. Singularly
enough, beyond u few cuts and bruises
be was unhurt, lie wua crying because he could uot Iind bis cap that
he had bought new that day nud beg*
ged the wreck master to help him
hunt for It.
A passenger conductor of a train
that was derailed uud had plunged
duwu au embankment crawled out of
tho en 11 fusion anil rendered cool and
eillclent help during the half hour before the wreck train arilvcd. A little)
later the wreck mutter chanced to'
look around nnd saw the conductor I
standing beside libit holding u mulch, j
box lo his ear and slinking ll. Presently he put it hack lu bis pocket, but I
took II out again In a moment and
repealed   his net loll.
■'What's the matter wllh you."
usked the wret k master.
"My watch has slopped. I can't get
It (o going, and I don't know what
lime It Is," answered Ihe conductor,
still llsleulng to his matchbox.
Tlio wreck muster look thy conductor by the shoulders ami shook him
roughly. Then he "ciime to."-Thad-
dens S. Dayton In Harper's Weekly.
The Gift Was Delayed, but the Groom
Got the Bird.
A wealthy patron uf the turf lu New
York told an amusing story of a fa*
vorlto groom aud u turkey.
"I had once promised Ihls groom,"
ho said, "a Christmua turkey, but
somehow lu the rush aud flurry of
December t forgot u. It was soma
days after Christmas when I remembered how 1 had overlooked my faithful old frleud.
"Meeting him In the pndduck one
morning uud intending tu make guod
my forgelfuluess, 1 said to the groom
by way of a Joke:
"'Well, Jenkins, how did you Ilka
tbat turkey I sent you?'
" 'It was a very Hue bird, sir,' said
the groom. 'I came very near losing it,
" 'Uow so?' said I, astonished.
"'Well, sir,' Bald Jenkins, 'Christmas morulng came, aud yuur turkey
hadn't reached me, so I rushed right
off lo Ihe express company uud naked
Ihe manager what he meant by uot
sending the bird up. The manager
apologized, sir, very politely, aud ha
took me Into a buck room, where there
were ten or tlfleen turkeys hanging,
aud lo- Kiiid Ihe hthels bad been lost
off them nud I'd just bettor take
my choice. So I chose the largest, sir,
knowing yuur generosity, and It was
line, ll ate grand. Thank yuu very
much Indeed, air.'"
As early na the year 1779 lu the
counties of Norfolk aud Suffolk, England, there were whole dairies of Red
Polled cattle. The breed was then universally polled—tbat Is, without horns
-uud ul about thai time a number uf
men fanning lu those couutles whose
farms were uetii' together co-operated
lo improve tbeir Red Polls by careful
selection, writes 1'. (i. Henderson iu
the Breeder's Onset to,
The year 1840 intiy be taken as the
date from which the Norfolk nud Suf
toll; lted Tolls merged into each other,
uud It was tit this time thai the Hast
Not-folk Agricultural uaaociutiun established classes fur Norfolk Polled cat-
The first importation of those red
anil hornless milk aud meat producers
was made lo (he United States lu iht;i,
consisting of one hull and three COWS.
The date ur their Introduction into (hu
United Slates In any cons id era ble
tlUIUUera, however, can be placed at
about twenty-live years ago. At that
time these docile hornless and uniformly red entile were making tlieir
Hist nppournuce before tho American
The Introduction Into the field of animal husbandry in America of a breed
uf cattle purporting to he profitable
milk producers and also good 011 the
block was naturally resented hy tho
advocates of special purpose cattle of
both beef and milk type.   Evidently,
then, If Ihe lied Polls have won their
way lo uuy marked degree of public
favor tliey must have dune It In the
face of the most severe criticism.
While (he breeders of strictly beef or
dairy entile freely concede ti placo for
the other, they tlo not concede n middle ground and have persistently com-
Commas. j.
Tbe French do uot. us a rule, employ '
Inverted commas to indicate a dialogue,
hut they employ the dash lo Indicate 1
a change of speakers, which la Just aa 1
bad. Certu'uly many punctuation marks'
are sadly iiiftuned or ovcrened. Dickens flung unnecessary coutmus all over
bis pages—Whole battailous of them.
Walter Pater also employed them wltb
extraordinary prodigality, frequently
before the wurd "nnd" where tho conjunction rendered them superfluous.
Pater was also overfoud of tbe mark
of exclamation, so (but when he drops
a "Yea" Into his measured style ll must
needs appeal as "Yes!'* But, though
ibe Bible dovs without Inverted commas, there la real art In Us punctuation. Uow admirably It marks tbe cadence and helps the drama In that
great story of Ihe prodlgul son!—Loo-
doo Chronicle.
Ited Polled cut th', us their name
Indlcmies, are ml In color and hornless.    They  nrlKhiatd  in   Bngland
and ere considered good beef makers ami null, producers. This breed
Is noted for huiillneHs of constitution, enabling them to thrive on
scanty pustuie und withstand the
severe winters and cold springs of
Iho eastern counties of England.
Culptoer's Remedies.
.Old time physicians prescribed even
more unsavory remedies tbuu rancid
butter, which wus Emperor Meoellk'a
curt for malarial fever, lo "Culpep-'
er's Herbal," published originally la '
1050 and reprinted us receully aa 1820,
are such piescrlptlons as "oil wherein j
frogs have been sodden till all tba
flesh Is off from ihelr bones," "boras
leeches burned luto (Kinder" and ,
"black soup aud beaten ginger." Borne
of Culpener's remedies are of a mora
practical milure. "If redbot gold be,
quenched In wlue," he says, "and tbe ,
wine drunk II cheers tbe vitals aud '
cures Ibe plague, outwardly used it '
takes uwuy tipots and leprosU,"
Msl.ing It Pleasant For Her. '
lira, Uoodsolo (removing her wraps);
-I've owed you 0 call fur a loug time,
you know. 1 hale lo be lu debt, and
I Just felt ibul I couldn't rest easy
VDtll I bad discharged my obligations
by coming lu see you. Mrs. Sllptuug
Why. my dear Mrs. Uuodaole, you
shouldn't bave fell thai way at all- '
Chicago Tribune.
bated the reality of the bovine animal
whose qualities wero a combination of
the two.
In spite of this antagonistic force
Ited Polls have rapidly spread through
tho Dulled States. They are now favorites upon hundreds of farms lu
nearly every stale In the Union. This
would have been Impossible bad they
uot possessed In un eminent, degree
the qualities of a farmer's cow—u cow
that can make good herself In the
dairy uud ber progeny In the feed lot.
The field open for SUch a cow la practically unlimited In the great corn
producing states, where feed Is so
abundant and comparatively cheap.
The cow that can yield a profit from
butter fat sold to the creamery aud
whose calf. If baud fed und Intelligently raised with the skill now ao
easily acquired, will sell to the feeder
atbu at 11 profit la the farmer's cow.
John   Midslston   the   Tallest   of  the
Mora Modern Ones.
The   record  of men   remarkable  for
their  height commences ut an early
period of the recorded history of tiie
world, for in the Old Teatament Og,
king of Bashan, is mentioned as using a bestead nine cubits long, which
is about sixteen and a half foot.   LaU
ur we read of Goliath of Gnth, slain
by   David,   whose   height   was   "six
cubits and  a span."     The  Kmperor
Miiximiti was of vast bulk, uocording
, to  some   measuring  over  eight  feet.
Than Pliny writes: "The tallest man
{ that  has bei'ti  seen  iu our age  was
1 une nuined Gabara, who in the days
; of  Claudius,   tho  lute  emperor,   was
I brought out of Arabia    He wua nine
toot nine inches,"
Ol more modem giant* there was
John Mlddleton, oallod the child of.
1 Hale,  who  was  born   in  Lancashire, ■
. England, in 1578.   He was nine feet:
three inches uil.   His bund meusur-'
1 t*d sQveiiLooii Incites from tiie wrist to i
tbe tij) of the middle linger, and the
palm wun eight and u half itieh.ee in
Patrick Cotter, the "Irish Giant." :
Wtis bom in 17(11 ami mensural eight
loot seven inches in height. Ills j
hand to the tip of the middle finger
w as twelve inches, ami hia shoes wore
Bovontoon inches long.
Chailes Bryite, called O'Brien, was
eight feet four Inches, He died in
1789, aud his skeleton is in Uie museum   of   tile   linyul   College   of   Sur-
Big Sam, potter of the Prince of I
Wales, afterward George IV., at Carl,
ton Paine, was nearly eight feet tali. I
M. Brie.;, a native uf Die Vosges,
seven feet sis mch-s, exhibited himself in  London  in  l.^W-;).
Hubert Hales, the "Norfolk Giant," '
waa seven and  a  bail feet tall and
weighed 432 pounds.
Chung Woo Gow. 11 Chinese giant.'
wua seven feet eight inches when nine- ;
teen years uld, when iii* was exhibited
in London in 1*466. Grown lo eight'
feet, he exhibited at tho Westminster |
aquarium with Urustuv, a Norwegian
giant, seven f<vt nine inches, in June,
Captain   Martin   Van   Duron   Bates
of   Kentucky   and   Miss   Ann   Hanen '
Swain!   ol   Nova   iScoli.i,   each   about
seven  feet  tall,  exhibited  in  London ]
und  were  married al  St.   Martins-in-
tbo-Flelds, Xtitie 17, 1871.
Marian, the "Amazon Queen," born
in imi, was eight foot two inches tall
when exhibited iu London in 1882.
Jtxieph Wi'ikleiiiuier, a native of
Austria, eight f-M>t nine Uuthoa tall,.!
exhibited iu London iu 1887.
Elisabeth l.yska, u Russian, was
bix feet eight inches wlaeii exhibited
in lx.ti.lon in 18!f3 at tbe ago oi 11—
Boston Globe.
Typing Letters—Mile a Minute.
Owing Ho inception to the Umdon &
Nurtiliwaster!) Bailwuy Oo., a Ume-suv- !
ing device has boen intruduood which
will be ol great advantage to business
men, to whom mi uut'v. ure prvcioua.
Every week day, exct-pt Saturday, a
corridor express  ruiw  Irom  Binning-
ham  to   Broad   street,   London,   and
Uiia  curries  u shorthand  typist,   who
tub-.- down from diclutkMi the aiiswera
to letters  whivh  pattsengem have re- |
oelved in the morning, und which they
have   read  comfortably   ut   breakfast ,
en route.   Then the typist works her .
machine while the train   is traveling'
through the country at about a mils
a  iniuut". ami tltoso  letters thai are
not ready  ore done during Uie day,
and  await  th.- signature of the pas- .
stinger  on   his   return   for  Uie  home- I
wurd journey to Birmingham.
.In the execution of her duty,  the
typist travels a distatu-e of 200 mile*'
a day, ur 1,000 miles a week.
Working Men  M.P.'s
Kast   L< 1*1 Is   working  men   refer to
Uieir   meini'T   as  "Jimmy"   O Grady
simply b 'catii-e he i« one of therm.   He j
knew   what  it  was  to earn  hm own I
living at teiiyiMtrs of age in a mineral* 1
water  manufi'.ctur.'i s,  and  few  men '
have worked harder tn) ecoure reforms :
for  Uie  massna.    And  then  there  is
Mr   P, W. Jowett, riKuiibei* for West
Bradford,  who started  lua career as
u mill hand at a very early age and
educated himself; also Mr. T. Glover, i
the menib-r for St. Helens, who aa a
me iv child worked in the ooal inlnes j
and won so keenly ulive to the neoea- ■
eily of reforms umongot his oo-workers
that  at aixtoen  years  of  age he be-
etm.e secretary of a union.
Corn as a Horse Feed.
The com kernel for horses Is very
well worth while under certain circumstances. This Is ordinarily fed In tho
form of cracked corn, For animals at
hard work a considerable share of the
grain ration may 1« thus made up. Corn
is hut 111 ndapted to livery or trotting
horses, for Its fattening qualities are
such as to Inhibit their active exercises. For alow, heavy work, however.
If nut fed In Immoderate quantities, It
Is well worth while, |iaiilciihtrly In
winter.-Professor J, I.. Hills, Vermout
Experiment Station.
"The  Honorable and  Respected."   jj
A curious ottl Bavarian custom is,
lust  about   to be  altered   in   Bavaria,
by the Minister of Justice.   Criminals]
executed  in  (he prison of Btraubingi
have hitherto le-.n burled with me-.;
mortal crosses placed over them stat-i
ing,  "Here  lies  tbe  honorable and
respected no ami so," if the chtniual
were a married man, while Ihe graveel
ot   the    condemned    and    executed.
bachelor- bore the words, "Here Ilea!
the virtuous ao and so."
It has now been decided in future]
to inter them without any such coui-i
pllmentary remarks.
Paid Him lack.
'lite Mean Thing -Voii'ru so conceited, Connie, (hat I believe wheu you
get Into heaven Ihe Ural question you'll
•isk will he. "Are my wluga on
siraleht''" Connie—Yes. dear, and I
shall he sorry thai you wou't be there
to tell me.   Illustrated It I la.
Sunlight In the Stables.
Is your cow stable a modern one.
With a lot of windows In ll, or la It an
old fashioned one. with a sliding board
for it window? If the hitter, arrange
some way lo get sumo windows and
fit Into ll. The health of your animals demands It. ,
Itesldes. the light makes It so much
mole agreeable for the owner or attendant to work In, and there la nu
qm-tloii hut that the cows will do
mill It belter and tie belter off every
way In a well lighted atuhle.
New They Den't Speak,
Belle How silly men act wbaa tkey
propose! Why. my hnobaud acted ilka
a perfect fool. Neil*-That's what'
everybody (bought when your eugage-
ment waa annunneed.-t levels ad Lead-'
Bullet Well Guarded.
j    Tho   bullet   which   killed   Nelson,
. which was lent by  King Edward to
the   Japan-Brit sh    Exhibition,   has
1 been  safely   returned  to  the  King's
Armourer.   It was guarded by watchmen  and policemen  night  and day
and the case was sectved wi'h tear
The Meaning of A. H. 0.
The meaning uf A.  It. O. ht "advanced registry, otlhiul."   The expreit-
sloii  |s used In  the breeding ussmitl-
lions   for   mill,    und   hill ter   records
made under official supervision and
practically vouched for hy the association. You can obtain full information
ntmut this hy writing to the secretary
of the breeding tissnclutlun In which
you tire Interested.-Country Gentleman.
Ancient Paper Money.
M.ireo Polo, tbe celebrated Venetian
' traveler,   wus  the first to  announce '
1 to LuiujK'uns the existence of paper !
mumy  iu China under tho Moguls.
The fact has induoed the belief Uutt
the Moguls were Uie originators of It.' j
But in the history of Tehiiighix-Khan
of U10 Mogul dynasty in China, pub-'
listied  in  the  yeur  1739,  Uie  author \
speaks of the suppression of the paper
money  which  was in  use under the
dynasty ol the Sung, who feigned in
China   previous to  the   Moguls,   and
lie  also  mentions  a  new species  of,
, notes which were substituted for tha
uld in the year I2fil.
Don't Nsglect Headache.
I "In young children ite-ukoha
, should never be neglected," eaya Tha
Hospital. "It is a mure significant,
I sign in Utem than in older penoati
I and may ind lent- Uie omtet of acuta1,
' or dangerous disease. In aome in-.
t stances it is the reeult ol eduoaUonat'
■ pressure.  Many an udult suffers from ,
luuitlaches no the result of prematura
< strain on Uie brain during school
, lite."
Austrsllan Wheat Crop.
The wheat   crop   of   the   northern
' areas of Victoria is excellent, running;
(turn a minimum of 24 tu a maximum
of M> bushels  pet  acre.    The crop an.
Reatdowii estate, which is a close? 1
settlement urea, yielded 40 bushels'
Iter acre, producing a return almost
•quailing   the    capital    value    of   tba,
1 land.     Ihe   past  two  years'   revenue
will  enable  settlers  to   pay  off tbeir
' whole lability.
The Very Clossst.
"My hoy," stud the kind old uncial'
tn in- young nephew, "you are say j
closest  relative,  are you   not," t
"No. uncle." sweetly replied the lit-
tie  fellow,  'my  father  has  that dis-
Unction,   He never gives me a asai '
unless I sal- him (or it." »»
Mr. Walter Allward  Has Had an Interesting   Career.
No man of his age In 'lie Dominion
hat- hud a more Inter-Ming cureer
than Mr. Walter Allwurd, of Torontn
tho foremost sculptor of English
.peaking Canada. He was horn in
that city i.i June, 187$. and with n
nubile school education besran t
itudy architecture at the age of four
>epn. But carving and clay modelin•■
■nme natural tn him. and were hi-
■liief bobbies, H° -tay.-d four ynnr-
n the architect's office, ami then be
fan hi* work of scitpture in earnest
*t th-t time he could not even stud'
'hi's art in h school, nud, a« 11 pri
'es-lon, It seemed to offer small pros
'lectn, Mr. Allward. however, wen'
■m with his work undlscournged. H
"otikln't ao iiwav tn study—he had t
»arn it living. So he mnde busts am'
*otd them nnd studied nsildiiously «'
the lime, gelling nil the light po«!b!
•ui tip method- of such French scillu
•or" a* Fretniel and t'ntil Uuboi
Hi- lir^t lar-e work of note was lie
Northwest RohelllQl monuiipnt i'
Qtieen'i Park. Toronto. Then tr
•■roiliiced th" sluttiei of Oovernoi
Blmcoe ami fir Oliver Mownt, After
his nuirrtage, Mr. Allward inenl
*ome time in Europe, and since that'
he has been constantly employed on
larger nnd more important work*
Ohlef among these, probably, i' hi*
inprpssiv* m-iiioriil tti t'.■• Canadini
'icroes   of   flic    Botlfh    African    war
hieli   stands   In   University avenue
"onitito. Atnnng ills other now fam
.us out«lite statttps are the John
Randfleld Maednnald monument In
Queen's Hsrk. Toronto! the Nichols*
'■"loot! Davln memorial, In Rpeohwond
Cemetery, Ottawa; the Baldwin-La
fnntnine group on Parlium-nt Hill
Mtawti, and the m 'mortal to Dr. Bell
inventor of the telephone, at Brant
ford, Ont.
Mr. Allward** studio Is on Walker
avenue,   Toronto.     When  he  begins   a
statue he first records his inspiration
in a small figure ol dark green wax
Then he makes another with more
detail. In either wax or clay. If the
design is to be submitted for approval
still another figure is made—in the
ease df a single sttttie—r.t one-third
or one-half lif" size. If the work i*
a group a ca-t In plaster of Pari* Is
arranged in the shape of a complete
model. Week" and months are spent
in this preliminary work. Then, if
his life models have been sati-fac-
t'lry, the meuim-tit is commenced
"in large." This i- done in wax on s
large skeleton ol iron and wood.
Then it is boxed up and sent to the
United Slates lo he cast In bronxe,
There are no bronxe-castlng works In
Canada able In tlo -tich work. II" goes
down to Providence, it.I., to inspect
the casting. Then from Mr Allward'*
blue prints th" contractor builds the
foundation and elects the monument
All Mr. AHward's work Is marked
hy deep human leelina, \\> well »*
remarkable arti-tic skill, personally
lie Is one of the most gentle and
modes! of men. large success in
vouth having spoiled him in no particular.
A   very   pood   story   is   told   of   Mr
Vllwiinl and nn  irishman,  who was
one nf  his  models  a  few   yi-ars  ago
The latter was a magnificent specimen of physical manhood, hut he suf.
("red (nun rheumatism and talked
ibotit his tiri'a.ly constantly. One
day Mr. Allward waa taking a cast ol
the man's neck, but either he or his
assistant overlooked putting on the
rustomary coat of grease. On at-
'empting to remove the plaster it wa«
'ound that it hud apparently harden-
si there to stay. So they fell to with
knives and other Irstiuments and
hammered   and   cut   it    away.   The
Irishman   lost   some   hair   and    had
|iiite an experience.
Some time alter the model dtsap-
neared, and Mr. Allward did not see
htm for ninny a day. Then he met
him and asked him if he remembered
the ca-t incident.
"Renumber it!" said the Irishman
"Faith, how should I tie forgettin' it-
\n' would ye believe it, Mr. Allward.
I've nlver had a touch of   the   rheu-
ntities from that day to this."
It hod been cast out, so to speak.
A Mock Parliament.
the page hoys ol Purl.anient are tea-
ur.> oi the institution. Heceutly the)
ield a "mock" session, and it wa-
uglily funny. One diminutive chap
iccupied tiie Premier's seat ami msdt:
1 speech about the great and glorious
uggestiuns he was going to make at
.16 coming Imperial Conlereuce. A-
'anada curtly staled she had nu sug-
.estions to offer, the irony of the lit
e fellow with his oraiae of the "all-
J route," the "all-British cable,"
•id the like uf that, was clever.    In
■ r. Borden's seat wus another midg't
hu iiiutitt'd the somewhat ponderous
)ie ol the Opposition leader with
tent fidelity, "1 would like to ask
..e right bun. gentleman," said tlus
.ttle muni'iier, "if it is the intention
.1 tiie Uovernment to pu-ti the reel.
..rueity proposals. In tn.-, purticulai
-gard 1 m 1) say tltul there is liu until tuis side ui toe iii.ua,- whu is more
UUtfoUS to see tills pad lalltled than
. am."
But the climax came when some
me whu was lor the lime being, tbe
din..-ter ul Labor, rose and sail: "Mr.
Speaker, 1 mink a lew pructical ub-
-ervatiuiis on thi* iutereai.tig »ubjeci
■ ou.d be timely."
Mies  Sargent  Only   Woman
In     Bonder     Trial      Recti.
Miss Alice Sargent, tbe richest (VO-
man skipper In Americao aratara, if
not lu the world, usked ■::■: eipecce-i
ho 'jii,irter Crum maie <omi.entu*s
when sbe sailed her -. .. !.•:■ tsMt Wutf
In the regattas off UsrbfetHad. Soa
entered (he ellmluatlou trials :als yeur
for tbe right to race j^jiost tba •jpu.i.-
i-ti suuder tiouts Hhieh caaks ovei tu
America, represeutlmj the BoyaJ \jj-
lsb Vacbt dub, to raca foe tba I'sft
Miss Sargent bus wua te.tfpi   s^tTsaa
lu yachting regattas aad ia ao f-tir
weather yacbtswouiuo. bat Is as taring as a man. driving aer bout Jut la
rough wiud ant \v.it--r 1 ;,i li-iii-acu-*
lo a siiff ttftrsse She ata-oens taa gaara
(ul tuouutouy of :*a >)peu bojthlf to
long as her boat <snu track .jutsido m
Open water Sli.-w Surgeut. srtta 3«c
parents, l*rof>s»or nit Mr-*. Cbaataa i.
Bargettt     of     Uiiin     Lea.     Upjoatne.
Mass. ts spaodtng ttm sntnmta u Mar-
bleheud Neck, rttsn mu to tonvastwat
to the yachi cJuns.
Io uddtiion to Hdng 1 smtllN sssta*
lug sailor. Hiss Sangani a 10 -. •*<-
golfer, teuui.i Dlayat 1 id rtnrsawaiinsn
aud aaa a coimideriD.u sspai ifttan is t
pedealrfua. U'tr "uvuriii uet-'ioaa if
esert.'1-M ouidoor-t, baafttmw "nucng,
ant wulgJug sod ■I"" •*■;'01   ■;   "til 111*
"Tba real mttott it huajt'i. suraauttn
aud b**auty or totm snd s m' -u->
says, "ilea tn lajsllilnlTliil if -m Iha a
simple fara ind iu 'ho •jii:hmi "it o>-
lowtag of iLUfb .t-i.piail"'* raaaastaasi m
wutkiug, running; gntftbg tamiai smc
or utbafr fhsuui -it soon snicfl tran]
lutu ptuy botti "ie imyilca. ind autiiM
actlvttiea -it 1 paraon.' 11 ss Brrajfti
practices what tho ;)i-f*at"te-> mil BU*
Iowa outdoor life nut tptir.t iimtiHt u
the entire axBluafun it fammi BimiBsins
aud indoor Ife "iiaiuoii,; m\ Bfflast
upon -ax-teiy wiraeii mu vnm-u it
wealth. She jil'-ieruoa Ul uuiiner if
simple ourdiMir soonta ftjr :in --«'!ii)».ra-
Uoo uf* ileaitti, hut. lu idillCun. uie n-
cr—-1 that the li.moe *>hm| BSfgJIDa uu*ir
IHttWaSe lie nut into >-ifbft if iim sansfll
be munia— ■ tu.---turn u ;;i:ri»ujf
ptCfael  tiettill).
"When one   s tetiruiug  rrir   te-iirti.'
she saya, "Tnera ira uang 'nuig.i o i»
consideretl. ',iiii'.t:i,iiiiiiiaily tn trw
many of us ipiltB imlke. I '.utix rsMdl
wuuuiu should 11 ut y if me ; nal *x-
perttiient wliU Uflbrwnl sseisangbtni w-
for« guing abend sstflfl sjattmsttts or*
grama of eientse. It a *uuie'.;ne«
not tbe things SSS Ik-* "o m vat :iut
sre the best for oa. In n? mi 'aaa
I feel that I 'in'.'i- vm imt Seat av
own   gt»d    ;**-i.1 ;    'is    •■itisist..:.!    i.H
Cousfaut ravraadva .valuing.
"t.t.-fj toorolni I tnao 1 ,rna v-nk
of some ktttgtn, • ""i.i ia w -"i. :. i-s.
There Is uo taggring m '.hu wxf nut .
make It 1 pnetice nut m ut ■-* m '.n«
diataoce cuwtvd liu i"-r kraal vi.ka.
but rather ap some ot saaj -taten ulla
and, If poaaibie. along tha rrmgnt-r
Streets of tho outlying dlatrtcta."
Ta Keep Court Oat
The Middlesex County Council have
I 'elded to mske an allowance ol 10
hillings a year to the caretsbsr uf
he  Wlllcsdeii  Police Court  lor the
isinteiiance ol an offlclal polios court
Wsman'a Wiles.
O woman. In yeur houra or K'e
Why do you e|whd eo many V'st
Poor man must mind hie Kb and Q'S   I
To earn Iho X'e thai you U'a
While he li working like the U'a
The dough honei-da you're prone to Cs
Vet with auch tact you put him T's
Vou seem an angol to hla Is.
_     -Paeb.
Na Canaaalmant
Mrs. Ryera-All ibe big berries an
•a iba lop of tbts bog, I suppose.
Peddler-No. mum; aome of 'am art
00 tba lop of tba 01 ber bolt*-Beaton
The First Straw.
From the closet, cobweb covered.
Took he forth hi* old alraw hat.
Scent ol moth balls round It hovered.
But he did nol caro for that-
Brushed tt off. wllh care careaalng.
Jl wae yellow now and eear,
Bul he put 11 on, confeaalng,
"New ones cost too much ihls year,**
Down the busy at real fat wore It,
SIlM and balmy waa Iho day,
Bul tbe people uoiieO and Risaled.
"Pipe th* IWI" li* heittl tlt«m sag.
Rod was he and sweating freely
When he reached hla oBIca door.
And lb* Janlior that even ing
faund Ust straw hat an tba Boor.
Prospects Looked Bright.
"Tour husband looks very happy this <
"I guess It Is because of what bt Just!
1 said to me."
i     "And what was thotr
"He said I wus .Hiving him to drink.'1
-Iluustuu Post
.Vhy Qoldwln Smith Cam* to America.
Mr.   Pig.u.   the   li.-.tti   of   Bristol,
a rites to im l..a.don Sphere in reply
10  recent  uuiuitiea  loncernlng the
latt  Mr   ti..i.l»n,  Smith:
"Dear S:r.-I noi.ee in last week's
sphere th.it yuu, wuu, ». 1 nu aware,
nan) others, are at a loss to under-
land   why  my  tirsl cousin,  the  late
old'Aiu smith, left KugUnd lor Cam
.da, und was a voluntary exile. II,-
ither, my dear uncle, a intsJical man
I Some repute, culliuiltti d -in. ide. He
.ad to my knowledge contemplated
tils lor years, and, indeed, used to
tit.* to me about il. We al) felt sure
e would eventually du it. Ouklwm
■ ■ok this greatly to heart, snd wander too nxed impression that it
vould iu many ways seriously affect
is prospects. Cynic as Uoldwiu was.
e was singularly sensitivo to cnti
Ism.—Faithfully, F. Pigou, Dean ut
Net an Object ion.
"I think ne'd like 10 Joid your club,
hut his wife wouldn't bear ot it."
"■She wouldn't bear ut in Why I
1.now bail a doxen men who would
join our club 11 ihelr wlre-t would n't
"ear ol lt."-llriKikiyn Idle.
Impraaaioaia ot* fe-uau-fa.
I Mil*. 1*010iro. ttmt Frwocb Sa'traaw.
celebrated for befog (ir-a 'u-rfl-est iss>
maD lo (he world." haa rorenrJy .*»
turned to Paris, aud (uss la wnur siu*
says about  AoierVan wum-ni.-   'Am-r-
' lean   womeu  sn  ^tuirmmg.  nut    .i*-',*
■ certainly   have   ,   *eaae   ,**   amdascj
, tbst Is purely their own. W.u.tt / .u
believe, they even pulled ap my -k.rs
to BSjg my  lega:    I  Ukc too Amertcaa
] man  immensely.    He la always   *■•■■'■
■ gruomed. smart aod --tegaac. E.v*>ry-
Ihlog about him sugguta 'Jiat o« Baa
1 a dally bulb, la d*-ailag with w->ra->a
be may uot havo the Freocbmaas
tsprlt. charm sml delkat* utrje ways,
' bul he Is -all right.' ■
In anawer to 3 tfueadoo 11 to what
' sbe thought of the spo-asrance of to*
' American  nouiau sbe replied.
|    "Sbe is too slack In her appearance.
! She due* uot Dtkt as .*■>': an imprea-
i slou as Iho Anteri.au ir.ao Sht
dreaaea    horribly.      She    sopais    *ft«
, Purlnlenne, hut dots It had.) Kba
slicks an  Imuieuao  hat 00  aaf  hfn.4
i wllbuut kiiuMlng wheiher K t-dl suit
ber or out. It la n fine sal. she think*,
so long as It le adorn**! with tmn^aao
! feat tiers     They are mad  for feather*
i over  there.     If they   were  not  afraid
I Of stepping on them the)   »oud bs*t
I tbem sweeping to tbeir feet.
"I am apeukltig of tbtaAmeelcan wo-
l mso uow solely as a woman Aa
audiences both men and women la
America are charming. They hsve
frest tsste for Ihe theater They know
music well snd sre quick to IKOgnlN
and ippreclsie Ibe effort* of ao artist
; Sit Ittjraaa* Ihafi     aB t  Wfd,  tl" J   iOVt
Ftvt Llnis About It
There was an old la<1y Irom :
WauM eight was .]*" uir.iiK poor,
UJl-tier huatwnd, alas,
Met the Widow tl* oris*.
Which effected ■ tnarvelou* euf*^
-Saaksn* B-Mkcsuiaa-tHVMrah
Sslf Ralianes.
rhe man wtm seek- in aaltle fnr Ihe right
Wim  nnneet   purpn**,   wall oeftnM ont
War* im to pause, would turelr Inaa taa'
Wbne hrotllni those who tell him ht't
-Washlagitfi Sta*
Down on th* Farm.
How de*t lo .ur nearti n*s the old t .r-*
ani cutter.
Th* old none and cutter *-« kru-w long
W* Would in them both out with ihr first
■riouii.iKV- r.t.rtt-i
Ann  seep  tntni  bntn  s"lRS  •■■  hours
or 10
The old tuhlnned ptlr-bow |*'d grumble
aad mutter
When the n*-ntlplle wae white and the
north wino <*** raw,
Far Ui* nnrie Mu* a aaa^orte, and is tor
th* cutler.
It Was only so old fashioned lersy boctt
-Chicago Newa,
Going to Paint
Then use
The Sherwin-Williams Paint
and you'll gel Bfltlsfaction,
It's the heat protection
you can give your house,
It's made from pure white
lead, pure zinc white, uml pun
linsrcil oil.
It does not powder, (lake 0
or crack.
It forms a tough, durable i
that wears and looks well lor :
longest lime.
It's colors are clear, brigllt a
It costs less hy the juh thttti ;
other paint made.
The full color card shows
handsome  shades,    H,.  W.  I1.
put Up full Measure, u/lftt
General Hardware and Sporting Goods
*****t*********f.*********f ***************************
I *
J     Phone R 197
|     Abbotsford Timber % Trading
I Co., Limited
! Office and Yards, YOUNG ROAD
I The Only Exclusive
l ************************************************
We have the largest range of
Heavy Footwear ever shown in
Chilliwack including such makers as Leckie, Ahrens and Amherst. Every pair guaranteed
Solid Leather.
Wo also have the largest, and
most complete linos of Ladies,
Misses and Children's Footwear
in the city from the best Canadian and American makers.
Before buying your Fall Footwear it will pay yon to call and
inspect our stock and get prices.
•r v
t    We have n complete  stuck  ..f Long .I.m-K Rough J
* nu.I   Dressed   Lumber,  Lntli, Shingle*,  Kiln Pried $
♦ J
flooring,  (lolling,  Siiliiiu. Mouldings unit   I'uusli. *
Lime, Coniutit niiil I'lnstor. *
Prompt attention given tn nil ottlora, j
TH0S. KIRKBY Local Manager
A $15,(KM).()() stuck of Footwear
to select from.
************************************************ *
R. J. Macintosh
u  Social and Personal   u ]
t *
Forty-Five Minutes
from Broadway
Opera House      -     Sept. 9th
Chilliwack Planing Mills
.\l:iliur.K-tun■ f- mill   flnitlfl-H in
.      .       .        t'LANINCI .      .
Nilli at HOPE SLOUGH, Young Road
All work reccivei- mireiii'eful uml pwinpl iillcntioii.
Estimates tiiruislii'il. I'nil uml see us.
P. 0. Box 243
Phone R 121
Chilliwack Planing Mills
Sold liy MomlmnUuf Oliillitviifk, Rnscdule, uml Alcluditz.
OPI'ilSI'IT. lll'KH.t Mm si:
If Your Lights Go Out Phone 178
Wo»i iiilizotn Private InsliillnliiiiMiind .Molnr Work.
1'i.>i111 il nttciilion given t.. II..ii-.. Iiiijliting.
IM ITS Uloolrlc Signs and Are Lights. IMiimo 178
. New Music .
Land® Development Co.
of which Mr. W.L, Maoken
in PrcHlilont, in aetively en*
gaged in Requiring IiiiiiIh
which will prove to be i4*»*«l
(!iviilonilp!iye,rs to the share-
holtlerfi, Tho Mtiimgeinent
is very curefill nnd eom-er-
Viltivu hi inveHiiguling till
properties nubniittuil fur
I'oiniiilcmtioti.niitl no tloolit-
fit) proposition le enterttiiii-
nl. Active onquiriuH both
from Int'ttl and olttnliio
lourccfl art' tiding niiule, re-
liitlvo tn the ptiN'hnM of
sltnri'H in tlicCiimpiioy, mul
tho DlrectorH,—all troll ami
fiivoriihl.v known rodlilontii
of the district,—antiuipitto
the BpuoJy mile nf utilHoiei.t
stuck to coniplutc a iniiiil'iT
of nxcttllunt money-making
pro|H)ailioiiH. Tint hulk of
thin stook should he liclii liy
loOfll |)00|tlo.
Infiiitiinlioii      rftptvting
the opcrntioiifl nf itic Com-
puny iw iihjo the pnrclitiMo
of share* may In- ohtuillUll
hy applying to
Mr. Polity er to Nr. WaMintf-
ton, at tht Com-.»nr"» offtct
Ntit door lo th« Iapr.il
L. F. Croft spent a few days in
Vancouver this week.
Miss Jackman spent Saturday and
Sunday in Vancouver*
Mrs. (iilliert left fur Winnipeg,
Man., on Monday night.
Mr. Neletni, of Vancouver, spent
the week end iu Cliilliwnck.
Miss Me.tlillivray.of Vancouver, is
visiting Miss Miss Millie Hell.
Mr.Munnof F.J.Hart&Co. spen'
tho week end at the Coast Cities.
Men's first quality Knee (iuin
Boots, $3. fiO       It. J. Macintosh.
J. Anderson, of Chan. Hutcheson
& Co., was in Vancouver this week.
Miss M. Phillip of White Rock,
is the Hues! of Mrs. Chester Chad*
C. W. Webb was a liti liooss visitor
lo Vancouver last week, returning
('. A. Morrison, representing The
Juvenile Bostonians, was in town
Mrs. J. B. Croly, wife of J. B.
Croly, city engineer, is visiting in
II. T. Good land was a visitor to
the Terminal City last week, returning Saturday.
Mrs. Rose returned on Saturday
from a two weeks visit with friends
iu Vancouver.
Men's Storm Rubbers, 75c. R, .1
Wallace Kerr haa returned after
a months vacation nnd is again on
duty at the Empress.
Mrs. Coskey returned toCliilliwiok
last week, after a six weeks visit
with friends in Vancouver.
Mr. and Mrs. A. Jolliwlim, of
Chilliwack, are at present guest'- of
friends nt Man I ton, Maid hit wi.
Mr. and Mrs. Turtmi, Mary St.
icfl un Tuesday for Australia, where
limy will make their future home.
('. II. Cnwen, druggist, was a
Inisiness visitor to Vancouver over
Ilia week-eml,   returning  Tuesday.
Men's tii-i quality lung Thigh
(Juni Boots,85.00 II .1. Macintosh.
Marshall Smith ami a party of
Vuucuuwrites motored to cliilliwnck un Saturday and •pent the
holiday with Mr. 0ow,('amp Slough.
Miss   Duncan, uf Vancouver, is
s| img the week-eml  at Hie 1 0
uf Mrs. W.'Tupley, I'airhVhl Island.
Among those attending the Fair
Inst wei-kwere: W.Topley, J, Top-
Icy.T. (iil.lH.ns. ofKairlieM Island.
Mrs.Oeo.LotiryofKtiirflnld Island,
left last week for Winnipeg, Man.,
and expects to return Inn few weeks.
Mrs, Chas. A. Barber left on
WeiliiHsda.y, for Pilot Mound, Manitoba, and expects to lie away aixiul
I wo months,
Alf.Whilc, Mr.Flood ami T.P.
Knight look iii tin- lacrosse match
nt New Westminster on Monday
und returned to the city yesterday.
Liulivs' Sturm Buhners, Hoc. It. J.
Muster Lynn Ferris, son of Mr.
and Mrs. W. F. Ferris, returned to
Chesterfield school, North Vnncouv-
m Tuesday, after spending the <
mid-summer     vacation    with  his
Mr. and Mrs. Fox and family are
at present the guests of Mr. iind
Mrs. George AflllVell, Sr., coining
direct from England to make their
1 ie in Chilliwack.
Mes.lames .1. I, IIroe and Mrs.
It. J. Mcintosh were hostesses at a
delightful afternoon tea at "Golden
Beauty Farm" VntrowStation, Saturday last. Those present were:
Mesdames I).II. Day, W.K.SIeigl.t-
holm, White, .1. M. Williams,
Sprout, Murden, Hnim&omo, Win.
Knight, a.i<l Mrs. Ogilvlo and Miss
Voiing uf Vancouver.
F. B. Lyle, manager uf the Royal
Hank, left yesterday on a six weeks
leave of absence, guhigenst, where
he will visit Toronto and other east*
em points. Returning he wili he
accompanied by Mrs. Lyle and two
children who have been on an ox-
tended visit to friends at Chatham,
Ont. On their return Mr. ami Mrs.
Lyle will occupy the bungalow on
the corner of Nowell Street and
Gore Avenue. K. 1). Simpson,
manager of the Royal Hank tif Lad-
ner.is in charge of the local hranch
during the absence of the manager
F. B. Lyle.
All the Latest Popular Songs
See Our Window
It. A. Hkxiikiiniin, (i.e. Am.k.
B.C. I.anii Surveyor
Room. 10 A 11. WatmlmliT Tram Meek
rllll.I.IWACK, ll.O.
Westminster Trust Building
The Music Store t
Fall Goods to Hand
Trouserings, Suitings and Vesting;
Fit, tjtyle nnil Workmanship Gunrnnteed
Agent for The iinl.v Reliable
50 wnts per bottle nl the storo.
G. C. CARTER  . Merchant Tailor
In order to introduce the Chilliwack   Feeil   Co.   ne will sell
Flour at coat
jf inanufuoture for the next
two weeks, wiih n positive
guarantee uf giving sntisfnetinn
0p«» Baa.. Mack, Callllwack
* |
|        Ask Your Grocer For        f
Local and District :
A Inectiiig nf the liospitnl Atixi-
linrv will lie belli nil Mnnilny, Sepl-
emlH'r.t lib, in tlio Oililfollows Hull
nt 8.S0.
Miss Millie Cnlhi.'k bus taken n
liMsiii.in wiih t'hns. Ituti'tinon A
I'ii., ns stpnngrA|ibor.
S.J. Itncbniij toilet In ibe Bank
nf Muiitii'iil, linslweii Iranstoiroil to
\V. II. Tielllmhil has seelll'eii the
r.illtrni't nf ftlrnisliillg tlio new City
forty ■ live Minutes from
llriiii'lwny, " ilenrge M. Cohan's
greatest tllllsieiil ennieily, will he
Ibe ultraetinii at tile I'billiwaek
Oporn Hniisi'mi Satiirilny evening
Jepl. 0,
llov, II. II. nunhmnk, nt V	
-Oliver, will preaeh in Ibe Itaptisl
-lillri'h next Stiiiilay, iiinriiing an.I
Preserving peaehes nl Smith's
Tiie Harvest Jubilee nnil llaskel
Plclllo linmilineeil tn he hold at
I'ark drive, Rnseilale, tnday, has
lieoil noltponeil (nr one week. The
races ami pieuie will he hold Tlmrs-
lay Sept. 11, ami a g I days spurt
is assured ail who attend.
Fresh line nf Huntley A 1'iilnier's
biscuits nl Smiths.
FOR HALM liny liersi'live yeuis ..I.I,
goal drlvei'i llisi rliws Imggy milL liui>
Hess. Will s, II si'lmrati'ly nr enmiilete
..mill.   A|i|.l) t'lillllwnck Kne I'reis.
| Nabob Coffee
! Forty Cents a Pound
* i i
j A. G. Brown-Jamison Co. Ltd. I
sru'Kssoiis in ,\. c;. mtnWN A CO,
Itock Cnifthera        Itoail Mnclihifrjf       Cuiiirnctare1 Bqtii|inwnt
Mining Miifhint'iT        Hollen        Kughitfi
iiiittsiutf AulDinuiiilett Urainiii MotorTnteki
rnnii [lil|i1oilieiltl Hairy Hll[i|ill(M \\W'U\ I Mllklllg Ma.liiiiiH    11
r       ■ i.
; 1048 Main Street Vancouver, B.C.  ;;
s www in \v.\l. AlirlllHAi.il
Estimates Given
Phone 68
P.O. Ilnx 2fl«
Hot Air Furnaces,
Roofing and Cornice,
Metallic Ceilings,
Stoves and Ranges,
General repair work,
Estimates  furnished
Phone 94
0|ippaltc II. 0. R. Nmiliin
Pitted, with  modern enn-
veniences    nud    c.infnrtnhly
flirnislie.l  Ihmugbiiul.
D. B. MacLINNAN. Praari.lar
Brituh Colambia Electric ly.
Train.        Clnvk.
1 II   a.m.
a s.tou.iu.
A I     li.lll.
7 li.AO p.m.
Milk....II. 16 p.m.
... I*.1 noon
....'I p.m.
—6 p.m.
 I a in.
iiiKiiiur smivim
l.ve. Clillllwaek 8.H0 n.i.i. I lially R«*cpt
"   Vanivinver 7.00   "    \     Hunil.y
All |WH*>iiger Iraln. Ininlle Kxpn's..
Chilliwack Poit Office.
Ollien hours 8 tn 7.
Money order wicket cIufcs nt 5 p.in
Mailselnse Inrwest 7.50*11 .•'iOn.m
Muilseli.se l»r easl T.'SW'll .flllii.m
On Slatulnry llolidnys tho wieket
is n|»..|i fniiii 8 tn II a.m.
I'Instni nu Sundays.
Office door Is looked nv 9 p.m.
li. Mallard, Potlta-Jl-r.


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