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 hilliwack Fr«
Published in the Garden City of b. c. you will like chilliwack.
'»:.'  ,,,
Vim,. 1.
Cllll.UWAC'K, B..C, THURSDAY, M i\'KM ill-Mi 10, lull
No.  11
Siinlil t'liius—11. .1. Harlier
Cliisliniis 1'liul'is—I., I'', fn.il
ll I, not llio Price—0, I'urker
Store Cltmi).|-W. II. Treiiliolin
Clearing Sale of Sinn's—AbIiwcII'b
Woman's Kxcliiingi—Cooking, do.
Illllllkcts nml  Hun- lllllll',.ml.   IlimiCM
T»n ll I lt,.|is..ns Why- Utile's dish
Talk il Over—Cliilliivack Iii.pl>' lit and
I'l.iillli'c 1'...
Local  Items
.1. Turvc.v .1' Co,, are arranging
to btiiitlle coal in Cliilliwnck. A
supply is expected shortly, tinier
your coal now.   Phone 112.
Blankets, rolies, bells, etc., nre
advertised by Ibe Cliilliwnck
llnrness Co. in ibe Free Press to.
li is reported iu town tlmt tlm
KilgurdloCluy Company have-.truck
ll throo tool six lllllll senin of colli on
their properly.—Abliolsforil Post.
The editor of the Ijid.vsinith
Chronicle- wns recently presenlml
with a Iniu of initnii.es. ll is bolter
to be born lucky thnn rich.
Troup No. I, Chilliwuek Hoy
Souls are preparing an amateur
j theatrical lo be given illirill!! the
' holiday season.
A merchant was lined in Wosttnln
sier the other day for having hi.,
inline placed ill a new block nf
cement walk.
Ilniise-eleaningtiine is here again
.llllll W.   II. Stevenson   the Valley
iseniiiforliibly healed wilh hoi water. I painter nnd bis stnll of  workmen
The Hank ..f Montreal will  civet j me kept busy pnpurlng, tinting etc.
o new bank building nl Merrill,     I    A mow plow did good work on
Clearing Sale  in Shoes al   Ash-'''h.v sidewalks on  Sunday.   Those
wells', sec their n.lvi. on page S.     | who ventured out  appreciated thc
W.   It.   Gills-rl   was   ii   business
passenger to Vancouver ycitorday,
Stllilcbnker buggies nl Chilliwack
Implement and Produce Co's,
Wood for-ale—PI  I. I80B,
Make early preparation for Christinas.
Save inoiiey by buying from the
Wilder River Shingle Mill.
Kvery line in this newspaiicr costs
the proprietor something.
Trade at Ashwolls1 llig Store, il
J who vciitur
' hcjiefit of having the snuw
i    \V. It. Stevenson the Valley I'nin-
tor will  not  keep you  waiting to
! huve your   puper  bunging done us
Rov. A. E. Roberts spent yester-k0 |ms n stall uf first-class workday and to-day at Westminster.       men.
Shoes nl Slaughter Prices at Ash-1    H0U9C mi\  Lot  t0  Rent—Nine
wells', see their.uiu. on page.1.     j riK,me.l house,  bathroom, electric
Canada will likely have a surplus light, water works, one Hereof land,
of 136,000,000 for the current year, stable, buggy shed, on Hazel street. ]
| Apply to A. Mnlclm, Huzel street. J
Lillle gives some special   reasons!
for trading nl his store, on pngo 8.1    Mrs. C.   A.   Ilnrber will  receive
t,,    ,,.   ,     »     -, for tbe first time sine,.' coining to1
Tho Wesley Boy Scouts nre pre-1  ,, .,      ..    ?
.....       ,    ,,     i bilbwnek, on   rruliiy   t,,   from
pnnngu cantata to be given sh rtlv.,, .     .      ,
; four to six   ill   the  afternoon  und
Hoy's Clothing at  Parker's; sec fr,ral eight to ten in the evening, nt
his new itdvt. j ]lcr |lomCi (Jure avenue, Mountain
Even the editor stoops so low us View, and afterward on  the first
to shovel snow now-a-dnys. | Fridny of the month.
Shoe Snlc nt Asbwells', see their     Mrs. Loshley Hall,  President of I
advt. on page 8. the Woninn's Equality League, Van- j
, ,     r,     , ,   - ' eouver, will give two oddresses in
.lobn Orr has  relumed  from a   ,        ', ,. „    ,    ,  „ ....
,,,    • •,,,.       „. ,,       the Odd fellow s hull,  on  rrulay
moiitb s visit to Swan River,   Man.-., _,,    ,. ,„ ,     .
I Nov. 21.   The hrat une will be de-
Sir Wilfrid Laurier will be seventy iiv,,rwi in tilc afternoon to women
yeurs old on Monday next. | ull|v mi\ j„ ,|lc evening, to a mixed
Christmas Photos $1.60 por down I audience,
and up.   Ilct om prices and styles     s. A. Parson's 1ms in  his pos-
nt Chapman .< Studio. session somewhat of a ciirinusity in
The manager of tho Vcv tier River tho form of  n momorlam of Sir
Shingle .Mill will tuke in exchange j John A. Macdonald.   It is a piece
Hiiliil Syslen Dis-jr.
Owing to lho water being left in
the heating system in the Hospital,
during the cold spell, considerable
damage bus resulted to the system
from bursting pipes and radiators.
Oi TW Mm
' Robt. Ciii'iiiicbnel bus moved from
Main street into bis Hue new bungalow on Spadiiiii avenue. Mr
.McMiitius occupies the residence
lately occupied by Mr, Carniichiiel
ami Mr. Somplo, bus moved into
Ibe bouse vacated by Mr. McMuiiiih
on Kipp avenue.
Appoiilrd Drlf|,lt.
I....mI Consorvntivai np|tninlcil ti
attend the iiniitial convention of tin
pnrtv ut Woitininster on November
'Jl, and 26, aro II. .1. burlier, T.
II. Jackson, Cliilliwnck; Admit
J.ilinslnn, Enst Cliilliivack; II.
Webb, Surdis; J. C, Huhcrtson,
Suiiius. The alternatives are .las.
Monro,   Fred    Gillumlcrs,    Alex
Johns! It. Brottand W. R. Whit-
Dn'I Neikd fka
During the cold weather several
cases of cruelty to u n imals have luien
reported to the insiwctor for the
Humane Society, Horses lieing
left on the street for long periods
and otherwise neglected. Prosecutions will follow if these evidences
of negligence on thc part of owners
of dumb animals nre continued further.
An Km D-dan
Among the dirty successful candi
dales for registration us medical
practitioners in British Columbia,
wc notice the iinuies of P. S. McCaffrey, brother of Dr. McCaffrey,
and 1.. Rroe, son uf Mr.  and Mrs.
J. I.. Bna-, of Chilliwuek. We congratulate these young men on their
R<*trl Net Tm
In connection -wilh the hold up
report at Sumas  recently   it   has
h News
fell and lias Bines boon followed by
showers of ruin and licet, ihe al-
tniwphcrc becoming gr-.. (tally wanner. Thc cold wns tint very severe
.,    , „ „ i und no sufToriug wus occasioned,
been stated by daily papers thut fc. U   „ .,„, '„„,.  u„«e„„„n„bl,
V        11,,1-rls.,,.'..     V, 1.,     I....I     I...... I '
H.av, Fin Um
Much sympathy is impressed foi
Mr. (.'. E. Eekert In the loss sustained last Sunday night when the,
inngitlcent   new   burn ut   "Lake-     'I'1"'   Ladles  of   the   Mothodllt
wood Dairy," Humus, wnidestroyed Church  will bold a social  in the
by (Ire.   Tho liarii hnd just boon porsonug  Thursday nfloriiimii
completed and wns one of lho most *nd evening Nov, 23.
modern in thc Valley,   Every head I   n,.v. Mr. Estcrhi lc,siiporliilond-
the  farm  was lately on)  of llnptisl Missions  in   B.C.,
on Btlhday, lho span- w||| , upy ihe pulpit horo noxl
ions lull was fillnil witb Ihe necessary' Sunday morning and evening,
provender for the winter, the iiewesl,    ,,      ,,        , ,,     „    ,       .    ,
ilov, Sir. and Mrs. Fordo arrived
in   Cliilliwnck   last    week    from
Tpronlo,    Rev. Mr. Funic will lake
i tlm English Church services at lloso-
tide iu the fuliirc.
- j Ttie City iiuinli [pal elect	
County ('..un   wai held  in Ihe The now pel ofllce I-
Courl House Chilliwack on Friday,: >''"" ''"'" rininuaj Nov. S3,
nnd liuted from eleven ..'duck |JSco-i'al.Conccri, DoeemborS,
tho morning to ton-thirty in tl
Scottlali i.'..ui'i'ii,
Christmas five week, from Sunday,
Voting "ii City fly-Low, nexi Thursday,
veiling.    Hii Honor Judge P.  B,|j|on'a mcellni byrli   Thcain
nil. III.
of stock ou
housed then.
iiiiiI most unproved machinery wns
installed to innlti* tin; Inuil comfort*
niili* and Military• ovoti w tho milking tllAOhillO purchased nt tlm
Hygienic Dairy mile, awl Mv, Bckoi'l
nml liin man went to rest witli llit*| Tl>" Women's Auxiliary of St
consciousness of a g^d jub well done, Thoimw churoh assisted liy tlio
At midnight tin* lllarni wub rained ^Irl'a Auxiliary will hold it Salt- of
thnt tho barn wus on lire, uml it Work ",l Thursday aftornoon and
took nil thc energy and experience eveningNovombor 80, in iln- Pariah
of nil the men on the place to got Hall. Program aud rofrenhmenta.
the live stock tu a place of safety, j On Tuesday ovoning, November
But this, tit least, M'Oflaccomplished, |2l,  the Kev. C. W. Aiken*', (iehl
though nil tho winter's feed together [secrota
with the maclllnory was destroyed.
The imurance un the building
amounted tu 9-UKK), while the total
lust* cannot In- \t!9.H lh,in |80(X). The
cattle ure being aired for in the old
barns on the farm nt present, but j command of his Btlbjeot, His de-
will later be brought tuMr. Ee.kort'a Ipnrtmoiit is growing in Rtrengthand
farm nt Cliilliwnck. The cause of1 favor and hna accomplished much
the fire was BpontonoousooinbtiBtion. |to arouso tlio church tu nctlvltio.
of the Temperanco nnd
Moral Roform  Departmonl of the
Metliudist church,   will   deliver at)
address in the Chilliwack Mo'.hpdist
church. Mr. Altkens Is one of the
orators uf Canada and has comploto
Umpmnti, uf Victoria, proikl
All cusoa were reported as laid 0
nr sell led, with the cxcopUon
The case nf Robinson VS.   Muni
eipiiliiy nf Kent, after adjournment j yesterday,
fnr some Mino ii was found plaintiff
did tmt npjwnr nml   Ihi* enso was
dUmlBSed wilh ensls.
Bar tic It vs. Tough was an action
nn account which the defendant
admitted hul counter-claimed fur
iln- price of n calf sold and damages
fur tho non-replacing uf a lame
horse. The Judge found, howover,
Against tiie defendant on the count*
; ri-claiiii and unly allowed him 85.04,
the price of the calf,  which was
I admitted, and cost of one witness.
Mt-lOachern vs.   Martin  was the
[chief   action   beforo   the    Court.
■ Plaintiff built fnr the defendant the
building in which \V. H. Tretinoin.
: ha« n furniture store, and claimed
;i?;t,"K*j7.2*i us lieiii-j; the balance un*
The Canadian Parliament opened
Why doc- Iho editor refer to himself ns "wo?" >•. that (be follow
who gets sore at nn editorial will
imagine thai thero i- .1 whole bunch
tn lick.
If ynu arc an advertiser in any
degree, wo congratulate \  1    Give
advertising your constant th..iiuht.
It is tbe si-leu.-.' of anticipating th
wants of tic people.
A Ni»Mt« SMmt-m j111""" ,l"' liM<' "f •"":
The old timer and oldest inhabit-1 ref"rni-
There is either a dearth   t pra n
ishnvols or -I,.". -i _. ..m-r^v
around Chilliwai k    ■ .     -..| f„.,...
of walk is the excel - •:.,.,
I the rule. Of course "1
I do il with less be, iling, .■ .
• 1 1 .       i-ii     1    1   ci   1     ■ '"■"" '"" '" ''                         • '■•'""■
paid nud lor which he bad  hied  a    .        ...
' .      .      ,.          ,,,.   Ial, walking ;- 1   ; ■■
ben lignllist    the    blllhllllg.       Ibe   .                       ,
1   , ,     ,   .       .        ,.,,.,,   .1,   l.s'nlllotl'.li     A |„,:.                    ;     ,.     .
ilcfciiiliint londcreil to the  pluiiilill
.   , 1 ,I„ .,.,     on  the  bii-o, ..  .-,.;        1   ...
lllfllllsclllement themimof >8,AU'l.- ., ,
wolll.l soon ck ir tl ■   ■     v mint I he
The meeting w
lllcllee at 8 o'clock
I  la
F.   Hubert*..!!1, hounds had  been
set on the trail of the offenders. I
Such n report is quite in ern* iw
Mr. Robertson's fine blood hound
"Put" haa not l«en on a man hunt
since she tmced the man named
Scott who was supjs ued to have been
lost some few weeks ago, but who
had cleverly ski
» Has Oi faam
for shingles—hay, oats, or apples.
You may talk to one mini, your
advertising talks to the world.—
Boy  wanted—Hoy about 111, op-
T aluminum a little larger than 11
Canadian hnlf dollar. On one aid.
is a bust of Sir John nud the words
"March ''. 1891. Our Country's
Choice," nnd nn the other "In
memorial!!, Sir John A. Macdonald
lo tiling, one that does not J |K)rn j„n, .., ,81a.  died June 11,
1891." Mr. Parsons values the
keepsake very highly even though
he did not see eye to eye with Sir
John, |mliticnlly.
Vedder River Shingle Mill
St. Thomas' band bns issued in-
vititntions for a  social evening in
the Parish ball to-morrow.
Many citizens had 11 job in the
Bunk on Sunday and Mondny—a
snow bank.
See Holfe's display  windows for
rare bargains iii Ladies' Suits,
Juek  (lillum  is  now  counting! that he may give more attention to
money in the Hank of Montreal at the   meat   market   of   Barr  and
Chilliwaek.—Greenwood l,edgc.       Cluimhpri..
Ashwell's nn- advertising!! big re- StcttuM Sain
duetion sale of shoes  in  the Free,    The auction sale, of Messm. F. A.
Press to-day. George and T. I'. Kvcrall, yesterday
Publicity is the keynote to lllccess. • were very successful considering the
Advertise in the Free Press for giaal circumstances. There wns a good
results. ntlenilniiee   and   fair   prices  were
Hand T. Ottwick
Fred. Barr and family, who have
j Is'.'ii tesiding at Sardis, have taking
up their resilience in the house recently vacated by   A.   S.   Watson.
Mr. Han, has moved  to the city,
I was delayed to some extent but th.
company managed to keep tin
I open and the regular service going,
'except Sunday when one Irain  was
! faun' Awijr Mlnty
A ear load of sleighs and cutters Ix,llth ,..,„,,, wl<i(|enly and 1111-
is 11 shipment not frequently brought 0xr«clcdlj to Geo. Morris, of Chilli, t'hillliwnek, and its appearan'"'hivraok on Monday morning. Ho
here some lime ago brought f"rth | was in the net of milking his cow
considerable comment us to where („..„,„ |,t, „..,„ .'ricken wilh heart
and how long the conveyances would | tMun,    ,.„ „.,ls foullt| si,,,,.,,,..,,,,,,..
ant has hud his Inning, this week I'"tl,<! «mml PuU'8- "",1 "m com
in searching his memory for event. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
which would iu any measure coin-1 The lllipropilious weather Sunday
cide with the weather conditions of morning precluded a large attcntl-
the past week. Not during the anec at lho ipeelal service lor the
lust half century has the valley boon ] two local troiips of Hoy Scouts by
visited hyastoriu and cold simpsnch! Kev. A. IC. Roberts in the Mothodllt
as has prevailed from Thursday lust I Church. There were aboul llilrtv
until Wednesday of this week. Sat- of tlio Scouts presenl and an Inlcrest-
unlay night and Sunday morning ing service was pnrlicl|iutod in.
sumo twelve or fifteen inches of mow i Rev. Roberts gave an mil line of the
organization and purpose, of tho
movement uinl Itegrowtliiaud based
his remark- ail Job us. o-J "Ilost
Ihon entered into Ihclrcasin'csof Ihe
snow,"' ibe text being suggested by
the (all of "ibe beautiful," which
occurred during the night, Several
practical lessons were drawn from
Ibe subject nf tbe text, and Ibe boys
were urged lo bave it pur|)OSC firm,
do all things well, and as tbe snow
line is n symbol of purity, eacli
should live a pure, white life,
1 end moral 1 ' "'"' P'dd this illiuilint into Court.
The plainlilT declined to accept this
amount,    After a long trial, during
1 whicli nine witnesses were beard,
judgment Was given for plaintiff
for 88,320,  without costs,  as this
j sum was less tliiin amount of lender.
1 The defendant also counter-claimed
1 for damage*, aniii, being difference
walk. Ba
ployed f"
cleared wa
ill houai  oldci     .•   ..
half   an   111 >. —"-..'.
(Iiily pr iperty owm 	
to v..te .111 th. M 1 a   i     Liars ia :'
Thursday,    \V!   . 1     ina-aa
of tbe businefl 01 connection  v.'i
dip in temperature caught some of
I the root crops, hut the tbe damage,
it is thought, will  not   be
Train service on the II. C.
nf work ns performed by plaintiff I these By-Laws tl ■   .1 urn-
and that culled   for by contractor, 'uond them* an   .hu
Ho was iillowed 1100 on this, lonv- pays the piper
Ing iinioiiut lo he paid by defendant nothing gained :
*;l,'.''.'(l, less the costs of one witness,   Laws.    The intent ....    1
but the plaiulill'has to pay illl costs theloaraandl
on accounl of eoiinler-eliiim. such as to justify their psoring '" t
The   trial   was   taken    in    Ihe.coiiiiniiuiiy   with  .11'...   |,i..i,ii...   .1
Registrar's olllco.     The day   was I of progresshri mess     !!"• ..■•■ n  mn.
cold nnd, tho Court   room furnace ;t>. seo the By-Lovn  mi        ;   d
antiquated, nnd the room could not! substantial  majorities      :   rinir-.-
be heated,     Had  His Honor   not tiny.    It wi '   lee* ths ns ;
bad aii important engagement  al tovoto"nnj
Victoria be would huve declined   to  any   ad ver-.- 1 I ll .. SB
go on wilh Ihe eases until the Court | responsible for the city business n
House wns properly warmed up.
C P. S. A. Oii-nutd
Lasl Sunday aft
a good ullcndiine
Pleasant Sunday Afternoon in the
Lyric theatre. Popular hymns were I
thrown iiih.ii  the screen and were'
Charges of short weight on delivery
readied,     Cattle     brought     good
,      ,      i-t      .   .....       „..    .    prices, some going as high as 1105.
hnve las'ii hml against tifleen \\ lum-  '    .  ' "    * ...
,    , r.J. Hart A- Co.,  enndiictcd the
is'g coalmen. , '
Lots of fellows who claim they
are mismidersliaal should la. thankful that Ihey are.
There is something of ipecial „, ,..,.... -,      .
inten-hl tolbe little folks iii Bnrlicr's ***",l'*""l
advt. In the Free Press to-day. Rov- '• K""x Wright, district
secretary, for the British Columbia
brunch of the Canadian Bible So-
elety, was in the city this week
  , taking   the   auntiul   conti ibiitions
The Woman's exchange have alto this Important work. He spoke
card in this issue. No, husbands in the interests ol the Society
nro not exchanged. Iln ihe Methodist Church on Sunday
His well loculliviitcdccisiveuess. >vening. The lot.,1 contributions
Nobody evei was able to jump mine ''"" .war in B. C, amounted to It),-
then one wav at a time. i 1"11'. •'M-M "' *•»'"'•" "l'l"™'*
lie stored. On Monday evening
there were but five rigs of the ear
load left, no less than seventeen rigs
la-iug sold on thnt day. The firm
that profited by the chance taken
was the Chilliwaek Implement and
Produce Co. lt is not expected
that any of the cutters or sleighs
will remain unsold.
Sesjeli T. TW Sin
The tall ot a foot or so of snow
Sunday created a brisk demand for
sleighs and cullers, and nil sorts of
"hols." were resurrected and put into service, these lieing augmented
hy home made "juui.Mirs," liustily
constructed. Sleigh Mis were at a
premium. Many enjoyed a sleigh
or cutter ride, and jolly sleighing
pirtics have mnde the evening nir
ring with their laughter and merriment. Various anil many were
tin- humble shovels pressed into service in clearing the sidewalks and
naifs of their burden of snow.
A Sactiil bMf-mt
Miss Eva Hurl has la-en specially
iigugcd to sing at the St. Andrew's
and ('al..Ionian Concert here on
His-. 8. This is her first public appearance on this continent and from
the press notices from England,
Miss Hart is an artist of gn-at merit.
She is a member of the Royal Academy of Music, Loudon, England,
and  has   a   vuicc   of   remarkable
ward, having fallen otT the stool on
which he was sitting, beneath the
cow. Mr. Morris had Usui a respected citizen for the tinst six
years and was a butcher by trade
having conducted a business iu Ibe
store now occupied by the Chilliwack
Harness Co. Deceased was about
sixty-one years of age nml leaves
11 wife to mourn his sudden demise.
The funeral took place Tuesday
afternoon at two e'clock frotu thc
Baptist Cliun-h to the odd Fellow's
Cemetery. Rev, B. T. West eon-
ducted Ihe service. The late Mr.
Morris had commenced the erection
of a line new residence, just having]
it closed in before the snow canto.
Tka Trsslm' berati*
The British Columbia Trustees'
Assnoinlinn concluded its sessions
in Vancouver on Friday ovoning,
The Convention was of much  in.
this re-iavi    A- 1 later data   ppi r
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^   tunity  will   ; r  pnssing
lateieitist Deamhatisu Ijudgment on 'he   ■    nl    I    : -
The K. of P. Hall was the render.- j wno "nool<il ' rairjilrtj
vousuf the moniborsof the Women's "' '''"•' "'"•'•r"' ''
Institute nud their friends on Mon-; 	
"'" "l J]'cj day and Tuesday of this week, when I    Th.,  Free  Press   would   remind
Miss  Livingstone,  of  Vancouver, Chilliwack pco|    '
gave very Instructive and   Interest-1 mas shopping Icing*
. . I ing information to those interested the buyer, tl
snug with a heartiness that augur. ,„ ^ eMmry ^    A ^.^ „, t,,|w 1 ^ ^ ^  ^^ ,
9 J hilks wero given, starting on Mon- good  preparation   (or  th.     •'   •
ilay'iifterniioii with the different eon-' holiday to leave pun bases until thu
stitticnts of haul nud their relative! Inst day or t«.. and then ru-b ibnal
dietic values. Pood is taken Intol in fury of desperation, haunted by
body to repair the waste of the I tho fear lhat gifts will i,..i snfn
tissues which nro constantly beingIin tlmo, and reproached with tb*
broken down, nnd lo build up new 1 consciousness thnl more thoagb. aad
li-sucs and give heal to the body, earlier shopping nnnld !...
producing energy. OilTerent foods
rtoBsess different proportions of these
tissue building, bent giving qualities,
nml it is thus very neces-ary that in
our meals, we should include enough
of each and in the right proportion
well for the future success of the
'gatherings. The address by Dr.
, Pidgeoti was one  of great   powor.
His subject was Christ's advice lo
. the rich young ruler nud bis appeal
to tha young men In Ih- willing to'
: give all that tbey might make their
. lives  COlint for  something made :l
tlccp impression iipiu lhonudienco,
A   meeting  was  held  at  the close
when it was decided t inlinuo the
meetings during the winter months,
The organization will lie culled The
.Chilliwack Pleasant Sunday Aftornoon nnd Mr. John llubiiisnit wns
elected Chairman; Mr. R. A. Ilen-
dorton, Vice Chnirmanj Mr. T. A.
0, Collin, Treasurer and Mr. T. K.
Caskey, Secretary, The Rev. Dr.
Piilgcnii was elected Honorary President nud the cily Pastors were made
llolliriir.v Vice Presidents. These
officers were nsked to mcel dining
t.ic week to draft a constitution tor
the   young   organisation   and   the
better results. The dealer. •'. old
eo oiierat.'.  Thi
lie encouraged. Dealers oftefinej
fresh g.»..l- and making special
Christmas hnrgalns ihe third wc-lc
n|i imbcr will nol  help matter.
I to build up a strong, healthy Isnly.  ;„ thll line.   The early buyer will
I Miss Livingstone oinphosllod  tlii- „„,   nk,,   to   buy   and   1 rrv
I very strongly, then going on wiih Merchants should procure, exhibit
practical demonstration ns to lho „„,! advertise their Christmas goods
preparing of these foods to bring nut |n good lime to gin early -i. ppsn
Ihe nutritive values of tbem and in „ f„ir nal,| ^ju,! ,-|,,,.....
the most economical manner.   Miss! 	
Livingstone showed thc possibilities'    Kw|)ini( „, „,„.,;,  (.„■, a glV„|
plan for iiiuerclianl tofollnw,    Th-
if tin
I tu the credit   uf   Chilliwack.     A
Tnuihiihirs store is closed to-day „,.,„„,„ |, „„]
and Friday.   Sis- ndvt. in ihe Free
volume and has appeared at  many
uf the large concerts  in   England j A. 11. Stacy nf  N
under such cniiduelorsasHir Walter .Gi...   II.  Stevens
i.'ic-l and a number of im|mrtutit mooting was held on Mondny in the
subjects ill relation lo educntian  in Progress office.    As n result of this
the pmvinee were brought   forward meeting a simpl institution  will
ind acted upon. A banquet brought I be suggested at Ihe meeting next
the proceeding, to a close. Next Sundiiv and committees will Ihi re-
year's convention will be held all ported, ll Was decided lo secure
Ksmloope, The orlii-i-rs for the the services ol Dr. Ernest Hull, of
current year am—President, W Vlotorla,fornoxt8unday,ifpoiilblo.
E. Flumerfelt, Vancouver! vice- Dr. Hall bus, however, replied by
president, Captain Mcintosh, Vic- i wire saying lhat he is engaged for
torin; second vice-president, ,1. M.I next Sunday and will come later.
Wright, Armstrong; secn'tar.v- Arriingcniciit- h;i,'c been nm !e for
treusurer, Sjieiicer Robinson, Suutb the Rev. A. E. Robert! to give 1111
Vancouver;   executive   eommillce, nihlressoti  'immigrationsProblomi
cream sauce, the stew, the
soup slock, cheese, ill its many
forms of serving, omelettes and
meats, in connection with the latter
showing a chart with thc iliiTerc-.it
cuts marked on. Owing to Ibe condition of the streets and roads some
were prevented from attending who
would doubtless liked to have 'vou
there, hut those wbo attended gave
a hearty vote of thanks to Mis.
Livingstone for the new ideas and
methods presented, The next meeting of the Women's Institute will
be held on Dei'. 19, the subject for
the afternoon lieing Xmas Cooking.
under wny toward'
the erection of 11 Bible House for the
Province, ut Vancouver.   A thirty-
Miss B. O'Kcofe who  ba. lieen seven fisit lot has been secured on
nt the borne of Mrs Wadilington for House street.     It  is proposed to
several years left   Wednesday   for erect a building which will be self-1
Fort William. supporting.
I'm roll; Sir C. Stamford; Coleridge
Taylor; Dun Godfrey and others,
and has won the admiration of all
in Canada." This address will lie
illustrated by some sixty excellent
lantern views ihown by the pnwor-
^^^^^^^^^ fill   Inntem   of   the   Lyric   theatre.
It is not lis, soon for local  iner-1 The report
■rib Vancouver,
of South   Vancouver, J. J. liongaii of Viineouve*.
retailer wb" lead- ti.- existence uf
a hermit need not t'X|srt t.i keep
puce with the tin,.-. Indeed, he i»
practically certain t" gel 1. ft in the
compotltlnn for Irade, Methods of
fifteen or twenty years ago won't
do ti.lay. Modern method, are
absolutely necessary to success.
Ol.lfiisliii.ne.1 store-, though they
made money years ag... today are
making nothing. Conditions arc
constantly changing—men must
change wiih them,   Vou havo OOT
to keep up to date.    This most  old
merchants have learned, but there
are sonic who are dropping out of it,
of the officers will bo
, A, fairly started
Sotcial Wsstt CmI Sal. Al Mfe.
Sale of heavy  Winter Coals ut Wing left la-bin.I, liecniw they live
balf   price   at   Holfe's—Beginning too much like bermites.    Merchants
Saturday, Children's Heavy Winter who keep even pace witb chunginp;
Coals half  price;    Ladies'
musical critics for the beauty and j chants to  advertise   tbeir   various given ami the l1
delicacy  of   her   artistic   singing. I lines ol Christmas Roods and novel- on its course,    ll lihopedlliatl.il
Her last appearance before leaving {ties.   Tu do this effectively  maki
England was at the Crystal Palace. I your reservation in the Free
men Interested will be pn
Sun.luy al four p.m.
Long  Winter  Coats   bdf   price;
Ladies' gulls Reg.   MO.   118,   ISO,
cut next »•.".', for  111,60,   Take  advanlagi
of these while tbey last.
minion, are those who regularly
read tlieir trade Journal, are active
merobori ..1 Awnclalloni, and nd-
veiti- regular!* Inlhoirloml new.,
paper —Retail Grocery Review, FREE  PRESS,  CHILLIWACK,   BRITISH COLUMBIA.
Two Decks ol Playing Card. Were th*
Offering ol tht- Noblo Company oi
Cardmakers—They Wore DflllgnoJ
by Si-vfiiinir Lucas nod Handsomely
Print, tl and tn ti.-.. il In a 8tarr.pf.-J
King Qeorgn V. ami Queen Mary
were tlm recipients nl a multitude nt
"coronation" gilts, Among them went
two UflokB ul uiuyliig citrtirt from lliu
phiytng cardiniikfM1 guild. Tin- design im in liii.'.-iitii century slylu by
Seymour Lucas "I the li »yoi Academy.
Tin- design nit thu king's deck is oa a
CU.'tlSATtnV ItAllUS.
red ground, while those given to Ihe
queen are In royal blue, Tho throe
galleons ur.' symbolical ol tlm king'*
connection witli tiie navy.
Each pack whs in a case ol rich
morocco, corresponding in color to
tin- cards and stumped with the royal
ciphers, tha arms ol the company
with its motto, "Corde Recto lilati
Outnos," and a border nf rose, shamrock nml thistle,
Felt Over a Precipice.
Field Marshal Lord Methuen met
with lliu most thrilling adventure, imt
un the battlefield, but on the Alps
when lie and u trteud wero mountain'
•serine;. A storm burst on them Just
as they bad reached the summit "I
li.,im. ties Misclmbel,
Por seventeen hours they fought it.
and. thuugh starving utul still with
cold iiii*l fatigue, he.d their ground
Then 11 flash ol lightning caused Lor I
Methuen to make a false step, and
lall over tin* precipice, hut the guidi
to whom h<- and his friend were fas
ti-iiiil was quick enough to plant bli
■staff in tin- snow Hti.l .'liable him-'II
to resist the shock nl the fall. For n
time Lord Methuen remained suspend
ed in mid-air, win n any moment
might have been his lust, lit- shouted
tu Ins comrades tn cut tin- n pe ami
save themselves, Hut friend and
guide, hy a superhuman effort, drag-
?ed him b.iek t-i snfety. That wa.*
.urd Methuen's last experience in
He has the reputation nf getting
more w-<,rk uut ol Tommy than nny
other general; imt they say them-
solves hi- feeds them 'Mike fighting
cooks." They refer t<> him affectionately aa Paul "because he persecuted
Worked For Five Shillings Weekly.
Sir Jtihn Barker haa come fur a
tour through Canada to Vancouver,
and thence tn Japan, Cnlna, aud India.
Sir John's career Is in Itself one of
the modern romances *»f business. He
began Ilia with very little money, and
it is believed that his lir=t job brought
htm in five shillings u week. Fur n
lung time he wai one ol Wmteley s
young men. ami then, with his natural shrewdness, his resolution, his
ambition, and his down*rlgbt aptitude
tor business, ho set np lor himself in
tiie tmw famous shop iu High street,
Kensington, London,
He had little money uf hia own at
the time, aud hml to borrow capital,
but in 11 few years In- was aide tu pay
everybody out. though it took a good
deal more than $1100,000 to tlo it.
Sir John was appointed mi alderman
of the iir.-t London County Counoll,
uni in I'.iW was sent to Parliament as
Liberal representative ior Penrhyo
and Fuluiuu'h.
Ths Sacred Ganges.
Th.* River Ganges, in India, i- famous for tw. things-its alleged purifying Influence uu all who bathe in
it. and its muddlness. Fur ages th.-re
Im-, been a belief among the Hindus
tli nt a dip in tli.- Qanges, particularly
nt Benares, is a safeguard against tlio
cholera, typhoid fevor, aud other infectious disease. A recent analytical
examination of tin- river water at
Iti-nur-a has revealed th.; interesting
fact   that   the   Ganges   is   fairly   alive
with bacteria antagonistic to the bacilli uf cholera an.l typhoid, The
plague-ridden Hindoo who plunges into the river t<> bathe iu it, provides
himself with a vast army rjj useful mi-
crob.-s, which wiii quickly sweep .nt
of in- system, tlu- deadly microbes of
Rice For Australia.
"Imagine thousands, nay. unlit..us
ot teres south ol the Daly River cov*
trod with rice,** wrote Ihe Acting
Administrator <•! tha -Northern Terrl*
tnry, Australia, recently t" the Acting
Minister <*( External Affairs. "1 have
gone thruiiglt miles hii.) miles ol Such
wild r'.oe iu » canoe at the close ol
tin! wet season." Senator Flndley Imagined something umn-. He saw the
territory plaoed beyond need of financial asslsttnce by the troatment and
Mil.- ol UUs rie.-. 'll.- um llatoly a nt
to the Territory I**r several Ions fur
experiments. ureal hones are enter*
Uined that the Northern Territory
will prove one ul Australia's iuo-*i ier
tile ureas.
At Table d'Hole.
If yon -*nn't | ronoimco tiie name
or th'- entree or tiie joint,
Ae your French la rather lame,
Thi Hatpin's Grip.
Tcacber-Ciiii nny little girl tell me
why our brails are covered Wltb balr?
Little Girl—To have something lupin
more balr to.-Life.
Montreal's Earthquake.
A  Severe  earlbqiiake  at   Montreal
Nov. 37. 1732, damaged 1U0 Uuuses.
The Gospel Bearers Have Won Lands
For Britain.
It may nut bo gei.erally known, but
it in none the less a fact that Britain
owra several ol her recent aciuial-
tlo .a of torrllory to the work ur inllu-
1'iici- of missionaries, Wc give a batch
oi Illustrations Irom tho latest roctult-
u.i* gtouiiti, Africa,
Tne expansion of Boulh Africa Is
largely thu work ol thu missionaries.
In it I'liu niiilai.d the northern route
was lor a long time k*-pt open solely
hy their Influjnee, Some ul tho earliest roads were known as "Mission*
ary Uoads," and many plnco-iiniuus
urosorve iln- iiietnory nl Individuals.
Indirectly ih" mlBslonarles net nt
lor th>- Trnnsvntil mil Orango Itlvar
Pr.-vine s. uur latost acquisitions
For lie ti.-h uo had tu ray $1,000,000,
100 fnr Lin- war ul conquest, III con-
irtist tu the inoxpenslvuiiess nf mis-
si. nary labor, it was noverthaluss lo
th.- latter that the great Uour Trek ul
is. (; was due, whicli rosulted in the
founding ni t'.ie republics,    l'«r had
not   Hr.   I'll11.-.i   b.i-ii   so  doughty   a
champion uf lho nutlvot, and bo trusted an adviser nf the tlovornment, the
Bon h woud never have moved out,
ui thu (-rial achievements ui Livingstone ii la unn cssaty to speak)
but we must imt forget that they
opened tho eountty to succosslve lu-
ouisious nf ISugliahtuen, aud that
John Mackeualo, the missionary, was
une ui Un- first .to pillow him. It was
.Mackenzie, wm, Baved tiie native status
Mum extinction by the liners, and,
us Deputy Commissioner of Bochuan*
aland hei-el lo found thai province,
it has baju said that if hia advice
,iad Leu taken tiie Boer War would
have been averted. And a high authority Ins ad led that ti the nilsslonar*
i a ul Christ had preceded those ol
Umpire the whole uf the nine Kaffir
wars uiii-lii also havo been saved,
The Moffat Treaty of Has with the
Matabclea laid the foundation of Rhodesia for Britain, Yet thai treaty was
iii.; work of a missionary, the Rev,
J. a. .Muff.it, nun uf the famous Ur.
.Muff nt.
Basutolnnd,   the    BwlUerland   of
South Africa, we owe to a French mis-
siunary, Coi I lard .if the Zambesi, Mo*
shesh, the able Basuto chief, govern*
! ed witli a Cabinet uf French mission*
i ar.es    After   Inflicting   a   severe  de*
1 leat on  Britain's  forces iu  ltSM,  he
j wmtu   tu   tlieir  commander  a  letter
in which In- offered peace, saying, "I
am ashamed nf  ulna happened yesterday,   Lot it be forgotten.   Oh, my
ma-iter, 1 am still your man.    1 am
still the child of tin* Queen."   After
such a politic uml Christian epistle
it ia not  surprising tn find that iu
du.- course BasutoTand was received
under our protection on the moat fuv-
orabte terms,   Tne  liaautus ure said
by Bryce to have made greater pro*
i areas in civilisation tbun any other
hullir   race.    Tbeir   imports   in   PJ03
Were OVer  $i,&0U,tHAJ.
Barotselaud,   also   now   known   aa
Northwest Rhodesia,  la due to French
I missionaries,   Though it is as big as
■ ibt- German empire  it did  nut cost
. Great Britain a single life,   Colllard
advised  Lewanlka, tn.-  k.tig.  to put
himself under the protection of some
European nation, and with great dis-
mt'restedness recommended thu lirit-
.nli, Convinced by past experience of
the good judgment uf the missionary,
Lewanlka agreed, and in consequence
his country became a British Protectorate in ib'JO.
Northeast Rhodesia, again, wa owe
b, Stewart of Lovedale, Ity his exploration   of   the   Store   country,   he
1 supplied 1-nrd Salisbury with tne Information on whicli m- formed tiie
British Central Africa Protectorate.
Hy tbe founding of Llvingstonla he
did much mora still to establish our
authority   there.    And   uh   it   was   we
i wen only just in tune tu anticipate
the grtut partition ol the continent,
and to resist the Portuguese claim
tn the Nyaasa region as well. Ai Cecil
Rhodes once said, "We owe all Rho*
dea.a to yuu Scotch missionaries." Ur
; us Stead more dramatically put it,
i "The frontier has advanced on ttie
stepping-stones of missionary graves."
Lord Avebury's Pet Wasp.
The wasp is becoming u nuisance,
1 and there are few whu would chouse
a wasp aa a companion. Hut Lord
Avebury, who was Sir John Lubbock
ia among the lew. Some years agn he
captured a wasp In the Pyrenees and
ho kent her fnr nine months, "1 had
no difficulty.'' he writes, "in inducing her Ui feed nu my hand] hut at
first she wae shy  and  m-rvuus.    She.
ki'j.t tier sting in constant readiness,
and once or twice iu the train, when
the ruilwuy officials came fnr tickets
and 1 was compelled tn hurry her
back into her bottle, she !*tung me
slightly. I think, however, entirely
fr. in fright. Gradually she became
quite used to me. and when 1 took
her on my liatnl apparently expected
Ui be fed. She even allowed Uie til
otruke her without any uppcurance of
fear, a.id f..r some months I never
saw her sting." The wasp ultimately
succumbed tu Iht rigor of au Knglish
February, "and she now oceuplss, a
place in the British Museum. —London Daily Chronicle,
Population of Scotland.
fn a Parliamentary   return   issued
showing   the   areas,   population   ami
valuation of the counties, burghs uud
parishes iu Scotland, the tutal area,
revised by Uie Ordnance Survey Department up to December 31, lino, wu
given as lu.o7o.4wi acres, the population  at the census of the present
yeur *...".v,i.*-.;>, and tbe total valuation
CW.HM.W?. The must pOpUlOUS enmity  is Lanark,  with M*fT,U8, the next
.ti order being Edinburgh with 507,*
WW am) Ren-Tew with 314.574. Ths
Highest Valuations are Lanark £9,603,.-
M; Edinburgh, £4,760,0051 Aberdeen,
M.Wo.lfil, and Renfrew, £1300,88.9
Lived en Shellfish.
There died tho other day, at ths age
nf ft, a hermit named Lewis, who for
the last twenty years has existed on
shellfish and lived on his covered
trawler, beached ut Lower Fishguard.
lie never varied his dietary, except
when shellfish Were scarce, ami then
lie BUbstltUt sl bread and cheese. To
within two days of bit death he was
ui robust health.
Tun picnic is over,
Ami homeward wa etert,
Pimty uml weary,
wan Hiiiiuiirns tlmt smart)
Byes tlmt are heavy
And feul thSt are "ore.
Utile otica peevish,
Their hitiii'lnt-'a** o'ar;
Crying and whining,
Worn out with their play-
Thla Is the end of
Tin area' plcnlo day.
Wliul'a In the baeket
The weary mun lugaT
l.'iiputon eiiiulwlcbei,
iti.ii.-i' und tinea,
Kuivr-i end finite greasy,
A eluhof |ilum pi*
That I'acli must bo takea,
Itut nu ono tuu-we why;
Jammed in wllh cooklM,
Itnuunan und cake—
oh. wlmt a mixture
That homeward we tekel
Jars (hat held eulad
Now "ooslng with iooj"
a I'i'iti.i et pickles,
Thu liilt-t) leaking through;
A tiimhler ot Idly
Thut fell In tho sand;
A cupful of beam,
The varloty-ea lined.
Where will you tlnd
Much u rm-n'j, lut mo ask It,
Ae this wu bring home
Lnlu nt nlalit In the banket?
-Edgar A. Guest in Detroit Free ('res*
Tha Unexpected.
Tn the ilrst pluce, tho mercury wai
at 08.
In the second place, the mercury wat
thin and seedy und tho perspiring iiihd
nt the desk viewed him with uiatilfest
"I am ttitrniliicltig," said tho sir-inner, "an udnilrnblo safety device
known as the uuufreeznble water pipe.
Let me demonstrate it tu you."
Wllh nn angry roar the man nt Hie
de.sk reached for his paperweight, but
the man -.vllli the admirable device al
once proceeded with (lie demonstration. Drawing the nonfreeuible pipe
from his side pocket he hit the other
mnn over the head with lt—and then
walked nway with his wallet uud
watch.-Cleveland I'lalu Dealer.
The Rustle Parson's Break.
The yotui-j couple hud been married
ouly a few weeks and bud moved out
lu tho country for tbo summer. Uue
nicht Ihey Invited tbo village minister
to dinner. Wben the (Infer bowl wna
plucrd lu front of the rustic parson he
looked Ini'iiiiiiij-ly at lt, then at hit
host uud hostess and atammered:
"A-ab, yea! Is there—la there a child
to be christened i" — lookers Stales*
No Warning at All.
A reckless pi If player had Just bit
one of the indies.
"Why didn't you warn ber you were
goln-* to shoot?" somebody asked.
"1 did," he protested. "1 cried fort
two or three timet."
"Fore uotblDgt" tbt other man exclaimed. "To attract a womau'a attention you should have jelled three
ninety■eiKlil.,,-SL Louis Post-Dlaputcb.
f His Failing.
■•• Paradoxical as It may seem.
x there is oue thing tbe toon wbo
•*■ known tt all can't aeem to learn.
X and that la wben to atop talking.
■•• —Philadelphia inquirer.
Legislatively Expressed.
"No one can go wrong if bu followt
the Ten Commandmenta," said tbe sincere citizen.
"Yes." replied Senator Sorghum; "the
only trouble about tbe Ten Commandments arises from tbe amendments
people try to tack on to tbem."— Washington Star,
Tha End of the Hunting Season.
"Here's to tbe fragrant aulseseet)
hag. slay Ita shadow never gruff
Slaking H>non.
The  trouble   wlib   uksI  men
Is tbat  they   want   tn be ut bat
all Ihe time uml are never willing tu do uny Heldlng.—Chicago
Record Herald
Nearer the End.
•'If I  were ynutigcr." sufd (be rleh
old man. "1 believe I might win you
, for my wife."
I "Yes." replied Ihe rold beauty
■ dreamily, considering bis sl ity tlve
| years: "or. say. ilfteou years older."—
] Catholic Stundurd und Timet.
"Oh, sees Inngvallcbf' complained
the foreigner.
"Wlmt's the matter with It?" asked
the native.
"You sny, 'I am down and out; 1
am nil In:' Oh, ROSS lungrulkb."—
Chicago Iter-ini Herald.
Unexpected   Politeness.
"T notice," said the young man's
employer, "that you are always about
lie lirst iii the ollice in the uioru-
it (..* "
"llintik  y.iii,  sir."
"Why do you  thank  mer"
"k'vr noticing It,"
Tommy-Pop, what Is ennui?
Tommy's I'op-Rnnut, my eon. It a
disease Ibal attacks peopto who are to
lasy thnt tbey get tired of reeling.-
tbUadclpbla_R-ecord.  •
Acta of Klndnsaa.
if every une did  nn  act of dally
. kindness to bin neighbor and refused
[ to do any unklndnens half tbe sorrow
of this world would be titled and dlt*
appcar.-Ian Uaclaren.
Apples Tor Sheep.
I     Apples  for  thecp   have   about  tht
■ iame feeding viilue as turnips or man-
1 gels. If fed In reimutia'ile ipitintltles In
i un net t Inn  mHIi other foods.    As between sweet  and  sour varieties, the
difference will  lie In tbe piilatabillty
rather than In auy alight difference Id
composition ibut muy exist
Tha Evil Profession of tha Man Wht
Extorts Hush Money Is One That
Keips an Army of Dittctivsi Busy
and 11 tha Despair ol tha Official
Voiles—How Scoundrele Qat Mm
Into Their Power.
"This li one of the worst crimes a
man can commit   ...   By threats
and letters you have madu 's life
a hell upon earth,"—Mr. Justice
Lawrence, at the Old Bailey, London,
One ol the most sensational black.
Dialling cases of recent years came
to an end a few days ugo, when Mr.
Justice Lawrence, In punning sentence, made thfi remarks quoted.
"The great pity of it in," said a well-
known London solicitor, who huu
pri.lmbly dealt with more cases of
blackmail than any other member cf
the legal profeision, to a newspaper
mun, "that for every one of theso
blackmailing scoundrels who nre
brought to book, a hundred escape
scot free. These human parasite* are
of all elusssi- They feed upon the
poor as well as the rich, and it Is
extremely difficult at time* tn know
how to deal with them, Whyr He-
cause tha victims an* afraid to go to
law. Men and women come to un*
and  lell   me  that  such  nnd  such  a
Eorson la extorting money from them
y threaling to expose nome scandal
connected with their lives. Tlm extortion must be stopped, they suy,
but tt must be done nuiotly, other*
wltt there Is a possibility of suelal
ruin for them.
"Thus they tic my hands; and if I
cannot settle the matter amicably with
the blackmailer, I have o turn tha
tables on lum or her hy putting private detcctiven ou the r track, tin.ling
out all there is to he discovered al-out
them, and endnnvoring to make things
so warm for them generally that they
are glad to come to terms."
"But surely ii in better to face the
possibility nf social ruin und exposure than to he hounded down and
fleeced by these despicable rogues!"
"Not always. The victim may be
a married man or womnn, with growing children just mul; tig their way ln
the world, anil whose lives would
probably ho ruined hy the exposure.
The life happiness of a woman muy
depend on hiding some secret ein
from her lover or husband, or vice
versa. The blackmailer knows this,
and knows that he can bleed his
victim to the uttermost without danger of being sent to prison."
And here the solic tor mentioned a
ease which he described as one of the
saddest on record. A young woman,
moving in very good circles, met a
scoundrel at a seaside resort when
she was quite a girl, and he persuaded her into a secret marriage. He
treated her abominably for a few
weeks and then disappeared. For
years the woman heard nothing of
her husband. She thought he must
be dead, and, meeting a man who
really loved her, married him without disclosing her previous marriage.
■Suddenly husband No. 1 turned up,
and proceeded to blackmail the tin-
Im inn-it.- wonifii, under tl... threat of
disclosing her previous marriage and
having her arrested for bigamy. For
a year or two she kept him quiet
with all the money ahe could get; but
it was no good. He hounded her
down until at last, in despair, she
committed suicide. Afterwards he*
hut-band got nn inkling of what had
happened, commltcd my informant,
and thus the whole story came to
"It sounds like the plot of a mod*
eru novel," snid the solicitor, "but
I can assure you that it is an authentic case."
It ia an astounding but nevertheless
true fact that there is a restaurant in
the West-end of London which is
known to be the rendezvous of these
blnckinailera. Here they meet to
discuss their villainous plans during
the day, and In the evening they mix
among the audiences at the music
halls, th.' ut res, hotels, and restaurants, looking for likely victims.
They are well-dressed, plausible
scoundrels, who quickly worm their
way into the confidence of any per.
son who gets into conversation with
them. As a matter of fact, at the
beginning of last year, Scotland Yard
was in possession of certain Information which left little doubt that a
notorious gang of blackmailers, comprising no fewer than a couple of
hundred men and women of all stations ot life, was at work in the City
and West-end and victimizing many
people of high social standing. In
club-land, on the racecourse, and at
all the resorts of rank and fashion,
the members of this gang were to be
Perhaps the most dastardly trick
played by these blackmailers Is that
of using one of the prettiest members
of the gang as a decoy, getting a
wealthy and prominent man into an
entanglement with her, and then
making him the petitioner fn a threatened divorce case, the girl, of course,
being married to one of the member-
of the blackmailing gang. It la estimated that hy this trick blackmailers
have netted, from various victims,
no less than 11,000,000. They know
that their victim, rather than face
divorce proceedings, which would result in social ruin, is willing to pay
practically any price to keep the
matter quiet.
The extent to which blackmailing
Is enrried on may he gauged from the
enormous number of advertisements
of private detectives published hi
thc newspapers, in which they emphasize that they make a speciality
of blackmailing cases.—London Tit-
Big   Figures.
"My dear Miss Moneybags," said
the impecunius young man, "I love
you more than I can And words to
"Hut 1 presume you could tell mo
In figures," rejoined the beautiful
heiress iu icy tuues.
A Olty Full of Interest and Information For the Tourist.
Qucbco is one of thu oldest cities
in America. It is noted (or its ancient
institutions and h ouu of tho most
interesting cities for tourists on thu
continent.    A recent writer say3:
Tho ancient seminary uud divinity
school, founded in lOftl, still is full of
students training for the Roman
Catholic priesthood; the Laval University, which is the largest and most
impnruitit ediiciiiiuiiiil institution iu
Cuuadu, is being rebuilt und the books
and historical manuscripts, which are
the most interesting purl of it, aru
packed away wilh the pictures, widen
probably aru the most important iu
Canada. Thu library hus more than
luti.ootj volumes, including thu most
complete collection  in  existence of
works relating to the exploration and
early  acttletnunt of  the  Dominion.
lt was customary lur both military
and ecclcsiastlcul explorers to deposit
their journals und other manuscripts
wilh the university, which was founded by Mgr. de Laval, thu lir.-l Koinan
Catholic bishop of Canada, and they
ure now the source of material as well
as inspiration for historians. A publishing house uf Cleveland has printed translations of much ol the most
important historical material.
Tim university Is composed of lour
schools— art, luw,. medicine and theology. There ure 'Mi pro lessors uud an
average of about 4(H) BtudoutS,
The old part of the city uu the bluff
Is inclosed within a wall built ut the
siime time as tbe citadel, ami the best
Ii reserved of uny ancient city wall that
ever have seen, tjcntimi-nt here is
expensive also. As the sergeant in llm
citadel suid; "It costs a lot of money
to keep it up. but it's a heap ol satisfaction."
l)eyond the walls is the Provincial
Parliament Building, a large and
stalely building ol the conventional
French school, It contains the legislative chamber, the ottlcea of the governor ami his Cabinet, the court rooms
and the state library, anil is surrounded   hy   an   attractive   und   well   kept
Beyond the Parliament Building Is
the best residence portion of the city,
with many comfortable mansions,
schools ami nunncrloa, More than
2.0IHI young women fr»m Canada aud
the United Slates are being educated
in these institutions,
The ancient gates of the wall have
been preserved, aud where it has been
neueaary uew ones uf monumental
proportions have been erected by the
Within the walls, near the principal
hotel, is a plain, old-fashioned building that was occupied for several years
by the Duke of Kent, father of Queen
Victoria, when he was in command
of the garrison here, and one ol the
new gates cut through tiie walls wai
named after him. His daughter, her
Majesty, the late Quuen, contributed
liberally toward the cost of construction, and his granddaughter, the Princess Louise, wife of the Marquis of
Lome, not unly laid the foundation
stone, but revised tlic architectural
plans while her husbuud was Governor-General of Canada.
No city in America has so many
nunneries and monasteries us Quebec,
and most of them are either schools
or homes (or the poor and aged. One
of the benevolent institutions is
unique. It is kept hy the Sisters of
Providence, who receive the children
of widows aud feed and teach them
for two cents a duy. lt is a day
nursery also, where working women
can leave their babies to be cared for
by sweet-faced nuns while they are
earning their living.
The,number of churches and the
size ot them is surprising. Nearly all
are of the Roman ChOioHc faith. A
cathedral of the Church of England
occupies a conspicuous place iu the
centre of the city und is interesting
because a number of buttle flags are
hung in the chancel, over the pulpit
and the altar, und in the vestry is a
beautiful communion service presented by the late King Edwaru. The
sexton will tell you that it cost
One of the oldest churches In
America is the French cathedral or
basilica of Quebec, which dates back
to 1047. It is one of the most imposing structures iu Canada. It contains
several important pictures, including
a picture of the crucifixion painted
by Van Dyck in 1630, which, with several other examples ol the old musters,
was looted from the churches in Paris
by the revolutionists of 1793 and pur*
chased by Abbe Dcb Jar-dins, of Quebec, who happened to be in the
French capital at that time.
The vertments are superb and the
collection of sacred relics is tiie largest ln North America. They are kept
In two large vaults in thc sacristy Mid
include, it Is said, skulls or bones of
more than 40 saiuts, beside pieces of
the true cro-*s and crown of thorns,
tha cradle of the child Jesus, a piece
ol rope witli which the Saviour wai
flogged and a fragment of the veil of
the holy mother whieh shows a stain
of the blood of her beloved ion which
fell upon it as she kneeled hefore the
Canada Building 112,000,000 Structure
Across tha St. Lawrence.
The Canadian Government in erecting tha Quebec bridge over the St.
Lawrence River, six miles above Quebec, has what promises to be the
greatst bridge in the world. It is intended lor the trains of tbe Grand
Trunk Railroad, the cars ol the trolley lines that run up aud down both
both bunks of thu river, the general
vehicle truflk and whatever else may
bo concerned. It is Intended to replace a bridge whieh lell In 1907 while
iu process uf erection by the Phoenix
Britigu Co., of Puniisylvuuia. Tint
wus u terrible disuster uud cost the
lives of mure than ao men—the exact
number being unknown -of whom 3d
were Indians .d lho Cuughtiuwaga
tribe employe) us workmen. The financial loss, which lell chiefly upon tht
Government, amounted to ubout 13,*
Thu new Quebec bridge ia a part ol
thu grand enterprises now being curried ou by the Dominion Government
fur a continuous line of railways between the two oceans. The section
eust <if Quebec bus been under construction by the Government lor several years uml wben finished will be
leasi-d by the Grand Trunk Itailroad
for 911 years upon a three per cent.
basis. The Government is also build-
j ing the middle section from Quebec to
1 Winnipeg, which will also bn 10080(1
by the Grund Trunk Company on similar terms, and it ii auxiliary company
called the Grand Trunk  Paciiio is
building from Winnipeg tn the port uf
Prince Rupert mi the PuolQe and will
Complete the line beforo the end ol
next year. When this bridge is colli-
plated it will be possible to run a
train from MotlCtoit, N.H., to Prince
Huprit,  B.C.,  without change.
At lho point ill whicli the bridge la
being built the banks of the Ht. Law-
■ re nee  ure  lit hi feel  high,   precipitous
' and ul  sandstone.   The depth  of the
) river is 'Jhi feel for a long distatico
I each side ol  the cent re line, mid thu
current runs ut a rale of uliout eight
miles   an   hour.    Thc   river  here   is
; 2,000 feet wide at low water and '2,800
: feet ut high WUler, tile tide being about
i 15 feet.    At low title the sites of tha
: shore piers   are   exposed   while the
channel piers are In about 10 feet of
i water.
I    The new bridge will surpass in sev-
: eral respects uny other ever erected,
1 eveu   thut  by   which  ruilwuy   trains
cross Uiu Frith of Forth, a few miles
| north of Edinburgh,    lt will have a
spun of 1,71)8 feet, while tbe span of
1 the Frith and  Forth bridge ia 1,710
feet, that of the Williamsburg bridge
over East River, New York, 1,600 feet;
the  Brooklyn  bridge,  1,695 feet;  the
Lutiadowne bridge in India, 820 feet;
thc bridge over the Monougahela at
Pittsburg, 812 feet, and that over the
Mississippi   at   Memphis,   790   feet.
These are the largest bridges in tht
world at present.
The cost of the substructure Is $3,-
350.000 and ol the superstructure JV
650.000-a total of 112,000,000.
Although Born of Irish Parents the
Minister of the Island Government
For Native Affairs Is a Maori at
Heart and Was Brought Up Among]
Hia People — Are a Remarkable,
The man who is tbelr most distin*
guUheil lender ol the New Zealand]
Maoris to-day, thuu}!h brought up'
among them, and considering himself
true Maori iu thought, is himself born'
of Irish parents, lie is tho Hon.I
Jiiin-s Carroll, Minister of His Ma-.
jesty's Government uf New Zealatldl
for Native Affairs. Under his leader*;
ship, Uie Mauris have turned the tidej
ol their decreasing -.Mipululioii and'
have evolved a modern race pride'
that has set their level lur future,
achievement high. With this Irishman at their head, and with the
proofs before them ul what grandsons
of cannibals can 'leooillpllsh lu com-,
petition with the white man, there is
aUll   a  future  for  the  Mauris  among
tiie civilized | p'es of the world.
In build, ihe Maori is notable
among the aotia of man. l-.rcct and
proud, with tb.< natural dignity ol un
A Colony Maker.
Mr. Algernon Edward Aspiuall, see-
retary of the West Indian Committee
in Loudon, who is about to visit Canada, is one of an energetic coterie of
, Englishmen of affairs who are making
exceptional efforts to improve the
trade conditions of the British West
Indian Islands. Mr. A.-'piuall has
held official position in several of the
West Indian colonies. He is in hia
fortieth year, and is a man ol peculiarly energetic temperament. His favorite recreation is mountain, climbing
and walking in Switzerland, and he
is not fatisfled if he cannot break
time records whether in walking or
climbing. When he returned to England from the West Indies he deliberately set out to work up a West
India advancement party, and ha
threw into the work all Uie energy
1 which had made his name famous m
, the Alps. He first published a pocket
1 guide to the West Indies which at
. once resulted ln a marked increase io
' tourist travel from England, and iu*
fused new life into thc organizations
having the welfare of the British West
Indus at heart. In 1898 he was elect-:
ed secretary to the West India Com*
mittee, and shortly afterwards was ap*
poiued secretary of the West India
Club. About the same time he was
elected a member of the council oi
the British Cotton Growing Association. A favorite project of Mr. Ar-pl*
nail Is a sort ol commercial union between the whole of the British posses*'
i sions on this side of the Atlantic, including the West Indies, British Guiana, British Honduras and Canada,
and it Is believed that his approach*
ing visit has something to do with'
Uus plan.
"Why Is a demagogue usually regarded an so dangerous a maul" Inquired Ihe leader uf Ibe mob.
"Itcuiise," replied tbt drat cltl»n,
"bis following la largely composed of
people who would rather stand around
listening lo wpoeches than go to work.1
-Washington Star.
"Ever bear Miss Ilyget ling? Sbt
can do It beautifully In Art Un*
"Yes. but I like ber sister bttttr.
Rhe can refuse firmly la ont.^—Cblca*
go Tribune
A  Northern  Utopia.
j Iroquois Falls was laid out for beauty as well as commerce, aud ia being
built with the idea of future growth
. The T. A N.O. Railway station Is in
the centre of 160 acres of laud, the
Rresent limits of the town. From
ere go forth  roads in every dine
I tion; Tike a cobweb the streets run lo
j one centre, and that the Government
railway. These streets have been nam-
i ed after the royal family aud Karl
Grey's family, excepting one, and that
bears the name of Ontario's Premier.
. Playgrounds and parks have been arranged where the children can spend
i happy hours in play.
The Compesltlen af t Rocket.
The ordinary skyrocket Is made of
various compositions packed iu tubes
rolled tightly round a cylindrical core.
The match by which the rocket is
exploded is placed in a cavity at the
bottom. The movement of the rocket
would be irregular if it were uot for
the guide stick, which is made very
light, so that it does not retard the
flight of the rocket when the gases
come out and hit the ground with all
their might and send the rocket up
Into the air for all that it is worth.
He-Dearest, I am tempted to ileal
a kiss.
She—Well, you don't see a cop anywhere around, do you?-Phlladelplila
"Row ran I get 1Mb package homer bt
aeked, with huehy cough.
"I wouldn't try," the clerk replied.   "I'd
ao aod sleep It off."
-Dallee News.
Looking For Harbor.
Prof. L. 0. Ellis, head of the T. A
N. O. Railway Co.'a exploration par*)
ty, has lust returned to Ottawa aud
he will hand his data, etc., over to
the commission at Toronto, shortly. <
The party examined the Iron depot*,
, Its as well as agricultural possibilities
j on the Ontario shore of James Bay.   I
|    Bo  far,  Prof.  Ellis  has made  no
statement, but it is understood that
the principal aim of tha party wat
to  ascertain what possibilities there
are fur  an Ontario harbor, on  tha
souUiern shore of Jamea Bay.   Tbey
examined tho country from Cochrane
north along the Mattagaml, Ground
Hog and Moose rivers. Tht estuaries
of Uie Moose at James Bay.were examined closely for the purpose of ascertaining sill deposits,
Municipal Ownership. J
Western Canada la nothing tf not
progressiva, and in no field does the
progressive spirit ahow itself as In
the realm of municipal government.
, The most conservative taction In a
western Canadian city would in the
older countries be ooulatrta radical,
if not Socialistic.
! Nearly all western cltlat own their
own waterworks system, tbt majority of them their own electric light
snd power systems, anrf non than
; one city its own telephone system. In
( Alberta the telephone system U own-
id by thc province, and no tbt neces-
1 lity of ownership of thla utility by
I tho municipalities has beta to all In-
I tents and purposes. obvlsdja-fL
"Llfe Isn't worth living," sighed taa
tad featured man.
"I quite agree with you," aald tbt solemn looking itranger.
"Ah, then you, too, art a pettlralatr
laid (be aad featured man.
"No; I'm an undertaker," replied ht
of tht solemn vlsage.-Chlcago Trlb-
DOS. I. rAltllilt.I.   M.P.
athlete that is mure Celtic than Scandinavian, his temperament lias more
than one strain in it tbat allies him
with the irresistible Celt. His history
Is full of myth and legend of rare poetic power. Everything in heaven and
on earth is woven fur him with Uie
| strands of fancy and romance.
Outside of the unpopularity of war
1 since peace settled down on Uie country, the visible side of Maori life is
I little chaiig.-d.  In the villages around
| Rotorua the great Arewa tribe carry
on the same native handicrafts »s
they have for centuries, and practice
the same picturesque old rites they
brought over from mythical Hawaiiki
teven hundred years ago. No European
can afford to look down on their system of life which has lasted so long,
for in muny ways, it was, and Is today, the perfect communal state.
Land is owned in common, but eacb
man must be his own carpenter, ship*
builder, fisherman, farmer, lire-maker, rigger, and sailmaker. There ia
no room for drones iu the Maori village. Left naked and destitute on an
uninhabited island, bla training would
make him king of men at home, end
comfortable where many a white Rob*
lusi-n Crusoe would perish.
A Young Hero.
In recognition of the splendid heroism of a young miner named Frank
, Bmlth, a monument is to be set up
at Otaga, near Dunedin, New Zealand.
Smith and a fellow miner named
Bates were at work the other day
sinking a hole in a drifting quicksand.
The hole had to be constantly pumped out as it quickly filled with sludge.
Suddenly to the men's horror Bates
slipped and fell at the mouth of the
suction  pipe.    His   toe  entered   Uie
fiipe, and his foot was quickly sucked
u, and then his leg was broken. Smith
sprang to his comrade's rescue, and
wrenched open the mouth of the pipt
to as to relieve him. But Uie drainage water had been slowly rising
around, and before fhe meu could
escape, ooiing slime surrounded their
legs encasing them as in plaster oi
Paris moulds. It eventually buried
them. When the relieving shift discovered the flooded hole and pumped
It dry, they found the young hero
standing erect quite dead, still holding his comrade's hands.
Authoress1  Pseudonyms.
|    The preference of many women writers lor a male pseudonym is doubt*
I lesa a survival of the uld superstition
' that to engage in the task of author*
ship was    unwomanly."   The Brunt*
sisters  Bet  the  fashion   in  appearing
as Currer, Acton, and Ellis  Bell re*
\ spectlvely.    Their  example   waa  ful*
i k wed by George Eliot.   Hut George Is
a name to which the distressed lady
| novelist flies as to a city of refuge.
I We   have   George   Egertou.   George
I Fleming, George Pastuii, and a host
i ot others.   Then, tou, there have been
I John   Oliver   Hohhea,    Kalph   Iron,
1 Frank Hamel, Frank Dauby.   On tha
| other hand, Mr. Oliver Madox Hueffer
I shures with the  late  William  Sharp
I the distinction of a feminine disguise.
fur be was known to the imvel-reading
' publie until quite recently aa Jane
1 Wurdle.
"Jonea grumbles (bat bla wife ctu't
take a Juke."
"That's funny, seems to me,"
"How to)"
"fib* took Jonea. "-Juds
81-That new band yon go't mttat
have been n clerk beforo bt etmt het*.
Sl-Whenerer bt ttopi work he nl-
wayi tries to put tbo pitchfork behind bit ear.-Toledo Blad*.
New Zealand's Pioneers.
An unusua) eight was witnessed al
Moturoa, Naw Zealand, recently, at
Uie unveiling of the obelisk erected
to commemorate the Tilth anniversary
of the William Brian, the first immigrant ship to arrive at New Ply.
mouth. Iu a buggy near the obelisk
were six ladies and near by another
lady, the combined ages of whom
amounted to &81 years, giving an
average of 83 years to each. The old*
aat was V'i and the youugtat M.
Town Topics.
ITaston the r*ny when there shall bt
nothing fluid* ah.mt Providence ex*
cept the street*.-Provldjiice Hulletlo.
The elopement of two nlne-yenr olda
from Philadelphia Is not surprising.
There are enme towns which even Utile chl'dren cry to got away from.—
PlttabVffg Chrnnlele-Telegraph.
A Nt-w York oftlclal aaya criminal!
nre diving the tabs In that city,
from 'he prices they charge It Ih fair
lo con tide that they are ex-bank rob*
Ura. -Cincluuutl Commercial Tribune*
Royal Crown Soap is the Highest Development
Free  Premiums  Are Roth  Useful and  Beautiful
Here lu a new article that U proving au excellent premium—A—SPATULA   for pastry
Tho picture above In a good Illustration of the Spatula, In other words, a new kind
of a paltry kttlfe. Thla knife Iniu a very llilu blade of best steel, nml Is unexcelled for
sprraillug 'mating on cakes, removing name fiout Him. or for tinning griddle chIu-h. full
eggs., sei tilling, kottlea,, hUIIIcIh or pons. This uew premium Iiiih a ilo/eii or more
household uses, ami la  t-'re-.* for  i:><> Koyal  (.'town  Houp  Winppcru.
- ——       ■   ■ m*nmvammwea?*BeBm>j\\\mw-
Christy Contro Cut Hron-I Knlvea arc made of finest stool, handsomely finished   ban-
dloa, oholOO Of pointed or round end. Free for 126 lloyal CrOWD Snap Wrap pore.
Paring Knife, Craving Knlke, Bread Knife, all as per Illustration, and made from the
best ai.-el obtainable, Theae :i knives complete aie Free to you In exchange for "-"
Royal Crown Soup Wrappers,   S«ud now—Don't Delay.
Reversible, size 18
In. x ;ii; In., in a choice
number of deulgna. Including floral, conventional, oriental, etu
T i< m door main are
free for 350 lloyal
Crown Soup Wrappers.
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Hags, Books and Pictures, Toys nad Games.
Etc,  Etc.
Send For Free List of Premiums Containing Full Assortment
C, P. R. Rushing Lines to Completion
While several lines have already
been opened fur tronaportatlon in
Western Canada by the Canadian
Pacific Huilwuy this Jeur, it is expected that by the end uf December
track laying on (several otber line*
will have been finished ami services
Inaugurated, At present ih,. o. P, It.
bus hundreds of gangs of surveyors
and tracklayers al work in various
parts of Uu; west and the company is
leaving no stone unturned to give iht?
farmers and ranchers Ibe best possible
transportation fuollltlca. Work is being  pushed on  practically  nil of the
m-w routes under construction and
the building of these new branch lines
' is having a great deal lu do with the
, peopling of the west.
One uf the longest  branch   lines uf
Ihe   west   which   ia   at   present   being
buiii is that running between VVey*
bum. Bask.,   nntl   Uthbrldgo,   Alt-*..
Construction work on this line   was
begun in April, llllll, and iu March ol
this year track bail been laid as far
as Omega, fifty-two miles frum Woy.
burn. Then- is now a through service
between Weyburn and Omega.    The
I stations on the line being, Weyburn.
Tnlagiiwa, Yeoman, Trussaclis. For*
wan). Khedive, I'lingiuaii, Amulet and
Ogoinit. On the rest of the line from
Ogl'llia,   westward,   grading   Iiiih   com-
met d and  up till last month fifty
per cant, of it had been completed to
; mlloage seventy-two.
Baltimore, Md.. Nov. 11, 1903.
, Minard's Liniment Co., Limited.
I Sirs,—I came across a buttle of your
j of one of the students at tlio University of Maryland,   ami   he   being so
kind as lo let me use it for n very bad
sprain, which 1 obtained in training
for foot races, ami to say that it helped me would be pulling it very mildly, and I therefore ask if you would
let me know of one of your agents
that is closest to Baltimore ao that 1
tuny obtain some of it. Thanking you
in advance, 1 remain,
Yours truly,
W. 0. McOUEAN.
14 St. Paul Street,
Care Oliver Typewriter Co,
P.S.—-Kindly answer ut once.
8vcn Tledhi, (he Swedish explorer,
iiih been made u member of tha
French Academy of Sciences.
Sir Edward Elgur. tho famous com-
,'ouer, la au urdent naturalist aud ut
)ue time mnde a hobby of making and
lying kites.
Oue of thc oldest military officers In
:ho world la Geuerol Charles D'Agullar
)f the British army, wbo recently celebrated bis ninetieth birthday annlver*
Multre Labor!, who has Just been
•leeted lender of the Purls bar, took
l commanding part iu the second
Dreyfus trlul ut Ileiitiea. lie Is a plead*
•r of great force uud -possesses a style
thut Is dignified und Irresistible.
Kev. Augustus Orlelmr, M. A., vtcar
if Willing!on, Bedfordshire, England,
tbe original of Tom Brown iu tbe
tight so graphically described In "Tom
Brown's School Daya," recently ecle*
[brnled bis eighty-seventh birthday.
j  T. P, O'Connor anya thut Lord Cur-
ton always reminds htm of Bustund'a
; Uhitntccler. The old rhyme attests
thnt the present ex-proconsul impressed his school and university mules tbe
tamo way. *i am George Nathaniel
; Curson," It ran. "1 um a very superior
Dr. Abraham Jnenbl of New York,
who recently cBlebi'iitcil hla eighty-
trst birthday, bus been elected presl
lent of the American Medical association. He waa born In Westphalia. Germany, lu 1WUT, and at the age of twenty-one received bla degree as doctor of
Well, Well!
, can use
I dyed ALL time
 -s       of Goods
*£-—= — «illH the SAME 0,e.
"    I used
OLEAN and SIMPLE to Use.
NO theet* ul mini lh-. WRONf'. llv- 'of (hr flood,
Il-llr"   rRlV"r.,i..'..''".t'a.,.l SH-KV l.....kl.lll
Tho John.,,,. Ki.li.r-.ui. Co.. tlnillrJ. Munlffsl
investment   and   Loans   NegotUtei
Invariable Omission
Garslde— Thia European   guidebook
leaves out one important piece of Information.
Hillside—What'a that?
Garslde—How to make the money to
I pay for the tour.-*.—Newark News.
Minard's Liniment Cures  Dandruff
j    "If" is a little word that spoils some
big plans.
A British Made—British proved Hum-
merlesa Gun possesses all the Greener
features—hard hitting, far shooting:
la,tim- wear, simplicity, and strength,]
will lust a Generation,
Send a postal fur descriptive booklet
U. 1.
83, 65 Beaver Hall Hill
But In Singapore Chinese Maids Alone
Are Refined and Modest.
There are worse places than Singapore but 1 don't recall their names at
this writing; yet Slugapore in really a
beautiful city, writes George A. Dor-
aey, Ph.D., 1.I..D. It grows in beauty
and its beauty grows uu yuu. It is an
exotic beauty, the strange, peuetrat*
Ing beauty of a great conservatory.
tbe beauty <>f hundreds of gold tnohur
trees :n resplendent blossom, of
strange orchid*, ot gayly decorated
richsnnws, ol hundreds ot Chinese
coollea in hats whicli luok like Invert*
eil washpans. And of—well it would
seem there are thousands of them—
imported   beauties   from   Japan   and
China, who monopolize the only
streets which are alive after *-u(.f«et.
In these streets you will Iind all
your friends of the ship. Singapore
docs not invite tbe sightseers during
the day, but at night they sing their
songs ml the steps of the long ar-
end-..-, the short, pudgy Japanese
leading the cburu**. The while wo-
men—you never realized befure how
repulsively ugly a white woman could
be—are close seconds. The shy, demure, slender Chinese maid* alone
are quiet, reserved, modest. They
alone wear an air of refinement, of
nobility. They are still women and
human beings.
There is something aristocrats
about the Chinese woman, even she
who works With her bands. She may
be old, sbe is ugly. Sbe may be poor,
uud her work hard; but she plays tha
game. She keep* her self-respect;
she rarely grows gross. She never
looks coarse, sloppy or slovenly. Aa
Compared with woman in similar
wuiks uf life in I.utiduti, she is a perfect lady.
Cued aorordina to dirccllmis,  (jr. J. U
complaint. Whenever the attack muni-
rents itself no time nhoultl In- lost In
Keeking the aid ot the Cordial. It will
act Immediately on the Btoinuch nnd in-
tcwtincn ind allay the Irritation and
pain. A trial ot it will convince ntiyone
of the truth of thene assertion*-.
This fault is common to all singers,
that among their friends they ure
never Inclined t'i sing when asked,
but unasked, they never desist.
I For over fifty years Rheumatism
; and Neurulgia sufferer* bave found
great relief in Hamlina Wizard oil.
{ Don't wait for Inflammation to set
! in.   Get u holtle to-day.
Teacher—Now, Harold, can you tell
mo what made the tower of Plea lean!'
Harold—I guess there must have
been a famine in the lum).—Chicago
Simple and Sure--Dr. Thomas' Kclortrli-
Oil is mi simple in application thut a
child can undent! and the Inst met ions.
Used as u liniment ihe only direction in
to mil, and when used as a drer-siiiR to
u,.,ilv. The directions are no plain nnd
unm 1stnkntile that ihey are readily understood by young or old.
The  Beat  Ever  Made.    Quaran-
t****d  to  gtv*>    you    inr^.ttVLo"*
Bend tin Boo.   Bfajto Style'and Site
The Arlln"->-—. r«  ef Cinada, Ltd.
68 Frazer Ave.,
Toronto, Ontario
Egjs of the Kiwi.
Tbe relatively large*t egg Is laid by
the khvi, u strung**, wingless Nr'.i
Zealand bird. Tbe egg Is nu less than
Ave lot-hew long, although tbe est rents
length of the bird Itself la only twenty-
seven lur lies.
Peril* of the Mature
"A  safe  an.)  sane  Fourth  of July
save a  hit of children from getting
tbeir lingers scorched."
"Yes," replied  Miss  Cayenne; "mid '
It alsu saves a lot of fathers from got*
ting their whiskers burned."   Wash-
ingloii Star.
The Dragon Fly.
The dragon fly's appetite la never sat
Is lied, nil liotlgll that unitizing Insect
wllh Its mm mo microscopic eyes, eati
coiuluuotisiy irom daylight until dark,
enpt'irltn; ihiiusiiuds upun thousands ol
flies and other noxious Insects during
the day I tin the digestive uppuratut
of tin* tlnigoti Hy Is nur li that all It
taken into Its lung stomach la digested
Housework Drudgery
Housework li drudgery for the weak woman. Sbe brushes, dusti and scrubs, or ia on her feet all day etttndiag to
the many details of the huuiehold, her back aching, her
templet throbbing, nerves quivering under the strew ot
pain, posiibly dizzy feelings. Sometimes rest io bed is
not refreshing, became the poor tired nervei do not per*
mil of refreshing ilecp. The real need of weak, nervous
women U satitfied by Ur. Pierce's Favorite t**.jsc rip lion.
it Makea Weak Women Strong
and Sick Women Weil.
Thla *i Preacrlptlon" ramovea tka earn
mt a/omen'a wraknamaaa,  hernia  tnflmi
mailon and utceratlt
weaknesses ao pteoumr ._ ._..,
tranqullixea lha narrta, encouraiaa
appetite and Indueaa Mattml e/e"
Dr. Pierce is perfectly willing to let every one know what
his " Favorite Prescription " contains, a complete list of
ingredients on thc bottle-wrapper. Do not lei any unicrup*
ulous dni-Mist persuade you that his substitute ol unknown
composition is "jail* ai fwJ" in order that he asay make
a bigser profit.   Just Italia and shske your bead I
Dr. Pian-Vs Pleasant Pellets cures liver Ills.
I   The office at Iln* police station.
!    Inspector  (in  desk)—What's    your
! name.
Prisoner—Patrick McSwccney.
Whal countryman are yuu?
An Oiri-dmuiti.
What's your business?
An Italian organ grinder.—Tit-Bits.
Egagement Etiquette
j An engagement is announced hy the
'parents of tlio girl either in her own
|homo by means of notes to intimate
friends or in a formal notice in the
newspapers. The girl muy write to
her own friends. (>ni hearing of a
friend's engagement it is customary to
write a note of congratulation. In
writing to an engaged girl the proper term is In "wish her all litippi*
neaa," and in writing In u man one
congratulates him upon his good fortune.
An engagement may last for any
length of time. Too long or too short
engagements are nul advisable. If an
engagement exists, however, it is bot*
ier for all concerned to have it un-
iiuiinced si lily.
' When wedding cards are issued it
I ottlPI  the duty of tbe   pro**. tive
I bridi' lo acknowledge the receipt of
every gift.
Tortoise Shell
The finest of tortoise shell is said
lo lie that whieh comes from the Indian archipelago, although much of
Hint uhtaincd on the Florida coast i-
of tho very best quality, says tbo Set*
enttflo American, There are three
rows of plates on the bark of the
animal called "blades" by the Usher-
men.   In the central  row  nre  five
plates, and in each nf the others four
plates, the latter containing the best
material. Dcsldos these (here are
twenty-five small plates around the
edges nf the shell, known ns "feet" or
"noses." Thu biggest turtle does not
furnish more than sixteen pounds of
shell. Formerly the utiderr-nell was
discarded as wort lib's*, but now it is
much esteemed for its delicacy of
coloring. Sum..times Imitation of tortoise shell Is mad.- of the bonis of
"Why do you Insist on asking that
young *nnn lo sing?" "Because," replied Miss Cayenne, "when he's sing-
ins; he isn't trying to converse."—
Washington Huu.
"I npent more than $5,000 on my
daughter's voice. Now she has gone
iin.t got marred, and I sup[Kist> she
will never think of trying to sing
again." "It is too bad." "Yes, the
money would have kept her uud her
husband in fairly comfortable circumstances for ueurly a year."—Chicago
Town Topics.
Uncle Bam kindly picks up and re*
plncea the "h" Pittsburgh dropped aq
'ong ago.—Chicago Tribune.
They've starred a new subway ovei
In Noo Yawk, with the taxpayers doing most of tbe uigglng.—Woshlngtos
It Is up to Kansas City to explain
why one out of every three murringei
In tbnt town during the last year wai
i failure.--Chicago Tribune.
A half spoonful of Huston Ice cream
line been found to contain N,000,OOC
bacteria, which may account for somi
of the peculiarities of Boston people.-
Clevelaud Leader.
Do It Now.—Disorders of the digestive
appanitui should he dealt with at once
before complications arise that may lie I
difficult io cope with. The surest remedy
to this end, and one that is within the j
reach of all, is Parnielee'H Vegetable I'DIh, |
the best laxative and sedative mi thc I
market. Do not delay, but try them nuw. I
One trinl will convince anyone that they
nre  the best stomach regulator that tun
lie got.
Cooking in a double boiler is some*
times so slow—if sure—thut co4>ks
should kimw that adding a tablespoon*
ful of water in thc outer vessel will
raise the tetiipealure of the foot! inoro I
Beware of Ointments for Catarrh
that Contain Mercury,
tl mf-rniry win turn*- d-stray tb* teni*. or -met
md cumpl-ltly dcrmc* Hie whole lyitir- whet
•nterlni II tbron.h the mueoiM mrl-.ru.. Hun
-.rUF'-*. sbmil* tifvw bu u»r-- eir-.pt on [r-*crip
llonl nte rep.il-.bJ-- ptiyilri*.,-., ■* th* dims*- thr
will do li ton fold to lh* iuod yi,u can poMloly d*
rtrn Irom tbtm. lliil't lil.irrh ( ur*. m-.ntif-Mt.irf-.
by r. J. rhm»r 4 Co.. Toledo. O.. conUInt no met
mrr. ft*-*, a Ukto li.wrmiiy, -.L-tlnr' directly upoi
Uu blood and mumur. nirftFti or tit* lyiU-B. |i
uiijlni  Hill'i fnurrli Cure be iur« yuu ret   tb
The Royal Box.
The queen of Spain la conducting* a
campaign ugalnst the promiscuous
kissing of children.
The king of Spain's full name hi Alfonso Loon renminbi Maria Santiago
Isadora Fascbal Murclau.
Geurge V. wna crowned without tbe
assistance of the poet laureate, aa no
official coronation ode wua written.
The Ducheas of Albany la aald to ba
tbe best whist player among the mem*
bere of the tSnglhib royal family. So
far as cards are coueerned, whist la
tbe favorite royal recreutlon.
Tales of Cities.
Mtiutiw.  It H Mktn Intor-uily nnd mad* lo Toledt
*hk», by f. J. nttMT * <"o- T«timonl«li tr'
•old by nru|-ji»t*   Prlrc. tie. P-- imitla.
Chen.y * Co.  tettlmo-itala tt
lUt Hall'iFamUy Puia tor couitinnUiu.
Boston eata moid apnKhettt than any
other American cily.
After London, Glasgow has tbe biggest population of any city In tbt
United Kingdom.
Montreal ts to have n ten story bote),
which will be the first building to ba
erected ln that city wholly of marble.
Atlantic City wna Incorporated In
ISM. the year when the tlrst passenger,
train was mu from tbe Delaware river to the Atlantic ocean. At tbat time
tbe village consisted of balf a dozen
Money Maxims.
Thirty thousand dollars a yenr as an I    Make all you can; save ell yon can;
avutor, mid y.-t they say "one can't I give all you can.—Wesley.
live on olrl' — Fllegcnde Blaetter,       |   a wise man ahould have money ln
Minard's Liniment for sale everywhere
Charity Worker—You "poor soul!
Does your husband always hang
around the bouse all tiny?
Mrs. Tenement (cheerfully)—In-
dade no. Half the tonne he'-j in the
All mothers can put awar anilely re-
unnlini* Ihelr •nirTerinf- children when
they have Mother tlraves' Worm Kiterm-
Inator lo give relief?. Its effects are sure
and  laHtiiiK.
One Kind
"Rtiglnnd owns the KohWoor, the
finest diumomi in the world."
"Owns the finest diamond in the
world, eh*1 Tbut seeing a shame when
•die doesn't play baseball."—Wash,
ingtou Herald.
A sure sign thnt ymi don't kuuw
much is to think you know it all.
bla heud, not tn his beurt.
Put not your trust ln money, but
put your money In trust.- Holmes.
Tbe use of money la all tbe advantage there Is tu having It.-Franklin.
Money la a ha ml uinl den If you
know how to use it a nihtreaa If you
do not know how.-Horace.
State Lines.
Maryland la a garden of paradise
•urrounded by a body of water and
Washington.-Baltimore American.
Rhode Island rusts n smaller vote
proportionately tu Its population than
la polled ln any other northern state.—
Providence Journal.
Connecticut bun become an authority
upon such matters, so Ita decision tbat
a balloon ts not an airship standi.—
Now Uuven JuuniH I-Courier.
A Germ Dlsesss Which is Baffling
The Doctor* and Alarming The I
Peoplt Generally
It may be nnid that doctors are
only agreed on two points regarding
this much dreaded disease. .
Plrsl, that it la a germ disease, nnd,'
second, that like all germ diseases!
can only be (ought with pure, rich
Prevontlori is always the better way,
and tbnt Is why we t.re always talking about the wisdom of keeping the
blood pure and rich and the nerves
healthy ami strong hy uning Dr.
('base's Nerve Fooil.
Rich, red blood is a deadly foe to I
disease    gertns     whether     they     arej
germs of infantile paralysis, of colds,
of consumption or any other disease.
Don't let the blood get thiii and i
watery, Doh'l let the nerves get ex* I
bausted. The risk is t*si great. Kvery,
tlo.-te of Dr. Chase's Nerve Food goes
to the formation of a certain amount |
of pun*, rich blood.    For this reason,
yuu are certain to benefit by this'
treatment. ,
You need not wait until you huve
some form of pacolysls before testing I
this great medicine. Bo warned by
headaches, sleeplessness, Irritability,
failing memory and power of concen-:
(rating the mind, Restore the system
while still yuu huve sumctliiug to
build on. •  |
Get new energy and vigor into tlu-
Hyatcni hy n-ing Dr. Chase's Nervei
Food. 60 c-nls a box, 6 boxes for
$260: at all dealere, or Kdmaiisou,
Batea & Co., Limited, Toronto.
The Connecticut leglslniure haa passed a law requiring aviators and air
ablpa to take out licenses.
A British automobile concern has
built n truck and trailer eapoclally for
tbe transportation of aeroplanes.
Plana for a new form of holiday-
touring by aeroplane nre being formed both tn England and Id Franco.
Sporting Notes.
Only two light hanieaa homes. Jay*
Rye-See and Anncondn, have both
paced nnd trotted miles under 2:10.
Captain George Mnrlurty of tbo Detroit Tigers doesn't drink, amoka or
awear and Insists on hla ball playoro
going to church on Sunday.
There will be twu Heinle Zimmerman* with Ihe Chicago Nationals next
season. The new Heinle halls from
tbs Atlanta club nf the Southern
league and plays center field. Bo stole
106 bases last aea son.
Wllsnn-Dldn't either parent want
the child?
Dodd-No; the cook promised to aley
with  tbe   smaller   famlly.-Brooklyo
"Crooked weights and measure* havo
been used since ihe yenr SOU B. C.H
"What makes yoti so positive of Ibo
dati-V nun's  when   welghla and
measures   wero   lu vented."—Birmingham Age -Ili-rald.
Bakf-A beans when I'm htinsryi
tiniurn-nut when I'm dm
artciihachs whin I'm hard uet
Heaven whir. 1 die.
Ingenious Trap That Waa Formerly
Used by tha Mexicans.
Tbe Mexicans lo California bad an
Ingenuous method ot trapping bears
before tbe advent Of tbe Yankee*.
brought modern firearms Into ibe region, A piece of meat waa nailed to
tbe atout borbtontal limb of an onk
tree. From a limb live or six feet
above a rope waa euapended. to tbe
•nd of wblcb a large atone waa mode
fast ao tbat It hung about six Inches
above and a trifle nearer tbe trunk
tban tbe meat on tbe lower limb.
Wben a bear amelled tbe meat from
afar be would climb up the tree nnd
make bla way lo (be halt In doing
ao he would pusb the stone pendulum
to one aide. Just ns he waa about to
fasten bla teeth In the meat the stone
woutd awing bnrk and bang his head
This would arouse the anger nf the
bear, and he would glre (be fitone n
sweep of his paw whlcb would send
It swinging farther out Tbe conse- ,
quenre was a harder bang nnd more
anger. Tbe more be struck the atone
tho harder he would be bit In return <
nntll from ferocious anger he would I
lose bla caution and attack tbe pernio
lum with all hla vigor. One powerful
sweep, then bang, and bruin would lie
tumbled out of the tree to the rucks '
below, where, disabled hy bla fall, he
would be nt (he merry of those who
net the (rap whenever tbey chose to
take htm.
Hla Job of Varnishing the Deer Was
Net ■ Howling Success.
Ur. Brewster thought bla trout door
looked as though a coat of varalab
would do It no harm and resolved to
do It himself iu »a\e tbe expense of a
Finding an old "gulden atrup" tin tn
tho yard, be went uff tu tbe shop for
aome "beat oak varnish." lie placed
lt In tbe pantry tor Ihe night and was
np early next morning aud by unit
paat 12 had gm Ibe door tluisin-d.
"I don't like It uuw It'a done," be
uld to bla wire.
"It'a bad varnish," replied ibe.
"He's aold you tne wrong sort of
Be thought ao. too, and went back
to tbt shop, tnklug w bat was left wltb
"Thla ta funny vnrnlab yon aold me,"
uld ba   "lis dull, sticky stuff."
After examining It tbesbopmun uld;
"Thla la not whut 1 aold yuu. This Is
It tben dawned on him tbat be bad
got bold or (he wrong tin. and he
went back home to explain to his
wife, wbo at ome aald: "Hood grn
clous James! And I've made tbe pud
dlug wltb the other tlnfull" Tben.
after a moment's pause, "You'll dine
today on must mutton aod varnish
pudding)"— Pearson'* Weekly.
That when you put a
salve onto yeur child's skin,
It paucs through the pores
and enters the food, just
as surely as if you put ft
Hit > the child's ■ t .::*ch?
You woulJ not put a
coar e t.uis cf ar.imil fat.
Colored by various mineral
polioi'S 'such aa many
crude salv i arc) Into yeur
chili's bl >od by way of the
stomach? Th n why do
so by way oi th: pores)
Takeoorbk,  Uiea'-way tha
pure h r~*- cKfCii ^r.vij/i ia
sfUni-l.'.i*. Z m-But coaLstos
no tr^ce el tn-.- iblmal o 1 or :**,
a::d ni f-.u-j -i aim.i-jlcii (*■
tog (Dittcr. r'r m *Uit tu hum
ft u-furcly httzi..
It Wil :.<••. ior-*, ulcscs, ihcr*
scs, erupt on*, nrinss uken.
Cuts, burai tci br-jia*-*, m re
quickly thia say -ut k :•»■-.
fffpjri:. ..;, It l> a *a ertu.
qu-cn-r i;--f! u- imirtl (H I
Sure or cut, Com ;■- I* in* * :.<d
tut »r i b o*>i cob on. It a a
Combiaa lofl st 'uiibi{ ?• **«r i -.4
uitui. ie purity,   i*\-Jt Usvoaa **>•**
tuv* ffov.d I..
Forget tha Pink 5: tfl
VVIfey   V*.
the drug ■*■ ■    ind (el   ha
things I aaki d
Hubby   Wi p member*.
.■ii thai  I r tu da
anything  to  ' ring   i    IunIi tn   "out
Tha Qaltery Gods' Appfnusa
Lawrence Barrett once (old of a
conversation be had wltb Edwin Booth
Tbo latter bud been congratulated up
on an ovation given blm by a crowded
house on (be opening night nf an en
gagemenL "Tin* sweetest runic to my
nro," uld tbe great tragedian, "ts tbe
abouUng of (he bo;a tn the gullety. I
know tbey are not applaudlm* because
I bare a reputation or because tbp?
wlab to make a display. Tbey simply
give vent to tbelr natural enthusiasm
When (hey about I know tbat 1 am
glilng a good performance. Aa for tbe
parquet. It may clop Ita hands out of
politeness, a dramatic critic who bad
certain notlona aa to bow a line should
be read will applaud If 1 road It hla
way; otherwise ba will remain quiet.
I can never analyse Iho applause ot
tho front rows, bul the gaMury la sin
cere in Ita likes or dlallkw."
New Vorfc Ostrich Feather   t.i.  Oatgfi
w. N.. iij-'j-i S'way   "*    *
U.s '*■,.*.!.,,■>,' . lo-mtura iemve  tern   «i**i
ik-I!  r     «r -',--',: i       ..   ,' .  .1
nor if:-:  1   *..-     ■-:■ ..!*,. i    *:i::^l
rEKTit -.-,.■'. cam   i
joont:--   ■     tt       - ■ • ■        rfi mm,
U.UYK i UC sod
»o!lt*>l» li«r-'i et* -  • ■■    bsi      *lrm.
w*tn»la'» ■> - -      --  ' ins  mma to awt
Und.   rwat] ie* nut mBI*
Shakespeare's Edueat'an.
Shakespeare could oot but* been an
educated mnn. tbnt la, lo tba aradtmlr
aenae of the word, for bo was a mere
youth wben be weut to London frum
Stratford and bad bad, up to that time,
only eucb menial training aa be could
pick up In ihe schools of bla native
town. It nowhere appears ibat be attended acboul after leaving Stratford.
And yet. aa Matthew A rout J aaya. be
lived during hla London residence "In
• current of Idena In the highest degree
animating and nourishing ('• (be t-rea
live faculty In u society peimeated by
fresn thuiight, lutelllgent ind alhe."
And he lined nul only tbe Idem whlcb
be imbibed aa Ihey Boated a.*uuu*l blm.
bat all the learning be cou'd pick up
without ueglectlug Hla catling.-New
fork Amerlvau.
CANADA S      CPE.-*
esusvsMU vu •
Aw*irtJ>d flr-U pKie U 'Vie;\'% t»
poaitloo -in Ha work arut  r*f.'.':-i*».
Writ** for a >*-*• .*a:a-.'«'.<*. -* ■» ***m
0v« toear-acUon a? mail
The "Wellington" Hat
for men. Cana tun ma ie, t9oav*
antft* 1 l.**-t i.tt i ilns .n Ostd-irdai
All iltea nil shapes In loft and
stiff bit* Ask your 0*Ai*ie, aw
write at ones? to
CHAS.   C.   PUNCH*RO   4   CO,
Toronto,  Ont
Drawing ths Diaeasa Out.
Tbe L'hluvae have a curljua custom
of trying tn cure a alck man. A frb-ml
of Ibe patient ubtalua a straight
branch with a few leiiree and Iwlga
at the end. (in tbls be hunifa a iibror
of polished Hies-I, und utidir (but une
of Ibe nb'k man's coals. 'I hen be $<*•*
ful n abort walk, a |trle«t In tbe mran
(lire pcrr.iniiliiL- a crcn-ny. The
coat, being carrl.-*! In thia way, la sup
posed to draw the dlaease frum (be
Just Se.
"ne dnesn'l n-nily lore you.
after your money,"
"Itut If bla lore were not gonulne
bow could he pul no much fervor Into
bis wool in*?"
"Ob, a man can dig up rnnitd^rablw
fervor when he hii* Id marry money or
go to work.'"— Eit-hnnge.
\ »   HI
a pi.-. 1 uld    irpet, i- ■ t elltnt to
rub ..ff thi *   n thi  tgh osing
It, and ah - ■* •■■ ■:■ .*■ ■ I pollab*
• r when bla    Ing ippQed
trtsldt lefermatlen.
*T>ear air." wrote (he man who nwed
bis tailor and had received a letter a***
Ing for pnvment of *he bill, "your let
(er wns extremely Impertluent, and 1
return ll to yoo unopened."
Popular Publicity.
"Thnt tali waiter seems io be very
much In tie ma ml"
"Yea;  he  lirwr  open*)  a   bottle  of I
cbattipagtte Wil it atiracilng ihe at-
tentlou  of even tn.dy   In   the  ruulU.'-**
nttsburg i'o-t.
^:. 1
ami r-
I  "
r   le-
uVtn too tblnk I could win a ntw*i
-in   Hgalust   him   fur  calling   io*  a
"No; I aboiild tblnk that your irvlin
to win Ibe suit would bu prclt*. giimi
i-vldence that you are one."- Si. Lutn*
t'uat UUpuUti.
Ktiriucrly (The New Km.)
I*. *,. HAItDKU. ruhli„tirr mill I'roprietnr.
.1 hiiiI imiii Uiii-*! evi-iy Tliur-*Ul Itnin 11-
nflln*, Wntmliwter St t. Chllllwaek.
-ii.lt*!-! lilt Wit tuii'l-tl.lXII-i'l illl ill ..llVHtirr liiiill
i-.int- ill Hnh-li I'liituir ;   tu ft.ltnl Stdt.-.|l„*-i.
\I)VKRTI.SIN« imt:s
pbiilH) iiili'.rtl-biK nil** made knowi »|>|ill
ri.lum |n Un- publisher.
L'lsnlflrd u.i vert l-wiueul*, I l*Ul per Wont each
Ifi-t-rlioa, hu ut.lr In tul*uui-i'.
Iheiiltii iiil>.lli-*.M'wil J.I.U-* ri-liieml-tl tluat
,    r    *      .    _. _   ..._..* .... :  .■..«. .......
Sold by Merchants of 1 'hilliwnek, Roaoilulo, nml Aulu-liiz.
Wanted at Once
Chilliwack I'nriii ..r Residential prop-
i-i'ly to oxuliiuigii lur Vnucotivi.T property,    If yon desire |o exchange will
anil give 11- pai'tieulai's,
i x
I     Chas. Huteheson & Co.     j
X Realty and Insurance Agents J
t X
Sililiit-.-il ten iiiinnli-wnlk topostoflU-e,
All in lirst-elitns state ..( cultivntion,
high, dry nml level, (villi wide frontngo
on Charles Street, Rnclt qimrter-acrfl
luis n number of ehoiee fruil treo* in
full bearing, ami the priecs iu-p quite
The ChilliwacK Specialisl
Quito a number ol citizens reoolv-
icil 11 "t'hilli-ivtiitrk" un their think
piei'e* h.v fulling Ice from tho electric
nml telephone win1*** un Tuesday,
Those money by-law.-* wbioh the
City Council ure trying to gel through
Hu- legal underbrush, huve had u
hard time. This time they nre
shaved uil uml made smaller unit
perhaps they will mnke better
"Progress!" ut w> much per. Bul
did vuu notice that tlu- City Aldermen mode u happy selection oi a
date fur voting, Nov, "21.."
Vaccination ugulnsl typhoid fever
is tt) be urged upon nil of the 13,5000
employees of the I!. S. Department
of Agriculture iu accordance with a
recommendation to that effect approved hy Secretary of Agriculture
Wilson, A committee which he recently appointed to consider the
subject declared lb-elf in favor of
viieclnatluti. <>f die ll.OilO employee., of Ihe dejuirtmcut out Hide
Washington a considerable numbei
arc cngilgcd hi travelling. It is to
protect tbem from drinking impure
water tlmt the vaccination wan
Then; is great deal of Canadian
history iu this year of groco 1911,
Canada receives a new Governor-
General, thc son of Queen Victoria,,
r)t<- brother uf King Edward, nud the
Uncle of King Georgo. The lung
regime of .Sir Wilfred Laurier comes
to un cud, uud a (Yiim-nitivu Prime
Minister takes up bis work. Thu
Ontario Legislature is dihsolvi-d, and
the Opposition takes a new leader.
The census is taken, and Cuiiada is
seen to have made more prugr*-^ in
ten year-* thnn she mnde in the
previous thirty. Reciprocity I* de-
fented.   Arid there are still  nearly
fiasco eoniiug so soon after tho pro* j
vineo's Kmdly trumpeted dwjlara-
tions of loyally lo tbo mother land'
at the recent election:-,.   Tltera  is]
Bometlling rot tun In Iho kind  of
loyalty which gpnduiuw the olfcnco
of robbing the British  Admiralty,
and it  is  to  be  hoped  that  the
McBriil** administration  is leaving
uo stono lint limed to clear tbe name
of the province of reproach, Toronto Saturday Night.
The situation anent tbe British
Columbia Government's building
at Chilliwack, ibe Court House, i
wuuld Im* ridiculous if it tvetti sucbi
a stern reality. Local municipal
bodies have received strict orders lo
vacate tbo building for pur|Hises of
meetings, ind even tbe eel In ait*
jealously guarded front Intrusion by
all aud sundry, except those Individuals wbo run foul of tbo Government ofllolols. Why ibis particular
care is su snimottsily carried out Ib|
puzzling except tiinl the Govern*
incut anticipates creeling a new ami i
more useful edifice, ami In the
meantime isexperlmentingwilh ttie
old one, to ascertain as lo whether
it will lie used as a cold Rtoragn
foundry ur smr.ko factory, At tho
oIom of Ibe session of the tax commission the other day une wuuld
suppose llmt a most heart touching
drama bail been enacted, judging
from tbe teiir bcslreiikud countenances mid reddened optics, uf ibe
unfortunates wbu composed the
a nn mission, the press, and tin- local!
committee, caused by tiie volumes of
nu except ioifally Irritating variety of]
sinoko. Oh Friday. County Court
bad to be conducted in Mr. Policy's
olllco, it being a physicaHmpogsiblli*
ty to got tho place healed with tho]
present equipment nn one band and j
also to keep warm enough to conduct even a hot legal controversy
• hi the other, A cool judgment
would have frozen boforo it reached
ears of tin- disputants. Wo are
told that the Province U wealthy
having millu.ns on deposit. A
most useful expenditure could be
made at Chilliwack, iu the furm uf
a new Court House, ur the refitting
of the edifice thnt now serves the
purpose iu warm weather. Until-1
tilde would be forthcoming.
Potatoes   stored   in
in  frost-pi f  win'..-     Jl
house, I hive months
for   Two    Dollars.
Liberal advance on     '
shipments il desired,
VANCOUVER   .    B. C.
lint Air Furnaces,
Itonfingandl loriiiee,
Mntullie Ceilings,
Stoves and Ranges,
Qoneral repair work,
Rslimfitfl.i furiiislicd
Phone 94
•>+■X"*'***!-***:* *;*^ -:* -:- *;• *i* -:• * -:* •:- *;• -i- •:* •>♦ *> -;*■***-■* ■>*:- *>*}■-:- ♦ •:- *>*-:» •:• -:•*:-*><•*-**><.*>•> -t-*s**>
Paid-up Capital and Resorvi
Money Loaned lo Responsible People.
Accounts Oponod on Favorablo Terms.
i  Cnn.MtvACK IIiia.ni ii   -   N. S, Mai'Kknzii'. Manager *
***'.'.'. ************************ ********** *************
Y..H nro |l(ifwilily UlillkillKul I |iiir.-li;isinn ii new hURRy,
if ynu nn' wo will ,1,-,-it, il n pleasure In sliinv ynu lho
8TUDISIMKEH ItUSiiY In be seen nl nur wnroliaiiso,
These buggies liavo nil Iln- ii"".l features of nlhor Imgglos
* nn.I in.in> lit ntlilllinn.  Tlioy slaml fur oxeeplliinnl qnnl-
* Ity, I wc Invito iiivcsllgiiliui) uml cuui|iiirlsun,
Itwo month** of 1911 to come, with
i the country still in aiwpeufie ai to the
■Nuvy policy of tbe Domiuiun Governments
at special
At the Mee Studio ■ Chilliwack
I Implement and Produce Co. J
♦ *
llnllui slips an- being, sonl in nil
Methodist congregations in Canailato
vi.il,. un iln- question ofchurch union
with Ihe Cougregatlonaibts nnd
Presbyterians, Only oncquestion is
Thia talt of Mr. Borden's about nuked, nnil thnt is: "An-ymi Intnvor
the necessity, wi*lr.ni nnd genernl
inlvisnl.ilii\ of hnving rordinl rela-
lions between Canadians and Americans give iM.iiit to an incident which
occurred in Ottawa during the elcc-
nf organic union wiih the other
churches?" Thc question must la-
answered "Yes or N'o," There are
fuur ballots, Om- is for lh.. official
iKinrcl, another forehurch nicnibcn..
! !
I Macken-
| Smith      j
! Lumber   j
! Co. I
i *****************
**************************************************** >
X   rt,... * m **■*••*•» im
|     Abbotsford Timber $ Trading'
I Co., Limited
♦ Office and Yards, YOUNG ROAD
i   , ■ ■ 1
;     We have a oompjoto stock ol Long Jowta, Rougli ;;
and   nrossotl  Lumber, Lath, Shinglos, Kiln pried      I
i    Flooring, Colling, Siding, Moulding! uml  Finish, ;>
I.iiu... ('i im i.i .in.I I'lii-t.-r.
Prompt nil.-uii..n given in nil orders.
Local Manager
^*****************i******************************** •
li.in campaign, A parade on behalf one fnr those under eighteen yearsnf
nf tin- mil i> wan arranged, in vhlohiigo, and thu fourth for adherent- bin
were eleven autouioulles hearing Imiii- contributing tn (he support of ih.-
nere, tlic ins.-ripii.iii on then, being church.   Th", vote wns a nenced
In substance,   "Wc will huv,- ho last week and will bo continued until
triirk nr trnd.- nith the Yankees." spring, wlu-n n complete return will
Nine of the eleven automobiles m-r.. 11«. compiled.   The conferences have
made in the United Slates.   The already signified their stand by rot.
origin nf tin- Ixnincn w.ninirrcd pre- Ing iu favor "f unli
elscly n. well as the renl belief nf
.Mr. Itordi-ii and his friends with
what they found it expedient to ny
aboul tin' Americans fm the purposi-
.if winning uu election,—Kdmoiitnn
Chllllwaek Orchestra
rliilliwnrk   .in-liisirn.   six   nr  l'i-iii
pteoes, open for cngsgeinenls,
Art. Winn , Ssn-lai
Out ill llritisli Columbia there isj
MujIc Lessons
j will   be  glad |
♦ to furnish you j
! with an esti- ?
! mate on your ♦
| lumber bill |
i whether you
X place your or-
♦ der with them
ji or not.
a great ileal ol iiidigiuitiiiii over n     1 •"■ POTJBd lo ink.- a (el pupil, for
. . .....     1 l^iil.'i Slid Hi..try.
gross.niis.-ar.iag.- of justice in whal | Al nil. Wi.mi, Mn-i,. Store.
For Rent
:    Phone 86    |
Blankets and Rugs
Now ihul iln' -ii"" nud winter season i. here ...n will
wunl lo pnilcei ...ui lei-- frmii ll Id.   We hnve
n« fine ii run;'   '- V ' will -■■ iinywli re, llllll iln* qtlal*
ity null I'l'iei  ".nre '" please.    \ lllce lien rug is
tils., ii..w ii ii.-i-.s-il..  Tl ...■■'.nr> in i.i.'fn-i-.ii iiiul
ymi will llllll jn-i "I"1 y 'I waul.
Sleigh Bells ami HorSS Furnishing* in all lines.
We da our own le-ummi; Nealhi and Promptly.
CltM ui a call.
Chilliwack Harness Co.     j
Wm. Thompson Dell Whitman X
yi»»»+»t*tt ♦ttt***^*4*A*******'"***t+tttttttt t<t 11 ttt i y
ure kiiuwn ou the i*":i-*l m "tbt-
Navy HUM.' S.iii»- linn- n(*tu, it up-1
|m-.ir-, eertain frauds wi-re ili-c.iv-
ered in connection with tho sale of I
-upplii". l*i Uritinh wuiMhipri uf tb.-.
Nurtb 1'ueilie rtquud-run, which Im-t
a fuse nt K «4uiui.ili. Ona or twu
pnniiineiit dtlferui of Victoria, H.t'.,
wi-re invnlvrd nntl wi-rt- prmrei-dt-d
.ij-.iitL-t nt tin- Instanceuftlic Ibni-h
Aibnil.ilty. When thr CAN i.iiiit-.
befon tin* (Iniiid .Inn, bowovor, ihsl
provtnHsl autliorttlo* **!«;*i n*--1 wlthl
tin* ii*liiitui-triili'iii of jtutlca -ni-n-Huj
lax bi profCCUtlnll  ami  the juror-1
I ihcmulvd *t Indlfleroiil  to the
; ni'-.iiiiiiK ut tli.'ii oitth, that in r*pite
."t Hli.it ffiifl obviouMy u prima l.n-i'-
cue, the iudirtmi'iit wu-*tbrtm'uiiut!
I ami iwi-u-**?d wrh- fn-i*H oftheelnirKe,.
Tho ti■■ v*I Huihi-riii** whu, twrol
ImxiotjB (io pniii.*-li thwo who-oi tin*'
I prow of Victor!*! tlworlbw it. wow
["robhjng John Hull," fottml tbem*
\k\wh iib-uhit.lv Inulkctl. Tlic
\\Vn\V of that "it.v tven rleclaitithat
ono of the Krnml Jumn*, iu «" spin in-
finit why th'-y hml fnnml "no bill,"
'ji-vuii-nlty nUttafkod tlmt  they  dan-
i nol tlu su b§MUi*o the evidence itm
Ik coiic]tulve Ihnt if tbe row had
llteflti wm on tlm |«lil jury convict Ion
would have been nrtoln. The
I bettor i'Iuhm of Itiitinb Coluinblttni
larrj rigbteomly  imlitrtunt  at   tbii
Ft Ht ItRNT-lloonii un.l oflkMwhli Imi' *
Witer befttlng, Oro, It. Anion*)] ,v s.n.  •*
Furnished Room* to Rent    | <
TO I'rN.'-Tl.i.v i.i.vl) Iiiini-li,.Ir.-.,.,*1 J
•it iu in lietl-nl, imtli, electric h.-iit, »ic. j j
Apl'Iv UllHIIwtek Fnt- Pnt*-". *
Lumber Co.
Hart Block
We Have Listed Exclusively
A Few Blocks of ."), io and 15 Acre Subdivision, situated 1 1-2 miles
from the city on tlu- beautiful banks of Hope river. Peaches, tipples,
plums and small fruits in bearing.
This land is in a No. 1 state ol cultivation and unequalled tin- early
For Further Particulars, Apply
F. J. HART & CO., LTD.
The Chilliwack Specialists I
Presldont, 11. .1. Burlier
Vice-President, II. II. tlorvan
Secretary-Treasurer, lI,T,Gootllnntt
Mayor, Jus, Minim. Aldermen—
a.W.II.Ashivoll, .r.Clilldmliose,
II.H.Oorviin, T.lI.Ji.chson, W.V.
City Engineer, J. It. Croly
City Clerk, 15. .1  Boucher
Chief of l'ollco, J, \V. Derby
FJroChief, S. I'liileiiin
Reeve, P, ||. Wilson
Councillors— Richard llrott, J. A.
Evans, George T. Marrs, Robert
Clerk nnd Treasurer, C.W.Webb.
President, Rev. It. .1. Ihiuglns
Treasurer, K. Diithia
Boorelary, Robert Marshall
Olllco hours 8 lo 7.
Mnney order wickel doses ni .r» p.in
Mails bloSO lur Knst nud-West ill
7.110 a.m. uinl .ri p.m.
On Statutory Holidays Ihowlckot
is open frum 8 tn l* a.in,
Closed i.n Sundays,
Olllco .1 - Is lucked ui ft ii.in.
s. Mellaril, Postmaster,
The Cliilliivack Free Press.
RKV.  11. (i. S'IKIVAIIT, PasTiM.
Sunday Service, 11 a in and 7 p in
Sunday School and Blblo Class at
2.80 p m
R Y P I' Tuesday evening nl s
Prayer meeting, Thursday nl S p in
All cordially invited.
Sun.lay Service 8 p ni
Sun.I;iy Scliii.il t p in
Prayer meeting Tuesday 8 p m
Rev. A. E. Robf.iits, Pastok
Sunday, Public Wurship, nt 11 am
and 7.30 p ni
Sunday School and tlic Adult Bible
Class at 2.30 p in
Mondny, Epivnrtli League 8 p in
Wednesday, Prayer service 8pm
A hearty welcome to all.
Rev. M.I'ikk, Pastor
Sunday service, 11 a in and 8 p ni
Sunday School, 12 nonn
Thursday, Prayer meeting 8 p in
t*J .r*^- 7*$ y$7*tf-(T? eft / *i^ .f-TC* yT!> VT?
Store Closed
Thursday and Friday
To re-adjust stock, stoic will be closed on above
days and will re-open on
Saturday November 18th
® Under new management.     On and after Saturday
0*2 everything in the store will  he marked down to
cost price.    These goods have to move and  move
quickly.       New stock is   enroute   and  present
stock must he
Cleared Out Regardless of Profits
before new goods arrive.     All accounts owing me
must be settled up before December 1st.,   1911.
Complete House Furnishings Chilliwack.
" Little Things Tell I \
•- *****************************************************
I .       „     ~* ~,  ,, . i
On*  Threntl    n    HunH-nd    Yard*    '" w     ' m m*mrmm      . r-ara       -* m     m     .
Lenglh May Weigh But on Ounc«
Ar-hi-rloa wm Ural mined In I lei
nnd  prior lo  !Q,«n  ||   wns  tlio only
j country ihnt produced it at u com*
merclal profit,   Th.* Itii.inii a«hestoi
li vary silky in apponrnnce and (tray
to brown In oolor.    Often  tlic fibers'
arc several teel In lonoth,
Apbeslofl upon leaving the cobblnn
f sheila In sent to tho spinning mill*
[in bnga hoMintr nlioul |0*» nottnd*.|
i Upon ih arrival it is first toreciirderl
i by D imirlliiin -ittiihir to tin' paw tootlij
Eg- uiii used In cotton mills, This iopnr*j
Y) I'"'- the tnmrlftd libera, after which,
•m** I ii fiiiitl cm ding lukea place on n
W\ regular carding machine. When th-a
-g*f! [nibestoa lonvea Ihe carding machlni*]
I it id combed smoothly and the fibers!
laid parallel In n uniform mnsi. Thli,
j mass Is treated in a rota spinning!
Tliis fitst spina ii into a coorsa yarn
| iind then draws and spina thla yum,
j until it becomes 1\m and quite strong.;
Where a hard, strong thread is ro-
quired for cerlnin fahrlca tlio asbashnj
■ yarn Is put into a doubling nnd twist*
in,,' machine, whore two or mora of,
| tin- yarn thread are combined,
1 irunder where I can get it, is nn exclamation ono often
hours. We handle numerous lines nf smull ivares which
are in everyday use, and nur patronsoflen exclaim "why
I didn't know you sold that."
Here nre a few of the lines of small wares wo carry all
the time, uml which wc have not room t" display In nur
show eases and windows. Wire Coat Hangers, Tooth
Picks, Aluminum Drinking Cups,Shoe l'..lisli, Bon Ami,
Window Cleaner, Shaving Soup, Toliet Paper, Wonder
Shine Silver Polish, positively no rubbing required villi
this, Alarm Clucks, Furniture Polish, Stove Polish, Sool
Destroyer, a package of whicli burned in your s(,,v,>
cloaiiB the sunt frum yuur stovepipe, Cocoa ond Wire
Door Mats, Clothos Pins ond many more for which we
havo no spaca tn mention. Stovo business is booming.
Five Ranges nml eight Heaters in live day, is thc iw.ru'.
We handle the MoCla'ry line.
to In- Imprest I ♦    „.
ni..I wllh   rubber   n smooth, lions *   rhone
Denmark & Burton Ph?0ne I
finished thread is nol desirable \±
|   The iplnnlnfl <>( us bus to i (or » long] *
Kiwfly it was Mcfiscovered "that undi r ■ ♦♦♦♦♦^♦♦♦♦♦♦••^^ *
the microscope n thread ol asbostoft
showed a notched surface and tlm!*
I l.y meana of special twisting Hi;
htpinning could lie made luceossfu!.
I Now,   nft.-r    much    experimenting*
It Is Not The Price
Again. 'it
tlu-tr lands hni '<$
I tmi nu fact ti rem are aide to spla a sm-*-1
1 gle asbestos thread of IM yards in,'
I length nut weighing over nn ounce.
Came to  Life Agai
I   China «* well m nth..
i Its humorists, A woman one.' visited ♦
tho office of an Insurance company In*IX
Shanghai nnd made a olalm h* the. *
wife and beneficiary uf una nf tlu* fT
company's policyholders, who ha*l I
died, slm biifil, at n place fifty miles 1<>
removed from Shanghai, Sht* wit* '. J
angry  when  the  company  told her  -*■
j tlmt the dentil would huve to bo verb
fled before payment could be made,*
Probably as tin- result ol tho threatened Inquiry the following letlei was \
I received from tl.*-' "decea-jed" » few
days luti-r: i
"Dt-nr Sir—Yoatorday a letter wllh I
[ reference lu tin* death claim waa sent
tou by post. 1 presume same has
iM-u duly receive*a by you.
: "Wlu'ti I died of h disease lhat asm.
! un suddenly an intelligent doclor wai
I ol once HiKod for. lie forced aome
i JUiId intu my mouth uud mado some
I Injection uu my body. He thus sue* \}
1 needed in bringing ma w life again."
Bomnch.it if whal thi:'.boy likt-*!. and ho
generallygeta what l»'lik-.-s. A BOY'S
Is harder on his clothes than a man,
and that'* why wo urge yon to buy
Lion Brand
Ii h the lK-*t Boy'a Clothing mado in
Canada, They are made by a flnii
that makes nothing hut clothing fm*
boya, wim make more than any other
firm we knuw of. Thi* Brand in. very
popular with tho boya, because of Hh
goodness mul it* style, uud because
there an- nil tbe pockets tlmt a buy
like*, because it i** easy ilttiinr, bo-
caiiso tin- prlco-fa easy eonsldcring ibo
quality of good* used in thi** make of
Westminster Trust Huililing
C. T. Vr»denbnrg
ri.lck.r 51. ChllllwatK
Mlsi Clam   Davisnn,   teat-hi'r  in J
Piano, ami pupil nf Min McGuiro, ♦
Allx-rtn College, KtliiKinton, i* • »|>•-11 %
to tweive prim.ny pupil*,    Pupils $
may begin at uny time. Torrns, etc., "I
nn upplieution. £
ltstfl»ct t PriBCtss Avt., ChilliwacK ♦
•«.? 1       ■*%. t i i... Z  mlsa me," Charles savs to tlio littb
INewcombe Piano, in good condition t vi™. -ij-i >■-;;»»<f- <•»;>■ j
' © T your mother,   And swear that you wil
McMllan, good as new. Splendid tone
Price new $375. For quick sale
Terms arranged. Call and See These.
Alfred White . Music Dealer
Too   Eager.
m^1-1.-iii.J-i*ififififififif«.__ I   8'r H''lirv Irving oneo bad an amus*
^^^^^*,r^'-^^^^*"M"M  ing oxnerlcnce lu Qlaagow.   For lho
- pari of the young prince In "Charlei
+++++++++**<.4V>*>+* ; 1 •' ft littl« St-ot. It girl  bad been en
i gaged, She had been carefully coach*
ud. and nil went woll until she appear
fd in tin- poignant seem where Mr.
Irving -i Charles ban an agonizing
leave taking with Ida wily and t-lii!
. dren and i'"---1 out to execution. "Pro-
X mlse ine,   Charles savs to tbe littl
haver I«*t Ihem make you king whlli
your brother Oharlos is alive," io
which .he child la supposed t-> reply,
"/ll be turn to pieces tlrnt."
Ou thla dreadful night, however, Mr. i
living only  gut  as  btr  n* "promise
i me tlmt you will  tuke* -.-aru of yuur |
! mutiit-r" v'm>*i out piped shrilly the
' uuuiliilatiiig reply, "I'll be tor-r-n-n to ;
plet'-.-s Jir-r-flt."
Come in Boys and
see us for your
New Suit
I  Chas. Parker  .  ChilliwacK, B. C. j
Rev. II. .1. Di.ii.lai., Pastor
Sunday Service 11 u m nml 7.30 p in
Sunday Mi.m.I 2.;w p in
Wednewlny, l'ruyer ineetiuR 8 p in !
Pastor's Bible Class 2.M) p ui
I.iulie's Ai.l, every  lirsl  Thursday
at lliree p 111
'li  Sang Them Out.
tl    A new e.irter WSS (Hit l-i Kerb at an
lrlah r.ihvay ilstli n an-l was inetruot-
* .il to aiuiouncu dlatlnoily iln- deatlna-
♦ tion ol eaeli trail! as il osmo ill. rjli.ill-
T ly after there ws. uu arrival and the
Jliiortcr lustily .veiled: "Chsngeer tor
+ j I.inirieltiralwayaliinnyo."
♦♦*♦+♦♦*♦♦+♦♦♦♦♦♦**+♦♦♦♦♦♦*♦♦+*♦+♦*♦♦♦♦**♦♦♦♦♦♦»♦♦♦♦♦ |   The eiaii.ui msatcr, who wa. .taint-1,
lug near, reproved   his aubordiliste.
T. W. II.m.l. Pastor
Sunday service. 11 .IV) a 111 7.311 p in
M.uiiliiy, Epivnrth I.eiiK'i'' a p in
Wednesday, Prayer meeting 8 p in
Rev, Casus His,m in,:, II. A.
Sunday   «er\-ices,   mi.rning prayer
and serninn 11 u'chit-lc
Evening auug and nerinnn 7.110
Suniiay Soliooj und H0.1.- Chi- 2.311
ll.ily Ciiiuiuuiiii.il 8 a in every Sun
duy, uud at 11 a in Ilrst Sunday
in tne montll.
St. Mary's I'liunh, Mary at.
R.:v. I'atiiimi I.i: I'.iui:
S,.rvii*s even' lirsl Sunday  iu tin
inontli.   Ma— !• a. m
British Columhia Eltctric By
Oppoeile R. 0, K. .-.tali.'II
Fitted .villi modem e.ui-
veniem-es    and    eomfnrtftl.ly
turnislicd throughout.
D. I. HuLIHMD, fr.|rl.l.r
We have   u new   an.l   in. |.. .liii.1
thtlil ..ill. the latest in..iliml- lor nil
imls ..I rl.aniiiL'. liy inir uml Prosing.    Kx|.-n hel|. fiir all brsnclies.
Sias-ial attention will la- ghx-ll l.i'all
Mail an.l llxi.n-ss ordors ii..iii chilli
wui-k .ml the Valley. H'e solicit ii ti ial.
426 3." AVE   W.. VANCOUVER
Teachers ..I Voles, Piano ind Violin
in rhillli.t.i-k weekly.
Ara.lt I., im,.i,i esnl l" u..' CBBB.re.tw, I
su. Tln.it.lnny IV.sit, Vau.-niiv. r
.tn.) ...ir .Meiwl "ill rail «>n ton
Wo havo in Block a number of standard doon. assorted
sizou, whicli wo purchased at ti snap prlco.   Wo bought
these doora HkIu and will -ill them ri^lit.
The .Prices Range From
$1.75 to $2.15
Compare Ihon with regular prices and como and w lho
doon, Ooroo early as thoy will nol last long al then prices.
P. 0. Box 243
one 1121
Chilliwack Planing Mills
lug iiciir,
"Haven't I
I tmtM yi.u," lie Mild,
ulng out tlio namei of tlio autlons
1 clearly and diitinctlvl1 B"Hr it in1
; miiiii. ding 'cm out I D'ye host*"
) "1 will, iur," replied the porter, aod
tlio patuengen in tho noxt train tlmt
, arrived were oonitd-trably nrtonlihedi
( tn* hoar tin* new offlclal ilnghig,
' "Sweet   illfiiniiiiiKl   (aCCSi   |ni-*-*illg  tu
nntl im, change here Ior Utnerlck,
Oilway hii*I Uayot'1
Brutality to Sea Eltphmt.
The whole history ol the de** ele*
utiHtit !•> n record ••[ cruel mul waite*
inl ilaughlcr nt tlio lum ii of man.
One alter another it* haunts hi the
blfiJc Ulandi ol tho soutlicrn ocean
have bean vlalted »nd tlio Ijcasti re*j
lentleuly ktll-nJ '.ff. For more thnn a
centur) the work ol devaitntlon has
g«ii.' on, and now lha lea ili-pliantii
ol the south nr.' a icattered reinnaot,
arhose i*t ter ml nut Ion ■.•.ill unly be
avertnl nrhrn il rcaiet to pa) t«. hunt
Iiuiii down. Already Uiii li happen*
ing wllh tin- vralraa in th-- north.—
Undwi Qraphlc,
Sticeessorlo WM. AROHIBALD
Eiitimatos Given
Plione 58                                                           P.O. Urn JHu
,»................|„„, »
A. G. Brown-Jamison Co. Ltd. •
Rock Crushers         Komi Mtu-hiwry        ContTa.-t.ir*' E-vitprnt-nt
Mlittug Machinery  Hoiicr-        Bngmi i
lllt.'lHlllIt'   Alltotlliil.il. -.
Farm Inipli-nii'iila
Dairy Supptlca
Oramm Uotor Tmrkri X
ffaxelweod Milking Kae&bna
1048 Main Street Vancoaver, B.C.   |
ims"|:nu,:ii SMIVtCB
It, A. lli'Ni.riisiix, n.R, & m.k.
S0C.BTT el .'.VII. UffllMMM
II. i'. Land Suhvbyor
lOOtlU IU A II. IV.-lli.iii-lir l'nisl llli.il
Train.        rliak.
:l S.Wa.tn.
fi 1,111 |....i.
; in.) |i.in.
Train     .lltitiln.
i e.Ms.m.
Train        Van.
2  B.Wa.m.
4 111. If. main
S  fi.OOri.l.l.        il HI
IS. I'
Vai   j
Arriv  '
a.fi. {
Arriv. i j
iin :
11.0.1 |. in
l.v... Cl.llliwa.k fi 00 am. I Ually K«(.|
Vanifiliver ".OU   '     I     Siiu.laj
AU |4MLli|er trains luiu.lli- K.j.n as.
KM.II ♦*♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦<
Electrical  Contractor
Wiring for Powor
iiini l.igliting
t A comploto lino of
Kitting* uml Supplier.
Woman's Exchange
Tuesday and Saturday, 1 p.m. to 6 p.m.
Leave your order lor Homemade Cooking, Fancy Work, Plain Sewing, Knitting.
Etc., or Phone 254.
"No, Hul
■il," iiln-p.i
"v..ii inu.!.
l  pul  ).ui
at., uml
ui.-    We ale
Herb.il I
...kisl   an.uu
l.itiiiv.l pari
"III,. Jr..'
ii Inli '
1 ,ru
. iul.ii..| plain at tli.- oil.
..1 lho
"•sii- Th
..'• anolliti
.Hi.. 1
ial you
den'l sn-. .1
ihnny'a ItMltig Ih.
Kntw How lo Sny Amin,
. A Imi' k-ui prayed Unit Un Lonl
aroukl keen hoi imti|*lit,v brother (mm
cateh.ni llii WrJi an<l then Bald tu
her mother
"I U-k'\ Mm ill" Uul aron't lei him
ij.i it, inniniiiii, lor I've iroaahttl up
, hii trapi."
Room 17    .    Hart Building j
The Mnn  Point.
"Say, da i, aim mi s dime."
"Yuur a oral nu abrupt mul evtl
foarNi my son,     Vuu   tliuuld   ity
'Father, wili you oblii-u me with l*t
will*" Tlmt imuida very much Itt-ltfjr,'1
i,.Wt)i, do i got ur"
Artistic Printing
is the kind you get when when
ordered trom the Free Press shop
Wnll Paper, Wall Pnpw, IViill
Paper-- Itouso-oleaiiliia lime >
here again.   W'« siill liuve ii lame
uSSOrtlllOlll mi liinnl ivlllcll ne must
reilui-e iu ordor i-i iiiiil." room lor
uur new sluek. A reduction of SO
per cent un nil wnll papor In our
siure, lho Vnlli'.v I'nini nml Wall
Paper Uoiik.
Our New Equipment
Tin- equipment of tlio Free I'r— is
comploto, Wo hnvo added largely to the
former plant, Tho latest designs In typo
faces mul presses, coupled with a largo
oxporlonco, enablos us to turn oul supor-
lor joli printing of nil kinds. Wo lolicit
job printing from any responsiblo linn or
individual in British Columbia.
Chtlliiuacfe Free Press
Chilliwack, B.C.
****************************************************\[ FREE   PRESS,   CHILLIWACK,   BRITISH  COLUMBIA.
Novelized From Eugene
Walter's Great Play
c.P«,w„.ijos.brG.«f ii,ii„,,h.,n i „
(Contlouoil.)   .
Brooks hml si.,il,sl himself iiiiiI  wus !
gll7.lllB   liefure lilin   with  a   llelerillllle.1  '
ezpresstnn, tits Imnila i-ln.prd betw	
Ills   lllioes      Slllllh   Weill   lo   hllll   llllll
tendered u lull in lilin.
"Joo," ho salt) kindly, "you'd hotter
lei  me sll,, jeu  Iln- leu  lliiil   will  l,„ |
oecessary   to   puy   r.ir   llila   Inisiness. i
You knuw Ellinill llnn'l i I lo know. I
anil you olli't col the eoln lo Mow In." j
"Yea. I huve," -he osoertetl, pushing
the note from him. "and I'll pny for u
"All   right, Joe.    But.  take  my  tip. I
when you so Into Hie jiurrowlng husi |
nesa you'll Defter linrrnw froni the fel
low who knowa he'. giving It lo you j
and ain't In n hurry to get II hnek."
"Look bere, .llmay!" exi-lnfine.1
Brook, hotly, jumping „p "Don't you
bult Into my Imsliieam U'a none of
your oirnlrl Anil, by the wuy. It
might lie Just aa well to remind you
tbnt Emma's my wife—sty wife, you
hear? Sbe mnrrh-d me. no one else-
Just me-althouub I've been told she
had other cliiini-es ot Ihe time."
Smith gased nt him without nny
trace of offense, but with a look of
pnln In bis eyes.
"I'm son-* you anld llmt. Joe." he
answered   in   his   slow,   quiet   voice   j
"Yes, I know hiumn's your wife uml
that she eboae you after  I naked  her
to be mine, and It Is Just because I
»thut lelitumj heeitahe auhe *
met mil 'mww.'
t liana hteet oe I
i minder why ii*-' changed his mind
bo suddenly." alio anltl.
It   wiih  I) O'clock   when   llit'.v   fiiitni)
themaelrca in the street, and Brooki
decided '»i it vaudeville ahow uh buliifl
tin* out}- possible place of eiitortnln
iiit-nt thoy could go to ai thai hour,
it luiii been s<i long alnce thoy had
permitted iliemsolvoa the c-xtriivntcrincc
or a ii Ik lit out thnt Mrs. Brooks en
Joyed the clmngo io tin* full, Wtitt'h
Ing tin? netora utul laughing nl (hell
j.ilii'H nml antlca, slit* forgot for tlir
time her worrlca, nml tin- painful Im
pi-1-nsinii of iin> early evening was com
plcti'l.v dispelled.   As tin* perform t
lirogrt'BBeil  Brooks also uudurwcnl »
Cliange of iiiooil. anil by the time tlu
curtain fell be hail softened to some
thing of tils old self nml was luudei
hihI attentive.
When thoy found themselves otilsldc
again ahe wns for going Bt mlgbl home,
•■No," lie sa iii gayly. suttee zing hoi
arm tlmt she hail pinned under his and
putting tier baud affectionately; "wc
are oui for a good lime for once, mul
we're going to hnve It."
She demurred feebly, wanting to go,
hut feeling that ueruple on the ground
of ex-ii'iisi' whieh, from the necessity
of exercising strict nntl utirelonlhig
economy, entered into nil her house
hold expenditures, tml he brushed
aside her cautious calculations, nm)
soon Ihey were sealed in a resiuunint
of quite Imposing aspect, mul he was
ordering broiled l"l>sters anil wine
with ihe air of a mnti to whom money
wus no object Hi' waa lu rare high
spirits mul gallant with u ieuii»rness
he had imt manifested toward tier In
tunny a moon, IU* chattered ami chat
lered, ami his animation commimlcnt
ei] Itself to her. So thnt her eyes spar
kleii, Tier pretty face wns wreathed In
huppy smiles, uud she returned bis
glances uf love mul niliuiruMon ns In
the huppy iSnys of their early married
life, when they were till lti till to each
other und there was none so handsome
iiihI so noble minded as he In all Hit
"I'm ■(-it-- you sold thai, Joe"
do know ttiui llmt 1 don't went you
to go wrong, und for Just (hut eame
reason 1 waul you to understand thnt
It you ever get Into a tlgbt bole yuu
can gamble oo me for help, nud I-
1 ntnt always beeu a spendthrift
Good nlgbtr
"You'fe nul going, then?' Inquired
Brooks as bis mend moved toward
the ball, but there was nothing to ttie
tone of tbe query designed to encourage tbe great hearted fellow to BCCOlli
pany I tieiu.
"No: you two Iind better go togeth
tr," be replied an he pusse4 out.
Wben be bad gone Brooks drew
quickly from the Inside pocket of tils
wulstcntit the piickettii.nl- cotitnlultig
the eolleftUms III checks and bills that
he bad not Imi) time tu turn In to the
company, ex I meted n bill uf $10 and
returned the wad lo us biding place.
Kmnri emerged from tbe bedroom
*l:h her lint and jacket on.
"Why, wbere'a 41 may T" sin* naked
"Ue went Imnie. lie aald In- tfUiwUH
he'd belter nul come, as lie wutllvd K
get up early, or something ur uther,'
Ued Brooks.
Terrible Itching
Got Linle Sleep
Until Cuticura R-emedies Cured Hits
ThnU who hs*ve wffeied lonf Olid hOpBj
tCSlly froni torturing ikln eropttons *« KBd
wltb InlereM IhU letter from Mr. T Wllltains.
118 PaclflO Av*., Winnipeg (defed «n. if.
ioi ni "Tin* Cuticura luirwdiM earialalf
iw work Dn.lv .id I »tn thankful that than
113. SSL/, -and ft Itried IU Ahead
ihTf* months •«> * torrMs Hchw «*■"•;
mnred.... my body,  t emitd not undentwid
UT It padually rrrw wui* end covered a
Ui*r pSrtlon of my body. Thara was slse
STbii-i t anintkffl al tl"- skin, bojI of * rash,
l Buflmd anally with ths Itchjnrand .
illhttlnwlhadllttlaBlwp. i tried one or
two remedies which did ao p>edj aad thrt
1 tried Cuticura Boap, Ohitawoi and tte-
tolVent.   In shout lefl diyi I «" compl*. idy
jSm thin a Wierattoo Aa Onttam
-n/irrdk-i lure afforded tue sr-eedkit ind
\7e «cair and bleedkui ska and snip hu*
&«■ ofUm ana out Bold by drum ;■
r«d «i««ura ewywlwfe, Fer a libera saropla
SffiSCi nul Ointment, with 32-p.
ELS ou lha ««i of the i* m and ttntmsatol
kfi&£as, send m postal io tha Potter
BsjV& Corp.. Bc5a Prop... 61 OolUBL-
buaAve., Doatoo, u. b\ a.
j inisiness-hut un explanation In ynut
; Interest.   I  want to tell you thlugi
i other people haven't told you utul tint I
! yon evidently don't know. Please lei
| me gel through, then you do as yov
j like.   1 don't huve tu tell you (hut Iln
I rate of puy Is governed, like everything else, by the law of supply uml
demand.   Whnl Is the altlinllun today'
i We  have  had rush   work   for severe!
1 weeks,   and   the  docks   here  mul   nil
I along ihe water front are choked tu
wild   freight    But   back   (if  this,   nl
1 Humph vou may not know It, tin* rail
; rrontlH everywhere ure laying oil flYlghl
curs,   mills  an*   laying  off   men.  mid
1 BlgllB point lo u seil.nis slump in tnisl
tiess all over the country, Which will
reach hen* soon The Indletilhiua uru
that In the natural course "f things
ilurliie, the coming winter there won'i
be work for more thnn half of you
mid that you'll need badly till thi
spare coin you cun save now Vet yon
chose this very time tn demand mi In
crease froni the company and give it
, Mitbteen hours' nothe Including -
; non working hours, In which lu think it
liver. I don't call thai a s.|unre deul.
i whatever you muy think about it.
Now. the country towns tire full of
I men anxious to gel Jtilw, ami the cum
| puny, not wit list ti tiding the short notice, Is fully prepared for a strike. In
that shed yonder are .i.lHio eols. pul
there during last night, and provision
■ lias been made to feed H.IKHI men fur
eeveral days. Captain Wllllnuw"-
j   An outburst nf curses and yells greet-
ed this iiHuiil if the president's mime
wltb cries of "We know Williams!"
I "Captain Williams," wen I nn ihe su
I porlnlender]t calmly, "says that an)
; man who noes uul on strike now will
never enter the employ of ihe llm
! again In this or n 113 other port Ami
I'll see personally to it that he iloesu'1
\ This man here snld a strike hml licet
I dechb-d oil. bill unyhoih   Willi WllUlS l*
1 stay nud work Instead of making "
, fool  or  himself  by  quitting   will  b<
taken care of. I'll promise thai.   Mint-
nil.    It's in* '" vim "
(Tu be continued.)
SOMETHING nn toward wns bap
petting ur Impending at the extensive piers nntl docks of (Ik
Lniln-Amercuu Steamship cum
puny on South street. Mu n Iin I tun    Thi*
, hnd been evident  from an early hour,
, for when as wlllstte sninuHm: lime tip
proathed ihe workmen trooped towartl
1 [lie docks and warehouses lo begin
their daily toil tln-y  found groups ut
, pullt-emeii aitilluned about the op
proaehea to the l^itln-Amerleiin line's
property. On ihe aiees of the men
dm unlen-d lis mites was mi exprea-
siifi of expeetnney and detenuInutiou
i The earliest man lo arrive -;nv (be
tall,   gaunt   form  of   Mr   Smith,   tbe
' eupcrilitendent, standing at the door
of the oHlce building. Hu had lieen
working hard while Ihey slept. t>m
(here was uo evidence uf his all night
labor upon his cheerful visage, nor was
any Sign uf anxiety nr of the knuwl
edge that   any   unusual  sitiiatlnti  had
1 arisen discernible in his phlegmatic
demeanor He appeared to be enjoying tiie morning air and his cigar
without   n   care   In   the   world      His
1 presence Ibere at thai hour was the
* only indication that he expected trou*
1 ble.    lie had  Hul  u I lowed title police*
man to remain within Ihe gates  Hardly a  mini passed in but snluted  blm
: verbally or with a touch uf tbe bat.
and  oo| n salute  "as given   witbuut
i Isilng acknowledged    Tu aome he re
i iponjled   With n  genial  smile nnd  a
] "Hell,.. Tom!" or "Howdy, Bin:"
I    When tbey bad started tbelr work,
whicli   was  to   he   stopped   completely
ut 10 o'clock, be vanished upstairs, nur
was be seen again until the ha-uds of
I the  clock  approached  that   hour  nnd
the strike leaders began to go among
1 the restless men    Then he sauntered
, out. ordered work Stopped, and. mount-
i Ing u crate uf merchandise, assembled
the men ubout him
"Vuu boys," be said In his alow, dis
I tluct voice, "have made up yuur mltiils
tu quit at  io o'clock because Bome-
! body ti.1*1 ynu you Ought to be getting
j more  pay   and  n   raise   was   refused
Well, this Is a freo country, and every
man's   rL-ht   (o  rell   his   labor   where
he likes und nl what price he likes is
guaranteed  him by  (he cutistiititiuo.
If yuu want tu walk nut uf bere yuu
nre free to do so, but If you take my
;     "See  here."  Interrupted  one  of  til*
! Icadets roughly,  pushing tu the front
j "we ain't ask In' nt advice from you
j nor no oue else. Whal we watit Is
. money, Do we net that raise or don't
i we? If WO tin. all right] If we dun't,
we quit here mid now, nud that's all
; lhere is to It"
' a mtifinur uf approval greeted thi*
"No," answered  the superintendent
1 -|  ain't  i-olug (o leave ymi lu doubt
sbOUl ll for a minute.    Vuu dun't gel
i "Then mIuii up!" ordered the man
"We ain't gull)' lu lose uur time lis
tenia* to uo cheap 10Ik.    We've vutcd
' to quit mul all tulk Ih off"
| "All rlglrh" retimed smith "Con
side) you've all quit, Now, (hat being
ihe case, yi.u  have  I■>-:■ |.t uf time on
. yoitr hands mid are likely to have for
* mi  liidciltilic period  unless you  bave
| provided Jobs  fnr yourselves In anile-
j ipaiion of litis    I've j-i.t something
I'd   like  |o  say   to you.     Those   whu
I dun't wanl  lu hear tne dun't  have to
; As I said, this Is a free country."
"(Iu ahead. Jlmsy!" i-riisl :\ voice In
the crowd    "You're till right!   You've
alwsys given ua a square deal."
"I  hope so,"  In- replied,  "and  one
•square deal deserves another."
"Aw. iiiiiie mi   felluwal" iidinonl-'hed
j the leader   "We're not kids   A strike's
,   slr|i*e     Thl*-   ab.'l   nn detnitlu    Iwe,
i   (111(1  We iliiii I   lii-jiiii-- l„  j oillili  at)
)   mlltl(lull siH-|ely "
!     Some of the iii-Mi turned away, hu
, others vohed I he view Ihnl a hearing
otighl to beglru,] in the superintended I
1 sines Mviieil i.. si k to them uml.   i
s"' " '■"'  " feilowa reniniued, tin
nth.is ..I„in returned,
"I Imrni'l gut a lot in sny. and I'm i
no preacher," he continued,   "Whal  I  1
want in -,'he you |s not a lecture un
what yog'vo got io do  Hint's  rum  ■
Cough Quickly
-Even Wiiooping-Cougli
Tha "UntouohabUs* Rtaeh tha Lswaat
Dapths of Human Wos.
The "untuucbabloa" ot India reside
is Uttltj huu uiudu of puiiu teavea or
mud, without wluduws. aud wltb a
stngls doorway, usually bo email that
eveu a child must stoop In order to
enter It, containing absolutely no fur*
nlture, except a few rudely bukwd
earthen pots and pons.
Generally there Is no bedstead of
any kind, tbe whole family sleeping
huddled up on the bare dirt Boor,
wblcb la commonly plastered with cow
dung. A few rags cover Ihelr persons,
and these are worn night and day.
Tbelr financial condition precludes
ectlng more tbun one meal a day, aud
thla ofteuer tban not la far from
hunger appenslug and ta seldom cal
culated to appeal to tbe palate. For
tbls wretched existence tbey must
work bard and long hours.
On account of tbe filthy condition
In whlcb they lire disease la rampant
among tbem. According to the last
census, eighty-eight out of every lou.
000 people of tbe depressed classes nre
afflicted wltb leprosy. In tbe matter
of education they are as deficient as
they are lu every otber virtue. According to Ibe report of Ihe director
general of public Instruction of Bum
bay, barely five out of 1,000 of the
purlub children of tire presidency of
school going age attend school.
In one word, these fifty-three odd
millions of Hindus are nol only aocl
ally but also Intellectually, physically,
financially and morally ■nlniierged.-
Salut Nitml Hlngb In -Southern Wurk
Sixteen Ounces of the Quickest, Surest
Cough Remedy fer 50c.    Money
Refunded if it  Fails,
I( you have an obstinate, deep-seated   COUgll,   Which   refuses  to  lie  cured,
get a 50-ceiit. bottle "1 Plnex, mix it
witii homo made sugar syrup and
start taking it. Inside of 'j-i hours
your cough will be gone, or very nearly so.   Kv.-ii whooping-cough is quick*
■ ly conquered in this way.
i    A 50-cent bottle   of    Plnex,   when
■mixed with home-mode sugar syrup.,
gives vou in ounces—a family supply,
—of tho finest cough remudy that
money could buy, at a clear Bavins
of $'i. Very easy to prepare--lull directions in package,
Plnex soothes mn) heals the inflam-
i ed membnncs with remarkable rapidity. It stimulates the appetite, is
slightly laxative, and lias a plensant
' taste- children take it willingly.
Splendid for croup, asthma, bronchitis, throat tickle, chest pains, etc.,
ami a thoroughly successful remedy
for incipient lung troubles.
I'iin-x is a special and highly eon*
centrnled compound ol Norway White
Pine extract, rich in guolacol ami
other healing pine elements, lt lias
tilt en been Imitated, thuugh never
successfully, fur nothing else will proline the same results. Simply mix
with BUgnr syrup or strained honey,
in a Ill-ounce buttle ami it is ready
lor use
Anyono who tries Plnex will quickly
understand why it Is uaed in more
homes iu the V 8. ami Canada thnn
any other cough remedy, The genuine
i- guaranteed to give absolute satisfaction or money refunded. Certificate of guarantee is wrapped in each
package. Your druggist has Pine* or
will get it (or you.  If not. send t<* The
I Plnex Co., Toronto. Ont.
".lane," said a lady rather sharply
I to lu-r conk, "1 must insist that you
k-ep better hours nml that yuu have
less company in the kitchen at
j nighti Last night you kept me from
sleeping because uf the uproa.ioiia
ta ugli.-r    ol   une   uf   your   woman
"Yes, mum. I kimw." wns the OPOlO*
setlo reply, "Imt she couldn't help it.
| I was a-telliug her how you tried to
1 make a cake one day."
Whan Intensely Cold Air Is Breethsd
In Through tha Mouth.
"1 asked an Alaskan pioneer who
waa crossing (o bla old borne tn Sweden whut happened wbeu Ibe ther
mometer gues down to 00 and HO de
greea below sero," aald a Seattle mun
"At 00 degrees below," »ie said. "Ibe
exposed ears, bauds or nose will freeze
In golug a qtiuner ot a mile under
ordinary clrcuinstances, but tbe children go to and come frum school oa
usual without suffering frum tbe cold,
provided tbelr facea and bauds are
"They soon gel used to IL But caution must be ueed to avoid drawing the
cold air Into th- lungs, aod It Is dan
geroua to breatbo through tbe mouth
More die from pueumtinla brought oo
by freezing tbe lungs In ibal way tbun
from auy other form of exposure.
Horses are protected by breathing
bugs, whlcb extend down from tbe
nuse of tbe animal about eighteen
Inches and are open at tbe bottom
The brealb wblcb Is exhaled warms
(he air tn Ibe b-n before 11 Is Inhaled
and drawn info the lungs. And men
wear a 'parky' cr headdress whlcb ex
tenda over tbe face and affords similar
"In tb* Canadian dlstrlcta tbe north
west mounted police regulate tbe
treatment of burses on tbe freight
wagons and stage Hues In a most bu
msni manner, st* ss to prevent them
from suffering In this way."— Waab
Ington Herald.
Minard's  Liniment  relieves  neuralgia
"Have ymi no friends to help your"
"I   have,   mum,   but    Ihey    tort  of
bunch their gifts.    1 get .-nx turkeys
Christmas ami nothing during tho test
nf thu year."—Pittsburg.
Occasionally a woman who   doesn't
gossip furnishes a lot of material for
The   Real   Liver     Pill     A     torpid     llv-r
means  n   disordered  system,   mental  do-
i-i-. -i-i. n hi--itin|i- and in the en.I. it i-nre
in- not taken, ii t-ltronii- stnte uf debility.
Thc very horn medium' to nronse the
liver to healthy action in Parmelee'e
veffotabla Pills, They nre luiiiixiniiii.-it .>i
purely v met utile miliritam-es of i artful
selection nnd no other pill*, have their
One quulltlt'H. They do not gripe ur pain
nnd they are ngrerablc to the most sensitive siuniui-h.
Slavery In Ssettlsh Mines.
Slavery lingered in Ihe BcoKlab
mine until (be very eve of tbe nine
teentb century Mr. Uackwood. in
"Tbe Good Uld Times." draws .a picture of ihe Seutflali miner's uubappy
lot to the past: "From about Ihe year
1445 until 1770 toe miners of Scotland
were bought and aold wltb Ibe soil
lt la staled lo eld chronicles that
bloodhound-i were k*pt lo trace tbem
tf tbey (eft tbeii eniployxient and to
aid lo bringing Uieu bat-L By statute
law miners were boned to work all
days In the yeur except Pascbal and
Vule. and tf they did not work ibey
were to be 'whipped In tbe bodies for
tbe glory of Uod and for tbe good of
their masters." .'•ot outU 1775 wss Ibe
first law passed In an attempt to better
tbls state of tblu-f-s. but It was 1799 ere
the law gave the wt>rklug miner of
Scotland bli complete freedom."- Lon
don CbrouL-le.
To whiten nootien floors add two
tnblespoontuls uf parnllln to the hot.
I soupy water used tor washing a floor.
| It will cleanse the boards mul will
i alsu destroy any insects that may be
| lurking in the cracks of the wood.
Nellie-Is that fellow of yours ever
going to get  up  the courage  to  pro-
The Man at the
Bat is a Man of Action—and Keen of
Ho knows a good
thing wbeu he sees it
—that's why, like all
Sportsmen, he favors
Made of Wax, with specially treated heads.   You Can't
Blow 'em Out.   Sold everywhere in Canada,
Belle—I puess not.   He's   like   an
: hour glass,
:   Nellie—An hourglass?
I    Kill,--Yes; the more time he pels
the less sand   he   has.-—Philadelphia
1 Times.
Geometric Finance
"Do you call that merger you effected (or those monopolists a square
"Certainly,"   replied   Mr.   Dustln
i Sinx. with a chuckle.  "It represented
| i quartet ol our greatest utul most far*
reaching enterprises.    Since tli*- deal
i lias    four    coruers  in  it   it  must    be
iquure."—Washington Star,
Poet—"Yes, 1 write poetry ond you
raise hay; we ur.- both producers."
Farmer—"And I reckon we both get
about 15 dollars a ton.'-1—Puck.
The reason lo many men pet married is because they arc too tender*
hearted to refuse.
A woman learns a lot from her *-er-
vuiits, but will uut iclum it.
Cora—"Is her ape her trump card?"
Nora—"It must be. because she is
always forgetting it.—Judge.
An eiderdown quilt may be washed
in a lather. Rinse it carefully, and
then shake it well before hanging out
in the wind. While drying, shake several Unity and il will he like new.
Minard's  Liniment  cures  burns,  etc.
WIlHe—All the stores closed on the
day my unci.' died.
Tommy—That's nothing, All the
hunk- closed lor three weeks the day
after my pa lefl town.—Puck.
"I   have been  engaged to nt  least  a
I dozen uirK" said a young mun. "Ami!
[always been unlucky in love, eh'-*" inquired a lady, "»ih. no—rather
I lucky." was the answer. "I've never;
! married any ol them I"
In Every
ther** u luruto com* physical lalbHsf
•ttimei lufTerinK Imni tobeir - luff*****
log which will Im followed by serious
slckneiii, If tbe Hint tymptouis are
But Uiii BiiiTerltiff will soon ba fbff>
fc-nttrn, nml there will be no -after coaeo-
quenrcs If relief U uhtulned from» a '
reliable,   uutural corrective l
Tha Weed Terse."
"Terse" ts a word that baa ao understood meaning nowadays. Sbadwell
In tbe fourth act of 'The Bumorlsta"
(1071) put this questlQD Into (be mouth
of one of hi** rhutiictera; "Must I stay
till by Ibe strength of terse claret you
bare wet yourself Into courage-'/" It
le probably au allusion to what ta still
sometimes ca'led "Dutch courage"-
brawy Inspired by alcohol. Claret
waa In (hose times Imported lu
"tierces," and "terse"' may be a con
densed form of that word; also "terse
claret" may have been a drink ibal
did Ita buslnesa without any clreiirnlo
cation, like the terse speaker or writer.
Circular Pistes.
All our piatei are circular ln abape
Now, a Bipiare or oval plate would be
Just as convenient la there any reason
why plates should be of tbelr present
UtapeT It aeema tbat If we dip Into
.be far pant we may dlacover (he
cat.se. Our remote ancestors itle tbelr
ffrul off Hut pieces of wood cat "r**m
a tree trunk Ihe tree trunk tetog
cylindrical in shape, the earliest pla'ea
were therefore numbly circular, and
Ibe ahape has lieen u*ed ever hluc-A.
ought to be on hind in every basse
ready for use st tlrst sign of trouble.
This firaous family remedy has
proved In yesri aud yesn of trial, lb}
Cwer to correct physical trouble aad
ward offdlecaie.
Try for yourself-nr In your home,
a few ilusi-s and Bee how the bodily
eyr,trm Is atrengthened and refreehed
tnd how surely sod effouUvely they
Yew* tiraaawt earn aaaalr rem to maaat ,
VBtk aelelml dlWSBtSSti  IBs.
Takin-f Her Oewn.
MIm Kid.-rbud itrlumpbantlyt-Jnal
tbtak of It: ai tbe ball laat night I
listened lo five dee la rations of tore.
Her lYIeiid Now mean of yon, A Heel
Wbu was the pretty girl ynu were sitting ueitrV   HiiMioti irauscrl.it.
Tommy-1'op, what is n theorist?
Tommy's Pop-j'A   theorist, my son,
is a man who thinks he is learning lo
swim   hy   sitting   un   the   hank   ami
watching,  a  -frog.   San  .   Francisco
The Great Swatter
j     The ollkooilll of Swat hml just  -waited   oil" of those  hip   blue   buttle   flics
thai everybody irlos for.
"I'll show thorn what's swat," In*
laith having 1 litis rc*eatobllshed  his
right io ihe throne.—fit. Louis Post-
W. N. U.i No. MS.
Qamallcl Swidluws an Ancient
Supers liUim
• *  Copyright by Atiicrlcun Press Abbo-  *■
elation, 1911.
"Ifere comes Aunt Alvareitu." snld
Elsie listlessly from her seat in the
bow window. "I wonder what has
happened. She's gut her knit bond on
over her sweeping cap. and slm is run
nlng across tbfl orchard."
Mrs. Parsons leaned over ber dnUgtl
tor's shoulder ami peered at Ihe tall
angular figure hurrying through ihe
orchard ihnt divided the two bouses
"Maybe Gamaliel has had another lit.
Thut cut will lie the dim lb of Alvarelta
with his ills nntl llnlcky ways; she's
worried over him hnlf ihe time. I'll
open the door for her." She went to
the Hide porch and awaited her sister's
AI vu ret tn came up the narrow pnih
between Ihe rows of ehrysniilheiiiums,
I ber prunella ahud feet Hashing hi and
out of the dead leaves nml her faded
face quite pink wlib excitement.
\   "Is ll ti allol?" called Mis. I'arsons
! eagerly as her shier drew near.
|   Miss Use slopped abort utul Blared,
■ MIa what Gamaliel?"
,    "1 thought perhaps lhat cat bnd an
other nt," returned Mrs. Parsons sharp-
ly; "he's always cutting up •.nine sort
of didoes!"
"Qnilintlol'S all tight," assured Al-
van-lls calmly iih she followed her sister Into Ihe warm silting room. -'How
arc you, Elate? Haven't you finished
those pillowcases yet?"
"This Is the last one." answered Elite, rising to tiller her aunt a rocking
chair    "When  we saw you   running,
Aunt Aivareita. wo I bought something
bnd happened." She resumed ber own
•eat and bent her fair bead above the
muslin pillowcase.
"Something unusual did happen,"
averred Miss I.ee with mysterious
noda of her bead "1*11 have to take
off my knit hood; It's bntter'n nil
get out In this room. For the land—If
1 haven't got on my sweeping cap!
Well, It's nil In the story of what happened when I was cleaning the garret
this morning."
"Whnt happened?" queried Mrs. Par-
eons Impatiently ni she picked up hei
needles and knitted furiously nl some
white lace she wns making for her
daughter's trousseau.
Miss Lee removed her sweeping enp
and twirled It thoughtfully nn one lone
finger, her keen, black eyes watchlnc
Elsie's downcast face ns she told her
"As f wns Baying, I cleaned the garret this morning, or I wns Just beginning to when 1 decided I'd clean out
tbat little closet under the rafters
There was a little hair trunk thnt lie
longed to Grandmother Lee. nnd 11
had all sorts of truck In It I won't
tell you all the stuff there wns tucked
away In that trunk. Some rainy day
you can come. Emellne. nud we'll look
It orer. Put among other things there
was a little pasteboard bos nnd Inside
of It "eras a little scrap of lace, marked
•Ann Lee's wedding veil.' Thnt was
your grent-grnnilmnlher. Elsie! There
was a scrap of the wedding gown nnd
then screwed up In u Utile pice of paper was this bit of grn ml mother's wedding cake!" Alvaretttl triumphantly
held up n twist of yellowed paper.
Which she carefully unfolded to dls-
rover a morsel of dark, fruity cake
•with a few Decks of Icing clinging tc
"I'm going to give lt to Elsie tc
dream on." said Miss f.ee slowly.
Elsie's pale fact* flushed hotly and
abe shrank back in ber chair with a
protesting gesture of her bands. "Yon
needn't Inugh at me, Auut Alvareitu,'
■he snld tremulously. "You know I
don't bave to dream ou wedding cake
—my fate'a been decided for me." Stic
■hot a bitter glanco at her mother's
■verted face.
Mrs. Parsons arose ond went to tbe
plant stand In Ihe window, where sbe
proceeded to pick the dead leaves from
tbe geraniums wlib quick, nervous ges
lures tbat betrayed her Inward per
fu rim Hon.
"1 didn't know Elsie had decided
■be was going lu marry Jerome linr
clay. I thought ahe was sort of teeter
tug between him and Itob Harris,"
blurted Miss Alvnrettn, getting upon
ber feel. "I've never taken much stock
tn your notion of having Elsie get her
wedding clothes ready before she'd
msde up her mind."
"1 never said 1 wanted to marry Jerome Hardiiy 1-1—enn't bear him!"
flashed Elsie, wiih unusual spirit
Mrs. Parsons turned n cold face to
ward ber daughter "1 thought It was
Understood." she said severely, "that
yon was to marry Jerome He said
be wouldn't take 'no' for an answer,
■nd he nays you enu keep hired help
■nd yon needn't do a Hiroke of work
tf you don't want to lie can afford
to have ymi live like a lady He left
i dl'moiiil ring f.*r you to wear, nml
he told me to Iln alietid and get the
chillies ready lie says he knows you
will he ready I don't want to Influence you. Elsie, l.ut I've had In work
•o hard all my life It seems as If I
couldn't have ynu lei such a good
chance go by." file looked appealing
ly at the mutinous face nf her daughter.
"I wouldn't mind working hnrd for
some folks." hair sobbed tbe girl,
turning her eyes away,
Mrs, Parsons sighed nnd resume I
ber picking of tbe dead leaves frail
cna geraniums, "i tiitiut know tUut
Rob bnd given you the chance to say
yes or no," she snld bitterly.
"Fiddlesticks!" sniffed Miss Alvnret-
ta, wltb a toss of her head. "I guess
Itob and Elsie know Whether they
want to nm it} each other with.ml any
blghfalutlng talk ghoul It. Itob liar*
rls ts poor, but he's smart oa a whip
■nd bound to make tils mark lu the
world. He's gut more ginger in bla
little finger tliun Jerome llarciny has
tn bla whole lazy hotly. I don't believe In interfering with other folk's
business, and 1 shan't Influence Elsie
either way, but 1 tblnk It'a only fair
•be should bere a chance, and bere
It Is."
Mlsa Alvnretla held out tbo bit ot
wedding cake lu Its twist of paper and
dropped It lu her niece's outstretched
baud. "Elsie Pursuits, you take thut
cako and put tt under your pillow tonight If you dream about Rob Harris you can take It that It'a your fato
to marry him and nobody else, if
you dream of anybody else 1 reckon
It'a your duty to marry tbem whoever
tbey are. There! I've got to be going. Gamaliel will be wanting bis
Wltb a pressure of Elsie's band and
a defiant glance et tbo tbln disapproving back of ber sister, Mlsa Alvareitu marched out of tho room.
When she bad disappeared through
tbe aisles of leafless trees Mrs. Par*
I sons turned around.    "1 hope you're
1 not going to tuke any stock In that
|  foolishness, Elsie."
"Moiher,   I'm   going   to   have   my
i chance," she snld quietly.   "I'll promise to abide by  whatever I dream
about tonight     If I dream about Jo-
roino Barclay I'll tell you tho truth."
"I'll do the best I can by you, Elsie,
whichever way you happen to dream,"
Hiild Mrs. Parsons nfter a long pnttso.
"Thank yon, mother," snld Elsie,
nnd then they lalked of other matters
nnd Elslo's lovers wero uot mentioned
again thnt nftertioon.
After supper (here emtio a scratching
and mewing nt tho sldu door. "It's
Gamaliel." said Elsto us sh« arose to
Admit Miss Alvtireitii's big black ent
"I suppose he's come over to spend tha
"The most ungrateful critter that
ever lived, remarked Airs. Parsons as
she placed n saucer of milk for tha
unexpected guest. "Alvnretla waits
on tbnt ent bund and foot nnd five
nights otit of (bo week ho nuts over
here to Bleep. I shouldn't think you'd
wnnt him sleeping in your room, Elsie."
While slm undressed Elsie thought
of Ibo wedding cake nud of whnt stu
might dream while Ita magic lay st
near her bend, but she forgot lt aftel
all uutil she wan about to step lute
bed. Then she groped ln thc durkuesi
and found the twisted bit of paper oe
tbe bureau and tucked lt uuder bei
Sbe thought persistently of Jeromi
Barclay, while she tried to banish bits
from bur mind, and so she fell asleei
and dreamed of blm—clear, vivid
dreams of automobile rides around tbi
surrounding country and Into tbe ad
jacent cities as Jerome Barclay'a wife;
dreams tbat were bo real tbat sbe re
memhered every detail of eacb ont
wben Bhe awoke to a realization thai
ber teat bad failed to grant ber heart'!
desire. Not once had she even thought
of Bob Harris In the misty land ol
Gamaliel yawned sleepily on hb
cushion and bounced off Indignant!)
as tbe door waa cautiously pushed
open and Mrs. Parsons' face wui
thrust ln.
"Well, Elsie, whnt did you dream?"
abe asked, witb assumed lightness.
Elsie -aat up In bed and swept the
fair balr back from her dejected face.
"1 dreamed of Jerome Barclay, mother," sbe snld heroically. "So I'll mar>
ry htm Just as I aald I would."
Mrs. Parsons advanced Into the room
and picked up a scrap of paper from
tbe floor. "Wbnt'a this?" she asked.
"What did you do wltb tbe cake. El-
Tha girl stared and theo slipped ber
hand hastily under tbo pillow and
drew forth a screwed up piece of pu*
per. "Uere It Is—no—why, mother, I
made ■ mistake and put a curl paper
under the pillow Instead of the wedding cuke!" Tbe color came Into ber
cheeka and ber eyes danced aa they
had not done ta months. She was
getting some of her old time spirit
back. "There isn't any charm about
dreaming on a curl paper, la there,
mother?" sbe asked demurely.
"No, there Isn't" Bald Mra. Parsons
shortly. "Elsie, I believe that Gamaliel ate that cake. Sec, thla la the paper with a few crumbs left ln lt I
found It near bis cushion. There!
See him eat tbe rest of lti" Sbe looked resentfully at Gamaliel aa he swallowed tbe remaining crumbs and lick*
ed bla lips appreciatively.
"I forgot to aay, Elsie, that Bob
narris la downstairs waiting to see
you. He says bo can't go till be does.
I expect your Auut Alvaretta bad
something to do about getting blm
over here. He looks powerfully worried, lids got a little automobile to
attend to bis business with. I've asked Bob to stay (o breakfast Tou better hurry." She opened the door and
stumbled orer tbe active Gamaliel.
"Drat that cat! Thieving old reprobate!" sbe scolded, departing. "I'm
glad you dreamed what you did.
child," she called back.
Elsie snatched Gamaliel to ber heart
and klased him rapturously. "You're
tbe dearest old thing, and you shall
wear a white ribbon," ahe whlapered
In hla perky ear. Then from below
there came a prolonged and familial
whistle that was echoed In her heart
8be crept to the window and answer
ed It happily, tremulously.
Prom across the orchard Aunt AJ>
Tsretta'B voice Bounded, calling:
."GamalielI  Qam"r.'»H" -     '
Teurlets Were Pew.
Eve — There aren't roau> people
around bere.
Adam-No; I don't believe we could
make   any   money   running
Eden" trips.-New York Preaa,
Famous Folk Who Have Caen TurntS
Dc> n.
Mr. John Hh-V1. the lam.tui artl*t
.\i I producer of ■ i-*'"*-..i-o«teri, who
was at Hei-b-'hi-r* with the present
King when they tvre both "chordboys.
greatly amu*<-d nn Blldlpnce the other
at, by tilling them same interesting
stories of theae days respecting King
George, M ielf, and other uuw celebrated men.
Bu1   c.ie   of  the   tnl"*>   Mr.   Hassell
tells wit!i nirs' gusto Is that nf how,
utter thus he!tie ',,0f,l lti Germany
for some years, and speaking the Oaf-
mar. lai'vuatri- excellency, ha was
seiz'd wiih iiilhtaiy a* pi rations, and.
Bti' a young man, went t-p as a candidate to *v'.Ihurst. H twever, he did
i"1 sati-fy tn- examiners, And the
tw- subject.* th. tfji -H* told he had
failed it. were - Gentian aud drawing.
Lord Roberts, having a pn-dllectlon
towards a uiili'n***' career even as a
youth, tried III vain tn pass tha medical men   i England lor thut particular
Ttiey declared ha was so delicate
that he would probably not live many
years I Accordingly he went out to
India to gain health and strength, and,
whiUt Ibere, entered the Indian array,
Hi' progress since then lias now be*
come proverbial, nml his fame has be-
cine see. -id lo that ol no living soldier.
1 is. ngaiii, curious to remember
that Prince Kumar tiliri K*tnjltstuh|l,
per)".--- tiie Hue*! batsman and fielder
this generation has ever seen, was uot
Included in tlio Citmbridgu eleven un*
ddr the captaincy ul the Hon. F. 8.
Jackson, because "he wisn't gjjd
Many a tin:.* since then has Mr.
Jackson .-tiiie.1 what a mystery it has
always b(  to llllll that, alter seeing
Ranji play timu alter time, ai he did
nt Cainbriili-'e n- - muld havu come to
such a conclusion, In the face of what
the Indian prince did almost immediate! afterwards in ihe realms ol
Another lamoua instance of a candi-
date'i h.-itig rejected lu one ol his
strongest points is that of Mr. J. II.
Taylor, the world celebrated gulf lug
Mr. Taylor, as a young man, had
military inclinations, and one day h«
determined to enlist. Bo, tn due
course, he came before the doctor
with other recruits. This medical man
passed the would be soldier as regarded his general health, tee.'.i, etc., but
astounded him by declaring that ha
could not be accepted because his
eyesight was certainly seriouBly dell-
But perhaps the best tale of the
** not -good -enough" kind Is that of pnor
George Lohmann, one ol the finest all-
rounders English cricket haa ever
i    George Lohmann. a mere lad of sev-
, enteen. strolled on the Oval to watch
the practice at the nets.
Casually he took up the ball and
| began to bowl to the Surrey players
1 batting. Time after time he beat and
bowled them. Then Mr. Alcock, ths
Becretary at that day, had his atten-
i tion cnlled by one of the players tt
the lad's bowling, so he came to see
I It.
| "What cluh di you play for, my
lad?" he asked.
1    "Wandsworth Second Eleven, air,"
! answered the boy.
"And why not for the first eleven*!'
! asked Mr.  Alcock, smiling.
I     "Because  they   say   I'm   not  good
I enough, sir." replied tha lad.
,     "On, they do. do they?  Well, would
i you like to piny for Surrey nest week
' — Lohiiianii. 1 think your name is—
i ehr"
George Lohmann could hardly be-
1 lieve Ms ears. He reddened like fire
as this    ""it opportunity—Sis heart's
, one desire—was dangled thus before
him. aud, somewhat fearfully, answered:
I    "I should Indeed, sir!'
And  thus the  hoy   who  was  "not
' Rood enough" lor Wandsworth's First
Eleven began a enreer that delighted
I aud surprised  the world of cricket —
; Answers.
New Mown Hay In a Church.
A custom which haa existed at Old
Weston (Huntinu'lonshlre). England,
from time immemorial haa again
been observed. Tlio church is dedicated to St Swithin. snd an the Sunday nearest St. SwlttVn'e day th*
ediHee is strewn with new mown hay.
The tradition Is that an old lady
bequcather h Held for charitable pur
poses on condition that the tenant
provided the bay to lessen the annoyance caused ny the squeak-ng of
the new Imrds wt-rn by Ihe villnir-'s
en Feast Sunday. There are other
explanations—one that ft is an nff-r
ing of the tir-t fruits of Ihe hay harvest and another lhat It is a survival
of the custom nf -trewing tbe church
(when Ihe tloor wss only beaten
earth) wiih ru-hes, Iheie being renewed on the festival Sunday.
Aa Compared.
Behold the hut-Hln* bootblack
At work wr*i all his power I
II*. like the busy little, bee.
Improves eacb shining hour.
-Chlctso News,
Cheap Communieatlen.
"Do you believe ln telepathy?"
"Certainly not," replied Ur. DuatlB
Btax.   "Even If Ibe scheme were practical there la uo money In It"—Wasb*
I nn ton Star.
Of Course Net!
If you don't eat between your drinks
Nor drink between your meals
You'll not have lonf te worry
IU»w anybody fccla.
-Loulavllle .Pas*.
He Was Immune.
rtovrell-Uer laugh la contagious.
Powell -Well, I  waa In i
ef catching tt; abe wu laugblog tt
rNew Yoga Praaj>      .   .
History el  Polo.
Polo Is the most ancient ol all games
with slick and  hall,   and   probably
hockey, goil and cricket are but modi
heat.on*, ot il.  The earliest records of
tin- game are Persian aud date back
| to Gut* U.C.   Ill India it seems to bave
I been known for centuries before ths
Ornish occupation, but it rose into
' favor only some half a century agj
i when the Kngltsh resident* bt-gau to
' practice it.  The game wus introduced
j into  England  by  the «Ulcers ol the
I Tenth Hussar* ub- ut l$o3, but at that
lti-.u Ihe player-* used hockey  slicks-
' sud b.llmt.i balls.   It was John Wet-
I sou ol  the Thirteenth  Hussar*  who
drew   up   the   rules   and   regulations
whicli Changed pulu troin a Wild, skill-
less game into a scltDtlUo   ,*ort
Odd Names In Old Times.
! Among Ihe c il men aud true on
I a jniy in Susses in he seventeenth
cent ut y win-re Sl<-i.df»i*t-uu-lli.-b
Strug.r, KM Sm I'linple, Uod*
IVw'ir.l Small, and Fight tlir-Uood*.
Fight-ol l-'iiiib White. Hume's His-
ti ry menthns Mi If Christ Had Not-
Died For You You Had Ueeu Dumtied
llarebone, whose long name defeated
its own clihfOti being generally
shortened Into Damned Uaiebone.—
L-Mldoj t'hr.nicle.
No Idle Boast
The Famous Painter (angrily)—I
hear, air, that you're boasting that
you studied under me?
The Near Painter (calmly)—And f.o
1 did, nir, so I did. Why, I occupied
a room under your studio for nearly
n mouth I
Regular customer (who has just entered restaurant)-"Strong smelt «l
paint here, William!"
Waiter (coughing apologetically nnd
Indicating young women atiout to
leave table)—"Yeaslr—soon paas off,
air—they're Just going."—Punch.
Bedford Place Is a Typical Example
of the Haunts of the Catchpenny
Actors Who Ranee From Acrobats
to Tragedians—Some Perform for
Charity and Excellent Talent is
to Be Seen for a Penny.
In the daytime Bedford Place, London, the home of the weli-to-do
visitors in the cily. has little to re-
commend It besides !ta limiting population, and they usually float early
to the Abbsy, St. Paul's md the National Gallery. After nightfall, how-
ever, excellent entertainment of thu
coiitintionn variety order la provided.
Tha performance begins Immediately after dinner, when the strangers
are starting to the theatres ami maids
In all conditions of slnitenil'noss
rush madly to Uu square to pick un
tnxicnliH nml ride buck in them with
the nir of my lady on her way to a
The big show beg'ni with the magi,
eal irruption of all BOrta of wander.
Ing mlnslols, says a recent writ.-r.
Mil-* o imt«t really work in thla nlaln.
matterof-fact region; you night ha
scanning tha unper and lower ends
of this plana and reporting, like sister
Ann**, that you saw nothing, when
In! in front of your very door, to right
and left of you, spring Itinerant musl*
elans, acrobats, opera singers, acton
—it is as if the stony pavement had
yawned and yielded them up for
your diversion.
Beneath the open windows of tha
boarding houses, "board resldencee,"
hotels, apartments, the strange entertainment is now in full swing. We
I have brought out uncomfortable,
l backless stools and sit down with
I the firm determination to be amused
i at us small an expenditure of pennies
I as possible. Our particular villain
| Is a violinist who plays an "Ave
■ Maria" ns well as it can be played
on four strings. Our neighbors fo
! right and left have drawn a gayer
! lot, a singer of the worn-out stuff
j from the 'alls and a tumbler who ia
; also a ventriloquist. In h few min-
| Utes, however, there will he a shift
and we may eet either tumbler or
i singer, while the stolid auditors one
! aide or other wrll hnve to put up with
| the virtuoso. Across Ihe street there
! are other performers and the medley
| goei on as such things do in Pande-
jnomium; each singer, dancer, inn si-
; elan, pursues his little program
i (empties h's bags of tricks, to ba
! quite professional) as if he were the
cynosure of tbe street: It would be
Impossible to recognize the slow,
: Btupld, ugly Bedford Place of day*
; time while this tumultuous variety of
; noises fills it from end to end.
Listen!    A  stentorian   voice   fmm
, the upppr end of the Place dominates
j the clashing sounds.
'     "The  first dramatic   Impersonation
,1  will  give  you  this  evening,  ladies
and gentlemen, is the dosing net of
, 'The Only Way,' from tin* famous
j novel by Charles Dickens, 'The Tatp
'of Two Cities.' I will, with youi
j kind permission, represent Sydney
' Carton."
This was perfunctory politeness,
. for without anybody's permission the
Shabby Thespian " strode into tha
middle of the street, dashed his hat
: onto the pavement and launched into
, the tragedy. The man was by no
| means a tiad actor. His voice was
I susceptible of great changes; It could
ihe tender and sweet, it could be
| rich and powerful, While he actej
l the other performers at a little dis-
i tance went on with their work undisturbed by the trac.dian or he by
them. Only the one-legged man wh *
j had a trained dog and the dwarf
! tumbler who happened to be nearest
paused in their labors and gave poor
Bjdney Carton the tribute of a tear.
' As the slow twilight faded nut nnd
; th,- slower stream of hronte dribbled
' into thetr unwashed palms the per
; formers gradually worked their way |
. out of the Place in the direction ol 1
! Enn;sley Gardens. The pavement |
| Irving had passed the hat and dis-
j appeared; the tumbler, the ventriloquist, the comic singer had vnn'shed,
I and only the violinist with four
j strings still lingered, rca ly to play
I the "Ave" over again for the smallest
j encouragement. Itut even he made
haste to dive into the outer shadows
j when, with a show of cuparisoned
i ateed, mysterious covered cart and
| loud staccato note from a hidden
. piano, entered the Masked Musicians,
i prepared to give their concert.
I It was tny first sight of this emln-
j ently British institution, and I watt*
i ed with somelhng like a thrill to see
j what make their perennial fasclna-
I tion. The black-palled enrt halted,
the piano gave out a gentle tinkle,
j steps were lowered and two men and
a woman modishly dressed like din-
| ner guests and wearing velvet masks
descended and flood n front of the
cart. Their first selection, given in
I the conventional Concert style, is
from an ancient florid opera; then
the men step back and lean negligently on the wheels of the cart while
the. prima donna shrills the aria of
"Sunturla." A good baritone voica
follows with sent intent al song of the
day, h's mate "obliges" with a shrieking tenor, th re is a final trio, and
the Concert is uver save for the
penny catching. Baritone, a slim,
elegant llgur * in n perfectly fltt-r-d
tlress suit, holds out his -h rung silk
hat as if conferring a favor; the uther
masks stand in attitudes <>f ensy unconcern, not even ffhlsp ring to each
nther-nll is Carried out with thi
m>.st polished decorum) it is like a
jam-, the carrying out of a w»g»r.
Pence roll in thickly  it u.i there is ui
sordid suggestion.
This !| the featured act of Ihe Bedford Plnce valid.ville. No aooner
hnv<- the maskers faded away aa silently it- th*')' came than the minor
Derlormers r-i-emergs from ihe b!m*
tows to reap but n languid interest
nml t'-w pennies. Indeed, it Is eleven
j'dock. and Ruisell Square, economical of gas a- of other malerinl comforts, -4 turning it oft and g-,ing te
Can Be Made by Anyb dy, and th* Lit*
tie Peepare Enjoy It Immensely.
Here's an tngenlou i little fountain
for keeping a cousin, it supply of water for youthful chick us. It la simple
In the extreme to ma ;e, nud any boy
who cun use a saw und drive a nail
can mnke oue In an hour. .lust take
two pieces of board one nix Inches
square uud tbe otber d by 111 and null
them an us to form a right angle. Get
nu old milk bottle u I null two thin
strips of tin so tbat tbe bottle will Blip
easily in nnd out nnd remain supported head down.
Then nail the lid of a tin can under
tbe month of the bottle, and enough
water will escape to keep the little receptacle always full and bo bandy for
tbe chicks to get at whenever they
want to liquidate their llttlo bills. U
goes without saying tbat tbe contraption should be kept In a cool, shady
Entirely Toe Much Energy Wasted en
Roads From Town te Country.
Aa to aome products of tbe farm.
there la e dllTereuee of 40 (o CO pel
cent between Ihe price that the grower
receives and the price that the con*
sinner pays. There are cren cases In
which this price difference amounts to
300 per cent Part of tbe loss la due
to n bad system ot retail distribution,
aa when a dozen cily milk wagons
travel over tbe some route, eacb delivering oue buttle here aud another
bottle there, when one wagon mlgbl as
well make all tbe deliveries along tbe
route. Thl* same wna to appears even
more markedly belweeu tbe farm and
tbe (own. How many fully loaded
wsgous do yuu i-a***- In driving to
town? Prom a dozen farms a dozen
pnekages of butter, poultry or vegetables muy go to town the same morn-
lug, each In a different vehicle. Every
day a dozen parcels of merchandise
are hauled out of town along tbe same
road ln a dozen different conveyances,
and Ihe time nud labor of eleven men
and eleven horses go for nothing. Tbe
rural free delivery mall wagon now
cornea to your house wltb a load that
you could put In one or (wo busbel
baskets, and It goes back to town wltb
an even smaller load. Coder preseut
conditions It looks ■■ If tbe nostoOre
department wan not giving tbe farmer
bis money'e worth.-Country GeuUe*
Care or the Constitution and Declaration ef Independence.
Open to tbo light of day for the flrat
time Iu nine years, Hie Declaration or
Independence uud the consiltution of
the United States were rcceutly Inspected by Secretnry of State Knox
and found to be In as good condition
as wben they were put away In their
abiding place, a steel safe especially
designed for tbelr custody.
Tbe four pngea of the constitution
and tbe pages containing the resolution submitting the constitution to tbe
mates of the Union ure In excellent
condition. The Ink h as black ub
when fresh laid to tbe parchment with
a quill peu nud Ih of u quality that will
outlast uuy Ink of modern mnke
Tbe Declarution of Independence,
wltb hardly a signature legible of all
those which nre appended to It by Ihe
great men of the Infant republic, how-
ever, is otherwise losing nothing of legibility, its condition is due lo the fact
tbnt away back In 1852, when there
were no other means known of getting
a facsimile a press copy-wus taken
which ubsorbed the ink from ueurly
all the signatures nntl left the script
of Iho body of the document still readable, but more faint by balf tban lt
hud been before.
The declaration had nlso beeu ex-
posed lo strong sunlight while on exhibition nl I'hllndelphlu In 1870 and at
the Chicago exposition In isn't.
Tbo documents me kept In a light
steel case that would offer only alight
resistance to beat nud lire. Kach page
la hermetically sealed between two
panes of gluss. wblcb are tben bound
ln wooden frames of highly polished
Secretary Knox directed tbat Chief
Clerk McNeil make estimate for a safe
depository for tbe documents that
should be fire proof, water proof, air
proof and light proof. The two valuable documents were then closed up
again In tbe safe nntl the seal affixed,
to be opened again only for transfer lo
a stronger plnce of keeping.
The documents will not be open to
public Inspection. The safe ta kept In
the library of Ihe state department.-
Washington Star.
A woman in Paris edits n newspaper, uml all the work done on the
paper la performed by women. Re>
ceiitly the editor's mother died, ami
sho herself pronounced the fuiterul
oration over the grave.
Live Stock Notes.
T>o yon u'e tbe whip because you
have It bandy?
Are you humane In ibe treatment of
the animals yuu drlre?
A horse's pulse heats from tblrty-slx
to forty times a minute when bo is In
A unite la no more prone to kick titan {
a bone unlesa be Is taught tu do so by
bad treatment
Are you one of the unthinking who
starts n horse with a blow Inatead of
using your voice?
Do you wont a balky borsef Ton
can easily have one by giving blm
too heavy toads (<> draw.
tf the horse mu<*( be kept In Ihe barn
during bot weather keep all tbe doors
and windows wide open.
Oats la ihe mn*-t perfect all round '
feed for homea ut any time of Uie I
year.   Parley In a close second.
It Is a good iii-n tn ire a pair of
scales In the stable, but you have to
use them to get any food from them
Carrots mu-l he fed sparingly to
working Inine*- Cut Ihein lu slices.
They are a laxaiive, and affect the
kidneys al-to.
I.op off the radon of all kinds wbeo
the horses nre doing Utile or nothing.
They nre tou much like n mnn toaiaud
heavy feed while lying -.till
Stuffing (be colt wlib huv or straw
or auy eoane feed will epoll Its louka.
Keep this ration duwu by ibe nse of
•ome grain aud tesa coarse feed
Watch (he hired tueu wlib your
horses ir tbey cringe, dodge ur show
sinus of fear while wltb Mm. take my
nd-. l.-e and "lire" blm. A good bona
la spoiled when he Is a victim of rear.
I'oni mnke your horse wall till be Is
rooted off before yuu give him a drink.
Tnke a couple of .pinna In a pall aud
give ihnt   Tl wait a while and give
aa tnu- ti mure Ily this ynu will aars
a lot or suffering uo the part uf --our
horse and be will ceme out all right
A Reminder ef tha Fearful Alpine
Tragedy of 1S70.
A broken alpenstock bearing the
carved name "Dr. J. Bean, Baltimore."
baa, the London Chronicle Buys. Just
been found by a Cbamuulx guide In
tbe Ice of the (Jlucler des Bossons.
which "flows" down direct from the
summit of Mont Blnnc lo the valley
of Chumonlx. The Iind recalls the
most terrible accident In Alpine bis
tory, when eleven climbers perlshM
on tbe summit uf the (Jrent White
mountain In violent aoowatorms wblcb
lasted a week. In September. 1H.O.
the Rev. G. MeCurklndale uf tjlnsgow
■nd two Americans, Dr. J. Beau of
Baltimore and Mr. ttandall, both elderly men with little experience of tbe
Alps, set out from Chnmonlx witb
eight guides nnd wifely reached tbe
summit In doubtful weather. Hardly
bad tbe descent commenced when tbe
snowstorm st cried, nnd not one of tbe
eleven climbers was seen agalu alive.
A atrong force of guides aome days
later found tbe bodies of Ave victims.
Including tbe clergyman and It
Bean, but the other six were never
found, having moat probably fallen
Into crevasses. It Is uow thought,
owing to the discovery of tbe broken
alpenstock, tbut tbe bodies of tbe six
climbers, who bave been burled In
their tomb of Ice for the last forty-
one years, bave reached tbe end of
tbe glacier, whlcb travels at tbe rate
of about r-00 feet a year, and are not
far from the surface of tbe Ice at tbe
Up of the Cbamoulx valley. — Bt
-lames* Gazette.
Dr. Wiley's Advice,
Children under ten yeurs of age
ahould not eat ut thu name time with
tbe adults.
If mothers knew the enormous advantage to be derived frum such a
procedure they would welcome the
idea. Children would theu eat food
•specially stilled lo children. Thlngt
would be cooked, end they would hare
before them Just what they should eat
As it Is Ihey see the food beforo
tbem ihnt Is enteu by the grownape,
aud they demand it, cry fur It, coal
for It or ciij-'le by uny other method
tbat tbe little one is heir to, and the
fond parent u too often prone to aay,
"Oh, let lilin have ll this uuce." A>nd
there you are. You know the reit—
tbe little fevered brow, tbe colic pains.
Bul If with a bit of extra work the
little ijtiea were permitted to have ouiy
tbat wblcb La recognised u good for
tbem their ere* would not b*> Diggee
than their Btomactta, to ths reacting
good of all coo i-rned.
Berries are very plentiful aad are
very good food, only tbey ought not to
be served to cul.dreo unless the s««ds
are extracted. Tbat ta, tsey may c»
cooked and tu* pulp aad juice oo:y -pv*
en to the children "si***-!*; a.-e hidfr*****U
ble, end there 1*. a ■ -,- . ■/ that
they may lodge la the appeaiLx.
The truth of tbs uu-ter is *.aat a 1
foods at this Una )t '.ue yeur sr<* &:ut>
tsblng if prepared ■ roperly, Tae ^vsl
mistake mail* La * tat '*i do i-.'t trafti
time to prepare thtm Brqmdttty '»
thla bad for the child. Kma nit Htmn
children, perhaps, do uur. Sue * lo-w ■»
chew their (bed ; ro erly thai swallow as soon m poaafble, sod tau»
chunks .jf fresh food i •-* given ta ta«
digestive organ**., which ir* 'ina')it- *a
cope with them, Espedndi a tati nm
case with uncooked trulta.
I would put a ban ou leafy x.l to-
cooked fruits tor chUdnu, raaj ji-.u-
■bly csuse mine bnrasui au i ia***-
thing else, and ail in ure-niiic if '.in-
proper mastication. But t 'r*n*j» Bfla
cooked It U miotliur mutter. Sj a,
too, an easy matter, for uinm nut
intended thu summer saataon to ■ dm
of vegMi.i'. -s and fnnLj, nul it lUiiuul
be) Ukeu   \ I   r:r 14*1 OC
In regard ta :;i.'i,ni ' *u "•» mm
thing to say rJmt. n-jt ind u-v-17%
and that ta a strict diet if jur** tulk.
preferably mota.tr t. T mt .,,:i, -tun
some bea.tav suimai'i.
Milk (or the baoa is *!i« mm tjrmtt
food principle tntaaided iy uitnrv
and nuiii.ui*. can toka tu nana Jut
especially iu tan Lut wararbae {*•*-«
care must be taksm to gnard a« dajD>
ly condUlou Bnder wiic'i aia n,.« s
Anally mud** ready On* "iiuminmiun.
Very often th.-r** La a <****ac nutiuto
In quitting the milk dutf te *ut|-tnaL
1 would sogajHt tttal untur '.1** ii*t* if
three r-n.-i ... 1 mourn an :;„ -juloTs
chief furm of food.
A Standard ef Cetera.
Tbs call for International atandaids
of all klnda Is becoming every day
more Insistent with the progressive
unification of the Industries of the
world. The latest demand of this
kind la for an International standard
of colors. Chemists, manufacturers of
dye stuffs and p.jrmenti and many
others would benefit by such a standard. It Is suggested tbat when ones
tbe desired color scheme hns been decided upon the best method of per-
pelustlng tbe standards#nnd rendering
tbem available for comparison everywhere would be by means of colored
glasues with which a tintometer could
be constructed A tentative Instrument of tbls kind, based on an arbitrary color scheme, has been mnde.
The  woman  who    knows    how  to
fpaitk a baby properly didn't acquire
the knowledge through a correspond*
elice M'liool.
The love of money is nlso the root ol
much matrimony.
"A pi.liiif.il parly," said Uncle.
lEben, "Is sumpin' like de elm eh :
choir.    )>e  man  dat   make  de   urns'.
1 noise in it ain't alius de one dat Is .
most prnmotii.iu ol harmony."--1
Washinghm Star. j
Qlnger bonbons arc readily made by
takuiir oblong pieces ol peserved ginger and Inserting Ihese In tha hollows
of line large deles which hnve lieen
stoned. Draw the ilals together ami
roll in powdered sugar.
Kvery tune a new harlier comes tu
town all tin- I.nl.l null drop in to see
if he can't suggest •.ouicthing lhat will
make hair grow.
Warning About Washing Greens.
Wben preparing greens -especially ol
tbe wild variety, uothing ahould be
taken for granted since invisible worms
are very difficult to dislodge. After
washing them almost leaf by leaf and
through several waters, If you will let
them stand an hour or more In atrong
salt water, yuu may Ih* surprised to
find tbnt more worms, stupefied by the
salt, hnve dropped to the uottOtD of the
pan. when, but for ihls precaution,
their presence would have remained
undiscovered. - Good Housekeeping
Japanese Ceneue «n European Lines.
The Japanese are going to take tbelr
next census according to European
methods. A Japanese professor from
the University of Tokyo Is now In
Rome with ■ view to studying tbe ttk
Ing of the Italian census. He knows
ItalUn ■■ perfectly aa a native, ne
baa already been In Berlin and Vienna
wlib a similar object Tbe Jspnaese
census la to be taken on more exact
lines than baa ever been attempted on
previous occasions. - Rome. Cor. Pkll
Hall Oasette.
Some women ninrrv lor love, snm*
for n home ami a few Uj softs the
other womnn.
Children's Or-
Every nothar issstrwa  a ***** iw lr>
1 tie girl draaacd itiracUveli    4im -ao
accomplish thi-i :iy making aesr "n-ia
herself or whit the aefp   if  1   H*a.n-
etress.    Uatartala  -so be baagtul Sir
1 such small price aow that intj *oiun|
tiih.1 should ue  ;;mr-(te*I   -f'tn   mo  ir
> two ae-v drasaes *..* T*i*.n toe *ar-i*wu
yesr gad to *ur*7 *ier me to   a* ▼*n-
ter season, *•..-. M.ta toeki ' * i-*-***i*
One pretty Brtie rate)   s natt* if
pink dotted town '.-;. *.i-**t t*i:i until
: of swlSs eyelet  ;;•"*-•;,,u.    .:  a 1 ma
i piece model, closing at **-.-   ef.  nttm
and hav.n-r a square i****'*    Tin mr*
!■ flnLsQ-*<l with 1 baod  if **.i*>  n***»r-
tioo.  which cunt'.rule* down -'.u*   ditto
i of tbe front. w;;er> m*  tr-^s   loeas,
' and Is used for $ twtt and ntiEft
1     An embroidered  riimr**   via.   ung
, sleeves Is worn Srtta it if ■t-**ii****-t   gJ>
i otber frock of tine snd  n<wn  ;ia:tl
baa ■ plain  blue  glnghaai   - <*   r%\
I square   and   trtmro»*-*t   wtrn   m*t/*i   if.
1 white cotton Motacbe braid. CniTe aod
a belt are the same.   The mer^rtai *•*.
laid lo three bos  n'aits in frooe sod
\ also lo the back, which fall atnlghs
to the hem.    The  sleevae are  aaort
, and allghtly fu.i. giving    -ary of play
for tbe little arms
I     A frock of blue sad **■**■» polka -lotted percale has 1 rtissped bib yoke of
I plain   blue,   which  sxtjada  over  tbe
' shoulders nnd ts edged st>->ot wltb tw-j
' rowa of white linen ■ -   1    Deep aoap*
! ed cuffs trim tbe loog full aleevea. Too
; hem of the skirt Is '-■...-* with a ff>a
t Inch hand of plain t, m wftt tho top
1 edged with braid.   T*-.e bedteg Is ^-ilfe
■ plainly cut snd Joins the hoi plaited
skirt wph a aarrow t-e'r nf braid trim-
, med blue    A shallow ***ilmr*t bstia**«
hitch '■'..- Is worn w;;b tbts dalaty
i and sensible frock.
From any one of Ibees thr*-e r-Me!e
rbouse a new ■:-.-, fef FOOT little glrL
' Amui'i the Kiddiee-
A mother srbe ilkes to *ee ber lada
1 and lassies in the bones It.tereeted [a
aome occupation told them the other
day Hint she wouM gift a quarter to
■ each child who discovered for him or
' herself the paaln In which Ihe following birds were nrattoMd: The dora,
sparrow. Bwniliiw, stork, pelican, rev*
1 en. hawk nnd engle    uf course It was
not allowed to use- the concordance.
) After the birds were "il!*voTered'* the
1 mother told all the stories she knew
( about them, nnd tie chrdren bad ato
, rles to tell also, and the day, whlcb
was a rainy one. was oue ut tba bap*
lest of the vatsUuii,
Ne Sale
"I see you are smiling at my jokes."
said the wailing contributor hopefully
res," replied t|,e editor; "thnt
courtesy in due when one meets uld
IrlendB,'—Philadelphia Ledger.
Frightful Mistake
"I never saw „ bride looking so
sour.   Whnt wai Ihe matter?"
"Hlie found out when It was ton late
hat she was wearing lemon .iln*>anu,s
instead o( orange."-Chicago Tribune
The Common Experimee
ll.iw.vr toilsome be your l«>t
And irksome to 1 ndun .
Some one will hint thai you have got
A regular ilnecun
-Washington Star.
Harrying a man t" reform him is
like trying to make n aatistaetory om«
eletts out "f a bad '*i*.
The Huttlsr's Epitaph
Wives of married men remind us
We can tu.ik.  ..ur wives -ublimc
And. departing, leave behind us
Wealthy Wldowi in thell prima. FREE  PRESS,  CHILLIWACK.   BRITISH  COLUMBIA.
Two Good
You should buy
your Groceries
at this store
I. Because you are sure ol
getting Quality Groceries
that are Iresh.
II. Because for ihe same
Quality Groceries you
pay Less than at other
The quality of goods mentioned
here cannot be questioned and
always bear in mind, we save
you money.
Siilii'lii t ].■ i- It... .40 nml .50
1'riiuvs.s Tim, (Our S|>ra-,il)
8 lb. for $1.00
lllilgivny's OM Country Tea
per ll.. .50
Robin 11.mil Flour, per snck"1.75
Fivo llosca Flour,   " 1.75
Royal Hone-hold,   " 1.75
Iti.jul Stuiiilm-il,      " 1,60
Robin lliui.l Itollcil Oats
8 lh. Back .35
Have you tried our
Bust Quality Jonathan
Gating Apples, por box $2.75
First Navel Oranges,
per doz. .40
California drapes, U lbs. d.r .25
(Spanish) Malaga ll rapes,
per Hi. .20
Clrapo Fruit, 8 for .25
Crcitmory llutter, . pur lb, .40
Marliim- Sliced llacnn ra»r lb. .25
Siiwl lloliigna Sausage " .20
1'ncookoil llniii, lionet) an.l
Sliced, por lb. .30
Smoked Fish in Season
Cash Grocery
Tlio iinniill.uiu'11 inol in iln..Hi.'.'
lol ll». I'lia-k c  II. Wi'lil  Siuur-
,lny iiflvriiiKiu, N"..v.-iiil..-<- I; nil llii'
iiioiiilii'i's iB-ing privi'iil, Arthur
Ki|i|iim.l ,1, T, Mi'lluiii,  reqiu'slwl
Uml riglil ..I ivn.i ..I A.lum-' i I l>.'!>>*
pul in a|ui|H> mi grading, cuiiinii'ii..-
ing ni Lickiiiiin Hoail nud ruiiiiliig
' wi'-h.ni.l  to  ...i.t.-in  houndnry "1'
\.l     |„..|.uu      ii I.,n ike
l.l.iiini i   lumps, logging, mul
getting il ml lend} (or  grading
I'... nexl apriug iviii lefl lu tlm liiiuda |
olllvel ... i I    (lellllell, ll \ln'li.li
line mil in ex I »|.MI.
llnlil   Klli..ii   nml   eigl in i-
ti-ki-d im :i pnlilie   road uottuui
iun ai a |ii>ini mi   s.iiiiii-   Lnudiiig
Iliad, id I Hi.'i.r. ■In-   ri.il- in.rili
«.-t ..I ulilliiiiili rondSnuiiis, tlieuee
 il. ni ii line lielweeii purl nl lol
KX und lol ilT-S, n.-iriK imi-tol see
tion '."_'. I., i ner -Inl,.-   Iniu.-en
iiiiillii'iisi .,1 liii l'7s iiii.I iveslerl) •>'
pari of set-lion tl, -uiii -Ink.: i- sll- *.
llaled ,n   ihe   Inl    C'liillitviiek
Clearing Sale
i mils.
Leimlli  "I i' I   idiolll
Several bruntl now cottngefl
uml bungnlowa in different
parts nf the city for wile on
exceptionally ensytenneand
ui extromoly low price*, for
gala f*»r u tow «liiv*i at a
\\V nlso Have onqlrlos fnr n
Dairy Ranch for rent, musl
jmve til least *<► ncrw nml
in shape in operate.
Wc wan! I fat Imp "i torso
nnil -iimll blocks nf Iniul
Vhere tin* right prices mul
terms are quoted. Our nr«
mngomontr. f**r *•->)] inn, luiul
tocastcWi farmers is super*
ior to any in the volte*.' nml
if propor olTeffl are mnde,
we can -wil the land,
Ih:vi.ni\\ii:NTCO. I.rn. aro in
o position t" handle htrgo
itndevejonetl blocks of land
now nnd wo invito nil whu
jiavn such land tn si*ll In
notify us and quote Ltieli
vory bent pri ind lornw
on -iitni*. Thi" i* a ni;ill**i
whieh tloserves pmmpl nnd
i-iirefnl notion.
Cull and ii-.
P. O. ••■ 247 Phone ITS
Chilliwack, B. C.
lie Ike plneiiig .if K. Cnopcr ill
the 1'rnviiiiriul II.une, n eiitiiinuuieii-
linn tins read from lliiil instiliitiun
stilling Mini iln- lieu...' wa- full nml
a |i-i ..I some si.xtoiii were ivaiting *>*
for elitraiiee.    Tin* lu .--.ill-v pn-t.-i-    -'4
ivere ftirwiirded for signature, JS,
A leller from \V, ti. riwnn,
Divisional Engineer lor Ihe. ('. N.
It, stilling Ihnl the llenilerson-
l-'raueis diteli near llosednk- would
lie fixed if possible,
Nolieo was read from tho tloucrn-
iiieiit agent al Victor... stating llinljiy
thc Council nuisl vacate the Court [ui
House building ul  i^
Councillor Brett was asked io in-
struct .1. Ford lo have bridge raised
Ion Cliilliwnck Control llond, nl
Johnston's; nlso the llnishing of
gravelling 011 Ford road for amount
of *•-'.'..
II. II..Ii.il-. I..II.I sn|Ki\i-..l',   wnslifl'
Instructed I lily  \.   II.   I'li-nek **,
1.. .-..iiini'.in., gravelling nn  Drink's 2m
rami mul Minto lnn.lliig nl llm rate
..f mi..nis |,,.r yard.
II...-v.. Wil-..11 was a|i].iiiiled l.»
repivsenl the Council nl lire Hooves
Coiivcnlion 1.. lie held nt Victoria
on Nov. I". nnd III.    Also thai   he'
1 iiuiii. A. Ci-iilckslmnk nnd S. «£
A. Cnivlcy, M I'. P., in nn inter- &
view with lie- CJoveriuncnt to see:*,'^
iviinl can be done in regard 10 so-|
curing rock,
'lie- Clerk wa- instructed to write
Unriiid.v Cniim-tl re Sunday Olisor-
viincc l).v-ln.v.
Tin- Clerk wn- instructed in write
Ward II. I.Inm nolilylng him tlintllM
lie I.niii.il nil] 11..I Is i.-|i..n-il.l.. *
in mi. nn> f"i mo .A-Haelitnrt's' p^
lliiil lie miglil Is- lueiirring on any!
of ihe roads nl tie- Municlpulity.
The Indcinil.v for tire  Reeve  was1
pk 1 nt 815(1 for yeur   1911,   nnd
llmt ..i mi-li Coiuieillor nt 8100,
Clerk wns n-lo-d to advertise for
nn An-III..1'. ~i In iv to lie stated in
Th.- II.H.ve nml Clerk ivoro nuthnr-
i/eil lo sign pilllH ..I -Ill-division  of
purls li. I., s. 11 and :'.7I group i,
owned by A.ii. Ungle.V! also plans
of sill-division of lots I. 0 nnd II,
block, ..1 north pari ..f 311, group
2, i.l-o showing location ..f Sowell
nnd William streets, owned l.y K. i***
A. Orr, Sub-division plan ol |"Jrt-|jj?
i.m of loi  '.'ii7. grunp 2,  being n[iy
'-'•''■I', ncrc pi I  said  lot,  owned
l.y II. Webb and others,  ivna approved, provided thai t'resent street
l». extended through 1 irtb Iwtin-
.Inly ..I property.
The I'.inoi'il  adjourned   l>.   ue. I
..11 Salui.lm Nov. IK nl Iwoo'elia-k. *"
Ik.ni—Tu Mi   mul Sirs,  \   ll   -.*,
Murray,  Voting >.,.i.l, N'oi   l.y
For Sale
Fl.ll  -s.M.l: - I..111..1111   IlllaHy,   -I, Il-Ii
 I   Ii-iiii.—. .1 1. 1..1 null, Ini.iiiii,.
nl I   ll, VI. I... I...,,. 1 m
Chilliwack !■' I'l.-ndviii-ini;
tlic elerlrlc rollee
the lllso on  wlili I.
llle el.'.-tli.- .-Iln. Ill
Hill .1.. Ilglll
EL B0IL0   i"
He- linmli 11..1.1.,.
I..11 l»-nl.-, 1..1 l,.„|.
"'- "•" ! ♦.».
Ht.  iinii-i...n-1,1.1,
kllilie !,.„.
I. in. t.., Imlilniftlaj
l>i..|. in 111 ..in
t •lolli.lil.-ll    ,.|	
.11,1   In.     ll    ,,|,
I'lillll.'.-   • \|.|ll.n. .1
1.. v..l|
B. C Electric Railway Co- Limited
Men's Shoes
Women's Shoes
Selkirk Blucher Laced
No. 030
Dongola Kid, medium
stik*.       Regular price
Cash Sale     0O tC
price         •*ipO.Iwr,
Box Calf Congress
Heavy stile, wide plain
toe, the shoe for solid
comfort.     Reg. price
Cash Sale    d»0 £(?
price        yd*t*\)*J
See Our Line of Slippers for Men at from
$1.00 to $2.50
Empress Brand No. 423
Stylish shoe, medium
weight sole.    Regular
Price         -         S4.00
Cash Sale    djO Q£
price        %p£i*Z/0
Empress Brand No. 253
Kid   Blucher,   Laced,
patent toe.   good sole.
1.1 pair all sizes.   Regular price     -      §4.00
Cash Sale    d»0 QC
price        *p*U*VD
Empress Brand No. 582
Special narrow width,
Kid   Blucher,   patent
toe, good sole.     Regular price     -      $4.00
Infant's Shoes
We have an excellent
range to choose from.
Our prices are the lowest!     He sure and see
them and compare our
Cash Sale    d»0 QC
price        *d/tU*%/0
Assorted Lot Empress
in Tans. Patent,   Kid,
iind Box Calf
Regular   prices $5.00
to S.,..r><)
Cash Sale    d»Q JC
price        •y£**tD
Wc can please you in
Rubbers.    All sizes at
Eastern prices
20 &
Shoe Department
20 8r„*
Slaughter  Prices for
Ten Days for Cash
Commencing Friday, Nov. 17.
Myilerioufl Chnmbert In Old Engllih
Noblomen's Homes.
iN'rhhi.-; tht- \\\oil liuimui luckt'd
room in tin* world Is nt Uhiml-a Caitlu,
tlic old liomu nt the KmU ot Strath*
more. In this rutnliliti-j i '± there i*
fup|Hibi'Ll tu be a secret oh ail) ber, ne*
cess lo Wli.ell  \i  kuyrtii unly  lu tiie
Kuii uf stfutiitimri'. tin- lielr-uppurmit,
atiii the lactor, Tlmt niyaterlou* chamber is Euppuisi'ii lu iiuvt- been, ceutur*
it i iii-d. tin- repository ol a grim family Bcundal, thu imtura ut which could
only be -vlUapereci, even In those wild
There is in Poulton Old Hull u mys*
terlotiily locked room whicli hus never
bfi'ii opened except by a represent!.'
tlve ul the Green Umlly. The hall
and Ita lliu..)-* huve loinctlines been
lot, but tin- Ureeu lamily hnvo trhvayi
rclnined posscaelo'.i of this mysterious
loom, which 'm supposed tu contain
lovoral relics und other family irt-us-
uros. It i* laid tbut tbe Inn tenant,
a prominent Mersey shipowner, would
liuvc ulven iiuiii an Increased rem lor
it il in- -.'.iiiltl bave lutd neci>B» tu it
vr could have cleared away ilie mj*-
terlous contents, hut tho owners ".'■
[used t., give tt[i possession, nnd so
tin* lenniii lelt,
There is n vi*ry similar trndllloil »•
Nother Hull, Ihe Cuniberluiul rem el
ib- Ki'iibiiu-c lamily. Here, as at Ola*
mis Castle., the position ol tin- locrcl
elm in ber in known only to lho heir*
Ht-linv nnd tin- family lollcKor. Tin*
room, it Is uutlorstood, bun nu window,
uml tip till now litis imi 1 n located
by anyone imt in poiit'ir-tuu uf the
Hoy to the mystery,
A tragic interest attaches in lb*
ruins ol Minster Uvol House, mi Oi*
toriUhlre. While it was tenanled l-y
h iiiriiiif u concealed vault was til*1-
eovnrcd, mi*I In it wna tho perfect
•ikcloton ol Lord Uvel, sontud at a
Inhlc ou wliii'b wua lylnji uu open
proyur-bonk. Thero woro some jar-*
and bin hit which hml contained (ood,
aiiilli'it-iit. n.. doubt, (u luit some
wcpkl. but, tin' manaioii bavliiu lalUn ' '
uu.. tbe biin.irs uf Kinn Henry VII.. ;
tlu. pii-uiii-r ua-* uiiuble iu regain his
llberiy. Thu discovery cleared up »
mystery wblcb bud aurrmindcd hit
late lur n itily two centuries,
Hot Drinks for
Cool Weather
Clam Bullion
Tomato Bullion
Tomato Nectar
Beel Tea
Hot Malted Milk
Tea, Chocolate, Coffee
These delicious drinks served
day and evening, in our
Tea Rooms
We Hake Our Own Candies
Chilliwack Candy Kitchen
Man nnd HU Wnyi
riie boldest grafter I ever knew," __
, . .'" \Z Siuitu will givo n pi*o8onl
ioiel man MM.-, whom I became In* .. ...       , ,°     ,    J     ,
volved  Inst Auguat,    I  spent  Lhre* [     IO tllO girl   iiiiil   tllO   D0.V
Jays nt bis joint and couldn't stand it '
miy longer.   Wbeu 1 called lur my bill
I s'a.i very severely:
"'1 think yuu iidwrtiit'd  iiiHguiti-
eent scenery up heref
'"Yea, sir, 1 did.'
" 'With g""i Ushingr'
" 'Good (Wiling loo.
" 'I'ura nir aiu no mosquitoesl"
" 'That's tbe way my lavertlsemant
rend, lit   You quote correctly."
" *Ko .'fls, uu malaria, uity r.inmi,
unsurpassed tabic, etc.J'
" 'Kxactly.     Is    there    anything
wn lig:'
■ *l* there anything wrongf  Where
is tht) sceneryf
'* 'Thcie i-n't any.'
"•Where sre tbe flihl"
" 'I   nevei   know   oJ  a  flsh  bclog
clught in thate part*.'
" •The Ilicj .ir-* Here*, and tlu* moi-
qui toes bu- still worae, aren't thayf
And youi ronnil are stafly, and yuur!
tablu li rotwn.'
You're right' ' oeieef»ie>>»s)»s)s)ee<eees)eetT
'"Then you admit ymi lie.l about]
the place l*'
" "Ob, is ibal what you've b«n
dying to g-: i.i: Why didn't yuu say
10 tu tiie Jir*-: place!1 Sure I Mod. I'd
bave admitted ibut a bull nu h nr
ago if you'd mentioned it and tavtxi
yuu a lu. ul talk. I'm the bigijeat linr
in IliOfW luiii.'. Yuur liiil (ur lii?j
three days will be mm 75 Coma agum
next m-,i-v!.'. '
Will pjiv lii-i nnmiftl visit
to our -atom nnd rend tin*
lettoitj tif his ninny littlo
undor eight years »»f ago
for tlit- best letter,
Letters may be posted in ;
the   letter   box   in   our
Druggist and
T«o Perianal.
Conitablc Uusey bad ordered a pair
ol shoes at Boienbrlg'l Mure and wu
about to try one ol them ou wbeu th?
clerk reached lor it and daftly sprinkled soma French chalk in it le **«»?
the lorthe. ..ling strain. When n*-
handed bock tbt- eonstalili threw t
on tht* fluor. pulliil un his own ihue
mid tturted out.
Th? proprietor had noted th scene.
"What a tie matter, Mr. Casey*" he
panted m* be caught up with htm.
"Was the clerk sassy or anything I**"
Fur a moment Coiey glared nt lum
in almost speechless anger, tben ob
nerved with ley dignity, "II I can't
cume int., a plue? tu thry on a pair uv
slmes wiiiout bavin' chloride av time
put in tliim belurehand I'll tbrade
sontowl   .e ilse."
Ft an «t Ohlldran.
Dr. O. Stanley Hall has collected
laetn n-tiHrd.ng the lean ul children.
Ibese (ears sre g'-I'er<i,'.v created by
pure-its ur servant!, He found Ibat
1,701 children bad C.e56 lean, the
It-ndiug one! being the lear ol light*
ni..* at.d thunder, reptiles, it nt tigers,
dark, death, domestic animals, dis-
eai*>, wild animals, mice, rata, rob-
beri. high Wind, ?te. A lew ol thes*J
fvars ar? ratiuiml. hi une place children were lound wbu dreaded the en.l
ul tb** world—• lear created by adult
t lulling.
A Jolt  For Whistler.
When WhUtler, the famous artist,
dropped Into an Knglisli country inn
tlu' landlord became eery much Inter*
Oattd in him.   He (ell that lie bad "a
somebody" in his house,   Whlstlei
noted bi" host's concerned Intent!,
"And win. di. VOU lUpDOlO  I  Illl;" he
liked m length,
"Well. I enn't exactly say, sir." was
the reply, "im: I should raney you
v.a* tt< iu ihe nimli "alli!"
We have received direct
from   England   a    largo
shipment of the famous
For Men
See our
R. J. Mcintosh
Roller Rink
Tin- Clillliuni-k II..II.I lllnkl, MOW
.i|a-n for tllO SDSS0I1.
T*,, Tliirl) lu Kin-
Bowri'Tlilrtf in r,-,i
Came and enjoy a pleasant
AI Chapman's Studio
for Christmas
IMmtcw, Crnyotm, DmniMes,
l''i-.tini-*i,    Mutt Id In-gs,   nml
Mntlfli    Cniiiernd  f*»r anlo
nml    vi'iil S'i'iiiiil-liniid
Cniiiorni 'jotiglit nml gold,
Supplit-.-*,   li litis,   lliilslilng
nntl   iloveldpltig   lur mi.ti-
loura, r.ir-i ein.i*. nntl vlwva
of Clilllhvncli Bold,   'l'l q
Jin.   Open oveiihigB,
Furnished Roon.s to Kent
POR REST 'XIbIj   ...i.i Ind  i *
A, I'lui--.!,. i'iiiutu* avenue,


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