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 filllwack Fr
°CT 1!) |912    'A
*4^R/A, B
Vol. II.
Editor uml Pruiirlutor
No. 7
Cuse Haters is Trouble.
An Indian was assessed ->_5 and
costs or thirty days in goal, this
week, for having three grouse in his
possession before the opening of the
season. The offender elected to
take government board for the thirty
days, A white man paid 820 and
costs for shouting a bun pheasant,
wliieli is contrary lo law. The
hunter in this ease claimed lhat ho
wus n now-cornier and nut familiar
with the game law, anil un this no-
count he met with more lenient
treatment than would otherwise
have been the case. Both oases came
before Slipomlury Magistrate Polly.
Tlie loeal (initio Association is .determined bi cntoree Ilu* game laws
as applying tn the ('hilliwaek
district. Hunters will be wise iu
familiarizing themselves with the
regulations and strictly governing
themselves in accordance with thom,
else costly dillietilty is must likely
Ui result.
CwMmlnes Appoiat Delcfates.
A meeting of the Central Conservative Association of the Chilliwuek riding was hold in the Foresters' Hall, this city, Friday night
for the purpose ot appointing delegates to attend the 1'rovinciidconvention of Conservatives in Revel-
stroke II. C, the on the .-Ith Inst.
Addresses were delivered by Mr.
J. I). Taylor, inemlier for this district in thejllouse of Commons,
and Mr. S. A. Cawley, member of
the provincial legislature. Ten delegates were appointed tu represent
this district at thc Provincial Convention, namely: P. H. Wilson,
Chilliwuek; J. Merrylleld, Matsqui;
T. H. Jackson, Chilliwack; H. J.
Barber; J. C. Robertson, Angus
Campbell of Huntingdon: J. J.
Sparrow and Dr. Swift of Abbotsford and H. T. Goodland and Alex.
Johnston of Chilliwack. The alternative appointed were Messrs E. J.
Boucher, S. S. Carleton, and James
Gordon, Chilliwuek; J. Smith and
J. St. George Yarow of Huntingdon;
J. Hates nnd W. Brnithwaite of
Rosedale; R. Brett, East Chilliwack; and S. 1). Tretljeway of
Cum Amu Cauda a Ail*.
T. W. Wilby, iu his Reo motor
car, with his driver, P. V. Haney,
und Mr, Wise, a mechnnician,
arrived ut Chilliwack Sunday evening atrfi.45, on his coast to coast
trip in the interests of the Canadian
Highway Association. The purty
wns met at Rosedale by President
H.J. Bnrbcr.of the Cliilliwnck Board
of Trade and A. S. Watson, with
their cars and they preveeded the
uutoists to t..wn, where a stop wus
made for the night at the Empress.
During the evening Herbert Gil-
ley and E. Eastman of New Westminster arrived here and the next
day piloted the party to the lloyal
City. The start was made at 11.15
after tho local camera men bud
"shot" the travellers, und several
local cars accompanied the party
ns far as Sardis. The party looked
none the worse for their long, and
at some points, difficult journey of
ueurly '1000 miles across Canada.
Mr. Wilby gave thc Free Press man
a very interesting interview. He
is an old newspaper man and has
lieen eorres|Hindeiit In the largest of
the world's dailies from many portions of the continent. Last year
nccompunied bv his wife he crossed
the United Slates twice, a distance
of 9000 miles by auto. The story
of the trip across the continent by
the pnthlliiding car is replete with
interest. The tour was curried out
under the auspices of the Cuuadiau
Highway Association with the cooperation of the Automobile Club of
Canada at Montreal, and the Ontario Motor Is'iigm* of Toronto.
The party left Halifax on August
27 with S. V. Haney in the driver's
seat, und during the long trip across
the continent the car was laid up tor
eight dnys only. Short stages of
the journey wen. made by bout nnd
trnln through New Ontario, and a
shirt portion enst of Hope, 11. C.
Mr. Wilby suited thnt he hud every
courtesy from the towns and cilios
through which he passed and whilo
thore had been difficulties and hardships thore had also la-en u great
deal of pleasure and  satisfaction.
NOTICE—Telegrams, unless authorised by the C. P. It. will not be
accepted al this office unless ncconv
ponied by the cash. H. J. Hahiikk,
Agent,  C. P. It. Telegraph.
The Fill Assizes.
With one of the heaviest dockets
of criminal cases on record. Tbo
fall assizes opon in the County Court
House, New Westminster on Monday October 28. Charges of murder,
attempted murder, antl wounding
with intent, tbe bank robbery ease,
and a numbor of others uf almost
equal interest will come up for
bearing. The trial uf Brian, committed frum Chilliwack fur wounding with intent will la* hoard.
Te Willi n OosMe-TnckiBi.
Jas. Murray nf Atkins A Murray,
left ull Sunday with I wo fuur horso
loams for Agassi/, whole wnrk has
boon seoiirod on 11 contract for
double tracking un tlie C.I1,11. Ono
of lbo teams was purchased from
Arch. Hamilton, one from W. Hamilton, and one frum II. II. Collin-
sun. Tho price paid fur each team
was in the neighborhood of 8H0O.
The double tracking of the C. P. It.
will provide considerable work antl
an inereased demand for horses, so
that prices are likely to be high.
A man and four horse loam draw
816 |ier day, feet! to lie supplied by
the company nt cost.
Public lour. Is Fmers.
Mr, Ellison gives his support to
thc view thnt some arrangement
ought to be made whereby British
Columbia farmors may obtain money
ut moderate interests for improvements of their property and the extension of their operntinns. The
experience of other countries shows
that such a government arrangement is practicable. There is no
better security for money than a
good farm in the hands of a competent farmer. Yet the man on
the land finds himself shut out from
sources of supply that aro open to
men in nearly all other vocations.
The bunks look for fluid investments.
They wish to be able to call in their
loans at short notice, and do not
lend on real estate. LoanB tliat
have to be settled or renewed every
few weeks do not suit the farmer,
whose income arrives once a year,
and who mav have many yenrs to
wuit for the lirst return from his
own investment. While the trader
gets back his investment from day
lo day,und the manufacturers seldom
waits u yenr for his return, the farmer may be waiting six years for
his trees to grow, two or three years
for his horses or cuttle to lie ready
for murket, und one yenr for his
ordinary crop. Tho pioneer must
spend money in building a house,
und in clearing land before he lie-
gins to make his nnnunl crop investments. Unless this province is
to lie settled by opulent farmers,
who bring with them money enough
to establish themselves, or by men
who arc content to live in extreme
privation, and to spend a lifetime
in making n modest farm, it will be
necessary, in order to hasten settlement, to establish some public system by which new settlers, and even
farmers already on the land, may
receive advances. It will also be
necessary, as Mr. Ellison points out,
to organize public systems of irrigation. In places where heavy clearing or expensive drainage is required some steps will need to he taken
to mnke the Innd ready for settlers
In-fore emigrant farmers can Iw expected to occupy the lund.
Entertainment at Sardis.
A Variety Entertainment will be
hold on Oct, 28rd, at Surdis Parish
Hall, iu aid of the Anglican Church
funds. The programme will consist
of a Comedietta in une aet, followed
hy dialogues, songs and dances.
Doors open nt .s p, m., commencing
at 8.80 p. m.
Mn. Hmdmim Pawed Away.
Mnry Iluunsnino died last Satur-
day. Deceased wastljowlfoof James
lliuiiisome of Mnjiilia, II, (',, was70
years of ago, and a unlive of Qliebooi
She came lo Vancouver throe weeks
ugn to visit bor sun, W. P. Ogilivc,
of 25.2 Victoria street, who is a
barrister iu this city. Kuuernl will
Is* held tomorrow at 2 p. in., from
the T, Edwards'chapel. Interment
in the Masonic cemetery—Vancouver Wqrld (Monday.)
Hu Leased Harrison Hew.
J. Mnnkhouse bus leased the
Harrison House ami is now in
possessions Mr. and Mrs. Monk-
house, who have been conducting a
hoarding houso on Nowell street,
have secured a proposition whicli
under their experienced and painstaking management, should become
both profitable and popular. The
welfare,and comfort of thc patrons
of the Harrison House will lie tlieir
first consideration.
CkiHiwack Dramatis- Society.
A meeting of the Cbilliwaek Dramatic Society was held Monday evening in the K. of P. hall, at whieh
the ollieers for the ensuing year
were elected and the annual reports
submitted. Thc report showed a
balance of M0 iu the treasury, an
increase of 800 over that of last
year. The report also showed that
almost 81000 had Iteen taken in as
receipts for the last two recitals and
al! of this amount with the exception of 800, whieh was expended
fs-r royalties and wigs, etc., tins
been spent in the valley. Thc otli-
■cew. for the coining year are:—
President, Capt. A. L. Coote; vice-
president, T. E. Caskey; sec.-treas.,
J. R. Anderson; stage manager, F.
B. Lyle; assist, manager, D. E.
Carleton; advertising manager, L.
J. Thomas! property manager, S.
S. Carleton.
Great Northern Hope Branch
According tu Mr. II. Hogeland,
chief euginer of the Great Northern
Railway, who passed through Vancouver on Tuesday, tlio G. N. It.
branch line connecting Abbotsford
and Hope will lie complete within
the next two months. Mr. Hogeland hns just returned from Abbotsford, where he wus inspecting the
work completed by the ruilwuy contractors aud he states that with the
exception of a little bridge work on
this side of the Hope mountains the
line is practically complete, The
(.rent Northern trucks will follow
ulong tho north sido of Siimns hike
on the opposite shore of the hike to
the B.C.U.K. right of way. On the
eastern side of the Ho|ie mountains
the line is completed through the
Coqnahnlln valley from Coalmnnl
U. Pontiolon.
"An eighty-mile gap between
Hope and Coal mont is now left,"
declared Mr. Hogeland, "and forty-
two miles of this is already contracted lor, Messrs, Guthrie, McDnugall
& Co., have secured the work."
Local and General
Variety entertainment, St. John's
Mall, Sardis, on Wednesday and
Thursday, Oct. 23 and 21, in aid
of  the   funds   of    thc   church.
(1) Bumble's Courtship, Mrs.
Blaker, Mr. McDaniels.
(2) Commcdietta, "The Butler,"
ouo act. Cnst: Miss Amberly, Mrs.
G. G. Watkins; Laura and Rose,
friends to Miss Amberly, Mrs. J.
Findlay, Mrs. Travis; the Butler,
Mr. J. Arnold.!; Uml Thirlmcrc,
Mr. J. .Meredith; Hopkins, the
footman, Mr. M. Blaker; pagc.Noel
CD Recitation (Selected,) Miss
It. Biggs, Vancouver.
(I) Indian dance, Joscphcnc
Charles. (1ml Save The King.
Doors open at H o'clock. Entertainment at 8.80 o'clock. Admission 86 cents.
To Kent—Three r.s.iiieil house
near Public School, with light und
wuter.   Apply ut this ollicc.
J. P. MeConnell (Bruce) of the
Satiinl.iy Sunset wns a Sunday visitor to Chilliwack. Mr. MeConnell,
bus recently completed nil extensive
tour of lhe fruit growing districts of
Ilu. province securing first hand Information regarding the market and
other conditions in connection with
this important industry which are
causing serious nnd general eiim-
pliiint nmong lhe growers.
On Thursday evening, the 10th
hist, at Westminster Munse, 27,r>
Twenlv-Thir.l Avenue East, by thc
Uev. George I). I rein ml, Miss Alma
Mini, eldest daughter of William
II, Armstrong, -II Twenty-Sixth
avenue west, South Vancouver, was
quietly married to Dr. John Arnold
Ford, of Duncan, It. 0. Dr. Ford
is a recent graduate Toronto University, and the Veterinary College
of Toronto. He is the eldest son of
.lohii II. Kurd uf Chilliwaek. The
newly married couple have gone to
to Seattle to spend 11 honeymoon,
after whicli they will take up Iheir
resilient*., in Duncan,   ll.  0.—Pio*
L. F.Cioft, at Mee Studio fnr photos
Ice erotiin in till the popular
forms anil flavors nl Johnson's.
To Let—Rooms suitable for
nllioes; apply to II. J, Harbor.
C, W. Webb was a visitor to the
lloyal city yesterday.
Found—Logging chain. Call at
this ollicc,
Fall   heililing  blllbs  I'm   sale  at
Lillie's Cash Grocery.
Fur Salo Cheap—nno throe horse
tread powor, in good working ordor;
apply J, Duncan,   Harrison  Mills.
Wnnd for Suler-Dry hard mountain wood for sale. Order from
•I. C. Henderson, phone 227.
Matinee of moving pictures at
the Lyric Theatre every Saturday
afternoon at 3.30.   Admission 10c.
J. H. Clnughton, of Vancouver,
and a member of the law. firm of
Ewen 1. Claugbton, Chilliwack, was
a week end visitor to the city.
Cordwond for side at 83.00 per,
cord, delivered. City Transfer Co.,
Phone 49.
Gen. E. Parry who bus luul charge
of the Harrison House for sume
time has made an assignment und
moved to Vancouver.
Dressmaking and Alterations.
Mrs. Ray Urmay. Room G, Ashwell Block.
Wanted—Acres to clear or brush-
cutting by contract. J. Fujikawa,
3G3 Powell Street,  Vancouver.
Lillie's Cash Grocery can supply
your needs in smoked lish and fresh
Eastern Oysters.
Notice of the assignment of the
lirm of Barr & Chambers, appears
in this issue. Statements of claim
must be li'.ed 011 or before Saturday,
October 1!) (to-morrow.)
The fifty ncre rnnch of H. R.
Davis, Vedder River is reported as
having lieen sold tn Messrs. II. S.
and II. F. Duncan.
The application for the conducting of a liquor store in the city was
received and filed by the City Council on Monday evenings' session.
l'lft'.isanl shooting season opened
on Tuesday. Tlio birds are reported as being plentiful but after tho
first day's shooting are diflicult to
Is your name on (he city list of
voters? Applications must Iw in
the bunds of the Clerk on or befoie
live p. m. on October 31.
The concert given by "Tho Vcrsn-
tiles" on Tuesday evening drew u
good house nnd wns thoroughly enjoyed by all. The program throughout is full of good fun and popular
music brightly rendered.
Matinee of moving pictures t\
the Lyric Theatre every Saturday
afternoon at 3.30.   Admission 10c.
Buy this from ownei—full sized
lot in thc thriving town of Clover-
dale; price 8200; real snap. Apply
Box 13, Free Press.
I). I). Munro, manager for F. J.
Hart & Co, at Victoria, was 11 week
end visitor with friends in Chilliwack. Mr. Munro reports business
conditions as being good at tho
capitol cily.
Coal delivered on and after Oct.
2(1, will Ite strictly 0. 0. D. Lump
coal as.."si in tons, 80.00 in sacks.
Hard oul 114.SO pcr ton. Thc
shortage of cool at the const hns
caused all transactions to be cash
only, hence wc niusl sell only on
this basis.   City Transfer Company.
For Salo—on easy terms, what is
known as Hie Bent place, Fairlield
Island, iu whole or in part, Geo.
Allan Purvis, manager of the
B. C. interulian lines, is now iu
Chicago where he is attending the
the convention of tho American
Electric Railway Association in the
Windy City. Before reluming Mr.
Purvis will sp-ond about six weeks
louring in the United Slates nml
investigating most of the important-
nnt railway systems and lh, ir
A social is lo be held in Cheam
ball on Wednesday evening October
.'10, under the auspices nf the ladies
of the Methodist church. There
will hu games antl contests. Refreshments will he on sale. Admission free..
Wesley Trnop,   Buy  Scuuts,   aro
making'active preparations for the
recital lu he given under tlieir auspices by Cyril Hayes, the noted
Canadian elocutionist; The event
will take placo on Friday evening,
Oct. 25, and the programme will In-
<■ltt.li- "The Story nf Prince Jonathan," "The Bells" by Edgar Allen
Poc, and humorous items, Mr,
Hayes has made a name for himself in the East us a dramatic reciter of the first class, and this is
his first trip to the' West. Cliilliwnck is fortunate to have the privilege of hearing him.
Social and Personal
Mrs. C. T. Vradenburg was a
visitor to Vancouver this week.
Miss MoPherson, of Agussiz is
the guest of Aid. and Mrs. Mc-
Miss Lillie has taken a position as
stenographer in the firm of Ashwcll & Son.
Chas. H. Evans lias returned
from a trip to points in Ontario and
Eastern States.
D. W. Sutherland, of Kelowna,
was tbc guest of Rev. and Mrs. R.
J. Douglas bust week.
Robt. Ballam ia again on duty at
the B. C. E. It., after a well earned
holiday of two weeks.
Mrs. M. H. Nelems and family
who spent the summer here huve
returned to Vancouver.
Miss C. Smith of Now Westminster was tlie guest of Mrs. Eurl
Beale for the week end.
Mr. and Mrs. F. B. Lyle are
visiting in Victoria and Seattle this
week. Mr. Lyle is having his holidays.
Mrs. C. S. Smith had the misfortune last week lo dislocate her
shoulder by a severe fall down
Mrs. W.A. Rose returned on Friday from a three months' trip on
the Continent loo!: ing very much
the better for her sojourn.
II. J. Barber will give a talk on
Parliamentary usages and rules of
order, on Tuesday evening, Oct. 20
at 7.80, in the Rest Rooms (Hart
Block) to the members of the
Woinens Institute and any other
ladies who wish to attend. This
will lie of especial interest to presidents of societies.
The regular meeting of the Chilliwack Hospital Auxiliary wns held
in tlic City Hull on Monday Oct.
14. There were 13 members present. It was voted to leave the proceeds from the luncheon at the fair,
whicli amounted to 8270 in the
Savings Bank as a special fund for
an emergency. Au entertainment
by the English Bell Ringers will be
given nu Dec. 30 under thc auspices
of tlle Auxiliary.
Tlic Women's Institute pro-msc
holding u "Calico Social" the lust
week iu November. All ladies attending must wear a plain calico
dress of their own making ami
briitit a gentleman's nock tie made
of the same material or else pay a
line. Tho society is in need of
money and is taking this way of
raising funds. Mrs. II. J. Barber
and Mrs. C. T. Orr are convenor*
of Committees in charge. I..ml;
for particulars later.
The residence of J.C. Henderson,
corner Victoria and College streets
was raided on Monday evening by
about twenty-five High School
students, heavily armed with everything necessary for u banquet from
the turkey to the tooth pick. After
all had taken possession, Miss Ruth
was called to the front and presented
with n benutiful jewel rase and
brooch. Ruth was completely taken
by surprise and Ibo anniversary of
her birthday will long lie remembered by her. Girls now do not
have any birthdays after sixteen so
Ihisorcniiig was a particularly happy
William Jasper and his wife, both
Indians, and "Scotty" McNeill, a
white man, arc dead, and William
McLaughlin a white man and the
alleged murderer nf the trio, himself wounded, is at large in the
woods armed witli.a rifle with which
he is alleged to have committed llie
murders at I o'olook Sunday afternoon at N'iconiou, iu the Fraser
Valley, fifteen miles east of Missinn.
The first Intimation of the tragedy
was given about dark Sunday night
when Mrs. McLaughlin, wife nf the
alleged murderer ami daughter of
the Jaspers, drove into Deroche on
a wagon heating Hie dead bodies of
Jasper and his wife and McNeill.
Tho girl told a graphic story of the
quartette having been ambushed on
the mail by McLaughlin, who is
said to have started shooting without parly. After the shooting McLaughlin disappeared into the
wi mils and must have made directly for his home on Nieomen Island,
because a search of his shack, revealed the truces of a hurried visit.
The man is known to have had a
quantity of ammunition in his
house, and this has all disappeared.
Well armed, and with plenty of
ammunition, it is believed the man
has gone into the woods with his
mind made up nut to he taken alive.
The motive for the terrible crime
seems to have been jealousy. McLaughlin was suspicious of the relations between his wife an.l McNeill and it is stated that on one
occasion he threatened (hat tlie next
time he found them together be
would shoot.
The three survivors in the rig ail
stick tn tlie same story. They state
tliat they were driving along when
thev came to McLaughlin who wan
sitting on a log on the ■__ ot th»
road with a ride across his knees.
They say that as soon aa MeN'eilsaw
McLaughlin he pulled out a, revolver ami pulled the trigger. They .lo
not seem to be quite certain whether
or not McNeil's tint shot missed' fire
or not, but they agree that as soon as
McLaughlin saw the revolver he let
loose wilh his rifle, killing the nlil
lady lirst, Bill Jasper second anil
McNeil last.
While he was disposing of the first
two McNeil got his revolver into action and tliere seems to be no doubt
that he succeeded in shooting Ms*-
Latighlin in his breast. The survivors all agree tbat when the fusiiade
was all over the man McLaughlin
commanded his wife to get out of
the rig and tuld the others to drive
According to his wife's story he
compelled her to dress his wound
and even forced her to attempt to
extricate a bullet which was near
the skin on the left si.le, having
pierced thc fleshy part of the breast.
She claims that she was unsuccessful in trying to get the bullet out,
the wound starting to bleed so badly that she had to desist.
Mrs. McLaughlin was with her
husband from I o'clock, about tbe
lime the shunting occuretl until (>
n'olock, when he told her to go
home, and he started into the woods.
The woman was found on the way
to her Inline. The man made no
effort to harm her.
That was the la«t'that has heen
seen of Mclaughlin. The woods
around Xicomcn are thick and the
force at tho disposal of the provincial
police is very small. Although the
settlers in the vicinity arc quite
ready to lend tlieir assistance
they are not taking any great
The McLaughlin family have not
been fortunate during the last few
years and McNeil's character is not
spoken nf in the highest terms.
About two years ago McLaughlin
spent some time in the local jail in
Now Westminster as (lie result of a
stubbing affray at Harrison. At that
time Constable Lister of Mission arrested him and McLaughlin after
trying to stab Ihe policeman, threatened lo get him some day.
About three years ago Mrs. McLaughlin lived in New Westminster
with lier mother in a little house
lii-liiiul thc Salvation Army on
eighth street. One night a man
named Smith with whom her mother
had been friendly shut Mrs. Daniels
dead and then  committed suicide.
McNeil not more than a week
ago was arrested by thcC.P.R. constable in Mission for being in a
state of Intoxication,
Road llie Free Pro-ss, THE   FREE    PRESS,   CHILLIWACK,    B.C.
Sweet Lavender
._*ivim(U'i' Ih as nlil as the IiIIIh.  It.
\ms oalloit by tho Koroaiia liivundula,
K Mil tli9 ilgiueenth ctmtury lavender I
•water waa tht'   favorite   perftimo   of J
JaBhlonab|e iuIIbb; luu then tho modo I
henry St-rensen, of Alberta, Advocates
Strawburning Plan
Tho vdlue of   straw   Lo   Canadian
"tinners up a means of preventing, to
■changed Chemloally*proparod soout] a larno degree, the heavy frosts of
Imported from the Contlnenl became I the spring, lias nol yot Been fully
the ora»j, and the sweai lavender-! realized, and In thla respoet tho views
Nvatcr tadod almost Into oblivion, bo-(of Honry Boronson, of tho executive
liij; manufactured only in country cot*
fctotm after Queen Victoria caino' lo
the throne n lady who still cultivated
il o plant and made iho ne ■■•■i 1..,
wrote to hor Majesty, asking if nho
would use her powerful luiidonoo lu
restorp this oil. IDugllsh sconl lo pop*
U lar ity, «ud tho cjn.fi, acnulesced,
oil or lavender Ih obtained by dlBllll-
inn the flow-firs with water, and lavon-
tier -wator Im a BOlUtJon of nil of laveti-
flor lu spirit ulong with otto of rosoB,
bergumot, cloves, rosemary, and other
Ingredients, whloh, aftor standing for
■ome iiini1, >ti strained ami mixed with
n cortain ptoporl * n of tllalltlsd wai »r,
Bul d greal quantity of (ho Interior
kinds ol luvonder*water coutafnn ool
M,o sllghtosi suspicion of luvendor, Its
|>laco being supplied by a chemical
tompounJ chiefly made from coal tar,
Making dull pupils bright by ineaiifl
*,*.f electricity may bo tried In the Mow
Vork schools thla Pall, Tho plan ia
tea Id to havo worked satisfactorily at
Gtookbolm, But will not parents be
rfUBtlfled If they resent any such ex-
t)ertmentition with their children?
Still, na a hOBt of tuechanlcnl opera*
UottB aro now done by electricity, od-
Mention Is proporly enough In line for
board or tho United Parmers' of Alberta nssoolatlon, are vory Interesting, in an Interview with a Tole-
gram reproadiitatlve, ho gave li an
his opinion that the burning of straw
which nl present Ih geuorally regard*
od an ho r.mch waste, would do much
to lessen, if not altogether stop, bo-
voro fronts.     Ho Ii.ih personally seen
il xi).*linent triod( be stated, and
tho resit 11 wna thoroughly .satisfactory,
Ho pointed oul, howovor. that lu thla
undertaking an lu ho muny otherB,
(]o*opornhoii Ih necessary. Tho methods adopted nn- by burning Btraw,
and thereby causing a pall of HiimkM
to hong over the soil t6 prevent frost
setting In. It \t\ woll known that
•Trout can only tako plum whon the
JilmoHphvte Ih clear, amj whon* iuoIh
lure In auy shape or form Ih In tho
ii I r, tlio noil Ih absolutely safe from
Its effect,*.. ll. must npt, howovor, bo
supposed i.ni iho burning of Btraw in
scattered localities will have the do*
hired effect, H has beeu proven conclusively lhat only whore farmers cooperate, . nd by thin means having a
i <*.'de area under smoke can any ben*
i Hit accrue,      Whoro   this   ia    done.
iarmors need  only  lire ;i portion  of
j their straw, and  I li uh havo In hand
for futuri uhp a plentiful supply.
RlxoerlmeiitB on similar lines were
carried out in Canada some years ago,
| and they proved  highly satisfactory.
I It  now nnly  remains  for farmers  to
Quartv * and the Sack
Now, said the decorator to hla
brand-new apprentice, you have tin*
iBlied your work for tho week. But
1° you'll tta;* and mind the shop [or
a inlnuie, whilst 1 go out, I'll give you
an extra quarter. Mind you don't
forgot any messages or orders and bo
sure yon dourly understand thom.
Tho apprentlco declared that he
clearly understood his master.
Twenty minutes later tho master
cume hack, aud demanded if anybody
hud come in.
Yen, assented tbe apprentice. No-
body'B been In except somebody as
wanted somebody to go somewhere
sometime to do something, Mut I
told him in uo time uh un Saturday
afternoons there warn't not. nobody
nowhere to do nothing nohow. He
Huld iu that case he refused your acceptance of the Job he's not giving
ynu, 'CELUSe lie makes uothiiiK nf anyone who doea anything anyhow, and
never gets nothing done when never
expected, ,
The apprentice got the quarter—;
and wuh lired.
UmWihslowi Boothim_ svnor h»» tmam
tttfd forever LUXTY YEA '"*'
MOT HP. u.i   for    tlieir   CI
TK1.TU1NG.  With   VIRi'KC.   __,,__-, ■_________________■
loorima ilu .'iiii.n. boptk.ns tiie O0M4 themselves a great service, but. tin
PMVSaUPAiMiGUUflW^coueup Dominion will reeoivo a great benefit
&i^.S«;y SSAti^-rf-liS   1" »••" shmwandi of dollars worth of
BAgSbV'millions ai I qo-operatfi   In   thin   matter,  and   not
r$kcT8ucc_KT! I°nly w?"',d they' 1,y (,nil,K B0'- 1'onder
Sviailow-i B**»thing tfyrup." avtl
kind.   Twnri-'-livtcMlli bottle
Young men placed iu positions us
(Telegraphers, Freight and Ticket
Clerks Just an fast as we can prepare
them. Railway Officials endorse our
Bystem because our Instruction is
(Specially prepared. Day and Mall
■Coursea.    Write for   Free   Book IU,
flDomlnion   School   Railroading,   To-
| .-onto.
will   havo   been   saved   from
'_S2—:—..         _..	
Yes, I onco travelled all over the
couutry with a troupe of trained dogs.
Didn't you tind them dillluult tu
I uned to think they were hard to
.manage, but I've changed my mind
Finee I'V3 been managing a troupe of
operatic stars.
What   baa   become  of  tho  good   old
In whieh the viliian exclaims, Hist!
And tri'M   to smuggle   the   ehee-ild,
And tlie hero comes lu and slaps
his *•*.>■ rist?
Post—Why did you dismiss your
•glorious took?
Parker—It was the only way to
get. our guests lo go home.— Lippin-
Murphy Agreed
For three solid hours tho captain
had  been  lecturing his men on
•duties  of a  soldier,  and  ho thought
H was time to see how much they hud
understood of bis discourse.
Casting his eyes round the room,
he fixed ou Private Murphy as his
first victim.
Why 'hould a man flght for his
Private Murphy scratched his head
(for B  moment, and  theu  a smile  of
•nllghtment crossed his face.
•-   .Sure,  captain,   ho said   pleasantly,
Vnu're unite right.      Why should he?
Actvi-3-a lo Expectant Mothers
da niaj7 ^^^^^^^^mfm/gimm
Department of Agriculture Advise
Farmers to Increase Their Stock
Saskatchewan will have a heavy
crop of coarse grains and roughage
this fall, says a press bulletin issued
by the Department of Agriculture at
Reglna, Bask, What are we going to
do with It? The. gn-atetit authorities in tho livestock world today agree
that the beef shortage is serious.
This shortage Is Increasing, not only
lu Canada, but. throughout the whole
continent of North America. Tho
average price of beef cattle at Winnipeg for the year ending August 1st,
lias heen over 5 1-4 cents per pound.
What better indication have we of a
steady future demand. No elaborate
Btabllng is needed for the work. Cattle
will tlir Ive in straw covered sheds,
will clean up the stubble, will utilize
roughage and convert it into a profitable pnduct. Stock cattle are
scarce and will be scarcer after November 1st Keep your calves and
young stnek, especially females, for
you cannot replace them. Puy a
few feeders for this wintor. Where
possible select big. smooth growthy
animals with large heart girth and
heavy hind quarters, and do it now.
Education's Triumph
Indication, remarked Weary Willie
to his brother tramp, as they lay by
the Hide of a dusty hedge— eddleatlou
Is rot, And ho emphasized Ills remarks by uprooting an Inoffensive
l—I ain't ho sure, replied the other,
I 'avo a hhlca that WO couldn't got
lion without it.
Pah! was the the terse reply, 1
nover got nothing hout ot goln' to
Dare say you didn't, answered W,
w. No. i!. lint perhaps yon didn't
go about  it bin tfto right   spirit?
Well, what did you get hout of It?
What did I get? '''wo coats, four
hats, a stick, and eight umbrellas.
Kddication no good?     Kol!
An Oil That is Famous.—Though
Canada was not the hhihplaco of
Dr. Thomas' Electric Oil   it   is   the
home of the famous compound.
from here its good name was spread
to Central ant: South America, the
West indies, Australia and New Zealand. That is far afield enough to
test Its excellence, for In all these
couutiles P is on sale and iu demand.
Cause and Effect
Travelling in the wild and wolly.
West, a gentleman entered a small
township In order that he might make
the purchase of a watch and chain.
The  shopkeeper was very  pleased
to oblige, but as he wrapped up thej,<
articles  purchased  he  included   with
them a fearsome-looking revolver of
very respectable dimensions.
I say, observed the astonished traveller, what are you doing? I didn't
offer to buy a revolver.
The watchmaker, puzzled In    turn. ft
and thinking his customer must have
lost his sense and reason, replied:
But you have bought a gold watch.
If you aro going to keep it In these
parts, you'll wait, the gun. too!
Tho MOONEY wny mcana moro blseulls, loss homo cooking!
lltiittiiisi) MOONEY'S BISCUITS are frosh onough and appotlatng
eht-HRli to tako lho placo of tho product of your owu own.   For tho daily iimul
you'll liko
.lu-y'ro tho crispost, creainloijt, must dollciouanoda
biscuits evor produced and tboy'ro mado In Winnipeg.   A Western biscuit for Western people.
1 In air-tight packages or Bct..od lins.
Thr*. -pericneocf Mother-hood i.t ft trying oni '.o most wnmun ami ma-i;*; distinctly -i i epoch it. their lives. Not one
Vininat .:i u hundred is prepared or utl-
dentai . hi * tn properly care (or In r-
«elf. Of r*.ur«« nearly ev. iy v. man
liowul ft luu niKlii'iil trtntment at
«cch '. lea, but many approach ll"'
mpsrltncs with rn organism ui.iitt. .i
Sor tlm trial of stWIgtn, ami when it
In over her syt.tem liaa rec.-iv.*.! u shock
from whieh it is hanl'to r.-eover. Following right upon tl.U comas thfl nervous strain of ririnu for tin. chilsl, and
a distinct change in lho mother results.
Thero li nothing mnr.i charming thun \
rx happy and healthy motlierof children,
land indeed rliild-hirth under tin. ri^nt i
condition!, need in. no hazard to he-'.Ui or j
beauty. The unexplainahle thinf in thut,
wiUi all tha evidanea of shuttered nerves
und broken health resulting from an un-!
prepared conditian, and with ample timo
■.' which to prepare, women will peruist i
jn going blindly to the trial.
_vt*ry woman at this time should rely
upon Lydia il.Tinkham'sVegetable Com- j
fiotind, a moat valuable tonic and invig-,
orator of the female organism.
In many homes
once childlass there
are naw children la*.
cause of the fact
•hat LydiaE. Pink-
ham's Vegetable
Comaaund makaa
woman aor'mal,
healthy and atratsg.
If yol vast special aihlce wrlto to
■...y.lla R. Plnkham Medicine I'o. (caafl-
.jmtlal) I.ysa, lass.   Tour letter will
iba epeaesl. read sad sosw.resl by a
/•araan and held la strict conBdenco.
Collie Tramped Fifty Miles to Guide
Hia Mongrel Chum
Kvery now anil then someone with
ii canine pet comes out with a story
about It* Intelligence, anil out ot the
lot a fow are worth retailing. One
Mich Incident Is told by a German-
town man.
Ills family possesses a fine Scotch
collie, wnloh has all tho InlelliRenee
ivltlclt m-irlts the good ones of his
kind. The family also has undertaken since spring to harbor a stray
iIok thai helotiRs to no particular
breed, and is "just tlnct." Of course,
Ihey are nnt very proud of this uninvited guest and have never paid much
attention to him.
When the family went away for the]
eunniier -hey took the collie to tlieir]
cOUDtry  'loin**,   wbleh   Is  about   fifty!
miles frnm the cily, and left the mon-t
rrel behind,  after arranging with a
neitt'ihor to leed  him;      Home days
after tliey had settled in the country
they were worried and also surprised
tc realize that the collie wns missing,
lie bad spent, the other summers nt
.be place and should have known his
wny about at* well as the children,
the folks thought.
A enri'ful search about lhe country
did   nol   disclose   the  collie,   so  after
about a week 'he family cave up all
Idea nf finding hlm.     lt was nt this
dramatic time  thai  be  made bla reappearance, and with hlm    wns    the
•iiiii.iirel 'lial bad been left lisdiind as :
lacking class for the resort win.re his
owners stay.    Hoih .iocs were fairly
gaunt from privation and disreputable
looking '"iii   their   days   spent   ns,
tramps bul the oolite showed such unmistakable    si.llsfactlnn    nt    having
latched bis playfellow, and thus right-1
...! :m oversight. Hint liiilli doits wire,
given Hie sain" careful grooming and
fieiling 'n Improve their condition.
Byes of black, of brown, nf lilue,
oil, I've suffered Issm; for ynu:
l.y s ol blue, or brown, of black,
| Eyes—with hooks adown thn back!
I bought a horse with a supposedly
Incurable ringhone for $30. Cured
him with $1.00 worth of MINARD'S
LINIMENT and sold him for $85.00.
Profit on Liniment, $54.00.
Hotel Keeper, St. Phlllippe, Que.
Too Frail to Last ,
So you've broken off your engagement witb Miss Sraurte? asked the
inquisitive friend.
His victim shook his head.
No, he replied; I didn't break It off.
Oh, theu she broke it off?
No. answered the young man, enjoying  bis  friend's growing  wonder.
But it Is broken off, isn't It? persisted the curious one.
Oh, yes! explained the young man
gently She told me what her dressmaker's yearly bill was, and I told her
whnt my Income was. Theu our cn-
gagement gently dissolved.
No child should be allowed to suffer all bnur from worms when prompt
relief can be got In a simpln but
pining remedy—Mother Graves'
Worm   Exterminator.
Four-yetr-old Harry was spending
tbe dny with his auut. Dinner was
line and .he child began to grow restless.
Aunty, he said linully, docs GoiJ
know everything?
Y*'s, si"nr, answered bis aunt,
Every little thing? he persisted.
Yes, uvcry littio thinK, was tbo reply.
Well, ,hi*ii. be said In a tono of
conviction. Ood kniiws I'm hungry.
Lady of the Hoitse-What caused
ynu to become a tramp?
Ragged Roger*—The family physic-
Ian, mum. He advised tne to take
long walks after my meals, nn' I've
been walking after 'em ever ainco.
The illustirat-Oiii shows one off the
many styles off body that we build for
our Light Delivery Car.
221*H. P.
4 Cylinder
4 Cycle
Price of Car with above body lettered as you  requite $1300.00
f. o. b. Clinton.    Get Catalogue and information from
Public Baths
Motherly Hostess—Our modest establishment has only one bathroom,
so we all bave to arruvge wben to
take our turn. What tlmo would you
like to have your hath?
Norvotu Youth twho means well!—
Oh, your tlm;.. is mine. Mrs.  Brown.
I thoin'ht your father looked very
handsome with bts may hair.
Yes, dear old chap, I guve blm
Lawyer (to witness)—Hid you say
that nn Incompetent mnn could keep
a lintel jttHt as well ns anybody?
Witness- Mo, I snld nn Inn-exper-
lenced man eould,—-The Hotel Guide.
Well Stated
You don't avoid hot weather by going away from home.
No, replied Miss Cayenne, but It's
better to be among strangers, where
the formalities prevent Klvlug way to
tho Irritations of climate.
Claire—Jack told me be w-anted to
see vou In the worst possible wny.
Ethyl-Aid what did you say?
Claire- ! * oltl him to come to
breakfast some morning.
W. N. U. 91J
Canned Peaches or Pears
Cul the fruit In halves and remove
the Sinn-* or core, l-'or each quart
Jar allow two cups of sugar and ono
c.ip nf ivater. If the fruit is ripe
and stve .t, less sugar may be used.
One cup of miliar for each quart can
t f fruit is used when tlio fruit Is not
very ncl.l.
Peaches are successfully peeled by
dipping tliem In boiling hot water for
a few minutes. Tho skin will slip
off as easily aa from a tomato, when
treated 'n a similar uianuor.—Woman's World.
In giving medicine lu liquid form to
a baby, place the point of tlu* spoon
containing the medicine aitainst the
roof of Ihe mouths Administered
In this way It will bo Impossible for
the child to choko or eject the medicine.
Woman—I've lost a little boy, po*
Bobby—What's be like?
Woman (displaying ii patch!—Wall
he's a patch on his trousers liko this.
When tlie linoleum or llnorels.th bus
bei n washed and thoroughly dried,
muke a little starch lu a pint tiasln
with boiling wnler and rub lightly
over with a clean elollt. It will dry
very brltluly, without any further
rubbing sir pollahlng< and has the advantage of being glossy without bo-
Ing slippery,	
It Is a good plan to sprlnklo snw-
nust evenly on the lloor before Iny-
Ing down oilcloth. The sawdust
mattes a soft foundation for tho oilcloth to lie on. and it prolongs Its
wear. For a damp (loor It Is specially recommended.
Prosecjllng Attorney—Yonr honor,
the bull pup has gone und chawed up
tho court Bible.
Judge—Well, mako the witness kiss
the bull |.up, tben. We can't adjourn court for a week Just to hunt
up a new Blblo.
Minard's Liniment Curea Diphtheria.
Ah, Ves, Too True
I can't understand  why you wish
to lavish your affection on a dog. Wh,
don't you adopt a child?
Oh, I should bo afraid to become
fond ot n child. If It should die ona
couldn't hnve it stuffed and put la
1 corner of the library, you know.
She Is very liberal In her charities,
snid one woman.
Yes, answered tho other, liberal,
but not always practical. For Instance she wanted to send alarm
clocks to Africa to uld sufferers fr.nn
tbo    stepping    sickness. — McCall's
It Is not generally knlwn that oil-
marks or murks where peoplo have
-csted their beads can bo taken from
the paper on .vails by mixing pipeclay
with wuter to a consistency of creiini,
laving- It on the spot, and letting It
remain til! the following day, when It
may bo easliy retnfvcd with a penknife or brush.
A Wise Precaution
Thc day before Bho was to be married, Hi" "Id negro servant came to
her DllsL-oss nnd entrusted her savings in her keeping. Why should
I keep It; I thought you were going
to be martini, said her mistress.
,i    So I Is. Missus, but do you 'sposo
I'd keep al! ills money lu the houso
j wlil tbat ..-I ingu uiggcr.
r  DODD'S 'v
v   PILLS ^
noctor—I seo what tho matter is.
It's dyspepsia. All you havo to dsi
Is to laugh heartily beforo and after
each meat,
Mrs. lllnk—Impossible. I cook
tbem myt'clf und wash the dishes.
He Had no Choice
One must learn to sympathise with
domestic frailties. 1 was rebuking
r. tniin tlio otber day for backing up
his wife In what was not only nn absurd story, but ono In which I could
see be bnd no belief.
You should really bo moro careful,
I snld, nnd I lell you candidly I don't
bellcvo a word of your wife's story.
You may do nn you like, he said,
mournfully, but l'vo got to.
Vicar— The most wondorful organ
I ever uuw wus the property of a prl*
vote gontleinuu. It hud nearly s
hundred Mops.
Sexton—Uin! Tho most remark.
able organ 1 ever heard Is my old
woman's tongue. It ain't got ns
stops at all.
Tad! ''  *'   '
What Is a bultre»»?
A butttess Is—er—why.—a nanny-
goat, of course. Don't usk so many
Dentist—Wrlteley, lho novelist, was
In this morning nnd bud a tooth
Friend—Ah! An extrnct from a popular author, as It were.
Ho—It's quite true that there are
microbes In kisses.
gho—Oh, tbo sweot little darlings!
A fioallng dry-dock with a lifting
capacity of 30,000 tons has beon built
lor the British Admiralty.
Chance for Heroism
Adorer (anxiously)—What did your
fa'her say?
Sweet Girl—Oh,  he got so angry
I wns afraid to stay and listen.    He's
In a perfectly terrible rage..    Oo In
J and appease kiss..
18o a Tin.
Doa-IM-stMB fn-l son >llh a.ksaalatUllea
tntp l, tb. oniOIHit, ud BSST UUD
OI.I1NSR.   WUI t««s« ra, sat ssslea THE   FREE   PRESS,   CHILLIWACK,    B.C.
are moit at eaae when gowned In mod-
eeately clinging sktrta. But In connection with skirts the latest aensa-
tlonal mode) ln tailor madea la the
"Jupe panialon." or pantaloon aklrt
Thla recent Parlalan coprlce has Utile
In common with the erstwhile barern
close gatherings at the walat line, con-1 Thin costume, needless to say, will
fined by small buckles similar tn those be adopted only by girls who go In tor
used on a man's ire-u.Hers At each sifk-j extremes In dress. And the wearer of
of the skirt Is a pocket, and lo corn-1 thu "Jupe paniulon." when sitting
plete the reseintilnnce to masculine at-* around nt her club smoking cigarettes,
tiro bracei fastened by button*, back j win mok at tlrst slyiu like m man to
and front hold up the akin. 1 shirt sleeves.
THERE are two atylea predicted
for fall, a revival of the dlrec-
tolre types and the pannier
modes — not, however, the
pannier of olden times, bul the new
pannier of 1912. which is a strange
rendering of the original idea. In many
Instances it looks only like an over-
skirt that la turned over and fastened
down around the hem—an inverted
tag, as It hus been called.
Women have been so devoted to the
long, slim line that, as a mile, they do
not   welcome -with   any  degree  of  en-
thualasm the Idea of being made to
iuuK like bolsters with strings around
the middle which undoubtedly ta the
silhouette presented by the ultra pannier skirt of today
"Give us long, straight lines for our
tailor tnadea and we'll submit to drapery and hip effects for our less formal
costumes." said a woman recently
when interviewing her dressmaker
a bout the ordering of "a few tall
Thia opinion will be echoed by the
majority of women, who look best and
skirt of fame except that the harem l With this garment Is worn a shirt of
had the bottom of the skirt, while the white percale, perfectly dat and plain,
"Jupe paniulon" gives us the top of with long sleeves. wristlets and a high,
the tame garment This latest d**v«*i-- stiff collar—in fact, a mail's shirt In ail
opment Is a skirt with a series ot little   Us unadorned severity.
There Is. however, a mannish shirt
that is going to figure this tall conspicuously in the wardrot-e of every
well dressed woman This shirt is
mostly made of white satin and, aa
said, la extremely mannish In cut, after the masculine directolre atandard
It shows the long Bhoulder line, long
sleeves snd a deeply opening Robespierre collar finished with plaited
frills In many cases quantities ot
i,nitons are used to outline trimming
edge.-* on this new model.
A delightful shirt of this character Is
built of palfl gray satin with scarlet
piplngi   around   ttie   cuffs,   down   the
front and about tbe slanting armholee.
Tiny scarlet satin buttons eel close to-,
get her follow the Hue of pipings.',
White satin shirts have small crystal
buttons, und a fascinating trick played
by this new shin is tlie opening for;
three or four buttons below thu Robe-'
splerre collar, a shirred tucker of floshJ
colored chiffon being worn in the open-'
Ing Thl* gives the waist an unusual
up pen ranee mull on* disoovarB that!
Llie effect is "faked."
To come back to skirts once more,
there is every reason to believe that,
plaits will i>« Introduced in the
straight, narrow tailor made models.
Borne of the plaits appear m s panel
arrangement ut the side and othsn as
a back finish, but in every instance
tliey are pressed or studied very flat,.
and the skirt does not measure more
than two and a half yards nbout the
bottom, For dressier costumes the ac-
cordlon plaited ;Jupe Is seen even now
on Imported frocks end In Its new
guise Im scant and clinging Theq there
is tin- plaited underskirt, almost i_ ruffle efTocl al tli-* bottom or a skirl, say
ni,mil two feel deep, with a pannier or
tunic drapery nt the top, that Is a very
favorite style lusl iio.> and is i particularly good model for tilk anl thin
(in*- of ti"*- newest faahlona for late
summer and early fail combines thr-****
or more materials In a gown und always two or more colors The lingerie
frock seen In the Illustration, with Its
dmk taffeta coat, la an example of contrasts in fabrics, while Uk blue serge
Illustrated is a study in color effects.
Very simple In line Is ihls coat of
green nnd gold taffeta worn above a
frock of cream net The coat Is Almost,
a straight tunic, with Magyar sleeves
cut In one with the garment, but the
exaggerated collar and cuffs to rich
cluny lace lend It much distinction.
Rows of tiny green glass buttons »r_
set on the lace as an extra trimming
touch This is a French creation and
accompanies a lovely linger.*** frock uf
net and lace. The skirt only appeal*
In lhe cut
The colnnt.il colors, navy 6i_e an<i
buff, are represented In lh* dainty little autumn traveling .ult of navy blue
serge designed for a September brUi..
The coat is gracefully cut. and t'"*"*
walking skirt Is abort enough tu r*jv«_J
buttoned hoots of dull calf.
Among the Illustration.-- ts to oo
found a type of the dtraototre soototauM
that are promised for (all Ai fva -»*-«.
tt la the masculine rather than fio
feminine dress of the dtreolalm 0*rto0.
that baa Inspired aurumn Buifttomfc
This suit Is of whit* QrottdcIoC&t ami
the dlreototra coat is worn wtlh » oetti
of empire green leather Emfct-ottiamd
white silk gloves meet tie _ unwed'
oleevea. CATKERLVE T.-kU30T.
Butterfly   Effects
-"THERE is it presenr a eraae Tnr imt-
terfly effects The dentin ItatfOO
on parasol tops, on smart veltlxtga nul
is worked in wonderful irMeeaenl affects on tne new trimmings
The wince,) favor*'*-** u» used eJM u
shoe Duckies, brooches, coiffure ir*.*i-
rnents, and beautiful destgna -ir** *¥»n
In enamels an.l small diamond-, -tedS
aattn and velvet oattartby tutmrm adfcwfl
with brilliants or colored stonaa ar-s
lovely The material is stlopsd nr*i \
frame, and 'htis any color .-.-in ae *U_m_
to the diamond's rimmed oow.
fTHERE are girls who alwnys appear
to get more invitations than they
can accept and who are asked to the
snme houses over and over again. While
other fair ones. Just as charming and
delightful to all outward view, never
by any chance receive second invitations.
The popular visitor Is a tactful Individual who has the knack of su merging her individuality in tliat of the
family of which she la a temporary
member that she scarcely seeina a visitor, yet she never makes the terrible
mistake of usurping family privileges
She Is not late for breakfast or anv
other meal She does not give orders
to servants or in any way attempt to
change '.he household routine
When ahe is nsked where she would
like to gn or what she would like to do
she answers frankly There is nothing
more Irritating than tlie "Oh. I don I
enre tn the least!" or "Whatever you
like" reply The desirable visitor exercises her tact, however, in tins aa in
nil other tilings and takes cure not to
suggest fatiguing excursions to a hostess less  youthfully  active than  herself
or force a host perhaps not too wall
dowered wllh thla world's goods into
needless expense If you desire to he
a nleaoIng visitor don't be too energetically iient on "helping" If you keep
your eyes open it will noon become evident if there are small services you can
render any member nf the household
Hut the girl who ipslats on cooking
aome particular dish or "doing tie
flowers"--In i'oth cases requiring half
an hour's attendance getting tier properties together—ts an unmitigated nui-
Don't monopolize your host'**, apeclnl
rhatr or use hi.** writing table withoui
Ins direct suggestion Don't litter th*
living rooms with vour possessions or
leave vour own room unildy Don't,
)USt bacauie vou are visiting, stt down
and   eXpeet   10   be   enterialiieit   all   Uuv
long    Arrange to go walking or "write
letters'* in vour bedroom for an hour
ur two m day
Rem em being  these tilings,  you also
wtll he of lho visitors whose visits, unlike those or angola, era not h w und
fur between.
THE new scarf arrangements are
really so elaborate that they become part of the bodice trimming
Thla Idea Is Carried out on the gown
seen In the illustration The long drapery  of  black  silk   netting   Is  studded
Worth 'Remembering
To cultivate laughter a good laugh
is better than medicine, as n rule
To always keep your trouble* tn yourself Most people are ton busy to lie
bothered with or Interested in your
If posiihie tn learn how to tell a good
story and in this way amuse and entertain others
To always try to took on the bright
Side of life Kee the good in people
ami things and overlook the had We
ran always And aotnething that is
good, even if at tlrst everything seems
utterly bad
If ymi nre suffering, to try to hlfle
four aches and palm under a bright
■ nd cheerful count enn nee. and. If possible, a sunny smile and s hearty laugh.
It will help you as much aa those
around you.
That a gnod humored man or woman
ta always welcome, but a doleful ono la
••var wantod, . ■ .    ...
with gold beads, ami the length of tissue  is   wrapped  flrsl   shout   the  bodice
in auuave fnahton un>i then brought
from tne back und twioted over Uie
arms, where Uie long ends hang grace"
fully Such a scurf is adapted to a
ureal many different treatments, ull as
effective as tne one pictured
T F vegetables not quite fresh are
brought Into the kitchen tliere is
no hope of ever restoring them to first
class condition. Even good vegetables
wtll not be at their very beei it not
properly cared for after they have been
Most housewives think that washing
vegetables with wuter is the last word
In carefulnesa So It la if the water le
above suspicion, but when water la not
considered safe for drinking It ahould
be bulled aa well for washing vegetables as It ahould be tor family consumption
As to the best way of waahlng vegetables, a few cautions will not come
amiss. Some people never eat asparagus at table unless It has been prepared by some one who ts careful, as
they do not enjoy biting on sand Ttie
cleaning of this vegetable requlree
conscience as well as time.
The bunch should be placed, bends
down, in water for some hours and
should be shaken back and forth to
dislodge the panicles of earth
Spinach Is another vegetable which
requires the vory hest attention in the
cleaning line to free It from grit. After the routs have bepn cut off It should
he washed In a number of waters und
lifted uut of the pan each time In loose
handfula heforo the wuter bus been
drained off
Celery and lettuce snd olher salad
plants, eaten raw, must be washed
With especial care. Tliey should ba
searched with particular tare, leaf by
leaf, Inr tnsects, washed In several wn
tors and then wiped dry with a clean
cloth and put, in a void plnce to become
Orlop Otherwise these vegetables are
uot worlli eating.
_S?       IN   THE   CULINARY   WORLD       ®
Grapefruit Cocktail.
OUT a chilled grapefruit in halves
With a sharp, thin Knife remove
the seeds snd cut out each section of
fruit Serve the pulp with the Juice in
dainty glasses Two tahiespnonfuia of
sugar and one tablespoon ful of sherry
may be added to each glass or either
or both may be omitted Another
method la to tai - -n-permit Juice or
lemon and orange in equal proportions
tt Is then sweetened to taste, flavored
wllh maraschino and diluted Just before serving wtth charged water and
put in tall glasaea with some ot tbe
grapefruit pulp and a maraschino
Refreshing Beverages.
Any fresh fruit makes a delicious
drink at this rime of the year when the
Juice sii net-red from ii is at rained,
sweetened and filled with cold soda or
aerated wuter Or a sirup can be made
to be kept un hand by boiling the Juice
, with sugar To make the drinks use
a tew spoonfuls of this sirup and All
the glass   with  water,  plain  or turbo-
' nnted The most delicious lemonade
or limeade can bs had at a moment's
notice If the Juice of the trull be kept
on hand and mixed with sugar to taste
It la simplicity itself to pour water over
tbls, and the drink la ready.
Spicad Red Cabbage.
Shave a medium sized head of red
cabbage and soak for half an buur In
cold water, then drain as dry as possible In a saucepan melt one heaping
tuhtespoonful of butter and one tuble-
spoonful of sugar, oue teuspoonful of
suit, one-quarter tPnspnoni~ul of pepper,
six whole cloves and nne-hulf cupful of
good vinegar Add the drained cabbage, cover and cook slowly, then simmer gently (or fully an hour and a
Light Corn  0*-ead.
In the evening put  tn a mixing bowl
one pint of tine curmneul. a scant tea-
spoonful   of   salt   a   tuhlespooiiful   of
sugar nnd a lar-js tabli**aoann**'i! JiJ
ehorieniiiK. sitner lard or lur. aad luster mixed Pour over Just enoagtl niill-
tng water from ths '.■•t'le ta molQCe.Bg
thoroughly and no mor. C.iv-r ;ins**-
ly and leave for the night. NOW rnnra-
ing add two or three wad tatoefl sif^i
(according to th. season>. \ la.f euo-
ful of milk, one pint of sifted lour .aulas much more milk as ■* BeoOMriQ 'j*
make a thin drop natter Pour .nr-** t,
well greased ahal.ow pan and iha*
twenty-five minutes id a nit o"ttL
Boston Baked CHicJ-sn.
A chicken is cut uo a» f0» MeMmmmmyt
and to each pound of tne meat anow
two tableapoonfuia or flour. or.» aoauM
tnlf teaapoonfu) of salt and a dust it
pepper Mix thoroughly snd roit eacn
piece of the chick-m In the mixtur**.
Pack c'osely in a large Roan c<>( and
cover wtth r^illlng water E-w**i f.ir
three hours snd a half Cover e\!'".r ten
or fifteen minutes, mn not befors it
bolls Serve |q the d:ah in wbu-.a it la
New Christening Gift
flTFTS 'nr babies ure so often silver
cups and silver rutiler* Unit a nte*
gift, and at the same lime a useful one,
ts a relief to And However, it really
is to lie had in s box winch holds sti
little pairs of bniiv shoes and two little
pairs of silk socks with oue pair of
knitted nooieea Thene are arranged
in n box wnn-h opens with e drawer
ThO little Ihnea are pink, blue end
white, und Iwo pairs are it lues, two
pairs are soft kid mocruslns and two
pairs are little slippers, so tlmt the
baby Is provided for literally at "ev-sry
step of the way" Three little satin
eacheta are alsu in the box, aad the
entire oot may bo had for Ut
Sure  Cure  For  Dandruff
IXH'U   over   one   heaping   tablespoon
ful of sulphur one quart holhng
wster Keep lu nn air tight vessel for
twenty-four hours, then drain off the
clear portion Huh into tiie scatp every nighl until the dandrtlff disappears
While treating the scalp for dnndrutf
It Is advisable that one be very careful
shout the shampoo The following
liquid la excellent for this purpose,
leaving the sculp beautifully clean and
the hulr as fluffy sa one could wish*
Boat the yolk of one ega Into one pint
hot rainwater nnd add one uunce ro****-
mary spirits Meal Ihe mixture well
und use it warm, rubbing n well into
the scalp and over ihe hair Uinse in
several wntero and su tn the suu until
the hair Is dry
A  Dainty Collar
rvo wear with colored linen dresses a
sailor   <-nilar   of   sheerest   mull   la
most   effective
It requires a half vnrd nf material
After Cutting the collar nut flniah Ihe
edge wllh an im li wide (rill of finely
plaited net
Cuffs to mitrh mnv bs msde wuh
rounded or aquafO corners snd edged
with platted net
If a touch of color la desired a row
of featheratttrhlng where tbe net la
joined to tho collar supplloi IU
npHB very latest at ths eeaahore is tne, the "Inner woman" before returning to( tea  party     After swimming  about  fnr
wean tea party    Theveryortttin.il  the hotel, ths idea presented Uaulf of! half   »n   hour 'Mta*   Nlcoll   umi   her
uies   of   eiiicrluiinng   friends   in   Iht*  having   afternoon   tea   served   in   the   friends )olned s young 'natron who was
unique f.uMon whs conceived by  Mi-soce.it, pouring   tea   behind   the   ocean   going
Charlotte Von Courtland Nlcoll, a New1    miss Nlcoll outlined ner idr-s to the tray
York society  girl,  niece of Da  Lanciv   hotel narpentet   who hum a seaworthy      This   party   proved   inch   a   success
Nlcoll. the famous lawyer crafi with a high poop dock to hold thej thai th* fair hostess issued Invitations
for an "ocean tea" every Friday during
Augual hi 4 p  in
Mlsa NICOll, Who ta spending the tOAOUpl and commodious deck I pace
aummer st Long BOOOh, N Y , i-*> in forward and midships for piste*- of
loeompllshed swimmer Finding thai sandwiches and onKOi
this fascinating sport increased heri Everything being ihlpehape; notes
appetite io such an extent while in the were sent to several uf hits* Nlooll's
water thai oho waa obliged to satisfy  friends inviting them to ber flrst ocean
The making of such an Ocean going
craft is quite within the province of
the amateur carpontei -/.lib . turn for
atiutPal construction, i FREE  PRESS,  CHILLIWACK,   BRITISH   COLUMBIA.
Stocks of Lumber
1'i.niinl. (I'lir Now Em.)
I'rini.ii uml imiiii-hs-ii over*; Tlitiriuliiy from iis
office, Weatiiiliutor Street, Ohllllwiiiik.
ShIs-..-! iiiii"n price $1 .oil in*. I'ciir in nttviiiH'c In nil
 r s I - in lliils-li I'.niliil.' :   li. Ullltoil Slssls-s Ji.ai.
Dlanlni nilvurtUlnit rnles mnile known ssu up.ili
nitlnii to tlic uiiblMicr.
iii-i.i.iv iiilvoi'tlsora ..ill ,»,.-,*—.- roinomliot timi
l., Insure ii .Iiuiii..,.. i-i.iu nitial lio in m.t Inter lium
W'.-slns—,|H\ IlintliilliC.
i'. a IIAKUIilt. I'tilillalioi nml Pronriotor,
The Rosedale Lumber Co. Rosedale,
and £. 0. Patterson, C. C. Road    g
Ami  will  he pleased to quote pi-ices ut I
tlioso points ns woll us tlelivorocl mi tho 1
Yard Phone MANAGER Office Phono
224 86
Solves lhe
Ten Days
Free Trial
Fur 1012 wi' are
offering a
•*• —.—,—,—..,-.   .n —-_.n      of tin* li lb.  nlzo,
ELECTRIC IRONS    s„itablo for gen'
oral    household
HBO  lur
Thia iniu is sim-
ihir to all "Ilut-
point " except
thnt tin* upper
surface is unpolished.
Rich Black Soil, light
$15.00 per acre
BarlHT liiiil<l.]i_
Westminster Trust Building
British Colombia Electric Ry.
Leave Arrivi*
Traiii.       t!li\vk. Wesimin.
'i 8,80a.m. 11.20
5 1.16 p.m. ll. 4r>
7 6.00 p.m. H.40
Leave Arrivi*
Traiii     Iltgdn. Wcstinin,
1 6,80 a.m. 3.B6
l-ei.ve Arrivi'
Train         Van. Wcstinin.
•!    ».Illl n.m. II.III)
4 12,16 noon 1.20
S  6.00p.m, 0.10
Lcavo Arrive
Train        Vnn.       Westniln.
li 8.03 p.m. 4.UT.
lit. In.
LoavoCliilliwnck 7."" n.m. tlnll) except
Leave Nanconvcr 7."" u m dally except
Milk Train dally 0.16 p.m.
AU ptwen-wr train*, raecpt Nos,  l ii.nl
6, handle Express.
Express, TrucK
and Dray
Reg. E. Broadhead
Opposite Barber's Drugstore.
City Market
Main Street, Vancouver
It hits been arranged to hold two
."nh's weekly,   Wednesday   und
Saturday tit 10 n.m.
Qrowors will please nrranga t.>
hnve iheir consignments forwarded tlio previous evening.
\\V  bundle   Pruit,   Vegetables,
Poultry, Eggs, Ment, Etc.
john McMillan
Willi lho return of tho harvesting Benson lur Iln' larger fruits,
many complaints aro hoard from
growers In regard lo lho dlsoropanuy
between lho prioo obtainable by tin*
grower and tlmt at whloh their produco finally roadies tin* consumer.
This province is imt singular in
this i'fs|H'i't.. Similar complaints
havo beon rife among all producers
since lime Inimomoi'lal,and perhaps,
especially among agricultural producers, sine*, ibey in lhooldor countries have always ben the last to
combine, nnd ibus ovorcomo tlio
dlllicultlos of gottlng tbi'ir produco
in marital, without dropping much
of iis pnilit nn tlu' way.
Tin' sympathy of ovoryono must
gu out t.i tin' farmer whu, after his
year's hard work, seos, ns ho thinks,
tin* middleman reaping a large portion t.f the profits which ho considers should havo unne into his own
pocket. It is, too, porhaps especially difficult for the farmer to become ll"' blll'il-heillleil dealer who
can huld his own in llie keen competition of the markets of tho cities.
He sponds bis days in localities
where he bus not the sume opportunities of sharpening his Wl'.S llllll
gainingtho latest information whicli
lho dweller in the city bus. Sn
far, us bus been seen, he deserves
llul hear tho other side of the
cuse from tjie wholesale buyers in
the cities. They eun tell nf the
expense of collecting small lots
from many widely separated points,
of the difficulties of obtaining evenness of quality nnd packing, und
being able It. rely on the grower to
supply regular quantities with punctuality und, when necessary, dis-
patch. Their contracts, if their
businesses nre to show a profit, must
be nn a lurge scale, nud this buying
nf smnll lots here uml there is not
worth their while.
Il is here that the middleman
ste|is in; to him tho wholesaler states
the amount of fruit wanted periodically on such und such dates, the
prices he is willing to puy for it,
and when u rush comes it is on the
middleman he enn depend tu enable him lo meet the requirement
of the market with fruit of the required quality and grade. Naturally lie prefers tt. deal with the
middleman, whom be enn depeml
on tn "deliver the goods." It is
ull natural enough, and points
clearly to the line of proccedure
which alono cnu lift tbe farmer
uver the obstacles which nt present
divert sn much nf bis profits into
other peoples' pockets.
The farmer individually cannot
become his own middleman, but
the farmers collectively enn. He
mny not hnve the time nr ability to
mnke himself into u first-class man
of business in the selling line, but
by co-operation witli his brother
fnrmers he can afford to buy the
services of the middleman, nnd
use him us his employee, instead of
allowing him to be muster of the
It is ono of the grotttest advantages of this western country that
the ruts nf tradition ure not deep;
men's minds are mute ii|h*ii tn the
reception of new ideas, as is shown
by tlieir readiness to adopt co-operation—up to a point. It is fur the
fruit growers uf lhe island und lhe
province tu carry tbe principal
further if  tbey nre   tn successfully
compete with tlie Americans s.f the
fuur slnles tu the southward in the
markets opon to them both.
.Mr. W. K. Seott, when speaking
nt Vancouver lust week on the
future of tho fruit Industry "f the
provinco, stated that where the
advantage In*, with the Americans
ill llie fruit markets, was in Iheir
methods of selling,   The four stales
uf Oregon, Washington, Montana
und Idaho hnve practically what
iiniounts to a single selling ngeney
for lho whole four, and iu lliis way!
Ibey prevent dlfforont districts Infilling againsl eucli othor nnil reduc* i
ing llie price. The onoi'lllOUS uil-
vanlage lliis gives them when competing willi British Columbia, where
ibo different associations Imve tint,
Iciil'lied lu ucl   together,   is easily
Mr. Scull also Bounded a mite uf
Minting as lo future prices which
emphtisizcs the necessity of lhe
fruit growers uf British Columbia
preparing tn meet siill keener competition 111 tho future, lie thinks
ilmt it cannot lie reasonably expected that the present high prices can
continue, Qrowors must expect to,
in lime, get down In about a dollar
a liux, ut which price lie believes
Iheir   is  siill   gnnd  monoy  in  the
business.    But this reduction in
price will muke it yet. inure iinpnr-
tiuil thnl Ilu* farmer shull lie in ii
position tu secure u grcnter proportion than over of the profits, nnd
lu tin this ho must grow his crops
sclontlllloally, thnl is, with the leasl
possible expense |.i produce lhe liest;
lie must sec Ihnl the fruit is graded
aud | kefi in n wuy equal In thut
uf the liest nf liis rivnls, nnil then,
Iiv shipping in carloads, undor the
auspices of a central selling association, whicli is run in the intcresls
nf lhe farmors, lie will gu iniu nny
murket he muy wish lu capture, ut
lensl. un level terms with llie grow-
ers nf uny other purls uf Ibe world,
—Victoria Colonist,
The rapid growth nf lhe population in ull parts uf Ibe  provli   is
forcefully illustrated in the clronm-
stnnco Hint, tm fewer lhan twenty-
six new schools were applied fur
during the month uf Soptomhor.
Among those thut huve been grunted ure schools nl Coqtlitlam Hum,
Turtle Vnlley and Cltrsten. New
school buildings are promised the
communities uf Lower Nicola und
Crawford liny, while Alherni, now
tlmt it lius become n city, will provide for itself the new building
which its growth and population demands. At Grand Forks aconlract
has just been let fnr a 817,".Oil addition t" the high school.
Tbe stingless bee is the nc:' production of inuii's ingenuity. .Mr.
Burrows, nn apiarist of the tuwn i.f
Lottghton, in Essex, England, after
twu yeurs nf experiments, bus obtained a species nf bee whieh cun be
handled by a child with perfect
safety. He muted Cyprian drones
and Italian queens, tbe result lieing
the production of harmless insects,
which, however, nre splendid winkers. It is snid they are less liable
in disease thun the ordinary honey
gatherer! It appears tbnt the now
lice bns a sting, but it is harmless
ns a weapon nf defence, Yet the
bee dies wben he lnuscs it.
R. A. Henderson, o.e. Am.e.
B. ('. Land Surveyor
Knouts 10 .It 11, Westminster Trust Block
We have u new uml up-to-date
plum with the lit'i'st methods lor nil
kinds uf Cleaning, Dyeing und Pressing,    Expert help fssr ull branches.
Special attention will lie given in nil
Mud ituii Kxpt-csa orders frum Cliilliwnck uml tin* Vnlley. Wcsollclj atrial,
428   5th AVE.  W..  VANCOUVER
Election   Notice
TAKE NOTU'K tliat all |torsoiifl (oilier
lium iX'uistercil |n«ijiiriy owners, or vrti-
ileca nnuur registered agreements of snlo
having secured from-the registered owner
a written transfer of tlio right tn vote)
desiring to vote at tlio next election of
Mayor und Aldermen fnr the City Mt
Chilliwaek. must file u declaration with
the City Clerk mi or heforo fl o'clock
p, in. of October Ml hi 1012.
I). \.. I'AKI.KToN,
City dork.
Porms for transfer to agreement holder
cun in- had upun application In tin- City
%     Established
t        Paid up Capital and Reserve $11,400,000
+ Wo give special attention to Havings Accounts,    One
* Dollar only is necessary to open an account,  interest
* allowed at highest Bank rate antl added twice a yonr.
* No delay in withdrawals,    Two or more persons may
* opon a joint account and either party can withdraw
* money,
* ,1
* Manager
* ********** .*..;. **,*.,*** ************.:.*f.**(.****/,,.;.+ !* ;.t.» (,.>*♦
I |
I Know and Every-|
body Knows
* Tlmt Mnr.v luul u lillle Iinnii.    lllll rvcrylni.lv dun't
* know Hint wo aro in lho Kiiruiiure uud   I Inn Ihu re
* business, and wo aro taking Ihis moans nf lolling
•j* ynu know, lint Mary's lamb wns nol muoh ol n
J lamb until niter it. went In mtliaol, then it beaamo
f very popular.   So UiIb store is not muoh ol n sloro
f until wc gat in uur full stuck, und   then   Ihis  slurc
I will bocomo us popular und us well known us the
j historical Mary's lamb. And whal is going lo do il?
J Our Price is lifw, nur goods nre good,
* We would do belter if we could.
t   The New Furniture and Hardware Co.   |
Ladies 1 is it reasonable to invest $20.00
in a hat, and wear cheap, ordinary shoes ?
The best gowned woman in our town is
fastidious about her footwear.
Her shoes harmonize with
her gown and headgear.
Otherwise she would not be
correctly gowned. You know
this lady. And she insists
on wearing
We can give you a perfect fit. Made on the latest
model, in all widths, in a shoe
that is comfortable, flexible and
durable, llelindo Shoe is a tailor-
made shoe for particular women,
and is an apt expression of the latest style.
The Cushion Heel, (exclusively controlled
by HelindoShoes,) makes walkingndclight.
No nails to hurt the foot, and produces
a resilient, springy effect that characterizes
a graceful walk. We have them in all
sizes and invite a careful inspection.
Continuity of Impression is successful advertising.
i Big Values in Five Acre Blocks '
Half Mile from B. C. Electric Station and Close to School and Store.   These are splendid buys
AT $150 to $225 PER ACRE
Money to Loan
Having been appointed local agents for the
Sun Life Assurance Company h
of Canada, we are prepared to loan money on
Improved Chilliwack Farm
and to Purchase
Approved Mortgages and
Agreements for Sale
Many Machines and Processes
Used In Its Making.
9 Applications for Loans receive the personal attention
& of our Mr. Hart who is Inspector of Loans for the {*
& Sun Life Co. in British Columbia,  and are handled £
g with the least possible delay.   *
|       Call on us for further particulars
1 Chilliwack B. C.
The Housewife Hay Use As Much "Gumption" in Spending the Family Income as
the Husband does in Earning it.
"Gumption" is not a slang word, by any
means. It is Americanese for' 'practical sense''
If the housewife doesn't us it, generously, in
making purchases for the home, she will find
the family income always insufficient-"glowingly insufficient!
Imprudence-"which is n form of non-gumption-*-will discount nnd
make futile even an increase in family income. For the easiest thing
in tho world is to drift along, paying a dollar too much for this thing
und a dime to much for that! And (his is tho invariable practice of
those buyers of family supplies who think it "too much troublo to
road tbn nils." For, you seo, ibe ads, are as important to the buyer
of homo supplies as are the market reports to n broker.
Tbe merchant's "store news" should be served to patrons, and prospective patrons, as promptly and as satisfactorily as ho would mako
delivery of goods.     To do this profitably use the Free Press.
Ts Become an Adopt In tha Dallitata
Work ol Tempering Edge Steel Necessitates a Long Couria ol Training
•nd Years ol Experience.
Tlio labor of ranking n pocketlcnlfo
la, nn usual ln everj1 industry thut la
Mtrrlod on liy Ibe nid of n great deal of
Enclilnory, much divided. Each lilutltt
OtiilHt ito tlii'uiii.ii uii separate prac-
r-fmiss-'lrst, foi'glng! second, loylu*;
jn tlm "tittiBs," Hint pint which ll in-
period lull, tho hiiiullo nntl through
iThii'h ilu. blnde la rivaled) third.
miming or atlltoping Wltb lho unrao
If Iht* iniiiiiifiii'liimr; fourth, "rln.ll*
ing," ur niiiig ii depression In tho norli
jf lho liiinli* botween tho sharp edge
md iin* heavier part or "tangi" tiftb,
temporlng; niith, griiiding.
All this applies lo lho two ordinary
dlnili's of ii knifo. Null blades nro sill)-
Irrtid io silli nnotber process-nuiuoly,
tht* .'lilting of llii* III.*, which te a do-
pit ii mont of work In Itsolf.
Should wo Inspect lho innlorinlroom
jf u kulfo niiiiiiifnrtory wo should tlnd
Heavy Iron preSBei. which stump uut
troin shoot, of brass or iron tbo metal
loiiles nnd lining. I'be bright tips on
tbo end nf tho knifo, .'tilled "bolsters,"
ire pressed out of German Bllver unlet- nnother heavy weight, whlcb does
Its work In ono blow. Uuge shears cut
frsitn sheets cf stool, used only for Ihls
purpose, long strips that are afterward
fashioned under a press Into springs
Cor the buck of the knife.
Tbe rod of steel from wblcb tbe
blades are mode ls taken from tbe material room to tbe forge. Here one end
Is put Into • bod of bot coals, tbe bellows arc pumped, and tbe end Is soon
The skilled forger thea bnmmera tho
blade lnio shape upon his anvil, and
,o accurate Is his eye nnd so eiaot bis
band that the blnde does not deviate
) bulr's breadth from tbe llttlo brass
pattern that ts before him nnd to
which each blade must correspond ex
The blade Is next dipped ln water
■nd becomes as hard und brittle as
glass But tbe edges nre rough. It Is
nearly uniform ln thickness and ls a
light gray In color.
Again tbe forger's skill Is brought
Into play In the tempering. Laying
tbe blades on a copper plate ovor tbe
(Ire. be watches tbem as tbey change
tbelr bue wltb tbe degree of heat, first
lo straw color, then to darker straw
and now to tho dark purple which de
notes that the proper degree of heat
has boen obtained. Tbey nre plunged
Into cold water as flat as Ibey reach
tbls point
If the blades were allowed to remain
longer over the Are tbe steel would
cbango to a light blue and become so
soft that the blades could be bent
easily. Tbls Is perbaps the mnst In
porttint process In the manufacture.
The blades nre taken next to the
grinding room. The grinder must also
depend upon tlie accuracy of his eye
and tbe training of bis hand, for as he
presses tbe blade on the rapidly revolving stone, turning lt on both sides
and grinding nil Its edges, he practically finishes ll. though afterward, In
tbe cutler's room, a higher finish Is
given IL
From Ihe "wheel room" the blades
go lo llie culler's room, where Ibey
find tbe other parts of Ibe knifo and
where nil tbe parts are put together.
Each workman bere is at work upon
a particular lot of knives, all of une
pattern. Upon bis work bench are the
various parts of the knives, prepared
by other bands—thc center scales that
separate the blades, the outer brass
scales of llulng, wltb tbe German sll
ver bolsters, which hnve been securt*d
lo tlie ends by a heavy drop hammer;
the wood, Iv.sry or pearl scales, Uie
springs and tho wire rivets.
Each brass lining, with its covering.
Is put tn a vise, und holes nre drilled
In It for the rivets. A brass wire Is
thrust through the middle of the ban
die toward tbe back. This acciircs tbe
spring, and It is then broken oh* wltb
Uppers and headed duwn with a ham I
mer. This holds the scales and springs
Another rivet through the bolster secures one blnde or two blades if the
knife hns moro thun uue blade bung
at each end.
Thc several parts nre now put to
getlier.   The next process Is "Imftlug" .
or llnishlng Ihe covers   uf the handle. I
which Is done on a leather wheel coat- j
•d with glue and emery.    'I'lie rungb
edges arc rounded und smoothed, and
Ihen tho knives aru carefully csnmlu
ed to see if tho cutler hns done bis
wurk properly.
If tbe spring works easily and the 1
blades close without striking the!
knives aro sent to tbe bludo polisher.
On a wooden wheel covered wltb
tlm* leather the ordinary blnde* nre
given a polish called a "glaze finish."
Finer grades of knives nre glvon •
"crocus finish"—n mirror-llkc surface—
ou a leather wheel which revolves .
very slowly, in order Ihul lhe blades
shall not bsx'ome healed nud lose tbeir
The knives nre now taken lo nnother
room, where, ou nn oilstone. Ibo keen
rutting edges nre "set." Tbls done,
tin* blades are rlosed. and tbe "btl.T
lug Wheel" given the iinui polish lo the
outer side.-Philadelphia Ilevurd.
e:s*4,$*****'*e*******************'i *******************
Johnny Get Your
;       ami Ammunition from the old Reliable House,
ii Pheasant and Grouse Shooting opens
next Tuesday the 15th.
!! We can iiutlit yuu for wot or dry weathor,    Pump and
'i lliiniiiii'i'li'ss guns, ammunition, nil sizes and quantities,
22 callbro Singlo and Repeating Rifles.
\ i Embrace the big
i bargain opportu-
<\ nities to be had
I Parsons9
Clothing IB
Hart Block
********************************************* e*******,
*75 _M?*_*tl$M&tt'ml?V-tti/r-iV*
\r. ■ K
■ 1 ■_
li Fruit Crates
We have anticipated a big fruit yield for
tins season and have on hand a big supply
of fruit crates Loth for local and shipping
purposes. Your order will receive careful
t TheChffliwackPlaningMills ?
g* P. 0. Box 243
Phone L2442
KeimfK■■&&%j _v n:\iw ir i** -,' «■*/ it m
Ine, two ind tl.r. * y* .ir-.-t-l tn***. {
nil grafted .sn whole French i.'ral*- *,
apple stock; 1 year old 20c; **vai ♦
1,1, 25c; 8 yenr old, Mc,     A ITI.I's —- Uravcnstcln,  King ol Tootrirfnts £
2   Wealthy, Nortliorn Spy, Grimm (loldcn, Jonathan and Snow.    CRAB ♦
_   A ITI.!'.s— llv-lssp. bu** ami slsilsl.    Cliftiro l..i ol Clark's Seedling an*
115,000 Trees for Sale-i
MugOOll Sirmilit-rrit'** at |A ppf 1000.    All rai-.il mi nen bedfl
dUng tnd    t
* D. H. Nelson, Prop. Abbotsford, B. C.   *
* *
Household Articles
That ntdlwa book, the newapoptr.
la uur national glory. - UouJy Ward
El boilo
The little immersion heater. Roils
water in a few
! El Stovo
T he   »t o v e
which     boils
your     kettle
all cooking
purposes as
well as toasting.
El Perco
Makes delic
ious coffee
in    at   few
Phone 257        &   PUGH
************************* THE   FREE   PRESS,   CHILLIWACK,   B.C.
The Secret
By Alfred Wilson Barrett
Ward,  Lock & Co.,  Limited
London,  Melbourne st Toronto.
tit I lined)
A   llttlo
II wan In
formed round lho two glrla, a cortain
lumli Ini'l (Mint' over Hn- crowded
room, nml tho durk girl, mid uk her
bow mul violin from their oust1, stood
for a momenl looking up ul hor nlu*
ter, whn Bin I led stilly Into lliu rncea
ol tho i pie at*.mini her,
Bhe Is dovotod to ho
thoughl ICuston, watching
Brooke Angering her violin, uh
gazed Iniu hor elator's < yos.
Indeed a completu i linnge did •
over the young girl's lovely face us I
llie looka of tho two blatere inel and
thoy smiled ul ono nnother. Her i
eyes lightened and became softer, her
lips luiri'i. Into ii rare smile, nud lier'.
whole manner Beemed to become'
mnn1 gentle, less cold, and reBorved.
And then the fair girl commenced
to kImj;.
Tin- Major had not been to a theatre for aome years, nor did he know '
very much about music; imi ii certainly seemed to hlm tliat his hostess had been right, nnd thai Kda
Brooke could have easily equalled
professionals on their own ground, at
nil events bo far as singing and acting their songs could go.
Quiie at her ease, with her charming appearance and light, pretty
voice, she sang her little ballad from
one of the season's musical comedies
with a vivacity and tellingneBS that I
would have lieen hard to resist. But!
through all her prettlness and archness, behind all her smiles aud the
gay glances oi her sparkling eyes,
there still showed, to Kaston at least.
that que -r taint of wilderness and bit-.
ternesa that had chilled him at first,
•which spoiled tbe effect of her beaut
and lalent, and made her dark sister'
infinitely the more attractive tn him.
I suppose lt is hard luck for a pretty girl to he poor, he thought, re-;
membering his hostess's words, but
J shouldn't like to present that j
young lady with my Income by marl
rylng her, charming as she is. Now
the other nne—-
Ills  thoughts remained unfinished,!
for   at   thai   momenl   the   song   con-j
And b" passed down the steps Into
the  street.
But be was destined to see something further of tho girl with the
lovely eyes, and that before very
The nlghi was yet yotlllg, and caroled, of the direction he chose, he bad
turned to the right on reaching the
street, Intending to imve a stroll to
c.let.r bis brain after the heat of tbe
or iwdod rooms.
He bad nol gone very far, however,
when coming to a quiet tinning lending oul of the square, ho passed a
taxi-cab drawn up by the korb-stouo
and caughl the sound ol' a woman's
voice raised in auger.
The tinning when" Hie cab stood
was very dark, bul Euaton, casting
a swlfl glance ul the vehicle as he
passed, -itul conscious thai the voire
seemed "omoliow familiar to hlm,
could have sworn thai one of Lhe
occupant** of lho cab was the fair girl
whom he bad just hoard slug, ami he
paused a momenl in surprise,
A**; he did so In- noticed thai ti man i 0t| mn«
wns standlug on lho furl her aide of
Hie taxi, bis bend and shoulders
through the window. 'I ben a girl's
■ oiee this time 'her,' was no mistaking it Mis'- Brooke's, ordered the cabman peremptorily lo drive on,
Thero came an exclamation from
the man a' the window, ibe cabman
let In bis clutch, Kaston sprang aside,
ami  the cab bounded  forward.
Curse you, cried iln- man oil thc
other aide, and as the vehicle passed
him he ..truck swiftly al it. his fists
hitting the panels of tbe door.
That's r  nice gentlemanly sort of
You will find relief fn Za/Buk! I
li eases tho burning, stinging
pain, stops bleeding and brings [
ease. Perseverance- with Zam-
Buk, means cure. Why not provo
•JJ]k J   AU Drutjgitt* and Sloru.— '
too box.
fellow, thought the Major, and Ihe I
next instant ibe man he spoke of.
striding blindly forward, cannoned I
into blm.
Confound you, why don't you look I
Where you are going! cried Kaston. I
his anger already roused by the mans j
behaviour, and half raising his arm.
[.ook oul yourself, returned his new
acquaintance roughly, catching Gaston's wrist and pushing it aside. Gel
out of my way, and ha strode on.
Now, shall I punch his bead or not
bought  the  Major,  gazing after lh
Interesting Suggestions Made at Paris
International Art Congress
The International Art Con gross recently held 'u Paris passed many
reaolutlor.s wblcb ii ta hoped the delegates of tho governments represent*
tako up and indorse by legislation.
The m isi important of those dealt
with tiie claims of tbe slate and public aniiiuMbs to deal with the reproduction . f any works of arl ihey may
11  was unanimously resolved that,
as regards ;   living artist, the rlghl
should remain with him, and any authority to copy must  be    signed    by
him; but thai the directors of picture
galleries may nuthorlzo single copies
for tho purpose of Rt.u-.ly, on condition
thai suc'i copy |s in no way a reproduction  mi  si/.i   of  the original, lhat -
II   shall   have  clearly  signed  upon  It !
ii   Is  after  the author,  and   thai   it \
bears tho stamp of the gallery  with
To  Hav.  and to Hotd
Once upon a time he had been an
officer in i. crack regiment, but he hud
fallen on evil days, and iu the end
was compelled by force of circumstances (o resign his commission and
to enlist in another regiment as u
humble private.
He found It Impossible, however, totally lo forget his position, and ou one
occasion, being requested by a ser-
geuni to bold bis horse—a duty that
did nol 'eally devolve upon him—he
i.i you forget—er—sergeant, that
once I held his Majesty's commission.
The sergeant looked at him, not
without respect by any means, and
tin n remarked:
Well, youngster,
Will tmw have to
Majesty's horses!
in sorry, bnt you
bold  one  of  ble
Relieves Asthma at Little Expense, j
Thousands   of dollars   have   been j
vn nlj  spe_.i upon remedies for asib-j
m.i aud seldom, If ever, with any re>
lie in*.   J,   I).   Kellogg's Asthma
Remedy, deBplto iis assurance of beu-l
rlii. coats so linle thai It is within j
tb- reach of all, II is tho national ■
remedy for asthma, far removed from ,
Hi- class of doubtful and experimental preparations, Vour dealer can
supply  it.
er lii-
these twords
duel ion roaerv
Copy,  Rights of ropro-1 io  pi
Seizing the Ooportunlty
Whilst out rnr a walk with In
He ulpce, auntlo had the mlafo
to rip the lace on ber skin iis
crossed a siile.
Ethel waa quite willing and eager
the   lace   now,   so   won hi   ynu   mind
stooping down and  carefully tearing {
off the piece tliat is hanging loo
I'.ihel wus quite wlHluig uud eager|
A   Nature   Cure
No  Hypodermic  Injections
No Bad After   Effects
craving for Drink Is .1 io to A'oohollo  l'nison  in tho tnnly
I'iiiii that poison Is removed no Drinking Jinn can   conquer bin appetite,    The Neal Way will etadtaate all Iraoen of thai
Poison nml offocl ii sure cure  In THREE DAYS.
Wrlto fssr further Information t.i
lurching Ilgure. 1 really should Ilk
to! It was those girls be was talking to, at least it was the fair one,
M Thfl blackguard., itm it would only
■* ■ mean a row and the papers full of it.
and perhaps iheir names mentioned.
No, 1 don't tblnk I'll bother jusi now.
Tlie worst of It Is I don't believe I
should recognize the chap again: it is
so jolly dark hereabouts. Well, it
can't be helped.
And reluctantly he continued his
But th' incident stuck in his memory aud engaged his thoughts to a
considerable extent    us    lie    strolled
An Eye for Business
|    Tbe Into John K. Arbuckle, the cof-l
fee merchant, who left nn estate of
100 million dollars, often said thai  a \
; part  of  bis  success  was due  to  his
knowledgfc of human nature.
In selling coffee, Mr. Arbuckle once
| said  to a  Xew  York  coffee broker,
you  should  exercise  the  same  keen
discretion whloh the druggist showed.
i A woman, you know, a woman well
I ou in years, entered a druggist's and
I uald:
Have vou any creams for restoring
tin* complexion?
Restoring, miss? You mean pre-
1 serving, said tbe druggist heartily.
And li • then sold ihe woman $17
■ worth of complexion creams,
I wonder what the row was about.
i he pondered, as he reached PiccadII'I ly and paused  for uu instant, uneer-
■_l _!_„     .11 .1 -I... ll',. II
eluded,  applause and    Ihe    buz/,    of,   .
conversation   broke  out   again;   and'        '
the  two  slslers taking    their    congratulations  upon  them,   pussed  him
~£r* 38! nCV^me strangeI Jf.'" •»•* ***** <° «* ,,„«',
chance, tho eyes of tho twn girl's mel   ' " "" :"r,,r "f mh"\ ''."' , "' .■"l"
Baston's.     The fair ono'e embraced »*° *»» "ot <*<>ncerned ■" '*• •" ■•»
tn ono swift glance his strong il*:-ir<-;,n''" Is*       , ,,     ., ,   ,.
„„„ keen, broUd face,   and   Passed ; n^&^^'fift
?yD',or -IS %Mm m me' mut «> *" '",'," T""' T'' " "7*
longer as he gazed Into their dark a!"* t?°,,,n,2,r,'y '"',?""' "n*' Cla|i'
depths, and a little flush rot.,. ... her I'1'"-',"•"' ":"r'"'v "',' "'" ,"""" ","r' !Sd
rather pale, Impassive face. Then '••"'•W Rl ,"" '*•" ' ", '''"Trr"" s'"n"
she  too, hod plis Uin. °» h " n'U'iil. good-,,., mod face.
The   Major looked round   for   his.    Hello, Charles!       Only   having
hostess,       I   must   be  introduced  he, ., ,. ,   ■  ,     ,
though. She  promised     1    should.    ,0,m/-    K^'O" smiled  back, reeo-.,,!
Who.    i-   h ? nfZ    hnrles Benton, a sort of cousin.
But the good na.ured stn.it lady was   a  W  JOUng  man-almut-.own   whom
nowhere lo be seen, and   In another  everybody liked and whose only fault
moment the two slaters bad gone.    , wa» a *»Jlo «aw ty ol cash.
Kaston gazed round the room, and       Jf* »'" >°" ll'ih*y   ,      w ...
The young man laughed.     Nothing.
said, until 1 met you.     Now I'm
How She Voted
AT a luncheon in New    York   Dr.
Lyman Abbott, sipping a glasB of ice
eold milk,    told    a    woman
t had heard a lot, he said, about
'.he wonderful success of woman suffrage in Australia;   so.   meeting
ie, ami duly commenced h
Km* several minutes thero was '
a sound of tearing, really much moral
tearing lhan was necessary to remove]
a small longth of broken lace,
Haven't  ynu  finished    yet?   asked
mini ie eventually.
Y.-s. replied the little girl, rising
wearily, 1 was taking it all off. 1
wanted enough for my dolly's skirt j
while 1 was about It. and the little
bit you tore wasn't enough.
Mlnarri'a   Llnimert   Cures   Garget
Darling Came
Tbe summer day was nearly over,
and the last of lhe crowd bad gone.
The pier an sands were deserted
save for a young lady and man on
the lattor, and a small group ou the
former. Along the road parallel
with the promenade came a red-faced
man, corpulent withal.
lie gave a hasty look over the sands
suffrage] and then bellowed:
Tbe folk on tbe pier pave a short
laugh, while the lady looked fln fro »
her book, but  budged not an inch.
Austrail?n  woman one day. 1 asked: j     Darling! roared the man in an even
Mow did you vote, madam, at the I louder voice.      But    there   was   no
last election? | movement on tbe sands.      The pier
The Australian   woman   answered I people could scarcely contain   then*
with a simper: i selves fnr amusement.
In my mauve   pannier   gown.   sir. I    The stout man lost nil patience, and
wltb a large mauve hat trimmed with1 picking ud a stone  threw- it. to the
maUVe ospreys.
A Poser for Nursle
Little Freddie's   voice    broke
Meiio, u.anes:       uniy   naving   a   twU, ■„  Bimne88 of  the nursery for
rail after ■>  hot and  crowded    nt the twentieth time, a
then  took out  his watch.      This is,
geiting very dull,   ho   thought.     I     , . ..
; going to do you.      You are Just Uu
| very man 1 want.      You can save my
. Ve and make mv fortune at the same
j time.      Lend me a tenner.
I     The  Major smiled  and   felt  in  liis
•have really done my duty. It would
not be half a bad idea to slip away
uow.      I think I will.
And he passed down the steps Into
the street, taking the direction in
which the two girls bad gone, he
made his way out.
He had no Intention, of course, of
pursuing the two sisters who had
made such an Impression upon him: .
but nevertheless he gave a little sigh • n	
as, after getting itts coal and hat. he
gave a glance round the greal hall
nnd saw thai they had disappeared.
That Is the last 1 shall Bee of tbem.
1 suppose, be soliloquised. What
lovely eyes she had.      .'.;.      .'•
he said
many U
night I
You  are  in  luck. Charles.!
I don't generally curry j
••.tiers about with uie, but to-:
do happen to have one tn
l cashed a cheque this after-,
ud nursie began
to get angry.
Well, what do yuu want now? she
I only wanted to ask you—
I'll answer no more questions this
night, said nursie (Irmly, as she went
on folding up ttVr charge's clothes.
Don't you know that curiosity killed
a cat, Freddie?
The smell boy lay in silence stunned
by the wonder of this statement. Then
be burst out again:
Nursie, what did that cat want to
accompaniment of protest from the
pierites. In the direction of the lady.
The stone struck tbe man. who look-
id round to see what was the matter.
Tom   Darling,  yelled   lhe  tnan.  for
the last time, are you coining?
Darling uot to his feet, and the jokers on the pier then melted away to1
think of other things.
aud  I have a
lhan that on ine.
"(To* be Continued)
ood deal more
Captain, ynu told me this boat would |
reach th.1 dock by !* o'clock.
Did 1. madam?     Well, I must have
Why the Long Silence
The 10-year old daughter of a well-
kne-vn actress, who lives lu Harlem,
went to stay all nlgbt with another
little girl a block away. The visitor left home at 5 p.m. and was to
return u,t noon next day. It was her
first night away from home. The
next morning, about ft o'clock, she
called ber mothor on the telephone.
Are you all right, mamma? she
Yes, dear, replied  the mother.
Sure you're not sick?
Yes, dear.
Well, wby haven't you written me
More About
The Loading Platform
Tho |iio..'iit scnentlon or Westorn tnrmcro will novor know tho
difficulties i.i'd v-ull. M experienced l.y tholr predecessors In lho
earlier years whn. no ono i-ould cot a carload of grain shipiioil In
Imlk except ty io.tlliig It tiirniiRh an elevator. Tho system fnrooil
the majority of farmers to Bell tholr grain to the .'levator owneis
at arbitrary irim., and oft iinion to submit tn heavy dockage ami
other annoyances, iiiiisIhk continual dissatisfaction. Now however
the distribution o' ..irs us fixed by tho Ornln Act, and tho use ot tho
loading platform, provide facilities whloh enable the fnrmer to secure
satisfactory 'real.ctnt In the disposal of '.iis grain and the highest
market prices at time of sale. Kvery farmer therefore, should more
nnil more e-i'leavnr to use the loading pli sfsrm In shipping his grain
to the terminal elevators. It Is the safeguard ot the farmers' freedom In disposing of hit grain to tho liejt advantage for himself. If
farmors refrain Iro.n using the loading plalform freely. It might result In Its '.'t*!n^ dine away with, becaure railway companies and
elevator owners ar* strongly opposed to I.. it is easy to understand why ^levaior people desire the leading platform abolished.
The railway eople on their part say I. Mays lho loading of cars
and helps to cance car shortage. Th's we know to he nonsense,
because frequently after ears are loaded whether with grnln, coal
lumber or other merchandise, tliey are Bidetracke.' for days and even
weeks Instead of lieint promntly moved forward to destination. It
Is engine slin-tage -id shortage of cotnr.e*e'U trait, men that mostly
causes gram 1 lockadea on railways and not lack of cars. Let every
farmer titer .fore. i., all he can to use t c loading platform nml become an ir.d<**pe*jde*it shipper. In subiequent ndverttsomontr we
will state In dett.ll th** savings and nt'i'*r advantages of direct loading into cars compared with loading through elevators.
We handle the farmers grain strictly on commission, make liberal
advances on ?ar bills nf lading, supervise the grading at time cars
are lnspoc*e<l. se.ure the highest price, at time of sale and make
prompt returns ween sold. Wrlto us for shippins Instructions and
market information.
Thompson Sons & Company
701-703 Y.  CRAIS  EXCHANGE.
The Meanest
Wlll'ng to Accommodate
Ml-irs.*'.*.--! w'nnt you to understand
Girl Cured of
Disfiguring Pimples
Anna, that  I  will not  hav..
policeman in my kitchen.
Anna—All right,   ma'am,
a stiialli." one.
that hiu :
I   know
Ited to you.     We'll be there In about1 then! asked the child.
twenty minutes, 	
Hut the land Isn't In sight yet:
So I see.     Mailam, you have caught I
me In another lie.
In  Mcmonam
A wolKo-do Chicago real estate I Two Jews stopped on the street to
ownet went Into a hardware slore in talk to each other, one wearing a
lhat city ansi. asked the proprietor j largo diamond pin.
for n pound of nails. The smull Solomon, said one, that la a fln»
I package wns made up nnd the price, diamond jou hnve, Where did ys.u
j a nickel, banded
i when the custome
to   the   merchants
asked If the pur
uticura Ointment. Broke Out on
Face when Twelve or Thirteen.
Were Most Embarrassing.
Had Tried Everything,
A Nora Sells clrl. Mis, Matsrl Morttfh. nf
PnrsT Wist, vsiils-. ' Wl.* ss I ss. isl,sisil
,s»s*lvn or thirteen ys-ur. s.f ig... my ta..,
Isrokst .mi -.nil pltnpke, an.l l tried tnrr.
lh.re ts. get nil nf tlicai. I.tit fail*-.!. Tli*.
liliniile.- w<... tli" susrst ssli in* fs.ls.tWtd Blnl
stun. 'Ili.y casus! out In nris.i|..« an.I developed
later Into sssrs-.. IIs-iiik s.n nu fa— tlss-v
. a.isr.1 greet ilistitjuituis'lit, an.l v.ltsi iiisj.I
"AIiit try sue at, intny mnedlsi wit-in.ii
SUCeSSIs I sa*. Ills, ClUls na mntini-iil aslv.-r.
iis.-si. ami I sent fur.. bos. I then spplled
It In His* plmplM, ami III . *a*< k I sss t
(tM-al shans..." in mv face 1 I*",.I u*in, It,
■nil in a tew tn.mtiis u rendered a s-.sini-is-t>,
ruts*. Nssw vou s-.siiint it-il t rvs-r Itasl
|.um. ■ -. Ilianiss I.i tin. tilllciira (liiilineiil "
(bi*,'U'-J) _us M...-, Moris!., Mar. Ul, I'll.
Scene     I Schoolmaster's      study)-
Master—Why s
school.  Wrlghl
Wright—Please,  sir, I  nm <
nverwasli"il myself
re you late for early
sir.   I   musl   have
Baby's Face Like Raw Bed
"My t.ahr hoy had t late,, pimple **<>mi.
rn tits foi.hrail. lt bills- an.l spna.l all
otpi III- fare whirl, ssksii look.sl like a |sisrs»
ol ra« tss-t. ail smothered wii bad pimples,
It   »a<  nwflll   to  lss.sk   at.     The pssit   HUM
tiling usi'ii ts. scratch " »'"i «» wittily.
1 took lilin to a ilnriiir bul ba Mb ft
wor** until I wa. "imi** frightened that hi,
would always lie dM|Uied. 'lli.n I B'sl t»si
tins of I'sitis-tua Ointment, together *nh
,'uli.',:. Soa|>. iiiiii m t*'l mounts had spills,
ruled hllll. Now of s-osirss. I use Oilinita
Koap for all mv Children islwl. Mrs.
K. Trrrv. tw. WslStkn M.i Alslershul. I.ls«-
land. May II, 1010. ,,
rniiriira soap and  Ofnlmenl  W low
throughout the srotld, but I's thssss- »ho
have sulTs.fed miis-li. lost holm and a.s* wnli-
out fallli In ,nr tn-almrnl. > liberal .ami*!*.
ot rarli -.Ith a .I'M* bisoklet on lh' skin
and Klip will Ins msilssl ffe. on ap*.'lrallsin.
Ad.lt.-..  V..H.T  Iniu * Chem.  Corp., 51
Coltimtius Ave. Huston, b'. .1. it.   	
1 S	
W   N   U   913
An Intelligent Youth
Thnl Intelligent l«>y then*, said lhe
pedagofjui to Hie top-hatted parent in*
..as showing mer ih.* school premise*,
is Brown i am proud »>f Brown. I
bave Inculcated in him tin* inn* of
learning to such un extent thai he
insw prefers study ". ploy. 1 expeel
nt this momenl he is writing Tim*
mill's Latin pr.iss. on Huu shei
paper ibere, while all Iln* other pu*
i pils an* at play,     I will ascertain.
II*. called the lad hi hlm.
Brown, In* lalld, lei no* see the re*
I suit of your Industry.
i   I'd rather not, air, blushed Brown.
Note the modesty,   whispered   lhe
■choolmaiter.    Come, Brown, let me
I sss-  whal  yoll have been  writing.
still the boy demurred,     nm Hn*
I schoolmaster Insisted ami forcibly an*
: proprlnt»d lho paper.    And there In
' neal Intuition of feminine handwriting
io read ihe following:
Please excuse mj sun .lames from
sclun.l to lay.    ile is wanted al homi.
What Could He Oo?
i    Spare me n penny, sir, please?
I   The clergyman stopped and looked t
round.     lie gave n start of surprise. I
i Instead   of an   old   or   middle-aged
waster, lie saw a youth of nineteen i
confronting hlm. <
My la.i. in* exclaimed. I'm aahamed
o( you!    A strong, healthy chap like
'ynu might  lo be at  work instead of
begging.     How came you to do it?
Well. sir. replied the youth, it's like
this: Twolve months ago l wns ill.
ami the doctor forbade me to tin auy
work until lie told me. -lust alter
that he died.     S*s whal can I do?
People Whose   Blood Supply   it
Scanty are in Danger of
a Breakdown
Thin  or Impure
tut Inn to slckne
blood  Is nn  lnvl-
The blood ls at
I chase could be sent    to his    house.
I which was In a distant  part  of  the
j city.      The  merchant  assented,   anil
calling an errand boy, handed hlm the
parcel,   with the nickel he had JiiBt
received  for  It, and  said: —
Here. Johnny, take the car and take .
this parcel out to Mr.  Hlutik's house.1
What!  sain the customer, are you!
going to Rive the boy tho nickel to
take the puree! out?
Why. certainly, said lhe mel chant.'
I   wouldn't   think of asking  him  lo |
get It?
Well, said Solomon, my brother Iko
died and left $260 for a stone. Thla
Is the stone.
Up Against It
Mrs. .tunings—it's raining. John,
and Mrs Slnlthklna wants to go
home. I hnve no umbrella to lend
her except tny new J10 one. Can't
1 let her have yours?
.lonlng!!-. 1 slinulil sny not! Why
the only umbrella I've got has her
husband's nam • on the handle.
work day and night to maintain the | wttm s0 far.
health and any  lnck of strength  ori    Wel)   iASA lh(1 meanest man in t'hl-
Oolng West
The course of clytlizntlon ls west-
pnrlty In the blood Is ii weakness in If you would Just as sunn give   ward, mtucd the philosopher
..._      .S.r........     ......So...      .Si.,,...an St...A. ,.     • ' ,„      ._». ,.       ,   , ,,        .. ,_     , ,
ilu* defence against disease. Anaemia ls thc sloelnr's name for lack of
i.lood. its surest symptom Is pal-
or. Anaemia does not conflne it-
(elf lo age or sex, though il is par
' I tne Ilu'
tlve cents 1 will take lt out
Yes, there appears Us bo llttlo left
in New York, assented Ihe cynic.
Tre clergyman Is still pur.illng over I tlcularly common to young girls be*
tin* problem. tween the ages of 14 and.17. when
I nu'iire nukes peculiar
Will Adams, iln* Ilrst Englishman
lu Japan,   of the most delightful!
hunks ever wm'en, has been "in  of'
print for ihlrtj .ems or forty years,
■ tsnt its    mnry   remains.      Those
! frr'uiia'*- .'ii'.iisrh In hnve rend It will
■ ho Interested to learn Hint a memorial
in \.iniu- -..a- uii.ellcsl hy tin* British I
ambassador *sn June 16 over tin* grave
ti ink;.i where the famous pilot lies
j beside hi. Japanese Wife.
Will Ailnms, who wns a nnvlgnlnr,' "'   ■
: in led In Japan In 1600 ntul was kepi
..- ...-iiitry by the Kinpeior on nc-
i...uu s,f hi, knowledge of ships, lie
.a- presented  with an eilato. was
111..i allowed lo   return   io   England,
..In re li" had a wife nnd fntnlly, and
| dl, d iu Japan In 1C20.
demand upon
the blood supply. The same lark of
blood, however, prevents full recovery after '.a grippe, fevers, malaria
and operillons. and Is present In old
age, nnd In persons who have been
under unusual mental or physical
strain. In all cases of bloodlessness
Dr, Williams' I-Ink l'llls nre the best
medicine known to medical science.
They actually make new pure blood,
which brings" wiih li n healthy appetite nml new strength nnd vitality.
Mrs. Ois'orgo Uny. rinlr. Snslt., says: I
"I have tested the value of Dr. Williams' I'ink l'llls time and again
when n poor condition or Ihe l.lond
might havo led to more serious tron-j
hie. I am a woman of forty and ns
occasion required I have used the
Pills off anil on since girlhood. I
have proved their value In the nil-
menta thai nffllrt my sex. and I have
never known them lo fall, I also
cave them to my son for nerve trouble which we thought would result
In St. Vitus dunce, but lhe use of lhe
l'llls prevented this and mnde him
well and sirong. I do tint know
any hetter Investment than to keep
half a dozen boxes Of llr. Williams'
I'ink l'llls In the house, as they will
  ' ^v,, more expensive doctor's bills."
Little Lola's mother was so hoarse     You can  get  nr.   Williams' Pink
„ns*   nun,ing  ihat  she  could  hardly   l'llls through any medicine dealer nr
speak by   mall   at   B0  cents  a  box  or  six
Mainti.i ■ uiu 1-oln, I'm sorry you've1 Poxes fn-* II.SO from Hi" Dr,   WII*
Coins cannot exist when Hollo-
way's Corn Cure Is applied to ihem.
because It goes to the root and kills
the growth.
Nn man eau serve two masters,
said the '.rie.-t lo one of his parishioners . i
1 know that, yer Itlverence. Mel
brother irled It, and now he's doing
ii  for bigamy,
Mistress -Well, I'm sorry you want
iss is'ii.e me, Mnry.     But what's your:
I Mary Keeps silent).
Mistress  Something private?
Mary (suddenly)—No, mum; please
mum, he's n corporal.
Algy-Anything unusual happen
while I wai out, James?
Valet Yet, sir. none of your creditors called.
that we
to play
nl us never get su grown up
outlive the old childish duslre
With lire.
He Needed It
-I'm doing my best to get
ahead, vou know.
Dollle—Well, everybody knows you
need one.
Hut Auntie, you're noi going lit
liatliing  »-itl your specs un:*
My dear, 111 nol take off another
thing,    it'a positively Indecent.
I.IIHe loe Mamma, I was awfully
hfrulil when you shut mo in the dark
Closet .
Mamma Why, Joe. what wore you
nl'i.'.t nf?
Little Joe—1 was afraid I couldn't
find Iho cake.
ment- horticulturist In   Call*
iss succeeded In breeding n
tomato of large
got sucli ,s sore vulco.
Hams' Ms'dlcine Co., Brockvlllc, Ont,.
He—(nervously)— Br*-er—Margar*
ut—er—or there's something has been
trembling on my lips for tho lust two
She—Yes, so I sec. Why dont
you shuvu it off?
Tbo other nighl we heard a fnlber
speak tliusly: William, yuur mother
tolls me ibal you musl hnve B dose
of castor oil before retiring in-tilgln.
It is your bedtime nnw. Take your
medlolne and gu to bed at once.
But pipii. I 'don't want to take no
Yuu must lake It. And Immediately-
Aw, papa, 1 dnwanler.
William, ll ynu don't lake Ihnl
medicine I'll put ynu right tn bed
this minute, without giving ybu a
drop of It,
William was so scared thnt he took
It. That's the way to enforce discipline.
At Wiles Tea
Wile—John, which will you have?
Ued lea, bouillons cold culTee, grape-
JUiCO or  " nioliaile?
Husband—Neither, Haven't you
got somo'lilng to drink?—Judge.
Domestic   Economy
Mr. Piffle What's your Idea of the
mint ive and referendum?
Mr, Pewee—U'a the rule of our
household. Everything Hint's dono
must originate with my wife, and
everything that OOOUrs to me must lie
referred to her for disapproval,—Chi*
eagu News.
Dr. Morse's
Indian Root Pills
exactly mrrt the need which to often
arise, in every family for a medicine
to open up and reguhire the boweU.
Not only are thry effective in all
raws of Constipation, but they help
■greally in breaking up a Cold or \m
Grippe by cleaning out the tyitem
and purifying thc blrod. Intheiame
way thry relieve or cure UiliousneH,
lntfigcfttmn, Sick Headachei, Rheum-
attain and oilier common ailment*.
In the fullest senw of the words Dr-
Morve'a Indian Root Pill* are       47
A Houiahold   Remedy THE   FREE   TRESS,   CHILLIWACK,    B.C.
The flies that are now in your
kitchen and dining-room were probably feasting on some indescribable
nastincss less tban an hour ago, and
as a single fly often carries* many
thousands ol disease germs attached
to Its hairy body, it is the duty of
eery housekeeper to assist in exterminating this worst enemy of the
human race.
ktll flies in such Immense quantities
as cfliinot be approached by any other
fly killer.
HE SAITV-"lVwof us realise how much sntt
wc eat, Tlie t.i' i Umi we put unit on nil
watt-, unci vegetable*-in bread, cake and
|iu_t ry—soups nnd miuces-— butter and cheese
— sliun-i   lite   Importuncc  of   usiii-j   uu
absolutely pure nail."
SHE SAID- V-, .11, we nre tiling WINDSOR
BAI.T und no one could muke me believe
tliere wuh nny better salt iu tbc whole world
tliuit iuy old Htnndby 62
A few doors south of C.P.R. Depot
Rates $1.50 to $2.00 per day
Cuisine unexcelled
Hot and cold wster In every room
Hotel  practically   Fireproof
All Outside Rooms
Are the bee- ever made and are guaranteed to glvo you satisfaction. At
all dealers, or send us 25 cents Stat*
Ine sly.j and slse required
The Arlington Co,, of Canada, Ltd.,
58 Fraser Ave., Toronto, Ont.
Connubial Bliss
Mrs.      Qut.cker.boss —    Am     yo'
daughtah happily mur'd, Slstah Sang?
Mra.   Sagg—She    alio'    is.    niess
goodness, she's done got a husband
. dat's sk.'.-ieil to death of her!
Minard's Liniment Cures Colds, Etc.
An American tourist, In pricing tea
-' i -In » Chinese storo In Shanghai, was
surprised tn find that ho could purchase live pounds of a certain kind
of tea fur »2, hut thnt If he trough!
ten pounds the price would be 15. The
American argued wilh lho Chinaman
'.hat such an arrangement was ridiculous, but the proprietor of the storo
insisted that logic was on bis side.
More bnv, more rich. Moro rich,
more can pay. he explained.
Nut a Satisfying Diet
l.ndy   .1 the  House—Toil say you
hnve not iiiu* nnytlilng to eat. to-day?
Tramp—Lady, If. you   believe  me,
the only thing I've swallowed to-day
Is insults.
You mli.ht go to the butcher's and
gel some lamb to-day. suggested Mrs.
All right, responded Mr. Housekeop
And shall 1 also stop at tbe mint and
get some sauoa tn go with It?
Breaking II Gently
Twn very great friends—a Scotchman and an Englishman—mot In the
smoking room of a hotel, and Iho Englishman at once proceeded to mon-
- poll/.i' tho conversation, na be usually
Tho Scotchman boro it fnr a long
time, then hn broke In nuletly:
I sny, old chii|i. I'll back you and
mo to tell more and bigger lies In
half nn hour thnn any uther six men
I know!
Ho paused, and then went on gently.
And I voiililn't spenk a single word
the whoio time.
First Rummer nonrdor—They ore
putting I'arls green on tho cnbbages.
Second Summor Boarder— Yos, It's
hard to get anything that isn't artl-
Icially colored.
Hnw did you manage, asked Ihe
landlord's friend, to get nil the guests
nway from that other summer hotel?
They set a good tablo over there,
and they oortnlnly hare you beaten
as far it location Is concerned.
Tou see, we serve four meals a day
here, an I thus give the indies a
-chance to chango their clothes more
often than tbey had to at the other
Elm Leads in Canadian Cooperage
Although the elm still leads among
the woods used for stuck cooperage,
spruce'Is" rapidly supplanting it. Iu
the total output of barrels In tho Dominion last year, there were used, according to llgures compiled by tho
Forestry braucli of the Department of
the Interior, 80.016,000 pieces of elm.
Ir. staves headings and hoops, us
t.gulnst 117,704,000 pieces of spruce.
There were; however, over 11,000.000
more spruce staves and a.000,000 fewer elm slaves reported for 1911 than
fur 1910 In time, elm will probably
he used only fur hoops, as It is the
liest woo I for the purpose, the supply
Is fast diminishing, nnd other species
can be used to advantage for staves
and healings. The ultimate substitute for olm will probably bo birch
which la comparatively plentiful.
Slack cooperage Is ot vastly greater
importance than light cooperage In
Canada, This Is because tho majority of Canadian products are of a
rough and dry iinlnre, such ns lime,
potatoes, apples, dry lish, tlour. cereals, ell , and beeauso fnnnilinn
woods nro liest suited to slack coup-
era ai*.
While .irk. lhe only wood which
cnu he used for containers of alcohol*
lo lliiulds. has been prni'llcally ex-
haunted in Canadian woodlands. In
lllll only 2.708.000 oak slaves were
out, while 7,2!i:i.ouo woro Imported.
A rough estimate on tho purl of lhe
Forestry Branch places the minimum
amount r>( material usod In the mnn*
iifuol uro of all classes of cooperage
as 02,8113100 board feci, rondo up ns
follows: stoves, 2!i.:iii7.7U foot, heading. '-'■! 4118,600 feel, and hoops, di!,-
863,100 feet.
VV. N. U. 911
A Mild Pill for Delicate Women —
Tho most ilelienlii woman can undergo a court's of I'artnt'lee's Vegetable
Pills wii hout lear of unpleasant con-
sequences Their action, while wholly effective is mild and agreeable. No
violent pains or purglngs follow Iheir
use, as thousand] uf women who hnvo
used them can testify. They aro,
therefore, strongly recommended to
women, who nre more prono to disorders of the digestive organs than
It was to gratify your extravagant
tastes, cried the desperate man, that
. commuted the foregry. The
crime Is upon your head.
The woman started and gazed at
him wonierlngly.
Is my crime on straight? she asked.
Mrs. Tinkle—They say that Mrs.
Neaurlch Is becoming more proper
every day.
Mrs. Dimple—Yes. Indeed, you
should hnve seen how mortified she
was a while agu when she learned
lhat her hurhand owned common stock
In a railroad.
How Could He?
Mr. William Sikes had found what,
in his opinion, was a snug crib. It
was a country mansion, nnd the mnde
of access was easy. He wnited till
midnight, and then approiched lhe
house. Creeping tne ivy he slowly nnd carefully climbed un the side
",f the houit till h" reached the ie.'i
if iin hrst-fij"*   window.
Holding on to the sill with both
bands, ho stopped to picture the
wealth that wns about to become bis.
Ills mind dwelt on the Jewellery and
plate that was so nearly within tils
grasp. Then his dream wns abruptly broken by the opening of lhe window. A female head appeared.
.   Hands up. or I fire!
Woman was ever "unreasonable.
Plants will grow more quickly If
a fow drops of ammonia be added
once a w.-ek to the wator with which
'hey are watered. The water should
he lukewarm, not colder than the at-
aiospher;* of tlie room, and the loaves
o' tbe plants should bo kept free frnm
dust by being sponged or syrluged.
Yes, my son.
Whon a mat, talks a great deal
what Is he called?
An orator, my hoy.
And when it woman talks a good
deal, what Is she called?
A nuisance.—Yonkers Statesman.
Change of Food 3rought Success and
An ambitious but delicate girl, nfler
falling It. po thruugh school on account of nervousness and hysteria,
found in Grape-Nuts the only thing
that seemed to build her up and furnish lier the pence of health.
"Froni Infancy," she snys. "I hnve
nol been -strong. Being ambitious
io learn at nny cost I finally got lo
the High School, but soon hud to
abandon try studio, on account, of
nervous prostration and hysteria.
".My toot*, did nut agree with me,
I grew ' thin and despondent.'-* I
could not enjoy the simplest social
affair for ' suffered constantly from
iis'i'voiui.i'.-s lu spite of all sorts of
"This wretched condition continued
until I was twenty-fire, when I became Interested In tho letters of
tlioso who had cases like mine and
who-were getting well by oatiug
'i had llttlo faith but procured a
boi and alter tho flrst dish 1 experienced a peculiar aatleiod feeling thst
I had never gained from sny ordinary
food. I slept snd rested better that
night and lu a few days began to
grow stronger,
"I bad » new feeling of peace and
reslfillness. In a few weeks, to my
great Joy. the hendachees and nervousness loft me and life became
bright aud hopeful. I resumed my
itudics nnd later taught ten months
wtth -ease—of course using Grape-
Nuts every day. It Is now four
years since I began to use Grape-
Nuts, I am the mistress of a happy
heme, and the old weakness bas
nover rjturned." Name given by
Canadian Postum Co., Windsor, Ont.
"There's a roason." Read the llttlo book. "The Road to Wellvllle," ln
Ever read the sbove letter? A
new one tpp.ars from time to time.
They are genuine, true, and full of
human Interest.
Was Completely Cured by Less Than
Three  Boxes of
Women nre very often deceived
and mistaken In regard to kidney
diBoase. The pains in Ihe buck aro
attributed to other derangements, and
kidney disease Is allowed In run on
and oil until beyond tho reach of medical science.
There li, needless suffering, ntul
MI'n Itself Is risked, because backache
is not recognised as the most mark*
ed symptom of kidney discus.*.
There Is no trcni incut which so
quickly rislli*vs.|i anil cures kidney
pains In Ihu hack as llr. Chase's
Kidney-Liver l'llls. As proof of
Ihls read Mrs.  Patterson's letter:-
Mrs. Rlohard Patterson, Hnldl-
iiianil, tluspe Co., Quo., writes: "I
will gladly an, Ihul I was cured of
kidney troublo by using Dr. Chase's
Kiilnev-I.lvcr l'ills. When I begun
using Ihls itieillclnc 1 was crippled
with soro buck and did mil know
what was the troublo, In looking
over Dr Chase's Almanac 1 snw
Hr. Chase's Kldney-Llvcr Fills advertised and decided to try ihem.
"I luul not used two boxes beforo
my buck was all right, und before 1
bail completed the third box was en-
lli-ely cured. There bus boen no
return of the old kidney trouble, nnd
I therefire bellovo the euro to be
1 ermniH'iit."
One pill a dose, 2.*ic. a box. at all
dealers or Ud manson. Bates & Co.,
limited,  Toronto.
Extract from a young lady's letter
from Venice: Last night I lay in a
gondola In the Grnnd Canal, drinking
It all In, and life nover seemed so
full befote.— Llpplncott's,
Ilegarded as one of the most potent compounds ever Introduced with
which to combat all summer complaints and inflammation of the
bowels, Dr. J. D. Kellogg's Dysentery Cordial has won for itself a reputation lhat no othor cordial for the
purpose can aspire to. For young
or old suffering from these complaints
It Is the tost medicine that can be
It Is hard to stop, said the clergyman, when onco you are started on
the down grade.
Oh. I never have any trouble, said
the ot;ier man. I can back-pedal better than any olher man in our club.
Remember, my son that beauty ls
only/skin deep,  warned the  sage.
That's deep enough fur me. replied
thu younx man.      I'm no cannibal.
First Oca' Mute—Ile wasn't so
very angry was he?
Second Deaf Mute—He was so wild
tliat the words ho used almost blistered bis fingers.
Where Master Mariners Foregather
and Chat
The National Maritime Club, in
Fenchurcl' struct, Is the meeting-place
of ship-musters in London. The
members upend most of their lives on
the ocean, nml you may see In tho
cliili-i'oonia mun who u few weeks ago,
perhaps, were weathering out a terii-
ll^ hurricane in ths Gulf of Mexico,
or were crawling down Ihe dangerous
Formosa Channel, or steaming as hard
as they could go across the open Pacific or Atlantic.
The club was formed a couple of
years ago by n few ship-masters, but
It lias now over six hundred mon of
the son on Its books. In no club
in Londoi' could you meet so many
j men who have had so many strange
uml thrilling experiences.
From ono ship-master a newspaper
representative gleaned the fact, thnt
i hu bad Once lieen sllx days at sua
I wilh a lire In lhe hold of his ship, but
! In* luul managed to keep tho (ire un*
' dor,  and   reached   Philadelphia  safe*
ly,     Another mariner mentioned in
n casual manner. Hint tlie only Utile
experiences Ile cinilil cnll to mind was
the picking up lu the Pacific    of   a
small boat with two men in it.    one
of the men was dead, tlie other bare*
ly alive; his tongue fearfully swollen
was sticking out or his mouth, and
his oyos luul gime so far back In their
siiiitols Ihnl Ihey were scarcely visible.     He was tin* snle survivor from
au American ship that, had foundered
in iiilil-P.iclfic (luring a hurricane.
Captain Wldgory, the secretary, and
one of tlio original founders of the
ilnii. has had forty-five yours' exper-
Isuice of the sea, and is now retired.
Captain Wldgory, like his club-mates,
is not much disposed lo talk of his experiences, but. ho gave the representative, afler much pressing, an account
of a hurricane ho had once boen in
ilie Gulf of Muxico.
The wind was so bad that, tho ship
could make no headway at all against
it nnd Captain Wldgory ordered the
engines to be stopped. There was
nothing to be done, said Captain Widgery, but simply tu weather the hurricane out as best we could. The
ship was blown over by the force of
the wind until her decks wero almost
perpendicular, and we lay like that
for twenty-four hours.
The water whipped up by the wind
completely enveloped the ship in a
driving cloud of spray, through which
we could not see a yard ahead. The
sea Itself, you must understand, was
not heavy, for in these violent hurricanes so much water is blown off the
surface oi the sea, that the waves are
comparatively small.
Well, as I said, we lay for twenty-
four hours more than half blown over,
and the '.rouble was we did not know
where we were going, for during the
hurricane, n.t we saw neither sun nor
stars. It was quite Impossible to toke
a reckoning. We mlflit hnve been
blown on to she coast and wrecked:
but as it was we weathered (he hurricane out in safety, though we were
blown miles and miles out of our
course. Every parttcle of paint on
the ship on :he weather side was peeled off hy thc wind and water.
When the representative wan at. tbe
club, the telepiionc-bell rang frequently. At each ring the steward would
come In'o the smoking-room with n
message to say that Captain So-and-So
was required at the telephone. One
of these calls was a summons tliat
warned the master mariner who answered It that be would be wanted to
sail that evciing for Hong-Kong.
$100 Reward, $Hn*.
TitS rr-aslrrs ot thu |*SIM*r will br plrssni to ItttS
thst there Is st least sills.' .Ireas.es, sllsee.se insl srirns-fl
hu seen .... - to .-.ire iii s.i as Biases, snnl ihat is
sJ.tA.rli. Hall's si-.iiTh lure ls llie ..my noslllv.
cssre now knows sn llie tni-an-al tralrrolt,-. ralaoh
1,-iin; a s-oiisllt,ltii.:iiil iliss'uas,. requires a ssinttllu-
Clonal treatment, lull's lutarrli Cure la taken Internally, u.i nu illrsstiy ui-.n Die blisxt anil msicniis
nirfare. of lh. system, thereby (leatn.yltis 'he
isiliiilittlnn o' Iho attests, r .tl clvlns llie patient
Iri'imili hr 'minimi: tin the consllluil..n ami :,--.-.-
nit noluro In tltilnu Its wnrk. The proprlftor, hsvo
ssi nnis-h fallh In IM eliratlv.i rst-sers tha. Iht-y filter
line tltintlresl I.nll.rs tnr S'.y ,-ase. that It Iain, tu
*nre.   semi for list oi ti-sllmnnla's
Ail.:re,s f. J. l'lli:.\j:Y A CO   Toledo, a
SS..J hv all linictilsts. lie.
Taxis Uall's l-amils- ri'ls Inr -nn.l II* .lion.
Miss Vocolo—I'm never happy unless I'm breaking into song.
Bright Vomit, Man—Why don't, you
get the key and you won't have lo
iirtok in.
Father, our daughter ls being courted by a poet.
Is that so, mother. I'll kick him
Not so rast. Investigate first, and
find out whether he works for a magazine or for a breakfast-food factory.
The Northern Trusts Company
This comnany sets In th« capaeltv *.•
uiu wo si.ii,i be glad to lorwanJ copy ot   our    Uooaiei    "dotneuui
i.bout Trusts. Trustees and Trust Companies." on request
When You Buy Matches,
Ask for
They have a true safety base
head,  with tilent   tip.    Wil]
never explode if Stepped  on.
Eddy's Matches hare satisfied Caa.
adlans since 1151—seoept ne ethers
the E. B. Eddy Company, Hull, Canada
The chump win. wanted to see if
the cigar cutter was sharp is not half
on the level with the fool that attempted to buy fence rails at the
post office.
About one-third of tho world's product of pig iron is accounted for In
the Unll'i d Kingdom, United States
and Germany.
Village Constable (to villager, wbo
bas been knocked down by passing
motor cyclist)—You dtdn't see tho
number, but could you swear to thc
Villager—I did, but I don't think
'e 'erd me.
Why does a cat chase her tall?
1 suppose It is because a cat. being
strictly 'i  domestic animal, wants to
make Inth   ends   meet.— Baltimore
Minard's Liniment Cures Distemper
Heroism of a Boy
The striking heroism of little .lack
Thayer, ""o of lie Titanic survivors, |
was ie'"'cd by Dr. Arthur .1. Smith
ns an inspiration to the young people in' :no churches to do valiant
deeds during lhe liiininior In open air
and tent work.
Little .luck, ho snld. when his
.nolher was put I'n oiyi of lhe lift*
boats, refuse,! tn go with her. He
told them lis* would slay with his
father and let lhe women be saved.
No persuasion could Induce hlm to
gu in Ilu* boat. Clasping his father's
hand he was seen awaiting the sinking of tho ship.
lie was found unconscious In the
water by ouo of the lifeboats and
awoke It'- his mother's arms. The
first thing he snid as he opened his
eyes, looked nt his mother, and then
nt lho'others about, wss this:
, I stayed until the last mamma: 1
tiled to he a man.—New York Evening Mall.
The young man, leading a dog by
a string, lounged up to the ticket
office of a railway slutlon and enquired:
Must I—aw—take a ticket for a
No, you can travel as an ordinary
passenger, was the reply.
I hear you've got a Government Job
now, one man said to another.
The other answered gayly:
That's what.
The first man gave an envious sigh
and asked:
Is lt hard work?
Not after yeu get it, was the reply.
Dry  Philosophy
Men an' wiinmln ls different, but
purty much all hoys nm erllke.
it's a mighty hard matter for ub
to ss*e the bad points In a thief who
Is willing to lend ns money, or the
good points In nn hunest man wbo
has refused tn tin us a favor. Human
naturo is a weak rascal, anyhow
It Isn't what a man is that makes
•lim happy: It's what he thinks ho Is.
As we prepare our women to nn-
tierstand :hc functions of homemnklng
and our men to manage farms, just
In thnt degree will our nation be
able in oompete with other nations,*
Mrs. Nellie Moclttng. Winnipeg.
Hadn't Fallen—Yet
Muz. iiiiil you bear tho stepladder
when It  tumbled over?
No, darling. I hope papa didn't
Not yet; bo's sllll hanging oa to
tho plctuto molding.
Big Enterprise
Why don't you tako a part In politics?
I never take a part in anything replied Mr. Diistln Stnx. My rnlo Is
all or nothing.—Washington Star.
Washboards,   Wood Pails and   Tubs,
Fibre Pails and Tubs.
Good Aim
I met your father last evening and
spoke to htm about our being mar-
Did he strike you favorably?
Well, not exactly favorably, but
rather accurately.—Judge.
Not so Clever
A man Isn't a3 smart aa ha ti_o_S
be Is.      Aay time he manages r.u  'nil
a girl It is because ..:*   vuj SB   i*,
I have written a sbs.rt jrury   ial!
the amateur literary  pursuu.
Whal is :.i-: drat step  ui   -i.i.   4
What ls the difference between the
bark of a tree and the bark of a dog? I selling
One is the bark of a bough nnd the (    Buy 310 worth ot stamps. (MM
other is the burk of a bow-wow. \ the old hand at the business.
Good Amendment
T«ro little girls, says the Boston
Globe, were hurrying to school in Par-
tun, Kns., fearful lest they wuuld not
arrive there until after tho last bell
nad rung for the morning session.
One said. "Let's kneel right down and
pray tha: we won't be tardy."
Oh, no, said the other, let's hike on
to school and pray while we're hlk-
Miss Playne—He once said I was a
poem, and now (sob) ho's going with
another girl.
Mr. Click—Aw, cheer up! Poems
are always being rejected.
Y'oung Gayley—I say Mr. P'.iiii. taa
you—aw—give me something ta—i*
—brighter me up. doacaer aaow?
Mr. Piils—You're in the vnmg
place, sir.—This is a chemist's snug,
not a night school.
Before you were married he said te
would go thrmigh Are aad watdc tot
you. didn't be'
I thought he did, but I think law
he must havo meant z?~. v i -r —
Houston Post.
Ikey—Fader,   what's   superfluous*
Father—Wearing    a    neck:.*    v-a
you've grt a bearsl, Ikey.
iohnny on tbe Spot
Johnny, said the teacher, write a
sentence using the words, horse sense.
Johnuy wrote—One night pa torgot
to lock 'Uo stable and he hasn't seen
bis horso setiso.— Kansas City Star.
I think I must have been born unlucky.
Wl'.at makeB you say that?
Well, for Instance, I went to a cricket match once. There were twenty-
two players on the Hold, two umpires
and ten thousand persons looking on,
and—tho ball hit mel
A highgrade chew for
those who want something better than usual.
"Empire' Navy Plug" is
an exceptionally choice
chewing tobacco — rich,
tasty and lasting.
You are sure to like
"Empire Navy Plug".
ASK YOURS. „....       -.,'.        ..u:.- ■.
Hensin's Corn Stnroli, por i>k lOo
Fanoy Seeded RulBlns, Hi oz
II pkitn for - 26o
Creamery Batter, 2 lb fm'     "k
Pure Lard, 2 11. for 85o
Fresh Ginger Snaps, 8 lb lor 25o
Iris Rolled Oats, ll Ib snek     ibe
18 lb Suck Gran. Sugar, for $1.2.5
Simp   (the band cleanser)
per tin • -        lot*
Itennie's Bird Seed, por pk    10«
All Standard Flours, per sk $1.1)0
Lillie's Special Ceylon  Tea,
3 lb for - *1.00
Toilet Paper, 4 rolls for 25c
Toilet Paper Sheets, 4 pk for 25c
Soda Biscuits per pail 25e
lillie's Cash Grocery
Phone 88
Church News
Shorthand Tuition
Room six Hart Block
Wellington st. Cliilliwnck, II. 0.
Offices over Royal Bank ol Canada,
ChilliwacK  College   of
Principal:   Timo. J. Hitton, I..A.B.
Instruction in all lirims-lss-s s.r music nntl in
elocution. Yearly cistiiiitiHtioiis liy tin- ltnyisl
As-Hsls-niy of Music nnd the Royal Collenc uf
Music, Lul.lls.ll, Knstlnliil.
Terms |S fssr four It-ssntss. pas/.-slilc in advntii-e
I-. O. Bui tw. I'liune K IW.
City of Chilliwack
NO. 48.
Henderson Ave. Sidewalk
The Municipal Council of tin* City >.(
Cbilliwaek having by resolution ileter-
mind and s'm'ilicil Ibat it is dcsirahls'
to carry out thc fnllnwiiiK works, tlmt is
t« say:
To construct a cement sidewalk ami
wnrks .iintiiiKcu! thereto on tin* North
Hide of Henderson Avenue Itciwccit Oook
Street an.l Kobeon Sti-,*s*t, and tlmt  sui.l
works la* carried out in in rslanii* with
tbe provisions of tlio " Local Improvement By-law 1912,"
Ami tbe City Ktntini'sT an.l City Assessor bavin,: n-porteil in the Council in a.--
.-iirsliiiiee with tlie prs.visions of the sai.l
By-law iijmii the said works i_ivi,i*_ state-
menu, showinir the ttiiiiiunts cstiiiiulctl t.
Is* cliurj.'alsls. against tin- various |*orti..iis
of real property to Is* is-netitteil l.y tlic
said works ana Other particulars anil the
said reptirts of sai.l Cily KiivtiniiT ami
City Assessor buying been iul*spl<Hl by llie
Notice is hereby given that the sai.l
reports arc opon for Inspection at tin*
ssHiee ol tlie Cily Asisessnr, Cily Hull,
Chilliwuek, 11. I!., and tlial unless a
,s-tittiiii against tbe t.,-..|....-*»-.I works
nlsssvs- iiieiitiiiiiitl signcil l.y a majorily .if
the owners of land or rial *sri,**i-riy tss In*
assess.-.! or ebargisl in respect of such
works representing at least ..ue Imlf iu
value thereof i- presented I., the Council
within liii*-.-!! days from the slats- of the
tlrst publication of tins notice lb.* Council will proceed with tlie proposed improvements tniilor such terms nn.l conditions us i.i tiie payment ol the cost of
such improvements as tbe Council may
by By-lay in Unit Isdialf regulate ami
determine ami also to make the sai.l assessment.
Dated this lltli day of October, A. I).
Cily Clerk.
Dak* ol first publication Octsjbor litis
Several parties t.f hunters with
tlieir .lugs and outfit- arrived in
Cliilliwnck fmm the coast cities on
Monday and Tuesday, for thenpen-
iiig of the pheasant shooting. The
reports are, plenty of game uml
excellent sport.
The Woman's Missionary Society
ot the Methodist Church is holding a Birthday Party this (Thursday) evening in the school room of
the church.
Baptist Church—Rev. .1. T. Marshall Minister, Subject for Sunday
evening—"What  no  minister   or
priest can tlo."    Vou arc invited to
come uud worship with us.
The regular meeting of tlic W. C.
T. U. will meet wilh Mrs. Motes,
corner of Hole avenue antl Victoria
streets this (Friday) aflornoon ut
three o'clock. An interesl ing pro-
gum has boen prepared and ull the
ladies Invited to attend.
Baptist Church—On Sunday last
the Baptist Churoh wns tilled and
those present listened to tin* pastor,
Hev. .1. T. Marshall, wim in his
tisutil able manner guve un exposition on "The True Churcli," from
that purl of the Apostles Creed
namely, "1 believe in the Holy
Catholic Church." The sermon
alive with interest and cleverly in
torwnven with glimpses from history
could not but bold the attention
all present. Such sermons cannot
fail to interest nil thoughtful people.
There wns a veiy interesting
meeting of the itpworth League in
thc Methodist Church last Monday
evening, under the auspices of the
Missionary Department. Miss.
Graham, leader of thc Missionary
Ccminittce, hnd prepared little booklets with portraits of missionaries
in the foreign field and letters from
some of these were read. Every
member of the league was provided
with a booklet and hnd to iind out
where the missionary wns stationed
nnd how he was supported. The
meeting was full of interest from
beginning to end, antl the large
number present entered fully into
the spirit of thc evening.
If we could blot out thc mental
impression thnt the possession of
money necessarily brings happiness,
fewer cases of embezzlement would
reach the police court, so Ibinks
thc Toronto News. "But it is
drummed into our cars from childhood that getting money is the proof
of successful living, that the man
deserving of our imitation is one
who by any means has amassed a
million dollars. So we have books
on "Success nnd How to Win it"—
page after page of wnrmed-over
platitudes, unctuous, with the oil of
patronage. Wc listen.ipcnmiintlu-d
to stories of real estate sales where
thc profit reuchetl almost fabulous
percentages. We look even reverently upon the vulgar pile of brick
und stone which some financial
marvel has erected, under the impression thnt it is a "home."
Magazines print portraitsof millionaires hy the twelfth of a gross. We
get life stories of successful men,
column after column. Is it any
wonder thnt thc great majority of
our young people begin to ltclii-ve
that the ability to own nsix cylinder ear or to wear diamond hucklcs
on tlieir siis|x>iidcrs is thc stamp of
true nubility?
"Canada is an expanding country. Opportunities for wealth getting arc plentiful. Any man with
a modicum of business sense and
with decent treatment can do well,
'can live in peace and plenty, and
can acquire enough to assure him
against |x*nury in declining years.
Hundreds of men with the genius
for money making will pile up good
fortunes. But money is not the
ond of living. Neither is it necessary for our peace of mind that we
should have everything that the
heart desires. The child with the
most toys is the least Contented.
And iu this case itliiivc nil others
the child is fnlber of the man.
"Men and women arc forever
wanting. A new ear, or a new
bouse, a new horse, or n new franchise, ii new set of furs, or a new
hut, and in the United Stales particularly a new husband or a new
wife. And when the want is grnti-
lieilllie happlnCH it brings is momentary nnil sellish.
Unquestionably it is true thnl
rich people arc Itecoming more
plentiful tlmn ladies and gentlemen.
Vulgar individuals decorated with
precious Stones sail down our city
streets or crowd onr drawing rooms.
And our eyes are so iluzzlod lhat we
Overlook their defects as men and
women, nnd yearn In go, and do
likewise. The country is full of
people who un* cultivating a oliam-
pngne taste on a beer salary. Their
determination ta get rich overriden
all morality, all reason—nnd then.
an* consequences, often rude nnd
terrible."—Saskatoon star.
What he is doing ami what many
muy do, in the potato line, makes
interesting reading, as told by Mr.
Kugene 11. Gi'tlbb, author of "Tho
Potato." The author of this book
lias been "thruugh the mill," anil
has worked nt every thing from
driving tow horses on the lowland
rivers to shoeing bronchos nl nn
elevation' of 11,000 feet on tbo
Aspen mountains. He is now engaged nl the congenial occupation
of making a fortune from potatoes.
But many move nro raising potatoes without thc fortune. Wherein lies the secret of his signal success? A trip to Europe in liiOO opened his eyes to the fact tlmt
American farm practice was lifty
yenrs behind European farm practice, When he snw Lord Hoscliery's
farm, where tbey were raising So
long ton loads, or 'J,(KH) bushels, nf
potatoes to the acre, ou Innd which
bus been producing for a thousand
yenrs, his Impressions wero strengthened. Nor was this an abnormal
crop. He ran across tho furm of
Will. Dennis A' Sun, who begun
forty years ago raising potatoes on
HtKIII acres of rented land, valued
at ?•".()() nn acre.
Theso seemingly tremendous crops
the English farmer owes to two
things only—cure of the soil nnil
selection of tbo seed. But these
two methods he practices ceaselessly.
The cure of thc soil, to him, means
two treatments—the growing of
leguminous plants and the feeding
with fertilizers. Thus the latter
firm mentioned in the lust paragraph kept (KM head of cattle on a
2,(Hll) acre furm, not to produce
butter and milk and beef primarily,
but to produce fertilizers whieh will
increase the yield of potatoes.
They plant a leguminous crop in
the field the day tbe crop of iHitnti.es
is lifted; so that another year ot
fertilizing may begin at once, nnd
that the soil may be kept free of
injurious growths.
Profiting l.y his visit, Mr. Orulib
put 500 head of cattle on his own
farm at Sourls, Colorado, He hits
500 acres of tillable soil and runs
it as a six-yc.ir rotation two years
in potatoes and four years in alfalfa
nnd clover. Every year he has 100
acres ip intensive potato cultivation
antl has never sold a stalk of hay
from his farm; feeding it all to his
herd, producing the most valuable
of all fertilizers—barnyard manure.
During the past twelve yenrs he
has increased his yield of potatoes
from 100 bushels to 4(H) bushels (ier
acre, and his oats from 40 bushels
to 100 bushels pcr nere.
In seed selections he favors the
European plan. Thc Oltl Country
growers maintain a special strain of
seed potatoes, with the fewest and
best placed eyes, the smoothest skin
and firmest flesh. But what seems
mure unusual, is their habit of
planting whole potatoes for seetl,
thus giving the young plant a rich
reservoir of nourishment on which
to grow wliile its tender footlets are
adapting themselves to their surroundings,
United Kingdom, 221 bushels;
Germany, 800 bushels; France, Itii)
hushels: Russia, 111 bushels; United
States, 114 bushels.
By this table the United States
yield is considerably hchind that of
the least civilized European countries. These are things the Canadian
farmer should consider, for European methods can he adapted to Canadian   conditions.—Vernon   News.
| Bed-
! Fellow
Discount on
Hot Water
Bottles and
Druggist and Stationer
The senii-annual court of Revision
of tbc voters list for the Provincial antl Dominion purposes will
Iw held on Monday November l.t,
at 10 a.m., Registrar.). Polly presiding.
Matinee of moving pictures nt the
Lyric Theatre every Saturday afternoon ut 8.80
Notice to Creditors
In the matter of the Creditors Trust
Deeds Aet ami in the  mutter of
an Assignment hy Burr .V Cham
l*ors, of Chilliwack, B. C, for the
Benefit of the Creditors.
NiiTK'I' is hereby riven ibut by Deed of
Assignment slni.il ilie .'Mb day nl October
A. li 1018, Ban-A Oliambon. ol Cbilliwaek, It. 0.i and Frederick li. Ilarr uml
William A. Cliuuii, *rs of the snme place,
M. al Merchants, llie ii.slivi.lu.il '.miners
of -ui.l tirm ns sucli 1'iirtncn, ami as in
dividual* Imve mails- an assignment to
Joseph II. Foster, ..I lite Ciiy ol New
Wcsttnlmtcr. II. C, mul Wall, r It. Tbcal
of Cbilliwaek. B. O., for tbe Is in lit ssf
tlieir Credit.»rs.
\ meeting of ibe Creditors will i»-1,. 1.1
In Um Chambers of Ewen .V Clanghton,
Barristers anil Sollciton, Hshsuis 7 and 8,
Mart Block, Cbilliwaek, on Satiirilny tbe
libli day of October 1018, at fonr o'clock
in iln* afternoon, to it-et-lvo n statement
s.i utbiir* sif tin* Assignors and for giving
directions us in tlic ili>|..<-nl of tlie estate.
All persons baviiig claims against Iin*
estate must lib* same witb IV. It. Tbcal,
Ohllllwack, II. 0.. duly verified mt or
before tin* snid intb .luy ni (i. is.i" i 1919.
nfler which dule wo, iis Assign.1.'* af.sn*-
Bald, Mill procccsl lo distribute lbc n**o*s
linving regard to tlie claims uf which we
sbidl tin-it Imve received notice.
listed iii Chllllwaek, B. C, tills 11,1.
da) s.i Oclobor, 11)18.
\V, It. TIIKAI,,  (   lolnl
J. II. KOSTF.lt,   i An-ignees
The meeting of the Women's
Institute on Tuesday last was especially interesting.
Mr. Calvert's addrcsson "Educa
tion" was excellent and full of
bright helpful suggestions to mothers
and others who have the care and
training of the young minds. Mr.
Calvert spoke especially on the influ-
ence of tlie home in tlie training of
the child along certain lines,*' nnd
regretted the fact that so many
young |teople were allowed to leave
school after passing the entrance to
High School. Mr. Culvert mentioned the need of Manuel training antl
Domestic Science classes in our
schools and also hoped that wc
would soon see night schools cstab
Smith's Grocery and
B. C. Cream, 20 oz tin 10c
B. C. Sugar
18 lb $1.25
Orange Pekoe Tea
Can't be bent for tho money
Per pound       -       30 cts.
Post Toasties, per pkg.
Canned Tomatoes
Per tin       -      15 cts.
Noels Pineapple Marmalade, jar 25c
Fancy Seeded Raisins
Per pkg.       -   10 cts.
All goods guaranteed as represented
Phone 54
mt slhrote*
THC STANDARD la the National
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Weekly Newspaper of the Dominion
lished in Chilliwack as they have in j of Canada.    It la national lo all IU
other places of the province
Miss Irene Knight's candy de-
onstration was also good. The Institute appreciated Miss Knight's
kindness in this as she is the first
youug lady to help iu these meetings.
Advertising is the life of trado, especially when the advertising is done
in the Free Press.
Kor Kent—Four roomed cottage,
partly furnished; oil' Kcecc Avenue.
Apply ti. A. Manuel.
Horn—at Chilliwack Hospital on
Oct. II, Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Blow,
a son.
It uses the mest expensive engravings, procuring the photoarapha from
all over the world.
Its articles are carefully selected and
Its editorial pulley Is thoroughly
A subscription to The Standard
coats $2X0 per year to any address In
Canada or Oreat Britain.
TRY IT FOR 1912!
Montreal Standard Publishing Co,
LVnited, Publishers.
The Chilliwack Game
Protection Assoc i a t i o n
calls the attention of
sportsmen to the fact that
members are determined
| to enforce the lnw respec- t
i ting trespass in pursuit of J
Hon. Sec.
Head the Free Press advts.
Herald Building, Montreal
Please send ine full particulars of
the 1912 Tanners- Priie Contest, and
a tree copy of your book " What the
Fanner Can Du With Concrete."
"Willjyou be one of the 108
fe_rmers who will receive
our Prize Contest checks?
THERE will be twelve cash prizes in
each of the nine provinces (108 in all)
in the 1912 Prize Contest for Canadian
Farmers. The 1911 Contest was so successful in awakening interest in the use of Concrete on the farm, that a
second contest, in which three times as many prizes are
offered, was decided upon for this year.
The Cornell ihi, year i, divided into three classes, "A,"
"B" and "C," and there will be four priie, in each class. (Fim
priie, (SO; Second priie, Ili; Third priie, 115: Fourth priie, 110.)
Thu, there ire three IIS Prize., three tli Print, three US
> priie,, and three $10 Prizes, fiirsmck province.
In Each Clai, there will be Fim, Second, Third and Fourth Priie,
(fill, til, 115, and 110) for Each Province.
CLASS "A" -Mar. tohfswsf.**'soft* lw.r tsrMfsli.net. p.o.isc. wbo M* ass,
"CaaaJa" l'*snlon sk.ii torn. Is Us. rn. 111!.
CLASS "§"—MpM ,o fat awas,., st> lb. Itss», tartMr, lis fs,b p.o.1,™ who MA, sstas*-
,rs,iM «l Ibe eett test,tit .ere east wlib "Una*" lisM w. (Mr
hns la IVI Z.
CLASS "C"—Man lob. BWS>«Ui St. IhsAta. Isisw,. is neb Bfoflac* who ws, lo
Ib* Ami tttttrittwe. Kills, bow su, tint .1 ssnmtt wort wa, am wub
"t'Ssss.l." 1'fws.os.      ILaSsk. loS tbls S.I., Kurt be tHrsosfSOiss!  b, ahsAv-
Iliptl. bt lb* WWk. I
Don't think that you must usea Urge quantity of cement in order to
win a prize, 'Fhe quantity of cement wed doc, nut count in Classes * 'B-
and "l"."   Many ol last year's priie winner, wed very little cement.
When you enter thc Contest, you have a chance to win a caih
prize ol ISO u well a, the certainty that yo, will sdd s pie.sa.erit
improvement to your faun. If you haven't a copy, he lure and aik lor
our book, "What the Farmer Can Oo With Concrete." It will not
only auraest many improvements that yoticanuseiuc-nieringtheContett,
but will tell you all about the use of concrete on the lirm.
lust wsiWToo. real ssstl s4J.f t* os (bf sssjtbrj reaps.*., of asr •
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Canada Cement Company
601 Herald Bldf.    ■    •    Montreal


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