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FEB H 1912
Vol. 1.
Editor and Proprietor
No. 2.-,
Personal Mention
A. Cupples visited Vancouver this
W. A. Rose went to Vancouver
Mrs. John Graham is visiting in
R M cKenzie went to Vancouver
on Sunday.
Mrs. 8, Calbick is visiting in New
R. Carmiehael went to the Const
on Wednesday.
II T. Goodland was at tho coast
during Ihe week.
Mayor Waddington was in Vancouver this week.
P, Cawley was in New Westminster on Friday.
Wm. Hornby was in New Westminster on Sunday.
Mr. Mitchell of Vancouver was
in town on Tuesday.
T. K. Hall visited at the Coast
the lirst of this week.
Wm. Barge of Rosedale visited
Vancouver this week.
0. ('• Carter was in Vancouver
on business this week.
.1. Hill of Camp Slough, was in
Vancouver this week.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Wllsio went to
Vancouver ou Sunday.
Miss Mercer was a passenger to
Vancouver on Saturday.
Miss Wheeler is visiting friends
in Vancouver this week.
E. .1. Boucher was a passenger to
Vancouver on Thursday.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hewer went
U) Vancouver on Thursday.
A. C. Henderson was a passenger
lo Vancouver on Wednesday.
Jas. Forde of East Chilliwack,
visited Vancouver this week.
R. Nelcms spent n few days at
tbe Hot Springs this past week.
Mrs. John Graham returned from
a visit to Vancouver on Friday.
W. Chamberlain of New Westminster was in the city this  week.
Mrs. Harry Hull will not receive
on Wednesday next, February 28.
Mr. I'ercival of New Westminster,
is assisting at the B. C. E. It. depot.
C. L. Royds of Rosedale was a
visitor to New Westminster on Monday.
Mrs D. Patterson of Vancouver,
i, visiting her sister Mrs. A.  Reid,
Mrs. I'ointer returned from  thc
ho pilul in Vancouver on Thurs-
Mr. and Mrs. MoAulev of Huntingdon were in town a few days this
Dunlins and Roy Dundas of
Ihe lloyal Hotel were in Vancouver
this week.
Mr- Miesonnnd rs. McGoon
are v.-iiting friends iu Vancouver
this week.
Stanley Everall of Kast Chilliwaek. went down to Vancouver on
Mr. and Mrs. Willmun and son
left ou Wednesday to make their
home in Colorado.
Miss Thurlby of Salt Springs, B.
C. is visiting Mr. and Mrs. John
Leary, Fairfield Island,
Dr R. A.   Ferry of Vancouver,
wns the guest of Chns. Ilutebcson &.
11 Co., a few days this wcok,
N. S. Ruttun returned last week
from Regina to stay, quite convinced
that Chilliwuek is tlic best plnce to
J. J. Jones of thu Elk Creek
Waterworks Co., Lid. wns in the
city on business in connection with
the Co.
Mrs. M. Harrison returned on
Monday from an extended visit
spent with friends in Victoria and
C. Molton and F, Gillanders are
in Huntingdon today-
Mrs. Ash worth and C. Ashwortb
returned to Viineouver on Thursday
after n  visit spent with  Mr.  and
Mrs. Jos. Peers.
Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Woodruff of
Winnipeg spent Sunday with Mr,
Woodruffs sister, Mrs. W. II.
Siddull, Spud ilia avenue.
Thomas Ryan, a prominent
shoe man, of Winnipeg, spent the
week end in Chilliwuek us the guest
of W. (i. nnd Mrs. Lillie.
Lt.-Colonel    Boultbco   attended
the hull given hy the Sevcnly-seeond
Scaforih Highlanders of Canada at
the Vancouver hotel on Friday nighl.
Mr. and Mrs. Evan Lenry who
hnve been visiting Mr. Leury's
parents Mr. und Mrs. Qoorgo Lenry
for some lime pnsl, left for their
home nt Lcnrys, Mnn. on Tuesday,
Mrs. II. Eckert is giving u birthday parly in Ihe K. of P, Hall on
Tuesday evening, as moans of raising her contribution to the funds of
Cook's Church Ladies Aid from thc
dollar received.
Mr. and Mrs. George Lee, who
hnve been visiting Mr. and Mrs,
Sleightbolm. left on Wednesday
for California where they will spend
some time before returning to their
home in Ontario,
II. J. Barbel-, S. A. Cawley, M.
I'. P., J. L. Denholm uud several
others have been under the weather
this week, necessitating tlieir
absence from business, but we believe allure on u fair road to recovery,
Chns. Parker left on Monday to
attend the sessions of the Grange
Grand 1/xlge of British Columbia,
being held at Revelstroke, this week
Mr. Parker is the representative from
Chilliwuek Lodge, of whicli he is
H. Stuccy of the Merchants
Bank, city is off duty this wcok as
a result of an injury whieh he
sustained from a recent football
match. Rev. Mr. Stuccy of Vancouver, accompanied his son home
on Saturday afternoon.
Thc home of Mrs. J. C. Henderson wns the scene of a bright gather
ing on Wednesday afternoon, when
Mrs. Henderson entertained the
ladies of Cook's church and quite a
number of outside friends to a
Valentine tea. Musical selections
were contributed during the afternoon and dainty refreshments
Score Brilliant Success The Hospital Opening Dickens at the P. S. A.
J. H. Ashwell and A. B. McKenzie on behalf of thc Chilliwack Cannery and Preserving Co. and (J. I.
Thornton, representing the Chilliwack Farmer's Institute, have lieen
appointed a delegation to pay a
visil to Puyallup, Wash., where
the cultivation of small fruits is
specialised. The valley is four by-
six miles in extent and last year,
1,000,000 cans of black berries,
were delivered at the Puyallup
Cannery alone The industry is n
splendid success nnd Ihe visit of the
Chilliwack delegation is for the
purpose of going into the subject
and learning the in- thods employed
and the basis on which this branch
of industry is developed. A report
will be given thc Directors of the
local cannery on the return of the
delegation and it will also Imi published. In connection with the
Chilliwuek Cannery the Company
is supplying seed benns to farmers
nnd market giirducrs nt the whole-
side prices. Already seven acres
have been allotted, and those desiring lo grow beans are requested to
see the Secretary J. II. Ashwell.
latA yenr beans proved to be one of
thc licst prollt producing commodities handled by the Cannery, both
for thc producer and thc preserving
Fn Lul Eveaing
A small house on Wellington
streel, west of the Harrison House,
was badly gutted by lire a little
after seven o'clock Inst night. The
brigade was soon on the spot and
had the Iin- under control, though
it had gained considerable headway
before the alarm was given. The
house is owned by Jos. Scott, and
was occupied by employees of the
Grant-Smith Co.
Io Presenting "The Magistrate" Local Artists
Mike i Big Hit in Stage Comedy.
Proceeded by situations overlapping with exceeding interest and
bristling with humor, the story of
Mr. nnd Mrs. Posket and the
juvenilc(?) son of Mrs. Poskil by
her lirst marriage, with ull the
iiieidcutnrics, ns unfolded   by   the
Chilliwuek Amateur Dramatic Society on Thursday nnd Friday night,
wns a brilliant succoss and worthy
of all the praise which it, hns since
received liy (hose who were fortunate enough lo sec und bear il, for
themselves. Pinero's, "The Magistrate," is a rather ambitious composition lo attempt in the short
time which was at the Amateur's
disposal, but the cast acquitted themselves with credit, and evinced much
liislorionic ability. To II. T.
Goodland ns Mr. Pocket, Magistrate
of Mulborry Street Police Court fell
the heaviest role and in his pnrt he
wus capital, succeeding at all times
in keeping the Situations up to
pitch. Mr. E. Hubble as Cis Far-
ringdon shares the honors with
Mr. (ioodland for he would be very
hard to improve on in the part of n
rollicking ''wise" boy of the world,
always providing fun and laughter.
Colonel Lukvn was portrayed
by S. Hubble most excellently,
quite in a finished style, and that
little Irishman G. C. Carter as one
of the Metropolitan Police was a I
gem. Tbe other gentlemen of tlie i
cast, D E. Carleton, P. J. Brown, I
F. Hart, 11. H. Hall, J. R. Anderson, A. Bunnett and W. G. Frost
were all very good iu their respective parts. Miss Edna Knight took
the part of the much distracted
Mrs. Posket with grace and dignity
and her appearance was very pleasing. Miss Brown as Charlotte,
Mrs. Posket's sister was vivaeiousund
felt quite at home iu her character,
While in Beattie Touiliuson, Miss
Millie Bell was a very coquettish
young music toucher an adept at playing with the affections of Cis. Miss
A. Lyle as Pophmn, all wished had,
had a heavier part so we could have
seen more of her. F. B. Lyle the
stage manager to whose energy and
talent thc credit of the production
is largely due, should feel gratified
indeed with the result. Wc believe after all thc expenses arc paid
about 8200 will go to the furnishing
of thc new gymnasium. Thc music
of the Chilliwaek Orchestra provided during the evening was much
enjoyed and added another feature
Ui the making of thc evening's success.       	
Fill Be A Military Day
Sunday Afternoon Meeting of Special Naive
in Opera Home.   "Hitching Posts" Singing
and Attendance will be Features.
Sunday next will probably be a
record day for the P. S. A Society.
The meeting will lie held in the
Opera house at 3.30 and will be
nddrcssed by Principal Hethering-
ton of Columbia College, Westminster, his subject being "Hitching Posts."
The Militia, Boy Scouts, Girl
Guides, Firemen, St. Thomas' Bund
and various I/ulges and Societies
hnvo lieen invited to Isi present.
The ladies also are extended a very
cordial invitation. Thc record ut-
tendanee al the Christ mas Musical
Festival should be duplicated or
broken. Solos and hymns and the
address will make up the program.
Don't fail to be present, und be
Firem-u* Annnal Ball
The Firemen of Chilliwaek held
their annual ball on Monday night.
Thc hall was appropriately decorated for thc occasion and the large
numlier present hnd a jolly good
time all evening. The music supplied by tbc Chilliwack Orchestra
was more then ordinarily pleasing,
while the supper provided by C. S.
Smith of Smith's grocery and
bakery, was pronounced the best
ever served in the hull.
Department Stork Prices in
Ibe Staple Department nt Ashwells
Dry Goods Store. They nre just
opening their big spring shipment
of Blenched and Unbleached Cottons,
Tubliugs, Flannelettes. Etc.
Fine Local Institution to lie Olluially Opened
on Wednesday by Mayor Waddington and
Reeve Wilson.   The Official Program.
The opening ceremonies in connection with Ihe Chilliwaek Hospital will lake place on Wednesday
I10.V.I at two p.m. Rev. R. .1.
Douglas, President of Hie Hoard,
will preside, 'I'ln- Dedicatory prayer will he offered by Rev, A. B.
Roberts, and n historical review
will lie niven by Rev. Canon llineh-
liffc, followed with an address hy
Rev. C. B. Clark, of Sardis. Mayor i
R. F. Waddington will deliver the
Inaugural Address,   and   Reeve   I'.
U. Wilson will mako the Opening
The Hospital will be open lo inspection hy visitors and Hie Ladies'
Auxiliary will serve lea hei ween the
hours of Iwo and live o'clock. .1
cordial invitation is extended lo all j
to be present at the opening and j
have n look through  the building.!
Under Southern Skies
Dr. and T. H. Henderson, of Chilliwack, Enjoying Their Trip Over the Pacific
The following extracts we have
the privilege of giving in print to
onr readers, taken from Dr. and
T. II. Henderson's letters describing the trip they are now enjoying.
The lirst letters were posted at
Honolulu, the first slopping point,
and were written New Year's duy.
"On Board S. S. Makura, Jan. 1,
1SI12. "Here wc ure 1(100 miles
from Victoria, the most beautiful
New Years dny you could possibly
imagine, Iho weather ns warm as
the lirsl of June, with balmy breezes
nnd n few floating clouds near the
the horizon, ll lias been just one
big picnic since we left. The day
utter wc left Vancouver!! wns pretty
lively on board ns there was a pretty
good sea, consequently hot many
nt the tables. 1 think there were
about a dozen sat down instead of
over one-hundred. The sea thc
Inst four days hns been like gluss.
Wc wish you could see the meals we
get awny wilh. In the lirst place
our steward brings us 11 cup of ten
and biscuits at 7, a.m. hefore wc
arc out of lied! ! Then breakfast nt
8, a.m., a cup of beef ten ut 11,
lunch nt 12.30, a.m. afternoon ten
at 3.30, p.m. dinner ut (1.3(1, cheese
and cukes nt 11, p.m. so you see the
habits wc arc forming. Every day
we put in Ihe time walking on deck,
playing games, smoking, rending,
etc. Wc have a number of Rood
singers on board and have quite a
bit of music, Last night wc were
roused out of our sleep by a number
singing thc old year out und the
New Year in. Each day wc put
our watches back one hnlf hour nnd
I can scarcely realize tbut we are
only four nnd one hnlf days out
nnd wc are iu midsummer weather.
We bave reduced our under clothes
as it wus getting uncomfortably J
warm.' On Jan. 3, 1(112'Wc nre;
nearlng the Hawaii Islands and |
will be at Honolulu in n few hours. 1
The next plnce you hear from me
will probably be Fiji ns 1 will not I
lie able to write from Honolulu us]
wc arc only there a few hours. 1
We are about one third ot the wny
to Sidney nnd if (as wc probably 1
will) goon to Singapore, Calcutta:
aud Yokohnmn. Wc will only lie
nboul thc beginning of our trip."
Continued in om- next issue.
A Branch Auxiliary Organized
A mooting was held ill Ihe Eden-
bank Crciimery Hull, on Wednesday
afternoon to form n Brunch
of tbe Chilliwack Hospital Auxiliary.       There     were     nineteen
members present. Mrs. .1. Grossman the Organizing Secretary of
the Cliilliwnck Branch wns in tbc
Chair und explained Ihe object of
the meeting. Mrs. II. Eckert,
Mrs. C, E. Eckert and Miss Grossman of tbc Chilliwuek Brunch were
nlso presenl. The following officers
were elected! Mis. Sunrt, I'rcs.,
Mrs. Clnrk. Vice-Pres., Miss H.
Morris, Secretary, Mrs. Watson,
Treasurer. Four other ladies will
lie elected 011 the Executive Hoard
by these officers. It wns decided to
hold the next meeting in tbc
Crciimery Hall on Monday Feb.
20, ut'2.30, p.m.
A Fine Address on the Ureal Writer.    The
Offer by G. R. Ashwell & Son, ol Free
Accommodation for Reading Room
is Announced.
There is always something now
at the P. S. A. each Sunday and
Inst Sunday was no exception,
when Rev. W. S. A. Cruix, B. A.,
of MunilOll, Man., who was on a
visil lo friends in Iho city, directed
the thoughts of men lo the life
work of Charles Dickens, whose
centenary is being celobratcd this
month. "Dickens, the humorist
and moralist of the nineteenth century" was the title, and the speaker,
in the short time at his disposal
gave a splendid outline of thc range
of thought, the pathos, thc humor,
llie incite into the human nature,
and the great and beneficial effect
of the work of Dickens. This latter
especially in regard lo uplifting und
developing of child life. The address wns given in 11 fluent und
pleasing style punctuated with
pithy anecdotes and incidents of
deep human interest from tbo
author's works, und was opened
and concluded with the following
appropriate lines:
llv Tin: Ifr.v. Hexiiv BURTON   M.   A,
Never a word is sai.l,
Bul it trembles in llie air,
And tbe truant voice bus sped,
Tu vibrate every wliere,
And perhaps fur oil' in eternal years,
Tlie echo may ring "Pen uiu- ears.
Never hit kind aels done,
To wipe llie weeping eyes,
Uul, like Hashes nf the sun,
Tliey signal to the skies.
And UP above tlic uiifiels read
How we have belped the sorer need.
Never si day is (riven
But ii tones tlie after years,
And it carries up to Heaven
its sunshine or ita tears;
While ihe to-morrows stand and wait
Tlle silent mutes by llie inner (fate.
There is no end t<> the sky.
Ami the stars an- everywhere,
And time isetcrnily
And the hero is over tliere;
For the common deeds of the common
Are ringing bells in the faraway.
About two-hundred men were in
attendance. A. Bunnett sang
"Calvary" in a approved style.
Thc Chairman, John Robeinson,
mnde the important und interesting
announcement that J. R. Ashwell
A- Son, hud offered the use of two
rooms over their departmental store
lighted and heated free of charge,
for the purposes of n free reading
room for men, to lie conducted
under tho auspices of the P. S. A.
It is very probable Ibat Ibe generous
offer will i«' accepted and an inviting and comfortable reading room
established. Sueh an institution
will lill uu important place in the
city, as nt present there is nothing
of the kind established, nnd no
doubt would be well supported nnd
Bought Farm al Chilliwack.
K. .1. Hart _ Co. report the snle
of 100 acres on ilu- McGuiro road
in Capt. C. A. Gardiner, of Victoria.
The vendors wen.. Jones & Agar and
The Hudson Bay Insurance Co.
We understand Capt. Gardiner at
one lime resided in the valley, bul
moved lo Victoria. He will erect n
home on his Chilliwuek property
und will, wilh his family, become a
resident nf this district. Any one
who has lived ill Ihe valley at any
time, cannot remain nway. They
always come buck.
The Two Macs.
Wish to remind the public that
every evening when the Opera
House is not otherwise engaged they
will show Motion Pictures starling
ut eight p in; admission 10 cents, j
We ure endeavoring lo bring the]
very best plays lieing shown iu the
large eities to Chilliwack and order
to do so we solicit a liberal patronage from the public. The opera
house will be well heated and comfortable for all performances held
there henceforth.
Chilliwack Chain Gang.
Chilliwuek chain gang now numbers four, made up of members of
the track laying gang, of the C, N. R.
The victims thirst for artilical joy
gol them tangled Up with the police,
Two of thom gol ten days und the
other pair fifteen days. Thc option
of 11 line wns given but the quartette
elected to work out their stints,
und ure now engaged aliout the
City hull.
Hospital Opening
The opening of thc Hospital will
lake place on Wednesday afteroon
Feb. 28, from two to five o'clock.
Mayor Waddington, Reeve Wilson
nnd others will formally declare the
Institution opened at two o'clock,
nud ten will he served during the
afternoon to all visitors. All who
an- Interested in the work of the
Hospital will bo welcomed by the
reception Committee and nny donations which arc brought will be
gratefully received.
A regular meeting of the City
Council was held in the Clerk's
oiliee on Monday evening. Present
Mayor Waddington, und Aldermen
Gervan, Eckert, Carleton, O'Hearn,
and Goodland,
Communications—Chns. Huteheson & Co., re insurance on new- lire
hull; reeeiveil nnd filed. II. Charlton re position as engineer for city
steam roller ;   received ami  filed.
Western Canada Power Co. re extension of line und transmission of
power to Chilliwack : received aud
filed. The communication stated
that nothing had been done toward
extending the lines east of Huntingdon on the south side of the
Fraser, but at present a line was being built on the north side ,,( tht)
Fraser to the Nicomen rock quarries
and that an extension tu Chilliwack
from that -mint was a possibility'.
W. B. Tronholm re flooring bt
City hull; referred to the furnishing committee.
H. Bose, secretary of ihe (Titian
of B. C. Municipalities re proceedings and annual fee. The membership fee for current year wus ordered to be remitted and the letter died.
Mussens Limited re roud aiucliin-
ory; received and tiled.
Dr. P.. McCaffrey re blanking ei
Mill street; received and filed. Tbe
police department was requested to
see thnt the by-law in regard to thin
Is; carried out.
(I. II. Ashwell It Son re grading.
nnd gravelling ol Princess avenue.
This matter will receive the attention of the Board of Works.
Jus. Munro and Robt. Marshall,
representing the Hospital Board, re
sidewalk on Hodgins avenue. It
was decided to build 250 feet of side
walk nnd half the crossing.
C. B. Reeves asked permissfon to
build u five foot wulk on the West
side of Young street from the south
cast corner of lot I, block 2, Division C, to the city limits, at his own
expense. The offer was accepted,
thc walk to be subject to the inspection and approval of the R.'ard of
The Galloway petition re walk on
Young street was ref.-rr.-d to the
citv solicitor to report on at next
A "Time Cheque Fund" not tn
exceed 8250 was -et   aside   fnr   the
payment of time cheques, presented
to the Clerk and signed by the Chairman of the Board of Works.
The Poli.-e Commission recommended the creation of a Police Ex-
pense Fund not to exceed il'>. The
recommendation was adopted.
The report of the Elk Creek Water Works Co., was referred to the
Fire, Water nnd Light Committee.
The Clerk wus instructed to have
transfer of property from John Mc-
Cutohoon to the City completed an.l
Clerk wns instructed to write the
Inspector of Dykes and ascertain if
he would lie willing to allow the
City to collect tho dyking charges on
all cily property paying therefor u
Tenders for the erection of new
tire hull and fencing were received
from! J. (). Nichol und Geo. It,
Stringer, S. Ronksley, R.H. Brock,
I). M. Carson, C. T. Vradenburg,
Arthur Farthey. Thc tender of
Nichol A- Stringer, wns accepted, it
lieing the lowest. Thc amount of
the tender wns {475.95,
The Chairmen of the Board of
Works and Finance committee were
appointed to huve a bunk house
erected nt the city quarry.
The Liquor License re|H'iil by-law
the Liquor License Regulation bylaw and the Fire Hall Site by-law
received final consideration and
were passed.
The finance committee recomend-
ed payment of accounts for January
amounting to 847,456,49, and for
February $4102.01. CHILLIWACK .HFE PRESS
Copyright, lilll
[By Small, MoynnTt] & Co., In
CIIAVTKB C—(Continued)
A -Join and Bred Now Euglaiulor
npIIE rent wns forty dollars n month
I nn.l 1 Bignoil a throo years' luu so
boforo 1 loft. Tho noxl weok
waa :i busy ono Cor us both. We bought
almost n thousand dollars' worth of fur-
nit it it* nn iln* installment plan ami
oven ilmn wo didu'l Boom to got rnoro
tlnin tho bnre uocessitios, I hudn'1 any
idea that liouso furnishings cost so
much, Bul if tlio bill luul como to Ave
times Dial I wouldn't have cared. The
i nst ;il I men's diil n 't, amount In vory
much :i woolc, nnd I nlroady snw Morse
promoted and mysolf filling his position
nl twi niv live hundred. I hadn't yet
gol over tho fooling I had nt eight*
that life wns a big
llllll     Ol'    111
.vliirli brought m
is   tWOIil
total w
1.1 in
very su
ml   n
rat tli
i,    li
n mnn witli sti g Ic
couldn't  loHe.   Will
I bought like n kin*
liltod tin
didn't  se
IIS    I
half h
Ivouturo nnd that
_ and ;i good bach
Ruth at my side
king. Though 1 novor
■ Um of running into debt thin
in like debt. I had only to
ier dear blue eyes to feel my-
in buying tliu store itself.
■If sometimes hesitated but,
her, we might as well start
onci! for all iis to go :it it
lowing Satu
married. My vacation
another month sn we
wait,   The old folks c
■day wo were
wasn't due for
docided not to
mo down  from
the farm and we
man _.ucl we 'o mi
lor of the aunt'
very simple and
both the coromo
of a ■-acred oath
ist called in a clergy-
ied in the front par-
house. Tt was both
ery solemn. For us
t meant the taking
' so serious a nnture
•h   lightheartodnoss.
And ;
yet 1 did wish that the father nnd
and auut had not dressed in
nl cried during it all. Ruth
wore a white dress and looked very
beautiful and didn't seem afraid. As
for me, my knees trembled und I was
chalk white. I think it wns the old j together what time we had.
people and the room, for when it was
over and we came out into tlie 8UU*
shine again I felt allright except a
bit light-headed. I remember that tho
street iind the houses and the cars seemed like very small matters.
This loft a
uiu   live   to
ial,   clothes
iummor the
ml to iiiui h
so some wooks wo put most of this Into
Ihu furniture. But tho city was new
in iiuiii, ospoeially al night, so wo were
mi town a g I deal.   She usod to meet
mo at tho office and we'd walk about
the city nnd thou lake dinner at some
Mule [''roach restaurant and theu maybe go lo a eoncorl or tho theatre. She
made everything uow to me again. At
the theatre she used to porch on tho
edge of h v seat so breathless, so responsive,   thai   1   often   saw   the   old-
; is watch her instead of the show.
I often did mysolf. And sometimes
ii Bcemoil as though the whole company acted to hi'i* alone.
Those days were perfect. The only
incident to mar them was the death
of Ruth's parents. They died suddenly and left iin estate of six or seven
hundred dollars. Ruth insisted upon
putting that into the furniture. I'.ut
in our own lives every day was as fair
;is the lirst. My .alary came as rogu-
iarly as an annuity ami there was evory
prospect fur advancement. The garden
did well, and Ruth became acquainted
with most of the women in a sociable
way. She joined a sewing circle, which
in i twice n month chiefly, I guess, for
Iho purpose of finding out about one
another's husbands. Al any rate she
told me more about them than I would
have learned in ton years.
■Still, during the fall and winter we
kept pretty much by ourselves, uot deliberately, but becunse neither of us
cared particularly about whist parlies
and such things but preferred to spend
And then
problem tl
problem w
of the goi
in   life.     I
Thirty Dollars a Week
When, with Ruth on my arm, I walked up the steps of the house and unlocked the front door, I entered upon a
new lite. It was my lirst tasto of
home since my mother (lied and added
to tuat Wiis this new love which was
finer than anything I had ever dreamed
about. It seemed hard to have to leave
every morning at half past six and not
get back until after (ive at night, but
to offset this we used to got up as early
iis four o'clock during the long summer days. Many thu time even iu
.Funo Ruth and I ate our breakfast by
lamp-light, It gavo us an extra hour,
and she was bred in the country where
getting up in tho morning is no great
We couldn't afford a servant, and
we didn't, want one. Ruth was n fine
cook, and I certainly did justice to her
dishes after ten years of restaurants
and boarding houses. On rainy days,
when we couldn't get out. she used to
do her cooking early so that 1 might
watch her. It seemed a lot more like
her cooking when 1 saw her pat out
the dough ami put it iu thc oven instead of coming home and finding it
all done. I used to fill up my pipe nnd
sit by the kitchen stove until 1 had
just time to catch the train by sprint
But when the morning was tine we'd
1 guess Ruth was a little shy about hei*
clothes. She dressed mighty well to
my eye but she made most of her things
herself and didn't care much about
stylo. She didn't notice the dilVcrcnce
at home, but when she was out anion;-'
others, they made her feel it. However, spring came around again anil
we forgot all about those details. We
didn't go in town so much that summer and used to spend more time on our
piazza. I saw more of the men in this
way and fouud them a pleasant, com-
•innionnble lot.   They asked mo to join
confronted me. And ihat
how to get enough ahead
tc give him a fair start
nlized. I'm, that 1 wanted
him to do something better than I had
.lone. When I slopped to think of it.
I had accomplished mighty little. I
hiid lived and that, was about, all, That
I had lived happily was due to Ruth.
1 Wit if 1 was finding difficulty in keeping even wilh the game now, what was
1 going to do when the youngster would
prove :i decidedly more serious item of
I talked this over with Ruth and wc
both decided that somehow, iu some
way, we must save some money every
year. We sliirted in by reducing our
household expenses still further. But
it Boomed ns though fate were against
us for prices rose jusi enough to absorb all our little economies. Flour
went up and sugar weut up. and though
we had done away with meat almost
wholly now, vegetables went up. So. too,
did coal, Not only that, but wo had
long since found it impossible to keep
ourselves as we had that first year.
Little bv little we had beeu drawn
into the social life of the neighborhood.
Not a month went by but what there
was a dinner or two or a whist party
or :i dance. Personally, 1 didn't care
about such things, but. as Roth hid become a matron and in cousoquonco had
been thrown more in contact with the
women, she had lost her shyness and
grown   more sociable.   She often  sug-
■i i, i , ole   Unco I'm',   he's flreffle rich
He Iii*- th' bestest things lo oat,—
II,- iluc n't can- for vog'tubles
|     Imt i e will lake a lot ol' meat,
An ' folki   auis1 stand an ' chop an' chop
Till   they're   "most   tired   enough  to
sddosl npplos on our tree
v hanged tliolrse'fa away up high,
im "1 come down for any stone,—
' only for ole Mr. Pie!—
i> awful  rich—guess he
like itu apple much as me.
If  he
ct th' 5
vil lies
an' .Moon told them
hurry up a'u' grow,—
about th' seeds,
i 't   w 'at   a   mince-pie
Th' naughty little currants thoy
Kiiu out and played right on th' rock,
Aa' unt   all  pebbles in their shoes
That can give folk's teeth a shock,-—
Il takes a pair of real bright eyes
To make nm nice enough for pies!
Smne littio Mast em darky boy
Climbed   up  a   tree  an'  picked
hul   wc
lee line one without declining
all. 1 saw clearly enough that. 1 had
uo right to do this. She did morn work
than 1 and did not have the daily
change. To have made a social exile
of her would have beeu to make her
little better than a slave. But it cost
money. !t cost a lot of money. We
had to do our part in return, iind though
Ruth accomplished this by careful buying and all sorts of clever devices, the
item became a big one in the year's ex-
\ penses.
I began tn look forward with some
j anxiety for the next raise. At the
| ollicc 1 hunted for extra work with an
eye upon the placo above; but though
| I found tlio work nothing came of it
} but extra hour***. In fact, I began to
[think myself lucky to hold tho job
1 1 had, for :i gradual change of methods
I hiid beeu slowly going on in the office.
Mechanical adding  machines had cost
the Neighborhood Cub and I did, more .   .     . . .
i,..-    _ib . *,«--.,_.■' a dozen men their jobs   a card system
to  meet  them halt   way than  because . ,      .       .   ■' ...      ** ...
,        jl,a \      mi ' i...  i Miiuwid of   bookkeeping bad   made  it possible
wanted to.       here we play d billiards ....        '    fe ,,       . , .,* ...
,    ■ i  -i      ^   i        i. i-    „,i to discharge another dozen, while an oil
and   discussed   the   stock   market   and
furnaces.   All of them had schemes for
making  fortunes  if  only  they  had   a
N 'en   ho   mu
Till it, will be all
I 'spect If he was r
He'd find 0  way to
i     pouu
in' nice
use by
am pie
Riglll Oil til ' tn|i|H'Hl crust
Tli' jiggliiig-iroii wonl ilauclu' 'round
Tn traco til' dainty roao-lonC spray,--
lie steps light iiii Unit kind, of ground,
'Cuiiao il's jus' liii.- Hi' snowflnkoa light
Thnl tumblo softly down al night.
iiothln' left,
t don'l   gol
nn north llmt's good
in  my  Qrau'tua'i
W 'on
pic, -
tin'   1 hoar
Molglibor In
folks don'l
pour mini.. '
1 Qrnm'nin toll
lv standing by-
think it in :i sin
wicked Hint!'" rlghl
(By Will Carleton)
It has been suid Unit anywhere
Tho biggest fool iilloat
Is lie who makes a rocking-chair
Of somo one else's boat;
Hut equal with him in tin* race,
The eggs of woe to hatch,
Is, in unknown or known disgrace,
The fool that drops the match.
What is't to him if, in his haste
A fragrant weed to try,
The folds of woman's pride and taste
Hang dangerously nigh?
What if a precious lifo recede
With flame enhanced despatch.
He did not do the shameful deed:
He only dropped a match,
Pulpwood Production of Canada
Thero wero fifty-one pulp mills In
Canada in 1910, and these used 698,487
cords of wood. lu addition to this
9*13,14] cords of pulpwood were exported iu an unmanufactured state. Por
the lirst time, imports of pulpwood were
reported; these were valued at $49,322.
Over 95 per cent, of the Canadian
mills cut the pulpwood used by thom
from their own limits. Tho total
value of the pulpwood used was $3,585,*
164, tho average value being thus $0
per cord. From this pulpwood 474,00-
tous of pulp were produced,
The total quantity of pulpwood usod
was 23,042 cords (3.8 per cent.) less in
1910 tlmn in 1900, but owing to a higher average price, the value of the pulpwood was $121,074 greater than in 1900.
The o was in 1910 also a striking Increase iu the amount Of pulp produced
per cord of wood, the average ai ounl
lieing about 1 15 pounds greater per cord
of wood than ia 1009.
Qlioboc easily loads the other provin
cob in the consumption of pulpwood, h
has practically half the mills lu Canada (25 out of 51), and these consumed
57 per cent, of the lotal aiUOUUt of
pulpwood used iu i'anada, Ontario,
with 15 mills, consumed over one third
of the total amount, Nova Scotia
ranks third for 1010 in Ihe consumption
Of pulpwood with 80,000 tons to its
credit, and New Brunswick used 15,13*1
Cords of wood, little moro than one
sixth ns much as iu 1900,
In the Provinco of Quebec tbo aver
age price of putpw I  per on I  fell  to
Ihe -stout  of 85 cents per cord, but iu
;ill tl, her  provinces, except,  British
Columbia, the price increased, thul in
crease amounting in the case of Ontario
In $1.30 per cud; Ihe 1910 pri for
pulpwood in Ontario was $7,02 per
cord, The cheapest pulpwnml in the
Dominion was purchased in Novn S otia
at *;t per cord.
Spruce is still far iu Ihe lead as a
pulping wood; it furnishes over three-
quarters of the total pulpwood consumption, or 7S.0 per cent, Balsam lir is
steadily increasing in importance as a
pulpwood.      In  HMD twenty per cent.
manufactured stale weut to the United
About 4,000 cords moro wood wore
cut for pulp in Canada iu 1000 than
in 1010. The total quantity of pulpwood cut in Canada was 1,541,028 cords,
and of this over three-fifths was ox-
ported. The amount paid for this
wood exported was $0,210,042. If this
wood had been manufactured into pulp
iu Canada tlie amount received for it,
nt the average prices paid in 1010 by
the United States importers of wood-
pulp, would hnvo been $13,528,481—
over twice as much as was received for
the pulpwood.
The pulpwood exported from Cjuobco.
it is calculated, was sufficient to supply
material for a year to lifly-six pulp
mills of the average size of tlioso operating iu the province, Ontario's export
would have kept running live mills of
ilu* average sizo of
those operating in
thai    province,    whii
*,   had   the   1111.11(10
cords   shipped-   froii
New    Brunswick
boon manufactured
in  Cat    province,
tw nl v four   mills   n
the average si/e
could  have been  hep
; running, and five
limey ihe number
ii mills   operating
til ire  would have be
*n busy.
Winnipeg lutarosts are an Important
factor in a very popular Incorporation
iit Motltronl in which Die interests nf
I'eter l.ynll nad associates aro involved.
1 I'mlet the Idle of I'otOI  Uul!  I Sons,
Construction i'o., large IntorostS are be
ing capitalized io ihe oxtout of n -arly
What is nol. generally huown is the
tact thai I'eter Lynll and associat is do
not  receive a  dollar piece  for   Iheir in-
lores! in ihe new company, but nro con
tent lo take ihe entire preferred stock,
Which, of course, ranks after the bond
. issues in exchange for their company,
The bond issue will be $1,250,000 0 per
cent, interest, due in _tl years. Preferred stock is 91,300,000, 7 per cent., and
the common stock $1,750,000.
The public issue, whicli may lie made
in the course of the next three or four
What is't to him if stores of wealth
few thousand dollars capital. Now
then you'd find a group of them in one
comer discussing a rumor that so and
so h:id lost his job. They spoke of this
as they would of a death. But none
of those subjects interested me, especially in view of what f was looking forward to in my own family.
lu the afternoons of the early fall
the women scut over jellies and such
stuff to Ruth and dropped in upon her
with whispered advice, She used tn
repeat it to me nt night with a gay
little laugh and her eyes sparkling like
year in woolens sent two or three more
flying, among them the man who had!     In flame may disappear,
found mo tho position in the first place, j Or   friends   that   walked   in   joy
But he hadn't married and he went out : health
west,   somewhere.     Occasionally when!    May nevermore come nenrf
work picked up again a youug man was  What if explosions upward spring,
taken on to fill the place of ono of the      A hundred lives to snatch!
discharged  men.   The company always He didn't do much of anything:
saved a few hundred  dollars by such      He only dropped a match.
a shift for the lad never got the salary,
of the obi employee, and so far ns any- [ Incendiary—guilty one
one could see the work  went on just |     (As yet not doing time),
f the total consumption was of    this' weeks, will lie un issue of bonds with a
common stock bonus. As tne Lynll interests iire satisfied with securities ranking after bonds, there is reason to believe tbat the bonds will bo considered
a  high grade security.
The entire bond issue will be available for working capital, and will permit the company to double its present
capacity,    Capital of the old firm was
species. The quantities of poplar and
hemlock wero each about six tenths of
one per cent, of tho total. Hemlock
was reported as u pulping wood for the
first time in 1900, and in 1910 was
used to a greater extent than poplar,
.lack pine lias not been reported as a
pulpwood for the last two years.
The cost
      .    pulpwood   varies   verv, t.
greatly, some big millowners having all  $500,000.    Ihe company has current ac
their own limits aud the cost to theu.', v,H'nts re"v,abJe ?* 'll"m,t °ne  .l'1'10'
iis well.
While these moves were ominous, a
I can see now in looking back. Undid n 't disturb me very much at tli
time.   1 filled a little niche in the oflic
■ portunity
tny' with tlio work of the man above me and
: was on very good terms with him.    1
diamonds.   She was happier now than  tliut  wns .,n  Inv  nwtL   At ovory 0.
I had ever seen her and so was I my-1 portunity   I   had   familiarized   myself
elf.    When   1   went   in   town
morning I felt very important.
I  thought I hod touched the climax  waited   patiently   aud   confidently
f life when 1 married Ruth, but when ; the day when Morse should call me it
the   boy  came   he   lifted  mo  n   notch  and  announce his  own   advance   aa.
higher.    And with him he brought me ! leave me tn fill his place,    I might ha .>
a new wife in Ruth, without takbig me  to begin on two thousand, but it wa
ivbit from the eld, Sweetheart, wife I a sure twenty five hundred evontiiallv,
either take a long walk through the big ■ und mothor now, Bhe revealed to -no new j to say nothing of what it led to. The
park  reservation,  which  was near the i depths of womanhood. president  of the company  bad begun
house, or  we'd   fuss  over tho garden,      She taught mo, too, what real courage  as I had and moved up thc same steps
We bad twenty-two inches of radishes, i..    I   was the coward when  the time that now lay ahead of me,
thirty-eight indies of lottuco, four to* came.    I had taken a day off, but the i     In the meanwhile the lift
mate plants,  two  hills of corn, three
bills of beans and about four yards of
pons, In addition to this Ruth luul
squeezed  a  goranium  Into one  coruei
and a fern into another and planted
sweet nlyssum around tlio whole business, I'*, eryom out here planio I to
raise his own vegetables. It wa- sup-
posed to cut down expenses, but I noticed the mnrkol ma" always did a good
I luul met two di three of the men
at the country club and thev Intro-
dm el  me te the others.   We wero nil
moro one of the neighborhood that day
i han I ever did before or afterwards,
It was Saturday, and during the after-
noon a number of tho men came in and
.i   it  silently gripped my hand.
The women, too, seemed to take a
n.w interest in us. When Ruth was
able I" sit up thoy brought in number
le.s littio things. Rut you'd have
1 nought, it was their house and not
mine the way they treated me. When
any of them' came 1 I lt as though I
earning' about tl.. * uue salaries auclldidn't belong there and ought to tip-
living in about th" same type of bouso.   Cm out,
at home
doctor  ordered   mo  nut  of  the  house.Iran   smoothly  in   spite  of   everything
I   went  down  to  the club and 1  felt j Neither the  wife, the boy  nor I was
ck a day for we all had sound bodlet
still   there  were differences, and  you
COUId   tell   move   I".    Ihe   Wives  than   llie
husbands those whoso salaries went
over two thousand. Two or three of
tne men were in banks, one was In a
leather tirm, one was an agent fm an
Insurance   company,   another   was   with
tlo*   Stnndurd   «nl.  aid   two   or   tl	
other*- weie willi linns like mine. Most
ot' them hail been BOttlod OUl hero three
or foui years and had children. hi
a gonoral way tbey looked comfortable
nnd linppy enough, but ynu heard a
- I  deal of  talk  among them about
the high COSt of living, and ynu couldn't
help noticing thai those who dte-sed
the bCSt hud the f'eWCBl children. One
or two of Ihem owned horses, but even
they tell obliged to explain tlmt they
saved Ihe cost  of Ihem  in car fares.
Thev alt called and left their cards
but tliat first year we didn't see much
of them. There wasn't, room in my lifo
for anyone but Ruth at that time. I
didn't i iven tho old office gang except (luring business hours und at
The rent sealed my salary down to
one thousand and eighty dollars nt one
swoop, 'Iln*" we Imd to save nut at
lensl five dollars a week to pay on tlm
furniture. This left eight hundred nud
twenty, or fifteen dollars aad seventy
five cents a week, tn cover running ex-
p en bos, We paid cash for everything,
and though wc never had much lefl
over at the end nf the week an.l never
anything at the end of the month, we
hn.l about everything we wanted. Tor
one thing our tastes were nnt extravagant and we did no eiitertiiining. Our
groc *ry and meat bill amounted to from
five tn seven dollars a week. Of course
1  hud my lunches  in town, but  1  got
We'd been saving up during the
Btin mcr for this emergency bo thut we
had onongh to nay fnr the doctor and
the QUrsO. bit that was only the begin
i ni- nf lho io'w OXponBOS. In the tirst
placo we had to have a ner\aiit now.
I -oi-urod a girl who knew how to cook
niter a fashion, for four dollars n week.
Cut that wasn't by any means what
'-he COSt us. In spite of Ruth's super-
j vision Ihe girl waited as much as sbe
used, so that our provision bill wos
nearly doubled. If we hadn't succeed-
oil in paying for the furniture before
this I don't know what we would have
done. As it wns I found my salary
pretty well strained. I hadn't any idea
lhat 80 small a thing as a baby could
cost so much. Ruth had made most of
his things, but I know that some of his
shirts cost as much ns mine.
When the boy wns older Ruth insist
ed upon getting along without a girl
again. I didn't npprove of this, bnt
I saw that it would make her happier
to try anyway, How in the world she
managed to do it I don't kuow, but
she did. This gave her tin excuse for
nol going out—though it wns an ex-
'■use that made me half aHhnmed nf
myself -and so we saved in another
way, liven with this we just made
both ends meet, and that was all.
The boy grew like a weed, nud before
I knew he wns five years old. Until
he bogan to walk and talk I didn't
think nf hiin as u possible man. Ho
didn't seem like iinylhing in pnrtlcnbr*.
lie wns hist soft and round nnd warm.
Itut when lie began tn wear knickerbockers he set mo to thinking bard.
lie wasn't going tn remain always a Son
baby; he was going to grow into n buy Tin
and  then n young man and  before  I
lart with, "int* country-b:od mice*--
ton* didn't need a will to leave us
those. If ai times we felt a trifle
j.inched, especially in tho matter of
cloth OS, it was wonderful how rich Ruth
contrived to make us feel. She knew
how to take care nf things, and though
I didn't spend half whut some of the
men spent on their suits, I went in town
every inorninir looking better than two-
thirds of them. I was inspected from
head to font beforo I started and there
wasn't a wrinkle or a spot so small that
it Could last twenty four hours. 1
ihtned my own shoes and pressed my
own trouBors, and Ruth looked to it
that this was done well. Moreover, she
could turn a tie, clean and pres*. it so
thai it looked brand new. I think some
of the neighbors even thought I was
extravagant in my dressing.
She .lid tho same for herself nnd had
.aught the knack nf seeming to drew
stylishly without really doing sn. She
had beautiful hair nnd this In Itself
made her look well dressed. As for the
boy he was a model for them all.
In the meanwhile the boy had grown
into short trouterS nnd before we kin w
it lie v.iis in school. Tt made it lonesome for her (luring tho day when ho
began to trudge off every morning at
nine o'clock. She began to look forward to Saturdays ns engerly as the
boy did, Then the next thing we knew
he'd «tnrt off even earlier on tlmt day
In join his playmates. Sunday was the
only day either of us had him to ourselves.
(To bo continued)
I mn an' got th' littio bench
An' stood right up on my tiptoo,—
''.won't do In reach no further 'enuso
Right "nverbnard" is where I'll go—
l wish tic great big round Mlneo Pie
ilie wouldn't go an' climb so Iiiiii!
If lot tie Boys jus' nto one crumb
Tonight,—is w'nt th* Grownups said.
He'll 'beam nit kinds o' horrid things
Have prop! in undernonth his bod,—
11111- bis eyelids to
You'll learn the lesson, ere you're done.
That cnroles-Miess is crime.
Rut  when your future homo you view.
And lift'its red-hot latch,
Xo matter theu how often you
May drop the lighted match!
being merely the carrying cost of their
j limit with transportation charges added,
nnd Other manufacturers have to buy In
j tne open market, ami add transportation charges to this price. Spruce was
the most expensive species at $6.05 per
cord, au increase ol sixty-four cents
over tho Rum price. Balsam fir fell
fifty-live cents, the average price being
if"'."! per eonl. The price of hemlock
was practically the same, and poplar
increased eleven cents during the year.
The Quebec consumption was mad*'
up as follows:—Spruce. 70 per cent.;
balsam fir, 2S per cent.; and the rest,
hemlock and poplar. Nova Scotia also
cut these four species, but Ontario used i"g trie
only spruce, poplar and balsam tir, and      Many
The Russian biologist Mercschkowski
has recently advanced a new theory of
the origin of life that 'lifters from all
previous hypotheses.
It has hithetn been assumed, he points
out, that the basis of nil organic lift-
is the protoplasm, composed nf albuminous molecules, which are very sensitive to certain poisons. Now, however, science knows a whole world of
minute corpuscles winch do not need
oxygen for their existence and bear Ihe
temperature of boiling water. Tney
do not make the amoeboid movements
characteristic of the potoplasm and
seem to b" immune lo the strongest
poisons, such as morphine, prussic acid
and strychnine.
In composition this living matter,
which Merc-chkowskl calls mycoplasm,
must therefore be very different from
protoplasm. Thanks to its extraordinary resistance, it could originate on
earth long before protoplasm, nud had
already formed itself when the earth's
urfnee wns covered with Boethlna wn*
lobars. Behind the bonds is $650,000
in Winnipeg real estate, about $500,000
of stock in the new Transportation
building in Montreal, and all the company's plant and equipment throughout
the cities of Canada,
The board of direciors follows:
Messrs. I'eter Cvall, William I.vall. Tia'il
I.-.all. .1. N. Qreenshiolds, and ll. W.
The   idea   of  using a   wireless  telegraphic station for the purpose of "aging" cognac or clarifying champagne
K at first thought, fantastic, but is he-
wit h success.
ears ago chemists conceived
New  Brunswick and British Columbia  the idea nf utilizing the action of elec-
use.l spruce only. .        trie currents of high  frequency  in  the
Almost   four.ifths   of the   pulpwood   perfumery   industry, producing a  kind
manufactured iu Canada in 101 ll wa
manufactured by the mechanical pro
cess, one-tnth by the sulphite process,
and only H per cent, by thc soda process.     Quoboc lends in manufacturing
mechanical pulp, but Ontario produces
the greatest quantity oi sulphite pulp.
Quebec makes over three quarters of the
pulp made by the soda process.
Spruce \* used, in all three processes,
and leads in all. Balsam fir is used
only in the mechanical and sulphite pro-
esses in nearly equal quantities. Eighty-
four per cent, of the hemlock was manufactured by the soda process and poplar
by   the   sulphite   iin.I   soda   processes,
f electrolysis, which, ie. a way as yet
unexplained, unites and compounds tho
diverse   essences   that   enter   into  tho
composition of S scent.
This phenomenon inspired some interesting experiments recently undertaken
iu France. An electric generator of
high frequency is installed in the storerooms, warehouses, and wine vaults to
send Hertzian waves all around the hot-
; ties. By this two widely different re-
, suits are expected to bo obtained— the
aging of cognac and the drawing out of
tbe deposit which the t'ermeutation pro-
ee^s causes, which is expected to accumulate around the cork.
Nova Scotia used only the mechanical! The apparatus used for the nppllca-
process and a small quantity onlv of)tion of the Hertzian wavoj is kept a
BUlpbite and soda pulp was prodnc d in   profound secret by the manufacturers.
New  Brunswick. 	
ihe average amount of pulp produced       MINING IN THE STONE AGE
per cord of wood by the mechanical! u (_ ,..,„„.,, t,|flt ,|1:M1V „,- ,h„ ,..*,,,,,-
process during the year was 1,908 now .v,„■•;,.,• WerQ worked bv tho
pounds, while the sulphite process gave Romnn8i ail(J ,|,at the Roman 'miners
'.m7 pounds of pulp per cord, nml the l|i(l „„,hillu, i,ut continue work begun
era from which oxygen was absent audi soda process 987 pounds of palp per Dy tho Cauls, who were habituated to
n  which  great  volumes of poisonous eord.     Seventy percent, of the wood (bo uso of metals.
II   g-ah
him  uu'  say  "Mow do-
salts wen   In Id iu EOlution,
Only after eons, wh.-n the oceans and
t he surface of t he earl h hnd cooled
down rafflclontly tu allow most metallic
snlts to crystallize, and when aa oxygenous atmosphere had been created,
COUld a higher form nf life, thu protoplasm, lie called Into existence. Fioin
thi" sprang the inoncia. the living nnd
moving clots -if jelly first mentioned
by Professor lliieckel. These nionera,
though at first, hostile to the obl-r my-
coplism, were called upon to perform
with the latter the first division uf
labor in the life carrying process, nnd
tliey liecnine jointly tlle progenitors nf
higher form*-* of life. I'rntnplasm became the host nf mycoplasm and formed the first type of'cell life, the latter
constituting the nucleus while the pro-
loplusm became the environing membrane.
Count Lord Abbot Vny De Vnyn, nf
Hungary, who hns given his life to the
religious welfare of Immigrants, is now
nn a visit to tno United States, Count
Vny recently was made I.nrd About nf
St. Martin's, which is ono of tho important ecclesinstical estates in Hungary.
"When one enmdders the millions of
Immigrants who cress the ocean," said
Count Vay, "it is time that something
In* done fnr their inn uls and souls on
board the vessels. They spend a great
many (lay** of their life at sea."
Count Vny is nbont forty years old
and was educated in Cngland, Hi*
father was lord t'linmberlain of Hun
gary. He entered the church about fif
teen years ago. lie will visit Washing
ton and will tetuni nn board the next
Mediterranean stenmship.
used iu the sulphite mills was spruce
and _!) per cent, of balsam fir. Spruce,
poplar and hemlock wero usod ia the
soda process.
The Ontario pulp mills have the high
est average consumption, viz.: nearly
14,087 cord* per mill. The average
Consumption per mill in Quebec was Cb
"IU oor*k in Novn Scntia 4,084 cords
and in New Brunswick .IJS.l cords. For
the whole Dominion the average consumption pcr mill was 11,Tito cords.
The export of pulpwood I'tutn Canada
is steadily growing greater- -an unfortunate fact, as the wood would yield
greatly increased returns if manufact
Ured in Canada. While pulpwood pro
dllCtton wns less iu Canada during [010
than in 1009, exports nf wood pulp in-
crensed by 48,288 tons, an iucrenso of
mini) (J per cent. Highly eight per
cent, uf the export was mechanicul pulp,
whilo only "H pur cent, of tlio pulp
manufactured in Canada was mechanical. The expert of chemical pulp alsu
Shows un increase.
The average value por tun of the
pulp exported in 1010 was $14*07 fnr
mechanical pulp, ami $30,39 for the
chemical pulp. This is an iucrenso nf
seventy cents over tho 1000 price fnr
mechanical pulp, but the price of chemical pulp has decreased $3,04, The
average prico fnr all wood pulp exported
wns $17.81., nr fourteen cents less per
tun than the M>0t> prico.
Of the   wood-pulp   exp.rted   during
The   tirst   mining   was   done   in   tho
Bt I Age.   The mines of CObaltlforoUl
copper iu .Spain date from a prehistoric time. These mines are distinguished by a singular arrangement of
the ways of access. Instead ni horizontal galleries along the sides of the
mine there are vertical chimneys, like
wells, metres deep, ending hi metal
strata. The aii:ir_'e*uei t nf.'he prim
Itlvo shafts nmy have been plnuned tn
make it easy for the overseers nf the,
mines tn watch the slaves as they
worked, and also tu prevent the entrance nf wild beasts. Thut the mines
were worked iu prehistoric times was
demonstrated by the discovery of fifteen skeletons uf men, who, presum
nbly, were killed by a envein. Somo
nf tbem lay under rucks, lu their halt ill
were very heavy tools, hatchets made
nf stone, and picks carved fmm llm
bnnes of antmalS, The skeletons were
nf great height and nf powerful structure; the thumbs nf ttu* enormous hands
were twice the length uf the thumb nf
the modern workman. Rut though so
tall, the men were of excessively narrow build, us was shown by the width
nf the places in which tfiey wnrked.
The veins of clay were romovod by tho
hand, ns is shown by innumerable
finger* marks.
"Dy Jovol flkre/.icks," said  Ilebsnn.
as the car run smoothly tilnng lh* high-
it  is really n  pleasure to rblo
IPltt, tlireo-qunrlers went In (lie United this vnv. Nu oVorspiwdlltg, nn earo-
States, this country tnklng 74.8 per cont. I ipBgjipgf—how nn enrth did vuu ever
uf  the   mechanical   pulp  and  OVOf  00 t,reak a chnutTenr in like this?"
per cent, nf the chemical pulp exported. Exports to other cniintries de
All the pulpwood exported in nn un
"Why,"   snid   Bkpeilcks,   "it   was
Simple enough. I pay him five dollars extra with the understanding that
iill fines are to come out of his wages.'' rillf.l.lWAOK FREE PRESS
Back Ful of Aches
Headaches and Depression
Much of Women's Suffering is Woedloss
and Can he. Prevented by the Uso
of Dr. Hamilton's P1U3
Ths World's Greatest Banks
By 11. M. P. KCKAWDT, in the Monetary Times
That   Stab llku   Pain   tn   tlio   Back   is
Suro Indication oi Kidney Trouble
Mrs. Anna Rodriguez writes as foi
lows from her home in Valencia:
" I'nr n long lime I suffered wilh (tilling   strength    and    nagging    headaches,
My condition grow stoudity worse, my
limbs  became   bloated   nntl   shaky, 1
wns  sallow  and   thin,  folt   rheumatle
di/.'/inesH   and   chills.     1   unt'oi
lt is a matter of common knowledge I Union of London and Smith's Bank,
throughout Canada that the leading $201,079,800; Parr's Bank, $193,318,-
ImnKs of tho Dominion have grown 525} Capital and Counties, $188,373,000)
very rapidly in si/.o and power during i London Joint Stock, $107,9*10,400,
the past ten years. The rapidity ot j Australia has a bank—The Bank of
their development naturally suggests New South Wales—with assets of
comparisons with the leading banks of $229,544,195, It therefore surpasses
other count lies. There is always a j but h of Canada's big banks in this
number of pooplo who wish to know j respect,
what, places are occupied by the Bank I Finally there are four bi
of Montreal iind the Bank of Commerce
(Canada's biggest banks) among the
great banks of the world. Apparently
the disposition of the Dominion is to
rat" the home banks higher than the
fads warrant. Many suppose tlmt the
Bank of Montreal stunds third or
fourth iind lhat the Bank of Commerce
is eighth or ninth iu tho class of big
As u matter of fact it is somewhat
liflicult In make a fair comparison of
the various large bunks operating in
ie Important countries,    At  th" out*
I tin' question arise*-, what constitutes
1     It   is  ascertained   through
Innately didn't   suspect
and wus nonrly dead when I discovered
iniiao of my sufferings.    I rend
ho   mucli    about    Ihe   wonderful   health
and strength thai conies to all who use
Dl*. Hamilton's IMP, Ihal I fell sine
thev would help mo, Much blessings Of
health and comfort I got from Dr.
Hamilton's Tills I can't describe. They
speedily put mo right, and thoir Btondy
use koeps nm active, energetic, strong
aud happy. I strongly urge others to
regnlatO and tone their s.stem with ut
Hamilton's Pills of Mandrake and But
No greater  medicine exists than   Dr.
Hamilton's   Pills for tho cure of in.li- \
banks in the United Stnos. Ouo of
them surpasses the Bank of Montreal
iu point of capital and assets; and
three of them surpass the Canadian
Bank of Commerce iis regards total
The National City Bank of New
York has capital $_5,000,000j capital
and surplus, $45,000,000) assets, $311,-
931,594. The Continental aud Commercial National of Chicago has ••upilnl
$21,..00,000l capital and surplus, $29,-
300,000) un.l assets, $212,700,748. This
bank owes iis prominent place tu uu
amalgamation occurring a year ago. The
National  Bank  of Commerce of  New
 Vork   hus  capital   $25,000,0001   capital
-.tockholders' funds iis rop--OBorit.il "by I'1'1*1 surplus, $35,000,000) uud assets,
capital and reserve funds, or the total 1-207,120,590. And ihe First National,
of assets or resources, or tho Volume of Now York, has capital, $10,000,000:
business transacted. Mere are four capital and surplus, $25,000,000) aud
different ways of classifying the banks. aMtjt8i -HUO-090,280,
"time lag" between the movement of
the han I wheel and tho corresponding
movement of the rudder, and in thi-
respoct oloctricnl gears promise an Improvement on steam genrB, whose economy is rodticod when lage control
valves are fitted. Sensitiveness also
roqulros au absence of undue "idle
travol" of the hand-wheel, but a certain small amount is nevertheless desirable. 'Ihe steering motor may be
started and stopped for every motion
of the rudder, but it is preferably Kept
running continuously, mechanical control being introduced either in .0
form of hydraulic transmission or in
the form of magnetic clutchos. In
the latter typo of gear two magnetic
clutches are'employed, these being lilted at opposite ends of the motor) and.
sis no gearing is kept, continuously In
motion, the wear and tear, as well sis
the current required, are reduced to a
minimum, The clutches prevent the
shock of the sea being transmitted to
mparlng the paid up capitals, or
would    result.    (I
Sii iu
Up    I'O
gestion, constipation, flatulence, liver,
bind.Ier and kidney trouble. Kef use
substitutes tor I'r! Hamilton's Bills,
box, or live boxes for $1.00, at
the Catarrhozono Com-
A    dill'erenl ^^^^^^^^^
each method,
Another   thing   to   bo   considered   is
Ihul. in  the  various countries the fum
lions   of   the   banks   are  different.     '" I "ol!
Canada   the)   confine   themselves   exelu- |:ini'
sividy   tO   banking,   but
countries   thev   engage   in   other   bill.. ,
nes_cs.   Also to be remembered is thu|l0Hr iH 0nfl wno ■'■'" ■H"*
i thai thero is no country In whichl . 00 Competed tor n monoy prtz>
f the banking position are
fully, so frequently, nnd
so  regularly  as  iu  Cnnada.    All  banks
in   the   Dominion   must   publish   a   detailed statement of their position once
:i month.   In Europe only u few of iln
banks publish  itatomonls sftoner th
tr,  and   tlu-  statements  pub
«9 jms &r"" Mb Quickest Cough Cure-
tow ol these devices nre apparent to ■
Cheap, Out Unequaled
nal passerby, who often, w
dors ut, the passive docility with which
some villainous-looking Individual under arrest follows his captor to the station. Sometimes ou a country roud one
may meet a couple of gendarmes un
foot or on horseback, loading a prisoner between them.
This is in obedience tu a quaint re-
guhit Ion whereby prisoners are never
sent by train from place to place, as
there are no funds set apart for railway fares. Consequently four or five
times as much is spent in food, drink
and lodging for the escort as would be
for the ticket; but tho regulations are
observed, In such cases the police
often use the " poucott
strictly speaking, this Instrument is not.
It, is a sort of loose thumbscrew which
lis fixed so as to keep the two thumbs
Sixteen Ounces of It for 50c.   Saves You
$2.   Dots the Work Quickly or
Moiuy Refunded.
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cent bottle of Pinex, cannot be equaled.
It  lakes   huld   Insluull*,'  and   will   u.suuliy
stop the most obstinate deep-seated
caujih Inside of .1 hours. Even croup and
whooping cough yield to u quickly.
The user of Pinex mixes ii with homemade sugar syrup, This gives you 18
ounces—o family supply- ol better cough
remedy than you could buy ready mixed
for (2.50, K.i-;1-. pre aved In five mln-
though,| uics—lull  dtrectloi     in   package,
Plnex aootht a and heals the Inflamed
1 membranes    wltb   rem irkable   rapidity,
It stlmuluti a tbe nppi tlti. ts slightly lax-
. alive  and   tastea  ■■:■ od— children  like lt.
Excellent for hoarseness, asthma, hron-
1 lio oloctricnl system, nml
ns Ihey hnve
ooiiBiiloi-nblo flywliaol 0H01
it, tbo currant
talion l>p Hn' motor ilooa
mil   lluctiiiilc
widely   iimler   niiniinl   ci
unlit ions,   uml
Ilu' Btoorlng  gear  may
llierel'uro   Illl
iin|i|iiii'il from Ilu* ship's
lighting gono
tbe details
puny, Kingston, Ont.
rules, those they havo framed
ihe Olympic games at Stock*
IIOXl    imilliner.        liOttd    'em   over
uo   how   they   have   the   amateur
oilier I •'■■■'I  professional sized  up  in Sweden.
The Stockholm rules say that, an nnia-
! for monetary consideration, or in any
1 way   drawn   pecuniar   gain   from   ihe
ereiae of liis sport;
fb) Competed against a professional;
Ic) Taught   in  any   brunch  of nth*
lies   for   payment;
'1.'l'J, |     (tl) Sold, pawned, hired  out or exhibited for payment any prize won iu
rotor, 'I'o economize power il is ad-
vaiiiiigeouH to arrange tho gear so that
greater leverage is obtained when thu
rudder is hard over than when Hill id*
ship:*, and by doubling Ihe leverage in
Ibis manner a saving of ,.ll per eenf.
may be nmdo in the motor power.
Bt coring gear suitable for a 7-inch
poul, when tested against ua artificial
hydraulic load, developed a torquo of
all foot tuns al the rudder post, and
ahowed on ofilcloucy of over 50 per
cent, at half toad. It was found capable of moving the tiller through 70
degrees   in   2fi   seconds,   and   responded
u  motions  of the  hand-wheel eipiiva-
ent  to   t  (lefiroo nf helm.
lished are usually sketchy affairs which
do not   go into pill tj.uliits very deeply.
Remembering    those    considerations
wo   may   proceed   to   investigate   the
standing nf the large banks in a few
j nf the principal countries.    Hefore do-
  ! in), so wi- may note that according to
_     .  '   ~~"      "      " the last return—that    for   September
SIR WALTER'S PIPE 30th, 1011—tho Bank of Montreal had
The Indian pipe that Sir Walter Ha- a paid capital of $14,300,000, a capital
lei -h Btnokod up to the time of his ami rest amounting tn $20,400,000, de-
execution   has just  been sold  in   Lon-posits of $179,003,905, and total assets
oinfortablo   together   so   long   as   tho   chills and other throat troublss, nnd has
ajin does not struggle, but a twist of | a wonderful record In cases of Incipient
tring held   by   one  of tin
OUgh to destroy uny  wish
to  es
don for nearly if-iou. The purchaser
was Alfred Dunhill, of London. Two
years ago $1,000 was offered for the
pipe md refused. Its value was reduced considerably by the loss of a
parchment, giving its history. Tho pipe
is in four parts, the stem, the bowl,
bowl jover and a piece into which both
stem and howl fit. It is a foot iu
length, and weighs a. pound. Faces
of Indians, dogs, ami what appear to
be monkeys are Carved oa it. Attached to the stem as part of it is a whistle
that gives u shrill call. The entire
pipe is ul  wood.
of $223,100,408. The Canadian Bank
of Commerce at tho same date bad paid
capital of $11,411,850, capital nnd
rest, $20,541,330; deposits, $140,836,037;
and total assets, $173,782,090.
On the continent of Europe there are
perhaps ten or a dozen banks outranking the largest Canadian bank In point
of total assets. Among them are the
great state banks: Bank of France, Imperial Hank of Germany, Imperial Hani*.
of Russia, Hank of Italy, Hank of Spain,
National Bank of Belgium,   In the case
An amatour is one who has never ■
(ii)  Rocohod payment as a trainer;
(b) Competed for a money prize;
(ej Competed or given a display for
Boforo do-IWmonJi
(d) Competed   or   given   a   display
against a professional;
(e) Drawn any pecuniary gain from
athletic exercises by selling, exchanging, pawning, nr hiring out any prize
wun in a competition.
Au amateur shall be allowed, whon
taking part in races or displays, to receive his travelling and hotel expenses
from the club to which he belongs, or,
with the consent of the .aid club, from
the club arranging the competition or
display, without forfeiting his amateur
status. Payment for such a journey,
however) may be made only by the
club which he represents in the said
competition. Xo competitor shall be
allowed to make any pecuniary gain
or profit from such payment.
n of a "profes-
of most of these banks their predom- j  . rho following deiiniUo
inai.ee   arises   largelv   from   their   note!»""'»!,    »   "Med.    A    professional
__________       ___,   ______ .issues.   Thev provide a large part of on° "*J !l* !l "oanmn. fisherman, or in
Cnllansible water towers adopted by tho currency used, and tho item of the W ota   capacity, has in  any way
Collapsible water rowers auopteu^y ,iri.l(l:di(1?1  ,u,i|ls tIl, flgttre8 ot   n the oxerciSeo* his calling, engaged
the balance sheets to large proportions.W« rowing -within two years from the
The. somo of Ihem take into the bal-   ■**<•* Pf competition,
nnco shc.t the total of securities held     A professional shall not be allowed
for safe-keeping, and other items which  to tako part in any competition or ijia-
lo not appear at all in a Canadian bal-1 _lt.>*8 fo.r amateurs, neither may he of-
the Berlin lire department are but ti
feet   long when  closed, yet  can  be extended to throw a level Stream of water
into :i window' on the eighth lloor of a
When Yoisr Eyes Heed Caro
lEyon mi 3 .   N i *■ i arcln-r— 11 els
'••--  »•   .   ■•   It,  I. U-t.n.1*.
Kin-—Act* Ou.ekly. Trv ll  for lti I, Weak.
v ■   *.- i   en nud Oram I ■•   I I .■■     -.  Illus-
li i     '    , >  . iveli   i   ■ Miirlue   Lb
nl l'lu      .   ■' I'mi ■
I ..-.,-.. thu I'm.-
I, ■      ii      i -'.■,- . •; i ; .y her muMi-.
.. u:   l'ii„.*s, ■.•:,- nil.IE0C.
I   mody Co., Ohloago
liiciato therein ns judge or in any other
To give an idea of the immenso size capacity-
( somo m the banks in  Curope the I    General  peculation—(4) A competi
illowing extracts arc reproduced. :,"r ulm wilfully jostles, runs across or
************************ -   - 'obstructs another   competitor   is   dis
qualified from tlmt competi tiou, and
forfeits the right to any prize that he
would otherwise have been entitle I to.
General Regulation—(0) No attend-
nnt   shall   accompany   any   competitor
) UNM_tT
.is.iiuiil.ms.. tUoasBmscboa,
I, A.lil.i;:.-...■ i\iil.    I.   It
 /. |.un and UL. ....-.-.       .
„i, ti::''.:i:i:<i:iti. 11 I.:' I   | '    .   1 :
:.:: I      Itl.lDf—cat        ■ r.
-o.lha i : od llii
Ui : i. itnroln l.r,        i  ■ ■ t
.    jiio un.l.,.-■...       llh.ii
I AM. T....III  ;>■ rt. llsl.ni.:      ...... IS,
"-Jt.il i .  n i. mi       rl  ■ .  ■■
lliiilliv„ls,u! s,.i),-urli.,r.;.-:.:,..:.,
tot :' lulliliii. ■,!, i .' fi   :.   Ilj >
.veil."  Alio,alii:.' i   I   r.n.T   ■■      : [
or polnfal .nietloa, Ooltro. j:nlar o .. .
Vrulca u Voir.., tIllk lA'.-t, Htraluii, Rpmliu,
H.»« fills,. .... , t,|.;.., .r.ii:,,;.,. I'rl.,'U.UO
ftudUCJn.alldni alauordotlvumt, Uaak l " l..,-.
W. f, \ Oi';".. l-.u.l..«ID I nu—iBHg,, Ur.T.rcM.rin.
The luiperlnl Bank of Qcrmany I.n.l
total   I'sits.  December .'list.  1010, of
*!,020,035,1001 nml capital, *r,. I,u00,
An ui.: ihe ii--' ta, however, is an itoiu—
|i.So3t(lii2,2JS rcpreftciitlng iis own notes
helil by its, if. Tho Banli of Franco,
:,t the - me ilnti. hn.l nwct. >1,210,.
030,083. Of lliis ♦822,503,725 roproaenl-
oil coin nml bullion held principally
:,it:,in-at the noto circulation of ♦1,030,-
on ilu- iir.'iiu in iltirino ihe raeej nor
sluill any competitor 1.,- allowed, withoui tin- pornussion of tho .in.1^'.s. to
rocelvo aasiutanca or rofroshmont from
■ huv o lurlnf* tho progreui nf the rm
Then thero .'.ro throo German gro°.t  "*'« f"1" n1"0 "I'l'li^ to tho Marathon
banks, o« they are collod.   Tho Pouts- raS?: „ ,
ehc  Bank had  capital of »501000.000d    Walking Raco—Evory judgo of   he
nn.l rosorvos  ♦211,015,515 us at 1 in-!'""rs'' <m ""* Powor '" ''''''"''' ™>"«
bor 31st, 1910.   Tho nol profits ,.f tliis;:' compotitor is walking fairly or not,
Link in  1010 amountod to ti, 1,000. a*"J h± mXi wilbont n previous cau-
The  Dresdner Bank,   the    institution "on,  llsquallfy such compotitor.
which Invested i« tho shares of l„LF*«»J K""'1 ruins, II  you ask mo.
Sovereign  IWnk  of Canada, also had Ttat oa; on walking may rank.' som..
capital  of MO.OOO, i    1 ili.-r]""m'•>'
31al lost   Its t,at:.l iiss.ts wvri' s(.344,-1 nunClroil-
•30,415 and iis not i.rolits in 1010 «c-; "'J,'1."  '        ,_^
-.^^^^^^^^"t-     -■       .    -     i ivalking or rnniui
nan ,L ro. .1.-.,— rial
k Ha. la*. I—oa,
ctn l**ii-_r**_. not matetf cl the hsMt, hul
ol Its eaUM Th« Ainvti iMUIOti * .s i-**r-
nianaiuy *-■.'''*•*_ njturai IMtet) io llwu-
tandi is dol - It io-*iir, '■'.*• :i, ior tuit
ir.(ori-ii:ion mr : raifr.i^cs *o 11
WMKaiiixr.oi.jiF.     FLXt.i i'ii.. r«.
Beef Hides
to  ns uud  ■-."■(   -ti  per cent.
tiiui-i' for them than at homo.
Write In uh for out' new
price list S mul we will mail
ynu one free. Watch this
ml. weekly.
We Bolioil your shipments
fur Beef Hull's, Raw Purs,
Wool, Tallow, Bone en Root,
Horse Hair, Sheep Pelts, ele.
thero isn 't n man In a
thousand would Im nearer
knows whon ii fast walker is
 Our own iionld-
UK lias boon suspected of running, Imt
whon lio boos to Now Vork ami beats
Tlm <liiif,'o or wild diif,' of Australia
Tin* dingo is to Australia wliat the
wol_ is to Eastern Europe uml the
coj"oto to America. Hunting In packs
or alone, he is a constant menace to
Aiisiniliii 's chief Industry, the breeding of shcop
Many ure tlic seliomes evolved for
tho wild dog's destruction, but his
capture or death is u comparatively
rare occurrence when set against his
constant depredations, There nre dog
trappers who spend their whole live-
in trying to cntch dingoes, men who
have studied every aspect of their work
and who spare no pains and avoid no
hardships in u constant warfare with
the wile and cunning of the sheep
Though the dingo is met with from
time to time in almost every part of
the Australian bush, his principal habitat is the rough range country in the
centre and north of New Smith Wales
and the deep, dark scrubs of -Queens
The dog trapper's life is of the loneliest kind. For weeks, perhaps months,
lio camps in the desolate ranges, setting his traps and watching with ready
rifle In the moonlit nights for a chance
s_ot at his enemy, ln the bush -.liero
is a price on tbe head of every dingo.
In some parts a, dingo is worth $50 or
even $7.j to the man who delivers his
sculp to thc Pastoral Board or to tho
This is made up by sums contributed
among the sheepbroedera nnd allowed
by the district councils, so generally
recognized an enemy is the wild dog.
With such handsome emoluments to
encourage him, the professional dog
trapji. r is not easily daunted, uud his
patience and perseverance are remarkable. Sometimes he may Ret us many
us thru* or four dogs in a week, but
as a rule if be gets three in three
months ho is doing very well.
As a rule tho 'lingo confines his murderous attacks to sheep and weakling
calves, but Id the for uut Queensland
districts, whore large packs traved together, hunger has been known to make
iIkiu bob), uml one hears of them attacking men iu lonely camps in the
man nor of wolves.
The dingo never -arks, but bis weird
howl is u familiar sound iu the bush
nights and is blood curdling in the extreme and trying to the nerves of the
new -Iinui camped alone in the bush
for the tirst tlmo. Owing to hia cunning nud swiftness iu changing quarters the dingo holds his ova in central
Australia and is likely to do so for
many a day to come, even though tho
price upon his bend—already a generous ono—should be doubled or trebled.
About, half the lima bOttU crop in Ihe
irld Is produced by n coaBtwiso strip
ni California, including Santa Barbara,
Veii'iirn, bus Angeles, Orange, and Hun
I'iego counties. Peculiar climatic cim j
ditlons are required, and tlie only other'
section where the. beau has lieen grown
successfully is the island of Mudugas
car, olT the oust cost of Africa. Muy
laud takes the mitim Island output.
Lord Ashton, known ns the benefactor of Lancaster, whoso linoleum factory finds employment for thousands
of hands, has issued an important notice to his work pooplo.    lt says:
" Wo arranged somo time ago that
the wnges in more than one department ihould be advanced, and an order
wns given to that offect. We hnve now
y that no advance will be mnde,
the reason for whicli vou are awuro
"All workmen not satisfied, und who
think they can do better, or even aa
well, elsewhere, must leave our employ
at once. In the event of tho works
being closed through railway or coal
strikos wnges will not be paid.
"In future, when trade is bad, we
shull only keep men whom we regard
as friendly and loyal to their employer, who for nearly half a century has
upheld tho cause of the working classes,
and we shall not, as in the jlast, keep
I hose who ure bereft of all sense of
what is due, not only to their employer,
but to themselves.
"It is with sorrow-—sorrow much
greater than we can express—that we
are compelled to give this notice, but
tho present slate of things is so intolerable that we are determined to
put an end to it, no mutter at what
During the recent municipal elections
lung trouble.
i'lm x Is u special and liltrlilj* concon-
•trnted corn-pound of Norway Whits Ptno
extract, rich in ffualocol soil nthp.r natural healing '':':- i lernem i, simply mix
tvlih sugir Rvrnn or Btr Ined honey, in a
IB-os. bolt'e mid II i reads ror use. Used
■In more Imnn • In the U, B, and Canada
thnn any other      grh r. medy,
l-lnex im nf i l oen Imitated, but
never r-u.-.T- *■ ■■ , far nothing else win
■produce the same results, The genuine *■
guaranteed t<i give nhsoiute satisfaction
iir money refunded, Certificate of guarantee is wrapped tn eact package. Your
druggist has Plnex nr will gladly get it
for you. If not, send to Tho I'inex Co.,
Toronto, Ont.
iu Lancaster, Lord Ashton was attacked by the supporters of a Labor candidate with regard to the woges he paid
to his employees. This, it is understood, he regarded as a personal attack, and therefore resented.
Lord Ashtoa's benefactions to Lancaster include the Williamson Park
(Williamson is his family name). n-_w
municipal buildings costing over (
000, a Queen Victoria statue, and a
remarkable, temple-like structure, built
at a cost of $150,000, which comraajuto
Splendid  views of coast  and hills.
Two ministers were once engaged in
discussing the merit.-* of the I ■■ *■
question, when the advocate of total
abstinence pressed the subject b ima -o
closely ou his brother minis tar that he
was obliged to say. "Real .     I
so taken one after another of 3 pt
ments from me that if you go oa I
longer I shan't have aa Ln^h .. {ru . ; I
left to stand on."
"Then  you  had  better take  to  '.iin
water," was the quick reply.
A   pleasant medic       for   tfi   :-*'i ia
Mother   Graves'   Worm   Extern
and there is nothing better fee  ti
worms from the system,
ceded $0,000,000, Tbe Dlsconts Oos*
ollschaft is another big Gorman bank
with capital of $42,500,000 and reserves ,    , -    ,     .  .       ,,    „ .,
of 0vor fl.*'. '.      These   German UP l,K" l,*mr ■ of   om' tli0 n°t,,IMri
banks uro actlvo    In   organising   in-11"'1"'8  W  t,l,iro
dustr.nl companies and thev operate a* mnm$l ,-<\l'tv71.v *tf **»*
number of largo manufacturing enter- J"1 ■?■*   Oouhlinc Is nil right    But
pri.es.  Outside of them are some large tha1 -mst »hows what mighl happen if
mortgage  hanks  with  assets   in  excess   •"»"•« .X;|P »■   ■■   *««  ^ ■/>■*"■■ »-*°Uld J*
of $200.000000    in Prance the Crodil 'i,lt'  '■''•■,  "  n,st  "':,"if'r was  really of date in Franc
Lyonnnla h'na donoslts of $375,000,000.1»*n8-*"  footing or loping   Instead    of |    Initead  of tb
lenrcely a day passes without a pic-
turo appearing in  tbo French  press of
WW ■  ■
■- m
"Nublaclr," and "New Rival" are   :
good shells: good in construction, 5;ad because primed with quick and sure ptii  • r:
and good because carefully ar.d a::.-
loaded with the best brands of powder un :
shot.    They arc  favrri'.ss among  h
and other users of black powder sh    !  : 1
account of their unifcrr.-. shooting,
of pattern and strength to withs:.,      reloading.   A trial will prove their excellence.
North.West Hide
& Fur Co.
278 Rupert St.     Winnlptf, Mm.
wns :i  fairorlo prisoner being loci oil' to tho station
 by 1.  policeman  nnd  tlio  doscrlptlon,
''Tlio Apnclio boing takon awny banil-
.-.II1...1  by  tlic- ;..;,lils."       As ll  llllilli-r
oi'  fact, lum.1.'inl, uro altogetbor out
nn.l nro ncvi'r imt'il.
braeolets ovory p<>-
Tho Comptolr l»*l><-..Mii.t.- _t lho'cmii , .,     Illcoman carries a ■-oabrlolot," which Is
of IHO" hail »230, 1,000 of m.s,.i«; Hi..:   Thoi rulo oboiil giving runners things a v-ory rough and massive made artlclo
Crc.lll  Ponder de  Prance had  M70,- along tho way is all right   If a manor resomlillog n imu.. watch chain, some
'.".o.s.-.ti ,,f .|ss,,|s. ,,r u-liirh $7iis,i i;i,«jii uoi only n l»ii i.r 1, to suck or a wot I ton Inchos long with n nt.iut woodan
rcprpsnnted mortg  sponge tj wcl liis mouth) it would boIcrossbnr at olthor ond.    An oxporl can
Coming to England thoro nro nino!11" right, bul thon having an nutomo- slip this .».'r Uio wrist of 1 Cfondor
l.nni.s holding moro .l.-|..,si.m thnn 1 ,M. j l.itr h.llow it iinui ovor :. coins.. 10 till in -i twinkling and with both Iho cross-
Bank ol Montreal snd leu holding him with done when ho n-ts. weak, li bars In hla hand lm» only to glvo it n
more than tho Caoadlan Bank <>r Com »" tu the bad for the gnmo, Wh.., .twist to Inflict the most ojtcruclnt ng
morco,   Computing tho pounil sterling those .'Imps havo got m. tbat cham-lpaln nnd compel Instant and lambllko
nt fi. Hi- doposlts nn,I noto circulation lljagao I hypodermics nro mild dosos [submission.
of tho Hunk of England amounted to! for thorn, and n good many races have
•|-.".!.!IS!I,I!1.-.. Throo othor hunks—
Lloyds Itnnk, London County nnd
Westmlnstor. nn.l tiondon City nnd IVId-
hun! Intvo ,1,'positi- not nut,-It less than
tho lt:ml< ot Bnglnnd'a aggrogato of
noto circulation nml deposits, I,lov,Is
Bank lm,l 1111 Docomber 81st, 1010,
.-prti.tt..- _.:i-to ln rleposltai London County
boon won hy dope mot not hy tlio man.
Tlio rules for amateurs are nil rio-lit
especially lha ^^^
or selling frizes. There's 11 lot more of
Hint done thnn many of ns know about,
mt,I it is worse than Kettinn money
for playing a game. If 0 man hasn't
pride enough   iii   his  trophic", tn  keep
and West mi osier had *:i!'n,li-J,ti:iii; ami | Uinm ai nay sacrlflco short of itarvlnjj,
London   CltJ   nnd   Midland  had   ♦'III",-
07_t__0.  Tlio Natiot.nl Provincial Band
if England hail doposlts of 4-t_fI,713.-
|lilii| liiirclnj- & Company, *S44,400,lli!6t
Another common method of prevent-
ini; oscnpo is t.i in:it;e the prisoner placo
both his hands in his side tloiiser pu-k-
touch about pawning|otS nnd then pass 11 String round his
wrists ami round his waist and hid
I.i..1 march. He enn walk nt n very
smart pace, but any attempt to rin
out nf n shambling trot Immediately
bring  him   down,  noso   to  tho    pavement.
If no string is handy all Ihe hrace
buttons of thc tTOUBors arc cut otT ami
the culprit is matin nijaili to put liis
hands in liis pockots. As ill the former ease, he can only walk, since
soon as lie frees his hands his nether
he is no ntnntcur ut heart whatever his
rating may be
Eloctrlcal steering otter, oonsldorobli
advantages for stoomors as well as for
vessels propelled by internal combustion onginos, for the Imnrrvod oconi.
my corresponds to n saving nf wolght
in   oilers mid fuel.    Difficulty lins lieen
btalnlng   n  reliable
ntrol, eapablo of dealing
Smnll hut Potent.—Parmeleo's VogO'
tnhle Tills lire small, bill they n'C effective in their action. Tlieir line i|unli-
ties ns n corrector of stomach troublos
Bra known to thousands nnd Ihey are in ' experienced
Constant demand everywhere hv thoSOI system of I ^^^^^^
who know whnt n safe 1 til' simple, with the power necessary to put the
remedy tliey are. Thev need no Intro-Urol boing Introduced either in tho
■Indian to those ne,|tiaint.-d with thom sltnrtosl posslblo lime, and nossossing
bul Iii those who wny tint know thom Sllfllclenl sensitiveness In eiKilde an ic-
thoy nre presented as tho best prepara- cornto course to bo kept by moving
lion on tho market for dlsordoro of tho I tho rudder promptly in small angles,
Stomach, I sensitiveness  Is shewn  by ithsenec of
A Real Asthma Relief. Dr. ,T. D.
Kellogg's Asthma lleroody has never
heen advertised by entrovagant statc-
uicnts. Its claims are conservative indeed, when jildccd by llie cures which
it performs. Kxpeet real relief nnd per-
mnrrant lienedt when you buy this
remedy nml yuu will not have cnuso
fnr disappointment, It glvos pormnnont
relief in miinv cases where other so-
called  remedie.  Iia.c ultcily  failed.
tlwinn to bo niuen unfavorable weather. tuftDj rarm»>ri over '•'•iret-rL
Canftdt havo gathered nt lei**t pnrt of their crop touched bv froet or
otherwise weather damaged. However, through the urge i_ irtage i
corn, onts. hurley, fodder, potatoei uml vegotub|p*i, by the anniua In i\
and drought of lQ»t lummer Id the I'uited Btatei, Kaftere * aoada aad
Western Kuropu, there ir- going to be n itesd; demand at H"")*' pi -*
fur nil the grain Western Oauadi hn* ralaed, no tuattei what ita quahtt
iiuiy bo.
So much variety in quality umt.ee it impose!-)'-1 fur tti;ae leea ex
pnrionced to judge the full value thnt should tie obtained foi inel sr-s.-
therefore tho farmer never stood more in need nf the cerviee** tf the
experienced ami reliabe grain eommllrion man to aet for Um, in thr
looking after nnd selling nf hi** prnin. than he doea \)<t season
KiirmerH, you will therefore do well for yourselves, not to aeoept
Street or track prices, but to chip your grain by parload dirrrt to Fort
William or Port Arthur, to he handled by ua In a way that wil. (jet
for you all there ia in it. We make liberal advances when desired, or
receipt of shipping bills for onrs shipped. We never buy your grain on
1111 own account*, but aet as your agents in selling it to the best advantage fnr your account, an.l we do so nn a fixed eommission of le per
% We hnvo made » specialty of th'.s work for many years, an ; are
well known over Western Canada fer onr experience in the grain trade,
reliability, careful attontion to our customer*,' interests, and promptness
in making settlements.
Wo invite farmers who hate not yet employed us to write to u; fnr
■shipping In-tractions and market Information, and in regard to dux
standing in the Winnipeg Grain Trade, and our fiosneia] potltton, we
beg to re'er you to the Union Dank of Canada, ami sny of its branches,
kilo  in the commercial agencies Of Brnilatreets and B. G  Dun ft Co.
703 Y Grtin Exchange Winnipeg
121 _*&_$ ty&&, afiilLLrWA.OK.,  QmiUSQ CQLU.MB.L_.
'I    BfiaflMfaa i _ ___■_——
Formerly (The New Era.)
Printed mul published every Thursday from its
ofllt'o, Westminster Street, Chllliwiuk.
Subscription price 91.00 per year iu ndvnuce to nil
points in liritirili Kmpire : to United States$1.60,
Display ndvcrtlitna rates made km:
en tion to the publisher,
1' known on nppli-
Cliissified ndvortlsemeilts, l cent per word each
scrtlon, payable In mlvuiu'e, '
Display advortlsers will picnic remember tlmt
lo Insure u rlmiig*., copy must bv la not luter tlmn
Wcdiicsdav inoiiwmt.
C, A. liARUKR. Publisher und Proprietor.
Sold by Merchants of Uhilliwack. Rosedale, and .Uchelitz.
Call and Hear the New
$20,   $32.50,   $52.00.
They are the Sensation of the     ♦
Talking Machine World. ♦
ALF. WHITE   Music Dealer
We luive in stock n number of standard doors, assorted
sizes, which we purchased at a snap priee.   Wc bought
these doors right and will sell them right.
The Prices Range From
$1.75 to $2.15
Compare these with regular prices and come and see the
doors. Come early oa they will not last long al these prices.
To escape criticism, wiy nothing, do
nothing, I- nullum;.
P. 0. Box 243
Phone L2442
Chilliwack Planing' Mills
Hot A ir  Furnaces,
Roofing und Cornice,
Metallic   Ceilings,
Stoves nnd Ranges,
General repair work,
Estimates furnished
Phone 94
At ihe Mee Studio • Chilliwack
When the eastern papers speak ol
tho hack of the winter boing broken
the,y are referring, of course, to
what we now speak of ns lost winter,
The Dominion Railway Board
has ruled that railways are not required to furnish sufficient train
accommodations for all the i-eoplo
taking; advantage of cheap rates dur-
ng the holiday season. This ha*
been a longstanding grievance with
the passengers, and is likely to remain so indefinitely.
A Cincinnati philosopher claims to
have discovered Ponce de Leon's secret of eternal youth. It consists in
concentrating nur minds on the fact
that we arc continually youthful,
and at the age of 100 we ought to
look forward to a bright and useful
future, We nro advised to practice
concentration, taking as our sul.jeet
some good truth such as the statement, "The power to be in perfect
health lies within me." This was
to be kept in mind while thc body
was in a state of relaxation, and the
person concentrating was to practice
healthful breathing. That thc flesh
of the body renewed itself every 30
or GO days, and that bv constantly
keeping in mind objects of youth
and beauty, it was only in years
and experience possible to remain
young growing old.
San Diego, California, has adopted a method of civic improvement
that is unique. In that climate, the
eucalyptus trees grow so rapidly, that
they may be cut down, and immediately they grow from the roots, and
in seven years, may again he cut-
down, furnishing large quantities of
valuable wood. The timber is capable of a beautiful polish, and is
suitable for furniture and office
littings. Tiiis is a source of revenue
and and many invest in eucalyptus
groves, simply for the timber.
Last spring, San Diego planted
•10,000 eucalyptus seedlings on a
wasted tract of 7,000 acres. So
rapidly have these grown under
scientific management that the
citizens have hopes that their city
may pay all its expenses from the
proceeds. If so, Ihe result will be
that San Diego will be a taxless
. .
There's a man in the world who
is never turned down, wherever he
chances to stray; he gets the glad
hand in the populous town, or out
where the farmers make hay; he's
greeted with pleasure on deserts of
sand, and deep in thc aisles of thc
woods; wherever he goes there's the
welcoming hand—he's The Man
Who Delivers thc Goods. Thc
failures of life sit around and
complain; the gods haven't treated
them white; they've lost their umbrellas whenever there's rain; and
they haven't their lanterns at night;
men tire of the failures who fill with
their sighs the air of their own neighborhoods; there's tlie man who is
greeted with love-lighted eyes—he's
The Man Who Delivers the Goods.
One fellow is lazy, and watches thc
clock, and waits fur the whistle to
blow; one has n hammer, witli
which he will knock, and one tells
the story of WOO' and one, if requested to travel a mile, will measure
the perches and rods; but one
does   his stunt  wiih a  whistle or
smile—he's The Man Who Delivers
the Goods, One man is afraid he'll
labor loo hard—the world isn't
yearning for such; and one man is
ever alert, on his guard, lest he put
in n minuto too much; and one
has a grouch or a temper that's
bail, and one is a creature of moods,
so it's bey for the joyous and rollicking lad—for The One Who
Delivers the Goods!—Walt Mason,
in "Talking Machine World."
Justice Harlan has this to say on
worry:—Speaking of worry, that is
one thing that a man must learn to
avoid if he will be well and happy.
Tliere is no one thing in the world
that has a tendency to upset and rust
a man's body nnd faculties more
rapidly than worry. The man who
tloes not worry is usually n happier
and better man, as fnr ns ability nnd
capacity for work are concerned,
titan the man who allows himself to
be worried.
Here is a good paragraph from
Uuskiu:—"To get peace, if you do
want it, make for yourselves nests
of pleasant thoughts. None of us
yet knows, for none of us has lieen
taught in early youth, what fairy
palaces we may build of beautiful
thoughts—proof ngninst all adversity. Itrigltl fancies, satisfied
memories, noble histories, faithful
sayings, trcasurchouscs of precious
and restful thoughts, which cure
cannot disturb, nor pain make
gloomy, nor poverty take away from
us—houses built without hands for
our souls to live within."
************ **** *******************************++++4.+
Chilliwaek troop No I expect to
go to Camp for four days at Easter.
The Camp will be pitched at Sumas
Prairie, the boys taking their own
tents, provisions etc. While in
Camp the Scouts will try the second
class tests.
Shampoos Tht Hair Without Wetting
Tht Hair.
In every package of Maclicln, Nature's
Scalp Tonic, which hns a rccor.1 for
growing hnir—95 cases out of 100 —
there Is a packet of Mnchcln Dry Hlinm-
poo Powder. Price for complete home
treatment. sSl.00 Sold and guariuit.i-
by fl. J. Barl.er.
ChilliwacK Orchestra
Chilliwack   Orchestra,   Six   or Eight
pieces, open (or engagements.
Ai.i>. White, Secretnry.
Reliable men with selling
ability and some knowledge
of the fruit business or Nursery Stock, to represent us
in lii-itisii Columbia as local
and general agents.
Liberal   inducements   and
permanent position for the
right men.
The Fonthill Nurseries
(KstaMish.il 1H37)
Open every evening from
7.30 to 10, and Saturday
from 2.80 to 5.
Paid-up Capital and Reserve
Money Loaned to Responsible People.
Accounts Opened on Favorable Terms.
| Chilliwack Bkanch   -   N. S. Mai-kknzie, Manager {
+ ♦
Notice the Hubs
On the next Studebaker
WajfonYou pass on the
You'll find they ar*
not split and chacKed
UKe the ordinary wagon.
Studebaker hubs, are made of the beat wood for the
purpose. Best because of fine close grain. It's tough and
strong—and when treated with the StudebaKer secret Sealing
Fluid It's absolutely weather resisting.
B  deserve a careful tnvettlgat'on on your part even If you
ar* not quite ready to buy.
For Sale by The ChilliwacK Implement
and Produce Co.
Successor to WM. ARCHIBALD
Estimates Given
Phone 58
P.O. Box 265
Electric Cooking Appliances j
El Perco
Kor your morning
cup of coffee.
Price |7 and $8
Tho heating disc for
general Unlit cooking.
Price |S
El Tosto
Makes delicious
ton.it on a momenta
notice.   Price |4
Iron |
Too well known to
need  sjieeiid  mention
Price $4.75
See these appliances at our Chilliwack Oiliee.
All are Operated from an Ordinary Lighting SocKet
B. C Electric Railway Co, Limited
. ._.._ __.—, —*—._._--_ nrnt *•*•__-- ■ i_i_r-
in Mountain View
Double Corner.  High and dry, and situated close in.  Price $1100.00.   Term*.
Sold and delivered.
Orders left at the Victoria House will receive
prompt attention.
T>-flier Ol l'illlHili.rle, Mellilier.lt M.
L. of A., Graduate of Madam Johns
Private School, Nov. York
Wishes pupils fer l'iioio or Organ,
Ai.i.1. 11.Midi rami block, over
Mapi. Imi ltislran.it.
t. T. Vradenburg
i ON I'll Ai roll AM) BUILDER
H.tih.r Sl. Chllllwaek
We have a new and up-to-date
plant wltb the talent methods for all
kiml- of cleaning, Dy-dug and Pressing.    Expert help fer all brandies.
Special attention will Ih- given to all
Mail and Express orders Irom Chilli-
waek ami tho Valloy. Wo solicit a trial.
428   Sih AVE. W.. VANCOUVER
Teachers of Voice. Piano and Violin
in Chilliwack weekly.
Apply t»v p.isli.1 card to the Consvrvatory:
mu I'.ron.lwiij- West, Vancouver
nn.! our teacher will call on l'ou.
Westminster Trust Huilding
I New   Spring   Goods |
R, A. Henderson, n.E. & m.e.
B.C. Land Si-bveyob
Rooms IO & ll. Westminster Trust Block
Opposite U. C. E. Station
Fitted  with  modern conveniences    and    comfortably
furnished throughout.
SAMUEL SUTOI,     Proprietor
Tnko notice that application will b.
mtule t*> iiu'Biwrd «f Mectm Commmlonen
"itiinir i" n Liwiwelni Court fur th. City
of Cliilliwnck at it* next sittinc* f»r
a llcenie to mil Wlnw, Nptrlt-*.. Bter,
or other fermented or intoxicating Liquor by Re-
t.til in tluiti-iTlaiii laiililliiR known ..*. the Coin
menial Hotel ittunte un the northerly side of
westUI in iter Ntreet un lut 5. nnd the winterly 1 '
of lot e, mock XV bow known nn lut i nnd went
erly 1*8 of lot o in block XVll, Division "B" of the
City of ciiiiiiwnek the Mtnu contalhinR not leu*
linn .in tiHiins lutitiillv furnished and used fur
lintel piirtH-se**.
Ilo- follow hue is ii cop*.- uf the wild application:
" To the Uonrq of License Cuinuii-wiunerii fur
" tin* City of Chilliwaek. B.C.
" 1, John McDonald of thr City of Chilliwack
" in the province of llriti-.li Culutnhia, Hutelkeep-
" cr, hereby apply for it lieen*** tu wil Wim-..
" spirit*. Beer, una other fermented or intoxl.-nt-
" mu liquor hy retail in thnt certain buildinir in
" the City of Chllllwnek known n*t the Oiiinirr-
" rial Hotel litiint.- un the northerly   title   uf
" \Veatmlmter itreet on lot a nnd the Westerly
" 11 uf lot il, Itlock XV, now known nt lot 9 nnd
" Wi-tcily I rof lot «. in Block XVll Division
" ';8" of tllO City Of Cliilliwnck. the Mine con-
" tnllilnir not lc*w thnn in rootUInetunlly fnriiUh
" ed forllotel purpuwn nnd of which the nppll-
" cunt in lewtce."
- Dnted thin iir-t dny of February A-n.* 101*-. „
John McDonnld.'
Dnted at Chilliwack B.C. thin Ut dny of PebrU-
John McDonald, l.e-,*-**-,
Britiih Columbia Electric Ry.
Train.       Clink.
11 8.:«> a.m.
7 (1.00 p.m.
Train      lllgdn.
1 H.'tnn.m.
Train        Van.
I!    S.'IOa.m.
4 1'.'. 16 noon
8 5.00 p.m.
Train       Van,
ti 8.03 p.m.
Lve. Cliilliivack 5.00 a.m. I Dally Except
"   Vancouvor 7,00  "   I     Sunday
All patwagcr trains handle liiprws.
Furnishings, Boots &
All of the latest style and finish.
Terms Cash.     Cash discount on all
amounts over one dollar.
Mountain View |
Snap      |
•j;     Wo have for sale an ideal building lot on Second
♦ Avenue, close in, which can be bought for
$475 cash
If you intend building it will pay you to call on us
for particulars.
|   Chas. Huteheson __ Co.    j
Household Articles
The little im-
morsion boat-
or. II o i 1 f
water in a few
El Stovo
Tho  sto vo
which    boils
your     kettle
all cooking
purposes as
well as toasting.
El Perco
Makes delic
ions coffee
in at fow
P/.one257        &   PUGH
Women's Institute
The regular monthly meeting of
the Women's Institute wits held on
Tuesday nfteri iu the rest ii >.
Aftor the regular business had lieen
disposed of, orinuuuiucntionB weie
read from the Mutsi|ui Women's
Institute accepting the Invitation of
the Institute here to visit Ihem on
March 20, tho visitors lo supply the
afternoon's program, lt is expected that Mrs. Davies of Vancouver
will address the Women's Institute
on or about the fourth of March on
"Poultry Raising and Markei
Gardening." Miss Grossman then
read an extremely inlerestiug nnd
helpful paper on "The preparation
of wintor vegetables" giving somol
valuable recipes ns well. Mrs.
Boucher wns listened to with attention on, "Economy in Household
Expenses," a very practical snlijeet.
Tbe roll call "My Pol Economy"
was responded to with useful and
transfermhlo hints (or nil housekeepers.      An    unusually    large
IHItllhoi'ot' Indies   were   presenl   on
Tuesday afternoon, which speaks
well for the ittteresl taken in this
Messrs. .1. II. Ashwcll nnd C, W,
Webb are on another trip lo Westminster Land Titles Oiliee this
week, in connection with thc City
nml Municipal Assessments,
A meeting of the Mainland Milk
and Cream Shippers' Association
was .held in New Westminster on
Kridny afternoon, about n hundred
representatives from the Frasor
Valloy being present.
The question before the meeting
was the difficulty which has arisen
with the wholesalers, in connection
with the bringing in of  milk from
j tho  American  side,     li   appears
! that 1 lie Vancouver wholesalers al
! the present timo practically control
the situation.   The sellers of llie
\ milk and cream nre gelling less for
j their produce, while the wholesalers
arc making more.   Then again,   in
connection with the shipping in of
the American product, the government insists on tlie llritish Columbia
vendors of milk submitting their:
j buildings and animals to sanitary I
land tubcrctiline tests from which I
(lie American dealers are  exempt, j
The question was debated al eon-,
Isidernblo length by n number of the
gentlemen present and   the  senli-:
ment of the bom- crystal izod iu the
following resolution. Kekert, Chilli,
waek;    Buckingham,     Ebiirno,—-
That a committee of three be  ap-
pointed to confer wilh the Medical
Health  -Ulcer at   Vancouver and!
discuss with him   the  quasi ion   of
tests and also look into tbe matter
of prices and further to take up the!
question with the provincial government.   This resolution  was  with
The appointment by tbe govornmont of official milk testers was
discussed at considerable length
and great dissatisfaction was ex-
pressed in connection with the
tesls being mnde at the present
time. Those win. were familiar]
with the situation staled emphatically that tho government could
nut at the present time see its way .
clear to make such   appointments,
There scented to be a general
movement towards organization of
all the milk and cream producers;
in the valley so as to break the
throttle hold which lho wholesalers
were alleged to have. The 'armors,
they considered, should boycott
those dealers   who   were   handling
the Amoriean  milk.
It was moved by Messrs. Kekert
and Buckingham—That a committee In- appointed to interview
the Medical Health -Ulcers of the
coast cities with regard In regulations
ami Inspection of milk iu this
locality and not with the provincial
committee   appointed    from     the
Dairymen's Association in ibe matter, and seek such legislation its
will help ihe dairymen,
The uml ion earned nnd the following gentlemen were appollllod In represent    the   convention:   Messrs.1
Laity, Port  Hammondi   Harrow.
Chilliwaek, and Benson, Delta.
In connection with Ibe matter of,
organization the following resolution
in- l.rotiglii Forward by Mr. Kekert.
nl Chilliwaek and s nded hy   Mr,
MoLollan, of Langloy, That this!
convention organize itself along the
lines of thc chilliwack Association
and that one representative each
bo appointed from Mntsqul, Sumas,!
Langloy, Maple Ridge, Surrey,
Delia and other municipalities ill-1
(crested, these gentlemen to bring
down a plan of organisation at the
next meeting  of  tbe  convention.!
ll was moved in amendment  by
Mr. II. A. Harrison iindG. Hunter,
Langloy—That lho   President and
Secretary-Treasurer get lo work and j
reorganize the   present   association
along the line of the old-time  Milk '
nnd Cream  Shippers,   Association.;
The amendment carried.
The meeting then adjourned to
reassemble in March.
1 ^'♦♦^'^♦^♦♦^^♦^^♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦'^♦^♦^^^♦^^'♦♦♦♦♦^♦♦♦^.♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦^.♦^
| Everything You Require for |
I House-cleaning
*> Ahiliusiiiii' in Many Shades        <
lln.-s nml   l-'lnt-lulii;   +
Miriiituvo Renovators
Kalsominc Brushes    1 .tint Brushes
*        Stop Ladders
Ceiling Brooms
('iii'liiin Stretchers
I Denmark _. Burton j
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Your Suit or Overcoat Built
Expressly For You
Porhaps you prefer your clothes made to yuur measure
which is nil the more reason why you should come to
The Fit-Reform Store
for your Suits nnd Overcoats. Our Special Order Department is at your service. The Famous Fit-Reform
Designers are at your service and hundreds of patterns
in now and elegant materials await yuur inspection.
We will be pleased to submit to you patterns and prices
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Mining Machinery        Boilers        Engines
Interstate Automobiles
liramni Motor Tracks
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I 1048 Main Street
Vancouver, B.C.  ♦
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i i
Liberal Convention
A Convention of British Columbia  Liberals  will   be
held ut (I'lii'ien's Hull, Hastings Street Vancouver, on
1012. Upon put-basing a first class ticket to Vancouvor, viiiC.P.U., and obtaining al Hie tinn- of purchase
from tbe ticket agent a standard certificate, and upon
lho signing of this certificate by lho Socrotnay of tho
Convention, tho bolder will be entitled to a return ;
ticket ut ono-third tho usual fare.
I Particular   Printing
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supplied customers of the Free Press
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By Breathing   tho   Healing   Vapor ol"
Cata.rhozo-ic You Got Relief
in Ton Minuto_
Muggius:   "Wim   will   bo   tho   next
mini tn liux .luck .Johnson?"
Qlumuiioi  "'Ilu* undertaker."
Evory second person tliat you moot
seonia to hu\ o ii siiee/.o anil stuffed
fooling in Ihu Eorohoad nn.l imst.ils. To
euro promptly, aay, in Imlf nn hour,
thoro is nothing worth using oxcopt
Cotarrhozono, Vou Inhale its balsamic
vapor, anil fool ns it you woro :_itiuii^
tho   Norway   plnos,     'I his   is   bocauso      [nspoetor:  "Why do vou think this
Catarrhozono contains n healing modi* dog wuh stolon from o ludyf"
cine, light ;is [lino nir, which is breuth-     Constable:   "Bocauso   as   I   walked
od Btraight into tho lungs and bronchial  down the streol  with  it  it stopped in
tuhos,   Away goes  tho cold; Buoozing front of all tho drupora* windows."
nml   catarrhal   cough   cease,   bronchial *    •   •
irritation stops; in short, you aru cured      ..- „....,, to marr-. V„U(** ^lu[ t|i0 ,-is.
That Reminds fie
Vou just nii.sscd
Peiloatrlan: "ll
uie by an inch!''
Cliuutrourt "Ho patient, I'm toiuin)
back iliroctly."
of catarrh by a pleasant., simple romody,
free from BOilotivoa  1 irritants.
That Cutarrlicraono is a swift, cortain
menus of ilostroying colds ami catar li
is proved bv the following Btiitotnotil
nf Mr. Cuius, nne ul' Brocltvlllo'a best
known merchant!!
"In tbo lull of 1908," writes Mr. 1'n
los, under dato of Juno loth, 11)10, "I
contracted a, very sovcro cold wblcb
developed into Oatarrli,   At that time
lug y iy author, bluntly.
"WhyC coyly asked the grout heir-
oss, preparing to listen to bis impassioned confession.
"Well," he replied, "it would bo a
groat udvortisoinoiit fur me."
Poor .Tones wus in n dilemma. It
ivns .Mrs. Jones's birthday, and her
spouse was well aware that sbe would
D'Orbny smiled. CORNS, CORNS, CORNS
"Well, you see," lio explained, "Mrs.     Tender   ,-nms.   painful   corns,   sof
Moelyans is coining to see this picture  ,.„r„s,   bleeding   corns,  every   kind   of "C the supinator
ibis alteration.    She likes tliinKs real-: s tlmt other reiuedios fail to cure '" ''
.sue, bul  she liusn't nny idea of ll.-t. i    timt'a „ ,„„„] many—yield quickly to
When  shekel's her pet dog smell  that | pMmm<,     Painless    (Join     Extractor,
oilii!   and   get  excited   over   it,  she'll
liu.i  il on the spot!   ('.rasp the Idoal"
Robert llilliard, the netor, who stars
in Uie role ol" a hero, went to ii physician not long ngo uud wns told that he
would have to undergo u slight opcia-
tion. •	
"All   right,  doctor,"   snid   Milliard.   —	
'There's only ono thing 1 ask of you: fron,  *,ls 8UCC0ssful campaign
['sod forty years in many lands. Largest snle in lho world. Putnam's Painless Corn Extractor, Tho name, you
hog, tells iis st. ry, It removes corns
uinl doos it painlessly, imt here is u
I mi n u-r: Bo suro you got Putnam's.
Sold by druggists, price 25c.
Please don't, hurt
liic tricks ;icn
n   the
the border,   lit
tho oilier hand, hold them parallel to
t thu axis of tho body, by simple, tension
if tho supinator muscles, so necessary
n tiie movements of external rotation
required tiy the handling of tho sword,
"This fact did not escape so clour an
observer is Balzac, who has formulated
it in theso terms: Mu families where
tho occupation of arms is traditional,
it communicates to tho mon a sort of
distinction of bearing and to the women an indefinable grace.'	
"In this connection a peculiar thing
may be mentioned—tho members of tho
Rohan family havo from generation to
ffonoration borne a white patch iu thoir
liaii*, with Bometlmos a fow exceptions.
This   is   apparently   the   result,   by   .1
iv,,i.,j..:,lir ,i,....:*,..,,,,i i i.   r    „ . ._ ihul miiu i-u_»o ua-jwb i,u« uuiuui.    uu tb i   is   uppureuiv   tie   result,   bv   j
hxplft n lllg tl lit It WOll   l DO fOO   SU tO    1 i,,,..,!.,..,,,!    .,    -..-mil    I.hivI    ..'*   isno.nl ,         i-i                                .•                              i
„ ,, ...   _  ?.              ,i   .I     ,■            i , has  iiexcioped   a   gn,ii   imi*-.i   oi   speed n-odiu- pliciunui'iiou, oi som,! wound to
a u laistor an  auuestneiiu   ior sucii a ■   ,„ i„ ,* „,..,,, i,,,,..,  .,,,,1 v.,r i>,i_ .r,'...it ■     1 1                    ,.    _ ..    _ ,   ..,
- .'mi  .1,,,-. ,-n.„.-...i *« fllllP.?.,Mt s.oe".»etp,and Nat has great C0lved long ago on Ihe held oi battle
light operation, tho doctor promised toi     n,|0| 0 in h£ ,U)ilitv to carry it tho
bo as gentle as posublo. llilliard squirm- \m ium,u,Vi
od ami  wriggled and protested  in   no     T1)0  four.yettr-oW   maro,   Bind*:   Cat,
uncertain   tones   while   tho   remed in
knife was doing iis work,
Afler it was all over Ihe doctor ask
was worked  nt  2,p7, apparently  woll
within her spood limit.   Tills is a clover
an ac
or, aron t you, Mr.
and ouo that should   bo a  win-1 individual m
Wo must not exaggerate, and w
may hardly formulate an axiom sueh
as tho following; 'Show mo your skin
and I will toll you whether you are
led   from "lho   Crusaders.'   The
I was living in New York State and po wtromflly unpleasant  if no proscnl
treated with lour different physicians,  was fortbeomi it   ■- 1   n..i n. m im-
who afforded mo uo relief. On comlnj
to BrockVillC I was advised by a friend
to try Catarrhozono. I bought tho dot
g whon ho awoke that he remembered it, so ho lay for some time
thinking of tbo best way out of the dif-
lar outh-, and waa gratified by thc re- j Acuity,
suits.   I was completely cured by Oa-      Ihon !"- wmo, "Opt downstairs, took
tairho-onc, and have used it since to}tbe blggoBt plate he could find from th
chock a cold, with unfailing results. It
is the grandest medicine in existence,
and I hopo my testimony will be of
some use to other foUow*sufforers.
(Signed) "George Pulos."
An ideal protection for the chest,
lungs, nose, and throat is tho frequent
uso of Catarrho-ouo. Two months'
treatment (tho large size) costs $1.00,
medium sizes 50c; at all dealers or the
Catarrhozono i'o., Buffalo, N.V., and
Kingston, Canada.
Animals bom wim tails generally develop considerable uso for them, but n
misfortune may happen to them that
will cause them to wish they had no
tails. A curious instance of tli is is
what has been called a "rat king," i»
which, by an accident just afler birth,
the members of a litter of rats become
eonnectod by their tails so that it is
impossible for thom to extricate themselves.
This singular condition is said to be
brought about by tlio tails becoming so
entwined that, should a little clay adhere to thom, thoy cannot be separated.
When this condition is perceived by
Ilu; older rats the young nre not left to
perish, but are accorded the greatest
A "rat king" discovered and killed
in Germany contained seven members in
perfect condition, physically, except for
the ontnnglomenl of the tails. Tlioso
had grown in mi eh 11 way as completely
to entwine ono nnotner; but tho rats
won* in tho very bosl health, conclusive
proof thai astonishingly good care had
been bestowed upon Ihem by their more
fortunate ral brothren.
.  MJM/PEG j^^y
Cor. Portage Ave. and Fort Bt.
Awarded first prize nt World's El
position on its work and methods.
Write for a free catnloguo. We aiu
fm* in it rue tion by mall.
;MlU»H FUR _ WOOL 00,
3'  p j,, .u.«w •taut '; r '■■   i
■   J*ta.NI»<«   __W«r<rTOsJA.      ,
'Vtmi'lfK. rOJIC llii I't.Mll
The Army of
!■ Crowing Smaller Every Day.
iwpowiUe—ihf y w
ca\y give relrf—*
cute Coaitipa-
iio«. m-A
liom um
them (or
H„, MlfUllM, Si- II.kI.c1w, Sallow Ski..
Genuine n...,.!-.., Bignatuio
blnn-cttpboartl, und placod it on the
ball tablo. Tiiis done, he oiiQnoil the
back .loor uml lot tbo dog in from tho
un.l. Then, tripping lightly ujib-ttiirs,
lio colloil to Mra. J.:
"This boing your birtlnbiy, I Imve
proparod n littio Biirpriso tor .you; lio
quick and como ami sue liow you liko
Then ho run downstairs again ond,
kicking out tho <l"ff, erlod in amaze-
inent uml wrath. "It tbnt vile boast
hasn't oaten the whoio of the beautiful
enke 1 hail bnnuht for youi"
But ho'il forgotten to unmuzzle the
linite, iiiiii tho fact took u lot of ox
plaining away.
.   .   .
A man came up lo the window of n
small railroad station in Missouri uml
asked for a ticket to Kansas City, Inquiring the price. "Two dollars and a
quarter," km i.i the ngent.
The man tine; down into a well-worn
pnckolliook and fished out a bill, It was
n banknote for two dollars. It was all
the money he had.
"How soon does this train gol" ho
"In fifteen minutes," replied the
The man hurried away and soon returned with three silver dollars.
"Pardon my curiosity," said the
ticket-seller, "but how did you not that
money? It, isn't a loan, for I see you
have disposed of tht- twodollar bill."
"That's all right." said tho man.
"No, I didn't borrow. I went to a
pawnshop and soaked tho bill for a dollar ami a hall'. Then, ns 1 started
bach here. T met an old acquaintance
to whom I sold tho pawn ticket for n
dollar ami a half. t then had throe
dollars and he has the pawn ticket, for
which the two dollar hill stands us security."
Mr. Ilnsk aad family were to remove
Into other quartcrB, "Where did yon
ordor the furniture-van, hubbyf" In.
qui ed Mrs. Dosk.
"Alt, the furniture vnn!  T quite  for
gol  it,  I   dcclnro," was the meek   c
joludor,    " But Btny!    1 have an idea;
■   you leave it to me."    He snatch-- I
hat and weal to see a well known
01 0J lender. "I want $1,500," said
"I never lend money without umplo
"I can lol you have my furniture,
und nm prepared to pay you Intorost al
Ihe rule of ono third per cent, pel
"Tbnt males 122 per cent, per nn-
tiii.n,*' filenlly calculated the use or,
lad ■nils,,tiled.
•• Hut the sheriff's Ollicor may come
any minuto and r-olno tbo furnitures you
will have to fetch il away at once."
"1 see," grinno.l tllO usurer. "It
shall be do,ic" He eon-ten* out the
nt v and sent for the furniture.
•|'h.'. next day Mr. Husk called again
and paid back Ihe $l,li00 and one-third
por cent, inlere-t ($3), end diiected the
furniture to ho seat to bla new resilience.
Tho liBircr had to ur'ni and hear it.
whilst Mr. Dosk congratulated himself
mi offocting ii cheap nnd oxpodltloU!
removal of Ins household goods.
I    The    late    Edwin    A.   Abbey,    lho
\morlcnn painter, who lived In London,
wnn noli  comfortably off, wherein Ilo
might hnvo been rich,
A CI go nrt dealer, just returned
from  '■•in..|.< , suid:
,    "I dim,! one evening with Abbey In
Ibis   house   in   I'll.dsell, and  after di r
wo walked  in the blue twilight 011 tlle
loholson embankment.
I   •• ,\s «,- passed old Bwnn House and
'rlo. k   ll.oi-i , and Ills' other superb 1cm
1 lel.es lint   front  the river, I  reploaib
led Aliinv for his nxtrnvngnnro,
" 'Why,' I mill, pointing toward
I Clock   House, 'II you  had saved  your
„ j  yon mlgbl  in' living III u palace
like ih.il  today."
I "Hm Abbey, with n laugh, minor ,-nt
the bottor uf im-. He rattled oil' tins
epigram—nnd it's an epigram I'll Always rcmi niber when I 'in tempted lo be
" 'Some folks,' ho snid, 'nro so busy
putting something by for n rainy day
thnt they get lillle or no good ont of
nlonsnnt weather.1 "
a     a     a
Tho friend who strolled into the
studio of D'Orbay, the grent. artist, was
deeply interested III the finishing
touches which were being given tlle Infest masterpiece from D'Orbny', brush.
I'.llt when the fnuiolis artist began to
rub n nle >f raw- meat over the paint.
■■•I rabbit in lb" foreground, the friend
was more than interested; he was as-
"Whal on earth is the idea in that?"
lie asked.
oil! "You'r
"Yes," answered llilliard.
"And vou play heroic roles—you u-t
thi" hero, do yon not?"
"Yes, 1 do."
"Woll," concluded tho doctor, "sll
I've got to say is that you're u good
actor. '
A man hml for yoara omployod u
steady Ocrninn workman, One day Jake
came to him nnd nsked to be oxcuBod
from work next iUiv.
"Certainly, Jako," beamed tl n
plover. "What are veil going lo do."'
"Vail," said .lake, slowly. " I  think !
1 must go by oiein wife's i'linerul. sdi
dies yesterday,"
Aftor the lapse of a few weeks .lak,
again approached the boss for a .lav oil
•All right, lake, but whal are' yol
goia;,'  to  do  this time'"
"Abor," said Jake, "I go lo mak,
ine, mil  moil' frnillula, a wedding."
"What?    So soon!    Why  it'' only (rack  record   if  nol   h
been time weeks since you buried your been called upon to do so.   Tin o
wile." one looks lit. the case of  King  Itryson,
"A.-h!" replied Jake, "I don't, hold ihe moro w lorful it appears, and an
spite long." limited credit is due Dr. Black for h
ner next year in her live yenr-old form
if not this winter. Sho will bo the
stable's reliance iu the trotting stakes
on the ice, Tbe other horses in Buy's
string were all given slow work, Nut's
una two, John McKwan, 2.08Vi, and Dr,
Wilkes, L'.ltM',. nn.l Mr. Grey's throo-
year-old Halph McKorrow, nil pleasing
thoir trainer.
Hr. BInck sprung another surprise on
the regulars when ho let the trotter,
King ltrysou, march n mile in 2.20_,
the importance of which enn best be
estimated when il is known that ho
went the entire mile fully three widths
out, frum the rail nnd ihnt the track
record for u trotter is ll.lli!',, mado by
Mnrgol I.  Minnl. 2.1714. lasl suuiinor,
King Bryson trotted liko u champion
without showing tho slightest trace of
Ihe lameness which kepi him out id
lacing for several seasons, uud those
presenl who saw him perform freely
expressed Ihe opinion that Hie game
littio trotter could nave lowered Ihe
na.   had   he
■ an absolutely nor-
licesaflll handling ol  Ihe horse's case.
Messrs.   Proctor,   Wilkins  and   dray
■ere on hand to see linss Mcllin- work
■   purchase,   Adrian    Pointer,
lid nol attempt any fast work
stallion,  contonting  himself
"J;! Willi  riding several   miles, lho  fastest   feature of the volcano is that no lava
to do?" „f  which   was  around  2.40.       Adrian  has over Issued from It in n liquid state,
pacer ^and .|},., ojecta being blown to dust nnd uslies
by the pressure of gases or stoam.   The
null skin;  but nevertheless iu  Ihe sp
cies, ns always, heredity does not abandon its prerogatives."
The oruption on Tnal volcano, in Ihe
Philippine Islands, which took place
January 30th, lull, and caused a loss
of 1,1100 lives, has lieen the subject, of
a largo number of important pnpers in
Ihe scientific journals, besides the. ulli
cinl roporls of Ihe Philippine Bitrnoit of
f  Ihe lliusl   graphic   I
Swift Cure for Croup
"Last year two of my children woro
tulcen witb croup. Tbey c.ugbed some-
thing dreadfully, nnd woro too sick to
ont anything, 1 applied Nerviline to
lho throat and chost nnd guve it ir.-
ternnlly. nlso. I nlso got the children
to Inhale 'Catarrhozono.' No remedy
could have worked more Hntisfnrtorily-
1 can rocominoud mothers to uso Nerviline; it 'h a. fine liniment,
(Wignoil) "Mrs. F. I_. Knechlor,
■ 'Harriston I'.O,"
leni'O, Impeding lho movements of
pooplo who wero trying to Hoc against
it. producing tromendous waves on
1 .ahe Bonibon, i-nusing sheets of iron
nulling In fly abnut, ele. At .a distance
ot 1 I miles Fnthrr Maso saw the rngon
grass lying liko wheat which had been
Boated down by a storm. Ue is of tlio
million, in accordance with Itie general
motion, iu accordance with the general
laws of storms, so as lo prodinc a transient tornado or whirlwind. The atmos-
puoric waves propagated outward from
tho v ilea 110 were recorded uu bioginpliH
In a dlstanco of 200 miles.
A   niriii   had   for  years  omployod
steady   Gorman   workman,      oho   day ! ^{u',\r
Jnko camo to him ami *isl;e<] in be ox- ku* |,
cusod from work tho next day. with
"Cortninlv, ,lnko," boamod Ihe em
pli.ver.    "What are
"Vail," saitl .lake, slowly, "I think  Pointer is a classy-loot-
I must gu liy meln wife'- funeral,   bhe. he loolts liko on.' that will
dies yesterday," j   ,\lUk Rombougli, of Hamilton, dropped late eruption appearsto have boen mark
Afler the lnp.o ni a few weeks .Take   into the big city one day this week to  0l| i,v unusually magnificent displays cf
again  approached  the buss  for a  dny  reporl progress,   Ho recently bought a volcanic lightning,   For three days pro*
off. 'green pacing mare that he is very on-LG,iing the oruption a constant succes*
"All right. Jake, but what nro you  thusiostlc about.   She is a five*year*old Bjon 0f soigniic shocks were felt over a
going to do this time?" ! bay mare by the unbeaten  Direct Hal, wi(1- nreflt and thoy caused much alarm
"Aber. ' saitl .lake.   "1 go to makei2.0-*/„ and out ol the good mare, Nellie in Mannn ,ni)i| thi; Weather Bureau lo
me, mit meln frauleln a wedding."      ' Rooker,   2.10M    (dam   of    Holon   B., eftte(] ti,e ei.ice.iter in the region of the
"What?   So  sona?   Why   its   only 2.10%), by  the  nuted slro  ot  pacers, Tafll vo]eai0t   The partial vacuum P'«.
lieen three weeks since you buried your   Rooker.
" Ae!i!"   replied   Jako.
hold spite lung."
'is firmly of the Opinion that she wi
take the place of his old favorite. La
Point, 2.09V,i that won so many nu'cs
for him a iuw years ago. The new
mure is one of the best-looking pacers
to be found anywhere.    She is ot   good
height, and  weighs   1,100 pounds.    In
conformation  "he  Is a  typical   Direct,
, nnd her way of going gicatlv resembles
Tho   imaginative   mind   of   llie   turt   ,i,.,f   .„•   ||er   illustrious   sire,     .lack's
writer  is  well  described   in   the  report   ,„.,„..  frtcnds  would   be pleased to see
which appeared in one of the leading iijtll'0.,vn another good une.
journals devi ted tu harness burse inter- j 	
eats to the effect that Vernon McKinncy
(2.02),    Tlie    Eel    (2.02W),    Karl    -Ir.   BODILY SIGNS OF KNIGHTLY DE
<_..i--,.). Darkey Hal (2.02»4), Hal H*! SCENT
'!r'  ("-,».1V.A!;V^l!li7l l--""1''' T"1:    Is it possible for the customs and
.leu-lie W.   2.04V,) would come tofi   Ier  |mb(ta Ju sopial .j_Mj poMi_tcil in fof
WNw, If 11 race with the horses named  !£»?■«__  :':"'.:r ^l^^l SiJlZ
following   opinion   recently   ex*
riplions   is  thnl   of   Ilov,   M. 'Sftdorrn j Prnue1' ''.v J0'"1   Hodmoml  is nn aid ill
Mas... which is published as a s| ial  understanding  his  charactor  and   the
bullelin of Ihe Philippine Weather Hu-, ''!,u "*   '"'   BuvoeatcB,       Mr.   Redmond
reau.   This account  is noteworthy for 8,,,i
the   attention   devoted   to   the   u.eteoro '    .        Iiav? } y\ "H u'''  '" Btftto OXIlCtW
logical nml solsmolnglcnl foaturos of tho "',,;'   ;;n(,rlf,, Parliament would do if
oruption, and In this rospocl it is an in.   '"■, ,''1   lo mor,row/    h'  ""J ."   l1(Jr,Ift'
port: Lributlon to the sclonco off,0111' mV ?'      ' c!di fl*h,tln? inT
•ulcnnology,    This   volcano  has  beon ?r™"»,"hoft °tt ',i,"V11 ^InnTng the
[rostornllon of tin* pnrliainonl will bo
mon there meu of modernto views ou
both sblca of oxistlug controvorsloB,
who hnvo boon qulto unable, owing In
the circumstances, to take part In the
Work of Ihe Imperial | nr) in men I.
' "There \\ ill  bo many bus!noss men
Iheie    who    nre    ore. bided    nbsulutely
rving their country in the par
0,000 to 30,000 feet, ami was seen 250 1 lament at Westminster. There will
iillos away, wliero it was mistaken for a bo many professional mon thon—men
listant thunderstorm,   Ono remarkable representing   science,   literature,   nnd
art. There will be representatives of
th.- o!d landed gentry, nn.l men of all
creeds. And. if I understand tho feeling nf Irishmen aright, you will have
tions, llie gran tost of which was thai
of 17(54.    Alt the eruptions of which a
ri d has I i prosorvod have had lho
•rami* character as the recent one consisting ni vinleiii explosions which hurled tlio volcanic products to great distant m. The huge vapor column uf tlio
last explosion ruse to a height of from]fro
nun-Cat holies iu thnt nous * in a far
larger proportion than their members
would warrant, as compared with the
Catholics of the country. The old
parties will have disappeared; there will
be uo fierce controversies tn arouse passion In our country. The last of those
controversies centred round the land
luestlon, which has already been set*
(0™or- .   .    .      ...l.luee.1 nt tne moment of the explosionIf-eiJ\   Cho8fl  ni  Englanil  who  will bo
I his   mare   was   never   trained   U .til I., th_ rosl)UhlJ, .Hmimition of atmos* lookin? OUt   lor   violent   scones,  extra-
"I  don't J Ing Into RombOTgh'a   hands,   but vagaDt language, or revolutionar.; pro*
Inun what she has already *diow ■,...■,   [ I j      ,     * p;1Sals   will   be   woe nl y   disappointed.
With the Horses
illl;  In   toward   th.    .»......».     . ,, ,,   ,
wiml was felt as fnr awav ns Manilla ?" P*™"*****-" wl» '»' prosaic. Wo
(30 miles). At points nearer the vol- "' K' ""'f<*"\»» «W work ot om
enao it aLiimed 'almost hurricane v.. iS™'^.}'/"!,.^™*,;. ^A«l
perial parliament was incapable ot settling."
could lie arranged it would be '
(I, their own  impress on far-distant ties*
in  be  H IW,   but  yo   gods!   \t".\   I he   '
-n     i itor   of   thai   story   musl   t,.-. o
udunts, long afti r those i usl un i li ive
-.ed    to    I..-.'     At    least    one    Trench
"'    ',";'. '". t"°l   s""^   "'""   T'0 nul Ity I icsthat lio--an trace In
,,.,,   ,0,   In- nc:i,mn,.a        ,,„.,:,  Mc;i ^^.^ ^  ^  ^^  q|.  d(,_n)
Kmiiii.  is in CaliTornia with the others
from arm ir-i rcrii'j
.tors.   in.  1'
„i U. . I. Mackt-tisic s eollmllon of stop-  , ,       |tJ ,   ft   R        Bc,
wr., Earl Jr. Is no»J   ovnor P. M.   .„ „.,      ,„, h     f      ,
[urpliy's stable In  British Cola,,   ia,   , } t    ,„        , ,
,i";V-vlll:'ll -T'""""1 good ,o,-lal posit!  has illscovoro.l
to   la   l,,,,,„i ,„,„■.. r„d,s   | :„„,.,. I,,,.,,- ^
oialcd  with    Inl 11   Jr.:  Icier Ka-taer , «       p   fc
",.'   no Intention ol    .hill- I-IB. Jr.       ,   ,,         „   ,
hi-;  win it, as   he horte  wnn ihi"\vii tt    .,    .  ... ., ,,   ,
,    ,. .    .  - ,.      ,    .  i        .    inntji   ol   chivalry     are  the  so called
on   ii     rainini' upon lis re .in1 lietne to  ...    .,        ,    ., ,* , .      . ,
, . ni       •       ii .  i   - , ," loiilininrks.     kuowi* bv aaatoni*'ts as
^'l^XZJ"t:\i:^ :Ttv-««« •• •***-'« "8 -
jo.no ivooks slneo Ihnt ho <-oul.l not at-     Ti,'„ wr',tVr gwa „„ ,„ ,how that the
tempi to rnie Mn or Brlno on Ice M,       '  »,   ,1V „.;lrri„rs
■   !' """iia the ago ol' chivalry tvonl.1 be likely
io irritate tho el k and neck In pre
in his fiftooi-tli year) had gone through
a strenuous campaign during Hi
;| " uuu" "T1   Si i„t J?        TEMwly thaw regions where lie has found
,ner Benson nn.l would not be asked   o u    ;.,)n,(m;;ir|,s** „!:ll ,l(. bc||OV0I   to
race again until next summer, when, .t ;     4 ^ >m k , fch , „
he proves to lie O.K., aii'itler cnmpaigu „., ;   -    .      .        .     ,- n ...
n II,,,       tr.,i,,,i  ..it       iu      In,.      I. >li. r      I..      lull, ill*
'""'*" j'l'lie  .ireumnnt   is  too   long "to   follow
!!> '""PH ","  ',tr   V1:'-, .    -     here, bu    it seems plausibb*.    One can
1 '      iolnot, Of couwe, take  tho  final step  iu
it    without    believing   that    acipiired
harm terislics    may    be    inherited—a
i , ,, ii.i i iiiint* *    ( 'I     (**•      lie
when shown the report about hs mnre        t,     b^ b
going to race  on  the    Ice,    hughe.     £ th  •
heartily, for, as he tsald,  Unrki >•  Hal
This would 1
\V. to raci*.    Rather a small percentage
of ih.- original collection.
.lolia   K.  Sw'irts, owner of  Dnritoy i , ,
..  , ,,.   ' ... *,  much cMiitriivei-'i-d oucshnn  in bojlugv,
Iln .    WOS     iii       iiruntn      ecen    v,       nd ,   , , ',,       ...      .      .,
'•inswen-d  by  most   Darwinists  in  tho
many French scholars,
if tiie school of Um*
... nrck, In the nftlrmntlvo.   Biroux would
l,,""r ",,|M  ". •,11'."1 '""•'.'.'  ithns Ioim  us ba , , isrhap- that
she  were   In  racing con.lllion,  which th       .,       ,       „rmoro.l heo.lpl	
she I. ,,,,1. ,   wonl. be folly to try toL   „„„ ,m,*,Mmi Kt„M „ir,.,., „,i ,,„.
",; '   ...    u.    .in   ,       ,   ,       , scemlnnts, but  thai  mi. I. a heailplreo,
Ioiviver.   there   will  bo  plenty   of ,      •    ,   ,  „ ,„   ,„     ;,„,,,.
high class hcrscs oul this winter, nod   , ,*    «        „„„ ,        „,.,„„; t„.,lr.
""'. I'."1'1"', VV      '"'   ,";,",'l   '"   "'"""liMi!  famiiv. llnallv eti.leil  lie  producing
l'1:  ,"'     ,.', .    ,,     'results   liercilltarlly   transmlsslblo   to
A number o   trainer, In   ho    nl od , , ,,,,, ,,.;, ,„„„,, ,„ „„.,r „.
States havo mr.,0 stnko -"If "fur the _lkewlso transmitted were other , ,.
Ottawa and Hall Driving     s ,,,....... ;ll:,liti      ,,„  , „   ,„„.,, „,  „.,,,',  ,„.
Ingi,  md experience Ims taught ihem
I It:
it   takes u  real  g I   liorsn to Wil
over hero on ilu* Ico, so it  is a sure
tiling thoy will  bring along some guud
sl IS.
1 'ficati.
martini hand "—the modi-
ngendi red   by   constantly
wielding a cword,   lb* writes
"This hand,  while  normally  formed
nn   its  back,   is  much  swelled   on   its
,,., I.,,,        i.   ,    ■ palmar  tide  by  exaggeration  of  its
Ihe    rack  n    lbiffenn   Hark  during J    , ,   '  ,„   ftj nppoaranM  j,
the past  lew dnys hns been realty the  roBom.J,loa tIlM  nf mn8oni £»■! laborers
who also,  in  handling trowel  or pick,
r in   hiving the plow, have freipient
best in its lung history, and while thero
| hns been  no ice, the  footing could   not
j    ru us ennso much suffering, but Ifnl
!   . • iv "s Corn (.nra offers n speedy, lure,
and satisfactory rollof.
. . , - . '  I I   1   .    I I'    ■       I   IU'      l-l "1\   ,      II   '       >■       I   1 I    s.fM-11 I
bo mprovod uponfor training purpose.,.,  „, ,.,, Mf,  „,„' ,iM' „„,,  boni   ,,„,
111.    the   local   trailies  have   „„,   boon l,j „ ,    „|(, , , A||
slow ,., taking ftilvantttga of (he mvor- „„ _,gl)|  ,,„  roroloon) hftvo ,,mc,r„i
a ,.. eonuiiions. grips.   There   is  one  tllfforei ,  how-
In addition to .tho work „r "lllg **,.„'.   w|)0|) „,„ |mnH wero ,„.,.,-,(t lll(1
sides, us  in  walking, the  mosonfl uml
farmers turn their hands backward, lu
'pronations'    The   sons  of  soldiers,  on
u/un qtii i Q'TrcD        A CANADIAN blui;
WnU  O I ILL  O Tl _n     -Mr. Howard li. I.. Henry, of Winni-
  peg, n Rhodes scholar, has just won a
THAT THEY CAN FIND RELIEF IN] """'"", di*lilicli..il   at   Oxford.    Ilo   is
DODD'S KIDNEY FILLS                 "' ""^ ' i"';'.,|i;'" "'  I1""" O"*'0"1, *»'
( bridge  this year  to  get   his   lull
Mrs. Lois McKay Buffered From Pains!'1'',-   _i'   ."n"1,'  '''"'  A' j"1".'', ,f""!:
in tho Back, Side and in thc E:Bion      "j.,/ ", "',1',"" r.' '**"   "s      ''""
of th. Hean-Dodd'. Kidney V.to'^^Z^ ^.er 'Tn
uurca ner represonUtive unlvcr.ity team or crow.
Tiverton. Dlgby Co,, 1V.S.—Every day Mr. Henry, who has lust com] letcd his
scorns to bring a message of cho r for course at Oxford, has also been called
the weak, run-down womon of Cnnada. to the English bar at the Inner Tom*
To-day's message comes from Mrs. Loli plo, London, bring presented by Mr.
McKay, a ivoll-km n resident of this Athcrly Jones, M.l'., and will practise
place, She, like others, lias ft.and uew law in Winnipeg on his return.
life in Dodd's Kidney Tills. Mr. Henry is a nephew of Hr. George
" He fun*    I    used    Dodd's    Kidney A.  Bingham, the  w. II known  Toronto
Pills, ' Mis. McKay suites, "l BiiuVod  stir  ami  of the  latter's brother,
witli n bad paiu in my buck nml side,  Hr. 11. s, Bingham, of Dovorcourl ruad,
paius in my bowels, nnd shurp, cutting j Toronto,
pains  around  tbe  heart. .
• • I  was always tired.     Sometimes!
when 1 sat down I cOU-ld hardly get Up I Blckle's Anti <'ntisumpti\ e Syrup is
out of the chair. But thanks In Dodd's agreeable to the taste, and is a certain
Kidney   l'ills, my pain  is all gmie ami | relief  fur Irritation of the throat   that
my back  is well.    I  have proven  for 1 causes backing coughs,   If wed :ord*
myself thnt Dodd's Kidney Hills arollng to directions it will break tha most
guud." Female trouble is nearly always j persistent cold, ami restore the nir pas*
can-ed by diseased Kidneys, 'the posi-i sages to their normal healthy condition,
tion ol the fomalo organs and the tCld*|There is no need to rqcommoud it ta
noys shows how ono is dopondont on the those familiar with it. but to ihi.se who
other. That's why weal; women find seek a sine romody and are in doubt
new life in Ho,],I's Kidney Tills,    'ineyjwliat to u-e. the ndvlco la    try Blcklo'S
always euro disoasod Kidneys. Syrup.
Yo-.i taimoi _i;ci Una;.. L.t    i,n.|, headache!.
i:r. ■ r. RU-CO Headache Wafers
*; hem in quirk time and clear your head. Tliey
.: * :, ru: -■; [ * c.irtlln, ncctanllit, morp! due,
■ other dangerous drug.   2*jc. a box at
A\        /•jrV"   jl/    I ","*1 *tH0 CHtHlOm Co. of CANAOA,  MMITISi
'       i'i—.m'      'in Illl ■ ■ .     ill   I I  '      — —-       —-——ail      **
l.lr •
This lesion ii l« Iroptrst'W t»r tl"1 fsnnsT to isl efcrj moI potilble oul <,1 tii« irrntt
nt'.l ii ws hsrs l ii 1k ihf frnin .mines, lines IBM, «■«■ ilimilil bs ibis t.. offer iho fsras
iii.- in-tti nilvi.e posslbli "ti th** lulijeel *'f mirktllni inn iraln t Ivsntai**     The slmlng
«»f nnTiyatlon l« no irgiimsnt why grsln •.iimiM lis luwpr in iirlrt,   Writs in. («.r lull partita*
Ur» Imw m ship iraln, snd site why wc ronlsnd tint tnarhfis shnuld nm to lawsr,
Hcntl  un n II or ■** OBROfl Samplfl nf yuur -.'ruin nnil  wc will  if i ii tic il   mul  ml* !*..• jroii  iln
r- nl   viihu*.     Yihi   will   lli.'ii   I miviiicfd,   win n   yon   tunkf   romparlion   wltti   m I   pMotl,
llnl   linn  in  tin-  ontv   propsr  wnv   In  nmrkcl   riiiiii      Wa  nre  Heimcil  nml   Inuiihil,  nml   wi*
IjVDKHSTAND lidn blultirii TIIOItOUQUbY, ami Hint COUNTS.
liffiTi-ii.c: hunk of Hnmlllon, Winnipeg, Man,
'OTE—-Kiirntcr** wl re near enough iti** Oreal Korlhern Railway tn load can with]
barley nli.mbl writs «■ fi»r parllenlara aboul ihlpplng i» ftilnneapol-1 "'" "ri* netlliig mir
fiiiinr rualomara, who ran ililn barley nn tnli road, from los lo Ifis i"-r bushel tnori than).
1.) ..inni'iiu: in olthsr Port Wtlllsm or Port Arthur, healdai paying tin' B0a per bushel <l«iy-
Grain Exchange Wlftnlpog;,Man.
Pat,'1   the   piu-er   that   tlld   ho  well   tli
other   day,   several   other   steeds   did
Aid, Sain Mdtride worked hi** trotter
l.csa.Vale _.-1*/i,ii mile in 2,23 handily.
'inis mnre is in rare good form right
now, und will surely give n good account of herself on race daw
Nat  Ifav worked BOVoml of the horses
owned hy .1. R, Gray, but none fast.
The  little stallion.  Knlghl  Onwnrdo,
2,11-1*1, was sent nlong a mile in 2,24,
which is the bent ntiv of this stable
Imve been naked to ilo. The Knight
lnnks exceptionally well, having taken
on consldorablo flesh nine,, he returned
ttequlBltO on the rami.—-Evory fnr
mer and BtOOk-ralsor should keep n sup-
ply of Hr. Thomas' Ecloctrlo Oil nn
linntl, not only as n ready remedy fur
ills In the family, but because it 1* nl
horso and en'tie medicine of ureal po
toney, As n Btlbstltlito for sweet oil Por
lionoa and cattle ntToctod by collfl it:
far surpnSBOB anything that enn bo administered.
l-lnitiT board Ukei the plnite of l.»tli. ami m Bmnmnl
The "Empire" lir»mln of Woodfibar nn.l n»mws\li
1'Ust.er fur Ruud oonitl-UOtlon,
The Manitoba Gypsum Co., Ltd.
WINNir-EQ, MAN. ms^msmMmtttmsssstws
The Ethics of Pig
(Hy 0. Homy)
On an oast-omul train 1 went into t "So 1 attaches llufe, antl wc go
he smoker anil louud Je-ortxra Petora,! uwn.v -from Mount Nebo down into the
■u. only iinui with a lirnin west of tho lowlands. And all tin- wny l coach
Val-ash Rlvir wim can use liis core- him for liis pnrt in tlm graft.- 1 hail n
Iniu. cerebellum, and medulla oblong- mind. I had idled away two months
Ita at the same timo. o" the Florida .•oast, and was Joelliij
,1,'H' iH in the line of unillogal (.'raft.
md  to  bo  dreaded  by
ml orphans; ho is a reducer uf sur
'usage.     His favorite disguise is llm
i tho target-bird at which the spend
rift   or   tlm   reckless   invt'stor   ma.
iy a fow iiii'onsi'ipiuiitial dollars,    Hi
" rradilv   vocalized,   by   tobacco!   RO
tb  tin-" aid of  two thick nn.l easy
urning brovas, 1 gol tbo Btory of hi:
itcst Autolycan ndvouture. !
line of buslnnss," said Juft,
'the linrd.'st. tiling is I" Hnd nn Ull-
'glit, trustworthy, Btrlctly houornlilo
iiIiiit li. •.mil. :i grnfl with. Boiiio
• tin- Insl   mill   I  imi   workoil Willi ill
Bwliullo would  ivHiirt  to trickery nt
ntos.     Bo Insl BU.ni.ier I thinks I will
i ovor  int,i  this sr. ti it country
In ro I  hoar Hm sorpoul 1ms nol  yol
itorod I son if I .nn lliiil ii pari
•r nntiirnlly gifted with n talanl  for
■im,.,   but   mil   yol   contaminated   bv
:ill tu tin- Ponco do Leon, hr-sidi's huv
ing so many new schemes up my Bleove
Hint 1 ha,i to wear kimonos to hold 'em.
"1 Intondoil to assume a funnel
shape and maw a path nine miles wide
through ibe farming bell of the Middle
West; so we Inn.led ill Hint diroctlou,
Hul when we got ns fnr us Lexington
we fouud Bltikloy Brothars's circus
tliere. und  Hie    blao-gruss    peasantry
aping  inii.  town  und  pounding the
Belgian   blinks   with   tlieir   bund pegged
sabots ns artless a
extra session of a
says I,
of   nuines
I  novor puss a clrct
llie   VnlVI   eold   .ill'l   <
hul.. Kev Wcsl men,
Without pulling
ing down fur a
found  u   v
,i   llie n,'lit  Itl
il I:,    bud
nm  bud  I	
n," l-lgbl 'don
I killing -.i.i.l;,
llie  Onr.l	
s tOM II  M ',
I spot where K
■ Unit seemed lo
f ii layout. I'be
found ent Hint
Bsesso.l, und were
; naniitig tlm aniinuls
s just us il they were
if   K.loii.     Thoy  .nil
Nel.o,   Uld   It 's U|.   HOIH
•ulu.div and Wed   \ u
iv le
i.i Norib I'niolinu corner to
■tltor. Tliem States don'l mootl
.'ell, it was in that neighborhood, nny-
"Alter   pulling   in   n   inel;   proving
wasn't u revenue ofllcor, I tvonl over
II Hie store llliere Ibe in.I.' lour lllisli-
rs of the linilllct lien, le see ll I eould
et a line nil the kind of, mun  I  Want-
1 'Geu tinmen,1 say. I, nfler w bud
lllibed noses and gal hei ed 'round Hie
ried-nppli. barrel, "I dun't suppose
here's another community in llie whole
.'nrlil into which sin uud chicanery has
extensively permeated tban tiiis.
jife" here, where all tbe women nro
irave and propitious and ull the men
lonest and expedient, must indeed be
:i idol. It reminds me,' says 1, 'of
oldsteln's beautiful ballad entitled
"The Deserted Village," whieh says:
'111 fares, the land, to hastening ills
a prt/i
•Vhut art can drive its charms awuy;
I'll" .judge  rode slowly down the lane,
r I'm to be Queen of tho May.'
'Why,  yes,   Mr.   Peters,  says   the
.tnreKeeper, 'I reckon we air about as
moral and torpid a community as there
on tie- mounting, according to con-
.-uses of opinion; but I reckon you ain't
.-ver met llufe Tiitum.'
'Why, no,' says tho town constable, 'lie can't liurdly have ever.
That air llufe is shore tbe moustroiisest
lawug that has eseaped liangin' on
the galluses. And that puts nie iu
mind Hint I ought to have turned llufe
out uf the lockup day before yesterduy.
The thirty 'lays be got for killin*
Yauee liiunlloe wus up then. A duy
two mure won't hurt Rafe, my,
'Shucks, now.' says 1, in the mountain idiom, 'don't tell tne there's a man
Mount Nebo as bad as thnt.'
" 'Worse,' says the storekeeper.  -Ilo
steals hogs.'
"I think 1 will look up this Mr.
.utlim; sn a day nr two after the constable turned him out 1 gut acquainted
with him and invited him nut nu the
•dee of town lo sit on a log and tulk
| business.
'What I wanted wus a partner with
|a natural rural muke up tu pluy a part
some little olie-uet outrages Hint 1
I going t,
■ towns; and this ll, Tatuui wus born fnr
Ithe role lis sure us nnture cast Pnir
1 bunks for Ibe stuff thnt kept Eliza
[from  sinking  Into the river.
"lie  was  about   tbe si/e of a   lirst
I base,nun;   uud   he   bud  uiubigilollH  bill'.'
■like o eliina  dug on  the mantel-
i. Hint   Aunt  Harriot used to play
l-witli whon she wus n child.     His balr
ed  ii  little  bit   like the slulue  of
rtlie tlinkus-throwor in tbe Vacation at
| Home, but the color of it reminded ynu
Hie -Sunset  in the Hiniid Canon by
Aneii.nu   nl,    ..'   Hint   tliey   bang
|..\er the stnve pipe ln.tes iu llie sailings.
Ilie   wn.   'be   lleiib,  without   needing  n
'oiieli,      YullM huve knOWll him for one
Oven  ll   you '.  seen  him on  the  vaadi1'
with   one  cotton  suspender
|nn.I a sliaw over his cur.
' I   told   him   wlml     I   ivnlited,    anil
| ■ i linn ready tn jump nt the .job.
* 'Overlooking such a trivial little
etl.lilln as tbe  hnbit of  iiimisl:iiii!lll
lir,' says I, -what  have you ai mplisli-
ul  iu llie wny  of indirect   brigandage
ir  non iiciionalili.  thrlftlnoH  thut  ynu
..I.I.I   point   tu,   will,   ur   ffHhOUt   pli'le,
idence of yuur qualifications
lur the position**1
'-Why,' says he, ia    his kind    of
l-nulliern system of prneriistiiiuti'd lie-
louts. 'Iciin'l you heard Ulli Then'
J in'I any man. black ur while, in Hie
LiIii.i Bridge Hint enn tote off a shout
ensv as I ran without  hoin' heard
is uud  board  tn
house  in or  Hie    circus
grounds run  bv n  widow  lady named
i'eevy.     Tin n 1 took Itttfo le n cloth
log -lore nnd goill 's uullilled Iiiui. He
lie snowed up sluing, ns I knew lie
would, after ne wns rigged up in Hie
ready  mnde   rutiibnga   rognlla.      Me
 I ' uld    Mediisky   stuffed   him   Into
n   brighl   blue still   with n   Nile g
visible   pllllll   effort,   nn.l   ri'.eled   o
fancy i,:.i of u light Tuskogoo NormalIbefoi
luu  color,  n   red   Itocktlo, un.l  Hie yol-   durk.
iowosl pnir of shoes in lown, shoal
They wore the lirsl el,dies ftnfo had I bo   tl
ever worn o-fropl the giugbnui Inyetto
Hie butternut lop dressing of Ins
,. kraal, nnd be looknd aa self-
inns us nn   Igorrolo  with u new
" 'Well, well, well, good morning
nil,' 1 snys, hearty nml amlablo. 'So
we aro up.' Ami piggy is having bis
breakfast. What hn.l you intended
doing with Hint pig, llufe;'
" 'I'm going to crate him up,' sues
llufe, 'nnd express him tn mn in
Mount Nebo. He'll be company lor hor
while I am awuy.1
'■ ' tie's a mighty fine pig
scratching him nn the back.
" 'Vou   culled   him   a   lot
lust, night,' suvs Rufo.
" 'Oh, well,' says 1, 'be looks lietter
to me tiiis morning. 1 was raised on
n farm, and'I'm very fond of pigs. 1
used lo go to bed .'it. slliulown, so .1
never saw one bv lamplight before.
Tell vuu what I 'li 'In, liiil'.',' I snys.
'I'll givo vnn leu dollars for Hint pig.'
" ' I reckon 1 wouldn't sell this
shnnl.' suvs lie. 'If it wns uny other
nne 1 might.'
" 'Why net this nne?' I asked, fearful tlmt be might kuuw Boniothiug.
" ' Why, because,' snys be, 'it was
Hie grandoBl anhii vcmeul of my life.
Thoro :i'n. 'I airy other mun Hint could
Imve done il.   if I over havo n liresldo
nud children, I 'II bII beside i I tell
'en, bow tholr daddy ti I nil' n shunt
from a whole circus full of people. And
.innyl.e my grandchildren, l""- Hiey'll
cert al uly   be   proud   n   whole   passol.
'Wily,'  BnVS   be,   'Ibere   was   twn   lints,
OUO     opeliin'     into     ll tiler.       This
phont wus nn :i platform, lied with n
little chain, I seen ll gllllll und n lady
wilh n line iliuuee of bushy white hair
ill  lb ber lent.     I   gel   Hie ill    und
I   nul    from   liudi t   the   ennvns
.vitboul bis squonkln' na loud us
o,   I put him undor my
have  passod  n  hun
I gol mil. wh, re il
I reckon I couldn't
.lei). I \l wnnl mn I
ie',1   be   n    witness   I
I rod
ul. und
koop  if,
whnt.   I
The pig wnn 1
...   'In   ll*-*.'   us   R
fireside mondai
on will havo t
Ive long onough,1
i exhibit in youi
ily.    Your grand-
tuke vour w
"That   night   I   wenl   duwu  tn  the for It,   I'll glvo you uue hundred dol
■ireus lei.Is nn.l opouod u smnll Bholl Inrs for ihe animal.'
jjnino.      Iiiilc   wai   in  he  Ihi   capper. "Wufo looked nt me astonished.
him u  roll nf phony currency "The  Bhoat  enn't.   In*   worth   uny
lo   het
nul   <
hut   I
with nnd kept n bunch ol it
i-inl pockot tc pay his wiuniugs
No; I lidn't'niistiust him;
imply can't manipulate the hull
to lose when I see real money bet. My
Angers no on a strike every time I '.ry
"1 set up my little table and begun
to diow them how easy it was to guess
which shell the little pen wns under.
The unlettered hinds gathered in a
thick semicircle uml began to nudge
olbows nnd banter one another to bet.
Then wns when Rufo ought lo bave
single-footed up and called the turn on
the little joker for a few tens and lives
to get them started. But, on Rufe-
l'd seen him two or three times walk
ing about and looking at tlio side-show
pictures with his mouth full of peanut
candy; but he never came nigh.
"The erovvd piked a little; but trying to work the shells without a cap
per is like fishing without bait. 1
closed the game with only foi ly-two
dollars of the unearned increment, while
I had heen counting on yanking Ihe
veometi  for two hundred at least.      I
such n kick 1
■   end    of   llie
lis   S
ul   1,
jilts, umi
■ went in
'    t Weill.
t ihu
d of bis Bquell
I'lien   1   i 1   1
I  la
in pi
s, und walked
r  ulliee.     1   n
BvllnblcB.    1
>   t<
1 i-
It,   in
lo his window
'To decide n  1
s.i ys
1, '■*'.
isn 't.
tbe man who hnd
light short un.l  I'i
t.  w
put  ii
Iters nud a cm
'lie wus not,'
d measure about s'
a half inches, witb
drosBod like ihe p:u
X   f
,et hy four
n-silk hair,
of tho eon-
\t dinner time
1  we
.ci, i,
"Shall   1   keep
Tuluni   till   hi
'   S'
up   111
1, fur
1  she
' If ynu do, inn
savs 1, '
'nil '11
The Magic of Machinery
more tlmn oxbnusl for firewood all
th,- coal m lh" bosom of the earth ami
nil Ihe forests en  ll nlsole of il.'
"S.i |here, you see," snid .leltersou
Peters, in conclusion, "how hard it is
ever In Ihnl u fair-minded and honost
busbies-' purl ner."
"llnl,"   I   begun,   wilh   the   f bon
of long acquaintance, "ihe rule should
work both ways. If you hn.l oltorod
Id divide llm roward you wuuld 110L
hnve luul     -'*
Jell's look .if dignified reproach stopped me.
"Thnl «lou'I involve Ihe namo principles nl nil," snid he. "Mine wns a
logitlmntc and moral attempt at
speculation. Buy low nud sell high—
.It.n't Wnll street Indorse it? Bulls
mul bears and pigs what's the diller-
oucof Why imt bristles as well ns
horns and fur,'"
thing like Ihnt to you,' ho says. 'What
do you want  him  for.''
" 'Viewing me ensuislicnlly.' snys 1,
with a rare smile, 'you wouldn't think
that, I've got an artistic side to my
temper. Uut 1 hnve. I'm a collector
of pigs. 1 've scoured the world fdr
unusual pigs. Over in the Wabash
Valley I 've got a hog ranch witb most
every specimen on it, from a Merluo
to a Poland China. This IooIib like a
blooded pig to me, Tiufe,' says T, 'I
believe it's a genuine Berkshire. That's
why T'd like to have it."
" MM shore like to accommodate
you,' says he, 'but I've got the nrtis-
.tic tenement, too. T don't see why it
„|ain't art wheu you can steal a shcat
better than anybody else can. Shouts
is a kind of Inspiration ami genius
with me. Specially this one. I wouldn't
take two hundred und fifty for that
" 'Now, listen,' .ays 1, wiping oil'
my forehead. 'It's not i:o much a matter of business with nie nr, it is art;
and not. so much orl ns it is philan-
went home ot eleven and went to bed. jthropy. Being a connoisseur and dis-
I supposed that the circus had proved Beminator of pigs, I wouldn't feel like
too alluring tn Rufo, and that he had IM done my duty to the world unless
BUCCUmbod to it, concert ami nil; but I i a.bled that Berkshire to my collection,
meant to give him a lecture on general Not Intrinsically, but according to the
business principles in the morning. j ethics   of   pigs   as   friends     and     co-
".lust after Morpheus had got both ndjutors of mankind, J  offer you five
mv shoulderi' ti   the shuck mattress   [|hundred dollars for tbe animal.
" MolT,' .lays this pork  esthete, 'it
ain't  money; it's sentiment with me.'
" 'Seven hundred,' says I.
" 'Mnke    it   eight    hundred,'   says
Ulifo,   'and   I 'II   crush   the   "entiment
oul  of uty heart.'
' 1 went under my clot lies for my
money-bolt, nnd counted him out forty
twenty-dollar  gold   certificates
"'I'll just take him into my own
room,* says 1, 'and lock him up till
aft ir breakfast.'
"I took the pig by the hind leg.
Ho turned on a squeal tike the steam
coll lope at the circus.
"l,ef me tole him in for you,' says
How ditl :iu American named Sinister make sn much trouble between
Persia ami Russia*? Who is this Mr.
Sinister, anyway?
William Morgan Sinister is a young
American lawyer, thirty-four years old, j tors of
who wns appointed Treasurer-General
of Persia a few months ago, oa re*
commendation of President Tuft. Port-in'h finances were in a bad way. So
the Persian government, thinking that
the United States had no axe to grind
in Persian a Hairs, appealed to Taft
to send over a smart man to put the
finances on a business basis.
Taft picked out Shufiter. That young
man had already straightened out a
.ustoms and tariff mix-up in Cuba and
*.lso in tiie Philippines, when Taft wus
Governor of those, islands Sinister
wns handy, having gone back to Washington in 1009 to practise law; aud
when the President advised him to go
to Persia, he went.
Shustcr took four othor young Americans with him, ami proceeded with a
high hand to straighten out the Persian national finances. Russia didn't
liko the process. Sinister's friends also say that botli RubbIo and Great
Britain sought to tie his hands. Be
that as it may, open trouble started
early last October, when tbc Persian
government decided to seize the property of the ex-Shah's brother because
of his support of an attempted revolution (backed Sinister says, by It us-
sia),  Russian soldiers opposed the seiz
hi ihe United States the motor car
industry is growing by leaps and
bounds, states Mr. Consul*General Bennett, in his uninml report dealing with
the Stales of Xew York, Jersey, Uli.de
Island1 and Connecticut. Whereas in
11)08. -I<),;.79 cars were turned out, llie
number of 19.19 wns 04,891, or mi Increase of K.o per cent. Mr. Bounott
quotes from the Scientific American to
show llmt this success is due to ihe
employment of specialized machinery,
ami to efficient organization, Instead
of turning out. a hand-built car wilh
infinite :rouble and pnins, American
workshops now produco from 30 to 40
curs a day, turned out by automatic
inn-hines. ns it. were. The following
nre snnie of I he expedients for minimi/,.
ing hand labor-
In tho modern motor car factory ihe
cold chisel mul hammer are replaced
bv ih" power cuttor und tbe planer,
Ihe emery grinder doing the worlf of
the die, iind n multiple of gang drills
performing operations lhat formerly required Ihe Use nf il tln/ell drill presses.
Gear-culling machinery has well nigh
become porfoctod, and in consequence
most radical changes hnve been mado
iu the designs of Ihe machines used for
boring and grinding Ihe cylinder.' and
for Cueing oil" llie crank eases and liu
iug up their bearing centres.
Cylinder boring is accomplished by
Ihe use of n battery of boring mills,
Several oi which enn be attended to
by one man. Nearly all cylinders for
motor cms are now ground before installation in the complete motor. This
operation   is  bid'
in the United Kingdom, with a view to
increasing the output of British curs.
shadowy    groves
I, too, bave  been  i
And     walked    its
And talued with Beauty, dead and gone,
And  Love that lives iu ancient song.
Ven,  I  huve been iu Avalon—
Therefore it is my brow is wan.
Pale violet  were the belting sens,
Ami violet, too, both peak uml vulo;
And un emombering over these
Tho   heaven   like  a   violet   pnloj
And cliff nml  mountain o'er tlie deep
Let down iheir streams as it asleep.
No sun I snw; 1 saw no moon;
Uul twilight seemed forever thore,
With gliuimoring Bturligbt all a swoon,
Above the blue and quiet nir,
While uil around,  from oust  to  west,
Tlm couBoeratiou luy of rest.
Uoro saw I queens of old romance,
Ami   shadowy   kings  of  legend   pass;
And on Iheir brows and in their glance
1 read their dreams as in a glass,
And. ni' my soul remcmbeied yot,
The dreams have taught mo tu forget.
Butln their hearts my heart eould read
No memory of what had been,
No old regret for thought or deed,
Ur   that   they   once   were   king  and
1 to add much to j They  had forgotten all  thereof-
efllcioney of the modem car.   The The hato of earth as well as love,
nk cases of the majority of the mo-
f to-day are of aluminum.   The  J
hoars a houseful of unbecoming and ribald noises like a youngster screeching
with green-apple colic. I opens my
door and calls out in the hall for the
widow lady, and when she sticks her
head out, 1 says: '.Mrs. Peevy. ma'am,
would you mind choking oil' that kid
of vours .so that honest people can get
their rest?'
"'Sir,' says she, 'it's no child of
mine. It's the pig squealing that your
friend Mr. Tatuui brought home to his
room a couple of hours ago. And if
you are uncle or second cousin or brother to it, I'd appreciate your stopping
its mouth, sir. yourself, if you  please.'
*'l   put   on   some   of   the   polite   o*lt-
sld*. habiliments of external society ami
book with the Pitfall andlwont into Rufo's loom.     He had got*
ome   of   the   Western  ten up and lit his lamp, and was pour- |
ing some milk  into a tin pun on the ;
operation of smoothing oft. tlie upper
surface of the crank cases is effected
by means of a vertical mill and a disc,
to which aie attached several cutting
tools, Tho facing oil' of the entire surface by Ibis tool, whicli is known as
a "cathead," may be done with great
The treatment of bearings supplies an
example of how by means of modern
shop    machinery    a     multiplicity     of   Therefore it is mv face is "wan
Long time I spake them, dim. apart;
Long time I talked with queeu aud
While through the heaven of my heart
Oblivion trailed a twilight wing,
And on my spirit's lifted brow
Was poured the peace tbat  haunts it
Yen, I have been in Avaloa,
The  faery  isle  mid faery seas;
operations is done awuy with. Many
motors are designed with two cam
.hafts, and these, with a threo or five-
bearing crank shaft, mny mnke accessary as mnny as fifteen bearings in a
single crank ease. Many of these ore
of different sizes, ami yet machines are
in use which will cut or bore all of
these at onco. Tn addition to this,
somo of these machines are "quipped
with a vertical spindle nnd cathead
that wili face off the upper side of the
crank case at the same timo.   As tlie
various bearings of the crank case will j " i "am the light of the a    *   • :
be located on three parallel lines cor-   j
responding  lo  the  positions  that  the I
crank shaft and cam shafts will occupy J
when assembled, only three spindle- are  At ]|)0 the 0niMrPn warp tht,;r h-nib;
.My heart at peace rememberiu^ thes*-*;;
It may not bo, and yet I seeni
Poi ever waking from a dream.
I am the pillars of the house.;
The keystone of the arch am I.
Take ni- away, and roof and wail
Would fall to ruin utteriy.
1 am the fire upon the hearth,
am the heat that wurtn-i the eartii.
Which el*;ii were colder ti.a_. i ,couo.
necessary for this bearing cutting machine. Each npindle is provided through
out its length with slots in which ad*
ure, but it was finally made. Tins was | instable catting tools may be placed,
followed by nu ultimatum from Hussin.
I'uring this trouble the Persian government has .hown signs of hacking
down. Btit Sinister hasn't; so, prac*
th ally, Russia has declared war on
him. Sinister claims he has been an
fairly treated by both Russia and Great
Britain, although he had been assured
by both theso powers thnt his appointment was agreeable tti them, lie has
sent to the I.om'on Times long lists
of acts committed by Russia, with tho
consent of Britain (he says), which in
the cuso of a stronger country than
Persia would have been acts of wor.
Sinister claims thut Persia is independent, ami  is sticking to his guns.
Young Sinister is six f-et lull, broad
in proportion, ami handsome—a regular financial soldi.r of fortune of the
i»i. hard  Harding Davis typo.
Rufo; and he picks up ihe beast under
one arm, holding liis snout with lho
other  hand,  and   pinks   him   into  my
i like a sleeping baby.
After break fn lit Rufo, who had a
chronic case Of haberdashery ever since
!   got   his  trnussenu,   snys   he   believ
loor   for  a     dingy-white,     half-grown
squealing pig.
"Ilow is this. Rufe." says I. 'YOU |h_- wil, .imllI(, (ll),vll,n Misfitskv's
ilmillntnn.od in your part ot the work _n(, lnok om Mm rovai.porpie Sl)rks
tonlghl and put the game on crutches, ,,:i| .,,,.„ , „, R| b • .,„ fl ,..,,,..,-..,,„,
And how do you wtplain tho pigl     nll)1;m  vvi1h ,, ottlo.ras1i  pasting on
1 wall-paper.    I  found an old negro mnn
Now,   dull't   be   too   hard
lell',' y.xyn ho,      'Vou know how long
M've b. used to stealing shmts.   it's
got to b* a habit with tm*. And tonight, when I .-vo such a line chanco, I
couldn't  help takin' it.'
"'Well,'   snys    I,    'mavbe    you've
j really got  kloptoplgia.     And    maybe
When   We   get   Ol.t   of   llie   log  belt   VOU'll
turn your mind to higher and more
remunerative misconduct. Why ymi
should want to stain your soul with
such .i dlstastoful, fcoblo-raiudod, per-
verted, roaring bona! ns ihat 1 can't
uml '.stand.'
" ' Why, .loir,' sai.l he, "you aiu't
in s,v iii i i.i thy with shon Is. Vou don 't
Understand 'em like I (lo. This here
seems to no* to be an iiiniiinl of more
than common powers of nil ion and
Intelligence    He  walked  half across
I tha room mi his hind legs a while ago.'
I " ' Well, I 'tu going bin k to bed/ suyr*t
! I.     'See   if   vou   can   ImprOSS   it   upon
your friend's Idea of intelligence tnat land asks tm* to follow
bo's nnt to mnke so much noise.' jnne of  the sideshow
Montague Gloss, author of tiie Perl-
niutter nud   Potash storiis, is dCSCttbod
ns h  husky  Individual, n  semi brunette
six-footer,   with  a  cloan*shavon  face,
im ■ ;i I rim nn 11   oyo-giosSCS,   a   six hurse--
powcr voice (muffled)- ■* ready smile,
ami a boyish manner. Thoy say. too,
In* always sits, by prefen nee- in a
MnwrusB chair.
Mr. Otftsi i* not. an American by
birth, lie iirM snw the light iu England, but lauded in New Vurk tit the
age oi Court eon and has been there o\er
since. lb* hi-* a wonderful fund of
Information about ihe Jewish types he
portrays. He is a Jew btmrol-, and
knocks nboul New Vork, constantly
with a four 1 "■■'•■ ■"^ ,*l,**,,rvatioiis of people like
M:*\wi. and Abo. He doesn't think
there :;r.-  any  tuddi n  su icessos,   He
su\s In*  Walked  many  years before  he
made 'n hit" with his stories, and ba
bei laves his early ones were as good
us those he i« writing now. Most people
will probably agree with him in this,
.       for  ii* a matter of fact, thoy nre get
the guinea  pig  Inr Ilu* Asiatic  pvthoti -., ,  , *..      .,?
I       i,* iJ   >      ,i ii   *'i   >.   |liiig   n   t Uie   nm no .-in" 1.    Mr.   (ass
or • he ;il .il ;t for Ihe siicred   uiladr     i
with 'in express wagon to hire: and we
lied Ihe pig in a -;ick uml drove down
In the i ircus grounds.
"I   found  Ceorgo   B.  Topley  in  a
litlle tent wilh a window Map open. He
was n fatttsh man with an Immediate
iw,  in  a  ld:o k  skull cap
ounce diamond screwed Into the bosom
of his red "weater.
"'An* ymi George  B, Taployf"  I
" ■ 1 BWear it.' says he,
" 'Well,  | 've  got'it,' kivh  I.
" , Designate.'  suvs  he.    ' An*  vou
ind by .-setting these at tlio required
length, tbe proper cut for each bearing
will bo made when the spindles are removed and the bed to which th'1 crank
case is secured is moved to form tlie
Ono of the most useful tools brought
to the aid of motor car manufacturers,
am) ono that enables them to turn out
a great amount of high-class work in
a short time, is a multiple or gang drill.
Tin* individual spindles of such a hia*
chine are connected to the power shaft
by a pair of universal joints, and by
means of these any drill may be moved
lo any place within a limited minis.
When moved to tho proper position,
the drill may be set and locked, and
by obtaining the right combination of
tions of the different drills a set
of BGV0-&1 holes may be drilled in a
surface at the same time. Absciut.
accuracy so far us the proper location
of these holes is concerned is obtained
by means of a jig. By the use of on •
BUCh mm nine properly set, .ue.- OUtomO
bile factory cun drill nil four holes in
the bearing caps of two connecting rn-ls
at the some time with scarcolv anymore -.rouble than would be required to
drill a single bole.    The snnie lv; f
mochlno, when set for diiTVr.--" .\ork-
can drill nil the holes of different si/es
necoBsary in ihe upper surface of the
crank COflo; and here too, th.* U 0 't a
jig makes the nearly automatic result-
far more accurate than could ever bo
obtained by trusting to a workman's
eye nud hand.
[.eon, or cotched.    1  can lift  a shout,'
n goes on, 'out of a pen, from under   I  hiippn tu bu williiti lh
parch, at  the trough, in tho woods.
ny or night, niiywhero or anyhow,
Ind I gunmntOQ nobody won't hoar a
j'qnenl. It'fl all in the way you grab
l.nlil of Vm add carry Vm afterwards.
iinui* dny,' goes nn tiiis gentle dospoiler
If pig-puns, 'I hopfl to become rocker-
ed iih the champion shout stealer of
, world.'
1 'It's proper to bo ambitious,* says
.. 'ami hOg'Stoatillg will do very well
tl** Mount Nebo; bnt In tlm nutsldo
Tnrld, Mr. Tntum, It would be consid-
Ireil tn* crude a piece of business ns a
Irnr raid nn Buy Stato Oat. How-
leer, it will do ns a giiarnntoe of good
Iiith. Wo'll go into pnrtneship. I've
J1.! a thousand dollnrs ensh c.npltiil;
Imi with that hotuewardplmls atinas*
lucre of yours we might to bo able to
"in nnt ti few shares uf Soon  Parted,
eferred, In tho money market.'
' Neither,' •■■iv. I.    ' I 've got Bcpp",
educated hog, in a sack in tnat
Wagon. I found him ion'ing i p the
Mowers iti mv front vard this morning.
I'll hike Hn'* five thousand dollars in
largo bills, if it 'l hand*..'
"George B. hUStteS out of his tent,
We went into
In   there   was
" 'He was hungry,' sii.vh Ifut'e. 'He'll
go to sloop and keep quiet now.'
"I   always  get  up   before   hreukfnst
and read the morning paper whenever
radius nf a
Hoe cylinder or a Washington band*
press.    The   next   morning   I   got.   up
early,   nnd   found   n   Lexington   daily
on  th"  front  porch  when* the mirier
had thrown  It.    The lirst  thing  I  saw
in it was u double-column ad. un the
front page that read like this:
The above ntnoiint will bo paid, nnd
no quest ions asked, for the return, alive
nud uninjured of Heppo, the famous
Kuropean educated pig, that strayed or
was stolen from the sideshow tents of
Binltley Bros.' circus last nighl.
Geo. B. Taplov. Business Manager.
At the circus grounds.
"I folded up tho pnper Hal, pul.
it into my inside pocket, nml went
In Rufe'i room. He wns nearly drees-
ed, and wns feeding the pig the rest
of thu milk and some nppbi-peelings.
Jet black pig with n pink ribbon
around hi neck lying on some huv
and eiilieg enrrnts that a man was
feeding him
" 'Ilov. Mae,' mils G. B. 'Nothing
wrong wilh the world wide this morning, is thorof'
" 'llimf No,' se.ys the mnn. 'He's
gol an appetite like a chorus girl at
I ii.in.'
"'Hnw'd vnn get this plpol' says
Tapley to me. 'Kating ton many pork
chops hist night?'
"I pulls out the pnper and shows
him the ml.
"'Puke,' says he. 'Don't know
anything about it. You'xe beheld
with vour own eyis the marvellous
world wide porcine'wonder of th.-* four-
footed     kingdom    rnting    with    pre*
natural  ingaetty his matutinal moali
anstroyed nnd OnitolOi Good morning.'
"I wns beginning to see, 1 got in
the wagon and told Undo Ned to drive
to the most adneent orifice of the
nearest tilley. There I took out my
pig,   got   the   range  carefully   for  the
I :* little reporting, bul Ims had really
no uowspnper experience to speak of.
lb* takes about three woeks to write
a story, and can't compose ul a type-
Writer.    UU wife types for him.
Mr. QlOM thinks America is the most
Interesting pari of the wold, and bii>*'
tnat  the   people  of   thi-*  continent   are
mote Intofllgont thnn those *>f Europe*
lb- observes tlmt "there may be less
>.f the highest i-olliire here iu genernl,
but there is far less stupidity and fur
more Information.1"
The Gorman Naval l.engue lias just
tested the work of an inventor of
Nuremberg, a ••hip to run without, a
crew. A transmitter wilh a mast similar to thnt used in win less telegraphy
eommandl the ship, which works sys
teninticallv during a period of hours.
The ship turns tn right nnd to left,
backs and comes to u Mop its if run by
a mnn In the engine-room. Mullt
colored lights show the manoeuvres to
the men ashore.
This practical Invention is now un.'er
study in the German nnvy. Primarily
tlostined for UIO In connection with the
dischnrge of torpedoes, it is now under
expert consideration ns n medium for
the control of dirigible balloons. Kite
provided with photographic nppnrutu
md "teered Ivy tforttUfl waves will be
n new arressory of the German army,
1 am their light of love alive
Without me cold the bearthston - ttaau_
Not could tbe precious chiblrua tiir.ve.
[ am th    twist that holds together
The children  in  ita sacred  nag,
Tlieir knot of love, from  whose   -lose
No lost child goes awanderia -.
I am th*. house from floe*' to roof.
I deck the walls, the board I -ipread;
I spin the curtains, warp and woo-.
And shake the down to be their bed.
1 am their wall agaiost all danger,
Their   door   against  the   wind   and
Thou whom n woman laid in msnogex,
Take me oot till the eliiidren powi
Abovo  the smothering  town  she  -lails
So cool, so far, so careless, so nr i- —
sho  hears  no cry  from  w        ■       :
She knows not mad appeal nor breaking heart.
Straining   tired eyes  from   this   tba,
tortured ■ Is
We strive ;   ■;■ -i'dver1* i:i th-* i        I
To see reflected in her silvern face
Some dreaming garden*eloee -vhereon
she shines.
The  :. IvantOgO  of  Hie  gang drill
particularly noticeable when used ii
motor cast en bine, that   is with nil I
cylinders   cost   in   ..ne   pice.    Iii   i
factory in which such motors are mode, propriato st.ny
n double multiple drill is used w th     "Thoro i».
th,- iplndles so set that ovory hole ro   rumor,1  he:
Governor  Harmon  of   Ohio,   at  the
Governors! Convention at BprEng
lismlssed a political rumor wltd
s much truth in this
id, "a? iu the I
quired iu em h cylinder may he drilled   '-"'d Tim.
in   two  casting!   :it   omv.    This   r.-nllv       ■• ■ Tim,' s:ti,| a gentler; ...
moans thai eight cylinders can rocolv.   ly, 'I thought you bad a
" 'So   1   ba> e.  **ir,'     'I ■' ■      .i>-'v.-re-l,
' Hiking up from a largo i beer.
their full quota of drilled holes slmul
taneouslr.   one American factory has]
Installed a machine that will grind
fuur ..lives of a motor nt tin* same
time ami with no more attention from
the operutor thuu though he WOW con
lining himself to one valve. This vnlvi*
grinder is in realilv a converted quadruple   drill   P-OM-   having   the   spindles
In van by bevel gents connectoa te a
common power shaft.
All the machines and tools described
above are intended for the rapid niatiu-
factum of parts in quantities, but in
order to obtain the greatest efficiency
from n plant, these machines must be
supplemetiled by a syRtem Hint provides
for the equally rapid disposal of the
parts so completed, and the iden is to
Utilise the parts produced daily in the
construction of complete motors with
nut nccumnhting a slock of various
parts for which there is no immediate
need. It is said that their system hus
been carried to such a high state of
efficiency in one of the large factories
thnt .Vi cars have been completely as*
Bomblod 'ii one day by .10 men. The
keynote to the system is team work
nnd so grouping the men that three
men run work mi two i-nrs ut once,
each knowing exactly whnt he has to
*to and being able to keep out of the
wnv of the ethers.
These   Improved   American   methods,
it is added, nre about to be adopted
* I pm on thc ■; *   In a (1
" 'Well, then. v.In   .. en'l   \<-n wolk-
ing.'' -anl the gentleman,
" 'They're making double blanks to*
dny, sir.' said *l Im."
"I always undent I these »ummer
girls were tickle--im constancy, you
know-no lasting  faith,'
" 'Well?' snid another clubman.
" 'Well, by Jove!' said the tlrst
speaker, 'I proposed to a summer girl
last t*,UgUlt at Anbury Park, had no
end ol" larks—*batfaing, moonlight strolls
nud ?o on—ami now, you know '
"lie heaved a long, long >il'Ii.
" 'Now, you know, by Jovel it looks
ns if 1 was in for a breach nf promiso
miu' M
Colonel Hubert M. Thompson, nt n recent dinner iu  Now Vork. *.:iid of the
feminist movement-:
"The women   who     go  in   for  this
movement lm\e usually poor sticks for
husbands. But perhaps I should say,
Instead of poor sticks for husbands,
telescopes for busbttudfl."
Ami  thru I'olonel Thompson smiled.
"The toleeeopo husband." he explained, "i«« tic sort thnt can be dinwn
out, seen through j ami then shut up." ..REE PRESS, C-HLtlWA^K. BRITISH COLUMBIA
Young Street
The Scene of all Future Business Expansion and Activity.
Present plans of various interests involved,  make  it
absolutely inevitable tliat tbis street must become the
seat of development and extensive building operations
We have listed with us every available piece of property on Young street. We recommend investments on
Young street, heartily and will be pleased to submit
quotation's wliieli will prove the excellent opportunities
existing along this thoroughfare,
We ,.an-y t|„. choicest list of Farm and City Property
in the Fraser Valley.     Most complete and reliable information cheerfully given to all enquiries.
Chilliwack Land and
Development Co.Ltd.
P. O. BOX 109 PHONE 178
OFFICE-YOUNG STREET      Next to Empress hotel
Church News
Tailoring for  Ladies and
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Watch and Jewelry
Dont send your Watches and .lew-dry out
of llie city to be- repaired when you can have
then) repaired here carefully and promptly.
We guarantee perfect satisfaction. (live us a
trial and be convinced,
;  Agent fur the Columbia Phonograph.
ScCOIld door fnmi Empress llOtol, Cliilliwnck.
Rev. P. Clifton Parker, pastor of
Fairview Baptist church, Vancouver, will conduot morning and evening service at the Baptist church
Cliilliwnck on Sunday next. Rev.
Mr. Parker willaddress the Christian
Endeavor Rally at Sardis on Monday evening,
The February Quarterly Rally o(
tho Young People's Societies of the
Valley will lie held in Carman
Methodist church, Sardis, on Monday evening February .0, al eight
o'clock. A good program is being
provided. A speaker is coming
from Vancouver to address the
meeting. A banner will be awarded
its usual.
A very enjoyable afternoon was
s|H'iit by lho members of the Ladies
Aid Society, and other friends, at
the homo of Mrs. C. E. Eckert last
Thursday. There were about
thirty-five Indies present, nnd the
afternoon wns spent in needlework,
nnd siicinl cnversnlioii. Mrs. C. A.
Harlier gave sovorul selections on
the piano. The social time wns
very hen rt ily enjoyed by nil, nnd
muny expressions of appreciation
of the kind hospitality of the hostess
were heard.
Last Friday evening n parlor
ciitei-tnitntieiit under the auspices of
the \V, (.'. T. l\ was given at the
Inline of Mr. Chapman, Henderson
Block. The programme wits as
follows, Mrs. Ward White, as
chairwoman; Miss Flossie Orr, solo;
Master Eseritt Chapman, reading;
.Mrs. Dr. Henderson, solo. Mrs.
Cairns, of Sardis, gave a very able
address and Mr. Chapman, a -solo.
Collection in aid of the work. A
pleasant and profitable evening was
spent and closed witb singing and
Last Monday evening the  male
members of the Epwortli League
gave an entertainment and social
in tbe school room of the churcli.
There was a large attendance and
a most interesting programme wus
rendered by the young men.    The
following items given were,  piano
solo,  C.  Chapman;   reading,   W.
Beer;   instrumental   trio,   Messrs.
Abbott, Woodworth, and Chapman;
mandolin solo, Mr. Abbott; recitation,  Rev.  A.  E.  Roberts.    The
I Rov. W. S. A. Crui.x, lieing present
i was called upon for a reading and
| gave several very enjoyable  selections.    During   the   evening    the
young men served refreshments of
their own preparation, the waiters
liming dressed in conventional white
; aprons and   jackets.     A   vole  of
thanks to the young men was moved
by Mrs. Roberta, seconded by Mrs.
White, and carried  unanimously.
The services in Ihe Methodist
church last Sunday wofcof imperially
interesting nature. The Quarterly
ISacramental service wus held in the
|morning, the preacher lieiiur. the
Uev. W. S. A. Cruix, of Manltou,
who gave a very helplul sermon on
the text. Ltlke 24:40, "He showed
Ihem his hands." The sermon
was very appropriate to the occasion und prepared the congregation
for the impressive Sacramental service. A very large number remained
for the service, which was conducted
by the pastor, assisted by Mr. Cruix.
Fifteen new members were received
into church fellowship, seven by
letter, eight uniting with the church
for the first time.
At the evening service the Rev.
A. E. Roberts introduced the question of Church Union, giving u history of the movement whicli looks
towards the organic union of the
Methodist, Presbyterian, nnd Congregational Churches of Canada.
At the close of the address questions
were invited and some Important
questions were asked und discussed.
The congregation was greatly interested in tlie subject and followed
the address and discussion closely.
Local  Items
\ Particular   Printing \
For particular people is the kind t
supplied customers of the Free Press X
L.F.Cioft, at Mee Studio for photos
For photos at Chapman's—phone
]   stuck   Foods—Chllllwaek    Implement A- Produce Co.
Coal  uml   wood—Cily  Transfer
Co., pill lllc  in.
|    House cleaning time—read  Den-
murk A- Burton's ndvt.
,    County Court  will Ik-  held   on
Saturday Feb. 24.
All conl and wood orders receive
prompt attention. Phone III. City
iTransfor Co.
Light nnd heavy draying bundled
wilh care and promptness. City
'Transfer Co., phone-ID.
The Hurt Block is lieing re-painted utul re-pointed this week.
Parsons is advertising new spring
clothing for men in the Free Press
Fresh Si-iti. y—Linseed Meal.
Epson Suits, Sulphur; Department
Store Prices; nt Ashwell.
Ladies uml gentlemen's clothes
cleaned iu\d pressed, Satisfaction
guaranteed Your Valet, opposite
Opera House.
Wanted—By sober hard working
Frenohman, work at clearing or
general farm work. Apply for references to E. W. Appleby care of
Cawley & Carmiehael.
Dressmaking and Ladies Tailoring
in all brunches, by Miss Northcoto
Nowel st., or inimedintc attention
given lo nil orders left ul W. L.
Holfe's Store.
James Robertson chairman of
the rural school board wbo bus been
on u mission to tbe Govornmont ul
Victoria re the New High School,
received u promise of SPIOO.
LlNENETTB    WniTtxn     TAM.KTS—
loots. Values, Idols.; -.'.Vis. Values,
•JOels.; (I Pkts. White Envelopes
'.Sets.; this week ul Ashwells
Stationery Dept. Soo ibo Window
The football game between lbc
('ity nnd Siwnshes from lbc Institute, on Saturday afternoon Inst
resulted in n win I'm- ibo latter,
three goals to one, being tbo   score.
This Saturday a match will bo piny-
ed between the Siwnshes uml the
Big purchase nml marked nt
Departmental Store prices nre Boys
nnd Juvenile Suits. These suits
hnve opened up fur beyond our
expectations. You will be surprised
when you see this assortment in
Single nml Double Breasted Styles
in all tbe latest shades, ns brown,
grey, fawn and manv other neat
patterns. 84.00 to 810.00. See
them   ut   Ashwells.
Divisional Superintendent of In-
tertirbnn B. (.'. E. railway lines,
Mr. E. Sterling, wus in the city on
Tuesday. Mr. Sterling has just recently been appointed to this position nnd will have jurisdiction over
the Lulu Island lines as well.
W. B. Pattinson wns n visitor to
New Westminster this week.
A. Atkins is in Vancouver on
business to-day.
H. Stallard of Hammer's Ment
Market, left on Wednesday for n
two month's visit in the (lid
Mr. Brown, of Ottawa who is on
n visit to the coast spent a lew duys
this week with Mr. und Mrs. .1.
Childorhose, Chilliwack.
President, Rev. It. .1. Douglas
Treasurer, IC. Duthie
Secretary, Robert Marshall
H. Parker and family have moved back to their farm on the Island.
W. M. Wells, Fairfield Island
was in Westminster on business last
Wilfred Davis of Rosedale was
visiting bis parents Mr. und Mrs.
C. C. Duvis, lust week.
The bachelors of Camp Slough
will givo a dance in the Camp
Slough Hall on Thursday evening
Feb. 29
Walter Davis has been confined
in the house for a couple of weeks,
with pleurisy. We hope to see him
out again in a few days.
Inez Hull' received a letter from
the Treasurer of the Chilliwack
Hospital, thanking the oommitte of
the Loup Yeur Dunce for the donation,
Invitations hnve been sent out
for the evening of March 1 to the
opening of the Vcddor River hotel
for tin- season.
of Disease
Every home should hnve a
A shipment just arrived of
the highest grade—ranging
in prices from
75c to $1.50
Druggist and Stationer
Cows For Sale
Two good cows for i-mlc. ono now milking, the other due to freshen about Slur,
16,   Tliese are extra good stock.    For
prices etc., apply to
24-tf J, K. Pointer, Young road.
For Sale or Exchange
Holsteln Hull Cull, registered. Sin-,
Pi'im-e Kiinilolpli, Dniii, I'lmily 0, bred
by Win. Arui'trotig. llillliurst, Ontario.
Record of Dam, 10,000 pounds nf milk
in twelve months. For particulars nnd
terms apply tn
24 d Harrison .Mills
Lady Wanted
To Introduce HOUSE AMI HOME,
(the Woman's Magazine.) Muke $10 to
$20 weekly. Ni> money required, Sample
copy nn rciiiii'St. I live rufercnccS, Ad-
dri'HH Circulation Mtiniiger,
HIT Pender Streel West.
.1-1. Vancouver, It. 0.
Lumber Wanted
TiiiiIi rs ..ill lie received up in Pi liru-
ury --'liili fnr lite supplying ol lumber In
Ih* required from nine lo lime by thc
(liij nl Cliillbviicli during llie current
year. Addn««
iu-b      1) !•'. CARI.ETON, Cliy Glerk.
Applications addressed to the City
Clerk, fnr the position nf Engineer fnr
tlie Cliy Stri.ni Holler, will In- received
up t.. February lo. 1012. Applicant to
sinti* experience, and salary expected nt
mie bv the day.
IV E. Uarloton,      11. .1. Waddlnalon,
Clerk, Mayor.
Clover and Timothy hay for snle.
British Columbia Hop Co.
Phone F 256.
Tuke notice tlmt I, D. R. McLennan,
o( OhiUiwack, B. C, hereby apply to the
Bmir.l of License Coinmbsioilors for the
City of Chilliwack at tho meeting to be held
on March 13th 1012. for leuve to transfer
the hotel license fnr tlie snle of liquor at
the Empress hotel, Chilliwack, It. ('.
frnin myself tn Samuel Sutnr.
Dated ibis sib day nf February 1012.
D. It. M.l.EXXAN.
A It Flat Cornel tn good condition for
snle, with Instruction lunik. Apply nt
this olllco. -'if
We ure showing nearly 400 ililler-
cnt lines nl Spring Suitings, comprising nil iln- new color effects
ami Inlet weaves in medium
weight cloths.
Wellington »t.   Opp. Opera House
Sol.. Agency House ..f Hobberilii,
Which is hit
THERE'S no mistaking thc expression of a man whose farm is well "improved."
He look) as prosperous ai lie fttli,
It Isn't the si/e of u place llial counts most, nor its actual dollars and cents
value.    It* rather that "well-kept," thrifty appearance; ihe appearance that makes
you think of fat stock, ami well tilled barns, and comfortable, contented living.
Neat, permanent improvements go further in giving a farm this appearance than
any other feature.
Concrete Is The Ideal Material
for such Improvement* It Is neat, liu r mon I emu with Its .-urroundlng- In the country.
Kv-rluitUiR, It cannot be Injured by flre. front, wind or lightning. Ag**-*tnMi*Mil of
cunning li  to decay**-aotttally nmkiis tt stronger.
Concrete nevor nerd* repair -tlrst nmt in hist coal. New improvements mil be added
>*-.tr nfler yenr wllh lean expenr-i-* tlmn would Ite required to keep wooden structure*
in  repair.
Concrete wiillf,*. feeding floor*, dairy -lurrm. ire-hoiinu, ront-ceHarn, well •curbing,
fence pout**, sit OS—Which of tlnw lines your furm need must? Whatever you want tu
build, It'fi bent to build It of concrete.
t»o ynu wan I t«> know mora sbseit tfcis mibjert of permanent farm Improvements?
Then write for your copy of
"What The Farmer Can Do With Concrete."
It a a bonk .1 IM pi|.., telling how o.h.r
f.rm.r. h.v. un. th. "h.n.y m.t.rl.l" I*
son. MtewKH*. Pu-.ll.li..) to nil at Mc. a
c..y, I. I. m Mia* oft.r.. fra. t. ill f.rm.r.
who writ, far It.     Ad.raa,
(Co. Us..,
. ■■-U-l. Ms-lnal


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