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FEB 13 1912    *J        -,
^roR.A, *3'
You will Like Chilliwack.
Vol. 1.
SL'BSCIlll-l'lUN l'KICK ll.ixi I'KB VEAR
Kditoi mul Proprietor
No. 23
outline of his levels for n system of
sewage. Levels und grades were
given and nn outline of septic tanks,
pumps, etc., the system to cost
about 180,000,
By-law In borrow money for
current oxpenscB was rend three
(lu motion Council decided to
purchase a typewriter from W.   I„
Macken, for use   in  Clerk's  oll'ice,
for sum of ISO,
The Mayor nnd Clerk Is
I to sign all   cheeks
in connection with
Dr. McCaffrey was in Vancouver
lllis Week.
went  to  Vancouver
iloivn to  the
City Council met in Clerk's office
on Monday evening all members
The minutes of lust regular and
adjourned meetings were rond and
The appointment of the various
committees by tho Mayor were continued by motion.
A Communication wus road from
lho Terminal City Iron Works, ro
hydrants.     Received   und     tiled.
M. II. Ni'lcnis wrote Council
asking to lie allowed to lay three
feel ot cement walk in front of his
now building on Young street, and
also asking thai luiie between
Princess avenue uud (lore avenue
be gravelled, Permission wns given
ro sidewalk, but Ihe gravelling of
lune did not meet with the approval of Council, in view of the fact
thnl there ure many streets needing
John Orr uud others wrote asking
for u sti'cel light be placed on
Woodbine street und nlso tbut suid
street be graded for a distance ol
five-hundred feet. The Ilrst matter
wus referred to tho Fire, Wuter and
Light Committee, and lho latter to
the Chairman "I Board of Works.
A Communication wus rend from
asking for 76cents |ter hour while the
firemen in attendance at Fires, und
75 cents for each practise, ltoferred
to Fire Wnt. r uinl Light Committee.
A petition wns presented from
N. A Webb, 11.  Hall nnd others
asking for n live foot plunk walk on
the north side of Henderson street
between Robson street and Cook
stieei. Mutter wus referred to
Chairman ol Board of Works to report nt next meeting.
A petition was presented from
J. M. Shortt, W. E. Frost nnd
others asking for n five foot plank
walk  on   north  side  of  Ontario
street west to Mary street, payment | lr"-'ll,ls !,t Lickman this week
to be spread over a period of three
yeurs.    Snnie icferred  to Clerk  to
report at next meeting of the Council. |   A. Allcoek, of Denmark 4 Bur
An neeount wns  presented from itou, lias returned from Victoria.
E. .1. Boucher for 116 for rent of
typewriter and table  during  1912,
,1. II.   Paul
ou Wednesday.
C. It. Hooves was i
minster this week.
Mr.  Seollin went
Coasl on Thursday.
Knlghl went
in Van-
in Vancoever
to hi
lt. G. Itownt  wns
this week on business.
F. II. Robson is confined
home with tlie grippe.
C. J. Hatch was a business visitor
to Vancouver yesterday.
Mrs. M. Hull is visiting  friends
iu Belliiigham this week.
The Misses O'Hearn i
week end iii Vancouver.
S. A. Cawloy, M.   P.
Sunday ut his home here.
Mrs. F.   Lickman  visited with
pent the
P.  spent
Mrs. A. S. Watson was in  Vancouver on Friday and Saturday.
.1. F. Boyd, of Abbotsford, was
in the'city this week on business.
Miss  Emmott and   Misses   Bell
went down to Sumas ou Tuesiiay.
Moore arc
this week.
Tlu-account was ordered to lie paid.
John McDonald was the only
applicant for the position of engineer for steam Holler, at 18.26 pet-
day. This matter was left over for
one week.
In the matter of the Committee
interviewing Elk Creek Waterworks Co., and lt. C. E. Ity. Co.,
regarding purchase of water system
and the furnishing of light and
power, the Mayor thought the committee should meet theso Companies
during this week. .
A By-law for purchase of lot for utty*
drill hall and deeding sa  lo tlio |    Mr. and Mrs. W. A.  Rose went
Domini,,u Government was   read ho Vancouver on Thursday for a few
three   times,   Alderman   Gervan jnyg,
assorting that on epunlly good could I
Ik-purchased for less money. I    Mta   Kale  Henderson  went to
A copy of thc Chilliwuek  Liquor | Seattle on Tuesday, for an extended
License By-law re-written and eon
Mrs. Bird and  .Mrs.
visiting in  Vancouver
E. Dazed, of Agassis, was visiting friends in Chilliwack last week.
Mrs. M. Cruikshanks and sister,
went to Vancouver on Wednesday.
Miss Robson visited her parents,
i Mr. nnd Mrs. F. Robson over Sun-
Second Raiiwav Will Soon be Completed Affording the Valley Increased Transportation Facilities.
ThcC   X. tl, 1
■nek laying
bus reached lho
lily  limits.
bridge   over   the
which bus hud li
lie changed
C. W. Wei .li was
for some days this
Lund Registrar's ulliee.
11. P, Major of Now Westminster,
Spent the week  end  nt the   home
Mr, und Mrs. Northoote, cily.
Mrs. Joe Burton, corner of Victoria und Robson streets, will lie lit
home the third Friday in each
Dell Whilntore of the Cliilliwnck
Harness Co., wns u   business visitor
to Vancouvor un Saturday returning
A. M. Young of Viineouver is relieving temporarily al lho il, C. E.
R. depot. In plnce of Mr. Cnyloy,
Mrs. W. Duslet'lioeft, uud her
mother, Mrs. CrunkshllW of Surdis,
were in Bolllngham for a few days
this wcok, j Drill Hall Sure
Mrs. Harvey uud cousin,   Albert!    ..,,    ,,
Wells were the guests   of  Mr. and     ,,   ' ,  '
a. .     , , , or     .      •      , .    I'll  11\   I U|ll.
Mra. A. Cupples, Westminster street , ■    ,
,,     > Im-: received
<"'Sunday. (,.,.,„„ „„. „,_,„,_
F. J. Hurl, of F. ,1. Hart & Co., Ottawa, slating tlm
Vancouver, paid a visit to the local j will bo given to (
branch of the  Company  at  Chilli-'yeur.
waek on Friday. ; ,„  . , -,   „
Attended The Banquet
Mrs. Wemp tho new mat run for |    ..   .   11....1,,..
1111 ordinarv spun In a drnw bridge,
nl Ilu- inslaneo uf Iho retiuiisl of llie
Hoard of Trade, bus caused delay
In Iho progress of laying llie slcel.
The mils will he laid lnio lho city
shortly and   tho   work   will   then
pro. I east loward Hope anil Yule.
tin the completl 1' ihe truck laying, construction work on lho new
siaiion will very probably Ixistarted,
the llospitul arrived in town,
Thursday and is staying at
Harrison House.
Mr. Brown who was -relieving]
Mr. Christie, at tho Royal Hunk,!
Surdis, is able to be around uguin
after a ten days' illness.
President of the
Board ot Trade, wns one of the out
of town guests nl the banquet given
by the New Westminster Board ot
Trade in honor ot Sir I). Id Mann
and Mr. Thomas tl. Holt, chief executive agent of the C.   N.   li.,  ou
Tuesday evening.    Mr, Harlier wus
,; one of those to whom fell tho honor
Mr. und Mrs. John Malcolm and „• replying to the toast "Our Neigh-
Children of Alberta, are the guests bors "
ut the home of Mr. Malcom's father,
A. Malcolm, Hazel street. ,food Bnsiness
Mrs. S. M. Carson and Mrs. W.! •*»**«*- ,l"' P*-st ,***** l1"' n'ilU-
L. Build will receive on Saturday waek oiliee oil. J. Hart & Co.,
Feb. 17 and on tne third Soturdoy ff01" ••»nd ,tn ',0 V(lluo '" *W,a».
in each month there after. Included in tho amount   was  the
! Hiili- ot the J. \\. Hill farm of one
Mr. St.  Cooper and family   of hundred   acres on  Camp   Slough
Girl   Guides     Association
have now beon formally organized
in Chilliwuek, n very ciipnlile
local committee of Indies in the
cily having the dirsotlon of the
snnie,  nnd   Miss   Mursdeu    being
appointed tlio lirst Captain of whnt
is sure io he a worthy institution
for nil girls, who now hnve the
prlvllodge of becoming u Guido,
Tha Committee appointed consists
of Mrs. CI. II. W. Ashwell, President, Mrs. Rutherford, Treasurer,
ami Mrs, A. L. Coote, Miss
Mnrsdon's Assistant ns Cnptnln,
will he Miss Hiiiliei'i'oi'd, ns Lieutenant. The Ilrst rally will bo held
in tho Pariah Hull on Saturday
afternoon al 8 o'clock und uny girls
who ure desiring of learning more
thoroughly some of the gentler and
nobler arts of life as belonging to a
coining woman, should endeavor to
join the splendid movement.
Militia at ■'''he Cllrl Guide Organizations,
a brill lliiil though practically a new idea, have
lliwuck this already gained a hold in many of
the linger cities. This scheme,
which bus the support of Princess
1 Louise, wus initiated by Miss Agues
Baden-Powell, und is similar in
ideal to, through different in its
administration,    from    tho    Hoy
s has lieen  inform-
L,   Coolo   lhat   he
dcllnito statement
Hospital About Ready.
Chilliwaek's New Hospital it Receiving Finishing Touches Prior lo Opening.   The
Institution a Credit lo the City.
A glimpse into Chilliwaek's new
hospllnl wus given the Free Prc.-s
representative this week, nnd although arrangements in detail havo
nol boon completed ns yot, enough
hns heen done I" show that this
cily is the possessor of 11 splendid
modem hospital, the furnishings of
which have been carefully and tastefully soleoted undal logctherais building which Chilliwuek will lie proud
to own und will fill a long felt want
in this district. As oneenters from
the oast side verandah, a spacious
reception hall greets the vi-itor,
furnished with comfortable chairs,
desk, ele., creating at once u favorable impression, Off the hall mi
on either sides ure three lurge public
wards, yet lo be designated, the
doctors preparatory room, the
surgical operating room und t,>ilet
and liulh rooms.   To the   rear off
! the hull: i- u close ,'Inset of sue
for patients wraps; the kitchen
with its -hiiiiug utensiLs, a splendid
steel range, table etc., the pantry in
I connection, containing pretty chin-
Camp Slough were the guests of (road for 820,000, and one hundred there is instruction in morals, urn!
Mrs. Cooper's  parents,   Mr.  and Undsixty acres in the foothills for Dr. I ethust "nd chivalry, patriotism am
Scouts movement. Both organize-1 dial_ ,n t||i. w||j„._d _u ^^
lions annul the creation of good and dainty blue and white teapots,
citizens and patriots, but there '» with other numerous aseful utiUties.
no desire to introduce militarism To Uw ^ of u„ k|tche_ ,. r,„.
into the association for girls. The urdD,ey.s rrjom_ To thg ,„,,. „,- ,
pursuits advocated   for  H>e   t"'*'Und the kitchen,   a   verandah   ex-
Guides are thorefore only  such  as tow*g,   0n thc )rul ttool. a baf,
will make the girls belter house- „R, lm„ „,„,„,, 1)|T „.,,;,.,, I:ll.ull£
wives, more capable in al womanly, „„. (,.M  [s th„ M.,„,,n, ,,„„„    tl:,L
"i'1*1  h '   cooking    washing   am I mmes' sitting r , with verandah.
sick nursing to the training o_cl,Fflcing |hl. „rth fe „ _,y _,
management of children, lho W prjvate ward, the color scheme oi
generally is from 11 to 8. .lngrCcn and white carried c_tomote
some oi tho larger branches in- LmMtharmoi_ousiindKrtWnpi_.
station is given in cooking, hospi- Between it ;U1(l th(, n,.x. _.,,.,( .,-.
lul un.l home iiur-in;:,  and  in  nil | bath and toilets and close closet.,
The  East  Chilliwuek  ward  is   v.:
Mr.. C. C. Davis over Sunday.
jR. E.  Walker.       Both
' made to eastern clients.
sales   were
and courage nre the watch words of
The Non-Commissioned   officers
and men of  I). Company,   lul th "The Magi-Irate'' Feb. 19 and It
Regiment,   held   their    monthly
dunce in Knight's Mall, last night.
I tbc
solldatcd by the Cily Solicitor was
presenteil to the Council, and referred to the License Commission
[or inspection Io report at next
meet ing.
J. II. Ashwcll appeared before
the Council regarding assessment
Principal Calvert, through lbc
Mayor nsk.-.l thut teachers' salaries
be paid by the tenth of encb month
us hus been ibe custom, Instead of
at twentieth ol month or Inter.
Same will receive consideration.
The matter of selecting 11 site fori
City yard was again  up for dis-1
cilssion. The Mnyor, llie Chairman, and Aldormnn Eckert were
appointed a committee to select
and purchase a suitable site for
building for city rood-making
The John Mct'iilcheon lane at
rear ol properties of A. Cupples,
A. C. Hummer, II. J. Harlier, was
brought up for discussion. Mr.
MeCutcheon desires to deed same
to cily. A Committee composed of
Alderman (iervan and Eckert to
ascertain if it is possible to have
bine extended Irom Young road
and Nowell street and re-tort.
The Mayor, Alderman Gervan
and O'llcarn, lie a Committee to
interview the It. V. E. U. and Elk
Creek Waterworks Co. The Committee agreed to go to Westminster
and Viineouver on Tuesday.
Aldormnn Eckert Chairman ol
Finance Committee wns requested
in arrange matter of salary with
City Solicitor Bowes,
H. II. Watson, manager of the
Revelstrokc branch of thc Fidelity
Trust and Savings Company, is
among the guests at thc Harrison
Mrs. N. G. Smith nnd her granddaughter Miss L. Bomber, who have
been visith-i Mr. and Mrs. Jos. Peers
returned to their home in Everett,
Wash., on Thursday.
I). M. Webster and Joseph
Hemphill, of l.ula Island, were
guests of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Kerr,,
C'heam, a few days last week,   re- fortius a- m
turning home on Sunday.
Thc Cliilliwnck Dramatic Society
will present that very entertaining
play "The Magistrate" in the Opera!
House on  Thursday   and   Friday ]
evenings next.    Tho company bus
the pluy well in bund,   the  various |
pnrts being well taken by the individual performers,   The pluy is a good
one, the Society ono of merit, and
the object, the hospital, a laudable
one.   The result should be u  bumper  house  on  both   nights.     The
prices nre 75c 50c. und 25c.
Important Improvements
The Chilliwuek Creamery   plans
tide items whicli
will be of considerable interest to
City residents.    It   is  proposed to
company. The unit for work
or piny is the "Patrol" of eight
"girts, ,,r whom one is "Patrol
Lender,'' uiiother thc "Corporal"
Three or more Patrols, form a
Company under a "Captain" and a|
"Lieutenant". To become a
Guide, a girl must produce a letter
of consent from a parent or other
proper authority, to show to the
Local Committee. Mr. A. L. Coote
us instituter of the idea, should
receive much credit.
Mr. and Mrs. John Kinnison, of install a new ice making plant of
Aberdeen, Wash., are the guests of I sufficient capacity to supply the
their daughter Mrs. A. M. McNeill, needs of the city.   Machinery will
Spadlna avenue.    Mr.  nnd  Mrs. ;bc  installed   for  making u large I investigated about one-hundred ho-
Kinnison will remain here for about 1 quantity of pure ice cream for local tel propositions in Canada and tin
Deal for Empress Closed.
The deal for the Empress hotel
announced in last issue has been
closed, nnd the purchaser, Samuel
Sutor, of Minnesota, nnd his family,
is now in possession. Mr. Sutor is
a hotel mun of considerable experience, and has secured 11 valuable
property and a paying business.
Sine • lust April the purchaser  has
I especially dainty little ward, with
I its white enamel dressing tabte,
wash stand, und bed, eomi'ortable
wicker ehair and golden brown
rugs. To the west are two large
I linen closets, back of whieh is the
[dining room, furnished with a rueful given rug, mission butler., tibie
nnd chain and dumb waiter. T1
he rear of the dining room is the
nurse's room. In all the rooms,
lillie Hue windows admit 9TO_U_
nnd give very beautiful views ,-,f
thc best of mountain scenery, imi
although us we hnve been mid,
nearly nil is not done nor all the
rooms ueurly completely furnisher!,
splendid progress, has been made
by thc energetic bund of hospital
workers. Hot water heating w_t
warm all the rooms, and .1 good hase-
nient will provide room bt the
laundry work. The Caretaker and
his wife will arrive next week, and
Mrs. Johnson Wemp hopes to move
into the hospital  next  week   also.
Miss L. Bruilhwiiite, of Vancouver, is visiting friends in Camp
R. C. Harwell, was a business
visitor to Vancouver last Friday and
Mr. and Mrs. R. D. Broadhead
spent the week end with friends in
Mr. and Mrs. W. II. Pattinson
wen- passengers to Vancouver on
L. II. Grossman returned on
Wcdncday from an extended visit
in the east.
Miss Irene Hamilton of Camp
Slough is Ihe guest of Mrs. Robert
Bnnford, city.
A. A. Cruieksliank and Jeff
Harrison went down to Huntington
on Thursday.
H. Patterson of Vancouver was
Ihe guest of Mr. and Mrs. E. A
Kipp this week.
Mrs. W. S. Hawkshaw relumed
on Sunday from a visit with friends
ul bunion, Out.
.1. II. Henderson of Calgary, a
cousin of Dr. Henderson, was iu
the cily on Tuesday.
Miss Olive Wiiodworth has accepted a position ns stenographer
in Mr. Even's office,
Mrs. 0. C. Davis wns under thc
three weeks.
Dr. J. Ci. Rutherford, Dominion
Government Inspector at Ottawa,
has tendered his resignation, and
will becomes resident of Chilliwack.
Dr. Rutherford purchased, some
time ago, a five acre ranch
Prairie Central Rond.
consumption, while the question, United States, ant
of supplying the city  with pure| waek as the best.
Iiottlcil milk nt  normal   prices,  is
being seriously considered.
An addition ubout twel
Mrs. Jas. Armstrong returned on
Friday evening from Hurrard
Sanitarium, Vancouver, where she
bus been the past three weeks.
Mrs. Armstrong feels much tho
lietter of ber rest and treatment
received in that institution.
W. Denmark, of Langenburg,
Bask. 1 has taken up his residence
in Chilliwaek. Mr. Denmark is
the senior partner in the linn of
Denmark & Burton, hardware merchants, and remained on the prairies
some months attending to matters
in connection with former business
on  t'hel wide and extending to the  rear  of
; the present building  a  distance  of forme
twenty feet, is being udded   lo  the'nud well  regulated  hotel,   and   lie
Commercial Hotel.
selected Chilli-
He thinks Chilliwack lias a fine future nnd on seeing tho plnce did nnt tuke long to
decide to become a resident. The
price paid for the Empress was
?,-,a,t«IO. I). 11. McLennan, the
jwner, conducted a popular
I will be greatly missed, especially by
the commercial mon.    Wc undor-
Tho address last Sunday at the |stand Mr. McLonnan will continue
P. S. A. wns one of tho l.-st of the 1 ((| |„, ,t resident of Chilliwuek.
series.   Rev. J. S.  Henderson,   ..f|
Westminster, denlt with his subject
"The Bight Lifo, nnd how to   live
it," in n masterful  manner,  and
received a very   attentive   hearing,
Local Dairymen Te Meet
Meetings In the  interest
of tlie
recently organised Dairymen*' As-
J. Turvoy has accepted tho position of Freight Agent for the C. P.
R. at the Chilliwuek wharf, All
Consignments of freight Imth incoming and OUl going will have his
personal attention. Telephone No.
Wharf n, residence 02.
Engineer Croly wus asked for an I we were sorry lo hear.
Messrs. 0. It. Atkins nnd Jas.
Murray put a new transfer rig on
tlie road 011 Monday morning, and
will cater for a share of tlie local
transfer business. Mr. Atkins was
formerly connected with ihe Atlantic Transfer Co., ot Vancouver
and Mr. Murray, conducted a tmtis-
carc of Dr. Patten last week, wliieli 1 fer business  in  Chilliwaek soiling
•intioti will be held at the following points iu the valley, when it is
expeoteh the Association will include ull the Dairy interests:
Camp Slough Hall, Tuesday, Feb.
18, at 2 o'clock p.m. Chilliwaek,
Municipal Council Office, Wednesday, Eeb. 14, at 2 o'clock p.m.
East Chilliwack, Hall Thursday,
Feb. 15, at 2 o'clock p.m. Sardis,
Schoolroom,    Friday
tips, With gloves,    Each orange  is | i,-,,|i, iii, nt 2 o'clock p.m.    Sunins
perfect.   Ashwells sell tho choicest Utchlitz School House,  Saturday,
oranges.   See their window display p0Ui i7) .,( 2 o'clock, p.m.
tor perfect oranges from fifteen for
25c. to Ilk-, iter dozen. Scientific Socialissi.
I herewith beg to publicly thank 1    This very   interesting topic will| J. It. Anderson,
the Farmer's Mutual Fire Insurance i bo thc subject of the address nt the | Assoeuu.,,, ml.-
Co., for tho prompt payment of my j P. S;>
claim.    I took out  a policy on i Dr. T
Nov. 20, lOtl, nml on January 21,
1019 my barn was totally destroyed.
On January 27, I received a  check
for 11,500 covering the amount  ol
Sunkist   brand   oranges,    This
The   regular    meeting    of   the delicious fruit is nl^ picked,  win*" | (■,Hinal,-t.-ti:;i
Hospital Auxilary will be held on
Iho second Monday of  the month
February 12, in the Odd   Fellow's
Hall at 3o'clock.
Masonic Officers
The Installation of officer's in the
: Masonic Lodge took place on Friday
] nighl, und the following officers
were duly installed: W, Bro.,
J. II. Rnino, W. H. &!.; Bro., It.
W. Ilnll.s. W.j Bro., G.C.Carter,
J. W.; Bro., E. Hubble,SeCTetary;
W*. Bro., C, B. Reeves. Treasurer;
W. Bro., Canon Hinchliffc, Chaplain; Bro., A. White, Organist;
jBro., L. A. J. Wiancks, S. L>.;
Bro., J. F. Semplc, J. D.; Bro.,
P. Crankshaw, S. 8.; Bro., B. L.
Malcolm, J. S.; Bro., C. Barker, I.
<L; Bro., J, Turpin, Tyler. At
the Conclusion of the ceremonies,
the scene wns changed to Anderson's
Cafe, where all snt down to nn inviting supper.
Football League Organized
meeting of football enthusiasts
was held in the Bank of Commerce
rooms on Wednesday evening when
thc Chilliwack valley Football
League wns organized, with the
following officers: President, A. L.
Coote, Vice-President, R. H.
Cairns; Sec. Treas., A. R. Anderson, Working Committee, H. C.
Slacoy, All'. White, W. H. Chettle,
Selection   und   Protest   Committee,
Percy Travis, J. Pelly, W. E. Frost,
English Football
were adopted to
oul to J, Turvey some ago,
policy.—Chas. Kinm.
A.  on   Sunday   next,  when govern the pluy.    A partial sched-
. Procter Hall, of Vancouver, | uie wns drawn up: City VS. Bankers
will be the speaker.   Questions will i Saturday   Eeb.   10.,    Militia   VS.
be invited nnd Dr. Hall will answer |Coqualootza,   Saturday  Feb.    IT;
them to the Itest of his ability. Bankers vs. Coqualeetea, Saturday
Tho gathering is free to all  men, Feb. 21; City vs. Militia, Saturday
und a cordial invitation Is extended, March 2. CHILLIWACK l-tE_ PRESS
You May Have Catarrh
and Not Know it
Catarrh   is   Treachorous   Wlu-n   rally
Developer] Is n Horror   Note Hm
" Is j   Iirinitli Iiini ' '
" lu .iniu   I In,,:,I   Hurilf "
"lie you cough ai  nighl .'''
1 * In youi   voli!  |,\ .'''
'' Doon 3 "u in Htop ii|i.''
" llnvil .veil  nasal  ,lisi-li:iie,e.''
"lie you  H|lil   n|,  [lllleglll I"
'' lias    vein    III) ,■   .Ml   ili'lll    let-line .'''
"IIUVl!   I "li   |lllill   III'I'IISS   I lie   11} e    '
" Is your lineal irrit.il.li-, wmikf"
•• Do yuu -li','|, witli iiiuutl   ojiui "
" Ale   yen   HlllljlU'l    I"   -liee'.ili.',   le
"li,. i. our ■ H    ruin an,I Im'./.'''
■ • Aie .ien littnl ,,|   In ,ii.
I I    j ..il    |lll\ [1   1111}    Ol    I In    e   iiuiii ill ml,
,,|      ClltUrrll,      '  '.' i       I lie      I    .illUe      lie A
ton    ■   I.ei ure iI Hiin  ''ie   i  li
oi lirottt-lilnl tl!"' tin,i ll IMIII llO l"i,
late,     'I'lie   lem, ,!'.    i     "Cllturrlll     illtj
li I , uri    Um
,1,1    |.|itl i.      I      ■    ineel
nil      . I  spill   ll.iil        I nine I   llj'
I'lltl ill
There em bo ne I "in 0 I        '' H ii ,'i'ii
,i mi, ■ for years it. li i nccossfully
enroll i. oa tlmt roststerl otlior rente
(Hob. ''.-.' mi i can im e i ii tor than I
tlio ei. bi '"  ', du ■        from the
very lest day's uso ol Caturrhozone,"
wrltos T. T. ii'i'.ikin . oi W mtvale, P.Q.
■I had for years n Btubhorn case of
Bronchial Catarrh, ear noises, headache, sure eyes, stoppod-up nose nm)
throat It. aftoctocl my appetite aii'.l
inailo my breath em!;. Catanliozoiie
curcil quickly."
Hei   Cnturi use   ii.   i   ■'
nre Hun    ol   ('III I ne   "I   iiii itl
nml      111 I.- 	
m sone, ivitl I    iiliber Iulialer, Insl.
tWO   lliontl i ■   eiinliinlee.l.      I'  il .
.i .  or  Uie   Catarrh
... lru'rnlo, N.l .. inel  Kil
i inl.
■ '1 .1;    " ill,ll. ;i.    Nn.l,-'
ii    i ,\ in -I   your   -mu   .!■    ih,
' r i.. .lei  ll.ni i e .'''
"1.   .   iloi    fool!    I      ll    He
liiitieni'o nil li Iiiui,    I -en i .|ii"i ;,i j,i/.
nohs, l    II     .■        ami  |iuys olliiics mil
a   sivinnniiiM l.iii li   ,,n   ,l,n   Hour   lipovo
.    i   ill'l    r mil, "
"Well,    woll,"     !nii I    Maggot,
ove lis pnpor, "thai 'u n queor lioml
iug ier this article, ll says: 'Woman'a Talk.' "
"Whal '■     , ,. r ;,In,nl  Him .'" .In
inniuleil  liis  wife.
"V, In.   •  '-  .Mil-    half   :i   i-oluinii
nl' il "
That Reminds Me
'' Hies,   UmiiIi!   \ iiii   lii'l;,   n   ;i",n   golll
ill'l .ml,' to >'',.rl,.'"
" « liy, you   I    Mien:'.     iVllUi   Itoupa
lull   lieIII   Hurl,ine ' "
1 Mil   l,|,„,l,lile'.     Ml.     sir."
Mis. OToole: "Tliey »nj in the pn
per, I'ni, iiiiii tlioro'a n now hllby born
IMI tolino Hie .In. 1. tliilia,"
Ml'. ll'Tuale (nuralllg ttvllll II " Then
bail  Im I,  In  the  linyllii'li  Ihnl   ne nil.-il
A pliiyci who hml «iii into illllleiiltloa
III   Ihe Wt.   iVllllrOWB '   till :'  milt'   Mulls,
i'lie, Miinl. I.annuel ine nwn.V I'm aoillo
tllllO, Hllll] In his ,'ml,lie. "W'liill .-lul.
llllglll    I   li.  Ial e   |10« I"
"'I'lllt'   Hie ',"     un-   llie       -,'ply,
!   ii wi
linlily   Hi al   typical   lllustru
in,,i  ,,l   mm.;, ii   culture wua ihe  reply
"I    11   lell    who   llllll   I n   elilliiisinslii-
ni,a ihe WnMiiri'init cycle, an,I "when
I ll l.e,I her Iii 1,11 ine quite lien,"'Ily.
||     III ; mi OH   el.l   I le ml'.,   ll   she   le.illv   ell
ioyi 'I  m. i. pi   "Uh. ."'"'     I   iinui,
imi,-   In.' -   WllgllCl      'li • -ll   I   une .' ' '
in,  '."iiuiii,in ei' ilie theatrical pro
   -■: livui, -   IniproBaii i.   j .i ; i .
hill,  among iiiiuiiigora,   'I'he pint I nr
ol Hie tlicntn   hail ilie.l.   'I'h,   luiinagcr
II     ,',1  ll   I he  llOUSU  ll'i.k.I.I  I'	
■ • >' i. ii! With I Ilia Inn.ines-' Al'siit',!,''
h.. replied, Metiiiim ly sin, Ited     iIn    lie
onion,  to  tho -lie', imager  in
pul i he chorus in black stm kings mil il
.iliei   the  hum";.i
"Hay.  inn.  iIuim  Hml  a vorj i	
WC   'In.'"
■ Ve-.  my  child."
" liven   Ihe   little   things'  nr.ininl   thc
hini.se,    inn-   in    llie   hall,   and   dining
room, and all rtroutiil.'''
■ ■ Ves,   in;-   child,   i"- oryit here,
Al'tot   ii  i n. in •>  profound i-il	
■' I   WOUldl] 'I   like te he pa'' '
A cor
band sl
oover w
.l.o.l.i i
uotr.ll   ill
Iniu    woman    assured    her    Ims
o   iie'.er   told   him   ii   P.-.  and
.mill,     lie   Iiii,I   lier   he   ,11,1    mn
,    hul     WOlll I    lie I'lillei    ent     ll
the piiino when In- knew  -I
• \i
nm   won't!"
Ot     M,,i„M      [0     IlilM
"And in-l Im thill
IIiiiii ill.  proudly,
I, el into p,,u"
have llieii picture
■ ■ l;\ George, sighed Mi, Dcarmond
with a fnr-iiwiiy look, "that is lie
only  nny   we'll   evor  Im able  to  lick
. .Inlill," said .Mrs.
ii ne aulTrnget.
    loaders   mil
-h,e   To   llii
i,,i-l Hint  von
n-   nm   lived!
ri.'ii    a    yen i,
at   nil   uiuml   in
lie;    But,   ve
I;    Ihnl    inn    01IC0    de
« '!  Invo   n-  long
Nod  now, linrdly  mai
I: - ■ -   Author:  "Ah.  .Mis-   l-orkiug j     ,,      ,. ,
in,,   you   lillle   know   lh„  glory,  the   ,  "":, '",*• •*•'""  •*"*• V""1   '  *;'''
Ifsatisfactioii,   Hi,,   pride   ono   tools      ''"•"''    ov,. -'"" :,s ,0*fi lls,     '
i :....  ,.    ', I,, I.,,,. 11 ivnsii I reeling very well, and I r
lidn'I think' I should live long.
brought   before
in   having  on
'he   pilldi      lllillil. "
'"I1  illglllltll ll     I'hi. llgO    I,en
ll I:   "Well,   lull   Pel I   ,1,,'       ill,v.   i-ii]
has  iiuiii,.,!  a   patent ham and   hi-  hi"
I.mini nl' bird after me."
nith. n.'liiall.i
" I he othor
JAJNAUA i»        liUMl'lifii Dwauuj
Oot   Pi-rta^'*? Ave  and Fort Bt
-.warded   nr*-*   prize  _ t   *A iirl*l '•   K.
Li'isitiuii on its w..rk ami methods,
#ritf* fur  t tree catalogue     Weaia
"So Smith, I'm
,-.|  .Ment  lllnne!"
"Smith?  Nul   I.
iniiieei- replied,
"Bul   he   Bald   lie   did."
I "'I'm,'. Dut in Soptoinber
j return from Cluuiiounix, he only said
j ho'd beon in the fool of Mont Blanc.
,'.]„.,■ ilmn  he's gradually lied himself
nil the  uny   In Ihe top."
,    " Nn. in 'Imi." cried ihe coanso]  I'm
Ihe pre-e,nil inn. Ila he dreiv near the
end  of his speeeli.  "it   wn-  mil  nn  ac
' ,-i lem!    Let  me i ry in make my point
, clearer."
; Bul llm judge was really gotting
tired nl'  having things ,-Pared,   siill.
10   lime,   he   -aid    king.
"Suppose,"   un mt   nn   llm   eluquonl
i.i     " BUpposc -.nne,nie hit   llie  in
' e. and as a  consequence mv  i'ii'
11 nnie black.   Thut  dd mil In'- cnll
cd nn iici-idont."
II- lordship nodded,
" Perhaps  not,"  Im agreed  thoughtfully;   Imt   Iheie   was  a   faint   twinkle
in hi- eye.   "Quito probably not.   llm
there's   vory   Mill, ubt   thai  that  is
hou you would try tn explain ii'"
"Hard work! " .lobson a led. nftcr
a particularly heavy day al the oiliee.
"Don'l talk in me! Whal do .nm
know about  ii.'"
Smith, whu ,lidn'I go to nn olllco.
"Well. I guess I know something,"
ho iiiisivcii',1 goutly. "Siin'e I got up
this morning, for instance, l'vo put
dinvn n linoleum, In i.t iluee carpets,
papered live rooms, llxod ll lire ei-ate,
swept the hall-   "
"Good Scott!" .lobson began to
grow  conipnsslonnto   sympathetic,
".Mended u chair," Smith went on.
•Illlnle Iwo beds, set   llm .1.1.1.-. washed
x***_l^   |,„ ■' r le .- I I,,   ! ,.-■ n, r ,.e    ■ i.nr | It,,-  dishes,  mine.I   :i   | .i:. in.  nml   a   side
ani,li*c_ioiin0Allsii'i:ili .'ll'.'.lilM.'i 'i.i' :"'.,'u';i I ' I'd. ami llllllg nine picturesl "
ts',a',-.,l.lnn-..-ls,-r,|..,.,i,-l.   II..0I. !J ll.tr.-e. |      ,.p     0],|    chap!"   gasped    .lolisen
HI, F. Vol M,, l-.ll.}'.,''10 I on .lis 111,1,1.. Miintl f r.l. Cm.
■ II.      .,,,,<   1       ''    I I   ' . li..uil*u. UI.SI,
Don't Persecute
your Bowels
Cat out citfur-a nod mrcilrrts.   TSrr and
--_nli--.i*nM<--'_*r>-.    Ttt
Puffl/trVe'lU-.    Ail,
j-nllr oa the liff-i,
•Juninkt. Uie, »t*l
•ooth* the d-licale
_i-mV>rane *4
Cart Con■
Sidt KsMtli'lu! mmi Udl(ftti«*. u atllioni Ln<
Small Pill,   Small Doso, Small Prico
Geiraine mmiiwAT Bi^nuture
"I'oor   oltl   clmnl"   ««n|
* * \\';i-  ii    \    wiiv -made vim j"
*'\..;  mv  littld girl 'li'l," -'li'l Smilli
sorrowfully.   "You  soo.  I   liiiiiylit   Imt
:i now <l"ll '■* house Inst nigtitl
-fnggtis: " l>n ynu know, Wryinoi
soinotlmos ymi remind im* strongly of
Wiynier: '' 'Hi, t'onio, DOW, Tlmt 'i
putting il on n linii. too think.-"
NnggiiB. "N'»t ;i bit, my donr follow
fTo   stiinlicl   rliiy    pipes,   -nun*   ;is   you
"Tommy   Atkins"   pleaded   exomp
tion from cliurcli pnrnjlo on tin1 ground
tlmt  In* was nn agnostic.
I    Tin- Rorgonnl mojor nssuinoO  nn  ox
I prossion  of  innoeeut   ijitiTcst,
An Oil That. Is Prized Everywhere,
Dr. Thomas1 ICelectrie oil was put upon
'in'  mnrket   withoui   nny flouriitli  ovor
1- ngo,   l! wn? put up tr> meel
il *• urn,'-   of 1    . null  section,  hul   ns
■ nun ;t- i: s inerll - been inn known il
11 whole r i itinenl for n (leld, and it i
in tt ■• nnd pri i' 1 tlirouglioul On
Tl    - nothing equal \
hi 1' nml I'll hi'itt. 11 11,04 ono iu hout_
iLi'inl   in   I'r    L..07   In   2.08.   Yen.  nnd
;:,!,■ In-ii look eheiiji. In nom.i purl
:' iii.' ntiN* I '11 lnko nil Llm rnco oul
1   ili.il   eluip   nml    iliiiah    |imh 11.iilly
Now  Eapidly  Learutng  tho  Way  io|n1""?:'       , ■        , ..,,  ,
ii.iniiii n,,/i «!,,-,. "„ ___ T,,.„        1    " luung drlvors nro uomlng up. Wlml
our :i Ivii'e in thom I''
Health and Visor by the tj8,
or Dr. Hamilton's ruts.
Thousands   of   Imll'-il.'ii.l,   omuclnlcd
worn mn womon nre dragging out thcii
irv lives simply bocuusu limy don't],
know   iihiit   ails  thom.     Nine  limes  in
hm    il's   indigestion,   wliieli   direi'll.t
leads in amiemia, pom' clrculutloii   uud
iituully  liivnli.lis.il
'      SUM
'•Don'l wuil for a winning tomorrow
w inn n \ ii'inty cun bo on rn oil today.
Drive always in wliij rogoi'dloBB of n
' nu tho liorso. Nobody ovor
imule rnmo in tho sulky Ihul did nol
iih-u rlilo in front. I'Weu llm driver
nniiihig in Bocoud is overlooked hy tin1
spectator nml erlties, II 'h tha man iu
froni who gotH tin1 glory, reputation,
-mil liunlly tlm Ih-sI horso in his _tablo.
i:<- lionost, and loavo boozo for tho
other follow in linndJo."
" Nu'i  tin* rig.»i  mothod  in  having
w r.- in go nut nnil buy tlio boat in
-i:;lii Huu hnvo boon dovolojiod tu raco
in fiiHtor Iinui 2,l0f"
"ll  usi'il In l.u, Imi    in   this   tilth's
liiiin t-hnugod,    Whoro to-day oan ouo
I'U'l.   up uii is,'    1 \|  liko tu  know.
inr 1 'im rondy tu purchnso u hull
lo; en rlghl now, Moro nud mun- inn
I eoiivilired llmt Ilu* proper mothod is
.ii-. iidiug il'-' .nloh ur the i.i-; brooding
Mini' nml taking it ci 'I- mi \nun,'
M ■    hroil m Ilu- hesl  1*1 1 linr-. This
! '*. i' been 'Iniu-;  for I ho  |>nsl  eoupto ul'
in, und will I'ontiiiuo tn do.    Mrom
ilu-   youngsters   I 'm   trilliihiu   now,   I
uivi   faith   Iluil   several   uill  eonm   lo
-   'un   lilsiory."
*' Wlml   Ims bei ii   Hn   inen used erwl
liver- sliinuiateiimiiiiineys.'Niceties   j'.1'    '     '   ''""'I'11    '      ■     "M''   '"
- , in.  a'. Till- willrpucl    "'" I I '*•**   ■""["     "ll"', ' K»'"*»•''
lv  ,si their hmilth-rustnrlng qmili     " '  "I'i '""■' u:\l> >"" lmvo ,,;l11 IIm'
■■   ' -I'" '''.
"Tlio host way to correct Impaired     ' "   "isIs :l1"''1'   '""''  ""  inut'li  '"
digestion, in inn   constipation, hoad     " ,: B "'I'1'' *»•« »» " '»'  t""
,,,.,,,    nvor   trouble,   .mi   othor   in:    ' :t   ;'"'    >' ll,:" ""'" " [™» ,l1"ll'»l*i
mourn ot Uu- stomach  and  uowoli '    :" "   ■    "r I , '';"'
writes Mrs. Uriah A. DompBoy, from   N"';   ' '""'. '."  ion on enrii iuir»e,
tvoodstock, "in iy um froiitieitl  n     ' ',-' "',l '", i",'   "." II".' ,l:i1 ""' ■";;
oi   Dr,   Hamilton's  l'iim.     I  dittoM  \'"A "".'''"•   V   ,'"', , :"1 „"M'""
know what it wns to onjoj a good  il   ",v'!   • I""'   ""*'    l,"| ,
for months.   My stonmch wns sour, 11 ',' 'I".1','""„',,x ,'1"* "'"'"",' *  '""".-*,1'
•' 'v-y'p-3
The   in-I   Btep   tit irdi    relief   in   i
Hush   "iii   nil   iiii-i."    nml   nnlmilltlii
Iter.     I -en Ihe Imil, Is      .III' lip
licliliod gas, was thin, tired, pale, and
li     li i.     Tnilm
men    Ii,
iiorvous,b "i splmpiy 'house"_oai"od'  my j -*™j ^} l",',i"',.,1.""'1;*.. '"['!„.Iuir
hns   his
system with Dr, Hamilton's fills, aiuli
have boon  robust and  vigorous ever    '
I'o keep the mm li ri.   i I   the Inn
in tictive working ordor, no rei ly i
in   elli.ielil.   s Mil.   sn   etiriil i , e   US   Dl
llllll i's   l'ills    good   I'm    men,   «-i
men   mil]  ,'llil'il.ii.      "..,.   p.','  I   ill   n
dealers or llm ' ntiirrhoia 11,   Co., King
1.011     I'M
hns   liis   nun   -sulk v.     Tils   ago   .11 ,11 i    me    ii ,"l'  I'm   nil
chi'Sl   mi   I Ih   mm  all   Ihnl
n ei i. I   I."    liing  in   hoi , -
This shows  the nddltiiilllll  e.\| eu u
,n, li horse, n- wnll :i" the lul
,   in  lllggnge  llllll   has  to I	
;..,.un,1       I'i in   I- hn     nl.l    'Tin
in   of  lllllll V   i-  llie   ..." ",n   	
riiw,'   Im   i'lie   Illlil   squiiri'lv   mi   llm
'' II.ill 'I   VOU   I.ell."■ e   ill   I lie  Tell   ' lolll
miimpiients.'" li ildly liskeil the bold
free thinker.
■■ N ..I  -ir.'' wos i lie reply,
-  Whatl -Nul ihe ml ' keeping the
■■ \n. sir."
"Ah. well, you're tlio very man I've
I a I..nl ing for In scrub onl the can
li ."
;i llm , ,mi,i ri   from nn,
''   i"   se.'llell   Ol'   il    I -I
■lasses   en   llm   Ice   Ihis
'I,-, headed   liy   II, il
mini   hers,
,ft. r sconrii
end   In  ll Mi
lor   the   -Imi
iriiitoi    ii   svndi,
tVilkiiiH,   llm   big  (live
mun, ci  to the conclusion thai   '.dn.
I'ointer, the live vear-old liny stalliu
l.y Adrian Ha' .a. 2.1)7 Vi In.I
I'..nitei'. In- Capt.  I'ointer, thai  nun,
jointly    I.-.     -In     ' iiii.'lishunk    nn.l
.lllllll-    Klluhil-1.    el'     Keene,    un-    Iln
i"  '   iii sight, ami afler an  1:11-11.■.■.--
I fill trip up ill Michigan. Wilkin.- nml Al
1- nt   tin- club withh, in,- boiirdcil the I,in "rattler" Ier
I   am!   became   the | Keene. and   purchased   Mm   horse,  Imi
N11I   Qoodwii
nn     Knelish    fl
centre of nn appreciative   group.     AI „"„",! "withoui 'hiVlD^to "pavTbTprlc
■'■'■ an oirered the c dlan a cigar, of  „   lvorl,,.fl  chnra  '   ' ,     ,
saying that it wn. a  now prodnetion -with  'Villiin. and  Proctor i-   Mr. lie
"With  eu.'h  eigur,  you   understand,   (Gray
liowovi r.   in   Adrian   Pointer   the*
Imve -i horse with all tl earmarks'
"■' ■' champion I their man)   frii mh
would In- delighted t.. seo them own n
lii.u'li-'ln-s nne, an they are moil poim
i;*r horseim n.
Adrian  Pointer is  wliat   miKht   well
,"' ,illl(''l •■'  big little horse.    Hi-
nieely-turned animal, ami reminds one
tin- promoter *-;iiii. " I will ^i\ • n
coupon, mul wiu'ii yuu Imve sum!..''I
ttiree thousand of thom yen may bring
tlie coupons tu mi' mul exchange tin m
for u grand piano." Nnt Mil Atari tho
eigar, pinehed it gentb'. nntl tin ■■
plin.i; ■■nl sinokod (hi*'" thousnnri uf
thesu i-igars I think 1 would need n
harp instead of a grand piano," There
u  hurst of laughter" in whicli ilie |n" j_f i-V*-ri t "#"i«i\ J *. »V " 1 l"i I * "l s" 11V-..
lihtglishmnn did imt join, but presently
lu* exploded with morrimont. "I >oo
the  point/'  li
that he is a l»rij,'lit bay iu color, wlillo
tin* Hal horse is more "t a brown, II.
trinls  over    :i   poor   half-mile    trai I*
        «*-■•■»"■■ jinnis  over    n   po
actor, vou  Imve lo  trawl arouail  Ihe hs without a record, but is credited with
country n great deal and a harp would Urouiul u'.l".   with   phenomenally   i'u.-i
be so much more couveuietil to carry,' I quarters,    II.* is bred on  pacing lines,
'•^■■■■■■■■''■^•^'^'^^ nnd appears to bo oue of the  ruggod
sorl that would stand hard racing.
tip io ' lie proseld   ' in:-* the hoi       liu
never beon favored withgexpert training, as his education ims been entirely
in the hands of Mr Elmhirsi 'a non,
"Snooky," who is Imt *i novice. Huw
over, ji- lit.1 Imrsi- now n,„'s into the
Stable ol' llusa M.-Uirr. tho littl I
"Northern Giant,'' who is n [<nstuinstei
in i In' :n i ■ i I raining nml raco driv
iug, marked improvements may In* expected, ami it \*.ill imt i>i- surprising if
Adrian Pointer should provo himself
to In* the season's crack pacer in Mr-
Girr's hands
Tin- Int.- .M.u.'.lith Townsend had au
alfection I'm* Scotsmen as contrioators
in tin' Spectator, ni which he "a- for
sn many years proprietor uml co-editor,
Mt. Tuu hm'in I's I ih in-,' fur tin- Scots
was bnseri un nn oxperleiico lie had in
1,1-ith when a boy, lie wns nn holiday,
ami hail run shorl of money for his return to I Imi,    lb- I...I.Ily boarded a
i •■ idou passenger bunt, intimated liis
desire lu tho captain tn ■_'• south, explained who Im was, mul Btttted that he
wn- uii limit funds. Seemingly fn *♦, or*
ably impressed by tin- bul 'a tale and
nppcarnni o, th.' captain, a Scot, Raid
tlmt would be all right, ami Bhowcri
him tu a cabin, "But," snid young
Townsenri, "thi. is a Balooti As things
nil', Bteerngc would do all rijjht." "Na,
ua, my munnic," said tlm captain; "ii
I   trust   ye  at   all.   I'll  trust   vu   lirst
With the Horses
'I'lm pu.-! couple of years in tin- grand
circuit Iln- wfnnings of Walter I'ox
havo aiiiminled m over $40,000, that
ol' the lust cninpnlgn boing $40,288,
divided aiuoiig Ids linl-es as follows!
Ill.'ililmiii Itaogliiuaii, Ike blggOSl  mime.V
winning pacer out this j-oar, (13-580;
Karl, Jr., tl.Wir,; llelvnslu, .*.1.7",,i; Km
est, -W,.".ii'i; Major Brlno, if-.l","; Olive
O'HIoiin, tl.nii: Uuin Am, Patch,
-l.'.".n: Mnn ll., .iinui; riiutlv Direct,
>;■'.": Kiln \inliiilntor, $410; Lilly llnrk.
*l7.-i; Crelghton, $4(111.   Outside of this
According to u li-t compiled in Tok...
there :ne imlv  1,018 Japanese who 110,
se--   sl'-iii.nun  in-  more   in   tho   whole
World.    The pnpuliltinu of Japan is uver
.11,iiiiii,in.ii. Including Ponnosn, ami the
list slmivs plainly that llm Japanese
are poor nnd the small amour|l of
money thoy have is distriLuted .-.--.'.m_
a few peoplo. And Ihe lis! also shows
that the Japanese are getting rich
rapidly, us (here were only -111 of
these licii Japanese ten veins ago.
There nre md many countries whore
the wealth of the nation is controlled
liy so suiiill a nuuilicr of people as in
Japan. And another interesting fact
concerning the wealth of Japan is tint
ilu- Imperial family is the richest family thoro, their iveulth oonsl.tlnr nf n
large   portion  of the  wealth  of  llm eu
tire kingdom, Two hundred ami lit'!.,
thousand is not a great aiuonul of no i
ey  iii  lids  i ntry. Im!   iu Jupnii  the
timiiiint goes further than it would
hero. Ami tlm must surprising fact '■
ti.i'00 weelis nf llm legnl terms, a waller, iu  gold l.u.i.i.-1  uniform, proouros
il  I "-ii   iinui Hm   strong room nf
Um  Middle Temple I procoodlug in
the famous lMunli.it.  in  t'i Iniu i nun,
llm ineiiilieii, l„ dinner Iiv
blowing u blast mi this primitive "
I en in.- ii I.
lie   Hum    l-lsltS   I'.'.el,    .'"Illl    ill    llll'll,
,, ...'In," i,, iiiioionl eiistiun, uml many
i bencher throws up his window lu li-
len  le  lho si,nu,I nl llie  ivindine hoi'll,
which   linn   lieen   In I   i-uiil iiiimusll'   in
lllO'o product, since Hie lillle Ilium I lie
Knights 'I' 'Im- ostabllshoil  thoiiisol
ves llmie in  I 184,
Hm id  Mnckay is now prppriotor nf
Hie SI. Kriini'ls lliilcl in Vi mi'ii lull
veins ng,, lie was a  I'.  I'   I,' luclor
ill Hm mountains, and took Hie Villi
II,nne party through to tllO sen in 1887.
When I lirsl inel liuie Im was running
11 lllllll Pel lieen N'nkusp uud Buiuloii
iii  llm curly dnys uf llm Sloenn.    Al-
es of Onequaiei
Cough o)m) for 50o
Th,. Quickest, Surest Couuh Rimiorly Vou
Ever Uecil, en- Money Rafundcd.   Otopa
Even Whooiilnrj Couuh Qiiuikl.'/.
Vmi mny not i I IIiq til which n GO-
o, nl I'.iiie ,.i Plnex snvee you, bul vou
.1" in nl llie wonderful i h*eotlvonesa of
t.1.1, (...n.'ii.'i cough remedy, li will
in-1 illy  stop   il." ni" i   ohsllnnto  dcop-
seuteil  mil Inside ■ ' -1 In tin , ami has
im vqiilil  Im'  win . ; ;. ir . .ui,;li.
A BO-cont Inn:', ei I I"".... mlxod Willi
lii.m.- nin.le sn-- it- gj-rup, gives von 111
ounces i. fat lv nipplj- t.r nto m ■ i
plonsiint mul offectlvo cough remedy yuu
over usi a. lii-iv i re:.'. .1 in iln- minutes—directlcr.s in jui'i.i'i'i'.
Tlio way 11 i-i tul.eu hold ol n cough
nml gives Instant  relief nIII  mnko you
I'ciii'ei   Hint   yuu   never  tried   11   het	
fUlmululos H ppotlto, I" sll rhlly laxn-
live   uml   Innli'S  gnod—eldldl'Oll   Inlio   It
willingly.    11 1 ei n w mill ilu! record in
im-. ■   ,,r  Im I; l..nl   im •  trouble  ami   In
-      -     „ ,   , splendid  for croup,  asthma,  lirnnclilils,
tliiuigh   11   iiiillvo   "I   Novn   Bcnthi,   lio   tii.,.i.t trouble, etc,
lined a  "uii  in,tie Ilmn a  fishing rod,      pines I- 11 special nml lilghlj   collect
uinl alums ha,1 his trusty rill.- cucliod   (rated comiiniind .f Norway White I'lno
soiuowher    Ihe   train,   fm   llfteon   '  '!    :  J       '/ :   ::     ' ' l"1 ','Ml",r ""!'
,.. 1       1       ,,     iu .1 imi hm 1 im. ru' ■ nti    Mun ly mix
yeurs ngo "nine was llilcl or al : lho   ,  ,,    „,.     •     ,.,,,,„,, |„ „
\,  I 8   railway IIiiiii diniifl lu  vnn n 0111      and n la ri uly tor use
couvcr,    I   1111    n   lieipieni   pn lOuge I   .1  in more lioine, iti  tin   f. ii   and
un Have's train, nud miu day the two '' ,:"'' '' "' ■ ;l'" ",,:''' remedy
,,,■  ,„   |„rii,l    ,,,   of   ,",„|,„   nom        Pines   I"'   often   I   eu    imil Hei    bill
,   "      ,|1'" ,   "    ;'"     '   ' f" '   '"■" never .   I     els.   will
lie cherry,    Al aiiothei lime I was sll ,,-„.■     ■       r ,,,.
line   ill   llie  |.ii"""..::.'.   . .... I.  ,|.el   118  I lie     ; I mill e».l       •   '" ■•■    ill  lllllll        "'-
iinui  nus pulling inl,, the subiirbi   at I '  i '   '     ■   rllfli nt,   ■■<
Nnkusp when I fell tlio brake   u I" B,1 '.'"'    '   ,     "" ,.   "   '1,"':,1l, '.',',',.
  ■■■•-"■>  ''""I      n   ride  ' •    I ,', ■   ■ ,' end'in The llnox
i       ure Ihnl Ihe Irnlu wus being I" Id Co.,   foronto, Onl
up, and riirele --P   'i   tlireti   n  package	
.ni i -.;   -I.III.....I i, I- I.a nil ii.'i,
'ml,. Ihe ..I    . ,i   I hi Iind fur Ihe |1:,m.   |   i |   , 1,1, i   lime  had  lh.1   ll
luiggi ur.    In  il"    u'B)   I  nxpeded nut , „|  i,,,,   t,,,,,, n„, H|,|, ,|„„,  ,,t
!.. i.'.'i H"  robliet   i imi mj  roll ||„, oxpre    enr, and hud put on Uio ub
When   I   gol   lo  lho  fr id  of  the „  Hml   liu  c d   plel   lip   Hrs vnn
  ii   lie  ine. n  ileiiilhead     tftni   the de
coined  bent   e. ti    lakeii  nboiti-d  1   wonl
In pit I. up > II nud i.mu.I llmt
Hie will I I .1 bllill II il nil uver till
IiimiisiI",    which    ...... I... I. -       lulled    II
Hml   i„ii.,   when   Hi"   i'lm.
I   Hul   I v   mill,I  lie  pick.nl
I reel
Or" TiiK CKI.AT WHIM. DOOMS Kin       	
NEY PILLS ARE DOING      * Ihivo'n fenl  in Kliiiutin« n bear from
u .11.' iin boon squalled
J. 0, Gnvn, a sufferer from Bheuma   lij nnj fonduetoi  lu thc world.    I will
Usui and Lumbago for llvo yoara,  novor forgol  t1 il  even  If ii  wm
finds quick relief *ui*I comploto cure  expeimivo, nltlio ■   da^   I expeel
ln Dodd's Kidnay Pills to      t   avon   hj   I  .i-in      u   imvo'n
Clatu   rianl    fiovo.   ,'ny   Ht.   (loorgo,
Nil.I.- Xinvfuundlund     rontribntw     il
liaro of  the       -..■!■■-■      ,: ■-!,-   b.
In.■],!'- K, luoy Pills,   Tin ru if n     i
iug pxamjilo ill  this  |dntT.    Mr. .1, C*.
i,i, - u. u  woll In own  ir-i'li-Mi, Bufforod
r  Khouniati-Ui and Lumbago for live
yearn. To-day lio in a well man, and
di pa not lu dtnti to give Dodd'a Kid
noy l'ills all tho erodil for tho run-.
* * My trouble was ununcd by bI raia
.■uni .-nl.l.'* Mr, Clroon Bays, ia telling
liis ntory. " And for five yearn I snf
fered from RheuinntiNin and Lumbago,
I was always tirod and nervous. My
Bleep wns broken and anrofre.hing nnd
the pains of ncurnlgia added t" my
■ ■ I was in very bad shape indeed
when 1 started to use Dodd'a Kidney
l'..i.-. but thoy booh gave me relief. It
i- because I found a cure in Dodd '■*
Kidney I'iM- thai I recommend thom
to in v friends."
Dodd's Ktduoy Pills always euro Kid
noy ill- a" matter whore it in found or
in whnf stage it is in.
.  l.iii'.l  IP.in-
HUS   ,
■iplain of the
lime    tl    llOgril    si:
nr   mi   liuai.I
IS     III
lured   1"   l.e   ll
prepared   an,
ship'-   com
in   :
-s,u.il,led   tu   see    ll
.■ punishment
f I
1.    '"PI      1
inadc   ll   long
In   Ine  etllpr
t   un
tho   ennliuil.
'Heine.    The
. lired of the
10   and   ol    III
his back  e\
u the eold,
'."I'ii. 1:
a,   it'   you   tl
floggeo;   "
pteuiiiee.    p
Hut   tu.
.',' 1,
','   1.11,1    Iii"'. '
foctly    Thi-
y"    is    th"
ll I'll"
er of Bieklc1
. Am
1 'ei'SIims.1 il"
ll  enn be IIS
ed wi
ill Hie utmost
ice that il iv
1 .!..
lhat in claim
t.   li is sure
n its
efTeetB, ns the
c of
il    Will   el.'illl
'  den
oustrate, und
'.   l.e
lelif't   upon
e .hi
o a eold out
aVStem   mere ,
11.. ti
velv LIiiiii any
oilier medicine.   Tn
il   Ul
• 1  l.e eniii-ii"
it  is ivlitil
t   is 1
liiiiueii  to  l.e
relieve and cure lnd'r,_-''on—aci_!t/ of the stomach'-b!llo*__T-t?i*_»—*3a'i^len«2e
—dyspepsia. Th**y rednforco the st.mach by supplying the acove principle?
needed for the di-je.tlon of all kinds of food.   Try one afier -ach meal
50c. a box.    If your druggist his net stocked  Ihem  yet,   aead   __   _*Oc.
and we will mail you a box. 33
National Dnn and Chttnleal Companr of Cn-ia.l>, Limited,       • •        Monrrral.
ho hail o stable racing ovor tba New! tlmt moro than throo nun rtors'ofThos
England hnlf-iitMe tracks  whirl, galb.) 1,018 rich Japniteso accumulated tli
rrd  in nl.mit *„,:tlin.     ^^^^^^^
In winning this money Cos drovo In
71   rncos, boing Ilrst _l  tiinofl, s ud
1"Vj times, third 11 times, fourth s>..
times, and unplaced in ton id' bis starts.
Only mil' othor stable n\\\ this year
won moro than did Cox's, thai of
Toinmmy Murphy. It musl nlso bo re
memberod  Hint  since  last   April  there
ha-*] 1 n sold by Cox $38,600 worth of
trotters and pacers at private sale.
Always drive I" win.'
•'I should sny sn.   Tho day of the
driver   going   away    from   the    wire
rippity bang has passed, unloss laying
all   over  the   Iii Id   In   (mini   ht' sp I,
whirli is seldom, Brains count more
now in the utility than ovor. Time iu
larin:: In** passed, it not being hnv
fasl ho In nts are, liul tho class of the
how   thai   counts,     Glvo       n   2.05
wealth during tin' lasl twonty llvo
years. An.l ftirthoriiioro, tho grontor
per cent, of those people became rich
with thotr brain aim physical Strength
ns their solo capital and assets.
Notvhorfl do old customs cling more
(irmly than in tin* ancient seat of lognl
learning, (he Middle Temple, which
still jealously guards the traditions it
has inherited.
To tlio present day, benchers, bants
tors, and students are summoned in din
in■!• each evening during term time by
the winding of » horn n custom whieh
tins survived on this spot since iho ro
mantle days of tho Crusndors, livery
ovoning nl Imif-pnst   llvo,  during  the
of   Mother   Qrnvps'l
"'    '■'       !     i-in.in.ilm      Ml-       i      v.     ■   ,, | 0$$X>)§$$;$$)
I «_Wt*oUutt(*ft-*>i'Kicii. asct-Nis
( urei Un- sick and sets n« » preventlre f^r uthen.    Ijf-ind
u'lvtit on tin' tongue.    Safe fur brood maroi uid nil aUters. lii-nt
■ idiipj  mi- . :■"•■ .ui'l 91 ii bottle; *?•■ snil fto the doa.n.    Bold
i... .ill drunitll nod hone goods houses.    Dt_ttibntorn:  AU Whoio
Dl 'i •   IfOllSH
S?0HN NEDICAL CO., Cfatmliti an.l Bacterlola£ls!i. GOSHEN, IND , If.S.A
Owing to so inu.-ii unfavorable weather, many farmers over \V«st»*-ri,
(auada have gathered at least part of their crop touched by frost or
otherwise weather damaged. Hnweter, through tbe large shortage Id
corn, oats, barley, fodder, potatoes and vegetables, by tbc unusual heat
and drought nt Intd summer in tbe United Htntes. Knpttjrn Canada and
Wo.torn Europe, there is going to be a steady demand at good price*
for nil the gniin Weitern Canada has raised, no matter wbnt iti qualiti
may be.
So much vnrietv in quality makes it nnpossiblt for those Jet**- ei
perleUCed to .judge the full.value that Hh'iuld tie obtained fm **nc_ gru.t.
therefore the farmer never stood more iu need of the service*-! cf tin-
experienced and relinh'e urn iii cnmmisHion man to act for kitn. iu the
looking lifter and selling of bis grain, than be dues this season
Farmers, you will therefore do well for yourselves, not to accept
Street or track prices, but to ship your grain by enrlond direct to Fort
WVHiaui or Port Arthur, to be bandied by us In a way that wil! get
for you all there ic in it. Wc make liberal advances wben de-Mred, oo
receipt of shipping bills for cuth shipped. We never buy your grain on
i nr own account, But act nn your agents in soiling it to tho best i.d*»r*
tn go for your nccouut. and we do so nn a fixed commission of lc per
% We have mnde u specialty of this work for man; years, and »'>
well Known over Western Canada for our experience in the grain trade
reliability, careful attention to our cuetouiers1 Interests, and promptness
in making settlements.
Wo invite farmers who hn»e nut yet employed us to write t.i up fn?
shipping Instructions and market Information, and In regard te out
standing in the Winnipeg drain Trade, uud our Bnanclal position, we
bog to refer you tn the Union Hank of Canada, and nny of its branchnr
!il>... to the commercial agencies of Hnnlwtreet*- and K U  Don .. Co
703 Y Grtin Exchange Winnipeg
,;-r.__«»iaa'.!_S9Riat_.v,^K9 tjlll_l.ilWACK b„KK I'llKKS
Three men of bnsluosi, ouuh woll u|
in his own lino, woro recently askod i*
statu wlmt, thoy undorstood by the form
■•Wnll Btroot.'" Tho lirst
iiwor wuh short and to tho point—Wall
Stroot, ho said* stood Cor thc whole sye
torn   of   "gambling   in   stock.   	
bonds." Tbo second man said that h
didn't know much aboul It. "Tho onl;
tiraoH I ovor gol mixed up witb Wall
Stroot," Im romurkod, 'was oneo wlu-n
n smooth Biilosman sold mo Homo stock
,n an alleged mine out iii Nevada, am
i,ne other time when I was beguiled In
t0 buying some wireless tolograpb 'se
furltl-iMi ' "    Tho third man hoard tbo
,,isworn ..I   tl ii"*'   two, I I"1"'1
uuiU agree w|lh thom,   Tho tonu Wnll
Street, ho doc.larod, inounl  n  thnn
lust speculating oi Kamblliiu lu socur ■
,,,„; *i„ ,,,-i tlm real tduu ol whal Wall
sm-ei roiill) wn • ■"" had lo lucludf
„ll tlio bonds and trusl i-ompauies down
,„ ine (lnanci il  di tricl   "wlib li sl 1
,n with Lite spocul iters aud mnde *>
out  of   lending  'I"'111    l0.   l"   w"r"
■„ rfl|,U lu the i|iiu tion pul to Ibe
niiin in tlm stn el ns Lo wlml hi Idon
of Wnll Htreol is, yon i.-'- nil ,*,,l,s "'
unsworn, bill thu miai rIvoh iibovu are
, lltlv ,-..,,,. enintivo, \lmosl always
tbo idea  thai   Wnll  Sired   is  u   place
j^iven    IIVOI     **v-' l"   -VOl..     I"      I llhltulS
mid people *-*■"- hnvn wurtliless eeuri
,„.. t„ .(,ti ilme.i nevoi Lliu bloti thai
,i   |h a  logltimatu institution, n   t Hal
pnrt. i speak, ol the country's ocon
\m\a nt,-.    This mil '■•    'l"' whole
business is rut ton uml ougbl to bu
wined oil tlie mnp. Timi man Is ol u
Iltora tolurnul disposition tlioj can
uumblo Lheir heads ufl foi ull ho cures,
!!» long hh thej iluti'l bo r I , M11113
men manv minds,    Bul in uni) the few
,,,i, ,■-.,,-   ( .1 tt aio  ■*'■" understanding
0f wlml   Wall  ■ Lrc'cl   b    Its uue  fum
t,ons nud il ■ tremendous Importance to
ti,,. busiuei ■  ol  th mtry.
Wall Streel, as 11 matter of fact,
not an institution ul all.   H is an 1 vu
lotion, a dovelopnioiit.   Prom the actual
truth notning eould bo farthei than the
[tlou  unfortuinitel) so wide spread, tbat
;ltl aKgrogtttton ..1 speculnto s going by
t|M ......... 0| the Stock Exchange is the
nucleus of ti"* whole thing, and thai all
tlio bauks nud bankers and trust companies are t el) tho accessory machin
ory Wrough which tbo speculation is
earned on. The Stock Exchange 1- ■<
I.i-* part of Wall Btroot, and tt biy
union nt of bank money is all tho timo
boing used foi speculative purposes,
imi Hint is ver) far from snyiug that
the Bxchange is everything and tbat
ibo bank- and banking-houses exist
.ml* to keep it going. It needs only the
smuHest amouut of knowlodgo ol conditions as the) actunlly are to roalido
tin. absurdity of such an Idea.
■liu*. spectacular end of wall Streel s
business is tbo speculative end—and
that goes a long way toward explaining
current popular misconception. Tho fnci
thai,   some    railroad    OUt     West     which
wants to open  up promising territory
l.y boil.line a new line has been BUCVCSi
ful iu raising the money in W
grout railroad, wa will sny, Ims so in
e leased    its   business   and   BOOB   BUcll   a
eluiiii'-'   for  Increased  business  ahead,
thut It decides to bori'OW, say, lil'ty mil
lion dollars In bn used iu improvement!-.
and in tlie extent-inn of its lines, ll.nw
in dispose oi' fifty million dollars of its
bonds nt tho highest possible price
in 01 hei* words, whoro to borrow fifty
million dollars ul. ihe lowesl rato thai
Ib tho ureal quostlon, Tiliy million dollars is a lot ui nniue*,; 110 bank Is In 11
I,, num iu make . ui'h a loan, 11' 1 ho
railroad trios to offer tho bunds dlrocl
in ihe InveBtinoiit publii. ii hn • i<* tako
a chance on whal pi Ico 11103  ' fforod
nnd lays itself open besides to tho
longeron - poe Ibllil) of Inn iiij : he i
sue only partly subscribed for something which would hurl Its crodl! badly,
.in 1 In re i- where the Wall fttrnul mar
ki 1 - nun in Com em ral lug. as n woro,
foi n in", 1 in- \\hole couul 1 > ■ a ■ allnble
supply ni nn ci itieni capital nl oue
point, the Wall Strt ol mnrkul presoiil
.1   dellnite   solution   in   1 lie   ipic 1 Ion,
*' * -nu 1 hose b Is 1 Id and nl wlml
iirleiil" 11 tlioy can bo sold, tho groat
Wall si reel bouses and bank 1 know ii
1 hoj ha\e 1 boil lingers constantly on
the Investment pulse of iin* countrj
;iinl nro in 11 posit ion i" toll just n hut
ui-. 1 situ    will bti). and  whal   II   Is in
ub* to "Her thorn. 'I'o m E those groat
In*, est ni     Interests,    therefore,    t hu
raitroad uinungoi 1 go, ''■ an those
bunds  be  disposal   uf   and   at    whal
pi i. e .' ' "    Is   I hell    IptC   I inn.     Villi   ni'i'iil'd
in-; a** Investment condilIons liappeii to
bo, and as lho) figure the prospects for
disposing et the bonds, the Wall Stroot
hunl 01    w ill   hupo Ihoh  reply.
Now the snle l.y a railroad of llfty
or a hundred million dollars' worl It of
its bonds and tho distribution <>i tlie
bonds i>> ike investment [mblic is boiiio
tuiug   which   cannot   be   iiceomplishod,
except   through   the   nu J   "•'   Wall
st reel. Such a loau nucessitatci eu op
oration b)  several big liou os, 1 ho com
maud of 11 \ or) largo 1111 ut of crodil
distributive facilities of iln* vory high
est order, And onlv in Wall Street ie
tiiis combination to lie ten ml. There
nro tn Im found banking-firms, the
banks, and tho bond selling houses
whieh have boon organized for tho purpose of putting through just such big
:i tions, The bnnkiug interests
ro in close touch with ilu- mil road
which wants to borrow the money; they
know exactly what tho state of t ho
road's (1 nances is, and are thoroughly
familiar with its business uml prospects.
The Lie banks of deposit stand roady,
if the proposition is a worthy ouo, to
put up tno monoy whicli will bo needed
the bonds during the time
when their distribution to investors is
g effected. The Investment-houses
havo tbe organization, tbo selling tune,
hi.I the clientele tu do the distributing.
\ll threo of these classes of bankers co*
iperate.   They have co-oporotod boforo
"i d - "I' such propositions, and in
tho process thoy have developed tholr
facilities t<> the highesl possible de
That means that thc loan call lie Hunt
isn't ono tenth of tho interest i*" the ,.,( ,,,, the bust possible terms.   There is
gonorul   public   contained   in   the   an i,,,  wastage,  no  experimenting  at   tho
noun co mon t tliat  thi*- plunger 'leaned borrower's expense.    It 1- nol going to
up .1 minimi on the lasi move ii   Read i„. -, question nf the railroads offering
Ins 01 that- by that samomove in Head- rtho bonds and then Inking chances on
ing somo other plunger was cleaned out. imw  manv of them will bo sold or on
Prom the standpoint ot public interesl tvlintt  price thev will bring.    The  rail
thore is un comparison between tho fact rond wnuts the nu y for some specific
that tho Township of Poduuk has rais purpose,    if it can get  its bankers iu
ud a hundred thousand dollars to build Wall Street i- agree to take tho bonds
;1   school-house   bj   Belling   thnl   man) and at n fair price, its concern in the
bonds in Wall Street, and the fact that mattei is al an end. The marketing and
pjohn .u,:,-  ran n "uboe-striug" up to distribution of the honds ure entirely
n   million   dollars in  tho stock-market Uj, to tho banker.    Hefore lie agreed
and Mien dropped it all iu ono day,    If n, tako the In.mis ami advance tho tail
b„   ,,. fforks Wnll Street i- known, il is road the money, he had satisfied himself
known   by   those   works  which  aro  alt that   1 otild   dis|    of   them   at   ;i
tlic time being 1 '"1 "l""' ■■"' public's profit.   What banks would I I him the
attention. money,   whnt   other   bailklng house-   he
lint all tho time, whether tho public would   lot   in  un   the  syndicato,   what
knows it or not, thc real work of Wall luvestment-housos might be relic.1 upon
Stroet  is  going steadily   forward,   i>ot to place the securities with investors
spoeulation-  not  the soparati ( the all thai was provlously figured out, .vtid
unwary   one   1 roll]   In-  linrd-cnmod   Cttsll as a   result   of  his  bolug able definitely
but tho finnneiug of legitimate Indus- to calculate tins.* things .<- n result,
irv. Ue the cxcitomenl on tbo 11 *•«*■ f in uther words, of the existence of the
i.i the Kxchango over so frcuziod, all Wnll Stroot mechanism tin banker wns
over Wall Street, in quiot banking par nble to take off tho railroad's hands the
Ims, merchants aro arranging loans to almost Impossible task of selling its
do business ou, corporation mnnngors own securities, .'or his sorvicos, nf
an- aegotiatlng for fresh capital to bo course, n substantiul commission had to
spent on improvemonts and extension-. t,(. paid, but oven making the fullest
representatives of far-away luuuleipali allowance for such commission, tbe rail-
tie!! aro nrrnnglng to borrow money to road gol Its monoy much more reason
build sowers, pave streets, nnd pul up nt.iv nml expeditiously than it could
public buildings. Nur, as so many poo possibly hnvo ^«>t it in an) other way.
pie. eeom t» think, nro theso trnnsne Tho second division ol Wnll 81 eot'i
linos carried on  with ono eye on the uctivity Eu the way ul providing mono)
ticker. Pinuneial business of nnj kind
noeda knowlodgo of attoudanl routll
lions, but of all popular miseoucoplions
of Wall Btrool this ono, that tho oyr
„f tno bank officer M the head of 11"
Inventmeut house Is glued to the tlckei
is ahonl tho worst. Millions of dollnrs
aro borrowed and loaned ovor) dny In
Wall   BtrOOl   by   men   who   IlllVO   im   pel
-iinui intoroat whatever In tto* stock
market, aud whoso knowlodgo of mar
kot affairs, indeed. >** as limited as tholr
deslro to concorn thomsolvos with ibis
form of financial business.
In the discharge of i's Hue function
ua ii provider 01 capital for logltlmato
industry, Wall Slieel divides its ac
livity    nil"    BOVOrol    dilVereiit    clnSBOS,
Pint, and. porhnps, most important,
comes tho raising of froah money for
••lent railroads nml Industrial corporations through tllO sale of their bonds
ami sleeks. Noxl eomos tho raising ol
capital for new enterprise*- all over the
country, sometime by direct loans of
hank money, Imt 1 «■ often l*y the snle
of aoetirttlos to the Invostuient public.
Thirdly, thoro Is the work of maintain
Ing n mnrkol In nil those Bocurltios. In
which  thoy   can   icmlilv   1)0 bought   Hllll
-..Id. and wnich gives 1 11 thnl qunllt)
of  "markelnl.ility"  whicli   se nddfl  to
their dosirabllity In tho oyos of the
averago Investor. Pourtit and last there
is the direct financing of liusine- the
discounting of thia man'a note nnd tho
furnishing !■* thai mnn ol tho non ssnrj
croillt for bringing In n hnndrnd cases
of - hoi lac front Singapore or thc ship
ping of n hundred balos of cotton from
Memphis to Liverpool,
Take the flnl Of these dmvmus of
Watt   Street's   legitimate   activity,      A
for business purposes is the furnishing
ol    cash,    in   smaller   amount-,   for   the
undortnking of new enterprises, \ pre
lltable opportunity, wo will sny, pro
>eiits Itself fot building an in tor urban
electric railway somewhere out 10 the
Mu1.11' w.si. in tb.- i iinie locality iheie mn) be boiiio capital available,
bul the rnto local Investors uxpqcl to
gel fn then money Is apt to bo high,
and   the   total   amninit   needed   may   l.e
inure thnn thero npponrs to bo In sight.
80 lo Wnll Street llie haekers of I lie
new   project   go  wilh   tholr  request   for
capital,    Nor,   it   the proposition   Is a
u 1 0110, will ihey hate much troublo
iu getting into touch with a house nr
houses abb* and willing lo do Ibe nocos
Mir) liuaioiiig. Tiie thing bus to he
right, Of COUTSO, and there can be no
q 11 os tiou nboul frnnchlsofl or riuht nf
way or other such considerations, bul
wben* everything is in order, the ntton*
tiou of bnnklng Interests run soon en
ougli I"- attracted.   Home house with a
InrgO list of clients to wl 1 it  know*, il
can sell tin* bonds, and which has Ihe
proper facilities lor attaining the no
pessnrv credit nl bank until the bonds
lie   -uld,   Will   take   up   'lie   proposition
uml advance the money. 'Ihai moam
thnl while mo distribution 01 the bondl
is going on, :i process whicli may re
quire a considerable pet ind of time,
work Oil the new project can bo B tend Ity
It would be a mlstako to Imagine thai
Wall Sheet is the only pla.-e in which
such a proposition can be financed, 1ml
il is none the less true that a largo
nul uf Wall Stroot's business is tho
finding of money for ontorprisos insl of
as has  boon said,  the c Ivy's  avail
able cnpilal supply is foeusod, il 's generally il use thai it Is ,iusl there thai
capital is to be had on the most favor
able terms, I.von with issues of modor
ato -I.'.*, thnl ihe marketing and dlstrl*
Iniu. E the bonds may he most ocon
omiciilly offocted, co operation  by son
oral houses and command of plenty of
bank-credit is generally necessary.   And
it. is in Wall Stroot that this ooinblmi
t Ion is generally to bo found.
The third Important division of Wall
Stroot's activity in (he financing of
enterprise is the. niaintonnnco ni a market Cor tin* BOeuritloi whicli have been
sold and distributed, Take tin* lirsl
ease mentioned, tlmt of thu big railroad
w Ii wants to pm mit fifty or u bun
dreil million dollars' worth of A new
bond, Approached with au offer nf
such :i security, tho avorago Investor b
guiun, to bo vory ' h moro Intorostod
If In- knows thnl  tho Bocurity  will ul
ways lia\ 1 a ready inurki 1  1 bo roadi
lv convertible Into enflh, than If ho
know*, thnl who ice Im Iin   1 ghl II
may   be   very   dillicull    for   llllll   lo   sell.
Murki'tuhtllt)  inii) forniH uf invt sl
mont is a \ ui) much ui or rutod quality,
hm thord is no getting awuy from the
lad thai oi iwo equal!) nooil Bocuril lei.
mie  having a   road)   mnrkol   and   1 he
other boing sbm of sale, tl ne whieh
nm ul any iime be roinllly uonvertod
Into cash will sell suvorul points hlgliei
thnn ihe other.   So that  If lho I Is
aro i" l"' 1 keied ul tho best po   Iblo
pi Ice, pin peel h u buyers lm\ u tu fool
ill itirou thai a good mill kol rt Ml bo
oiainl lined   in   kVlllcll   Iln    bonds  l'III I   ill
any I i  In- leiitlih   boilglll  or sold,
Whal     .Villi   Slieel    ll    in   Ihe   Wil)
nf providing such a mnrkol can best he
approulatad by looking ut  whut would
happen  were there nu  Wall  M reel   mar
kot. liy dironl offer to Invoators all
ovor iln- eouutry, somo great ruilrond,
we   will  say,   may   have  Biiccoodoil   in
placing a big issi f iis bonds ai  11
fairly docenl price. A time of -.tress
conies along nud some ui the larger
holders dosim to sell out. ll' the bonds
uro good, little difficulty j probably, will
he iinui.1 in getting some ono to tako
ovor i< roasonnbJo amount of tbem. But
the issue, it must bo remombored, is a
large ono iind financial conditions may
be such a- to cause the holders of u
very large amounl of tho hun,Is to want
to soil out. Very soon tho scattered
buying powor ha- been exhausted and
.Mill a largo amount ot' tho bonds aro
boing pressed for sale. Whnt happens?
.■simply thai the bunds are offered down
in price, saeriliced, in order I*' make
somobody willing to buy tbem. In Bomo
other city there may be, nnd wvy prob
ably is, some Individual capitalist or
some bank or insurance company, which.
if it knew the bonds were being offored
for sale, would willingly pul In a bid.
Hut thero boing uo one point at which
a market I'm* the bonds is established
and iit which prospective buyers uud
sellers 1-1111 rely upon finding one another, the capitalist or banket in Hie distant city has no iden of tho opportunity
t<> huv what be is looking tor. Iiv the
honds" nre likely to I slaughtered'1
hard-pressed holder, therefore, tIniu order to get rid of them, whereas, if
he only knew il, iu sonic other part of
the country there exists a haver who
would bn willing to pnj hint a fuir
All very true, admit Wall Street's
detractors, bul in order that this contra!   market    where   buyer   and   seller
come together may exist, is it n soar)
iu hnvo such a plnce as Wall Street with
its Stock Rxcbungc, its banks ami trust
companies, its banking nnd brokerage
houses*} Logical nnswor to that is. cer
taii.lv. ihnt tho grentor tho facilities
and the wider the ramifications of the
Wall sireet Institutions, the bigger nnd
broader tho mnrkol in uuy given socur
ty will In*. As tilings nre now, with
the bond and brokerage houses equip
ped with wires running into ovory big
it) h tl 1 countn . mid vt Ith agents al
very important point constantly on the
lookout, nu geuuinn bid or offer can bo
publicly made without huviug il nlinosl
instantly wired intu tho market where
the particular security is traded in. By
the presenl system, indeed, all the mar
kots nro bound together aad  made a>
And in nceomptisliing "t the b
Ami iu the nccomplishing of this re
ult, eneh of thc vurlotis different kinds
it institution!' and hoii-i a in Wall
Street plays its own important part. It
is not generally tho case that this man
peculator  out-and-out, and  that
man i- a siinon pure investor.    Tbe man
who has the bulk of hi* fortune locked
up   in   lirst   mortgage   bonds   is   not   uu
likely   every   once   in   11   while   tO   bllj
moth ing of a speculative nature, nor
is il   unusual  foi   the man interested in
in- -tin 1. market to havo a resorvo fund
vested   in   tllO   salc-1    kind   ol'   builds.
The overage Wall street house, thoro
fore, inn-l he. and Is, equipped to do alt
llfferonl    kinds   Of   business.     Over   its
Chicngo wiro at .me moment tliere will
tu hun live    upplio  of cash nud erodit
tO   hum lllllll ■   who   UT0   iu   need   of   m*
cominodttl     The Wall Street iusti
tutiuns   Ihenisolvi -,   ul    courso,   havo
forgo amounts of 111 \ to lend to moi
cuiitilo houses thruugh the discounting
Of tiiolr piipei and nllieiwise. Imi that
is only  a pail   of what   is ac. pllsliud.
Through tho medium of Wall Btrool
and ub ll icsiill of Ihe systoni which has
been Imill up, thoro is made available
fOl' tho merchant not nnlv Ihe cash or
credit- whieh the groat New Vork bank
may bo willing fu lend. There is made
available,   ns   well,   I hr   loauuble   funds
belonging to banks all over tho coun
try, ami the loanable  funds belonging
to tho big hanks in Europe for wh	
the Wall Strool banks and banking
houses have come to net iih ugonts, Nut
Infruquontly Is It tho ouso that, through
the agoney of Wnll Stroot, mercantile
borrowon urn provided with outside
cnsli  und  ciedii   which,   without   Wall
Streel 's  Intorvont    would   bo ubsu
lutoly Inaccessible. 1 mil buppons, for
Instance, when  the  Wnll Stroot  banks
1 llilllll oh BB huiT'iu   a y ahniail   in m
dor to linn ii ovor to thoir mercantile
clients, li happen . too, whon, through
the issue of 11 1 oiiiiiion inl crodil for
export nr Imports, tho great I'orolgn
discount   inurketH,     orilnble   rosorvuirs
"I   I 11 [litIII 1  II pOUud   Up  I" the  Use  nl'
American merchant - ungngod In 1 ni
nlgii trade, Tlioso aro merely 1 wo 1!
lustrations. In countless other wnys
Hn* • thing Is iiccompllsliod,
Tliere  Ih   lots  of  SpOCtllnl imi  :', g   Oil
111   Wall BtrOOl   and ||   does lot_ Of harm
tliere is no getting away irom thai.
But   speculation   Isn't    Wnll   SI 1 'i
main business. Its main business is tho
finnneiug of legitimute commorco ami
Industry. Wnll street doosti'l need nny
defense. Wlml it needs is more lutolll
gent appreciation of its real business
mi ihe pari oi' the gouornl public,
As    tho   trnlll    llnshes   ;,t-    full    speed
thruugh the .haipe.-i. railway cut In tho
World, the Industrious New Jersey i-uin
in ill -ii   mav   now   read  liis mOTlling paper
right into tlie hoarl of the iiiagnificcnl
outreucliing terminal al it*- end, un-
npeied by any smoko sai0 1 bnl 1 1
his aftor-breakfast cigar or ifold-tlppod
cigarette; for tho gigantic Borgon Hill,
onco thu buna of ull Brie travelling
folk, lias been torn asunder. How safe
the  clonii-chisolod  pnssagoway  at   my
l'COt   appeared,   writes   Amo   Bosch    in
'(Kverybody•_," bow safe in tho oyo,
to the oar, to the baud, lie was lonng
llU[ at the brink of the precipice in the
office of the constructive engineer, and
we rend:
"Tn think." I evelaimed. "thnl Hot
11 uuin was killed!
■■Who told you thai.'" askod tho
young assistant,
■"Why,   it's   here   in   I In-   report   sent,
to the newspapers by your press agent,
lie makes a  poinl   of it."
The young assistant smiled. "Well,
yos, I guess that's right," he replied,
"There wasn "t au\ OHO killed except
just  wops."
"Excopt what.'"
"Wops.    Don't yon know what wops
nro?    Dagos, niggers, aud  Hungarians
- the fellows tlmt  did tbe work. They
don't  know  utiylhlug, ..ml  thoy  duuM
This was interest iug, says Bosch, for
it made him think; and what, is more,
he has been thinking ever since.    Por
II  -tall,   lie   writes:
I  began by trying to find ont how
man.   wops W  killed in the  Brie cut.
But I have been trying for months, aud
1 have nol vol le: I the oxacl nnin-
ber, I novor expocl i*» know it. N 10
known, Tbo cut is only ten mi nines
by tube from New fork Cjty, and yet
tliere is no record worthy of Ilu* name,
The nearest npproncli to adequate in
formation I found in certain nows-
papers, In April, IflUl), when complo
linn was ^iil| a year distant, the Bnd
-ui ui* \   1 Ibsei •■ er published a  pur
tiiil list of the killed and injured. It
filled lour columns, The total nunibor
of tho dead Cttn I101  even ).,< estimated.
I   know   «.t'   twonty live.   Theso   wero
either killed   instailtly ol   died within a
fow -lavs. Those who lingorod nnd
wen- carried away by friends wen
never scored ngnlnsl the cut, but were
pul ill ihe list of misi-ellaiicmis injured.
whicli contained hundreds of name.--.
(And ihe most rcuiiirkublo thing about
I his tremendous undertaking, said the
pies- ngout, wub thai it did nol cosl
;i single life! I
Vet, nl the time. Doscli was inclined
io he 11 Id) incredulous, uml mad.- hia
way confidently up to the blasting fore
man, a bi^ twu li*ted smiling irishman,
to Iind out, this time I'm- _lirp, 9ny»
"Si.   you   kill   a   man   ne.-asimialh,"
1 remarked to him.
"Oh, the) get bumped," ho replied,
"if thev   don'l  gel  oul  **t' the way."
And ltd- wus ill thnt ho bad to wiy,
but Dosch soon fouud out thnt tho life
happens  to Btrlko tbem  ami  tbey gu
overboard   thev   pull   I lieinselves   Up   OU
the rope."
The    lawyer    -eeined    to    isldor   tlli ■
a period argui 1 ngnim 1 furl her pm
lection, But ho had novor lieen wash
ed uvorboard and fuced death in a
heavy sou ugalnst tho slimj sido ol u
scow, Outside New Yuri- harbor, where
forty scows are dumped over) day of
ihe' year, the inspecting govornmeul
tugs huve long boon in tho liahit of
standing bv whilo the ■jcuwinon make
their perilous runs along tho twelve
Inch   plank,  and   thev   have   saved   so
manv     lives    thill     till))     have    losl    all
of finding Olll   how many men luBO their
lives.   The scows '1 1 clear rroni the
custom house, nor are 1 lie om uorw ro
sponsible to tho adjoining states, Thoro
ii no possibilit) of an Investigation, no
1 i'M for 11 curouor's .jury, nn roporl of
men Inst. BroipiQiill; tlio men lire em
ployed wiih ilu- utmusl In.ormnlit)
picked up hi 11 hurry 011 thu wharf ut
night, told  line,   in knock  "pen  ihe hap
dnurs. and promised 11 dollar and ll hnlf
If   tliey   gol    back.     Some   SCOWII10I1    1)0
cume ace plishod gymnnsls. Bul whnl
ill i the | * w.p who goc i mil  Into
a  misty  wn nn  Ills  Ilrst  trip?
A   storm   is   regarded   us   rather   n
1     in   the  owners,   The  solid    om
wash a good deal of Lliu luad overside,
inl.I. nn llie plea uf sa\ Ing Uie ami pin
pe ty,    I Im     traps    are   Oh In rod    n| od
imi!:   boforo  the  dumping-grounds  are
roiichod,     At    Bltcll   times   llie  sea   Is   Ul
iis mei si,  hat   thoro is  not   even  n
govern lit tug standing by.
Ves. we are iluKi-lod by Ihis oontury's
Buuitations and Inxurlos, btil ;is Sir,
Bosch points out, tho pour peoplo who
are mostly rospouslblo for thorn, who
build mn* improved railway- and go out
to sea iu dingy barges Lu keep uur
cities clean- these unfortunate people,
wops, If you choose I*' cull them, are
completely losl to the common view.
Sergeant! "Constable II want,
his   pre
a   now  11 ii il'ii
sent  mie is getting too tight."
Inspector:   "Ah!     What   heat
•I.n-e,lale.   -ir."
■Oli!     Then   transfer
"Awe." was all he snid when thu
Pullmuil purler showed him lo his seat.
beforo Ihe truill pulled uut. Then,
some time Inter, there wus a had smash
up nM the '* I, nnd ihe porter politely
Infon I the  ISnglishinnn thai   ilu- lu
cuiiintive boiler had burst.
" We." be grunted.
"Yes, and   sixteen   people   have   1 u
"Awe," he grunted uguin,
"And   uud,"  continued   tho porter,
trying to break the news gently, "your
OWII   'nan,   ) mil    '. IIlol,   llUI    keen   hi iWIl
to pieces,'
* ■ Aw.-'    Woll    b iug   me   * ho   piece
ihat  Imi i lie ■ - ■ uf ni)  portmuiitonu.''
\     Toronto    Hundny sol I     tea.-her
nine had occasion tn catochisto a uew
pupil whoso ignorance of liis Testament   WOllIll   ItUVO   I < lUSlUg   had   ll
nol been HO appalling, line Buildtt)
sho liskod the lillle fellow how many
, ommandinonts there were. Ti) ber surprise the lad answered, glibly enough,
"And new, Sammy," asked tho
teacher, " what would bo tho result if
vm, should break ouo of thomt"
••'ihen there'll bo nine." triumphantly unswored the youngster,
Tlie   . 'in* * iiiiii*   (tu   tin-   podestriai
who luts boon k lied down by a mot<
cycle):   "Could    yow    sweai    fo    the
Thc   Pedestrian:   "I   did!    What   ilu
I ake me fm ■'"
\n   allude   III   tin   Italian   rev low   •<<
tains mi  lllton   ! Ilg   -tn".   ,,'   i. ■   ■
composer, and Itnbinl, tlie tenor. Tour
hi)- together, tin    ci lited -i town where
i -ii.'.it  11 nam ial        ■     was -•,posted
But  thoy  woro disappoint wl, for when
Ihey   eiiiered   Ihe   ball   th- -    found
lift)   |" i. 'His  present,
Itubini   was  furious,   ..   '    said
would uot sing; bm  i.i-.'t i timed him.
• ■ Vou   mi*.i~i   -ing,''   lie  said;   '' this
small  audience  la  evidentl)   co n
oi musical i unuolsseurs of the town, ao
we should i rout them ■.. I
Biszt su! ,; o example with a ■.- ■
overture, and Etubiui sang to : -
tIon,     Liszl   gave  b<■■■•■ to
then addressed the audience,
■ • Ladies  and
"I  think  that yuu  have
music    Allow  ine to as
n little *uppi r v
'I'hi-    uvitatiou
Liszl aud Hul
ence to       i it a cos
uf  twelve   hiu
guests  i< pn rated t ;ht
affair   had   bi.      ■    ■ wh
aothing more . t is
decided to give tl .  , •   ■ ■
tised on the :■      * . ths
astonishment    the *        i
there  WUS   I1"     "' . v *   ■■
town    had   turned   OUt '       than
of an invitation tu mppsr
■    ■
lie:   ■•V,.:
She;    "11 'ml        _00
that  ever  since  Wti    *■■ '■*    D I "* *'■       i ■■'■
months   ago.    Want        '   .
have been  then!
be coming nn nrdei to buy Union Pn
He ou u ten point margin. The nc\t '■■' ■'■ wop nahnro 1- a bard one. I!
inossngo mav, vet) probably, be a bid Jwl "don'l count" and ibis also i|
for ii block of first-mortgngo bondi
tin* very highest class. The profil nrli
ing from the trunsaetlons of uolthei
class, -, p.ir.telv would mnke it  worth
While   lo  bave  the  wire      It   is  tbe  di
vorslty "f tho business which makes it
pay, And so it is with tho othor fa
.ihties which make tbe Wall Streel
market whal it is. It is only because
there is sn much business being done
and because its character is su varied
thai n man who wants tu buy a block
of honds in New Vork can Hnd out in
It l'l ecu or twenty minutes whether there
are auy offering anywhere from Bon
don to Sun Francisco,
The fourth division of Wnll Stroot's
activity in Ihe providing of Irnde witli
capital is the lending of money nnd
crodil to mercantile houses. Such lend
ing muy tuke tlie form of discounting
notes given by one merchant to .in-
other in payment for minds, or it may
tnke the form of credits extended to
houses having tho opportunity of doing
sale nnd profitable business lu oxcoss of
tin- nnionnl of tlieir capital. 'I'o lend
morchnnts money to ilo buslnot
bus from the earliest tunes boon the
I-.mi'.i primary function, nnd, to ■■
vory much greater «xtenl than most
pooplo Imngi o, Ihe work <>i Wnll street
Is nlong that line.
Nn urent discount mnrkol for com*
menial piper OXiat- in this rouiitry in
Wall   Sireet   Ol* linvvvheie el-e,  bill   it.  i-
a fact that over) day of tho var the
this kind.   Aod because on Wnll Street, complex Wall Street machinery works
! "FU send Dominion Express
Money Orders
—that's what FU do"
A happy solution of the i^ift problem.
Dominion Express Money Orders aru cashed
anywhere on this continent. If togt, stolen or
destroyed, yuu may have the money refunded
or a new order issued, free of charge,
K sending Christmas money abroad, use
Dominion Express Foreign Cheques. They are
issued in the money of the couutry on which
drawn and cashed without charge*
Pont risk money In a letter—especially
during tbo Christmas "rush", L's_ Dominion
Express Money Orders or Foreign Cheques—the
snf'.st and most convenient way of remitting
money to .ill parts of the world. 22
On »nl<* in all
Alio ut Dm-: Store.-., etc.
conveniently locut.d in the largertowoi.
•ft-wc*^^•*.:"»-*/*^-T?'»*-fc-**.. i-i-   .«»>.•».. •>       ;-,
MOD-I. 1906 .22 CALIBER
Extra Light Weight Repeating Rifle
unt " and  this  al
lOB    1'*   tbe   wop_    wim   dump    lel'lise
from the BCOWI  llltO tlie open  BOO.     As
we road:
Those bcowi arc towed unt regard
less of weather, and wt the tow*- plunge
head on  into tbe gi   roller*', and the
tow line tautens, v.ili.l mauoi of water
sweep llie RCUWS froni end to end. Kven
Ballon seldom know anything SO bad.
Itut the greatest danger comos nt the
dumping ground] where tlio Bcowmau
must   run   along   n groasy,   slippery,
twelve Inch pilliik. to knock out the
trap**. Tho BC0W8 roll aud plunge and
lire hampered by their tow lines in a
free sea  action.     Worst   of all   is   when
the tugboat RWlngs arunad and, anxlnas
to he back in harbor, cracks tho whip
with its Btring nf teows,
Tn glvo the Hcowimiu sonic little pro
toe tion, CongrCSfl passed a law pin
years ngo compelling scow owners to
rij^ ti support nlong tllO narrow gang
Way.    Of   Course   il   hnd   not    occur red
in tin* owners to prnvldt ythlng of
the kind of their own initiative. Tliey
oven  objected   to  it, and   bad   a   lawyer
boforc   tho   Congress nl   Committee,
\\ I ver Romoone Is trying to aid bu
mmiity, there Is iilwnya nn on ner '-
lawyer to object, This particular ob
jeetur buvo ti*; his reason thai tho scon
men .lid nm nee I the ropes,
"Why,'* in- snld, "the) will cul nny
rope   and   tie   ono   end   around   tbflit
waist nud fasten the othor ond to the  r
icow,  and   thoy   ■>'',|i   ran   all   around   •**•-- ■
there like a lot of rats, and if a  wave'
Sheets fl light cartrlc'-jc for "fun" or forget
work and two heavier once for huntinQ*
This rifle handles .2a Sliort, .22 Lon*^ or ._2 Lorr *
ridges without change of adjustment.   It's a take- I    rn
a very handy, all-around small caliber repeater.  Ex   n    b
r-.ul you'll a-*;rcc that it's the biggest rifle value ever 0;..:   l.|
._—v .     • ' v-A. ■■.■ V." fi' .-.'•'*
To tho busy man time is money. Why waste tt? Tlic old
Way of Shaving is slow. It's unsafe, ton-yon may gaah
your face any day.   Besides saving lime, tbo
saves your ficc. Wiih it you can shave as fa.st as ynu
like  no cuta—no scratches.
Adc vour di iUr io »t..iw vou tha GILLETTE,   If h. Ut noi tin -.nod*
or oi.r eatfttoaus, vrito u..     W. will mi Utat
you nro suppli-d. , ....
GILLETTE   SAFETY   RAZOR   CO.    s.^_?S.i, wjl.
OF CANADA. LIMITED, ,ll„ r - nl.,i. ;l r.   r
Ofilcortii.ll ..il.iry.6aSl.AI i\.nJcr3l.,M.iiitrf...t.      .nd I .loa.bladca,!.j.
Formerly (Tlio Now Km.)
Prlntctj mul piiiiiisiu'ii ovory Thumtay from II.
ofllcii. tt o,tii)ln.lor Stroot, Cliilllwiiok.
Siiiisri iiiiiini prlco ,i ur. p.. unt ii, Mivanco to nil
i«iini» mi iwiisii Kiupln-: lo United SUle.il,w,
nisfili.) nUvertlaliiit rato. ui,do known od uppll
riitlull Ui III.' inililislui.
C-liiwiltail itiiviTiisi-iiu'iits. i cent irt wonl cueli
liisiTiinii. imvuiiu- in nilvaiice.
Ilislili.V iidviTlisvis will plcaw rcmenilier Uml
t.i insure n cliailHOt .-.illy must be in uut luler thuu
Vi etlneiMliiv uiornliiK.
0. A. HAKliKlt. i-iiuiitiuTiiiui Proprietor.
Sold by Merchants of Uhilliwack, Rosedale, and Atohelitz.
Call and Hear the New |
$20,   $32.50,   $52.00.
They are the Sensation of tlie     J
Talking Machine World. |
ALF. WHITE   Music Dealer I
Wc havo in stock n number of standard doors, assorted
sizes, which wo purchased nt a snap price.   Wo bought
tin-si- doors right ami will sell thorn right.
The Prices Range From
$1.75 to $2.15
Compare those with regular prices and come and see tho
doors. Como early 08 tliey will not last long al these prices.
P. O. Box 243
Phone L2442
Chilliwack Planing Mills
Harness Repairing
Now is tho time to have your harness repaired  and
put in good order hefore the Spring work begins.    We
are in a position to  handle all classes of this  work t
promptly and guarantee satisfaction.     Iiring in your j
harness now and save delay in your work later in the j
seusnii. t
(lur stuck of harness and sundries is comploto, ami ♦
your wants can be supplied to your satisfaction. J
A very largely attended monthly
mooting of the Board of Trade was
hold in the Odd Fellow's bull on
Friday evening lb.- President, 11. .1.
Barber, presiding.
A communication from "Canada"
a magazine, olroulating in tbe Old
Country was referred to tin- publicity eoinniitlee. Tbe secretary, 1).
10. I'ai'elton, bud received several
Inquiries front various parts ro
Chilliwack and vicinity. These
are on lile in bis olllco, in the Hart
Block, where real estate dealers and
others may persm- thom.
A. I.. Coote introduced lbc subject of tbc ilistricl having a display
of fruit, etc., ut tbe various fairs,
anil that a fund (of say ■* ILKHt) be
raiseil by such organizations us tho
City und Rural Councils, Farmers'
Institute and Board of Trade. Tbc
Hoard endorsed the scheme and referred il to tbc Publicity Committee
to work out.
The  Council   was   appointed   to
submit a revision of lbc Board of
Trade By-laws, and a suitable
change in date of meeting to be
presented at next regular meeting,
It is proposed lo have By-laws printed after revision. Tin- present date
of meeting is found lo conflict witb
u number of other organ illations
which mitigates against a larger
attendance uml if possible a more
open ilali.- will be chosen,
A recommendation was brought
in by tbe Council to the effect tbut
all members of the Board in arrears
be drawn on at sight for amounts
due, whieh was adopted by tbc
Messrs. W. L. Macken, F. W.
Lyle and ll. T. Goodland were appointed a committer* to furnish
programs such us addresses on current, topics, schemes and plans
iu connection with progressive Board of Trade work, to be
given at close of the monthly business session of the Board.
M. T. Goodland reported tbat be
bad received a communication from
the Railway Commission ntuting
thai the ('. P. B. bud been ordered
to install a telegraph service at
Chilliwaek at us early a date us
possible. Tbc railway company
had agreed to try a service here for
one year. .1. Burton reported having seen tbc plans of thc system
and that the company was preparing to liuild tbe line over the system
of thc B. C. IC. II.
Thc unsatisfactory condition uf
the Registry Offlce at Westminster
was warmly commented on. lt
seems that it takes from three to
six months to get a deed through,
the delays lieing very annoying.
Owing to thc largely increased
volume of work going through, it
was suggested thai thc district in-
divided und that a Registry office
be established at Chilliwaek.
Messrs. Waddington, Huteheson,
Goodland and Watson were appointed a committee to draft resolution
to this effect and send a copy to the
Provincial authorities.
President Barber named the
following committees for the year
Railways and Navigation—II. II.
Gervan, .1. K. Harrison, F. B. Lyle,
G. II. W. Ashwell, W. G. Lillie
and F. Klckbush.
Agriculture and Mining—J. It.
Anderson, II. Eckert, A. S. Wat-
sou, F. Barr, A. L. Coote.
Finance—N. **. McKenzie, Mayor Waddington, .1. Burton.
Publicity Committee—H.J. Good.
land, C. A. Barber, i. Caskey, C.
E, Kekert, D. E, Munn, i". J.
Policy nnd ChttS. Ilutehesim.
Tin- following new members were
duly elected: Geo. E. Purry, Qeof.
Hornby, F. D. c. Gillanden,        '
Horses for Sale
A spun of Pcrcberon Fillies,
rising two years old. Also one
fancy mure, gentle to ride or
drive, for children. Will be
sold cheap for cash.   Apply to
Tenders will be received for the renting
il il twenty liex Mull burn, ilsu it ihrce-
roomcil house at the Agricultural grounds,
Tenders to be in before February 19th.
The lowest or uny tender not necessarily
II. T. Goodland, Secretary,
Agricultural Society.
Annual Meeting.
The annual meeting nf tin- Cliilliwnck
Branch of the Society for the Prevention
of Crudity to Animals will lie lit-ld in ihe
Ladies lies', llooiu. Hurl Work, mi
Friday February 9th at 8 p.m.
Reports will Ih* presented and election of
olilcers for tin- ensuing year will lake
place All intercsieil in this very humane
work will In- made welcome, uud l.itdii-H
lire c*j|>cciiilly invited, us slepH uuiy be
taken towards forming a Ladies Auxiliary.
Jas. Munro, J. \V. Galloway,
I'rcildout. Sec.-'Ireus.
Applications addressed to the ('ity
Clerk, for tin. position of Engineer for
the City Steuiii Holler, will  be  received
up io February iu, Wis, Applicant to
unite exj-crieiiee, und stiliuy oxpected in
rate bv die day.
li. E, Carleton,     It. .1. Waddington,
Clerk, Mayor,
Clover and Timothy bay for sale.
British Columbia Hop Co.
Phone F 250.
ll Hat Been Proved
That Machela, Nature's Scalp Tonic,
ban a record for growing hair—95 case,
out of Ilk,). It is the only remedy ever
discovered that in similar to the natural
hair foods or liipiiils of the scalp. He-
moves dundriil). Prevents fulling hair.
Kudi package c ontains a packet ol
Machela Dry Shampoo Powder. Price
for complete homo treatment, $1.00.
Sold and guaranteed hy II. .1.   Barber.
Paid-up Capital and Resoi've
iffl l,iMKi,lli)ii
Money Loaned to Responsible People,
Accounts Opened on Favorable Terms
Ciin.i.iwACK Branch
N. 8, MArKiiNzin, Manager x
Cyphers Incubators
******************************************** *
Are you going to raise Chickens
this year? If so, for certain .success
obtain a Cyphers Incubator, which
gives tlie very best of satisfaction.
All sizes and instructions for working kept in stock by
The Chilliwack Implement &
Produce Co.
will be glad
to furnish you
with an estimate on your
lumber bill
whether you
I place your order with them
or not.
\    Phone 86    ?
Macken       j
Lumber Co.!
Liberal Convention
A Convention of British Columbia   Liberals   will   be
held at O'Brien's Hall, Hastings Street Vancouver, on
1912.   Upon purchasing a first class ticket to Vancou-
;   ver, via C.P.R., and obtaining at the time of purchase ];
from the ticket agent a standard certificate,  and  upon ;
; the signing of this certificate by the Secretaay of the ;
; Convention, the holder will  be entitled  to a  return \ |
ticket at one-third the usual fare.
Electric Cooking Appliances
El Perco
Fur your morning
cup of coffee.
Price $7 and $8
Tho heating dlso for
general  light cooking.
Price |5
El Tosto
Makes   delicious
toast on u moments
j notice.    Price $4
Hot point
id m
Too well known to
need  special   men-
Price |4.75
See these appliances at our ('hii liwaek (111 ti
All are Operated from an Ordinary Lighting S   Ket
B. C Electric Railway Co- Limited
Have you insured your Spring- Stock yet?
If not, PHONE  our Insurance Department.    We carry the most reliable Board Companies*
Sold and delivered.
Orders left at the Victoria House will receive
prompt attention.
Teacher uf I'lutioforlo, Member ol M
I,, of A., «irit.li.ii.a- of Madam JoIiim1
Private School, New York
Wish, b pupils for Piano or Organ,
C. T. Vradenburg
Fletcher St.
Wc Imve ii new un.l ui.tniliiie
plum ttilli tho lul'-sl illolllOfltl for nil
kin,Is.il Cleaning, liyiiu.- and 1-rpM-
inii.    Kspi'ii help (or all branches.
Bixii-Iitl aiieiiiiiui will In- Riven lo'all
Muil uml Express .ir.l.-rs from Chllllwaek and the Valley, Wo solicit a trial,
428  5th A   E.  W.. VANCOUVER
Teachers of Voice. I'iaiio und Violin
in Chilliwack weekly.
Apply l.y posti.1 ami to tli. Conurvatory i
SU4 ltroadway West. Vancouver
imil uur teller ..III .'all '"' Veu.
Westminster Trust Building
R. A. Henderson, n.E. &m.e.
B. c. Land Survbvob
Rooms 10 & 11, Westminster Trust Block
Oppnsile I). C. E. Station
Fitted  with  modem conveniences    and    comfortably
furnished throughout.
D. I. MttcLENNAN, Proprietor
Business Notice
On and after the 1st ot February the credits will be a
thing of the past in my store.
I cannot do business and pay
my honest debts, by carrying
in my books year after year,
two or three thousand dollars of accounts, paying me
no interest. In future my
business will be strictly cash
or no business.
All accounts must be paid by
the first of March or they will
be put  in the hands of a
I am yours,
S. A. Parsons   ^!_fT
T«kr nolle* tlmt ippllcalloTi will ix*
mrtdc to theDoard of License Commissioners
■IttliiK iih n I.in-niriiii; Court for tlir City
tif Chilliwack tit it*, iii-xt nittinirn for
n license tn -wil Wim*. spirit-.. Beer,
or ulli.'? f.riiu-nl.-it ur iiitoxinitiliK l.iqtmr liy Kr
Uil In tlmt certain building known as tin* Cum
niercinl Mot**) nituitti* on tin* northerly Hide of
Westminster Ntr-i* i on lot 5. ami the westerly 11
of lot fl, Him-k \v now known im lot 5 und well
erly 1 .*» Of lot if in hliiek XVll, l)i% i-ion K" of Unfit > of Cliilliwnck tlio same containing not less
Him in r.H.in, i.tii.tllj furniitlied nntl used for
Motel DUrpUOS,
Tlu* followitifr is a <uuy of Die wild application:
" In lh,-lliitnl of l.it-i-iiM' Comiiii*.sioiuTs for
"tlie City of Chilliwuek, B.C.
" 1. John McDonald of thc city of ('liitiiwack
" in tin* province of llritish Columhiu, llotejkeep*
'* er. hereby a|i|>l)' for a licvim* to sell Wines.
" spirits. H.-.-r. and iitlirr frrmentetl or inloxir.il
" inK liquor liy retail in that certain huiidinir iti
" tlu- Cily Of Chllllwaek known as the Cntnmt-r
"t-iil Hotel iltuate on tin* northerly side of
■* Wettmlmter itrcet on lot s and the Westerly
" I l of l«l n. Hl'M'k XV. now known us lot .1 and
" Westerly I** of lot  <•.  in   lll*M-k   XVll   Division
■■ Mr of tin* City of Chllllwaek. tlu* same eon
" tuininir not less tliuti W - *- .-n-tn-itl> futni-.li
•*.ti for ifotel purposes and of wliieli tin* appu
"ennt Isiemee."
'* D il. d this ilrst dlty of Miniary A.I). WU.
John Midh.im.d."
Dnted nl Ci.lllliv.ick IM'. this lit day of hVhru
nry Hd-
Jolin Mt'Douuld. Lessee.
++•< ♦* •> 04 ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦^
Mountain View
♦ We have for sale an ideal building lot on Second
Avenue, close in, which can lie bought for
! $475 cash
t      If you intend building it will pay you to call on us
♦ for particulars.
j   Chas. Huteheson S Co.
***************************************************** J
The Bankets Won
The football match played lust
Saturdav nfloruoon between the
Bunkers and Militia, rosulled In
four goals in iinui', in favor of lho
Bunkers. Tbc line up was as lul lows;
Militia—goal, IT. .lackson; backs,
Carey, Priestly; ball' backs. Trust,
Hurl; fonvanls, Chettle, S, Hubble,
Huston, J, A. .lackson. Bankers—
goal, MeFarlano; backs, Atkinson,
Stacey; half backs, Adams, Round;
forwards, Bird, Dunford, Flood,
Clino, Ross, Jacks, One goal was
scored in llie Ilrst ball'ami threo in
tlio si ml,   Dunford  putting  in
three nnil Ross one for Ihe victorious
team. This Saturday at 2.46 a
giiinc will be played between Bankors
and the City loam, with lho following playing; Hankers—goal, Me
KaiTaiie; backs, Atkinson, Stacny;
half bucks, Ailnnm, Round: forwards, Hi nl Dtllifoi'd, Flood, ('line
Ross, .lucks, Cily—goal, 11, Kid;
backs, Bowdon, Nelcms; half backs,
II. Kaino. Alf. Wlillo, .1. II. Anderson; Forwards, Webb, Malloni, ,1.
W. Ciirmlcliaol, T,  Hall,   ll.  Orr.
Secured Steady Jobs
(ico. I.ninliir appoarotl before
Maglstrato Meflilllvnry on Monday
morning charged with supplying
liquor to Alex. Charlie, an Indian,
ou Satiirilny. lie was found guilty
ami sentenced lo throo months with
bard labor withoui tho option ol' a
line. Alex. Charlie was charged
(villi having intoxicants In his possession. This was ;,. lit .it i-il by the
Indian, as were also previous instances ami he was given two months
with labor without Ibe option of a
Annua Meeting To-night
The annual meeting of the Chilliwack branch of the Society for tbc
Prevent ion of Cruelty to Animals
will be held in the ladies' Best Room
Hart block, on Friday, February il
at 8 p. in. (tonight.) Reports will
be presented and election of Ofiicers
for the coming year will take place.
All interested in this humane work
will be made welcome, and ladies
are especially invited, as sleps may
lie taken towards forming a Ladies
B. C. Liberal Convention
A Convention of British Columbia Liberals will be held at O'Brien's
Hall, Hastings St., Viineouver, on
February lilt, 1912. Upon purchasing first class ticket to Vancouver,
via C. P. It., and obtaining at the
time of - purchase troin tbe ticket
agent a standard certificate, and
the signing of this certificate by the
Secretary of the Convention, the
holder will be entitled to a return
ticket at one-third usual faro.
At the Police Court.
A young man by the namo of
Russell was fined *I0 and costs on
Wednesday afternoon by Magistrate
McGillivroy. Too mnch liquid animation and a desire to alter the
map of a comrade's faco were the
causes of the legal proceedings. A
Mrs. Cameron, of Rosedale, was
charged with keepings bawdy bouse.
The evidence was taken in camera.
The woman was sentenced to two
months in Westminster goal.
**************************** *** **•:•*******************
(j-oi ng to
Then use
The Sherwin-Williams Paint
and you'll get satisfaction.
It's the best protection
you can give your house.\
It's made from pure white
lead, pure zinc white, and \mrti\
linseed oil.
lt does not powder, flake off *
or crack.
lt forms a tough, durable film
that wears and looks well for the
longest time.
It's colors are clear, bright and
It costs less by the job than any
other paint made.
The full color card shows   -.1
handsome shades.   S.. W. P. i.i
put up full measure, always.
Denmark & Burton
llritish Columbia Electric Ry.
Train.        t'liwk
13 Id
3 45
7 0,00 p. Ill
Train      lltRilu.
1 6.80 a.m.
i:           '''[in
IV, .imlli
•j    s.llua.in.
4  13,111 noon
• 1.30
8 B.OOp.m,
Train        Vnn.       Wcstinin.
tt 3.03 p.m.
l.vc. Cliilliwnck 6,00 ii.iii. j Dally Kxcepi
"   Vancouver 7,00  -    I     Sui.ilay
All passenger trains handle Express,
Your Suit or Overcoat Built
Expressly For You
Perhaps you prefer your clothes made to your measure
which is all the more reason why you should come ta
The Fit-Reform Store
lor your Suits and Overcoats. Our Special Order Department is at your service. The Famous Fit-Reform
Designers are at your service and hundreds ol patt.rns
in new and elegant materials await your inspection.
We will be pleased to submit to you patterns and price*
For Your Spring Suit.
*  Your Outfitter. Fit-Reform Clothier
j A. G. Brown-Jamison Co. Ltd.
j Rock Crushers Road Machinery        Contractors' Equipment
* Milling Machinery Boilers Eiis-ines
J Interstate Automobiles Gramui Motor Trucks
Farm Implements Dairy Supplies
IIazelwoo.1 Milkinvr Machine.
| 1048 Main Street Vancouver, B.C.
Useful and Acceptable
Household  Articles
Tin-little ii
mei'sinii I.e.
er.      II nils
water in a few
The   stove
which     Imil,
your     kctl li-
i-nick ly
Stove— For
all t king
purposes as
well as toasting
£1 Perco
Makes dolic
ions coffee
in at few
Phone 257        S.   PUGH
When a farmer opens
his first bag of cement
he tins taken a loner ntep In the march of Progrea,
which leads tu I'rosperlty.
After he tinea that bng— If only for a httchlng-
block or a porch alep—ht* has loarnoc] some profitable
I us-arms.
Tie known that It doesn't take an expert to uio
concrete successfully.
He knows thnt he has added a permanent Improvement to his property, something that will lust as long
an the furm Itself.
He known that he ha* added coiiTonlence, and
therefore profit, to his home.
lie known thnt It didn't cost him more, In money or
time, llinri if he hail used an inferior material and
tnndu u ii**.iiporar>- Improvament.
He known thnt he wantn to read the book,
II What the Fanner Can Do With Concrete "
to And out how he Ofttl apply thene lessons to other
places on hla farm.
This advertisement is tn tell him that his copy of
this profusely illustrated book Is ready to be malted
as soon as he sends In htn nnme and address. It
makea no difference whether he has yet used that
first bag of cement or not. If ho hasn't, the book
will tell him how to use lt to thc bent advantage.
And In any caae it'a
A hundred and sixty pages of plain description, tailing how other farmers hive uied concrete, with photographs to Illustrate every paragraph In tha text.
Just send your name and address on a postal,
tn a letter, or use the coupon, and the book will
be sent by return mail.
N.tion.1 Buk BwUiBf
rpUK story of Im"   Dotootlve Barns
|    mado iii> tun h capture nm told
by lum in Met'luro - for August,
im.I Hi.. Following oxtrncta mnlio later-
rutins; reading now tli.Ll tlio McNa
im.riis have lioiil'ussoil nml havu bora
Kc.tun.toil For iln ir tirimas.
"I,,   11)117   Lliu   In.Ill,Irs   i uinl   I"   I"
rnliy... iii Ohio,    Iii   lOOH lho ilynaiull
lags ii autcil  I" n  ' rolgtt  of  terror,'
Wi' woro given n  record lur thai year
Of   Ul. al.l    Li'.,   l'l ! li "
works, besides i .-...■ utti inptoil oxnlu
sinus -mil linn' .-ii .ei ri liiiu|iering with
in.,, Iimrl \ .
■■Tlu. ihing gol       '■:.''  thnl  u  war
wi uldn't have In ■   li  ivorai      Pin
in',  nn.l  ,in«    ilir   iinir   of   the
'. 1.11:1    .1" ■ lUrinl'i'l,    101(1     ivi
i„ii,lr  :i  I1--1   ..'   thirty llvi   ilusl ructive
l| log  11 i      ■   '    ful ni
teniptii ami        11      uulli mi ivorkuion.
■'Tlir     nxplusiollS      III       tllO      1.it'll''
Kniiiiiln ha.lii'l I. ft any duo i" any
ii,,„.; ihori'i bul in ihr railroad yards
nl h~l I'coriu, among lho bridge gird-
crs, .. wiili'liiiinn lia.l im I,nl ii|i an
unuipludod clockwork bomb. Now
thonf" hr plucked up his shirt sloovos
to  ''lear  liis  wrists   for  uxplattattorjs.
'1-li.iT Iiii.I BftWod oul 11 pioco of bu.'inl
about tho width of u barrel stave and,
-ny .im- Inches long, and tliey bnd
fastened a smnll dry buttory to It with
wires thai bold tho battory lying i>n
iis. side. In froni of tho battory thoy
hml fastoned n little .'iinnii clock. Thoro
wns tho ubuuI thumb key on tho back
of the clock lo wind the alarm, nnd
thoy had soldered to tho flap of this
thumb ki>j 11 ihin strip nf metal bent
down in "inii n way that if the koy
wort- i.oriir'i the -tri|i would make n
imnln,! with :imlli.'i' strip Ihnl hml
born attaclu I to rnr nl' Ihr poles ">'
tl r battory. A tolophouo wire led frum
tho clock lu n ton-quart can of
nitro-gtycorino; ami thoro wns n fulminating cap mi the rini nf it. m tho
glycerine. Another wiro completed tho
,'in-iiit from tho battory into tho cap.
"That's n clockwork bomb. Now,
suppose ymi sel tho alarm liir 10.30.
At 10.30 the mechanism of tho boll will
be ..loused, tho alarm goes off, and
tlio thumb-key of the alarm revolvos
backwards the way tho try dims in
thee clocks. In ii- tirst rovolution
Hm mri.'il Btrip mi the key strikes
against the metal siri|> ou tho battery
polo, -ind tin current of electricity ox-
|,[M,-H I hr -nil iii the  oltro-glycerlne,
W. Clnrk ' nl' Fiidiaiiupolis, nn rock 1 Inn
wns - hard to dyi ite.'   Mis story
wi     plillislble.
"iin   Aug,   29   ho   toloplionod   from
M io,   Imi., nnd  itrmiigod   to  accept
delivery "r ouo hundred quarts of nitre-
• [lye. I'iilO   fl     Miili'lmrl   Ull   tlir   high
way   outside   Albany,   tnil.   since   tho
Inn  t'urbadu the tniiisforral of II x
plosive   within   lho   town   limits.     11 <■
ini'l   M.iirliiui  nn 11 iinlry road, in
il„. n|'|„niiir.i spot, with 11 lighl nxpross
wiigun   i-oiitainlng   two   packing  I'usos,
 uwdii t,    ind    n    long haiidlod
, |; in,.!  Moroharl helped him pack
illl   l.i' I   tills I" Ills boxes, with
ll,.    uwdii 1   iiiiiiiinl  thom.    Hr  paid
Moreharl .1 .'.n foi  tho liundn 'I quai
giving lum nboul hall "' ■ ' rull "i lull'.
from ' his   pn   el    to   inalio   up   thai
nn nl;  mul  I splailll il,  nl   hurting,
tliiu  1 r un- going in drive to Muueio
m  i  in   for iln- explosive In  I"
nm Uil, ■ nml tako 11 mi in I'l'iirin.
■■ Wr wonl in Muncio nml found the
hotel whoro hr hnd registered as -.1. \V.
M.r.mn.' nmI wr took n tracing nf his
handwriting.       Wr   found   ihr   livery
-tnlilr whoro bo Inn! hired il xprot
wagon nml Hm store whoro In. hml
bought thr Bhovol, nml tho farmyard
whoro ho hnd stolon tho sawdust from
11 pile In-side 11 now linrn. Thoro wns
sawdust still in the bottom of tho
wagon,  and   sawdust  al   tho   roadside
„!  hi I Mni'i'linrt hnd packod tho
eons; and all this sawdust mntchod the
sample takou from the discarded ' Nm
Stylo'  box ill   I'rnl'in.
"So,  ns  tho   I'csull   of  about   	
works' work, wo had sovoral good descriptions of -.1. W. Mo-raw,' 11 "peci-
mon   nl'  his   I .writing,  n   plain  trad
connecting him with tho t'eoria oxplo
sions, iiiiii nm' "I 'ds clock-work 1 ibs.
Wo had arrived also nt tho probnb-lit)
that Im was ono of a band ol men who
woro using nitro-glycorino in largo
quantitioB, nnd making 'infernal 11111
chines' with tlio still that comes onl}
[ui/./lml us nns the fact that uo one
iiiisworing the description of McGrtiw of
the I'rni'in explosion had boon working
nn tho I.n« Angolcs explosion; yol the
Iwo boinb'B nor,, oxactly alike,
"Nun. nr,' how simply  mv 'thoory'
worked   mil.    'Undraw'   liudu'l   been
.■ 'iio.l   ill   H10   Ub   AugoloB  alVuir,
nn.;   ho   .li tii'i    know   iiiiii   every	
liniln'i forgotton nboul Ihr I'r,uiii es
plosions, sn In. ,'nino back   to  Indian
apolis   In   gol    intu   t,null    with   -I'lllli   .'.
McNaiiiara,    ilu-    seeretar}  uror,
nml uur men rei ognl led huu 111 auswci
illg    Ihr    ill's, rijillull    thnt     wr    had    "I
■ Mi'iiruw.' nn,I Uiov proci' de.l i" 'tall'
him.     'I he}    -1.1.11,    him'   bill I,   in   rim
ago, n here hr hml his n ife and faniih
Hr -.il name pro. cd to be Mi Manlgh'
iih.,. McManlgle.
' '< lllc il.l.l' llr linil; n 11:1111  In .1  place
enlled Kenosha, in Wisconsin, nml nur
men  followed  him uml  -un   him  meel
:i mini nl iswi ivi ihr description ol
-.1. II. Bryec' ..1 the l.os Angeles trail.
'I'.ry.'i'' turned oul tn be dim Me.Nn
11:11:1   n  brother "I the secretary-treii
uml  ovorythlni
" Me.Muniglo disuppeiired frum t'hii"
go in ton or twelve duys in uue llm
nml wo timi Ihnl hr wrut 1.. l.os \ltgi
Irs in blow up the nuxilinr}   planl   in
ihr Times    mu siili-liml with li ,-i-j"-
mil outrage! Uul this iiuxilinn [ilaul
wus im. noil guarded, mi ho dyi'ininiteil
ih,-   Llewellyn   Iron   Works us un  ovi
,lrm r   good    Iiuiii   uml      um''   Im,'.
In  uguin.    Mr eiirriod thr ilynumilo
nnd fulminnling caps from Uhiengo, uu
tin- train, in 11 hand snlchel.    I gine
nhni would havo happoiiod tn thr pin
sengoi-H mi Hint train if 11 1 ulr in eitl	
hml   Oxplodod   Ihr  sul.'hrl'
" Wo dutormlued lu arrest thr ilyim
miters ihr uoxl  timo tho.   wen    <
■ :,>|i.' nml wo 'linn.i-l in ml..' Mi'Muiii
-ir uud  ihr 1,1,, McNninuras tugother,
,"   I'liiih inoouslv, ... Hint  in- would
hr ablo in v,  ihr othors, nr remain
free tn destrov  lur ovidoneu Ihnl   nr
tllOUglll    wr'.l   timi    if   wr   iin.I,I   not    l„
frum experience. il  Urst.
■■Now, us I told vuu u moment ago,          April  llih our uporntivos,  inl
•Miilrnw' had told Moroharl  thut lio lowing McJIaniglo uml dim McNnmarn
wanted tho glycerine for a'quarry'in from   Chicugo  un.l   Cincinntti,  inel   in
1',.,,,'iu   owned   by   'G.   W.   Clark'   nl' Toledo uml wired usi 'Numbor   mel
Indiunapolis.   Tlm fael that'MeQraw' ninnbor in...'   Thnt  was our signal to
had   actually  gone   to   Pooria   showed begin.   Our party registered nl a hotel
Ihnt Im wasn't a vory fortilr linr.    It opposite I mo in  which   McNoi 'n
seoinod likely Unit in- might huve boen „„j   MeMnniglo    wore   stopptag   aim
cqunll)   clumsy  in  mentioning Iudinn- ,,.,1,110,1 tacm nil dm.   It became ap
polis.    Thnt's rxiutly the  sort uf a pnront that thoy wnr unt going In .lo
i.» glory iu little bits. Thore is nnlh
nig l,,ft 111 show wlmt touchoil off tho
explosion. Ami thr men win. sot the
alarm nro miles away, establishing nu
"Well, hero wr hud thoir machino,
und we went ovor it und ovor it. without Hading anything thnl wo could lend
mil   from.
"Th,- trouble with it wus Iluil everything about it nns common hardware
stork. Thero was tm homo-made ovi-
donee tn start  u BUSpicion  from.
"Al, tirst. si^-lii iho nltro.glycorino
can lookad mun- important fur us. It
hnd ovi,I,'nlly boon made ospooially
fnr its purpoBO, nut of un r.\tru heavy
tin. On Hu- metal wus stamped- with
the letters rr.risnl bo that limy would
rond eorrrrtlv only from llm inside of
the   1:1111.
X iili.MMV McFABIj.VND ,\ in.
"Hul. heir again tliere nns no labol.
'['lie stamp in thr Im wus obviously pul
l.hrr. by tho maker of the metal. And
there wus nothing tu show whon I e
edvi-.-rin.: hml 1 1 purchased.
■■In 11 Hold Im.id.- tho railway yurdi
mie of uur oporatives found a wo
box   in  whieh  tho   glyoorinu  nan   It id
boon rive; ed in sawdust, llr gal 11
sample of 1 ho sawdust nml put it    dde
VI  mwdusl   in ni- alike in you,  proh
ably.   Uul thai sample uf suw.lu
nl t. bo nnothcr 'clinchor.'
"An oxnmination of tho boa showed
that it had  born  i structed  ul   two
liex.w nf equal sir.e; the unils ul both
hnd boon knocked oul ami tho -.i.i.'-
jiiim-il togothei wilh cleats "nr box
'.vie. marked ■ N EO black,' and ll thoi
■ Nlr.o pii-|ilr.' Uur operutivi concludod
thut thoy hnd probably contained oilh
or   pjntnl            Ink   suggested   llm
■ Nco style.' II.' found thnl thori wns
an agaot for i'n machine In Peoria,
and he Iinui,'; .." iho shop.   Tlu ■
:i   number   ..''    li.earded   I is   in   Ihe
innn's nellar,  but   lie si 1   no
thom;   I"'  i'i   ■    'l;' ill   un.i;.
who aakod   ■      ;  . 'ii.   and    h
rr„n   In   i"'   Iind   wil lioul    I' '
'Ihul  clue  n  ijiienlli
' ■ Whim   v.       ere working l ■
iliriint,  -Ion!   '   11   nil]   lier I
hn.l 1 1 h anil
1 -y,«,; i„ I,,ri    ''''•• trnci ■ "'     '  dyn
mitsir-.     II..   n   |.i<>i"i" ■   "I   uliltlll ilmn   il
bei .mi. .-.-I. ' ui  - ■ .-I. 'I ..1  ' ■    il* "■'
milcr. hud driven in Poorln in 1111 uu
toraoWlo, probnblj with n sopplj ol
their bombs, und placod thosu nml set
thr .Inrm clock  1 1-  before th 1 ox
pbiHion, uml Iinui Irnu 'gotliwuy' in
their car without attracting any notice
"Ucwovor, nr had boon llndlng .ml
■ ume things nboul nltro-glycorlno. It
i-a.'l lawfully hr shipped on Un- ruil-
rnn*.. If it's dolivorad nt nil, it gues
by horse uml wagon from the factory.
It .01110111 travels vory fur from tlle
pla.-o of manufacture, bocnuBO of tho
danger of handling il. Bo.ldos, thoro la
no staii'lnnl ,nn im Ihe trade. Evory
nmnnfin Inter makes ins own "ins. nnd
Ihe runs nre moro ur less distinctive.
"There wus n man nnineil M. .1. More
hart,  lic.ent   fm'   tlio   Independent  Tor
ped. Company, in Portland, I ml- aboul
two  hundred' miles  from   Peoria,    tlo
trn,I  Ihr dOBCriptl f Um "'n, BE I ir
minted in Hie nOWBpaporB, nml lu- SU!
I'l'iled tlmt il might I'r nne uf hi-. Mr
was bought, in Peoria, nml he nt once
reeognlied il an na ono that hml como
[mm his factory.
"Thnt. wns nur beginning. Thing, ho
■»nn nt onco I" unrnvol.   Wo found thnl
-   -508  littio duo Ihul a rriininiil is Bomotlmo
iitughi by.
ynamiting iu Toledo.    Next morn
thoy went  te tlie railroad statio
••our operative dotcctivo Allen, who ,n|i| bought tickets for Detroit.
,:„l oponod the trail in Pooria, wont to      .• Thoy sal in a duy coach full ol wn
mliunnpiilis   to   Boarcll    lur    'I..    W.   |nen   ,in',|   ,.|,j],|re„   ,„l(|   thoy   hml   -ull
Hi tu,
them whoio 11  blunder might
enuse it great luss uf life.
"Wl   the train stopped, thoy net
ell' uml scrutinized ovoryono whu came
11  iiisplacomont  of  nearly  (i,U(i(>   tons,
I |„»re 1 , inoreovor, un ronaou why litis
weighl -Inuil.I mu I'r ilniibled, tripled,
nml almost imlrlinitrlv ill," roll soil, if
,le in.hii'.
Thr "il fuel cnpiioity nf Uio pro
joctod ci'uisor ii ubout four hundred
tm ■ ihi-. ii i- claimed, is snlllcionl
for lho VOSRol In run 8,000 miles 1111 tlle
Mirl'ui'u nl eleven limits per hour, ur
(1,001) ul twenty knots, ur Mill miles ul
the niaxiiuuni Bpoed of tsvouty-fivo nml
n hnli knots.
Siibmorgod, il is ciipublo uf riinnlug
:;u.i mill-- nl sis knots, oighty miles ul
leu liunla, ur twenty two mllos nt tho
maximum spood ut' foartooii I um
Tliuse   plaiiB   nir   Itopl   ns   s -ot   ns
pusilile, uml nun   mu   I th'oly prac
piwslblo; hut it is only n quostlou ut' 11
feu   -Ini'l   years   whon   Bjieh   11   erufl
will   ho  bllill   In   inio uf   lho  great   I'nn
,... proved olllclont, I engorly coplod
b. nil ih,- others, I'm' ihr revolution
ni shipbuilding will Im I'm greater
nml   i r  quickly   followed   thuu   wns
.: hr    lil-l     llritish    Hi' I
iu.i   everyone   remouiberi   Hi''
mi   1 uni   gave   foreign   ua.ul   depn 1
.. '       These 1 mi'   mil  carry al   Ihe
■11 :i gun n- powui lul 11   Hu- 1.7 nnvnl
gun. Imt this i-i iu lu- rapidly Inerensed.
.   Iluil    H 1-   n III   -.-.-   hell. >    nm nl
urdiiiiiieo  mniintoil   mi   -i   illsappearliiK
.111 [nge fired 11 hen ttw -.  sel .   iiwasli
Uml   is,   when   there   1    nnly   11   gnu
pint form rut nf wuter nml \ isilde. Hueh
runs iis Ihr I" 11 Inch will I leguted
iu ilu- scrap I p within H 1  Ion
I'lir ir.-ini is Ihnt II powerful ml'
 Blblo   mil   llllnosl   iiiMiriiil.lv   .In   nil
her doBlriietivo uml. uiiilor wulor h.v
moans nf the  ram  nml  her torpodoei
Tl    exi-eption   will   bo   in  iKtlmi
ilgninsl   I I   I'liitilii'ulinii-.   Thnt   those
mil  then  bo destroyed In   11  high us
plosive llr ' 1 u   -imiii enllliro gun
,,r In  I li-   dropped mun iiornphi	
uVuitil)   moil,  11    ul im        nn
und uwuy iihcnd of Hi,-.. ..I Uu- lirsl
lli.llnii'l   typo,   constriieted    Im   yonrs
.-iin',..       Thoy   ntr    nul    mil'     lllllll	
ilgninsl nil gnu lire. Imi snfo lu nuinoov
ring bolow Ihr surfnee; thoy uro now
ipiito raiiifortnlila I'm' Ihelr crows, uml
.■nr sloiiilily gruwiliu in si/.c.
Thr   til   I    Hull I   I I-   11-"!    il.    Kllg
I hm,]. im   inBtnnce, wcr ly  11.1   fool
! long, with ti lieuui nl twolvo foot, uml
II submerged displneemonl  ul  uu tons
in ninos nf 120 liorsppnwar.   Those
non being llnislied ineiisuro IDS fort,
wiih u breadth of twontyfour feel,
having  11   submerged   dispfneemonl   uf
i.ruilv l.inli' tuns, nml lire run with
I,Huu' horsepower onginos. nt u Bpend
of   Is  knot-  por   nun   mi   Hi 'fu.','
llr nns only n youug eommoreinl tm
.oiler, uml hnd  mil   heel   lho  roud
For   many   months.    Wl    thoroforc,
it chanco'd ihnl Im f. I himself short
uf funds, hr sciircel} kuew wlml eoiirso
In tuke.
Afler much hard thinking, he icsoh
od tn lot the i.tli.o know of his -ml
plight. ['mm iho nenrest tolegraplt
he despatched a wire:
"Have  run  -Imil   "f  irmly   money.
A Race With an Avalanche
Enos A. .Mills, udvonliirer nml ,"<
plnrer, sllirled mil mm lino March ninin
Ing for lh' iiip uf the Bun .Tuan range
of llm Bocklos in souii'h nl' n little iu
-ulr Information mi tho Bubjocl of
mountain slides. Ho gol there ull right,
iind   wns   BUfoly   hull' w.t^   'Inn*
nf lire-killed I roes. Imi 111 untidy Hi,
eusy  slope   hero  hml  su  choekod   mi
bi I lliiil   I  nns able tu dodge naTuh
through, Imi llm heavy slide uwopl
across Ihe meadow after ine. with uu
diminished spood, uml came enuihinc
iitn lho don,I trees so cloBO In no that
whon  thoro suddenly appoared  nn  Um brokou limb- woro lluiig Hying pant ai
upper slurps 11 tri'iilm oiillmrst us frum I  shot down  nil' u,.strop moraine loss
uu explosion,   lie knew Ilmn. hr Bays /than mn' huudrod foot ahead,
in "Tho Spoil ot tho KooUios''(Hough- All  the way  dowu  I  hnd  hopod  li
nm. Milllii Co.), Uml  11 gonorul slide dud a sid,. oai  intu which I might
hn.l  Bturtod,    li   wub  like  Um oad  nf dodgo.    I   un-   going   too   rapidly   to
ihr   world   thnl   thundering,   torriblo, outer tlio ono t had soon,   As 1 ooastod
enr-spllttlng,  ,'rushing sound thnl   wns  tlm moraine ii flushoil through my 1	
uverywhero aboul  him   nml  Mill- wu- Ihnl 1 hml onco hoard u prospector sa}
much uf the improsslou  that  liis own il  wns uuiy 11 quurtor 'if a mile from
oml   wu-    -.    Movorthctess,   ho  loll- Aspon Quick up lu llm inendowfl. Aspn
Gulch   ..'linr    III    uii    Ihr   right,   UM   tin
1 whirled in oscnpo, pointed my Bkoo.
don 11   1 hr   slope   uml   wonl.    Iu   loi 1
1 ..111   hnlf II   lllillllte  ii   I ir'tu 1,iluil-  sunn
iivultincho nul- [   iiired ."■ imrliaps mn
h Iiril   Fool   ,'' ■      ■ 'I'1   li' ,'  ur  -i\   hlin
ilred feel long, 1  1111 I    "I ovor Hu- spol
where I  hml -I I.
Tliere   w dinucil   In  dodgo,  nn
time in 11."ih mil   nf
 -    hut '   USI'lipC   I
ll ngnlllcoiil    um'
 i" '.   uml   II loi
..mil    :i-.   u   gllle   IIII.I
nml   destructive   Hun
ll.llll   nuvr.
I    111:,.Io
now slightly widening nml   soomwl li
M   Hi"  imil    I'i"  in..mine.  I   will
forced  between   inn  trees  that Bt	
ili'-r   togotlior,   uml   n   I,ink,"1   limb   1"
"un pier I nu open , mil just bonnal 1
Ihr lefl  nrinhtilo, uml Bill  ll mil   I'
tlm   bottom.    Mv   uu 1 uil   Hu
T.hoI reslstu'iice "f Ihr sl ^ luiilurial gnvi
l"1""":;    ' 11 I    u   -I I,   Hllll    I    Will    IIiiiii;   ■"
Clark,' un  owner   uf   stone   quarrios. cas„ th.>t proaumayy contninod d	
Thoro wasn't any such mau to bo Ms- lnito__b(Jail]oa   boing  fully  nrniod,  nf
covered   in   IndianapoliB.      But   I mm ,.„„„,,_„„,, mlr ,|cl(.otives decided nnt
woro trneos nf two men, one nl   wlmiu
answered     the    description   nf   'Me-
iirnw,'  in  nertuiii quartora  in   Indianapolis,   un.l   these   twu   111.-11   hml   boon
overheard talking fumilinrly ,,, ,, .In,., out of ^ ^ ^ ^ -„„,,,.,.,„, 1 ,,,,.„„. „,„,. „„. „Cre."
.1.   -MiNumnrn,   soi'ioi...} ir.u^ur ,     1 „„,,„,, th0 strootB rather aiuilesslv 1111-1     Uul   Hm  following  1 ning   broughl
il„. Internationa As»™nV™ 01        - til thev ,■ 0 to the Oxford Hotel. Our no  reply to his nppoal.   Patiently he
uml Structural  Iron Workers.
"I   detailed a  number nf nur opera. '" 1
tlvei to wbS- tho union's hoadquartors <nti.   tne   eiora- wno  wasn-t   1.010
h 'i-niiiii.lis  10 shadow John .1. Me- K1"' thom a 1 n right away—nnd thon
\.„„-',r'i   and to -run  mil' ovory  "in- ""■' chocked their suit-cases. Thai   vns
with whom he waa ZuVctcd.     ' » """  ■''"' 'I'" arrest.    Tho lobb}   nns
■li  wis woll nn towards the oml nf crowded with n theatrical troupe   uml
ro  wi- concentrated nn McNamnru   elbowod   his   wuy   1 igh
i,,,,]   „,,   th,.   lirst   .,f towards the door, wiih McMauigle ful
..in nny
nml  post,  1ml   imiii
watched thom register uml argue waited for thr
thr   elork    nlu,   wasn't   nbl
Again hr rcBolved tn wire, this ii
Ity   yuu   nir   lit't.-t-i.T    Hn..
ic.upatiou of any kindl"
Ami    the   youth    shook    I,,
.just huu' about—stand .1 th-
mi*    I"
>. pli'inlii'l'   In
more urgently.
"Nu  I y.    linn  -hull   I   nm .'    V»i'"
Ahim-i   li"f    ho   Iind   reached   hi-
hotel    uguin    ih"    telegraph   boy   hnd
Uetober  the  Times   Building   in   I.".-  lowing,    MeMnniglo   nns   in   handcuffs I brought   a   reply.   Uut Ily   the  y j;
voh.po. mul
'otiimerciad I
" Ail ns if you wero brokel
■.,....;....   Cal    nns dvnamitod,    Whilo beforo   McNamnru   n.issod   bin.      wo
the police woro siill holding back th" grabbed   McNainarn   ul   tho  door.   A-
terical  wives nml  relativofl  outsidi il hopponed, they hnd lefl  their rcvol-
.;,.' in,.' lines   later   in   th"    morning, vers in the satchels -along with 11 rlflo
,, ,,   1 nin.    thut   another   bomb   hud thut was fitted with n Maxim 'silencer'
..'.I, found in iho bnflemeul nf Genera] fur   pieking  nil   nighl   wntehmcu,   -i\
,,.,.•   hiuii"- Harrison   Qray   'hi-,  the clock battories nf llm I,.,- Angeles nml
owner uf llm newspaper. I' n pattern slightly   improved, caps,
"Thru :i third bomb wus found bo- wires, tools, uml evoti n bntterj tester.
side the (muse I'i the secretary nf tho -Well,   whut   the   hell's   tlm   itiattorf
M, ri-hints'   uml    Mnnuf neturors'    As-1 McNiimura   kept   domnndiug.   'What's
socintion  nf  Dos Angeles.    The alarm this fori'   McNamnrii suidi 'You don't
was Bel  fur nil" o'clock    lh" same us wnul me for u Chicago job.    You waat
,,,,  ih,-   rimes  Building   but   I   under- ,,m for n  Los Angolea  inl..'   nur umn
Btnnd Uml it had 1 11 wound inn tight, didn't enlighten him. I".: he guessed it.
"'I'he trail wns ns plain ns the lines 11,. iii,,i i„ buy thom nil'.   Aftor somo
in thc palm nf your hand.   The dynn- talk in Ilu- offeet  Unit  thev woro uot
mite in tho bomb wub a hlgh-oxplosivo "fools and  know   good   money   when
oighty per emit, gelatine.   Ami dyna- tuey  miw  it. lu- ..tr, I  them twenty
mil ' thul grado is lilll" used uml is tlionsaud dollars In lol him gol away.
invariably made to order. We soon found ,,|v  80n   |;:m„ |   „i,j,.,.,,.,i  that   this
tho oBlco of a powder company in San wn!  „,„  enough—thai   it   would  hove
franciflco wim.- tho ordor  lor it. hud ,„ -0 ,„0 HI.1IIV UJV.    ■iiu.,1 iu. „u,...,.^
been taken.    On Boptomber 21 a uuin ,iu,.,v thousand. Raymond asked where  ,li'1" ' ,'i"'11 ""■ rt;'* '"" ,"'1'1"
^niiig   th.     name   nl   'Leonard    had ,,. wm||,| ,,,,, ,',a.|, money,   Ilo un
called there to purchase   lynamito for lwarod. .|,.,,„„ ,|„. higher-ups.'   When
h,s  employer,  M.  II.  Bryue,    and  ho ||(,   lmlll,|  lil.L,   ho  w„,  merely.being
had nsk or tho eighty per cont.  Phoy ,      ,  , h    attempt.
usked him whal he mini",I it tor.   II" '.'„.,     ',      , ',.
,.,„! he  wanted il  to Mnn  up slumps McMauigle, wl,,.,,  I  biiw him. wns
wllh     They "l.;'"i."I ihnl   il   wns i,.u rolliiii  ci( tti    and smoking 1101   0
powerful  and   i ;,-,,„,-   1 xplosivo I}'-    '   wnrnod Iii  to his rights, ns
1„ bo usod  for thai  purposo.    II" r,- I  had  war I  Mcomnrn; uml then  I
piled Hu,: thore wore sonu   I.mil,lur- to wonl   over ll n.o wno  him.  lolling
!„.   1 .1   n.".   mil   ihnt   uny   way hi'"  whoro  In-  hml  boen  und  wlml  Im
•Hrv.r'   wanted  ilu- eighty  I'm- font, hml been doing for months past, uml
and ho In.I lo [ol It. proving in him thnt  wo hnd 11 perfoel
" l.lil, r ' l.r.nuiril' uml ' I'-r.vrc' "iiini   uml    comploto   ,'li gainst    lum.    iiiiiI
legothoi   mul   paid   for  ono   thousand  lefl  him, suying tlmt  if he concluded
pounds .-I oighty por cunt, and took n  ho wantod tn s.-i  ho could -oml for
 int,  nml   Wore   lul'l   tlmt   lho  oxplo    mr.     A   fow Im,11- lator ho -onl   fo.   mr.
Bivo   WOtlld  br  ilrlivrn ,1   In  III,'111  Ut  Un     l|||,|  gave  III,   thr liiith  nl'imt   Iho whole
company's works In Qiant, Cttl. conspiracy,   Thoro  was   nu  'iiiir-1  .le
••Tlm men callod to get the dynamite gree,1 use.   I novor usod il in my life."
ut th,   Factory in Olant; Inn thoy came
without the'proper order  fur delivery
from tho San Francis hm.   A third ARE DREADNOUGHTS -JOMED?
iiuiii, giving lh" mini" nl' -.Murris,- v.us SUBMARINES WILL OUST THEM
Bonl to get tl rder.   Thon the throo      A,IV  wllo invostlgntOB llm  extra-
arrlvod together in n smnll power boat, ,„,li„;,,.v , |op„ , „,- ,,„. s,,ii,„n,ino
t-,, carry uwuy 1 xploBlvo Iron, thr wHllln (i|]|v tho |n|( ,,.„            „ wu.
Olanl   Works, mm  no  moro  wns s.en ||M  Novomuor 2nd|  m0l, Ihnl  thr lirst
ul llM'iu. British   submarine   wns   Iniuiched   at
"We found tlm plnco where the bonl   itarrnw-in-Furnoin    will.    loifbt,  bo
hud   neon   hired;   we   iliseovored   thnt Btn,ck  with  lho question:   II   -inh   ves
Iho .lynninitors hud rbniigod  Ihe mime M.u   ,.,,„   ,,,,.,,„   "nwash"   neross   tho
from.tho PoorlosB to the Tnslime: nml Athiiiti.-. nnd back without renewal of
wo traced it  in its rruisos from place   tm\  supply, run dive sn ns 1 1
to place.   Wr iitrnrd up Ihr romalndor thomsolvos totally Invuliiornblo nnd in
"f II ynnmlto In ti house 1,1 South v|f,.ljlo „ _,„  „.,,.,,   ,„ |lonV(,n>B „.„„,..
s,„,  frnnclsco, when   nil  but. ono or ,     ,            f t,       .,..„  bnttlo_hi.it. nf
- ™» "","' «tiU "'"."" ''*":' , I'"; presenl  building, will, tholr hum' cosl
wrapped   m   burlap,  nnd  nil  covered |'  ■' ,   »„„,•,„„",„	
uver   ..iiii  n  tarpaulin  thnt Lore the
mm f iho maker,    11" Idontlnod it
A .."imiii rushed exeitedl} iniu the
-. ograpl ulli " nl Yunkers mid iol.I
the operator thnl her huslinud hml gone
lo Now York :,, Im. 11 haulier I'.-r the
Sim.tny school   i-ln-s.    I   -ho   hml   I'm
gotten tn lull him Hi" inscription I'm'
iln- liniiimi; nl-". lum Illl go 11" bllllllel
should bo.
Then -I." -"ni im- telegram, ml
dressed to hm' husband nt ihr plnce
wh"'" Uiu 1.iiniu■!' wn- tu li" purchased:
•• Dear Charles: Unto us 11 child is
bom. Bighl foot long and in,, feel
wide. MAlMlAitKT.
-1   "n.   repurts,   t! <■   husband,   who
(i.i,-ni courage to return horn
I;   -"si-  lb"  jn.v.-ri 111   about  $71
luss  pcr  pupil  nt   ll"-   Carlisle   school
thnn   ll     lur,   for   III"   ".Im 11, loU   of   lh.
Indian ni  "ilu'i  nou-resi rvi t."" cstab
lis] nt-.     'I'lir averng -1   for    11
year fur a Btudi nl is si:,l.      Ami fm
over}    dollat      ihnl    llm    govommonl
s| Is   iii   odtlcating   him     "'    In 1     ill"
stiidoill   returns ul -i   ilu-  lull  value
In   mu ,1   labor nr in -ululil"  1norcl11.11
diso  uinl   Is  the I'i nit  uf his  labor.    In
ib" vusl majority of eascB H" Iniu."
reliiltilis whut Carlisle lots uuide Iiiui
iiii  111,'u.iiin is uml  useful  in, inlii-i   -i
iii" , imunlty, knowing nml full.mini;
u trado, nml exemplifying hi- bollot iu
il>.  doctrine ,.r tbo illgnltj  of labor,
up keep '   Mottling  is  |u
focted in n day, nud lho siibinariiia
A uiiitiiimont ciimiiieintiiiiting Ihe
union uf Brittany with France ny tho
marriage of th" l>urlioss Anno in Hhi
In Charles VIII. wns unvcllod n fow
duys -inn ul Kenims amid popular ro-
joii'inos. 'file niuiiilinelil, whicli is of
iiii eltiboratu cltarnctor uml contains
many Breton uml French figures in thr
costumes nf the period, hns been erect ■
oil iii 11 niche in llm Hold do Vlllo,
where formerly slim,I n stnluo of I.onis
XV., whicli wns iloiiiolishoil iu 1703 liy
llm Itovoltttlonnries, In the contro is
the King of Prance with liis crown,
stooping In oiubi'mo lbo DucIiobb Anne,
v In, wears the voluminous Broton coif
of Ihul. period. II nppoors Hint Ihe
Breton "Particulnrlsls,' nm] cBpoclal-
ly Ihe innfr-ili inilios of Ilu- ll-nuls uml
Druids, protcstod against llm Bymbollo
featuroB of llie monument, which make
,       .,  1 ,,,,    1,,. as   yol   'ur   Irnni   is   fiiuil   stngo,       Nu
US    """     he      huu    lu"- ,1  tiuilglil    "} , ,, ,.,
,     ,,. ,,,,.    ,i„,     ,„., , liiiiL-or   nre     hose   erull.   considered   us
:\,„r-    Z0  °SW    for   the "*lS «I»-"   Who, -r  thoy   r I,
,,,r   ior   th,.   dollvory   of   Ihe   dy anything liko porfool  thoy will hnvo i\ni I Brit y seek tho protection
o"n"A.i"i,st 1*0 n .nn.. "'ll:.v lo.    Ami finally wo  found wh"'," »wepl  nil  Inrgor craft   iplotely  uff „f pn    rather than nu n ico on
-f,  McOraw'  1   I  Beon   Moreharl        M. B. Bn ' hnd boon rooming, too; the sons, equal terms.     ManlfoBtooB wero ssuod,
Portland,  mi  -  '   I   whol  1 pile,    "ui we could loam nothing uf him. ,s       Hrenay a Busalan onginoor has pro and  demenstrntionB woro feared)  but
„„ ,,i,mulv ..:,,, I un ii-                   epl  H.I. he wna apparently wilh tbo pared dotulls nf n erinsor which can the proceedings, which Included an Ills-
n.n-hiiM- "V "i." hundred qn   ts,    1 he   Inl'or   in ons, mu. ids,, tlmt Im wm, lh,- ho totally submerged w thin Um spi  turn' nngennt, apponr so lur lu hnvo
„",.,! he snid innqunrrj  '                     mir nf ih,   throo.   Ono thing that ol tnran miiii.tos-iiiid this vosbo! hus passed off according to tho programmo.
'In.        It     "ni iy   lull ■" I   in}   l.ll     i.i,   Ki.ir.sh".I
mi; nfler  mn  n-   ngnliisl  11    Tno fool  "I   lho hoe
nine  nil sweeping   nm: In.,I.on off uml II uiimbll spill
1111   earthquake   I mnnngod lo avoid Fulling but led t.
' hoi I' mi    pood' nith un 11.ill for Finn
I," piinl"    .lull      ['inii I  :i uni  niii.l.'iil.
.imi, 1 con "   1  n Factor with "I        Untiling brimkors wilh ,, lirukoo ...
mi u snowy -'loop, uml  iu 1,—' ihu" 11   i" im im: w.iii ,1 In,'i,"I, ■ kee nn, skruu
I In.l   yurilB   1   wn    going   like  Ihe  gle« ul   -I   diirntlon    'Ihr slide did
wind,    l''.u- Um li"! quurtor uf 11 mil" 1   slira   duwu,  und su closely  did   11
I"    III,     upper    ""'I    nl'    Hi"    glllcll,    Will    crowd    "'"    lllftl,    tl gll    tllO   ,rn..h:,.:.
smooth const ing, und down Hn- I bIhiI, m   tree    us   n   struck   thom   down,   1
wilh  lh" avitliinclio,  e l-lulled   wltl Id   hem   Ihu   rocks   nnd     plintoroi
-nun.I11-.1.   111   ihi-."   pursuit,    A   rueo timbsrs  in   il-  muss grinding togothei
I,,: in',- nu- 1111. und 11. id ling ilgninsl obstructions ovm
Thu gulch down which 1 1 t go bo which il    wept,   Tin mis, and 0}
gun nm, 11  rooky gorge nml continued   Ing. broke nlu   cried in nm " l-'.t.,,
downward,  nn   m ous   U-shnpod  .1" erl  ' and  ns  I   Blurted  In deseond :."
pn-  betwoon high 11 lain ridgos. """'i steep ."'.in,"". 1 Ihrow nway mi
lloro uml  il  il  oxpiindoil nml  Hull 'tnlt 111 1  "h 1   ,". '     I  • '"i'i.   Hi"
contracted,   nml   ii   nn-   broken   with   ,l"'"'1   '■'"'■  -1 ■  dodged  nnd   rouudu.1
granite crngs uml  iih-.    II   nn-  pilod ;l cliff, turned  awkwardly  into  Asp,-"
 I   bristled   nith   nm   thoiisnnd   lire Oiilcli, nnd tumbled  heels     hold
killed ir.',-.   To ."i.-i Ibrough ull these into snfety.
stiiiw ,'lml   obstructions   ul   brenk-iiock ''I"'11 ' picked myaoll  up, to aa. tin
s, I   would   In-  taking Iln-  maximum slide  ;;" by  within  twouty  i",.i., witl
numlier   of   lifo-iiud-denth   chnuces   ill '--"■'«  broken trees sticking out of iti
Ihu  ininiinu mil   uf  time.      Th" "l'l". :l11,1 :' suow-cloud dragging alwv.
worst  of il  nil wns thnl   I  had  novor
been   through   the   placo.      Ami   bad a TACTICAL BLUNDE_
enough,   I'm,   nn-   Ihr    fuel    thnl    llm ,,                 ,
,        ,                ,.         ,,     ,  ... It   was   not   iiii   minor mi    "usu.   In"
luleo Hiiu-i hi from iho lelt nml com- ,,               ,                               ,    ',.
, 7 ,    . . ,   .    ,                  ,. ,,        1 , Ihe vi.unn lawyer wns uiimiuis tn hIuui
I'li'i'h Im   ih" beg n "I Um gulch. ,,., ■     ,,,'.,        .       1  - ,    .,
',',,, .11 •   .      .■   W Inn   u      list      hi'l"   slop,,01     illto   tlu
A-     sin   across Hm lowor point "t , ,.   . .   ,",,
., , , 1 i-   n        . box  11   diiumiilivo  oil   ut ol hows  ,im .!
I m ridge, nliiuit    o plutio" bhmllv int., ,,,,., ,       3   ,
,, ,   .,        ,'     .■  ., i.i... Hie     dcndoi      honeh      hi-    chaneo    hi"
tiie gorge, I thought "I  lho possibility' „._.„
of becoming entangled in Hn- hedge like '',,.'.
thickets  of   dwarfed,   gnarled   tiinbor-
line tioos.    I nl- rcnlixod Hint I might
dash  ugninsl  11 cliff or plunge into n   |)(
deep riiiiiiu.   uf courso I inighl Btriko     ,,v„„
,,    ,   , 1 mi     -i-i   lonl   about-   - un,    .
an upon wuy. Inn certain   I was thai I  ,„.
'"!"1'   "'" -'"l'-  ' 7,'" ' '", h['*-" ,"";s;     "Thii.'s about 1,11. mi.tor."
,,.  tho gorge, nor toll  whut  I should     ..w|„„ d ,.,||it,r j ,„
strike when I -hot over ih,; ml"".            ..-.'eytber,    Nnwt much."
It was a soeoud of most ii.tense con       ..|,0CR„.t   ,,„   ,,„        ,      „   „,,,,
crii   ;i>   I   ili'.-lii'.l   tlic   rillffa   iiiitnllv   lo ,          .,      ..      ..    ,,,
,       ,       ,   ,            .I, Iut 1 tin* (imiiiv;
•j..  iniu  wunt   ay  in-low  mul  bey I. ..*_,,.,..,,,    '   ...
...     .      .■     .  ,    ,,     .    , * "l^oiiu-tlines.     I*.
Ii w.-is like leaping uit*» ihe dark, uml         .       ,    ...
.     , .   , , , . . ,, 1 111 *,,       .1 "'I      al l_il I II       I I K .'
witli t if   fait 111 rn 1 nlt "ii t if all r.-vral ., ., ,..    .,,,
,. ,        ..I,.       -.      .1 "All!        I In- voiinu luirn*;ti'.r iw»\h„;
■    ,   t-        ,.   ,,■ .      ,.   ,    'Aa a mnttcr «.i  (act, ytnir iai,liiir 1.  ,
was    111-1    timi'   lo    tnll   in\'-rl!    tuPClllOr   , .. .-,. ..
ior   a   forty odd root   Icnp  ucross    >.  ,   *,.. fi
arm   of   tin*   horse.liac* shuped   end   of    '.'.., ,-.  .      ,   ,
.        ,. "All .iti 11 ti<-!      iirawlr,   .,n    tlm ffKil1
1I1.'   ittirift-,     In   all   mv   wil,     it piiMitaiti     .,-41  I,.      -     ■ I.      . .       JA
.... 1   ■•Mcbiio   >■ \<. mcbnc   .- isn t,      4nv
shir .-oast-, na *.l,ir-, nf\fi* !ia\f  I  Kiied ,    ,. .-      .,,*,
ns swiftly us „■    1  this  mn.l "»?.• ,**" * k  l"111 *',»,jrSoM      '   '
Hi.,:.    A'-   I   -hn,   throngh  Hm  un.   I s,"rl   ,l""  "I0 J"r>'
Iiiui  .'   -Iiai|.~i- down  into the pointed,
-now la-l-n  topn -f a   few  tall   Rrtreen ON THE LONE TttAIL
t Im I wero firmly rooted iimon« the rockn      |,  WOll in t!u. |mcitWooda 0f (laraa,!..
in  tho  bottom  of thc  gorge.    Luckily tlmt   ti. ..   Kiigti.hmnn   .*-■_   m^
I   rl011n.1l   tli.'  norge  nnd   landed   in   a ,,,,„, |m,| ^ettloil down.    Hm rarul/ «ii-.
good place; but bo narrowly .lul I mi- (|ie-.  .,.,. „  rrci\,  ,.,,.,.. lim| ovon whei
I tlio eoruci   of  a  t-lltl   thai   nr.   A\m\u „   stranger did  rham-o to call  it wni
collided with it. iilwnyn   late   at   night;   in   tho   e*rh
There wa- no iniu- to bid farewell '." morning ho would I*.* away  a-^iin.
|fearn whon tha slide startod, nor to on       Mo littio Johnny hail to i-ontoit bi-
tertjiin them while run ning awaj   i'o-,: >.-!i    with   Ims   own   amuHoiuout--   aio:
it.    hmtinet put nie to flight; the aitun Hml   out   oxeitomont   Tor  himsolf    By
1  -.'t mv wit- working at their bent, tij• -   time   lie   wan   foui   yonra   old   hi
ami c started, I could noithcr stop knew  the namoa of rlozons  of aumnii.
tor look  bail;; and so thick and  last and lord-. Imt  very little about humai
did  obstruction, and daiigom   riao  be nature.
tore  mo that   only dimly and   hidden       One -lay  he -aw a st range, unttBOWi
tally   did   I   think   of    the   "n routing rreaturu   iip|troiuliiiif>   In-   homo,       IJ■
dan get behind, ivatrhed   it   until  it   caino  i|uito  **>*<
1  eamo down on tin* fnrthor side of and now  there neemed Koiuothiog ram
the  gorge,  tu  glntico  forward  like  an ilinr about ii.    Ilo turned ami rai, wild
arrow.    Thore  was  nnly an  iustani  io with cxeitciucul,
Hliape mv course and direct  my Ui-^lii      ""li  mummy,  look!    l^uiekl   linr**- -
aerom   the   Forond  arm  of the   _" -•■-      finiiy   ll   ■ lil c farver couiingl"
over which I leapt irom n high [dace,      li  wa- ihe woim! mnn In- had
Failing   fnr   nlmve   U;«'   -now iiiuutled
in.-  and   bouldera   ia   Ilo-  1.1.It.'ii;.     M .
-.■n-.,- wore keenly ulert, and 1   i i DH
hei   aot icing  ' lie  phadoM •   ■■!      .•   llr
lit .--   on    I I-i-   H lull-   - lo-w    and   In- n in;;
i\lul.* -iii! In tin* ait* tin- braie, eheerj
not oh of *i rhickadee; then tlu    ."••> lide
oi,   my   (rail,   h--   li   i'i   Illl   I   -'iilli   ui   a
ii ■ ■    behind,   plunged   mi"   tl rgi
With   :i   I I In ing   <    ;i   h.      I   i 111110   I* '   '■
l,t th.- hiiiih on the lowor -ol.-, ami
went -1! i in mi in.* down tho ***la|'*- wilh
tlo- -loi,* nnly a fow neeondii bohmd.
I'lirti.nal.lv   must   ,,l   I ln<  t'allfii  mail
un .,t trucH wero burled, though a few
brokou lltnbi poopod thruugh lho snow
to Minn or trip mo, llow 1 ovor dodged
my way through tho thickly Htaiiding
treogrowtha is ono foature ol ihe ox
norionco that was ion swiit lur rccol
ifrt ion. iVumoroua factorn prooantod
thoniBolvoi which should have dono
much to dispel mental procrnstlnation
and dovolop decision. Thoro woro
nco res ui nrogrc-Rlva propoBltlomi tu
dm-idf within a tvw Bocondfl! Bhould I
dodgo that tiff on tin- lofl sido uml
dm I undor low- limbs just beyond, or
dodgo tu tho rlghl nnd Kcrnpc thnl
pita ul" ruckiif ThonOi wiih my spood,
remilrcd instant deciaioii ami notion,
With nlmoat uncontrollablo rapidity
I shut uul into a "mall, iifiuly level
glacier mondow, ami had a brlof cost
irom swift doclalons and oncoming dan
gurs,     How*    iflif \ .'d    my    Wpliry    brain
i*li. with nothing tu docido nboul dodg
in«! As though stnrvod for thought
mnii'iial, I wondered i'' thoro woro wil
lows Imrlod beneath Hn* anow, Sharp
[mlhs in my lofl hand oompulled at
toutlon, aioI shower] my lofl arm drawn
tightly ugnlnal my broasl with lingora
and thumb uproar] to ihe ful lost, nml
all their muscles teilRO,
Tho lowrr odgo uf tlm meadow was
I'i i i . ull '■• Bt ion has been rais.*d froil
a   production   oi   1,000  tuns  in   1883  t.
t  than 500,000 Inns In  IfltO.    Thori
is sn much I t sugar territory i» th.
United States that if unly ono uero it
fifty wi m- planted with boota oai.
ovory   four   coora  the    onllrn   Unite,
States domnud ior -wj);  |*j bo "-mi
1 ■■ ing   ■ -  i'i.   spuria)   murk   ot
progc ■ u buildiii: bubmnrina vmmIi
now.    Tho Salmon woul down l-M f«o)
r illy,  ull   I'rml.'ti.'.*   Island,  ;ntt   ro   i
mailift     nt     thai   depth   tWQJity    nur   '
aim os I blockadou with a donso growth | ran twolvo milcs
Thoro is in oxlatonco a vi-ry no-doot (■
mun who, though now poacofullj on
ployod,   has   iii   liis:   dny   icon   t-.ght.ui_
in   many   parts   nf   tin*   globo.        Mi
frlondfl know this ami Inst- nu oppnr
tuu ity   to  draw   him   nut    am-ut    hus
thrilling   war   ndvonturoo.     Itut,   tlu I
vftrraii's   modesty   is   siirh    lhat    bis!
tales are man* thnn likely tn hu. eolor   /
less nnd disappointing,   Onco sowu ol hf
his friends cornered liim and by artful f
BllbtorfllgOfl       led       tlle       COIIVOIWltloll   J
strniglll up to a certain battle, in which J
as   Ihey   knew,  the   veteran   had   par
tlcipnted.     In  a   moment  of  earoJont,
iiess he allowed  himself tu be tra|>p«n ,
into statement- roganltng that, battle.
Wlioroupon, noting that he had warm
ed In the B-bjoet, nne of hirf fricmi-
BUildonly said: " Vuu were in thai
ball If, weren't yout" "Yes," run f
fosBod the veteran, mm h eiutiarra un-i
••Tell iis aboul your oxporioucon onj
thnl dny," commanded one of th. j
gathering, There was a breathln^|
sileiiif. The lighter naw Ihem wjh m-'i
way out nf il. "On Mint, dny," li.]
ne-: in sl'iwly. "at. a consorvntlvo Mtil
al."    all leaned forward O&gOfly- "ij
in   I ii ..I .a,   in'. I._   ' ' .r ' CinijMW'ACK D'REE PRESS
Whut Ho Owes to Zain-Bnk
Mt   (!. K. Hunforil, of Woaton, Kings
.;„.,  N.H., u Jtistl i' tho  I'l'ium for
llm I'.minlv, nml n llonoOU of llm I'.n].
tint Church in Dorwiok, snysi "I hnvo
ibo.I '/um llul. I'm piles nml I'uitnil il
i splendid roi ly,    It  eurod  nm."
Mr. Thomus Poat'Boii, ul' Prluoo Al
hort,  Bnsk.,   writosi   "1   must   thunk
vnll    I'm'   Um    lum,'lit    I    hni'O    ri'i'i'ivi'il
from tin- uso of Bnni link. I.n-t sum-
■nur 1  hnd u fovor, which lofl   nm  with
pllos.    I  Btartod lu us" Zuiii-Uuli   I
found it gavo mo rollof, bo I continuod
with   it.     Al'li'r   using   Ihri ■   four
imxiw il. I'll'i'i'tcil ii comploto euro.
/.nm link will also Im louud a sure
■ure fur mil,I sun's, chuppod hilinls,
irnsl, hit,-, ulcors, ccnoma, bloodpolBon,
i-arieosa sinus, sculp sines, ringworm,
iilliiniiitl patches, hnblos' oruptloiiB utul
hii|i|M',l placos, ,'tits, burns, bruisos,
md uKin injuries gonernlly,    All drug
(IstH llllll slum's s.'ll ul ."Ul". luix. nr
uml.   I'd-"   I'l'imi   Xlllll Hill,   I'n.,   Tiironto,
ipon roeolpl ni |iii,".    . nn nn- um "".I
Igninst  hiiriul'ul  jmilnl inns  nnd    ul. I
tuton.   Sou th" registered natne "-unt
lint " nn ,..,',.  imekuge hefure I.iivIiiii,
A Fight With Ocean Man-Eaters
Amlri'w Anderson, tlm tollor nl' this
lul", wont In sen when nothing bul a
Ind uml thoro imblbod llm lit" lossons
which most folk letirn iishuro. II"
stoutly mnlntaliiB Unit Im sw-niu woll
boforo ovor hi- was uble lo walk, nml
for this ho is thankful, bul novor more
wisely su limit one morning many yeurs
ago, 'when, with u Bplush uml ll lung
quick swallow, he louud himsolf abrupt
Iv lifted from Ihu Melton's bow und
suddenly dippod in the blue, lieuulil'iil
West hi.linn sun. Allilorson will un
lunger vouch I'm- Ihe truth nf nil Ihul
fulluwi'il, Imlii'ving his Liuagluatiou in
Im nl I'nillt. lull Ihnl Im wus wushml
ovorboard whii" noaring si. Vlncont.
llm lug of llm Mi'llnli will show, nn.l
if proof In- immh-il ihul somohow, some
whore, thla buiiio man Anderson wus
again pn l-i'il up nli\" that, saya the
Now York llorald, ivns ubunilnutly ru
vi'uii'ii by tlu- iintnsplrod prosouco of
th"   "hi   f llm son n  fow  days
I...     \ii-i, r..ii wu- doing u Imil 'In '■
I liily m flnlveaton, nml 'I'he I lor
nl.l  i mi'".piimli'iit   uu-.  i,uu I,   i-i  take
iiilvnntiigi' "f ihi-. lui'li]   linn,    lii.liir
..li     ".:, .    loipilt, i"i"'. A ,1.1,' I   "ll     ivns
Ihiiil.,"..    ,1,,'pli    nl   lh"    pilBt,    uml   II
 I".I  iii. ' iriigemenl  tn I If I"
II   I ,.i     I nl       .,■  . ..I.I  In .  Willi  II tlVlsl
nf  lh" lung, grti..   henrdi
ti  was four ii'el.ii I  iiii'i'iini", un
nun.    Ul"   Mill,ni,   nlnm.  nn      Inn   lll'illg
relieved, I . !..,.i... I thriiugh ,.   llm
n ■  . .lum  h.H. I  n, smell iln- fresh
nir nml jnjl  indod mj toll Hun hero
IV,   .    >||||     :n -I    "i-i i  "-  ui"l   lit'"'. ■  ih ii
nil .1 in .',   I.i . r   .        Til",    llllll"        [II
Hi ,•  nl   III"   "inI   nl   n   ■ poll   in   Hn
We im-.in tin- kind of cough It gives
one a cold shiver jusi to heat ilu- dry,
deep-seated bach back Intel Mint
'.*-i-i,i*i m, il it were h iring tl"' ver)
vital*. Tliat'a Hi" I.nul nt cough Uml
means business.
fortunately, though, Hi u Is nl ,i one
of tlie kinds of cough for wblcb Nn-Dni-
Co Syrup nf Unseed, Licorice nud hold, uml I wm. iu lh" hiil.il nf going
Chlorodyne wns first prcscril-ed, und '"" deck i" drink mine, We won, iu
whicli It lias been relieving witli great n heavy gith thai day, uml Hm crash
promptness nnil regularity ever since.      of Ihe wnvos ilgninsl tlm si.l". tlm sling
Nn-„rn-CoSyritpofI,inseod,Licorice   ol  lho   uh spray  in Hi" fuco,  I the
and Cbloroilyne Is absolutely free from ! u.i.. nngry, i-mldliig cloud exhiln
hnriiiliil <t, i" ; nt .it.-,- Luiii, nud is safe    rated Ine,
even for children.   Itisplcnsnnttolake, ]     With my eu]  hand  I  leaned
inil.ulsqui, l.lv, relieving the irritation, ' ivi-r H". mil watching tlm wuter Mirgi'
loosening the phlegm,  promoting ex- ! 'ml ro  .    I stood in Icownrd. Budilcn
peclnrntinll, uml BO Slopping llie COUgll,
fhoiisaiul" ih ' 1 ireil lobe tlie best cough
syrup tin v h ive ever tried.
Your Druggist will glndlv recommend     nil,  rhiiiig  -I i   from  U a.      1
It, end will supplyyon witheithcrft35c. ! doried in ii for n frneti i n second;
or 50c b.ilili'.   The National Drug &
Chemical Co. of Canada, I.united.   116
mil. i lift".) lh.
essel high abovi
■I  almost   like  i
Thsy jiaiii too mucli.      Porhnps  you
.live triad this, lliu! uml li till
•ily you still have thom. Vou do "",
'Xporiinei,! wlu'ii ymi in" i'ulnnni 'a
Pair—aes   Corn   -xtructor.   In   twouty-
Oil     h'.«:s   11 nu',   -   i-     "\ ,'■!.   I n
i day or two you are rid ni thou. i""i
utd bra-eh. Keep th" namo in sighl
becMM it tolls tlm story. Putnnni's
! ■:,i uf-aun Corn Extractor.   Sold by drug
..-ists, ..!-,• 25c.
■ .c.r>.'JA-!r   ■ -'-.v.*' ' ^^
■__$__■« **>°
,t_XllOH WHO-
Dr.Mattel's Female Pills
Pr-s-pHrf**! ;u*r.i roeommonded tor wotnon'i ail-
mwto, .i st-i-titiltcnlly prc-p'tiTtl romi'tly of
;iruvm. -.■orth Tlie rcinlt frum their list* ia
tulct. vtwi i* i,i,,,:,i i/. i'ot sale at -til dint
Ohilliwack,   British    Culumbia
The Qardou of im . In the foinoai Kraaer
VtsWrng    VMnnni farming nnd fruit I nml in th"
•rorU.  (irlffot  unknown. ll.C.  Kloetric Ity
frooi TMM»n.nri C.N.U. tmnnrontinontnl nml
■;i   r-Uribrrn  i.nil.lii.ir   Chilliwack  «  mod.rn
115    w_t-'*»t.rks.  eloctrto light,  .tc.    Croon
Paradtoo -I...  frost,  no  run*  1111111111*.'   snow
Vfrlir   11    T.   li Iliin.l.   St-i-v     Board . of
ti--   Ohflllwnck, for nil Information   I U-
■if.  i«-4(*_   «*t<*     TURN  Cn.Mi;
Th. Arnctt ItlStltUt. Ir.al, lha lV.lir.l-;
r-i tli- 1IAUIT. and ;-:; . -."y cutaa
the. most hopeless looking case. In lour to
«trtU weeks. Write lor [.roofs, references
•j—iniormatloii to 12 I
1 dipped. A mound tit
.,., n mul eold, swuslmii DVor
th" iii.l" tin,] deck. 1 wn- roughl and
twist,"! nml wrenched. I felt myself
sweeping away  from  lh" vessel. Sum,'
mvsii limn fore ■ dragged m twnward
iiii I thought my luuns would Imrsi
with th" holding "I my breath, Tho
twisting und turning .iiz/'md mo; thon
as suddcnlv 1 wn- -Imt upward uml
Ihiashod   wildly  ul I   ut   Hi"  snrfi.ee
nf   til"   Will"!'.
Rolling through luu sons, u heavy
Murk nnil dragging low over Inn stem,
Um Melton was pouudiug along under
full   spood.     Al    li s    I    COUlll   M'"   lh"
propeller  ru. nl   churn   the   water,
which il nnly hull' elutehod. I knew
Hm nolso it wus making uml llm grinding nf H acblnery, yet  I  foolishly
muted breath *shoutlng nnd yelling nt
iln- tup nf iny voice. It wns Um frenzied, unthinking Btreugth-waBting nf
u madman, nml when tlm lirst shock
of my catastrophe hnd pusse.l I began
tn collect my thoughts. The',- wns lillle us,. I., yoll.   I  hnd si I entirely
alono un tli" deck. Nun,- would niiBS
nn- I'm- uu linilr ur uinl". un.I thero wus
mn Um slightest .huii." uf tlm Cnptnln
putting I'ii"!:. mil for III" 111'" "I' ii
coal passer Inst mum could l"ll how
long   in Uml turbulent sea.
Hoing un nl,I sailor, I carefully I'd
lowed Hn course of the vessel uml I
knew tlmt we weie nbont twu hundred
miles from land. In n calm sen I
would perish heforo making quarter nf
lh,- ilictunoo. Ulaek us the sky sci mod
mv chnnccs for r.-s.-ut-, uml th" sii'l.i'in
Ing thought nf whu' I mi-lit endure
in n prolonged struggla fnr life tomptod
111"   In   |;il"   up.   in  cml   il   nil   Illl.l   SUV0
llm  augllisll   of  thirsl    I   hunger nnd
...III nml gradual death.
vm ih,. tonic uf llm "uld snlt-watqr
stimulated  mo nml   I   struck  uut  dil
In  less.    | roasonod Unit  If rausl  bo
u "inuil lish, Ind. tlm nn.eh .'hilled my
snld. II gavo nm ll flirelnste nl Hi"
grimsnnm BCOUO whiidl would follow
llm end uf llm Btrugglo.
Tlmn thoro wus uu uiimislnliiilil",
vi.'iiius nibble ut my hool. 'I'lm frightful st-nvi'iigi-rs nf Ihe suit woro uot ovou
tn   wnil    fur   my   donth.    The   lish   or
i stor,   whatever  il   wns,   thnt   hml
nil,hi", ul my foot wns tint, u lur;;" OUO,
from ih" fi'i'l nf th" cold, rasping
mouth. I klckod viciously uml fright.
i-iu-.l il away, Thon il' wns Ihul I
hlcssod lh" Buporstition which hud led
ni"  in  rotul y   Irousora nl  llm  ox-
pi'ii-" nl' u litil" physical fotiguo. lu
tIleus wns ii grenl i-Iiisj. linile, lurge
enough in ho n formidable wonpoii
ngnln -t man or boast.   K teklng st rong
I..  I p  mysolf afloat,  I   mniiugad  lo
wrench upon lho ugly liludo nml waited
lur Hm return uf th" horror I wn suro
\'. "iihi .'inii,..
Vi ul h   'In,! I'   m i .
i nun.im.I slimy, wriggl., Bldos bIosu-
lllg :. ,:i " l ni". Tin- l.-iiui uf sns-
p  i""  wi"    ,i un-,-  In   t'.if  I llllll  Ihe II, I uul
""inuil imil ii"in. Thon something
ihu.i.i,,I, will, u Inn motion, ngninsl
nn nl... uml I would nu Imi hm" heen
I.iiliu.    I   shuddered     >   Ihnl   I   could
-i nn'.'lv     ii in
\ grenl hlneli brown body lumbered
tn i he in nu-,- 'ui i nhoiul nt in" .-..i.t
I ..iin. I, mil with 'in l.iiif". Al Hm
Illl "i lanl :i liii ih" puin ."Imi up
tny lefl log nml vibrated up my spin .
rhiiuethliig hnd grlppod Ilu- llesh jusi
.il">." Hu- .-iiiiil" uml wus pulling in-
il n "ih.    I doubled iu Ihe wnler uml
 dl n  torriflc blow  with  th" Itnlfi.
I h ■ steel  snnl.   Into Bomothiiig, whii h
wriggled  fr if llm I'ln.In uml swum
uwuy, h u i iug ii iluil. dispersing trail
nf red in it" wnl,"
Hungrily I s.'iiiiim'i the horizon for
th"  smoke  "I  u   ."--"I   or  th"   sunlil
uii.i ' ii -nil.    I Bhrlokod uml cullod
.ilinnl.   nml   cursed   Hi"   mun   wim   hml
ite lined i way In loavo   there to die,
in I.,- eaten alive.   A .-lul iy si,I"
hroughl nu. lu mv boi    S horri I
live thing of llm s,-u hn.l linn llm llesh
under my nrinpit. I was Inn lut,- with
th" I.nit", utul iu u si'i'und I full auother
nililil" ul my lu;,-. I thrashed nml
kicked wildly, screaming with fuur nml
paia. lulu something Bolid tlm knifo
l.it. and th" contact nf ii steadic I mo
:i  Ill'l,-    uii.l   iforted    in.-.      Wh,.ii
thero wu- something physical to fight
it  wus uol  su bad.     When there wus
;' .-In  In givo nml ink", part nf tlm
horror nt' tlm thing wns dispelled,
Just tu th" right nf um I heard u
.swishing and thrashing, Beforo I
"Ul'.lil turn tn fight there wus u great
spiny Idni'k Iin. cleaving the wuter in
n while streak. As I wns iii lh" very
ml nf striking nut with Hm knifo the
liu disappeared beneath llm surfn. u. ll
hn.l beon "lining in ii straight lino for
ni".  uml   th,.   terror  uf  thus,,   ironllko
-pikes made i Iiini, uml climb, Irving
in throw my body up into the nir. I
eould mil dodge. Th" black fin tore
my llesh. uml excruciating uuin doubled
i lum-!   intu ii knot.      I  believe it
wiih u slunk Unit wounded nm
nr this much nf the story Anderson
remains very sure, nml it is uuiy ihul
n-hich now follows nf which he is nt
nil in doubt. Strangely enough, he
-uv s:
Dimly bencnth llm water, I saw another grenl hulk .Inrling ul me. I
dived in dodge it. Tlm whii,. of Hie
great lish's belly glistened iu lh. sun,
uml I snw my chnaee. Kicking up-
ward with ull Hi" force of mv legs, 1
drovo slrni-ht nl him. Tho force of
■u\ body shooting toward tin- snrfneo
uml nil the strength nt' arm uml
sh,-ul.Ier wu- behind Hu- blow I dealt,
uml the knife sank clear tn the hilt in
th" -nil llesh nf Iln- inonsti r.
.Mi. weapon wm- i-rcnehcd iilnmsl
ii'iim my Iinnii, but I "lum: tn il ties-
poratoly. ll wu- my mi,, hope of sal
vatlon, uinl I would drown in Ihe effort  t.i extriente it  rather ll  let ii
from  tuv guts,,.      Mv  life wuiil.l  nut
oll'ectlvoly. uml woundod him, bul oi	
    li" returned,     Onco :ih  I  lunged
nl   him   li i„   nn   iiiiii,   nml   I   wns
lift-Bid Ihul h" hn,| disablod it, Imt Hi"
light coiitii I      W" closed wilh oach
Othor,   Iilnmsl    liko   nii'lh'l's.    Ill"    lish
biting nml thrashing, I diviug nml
twisting and slashing with llm  kuii'o.
At lollSl toll Hums I struck iiuiii" Infill-" th,- Bond waa finished. Thon 1
gluuleil ii- Un- lifoloss body lloutod
Hours I hml corlaiuly boon in tho
water, uud I could mil' bring mvself
I"  boilovc  thai   days hnd  not   passed.
quiot, but
Beef Hides
-I   I Nllll.1 1 .'<.        111. all."I        I        .--llti'    ,\       um.         , -. ... ,.       . , ,    , , ...       ■
gently,     soinewhnl      preserving     tlm   "' "<"«' "''I',.".","1   "'," **-**'° "
warmth nf mv body bv cleaving through  '"' /' «"■      ""> «»■' l»™cd on his back
,1m wm,-,-.   Si,,,-,- childhood Hm water :n"l.':,r'''' ' '"J'0"-1' "'•' <""•»* •'*-,'
hn.l been as home in nm. I hnd never ';'"''" ,'•'''.■ J »»» • roggod hull
renehed Ihe limits of my endurance in   lrn»im.l. after it.     At times I was al
-ivi, ng, nml fm- what wus probably   ' ''■«"■ '"   he wator, then again
Ihe lirsl hour in Ihe sea I sllllered little ™> I"' ''"' l""l"r '<»" }"'. ™H -"°«
physical hardship. The tossing of Um » "■l""11 »" ":''," V" ,"',':" ,,l"|,"""1
waves  made  It hard  to  breathe,  Imt  ster d veil, nnd J thought that nil wns
my muscles did nol tiro.   .   -   - ovo,r' '"" '"'. , "'" ""'}' imP KnU\'
When  I  fell iiverbnnrd  I  wns "hid iu ■;'"■' '"-"' !!«ilMI "hell my lungs were nil
iruusers   nml   shoes.       The   shnes   we."   »«     "nrstin-J   from   III"   sir,,,,.
nol lined uml il wns eusv  tn kick them ' ,  '   '""•",   \"V   "f«» /'^W" , "    "l"
nil'.    The   iruusers   wuuld   hnve   slipped   drcd yards heforo the km e pulled I re...
from me ,. but wilh a funlish. lurk   nn.l, battered and lncoratod, I was nl-
ing thoughl thut thev wuuld help pre "VV"' '" ,'''"1- ,P1"u'l' ?n' ,""1 "P'-".
serve   n,v    wuriull,    I'dreuded   tu   nut M'1"1   tor"    ln*,'   »1'1"'      .'    **"*», •»"   l,11"
ll  nw'iiv.    ll wus Billy nnd iu.-x. us   'Irowned, nnd the ben ing nnd thrush
uld,-. bill  li<t.r il  pinve.i mv salvation.    "«  "'   ""'  lra,lll"'  K5dJr '.''. '"'*' '''"'"'■''
I liii.l hoard of a man adrift clinging ■'-•'' '"'• ,"1'; nn;l BtliT.     I hud nol re
in his gm s wiih almost n Bupor- F   "" l"''"111 wll«"i "l,ll"nl ***»*<?•
stitloua bleu thnt he would be wuriiiei I "'i'- '""'■■ K;<" " f™*" ngninsl my side
uml hn.l Inughod nt him, yol whon mv i ''"<■   ''<•':< '  '" .l,M""'"  »*'«"*'  bono  in
lime ,•    I   .•lung  slnliluiinlv  tu  ||,'„ l u'>   bud..       I   thmiehl   in.   bn.k   was
slllli" belief. Ilesi.les, il seemed I hill' .""'',"", ,""1 ' bebine Hint bluw imnrly
wilh   Ihe  luss  nf  mv  trousers   I   Would   OnllllOll me.      I sunk ut  lensl  Imt
se.,-, mv btsi connection with mankind   -V* '"■"^ "' ,}"' "It-wilor In my nos
nnd   with   the  life  uf  the   world.    I'llll   !n- ""'   ', h"k""-  rovlvctl  itjO, uml
ynu  believe Ihul   Ihey  fllrnishe.l n   feel     .' »*M|q*l".l   pnlilnig  I subbing for
ing nt' cotnpnnionshlpf   In some wny
which I nm nut psychologist onough tn
CXpllllll Ihey linked um In llm life uf
-Ml tills lime the cimrvtiling iiuiii 0
nf the water wns tiring me, uud I bo-
gun   In   kuuw   fatigue.   (Muscles   thnl
hml  I It elastic tenet",I sluggishly nud
illl bill refused tn du tiie work demuml-
e,l nf Ihem. Tiie strange current* of
Ihe sen hnd drifted me intu warnicr
wnler, mul nlthough I nn lunger endured Ihe Intonno cold, Hie comfortable
feeling lulled me into rclnxntinn und
there wus unt Ihe siiiim stimulus tn
pliysi.-nl , 11"..s..
, , j)M     i   tnllsl   hnve been   ill   Ihe  wnler twu
\\t' solicit youi- shipments ||f|lioitrs  wlu-n  wilh  linn  BiidiloiinoBB
I felt ii rasping touch ngninsl my foot.
Hud I suffered n nniiml it would nul
huve been sn bud. Al lirsl I thought
1 wns losing my mind, tlmn thero wriggled ngninsl  my othor fool n live, tin
in us uml get 20 per cent,
more fur tIniu iinui at home.
Write tn ns I'nr our new
price list S ami we will mail
ynu  iniu  I'i'i'i'.      Wuleh  this
ml. weekly,
I'm- I'.iu'i' Hides, Raw Pur
Wind. Tallow, Si-iH'eii Iinui
ll.iisn Hair, Sln-pp Pelts, eto
I   simtimd   nnvv   In be  in   the  midst   uf
u school nf lish, which scuttled ngninsl
me uud hit nml nibbled. Tho puin
nt' ii," wul,-! iii toy vvuu.uIs moddonoil
me. I wns frantic uml dealt knife
blows right nud lefl, si,ii,"times striking In,nu- nml Bomotlmoa clonvlng no-
thing but wnler. The sen grow red
i.luilll me III limes, nud liesides llm
I'mivmmss nf Hm slrngg1,' il si-'llelie,l
A grent finny thing darted nt me
nud turned on lis buck tu bile. I
stubbed ii almost in the maw uml
shuddered ns I rcnliicil thnt it was a
shark, Tlm knifo wronoheil free, but
ll,,. shark drovo nl me ngnln.     I strm-k
North-West Hide
& Fur Co.
[.273 Rupert St.     Winnipeg, Man.
I    A Mild Pill for Delicate Womon.—
The most delicate womnn enn inidorgo
|l '" f I'niinelee's  Vogotablo  l'ills
jll iinngiuiilile body,   If T could only have  wlthunl    t'nni    of    unplonsnnl    eonso
mi ii perhaps th" horror would hnvo 'I' os.   Their action, while wholly of.
    feetivo, is mild and ngrcoublo.   Nu v in
lonl pnlns „r purging, follow tholr uso,
r»»   *m    m f    _M           R" thnnsnnils ,.f wm , wh,. hnvo mod
OTfinn omt   _o HEAi.STitni.UNOS   nro   more   prono to  disorders   of   Hm
v,,!Uro O'k'UuR.-i'KiCL'. 25 t-N.H    dlgostlvc nrgnns thnn men.
I prayed Ihul n storm might blow
thut I might parish quickly—drowu in
llm waves fighting ngainst cloau, grand
nature instead of being dovourod ploco-
nioal by those llsliy inoiistors,
'I'lm wound iu mv urn, pnluod ter-
iilily nud tlm limb wus stiffened, I
foil roil poisoning nml Buekod tin- gusli
In lis.nl'""I it. In u Bpoll nf quiot I
realized thai iln- -un wim beating down
iipmi Hm wator witli im ii li" I.....-. mul
nn Iii ml nchod with Ihi lii'iil, whii" my
body wns inl,I uml ivvnk frnin long
Immersion. Tlm water I hud swallowed distrosBoil ui" uml mv thirsl wns
torturing. A,hi in thai uttor oxliutu
linn uml lull iisu pain from n multitudo
"l' uii"".P. uml giiBhes, uml I ivns nil
Imi   frantic   with   mv    plight,      .lust
wl   renson  bogan    lu desert    ine I
l.n.iv. imt. When th" lii.-.i i"ii in.."
siir iv, ,ii in I,.. I in,, uml il Iilmorns of
""    IniBgilllll    bogtttl   In   plngUO   III"   I
ll I    I lv,   but   Iln gtllsll   <<>    lh"
ii    .hi um ii.I.ill .hi        of      " -' I'""'.
dreiuii things wus ipiilc ns real ns hml
been Hi" neluiil Blni . [Ira with physical
II was wni'se. Heforo, Ilu. bite uf
Hu- knifo Into cold llosh, tho rasp nf
steel iq ii " ' hone uu.' spine hnd 9tctid
led       nn.l   hml   llm   j,n   ut'   primal
fighting, Imi llm fovor sights hml no
ll" h, \u Imil" un-. there when Hi"
kiiil,  sank deep into the sidus of some
 turn   which  i i I  nttneking   mo,
nml I bricked wilh lorror whon I
■I" iiiui my hand nn.l arm sunk
siinmln thruugh Hm .inly uf Hm thing.
For llges, it scotnctl, I sunn, in pur-
-un of n lu:; green thing which turned
it -si-i-pi-nt head uml laughed ut mo, mul
from lis pills issued Binoke ami Um red
linr" uf furnoecs. Heal it wns tn ui",
iin,I I oxhaustcd mysolf nursuing it until ut lust il turned I in the ncl of
li ' ti lion 'in: me fadod into lh" nir.
:-i ny creatures played in th" waves
ul."in   ni".      'I'n snin..' I  tried In talk,
luu they unly laughed nnd  kod nml
I raged against Hi" nd tried in Btah
iinui v.ith my knife, but they parted in
twain where I struck, nnd then Hi"
pints swimming nil' joined together
again uml mocked in". I looked lu
heaven uml llm ski,.s. uml tl„. Ileocy
,-lmi.Is tantalized nm. i buried my
face I" lh" . :i-"i' un! lh" lights I snv'v
beneath th,- surface wore in leseribablc.
Then I snw Im,.! close bv. uml wondered how I hnd missed ii for so lung.
1 v.n:. very thirsty um! Iii"-! uinl
thoughl 1 must huve stayed in swimming too lung. As I strm-k nut for
tin- shore my thoughts turned tn my
clothes.      I   tried  :,, romombor where
I hml left Ihem. Ilnvv wus I I,, go
hnni" if I could nnI find mv clothes*
As I looked a foamy whit,- Btreani cascaded over Hm siil" nf u ell- Illl.l 1
null.! nut think how it was I had uni
noli I tlmt at Ilrst.
Tlm land began !■' daaco toward nm.
then rolled with Ihe motion of a ship,
nml 1 could hour Ihe wnler Bplashlng
uver th" fails. My pnrchod throal
yearned for it.     r?uddonly the rushing
water laughed ami Hi,, whole a lis
appeared. Vol I "mil.I bear Hi" stream
ful:,!,..: over llm cliff, first behind
nm. then to Hm sides, Hie .splashing
wuter sounded, lu,'. when I turned t„
look it, was nut there.
Time hml censed nml i merely Btrug*
:;h.I .ii through eternity nt' suffering
Then there loome I in Hm illstnnco n
new monster. Ulack ami high oul of
tlm wuli-r il was. um! plowed up foam
I" fore it. -" fi.-i ui.l p  forgo ahead.
II -..as dim iu Hm iliBtuuce, but I dutch
,'I my In,if,, moro firmly nml swam to
"".'I il I'ln .i-i- m,! closer il drew,
nml its breath '/at Muck um!   lirty uml
'•■ i i "iit bchiud il.     I l:ii"w  1 musl
kill   the   thing  und   .-iv-n-ti  slurdilv-   for
'■ 1 wns close mm in,! astomi leu
ul  III" size nf il.      Thin  I  snw thut  it
"u- nit mi., monster 1 must fight, lull
many, fur not frnin Um side uf Hie
in,'ll -nnimal    ilnrlcil   n    llmt    little
11,!:.- monstei with many legs i.n.l
w hit., sides.
This I Bivani toward to dispatch it be
fore atln -king tlm greater mie As ii
■ip|iiiitiihi-il il roared with innny voices
nml its many lugs ehur I the wnler.
line ,,f the v,dees rnnreil iii u sing-sung.
regular  r. ami  I thought  I  hml
heard  something of the  kind  bofore.
Theu we closed. Viciously 1 stubbed
with mv knife, but il strmk n si.le like
steel uml wns buttered frnin my hand.
Mow all would l.e uver.
In ii dreiiiny way I felt smimthing
warm und strung wru|'|ie.l ubuut my
body,     I knew I gasped as I wns lifted
fr  the wnler, ami then I snw a pnir
nf .-yes—|h,. ,.Ves uf ii tlmn; the eyes
nf my own kind. Thut wits the last 1
I aw,di,. in a cabin uf the British
steamship N'ollsomcot, bound fur
liuetioa Aires. I hn.l lost mv knife
attacking the wooden sides of the
whale bun! which hnd be, it sent In ding
 frum Hm .oa,    Cnptnln Young told
me il wns only by "luu II," lirst mato
hn,I   sighted   me  und   hnd   wul  lied   me
fm uu Iii.iii through Hm glass, thinking   I   was  snnie  strung.,    lish.      The
N"li-..iuciil   hn.l  pu I th..  Melton nt
six  o'clock   in  Ihe  morning,  twu  Inuirs
uii. r I hiiil fallen from Hm vessel. Tin-
lug „f the N'ulisenmul shows thnl I
wns picked up nt itnlf-pnsl nine in Ihe
iimming after I was iu Hie water live
hours and ii hnlf.
A- I sny, whore lli" mil lefl nil' nnd
tlm Imaginary battles begun I dn not
knuw, but my wounds were rent ennugh
nml nave the surge,,,, nf the Nnlisemeut
n deal of trouble.
The Iroquola Indiana of Canada, in
thoir ell'nrls In nei'uillit In themselves
fur  llm existence of the  live  moos of
men wiih which Hmy are acquainted,
haie "Imped th,. following legend: In
llm beginning, the Qronl Spirit, in or-
lei- In people tin earth, went about
milking it mini nf each nation.   He took
a lump ni "iirlh, ami moldod ii into
n man, Tlm flrsl mini was n negro.
Then he nml. unnlher luru| uml moldod anothor man. This was a Chinaman. Thon he miiil" nn Indian in tho
Mim.' wny. nml p,nv" lit'" lu ull Ihr"".
Hul two limn, ii frenchman aud un
I'liiglisliiiian, rmnaini'il tn lu- creutod;
iiiui nu earth was at hand wheivwilh
to innlie then,. Whut wus tu be dime.'
The Ureal Spirit reached nut his tint!
niul Boizod ihe first animal thnt came
in his way. It wus u bulterlly. Tho
(Ireu! Spirit clipped nil' its' wings,
added arms und legs, breathed upon
if lo give il. a soul, anil set it down ill
a I'lirner of the enrth. This wus the
Ilrst .renchn	
Again extending his arm, the Great
spirit seized annihil' animal. It was uu
mil. II wns treated ns llm blltterlly
hud boon; il wns given the face nnd
snnl   ni  a   mun,  uud   was  su!   down   ill
another "inn",' nf Ilu uii.   This was
II," lirsl   I'liiglishinnii.
This "xpluiiis, snys the Iroquois
story, why ihe English ami llm Pronoh
have always boon ablo In make tholr
way ' aslly nboul  il irth.    (undo
uul uf animals, nnd nut from lumps uf
"iirlh. thoy go ovorywhoro, uml Burpass
tl," poor nogro mul fndlnu nml I'hinii-
n  in all things.   This accounts, inn,
fnr  llm  dill',   "iin    iu   llm  iliuriii tor  nl'
Hm   Kllgllnl n   nml   tin-   Frenchman.
The uue hns nlvvnys prosorvod -uni"
thing nf ill" industrious chnrnetor of
Hi" nnt. nm! Hm other Bomothlug nf
il"  i";lii ways of Hi" butterfly,
'•Shirls grnw nn t - iiiui" I caino
ii""'." Bald  I.I sailor.
" ll""   bo,  BhipmntoT" n  pill" dork
llm   sullor   elliptic I   I is   glnsa   uinl
ivipod hi- i ih with Hu. buck uf his
■' I 'm u spenliin'." lie suid. '-uf the
South Sen-. Vou know thom Islunds
ovor Him".'"
•'Sure."   -iii,I   H,,.  dork,
"Well, thnt's whoro I mean Ihnt
•Iii,I- grow uu  trees.   There's u   kind
Useful Around the Farm
" Kiirlus.'il |ii..;isi> iin,I ouo doUw fur
whicli pl.HRQ Mini mr tw,, Inrtfo 50o.
bottles ni Nn\ilini'. It i- ii roninly
Ihnl   1  ilo  not  enro tu In- without.    It
[a i*.s|„.,.i,i]iv y | around tin- farm Cor
mini or bonst. 'lh.* worst Douralgia it.
euros :ii nn.,-. I'W :i eold, -nn* tUroat,
ur cliost affectum, nothing i» bettoi
ilmn   Norvilino,
(Sigued) "l.i.'lmnl riamlyn,
"French River, Ont."
Gel Norvjlinc to-day, Sold bv all
dealers, in 25c nml 50c bottles;
Asthma Cannot Last when tin* groal
<'-t ul' nil asthma specifics is used. Dr,
J. D. Keliogg _ Asthma Remedy nssur
i"llv deserves thi - exalted title,   II. Ims
•■ itli'-s cure, tu its crodil which other
preparations had failed to benefit, it
brlngB help  in  oveu   Ilu*  most sovorc
ensofl nml brings thr patient lu a «	
iH.ioii ui' blessod relief, Suroly sullVr
ing from asthma is uoodless whon :i
remedy liko this i.s sn easily secured,
ni n willow tree nn thom islands witli
;i sni'i. [loxiblo bark, \ native Belects
a tree with i\ trunk (Imt's Juki, n little
bigger round ilmn whal In- Is. flo
makes :i Hag witli Iii- knifo round the
trunk through tho bark, aud Im mahr--
n imt her ring four feet below. Then
with :i -lit ui' ilu* knife hu .Iraws tin*
bark   off, t hr buiiio ;i-  n   bo>   *l"ty-   m
in:il.iu;: n   willow   whistle, and   bf'n j,'"1
;i Hn.', 'ininl.I.* Hhirt, All h.- needs to
-In i*- t" dry ii uni, make two Unlet for
i bo ai ni -, and pul 11 lacin' in ' ii** back
in draw it together,
"In iIm' ■ pi ing "i tlio yeai tho shirts
■ I liorod.    Mm iiini women both ■_"■
uni nt Lhat ii  in look for treoa that
lil  thom,   Thosi   burk shirts nn- •    i
nl so :t- in be   ofl ;n> l Hi    b .'.    i,.- -
dou'l  look  1'iui al  .ill  i-i  shirt-  tbol
grow   mu  iiii.'
Much   unadulterated    noi -ni-
Im-i-:. w ril ten concerning th
ui'   Navajo   fnuian   blonkets    and   the
purl i;..   i. gond,   i i .i'i*. ion
W0VC1I   liy   thr   stjiKiiv   in* ■
It.  i.s  true  thnt  some  desigi
symbolii   meaning, but Hop:. Zuni.
Apache Byn bol - are usi it i
lv  ;is  those  peculiar tn  thi    '*■ i
The Nayajo squaw is one ot" th''
imaginative and  ! a_(  i '-'t:.*.il  ot au
man   beings,  .'uni   u   is   qui
nay that even whon symbolic  designs
aro employed iti I.i.i' '   ■ og il
without the remoti -• referi ■      ■    ■■
fnii' significance.
For Rod, Wuk, V,-.,..v, W__, E -. I
I For km, ttc.k. Wary, Wster; J
Murine Doesn't Snail   ..-«jt,--t-j £■•- ?• i
Mutinc EyeRrm-iiy. Liu !. ::-:, "... 1     .:.
.lunna   Y.yt  Salve,  III  AjepOa  Tabaa,   -s.   |     I
Vlurino Eye Romody Co., Cnic-xc
;;v'- ■
v i..l' !///'• *.. S       ->    (J
On Chrisfanas Morning
as on any oilier winter day,
you can make j'our home
more comfortable and cheery       *fcr-___^-'
less Heater.
Its rjcni.il ^■■r,. ".t i. qi icldy nt your r<;nii*", rn.ul:- [ot use in any
omerp*ni v.    "l i:: v i!'. ne< J it _•*. a supplem** nl
extra col I epeU. come.    i.. Ier 3   1 will find   , ; - I ■' for the
cliangenbl- weather of eatly spring.
The Pcrfoclicn Heater i-J light and eaifly carried. It ii safe in
tlio hands of a child — ihe safest and most reliable heater made.
Drumi finished eilher in blue cnamti or plain st-'e!, with nickel
trimniiiigs — on ornament to any room.
A ipecial automatic device makes .molting impo*'.1...-. All parts easily
cleaned.    Gallon hii-l; bums i.in. Iiours.    Cool handle ; damp.: top.
I )-j!-t. p»rjy.-.!,-[- ; oi Wtftfl lar ■! -■< n;.tiv- circuUr to Any -gfnc*/ of
The Imperial Oil Company, Limited
Thii ufason It is ImpentWe fof Iln* farmor to g«t c*fiTy cent poutbll out of hn grmia.
mn) as wo nan livi-ii in (Iii ■   1111 butineti ninre 1«hu, wi bIi.-uM be ai.l** t.. offer tb<  '--    -
ilu- beat a.lv  por-Kitilr on tho tubjeel of marketing hii cram to adTanuee,   Th- ^i.^m.
of narlgation is no argument why grain ibould ba lower in price.   Write i'*. for foil partlea
Ian how  IO clnp cram,  and aiu.. why «■   contend  ifint  murk, li ihould  not  C"  l*-***r
Betid na a •; nr * ..tine* Maple «>( your iraln ami wr will iradc if .nd _«lv>*>^ */«■ m
r*al t: :.• Vou will tlu-n I.i* convlncad, whon y»u make compariaon *»nli itreat priaea.
I'..'. ), .1S.".1" mi,y lin,r"r way I., mark. 1 irrain. \v.> an- 11 cr n*cd and bonded ind «-
l;. f.-n in■.•: Bank of flamtlton, Winnipeg, Man
NOTE — l-':irmt-rtt who an* mar .'mulch (lie Ur.-at N«>rtli--rii Kailwav i» load **..r*. »ith
barley ibould write »*■ f»r pnriii-nlar** ahoiit ohlptiini* 10 Minneanolli \\ 11 n«t|iBa tar
farmer ruatomert, wbo can *\u\> barley on tin** road, from i'><- i<> iv per buahel nara ih»-.
b)  ihlpplng to fi(lu*r Port  William ..r Port Arllinr.  1,-ni.l.ft •■.mil. tli.       ,   ;.-   ■      ,. l duty
Grain Exchange
Wir.-lj»oj M an.
A New Head In 30 Minutes
Eichatrethst a-'i-c. i^.robti-j. tuUtunt. m
(or a claaii cixi. con lortabla ct._ ty takmr *
NA-DRl-tO Headache Wafer
25c ■ bo* at yc_r driitt^ts* cr ty mail dor ,
N.tion.l Dnif tnd Chcmic*) Co. o( Cmn.d.. t.imii*d.   M«n»r._l.'
No mnn it woman ihouli! liolilit-
painf ully nboul boen nur of corn,  wlioi
1 ortain n relief tn ■■' hnnd -1- Itolln
w.\\ '* Corn 1 litre,
PlMUr Loiiril titkea the plnce of I.nlli. and i« hret.n.,il
Tin" "Umpire" brands o( Woodflbar unci Ilarnw»l,
Plotter fm- good oonatruotion
The Manitoba Gypsum Co., Ltd.
Church News
Tailoring for  Ladies and
Bent & Goocllands'  old stand.
Rev. -I. S. Henderson, ol' Westminster conducted both services in
| the Presbyterian church on Sunday,
tin Sunday morning next, Kev.
Mark 1'ike, of Sumas, will conduct
the service in the Methodist church.
To those who are not nt presont
attending nny Sunday School, thc
Superintendent of tho Methodist
Sunday School extends a hearty
invitation to attend   thnt   school.
A Missionary Rally will he hold
on Monday ovening, Fob. 12 al tho
Uttptisl church to which the Young
People's Societies of the other churchman! invited. Mi** Hutch will
givo a talk on her Leper Work in
! India.
Miss    lsilicll   Hatch,   wim Iin.
jut Iuntil   recently   been   engaged   in
mmmmmmm mm.%mmmS; #£*£& j-j^ ££
King ICdward in recognition of her
splendid services to the Kmpitv.
For that Cold 1
Chilliwack Dramatic Society
" The Magistrate
Thursday and Friday, February 15 and 16.
Reserve your seats EARLY al All. White's Music Store.   Seals76c. 60c, nnd 25c.
Barber's Cough Remedy
A Laxative Cold Cure
In large bottles 15c.
Ask for sample
*mwMi$*&®0mm*mW;&miA %
Watch and Jewelry
Dont sond your Watches und Jewelry out
of tin- city to In- repaired when you can have
them repaired hero carefully and promptly.
Wo guarantee perfect satisfaction. Give us a
trial and he convinced.
; Agent for the Columbia Phonograph.
Second door from Empress hotel, Chilliwaek.
Last Sunday evening a pleasant
innovation took plnce in connection
with the service in the Methodist
church when ,-i choir of men's voice
led the congregation in the singing
of familiar hymns. Tho pastor,
Rev. A. E. Roberts, preached n
special sermon to young men on the
text "The (Hory of Young Men is
their Strength," I'rov. 20; 29. Mr.
Chapman snug a solo al the close of
tin-serin,ni. The service was enjoyed by all.
The Young People's Society of
Cook's church will have nn evening
with Etbelhi'i't Kevin on Monday
night. The program will consist of
an uddress on bis life, such well
known selections as "The Rosary"
"Narcissus" and several others.
Some of those who will assist in the
program will he  usual  favorites,—
i Miss   Kathleen   Henderson,   Mr.
I Arthur Henderson, Mr. F.  James.
1 Misses Ruth nnd Dorothy Henderson
and Miss Millie Bell.
'■    During the month of February
I the Official Hoards of the Methodist
Churches of the Dominion will re-
| cord their vote on tbe question of
Organic Union with  the  Presbyterian and Congregational churches.
, lliillots  hnve  lieen sent out  from
; headquarters of four different kinds,
first for the official members, then
I for mombers over 18 years of age,
Ifnr members under 18 years of ago,
and for adherents of the Church,
After lho Official  Hoards have re-
Icorded their vote it is to betaken iu
j the Churches. It is expected thut the
vote will In- taken in the Methodist
I churches of this Valley about  the
lirst week iii March.
The Women's Missionary Circle
of the llnptisl Church will (I), V.)
Imiii n Valentine and Birthday
Party (by invitation) on February
II, at the home of Mr, aud Mrs.
W. K. Ilritdwin, Williams rond. A
splendid program of games, music
and songs has been prepared.
Refreshments will bo provided and
every thing done to give those
present a must enjoyable and
sociable evening. The object of tho
Party is to raise funds for Church
purposes aud a special feature is
is the very novel method adopted —
that each invitation includes a request for a donation of one cent
for each year of the person's life.
May the cause meet with the success
that it deserves.
Tbe meeting of the Ladies Aid of
Camp Slough was postponed for u
week, on the account of the illness
of Mrs. J. li. Cluisliolni.
Local  Items
L.F.Cioft, at Mee Studio for photos
For photos at Chapman'8—phone
Look out for the P. S. A. Military
Have you got your measles on
John Davies bns completed a
91,500 hum.
Conl nnd wood—City Transfer
Co., phone III,
Parker's for Kit-Reform clothing
to your measure,
Ate  you   going   to   paint?    See
Denmark & Burton.
Ashwells for Dry Goods; remnants nl cheap prices.
Stock Foods—Chilliwaek Implement A- Produce Co.
Harness repairing done promptly
by the Chilliwuek Harness Co.
Seeils, Sccils, Seeds Ihnl succeed.
Place your order wilh Ashwells.
Don't forget the Masquerade in
CampSlough Mull Friday, Feb. II,
County Court has heen posponed
to Saturday, Feb. 24, at 11 o'clock.
All coal and wood orders receive
prompt attention, Phone -111. City
Transfer I'o.
A communication from tlie President of the W. C. T. U. is held
over until next issue.
The Private Secretary wns greeted
with a fair house on Tuesday evening in tlu- opera house.
Light nnd heavy dray ing handled
with can- aud promptness. City
Transfer Co., phone 49.
J. Turvcy hns accepted a position
with tbe C, P. It. as wharf-man at
the Chilliwaek Landing.
Mrs. T. Knight iuul Miss V
Marshall visiteil with relatives in
town a few days this week.
Stock foods which produce big
results arc on sale by the Chilliwack
Produce and Implement Co.
Wanted—Board for baby hoy ten
months old. Apply, Mrs. Adams,
Commercial Hotel, Cliilliwnck.
Did you gel n long handled dust
pan? If not. there is one for you nt
Ashwells Grocery Dept. Phone 155,
Boccettor to WM. ARCHIBALD
Estimates Given
Phone :.s
P.O. Box 2115
Bargains Bargains
Hot Air  Furnaces,
Rooting and Cornice,
Metallic   Ceilings,
Stoves ami Ranges,
General repair work,
Estimates furnished
Phone 94
Open every evening from
7.30 to in. and Saturday
from 2.30 to 6.
Several lines we are selling off at reduced
prices after stocktaking.
Dress  Goods
Dress Goods
at 1-4 off
Dress Trimmings
at 1-2 price
Suits, Skirts, and
Blouses at
1-2 price
White Quilts full
size, $1.00
On the display
tables and in
95c to $2.45 pair
Men's Shirts
Values tn $1.05   •
Your Choice 65c.
Men's Gloves at
1-4 off"
Brown  Overalls
at $1.00 a pair
Cow Brand Soda  Sc  a
One Pkg. to a customer
3 Packages 10c.
3 lbs for $1.00
15c. Per Pound
HAM     20c Ib
The new system jusi started
at Malcolm's Grocery is worthy
ol attention by all who buy
groceries, crockery ware, stationery, etc. It eliminates disputes and trouble regarding
errors in accounts, mistakes
and oversights. It promotes
honesty and truthfulness and
causes people to buy where
goods are bought so as to sell
right. There are no new
prices mentioned in any ad-
vertisments. The prices are
quoted at time of purchase,
and once quoted means a sale
of the goods. There is no
combine on prices, the new
system will not tolerate it
Two papers of pins 5c; two papers
needles lie; eight spools thread 25c;
other bargains nt Ashwells Dry
Goods Dept.
The Hoy Scouts of the cily were
the uuests of the management of tbo
Lyric theatre nl the moving pictures
on Kriilny night.
A regular meeting of the Hospital
Board of Directors will he  held   in
the Methodist church on Saturday
afternoon ut two o'clock.
Bent nnd Goodland hnve moved
to their new quarters, on Wellington streel formerly occupied
by the Hank of Vancouver.
Parties wishing trees pruned and
other w,,rk in the cure of tree-,
will secure good satisfaction by
engaging, K. ■). Hopkins, city.
A full house is  expected  nt   the
P. S. A. on Sunday ns tin- subject
is of great interest. Those who
wish to get a seal should bo curly.
We announce with muoh plcasuro
lo our renders, tin- beginning of the
new Serial Story "tine Wuy Out"
which will stnrt wiih our next Issue.
Bishop De Peneier, of Westminster, bus purchased a few acres of
Inuil near Sardis, close to hi., brother-
in-law, Uev. C. P.. Clark of Surdis
Spring Millinery is now opened
lit Miss Doyle'-.     I'he tirst  install-
nient of Spring Millinery hns
arrived al Miss lloyle's, opposite
the Posl Olllco, See Ihe now -Ivies.
Tuke notice tlmt I. I>   It.   Mel., i,iiiiii.
of riiillittw'k. II, .' . hereby apply tu llie
llniinl ol l.itvll-.- i'.iiiitiiissi.'.ii. is for  (In I,
t'ily nfriiillinui'k ill the in.viini; ii,ls> Iii I,I
en Mn, I, Huh im.', [or leave lo irnn.ler
the hotel license |,,r Ihe snle ..I lll|ll..r ill
tiie KntproM hotel, Cliilliivack, II. r.
fr...n my-, li io Samuel dolor,
lintel thi. Sll, .luy ol I', lirtinr.v 1(113,
ll. II. M. l.i:\N\N..
Special Orange Week.     See Window Display.
ChilliwacK Orchestra g
Chilli-rack Orchestra, sis or Klglii n
f.i-., open t*,,r 4-iiuiii-i-.ii,-ins. i
At... White. Secretary. umg
40c perlh
Paid for
Ashwells Dept. Store
35c per dz
Buy your Magazines at
Cigar Store
I'n- Mnpi/ine for 10c
'.tic Mii|iii/.hie for ISc      t
''ii- Mhimmiic fnr 20c      j
-Da M«gii/.iiu< fur 25c
Come und join my library.
1000 novels to soleot froni.    'j


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