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h. Ft
Vol, II.
C. A. nAltUKIt
Edltiir ami Proprietor
No. 2
Chilliwack Fair Promises to Eclipse all Previous Attempts.
Big List of Special Features.    Dates Changed to Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, Sept. 18, 19, 20.
The mtli nnnual exhibition ol
the cliilliwnck Agricultural Society
will bu held on the IH, 111 uml 'JO,,'
September nest.
For many years past Ibis annual
event has lieen growing ill size ami
importance and tho exhibition uuw
ranks tho Ilrst in tho Provinco as n
pure agricultural exhibition otitsldo
the larger City fairs with their
varied and oirous attractions. Nul
Unit tliere will be nu.v luck of at
tractions   nt   the   Cliilliwnek     fnir,
but naturally moro atlontlnn Is
glvon lu n display of ptiro  bred
slock for wliieli llie Cliilliwnck vnlley is fniiintis; tho wiiiiilerl'iil display uf tlio Hold and garden produco
ami the fruit  and dairy  products.
TllO entries Inst your in all classes
woro something over 2000, and this
year will lie much inereasod, mi
muoh sn, that lhe buildings will
nut lie able tu receive them, utul tlle
management arc providing largo
marquees especially made, in whicli
lu display the wonderful fruits uf
this fertile valley. Fair tlay in
Cliilliwnck is well worth a visit
frnin the City dweller nnd to tliuse
who have never lieen there, it will
be an inspiration. Wliile perhaps
not boasting the midway of the
larger exhibitions with the attendant noise and bustle, there will be
at this fair plenty uf interest to
amuse outside tho displays of stock
and produce etc; races on the halt
mile track, both running and trnt-
ting, all eonfined to burses owned
and bretl in the valley; lacrosse,
baseball, football for the votaries of
these games; athletic sports, ami
special platform attractions in front
of the grandstand, which will com-
piise vaudeville comedy acts, singing and musical acts, etc., while on
track a spectacular Roman standing
race will Is. run; in which ono man
drives a pair of burses at top speed
with ono foot ori each horse; this is
an exciting and interesting race
anil is always pupulai; a balloon
ascension and parachute drop will
wind up ovory afternoons entertainment, tin event always popular to
young and old. Music will be
furnished by tho band of the 10 Ith
Regiment furnished by Cliilliwnek
musicians solely, and tlic evening
attractions will be this year a production of Darnley's famous comedy,
"Facing the Music." played by the
Chilliwaek Dramatic Society in the
Opera House,
Excursion trains will bn run by
the II. C. Klectric al cheap return
fares, and a trip un cither uf thc
fnir duys will be much enjoyed.
Citizen's Day (Thursday)
Bono lido Farmer's Trot, mile
heats, besl '_' in 8, 825, 810.
Pony Race, half mile under l-lj-.
hands, bents best 2 in 8, SU), So.
Farmers Slow Race, hnlf mile,
riders change burses and lasl burse
wins, $10, 85.
Running Race, open, half mile,
810, 85.
Girl's Race, half mile, best 2 iu
8, 810, 8.1.
Sinks- Race, 810, 85.
Running Race, open, half mile,
810, 85.
Farmors Open Trot, milo hosts,
best 8 iu 5, 8115, 815, 811).
Tlio Committee reserve lho right
lu decide which arc bono lide [aimers uml farmors1 horses.
Children's Day (Friday)
Iticyclo Ilacc, 5 miles (10 laps)
810, 85, 83.
Lacrosse Match, Chilliwack vs
Westminster, 820.
Tug of War, Indians vs Ranchers,
Baseball Mutch, 820.
100 yards opon, 85, 8, S.
Half mile open, 85, 8*1, 82.
100 yard dash under HI, 82, 81,
5(1 cents,
100 yard dash under 15, 82, 81,
50 cents.
100 yard dash under 1-1, 12, 81,
50 cents,
100 yard dash under 111, 82, 81,
CO cents.
100 yard dash undor 12, 82, 81,
50 cents.
_ 100yard dash undor II, 82,  81,
51) cents.
100 yard dash undor 10, 82,  81,
51) cents.
100yard .lush undor in, 82, hi,
50 cents.
100 ynrd dash undor II, 82, 81,
uu cents.
100 yard dash undor 12, 82, 81,
60 ccnls.
100 yard dash undor 10, 82, 81,
50 cents,
Hull' mile miller  II,  fj8, 82, 81.
Hop Step nnd Jump open, 83, 82,
Broad Jump under IC, 8:1, 82,81
Broad Jump open, 8:!, 82, 81.
High .lump opon, 8:!, 82, 81.
High Jump undor Iti, 8:1, 82, 81.
Sack Race over 12,8:'., 82, 81.
Three legged Race under 1-1, 8:1,
Three legged Race over 14, 8:'.,
Obstacle Race over 14, 8!!, 82, 81
Obstacle Race under 14, 83, 82,
School children marching in a
body to the grounds, accompanied
by teacher will lie admitted free.
Dont forget tbe merry-go-round.
The Special Free Attractions, on
the platform in frontof Grandstand.
Bartlett Brothers, in a comedy
acrobatic and tumbling act, Tho
Columbian Comedy Four: black
face comedians and warblers, presenting all the latest and most
popular songs and melodies; both
in song and instrumental.
On the track; each afternoon;
DeSilvo and Manyot, in their thrilling Roman Hippodrome standing
race. Each rider drives two burses
at tup speed witli one foot on each.
KiNti OF T1IK Ant
in a balloon ascension and spectacular parachute drop from dizzy
height each afternoon at 5 p. tn.
A special prize for tho liest express team at the fair, ln this
competition tlie general appearance
of turnout will lie considered in
making awards. Special prize donated liy Scinple _ Semplc, cash
(lirst prize) 810. By Society,
(second prize) 85. Shetland pony
nice, under 40 inches, half mile
dash, lirst prize 84.(X); second prize
18,00; third prize 82.00 Prize
donated   by Mr. T. H. Henderson.
AdveriisMf CUliwack.
In a recent issue nf the Dry Goods
Review is published a large half
tone cut of the departmental store
of G. II. Ashwell „ Son, and in the
Canadian Grocer a half tone of the
Same store showing tlie starling of
one of the Firemen's races on the
ou the .lay tif the Merchants'
picnic, is reproduced.
Being Fitted Fer Peel Rosa.
The store viicatcd Ihis week by
Chas. Parker, opposite the 1*1-1
oiliee, is being lilted up by tlie owner
G. W. Lillie, as a pool room. As
sisin as tlic necessary alterations
arc completed the building will lie
occupied l.y Oliver .ft Taylor, proprietors of the Brunswick Pool
Rooms. They will vacate tho present quarters.
Dairy DtsMiilrilioa it Ike Fair.
The Provincial Dopartmont of
Agriculture is sending Miss Gerard
to attend tlio Chilliwack fair next
week. Miss Gerard will havo a
special spnOO allotted to her in lhe
main building where she will conduct public dcinonsti'utioiis in dairy
work. This feature should lie taken
advantage of with profit hy nil interested in dairy work.
Free Press comprises  ton   pages
this week.
Hid Interesting Trip.
Mr. anil Mrs. Jus. Munro and
children returned on Monday afternoon from a visit of two months to
points in the United Stales and
Eastern Canada. Mr. and Mrs.
Munro travelled 8422 miles, visited
sixteen Stales in flic Union, all lho
Canadian provinces as  far  cast as
Quebec, stn|i|ieil at twenty -two cities
and travelled uver llftoon difforent
lines of ruilwuy. Tholr trip took
them to Chicago, New York, and
other largo American cities as well
as to many ol lhe famous points of
interest throughout tho Stales. In
Mr. Minim's opinion, Salt Lake
City, Utah, is the olcanosl anil most
beautiful of all oltlos visited, Delightful weather favored the travellers nt all points except Kansas,
where tho beat was intense. Thc
most delightful climate was experienced at Colorado and Colorado
Springs. With tlie application of
American push and resourcefulness
Mr. Munro thinks li. C. would bc-
I'niiic a wonderland and a gold mine
with the money already coined.
Scenic resorts with but half the
natural advantages whicli exist even
in a trip to Cultus lake frum this
city, attract thousands of tourists
and produce an income of 840,000
or 850,000 a year to the energetic
promoters. Mr. Minim's very observant nature and his remarkably
retentive memory gives him a store
of facts, figures and information
regarding tlie places and scenes
visited, which together with his
characteristic and pleasing conversational style make an interview with
him a delight.
Inspected Picking Methods.
J. H. Ashwell was a visitor to
Puyallup, Wash., last week, where
lie went to inspect the packing
methods used by the sellers of fruit
in that vicinity. Unfortunately
the weather was decidedly damp
and Mr. Ashwell was nnt able to
to see the berries lieing .tacked for
shipment, although immense quantities were picked for the factory,
which were too ripe an.l soft for
shipment. Tlie Evergreen Blackberry although it may bo black and
appear ready for shipment, it lias
been found that unless the kernels
aro well filled and plump, thc berry
will turn red a few days after lieing
picked. Tlie crop of black berries
had been on for a month antl
another months' picking was still
expected. On the day of Mr. Ashwell's visit at six o'clock there were
about (1500 orates of berries brought
in tlic factory and at nine o'clock
between seven and eight thousand
crates were expected to be on the
lloor of the factory, all for one day.
The price received at the factory
was three and one half cents a pound.
Tlie vines aro trained along wires
two feet apart and about five feet
from tlic ground, in order to facilitate picking tlic same. In this way
it is no trouble for the pickers to
gather the fruit, and goml pickers
can make as high as 83.00 per day.
To givo an idea of the crop they
bear, almost the entire top of the
trellis was covered with berries
in the different stages nf growth.
The iicoplc at Puyallup are showing
what actually can be accomplished
by sincere work in the small fruit
raising industry and are an example
lo growers in tlic valley of the wonderful results that can la- had by
faithful work.
New Leal fee.
Messrs. John Ewen and J. II.
('Iiiughtoii will form a legal partnership un September 2:irduud will du
business under tin- linn inline of
Ewen A Cliiiigliioii. Mr. Cliiughtoii
bus luul nu oiliee iu llie city fur
some time, Mr. Ewen being in
charge. The new firm will retain
the presenl ollicc in the Hurl block.
A Bisieeis Deal.
The Gilbert Cj., dry gotsls merchants, have sold their business to
a Calgary man, who will lake DOS.
session abiiiii tlie lasl of September,
Mr, Qilbert Bittrtod this business
iihuiit two yeurs ago, and has dune
remarkably well, lie bus made il
especially a ladies slurc where almosl us gin a I a selection could lie
had us in the large cities, tho class
of store llmt is a credit to any town.
Mr. Gills-rt has not decided just
wliero lie will go, when lie leaves
here, but thinks very likely it will
Iw Victoria;	
No frtlil will ho taken in tit tlic
Cannery on Saturday.
Will be the Popular Evening Attraction During the Fair.   A Farce Comedy by Ihe
Chilliwack Dramatic Society.
"Facing the Music" is the ploy
scoured by the Agricultural Society
for the evening attraction of Until roe Fair nights next wook, The
play will be staged hy the Cliilliwnck Dramatic Society under the
management of V. II. Lyle and rehearsals in preparation uf tho event
have heen woll under way for sonic
tlmo, The comploto cast has been
Chosen and they havo all been hunl
at wurk wilh u view uf making this
production as successful as the
previous plays of the Society have
been, ll was in "Facingtlic Music"
thai Jim Corbet made his lirst hit
us an actor after leaving the prize
ring nntl while none of thc lucnl
cist have attained pugilistic honors
tliey have demonstrated their ability
on the stage and the patrons of the
play will no doubt be well pleased
with tlie entertainment, lt bus to
do with two families of the same
name who happen to move into the
Winie apartment huildingatthe same
time The head of one family is a
parson anil thc other a man about
town. Their wives return home and
not being sure of their new addresses
enter the wrong Hats and that starts
the ball of trouble rolling. It
doesn't stop rolling either until the
last curtain is about to drop.
Thc cast is as follows:
Itev. John Smith, The Curate of St.
Andrews, F. B. Lyle
John Smith, Tlie other Mr. Smith,
D. E. Carleton
Dick Desmond, The other Mr.
Smith's guest, J. It. Anderson
Colonel Duncan Smith, The other
Mr. Smith's uncle, Fred Hart
Sergeant  DtifTell,   Of  Vine Street
Police Station, S. S. Curlct.n
Mable, The  Curate's   wife,
Mrs. C. A. Barlier
Nora, The other Mr. Smith's wife,
Miss Bell
Miss   Follieringay,   of the Bijou
Theatre, .Miss Margaret Bell
Mrs. Pouting, Tlic other Mr.Smith's
housekeeper, Miss Calbick.
Receptm Appreciated.
Mayor Waddington received today from Sir Richuid McBride, the
following letter, dated Victoria
September 10. Dear Mr. Waddington—Allow me to thank you
and the people of Chilliwack fur the
very kind reeept ion I mot with in
my recent visit to your city. I
very mucli appreciate the many
courtesies extended to mc, Yours
Sincerely, (Signed) Richard McBride."
Local  Items
L.F.Cioft. at Mee Studio for photos
For photos at Chapman's—phono
To Lct—Rooms suitable for
ollices; apply tn II. J. Burlier.
II. T. Goudland was a business
visitor to the coaut Tuesday.
J. Kniglil .V Co. for all kinds of
breakfast foods, fresh in.
G. II. W. Ashwell was a business
visitor lo Vancouver on Thursday.
W. L. Macken local manager for
F. J. Hurt .V' C... Ltd., was a visitor
to lho coast on Tuesiiay.
Ic orcein in nil tin- popular
forms and Havocs at Johnson's.
Whore is lhe live up-to-date
woman who dues nul read advertising''
Aid. Gorvan is contemplating a
trip to Lill.H't and Grand Prairie in
the near future.
The Cliilliwnck Dramatic Society
will stage "Facing lbc Music." on
the three Fair nights, Sopl 18-10.20.
J Kniglil >t- Co. for horse and
eattle feed, hen and chick food.
Big car jusi arrived from lhe mills.
R. J, Mcintosh was a business
visitor to Vancouver Monday evening.
Fresh Full Clothing—Sec the display at Ashwells Big Big Slore.
Prices range from 810 to 822.50.
See their lulvl. page 10.
Cordwisid for sale al 83.00 pcr
cord, delivered. Cily Transfer Co.,
Phono -III.
Matinee of moving pictures at
the Lyric Theatre ovory Saturday
afternoon at 8,80,    Admission 10c.
Until further notice no Imil will
he taken in at the Cannery on Satiirilny.   J. II.  Ashwcll,   Manager.
Chas. W, Wehh, Municipal Clerk,
was a Inisiness visitor to the Registry oiliee at Westminster on Thursday, ami thoughtfully took along
n ling of pears grown in liis garden
for the Registry ollicc staff.
For Sale—on easy terms, what is
known ns the Bent place, Fairlield
Island, in whole or in part. Geo.
The Juvenile Bostonians played
hero last night, to a well filled house
and were quite as irresistable as
NOTICE—Telegrams, unless nutli-
niizcil by the C. P. It. will not bo
accepted at this oiliee unless accompanied by the cash. H. J. Baiiheu,
Agent,  (!. P. R.Telegraph.
Matinee of moving pictures at
the Lyric Theatre every Saturday
afternoon at 3.30.   Admission 10c.
M. II. Ncleins, of the M. H.
Nelcms Co. Vancouver and Chilliwack, was a business visitor to the
city Tuesday.
Your lasl chance for many a day.
Only fourteen days to buy thc liest
gootls ever shown for the same price
we paid. The liest velvets 42 l-2c;
silks for 20c; 82.00 dross goods
81.15; prints 8 1-4 c. yard. Collars
and Jabbots, ties, beauty pins,
broaches, hand bugs, at about half
regular prices. It will pav to buy
for Xmas.   The Gilbert Co.
Agent George of the B. C. E. R.
lelt on Thursday for a hunting and
pleasure trip to the Lillooet Country.
Mr. Robinson of Vancouver is relieving in Mr. George's absence.
Thoy have arrived! What?
Those cushion tired McLaughlin
buggies. Maynard & Murphy,
Main street.
Men's underwear, Pentiums regular 18.60 suit for 81.00 a garment;
50c. fancy lisle hose 25c; 81. 50
shirts 81.00; 20c. collars 10c; 10c.
collar buttons 5; i)0c. caps 50c; 50c
caps 25; dozens such bargains during the last few days. Thc Gilbert
On account of Friday, 20th Sept,
being tlic big Fair Day, the stores
will close that afternoon.
Big Wall-paper sale, ovor stocked,
25 per cent, oil all wall-paper in
tlic store. Prices range from 'Y.
cts. to 45 cts. Valloy Paint and
Wall-paper Store.
A. E. McLane has sold his automobile to D. Larter, of Fairlield
Island, and will discontinue tlie
auto livery. Mr. McLane has not
decided just wlmt he will do in
Ten Japanese men are wanting
opportunity to work this fall. If
you desire tlieir services write to box
203, Sardis.
Go to tlie Valley Paint and Wallpaper Store and select your paper
for fall cleaning. Big stock to
choose from; all this years goods.
25 per cent, oil all paper.
Don't fail to drop in and see
those new Mc Laughlin cushion tired
buggies, uml our special line ol fencing.    Maynard it- Murphy, Main St.
Granulated Sugar 10 lb. sacks
81.25; all Best Flours $1.90 per
sack: for cash or trade at Ashwells
Big Big Store. Read their advt.
page IO.
J. Hillas has rented one of the
new residences on Nowell street,
the nroperty ol Maxwell Stevenson,
and is having it furnished, Mr.
Hillas expects his wife to arrive
shortly frum the old Country, and
Ims derided to reside permanently
in Cliilliwnck.
We have only a few days mnre
for business, having sold out. The
new owner takes possession September 30. Il will no doubt Ih- your
last chance for great bargains, ■■very-
thing at actual cost. Thc Qilbert
Alexander Henderson, K. C,
was a guest of .1. W. Galloway for
Ihe week end.    Mr. Henderson wus
formerly Attorney-General for
British Columbia under the Scmlin
Govornmont, and latterly County
Court Judge for Vancouver. He
was also commissioner tor tbc Yukon
until about u year ago, when he
resigned lo enter practice ill Vancouver, It is eleven years since
Mr. Henderson was in Cliilliwnck
ami he was greatly surprised at the
Blankets ami Comforters-See
the display at Ashwells Big Bis store.
Road their advt. page 10.
A second consignment of new
fall nnil winter hats trimmings etc.
at Miss lloylc's across from tho
IKist ollicc.
Thos. MeConnell, Chief Dominion Constabe for It. (!. was in tho
city Friday ami Satiirilny on his
way from the Hup yards at Agussiz
where he Bottled a strike among
the 700 Indian pickers. He was
accompanied by J. H. Guod, of
Naiiaimio, a son nf Canon Good,
who was well and favorably known
throughout 11. C.
Ladies Hand Tailored Suits—
817.50 to 830. See Ashwells advt.
page 10.
Go to J. Knight ,fc Co. fur the
Best Flour. We guarantee Royal
Standard and Mighty Fine. Ten
grades tn chouse frum. Pastry unequalled.
An unreserved Auction Sale of
live stuck, implements, etc. will lie
hold by J. E. Harrison of Popcum
on promises nf James Minim, Rosedale on Tuesday Sept. 17 at 1 p. in.
L. W. Paisley is,the auctioneer.
A complete list uf stuck fur sale is
published in this issue oi the Free
Peaches (1.00 Crate; See advt.
page 10 of Ashwells Big Big Store.
"Facing the Music" will undoubtedly prove the greatest Bucess
of the loenl amateur players. lie-
serve your seats early at McManus'
store for Sept. 11-19-20.
Baptist Church—Rev. J. T. Marshall, B. A., minister. Subject
for Sunday evening—"The Prince
of Revolutionists." You are iavit.nl
to como and worship with us.
Next Sunday morning the Rev.
A. E. Roberts will conclude the
series of studies in the Epistle of
James, the subject beinir, "The
Blessed Work of Converting."
On Sunday, Sept. 22ml. Rev. Mr.
McKay of the Rosedale Methodist
Church, will conduct the service in
the Sumas Methodist Church, while
the pastor, Rev. W. P. Bunt, ia
making his monthly visit to Columbia Valley.
Rally Day services in connection
with the Methodist Sunday School
will be held on Sept. 29th. At the
morning service the members of the
school will attend in a budy and
there will lie a specially interesting
The regular meeting nf the Hospital Auxiliary was held in the CtiJ
Hall on Monday afternoon. Reports of the various committees were
received. A resolution was passed
to servo luncheon at tbe Fair but
as there were so few member.
present a special meeting was called
for Saturday afternoon in the City
Hall   at   four  o'clock.      Unless  g
larger number of those interested
attend, it will lie Impassible io give
the luncheon ns it is too much of
an undertaking for tlie few.
On Tuesday evening last the
teachers and ollieers of the Methodist Sunday School assembled at
the homo of Mr. John Robinson,
Hazel street, tu present Iiini with a
letter of appreciation fur his valued
services as Superintendent of the
school. Members of the Adult
Bible class were nlsu present. On
Miulf of the school, the pastor
read the address which spike uf the
excellent wurk dime by Mr. Rubin-
son for nearly two and a half years
as leader of the school, and expressed regret that circumstances hail
forced him to resign his position,
but hoped that he would soon l«
able to return to the school ami
again take an active part in its work.
Mr. Robinson very feelingly replied
stating that he had thoroughly enjoyed ins work iu the school and
was sorry that the state nf bis health
made it Imperative that he should
resign liis position. He had only
missed two Sundays in attendance
during the time he was iu ollicc
and those Sundays he was visiting
other schools, H<- hoped still to
enjoy the fellowship of tbo school,
though unable to take ollicc. Mr.
Robinson's remarks were received
with applause and the evening was
■pent in muslo and tun, the ladies
serving refreshmonta at the close, THE    FREE    PRESS,    ill 11,1.HVACK,    1U*.
P  ^££Z  \ Daddy's Bedtim^
Morbus,   Ulnrcli
i'ii..l.iu Itifaiituin nnil
Summer   Complaint -- n
ic _."iti__
Ol the First
Tho   Schoolmaster
Whipped Wilt.
Hi_ Chance
'Wlint tin vmi mon know of womon's
wurk? fiercely queried the Intly orn-i
tor.     ii-; ihero h man here, aha con*
•     Mimed,   folding  her  arms,   thai   ha*
flay after clay sol up in the morning
out. gone quietly   downstair.,     made
•the lire, cooked his   own   breakfast.i
sewed  the  missing buttons  on  the
children's  clothes,  oleaneu   the  pots
and1 kettles, and swept the kitchen?;
If there is sueh a man in this audience, lot- him rise up; I should like
to see him.     In the rear of the ball
h mild-looking man  In _poctaclo_  In
obedience  to  the  summnn ■-,   i Imidly
arose-     He was the husband of the
eloquent speaker.     It  wag  Uio Orel
timo he had   over had a chance  to
assert himself.
Whon so.us away from home, or at I
any change of habitat, he is a wise
man who numbers among his belongings a bottle nf Dr, .1. D. Kellogg's
Dysentery Cordial,     Chansc .if tzud
md water    in   some   strange place
Where there are no doctors may bring
im an attack of dysentery.      lie tin n I
has a standard remedy at hand with i
phlch to cope with the disorder, ami
forearmed he can   successfully flght
■Uio ailment and subdue it.
AOK and Kvolyn told dnddy that Dinah was n Rood deal upset.
"Sho said ilit* i*litir'-wiir_ widow was calling round here last night,"
wild they,   "Daddy, do yon kuow tho chuckwlll's widow."
"There," snld daddy; "just listen.    1 think you aiu hear lt culling
Over In the woods beyond thc house could be heard a voice which seemed
to nay quite plainly;
"Whlppoorwilll   WhlppQorwllll"
"What is It. dnddy?'' tho Children cried. "Why does It wnnt win whipped?"
".My dears, ir yuu COUld see over among tlioso trees yon would very likely
see s little bird no larger than a rohln and wllh mottled, brown, black, bull,
gray and white feathers—a little bird that is so nearly tbo same color aa the
branch or tlio .tone ou which he alts that you would scarcely notice him.
"livery now aud tlieu hu opens bis month and gives the cry which you
have Just heard.
"The Wtllppoorwlllo fly about at nicht cfltcblng Insects tbat would otherwise annoy us. i'he eline. will's widow and the whlppoorwlll are birds that
loolt so much alike aud make so nearly the same cry that one sometimes Is
mistakenly called by the other's name.
"Wbeu i was u boy 1 united grandfather why tbe whlppoorwlll was so
down on poor Will.
"Grandfather said: 'Once there was n bad hoy named Wilt who stole (hs
ecus out of ine nests or birds, and oue day he found two dull white eggs on
the ground. They wero marked wltb lilac and had gray spots on them. The
hey picked them up aud started home with them in his hat. He had uot none
far wheu n bird caught Up With blm aud cried so piteously that he could not
help knowing the _Kj?_ were hers. He only hurried aloug faster. The father
bird soou Joined tho mother, und both of them begged him to give them back
the eggs.   Hut ne woiNdn't,
"'All that night outside the house tn which ho lived voices were heard saying -v. hlppoorwlll till all the neighbors wondered what particularly nuughty
thin); uatigbty Will bad been doing.
" 'And nest day at school Will did not know his lesson, and the schoolmaster whipped him, und that night his father whipped blm nnd so on till he
wished he bad never seen the bird's eggs. The whippings came so thick and
fast that they did him good.   He let the birds' nests uloue after that.'
"-Vmi grandfather said be was only sorry thero wasn't a whlppoorwlll like
that for every bad boy wbo robbed birds' nests."
Worthy of Sherlock Holmes
Tommy's mother had taken him to
'church to hear the evening sermon,
and they occupied seats In the gallery. Tommy tried not to allow his
Attention to wander from the preacher, but It did. He seemed to lie par* I
ttcularly Interested in a family who
sat in front of him. end when the
(sermon was about, half over he whispered to his mother—Mamma. I never
_aw those people before, but I know
their names. Hush dear! But I
iln, persisted Tommy Their name's
Hill, How do you know? Every
time the preacher says Ills text. "I
will lift up mine eyes to the hills."
those two big girls look at each other
end smile. Subsequent. Inquiry
proved tliat Tommy was quite correct.
Father Bernard Vaughan gave some
advice to young men in a humorous
Popularity, popularity among lhe
Indies, is B rcreat help to any young
man. said ho. and there is nothing
like generosity to make a young man
| heard a lady praising a young
mnn the other evenlnc
Ho Is bo generous, she ssld. He
take, mother and me out to dinner
marly every week. We dote on
Tben Pho smiled and added:
In fact, wo table d'hote on htm.
For arguing thnt our world Is only
One of many. Giordano Kruno was
burned to death In Home in Kino.
Not Always
"What is ynur name? asked the new
teacher, ns he was taking a roll (all
Of h>r new class, before disbanding
tor the summer.
It's .lule.
No, not Jule, hut Julius, said the
(noher, for she disliked nhbrovln-
ttonn, Next boy what's year name"'
My name's Bill, but 1 suppose I
tmgni to say Billions — Brooklyn
■Put Off
Borrows*—Say, old man, I'm badly
In nf ed of a V or two.
Hold!ite--Well, you'll tlnd plenty of
Ihetn In the dictionary.
i* Perfectly Digested BrenVf.-ist Makes
N«*rye Forct for   ♦■**•*■ Dav
Everything   goes   wrong     if   the
breakfast lies in your Bit-touch iii.-  a
rr.n-l pi«-.     What you eat does barm
it yoo oan't digest it—it turns to poison,
a bright lady teacher found this
to be true evf«n nf nn ordinary light]
hi sukfast *»f eggs and toast Bhe
Two years nqn I contracted a ser
inno>inR form ■>' Indigestion! My
gtotnach wsa in such oondltlon thai
a simple breakfast of frolt, tonal and
i       [ave me ysr*\ dli tresa
' f was slow io believe that trouble
etrald "time from BUQh a simp!, diet
bUl finally had to glvo It Up, and
I ,. great change upon a cup of
hot PostUtn and Crape -Nuts with
of-easa, for my morning meal. For
moro than a year I .have held to this
cflurof and have not suffered except
•»h.*n Injudiciously varying my diet
"I bave bt-eti a teacher for several
and And that my easily dl| i
hreakfnr.t means a saving of nervous
I for thfl entire day,      My  gain
btten pounds In weight  all i  cun:.:;
mo to want, to testify to thfl value of
* Nuts.
"drape-Nuts holds first rank nt onr
■- .   ■.'■
I   ma given by Canadian   Postum
ftitdior, ont.
"There's a reaRnn"   Read ibe iit-
t\- book, "The Road ■ ■> WolIvUlo," lo
Ever res. the above letter? A
r -•--* on* appears from time to time
"*-*--Y ire genuine, truo and full of hu-
•v<*»d Interest.
W. N. U. 90S
Rate of Growth Studied in Canada and
United States
Tlie aspen poplar, frequently spoken of as tho white poplar, is one of
the most common trees all over Canada (ut any rate in that portion of
the Dominion oast of the Rooky
Mountains). ln many purls of the
Dominion it forms quite extensive for-
e .ts (especially in districts that have
been burned over). This fact gives
lit a place of some importance in the
forestry of the Dominion, although it
i. oue of the inferior woods.
Some years ago (in 1906) the For-
eatry Branch of the Department of
fie Interior mado a careful survey of
tlie Turtle Mountain forest reserve in
Southern Manitoba, on which this
poplar is by all odds the most plentiful tree. As a result of investigation
on the basis of data collected during
lliis survey, it was estimated that, if
the poplar were allowed to grow to
the age of forty years, tliere would be
an average growth, for the Whole of
lhat time, of ono cord per year on a
fully stocked acre. At the end of
that time there would be standing on
each acre about 850 trees, of an average height of 45 feet and an aver*
age diameter, at 4Vj feet above tho
ground, of i* inches; the.se would yield
.some 40 cords of wood.
Recently the United States Forest
Service published Ihelr Bulletin No.
:»::, entitled "The Aspens." and it is
Interesting to note that their results
come close to the figures made out by
the Canadian survey. Volume tables
given at the conclusion of this bulletin show that trees of the height and
diameter given above will each yield
between one twentieth and one twenty fifth of a cord of wood apiece. Thus
the 850 acres would givo somewhere
between thirty-four and forty-two
cords of wood. Tho average of tho
two amounts gives thirty-eight cords,
a figure nearly the same as that obtained by the Canadians.
As there nre 66,000 acres In the
Turtle Mountain reserve that arc capable nf growing timber. It is a reasonable inference that the reserve
may bo counted on to produce 55.01)0
fiords, or thereabouts, of wood per
yenr. At the low rate of $1 per cord
on the stump, tbls would mean an annual revenue to tho state of $55,000.
Or, to take another point of view it
would give th each inhabitant of the
electoral dial riot of Bourtfl almost
two cords of wood per year.
Mark Cole, the first halter In Montgomery County, Missouri, made a hat
for William Logan which served Logan 20 years. It was composed of
20 ounces of imiBkrat fur mixed with
13 ouuceB of t/ccoon fur, and held an
even half bushel. The crown was
18 inches high and the brim six
Inches wide.
My mare, a very valuable one, was
badly bruised and cut hy being
caught in a wire fence. Some of
the wounds would not heal, although
I tried many different medicines. Dr-
Hell advised me to uso MINARD'S
LINIMENT, diluted at first, then
stronger as tbe sores began to look
better, until after three weeks, the
sores have healed, and best of all. the
hair Is growing well, and Is NOT
WHITE as Is most always the case in
horse wounds.
A  Financial  Limit
Bobly had worn his mother's patience to tho limit.
You are a perfect little heathen!
she remarked, giving way at last.
Do you mean it? demanded Bobbie.
I do, Indeed, said his mother.
Then say, ma, said Bobby, why
can't I keep that penny a week you
glmmlt for tbe Sunday school collection? I guess I'm as hard up as any
of  the  rest  of  *em.
What is Faith
Faith ls believing tho dentist when
ho says it.isn't going to hurt.—Detroit Free Press.
Pessimistic '
What  a  pessimist that new baseball  writer is.
Why so'.'
He doesn't think that every new
player in the training camp is going
ti lead tha league tbls year.
Conductor (to countryman)—If you j
saw him picking tho gentleman's
pocket, why didn't you interfere?
Countryman—1 saw that sign up
there, Beware of Pickpockets, and 1
was afeared to!
And so this is the end, said tbe
hero, as ho bent over the form of
th*i dying heroine, while the orchestra piayed soft, sad music.
Thank heaven for tliat! exclalmcc".
a pathetic voice frou* the gallery.
Orator—I thought your paper was j
friendly to me?
Editor—So lt is.     What's the matter?
Orator—l made a speech at the dinner  last night und you didu't print:
a line of it-
Editor—Well,   whut   further   proof
do you want?
Do you keep football requisites
here? asked a gloomy-browed youug
man tlie other day, as he entered a
sporting-goods store.
Then you may wrap me up a bottle
of arnica, a paper of court-plaster,;
aud an anu-sliug. I am Kolug to
play iu a match this afternoon.
For a Late Crop
Rev. John B. Craft was conducting!
a series "f meetings In a rural neigh-!
borhood of southwest Virginia. One
night he wis trying to bring tbe no*I
res. ity of <arly embracing a religious I
hope to bear upon his congregation.
Bald he, "We'll just Illustrate, You
begin in February or March to pre-
pare the ground for planting out your
spring crop. Yon plant in April to
be on time Suppose you neglect thin
Work.     May will be late hut perhaps ]
will answer.    Let the work go undone j
till   Juno,   then   what   will   you   do? I
Too late, too late! will be the cry.
.lust sow It In bUckwheflt, called
ont nn old farmer from the rear seat. I
The preacher sat down.—National
When   Creek   meets   Greek—what
then'.' asked tho teacher.
Wise little Johnny promptly replied:
Ono says to the otber. llow is tbo
fruit business?
Good Reason
As the train whirled through tho
beautiful valley, the inquisitive travel ■'" per ■ • I In sticking his head out
of the window to get a better view of
the icenery.
Keep your hrnd Inside enn't you?
thfl conductor.
.i won't damage nny of tbc
Ironwork on the bridges.
—.lane, what do you mean
hy having six blouses oul drying on
the lltol     It Is quite absurd.     My
daughter can do with two a week.
Fane—Woll, yon see, mum, Miss
Matilda Is ■ 'uin in' a bank clerk, and
11." tourtln' a sweep.
The Orphans
A clergyman was onco nsked to a
farmhouse for dinner. Some time
during the evening he overheard one
of the children of the houses talking
to a brood r.f chickens crying outside
tho door, and saying- Poor wee things,
poor wee things. The minister eat
your mother.
There were somo que. tions In geography required in the preliminary
examinations for law students who
aspired to admission tn the bar
Among them was—"Name ten animals that live In tho Arctic zone.
One young man wrote: Mvis polar
hears and five seals. N'.B.-*-Permit
me to call your attention to tbe fact
lhat tbo question does not specify
that tbo animal, should ho of different varieties.
His Real Nsime
In Bom-* of the country dlstrlota of
Ireland it is not nn uncommon thing
tO see carta with thfl owner's names
ohalkfld on to save the expense of
paint im:. Tract leal Jokers delight
In robbing out theso signs, to annoy
tho owners.
A constabulary nergennt ono day
necosted a countryman whoso name
had been thus wiped out unknown to
1_ this ynur Cart, my gnnd man?
Of oourse it Is! was tho reply. Do
you see anything tho matter with It?
I observe, said tho pompous   poli	
man. thnt your name is o-olliberated.
Then ye're wrong, quoth the countryman, who hnd never come aim
the long word before, for mo name':'
O'Flaherty,   and   I   don't  care   who
Knows It,
You'd better fumigate these bills
before you go home. They may he
cover.d with microbes, said the druggist one Saturday evening ns he
handed a few faded, worn and soiled
silver certificates to his clerk.
No danger from tliat source, responded tho latter, a microbe could
not live on a drug-clerk'_ salary.
A Pill That Lightens Life—To the
man who is a victim of indigestion
the transaction of business becomes
an added misery. Ilo cannot concentrate bis mind upon liis tasks uud
loss and vexation attend blm. To
such a man I'armelee's Vegetable
l'ills offer relief. A courso of treatment, according to   directions,   will
[ oo&Vince him of tbelr great excellence.     Tbey are confidently recom-
| mended because they will do all that
; Is claimed for them.
Anyone, even a
little girl, can
make toast on the
■■k_i__c5/iiii ■■■
Oil Cook-stove
She will not bum the toast, and she
will riot burn her fingers either, if
she uses the New Perfection Toaster.
For toast or roast.
For boil or brott
For fry or bake
there is no oilier stow; that is as
quick and s, lisndy at lhe New
PeWeclisKi Oil Cook-stove — lhe
convenient stove lor nil purposes,
all the year round.
Every dealer has il. Handsomely finished in nickel, with cabinet
top, drop shelves, towel racks, etc. Lonf chimneys, enameled turquoise-blue. Made wilh 1, 2 and 3 burners. Free Cook-Book with
every stove. Cook-Book alio given to anyone tending 5 cents to cover
mailing cost
I'lu 1 all a (elderly heiress)—Do you
think tho Huron regards mo seriously?
Hosa—Seriously? Why, my dear
every time 1 mention yon bo looks
positively sad,
jThe Northern Trusts Company
This company  nets In thu capacity of
and W6 sliali he -dad to forward  copy of    our    llooalet    "Sdiucthiatf
rbout Trusts, Trustees and Trust Companies." on request
Aren't you afraid  yon will catch
cold on such a night as this, tny boy?
No, plr     Belling papers keeps up
tho circulation,
From n belgh'l of 8,000 feet a man
In nn aeroplane ran see n submarine
gliding 18 feet Lelow water.
* Congenial
Real   Estate   Agent—You'll   havo
some vory line neighbors hero?
Buyer—Is that so?
ileal Estate Agent—Yes; with your
nuto you'll  have no trouble    KotlliiK
them to ride with you.—Chicago News.
Sick hsadaohes—DSUralgtO headaches—splitting.
blind hit; hfladsohss—*U vani_h when you take
Na-Dru-Co Headache Wafers
Tbry tlo net contain phenacetln. aoetanilld,
morphia., opium or any ether dangerous drutf.
2c-,. a box at your Dru||lst'_. 123
NATIONAL Daua * rHi*ir>tCn •fC«Ni»A,Li'*iu|,
Tread softly -     US&I
Step safely.
EjiM'J Hi'.* p-toi-tod features
of Cot's Paw Heels. no
Bllllngor soeins to have great conu-
ili'in'i. lu his wife.
Yi'H. H'l really extraordinary, Ho
would even lio willing I" sli.y In lho
yni'il whilo siiin wiis manipulating tho
lion.—Chicago Record-Herald,
Plan G.ilore
A woll known Judge, when lio flrsl
wenl to iim linr. waa a very blundering Hpvnkor, On i.no oooaslon. when
11 wu.. engaged in a case Involving n
right to n lot <>r pigs, hn aald,
i;.-ulli.in.-n of tin. Jury, thoro woro
tlmt 24 pigs In thnl drovo; Just 24,
gnntlcuicii, o.\notly twloo ns many as
tliere r-ro In thnt Jury box.
Investigations made ovor Knropo
soom to Justify tho bollof tbnt thu
damage l.y lightning, lu the _ltfa pnr-
ili-iiiinly. bus decreased in a very
mnrkoil <1i.|:i-i... In n'c.-nl years, and
ii. is explained by tlm prceonca of
elootrla win's, whloh ool aa a protoo1
ilmi in dlvortlng iim electric holts. As
tin. win's nro nut underground it l»
axpooted thnt thore will bn notloed n
grout liit'i-oaso In llm amount of dam-
ngo by lightning and a return will bo
generally nuiiiu io the tum ot llnbt-
nlni: rotla.
Sho Was Wise
ilo—I handed in my resignation nt
tho club Inst night
Bho—It thnt Is how you wish mo to
billovo you oanm out of tho plnco
ymi should bnvo biushod a lot of the
dirt uii iiifi.   I.nr.iliin Opinion.
Had Quite a Few
Have you nny children, Jonos?
Oh, yos.   You know Robinson!
Whloh Robinson—Jonathan!
Know hlni v.-ry well. What'l that
gol Ii. do with It!
I'm coIiik to toll you. Ho nml I
have llfty-ono botwoen us.
What are you talking about! You
mut * l"' craay.    Whal do you moan?
Ob, ho lives on ono side of the orphan aaylum and I'm on tbo other.
An   Oversight
J. llarkor BotsTface—Seo hero, you.
I Just now paid my poll tux anil your
young man gavo mo a receipt tor a
dog lax.
Tha Man nt tho Window—And forgot to give you a tag to wear,   llow
Fog Lady
_   She Came to the
It bad boon a warm May duy without a breath of wind to stir tlio young -
green leaves ou tbo elms nnd maples
tliut bordered Ibe village streets.
t.iil,. lu the iil'tufiioon Ibere stole ovor
hill mid liurbor u faint bluish lia/.o Unit
mime snld was smoke from distant for.
*»t llres. 'lbs. weatberwlaa predluted a
"Mny log."
"Uolng out. doc?" nsked old Simon
Way. lbo bonl  builder, ns the y> it
physician passed lilin on thu little
"Yes, Simon, I'm going out fnr a
tirontb of fresh "Ir, If there's any out
thero.  It's deuced hot ashore "
"Yo wnn'i Unit any wlml outside In
day." predicted su.ion.  wllh an eye
toward the ehunuel.  "I I n out there
all day uud cume biu'k wllh the lide
It's hot us thunder out there, uud It'll
be worse before ye get buck."
"You think wo'll Imve a si|iuill?"
The doctor hesitated at the lop i.r the
aleps (but liu' down to tlio wuler Where
bla dory was fasleiied. Ills speedy Ill-
tie iiioiorbuni was anchored uot fur
"Worse than a equall for getting
around In."
•'What's thatr
"A fog."
-1 sball be back before It shuts
down." Tbe doctor straightened his
shoulders and took a deep breath.
"Ye feel shut In between these high
bluffs?'' asked Simon curiously.
"Yea, but under tbe right conditions
I would not—there are certain things
tbat might change It all-bring Its own
breath of paradise with It"
Simon Way went home Mitt told bis
wife that be guessed Dr. Morton wns
getting tired ot Bell Harbor. In spite
of tbe splendid practice he had acquired. Mrs. Way threw a sbnwl over ber
head and ran across tbe street, to tell
Mrs. Clarence Saylea and tbat lady
delivered the Information In an abbreviated form to tbe effect tbat Dr.
Morton waa going to leave town.
Cleo Adams beard the news just aa
abe aat down to tbe supper table.
ln the meantime Dr. Morton's launch
had chugged out of Bell Harbor Into
the sound. Tbe white bow cut the
placid water and broke up the rose-
colored reflections lnio rippling waves
of rose and silver Becked foams.
All about him was a wall of fog.
now abot with a queer pinkish glow.
Aa be abut off tbe power and the
engine ceased throbbing he listened
for some aound to break the alienee
that waa upon the waters.
"This will be a good place to tblnk It
over," he snld to himself and tben realized that be had expressed the craving of his heart—ever alnce Cleo Adams had laughed at hla offer of marriage.
He stared unseelngly into tbe fog,
bla thoughts revolving around tbat
episode of last night
Dr. Morton bnd wooed Cleo Adams
la the ahy way that Is characteristic of
many men of his profession, and when
the time came when be could no longer
withhold his confession of love, he bud
done an unusual thing.
lt was 9 o'clock the previous evening
when lie hud entered his little oill.-e
and sank wearily Into a chair before
bis desk. His housekeeper had left a
aupper for blm and gone to prayer
meeting.   The bouse waa quiet.
Suddenly he picked up ibe telephone
receiver and hold It to bis ear as lis
called Cleo's number. He felt very cool
and professional ns he waited for a
reply from the Adams home.
It came at list In Cleo's low, clear
"Yes?" ahe Inquired.
"Is tbls Miss ireoV" aaked the doctor
"TIUm Is Miss Adnms," ahe replied to
his satisfaction.
"Cleo," he almost whispered, fighting
back the shyness Mini almost choked
his utterance of lhe Important win-as—
"Cleo, 1 love you, denr; could yon
marry ine'/"
Then hud come an Instant's hesttn-
tlon. He was prepared for that, but
hor light, stinging laiigti wns a stunning surprise to him. "No, thank you:'
ahe had snld airily and hung up ths
receiver with a little delimit clatter.
Dr. Morion aat In Iris chair, motion,
less nnd white, until his scandalized
housekeeper hud arisen from hts" bed
and come dowustulrs to Inform him
that It waa past 2 o'clock. Thereumsi
he had shake., himsolf together ntul
retired, only to spend a sleepless night
before he arose lo t'ulilll the duties of
another day's dull routine.
Now he hnd left It nil behind. In th*
solitude afforded by tils fog he would
battle wltb his trouble and master it.
But be did not reckon with tbe fog.
While he aat there thinking bitter
thoughts about Cleo Adams, whe now
appeared to be shallow anl heartless
When once he hnd believed her lo be
earnest, sincere and tar above cnoueti'V
In any ef Its forms, his bout was drift.
Ing Idlv with the tide. Little by tittle
be waa filiating away from the shorn,
and nnt until hs Heard the blast »f ths
foghorn of the shoals lighthouse dirt
he realize his position. At once he
•tartsd tbe engine and turned toward
Ml Harbor. '
l|> was growing dark now, and the
(a* clnng  mnlstly  to hla face and ,
i and «j?tri shred et hla garuenta, j
It entered his throat and almost atraa*
(led him. so raw uud penetrating was lt
Something durk loomed before him,
and at the same lusuiut a fog bell tolled
close ut hand.
A big sound steamer rushed past
blm, a menacing death from which ha
hud barely eecuped.
The tiigliorii lie nnd tlrst beurd had
not beeu Ihe shull Is light. It was th*
Meninu- bearing down upou him.
Whore hud he drifted'/ Ue could not
tell, except thnt It must be lu the path
of the eiislwiird bound stenlners.
He resolved to steer lu tbe direction
where he believed Bell Harbor to ba,
Ue would go vory slowly uud cautiously, and when be drew nenr enough to
Hell Harbor breakwater he could see
the pule glow or Its sentinel lantern
and thus tlnd his way through tbe
tortuous channel Into the harbor.
Hut the doctor wus an uimiieur. Tbe
launch was a new diversion and a
plaything to him, nnd because ho wae
a more skillful physician tlmn he was
s Ulivlgator ho chugged helplessly
nroiiinl fur two hours before he ud-
milled thai ho wns lust tn the fog.
Another hour pnsnud In fruitless going to iiiiiI fro Ilo had heard the
blare of tlie sbunla light foghorn, but
ins Ignorance of ihe wuters about here
made It Impossible for llllll to Calculate illsiuuees or directions. He laughed rather Beornfully at his foolish
hopes when be luul bought the undor- !
bunt. Cleo Adams was un ardent
sailor, ami he had planned many delightful trips lu the-bos- which aa
yet hiid uo name. He wanted to call It
after her.
The doctor wna nnw prepared to
spend the night ou the sound, lie bad
not heard anything that might Imil-
cale the preswtice of other craft lu ble
neighborhood. He concluded that alt
other bouts must be anchored, watting !
for tbe fog to lift. Ut course be did
not dure to cuter the cabin of tha
launch aud sleep.
Juat then a arrange aound, odd
enougb beard there In tbe fog at 10
o'clock In the evening, smote upon hla
strained ears.
It was the voice of a woman singing.
The sweet tones came tremulously
across the water, and Involuntarily
the doctor turned hla craft and beaded
In tbe direction of tbe voice.
To hla delight It grew louder and
clearer aa be went on tbla course, and
now he could distinguish the worda ot
the hymn:
"Pull for ths shore, 'sailor, pull (or the
"It sounds ae If It wna meant for
me," be muttered, bending bis head
to peer through tbe fog for tbe drat
glimpse of tbe mysterious singer.
('Hided by the voice of tbu singer,
who rendered verse after verse of tbe
stirring song wltb tireless patience
now tbat tbe flrst tremolo had been
overcome. Dr. Morton drew nearer to
tbe sound until a peculiar orange glow
Indicated the nearness or a light.
Could It be tbe entrance to Bell
Harbor channel? If so. who was thst
singing there on tlie black rocks of
tbe breakwater?
He held to hia course wltb the light
on his left and, to Ids delight, left It
behind, ne wns entering the channel
and would soon be Inside Bell Barbor.
The voice suddenly slopped nud tben
spoke In toues vaguely familiar to
hlm-perbups the fog disguised It
"Bout uboy!" It called.
"Here!" returned Morton quickly.
"la tbot Dr. .Morion?"
"Yes. Can 1 take yon off? Am I
"Come carefully—follow my voice—
there!" as lhe boat Jarred against a
large rock.  "Stonily a moment!"
A pale form moved out of the fog
and without effort entered bis boar,
shoving off from the rock before It
groped In a seat beside him,
"If you will give me the wheel I can
steer you directly lo the wharf," snld
tbe voice of Cleo Adams calmly, and
without a word the astonished phvsl-
eiiin gave the wheel Into her bunds and
slid along the aent to mako room for
"How came ynu there?" he asked
curiously, after he had related the de.
lulls of Ills being Inst In the fog nnd
bow her slugiug bud guided him safely
to port.
Her voice trembled slightly: "Simon
Way told falhor you hml gone out In
the fog ugiiiiisr tils advice nml thnt ymi
hud not returned. Puttier worried because Ids liiineness prevented him from
coming to your rescue. 1 sold nothing
to them, but came our In my bout to
look for you. It st.rung a leak, end I
abandoned it nnd climbed on the rocks.
1 wus sure you could hear my voice
and would tlnd the way buck." She
spokj practically und. eicapt for the
tremble in her voice, appeared quila
unmoved by tin, heroism of her deed.
"You enme out. here to save my
life.' he asked hoarsely.
"Ynu saved my father's life Insl winter." she retorted, adding, "You nre
such ii good doctor thut we cannot nf.
ford lo lose vou, although 1 near you
are going uwuy."
"After last night yon eouirl hardly
profess 10 care." he said bitterly.
"I.list night'/ I did not see ynu Inst
nlghL It. fact, I was In Cloverton.
'Ihey had sickness In Uncle Joes faintly," wild Cleo.
"Then win, islkod with me orer your
telephone?" he nsked quickly.
"It must nave heen Slelln Morris.
She wns to remain with fnlber sud
mother all night. What did she say?
She Is such n giddy, tbnUgtleas girl"—
.'Ion faltered Into silence us his Words
tumbled forth breathlessly tu eiplana*
"Whnt would you hnve snld?" he demanded.
"Yes," whispered Cleo aa their racee
When ihey named ths doetnr-a mo-
tnrhunt they cnled ner tbe Fog Laity,
aid nobody knew save Dr. Morton aad
Ml wife jutl what tt MM*»    waf j
In feeding sljnge to milk cows there
bus beon quite a little discussion us to
Its exact feeding value uud lhe proportionate plnce It should hnve In the
fiitloti. suys '•'. M. Utile. Nebraska ei- ,
perliuent station. Thirty to thirty-five
pounds of sllagti are generally recommended for the ration, but its payability and succulence will permit of a
larger amount lieing fed. even lu con-
Junction Willi nlmust uny other food.
stuffs, without nny Injurious effects
upon the alimentary tract The extremely low cost of stingo ns compared
with other feeds Is niiliirnlly an Inducement to dairymen in use It to the
exclusion of ilie more expensive kinds.
From a scientific basis uud where the
#rf,*''("»*i#.'*«'-*T<'\»»*' / •'■
with a record of 1,068 34 pound* of
but tor  fat   produced  tn  sus  day a,
Hiimi. line. Rflm De |<ol, a llvt-yfur-
old Holiteln-Frteatan cow owned
by Dun Dtminluk A Uro. ICani
Clart'lon, U-, in-torn.**, tli* new
"queen of tli* dairy world." Tbla
wonderful cow produced during lha
yi'iir --.404.4 pound!, ot milk mating
H.sti per cent fit. Thl* means over
nine gallona of milk per day, or
•nough to aupply Ihlrty-idx fumlllea
each with a quart of milk dally.
If inada Into butter her lut production would equal l.rJ.'ja pounds of
butter, or over three and one-halt
pounda per day for 3tti doya. Thla
la all tho mora remarkable bene una
It waa mads without her being dry
at all before freshening. No other
cow In the world haa ever produced
auch an enormoua amount of butter
fat In m yearly teat, and only ona
other has ever exceeded Banoatlna'a
milk record.
actual nutrient Ingredient* are considered tbe amount of silage to feed can
be very easily ur ranged by using It to
supply tile maintenance requirements
of the animal and meeting tbe demands of the milk flow by giving additional food.
Hecent analysis gives corn silage tht
following nutrient composition: 1.4 pet
cent protein, 14.2 per cent carbohydrates antl .7 per cent fat According
to Haecker, the nutrient requirement*
for h cow weighing 1.000 pounds Is .1
pounds protein, 7 pounds carboby*
(irate, and .1 pounds fnt If we feed
fifty pounds nf silage per dny to tbli
cow ample nutrients nre furnished to
supply the needs of her body and keep
her vital processes In regulnr condition, for this nmount of fringe contains
.7 pounds of protein. 7.10 pounds ol
carbohydrates nnd .35 pounds of fat
These figures are practically Identical
with tbe theoretical maintenance re*
During tbe last several years wt
bave maintained dry cows with no other feed than silage nnd found It per
fectly stiftlclent It seemed to meel
every requirement of the animals aud
kept them In n good thrifty condition.
Soma of the largest dealers In d>.lry
cows use no other feed thnn allege the
year through, and the snles they makt
la proof of Its worth In keeping up tha
condition of cows without any supplementary feed.
Where the cow la rtflng milk feeding Is simplified by glvlr-- enough sl-
Inge for maintenance nc furnishing
enough other feed to directly meet thl
demands of her milk flow. For example, the requirements fe- thirty pound*
of 816 l'pf cent milk nie: UIO pounds
protein. £.91 pounds carbohydrates nnd
.44 pound**, fat. Uslr*** farm grown
foodstuffs *\o supply nutrients for this
amount nf milk we can ensl'y balance
the ration by using ten pounds of alfalfa hay and three pounds of ground
Corn Silage Is one nf the most printable foodstuffs we have, nnd If It Is In
proper condition the nnlnutl will eat
enough to meet tile requirements nl
maintenance without refusing ■ pnrtl-
do.   This method of feeding is given
been use It Is convenient antl sliiiplttlei
feeding methods where silage Ih used.
Give the Cow a Chance.
The Door cow is an extravagance
which nn farmer can nlTord. especially
sn \f lit* feeds mul cares for that cow
for dairy purposes, If the cnw Is
worth keeping shs n* w-nrtb nil the feed
she can consume and good stabling.
nud If she does not return a proIIt on
such care she ought to tm replaced hy
s lietter cnw. We have uahl lime and
again thnt us m rule tlm average farm
cow Is tint so poor as our method* ol
feeding anrl care taking. miv« the Kansas Parmer We cannot judge a row
until she has had proper care and
proper feed We must i-rnah un nn
our feed and care, therebv giving the
cow a chance, *"d If she doea not
mnke good replace her with something
Silage For Cattle Feed*nq.
Ktlage should ue inok»<i upon as a
rougnnce iii cuttle feeding operations
Wheu It Is known that the iiv«*,rug*
sample or slhig*» contains Out four tc
stx bushels ot com pet tnn of silage it
will be -seen tbat It cannot be rellec
on to furnish the concentrated pnrt ol
the ration in fattening cattle. When
viewed from the standpoint of a rough
age, there is no question thnt It Is useful in fattening cattle, especially whet
auppiemented .with broken tar or abeii I
M cyra ana cet)oaste4 ifltai.    -»,        ■
Ono   advantage   ot   succulent  ;
feud Is the fact that ll not only
provides   lhe   cow   with   more
moisture, but al llie same time is
|  more appetizing.
The inllk utensils must be five
| from seums mid cracks.   It is tin-  J
poHslblu to keep ihem eleuu if
this Is not the cuse.
The bigger the ears of corn
when they are put in the silo
the bigger ihe milk flow will be
when ilie silage Is fed.
Provided .vour cow Is .. good
•  one, the more Hhe Is fed along
right lines liu* mire she will give.
No niilmill ihnt nets only food
)  enough to support life can make   ',
a gain or profit
Haphazard methods of breeding never pay vrlth dairy entile.
The best herd bull Is uono inn
Tho man whn can double the
prnditcllveness of Ills furiii more
•]•   than doubles Iih value.
Younfjttr-ra Should Be Liberally Fad te
6ecura Beat Results.
Tigs gain lu weight while young
much cheaper than they dn as tbey up-j
prouch mut urn age. If fed all they cun
consume and assimilate while young,
they acquire (he thrifty habit and cun
be made lo grow tu market weight at
less expense for feed than »f allowed to
come along In tbe usual maimer, write**
N. A. Clapp ln Orange .ludd Former,
Wheu pigs ure liberally fed while
youug the stomach Is expanded rap-
Idly, and they eau consume und utilize
more feed over and above wlmt la re*
quired to maintain ihem. Tbla enables
tbem to gain In weight nt less eost per
pound than would be possible If allowed to grow slowly.
When the pigs are three weeks old
they will begin to look around tbe pen,
and If when tbe sow la out a little
shelled corn ts thrown on tbe floor of
the pen the sow will begin to pick It up
before she pays any attention to tbe
pigs. Tbe pigs will see ber pick up tba
kernels one at a time, and they will begin to pick tbem up and chew tbem.
Such can be the first lesson ln eating
Wben the sow 1* out place a small,
shallow trough where tt will be bandy
to coax or drive the pigs over It Take
aome fine middlings ln a pall, acald It,
atlr iu aome new milk, sweeten tbe
mess with a little blackstrap molasses
and put lt In tbe trough while It la
warm. Drive tbe pigs over tbe trough.
They wilt smell tbe molasses, lap at
Ihe feed and begin te eat When tbey
once get a taste of such feed tbey will
eat all they can hold.
The pigs should be fed In the middle
of the forenoon and ln tbe middle of
the afternoon. Wben 1 huve desired to
crowd pigs to ir:.ke all the growth pos-
slide to show them at the fairs I have
given them a feeding ln the evening
After the pigs have eaten from the
trough for a week or more coarser
feeds can be used and aklmmllk anb-
tdttuted for new milk. A good feed
Is mnde by mixing corn chop and ont
chop with the hulls sifted out with nn
equal quantity of wheat middlings. I
like to feed a little molasaes along
witb Ibe warm feed to make It more
palatable aud to keep the bowels In a
laxative, healthy condition.
The amount of feed given should be
Increased only as fast as the capacity
of tbe pigs to eat Increases, Teed In
a clean trough every time. (Jive the
pigs a chance to run In the field aud
ent grass. If fed and bundled lu the
manner described the pigs can be
weaned when eight weeks old. and
thete will be no check In their growth.
At two months old they should weigh
from fifty to sixty pounds each and be
well started townrd hoghood. 1 hnve
frequently had pig** weigh 80 to Uk)
pounds each when three months old.
Caring  For Horaaa' Shoulders.
In getting the shoulders ready before
one marts working he should clean
(hem well, washing ami brushing to
remove the dandruff. One should keep
the inane out from under the collar
while wnrklng.
\ good wash Is made nf one-fourth
suit, one-fourth alum, one-fourth borax and one-fourth saltpeter.   Dtssolva
this Tully In a gallon of rainwater
und then put It lu glass Jure end keep
It covered. One should wash the
horses' shoulders every night. They
must nol be brniHed too hard, for tbat
would Irritate the sklu uud eausu It to
get pore,
out* should never clean horses* •collars in tbe morning, but clean them at
night, rubbing thetn clean with Iht*
baud, lu caso one forgets to clean
them at night ho should take a wet
Cloth tn clean them fa thu morning. It
one scrapes tbe cellar wllh a knife or
a curry comb It will scratch tbo surface of the collar, nnd the result will
be u note shoulder.
Party of-Twenty-Two OH to PrOtped
In Baffin1* Land.
A party nf four Ontario men lefl
fnr St. John**, Newfoundland, wIipm
they were joined by eiuhteen nlliro***),
and the whole parlv [ell lor nil eighteen months' trip hi Rubin's !.,m ' I
search for and work placer gold mining dlggliius and engage, in lur trade
with the Eskimos.
The Initial destination nf the ex-
dltlon will  be  Pnnd*s Inlet, nn the
northern coast of Bnffln Island, ilCWs!
from Greenland, Report? nf placet
gold fields i" thfil vicinity wen1
brought buck by the (.nvernnipnl
steamer Arctic la*t fall Captain
Robert Janet, lhe second officer, having made several, clii discoveries aud
having secured rich Rumple*. .IflM't
in to accompany thu present expedition n* guide tlnd interpreter. lit1
lived lor eight month', iiinnng Ihe
Rskimos and speaks tlieir language
The parly expects lo bring back
with them record* lefl near Pond'-*
Inlet by Sir John Frnnklin, Ihs
veteran Arctic explorer, whn with IftO
men, the crews nf two British ship*,
lost hi* life in nn unsuccessful dash
to the North P.,:.* 7f> years ugn, Tbu
Eskimos told ths officers ol the Arctic stories of a cfloho miles inland
where so* ■ nf the records of i!:-**
Franklin expedition were buried and
substantiated their tale with relics
dating around 1840. when Franklin
disappeared  nn  his  Inst quest.
The party has been provisioned foi
two years. They are taking 7!"' barrels of (lour and enormous quautitlet
of pemmtenn, des*icoted potatoes and
other vegetables, Canned goods ars
being taken in limited quant it ie*
only. Capt, Janes last fall built lot
the Ottawa Government a cache containing provisions for 6f> men for l_.ri
dnysday* as a relief spot tor shipwrecked mariner'- and explorers. Thi.
is within easy distance of Pond!* Inlet, and could, of course, be drawn
upon if necessary. Tlie extreme cold
of the country preserves meats or food
for an almost indefinite length ol
time, so lhat supplies can he left
practically exposed, provided they are
fuit out of range of the polar animal
"We expect to spend nearly nil out
time In placer mining," said Mr.
Scott, who will command the expedition. "Copt, Janes found the gold
in black sand and fine pebbles, but
as Ihey hnd no miners nlong they
merely brought back specimens. Tbs
formation of the country is much the
same as that in Northern Ontario,
with lots of rock exposed. We are
taking along lumber for the building
of sluice boxes and pans for washing
out thc gold.
"The ' expedition should reach
Pond's Inlet some time in August.
We will build camps and winter
quarters immediately. The ship will
return some time in November, and
leave us to work our own fortunes
throughout the winter. The Arcti"
night last about three months, but
twilight will prevail Ior hours each
dny, and we ahould he able to work
practically all the time. When we
reach our destination the weather
should be n*> fine as it ever gels so
far north, the country covered with
flowers and game in abundance.
During the winter the temperature
will go down around 70 below. We
will, of course, be prepared lo resist
the tremendous cold."
Rations For Dairy Cattle.
Tbe following general facts should
be observed In making up (be ration
for a dairy cow: A cow should be fed
all lhat she will eat and digest well,
giving due consideration lo the cost,
digestibility and composition nf tba
food fed. Tlie more palatable the food
the greater quantity a cow will consume. Variety often Increase* palntu*
Willy. A part of the ration should be
SUCCUlent fu nature, ns audi food stimulates action iu the Intestinal tract.
whhh stimulates v|-.or, thrift and
health In the animal. Another Inipnr '
lant part of the food supply Is water,
Too often tbla te Uot given proper cou*
Insulted Them.
Hon. W. J. Hanna, Provincial Secretary in the Ontario Government,
telU many a g<«id story. One nl bis
best relates to au incident whloh followed the general election of December Inst, when the Whitney Government was again returned to power
ud its Provincial Secretary rolled up
a majority of some eleven hundred in
tbe riding of West I.auibton..
One Liberal campaigner endeavored to make votes against him on the
subject of his interest in discharged
convicts. While approving of he
prison farm itself, this party advocate vigorously arraigned the propriety of a Minister "f the Crown "co-
horting with besotted offenders aid
Thc morning alter tiie election, as
the Minister walked down town, he
was nmazed to he met with cut-
stretched eager hand hy a constituent
whose frequent lapses l[om si brlety
had more than once landed I in. behind the bar**, ard whom he knew to
be an ardent Liberal,
"Congratulations, Mr. Hanna," he
exclaimed. "| voted my lir-*t vote for
you ye.-terday."
"And bow wns that!-" queried the
astonished legislator,
"Well, you know Blank." he re*
•ponded) -wiving the name of the cam*
patgner who had arraigned tbe Minis-
ter's conduct- "be Insulted us."
Tha Qoneroui Bi.ikr.
In the n tun la ol lite < hatenii Laurier, Ottawa, i cently, s partj 'I old-
time newspaper men were asseu I I
and the talk naturally \ "''red t Iba
political oLtnges thai bad taken place
iii the capital durum the ia-t im de*
cades. The great cbieHaiiis ul the
pant were being discussed, a tal lhe
n une of the late Hon, Kdward Blake
was mentioned,   "Me waa the m st
valued subscribe? 1 ever Iin I." remarked s publisher from West l>ur-
bau, whloh constituency tlio illustrious Libca! represented for *■■ me
years, "livery January lie sent mo a
check for $H as a year's lubicriptlou
for my paper, I wish that 1 ha-t
more of those pay-iu-advanoe kind 61
subscribers to-day."
Two   Youthful   Cities.
Coronation, one o( the baby towns
on the prairie Is only ei.'ht month**
oltl nud is a loyal little burg, it calls
Us main llreoU by royal mimes.
Another intent city Is Alix, and it
ii making a record start. It lins no
municipal debts yet it hns Improved
its streets and surroundings, a.ix
hts lhe slogan "Alix lix 'eni all."
Trees  For  Prairies.
Indian  Head, Bask., has ;i forestry
farm  ol  7r*0  tOTes   and   lfe)ce   it  was
established  In    1W8,    lll.OOO.OClf'trees
have been dietributuU.
' ' s* NIGI
>!-V. -...■■a-.,.- t .,* ■..  Ill .-Jlii
Text, "For ill** love of money ia His rool
ot ull -Vll."-i Tlm.  vl, IU-
Money Is the chief sign of civilization Not a cause, but an effect, Muo
emerging troin biitliarlsin needed a
better nnd more effective medium ot
exchange lhan wampum. Cut instead
of being Simply an Indication of villus
transferred, a convenient sign of Interchange, It Is* now au object for pursuit iiself. Mislead of a Hei'vaul, it is
now n blosted god. Men. forgetting
thai It Is not what they gel, but n**hal
ihey are that makes ihem happy ot
miserable, turn llieir whole lives te
lliq gelling of money—and more money.
They have two objecla—one io yet rich,
lhe olher to get richer. From (he lovs
of things worth wliile men turn to
Ihe love of money, aud that, nol
money, but the love of moio'v, is tht
root of all evil, the Hibie declares.
That love displaces Hm* love of Ood,
The dollar god Ik godless. He stamp*
his sign on reeking tuberculosis tenements, upon the mammoth titan of tht
sea. upou the championship series ol
baseball, upon the pul flit ou which tht
wealthy eluuer may deign to ru^d bis
approval, upon the political cumpuigu*
of the one government ou earth that
claims to be truly representative—«
pure democracy. It t** a amddeuiD*|
struggle, und the dollar's murk is the
serpent of Hellish siu cltmbtug tbe pir
lara of bnmau society.
-"Money For fisle."
Any one can be rich If be wFT pav
the price. In your broker's office yon
will read tbe sign. "Money Kor Sale.''
"For atileV" Ves. If you wtfJ puy Tot
It "How much ls UV" How ojueia
do you want? "Ob. a mli.'.oa t_ one
American standard of wenim." Wei^
If you want to be worth u million dollars It will cost you Jusc a million 'lol-
lurs to get It. A million In broken
friendships, lotellectuai soatitte-t
loss of social eajoymenr. dkpe£e__dtaB
of generous ImpUUMS, rfce *onofb*r*h_g
of nobler aspirations, a iln_jr_si weed
robe, a scanty tubie. n lonei** bom*—
because you fear _. lovely wf> nd t
handsome home would he eipenrfi'*'**—
a hatred of heathen, a drwid ■)•; rtirs
contribution box. a ha'indn^ fear iC
charitable societies-, a fretful LsitS*
of poor people. beCBffiSB tttej t-hi i
keep out of your sigtn. a Bttib **niiiH
benevolence that Is; worse tttaa none;
ob. you can b«» rich If run am willlnsf
to pay tht* price. Any mun -''in ?er. stall
who doesn't think it too r-Esgensfirai.
J|Ge| rich ^f possible, but set rich.'*'
\m the dertrs creed ofi «'•■•»*•*f». bus .a
results In the ■-"•?*_ of gre-'is. It becomes a poaefon that deaden*. *it*v
grudes and damns. In the :owest 3I1
of Dante's Inferno, st the 'Wttora iC
the ninth circle. In rii-*- maw it* r.ii.Tifer-..
Is .Indus. In the ntflc*. 01* the i-trapi*
of broker* be rend tbe sign. "ShuUQp
For finle" To buv chirty ;)leee«t itf
1 allver be sold not omy aimseir. uut a.«
Lord. ,*.—-*
Expending 31••"*.: Power.       ■ ^
Money—earned money-is yiur rvtffi
setr expressed In medium -if tatt*
Laboring man. t'i « day? SarurjiiT"
night you bav,» tli_ woCb of pens
muscle Id yonr po- _•*£ Oflrit BO ■
week, a brain man; r^en 7011 tut**)
lhat .imount of brain In your *»n*5,**i"iqe-.
Write a clever book, bmot a gr»es
machine, cast a tube under a 0twf)
river, your check la SSOJHB? Then n
Is gray matter expressed in r,nn:;nnre-*..
Muscle man. brain num. man cf gsuUnt^
each get* the amount of his tabot expressed In money. Ir I* «*.tnri-*t power.
How win you spend IW you Have .. _
aside by the "FourthV Firework*
cigars and drink. Fire dollars An
bonks and tire for Y. M. C A. Amend lecture course? Ten doftan •****.
buck to yonr o'd mother for -tome ;*."
uries nnd a ne-.v dress to wear In to-
old village church. M-.uev "blown
In." money stored sway for future
capital, money poured back into your
brain for more effective work, money
to pay a son's debt nf gratitude or
money for tbe est.tulon "T God**
kingdom) Th»> nee of money t-> tn.*
test of character I'm sure, my lo-
dulgent render, you haven't a million,
bnt you hnve some fraction of o million.   .\- you spend that fraction you
would spend tbe who.e.
"Tho Almighty  Dollir."
1 wrote or 11 godless dollar, It la
powerful - we call It the in.* ighty dollar    Bui a dollar is almighty only
when It N God'a, The bad dollar )•
pntetil-Hie Kood dollar Is omnipotent.
Tln» bad dollar mav bu, I leglfllatur*.
It may secure a legislature; it may t"t
Its strength from violation of child
labor laws; It mny corner bread, ment
or eonl. ao that the poor nre driven to
theft, starvation or prostitution; it may
bil.v gnrages, racing stables and private yachts, but lirthe end whal shall
It profit a man? It umy be said that
very night. "Thou fool." The houc**t,
consecrated dollar is the only one thnt
nm bring permanent happiness. Don'l
put your trust lu money, frtu put your
money In trust—with »;<»! Vour hand
may be clinched wben you are born,
mil II is open when you die. The only
motiey you can lake with you \# whnt
yon lithe sent hei ore you to <<od.
Christ's attitude 10 wealth and men of
wealth is tremendously Impressive
lie regarded It a*-11 melt, incident. Il«
ate wllli the rich and poor, lie never
seemed dnsJtled with the rich man's
wealth or ashamed of the poor uum'e
poverty, Much mouey might nm shut
out troin the kingdom ut heaven, but
It made it »- dilll- <i.   ol a-cms us the
camel's entrance through tni uecdie't FREE  PRESS,  CHILLIWACK,   BRITISH  COLUMBIA.
The New Season is ushered in, in gala attire.    September finds us with an exceptionally fine
display of advanced Fall and Winter Wearables tor Men and Boys.
Wtt placed our orders only after earetul consideration and study of  the  leading  clothing,   furnishings nnd shoo linos of tho country.
Genuine value is stamped on ovory article admitted to this comprehensive showing. ,
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to learn what's what in stylos for Fall.   Tlioso high art suits and over-coats aro offered ut $15.0(1, $18.00, $20.00 iind $26.00.
The New Furnishings
tor Fall are Beautiful
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somil appearance can look over (ho
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bosoms in it variety [of handsome
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Slinrtliaml Tuition
Room six Hart Rlnck
Wellington st. Chilliwaek, II. 0,
Hotel Opening
Good opening at SARDIS
Townsite for an hotel or
hoarding house. Lot at
half price to suitable party.
Offices over Knyui Hank nl Canada,
ChilliwacK  College  of
Principal]   Timo. .1. llrm.N, I..A.I1.
Iii-tiin li.in in nil tirutirlit-s iif muslr nml in
I'ltx-iitiun. Yearly fXHiiiitiatinlia by tin- Koynl
A.■i..l<..iiy iif Mu.lt' nml the Royal Cullim ot
Mu.ir, Loudon, hllKlmitl.
Terms f. for four lesions, i~ynt>it< in advance
I'. 0. Box see Phone t IM
R.  A. HENDERSON, fl.E. S.-M.E.
B. 0, Land Surveyor
Rooms 10 It 11, Westminster Trust Work
CHIl.l.lWAi:K, II.O.
Appreciate the Cheering, Comforting qualities of our superior
Teas and Coffees, the liost on the
market. Their excellent quality
makes them the most economical
to use, because a small quantity
produces as good rosults ns, or
lietter than, the cheaper grades,
and vet our goods arc not at all
high iu price. But you will tlnd
they are money savers in actual
Lillie's Special:! pounds Ceylon
i.;i       -       -       $i.oo
Lillie's Special f, -m.iiiiiIs  Ceylon
Tea        - - $1.75
Lillie's Special   1 .snuul  Ceylon
Tea - - 40c.
Order Preserving Peaches now
$1.15 per Case.
Lie's Cash Grocery
Phone IO
Bend the Free Press advts.
In an countries. Ask for our INVENTOR**
ADVISER, which will be sent free.
"6t llBiHnlty Ji,Cw JlCi*rineSi,M«_tlL'
The City Council met as usual on
Monday evening.
ln letter R. Barnard, an Old
Country tailor, asked for a reduction of the license of $o0 to permit
him to tuke orders. Received and
A |ictition from Sumas people
for an extension of water system
was received nnd filed.
Petitions were presented for a
five foot plank walk on the north
and south sides of Victoria street
between Cook and Robson streets,
nnd for u cement walk on the south
side of Westminster street between
Chas. Street und Woobine avenue,
were received and tilled. To be
dealt with.
Residents of thc north side of
Westminster avenue asked that the
the construction of a cement walk
fronting on tlieir prosierlies, lie
postponed for this year.
A wire was received from the
Sun Life Assurance Co., stating
that the company would purchase
all or pnrt of the City debentures
on a luisis of (i per cent, and would
also purchase wuter works debentures uud tuke mortgage on system.
Thc council accepted offer for city
debentures to amount of *i._'iiKi.
Re the witter works there us yet
sonic advice to lie secured ns to time
of procedure, before action on tin
presentation of another by-law is
Aid. Mctiillivniy is still of the
opinion thut foundations of sidewalks iu places are not of the proper sort. The other Councillors
think work salisfactory and con
tractor competent nnd wns doing
good work. Instructions wore
given to huve telephone moved from
upper to lower binding.
Itev. H*. B. Stneey, John Orr und
others asked for u cement wulk on
south side of Westminster street lietween Woodbine nnd Broadway.
Received and filed.
1'riee Bros, again wrote protesting against whut they consider discrimination in the assessment of
milk license,    No action.
Excelsior Lodge No. 7, nsked
for a reduction of hnll license. A
motion wns mntlu to amend the bylaw to read $10 instead of $25 for
halls without u stage.
The Clerk was instructed to enforce, through Ihe proper channels,
the collection of the business license
from all who have not paid.
The expropriation of land for lane
nt rear of properties on north side
of Wellington street wus laid  over.
The Street Sprinkling Rate Bylaw was read three times.
Alex. Tomay, an Indian, appeared before his honor Judge llowny
Monday morning charged with
entering n house of a Chinaman nt
Chilliwack with intent tosteal. He
elected for speedy trial, which will
tuke plnce next Monday at 10 a. in.
Auction Sale
The tinilenlgncd hus received Instructions
of Popcuin, to sell liy Public Auction,
without reserve, nn the promises ol
Tuesday Sept. 17th
III one O'clock p.m., the fnllnwillg gOOlls
hiiiI chattel!, thut is Iii sny :
I lluy (i.liling, :i yours nlil, wolglll   Mini
I Chestnut (lelilini! II yrs nlil, weight
i.vki liis, well broken.
I Milch Cow, tl yrs nlil, milking, illto to
oiilvo in April next.
I Iilno Roan. « yrs nlil, milking, duo tn
calve in February.
I Pun. Ilmi ..erscy, niilking.iliie tiiciilve
in Mnroh, register.*!.
I HolMoln Hull,'.' yrs nl.l, Saildlo ll. Nn.
6 Damn Plymouth Unck ami Brown Leghorn fowl.
3 llrnuil Snws.
I Heavy Witgnn, 4 inch tin', stool Miles.
I Massoy-Harris Sootier.
I Set i>f Drug Harrows.
I Disc I lur row.
I Mot'nrmii-k lluy llukc
I Heavy Tims' Seated Democrat, uml
other articles ton ntuncrotit in mention,
TERMS—All sums nf *L'n nml under,
cash; over thut amount three mouths
credit will bo given on approved lien
L.W. PAISLEY, Auctioneer.
R   U
A Bargain Hunter
We can deliver a first class
Business Lot on the corner of
Young Road and Second Ave
Chas. Huteheson $ Co.
15,000 Trees for Sale
One, Iwn uml tliree-yoiir-nlil trees,
nil grufieil nn wlinlo French t'liili-
a|i|ile stork; I year nlil 20c; 1- vour
old, •!.«•; 3 year old, Mc. APPLES -r Grnvonitcln, Mint »f Tompkins,
Wealthy, Northern Spy, Grimes Golden, Jonathan uml Snow, t'llAlt
APPLES— llyslnp, late and Shield. Oliofco lol "I Clink's Bcedliug uml
Mugootl Slruulicrrics at $•'. |icr WHO.   All raised nn new lieils.
D. H. Nelson, Prop. Abbotsford, I. C.
The Merchant who litis goods worth
talking ahout will find it profitable
to talk about them in the Free Press
Every duy It is becoming moro und
more evidotit that Hit1 mn-*t. ruinous
result*, to tlie tunm-rs 6t the \Vusl
would follow tbe -stablishinertt ot
.aampie murkets tor graiu ul Winnipeg
and Fori William.
As , striking Instance of the harm
that \w uld follow suon a move, was
brought out ut un Investigation of the
tnitlic congestion ou the Canadian
railways beforo the 11 nil way (.'ommis-
s'.on ui Otiywu. In giving their testimony J. W. Leonard of the C.i'.H.
and W. 11. Blggar of the Grand Trunk
Pacific staled that the congestion wus
very largely owing to their Inability
to secure rolling stock from the manufacturers as last aa it was required.
All tlu- car shops are behind bund
with oiders lu fact it Is impossible
Ior tho car shops to lum oul rolling
utock as rapidly as the development
■of lhe' country requires it. lu this
connection it wus stated lhat the director'* of one company luul authorized the expenditure of $10,000,000 hi
rolling stock, hut could get uo linn to
Illl lhe orders.
ll   will  be seen  by  Ibese   ilaletlieuls
which wen, uneimtnullc'ei., that the
•congestion of trallic ami cur shortages
on the railways of the wefit ure owing
to tbe exceedingly rapid development
of ihe country rather than to the neglect of the railway companies. Aud
thin wonderful development l.s as yet
only in Its early stages, utul when It
Is completed bow will our transportation companies be able tit handle the
trnfllc? Tho grain congestion of lasl
full iv a h bad enough hul with the In-
cretiKed acrengi under cultivation
•each yonr the conditions will grow
worse uh time passes, aniens radical
measures are taken to prevent  It.
Will; those facts In view, what can
tie said of the criminal folly of establishing u Bttmplo market lhat will
jtt one Stroke Hike uwuy twenty-live
per cent of lhe cars uow available
■for the grain currying trade. Before
many years pass the grain crop uf
•the west will be over live hundred million bushels. And when lhat time
comes, even providing thai the Ham-
pie market Is a qualified success,
which Is Impossible, Hie twenty-five
per cent lors of curs will still be as
great In proportion as It would he'If
■the sample market were established
today. Any Intelligent farmer can
■figure out for himself what the loss
•would be to him. were the sample
fnarket established and the cars detained at Winnipeg an they would be
for from twenty-four to forty-eight
hours on every trip, and how much
wheat would be left in hla granary
thst would otherwise be shipped, sold
jind paid for. Remember that It
w mid mean, under ordinary condition**, that one bushel out of every
four Is left on his hands at the close
o; navigation.
Aad why. In the name of ordinary
common sense should the farmer be
put to this lose and Inconvenience?
There Is no reason whatever for he
■tands to lose at every turn. The
only persons who could possibly he
benefited are the men who would
bundle the wheat on the sample mark-
' et, and would mix it and fix it so as
to bring the most profit to themselves.
It 1* to the interests of every farmer to carefully study this sample
market question In all its bearings.
At present, the farmer is safeguarded
on every hand by statutory laws
which are fairly well observed, and
the farmer now has full control of
Ills own wheat on the market. If
he don't like to sell to the local dealer
for any reason, either on account of
grade or price, he ran ship himself.
The railway companies are compelled
by law to furnish him a car in his
turn ;.nd place lt at a loading platform for him. At Winnipeg an non*
-est gra le ls assured him by a government inspector and the wheat ls aold
at a fair market price. In short, he
Is mas'er of the situation.
Under the system of a sample market the oppofllte. is the case. Tbe
fanner i_ muster of nothing. His
wheat rnes to Winnipeg, it sample Is
pkicei on tho table tn the grain ex-
i-hangt and It is sold for whatever lhe
buyer chooses to give him. All tho
g.iaran'efis of fair play which he now
enjoys . re _aorlflce(l. and his grain is
placed at the disposal of a crowd of
spectators, who agree amongst themselves nnt to bid one against anoUrr.
but tn play Into eneli others hands
for their mutual benefit.
An attempt Is being made to mis*
l ad the farmers on this matter, and
false ideas and spurious :.rguments
are bi ing used to trap the unwary. It
Is the old game of the spider and the
fly. They make the statement that
wheat which Is between grades will
bring a better price on a sample
market for purposes of mixing wilh
lower qualities. This ts a fallacious
argument. The farmer knows by
past experience ihat the only people
to profit hy the mixing of grain are
the dealers, In this regard a recent
interview with Mr. .1. 11. llasliini who
Ih well known throughout Uio west Is
worthy of careful consideration. Mr.
Ilushit.i uiu has just returned from
Kurope states that the western Canadian when' Ih losing lis preeminence
en the Hrtt'sh market, and he warns
the farmers of tin' west that they |
must ee to It that Ihey send their
best wheat pure to the Old Country If
Ihey wish to retain their hold on the
market am1 secure I he best prices,
lu the lighl nT this, what becomes of
the mixing argument? Two qualities of wheat cannot he mixed without lowering one of Ihem. und In doing so you reduce tlie   standard of all.
It must never be forgotten that tho
men who are seeking to establish a
sample murket are the men who have
always sought to exploit the wheat
trade of the west to further their own
Frost & Wood Binders
Widely used  everywhere.    Perfect,  light running,
meet the hardest conditions ot cutting and  binding.
ThoutandiHkve Been Helped
By Common Soma
Women suffering from any form of female ills are invited to communicate
promptly with the woman's private correspondence, department of tha Lydia B.
I'inkham Medicine Co., Lynn, Mass.
Your letter will be opened, read and
answered by a woman and held in strict
confidence. A woman can freely talk of
her private illnesa to a woman; thus haa
beon established a confidential correspondence which hai ex Undid aver
many years and which hu never been
broken. Never havo they published a
testimonial or used a letter without tba
written consent of tha writer, aad never
has tha Company allowed these confidential latter* to Ret out of their possession,
aa the hundreds of thousand* of them in
their files will attest.
Out of tha vast volume of experience
which they have to draw from, it ia mora
will, aad their advice baa helped thousands. Surely any
woman, rich or pear,
should be (lad to
take advantage ef
this generous offer
of assistance. Address Lydia R Pink-
ham Medicine Co.,
(confidential) L_raa,
Every weanan ee$M te men
LydU E. ris-kh-m-a aa-me*
Text Book. It to Mt • tMok for
general dl-trlVatlaa, M It la too
ozpenatTO. It to froo oad o»ly
obtalaAbta by mall. Wrlto for
It today.
Interests mil deprive the farmers ..
ii legitimate priee fur Ihelr grain,
Wise nml hem whn know the virtues of Mother Graves' Worm HU-erm-
Imilor always huve It at hand, Cti-
cause it proves Its value.
W. U. U. «07
Some   Fly  Two   Miles   High,   Faster
Than an Express Train
The problem of how smnll bir-ls
were able to manage long flights .'coin
ether countries exercised the minds
of naturalists for centuries The first
man to collect accurate lntotmatlon
on the subject wns the la;* I'err
Oatke. Living on the little Island of
Heligoland. In thc direct routi of migration, a._ entirely devoted tu his
Mil-Ject. he was al'.e to verify for himself many facts which had until thou
escaped notice.
For Instance, he pointed out that
birds on mlgrutton often flow very
high—probably as much as 13.000
feet lover two miles) above the
ground. That they do fly at a great
height has been corroborated by astronomers, who have seen birds flying
across the face of the moon at a
height ot not less than one mile.
Gatke's Ideas on speed were probably exaggerated, but only by a theory
of a tremendously swift flight at a
high altitude could he account for
the fact that certain birds were never
or rarely seen in the countries between their Winter nnd Summer
quarters. For Instance, he pointed
out that the blue throat, which winters In Africa and breeds ln Scandinavia, ls but rarely met with ln any
of tho countries on the line of route—I
Italy, Greece and Southern Germany,
When they arrived In Heligoland
they came ln large flocks, and were
tired and exhausted; also they always
arrived at the same hour—somewhat
late In the morning. He thought It
probable that thoy left Africa at dusk
the previous evening, and by flying at
the rate of 180 miles an hour would
be able to reach Heligoland ln the one
Between 1880 and 1887 the British
Association granted some money to a
special committee for the study of
migration, and by means of schedules
much Information was collected about
the birds that are killed annually at
coast lights. Although many facts
were thus obtained the observations In
tbls respect are almost entirely dependent or) weather conditions. In
fact it may be said that the only
migration that can be actually seen ls
that which has partially failed, for lt
ls only when delayed or hold back by
stormt or fog that birds obviously
on passage are encountered along the
coast or In other places where they
are not usually found.
In Denmark and Germany ornithologists have, been experimenting by
ringing birds nnd having those that
are caught returned to tlm address
given on the aluminum bund placed
on the bird's leg. In this way the
habits of migration, speed, nnd direction of flight and oilier facts are discovered. Storks have given the most
striking results from ringing. Without exception all slorks Hint have
been recovered 111 llie Ilrst Autumn
a'ter ringing hml traveled In a duo
south-easterly direction.
From Hungary to Palestine no ringed birds have been procured, but from
Palestine four have been returned.
from Alexandria one, Illuo Nile one.
Victoria Nyunaa one, nnd no fewer
than seven from Hie Transvaal. Natal,
Baautoland, etc., while of the Hungarian storks (marked liy the Hungarian
office) nn fewer than seventeen have
been recorded from lhe various localities In Soulh Africa. It Is there-
fire practically certain that nnrlh
Oerman anil Hungarian storks travel
south-east in Palostlne ami thence due
south to South Africa.—Tho Strand.
Blind Men Now See
Sometimes blindness is entirely due
to Helves. A youug farmer, hailing
Hoih Ohio, hud been stone-blind for
live years. Tho farmer lintl beeu under treatment by muny eminent specialists, anil bail also entered u first-
class eye-hospital, but. no cure'could
lie effected. Tlie doctors were ot
opinion lie wns suffering from paralysis of the optic nerve, u disease considered hopeless. During lust mouth
the blind man begun to suffer very
mucli wtth his teeth, and nt Inst lie
visited a dentist, who advised him In
have three teeth extracted, Worn
out with 11 lung spell of toothache the
farmer agreed! but uo sooner did the
dentist start to draw the second
tooth IIiiiii be Jumped up and ox-
claimed:—I can see! 1 can see Hie
light, the craok lu the window! Ami
turning in the dentist with glee, he added. Joyfully:—I can see you. Tin1
whoio affair seems to have been ni
miracle, us up In now mi seienllsl
has lieen iilile to connect the blindness with tooth. Tn n common-sense
person the blindness appears lo have
been ll ease of 'nerves.' Possibly
lhe nian reared his sight was falling
and worked himself lulo losing the
slghl nf his eyca.
Another remarkable restoration of
sight was the one which happened tn
n i-nr-'iniiHon. He had been unable
to see tint, of Ills right, eye for ovor
Illl years, but during one of lhe flcrre
gales which happened at Raster he
had to cross a bleak common with
the win! lu bis face, nnd a quantity
nf dust got Into both his eyes. Ills
right eye felt It the most, and begun
lo stream with water. To try and
relieve the pain the stonemason rubbed that eye gently hut continuous) r
for some seconds. When he reac ed
home he discovered to his joy thut he
had perfect sight in both his eyes
Possibly many years ago a smsll
piece of stone had got Into his eye
and the extra flow of water and du?t
had enabled lt to work Its way out.
Tamed   Birds
Curiosity is a strong feature in
must birds. They will always Investigate anything new ami bright-looking-
A snuill blue titmouse wo once
kept Indoors for a week was it reg- I
uliir Paul pry. nis mtiQ body found :
its wuy into everything. Indeed, he
was nearly drowned because, If a
pitcher was on tho table, he was sure
to go into It; and to get out again
With  wet  wings was not easy.
Tlio human voice Is a great assistance In the taming of any wild creature. A soft, gentle tone and kind
manner will go far In win the cott-
llilelico of liinllsh hearts. It fuel.
It Is only u mallei' of time and pn.
tlenco; the wildest specimens wilt
become friendly.
At tlrst their apparent lameness is
mainly cupboard love, but in time
It dues often result ill real personal
affel'llnn. Then It Is delightful lo
possess u bird who will weleome ymir
coming with iiut-strctiilicil wings and
every sign of overflowing Joy.
A cardinal grosbeak which I mice
possessed (or fourteen years would
thus greet ine, and the very tempting fond would remain untouched
while I'o warbled to mo ln the moBt
gushing iniinuer.
Whiskers vs. Hamlet
Lending man In travelling company
—We play Hamlet to-night, laddie, do
wo not?
Sub-manngor—Yes, Mr. Montgomery.
Lending mnn—Then I must borrow
tlie sum of two pence.
Leading man—1 have four days'
growth upon iny chin. Ono cannot
plnv Hamlet In a heard.
SulMiinniigcr—Dm— Well. Woll
put ou Macbeth.
Shearing Sheep With a Machine
Shearing sheep with a machine ts
practical for most farmers, saya the
S ml he .i Agriculturist. As with any
other machine, a man should have
some knack with machinery to do the
best work. The greatest advantage
in using thi:; method of shearing is
t'.at y„u get practically all the wool.
During the World's Fair at St. Louis
they had a contest between the old-
fashloi ed method of shearing by hand
and tl e newer one of clipping the
sheep with the machine. After the
expert hand t hearer had finished a
sheep the machine would clip about
thirteen ounces of Wool. So the saving of wool would soon pay Ur the
shearing machine.
A man with from 25 to 100 head of
sheep should use the hapd machine,
but with larger flocks the power ma.
chine is more practical. If one's
neighbor raise sheep, they can
install a power plant with a line shaft
to run as many machines as they
wish with a s_mall_ gas engine. When
shearing time conies the? can set' a
day, collect their (locks and help
each other. I have such a plant In
my barn with three machines run
from a line shaft with a loose pulley,
so each machine can be operated or
stopped Independently, as the shearer wishes, by shifting the belt from
the tight to the loose pully. We shear
with this plant, running three mas-
chines, about 200 sheep In a day
with the average farm hands. A
quick, strong young man with practice
should shear 100 or more, while the
expert will turn oft 200 with one machine. Bu*. the average farm hand,
to do a nice job, will average about
75 a c ay.
One of the greatest advantages tn
having a shearing plant with several
machines Is that you shear your
whole flock In a day. thus getting
them back to grass with their lambs.
It you are two or three days shearing
there ls considerable loss to the lamb
crop from keeping them up. Machine
sheared sheep also look much better.
—Southern Agriculturist.
Dlgby, N.S.
Minard's Liniment Co., Limited.
Gentlemen,- Lust August my horse
wna badly cut in eleven places by a
burbed wire fence. Three o( the
cuts, (small ones) healed soon, but
the others became foul and rotten,
and though I tried many kinds of medicine they had no beneficial result.
At last a doctor advised me to use
weekB' time every sore was healed
and the hair has grown over each one
ln fine .condition. The Liniment is
certainly   wonderful   In   its  working.
Witness, Perry Baker.
Bicycles In War
A correspondent, Interested In the
hitherto neglected branch of the service, will be gratified to learn that
the authorities are beginning to take
serious notice of the possibilities Involved ln the use of the cycle In war.
A great advance has been made of
late In its employment for purposes
of defence at home, tn proof of which
It ls only necessary to refer to the
Increase In the number of purely cycle battalions maintained ln the Territorial  Force.     But above and  be-1
yond that ls the Information contain-1
ed ln the new 'War Establishments,"
which shows an Increase In the number of bicycyes In the regular Army,
and a greater recognition of the mo-'
tor cycle.     A cavalry   division   has j
now 18 motor cycles and 371 ordln-l
ary bicycles,  as against  118 of the,
latter hitherto.     All this Is very encouraging to  those enthusiasts  who
have hitherto met with a somewhat
Cold  reception  from the Authorities
In the advocacy of the cycle.      But
we regret there is no sign of any cyclists units in tbe Regular Army so
Queer Collections
Coll.ctors gather together articles
more cr less! interesting, but probably
few go In for such bulky objects as
those chosen by a distinguished Britisher. Old doors are Uie object of
bis desire. Ills doors come from old
houses, castles, and abbeys of historical Interest. Some time ago he obtained, at considerable cost, a door
through which, during the ..'rench Revolution, Mario Antoinette, Charlotte
Corday, Dauti.n. un.l Robespierre passed on Ihelr way to the guillotine.
Lord Petersham, a noted man In his
dny, had a hobby for acquiring various kinds of tea und snuff. The
Dowager-Queen nf Italy hns a collection of lhe frot and headgear of Royal
personages nf different periods. It Is
snld to Include n sandal worn by Nero,
a pair nt whilo slippers that belonged
lo Mary. Queen of Scots; shoes worn
by Queen Anno and tho Empress
Josephine, and gloves that were once
tho property of Marie Antoinette.
Minard's  Liniment Cures Garget  In,
Ugly Feet Cue to Bad (Scots
Parents who desire to save their,
children much suffering from malformation of the feet in after years will
do well to pay careful attention to
the advice given by the Loudon
County Council Medical Officer fori
Education. He warns parents against
allowing their children to wear heavy
rigid. Improperly-shaped boots, and'
points out tbat much of the footgear:
worn by school children Is made re-!
gardlees of anatomical considerations
so that the foot is forced to conform
to the shape of the boot.
Never mind about a boot being of a
fashionable shape, and whenever pos-j
slide pay a goml price for a pair. See
that the leather ls of   that   softness!
and pliancy which will conform to the1
shape of the foot; otherwise. If the
foot of  the  child  Is  forced  into a,
boot of unyielding leather, rendered
unbendable by nails and rivets used
In thc process ot manufacture. It Is i
cramped, and the end  Is deformity.
Tho result of wenrlng badly-mad.' I
and unsuitable hoots Is thnt the great
toes of many children, hefore the age
of 14, nre found to be forced .mlwards
from the middle line, nnd the majority ;
of ihem are flat-footed.     Then, again,
mnny peoplr seem to think thnt It Is
necessary that s child's ankles should
be supported by a stlffly-laeed boot,
which   makes  the  ankle  almost  immovable.      Tbls.  of course.   Is  qulle
wrong       Tho ankle,   like  tho   foot,
should ho free for   nny    movement,
otherwise n child Is apt to get  Into
I the habit of shuffling along, nr With
nn exaggerated movement of the knee-
Joint, lifting the font off the ground
and carrying It forward without any
flexion  of  tho ankle.iiiiiu. 'thus  getting Into that flat-footed manner of
walking which Is so ugly nnd prevents
Indulgence In healthful exercise.
"I have a money-saving invention-
handy granaries to allow field threshing over your farm. Move them about
each year.   You save long hauls at
harvest time.   In
spring you scatter
small straw stacks
—no burning of
"These granaries come In compact
bundles. A boy csn set up Aid bolt
one together -in a few hours. Four
padlocks protect the grain.Separator
delivery into a spout on the side or
into roof manhole—saves workaiur-
ing threshing. Your grain is protected
from vermin, wet and thieves. (.Sell
It when you are ready, loading direct
from the granary into your wagon,
or bagging it. No musty or heated
grain. QGet my granary and be independent of elevators for selling.
Seil at the highest price, no matter
how long you store your grain.
The Pedlar Granary protec-s you."
"Write me for my hookies It shows how profitable my
Granary is even on p. sinele qunrter-sccliou (arm. Use
It for )912.   Tiie Book Tells ot Bit Money lor Vou."
Full Measure
,,r.-l Sho,
baa grain, wl -n -*,,.--,j. Othw
-,.|... left .ho... .puut ne n.n,l
Silica aa atla.-hed u> tiraaar*."
76 Lombard 91.    Crown hlo_       163 :lrd St.W.
Drawar IMS ear. Whillora a Marias,       Hi Uf lb St. s.
Direct your Inquiry to the Pedlar place nearest you.   They will kinM .as,
promptly and    eave you time.
"The   Pedlar   Granary   is  fire- proof.   Think what that me,™ '
Bringing  In the
Daddy's Bedtim<
Why the Pup Had
.        A Strawbetr-
THE etrawberrlet) tn the garden were very nice: Jack end -vetyn w»f—
very much Interested In them and watched to ace taa: ta* turds _ul
bugs did oot get more tban tbelr share.
"Polly's mother had a nice strawberry patch," eald daddy.
"It aeemed to the little gIN those berries never would ripen, for Poiiyi
mamma bud promised her tbat aa eoon ae the Derrtee were ripe enuugs tarn
would make ber a alee strawberry shortcake.
"'Mother, may I go out to pick the strawberries for the cake? Polly sake*
when at last soma ot tbe berries were ripe enough to use.
" "Yee, dear, If yon will promise to put more berries Into the pea than tarn   ■
your month.  '.There will likely be just enougb for a amall cake.'
-"  "Polly trot_d out into tne garden.   My. how nice the fruit looked:   Poliye
month "watered so thst aire reached out. picked the biggest berry ..i.i poqned
It Into ber mouth.  The next one went into the pan.   It ""ajt a very nig Perry  .
.TBy and by there were no more berries to pick. Polly had got every ine
ef tilfm. HeVfaci was red. ber liaoda' were red. end her little sproa was rest.
too, with berry Juice. «-•  •*« •■"
"After looking at her apron Polly picked up the pea. It waen't fall: II
wasn't half full; it waant even a quarter full. -   T *•<*• " v
"Polly's face fell. Could mother make a cake with so few berrtee? Then
ska picked some more, berries thst wero halt ripe and eooie tnat were amy
turning color. She dropped them right Into tbe paa wltb the red berrtee, aad
•till tbe pan looked rstner empty. , (   '
" -Hero tbey sre, mother.- she ssld as she bandsd her the pea.
"'Why, Polly, these berries aro nut ripel Why didn't you pick rtp« near
wss mut bar's question. • ■...,.
-•I-I-I did,' answered Polly, -sll that thero were.'
" "There wero a quart ot ripe berrlea an tbe vlnee tbls morning.' ssld Poliye
_oihS*>___Tr_tl-_y.___W__.'A__*Jl7._.are.-*     - • —, r
"*l ate a few,' Polly faltered, -and I thought these might do for the tat*'
"They won't. Indeed!" replied Polly's mother. 'Since you've bad so many
berrtee already 1 think you've bed quite enough for the present I won't need
to make a strawberry shortcake today. 'Ibere probably woo t be eoough rip*
kerrles on tbe vines bow for a week.'
"And l-elly kusg fear bead as ahe went off to throw tbe nnrtpe berries, te
the pigs. Tbey made e good enuuch strawberry shortcake for them wnea
Polly tossed tbem Into tbe trough wub a lot of stale bread frum tbe pantry."
Dolly In Dismay
Dorothy—Mother, when I get married shnll I havo a husband liko pa?
Mother— Cortalnly, my dear.
Don thy—And If I slay single shall
I be nn old maid like Aunt Anna.
Mother—1 think,ynu will.
Dorothy (with a deep sigh)—Well
I am In a fix.
Sinister—This bill was Innocent
on Its face, but beneath there lurked
a most sinister significance.
The speaker, Senator Clarke, was
discussing lr Little Hock a imnsure
of which be disapproved.
The hill reminded nie. In fact, he
said, of a Little Rock urchin's question. Ills question, innocent enough
In appearance, dear knows, waa this:
Wuuld you mind making a noise
like a frog, uncle?
And why? said tho uncle, wllh nn
nmtiKcd smile, why, Tommy, do you
desire mo to mako a uolso lUto a
Because, replied the urchin, whenever I ask daddy to buy me anything
lie alwoys says, wait till your uncle
crooks.—New York Tribune.
Pat Knows Everything
Willie—l'aw, what is a    labor *ot
l'aw—That's when a pitcher and »
catcher help dig a btadbtl] 00* of aa
umpire's eye.
Has 1S2 Living Descendants
Henry Sii.ailwuou. tied '.'). formerly
employed ar a obalrmaker of liiga
Wye.itl.be, has V.i'i desc'iiilanls ItVtlsJs
iueli'dlng tn great-grandchildren.  He      1
has a brother aged K aud a sister
aged 10.    A son. a grandson, a great-
grandson, ami a great-great-grandson,
' are all named Henry.—London Daily
1 Mall.
Russia's army In times nf peace
ninibrrs 1 .".uo.uou, and In ense of war
It can be nearly quadrupled.
Ready for Anything
Tlie new cook came   out   nnd   did
very well her lirst afternoon at Lone-
villi-. After dinner she approached
the head of Ihe house.
llow enrly shall 1 have lo get np In
the morning? she inquired.
Woll, raid Mr. Suhbiihs. the first
trnln for lho cily lenves hero at 8.S8.
Ynu will have to get up about 0 If
you want to mako thnt.
of the bowel, is sn absolute necessity for good health. Unless thr
waste matter (rent the food which
collects there is got rid ef at least
once a day, it decays and poisons the
whole body, causing biliousness, indigestion and sick headaches. Sells
and other hush minersl purgative,
irritate  the rMirste lining of the
I bowels. Dr. Morse's Indisn Root
Pills—entirely vegetable — regulate
the bowel, cflcrtivcly without weak-
I    ening, sickening or griping.   Use
Dr. Morse's   "
j Indian Root Pills
Johnny Ordered Out
You ought to hnvo seen Mr. Mnr
shall when he called upon Dolly lhe
oilier night, remarked Johnny In liis
sisler'r young man. who wns taking
icn with the family. I tell you ht
looked One sitting there alongsldo of
her with his nrm—
Johnny I gasped his sister, her fnc
the color of a boiled lobster.
Well, sn he did. persisted Johnny.
He hn.. his arm—
John, screamed his mother, frantic
Why.  Whined  tlie hoy. I  was—
John, snld his father sternly, leave
the room.
And Jiiliimy left, crying n.s he went
I wns only going lo sny that ho had
his nrmy clothes on— Ladles Horn.
Kor testing guns safely lhe British
army fires them from within hu- I
cages, uia.l.. strong i noiiitli to catch
flying fragments should they hurst.
■re best for nursing
mothers bceauta Ihey do
not affect the rest of the
system. Mild hut sure. 25c.
a box it your druggist'**.
Stocks of Lumber
The Rosedale Lumber Co. Rosedale,
and £. 0. Patterson, C. C. Road
And will bo pleasod to qnoto prices at
these points'as woll ns delivered on tho
Yard Phone MANAGER Ollicc Phone
224 86
Formerly (Tlu* New KriO
Printed nnd published every Thursday from it*
of-floe, Wt-s im muter Streot, Cliilliwnck.
Subscription price $1,00 pcr year lit advance lo till
(iuliiU in itiiiisii Empire s to I'niu-ti States||,«i.
Display ndvertlalnp rates nmdo known on nnpli
uatlon to the publisher.
Display iiilvi-rlistTK will pleiist remember Dial
to Insure a change, copy must bti in not inter than
Wednesday iiinnilmr.
C, A. BARBER, Publisher nnd Proprietor.
Solves the
Ten Days
Free Trial
Fur I IU '2 wo nn'
offering u
. Hotpoint
nl tlic (1 Hi. size,
Bllitablo fur gen-
crnl    household
use fur
This iron is similar tn nil "Hot-
point " except
that the tipper
surface is unpolished.
Rich Black Soil, light
$15.00 per acre
Iiiui. r itui'iNni; Ohllllwack,
Westminster Trust Building
British Colombia Electric ly.
Leave Arrive
Train.       Chwk. Wcstinin.
II s.llOn.in. 11.'.li
ti 1.16 p.in. II.4f>
< It.OO i>.m. 8.4U
Leave Arrive
Traiii      lltij.lii.       Weatmin.
1 6.80 a.m. rf.sr,
.    S.llllll.111.
,.18,16 n
.. 6.00 p.m.
I .•">
t) 8.03 |..m.      4.06
12. If.
HiKiturr bkrvii v.
LoavoOhllllwack 1.00 n.m. .inii) eiccpl
I>nve Sancnnvcr timi s.iii. ilnily eicepl
Milk Train ilnily 0.16 p.m.
All piUM-mrer trail)!, except No,   I  n.i'l
*.. lum.Ik Kxptriw.
Express, Truch
and Dray
Reg. e. Broadhead
Opposite Barber's Drug store.
City Market
Main Street, Vancouver
Ii has been arranged in In.1.1 i\m
sides   weekly,    Weilliesdn.v    nud
Snlitriliiy ut IO ii.iii.
Growers will please arrange tu
huve llicir consignments forwarded the previous evening.
We   bundle    t'lllil,    Vegeltdilis,
Poultry, BggS, -Ment, Kle.
john McMillan
The regular September sessinn nf
tlie Municipal Council was held in
the city Imil nn Monday evening,
Reeve I'. II. Wilson presiding.
Abbotsford Lumber und Tradjup
Cn., re roads leading from Prairie
Central Road; received and died.
H. (!. Elootrio re pule lines; lefl
with Reeve Wilson,
Owners uf   lands   fronting   un
Hostel streel asking for grading frui
city limits to end uf street, road  _l
feet wide; payment by frontage tux
ovora term of three years.    Wn:
lu lie dune.
A. Shei'laivanil others re improvement to Parson's Hill mini. (Irani
nf 8100 made, Mr. Sherlnw to di
the wnrk under supervision uf Coun
E. A. Duiivllle re extentlon nf
Bailey road close to mountain
Engineer instructed lu run line ami
have mini gazetted.
II. It. Davis mul others ro oxten
tinn nf Lickman mad across Vedder
Creek; 8100 granted   Mr.   Davis I
dn the wnrk, and on a  line with
present mail.
The mail along tlie Chilliwaek
River from the Creamery tu the
tram line is tu lie repaired under
the direction nf II. Wobb.
A. Bennett was authorized tu
sjkmhI $100 on I'nswurth roud if
Mr. Roberts wns authorized to
fix grade approaching Helium road,
expenditures nnt tu exceed $10.
Thc offer nf A. A. Ct'iiicivshank
fur improvement of Trunk ruin! from
Edenbnnk Creamery lu corner nf
Higginson farm was accepted.
A. Bennett was authorized to expend $_X) on the improvement of
the west end nf the Keith-Wilson
An appropriation of $175 was
made for the improvement of thc
Niven road under direction of Coun.
Appropriation nf (50 fur the
improvement of Upper Prairie rond,
ii. nl 11 of Chilliwack Central ami
825 nn the Prairie Central road,
east uf the Upper Prairie roud.
The Clerk wns requested to instruct H. Raine and W. Carmiehael
to have drain cleaned out on Chilliwaek Central starting at u point
where dredge ditch crosses Chilliwaek Central, east one half mile.
Improvements to Mary street were
left with Reeve Wilson. If grading
nnd walk are required, same to lie
done under local improvement bylaw.
A grant ul MM was made tu lhe
Agricultural Society.
. S. Jinkorson's claim fur (12.60
damages to buggy and harness,
said to have taken place on Prairie
Central ruad, on Aug. 19, was
referred to Municipal Solicitor.
The Industrial School at Sardis
was on appliealii.n exempt from
school tax.
The North Pacific Lumber Cn.,
invite legal action in the matter nf
Municipal luxes over due. The
Clerk was instructed to refer
Ihe company to the Act governing
lax sales.
Reeve and Clerk were Instructed
to draw up a resolution re the holding uf Muni.-ipal Council meetings
outside lhe niiinieipitlity mul forward same tothe Secretary nf Union
..f B. ('. Municipalities for consideration al tho annual Convention.
The Reeve and Cleric were authorized tn sign deed >f transfer of old
school site on Kuirlielil Island Ui
Mr. Wells.
The l'l.hi uf suli-flivisinn nf hit
I'i, D, I.. 38a), group '_' was approved.
The finance committee reported
favorably <.n accounts amounting to
(4454.1? which were |mssed. |
Between thirty nml forty friends
gathered at the home of Mr. nud
I Mrs. Alex, McKenzie pn Monday
evening and presented Miss Ruth
McKenzie with an address and a
gold wnteli in appreciation of her
services in connection with the
Epworth League, the Choir and Sun-
: ilny School of the Methodist Church.
The following is the address :
To Miss Ruth McKenzie—We the
members and friends of the Cheam
Methodist Sunday School, of the
Choir of llie said church and of
lSpworth League meeting in that
plnco, hearing of your departure lo
attend the Columbian College, at
New Westminster, desire hereby to
assure ynu uf uur appreciation of
tho service you havo so-ably and
willingly rendered to the societies
named during yuur resilience with
us. We shall miss your presence
exceedingly mid feel that your place
will indeed lie hard tn (ill in any of
tin >e societies, we have always
bei n alile lo repose confidence in
ynu thai if anything cume within
your power to help, yuur assistance
would be given with no grudging
hand. We feel Hint, ynu have been
faithful in every oiliee you have
held and iu doing so have given an
example worthy to be followed by
nny of ynur associates whom you
have often helped; As a slight
token of our appreciation we to-day
desire lo present ynu with this
watch at the same time we can assure ynu it dues not liy any means
represent thc esteem in whieh ynu
stand among us. We wish you
true success iu yuur studies and the
Divine Qttldunco in all thai yuu
mav undertake. In conclusion we
wuuld dure tu express Ihe hope we
have thnt at no very distant date
ynu may return tn us to do moro
efficient service in every good wnrk
in the cause of Hhn of whom we
with ynu can say ''whose we ure
and whom we serve". Assuring
ynu of our continued interest in
ynur welfare.
Signed on behalf of Cheam
Methodist Sunday School, Berth M.
(inlanders, Superintendent. On
behalf of thc Choir and Epwortli
League Mrs. Burlow Organist and
President, Thos. O.A. Harlow,
According to the minutes of
tlie September meeting of the
Municipal School Board all the
members expect to attend the Provincial School Trustees Convention
to be held at Knmloops Sept. 28 to
•28. Tlie Provincial Hoard of
Health wrote as to  whether  school
children hud lieen medically examined or nnt this yenr. This will
be dune as soon as possible, The
Secretary was instructed to ask for
teaching permits for Jlrs. A. J.
Benjamin and W. Houston. Accounts iiniouuting to (1450.80 were
passed by the finance committee.
City building permits for the
month nf September amounted to
Ice Ceam
Tlie Cliilliwnck Creamery
Ice Cream Department is
turning out tt First Class
quality of goods.
Picnics, Socials,
etc., supplied
Phone 100
Established    op  CANADA        1864
Paid up Capital and Reserve $11,400,000
We give special attention to Savings Accounts. One
Dollar only is necessary to open an account, intei-est
allowed at highest Bank rate and added twice a year.
No delay in withdrawals. Two or more persons may
open a joint account and either party can withdraw
***•;■***•>.. *****************************************e*e
Now is your opportunity to secure High Class
goods. You do uot have to go to Vancouver
when you want good furniture, or Carpet
Squares in Axminster or Wiltons. Call and
get prices and he convinced.
Headquarters for Window Shades.
Opposite Cowen's Drug Store.
Wellington St.
Ladies! is it reasonable to invest $20.00
in a hat, and wear cheap, ordinary (hoes?
The best gowned woman in our town is
fastidious about her footwear.
Her shoes harmonize with
her gown and headgear.
Otherwise she would not be
correctly gowned. You know
this lady. And she insists
on wearing
We can give you a perfect fit. .Made on the latest
model, in all  widths, in a shoe
that  is   comfortable, flexible  and
durable. Relindo Shoe is a tailor-
made shoe for particular women,
and is an apt expression of the latest style.
The CushionHeel, (exclusively controlled
by IlelindoShoes,) makeswalkingadclight.
No nails to hurt the foot, and produces     >-l
a resilient, springy effect that characterizes '   1
a graceful walk.   We have them in all
sites and invite a careful inspection.
Continuity of Impression is successful advertising.
'Big Values in Five Acre Blocks
Half Mile from B. C. Electric Station and Close to School and Store.   These are splendid buys
AT $1.50 to $2.25 PER ACRE
F. J. HART & CO., LTD.
The Chilliwack
Money to Loan
4<t Having been appointed local agents for the
I Sun Life Assurance Company
^        ot Canada, we arc prepared to loan money on
I     Improved Chilliwack Farm
I Property
| and to Purchase
|    Approved Mortgages and
1        Ageements for Sale
Applications for Loans receive the personal attention
of our Mr. Hart who is Inspector of Loans for the
Sun Life Co. in British Columbia,  and are handled
with the least possible delay.
Call on us for further particulars
Chilliwack B. C
im&re&st.'tW' vtt-esws* Ji5MKjM*fiM*5«>*j«-»fe«s
The Municipal Council ni llie City <>f I'liilllivui'k '.iiivinu liy rtiulutimi ileiermiiieil nml Hpceilloil Unit it in .l.'Kiriil.le to
I'lirry mil llie work* Bllll iiii|iriiveiiieiilx lu-rs-iiilsa-lssu. net out uinl un lhe sinvtH heivinlieliitt H|«.i'illeil. un.l tlmt nui.1 Korku !»•
tiirriiil .mi in acconlfUioo with die provisions ..f the "l...rul Improvement General Ity-Ijiw 1012."
Anil the Cily Engineer „,..l t'ity Assessor huve r.-|n.ii.-.l t.. iln. Cniniril ill urniriliiiiiv with the provisions nf the wiiil
liylnw upon tlie wmi works uml eiiili nf Iiuiii giving statements Hli.swiiiK tlie amounts iwiimutcil to Iw rliiingonlilc against, the
Various portions of nul property lo l»e L'tii'llllcilliy the suiil workHitml eni'li of them uml other purtirtilnn.un.1 the .-.iiii repuris
of wii.1 ciiy Bnjrinoor umi Ciiy Awesmir having beon u.lopte.1 l.y ihe Council,
Nolle., in Iicrvl.y ni veil iiiiii lhe -ui.l report* iirvepcii for Inspection nt the otliie i.f lhe City Aiwiw.r, Cily Hull, Cliilliwnck, It. ('., uml ihul linlras il |H'litioii i.guiiiril the iiro|HiwHl worku tilmve u..-,s,i..,n-.l siguiil liy ii mnjorily of the owner., of
the Inuil or si'iil property lo lib aan_ed or chnrgcfl in naped ..(such work* niprcacntlng ut least tmc-liuli in value thorool in
pn-M-iii.-il to llie Council uilliin iin.-1. iluy' (nun ihe ilule of tlie lir.-i pnlilieiilion ol Hum notice the Council will prneef.1 wilh
ilie proposed linprovcinonts itiulor such lertns anil conditions im t<> the puymeiu of ihe cost of such improvement!, iih the Council i.my hy liyluw in Ihul I* Inii) irgitliilo uml ilelerniiiie nml nlnn lo niiike the -ui.l iiMHcininrnt,
liuieil il.i- IWth .luy ol August A. 0. lul'.'.
Ilule ol lii-l pillilieillii \iiuu-l Will 1013. 1). 10. CAltl.ETOX,
City  tllerk.
List of Proposed Improvements Referred to in Above Notice
Oement walk Bail "'uie of Woodbine A voniM between Westminster Aveiuie and a |mini Boo lect more or leas South thcrefroin
t'cniciil wulk Soiiih slile ofHpnillna Avenue between Muin nml Mnry Streets,
Cement wulk Ninth slile oi _IMUltllri Avenue between Muin uml Mnry Ntrocti..
Cement wulk North siile of lion' Avenue between Young Street nml Willium* It.nul.
Cement walk South (lllc ol tinro Avenue hotwceil Nowell Stivct nnil Williams Hou.l.
Ceiii.'iil wnll. Wel Mile of College Sinn between Reoco Avenue nml lleii.lem.n Avenue.
Ccincnl wulk Smuh uuie of Westminster Avenue between Nowell Btroel nn.l Chnrlcs Sinvt.
Ccineiil unlit South ullle «f Vicloriu Avenue between Cuuk Si reel mul Holismi Street.
t'eiiiinl wulk Norlli ullle of Vicloriu Avenue between Cuuk BtttCt un.l Itolwin Strut.
tVincnl wnlk I.ii-i "iile of Tupper Street between lleiulerwiii Avenue mul Viciorin Avenue.
Cement wnlk Norlli -i.i.- of Hole Avenue botWTon Fletcher Street mul Williams Komi,
Cement wulk l'..i~i lido of Mill Hi reel between WelliiiKton Avenue nn.l Viciorin Avenue.
Cement wnlk Wert siile ol MIIIHtieet between WelliiiKton Avenue mul Viciorin Avenue.
Iloiilcvnril CorliouM Btroel between Welllniiloii Avenue uml Viciorin Avenue.
il.iilicvii.il Kiiii Avenue between Nowell Street nn.l Williiuus Uniitl.
Cemeiii wulk North Hi.ls- of First Avenue between Nowell Btroot mul WillinuiH Hou.l.
Ceinenl wnlk South siile ol Kirsi Avenue between Nowell Street uml Williiuus Itouil.
Cement wnlk West si.le of Muin Sinn between Kipp Streel nml Spu.liiui Avenue.
Ceinenl wnlk Kiwi si.le ssf Victor Street lietwreii Westininsiei Avenue un.l IU tl, Aveiiup,
Cement wulk Westerly siile of Corboltl street between Wellington Avenue nml Vicloriu Avenue.
Cement wnlk Kiwi siile of Muin Str.il between Wellington Aveiuie nml Spuilluu Avenue.
I'eineiil wulk West si.le of Young Street between Wellington Avenue uml Vicloriu Avenue.
Edmonds, Bui'imby, Sept. 0.—On
Saturday about twenty-live members of the llurniiliy Board of Trade
with frietuls.includlng several ladies,
spent the annual tinting of the
board al Cliilliwnek, leaving New
Westminster at !).;io a, in.
The llurniiliy visitors were met at
Chilliwuek station uf the 1!. C. E. It.
nnd received n cordial welcome from
the members of the Cliilliwnek
Board of Trade, being afterwards
given n dinnet nl tho Empress
After looking over the prlnoipal'
attractions of the progressive town,
several autoniobllos convoyed the
party to Sardis distriut where the
hop yards were Inspected.    Boing
wel tlic hop pickets were not 88611 at
work,Imt. it huge portion i.f the Imp
yards Imve already beon stripped nl'
tlieir foliage. A visit wus nisi, made
to Fairfield Island, wliieli is considered till! choicest seel inn nf (lie
fruit district.
Crossing tho Hope bridge at Mud-
rue, lhe party returned by the nid
Yule rniul, nnw commonly known
as the Pacific Highway.
Notwithstanding the wet weather
a most interesting and enjoyable
drive wns obtained through this
opulent district, Some of tho members of the board expressed Iheir
opinion that the mails reminded
them of the highways uf the Old
Among the Burnaby visitors were
noticed: Mr. and Mrs. T. D. Coldi-
cutt, Mr. and Mrs. P. li. Brown,
Mr. and Mrs. Griffith, Mr. tt.
Sworder, Mr. A. McPee, Mr. J. Y.
Jackman and Mr. E. C. Godwin.
Mr. B. G. Walker, president of tlie
Burnaby board, was unfortunately
unable to accompany the party,
being laid up with a cold.
Local and General
Port Mann has been linked by
steel rail with Hupe, now, for a
couple of months and the railroad
men are busily employed in ballasting thc lost stitches of tlie track.
After the completion of tliat part
of the work conies the government
inspection nnd then if everything is
satisfactory the C. N. It. will formally take the'linc over. This will
probably take a few weeks yet.
We have sold out, will give possession in a few days will make our
last flays memorable ones. The
greatest bargain, the best values;
you might as well hnve the goods
at cost, it will lie less to inventory.
The closing days will be the best of
any during our sale. The Gilbert
Wednesday Sept. 8, is thc date
of the advertised auction sale of
horses, stock and implements, the
property of Clarence Boyd, on the
Prest road, four miles from Chilliwack and alxiut two miles east ol
Sardis. Thc list consists of a fine
lot of horses, stock, etc., nnd may
lie seen elsewhere in Ihe Free Press
to-day. F. J. Hart 4 Co., arc thc
Another delayed shipment of
stone facings fnr tlic post ollicc has
arrived ana Contractor Hunt anil
his men will now soon niter the
cyclone swept effect which bus
characterized the appearance of the
second story for some weeks.
Dr. Mtiirhead will give the paper
at the Women's Institute on Tuesiiay afternoon next, on The care of
Children's teeth. An interesting
meeting is being looked forward to.
The Department of Agriculture
in B. C. is issuing to the members
of the Women's Institutes throughout the province a very valuable
scries m bulletins prepared by Miss
Alice llav.'uhill.
Four carloads of canned goods
were sold and ship-veil from thc
Chilliwac!: Cannery this week, their
destination lining Vancouver and
THE STANDARD Is tho National
Weekly Newspaper of the Dominion
ot Camilla- It Is natlenul In ull Iln
It uses thc most expensive engravings, procuring tho photographs from
all ovor tho world.
Its articles nie carefully selected and
Its editorial policy Is thoroughly
A subscription to The Stnndnrd
costs $2.00 psr yssr to any address In
Canada or Great Britain.
TRY IT FOR 1912!
Montrtal Standard Publishing Co.,
Urnitsd, Publishers.
Better size up that woodpile
and commence to figure on
Heating Stove.
and ft
•a^ i i-ciunj^ nunc. •*#
__ 8
>l We are expecting half a car load of 3*
heaters any day, of the old       £
Reliable McClary Brands
■*» Denmark & Burton
Household Articles
El boilo
The little immersion heater. Boils
water in a few
El Stovo
The   stove
which     boils
your     kettle
all cooking
purposes as
well a- toasting.
Makes dele
ious coffee
in at few
Phone 257        S.   PUGH Chilliwack
Fruit Crates
We have anticipated a big fruit yield to*
this season and have on hand a big supply
of fruit crates both for local and shipping
purposes. Your order will receive careful
TheChffliwackPlaningMills ?
Phone L2442
t\T P- 0. Boi 243
\*&mm&fcjwM;tm>tw:M*tt*Je* %
You Face Forward
When You Read the Ads.
The news in a paper presents a history, or record,
of things that have happened.    The advertisements in the paper are a forecast of many things
that are to happen.
An item of news tells of something that is past.
An advertisement tells of something that is to be.
Reading tho news you look backward, whicli is
useful, necessary, helpful. Heading the advts.
you look forward, which is inspiring, exciting,
profitable, You put yourself in touch with things
that are to be.
Head the news for history, the
advertisements for opportunity.
•■■ vw* ipift&tma, *&&m?*\ i TH
"REE    PRESS.    C
,1/1 WA CK,    B.C
11:1:011 senso, h:.
bus Innossible
lU-ys, win-
et value h\
t-t Ul
ing lu-i
milliojis—"miliioiiairesaos, us
I.- p. iniitii'ii tu call them -
! much tu expect thut tin* resi
! one's  midst  uf  two  w_ar< rs
1 rare, if unlovely, headgear 11
it.-  own   pecuniary   value
amid at whom  it  is not, in
Have   Comfi   to   the   Dominion  to   could,  in taw, be worn?   One
Live Near to Nature, Ar:  Member* [thinking, at the moment, of the
li benefit which tin- arrival
Lord   Hyde   and   Lord   Somcrs,   Who |
ot the Most Exclusive Society In
Great Britain, But They Are Thoroughly   Democratic.
Tlie Binall agricultural
Pickering, distant some
miles from Toronto, can
«h.sti!iclii.ii  llmt is uniqui
resses to
we may
is  it ton
of   that
jay have
to those
fact, yet
ii- is' uut
1 the
Ijurlend, 1
— 11 i-i«|in
dominions oven
(Bur Weekly.   'J
in   Canada   wli
lord.  There an
-1   -if  a
fact, in all llie  British
irsous, says The Toronto
Thore arc many oeople
hn.l.   I'
lias lali'tv b
py of
'is  it   two real,
conn.' there not t
'to  Irahiiiii/.e  wit
community,   Tw.
\rii many win, Imve
one.   But Pickering
tin- abode not mere-
it of two, bo favored
ive lords, who havo
1 "lord it" over, but
1.  hie simple, small
lords whu have ex-
changed the ermifie fur the 1
tho coronet fur the wideawake!   One
of these- the elder—is a lord by court'
«sy merely.   But he bears an historic !
name. For the ViUierscs—-Lord Hyde's
family   nam-   is   Villiers—have,  ore i
now, played prominent parts oa tlie 1
British political stage.    And ho him* I
self occupies tlif itnportaut and digui- j
fled position of Deputy Lieutenant nf |
Hertiordshire—of  which fair English
county his. father, tlie Karl uf ClureJi-   ;.■",■''     ,     .. , ,. , .   .. ,,   .
don. is Ills Majcn j"   Lord Lieutenant   ««h 8 7f"r   d?"t!'t^   s»™. *>' "}<*■£
- ' ■    ■■  "Justice nf Peace in  Ilia \nuf elementary  fo in.  will   In   few
own county simple as lie stands" at! »'" ,ar ■»»*«•»".'   hV.l "7„i*b?d,f;
• ,   But they can certainly   live laborious
i days,"   and  enjoy the  peace  of  the
! I long, calm evenings.    Lurd Hyde is a
member of three of the most exclusive clubs in London- the Turf, the
j august immigrants nit
I of the pecuniary consequ*
I it will very  likely bring i
' We have our own tuft-hunters in On-
i tario,   After all, what spurt so splen-
' did   an   hunting   the   "tuft" - it   has
lmiie of the danger of [ox  hunting,
nnd it holds out higher hopes of being in  at  the 1 U'a th  (probably  frum
boredom**).    And   may   not  some  of
these be suddenly wixed with the Idea
that there  ure  less  salubrious Bpota
in the world than PickeringP  At present., there is mud in its roadB Aplenty,
ltui the mini will disappear, and why
ahould   it'll    fancy   summer   homes
spring up almost as rapidly as will tht?
mushrooms  whicli tlieir owners will,
happily, be able to buy frum the aristocratic   farmers  ui  tnat   happy   village?    All  this   will  mean   Increased
pro-peri ly  fur  Pickering,  whicli  may
shortly beet,uie what Cromer—or rath*
or Harrogate- is to London.
At any rato. "far from the madding
crowd" our two lords hnve the satisfaction, unless, and until, their solitudes are invaded by our newly-rich,
ui leading that "simple life," which
neenis to appeal with such force bo
many to whom it is not a sheer neees-
sity, with a vengeance. It will not he
incumbent   on   them   tu  "scorn  de-
—and is a "Justice uf Peace in his
ho stands" at !
Pickering,„ He is, moreover, a first I
cousin ut the Karl uf Derby and alsu |
of Lurd  Ampthill,  and   is  a  slightly
remoter kinsman uf the Karl of Lyt- j ^
ton.   Hut the younger of the two Pickering lords—Lord  Somers—is a full-
fledged   hereditary   legislator,   and   a
descendant of one of tiie must famous
of Lord Chancellors.   He is duly entitled  both to speak  and  tu  vote  iu
the   Huuse  nf   Lords,    However,   if,
Marlborough, and the Bachelors'.
The Reward of Kindness.
A kind hearted man in  Xew Zen-
land had a sudden shock a little time
ago.    He wua standing on  a railway
to   a   circut
when the Home Rule bill reaches that j J™°™ Kiv,"f i",*1"M1    „,, ,  „,
.bourne wbenca so many Liberal trav-1« ('"1""1 , Cl,<fd "' *£*?•„i'uc*\,"
1 .,      , .    ',    .1       , ...    ithe circus was   on   the   move.    Ine
•lers, in the shape ol contentious bill., ] t «. d      d the elepbant, not
return rejected, h a voice or vote i. !     ,      u    ,; ,    in *■,,,, ,,Hskelp
required in connection with it, he will promptly 9eiwd ti'J mal) in h|, ,runk
bave o be fetched, ike C nelnnattu , a„d &t>rM hf_ „, wi„, the ,rain,
from Uie plow. But he will probablv Th(, uain ,,ail to 1)e sto|II,ed „„,. the
yo leu. willingly, tor Lord Hyde told kind h(,arU,d ma„ re,j.ued tr0- lhe
the writer that both ol them meant to   )runk „, „,, traveiing elephant.
■put in eighteen months, at all events, —
on their tttrm at Pickering before they ! ^   Learned   Priest,
went h.iine to England fur a holiday. ;    T)„ prert„t dalai lama "of Tibet is
It should,  perhaps, be  mentioned,   thirty-seven years old and in learned
tfor the benetit of those interested in
niceties of etiquette, that, although
Xnrd Hyde is merely a courtesy peer,
(while Lord Homers is a Lord of Par-
liuuicnt, yet the former, as the eldest
■on of an earl, has the advantage nf
ihe latter in the table of social prc-
eedency. So that, at social function.
«t Pickering, it will be Lord Hyde
tirst, and not Lord Somers, who will
act as escort to the lady of highest
rank present.
. How do the aristiwrats impress dttpobita
Tiekering? Very favorably, "so far aa I .
we have seen them." seems the pretty
general village verdict, as given, with
characteristic rural caution, to The
•Star Weekly. "They will talk to anybody," the writer was told, "just as
if it was you and me talking tngeth
in Sanskrit, Tibetan and Pali, tlo
is said to be very devout in the exercise of hia priestly functions. Rising lietween 3 and 4 a.in., he devotes
the major portion ot his time to his
prayers. Un an average lie sleepa
live hour, out of the twenty-lour. He
ia said to tie passionately fond of animals, parlicuiar of dogs.
Ireland's  Peat  Wealth.
Ireland lias 3,U0U,(KX) acres of peat
Ocean, of It.
The illicit liquor traffic in Ontario,
' especially in the north country, continues to increase, 't'ho half-yearly
report recently issued hy the provin-
In fact, "there "seemed" a gonil «W P01'01" department recently, sbo*.
deal of surprise that thev were so af- 'bat there were _S prosecutions, an
fable and unaffected. Thorn seemed ! increase of 59. There were 1B6 convic-
to be an idea that a lord would neces- *»">n», an increase of 45, and I* charges
•arily expect the populace to prostrate were dismissed and tnree withdrawn,
themselves before him. And this was Tt|e liquor seued by provincial con-
couple with not a little kindly feeling stables would equip m iny hotel, f.,r
lor these particular peers, inasmuch   many ni"u!iis
Once Indispensable to Farm Buildings
Now Seldom Seen
'Die announcement of ihe death In
Missouri recently ot .Ir.lm Cole, In-
v..iniu- of tho lightning-rod, recalls the
spectacular career of that formerly Interesting (Iguro in the world of commerce mul nl science us science wns
understood by the laymen of earlier
1    .Nn doubt thero ure Imlf grown boys
lnnii girls lu plenty   now    who   have
j never seen u lightning rod, yot u quar-
i lor ul' a century ago no building was
considered mifo from u boll of llglu-
nlng unless It wan surmounted by the
trustc"' steel point which wus expected to attract tho fluid und convey it
harmlessly Into thc earth.
Public faith In tbc efficacy of tho
j lightning rod wus so grout that It was
; difficult for the owner nf a building to
■ get a lire iiisiii'utice polley unless lie
I lirsl   provided  a  lightning  rail  as u
; shield from danger from tho oleinenli,,
us floes the average negro depend upon bis little bug provided by tlic boo-
duo vender.
The funnel' was the est Ial easy
mark selected by the smooth lightning rail |ndim-, for lbc reason that
tlie funnel' usually owned bis home,
uinl besides, being less linpiirtiinetl by
traveling agents, be wus more susceptible to iheir wiles, but in the
towns ami cities no residence was
considered quite complete until It was
embellished by u lightning roil.
Tbe pedlar who wus on lo his job
would drive up to it prosperous appearing farm residence and. equipped
with ; small storage battery, would
proceed to demonstrate i.» the family
the awful fale which awaited If the
home was not protected by a lightning rod. Harrowing tales of the destruction of houses, consuming all tho
earthly possessions of the occupants
and frequently resulting in the death
of the entire family wero told so eloquently und pathetically that a tract
wus usually signed without delay and
the lightning rod man proceeded to
cover the house and the ham with
the slender metallic rods. Implanting
the lower end llrmly In the earth and
erecting as many shafts above the
roof as his conscience would permit,
with a rooster or an arrow or some
other      ornament    surmounting      the
When the buildings had been well
covered In this way lhe pedlar left on
his way to persuade others to allow
hlui to rod their buildings, and a few
im.nihs later, often, the farmer was
notified by a bank that he was expected to call and pay the amount called for In the contract, a sum which
usually surprised1 the debtor, but as
the contract was gent-rally In the nature of n Hen on the buildings Ihe
owner bad no option but to pay tbe
But .he passing of Ihe lightning rod
has been going on for muny years and
now It Is practically unknown except
when It is seen on some of the older
buildings where It. has been for perhaps 2S or 30 years, and the people
have come to look upon it with about
us much respect for Its virtue as they
have fnr the left hind leg of a graveyard rabbit. The lightning rod
served its purpose. It made several millionaires, and lt calmed lhe
feelings of thousands of nervous persons during thunderstorms, but It has
gone, and soon II will be recalled only
by tradition.—Son Antonio Express.
The    Real    Thing    In Small      Beginnings
Vi'ltcn Henry Miller Is rencarsing u
new  play  h -  works hard  and  ions
i'lg sometimes on the singe for-
'•four hours at a stretch.  Nat-
such a strain makes him ner-
i. ami the combination of norvbus-
; iiml artistic temperament ocoas-
Ily produces an outburst, a flare-
ii blow-off.     During  the rehear-
his last pluy, several things
- wrong and Miller hud uxhib-
Impatience in   gesture   und
1 went on with lhe work and was
io midst of n scene in which he
to pick up n teapot. As be did
tin handle came off, the pot fell
lie lulile, and the tea—real tea -
•il down on the actor's leg--. The
e manager Immediately was selz-
y a trembling lit. and every mem-
of the company  begun to wish
i cyclone cellar.     Thee knew the
was about  to cut  louse-
n this lusl III or fortune had been
much  for blm.       Holding    the
lie In bis build and regarding the
icrty   mun   with  sorrow,  lie  suid
y •
l'l ynu fix this teapot';     I've gol
rub the floors.
im. i
bait i
111 t
I" t
ed li
for ;
al ill-
Min.-ird's   t_:n!mcnt   rures   Garget   In
A gentleman once said:
li is delightful to travel In America, bt.l I think tbut Ainortnnn port-
tors bundle the luggage u little to"
Once, at u certain station, I was
amazed nud pleased to bear a uniformed official shout to a burly purl
er: '
III. whal are you knockln' Hum
trunks nbuui like thai for?
The  purler luul  I n  lining great
trunks above his bead nnd bulling
them down onto the floor furiously:
but now he stood stock-still lu us-
What's that, boss. Ite said.
What do you moan by knockln'
trunks aboul like that? repeated the
official. Look at the floor, Look
at the dents you're niukln' In the
concrete. Don't you know you'll lose
your Job If you damage the company's
The hunter had mistakenly shot a
guidi'. What, asked the former ber.d-
ing down eagerly, is your name?
Smith, gasped the latter, with Ills
last breath. The hunter's face fell,
And I came up here, he exclaimed,
ruefully, In pursuit of rare game.—-
aa they do not seem to look ior thi
servile, if graceful, posture on the
part of those whom tlioy encounter.
Possibly, also, there is sonic slight
' resentment at the fact that, as they do
not. seemingly expect this attitude
ct obeisance, it is impossible to disappoint them by withholding it. Hut
yet, one feels tliat Pickering—or a
asortiuli of it—has another idea in its
iu-ail with regard to it new arrivals—
ian idea. loo.  which  argues  well  fi l
Eight Years of Bad
Eczema on Hands
There were 5.334 bottles of whisky
and 111 1-2 gallons in various receptacles, taken hy the police, and H,2^0
bottles oi beer. 172 barrels and keg.
of beer, 48 bottle, of wine, 39 bottles
of brandy, lis bottles of gin and 49
gallons of wine in all kinds of raoap-
taclcs, were also seized.
Tobacco Growing tn 8. C.
The   tobacco   planting   district   in
llritish  Columbia comprise,   . hun-
dro 1 acres of cropi^-d Havana seedlings, and the year promises to bo
most prosperous ill the B. C. tobia.'co
industry, lt 's the Intention to erect
warehouses and lactones iu Kelowna,
with every modern appliance to euro
for and cure leaves and manufacture
ol high grade cigar,.     „   sr-
Cured by Cuticura Soap and Oinlmcnt
Vh? Mnry A. Rcntlay, Wl t'nlversily Bt.,
, Montreal, ffrite., In a recant letter: ".s.nii.i
nlneyoon ago I noticed small plmptc break.
Ing nut mi lie' back of mv hand,. Tliey
became vary irrlim nc, mul gradually bocaina
worse, sn linn I could not flfiep ..l nwln. t
consulted a phydclan who trcalod inoa limit
lime, I.ul it gut trano, j:nl I could nut put
inv Iinnii. in vui.'i. I wu. Heated at lliu
liiHiiiiiii, uml it wiw Jiul tin' same. I was
told Unit ti waa a very had caso of ccacrna.
"Well. I Ju-t kopton using everything that I
could for Dearly olght .-.''nr. until I .....
etlvise.i to iry Cuticura Olntmont, I did .",
an.l T found after a few iipi'limHnm thu
burnint- sensation, won) ili-niniM-anue, 1 could
sleep well, uinl did ii'il Havo any Itching
diirlint llie ni:.'ht. I bogan idler n wliil.- lo
use tiitleiiri. Boap. I st.n-k to the (iulenra
treatment, nnd thiun-lit if T eiml'l u-'- nltnr
rel lies for nv.r seven vi :irs Willi tin result.
ami nfu-r only having ;. r< -■■ application, uml
iliiiling en-., fcuss uiiilctira tMniiin'ut. it
diwrvi.,1 u [nir trial wiih ii «ovoro uinl stillborn case, t used tlm Cuticura Ointment
and Soap for nearly ,lx month.) ami I mu
glad to snv Iiml  I have I Is as i-lear in
anyone, it i- my wish ilmi you publish thl,
it-tier to nil tha world, and if anyone doubts It,
let llleiu writii llie."
Culleiiru Soul' and Ointment arc sold hy
slmccMs nml dealer, even where,   l;»r a
liberal free siillllil'- ol en.li. wills 8IM>. honk,
fend in Poller lime .t   I'liem. Corp., ia
i .im Ave,, il-i. Cjii, U. 6. A.
W.  N. U. 903
I     Thirty Thousand Now Canadians.
i    The llritish Government returns of
emigration during the month oi April
■ show Unit over M.000 people left lhe
old country. I If these, nearly .'IO.IKiO
<-amo to Canada.
The chiel feature of the rclnrns ia
tin-  large   uuiniwr   proceeding  Irom
Bcotland.   Taking  int n.ideration
the difference between the populali -i -
ol Scotland and Kngland, the n pi rl
show- that the emigration int.. from
He..1 land is twice as high us train
Canadian, win. have recently arriv
e«l in London Irom Palestine and Syria,  .-ay    that,   the   |.r nt  un.cttl d
stir." ibere In.-, started n v.rcat tide
of emigration.   Thousand, ot people
■ are emigrating te Canada. Tlie majority are young mon, who nr.* e.-eii|>-
! ing from military service, but many
aro travlinc witli tlieir famillep,
In Palestine umi of the fl.ri-tiuii
■ villages are being depleted <f tlieir
male population, More than mi por
cent, of the young men iu many
plaeos have emigrated. The square
iti front of tin- "Tower of David"
has heen piled up with our|iets and
furniture belonging to olilcers who are
leaving the country,
Army of Men Employed and No Seeker for Work I. Refused
■    Tramping lo the Holy Land the way
! the Russian pilgrims go I came lately
1 to  New  Athoa.  Ihe  must   wonderful
1 monastery of the Russian world. Xew
i Athos. or Novy Afon. as the Russians
] call it. is nn establishment resembling
t whal the best of Knglish monasteries
must hnve been prior lo ir.36.
It Is in Itself, by Its example, a de-
, fence of oil monasteries, a   place   to
1 which students should Journey If they
i wish to understand all the possibilities for good In Institutions once condemned as essentially evil.     There
' once   ..lore nrtnles  nf  workmen  are
I employed every day and huilding never
i ceases.      No one seeking    work    is
, ever refused, not even the criminal or
the passpnrtloss tramp.
There all coolers receive the monks'
hospitality of bed and board, and worn
nut pilgrims arc furnished with chillies
and money to take them hiime or lo
Hike them further on Iheir Journey. I
1 The monks own vast estates, where j
'they grow their own corn and cultivate the vine and the olive.    Tliey
! have orange and lemon woods.
They grind the coin In their mills
' and make their own hr I: thev press !
the crape and  the  monastery tables
tell how gonorou. is the supply of
wine. In Gogol's "Dead Souls." (
nmong all the humordln accounts of
decaying suites Is one serious story'
of n vast property where everytlt ng
v. ib done well, such among monasteries is New Athos.—Country Life.
Are vou siill looking for your dog?
Yes '
Mothers who keep a box of Baby'a
Own Tablets In the house may feel
that the Uvea of their little ones are!
reasonable safe during the  not   weather.   Stomach trouhleB. cholera     infantum and diarrhoea carry off thou*
aands of little ones evefy summer, fu '
most cases because the mother does ■
not have a safe medicine at hand to
give promptly.     Baby's Own Tablets
cure these troubles, or if given occasionally to the well child will prevent
tholr coming on.      The  Tablets  are1
guaranteed by a government analyst
to be absolutely harmless even to thi*
newborn babe.     They are especially.
good  In the summer    because    they I
regulate the bowels    and    keep    the j
Btomach sweet and pure.      The Tab*
leta are sold by medicine dealers or
by mall at _."> cents a box from The
Dr, Williams' Medicine   Co..   Brock*
vllle, Ont.
The Commercialism of the South
Stuart ('. Leake, the railroad man,
had to wait for a train iu Columbus.
(h'orgln, on* day and he put lu the
time by hiring a carriage for a drive
through the town and its neighborhood- .Naturally, be was anxious to
learn . 11 he could about the place, :
and, to do this, be addressed many
(luestious to the old colored niau who
wna driving him.
Uncle, he said anally, what are the
principal lines of business here, the
chief products of the town?
I cal'lates, boss, said the nhl man.
dat de prlnclpul producks In dese
parts is pedigree, an' de preliminary
spring practizing ob do big-lcag ball
Why don't you put  an ad. In tho
iVhat'a the usot     The dog cunt
Making Munlc Useful
Economical Most—Alice, just piny
some populai song that our guests
enn ail j"in hi singing. They an-
doing nothing hut eat and drink:—
Fllegonie Hlaetter.
A Thing Worth Knowing
The beech tree Is said to be a non-
conductor of lightning. So notorious
Is thc fact, that the Indians, whenever
the sky wears the appearance of a
thuh'l'-rs.onn. leave their pursuits
ami take refuge under tho nearest
beech tree.
in Tennessee the people consider It
a complete protection. A learned
authority says that the beech tree is
never known to be struck by ntmofl-*
pherlc electricity* while uther trees
are often shattered into splinters. May
nrt a knowledge of this fact afford
protection  to many  when exposed.
Advance Australia.
Tho Education department «f Victoria Nev, South Wale-, Ita; i-uiud h
circular lo lie teaeher-t embodying h
list nl words thnt must bo tauu-ht in
luture on "uu spelln" prlnc pies, th«
■V [8 to be dropped oul of all iuch
words aa honor and favor. I ioufh «
to become "plow," and c«"»a " t/*
become "center."	
The mis worth of n man is to t>v
measured ny tne objects tie pursuua.-
'Wur.ui* AurfOliM,
Merely on Hla Job
Missionary Why do you look at me
so im atly?
Cannibal-  I am the food Inspector
—Buffalo Commercial.
What became or that mil** kitten
you had'.' asked a visitor of thu small
Why. haven't you heard?
No. .viia it drowned?
Polsoi '.I"
No •
Then whatever did become of it?
said the visitor.
It  ri I up luto a cat, was Uk
reply.   ' hicago Examiner, mmu   i
ami li or seme ii
have saved money
by 11 s i ii k Ken*
for Spavin***, Cm b, Ringbone, Splint, Bony
Growths and Lameness from many other
causes, These mon know thai Kendallis
Is .1 money saver und a lioriosavor, Wo
can prove ii by thousands of
Grateful Letters From Users
i.anoham, Bask,, Dkc. ijth, i •"•
"I have n .mrce stock "i" horsei «t»l sm «
uwrof l.rinl.ill'.« K-.imi\ iti Cure.    I must say
that i slwny* had tlie bul Mtlilncllon horn
Um UK snd tun m**'!!■*'*■• ii'lt'l it t'. nny
horso owner." JOSBP11 MM FHU
Piqbon t.AKi*.. Man. Imc. 14th, i-ni.
"I hsve nsr.i Kendall'* Bpavhi Care fer
flveytsn, I find Itaiurecara i»r Bpsvlns,'*
rrlre fi tK*r bolUe-"*8 bottle* f\. A»k
dnirntit for fire ihhjL -'Trtstlie «>'■ ths
Hone'1 orwrlli i» u». '/J
Dr. B. J. Kendall Company
r_onikiira Fait*, V«montj U. 3. A,
Dead from Drink
___ * aaaaMffli-m_a__»__a_B^ _______iaM____BMi
This is the fate which awaits hundreds and hundreds
of men who are now perhaps only moderate drinkers.
The demon Is getting its hold upon them. There Is
only one way to beat drink—leave it alone, if you
olay with it Drink always wins. Already perhaps It
has got some hold on YOU. Fight it by the only sue*
cessful means available—THE NEAL THREE DAY
CURE. This will reduce your system to the normal
again and restore you to your original condition before
you ever tasted liquor. It will do It In THREE SHORT
will do It while you t-tjoy the privacy and comfort of
our homelike institute. Don't delay—every day lost
mean more power to the Demon. For full particulars
and confidential information address the Institute nearest you.
Neal Institute Co., Limited
40.r) 'Broadway, Winnipeg
2244 Smith St., Uot-inu Saslt. 820 13th Avr.W. Calgary, Alia.
Gas Engine Oil
gives the best lubrication possible, alike in kerosene,
gasoline and gas engines. Keeps its body at high temperatures.    Equally good for external bearings.
Mica Axle Grease
saves power and fuel in your tractors. The best
known, most liked axle grease made. Never rubs
off.    Never gums.
Silver Star Engine
Engine Kerosene Oil   Gasoline
Granite Harvester Oil—The short cut oil; specially
prepared for use on reapers, binders and threshers.
Greatly reduces friction and wear. Body not affected by
moisture or change of climate.
Capitol Cylinder Oil — The very best oil for steam
plants on the farm. Lasts longer and gets more power
from the engine, with less wear, than any cheap substitutes ; costs less in the end.
Atlantic Red Engine Oil—Strongly recommended
for slow and medium speed engines and machinery.
Eases the bearings and lightens the load.
The Imperial Oil Company, Limited
Good Crops
Clinton Motor Trucks
to Market Them With
Looks a Good Combination to Assure Good
Feeling in Western Canada.
Clinton Delivery Cars are as Useful
to the Busy Farmer as to Ihe Town
or Village Storekeeper.
Let Un Send You Catalog.
The Clinton Motor Car Co., Limited
Winnipeg Office:—507 Sargent Ave.
STERNS    &    BURTON,    Saskatoon
Solo Agents tor   Saskatchewan
Hit Handicap
The yiiutiK wife, refuted a new lint,
bitterly oomplnlned that slm hail »
lot to put ilp with.
Yes. replied her husband, nml if you
know how little I have io put up with
you would not ns!" tno lo put up for
it new imt.—linnti.ii TratiBorlpt.
Different Now
chief Olerk (to office boy)—Why on
earth don't you lunch when the Iiohh
lelln n Joke.
j    Office Hoy—I don't have to. I quit
I on Saturday.—Satlrs.
Unexpected Flippancy
Wo hardly look for   humor   lu   a
medical dictionary, yet on«  recently
publlHhed d.-llncH 'shout' ua nn unpleasant noise produced by overstrain-
Ittli tl,o throat, for which urout sinners nre paid well and small chlldreu
nro punished.—Boston Transcript.
Orablilel.in-Killson deelnres that
four Lours' sleep a night la enough
for any man.
Kliltlor—Ily Jove! 'Ihnt la exactly
whal my baby thinks!—Judge. [E    FREE   PRESS,    Cil 11,1,IWACK,    B.C.
Hands Cracked, so Could not Work
—Cures Effected by
It does not tuko long tor Dr.
Chase's Ointment to prove Its magic
healing power- A single night la
often sufhoient to produce thu most
startling results.
Internal treatment for skin diseases is newly always disappointing.
_y npplylng Dr- Chase's Ointment to
the diseased parts relief Is obtained
almost Immediately, and gradually
the sores heal up and dlsnppoar. Here
ure Iwo leliers which will Interest
you: —
Mrs. ('has. Gilbert Hnystnok, Pin-
centln lluy. Nllil., writes:—"I wus u
sufferer from Sail lllieiini for ten
yenrs, and had about despaired of
ever heing cured, so many treat'
munis luul failed. Reading of the
wonderful cures effeotod by Dr.
Chnso's Ointment, l cammonood using
It, uml wus entirely ourcd by eight
boxes. I wnni in express my grull-
imie for Dr. t'linse's Ointment, and to
ri.'oiuiiieiiil ll lo nil snu'erei's.*"
Vr Stanley Merrill. Delaware, Ont,
writes; -"For yeurs l wun troublod
with my luiiiiln ciiiekliii',. often becoming su sore thut l ciiulii hardly do nny
work. I gol snnie uf Dr. t'huue'H
Olntmont. umi happily find that one
or two applications of Bamo to tho
affected parts make them .veil. I
huve h .il tie trouble since using the
ointment for sore hands.
Dr. Chaso'B Ointment, tine
all dealers, ur iSdmanson,
Co., Limited, Toronto.
New Zealand Believes Women's Votes
are Responsible fbr Island's Record
New Zealand is proud of Its modern
legislation—rfar iu advance of most
other lands of tlio globe—nnd Uh results, particularly regarding Infant
mortality, The votes ot' women are
doomed a valuable adjunct in this
r ispeot.
Hero are the figures denoting tho
comparative infant mortality per thousand lt\ various nations for one year.
England antl Wules 109
France   120
German Empire   170
Commonwealth of Australia   71!
Norway 72
Provinces of Ontario, Canada, .,181
Sweden  Vi
New Zealand  *i>i
The only country which attained
to really low dentil rato without help
of the women's vole Is Sweden, anil
thero women hns a great Influenoe,
utul take it great Interest, lu politics.
lu the German empire women ure
not oven allowed lo attend a political meeting, and they lake no part In
elect Ions.
Why   Hhniild     AuHlnillii. with   Us
burning Bummers, bo able to keep i'
liuliles nllve heller thun Ontario? If
It In tho cold Umi kills them, Norway
bus us Hi'veie ii clininle as I'.iniiila.
ii box, at
Mules   4i
A  Double-Barreled  Escape
Mini" a aru amung tho most heroic
people In tha world. Danger Is always beside thom, and they are
schooled to believe that at
uuy lime tliey will como faco lo face
with death The result of this i9
that tbey uro humorous lu their boldness.
lu one ot the mines   of   Pennsylvania there was a cave-In whicli imprisoned a miner named .lack Thornton.     Tho acoldent happened on Friday afternoon, nnd the follow lnbor-
ers of the entombed men sot to work j
at onco to dig him out.     It was notj
until Sunday morning, however, thut
thoy reached his prison chamber, nnd
by lliis time   thoy   wero   wondering
whether  lio  hud   boen  suffocated  or.
starved to   death.      One   of   thomj
slack liis head through tlio aperture |
mado  by  the  picks ot tho  resucem)
und culleil out:
.luck, uro you nil right?
All right, came the reply, and tben \
after n pause, Whut. dny Is Ihls?
Sunday, answered tho friend.
tafu! exclaimed .luck-    I'm glad of
that.    Thnt wiih one Saturday night {
when those saloOO keepers didn't get i
my wnges! j
The Cool Stranger
Business wns brisk lu llie village
store when the stranger entered.
Any .if you drive iu a trail? he asked casually.
Yes. I did, said Farmer Turnpike
disinterestedly.    Why?
Gray horse, and an old lady Inside.
Ves, that's right.     Dut—
Can she manage him nil right? said
the st: -liger.
1 sh. uld ihlnk so. replied Turnpike.
Why, my wife's drove tliat horae ever
since hd waa a 3-year-old.
That's all right, then. Bald the
Strang, r. I merely asked because
the gr„y has Just gone down the
street like a mud bull, and the old
lady's hanging onto Ihe back of lhe
trap,  screaming  murder!      Still.    If
Did Not Ring Out,Independence, Say,
Joseph .lu.iisiiii. Phlladolphln hlstor-
luu, etiini'S fiirwuri' wiih u stnleinent
Hint tho old oraokod bell whloh Is
treasured ns nu historic relic In Independence llnll wus not usod in pro-
claiming liberty throughout lhe land.
Jackson doclnroe thai tho thousands
who came yearly to Independence
Hull lo view the old alleged mouth-
piece of newly-born liberty wero Imposed on. Mr. Jackson then lultes up
the alleged ringing of tho bell nnd tho
claim thnt It priiclulini'il lllierty on
July \, 177(1. So fur ns he bus been
able lo discover after years of ro-
search, this misleading statement is
directly traceable to "Watson's Annals
! ot Philadelphia," which was published
j In 1830. Prior to the publication of
' that work the boll was known as the
■ State house bell and not Liberty bell,
i and nothing bud been ualil about its
use In proclaiming Independence. Even
as lute an 1880 It was known as the
1 State House bell even utter that building bad ceased lo be the assembly and
tUle had paaaed to Philadelphia.
Body Cells and Foods
The cells of our body never learn
what thc character of the food which
wo eut really Is."     With   this   sentence delivered nt a recent meeting
she can manage him. there's nothing: o( Swiss men of science, Professor
tn get excited atioiu How's the Emtt Abmf.n has concisely defined a
priee o:'taters down ypur way?—; modem viewpoint ol nutrition which
]„ndon Answers. I ,„ rap|j)y becoming prominent. Before
  ' they leave the alimentary tract the
The Oil ot Power It Is not claim-  foodstuffs which we eat arc broken up
ed for Dr. Thomas' Electric Oil that Into fragments that serve as tho real
It will cure every 111. but Its uses are food of the body. Complex carbohy
eo various that It may be looked upon drates are resolved Into sugar; fata
us a general pain killer. lt lias are split Into glycerol and fatty acids;
achieved thnt greatness for l_elf! proteins yield an aggregation of ohar-
and any attempts to surpass lt have acterls ic substances simple "building
failed. Its excellence Is known to stones" at the disposal of Uie Internal
all w, ' have tested its virtues and! tissue eells so that they can select
learnt by experience or further rearrange   them   aa   the
________ special functions require.     Whether
Had His Doubts
Harry Lauder once scored with a
it ia meat or cereals that we eat is,
after all. largely a matter of Indifference, for they all furnish similar dl-
neat Impromptu at a Scottish theatre. ,'0B fragments, so long aa the dl-
Be had lust finished His third song.j      livu processos perform their duty.
and the audience were vehemently de-, 	
rounding more.     Some of his adnilr- _     „,„„.. „, . 0m_, cttv
ers were calling out lhe names of the1 Tne °™»"* °' a 0rMl Cit*y
Bongs thev wanted lo hear. Ono en-1 A young man who had been torn
thuslastlo young man In a prominent and reared In tbe backwoods went to
Beat, wan pnrtioularlv Insistent. I Chicago and mado a lot of money,
luve a lassie. I love n lassie, he kept Then he returned to hla native vll-
Bboutlng. The genial comediau look- lag" and asked his father to take a
ed him over, shook his head, and re-; trip to the Windy City. The old
marked gravely: I hae mil .loots, myi man. however, was not enthusiastic
laddie It vou did you'd ha' fetched | over the proposition. He bud read
her with you. I of Iho llres. automobile accidents, and
' other catastrophles    In    big    cities.
Minard's Liniment Cures Colds. Etc  Finally, after   much   argument   nnd
_______  pcrsuiiHion  on  the  part of bis son,
,  ,,,    „„»„„,,,,„_,„  ,  i.i,..,: the father retuctunlly agreed to nn-
plaArK. ^ftSUIfi- *»«*» l»'lm.     At th. little
liked coffM   unadulterated
with lha Prussian Army in France ho
ono day entered a country inn and
attked  tho host If he had any chicory  in   the  turns.-.      He  had       His*
mark said, Wall, bring lt to me; all
you have. The man ob.yed and
handed Bismarck a canister full of
chicory. Are you sure this la all
yon havo? demanded the Chancellors
Yen, my lord, every grain. Then,
said Bismarck, keeping the canister
by iii ni. r,<> now and inako mc a pot
of  coffee.
WhileI (0,,utr>' BUtton he was panic-stricken
aud tiled to Ret permission to ro back
| home. Once on the train, his nerve
l>ej;an to revive, aud all went well
until the train dashed Into a tunnel
black aa night When this happen
ed, the old man grabbed hla umbrella, hit hia sou a whack on the head
and cried nut:
1 knew something   would   happen.
I've gouo blind.
Good and Bad Humor
Slnco both are very much under our
own control, we cannot ese.-ipe tbe
redpollnihility If we more frequently
display the latter than the former.
There Is no disposition more comfortable to ourselves or more agreeable
Some friends were talking of success. A certain man who bad made
a fort u ie was mentioned.
When that man came to New York.
a few years ago, one said. BYeiythlng to otU,'rs Mum »™ ••'"■■»r-
be possessed was tied up In a hand-!     Il I* *° ,l14' •■••■"■ v"a1 •*"*■ health
kerehle'.     Today— j '■ '° the body.      It  Rives ns the 00-
The speaker smiled and stroked klsj I»»<*lty to enjoy   everything   that    Is
close-clipped mustache. I pleasant  In  life  and  Of  UStttg  every
Today everything he possesses lil faculty without   Impediment    <io.k!
Ued up In his wife's name, he milled.
A poor woman was telling a kind*
hearted visitor how the doctor came
and said sho bad a slttgglah liver.
What beats nie, she added. Is bow
tbem slims get Inside the liver-
&--D0DD&  v
I humor disposes  ua   to  contentment
I with our piisltiiin. tu sympathy with
| lhe distressed uml lo kindness to all.
II cannot conceive a person naturally
| i;s..hI buni«r.'.l being unkind.
(lo.nl humor enables us to I.Ktk nt
| iliings In the most favorable light and
; tn avoid giving or taking nfftnifc. Mud
humor is quite sufficient to make anybody iiuhappy; ll tinges everything
wltb Uh own dismal color, aud, like
a sore plsee on one's arm It Ih burl
by everyUiing tbut touches 11. It
taken offence where nunc wav meant,
nud creates a spirit of general discontent aud utiliapplui s.i
W. N. U. 90S
If He Didn't
Tlm nervous gentleman was perfectly certain be 'van In the wrong
train"- He had egged many, niauy
times, bm ih"«. vt-"" are »u» ->'•
ways reliable There might be a ■In-
lake r*t the la.-t time in. tne trail
Steamed slowly tut, he snouted In »
porter standing h.v:  I'nrtcr. dnsvs tbla
irain stop at Glasgow Central! The
porter bcHltaied an instant then, running alongside ibe moving train, he
gurgled—Well. If 11 doesn't, look out
for thc biggest bump you've over had
in yer llfcl
Examination Time
Tlie eiigle-eyed examiner wns miro
Jonos vvs cheating. Twenty Limes
ilurlnr. '.ne IhhI hour Hint Individual
luul polled out bin watch uml examined it closely. Jones, suddenly
nod the muster, bring your wiilch
to me! Junes reliieiiiiitly handed
..or lhe tlmoplOOO, but nil tho disgusted, examiner found wuh a small
slip pasted tu the dial on which was
written "Foolodl" Jones wiih ullow]
ed to resume his work, but he still
refer:-'il to Ills watch so frequently
Hint tho examiner again grew suspicious. Suddenly nn idea struck him.
Jones, he shouted, I'll flee yonr watch
again, please! With eager hands
tin. oxsjnlner seized thu watch, but
this time lio devoted hie attention to
the buck ot the caso. Suro enough
there was n scrap of paper Inside
for It bore the Inscription—"Fooled
again!" Then Jones was allowed to
work In peace.
Tiie female house (lylays from 120
to 150 eggs at a time, aud these
mature iu two .reeks. Under favorable conditions the descendants of a
single pair will number miliums in
three months. Therefore all housekeepers should commence using
early in tbe season, and thus cut off
a large proportion of the summer
Hearing a noise at midnight In one-
of hia rooms, a gentleman tiptoed to I
the spot, thinking to take the burglar!
una.ya.res. Hikes, however, was not
to bt. caught napping, anil before the
owner of tho house fully realized!
what was happening, ho was looking
down the muzzle of o. revolver. You
realize that you are at tny mercy?.
Ves, replied the house owner, And |
also realize that 1 eould shoot you
dead If I wished? Another trembling
affirmative. You did not hear moj
enter the house? No. Well, if j
you had your windows fitted with
ono of Ketohums new patent burglar
alarms, this wouldn't haye happened.
1 am an agent for the— But the:
houso owner had swooned.
r_^_ri*nj5;i*^_ • ItOB
l_t_f ft* _ __J_L__sJ* 1 a wl
Is the "best, remedy
known   for   sunburn,
heats rashes,  *jc_emo.
sore feet, stings ana
blisters.   A skin food!.
Ml DnmHt. ard Stsra.-ICs.''
i   ■'
Asthma Is Torture. No ono who
hasn't gasped for breath In the power
"f asthma knows what such suffering
Is. Thousands do know, however,
from experience how immeasurable
Is the relief provided by that marvellous preparation. Dr. J. 1). Kellogg's Asthma Remedy. Kor years
II bus been relieving and curing the
most severe nines. If you are u sufferer do not delay a day In securing
ihls remedy from yuur druggist
Best Interests
demand thnt every woman should
spare herself unnatural suH'cring
l.y oliliiiniiiir snle and proper help
when physical ills and nervous
depression occur. When ailments
and Buffering come to you remember tliere is one safe, effective
gentle and  well-tried   remedy—
We offer One Hundred Dollars rtewaril
tnr nny esse of Cntiirrh that cannot be
cured l.y Hull's Catarrh Ouro.
K. J. CHENEY. & CO., Toledo, O.
We the undersigned have knesvn !•'. i
J. Cheney for the lust IB years nn.l be- I
lieve tiiin perfectly honorable in all irnsi-
n.-hs transactions, and financially able t».
.'liny out anv obligations iiiiulu by bis
Waldlng,   Klrin.'in  & Marvin.
Wholesale   Drugfa-lsls,   Toledo.   O.
Hall':- Catarrh (.'ure Is taken Internally, luting directly upon the blood ami
mucous surfaces of the system. Testimonies sen', free Price "Co. per bot.
tlu.      .nl.! by nil Druggists.
Take Mull's Family l'llls for Constipation.
The Solution of a Mystery
Job Hedges, the New York lawyer,
wit, and after-dinner speaker, wus
called upon on one occasion to give
advice to a young man who was
thinking ot taking up the study of
My young friend. Bald Hedges, I
waB once standing outside of a big
music store in the city of New York,
and wus lost In admiration of the muscles und sinews of the men who lifted the piano on und off the drays. I
was joined by a middle-aged man who
looked like an Irishman.
1 l«ve to watch those fellows, I re-1
marked casually. Tlieir strength Is
Yes. agreed tlie Irishman, and they
are interesting for another reason.
Whenever I sec n lot of piano movers
und hack drivers, 1 am romlnded that
every year the colleges turn out a lot
of graduate lawyers who never l rac-!
lieu tbelr professions.
of special value to women.
lleecliam's Pills remove the cause
of suffering; they clear the system
and by tlieir tonic, helpful action
relieve you of headaches. Imek-
'aches, lassitude and nerve rebellion.
Try a few doses nnd know the
difference—know how Beecliam's
Pills will help your feelings;
how they  strengthen,  invigorate
and Protect
Every woman should tie sure tn reset
the srwcisl directions witli every hul.
SaaVl Kaawbam.    s      a     la bssM. 25c
After lit" plumber hud finished
some repairs about his office, tho
kind-hearted business man .yild to
You will Iind soap and clean towels
In there wl'i'ii you are through.
Tlio plumber spruced up nfter he
hnd finished his work, but, to tho iih-
tonlsbment of the business mun, ho
appeared a few minutes later. with
his face daubed with dirt and grease.
Why In the world did you blacken
your fnce up ngnln nfter you had
washed yourself? tho business man
Grinning guiltily, the plumber replied, If I went back to the office with
a clean face, the boss would think I
had been loafing on the Job.
should carry a stock ot the Wonder
Fly Killer, a little device of seamless
metal, unleakable, and the sure exterminator of every kind of fly and
mosqui'n. Retails at 15c. Genera!
agent, Joseph R. Wilson. 204 Stair
Building. Toronto, or Nicholson &
Bain In Alberta, nnd Kscott „ Harmer
for Manitoba and Saskatchewan.
Labor Lost
lMcddy was taking his father's dinner, and on the way ho saw a workman emptying a drain. That drain,
said Freddy to the workman, is the
one father lost a shilling down. Oh,
said the workman, and his faco
brightened. Now then, youngster,
hurry on with thnt dinner before it
gots cold. When Freddy returned
half-nn-hour later the workman was
siill working on the snme drain. His
face was flushed nnd excited, and hla
hands were black with mud. Are
you sure, he asked, that this ls Ihe
drain your father lost the money In?
Quite sure, piped Freddy, becaiiso I
saw father get It out myself.
pensive, Tlio conatunt use
o[ drills ia expensive,
umi likowlea unnecessary, Nature ta
tin* only reliable clue lor.   Get <-li»«" to
Nilllll'i- llllll Im Join OWn )ili\»l(l.in.
It   Ih  nol   hunl   tu (in.   not   illtlU'iiU   lo
learn. ■ Natureb    Iiuvh    are    mmi'iv.
Winn 1 Ih* Nro iiuniM low. you don't
run for the doctor oi ilmn nto-%* or tlm
patent medicine bottle; you Hin.iiiy
put ,ni mon- fuel. Ba when <iI*■■••.itm
or hi knese attaokn the body of your.
M'lf nr any member of your family,
j-u i.i Naturo'i vast storenouH of *.i-
t.'iiiiy and draw therefrom the revitalising  forcui  which   bonlih  dtM-tu
,i-i.l   inula*  you  well.
Send for Our Free
Book   and   Enjoy
Good Health With
out   Doctors    or
Break the bonds of
superstition and
fear     which      bind
you.    Bo muter ol
your own health and
th*.   health   of   yuur
family.     Thla     book
points out  the   wav
If you ar.' nick, you
knuw   It   better   than
and you  kimw  where  vou  art*  itek,
you don't want dru;-s. you don't wunt
to be doped and enervated by iu*<*l**s*j
di-UK-rdr,*,'.    Witt..-    for   our   frc»   book
today.      Specify   book  No.   Vi.      Wj
pay   tho   postal?*?.
364 West St.   Catherine St..
Montreal. Canada
Botany v. Mercury
Minard's Liniment Curea Diphtheria.
Police Com ml ss loner—If you were
ordered to disperse a mob, what
would you do?
Applicant—Pass around the hat,
Police Commisaloner—That'll do.
You'ro criKuged.
Warts on the hands la a disfigurement that troubles many ladles. Hol-
loway'fl Corn Cure will remove the
blemlsres without pain-
and   ailing   will   f'.n.i-.
restoration to health, and vigtir m
The   Eclectine Botanic  Treatment
lho nuiiK, nervoua -auu -icuiiiuit.-u *.«
mode strong ami ruuudt uy buLL-.m
Treatment. Skin and aloud •lia.jnj*-*
sypQllla, lost Vitality, **mtsr*t-.;n.i .um 4'in-
Ito-urlnary complaint.-*, ■•brum.; nn)
complicated dtHuee of mnn and Womeq
yield   tO    Botanta   Tre_.tm*-nt    wl-mri    iii
oihor means have f.iii>*.i. Our prepat-v*
tions wen* gtvtti th* *roid m-Ui u -mn-
**8t award at th** [nr»marlonal Ex'urtU
tlon** In Brussels 1909. London IIM Pnttm
1311. i-'nn**t'|taH.)n *-..^, per*wna; ir **■*•*
'ntt->r       Or.'-n    If*—' Tn
The Eclectine Botanic Remedy Ci.
2*53-265   Vong«   Str-Mt.   Tgr-jntu.
A safe aud sure medicine for a child ■
 -Hones While
Thor Woark or Rest
paicr   tS f" AU OkAl'M
troiib!i>tl      with    worms    Is
Qravea' Worm Exterminator.
' CO umn ft tfimuT
The Simplest of Remedies
John Drew was Interviewed by a
uewspuper man In a hotel in Chica--
goon*, night, and nt last realized:
that he would have a hard time get*|
Ullg lid of tho visitor. The writer
seemed determined to sit forever, in
spite of tlle signs of sleepiness exhibited by the actor.
1 suppose I seem like a night owl,
said the visitor when lhe clock pointed to nearly three o'clock in the
morning* As a matter of fact, I'm
Just that 1 suffer intolerably with
Insomnia. I wonder what's thu bes-
thing to do for It.
Go to sleep, suggested Drew
smoothly. If you'll step Into the
next room whilo 1 undress. I'll show
you hew to do It-
Chinamen are Great Savers
The Chinese never waste anything.
A shopman puts up parcels with half
the paper and string used by Kuro-
peans. Servants collect and sell
match boxes and things which seem
to us to be useless. In tho country
you will see a hoy In a tree heating
down a single leaf with a stick for
fuel. Women, when too old for any
work collect dry grass for the same
purpose. A man collects his fowl
and then beats old damp mats or mating. Cockroaches and othor vermin
,*ump out, and the fowls have a meal
that costs nothing. Vou give a coolie
an old coat that ynu are ashamed to
wear and he will probably get a tailor to transform It for an or 50 cents
into two pairs of excellent trousers
for himself.—Detroit Free Press.
A tew doora «outh at C.P.R. 0«ot
RatM SI 50 ta I2.0Q per day
Cuisine unexcelled
Hot and cold water in every nam
OUR  BUSINESS   MEN'S  ..-,-.-
AKl.lNi, In
Why He Wanted Milk
A clergyman had lien diapleased
wllh the quality of the milk served
him. At length in* determined to re*
monatrate with hla milkman for -up-
plylng audi unworthy stuff, iii. b»>
gan mildly, I've been wanting to aee
yon with regard to Um quality of
milk witli which you arc lervlng inn.
y.-h. air. unoaally anawered the trndea*
uian. I only waiilcil to say, cuutln-
ued the mlnlater, that I uae the milk
for drinking purpoaoa exclusively ami
not for ohrlatening.
To Reform Fashion
I'ashlou Is a shy blnl. ami an ol.-
servant critic haa nolled that tal'ora
are not adviatng the frock .'oat and
Canny watateoat, which nro beeomlng
unpopular beoauso Mr. Sueddon wus
io dreeaed in tho <loce. The piiB^itnr
ot tho frock coat will be welcomed hy
many, ami l.y many who ,io not remember the eeeoutlon of Mrs. Mail-
ning III iti',. who swung In blark statin, ami made that niauilai unfsahion-
null, for many ynui. There Is an
op.'tilug for r.'formars who wish lo
change Uie faaklaus aad are willing
to ru to th.. stake far thrfr U«1W
Ono can for**, a wwaan whn will
i commit a iiiarder In ardor t» tit liang-
' mi In a iftrnte akin. •• *at thai* sktll
I Ik. uo _are hakMe skins In tha faak-
i.sn*»,l» warld. gad Ih* (.thualaailc
vrf*iartau might kill snme nUirr
donkey nnil die in leathfr hoots, wllh
tho Idea of bringlnK vegetable hootn
lnio fashion. There nro many pobrI-
lilllllea for tho reformers who will
consent to wear tho wronK cloihos on'
tho right occasion.—Ixiudou Chronicle.
What it was Worth
A Scottish lady, who was spend Ing
her holidays In London, entered a
lirlc-a-brac shop In search of something odd to take home to Scotland
with her After she hail Inspected
several articles, hut hail fount! none
to suit her. she noticed a quaint Uk-
ure. the henil and shoulders of whicli
appeared above the counter, What
Is that Jnpanese Idol over there
worth? she inquired of the salesman
The salesman's reply was given in n
subdued tone. Worth about half-a
million, madam. That's the pro-
Minard's Liniment Cures Distemper.
flrarlnus! exclaimed Mr. Swell-
man,    e baby haa Just eaten n loi
of that (loRbllBciilt.
Never minds replied Mrs. Swell-
man: lt Just serves PldO rluht. fur
be has often oaten lho bal.y's food.
Yes. remarked the telephono ulrl
ns she gated out at lhe waves ami
wondered what their number wns. 1
mn ciiiini'iied with the best families
In onr city.
Got What he Liked
The present King of Saxony la a
stout, florist person ot democratic
tastes, who likes nothing better than
to bo taken for one of his own subjects. One hot afternoon, while he
was riding, accompanied by but one
attendant, he came. It Is snld, upon
a butcher who was trying to repair the
broken aile of his cart.
Tho KliiK nt once offered his assist-1
anee, and for over an hour Ihe three
men—butcher. King and attendant— |
wsirked In silence beneath the blazing j
When they had finished, the butch-1
er siars-il stolidly at the King for aj
moment Then his phlegmatic countenance lighted up ns ha thoughl
tliat ho saw the explanation of the '■
Oh, ho said, you also are a butcher?
No, replied the King regretfully, 11
only look like one!
Going Up
Aviators appear lo he a modest set. '
They    probably   appreciate    the!
truth i.f the adage, 'Pride goal beforo!
a fall/
Are the bes- ever made ar.,» ip» f iar»
anteeil t„ give you ■«ti.ft1.H_T     Al
all dealers, or send na i'i leata arxv
Ing style and size r»qn!r»d
The Arlington Co., of Canada, Lti,
58 Fraser Ave.. Toronto. Ont.
I   KST MD KAITH Tl UVein Ut "Ml*
I      II...WI..L.IW. SMTH.'S)  tt.r.t   ...      —t
, and (or ottt SIXTY T.UI* •    '.'.....'.'■    (
Ili.fHLas  f«r   th.ir   CH1L1.BBN    *:■    .1
I    THKTHINO. >».>•   faanCT   -I.^CltS      Is
ai.i.av's a'.i rata. ciass ■*■■«■■!. colic .-i.i
Is tlx wai r.aeay he i;.li»oi    lin.»
Mlutely SaraalrB. te a-.ra .M ... tae ' Mrs.
Wssslav'a SMIhiaf syrup." «ad aea m team
—ad.  IwsLelaaosslss Sou...
One Thing Lacking
The letter I gave you -h.s morn.r.^
did you post it? a'ke.1 ih» aire, :o.,.«
Ing at her hiisbanu out of the corr.-r
of h.-r eye. No, ds-ar. I d..l n.r„ ,a..f
tho man boldly. Of co'ir.-e )ou d:-!-
n't,' And 1 told you it was Smpor*
ant that It should go to^lay. lea,
dear- And of course you torgot to
post I. If that's not Just Ilk »
man! But dear— Don't but me. In
angry. Rut, d. nr. hv>k her" .it the
letter.     You forgot t.» add:-.-. It
Zangwill's Name
lsrnel Znngwlll. th" well.known,
writer, signs himself I. Zanirwll! H-,
was iu.ee approach, il at a rdeepl
by n fussy old lady, who demanded:
Oh. Mr. ZangwIU, what Is your Chris,
tl.n name?
Madam, I have none. *-.,. gravely a*
surs-d h.-r.—I.ipplncolt's.
Little and Big Religion
This Btory comes from Australia,
where n!I conversation turns exent-
nally t» matters educational, because
every parent Is painfully unions Uiat
hla anna shall pass ths standard which
will free them from certain years ol
i.ii'itan ..erMco. A viallor was con-
versus with his Usal's small sou, ami
opeaed. us a matter of course, with
the worils. "Po you go to school, now ?"
Aud what <lo you learn? Redding
writing, lumat
Oh, yes. and I learn religion, too.
Yes, I burn Hie little religion, Which
tenches that wc all come from Adam.
Hut my elder brother Is In n.lilgln'r
class: he leat-na Ihi hlg religion, nnd
Hint teaches thai wo all como from
Tha, is th* aature «f Dr. Pierce's 1 svaanit- Prsaoripiioo-ihe one remedy for
ureaaea wtsieh aaa»__l ao slcokol s»i ss> hakii-faeaial dm«s. Msde irom sativs
■ i itiis—l lariat tern,. Dr. Pierce tell, us ever, sagredieiit on the holtle-wrap-
per. frwss_nl rmpUsnt an.l sivnir of lhe hast sseJ.csl autlnmlir- esvlorse thrss
iss^i-rdami. ss faessg tbe very best kouwa raasedirs for nilments ...... tseskntssct
peoulitr lo w«_ea.
This Is what Mm. Hnnirrt n. Comr, of umgttreet,
Ky„ -;..,: i t*i tt ay duty to write ansl tall vou what
ynur inrstii-inas l.see gan*. for sir. 1 was a g*eat sufferer
for «lx years rrmr, a trsnhle sa.;.... lo wrneea, bnt I >m
lhanltful to s»t. aft' r ttkitsg fe«r bottles ol v.nr' EaVorlte
Prescription' 1 am not hmti**si with thai dreadful disease
any mnre, 1 feel like a a«w woman. When I lir-t wrote
ymi foradvlee l only »-t«_Ki IIS pound, - :....»■ I weigh Iks.
"I thank y.iu very iini'li Ier y..ur Itlndneea, You li..va
l.een a. n father P) mn in advising me what to do, so may
li.fl bless ynu In ever. . l-i .ui put forth (or good
"I bn|Mi this testimonial will in tho means ol some ooor
Mas. Cors'sr. suffering wnman tasking health."
Dr. Pierce's Medical Adviser, newly revised nr-to-dele edilioa, aaswere hosta
al delicate gueitioas about which every woman, nn'le er msrried su|hl te knew. FREE  PRESS,   CHILLIWACK,   BRITISH  COLUMBIA.
flP*»_lg*<sg|y<<By<wHy**j8^ .
Case After Case 0/ NEW FaM Merchandise
Just Opened at Chilliwaek's Big. Big Store
Ladies9 Stylish Hand
Tailored Northway
In Grey Tweed nml Mixtures of Dark Grey,
Brown, Green, I In ml Tailored.
$19, $25, $27.50
In lilni'k and Nuvy Serge
$17.50, $21, $25, $30.
For Full Wear.    Be sum nnd see our raiifje in
Latest Styles of Beautiful Coats, Made in   Up-
to-dilto Designs,    Prices
$10 to $30
Mink Mann.it Slides.    $8.50, M>.50, $l*_.50 to
827.50.   Mull's to match,
Latest Style Handles.   Big Selection.   Prices
tlie Lowest.
i)0c, 81.25, 81.75, 82.1)0, $2.15, 8:1.50, 81.50
and 85.IX) each.
Guaranteed Waterproof.   Prices from
$7.50 to $13.50
Permanent Profit can
Come only From
Satisfied Buyers
SWEATER COATS—All longths. Monarch
and St. Margaret Brands and the best Canadian
nnd English makes.   See our window display.
Assorted Colors.    Ladies Sweater Cunts.   Sizes
34, 86, 88, al 82.75, 8o, 8."..50 to 85 each
Misses Sweater Coats— 81.25, 81..50, 82.00.
Child'* Sweater Coato—66c, 85c, 81, 81.25.
Ladies' Dress Gloves for Fall Wear—Imported direct from the European Makers. Sizes
&% to 7J_. Prices 81, 81.25, 81.50 per pair.
Children's Gloves, all sizes.
New Stock, Low Prices. Quality Goods,   Cnn-
ailian Pure Wool While lllnnkets III x H2S7.IK)
per pair.    (12 x 7.X 811.00 per pnir.
Scotch Pure Wool While Blankets, 7 Hi 85.50
ami 8 11. $6.00 per pair.
Grey Blankets—All sizes, from 82.50 to 87.50
Flannelette Blankets—Cn-v or white,  81.25,
$1.50 to 82.01) iht pair.
White Bed Spreads—(iii x 80,  81.25 up to
81 x Ull 84.60.
Fresh Fall Clothing
From $10 to $22.50
The colorings include Lighl nnd   Durk Greys,
Medium and Durk Browns, Nuvy nml Blacks,
Bo sure and see uur display  before buying
Yuur Full Suit.
In  Our Tailored  to   Measure  Men's
Suifs—Greens Swifl Brand.
We guitrautco il lit equal l.. any custom tailor.
Our prices I'allgO I'rum
$15.00 fo $27.50
with uver 150samples tollhouse from,
Fresh Groceries
All Best kinds Flour, per sack
IS lb Sacks (iraiiiilnleil Sugar
loo lb Sacks Granulated Sugar
Pail Snda Crackers
Kennies Bird Seed, package
Water Melon, per pound
Peaches, the best kind, crate
7 Cakes White Swan Soap
7 Cakes Royal Crown Soup
To every customer
I purchasing  $15*
worth of goods
% Ask lor Coupon Irom our
* Cash Register
! Good for 30 days
t   Druggist and Stationer
Board and room for gentleman or
for two sehuiil students; apply W.
Abbott, at Parker's.
Stevenson is selling Staunton's best
grade burlap nt 85 cts. pcr yard.
This burlap in the liest made in
Canada. Different shades to choose
Social and Personal
Mrs. A. S. Watson was in Vancouver this week.
Mrs. Cupples was a visitor to Vancouver this week.
Miss Rutherford spent the week
end in Vancouver.
D. E. Stevenson spent several
days in Vancouver this week.
Miss Humphries is spending a
few days in Seattle this week.
Percy Jackman of Vancouver
spent Sunday witb his parents.
Miss McCaffrey of Princeton is
the guest of Dr. and Mrs. McCaffrey.
Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Coote were
visitors to New Westminster on
Capt. aud Mrs. Lewis of Hamilton,
Ont., spent the week end with Mr.
and Mrs. W. T. Rolfe.
Mrs. John Lenry, Fairlield Island
is spending a week with friends al
Ladner and Vancouver.
T. J. Policy, of Vancouvor, spent
Sunday nt his home here returning
In Vancouver Monday.
Messrs. Walter and Reg, Haley
of Vancouvor are visitors villi tholr
aunt, Mrs. W. II. Siddall, Spadina
Miss M.   Marsden   of California
will Ik1 the guest nf her sister, Mrs.
(I. II. W. Ashwell for a couple of
Harold and Kwart Henderson,
Dean Maxwell and John Wheeler
left on Tuesday to attend Columbian
Miss M. Sampson of Viineouver
has keen the guesl of her sister
Miss Gladys Sampson for a couple
of weeks.
I!. C. Wright, of Vi.neouvcr, is
spending lhe week with Rev. W.
P. Bunt, Sumas, and enjoying the
lishiug and shouting.
C. R. Malcolm of the Union Bank,
Naniiimo, but formerly of the
Montreal staff of this oily la renewing acquaintances in town.
The Chilliwack Dramatic Society Presents the well
known farce
" Facing The Music"
At the Opera House the Three Nights of the Fair
Secure Your Tickets Early at F. McManus' Store.
Prices 7">c and 50c.
Messrs.Calvin and Ramsay Wright
of Vancouver, were thc guests al
Dr. Henderson's anil witb other
friends over the week end.
Ray Wells and Arthur White
left ou Thursday for Guelph, (Int.,
where they will attend the Ontario
Agricultural ('ollegc at that  city.
Geo. A. Bird, ill lbc Royal Bunk,
Roy, Rolllo and Miss Retta Gllloy
..( New Westminster, were week end
guests at Dr. and Mrs, J, C. Henderson's
The Girls nnd Buys of Chilliwaek
attending Okanagnn College Imve
issued Invitations lo their friends
to a reception on Friday evening
of tills week ill the K. of P. hull.
Mrs. F. B. Lyle has had  as her
guest linr mint,   Mrs.   D.   Cninerun
nf Edmonton, Alta., formerly of
Chatham. Ont. .Mrs. Lyle and Mrs.
Caiiieinii are spending a few days
in Vancouvor this week.
Miss KatO llenilersnn,, daughter
of J. C. Henderson, left on Tuesday morning tu attend  Wilson's
Modem Business College at Scuttle
after spentling the holidays wilh
Inr father nnd and friends here.
Miss Carrie Humphrey nf T. II.
Henderson's Millinery Store has
l"'cn in Seattle this week picking
up the latest notions in full and
winter millinery. Miss Humphrey
will return on Saturday, prepared
fur lhe season's work.
Miss Olive Orr won, and ims
been presented with,tho annual prize
offered by the principal, Miss Mc-
Niven, to the sludont making tlie
liest showing in the BCCOIld year
work at the Cbilliwaek High School.
1). It. Mni'Lennaii left   yesterday
on a visit to the Prairie Provinces,
in the hope that a change uf nir will
Ih- bonofleial lu bis  health which
has mil been of the best lately, lie
expects to Im absent ubuut a month.
IC. J. Boucher lofl on Saturday
on a three weeks' trip to points on
the prairies and wili go as far as
Rainy River, boforo returning.
II. W. Howard, of Rindorsloy
Sask., arrived here Friday, on a
a visit in Mrs. Howards parents,
Mr. and Mrs. John Lenry, where
Mrs. Howard bus spoilt ibe past
two months, Mr. and Mrs. Howard
will visil Seattle, Portland and other
const   cities    before    returning    to
Kindorsloy, whoro Mr. Howard Is
C. N. R, agent.
Local and General
Matinee of moving pietures at
the Lyric Theatre every Saturday
aflornoon al 8.80,
Fine   Youug   Pullets   for   suit—
single comb Leghorns, thoroughbred, Hopkins, corner Williams
road and Bole avenue.
Poor old Smith certainly "gels
his" at the Opera house, tKair
nights, in "Facing the Music."
Wool blankets that others are
asking $8 and $8.60 fnr $4.60 ami
$5.00; pillowcases 16c., worth 26c,
$2.60 lace curtains $1.26; 25c.
curtain rods 10a.; $4.00 Bissel carpet sweepers $2.60; $1.00 lace curtains (ilie.   The Gilbert Co.
Winter coals that arrived just a
short time ago al factory cost. Fall
suits tho very latest styles at what
wc paid. Children's rain coals
; and cn|ics for lillle money. Rubber
| boots worth 82.51) for 11.60. Pen
Angle hose for ladies, seamless fool
| and ankle. The linest 66c. quality
Ion sale 40o; thousands of bargains.
The Gilbert Co.
! WALL-PAPERI —Greatest rcdtie-
i lion in wall-paper ever tillered   in
this  valloy.    We  arc over-slocked
anil must sacrifice.    It will pay you
to buy now even  for spring work.
j Volley Pa|>er Store.
810(H) worth of   beautiful  new
coals and tailored suits just opened
I at Ashwells big big store.    Be sure
and sec Ihem,    Prices  range  from
,810 10 8:10.
I louse-cleaning lime is here again.
Come and make arrangements for
yonr work, bofor  the  rush   is on.
125 por cont. discount on all wall-
paper in our store.   Stevenson, the
vnlley painter.
All roads lend lo Chilliwack  on
Sept. IM. Id mid 20.
Auction Sale
Undor Instruction, from
Wo will sell by  Public Aucllon on bin
form, -ituntttl un tin- Pro'!- U-huI, _ milt*-1
from Cbilliwaek ntul 2)4 inll-fl oust "f
Sardis, <>»
Wednesday Sept. 18
1012, nl 1.30 p.m. sharp, llie fnlluwiiu: :
HORSES—I (in-y inure rising S yenrs
nlil, weight I'm.i liis, iu [nul tu Hs.jul
Citizen; I riuiii instr,- witli cult in font,
broken single nml .inutile,in fatal n. K«.yal
Citizen, hred Aug. 0, llii'!; I brown mure
7 yenrs nlil. duo to foal this I'ull.lii'iii II...;
I tlim-yciir-nlsl Mink gelding, weight
1800 lbs,, on extra Une colt, Bound nml
broken tn harness; I extra i/ihhI two-
year old liliick gelding; I gnnil yearling
black cult.
COWS—l six-year-old cnw in iron.1 flow
ssf milk, hred Muy 10 ; I (i.tir-yeiir-.ilil
cow in gnn.1 flow, Inel April 111; I llve-
yciir-nld cow, flesh) I six-yeur-nlil II.>l-
siein cow, eidf ut font ; I two-ycnr-old
Jersey lieifer, .hie ill (Miilier ; I Jersey
grado cnw, iluc to freshen iii February.
1'llJS—4 N.s, 1 l.r.ssssl yiiws, due frnin
Stopi/20 to Oct. 25 ; 1 Yorkshire sow.
Iirs'sl Aug. '.'s; i Yorkshire sow, due entl
ssf Oct. (10 shoals, weighing ulinut I7n n.s
eneli; 21 shouts, weighing about An llm,
cudi; I-I sinmts, weighing about .'in lit*,
each ; I pure I.red I'nluiul t'hinii boar, 7
months ..Id.
I.I'KSK—III g 1 g."e*e.
OIUCKHNS-Mgood Iiciih.
DEES—1 swarm, also six empty hives.
HAY—Alionl IS tons of gnnd mixed
li.iy uml about threo Inns nf nut buy.
IIAllNI'SS— I extra gnosi sei heuvy
Iinnii ss ; 2 sets single liurncss ; 4 -.'..nil
IMI'I.KMI'.STS- I Iwo wheel curt ; I
plow; l Imi. .sleigh; nipiiiiiiiiy of barrels;
jsig troughs; Illl (eel rnlilicr Ims.. (new);
11(100 His galvanised wire; 210 feet new ,'vi
inch wnler pipe ; 1 cm* uud hlsieks un.l
enhle; I orcein separator (Mclntte) ; u
I'liiuitity nf ol Iiuiii"'!' I X 18 X 24 ; also
cliniiiH, fnrks, hoes, axes, im.ls uud other
urticles ton iiiimerniis In mention.
FURN1TUBE—A quantity <>t houso-
held furniture.
TERMS OP SAI.E—All sums nf $2.*..0()
nnd under, rush; over that uiiiiiunt three
months' credit will l". given mi furnishing approved joint antes U-uring intercut
ut the rule nf S |ser cent, |«.|- milium.
F. J. HART %. CO., LTD.


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