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 Published in the Gard_    "ity of b. C.
You wilu Like Chilliwack.
Vm.. J.
SmiSCIUI'TION I'ltlCI', Si.imi I'Elt Vl'.AIl
CHILLIWACK, B.C., Kill DAY, MARCH 15, 1912
C. A. IIAIlllKIt
Kilitm .uul l'rn|)i'i,'lor
No, 28
Fined For Gambling
Six Chinamen appeared beforo
Magistrate McGlllivray on Monday
togothei- with considerable gambling
equipment, tho police having paid
nn Ulioxpoctod visit iliiring the
progress of a game ol' fan tun nt one
of the Chinese quarters, on Sunday
night. Each olTonder was taxed
•20 nnd costs and Ihe oxhlbits
A quite wodding look plnco at
Bcllliigliam, Wash., on Saturday,
when Miss Joan Dtmdns. daughter
of Mr. ami Mrs, li. s. Dundas of
this was mairlod lo Prank llron-1
iiiiii  also of  this  city.    Uev.   Mr.
Chonlnni, Hector of St,  Pauls was
the officiiling clergyman.    Mr. and
Mrs. Bronnan will reside In Chilli-
tvaok on thoir return.
Special Waawa'i laalittle Meetinf
Tin- monthly mooting of the
Women's Institute, will Ih- held on
Tuesday Maroh 10, in lho K. of P,
Hall, instead of the Rest Rooms,
It is expected tlmt the Matsqui
Institute will visit their Chilliwaek
listers on Hint dull-mid provide an
Interesting program. Mr. Fred
Chadsey will nlso give a talk on
Spring Gardening, Kvery one will
In- heartily welcome to attend.
Meeting nt '■'' p. m., afternoon lea|
-.. A. Cawley Again Choke
On Satiinlny last S.    A.   Cawley;
Iwas the choice of a   convention   of
Ithe Conservatives of thc Chilliwack
■riding who met in convention in the
[Foresters' hall, Chilliwack.   .1.  C.
■Robertson, pre-ident of tlie nssocia-
Itjpn   presided.     Addresses    were
[given l.y S. A. Cowley, tho  candidate and representative in tho lust.
Legislature,   II.    r?     Waddington, I
IChilliwack. C. St. tieorge Yarwood, j
(Huntingdon, Dr. Swift, Abi.otsford,
IW. J- Marsh, Mt, Lehman, A.  L.|
|Coot.p, Chilliwack, and Jas. Bailey,
ard is.
|New Implement Iil.l. T .Maynardand It. II. Murphy
lliave formed n partnership and will]
■conduct n farm implement business;
(in tlie old stand of Denholm &\
IRninsdell, . n Main stri-et. Tliey I
■will carry lull lines of vehicles nnd
■farm inaeliiner.v manufactured by
•several well known linns Mr
JlMnyiiard will have charge oi the
■outside work and Mr. Murphy will
Ihe found at tho warehouse. Their
nlvi. appears i.. to-days issue of
Itlie Free Press.
iTdegrapb Cite at BanVs.
C. P. K. Telegraph Superintend
I'leut Richardson, of Vancouver,
Iwns in Ihe city on Saturday and
■arranged with II. J. Barber for tho
■installation of a telegraph ulliee in
(Mr. Ilarls-r's drug store. An
Ipperntor will Is- placed in charge
land the oiliee will Ih- equipped nnd
1 ready for business in the course of
In few days. This is a long looked
■for convenience amine hope that
■ business will prove sufficient to
I warrant a continuance of the service.
[._ EicHe_tal la Ckuitowa
A lire alarm Wednesday nt  noon
loused Interest to Ih- centered in the
I 'liin.-se quarters   when  one  of  a
"succession of annexes tn the laundry
stablishineiit of Sinn Wnll, wns on
[he verge of lieing cleansed  by   the
liry element. On the arrival of
llie reportors there wns more ex-
liteinent visible Among tllO residents
tliau lire. A Chinese bucket hrig-
ilc after frantic efforts and the
niising of the l.iiil.ling and each
liber with water, cut short a |s-r-
lorniance that would hnve mnde n
| ig hit with moving picture
joipital Aaiiliam Meatm
The regular meeting of the
l.tospital Auxiliary Was held on
llnnday Maroh II. There were
livciity members present, including
|he President and Secretary of the
lardis llrmieh who reportod twonty-
|.vo membors,    The Treasurer re-
nrted tho sum of 1259.80, on hand.
[.ills were pnssed lo Ihe amount of
I'H'.li 12, for linen, ele. Much regret
Las expressed ai the resignation of
iiss Day from the purchasing nnd
J nen Committee The President
I'ld Seeretnry were appointed a
1'isiting Committee In visit the
ospitid for the month.
' On Tuesday lasl at I2.:lil noon
the innrriiige of Miss E, Poni'l   Mull
I to J.   Arlliur „ink  took   pi  nl
j Ihe resilience of Ihe bride's fill Iht,
| Henry llnll, Slimits, 'I'ln- bride,
who wns given away by her 1'nllici-,
| had for her hildesinnld, Mi-s Lily
'I'uop, whilo Fran* i-Jlnk supimrtad
lho groom. The Ilov, A. K. Roberts
wns the officiating clergyman,
Afler tho wedding luncheon the
happy couple lefl im' a I rip arouuil
Ihe Sound cities and will reside al
Sumas on Ihelr return.   The young
people all' well kllOWII ill llie valley
and have tho good wishes of I lie
entire community for iheir fullire
Girl Guides
The dill (iuiilcs held tlieir weekly
prai'lh-e ami drill on Friday after-
liooii and Illl onlooker cannot fail lo
see how interested Ihe girls are in
tin- new movement, Capt. Coolo
assisted Capt. Mi-s Maisileu, putting the (ill ides through Iheir inii ial
oxorclsos.   'Ihe uniforms tor   tho
Girl lllliiles are expected to
be here about the Ilrst of April ami
nre being eagerly looked for, To
defray tllO expenses of these suits,
the girls under supervision of their
officers, are preparing a rccolpo book
of salads and desserts which tney
will sell. Miss Cawley and Miss
Coote have been appointed additional
olilcers of the company ns Captain
nud Lieutenant respectively.
Dairymen To Meet March 12
Ai n mooting of lho Directors, nl
the Chilliwack Dairyman's Association held iu Cliilliwnck on
March 12, K. A. Wells ami II. M.
Cameron were elected to not as
Directors with the presenl members,
ami Mcssei-s. .1. A. Evans, 15, I).
Harrow nnd C. IC, Kekert were
elected as Commissioners - for lho
Association. The Commissioners
are expected lo look Into nil llie
conditions as woll a- other mailers
which may directly or Indirectly
ell'eei tbo interests of Iho dairymen
ill Ihe valley, and make suggestions
to llie Directors when Ihey Iind
anything which will materially
interest ihe members of the ,\«sncln-
lion, Cn-npernlinn among all the
dairymen is lho only wny Ihey inny
oxuocl henelieiiil results, uinl while
Ihe Association now has a membership of Hii, il is to he hoped Hint
ovory dairymen iu the valley will
subscribe to the by-laws, nud thus
signify ii willingness to become a
part of one large Institution,
organized for mutual protection and
Were Surprised
Mr. nml Mrs. W. L. Miieken
were nt home to nbout. twenty-live
friends on Friday evening,
the occasion being the fifth
aimivorsary of their wedding,
lough this was kept a secret by the
host and hostess themselves. A
very pleasant  evening   was spent
Commercial Hotel Gels license
llie    new
The first mooting n( ,,„ ,„ „ ,
Liquor License Hoard comprising I
Mayor Wnddlngtull, Alderman,
O'llearii and Win. Knlghl held its:
lirsl session on Wednesdnj forenoon
to consider the application of John
McDonald for n liquor license (or
ihe Commercial hotel, and the
I inii-fi-r ol the Empress hotel license
from D, I!. McLennan   lo   Sal I
Suisse.     Sulllelenl    notice   of   Iln
On Saturday lasl a league football mntell look place between the
City nnd the Coqualeotna al the Agricultural grounds. In the lirst
half the game was very even and
Ibere was no scoring. The City
opened strongly in thfl second hnlf
ami attacked iln- Coqiinlcol-Mi goal
again ami again bill did nol score
until   aflei'  al mil   twcnlv   minutes
liill.-r lin.l mil been received nud   il l"r l,'ll'v «'ll0» l''''1'1' IJ,'OWII bent   the
goal keeper from a rebound.   Frnin
lliis mi, tbc City pressed hard bill
were unable to score ngnln, mul the
match ended with the score |.n in
fn vol-
Ibe le
ol' Ibe City.
IgllO '
wns laid over until   Itexl
which »ill be held   on   Mai
Considerable      Inlei'csl      centered
.-. rn .li i H1 ibe npplleatloii ior  u  third
liquor li isc for   Chilliwack,  and
those who disapproved nf iln- Increase were Ihcrc.tu register n pro-
tost, c. II. Cowen introduced the
delegation. Mr. Cairns, of Sardis,
Rov, Roberts, Rev. Douglas, Ward
M. White, ami Mrs. Cartmell nil;
stalodgrounds of protest from various
view points.   Tho Chairman ot IholL"-™!-   is.expected
Informal discussion of llie problems     confronting    lho     City
Council nl llie present tin coupled
tiie major portion of tho meeting
held on Tuesday evening,
Tin- price of tlio property required
for tho widening of Voting sireet,
nml owned by II. A. Irwin will bo
submitted in ni'brilrflllon, uud after.
words Ihe award will be submitted
to Ihe people for rat ilieat ion.
.IoIiii McDonald ami others potl-
li 'd for a sidewalk mi Iln-  south
side of Lewis ave.,   between    Voting.
street  I Cook   slieel,    This   was
lie standing |n rofcrrod back to |jetitioners n
had   not   U
(in Saturday next
a  very
License Hoard reviewed Ihe situation
covering llie past two years, und
slnleil thai iu Ihe plebiscite taken
last year, iu which the mujoritv was
found to favor the granting of
licenses to not exceed four, he
thoughl in justice lie could not refuse to favor the application. Commissioner O'llcurn moved that the
license be granted. Commissioner
Knight thought two licenses suf-
Hclent mid did not favor a third.
The Chairman thon ruled tho license
Militia nnd Hankers, to be played |
it the Agricultural grounds.    Kick
ill three p. ni. promptly.
Tbe P. S. A.
Chilliwaek's Progressive Council for 1912
Tm- Row—S. S. Caulkton II. II. Qkhvax, Jas. O'Heaiw.
Bottom Row—II T. Goodland, II. F. Waddimitox, (Mayor) C. K. Eckkrt.
I'lu.li, Iiv Clli.lii.nu.
Ihe greatest opponent to Unusual good attendance at the P. S.
A. meetings is the splendid weather
with which the valley is being
favored just now. Ou Sunday
nearly a hundred men listened with
deep interest to nu excellent address
on "The Contribution of Modern
Science to Theology." The speaker
wus the Rev. C. II. Huestis, M. A.
of Red Deer, Alberta, Secretary ofi
the Lord's Duy Alliance, and ho
dealt with his subject in a wny
which proved liis undoubted abilities
as an accomplished lecturer. Mr.
Robert Marshall's solo was greatly
appreciated, and Isoth this and the
lecture received loud applause. A
vote of thanks to speaker and soloist,
moved by Mr. Policy, seconded by
Alderman Eckert was carried with
hearty acclamation. Principal
Vance, M. A. of Latimer Hull,
Vancouver wns announced to give
au address next Sunday on "If 1
were a Layman?" A lirst-class
programme is promised for Easter
Sunday afternoon, when thc present
| session will be brought  to a close.
lent signatures
A.' Mnlcnl ml others reguesteil
that Hazel street   bo graded,    baft
over until tour of Inspection.
II. A. Henderson nnd others asked
I that Victoria ave, andTupperstreet
.im I ho opened up,   Rocived and filed.
Jus. Grieves and others asked f.r
a sidewalk on Church avenue between Edward and Mary streets.
Laid over.
A.   II.   Ronnycastle
petitioned for u wulk ■
side of Williams road Ik
river and lie Wolfe av
The securing
Indians was left
id   others
the west
.'tween Hop.
ave   Laid ovei
of gravel  from   the
iu tin- hands of the
Church News
TW Value of Adtrerijsiat
Constant advertising is cumulative
in effect. Every great mercantile
fortune in existence today bus been
built by regular and systematic advertising. Mnrshall Field, Wunn-
maker and Tiffany are household
words. Pear's soap, the liillette
razor, and the Victor talking machine are known to all who speak
the English language, The success
of each is due to combined nnd sensible advertising. If you hnve a
good article, advertise it.    Publicity
will make it irresistible in competition. If you do not, it is n business
loss to some worthy publication, a
golden Opportunity lost to you, nud
to the public ii knowledge which
tln-v should possess,— Opportunl.
The Hoy Scouts attended tho
Lyric Theatre last Thursday and
greatly enjoyed tho pictures specially put on by Mr. MoMailUS for  the
occasion. The Scouts of Chilliwack
have received n complimentary copy
of "The Seoul" n monthly   edition
of Canadian Official Scout   News.
The body here Iscing considered an
important one they have been asked
to contribute any photos or news
thut   would   he   of   interest       It
Heard toy bus been sworn iii ns u
scut In the Tcudorfool singe. The
genoral lulk nmong the scouts is,
three weeks to Easter Cmupuiid the
second Class llndge.
Advertise in tlir Free Press.
iu contests, uud progressive games,
time passing very quickly. After the
dainty refreshments hnd been served
a surprise wus sprung on Mr. nnd
Mrs. Miieken when u weathered
oak hull seat and mirror were
brought in and presented to them hy
Mayor Waddington on behalf of those
present. Mr. Macken replied in u
few happy words, thanking all for
their unexpected gift to himself mul
his wife. Before wishing Mrs. nnd
Mrs. Miieken good night the guests
sung heartily,   for   "They're   Jolly
ti.Mid Fellows,"
Successful Social Galhcrrag.
The members of the Molhodlsl
Ladies Aid have  n   reputation   for
thoroughness whon entering for their
friends, uml entertaining tbem nt
social gatherings. Their splendid
reputation was fully maintained on
Tuesday evening when the congregation uud friends gathered in the bull
ol the Knights of Pythias. Merry
laughter . with innocent enjoyment, not lo speak of welcome refreshments, run high, intermingled
with vocal und instrumental solos
well rendered. The competitions
produced endless fun in spile of the
manifest partiality of the judges.
The Clothes hanging COIupotitlon
for  the  young   bachelors   aroused
groat interest amongst lho ladies,
who realized Iheir l.enp Vcnr opportunities.    The hull and the tables
I wero tastefully decorated, nud the
I great success of  the  social   rcllccls
credit on lho committee of manage-
', Incut, whose efforts were rewarded
by nn attendance of ubuut Kill or
1170 friends.
W. B. Nelems Passes Away
On Saturday morning last the
death occurred of William 15.
Xelems al his resilience, Kipp ave.,
after u lingering sickness. Mr.
Xelems wns one of the "old-timers"
of Chilliwuek, having arrived iu tleva I ley iu the seventies. He was
well known around the city as an
expert tcnnialor, nud much sympathy has 1 n expressed   for  him
in the Bufferings whicli   took   place
before death came.    All medical
skill and care that was possible was
used iu nn effort In relieve the
sufferer and restore him to health,
but al an early hour oo Saturday,
death ensued from exhaustion.
The  funeral   took   place   front   the
Methodist <-|,ni'.-l    Monday   hot
at two p.m.. Ihe service lieingeon«
ducted   by the   pa-tor. Rev.   \.  K.
Roberts, The pall hearers were
Win. Xewby, Jas. II. Chapman.Jos.
Peers, Jeff. Harrison, Jas. 0'Ileum
Ballots lo record the vote on
!Church Union have la-en mailed to
the nieniliei-s and ndherunls of the
.Chilliwack Methodist Church.
i The Y. P. S. of Cook's church will
! give a St. Patrick's musical evening
on Monday, March 18. Well
known lucid talent will assist,
Methodist Sunday School, Chilliwack,   A scat, a book, a welcome,
in. age limit,  youug  and  old  mid
: otherwise arc nil invited, (2.:'.() p.m.)
The "other  fellow"   mny  know
the Golden Text for next Sunday!
Do you? You may know the subject
of the Lesson I  Does  Iho  "oilier
: fellow"? Ask him!
The Free Press regrets thnl owing
to an unintentional oversight the
name of Rev. Murk Jukes, of Vancouver, wns omitted from tbe ac-
(count of tho Ordination Service in
St. Thomas church, published in
tho last issue. Rev. Mr. Jukes was
formerly u   Rector   ul   Chilliwuek,
Itev. C. II. Hueslis,  M.  A., nl
Red Deer. Alherlu, Western Secre-
tnry of the Lord's Dny Alliance
preached very ueeoplnbly iu Ihe
Molhodlsl ami Presbyterian churches on Sunday  lost,   The  large
pi ntalioii s.f his subject ami  tlie
Kwponso io mi appeal for funds was
very liberal.    Mr. ItuosliscongmtU.
ehairnian of tho board ol works.
Plans were submitted re the
beautifying ol tlic City ball grounds
nnd the committee was empowered
to proceed with the work.
The clerk was requested to write
for prices on street signs. The placing uf the names ,,( streets ut the
street corners for the enlightenment
of nil lias been mooted and the
cost of such au improvement will
Is- investigated.
nml C.  Walker.     The   deceased Intctl Chilliwaek upon being n In
i io mourn him, a son George, abiding city nud spoke in very favor-
and daughter llallic, ni
also  brothers   Dave   and    Henry.
W. It. Nelems of this city nud  M.
II.    Nelems    of    Vuneoiiucr     ure
nephew's of the   Into   Mr.   Nelcms.
The Immediate relatives wish to
I bank the many friends fm- their
kindness nml sympathy during the
hour of their sorrow.
Mnls'l,  nble Icrius of ibis hcnutifiil   valley.
The annual meeting ,,f thi'
branch was |„|,| in the Preshyls'iimi
churcli on Sunday evening nt the
close  of  the  service.      The   Field
Secretary. Rev. C.   II.   Huestis,
M. A. of Red Deer, Alborta, spoke
Chilliwack Cricket Gab Or-uins.
A successful meeting was held in
C Hutchcson's it Co's offices on
Monday March I. Minutes et
previous meeting read and adopted,
also the accounts for the years receipts and expendituri-s, whieh
showed a small bank a.-count on
the right side. The result of the
election of officers was as as follow-.
Hon. President.    D. K.   C.wvnne-
Vauglimi;    Hon.    Vi pn-siilent's
G. M. Stuart, R. C. Harwell, I. C.
Lucas, II. I!. Whitworth. C. A. Cill,
J. Pelly, F. B. Lyle. W. H. De
Wolfe, Hon. member, S. A Parsons; President,C.'.. Bonnycastl_;
viee-pres. A. L. Coote; active committee, C. Huteheson (captain) W.
E. Fnsst (vice-captain) G. Burton.
E. Hubble, A. .1. M. Round, and
the President aud vice pr.s; See.
Treas.. W. E. Frost. The election of u general committee covering llie whole valley wa- discussed
aim it was thought advisable to
leave it over t.. the next meeting.
The secretary was instructed to
write secretary ••( thc Clerks Association re half holiday during thecotn-
ing season. Membership fee wns
I placed at $2.00 for n full member.
An important auction rale is announced for March  28,   when  J.
IWontworth Hill, of Camp -"lough
road, will oiler his   entire   li-t   of
: horses,   cattle,   implements,   He.
Mr. Hill recently sold hi- farm
hence the sale. The solo includes
a large number of high grade well
bred milch cows, whieh every dairy-
. man in the valley -bonl.I -••. \
list will Iw published in our next
is-ue ami bill- will lie circulated in
a day or Iwo,     Watch   for  Ihem.
Tl ity sireet sweeper mad-   ii-
ii.it i.i I nppearam n Iln- strceL. nn
.Monday.   On getting it   properly
adjusted the i hi lid Very good
work, ami we will noH hope I ■
the main streets kept clean. The
city wat.-i wagon docs not harmonise
Very Well with   (Ills   latest    ail|Uise-
tiou or tin- municipal Ideas which
resulted iii it- purchase. With another hotel license granted   perhaps
In more modem ami efficient water
wagon for Ihe thirsty streets could
Ih- provided.    What Ihlnk you?
A largely attended meeting was
held In the I. O. O. I". hull yesterday afternoon when tin- rcporl of
•the delegation   whicli    went    to
Next Sunday Professor Vance
will s|K-nk ut the P. S. A. meeting
in the Lyric. Men, spare an hour,
it will not Is- wasted. The sou
will shine another day, hul the P.
S. A. meetings will soon Ih: over.
Rally, Men, Rally.
briefly as to the presenl state of the   Puynlltlp, Wash., some weeks  ago
Work in ll. C.    Tin- election of I wns listened to with interest,    Mr.
officers resulted ns follows:   Presi- Winston of the Provincial  Depart-
Idotlt, J, F. Soniplo; Vice-Presidents,; ment of Agriculture, Victoria, nlso
tho City Minsters; Scerctnry-Treii- spoke nl some length on matters re-
Isurer, John Robinson; Represental- j luting ts. fruit growing nnd eultivu-
jivesof the churches! Methodist:— tinn. Aii extended n-ixsri ol ibis
I J, Howe Bent, Presbylcrlnn:—I mooting will be given in our noxl is-
I). A McKay, Baptist:—Dr W. V. mo, A. Unsworlh, President ot the
Davies, Anglican;—To Is- nominal- 'Chilliwaek Canning mul Preserving
ed by Canon llin.-hlille. Co., wns in the chair, <"111 1,1.1 W.M K FREE PRESS
"After a Ioiib oxporlonco with different pain remedlos, I mu convinced Lhal
mine nn- t'tiiuil in Norvilino, 1 wai
taken wlib n cold in my cheat, which
later developed Iniu a aorl of ohronli
bronchitis, livery tlmo i coughed ii
soomod i*> rack und toar my whole
chost. I wuh also Bubjoct tn u groul
sllfCnoss In my JuIiuh. ospoclutly aboul
tin* Itnuos and shuultlors, and oxporl-
encod much puin In my muscles, To
cun- my chest troubloa I first rubbed
on 'Norvilino' copiously for twu days,
ami Huu put a Nerviline i'm-oiis Plaster over tho suit' region.   I gol quick
relief.      Kill.lliu;.;   tllO   BOl'O   UIII.M'Ii'H   llllll
tiihiii ■ joints with Norvilino did more
ih.hi ail otber troatmontH combined, liy
the old m|* Norvilino and tlioso wondor-
foi Nerviline I'orouB l'lastorn almoBl
any acbo, and certainly any kind ol
Inllamin iImiv i old, i an in- eurod.
(Signed) "Mm. W, .). Blmrpc,
All   druggists  nell   Nerviline   in   2 lie
ami DOi   bolllofl,   Got 11 lo-diiy.
A Iii a --in.- invited a Cox lo visit him
111    III I   Live.
■*i hould bo glad to call." said tho
fox, "bt i h ive observed thai all the
tracks ire pointed towards your door,
nnd there aro none loading away."
'Tooh!" sold the lion. "Thai phenomenon may be attributed to tin- groat
e: ii i m In  which    i   am held by my
■ i i i real Ihem o woll that when
they leave they walk backward tor n
Ions dl i inco lo sin w tlieir reaped for
mo. Vi u will meel a must delightful
ami dl * I ii i ii hi ii i ompany when ynu
"If you will give tno tho names and
addre poh of u  few of the survivors,"
.!'■   <:   -       the  fi X,   "I   will  .all  and SCO
if their n porl i an- satisfactory.   If so,
I will m 11 i'i your invitation."
Moral: Wold Invitations lo wedding ui   : orsarles and whist parties.
Tha Arn.it Instil',:*** tr*>_t_ tlio CAUSE
not tt,*j HABIT. ai_ i-rman«nt!y cures
lho rr.ist I-.o*P«l--_ Ic-rlclnc casta In four to
elf-Iit wcettS,   Wr lie (or proofs, references
an J Inf-rmatlon to 12 |
Ptv.lloit, Vurl ..... ■ i i-. , Dad I.-Ct,
«MMtr«),*i/( T.,<.i.<i( iitid Kmili.mtlt-I..-.
pd-ltt, t\:..i:m unit Unit c*» r<  por.it
.i.     rioi < .. ...iu i AU. (-i.l.lM:,,)!'-
■ iu t..
I-.in ■
: i"
it ot tri
nm nt ■•
. .una
i  ii  ,„ i   .. —<-i.|.   .IV Ul*  ( tl Ml  II. O 111-
,111., -Mm fa j thor riics, why nniia
< yMiNOiiHi.M:,,ii:.,tiiiit: r*i>cr
-i-'x-rO-iivi-ri-il. l;u I. 1 ** i n ...
U» r..?iOI-*«-*i«FH-i.. M-intrr.-tl.C_.**.
'■'■    '< ■ ■<"'■*     -'Ul^i-U,..!?-
i'i__ Ia. I.ul, V-_,„,,i
AUgUSt      I'lKt.      I      Went      In
Moi  .   tl io n,n. ull  .i spot lull il   ib i
i . :       li rrlbly won Stone
u. Idor.   Ua doclded  i- rate
I e-   Stl ii '   v. i-   l00    i u   ■■   lo
■ I   (ou   h ml   lo   ' in   It     |   rO
ne and wu   rot ommenUod i>.
.iy Oln l'llls.
* *| i    IlOVOd  Ue*  \> nil      t   tool    I Wo
i, ,',, nt Ii ick la Ilia i pocl ill I
ii io stone was smnllor but ho
... i.i ' nt remove ii nllhou h lio ti lod
fur IWl       OUM  and   a   li 11 r.     I   li lulin il
i onllnucd lo lake Cm l'llls
nnd, In my surprise and Joy, I pawed
the dn l Ills are lho best medl-
in   IhO   World,   and,   UeCAUflQ   they
■lid  mo  Bo much  g I.  I  will  rocom-
■ m ail tic ft of my life."
.!. Al.i-i.i.T M-S8AIID, Jolletto, P.Q,
li box, C for 12.60 al all dealers,
and money back If they full to t;l\*e
r.lief. Simple box free. National
i .'■    Chemical   i'n.   of   Canada.
Limited. Dept ii.i1.. Toronto. BO
EVAflttSMCD /33*?.
Cor. rortago Avo. and Tort St.
A Wt filed first prize nt World's Ki
position ou Its work nud methods,
Write tor a free rntuloguo. Wetls*.
({ivi* Instruction by nitiM
They were tulklng aboui troofl.
"My favorite," Bho said. "is the oak.
it is .su noble, -so magnificent In Its
itrength,   Uul whut is your favorite?"
"Yew." Ju; replied.
• •    <
"Are yuu ut nil familiar wltb Plato?"
.isi.ci Mrs. (ililciiKile.
"No; Unit's ono thing Joslah always
blames me for. He nays I never mako
nal friends wllh anybody."
MISS I'niyn   "Where did .Vou  eel tho
doslgn of yuur Borvant's livery?"
Sash    "Oil, tny ancoaloM used  It!"
Miss   lJruyn   "Indoodl     By   whom
woro thoy omployod?"
• *   •
"Did you Know," Bald tho man who
was rend Ins about tin  contraction of
inelalB,  "thnl a clock licks faster in
w inter Hi in in Buinmor?"
-No.    i  hovor noticed lhat about a
eloeh.     Uut   I   know  ll   liaH-Uieter does,"
• •     *
Tommy    "This    paper    says    If    you
imoko c I garottes li changes your complexion."
Willie- '-That's rlghti 1 am always
tanned whon I get caught smoking
Blowo "r.ui I asked yen, my girl, to
koop our littio affair secret for the
pro: ont."
liis Intended "l couldn't help it.
That hateful Miss Oldun sold lho ronton i wasn'l murrled was beeauso no
fool had asked mo, .so 1 up and told
her you had."
Smith    •'Halloa,   .loin-:!      Vuu   don't
look very woll this morning."
Jonos "And I don'l feel as woll as
i look. Gol up in Mie middle of tho
night to tako somo pills, and swallowed tour collar studs boforo 1 found out
die mistake."
• •   •
"Here's an article In this magazine
entitled 'How lo Meet Trouble,'" suid
.Mrs. Wedderly. "Shall 1 read it to
"No thank - ynu," replied hla wife's
husband, "How to dodgo trouble is
the brand of Information I'm looking
"Tlie conditions scorn to be unfavorable," admitted the trance medium.
"I am unable lo gol any communication from yuur late husband."
"Woll, I'm not at all surprised," replied the widow. "It's only nine o'clock
now, and John never did show up till
about two a.m."
"Do yuu iteep football requisites
here?" asked a gloomy-browed young
man the other day, us he entered
Jones' shop.
"Yes sir; everything in that line,"
"Then you may wrap me up a bottle
of arnica, a paper of court-plaster, and
an arm-sllng, I am going to play in a
match this afternoon."
• •    •
After greeting In the street the other
day. one of two friends, who was supposed to be a wit. said to the uther: —
"Suy, old man, havo yuu heard about
tlio young lady whu poured a Jug of
water Into a slraw Imt?"
"No," replied his friend.
"Neither have I." said Ibe wit, as he
wa lived   nway;   "il   hasn't   leaked   uut
• •   •
"Vour poem used? I should say
not!" answered the editor.
"Would you glvo mo a candid criticism of It?"
•Certainly. It's clumsy and vulgar
uul unspeakably Idiotic."
"Ves; set to music It will become a
popular song."
• •   •
Tbc artist and his young wife had
|usl returned from their honeymoon,
when a friend dropped In and fuund
Ihem laughing over something.
"Whatever are ynu two laughing
over?" said the visitor.
"Oh, It was jolly." said the wife. "My
husband painted and I cooked, nnd
■ben we both gUOISOd what Ihe things
were meant fur."
• •    •
"What is the difference between valor and    discretion?"    remarked   Mrs.
I'.iown, looking up from the paper Inl
which she had been reading a leading j
article on tin* operations iu Tripoli.
"Valor/' replied Brown, "is bawling
Into  Hn*  oar of a  champion   pugilist
iii it in* Is a ruffian and that yuu could |
1, I-  him  Into (lid."
"And discretion?"
"Is doing it over the telephone."
»    *    i
UttlO  man  at   tin*    theatre,     vainly
trying  to  caloti n  glimpse  over  the
imui.i.r- "t a i.i ■ miii in front of him,
<t length louches him on Ihe shoulder,
I tig  Man    t turning    round)—"Can't
,,o   i o anything?"
I mi.* Man (pathelically)   "Can't see
i streak of iho Binge."
1 Man     (sarcastically) — "Whv,
n  l || lell you what lo do.    You keep
vour rye on me, and laugh wben 1 do."
• •    ■
l-'or one so youm:. hla knowledge was
extonslvo in the extreme, All things
tti it came lu bis h md ii" read—novels.
newspapers, treatises, ur Blue  Hooks,
"Father," ho told, "I hear Undo Oscar Is going tn l»* married on Friday."
"Yob." said bis father; "Undo Oscar
has nnly three days more."
The llttlo boy sighed. "Tbe last
three davs. fnthor." be said, "thoy glvo
tbem everything lo eat they ask fur,
don't they?"
Tbo Dowels Must Act Healthy.—In
most ailments Ihe first care of iho
medical man Is to see lhal the bowels
ire open and fullv performing their
functions. Parmeleo*a Vegetable Pills
ire so compounded that certain In-
redlenta in ihem net on tho bowels
lolely and thoy are tlie very best inedi-
Ino nvnllablo lo produco healthy ne-
Ion of tlie bowels. Indeed, there Is nn
iher specific so serviceable in keeping
he   dlgOltlVQ   Organs   III   healthful   in-
Liquid Cough Mixtures
Can't Cure Bronchitis
But tho Healing Fumes of Catarrhozono, Which aro Breathed to tlio
Furthest Boi-crscr of tho Bronchial
Tubes, Bring Quick Relief and Suro
Uvory sufforor from coughs, colds,
bronchitis and all throat ami client
ailments needs a BOO til Ing, liotllilif,'
medicine which noes direct to Ihu
brontltlng organs in the chost und lungs,
ii tin c ku tha troublo at tha sourco, dis
perses the goi'1118 of disease, mul cures
tlio ailment, thoroughly, Ami this liluill
cine is ''Ctittii'rlio/.mie."
The gorm-kllllng balsamic vapor
mixes with llie breath, tlcscoiiil-
through the throat, down tin* bronchial
tubes, nnd Anally roaches tha doepcsl
air cells 111 the lungs. All pails uro
suntlieil with rich, pure, medicinal pa
Buncos, whorous with n syrup tho niToct*
ed parts could not be roacliod, mill harm
wuuld result through benumbing tho
stomach with drugs.
"I have been a dironie suircror from
Catarrh in the nose and throat for over
Otght yonrs. I think I have spent four
hundred dollars trying to get relief. I
have spciu but six dollars on Catarrh*
ozone, and have been completely cured,
and, in fact, havo heen well for some
time. OatnrrliOZOtio Is the only modi
due i have been able to find that would
not only give temporary relief, but will
always cure permanently. VToura sin
eeivlv (Signed) WILLIAM ItAQAX.
Drockvillo, Ont."
Por obsoluto permanent cure use
Catarrhozono,     Two    months'    on 1111
costs ifl.OU; snmllei* si/e, fitlc, ill all
dealers,     or     the     Cal.-i 11 lui/oin*     Cum
pany, llulTalo, X.Y., and Kingston, Can
Tho reforoo bad constant!) boon up
piled lo for froo kicks for Imaginary
foul', and Ids refusal io occedo to tlie
requests lingered tho spectators. Al
half-tlmo a  snd-vlsagod  supporter of
I tie  homo   team   dl'CW   him   aside   my.-
Icriously  uml  pushed  something  Into
bis hand.
"What's ibis?" ho asked,
"It's a chocolalo wills tlo," answered
Ihe spectator, solemnly; "and It's nolco
tu suck, sn mebbo tba'll blow it oftoner
than tba  did t'other one!"
"Yes. George," she said softly, raising him frum his knees, "I love you."
"And yuu will oe mine?" he cried
"Not," she murmured, casting down
her eyes ami blushing modestly, "not
until you answer me one question."
"A thousand If you like, darling!
Whal Is It?"
"What," sbe whispered, as the color
fled from her rounded cheeks and her
supple form trembled like a Illy In the
breeze, "what are your views on the
Servant Tax?"
The River Clyde has been brought
up tu Its present draught for vessels
of large capacity by a system of dredging, nnd the diligent Scotsman Is Justly proud of It. A party of American
sightseers were one dny on Ihe lookout fur wonders, uud passed somo
caustic remarks on the river's insignificance.
"Call this n river? Why, It's nnly a
mere ditch compared with ours over
thore—tbe Mississippi, the St. Lawrence, etc."
"Aye. mun." said a patriotic bystander, "ye can thank Providence fur
your rivers, but we made this one
* •   •
Softly he inserted his latchkey. And
softly ho let himsolf In. And softly be
stepped up tho staircase. And softly
ho entered his bedroom.
Ve little fishes bo praised! She was
Wllh a silent prayer ot thanks, ho
began to disrobe. But suddenly ha was
arrested by n movement from tho bed,
and he dived  under it.
"l-dward!" said the voice of his wife.
Edward did nut respond,
"Edward!" repeated his spouse.
Still Edward did nut respond.
"You'd better come out. Edward,"
she observed ominously fur the third
time, "fur I knuw perfectly well you're
"llloss my soul!" exclaimed Edward,
creeping out shamefacedly. "How extraordinary! I must have born dreaming that I was out motoring!"
• •    •
One nf those good-natured persons
who are always bent on imparting information was humiliated not long
since. A man. apparently a yokel, was
seated on B fence, intently looking nt
Ihe tolograph wires. A gentleman
passing paid:
"W itl hlng  tho wires,  ch?"
"Yes, Bir."
"Walling to see n  message go by.
The man Milled, and said. "Yes. sir."
The gentleman kindly told him that
me >ages woro Int i Ible, and explained
Iho work of tho electric current lo him
■ii    Concluding, ha said, "Now,
you know something about it."
"Yes   -ir"
"\\ bnt do you work at?"
"Mo and my mate over yonder are
b i- i iph workers! and we're just put-
tin ' up a new wire."
Matier uud nne oi tlio lastest traitors
ni   lull   was   bred   in  strictly   pacing
lines I tlioso could be added to in*
ilelinitely. The fastest I'our-yenr nl.l
trotting colt of 1011, Gay Audubon,
.-mi ;i-l, was sired by tho pacer Audit*
bun Hoy, liOf) I-I, nud tin* fastest four*
vt-ar-uld pacing; cull, of the year, Don
Pronto, "■■■■"- 1--, was by tlio standard
bred ami registered trottor, The Director Gonornl, and his dam wits th- trot*
hi, Silurian, _:_"i 1-fl, sired by tho
trottor Wilton, _:l!l I-I. Why dun't,
the believers in tin* system of estab-
lish lllg two separate breeds explain the
rule whicli permits a horse to oe register il as a standard bred pacer whu is
sired by ii registered pacor und out of
n registered trottor and vice versa? A
prominent trainer, whu disclaims all
knowledge nf seieiitilh* brooding, hence
liis testimony may be of little value,
said: "Hush, thoro ain't no tun-li thing.
Nearly all nur best trotlcrs are double
gal toil | and there is scarcely any of
thom that eould not be trained to pace!
as fosl as thoy havo trot tod, and fast-'
er. We have really nnly nne family of
su called pacers, the Hals, ami tliere' are]
ft e   nf    Ihoitl    tlllll    Would    have    been '
heard from today had they boon allowed to trot, Why, it Ib a common !
remark among Irnincrs now, 'I will let
him trot this year ami next yenr I will
put lilin to pacing,' " And ovory sue*
reading Year Book shows horses' wiih.
records at both gtill.l are go tt lllg nnue
numerous, Including Mr, Allen's colt,
who  look  a  itntnlard  record  trotting
and   11   | Ing   record   of  B.30,   both   on
iln- sat lay—nnd this fellow a  ind
ling   bred   I uo year old,   HO III 0   uf   W11080
ancestors woro uui'ortuuatoly dun ble
Various   and    Weird   are   tli neep-
tiiuis   regarding   lho    SWiiruiS    of   wild
horses   Mint    malic   their   homo   1 g
ilie unlravorsed hills of ilie wild Okanogan country in Washington state, booh
to  be   lopped   by   iis  lirsl   railioad.
To see these supple litlle creatures
scale the sides of almnsl   perpemlicular
mouutnlus, and iu walrh thom leap
from rock to rock liko mountain sheep
make it hard lu believe llial they were
onco the bro tho rs, of ponderous Porch*
emus, colossal clvilesilales nml Morgans.    But  they weie:
Awny back iii tlie '-IDs explorers and
prospectors camo to this section uf the
state, bordering uu Canadian soil, to
locate. They came frum east and smith.
Many uf these men, unused tu the hardships of the frontier lays, perished.
Their louses survived ami joined the
tanks of the bears, panthers and mountain goals, then the large part of the
population of this section,
Theso, horses formed the. nucleus of
the bands Of Wild horses of to-day.
Thon, in the '5Us nnd '(ids, the gold
fever along the Pacific coast raged, and
horses and mules were brought west for
pack animals. In many instances tlu*
mon of tbe 'Ms, like those of the '40s,
perished, and their horses and mutes
joined the ranks of tlu* horses already
roaming the plains nlong the Okanogan
River. From these two bands of horses,
the one from the east and the other
from the south, the best blood of the
kind was blended. But in the rough
lam! of the Okanogan country tin* oiu-e
fine boned animals dwindled in size
from steeds to dwarfs, and the kind disposition gave way to vlciousncss,
The wild horses now litlle resemble
the stock from which they sprang.
They have long, tangled hair.'aml have
degenerated until they rarely weigh
over 70_ pounds. Thoy possess vicious
tempers, and bite, light ami kick among
themselves like drunken Indians. In
till this big band of Wild horses, striving to sustain life nud increase in numbers on the almost barren rocks of the
Okanogan country are examples of rltw
confinement and malnutrition. Hemmed
in by steep mountains and deep streams,
this band of horses must of necessity
live ami increase in cramped quarters,
deriving new blood ami ambition only
from domesticated animals whieh wander from farms and enter tlie secret
passes ni the eternal hills and are fur-
ever afterward held unwilling prisoners,
unless, reverting to the instincts of all
animals, tln-y reconcile thciusclvs lo the
wild free life of the savages.
Thero are about 5,000 wild burses in
this Okanogan band, so wild, in fact,
that att0U1pt8 to break them to halter,
lead or drive have utterly failed. These
horses will die, commit suicide by
sttangulation, rather than submit to
domestication and humane treatment.
instances nro recorded iu tho settled
communities  of  northern  Washington
where powerful stallions from tins band
havo managed to get out of the bills
and enter pastures where tauio horses
wore foraging. Tho wild stallions then
compel marcs to follow them, ami, once
back in tho wild country, force them
In join thoir haroius, with the result
lhat iu late years the si/e uf the wild
horses is increasing and thoy are losing
SOtuowhllt the frothing mouths, tho
bloodshot eye uud the kicking natures
thoy pusscsHed for su many genoratinns.
farmers declare they are postered
throughout tho winter by those weird
pirates, and all attempts to rapture one
of tin* wild stallions have failed because
uf their llcelncss. Tho stale has nu control over lho bands of wild horses and
auy one has tho right to invade the
sanctity of Ihe hurems at any time and
try to capture the small horses.
Fow have boon taken alive, but Wild
West, shnws ami cowboys' exhibitions
uuw depend entirely uu the Okanugau
wild steeds tn furnish the uiitamublo
"bronchos" used in tho arena. Buf*
fain Hill know of tlioso horses years
ago and managed to got a now supply
of Ihem every spring for his show.
Olio of lho worst menaces these llttlo
horses hub! tn the ultimate settlement.
ui' the rich prairie OUtsldo Hie precipice-
If ynu Iind your razor as dull as a
boo, ask yuur wife if she wasn't paring
her corns, Vou can surely remove your
corns quickly, painlessly,"and promptly
by using Putnam's Painless Corn Extractor. Unequalled us a painless remedy, [(('member tho name, Putnam's
Painless Colli Kxtraetor. Sold by druggists, price "5 cents.
Could Hardly Live for Asthma—
Writes one nini whu nflor yenrs uf
suffering bos round comploto relief
through   Or,  J,   i».   Kollogg*s   Vsthmn
Homedy,   Now ho knows how n Ilo b
Las been his Buffer Ing,   This matchless
remedj  give   sure In |p in all nllllctod
Willi    asthma,      Inhaled    as   Miiiike   or
vapor il brliiH ; tho help no long need
ed.   Every dealer has II or can gol n
for you fra i ■■ wind ,
bound hills is that thoy aro possessed
ni a peculiar disease known as sleeping
I sickness. These wild horses often walk
Off precipices, apparently asleep, and
fall to thoir death oil the rocks below.
Many pummel thoir own brains to
jolly against mountain sides and trees.
TllO disease attacks the herd ovory sum*
|mor, but rarely kilts more than ]DO.
The disease, in twu nr three cases, has
been transferred    to    furtners' horses,
I anil some animals enunted vory valttiible
havo succumbed  lo it   by  walking into
objects an.l injuring themselves fatally,
There seems tn bo no disposition oa
| Un* pari of anyone to dislodge the wild
I burses from Uio hilts, and they will
likely be thero a hundred yenrs frum
now unless a great mineral llml should
CUII80  Ihis  mountainous  country   to   bo
> rKIC8. 35 Cls.Nl-
r^J?aS/b Lamp
It Never Flickers
1 hs long winter evenings give a woman a splendid chance (or sewing or
embroidery; but lier eyes
stiller from Ine strain unless
she has a good light.
1 he Rayo is the best
lamp made.
It gives a strong, diffused light that is rcm.irliably easy lo the eyes.
There is no glare to il; no flicker,    ll lights up a whole room.
Tlie Rayo is an economical lamp, too.
You lli-l (lie most possible Iiiiil.valise (or the oil burned; and the R.yo iluil i- a
low-priced lamp.   Yet it is a handsome lamp—on ornament to any room in the house.
The Rayo Lamp is easily lighted without removing shade or chimney: easy to
clean and rewsck.    Made ol solid brass, nicLel-plated; alio in numerous other style,
_td finishes.
Ask your —alar to show you hi. lioe ol Rayo lamp.; or write I—deKnpthwcircsikr
lo any agcosy oi
The Imperial Oil Company, Limited
Why doesn't she take
NA-DRU-CO Headache U _:. rs
They slop a headache promptly, yet do not contain ai.y of
the dangerous drugs common In headache tablets. Azk your
Druggist about Ihem.   25c. a box.
Nation*.. Drug and Chcmic-i Co. or Cantni.   LtMiTro   122
BLACK stove
"Black Knight'* Stove PolUh Rives tho
shine that laats.
'nst ji small daub spreads over n bi«j surface.
Just a few light rubo with clo:h or brush
brint's a .shine you can Bee your face In—and
tlicshiue hihis for days fiesh, bright, brilliantly black,
Try the quick, clean nnd easy way of shining
Stoves, Grates and Ironwork.
A bla nn, ioc-—at dealers orient
Iwttpaiu i>» receipt *->•' price.
Maker! of the famous "2 i" I" Shu. Polish
Thu vxorbl's fastest paoor, Dan Potrli,
1:5." II. in n Rtiiti.hir.l bri'.l lrnttt*r;
.Minor lli-ir, lioMtr nr Iln* uiipnrotl r<>*
POfil   fnr   siilr ivlifi-hr-*..   Is   tl    s1:iii.l:ir.|
hml trotl.n Audubon H»y, lififl W, is
trotting bn-.i nml registered ns such,
In fart, ovprv pneor who over heal or
ill-pi ..:«< lli-l tin* '-'.I'll ninrlt Im trotting
brvil, wnli tin- single exception of Hint
Pointer, hflfl 11, nn.l curiously eunn^li
In* h rngiitered ns n standard lire*! imt-
Ier, nn,I hence, affording lo tlio theory
shnulil  he hiding In  producing n  din.
Ilnrl   hi I  nf  trotters.      lie  Is  iln*
slro of hvpnty*>olght ntntidnrd pnrers,
hul in* ir'*itirn. I.n**t year tin* rliani*
plon yearling purer wiih n strictly hrod
One box of tbem cured Mrs, Mary A.
Cook's Rheumatism fro.n which sho
bnd  suffered   for fourteen   yenrs.
Mannheim, < Int. - - (Special).—How
quickly and easily Rheumatism enn be
cured when you use ihe rlghl moans
is shown in tho caao of Mrs. Mary a.
Cook, woll-known nnd highly respected hero, in nn Interview regarding
her euro, of which all tho village
knows, .Mrs. Cook soysi
"i bud tthoumatlsm bo bnd lhat
sometimes I Would Bit Up nearly nil
"i lirst ihought 1 would try ihr* doctors, but luckily I deebled to lirsl try
Dodd's Kidney rill-*.
i "They cured mo, nnd I didn't hnvo
m try iIn* doctors. And just tn think
that after fourteen yenrs of suffering
one ii«<x of Dodd's Kidney Pills should
cure! I will recommend dodd's Kidney Pills i" anyone win. suffers from
I    Ves. ii Is ou iy to cure Rheumntlsm
when you go iln* rlchl way al i  it.
Rheumatism is enured by urlo acid in
Hi" hlond, If the Kidneys nre work-
In- rlRhl they will strain all lha urlo
acid out of tin- him d nnd Ihero enn lie
no Rheumnllsm. Druid's Kldnoy Pills
alwnys inula* lbo Kidneys Work right.
Owing t" so moat- unfavorable weather, maoj tarpon ovoi Weston
Canada Imve gathered at least pnrt of their crop ton.bed hj frost or
otherwise westboi damaged. Bowovot, through the large shortage ii
corn. '■■"*•*. barley, fodder, potatoes nn.l vegetables by tin* nnii-ue heal
and drouglH «>f Inst summer in th** Uolted Htates, Eastern ''aoads aad
Western Europe, there is pmng to be » study demand »t good prleei
tor all ihe grain Western Cnnaila h.** raised, ne matter what u* quallt)
ii.ny  be.
Sii much variety In quality makes ii Impossible to: tin.e_ iu*e «_
pert encod to judge the full '■■*'<"■ thai ibould '*. •■btntne**] f •• suAb gre *
rli reforn the farmer never stool more in neod of tha services *.f the
experienced mid rehab e ^mm commission mun to act for bin., in tbe
looking nfler nn*! selling nf hit* nra in, than he does t'i* Htntsoti.
Pa mien, you will therefore do well for yourselvoi, not to accept
street or traek prices, but tu ship ynnr grain by rnrlnnd direct to Pnrt
UVMiain or Port Vrtbnr, to be bundled bv us in a wav that wil net
for you ull there is in It. We make liberal advances when desired, no
receipt of (hipping bills for ours shipped, We never buy your grnin uu
i nwi H-. nmt, bul net as yuur agents in selling it lo thc best fcdvan
tags fur your account, god we *io ho mi a fixed commission nf le pel
•^ We have made B Specialty of tbls work for many years, and nre
well Known over Western Canada for our experience lo the gram trade,
reliability, careful attention to nur cinnnmers" interests, and promptness
in maklug settlements.
We lovlte fanners who have not yet employed ns to writo to us fur
shipping Instructions and market Information, nml In regard tn nur
standing in the Winnipeg Grain Trade, nnd our financial position we
beg to re'er you tu the 1'nion Rank of ('imada, anil any of its branches,
alsn tu the commercial agencies *»f Bradstrents and li. 0, Run A do
703 Y Grain Exchange Winnipeg
124 •OIlIliT.FWACTv l-'K'KR
Ily   \V.  W. JACOBS
rpi./i .
JL    ami 'is brother." subi Um niKhi
wutchman, gazing blandly at tin;
lllio na two peoB, him  board stuck on wiih gum und trlmmod
-villi n pnir '>' Bctasoi'8, It was mor
lii.n u conjuring trick than anythlni
Indignant form of tbo lighterman onjolso.  Thon'o took a wig out ot Ms bag
the bargo below, "and lho on'y way
I know this one is Sam, la because
Bill dun't use bud langwldge, Twins
they are, but the likeness 1_ only out-
side;  Hill's 'art Is us white as snow."
lie cut off u plug of tobacco nnd
placing It In bis cheek, winked expectantly,
"White as snow," he repeated.
"ThiU's I," Huld Ibo lighterman, ah
he pushed bis unwloldly cratt from tho
jetty, "rn tell Sam yuur opinion nf
'Im.  Ho long."
The watchman went a shade rodder
thun usual, "That's twins nil over,''
be snbi sourly, "always ileoolvlng pooplo. it's itm arlor mi, nud, Instead nf
hurting 'is toolings, I've just boon Hut -
taring of'om up. 11 ain't the fast time
I've 'nd trouble ovor n likeness, I've
boon u iwin myself in n mannor o'
spooking, it didn't lust long, but it
instill long onough foi* ino in alwnys
bO sorry  ful- twins and  In matte a   bll
of allowance for Ihem. it must be
very 'ard to have another man going
nbout with your fine on 'Is shoutdore
uml noli ins ii iniu troublo,
"it was n year or two ago now. I
wus sitting ona ovonlim In tbu wlokol
smoking a pipe ami looking ut u news-
paper l 'nd found in the ofllco, whon i
son n gontlomnn coming along from
tin' swing-brldgo, Wollidrossod, clean-
ehavod chop o1 was, smoking n cigarotto, ilu was walking slow und lOOk-
ln • uboul  'Illl onsllill IlkO until Ills rye
foil .oi nn*. when in* gave a* porfeet
jump uf surprise, ami. arter looking
at nn* verj 'aid, wnlkod on a little
way and then turned back,   n<- did ti
twice   and   I    was   JuM    golnfl    tO   suy
somoihlnn in 'Im, s thin.', thnt I 'ml
been getting ready for 'Im, wlu-n ho
spoke to mo,
•* 'Good evening,' he sea,
"'Good evening,'  i  sob, folding tho
paper OVOr, and looking al Mm rather
■■'I hope you'll excuse me staring,'
he si-s vory purine, 'hut I've never seen
sinli a faco und llgger ns yours In all
my life.   Never,'
"'Ah, you ought lo ha' seen mo u
few yoara ago,1 1 ses, 'I'm liko everybody else:   I'm  getting on.*
"'Rubbish,' Im ses. 'Vou couldn't be
bettor if you tried, it's marvelous!
Wonderful! ! it's tbe very thing I've
been Im king f**r. Why. If you'd beon
mnde to order you couldn't bu' been
"1 thought nt first he wus by way of
Hying to get n drink out o' me. I've
heen played thnt game afore, but Instead o* that he aaked m« whether I'd
dn 'Im tho pleasure of 'nvlng a drink
with *lm.
"We went over tn the Albion and I
believe 1 could huve 'ad It In a pull If
I'd only liked to say the word. And
all tbe time I was drinking be was
looking mu up and down till I didn't
know where to look, ns the saying is.
" *I come down 'ere to look for somebody like you,' be sos, 'but I never
dreamt l should hive such luck. I'm
un actor, nnd l'vo «*•! to pluy tbe part
of a snilitr, and I've heen Worried sunn*
time 'ow to muke up for the pari.
l)">v understand?1
"'No,' 1 ses, Inoklng at him.
"'I want to look ihe real thing,' he
ses, speaking low so the landlord
shouldn't hear, *i v*ant to make myself the living Image *>f you. If thai
don't fetch 'em, I'll give up the stnse
and grow cabbni es.'
" 'Mnke yourself like me?' i .-■•■.-■.
'Why, you'ro no more like me than I'm
like a sua-siek monkey.'
"Nil so much,' lie ses, 'that's where
"He stood m«' another drink, and
thun taking my arm in a cuddling sort
0' way, ami calling uie 'dear boy,** 'o
led   me  back   to   the   wharf  ami  ex-
and pressed ll un bis 'end, put un tin
cap, put some black stuff on 'Is teeth,
and there 'e wns. We both looked Into tbe kIiiks logolhor while 'o gavo tbo
finishing touches, and then he alapped
me on the bark ami said I wus the
handsomest sallorman in England.
"*l shall havo to make up a bit 'oav
Ier when I'm behind ihe lloats,' ho sop
'but this is enough tor 'ere. Wot do you
think of dm Imitation of yuur voice?
1 ihlnk I've got It exact.*
"'If ymi ask me,' I ses, *lt sounds like
il poll-parrot wllh a eold In Ibe 'end.'
" 'And now for your wulk,' ho ses,
looking ns pleased us if I'd snid something else, 'Come to lliu duor utul see.
nn- uo up llm wharf.'
"I diiln'i like to hurl 'la fooling!) but
I thought I should hu' bust. Ilu wulkud
up lhat wharf like a dnuelug-henr In a
pair of trousers too light for it, but 'i
wus so pleased wltb 'Imsolf Hint I did
n't Ilka lo loll 'hn so. lie wns up ami
down two or throo (lines uinl I never
saw anything so rldlkelous In my ni'
"'Tbiil's nil vory woll for us,' hu ue
'but  wnt  uboul  othor people? That's
wnt   1   want   In know,   I'll go uml 'nv
ii  iiriiii*.,  mul  boo   whut iin*  anybody
spots mo.1
"Afore i could slop 'Im bu alarlod oi
In tin-  Hull's   Iliad uud   went   In.  Willi'
I stood outside mul wntohod 'Im.
" "Aff-u-plnl o' four aiu.' bu sen
smacking down n ponny.
"I SOO thu landlord draw Ilu* burr
and glvo It to 'im. but 'a didn't aeom
in lako nn notice ot 'im. Thon, jusi t
Opon   'Is   nyus   u   I'll.   1   Wulkud   In   and
put   down  u   penny und  asked  for
"The landlord waa Just wiping down
tin* counter at tho time, und when I
gave my order In* looked up and stood
staring at me with the wel cloth 'eld
up In tho air.    Hn didn't say u word
not   a   single  Word.     He slood   there
for u moment smiling at us foolish-
llke. nnd tben 'o let go o' tho boor-
Ingtn, v*nt 'e was 'oldlng in 'Is left
band and sal down heavy nn the bar
(loor, Wu hoih pul our 'ends over the
counter to suu wnt bud 'nppened to
'im nnd 'e started making tbe most
'orrlblo noise 1 'nd ever heard lti my
life. I wonder it didn't bring tho fire
ingins. The actor chap bolted out as
if he'd been shot, and 1 was Just think
ing of I'ollerlng 'im wben the landlord's Wife and "is two daughters como
rushing out and asking me wot I 'ad
done to blm.
'"There—there—was two of 'em,' sob
the landlord, trembllnp and holding on
to 'is wife's arm, us they helped Mm
up and got Mm in the ehair. 'Two of
'"Two of Wot?' ses bis wife.
" "Two—two watchmen,' ses the
landlord—'both exao'ly alike, and both
asking for 'urf-n-plnt o' four ale.'
" 'Ves, yes,' ses Ms wife.
"'You come and lay down, pa,' ses
tbe sals.
*"1 tell you there was,' ses the landlord, uettlng Ms color back with torn
*"Ves, yes. I know nil about 11/ ses
Ms wife. 'You como Inside for a bll, and
(iertlc. you bring your father in a. soda
—a large soda.'
"They put Mm in arler a lot
trouble, but three times V came back
as fur ns the door, 'oldlng on to tbem,
und taking a llttlo peep at me. Tbo last
inn. he shook Ms 'end at me and said
if I did it agin 1 eould no and Ret my
'aif-pints somewhere else.
"I finished the beer wot ibe actor
'od loft, and nrter telling the landlord
I 'oped his eyesight would be bottor In
Un* momtn'. I went outside and nrter
a careful look round, walked back to
the wharf.
"1 pushed the wleket upon a little
way and  peeped  In.    The actor was
plained, lie --aid v would come round j standing just by the tlrst crane talkln,
next evening wllh wot *e called bis j in two of the bands off of Ihe Salirnin.
mako-up box and palnl Ms race and , Ho'd got Ms back to the light, but 'ow
make Mmsclf up till people wouldn't it was thoy didn't twig his voice, 1
know one from the other. j can't think.
"'And wot nboul your llgger?* 1 BOS,I "Tbey was Ku busy talking that I
looking at Mm. crept along by the side of the wall and
"'A cushion,' be ses, winking, 'or got to the ottice Without tbelr seeing
maybe a couple. Bul wot about clothes?' me. 1 went Into tbe private office nnd
You'll 'ave to sell ine those you've got1 turned out the rus there nnd sat duwn
*.n.    Hal and all-and boots.' Ilo wnll for Mm.   Then I 'card a mils'
"l put a price on 'em that 1 thought j OUtaldO that took mo tn the door agin
would'ave finished Mm then and there; | and kept me there 'oldlng on to thi
but it didn't. And at last, arter paying
mu mi many more compliments that
Ihey bognn t<* i;**t Into my 'ead. he tlx-
cd up n mooting fm* tbu next nighl and
went off.
door-post nnd gasping for my breath
The cook of ihe Saltram was silting
on a paraffin eusk playing tho mouth
organ,   nnd   the  actor  with   Ms  arm
folded across his siiimmiuk was dune-
"'Ami  mind,'  hn W*.  coming  book, ling n hornpipe as if he'd (Torn mad.
'lint u word to a living soul!' !     "I never saw anything so rldlkulon:
"He went oft agin. ami. arter going Iln my life, nml when l recollected that
in Ihe Bull's  Iliad and 'nving a pint,,thoy  thought   It was  me  1  thought   I
io clear my 'end, 1 wonl and snt down'should hu' droppod.    A   night watch
In   the  oiliee  unit   thought   it   over,     lt [ man can't  be too careful,  and   I   knew
seemed nil right (o me us fur as I
could boo; but pM'ups tin* pint didn't
char my 'uml enough! p'r'nps I ought
lo 'avu 'ad two pints.
"I luy awake beat purl of next day
thinking it over, and whon 1 got
1 'ml made up my mind. 1 put my
clothes  fu  u  sack  a ml  then   I   put  on
Mime others us much like 'em us pos
atblo, on'y p'r'npB1 a bit older, lu cuse
the missis should pet asking qucs-
tlona; and thon 1 sat wondering 'ow
to gel out with the sack without 'er
noticing It. She's got a very Innuirln'
mind, aud I Wasn't going to tell 'er uny
lies abnut ll. Resides which I couldn't
Ihlnk of one.
"I got nut at lust by protending to
drop 'arf-a -dollar in tbo wash 'us uud
went off wlillo sbe was busy on 'er
bunds nnd knees.
"I ml into Ihe office with It nil
rlghl and. Just ns II wus geltlng dark,
a cab drove up to the wharf and the
actor chap jumped nut wiih u big
leather bag. I took Mm intu tbe private olllco and 'e was sn ready with Ms
mohoy for the clothoa that I offered tu
throw Iho sack In.
"He changed Into my clothes fust of
all. nnd then, asking mo tn sit down
tn Trout of Mm bo look a look in it-glass
and a box out of Ms bun anil begnn to
alter Ms face. Wot wllh slicks of colored paint, and false eye-brows and a
that li would be uii over Wapplng next
morning that l 'nd beon dancing to a
luppony ha'penny mouth-organ played
by a ship's cook. And they'd believe
It. A man tbat does Ms donty always
has a lot of peoplo ready lo bellOVO
Ibe worst of Mm,
"1 went back li\lo the dark oiliee and
Waited, und, by und by, 1 'card Ihem
coining along tn lbo gate and patting
Mm on lho bark and saying bo ought
to be fn u panlermine Instead o' wasting Ms time night -watching, ilo left
'em at the gate and tben 'o camo Into
Ihe ofllCQ smiling as If he'd done somo-
thlng clover.
"'Wot d'ye think ef me for a understudy?' be ses, laughing. 'They nil
thought It was ynu. There wasn't ono
of 'em who 'nd the slightest suspicion.'
" 'And wot about my character?' I
ses, folding my arms acrost my chest
nnd looking nt 'him.
"'Character?' ho ses, staring. 'Why
there's no 'arm in dancing; it's a innocent enjoyment.'
"Mt ain't one o' my Innereent enjoyments,' I sos, 'and I don't want to get
tbe credit of it. If they hadn't been
silting In n pub all the evening they'd
'ave spotted you at onco,'
"'On!' he bos, very huffy,   'How?'
" 'Your voice,' I bos. 'You try und
mimic n poll-parrot, and think It's like
me.   And for another thing you wulk
ubout na though you're atufted with
"M beg your pardon/ he sea, 'tbo
voieo und tlie walk nre exact—exact.'
"Wit!' I ses, looking Mm up und
down. 'Vou stand there uud 'avo the
Impudence lo tell mo thai my voice is
I liko ihur."
"M do/ he ses.
'"Thun Tm aorry for ynu,' I sos, M
thought you'll gut more sense.1
"He Mum! looking at mo ami gnawing Ms [Rigor and by and by bo bos,
'Arc ymi married?' ho sob,
" M am,'  I sen, vury short,
'"Wliuro do ynu live?' be huh.
"I told blm.
"'Very good,' ho ses, 'p'r'aps I'll bo
aide io convince you arter all. By the
way, wot du yuu call yuur wife? Missis ?'
"'Ves,' I ses, staring at Mm. 'But
WOt'8 ll got to do Willi ynu?'
"'Nothing,1 be sea, 'Nothing. Only
I'm going to try Uiu poll-parrot voice
mul the sawdust walk on her; that's
ull. It' I cun docolvo 'ur that'll settle
"'Docolvo ber?' I ses. Mi'yo ihln.i I'm
going io lot you go round tu my 'oust
uml gel mu lnio trouble with (be mis
sis like Ibut! Why you must be cru/.y
thnt dancing must 'uvo got Into you
"'WIutc's llie 'arm?' he ses ver;
""Arm,' I sum, M won't 'nvn II, Hint's
nil; nmt if yuu knew my missis you'd
kimw Withoui any lulling.'
"M'U hoi v>ni a pound to a sixpence
sin*  wouldn't   know  tuu,'   fm ses,   vorj
"'Shu won't 'nve llm ohanco,' I BOO,
'so Unit's ull uboul  11.'
"Hr stood thoro argufying for ubout
lull mlnUtOS; but 1 was as llrm as u
rock; 1 wouldn't move mi inch uml ul
lust, nrter wn was both on the point
nf losing our tampers, be picked up
his bag mid said us 'ow he must be
nulling off 'mm'.
"'Uul ain't ynu going to Inke ttlOBO
things uff fustV I BOS,
"'Nu,' he srs, smiling. "I'll wait till
I gel 'nmu.    M'u, In.'
'lh- pul Ms bag un Ms shoulder and
wulkud to tbu pile wiih nu- fullering.
"M OXpecl I shall sue a cab soon,' be
s.-s.  'Good-by.'
"Wot an- you laughing at?' 1 ses.
" 'On'y thoughts,' he bob,
""Ave you got far to gu? I ses.
" 'Nu, just about the same distance
ns you 'avo,' ho sos, and ho went off
spluttering like a soda-water bottle.
"1 touk tbe broom and 'nd a gnnd
sweep-up arter ho 'ad gorn nnd I was
Just In the middle of It wben tho cook
and tbe uther two Chaps from the
Sultrum came back with threo other
sullormen and a brewer's drayman
they 'nd brought to see me dance.
" 'Same ns you did a llttlo while ago,
Rill,' ses the cook, taking out Ms beastly mouth-orKun and wiping It on Ms
sleeve.    'What toon would ynu like?'
"I couldn't got nway from 'em, and
wMien I tub! them 1 'ad never danced
In my life, the cook asked me where
I expected to go to. Ho told the drayman that I'd boen dancing like a fairy,
and tbey all gol In front of me and
wouldn't let me pass. I lost my temper at last, nnd. arter tbey 'ad taken
tbe broom awny from me, and the
drayman and one o' the sailnrmon 'ad
said wnt they'd do tn me If 1 was only
fifty years younger, they sheered nff.
"I locked the f-nte. arter 'em mm
wont back to the office, ond I 'ndn't
been there above 'arf an hour when
somebody started ringing tlm gale-boll
as if tbey wns mad. I thought It wns
the cook's lot come buck nt fust, ao 1
opened the wicket Just a trifle and
peeped out. There was a 'ansom-cnb
standing outside, and I 'ad hardly gol
my nose in the crack, when the actor
chap, still in tny clothes, pushed the
door open mid nipped in.
" 'You've lust,' lie ses. pushing the
door to and smiling all over. 'Where's
your sixpence?'
" 'Losl?' I ses. 'D'ye mean to tell
mo you've been to my wife nrter all?'
" M do.' he ses, nodding, and smiling
again. 'They wero both deceived, as
easy, as easy.'
'"Both?* 1 ses staring nt Mm. 'Ruth
wot? 'Ow many wives d'ye tblnk I've
" 'Arler I lefl ynu.' he ses, '1 picked
up n cab and fust leaving my bap at
A Ideate, 1 druve to ynur 'nuso ami
knocked at tbe door. I knocked twice,
and then an angry-looking woman
opt ned it nnd asked me wot I wanted,
" 'It's all right, missis,' I ses, 'I've
got 'arf an hour off and I've come tn
take you uut for a walk.'
"'Wot?' she ses, 'nrdly able to speak.
"'Just a little turn round to see thu
shops,' 1 ses, "and if there's anything
partlcler you'd like and It don't cost
too much, you shall 'ave It.'
"*1 thought at fust from the way she
took il she wasn't used to you giving
"er things.'
" "Ow dare you!' she ses; 'I'll 'nve
you looked up. 'Ow dare you insult a
respectable married woman I Ynu
Walt till my Misbuid comes 'ome.'
" 'But I am your 'usbund,' 1 sos.
'Don't you know nm, my prcity? Don't
you know yuur pel V
"'.She gave a screech like a slentn-
Ingln and tlu-n she went next door
and began knocking nway like mud.
Then l see that i 'ad gone to number
twelve instead nf number fourteen,
Ynur wife, ynur real wife came out of
number fourteen—and sbe wus worse
than the other. But thoy both thoughl
It wns you; there's nu doubt of lhal.
Tbey chased me ull tho way up the
road and if it 'ndn't been for this cab
that was just passing, I don't know
wot would 'nve 'nppened/
He shook his 'ead and smiled agin,
and arler opening the wicket a trifle,
and telling the cabman bo shouldn't
he lung, be turned to mo und nsked me
for iho sixpence, to wear on his watch-
"'Slxpenco!' I ses. 'Sixpence! Wnt
do ynu think Is going to 'uppen to mo
whon 1 go 'ome?"
'Oh, I *adn't thought o' that,' he
sos.   'Yes, o' course.'
"'Wot about my wife's Jenlousy?' I
ses.  'Wot about 'er and 'er 'usbund—
COOper ns  big as a 'nuse.'
"'Well, well,' he res, 'une cun't think
of everything.'
"'Look 'ore,' I ses, taking his shoul-
ler lu a grip of Iron. 'You come buck
with me now In that cub und explain.
D'ye see? That's wot you've gut to
■■ 'ah right,' he boi
'usbund butl-icmpun
rtlngly. is tin
" 'You'll see,' 1 ses, 'but that's your
business,   Come along!'
"'Wllh pleasure,' he ses, 'elplng me
in. "Art a nm wlillo I lull lbo cabby
where to drive lo.1
"Ho wenl lo the back o' the cab, and
afore I know wol had 'apponed, the
■orso had got a niak over lho 'oad wllh
lbo whip and was going along al a gallop. I kept putting ihe Utile flap up
nml tuning the cabby to slop, but he
didn't take the sllghtesl notice. After
I'd done it throo Limes, lie kept it duwu
so us I  COUldllM   (Mini   ll,
"There was n crowd round my door
When lho cab drove up und In the middle of It was my missis, iin* woman
next door, and 'or 'usbnnd, wol 'ad Just
cuine 'ome, 'Art n doaen of 'em help-
nnd nfore I could sny a
bmuli  drove off ami  lefl
The Steam Turbine at Sea
i-d mu onl,
wurd llm oi
nm there,
"I   dream
studding Ilu1
lug until Just a
nny   longer,   tw
uud 'olp me Iiuln
my   missis   outBldo
easier dream to 'av
r   it   now   Bomollmoa.
explaining and explain-
I fool I enn't boar It
pollcomei me ui
If limy hud 'olpod
11    wuuld    be   an
"Jomlmoi" grumbled Mr. Chugwolor,
tumbling in tlm cheat of drawora, "I'd
like In knuw where, In llm name of
common sonso, yuu keep my sucks?"
"Which pair dn you Wntil, Josluh?"
Inquired Mrs. Chugwnlor.
"Any pnir, If limy ure only matOS,
I lulu's uu odd groy souk uml nn odd
black ono, nnd down here In the corner
is un old pair of laat summer's souks,
With bolus In llm lous. I don't see why
my tilings enn't be, kept In order tbe
same ns other men's,"
"R you had only told ine "
"Told you! Havo 1 gut in run to
you, .Mrs. Chugwalcr, fur every little
thing I waul? Is that yuur idea about
how to curry on Ihe household business? If you'd Just take trouble enough to pile things in here so as i
can Iind 'em when I want 'em it would
save me lota of bother."
'•Josiah, if you will let mo "
"Now,  1 here's  no  uso yuur  getting
oxclted about this thing,
whore 1 enn get  a  pair
lo   Hi
(ill 18112, i
lii-alioii of the steam-turbine
..pulsion <>!' vessels wus cans early lis 1884, but its downs not seriously considered
vlu'ii the eronuiiiy of tho con
densing turbine ns applied ta driving
dyiinnioB had excel I oil that of the compound reciprocating ouglna for tba
same purpose.
A pioneer association, callod tbo Marine Hleiitu-Turbiiie Company, Ltd., was
formed lu 181)4. whose objoet was the
Investigation of tbo subject. The prospectus Opened wtth tho following paragraph:
"Tho object of tho company is to
provide the nocossary capital for efficiently uud thoroughly testing tho ap*
plication ut* Mr. Parson's well-known
st eu in-turbine In fhe propulsion of vessels.      If BUCCOBSfuli It is believed that
the new Byslom will revolutionise tho
present mothod uf utilising steam as u
motive power, uinl alsu that it will enable much higher rates of speed to in.-
attained than has hit hurt n been pus-
is i ble with Uu* fnstost vobboIb."
I'm in Iln* (list it was obvious that
the turbine was suitable la fast rather
Uian tn bIow vessels, nnd, consequently,
ii wus docldod in oommoneo by building an experimental vessel uf the smuil-
est. si/e consistent with the possibility
ui attaining oxcoptlonal spued. This
vessel, tho "Turbiuiu," Hit) feet In
length, fl feet bontn. tl feet in depth,
and -li! tons displacement, after many
alteratinns lo her machinery, developed 2,400 horsepower on trials, mul attained a maximum speed of 3*1 i»2 knots.
At. this stage the plonoor association
was transferred to a new company, the
Parsons Marino   Steam-Turbine   Company, Ltd., for dealing with the system
on commercial lines,     Tho first order
was in  ]Sill) for n destroyer, the "Viper," from tllO British Admiralty, Bir
William White being then Director of
Naval Construction.    Tho principal dl-
If you knowjmonsions were the snnie ns the 30-knot
nf half-way (typo   of  that  period,   but  the  speeds
decent sucks, just say su, and I'll hunt guaranteed were III   knots ahead    and
'em up;  and If you don't know, and half full-speed revolutions astern.   Her
fact J maximum  spood during a
press Cunardors   fur   the   Now   York
Alter most careful consideration of
all data then available, ami iu view
of much additional export man tal research conducted by Iho coniiultteo, as
well us LoutU nn large land lurbiucs, ami
on existing turbine vessels, the committee utianluiously rocommended turbines In prel'ureuce to reciprocating engines for tho " Miiuretiuiiu" and
" lausitnniu" of 7b,iniu horso-powor and
2. l-_ kmils sea Bpcod. Thu performance- ul' these vessels has -justified the
decision; a moan Bpoed of 211 knots has
been inn in turned in fuvuruble went her
across the Atlantic, and an avorago
speed   uf   'Ja   l-_   kinds  has   been   itlliin-
taitieil un many successive voyages.
This stop completed the entry of tho
turbine iniu all cIubbob of fast vessels
or which It was ut thu linn- deemed
suitable, ami its adoption for fast vessels  has since  been  almost universal.
At ono time, Lord Curzon stayed iu
ihu then not tou luxurious quartan of
ihe Great Eastern Hotel, opposite Gov-
eminent House. liy u propbetifl coincidence the residence uf tlic Viceroy
in Calcutta was copied, with additions,
frum his lather's ancestral maii-iuu,
Kedloston Hall, in Derbyshire. Oue
■lay he lunched at Government Ilu.se
with Lonl Dufferin, Aiterwards, as he
was walking back to his hut.-l, be halted outside the great gates, looked back
at the stately Buildings su remls
of Hie seems nf his boyhood, an i mid:
"The next time I enter those gates it
shall be ns Viceroy." This, like n*o.t
uf his other aspirations, was uu \u.a
one, lor on August 11, 1898- tha append uiuut was announced of Mr.
George Nathaniel Curzon to be Viceroy
and Governor-General of I a lia. He
landed on December ::o, and thi..** eom-
menced his duties just before the eoin-
pletion of his thirty-ninth year.
Lord Curzon was the yoangtr-st V_t«*
roy who had ever b*.-«'u appointed, with
will have lho kindness to put lbo fact' maximum   speed  during  a  one  hour';
In plain English, I'll gu out and buy a,special   trial,  but   with  approximately |tho Mingle exception uf Lord Dalhatui*,
pair.   That's all." full weights mi board, wns .Hi."' knots,  who took over the reins or   -
"if ynu hadn't tumbled these things ond under contract conditions of coal at thirty-six.     Yet, young  is
all nut of shape, Josiah " consumption  wns   83.38    knots.     The he could claim to be the only
"Tumbled ihem nut of shape, have 'c-onuniy of coal consumption at high |0f Xoilla., save Lord Lawrence, who took
I?    What's a chest    nf   drawers for, 1W^ was good    nml
anyway?   Is ll to hide things in, ma- ?v?*r*y,ro8Poct,.t:ho *'ontr
dam?   If I dun't Iind what I want on
top, haven't I got lo look down under,
I'd like In know? Any woman that
will pack and jam a drawer full of
things, and arrange them so you've
got to dig all through lho whole business to get what you'ro after and then
but tlio results of cruising
showed tho desirability of modifications
iu the turbines in future designs tc
improve the economy at cruising
speeds, nnd in nil subsequent war vessels cruising turbines or cruising elements  have been added ut the  high-
*,.,•. „-* i.   i ,„« i     -i u. 11 „  pressure ond of the turbine installation.
dun t pet It, hasn't got the right idea \ ,   .       ,      ,
, , ;•_____       .tn some very recent vessels Impulse ole-
about.arranging a man's haberdashery. \ml£ in  »th_ ,, hi ,     ,asurc
you knuw whera my socks are, Mrs. tu9rbIn'M ,iro bci„^ " , «, *.„ tho
Chugwater, why .inn t you say so, In- ,ttm0 „„*-„,,„. At about tto same tlmo
.tea-of standing round like a post and M thJ <fVip-,»> waa ordered, M.-ssrs.
dolriK nolhlni;.' iSir w   G   Ar,„stro„g   Whitworth and
I could have found them for you c ua 1|1(.(„| „„ „,,,,,,. r„r „,L, ,„.,.
in a minute and saved you all this cMnery of another dostroyer, the "Cob-
trouble If you had Klvon me a chance," r-,i -ho machinery of the -'Cobra"
said Mrs. Chugwater, as she straight- m „ iiuplimto of Hint fitted in the
■r b-|vi   .num. pavg  uutu  i.uvtieiir.,  wuu toun
she    fulfilled  in   uver his resputi_ibilities with tir-,t han<i
ract conditions, knowledge of the country an i    soi    *
speeds'       ^*______________________-_*i
**ned out tbe tangle In the drawer, and
brought to view, from one of the bottom corners, live pairs of clean sucks.
"When you want anything of this kind
hereafter, Josiah, if you'll just let me
know "
"The trouble With you. Jemima,"
growled Mr. Chugwater. as he jerked
a pair frum the top of the pile and
went off to one corner to put them on,
"is that yuu talk too much."
Viper." The "Cobra/1 on a throi
[hours' continuous run, maintained tho
mean speed of 34.0 knots.
! In 1002 the Admiralty placed tho or-
dor for the third-class cruiser "Amethyst," with turbines, and for three sister vessels with reciprocating-engines of
10,000 horse-power. The turbine installation of tlio "Amethyst" was of
,the usual three-shaft arrangement, tho
i high-pressure turbine driving the een-
jtro propeller, und the two low-prossure
|turbines in parallel on the steam driv
made during the last few muuths, thor
ire ut present no less than SOU sub-
id ized mad trains at the beck ami
all of the German War Department,
it is easy tn understand what an
.villi which be hud to deal. Tbe -tcury
just related leaves no •Imibt but thac
it had been his lifelong aim to go-vosn
India, ami his conduct prefiooa tu hm
appointment strengthens -nil mors m i
a supposition, ilu had tri
well the whole ni lu na. &bso ** i z
knowledge of divers lands, paopltts-
habits, and "'ustumt. Bot nur ia-ini
alone, for he was thurnii-iin.'**-, ■■■->un
fled. When he received hi.** ipn.nrit*.
ment he had seen mon* o_ v*ia i.i i
studied more closely ita history ami ta
existing enuditioos than moat man
ing. Lord Curzon reali-ad, i E utt,
that though India was ■■th.* political
pillar of the Asiatir (.'.in- cant, tha
diversified problems rf -__i*_ ve.e Ln-
dissolubly connected.
The fruits of his study and tmwal
have been plucked frum time '■• I ma
by many a slay ,r :i :. ■'..-.: i :::* *: i
the form of volumes of tho greatest
interest. It wooid seem that ■- tin sm,
such as oue has hear i     aa
late Viceroy, should  come ui
those who are immerse
Eastern affairs.     For by hia as     i   ■
and conscicnl ouai
clothed himself with that
most proof against impatuou
stable    criticism—kno-ads >
knowledge, eonpled with his
derstanding of the spirit
places him  above  01
mun ui our own aod oth. ■ I
fully realized the inner feelings of the
■M^_________r ____________________________mr
.ccordlng   to    careful    compilations  jng the wing propellers, a high-prcBBUre
cruising turbine and an intermediate-
pressure cruising  turbine  being    ulso
directly coupled through flexible daw
couplings lu the low-pressure    turbine
shalls;  these latter were I series on ______B-____-___________^__^__^_^
im mouse help this motor (loot of power-  tho steam with the main high-pressure 1 Oriental.      He knew that what bound
ful vehicles would provo in actual war. turbine,     The trials of these vcssols'the  Indian to England, the      rt    n
Austria,      Russia,      ami    particularly  conclusively proved the superiority ofipurtant of all  links,  w:is  i-v *
Prance, have not been blind to these the turbine in water consumption.    At I for the person of iii-* peat  K
advantages nnd have Inaugurated truck   speeds of 18 knots, the water consump* 1 peror.      Manv   will   not 1
subsidy   systems   based   on   the   Her- Ufon of tho turbine vessel wns equal to cannot 'red |
man plan, so that wars of tho future that  of the reciprocating  vessels, and jit, and acted accordingly.      M  -
will  see  tbe  majority  uf  horses  dla- at higher spebds tho aunorlorlty of tho Lord Cur_on went furtl  r i
placod by tho far more efficient true.., turbine was considerable, while at the; point of gaining :h.* eonfl
propelled by a powerful, novor-tirlng designed speeds of 21 8*. knots, it I difficult of tasks—ef ths Aaial
gasoline motor. But this is not all
Not satisfied witb creating such nn immense caravan of gasoline-driven roud
vehicles, for the transport of ammunition nml provisions, the War Department litis made extensive use uf the
subsidy plan iu establishing au auxiliary motor cycle courier corps, thc so
callod Schnellfahrer.
The system is very similar to that
iu use regarding the trucks. Young
men who nlren.ly own motor cycles, ur
who   dcslro    !o bi
lint this is not all. reached ,10 per cent., and nt the maxl* I thus establishing a firm ba
for his actions.
mum coal consumption ollowe I by the   _____________________^_________.
specification,  llie power  de**.doped, as »________r™"^
estimated from the curve ni resistance      mvA   n_   - ,_   Atnifnkl-   -,4r1,
of the vessel, bv the turbine vessel ex-      D1VA   0F  TliE  AUBURN   HAIE
ceodod the power developed bv the re-     Maggie   Teyti—her   real
clprocatlng vessel by 42 por cent.    The Plumnon—"with reddish hai-.
maximum s( I attained by fhe "Ann*-   ons    freckles,    and    au
thyst" was _:',.ti knots as against 82,8 Cockney accent/' though   i
kin.is  fur  her  sister  ships.     The  in-  ll «  new  diva  now appeal
creased   efficiency   derived   from   thojEaat   She la one of tin* few  E .  -a
cruising turbines  was  very  marked  atNn8<,rl wbo h:'** ever capt
ouriers   may  \q\v speeds, at sonic speeds 20 pur cent 'ot Paris,    Her i urly girlhuo I Wl •
mnke  application   to  the  government  nf .ne total power boing developed by!'" Staffordshire, J::. _ri-i n I,   -   _■:.    m
and   beeniiii listed   ns   Sehiielli'nlirer  them, '    ■"'r   fflft|   and   at   thirteen   -'
.(studying under   .lean de   Reszke,   in
In   the  mure:„,t.le   marine   the   first   pnrlJ(     At seventeen nhe  -
Vessel tn be Ittl.d Willi turbines was tho I -* »- •    •***»       • ••       «■  '   -
(fast riders). During manoeuvre lime
a cortain number of those couriers ure
ordered iu present thomsehus wilh
their machines nt headquarters and are
omporarily enrolled ns soldiers. They
ro under strut military discipline, re-
eive military fare, khaki uniforms, nnd
fl.flO per day. Thoy are used for carrying dispatches, for roc on nol taring and
or similar duties where speed is u
hicf factor. During tho time of such
mniincu*, res  nnd.  nf  courso,   in  actual
   these Schnollfahror have the ub-,
solute right of way ou nil highways; i V1
Ihi1)' nre responsible only to tlie nnli- *°
tary authorities ami ure not subject to
ward." bull! t>> tin- joint
nt Captain John Williamson. M
Donny, u! Dumbarton, ami of the Parsons Marine Strain Tiirl.iiie Company,
1.1,1. Her longth li 200 feet., anil, with
8,!s00 horse-power, nlu- attained » ipeod
of 20.18 knisi,.    Dor buccmb led to tho
construction of n s; mil vcsiol fnr the
Clyde possengor traOlo in 10011, nnd iii
snnie yenr the "Qlloon" svns built
the Dover mul Calais route. All
these vessels have three shafts, tho
■peed regulations: thev may go"at 00 hsgh-WW-i.ro turblno in the oentre ox-
miles nn hour ever the hard, struieht haustlng into two low-pressuro turblnoi
raids of Germany without running tlio!"" *» \VI"K -hnfts. .I'I""- by 100',
risk of arrost nnd llm-. Should they •****• "f f'*o; most sultftblo fields mr tbe
stillVr nn accident tho injured rider j*"-!"0 turblno hml boon onlerod, num.
is takon euro of in it field hospital or|'.v
arrioil to tin- noarest city, while tlie,".'       ,.    -     .  .       ,       , ,.
machine is repaired nt. govornmont ex-!!1"-' turbine wns being adopted mr nonr
          .""siunnllv      "Doii .lunn," a_h_sssssfl
civile pnssonger iteamor,   "King Ed-||0
and lll.n'.lt ll year later  sl,..  «s_  thr,
oporatie i nsatl m of -!.
tal.   'I'lie greats -i ambit Eon -■ -
was  realised  in  ber nine! Mi  y.ar,
when she scored :m unqui -
i'i-, at Covont Oardon,     Hei husband,
Eugono  I'lunini'u. is a  wealthy young
A fleriiiaii company is 111:11111101,. to
nail,I the greatest passenger-earrytng
steamship in the world, the idea bo-
inii to provide luxury rather than to
seek speed. !?he will lie nn eleven
storied floating pnlnee, will earry o.'NIO
 ^^^^^^^^^^^ passengers,  nml  will  base  outlines  of
for vessels of wnr nnd cross-channel 80,000   horse-power,   exiu'tly   twiee   ns
passenger  service,  nnd,  by   1005, powerful  ns  those  of  the  new  Whito
^^^^                  nonr- t-tnr liners,     On Iho promenade deck
 .,'■• -.- ",'•'; ,;;' hy nil new cross-channol steamers of one of the new features will l.e quiot
penso,      Should   repairs  He   impossible..                 bu|1), |n Alm,ri      „,„, „,,„,„ „,,„„„„   hous,,s   in  0|,|   English   rustic
Iho rider receives n new inaehiiie, mid 1   «-     '           ,      ,     „ .,. h All,llirils,v ■„,,.,,, t„ ,,,., „„,, rorr,,,, parties.      An-
shouldhe bo erippled or otherwise ser- Ij,,*'^ ^ POi,istruction. '         *
iouslv injured 11 govornmont pension is
granted,' Every member of the Sell-
nelll'uhror corps is protoctod against
dlechargo from his position for partaking In the niaiioeiivres, and the government's severest displonsuro is visited
upon any employer who should uaro dis-
cdargo  one   of  ihem   for  tlmt  reason.
Ovor 2,flnii Schnellfahrer obeyed the call
of tho govornmont during the past
summer manoeuvres, nnd the wonderful speed nnd  olliiiemy of this eorps
created a furore in the Fatherland.
other now feature will be a huge rnnrlilo
Tho application to lurge liners re- swimming bath running through two
malncd as vet untouched. Tho first decks. The bath Is to ba an exact
vessels to bo filled with turbines for copy of one found In Pompeii, nn.l its
transatlantic service were ordered by, mosaic pavements nre to bo copies of
tlie Allen line, viz., tho " Victorian" | Itomiin pavements discovered nt I reves.
land "Virginian." This marked n not-1
able slop in uilvnnee in the application of the new system to oconogoing
ships of liigli speed.      At  this juncture
the late Lord Invorclydo appolntoil n
commliuiion of experts to lnvostlt*'.te the
suitability of the turbine for two ox-
0,   It's  easy   enough  to   look   p'easanl
When one hasn't a  cause f-,r renrct.
Itut the man worth while
Is the man who enn smile.
When hi.s wife Is 11 lUffrageltal FREE  PRESR  C-tlLLIWACK,   BRITISH COLUMBIA.
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The recent spell of tine weather
is evidently awakening an interest
in the "Annual Hardy." thc Hnlf
Holiday question. Thc Athletic
Club and the Cricket Club are
already issuing requests for thc
recommencement of tin institution,
uud so fur there has been no refusal
on thc pari <>f the merchants to
observe the holiday. It should be
merely a matter for thc Men-hauls'
Association to decide on which day
to close, when lo commence and
when to finish thc holidays.
The remarks of Sir Robert linden
Powell on tho objects and ideals of
the Hoy Scout movement as conceived by himself should be a final
quietus on the often expressed objection as to the military character of
the organization, creating a war-like
spirit that may lead many of the boys
io seek a military career. Like
many fine practical soldiers, Baden-
I'owell has no love of war for war's
sake, and his emphatic repudiation
of war-like ideas for and on behalf
of tho scouts should remove the last
apprehension in this respect.—Ottawa .Journal.
Sometimes I got tired of my writing, and think- with some heartrending groans, of those who mnke
business of lighting, and gather in
bushels of stones. Sometimes I
grow tired of llie botches sent out
to my readers ns rhymes, and think
of the Mahitiouts and Ootches win.
wallow in diamonds and dimes.
Sometimes I grow tired of the hustle,
of breaking cheap words from their
stems, uml wish I wns oltl Pastor
Russell with whiskers all studded
with gems. Sometimes 1 get lired
of tin- million disfigurements marring my face, and wish I was lovely
like Lillian, a vision of beauty mid
grace. My worries—1 simply can't
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on the rills! I wish I was biddy
IC. Plnkham, dispensing my buck
action pills!      I   wish   I   wus J.
Rookot'foller, with seventeen kinds
of a mil, when 1 push mysolf down
to' lho collar und look at what's
left of tbe coal. Hut happiness
sunn reappearing puts all my
gloom on the shelf, and. I go around
whooping and cheering, and saying
"I'm glad I'm mysolf!"—Walt
Punks In Tim: I.iiiich.u, Plat]
iuIim: Abolition uf the poll tax.
Bxoinption uf improvements on all
lands paying tuxes to the provincial
govornmont, l.o-atljuslnient of
luxation. The raising of Ihe ex-
empliou of incomes limit to 82,000.
Provincial department of labor and
five lubor bureau. Thorough inspection of till industrial premises.
Comploto prohibition of Chinese
labor. A comprehensive system of
industrial insurance. Extension
of the scope of the work
men's compensation act to covet-
all hazmdous employments, Com-
ulolo prohibition of Oriental labor
.V minimum wage and nn eight-
hour day for govornmont and
government-aid work. Immediate
construction of railway to Peace
river, the Island nnd the interior.
Construction of govornmont owned
elevators.     No    public    land    for
speculators.   Improved methods of
preventing tinilior waste.
Tiie prize List for the fifth Annual
Horse Show, Vancouver which wi
lie held ill lhat city on April 'l'l In
i'i, has been received. Kulricscloso
on April II, and the prize list is an
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-S-.-J Health Inspector,
Public Notice
NOTICE is hereby ^iven forbidding all
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prining ull the new color OtT-Cta
and latest Weaves ill nii'iiiimi
weight cloths.
Wellington st.   Opp. Opera House
Snle Agency llnua' of llobberlin,
Teacher of Pianoforte, Moinbor "I M.
I,, nt A., i,in,liiiue uf Miuli.ni Johns'
Private School, New York
Wishes pupils, fur Pimm or Organ,
Apply Henderson l>l<>,-k, over
Maple I. ul ReHtrnilllt.
C. T. Vr&denburg,
Fletcher St. ChllllwxH
Wc  have   a new uinl   iui-tn-ilitte
lillllll wiih ihe latest  limits for all
Kinds of Cleaning, Hying ami Cross-
ing.     Km|h-i-| help fur till branches.
Special altciilinii will Ih- given to'ull
Mail uml IDxprcss ordors from Chilli-
wink ami the Valley. Wosollclt atrial.
428  Bih AVE.  W..  VANCOUVER
Westminster Trust Huilding
R. A. Henderson*, f.E. & M.E.
BOCtRTV "1- civil. BSOINKEH8
1$. C, Land Surveyor
Hniiins 10 A 11, Westminster Trust Block
Reliable men with soiling
ability nnd some knowledge
of the fruit business or Nursery Stock, to represent us
in British Columbia as local
and general agents.
Liberal  inducements   and
permanent position for the
right men.
The Foothill Nurseries
(Established 1887)
TORONTO        -        ONT.
STANOARD  Is the Nat:---
-. ..'.j*  Newspaper of tho  Doi.
if Canada.     It Is national In all .
It uses the most expensive engrav
Inns, |ir„ciirliiK the photograph.! Cro.
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Its articles are carefully ael»"-'   '
Its   editorial   policy    Is   tho,
A suhscrlptlon to The S-.anih.
costs *£C0 ptr y.ar to any address
Canada or Great l'.rltaln.
TRY IT FOR 1912!
MontrMl   Standard  Publishing  Co.,
Limit-id, Publtthars.
Britiih Columbia Electric ly.
Leave Arrivi-
Train.        I'hwk. Wcstinin.
:l S.liOii.m. 11.30
fs 1.18 U.m, 8.45
7 tl.00p.in. 8.40
I'-nvs- Arrive
Traiii      lltgihi. Wcslmiii,
1 11.110 a.m. 8,88
L-ave Arrive
Van. Westniin.
8.110 a.m. 9.80
,1116 noon l.iio
. 5.00p.m, (i.io
l-cave Arrive
Van.      Wcstinin,
.8.0.1 p.m.      4.05
lllg, hi.
l,ve. Ollllllwock 6.00 a.m. I Dolly Except
"   Vancouver 7.OO   "    j     Sniuluy
All piwss.-iig.'r trains handle Express.
Cmitimiixl iinui lust week,
8. 8, Makurn lietween Suva  nnd
Auckland .Inn. II.
This is Sunday ngiiin and I am
writing to toll you, "All's Well."
We have enjoyed every day of tho
trip, with tho exception of the dny
tit Suva. There it was too hot for
me and indeed everyone was glud
to Ret away. The night we stopped
tnere seems like a nightmare. For
three days after wo crossed tho
Equator we were in what they
culled the Doldrums, the ocean being just like CllltllS Lake oil a calm
day, the only nir stirring was what
was caused by lho motion of the
bout, so that we travelled  like  this
for over ii thousand miles and lho
beat very oppressive. Some of the
olilcers on the boat suy il is thc
hottest trip tney have ever inade.
At Suva the unlives are line fellows,
T. H. Henderson's
Lovely Flowers, Fashionable and llccoming Slinpes,
nml Binartly trimmed lints.
See   them   before buying.
Open every evening from
7.30 to 10, nnd Saturday
from 2.30 to 5.
•Tinier instruction.*] from
Mr. A. D. McCannel
of Chilliwack, B. ('., we will soil l>y
PuUir Auction <>n Iii* farm, being known
IW the old Charlie Munro farm, -iniatol
al Munro on (Ih* Camp Slouuli rond, •>%
mill*- ram of Cliilliwack, un
Tuesday March 19, '12
commencing at 1.80 Sharp, the following
ilescrilseil Stock, Implements ami Furniture, etc. etc. vis.:
HORSES I Span of Mares, rising 3 ami
4 years .,1,1 -, 1 No. I farm team.
CATTLE—2 cows, Fresh. '.' cows flue to
freshen ssoou.
NCS-1 sow.   POULTRY-:1.iloz.iihens.
HARNESS—I M-t double harness.
PRODUCE—A .pointity ol hay ami oat.
sheaves; also u quantity of dry wood.
IMPLEMENTS—I wagon; 1 democrat; I
momrj 1 rake ; I plow; 1 .lis,- harrow;
t sciitller; 1 wheelbarrowj 1 cream separator; Scream cans- i wash tul<s; forks,
shovels, chains, and other articles loo
numerous to mention.
FURNITURE I organ, 1 sideboard, I
hook eisw-, 1 chiffonier, I lowing machine,
I extension table. I parlor table, I couch,
1 davenport, -I uodrnoin suites., parlor
chairs,, dining room chairs, kitchen
chairs, I cook llovc, I heater. Carpota.
rugs,, and other articles tots numerous to
TERMS OP SALE All sums of 150 ami
under, cash; over thaiamoniil 11 months'
ci.-dii will 1st* given on furnishing ap-
prov.il joint noies. Iscaring interest at the
rate of h per cent |s-r annum.
F.J. Hart® Co. Ltd.
Annual Meeting
The Annual General Meeting of the
t'hilliwiifk t'tvitiucry Association Limited
wlllls- held iii lh.- I Mil Fellow's hull,
Chllllwaek, on Monday March 18th 11)12,
at 2 o'clock, -s.m.
Biisines. will huhiile the receiving nf
Director's It-ports, election ot ofllcon and
a discu-wi.su of the plans (or the season's
...s-ratioii uf the Association's enlarged
A full attendance of tlioso Interested is
urgently requested.
W. L. MACKEN, Secy.
but we were glad to leave that place
We expect to get into Auoklaill
nbout Tuesday morning and will
slop tliere n week. Most of the
passengers are going to Australia tt:
tuli- up homes, us tho govornmont
thoro is offering great Inducements
to get settlers into Western Australia. Tliey are Irrigating tho hunl
for them, and loaning them money
for improvements^ it is no wonder
so many are going Into Australia.
Wo have beautiful weather now,
nice fresh breezes and an occasional
shower which seems to cool tho atmosphere, Wo are running directly south nnd the further wo get
uwuy from tbo Equator, the cooler
il is of course. Il is quite oloar
until 7, p.m. We make from 850
lo '170 miles atliiy,
Tuesday .Inn. 10, arrived in
Auckland, Mr. Bruce and Miss
liruce met us at Ihe wharf and bail
no difficulty in singling us oul so
Mrs. Cousins must have given a
pretty good description  of us  to
them. Tbey took us lo a very
homelike hotel where tliey were
acquainted and when wc hoard two
mosquitoes singing around uur
beads il scctnod   more  like   home.
Mrs. Itruce Invited us to Ihelr homo
next day. It is across the harbor
and we went over by the ferry I it nil
und luul lunch wilh them. They
have a cosy home and the garden
is a muss of flowors. If we luul
been their nearest relatives tliey
could not have treated lis boiler,
for they woro so kind tons. Among
other things we had for lunch were
some nice ripe strawberries and
cream.   They camo with us mi the
been thrown up by those volcanoes
is the best land hoi'C. After coining
down the lull we again louk the
train for Onohuiiga which is tlio
end of the trum at tide water. The
cily cutis here which is nine miles
from the post ulliee. Thc people
take life very easy uud there nre no
business blocks hora over live stories
and the residence, nro nil ono storey.
The roofs ure all made of shoot iron.
The weather is line here antl tho
people nre nil great walkers. If
you do walk you arc either climbing up hill or coming down one.
There arc such a nuniboi' of "chomist
shops" hen-, not  drug stores.
We. hail ii great trip to Rotoi-tira.
Wc touk Ihe train here last Thursday
at 1(1, a, in, and gol to our destination ul li, p.in., about 17(1 miles.
II rained till iho way across bul
when wo gol Ibere Jit cleared up
line antl alter dinner wc went out
for a stroll. Our hotel was close
to tho park so we headed for tliere.
This town is right in the heart of
the volcanic region nnd is n great
resort for tourisls. Vuu see but
spring- or geysers as Ihey are called
iu all direction und tho very ground
ynu walk oil is hut and tho ut-
mosphoro highly sulphorous. Tin-
city is built close by n large lnko
ml it cortnlnly is a weird looking
place HoniO purls of the shore tho
geysers are playing in ull directions
and ti stranger lias to he careful
where he walks. We mine buck |
lu uur 1,1,1,-I about HI p.m., ami
nul went to betl,us we had arranged
to go with a conch and four, on a
tourist trip llmt wuuld take us all
, day as wc luul abnut lurty-cight
ferry and took us up to Mount miles to go, part by coach and part
Ellon whieh is  an  extinct   volcano|by  launches.     There  were   about
Igood fruit!
Pruning $ Spraying
For Pruning we have
High Step Ladders, Extension Ladders
Shears tit nil prices.
For Spraying we have
The " Spraniotor "   Pumps
I'ondray's Patent Spraying
Denmark $ Burton I
in tho centre of the residential part
of the city and is nbout 1200 feet
or more in height with a great hole
in the centre of it where one can
sec the old lava. The day was hot
but wc were well repaid for our
climb when wc got to the top. Wc
could sec the entire city below us
ou all sides and the harbor beyond.
It was very grand antl wc shall
never forget it. The city is growing rapidly and the population is
about 1 Kl.fXtO. We went from
Mount Eden to the museum.
There you see all the different
weapons of war and wonderful carvings. There is one magnificent
war canoe, 82 feet in length and
7 feet wide and capable of carrying
100 warriors, all beautifully carved,
especially at the bow and stern.
One of thc cannon in the park was
taken ut Waterloo. Tbe weather
here is about like Chilliwack in
lune. Peaches, strawberries and
grapes are ripe. The people do
not seem to work very hard here.
The stores all have verandahs over
the sidewalks and the street lights
me under the verandahs, This
morning we leave h.v train for
llotorurii. It will take us one day
to get there but we were strongly
advised not lo lilies seeing the active
geysers there. We will stop there
a day and come back the following
day. Then we go to Sydney and
slay about four days. We sail from
there to Hong Kong ami then to
Yokohama where we will have to
stay about three weeks before we can
get a boat back. We are sorry we
do not catch either of (be Empresses,
but we will have to come back by
the Minit»agle. You may look for
us about tllO middle of April though.
Auckland, January 24.
Since coming here here wc have
had a most pleasant time taking in
thc sights of tho cily. Thia is a
beautiful city with splendcd location
and line harbors, Mr. and Miss
Bruce have been so kind to US and
taken us to places of interest in tbe
city such as the museum, picture
gallery, etc. Hotels are much
cheaper here than in America, but
thc city is very much behind thc
times. Although it has the same
popuhitinn as Vancouver they unjust getting in electric light now
and very few have it in yet. You
will sec an old man going ai-.uii.il
with a long torch lighting the street
lumps and (he same way in hotels.
They seem to use acctolyna and
gasoline lights. The sidewalks in
front of nil business houses arc all
covered with verandah's .which
keep out Im.11. the sun nntl ruin and
I understand it rains more here
than in  llritish   Columbia.
Mr. and Miss Brttcotook us up to
the "One Tree- Hill." Tills is about
seven miles from the post oflice.
The train leaves people at the base
of the hill and then we climb a
gradual slo|>e of about olKI feet
and from Ihe summit one gets a
niagniliccnt view of not only part
of the city bul of tbe harbor and
gulf nud mountains out about forty
miles. This hill is an extinct
volcano and tliere are two very
largo craters in it which show
plainly what a terrible upheaval
there must have lieen here at prehistoric times. The hill and twenty
acres surrounding it was a gift, to
I Hakes a Person Well Dressed
ten or eleven iu our party  and  W0
bail a  line day.     Each  carried   a
lunch basket put up fnr  us  at  the
hotel.    At lirst we were disappointed with the look of the country as
it has a desolate appearance though
wonderfully grand.     At  one time
(hoy tell us this was a beautiful
country,   inhabited   by   a    large
number of  Mamies  who  like  our
Indians at home  usually pick out
the best  places,  but n  little over
twenty yenrs ago there wus a terrible
upheaval frum one of tho mountains
and covered ull the country within if
a radius of fifteen or twenty miles'*
with lava, whole villages disappear- j 4
ing.   After our stage had conveyed I»
lis to the  lakes   we  tben  boarded | X
the gasoline launches.    There  arc!4
three line large lakes quite close  to:*
one another and when you ure high *
Upon  the  bill   above   tbem    they If
look wonderful,   tine is as green*
or greener thun the  ocean,  one  is *
bine ns indigo and one is almost J
as white  as   milk.     The  last  one
we  crossed    in  the   launch   and
cruised around the shores for quite
awhile.    Iu some parts of the lake
tlie water is so hot yon can't  hold
your hand in  il.    The depth  of
this hike is 500 feet.     After  landing we bad lunch by llie shore  and
a guide louk  us  iu  charge   for
wulk uf two or  three  mile-..     All
around you see hot   Is.iling  spring-
an.l steam coming out in ull directions,    Wc g,,t   back  again aboul
six and after dinner went f.u- a stroll.
We  met  a  Maorie   woman    who
told us of a coi rt given nt   eight
by a  numlier of Mnorics,  so   we
went, und I tell vou it wns a  treat.
Tho best of all  was  the singing  nf
solo's und quartettes by the scholars
and young men.     I  never heard
anything   liner.      They    sang   a
number nf  pieces   wc   knew    as
"Home     Sweet      Home"       and
"Jitnnila",    and   you  could   tell
every word. The tenors were beautiful and the buss simply grnnd. The
master of the ceremonies wns
of   the    number,    a    Itev.    .Mr.
Bennett, a line looking man dressed
just like one of our ministers,   Wc
got  up early  next  morning   and
hired u rig und drove out  to some
more hot springs.   There were quite I
a number of Mnorics living at the;
place  and   one   called    "Maggie" |
tiM.k charge  of  us.     She   s|sikci
English well ami  has a  line soft
voice, in fact Ihey all seem to have.
Ono spring  here  is  about   ten  or
fifteen  feel   wide   anil   the   steam
lbrowsupsi.fi mini ahotll  two or
three feel and yot! would just sweur
it was the leaping nf frogs. This is the j
frog pond,    Another makes eyes at
you, you sec where the bubbles form I
on Ihe surface the exact   s1iii|h-  of j
un eye and  a pupil  right  in  tin-
centre.     Another   pond   goes    on j
making flowers just like n  full  expanded rose.     Then another is a
large cavern and yon  would  think
there was u big pig down  in  thc
bottom of it grunting.    Another
was called  the  Bruin pot.     This
jour guide explained wns where   the
Mnorics used to put the heads of
their foes into after battle and cook
thom, boforo eating them. She1
seemed quid- disgusted when telling1
!us of ibis uud suid the missionariesI
j hnd shown them bow wrong it was
and that now tbey  were trying to;
Just as it iTinkes ono rich,   it's more u matter '>f judgment than of money this question of being well dressed.
It's knowing what clothes, to buy.
The Fit-Reform Wardrobe
Shows you exactly what are tin- proper styles for every
season and every occasion. Wo know that Fit-Reform
styles are right and we know Fit-Reform values are
right. The good judgment to conn- to Fit-Reform will
not only make you well dressed but will also enable
you to bo woll dressed for little money.
Chas. Parher
Your Out litter.
Fit-Reform Clothier.
Mountain View
Wo have for sale an idoal building lot mi Secon
Avenue, close in, whicli can In- bought for
$475 cash
If you intend building it will pay you ti
for particulars.
I Oil 11  Oil 11:
one I *
Chas. Huteheson ® Co.
Household Articles
the city by a Mr. Campbell one of idowhat was right. "January 20,
the oldest pioneers. There are forty-1 We sail tonight for Sydney where
six extinct volennocs in sight of i we expect to arrive about February
Auckland, and the land which hus J,"
The little ini-
morsion heater. 1$ o i 1 s
water in it few
El Stovo
'I'he   stovo
whicli     boils
your     kettle
all cooking
purposes as
well ns toasting,
El Perco
Makes delie
ious  coffee
in   at   few
P/.one257 &   PUGH
Chiiiit-ac1- nilf.UWACK PRKB PRESS
o/v£ w_4y ot/r
Copyright, 10)1'
[By Small, Mnynnrd & Co., Inc.
I   CAM-, bnok  homo jubilant.    Ruth I
.   ;ti  first  took  tho prospect  of my |
di: glng in 0 ditch n bit hunl, but j
thai \\ ;is only because she contrasted j
it   wiih   my   farmer  genteel   employment.
"Why,   girl,"   I   explained,   "It's   no
more than   I  would have ta do If wo
tool!   ii   homestead   out   west.   I'd   t
soon   dig   in   Massachusetts   us   Moi
tm the second day wo wero fulrly
sottled, and that nighl nfler the boy
had gone to bed Ruth snt down at my
.uii- with ii pm.
"Billy," : lu
ul pencil In I
i one thing
new begln-
•if It's unly
:i  \, i
..i doubtfully.
u can'l  until I get a
sin- foil of iiiv arm. It's a big arm,
Then sin- smllod. n wus ihr lust Lima
she mentioned lho subject.
Wo .iiihi'i say anything to lho neighbors iinui Hu- furniture began to go
out, Then tho womon (lockod In and
Ruth wus hard prossed to keep our
snni. I sal upstairs und chuckled uh
I heard her replies, Sho says It's the
only tlmo I ovor failed to Btand by her,
hm it didn't Bocm in me like anything
bul u joke.
"\w shall want to keep track of
you," said HUU- Mra. Qrover, "Whoro
shall we address you?"
"i ih, l can't tell," answered iiuth,
truthfully enough,
"Arc yuu going far?"
"Ves.    Oh—a long,  long  wny."
Thui. wus true enough too. We
couldn't have gone further mil of their
lives tf we'd Bulled tor Australia.
And sn they kept ii up, Thut night
we made ;i round of the houses und
everyone wus very much surprised and;
very much grieved, und vory curious. J
To ail their Inquiries, 1 made the same
reply; lhat 1 wus going to emigrate.
.Sum.' of them looked wistful.
"Jove," said Brown, who wns with]
ilie insurance company, "bul I wish l
hnd tho nerve tu do that. 1 suppose
you're going west?"
"We're going west first," 1 answered. |
The road to lho. station wus almost
due west.
"They suy thore nm greal chnnces
out in lhat country," he snid. "it Isn't
.su overcrowded us here."
■■I don'l know about that," I an-
Bwered, "but there ;nv chances enough."
Some of the women cried und all the
men shook hands cordially und wished
us good luck. But it didn't mean much
tu me. Tho time l needed thoir handshakes wus gone, I learned later that
as a result of our secrecy 1 wus variously credited with having lost my
reason with my Job; with having Inherited a fortune, with having gambled
in the market, with, thrown In for good
measure, a darker hint about having
misappropriated funds nf ihe United
Woollen. But, somehow, their nastiest
gossip dhl not disturb mo. it hud no
power to harm either me or mine. I
was already beyond thoir reach, Be-
foro I lefl 1 wished thom all Godspeed
on the dainty Journey thoy wore making In thoir cockleshell. Thon so fur
us thoy woro concerned I dropped off
Into the son with my wife and boy.
We Prospect
We wore lucky In getting into a new
tenement and lucky In securing the
top floor. This gave us easy access
tu the flat roof five stories above thel
street, From here wo not only had
a magnificent view of the harbor, but
oven on tho hottesl days felt some-
thing of u sea breeze. Coming down
here In Juno wo appreciated thai before the summer wus over.
Tho streel wus located half a dozen
blocks from tin* waterfront and was]
Inhabited   almosl   wholly   by   Italians,!
save for a Frenchmt n the corner,
win* run ii bako-shop. The streel It- j
soif wus narrow and dirty enough, bul
it opened Into n public square which
wa i decidedly picturesque. This n i :
Btirroundi d by liny simps and forol tn
banks, and was ulways olive with color
and Incident, The vegetables displayed
on tho sidewalk Btands, the gas I n
of the women's gowns, tho gaudy kcr-
, iii. rs of the men, gave II u knlcldo-
bci pic effei t lhal made It us fascinating lo us as n trip abroad. The section was known ns Little Italy, nnd
so far us wo w< re concerned was us
Interesting  as  11 ily  Itself.
Thero wore four other families In
ih,- in ii .-. bul the nnly things wo
used In common were tin* narrow Iron
si.iii-i.-u*, lead lti upst lira and the roof.
The other ten tnts, however, seldom
used the latter n\ all excepl to hnntj
oul tholr occn lonal washings. For
the fir i month ••!* i ■> wo snw little of
thi o people. Wo woro far li •• bu
in make u\ < rl in es, and as for ihom
thoj lol us severely atone. Tiny were
not noli v. and * kci pi tor ■<
<   fin i   ii"* r  we   heard   little  of
them above tho clamor of (In i treol
below. We had four rot m i. The front
,,, tn ",■■ gave to lho boy, tho noxl
room we uur; elves occup * <i. lho third
room wo U-. ii for a i Ittlng ind dining*
room, while tho fourth was a small
kitchen with running water. As compared wllh our house the quarters at
firs! seemed cramped, bui wo hud
cul down uur furniture to whal was
absolutely essential, and ns soon us
our oyes ceased making tho comparison wo woro surprised to hud how
com fort ablo wo were.   In tho dining-
i in, for Insl ■*■. wi* had nothing but
three chairs, n folding table nnd a
closol for tho dlahoa, Lounging chairs
and bo forth we did away with altogether. Nor wus there uny need of
making provision fur possible guests.
Here throughout tho whoio house wns
the greatest saving. 1 look n florco
pleasure at first in thus oaring for my
own alone.
Tho boy's room contained a cot, a
ehair, n rug and n tew of his personal
treasures; uur own mum contained
just   the   bed,   chair   und   wash tnnd.
Ruth added a few touches wilh 	
lures and odds nnd ends lhal took off
lho bare aspect withoui cluttering up
In   two  weeks  these  scant  quarters
wore evory whit aa much home
tidy little houi o had boon. Th il  w
Ruth's part In It,   She'd inula   ,
uut t.r a prison,
Cor m
I shook my li
"I'm  afraid  yo
raise,"  I sulci.
"Wo tried wall
Bho answered.
••I know, bul "
"There dron't going to he nny huts,"
Bhe answered decidedly,
"Hut six dollars a week—'1
"is six dollars n wcok," she broke
In, "We must live on five-fifty, that's
"With steak thirty cents n pound?"
"Wo won't have steak. That'B the
point. Our neighbors around here
don't look starved, and thoy have larger families than ours. And ihey don't
oven  buy  Intelligently."
"Huw do you knuw that?"
'I've been watching them nt the
little stores In Ihe square. They pay
thoro us much for half-decayed stuff
us they'd have tu pay fur fresh odds
and ends ai the big market."
She rested her pad upon her knot*.
"Now In the first place, Hilly, we're
going to live much more simply."
"We've never been extravagant," I
"Not in a way," she answered slowly,
■'Inn. In aunt her way we huve. l'vo
been doing a lot nf thinking In ihe
last few days and 1 see now where
we've 'uni a great many unnecessary
"Not for the lasl few weeks, anyhow," 1 said.
"Those don't count. But before that
1 menu. For Instance there's coffee.
It's a luxury. Why we spent almost
thirty cents a week un thai alone."
**l  knuw  but—"
"There's another but. There's no
nourishment in coffee and we can't
afford It, We'll spend that money for
milk. We must have good milk und
ynu must get tt for me somewhere up
town. I dun't like tho looks of the milk
around here. Tliat will be eight cents
a day."
"Better have two quarts," 1 suggested.   She thought a moment.
"Ves," she agreed, "two quarts, beeauso that's going to be the basis of
nur food. That's u dollar twelve cents
a week."
Sho made up a little face at this. I
smiled grandly.
"Now for breakfast we must have
oatmeal every morning, And we'll get
it in bulk. I've priced It and It'a only
a little over three cents a pound at
some of tlie stores."
"And   the   kind   we've  alwnys   hud?"
"About twelve when It's done up in
packages. That's about the proportion
by which I expect to cut down everything. But you'll have to eat milk on
it instead of cream. Then wo'll uso
a lot of potatoes, Thoy uro vory good
baked for breakfast. And with them
you muy have salt fish—oh, there are
ii dozen nice ways of fixing thut. And
yuu may huve some griddle cukes and
—you wait and see the things I'll give
you for breakfast. You'll havo to have
n  b 1 luncheon, of course, but we'll
have our principal meal when you get
back from work it night But you
won't get steak. When we do get moat
we'll buy soup bones and meat we can
boll. And Instead of pies and cakes
we'll have nourishing puddings of
cornstarch and rice. There's another
good point—rice. It's cheap nnd wo'll
hive ii lot of it. Look at huw tin- Japanese live on tt duy af'.or duy and keep|
fat and strong. Thon there's cheap
fish; rock cud uud .such to make good
chowders of or t<> fry In purk fat like
the bass and trout I used to havo buck
home. Then there's baked beans. Wo
ought lo have them at least twice a
week In the winter. But this summer
we'll live mostly un fish und vegetables,
1 can get thorn fresh at the market"
"II sounds good," I snid.
"Jusi you wait" Bho cried excitedly.
"I'll fatten Up both you and tlic boy."!
"And yourself, little woman," I reminded her. "I'm not '-ruing to lake
ihe saving out or you."
"Don't you worry nbout mo," she
answered. "This will be easier than
tho other life, i ilion'l have to worry
tboul clothes or dinners or parties
for tha buy. And it Isn't going to lake
any tlmo nl all t«> keep these four
rooms clean und sweet."
l took the rest of tho week as a sorl
,.;' vocation and used it tu got acquainted vitii my  new surroundings,
IfS u  fact thut this section of the City
which for iwonty yurs hud been within n short walk uf my ofilco wus us.
torolgn to nn' o i Europe, i had novor
heforo been down here nnd all I knew
about it was through lho occasional
head-lines In ilu* papers In connection
with stabbing affrays. For the flrsl
day or two i folt ns though I ought to
carry a revolver, Whenever 1 was
forced to loave Ruth alone in tho house'
i instructed hor upon no circumstances I
to upon the door. The hoy and I ur-
rn nged Q secret ro p—un idea the t
pleased him mightily- and until sho
hoard tho single knock followed by
two quick sharp ones, she wus not lo
answer. Bul In wandering around
among these people it wus difficult to I
think of them ns vicious. The Italian
clement was a laughing, lndolent»ap«
pearlng group; Ihe scattered Jewish]
folk wore almosl timid nnd kepi very'
much lo themselves. I didn't find ul
really tough face until I came lo the,
water front when* ihey spoke English.)
On lho third morning after u break-
Ti t , r oatmeal und hot biscuit—nnd.
by the wuy, Ruth effected a fifty per
cent, saving right here by using tho
old fashioned formula of soda und
ere nn nf tartar instead of baking pow-
i ■ i iml baked potatoes, Ruth and the
In v nnd mysolf started on an exploring trip. Our Idea wus to get a bn"
on Jusi whut our opportunities won*
down  lure nnd  to none out  the best
and cheapest places to buy. The thing
that Impressed us right oft was iho
big advantage wo had in being within
easy access of Iho big provision centres. We wenr wiiliin ten minutes'
walk of tin* market, within fifteen of
llie water front, within three uf tlie
squuro uud within twenty nf the do-
pai'tmont stores, At all of those places
we round special bargains for the day
made to attract in town those from a
distance, if une rose early and reached them aboul us Boon as they wore
opened une could often buy things almost ai cost and somotlmos below oust.
For Insiaiur, we went up town to one
of tbo largest but cheaper grade department stores- -we had heard Uh
namo for yours bul had never been
inside the building—and we found thai
in their grocery department thoy hud
special mark-downs every day in the
week fnr u limited supply of goods, Wo
bought sugar this day ul u cent u
pound less than lho market price nnd
good benns for two cents a quart less.
it Bounds at first like rather picayune
saving but It counts up at the end of
the year. Then every stall In the
market had Its bargain of meats -
wholesome bits hul unattractive to
the cureless buyer. Wo bought here
for fifty cents enough round steak tor
Boveral good meals of hash. We couldn't have bought ll for loss thun a dollar   iu   tho   suburbs   and   even   at   that
we wouldn't have known anything
about it for tho store was loo far for
Ruth tu mako a porsonal visit nud the
butcher himself would never have
mentioned Buch nu mid end to a member nf um* neighborhood,
W>* enjoyed wandering around this
big market which in Itself wus like n
trip to another land, Later one of our
favorite   amusemonts   was   to   come
duwu here al night and watch Hie hustling crouds and the lights and the
pretty colors and confusion, ii reminded Ruth, she said, of a country
fair. She always carried a pud und
pencil und made notes of good places
to buy. I still have those and am referring to thom now us I write Ibis.
"Blanks," she writes (I omit the
name, "nice clean store with pleasant
salesman,   lias good soup bones."
Again, "Blank and Blank — good
placo to buy sausage."
Here, loo, the market gardeners
gathered as curly us four o'clock with
their vegetables fresh from thc suburbs. They did mostly u wholesale
business but if one knew how lt waa
always possible to buy of them a cabbage or u head of lettuce or a few apples, or a peck of potatoes. They
were u genial, ruddy-cheeked lot und
afler a while thoy cume to know Ruth.
Often I'd go up there wiih her before
work und she with a basket on her arm
would buy for the day. lt was always, "Good morning, miss," iu answer to her smile. They were respectful whether I was along or not.
Uut for that matter 1 never knew anyone who wasn't respectful to Ruth.
They used to like to see her come, I
think, for sho stood out in rather
marked contrast to the bowed figures
of the other women. Later on ihey
used to save nut for her any particularly choice vegetable Ihey might have.
She Insisted, however, in paying tbem
an extra penny for sueh things.
From the market wo wont down a
series of narrow streets which led to
the water front, Here the vessels frum
the Hanks come In lo unload. The air
was salty and though to us at lirsl
tho wharves seemed dirty we got used
to ihem after a while, and enjoyed
the smell of the t'.sh fresh from lbc*
Seeing whole push carls full of fish
und wai clung thom handled with a
pitch fork us a man tosses hay didn't
whet uur appetites any, but when we
remembered that it was those same
fish—a day or two older.—for which
we hud been paying double the price
charged for them here tho difference
overcame our scruples. The men here
Interested mo. i found that white the
crew of every schooner numbered a
goodly per cent, of foreigners, sllll
the greater part were American born.
The newcomers as a rule bought small
launches of thoir own uml went into
business tor themselves. The English
speaking portion "f Ihe crews wore also, as a rule, ihe rougher element The
loafers and hangers-on nbout the
wharves wen- also English speaking.
This was a  fact   that   Inter on 1  f.uiml
tu im rather significant uml to hold
true iu n general wuy in nil branches
of the lower class of labor.
The liarruoms about hero- always a
pretty Mire Index uf tho men of nny
communlt) were mun- numerous and
uf decidedly a rougher character limn
those aboul tho square,   A man would
be a ; i deal better justified In car-
rytnfl n revolver on ibis stroei than
ho would in Lillle Italy. I never allowed Ruth to como down here alum*.
From here we wandered back and i
found a public playground and bathhouse by the water's edge, This attracted me at once. 1 Investigated
Hits uml found It offered u flue opportunity iur bathing, Little dressing-
rooms were provided und for a penny
a mnn could get a clean towel and
for Ave cents a bathing suit There
Was uo reason thut I could see, however, why we shouldn't provide our
own. Il was within an easy ton minutes of the flat und I BOW'right then
where 1 would get n dip every day.
It wuuld be a great thing fnr the boy,
too, I hud alwnys wanted him to
learn io swim.
nn Uu* wuy homo we passed through
the Jewish quarter nnd 1 made ii note
or lho clothing offered for sale hero.
The street wus lined Wllh securul-hund
stores wlib coaiH and irousers swing*
Ing over tho sidewalk, and tho win-
dows wero filled with odd lota uf ihoeB.
Then too, tliere were the pawnshops.
I'd always thought Of a pawnshop nv
hut being exactly respectable nnd bad
the feollng that anyone who secured
anything from them wus in u way
n receiver of stolen guods.    Hut un I
passed them now, I received a new
Impression, Thoy Beemod, down here,
as legitimate a business us the secondhand stures. The wiudnws offered an
a_3i I'tment of everything frum wnlches
iu banjoes and guns, but among them
I alsu noticed many carpenter's tools
and sn forth, Thai might be a useful
thing to remember,
li was odd huw In it dny our point of
view had changed. If 1 had brought
Ruth and  tho  buy down  through hero
|„ month before, we would all, 1 think,
have been mure impressed by the congestion and the picturesque details of
Ithe squalor than anything else. Wo
would  hnvo  picked   nur  way   gingerly
land Ruth would have sighed often in
pity, and. comparing the lives of these,
' people wllh our own, would probably
have made an extra generous contribution to the Salvation Army tho next
time thoy camo round. I'm not saying
now that there Isn't misery enough
there and 111 every like section of
every city, but I'll suy that ln a great
many cases the sumo people who
grovel iu the filth here would grovel
in a different kind nf filth If they hud
ten thousand a year. At tbut you can't
blame them greatly for they don't
know any better. But when you learn,
as 1 learned later, that some of the
proprietors of those second-hand
stures nnd tiy-blown butcher shops
hnve sons In Harvard und daughters
in Wollesley, ll makes you think, Bui
I'm running ahead.
The point wus that now thnt wn felt
ourselves In a wny one of these people
and viewed tho stroot not from the superior height of native-born Americans but just as emigrants, neither the
soiled cloibcs uf ihe Inhabitants nor
the cluttered sireet swarm ing wllh
laughing youngsters Impressed us unfavorably at all. Tho ImpnsBlvo men
smoking cigarettes nt their doors looked contented enough, tho women were
not   BUCh 08 to excite pity, nml   If  you
noticed, then* were as muny childron
around lho local Bodo water fountains
ns you'd find In a suburban drug store,
They all had clnlhes enough and appeared well fed nnd If M.in  them
looked pasty, the sweel stuff In tho
siuies wus enough to account for that.
At any rale we came hack lo our
lint that dny neither depressed nor
dlscouragod but decidedly ln better
spirits, cf course we had seen unly
the surface and 1 suspected that whon
we really got Into these lives we'd
find a bad condition of things. 11 must
be so, for that wns tho burden of all
wo read. But wc would huve time
enough to worry about that when we
discovered It for ourselves,
(To be continued).
The reported new order from lho office of Doctor Wiley, In Washington,
that artificially fattened, or "flouted,"
or "drunken" oysters shall not be sold
In Interstate commerce, will be opposed by the oystermen. notwithstanding
the famous government chemist's declaration, whicli accompanied his decision, that the process of fattening bivalves In fresh wator Is injurious to the
public health.
The impending fight, which Will probably be led by William H. Chew, will
be the second that the oyster fanners
havo made upon Doctor Wiley, Ihe first
one boing & year ago, when they contended with him upon the sumo Issue
und won.
This time, howovor, it is declared by
Dootor Wiley's friends, the chemist Is
backed by facts gathered by government Investigators, and ho is ready to
prove that the fresh-water-fattened
oyster Is only a bloated, disease-bearing and dissolute substitution fur the
real und healthful salt-water production.
Believable reports from Washington
an- to the effect lhat Doctor Wiley has
rescinded tho straddle order N*»*. 126
and renewed lho stringent No. 11"
order that nn oyster taken from sail
water and fattened In fresh water
streams is lo bo sold beyond the confines of the state in which it Is So fattened. Already It is known that Mr.
Chew ts ai work among the oystermen
giving out Information, and a lurge
delegation of these oystermen Is expected at the state house In the near
future to protest against such action
by the federal government.
For many years tho practice of fattening oysters by placing them in
rivers and then giving lho bivalves n
salt-water bath to renew the losl taste
has heen looked upon as a legitimate
business Borne in.ooo men are engaged ln the occupation. But. within
lho last five years chemical analysis
has proved that these oysters are fattened uu nothing olse than the bacilli
In the fresh water nnd which nro ab
font from the salt water. Doctor
Wiley took step-: t,, properly safeguard
the health uf the oyster-loving public
liy warning the department ot agriculture against the condition, and order
Mo. 110 was the result.
Influence,   political   nnd   otherwise,
won the fight against tho order last
Agents from Doctor Wiley's bureau
huv,' been making tests nt various
polnti on the const f,,r several months,
The result, according lo those who
know of the Investigations, has boon
to confirm Doctor Wiley In bis belief
tliat the "big mills" sold over the counters of the big ollles are germ-laden
and dangerous tu the health of the consumer.
"Ten thousand men engagod In the
Industry will be affected," Is to be the
plea of tho oyster farmors in their
fight »n Wiley's order, which Is similar in the cry raised by alt adulterated
food dealers when Duclor Wiley sel
uboul enforcing tbe law.
Ono of thc contentions of Doctor
Wiley's friends nnd admirers is that
the Industry Is the result of a built-up
demand by the oystermen for largo
sail-water oysters, nnd that before the
process Wai begun no one thought of
big bivalves. All were content lo eat
the genuine salt-water uysler, they say.
and the public will eat Just ns many
oysters', and more, if tliey are the real
thing, and will hall wllh delight lh'*
assurance thnt "drunken" oysters ure
no longer on the market.
Tin* antiquated business methods li
which    French   bunking   bouses   still
cling wore responsible for another daring attempt on a bank official, this
lime In the streets of ti ParlB suburb.
When one hank has to draw upon another It Koiitls nn employee around to
collect the sums of lis debts in hard
In order lhal Ibere shall be no mistaking his Identity this employee is
pul into a uniform, wilh a tin plute on
his breast bearing a number. He wears
a clicked but of much the same type as
thai of a French admiral.
This uniformed bunk functionary Is
a familiar sight on the boulevards, and
young soldiers fresh from the country
have been known lo salute him, mistaking him for an officer of high rank,
lie Is no less known to thieves und
a hank employee named Chouet, who
Is seventy years of age. but hale and
hearty, Is employed at Galllon's Hunk
at si. Denis, nnd he hud occasion to go
to the local branch of the Hank of
France to receive payment for u draft.
This amounted to (12,000. On receiving the banknotes representing the sum
Chouet placed them In two pockets of
his coal.
lb- had scarcely put his foot outside lbc door of tlie hunk when twu
armed men with revolvers sprang upun him.
nne seized him by the throat, while
his companion struck him over tho
head wllh (ho butt end uf his revolver,
knocking him senseless to llie ground.
Tho pair then proceeded lo rifle Ills
pocket, and the satchel In which ho
nlso carried n Hum of money,
This all look placo In broad daylight
nnd In the middle of n much-frequented public thoroughfare. Tin' two
thieves Bucceodcd In possessing thorn-
solves or |10,000. Then upun their lie
Ing doloclod they abandoned lho search
for lho remainder of th*' monoy un.l
made   off.
A conchmnn in lho employ of n local
doctor, who had witnessed the assault,
gave ihe Him in.  uinl  whon  tho  pair
made   off   (he   euaelininu,   whipping   lip
his horse, started in pursuit. A general
hue and cry wns raised, Gendarmes
nml civilians armed with a miscellaneous collection of weapons joined In the
The robbers had obtained a good
stall, hut the pursuers outran and finally overtook them. One of thom, finding himself ubuut to bo captured, turned and fired several times at lho nearest gendarme. Fortunately, his aim
was bad. and the bullets went wide.
The crowd closed In, and nn the gendarmes threatening to make nve of
Iheir arms the fugitives surrendered.
Thoy were at once handcuffed and taken back to St. Denis under a strong
escort. One of Hie prisoners, na ho
was about to fall into the bands of the
police, flung his share of the stolon
notes Into n street drain, The money
was afterward recovered intact.
A Kansas man has bet $'..0,000 that
rain will fall in Thomas county. Kan.,
between March 1 and May 1 of next
year. If tho good rain comes, "Jim"
Kike will clear up $_00.000 next summer, go to Europe, wear patent leather
shoes and a silk hat and "kill It" generally. A year ago Fike bet $r.0.000
that it would rain In his county between those dales and ho lost. If rain
had como on any one of the sixty days
he wuuld  huve cleaned  Up moro than
$r>o o.ooo.
"Jim" Flke is Ibe wheat king uf
Kansas, Ho has lived in western
Kansas many years, nnd In spite uf the
failures of ruin to appear at jusi the
proper time, he slicks. "I'll clean up
yet," he said the other day In Tupckn.
"Thc rain'11 come seme time, and
When It does I will have hid my
hand «.n the doorknob lo lei opportunity in }ust ih** minute sbe raps.
Then I'll go to lb** seashore and to
Europe, and any pin «- olse win re there
.■ue things io see and do. and I'll havo
lots of fun uml then come back and
take another chance on Dame Weather."
Gambling on ihe weather his been
the "Jim" Kike method of chasing the
festive ducal for Ion years, lb- mnde
n "killing" In 1003, and is waiting
patiently for another big year, ami
thon ho says he will .put gambling on
rain. Blnco 1008 he bus hot $17:,.'>oo
Hint It would rain et the proper time,
iii- never lost entirely until last year,
when the wouthef soaked up $t*>,ono.
Each year he got his wager back, and
three years he was able to show small
winnings, but he bis not "busted" the
bank yt und wants to keep on trying
until he does smash it good and hard.
Two yeurs ago FU,*' BOWOd 13,001
acres uf wheal und cleaned up $20,000.
A year ago lu* sowed 17,000 acres ami
lust Mo.Dtio, the only complete luss he
has ever sustained.     This year be Son -
ed 0,000, and if ruin unly comes during
.Manb and April, a single Inch of rainfall in any one of Blxly days, Fike will
mako a mint uf money, At this time
uf year the prospects usually look
good, nm they nro better now thun
In any uf the last live yoara,
Pike doesn't dn bis weather gambling on a lilt-or-ralss proposition, lie
pull ovory thing favorable In ihe path,
lie plows woll, usee big steam engines
uml gasoline englnt - thai tear up the
ground live Inches deep, and harrows
it at the same lime at Ibe rale uf 100
acres n day. Then ho sows the best
s.cd obtainable, in 1010 ho sold his
wheal at fl.07 M bushel in Kansas
City, when the usual price range was
frnin H0o to $1. Nut a pound of his
wheat that year wus used bur lluor.
ft w.is bought by t irmera who wanted
first-class need.
"it's ail a gamble," be snid ibe other
dny. "We have bud five bad years
In tbe IiihI eight. In a bad year we
got live lo eight bushels an acre and
we jusi pull through, Iu a good year
we can easily cut thirty or more hush-
els off every ucre. When the ruin
comes right It'a like shouting fish In a
Nu   year   lives   tor   Itself  alune.       Ill
.•very twelvemonth   there   are event.
Whose   Influence   (Iowa      Illln   the   vusl
volume of human thought, There ll
no ancient histe-y to ancient that w<
of today ure utterly untouched by ll
There aro tome years much rlchei
bun othora In fur-reaching event
I'he year 1812 wus ouu of these. Whnt
occurred In Its twelve months wus fell
ull ovor the civilized world. History
wus made and unmade, and it is not
going too far to suy that Hil2 la largely whal It is because 1S12 was what It
The event Hint most stirred the
wnr id wus Napoleon's Invasion of
Russia, followed by tho awful retreat
"f his ruined army. We all of us
hnvo road the story so often in Iho
pages uf Sogur, l>n Fez'ensao and
others who lived ibrough the strenuous advance und the tragical retreat,
Hint wo teem lu he perusing Hie account of a moving (ale ut yesterday.
Historians are writing of the Russian
campaign still, digging how fuels out
*if the snow that covered Napuleun's
legbms. They recognls.0 that ho
came very near attaining the Ideal uf
his ambition, the unquestionable mastery of Continental Europe. Auguate
Fournier, tho Austrian, think;* thoro
was a moment when if Napoleon hud
halted bis army this side of Muscuw
and organized his occupation, Russia
wuuld hnve beon compelled to suo fur
pence, und the Corslcnn would have
luen lord paramount of Uie Western
World. <mly Groat Britain could
hnve kept up the struggle then, und
not for Ion;;, with the resources of
Russia, Austria, Prussia nnd all Germany at Napoleon's call. To put down
Ihe history hook ami ponder on whut
might have happened but for (he intervention of what did happen Is, as
Thackeray   says,   a    tempting   OXOI'cIse
of tiie Imagination, Our ancestors of
1812 had seen ihe map <>r the world
so   frcqi tiy    corroded    with    the
sword  Hint  they   had  become chary  or
giving their speculative faculties pluy.
'i hey tin w thai Napoleon bud muster-
i d for ihe Invasion tho largos! army
ever commanded bj on.- man of which
modern history made record, Whether
Its offocllvo strongth approximated
000,000, ns contemporaries thought, or
win n.er, as loday's historians calcul
at.', it did imt much exceed 450 000 of
nil ranks, ii  wna n  poHonlous Im l   in
th*' i pie of 1312, wheilu r thoy were
spectators uf Its oporatlona or who-
ther ihey learned nf them nu neutrals
ur us tin- Inhabitants of lands safeguarded i*y ;in- .-.-., agalnsl Nnp< loon's
clutch, Napoleon's army, for II w u
l.y no means nil Fronch, and Included
German, Prussian, Austrian, Italian,
Polish un.l oven Portuguese ccntln-
gents, crossed tho Klcmen June 24,
two days after ih■■ formal declaration
of war, and began its long march on
Moscow,  G50 miles distant.
"Foredoomed to dpgs nnd vultures
That gallant army came,
its route carried it to several battlefields. The moat famous of the
bullies it fought wus Borodino, Sept.
7. one of the bloodiest of modern
times. Within a week Napoleon had
entered Moscow, only to encounter in
the famous conflagration, Sept. 14,
fierce evidence of Hie undying determination to resist him tu the last und
with agencies to which unly the most
heroic self sncrlflce would resort
Against the darkness of iho past tbe
flames nf MOSCOW are siill lurid. They
influence the imagination uf tiie world
to this day. for many believe that
they drove the invaders mil ur the
city, wlnrens they remained amid tlie
ruins fur a month. It was not until
net. 15 tlmt iin* French evacuation begun, the opening chuptor uf the Iliad
of French woes. When Napoleon on
December *. left his Bkeleton host to
make a hurried journey to Paris, nothing remained of the army he had led
across th*' Nicmen almost six months
in fore, save Invalids, and here and
there groups and detachments, at n -
gating a tew thousands In nil, who had
k.-pt a Bomblam e nf their org intention.
The blow in hla prestige waa ■ rii ■' ■•
lb- never rallied from It, for though
ii,* took Hu- field lho nexl Bprlng with
an army formidable in numbers and
siill more formidable in his genius,
tie- great coalition ho controlled perished In Hi- Russl in snows. Those
who hnd been wilh him previous to
Moscow turned against him. His unwilling allies became bis willing foes,
and within sixteen months uf Borodino
ho had abdicated, Frnin the evacuation of .Moscow to tlie land al St.
Helena wus hut time yeurs.
The tests of It. Werner and others
hnvo proved Dial ordinary physical bodies have an effect an photographic
plates. As it was suspect.-.! tliat this
might in* duo to radioactive action, Dr.
Albert Cnan of Heidelberg made extensive tests, investigating tl"' radioactivity ui' the human organs, by
monna of the Borcker Emnuomcter.
This instrument gives account of
every omanatlon nnd radioactive action
ami consist- In the main of n shaking
tank and an electric measuring ins'ru-
ment connected with each oiiu-r by a
rubber tube nnd electric wires. The
measuring instrument is a Wutf wire
electromotor connected to a 200-volt
storage battery, ami o powerful micro-
BCOpO through Which readings it- taken.
Dr. Canii examined forty uue different
organs, coming from twelve different
persons, KduoTliff nlmul 100 grains ui
each organ to ashes, and placing i' into tlie manometer.     In ovory roso ho
found   the   pies. o   of   li    substance,
Which   t le   the  air  oloi'tri'-nlly   eon
ductlve. Whether this substance is
Identical with radium, cannot be intd
with cortain ty. Itut all Indications
point lo ike conclusion tlmt llie sub*
atanco is radioactive. The activity of
Hu* brain is especially high, the heart
and liver an* less nrtive, und the kill-
nevs und spleen ure almost entirely inactive; the lull*-* again show groat
Social position, calling, life nnd the
location frum which Individuals come
have very little influence on the radio
activity of the organs, Increasing ago
iiierctisi's the quantity of rnidonctlvo
inntler, Only a few cases hnve boon investigated so far, to find what dilTer-
0nC0 health nr disease make in ibis i*on-
hoctlon, hut it seems lhat diseased oralis have n hlghor rndiouctivity.
As regurds Ihe origin of the radio-
active substance soeiningdy proBOUt this
might QOnlO from the food and drink
nr else from the air inspired. Doth
hypotheses   could   he   harnioiii/.oil   with
tiie phenomenon nf Increasing radio*
active substance with growing nne. No ,
conclusion can as yet be reached as to
ilm rah* of radioactive aubatnneea in
the vital aetivi*y of tlm eells of tlm human body.
Nothing so Sure to "Set Up" a Man,
Make Him Feel Brisk and Vigorous, as Dr. Hamilton's Fills
Lack of exercise and overwork were
the causes that combined to allll08t kill
Samuel 8, Stephens, Jr., one of the best
known citizen6 In Woodstock.
in his convincing letter Mr. Stephens
"A year njjn T returned home after n
long trip, completely worn out,   1 was
10 badly lllVoilcil by chronic billiuusness,
so much overeoiiio by constant head*
a, Ins, di,-'.mess, Ihnl I duBpllircil of ever
getting well I was always lired and
laiigiml, had nn energy and spiril, found
if difficult tu sic,-}. I,ir mnre Hutu live
hours. My appetite wns su Itcklo that
I nie nexl t<> nothing, and iu con no*
ijinii.c lost weight and strength, I was
pile nml hn 1 dark rings under my eyes
thai made mo tool; liko n shadow.    ■'
"It wns a blessing that I used Pi*.
Hamilton'a Pills, In one week I felt
like n new man. The feeling of weight
.nnd nausea in my stoimnh disappeared.
My eyes looked brighter, color grew
better, nnd, best of nil, I began to enjoy
my meala, The dlsslness, tangour and
feeling qf depression passed away, and
I feat regained by old-time vigor nml
spiri'.s.    To-day I  am well—thanks to
Dr. Hamilton'8 rills.-'
Por health, strength, comfort and
good spirits there is tm medicine like
In. Hamilton'a Hills. Bo ware uf substitutes, ami don't lot nny dealer palm
.ui Borne other pill un which lie can
make moro monoy. 25c per box, or
tlve boxes for $1.00, by mail from The
L'atariiio/.one Company, Kingston, Ont.
Is tho modern horse lo bo superseded? Tho foregoing question i~ a
very pertinent one, nnd Is worthy of
some consideration by breeders und
owners of animals of the equlno tribe.
Hy a process of evolution due to
changes of environment and different
systems of breeding—tu-breeding, lino-
brooding, nud cross-breeding—widely
diversified types of the, family Euuldue
havo resulted. Math of these many
types ia woll suited for ono or mure
special features of the many complicated and Intricate workings necessary
Cor the tnosi rapid advancement of
human endeavor. Vet, with all hla
usefulness and all his matchless animal beuuty, which have been attained
Lhrougll ages of careful breeding and
management, we hoar h whispered
Hint modern Invention's are about to
wrest rr,,m "nur faithful friend" hla
• 'Milled poalllon In the pleasure nud
powor of the world, is n possible
ihul nie horse will coiibq to he au appreciable factor in lho world  nnmy
of coming years?   Tho l rend of o von Is
in  ii arlj   yenra  of  lho  twentieth
contury  would  soon  lo Indlcnlo  thai
the   lioi'BO   hnd    ic.iched   the    /rillIII   of
! his usefulness lu modern civilisation,
'an,i Hml he would gradually ho replaced by Inunlmnte machlnoB, the n--
buII  of tho Invonlor's and mechanic's
uml the
Intlvo, hi
or not  tic
familiar whin
It'll    VMM    8	
Hr. Lutbor H, Gulick, director of the
department of hygiene of tho Sago
Foundation, with'its fund of $10,000,*
Oct), cume up from the ranks. At
Oberllo College ho cut lawns, cured for
house furnaces, and worked as a book
agent, I" preparing for college at
the high school at Hanover, New Hampshire, lie paid his living expenses by
sawing wood and waiting on table nt
a summer hotel. He studied nt the
medical college of the University of
New Vork. taught physical training,
had it milk route, and got op before
daybreak to milk the cows, after which
he mado delivery to his customers, Dr.
Gulick W88 born in Honolulu, spent his
childhood in Japan, nml learned Hie
Japanese language thoroughly. In his
younger life he intended to follow his
father's footsteps und become a medical missionary.
New Herman Governess—Zo nun-h for
zat great genius. And vat also is zo
nam-* of _Q ozer gre.it genius, always
COllplcd III our minds wi/ Shillerf
Reginald- t'hnrybdis.
if history, is so whal HpGCll-
ll   in   lace of ail thai   has b.<cu
said in concurrence with lho belief
thai lho horso must go. it must be
admitted Ihnl there is still very a ,:.-
slain hi I ground for the opinion that
the high-wator mark of horso-brend-
ing has nol yd ben reached, and lhat
the business wilt flourish .uni Increase
in magnitude ns years go on.
The evolution of the modern horse
from the primitive prehistoric Spec lis
has required ages. The first horses
which .-bowed any degree of improvement were owned by the wonlthy, and
thoy were first used In the day.' of
war nnd chivalry. With these, thoy
were nlso used In the chase. Africa
and Asia wero lho flrsl * to adopt Ino
horse for these purposes, and o** civilisation gradually trended westward, the
horse spread with it, and gradually his
usefulness increased. It is a matter
of some curiosity to note thnt agriculture  wus  the  last  use  to  which  the
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You probably know nit too well
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tickling starts In yuurtliro.it. A gentle
cough, -.nil asleep. A'harder cough*, snd
lh-*n another, rirst thins you know,
you're wide awake, coughing your bead
A few night* of that ami you're so
worn out and weakened Uut the cough
Likr-fl a light grip uu yuu.
Bui why endure it f
Na-Dru-Co Syrup of Linseed, Licorice an,) Chlorodyne will writhe ttut
exupcrating tickling, loosen tlic phlegm
ami cure tbc infi timuationol the mucous
membrane,   lt not only stops .hecough
?utckiy, allowing you to get sound, re-
reshlng sleep, out it goes to thr root •*•_
thr trouble ami drives oul UlCCOld com-
pletuly. Children willingly take Na-
Dru-Co Syrup of Llnaeed, Licorice aod]
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Genuine ambw Sigtinturo
horse was put. Is It very likely that
anything which hus taken so many
centuries to Improve and establish as
has the horso will decline und disappear because of unparalleled advancement of the Inventor's genius? It is
scarcely conceivable thut the results of
all the labors of horse-breeders could
be hastily abandoned, more so when It
la a recognized fact that many avenues
for Improvement are sllll open to the
breeder. The best specimens of the
modern horse muy rightly be considered hlgh-claaa animals, still perfection has not been reached, and never
can It be; bul Improvement Is always
possible. As soon as there is opportunity for lmprovemenL there will be
sufficient fascination in tho business
to keep large numbers on-gaffed In It,
and thla will serve to maintain the demand und warrant the continuance of
the business indefinitely.
What has been tho effect exerted
upon Hie horse business by the introduction of other powers und means of
conveyance in the past? Have they
permanently Injured the horse's poalllon in the affairs of man'.' We
think not. They may have had more
or less of a local or transient effect,
but no lasting Injury to horse-breeding
resulted, Mnn, In his desperate efforts to accomplish, as far as possible,
that which Is beyond his power—lho
annihilation of time nnd space—succeeded In producing the steam engine,
which tins made rapid transit of both
freight ami people possible; the telegraph und telephone huve come to do
uwuy with much travel which was formerly necessary; iho electric cur robbed thousands of horses of the means
of earning Ihelr daily buy und uata;
ami uow tbe automobile and tho conquest of tho air are combining ihelr
efforts wiih those formerly mentioned
to bring ubout the downfall of the
horse. Not {inly nvv these factors
working against blm lu city nnd country, but steam, gasoline, electric and
other powers are lined up in formidable array ognlnat his prestige on tho
farm, whore he hus (or Ihe past three-
ilUiirlors of u century been the solti-
tlon of the power problem. And yet,
today, with the results of the work ot
the bi-tlnleat Invontora uml the most
.killed mechanics against him. steam,
electricity, gas, gasoline, utul even
wings, we find the horse iu greater demand than ever before; ami while
prlCOa Of other motive powers descend,
lho horso sells higher and higher, li
this imt n significant fact, and does
it not foretell a brilliant .-.mi profit-
aide future for the horse breedlna
While horseless drays Increase yearly in number, they mv not Increualng
as rapidly aa la Hn* volume of draj
bualnoaa, Heavy horsca must kiiii
bo used in grout numbers In tho large
cities. The draft llOl'BO, notwithslaml-
iirr   the   advent    of   elnlrn ily.   sleam
und oilier powers on lho farms, will
continue lo bo fur years to come He
common, reliable nml infallible power
on (he farm.
Automobiles and aeroplanes may become  US  thick   us   bees,   but   there   Will
sllll be churni enough In Ihe fancy
carriage horae to mnke him ibe idol
i f scores-yes, myriads of the
wealthy classes who can afford both
the automobile und carriage-horae
The spirited stepper gives llie average man much more satisfaction than
the "Honking" miiu, particularly nftei
the novelty has worn off. Controlling
something which cun understand und
comply wllh man's wishes will ever
provo moro enjoyable than tho mere
turning of a metal wheel utul Hie pulling of a lever. It Is "lifo" itself whltsll
man Joys Jn controlling, und no form
of animal life offers more to his III-ing
than the horso. High-a toppers are in
greater demand In ibis ugo thun over
before, ami are silling for hlgicr
prices. This does not look much liko
a u ago of horseless carriages In the
near fuLure,
The race-horse, whether he he saddle or Bulky, is as popular as ever. Ascot, Nowmal'kol, (he Woodbine und the
lira ml Circuit courses draw larger
crowds each year. This proves thut,
for spoil, ns well as plousurOi the horse
• .hi hold his placo, Aeroplane exhibitions and iiiiiii races draw largo
crowds, bm thoy are nol doplollng tho
attendance al lho annual horse races,
where, year by year, time Is clipped
from the records, Crowds demand
"Thrillers" in this ar.o, Inn the half-
minute speed of the ruoltlg nut"
creates no more interest, if as mm-h,
than (loos the OXCltillg lllilsh of llm
I wo minute (rotters or Ihe speedy runners. TllOSO horses soil for very high
prices, nnd, aa records are broken,
these prlOOS Will ndvallce. Nothing
Will lake LhO [dace of II fast horso ill
II yes of Hie racing world.
The  roadster  and    general -purpose
horso, like lho other   types,   are increasing In demand.   They till a place
that cannot woll bo reached by lho inventor's products.   The graceful driver    will    for years  bo tho means of
short-dlstanco travel for tho majority
of  people,      He  Is   fairly  speedy,  und
can endure long drives.     His value Is
such as to put him Within lho reach
of those who cannot afford an automobile  or  n   very   fancy   carriage   horse,
consequently! his position   is lmpreg-
I liable, and, while the demand Is not so
I great, as for some of the other classes,
[ It Is steady, and bis future Is assured.
j The general-purpose* horse also fills a
j position not likely lo be seriously in-
j Jurod by power projects.     He, loo, by
I virtue of his many uses and his reason -
I able prico, tills u want which will wlth-
* stand the advances of his mechanical
; opponents.
Even the diminutive pony has his
place. He is the pet of the family.
No miniature automobile or aeroplane
could ue safely bundled as u means of
conveyance by children; and If it could
It is doubtful whether they would derive us much real enjoyment from lt as
ihey get from caring for, potting, riding and driving thoir favorite Shetland,
Welsh or Hackney pony. The pony's
position is safe as long as children play
on earth.
Weather conditions, together with
(be stale of iho public highways, which
results from this nml other causes,
make it practically Impossible to replace Ihe horse. He can be rolled upon to go al all times, and difficulties
insurmountable to ether powers and
moans of conveyance are easily overcome by him. Ho can always "get
Hn re," though the motor mny fail.
This aids materially is strengthening
his stronghold.
Concluding', then, that from the
! viewpoint of actual utility in the
world's economy, the horse's future Is
safe, and that ibis H strengthened by
Ithe favor In which he is held by the
world's population in various sports, ln
! stylish turnouts, und as a means of
pleasing the children and Instilling trio their minds n love for animals generally, ono cannot but think that, no
matter whnt strides the horseless carriage and powers oilier than horse
power may mako (nnd Ihey will make
many), horso-breeding will continue-to
be practised on a larger scale than
ever, nnd, provided the right class of
horse Is bred. It will continue to be pro-
lllnblo. With the rapidly-Increasing
need of power and means of locomotion
due to increasing population and the
rush of the times, there Is room for
hoih the horse and bis competitors, and
the present-day horse-breeders need
havo little fear for the future of their
"favorites" and the safety of horse-
breeding ns n business.
In order to save twenty minutes ou
the running time of its fast trains be-
j tween New Vork and Buffalo, the Lack*
j nunnnn Railroad Company ims built a
|cut-off whicli has cost n round sum of
eleven million dollars. Time-saving
does not, of course, represent nil of
the return na this investment. The
total distonco is shortened by eleven
miles, und the maximum grade is re-
lueeil from (JO,, fool per mile to 20,0-1
feet, uml 1,500 degrees, or over four
complete circles of eurvnture, ure eliminated. This work is the latest and
most striking example of n policy of
I reconstruction) which has boon carried
'through on a must extensive scale by
tlm lending ml I roads of this country,
in which hundreds of millions of dollars have becli expended. The shortening of ill stance, tlio saving at' tlmo, ami
ihuvc nil, Hu- reduction of grades, hnve
made posslblo nn anitunl sin ing of op*
■rating exju'iiscs, which represents tt
fair working interest on the outlay for
i?oiist ruction.
Tlie new line, which extends from
Lnko Hopntcoilg an the east to tlu* I'o-
in ware wator unn through tho Mine
Kid go Mountains] is unquestionably the
must, expensive stretch ni trunk line
mil road in the world. It is carried
boldly,   at   a   practically   level   grade,
Sweet and palatable, Mother Hraves'
Worm  Exterminator is acceptable to
children,  and   it  does  Uh  work  surely
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Often what appear to be the most
trivial occurences of life prove lube the
most momentous. Many nre disposed
to regnrd a cold ns n slight thing, do-
nerving of Utile consideration, and this
neglect oflen results In most serious
ailments, on till ling years of suffering,
Drlvoout culdsnnd eoueha with nick-
le's Anll-Cmisumptivo Syrup, the recognised remedy for ull affections of
11 he throat and lungs.
|through mountain und valley, nnd the
j construction is of an absolutely permanent, chnrnetor, Whoro the engineer encountered projecting bluffs he
curried lus line al grade by blasting
out ilecji through cutH, and when wide
streli lies of valley were to bo crossed
he did nut, ns in the days of pioneer
railroad building, dip into the vnlloy
by steep descents i\\u\ climb out of it
by equally heavy grades whon tho hills
wciv again approached. instead, he
held his lino nt tin* predetermined level
and carrlod It ou solid fills tlmt. wore
miles in length and o\or a hundred feet
above the Hour nf the vnlloy.
The must notable feature wns tho
method of roust rue ting the fills by
menus of a suspended aerial cable wuy t
from which was hung a movaTjlo bridge
Moor capable of supporting a train of
dump cars above tiie centre lino uf the
fill, The excavated niatorial from the
cuts was run out above tlie fill and
dumped accurately iu placo by the
train load. Uud this groat work been
attempted by the mothods of construe'
tinn which prevailed iii earlier years
ui railroad building—by shovel, scratior
nnd cut Ihe total cost would probably
havo been mure Ilmn doubled,
The experieiu 1! the Chinese wilh
"We are only little ones, but we know Zam-
Buk eased our pain and cured our sores. Perhaps it would cure you, too, if you tried it?"
*  ox pi
l|    Sll!
nfortnblo   du
Th- hand of go
Hu* a long tii
salutary prl
lurked'in the
hnve declared
woro In tlio
to con fi tto iis
itself wilh bad  privnti
cod not
habits, i
rniuont was withhold
in China, ami  if any {
uclplo   of   self-limitation
opium vico it ought to
Itsolf long ngo.      If  it.
nature of opium-smoking j
'avages to funis ami weaklings, if, out of each general inn, il kill-!
od  off the  two or three  per  cent,  of
leasl   foresight  nr  feeblest,  self-control,'
it   might   be   looked   upun   ns   the  win-1
nower of chaff} and society might safe*!
ly concede u man the right to go to,
tiie devil  in  his own  way and at  I.i_. •
own pneo,      But the vice is uot so discriminating.     Like a gangrene, it nto
deeper and deeper into the social body, I
spreading from weak tissue to sound till
tlie   very   future  of  tho   Chinese  race j
was at  stake.      Now,  liquor is to us I
what opium is to ttie yellow man.     If |
our public opinion and laws had been
so long  inert with  respect  to alcohol
as China has boon with respect to opium, wo might have suffered quite as
severely as have the Chinese,     The lesson front the Orient is that when society realizes that u destructive private
habit is eating into its vitals, tho question to consider is not whether to attack thnt habit, hut how! I
The light for the physical, mental and
social emancipation of women, how- j
ever, while no less important, has been |
much less prolific of results. The bond-
age of women in tbc Chinese Empire J
is perhaps more degrading than in any,
other part of the world, it is no pas-1
sive or intangible or imaginary thing,
but deliberate and positive ami real, as!
the universal practice of foot-bindiog
amply attests.
Thc Hnkka women of Southern
Kwangtung do not bind tbeir feet. In
Canton, only the daughters of the well-
to-do follow the custom. You eau go
thence up the West River five hundred
miles and never see a woman hobble.
In the extreme north of China again,
the Manchu women leave the foot natural, and this is why they are so big,
healthy, and comely. In the rest of
the Empire, foot-binding has beeu not
the folly of the idle, nor the fad of the
fashionable, but a custom that bore upon all classes, poor and rich alike. At
Kaigan, on the Mongolian frontier, the
Held women work kneeling, with grout
pads over the knees to protect thom
from the damp soil. in three districts
In Kotisu, women aro siill era wli ng
nbout their houses upon thoir knees,
reduced to tho locomotion of brutes to
please tho perverted taste of men! In
Shansl nnd Shoos! women wielded the
sickle, not stooping—that would hurt
their poor feet too much—but sitting,
and hitching themselves along as they
reaped. The women had to lie carried
lo the wheat field on wheelbarrow or
cart, and their helplessness is such that
most, of them never in tlieir lives get a
mile away from Ilu* house to which they
wero taken us brides.
It is a saying among the Chinese:
"For each pair of bound feet tliere has
been shed a tuhful of tears." The
bandaging begins lietween the fifth
and seventh years, and for a period of
about three yenrs, until tiie deformity
is practically complete, the little girls
suffer excruciating agony.
"During these three years," says
Mrs. Little, who founded the Natural
Toot Society fifteen yenrs ngo, ''the
girlhood of China presents a most melancholy spectacle. instead of a hop,
skip, and n jump, with rosy cheeks
like the little girls of England, the
poor little things nre leaning heavily
ou a stick SOmowhal BtnillIor thun themselves, or carried on a man's buck, or
sitting, sadly crying. They have great
black lines under their eyes, aud a special curious paleness tlmt I have never
seen except in connection with foot-
binding, Their mothers mostly sleep
with a big stick by the bedside, with
which to get up ami beat the llttlo
girl should she disturb the household
hv her un iis; but not uncommonly she
is put to sleep in an outhouse. The
only relief she gets is either from opium or from banging her foot over the
edge of her  wun-lcn  bedstead  so as to
stop the circulation."
Here the co-operation of the Imperial Government was secured. The Ihu*
press Dowager a fow years ago commanded the people to abandon it. But.
the war ngninsl it has nut been so ng-
gressivo nor so bitter as that against
opium. The appeal hns been largely
one of passive ed mat ion, uinl couse-
quenlly, while the common-sense of uu-
lending llpppals to n large number of
the people, tiny are held back by the
tear of running counter to whnt tholr
neighbors might think, that dreaded
thing called "public Opinion," Speaking broadly, tho roform bus not reached further than the cities and the higher classes, Much of tho open country
is hot yot aware that there is such n
movement. The poor fear ridicule, nml
besides, they hope to get a belter
loidepriee "for their girls. Where
i ill ltd* betrothal prevails, the parents of
Isn't this sound   advice from
"babes and sucklings"'i Take it!
The speakers are the children of
Mrs. E, Webster, of tieigncurs St.,
Montreal, and the mother adds
I weight to thoir appeal. Sbo says:
'My little girl contracted scalp
disease at school. Bud gatherings
formed all over her head, and not
only caused tho chi d uctite pain
but mado her very ill. The sores
discharged, and occurring on the
icalp we feared sho would lose
all her hair. She was in a pitiable
plight when we tried  _am Buk,
but a few days' treatment with this
balm gavo lier ease. Then the
sores began to heal, and we continued tho Zam iiuk treatment
In a short time she was quite healed.
" My little boy sustained a serious scald on tho neck. It set up
a bad sore, and quite a few things
wo tried, failed to heal it or g ve
him ease. Once more we turned
to Zam-Buk, and we were not
disappointed. It acted like a
charm in drawing away the pain,
and soon healed tbe wound."
Zam-Buk is " something dill-rent" ia tha way of balms. It
contains powerful healinghorbales_ences, which, assoonasapplled
to skin diseases, kill oil tho germs and end tho painful -■ n: ■.r ■ ng
Oilier as ences contained in Zain-Iiuk so stimulate the cells thai
new heal hy tissue is speedily formed. Eczema, itch, ulcers, cold
Bore3,abncu-iso-i, festering soro-i, blood poisoning, chrome wound*.
cold cracks, -to.,are healed and eurod in thin w ,y. L'se [fetorall
skin injuries ami diseases. J t is also of great service for piles. All
dr_-gintR and Btores at 50 cents bot, or Znm-Bnk Co.. Tnrn-to
Send ns t cent
'tamp for post.
iK-. a_*i "•**« »''l
mad i;' ... -us
free. Meeting
thi* paper
a girl feel that they havo no right to
disappoint the expectations of the buy's
family. Thus peoplo aro bound together and each hesitates to follow his
common-sense. One Fokien village
petitioned the viceroy to command them
to unbind their daughters' feet. All
disapproved of the cruel custom, but
no one bad the courage to lead the
Tho Duchess of Fife und her daughters appear to be the only royalties of
recent years to undergo lho ordeal of
a shipwreck, with ihe possible exception of the Archduke John of Austria,
who, according to one theory, lost his
life at son. Prince Henry of Prussia,
however, who circumnavigated the
globe twice before be was twenty,
has on two occasions braved a watery
grave. Wben he wns u lieutenant liis
ship wns caught In o violent squall and
one of the sailors was washed overboard. Prince Henry plunged after him,
and despite thc heavy sea succeeded
in affecting a rescue. Some years
later bo rescued another sailor from
drowning off the South American
const at a point where the sea Is Infested with sharks.
The Dorsetshire coast was once the
scene of a royal shipwreck. In l.'.OH
I'rinco Philip of Castile and hi* wife
Juana were sailing from Flanders to
.Spain when a violent storm cost ihem
ashore  near  Poole,    P_   ,    vuu  prevailed upon to accept t(« '!
a   local   magnate.   Sir  Thomas   Tren-
chard.   But   Henry   VIE.   In Ited     ba
prince   to   Windsor,   adding
would  take  no refusal.    The   Bar!   if
Arundel, wiih a troop of three b md * id
horse, escorted Philip to the        UL
dence.  where  he  waa  -en* -
about a fortnight.    Henry took   t I   ir_-
tuge  of  the  enforced  visit   ta   a C art
some concessions from tbe prince    a
matters  at  Issue   b< tween    Ham,   utd
then   sent   him   to  Spain   by   wuy   if
A relic of the Days    f Terrot
Revolutli n when  ;        • v ■■■ •
strung   up   to
Btrei is,   has   dl
week   Ihe   last   of  the
which wore pulled up  ind   Ii wn on   *-
pulley  to a  gallow ■ -
still bung opposite the a
sanne on the Quo! de
necessary rep tlrs to the
Imperative to pull down the
the lantern has been si
Carnavalet.    it was the
in the  Paris  streets,
wan filled and ilirhl
t_-Ki_l:. 2_ Ci-NiS
Cheapest   of   Al!   O.ls.—
the curative qualities of  ur.   Thi
Eelectrlc Oil it Is th
preparation i offered
Is to be found in *•■ • ry
Cnnada  from  coast  ;
country   merchanti 1
So,   being  easily   pn
tromely   moder ite   in   pi I
should bo without a bottle of tt.
Cramrnhif*; down ill-chosen
food, and rushing back to
work, leads straight lo dyspepsia, wilh all It means in
Proper habits of eating.
with a Na-DrU-Co Dyspepsia Tablet after each
meal, rc_t.rc good digestion, health nnd happiness.
A box of Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia Tablets costs but
50_. at your Druggist's.
National Drug and Chemical Co. ol Canada, Limited.
There may be other corn cures, bul
llolloway's Corn Cure stands ut the
head of the IIhI BO far as results nre
Beef Hides
tn us ami 2.-t 20 per 11 .
more for them than «t home
Write in us for onr new
price list S and we will mail
vi.I, one free, Watch this
mi. weekly,
Wc solicit your »hipinent«
for Beef Hides. Huh   l-'urs.
Wool, Tallow, s,.| ii Root,
llm-si- 1 Ltir. Sheep IVlts. etc.
North-West Hide
& Fur Co.
278 Rupert St.     Winnipeg, Hm.
Piaster l.i.u-.l ukm th-. plaoe of Lvth. »nH la hrensv. ,|,
The "Empire" brarnia of WoodHber and Ilarowall
Plaster for k.i.s.I oonsti-uotioi.
The Manitoba Gypsum Co., Ltd.
124 -REP. PffcftSS; GUatlWACt, BlUTISfl COUTMBIA.
Personal Mention
Tailoring for  Ladies and $ > » '
°      nj, m     A. s. w
F. ITewoi' went to Vancouver on
•j/   Mondny.
'.:%'    .Mrs. McCuli'roy was in Vancouvor
W Ibis week,
ll**!i    Mrs. ('. S, Smith is in Vancouver
Local  Items
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Spring Clothing «l Parkers.
L.F.Cinft.at Meo Studio for photos
Provincial olections  March   28.
For photos at Chapman's—phone
• i
Optical Department
Our Optical Parlor is now opon, under thc charge of a
sight Specialist,     All work guaranteed,     If you have
eye trouble see our specialist at once.
Engraving of all kinds done on the promises.     All
goods purchased engraved FREE.
Watch and Jewelry repairing of all kinds and all work
We can assure prompt execution of all work left in our
JEWELER Young Street, ChilliwacK
Second diinr from Empress hotel, Chilliwack.
W. R. Nelems and T. J. Polley $ Co.
Real Estate, Fire, Life,   Accident,
Live Stock and Plate Glass
Choicest List of Farm Lands and
City Property.
Bos nm
Chilliwack. 15.C.
n.  ns.    s.atson   was   in   Vnn-
jS cnuvci' lust wcok.
A. Clarke visited New Westminster this wook.
('. 13. Eukort wns in New Westminster yesterday.
Mrs. Duncnn Hall went to Van-
couver mi Wednesday.
ft, Shirley wns a passenger to
Viineouver on Sunday.
Mr. nml Mrs. Bewick have re-
signed Ihelr position in the hospital,
Miss Muiiti-ilh nf Viotoria is u
guost nt the homo of Mrs. P. B. H.
0, F, Chapman spent the week
end at New Westminster and Vancouver.
.1. E. Parker and Miss Parker ol
East Chilliwack, were in Vancouver
Inst week.
Mr. Berwick travelling auditor of
j Ihe II. C. E. If. wns in town on
I Wednesday.
Mr. and  Mrs.  Derby   were   in
i Bolllngham for n few days <>n business this week.
' II. II. Cairns hns been elected n
I vice-president ol'; tho li. C. Lucid
Option League,
| Mrs. Ii. P. Waddington will not
|receive mi Wednesday next, the
twentieth of March,
j Mr. nnd Mrs. MeTnvisli of Vancouver nre the guests of Mr. and
| Mrs. Childerhosc.
Mr. nnd Mrs. W, L. Macken
| went to Vancouver, on We dncsday
! night for a few days.
I T. A. C. Collin of Ashwells de-
I pari mental store went to Vancouver
yesterday oil business.
j The Misses McLennan of Mont-
, real, visited Mr. and Mrs. D. K.
: McLennan last week.
Mr. and Mrs. I_slic Meed of
i Winnipeg are tho guests of Mr. and
j Mrs. Charles Reed.
i Mr. Brooks who has lieen visiting
' Mr. and Mrs. S. Forde returned to
: Central Park on Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. Leslie lieed of
Winnipeg are the guests of Mr.
and Mrs. Charles Ited.
Mr. nnd Mrs. 0. W. Benedict, of
1 Viineouver were the guests of Mrs.
W. E. liradwin Saturday and Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Marsh, Mr. Young,
j Mr. Booth and Mr. nud Mrs.
I Livingstone were in town in n
! special ear on Sunday.
L. ,T. Thomas, of the Insurance
; Department of Cawley _ Carmiehael
i bus returned from it three months'
j vacation spent in England.
smt    t • " '■'
|    Among those from here who at-
***************************************************** ! tended the Schuninnn-Hoink con-
JI cert in Vancouver on Monday night
♦Were,   Mr.  aud  Mrs.  II.   H.   W.
* Ashwell, Miss Kathleen Henderson,
F. James and Mr. and Mrs. C. A
Mr. Cleorge nf Clnver.lale has
succeeded F. H. Robson as agent at
the B. C. E. P.. depot here Mrs
George arrived this week nisi, and
'hey will mnke their home above
thc depot Mr. and Mra. Robson
left on Tuesday for Vancouver.
* Mrs.  Childcrhose and  Mrs.  D.
j II. McKay aro giving a 8t. Patrick's
aflcroon mi Mi unlay aflernnon
I next, nt the liiiiue of Mrs. Childer-
hiise. Ten cents is to be thc contribution of oaoh oallor towards the
I funds of tho Ladles Alt] Society of
I Cni.k's church.
,      Henry   Cartmell,    nf    Fairfield
* Island,   has  recently,   successfully
|; passed bis tinnl examination,  nud
°' * ; now holds a  Captain's Certificate,
X which  entitles  him  to   take    full
iced * charge of lho Great Lake und River
,i if   ,-    i 11 Steamers,   dipt.   Cartmell   is   lo
papers, Imt when you come to price them  you II   Unci | -8 to be congratulated on his studies,
them remarkably low. J culminating in such a splendid and
We can soil wall papers right because we buy right. ♦ encouraging result, more especial-
We handle the goods of only the best maker and charge | •**■■ ■*»•■'■" '•'"••■■**• w-
only a reasonable profit.   Such beautiful  papers and X    Reggie Manuel hoi'returned to
SUCll values will surely induce vou to  d irate several X Chllllwaek,  having become strong
.1 :   _. ..:,... * end well during the time  he has
rooms this Spring. | resided will, his bitfbrtts (Kev. K.
Come and seo them.    Look lor our window display. S nnd Mrs. Manuel) at Kburno,   lie
J and Ins brolhoi'  Phil  s|H-nt a  few
iys will,   .Mr. and   Mrs.   John
Robinson, "Gowanlcn,"  Hazel si.
„ W. R. STEVENSON t Inst week,    We are pleased  lo say
+ J llinl Reggie hns rCdoi'Ored frum  his
***************************************************** Hln-W "H'1 '•*■ '"ick lit business again.
The Spring Wall
Papers Have Come j
We have just opened up the most   beautiful  line
Wall Papers we have ever carried.
To look at them vou would think thom  high  pi
! The Valley Paint and Wall Paper House jj
Trout fishing season opens on
March 26.
Coal and wood—City Transfer
Co., phone  19.
clnrt n savings account at the
Merchants Bank.
Stock    Funds—Chilliwaek     Iln-
pleiiieiii & Produco Co.
A new light all cedar boat for
snle; apply phone I, lNllli,
Telephone I!) fnr nil express and
dray work, City Trnnsrer Co,
Fruit growers should read Dell-
mark & Burton's advt. to-day,
Don't forget to call 111 fnr express
and dray work.    City Transfer Co,
Burn—On March II, lo Mr. nnd
Mrs. James Bailey, Bailey road, n
Dressmaking and Ladles Tailoring
in all branches, by Miss Northcote
Nnwell st.
Foil S.m:—One two seated Surrey
with pole and shafts; apply tn II.
II. Gervan.
Born—On March 18, to Mr. and
Mrs. Marriott, Westminster street
west, a sou.
All coal and wood orders receive
prompt attention, Phone 49. City
Transfer Co.
Wanted—Girl to do light housework. Apply Mrs. A. S. Watson,
Gore avenue.
Thc sitting of County Court will
lie held in tin-court house ou March
HO, at 11 a. ni.
Mr. Gregory, General Trallic
Manager of the 11. C. E. K. was in
the city this week.
Born—On March 0, to Mr. and
Mrs. Andrew Ferguson, Cnstleinan
Road, a daughter.
Light and heavy draying handled
with care and promptness. City
Transfer Co., phone 4'J.
The ability to satisfy every
customer, that's the secret of the
Ashwells Dept. Stores' success.
City Transfer Co. have their office
with thc Chilliwack Laud and Development Co., on Young street.
The exceptionally fine weather of
the past few weeks terminated
yesterday when rain began  to fall.
Ob say, have you seen Stevenson's
new wall papers? If not, do so.
They range in price from oets. a
roll up.
The executive of the  P.  S.   A
wish to thank Alfred  White for a
donation of books to tbc  reading
Case after case of elegance nnd
beauty is being opened at Ashwells
Dept. Store. See their spring
While engaged in ojiening a bale
of mattresses yesterday W. B Trcn-
bolin gave his right hand a bad
gash with a knife.
I/)st on Saturday March 2, a black
purse containing a small sum nf
money. Finder nlil please leave
with C. E, Eckert.
Remember the P S. A. Christmas
Concert, and look forward to even
a lietter programme on Easter Sunday in the 0|iera House.
J. II. Pook, tinsmith, has sold
out to Mr. Eckellafoinieremployce,
and Mr. Eckel] has taken Mr.
Furquharsnn into partnership.
City Transfer Co. handles Wellington coal, the best in British Columbia, nlso wood, and delivers to
any part of thc city promptly.
Notice—Price Bros, aro moving
to their new ard larger premises
where they will establish a Bottled
Milk and Cream trade only. Phone
A. S. Wells, J. Thompson, and
E. II. Burton have purchased sonic
line new stock from the shipment
brougnt west by Dr. A. Knight,
Provincial Veterinary  Inspector.
W. J. Curtis piano and organ
Inner is in the City. All orders
left at Ibis oiliee or at McMnnus'
Music Store will receive prompt
WANTED—Ily snlser bard winking
Frenchman, work al clearing or
general furm wnrk. Apply for references tn E, W. Appleby care nf
Cawley „ Co(iiiicliacl.
A runaway team mnde things
lively on Nowcll street tor n few |
minutes on Friday afternoon, but
fortunately no very serious damage j
Mr. Paint, ol'Victoria, has pur-,
chased one hundred ami sixty acres
on MoGuIro road, from Mr. Barry
of Viineouver. I-'. .1. Hart & Co.,
handled the business.
Handsome Camera to sell with
all appliance. Been used twice.
Cost .till) in England but owner [
will lake 885. To bo seen al
"Speranza," I'rincessaveuuc Chilliwack .
Confidence Is Gained Bv Experience. Onr experience makes
us confident iu our ability to please
ynu, no matter what you rcquiro in
our line. Try AsitWBUS l)i:i"r.
Fitly dollars nnd costs wns what
it cost Win McDonald, of Vancouver for killing a ilecl- out of sensnn,
near Stunas Cily In February,
Stipendiary Magistrate Polly heard
the case.
The Annual Banquet of the
Fanners and Women's Institutes
will be held nn Tuesday, March 20.
The members of tho Poultry Association have also been invited to
be present.
S. A. Caw-Icy, M. P. P, was ro-
looted member for Chillhvncn. for
lho ensuing tonu yesterday afternoon, no opposition being brought
forth. Reeve Wilson wns Ihe returning officer.
W. R. Stevenson, the valley
painter is now gelling busy as house
cleaning lime is here again. Don't
delay until the rush is nn. Come
now and select ynur paper and have
the work done.
Wall paper, Wall paper, Wall
paper—largest shipment of wall
paper ever brought to Chilliwaek,
over three ton has arrived at the
Vnlloy Paint nnd Wall Paper House.
('nine nnw and make ynur selections.
W, It. Stevenson the Valley
painter and wall paper man employs the liest paper hangers that
can lie got. lt is wonderful what
a transformation ynu can make at
little expense with our new wall
J. P. MeConnell, of the Saturday
Sunset, Vancouver, and formerly of
Chilliwack, has accepted the
nomination nf the Liberal party for
Vale in the present Provincial election.    Mr. MeConnell will if elected.
i prove a   tirst   class  legislator   and
I representative.
Our motto is to sell, so ns to sell
again.    See the bargains  we  have,
j this week in Writing Pads at  Sots.
'and   lOcts.   each.     Boxes,   Paper.
[nnd Envelopes nt 15cts. each
Nnvcl Oranges _lcls, d'-z.
As a rule il is a safe thing to
follow a crowd. On Saturday afternoon and evening the crowd will lie
heading for Ashwell's big store lo
see the new spring goods, au I the
crowd will be right. Meet your
friends at Ashwells.
Walter Cray has generously donated a massive silver cup valued nt
i')0, ns n challenge cup for tho Hope
Football Club. It will lie known
as the Hope Trading nnd Supply
Company Cup, and will lie played
for in league form. The trophy
will become the property of the
winningleain.—Review, Hope.
Bills arc out announcing an
auction sale of furniture aud household effect- at the home nf Alf.
White nn Saturday aflernnon, beginning al 2 Sllo'clook. Mr. White
is leaving Chilliwaek and everything
must Ih- snld.    Sec bills fnr list   nf
-fee   Press   tn-
Salo nl   1.30
On Tuesday next P.. J. ..Ilarl ,v
Co., will sell the slock, implements,
furniture, etc.. of A. D, McCanncI,
on Camp Slough road, aboul live
miles cast of Chilliwack. The snlo
list is published in the advertising columns of Ihe
day. Look il up,
sharp; no reserve.
We have received the lirsl number
nf "The Scout," a monthly magazine for hoys published at Ottawa.
This is the nnly hoys' story paper
published in Canada, ami it adopts
ns its watchword the excellent
motto of the Overseas Club: "Believing tho British Empire to stand
for justice, freedom, order and good
government, we pledgo ourselves
as citizens of the greatest Empire in
the world in maintain tho heritage
handed down to us by our fathers,"
This is an inspiring declaration,
and wc Irusl that "The Seoul" will
attain to such a circulation as will
make it n force iu spreading these
sentiments among tho youth of Ihe
Dominion, Us table nf contents
discloses nn admirable selection of
wholesome and stirring tales, and
the publication is ono that wo enn
sincerely commend to our boy
Easter Chicks
Easter Rabbits
Easter Dyes
A large assortment
of Easter Novelties
for the children
Raster Cards and
Easter Chocolates
and perfumes
Call Early
Druggist and Sta ionei
Oppodto ll. 0. E. siiiti.m
Fitted  with  mndcrn'conveniences    and    comfortably
furnished throughout.
SAMUEL SUTOR,      Proprietor
President, II. J   Burlier
Vice-President, W. I., Macken.
Secretary-Treasurer, I). E. Carleton.
On the road every day health and
weather permitting.
If vou don't catch Muynard or ho don't catch you, call
at the old stand of Denholm & Rams-lull, Main Stroot,
and see Murphy who will lit yon out with anything
you want in McLaughlin Buggies, Democrats and Carts.
Adams Wagons, Frost & Wood, Coekshutt and Flury
Plows, also Doering Machinery and the celebrated
Louden Hay Tools. Full lines of all kinds of Wire
Fencing, and wire for fence making.
Don't forget the plnce of business.


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