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You will Like Chilliwac
Vol. 1.
Kilitur mul Proprietor
No. 10
A rpeciiil meeting uf the City
CoUlicil was hold on Kriilny evening. A comiiHin luii tlnn wim presenl-
ed from 8. A. Fletcher, C-.ovnr.i-
incut iiKi-nt, ri'tjiicHtiiifj the City
Cmnii'il tn Vttoiito tlio Court limine
nt once.   Rvcoivod nnd tiled
Th*? urbitmUirn nwnrd, na puli-
lislu'd l:t**i week, in Hemphill no*
I'lU-nl, wiim tieeepteil.
II. Kipp uml olhorn hiiorostotl
nuked in huve u hyilrtint InBtlvllod
nt tho corner *-f Cliarloi Btrcol nml
Yule rnnd. Itefurrod t<" Flro, Wtitor
mil I iulit Oiiiiiulllw.
Kl'imi  the  I'luvilii'iiil  ll uul tli De-
pnrtmeiit ro oompliiiiit, nud Hinting
tlult nil  luflirillHtlon  UCP0l,6jirtV  Inn.
boon given iii previuiiH lotlor. He,*
ootved nml tiletl.
The Muiii street coinont hoenl
Iinpniv.'iii.'iit By-ljiwnml tho Wi-I
lingtun uml WouttuiMeter Btreet oo-
ment l.oi-jil Improvement Hy-Lnw,
were ri-u 1 mul ))ftwed.
A regulur lueutlllg WlW held nu
Mnmhiy evening, wlu-n the council
dealt with the pn-purntinii nf the
Miuu-y Hy-I,nws, which nre tn l« re-
nulnnitted In th** riilepnyeisiui Nov.
'J.I. It wim fnitml thut uu eliuiige
in anioUlitfl <>f Hy-lnws fur City Hull
and nml I machinery could bo mude,
hence they will remain the wimo.
The Street Iinprnveinoi.t By-1 nw
will U* for $45,000, City Hull 821,-
OOU, Road Machinery 810,0iK>.<iU.
Dniiiiiige 810.0(H). Tlu.* vote will
lie received on Nov. \t'i in the Odd
Fellow'*} hull.
lccmc-4 A Birf Ftl
A. C. Wells, of Sardis, happened
with an unfortunate accident on
Tuesdav* While he was st-eing soine
friendn ctT nn the moving strain he
ilippctl i tut fell heuvily to the platform. It wns nt first thought that
his hip was broken, hot fortunately
such is not the ense. Mr. Well*.
was h.idly shaken up nml hia in-
jtiriPM v<l' confine him to his home
for mine little   time.
Mr. F. Shannon of the staff of
the Bank of Montreal Vancouver,
while out shooting with a party of
friends five miles south of New
Westminster on Sunday afternoon,
was the victim of an accidental discharge of his shotgun, receiving u
flesh wound in the right teg. It
is expected Mr. Shannon will U>
confined to his home for alwut two
weeks nsa result. Mr. Shannon was
formerly in the employ of the
Branch of the Bunk here and is well
known to muny at Chilliwack.
Mm'i lass Hettai
Punctually nt four o'clock on
Sunday afternoon, the Rev. It. J.
Douglas opened the meeting held
for men only in the I.yric Theatre.
The meeting had heen hastily decide.) upon, ami the time fur advertising had heeu brief, hut the attendance was quite satisfactory,
there being abma one hundred nnd
fifty men present. Well-known
hymns, such as "Crown Him l.jrd
of all" and "Nearer My God to
Thee," were heartily sung by nlil
present, in spite of the absence of!
eitlu-r bookfl or leaflets, the men's
choir in the front, assisted hy pinno
and violins making n capital lend.
Kev. It. .1. Douglas briefly outlined
the purpose of the gathering, it being the outcome of a conference ul
represent,ilives of all the churches
in the city. He announced llmt
nfter tbe meeting to Iw held next
Sunday, the men present would Ik*
asked to orgmii/e and niuku the experiment a perinntioncy, either us a
P. S. A. Society, Men's Own Society
or something similar, SjH-ukd-i
ami singers would bo engaged from
the coast cities or elsewhere, uml il
wns the intention to spend, if possible, n pleasant hour every Sabbath
Afternoon* Advantage wus taken
of the presence of Dr. I'idgeou in
Chilliwack, and be most wiltinglyuml
readily consented to give his services
for the men, ou the two Sundays
during his visit in the valley. The
subject was "Men's self-tu-siirancc"
and the address WAS delivered iu a
clear, masterly mniiner, l;stem-d to
from start to finish with eager Interest. It is hoped thut next Sunday's attendance will be large, sn
that arrangements can Ik* made fur
a full winter's programme, which
would prove a boon to our city.
Chilliwuek Oaino Protection Association nilmiuI meeting held at tin-
Court House on Tuesday afternoon
wus a very successful one. The interested manifest along the lines nf
tht! work of the association Indicated
thai the aims nml objects are ro*
eiving oonstdernblo attention hoih
from nu individual nnd collective
standpoint. The mooting WAS very
well attended mid after the rending
of minutes the rccoininondnttons of
of the OXOeUtlva were pren-nteil to
meeting,    The report:
Qoutloinon. Your ISxccnllvoCom*
111 It too bus mil from time to time at
tho interests of onr Association required uud endeavored to further
the carrying out of the constitution.
Largely owing to ihe year 11*10
I'linj. maintained ns n clone season,
birds ure plentiful this year.
During the winter uf 1010-11  n
good tleul of bird feeding btld  to be
done and considerable expense incurred in (his respect,
Your Executive would thank the
Provincial Government, ihe City
und Township Councils and n large
nnniber of individual residents for
contributions of cash, grain and
time distributing.
During tho course of the year 103
have paid a moinobership fee of ut
least one dollar; 13 permits to shout
have been issued, our constitution
bus been printed and distributed
and notices supplied to our members,
A balance sheet will bo presented
showing cash ou hand of $109.38.
Game constables have heen procured nml been zealous in the discharge of their duties. The question
of payment of these constables is
dealt with later in this report,
Your Executive wish the memlters
of our Association to discuss the
advisability of amending Article 8
so as to include non-resident owners
of not less than 20 acres of land.
Your Executive places itself on
record as being opposed to Sunday
JShitoting and in this respect urges
each member of our Association to
aid in formulating, circulating aud
assisting by all lawful means, of n
Petition to tbe Provincial Government urging it to absolutely prohibit
shooting on Sunday, uud further requesting thut Ixxly to introduce ami
enforce a gun license and so amend
the Game Act tbat the number of
birds shot in one duy be limited to
Your Executive are of the opinion
tlmt OotneConstables should be paid
$15.00 ouch for their work during
the season as u slight recognition of
their work ami that thc Provincial
Govern ment lie requested to allow
to individual Game Constables one-
half of all fines from convictions
obtained by their efforts.
Your Executive Would express its
hearty appreciation of the work performed by our Provincial Game
Warden and Hon. Secretary ami
nre of tbe opinion that the latter
should have a Ihiiius of nt least $'!'..
Your Executive is pleased to note
tbe good effect of steps taken to prevent netting of fish at tbe mouth of
Sumas river and In this behalf would
mention the splendid salmon up to
30 pounds in weight caught during
the past season.
To make our association more
successful thnn in tbe past, it is incumbent on our members to urge
all farmers to join hands with us in
protecting game mid that nil niem-
bonaltl Individually in seeing tlmt
oi.r game is thoroughly protected.
Without   co-operation   Individual
efforts Cflll huve but little effect.
On behalf of the Executive,
II. Hi-MiKitr, J, Pkmv,
President Hon. Sec.
Mr- IWIdam guve notice of motion
to amend article * to Include nnn
resident owners of live notes or over,
as eligible for membership iu the
A lively discussion on the Sunday
shooting question and was cryatft*
li/ed in tbe following resolution.
"Tb.it a petition Ite formulated uud
circulated for signature asking the
Provincial Government to prohibit
shouting on Sunday over the Province of British Columbia. To issue
ami enforce gun licenses und amend
tbe Game Act limiting tbe numlier
of pheasants shot in one day to ten.
Tbat executive bo requested to communicate with other game associat
ions to forward this object."   Thi
! was carried  unanimously.
j    It was also resolved   that Game]
Constables bo paid tJIO.OO each for
.   i -... .i._,  . r ....i
Church News
season flow ami In tlio oronl of g.-t- ] The Y.P.A. of Cook'schurch will
liolil its regular devotional services
services Monday ovonlrig at eight.
The Iodic*1 Aid nl ('."ill's Prosliy-
Ii'iiiiii Church will In.I.I tli.ii An.
mini Itnzonr on Friday December I.
Thu regular monthly Meeting of
lho Chllllwook II".im.il Auxiliary
will l,c hold mi Monday NovpiiiIh'I'
mill lho Oddfellow's halfiit MO.
I ting convictions, Oovernmont bo
requested to aword ono half nf fine
I to informant nml thnl ttithor remuneration hi' It'll in tli.' hands of
llm executive.
Tlir Si'i'ivinrv-Tri'iisntvr wasglvon
a bonus nf (30,00 oa u recognition
'nl tlir good wok il  in Iln' Interests of tllO  Acsnrilllinll.
Tho liniini'ial slnt.'ini'tit showing
rooni-it* fur Iho year iimoimltng to    S|iociiil services will commence in
8880,18, mul ii I'iilnni n liiiiul of lho Prosbylcrlnn church, Roscdolu,
♦10(1,88, next Sunday.   Rov. lt.A.llnbiiisun
Tho followingofficers worooWod of Toronto, will asslsl  in milking
for tho unsulng year! I'rcsidoiit, II. these mcotiugs u bucccss,
""""!r'i Vii'i'l'ivsi  I'. Ii. (1.    Rov.B.II.WoslofVoiH ver, will
Cllllondors, Dr. 11, Caflrcy: Scoro-„,„,,„,,,„„10B isl l.|,.ir.l.,s„„lliiy
tory-lrcosuror, 1. Polly| oxooutlvo niorillllfj allli cvonlut-.  oi. Tuesday
n.inniill,.,., C.  a^Boiiliycastlo, F.|n|gll, Rov, B, II. Weal will glvoon
tllustrotcd   picture   trawl  tulk on
spent lh,
iln.v participating
war, I' hall ami
limn.'al   Ovoo'cll
ili.'.i atlciulixl lh<
in drills, lug of
■coining, arriving
k.    Afler Slipper
lecture h.v Rov,
Visil of Tax Coaimiisioa nml individually anil collectively we
On Wednesday morning lust lho "III remember thai raanv pleasant
oitallBof Chllllwaek had an op-; hours spent under your roof. We
' portunlty to lay their grievances be-j ■** «»' >"" "ill accept these gilta,
not that they ure the measure ol our
ed by the Provincial Government to | esteem, but rather that they may
enquire Into and listen to complaints Mr*"> M memontoi of tho  season
Troop   of  Boy   Scouts
Thanksgiving at Beaver
leaving lho city nt nine | (ore (ile ^j commissioners appoint
I'll,, boys hml a pleiisant
W. Bunltbcoi A. P, Cimiiiilns, W.
,\. Reeves, li. Hornby, C. 0. Davis.
Auditors, R. Travis,
Special Winter Coal Sale At Rolfe'.
Sale  of heavy Winter  Coot! at
hnlf price  nt   Knife's—Beginning
London and Paris. Silver collection.
The hour of Sunday Selfiiol in Ihe
Baptisf church has beeii ehaiiged
from 10 n. in. tu 2.30 p. in. beginning Sunday Nov. 12,   litis Morso
, ,    ,      ,.,-,,     . ,,       ,,.       ihas beon appointed tcaolloc of the
Saturday, Cluhiren s Ueovy \\ inter ,,. ,,  „.,,.„     .     ,        ,  .,
.,,,,,, ,   ,.   , ,.       Girl's Blblo Class in place, of Mi's.
itnnts hnlf   pnee;    Ladies   Heavy!.,,
i        ur, ....    i,r      •       Stewart.
I Long Winter  Coats   hull   prlco;
Ladles'Suits Reg. 810, 818,820, Tho Mission Circle of lho Baptist
[822, for 811,60. Take advantage elmveli met at the homo ol Mrs. W,
jnf these while they last. | V. Davles this vceck,  Mrs,'Stewar't'a
resignation ns president Of the Circle
was accepted with expression.- nf regret.   Mrs.W.V.Davies was elected
Hughes  in the Molhodlsl  eliiirch.
N'oxl S lay  morning tho  two
troops..( Boy Scouts will pitrado lo
lh..   Molhodlsl   church,    where   a
s| ial sormon will Im prcoohod hv
ih.. pastor, Rov, A. IC. ItoborU.
.\s this will bo lho lirsl time thai
lho two troops have allondod oluirch
service logethor niitch hitorosl i< bo-
Ing [alien in the ovont,
On Tliunksglving day Cliilllivaok
Boy S n- Nn. I. met  ai   lho  live
 iiirs ai 8.30 and  proceeded  by
tram lo Yarrow Station where they
spent the day Bcoutillg, ele, nil the
property owned h.v Mr, Kekert.
About thirty buys in all enjoyed the |
day's noting under Scout Masters
T. Collin, A.Tiirnhnll, ll.lliiiiiiiier,
nnd Patrol Lender.', E, (We, Leslie
Knight, ,T. Davics, rottirning home
by the four train well satisfied with
the s| ding of their Thanksgiving
against tho levy of Provincial taxos. 13""" l',m "Journed with us, and
I'o judge from the small number of Mien you go forth lo engage in the
"witnesses" present une would Moitor's.work In another vineyard,
think Chilliwaek people were fairly ] wo pray tlmt OikI'i richest blessing
well lotlsllod with Iholr lol ns far infey B" with you ns does ..ur heart-
tuxes k„. Tlio Commission consists toll love. Signed on bohalf of the
of linn. A. K. Me|'liilli|is, president jc'nircli, Dr. W.'V. Dave's; sigri.il
nfeuiineil; Hon.Prlco KlliBon, Mln-Pn n**"" "' theSund»j School, J.
liter of Financoi   C, II. Lugrln, •"• Miynard; Big I on behalf of Um
editor nf ihe Vieluria Colonist, and|*Hn»ton Orolo, Mr- Da-iea; tlgu-d
W. II. Malcolm, niorohont, Van- "n Wm" "' "'- B. V P U . Mrs.
oouver, The Commlsjilonurs wero Qoynor. To the addrea Mr. Slew-
in.t by a euinniiltee frmii tile Board !llrt ""*do a very feeling reply. He
of Tiiulo coniUtlng of J. H. A»h- touched upon hla coming to CMUi.
well, V. B, Lyle, iiiiil N. A. Mao- WM" fr"m {l"' E*" ■1"'1 »t***d '.hat
Keiizie whu were questioned ns to although they would doubtless trnxi
their opinions ol the ihiII tax, per-!"'•"•' frk'"'1- '" their new BeM ol
sonal property and Income Uxcs. labor. lllt'ir l:'-' Wendi in Biiti-i
The feeling of the eoininittee was Columbia would always Ut in Chaii-
that ii reduction should bo mnde waek. Mr. Stewart exhorted his
somewhere os the incidence of tho hearers to lend their hearty support
his taxes fell rather heavily on *-" '"•- "accessor, oot Hinting -he,:
certain classes of the community.
The Commissioners on tlieir |iart
wero very ready  lo answer eom
encouragement -.vis greatly uedad
in the pastor's work    The tidies .■(
A $30,000 Uld Sale
One of the liiggest land   sales of ] (
'this year was made by F. J, Hart &
Co., Ibis week, when   05 acres ol
j what is known as the Sampson farm,
owned by li. IC. Hen.lz, of N, Do-
I kotn, wns sold for   830.00(1.     Mr.
J. Sliugcrland, of Vancouver, purchasing 40 acres, and Mr. Woster
purchasing 26 acres.
Married Forty Years
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Peers, of
Chilliwaek, celebrated the fourtieth
nnniversnry of their marriage on
Thursday (Violier 26. The following notice of the marriage is copied
from an old eastern paper. "Married in Burford, Ontario, by the
Rev. S. Blaiieliard, at the residence
'of the bride's parents, Joseph Peers,
of California, to Mary Catharine,
!eldest  daughter of Mr.   and Mrs,
]Samuel   Cowley,   Oet. 20, 1871."
|Tho many friends of the old and
greatly respeeted residents of Chilliwaek will cougrolulate them on
the anniversary of that interesting
event of fnrty years ago, and wish
thorn many years ,,f happy married' the Lyric Theatre Sunday oftornooii
life in the future. That the sue- ot four o'clock. U is anticipated
cocdlng years inny be mellow and i that Bishop Stringer of the Yukon
rieh iii lifes choicest blesslngo is tho: will address lho meeting. In the
wish of the Free Press. event of his not  being able  to  Im
  present, Rev. .I.e. Pigeon, of West-
LUMBER CUT IN B. C. minslor Holl, Vancouver, will do-
if lumber liver the address.    There will lw|
ipecial music ami Ihe hymns will
the new president.
Rev. B.G. Stewart left Chilliwuek
ou Wednesday afternoon, (or his new
home at Armstrong, B.C., where he
will enter upon his new duties.
He will live in Arinstrongand preach
in Vernon. Mr. and Mrs. Stewart
carry with them tho best wishes of
till. At the close of his farewell ser-
vieeon Sunday last Rev. Mr. Stewart
edmlnistord the ordinance of Baptism to several candidates.
The ipecial services whieh are U--
jing neld in Cook's ehureii conclude
Jon Sunday next. These services
conducted by Rev. Mr. Douglas,assisted by Rev. J. C. Pidgcon, of
I Westminster Hall, Vancouvor, have
jlioen very inspiring and helpful. If
you have out already taken advantage of thorn, go la'fure Ihey close.
Men's prayer meeting at nine a.m.,
devotional Blblo study class nt fuur
[p.111., evening service ill 7.30.
I    A men's meeting will be held  in
Xo. 1 Chilliw
a successful social in Iln- Parish hall
on Tuesday evening.     About  twu
hundred people wero present  including the parents and friends of
tho S Hi, and No.   II  Chilliwack
Troup under Scout masters Abbott
and Woodworth, A well planned
program consiBling uf grand march,
drills, games anil musical numbers
was much enjoyed, and the generous
supply nf refreshments, provided by
the mothers of (he Scouts, was done
ample justice lo. The social broke
up aboul ten-thirty with the singing of God Save the King, and the
(iraiid Salute.
Las. night Ibere wns an interest
ing nice! ing in connection with the
Wesley Troop of Boy Scorns at the
Methodist church. The occasion
was tho presentation nf Tenderfoot
Badges earned by those   Uiys who
plaints nnd meet objections and the congregation* irved - ;-.nmem.i
rather gave one the impression lhat1""1' ihe evening's entertainment
I thoy considered the people ot H. C. | *""* Brought tu .1 et - . the ring-
llu.v Meoi.la lie-1.1 !Ul i^. 1IS ,,.„iiHiilL-iati-ly. d.ic.-nlly an.l''"« "f "''"'} '-■ "'"> - •• •'•
properly taxed as any in the Do- jmnl :lt'a;n
minion. Discussion of a g.-o.ml !,(„,,$,, 1^ 1 „
nature followed iu.,1 ill summing up j     ,,lv„lvi„, ,;.,,,,.,, K,   , ,,,,;.
Hon. Price Ellison made some very rjfjo «tote, and the  , am. m
Muttering references to Clulliwack.
He staled that nowhere had they
listened to so few complaints and
he look this as an  indication of a
prosperity that was not excelled by
any other district in the  Province. buIIm,,,
The Commissioners left at noon by
a special B.C.K. ear and will finish
their lalmrs in holding one further
session in Victoria.     The Govern-
portant matter of tn.. e^u itai'.e,.
as a corporate body, t 111 inta-n-
sation owning only iBegjaaoa la -.ie
laws nf the Roman '.'atiiolic 'tiiir*::i.
writ has been issued :'n Me -aaa, ,.
The Ovier ,1 'li.nu-.
of Mary Immaculate, -iy Tflicij
plalititl seeks '..) have j,. ..'r-ier .
registration oa owner U -ne   .anite
.  ,    ,   ' fonnerly the priper'v  ,1   ;ie   ^u«
ment report on the question is look-1..     ,, ,,, .   .. „
, .      ' .        ... Mr. Matthew t-weeunan.   il '.nillt.
ed forward lo with interest.
Aidreu ul Pre«tlab*»
jwack, eaneeile.1,  mil  tor in  irler
j that the dei'enilani., v.-" 1  nil u\.i
itme aceonnj of  their  'rimee-uip.
Avery enjoyable time was spent !j.r  ftory Sheridan.  h« plannff «
in thc Baptist church on  Friday thl, oaWi wi,0 -a t nativ- rf ?nhlm.
evening Inst, when a large numlier | Ireland. elainB v ■• Ble I Iftftl>
of friends and members of the con- !un,i,,r t(le „.,;| ,,( K;lt^ Tnisillifi.
had suceessfully passed the tests. Igregatlon gathered 10 say hrewell to „.tl.r ( ., ,,,. gr Matthew
Rev. A. IC. Roberts was in ehair tho pi-tor and hia wife, Rev. B. G. [gweetman who was 1 -r apca us
and Scout master, Abbot! directed Ud Mrs. Stewart, who are leaving La^bi the vicinity I huBwe-S;
the ceremonies. Eaoh of the lioys I tills week to lake up their residence tan,| whl, (,_ tlll, vrmil „ w ^n
was re,mired to publicly exemplify I ,„ Armstrong, B.C.  The ehair was ;ln,, ,,,';, ...     ^„.:i  .,„'.
one of tbe tests and accomplished I occupied, in a very able manner, by: .y.,,,1,1, legacies •• In .i.rcr
their tasks io the satisfaction andI Mr. A. 1). McCnnnell, ..f Maaro,L|iae jj, .; ,.r,i.m
Iileiisure of the oudienco, A Bhorllnnd a short program of recitations
address «ns given by Scout master Und musical numbers was much en-
Collin, nml n couple nf instrument- Joyed. Short addresses were given
al Bclecllons by Messrs. Abbott,; by the Rev. Huberts, Rev. Pike and
Woodworth and Chapman added Roy. Douglas, all of whom spoke in
greatly to the brightness ol the; the highest terms of Mr. and Mrs.
evening. Tho following bnyi ro-1 Stowort and expressed their deep received their bodges—Stanley Rob.
The rapid exploitatiol
in British Columbia, is
vearly and almost made thi- prov- l» thrown on a screen for everyone
iuee the equal uf Ontario In point Iosco ond Ihushenhlol rlicl|ioli.
of lumber production during 1010. "* Ine service.
Statistics uf the Dominion liiinU'i'j ]»,„ ri,KU\ar monthly meeting nf
cut fur 1010, collected hv the Forest-; the Ministerial Assoeiaiion of Ihe
ry Branch of the Depnriment of the! v„||ey „..H |1(.|,| |Mt Muiidny at
Interior, stale that one billion, six Romdnlo. Tin- resignation nf the
hundred nnd twenty million feel of J(0V| B, (1, Stowort ns president of
lumber worth nearly twenty five the Association was accepted witli
million dollars was cut in British ' r(.gK\ and Rev. T.W. Hull of Sardis
Columbia ill  1910.    As a result of w.l3  selected  president  for the bnl-
greatly increased cutting in the fir im,,,. of tho year ond for 1012. The
nnd cedar forests, the total amount following rosolutlon ro Mr. Stewart's
cut was mure Ilmn doubled in oi'OIroiliovnl from the Valley wns 1111:111-
inaun,   Harry  Chnpinoii,   Artlittr
Cartmell, OcorgoWooilworth, Escril m|,|rPss was read, accompanied by
Chapman, Dwiglii Mnrriot, Au«-. the presemnlioii lo Mr. und Mrs.
tin Street, ReccoGalloway, llnmish . Stewart nf an elegant silver tea ser-
ICwen, Lewis Kekert, .lohn .Jonea, vlco, a boautltul fur ruff lo Mrs.
Edward   Arnold,    Wlllol   Kvans, Stewart and a handsome engraved
aims ia*'"
not all been pai.l. .un: a* ur.it—
contends lhat, dthough Mr -'«■—-
man'-   will   expressly    . r-.nts -.ie
I Order of the Oblate. •. lamma nm.
crahip ■( real state     - ■   ■■"'•r.ie.
i I,— effected  registratinn  ,.-   wnaai
'thcp-'-i,     s (n •■'■ md      1 ■ latli -i
grot at their removal Irom  Chilli-L, „,,. „.n,.   , ... ,      ,,„t ,wll.
wnck.   Following the program an i clb ,,    Th, r-1," 1 . .n. ^   tmia-
George   ICvau..,   Waller   Benlh.y,
Harry Irwin and Kwart Orr.
year. In IOO0 the British I'uluni-
bio cut constituted one flfib of Ihe
total; in 1010 the proportion form-
ed l,y the w, slum provinco was one-
Ihinl, and it lacked unly forty-live
IllinUlly pa-'scl, all the ineinbcrs
spooking in warm praise nf Mr.
Stewart's works-"That thi- Ministerial Association placo on record
its hoorty approclalion of the ser-
gold watch  to Mr. Stewart.   The
address rend:     Mr.  nud  Mrs. P..
(1. Stewart,—It having pleased the
Ceklraleil Tueulieth Anoineiury I Divine Organiser of our destinies to
About Ihirty-six friends planned call you hence to other fields of
a very delightful surprise on Saiur-j labor, and because, being human,
day evening fur Mr. and Mrs. D.H. our hearts an- sore at the thought
Day, the occasion being the twcii-; of your removal from our midst.
tlctll anniversary "f Mr. and Mrs.. we, Ibe nien.liersnf your ehurehnnd
Day's welding. Taking jaissessiou eongregatiiin and fellow eilizcn-,
of the home the self Invilcd guests have gathered here tu-nigbt tngiveiunl:
provided nn cvoning ..f muoh fun. expression in our feeble way, to thel m m  ,
From the lime of Ihe tlrst gamo, love nnd eatoom in whieh wc have *• *■ em Sli»«l lietl
"Wigglo" which resulleil in  an  a-, learned lo hold you during your re-1    The exhibit "f potatoes from B.C.
musing  picture eontosl  in which Isldence with Ul,   Our words cannot 'at the American Un.l and Irrigation
or complaints nmtained  En   Mr
Sheridan', itatenwu of eompuunt,
such as that annc.ili,'-. .vhich Mr
Sweetnian directed ta be pant out
of income, were paid eat of .'apiui.
thai lie- defendants nasi failed t«>
-,-t apart for 'he piirpose ol ■■arnr.g
Income any portion of the deceased *
personal estate, and r i...t ibey Nan
committed .1 breach ot trust. The
principal bone of cootenlioo, however, will centre sroond ihe onrvr-
.-hip "f Ih" farm and of the rents.
collected from it. which an* -aid w
he in possession of the Order —Col-
million fool of surpassing il ui in v'„.,., r0mlorod to tho community by
Ontario.   Seven   important   sofc
Is make up over nn nor cent.
of the .ui iii  British Columbia,
Douglas fir, cedar,  western yellow
pine, tamarack,   spruce,   hemlock
Rev. II. (i. Stowort during his re-
sid in the Valley.    We bollovo
Ihnl his work will imi cease with bis
rem,.val from ihe district, and thai
and Joekplno,   Nearly forty-lire t»'i his words will bo  remembered by
cent, of the tnliil was made up by
Douglas fir.   This species was cut
lu 1010 ro 1 In' oxtenl of  nonrlj
seven hundred 'inl twenty million
feet aud  had tile largest nclllal ill-
crease iliown   by any   species, au
: Increase "f nearly twu hundred and
tif.v million fed.   Cedar composed .
 nith of the total and wa- the ieamoy iiiiil 11 hnppy paitoralo in
many, tor g I    Wo wish   Ilov,
Stewn'l great   -.i.i ss in his fnlillc
labors iu the city of Armitrnng and
eommond him, and his, p, the loving eare ,,f our lleaveiilv Father,
wi-hiug thcin God speed uu   their
Mrs.   Arthur   ttondorsoll   and   Mr.
Macken carried ..it the honors and
Mrs. Day the booby, 1.. il Ion,
all wa- greatly cujuyol. While the
wurd "Marriage" wa" la-ing niicil
a- a charade, ami in connection
wilh il. Mr-. (' IC. Kckerl read nu
lldllrc ■ I.. Mr. and Mr-,
ihe prosenlalion uf a lu'
1 Sew York, ha* 'am-
province th. stiilw.ll
locond wood iu magnitude uf cut
The three hundred and fifteen mil
linn feel uf this ipccitn out wa
tholr new  homo."    Mr.  Stewart
jresiiuinlul in n feeling ipeecti telling
of Illl love fur this Valley and bi
nd wo hundred iiiiil seven- j hope that God's work would pro
teen million foot over lho 1800 pro- por.
Rev.   (I.   IC.    Harlwc
duetinn.    The out of yellow pine, j West China, was llltroducod lo the
amounting    lo   one   hundred   and j Association and nave au   intensely
eighty threo million feet, was near- interesting m nnt  nf the   causes
Iv six times ns much OS the uinuiinl, which led up to the present   rebel-
out in 1009, mid was sufficient   lo Hon,    He wus hearty thanked tor
raise it from fourteen to sixlh
place in Importance among the
lumber producing trees of Canada,
his address. The Association win
entertained to lunch by Rev. and
Mr-. McKay.
adequately express our appreciation ! Kxpositiuii,
of tho manner ill which you have en-'ed for Ihi
lend into, and shared with us, our Trophy and thl reputation of grow-
jnys and our sorrows; how in yuur ing the la'-t p'tatue. In North Am-
efficient and capable way ynu have erica. Con.istlngofaboul 101 .«"■
worked Wllh us and for IU in every ' ties, and aggregutine aK.ul one and
branch of our church's activities, uiielmlf toii< in weight, they repre-
Day and and it i. with deepest regret that we sent many -•vtioiu ol the country,
ly China | relied how little ol this work we ; the Chilliw.u k valley contributing
I wii« made. During refresh- j hsve done, compared with the bur-! its share for the honors, Such an
incuts Mayor Monro proposed Olden you havo carried, From the advertisement is invaluable to Brit-
l,,a-l tu Mr. and Mrs. Day, wishing pulpit, in the choir, at the weekly I Illl Columbia, and those who pro-
tlitr.il joy and future happiness, I meetings and tn the Sunday School united the idea are tn lie eongralu-
lo which all responded heartily, 'and Mission Circle, your efforts, in- Mated on their prugre"ivcne-s. The
The ringing of  "Fur They're Jolly dividual und combined, ble»t liy Die j nanus of the growers in Ihe valley,
1; |Follows"brouglil a lilting con- Heavenly   Father,   have  dune,   a I whose fine specimen, were .xhibited
elusion tolho evening. Mr. Ceorge groat deal to strengthen the position land incidentally helped to win the
Spront wim was a participant iu the „f denomination ill this community coveted trophy fur B.C., are as foi-
surprise was also ot Mr. and Mrs. I thereby assisting in the spread of lows! Messrs. D. B, Barrow, J. H.
Day's marriage twenty years ogo,     of the Kingdom ol Our laird.  AlioICopeland, Capt. W. 9. llnwksbaw,
  do we lioar in mind the cordial per- W. Iliggin-on. A. C. Wells ,lt Son,
lo Mr.  and sonid itontnct whieh has existed he. W, Hornby ol Chilliwuek and vicin-
Chilliwack, u tween vourselvcs and those whose ity nnd Mr. AUandileuf New West-
fortune  it ha« been to know you, minster.
Burn—(In Nov.
Mrs. II. MolClvciiy.
My Invisible
imv ri'iii'liliifj or leiirlni; liar SI..-
mlj-lii |in-.*Itily run awuy, Uul uiu-
Mii".i mi where to ro Hit** peel lug Huu
HiIh mirvellluiieu liutl aoimuhlug io tl«
with properly hIu- hnd iiiNi-i iMl Iiuiii
het father, utie lintJ ilesn.-ii tu gut Iniu
| roinniuolcinliiii will) mi a I lumpy lu nf
i dt-1 to it'iii ii HOiu-dlliliiii iilniut tliai
properly uml tin- terms ut in.- will
am ■.in*' nun pretty clear tn me, Ity
| tin- ier tun <if Hit* instrument Miss
I Marl-lc*. Will tn hi- her nleve'8 iru.ml
, iu ti till ihe waa elgliipeii years ui uge,
when ihe girl wm tu In- free lo net
{ fut iii'iM-il mul in receive hei proper! v
Uut it iin-
<   tit    Illl-   IIIIH'
i'ii  l.y  llii
I...  IV.
(Illl ll
*t ti
D un nl In
ishlp    lit
.1  tli.
iy |i
Mlsa M
ukii-y fm life
er  ill.-.)
< In. Illl
III-  111
1 1-SH
*l in
1 tl
few w
ll      WIIK
I    tu
in*   thnl
Mitt iM
■1  M
WHS lu
kee|i in*
III  Iln
nl till
ttlii-r tl
'   Wil»
'll.  <
WIIH  ll
Vf   lift
reeble tt
Ii n
IH 1
1.. I'll
eiii-t ll |
'IMI l>
I Began to Serv* Hit by aa
Illegal  Proceeding
By R. Forsythe Emery
Copyright by American I'rt-ss Aaio-
ciiiium, 1811,
I   mu   iiii   attorney.     One   Hiiiniu.-f
cveulug- I waa uveaty-wveti youraold
«i ttie time—wullo it wuh huh Liny 11« hi
I wuh luuiiterlliB on n thoroughluru
iin.'ii witti dwellings, I'liHHiut! u ml ui ii
wiiiduw nil uu ted imt u lew fuel ubovi*
ui) In-iiil I heiird ti woman'* voice pro-
nuiiiieu tny tin nu* in it tune niunist in
iiiniitin* l ilu|>|icd nud looked U|<
From tjetweeu tlm gluta cume tin
"I wim I n lawyer."
All being durk within, 1 could ice
"Uow du you know tlmt I nm n luw
yer'/1 I linked  "tlowctia lierveyouV
'J'hem wiih uu reply. ( Ihn-ued. bin
could iii'iit nothing wore. 'J'bere wu**
but uut- nitei'iu.'tiiiiun Hume one muai
tinvi> eniercd tbe room wIiohv pre.-cmc
put un cud to the PouverHutluu. i
wuiied u tew uiomonii' tben, l bin king
tlmt my lurking ibere under ihe win
duw might compromise my Invisible
Clleiil, 1 wulked uil.
'Ihe aeil evening and ibe nest for
■everul dnya I -uroiled by tile bou*.e ut
tbe same b.uir nud eveu loitered u fen
uiuuii'jits uinii't tbe window, but uut »
wbispei t-ume Ti-oiu tii'tiiud the blind*
i formed tunny theories un tu whai
bud oeeurred. It wim evident thut
■oue one-tbe volte seemed tu belong
to a youug woman —wim detained uu
willingly. Hut why? To tbln Ibere
were many piwatble answers Tben*
wai oue tbut cause*,' me to doubt ttie
expediency ot purnulug the tnuttet an)
further Tbe person inigbi be feeble
niluded—perhaps Insane. If mm were
true I would timko a mistake, doiu--
greut Injury tu my client an well mm
myself,  by au lnterferem-a
I am a methodical man and determln
ed to begin methodically nt the De
ginning. I muni learn from the uul
aide wbo occupied tiie bullae, theu
Burnetii In-; aboul the occupants 1
blred a boy to wnteb the premises at
tbut hour lu ibe mortilnft wben truiles
meu deliver provisions, uuie ihe names
00 tbe wagotia culllug and mnke u list
of tbem. In thin way I easily secured
■everul tirm dbiup<i, one of u groeei ol
wtiuui I bought my uwu supplies, nud
be gave me tbe name of tbe person tu
whom be aenl goods nl the premises
In question It wan Minn Kliwibelli
Murkiey. a rich ludy about tifty years
My next more waa to obtain penn I**
■Ion of (be grocer tu go on bin wugou
and deliver goods mynelf. I'uitliiic on
old clot lien, I did an. ln..U u l.uskel uf
|,r.i-i. l."iy Into Hit: latlt.-bcn uiii) by
cbatting wltb Ihe couk learned tbut
tbe occupatita were Mlna Murkiey and
ber uhie. Minn Irene Bciihum. a girl
between seventeen und eighteen Tbln
wua all tbe luformutlon I could secure,
but II wuh euutigb for a beginning. If
Mlna Murkiey wan rich I might be nbte
to find numethltig through recordn of
ber property -that la, if It were real
estate. I went to tbe oltleen of the
receiver uf luten, but the mime Elizabeth Murkiey waa not ou bla list It
occurred tu me to look fur Ibe name
vf Betibuui. uud I fuiind "the eatute
of Adootmm h.-nliam. deceased " Here
waa u iHHim-r If Irene Heituam waa
belr to lbl« property It wua ponnible
tbat ber aunt wua buldlug ber a prla
oner while abe wan attempting to get . alblllty of providing a meana ut deter extnte Into her own baodn. Al the
court of rbancery I waa abowu the
will of Adunlrarn Hen ha in. and the
caaa waa plain. Irene Upubam wuh
belr to property worth about hnlf u
If Mlai Murkiey were wicked enough
to fulfill the theory I hud formed uf
ber It would be necessary tu tight ber
wltb tire I dure not mnke any open
move whatever leal nlie nbuilld remove
ber niece to some hiding place where
■be could nut be found I must gel
Into clnndcHiliie cotumuuleailon wltb
Mln Heubam
1 bought a book suitable for ■ pre*
ent to ■ youug lady, prettily llluntrat-
ed, and aent ll to her tbruiigb the mall,
1 aent no notp uf explanation with It
nor wrote ntiythlng ou the flyleaf, but
tbe book itself r-unliilned a coin mini lea
Hon. By a delicate underacorlng uf
wurda I Informed her who 1 waa. my
address, bow she could reucb me. what
1 bud learned aboul her aud my sue
plelun I wna doubtful of ibe socrena
of thia maneuver, for If ber mint were
watching ber ahe would examine tbo
book t-loatly before nlluwlng ber niece ,
to bave It Fur this reaaou I did not
begin my tuesnage before tbe tlfi«enth
uut nil Mir* miu'ine M> weukiiean lti*
iu the fail timi m tin- ul lti hi em demon
Mmtloii 'in my purl Mis*. Ilenhtiui
would likely he spirited away, Hint tn
the came ul age bei mini was uer legni
guard lti n nud ihul I hml nuibing It
"Imw Mini I had heen retained us ihi
young in ily h counsel. Beside* thla. I
had neve) seen her and hud tin evl
deuce thai »he mis ol sound in nil
Should I apply iu the courIn my Inter
ferenee would m oiiee tteeotue public
properly, nnd no pidi-e would ordet
Mlna Uentiitiu lirotigbl before intu mi
such seunl evidence as i uilitbl furulnb
1 could do nothing (hat wns legal;
Iherrtore I must breuk the luw. at tile
Hume uuie getting such udvnutnge ns
would protect bull) uie uud my client
Henli/.ltlg Ihe fuel Unit "possession ts
nine pt tnt.s in the law," I resolved to
t runs fer the keeping uf Miss KenUam
lu smiie oilier person ihnii her sum.
This must either be dune by kidnaping
her ur glvim-, tier nu upporiuoity to
ci.uie ul her own uciord und.-i the care
of a new keeper.
Having opened communication with
ber surreptitiously. It waa to be expect
ed timi she would look lur a luemitng
In fliiylbluj; I would send her. I dare
not bribe auy or the terrnuta tu the
employ ot her aunt, tor It wua to be
nupposi-d that she controlled them. I
cou. in.li'tl to use u method uf tbe same
kind as the tlrst 1 hnd tried. I sent
her a mugoxlne marked "Sample
Copy." I miei certain worda tbai em
budled my uiennuge I prlcued pin
hules. I felt more cotitiileiue lu bur
iiullclug this device than tbe tlrst.
iiiouj-,11 it wu.* not us pin in 1 toid ner
what was neceanury tot hut tu do uud
why. advUIng her to nend me word
wheu It wutiid be pusslble fur her to
leave bet utiut ibut 1 unghl nier-l ber
nnd take her lu a place where she
would be out or her mint s reucb mul
secure the hem-tit of Hie law. I alsu
■unseated a method ot reply,   uu a
certain day mid hour she wus to drup
from ii window one or more ptipcra
wllh flgurea denoting, tlrst, ibe day
uf the iiiotuh: second, (he bonr (one to
twenty luiir. 11...i •!..: HS|Hteled to lu
utile lo leave the house. The letter "V"
was to stand foi trout und "It" for
rear. The letters "A." "IV and 'V
would denote the story from which
■be wuuld leave ur must Ih- taken.
It wus between nj-iii nud durk of
ibe duy appointed fut her iu drop tbe
paper Hint I strolled by Ibe house
She must bore been watching tut me,
fur I uuw •juuietbin-; white butler
(rum an uppei window. I Kept my
eyes Uxed un It and when It reached
tbe sidewalk picked It up. Un it wua
"tt. '£1-4. It, ll." which i anew
meant the eli-hlh day uf the muutb
between 11 and I'.' o'cluck ai night.
frum n necund story rear ruuiu. Ihls,
of course, threw upon me (be reapon-
went from hu upper atory, besides a
method uf ilij-ut. Hnd tbe paper fallen
Iniu the buuds ut n watcher there wuuld
have been nut hill): lu tell lj.il lie In It
1 made an examination of tbe rear
of tbe bouse and found that tbere
waa ao alley there. The yard was Inclosed In a hij-h fence, the door of
wblcb waa kept locked. I provided ■
ladder loug enough to reucb tbe second atory and a circular aaw In order
to burglarize the door.
Ou the npiHilnted nicht. repnlrlug to
tbe alley. I cut ■ hole In the door and
removed the lock Theu I watched
till about hnlf past || u oi'k. wbeu
Ibere wus the flash nt n ertulu win
duw on tbe secuud aiory, proliubly of
UU ele. trie han't llf-tlt. (nd.Tsliitidltlg
tills to be a Hij.-ii.il. I mined ihe ladder.
Tbe window wuh noiselessly opened,
and a figure descended. I reuiuved
the ladder nod ml t tie way tu a carriage waiting un the ucurest street
At the door l law by n street i«mp
for the Urst lime ihe feutures of my
client I wna well autlshed wltb tb*
1 put her In a enrrlage and told tbe
driver to lake her to tbe bonne of an
elderly imly with whom I bad aaraug-
Some Have X-Ray Eyes That Leek
Through Objects.
A yeur or two ago doctora In ISng*
land were much puxxled over U six-
year-old hoy named Arthur Keene,
living with hia parents ut Penartu,
Glamorgan. Young Arthur had lived
on milk since his birth, nut u par-
ticlu oi bo)id food being taken, Al
■ix yenra ot uge ho wua finally <ie-
veloped und lieullhy. and his diet
per week em hi.-ted uf thirty pints ol
milk mixed with su^ui uud u little
When Lionel Brett, a young hoy uf
MuBaachufiutts, was a huhy iu mum,
miya Ttt-IJUa, his mother notloetl that
there wua aoniethlng peoulftr about
tin* eyes, mul (earing Mint he wus iu
lunger o( going blind, she hud him
'.Miiiiincil hy Bovcrnl occullitfl, These
gonllunieii diaeovered tlmt the child
was posaeaaed u( a most wonderful
pair ol eyes his sight peiirtrutilig
lubstaiicea in the buuiq fasntuii us the
Dr. rcrroul, nl Iwbonno, tmd Dr.
Clraaaet ol Montpelier sotuc yeurs hack
■xu m I lied u young girl o( Narliuiiiia
tuiii  she  wta (liiiiul tu  noaaeaa eyes
I -iinilnr to thoao ol  l.lom-1  Brett.    Kx-
|iertiuunta prove! that she could tu-e
UiroUgll <>pa<|tic bodlOB ns clearly nud
I penetratingly aa lier eyes gouerated
■ Itontgoil rnys.
{ Another child possessed of wonder*
: (ul light wus ii Our mail hei named
-?cli-ic!cr, who created u (urore iu aol*
| un tl He circles some time ago, There
I wis nothing unuauul iu his appear*
lance, ami yet he hml h very slrmigd
pair "(  eyes.    The  u-uul  order  ul
tilings   was   reversed;   ill   the   day   lie
wna practically blind, while iu tiie
I darkness of itiglil ihe keenness of
, Ins .light wus aatonlalillig. Wh.-n night
I onnio on young Sclitteler could sea
( with uu ncuteneaa which many ordinary people would have given much
In possess even in Ihe diiylitiie. lis
Could enter a pilch-dark room and
pick up uny small object from the
table <>r Hour with aa much ease aa
hi.   parents   could   il   the   room   were
tl led with light,   tin uue occasion
i Mr. ami Mrs, Bcliufer aprliikled ttie
| floor of a room w,th tiny pins, mid
at night they ordered their son to
. pick thrin ui.. Although the room waa
abaolutely dark the hul found every
i uur of the pin.- in uu Incredibly shurl
, space of time.
i People with magnetic bodlca are nul
; unknown, and six years ugo doctori
I discovered ut Vliid.kavkua, in tha
; Caucasus, u j/:rl of twelve whose body
, wus practically a magnet, According
lo a medico who examined her, every
object which she approached would
move. Once she walked close tu a
kitchen dresser, and In un instant tbu
crockery upon it begun to dunce. On
another occasion h h juvy buttle standing   Upon   a   tubli-   whs   raised   ill   thl
air when the magnetic maiden went
ticar it.
E.  3.   ROWE   18  OrFICIAL   BOOM.
rYhitby Man W. . U Teacher, Preach,
■r, Lecturer, Investigator and Gen-
eral Informant, Is Working Hard
In Behalf of tha West and Always
Makes It a Point to Be Bigger
Than Hit Job.
'■"o use worda commensurate with
Ihe object t„ |)B described, Klliott a.
Rowe is publicity p.npaieitL'. or Tho
Ambulating .'.d., aaya Frederick U.
Meiir. in g bree/.y article iu 8atur-
Jay   N'  it   deaorlbing   Vanoouver'i
publicity commissioner. He. hulongs to
Uittt happy mid puissant luud uf men
who ktmw Imw to do things well.   Hu
knows huw to advertise things, and
- is he advurtlaes lillliga. he udvertincj
|   Advertlalug in Canada passed the
'game" stage about leu yean ago,'
I and it now parades us h lull-fledged
| 'oionce,   It is psychology praetleally
ipplied,   When I'rol, Willium James
uclured un the science uf the inilitl
it Harvard, there weru nu dispiriting
llUOtuallotia   in    Wall   Street   or   the
Cunadlan Rockies.    Up tu a decade
'ago   psychology   had   not   been   introduced to business, mid they were far
i truiii  being uu speaking terms.    Hut
not so long since Introduction, on*
I g-tgeiuent hiu! marriage followed in
! quick BUceesslon, nud now psychology
und business are achieving wonderful
[ (cats  in  double  harness.    Uusinoss
1 wubted to know how to muke people
believe they wanted something they
hid  nut, mul  that  it could  satisfy
j tl i.m.   Psychology stepped up with
, confidence   and   suid:   "1    will   show
v .u how and  why."
\   The unquenchable Rowe was one uf
j the advanced pupils in this particular
( class   who   held   uii   their   hands   uud
(Suid: "Please, teacher, I .know," El*
l:utt S. Knwii hus trnnsfornted pgy*
i etiology intu a meal ticket, whicli. In
, these days of a depressed hint seed
market, ii  tt  lurgt*  accomplishment,
Russian Excavations at Olbla.
The site ul the aticieiit Greek colonial City of Olbia is on the southern
bank of the Hug and is partially covered by the modern Russian Village of
Parutino, Renewed excavaUons are
now proceeding under the supervision
oi Prof. Parmakovaky of th.' Imperial
Archaeological Society. During the
lust fortnight muny interesting tlndi
have been made in the uld city necropolis of terra cotta Btatuettes and
musks, and persuuul ornaments in (-. 1.1
uud silver, rings, beads, necklaces,
em penduuts, bracelets, etc. Thu
must vuluuble objects, however, is a
second Erua in bronae, of superb work.
nianshfp and artistic merit, standing
ul out lifteeii inches with Its s-mull pedestal, The greater and more valuable
results of the researches desultorily
made during the m\ tew year-) are
i.ow in the Hermitage Museum at St
Petersburg, Olbia «n> orig.nuHy
(ounded by a Greek colony from Miletus, and became ubout -SOU B. C, the
greatest civilised and trading centre
in southern Scythia.—London Standard.
The Chinese Language.
The Chinese language in the chief
Hiijiiiig   thnt   small   clasa   of   languages
which include the Tibetan, Cochin
Chinese, Burmese, Korean and Chinese a nd which is Usually described
ns monosyllabic. It la language in
its must primitive form, Kvery word
is a root, and every root a word. It
is without Inflection or even agglutination. Its substantives are indeclinu.
able, and its verbs are uut to lie con-
hlgated. It is destitute uf an alpha-
bet, in the si-use in whicli other l»n-
guages have an alphabet, und linda
its expression on paper in thousands
uf distinct symbols or picture funns.
Handling  Baked   Fish
TIhcc iii huttoin of pan  twu stripe
uf cheeseoloth. tnree or tour inches
wide und lung enough to extend three
inches uver side ul pun, first dipping
cloth in melted butter (ur (.live oil)
, and being careful  to keep the ends
extending over pan elean,   Place Hah
1 on this ami when done take huld o|
' ends   ol   cloth   nud   I.ft  fish   out   of
I nan on tu platter.   The clotli can Uieu
' 1.-- eusily pulled from under, leaving
the luh iu perfect shape.
page aod made my luierllneatlunr' so    H| for n.-t re.epn.iii
falut tbut no one escepl one reading       j r*vrnrt*d Mm** H'-iiinun'i fortune to
tbe book would notice them. tier, and  when she pmd my  bill tfet
J waited a  week for a rc*nilt to my    (brew in tier owo sweet suf.
eipedh-nl.    When It came I  win aure
do ordinary UMMffg could leu *■ the
llarkley home Will i being can-full.-.
Itmpecii-il The replv wua nil ndvtr
tialng mrd ol u aecondbaod bookaioni
! ah.uiid not have tboiigbt of Its t it
■ rtptj to my iiifaaiige had nm the
name of the tirm bMfl untleturoiwl In
peiell I went lo the honkator** ami
■aked If they had any communication
for me. Tbey aald tbey had not. I
wriit awny dlauppolnied- and while
walking along thinking of ■ pmnltilf
•tpianation »t tin* prabltm II occurred
to me that tbe book I  bud aenl  alias j
Mark'ey might nave been aold 10 Ua       A „„„, BU|minet arises ul mghi
nnn  In  queatloo.    Returning to the , (.|(I(.|JU(1 frii|I| „„, „,„„„„ )if
MOrt. I asked for tbe book uud wim '
delighted to be offered tbe very ropj
1 Hnd sent. 1 bought ll and aa i
wn ted uwuy looked for a cipher mere
am-.- in It. I waa oot long lu (hiding
dnla under rerlaln words nud Wllboul
rii.Iiculiy rend (be meeaage.
My ibeory wua correct Tbe girls
aunt, bei father's aleter, was holding
her a prlsouer. Tbe writer did not
know why. All abe knew wna Hml
ber aout waa watching ber always
8be waa never per milled to go out
■ lone aod felt Manured thai any leiier
•be mvlved or twol waa opened bo
Tee Quickly.
"Sir, I wish to marry yuur daughter Susan."
"Vuu do. all? Are yuu in a position  U>  support  a  tamilyf"
"Oh, yes, sir!"
"lietter be sunt uf it. There are ten
uf ui."
Josn ef Arc's Sward.
A  IWOItl  lu  Hie  Dijon  museum  hni
Just been Identified as thut used by
.loan uf Arc mid prccnlcd lu her by
Gbnrltt  Vll   uf KflUct*    tin une a*dc
uf the hilt nre engraved a tlt-ur« kneel-
tin: before a cruss nud the liiKcrlpllon
"CbarlSg Vll.." while the other side
bent's the mime •■\iiiiruuleura.'* Tbe
Itlord ulsu beurs the iirms uf rrunc*
and uf lint (OWN of Orltnui and the
date,  MIlF.-l.t-nduti Mull.
Oil Lamps Poisen Calcutta.
A  creat  nuNiiiee urlses ut  night In
lamps. It ll e-.iitiuii.-d thut WJtXO to
80,000 of tbeee nre used in various
simps aud amall fa.-lories In Hie lown
and suburb-. The hen I III e.iuiiulltcf-
of rnii intu Is cousiderluR fin atiiiMiil
nn'iit to the llcnuiil imoke nnisauee
act to prohibit the use of nu. ti lump*,
•s tbelr smoke Is a source of throat
ikd lung complntnuv
Age of Maximum Strength.
EfperlroCDta with tbousnntls of auh-
Jectl  hnve  hIiuwii   ibat   (bo  nvemge
mnn lltalni his mnxlmum alreuglli lo
i.i.-. thirty Ont fetr,
A Terrible Thought.
t    "Nature knew  whit ibfl was doing
when she dejinv.il flahn of a vo.om."
\     "How do you make thut outr"
;     "What if a Bill had to cackle OTIf
•Very *-gg it hud'"
Without Eicsption.
Tom - Tb.-y   -ny   that  .-very   woman
1 in beautiful in sonic ont'l eyes.   Do
. you  believe   :t»
1    Jack   Certainly, if you include her
'Twas Ever Thus.
Patience-And you mi> in the car
yr.ii came uptown on there were a lot
Ol women  li.ifiL'iin' on lu the straps*
Patrice Yei, an.) u lut of mvu
hanging on to the scuts
ELttOT s. ttOWR.
His particular brand of psychology
hus been remunerative both to him
and tu tht victim* who nee to it that
Rowe dues nut git his meal ticket for
, nil.
The.   Anihulutinu   Ad.    always    uses
the tnpud iu his concerts, not to sing
into, but hi n  meuns of understanding.   The three legs uf his tripod are
■ Vancouver. Victoria uml New VYfigt-
' minster, all in a big nnd high class
by themselves, but the greatest of
these is Vancouver. This broad-vis*
, [oned man says; "Cultivate British
Columbia, populate it, and then you
will etiricu it. litiridi the province
and you must at the same time enrich
the coast cities." Our subject hus
charge of advertising the Occidental
( Coimopolla of Vancouver.
liuwe took a place in this muudutie
| arena fifty-one years ago in the town
I of Whitby, an hour's ride east of To*
' ronto.   He  »cquuiutcd  himself  with
the rudiments ol book-learn n' in thnt
town—became proficient in I.uiiu elo* .
cutioii there.  He was enrolled ut the
Ni.nii.il School, Toronto, aud  Pickering Colhg?.   He then became inspir- :
; nl  with the pioneer notion of purg*
; ing   this   blighted colony   from   the
stigma uf Illiteracy and uave the chtl-
dren in Uie wuuds periodic k-sauus in
(laycholugical tnnrksmauship. Hut {
towe theu treated the leaching pru- ;
I fcs-sioii as su many liave since dune.
( It was a Btepplng-Stone lor him. ami
lit must have suffered a tnntked de-
, press;.-ii when he placed his depart-
; ins foot upon it.
lie stepped up into the  Method 1st
ministry.    He   rummm-d  there   from
18M to 1907.
In 1093 Howe  wbs an appointee of
tin-   Dominion  Government  to  pre-
scribe for the malady induced by the
coal    strike    In    British    Columbia.
1 Here's a secret—Rowe t.dd the writer
he found a lot ol interesting things
there, Including some astonishing
facts, and he is going tu write a
buok some day fur the ediflcatiun of
the   uniom,   the   strike   leaders   and
, some clerks in Uie  Immigration Bu- '
ireau at Ottawa.    He says it will be a
littler,    During the last ten years he
has been seeing things in Brltlah Co- |
luiribla, many of them previously uu- !
Min,   because  other  folks   were   only ,
; blinking   when    the    Ad.    hud   buth ,
lumps trimmed uud burning brightly. I
Klltuil  S.  Knit i-   is  a quinary   ag*
flofntraUom he is teacher, preacher*
■cturer, Investigator ami Informant.
They do say that he l.ctiircs on social au.1 economic subjects, ami he ii
not* in charge uf civic publicity in
i Vancouver. He is always bigger than
his job, und thut is why fiunuciers
mid organisers seek Ins advlea ■ml
■ me pleased to get it.   He measures;
■ progress   by  ihe   meter   ol   liberty,
Men me civitlied  in so far as they
are free,   He believes iii the future .
and in providing (or it.    He (■ il, \
, ways preaching the same little (hul
< always powerful] sermon.   Reforeata.
tion in tin- factory, in the bunk, io
| Uie store, in the school, on the sea.
Ion the farm hii.I in the mine, as well
■s  iu  ihe  forest,  is  the  only   polfoj 1
ul progress that can guarantee endUIN !
ing    pronpciiiy    lu    the    Cauudiau
. Le*iniu.
It Frequently Plays Him a Mean
Trick  While Speaking.
I Mr. Balfour, who bus completed his
sixty-third yeur, is frequently the vie-
i mu  ul  absent-miudeduess.    Once  ln
' a speech he referred tu Uie late Sir
I Henry Canipbell-Banuermun aa Sir
Henry Banncrmaii, Sir Charles Ban-
; nermun, nnd Mr, Biuinernian. Nut
very long ago he spoke uf Lord
Northampton as Sir Henry Fowler and
Sir William Fowler. There wus another entertaining Instance soma time
! back at u Primrose i-eugue demonstration at tho Albert Hull.   "Where du
| I  sitr"  asked  Mr.   Bul (our,   with  a
-bland note of inquiry. A surprised
official pointed lu the ejialr. Mr. Balfour, seemingly, had totally forgotten
I Unit he was to preside over the meeting.
'.    The right huu. gentleman wus burn
ill Scotluiid. eldest 1011 of Hit! late
Mr. James Muitlund Balfour, uf Whit*
tinghauu*, whu married Lady Blanch-*
Cecil, sister uf ti.d late Marquis of
bulisburg. Educated at Ktoit and at
Trinity College, Cambridge, Mr. Bal-
four entered the House id Commons
iu 1874 as MP. lor Hertford; from
1S9A to 1900 he sat  lur Bust Man*
Chester, and since then he has been
one of tho representatives of ibe City
ul London.
■ Fur u few years he acted ns nrlvate
aeoretary to his uncle at the Foreign
Olllco, atnl accompanied the mission
oi Lord Beucoiiafie-d ami Lord SAlis-
I bury to Berlin iu 1878, His administrative experience commenced In
1HH5 us President of tiie Local Government Hoard, nud lie was Ciliel
Secretary Ior Ireland Irom 1887 lo
isui. when, on ih« death ol Mr.
W. H. Smith, ho became First Lord
of the Treasury and Leader of the
House of Commons.
Uu Lord Salisbury's retirement in
July. ItKHl, Mr. K.ilfour succeeded him
as Prime Minister, iu which post he
continued until the Liberals legal tied
power,  ill   I1HW.
The right lion, gentleman is Chancellor oi Edinburgh University, mi
Klder Brother of Trinity House, and
Grand Master of th*' Primrose League.
He hus been president ol the British
Association, and Lord Hector of Glasgow and Ht. Andrew's Universities.
Mr. Balfour la a very nsiute man
u( business, ami a wealthy one withal. He has Investments in real estate
in many unlikely places, including
New Zealand. His fortune originated
witli his paternal grandfather, James
Balfour, an Indian civil servant, who
afterwards made * 1 .Suu.oou out ol contracts for supplying the Indian navy
with provisions.
No More Sea-Sickness.
The new Cunard liner Lukonia,
which was launched recently on the
Tyne, England, will be unique iu th*"
uusse'ssioii ol nu invention fur which
is claimed the remarkable virtue thut
It will practically do uwuy with the
Seasickness, The vessel will be ittted
with u large tank occupying the bot-
tutu and sides amidships, and it will
b\i possible by means of a regulator,
to counteract the effect produced  by
the consumption ol coal, stores, etc.
The wuter tank, whicli is divided into
compartments, is covered with air-
tanks, and at the bottom ure spe-
cially constructed water passages.
The tanks are partially filled with
water, and the motion of tiie ship
Is checked by a contrary movement ol
the water from one aide tu the other
through the passages, Tu provide
fur changes in the movement of the
vessel the water which is always under perfect control, can be regulated
to suit circumstances. One or two of
the compartments can be utilized as
required by opening or doting the
valves which nre affixed to the air
tanks, and by completely closing the
valves the passage uf air from Uie
side of the ship to the other is prevented. Iu this way the water in th*
tanks may bo thereby keeping the
vessel from rolling. The Lokonia will
nut only be the tlrst Atlantic liner to
be fitted with the anti-rolling tanks,
but also the tlrst British ship to be
so equipped.
New   Home  fer  Roman   Beat.
The delicate operation of removing
tha Roman boat which was found in
the bed of Uie Thames on the site
of the new London County Hall to
the orangery in Kensington Palaci
Gardens was completed recently with-
out misadventure.
The boat was found embedded deep
down in Uie substratum of the river
bed during excavations last year, and
since it has been exposed tu the air
the beams hnve hardened, cracked,
and shrunk. The whole structure Is
m brittle that H was necessary to
build a frame completely iound it.
The keel had to be enclosed in a box,
as otherwise it would probably have
dropped out altogether.
When the timbers came to be moved a quantity of bones were found in
a very decayed aud brittle condition.
Thcce have been enclosed in wire
uetti.g, and included the rib of a
man and other human remains and
also thc jaw of a dog.
Quaint Galiclan Camp In London,
England, Suburb.
Lodged in a very commodious house
and gnrden adjoining Onrmtt lane.
Wandsworth, London, there are at
the present time some lfiO Galiclan
gipsies, dresied for the most part in
barbaric splendour and reputed to
he very rich. They hnve tramped
from their own land tn the Metropolis, where the remaining members
of the tribe hnve arranged to join
Ihnm prnr to n g-'nernl departure for
South America. Il was evident that
the house, capacious though it is,
could not possibly accommodate the
whole crowd, nml no the extensive
grounds adjoining huve been ulUlaed
iu a camping place. Their Rortreoiis
garments notwithstanding, und de*
spite the prodigal manner In which
they are spending  ""'ir money,  the
Inr.tim-'t of the mendicant Is strongly
implanted In the younger members
of the tribe, (hie lil'tle mite, u quaint,
brown*faoed figure in fez. rugged
knickers, and little else, begged hard
for coppers from strangers passing
throuj-h the lillle gale leudng to tha
grounds, A redistil was mot wllh a
chorus "l loud and persistent howl*,
the lumen tn in um being listened lo
witli amused Interoat by ihe eldon
of the tribe. A hoy ol ahoilt in slimmer* wns bravely slruggl'ng with a
wcliniled briar pipe. and. Incidentally, giving veiil lo some rather
Qtlllint impress on- o( British sling.
The house ha- boon taken for Hix
months nt a rental nl $400 Evidently the temporary tenant- know little
of the niceties of civ li/ulion. for
with nil their reputed wealth mid
Im ml-*"Mn- garments Ihey appear lo
louk upon dirt jin hardly worth
eliminating, London people were at
f>r-i inclined to view ihe Invasion
with Bornothing akin lo Indignation.
Gradually, however, these pictures*
que wanderers, with their brown
bairn**., bizarre attire, and apparently llm.tlcai resources, huve Insinuated tltomselvea Into the good graces
of   the   district.    The  language! of
tunny lands nre heard as they puss
lo nml (ro- Russian. Polish, French,
Spmii-.li, Italian, n rille English, ami
their own tribal lingo, Speaking in
Itiissinn, the Glpiy Queen of the
tribe, Muriu Pet ro vu a, mi old lady
garishly dressed nml loaded with
coins and barbaric jewellery, gave mi
interesting account of herself and
her people. "I ami all my people
like l...ii.l..n very much, hut we an
not going to stay here long; the
language is )mi>o*sihle to speak. I
knuw French. Russian, Ital mi, Spanish, and many other languages, hut
English not at all. We remain here
three months, am) we are very soon
going to have a big wedding in th:s
camp. There will be feasting and
dancing and sing ng for several days,
and our comrades who live in Liverpool and have become quite English
are coming to the wedding. But we
will also invite English guesti to it.
and as they cannot understand nur
music I am going to lire an English
military hand, which will make them
dunce. OI course I am queen now
and only command, but all my people work hard, making pots and
pans. We are extremely content and
very, very rich. We have so much
money and gold that we can always
buy good food and nice clothes and
jewellery. I only wear gold ornaments and coins, but some ol the
women have silver. There it nothing
wc want; we are hist like fishes In
the water. Only I do not like the
English meat, the beef Hnd mutton
are so stiff that I will not buy them,
and so we must eat chickens nnd pork
every day. I have several women
who do all thc cooking, hut I sometimes go and look on myself, because
I know everything much better. My
husband is the chief man, hut I am
Uie chief ol all, and I must be obeyed. 1 am a Russian, but there are
all sorts ol nationalities in my camp.
Befure we go away we are going to
show you a gipsy theatre here, and
I myself will sing and dance. You
English people have never seen anything like it, but we Ike you all the
same, and are sorry that we cannot
stay here longer."
Time Would Tell.
Sir Thomas Gibson Carmichael has
retailed a good yam of a juryman,
who one day rushed intu a court and
said: "Oh, my lord, if you can excuse me, pray do I don't knuw which
will die first—my wife ur my daughter."
"Dear me, that's sad," replied the
innocent judge. "Certainly; you are
The next day the juryman was met
by a friend, who asked: "How's your
wife and daughter "
"They're all right, thank you. Why
do you askr"
"Why. yesterday y..u said you did
not know which would die first."
"Nor du I. That is a problem tbat
tiuia atom.' can solve."
Out of PI set.
Aunt Frlnms-I am shocked at ynn.
, Maude Tou permuted young Mr.
Jones to ai** you Maude-He only
just uuie tied ma oa tbe no-e. auntie.
Aunt Prisma-ft was quite out of
place, my dear. Maude-He knew It
was. auntie. Hul you came lo ao suddenly, you lea.    	
The Persian Crown.
The royal crown of Persia, wtaleb
dntes Imrk tu the remote Igosj, Is lu
the furm uf a pot of flower*. lOnnuiint
«i by an omul ruby tbt alio of a
ben's *n*
The   I>euler-"Well.   he's   sixteen
iyi'iir- old, mum,  I'll admit  Unit;  hut
J lie ain't  wind-liroketi  nor imlliin'."
j     Mrs. NoWCtllll (whu hus decided uot
to  buy)- "We're  very  sorry,   but   we
( would  nol   cure  to  buy  ii   horse  that
I wna nol thoroughly   wind-broken."—
"Pa." "Whal i< Itf" "Why .Iocs
ihe orchestra    piny   Mwoen acta!'"
"So   (he   audience   will   go   mil."-Toledo Daily Blade.
A man wastes n lot of lime asking
questions that he doesn't want iiiih-
Brltih Coal Dwindling.
The Loudon papers are impressed
by the prediction in Sir William
lUmsay'a presidential address at a
meeting of the British Association for
the Advancement of Science recently,
that unless the present rate ol consumption Is retarded England's coal
fields will be exhausted in 175 years.
Prince Now Smokes.
Since hia seventeenth birthday, it
has only just becunie publicly known,
the Prince of Wales, has been promoted to enjoy an occasional cigarette,
Like the King of Spain, he shows *
preference for the genuine Spanish
cigaritus, which are very email and
made uf choice Havana tobacco. They
are not gummed, but are held together
by a dexterous inward fold of the
It would seem that the  King and
Queen did not wish their eldest son
to smoke until his seventeenth birth*
day, aud on that   date   he   received
I many gifts representing the smuker'i
i small luxuries. If rumor speaks truly
j Uie young prince does not show very
; great euttiuaiasm as a smoker aud is
, quite satislled   with   three   cigarettes
■ a day which are allotted to him until .
he reaches his eighteenth birthday.
Pagan's  Coat  ol  Mail.
About  six   thousand  native  horse-
1 meu lu brilliant costumes were prei.
: ent at the coronatiuu durbar held at i
1 Zarla, Northern Nigeria, led by tbeir !
I Emirs.
Among many brilliant coslumea the
Liflda  (mounted  men-at-arms,  cloth* ,
ed, together with their horses. In cot*
! ton-quilted armor), and the Y-wirHuIke i
(l-memen clod In coats of mall), ol !
/aria   and   Katsina,   were   especially i
: conspicuous, and lent a mediaeval ap-
pearance to the gathering.
Last ol all came a swarm ol prirul*
I tive liana pagans, yelling and play-
log every  variety  of  local   wind In- :
| atrument,   wielding   ill   manner   ol
weapons, and even tree bratichei.
A Long Burning Fife.
!    At tho Chequers inn al Slapestonei.
near Osmotherly, England, Is i flro
: which lor more than a century has'
I never been allowed to go out.   The!
place  ia  a quaint   little  building, tu
, which many  visitors   retort   on ac-
, count ol its never extinguished fire I
; and  thc   turf  cakes  baked   upon   Hi
I hearth.   It haa been kept by member-
ot one   family for  over   a   hundred
Canadian Who Rules the East Africa
Protectorate Sees Serious Danger
Arising Out of the Chrlstlanisatlon1
of the Blacks—Their Own Customii
and Traditions Must Be Observed'
In Handling Them Well.
Sir K. P. Girouurd, the Canadian,
who is Governor uf the East Africa,,
Protectorate, iu his lust report to the.
Secretary of State [or the Colonies, mil
Die administration uf thut country*!
deals In the course of a series of articles on tht- conditions of life and thai
best wuy ot ruling the savage audi
semi-savage population. All Uie tribes,
, he suy.s,  at  present   huld their lauds
i under communal conditional and dilll-
oultlea have arisen as to the position
of native Christiana within the reserve,   it will undoubtedly be impos-
i si ble lor thorn to obey some of the.
, native laws and customs, more particularly with regard to marriage, df<
1 vorce, ami Inheritance,   At tin* same
; lime  grave   i . nidi'*,   might   arise if.
i these native Olirlitlnni wen- ullowcj
lo Individualise themselves In natlvel
reserves and to be withdrawn from the
it trol   ol   their  duels   iii   r.'ianl   to
native  law  au I  custom  applicable lu
i their changed conditions. Although
is, is premature lor mo, after su abort
h stuy hi the country, to lay duwu a
fixed policy, or iu (login it till* on iln*
- Hues tin be followed with regard to
tin1 administration in native reserves,
' 1  nil ui n rd. he goes mi, sunn*
, notes ifiving tny viewn on methods to
| In- employed H'111 oh, having been 8UC*
| ccssful iu other parts of Africa in deal.1
I In,; wiih people ill ii somewhat similar!
character In those living in East Al*
i rieii, may he useful as guiding prill*
. The fundamental principle, ami ihe
I only human policy to be followed inl
i dealing with peoples who have nut
: reached a high stage uf civilisation,
aud are still dependent oil U Communal system uf government, is to
develop them on their own lines und
iin accordance with their owh ideas
and customs, purified iu 10 (ar us necessary. Whilst retaining all the good
lu their government which makes for
, manliness, sctf*respect,   und   honest
. dealing,  uuiy   thut   which   is   repug-.
, nunt to higher ideals of morality and'
justice should b<- rejected-    At) auth-j
1 orities on African native government]
have deplored the great harm that has
been dune, not purposely but unwittingly, by administrative officers possessing little ur no knowledge of the1
language, habit- and customs, institutions, uud traditions uf the people they,
are  culled  upon to administer.   Im-:
{latient fur su-called {--rogress, they,
live ut times trampled under foot the'
very institutions which should have1
been preserved if they hud had any
regard for the essential advancement'
of the people.
Great and enduring patience is.
therefore expected from »L administrative officers, lor exasperating
though it may seem to see things gu;
sluwlV, it is worse tu upset ideals ut.i,
customs su little understood. It is nut
from the present generation that w
may louk for much — the succeeding
generation are in the bunds of administrative officers, ..nd it is for them
to .imilil tin- people as U-st they can
wilh the educative means al their dis-
posal. It must certainly be their endeavor la lift the natives to a higher
pla-iie of civilization, but this can only
be achieved by gradual methods and
by observing existing conditions.
Ev.-ry improvement must Le by a natural process of evolution which will
cause no extreme dislocation ol present circumstances. We should support the authority of the chiefs. coun<
, cils of elders, aud headmen in native
reserves, and the prestige and inttu-
I ei.ee uf the chiefs can be best upheld
by allowing the peasantry to see that
Government itself treats them as an
integral part of the machinery of the
administration. Native tribes vary
greatly, and whilst some have a natural genius for self-government, oth*
era are more primitively constituted.
Many of the tribes in East Africa
have no chiefs of recognised authority,
but where this is the case tribal of
family authority is vested in a chusrji
council of elders. By upholding Uw
authority of the chiefs and elders it
Is not intended to imply that officeri
should sit down and enforce blindly
all orders Isaued by these men who,
after all, are in a sense savages. The
main object of administering the people through their chiefs is to prevent
disintegration amongst the tribe; but
active interest, supervision, and guidance on the part of the officers uf the'
administration are all necessary foi
th ■ prevention of abuses. There ire
not lacking thuse who favor direct
British rule, but if we allow the tribal authority to be ignored ur broken
H will meun that we. who numerically
form a small minority in the country,
shall be obliged to deal with a rabble,
with thousands of persons in a savage
or scmi-savuge -tat.- all acting on
their own impulses aud making them*
letvea a danger to society generally.
Then* could only be one end to such
a policy, and that would be eventual
Conflict with the rabble.
The policy to be pursued with regard to natives in European settle*
iiu-nt-. and towns is a more difficult
subject .to deal with, and Its solution
Is une of the inw-t important tasks
before us. The elaborate ,-tnn-tijre ul
native custom and belief is apt Jo fall
when we touch it. and yet we expresa
surprise at the diaord.-r of our own
creation. We hold out inducements to
natives to leave their homes, and yei
wc are ustoiiislu-d thai these natlvel
will imt always return to their reserves. We cannot i-oinprehend why,
because they ha-*c tasted the sweets
cf town life, they \»ill nut carry on
their foimer occupation iu their own
villages or hamlets under the role wa
are endeavoring t*. maintain and
alrenglben. We forget that by bringing the native into contact wtth civilization bis mind may be rudely awakened; he discovers that he Is naked;
In- find,, that his chief is, alter all.
Hot ro important nur ao Hub aa bo
"Yes, Hint old Miss Pinsny is reiilly
going lo he married. And say, she's
(Icier Illl nod to spend her honeymoon
ut Niagara Fulls." "The bleu!" i
"Yes, ine thinks It's the only plaon
in the country where they'd he apt to
take   her      for   u   bride."—Cli-vrltitid
Plain ivuler. ;
"Who |i 'nt funny man slundin' up
in front of iln- bnnd wavln' a lUekf*
"Thnt, my dour, is tbo conductor."
"Hoes he make iln- music go?"
"Yes,  my child."
"Well, then, why don't they call
him iln- molormflnf - Judge,
Arctic Hunter-"! think if your wif.
Would wash her luce it would improvi
her nppenrnneo.
Eskimo—"Ugh 1      You  never goer
her luce I"— Puck.
Men have no idea whnl funny Ideal
woman huMmr until ihey get married.
Country Boarder—"Do ymi think
Hint mosquitoes carry malariaF"
Partner—"I dunnoj they never took
nny awny from hero."—Boston Transcript.
"I wnnt some liiwu." "YeVm. Vot
n dress, or lur n front ynrd?" Washington Herald.
"Uow did your passenger hnppen In
(nil from Ihe aeroplane into the
wnler?"  linked  the  aviator's  friends.
'He   stinted   to   rock   tllO   "plutie,"   replied   Ihe  aviator,  significantly,— Bill*
hil.i Express.
Willis—"Did they hnve a good time
ui your reception lust nightr
(iillis—"Yes, the guests enjoyed II
hugely. All my wife'** nrrungements
went wrong."—Puck.
She—"Thut was u lovely gorge up
the mniiiitiiin."
Ho-"You bell The beat meal I
ever had."- Judge.
'ploy/ Company
Fall Plowing
Look, Bi'lU'r
"1 iiii.li'isiiiiiil yini'vi' United ymir
niit.'iiii.liil.. tor n  tori IF"
"V.'S.      It l.„,ks l„.   to I,,' tawot)
Imiii,' hy a roivlioiil Minn ilninu.'.l
lioliu, Imiii,' Iiv ii (iiiiii liorao."- Ml.
I'aiil l'l r f'roaa.
Tho best way to oure a dlieaie ii to prevent tt,
aro soft, absorbent, economical, pleasant to uie, and
Bold In Mil**, Mieh eonta-lnlng 600 tow-tie, alia 14 i  11.
witn handaomi nlokls Mature, an packed in
mini, aiMled ent lull ,
No matter how big tha bird, no matter how heavy Ita plumage ot
■wilt ita flight, jam can bring It lo bag with a long, etiong,
straight ehooting Wlnebeetet Repeating Shotgun. Reeulta are whet
count. They alwaye give the beat reaulta In field, fowl or trap
■hooting, and are aold within reach el everybody's pocketbook.
Fm'.- Send iim aat Udiett ee a aeilet tari ter ear terg* tllertreiet teteleaea.
Well, Well!
I dyed ALL *'.«••
•-       of Goods
•ith Ihe SAME Die.
CLEAN and simple to Une.
NO. Inn,, ol uilni t'n >VHON(. Of torIhr Cowli
Appealed  to  Him
Two newsboys -nt iu the gallery ol
u local theatre in which "Hamlet"
wna being played, ll waa the lir.st
time tiny Iind seen a play, nnd they
w.-re held breathless with excitement
In the ln.-t scene, after Hanilcl had
kill. .1 Laertes ami tin- king, the queen
Im.) died •>[ poison, mul Hamlet of a
poisoned wound, the younger d the
two could contain himself uo longer.
Turning to hi.** chum of ihe streets
in rapturing tonea In- aald:
"Golly, Uill, what a time f..r sellin'
Mine. Nordico «t u garden party at
Peal Bench aald, apropos of her recent
European tour.
"Muny good people refuse to he Im*
pressed hy the armless nnd legless
fragments of antique sculpture treasured in tin' museums of the world.
"One day in the Hriti-h museum a
guide waa recounting lo n little knot
nf tourists the glories of the battered
centaur when u Chicago meal salesman broke the reverent hush with the
question; I
" 'Kxcuso me, nir. imt what would
tln-v   feed  a  liloke  like Ihul  oil—hum
and eggs or hay:-' '*— Washington Star.
A Grateful Impulse (young holy to
stamp clerk}*— A peuny stamp,
please—ond, by*the*way, haven't I
seen you before?" "Yes, madam: I
had the (.'oml fortune to anvo your Iih1
last w.ek, In be sure—to be aure
—it   two   penny   stamps, ph-na •."—
TeiH-her- "Now. Tommy. suppose »
mnn gave you linn to keen for him
nml then died, what would you .lor
Would ymi pray (or him**"
Tommy—"No, *ir; I would pray lor
another like him." The United Pre*
Mr. Andrawo praleaa Dr.
Mora*'* Indian Root Pill*.    >
Mr. George Andrews of H-ilif.il, N.3.,
"For many years I have been troubled
with chronic Constipation.     This ailment never comes single-handed, and 1
have been a victim tu tlic many <ilnejses
that constipation brings in   its train.   '
Medicine after medicine I have tiilen la   '
Order to find relief, hut one ami nil left
sne in the same hopeless condition.    It
seemed that nothing would expel from
me the one ailment that cuusrtl so much  i
trouble, yet at last I read about fheta
Indian Root Pills.
That was indeed a lucky dny for me,
for I was so Impressed with tin- stale* ■
Bients   made   tnat   I   determined   to
give them a fair trial.
They have regulate*! my stomach an!
kawela. I am cured of constipation, and
I claim thay have sa equal aa a medi-
For over half a century Dr Morse'i
Indian Root Pills have been citrine con* I
Itlpatkmand clogged, inactive kidneys,
with all the ailments which result from t
them.   They cleanse tht whole system ,
aad aa-dfy tba Wood.   Sold everywhere
The Narrator Could Qualify In That
Class,   However.
"When I was a buy," said the atory
teller, "1 lived iu tho oil country
and my grandfather owned a big farm
there. They had never found oil wiih*
in five or six mileB ol grandfather's
place, but they were gradually edging
along in his direction, and we all ex*
pectod that sooner or later noun-body,
would uncover a gusher there. That
would mean a fortune for grandfather,
and as I was his only heir I natural*
ly took considerable intere.it In thai
matter Well, one day a rich oil man
came along and m»de an offer for
grandfather's farm. They had struck
a good well near by, and everybody
had come to the conclusion that
grandfather's farm was in the middle
of the oil belt. Our friends advised
against the acceptance of the first
offer, which would have been twenty
times as much as the farm would have
been worth if no oil had been there,
but it was certain that if oil were dis-
covered on the farm we could get |50,.
000 and perhaps $100,000 mure than
the price mentioned by the first bid*
"Seeing that grandfather wouldn't
aell, the man leased a couple of acres
from him aud started to put down a
test well. It was expected that they
wuuld have tu drill about 1,000 feet
to reach the sand in which the uil waa i
located, aud when tiny gut down that
far not a sign of oil had been found,
so they decided to torpedo the thing. I
"The scheme was to put a lot of i
mlro-glycerine into the well and blow
it up. That often made gushers of
what at first aeemed to be dry holes.
They brought a large quantity uf the
explosive stuff to the farm and stored
it in a little shed, expecting to blow
up the well the next day. Here's
where the hard luck comes in.
"It happened that I had a goat, and
tlu-* goat got into the shed whore tht)
exploitive was stored. Iloylike I rush-
ed in to get the goat out, nml (irand-
lathe-r and a crowd of the well-drill*
ers saw me. Thoy were horror-stricken. For a moment nobody could move
or even sneak. Then grandfather of-
len-d his farm tu any one who would
rescue me. One of the drillers accepted the offer and entered the shed,
where he succeeded in getting the
goat by the horna just before he had
butted into the can of nitm-glycerine.
"He Hung the goat out through the
open   dour   of   the   shed,   and   then,
catching me iu hla arms, carried ma
out iu safety to grandfather. Tha
old gentleman insisted ou deeding
the place ov*r to him then and there.
The next day they attempted to torpedo the well and then it was dis*
covered that the can which was sup.
posed to be full ul nitro-glyeerin-i
contained nothing hut lard, and ths
goat died ol the shock it had sus<
tained when it was thrown from ths
shed. Kv.-iitually tho well turned
out to be a gusher,"
(Dedicated tn a young man who la aboul
to spend a week at ■ summer msurt-l
Don't be foollshl*/ elated, l
Don't wtth prlil* lifetime inflated,
When a pretty Klrl lias stated
lhat yuur dunrlns Is divine.
Keep your reanon (Irmly ereted,
l.«t her words be calmly greeted.
Whal slie says will be repealed
To the next young man In Una.
Do nol rate yourself too highly
When a pretty maiden ehyly
Lets you suueexe her Angers slyly
Where the young moon's light Is dim.
When you're lim-a m town and trotting
Some new tVlli.w will be lilting
Her twgulle him while she'a getting
Those same Aimers squealed by him.
-Chicago Hecord-Herald.
French Aviator Makes Some Remark*
able Prophecies.
Much has been written about the
utilization of aeroplanes tn hind warfare; hut M. Beaumont, the winner
of the recent *WfiW nir nice, draws a
remarkable picture of their usu in
naval engagements, And oons'.derabla
weight is lent to the opinion of M.
Beaumont, or rather I,nut. Conneiui,
to give him his correct num.*, by
reason of the fad Hint he is an ex*
pOrieilOed  sn'kr and  gunnery  expert.
lu M. Beaumont's opinion, practically every warship will, in tho near
future, carry an iieioplane. He say-.:
"The so ro pin no will he carried, as tt
matter of course, in a vessel that is
specially adapted lo accommodate it.
There will be m. dilhculty about that.
A platform, large enough (or tho
'inki'-mY nml for the hitidlng of all
aeroplane, can easily hi installed mi
tin* bridge ot a crui-*cr, ami st 11 mora
easily on that of a liner. The aero-
plane will imt be .-..'lit hundreds of
miles awuy from US parent ship, but
will lie Uiod, in a BOIIBO, us a captive'
balloon or a periscope might be.
"When au exploration of the lion*
mm is required, though, lho aviator
can ascend to n great height, and,
without going inure than four *>r tlvj
miles from the ship, can survey a
vast expanse ol wtil.-r. If he signals
that there is smoke, or a vessel th.it
seems to call tor inspection, he will
descend. The ship will then move
close to Ihe luaplo'.oua object, and
he can make another ascent and
examination later on, Bending his
report, in every case, by wireless
telegraphy, if anything should go
wrong, and he has a fall, it is only
a question n| picking him up, with
hia machine. There is nothing Utopian about thia vision of tha future;
it is absolutely simple."
M. Beaumont does not consider that
the aeroplane could be used, at any
rate meantime, as a weapon of id.
fence. He points out that from the
height from which the aeroplane
would have to manoeuvre in order to
keep out of danger, it would he impossible to release a bomb with cer-
tain aim even if the target was so
large a one as a battleship ot the
heaviest type.
There is, however, another use to
which aeroplanes can be put in naval
warfare. It was recently demon*
strated that it wus possible for an
aviator from a height of 1,700 feet-a
height which would render him oruc
tically immune from artillery fire-
to see the movements of -submarines
g0 feet below the surface of the water.
The experiment was carried out recently at Cherbourg, and within a>
few days another French aviator sue
ceaslully transmitted, hy wirelet*!
telegraphy, a message from his aeroplane to a receiver thirty miles away.'
although he was traveling at a height
of 1,640 feet. The receiving wire en
the aeroplane wus nearly 400 feet
long, and automatically unwinds as
the flying machine ri-'-i- Tho dec-
trie apparatus is worked in connection with the aeroplane motor, and
it is hoped that in future experiment
communication may lie possible at t
distance of more than sixty miles.
It Looked Good to Him.
The teacher was demonstrating the
powerful corrosive effects of intoxicating beverages upon a stomach a
lining. The class looked un w;th
horror when she poured noun, 95 per
cent, aloohol on an egg, thereby causing it to shrivel and coagulate. The
demonstrator was pleased to observe
the interest displayed by the janitor,
who had Come in lor the wastebas-
kets. It was well known thut he had
need of such a warning.
"Ma'm," he asked timidly, "wud
you mind telling me where you buy
yer lickerf"
Ths Needful.
In a certain Canadian city, then is
sr handsome building, iu course of
erection, which ia evidently Intended
for educational use. This summer a
visitor remarked on the structure and
asked what was its purpose.
"Household Science Department"
wu ths reply—"cooking as a Una
"It's going to take a lot of money,
was the comment.
"Cooking usually calls for dough,
cams the reply.
They Did That Tims.
Mistress (coming home unexpectedly)—What's the meaning of this'*
You've sot on my blue skirt and my
green silk blouse.
Maid-Well, what of itf Don't they
go together?
♦"■pHE "wash-up" before meals
■*•** takes but a minute when
you use "SNAP", Thu dirtiest
dirt disappears before it like
Ai your deals****—
"We    have    the    fine-t    men    in
America," twanged the Yankee, "In
tin; world!"
"Mobbo," replied Bandy, pulling his
pipe.    "We've sent  some fine  laddies
out there fru' Scotland."
"What'a the troubleP" Inquired the
] ludgo,
"This lii.lv  lawyer wauls to make a
motion,"   explained    the   clerk,    "but
her gown is too light."—Kansas City
"Well," tho friend suid, "he 11 a to
he  able   to   make   nn  honest   living."
"Yes," sh.. replied,   "but,   l vena,
wim wanla lo mnrry n man nf thai
kind nowadays r"— Chicago Record'
Jamaica Offers Much to These WSs
Would Succsid.
Sonor G. II. Mi-llunlo, thu Croesus
ol thu West Indies, is very enthusiastic over the smiling isle of Jamaica
which hu believes has h great future
b.-fotu it. He is probably the richest
man iu the Wosl Indies and ibe best
Informed on opportunities lor investment in that fruitful region, in discussing the matter recently he Midi—
"Unless a man has a good-sited nest
egg he will not be able to make much
money in Jamaica. There arc only
three or four industries — growing
sugar cana and bananas, raising cattle
and mining—and capital is absolutely
essential. Laud is cheap, huwever,
ami there are large profits in sugar
and banana*. Then, too, capital ia
absolutely Ba'e In Jamaica. It is the
best-governed of all the Knglish colonies, and no matter where one lives
uu the island one can go t<> sleep with
as much security as in the biggest
hotel in London. A large amount of
capital is being invested there at
present, and scores of people irom
uther places have cottages and bungalows there.
"There are more than 1,000 miles ol
fine macadamized roads on the island,
and although 1 have traveled all over
tiie world 1 know of no place where
one can take a better automobile trip,
"Jamaica will never hove any manufacturing. Its future lies iu the development uf its broad acres. To
make a success ut railing sugar can-*
or bananas one must remain on the
island the greater part of thu year.
There are hundreds ot thousands of
acres that have never been cultivated
and they can be bought very cheaply." 	
Qhost  and the Secret  Box.
Lord 81. Audries, belter known as
Sir Alexander Acland-Hood, has been
entertained at the House of Commons
to a farewell dinner by Col. Lock wood.
Sir Gilbert Parker, and Mr. Wilfrid
Like many of the members of both
Houses of Parliament, Lord St. Audries was in tin- Grenadier Guards,
but left the army some seventeen
yeurs ago upon succeeding to the baronetcy. Four yeora previously he had
murlnd n dauj-hler ol tli.. fourth Lord
A nephew ot the lute Lord Hood of
Avalon, his lordship is also u connection ol Lord  Uridport.
There is a weird ghost story told
about the Bridport family. At the
death ol the father of the present
peer, an old worm-en ten box was
found among Ills possessions. No
one had ever been allowed to touch
U, but after the dec >aie of the old
peer a relative determined to find out
its contents.
So one night, having had' it conveyed into the library, he set to
work. Struggling hard with the locks,
clamps, nnd steel binding. Looking
up suddenly, so the story goes, he
was utterly astounded to see tbe dead
man standing opposite him, his arm
raised, an though defying him to go
any further. After that the box with
ita  secret  was destroyed  unopened.
Death After a Scratch
, Morris Quatxnm, au olovon-yoor*old
Windsor hoy, fell off bis bloyolo mid
sciiitilie.l Ins wrist,   He though! no-
1 thing of Hu- Injury, bui blood iwlson
[sel in, ami he is dead.
,    Such   incidents as these —  by  no
' i ins infrequent   ought to make poo*
pie  reiili/e  Hu- >hui"'<r llmt may  He
.even in iln- smallest Hos.li wound.
Take a simple lIluBlrntlou,      Wlu-n
a knife, n maty n Ilo, a splinter ol
dirty wood, a barbed wire fence, or a
thorn, -scratches the hand, the latter
lis inoculated with BONUS, of which the
[ air aboul us is full.
; The way to avoid serious results is
to cleanse the wound and apply /.mn-
I link,    Zniii-Huk    is   a   powerful, yet
j painless germ-killer, mul when applied  In the  broken skin  is absorbed
1 into the tissue, Instantly   destroying
! the germs thnt spread   disease   nnd
i stopping the pain mid smarting,   Thai
(is  why  Zam-lluk   is  so  popular   with
i    Tho llesh thus soothed and purified,
■ the wound is made perfectly healthy,
and nil poison and cause of festering
i removed, Having done this, Zam-
I link then proceeds to In-ill (be wound
I or son-, nnd now healthy tissue is
: built up in a quick, painless und per*
i feet manlier.
j Zam-Buk must not he confused with
ordinary ointments. Zaui-Iluk is a
unique preparation, possessing nntl*
septic, soothing and healing qualities
thai are not to he found togoihi-r iu
'any other preparation,   It is not only
,t unique llonlillg balm, but it is also
a skin food. For iill skill diseases and
Injuries—cu Is, bruises, hurna, eczema,
i chafing, iilcrs. ringworm, etc., it is
i without equal. H is also used widely
| for piles, for which jl may ha regarded
as a specific. All druggists and stores
; sell lit 60 cents a box, or [tost free
I from Znm-Huk Co., Toronto, for price.
] llefuse harmful imitations.
An Entertaining Experiment With Alcohol and Water.
It Is not easy to Imagine liquids as
having pores, though tbla seems to be
the case ns shown by certain familiar
experiments, Wben a certain amount
of powdered augar Is slowly poured
Into warm water, tbe water will d'-*
solre the sugar and appear to absorb
It without Increasing Ita volume, tjiui
llarly, when alcohol Is poured Into wu
ter (be resulting volume la leas tliau
tbe sum uf thu two volumes.
Por lustunee, If fifty porta of water
and fifty parts uf alcohol be mUl*d together they wlU make only uluety-four
purts. Apparently one of tbe liquids
Linn entered luto the "pores' of tbe
other. Tbls csperlinent, us commonly
per formed In laboratories, consists In
1 putting measured quantities of the two
liquids together, but the effect would
. bo fnr more striking were It possible
i tot students lo see une of ihe liquids
actually "soaking" Intu the other. This
can be done lu the following wuy:
Take two glasses, one tilled to tba
brim wlib water nml Hie other wltb
alcohol. In order to show the effect
to belter advantage, rulur the alcohol
with red Ink. The glasses should uot
be over full-tbut Is. (he surface of the
liquid should nut bulge above Ihe nm
uf the b'uks- Wheu everything Is
ready, plare n sheet of paper over tbe
glass full uf alcohol, and wltb o band
ou IU,- paper to keep II down on the
rim or Hie giu*-> invert the tumbler.
aud Ihe liquid will remain In the glass,
owlug to Ihe nit pressure on the paper
Now place the Inverted tumbler over
Ihe glassful I vt wilier and carefully
draw out tbe paper. This can he dune
without spilling ti drop of alcohol, and
yet aa Boon us ilie paper Is removed
tbe alcohol will commence to drop.
Owing to tbe fnt-t that It is colored It
Is possible lo let- the alcohol actually
"soukiuB" intu Ihe water, while tiny
air bubblea thnt were formerly contained In tbe "pores" of tbe water rise
j etowly l» Hie top of ihe nimbler. Tbls
: still continue for some little lime until
a considerable nit tipuce forms In tbe
tup of ihe tumbler.
■ 1*0 ....
Stlt plat
Hi-tirl muriei h-nil     •>■ r>*>.i r n -si
11   nrd-r     1(,rii-iit'.-f (hul i„ui i,,,,.,,, mil | •
I      "  -..nl ■! Ifiln |.i nut It nol emu- miLVtr
New York Ostrich Feathtr Co.,  Dept.
W.  N., &I3-5I5 B'way, N.  Y.
£STifH/SHCD /«oV.v   	
Awant.il fl'st prlif mt World's B»
pOMUIOfl on ill work and mUttd*
Wvlte r-ir a frw rauUi'Sue. Wa aiaa
five lOBtruotioo by nalL
am." 1
All .lie
stifl foi
write al
ail hit i
ind ih.
one, to
,our  D
oft and
star, or
i  CO..
au, Wi........ , s.s.rHi.o Sym,   ., «^
"..Is'WI 5..ITY  TXLSSb,  WIU....WS, 4
huthk-s. ^r ,s...  laitZua   »HLU
KXJTHKs ih, HUU, - r, ,.,, .„ j~„,
I. Ih. b*.i r-me.1. [.., L.U., mk.%.    fc).a»
jjl'.i-ir hernia, a. ™,. .„., uk, n
WlMtoj'. S.s.,,,10, ..-., ■ ,„„ u, „ mam
.lad.    T—at, u-- -•: . .   ...- -
Shared the Knowledge
; The night I rain was approaching
lllackheath, outside ol London, and
■ two Americans, unacquainted with the
locality,   were  iu  doubt  OS  to  the sta-
I lion. On., peered out through the
i window into tho unresponsive dark-
uesa and sank back lo his place,  The
I other did  precisely the same.
"Is  it   blocklieathP"  inquired   Uie
. drat.
!    "The r*ord only knows," replied the
other, in hopeless fashion.
,    A  small, apologetic, shrinking sort
of Knglishimiii Bitting next, spoke up.
I "I beg ymir pardon." he said, aott*
Ily, "for intruding n-mii your personal
land   private  conversation,   hut   ns   I
happen In share that knowledge wilh
! the Almighty, permit tne to Hity that
lit Is Blackheatn."—Lipplncott's,
'Minard's Liniment Co., Limited.
Gent a,—A customer of ours cured n
, very bad ease of dlatempor in a valuable horse by the use of MINARD'S
Yours truly.
Llneatn  Was  Worn  Out,  but   Hadn't
Forgettsn His Caller.
One day a very energetic lady called
on me to take ber tu tbe president and
aid her to set a private solt!ler pardoned who bnd been -sentenced to
death for desertion und was to be shot
tbe Very ner I mo-'ulug. It waa late
in tlio nftert-xiti wben we got there,
and the ctblui't was still lu aewtlon. 1
aent my maun- lu to Mr. Lin. oin, and
be i-o.-iie ou:. evidently In profound
thought and full of aome great sub
Ject I unites! (be object of our call
and, IriivUg the lady In one of tbe
amoebamlrera, returned lo tbe aenate.
which had not yei adjourned,
Tho taae matte n deep Impression on
me, \i\A 1 fot'n'.i It In the excitement
of Ibo debate nnd tbo work of my of
flee until perhaps near 10 o'clock tbat
night. Wben mv female friend came
rushing into fie room, radluut wltb
dell,;ht. tbe pat ion tn ber baud.
! "I ha'e been up there ever elnre,"
abe  said.    "Tie  cabinet   adjourned.
I and 1 af-.t waiting for tbe president to
como oi t nod tell me tbe fate of my
poor ao'dler. wbosa case I placed In
bis Iniufla after you left Rut 1 wait
ed in valn-thae was no Mr. Lincoln
i So I tbiugbt 1 would go up to the
dour of bis cabinet room aod knock.
II did ao. and aa IbetH waa no answer
11 opened It and passed In, ami tbere
was tbe worn president asleep vith
i hla head on tbo table resting on bis
! nrms an'i my tny'a pardon signed by
| bis side. I quit tiy waked blm, bless
| ed bun for bla good deed and came
here to "ell you tbe glorious news."-
John   \V    Forney  la "Anecdote*  of
Publ'c a'ea"
•ills. •*..«-. Wl-tj Unia, Ur-il»t-fc
■rf-lllt.i-1. L.tiu*H»<m. ui.l i.Iumi
'       ' Hlllisr..-,
Jhr»ia*U1.nf..a.... - I. »-..   -, I    ,'    , V. .
s3tl.il,   Prl...|:   'I ,-s „.-■  - it n,!,i, ,r !«,.»«.
» t ttlW ttr iTTlpnanitnas i***in***sts
U4U "i... ui-*	
High snd Lew.
A local minister, having forgotten
the name ot a new member of hla congregation, la said to bave approached
dm wltb the remark:
"Let me see do you spell your last
untie with an 'I' ur an 'e'f"
"An 'I' by all meuns. Kou know my
name la UIII."—Vouogstown tO.) '1'eis-
gram.       m__t	
A T.rklsh Rid Sis.
Hire la is od Turkish riddle whlcb
has been h-ind'-d down for many cen-
turlns and yei bun never been an-
awried: "There was nnce a beggar
who always dreamed be wu a paaba.
aod tbere waa a paaba wbo alwaye
drtamed b* waa a beggar. Wblcb vn
Ua Happier."
Those Horrid
Bilious Spells
"It is nothing when you get used to
it," is n common expression which
many seem to apply to attacks *»f 1**1-
Year niter yenr they suffer Irom Ire-
qil.'llt spells of bilious hendliclie, Indigestion , constipation followed by looseness of the bowels, dixslness, dosnond-
cnoy and ill-temper, and Ihe habit
seems tu have become sii (irmly established lhat they do not think ol breaking Ihe chains of bondage.
Why not make u break for liberty ,
heitlth nntl happiness? Dr. Chase's
Kidney-Liver I'llls stand ready to help
you. They hnve helped thousands miller just such circumstances to know
again the joys ol healthful living.
Dr. Chnse's Kidney-Liver Pills cure
biliousness hy reason ol their direct
and specific nclion on the liver, causing the bile to be properly Altered
from the blood, where it nets as a poison, and passed into the intestines,
where it is necessary to aid digestion
and regulate the action nl the bowels.
Hy this treatment you not only oh-
tuin relief from tbo attack, but bring
about lasting cure nun prevent kidney
disease, which in the usual outcome
of neglect.-d biliousness.
Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver Pilla, one
pill a dose, 25 cents a box, at all deal-
era, or Edmanson, Bates & Co., Limited, Toronto.
Women  In Business.
"Women," snid the bromide sen-
(entlously, "ought to live at home
and attend to their housework. They
can't stand the killing pace uf business life."
"Oh, can't they?" asked the man
who had made a few observations.
"They seem to do fairly well in bus'.
neas. You never find any of them
in sanitarium*-. You'll hnd lots of
business men there. You also will
find many murried women there, and
as a rule those who have hml the
least to do with business. The sanitariums of the country find tlieir
most numerous patrons to he soe'ety
women, who never hnve given business a thought in their lives. You
know, of course, thnt farm rs' wives
lill tin- insane asylums, Don't you
worry about women iu bui.neis, It
is good for them. They are not likely
to push it to an Insane limit. AH
they ever will leant of it never will
hurt them, lt will do them und the
reut of the world more good thao
Clergyman (examining n Sunday
school class)—"Now can nny of you
i lell tne whnt nre sins tif omission?"
( 8mall Scholar—"Please, sir, they're
| .tins you ought to have committed,
i and haven't."
He  Found   His  Equal.
The merchant wus busy and was
having a troublesome lime at the telephone, t'entrul, whu tried to get the
number for him, appeared to be in-
experienced or asleep, ordinarily the
most patient ol im-n, he finally lust
his  patience,
"Look here," he shouted, "either
get rue I'J.'U or give uie soma place
where 1 may nt leust talk tu my intellectual tqual!"
Silence lur a moment, and then over
the wire camu a loud "Hellol" in a
man's vuice.
Mr. lirownlow was much relieved.
"What place is that?" he  asked.
"The hospital lor Uie Insane," cams
the answer.
i Sleepler.r.neii. St'-i-ii Is the Brest restor-
| it, ami to In- di-prlveit ot It Ih vital loss.
| Whatever may lie the caiim- of. It. imli
i ifi'-itinn. nervous d.-run in-incut er mi-titnl
I worry, try a course of Pariaelee'n Vtge*
tul.le Pills. Ily ri'KoliitiiiK the action ut
I the Minmiii-h, when- the trotit.li> lien, they
: will reriture nnriiuil rontllliout- and henlth-
ful Hh-t'p will follow. They eieri a st-di-
tlve force upon tin* nerves nud where
then- Is  nun-I   Ihey lirlliR  rest.
".ledge," suit! the old colored citizen, "how much for n license to gel
married'-" "Wnnl it for yourself?"
"Yes. suh? you se,. I'sfl gittin' mighty
old mm." "That's evident. Then
why do you wish lo gi-t innmcd?"
"Well, (edge, t.-r tell de truth, somebody gimme n long coal, n linen collar un' n wil I km cum-, en 1 knows n
'oimiii what says she can mnke a living for me, on I feels doi like a honeymoon."—Atlanta Const ii ut ion.
Pat Scored.
An lrllhman named Pat Can- waa
met by in I&ngilsbmaa one day, wbo
uld to Mm:
"W bat's your nnmeT
"Orr," aald Pat.
"Well, well," aald Ibo Englishman;
"yot're the first car 1 ever saw going
without an asa, ao you're n great sight
to n e."
"Bego-hl" aald Pat "You're not the
first tss I ssw fining without a car. so
you're Oi> sight tu uie"—London -Ulube
Censb ting the Sago.
Sh Korean couple would think of
murrylrg without consulting tbe sage,
tvb.'- flfea the bappr day for tbem
Tldl hv doea simply by adding tbe
bribe's age to tbe frldegrontu's. and.
after determln ng wblcb star rules the
dea'lny of tbeir united ages, he decrees that the redding aboil lake place
upttn ite day ntcred to tbat star.
Minard's  Liniment  relieves  neuralgia
Infect common sense into a love nf-
fair und often it will die n nnturnl
Cei"ting Ctlabrity.
•*! want to do some one thing tbat
wt I ct use me to i>e *nlked sbotit," said
1 tho ei tj.'( lb- sod uiiMtloua man.
| "Thill's ens ly nrfUnged." answered
I blr ivi-V "M 'rely move Into a strange
I ne.gblyjrbood '-New York American.
"Why dl.l ymi declare Ihnl ymi wen-
anxious to retire to private life?"
"Because," snld the slntesnian. "I
(bought it was up lo nic to sny something lo remind the public that I
hadn't done so,"—Washington Star.
Said the head of the crockery aud
ohtnaware department: "Kvery day
we huve to test pitchers with water to
Iirovc thai liquids will not run back .
rum   the   pitcher's mouth.     If   ths
housewife will only  make sure to get
a pitcher whose mouth curves down
slightly she will have no trouble,"
Miss Young—In Turkey a woman i
doesn't know her husband till after
she'a married him.
Mrs. Wcdd—Why mention Turkey
especially t _
Ths  Real Thing.
Mrs. Gnaggs I'll never lorget tha
night you proposed to me. You acted
like a perfect fool.
Mr. Guaua-Thal wun't acting
DODD'S   ;
R|gmts D|5n'rV,
-"inutTCS 1 -Jiii'.'*
Thi Rtssmblsnes.
">a'ber-If tbe earth were empty In
s'le It woiibi resemble— Srholsr-A
reior, mlrs. Teacber-A raxor? Why.
teddy? Pel olur-Hecause It would be
fiollow groiud, mlsa.-Loiidoo r«4e*
Tie Laidlndy-At onr table. Mr
Bjlike, l< fi customary to return
thioka at «acli meal. Tbe New Hoard
er- Thnt'i* line. I like It lots better
(bin pnyli*g ca»h.-New York Journal.
ahoot Strong, •****,.ir
Lung Qualities *nr
„„ wn.cn tttSCUBI
■•O       Gum     vim-     -"unom
"The "Kmpir-* 'Inn' afl   Mb
m.uie   nurlea   \m
gUaraOSM  '*ie i.j-WMin-r
and   trade   -mui     m-i     -ne
narks of the BritiaA faamm
m«-n*.  Proof ffrriaa.
a Ptrtext H.'Lmim***-
■#**  K'tn   dattarand
Montreal  ottoa is*
iLiat  u   i rJ*lii2
W    W   GffEENga
63 A 05 Beaver Hall Nlil* MunTr-itfi, » A
Sllvgr Pine Healing CM
Healqd a Bgr^Wte; Cot
wKhOLt leaving a iggjcj
four Sa-r-tr PbM HawinfOiL :
hei ■ ;■ it eat la-t -rnii-r **<ih
hsikwim-l .;...:. ™o:--dj
S lumlsd  .a ind Ode I M*g
Kftia-fc. Newt u>'-»n.i"irf -ul
.ft.r .'U* fit I n -.ui   :    i. ■ .I"
to ■!-... with »lul  . nr. i.i :
•roulJ !ik* t.i u'. vou -mil na
■riiioi.-r ■ ■ : . ihnilat i.owa
ta n«eJ U, I r I ■ ;4 i cuuul ial
|Ct aa -mitou*,.-.'
For all kinds of woaads,
bruis***,, b'irni anJ SOTta
en balmals or himin
being*., S..ver Pie.* HaaL
ing Oil ia a quick, e*ie -.u.i
wonderful hea.<*r. Kc^p a
bottle on hand ior t-.m-Ji of
ieed. In S3a.( -Vtc and •'. * mi
your dealstr i or from tha
Istsrartiaasl Itatl feed Ca.barMsi.fon
Man   and   Womjn
"Why  .lo  you  rnnai.ier  women   ol
perlor to m.-n in intellm-M,.*.-- '
|    "A   bald-headed  man   buys   hnir-r»-
storer by the quart,  i')*-in'*. he'"
"Er-yea "
"Well, ;i woman ;■-■: * vasts time
on hair-restorer. irw bo       i
Ch«ap«it of  au
i rtirntiv-.  ..iinli'i-"
'trie i>il it i- :h* -hi>-.p—it ■,' all sf**P**'»-
■i'!:- ■ -t. r- I to thr piji'i.i-. fl i-i M >*•
f.ninit tn STSry .Irur *t-r* m ■ »n4f+
frum coast   to r.a«i  ami all -.mntry   m*r
1 rhniit* W-*fp it for sals ■*-). t\*me #*wii*/
-.riH-tirJ1 '.•■ ami ■*nr->ra-'lv ni'-l-r-is ia
I.ri.-*.  im oni-  -hmM   In-  withuut   a  -m'.iU
, .,1  it.
"Whnt   we   aanl      laid  the   \vak-
' Usher, "fi the •• --•   hard-bin   i ■ ■
Urn ityle ■ t • iprt uioi l 6no».
replli I the writing i- rsi -      *      itnfl
j thut io und i Ilk-  profanlt]   > th a hu
tie benioata ol  - Is in ll     W .•     /■
ton Star.
Minard's   L'nimint   cufsi  burns,   tte.
Mr.*   RIch-tc-D.     Tail bu   Uaggia,
wtiiit  'In y. ur  -■' ■   * '■    *■ '■   ' "**
about down in the W«*l
Maggie "ii!;. we m illy talka al^-ut
Ihe vliltor* up In the Irawin room.
\n.l hoggin your pardon, mn'am,
whnt do you mostly talk aboul up-
-itainir" "lib. we talk moaU) aboval
the icrvanti "- Llle.
--iir-—>. '.'it
,i the hfSfl
Thfri*   mnv    '.■   fiilii-r    orn
noliowara fSorn Core »'anrt*
Of Ihf list  SO ter a* rSSVltl at
Ii la th* people wbo know bow to
rest who do corHououe food work--
A Cur-jui Fish.
A deep sen tlsli Lias iu*eii discovered
: that awulluwa order ti-n actually lar
j ger thnn Itself,   t'blaamodon ni--:er is
tbu acleutlllc name ot this deep sea
! pig.   It im** formidable teeth, a mouth
[ of enormous i-niinclty and u itomacb
of such dlHieiiHiiiiuty tbut nothing less
ihsu h wim ie aoetni too big fur It lo
| swallow.
|    He—"li.. you approve ..( dinehigt*
I    "Why  not-"
"Why  it's  mere    huitf/mg    set    to
1 music "
I    "Well, what  ll there aboul  it that
vou don't like-"
"Tbe music. "-Til-Hits.
W. N. U.,   Na.
Brass la the best redactor of beat
of any metaL
! Wife—"Why did you refuse lo give
j tlmt man the roomir"
i Husband—"He looked ao IlLtemper*
led I wns afraid I should never sum*
I moti up courage lo raiie hla rent inter
|on."--Fllegende Blaelter,
Kiiruirilj " l lie S'ew Km.)
I.  \   II Mtlll-.ll. I'.il.ll-lm nml l*|i>|.lit-ti>l'.
,,l ..ml |.iili1i»1i<--| evi-rj  llnir.il.i-. .mm Its
IliltUlil'.miilri'    ml' ilSlnlesIl."Hl.
\li\I.HIIMM. lull S
iithrtti-liiR iiii-.l.'iM'ii.lnit nn i.-iin.ii
HllllMSIIT ll*..|..tl.tl Hill lit'lllillll-lalMlWtl
iillmi |n Die inililWier,
III Iih III' I'llllllll K>i' Ml (.Hllll Illl!' I'lO'll
liiiinmiiicliiiibii' .'.v.
nl iiilt.iti'.-iii.iit.'.. l trul |t r -.luiii well
I I.   l'l...   ...hull ■-.■!■   "ill  l'l.
ii. ui-iii.- n rl.nii|tc, ni HI Bias'
U.ilin m1.ii im.tiiiiii!.
If il t'ltliu- tO It slinvv-'loWI., wllloll
would you mllier bo:   A llas-Woa,
iin Is-now or ii Not-Vel-Biit-Soon,
Thoro is imi n Presbyterian in the
tu-w Uoiulntoii ihivt-iiiiiif-nl Hut, of
couTit/.l.ii! Presbyterians aro mostly
The iiiiiii who watches tin- dock
f.u* lour timi he works it mliuito loo
much i* svldum in the line- of pro-
Ill itlon.
Wanted at Once
Tlu* gold proditeliuns of tli.' Ynk-
..ii district llii" year will !*■ about
H,(iO0,000, iiruliiilll ll quarter uf ll
ll.illl..1, ill l'.XI'1'K. Ill illl' OUt|llll   lull
Afler pix ycmti I'losc season, dur-
Ing wtiii-ii iln'ir iiumberH have mill-
lipliril enormously, lieavor are now
leglllinalo pine for the trn|i|icr in
British I'liliiinl.iii
K limps linn reeelvoil it« doiilili
Jewellers'    imiiilganiiilinii,    whieh
i« ui   tiie  cinisolidall I the
t'liniuliiiii ji'ivi'lr.v Irade, hoih iiiiinii-1
fiiolnring   uml   relull.    Thu  nowi
ii'i'gi'i- is In he called IhoC'iiniidlan
.Ifwllei's'.. Umttcl; nnd lias already |
 iiri'd ii I'lliirler In'.iii iTie federal
authorities. The authorised cap-
itiili/uiii.ii is 85,000,000, ohe-holfof
which is in I..'  pi'iiVrri'il slock  nt ;;
sown |mi- .'I'm.  I ill., other half
eiiiiiiiiiin slock.   Tin' iiiniilgiiinatlon
will hnvo niaiiutiiuturlng establish- ||
nii'iilH in Montreal, Toronto, and in
the eastern townships and a Hiring
ol some sixty retail storesslrutelilng ;
iicrtiHH ill,* Dominion,
"Tin*  interest-  ui the city arc
I'hielly    business    Interest.!    mul
I st mid  elllelenl inei n "I1
ex|iorlonco,   should ho  selceled lo
einitriil th.'iii.   Th" 'I nl and In-
tolligcnl .'li'ini'iit slinuld lake n larger uml niore eiiiistiiiit Interest in
luunlclpal elections. Muny who
huve largo business afTidrs which
thoy look after very carefully puymi
attention whatever to ihelr duties
us citizens. They allow the practical politicians In have things Ihelr
iiwii wuy I arc   only r<>ii«-<l to
their duly when the evils of bad
government become unendurable,
We eannol have good local government unless the Ih-sI rilizens du
ib.'ir pit .'I iu securing uml maintaining ll."—The Independent.
Mr. John illlver  is forming tin-
('liilliwni'li I'm i- lli'-i'li'iitinl property   In  I'M'llllll.Ur   fill'   VllW'OUVIT pl'llp-
I'l'ly.    If ynu ili'siii- In i.Ni'li.iiisii' cull
mul   (five ii-   |.iirlii'iiliir-.
Chas. Huteheson & Co.
Really and Insurance Agents
eighty bni'si'pi.wi'i' ebeinleul engine nucleus nf ii villag  tic MeKei
and eiglily lioincpower lii.se wiigon, hinijiorly    in   Knsl   Deltii,    II.'   ir
en riving 5000 feel of hose am) valtt- building ii -
*****************************************************   tnral pursuits
.••I ul 81.1,(100. They arc nf the
siinie type us Vancouver's, only
thirty linivcpiiwer larger.
A'giKril many iicoplc think ..f Itu-sin
ic ii eounlry at iistuiiilstill. This is
fm- from buing tie' case. Since 18D7
Hii-siii's populationhasinoreiiscii 2(1
pin rent.   List year the total poptila-
* timi was uiininineed us 100,095,205,
jiThe increaseovorthe census nf 1*70
* wus 33,109,000. It is worthy of note
t tbat of the total population of Russia
1180 per cent, is engaged in agricul-
Situated U»n miiiutt'swfllk i" posloflie'e.*.
All in lir-i-cl;i" -Ltif "I' cultivation,
high, (Ivy uinl h'vol, with wide- fvontuge
nn Oliarli-'s Sii-i-rt, Kadi iitinrU'r-ncrc
hns :i limn.*''.- "I' r-li'-i'"* fl'ltil Iiv- in
full honving, flnd tli*' pri<i\« ti ru quite
!     XoW tlmt tin- civic eauipaign will
I won be under wn.v. it behooves each
uml every elector tu study civic
questions carefully and tin* record,
policy nml attitude of each individual aspirant fm* u Beat in the Council, When election duy comes each
voter should have definite ideas as
i.i whai iln- city needs and a- i*>
who .•* besl able to bring about the
desiml results.
'S     s
lll'I'll   ill
nf    Wlll'i'-
tli re
•   tlllllltllS
•    '1
llllvillll'l'   illl
•Ills i
I *
I'niil-iip l.'ii]iitul uml Resorvo
$11, HUU, (100
Mutiny I.niiiii'il tn Responsiblo Pooplu.
AccountsOponod mi Kiivnt'iililc Tonus.
t  Ciiii.iJWAox liiiAM-ii   -   N. S, MacKenhik, Manngor +
l! X
, *****************************************************
VANCOUVER    .    B. C.
lint Air Fiinint'i"",
Hoofing inuil ni'iiii'i',
Metallic r.'ilinns,
Stoves .'imi Rnngos,
lii'iii'inl I'l'pnii' work,
Estiniiitos  fiiniisbi'il
Phone 94
: I**.-.***-:*********************************************
iv,uul iiii.'mis creeling a bliu-kfunithii1 shop. Tlio «hjccsi|
is in obviate tin- necessity nl travel
ling In LnilniT, a live tir seven mill
trip, ful* till stippliis ami n pair-- It
farm equipment.
As a summer recreation tlir actress
decided t" start ji poultry farm.
which she did with a barnyard lien
ami thirteen eggs from tlir village
store. Nol having even the most
elementary knowledge of poultry,she
enquired of a neighbor how long eggs
generally took tn hatch. Sin* received tin* reply: "Three weeks for
chickens and four for ducks." The
neighbor mot her some time afterward.and <mi being asked how the
poultry wns going on,  sho replied,  ♦♦•>++*+*>+*+*****•*>+**+++♦
with ii loWUI-Jtlg .-..nnt. nm •  "Oil,   v
I've Ilnished wiih ii.   Ai Ihecml ofji    .. -
llm- H.-lc- llniv u.-jv j,.. i-l.u-k.-n-.   |     JM&CKGI1"
sol look iln- ItenolTas I didn't waul   '
.In. k-
In nnelTorl lo rattiblif.li 11 gallery ol
|ii .1- o( Iln- KiitH'i* Vnll. y. I will
ttlvu in t-v.-ry iiuiii *.-, im Im-. b«'ii a re*
sitlcnl uf tin- \nlli-y imt k-*s Ilmn
iw. niy-tiv.' yeflrs mul who Is t-lfglblc
1..' mi'iiilK-i-Kltlp in Tin- DM Tltnen*
AwKH-lallon, one lurj.1' Plnllne Hnisli
nhologritpli ol liliiineU, Btittoblo for
Iratnliig, free,
l'nivitliil, that lie will come to my
studio beforo the first of November
next mul give n few moments nf hi."
tiin** in nn effort to obtain n likeness
tbat will nnt "iily Im- a in .lit lo himself mi'l th*' pioneer* of tin- Valley,
but tin- Sliiilin US Will.
L. F. CROFT. Photographer
Th. Me. Studio    ChilliwacK, I. C.
ll Studebaker Buggies
! *
] 1 litis just iirrivi'il nml iiinv
X In' i-i'i'ii ut Olll' Hiiri'liiiiisi'.
% Tin' Stiuliduilii'i'l'ii. plui't'
% 1111 tin' niiii'ki't ii iiuggy
I tlmt   fnr  ipmlitv.   wnrk-
11 nun.sliip nml linisb, im.
\* I lilltl'lv    I'lllllllll'lllls    it I
% tn tbe BCI'OWll niul ilcccl'li-
| inn buyer.    Those bug-
J gicfj luivc, bosiilo ninny ollior iloBirnblo qunlitios, llm
% M. It. I.ciitbi'i■Tiijin.
* '
! Chilliwack Implement and
! Produce Company
% HHONE9 ^
I Smith
VVrJI Paper,   Wall Pnner, tt'nil % - _
i-.ip.-i— liniisi'-i'iouniiiK tit.,.- i. * i .\inf\n*pi**
I here again.- Wc still have u large J
assortment on lianil ivlileli w.> mi-st J s\*{\
Tiie Issue ot Canadian gold ooli" rclnoo in order i„ make rr  for * V-**-»"«
ivlii.'li will lu- made in the cniirsoof „m. ,„.„. s|,„.|;.   A  ,-,.,11,,-ti,.,, ,,| -ju ♦
n few weeks will bear King Getirge*n
111 ;ul <*n nn.' side iind mi the other
the Canadian coat of arms. Thc dies
haw now arrived from England,nnd
per cent <'ii till wall paper En our J       mi     i» i    j
■tore, thc Valley Paint  ami Wall ♦ Will      D6     glad
Ptlper lsVu:*e.
The ChilliwacK Specialist
fhon. I 117
Phone II IS?
Abbotsford Timber S Trading'
Co., Limited
Office and Yards, YOUNG ROAD
Wo havo 11 ciiiiipl.'li' slm-ri nf Ung .Joists, ll..nub
nml IM-csicil l.iiiiilu'i'. Lntli, Shingles, Kiln Dried
Flooring, Coiling,  Siiling, MouMiiigs ami  Finisli,
I.iini'. ''inn nl .mil I'liislir.
Prompt tilli-ntinn given lo nil orilera.
The S"i will Is- »,.|i,.|'nlly known us .,
"Ocorgo"and tlic t.'nusu "Doubli
not ivli.'ii v..n have mure l.ii-iti.'« *
(linn you can attend In already
I to furnish you | ♦
filing will  eomioen-e «■ sn,,.. asl    Wrlletl.isdowiiwhere.voi.'llseeil  | Wjtll    ail     OSti- X X
IKWsihle.   Hie designs fur the In and everyday,    Hi" lime lo draw hml- * * *
81(1 pieces are praetlcully the same, nerw i. when .vim want husiiuw and * H13it0   Oil   VOUF '
| lumber   bill ii
I whether   youii
. I place your or- ii
S.  PUGH I * der with them i i
Electrical Contractor j'| Or not.
' .♦^♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦++*****':'
Local Manager
Sumo d*j,.'iO(i in prlzo money ami
•?"><m in rash, CUpfl and specials will
Ik- distributed during the lirst annual
provincial show nf the Poultry As-m-
i-iatioii, to b-a held on Vancouvor Exhibition Grounds from January 16 to +
19 of next iw.    The prise list in-1J       wirj      ,,„. p
dlcatcs thiil   forty brands <->f l-inl* ♦
each species subdivided intoctassot*. ! X nml Lighting
will be mi exhibition between thosejj
iliiti-^, and fur each species prizes will j
Iw given. Tho entries eloso Jim- j
unry 0. , 4
Phone 86
A comploto lino nf
Fittings tiinl Supplies
1 *
!! —
♦ X Macken-
! x Smith
w    <.
ii Lumber Co.
It tuny ti"t in- generally known IJ
llut--'nu-ei-niifi-iliTatiwii in I NUT th»* (t
iiiial   regime   in Canada has '» *ii| ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦>++++++|y++++^^
divided hetwcoii Consomitlves and |    __   	
Llbemls al <\ t-qtially.   Tln-C.n.'        	
lervallve rule under   six premiers
Our New Equipment
The equipment of tbe Free Press is
complete. We have milled largely to the
former plait, Tbe latest designs in type
faces nnd presses, coupled with a large
experience, enables ns to turn out superior job printing of all kinds. Wo solicit
job printing from any responsible tirm or
individual in Itiitisli Columbia,
Chilliwack Free Press
Chilliwack, B. C.
Notice To Our Patrons
(in ami after Koecmbcr (I all parcels will be otuili on delivery,
iu I lin*l 1 nitiiHH rontliiiM th*- tituliten nn the present bam,
M> t'X|»ctt*-a nr.- quite larm cnotigb wllboul tlte stttlllloasl •••*:-
itetiau <>i lioolckeepliig.   I nave given onlcrs f*>r I lie psrceli to
lh' ntniiinl (<> llii- Lniinlry it not i-ni.1 fnr nn .lelivrrv. or tin*
driver will lum- tn niHki-pMMt tin' jitnoiint 1 mn tryim- (a ,|,,
im hoiiml Icjjiihiiiitc ini-ini—* nii.l tniHi luiv.- tin- proceeds <-f
mv w»rk. 1 bops my patrons will refllito tin- fulmetsj along
tbu lino snd pay fortlie work on delivery, I feel sure tbey will.
blncercly yotira,
T. K. HAM.
Fraser Valley Steam Laundry
We Have Moved
THE CHlLLrVACK HARNESS CO. has moved (run.
lho Knlghl llli.rl. i" il .■ l.nil.lii.i! (..in .'il.v neenpleij h.v
tho Kri'i'I'n—, "I l»-ii.'il..'l»-1 "llii.. ivhere ynii will
jlild n- fully ei|Hipi"il I" 1 1 yiiiir ileiimnds i line,
Wo curry a full li r. I.-- i.. -. ti.,.1.- i,| harness uml
,n ssorlcs, nl pi-lei's Ihnl -|."ll i i.nn} f"i the farmer.
.I'l'vii'l'     III
i- iMi.iiuri"! I" !!'<■'■ 'S.'i-I
mil L,  •
The Chilliwack Harness Co.
Opposite the Post Office
i-xli'iidnl "ver -jL'yi'iirs and -.':! I ,luys. |
ivhlle ihi' l.lljornl regime covered '.'1'
ly.'ui l ll days, NlrJohn A.Mac-l
**************************\t\., mil,i nu- premier In two porioiti
|r'i\,'iiiii: IT vi'.ir- un.l :l'J"i diiysuiul
1>II   Willi ill Islliril'l  I",   M'ills   14.1,1 ll'    .
 •      :
Tin- Duke *>f Connaughl Im- ii
comforlabla Income, Ann member]
j *if ihi' royal family ho rooeU'Ofl$]2A,*>
j fmmi ii year from tin* state. Hv act
•>f Parliament* passed in IH7I, whon i
hr cniuo of age, he was granted **7"i.-
imki yearly, and In- wa*» given an
addillnunl annual allotvancc of 175,-
000 when he was married in 1870.
.\- flnveriior*Clonenil ho will tltaw
tt.Vi.iNHi   a   veiir.    He   hua   also n
private Income.   Tho  Duchess  i^
wealthy in her own right.
The latest ('nimdiuii morgor i- the I  ' ¥
We Have Listed Exclusively
A Few Blocks of 5, in and 15 Acre Subdivision, situated 1 1-2 miles
from the city on the beautiful banks of Hope river.   Peaches, apples,
plums and small fruits in bearing.
This land is in a No. 1 state of cultivation and unequalled for early
For Further Particulars, Apply
F. J. HART & CO., LTD.
The Chilliwack Specialists II'I'.K  PRESS, CHILLIWACK,  BRITISH COLUMBIA".
President, II. J, Burlier
Vice-President, 11. II. Oervan
rJL'crt'tiiry-Ti'L'iisiirer, ll.T.lioiidliiiHl
CITY  CtM'Nl'Il.
Mayor, Jim. Munro. Aldorincn—
(i.W.H. Asnwoll .l.t'liilili'iliiwi'.
Il.ll.llcrvnii. T.II.Juckaiiii, U.K.
City ISi.git.uui-, ,1   11. Only
City Clerk, K, .1. Iliiuuliur
Chief uf Piilliii, ,1. \V  Derby
fin.. Ini'f s i ur el- ui
UDIIAI. litlN-.II.
It.'.'V.'   I'   II   Uil	
Councillors— Richard ltr.it, .1. A.
t&vaii., George 'I'. Maris,  RulHirl
Clurk and Tronsurer, C.W.Wobb,
Prosidcnl, Rev, It. J. Douglas
Treasurer, K. Duthio
Bocrolary, Rolierl Marshall
Office hours 8 in 7.
Monoy ordor wicket closes al 'ri p.in
Miiila uloso fm Eust uud West ul
7.110 n.tii. und ,ri p.m.
On Statutory HntldayB the wicket
ia open from 8 to 0 a.in,
Closed mi Sundays.
Olllco ilimr i* Incki'il ii'. !l n.ni.
S. Mi'lluril, l'i..-tinust,'r.
The Chilliwack Freo Press
REV. 11. 0. STEWART, Pastor.
Sunday Sevvlce, 11 a m anil 7 p in
Sunday School and Itible Class nt
10 a iu
B Y P l' Tuesday evening at 8
Prayer mooting, Thursday ut S p in
All cordially invited.
Sunday Service 3 p in
Sunday School 2 p m
Prayer mooting Tuesday 8 p ra
Rev. A. E. Roberts, Pastor
Sunday, Public Worship, nt 11 am
and 7.30 p in
Sunday School mil the Adult Bible
Class nt 2.30 p lu
Monday, Epwortli League 8pm
W'cdnesdii), Prayer service 8pm
A hearty welcome to all.
Rev. M. Pike, Pabtiir
Sunday service, II a in nnd 8 p ni
Sunday School, 12 noon
Thursday, Prayer meeting 8 p m
Rev. II. J. Doi'uus, Pastor
Sunday Service 11 a in and 7.30 p m
Sunday School 2.30 p III
Wednesday, Prayer meeting 8pm
Pastor's Bible Class 2.30 p in
Ladic's Aid, every first Thursday
at three p in
T. W. Hail, Pastor
Sunday service. 11.30 a in 7.30 p m
Monday, Epwortli L'ague a p in
Wednesday, Prayer mceling 8 p m
Ret. Canon Him iii hie, II. A.
Sunday   services,  morning prayer
and sermon 11 o'clock
Evening song and sermon 7.30
Sunday School and Bible Class 2.30
Holy Communion 8 a in every Sunday, and nt lt am lirst Sunday
in tne month.
Hart Block
Newcombe Piano, in good condition  *
$175.00 I
McMllan, good as new. Splendid tone $
Price new $375. For quick sale *
Terms arranged. Call and See These.
Alfred White . Music Dealer j
Westminster Trust Building
C. T. Vradenburg
Thicker St. CUIII-rack
81. Mary's Church, Mary st.
Rev. EvriiER I.i-P.uii:
Services every lirst Sunday ill the
iniiiitii.    Mass 11 a in
Ol.jm-iti' It. 0. K. Bullion
Kitt'-'l witb moOom ron-
venienee-i    nml    comfortably
dirni-lii'l throughout.
0. I. MmLINMAN, 1-roprtftor
BritUh Calamkia Electric ly.
Train.       Che*.
3 Sltn a in.
18. IS
S 1.IS |i.tu.
7 S.00 p.m.
Train      lllgiln.
1 11W a.m.
Train        Van.
Weal mill.
a   s.iti) ..in.
4 llMli ii.s.i
s S.OOp.rn.
a. io
Train       V.n.
chiiiiivai'k Free Press advertising
Hot Drinks for
Cool Weather
Clam Bullion
Tomato Bullion
Tomato Nectar
Beef Tea
Hot Malted Milk
Tea, Chocolate, Coffee
These delicious drinks served
day and evening, in our
Tea Rooms
We finite Our Own Candies
Chilliwack Candy Kitchen
l.ve. Ohllllwsck S.00 ..in. I Dally Biecpl
"  Vancouver 7.oo •   .    Huntley
All PMengor Iniu. Iiuntllc ExpreM.
Hii.v,---.r t-i WM. A1tCltIltAt.ll
Estimate! Given
Tliono 58
P.O. Hus 205      I
Now Wcatmll.slor, It. ('. X-jv-
eiiilii'ril—Tbe Good RoiuIbconvent*
imi bold in this otty on November
:l nntl 1 was tbo most hnporttint stop
ever taken in QOnnootton with the
(JuOil Hoa is* luuvetiieiit in Canndtt.
Before tho convention adjourned
tin* Canadian Highway Asfloolntion
liml lii-en [urtned, it« objection bo*
llitf tu Bcoure the building uf a lirsi-
eltlBd roiul In un Halifax, iS. S., to
Alherni, It. C, nml fllao tn OSttlsl in
the extension of Uiu Paulllc lliuli
way, whieh now runs from Tin
.lamia, Mexico,   le Vnucuuvor, It
,   tin-  |ilitii    I it'll IK in   t-Vi-iitlin
iiiiti-ui tJiuvsou the norUieni lerniiii
ii- ul ihi.-. nut.I. Over n huiiiile.
ilulegntud from all parts ui Canada
iiml lha Aiiierienii I'aeiiii- uuiih
iveru in ulluiulaiieu, hiciudiiuj suim
uf the most promtnuiil advoeatus ol
dooil roads on tlilscoutluunt. Hon.
.'human Taylor, minister uf public
ivorka fur British Columbia, in tbe
'uiirne uf n Bpceoh replete with fnetn
itnl figures hearing un ruail iin-
proveinent and oxtonsion, made the
important Announcement that
Federal a»sisiiinee towards the construction of main rojids in llritisli
Columbia was assured. On behalf
uf the provincial government he
promised a vigoroiw pursuance uf
the Butter Roads policy with which
his name had been associated.
The following were elected officers
uf thc Canadian Highway Association: Hon. President, Hon. Thomas
Taj lor; President, W. J. Kerr,
Westminster; vice-presidents for
the B. C. Coast district, A. J.
McCandlcss, Vancouver Hoard of
Trade; T. S. Baxter, Vancouver
Auto Clllb; A. E. White, Westminster Board of Trade; T. J.
Armstrong, Westminster Auto
Club; Reeve F. Bowser, Point Grey;
L. K. Marmout, Coqultlam; A. E.
Todd, Victoria Auto Club; Reeve
Nicbolson, Saanich; Dr. Klliott
Rowe, Vancouver, vice-presidents
will Iw appointed by all public
bodies which atliliate with tbe Canada! n Highway Association. Treasurer, T. S. Baxter, Vancouver;
secretary, P. \V. Luce, Westminster.
Membership dues were fixed at two
dollars per annum, provision being
made in tbe bylaws for a rate of one
dollar per member tor automobile
clubs, boards of trades and like
bodies, no nssuciatiun being called
upon to pay more thnn SoOO in
dues in any one year.
Koflolutblis calling for support towards the buildingof a Canadian Highway were forwarded to Halifax, N. S.Albernl, B.C., Hiuelt-
oti, B. C„ and Pawson, Yukon Territory. Other resolutions calling
for Federal assistance were sent to
Ottawa, while similar resolutions
praying for provincial assistance
were telegraphed to Victoria. A re
quest thst the Provincial Government set a standard of road building in British Columbia, and that nu
grants be paid for work falling below this standard, met witb unanimous support. Another important
resolution was to tbe effect tbat the
Provincial Government should cm-
ploy road building experts and engineers, these to lie at the disposal
of municipalities ami districts having no resident engineers. A course
of lectures ou Good Roads is suggested in another resolution.
Mrs. A. E.Todd, of Victoria, was
elected honorary member of the
Canadian Highway Association.
Much of tbe credit fur the success
of the formation of tbe Canadian
Highway Association is due to .V.
E. 'florid, of Victoria, ami W. .!.
Kerr, of Westminster, who WOS re-
warded for bis energetic work by
being given the first presidency of
this ambitious organltatlon.
Shortly after midnight "ii Saturday night a lono robber entered llw
Bodega Stloon at Sumas, Wash.,
Just across the line from Huntingdon, B.C., and at the point of a
revolver held up lho proprietor ami
three other men who were in the
plate aud relieved tbem of approximately (aiOt)aud a wntch ami chain.
At the time that thc hold up was
perpetrated the proprietor of tho
saloon was preparing to close for tho
night and bad the contents of the
cash renisler OU his person. The
robber, who is described as being
iilMiut live feet in height ami weighing about no pounds, disguised his
fenturoa withaclolb mask. United
I States marshals and tbe Canadian
I officers were notified of the robbery.
but no Arrests have su far beon made.
Th« Kitchen ol Ih* Piirlinment Is One
of tht Most Perfect In Iht Metro-
polis and Can Supply a Twenty-
Five Cent Mi-al ni Well ui a Tin
Dollar  One  —   lti Wine  Cellar   It |
It has been (it many yeurs n. jest ,
nt ilie oxpeune ol the Dritliih HoUisj
ul Ooiiiinoiii thnt it wub neither nior*?
Hit   \ati  lllllll  "tilt*  bi'St  flub ill   hull-,
don"—and lerved no other uielul pur
pone!      Thia   is,   ul   COUra-9,   entirely-
unjustified, inn there reniaini« geruV
ni truth in the remark, lor, tlmnks to
a very priietieal Kitchen Conmiitte^
preifuud over by Cul, Luekwu-ju, an
tiblo iiml t'ltliii-tii oholruisn, the cater**
mi1 department ol the House ts actual*
ly excelled by low, il any, ol ihe bolt
■-I ib*. nr hotel I mi i'jig.uiiJ,
[in loops is vt-ty wide, and Britain's
legislators may obtain anything iruui i
h ihnple twenty.live cent dinner, cotl-
listing ul a out Irom a choice <■! Joints, .
vegotaolcs, bread aud cheese er swte.i, '
t.. un elaborate dinner ol a do-sen
courses cooked by an expert French
oriel, mul costing *iu or more,
It it ibe catering for such diversity i
of taste and pocket tlmt makes tli**' |
miik u( the committee iu onerous, fur (
although thero ia n state subsidy ul,
about ilfi.oon h yeo-r towards thu ox*
pensei ut tlu- kltoheu, it is always a
fnutiii nf nil1- financial calculation lo \
Keep supplies g>..ng and to work uut i
ilie year without h loss. Recent stalls-
lies sliow that hum February ISth to !
y vember 2-itli last yeur 186,451 men Is [
wert* serT*-i| in the House, namely,
7,.,'Jis teas, 47,!iUe» dluneis, 36,219 luu- >
clieous, 0,515 meals at the burs, ;ua '■■
suppers,  ami   l'2tl  breukhiMi-j.      '1'ltu j
breakfasts were probably Incidental tu
the all-night sittings,   The llicoino ul I
the committee including the subsidy, .
wua   $iio.oio.   Hint   the expenditure
-rJOJ.iMKi.   It ■;*  a  curioua illustrutlou
t.t the capacity of some commodities
to yield a profit that while the eomj
mitte.i pnid only $l!,fl65 for cigars nmt
unly $18,600 lor spirits, wines, beers;
snd   minerals,  they    received   fronj
members umlor these heaiU $5.4i-H> undj
f31,245 respectively,  Provielons which.
OOSt $55,070 returned a profit of $'J.-
3!H), and table money xml suntlrlos
Kui'iiii'.ti-1 tu |l,055, Expenditure*.
tur wages and salaries, and uther accounts were ♦'jii.tiaS. riu much for bar*
It ie a curium*; fact ibut h Iin (i-.--.ti
H-.'ii-i.' of Commons drinka mut-h leas
ihan a Conservative House, but, ou
the other baud, it eats rather more.
Many uf Ihe I.abur member* ure total
Nun* and again amusing d'-hitt*-s
ariie on the subject of the dining arrangements. On one occasion T. \V.
Hu»!*i*!!. an In-h M.F., expressed his
entire atsapproval uf tbe present dinner-hour system, "No bngllsb gentleman eould time in an hour and u*
hall." he suid. "Ii wns uil very well
fur a Scut-*man whu could dine in the.
House, or gu without dinner if neces*
sury, but it waa of no use tu sn
One ol the features of the llouts
ul Commons' cellars is the renowned
Vulentiu vat of Scotch whisky, so-
called after Viscount Valentia, at one
time chuirman of the committee. It
holds seven hundred gallons, and Is
replenished with a specially selected
blend periodic-ally, •< as tu ke.-j- the
supply consistent. It is ten-year-old
Highland spirit, guaraut.-ud 15 degrees
under proof.
Lord Itoaebery f«r h's tuoiiograiib
oo Pitt act-epts lor tbe text the com
monly received report as to his hi.-t
words; "Oh, tny country! How I leav.*
my country!" But he gives iu au appendix the Eaxl of lieacunsfleld's sur
dome version of the scene. According
to the latter, a waiter employed by
the caterer Bellamy, who at that tittle
was refreshment contractor to the
House, was knocked up in the middle
ul the night by a messenger who said
to him; "You are to get up and bring
some o! your pork pies down to Mr.
Pitt." The old waiter got up, dressed,
and drove off with the pies. When
he arrived, however, death had already taken place ,snd lie learned
that the last worda uttered by Pitt
had been those which had fetched him
from his bed: "I think I could est
one of Bellamy's pork pies."
All samples of wines uud spitits to
be consumed in the House are in the
first case brought to the notice of a
"tasting" sub-committee, aided by
some of the most expert wiue-tuster's
Id London—as a result the cellars sre
kept full of excellent, sound, matured.
wine at very reasonable prices. For
Instance, a champagne uf first-class
brand, sold at the big hotels at 15 a
bottle, cosh only 13.25 in the House
of Commons. A former chairman ol
the cumiiiittee, now deud, Sir Alfred
Jacoby, showed especial keenness in
meeting tbu requirements ul the most
fastidious appetites, and under his re-,
giiiie  some   molt  exqttJsttely*-Qooksd
repasts were served.
The  professiuiiMl  head of the "He-.1
freshmeni Department" is C. V Kiug.
who holds a in.-it responsible posh
tloti, ami h.]- patience, urban tv, and
Ivvei-heaite.fii.*. in * marked degree
All   these  ..unlit,. .   are   urgent.-,   te
quired iu in-.men*.* of energy, suchM
lor Instance, as when a sudden lung-1
night sitting   occurs;   supplies havs
mu short, ami members an- clamor*.I
tug  for   lets  lUDpers.    It  i»  at   such.'
times that Mr   King ihlm *     He u- fi
lu bo steward at the Senior Unltetl!
Service Club, and as a reliable so i
much'esteemed caterer win. knows hi-]
business frum beginning to end, be in
never at a !-■-,- t<> provide i.»il welb
cooked and danitily-serve.1 ul the m. i
unexpected hours,
4.<..><.^.+^,.> o-<* -><- ->.--++*+*^- •--*■**>■;■•>•:*-:- > *:* -> <• •:• •:• -:• •:- -:■ ■> -:- -> -:--:* ■:- •> <•>*:*+«-a.-s.*t.-^
I Little Things Tell!
I a/under wliore I can got It, ii nn exclamation mho nfion
lieiira.   Wa handle numorom llnei nf small ivnres which
arc in everyday use, and nur patrons often exclaim '' why
I didn't know you sold Hint."
Horn nro n foiv of the lini-i.f -nul1 ivnnr- m enrry nil
tho timii, and which ivu have nol r  In ili«|iluy In nur
bIioiv c-iihi-h uml windows.     Wire Coal Hungers, Tooth
Picks, Aluminum Drinking CupB,Blino Polish, Don Ami,
Window I'll or, Shaving Soap, Tul • -i Paper, Wnnder
Sliino Silver Polish, rxwltively no rul.liing required with
this, Alarm Cloulm, Puriiilnni Pnlleh. Stnve Pu i«l   Smil
Deritrovi' , n pai'km I  wlili'l      un .     in u.iir »lnve
,'i,.:nis  Ihi,  -    (r  ("• \\\p
I ■ Main I .ll.i    I
llllVI' Illl 1   IIL'0  li II l"V'        "     •'
I'ivi' linn e nn I i'i.. I II      iiv, r
Wu hniiilli '        I Cm
"T  Denmark & Burton  PhT:\
nf our Special Suit Sale?   If not you
arc iloiti"; yourself an injustice,   Just
think "f paying only
$15 for a
$20.00 Suit
During tho last two weeks large i n
lien, havo   takon   advantage   of  "nr
Spocial Offer and we have filled up
mn- Bargain Tables and want yuu to
call und sec the values we ore
.ilTi-rinj: ut only $15
Chas. Parker
Your Outfitter
Fit Reform Clothier    •
 1 1
♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦**4**t****»4+*4««'.*++++*++''-'»'**
Now tlmt tin' cool weather U here you win require, tn
ki'i'P warm. Wc hnvo taken thi.. Into iccaun! m.l hew
stnekwl really tin- Onost line ol Rlauknt.. and Comfiirtere
in the oily, diri'i'i fr.tiii the mill^.
Blankets, the warm kind, all wool, 68 x -1 ireight light
pounds, n nice clioiee of borders, luiue i1-1 0 Thev .ire
yours fur ....     $6.50 i pair.
t.'ninfnrters, a nice warm Comforter fi r 11.73
Wo also have a beautiful line of wool G rati rtera -ered
with art sateen ul . . 13. J 5
Eiderdown C'unifurters, these comhine warmth and light-
liesn (if weight, and are exceptional values* at frum
$7.50 to $38.00
Don't Forget Your Christmas Presents.
W. B. Trenholm
Phone {
193 :
His Mlstsks.
"Just one, dsrlnig," be jileiided as
looU do.
"Onu moment," ihs suid, restrslo*
ing lum. "Tell me flr-i, hsve >'*ju ev«r
kise.il another girl-"
"Never!" he snore.
"llit'ii," she said, "you may gtl
yuur hut, lur you're either a linr or s
d-iv! one, und I'm neither s retor*as>
t»i>' nor a miracle worker."
.1. II. Ctnugliton, bnrrlstor nml
rolloltor, ivill occupy the olUces re*
eeiitly WWiplwI by t'i>l>t. P. II. II
Ramsay in Uie Hart Block, moving
from tin- present office ■■/ »l»' wine
Publicity is the keynote   to   success.
Publicity i« tho koynoto to nicceas,
AdvortlfN in the Free PfM for g(MMl
seeeeeeeeeseeseeeeeeeeeeeeeeesis eesisese se
We have in stuck ii miiiila'r nf standard doon, swotted
sizes, which we  puri'liase,! ul   a sii:,|, pu,.       \\'■ l-.llghl
those doon right nnd »ill -.'ll tin-in right.
The Prices Range From
$1.75 to $2.15
Oomparo ilie'i' wiih regular |.ri .md come and ne the
diair.-. Come early as lhajr will notlaitlongattheacpnees,
t. 0. Box 243
one S 121
Chilliwack Planing Mills
A. G. Brown-Jamison Co. Ltd.
Kvery line in lids nowspaP" *■•'
iln* proprletur loiiiclhinB
BR0W8 * ro.
Rock Cruahcr.        H«*l Mwhlwrj      Oontnclorl' Equipment
Mining Machinery       Boiler.        Engine.
ilraiiiii. Mi'!,.! Triuks
liil.r-lnl'' Anl»'iii''l''li,i
Fariii li'il'linn'iit-
li.liy rfnppltoa
H...i»..-I UUklngMiieliiiiia
i 1048 Main Strtet Vancouver, B.C
,**************************************************** FREE  PRESS,  CHILLIWACK,   BRITISH COLUMBIA.
Novelized From Eugene
Walter's Great Flay
... u,...
.  Cenii.tii. itou. ., o w u,ii,„,i,.,„ i.
(Contlnui I.)
I you I'leaae lake us awny
lull,'/" re,|ii,'sli'il Mra   Harris.
".Ilial   It   llliMiielit,"   lit'   khIiI.
Ht-i.i.lia,   I'm   nluilglily   wirry   nb.
-.'lull   lllllll ll  Jllsl   HOW."
"I-I'il rnllier ynu wouldn't apt'iili
II." all,, toll] llllll.
"Pertinpa t have heen n mile Imril,"
he nuki oariiostly nnt] ii|niliigiiiienliy
"l wim. you nil ti, uiidermmiii Unit
I've lived n bard life wllh bum poo.
pie.    Sine.  Hie iluy   I  shlM.,.,l   uurore
Ibe dim! In a north l'«e|uo lealor I
leiirued wlmt a euff nnd a blow was;
wbut rotten g[ub, the Bourvj uml nil
tbem tilings meant, and I knew Unit
Ibe only tiling between tbem tilings
■nd comfort, decency nnd tbe reaped
of folk, was money. I alnrled to get
money, and nuiybe I havo been a little linrd-Just a little liuril.
I Was Cured by Lyfla E. Pink-
bam's Vegetable Compound
Wuiirlka.Okla. -■•Ihudfeinfllotroil.
bleu for Devon years, wua nil mn down,
uml  ho nervous 1
could  net do  any-
iin-K Thedocton
ti.'iiti'd mo for dlt*
f.nnt tlini|*s but
did tiio no good.   1
got 10 hud  thut 1
Could not slee-i duy
or night. While In
this condition Ir*>ud
if l.viiiu K. Pink*
.iitn s  Vegetable
(impound,     und
."gun its USA Utul
Kiiuiii for advice.   In
wrota to Mrs. I'i
• short timi* I had gained my average
weight mul um now strong und well."
— Mrs. 8AM.IK BtKVHNS, R. F. 1*- No.
R. BOX 81,  Waiinl.ii, Ok;...
Another Grateful Woman
London, Ont.—1  feel an if  1 could
loujfh about the good
.....   tr.,.._...!.!..    i '.....
not tell otli
Lydla E. l'inl.liam's Vegetable Com-
pound bin don.' for nn*. 1 was so
wi-nk ami tired tbut. 1 i-otild not  rest
,  ........ lights.   A friend recommended your
No one* wuuld call you easy, cun- !   Compound and 1 soon gained health
..' .. •     _       ... * * Bit..     utr-.,ri,rlli    -,«■  i     I.I   I w,l      u.-.uli     let
tain," agreed Smith,
"Anyway,   Mrs.   Brooks,"  oontlmied |
Williams, "Joe keeps bis Job, and lt I
ain't going to make a bit of dlfTereuce
between us."
"Not the least?" sbe asked, with
■   "Certainly not," said Mrs. Harris.
I   "Joe," declared Beth languidly, "was
absurd.   Ue quite bores mo."
Smith smiled at ber and Injected a
good deal of Irony Into bis tone aa he
"Yes, you  looked  as  If somcthloj- '
was wrong, Beth."
The captain approached Mrs. Brooks
with nn attempt ut Rtilluntry that wns
elephantine and grotesque and st-l/cd
ber band, which abe suffered to remain limply tn bis clasp.
"Well, Mrs. Brooks," ho sold, "If
It's all squared you will come riding
wltb us, won't you?"
"Not tonight. You will excuse r e,"
■he rep I lu).
"Certainly," he nsBured her, warmly
■baking ber hand as though It were a
pump handle.    "Good  night."
"Good night," she auswered.
Tben she advanced to receive thc
parting kisses of ber mother and sister, wblcb were a good deal less cordial tliuo those wltb which they hnd
greeted ber on tbelr arrival. Their
ovulatory reserves seemed to tin ro
beeu kept lu cold storage during the
Tbe fact tbat In tbe engrossing ceremony of leave taking with Mrs. Brooks
•vtrybody forgot lo bo polite enough
to say good night to Smith did not
ruffle his equaulmlty Id the leant.
•nd strength un.l could not wish tn
sleep better. 1 know other women
wbo have taken it for ttie same purpose
and tbey join me in praising it. -Mrs.
Wm. A. Huffy , fto.. Dame St.,
London, Out.
Lydla E, Pink ham *B Vegetable Compound bus surely cured muny cases of
female Ills, such as Inflammation, ulceration, diaplacumonts, fibroid tumors,
irregularities, periodic pains, backache, that bearing-down fettling, and
nervous pt*-w.*-*i.tion.
nun ii woujitn l nnike uny tlillerciice.*
llcr husband looked nt iter lu aaton-
Ishnteut. hnlf Incredulous.
"He sniil tllttt?"
"Veti, uild I'm glint It's turned out an
It linn, for how we'd uimiuye It yon
wore out of work Just uow gooduess
kuoWB.    I don't!"
"Just bow did tie put tt?"
"lie snld he wua almighty sorry for
whut luiii occurred, Unit lie knew he
hud been Imid ut times und thut un
fur um your nlui-e und we were con
cerued there would be no change."
Brooks' relief showed In IiI.h face.
"Well, tlmt knock* uie." he comment-
ed. "Nobody else ever backed up
u gill list lum atld got off Scot free. I
can't understand It L>!d your mother
put In ti wont for uie?"
"Tben lit, i
Ue dlt-d  rlgh
to blm.   i ut
lUl'tl 11  tllltlg
.hi who must huw u pull
down   when   )ou  spuke
wi  would huve believed
If you n.i.i been u mun
WHEN   tbe  door had  cfospd
behind   tbe   visitors   Mrs
Brooks   and    Smith   out
down  nnd gazed ot each
Other lo silence for some minutes
"Well?" exclulmcd Einnin, loti-rrog
•tfvely, st lust
"Well," be replied, "between you
and me. Joe came as near getting
skinned alive as any one I ever saw."
,  **It was terrible!"
"It was terribly true. You saved
"I know."
"The eaptnin mURt like you. I never
did tblnk be could like anybody."
"I bate blm!" she declared, wltb a
grimace of disgust "Ugh, what s
Smith reflected.
••Maybe, and maybe not," be mused
*1 cao't Just make him out."
At tbts Juncture the front door
opened snd Brooks entered.
"I saw tbem drive off." hcssfd.drop-
tundlug I hurt* In trout ut him he'd
have smashed you. Imiii It* I won
jer    Who's    ringing    now V      (.tint    oe
llmsy; lu- husu't hud time to get to the
itreel ut the gull he goes."
He weul to ttie bead of the ntulrs
uud met .1 messenger buy i\ ho wus
beurlng ;i letter und bud received In
■tructluus to wult Tor iiii answer.
"Sure!" he exclaimed Joyfully us he
perused the missive. "Tickled to
dentb! Go utul gel your things on.
Emma. Its from Beatrice Umgley
nnd Willie rergusoti. Willie's giving
a Btirt of theater party, and they wunt
us to go with tbem. There's going to
be a little supper afterward."
She shook her bead.
"Tell them we can't go."
"C'nn'l go!    Why not?"
"I simply can't."
"I dun't see why."
"Well, then, 1 won't; so fliere! You'd
better mnke some excuse."
"Write It yourself, then," he Bald.
Irritated and deeply disappointed. "I'm
not g ilng lo Ik- to lliem."
Without another word she fetched
ionic writing mat'-rlul, Indited the
note and sent tt off by Ihe messenger
"What's ttie matter?    Are you  lore
well us I do why I enn't go. I haven't
luiii a new dress In a yenr. My glove*
ure till worn out I've skimped and
struggled and econnmlxed until l enn't
il-v any more. I'd go to the Ihpater
If 1 could go alone or with you or
wild Jlmsy uud hide B< where In tht*
corner, bul do ynu ihlnk i wsnt to go
ton party looking like a kitchen maid?
My Bhoes nre cracked Everything Is
(Ocondliand "nil old and ugly. And
mok nt roe! Do you know what's happened to tne? I've grown common
find coarse am) cheup, Soini'tliucH
iv be 11 I  look lit  myilelf It) the gla-rm It
seems ns though I could see the dirt
find  the grease uml  the  horrid  ORSlI*
tiess of ii nil staring mo right hi the
i.i..-    Why don't I go?   I'm ashamed, !
Unit's nil.    And you  muke It  harder, I
It lias almost rein.lied tny limit of en- >
stir- inriiiti from him, lonrs of veiu- !
tion uml humlllalloii in her eyes.
As she did so Smith, the peacemaker,
entered,    lie hml arrived iu time to j
hear llm  lasl  part of tlio confession
dial hnd beon forced from her by her I
husband's injustice and HelllslnieHB.
"Kuiinit," be said soothingly, "Ihere
ain't no use In milking Joe feel worse
lllllll be does. He works like (lie devil,
imi somehow Joe wasn't built exactly
lucky.    He Ih one of those fellows like
I used lo know in Colorado who spend
all tllPlr liven looking for a gold mine
and never quite hnd one.    Hut Joe's ■
all right, anil Just lo make this event
ful sort of evening end up nicely  I'm
going lo hike to Hie besl show III town,
and you Iwo are going to hit my trull  {
while I dig up the necesHnry spondttlit-s  :
lo defray nny nnd all expense Incurred.  '
Including a slight nud select grub slake
afii-i  tin* entertainment.   Now, whnt ',
do you ihlnk of thnl?"
Ilrooks,   who   hnd   beeu   listening  to
his wife nntl friend sullenly, was filled
with a sudden resolve,
"Nu, you won't!" be sold tempPStU
oiisly. "I nln'l going to tu- un object
nf charily. I'm uh sick und tired of
tills whole business ns sbe Is. Emilia,
yon put on the best dress you've got
and fix yoiirelf up the besl you can,
and I'll tuke you to n show, and If
Jlmsy wants to come lie cun come as
my guest I'm still a man, nntl It's
Jftst as right I should take cure of my
wife and let her have a lillle fun ns it
Is for the As tors nml Vuuderbllis nnd
atl of the in to spend money on their
families, I'm going to do it, and I
don't cure whether I cun afford It or
uot. I can Mud n way all right. Hurry
up, Emma!"
Mrs. Brooks would much rather have
stayed at home. She wus worn out
wiih ibe constant quarreling and exciting happenings of the evening, but
she did not wnnt to be incused of coll
trnrlness.   So she said:
"If you think we cun reillly afford It
I'd like to go 1 haven't seen a show
In nearly n year Do you think I'd
better go. Jlmsy?"
"Why. surely, tny girl." was Smith's
reply. "There's no use i.f sticking
around here nil the time and getting
Into more rows    tin ahead!"
"Then I'll hurry and get ready," she
said, hastening to her nmn.
iTo tie continued.)
i IT
Thousands of people nil over Western Canada ara letting
MOONEY make tlieir biscuits.
They have found that MOONEY'S BISCUITS aro just a
little crisper, just a little creamier, just a little thinner, just a liltla
uioro appetizing.
MOONEY'S BISCUITS are just good wuvig). ta Ul.o the place of
the product of the home oven I   Us*
Made ln the tilg Military factory in Winnipeg.
Tho biscuit that's good for every mor.l of every day,   In air tight, dust proof, damp
proof package! or scaled mu, '
investment    and    Loans    Negothtet
Jamaica li umn populous ln proportion to Its size tbun Spain, turkey,
Ktissin uud some other European
countries. The white people, bowever,
nre outnumbered hy the black aod
colored by nearly ratty to ona
Weight ef Milk.
There nre ib.A yunrta In 100 pounds
of mlik.
Cloud*/ Virrors.
Cloudy mirrors shouiti uever be seen
In u bouse. Hub tbem wltb a clotli
wrung out of cold water and dipped in
dry whiting und then polish tbem witb
n dry duster nud they will bring you
ping Into a chnfr.    "I bone they will ; over What happened tunlghiT* he de
■tsy  away   In   future.    Tbnt   mother    mended sulkily.
■od sister of yours mnke me tired!   I i    "No. ■'•*•> ■>°t sore. Joe."
cut stand for them. and. what's mors*.      "Then why can't you go?"
I won't! They'd drlM • saint in drink. J    "Becituso 1 can't.    That's nil!"
and I'm no saint and don't purpose to !    "1 think yon might   If you didn't
want to go yourself you might have
email Bits of Gold.
Cold It so very leuucious tbat a piece
of It drawn Into wire oiie-r..enttetii of
uu lin-h in diameter will sustain a
weight of GUO |Hiunds without break*
fug. Its malleability is so great that
a single grain may be divided Into
■J.I-.NI.IMH1 parts nud a cubic lut-b Into
..,o*::i.KuU5'JU parts, eneh of which ma/
be distinctly seen by tbe naked eye.
be. either."
His wire began to reproach blm for
bis nttack upon Captain Williams und
for his general Ul humor during the
evening, but he cut ber short sharply:
"We won't tulk about tbut! Not n
word, you understand? Not from |OT
or any one else.   That's Anal!"
"Very well; It's dropped." she said
and, angry at last In turn, rose and
went to ber room.
Indifferently he watched ber go, then
turned to Smith.
"Got anything to smoke, Jlmnyr* he
"No." lie replied, fumbling In his
pickets, "as usual, I'm Just out but
I'll run around to the coruer store and
get some cigars."
Left alone, Uraoka bettnn to give way
to the uneasiness and apprehension
that bad followed upon his scene with
Captain Williams.
•*| wonder If Wlllhims will lire mo,"
he muttered. "If be doesn't It's on «•■
count of Emma. He acted as If lii'd
go n long ways for Ktnma."
He was inilOUl to know what had
happened after his bromine departure
He went luto the bedrouni nnd found
bis wife In tears.
-Don't cry. Km ma." tie snld soothing
ly, going to her nnd Hiking her In his
arms. "I didn't mean to hurl your ,
feelings. I know I've got u fierce
grouch on tonight, but I can't help It. ,
Bo wuuld you have one if you'd hud to
put up with what I hnve lodav."
Mrs. Ilrooks won one of those sweet I
nntured women who could not sulk for
more Ilmn live minutes If ihey tried
It needed but tile cnroM aud apparent
contrition to dispel her resentment
"You certainly huve bud MUM to
worry, dear," she iimwnted.
"After what's happened tonight I'll |
bave to hunt another Job," he uld.
'•But I don't care. I'm glad I told the
beast whut I thought of blm. Home I
day somebody II lell hla what they
tblnk of him and plug blm, too. as
sure as he's born."
"You'll nut bave to bunt for another
Job jet awhile." she told blm.    "The |
captain aald he would overlook It and
accepted  for tny snka    I  never get
not   amusement,   nnd   you're  always
"When do t complain, and of want?"
"It's the Helflnb way you act. I mean.
for, once We get a chance to go and
"i'ttimc—ptQUSt   coiitttlii-hir my  mkt;'
Kin- plcndcfL
soe n decent show und uftenvurd hnve
«   supper  party,  you  K,.t  sore     Yon
simply don'l  mint to RO,    Vou haven't
nny consideration for me."
Hurtling it uh hidtguutlun, she went
Up sv> lilin nnd forced him to look her
III the fine.
"You  suy   1  have  no consideration
fur ffoui" H\w m)*],   ..you kll0W M
Snow and Vsgststion.
A study in Uermany ut the protective
effect to vegetution ot a muutie of
snow has disclosed the fact thut tbe
looser Hie snow tiie greater Its power
to protect what Is beneath It
Cuticura Soap?
"There is nothing the matter
with my skin, and I thought
Cuticura Soap was only for skin
troubles." True, it is for skin
troubles, but Its great mission is
to prevent skin troubles. For
more than a generation its deli*
cate emollient and prophylactic
properties have rendered it the
standard for this purpose, while
its extreme purity and refreshing
fragrance give to it all the advantages of the licit of toilet soaps.
It is also Invaluable in keeping
the hands soft and white, thc hair
live and glossy, and the scalp
free from dandruff and irritation.
A'hile its first cost is a few cents
more than that of ordinary toilet
soaps, it is prepared with such care
and of such materials, that it wears
to a wafer, often outlasting several
cakes of other soap, and making
its use, in practice, most economical. Cuticura Soap is sold by
druggists and dealers everywhere,
but the truth of these claims may
be demonstrated without cost by
sending to "Cuticura," Dept. 7M,
Boston, U.S. A., for a liberal sample cake, together with a thirty-two
page book on the skin and hair.
W. N. U„   Na U6.
0ns Roys) Official fn England Is Vsry
Littls Known,
Mr. Sundri, tin* inspector of .luck-
inglium Palace, ii su ofUolal tbt- public hear lit tlu of, but he nevertheless
holds su Important uud responsible
puHilioii, uud ul the end of the London -..■iiii.ti whan tlu* Court leaves
Buck nig hum Palace hui hu especially
busy  time ol  it.
It  is  then   that   what  ia   known  to
must householders us ".Spring cleaning" Is done ut Buckingham Palace,
and tbe work in carried out under
tiie direction and lupervJiiou ul Mr.
Several weeks before it in begun,
says Pearsons, he Inspects ail the departments iu tne palace, makes a
nob- of uuy repapurlug or [miming that
will be required to be done in uuy
ul them. He also inspects ul! thi
lighting arrangements, and the water
aupply 111 tings, und been that the
drinking  wuter is carefully  tested.
A report of the r-aultn uf the Inspection Is then mode ■ u: und submitted to the King. Wh.-u it hat
been passed by His Majesty the work
recommended tu be dune i... the in-
ipeclor id put in hand us soon us the
Uurl   loaves   London   at   Um  end   of
the season,
Every apartment where any papering or painting Is to be done is cleared uf every vestige of furniture.
Many of tnese rooms may contain
immensely valuable ornaments and
pictures.     These   ure   all   packed   in
specialty designed steel-It ued case*,
Uiis is done by the inspector's stuff,
1 and under his personal supervision.
I A lift is: mnde ol all ttie articles
that are packed uud given to tiie in-
ipeetor, who locks tne case* uud takes
Charge ol the key*. The cases are
then  sent down  to  uue  ol  ttie  Urg"
1 strong-rooms, tif which there are
three on the basement floor of tlio
palace where they are kept until the
apartments Irom whieh the various
articles have been removed are ready
I to  be  furnished   again.
1 The large furniture is removed dur-
iug the cleaning out or papering and
, pa.iiting ot' any apartment to a very
spacious store-room on ttie second
Apart from ttie rooms that are re*
papered  and  painted,  every  room  ii.
, the palace is cleaned out st this time
nf the year. Tin- carpet in each room
is first of all cleaned by the vacuum
' process, unit then it is taken up uud
the floor and all the woodwork thoroughly   scrubbed.
Twelve rooms a day are cleaned out
in tins wuy until every room iu the
palace has been done. A staff of teli
Washerwomen do tne washing. Several
ol ths personal and state reception
1 rooms ut the palace are, of course,
, not carpeted, ttie floors being of old
, polished oak.   The Doors of euch ol
these apartments during the annual
1 Cleaning   have   to    be    repulished,    a
) laburiuus   u-k   which    takes    several
weeks   to  complete.
Apart from ttie work mentioned the
I inspector of ttie palace has a great
many other things to see tu. He has
I tu see that ■ host uf minor repairs
( tbruughuut the palace are attended
I to, and has to see that everything
fr.'in the lucks uti the doors lu the
; window sash cords are iu perfect ur-
' dt-r before he leaves the palace.
' All ttie clocks iu the palace art)
overhuuled at this time ol ttie year.
I This sloni is in itself a big business,
J and it Is lone 1 y contract. There are
! over thru.- hundred clocks in thu
palace, and some of them ure im.
meniely valuable, There is a clock
in tin- Queen's boudoir whieh was iu
tiie possession ol Queen Elisabeth.
All Broke.
"Ts your fnther lu'/" tbe mnn wltb
tbe valise asked.
"No," the buy at tbe front door snld;
' "he's away somewhere brcakin' a year
Iln' etnt."
"Is your mother In?"
"No; she's out In the barn breakla'
ao old ben of Benin'."
"Tuu have uu older brother, haven't
you ?"
"Ves, but he's Inyln' down upstairs
tryin' to break up a cold."
"Well, enn't I sell you some patent
"Mo, No; I'nibroke."-ChlcagoTrlb-
i une. ,	
Hid Mlifudgtd Him.
"Does yotii father ever ktss you?
4iammn. WniieT asked the lady who
hnd once beeu (be gentleman's swtwt*
"Ves. every morning when be goes
• way to the rlty "
"Hem me: And to think that I one*
louhted hts couragsf'-Cbtcago itssj
•rti It era to.
The  Weekly   Payment   Plan
Tb- weekly payment plan affords
wtigL'-eiirnors an easy and -.ure way of
Niutuiii* provision for the time when
tlieir   earning    ttuwers    have   ccimed.
l-'or example, it a man at present
ag.il -li) years were to deposit with the
fJuiiudliitl Clovcrnnu'iil M u week until he wuh tin for the purpose of buying a Canadian Government Annuity,
lie   would   receive   flifll   u   war  for   the
remainder of  his days,    And  if tin
died before he was liTi what be had
paid, iu accumulated at -') per cent,
compound Interest would hu refunded io his heirs. Full particulars
[concerning the scheme muy he had
by anyone over Ihe ago of live years,
If be or  she  *. ill  apply  t„ ttie Super-
intcndi'iil of Canadian Government
I hinuities,  Ottawa.    8tato    tigw    hist
j birthday,  tl ge  ut  which   Annuity
1 is desired to begin, and the amount
j whicli von want to pay each week,
and tb.- Superintendent will tell you
whal amount of Annuity the payments
I will  buy.    Write tonight,
Sweet uinl j.n Intu hie. Mot tier Oravei'
1 w.ir-ii Rstertntnaior i« n.-.-ejiiaiiie tn
onlldren, uml it does its Hurk surely and
A Lightning Conductor
"Hi.'  I   Tin.urns   Weiilwoilh   Hlg*
t-111-mi." suid u Harvard Instructor,
"loved music, but nol ihe extremely
technical    t\v of   llichurd  Strauss,
Itnvel and others ol that Ivpi* Col*
■ ui. I lliggiiiM.il used lo t.-ll 11 st.uy.
He -.aid lhat Btratiss wenl om- summer 011 u hunting trip in the timuti-
taiiiB It chanced that on ii certain
afternoon a terrific thundorstorm descended on u hunting party, Ami.I
cur-spliiing thunder ami blinding
lightning, amid deluges ol rain whipped hv a roaring wind, iln- huntsman
uil sought slipller.     Where,   though.
"Three friends set out iu alarm to
look lor him.   They feared thai in thu
Wild  cIlOOS of  the  Hi   lie  hud   hill. I
C.   P.   It    Operate  New  Lint'*.
It Is slated lliiil  111 a sliurl time tlltl
entile   1 (   Iln-    Cuillldlnil     I'acitlc
Hallway hulwenu Mnnsu .law. oullook.
Kcii.iii.-rt ami Mackllu, in Saskatchewan, Bill 1 pened bu trallic, Services hnve been operated for some
nine at either end ol the line between
Moos.- Jaw and Outlook ami Macklin
and Kerrob-it, but il Wns only Inst
month tbut the central portion of the
tine between Outlook and Kcrrohert
was completed.
It  Is  now  *Jti7  IlllleS  from   Moose Jaw
to Macklin, nml construction work
wns t-torted north of Outlook in May,
1010 Th.- new liu.- leave* Moose Jaw
in a northwesterly direction, ami ruin
through a rich fanning country.
Eventually  it  wilt  form    » junction
Toe  Much Gold.
An Interesting suggestion is mnrl«i
fn regard to the increased cost of Iiv-
ing. whicli. tike uu earth wave, has
sent a tr.-timr throughout Europe,
causing food riots ii France, an outcry against the butcher* in Belgium,
Btid protest* against dearer meat and
milk in Germany, while it is largely
renpontrblu lor the labor unrest !n
This  suggestion   is  that  the en-*r- j
nioiis output of cold in recent yean
has upset the balance of pries and ;
that the  world  has not  yet  shaken
itself down to a true adjustment. I
Statistics show conclusively that
(n England, on tte* contrnent, and
tn North America nearly all ttie coin,
numer and most necessary articles
of food hnve been steadily rising In
price since ttie century opened. Meat,
especially bacon, ii England the
poor man's favorite food; milk, bread
und sugar all cost more. It is calculated that there i? a ten per cent.
Increase in the weekly budget af
household expenses in Englnnd.
Prof. Chapman, at a recent meeting of the British Assoc at ion predicted that the next three yean
would be un era of strikes, due to the
fact that, whereas up to l**!HJ the cost
of living hud been fulling it had
since then beeu rising.
down a precipice, After a long while [with Hi.' Lacomlio.Castoi Itruuch at
tb.-y found him; they found him do* Kerroherl. When tin- whole Hue it
ing -what do you suppose? opened for traffic it  will be a great
"Strauss stood bareh led   on   tho I boon to nil classes of trallic iu Ban-
summit of a lofty crag. Tin- lightning j katchewun, for nol only will the farm-
played aboul him in vivid, violent i*rs along lho right-of-way benefit, but
iloshcs; the rain deluged him; the it will give the town.- and cities, now
roaring wind flapped his coat-tail- rapidly growing, in the vicinity uf tin-
about his li.ii.l, and th*- musician, a line, a direct new connection with the
ramrod  in his hand,  wus busily en- muln lit f the ('. I*.  If. to Moose
gaged 011 his crag in conducting ttie daw. Rosins, Brandon, Winnipeg,
thunderstorm I"—Detroit Free Press.   Minneapolis, St. Paul uud Chicago.
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How's This*
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A King's Reward.
Lord Willoughby de Rro'ce, who has
been prominent In ttie war with the
peers, comes from the same stock as
Lord Willoughby de Eresby (now
Lord Ancaster) and 8ir John Willoughby. The name was taken from
the manor of Willoughby, in Lincolnshire, but Lord Willoughby de Broke
is a Warwickshire neer; Comptoit
Verney and Kinetoii House, his seats,
both being near Warwick.
Thc tint Lord Willoughly de Broke
was made a peer by Henry Vll.,
whom he hud helped at Boswortti
Field. His sou and successor died
in 1622, and the barony went into
abeyance, and so continued until 1604.
ln that year it wns claimed by and
granted to Sir Richard Verney, a*
senior male descendant uf Elizabeth
Willoughby, the eldest granddaughter
ol the second baron.
"And why. Tommy, do you stiptota
Diogenes frns so nniious 10 find aa
•honest uinu?"
"Pu says he probably wanted to sail
Hill a gold l.rl.V- Houston Post.
1 never saw a tulTniaetts.
I never want to ti-e one.
Twoul.l be a friKi.ifui „\Khl. and j«t
l'd rather see lliati be one.
Friend—"What aboul the reni of a
place hke tlii-:"   I suppose the land-     "Whnt're >*.■ coinin  home with your
lord asks a lot for it'-" milk pail empty Un-" demanded ttie
Hardup—"Yes,   rather—he's always former.    "Didn't  the old  row  give
tuning for It."—London Opinion.     '    anything^"
  "Yea,"  replied     the    boy;    "nine
A   Safe   Pill    For    luffsrsrs   There  arr- ,,,■„,■,.,   BmJ   ,„„.   kick."-The     Sacred
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Second Imp—"Whyr-"' Blngsley wants.   Give the society edit*
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press agent coming tomorrow."—Puck. land Phi in Dealer.
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Toledo Blade. Blade
The Human Heart
The heart ia a wonderful double pump, through the
action of which the blood stream is kept sweeping
round and round through the body at tht rate of sevea
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will not Mand the strain of over-work without good,
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active practice of medicine, Dr. R. V. Pierce found
that when tht stomach was out ol order, tht blood
impure tnd there wtrt symptoms of gcnersl breakdown, a tonic made of tht glyctrio ettrect of ccrlaio
rools was the best corrective.    This he called
Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery
Bein| nude without alcohol, this " Medical Discovery " helps tht stomach I*
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Dr. Pierce's Common Sense Medical Adviser 1b sent on receipt ol 50 ont*
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Kftiabllehad  ISO)
C.  R. WOOD    .      •      •
VlCt    PNIUDtrlf
. Vicc-PnasiuKNT
J.   A.   FRASER
*i.    MANAOKR
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07   CORNHILL,   LONDON,    E.C.
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He Gets Timekeep ir That Says
"Cuoko ."
All Hia Lift Ha Had Pslt Thst His
Home Lscktd Somet .ing, and 80 Ht
Filled ths Void at A JOtion-Tht Purchase Was a Contln ious Performer.
By M. QU VD.
(Copyright,  1911,  by Associated   Literary
Press. I
WHKN Mr. Bowser came home
lo dinner tue other evening
he hud a man wllh him, and
ttie man -was bent almost
double under thu weight of a big package, Mm. Dowser was on Ihe front
ait*|is to give greeting, aod us lho uuin
of burden staggered up tho step* nmt
de|HiHltei| lili loud Id tbe hall wllh it
grunt of relief she asked of Mr. How
"Whnt on earth have you been buy
Iiik this timet"
"Never you mind UH after dinner,"
lu- replied.
"It niti'i Im a cow.'1
"Aud 11 Isn't largo enongh for an
"And vuu wouldn't chloroform a pig
ami brliii: him homo this way."
"Woman, restrain your curiosity. I
Inn c uuide a purchase, ami lu due time
you shall know what It is. We will
now go down to dinner."
Ml*B, Bowser "restrained." It Is im use
tn try to pick anything out 01* Mr. Uow
ner until the drama tlo moment arrives
Then he discovers the north polo. Din
Dei- was about halfway through when
lu* leaned back nnd satd;
"Mrs. Dowser, do yuu know that a
mail never forgets his early home—the
home of bis childhood, tbt home he
left when he weut out to face the
.World V"
"Ills wife may make him another
borne, but It Is oot the old home. There
ia a lack of something."
Ona Thing Missing.
"I am sure you have a pleasant
borne. 1 guess It Is aa pleasant aa tbe
"Admitted, but there Is at least one
thing lucking. It has always been
lacklug. 1 have woudered and puttied over lt lu vain. Never until today
could 1 figure out what tbat one thing
"1 know the home of your childhood used to be full of rata," she said.
Mr. Bowser colored up and glared
at ber.
■ "While we have none here."
'  B'more glares, and he raised bla fist
as If to pound on the table.
"Or you miss your littlo trundle bed.
If so, we t-au havo oue made."
Ur. lW*cr might have answered
bark, but Just at thut moment there
was a grating, -.•rinding noise, foi*
lowed by a "Uo-boo!" from tbe upper
He arose and stepiwd to tbe stair
•Door and gave n grunt.
.  "Sneak thief'." asked Mra. Bowser.
I  "Ib tbe cat up (hero wltb a case of
colic V'
No reply to this. He took Ids Beat
and hegan eating again
"If 11 wns a mummy '11 that park*
age she has come to life and Is willing
to net nut. She may bare been hungry and thirsty for tbe last 6.000
Ht Maintained Silence.
It was painful to nee Mr. Bowser
hang on to himself, nud he deserved
a medal for tl. Ills face and neck
were of a brick red and his ears worked buck nud forth like those of a
hur-**> meeting a hnisn hand for tbe
find lime, hul nol n word from him.
Pump day In lho future he would humble Mm Bowser to the dust, hut not
irniv imi tmw When he had finished
the nii'iil tie moved slowly upstairs
and pii'-ed up nud down, and It wee
ten minutes la-fore In* said:
"Mrs Bowser, ilie first thing I re*
member ns 11 child was n cuckoo clock
thnl stoiMl In my futher's kitchen."
"Yes: I suw tt aa a girl." ahe replied.
"I loved ttifit dock. To me It was
• mysterious friend. I used to wait foi
It to strike. I tf-ed tn watch for th'
bird to iMfti.' r.nt and sing. If I live,
to be a hundred years old t can't tor
get It. I hnve always said tbat clock
turoMd mv character."
"So you lay It off oa a poor old clock,
do youV" waa Innocently asked.
Mr. Bowser jumped a foot high, hut
when be came down be was miio
sgalu-so calm tbat bt went on:
"It bns been tbe want of a cuckoo
clock lu this house that baa made ll
seem a strange nboda to me. It'a my
bouse and my borne, but 1 bave continually looked aboul for something
tbat wasn't here."
"But uow you've got It tn tbat pack
age out thereI"'
"I bavt."
"Aid It's r« cuckoo gltclir
"ll h."
Cuckoo Cltok Starts.
Am If to corroborate his words the
Kl'llldiliKi grilling nolao begun, uud
ibere wns 11 following sound like the
ricii-ei-li uf a crow wounded by u farm
er'a nun.
"<.'hlldlniod days returned!" uiOUUly
sol I lui pi 1 still Mrs. Bowser.
Mr Bowser walked down the hull
and utiwrupped the new arrival It
wits truly 1111 old cuckoo clock. It look
i'ii as if ft hnd seen two centuries ut
rou g It house work. There wus a big
armful uf It as It was brought buck to
the sitting room.
"Bought at auction, I suppose?"
"It wus."
"And cost you about 925?"
".My hid wut *:W."
"Cheap enough for a missing link
Sure li's In good order?"
"Absolutely. I have thu key here to
wind It."
Bird Begins Singing,
Mr. Bonner hud made ouo turn of
ttie key when there wus a sound like
I 11 Htiw grilling over a lite, and It
brotlgllt shivers even to Ihe cook's titlel
down In ihe kitchen. Then 11 lull less
bird, wllh one eye knocked out nnd
IWO I'lllWS missing, bolted will ffOIII
somewhere and screeched It was not
the miles of 11 cuckoo. II wns imt Ihe
wiulile of the ostrich, II was not tbe
snd song of (ho peacock. The ttwntuls
hnd never been made on Hits earth
before by mini, bird or beast.
Mrs. Hawser smiled.
"(live It  u  chaucul"  exclaimed  Mr.
Ki - ten m—Shriek— bow h mi!
It ought id have censed lu a couple
of minutes, hut it didn't. It ought to
have censed when Mr. Bowser hihl ihe
lionry wld relic nn Its face, hul lt
didn't. It ought to have had tbe
sense Iw stop when flopped over on Its
back) but it luy there and looked up
ut Uut celling and snug and sobbed
nud sung ngnlu.
"The dear old days!" sighed Mrs
Bowser, feeling that Bhe was es peeled
to say sotnel liltig encouraging.
"Vou wait. This Is only preliminary.
1 tell yuu"-
End of the Clack.
Rut he never told her. Tbat noise
rau fur ten minutes longer. It bad
high notes and low notes. It bnd sad
notes and Joyous notes. It scared (he
cut and made the cook swear that sbu
wouldn't work another day for a man
thut would brlug home ao old ghost.
As one cuckoo clock bad bad tbe making of Mr. Buwser'a character, so another hnd tbe unmaking of It
He tried to smile and make believe
be enjoyed tbe performance, but wbeu
he saw Mra. Bowser shaking wltb
laughter a change came. Witb the
ferocity of a fiend bt Jumped on tlmt
clock again and again. He smashed
the time stained case. He busted the
wheels tbut were turning when Napoleon fought at Waterloo. He broke
tbe springs tbat wan on tbe Job at
Booker Hill.
Tben be raised a back window and
heaved the mangled remains as far as I
I be could. Mrs. Dowaer aat up nnd j
made ready for what waa coming. It j
"Don't think I don't know wbo slip- I
ped up Into tbe ball with tbe ai and
. battered this clock I    You begrudged
1 tt to me. and you wrecked Ul  Tumor
i row  morning  we will communicate .
I with our respective lawyers.    Uood ;
! night,   divorced   Mr*.   Bowser-good |
; olgbtl"     	
A  Mind at  Rest.
I    "What makes you adopt tbat silly
i accent and wear those funny clothes?" 1
I     "Well, dear boy, I'm not very quick
at seeing a Joke, don't you see, aud 1
j used lo be embarrassed by wondering
whnt people were laughing at. you uo
I derstnud. Now I don't bave to worry
j any more. 1 know it'a me."*-* Wash Ing
j ton Star.  	
The Last Straw.
; Mrs. Kydder-Do you knuw that th
< hippopotamus Is good tu eat, Delia?
j The Cook (warmlyi-Falth. Iv ye bu
I wan Iv tblin things ye'll cook It yet
j self, thin! Frog*' legs Is my limit!—
j Sunday Illustrated Mugaiine.
Somehow or other we've never
yet run across a married man
who would udmlt that be really
enjoyed dancing. — Detroit Free ;
i I < wM4**4>iHW4M>w+*w*w+*
Her-Have yuu ever kissed any other girl?
Ului-Sure I have. You don't tblnk
I'd do my practicing on such a beaut
aa you are. do youi*—Toledo Blade.
A Souvenir.
Eve—When we leave Eden we ought
to carry away some souvenir
Adam-How would it do lo bave tbe
snake stuffedr-New York Cress.
The Champion Optimist
II Is easy enouih to be pleasant
When life le all sunshlns and aweet.
Out I cheer for the lad
Who doesn't gel mad
When bis list Is blown off In the street
-Chicago Record- BtraM.
Simples  Wadding  Breskfast,
Tom Whithaiu, blacksmith's striker, of High street, Ecclcslleld, England, was oldens! to puy 3a. 0.1. per
week and the coals in respect ol au
illegitimate child.
lt was Bta'ed that Uie mun agreed
to marry the girl, ttie banns were put
up, and all preparations were mad*
for the marriage, even to the laying
ot tht wedding breakfast, but tht
night before tin* marriage day Whithaiu called at tin; house, ate some ol
the wedding breakfust, and observed,
"There will be no wedding." At tha
laat moment ht had decided tor
Oil  Engines  Far  Warships,
New developments with regard to
the employment ul oil engines lor
marine work in England are now pro.
ci-eding apace, and the neat six or
twelve months may possibly open a
new era In marine propulsion. The
Admiralty has ordered a 6,000 horse-
p-wer Diesel engine, which is to ba
placed In eiiating twin screw, cruisers in substitution (or steam engines.
Tiie Times says it has not often oo*
curred in the previous history ol
ihipplng that such important changes
aere tft the verge ol luiaiwenL
Which Came Within One of Remain-
Ing Forever In Obscurity,
The history of literature is lull ol
narrow uaeupus uud there is no doubt
but what miiiiy uu unknown muster-
piece In.-- hidden iu the wreck of the
past. Every now and theu iu these
adventurous timed a diver comes up
Co tho uurfuee with a pearl—u single
-mrnple uf Uie treasures thut may be
buried below. It u but u quarter century since William Blake's poetry wa*
restored to literature. Bret Harte's
Heathen Chinee, which set iwo continents laughing, hus the inly thing in
the world which produced a sudden
deuiund fur his tunnel works, fully as
good, bul up lo then buried ill ub-
Bluckniore's I.orua Doono and Wai
luce's lien ilur boiti run through curiously similar experiences. Both were
neglected on tlieir itrnt appearance,
for 11 year or so bolh dragged along
a slow sale. Then suddenly tne pub In*
awoke In the merits ol one uud,the
Other,  The stiles bounded upward, ami
Irom that time to the present tint)
continue lu toil ou iu a sl .udy stream
The demand lo-day is almost as cer
tain a* me deuiiiiid lor bhukc-jpctire
or tho Bible.
Everybody knows the story ol thu
ilrst edition of KiuUeruld'* l.ulmiyul
<>f Omar Khuyyam. He brought out .1
lew hundred cop.es ut a shilling
apiece, and when they wouldn't sell
at thnt price lie reduced lllelll to a
penuy. ..yen at thai they failed lo
attract   purchasers,     Twenty   years
passed awuy, and then Swinburne one
day  rescued a copy  (rum  the scrup
heap,    lie fell ill mve with the hook,
he rend it to Ueorge Meredith and to
Dante Gabriel RussetM. They caught
his    enthusiasm,   and   shouted    th.-
firalsea of the Itubaiyat Irom Um
kousetops. The lume ol Kit .-.tiers Id
wus estttblshed forever, ttie lame ot
Omar whs revived and redoubled.
There uro other works for which
the world must sigh iu vain. We
know that the manuscript u( Kipling's Recessional was rescued hy his
wife lioni a waste basket into which
the author had east it in despair.
Probably there is no other of Kipling's poems which the world could so
little afford to lose.
Tennyson's Crossing the Bar was
rescued Irom a similar fate hy a nurse
who attended him in the sickness
which hint suggested the poem. Now
we further know that both Kipling
and Tennyson destroyed many manuscripts of tlieir unpublished works.
Were they as badly mistaken in these
instances us they were in the others?
In tht Evening tf His Days.
Sir Edward -firey, the Foreign
Secretary, who hat had such an anxious time in connection with the
Morocco affair, once drew an alluring
picture of the old iige which lie covets
in a speech replying to a toast proposed by Mr. Churchill. "It is a
time of unlimited leisure that wo
shall spend with eld friends in a
library. There it* a garden outside
the library, md of course a suitable
river—not flowing too fa*>t nor at the
same time flowing too slow, wtreh i*
a worse fault. That will be the happiest time of all. I, in those dity-i.
shall have no though! of politics
except to read ttie report of the brilliant ipeechei which Mr. Churchill
will still he making in the House of
Commons." Sir Edward Urey is not
yet fifty.
At one tim- Sir Ed wurd Grey was
a nmgn'Hcetit tennis-player, and there
is a story told to the effect tlmt when
he was Under-Secretary for Foreign
Affairs he was nometime-j able to
snatch a couple of hours in the afternoon for his favorite game, snd he
obaarved when leaving the tennis-
court on one occusion thnt he hml
nothing to live fur through the com
ing week hut to look forward to the
next Wednesday afternoon, when he
could again take up the rucquet.
"Fireworks" That Serve as Train
A Comedy of Errors.
When Baron Haussmann went to
Constantinople on a visit to Abdul
Alii, who was then sultan, tie had an
interview with the grand osier, who
did not know a word ul 1- ranch. At
tiy. beginning of the interview the old
long Turkish pipes were brought In,
and theu Banm Haussman began
making a very long speech in French.
The grand viuer oulu uot understand
a word, but listened most attentively
till he noticed that bis pipe had gone
out and clapped his hand for a servant
to come and relight it. Hauar-mann,
thinking he was applauding, rushed
toward turn with outstretched hand,
intending to shake bauds and thank
him. The grand vizier, seeing hi*
hand put forth, shook it warmly and
said ''Good-bye," under the impression it was Haus-manii's intention tc
leave, and quitted the room.
A Home Thrust,
Many years ago In a hoarding-school
(or boys the principal was a learned
clergyman, a preacher of long sermons
and a strict grammarian. One night
alter ten o'clock taps, when all the
boys should have been in bed, he waa
passing silently through the dormitory when lie heard sounds of revelry
from a darkened room. He rapped on
the door—silence within, then:
"Who's there?"
"It's me—ttie principal. Open the
"Ha, ha, ha-a-a! You're a llarl 11
it waa the doctor ha wuuld say 'It is
Seeing ttie force ol this argument,
thu doctor passed on.
Innocent of Politics.
It In a inistik*' to tuppoae that a
knowledge ol politics is c.*s-ntisl to
a stntesmiin's wife. Lady Lansdowna
Ih said tn he her tin-hand's right
hand, because, as the marquis tells
his friend-, "she knows nothing aboul
politics and doe* not want to." By
all account* ]>ord Lansdowne finds
this most restlul. Lady Lanidowne
waa born in the ducal purple, her
father having bc.n that remarkable
nobleman known as "Old Splendid."
She was one of t< ur sisteri wbo were
beauties ol their duy. Lady Lansdowna
and tier sister, the Marchioness of
Blandford, were married st Westminster Abbey on the aanie day.
Massages These Audible and Visible
Danger SIgne Convoy to the Engineer—The Use of Pyrotechnics aa
Signals In ths Naval Service.
Top, pop," or perhaps a single
"pop," sharp and distinct like thut or
a ghiut firecracker heard not only ou
the Fourth or July, but ou every day
hi thu yenr, Sundays included. What
did It mean? And ou almost uny
night ub 1 look out of my window I
mo the edge of the wood ur thu Holds
lighted up by red or yellow fireworks
Why tills strange lllumluatluii?
As nil these queur happenings look
place on the railroad a few rods from
luy hwusu I made Inquiries of the railway oilielulu, and here uro some Inter
estlug facts about the use of these
curious "fireworks."
Ttie general superintendent of tlio
New York, New Haven ond llurtfurd
railmtul explained aa follows:
"Our rules prwvtde fur the use of detonators, commonly known ns torpedoes, as iitidlblo signals and ot 'fusees'
as visible signals.
"These tor|H*doeB are ottuched to
the top of Ihe mil ou the engineer's
side of the track hy two smull flexible metal straps, which aro easily
bunt around tbe bull of thu rail, ns
shown In the picture, and bold the
torpedoes securely In place until exploded by ttie first train passing over
tbln (rack.
"Tho explosion of one torpedo Is a
signal to stop; the explosion of two.
not more thnn 200 feet apart Is a signal to reduce speed and louk out for
a atop signal.
"I'be fusees are of similar construction to Ihe well known Itomaii candle
used for fireworks celebrations, except tbat they burn a steady flume
without explosions. A sharp iron spike
at tbe bottom end will usually stick
In the ground or lu the cross tie when
thrown from the rear of a train nud
holds the fusee lo an upright position,
Where It Is more plainly visible.
"A fusee must be lighted and left
by tbe flagman whenever n train Is
running on tbe "time" of another train
Or behind Ita own time and under
circumstances wblcb call for such pro
"A fusee on or near tbe track, burning red, must not be passed. When
burning yellow tbo train may proceed
with caution when tbe way la seen and
known to be clear. Standard fusees
burn red for three minutes and yellow for seven minutes and can be aeen
for quite a distance.
"You will gather from tbe above
explanations that the red glare of a
flaming fusee on or near tbe track
warns the approaching engineer that
0 preceding train baa passed over his
track less tban three minutes abend
of htm. and under no dreumalflncoo
must be pass this signal while burning
red. Wben tbe flame turns to yellow
be may proceed wltb caution, only as
the way ts seen and known to be
clear, keeping to mind tbat when the
fusee changed from red to yellow he
wee exactly three minutes behind a
preceding train, which may hove slopped within a abort distance or mny
be proceeding at an unusually alow
rate of speed."
Tbe superintendent of the Shore line
division, another branch of tbe same
railroad, gives thla additional detail regarding torpedoes:
"When a train stops upon tbe main
line and requires protection against
a following train the flagman goes hack
a specified distance and places one tor
pedo. He tben continues a farther
distance back, placing two torped'**
As soon as the train he la protecting Is
ready to start tbe engineer blows r
Bpeclfled whistle signal, which Is a
notice to the flagman to return to bis
train. On tbe way back be picks ur
tbe one torpedo, leaving two on the
rail to warn tbe engineer of an approaching train that another train Is a
abort distance ahead and to give tbe
flagman time to run back and get
aboard of bis own train."
Of tbe use of fireworks aa algnnla tn
the nary tbe chief of tbe bureau or
construction aud repair of tbe navy department. Washington, rtakca tho following atatement:
"All modern ships are flitted wtth
electric signals, and Ihe use of such
signs Is la general In tbo naval aervlce.
In Ibe case of email vessels having no
electric Installation and also for use In
ease of tbe failure of tbe electric sic
mils tbe navy has a system of colored
atara In connection wlib rockets for
tbe purpose of signaling.
"These are In no sense the ordinary
commercial fireworks, but are menu
factored by the service for uaval use
"There are no photographs of thia
Bystetn of slimnls fur distribution. Tbe
apparatus consists of a apeclally deafened pistol from wblcb are fired car
trtdges cuiiialnlng tbe colored stars
thnl are ut*ed In the aervlce code."-
New Vurk Mall.
A Remartiable EtMce. the Whim of a
Wealthy   Tea   Planter.
Near the well known seaport of
Kouihiiinpion. K tic I n nrt, there Is a renin rknblu edifice known uh I'ulersoo'i
lower. The erection |h all the more sin-
uuiiir because it murks the burying
plnce of a certain John Petersen, a
wealthy tea plumer,
Tbe miiti appears to huve been rather an eccentric Individual, und lo or
der to prove lo ihe world his belief In
concrete ns a building material set
ibout the roustrtlclItm uf (his great
tower, The building took muny years
fo comploto, but is entirely of coo*
crele nnd by the time ihe llnnl la.vers
und been placed hnd reached un altitude of more ihiin HUU feet. It Is about
forty years lllice Hie tower wns erected, nntl Its present condition Is certainly a Justification ot the fulth of the
As has own Indicated, Petersen left
I ns I met Ions Hull bis body should hi*
placed under the tower, und ihls wns
accordingly curried out. Another de
Khe Mint Hu- cluiiiiber nt the summit
should contain a light was defeated by
ihe tirm stand whl.-h Trlliliy House,
ihn lighthouse iiutiiorlly, look ou the
mailer. Sin h au Illumination would
hnvo been visible for miles out to sea
nud would naturally have pruved very
misleading lo suiiors.-.St-leiiiilic American.
A Practice the English Judge Old Hla
Bsst to Discourage.
Tbe following remnrktible Judgment
was delivered some yeurs ago by a
magistrate lu one of tbe tingtlsb colonies:
"Pachna Is berebv charged wttb having on ihe nth of January followed
tbe court on lit rising und while aatd
court was In ihe net of mounting into
Ita buggy came from behind und, seizing the court's dangling leg. the other
foot being wu the slop, forcibly [Hilled
bark ihe court, frightened tbe horse
snd nearly caused an accident. Tho
reason alleged for this by accused ta
tbut lie wanted to tienr the result of an
appllcurlon or his. The practice by petitioners of pulling the courts by the
legs Is oue thnl should be discouraged.
Accused only says he Is a poor man.
admitting the truth of the complaint
He ts sentenced 10 ouo month's rigor
ous Imprisonment."
Strange lo relate, the lieutenant gov*
ernor of the province on rending this
sentence fell tt ni-ressiiry to Intimate
to the mugfstrnte thai neither (be sen
fence Itself nut the peculiar phrnsewln
gy ln which it was couched wus calculated in meet with approval from minds
running In legal grooves.
Berne and Ite Bears.
Berne Is surrounded ly the blue
green river An re. and seven bridges
cross Into the ph-mresume suburbs: tbe
view of the Alps ts oue of the lluest
to he hnd One uuiy walk through Ibe
streets of Berne, writes an American
visitor and Mud cotistuiit surprises.
The odd fountains will be observed
with Interest They were mostly built
In the sixteenth century. There aro a
number of public Insiliutlim** worth a
visit—tbu historical museum, museum
of Industry and ihe museums of art
and nature: several libraries and lha
public gardens, which routslt- the great
bear pit so universally kuovn. to suy
nothing of the i|liattlt gi.ten and th*
headquarters of tbe l'osnl union.
Bears bave beeu kept on public exblbl
tion In Berne since I4S0 In commemoration of the killing uf 01 e by the
Duke of Zuhrlugcii on the site of Iho
When tho Guitar Aselved.
The advent of the Knglish guitar In
the eighteenth century en land ibe dis-
appearand*- uf bandores, pdlpbunts and
similar wire strung Instruments, or,
rather, ll supplauii*d them, for, owing
to the use of lingers, tbe Kugllsh guitar.
though smaller, could be used for h<-.
cotupauylng the voice as well as for
solo pet foninitires The instrument,
which bnd a decorative apfuurauce. la
frequently depleted lu Ihe purlruiture
of Ihe eighteenth century. II was
made lu various sizes, two of the
■mailer "to Ih* munnged by young
ladles from seven to ten years of age,
tbe other by iudies of ten and up
Fish Delusions.
There are two popular delusions
about flsb -one thnt tbey cannot llvo
out or water uflrt the oilier tbat tbey
can live tn any pure wi.ter. the food
aupply tuklng cure of Itself. As a mutter of fact. 1 here are fish In Africa
which, baling •> exist lo absolutely
dry rivers for a portion of the year,
buve ileveiopi'd lungs, while In muny
an amateur'! uipiiirlum fish ennuot live
In the water provided owing to lack
of food."
Plnkham   Waa   ln.ubo--*J'nate.   but   Hi
Sevad  Veaael  and   Crew.
Reuben Plnkbnui, « native of Nnn
tucket, made his first trip as third lieu
tenuut ou the ship Potomac, whlcb
crossed the north Pacific, n region lit
tie known to naval rcssels in the pnrly
thirties. Pink bam bod been on set
eral whaling voyuges and was fa toil
tar with those waters. The author of
"The Island of Nantucket" says that
oue day, near sunset, he bnd th**
watch, while the commodore was pne
Ing up and down the deck.
Suddenly Plnkham gave the order
"Man the weather braceal"
"What's that furl" asked the com
"We shall have wind ln s moment'
The commodore wenl to the lee rati
and scanned the sen and *ky.   "l me*
no slgna of wind." he returned "l.e*
the Uieu h'tire the braces"
Tli* crew dropped the ropea.
"Keep hold of the brace*, every man
of yon'" colled nil* Pliikhaiu. snd th<
mpn resumed tbelr grasp    The mm
mmlore flushed with Stiger and ex
claimed in peremptory nines;
"Let lb** men leave the lir-ieps!" nnil
again  tbe braces were dropped
"lion't any of you dare tn drop th>
ropes!" shouted Plnkhiiin. stink In a hl»
trumpel at the crew, who once more
took hold .fust then the wind dropper]
entirely   not n brenlh stirred
•Timi. taut! Hunl, all of youi" call
ed Plukham, snd we [wnderous yard*
swung '0 reversed position. The wlml
came ont of the opposite quarter ana
struck tbe ship like a sledc* hurotn*>T
The vessel BtagK**red. shook the sprat
from ber bows und flashed ahead Tbe
commodore disappeared into bis cabin
without saying a word.
presently he sent the Ilrst lieutenant
to relieve Plnltlinm. requesting to see
the latter Immediately Wheo Pink
bam entered the cabin tbe commodore
"1 consider thai I am Indebted to yon
for all ot our Uvea, nut I will tell yon
frankly if that wind hadn't come 1
ahould bsve put you In Irons In two
Jaunty    Sporting   Costume
Bolt.  Practical  and  Pretty.
Ban Balvadar Uses a Llvs Volcano as
■ Lighthouse.
Tbe republic ol Han .Salvador Is tbe
only government on earth lhat collects
lighthouse fee* on account of a voice
no tbat II owns and without tbo slight
est cost of upkeep
Tbe volcanic beacon Is about eight
miles Inland rrom the port of Acajutla j
and Its pillar of cloud by day and Ita
fln aky by night uro visible for mnn*
miles out at sea    II bursts forth every '
aeven minutes nnd la Just as accurate ,
as   any   revolving   light   that   warns
mariners of danger ln any part of the
This volcano has been keeping up
this seven minute series of eruptions
even sine* any une enn remember, li
la a favorite atiiusemenl of visitors to
ait by the hunt during the lazy after
noons sud. wuich In band. 10 time ibe
eruptlnon till they tire of the tv-up-i
tion and fall asleep. Ne one has ever
caught the volcano napping, bowever
Kvery vessel thnt puts lo at Acajutla
has to pay Its lighthouse fee. There
la 110 otber lighthuuse tban the vol
cano, but Ibat la a sufflcleut ei<-u*s- for
tbe government of .Salvador to make
a charge for Ita aervtees Tbo etpin
stuns tbat accompany tho eruptions
sound tike detonations of heavy
charge of dynamite, but fortunately
Ihey are nol sufficient to shake the
ground perceptibly more-atbao about a
mile or iwo from tbo summit of tbe .
crater -Pearson's Weekly.
f mil*dt aa
Jaunry and IPpruprta'ai :i^*"ie Mot-
Ing co-itiime Qlnatrated, rmjtabta * 1*
tor bagging big -m* In .i'-.-i. fi-.«
msde of the right tRu'triul. ir 'ur
bringing .i ■■: imaO {itut n *ua
Tbo skirt 1.1 Short ind jutr-m-i |..-*r*i
one aide of tba fr"nr with mlMmattel
bone bottoaa. Tba LtntfoOi laxkac it*»
the figure eomfuruuiy snd it iu -?
looking A . ; *•» four in basil md 1
corduroy cup coffiplata a «na:**. mtfll
for this p-irticiiur tgart Xha *-•»■
turns would be -, :.i .; guud C'jr sunn-
tain climbing.
Delicacy trnt tt aftfieaa n Maw .ar-*-*,!-..
For wirn**n who do not u«« ml a
low cut badtoas wtttunu mm ma-
ment to bmuii taa :ung Itm if Uiisc
there srs sraaitefltilf BsBttttfitJ *•'■■
lars eitrs'ritf'iiit.i* •*i;)e*i-u-'i  u  m*Mm
The Fountain at tho Csrnor.
Beranger Is best known for his bac
cbauallan Bunga. Una nlgbt be was
at supper with Dumas tbe elder. Tbe
younger Dumas, wbo waa present.
was pusslng through bla college course
and at tbat period waa exhibiting I
those characteristics wblcb unfortu
oately developed lu later Ufa Notlc
Ing tbal Beranger Oad druns only wa ;
ter, ba eomewuat Indiscreetly asked
"Where do you obtain, 11. Beranger.
all tbe wlno wblcb wa And in your
Tbe poet's reply waa "from tbe
fountain at Ibe corner, my boy, and
you would do well to make tbat tbe
source of your lusptration."
iTTBicm DaBjau /on sou an-j
Four collar*! ir-* lie s ;::irnir"l-«
cameo eoitlf, tba ptaj tajnoa -trim:
on Mender ebatna; 1 inEar >f uiie. i
pean ar.d Ha 1000*1 toOai ont 1 tin*
mood cottar taa ttaaawSL, ind uulivj
raUao set la cu-.u'im.
Mighty Arcturue,
j Arrttinis Is oue of Ihe most brilliant
Blurs ihul we can see In the heavens
Its diameter Is frj.ono.000 miles.   Tbe
j light that comes 10 us from It Is over
' SUO rears old when It enters nur eyes.
I The sun Is distant M.nni).on() miles
Then  compare  eleven   minutes   wllh
I 2W veil re.
Tho Largest Tenement
The largest tenement house In tha
world Is tbe Frelhaus. In a suburb of
Vienna, containing l.MI rooms, divided Into upward of 400 separate sets of
The Ring In Denmark.
Tbe maidens of Denmark never receive a diamond engagement ring.
They are always presented wltb a
plain gold band, wblcb Is worn on Ibe
third linger of tbe left buud. On the
wedding day Ihe brMegrnom changes
tba ring to tba right third linger, wblcb
ta taa marriage Bager tn tbat couulry.
Illustrated Novels.
"Kobliison Crusoe" wua Ibe first novel wiih illusirutloii-* ever puhtlshed In
Kuglaiid. This wus In August, 17111
Tbe illustration wus 11 map of tbe
Tho Silver Bridge.
One of tbe customs observed at a
Bohemian marriage feusi is tbnt of
making the bride cross n silver bridge.
The bride's father-in low lifts her on
to the table, where she wulks on two
rows of sliver coins, nt (he end of
Which her husband stutids uud receives her Into bis «mis. The sliver
bridge typifies the wealth wllh which
ber bridegroom hoi-en to smooth bar
path la life.
"Very suspicious mau. they say."
"Very     Itotiglii   a   dictionary   last
week, aud now he's counting tbe words
to Bee If it com 111 us as many as tbe
publishers claim "
Invincible Logic,
Donald (who Is seeing bla more pros  !
perous cousin off  by  tba iralni—Te
mlcbi like tae lenve me a b*-,b or twa
tae drink ye a safe Joorney. Wnllle. i
1 Wulllo (feigning regreti-llao. I canna
A' my spare sbullln's I gle taa my aoid
l mltber.    Dons Id-That's Btmnge,  be
cause yer mltber told ma ya never gle
bat onytblng   Wnilla-Wtai. If I dlnas
gle my auld  mltber ooytblng,  wr.nt
1 sort 0' chance dse ya think you to got)
London Puncb.
True Courage.
True courage bus mo little to do wlib
anger that there lies always tba
strongest suspicion agnlnsi It whero
Hits passion ts lughesL True courage
is coui aud calm.
A Croat Relief.
"flee, ain't ll a great roller wnoo
yoo'vt been suffering from a toothache
iu summon np your courage aod go to
a dentist aod hsve It over with?'
"I guess aa Did the dentist relieve
"Von bet! He wasn't lor-Toledo
"She's of a vet) cheerful disposition.
Isn't she?"
"Ves. Indeed She even sings while
washing dishes "• Detroit Free Press
There are few things reason can dis
cover  with  so   much  rertatnty   sou
n aa Ita own uiiutllciemy.-uiiiier.
Too Law Down.
"Why dun't you  nana your  male.
I'nde Jackson T"
"Ain't 00 name ornery 'nongb to flt
dis mewl, sun."-Buffalo Express.
Dangerous Moonlight
Moonlight   most   Intense  sometimes
muses sure eyes In Cub*, aod tbt oa
lives nnfigste and perambulate wltb
umbrella and paraiuua.
"Lend you 2A louls? A pretty Idea'
And suppose you were to die tumor
"Sir. you Insult me! I n ny be poor,
bat at least I am boneat"--Blra.
Feline Melody.
First Cat-How  sweetly  yoa  sing!
I never heard nnything so entrancing.
What was that Inst song?
RecondCat isentimeiHoliyi-"If I bad
0,000 lives to live I'd live thetu all for
i you."—Womau's Home Compaulon.
If tinware ts o-»». rib a**r *ar**rill-/
wirb fresh Ia*d and h<mt OBmCaBf "jn*
fort It ta o-Md. Thia vtll ksen it fran
Cold water, ammnnti snd soap wtli
take out BMCbtna greas**. -fi'n ir.i*>r
things WOQld fall oa ac*-i*mnt at naittag
tbe colon run
A little turpentine -.i-woir-*! ta warm
water la the best tttoj w'.rb wuieb ao
wash wludutt-i end n.;—,rv a .'•;•
alcohol win a.so da wanders ir. brlgat-
eolag g'sss.
To reuiore art" «*aln over th* e*j:.i
with common cooklag mcJasses and
let stand for two of three hours Ifna
In lukewarm water. I'.*-; -1: taa process If tnmmatif.
To clean mart'e tike twa pajO H
cnmmoD baktOg ■ ■'<■ -". «"•■• t-1 tt .-.e
port of powdered pirn ..-a stone snd
one of nae salt Rift fbo mixture
through 0 sieve atd mix H w1*b warer.
then ml) It well all o-ttr tbe tasrbio
and ibe **■'■.- w::: bo *•-.. »■■**; train
wltb a strong ntuttoa of **:t sat water, rinse wltb clear wster aad wipe
The dally enra of the hardwood dior
Is very Blmpla A room thst la roucb
used mti*t nr**.! tie sw-pt wtth a soft
haired brash then wtpeJ with a long
huml'-d ■!.-■• oi'.*p or wltb s cotton
flannel bag put out a brnotn. If there
are ii>ot« on th** fl'-or they should ba
ru'tbed nrst with s flannel cloth or
wltb s little turpentine on s cloth Tte
floor *hould be thoroughly cleaned nr.1
polished twice a year. If any wster
«r iiipnd gets spilled on the floor It
«*iouiit roe wiped up Immediately, ta
atterwtse lt will result la a Bts la.   . j
An Old Ox Cart.
The r...«j Angeles cb.iu.ber of commerce has what Is claimed to be the
oldest vehicle lu tbe I tilted M-iti-n-su
ox curt built by t'ueblu ludlons tu tb*
seventeenth lentury.
Our Mary hnd a urn' nil gown,
Uul she was not oxpi-ri.
And often In It ahe f.-ll down-
It had ■ t.'.l.t.i.- -.Mil
But Mnry snld 'IWIS Up la date.
It made the fHlu»a n,.u\
And, lluiugh 'twas hnrd te navigate,
BU ssld Bhe did not run*
-UoateB lUrstt,
Usually ths Way.
Wiltls-1 aea tbat Mr   lllghupp has
1 .lied.   1 wonder what his family will
Uil Its-As usual, I suppose. Tbe wife
will raise a monument and the nurse
will raise the children.-J odge.
The First Congress.
Thc First coucreas wns elected hi
Novemlier of 17aS nnd was assembled
hi sjieelnl session March 4, l.X*-earliest poastbla date. Its prt'de. ev..,*. Hi*.
Continental congress, tint met s.pt. 5,
and after holding fourteen sessious at
various cities, tbe choice ot location
not being entirely optional, waa aaV
Juurm-tl tine die Oct 21, ITbU FREE PRESS, CHir..T.nVACk.  BRITTSFI COLUMBIA.
MUM ff «.«<»......«<«
Siivoml brand iliiw col li
nud l.iiiiKiilnirs in .liir.'i
pints <>r Uu. cily fur hiiIi
OXCO|!llonnll}'t)Us.y li'l'lll
ut extremely luw iiriccs,
anlo rnr n (.•» iln.VH ii
Wo iiIsu have »nr|lrlw r.
H.II1T   Uuiiull  lut   IVnl     ll
IlllVC   III   li'llsl   Sll |||.|n
ill s|,|||». I., IIIKII'llll',
WC    lllllll    HallllUH   ..I     li
iiiiiI Bmnll 1.1... I.- ..i' i
wliui-u llii' rliflil |ni..
Ii'l'llis hit i|iinli.<l.     i Im
rnnuutuenli. fur Hullinu I
n. 'i'
ii p.
inr lu uny in Hi., villi.'.
if pi'iipcr nll'i'i's hi.   i
WU .HU Mill llir himl.
Tin. I'hii.i.hvaik I.imi mi
1>i:vi:ii|.|||:.\tC... I.ti,. nre in
II position '" hl.ll.ll>- lull:"
lllllluVclop<..|| block* ,,|   Imiii
now nml ivti inviti' nil win.
Imvi. such Inml |„ s.ll I"
notify us nnd c|ii„(i. ili.ii
Very best price nml terms
iin Hiirnc. This is ;i iiiiiiti-r
which deserves prompt un.l
enreftd action,
Cull nnd sec us.
P. 0. Bo. 24? Phone 178
Chilliwack, B. C.
At Chapman's Studio
for Christmas
Photo!*, Crayon*, Hromklea,
Frame**, Mouldings, nnd
Molt-*. CntneriUi fur -nl**
nml rent. Bernini* lut ml
Cameras bought mul snhl.
Supplies, filillP, llntsliing
ami developing fm* nmn-
tourfl. PoBt c;ir<l-s ami vlowa
of Cbillir.*ncl( sold. 'Phone
80,    open ovening«,
DUII-Mucki-i-..  Sialliou,   M.»i*ici..t.
DOLLT-IIay Mar.', ti >■■:..-. 1--1 family
mun.- in i!h- province.
HAUL— Brown   mare.  0 yum*,   ,""-i
(oiul'iiiHti'.ii in all harm-*' unit wuhlli.
BAIOLD C—Sorrel coll *-' yc-iir*- pa-i. -.1
good prospect lo niaku mono;
For further particulars apply
Cash, Time, or Exchange for Ileal Estate
Minn C'lnrn  Davison,  tracker in
Piano, nnd pupil nf Mis- McC.uiic,
Albertii College, Etlmonl is <>|h-.i
to receive prininry pupil-.    Pupils
may begin nt anytime, Term., etc.,
on application,
IttMnc* 1 Prlnci An., Chilli*.,, li
liP'    1'
i l'l..nr.
- nr, per -
-l.li      $1,65
id,       1.5
ill II.
..1 Hour,
1 u
- Hour.
II. n,
.1 llu
II" li.
.1 fill.,
tack       -35
'1 i luls.
■2D IL.
suck      .85
1''. 1-
.'I'll 1
v.llll.'l'V   1
1,'s. for $1.00
Corn Stiu
;; pne
innei for M
i.l.i i;
..-- Sl.ire]
:', pm-
tntes for .25
im ri..lu'H
package. .10
'. lie
Illl.   20 "Z.
3 for .25
.I'i.te i
i   I.i ,   fl
tins for .25
K.i-l. 111 i'y-l.'1's. per pint       .50
• (Joe
ui, hnlf pi
un.l Iin   .25
1'. w
le  II.
use Codec
peril..   .45
111 1
ll'     1'
■st Codec,
per II..     .40
■ I., Ti
,, p..   111.
.40 ui 1.50
. • '1
en. :i lb, i
Ton, per
ii- 1.00
lh,         .50
Smoked Fish and Fruits
in Season
s ,ni. Hiiiiu S| i:,l for Afternoon
Tens nnd llcc..|ilt.in«, per M'   -30
Cash Grocery
Ho/, the Tough Sheep Membranes Are
Fitted For tho Violin.
"Cuiffilt" SU'luga ul'*-* iiiado ol the
iiil-jflUtitts ol all cop, Ihe raw inula-
ml from iho -.luc-iyuril*. in lirsl ihur-
i uglily olenuswl ui Ial mm .l-j-iliy libra
bj dull luiivus urnwged un u drum
i.'uiicd by a erana.   lliuu the while,
I'-tigll  ui.'inbl'iille  llial U  i'H  >H  Hivin
ii luiiu'd over in a workman, who
del tiy splits thu malarial' into evpn
Miami-* tiy bringing it ngaiiitt ihe
blii-it- t.t a saloty ruxor let upright
ui  tne  table  I-duii:  him.
Tin- ui xl slop is i" spin tht*
ttrtuid*-  tggptlic,  and  pi-.ro  lliogt on
In   dlj'lllll   MAIIIi-       A   V.<liiil   1'.   nltitlH
11 .meiiuuii iniiuuiHciuiii iiirtvs sis
(trnnd*. thu European string tour. Thu
airuudi, whicli are at ono end fatten*
t 1 ;,. ihi ujit uii*. post, nu twisted to-
get hi i' ulilU' atlll tin tup and pliable by
memii nt n ip.mimg wneul, When tln-y
an- iHk'ii from iii*' drying liamo tho
ttriitgrJ nn' eul inio length*, colled
Hinl uuxvd ni oiled paper for ship-
l'., polls)] Un- nir I ti gi thoro is used
a vory line emery paper laid uu a
grnuvctl almiiiiiiiim blnek. While the
it ring* aro --till mi tin* drying iraiuo
fie t-uvt'iod ij.-o-k :■ passed over lb*1
itiliigi, p-ill-mlng a* 111*411**, hi on*-
t.ui.. tn then* tire groove* in the blouk.
in. proo mi ol nm a; tig tlio line gut
mi ing* i x use in Miig.-iy or thtt heavy
strings tnrt-e-cignthi ol hu Inch thick
whien are somet lines uied fur mach-
ineiy tiering duei not differ material-
iy troin lho motlioils followed 111 Uie
i-aio of the ililngi fur tllUalcol iutdru-
menu, except timi ihe Inner m« hsn-
Like  En|lish  Dresses.
Qtiaon  Mary's abhorreuei for thai
Rue de lu I'aiX Is well known.   All
ucr tail.ii ing .9 done iu Kuglaml, mil
her recent uenuneintlon, l>y proxy.
the hohblo akirt .*- only une iiiManc**
.a hi- strict upinluns on .Ii.m.   tiutn.
ttiio ago Her Mujesty sanl lor « note.'
dross make)', and gave her instruulloiu]
somewhat nj follows 1 "I will not huv.
my waist pinched, nor my akin tight
and in> duy sleeves ure to 00111* duwi
lu luy wrists, itii-i my dress in uut l..1
high in Hi*- neck,   If you uiind tin
Local  Items
Wood fm* Mule—Phono I- 1890.
Hmitluy w»m lluy Fuwkcs' Day.
L.F.Cioft, at Mwi Studio for photos
JamoH Burton wua n pimaengor 611
yostcnlny's noon train to Viincouvor.
V. Ai Mowni'iWnsn pntuiQOSor t<>
Huntingdon ycatcnlay,
Abtiotsford hne o new gcnl'a
fn mirth ing store,
Merrill, 11. C, will havo n *7,(Xhi
Armour*; fur I>. 8r|Uiidron.
Suvi* inonoy h.v buying from tin*
WtlrVr Klvor Shlnglo Mill.
-I. Polly i*- receiving dyke tuxoa
this year ub formerly.
are tho (plants nf A.B. MoKei»ta this
Krustii' Vnlloy Htonni Laundry has
a notice to iiatrons in today's Kree
.). Ilillt.-M, Surdis, mada application for ;t position of janitor of Hu
City Iiiiil. Filed for fuluroraforenca.
Mi*. T, t'lifticy was a lnisiiu's-
visitor to Vancouvor early in the
See Denmark & Burton's sinall-
warc siK*oials in this issue of tin* Free
.1. II.   H..WI-   returned  from  11
j I weeks' business nip to Vancouver I \Mmt ftirroWi HrUv  nml   Dun
L  mi Saturday. holm are nttoi.iliiigtliooigiitli annu
hlngs, you can inuko'me a eaunla o.]l   >|,-Hi chas. A. Barber  returned ai convention of British  Columbii
rooks ncoording to your own ideas,   1
was a decided one oftor tho beautiful autumn weathor of tho past two
The Women's Auxiliary of St
Thomas church assisted by the
Qlrl's Auxiliary will hold a Sale of
Work en Thursday afternoon mul
evening November 80, in lho Parish
Hull    Program nud refreshments.
The Assemhly of tho K, uf P.
which was held on Wednesday
evening afTordoil much enjoymonl
toallthosopreROnt. Messrs. White
nud Auderson provldeil Um music
for ihe evening.
Sixty • ono graduate doetoi*B,
among whom is IM*, L*. Hint*, are
in Viotorin tliis week writing their
linul examinations. This largo representation from li. 0. Is n record
une and shows, the class of young
men this province is producing.
Tho non commissioned olilcers
aud men of 0. Company, 101th
Itcglment gave ;i dance in the Ojiera
houso un Thursday evening IobI.
A pleasant tlmo was enjoyed by
those attending,
Jarvis A Co,, dyers and oleaners,
Vancouver, have n new* up-io dale
plant at 428, 2nd avenue west and
solicit u trial. Special attention given
to express ami mail orders frum
Chllllwaek and Valley. See their
ndvt, iii this issue.
The City School Board, Messrs.
Barber, Malcolm and Cooto ami the
Rural   Board   Mown.   Uobortson
180 pleased
I theje that she ordered ano'iher dozen [Saturday
i dresses fr tu the Fume firm. A tale all
I nv.r society is tlmt *. nuilu oost.uniler ■   \\'. B. Trenhulmadvertises specials
'ventured  to submit to her thut she1.    .,    , ,        t   , M
really need not Wear so many netti*|m bluiikets ami comforters in titlajelght nml a quartet' acres   at Hftr-
Hii  Majesty with j'rem Pilot  Mound  Manitoba  on I School Trustees, being hold at Van*
ltlMi. COUV0I   tltis   week,
Richard Roberts bus   purchased
All lie'lit," nut thti answer.
"I do Dot Illl UU dropping u couple. SU
long aa 1 keep my red limine! one'
This story wtfs related hIuiusi wlU.lri
royal hearing m th* Duchess of Pevoiu
shire's Derby night function .-—Liver*
1 1 .'•*..
An Old Family.
sir George Auderson. of Beech*
mount, Midlothian, by command of
j the King, attended the coronation, sa
! ..ne ul ihe Walker Trustees. a» Usher
; of th-* Wli 1* Rod of Scotland. The
I VYnlk-r Trust ha- been in exlsteno**
j since the death, forty years sgc <d
i Mi-*-- Mary Walker, of Cuatoe. Kdin
j burgh, who Int'l survived her Miter,
Mi*. H:ito:irn.   'lie- *ia"-ra left money,
, Rdminli>tcred thmiigh the trmtces, *o
I build !'»■ haiula-iinti oplscopul csthe-
| 1 rat in the wm: und of the northern
■. sjiitsl.    Th. ir    (nt'ii-r,    Sir    I'ntr.ck
Walker, lha .ant uf the uinlu iluv ol
Jan old eounly family in Scotlaud wlu
Mere Htrotlitury Ushcn of the White
Uod, figured in that capacity when
Ueorge IV, held cun st
■  tUgUSt,  IB-JU.
mutely   when
: Htiiyruod, iu
Knew She Had For gotten.
6h« hud Ju.<*t returned Irom a shop-
Ii. rliillliMi.il u.skly.
.ii.:. i.i 1..1.1I .111.1 t.. il... Conicrvator) i
-.I Itnaiitivii] 11.-i. VnticoniTr
mal   ui l...-li..t ..ill rail .... ,....
iilurdny, tlioChtiHi of
ping tour tire*.!, hut radiant.
if. had ,tift returned from the of
ua tired, hut-well, tired.
Quivering with delight at the arra)
of simple*! snipped from rolls ot drear
^ goods, sin* emptied thc contents of hei
purse into her Inp. There wns a me
tal He sound. A look uf dismay crusaed
her (ace.
"There I" she eiclalmed. "I Juai
knew then- was something 1 had fur
gotten to buy I"
"What wai il, dear?" he asked, with
1 an assumption ol interest.
R*    Um,nr.nD/.M   .. .-   i*. „ v   .hniiii* tlio AlMistlt1 nt (.Suulfili WW the "I'm sure I  don't know." she r*-
. A. HRNDEnSON. O.K. lU.h.                     '                    '           pled petulant y.'but I Ami I haw •
AHociA-ntuiuiHRnorTunc *.>     /'""'"' Hu'wed.lmg ul   Miss Jeun (Ja,( d^,tr tJgA
ssa-iirry op civil, i:\i.ism i:-            A. I....!;.'. .Iiinulii.r "1 tlio late ilov. ——^—^—.
B.C. Land 8i-nvF.Yoii          lioonili 11. C,«il«..if Iclun nmlMk>. »*ia. c.w b.ii,.
Rooms lo ,t ll.W,.siiiiii,-i.iTn'i.i HI... I. Cunkp, tu Rnr. II   A. Wnllnn Funic It U th*  cttilom o« Swiaa  moon
CHILLIWACK, ll.O. f tlm lulv K   V. W'nlluii Funic
  at 1. Ion, Kni!., mul Mi-. Fonlcn
Roller Rink
Th*-Chilliwack Rolloi Rink I
o|hii fm ih.-season,
Tw..-Thirl}' 10 liu-
Suvcn-Tlilny io Ten
Com* and enjoy ■ pleasant
:...ii".-i, to liung bell. ..u the neck,
■  ol their eo*., au.j tu accustomed .nd
1   attach...!  do  Ihe  aniiiinl,  become  U.
ili'-sc  bells   lhat  the  deiiriv.tiun  ol
v" ">'■'•   ""I}'   ll"'   iliimcitintc  ,i„.„, „ (oi, „ , Hini.hm.nl.   II .n»
i.|;iii\i'-   mi.I   ;i I...    fricli.l,   ii.-i.-  .....   Im,  heen iitilly  uf straying o,
i,       ,.    I,    i.   11    i    un,..ml- beharlor. . breach of die-
linwnt-    Ic'    '■   I'.   Uticl.lm.il.  ripiint or iiiy vlctou, trick tl(. dl,.
i....i..i'.< 1st. .1 -' I'liiin'li.cutt'liti't- i.l««,iira of the lierd.min ia nut teitl*
ml th.' iiiiirriiiR... .'.i'iii..iiy. 'I'ln'
lii'iili. inn Kiv.'ii iitvity l..v hor l.rutlmr,
Mr. II.I..I Cuukc nf Turn, Ont.
Rnr. nml Mr- Funic loll d.r Cliilli-
irm'k, where Mr. Funic isshilioiicil.
—Vim rnr \. w- Ailroruyor,
M. -i-   .1. I'.,i-. .1. C. Ilciulnr-
mn, II    \   llnmlcr  -I. II. Ash-
,.. II. t. Tnrrny, II. ,1. llrirl.T nml
ii, \ \\■ .1-.-. -I Kx.vl.i»r l.-ln.
Nn. 7. 1 nn I'. juiiriin.rcl L.M.-t.
tn n-t. i      riiiir-ilii.     C'l'llillH     ln-t
uh. t.   thnj    were i.i.i.l..  utiiinti'.l
wilh iln Kii.\iiii|iiu.-iiI lirnii.'li "I
iir.l.i.    I liraimh will I-I'M I in
t'liillii. ■,.■!.   in  th.   I,-., I   fllt'liv.
lied  l.y  blow,, bin  l.y  tPinporary tie.
■ek't* Free 1'reii..
rlson l.iin.liiin from tl. Chapman.
I,. Darlos, nnd lieu. RowcllfTc.
..lulin \V.   Kilwiinls nf  Vnncuuver
en11 iln Iln.. work nl homo, nml no
tn.iililn drying llii-; wel wenlliev. A
plum II will bring, tlio driver for
your bundle.    All work ('. 0, D.
T, II. liriilni uml .lulin Mill twu
|n.|iiilnr young men "1 Siinins loft
uu Friday fur a fuur niuntlw' vIbII
In Ibolr 1.1.111111111' in Devon lSngland.
ll is sown yeurs since limy Icfl the
old nud to Beck lliolr furttiiiea in the
far uwuy West, In Ihul lima Mr.
Hinilll litis sili'i'i'i'deil in iinyiiiK for
a farm of fortv nores nl Junius',
while Mr, Hill liu« acquired riilu-
ulilc prQperty at Central Park,
They oxiicel tu return in the curly
spring uml it in hinted Iluil they
muy haro company on tlieir return
Hot Drinhs for
Cool Weather
Clnm Bullion
Tomato Bullion
Tomato Nectar
Beef Tea
Hot Malted Milk
Tea, Chocolate, Coffee
These delicious drinks served
day nnd evening, in our
Ten Rooms
We Make Our Own Candies
Chilliwack Candy Kitchen
The ii-giiliir meeting uf the  11.
pitul Huar.l wilt Im held on Saturday at two o'clock, Inn purcliaasl from   lamci  Clreig
twelve nnd   n hnlf acre-,   lot 391.
Smith's bakery and grocery has „oll| ^ Km ]mMM   ,„. Qhm
added ,. beautiful biscuit -land to Hiitchwun & Co.
the store equipment.
The Frasor Valley Steam  Luiiu-i ,
D, It. MeLennaii and Fred liil
landers  were   passengers lu   Van
(•Oliver on Minnlay niornilig.
dry is well equipped to handle all
household laundry.   Flat wash assorted thirty cents n di./en.    Rough
The manager of lho Vedder Hirer dry, washed,   starched and dried.
Shingle Mill will take in exchange
for shingles, hay, oats, or apples.
Hoy wanted—Boy about 15, top-
prwiti... I., llii,.,,, ..„,. Uml   'has nul
-liiukn.    Vedder Hirer Shingle Mill.
Messrs. T. .1. Policy and It, !•'.
Waddingtim wen* business visitors
to Vancouver lust week returning
Chilliwack farm ur residential
property to exchange fnr Vaiieniirer
propcrty.sce Clin*.Huteheson & C.'s
advt. in today's Free Press.
R. S. Carvolth returned home
last Friday crening, after nearly
four weeks Jury duty ut New Westminster Assizes.
Sec the display of winter gloves
iu Miss Hnyie's window, opposite
the 1'ust Office. A special purchase
ut carefully selected gloves,
Thruugh an error tlio nuine of J.
II. Ashwcll wis omitted frum the
li^t nt Chilliwuek Telephone Co.
directors published last week.
Ilouse-clcnnhigthno is here again
and \V.   II. Steren«on   the Valley
Painter nnd his stnfT of workmen
, and IM..eldon. "i« kcpl busy papering, tinting etc.
fail,  lo  re.luce  her to order and  lo :     ..,   „   «...  „,     .|    .. „     n ,
prevent a repetition ol tha Hi-noe,     J    " ■ "• Stevonion the Valley Pain-
——————— ter will  imt  keep ynu  waiting tn
A Cenaervativ. P.lnl.r. I have yuur   paper hanging dune ns
The »ue.t'on>|,|0 hn,a s|a„
live centa an atiicle. Cliildren'i)
pieces thfco cents each. Phone 172
and cmintre abonl household prices.
Thoy uro   nwny el leu ji*'i*   than yen
of flrsUolun work*
ll.v.   M
brethren, how «>■ ihall lend ithrttloi.
t<> the t'iji lalintlen. I men.
Deacon Tightwadde— Though I am I
nut uiti.niife.y Umlllar with the prei* i    s,.v.'ntv-Mvo   nnnHcntlona   hnve
•■nt etia, I in uld inggeil tnil *e lend I. ,    ,
;t ,..,ii-.,.t. itccn nnule For resist ration mi the
  Chilliwack Voteiv' Ult.    Court nf
A G»rd,n En.hu.i«t. tiwbfan will Iw Inil enrlv  in Do-
»>*»■ •>»>■ v-.ii .-nov gcrdenlnif ,
■•itiuii.-iM'h winucr.
"I never hear "f j***ur railing in|
llilng." Mr.    (rriilmiii.   of    I';iilin«t'..r.l.
N ' " ' ■'■'■ ^-••■■SalMwi., reoontly purchased a imali
ranch nn Fniriiohl Island, and will
move his fsmtlv to the vnllev in »
short time.
■round snd telling m*< nelglibori whal '
tlu* electric pnflw
llie dim* ou which
the electrle current
will du licln
non THI
-Have You Seen Them ?-
11" liau.l) ii,,!,,.-
_ A  Warnini  H..1I.1I.
"I en,.- heard roai wife incite 'Cur-
k lc« siuii: Not llnii Tu.iiiglit.' " ..id
I tlm remlnlaccnl friend. I'i   Donolfo Siuillimid Mis., lie.
I'-Vej,"   [-.ponded   Mr.    Mocklun. Wolfe Rmllll mul Angus Mun (
mil.   a   .mil.-   ,,1   .,,till.lent   a|i|irnral.   ,.                                                     .
"And I ial... nutlee inai the cuiie.   ' nnciiver, ivcro Vl.Ilorsln the city
| Im goni out ot binlnm."               |ln.lweek,   The Dr. and Mr. Millin
'Vern iiete ..ii M:is,,nic Lodge   busi-
. Ul
th.   ln.llsiR.ii.nl.il.
1.11. I,,'ll   ei.nrell.
i.in. imiinmiiigdiiy
lii..|. in ni ..ut
1 liilliwaeli   ■ il,,,-
s.... I huv., lh.... ,.]..
|,|i.n.,.-  .\j.|,uii..1
B. C. Electric Railway Co., Limited
BI..I   B.   N.llun.
H Ite—Th. ductgi .rite, ih.t in v...
uf uul poor circumstance, tie will nut
i>ics..iii hia hill Immediately,
Artl.t—We .re lucky that our eir-
cumilsncei an: nu belter. If ttie|
were *< ini|l.i hav. ,u i».y st uue.
Advertise in the Imxt Press fin results.
Th.- jovial Uermnn eomcillnn,
Man Hill, and company, delighted
:l fair liled lllldieuee ill Ihe lljs'iu
IlllUSC nil Weillicsdiiy .'Veiling when
ibey i.resetited the rery enjoyable
musical comedy "The Itieh Mr.
itoggenhciinor,"    Tlio priw   nf
la-st Mgltfl IlifiOieeineil t.> la- a barrier In 11 larger attendance,
The wenlher yesterday assurnotl
iiuilc a wintry aspect lite air lieing
lillcd with llyingHiinw.   Thcchnugc!
The iiieinl».r«nf Cliilliwnck l„ 0.
I.. No, N70, celebrated the iWillh,
iiiiiiivcrsnr.v uf tbo Gunpowder Pint
nn Tuesdny evening in the Fnrei.-
tcr'« Hull. After degree work In •
prompter ipceolir* were made l.'nr
ing nn Ihe lllllorlo evenl mid the
work of Order, by serera! mciiilier.s
nf the Order, The sctisiuli eln.cd
with nu appetizing lunch,
Phone 54
Purity Flour, per nek el.7.1
Royal Standard 1.05
Seal of Alberta 1.70
Economy, per Barrel, $6.00
Superior Hulled Oats
20 lb. Kick
PuStllm, per package
Macotinobie Herring in
Tomato Sauce
Crosse A Blacktroll'i Bloater
Pil.te, leg. .-Ju each, '.' for
Johnson's Fluid Beet
reg. 11.00 size
Wild Hose lluney, reg. ,86,
Kxlrn Selected OutO Kggii
gtimnntecl, pur doi.
Ajnx Bacon, tine quality,
per lh.
Ilmn", last quality, per Hi.
for your own
By purchiising 10 volume
»f our Standard Library
Hunks, wo will allow you
O/j percent.
m*W discount
Call and  examine   on
Druggist and
Auction Sale
High-class Horses, Farm
StocK and Implements.
Under insiriiciiuiia from
F. A. George and T. P. Everell
we will s.'ll hy I'lihlic Au.'li.ui ou
Wednesday, Nov. 15, 1911
m 1 p.in., nt iliclr fnrmiiululatedOftiilei
inuil Chilliwuek mi iht- I'liilliwin-k CVnt-
rnl i.iinl, known mow com manly mm thu
Dr. UcnilctHon furm nnd the T. V. Kvt-r-
nll fnitn. their cniiic mock nml implement*, etc.
List nf K. A Otiorgo't) Auction Suit'
Ilc88,   Hiickiicy
hml tn Mr. (in
, u year* >ihl, in
i hiirwc.
Nellie. 4 yenr oltl mure alwtil 1*500 lha,,
gootl in nil liHriittiH,
Neil, ii year oltl Reneral imrpow horwt
nl t ISOOlhu,
Sum. mti'il, Roiicnil ptir|touo horn.
Mm I yenrlliig tlnmglil '■"It**.
Iloljrri iv t own
Itliickie, froth, 4 yean* oltl.
I inly, fresh, I y« hm nlil.
Spotty, fredli, i yeiira oltl.
slieilu. thin NuveniU-r lift.
Mllly, .Ine Nimilnlwr CSi
DiiiMy the I Hi, I yenmoltl, due April 7.
Dtilny the 2ml, 9 yean oltl, dne April 7.
Aggie, ;(jiiiiM old, tine April 17.
spntty the 2nd, :i yenrn old, duo Muy 24,
White U*g, :i yeiira old, 'Ine Muy 2
Mllly the Un.l, :i yenrn old, illte Miiy 24,
CIiuhk Coffa
Mllly, a yetiiMoltl, ihie March 0.
Mary, 8 yean old, due ItaMiiber 2.
Siwlo, n ytiirn nl.l, due April '■>
Qiteenle, -l ycaraold, dne April a.
H.lii,lie (1 yearn uld, .hie March 27.
PIowlo, fi yearn old, due April 10.
Nniiey, ti yean old, due Muy 7.
Ronnie, 3 year* old, doe Muy 84.
Hull, J'j year* old,
White brood BOff.
Black brood *ow.
9 do/en Whin- Wyandotta [Kilh-tn.
*.' dozen White Wyandotte Iil-iih.
tl-ttrisioa, Etc.
■j sets double liftrnca*),
1 sot slngli I'Mj-'iiv harneu.
Iron wheel vagon, fann wagon. <
Democrat, cart.
Plough, K't of lever Inirrnwi.
New cnltiviitDr. 1 rake, l mower, l tedder.
Oleum Mpantor, (Mclotte,) 1300 Iba, an
(lay fork, wim cablo and hlmrkn, watering mn, scythe, milk pain*, mm. etc. ,
T. P. EveraH'e Auction Sale List
Five year Old mure, in foal to Itapiile,
lfiOO ll«.
i 'olti ri«in*,' three year* old, 1*5*90 ll»a.
I man*, age B year*, weight 1450 Ibe.,
good in all Im-iu -*•.
1 liorae, age 7 yrara, weiftht 1430 ll*.,
IIihhI in all ,i:tnii *■«*
rcraoy bull, rising, 2 years old,
*_' milch cow!'.   4 two year old heifers in
calf,   l brood sow, 8 yonng pig*.
T2 tons of hay.     1 down fowl.     I road
earl.    :'.">■* II-  of honey.
1 new Capitol separator with milk lim*.
*J4 hive* of bee*,   I honey extractor,
5 new hive* wiih miner* lat. st mo<lt-l.
Taana or Haij*-AII snmauf K&.oo ami
iiii.li r, rtuli: .iv. r ihat ainoimt. thn-v
inoutlucredit ai *.%, <**ill be given on
fnniMtlngapprowd Joint noun
F. J. HART -a CO., LTD.
Bakery Good.
Cream Hulls, pin-,. ulii|.p.' I
cream, |a-r il../.
Puffed I'asle Tails, (B.r iloi
Our Sprolal I'mii Cake,
German CiIih. Cakes
per itolon ,80
Phone 54
These art all First Qualify
Goods and at the prices
are Extra Value.
Bakery and Grocery
We linv... received direct
IV'.in England u Imp'
shipment nf tiie famous
For Men
See our
R. J. Mcintosh
We  huve   n new  and   nii-to-dan*
plant with ih* lati-M method* for all
Kind* of Cleaning, lh big and "rvnt-
ing.     Expert help for all hranehca.
Invcial altentloti v\ill bo given to'all
1 l-.xin
Mad and Rxprefl* order* tn.ni chilli
waek and the Valley. Wt-aoliL-h atrial.
Chilliwack Orchestra
Chllllwaek   Orchestra,   Six   or Eight
pieei'sf open for engageincnta.
Ai.r. Whitk. Bccretary.
Music Lessons
I tun pnpanil lo lake a few pupils tor'
Piano ami Theury.
Al IHKti WltlTK, UttlfO Hton?.
Management of -mall farm nr would
work rmino on ibatra, Ufe uxjwrienea
in all branches of farm work. Apply to
Chilliwack Kree Vnm,
For Rent
l-'i >lt ItKNT—Itootn* and otliecs with hot
water ln'iitiiii*. tii'o. It. A-liwell A Son.
Cockerels For Sale
A   few   I'ni i-   I'.u.i   niuck  Orpington
Cockon-l*) for wile.
Wm. Hi-iKttiionr.
Furnished Rooms to Rent
TO liKXT—Tlltw niii-lyftirtilsbt-drooine
ileum In alcd, Imiii, electric li|*lit. etc.
Apply Chilliwack Prefl Press.
For Sale
lull SALE    Doraocml  tlujey, »l.i«i>
in..1   Iinnii ss, i-la-iiit fnr rash. Rnqufn.
of A. II. M. lluilii ru. CUT.
Furnished Room* to Kent
Rili RR*NT-Nla.|.   lunislusl  nsnn,
A. ll.vis..n, I llacni avenue.


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