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 Published in the Garden City of b. C.
Vol. 1.
I 'iaiio l.ni'K'.iiiN—All". White
test Efltato—F, J. Mart A fo.
-UOOHoltn (orftO-Ol)U, Parker
: ^ntlClearing Hsliw— Doitiiisrk A Itiutoii
LVo Ilave Moved—Chilli witck Harness Co.
jwcial Hiizor Sale-•Ilarbcr'n Dnlg Si.
iiry Farm ui Auction—K.J, Hurl A Co.
mlermiii'H .Sale- I,hhI WVck—
I. t>. Smith Co,
day mul Saturday Hueulals—
Lllllu's Cash Grocery
Local  Items
ScMalt CaiifM Suaaay.   Ni Early Train
(na CUtmck, Firil Paueifer Train
lathi .1 Eifat-lbirty A. N.
Bulta mul Proprietor
No. 7
Rural Council in Session Claim, Ditches, Sewerage Many Matters Discussed Hospital Will Open ^n; Successful Stock Sales.
Request, for Road Improvement, and Grant.
Predominate .1 October Silling.    Considerable Business Disposed of.
Aniitlici' change will lie niii.lt' by     Tin'
lho 11. 0, IC. II. in the wjhfiiiu.lt! nf ini'l
Ihe Cliilliwnck linn nn nml after there wor
Sunday, October 22.   Troin No, t, and un
which hus boon leaving Chllllwaek
■ nt sis ii'rlni'lt iii ili<> inoriiing, here-
after will Icuvc Irnin   Huntingdon
i.F.Cioft,ntMfHiStiitllo forphotoB tnslencl, nt 0.80 o'clock, arriving in
'ul council nr Chllllwhaok
-alurday nfti'i-niiiin when
' pi't'si'tit, Reeve Wilson,
•illots Broil, Evans, Mnrni
Occupy Ihe Attention of Cily F.lber, Until a Board of Trade Deal, will, Mail and Express Annual Meeting Last Friday bum- M
Hit Barber's Special lorSiiturilny,
ul Henderson's mlvt. nn page
Itooktng Hope itrool bogan tills
Fresh Kastcrn Oysters nt l.illics—
Tut;, n pint.
B. 0,   Electric Hy.   Ittnu  table
inngcs Sunday next.
Publicity is the keynote In success
flvortlso in tlio Fro
wostniliiltor at 8,fifi n. ni. Train
No. 2 will loavu Woslmiiistor ul
19.BO a.in , fnr Chllllwaek, arriving
here ut 22.IS. Train Nn. II will
leave Cliilllivaok nt 8,SO a.m., ami
will lie Ihe lir.st passenger train out
uf this city in the morning, It will
nrrlvo nl Westminster al 11,20 a.in.
Train Nn. •! will lenvo Westminster
nl 1.20p.m. for Cliilllivaok, arriving
here nt 8.60 |i.in. Train No, "> will
Press for good I Ionvo Cliilliwnck at 1.1.1 p.in., nml
will arrive: in Westminster at il. 16
and Mercer,
meeling were
Mr. Vnnilor
thosntitli slilr
N»il a
or Uu
Alf.   While   bus
ciul   piano buys
nn issue.
a   couple
ilmilcs nf lasl
nl ailnpli'il.
nii'sii'yinaii. nn
Votliler river,
ross iln. slough
Uie Hour Monday Night.   Ditches Ordered
Closed, Bul Claim and Sewerage Net So.
A regular mooting nf the City
Counoll was helil mi -.[outlay ovon-
ing in Ihe Clink's office, when thorn
wi'iT present Mayor Miinrn, Ash-
woll, Gorvan, tttul Jackson,
Thc minutes nf lusl meeting wero
ii'ini anil npprovotl,
A communication was read from
the Chllllwaek Ministerial Awocin-
Seivice, Cily Lighting and Sewerage,
Telegraph and Olher Millets.
thing ia Satisfactory.     Tel Boann to
be Pul into Service.
applied for n r<
which crosses ih,. rjn/i,iin|   ri'tiil ii isklng the Counoll In prbvldo
along west boundnry nl Mr. Knox's |" sullablo place fnr the holding nf a
fiirni. Tin' matter was lefl in lho union Thanksgiving service on Mnu-
liands of lho Hoove ami councillor""ny October ill. The aldermen
Evans lo examine nml nol upon.     I liowovor, owing In ibe fuel that the
A million of Hu' Hoard "I Trade
was hold in lho Courl Homo on Friday evening, the President, II. .1.
Barber,    presiding.    Considerable
liusiiii'ss luul i iimulaled during llm
su ier season and lho Board had
many matters presented  for   i-
Afler Ihe reading and adoption ot
(lie minutes of the Insl reguliirmoot-ll.. W. Pnlsloy,
ing, the correspondence in ennnee-  Douglas,   The repre
lion with Ihe bridging of lho Chilli-, tlm City Council is   Mayor Munr
A gonornl moctlng of llm Chilli-
ivack Hospital was held in the
School Room nf Cook's church mi
Friday evonlng Inst, there being u
fair number presont, Tht* varloui
ri'|siris won' received uml adopted,
Thr members of iho Board of
Management eleeled iverc: K.
Dnthio, 8, A. Cuwloy, Geo. Ashwcll,
 I   Rev.   It.   •!■
ntatlvc from
waek ri
(erred t
A In hull for
nrt A Co..
ial real estate lutys
I th
till remains
lolls „[ the
timincrliko woathor
'.trn|iIH'ii Im'Iwi'i'U Ihe
lliwitck valley.
Munday Oct. HO, will bo Thanks-
ingdiiv iu Caiuiitii ami tlm follow-
ig Hallowe'en,
Harvesting the hay crop on the
nuts prairie has been in progress
ing tlm past week or so.
Yuu can get n good door cheap at
Chilliwack Planing Mills.   For
nee see the tulvt. on puge 6.
Altend the o|H'tiing of (t. It. Ash-
,11 A Son's new store, Friday and
iturday, October 20 and 21.
Millinery renovated; also new hats
pplied; latest styles; mo, lei ate
Apply Croom, Mary Street.
'uniidiuns will -givo thank- (he
•y preceding Hallow,''en hut many
•II not feel so disposed after (he
Hnve ynu purchased one o( (hose
einl value suits at Parker's?   A
0.00 for 115. See wlmt he says
page 8.
Those engaged in or contemplut-
hind clearing will profit hy
ling Denmark ii Burton's advt.
page 5.
0( p.m.   Train No. (I will depart from
in Westminster nt .1.06 p.m. coming
as f:u ns Huntingdon, arriving at
ITeiiiig a few tho bordor oily at 0.80 p.m.   Train . ...     .
near town No. 7 will Icavo Chilliwack at 0.00 , »,r-s *'"-er of Vlclorin, on be-
p.m. and will arrive in Westminster  "       ""' Un,t 0|"i"" '•"'"-""' "'
at SAO p.m.    Train No. 8 will de-! ,r".'sl1 Co,m" ™bmltlei1"'" fu|-
parl from Westminster at 0.10 p.,,,. | lm"e "®oliitinn and «*W «s l>as
tiiid will arrive here ut 0,10 p.m. |
The 11.ill) a.m. train from Hunting.
don, will carry milk between there
nml Westminster and the 8.30a.m.
train from here will take ou milk as
far as Huntingdon.
Charles II. Evans applied for 160 '"'"' ('''-v '"'" '■ ""' completed, did thai   ll
yards of gravel in Uickakuek  rlvorl1"!1 Molholr way clear to pro'vldo iijacknow'
which was dredged  mil   h.v  A.
Ciuii'kshaiiks.   The request was allowed at tlm price of 26 cents a yard
nil oilier parties taking grtivel to It
charged llm same amount.    Also
thai notices  he polled  forbidding
anyone  Inking gravel  without llm
consent of the Counoll,
rby Ihe C. N. II, was roll wns glenncd from this
Dominion  (lovornmonl
Igcd   thai   Ihe  Chilliwack
r was a nnvignhlo stream, and
sago by llm Council;
Resolved thnt
| iu the opinion nf the Council of the
Municipality of Chllliwhaek, ii is
:desirable   that   Ihe   Council    have
Have you read the line of specials
Union to-morrow and Saturday?
'iey are attractive and   appear on
igc 8 of the Free Press.
Ashwell's new store is serving Tea
■in 3 to 5.30 p.m. on Friday and
turday, Octolier 20 ami 21.   You
cordially invited to attend.
inter and his staff of workmen
kept busy papering, tinting etc.
W. R. Stevenson the Valley Pain
will  not keep you waiting to
.ve your paper hanging done as
has a stall' uf lirst-elass work-
The passing out of business of one
uf Chillitvack'a oldest merchants
murks another opoeh in tbe history uf this ambiliuus city and to
commemorate it the balance of the
stock will be literally given away to
thuoe who come (or the last week.
There will In' joy in many a household a( the  phenomenal   bargains
and monoy-iavingopportunitiei this |r.ratlonniid get their opinion
sale has afforcd.   For (he last week ' nwll,i ,„ „,i„,r municipalities
you can make one   dollar   du tl.e| tlauor licenses in force,
work of twu  and   in   many cases
much morel   Come prepared to lie
surprise.!.   Carry the goods   home
at your own prices.
law to the el,
plebiscite, giving tin- Council power
to reduce liquor licenses in tlm
municipality, on a majority vole of
the said electorate at any municipal election. The opinion of the
Council on the subject is presented
in the following motion.! That the
Township Council of Chilliwhack
consider the request of Mr. Spencer
re local option, is not a sufficient
majority unit would ropiest that
the same appeal he made to the
Reeve's Convention for tlieir consid-
I from Ihe   rural   municipality
iiiieilloi's Marrs.
A change was made   in the continuum by   whieh in  future  tlm
his occasion. I river was a nnvignhlo stream, and IPresident,    Vice-President,     and
A. II. Coldivell & Co., of jus the mailer was now in the hands Secretary or the Hospital Auxiliary
Victoria, wrote re the purchase of [of the Government, it wus probable will he honorary members of Chilli-
I.etler wns received nnd that a bridge with a removable span ivnek Hospital and entitled to vote
of suitable length would lie con- at all' regular nnd special meetings.
Iges or other     At a meeting of iho directors held
cer. j.... Monday afternoon, Kev,   It. -1.
Douglas was elected President; E,
llllthie, Treasurer; Koht. Marsha]!,
Secretary. The Hospital Board has
decided to furnish and equip ten
wards, two private wards ami eight
public. Messrs. S. A. Cuwloy und
Jas, .Mtiiiro were appointed a deputation to visit the coast hospitals
and make inspection us to best
Fed- methods of furnishing and equipping tho hospital. The Hoard will
shortly advertise for applications
for u ludy superintendent and cure
more.   A compromise wns suggested
and tho contractor stu(ed he would
agree lo take 850 less and settle it.
Contractor   Hemphill  appeared I timcted to allow dr
hefore llm Council and cluinioil pnv craft passing up the river.
for 107 yards of gravel, this amount {    \ cominiinicnUon was read from
being over and nbovo (he amount ns j n,,. C'unndinn Credit Men's Assoola-
stntcil in the report of (he Inspector ,i„„ :Mni, ,i„,  BoR„i  , dorse
to the City Council. A wordy and ecrtaiu alteration! and amendment!
lengthy argument followed. The t„ n10 criminal code in regard lo
Inspector, Mr, Baker, wits produced tho making ol false statements by
us was nlso Mr. Kipp, who sold uml retailers re flm ial standing, etc.
delivered gravel to Mr. Hemphill. The suggested amendments were en-
Mr. Kipp claimed he delivered and i,|ulyvl| |,v n,,. Board.
received pay for the amount olnlm-     \ ,,.,,,.,- „..,* n,.„i r, , ,i
Kiworoiin petition of Moon per    i i   ,,       ,    ,       „,  ,,   ,       a nun w.is rcnu irom ii
, „     , ,    .      ,     :eil ov ttie contractor, while the in- ,.,..,,;,„, ,,r in 1,,.,-s ,,r (',,,,,m,.,,...
lont of tho electors, to submit a bv-       ,    •   • , , „ .., .      orauon oi uinmncrs oi Lomtnorco,
-tors  ,, the form of „ i"       '' "'S'Sle'1 """ t'10 'l"10"'" M "< Q'uoIhhs, asking the co-operation
;!::::,"'!"""."'. ^1**" IW l'">' ™ «>'™*-    H°< the Board, In seeking Improved
.mount of money involved $170 or l,,tdr-provlnclalcommercial
k tie Hem
The fire brigade was given a long
run for nothing nn Saturday afternoon annul four o'clock, when, in
response to nn alarm tbe .luipment
hastened out thc Yale road for u
distance of u mile only to find thai
„, ... , .u chimney hud lieen uhlnze un Ihe
Housc-elenmngtune is here nguin , . ,,     ,, ,.     ,,      t,       ,
.1 W.   11. Stevenson   the Valley   ll0""J,°f,*,r8' Sll'I)u'"'1'1'     """''"I
■•■       -   - Haw tin? blazing chimiiey nnd were
wittt-hiiiK it in riuw ut iliiiigt'i- hut
sniiii'onr more nen'oiu of tin* outcome Bent in an nliirm. A largi-
crowd uf peoplo won1 attracled by
the I'xriU'iiH'iit oocaaioned. While
tiie th*r>' element is not to Ik* tampered with, yet as ri-giirdtJ burning
ohlmnoys they should ht* invostign-
tcd ns to possible dungcr and an
alarm sent in only when real danger
is appari'iit.
'he census report gives Canada'.*,
illation ns 7.0Sl,8«9. British
uinhta has population of 362,-
or an increase of 194,111 in
past ten years.
The stone nnil brickwork on the
v Hank nf Montreal building has
il completed as far as the Second
ry, nnd the tiig steel girders have
u placed in position.
.'he Chllllwaek   Harness Complins moved from the Knight
-li to the building on Westtnlns-
street, which was formerly occu-
The Council demurred and no settlement wns arrived nt. The claim
may lie more fully investigated before next meeting.
Messrs. A, L. Coote nnd II. T,
Ooodlaml, on behalf of the Agricultural Society, asked for financial
aesistnncQ to the extent of $200.
No public subscriptions bad been
collected this yenr nnd the Fair
bad been of considerable value to
the city from an advertising Btaud-
A petition was rend from Frail point. As several items of expense
Foster and six others asking that a (which had not been considered in
road Ih* opened, commencing at A. j Hit* estimates, hml to lie paid out of
Jess's property, south wesl corner this year's taxos. tho Council could
of old Kitchen place, and following not make a definite statement, but
the boundary lino between Mr. Jess promised consideration.
nud A. Copell to Nelson Slough, Tho account of W. H. Chettle for
thence across the Slough to its north j a Riue amounting to SlT.oQ was un-
Imnk. Councillors Marrs and Mer- der discussion. Thc charge was
cer were delegated to examine road thought too high and tbe Clerk was
applied for nnd report at next meet- ■ instructed to see Mr. Chettle iu re-
'■■K* * gard to the matter.
On motion 1600 was granted to    T|ie r,lther dangerous condition
the Chilliwack hospital. \otC\ly streets resulting from the
Thns. Irwin'soffertoi pi K.fiO |nying of Ilew II])lillH by Ulfl Waler.
as compensation for right of way Lvork8 COt) (KVlwiull(,(i n resolution
across bis properly for continuation , t(, lj0 se|)t to the mximy M f0l|0W8.
of Lickmnn rood was accepted. TImt a!| op01) trenches be filled in
A communication was read from ■ llt onco alul tllllt ll|(1 ctllll,muv lio not
Messrs. Farthing, Peck and C.Idi- open nny new (|iu.,IM u.itl|l)Ut flrgt
cott, asking for a street in the newLbmltting Sticlt to tho City Kngiu-
Bub-divlslon known as Rlvorsldo L,r for approval, and that light slg-
Gardens situated on Knight roncl, |mj8 ^ pkm\ nt street crossings
and known as Metvin street. Tho L^ dangerous places where oxcava-
communi.-ation   was   received  and Uon8 ftra Inmie hy Uie company.
,„.'   „ ,     The finance committee's rciwrt
Ihe huance committee reported
taker,   Another
held on Monday.
meeting  will
Received and filed
W.K. Ferris and R. F. Wadding-1
Ion were added to tbe Railways and j Ibe plan is  to  double  the  present
service which costs the city W0 per
month. In answer to a question re
the introduction of arc lights on the
bii-iiiiess streets, Mr. Waddiugton
stated that   a   new and  additional
Navigation committee, increasing
the number to five. Mr. McGillivray
was eluded to replace Mr. Black on
tbe Finance committee, ami (*. A.
Barber and G. F. Chapman were
elected members of (lid Board, j system of wiring would Iw necBrwtry
The inauguration* of n telegraph and the lights would cost *7.(K) per
Service for Chilliwack which lias ' mouth, each. The council thought
ilieen exjrectcd [or some time was J tbe project I<hi expensive at the pre"
again taken up. The sendee bail j ent time. According to the terms
been promised by the C. 1\ It. to be of the present contract the lighti
completed by Oct. 11but apparently go out at one a.m.
very little had beeu done, Instances A resolution of confidence in the
of the very unsatisfactory condition I committee's efforts, and pressing the
of this menus of communication
locally were cited. Telegrams mailed at Westminster for Chilliwack
have token as long as three ami four
days to arrive in Chilliwack. The
Secretary was requested to write the
Government at Ottawa, setting forth
early completion of the work, and
also recommending the city Council
to take up matter of are lights for
the business streets, wim passed,
The all important question of
sewerage was the next item. Alderman Gervnn volunteered the  infor-
Wttll Paper,  Wall Paper, Wall '«vorahly on accounts a untlngt
Paper— House-cleaning   time   |B WW4.00, which were ordered to Inhere again.   We still have a large lKUl'
mnnondlng payment of accounts
amounting to $9477.48 was adopted,
The sewerage question was brOUgt
forward and tbe members and  the
the conditions and asking for relief. | mation that the question of a sewer-
Thc mail service between Chilli- age system would in all probability,
waek and Vancouver was the next be submitted to the people in Janu-
grievance to deal with. It appears Jury. The city council was endea-
that mail addressed from Chilliwack \ vorlng to formulate plans whieh
to Vancouver and vlca versa must ' would lie made known as early as
pass through the Westminster ofilce, possible A resolution was passed
Very frequently a short delay on the' |H.iuting out the importance of the
It. C. K. It. going west or on tbe matter in relation to business dovel-
Ureal [Northern from Vancouver to jopment as well as from the domestic
Westminster, together with the do- standpoint nud urging action.
lay necessitated in passing tbrou^li, On Wetlncsday Nov. 8, at 10a.in.
thc ofllce at WestniiiLslor, causes it the Provincial Tax Commission will
to miss tin- mail trains, with tbe re- sit at the Court house Clllllwack, ti
Aictioa Sties Conduded iy FJ.Htrt k U. m
Tsetfsy *m WcsbesJiy Bntf Eicslal
Refills It B«foft"s us* iMayitrrl
Banford Bros, sale on Tuesday
was a splendid success, tbe proceeds
amounting to something over IPJUU.
On the average good prices won
realized. Horses while command*
Ing a good figure did not bring us
high a price oi has prevailed during
the past year or two, Cattle on the
other hand brought exceptionally
good prices, this being especially
true of the milch cows. Purchasers
were present from many points
throughout the Fraser Valley. B.
Bavnes, of Westminster, purchased
a heavy mare for l'257.50 ; Mr.
Floyd, u two-year-old heavy colt
for $160: J. F. Miller, bay filly.
$11"», and a nine-year-old mare for
8220; H. Parker a gelding for $245;
Mr. Patterson, gelding, $loo; phile
a heavy mare went to A. A Serif*,
of Upper Sumas for $2iju. Chat.
Hawthorne was one of the largest
purchasers, securing thrte eows At
$87.60, $130, and 166, respecthtly,
ami two heifers at $'.';"; eacii. Mr-*.
Ken worthy, of Hat/ie, pajrobaaed
n cow at *?i(il, and K. A Kipp /P.k
at $iK). J. S. Smith bought two
COWS at 8125 and oue at $90, whi.u
A. A. Serl paid $143.60101 0Of ind
$fS,ri for another. The latter w:ir»
a hrge purchaser. Bulls wen.- bought
by J. F. Miller at $76 and A H
Morrow at $.0. Ed. Chadsey putt
8170.-V} for four raws *t-nd an :m-
imrted boar. D L. Borrow bougiu
one 'war at $'21. Mr. PUtBOBul
paid $28 for four -iheep, and Mr.
Richardson, of Ladoar, sound two
rains at $12 ami $18 respectively/.
J. T. Maynnrd'-i sale --van awii
yesterday. Tb«* weather mpmi ine
uud the attendance lane*. Thn bui-
tling was good and the -a.** amounted
to idtout $4660. Qoeaaa nU far .i
fair price, and Btocii u at As war
the dav previous, brougnt hnth
j prices. ('has. Kerr iiM.tfht i mar*,
for $320 and a cow tor $iiu A..
Kvans was a large purchaser, raying a colt at $1206, a ealf.it $86-, rwo
cows at $66 and $70, ;t raUf at *4.»,
and other stock. J K. W -iker pmxtt
$305 ftir a COW. A {ven J : +lit*-»p
sold at 827 each to I A. Willis.
Mr. Urquhart bought aeow it I16S.
W. J. Sullivan. lieilingham, bought
a bull at $70. Thrw sows want to
Mr. Patterson at $13.60 each E*t.
Chadsey purchased a mar" it HT')
and a row at *i - Mr. Hishopr.e
bought n sow and litt.-r.it $45. Barrett & Banford 877.">i) f»*r a. COW*
Forty tons of loose hay sold to *Vo.
Adamson at 811.2o a ton.
.      i,i              , i Mr. Iteldam was present and ask
MMrtiieiit o  Land wind, wo mint v,.,l,l.r,',„ssi„,„,„l ™* Vn*™" i'"1"1'-""1 '" ■ •<"*« li.ro n
ri^iu'c'inoriiirliiiimkii r,i,,,n   .r,   Aimmi f ta |ir„jut,,  w|,|, ,
our now stock.   A reduction of 301 v    . .            .
1 hy Tho Chilliwack Free Press.
per cent'Hi nil wall paper  in ouri
store, the Valley Paint   and Wall
ili.-H Hoyle, the milliner is show* I Pnjier H"U-*e.
ii pice range of smart Beaver
, Knglish stitehetl, this week;
some very stylish ebildren's
.   St-ni' Opposite the post ..tlice.
•d,    weighed    one    hiiudrcd  t.f making (Hicket money by selling
nils.   They were a fine lot ami |,mm, uM\u fancy work articles and
cooking.    A ten cent tea will    he
served on Saturday afternoon.    For
further information plume 264,
The early hours of Sunday wil-
F. Croft look a photograph of
catch. A photo will he sent to
'Hod nnd Gun."
M. Williams of town  is the
lessor of a ran.* Mountain Goat
It measures six feet in length
the same across.   Mr. Williams
I it while on hi:
I view to arriving at some basis for
handling tho problem, imt further
than tbat nothing was dune.
I •
Kd'vard Hunt, of Victoria, at about
$85,000. The building will include
(Mist ofllco, customs and revenue
| unices and living rooms for employees, The building will bool brick
and stone, two stories, aud 05x60,
I for
The r
was handed over to the Reeve t
amino ami act upon.
.1. .1. Martin nppenretl l*efore the
Council   regarding   road  work  tin
A Woman's  Exchange will boif^umsdan road.    The Reeve and
Opened on Saturday   afternoon  In rnunnlllnr Kvans wen- Atitnlnted to ;     .-. him
'       ,-.   „    u '  j1""1 " wvanswon .ippoiun.i i..     Thooontmot for a public building
room 1< in tbe Hart llloek.    I hit .,....„:,,,. ,.Mri .,..* :tl ti. itt.-i*  t i* i li
examine ami an in im mailer.        nj  Chllllwaek,  tenders   lor which!1
l«n Parker an.l Tug Mute caught l>" Uvl\ "l,wt "W"""!™ "' »WW     The sum ol $200 was voted to the L^j .,ulv .,, {m ,„,,, awardodt
trout on Sunday, whieh, when |otilea giving women an opportunity Chilliwack Agricultural Society.
R. A. lleudcrson applied for
authorisation of plnns of two subdivisions.
The Reeve and Clerk were authorized to sign plan of sub-division of
S. K. 1-1 lot 260, group -, owned
suit that mail from Vancouver which
should arrive here nl 0.20 p.m. frequently does not arrive until 12.15
p.m. next day. A way mail enroll
the B.C. E. It. is also very much
needed, while the conditions regarding the handling of express between
1 Vancouver, could bo much
more convenient to the public. Tin*
whole matter was referred to thi'
committee ou Railways and Navi
A complaint iu regard I
ing   of   butter   by  the  Chilliwack I    Tho secretary, H.  T.  Goodtand,
Creamery.   Mr. Ktckbusll. a former J reported   that   tin*   proofs   of   tbe
ildent of the Company, stated Board of Trade Imoklct would bo
thai he understood that the Com-; ready iu a few days, and would  lie
pony Was not making butter as the submitted to the  Hoard  and city
itlk council for approval.    He expected
the the booklet to lie ready  of cireula*
tojtioii in about three weeks.
hear evidence on the question of the
maintenance or otherwise of tho various Provincial assessments. Thi-*;
was brought to the attention of Ihe
Hoard. Tbe Committee on Legislation was asked to go into the ques-
lion and report at tin* next meeting
of the Hoard which will he held on
November '■'>.
C. A. Harlier was elected to fill
the vacancies on the Advertising,
ami the   Agricultural  and   Mining
tha label- Committees,
rket for fresh
nessed unusual activity among the hy W, II- DoWolfo,    Also plan for satisfactory manner that Councillor
s recent trip to
Llllooet country anil it li the1*"" """'"
pat s|Holmen known in Uimu
ami   woolt   III"  ffWI   PfM '"'III'-
i'i| tin.' furl tiinl Cliilliwnck liigli
ml won tlic oluimploiilliip of the
|<ir vnlloy in tlm noliool iipiirts
fipctitinn  nt WeatmilHrtW  Knir,
1 Iriu'k Iciiiii winning tho COVOlou
Wc 1'i.iiKi'iitiiliilc the liuy.i on
ir ij.Hi.l allowing.
The minnil ol lire urirmllot 8, piirt lot 88
like the uilviini'ing nf n hy Mr. K
linstile force through the valley than,
lho ilnwu of n  pcnccful  Bini.luy.
Tho  nillliorolll liuntera mot wilh
varying tlugroofl of IllcoeWl iih far iih
capturing fjaillO wns conccrncil hut
all were alike iu getting well wot
l.y the rain.
, gr"U|i -,
Every lino in thia newspaper colli
the proprietor something.
Cottuolllor Broil was imlruotoil to
have n few loatls of gravel plnecil lu
the nils ou Jiicktnnn road.
The Clerk wns iuslriiceil lo write
the Engineer iu olmrgo of IheCnnn-
ilinn Northern Railway re lowering
of the culvert iu some innnncr in
the lli'oilers.iii Frances ditch.
Motion—Tlmt owing to the very
Marrs Ims represented this Counoll
on thc Chilliwuek Hospllnl Hoard
il is tiie wi-h of this Counoll Ihnt
ho represent them the coining yenr.
The Clerk was instructor! to notify
the malinger of the Waterworks Co.
thai owing to leakage ol their drain
or overflow pipe, is causing consul-
ernhle damage to Trunk rand and
Mountain road, and have same
iin   nnd
pnid   bigger profits  than did
making of butter, nnd went o..
show i" what a disadvantage rural,	
creamery companies wero placed in. Hunters, guns, nml. pheasants
competition with the cily concerns. ),nvc lieen numerous iu and around
This matter was referred lo the Agri- lho city tills Week, The liinls ure
cultural nnd Mining committee,      j plentiful.   Jusl before  the season
Tlio delay In the Installing of the ptx d » lino speolmon visited the
new street lights and the unsiilisfnc-j Ihe garden of,I. II. Asliwell where
lory sorvlco "f the prosonl lights III romnined for some lime. An-
Waa brought up, Alderman Wnd- other, since Sunday, called ou
iiiglon, as ehiiirinaii oflliecit.v Kire, I Aldei'inan tiervnn, and he look a
Water, nnd Light department, slat-'.strong fancy for the bird. The latter
ed thai Ihe cily counoll was doing could not resist tho hospitality of a
all that could bo done lo further tho well directed shot, mid occupied an
light situation. In ihe discussion Important plaoe on tlio family table
of Hie subject il  was Iciii'iied thai later.
Thnt the Royal Welsh Udi«'
Choir which will appear in the ilpena
House on Monday Oct, '-3 t-rings
the goods with it when it loan .
country, nod Ihnt it captivates Uu
heart* of the people, needs no other
certificate than tho fact thnt the choir
on its ihird tour is receiving a warmer reception than it eWr rceir^l
on its previous lour-. The daughters of Wales have found out that
American, and Canadians ..re truly
a musical people, and, ai Madame
Hughes-Thomas puts it, the proof
nf a really musical nature i- the shunning of musical trash, hi iwever cheep
it tuny lie, and thc jMitruni/.i(ig of
musical nrt for art's sake, even
though the price I* prohibitive.
Musical America ha« g<»ne entry—to
use n vulgar term—over the singing
of the lasses from Wiles, not because
uf any high price tbey bad topoy lo
bear them, but because the singing
of the choir reached the ideal of a
genuinely musical people, Hence
the third visit of the choir and the
invariable warm r.'eeption il has
met with so far at every appeuanoe
on its present itinerary over our
great continent, One ol the
fleets of the previous tours is tbat
the choir, having become more
iccustolned lo tbe American people,
sings ou thU occasion better, if possible, than it ever did before. In
Chilliwack Oisra House Monday
night under auspices  of   Hospital
Horn—OnSunday morning to Mr.
and Mrs. Albert l'arker, Mary street,
Sf.nn.oD liy
VHtor llrt.iikl.vn Tabernacle
aw Im- yet ui:
nu ilntiu-T l«
edge Incr-ases,
•ii titili
kii tlmt human
id accomplish.
uii. An knuwl*
nnit   coiubln**-
Banner of Infidelity Raited Inside tho
Church—Higher   Criticism   Peril.
Itiehmuud,   Vu,,   „-._ ,—Putni
Ku-sell t,i Un.klyu Tabernacle
preached licit, in duy under tht- auspices ul the lutviiiuiiuiial Ifiblu am-
dents Association (Lucul brunch—un-
teoluriuti).   oompu.irttl    ut    tlio   truth*
tmm*ry (ruin uil denominations,   A«lt-
1.1 H liy HUlill final tJl'UW-Jal ul-.Mty* ul-
loud Ilia uildtusat-e. will It lliu CUUrcllO*
tit till deiiuililUaUuiia UtH complaining
ot slim utteud-.Ue*.-t Pustur Uutsoll re*
plied, "Tlio puoplu are thinking. Per-
(lifted by tut* inndelity nii-1 Higher
Criticism laughI in tllO i.r iii.-i-.aul ool*
leges iind pulpits, many desire lu have
mi (nterpretuli .1 the Bible consistent with it mil und uut nt war with
the revere ut Inl exercise ul reason. The
Script urea foretell of our duy, saying.
'There ihull hu a iHliltlie in thu land; j
nut   a  Ja In lliu   lor   I.lend   Hut'   h   thirst
lur water, but lor the hearing ul the
Word uf tin. Lord' (Amur- vJH, lh.
No (airy tales i.-iin thoroughly satisfy
intelligent thinkers, wim.*.- number*)
ure iiicruasliig. Many ut those who
attmid my !*l-iVlcel un.,1 intitiy whu
rend my sermons in tlm public print
lung Mince ceased tu attend tht- ultureli
Two services were held, one lur the
public, coualderti.g tin- grunt "Hereafter"; the uther, which we repuri, had
(ur iu text Uud'a cull to Cain, alter
lie had uiu ill hla brother, "Win-re is
Thy Brother.*" and Cain's reply. "Am
1 My Broth ur'* Keeper F" (0 eta-si a iv,
it.)   The speaker said  in part:—
No one can dispute thut individual-
Um, personal Independence, personat
rettponsibility. has done much for the
development ui uur race, hid serfdom
and paternal lain o( the pant were uu
lavorable to individual thought, re-
spouaibility and action.   Nu wise ami
1[ood man wuuld desire *,o nib his tel-
ows ot indepondcuce of mind.
\.e are in danger, however, of going
to the opposite extreme—in danger ot
carrying the subject o( personal iudt-
fiendeuee too tar—in danger uf neglect,
ng lome who should have a saltan celt*, danger of thinking of all men a-*
being uot only free but equal. While
we all ahould have proper freedom ut
will, yet all are more or leas handicapped in the exercise of the will. Aa
8t. Paul said, "We cannot du the
things whicli wc would." We are
slaves of aiu and death, aome more
aud aome less, The Prophet David's
explanation applies to ua all, "I waa
sbapen in iniquity, in aiu did my mother conceive me" (Psalm li, ft).
It waa in view uf audi Inequalities
of the flesh that St. Paul wrote to Unchurch, "We that are strung should
bear with the intlrutities of the weak,
and not please ouraelvea (merely)"
(Romans xv, 1). Thia principle, tip-
plied by the Apoatle to the Church,
would certainly be appropriate and
beneficial in the natural family. And
aa our hearts enlarge we ahuuld all
come to realise more aud mure the
unenesa, the solidarity of our race—
Uie entire human family, ul which St.
Paul aays, "Ui om- blood God created
all men, to dwell upon the luce uf
the whole earth" (Acts xvil, Ail
God'a inquiry of Cain implied Cain's
responsibility, and teaches ua a leaauti
respecting uur responsibility in (Jod's
light for one another. We will begin
with the Church, the highest type of
brotherhood imaginable i We ahuuld
not be content to split into sects aud
parties. Whatever waa tlu ignorance
of the paat, which led to the formation
ol the various creeds and deuomiua-
tiona, there can be uo excuse for these
now, because Christians of all denominations have come to discredit the
old creeds. Should there not, then, be
a movement toward heart unity and
fellowship, outside of denominational
and creedal lines, amongst those whu
recognise Ood aa Father, the Lord
Jesus Christ as the Redeemer, and the
Bible as the Divine Revelation?
It Is not proper to aay as did Cain.
"Am 1 my brother's keeper?" Every
true Christian should realise that today Christianity is being assaulted in
Hs own House and by its professed
friends. In the universities, colleges
and seminariea of all denominations a
battle is raging, which threatena the
destruction of our Christian faith.
Posaibly a few are blind to the situation, but the insurgents—the Higher
Critics and Evolutionists—realise the
situation and are craftily saying to
the people, "We are the Watchmen
upon the walls of /.ion! Hearken to
our cry: All :s well!" These Higher
Critics aeetn to have no conscience.
They claim that the people must be
gradually taken by guile. They encourage them to "sleep," while they
raise over them thc banner of infidelity called Higher Criticism.
Many who ace the killing of this
antitypical Abel shirk thc reaponsi-
bility by saying, "Am 1 my brother's
keeper?" not real.ting that Irom the
Divine standpoint they have a responsibility toward every other Christian with whom they an* in contact.
They should realise that loyalty to
Ood means that ihey "should show
forth the praise** of Him who hath
' called us out nl darkueas into hia
ui.nvi-l.iii-, light."
In a word, i-vciy true Christian who
has made a full CuniecTltloii ul himself tu the Lord, lo walk in the (oot*
steps of the Saviour, should waken
to the fact that We are in a critical
time. We are in the time mentioned
by St. Paul, when "every man's work
shall be Vied to ai by tire" (1 Corinthians iii, lit). Th.- lusting trill be
alung thc lines l-uih of fit th ami ot
works, only those holding lirmly t»
"the laith unci- delivered tu the
saints" will be able to bring forth
such fruits, such good work-, us the
testings ol this hour require. Thia
clans, awake to their responsibility toward Ood and thu brethren aud the
Bible, and full of iaai therefore, will
thereby be kept in this "evil day.'
Uud wUl.bliH them in their endeavors
ai glorify Him. .,
In the days ot slavery and serfdom,
(very master, every feudal lord, re-
'(ignited a responsibility (of his servants or slaves. Ho waa interested in
their health and in their morals, tor
Ibey were his properly, and any depre-
■union meant ilmuicial loll to mm.
Thus sclhah Interest kept him alive
lo his responsibility, to a considerable
But imw all lhat has changed.
released Irom obligate   without   supervision   ami
care.   The less lit o( our race are   11
serious danger  of  being crowded  lo
the wall.   Our lawmakers hnve rccog*
nited the fact and have thrown around
the   weaker   sex   and   children   sal*-
guards in the laws,  protecting them
pud (oi nt.- hill
Intellectual |»*
ul uiitiivonib.i'
Under such e
prising thut »'l
.ng togell
», others
.  UlllrUHIU
uiae ni''!"
l,ly .'.ti.il-
, .eriuualy
sun ul Im,
tiy ri'usum
1<S mul i'ii-
that   III'.'
dun  demand
uud ready '"
not aur«
it- I; un.l -
.ri   it
«. nii'ii"
,>•!! Iruti
n  ri'«|i
illdltloll*. it
wim ure nlil,- a:
i, u.nulla lur iii
.ii..uld ii *ur|irl.»
,. ...null u(i
iilietilliea 1)3 iiiijunt III
uud si.iiii'iinii's eruel
lay tlieir brother who
i.. tuelr oi'iuiiltatloii.
•ir,. in promote in>- l"'»t i«-
„ii emit Ihey may. Indued,
„, i lellow-oraitimen lo
,. urgaiiUatloii,  »nd  may
Ivuiituge,, but beyond thut
not tin with
lea nl luallei
Isiiiuuti'iii which, s,„n
i- way or miotliari will
it mil,
n mis tinndpolnl. un
who tail t.. llm- collie
tunny with Hllll will '
unworthy oi His yilt
IKci im "He who love
er »linm ln> li   '
love Uod who
Iho tliumnl
rolgn, during
Kleot t'liuron,
Him, will he unit
|.guitll7.lltiiill uf  III'
the   enliri-   riu'i
Ihe right
all, uud nl
i li.iul Inn
will hi
uinl i
and bihigimi
them justly
nu   duubt   t
the larger bleaslug
Qrcduslly tl"- w.
responsibility to tli
putent   and    age'
proper  reci
1  hrethr.-ti
ni th.- union—to treat
kmdly. helpfully. And
i ait,tude would bring
aslug and truer prosper
■rid i
i realising it
Hfiik and llicom
Tin-   Ornhanages
Hume-* fur the I'uor, etc.
ogtiitioiis   o(   th
, ul  Hit
brotherhood ol mun—aside (rum the
higher brotherhood in Christ. We
cannot claim that these Institutions
are the product uf pure benevolence.
\.- muxt admit that politics has much
iu do with them- The desire fur contracts hikI lur labor in connection
with these Institutions, has, of course,
much to du with their existence.   The
expenditure ot such  enormous sums
as annually go to these Institutions
naturally  enough  draws  an  army  ol
political heelers and onlookers.
,     Thc   All-Seeing  eye   of   our  '
| keeps  watch  over   the  attain
! creatures to-day as it kept watch over
j Abel's Interests, Uod alluwt-d Cain to
I have   his   wny,   allowed   him   to   kill
his  brother; allowed   tin-  righteous  to
1 suffer; yet Cain did not escape, but
i was held accountable lor the .leatli ul
| his brother. God's sentence upon him
1 separated him Irom his brethren un-
i til he cried out that his punishment
I was greater than he oould bear. Aud,
similarly, we may be sure that the
Can class of our day will beheld ac*
I countable for the wilful slaying of
| their brother, especially lo the extent
i that the brother despised may be s
; child ot God. As God declared that
, the blood of Abel cried lo Kim lruni
j the ground—cried for justice—ao the
. intimation of the Scriptures is that all
; injustice ul every kind, everywhere
I wil) bring a "just recompense of re-
! ward."
St. Jamea figuratively represents the
■ laborers,   the   toilers   in   the  field  of
lubor to-day, Hs crying out to God.
I and as being heard, and its resulting
' iu a great "time ol trouble." in which
1 the  great, the  mighty  and the  rich
shall weep bitterly  (James v. 1).    A*
these are nut the union uieu, general*
. ly, who are crying out at the present
time,   we   may   look   more,  especially
amongst those on the outaide; but. the
lesson ia that those who Buffer oppression will ultimately have Divine power
exercised   in   their   defence   and   for
their relief.   St. Jamea intimates that
; this release will come to this class at
I the coming of Messiah, in power and
j great glury, fur the establishment ol
I His Kingdom ol Kighteuuanesa in the
! world.   'I'., those who are the Lord's
; people he says, "Have  patience, bre-
! thren,  lor  the *  "     * —'
druweth nigl
of  cvcrlaatihP
not his broth
vu, huw could In
hnih not aecu?"
ara   nf   Mes-iith'
lh,   llride,   tli,
associated will
ufttcieui lur th.
if lilt-'s affairs lu
In  His duy  shal
Hourlsh," and not th
 g.    In His Day evil duet
.1 well doers will be crushed. 1
is written oi His Kingdom that 1.
"ahull lilt up the pour out ol th.
dunghill, and shall bring down tlu
uilghly irom their seats.''
The whole world uf mankind wil.
then hi- transferred Into the hands o.
Messiah, who will lake them just a-
they are, 'Ihey will bt- in varloUfl con
rJltlons, Some will be mure depraved
others less depraved) some will b-
more soared In their consciences uni
aome less; ami these deficiencies oi
character will depend upon the way ti
winch each une accepted or rejectei
light and opportunity in the present
time. Those whu knew uut Hia wil
and did it not will receive lew stripes,
those whu km-w His will and did i
not will receive many Btripes, becaus*
uf previous   imi'i''mug  ui  character
Everybody Will be required, eventual
ly, tu come up to the lull standard o.
Divine requirements, Those more de
praved will have greater difficulty ami
those less deprav.-d will have less dif
ficulty ami receive (ewer stripes, iu
the coming up to Divine requirements
Thuae whu must willingly and niuat
gladly assent to the leveling procesi
will must quickly receive the Divitn
blessing   and   make   the   must   raph
progress along the Highway ut Huli
ness, back to full  human perfectioi
and eternal life.   And those who now
in   advance   ol   the   establishment   0
the  Kingdom,  love  righteousness annate iniquity,  come  at  present int-
favor   with   thc   King   uf   kings,   uinl
thus are specially (avored with llghi
and knowledge, and are Invited tu Income associates  with  Messiah iu  Hi
j glorious  Kingdom,  which  is  to effect
the long'promlsed, great reformation ut
earth's   affairs.     Let   us   all   take   tu
heart and apply well this lesson, but
especially those wbjo have heard and
who have responded tu the Divine Invitation lu become heirs uf God mill
joint-heirs with our Redeemer.
Once Desert Land Is Producing First   Bp(t|ih   pttr%   Bringing  With   Them
Sir Percy's Appointment to One of the
Mast Important Active Posts In the
Imperial Service Is a Matter of
Satisfaction to Hit Friends In Can.
ada—Has Seen Distinguished Field
Sir Percy Lake, late military adviser to Canada, is becoming chief ol the
Indian general staff. Sir Percy is
well known in the Dominion especially in Ottawa where he resided (oi
many years,   He was very popular in
Class Qraln.
, Australia ia rapidly becoming onu |
of the wheat countries ol the world,
aud  aa  there  is  a prospect of  win-ait;
Knees remaining at a fairly high
■vel (or some time, and aa wheat,
growing is one ol the easiest and simplest forms of agriculture it offers an
exceptional opportunity to inmti
-grants with a little money and experience. Tiie chief wheat areas of}
Australia at present are in New,
South Wales, the Mai lee country of
Victoria and South Australia, and the
lightly bushed country of West Australia, all areas with slight rainfall.
as they ahould be, for wheat is not
the cereal for high class land, but for
the arid aud semi-arid areas.
The great advantage of Australia aa
a wheat grower ia the low coat of production, while  the drawbacks  are  an,
the Tenant  System.
Thc Duke of Sutherland, Scotland's
wealthiest landlord has sailed for
Montreal aboard his steam yacht "Catania." He will Inspect and au^.'J*
the immense farming properties which
he haa already acquired in the Provinces of Alberta, Saskatchewan and
in British Columbia.
Through the legislation of the Liberal Government against the large
landlords Britain may lose a great
number of her best and most thrifty
agriculturists. The duke and other
wealthy land owners have resolved to
transfer their tenant farms to Canada,
and their intention has the hearty
approval of the Canadian G 'eminent, which welcomes the settlement
ot Canadian lands by the beBt [arm*
era Great Britain can produce.
Besides   owning   1.500,000  acres   of
occasional drought, and the defect of ]antj( which comprise nearly the whole
avstent in the method of marketing! 0* the County of Sutherland in Scot-
tiie produce, In most ol the wheat j ]antj> tne ju|;e na8 0ti-e- large estates
growing areas success depends on | tnm> These he has already leased
the skill which the farmer can display , ior Hhooting.
in conserving the rainfall  by mean-J j     His other property ho is grndually
f tallowing,"and, what is uuw called
"dry fanning," Fallowing, however,
means the hiss ol a crop during afi
least one year, and, therefore, "dry
farming" requires a large area of
cheap land,
"he simpl.
getting   rid   ol   ami   investing   more
money every year in Canada.
With the duke «ni the Catania are
Lord Desborough and Hon. Arthur
Stanley, both nwticrs ol large estates
,      .       ,. , I in   England,   who   have   announced
-     ;• and perhaps the most , tlll,ir int,lltjotl ut purchasing land ad-
profitable system ol.wheatgrowing is  joining lho duke's properties.    Lord
that   now   practiced   in    he   Mai lee   ^   ••  ,tl.rt,s,liri, ■-, aUl, „ Wiilivi.r -,
J«hn Barber Has Been In Business
Half a Century.
John R. Barber. ex-M.P.P., who recently celebrated his seventieth birthday, is undoubtedly the must widely
known paper manufacturer in Canada,
aud iu point of years uf continuous
connection with the business ia au
outstanding figure. He has seen o»»i
hall a century ol constant identification with the Industry. It is fifty-five
years since he first worked iu a mill
finishing mum. The mention uf the
naiiu* "Barber' at mice brings to the
mind the thought of paper, and all
other makers in Canada look upon
 '        Hit-
Mil PlllOV I.AKK.
, military circles iu Canada and whs
highly esteemed by all who knew blm
!     Maj.-Gen. Sir Percy Lake is 66 year*
j of age and has a long and distinguished military career.    He came to Can-
, ada in 1894 and was chief of the gen.
, i'ru! stuff of the Canadian militia ami
afterwards chief adviser tu the Minister ut Militia and w-as regarded as
] one of the beat officers the imperial
authorities ever sent to Canada.   H-*
1 served in the Afghanistan war and the
j Soudan expedition and puaaeases auv-
! eral decorations fur distinguished services on the field.
The many trends aud admirers of
| Maj.-Gen. Sir Percy Lake iu Canada
are much pleased to hear of hie'pro-
I motion to such a high office in India.
A Tree—Rent  Free.
|     A man named John Seivert is Iiv.
i ing with his wil.
j in  a tree-atmnp
! Belvert came here several months
Ai*o. Ho had but little money, and <t
large family.    Because of the great
boom here he was unable to find au
, empty  house,  and  resolved  to build
one of his own.    He bought an un.
; improved lot.  where   logging   opera-
; lions ceased  but a  year ago, and on
* *- -'-*■ ■*•- house he found
and seven children
Atherton, Austra*
,xr l.««.t; It ER^\!d g& ,,. ,,,„,,,
r«fffrt so &™ - -
blanket he was an expert at the work    ab"y.e.tlh' ^■^t,l',l,l■    . . .     .
and turned uut enough sheets every I ?m,4 nn au«er, ft»,! Vaw: Be!v"'
week to draw thirteen and fourteen cut «ut -,""M«* "c«<* trom H
days' pay.    The mill, where he labor     »0,u,h   »■}'•   «"wj   in*° t^.    »JW
ed   was at Crook's Hollow, winch in , Tl,(' walls vver,   found   to be fifteen
■-- .„ I inches   thick,   and   the   whole   stump
ltcju was a great manufacturing centre,
five  miles  from   Duildas.    The  fathei
of Hon.  Adam Crooks, whu was tin-
flrat Minister uf KJucaUon in Ontario
owned the Industry,   The first mill ol
the   Barbers   was   erected   Ht  (ieorgc-
town in the middle fifties, there being
■ ,   ,,     .     a a it  that  time only  three other  new*
ing   o    the  Lord i, p|ant, ;„ th(, „,,.„■.„   that owned by
The Lord speaks ol ] .-,,, Taylors on the Don being one ol
Scrub of Victoria ami South Australia
The scrub is a small hush-like tree,
anything frum lour to sixteen or
twenty feet high, growing oil light
sandy soil in a ten or twelve inch
rainfall. The Malh'e was formerly
useless even tor sheep on account of
the scarcity of grass, and the hordes
uf dlngos.   Many sheepiuun tried the
MnIIt'i- country, and must uf them
have been h.-at.-u out. It was found
that the Maiiee trees or bushes could
be rolled down by hi-avy rollers, us-
ually old boil.-r-. and the crushed
and flattened vegetation burned com*
pletcly off when dry, Hundreds of
acres can be cleared in this way in
a few mouths, the stumps and roots
uuiy being left. A small quantity
(about  a  bushel  uf  seed   is drilled  ill
upun the ashes hy n itump.jumping
drill, and the thing ia done. Next
season it may be necessary to cultivate the paddock before sowing, but
it need nut be plowed. Three crop-
axe sometimes grown before plowing.
It ia usual then tu falluw the ground
und remove some of the slumps which
have been kicked out by implements.
Thia is a peculiarity o( the stumps
in the Malice country,. They are so
shallow rooted that a blow trout the
j plow or the disc u( a cultivator will
often draw them out, wheu they are
collected, and make excellent fire-
One drawback to the wheat region
ol any country is the intermittent
nature ot the labor required. It is
only at harvest that extra ha;
^ needed, aud though a proportionately
greater number nre required on the j
■ Canadian wheat larm, still tven with:
the combined harvester, as used iin
Australia in place o( the binder, aome1
extra men are necessary. Naturally,
.the larmer prefers single men, aa he]
ueuully has no provision fur married
Couple, especially il they have children. This is unfortunate for Australia's sake, as they are the beat
'immigrants, and for want of accom*
niudutiou many uf the married who
might be employed in the country
all the year round are compelled
this policy, and as soon as he has
disposed of his property in Mexico ho
will join the Canadian party ami add
his wealth tu the already immense
capital that the Itrilish nobles have
invested iu Canada.
Col. It. M. Thompson will join tin*
party iu Montreal, and recently ha
Bald that his friend the Duke ul Sutherland, has always been regarded as
the most generous and model laitdlurd
in  Kiightiid ami Scotland.
"It remains to be scon," said the colonel, "how the Imported farmer-*,
whose families have, iu some cases,
been tenants of the earla and dllkoi
ol Sutherland fur generations will remain proof against the temptation*
of Independence from luudlords resulting from the influences of their new
environment iu Canada, The duke,
however, is convinced that they will
be as loyal to him iu the new world
as in the nlil country."
From Montreal the party will journey   up   the   St,   Lawrence   River,
through the Great Lakes, as lar a*
Fort William, whence the trip will be -
continued by rail to the Pacific coast,
At Fort William the party will !»■•
met by Sir Thomas Shaughneasy,
president of the Canadian Pacific
Tried to Trap Laurisr.
Sir Wilfrid Laurier, the Canadian
Premier, is a diplomatist. At the very
end of the last session of the Ottawa
Parliament, when every one wanted
Erglish Chief of the "Riders of tho
Plaint" Was In the Department of
Justice When Sir John A. Macdonald Established the Celebrated
Corps and Made Col. Whits Second
In Command—Needs More Men.
,( Col. Fred. White, comptroller of the
'ftoyal Northwest Mounted Police, is
one of the beat known public officials
ol Canada and few men in the Dominion have audi a wide and exact knowledge of the western country aa he.
Col. White haa been consulting with
Commissioner Perry regarding important matters uf internal economy in
'the (orce and quite recently he laid
before the Dominion Government an
important report pointing out the necessity for increasing the police lorca
in the west on account of the great
influx of foreigners among whom are
| many that have little respect lor law
; and order.
; Col. White was born lu Birmingham, Eng., in 1847, aud received his
education in the uld country. He was
appointed to the Dominion civil service in 1W, being employed iu the
Justice Department, where he remained until M7.I During the latter year
thc Northwest Mounted Police fores
waa organized under Col. French. Col.
White was specially selected hy Sir
John Mecduiial.i to take charge under
him.   The force under his charge has
place, one of the smartest ot the Washington correspondents of the New
York newspapers, who was in Canada
waa   a   hollow   shell.    He   cut   out    - - ,.-  .-
windows, la d h tight floor, and mnde   'herd iu the town and add to the al-
a ceiling of planking and flooring.       ready  congeated   population.
this "Day of Recompense" as a "time
of  trouble"—of  the  overthrow  ol  op-
them.   The initial pruduct uf Uie Bar
ber plant was three carloads of wrap
With a ladder he cut another door
twelve feet above ground, went inside and made the w'.ndows for the
second story. The third story was
conatruoted and a root ol shingles
Wil made over the Ion.
Bem-rt peeled oil the bark and
painted the stump a light greet, and
the window and door   frames   pure
State   Sword   Mislaid.
Only    a   lew   people  "behind  tht
ion,   the   uplifting  of  the  poor I p7ngrpaper.'Wl'Ute Grand Truuk wi* i •",,,wu,,,;r    \ ""-'   V"	
■'--*• '"■'•"■■ 'I'-^iim ! fw..2 •Y.*;....  i.„ii, | white. (  The   whole   makes   a   very
and those that huve m* helper (Psalm
Ixxii, 19).
Those who are entirely satisfied with
present conditions   are   the comparatively  few  who huve  special advantages.   The masses art: discontented—
aome of them properly so, aud others \
of  them  more   discontented  than  ia [
reasonable.   All but the very poorest
Hti'l  worst situated  are  better off to-
• lay than were their grandfathers—yet l
less contented.   The spirit ol diacon  |
tent, selfishness and it failure to note I Ihe Wouj sparks
and to enjoy thc great blessings whlcb j setting lire to the
God  has  provided   ao  bountifully, as        ,r-   "—
well as wonderfully, in our day, prevails.   Nevertheless, some have reason
lor discontent, and aome, looking into
the  future, are tearing worse conditions, aa the monopolies have gained
a firmer grip upon all the necessities
ot lite.
Surely their forebodings are not
Without ground* nnless sAtnethinrf
shall occur to lift matters nut of their
present rut. human intelligence sees.
at a not far distant day, a new serfdom, with iiiH-i'". directing all th.-
forces of the w..rl .. aud .vith the com
mun people at their mercy, glad t-<
have a sufficiency ol work and ut
W'Hge   fur   life's   necessities,
Long ago the speaker harbored th*
theory taught him in his creed, tha*
mankind is totally deprav.-d, but
surely none an- totally depraved ex
eept the idiotic. The Speaker believed
that then- is an element favorable t->
rlghtoutness in every member uf uur
race, and that sin is largely the reauH
f unfavorable environments; and tbat
th.- majority ot mankind would I-
glad, Indeed, il some Divine inter
to lift them and thr'*
th-.ii  being  built.
The wrapping paper was heaped on
three flat cars fur shipment to Toronto by means uf a construction
train, lu those days locomotives
burned wood and tiiere were no box
cars. As the engine puffed and snort
ed it emitted many sparks and John
R. Barber, then a buy in his teens,
along with several men from the mill
rode on the flat cars. They were well
provided with buckets of water to kt-c*.
pretty home at a cost of $35, and the
owner has refused a very large sum
(or h.a unique abode.—Brisbane
Patriot. .
tu the locomotiv*
To-day, Mr. Barber is president ot
four paper companies and vice-president ..I another, which is erecting a
llu-tuii news print mill as Kspanola
Ontario, on tne Spanish River. H*
can recall many interesting Incident' J '0U1W with tne oia'
 i-i "i». t,,.. p»namion an-, i deavored to devise
scenes" knew at the'time that there,
waa a little hitch in the brilliant
ceremonial at the Investiture of the
Prince of Wales at Carnarvon. The
Sword of State, which was to u*e borne]
before the King in the royal procession, was suddenly missed, and the'
civic Sword of Chester had to be hastily borrowed.
i   The absence of the Sword of State
was only discovered when the cere-
. _     .   ,       _     . mouial was about to commence, and
Inventor ot Smokeless Powder.        the prince WM l)ue to tfT|va at tll0
Hunter,   explorer,    scientist,   and   castle.      Whether some official had
aeroplane expert, Mr. Walter F. Held,   plundered  iu  not  sending  it  on  to
f resident of the Society ol Chemical Wales is not known here. At all *
ndustry, has had some remarkable events, the Karl Marshal and his staff
experiences. He wai a roamer amongst were in a state of perplexity
Indians when scalp-hunting was very , The Duke o( Norfolk, however, hit
much In evidence, and had many re*, upon the idea of a substitute emblem,
markable escapes. It was his expert* For this purpose he borrowed the,
enoes in those days which led to the civic sword of Cheater, which, in ac*i
invention ot smokeless powder. He ''cordance with precedent, had been;
had to rely on hla rifle lor lood, and ,borne belore the mayor in hia proas the weapon used to get quickly jress through Carnarvon.
fouled with the black powder, he en-  •   The sword ot Cheater waa presented
col, vnxo wmit,
J town Irom a small number to an <?*•
ective strength of uver 1,000 men and
has earned a high reputation for activity, djacipliue and good conduct.
From the earliest days of their organisation they became a terror to
--•7—-.■—*■ .-.- ,■ j   .    .    imugglers, adventurers and evil doera
on the reciprocity question, undertook M^flWUve!y held the bad Indiana
to make the Premier betray his hand. am, biW.breedl in check. They did
He called on Sir Wilfrid and began tplendi(1 lprvioe during the Riel re.
to talk of the beauties o( Canada £m n   in   the   wnYiVni  «nd  their
its the most beautlfu pace I ve SlojpJiM U oi fUCn m character that
ever seen, he declared ft I a long |t TO*mmf.nda Mlp§et (n iU parts ol
way to bring my wife irom Wftlhlu- ^ mmm. In addition to his other
ton merely for a day or two. but I m duti q^ o«.Ju wrvfld M j,ri„te
sure she would like to come up-lt it j itc„Ury t0 the lllte 81r «ohn Mac
worth While, Sir Wilfrid. ■ don aid tor two years.     He was tor
I ...  sure nothing could be  more time a c   tain -n the 0overnot.
delightful, rep bed the stateaman. Otaml'l Foot Guards here tn 1863.
Mw-MI lady   o sit on our beau-   Hft ^  in thp „nk| 0, the Vic-
tilul Parliament Hill and see the riv- ^-^ Rlfle„   whiIe ^.tding ■„ Mont-
er..o ,W;.        u     i              . *"•  ind  In  WI   was  accorded  the
But it a such a long way to come rallll o( lieutenant colonel in the Cana-
lor only a day or two-    wen   on the dkn mUitia „ ,pecial tMOgniU«t ol
newspaper  man.      K we only  knew fcu         -M|  ,n  Oonn«?clion  with thi
we should be here t week or ten days „-,-          d equipment oi the Cana-
t might tw Possible).   Us pretty hard dl     £ntingenHu fol 8oulh A(ric,. Hts
to be separated from ones wile indc tni offlcial train;Ilg m -,„ Dom|nion
nuiteiy. civij at}*r-(r|0t) waB eecured under the
Laurier became almost fatherly. He laU Col   Btrnard, C.M.G,. one ol the
patted the young man on his shoulder gH„t puWlc offlco„ a ,)ie oM re|ime
""..ii" .in,        .        'in the aervlce here.   He was created
Ah  yes  my friend.   I have always ft CMQ>  ln   im  a||d  appointed   a
said that it is a very great pity to sep- ftomnUHooer oI the Northwest Terri-
arate a man and his wile. Good afler- ,<,..■„ ln 1905.   No membor 1(I ^ pub.
no"".'   . . . ,        .   . lie aervice is held in higher eeteem
This interview was not telegraphed both in lhe capilal atld throughout tha
w >KV >oflt*  whole western country where he is ao
..    .. ,    _ well known.
Advertising Canada.
No better way to advertise Canada
than to let loose a crowd ol live Jour-
ti connection with the expansion am. j aeavorea to  ue\.Be  * -wmi.-.   -i,,,.,,
evelop.neiit    uf    the    paper    trade 1 *ould leave the rifle clean.   Smoke* j
...    —-.■.....—, ... I Usa -Mwdei waa th* result.   Mr. Held
ft .powder which    to Uie city by Henry VII. in Utni.
less powder was the result.   Mr. Beii
Sells and slave
guarai in ma ...-.-.  ,■—
from designing people who would exploit them lor scltlah purposes,
position — .
affairs uut ol  present conditions an
ptlt  them   Upon   a   plane  of  absulul
righteousness, justice, equity. This
tin- speaker believes, ia the desire o.
a   Urg.-   element   in   every   iialiull,   >>
predominating clui,    Such a reigi
.»1 rlghteoUtieSS, justice, equity iu th«
world, will speedily result, he said
tit,iii the establishment of Messiah'
Kingdom, fi\ which we iiray, "Th*.
tv.ugd in ei.me; Thy will be done on
.-into a- it I** in heaven."
Most explicitly do the Scriptures de-
ilme tills, saying, "The desire ot Hit
nations shall couie" (Haggai 11, 7l.
this duoluitlon is in conjunction with
the I ore tei. ing of the establishment ul
Messiah's K ugdoin. The reign • f
righteousness wtilch it will iuaugurat,
will   be   the   ideal   ul   the   masses   •
mankind, although quite probably th.
overthrow  of  Trusts  and Comblnr
will, for a lime,  not be  viewed  sym
pathetically by ihe rich, the wise, th
preferred, the favored class, und.
present conditions. As it reaulred tun
lur the slave holders ul the past t
become reconciled to the loss of tli. i
slaves   and   lo   see   the   rightcousiic:-
of their being freed, so it will be wu.
those who at present are closely id. j
11titii witli gieat  Institutions  wnlct
are   bringing   maukiud   Into   slaver,.
Our Lord ilud up the situation, su;
nig, Blessed nn? you who weep ai.
mourn, lor yuu shall b- comiortei
Woe uniu those who are (nil, ior Un*.
»hall have distress (Luke v., 81, 116)
Ihe reign of justice and nguti-oU
nets will ultimately appeal tu all In
paper, pea, 	
cornstalks being used, while new
print waa mude Irom rags aud sol.
as high as tllteeli cents per puuito
To-day news print is purchased by th
big publishers of Toronto lur a trill
over two cents per pound.
The Fighting Octogenarian,
Lord   Halt-bury,   who has  been  ■->■ jeatiea'
A Wonderful Navigator.
!    It was the late King Edward who   	
( once said ot Rear-Admiral Sir Colin , i,W) J{ became tiie privilege Jit
i Keppel, who Is to command the Me.   Queen-Dowager to "adopt" a sui
Water Not Popular.
_._..- ggjn fjiythe, writing  a year  or so
nahats   J. Obed Smith, o  the Cana- ^ in ft popular magasine, sad the
dlan   Immigration   Department,   has gj Hah ..Wf5med ,heir   drinks   and
sailed from fci.gland lor Canada with |c^ lheir hoUief4.»   Now come,   an
tome ol the ablest journalists in Uie Engl-th   *mti   Harry Graham,   in
British Isles.   These men, twelve   a ma*   Graphic,    supporting   hall   tl
number, representing the leading Brit- B1ylhe.p 5j-i«e.   Graham says that
I uh ISS^.^lW'S "tf PriMJ? "water has never   attained   in Eng-
t car   Twilight     will visit alt import- Jand tne p0I,ulftrity lt deserves, chief*
| ant points between Halifax and Van- jy owjng tt)*the (ft'ct thtt „ ft Biiuq
; couver. Their visit to Canada at this ^e »«   .Ingulifly   ignorant   ol   the
time is Particularly timely   for they p \Q ^ tl-   Ev€n in lh#
-111 ... -h. nnmlnl-m in thp t-irmml   IK.   .-, .-.„    WetUhy,   where    the
proach and thi
a temperature
the water bot*
iVrty years ago th'e'state of Batoda lell I Empire,  brought "into   question jusl SLmmma\Mm'''n warn  Su'ltl   thaMa
into  a  chaotic  condition, owing  to' now in some quarters ly  tha mi- ffiSuuff  undrllkaWe    ELuUI
the m-government of IU ruler   and' proclty ia.ue.-Courier. JlBt «WK iiSlSi u. to ihSS
the reigning Maharajah waa dethron- ■ ,.". J    jf,    ' 1'  "V-ji -,-...«. -ilk
ed in conaequence. in default o! J Prlnc... an Auth.re... JftJW[13^1^X12x8
heir and in accordance with  Hindu; „      „ighneBB   ^   Maharanl   o! l&*Jg]^ttBb
w«l Baroda haa. with the cooperation ot ever, hone to rival the perfection ol
«.-"     unit...,   m.    -I_. .!„..   „»ii..1u«
Village Boy te Ruler.
succea-   a well-known literary man, written a the genuine article.
dina upon the occasion ol Their Ma-   lor to thc vacant throne, Thr**« little   book under the tille'ol "The Position
jeatiea' voyage to India, that hi woul£   'village boys, highly recommended by i of Women in
An Important lee.
.. . , »-,     , v. „„.„,;., in Indian Lile." The Man-
nrominout in the Parliamentary cria.   back htm ,,to take a vessel »n*Mg I their guries, ur godfathers, were pre- aranl u one 0| the advanced women     -h   D[ihopric <(f Oilord, which h..
ii in his eightysixth year.     His I the eye of a needle il he thought, Bj   '.€nted to her to chouse Irom. and tht o( indi.. .n(i has traveled eilensive-  fJf\JSS vacant by the death ol
•.Vii.it. iV.f work is amasina  and he ' would." Sir Colin at one time or ait-   one «he chose is the present occupant •-    "- »•-»   -"•- •»•- «—'*— »■• vamnn _        .   /
cat.ac.tj  lor work is iMiUn|,.«. ^ ^ ^ ^^ h|| ctre (M||   f . ^ ^ ^^
the  crowned   heads  of   Kurope;  and
capacity lor .	
has outlived Marly all hia colleagues
of Bench and liar He waa called to
the Bar l.xty*Ont years agu. and hi*
first great success was his defence o|
Governor Byre of Jamaica, fur alleg.
ed cruelty during a rebellion. Thu
case  caused   a great  sensation,  and
it Is his boast that no ship under his
command hat ever met with the
slightest accident. Sir Colin Is the
sou of the late veteran Admiral tha
Hon. Sir Harry K-pp-l, long a lavor-
Parliamentary  Snuff.
Members uf the Knglish Parliament
re provided with free snuff.   Snuff-
boles are  kept on  the.  library  tables
ly.   Her Highness, with the Gwaikor K? aClV-Ii. D„„„t  i. «',,., ,,# <h. mn»
ol Barod., wu *lth their d.mhler. J»'JJ"«" '**«,,' '.',"%".fflj K"
•nd . I.r(e iuIU In Toronto l-il mm- *H«"n.,1 '*""■" i1,',,, u'.li«IS
!(SK™If,4S J"u.*,,-.ll,;.V".".!;J in. Oirt-r,.«id at .11 Bool.|lut'.oii
ihelr beauty .lid |r.ce nl manner, and
ver, ire.tly .dnnred by nil who had
doxi'b  an-  a,'|,i ,111   ,„„  iiiii.ij   minis     --— .---  .
In the Hnuae „l Conimona and lh.' *•" pnvlle|e ol incelim llicni.
th.iut«*.urt.H,ab^7»*5|^ .„. I1I„v„,„a »„„ „ „,
governor's icqultut.   Later he appear —  ,	
ed  lor  Arthur  Orton  in  the  (annul* the keenest Sportsmen and athletes tn
Ttchhorrie trial, when, for his earnest' the navy,
and emotional pleading, he earned the
the   legislators
they enter or leav
nickname,  ,,[  "Uie  weeping counsel." '
Physically and  mentally Lord Hals-: , The
The First Tobacco.
 _..    _ flr*t record -d   mention ol fo
bury is still wondt-riully'vigorous, and   bw»o is   n Columbus' diary for Nov,
during  the   Parliamentary  session  It I 90, 1498.    Th- use of   the weed   w.is
thing  lor  him  to' soon   Introduced   Into   the   Sim
* - ' ■■ ■""> the Pi
._  no  uncommon   .... _
walk home tu Kensington alter a (all
gutng day at Westminster
Fifty Years In Parliament.
That    wonderful    veteran,  the   Karl
of VVemyss, to-day ittn'ni t« the rar«i g- -- — _
f \ti     his powers ul mind and   MM I return ng colouista nbotit I5M
M* ' -    -
body Iihvc been preserved in
markahlt* manner, and he -till take*
a lively interest u current affairs.
Se-veiity years have gone by since ho
first entered Parliament us M.P. for
Kast Gloucestershire, In all he spent
twenty-one years iu the Hrtisc ol
Commons, before passing into tlm
Upper House in l-*-'i. when he succeeded his lather as tenth carl.—
Loudon Evening Standard.
Cooking Beeto,
Ont must bt t-areful oot to break
the akin of brela and out lo cut tbelr
topa off loo clow teat Ibt Juice flow
out and loart tbt beet colorltaa and
Pi Ity-seven   whales   found   a   abort'
time  ago   ou   Parkin's   Island. Tan-
. mama, yielded two hundredweight ol
soon   Introduced   into   the   Spanish] .ambergris, a soft, rwlnoui subatanca
peninsula, and about I6U0 (be French: much used lot perfumery, which waa
ambassador    at   Lisbon.   •)• an   N cot, I valued  at   I4&,UUl.
lint some uf the   herb   into France, ■   —— —.
wh.-n it was named in honor ol tlu Ho Ought to Bo.
aeiuler Nicotiiniii     It Kintl to hav-i!    The  man   who   is   the   picture ol
been tn t brought, tu England by ; health ia usually iii a pleasant frame
ol mind.
and  slat.-  (unctions  the   bishop   Is
entitled to wear ibe magnificent robes
and insign a ol (hi order.   Dr. Paget
. L t. -.- -1 & m-tsmeeetui i.iUa wes a pronutifiit llgtirf at the inves.
take • pinch  as A lutcssslul Salle . ^       ^  ,.     p^J of  w-bl „ %
the house. A youthful Canadian   who Is pos*  Knight ol  the Garter at Carnarvon
 — , teued ot the romantic idea of -going Caatle. and  he was one ol the   two
A Profitable Whale. I to sea   ta meeting with much parental bishops who *aiu* the 1. tany at the
opposition. -    i coronation   ot   their   Mijiltltl    '
"The sailor never amounts to any* Weatminster Abbey.
thing, my boy,"   urged   bis protam
lath.-r.   He work* bard, has tew hull*
days, and never achieves great sue-
Chickens  In  India.
Poultry  farming   has   nol
"This Is awkward     I  lliri. ,1 with a
young man at tin- seiishore, nnd we
both pretended lo he rich. HOW I hml
I he lives in our city" "Hut you need
| nol see him it yuu don't care to." "I
I enn't help seeing him smut-titties. It
| seems he collect* the payments ou our
piano."- Washington Herald.
|   Willis   "Hid they have n g 1 time
at yuur reception lust night!'"
j     Ollllt*   "Yes,   the   guests   eiijuyi'il   it
j hugely.    All my wife's tirraiigeiucnt-i
| weiii  wrong "   Puck.
they    use nir-
to go
"That's where you're mistaken," ei*  | m
claimed Young Canada triumphantly.  ' '  ■
"Look at King George!   He started "'
out as a sailor, and uow he's got to be
the head ol thc Empire."
yet be-
come a scientific industry  in  India.
must  Indian town-  it is difficult
to iihln n table |..wls.    Tu the Km.lui
poultry raising Is objecttonibli on
religious grounds. The Government
hue new token Up tbe imillvr.
In-nth was tlrst ordained an the pun-
I llbmenl fur murder iu 'J-'Hh B.C.
"Nothing is ever totally lost or de.|
stroyed." said the professor ol
physics. "In thai cane, ' suid the
| simple, trunk person, "how do ymi el«
plain Iho fact tlmt everybody loses'
f1 umbrellas when you never meet any-1
body who has (mind oncK-Washing-}
ton Mnr.
Teacher- "Huw will
ships in war.
Jimmy* "Induce   the   enemy
up iu thrill, mn'mu."   Turk.
French examiner consulting list <
candidates    (or    linguistic    honors)-
"Quel est voire nuiiieru?" BBI 	
isn't   Kelly.; iJ^HP^pjJJJJjjjjjj
it's Dlckaon("—Punch.
"My tleiir. you --hould not think so
much nl being beautiful. Motleel,
worth is worth more than millinns."! "Hetoi ii queer crime." "What
"Yes, hut It don't go so Inr In catch-[in?" "Dumb man arrested (nr utter
Ing millloiioiri'H."~BaltimoT<> Ameri- ing forged noli**.."— Baltimore Amerl
can. I can.
"Yes,   I   love tin-  wiil.-r  and  every-
thing connected with it, but I  never
WHIll   lo   gu   tu   sell   because   it   milker*.
me in deathly ilck."  "Sav, yuu ought
to apply [or the job ,.f secretary of the
navy."— Clovolotid Plain Denier,
"I told him I couldn't sing, but h
still insisted." "Made you prove It.
ch? -Houston Post.
• enrd that young Itultinii n going |0 marry the COOk,   What does bis
lather sny}'   "8nyi he doesn't earn
so  long  lis   they ilnll'l   let   her  gu out
of Ihe family."--Judge.
Miss  Keeii-
lnpn    b.hind,
-"1 purSUO the ideal,"
"You are n sr t many
nren't    you?"   Bosltm FREE  PRESS,  CHILLIWACK-,  BRITISH  COLUMBIA.
yy company
of This Catalogue?
Have You a
■*******■  amam ■
It Is the best ex-
eluslvely Fur Catalogue luued In
Oanada. lloontalm
on* hundred Illustrations and description.,
of th* latest New York,
London, and Parle etytee
In ladles', men's,  mlssee',
and children's furs.
Do not fall to write to-day for
a copy of thle authantlo fashion
book-sent FRII to any address
en application.
Write for It To-Day
Wu pay all Mall or Exprooa
Ohararea to your town, no
matter where you may
live, on all purchase*
of tioo.00 and ovon
When buying by
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protected by
the following
"If on toetlpt you *\nd that
tho fura for nr*.**-  roaoon
oro nol  Mtlofaotory, writ* your
nam* and *.JdreM on tho outoldo of
tho poahoeo ond return thorn tn ton
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goodo ore roturnod, ond wo will amv tho
transportation  chargo* both woyo ond am-
hon**fo or rofund tho monoy In full.*1
and hsve reaches. Uiii position by merit snd merit alone. Our atylea sre exclusive and correct,
snd our immense turnover enables ut to give valuea that are impossible in the ordinary
way of doing business.    We guarantee every fur tbat bean our label.
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Our entire buaineu is manned ia every department by an expert—nothing b left lo chance.
Every fur snd fur garment sold in this (tore ii examined penonally by a member of the firm
before it u allowed to leave our irutitution. This assures you of not only correct style and
fit, but alio correct quality and thorough workmanship.
AI TFRATIONS ^e eu> m**"J Tour *'tcnt'c,>> *"& »emodelini now better snd
npUAnp.> vatr* cnMPtr tn,n I***1* on *° **** •eMon. WDen we n,ve "O™ *n»n **•
REHODELING    can attend to.   Write to ui for estimate, and do it right away.
The Sellers-Gongb Fur (^..Limited
Tho Largest Exclusive .Furriers in the British Empire
Method Employed by William Watts,
ths Inventor. Still Used.
The tower process ol making shot
irus invented by William Watts, a
plumber ol Bristol. England, in 1709.
Ilia tower waa "built" by sawing a
iquure hole in the centre ol the various Hours ol hia ln-usc, and locating
s well iu the cellar, into whieh the
(lobules ol mul ten lead dropped aud
nrere instantly cooled and hardened
Watts secured a patent in 17b.. and
Mild his London rights iu irtoo Ior
Ilia tower is still Is use, although
it haa beeu heightened by the udiii-
tiun ot suveral sturies. The lead, wheu
molten, ia poured into a sieve-like
teeeptucle ut tho top of the tower,
and these molten drops, falling luto
Uie well. IHO leet below, lorm the
bhut, which ure then passed thruugh
a pulishiug grader. They are then
spilled from u hupper on to an in-
eliiii'd piano, the perfect shot running
uu a second**plane, while the imperfect drop through an opening between.
The allot pU88 ovur four aeries of
platit-s and uuiy thu perfect reach tin-
last plane.
A larger slie than Mill cannot be
Hindu by this process. The larger
sites, Including shrapnel, are made
by two different processes. In tin*
medium sice u wire of the propel
material is fed into a muchine which
mashes  it  into   a  ribbon  shape   ami
punches Irregular formed shut.   The
largest are made hy pouring the
metal into long bullet moulds, whicli,
in cooling, form irregular shot. The
vurious sizes ua- then placed, each
by themselves, in gins, which ure revolved for six hours, when the shot
Northern   Ontario     Mint*   Has    a   Rs»
mnik.ilile   System.
Place in n mining camp tt modern
department slow   completely   equip*
ped with telephone service nnd uuto-
mobUe delivery nnd selling hydraulic
energy over the counter in hundred
pound packages, nnd the c:ty bred
man muv got n fair id*?n of what a
power plant moans to nn industrial
community 1,000 miles from its coal
supply, Up in Northern Ontario
such power us thi*- is more of a miracle thnn n brick lint with steam bent
nnd porcelain tubs, for the miner
enn exist without u Imth, but he
can't uncover pay rock without
power to drive the drills that do it.
When the price of conl ln Northern
Ontario  began   to   eat  inlo  tbe  ore
Kroflts tbe miners hurnessed tha
lontreal river for power.
Ragged Chutes', the point where
the miners located their plnnt, is a
natural water power in Itself. It Is
ten miles from Cobalt. Here the
river tor about 1.000 yards whirls
down a thirty.five foot grade and for
four K'usi.n- in the year ia a boiling,
tossing torrent.
The. theory ns practiced was to
drop this surging tide down a 300
(oot shaft near the ton of the rapids,
then to eatch the nir bubbles hb they
rose from tbe water, racing through
a subterranean chnmber toward a
tail shaft leading up agnln to tba
bed of the river 1,000 feet downstream.
Building this powi-r plant war.
about one hundred times more of a
proposition than its origimitorti foresaw. First the low masonry dam
was completed, 660 feet across the
river, the waterways thus erected
having a capacity of 1,200 cubic feet
per second. Immediately above the
dam, in the centre of n large concrete basin, two eight-foot stpel
shafts, each emit timing sixty-six
pipes fourteen inches in diameter,
were sunk to a depth of ,'J50 feci. A
thousand feet downstream tbe other
shaft was sunk  into the rocky bed,
They correct stomach disorders, assist digestion, and make life l
living »E»ln (<"" the victim of dyspepsia.   50c. a box.   If your druggist haa
nnt stocked them yet. send us 50c. nnd we will mall them.
we        Natte-u! Ortit and Clw.--.ical CemaemT el Caaada. Limited, Montr
He was it commercial traveller of
tho more flnsny type and had just finished telling a startling story of his
.newly made acquaintance of the rail-
I way carriage.
i "That reminds me of one of the
Munchausen's yarns," remarked the
victim, for want of something better
to say.
"Munchausen I Who is he?"
"Why, don't you know about him?
He is the most colossul example of
mendacity tlmt civilization hus produced."
A   brief,   painful     silence     ensued,
; whieh wns broken by tho traveller in
n tone thnt wns almost timid,
I "Excuse me," be said, "if I seem
Inquisitive, hut would you mind telling tne whut bouse he travels for."—
i Pittsburg Lender.
WANTED - Representatives, elthei
sex, locally, on goods necessary u«
bread; salary two dollars per duy mid
commission- experience unnecessary.
J, L, Nichols 4 Co., Limited, Toronto.
The "Wellington" Hat
for men. Canadian-made. Guar-
onteed best hat value in Canada.
All sizes and shapes in soft and
stiff felts. Ask your Dealer, or
write at once to
CHAS.   C.   PUNCHARD   &,   CO.,
Toronto,  Ont.
♦oluttly hirtnieii    Be mre *ni uk for  : lti*
1 wib-I'J" • (toothing Syrup H t-j.: ahe ao ht
•*eatr*Ave«eoua botttf.
come out perfectly  smooth spheres.   and 1t,ien in -'"T0 shifts, and work
I ing day nnd night, the miners chopped a subterranean chamber connect
fas. WutBLwrt *,■- .-,.---, graft tee **■**•
ed tor over SIXTY YSAJtStn MR&OJfS a,
,   IOTHBHB   tor   lhe:r   "Hn.iiKE**!    Wail*
,-.,- „      ,,     ,. ■   i     • , ,' i'KKTHINO,  with   PEXK**t      6 VOCE**,     tt
Oliver  H.  Curtis,    sociologist,    of   ,uuthi;*mi.-aitL.; s«>nhM tn« ocmi
Omaha, said recently:— AU.AVbiiiPAiN ci-kj-.s-aisdcjuc *a*
"Our slums are much cleaner than ! ».th.e.l*!t.•*»•**!''-' WWaHeai,. ti isas.
tin*, oltl slums of Europe,   our slum'
denizens are cleaner, loo.
"Among us ii in unusual to BfiW up
eliililii-n in woollen underwear for the
winter. Not so abroad, Ami I once
beard in Hungary of u ease that you
will hardly credit,
"A man wns arrested for stealing a
pig, ami they told him thut he must
tuke a bath before entering his cell.
"'Wlmt! Take a bath!' the man
cried, horrified.
" 'Yes,' suit) the jailor. 'How long
is it since you've bad u bath:-'
" 'So help me,' said tbe prisoner
solemnly, '1 never was arrested before
Marquis as Seaman.
The Marquis of Graham, who next
season  will  be joint muster uf tli.
ing tho two shafts at the upper end
of the rapids with the single one nt
the lower.   They cut this great under-
0  your
newly-formed   Huston   Harriers,   has! ground raceway twenty-two feet wide
hud an extraordinary adventurous
reer considering tils years, which uuin
ber only thirty-three. Like Lord Hras-
sey, he wanted tt. know the real business of aea lite, so he shipped as an
ordinary sailor, served a full apprenticeship iu the mercantile marine, got
his master's certificate when he wusl
twenty-one, ami was for some lime on
along iti entire length. twenty-s;x
and a hulf feet high at tbe bottom ot
the shafts and forty-two feet high in
the central | art of the tunnel. The
whole undertaking waa hazardous to
an extreme, but neither officers not
men will admit it. It wns nil In tho
day's work with them. Moreover, the
camp at Cobalt bnd lug in to taunt
officer on Lord brassey's yacht, the | them, nnd they were going to finish
Sunbeam. * i the job or "bust."
Lord Graham alsu did some good j Across the ridges atwivn the hole
service In South Africa, working with where Ihe rapids mured gangs ot
the Naval Brigade and Naval Vuluii- timber jueks in tho meanwhile chop-
test Service Corps, and acting for a' ped a path straight through the
time as press censor in Cape Town.     | shrub toward Cobalt,   Swamps, where
The Marchioness of Graham was! men sunk to tbeir armpits, were fill.
Lady Mary Hamilton, aud was mas- j ed in with rock nnd timber, and be-
ter of the Hamilton Harriers, and ! fore work on tbe power plant was
also kept a pack uf utter bounds.       I completed they bad laid seven mite*
She is of royal descent and number-. I of corduroy road for the big steel
among her Scottish -^sessions U.i] pipe lint—this twenty inch lap weld-
beautiful Isle, of Aran, being left sole Jed pipe line of Gorman steel, which
"I suppose you liutc to s
daughter marry," suid the
"Yes, I do," ii.litiitteii the father.
"Her mother has made it *i point to
In- mighty swe.-t tempered while this
courtship was going on."—Washing*
ton Herald.
Hicks- -You keep duplicates uf all
your old love lot torsi'   What an ideal
Wicks—Yea. when I have done
something particularly foolish I Just
read  over  one of   Ilium'  letters.    It  is,
quite encouraging to know that I'm
not nearly so much of a fool as I USetl
to Ik-.- I'.x-'hiiitg.',
Itinks -"Confound it I I've gone
and sat down on llmt chair I varnish-
■d morning."
Mrs. Itinks- "Well, tor once you've;
■tuck to your work."—Huston Trans*
A British \l
merles* Gun
f- aturi -   bar
lasting wear,
• U
,* i i i i ■   i I
■    .
>'-n-l a *. ■
■  .
.    1
W   GntfNEfl
63.   Y,
Bailor   Ki
1    i->
MONfRE.*;..  P
Many fruits ure suid to hnve n gala.
tury effect upon the complexion some
ure inure direct than others.   Oranges
. -...., .-..    ,..,..    .are not only good for the complexion
heiress uf her   father's   great wealth} was to curry the air eventuully mil   but the acid tends to prevent piuti-
when quite u little girl.   She had been   whs laid in   sections   as it   arrived. Imonltt,
the various loops and feeders rang- 	
ing from twelve   to three   inchea   In I    Save one ur two turkey wings. They
diameter. are the best brushes in the world
brought up vtv simply by her moth
er, who had a little Scheme by which
she taugitt Ludy Mary the graces of
Every year the little girl had a
baby pig given to hor, nud when it
was  luhy grown  she sold it to thi
on the
Trade With  Britain.
John   Kiiin,   Imperial   trade   cor-
When n womnn in u novel is reduced in circumstances, she cuts her »*er-
vanlt down tu two. Tbut always
makes a country town woman sniff.
A p1cn*nnt medicine for rtiil-lren is
lli.thii linn.- Worm Ri terminator, anil
tlu-if Ih nulhliuc Letter for driving wutuim
fr.nii the system,
The beat political workers say you
can't   tell, from  what    u    man says,
whut he will do.
Minard's Liniment for sale everywhere
"Why is it that ymi never a-k after
your relations when yuu meet them,
"Because I don't enre about giving
advice free,"— Fllegende Rlaetter.
Tbe white of an egg mixed with
cither olive or castor oil makes one of
the most soothing nud healing appli-
cations fur u burn.
When you pay out n dollar, do you
growl in a way Indicating thnt you are
in love with itf  Tbat ia a poor way.
Wool Was Not Hsr Specialty
A colored lawyer retained on behalf
of a colored dressmaker, charged with
stealing her customer's silk and substituting nn inferior quality, wus trying to throw doubt upon tin- testimony
of u lady witness whu bud said that
1  value of silk ac-
"you could
co lur    wbo
"I think all
she  COUld   tell   III
"Du you think," said h
recognize ibe mnn of
brought yuu the bundle I1
"No," she answered,
colored persons luok alike
"Oh. do you j*" snhl the lawyer. "We
will see," and he culled upun sevt-rul
negroes present to rise
"Now, nm.huu. please tell the court
whether you cuuld distinguish these
men apart."
"I don't nee any difference between
tbem, nntl, except that some art* a
little durker tbun others, I cannot dis-
tinguish one from another."
"Do ynu mean then, iiiudnm, tbut
you can judge accurately of silk, and,
yet you cannot see any difference between Mr. Johnson mul myself?"
"Sbe regarded herself nn n judge of
silk nntl not uf wool," interrupted the
prosecuting attorney-—New York
Two of a Class
His name wns Johnny, and bis ambition was to he grown up.    He had
watched Cissy and Percy j hut that's
another storyette, as Kipling says.
"Papa,"   In*   piped,   us    he   walked
wiih bis dad uu the beach ut Tlddle*
toii.ou-the-Ti.le. "what's under thou
"Limpets!" snapped papa. This
wus nut the tirst question.
"Wouldn't they rather walk about,
"No!" mptM-d uut  pa.   "They prefer tu cling when- tbey nre."
.    "Is everything that liken clinging lo
(something els., a limpet, par"'
"For guudii-ss       Yes?!"    ronred
Johnny thought
"Well, pa," he concluded, "is Percy
a limpet, pa. when he says good-bye
to Cissy in tbe pussuge?"
bailiff,   'distributing    the   "proceeds  ™!?ndeilt '?r 0l}2wa' .MW,M  '?'
among the , r people on the estate.  TrL* tW2 3) thie "W ***?
After her fuller's death hundreds o pf ,h? U,nit,'( Kin8dom " ll »ffr.ct»
begging letters reached lily Mary,' %™*Ltot ,he iS ,,,onlIw endini(
who wns at a loss lo understand why    Ju   ....       • .i •
people should make their appeals to «5\ Mn\ I-"f .°.' fy JVSP*
her. "Mother." she usked. ulte go- JM mP°l}fd "1,,n th5 United King-
ing through one batch, "du you thinkhfrft^rrtS' ""? ft"*** from
they have heard abuu my pig"" .he Pj1"^ tK ■g*"" *?*,Cnn,adn* dur
' * J • ing the first kix months ot ea
_     . . , tbe years   1910   und   1911
Roiebery and Epsom. • ■■
The Karl oi Rosebery, by becoming
the Baron of Bpsom. has, so to speak,
made tbut town his own. Whicli
wiil please Bpsom, for nut unly is th.-
new Karl of Mitilutbiun a loyal and
active tuwiiHimin, but he is a staunch
suppurter uf the sport wh'ch is tb.
each of
. were as
The figures given being in pounds
sterling—Import* into the United
Kingdom from Canada, 1910, 10.599.-
000; 191', M9I.000.
Exports from the United Kingdom
to Cannda, of United Kingdom produce,   1910,
use around n stove, and splendid for
sweeping closet   shelves.    Weight the
wing tip with iron until it dries.
Novel sandwiches for afternoon tea
are mnde by mixing cream cheese and
shredded fuilmnti steak.   The mixture
|ls spread on suit wafers, hot toast or
thin buttered slices of rye bread.
The most convenient und cheapest
of nil disinfectants tu use iu the cellar'
is quicklime, It inny he placed in
dishes, iu bins or cupboards, or scattered loose in dark, damp corners.
Salmon, well minced and mixed
with yolk nf egg und sufficient temon,
pepper nnd salt to season well, makes
it delicious tilling for sandwiches.    It
is equally good with white or brown
lecided." -uiii the poet, "to
become    ;i    philosophical  atiarchi-it."
'Oh, very well," bis wife wearily r.--
plied. 'Anything for a chang.- from
what you un*."—Chicago ltecord-H.-r-
..        ,„. .  9.511.000;   1911.   9.464,000; j ''rend
glory of the place."   But it will not  of foreign and colon:al produce, 1910,      ...
be.  the  tir-t  time   that the  familiar! l.«»-000; 1911, 1.478,000. ■ (l
primrose and  rose hoops have been      The exports to Canada were thus
associated  with  an  Kp-wm title.    In' "l,",1t -he same in value as last year,
tho early summer of 1883 there wan   ,,ut  *h«  Import!  from  Canada  were
running   at   the   Royalty Theatre   a: *owor   ->"  two  millions   sterling,   cl
musical pluy ent tied "The Duchess which nearly one and one-half mil-
of Epsom  Downs."    Its  hero, made   ,io*18 w*"'0 due to diminished imports
up  like  Fred  Archer   cume on  thai*"   wheat.    HrituVe   wheat   Imports   , ..   ,     .        , , ,      -■ - -
aU-eJUilfbrtor. Wtl,\Tsltit , «« l»m  Onnd.  .-re  U/te/m In the   '«») "" '""'"1 hyj.ult.nii'» !;•» .drill's ;.„i«l, ...In,*. I.
in racing kit, eolois and .11.   Tin,. Arm .!• month, last nit, while the. "' •"' "' ,,v«'*'*« """ » '">»l
lice's This?
Be Warned
by Headache
It Tells of Serious Derangements of
ths Liver and Kidneys
You can stop a headache with powerful drugs. But it is not g.'in-ntlly
wise to 00 so.
A headache iilmiMt always warns
ymi of derangements of the iligen.tivc
systcm, the liver, kidimja or bowels,
Awaken the liver to healthful action l.y the use of Dr. Chnse's Kid-
m-y-l.iver Pills, and you not unly tree
yoursi-li of headache, hut remove tin*
cause, which will soon lend (0 mure
ilnngerotis results than hendacbe.
Invigorate the action of the kidneys
by this treatment nml ymi tuke iiwny, _   ... .      . ,   .. ■ .
the dangers ol Brlght'sdisease at well Suddenly a land was hei.   up, and
as free yourself of headache :om/..of J1'!: lightning calculators cried
Pains ure the result ,,f poison in
the system nntl whether you have
headache, backache or nciiiug limbs,
you can be almost sure uf relief and "whal is there partii-ulurly curious
euro when ynu cleanse and regulate aboul this old watch you have label*
the Vital organs by Ihe use uf Dr. I led 'very rtreT' inquired the man in
Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills. | tlio jeweller'* shop,
Tbey  are  wuiiderfully    prompt,    ns      "Thut   watch." tuti.l    the    jeweller.
well as 1111111111' nnd thorough in ac-| belonged to Alexander the Great, uml
(Ion,   You cun depend upon lnem-|wai liken Irom him when he died ou
110 mutter Imw long-^landing or cum*1 the I I. of Ht. Helena."
hi I os led  youi esse,  so Jong ns  lho     "Greal Scott l"
Cause is the sluggish, torpid condl-     "Curious, eh!"
lion of the liver and kidneys, "Curious!    Why. mnn, there were
If   vuu   dun't   feel   like   ti-king   9S|l\0 wniches in the dnys of Alexnnder
Practical Arithmetic
Mciilnl arithmetic on a uu-lling day
— und while the cool river gletimeil
tantnlixiiigly frtun the school room
window! No wonder tbut -.mail
minds grew confused under the struin.
ami small calculators calculated with
even Hiualler success.
"Now, boys-" said Ihe jovial dominie, wim wns himself aching fur a
swim, "here's yuur last problem fur
today. See if uny ol you can get it
right: Suppose I nave « piece ol bael*
The boyi supposed it obediently.
"Ami suppose 1 i'ii- it iniu -.fxtccn
parts, Whut would you call those
"Sixteenths,"  pl|H-d  tl duZell Voices.
"Bight." exclaimed   the   dominie.
"Alld suppose eiit'h of these pieces
were cut again into fuur pieces, whut
Would they lie?"
A dead, awful silence reigned while
the siiuill  brains worked desperately
el* Ota* nn* llundrf-l iKHUn RteuA to M,
te* Ol <Ut-*Tti that i-aiii.i.t ba cun-* tf I SS*
%Uirb cure
• .. CUKNKVaCO. IWMv   t
wc. ui* una»t**m*-*J. *u« earn* r. J. Oaam
f Ihf lut  III r*»".  VKl l*!!*"-" him pPlt«Tt!)' linn
Klf   In   111   liullnif*   tr».-«artl.irt   ami   tlMl.rHIH
to tattf out any ..i.iwjih. .» uumI*- t>r Hi* "(in
WaUilHu. Ki\s**« * MMm.
w i.ui-fj-iir- DruntitJ.. ToMo O
rtiil'iCAUrTh   t*u»   a   Ukrn   iHfMQ   MUSS
rtrr.ll* upon tbr M..»l and mufou* SsmM »• m
-itwm    ltiilii.ui.kii «rnt nt*.   l-ric-f Tl mu *>
Mtllf.   S..kl l'l all Orwulil*.
late UhN I'.hiIu Piu» lur .ueeu., •»--»■
All children should be encouraged
to usi-SlHith right and I-it hands,
From inherited peculiarities of brain
structures il is nearly always easier
tor a child to une one hand than the
other, hence there should be no scolding (or failure.
year Bonny Jean  won the Oaks for! were   only    £2.422.000.     Bacon   id   JM I^rAt^fd " *,"",'  UnU1
lord Rosebery, and on tbat Friday'hams,   however,   show   sn   increase :""- wnier lfl I"'" coio.
evening the Fr;-d Archer ol the play from tOilS.OOO to £1,027,000. !    ^ q| gfl| - ,
niado love to the Duehejl ol Kp,..m UMr o( Ulfl nim)ll m v-arfar,-. ami the
Downs,   wearing   primrose  and   rose Heckling. WM .,,„ ftrai Ki.glisbmaii killed by a
hoops (it was said to be the identical      %-jtj,   high-sounding   sentiments   a (cannon ball.
jacket that  Watts  had  worn  m  tbe   polities] urator can catch all the peo-
afternoon), to the great delight ol the   pl« Wme of the time and some of Uie
Tin- ii,. ■      *     .     .   .
th** car on i itruggl   :
I llflpful   friend,   '. .....;.i !,.       •-..;.-
—*~———— j .-.I upon him.
Theolr of n room muy be wonder-1    "Iv,. Itut ziv-n the tjlta I -- i    •
gh oiling. Dick, old tn ia     m	
f boll* | helpful friend.
Monument to Captain Ceok.
Captain Cook was really thu first
navigator uf the Pacific Ocean. Others hud discovered it centuries before,
but he was the llrst to put thuse discoveries to practical use, and his ei
Sintirt   men   have   been   trying   f.>r  ot the dog on lo|
pep],' .11 the lime, but he can t catch , many centuries to muke   hard   work
nil the people all the time. easy; but tlu-v couldn't do it, and you
Lluydmiiister. Sask.. which is a Barr  cun't
colony, furnished an ciample of how ■	
au  orator's  besl   sentiment  may   be ;    There it always some one In every
turned against bun.     Lloydmintter's |crowd who remains just quiet enough
"Cylinder r    taut   th»>      motorist,
heatedly,   "that   warn*   the   rrfllulea*;
it »a. my **«r'''
Minard'-*   Liniment   tur*%   burnt,   etc.
Wool I you rat    -     i ■ ■  tha  sym*
pathy ol I dog, or       -■••    -s
In thi* country w* alwey* ; ■- rnfl
in the presenl and di-t .-aUmitj for
Hu- future
.                                    .,        ■- '   ,    ,               i I ,    -   ,V*""    1'."":'  * *|—■**.   **■' Cum (art   Fat-   th*   O-teecil-     Til or*  M  Brt
population    is    chiefly    Knglish,    and ' to he able tn tell afterwards what f00l| silmmt   ta   hsra«.int  ann  -m- ;.-in(   M
some of the men there have had the . (he nth.-rs mmle of tin mselve-i disptpila  vktrfe erf** from t.f«-,,- w.
■ a.               ...,  .    .........       i ....     i   ,k_   ... nu, j)   afl,|   !u^f     iri'l   'tie
•»<«»«  *> 1-i.i.hvw isn. mu nit m< , wrll-kiiajwsi Fiirch>h liabi t of heeklituf  " -  "'•**'•   '""   *"•«■»'■-   ■"'"   that    m-1   *h
S .orations served as a basis for the *»ii*nuwii r.ngu^u nauti oi neoaunf  ,)it|t|) |( it lt .„ h, pi.w    ,.. g   ,,
rst accurate    maps    of    that great M*"*"*-.                                  .                    Walk townrd n big mirror, un.l ten find rwwi  rttlet in Parmaieet  [eaataM
ocean.   He found that there was no' Af1??!"!",   °" of *roU,8iod 2# to ona *VoU wil1 r"""irk lh,,t >"" "ave PtlSft toP,«%tof^el   '    *
vast continent stretching Irom near H'S&frn'?^ ■ "WW awkward walk than you im- X SmFS *ffl SeertaeTZ *
Too Rare to Be True
cents fur a box, Wilts for n free sample. A 1 rill I will convince you of
their merits. One pill a dose; SA
cents ii box; nil iloaleri or Kdiunn-
tuiii. Bates A Co., Limited. Toronto.
• (it.-nt '
"I kimw.
That's what makes it i
W. N. U., No. NX.
"Besides, Aloxandor the Great did
not die on St. Helena."
"Ha didn't?" Then that makes It
more rare than ever, (live It mr, I
must luck It in my tire-proof -tale I"
Very men*/ wr*in« die ennutllr fr»m
rhnlrrt tnrl klndrf-it sutnnu-r .-"-iieliimi-
vihn tiutlit hii-r l,i'.-n savrit 11 in..|>.-r
r.'iii.'.lit- hml lii'.i. ii-.-.l it mni.k.il. rl»
not .l.'li.v tn itt'itun: t Imtllr ot Ur. J. tl.
Kill-r-K-i DvM-ntiry t'onlUl. thr nedjelOS
tlmt Otter tail- t.i flint a ciirr. Tho**
who htvr n-.'.l ll say tt arts pn>m|iilv.
.iii.l iln.ninthly -iii.ilii. - ih*- Ptln and ill*
"You nre very foolish Mary, to
think ol getting married, If you will
give up the idr-n I will Wlso your
wages a dollar a week." Huh! a dob
|ar a week:- That'-, a line aritiim.-iit
iig'insi marriage - lour dollars a
month alimony."—Judge.
//   PILLS  4
r'HT <;   Ol5.,.' .,' , t
the shores of ASM to the Antarctic
Kile, as Europe had always thought. 1
e was the llrst to tail around New
Zealand, and he stave New Bouth
Wales its name fie is al last to,
have a iittiug memorial •■! his ser'
vices to England and the world. Thu
memorial will take the form uf a I
statue lo be designed by Sir Thomas
BrOOki the sculptor Whu did the Victoria memorial, and will bars a place .
iu l..-ii'l..ii near tht Admiralty arch
in the Mall.
speech with the uft-quoted statement
of Kir John A. M:i.-d..iiald "A British
subject I was burn; a British subject
I will die."
Applause greed-d the statement, but,
when the clnppiug had ceased, a heckler caused a laugn at the orator's ex-
A candidate's promises to the pen.
pie nre not itnv more worthless thau     »■•••■■   '•■■l   -''    ■    •*  '    'l'fn, '•'
the people's promises t<> a candlate.   , breaking,   press tl
J  uither and api ite? on tha
A mnn looks almost ns wretched at  *nnk ",l"     '■ '    '   '    '
union better »pp*artnce
■ >,«,,     it        i. it    1       «    i."I.a    .'"inn   oini'.-t    .in    nioivirau   ill .        ...
pansaby saying.   That s all very well,   „ r(,CPption as  a woman looks when  llwfflhawai
but whut are you going to do iu the travelling in u covered wagon. ' •■»"» "tltchlng
ineanuiiiei*" B      B —
Crlmre or arret men ofl itn.u.4 ut
Wt rtn met* nur t-rltdt" . ,i».u.-i
Bit-allti| tux ttiiniis Ukt AlSSbS,
hut a unit ai a lime
- i'iii*b..i-i "ifcusTh,
llothrr- My   darling.   It   It   IxMtlmt.
All tbe ehlekens have gone In u-,1
Lit ii*- rbiiiw<*pii*-r Yet. mamma, sud
so bss  lb* uld  brown  U.u. - Iio-iuu
l ranscrtpt.
What itr.-.il wrong shoultl be righted)
II.-Xf-     We   ShOUld   have   at   loBSl   two
grinding at once.
"" "** Admire a woman nml ill
Veteran Is Qens. | mire your good taste.
The old deer in High Park, Toronto.'     , ■
Is dead. j    Kver notice  tbut n truin  is neurl
OM  age  carried  him off,  but  tha ' nlwny- lute when you are early?
futrk- authorities arc not lust certain t ,.—,.■■■—
low uld  he is.    He  bus belonged lo.
Diet Oltl d>r H years.
The uM fellow hud been in ill-health
for two y.-ars past. He had a fins I
set of bonis, nn.I a deep bellow, that
used tu mike the High Park wooos tO*
lound during the autumn days, when
hi* would uiiike desperate efforts to I
break out of ins |*ouud.—Toronto Star.
ill nd- I sometimes think tl d •b-'n »
farmer comes to town '■ serve *>n th^
'jury, he has a pretty g< --1 Umt. n
says it is :i public
like, but I rath-r think ht
When You Think
Win n n#w an likes lo wait on n
man, that settles it, she lovrl him.
The average man's jndgmeni U so     j*,, (1|11, „„,,■,• j,.,,,,, -„ v„i* talk if
poor lhat ba runs a ri-k ovory lima, he dhln'l know it wu-* his lurn next.
he uses it.
—* f— lt was a small l»y who Midi "A
If you bate n disagreeable bill bun-1 10ft aunt, sir, tune Hi nwny wmtb."
eal and necessary taski |H-r(urm it,
ami I.nt.- it afterward*.
Pick up n pin that lies crosswise ill
tour pathway and you will have good
A pnblicsllnn devoted to the int«r-
e*t* nl junilnrs would bo rather flat.
Wluti you find i ne« fri-'tul. do you
neglect old ones jusl u grof
Juggling l« recommended «s good
exercise lor neivoiis folks.
Keep tacks in Utiles.   It «avc< opening holes to Iind a particular kind.
Of the pain which many women  nperience with every
month It makes Iht gtntltntu and kindnen tlwtyt ttioci-
tied   with   womtnhood   seem   to   bt   almost   a   mirt.lt.
W tide io (entrtl no women   rebel*, ■(■imt whtt   tht  re-
gtrdt at t nsturtl ntctetily there ii no womta who would
But ffltdly bt tree frum thie recurring, period of peio.
Dr. Plerct'm Favorite Prtatrlftlom makea
weak   woman   atrone)   mmaj  tick   momam
a/all, and fltiri tltrm freedom tram malm.
It tatabllehea regularity. aubaJuaa Inflammation,   heale  ulceration  aad  -.urea ta*
mala wamknaaa.
Sick women trt invited to consult. ut by letter, fru.
All  enrmpor-dence  strictly  privtlt  snd  sscrtdly   con*
fidcnlitl.      Write without  leer and without fte to World's Dispenser? Medical Association, K. V. Pierce, M. D., President, Uufftlo, N. Y.
Il you wtnt t book that ttlls all aboul women's diseases, ind how to curt
•hem at home, send 50 ont-otnt .temps to pty cost ol wrapping end milling
aaly, and we will toad you a fret copy ol Dr. Pitrct't greet thousand. pt|t
illustrtted Common Sean Medical Adviser- revised, up-to "dale edition, ia
hiadtumt FrtMh sloth binding- FREE PRESS,  CHILLIWACK,   BRITISH  COLUMBIA
Sold by Merchants of Uliillitt-ack, Rosetlnlo, nml Atcliolitz,
|| Dairy Farm ! |
I   80 Aoi-ea, all cleared nntl under oiiltivntion.  7 Km mi    j
;;    House, Burn nntl Outhouses, Private Water Supply.
;;   Good Orchard, Building* valued m $0000, beautifully
situated,  200 yards in mi School, '2 miles from Post
;; Office, 4 miles from Church. The soil is tho best to bo ♦
;; obtained in this valley and produces 4 tons of hay J
per acre, everything i» first-class condition.
Price $26,000,
$10,000 Cash, Balance to suit purchaser.
Fall Goods to Hand
Trouserings, Suitings and Vesting;
Fit, Style nnd Workmanship Qttnrnnteed
Agent f.u Tho Only Reliable
50 rants per ,i,,ltl'' '■'' ll"' Btore'
!  G. C. CARTER  . Merchant Tailor
Shunted Ion minutes walk lo postoffice,
All in first-class Btato nf cultivation,
high, dry mul level, with wido frontago
ou Chavlos Street. Knelt quartor-acre
hurt a nutnlier nf choice fruit Ires iu
full bearing, nud the prices aro quite
The ChilliwacK Specialist
Hon. R 147
rhon. I 117
Abbotsford Timber ® Trading
Co., Limited
Office and Yard*, YOUNG ROAD
;    We have n complete stock  nT Long .Imsts, limigli
;;   and  Dressed  Lumber, Lnlh, Shingles, Kiln Dried
Flooring,  Ceiling, Siding, Mouldings nud  Finish.
Lime, Cement nnd Plnslcr,
I'luinni ntLuiitii.ii given tn nil orders,
TH0S. KIRKBY Local Manager   J
:hiluwack free press
Formerly (The New Km.)
C. A. BARUliK, I'tiiillHlii-r ami Proprietor.
iititi.i nml nnliliiilietl every Tlmrwloy from lti
utlltv, Wi'Klmlit-il.-r Sto-tt. llillliwmk.
iitiM-riiitiim |ifu-«-|l.«i per ywir in iiilyiitiri'liuill
nib in Brit mil Kiii-.ir.-;   I.i liillcil Milk-, Jl.Sii
Dlttplsy RilverlUIng ratM ilcpentlenl «n tt-nn of
iiiliii. I nml sji«.-.- uwil. ntiJ will Ir- mutie knuwii
i application to the (milliliter.
Noticei in local colunnt !«>•■ per coinit'llne eaolt
irrk.   Miiiiiiiuiii rliitrici- Kit-.
Cloutflnl itlvertiwtuenU, l cent per word each
iii-ettliui. iHiiiiiil.- in iiilviinci'.
lii'.jiltD'uilvt'iliM'ii nill jili-iirH' r.-iiu-Hiliir Unit
I.i itietiit- ii i-tuui**.-. i-otii; must '"''""ul lutt> "l'*'1
Wi-.liu-iltty lltortllllK.
Thu completed tabulation of tho
volt; in tint Canadian Methodiut
.iiiutiitl conferences, composed of an
rKptal iiiitnlit-r of ministers ami laymen, tut tin* basis of union with the
Presbyterian and Congregational
uhtiruhes bIiow-j that 1570 ministers
iiini Itiymcn voted in favor of union,
nml 270 ngtiiiHt it.
Among the best and brightest
things we can give in kind words.
PI toy have^vell been likened to the
bright flowers of earth's existence.
(.Thc them everywhere, but especially
round the fireplace; they will make
n Paradise out of a hovel. Nothing
can heal a wounded heart or help a
crushed spirit like kind words. I^t
uh not Ik* so careful how we can use
them, for they are the greatest blessing earth can give,
In his speech at the opening i*f
the forty-fifth provincial exhibition
at New Westminster, the president,
Mr. T. J. Trapp, referring to Victoria as tlit- political capital of the
province, Vancouver its the commercial capital, it ml New Westminster as the agricultural capital,
declared that the Feasor valley is thc
most fertile agricultural land in the
World. The claim is not an extravagant one. The alluvial lands of
the Frnser from Hope to the Dolt
are at least equal to any on earth.
Pood,according to ofliclul reports
of the British Hoard of Trade, com
piled in 1909 after an inquiry Into
the food budgets of over three thousand families costs more imi this
continent than in (treat Britain.
Fi.*r such supplies as Hour, bread,
milk. jMitatoes, butter, cheese, beef,
pork, hacnii, and sugar the l-.iigli.--li
housewife would have bad tn nay in
February, 1909, 14.76 at American
prices for (he same quantities procurable in the Knglish markef tor
•?:i.ll. this is a disparity which
might well Im* the subject of governmental inquiry this side of the herring pond.
President Tuft makes a statement
regarding tbe Panama Canal. He
says/'Don't get heart failure if the
first steamer passes through this
wonderful waterway in 1913 and
don't blame anyone if it is not finished before 1016, because this statement is not given out as a fact but is
based on conclusions.*1 The people
of the United States are given an
opportunity to purchase government
bonds and thereby receive dividends
which the mammuth undertaking is
bound to produce. Every person
who purchases these bonds does so mi
an equal basis, there being no preferred stock issued.
Wt* talk a lot these days about conserving our resources, There are
enough resources on the farm that
are squandered away every year to
pay a large share of the National
debt, comments tin-Canadian Farm.
Take the egg business ns an example.
Thousands and thousands of dollars
are lost every year because of the
way the egg products of thc country
ure bandied, tt Is estimated that in
the United States $46,000,000, or 17
percent, of the total value nf the output, is lost annually through improper and antiquated methods of
handling eggs, Tin- Ih-paiinienl of
Agriculture at Wosblngton a year
ngo. decided tu take itc'ie to prevent
ibis losw nml si-ut experts to Kansas
lo make un Investigation and work
out srlii'iui-s fnr improvement. One
(-1 tin-plans ret-..mmeiided and which
was adopted by shippers was "lo*»s-
ofl" system of Inlying and selling.
Previous to the adoption of this
system, quantity rather than quality
was a handicap shippers encountered. The immediate effect of buying
on a "loss-oir' system produced such
u marked change in the quality of
the i-uk- reaching market that out
side buyers now manifest a preferem*
lut- eggs bought iu this manner
Such a system of buying or selling
would certainly have tho effect of
iKhtcIng the producer of those handling the eggs to take care that there
would la* no "loss-off" In their shipments,
On September IH, in the Broadway Tabernacle, New Vork, was
inaugurated the "Men and Religion
Forward Movement." Some live
hundred ministers and many layman were present, some of the
clergymen coining from as far away
as Australia. The aim of tho
enterprise is to "convert men to the
"course of Christianity nnd to on*
"list thorn in active church work."
Thirty church workers arc to proceed
to organize committees of 100 to 76
large and 1,",00 smaller cities of the
United states and Canada. J. Pier-
ponfc Morgan, Cleveland II. Dodge,
James H. Post, Cyrus McCormiek
and others are furnishing tho necessary funds. At tl)0 dinner given to
the leaders in the movement of the
above date.it was stated that "tbe
'terms uf trained workers will make
'complete charts of tho towns which
"tbey visit, show ing religious and
"social conditions as thoy find them,
"such as nationalities,the number
"of saloons,how many labor organ-
"izations meet in saloons on Sunday
"and whether the schools seem to
"be adapted to the 05 (ier cent, of
"boys who don't go to college."
Co-operative buying by consumers
is a system lhat lias been tested with
too much success in many parts of
Europe to make necessary foolish or
half-considered tirgtimont, With
characteristic fondness for panaceas,
we are inclined to discover in every
experiment results thut stagger (be
mind. A Western city throws opoi
the municipal park to fond vender
and immediately prices drop by ■"*"
percent. The representatives of a
farmer's cu-ujierative movement in
Pennsylvania complain of the vast
profits tbut go to tho middleman.
The latter, may indeed, take more
than lie is entitled to, but what
proof is it to adduce the facts that
tbe farmer gets only 820,000,000
for products that (he consumers pay
840,000,000 for, or that only one-
half the money paid for eggs by
consumers reaches the farmer?
Every schoolboy with a smattering
of economics, bus learned the meaning of place value and the importance of railroads. We pay four
times as much for a ton of coal as it
costs at the mine; but in the ease tif
coal the element of carriage is
obvious. It is presenl iu all commodities. Tho question is not iv hat
the difference is between Iho price
jiaid by the ultimate consumer and
the price obtained by the producer,
hut whether the profit-* of the middleman and carrier are more than
they should be.—New York Evening Post.
Before the sound of (In* building
of the Canadian Northern Railway
dies away to the north-east of Hope,
grading will have begun for the
Vancouver, Victoria and Eastern in
the valley of the Coquihalla. To
the Canadian Northern Hope will
l>e a station of steadily growing importance. To the V. V. ami E, it
will lie a junction from the first and
practically tho western terminus,
lt is learned that the company has
decided to locate its ear shops and
yards at Hope on tt site not yet determined, or if determined not an-
lOUIieed, but probably ou the west
side of the Coquihalla. As is well
known, the V. V. ami E. will not
parallel the C. N. R, between Hope
and Port Mann, but will run over
the C. X. It. tracks, connecting
with tbe limit Northern system
again at the southern approach lo
ihe New Westminster bridge. The
gap to lie tilled is between Hoih-
and Princeton, where, at different
limes, no fewer than four routes
have been surveyed. The Coquihalla route, however, hits beeu definite
ly decided upon nnd ll e netiinl
work of building tlm mud-bed will
begin next Spring us early as
practicable For nearly tho whole
of tho work Hope will be tho base
of supplies and headquarter.'*.. J.
II. Kennedy, chief engineer of tlTe
lino, who hits been ou I for some time
with a survey party, arrived in
Hope Tuesday nighl and left for
Vancouver Wednesday night. The
completion of tho lino will give
Hope direct connection with tho
cast and south and will open a big
rich territory in the valleys of the
Cot'tiihalln and Tulameen, and all
will Im tributary to Hope, There
will lie a direct and substantial increase iu the permanent population
f the town. Some employees of
the two   railways   will   no   doubt
boose to reside here and it will remain the. headquarters for the V. V.
id E. link of the Groat Northern.
—Hope News.
Many expressions of disapproval
of the opening of tbe came season
beginning on n Sunday bave been
hoard, both before and since Sunday.
Tbeaiitliorilit-Hcould just asensily bad
tho season open nn Monday Oct. Hi,
and thereby do away with lho
wholesale disregard for the scruples
of a large majority of tho people.
The sports of the valley who do nut
approve of Sunday shooting, aud
did not participate, bave their sport
iu a large measure spoiled. A large
number of outsiders came iu with
dogs and a full equipment including
wire cutters for use in removing
obstructing fences, and made tbe
day June of slaughter and general
carelessness for tbe sanctity of the
Sunday. The local game associations and otber bodies should take
the matter in band and insist a
recurrence of the instance of last
Sunday not Ining repeated and also
bring pressure tu hem* tending to a
more humane and seemly observance
of the day of rest and quiet,
Write tins down where you'll see it
every day. Tbe time to draw business is when you want business and
not when you have more business
than you can attend to already.
m***********)** -**+**:•+*+
nn i
Paid-up Capital und Reserve
I Money Loaned to Responsible People,
| Accounts Opened on Favorable Tortus,
I Macken-
j Smith
will be glad
| to furnish you
twith an esti-
l mate on your \
♦ lumber   bill
j whether   you
♦ place your or-
♦ der with them:
i or not.
I    Phone 86
Lumber Co.
♦ j
I   Ciiii.i.imack BiiANcn   -   N. S. MaoKenzie, Manager *
i *
| Hygienic Dairy Farm 11
I    Thursday, November 9
t       Commencing at  12 o'clock sharp
t Lunch Served on the Premises
f We 11itve received instructions from die LhpiidiitorH in wil without re-
J Horvo ttie uudur-iuoutioticd Kim-It, Implements mid t-qtilnuient nt  the
I Hygienic Dairy Kami, MatsquI, GliTord Station, II. 0., lb 0. Klectric, on
♦ the dale itbovo mentioned,
J TERMS- t'-'ViH) nml under, Cash,   Over ttmt amount three months
T    crcillt on approved jolllt notes ttt %%,
Z    HORSES—tl Rplomlld farm hortWf"*-lior«B tlmt any innn would be pnnul to
f own; nlso one CllGlllltll driving mure.
COWS—Priub, Pure hred MoUtein cow, S years old, comes duo JHtumryJlO,
hred to King liellit.
Minnik, Ayrshire grudc t-ow, tl yeHmolil, duo early iu December.   A
llm-el tt-« dairy cow.
IMPLEMENTS—*. Wagons; 2 Mssmy-tlsrrli Binders! S Mowers; ■.' None
KttlceH; 1 ■ I ity Under; 1 Hay Tedder; 1 Uml Holler; ll Breaking
Plows;2 Sets of Harness; I Garden Cultivator; I Four HorsuSeed Drill;
Democrat Wagon; huggy; Punning Mill, hIho numerous other emaller
HARNESS—3 Sets of Team Harness, cotnplote; l Set Heavy Tug Harness;
1 Set Single Driving Harness.
DAIRY SUPPME*-*—0 only, 10 gal. Milk Cans; I IV Laval Chum Separator; lou Metal Sanitary Milk Owe*; -2 (inrlor Milk Palls; I Dairy Scale.
SUN DRIES—Large quantity of miscellaneous tools and furm u-TttMnrit-H.
Including m Stable UnteniH, ti Witter Buckets, u Tiling Rpades, -tscoup
Shovel*', i; Long Handled Shovels. 0Stable Forks, 12 Hay Forks. 6 Hoes,
-1 Hammers, I Vise, '.'■> Seta Curry Comlis and itni-h..-.. Crow Bar,
Spreader, Etc., Etc
HAY TACKLE—2 Hay Forks, Wire Cable, Etc.
FARM PRODUCE—130 Tons Good Clover Hay, i'6 Tons Clover and Bid
Top Hay, 80 Tons Oats.
Storage to Daceml) »r 1, to suit convenience of purchasers.
FURNITURE—Complete outfit of Hon* hold and Office Furniture. Large
quantity of Bed Linen, Towel.*, Etc., Etc.
CHICKENS-30 Laying Hens. 3 Roosters, 20 Young Pullets.
FENCING—20 Rolls of Barb Wire, 50 Cedar Fence Posts.
CORDWOOD-20 Cords of 4 font Wood.
. F. J. HART & CO., LTD/
Mother * Noble and Chat-la Hill Tilt   .   UqaUaton ; j
Chilliwack Steam Laundry Co. \
T. E. HALL, Proprietor
Phoat 171
Ladies and Gentlemen's Clothes Steam Cleaned
A Specialty.
All Work Promptly and Neatly Executed.
Parcels Called For Every Morning.
Electrical Contractor :
Wiring for Power
and Lighting
A complete line of
;: Fittings and Supplies
.......MM. IIMM.j
Implement and
Produce Co.
Potato Diggers
Implements of all
PhOB. »
We Have Listed Exclusively
A Feu Blocks nf ,r), 10 and 15 Acre Subdivision, situated 11-2 miles
from the city on tbe beautiful banks of Hope river. Peaches, apples,
plums and small fruits in bearing.
This land is in a No. 1 state of cultivation and unequalled for early
For Further Particulars, Apply
\ Are You Clearing
= LAND?	
with our rniiiiilelc line ot Tunis tor this purpnBC,
We stock Axes, Wedges, Hammeri, Cross-Cut Saws
in nil length", Poavles, Cant-Hook., LogChains uml
Snatch Mocks.    Wire Cable in all sizes.
Fuse nml Cups.
These Chilly Morning! nml Evening", one ot tlioso.
little dinky  till,   HEATERS   is just thc thing.
They arc   eleun, sale nml   odorless.
********************* ********************************
Hart Block
We have in Block a number of standard doom, assorted
uiM-H, whieh we lunvhased at a snap price.   We bought
these doors right und will sell them right.
The Prices Range From
$1.75 to $2.15
Compare these with regular prices aud come and see the
doors. Come early as they will nol lust lung ut these prices.
P. 0. Bos 243
Phone ■ 121
Chilliwack Planing Mills
Kum-sstir to WM. ARCHIBALD
Estimates Given
Phone 58 P.O. Box 205
"""* ORIGIN OF flffittEK
The   Famous  "Hobson"  Was  Owner
of a Livery Stable.
Wben we speitlt facetiously of rout
•jno for  whom  we  hnve it reverence
b-j having  "kicked  tbe bucket"
employ n phra»e that would seem to
be   it   piece   of   biller-clny   itatlg,   but,
as h matter ol fuel, it dates back to
uld Etigltincl, wlu-n, about Ibe yenr
1726, our Buliover hung himself to i
beam while standing ou the hottonii
nl ii bucket and then kicked the'
bucket awf.y. Although at first used'
-.illy in cases ef sulclda, it line applied in tlio course of years to niiyi
death, without distinction.
When we tukn whut we pan get and
not what we want and call it "Hob-
son's choice" we are not referring to1
a gentleman who ono was famou*,
because of Iii* kissing capacity, nndi
is now endeavoring to scare the wits-
out of us witli dire predictions of n<
Japanese Invasion.
The Hohsoh of the nopnlnr phrase
wns another one, ana his vocation!
wns more peaceful, although he prey-.
I'd upon the pocket-books of his countrymen. His given iiiiiiic wns Tobias,
and he whs the (list man In England]
to tuu h livery stable and to rent,
out steeds lo th.* horseback ridtm*|
i'ii!!nnt« of thnt loiij-'-iiiio day. While
his niiihlc was well filled with IwrtcFj
they Were, us 11*1111!. in livery stithies,
of viiryiiin degrees of ipocdlnois, bni|
no choice was permitted bis custom-I
irs. The hone llmt stood nearest the-
tloor. whethir he wns spavined, ring.,
honcit er a thoroughbred, was the onej
thnt the next customer bud to take,'
nnd they were all rented ut Ihe iRin*]
rates, Henoe "Hobion's choice'
came tn he a synonym for no cholod
st nil, whicli is the Benin in which!
we use it to-tbiy.
If you make a lucky turn in llm
stock market and tell your friend*!
ubout it, someone will doubtless sayj
"Well, that's a feather in your cup."
He knows mini'thing of tlio vngarlcr.
"f the quotation hoard, but It will be!
•t safe bet thnt he dues not know
thut he Is using nn expr-.'SHleti tunny
hundred ye»rn uld. In thut vast
torehousc of everything that Is bis-'
torlca), quaint, uud unusual, the]
British Museum, is h mn ml script'
hook written hy one Lnusdnwnc, und,
describing hii (ravels In Hungary in
1598. nt which titiu that country was'
almost unknown lo bis countrymen. '
Lanidowne says ■ "It bath been uiii
ancient eimtoiiie t.mongst them tbut
none should wenru a tether but liel
wbo hnd killed a Turk, to whom onlle.
It whs luwful to shew the number cl"
his sluing enetnyes by ths nuuibttr of
fetbers in hia enppe, ,
A GenlusT
Mr. Hitchcuck, the news editor of
the gr.-:it dally, had only the junior
reporter Ht band, uud news of a shooting case bud com*.' in.
A mnn had married * girl at four
'clock the afternoon before, and at,
■.gilt tbe suine evening hud shot it.
her five times.
What shall I dot" asked the re-
"Get nn interview from the girl,"
said Hitchcock,
'But I don't know what to ask
her," objected the reporter, i
Hitchcock got up from the chair,
walked over the wall, and beat his
lieud nunlnst the piaster three times.
"I dont think you understand," he
told the youth with as much patience'
u he could muster. "Married at tour
und shot at five times at eight. Uo
and get the story,"
'Well, what shall I ask her!1" queried the reporter.
Hitchcock, looking pained and grieved, said, "Ask her whether she con*;
slders the conduct of her husband nn
Insult or merely studied indifference."
-London Opinion.
Tha Hague.
The word "The" In the name The,
Hague, the capital of the Netherlands,
simply the anglicised form ol the'
Dutch word "8 Qravenhani," or 8
Oranvenhaie," either of wbicb in the
Dutch language means "the count's!
hedge" or "tne count's grove" or,
"woods." Originally the location now;
occupied by the city of The Hague was'
the hunting grounds of the counts oil
Holland. About the year IMO a pal*,
ace was built In tbe grove. Presently
a village sprang up around the palace-
—still it was called "The Count's
Hedge"—and finally and lastly a large,
city which in the Dutch language has;
Is original signification, but which In
modern parlance has beeu developed;
Into "The Hugus" I
Smuggling tn Italy.
The Italian lews against smuggling*
are most severe. A peasaut caught,
with only a pound ot contraband'
tobacco is pretty sure to Incur two
years' Imprisonment, besides paying
a heavy fine. The customs official),,,
too, are uuthorlzed to shoot persons
crossing the frontier who refuse to)
halt when challenged, and several'
lives are thus sacrificed every year.
Still thc profits of smuggling are so;
great thst ninny brave these perils..
A knnpsnek filled with tobacco or
salt, safely Inuded, yields a email,
fortune to the smuggler, so heavy1
are tbe tales upon these. —London
Where They Belengsd.
"You can't always break the speed)
limit with impunity," declared a magneto eipert. ' A halt has to be called.
somewhere. St. Peter was standing,
hy the ,».ite wheu a ninety horsepower
ear came up witli the speed of n comet'
and halted in a cloud of dust with*
such suddenness thnt Uie food guard-,
Ian wus greatly startled. He held up-
liis hand and waved tbe party away.
" 'Hoys,' said he, 'if you want to
scorch you'll have to go down be-'
A French Epitaph.
In a French churchyurd is n monument having nn epitaph ot which Uie
following is a translation: "Here lies
Jean Pluto, the Spanish vocalist.,
Wben he reached heaveu, he united'
his Voice with tie: volcus of the arch*
ttiigels. As soon as he heard him tha'
Deity cried, 'Keep quiet, all yuu fellows, and let Us bear alone the illuiirl-
uus singer, Jean Piuto!'"
A petition prepared in la-half of
the woman uf Hritiidi Columbia
praying fur thc right to exercise the
franehi-m at provincial elections, in
now being circulated through)mt the
province. In thc appeal the clniin
ia nmdo that tho HtifTragc already
grinVl to women in school and
municipal mntteni haa been attended with benvtit to tha community
Feed Co.
is now ready for business ami oner lo sell
nt lnwt'st prices: Plour,
Grain, Feotl ami Poultry Supplies, retail and
Fruit, Potatoes, Poultry und Eggs.
Conn.ctlom at V.ncour.r,
Victoria .nd Mace Rup.rl.
Folate and Grain Sack.
For Salt.
ChilliwacK Feed Co.   :
Jl*>t Air Furnaces,
Rooting and Cornico,
Metallic Coilings,
Stoves and Rangos,
General repair work,
Estimates furnished
Phone 94
In an effort to establish a gallery of
pioneers of the Kroner Valley, I will
give to every man who has been a re-
eident of the valley not lew than
twenty-five years and who in eligible
to membership in The Old Timers
Aseociution, one large l'luiine Finish
photograph of himnelf, suitable for
framing, free.
Provided, thnt he will eomc to my
studio iiefon* the tirnt of November
next and give a few moment**, of his
time in un eflbrt to obtain n likeness
thnt will uot only In* a credit to himself und the pioneers of the Vnllcy,
but the Studio as well.
L. F. CROFT. ShotoSfpher
The Nee Steele   Ckllllw.cK, I. C.
C. T. Vndenborg
ri.lck.r5l. Ckilliwec*.
Rev. B. 0. Stewart, Pastoh.
Sunday Service, 11 n m ami 7 p m
Sunday School and Bible (loss at
10 a in
B Y P 0 Tuesday evening at 8
Prayer meeting, Thursday at 8 p in
All cordially invited.
Sunday Service 3 p in
Sunday Scliuul . p in
Prayer meeting Tuesday 8 p in
Rev. A. E. Roberts, Pastor
Sunday, Public Worship, at 11 a in
ami 7.30 p in
Sunday School and the Adult Bible
Class al 2.30 p 111
Monday, Epwortli League 8pm
Wedncsdaj, Prayer service S p in
A hearty welcome to all.
Rev. M. Pike, P.vstoii
Sunday service, 11 a in and 8 p i
Sunday School, 12 noon
'hurtdoy, Prayer meeting 8 |> in
Rev. II. J, Diiiolas, Pastor
Sunday Service 11 am and 7.IK) |i m
Sunday School ''.30 p nt
Wednesday, Prayer mooting 8 p in
Pastor's Bible Class 9.30 p III
Indie's Aid, every  llrat Thursday
at three p m
T. W. Hall, Pastoii
Sunday service, 11.30 a in 7.30 p in
Miuiday, Epwortli la'iiguc a p in
Wednesday, Prayer i 'ting 8 p in
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The Way To The Finish o
Dry Goods Sale
Down to his last turn.   Henderson gets ready to give
up the store.   The End is at Hand at Last.
To-morrow is the Beginning
of the Last Week
Country Store Keepers are invited.      You can Buy
at Less from Us than you can from the Wholesaler.
Ret. Canon 1Iiniiii.iiit, II. A.
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and sermon 11 o'clock
Kveuing *ong and senium 7.:'.il
Sunday School and Bible Class 2.80
Unly Communion 8 n in every Sunday, aud nl 11 a in first Sunday
in tne month.
Not for an hour since this sale began have we al!
it to lag.    Whenever a lot sold down, or entirely i
it was replaced by another equally as attractive.   ( I
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Remember this Sale Ends in a Few Days.   Fi
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Everything Laid Low For Quick Sale
Henderson's Doors will close Saturday, Oct. 28 for Ever
Don't F.aii to be on Hand Early
THE I. D. SMITH CO. of New York
bave determined to sell the balance of tin-
Henderson stock for what it will brine*.
Henderson's Dry Goods Store . ChilliwacK
SI. Mary's Church, Mary si.
Rev. Eatiieu Le I'aiie
Services every first Sunday iu the
month.   Mass U a in
Chilliwack Free Press
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Novelized From Eugene
Waller's Great Play
Co   !
Ceptr-ighl, IMS. by U W Dilllnftum m   j
(Continue 1.)
HR was ii skillful j*vhit.-i In
il.-i-it aim itmi iIovimhI Uh
IhimiIImkc tiptirtiuelil luuit-ca nn
euiiitii.ui tmw hi nil purm nt
New York nnil inii-t have sill uj> mitnt
nlgtita working .mi how in e-ttrleiilu
tiie  minimum nt rent  revenue rriim
Hit* iiren   nn   whit li   be   hntl   lti   111   Hie
If Ibere were any tint* In llnrlem nf
miuiiiiT di nullum tbut) tin* one or
four ronniH occupied by Mr uml Mr**,
Joseph   Itronk*   lilt*   tin-Hi   esperleiii-eil
and perslslunl hunter after a place In
Wblcb to lodge hM faintly wllh rela
live economy mul Home aemblunce nl
comfort wniiltl bnre hat) tin* time nf
hln or her life fliidlnjt It. Ami If othei
flu in (here Here more luiurlnu.*.|,v lit
ted up. as easily might bnre been tn
fuel, eerittInly must have been the
rate*, at least there waa untie, whatever Its size, ihnt warn kepi cleaner or
Dealer or In which more effective una
i»r available material bnd been mide
limit that uver which Mrs. Buima
Hnmks pre*4it|i*d us mistress and factotum.
And Mm llrooka bentelf- bow she
fraeed It, iillugether uiicoimclouslyl
As Ibe elder ot two (ItiUKhiers of Sinn-
ley HarrlH, wbu. while not rich, bud
been well in du, "lie bud lieen drought
up In ihe ciinton or it iroud home and
bud enjoyed Ibe tlth UK III 140 ot nil edu-
eni inn ut 11 prlvitie hi-mmAry. Ner father, whose t-Hiisiiiiii eiiinpniiliit) sbe
bad beeu nml whose sense of democracy In the mill Ier of aavttcfullua sbe
bud Inherited, htul tutored tier, und
when stie hud given her heart to Joseph (trunk*, eleeltnit hltu from among
numerous suitors. Including .lames
Smith,   he alive   bis  eminent   to  their
iiiiion ngnlm-l bis own Judgment and
In fuce or the Hireuunua op-maliloti of
bis wife. eHieemlny the girl's nappl-
liess su|M*rlnr to uil other considerations.
It rook ». who hnd been In the employ
of Ibe Ijitin Ami-ili-uii Sietimsblp com-
pitny for otie yenr nml bnd hern
bruuirbt Into reluiioiis with ihe rtimlly
by virtue of bis selection ns Mvretnry
lo bei fiilher. ihe general manager,
bnd no menus uhniever of bis own,
and his stibiry. I lien ano u iiioinh. wus
a des|H*rsiely smnll tm-ome on which (o
brain housekeeping r..r n utrl reared n«
sbe bnd been Itm Iht rmlier ii*-i[.i*-l
tbem. uml ibe yinjnj- eou-ile coiniiod
upon his Inllinine tu procure thi- ad-
vuiiietiieiii or his son in iuw to u more
remunerative post.
L'nfurtiiiiniely for them, however,
air. Hnrrl*-hnd dl.il a h*w weeks after
tbelr wedding, and they found themselves thrown' upon ihelr own resources Mrs Hauls, n Hellish, shallow, unfeeling W uu with soeltil pre-
ii-nsioiis, who regarded Iter dtim,'titer's
inurrlmce wllh ilie young clerk ns a
liiesullhmee nnd Itrtsiks blm.eir wlib
dlsilillu. left tbem tn shut for them-
selves nud wllh her oilier daughter,
lleib. who "'tis seven years younger
ttmii Cumin and shunit ber ii.i.iher'fl
views, as she Imitated her huughll-
iicks. willed down lo Ihe enjoyment of
the modem fortune her tiiisbnnd bad
left ber nnd Ihe Indulgence of Ihe oa-
teiituth.ii sbe hived, inn which during
Mr llurrls' lifetime she hnd never
been iihle lo uniilfy to Ihe lop of her
bent. Sbe did imi for this, however,
■withdraw altogether from association
wllh Kniiiiti nntl Hrooks ami eonllnticd
on more or less amicable leftiu with
them Now nml tlien she rondesceiid-
ed lo mil u'hiii id.-in with lleth, but
li-r Visits, us n rule, were u good deal
of a trial to tin- young eotifile. for she
regnrth-d HriHika' failure m get on lo
Ihe fteuiiisbi-i eompHiiy 18 a vindication of her opinion us to his ability
and the Judlclousue-sa of their marriage nnd wus prone lo combine wllh
ber daughter, ussimie an c*,u«pcruitug
Hold-you so niiliude uud lament What
might have lst*n
It-urlng the four years of their married life MriHiks' sninry had lieen'
mlHtil only f-.ii n ui.iiith. nliliough In
addition to his work as uceouuiuiil. lo
whlcb he hud been unsigned nfler Mr.
Harris' death, tti.it of collector bad
1-eeii ihnist ii|hiii blm. It hud been ti
bnrd. biiu-r experience for pretty Utile
Mrs. Hrnnks. Ihh iiuneciisiomed drudgery of housework, this fOUllUUt-ua
semiring of greasy puts uud pans und
washing of dMies. wlil.-h she loniln-d;
Ihls deprlvnlloti of i-omr«ris und llllll*
rles thnt site bad known nil her life;
this privation of many pprannnl things
com. Iilcr.il liiills|H>tiKHbU' by Hie duliiir
woman; Ihls ii.ie-.Kliy of |hti*«>imil
rigid eennniitlxlng, whii-h barely suf*
fi.-ed io make lailh ends meet Hhe de
prhed herself of uih.Ii ut-edc-l <i<un-
Ing, io say nothing of fitter*, ihu. Jo«
mlghl go prn|H*rly clnd tn hN olHce,
bill site never lor thnt retisoli i|es.eml
i*d to slovenliness, never "tel herself
go," ss so many   women  In Ihelr llWIt
households muke the mistake nl doing,
suit never hud she allowed one word
of liiuiplttllil, om- Indication of regret,
tu e*u-ii|re her She bad married .toe
for love, fur better or for worse, utiil
realgtieU liersetf bravely aud cheerfully
to lb iiiei|Heii< e*>.  howi-ver hard  lo
ls*ur. le-t'ine fur the better lime* that
were  so  lung  in i-omlng  uml  eii.oiir*
aging her  Imsbniid  ■•> flghi mi nud
Joe, for bis pun.  Isi-ked  hi*  Wife*!
grit nntl energy, und  * -ititii  di-up-
point ment bud nndernilned his fntil*
hide lie lov.il l-.mmn lie Iin nil J
cotlltl    have   tl.ilie   oiberulse.   though
eaInulalIon hnd entered largely imo
his  rnurtlng  of  her.   Chivalrously,
while ihe sweet tills- nf tlieir enrly
mnrrl.il life held him lu lis spell, lie
bad done as much nf the heavier work
of Ibe menage its he could lo spnru
her when time nnd opportunity ulTord-
ed.  bul  verv iiulurullv  Ite hud sihio
When troubled with fail
rashes,eczema.or km skirt
disease apply Zam-Buk:
Surprising how quickly it asiei
the imsrlinj and stinging;I Alio
curei cud, burnt, »oroi and piles.
2(oii- Buk ll msdafrora pure her.
btlesiencei. Nosnimslfati no
■laeral poiioni. Finest healst I
DrajjUti ant Store* Hwywhtr*.
tired *>f "its   where is tl au who
ili.es not'- nml ii> degrees Intel left as
much nf it us tn till t,i her, except
"hen ills  Is .,i optimism nml uf-
fcHloniite Hull.-Hml,. Impelled llllll to
go in bet flssNli e     At Hllc|) times be
wauled to do li mi.
tin the evening following his nnt*
luirst nt Hie nlllee In- was still resent
lul und "tlown in Hie iimuth'1 when be
let bliusell tutu Ms lillle tint, llllll Itu-
smiles of his wile us she raised her
rosebud lips lo receive tils kiss of
-reeling railed tu dispel  Ills gloom
"You seem ulli nr si ills tunli'ht
letir." she sn III Hul led nun ly. "Any
thing wrong nt the otll.-eV
"Noililug  Iii   pn'rtli olnr     I'm  tired
nml  1 ltv rtter Khtvliig nil duy  id
Hits nwfiil bent, ttint's all"
"Never mind, si.|i|ier's all ready, ■•
"it down uud nick in "
"Whal did tun gei?"
"t'bnps nm) pi.iiiioes."
,lue turned up his nose, btil tonk his
Rent m fable mid began to eut. He
liiiswer.Hl tils wife's question* In mono
■yllnbles.   Ills il ghls it was plnln,
were nut on his miult ol Huuiw's .-an
venation, and, seeing ttnit he wus preoccupied nud troubled, she ceased to
try to engage his attention.
"I paid the gus bill today," he voucb-
aafed at length. "Ninety cents more
tbun lust month."
"Ninety cents more!" she commented
with concern. "I'm sure we didn't
use balf us much. And wc owe the
butcher four-sixty."
"Every month It costs more to live.
] don't know what we ore going to do,
I'm sure."
"I'm sorry. Joe.    Goodness knows I
try to be as economical ns I can."
"1 know, but it's nil wrong It's nil
wrong thnt you should be spoiling
your hands with tbost- beastly greasy
pans. They weren't meant for such
work, 1 wlab we could afford a hired
"So do I, hut we can't, so what's Hie
use of wishing'' Didn't yuu get the
raise you nskeil Captain Williams
fur?" she liii|tiired.
lie hung bis bend aud lapsed Into
gloomy ■Hence, She dropped the timr
hi-1 sin- was raising to her mouth and
rose   from   the  table,   tilled   with dis
may. her appetite completely gone
Tears of disappointment followed the
realisation of whut the failure of their
plans meant, fur neither liuil doubled
thnt his requeet would be compiled
wilh, nnd she had built tunny cast leu
tn the nir on Hie strength uf It A few
dollars more a week added to their
distressingly smut) Income would huve
men nt much lo them Itut, gazing at
lur btislinml silling there utterly dejected and crushed, her heart went out
to him in pity uml love, mid she moved
over to bis chair and put tier arm com
golingly round Ills neck.
"Never mind. Joe, l«'}'." she urged;
"don't look su solemn. We're no worse
off thnn we were before, nnd you'll
win out some day."
She pluccd her baud under his cbln
tin.I raised bis heud to kiss him. He
saw that she wns smiling nt htm en
rournglngly Ihmugb her (ears, but refused to lie comforted.
"I made out the payroll today." he
snld. "Three other men In the offlre
who nlso asked for a raise lust month
got It; no dltl Smith."
"What, Jlmsy'r" she asked.
"I snld Smith There's only one
Smith In the oOlcc," lie replied somewhat surlily.
"Well, I'm glad for Jlmsy's sake he
got wbnt tie wanted."
"I think be told Williams to come
across with more money or he'd quit."
"How mu.h di'l be nsk for?"
"Eighteen hundred,"
"Klghleeu   hundred 1    My   gracious.
Do you realize that to go
through life tortured and
disfigured hy itching, burning, scaly and crusted eczemas, or uther skin and
scalp humors is unnecessary? Tor more than a generation, warm baths with
Cuticura Soap
And gentle applications of
Cuticura Ointment have
proved successful in the
most distressing cases, of
infants, children and adults,
when all else had failed.
Isn't that llni'V''
"It menus that he'll be getting nearly jn.ooo a year uow, Great for him,
isn't it?"
"Yes, Indeed It Is."
"1 saw Jlmsy today. Asked him tn
come to supper, lie salt! be would If
he could."
"1 wonder why he didn't?"
Her husband did not answer Immediately. When he did be burst out savagely:
"Suppose he thought we couldn't afford it. Two don't eat ub much ns
"Why, Joe, how absurd!" she laughed, beginning to gather up the supper
plutes.    "Jlmsy knows It's pot luck."
"That's thc trouble. Jlmsy knows-
your mother knows-Wllllums knows-
evcrybody knows, mid they're always
talking about how you've got to work
ond slave because you married me and
all that sort of stuff."
"Jlmsy doesn't."
"Well, he thinks it, nnd your mother's always rubbing It lu, harping on
the same old string-Unit I ain't worthy of you, thai It's a shame the way
you huve to work nnd slave, that I
don't seem to get along at all and that
"Oh, don't mind mother; you know
"Stic never did want us to marry."
"Uut dear oltl dud did. nnd he wts
the one I wanted to please after you,
Joe, of course. Mother Is Just u hit
peculiar. I'm sure she doesn't understand me much, and I'm equally sure
that I don't understand her, so we
won't bother about her. Just sweep
up a hit, will you. while 1 wash the
dishes? Jlmsy may drop In hv and hv.'
lirooks went Into the kitchen, donned
sn apron from force of habit Instilled
Into blm by Ills wife, ever careful ot )
bis clothes, and reappeared with a
carpet broom nud a dust cloth. He
WOa laboring under e idle ment, ns wits
manifest tiy the reckless manner ln
Which he used the broom. Finally,
with nn expression of determination,
be said lu a Drill voice:
"Eninin, you know It will be sli
months or n year before 1 get another
chance at n raise—unless, of course, }
quit and get a Job somewhere else. I
wus thinking Hint perhaps you're tired
and wunt to cull it off."
"Cull whut off?"
"Why, everything—the whole business. I menu our marriage," he said
Her eyes opened wide with lncredu  .
lous astonishment.
"You mean separation?"
•That's esactly what I mean."
"What for—been use I'm tired?"
••Something like that."
"What an Iden! Yon must bave tht
blues badly to talk sm-b nonsense as
that, hon't you think it would be ai
well to wait until I complain?"
"Yon huve complained."
•No-nt lenst I can't remember."
"Not In words, but"—
"But what?"
"Look here." tie snld Impatiently
"don't you suppose. I have eyes? Ikmt
you suppose I huve feelings? I've seen
—1 know that you're sick of tbir
drudgery and nil the rest-sick of tt
aud sorry. There's Smith with nu
fl-fe thousand -he wanted you first
You eould have"—
She Interrupted Mm sharply, bat
fare Bushing.
"Well, I think"-
"That's enough of tbat!"
"Oh, well." he declared sullenly,
turning nwuy and dropping Into a
■bnir.   "I didn't menu"—
Sbe followed blm and placed her
hand on bis shoulder.
"Joe, I married you because 1 loved   ,
you," she suid gently, "und fur nothing   '
else In the world.   There wasn't ntty
Intluetii'i- except that, und   tbut over-
came mi the rest—mother uud nil of
them." |
"I know ul) about that."
"There has been a Utile hard luck"-
"There bus been a precious sight loo
much of li."
"I  know you  haven't  lieen treated
light, but bnd luck and tips nnd downs
are whut a   woman ought to expect
When she  marries.    She has to tuke
the bnd us well ns tne cood. ami su*
ought lo know* enough to accept the
oue as cheerfully ns the other when
tbe bsd  is  nobody's  fault    Tbat Is <
stint I think, uud that Is what 1 bave  |
■rl.-d   lo   do.     Hut   there   are   some  ,
Sbe paused, reluctant tu curry her '
'houghts further Into words.
"What? Yuu uuiy as well suy alt
foti've got tu say while yuu're about
t." be snapped,
"It's Just this," she went on. "Never  !
refer to Jfiusy In the way you did.    I
married   yuu.   Joe,    Tlease   try   and
leave unsaid things that miight muke
me regret It."
(To be continued.)
Pte. Wm. Clifford, who won the
Kiii.-"*' prise mul ih.- Prince of Wai**"'
badge at lli-b-y lbs yenr, it* a very
unsuumtng man. so much io thai'
lie hid in ii baggage car on Hie wny
from Motiireal to Leailde Junction,
near Toronto, on h * homeeomlni.
In order tbut h.- might lie innred
from being the om- man ol Intereit
on (he train, ,\t IYterln.ro Private
Clifford wu* *ti!i in hii civilian
ololhei. and stepping from Ihe (rain
nol I *ji or :»i men running around
looking lor tin- crack rifleman, ami
so be started rutin ng with tin crowd
nml hunting uii ih rough tbt! f»r» foi
the man who bit.l Won Mich tli*
Unotlon. When the train puffed
nwuy Irom tbe iiatlon, Private CHI*
(or.l gav>- up looking (or bim—II mul
went back lo tin- not altogether com- ■
furtnhle  caf.
It wns not until five minutes be. .
(ore the train milled into Lcuside
Junction that Uiffuril put on bit
uniform, nml it was not until then .
that the piuengOfl un the train
knew Hint the Hialey pilie-wiun.il
wa..- un hoard.
When They Waltz
"A mini should follow n determined
course regurdlosa of criticism/' mi id
tin- resolute Idealist,
"-Ye*-.." replied Mlti9 t'nyenite; "but!
so many of you arc Hint way only'
when ymi wait***.!"—Wnalilngton St
Ask any doctor uml In- will tell you
thut ecxemu is en used by Impurities.
in the blood; tlmt nothing can cure it
tint  does  (lot   rcneli    the    blood--thai
salves ami outward applications are
worthies! and a wnsto of money.   The
reason why Dr. William-.' I'ink Pills
have always been so successful in curing tbi.- most annoying trouble is because tbey net directly on the blood,
reaching the root of tin- trouble and
driving out nil impurities. They
banish eczema, salt rlieuin, and un*
•lightly pimples and eruptions, relieve
-.he irritation uud Itching ami give
perfect health, Mrs. A. Puling, of
Milestone, Bask., says: "I wns nlllict-
t-d with a blood uud skiii disease
which the doctor called eczema, but
whieh did not yield in Iln- least tu
his treatment, 1 wns covered with
sores und iu very bad shape. A frjend
advised me to tuke Dr. Willinius* Pink
Pills uml after u-iug eight or nine
hox.-s I was completely cured. I enn
strongly recommend thc Pills to anyone suffering from tlmt trouble."
A medicine thut can make new. red
blond will cure mil only skin (rouble,
but also anaemia, rheumatism, neur*
nlgiti. Indigestion nud u host of other
troubles simply because these troubles
are the resull of bad blood. Dr. Williams' Pink Pill- muke new blnod und
under   Heir   use     blood     uml     nerve
troubles disappear. .""'Id )>y all medicine dealer* or by mnil nt SO cents a
box or -.ix boxes for 12.50 from The
Itr. Williams' Medicine Co., Brock*
ville, (hit.
A fruit Ice rs easily made by rub-,
blng a quart of fruit through n colon*
•l.-r ami adding « cupful of water as
iweel ns honey. Mix wllh this Hi«(
unbeaten whites nf Hire.* fresh eggs
md fr.>■■•<■, stirring constantly.
R*i|m»itr on tht Film Kv.tv f:irmi>r I
snd utriek-r-ii-er slimibl Vfep a supply of
Ur.  Tin.mn-    RelMtrla  Oil  un   hnml.   not |
inly ns a ready remedy tor ills in the
family,   hut   h.-.-aiin*-   it   is   n   hurxe   nnd
Battle medicine of great potency,   As a
Substitute for IWfel nil fur hm-. * and
r-nitl,. .ill., t.'.l hy colic. It fnr -uri-;.--■ -
tnythlnit Hint can lie inlii.tio-i.t.-.I
The brightest high school girl in
Chicago, it is snid, knows how to
cook.   Thell she is bright.
Minard's Liniment Co., Limited.
Hear Sirs. I had u Bleeding Tumor
on my face fur u lung time iind tried
a number of remedies without any
good results. I was advised to trv
MINARD'S I.1N1MKNT. ami after us-
ing several bottles it made a complete1
cure, nnd it healed nil up and disup-i
peared altogether.
Beltelsle Station, Kings Co , N. 11.     i
Sept. 17, 1904.
Alcohol applied to Hu- luce wilh n
-••ft cloth will remove all grime ami
oil and ut the same time bencfll Ihe
skin, CoM er. am la ul-o excellent]
un.l should be used iu place of alcol
hul il the skin is very dry.
ntinm amp ». ■ ,, ..,„.,„, n,-.,>,u*
»  al,.|   rl-AI-ri    ,...,:■,.,     ,    l|b»f»l
T'l    "IU   '-[.»!.,■   !.-■!,,  M lr,,|i„*T,|
Inl'   -■    ',:■ -i i   M fr-* ,.n ■[,:,.;, ».
■ utt." i„ut |u ii.«t„i, i a. a.
Tco Emphatic.
In   common   with   other   students,
the boys of the Ontario Agricultural
College, Quelph, love to print in (heir ;
colletfe  puper  Home  joke  concerning
tl,-  bend*   of  the  college.    Ho  it  Wil
probably with much joy that ths I
iii,.!-'', student! printed in the O.AC, j
Review for July the following sup-1
poiedly true incident, in which Presi- ,
dent Q-rOTfi Creelman figured.
President Creelman (tu excursion- j
IsU who are bunging on the nido,
dour)— Thc other door, if you please. I
K.inner (.sumuwhat hauled)—Go lo i
11 1
President—No good.  That's tint Uie
poos word.—Canadian Courlsr.
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bowels, invigorating
tho kidneys and
stirring up tho lazy
Dr. Morse's
Root Pills
have proved for over
half a centuryp in
every quarter of the
world, absolutely safe
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25c a  hot
everywhere.    **
Facts About a Little-Known Spot In
thi   Empire.
Ocean Island lies only 52 miles
mulli uf the equator, nud in lull rush
d( the equatorial current, which.
itrcaming across lha mid-Pacific from
east io west, runs past the island with
s varying strength ol from one to three
miles uu hour. From the early years
of the last century tlio island was i
well-known calllug'Dlace for wlialing
ships, which cama-Hne're to buy "hogs «
and to diversify the monotonous sea
rations of their year-long cruises. Hut
although these visits were no doubt
(airly numerous, says a writer in
Blackwood's Magaxlue, any lengthy
stay nt the Island must always have
been Impossible, since there is no anchorage at which even a modern full-
powered Steamer can lie with any degree of safety. .Steam must be kept
up all the time so us to leave at a
moment's notice, even though these
vessels are moond to the splendid series n( buoy* which arc now within two
cables length of thc reef and iu 20s
fathoms ol water.
There are Ht present 475 aboriginal
inhabitants, the remains ot a population which only forty years ago numbered over 1.000; nnd they aru the
owners of an island which, although
only 1.500 acres in extent, had a total
trade with the Commonwealth of Australia alone valued in liMW at £314,000,
and whioh In lhat year exported one-:
twentieth of the whole world's supply,
ut phosphate. Probably no richer ls>]
laud of the same fixe exists; I am
sure that there Is none mure curious.
I first visited the place in 1996. and
found it in the occupation of a purely,
native community. All communication]
with   the   outer   world   was   then   ro.
striated to the occasional visit of .V
Sydney steamer, which called in passing to buy shark tins and tails for
export to China. The day was fine,
and the sea (for Ocean Island) slight,
and I well remember the natives com-,
ing off iu their canoe with bundles
of shark flns, nnd their extreme anx»
lety tu exchange their murderoui*look«
ing spears und .-.words edged withi
sharks' teeth for glass bottles, with1
which I suppose they shaved them*;
selves and cut each uther'a hair.
The men were n tine athletic race,
wonderfully clever in managing their,
outrigger canoes, and rather dark in*
color when compared with the Gilbert]
Islanders, the result of their constant1
exposure to the equatorial sun white!
fishing, clothed with but a scanty kilt
of grass or pandanui fibre. Ttuy spuko*-
the purest Qllbertlne, and are beyond'
question members uf that race; their
tattuoiug closely resembled that of the
Gilbert Islanders, with whom I wasi
well acquainted. Since the current'
was strong, aud it wus impossible for
us to anchor, thc vessel flood "off
and on," while the barter of shark
fins for "trade" was in progress, and
I only landed fur a short time at tho
village of I'lim, on the southeast cor-
ner of the island, at a spot protected^
to some extent by a point of the reef
upon which an enormous ocean swell'
was breaking. I little thuughl as I
walked about among the curious natives, followed by a troop of delightful-looking clamorous children, that
under my feet luy wealth beyond thu
dreams of avarice, and that in 13
years' time I should again visit th-j
island, to find railways, electric light,
and telephones installed, and to sea
four or five 6.000-ton steamers waiting
to carry away the very ground on
which I stood. Iu 1806 thc last white
man who lived on Ocean Island a
relic of some dosen who once dwell'
there—had died, and there was no
Kurupean Mt In linn there were **0
while employes of the Pacific Phoi.
fihate Co., .150 Japanese, aud some 700
abaters of the Oilbert and Ellice Is-
lauds, besides the 470 aboriginal natives who still survive.
■akad Potatoes.
. Doctors assert tbat baked po(s(oet
ere more nutritious than Ibose cookatt
In any other way aod that fried ooee
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Should be on Hand
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Happily Married Easy
Marshall  P. Wilder, the humorist, "How is it Hint Gaca believes .-very.
heard the following conversation pass tiling you t.-ll her?"
between    two   customers     of     the "1 gam her confidence by telling
Thieves    Market"   nt   Copenhagen her she is beautiful, just before 1 start
ndd, Basl London, while he was attending tin- coronation. Hays one old
woman to another:
"An  'ows  yer daughter?      Is    she
'apnlly marrledr*'
-sin- couldn't be
i-t that scared ol V
'is soul's 'Is own."
to talk.'
Minard's  Liniment  Cures  Dandruff
A man regards his newspape
  -   ■■ , -, - he
nppier.    Er man does his wile; i thing t.» be found
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entirely approves uf.
Minard**  Linimrnt  relieves  neuralgia     Oor aim- tnit.li  rafferiOf,   Imi    Hul-
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ami satisfactory relief.
Ili-Imp of Verdunj, contriver of the
Iron cages which were too -mul] to
allow persons confined in them to
stand upright or to He til full length,
was th*- first to be -but up in one.
Thr Beit Liver Pitl. The le'iui t.f Die
liter in ...-ih .li-.n i;.nt-. ,i A nutlUen
iltlll. uml ii.- eSOOSOre to the •It-in.-nt..
uv.r iiidMl(*t'ii..'  In HHH .HM-rlie loot). M-
eeaa In .irinkini*. are » I.-** ol the eaases,
tint   wliute-i-r  may    la-    thr    enlist'.  I'er-
melee'a Vegetable fills enn i*t* relied Upon
na Ihe lieit i-orn-.th.. thil can lif tak.-n.
fh.v nre the l.mllns llv-r pills mul tln-v
have nu nii|i.Tl..ra anions ouch firepara-
t lino..
liny n boy a pai* of shoes Monday,
and b> Saturday iiinlit his toes ure
sticking out.
Hlnk   "Dink has 1 n in hundreds
of revolutions."
Hank   "South  America?1'
Iliuk- "He runi u Ferris wheel."—
Ti.lfdu Blade,
Ron* Throat is no trilling nil ment.
It tuny carry disease germs to nny
pnrt of the body through the food vou
ent. Wh.-n ymi f.-.-l -...re throat caning on. use Hamlin's Wizard Oil.
"Only on.- thing my wife's big hat
needs.* said Mr. Qrouchcr,
'Whal'.* thnt?"
"A sign reading. 'Do not pick the
Rowers. "—Washington Star.
Steam Cnglnes.
There were three steam engines In, '
use ln the United States In I7U3 - mie.
at a copper mine In Belleville, another
at a sawmill In New York and a small
one for grinding plaster In Tbltadel-
When the skin burn* and Is harsh
la the touch it don imt i I    water. |
li should in- cleansed with cold cream
mul wiped wiih a loft cloth, then
sponged with n mild soluliou o(
benzoin nnd nlcohol.
W. N. U, No. SS2.
i To preserve mntting covering on nny
Hour and keep it perfectly sanitary,
go over it lit-t wilh n dump cloth, let
dry thoroughly, and (hen give it n
thin emit of varnish.
In deciding Hhk Ghtneae lausagq it*
im! Inilo-jiui, the customs olllcials dire
erectly refrained from nuying what it
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TIIE F. F. DALLEY CO., Limited,
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In Charge
He Wai Willing to Oblige
t Friend
Copyright by American Press Aoso-
dull in.  IVU.
Dick Hraut accosted bio friend upou
tbe street. "Hello, Hub!" be cried
joyously. "The very person I wautetl
to see."
Tbe young mm. addressed looked up
at blm. "Whiit Is It this timer" be
uked fruukiy.
Dick laughed. "Ob, a sort of mu- !
tual beuellt," he auswered. "Claire .
aud I are off iu Hee*hurst tomorrow, |
aud we ere leaving our rouuis up uu :
lllvr-fslde 'Willi all uur worldly guods
endowed'   to  Hit*  mercy   ut  innldserv   \
auts and nitiuservaiilo, who, we have
learned lo our sorrow, sic nut ii> be
"Well." his friend Inquired as he
paused fur breulh. "-.-.hut's Ibe nn
"i am cuuilug to that," hick cent In
ued, "Now, the place where yuu live
Is mighty but these Angus! days.
wbtle tbe bree«e from over ihe Hud
eon blows ever fresh ami cool through
our windows. Wtiy can't yuu come
up there nights and muke yourself hi
hotue. ur ul least Iwo ulghls a week?'
he ijiili-kl) umeiiiled ul Hub's surprised
eta re,
"In short,'  hii friend answered slow   l
ly, "1 aiu tu play uighi watchman iu
return for my lodging."
Dick grinned. "And you might feed
my pet gniiltlxh a cuupte of times a
week," In- it it. Inl "111 leave Ibe food
beside 1 lie bowl, The maid promised
tu attend to that purl. bu| itie Irutb
Is we'd Just ns Htmti »iie didn't cuter
tbe bunse, Claim has been missing
thing* lately, nnd"-
"I see." said Hob. "Well. 1 will
oblige you. us Usual, aud tf there's
aayihlug else don't hesitate to mention it." (lh tone was sarcastic, but I
tbe men tiusped bauda warmly as
they purled.
It wss several days, however, before
Bob recollected the empty apartment
aod (be buugry rJsh. 'Ihe night we*
Insufferably but. and he threw wide
tbe windows sad settled back la Dick's
favorite chair, gratefully enjoying tbe
breese. This ceriululy was su Improvement over hh own close qusr
ters, and he decided to H|wnd the night
Sere. Wheu. upon ihe following morn
log, preHeniiiig a rattier ungroomed appearance. In* again entered the living
room a small mound of cigar ashes
upon the nig met bla eye, aud h* went
In search of brush and pan lo remove
tbe evidence of his carelessness He
wss thus busily engaged when be distinctly Ih'urd a key Inserted ill the
lock and looked up, startled, as the
door swung easily open, but It waa
merely to admit the maid, wbo passed
blm with an Indifferent nod and approached the goldfish bawl. A dainty
while apron was lied over her dark
blue dress, and her lltilo high heeled
allppera clicked ns she walked serosa
the polished floor
Bob srose tu his feet. "I fed tbem."
be sold. Motioning toward the flsb.
Tbe maid turned ui.d looked at blm.
■be hnd the most beautiful eyes that
be bad ever seen-lurge and blue and
full of wonder, like a child's
"Too need nut trouble any more,'*
■ha aald ipiMly, "I will attend to
tbem afler Hits"
He went sea in to iht great apart-
■ent house ihnt evening at twilight
and. groping his way across (he shad-
•wy rooms, dropped wearily upon the
•Much, a blah screen concealing his
■gum Suddenly the entire apart-
Bent was fl'**ded with light. Home
one entering evidently had pressed the
electric button He lay silent, awaiting developments. Cast Ids hiding
place came the click of high heeled
•Uppers. They went on Into Mrs
■rant's dressing room.
Bob gathered hack the silk nf the
ejereen snd peered through, ne saw
tbe little maid sink upon her knees before a cabinet. She produced n bunch
of kevs. ir-hif one afler another In
quick aurceaslon. At lenath Ibe draw
er yielded, and she drew forth a small
boi. Rnti enueht a glimpse nf a pendant with many diamonds gleaming
In the Unlit, and tben, before tie could
collect his semes, the rooms were In
total darkness. Ilo Jumped to his feet
■nd tbe screen fell crashing lo the
■•or, barring for a moment bis preg*
rets, but In that moment the gin nan
Valnty he searched tbe room* nndj
rorridurs, coining uut st last breath*
less upun Hie mrevL A tnilesb wulted at tbe en I in me, and beside tl simsl
tbe niuiil As he advanced towuni ner
abe waved her hand lo the neuipiint
•f thu cab snd ipihkly crossed lo the
lung row ul iieii.hen which lined ihe
roadway Hlie looked up, while and
frightened, ss Hub stood sternly before
ber. He inieiided lo be pitiless, but
found It a dlnVuit ma tier wltb tbul
cblldlsb gaie used u|Hin blm.
"You remember nier be asked.
"Ob, fee,' she auswered: "vou are)
ine  man   who cures fur  Mr   Brunt's
Hob smiled dryly. "I happen to ho
Mr. Hraut's friend," ho salt), "and. as
1 nm in charge of his beluuglugn, you
must lell me why you took a diamond
pendant Irom lho cabinet drawer a
•■hurt time ago."
She leaned forward entrrnllugly,
"Oh, please do not ask me about It,"
sbe begged, "for I cannot tell you."
"See here," he piiIU desperately, 'ynu
replace the pin uuu no one shall ever
dbp stood up before him, and ber
voice trembled. "*1 cannot do that."
sbe aald. "1 did uot tuke tbe pin fur
■'Vou mean," he exclaimed, "that
you have already given It to another
person 1"
Sbe nodded vigorously, then placed
ber hand upon his arm. "No oue shall
suspect you of Rteailng tbe pin," sbe
suid slowly. "1 will see tu thut ■■ trust
Perhaps- she hnd been gonded on to
take the -iln hy some very pressing'
need Tin* memory or u depnriiug taxi- j
cah obtruded Itself, tu be Impatiently
cast aside Me would du nothing,
events should shape themselves, nnd;
lf—well,  If the pin   was still missing
wl    Mi'k   i eh ir I   he  would  Insist;
upon paying for It himself. There was
a tidy riiim In Ihe hit Ilk lo his credit*
he had been Hlivlllg a pood deal lately—
tie reflected ruefully Hut n deep frown,
crens.-d tils brow ns tie worked steadily during Hu* days which followed,!
uud though lie visited ngulti his friend's
lomtly apartment uu lillle maid appeared while the open dour of a cub!-
Iiel constantly proclaimed Its emptiness.
A telegrum was handed him one i
day, ami he lore ll open nervously,;
nnth'lpatlug the contents. Dick nud
tils wife would he home that evening-
tbey wanted lu see til in up ut the
house. Hoi* closed bis desk with a
bang. "Well, he would go aud hats
It   over."    Claire  greeted  him   In  hei
charming, hospitable way, and Dick!
wrung his hand heartily.
"Come In," ihey snld. "and let us
thank you "
They seemed not to notice Rob's
strained manner as (bey chatted oo
about Ihelr trip Presently Claire
arose and rustled from the room,
"Dear uie," she suid, "1 hud almost;
forgotten Kilty."
Sbe returned In s moment, ber arm
about the waist of a girl whose eyes;
danced and whose cheeks glowed as,
Bob spraua to his feel confronting ber, j
for this vision iu clinging white was
undoubtedly ihe erring mold.
"Kitty, dear." Claire was saying, "1
want ymi to meet Dick's friend. Ur.
Brewster Rub. thla Is my cousin,
Miss AInslee. and now tbat we lutvs
you both here." she rattled oa. "we
want to tbunk yon for looking after
things during our ahsence. Dick's pet
flsb are positively fat When I asked
you to feed tbem. Kitty. I hud no
Idea tbut Dick bad already cosxed Rob
hi fur lhat service."
"Bob was slso to piny nlgbt wntcb*
man," Dick Interposed. "He has done
well, for tbe furniture Is still Intact;
We left nothing movable. I believe."
lire. Brant blushed. "Oh. yes. we
did," sbe ssld. "1 did not wunt rot
say auytblug about It, but Kitty In-'
slsts upon a full and free confession.
1 caeelessly forgot this diamond pend-,
ant you gave me ns a wedding gift,
Dick, and when we, arrived at Bee. b-
urat I remembered ibat It still reposed lo tbe eiitilnel drawer at home,
■ glittering temptation to ibat thieving maid of ours, and 1 wrote posthaste, special delivery, telling Kitty to
secure tbe pin nnd send tt wlib her
brother Ned when be cume down to
spend tbe week end. 1 besought her
to keep Ihe matter secret," sbe continued, "for 1 did nol dure to let yon
kuow. Dickie, until tbe pendsut waa
aafely lu my |wsseaslou."
Claire laughed. "Dick." sbe ssld,
"you jbould bave told me Ibat Bob
waa to be caretaker. Fancy bow embarrassing It would bave been tf be
and Kilty bad net bere-reeding Iba
Kitty looked at her cousin reproachfully. "It might have been more tban
embarrassing for me." sbe said.
"Think of my predh-ameut If Mr.
Brewster had emu-lit me In the act of
departing wltb that pin of yours),
Why, lie would probably bare considered ll his duty lo band me over to1
tbe police, and I should have been j
locked up In a cell like a sufTrngette."
Brant luitghed, while Hob grew UO*
comfortably red.
"Well, ymi sttn have your freedom."
Claire auswered , carelessly. "Here
comes the unto    Let's all tnke a ride." I
And as Boh nnd Kitty were ensconced Upon the rear sent he leaned I
toward her. "I have been an awful
Idloi." be satd contritely. "Can you |
ever forglre meV"
Kitty's eyes twinkled. "Do you eg•
fleet pardon at tbe tlrst s|»ulugyr" sbe
"Certainly nut," Boh resisinded. I
Intend lo start a series of apologies),
dating from tonight Wheu you aro
assured uf my deep repentance por*
luipa yoti may relent."
And Kitty smiled demurely. "MlM
Is a forgiving nature," abe aald.
McSwinsy's Gun.
Near Horn Heud. t'miuly Donegal
ln-liii.il there Is ii hole In Hie rocki
culled MeKwIitey'g gun It \a uu till
seiiioiisi uud Is said lu have cuitnec
Hon with a cavern Wlu-n Hie north
wind blows nud the sen ts nt ball
flood (be wind mid the waves entel
Ihe cavern and send up Jets of wniet
from Hie "gnu" lu a help hi nf nnu**
than list feet.   The jela ot water an
oecuuipnilled by explosions whicli UIU)
tw beard fur miles.
rh» Incident That Won Tom Corwln's
First Fight For Congress.
"When I saw Ihe all palntlug of Tom
Uorwlii iu the treasury," said nn Ohio
ntiu. "1 could uul bul recall the story
old lu Corwln's uld home of Lebanon
if how lie won bis Hint election to
iougreas. He was n jfeung mno and
llrendy noted us an orator, but be
ind n'bnrd district nnd III tie eucour*
Igemenl tyr election. He was making
lis tour of the counties and oue nlgbl
ituppotl ut the double cablu of a farm-
»r kuuwn to be u very fervent ndvo-
:ate of political policies of the oppo*
iltion. Curwln talked politics carefully with the old man and bis sons
before bedtime, but bnd tittle hope of
winning n single vote In tbe house*
uold. In Hie morning the old man
took Curwln outside nnd announced
tbat every voter iu the family would
oe for him on election day. This
intonlshed and delighted Curwln, who
could not help but ask why the sudden
;buuge of heart.
"The old uuin told how the opposition
candidate hud stopped at his bouse
one night the week before and bow
the bust and wife had -.vutched (he
candidate go lo bed. Tu Ihelr disgust,
be actually put un a ulghtguwn like
those worn by a woman. This dis-
justed the rugged old pioneer. Tben
Curwln was told how the uld furmer
snd 1:1s wire had watched blm go to
bed. uud as be hnd tint Pothered about
■ nighllu Ihey determined lie wus not
taken tu frills, Curwln could see the
humor uf tne Incident, nud In every
succeeding speech he told that nightshirt story un the other candidate,
holding hlin up to scorn, The result
wns a victory fur Corwlu. aud be
awed ll all tu that stury of a ablrL"-
Washington 1'ust.
Charming   Plaited   Frock   ot
Blue    and    White    Percale.
It May Be a Mass of Steel Same 5,580
Miles In Diameter.
Various conjectures hnve been made
from time to lime by geologists as to
tbe possible condition or tbe center of
Ibe earth. Due or ttie most popular
Impressions aeeius to be tbat tbe
earth's center, or core. Is a flaming
furnace. At a meeting, of tbe Sels
Biological association at The Hague
Professor Welchert asserted ibat bis
studies of the varying velocity of
earthquake tremors passing through
tbe Interior of tbe globe have led blm
to tbe conclusion tbat the earth con
slsts uf a central core of Iron or steel,
about rU'SO miles In diameter, surrounded with a stony shell 030 miles
Iu thickness. Between tbe outer solid
rind and ibe Inner layer of rock, covering the metallic cure, be thinks there
Is a luyer of liquid or plastic material,
lylon a little less tliau twenty miles
beluw the surface of the earth.
Men sometimes dream of enormous
wealth stored deep In tbe earth below
tbe reach of miners, but experts bow
aver that Ibere Is Utile or no ground
to believe tbut any valuable metallic
deposits He very deep lu tbe earth's
crust regardless of Professor Wei-
chert's beliefs to the contrary. Such
depuslts. It Is Bald, are made by underground waters, aud uwltig to the pressure on tbe rocks al ureal depths tbe
witters are cou lined to a shell near tbe
surface. With few excepllous ore deposit* become too lenu to repay work-
lug below 3.000 feet Nine mines In
teu, taking tbe world ns a whole, are
poorer In tbe secnud thousand feel
than In the tlrst thousand, aud poorer
yet iu Ibe third thousand tban lu Ibe
secuud-New York World.
OIHI.'H rfcllCAi.lt UllBUS.
This charming dress for n little gtri ,
Is of Hue pennle, piped  with a plain  {
band of  blue    The  blouse  closes  lo  {
the front nl  the lefl  and Is ndurned
wllh n double row ut very  tiny but-   !
tons.    The   neck   is   llulshed   with   a
round collar of ihe material piped la a   !
double  line    The elbow  sleeves have
turned  buck cuffs.    The plaited skirl
snd blouse are lu separate pieces, the
former  being  tin is tu*d   wltb  a  neatly   '
piped belt.
Thsy Qe Into Partioulare In High Life
In England.
In this country, when the contracting
parties tu n mnri'hige u.-situ to inform
ibe public ol tin- event, yuu win see
Inserted  In the pruptu   column H  little
notice itke this:
"llrowu Sunt li.-Married nn Saturday. March •>. at Sl Joseph • plinreU,
\lury smith io wminm Brown."
It's simple Him sultielenu Hut did
}ou eve! lake up one ot the ttngtlsb
social weeklies mm see How u mar-
rlage is recorded"/ it will read something like ihls:
"Married nl Itnnisgate Itookery, near
Oakley, stutTonl, Ht noon on I'hure*
duy, With I list ant. by the Kev. I'lui,-
tagenel Clutterliuek, LU D,, V. IL
H.. A I* H.. \l ,\ O.. tj R D. untie
to tbe bride, rector of St Hnr*
tbnlouiew'e ehunii, Klephiint'e Hi-ad,
Hrlnry Ihiip, Berkeley, assisted tiy
the Iter riieoptiims Tlinnleon lit*
mouse. J O 11, It It.. It. X t. %, D.
H H\, cousin of the bridegroom, re.*-
tor of Cavalry church. Hi Martin's In-
■tie Buck i ellnr. Mull's Nose, Urniilley,
■ lertrmle Maude Itentrlee Constance,
daughter nt uraiitviiie Neville Hulling*
uroke Itupgappers, Ksq.. I. IV, Sl !\
I*. s I' g. W IV N„ of Hareknees
Hrlnry, Chotmondeiey ChHirbtiues,
Somerset,   to   Harold   8L   John   (Over-
 ni Ktrngsby,  K   U  B, It.  H. A„ U
(l J and I. R 0., inte of Ihe fourteenth Itoynl Inncers, of rumpernlcte
Priory nnd Stonehenge and Hilekie-
aeek Lodge, »l Christopher's Cutler-
the-Hedge, Momhiepeg, Hartford."-*
(everybody's .Magazine.
He* the Tough Sheep Membranes Are
Fitted For the Violin
"OatgUt" strings are made of the
Intestines ui sheep, The ruw material Iron the atucKyarJa ia iitat thoroughly cleansed ot tut uud thtshy fibre
by dull knives arranged uu u drum
turned by a crank, 'men tht* white,
tuugu membrane lliut is lull in them
in   turned   uver   tu   a   workman,   Who
deftly splits the material luto even
strands {by   britigitiK   a   against  th*
uiaijt: ul a siiP-iy ruiur set upright
iu tne table before huu.
I'ii-- next sup is lu spiu tin
strand) together and place tnein ol,
ine drying iratues. A v.oiiu fc string
ut American manufacture takes su
-imiiu*, the European string tour. lh.
strands, wlucu uie ut uue end laateu
ed to uu upright post, are twisted to
■jeitit-r while still ms'iiju aud pliuule i->
mean* ul a sp.tiiiw.i- wneel. When tn-j
sre taat-u Irum tne drying trauie th.
strin-fj!- ure cut intu leu-jins, cotleu
aim leiU'-.J iu oiled paper tor snip
'lu pulitdi the utiing* there is u»e>
a very hue einur) p.ip*-r laid ou i
grooved ulumiiiiuiii block. While tu
strings un- sti.l u.i uie dry.ug iitiui
tn.- covered uiucit te passed uver tt.
aii iiupt, pulisning as many at uii.
Llms a. tin re ure gtuoves iu the block
toe   pluc-rs   ul   uiiih.lig   tiie   line   ,u
■iriug- lur ti*.f in suigery ur the lieuV)
atriugs lur-du-cigiiUis ui an inch tliict
rtIliiil   uu-   fu|||t*iimes   USed  lur  IlIUCII
.in-iy bulling does nut differ material
,y ii.'iii in.- iiieitiuds lulluwt-d in tm
east* oi lot- str.iigs lur musical uutru
Ult-iil:, i ah pi l..nl lliu lattel ate htti.
A    Japeneie     Touch     In
Smart Summer Feehions.
Crown Prinetss of Boumania, Who En*
joye Meeting Them.
Crown I'rinecHs Marie of Boumaala,
daughter of the lute Duke of tfais-
Cobtirg-tiothn. Is the friend of Americans Iteeently society leaders lo
Bucharest let It be known tbat tbe
American women In tbe Iluiiuiautan
:upital ueed uot eipect social recognition.
About Ibis time Invitations were sent
out for tt social at whlcb It was expected I'rlueeas Marie herself was to
be a guest of honor. According to custom, the uuuies of thc proposed guests
Te Step Hiccoughs.
Simple euses o( blceuugb are often
relieved by such measures as sucking
Ice or taking salt nnd vlnegur. says the
New Yurk Medical Journal. Pulling
Ihe lungut* forward and holding It fot
some time Is an effective procedure
Sometimes obstinate hiccough Is re
lleved when tbe (lutlent Is strong by j
bavlug him hang with the arma ex-
tended and grasptug some beam ot
pole, so that bis feet do uot touch
tbe floor. Willi all tbe abdominal
muscles tense, hnve blm bold bli
breath as lung as possible. Sneextni
Is very efficient in certalu cases, slnci
It la tbe exact opposite to hiccough,
being a sudden expiratory acL
Doffed.I Superstitions.
Daffodils ate Lut otuy poisonous snd
libelous, but turpi unlucky flowers, especially when single •pecimens sre
encountered. Hi "rick, wbo must often bare gune ta^uugb (be experience
without uiueb barm Happening, declares tnnt-
When o rlaavJII I tea
tlannu-s ii..r ii tier head lo me,
tluesa I mar " *'•' I must turn ti   I -ali-all dunne my Reorli
Becniidly, i shall ot deed.
l.s»iiy, naii-ii t*ned.
Id U.-rri. iv s own Devon to ibis day If
you plate s eluyie ilalTiMlli ou Hie ta
ole of a Inriut.'iuse ibe farmer wilt
lump up und eiciutui. "Now we shall
nave no yuiiug em-Ks this year." Ibe
evil spell can bu iirok.-ii oy ttiereaslug
ibe siugiu nonet to a buocO.-Mi-
lames ilaceite.
Wild end Bloody Scenes When the Na*
lives Oat Intoxicated.
Df Ihe unpleasant drinking customs
of certain nations tn New Uulnea Wat*
ter (Joodfellow writes: "We did nol
And the people down by the coast
nearly so tractable or eompnn Inns tits
as those at the heiidwuteis of the river. They were stsu much mure quae.
relsome ntiioni*. themselves. They tap
a species ot sugar palm up ihe river
and make fermented drink out ol it
Un Ihls tbey gel renrfutly In I ox lea ted,
and wild orgies take place all day.
Cart lea of them would go off In canoee
and stl under the palms from wblcb
tbe drink wus obtained, lu the morning ibey would return extremely
drunk, snd tights need to bo tbe result.
"HornetImes these tights tasted for
two days nl a time. In our vicinity
tbey more often thnn not took place
al night. The natives then mnde siicb
Sn Indescribable din wlib their howl*
Ing snd theii noises that we could not
sleep st our base enmp. Kpears and
sbowers ot arruws were dis.-hs rued in
sit directions, snd oue could Oear tne
sound of theli sxes dealing blows uo
tbe (sidles of the ronihatants,
"After s time tbe women would lnio
(n tbe frsy. sud (heir shrill voices added lo Hie hniiei. making ibe noise
greater Ihnn ever, Wben ibey ne-
came Involved In the Hghis Ihey seemed to he worse (ban the men. The
cries were not like sounds entitled by
human beings, hut railier like the cries
ut aiiliiinta."-Cbii-Htiu Newo.
Mere Worry.
"I dldo'l know you admired that of
"I don't," replied the political man
"Then why do roil insist on crediting
him with a presidential homiir
"Merely lu muke Ids life tinnier by
giving him s< thing mure lu worry
Be Slow te Indorse.
"A mnn should think before be
speaks," aald Ihe prudent youth.
"Yes." replied Dliatftl sttn. "And be
ahould think still harder befuro be
writes bis name un the buck of nny
eort of vVhuuhui."- Wasblogtun Star
Queer Nest of the Tentebane.
Tbe oddest ut mm birds nests Is the
one lunii by Hie lontobnne, a Smith
Alllcnu miiiuMer ll Is built of ent
Ion aud always upon Ibe tree proline
ing tbe niiH'-riai lo constructing ibe
domicile the tetnuie works inside and
lb* mnie uutsiue. where lie builds a
sentinel imt lot his own opoclnl use
He sua in Hie n..i and ri-ep* watch or
iiugs ii.-nri) ail ibe lime, snd ehen
dsugri .ome. m Hie form of n hiwk
ir a wiinke be warns the fatally, but
never outers ibe uiam uosl
A Dodge*.
"Blbble* Is s great w.an to try to
Judge a responsibility on iecl.nl -sil
"lee. He once signed a pledge.
Tben ne forgm about it sod called in
I buudwrttlug eaperi in prove ibut ibe
signature waa a lorgerf."-Wasb ng
tou stsr.
A Good Mensier.
Th* Wife-After alt. Atfnlphm, this
visit inn I guliiK in be so expensive
W'ltb the hall dosen dresses I etmply
tad to sei snd your cloibes cleaned
uul  press*-d  well  mu no ue spleudldly.
11 ii i*|»*r • Hsiar.
Me is nur  friend who .oven saore
-dtars «0uora*« it«_lllMa»l«o).
Fhoto by American Tress Association.
IMtlNCKSS KI.UAU-r tu or aouusNU-
to the fuuctlon were submitted io lbs
royal lady.   She scauiu*d tbe list and '
theu remarked:
"I see ibe names of So-and-so are not
"They  are  Anieslcune,   your  royal
highness." was the reply.
"Tbey  aro distinguished guests lo ,
our capital     If  their oaiues are not j
Included In this list or guests I shall :
uut attend the reception." declared tbe
princess), returning the list wllh an alf
of Duality  Ibal  bud Its effect     Every j
American woman of any suebil stund-
liii; at all was Immediately Invited to
the affair, and  the  princess  msde a
(stint  of singling uut the unpopular ,
Americans for grticlutis attentions
Like Queen Mary, tbe beautiful Itou*
manlan crown princess ts a woman of
remarkable Intelligence.   Moreover, sbe
Is eiiremely tuciiul and clever,   It la <
said ll Ferdinand ever comes to tbe
throne ut   lloiiuiniiiu   she   will  be  tbe
power behind llii- ibroiu*.   Her duugi-
ier,   the   I'rlm-rss   l-.lliabelti.   who  In- I
herds much ol In r lumber's beauty. Is I
now  aerfiiieon.  ibe same age ss tbe ,
heir  to Hie  Knglish  throne.    A  msr* ,
riiiKe between ih.- two would oot be
aupleaslog to tin- Kngllah people and
w.iultl ceriiilntv  be ih-Mrahle for Itou-
mania   Irom  a  diplomatic  sltindpoluL
Ihe  RllggpalImi   Hint   it   match  ts*  nr
ranged   with   Crlucess   Mnud   Alesun
lira   of   I'lle,   riecoiid   dangtiter   of   tbe
king's sl *?er,  Louise, duchess uf t-'lfe. ,
baa not been received with much en j
Ihuslnsin hy the Kuallsh people, wltb I
whom the life connection i« nut very
popular     However,   runmr tmw  says ;
thai  Hie lovely   Crlm-css KUxulieih ts
-.•nt-aiM-d  tn  Prince (leOfge, eldest SOU
tt ibe crown prince of Uree.e.
Cnglish Dukes.
MDnke" Is the hiuhest designation of
nobility In Ihialaiut. and ttie Ural in h.>
creaiisl In that "ountry wns Hie lliuck
Prince, wbo took ibe title ot Duke uf
Crews snd Parrels,
The sorrow of i*ei emws and par
rots whose musters sre removed ny
[ death la often noticed, and one very
I tame crow  which  was untied  by a
[ woman  In   Virginia   wmild tiy  to (he
I cemetery and sli fur buurs on a tree
which stood neni tlm grave uf his tw-
loved tulstreaa.
Wsnted to Mske Sure.
Dndet uriiiimr) eotidlilons be was a
man of pmniiiienee, but as ha ascended Hie steps of his residence very
early in the morning ll was very evident that he d<**dred to be ss much
otherwlie ss possible. The cnbhy was
ilngerlni neat by tn see ibal hts charge
was safety dlsimsed of fur the night.
Ihe dooi opeto-ij nt-rore tbe mnn on the
■leps could set Hie key tu work. Olid
he was greeted with the question,
"Henry, when* have you beenr (HI*
lenee.i "Hen ry, where hare yon
ueeu T Hie turns to dewrnd ths
steps.i "Are yon going to answer my
ij nest Ion-*' "Yes. dearie heart. I sure
uin. Fmm my i«-rsona| knowledge,
beloved o my soul. I rnn't give lh' desired inriuaiion Ho you Jest lay Sown
again while I go back an* ask tb' back
Like  Engliirt  Dresses.
Queen   oiur) »  uuiiurreuce   for   Uu I
Uut-  de   la   I'ii.I   ..-.   hcII   kno'.*. n.     At   I
ner tuilutiug .a uu..e iii hnglaiid, au
ii.-i' te.ctii ueoUocmtloU, by proxy, u  '
the hubb.e iniu .a uuiy one instauc* (
of hur strict opiuiuiis on dress,  buin
line ago iter .Wa,,.-.ty *.eut lur a t.ute   j
die-jsmuker, ami g  vc her iustruclioiu
sotnewtiut U..1 (ul.UrtSI "1  Will  Hot llOV*  j
uiy uni.-t pIuL*lii*d, nor my skill tig.it
and my day ske-.es are lo come dowi
to my Wiisli, otiu my dress must l>   :
high lu tue tit-CK,   ll you mind thos<
tilings, yuu cun make mu a coui-ie ■■
(rocks aocoruitig to your own ideas,
Ho   pleased   -A us   Her  Mujetty   will ,
ttie.a- tha s.ie . r .er.-d auutliL-t doxeti '
dresses fr tu lee ■nun.' linn.   A (aid all
over society is thai a mule coitumlei
vetituri'il   to  iub.uit  tu  her  thst  *h' I
really need not  weur su many petti
uoul.t.    "All   ii in,     wus  the  answer
"1 do not mi, ii .Hopping a euupln i
long us  1  keep  my  tud  llaiiuel one.'
This itory wus rented almost wllhln
royal hearing at tli   Du li.-n- ul Devon.
shire's Derby  iiigut function.—Liver-'
poul Post.
The geisha sash combined with one
uf the new tab Ier effects gfea s sir *-
ing appearance la tnts gown -it r*au.*e
turd brown satin wbtrb la Just ma
thing for sninrt sfteraooo wear ritsj
geisha sashei art known In Carls «
"la Jupumi:*^" rbej io vt snort wbfa
bows and are worn u <•] Tbe tabtlva
are embroidered In wleo i. risn.uu m
old guiu a:.'i colon.
An  Old   Family.
Sir   Ueorge   Atidersoiti   of   Beech
mount, Midlothian, by cotumnud ol
the King, attend d the oorultatlon. a.
oue ol the Wnliii-r IrusL-es, as Uslu-r
ol the White Uod ol Scotland. The
Walker Trust haa been in eillteno
since the deuth, lorty years ago. ol
Miss Mary Walker, of Costea, tviiu
burgh, who hnd survived her sister.
Miss Uarhara. Thu siiters b-ft money.
administered through tho trustee!, '..
build the linin,.-. im- upiaeupul OBthe
tiral lu the west end of the northern
capital, Their father, Bir Pntr.ck
Walker, the la»t ol Uie mule line ol
an old county family iu Scotland whj
were Hereditary Ushers ul the White
Bud, figured in that capacity when
George IV. held omrt at Holyrood, to
August, leaa.
O«mmod Ankltta Ace New   ******   ;-,4r
SteeJi Inge..
The craze for tuirt-nr-v (ewetry **»•
peciaily set* .jt Persian ir Indian t«-
slgu, ti.M reached • D-eawodutu igu*
all of the rem artlctaa baetng *'.ii« iu
In price and s {-'fit man/ good toflsb
tiou omaruetiu being me m iSit
Boma beflotlfnl spejctms-aa un un
kleta of beuten sllvtir ud gnltt i
I'erstan anklet «*-' wttA awmtpi*«siona
stones nod a beautiful Indian le-'-vn.*
nin.1'! of braided rilve* ari *»•!n iir*
quolsej and smeralda Tbs ;-*!ih*:u;i
bends wtjieti 'v-r^ m papillae i tfcw
years ago hare ^-ven amy u usssdaj)
Jewels of a Mmtpi-srchius "mncw.
chains of gold ind ftflwsr iriume'tra.
snd espeeluilr to ;Uiiijii.-s it ajamim,
guld and ena-nei. vim <n tfta n-***iut
and snapeoded by i ilmrjar -'turn.
Among ttie many other [iwwM »*uci
furm Boveltfea :f *:ie saaann in a*
extraordtnary itiu**r rtngs ind umi
bsrnesses, raaatottttg   ir   nm   n-  nutw
rings, s  bra <-t   tod  i   >w**i   *nr   !toj
back of the Banda, r*iia « tlst:nct:y
sn orlentai faaQInfl and Ltss mr ■•—u
seen ou *&e nin-a nutli Lfia -jraossu
Heloe In Cveeythlng.
It Is held b) more than one high
authority ihnl uintter ts neither con-
tlnumis nor bniiioueu-Miua. Thomson
snowed by an eijierlment that hydro*
pen can he passed into a vncuum tube)
through an tnenndeseeiit platinum
window. In e similar way sodium
passes tbrunch glass, and this ta a
useful fuel in ihe manufacture of
vacuum |uIm*s. r*-*--aiise sodium can oe
passed Iniu Hie lube to absorb the
residual oxygen Heltatl, tho Italian
phyaleisi, bus shown thai hydrogen
can pass through cold iron. Matter
may therefore iw generally regarded
aa full ot holes
Get Hie Dose Lotee.
Mr. emu ine) irtiitieriiiiryi-l had the
blues awfully when I came here to*
alghL Miss rifher. but tbey are all
gone now. Tou sro os good as medicine. Miss KWier's Ultlo Hrolher-
Tes; father himself aaye sbe'tl ht a
drag oo the mnrket If she Suesn t categ
on to aome fellow soon.
Quit Voluntarily.
"My good man. huw did yon bsppea
to be thrown uut uf work?"
H| gm out," replied Weary Wombat,
with dignity "I didn't have to be
thrown ouL"-l.outavllle Cuurler-Juur*
trutat Advice.
Mies Psssre-tnn you tell me of a
g*nnd wsy to seep my hslr from falling nun    Miss I'ert-Ves; pot It oo
tighter-llniiituore American.
Know She Had Forgotten.
She had lust returned Irom a shopping tour tired, but rudiaut.
He had just returned from the of-
flt • tired, but—well, tired.
Quivering with delight at the array
of aamples snipped (rum rulls ul dress
guods, she emptied the contents of her
purse into her lap. There was a me
tallic tuutid. A luuk uf dismay crussed
her lace.
"There:" she exclaimed, "I Jmt
knew there was something I had forgotten tu buy!"
"What was it, dear?" he asked, with
an aasumptiun uf interest,
"I'm sure I don't know," she re-
Riled petulantly, 'but I Snd I have a
alf dollar left."
Tyrkish T-.wei.nr-   .n-m    •   ••■ *«w-*-s>
-**"j ef  S*W4r**    --4.: l*mr
Turkish mwellnx*, tlbtl  neM .neneun
of fabrics, tuu tieei boH  it  snsjam*g
tbe wire tnrv.<* *i;it 'a :ie *iiiiiiitiir:rm
for this round mwned tannnnr nirtmi
headgear    \ ■• ttuan   ne  t*ywomt
brim an.l <■■:■■ -- "i- mi r-ra. 'or *j»
bow at Ibe but'« if Ola iu:. r.-*u,inmg
st the back .* me ,r a« ie-» toocfBM
In millinery
The  use  i>r   r'iru:so   -u-rs-ing   tsr
smart -jatini* qj*j j u dea  ut --im-
Swiss Cow Bells.
It Is the custom of Swiss tnoun-
tsineers to hsng bells on the necks
of their cows, and so accustomed and
attsched do tho snimals become to
these belli, that the deprivation of
them is felt ss a punishment. If any
cow has been guilty of straying ur
unseemly behavior, a breach of discipline or any viciuui trick the dis-
Sleaaure of the herdsman is not test!-
ed by blows, but by temporary deprivation of her bell, and tfiii seldutn
fails to reduce her to order and to
prevent a repetition of the (.(fence.
A Conservative Painter.
Rev.  Mr.   Qude—The  question   Is,
brethren, how we shall lend ralvation
to the riji Islanders,
Deacon Tighlwudde—Though I am
not intiinateiy Umilirtr with ttie pree-
■ nt ca.-e, I would Miggt--i Uiat we s«nd
it collect.
A Garden Enthusiast.
"Yuu say you enjoy gardening.*"
"I never heur uf yuur raising anything."
"No. I gel nl) my tun standing
around and telling my neighbors what
tu du."
I Patience, persistence and power tn
1 do are only aa-tnird by work-Bee*
Life Preservers.
Life  pre-i-.ver*.   were  brought   Into
popular use III IVU
Ancient Scutpters.
lleznleel and  Abolish were the tlr-t
| sculptors on retard, whlcb was tu Nil)
ft. C.   Itesides ciirviutt lu at utie and
wood, l brae (wo artists de vised beau
tlful works uf goiti snd sliver.
A  Warning  Headed.
"I once hesrd >• ur wife recite 'Curfew Mi.tll Not King To-uighi.' " inid
tin   reminiscent friend.
"Yei," reiponded Mr. UHkton,
with s -iii.i.- ul confident spprov-U.
"And I tske notice thai Uie curlew
hus K'.ne out uf builneai,"
Blast   Bo   Nothing.
Wife—The doctoi *t.u-» mat in view ,
of uur pour elrcumstaneci he will uvi
pre-, in tua bill immediately
Artist—We sre lucky thsl our circumstances are no belter. If they
were we might have to pay at onoa.
First qusrantine was established at
Venice lo 1127.
ILhBien .ijwki.ihi air
Itself fo those «ho can sppro*
date the artistic puaalbblTlti if this
Inexpensive fabric. In the datl. oa-
bleacbed shades It Is partku.arly effective.
lints of Turkish towelltig are referred to by the di-slgner ss "wub rag
*3'«iC'ing  -fluid.
Allow s UbUwfJao&fal of chloride of
lime to iftrj ipiurt of wsier retiulred
iitr the article abool lo this wster UU
sll cuiur hs* il'.appv^ired and tben
rinse it very th irmigbiy In clear wster.
Sunshine Wholesome.
Sunsnlue ta one of ibe beat health
givers, so let It Treely Into your home.
People v> ho sre t— careful of curtains
and carpet* often exclude tba eon ao*fl
let lu sickness aud sorrow.
Lifting the Nspkln Ring.
' in., a napkin Dug on Ihe inhle and
i try to |>l[-k If up wltb the brsi mum
j To d-i Hils || Is necessary lo twirl the
, ring very rapidly The notion mu-i
come frum the nrl-t entirely.
Umbrellas,  wblcb  were nr-t  hum
dnced In Ibis country si Ratll re in
1770. were cuniuinuly BCOateti es evi
of effemiiiu--*.
Kiss Greetings.
ll Is an an ot i-miienesa In porta ot
Germany tu kiss Hie hand of a lady,
but lu Italy ibis privilege Is allowed
only to near relatives, while tn Hmula
tl la eilended lo kissing Ibe fureheaa.
Canadians  In Britain.
No fewer tban live Cinodian-born
U.P.'t—Slr Ollbert Parker, Sir Wu.
linn. Mai AitK.ti, Mr. Joicph Martin,
Mr. Uuual.I Msemester, and Mr. Ham-
At 0treenwood- took  part in a debsto
in   lh.   Im/ i...   House   ol   ('- iMii.ui
recently   in  committee  ol   -*=*;-1.>   on
.the Colom,il UIDcs Vote, when the results of tlm Imperial Oonlifenoe were
levltWsd   by   vun iui   upcakvu.    Mr.
Mnckindi-r ist.1  i .1.*   tins fuel  was a
j striking   evidence   ol   modern   condi-
- tiuiis, and a hopeful ou<i hue augury
lur the lu'ur.- ol  thu  Kinpirv.   Caua-
I disn (j-i.:.w. I-Itl-.I'.   I'RESS,  CHILLIWACK,   BRITISH  COLUMBIA.
♦* •>•» <e4*e++*> *f ^+^-r--*-<.-> 4*+<-^ •>-:-> ->■-••'• •:••:•** *.:.***•:<**•>•:••:
.    ADVANTAGE    .
of our Special Suit Siilu?    If nol you
in',' doing yotirsi'lf mi injustii-i-,    'lust
think of imyiiijj only
$15 for a
$20.00 Suit
liiuiiiK tiie Iiini Iwo
ln'i's linvo in ken i
Sjjoeinl t Iffer nnil v
our Bni'gnin Tables
call ami BOO tilt'
offoriiig nl '
celts lai'jie iiiiiii-
vniitiigd   of   mir
llllVU   lilli'il   up
ml want ymi  to
I-. we nro
y $15
Chas. Parker
Your Outfitter        Fit Reform Clothier
Personal Mention
New Seasonable Goods at
Just arrived direct from the Mills J
200 Pairs of Wool Blankets and 200 Comforters I
wliieli I am putting on sale nl Cost, as 1  have an- |
other shipment yet to co  J
Jest Look at Them in the Window |
$1000 worth of  f.nce Curtains,  N'ci,  Madras, Scrim, J
Portieres and Tnblo Covers, to lie sold at prices, that J
for big value, have never beca  heard of in Chilli- ♦
waek before. +
,1. C. tlnrvie was ii liusiui'ss visitor
tu \'iiari»uvt'i- mi Saturday.
wus a luisini'ss
ui .MiiiiiIii.v.
The Leading* Furniture Dealer      Westminster St.
I   Newcombe Piano, in good condition
McMillan, good as new. Splendid tone
Price new $375. For quick sale
$250.00 |
Terms arranged. Call and See These. j
Alfred White . Music Dealer j
2s Royal Welsh Ladies Choir
Opera House, Monday, October 23
Under the auspices ol
The Chilliwack Hospital Auxiliary
Advance  Tickets  MUST  be  Exchanged at
Barber's Drug Store, by SATURDAY
Prices: $1.50 and $1.00
A. G. Brown-Jamison Co. Ltd.
It. K, Wuddlngt
visitor tn Viiticouvt
M. II. Suit!!ns, of Vancouver, win
ill tin- rit.V I'll Siltlltiliiy.
tiniest Orr lum relumt.il from i
trip t" ll"; east.
II. Il.tlt-mui was a business visitor i" Vancouver on Monday.
W. It, Noteuis .viiH a business
visitor to Vnneouvor ycstenliiy
James McDonald is on a business
trip to Ruvulstoke this week.
Geo, Munro iind Chris. Johnson
nf Chilliwack wore visitors at Westminster Thursday.
Mr. and Mrs. Jtist'ph Peers are on
■i visit to Vancouver friends tins
Jolm Orr left this weok on a trip
tti Portage la Prairie, and Swan
River, Man., lliu former home.
S. Chatmin nnd H. ,1 Snelgrove,
of Vancouver, tt'ere visitors to the
valley thi* week.
Geo. V. Praser, of Vancouver, lias
been here this week enjoying the
shooting in the valley.
Mrs. I.. II. Mny, nf Naiiaiino, Is
visiting her sister-in-law, Mrs. W.
(*}. Lillle.
Mrs. (I. It. Ashwell left yext.-r-
day for a ten days1 visit with Vancouver friends.
C, S. Hepburn is erecting a fine
new residence on Fourth avenue fur
(Jeo. Sturglss.
Miss Knight, of ttie puhlie school
stud', was tt visitor lo Vancouver on
Mr. George Hart has accepted tt
position as assistant to Mr. Mellard
in the jkjsI office.
Mr. Gregory, trallic manager for
tiie B. C. K. K., was in the city on
Mrs. Gilchrist, Now Westminster,
is the guest of Mr. and Mrs. It. J.
II. E, Smith, uf Mnjnl.il Hill, is
erecting a new home un his eighty
acre ranch, near Vedder mountain.
It. S. t'arvolth came up for Sunday from Westminster where he is
Bcrving on a jury at the Assizes, returning same day,
I). 11. Hall, who was reported as
seriously ill at Victoria last week, in
now, wc are pleased to report, on a
f.Jr way to recovery.
('apt, Geo. Robertson returned to
Nelson mi Sunday after spending
a COUplo of weeks in the city and valley.
Mr.G. R. Mason,  Ponticton, B.
C, is the guest at the home of Capt,
P. 11. II.  Ramsay, Prairie Central
Mr. Keith, of New Westminster,
visited Excelsior Lodgo, No. 7, on
Tuesday on bahnlf of the new li, O,
Funeral Aid and also with the idea
nf forming a branch of the ICucamp-
mont at Chllllwaek. In the latter
Im was successful and Chilliwack
will have a lodge of thc ISneiunp-
Mr. Fred Parker, of Llllio'sCash
Grocery, left Tuesday morning for
Vancouver, to meel his two daughters, Eileen and Greta, who are
passengers hy tho S, S JSoalai.din
from Austriala. Mr. I'tirker has
hi'cu four years In Uhllllwaok this
month and like-*, it just ns well now
as tiie day he arrived,   Funny ?
Mr. and Mrs. A. L, Coote were
the host and hostess at a dance
given   in   the  Opera   House  hist
Thursday   evening.     Al i    ono
hundred and seventy gucsui were
present and :i pleasant time wns
enjoyed until an early hour. The
local orchestra of eight pieces supplied tho music which mot with
much favorable comment.
Church News
.1. 9, Hill, who started a fish
market a few weeks ago, left for
Vancouver on Tuesday. The family
I accompanied him.
i Miss Edith May has returned to
Chllllwaek and will spend the win-
tLT'si-asiin with her sister, Mrs. W.
G. Mllic.
I    Ernest Townsl*-y, of Vancouver,
Igrandsnii of A. C. Wells, Surdis, has
been in the valley this week enjoy-
; ing a share of the excellent sh-toting.
Mr. F.   Greer,   chief   custom's
clerk at Vancouver,   and formerly
^♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦»»»»W j of  Chilliwack,   is   rene-ving   old
acquaintances in thu city this week.
i W. H. Nflcnifl, real estate agent
has wild ten acres un Fairfield Island l<> Henry Griffith, of Swan
hike, .Man. The vendor was John
RowelllTe, Chllllwaek.
Kev. R .1. Douglas attended a
muss mooting nt Abholsford in connection with tho Presbyterian church
on Tuesday evening, going to Viineuliver lho next day to attend tho
Uviimn's Missionary Convention,
Miss Robinson, a missionary from
India, will give a talk on her work,
in the Baptist church on Friday
evening at eight o'clock. Mlfts Hob*
has lieen on a furlough mid is now
on her return journey. An offering
will he taken.
Special Services
A two weeks' scries of special services will begin in Cook's Presbyterian church on Sunday October
20. Rev. Geo. Pldgeon, of New
Westminster, accompaniod hy a
good s-.lnist, will conduct the services, which will he held every evening except Saturday.
Iu connection with the service in
the Methodist church next Sunday
evening, when Mr. ('. J. South will;
speak, tho Epwortli league will give
an interesting programme of music
and the service will by conducted hy i
theofticcrs of the league
On Monday, Octl 30, Thanksgiving Day, the Rev. Robert Hughes, I
of Vancouver, will give a Coronation
entertainment In trio Methodist
church. Mr, Hughes was a visitor
to Loudon at tho time of this great
event and has secured a large number of excellent photographic slides
<>f the procession aud ceremony, and
will exhibit these by mean- of a
powerful electric lantern. After enjoying your Thanksgiving dinner,
save the evening fur litis unique and
interesting entertainment.
Mr. C J. South, secretary of the
Children's Aid Society of British
Columbia, will bo in thi-* city next
Sumliiy and Monday October -'_' and
■:., tn speak on behalf of th- ex-
client institution over which he has
ontrol.   The programme will bo,
li'.i.iii H l Klour,
por suck, $1.75
Royal Standard .''Imir,
por such, $1.75
Best Quality Rulloil Outs,
201b, wok, .85
11,'st Quality Rllllocl Huts.
8 Hi. sack, .35
OiiIiih'iiI Toilet Simp,
H cukes for .25
Whit,' Swjiu Laundry Buap,
7 cukoB fur .25
Knglish Assorted Itisi'iiits,
2 lbs, for .25
Ginger  Simps,  'i lbs.   for .25
Cape Cud Ci'anberrii B
Tokny drupes, 'J lis,
Chuici Bulimias, per i
Sweet Potiiloea, per pound,   .05
King Oacar Sardines,
2 line for .25
Mnohina Sliced Bai , per lb. .25
Melroso '''alls Clieoso, peril., .20
Bi ko Bond
• Jiile. valuo fi
r .35
■ lu,'. value f.
r .30
Fancy Creain
•iv lliillor,
;; lbs. fur $1.00
llreakfast Cocoa,
Half pound tin, .25
Imported .Tamsol Best Quality
and very appetizing
Pineapple Jain, |i.-r jar,     .25
Block Currant Jam, por jar, .25
Strawberry Jam, per jar,   .25
Raspberry Jam, por jar,    .25
Smoked Fish and Fruits
in Season.
Cash Grocery
now is THE
Our Prices Lowor Hum
Hilton's nnil im Freight
or Mail Clinrgoa lo I'uy.
Comport) * lur Prions with
Eaton's Now Catalogue.
Why nol Uuy ot Homo,
Men's Thigh Boots, $5.00
Men's Knee Boots, $3.00
Boys' Knee Boots, $2.75
Men's Storm Rubbers, .75
Women's "      "       .65
Those nro Omul l{iiulny
uml nro Fully Gunrntood.
R. J. Mcintosh
Several brand now cottages
and bungalows in different
paitH of tho city for sale un
exceptionally easy terms und
at extremely low prices, for
sale   for  ii   few ilnys   at   a
Wu id^i have enqirles for a
Dairy Itauch for rent, must
have at leant 80 acres mid
in s1i;i|k- to operate.
We wnnt listings of large
ami small hlucks of land
when' the light prices and
terms nre quoted. Our arrangements for selling land
tu eastern fanners is superior to any iu the valley and
if proper offers me made,
we call sell the lllllll.
Tub Ciiiuiwack Land and
Dkvkoi'mkntCo, l,m. an* in
il   IfOSltlon   tu   handle   large
undeveloped blocks of land
now and we invite nil who
have  such   laud tn sell  to
notify ns and quote their
very boat price nntl terms
mi same. This is a matter
which deserves prompt and
careful notion,
Call and see ns.
!     P. O. Bob 247        Phont 171     .
Chilliwack, B. C.
SI",','K"MIII>  n
I. nin.HX A
II... k 1'in-li.r.
lloa.1 Uadil
Mii.hin, iy
iiliin l',r-' Kipilpntent
IntenUlo Aulotnohlli.           (Iramiii M,,i,„ Trucks
Farm lnplwii.nl- I ...ir > Kupplln llurln I Milking Mm Mm.
1046 Main Street Vancouver, B.C.
the  i-li. trie  i.ill.e
tin disc mi «l,i,li
tin' elerirlc eurrenl
will ,1,, Main
rioM thi
■Have You Seen Them ?-
Opnaslte 11. C. K. Slaii.'ii
Fitted  .villi modern conveniences   nntl   comfortably
furniiliod throughout.
D. R. M.cLINNAN, Proprietor
• Sale.
r^rfMrf-*************MrarMM    '
Cast Steel
Roller Rink
The Clilllluack Roller Rink la now
open f„r tin- aeitaon,
Two-Thirty 1,1 Five
Seven-Thirl; io Ten
Com* and enjoy a pleasant
A very cordial invitation U. lho gen
.-i-i.I public tn attend nny or nil nt
these meetings,
of the local Sunday schooli on Sun- FREE PRESS   WANT ADS.
Sunday morning, 10 a. in., Baptist day afternoon, lho Superintendent ""
church Sunday school;  11 a.m. asked, among oilier question! re* For Rent
Buptint church ; Sunday afternoon, garding return ut tin- cliildrcn nf FOR RENT—flood elghl  roomed honsn
addresses io be given nt both the Israel to Joruialem from Babylon,    ;;','Jl''>['ll'!,',j,'ll''1J.i'lv''v,'''i''''"""' Ap|,ly
Presbyterian and Methodist Sunday why all tlio Israelites did not return,
schooli?; Sunday evening, ".ltd p.m. and received from mie of lho .mall-
Mothodistchurcli; Monday evonlug, or pupilsa true but ralliorunaxpeot-
mass  meeting in  tbe   Mothodist cti answer, that somo of tlioin diet).
church, under the amplces of the There wero nn mora questions put|
Young People's societies of the city, lo the icliaol for n few  minute*.
For Rent
Full RENT—11 i
water heating, G
i im,l otilrcswlth li.'i
... It. AbIuvcR ,x Bon,
For Sale
lll<- Illltl.lv lllllllt-IH-
Imi lienter fnr Ml*
iin: M;it.-r quickly,
il>,. Imll.nen.able
kllrlii'ii ronven,
icnrcfui Iroiiingdsj
l'i"|'   in   at   "in-
l-lillllnrk "itlr,.
nnd Inn,- ilit-s,. ii|>-
pllaiicc. i \|,laiiii-,l
I,, j,.n.
B. C. Electric Railway Co., Limited
Mrs. II. .1. llarWr and s.ui Jack
will arrive home from Ontario in*
morrow, after n two months' visit
nt Toronto, Omngevllle, All nml
oilier euilern   iviints.
Ilov, B. ii. Stewart i» on a trip
In Ihe upper count iy il.is week
It in tin- Intentl f Ilov. B. il.nnd
Mrs, Hlowart to make ibcir future
Iinnii' thero.
('Iin'. Iliitchesnti bnd the mis-
torttltlo tn run ii rilstv nnil into bis
right loot while nut .hooting mi
Monday. It looked like a cuse of
hlond.pt lulling fnr n day or twn
but the Injury i< licnling.
Henry Clrlflllh, of Swim Like,
Man., Im. been Die guest nf .Mr.
nml Mrs. jidui tanry, Pnlrfield
Island, While here Mr. (Iiillitb
pUreiiascd ten ucres of FnirlieKI Is-
Iniid projNirly,
We Have Moved
th" Knight Block lu the building formerly occupied by
tho Free I'reaK, opposite tho post nlllce, wlioro you will
Iind ll. fail 1 v equipped In meol your dent mils in nur line.
We carry a full line of tin I., -i grndoi of Itarncn nnd
accessories, nt pricci tlial sp-'ll noiny for Ilia rarmor,
I. propareti to giro ynu exceptional service, and n call
will be iipprocliiled
The Chilliwack Harness Co.
Oppoaite the Poat Office
Ask Your Grocer Por        ♦
Nabob Coffee!
Forty Cents a Pound jl
Full SAI.K—Pure l,n,l Pi'kln Bucks,
sniiiiii,. i,,i iirceilingttfiperluilr. J,
.M.f.'iiii, ll. I,».,ii I,-If, clumi,.
For Sale
FI HI s.M.f;   llom'O -i\ >, ins,,1,1. welihl
nls'iii IIimi ll,-.lie nu llnzgy, alcurii
uikI liiiiiiess. cheap fni ca.li, Knqilin
,,i \. li MrKarhcro, Cllv.
Fot Sale
liliM IF. Full HALK-.R.Ii. A.make;
.hn- s|..,.,t gear., from and hark toiler
nm hrakr-, aram'lj ridden] Appli Ikn
-.'". Free I'ii n,
It. A
. IIkndrhson, p.r, A m.k.
tut: Mi:ttiu.it ni' tin: nxtlrttN
Mn'Ut-i mi p|VII BSniSBRIW
It. ('.   I.WU   Ht'lIVKVOn
10A li. Wt-MtniiH'-i■ Tnwl ni.'ii
UH1M.1WACK, ll.-U,
cm of VoIpp, Plmio mid Violin
in riiiiiiwii.r! wrekly.
in pnUt iiit.i i« Ihe Conwmlorj i
t'.i'.iiiilHiiv U'wi, Vnnniuvor
ml .mi  l.ii. let Hill ru II .ill )..il.
Woslininilot Trust Building
t'llll,l,l\VACK, B. 0.
Candy Kitchen
Dainty Lunches Served In
pleasing style
Afternoon Tea* and high
class Confection
We iiinko our own Candy
Fresh,   Daily
ORAKI—llm-km-y .Siallioti,   It. j-i-i.-rnl,
DOLLT- Buy Mnn*, tl yi-urn, Ik-si family
man- in tin* provtiicv,
HAZEL    Brown iimw, ti yean, k-khI
roiiil>iiijiliiii) in ul] hurtle*-* mul -.MiUlli-.
HAROLD C.  Soricl coll 2 yotn pant, a
■■..."i |irii-"|*t'i't in uiuki- money.
l'l-1- fiiitlii'i' imriii-ulan* ap|.ly
Ciuli, Timr, ur Kxclmngo for Real EiUle,
Mis. Ciarn Davison, teacher in
l*iini,,. uinl pupil nf Miss McQuire,
Alhertn Coitego, Bdinonton, is ,,js n
(o receive piinmr.v pupils, l'ii|,i|s
may begin al anytime, Termi,etv>,
nil lipplii'lltillU.
Rt.M»c. i f rlnt.ii An., CUIIIwuR
British Columbia Electric Ry.
la'ali' l.'wve      Arrive
Train.     Chvrk,      IVcstniin,    V.o.
I II  a.m.         3.WI 0.46
:t sin a.in. ll.nO 19.80
n I    p.m.      ,i.r>o i.ir,
V J.flOp.m. tuu 0,80
Milk... .ill.', p.m.      9,40 10,80
I,-live Arrive Arrive
Train        Van. Wesnnin. Ohwk,
•J  » 11.00 II.M
t  18 noon I.on :i.m
ii :l  p.m. 4.Ot II.M
« •'>  p.m. 0,10 11.00
Milk  lam. 2.00 r..:to
viikhi.it USRVIOR
I.V0, rlillllnaek 8.80 a.m. t lluily Kxccpt
"   Vaiu'imver 7.00   "   J     Hmnlny
All pawa'ligi'r iralna leilntlv KxpivM.


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