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A^ m 1912
Vol.. 1.
Editor iiml Proprietor
No. 51
Don't yuu wIhIi you luul ii
pliutoftrnph uf your great,
great grandfather t Of
vaurH you can't Imve, be-
cause there wrun't any
photography In those day«.
But your great, great
Kriimi I'liildn-n lim have
photoKritphHof yuu. Ami
you owe HoiiH'thlutt to
THERE'S A Niorouiumrit
The Mee Studio
Social and Personal
spent  lust
Mrs. C. K. Viekorson
week in Viineouver.
Mrs. W. J. Dawson attended the
Vancouvor 'exhibition.
Miss Denholm was at Harrison
Hot Springs last week.
Misses Blanche and Edna Topley
are camping at Cultus lake.
Mr. and Mrs. F. B. Lyle six-nt
tbe week ond in Vancouvor.
Chas. H. Evans left on Friday
on a visit to points in Ontario.
Mrs. Frame is spending a couple
of weeks with Vancouver friends.
Miss Margaret Bell is visiting iu
Vancouver and New Westminster.
Miss Hilda Manuel of Cedar Cottage is visiting friends in tho city.
Mrs. Harry Hall leaves this week
for a holiday with friends in Vancouver.
Miss Moffatt, of Rossland, is a
guest at tbe In une of Mrs. F. A.
Mr. and Mrs. W. Jones, of Okanogan Valley, are visiting Mr. and
Mrs. E. Jones.
Mr. and Mrs. Woodworth are
spending a week or ten days at
Camp al Sumas.
Mr. and Mrs. Cartmell and Miss
Elsie and Wesley visited in Vancouver last week.
Miss Zolhih Kiucaid nf Vancouvor
is a guest at the homo of Mr. and
Mrs. J. E. Harrison.
Alias (ituniimii of T. li. Henderson's Dry (lornls Store is enjoying a
holiday in Vancouvor.
Mr. and Mrs, 1). S. Diimlns, nf
the Hotel Royal, spent a fow days
last week ut Vancouver.
Mr. and Mrs. Qwynne Vaughn
and Miss Whilinena Topley spent
a few days Inst week at Vancouver.
Mrs. Samuel Houston aud son
of Bcllingham spent Sunday at the
home of Mr. und Mrs. Jus. O'Heurn.
Mr. Jonathan Hnwnrth of Vancouver was the guest last week of
his daughter Mrs. Sigfield Edstrom.
Mr. and Mrs. John Robinson aud.
little daughter are spending a holiday at Vietoria and Other const.
Burton Clarke,  of  the   Bunk  of!
Ottawa, Ottawa,  is s|icnding   his
vacation witb Rev. and Mrs. Clarke,
Miss Millegan and Miss Boultboe
of Vancouver spent tbe week end
in Chilliwack the guest of Mrs. F. A.
Mrs. W. Davios nnd littio daughter returned on Sunday after a two
months visil to various point*, iu
Mrs. W. R. nml Miss Frails Law-,
son, of Central Purk, uro s|>ciidiugi
the week witb Mr. und Mrs. tl. W '*- * "'" '" u
Mrs. W. D. Richardson audi
daughters Initio nud Violet spent
the week end at Vuncouvor ami
Visited tbo Fair.
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Hcncdctt. and
Mr. Fuhir, of East Cnllingwood,
spent tha week ond with Mr. and
Mrs. Jus. O'Hearn.
Rev. A. Shore, of Ridgetown.
Ont., wbo is u brother of Mrs.
Huwkshaw, Prairie Central Itimd.
and wbo is staying with bis sister.
•nd at I, C. Lucas', preached at
St. John's church, Surdis, last
Jlrs. Chauncey E. Eckert und
children are expected home on Saturday after two months visit with Mrs.
Eokert's parents at Osakis, Minn
Mrs. D. H. McKay hns returned
nfter a two months' visit ut Winnipeg and Brandon, Manitoba.
Mrs. S. Barber and daughter
Martha, of Winnipeg spent lust wool,
with Mrs: Barber's sister, Mrs. A.
Smith of Fust Chilliwuek.
Mr. nnd Mrs. K. .1. Boucher and
family spent last wook with Vancniiver friends, and visited Ibe fair.
Tho trip tn nml froni the coast wus
made in Mr. Boucher's automobile.
Rev. A. ID, nnd Mrs. Roberto
returned on Tuesday after a plea-
ant visit nf two weeks to Mrs.
Hubert's former honie  at   Victoria,
Miss Wilcox of Vancouver is relieving Miss Paulson of theC. P. U.
Telegraph olllco at II. J, Barber's
drugstore, while tbo latter is ou
her holidays.
The annual Sunday School picnic
of St. John's church, Sardis, will
lie held nt the Vedder River on
Saturday. Thoohildren will assemble nt the churoh ut HI n.m.
Baptist Church—Rev. J. T. Mar-
shsll, H.A., minister. Subject for
Sunday evening, "TheThird Greatest Event in All History." You
nre invited to eonio nnd worship
with us.
J. Huinmar returned on Sunday
frnin attending the Supreme Lodge
Sittings of tho Knights of Pvthias
held ut Denver, Colorado. Mr.
Iluinmnr was ono nf two Provincial
delegates from British Columbia.
Mr. and Mrs. MoCormick, Dunlins County, (Int., were the guests
of R. J. Mcintosh a day or two this
week. Mr. MoCormick is a prominent stock raiser in Ontario and was
very favorably impressed witli tho
Chilliwack Valloy,
Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Logan and
children of Vancouvor wero the
guests of Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Walker
of East Chilliwaek last week, returning on Wednesday to Vancouver,
where Mr. Logan is assistant manager of the Northern Crown Hunk.
Jus. Burlier, who has spent the
past two months with his son II. J.
Barber, leaves on Monday for his
home at Alton, Out. Mr. Burlier
■will visit different points in the
west enroute nnd will nlso attend
tlie Toronto Fair, whore the Barber
Carriage -Co., of which lie is n
mflmbef, will hnve n big display.
Matinee nf moving pictures at
the Lyric. Theatre every Saturday
afternoon at 3.30.   Admission 10c
Fnr Sale—on easy tonus, what is
known ns tlie Bent plnco, Fairfield
Island, in whole, or in part, Geo.
Matinee of moving piclures at
the Lyric Theatre every Saturday
aflornoon at 8.80,   Admission Hie.
Until further notice no Iruit will
be taken in al the Cannery on Saturday.   .1. II.  Ashwell,  Manager.
Horatio Webb of   Surdis was n
Judge of the sheep nnd swine at the
fair in Vancouvor.
(in lo .1. Kniglil it Co. for the
Host Flour. Wo guiirniiloo Royal
Standard and Mighty Fine. Ten
grades lo choose from. Pastry tui-
II. .1. liur'uT, the Druggist mid
Stationer bus a full page advt. in
the Free Press to dny. Money
saving values are to be found by n
pei'usnl of the eontents. Don't fail
In read it.
Full stuck of Lndies' Shoes lias
arrived at Ashwells. Tho latest
stylos and us good un assortment ns
cun he found on the const. Seethe
Operations have begun for tht
erection nf u lino cement block residence on Nowoll stroot for Dr. L.A.
Patten., The house will lie two
stories with basement, and will be
in addition tntho line class nf homes
erected in tho city during the post
two yonrs.
Watermelons, oranges, penohes,
delicious fresh fruits; buy them at
Ashwells Grocery. •
F. J. Hurt and Mr. Mc Intnsh nf
Net- Westminster, were visitors to
the local offlce of the F. J. Hart &
Co., Ltd., on Saturday. They camo
ti)) over the auto rond. Mr. Hurt
loft on Tuesday on a business trip
to Montreal.
Local and General
L.F.Ctott, at Mee Studio for photos
For photos at Chapman's—phone
School Siiti.iks— buy them at
No fruit will Is- taken in at the
Cannery on Saturday.
L. A. Thornton was n visitor tn
Holliiighum on Tuesday,
J. Kniglil v.- Co. for nil. kinds nf
breakfast foods, fresh in.
To Lot—Rooms suilnhlo for
offices; apply to II. J.  Barber.
Pure Pickling Spices ami Vinegar,
!buy lliein at Ashwells Grocery,
lee  cream   in   all   Ihe   popular
I forms und flavors ai Johnson's,
I    .1.   II.   Ashwell   was  a    husines
I visitor to llie Victoria nn   Monday.
I    It.  A.  Henderson spent a fow
j days this week on  business nt  the
Order   preserving  ponollOS   nnw;
II.IS  |ht crate at   Lillie's    Cash
rVo   Ashwells   windows   fnr  new
FjII Dry Goods, Clothing nntl School
Cnr.lw.mil for side nt $'.\Mt) per
curd, delivered. City Transfer Co.,
Phono Hi.
Two Ladies Bicycles for snle. ns
Apply Miss L. Mor.
deu, phone II.
Men's New Fa i.i. Sr iin—see the
display at Ashwells.     Prices  frnin
♦10.00 to $22.60,
Fiiee! A present with every purchase of school supplies ut Ashwells
•Stationery Dept.
Matinee of moving pietures lit
the Lyric Theatre every Saturday
afternoon at 8.80,
Ashwells Dry Goods Doparlmonl
Is opening now Full Goods. Visit
the store and look around.
vf Knight & Co. for horse und
entile feed, bon and ehiek fund.
Big our just arrived frnin the mills.
Cannot Receive Fruit on Saturday.
Owing to tho large quantities of
fruit now being delivered to the
Cannery daily and especially ^111
Saturday the management has lieen
forced to refuse any further fruit nn
the latter day. It is necessary thut
all fruit in stock must lie canned on
Saturday, else there is a groat deal of
waste and loss. Last Saturday 9200
quart onus of benns und plums were
put up.
Sl. John's Church, Sardis.
A Gardon Party will lie hold oil
Wednesday the 'Jsth nf August in
connection with tho Woman's
Auxiliary, at the residenceM Mrs.
Sellers, in aid of Church furnishings. The amount collected in
ontranco fee will be given lo the
Chilliwuek hospital. Ten mu! cuke
lot-.; ico ereiini 10c.; use of tennis
court free. Rigs will meet tbo ono
o'clock Irani und tuke passongors
to ihe 8.40 returning to chilliwuek.
Hours I.:!() to 7 p.m.
Married at Vancouver.
At tho Huptist  Parsonage, 448
.lackson avenue, Vancouver, un
Monday afternoon, August III, Mr.
Edgar Alfred Nelems, if Chilliwack
and Miss Charlotte Allele Weaver,
of Harrison lint Springs, woro married by the Kev. II. II. West. The
bride and grnnm were supported by-
Miss Muhel Bontrlco Mm-tin mul
Mr. Francis Gordon Ncloms, The
newly married oouplo left on the 11
p. m. bout "Princess Vietoria" for
a trip to Victoria, Seattle, Goldon,
uml Dalles City. Altera honeymoon
of two weeks, Mr. uml Mrs. Ni loins
will rotUril to Chilliwuek, where
tbey uro widely known, und will reside in the city,
The tenuis tournament bus boon
progressing splendidly this week,
good weatlier once more prevailing.
A great deal of interest is Is'ing
shown in the loiirnnmeiit bulb by
the players themselves mul s|»t-
tutors, many of whom are not
incinlicrs of the elub ul all hut who
arc anxious to assist the club in this
way. Ton cents admits any nnn-
inumber    nny   nftornoon   except
Saturday whon lifty cents will entitle
all non-momlxirs In witness the
grand liuiils and enjoy ton. Mrs.
Rutherford is serving ten tn dny,
Mrs. Pattou lo-morrow and Mrs.
('onto is ten hostess nu Saturday.
A bright social tlmo is s|«'iit by
tho lovers of tennis every iifteriiooti
nt th nuts uml remarkably  good
form nml playing is shown by some
nf the players this your.
Read Harbor's full page advt.
lha Free Press to-day.
Tho regular meeting of City Council on Monday evening was punctuated hy unusual features and drew
a large altondanco'of,visitors, tliere
being probably sixty peoplo present
at the opening of tbe session, who
manifested a lively interest in
cerlain portions of llie proceedings.
All the members of tho Board
wero presenl. Communications
from A. Purvis, of tho B. C. _, It,
re visit to Chilliwaek, anil Ciii'boiilil
& Grnnl re By-laws were received
ami lilod.
A petition was rend from It. Summers and other residences of Vale
iinui, asking that a certain street
light which had been moved tho
distanco of ono polo, bo ro-placod,
Aid, Cnrloton moved tliat tho petition be received and lilcd. Aid. McGillivruy objected, and stated that
the light as now placed did not serve
ns good ii purpose as formerly while
Aid. Carleton maintained that the
light was of muoh greater benoflt
to a larger number of people ns now
plnced, which was tlie reason for
the change', Aid. McGillivroy
stated that Mr. Summers promised
to bo present to support the petition,
but as he was not, he would let the
subject drop. The interesting document was then received and filed.
W. J. Price again wrote the Council regarding the working out of the
retail milk license. The latter stated thai one hundred gallons nf milk
wore sold privately in the city eacli
day, Which interfered considerably
with their business. For the sale
of this quantity of milk, no license
wns asked. Yet his firm wus requested to pay. a license which be
considered unfair. The Council
could seo nn way out of the difficulty
and again the matter wns dropped.
Notice of tlio appointment nntl
sittings of a commission to investigate and ro|sirt on the workings of
tho Mumoipal Clauses' Act [or tbo
Provincial Government: was received
ami tiled.
tl. ll. Ashwell wrote regarding a
quantity of lumber tbnt had lieen
piled against one of bis buildings
on Victoria  street.     Aid.   Gervan
stntod that the lumber was on private
property and he did not think the
Council bud uny jui'isdictnii in such
a case.
A petition wns rend from II. J.
Burlier nnd others, againsl the construct ion nf a cemout walk nn the
nnrtli side of Prineess nve. botween
Westminster nnd Main streets.
Laid nver fnr nne wook.
An invitation being oxtondetl to
uny present tn address tlie Council,
Mr. Graham, who has lieen in tin-
city's employ up until Sunday asked the ronson of the sorvioes of himself nnd team lieing dispensed with
by tho Roud Supervisor O'Hoarn.
In answering the question the
Roud Supervisor stntod thai ho considered Grnbnm's services no longer
nf value to him, nud thut the ronson
was immaterial toanyliody.
At this point the fireworks stnrliil.
Mr. Graham thought a reason shnuhl
Ik' given, Aldermen McGillivroy
uud Goodland concurring. Mr.
Graham then  proceeded to plnce
charges against the Roud Stlporln-
tcniloiit.   lie claimed Mr. O'Hearn
know nothing of roud grading, hnd
snld supplies to the oily  while  n
monibor of tho Counoll, hml used
the city's horse nnd rig for private
purposes dining working hours, hail
dune private work at the OXponsO
f the city and also used and iliiiiing-
ed cily equipment ou his ranch, hud
graded streets iu the vicinity of his
"Wn prii|HTty without the knowledge
nf the Council, ami stated thut the
Itouil Suporlntondonl bud snid tlull
us ii Yankee he was Iih, smart la lie
liulliliixeil hy IhosoCanadians, Those
charges Graham culled Mr. O'Heurn
tn deny.
On motion nf Aid. Eckert nml
Gorvan u spoollll meeting wus culled
fnr at ton n'olnok nn Tuesiliiy In
tako up tho whoio mutter uml investigate. Mr. Graham wns asked
to plnce his charges boforo.tho Coun-
cil in writing.
Tho rule lly-lnw fnr 1019 wus
then Introduced ami road three
times. The rule this your will lie
II II mills on lund und nne mill
nn Improvements making n total of
lo l"l.    The rule  is  innilo  up us
follows: Gonoral Rovonno fi l-i;
schools I 'I-I: limns !l 8«4| lire protection (which is n tux on improvements only) one mill. If tuxes are
paid boforo Nov. I, a rebate of ■ -If
will Imi innilo nn general revenue.
Tuxes nnt paid by Deo, ill luxes will
bear interest at rate of 8 percent
until pnid.
Indemnity By-laws for Mayor
and Alderman wore passed, The
Mayor annexes the munificent salary
of $200 while the Alilornien will
swell thoir bank accounts to the
extent of *I(H) each.
Aid. McGillivary drew attention
to what be considered faulty foundations for sidewalks, on PrinccsB
avo. and College streel. The Council doclded to inspect tho sumo on
Tuesday forenoon, In answer to A
question by tho same Aldormnn it
was stntod that no inspector wus
employed on the sidewalk construction. The propel' construction of
walks wus left tn tlic contractor
whose reputation for honesty wus
such that the the Board of Wnrks
chairman, considered the city was
guaranteed good work. Tho
walks constructed under an inspector wore the poorest in the city
Aid. Goodland wanted to know-
how tno city wns going to finance
the cost of ull the work being done
should the city debentures not be
sold. Aid Eckert stated that the
Hank hnd assured the Council that
temporary loans could he secured.
The interest would be one per cent
higher, which he considered would
be lietter business thun stopping
the various improvements now lieing proceeded with. Aid. (iootl-
laml thought a halt should be culled, or nt lenst no further new
work stnrted. The work now
under way and the principal roads
should bo put in good shone for the
winter season. It was finally
decided that the Council as a whole
should designate where further
work should lie done, and a tour of
inspection will ho made.
Scavenger, roud nnd dog tuxes nre
not lieing pnitl with suflicent
alacrity to be approved by tho
Chairman of finance, nnd instruc
tions wore given to have theso contributions gathered in ot onco. Regarding the scavenger tux the Free
Press man |Kiintetl out that a tax of
SO had Is-en assessed him and that
no service luul boon given.
There aro many other such instances.
The motion of February last to
accept deed of blind lane to rear of
MoCulcbenn property on Westminster street was rescinded.
Aid. (loodland wonted tlio Council to finance $050 ns its share nf a
loan toward a  82">(X) building  for
the fnir grounds. Tho Government
Iind promised (1260 and tiie Municipality would bo asked for 8U.TO.
The members of the Council snw no
wny in which tbey could provide
the limn fnr this purpose.
Aid. Eckert tlumght tlmt iu connection witli tlie construction of side
walks on one side of the street nnly,
thut residents nn the oilier side
should puy a portion nf the oust,
ns they hnd the use of the wulk 'ind
tholr properties wore boneftltcd by
the sume.     When   this   rule   wus
followed the later construction of u
walk on the other sido of the street
would he [mid for on the same balls,
It is prohuhlc tlmt such provision
will he made in regard lo coses of
this kind.
A temporary loan By-law for
*VK)t) to meet current exponoos wns
pasBod mul tlu- Counoll adjourned,
A spocinl BOSSlon wns held Tiles,
duy ot tun witli Magistrate McGillivruy presiding,  to   investignte  the
barges mado against 81 root Super-
visor O'Hearn by   Mr. Graham.
Most of lbo chlll'gi's cited ill the foregoing were  mado  in  writing um'
taken up iu order.    In ouch ona
lliose were iiiet liy n denial   by   tlu
Iinnii Supervisor, uml explanation!
were made by him which appeared
l-i satisfy the Council that thore luul I
boon nothing Irregular In connection!
With tllO complaint!Ml forth,  audi
what looked like n   real   up-tn-lbe
minute Municipal skeleton Monday
evening, vanished into thin nir  on |
Tuesday morning, mul nothing
langoablo resulted, Aid, Goodland
mul Carleton were np|Kiinlod to investigate the proofs tbnt everything
bud Ih .-il regular, ns claimed by the
Rond Supervisor,
Chilliwuek Public nud High
Schools o|ien on Mondny nexl, with
the following Staff" of touchers in
ehurge.    High  School--Miss    Me-
Niveu, V.Woodworth and .1. Hindi-
.HIT.' I'.Sehool-F.ti.Culvert,Principal; Miss Morse, 1st ussistunt;
Miss Mitchell, 2nd assistant; Miss
Knight, 3rd ussistunt; Miss Slevon-
snn, llbnssislnnl; Mis.Cuwloy, fith
as3istnnl; Miss (liiinmon, lit li ussistunt; Miss Mnrsden, Primary.
In a month frnin nnw the 'filth
Chilliwack Fnir will be in progress,
making another record for tbe Chilliwack vnlley.  ,
For the past three years more
interesl bus been taken in the annual
fair than wus tho cuse formerly, and
this year's fair should surpass any
thing yol hold.
Tho season has beon mnst favorable for the production of the highest class of Hold and garden produco
und a fine oxibition is looked for.
The Directors have worked faithfully und woll and the prize list
this year bus been increased making
it worth while tn exhibit.
Iii horses, cuttle and other live
stock the entries arc expected to lie
heavy, dairy exhibits will be good,
nnd an exceptionally gixnl display
of (lowers is looked for. Fruits nnd
vegetables und field produce should
constitute a record entry this year.
The Woman's Department has
been very much increased this year,
und the committee of ladies in
charge will have their work cut out
to take charge of the entries.
The jHiultry class has been much
enlarged and a new building is being erected to show the birds off to
tho best advantage, tlreat interest
is being shown in poultry, and the
result nf an increase showing should
prove nf great benefit to the industry. The grounds are looking
well, the new entrance gates making a handsome showing.
The sport's committee aro busy
preparing an elaborate program of
running races, athletic sports, etc.,
for the two afternoons. Special
platform attractions are being scour -
etl which will prove i-ntertaining.
Music will I* supplied by tho Regimental Band by kind permission of
tbo officer commanding, while
merry-go-rounds and novelties wul
amuse the younger portion of th«
No games nf nhrmTT or "lostion-
able amusements will i>e tolerated
at the fair, and no professional hor**
racing will I* allowed.
Tlle projected visit of His Highness, the Governor General, on the
last day will Is; the means of drawing o largo crowd.
The program is in the hands nf t
Committee who will look aftor th*
details ol the Royal visit which will
In' part of the New Westminster
reception. No l-otter way •( showing the I iovernor-1 teneral could be
devised than by taking him over the
B. C. Klectric Railway to Chilliwaek
showing him the country at tho
hack of lhe coast cities, and ■ review of the live stock at the Chilliwack (air will prove to His Highness that B. C. is not l«-bind in the
raising of pur.- bred stock.
Taking it all through, this year's
fair should !»• the best ev.-r h.-ld and
il behoves every resident of the
Vnlloy to enter into the spirit of
the thing mid support the fair in
every possible wuy by exhibiting
und by attending.
Cliilliwnck surely won a prominent
place at the Vancouver fair last week,
iu every class whore entries were
made, this city ami valley represent-
" a goodly number ol the prizes,
E. II. Burton got most of the blue
rililnuis in Leicester clan ol iheep.
P. II.   Wilson   had   a   magnificent
exhibit of Shropthires, while Qua,
Hawthorn swept the prise lists in
the Dorset Horn class. P. H. Wil-
sun, 0. Hawthorn, w. II. Crank-
liiaw nil exhibited prize winner, in
the fnt sheep exhibit. Banford Bro-.
captured the big things with their
line |icns ol TmiiWortli swine, lu
the Jersey cow class E. II. Burton
wns  one  of  the   loaders.    In  tbc
GuornioyiChoi. Hawthorn captured
every award except one which wont
to Bunfiiril Bros. In the poultry
awards E. A. Orr won four firsts,
three seconds nnd one third, nnd
two forth prizes in white Leghorns,
The list of prizes won by Avoreagb
Jorscys owned nnd bred by E. II,
Burton is OS follows: First on bull
;t years old nr ovor, first on ll animals
the get of one sire, first nn two
animals the product- nf ono row,
second ami third nn mature cows,
third on '.' yenr olds, third on cnlf
third nn herd. Chnmpionship
over hulls all ages. There were 42
bonis of purebred Jerseys nn Ibo
grounds and from li to *• onirics in
each class including animals from
the hards of Grimmer Bros., Mcnzie
A Snns and .1. J. Miller. E, 11.
Bartnti alsn got seven lirsl, four
second mul om- third prize ribbons
on LoloMler snoop, THE    FREE    TRESS,    CHILLIWACK,    B.C.
Foe or
L Friend?
Friend It Was
, to Be
Bad luck Iiml followed Joe Pebble for
three yenrs—in fuet, ever sluee lit? bud ,
tired of llie mouotony of -supporting
Ms wife and Iht fat her on hla wugea
uh n cuttle border und bad suddenly deserted  the ni tu  follow  the call uf hi.*,
old tree life. i
Ik* luul simply disappeared to let
tbem tblnk what they wuuld of hlui.
He had left all the money Unit be po_-
fiOBS-d except a single silver dollar, and
bu had used his own hor.su io rldo
uway from tbem.
Bud luck had followed blm In bid
rovlngs. lie bad beeu unhappy In his
freedom. Ills heart acbed for tbe
Bweet companionship of Gertrude, hla
wife, and for tbe placid philosophy of
-the good uatured old man. ber father,   j
Today he was riding duwn a ravine
among tbo Tepee hills. Once more he ,
was free. He had discharged himself
from n ranch ou the western side of
tlu watershed and was riding forth on
oue of those strange, restless ipiests for
new Bcenes which bud become a habit
witb him since be had deserted bis
wife.   Happiness he uever expected to
He drew rein there and looked
through an opening down upon a pleasant alluvial plain dotted with cattle.
A tow adobe ranch house was there,
surrouuded by barns aud a corral.
Smoke wreathed up from a chimney.
It looked very peaceful and pleasant—
the sort of borne be and Gertie had
^~t HID mm i-ACi in his iundr.
flanned before. A lump came lulu hit
throat, aud be brushed his brown band
■cross bis wet eyes. Then his young
face aank Into those stern. broodlnR
lines that had replaced tbe old care
less expression.
Joo Trlbhle. as he called himself, rode
on. A few yards farther on bis horse
Humbled and Ml so suddenly that .lo_
was pitched over bis bead, to fall In a
crushed heap anion* some rocks. Ha
lay very still, while the horse scram-
tiled tO bis feet, sniffed at his imiMer's
Uiu-onscloiis form and theu limped nway
for assistance, whinnying pitifully.
Joe Opened bis eyes upon darkness
There was a handncu over his ryes, and
lie could see nothing, but be knew that
tie rested upon a soft bed. A llfgf COOl
hand touched bis wrist, nud a Bagel
•pressed upon bis pulse,
"DOCtOT," .Ine huskily whliprred.
"Abu!" snld u mellow TOlCfl, "Coming iroaod. ure you?   Feel pretty well
banned to pleCetT"
"Trelty sore." admitted .(ue. "Wliut'i
tbe matter with my eye**''"
"You fell ou a lot of broken TO !;•
end gut some splinters In your eyes
You can'l •■nine IfltO tbe light untM
they've healed up h bit. Nothing to
worry about; mere m-rntches.  You lllTI
i*nt n broken inkle, though."
"Where am IV" wbs Joe'l neit (pies
"At a ranch close by the spot when
your horse threw you. Pretty Itilelll
gent bfillt, ibat horse! Tame llmplnff
down here to the runrli ind almost told
Mr. Smith what had hsppened. You
can bet he's well tukeo care of too!"
"Poor old BttrbroWl" murmured .Iih?
Theu. turning to Ibv doctor, he asked
In a low -voice, "Where can I slay-
he re V
"Oh. yes! Ton cat't be moved until
your ankle ta better," aald tba Ooctoi
The doctor left tba room, and .lo*
beard him talking to some ona In an
other room. There were other TOlett
tbat aeemed to vibrate etrangely oa
his hearlBg What memories of Hn
past tbey revlvedl Whose voices did
they resemble?
Ue tormented himself with (best
onestlon until he fell asleep fron
iheer eihauatloo. He wis iwakeaec
nfler e refreshing Bleep by the aouni*
<if ■ pump boodle creaking euuldo
Hberttj afterward * tear/, d|ll_-«ra,f
■"octbflll entered his room, and he wad
conscious that sume one wus bending
over him.
"Well, stranger." said a deep, retw*
neul voice. "I n*cUuu yuu re awulte
"Who are you?" was Joe's hurried
There was a little pause hefore tbe
auswer came. "My name's tStuttU.
"Nothing, only 1 thought lt sounded
—like somebody I used to know,"
murmured .loo. stukiug hack upon hla
"1 wonder If you wouldn't like me to
help you outer those cluthes you gut on
und net you Into bed In a decent way?"
went on the voice, and when .loe gratefully asseuled the owner uf-Hhe voice
helped him wllh u woman's tenderness
tu undress and clothed him in clean
underwear and a clean coarse nlglit-
"I'm mightily obliged to you, -stranger." murmured .lue drowsily as lie
sank on his pillow after swallowing a
cup of hot broth.
"You're welcome." paid the other
solemnly, and, tiptoeing out. he closed
the door.
.loe did not awake again until the
next morning. He knew that the windows were wide often, for he breathed
tlm fresh, sweet air, and he could hear
the song of birds. His eyelids felt
very stiff nnd sore, and he was grute-
l*iiI for the tmndage that covered them.
Mr. Smith cume ln presently und,
after a pleasant greeting to the injured uian. bathed his face atid hands
and brought some breakfast to him.
.loo bit into u hot corn mutllu. nnd
his hand fell upon tbe counterpane.
He turned bis blindfolded eyes toward
tbe stranger.
"Who mude these muffins?" he nsked ln u choking voice.
Thero wns a hesitating silence be-
fore Mr. Smith replied. Tben. "My
daughter made them." he replied.
"Your daughter: Why-who—excuse
me," stumbled Joe. "but they ure like
those my wife makes, and 1 never tasted uny others like 'em!" He hastily
resumed his breakfast, und the portion
of bis face below tbe bandage glowed
Mr. Smith snld nothing.
Wheu the doctor appeared he declared that Joe hnd a little fever, and
be changed his medicine. Once more
Joe beard three voices In consultation lu the next room, ne could now
recognize Smith's voice nnd that of
the doctor, but tbe third one was tbat
of a woman, pitched low and soft and
eluded bis searching mind.
"Where have 1 heard that voice before?" he asked himself again and
again as the dnys passed by, but tbe
answer did not come—tben.
During those long days and nights
of pain nnd helplessness Joe Pebble
had leisure to think over whnt he had
done, nml he resolved that wben bo
recovered tbat he would go north
hum!n nnd endeavor to become reconciled lo his wife and ber father.
Tbe thought of this coming Journey
did much to hasleu his recovery.
On the evculng of tbls particular
■"ny—a Sunday It was—be lay there
nlone In tbe room. Presently Smith,
came In aud talked to blm. Tbey
talked on various matters, uud finally
Joe (old him about bis former life in
Wyoming and ended by confiding bis
Bin to the old man. He told It all-of
his wild longing for freedom, bow he
bud fought tt for days before making
up bis mind to leave bla wife and
how, after tbe Irrevocable atep hud
been taken, of tbe remorse he bad
Buttered."   -•• •*<- •-
"1 thiuk of them two helpless ones j
day and night," he groaned. "What
has become of Ihem? A coyote
wouldn't have acted nieaner'n 1 did.
Dou't God ever give folks a chance to
mike good when they've sinned'.'"
Tbe elder mun did uot answer for ■ ;
long time.    Then  be arose and bent,
over the bed for n brief instant.    "I '
believe be does, son: I believe be will."
he said solemnly, and Joe heard bho
puss from the room and close the door.
l-'rom the room overhead he heard
the murmur of voices long into (he
night. They were talking when hn
fell asleep, and once he stnrted wide
awake became be thoiiRht be heard a
woman's sobs. "Don't cry. Gertie; everything U all right." be murmured
drowsily and went to sleep again.
Tbe next duy the doctor cnine and
removed the blttdlgO.
After the doctor had gone Joe waited Impatiently for Mr smith to come
In. He was eager to see lhe face of
the mun who had been no kind to It I Hi.
All tit once n bulky form tilled the
dourwuv, nnd Mr. Smith's slow, dell Item I *,• step approached ihe tied. In iho
dim light .lues eager eyes did not at
lir-t recOgnlSO him; then he sat bolt
upright tu lied and stated wllh whitening fuce lulo (he kind, forglvlug c>e*
of   his father In law,
"Father!" he murmured brokenly nud
hid bis fare In his haud<
"Son!" said the older mnn solemnly*
nnd he laid h • hund upon Joe's dark
hair in the old familiar caress, for
the two hnd been very fund of each
"It has been you all along?" asked
Joe after ru-hlle.
"Yes." said the other. And In a few
wonts he told Ihe repentant man that
after h ■ desertion Gertrude and he
bad left Wyotnlug and come down into
Texai to iter) anew.   The old man
had a little inouey, with whlcn he
IbOU|bt tbe ranch.   They bad never ex-
pected to see Joe again. When Ibey
'recognized him In the Injured stranger
whom Starbrow had led Ihem to tbey
hod   nastily   assumed   tbe   name   of
Bmlth for the time being.
"And Gertrude?" salted Joe brokenly.
"tan she remember me end believe mt
lo become what she's worthy of?"
T_j   here,  Joe!"  camo  UertrudM
?olct iu aniwer. ■ t%
An Art That Went Out With tha Old
Wooden Warships.
An almost forgotten profession la
tbat of ship curving. For many centuries, dowu to tbe begluulng ot the
nineteenth, the ornamentation of vessels, especially meu of war, was profuse. Intricate aud ttorid. The curving
oo tbe United States line of buttle
ship America, launched iu 1781! aud
presented to France, wilt give some
ldeu of the extent to which this wub
The figurehead wan a female figure
crowned with laurel representing
America. The right arm wua raised,
pointing to heaven. On the left arm
wus u buckler with a blue groundcar-
Tying thirteen slurs. Ou the stern of
tbe ship under the en bin windows appeared two large figures In bus-relief
representing "Tyranny" and "Oppression" bound and bleeding on the
ground. On the back of the starboard
quarter wns a large figure of "Mars."
On the highest pnrt of the stern appeared "Wisdom" nnd nbove ber bead
an owl.
Philadelphia furnished not only the
greatest ship designer in tbe United
States, but also the best ship carver lu
the world. William Hush. In this Held
he was without a rival, and to a wonderful technical skill be ndded un artistic sense ot beuuty and genius for
lie wns tbe first carver to give an
Idea of life and motion to n ship's figurehead. Fncti of his figureheads was
either tbe lifelike representation of a
person or some symbolic conception
expressed In exquisite carving. His
most noted productions were "Nature"
for the Constetlntton, the "Genius of
the United States" for tbe frigate of
tbat name and "The Itlver God" for
the Kast India ship Ganges. These figureheads were nine feet high und
eould be removed for repair or in action.— Harper's Weekly.
And the Ancient Mountain Peak
Shrines of the Storm Qed.
I Tliere ia a theory which Unds the
I spin of the New England meeting
' house lu tbe mountain peaks ot aiu*
! bin
!    Tracing  buck the process of evolu-
[ tiou'. we come tlrst (o London, where
the clean sweep or the great Ore gave
Sir Christopher Wren bis opportunity
I to experiment   In   steeples,   and   then
i Venice, where the campanile Is a shin-
j ing   example   of   a   tower   beside   a
i church, but separate from it, and then
: to Alexandria, where the famous lighthouse on tbe Isle of Pharos coutrlbut-
p ed to the religion of Mohammed both
the form und the name of the minaret,
t and  theu   to  the  tower  of   Iin Pel   at
Horslppa   and   the   xlkkurata   of   the
temples of Hu by Ionia and Assyria.   A
tlkkurut is u huge quadrnnguiar mass
' of brick, rising tu dl minis Ding stories—
ns a child  places a  big block on  the
lloor aud puts u smaller one on tt nnd
on that u smaller still—nud ascended
by  a   winding   illustrated  stair to a
shrine ou top.
This, according to the theory, was
the ritual equh.u'^ut of a mountain.
Into the tint lands between the Tigris
and Euphrates came tbe ancestors or
the Babylonians uud Assyrians out or
the mountains ot Arabia.   There tbey
, bad   worshipped  Ihe storm  god,   who
dwelt   upon   the   height*,   among   the
clouds,   with   whom   they   communed.
like Moses, by climbing up nud muking
, Ihelr offerings and saying their pray*
, ers  upon   the  summit.    And   because
1 there were uo uiountalus tu their new
' couutry they erected beside every tem-
! pie   a   llttlo   mountain   in   the   yard.
Thus Ihe zlkkurut, uud then the minaret, and then tbe campanile and then
t tbe   steeple   of   the   parish   church.—
George Hodges lu Atlantic Magazine.
Wh.r,  tha  Paopl,  Do   With.ut  Jails.
Lawyara, Horsss and Cow..
There is a little Island Id Chesapeake
Th. Lady Accepted a Flow.r and Let j ba,    ,o5   -Um   60U,U   of   B,|tlInorti
H,r Beautiful Figura. , W|„,re   „|e   wor|(,   Dus  |[<)0|1  gt))|   f(jr
In London Truth of March 8, 1877. j mure lhan a hundred years.   Tangier
Henry ljibuiicbere told this story ot a ; Island Is tlve tulles lone and much less
toilet  ciilamity  due to  the  femlulne ; umn a mile wide, hut mora than UiOO
fashion of those days:
At a dinner purty  given   lately In
Paris one ludy wus remarked above all
people live on It There Is only ous
street, ulne fivt wide, without sidewalks, and  the  nouses  ure all  built
ethers for the elegance of her figure uloiig this street with narrow canals of
and the perfection of her toilet Dur- , me deep water of tbe buy hetweou
lug the ninuvuis quart d'heure before faib two houses. There Is only oue
dinner she wss surrounded by a host | church, presided over by a Methodist
of admirers, and one less bashful tbun j minister, slid only on* doctor, und
the rest ventured to offer ber the j mere is no cemetery, the dead of eacb
flower from   his buttonhole.   It   was . family being burled in tbs yard. Tbere
uccepted, but as the "princess robe'
worn by the graceful creature waa
lured behind It was necessary to fasten lhe Sower to tbe front of her
dress with a pin. The operation wus
successfully performed, sod tbe fair
Is uu uewspuper. oo Jail, no lockup uud
uu lawyers nor sny need fer ihem.
Everybody Is deeply religious, and pro-
fmilty Is punished witb a fine Imposed
by tbe deacon of the church.
The ir.t'ii go fishing and crabbing in
lady was led lu to dinner hy tbe donor | sailboats enrly ou Monday mornings
of the Sower. They were hardly seat- uml do not come home until Suturdnys,
ed when he heard u curious sound like when they hnve marketed their sea
the gentle sighing of the wind, aud on nurvests In tuwns un tlie mainland.
turulDg toward his partner he snw , There are no gnrdens, no horses or
wllh horror that the lovely figure wus cows, but plenty of, chickens are rnls-
getting "smsll by degrees snd beauti- \ ny fuel Is supplied to the Islanders
fully less." The rounded form hud dis- : by sloops, which come very mom li or
appeared before the soup wus over, ' K0 loaded with wood and ni hor off
und long hefore the first entree the | Tangier, sending small bonis piled with
once crenseless gsrment bang In great j rurdwood and kindlings to every house
folds about a scraggy framework! it I by meaus of tbe Hide canals. Tbe no-
seems  that  the   newest dresses  for < men wenr sunbonnets and go barefoot-
'slight" ladles sre made witb air tight
linings and Inflated until tbe required
degree of embonpoint Is attained. The
unfortunate lady mentioned above had
forgotten thla detail when she fastened
tbe fatal Sower to her bosom with a
pin; hence tbe collapse.    . xf\
ed. and there is au organ In nearly
every borne. Tangier wua tlrst settled
by wblte people In ittiw and before
that time was occupied by tbe Indians.
A City ef the Dead.
Bath, from whlcb city Dickens car
rled nway the Immortal names uf Pickwick und SnodgrsKs, holds relics of the
tmisicr. ills tobucco Jar and beer lug
ure still piously preserved at the Sura-   On passing through Uie entrance of the
Barring the Evil Spirits.
Th* Chinese believe that evil spirits
sre able to move only lu straight lines
and that tbey cannot penetrate through
solid matter: therefor* the problem of
keeping tbem out of a dwelling or a
gardeu seems to them a simple matter.
gloriously  of   Hath,   be  never  really
liked t lie place.
"Lander's ghost goes nlong tbe silent
streets here before nie," he writes In
1SGS. • • • "Tbo plnce luoks tu me
like a cemetery which the deod have
succeeded lu rising and taking. Hav
Ing built streets of their old gruve- lur tbe same purpose,
stones, they wunder about, scarcely
trylug tu 'look alive.'   A deud failure."
Is uecessary to turn to th* right or left
beeauso of n Used screen, the purpose
of whlcb, accordlug to Popular Mechanics, is to keep evil spirits out
Likewise lust ut the buck of the entrance to a nulled gardeu may sometimes be found another  wall erected
Read Only Woman Authors.
Mliiiiidry occasionully bus Its uses !
A Itusslan lady. Mine KiilssuvufT, who
died Iii IIHU In St. l-eteraliurg. would
ie.i allow nur hunk written hy n mun
to emer her lions,.. She wss. however,
a voracious render nml wealthy enough
to satisfy her cravings lu thl. direction On her death her library Sll
found io euiiimn nearly IK.huu volumes,
sll wrlilen Iiv women. This wus snld
st lhe lime tu he the most extensive
lullecilou uf tm. klud aver formed.
The word "baur.ul" Is th* Japanese
cry of Jny. victory ur applause. It Is I
ths equivalent uf the Knglish "burrsls."
the French "vlve" sud tin lleruisa
"huch" The word reel* ed Ita Ilrst
msrked prominent-* In our part of tlle
I world during llie Ittissn-Japsnese »*r. j p,rrioui Cempsrlsen.
Ibruiighuui which historic struggle It ;    «.,.„-.. n,t tne professor of astron-
j was heard on many trlumpbaut fields.   | o_j^ _„. wig tr,|a([ t0 M M,»rtalo-
' Ing, "Ibe most beautiful star 1 kuow
ot ls"-
Leve Match.a.
"I nrgued uud wrangled aboul love
mulches wltb Miss Marie Corelll one
whole dny In her old fusbloned Strut-
furd Home." ssld a promtneot woman
magazine writer, "but abe rather gol
Uie belter uf me at tb* cud wltb uu
" 'She who marries for love," Miss
Corelll suid. 'enters heaven with Her
eyes shut She who murrles withoui
luve eulera hell wltb them upen.' "
Mixed Metaphors,
"Jorklns certainly did get all mixed
up when somebody asked If be hadn't
some unpleasant family secrets hidden."
"What did he sny?"
"He aald he was ready to admit his
fniullv hud tbelr skeleton In a closet
r.ud would make no hones about It either."—Ilsltimura American.
», Promiaed Viait and the Droll Way II
Waa Evaded.
Wherever one goes oue bears a story
Dl* tbe late O. Henry, tbe writer. Ev-
M'.v one in magazine circles hereabouts
knew him. uud most hud hnd a personal experience or two. Somehow ev-
try story illuminates tbe man. Tbey
ire not merely humorous tules, bul
throngh tbem one catches u glimpse ol
hla characteristics, bis broad humanity
or his geueroslty or his love of the city.
Robert il. Dnvla. the maguzlne man. re-
luted thut on one occusiun be went
■ ■visiting witb O Henry down on Long
"It wus a very bot day," sold Dovls.
"We had climbed un everlustlug bill,
Another greater hill stretched before
us. The sun wus u disk of brass, nnil
dust uml bent und clicking insects rose
from the ground. We sut on a fence lu
"'is there anything else I cun show
you'.'' 1 nsUi'll llllll.
"'Yes.' suid Henry, wiping his fore
bend, 'Kliuw uie u return ticket io
New York.'
"On one occasion he hud promised to
ipenil tiie week end with f:Ilmnn Mull
ut Ills country plnce In Jersey. Mr.
Iluil hud Invited him several times.
When Henry finally uccepted Hull guv.
him the must precise directions.
"Tulio u ;i o'clock train ou I'rldiiy
afternoon,' snld Mr. Oall, 'uud I will
meet you wllh the carryall ut tlio slu-
"At 11 o'clock on Friday morning Mr.
Hall was culled to tbc telephone In bis
country home. Tbe boy nt tbe railroad
mutton droningly Informed him Hint
there was u telegram for bin), signed
'U. Henry.'
■"Head It." commanded Mr. Ilnll.and
Ihe boy's sleepy voice buzzed, over tli.
" 'New York." he rend. Twenty-third
itreet substation. Western Union Telegraph company, 10:30 n. nl. Addressed,
Oilman Hull. Fnr Out. N. .1. Ueur
Ball—I huve mls«ed the !l o'clock train.
Signed. O. Henry.'
"Neither Henry nor Hnll ever referred to the telegram or the evaded visit
In subsequent tnlks."-New York Letter to Cincinnati Times-Star.
His Rare Old Painting.
Speaking or take untiques nnd forged paintings un nrt umuteur said:
"There Is uu American who bought
a Raphnel In Home some years sgo.
The Italian lnw prohibits tbe exportation of masterpieces, end tbe American
hav tbe happy Idea of getting the
Raphael pninted over. This wat accordingly done. Tbe rare old painting
reached New York In the guise ot u
modern snow scene.
"Then the restorer, under the watch,
ful owner's eye, set to work on It
With n s|Kjnge dipped In turpentine be
proceeded tu rub the snow scene off.
He siwnccil it oh* reudlly, but be
spouged u bit of the Hnpbuel off, tou-
nnd. behold, underneath Ibe Raphael u
portrait or Murcoul wun revealed."—
Washlugtiiu Star.
Th* Dutch at Church.
Men still wear tbelr bnts In church
ln many parts of Holland. Moreover,
smoking In church Is not cousldered
Irreverent by the Dutch wben service
Is not In progress, und the ministers
themselves Indulge In this practice.
Altogether, according to n receut visitor, "the lliitcbmi.ii has u very comfortable form of religion. You keep
your bat on in church und that asves
you many a chill: you talk freely and
In your natural voice, not In a whisper: you huve a unit housemaid In a
white cup and apron (und nothing Is
more cleanly and charming lhan a
Dutch servant miildi tu show you to
your seat or to offer you a chair; yoo
have nice drab pews nf pninted deal all
nround yon hud a cheerfu' Iwo decker
pulpit above."
Great Expectations.
"Tour sou appear, lo 0* u young man
Of greilt elpeetsllons."
"Ye« He puis in hi* apar* tlm* writing SIKSCbsa which ne will has* lo de
lifer sl llie laying of cornerstone*
when he Ins ome* president"—Clin ago
Record HerslS.
'II* careful, professor." whispered
tbe boaleas. "tb* lady to whom you
ar* speaking la u prims douna."-
Wasbingtou Star.
Slow Development In th* Child.
Rememiierliig thut Itnlzuc. Walter
Scott. Daniel Webster nnd lho great
educator. Froeliel. were counted as
dullards In their youth, lhe Importance
of allowing certain minds a slow de
velupmeut Is manifest A child who st
fourteen Is leurulng numbers nmy nt
forty compose u great epic or discover
a new element Through kindergarten
metliuds, manual training, physical
nnd Industrial exercise, dunclug mid
inllllnry drill, the intention Is arretted.
the slumbering mind Is roused, the
wandering will he recnlled.-Rbeta
Childe Dorr In tbe Century.
Some Are So by Nature.
A certain young man. whu prided
bluiself un n hriisqiieuess that he mis-
look for wli. met an eminent, but
touchy, sculptor nt a aiudlu supper.
"Bu you're lhe chup." Be snld. en
being Introduced, "tbut makea mud
"Nut all of them." the sculptor r»-
tilled, quietly.-Youth's Companion.
Speculating and Gambling.
"Oongraiuluilutis. old man. I bear
fou have beeu atiecoiutlug successful-
"No: I lost money."
"Tint so? Well, you ougbt to know
better than to giimbl*."-Kuosae City
A Pr*lsr*nc*.
Footllghts-So ynu"»e seen my Ham-
! let    Well, what do yuu tblnk of It?
Critical Friend-I pieferSbake.uesre'a.
Bustou Transcript.
"H, tried to klaa nm   I can't under
ainud It"
"Ncltler can I, dear."
"Vou latr-l-eamoavs Weekly. ' ,
A Cleasd Mouth.
Man Is s good desl Ilk* a flsb.   Ton
knuw. th* Sab would n*ver get Into
v.ry  serious   trouble If  It  kept  Its
mouth shut
Still In th* Futur*.
Cashlsr (coiighlngi-l-ardon me. I dti
not catch your last nam*.   Ethel rbluih-
lngi-1 haven't caught It y*t my.slt.-
Cloveland Leader.
Order SMI faleekood cannot sabslsl
IKnsstsnes Is sseon* Issosssssh-O*
Care of the Skin.
When tbe complexion is sallow or
there Is u tendency to spots nnd blotches fiiclnl mnssuge will do much to im.
prove matters. This massage is most
effective when It follows steaming ur
washing the fnce in hot water und
eau only be done ut night.
Dip the tips of the lingers in n good
cold erenui und rub It Into the sklu
with u gentle, circular motion, tnking
care to stroke across, nut dowu uny
lines that exist, nml not omitting ths
hollows ubout the eyes und nose.
Stroke upward from lienciith tlle chill.
Tbla tends to reduce n double chin
uml round out u tbln fnce.
Massage lllllll tlle lust ll'iice of cream
hns vanished, in the morning luillio
wllh colli or topic] wulcr uud dust wllh
prepared outuiuul, wblcb pruveula redness uml roughness.
This massage Improves llie circulation as well as cleansing the skin, hut
one must remonibar Ihnt It Is necessary to have good health hefore ouo
can lie sure of ii good, clear complex-
Ulet has n grenl effect on the appeal-"
nuce. so If Die skill Is oii.v It is neces-
tuiry to avoid nil rich mul greasy food,
wiping Hie rnce occasionally with dl-
liitiul can de cologne Is beneficial 1st
the case of an oily sklu. nud lemon.
Juice Is excellent for cleansing purposes. A few drops of niuinoiila or •
pinch of liorai In tlie wuter wllh whlcs
the fuce is washed Is nisu helpful.
if there Is a tendency to sllperfltlooa
hulr ou the face cure must lie lakers
wlmt cream Is used. The continued
use of peroxide or hydrogen will lighten the growth, hut nothlug permnnent-
ly removes ihe hair but electrolysis,
A good plan, however, for those who
cannot afford this method Is to persevere with the use of peroxide, apply-
ing it several times dally ami placing;
it little pad of cotton wool damped
wllh the peroxide uu the place affected ut night.
This weakens the growth and make*
It easier to remove the hair with
tweezers, an operation which must
nlso he repeated dully, but fur a time
is effectual.
These methods need perseverance,
snd they do not effect n permnnent
cure. Hut It Is worth while tnking
trouble to reduce such u disfiguring
uml trying iiflllctlon.
It Is quite easy nnd fur more economical to make one's own creaine
and toilet mixtures. Ami. fnr another
thing, one csn then he sure that all Ingredients are harmless aud of best
quality only.
Here nre some simple recipes:
Lanolin   SI. ounce*
hi-Min.,''.'i  ,   drsm.
White vas.lln,    H ounce
' ...'..uniit oil  I    ounce
Kwr.t almond oil  2    ouncve-
Tlnoturs of benzoin    H drsm
Melt the first five Ingredients together and beat until the mass stiffen*,
adding the benzoin, drup hy drop, during this process. Violet or other extract can be added If liked.
Roeeweler  M  S'
Almond oil  *
Spermaceti  I
White was  1
Mix as above wllh any favorite perfume.
Stsir Climbing a Good Esercls*.
The manner In which we ascend or
descend tlie stairs determines whether
or not we shall feel rested when we
reach the lop or completely wearied
and doue up.
To go upstairs properly Is good exercise, Is'sldes lielug excellent training
In proper standing nnd milking.
If we lal.nr upstairs with the head
drooping, shoulders stooping, knees
beudlng sud feet stumbling we ar*
getting ourselves Into a hud habit
Hold up the heud, throw nut tha
chest and place the hall of the foot
lightly nm! evenly upon encb step.
When descending the same rules sr*
given, and If 11 Is difficult ut first rslse
the hands as high us the ears, but under uo consideration touch tlle banisters.
When Ihe foot of the stnlrs la reached
let the hands full naturally tu the sides
sud sianil sixty seconds.
These ure Hie rules which girls had
lo live up lo in s certain old fashlun-
, ed school which turned out uiuuy graceful society buds years ngo.
The urlInn taught tbem to stand well
and be deliberate, a hiiblt more of u*
eould cultivate today wllh ndvantag*
lo ourselves.
Tho contlnii.il hurrying produces
Jerky movements which they claim Is
another word for awkwardness.
Resides. Ihls lightly tripping up and
duwn tbe steps lends lightness lo th*
general gait mid keep, a girl wbo doe*,
not take up athletics In good trim.
Dainty T*ll*t R*qul.ll*.
I    Milk of roses Is one of the daintiest
of toilet requisites, deserving of a plac*
on every carefully equipped dressing
. table.    It haa a delightfully soothing
i effect upon Ihe akin roughened or trrl-
! tated by wind, cold or beat   Milk *t
; roaee Is ln*xp*nslv* and easily  pre-
! pared. To a pint of th* heat rosewatsr
add tan dropa of oil of tartar ssd halt
' an ouac* of oil of almonds, a drop st»
-Um*.    Shah* th* mlitur*  well  aat
plars tt Is a hottl*.   Wh*o th* msaels*
of tbe flc* fssl atlff snd th* skis Is
drawn baths It wllh th* milk of -assy
•od centp 1st* NlssstjM will N-*!*. -a THE    FREE    PRESS.   CIIII.I.IWACK,    B.C.
At Once to Learn Barber Trade
Only WKht weeks required to It-urn.
loole freo and puy wugi-B while learning. Poul tions secured on cample*
tion in from $16 to ::■■- pei'TveeH,
We have hundreds of locatlona
where yuu can start business for
yourself, Tremendous demand for
barbers. Writ*- for Free Catalogue;
hotter still, call. If you would bocomo un expert you must bo un International graduate.
Alexander Ave., First Door West
 of Main St.. Winnipeg
There has just died nt Aurort, Illinois, Mr. D. W. Stockwell. one of
tie quaintest characters ln the Stite.
who hae been know for many y..in
■•.B "The Man who Stood Still." Fitly
■years ago he was tlie owner of on- nt
fhe biggest shops outside ChtOP.fp.
ard during tho Civil war he pros-jcr-
■•(! Rro.illy
After Hip war ho failed to It rn
nrrtnai of iht times, and the sail'*
■■ood.-.  v\liirh he carried    then    stl'l
I In far off Bombay la probably the
largest and most elaborate hospital
for animals In the world. It hus
both Its Inpatients and Its outpatients
and It ministers to animals uf all
j kinds as carefully as human beings
are administered to in the hospitals
of the West.
Ove*** 2.000 animals are taken into
the hospital each year, and well on
to 1,000 art* treated ns outpatients.
In all there are some forty buildings,
large Mid small, connected with the
hospital, am' the architectural structure and lhe appointments of Home
of them are Indeed superior to thoso
of many of our regular hospitals.
The German Emperor has Just
bought two sheep farms ln German
South-west Africa tor £4,800. The
export of wool Is at present small, but
it  Is  believed  that In  the course of | Your Case Isn't Likely to be Worse,
5 Years' Rheumatism
Really Cured
time this will become a valuable
Rource of income to the colonists, and
the Kaiser desires to encourage this
brunch of colonial activity.
In choosing the (arms his Majesty acted on the advice of Herr Heck-
el, a gentleman attached to the Imperial Court, who is visiting his
brother's  ranch  near Windhoek.
In acquiring two farms in South
Africa tho German Emperor is finding
further   outlet    for   those    business
and Can be Cured Quickly by
This splendid hospital  for animals' qualities  which,  had  he
was  founded  by  a  native  Indian.
I'nrsee merchant, Sir Dlnshaw Man-
ockjee Petit
Not only domestic nnlinnls of
every kind nre treated anil enroll for
in It but the animals nf the junnle
anil the wild birds which are round
wnunili-.1 or snffcrl'.iK frum nny cause
are taken tn It nnd nursed buck to
health and then   set    freo   again.—
morn the Bhow wlsrlows nr Ills soon   Bv«"J" Wvlng Creature.
i'lll    .1   1. vv   years   tlle   nlltl|l   lllllll'    I I 	
pioflt, hul vAiiiiin hnlf a dozen y un wanted to make sure
afler the war the place wna a onr-      i,,.,,,,,,,.,,.,,  Townsond   Mart|n, ,„„•„.
lolly shop  ami eoiitin    so.     l-i«  pDa o( M„, 0X|,mvagance ot the Idle
hop  Bk'-i,  barlist-strlnsd  hose,  .!<•.   ,.,,.,,. ,,,,,, „, „ m„	
Jewelry   n'd .other antiquities  cm.     | hear of s ca*o   In   point.    The
wife of nn overworked promoter sulil
"'■ ! ni breakfast!
Will  you  |iosl  lliis  letter for mo,
dear?     It's lo  tlm  furrier, countermanding my order tnr thai $000 sable
ami ei'tiiiiio stole     Vou'!] be sure tn
11 remember.
tinned to f em his stock
III    lull 'I    veins   he    wns    lho   :
.uie wim . iiereil lite place except vis-
iters in Hie city, nml his shop bs
. nine ., . iiow place in a mod ■'•■.!-
'..iy. ou ...iinnii n' the man's pct'ii-
Marines.     Mr, Stoeltwcll has carried
..i imp
nboul  '.WO worth nf goods   all •»,, j    ThB Um] ,,,.„ of ,,,,. ,,.,,,,
o. dnle-fci ovor 40 years,    Rnt n«,t   pJr prolnotftr m „.   „.„,,   jm.       ,,,,
v.'Iism,.. luii Inel..of custom, he »l'';'|'j s.'1/.ed ii sltlpolnB rope thai lay with
a heap nf iioils -inii toys in a corner,
| mul. going In his wife, snld:
• .1 liis simp prompt'y nt
In;;, antl remain. I until l
■ Un
He ..led ill Hie at;.
•ry mn ■
iu Iln
nf 77
One of the most remarkable
changes of iilet mi record waa thai of
tin- lieu, or mountain parrof of New
Zealand. Originally n vegetarian, It
Biililenly took to killing sheep ami
limit's,  devouring  certain  titliiiH  to
to commerce instead of u throne,
would huve assuredly huve won for
lhe Kaiser u high position among
merchant prlnceB. It may not be
generally known that the Kaiser
is already the owner nf a porcelain
and tlle factory at Cadlnon, iu East
TIiIh commercial venture has proven vi ry successful owing to the
Kaiser's active purlleipitllull In the
management No dotall has proven
too Insignificant for lilin to master,
nml tlm Emporor is not above re-
oommondlng personally his own
wares and Undine, new markets for
Hie Ciiiliuen products.
These wares nre uu sale ut n shop
III Merlin culled "Tlle Royal llolicll
zollorii Btoros," iiiiii nt une time It
wus his Majesty's custnm to pay vis-
lis nf Inspection to huuses and buildings .where   Hie  Cadlnon   tiles  had
llei'll   used.
Tiie Emporor Is u keen agriculturist mul all tho latest practical developments of Ihls    Important    science
lliuls Illustrations on tho farms which
form un Important pari of the royal
I estate In Silesia.     His Majesty Is al-
i" my Lo financially Interested In tho Hamburg-American   Line  and  almost   Invariably attends the launches of new
HER YEARNING | liners from  the Vulkiin  yard.      One
l.lilli  Muijirie Louis loaned on her,"'  these,   I""   Imperator.  Is  to  Ink
grandmamma's k mil  gazed Into| JJ''.or ""    ">""'h-
S|iuee wllh a partiotllai'ly BOtllflll ox-
Here is the Proof
"After being an enthusiastic user of
Nerviline for years, I feel It my duty
to lell you personally what your wonderful preparation bus done for me.
"I suffered torture from rheumatism and heart trouble, tried scores
of so-called remedies, consulted for
heenD'born' wprltH ana" months with Toronto's
■most c.ilnent physicians, but derived
only slight benefit,
jj "A friend Insisted on my using Norvilino, nml in my surprise a vigorous
rubbing of, this powerful liniment
eased the pains and reduced the stlff-
The Interest ln the grand sweepstake prizes in the several grain
classes of the International Dry-
Farmed Prnducts Exposition, to be
held at Lethbridge, Alberta, next October, has Increased and the number
of premiums have likewise multiplied.
The Itumley tractor stands as the
premier premium offered for the best
bushel of hard wheat grown under
dry-farming conditions, or where the
annual precipitatinn Is less than 20
Inches, and where the land or any
part of the farm has not been Irrigated during the season. This premium has attracted it great deal of
attention, nnd many farmers are anxious tn possess it.
Wliile l!i. re Is no other prize offered of value equal to the tractor,
siill it Is a noteworthy fact that three
of the other valuable prises are donated by the International Harvester
Co., or through    lis   agenclOB,   and
ness III my Joints. I cutillniieil In j these, too, are attracting a great deal
use Nerviline and was pcnniiiiently | of attention- The Oliver Chilled
cured. 1 am now perfectly well, and | Plow Works donated n $r>no gang 4-
fnr three years have Iiiiii nn rheiiiiia- furrow plow, with either stubble or
tisin at all. 1 know many families i breaker bases, to be delivered free
where nu other medicine but Nervi* I to the winner from tho nearest agency
line Is kept—II Is su useful In minor of lho lnteriiiiliiin.il Harvester Co. of
ailments like earache, toothache, America, for iho best bushel of oats
neuralgia, coughs, colds, lumbago, mul i grown in Canado in lol'-' under dry-
sciatica. I call Nerviline my 'Life farming mothods. Kor lhe best shear
Guard,' anil urge nil tn try its merit."' if outs grown anywhere In lhe world
Dec. 17th, 113 Piiliii.'ision Avenue, under dry-farming methods iho Inter-
(Signed) FLORA CHAPMAN national Harvester t'o. donates a Moll is alums' criminal In keep nn sur-: Ciirinlck grain binder, and for the
torlug when Nerviline can he had In j hesl peck of flax an International
any tlrim  Blore.     rule, buys a large   fumigated 22-whocl packer.
woman    consulted    an
Mrs. John    C.  Lepage,    RimoiiBkl.
lefl   runt
my   right   hand
I won't forget.
till,   gran'-nolher.   ehe   burst
and  the Gorman
Emperor has again  signified his In-
I tentlon of being present.
whicli ll hail lak. n a liking and leov- suddenly.     I Just long In grow up ami
liig Hi" rest nr the carcase untouched. |„, :1 |,|K huh- ami have corns,
owing in these ravages the Book-own- gn|(| u,,, navy chaplain to lhe mar-1
cis  nnd the Government  have '••n [,„., In W|lom |„, w,iS endeavoring to
waging   a    war     of   extermination demonstrate the nndeslrnblllty of tu-
againsl the kens thnl ore Interfering bacco:   "After all. Bill, you must re-
wnli the human liking for fleshy food. „,.,., ltm, ln „n oreat|on there Is not
bveri  the  sheep at  Uie  Antipodes t0 1>(, rom„| ,,nv ani-ai ox(.e]„ Ina„,
have   developed the carnivorous ban- tnai smokes."     The marine sniffed.
It.   as a Melbourne paper   puis   It. ye8i  ne agreed, and  ynu  won't find
They have taken to attacking and e.it- e|tner linv otner animal In nil creation
lug .aeh other as well    as    rabbits,. tllat 0,.,oia „„ f, 0(1.
which are still very numerous In Aus-, 	
Ve offer "ue Hon'..1 Dollars Reward
nm- curie oi Catarrh tinn cannot b<-
-.-.I by Hull's Catarrh Curo.
|.-. .1. CHENEY ,<s CO., Toledo, fl.
\'.-   iit.. umi. isign. .1 have kuown  !•'.
Chenej fm   lusl IE years   nud be-
,.- lilin perfectly le nl.l.- In all busl-
is tinnsnctlons, un.l roum,-fully able to
iv ..ui am   obligations made by his
about her    uslinnil's eyesight, saying   Que., writes: "Your Baby's Own Tab-
she wanlid a ver;-   strong   pair   of  lets aro un excellent remedy for lit-
glussei for him. tie ones nnd 1 alwnyj keep them in I
|    I fenr I cannot reenmmend glasses: the house."       Thousands   of   other
'without first seeing your husband, the! mothers say  tho same thing.      The I
oculist snld. I Tablets always do good-they cannot
He won't come at any price, was   possibly do harm.     They aro the only
the reply. i medlclr.e for children sold under tire
j    Thou tell rr.e something about him.! absoluto guarantee of n government
' Pan he see objects at a distance, or    nulyst to contain no opiates or harm- ,
i does   h"   experience  difficulty   when   ful drugs.     They sweeten the stom-
I reading?     For Instance, could ho see.uch;   regulate worms;  cure Indlgest-
1 lhat pigeon whicli is flying up above [ion and promote healthful sleep. The
Tablet., are sold by medicine dealers
Rather!  the M-oman    said
Had Stomach Rumblings
Distress Before Meals
Now Cured,  and  Gives  Good   Advice
to Others With Dyspeptic
If you have any stomach distress at
all you will certainly be interested in
the following experience which is told
by Mr. Edward Hawkins.
"When I was working around the
rurin 1'ist winter I had an attack of
Inflammation," writes Mr. E. P. Daw-
kins, of Port Rlchmomf. "1 was
weak fnr a long time, but well enough
to work until spring. But something
went wrong with my bowels for I
luul to use salt or physic all the time.
My stomach kept sour, and alwnys
after eating there was pain and fulness, and all the symptoms of Intestinal Indigestion. Nothing helped ma
until I used Dr. Hamilton's Pills Instead of hurl lllg, like other pills, they
acted ' ery mildly, and Beemed to heal
lhe bowels. I dlil not require large
doses to get results with Dr. Humlt-
Ion's l'llls. anil feel so clad thai I
have found i- mild yei certain remedy
To-day 1 am well—no pain, no sour
Btomacb, n good appetite, able to digest anything. Tiiis is a whole lot of
good fnr nne medicine to do. and I
can say Dr. Hamilton's Pills are tho
best pills, and my loiter, I am sure,
proves it.
Refuse a substitute for Dr. Hamilton's "Ills of Mandrake and Butternut. 2no. per box or five for 31 tin, at
nil druggists and storekeepers or post
imiii from the Catarrhozone Co* Buffalo, N.Y., aud Kingston. Canada.
Of recent years the custom of making a systematic census of the population has become well established
and it. Is now possible to gain a fairly
accurate idea of conditions ail the
world over.
Some of the figures  now ctted    i
regard to this matter ar-1 interesting
Trie world's total  population  is estimated at  1,700.000.000, oul of whist.
He'd  or "by  mall  at'~25"'centTa"'borrro'iii I tlle l'r','I""''i"n of the sexes ta known
trails   In   spite   of   the   prodigious
quantities of tbem that are every year
trapped, tinned and exported. So
far the phenomenon of the camlver-
,ius sheep has not been noticed o it-
side th- southern district of New
South Wales, bul the news will doubt
Wul.ling,   kiiiiiuii  St  Man-In.
Wlml..sn!.-   Druggists,   Toledo,   O.
Hulls Catarrh'Cure  Is taken  Internally,   nctine  directly   iiiioo   the   blood  uml
mucous surfaces of the system.      Tes-
Pl'lee 76e.  per bot.
Syiiney hml been given some discarded millinery with which to amuse
herself. She trimmed a marvelous
looking hat. and so arranged It that;
long    red    ostrich    plume    hung
nlil ii
'Ink.-  Hulls
li Drugglsti
amity Pills   fur   Consti-
r.pot a pigeon on t' wing quicker than The Dr. Williams' Medicine Co
he'd see an aeroplane, especially if - Liockville, Ont
he'd got a bet o i It. What I want j
yer to cure is his short-sightedness
when h i's seekin' work. He's been
lookin' for n Job ten years, and never
seen one tc suit his fastidious eyesight yet!
I'he oculist regretted that he couldn't deal wllh the case
Sir Hiram .Maxim's genius for Inven-
A magistrate was holding court in a I hl" f°und the Kubus,   as   he   named
llttlo town.   One of    the    attending. 'nom, wl|o are scarcely to    -
for 1,038.000,000, the ratio bein,: l owl
males to Or-D females.       The    raSlrj
varies    considerably      in      St_SEinS
.a-...— --,...—..... ..pa, ! places.      In   Europe   ther"   were   f.;r
MOST PRIMITIVE  MEN j ^ ,„„„ mm   £m „nm^     v_.,..x
A people without any form of rellg-   ^oin;  America. 9(4;  Asia. 961;  Am-
lon, without superstition, devoid of any! tralla   037-
thought of the future state, has been j _he max|ra„_ pr„p,,rtlon „, „„-.,„
found in the interior forests of Su- , (nlln(, |n v , Lwr a m.3,_
rnatra, according to Dr. Wl helm \al-1 ,n „„. Alasfcl JlM „„,,,,. ^
ez. the geologist of tho University of. the Mala   statPS wlta m ind m _,
iireslau. who    has    made    extensive     .e.tllei,.._chlcai
journeys through the island.     1 here
eago Tribune.
be    dls-i OOLLY   IN   DISMAY
counsel held against him an Told| tlBglllshsd from the small manlike Dorothy—Mother, when t ^"t mar-
lclss soon spread One paper thinks straight down from the front of the I tion and energy are "both amazing. I grudge. Wliile the Justice was de ■ ape of the Indo-Malayan countries. I rled. shall I have a. husband lis_
It possible that Australia may evolve   brim, over her baby face. | Although more than seventy years of   ilverlng un opinion he was Interrupt-  To8* ',r0 wanderers thruugh the tor- papa?
a "wild man-eating mei'no" Hint will      Come l"'l'f>' Sydney, said her moth-  age,  he  Is  today  working with  the'ed by the braying of a Jackass with-"51- seeking food.      They   have   no;    Mother—Certain!?  ray daar
provide good sport for big-game hunt-   >'r-     Lei nie tack that feather back. I vigor and enthusiasm of a voting man   out. ; property.     They are not hunters, bun    Dorothy—And U I sra? j-.agie snail
«rs. ! out of your eyes. I of twenty nn an Ideu which,"If brought'     What   noise  is  that?  shouted   the' simply collectors.     They seek mere-l I be an'old maid ll_t Attnt   vana'
  ;     ol1-  no,  mother!      I   want  It that   to a successful   fruition,    will   rank) Justice, full of suspicion that the un-  •>' sullicient nuts, fruits and other ed-      Dorothy 'with a   teep sigh -Will.
One or ihe most novel features ever   wuy' s" ! cnn *fv " m-V!iolf- >ll,st al-1 among his greatest triumphs ln the: friendly  attorney  was  putting  up  a'lble growths tu keep them alive. I am in a fix —Boston Tranacripc
ways only other people can see the   realms of science- i Job on him '     The  Kubus  wage  very  little  war- 	
lie Is convinced tbat It Is possible!     "  Is nnly the echo of the court, \tu* upon the small «*^UBt^ta««      Xatliral select ion-When ma ___i
■hOWll :it a fair or OX position will be
tlii* display mad- by the unlt-od commercial club:, of Steveoa County,
Wasbir.^ton, at Hip Dry-Farmed Products Exposition next October, when
a pile of mammoth potatoes, perfect
feathers op
my   bats.—*Judge's   Li*
The litib* maid gased thoughtfully
make a disaster.'such as that which! If* i ™ «*T «««  " ch0U«  **  "?m b*^ _SJSS_T»C?_S
ocourred   to  the  Titanic,  absolutely      Not In the  least disconcerted the, them of a difference between a live JgJJLJ ?nan  vi are-.-h^fgu  0*
Inexcusable.   How thc idea came toijusllce  resumed  his  delivery.   Soon,  a'ld a dead person was that the dead *
 . _     .    ..... a        .1/1   r\(i(    I,.' a i'i t li n I Iii    i ti f.-rii    rnfSl    IHAV * * *•■ *     tmssa. ••»—■.
in size and  enormous in dimensions   at   her failier.      Pupa.  Bho said, do   hliii Is perhaps best told in his own   however, the attorney Interposed with' (1° not breathe.     lie infers that they
nnu weight, will be slinwn In the form   you know what I'm, going to give you ! words.
of :. cord,    n is already planned to
bring to Lethbridge sufficient of these]
spuds to stuck as a farmer stacks a
cord of wood, und an Ingenious method has been devised to keep Ihem In
BUCh   shape   us   to  cause   people   to j
The ampere which  is the unit  of
lor yuur birthday? "When I heard of the dreadful dls-
No, he husnt. the    little   daughter' asier lo the Titanic and its loss with
A nice new china shaving mug. with ; SOTO0 „f „,v dearest friends on board.
gnld llowcrs all around, snld the little , |   „•„„ greatly shocked, and  I asked
maid- ' myself: 'Has science reached the end
im. my dear, explained her mother, i „f n„ tether?   Can science do noth-
paps bus a nice one, Just like that, al-  |nt! t„ prevent these terrible disasters.
ready. ; this great  loss of life and property?
No. dear, he answered.   Tell me.      | All(1 aft,.r studying the question for '„Bu;„
No   he hasilL tts  little daughter   ro„r |m„rs l made up my mind that I
 It would be possible to provide a ship,
with apparatus that would enable lt to I
detect the presence of any large ob-'
technical objections." Just as the Jack   llre Immeasurably    Inferior    to
brayed again.
Hold on retorted the retaliating justice; one at a time, if you please.
The lady  was talking to the pro-1 Ideas they try to express
fessional chauffeur.
paleolithic mnn of Uurope. who fash
ioncd tools and bunted big game
with his flint-tipped arrow and knife.
Intellectual atrophy Is the result nf
the Kubu.' environment. The words
tliey know are almost as few as the
Did you ever run over a dog? she I
' phia  Itecord.
have important  practical  results.
volume, 1j  French, taken  from  the answered thoughtfully, cos-cos-l've
name if Andre Marie Ampere, who: lust dropped it
founded the science of electrlo dynamics. The volt which is the mill ot*i An elderly woman at Council Grovel Jecl In Us vicinity, to determine Its
the pressure which causes the current. who displays a wonderful knowledge size. Its, character, Its direction from
lu llow Is Italian. Th I watt, which of what Is going on In town was asked the ship, und nlso to measure its ills-
Is the unit nf energy, and the pro- which >f lho home papers she read. I tanco with n great degree of accuracy.
duct of the volt and ampere, is Eng-      Neither one, she replied.   I Just ask i l have been working on the problem
the milkman and the grocery hoy what   ever ,-lnce.
Is going on In town und they reel il      ai   the  moment,  he explained, he
off by the yard.    Vou seo. they've got   musl be very careful as to what he   tt i'|'k"„»     How—what—when— Iter his business utfnlrs
the  advantage  of   the   papers—Ihey 8ays, although he has. nf course, luk I     well, it was a bigger bump than a!    rhe—I don't   knov,
lish. The ohm. which Is the mens-
uro of resistance, is ohnraotertstlc-
rlly Herman The 1'nlteil Slates
boasts inly one electric term si, far.|
the henry, which Is tho mill cf self-'
Induct Inn.—Stienllflc American.
Yessum, he nnswered. cheerfully.
Goodness! Wasn't It awful?
It sure was, ma'am.
Did you ever hit a cow?
Ugh        And—er—did     you   ever
sirike a human being?
Meaning a    man?    Yessum—oncet
Heavens!      Didn't you faint?
No'm—1 stuck to my wheel.
Hut how did you feel?     What was
The American  Medical Association . m___ V_.» Ktea.es ■___ Pin
is tn make a study of methods of re-   Until iQUl Kill Rllfl Usl
siisritntion from electric shocks. Many ! Tr,Uurtas Ir. R-imrtr   *.'•> J-«r.in»—r«s»
eminent physicians and electrical en*  ^^^J^'Z^iOS^&^.K^.S
gineers are to cooperate  in  the in- j trkt.it it...,, in each Pa.-..*«-     ktsriae et
is— enta.
Ue* fnr man, IMS     S  .  ]«I: a—l   ., the P—*
6e .nd Bold br Uniaai... a-- _: .nd aa* -H»r atsajl*
latin* ir. _i..Td A».i)-..: Tuims. %e sest sa.,
HER LITTLE HINT j Murine ly* StfflMt Co, Chioag*
He—Does  a   woman    when    she's [
married expect  her hiuband  to  tell i
give you the news lhe same date It Ull the precaution of already protect.  dawg 'but |t wai ]<>IH s„fter than a stueots a mun
hanpens    More  thnn   Hint   Ibey   lell   |MK  himself so far as poslbls under   oow
t a woman
talk business \v!i...n
;.)u whnt the papers ain't got nerve the patent laws of the countries whichi twist sn' betwoon
oiigli lo print.—Kansas City Juur-  observe    the    convention,    amongst:
i "ii I which are England,   hranee,   itussin,
  I Germany, Austria, Spain, Italy, and
TAKE THEIR CHANCFS ; United  Sillies.
And now ihat ynu nr ■ throngh cul-'    Sir Hiriiin has already several draw
Otherwise   It  was  sorter  he-
he   Is   courting   her.
-Huston   Trans-
cancerTnd tumor
teMt-u. Inmli Knirn to. •^m4jmm*ert. faa\
•'l-.'-r nine  i wi     llitla ''-Mil ly    tn
II . uii :. .  orti to- fro - In
ona if i   \. u-'t ton ■■.  The dim b runi in
:        i iii r, nntl n In. ■     ol % iciUy and
ii ■■     hi uu.Ing .: 'I.   'i'i" >■! tt I-   if .' il
aud ' ■ !i *■  li . .-ti oft r
■ e utd I ■ N:.    i
mvii _ ii w       mi ■ 'I
h   'i 'n hoi,   I   .'i
in    I.- kittln tiou,
h i   f    foi  III
nr i» uii  mil iitimD
,   HlltJ   0 II"   «i 'll.I
i   .■   ii . ■  i ' .."*
nluily in I (li<l, Hm
ill o vuli., l nto an)
l I..- I.,.;i cured, Bul It
m .. not,   I Ml   idnl lho
fl i 'i foi - ■ mn
ti.iil \.\tl-. hii ) 'ii will   '"
es tr. i p  ,. u a fatr ni.il.
y.xotyu <in>ito own anew of my nut. Mv
fl "*   * U  >li-in:,i,,i|   v.'.V   liillllV,      \   ilui'tiir
(ulil nu Una l ijjoiilfl m-vpr gi'i ii-I "■* n. 1
H'ciii pqundi <ti Um ion1 bills, and I alt ended
t.t\i r.il Il0i|)|ta|fl !n l inii nl .1; ill'l uny k'niiil.
"iln-ii oho iinv (i unrlc nl mln*1 n-foin-
fiirmlcil Mi. .utlcli-n ».im.'.li.M. I hmk hii
.■tuii', mc -iiiiiiiniii't'ii t<t ... iho Cuticura
Soap. To 'ti fiin.ii iitni-iit mi ■|iiiirmiini'iit
iii i.ni !-..,.■ ,ii, ml y h.iir, hlili Iiml I'ci-uit
runjli'ip ir.au I . ;;l.-i nml courf, Mhiu *
lii-ani I U«.'. . nn|« .li.t conrltllou, Thrn
1 ImikIi' . 'ox ut Cuticura Olmiiniit, an.)
sii* iiiv.ri'ii it. - r-i.i ontlcrrulty. in a ivw
.niln' tlmo  ll Inwc   •! ih" m.iIv cnii'iniiH
'    ' il-'tilv ilKali'iiiiU'il.    Nnw my |kln
U ' 'tir anil li,n|iiivL
nitn It ""-<l|<« 1 'mn
«-iii'in . All my ti< i .hi
Tl' I'liilniiu i:-n >.ii
Wolff I Hi ROM. nml
tu iiii't'iui-
■!v    iir.-.l  ut
V 11' I* Utul. -I.
.v.iiili   lli. ir
l.li't   >f run. a: v
Boap Roqa furliier lhan four raaei of ennper
■oa H. It hu liruiuth hsnnluoq .'nio my
homeJ (Mi'ii.'U) Mm. Mm it. i/, I'tunrl-i
II. Tlir* .ti.-iihl.t, K<iik'-i Nottou, Uir-
iiiIiikIiuiii, F.iik„ July ltd. I HIU.
cut' .-nra Hoop ami (tint mont in* ctld nvrry-
whan, Imt tiiu.su wim mil in iry them
without ilianio may ilo ao hv iwiutliiK to
li.tlcr |)mir ,v ('In in. Qorp., U' r-ihimliiii
Aviv, : <i I-m, ll. H. A., (nr .i Mi..-nil - ,imi»in
Of i-ai'h, |in,.l.*|,e, Willi 88*Pt Hklll tilMlk.
'wTST^P. 005
legd whal nro ynu going to do?
I shnll study medlclno,
Itnther crowded proft?»slon rtlrendy
Isn't itv
Can'l help that i shall study medlclno. and those who ara already in
the profession will have tn take their
chances, that's all.    London Opinion.
A maiden, well advanced In yenrs.'
used to wait every morning for the
its mil of iiiuiiH uud designs made by postman, a bachelor of about hor age,
himself nf tin- new Invention. The !im] a8i* blm if there wuh not a lot-
workmanship nf these drawing! I* ter for her. Beveral weeks passed
marvellous Despite his age-Sir Mr* thm, bul the anxiously-expected letter,
am '■iiii baa the lightness and firmness ■ (h,i n,>; arrive Finally, one morning
of touoh of an artlsl whieh is seldom  the postman said to lier:   Woll,   to-
,,        ■ II SO. WlNILlXVI  Soi-TMI*.'.   S.I:   t  bt*   DMS
Mnrlin (jusi from ihe tslophons)— wdi*,"." sixiv vKAssbv millions a.
lie wnnleil li) know If we wonlil no to   IIOTHSRS  lor   Iheir  CHlLLkEN   WHIU
TKin'llING. wilh rSBfEtT stCCBSS O
SOIirilltS ih.- C1I1I.O. SOFTENS th. OCHfc
I. ,h« lasal r.m.tly fof l)IARKHa:A. II I. a*
aohttrly liarmlf.* P. a-.ire an.l ... fot - Stre.
'" WinaloW. Hnothml hvruu." .r. : lake so MS.S
kind.   Tw«nly-fivc ccnta a botuc
Hie thestro wltb him, and I said ws
Mmlellne—Who   WSS   slienldnjt'.'
Marlon   Oh, graclousi  I forttot
h-en in meiiiiiiiiini drawings,
Yes, oonfosssd Mr Dorklns. li!
s-eive-i me imiii. i sngagatr-tbs mnn;
to mov our " ids as I I Foi - i to
ash him li •!' much ho «,-i ■ going to
ohnrgi r for lhe Job. ir ovor I da
such ;i .1 "ie; again, Maria, y i can
linv.. i.-i ussd for n football
it wuuld In- n good deal niorp nro
(liable, John, .nid Mrt, Dorklns, to
cui ll up Into billiard ball i Chicago
Don'l Bsy you
An' why not?
morrow you shall gsl your loiter. If
l have to writs n myself.
Tlim's right, 'io It, replied ths old
maid,    l ilmn bs delighted to aacopl
Well,   snhl   Hie     postman     Smiling.
whal   ilo   you   wan!   ms   to   wrlto   ii
ysterloiis  bu line    ' tl >r or s love letter?
If yon mean bustneaB. pleas,, write
letter, wm* her blushing ro-
a romance .f St. Kihlu is lha story
o( i i |j Qrnngo.    Wlfs nt nn eighteenth century Scottish Uord ol sen.
nl ii. she wai for   sonic
reason solzed and carried off in lit
dark,   -in   know nol  by  whom, and  n lov
■■..ii. eve,l  hy  niulii  Journeys to ths ply.
Hlgl     nl coasl and llieiu'i' hy sea to
:-•   Klldn. impoliteness of curiosity
Thero nmong Hi" few Inhnbltnnts ,   , ,
she romnlncil for several years a prls-     Tho goose bad been   carved,   and
„,,.,.  provided, however, win, a ■•on- everybody had tastsd It.    n was eX.
 ,„ iuppl) n  food ami i.  man to csllont.     Ths negro   minister,   who
<■""*•; v ,ii upon her.      No   Inquiry   was wss tho gur.t of Tionor could not r»
mado for hor, but at Inst she conveyed  "'"l» llU„cntnu,ia,ttl'     ,
  .. .,..,,.   i„ -i n-lenii hv Hi- iliiiiehier     ":"  ns line a gooso,as I ovah seo,
Bocauso thnl  Isn't good j „, „ ,„„.„„„. 'who hid II In n oluo of gJJ ■''' «'«"«-•. h" »'M '" »i» l""'.;
yarn,    A shlp.wns.sent to r her. I w!l.,."'„'1.''1.'"!!..':....""'.    '   '"
I imi her gaolers itul wind of it and
transferred her in the Island of ll"r-
rles. whoro she died.—London t'linm
fir hy the
Catholic Standard ami Tlmos,
l-'iiiih. I'm glad tn hear II
powers, nnyther am I
A Bil Superstitious
My poor wife: Burled on s Friday,
loo! I hope II won't bring nie luul
luokl'  Pols Moio.
brown  volunteered    lu    loud    me
Did   you   Hike   It?
No.   Tlmt sort of friendship i« too
flood lu lime    Detroit Pros Press.
ENEMIES NOW Meek -Is II true thai your wife hat
First Botibrotlo—Mr, De Joshly snld   nn Impediment In her speech?
tny fitee wns a poem! Peek—Yes,  she  nets  sleepy  about
Second   Boubrettt—Yes?   Perhaps  11 o'olook nnd begins to yewn.—Bos-
he OOUld tell hy .he lines. 1 tun Trunscrlut.
line itou
Well now. pnson, replied the carver
of the goose, exhibiting ureal dignity
nml retlccr.ee, when you preaches n
spsshul good sermon, l never uses you
wliar y.ui gol li 1 hopoa you will
Riinw -ne de sumo consideration.—
Popular Magasina.
The Clinton Motor Car Co., Limited
Will Show a full line ot
Motor C.ira, Delivery Warjgona. and Heavy Trucks, .tt the Winnipeg Fair
July  10th, to July 20th.
You .ir" cordially invited to Inspe ct thc&c Canadian made cara If you
visit the Fair.
We want igtntl In all th- centres of Manitoba and Alberta, that ar«
not already rigpetl up,    For Information atjdreaa
E. D. Cleghorn, Sales Manager,
Uucwi't Hotel, Winnipri;
Afjonts lor thc Province of Saskatchewan:
A   now  I'lilwny  line  Is  being  built
between Rome and Naplos, which will
shorten the present dlstnnos ur IBS
miles by about twenty-four miles. This
road win run underground from the
outskirts Of Naples to tlie ceiili'e of
tliat cily, und a    number   (if   under., .	
ground passenger stnUons   will   bs  L*:',|,!':,!.',.!'*!;..*,""'I,'".,!!:'™™"*.'"5
I have booten my sword Into u
plow-share, remarked the young uiii-
osr who roslgnod.
Hear nu. exclaimed his sweetheart,
cosy  corner
with.—Washington j i.
The use nf motor wnenns tn carry
pnrcels bctweon London nnd Blrmlng.
hum hns proved so successful thai
ths postal authorities are nbout to
muke an extension • ' !Jm f-*sfvjcs to
The "Empire" Brands  of  Wood   Fibre,  Crmpnt Wall
and Finish Plasters should interest you if you
arc looking for thc best plaster board.
Write lodiiy for our spcrilication booklet.
The Manitoba Gypsum Co., Limited
Stocks of Lumber
The Rosedale Lumber Co., Rosedale
and E. 0. Patterson, C. C. Road
And will  In' pleased to quote prices at 1
theso points as woll as delivered on thr 1
job. I
Yard Phone MANAGER Oiliee Phone
224 86
Solves the
Ten Days
Free Trial
Fur I HI '2 wu nre
offering n
ELECTRIC IRONS   0,.t',?16 J1'* sii!0*
smtnblo for general    household
use for
This iron is similar to nil "Hot-
ptiint " except
tlmt tlic upper
surface is unpolished.
Pi'iinipt  nnd   i-arrFiil]   attention
given lo  tiiis   lino  nf  Inisiness.
Kales Iti'iisiinulili'.
Phone Garage 246
Nigbt Phone 7
A. £. McLANE
Westminster Trust Building
British Columbia Electric Ry.
l,cnvo Arrive
Train.      Chwk, Westniln,
:i 8.80 a.m. 11.20
r, 1.15 p.in. SALS
7 0.00 p.m. 8.40
Leave Arrive
Traiii     lllgdn. Wesimin.
1 0.80 n.m. 3.M
Leave Arrive
Train       Van. Wcstinin.
:■    S.'iOn.in. 0.80
4 12.18 noon 1.20
8  5.00 p.m. 0,10
Ij-uvc Arrive
Van.      Westniln.
li 3,03 pin.
riiKH.iiT SRRVirx
Leavet'liilliuuck 5.00 n.m. dnllv
M luy.
Leave Nm uver *.00 ii.iii. ilnily
.Milk Train dully 0.18 p.in,
All passenger Irslns, execpi Nns.
5, i umi ll.- Express.
I   il.nl
Express, Truck
and Dray
Reg. E. Broadhead
Opponilc Barber's Drugstore.
City Market
Main Street, Vancouver
ll Ims been nrranged in hold two
siilcs  weekly,   Wednesday   nnd
Suliii'iln.v nl IO n.iii'.
tlrowcrs will plonsi' arrange to
hnvo llioir consignments forward-
oil the previous ovoning,
Wo  liiiiullc  Fruit,   Vegetables,
Poultry, liggs, Mem, Bio.
Another step in the campaign inaugurated li.v llie Cliilliwnck Merchants Association, for the curtailment nnd elimination of credits, was
tnki'ii mi Wednesday evening when
the appointment of a collector wns
mado, wim will act for and be back-
by all the members of the, association.
The rapid accumulation of a surprisingly lurge list uf bud and tardy dclit-
ni's during the past year or two, is
proving to be a serious menace to
the business life nnd interests of the
city, nnd firm methods must, be
adopted in order to protect hones!
effort and legitimate Inisiness. The
matlor in of more vital interest thnn
many are inclined to suppose, and
every reasonable' effort should bo
made on the part of those owing
bills to make settlement at an early
date. The increasing volume of outstanding debts and losses has forced
tho retail business interosts ot thc
city In jointly adopt measures for
tho placing i.f this phase »f community interesl on a more healthy
Imsis. Extended credits kill outer-
prise, retard growth, raise prices,
ruin business men, and encourages,
wlml in tho llnid analysis is
really stealing; in fuel wo, don'l know
of a single good quality in favor id
(be habit. A liuliil il is in nine
tenths of cases, and in a prosperous
ciiniiiiiuiil.v like Ibis where thoro is
production in ono furm nr other
practically the yeur round, there is
no snnc reason for its continuance,
and tho sooner tho systom is dono
away with the bottor it will be fnr
all concerned.
To intending exhibitors In tho
bread class: —
In section 538 C in class 11, special
Bread Prizes, an error bus lieen
mode, This section should rend,
"Golden (.ruin Kluur" not "Golden
West," presented by the Saskatoon
Milling Co., Ltd., Saskatoon, per
W. Hill, the Vancouver manager.
Messrs. Ashwcll & Son are tbc
Chilliwack agents fnr this Hour.
In Class I, Draft Horses, the
Directors announce that the class
will be duplicated fnr Clydesdale
Horses only, in sections 1 to 10.
All animals showing in this class
will not lie allowed to compote iu
any other class, except for championship.
Sir Wilfrid Laurier will visit the
coast this fall, and he will speak at
ii number of important cities during
his visit.
A new lodge of the Independent
Order of Odd Fellows will be.organ-
ized at Abbotsford in the near
future, according to the Post.
Before you gn awny telephono Ti)
uinl let it appear in the Free Press
ns news.
Read the Free Press uilvts.
♦ 1
Established  OF CANADA    mi
Paid up Capital and Reserve $11,400,000
Burn—On Aug. 1(1 to Mr. and
Mrs. F. .1. Kipp a daughter.
Horn—On Aug 1!) to Mr. and
Mrs. At. II. Nelems a daughter.
City of Chilliwack
Topper Street Improvements
The Municipal Council of tha City nf
Chilliwack having liy resolution determined ami ttpeclfled thai ii l_ desirable to
carry out the following works, that i** to
To construct cement sidewalk uinl
works contingent thereto nn tho VVcsl
side of Cook Street botween Wellington
Streel innl Victoria Avenue, and tlmt
said works be carried unt  in m rdaucu
with lhoprovlsloiwoftho4,t*ocal Improvement Gonoral By-law 1012."
Ami the City lUngineer and City Assessor having reported to the Council in accordance with thi' provisions nf tlie -.ii.l
Ily-1 aw upon thi*sii<l works giving state-
ini'iii** Bhowlng the amounts estimated in
bochangcttbloaguinsl tin- various portions
of real property to be benefited hy the
-ai.I works ami othor particular.-; hikI the
said reports nf ihr Ciiy linghieer and
City Assessor having been adopted hy the
Notice if hereby given that tho raid n •
ports are open for Inspection m the olllco
of the City Assessor, Ciiy Hall, Chilli*
waek, It. (!., ami that a petition againsl
thr proposed works above mentioned
signed hy a majority nf tho owners of tlie
land or tral proporty to Im* assessed nr
charged in respect of such works representing at least ono hnlf In value thereof is
presented to tlio Council within rifiim
days from tho data of tho flrsl publication
of tills notice the Council will proceed
wiih the proposed linnrovetnents under
Mich terms ami conditions as in tht- payment of the costs of Mitch improvements
ns the Council may hy r.y-i.iw in that
in-half regulate ami determine and alio
i<> make the mid RMottitiont*
Dan.I ihi" -:.'n<l ilny nf Am-n-i A. I>.
101 _,
City Clerk.
Date of lirsl pnbllcntlon Aug. --wl 1012.
Appreciate tho Cheoriiig, Comforting qualities of mn' superior
Teas and Collees, the best nu tho
niarkcl. Their excellent quality
makes (hem the must economical
to use, because a smnll quantity
produces lis gnnd results as, or
liotler lhan, the elicnper grades,
and vet our goods are not ul ull
high in price. Uul ynu will Iind
tliey ui'i' monoy savers in actual
Lillie's Special 1! pounds Ceylon
Tea        -        -        $i,00
Lillie's Special /i pounds Ceylon
Tea        -        -        $1.75
Lillie's Special   I  pound  Cevlnn
Tea -        40c.
Order Preserving Peaches now
$1.15 per Case.
Lie's Cash Grocery
Phone 10
Chilliwack Creamery
The ('liilliwiick Creamery
hus ice for suh' and enn
lill all orders from twenty
five pounds to twenty
five tuns, Can turn out
eight tuns of hunl frozen
ice per day. Phone your
orders, Ihey will have
our immediate attention,
Phone lOO
lllliri's over ll..Jul   Iinnii nf Cuiiiiilii,
II. 0.
Al ri'iir nl nlil [ II.  T.  il Hand
iiiiiI .1. I Imve Iiiui.
Wellington st.        Cliilliwnck, ll. O.
We give special attention to Savings Accounts. One
Dollar only is necessary to open an account, interest
allowed at highest Bank rate and added twice a year.
No delay in withdrawals. Two or more persons may
open a joint account and either party can withdraw
I Take a Tip From Us
Over 90 per cent of the
stoves in use in the Chilliwaek Valley to-day are
McClary's make. Many
have heen in continual use
•tor 1(5 to 20 years, and are
still doing business at the
old stand.
I Denmark & Burton!
C inrnvn   .n ntiiiiillll/iC **l
l'HOXE 10
Ladies! is it reasonable to invest $20.00
in a hat, and wear cheap, ordinary shoes?
The best gowned woman in our town is
fastidious about her footwear.
Her shoes harmonize with
her gown and headgear.
Otherwise she would not be
correctly gowned. You know
this lady. And she insists
on wearing
We can give you n perfect fit. Made on the latest
model, in all widths, in a shoe
that is comfortable., flexible and
durable, lleliudo Shoe is u tailor-
made shoe for particular women,
and is an apt expression of Ihe latent style.
The CushionHeel, (exclusively controlled
hy liciiudoSIWs,) makeswalkingndelight.
No nails to hurt the foot, antl produces
a resilient,springy effeet that characterizes
a graceful walk. We have Ihem in all
sizes and invite a careful inspection.
Continuity of Impression is successful advertising.
We have enquiries for Chilliwack Farm Lands in exchange for Vancouver Revenue Producing Properties.
If you are open for a good proposition of this kind, list
with us at once.
F. J. HART & CO., LTD.
The Cbilliwaek
1 c
1 kJ
TOCK TAKING has just been completed, our books have been audited and I am pleased
to be able to announce to my many customers that my business for the past six
months has shown a marked increase over that of the previous year. My policy has
been : Buy the highest grade goods for cash, keep a well assorted stock and be at
your service any.hour of the twenty-four. The credit system has been a drawback
and adds considerably to the cost of doing business. I have decided to place my business on a
Cash Basis, and in the adopting of this new system, I hope to have the co-operation oi my many
customers. Por the future we will " Buy for cash, sell for cash, and share the increased prosperity
with our customers." H. J. BARBER
Drug Sundries and Toilet Articles
Special Discounts will be Given (or the week August 24 to 31, on lines of Drug Sundries and Toilet Articles
Exquisite Perfumes
75c to $2.00 PER OUNCE
son. kiss
FREE SAMPLE—During the week commencing Aug.
24th and ending Aug. 31, we will he pleased to givi' a
sample of any of the above odora to inch customer.
Gue«t Room Packages put up hy the Ingrain people
and free to our Lady Customers.
2.'h-, 36C, ".(rf, 75C, $1.(10,
up to $2.">(• per box.
Shaving Sticks 25e
Special Barber's Bar   5c
Razor Strops.
Razors  75c to $2.50
Safety Razors
This is the season for Toilet Waters.     We bave all the
popular odors 25c to $2.50 per bottle.
Tooth Preparations
We have in stock a great variety of tooth pastes, and
through tbe kindly criticism by our customers of tbe
various preparations, we bave so benefited, that we
have heen successful in having a preparation specially
prepared and'believe it will give general satisfaction.
BARBER'S TOOTH PASTE is a ribbon paste. It is
pleasant to the taste, cleanses antl preserves tbe teeth.
Try a Tube Next Time     25c.
Sponge Bags
Wash Rags, Sponges and soap can be conveniently
carried in n sponge bag.-   We have a large assortment
and will place then on sale during the week at
Wo carry a large line of face powders, Chamois, Massage
Creams, etc.    Barber's Talcum,  Na-Dru-Co Talcum,
are our two leading lines—in popular odors—
Flesh and White.
20 to 25 per cent reduction during the week on Indies'
Hand Bugs, Ladies' Purses, Hair Brushes, Mirrors, etc
Fly Ammunition
FLY BAN, 2 rolls 5c.        TANGLEFOOT, 2 double
Sheets 6c.     Insect Powder.     Sabadilla.
Williams Fly Spray. Chloride of Lime 2 for 25c
Has become famous. It removes dandruff and stops
hair falling out. We receive testimonials quite frequently as follows—
"I am pleased tn sny that one bottle ol jour  H.iir
Tonic, stopped my hair falling out."
We put this preparations up in two forms—one for dry
hair and one for oily hair.
Fruit Salts
We Imve several lines ol FRUIT SALTS—Can recommend
Ity Stock Raisers throughout tlie Valley,     60s I'kg.
AJhlll line of Veterinary Instrument* commonly   used  on   Dairy
uml Stock farms.
CHINAWARE   An assortment of high grade  t'biu.-
ware at reduced prices.
Stationery Department--School Opening
We have the latest and best assortment of supplies for, the scholars.   SPECIAL—A Strap Book Carrier will be
given to every Scholar purchasing $1.00 worth of School Supplies.
We bave just received a large shipment of " Stafford's
Inks " direct from the east.    The highest grade ink iu
large buttles for school use.
Inks, Pastes, and Mucilage for the office.
Office Supplies
Letter Trays, Files, letter Scales, Ink  Wells.     Blank
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1000 of the famous "Barber Tablet" just arrived.
These goods,are put up by a special  pudding  process,
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Stops Cough
By   Breathing   the   Soothing,   Healing
Vapor of Catarrhozone All Throat
and   Catarrhal.   Trouble   la
Quickly Cured
It'a simply wondor fill to think how
quickly a bud throat or catarrh can
bo cured wim Catarrhozone. lis
rich balaamtc vapor Is carried along
wiih .lie breath lnio the innermost j
recess.s of the lungs, bronchial tubes
and chest, mnklng It Impossible for
the K' .in of any disease to llvo. Thus
soreness in iho chest is at once alleviated phlegm Is loosened and ejected from tin' throat, old-standing
coughs uro removed.
"I suffered from an Irritable weak,
throat for three years. I had a severe cough, pain over the eyes, con-,
stant bad taste in my mouse, and
noises in my cars, it was chronicI
catarrh. Nothing gave permanent !
relief till I used Catarrhozone. In
one hour It relieved, and in a few;
week3 tfrove all trace of catarrh from
my system
"No. 0 U>pez street, Kingston, Ja."
REMEMBER Til IS—Vou breathe
Catarrhozone and il will run1 any
throat, chesi or bronchial cold. Large
size, guaranteed, costs jl.00, aud lasts
two months; smaller sizes, 26c, arid!
Tide. Beware of Imitations and in*
Htsl on "CATARRHOZONE," only. By1
mall from the Catarrhozone Co.. Buffalo, N V.. and Kingston, Ont.
So mucli depends upon personal
opinion. A girl id' fifteen would, if!
asked, probably call a woman ol' thirty [
an 'old maid,' bul uny woman of thut j
age would be very Indignant if so de-l
scribed in her hearing. So women j
look like old maids when thuy are
quite young ones, and some Blngle old j
ladies of sixty-live summers or su1
never looked old maidlsh in their J
It appears to be more a question of
manner, or perhaps one might say
mannerism rather than appi arance, i
tbat makes people describe certain
emeu as qld maids. trrltlbillty
and being (ldgetty, particularly over:
trifles usually earn u woman tho re* j
putatlon of being old inaldish. Some*
people would say thai a woman is'
an old maid when she has given up
nil hope oi ever being married, bm
tben .some people say thai a wo-
man docs not rcllngulsb thai hope,
in which caso tht re can be no old,
ma ills.
Statistics tell us that woman's j
(•linnets of getting married are ureal-1
est between the ages of twenty aud j
twenty-five. Reckoning her entire
chance of marrying as a hundred, her
chances stand al fllty-two per cent.;
nfter the age or thirty-live they drop!
down to three and three-ijuurlers per
cent. j
'  V' HARD business
;    An advertising mun   of   Cleveland
was w>\wa home ont* night iu a sheet
car.      It was late, and tb'* man who1
sat ne * i.i him began to talk.
What business   are   you    in'.'    be
,     The advertising business
Is tliat so I used to lie in the,
adverli. in;, business myself. Quit
It, though, and went into the rng-and-
old-bottle business; gol a horse and :
clean ap my sixty every month. j
There seemed to be nothing for the,
advertising man to say. so he said iti
Ves, continued th'1 talkative man I
I wns in the advertising business—I
wns a sandwich man for a clothing]
more or six mont hs! Say, and he
leaned over confidentially, ain't it;
hard vork when the wind blows?—
Saturday Evening Post.
Ttunnlog for office, I see.
Forced into it by your friends, eh?
Answered the pnrty rail then?
"Ntx. I'm after tlie office solely for
thi salary attached and if I'm elect
ed I'll try to get nil my relations
Well on th.' frnnknes* '»f that statement I propose to vote for you.
It is not often that a government
report contains matter especiallly of
interest to women; but the views of
Lord Haldane on the much discussed
topic as to whether they should be
excluded from the "professions" given in cvlderce before the royal commission on Ihe civil service, will ho
read with interest hy all women who
have lo depend upon themselves for
their living Though the inquiry
was supposed to touch the civil service only, the war minister was very
emphatic iu expressing his opinion on
lhe subject generally. He aald his
belief wus lhat the exclusion of women from a great, many professions
at the present time was the result of
superstition, and very little else. He
believed there was a greal many professions in which women were not
only qualified to do tho work, but
where they could be of the greatest
possible  use.
There wero certainly a great many
positions   In   th"  civil  service  which
women could till quite as well as men,
and   which   they  did  not   (111  at   thej
presenl time-higher   division   posts I
as well as others, '
Lord  Haldane was   questioned    by
Miss raldano as to whether he con-j
sldered that  post qualified  for hy ai
higher education, whatever   was   the
case with regard to lower posts should
receive equal pay In the case of wo-
men .uul  men.      lie replied  that  he
had previously said that   upon   that I
question  he had  found  it ditllcult to j
make up his mind.
it might he said that they,must pay
a man. no, what he was worth, not !
the cost of producing him. hut a living wage, because lie was the bread-1
winner for his wire and family, and!
Ihey ought to encourage him to have j
a wife and family, iu the interests of'
the stat-, and therefore be must be
paid something extra for heing a cit-i
That  surgeon>i  in  recent years,  in '
very recent years, have to some ex-
t.-nt come to the opinion that ihe unfortunate  person   who   mny    furnish
ihem opportunity for the display nf
tlieir skill in the use of saw and knife
Is himself worthy of some consideration rpart   from the beautiful opera*!
tion,  is  a  matter of congratulation,
not to the surgeons, but lo ourselves j
of the laity-     It   has   not   been   so!
many moons   ago   when   a   surgeon [
knife in hand, was ready to pounce
upon a patlen!* keen to operate without coniiderlnir whether the operation
mlghl   -ot be n graver source of danger lhan the deceased    condition    it-
There has recently developed, says
the Mew York Medical Rrcord. the
opposite t'-L* lency. This strives to
counteract the unbounded enthusiasm or the *oohnician for an imm°d-
iale su-gieal interferance, a tendency
to study the patient as well as his
disease, to consider the factors of
ofifetv -""e-npt fn th-* Individual un-
d?r consideration and to take all possible means of increasing the chance
of recovery from the operation itself
as well as from the disease.
Frost & Wood Binders
Meet   the  hardest    itrdilicrs   cf tuttirg ftd
binding,    Do the work well.
Aftpr   Five     Years     of     Suffering-
Three Doctors Failed and Said
Case Was Incurable
Itching    and  Burning    Was Terrible
Until  Relief and  Cure  Wat
Effected by
Psoriasis is another mime for
chronic eczema. lt Ib the worst
form or this dreadful itching skin ilis-
e-tse. Once eczema has reached
this stage 1'. is usually considered in*
But here Is a case which proves
again the wonderful healing power of
Dr.  Chase's Ointment Not    only
does relief come quickly, but the resulting benefits are I borough und
Mrs. Nettle Massey. Conseoon, Ont.,
writes:—"! thought It my duty to
writo you tilling you the grout benefit I received from using Dr. Chase's
Ointment. For five yeurs I suffered
with what three doctors told if any
one offered to guarantee ine a cure
for )60.00 to keep my money iu my
pocket, as I could not he cured.
"The disease spread all over me,
even on my face and head. Thu
itching and "burning was hard to bear.
At last my brother read In the paper
about Mr. Chase's Ointment an a healer. ! used S boxes, and I am glad
to say I am entirely cured, not a Hign
of a sore to be Heen. I can hardly
praise the < Int ment enougb. aud you
are at liberty lo ore my testimony, us
I hope Ihereby to Induce other sufferers to try the same."
Dr. Chase's Ointment 60c, a box at
all dealers or Kdmanson. Hates it
Co.,   Limited,  Toronto.
The little story below is Lord Wol!
so.ey's trlbut to the bravery of LlOUt.-l
General Gerald Graham, V.C., G.CB.,!
(1 C.M.G.:—At the siorming of the
Taku forts, Graham, who was in China i
with Gordon led the sappers, whose,
d'tty it was to lay the pontoon across1
the wet ditch siirroiindlng thu great
northern fort.
While superintending the operation
ho wus on horseback, nnd being al*
m sl Hie only mounted oillcer present,
afforded an easy mark to the Chin*!
MO matchlock men, who had already;
picked off fifteen of his sappers.
During the height of the uproar
caused by the firing of the great guns'
aud small arms, Lieut.-Colonel Wol-)
seiey, who was standing by Major1
Graham, having some re-nark to make
placed his hand on that officer's thigh
to draw his attention
Don't put your hand there* exclaimed Graham, wincing under me pain.
There's ji jlngle-ball lodged in my !• g.
It was the first notice he had taken
of the wound.
These animals aru quite numerous
along the coast 150 to 200 miles
south of here. They are adapted to
both salt und fresh water. A strange
featur. of their appearance in the
waters along the coast is that they
are usually accompanied by a school
of sea devils, great sea monsters frequently weighing as much as 4.r,00
pounds each. One of them whon harpooned hat*, been kuown to drag twenty boats, hitched tandem, each currying two men.
Such an experience came two or
three yep.rs ago at Aransas Puss to a
party of fishermen among whom
wero John W- Rohbins then stute
treasurer; W. G. Sterrett, present
state game, fish and oyster commissioner, und .1. W. .Maxwell, of Austin,
a not__ big game hunter nud fisherman. They were fishing just off the
little town of Tarpon when a sea
devil of extraordinary size came to
the surface near one of the boats.
A boatman sank a harpoon deep Into
its body, the harpoon being secured
to the Loat )>y a line. The sea devil
made off at Ughmlng speed. As the
boat to which it was attached passed
the boats each threw a line, and twenty boats currying 10 me-i were towed
by the giant animal. T.i-'y had stuck
to it for six hours, when it headed out
toward the ocean- Then the men
raised the <dgnul of distress and a
life-sav.ng crew on Harbor Island rower*, out and shot the monster.
'llie death of 'English Jack, the1
Hermit,' recalls a romance originating
In Loudon and ending pathetically iu
America. Knglish Jack —- nobody
knew liis right name—lived the last
forty years in a miserable hut situated in the woods a little way back
from the carriage road near Crawford, within twenty miles of New
Hi* hut was a miserable affair, Ihe
ground floor serving as a sitting-room
ami kitchen, from whicli a ladder
took him into a pitiful hole in the
roof where In slept.
There he existed for nearly forty
years, almost balf the full term of
his life. He was born in London,
aud left an orphan while still a hoy.
Wandering about the streets one day.
hungry and tearful, he encountered a
Utile girl of five, who had lost her
He helped her to find him, and from
that day their interests were one and
Ind' ■ islble, Mary's father, a man
named Slmmonds, secured a position
for ihe hoy on his ship, and at tlie
close "i* end- of several voyages he
made '■.!.* homo with Stmmonds and
Utile Mary. Hefore his last voyage
it was agreed that the two should
many on his return-
He was gone a Rifle over a year
and on his return went to tlie school
where he had placed her, and found
thai his little companion had just
died. Tin' remaining years of liis
Ilff hi parsed as a hermit iu the sol-
Ilude or bis but.
ile never dressed right up to dale
in most expensive clothes;
He never paid the highest rale
admission to tlie shows;
No wealthy club he ever sought
where luxuries abound;
A touring car he never bought,
in which to spin around;
He never dined iu swell cafe,
on rich and costly rood;
In mouth he hold no wisp of hay;
nor were his manners rude;
Tlie luckless man wiih scanty means
who came, received a loan;
for silver jingled in h's Jeans,
and—It was a'. l..s own
Cured Through the   Use   of Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills
You Cannot Forqet Your Corns
They pain too much. Perhaps you
hav- tried this, that and the other
remedy—you still have them. You
do not experiment when you use Putnam's Painless Corn Extractor. In
twenty-four hours the soreness is removed. In a day or two you are rid
of ihem, root and branch. Keep the
name in sight because it tells the
story. Putnam's Painless Corn Extractor.   Sold by druggists, price -ac.
There is Rn excellent reason why
, Dr. Williams' Pink Pills have cured
the most severe cases of neuralgia,
sciatica and other complaints ln the
group known as disorders of the
nerves. This group also includes St.
f Vitus Dunce, partial paralysis and the
common iitato of extreme nervousness
and excitability. _;ach of these complaints exist became ihe:*.' Is something the matter with tho nervous
system. If fhe nerves have tone and
are strong and healthy you will not
have any of these complaints. 'Ihe
rensor. why Dr Williams' Pink Pills
cure nervous disorders Is, that they
restore work, run down nerves to
their proper stale of tone. They act
both ''Ireetly upon the blood supply
and the nerves. The highest medical authorities have noted that nervous troubles generally attack people
who are bloodless ami that the
nerved are toned when the blood Is
renewed. It is thun seen lhat Dr.
Williams' Pink Pillls cure nervous
disorders by curing the cause of the
trouble. The following is an instance. Miss Annie Jouoa, London,
Out,, says:- "Kor over a year I wus
an Intense sufferer from neuralgia,
which located lu my face and head.
The pain al times was so Intense that
1 could scarcely keep from screaming,
and nothing I was doing Tor the trouble si emed to help uie. As time
•Went on my whoio nervous system
was affected. At last when I felt
tliat my case was almost hopeless I
was advised to try Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills. The result of this treatment
was that I am now enjoying such
comfort as I had not known for years,
and only those who havo suffered
from neuralgic pains eau realize whnt
a blessing the Pills have been to me."
if you are .suffering from any blood
, or nervous disorder begin to cure
; yourself to-day with Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills, which yon can -get from
any nudlclne dealer or by mail at 60
i cents a box or six boxes for $2.f>0
\ from The Dr. Williams' Medicine Co.,
llrockville, Ont-
According to tests o" many of the
best varieties of farm crops, carried
o.i at the Central and Branch Farms
of the Dominion Experimental Farms
system, some sorts of uach class are
much superior to others thut. by some
are considered good. As a guide to
tho crop growers of Cnna'a as to
which varieties ure most valuable,
Bulletin No. 77 of the Central Experimental Farm has been prepared for
distribution This bulletin gives selected lists of the best varieties for
each province or district, the lists being based on the accumulated experience of past years. Among tho
newer varieties of merit. Marquis
wheat, Manchurlan hurley and Arthur ilea, are especially mentioned.
This 1 ulletin of 74 puges deals not
only witli varieties or grain crops, hut
with those of rodder crops and pota-
I H's in, well Crops may b * procured
liy applying to tlie Publications
Branch, Department of Agriculture,
Ottawa, Can.
The question has again heen raised
in nieillci | journals as to whether thu
Increase li lhe rrequenry or appendicitis in recent years may uot be due
to minute particles of iron- The old
millstones that ground so slowly ami
ground small enough in lhe old days
have fiassed uwuy, uud It is suspected
that these panicles of Iron come from
.the rollers now used tu grinding
wheat. Some medical authorities
suggest that these particles find
(heir way into the appendix where
they form the nucleus or n concretion. Cases uro cited where bullets
uud shot have been met with, having
come as a kind ot surgical dessert to
the eating of game; also bunches of
bristles from a too vigorous use of
the  toothbrush.—Indianapolis   News.
Much interest is taken in Japan in
what have come to lie known as "picture marriages." Marriages in Japan are customarily contracted
through third parties, Imi in the case
of the "picture marriages/' which has
become the exclusive means of arranging matrimonial vein ores between girls in Japan and Japanese
men in Hawaii, or on the Tar side of
Iho   I'i- :li«,  portraits of Hie girls are
sent in botches to emigrant bachelors
fur their consideration and selection
plays lhe chlol pari
PU-iure  marriage  was  Introduced
torn . imi'- or five years ■ o, bui it has
P   IVI i        >:i I I ' ■*■'    ■*.       Illl ■'    1910     ■'   'I
abnui ! oo girl i are i. m   ent In ihls
: ioi    ■       rj month     Tho
Ivlty Is In i
■    i  lhe number of
.   |    ..   i  |0(l
Sheathing Felt
la ns no oil or tar. II Is'clean,
odorless, waterproof, genu and
; n proof and practically
Indestructible. Makes houses
draft-pn '.. easy to heat, and
Comfortable In any weallier.
Ark y~ur dealer lo rliow you
a :ample, or write for sample
and Be oklet to the «j
Solo I ana-Han Mantif*. turrM
ol i mm da, l I in lt<*-1,
rat, Hlinli.ro, (' it-j.tr>. Vm-mmr.
W.R.  P.  9_f»
\ western paper ■•■   nilj offon il a
for ihe i'i    or) tn I e
by a pupil »'i    e  pub I     - liooj   M   a
ii    i fi ik  pn   .. ■     .  mi the con rl
Cora   Brown  wns  foi tunntelj   thi :
li  thdnj   for shi   •..<
di m hter of rich ft
Itut nil iiii.* time a l loud was galh- \
orlng over Mrs. Delaney, which grew
large a-- yeal • went    by    umi    that
: aloud ■*■ ol i:i i     opi '■
My fnihet doslred mc to marry a
bank l< nl a handsome h cklofts
II   * .        I of tin Uff hi have Ihe gaming
v.i* i ■• ill you, vat I dell you, ihoul
ed ■''■' It i Vo in.
\- ihr entered the mom a cold,
damp i moll met her sight.
Thero's no definition or 'can't' In
the li tli on "i   elf-confldencel
i ' nmt drunk Is a Huld iustilu-
tion  devised  to  foot lhe  foxy.
I little Ir t with yourself that
you'll beat the gnme by behaving—
and watch your bundle grow.
'Hi- troublo with somo of un is that
we pack up our doll ran on altogether too blight provocation.
A widower belonging to a country
village lately led lo the altar a fourth
bride. After the honeymoon the happy couple (nettled down In his home,
and. us the surrounding country was
new to the ludy, she was anxious to
visit all the places of interesl lu the
locality. Among the spots visited
wa_ the villa£3 churchyard, nnd thero
the husband uml wife panned before a
very elaborate tombstone ibe property of the bridegroom The bride, be
ing n little short sighted, asked him
to read thft Inscription, lu solemn
tones he read:
Sacred lo the memory of Ann. he
loved Ife of John - ; alto Jane. In-
loved wire or John--; also Mary, be
hived  wire or John-
He stopped abruptly.
What are the words beneath? Innocently asked the lady, and her honor
tan bo Imagine.! when he read: —
I;.- >-■ ni:" ready.
Mlti  M.1....1. i   l-lpdsay    Williams
who bn    ■ ■ i     ■  gold modal ol
Royal Aea l< in) which earrl
a travelling    «holarshlp "f $2o_   Is
:     ' Itl I    thfl    ' '        *
ter "i n deacon ol  Barrj  I   i
tlonal churcli     Bhe t   the yo i
artist  iv. r  io attain tiits high distinction and ii it .\hi. ting thai her
i uio < fforts In an wt re      ic
.•n i»i ;i i.   ' .i bninor fur tho bul I
fund  of  Barr)  t hurt h      Ten  ) ai •
ago, u- a girl ol ihlrteon, ahe b
her fa bei  lo let her pain' soinethinv
for  thr  SAli       ll r  begin on  tlle
front palings, was her fnther's Joking
reply l t thc girl who this year had a
line picture on the line tn lho a. id
nmy, and *s no* adjudged "gold mod
allst" the 11 • studt nl of her > .. •
at the Academy or Art school.
,\ little i.ev w.ts invited out !•• dinner r nth and the hostess, kn-  Ii
his fondness for chickens, planned It
as a p iri nl her menu ihe pul
macaroni In the chicken urnvy nnd the
vouiii gupst ' rtcfl refused tt. where
Upon I honleas snld: Why. Johnny.
I   tl, ■   ynu   were   folld   of  OhlckfMl
I an ometlmen, replied Johnm,
but m. mamma never puis the wlml
pIpoH   in
Th. ie. i, ef adversity gem rail) l.t
a lltlv ■;■'■ on tho sldu.
Recently a number of Chinese children have been found in the streets
of Paris and taken before the magistrates .'ft vagabonds. These children
were brought to France by showmen
to pi r'orm as acrobats. After u few
month, theii performances having lost
Iheir novelty and ceased lo attract,
the m-.m-gers abandoned them. They
have hei a taken to the Chinese legation to be sent home. Hut they
don't want to go home. The beautiful clt> ol Paris Is more to their
It bi-a been discovered that kerosene lamps can be lighted with much
greater facility, especially when a
high wind is blowing If the wick
Is turned about half nn inch or more
above ibe top of the burner and then
turned down ugaln to Ita normal
height before striking the match. This
will not cause the tump to smoke,
hut will mnke lighting a simpler mailer, as the kerosene is allowed to saturate thoroughly the top of the wick
by this method.
Desperate Case Mrs. Scrappy**—Old
you see this. John? Woman S mtgl
Can'l Talk!  Puzzles Doctors!
Scrappy -Mary, a woman'*-; tongue
ihnl can'i talk would puxxk more latin
About Wba* H.r Husband Would Say
A   Mich,   woman   tried   Poitlltn  ho-
I'tuse eoff Unagreed with her nnd
inr husband.    Tea is just as harmful
its coffee because it  contains caffeine
tlie j ame drug found in coffee.     Sho
*■.■. rites:
"My   husband   wns   slek   for   three
pari 'villi catarrh of ihe bl.i !.'    . at ll
palpitation or the  heart,  cauaed  by
cifree,    Wai unable to wonk at all
.onl In bed part of tb" lime
I   had   Stomach   troublo,  wai  wenk
and fretful m i eould nol an. ud to
i y houaowork -both or ua using cof*
- e al! tno time ami not roallsllng it
\ as harmful
One morning   the   grocer's   wife
,,i ihe believed coffee was the
aiiae or our trouble and nd' I Bed
r istum. I took it home rather dub
Imis what my husband would na) -
he wns fond of coffee.
"Itul 1 look coffee right off the
tablo and ue haven't used a cup ol
it slm e. Vou should have seen the
ilningi In* us. and now my husband
never complains of heart palpitation
any more. My stomach troublo
wenl l.wn) in two weeks after 1 began Poul um My children lovo It
and It does Ihem good, which cunt
11- salC of coffee,
"A Iftd) vlaltod ii* who was usually
lulf sick. I told her I'd make her tt
i ip or PoitUm. She said It WUB
(IStolMI Stuff, but she watched me
make It, boiling M thoroughly for 18
minutes, nnd when done she said ll
wuh splendid. Long boiling brings oul
the flavour ami f I quality,"     Name
glvon i>y Canadian Poitum Co., wind-
Mr. out.
Look In pkgs. f"r the famous llttlo
book. "The Road I" Wellvlllo."
Ever read the above letter? A
new one nppesn from time to tlmo.
They are Qenulne, true, and full of
human Interest
He Knew a    Verse
Frederick was only 4, and had just '
returned to his home, in Alabnma
after a visit to relatives in Missouri.;
Within a week or two he went to,
Sunday school for the tirst time. The
previous Sunday the teacher had told
the little noes to come prepared to
speak a little verse from the bible,
or their Sunday  school  paper.
When it came Frederick'-! turn, she
■ said.   Frederick,   this  being our  tirst
Sunday, I presume    you   haven't   a
Frederick, with a great deal of confidence, replied.  Ves,  ma'am,  I have.
Very well, let us have it.
At    which    Frederick   chirped   up
Vou   gotta  quit   klckln'   my   dnwg
At   the  Shakespeare  exhibition  at
Earl's Court  there is a golden  book
guarded by an   attendant   in   brown
Klizahethan  habit       Herein more or
less distinguished visitors to "Shakespeare's  Kngland"  nre Invited   to Inscribe the!/ autographs, and many interesting people from nil parts of the
world have already done   so.       The
other day .Mr. Winston Churchill waa
| prevailed upon to write his name in
i ihls book, which hns as the first name,
j In  It  thnt  of Quern  Alexandra,  foi*'
j lowed Immediately by the autograph
1 of her sister, the Empress Marie of
f Russia.     Ou    the    first    page    also,
[ among other autographs, nre those Of
Princess  Victoria.   Prince  Arthur  of
Connaught, Lord Howe and Lady Rl*
Bllffklns nnd his wife live in one of
those fashionable, childless apartment
houses.      The visiting friend sp, aki.
Say, what became of that preic/
bull terrier you used to have aroint 1
io keep Mrs. Bllffklns company during the day?
The management wouldn't stand
for it so we gave him away. We ventured a canary, but they kicked oa
thut. 1 suggested some goldfish, bit
Mrs, Bllffklns*said they reminded \\*t
i.t swimming snakes.
How did you finally agree
Excellently, I bought her one of
those Mexican jumping beans. It's
cute r.s It can be Say, Clara, get
our little Pedro and make him do
some of his stunts.—St. Louis Republic.
A New Jersey man has been fined
for permitting the breeding of mosquitoes upon his laud. Knowing what
we utl know about the disease-spreading powers of these insects. It would
seem that such action might be
brought in any community- If one
is liable to suffer punishment for placing obstacles upon a pavement, why
should he not be punished because
miliaria has been distributed by mosquitoes bred upon his land.
Chief Justice Story attended
lie dinner at Boston ni which I
Everett was present. Desiring
a delicate compliment to the
(he learned judge proposed, as
, unteer toast:
Fame  follows  merit  wher  1*
I goes.
The  brilllanl   scholar  rose n
j sponded: To whatever heights
Ial learning me/* attain In this
, try, ll will never get above one
The applause which followed
for tweuiy minutes.
The 'old fore de war' darky had asked a young attorney to write him a
letter on his typewriter-
And Is that all you want to say,
RaatUS? queried the mnn of law ut
the close of the epistle.
Ves. sah, 'ceptln' you might say
'Please 'sense pooh spellln' an bad
pen.'—Woman's   Home.
Our lump inspector, C. Piatt. Is somo
sign painter too. Charley spends
some of bis spare time painting signs
for the corner lamp posts around
town and he does good work with
the brush. Also he saves the town
some money In Ihls way too.—Now
Haven Register,
a pub*
to pay
a vol-
nil re-
The Canton-Macao railway. China,
hns already been surveyed, and It l*
prohal le that construction work will
be commenced In the near future.
Starting at Patl, across the Siklang
liver from Canton, the lino will run
almost ilue south through the districts of Shuntak uml Heungshnn to
the I. ;iini:iM of (lie Portuguese colony of Macao. This line will bo,
aboul seventy mites long and will
penetrate one of the richest districts
of south China.
,.   i-.ni.nii .*.  11   t   In a prodioamont it sometimes hap*
Ho. .,r-   Ucil. I hopeyouprobiedby „,,,.   „   woman's    intuition     ll
,:u|l.;t" V;vv       .    '       ..        t        :Uth more than the reasoning of a
Patleni   ioi, doctor   but   not   so   ......... ...,.,,
mud, M you did : ' 	
j    A Massachusetts womnn bus patent'
Madge   I thought you liked Charlie led a wire gnuxo cover for bird cages
better than Jack. to protect their occupants from cats
Murjorle    itut   Jack   has   proposed. , and Insects.
Trie Loading Platform
'i'ii-   I-ond Ing Platform pi   ns the sequel to the doolaratlon   by   tho
Mnnttnlm uraln -\-1 Umi ihe rnllwny companies mium proyldo ears for
farmers intu which Ihoy ran load Ihelr grain dlrcol wben lhe) deilre tn
Previous t-* Hum ibe railways enforced u rule ..f tin-ii-
II     ... ..I.,     r 1  a     1..     .....I       I...     I..,.. I... I     , I.,.. .,,,.1,
.. .e|.i|n,ieiM nrogreases compel I Hon between tin* railways In secure freight
Increases, una He- rncllltlua loi onnlnritig ihe rn-igln aiinim ndjiicenl i«
iu.- railways me Increased and tn i!.t*. wav Hie time cannot nn far ntmnul
When tbo western provmooa will have ne i-lnitlfui nuppiy er /-iilpptiiK fm-lll*
i M-ml'.-l.'i.
lb it
i s ns •Muni1")''!.
We have always advocated the loading platform and Domini-
ni.nl lermlnnl move tors.   The uso ol H>-*■-  ■»■' ' ■■*•'  ■»«»ii'
mnn)   if nol moil nr
logethei would eliminate
. ■.. rensonnble complaints in com lion wlib Iho funnel
I p| tins   'Mid  UlKp.mliig ef  Inn  vt oil..       Wi    WOllIll   Iberefme   Itnpl
Shipping  'Mid  dlMpeKlug ef   In*,   riiiil..       Wi    Wi.nl.t   then-run-   Imp!*.'*-*  nu   the
tuiii.i the doHlrabllHy nf u-iHng iln- habit of imlng the I itnw i>h<tr..nu t<>
ih.- full.Ni exlonl i-oMlhlc   m direct l-»adhuf met Independent xhlppiim.
Wt .-.-Minn.' tu net uh tin- farmers' ngnni in looking after nnd iii*-|in-*inK
of  cut'  lol   t-hlpm. titii  nn   COinmlSSlon.      We  nn<  not   opell   l<>  UUS   i\u-   fllllHi'1'K
grain en mo- own < nt     We mako liberal advances eu em* hills nf tinting
Write us rnr inforaiailon    Wc kuv uh references (>■ our reliability, cm.
• i> rn' nmt financial standing uuy city oi country banh manager in Western
149. THE    FREE    PRESS,    CHILLIWACK,    B.C.
Attractions of the Spring arid Summer Sunshades [-ntm ^ i
r ° I   In Tub Frocks!
What Is New     •*
nary slza Speaking of handles, those
most approved this spring are of wood
carved to represent animals and birds
and tinted with the natural colorings-
These parasol handleu are very smart
If n bit bizarre.
Vi*** that taffeta gowns and hats are
■o  much  worn the  woman  who keeps|pany summer frocks are to be seen on
right   up   to  the  minute   In   her  styles
will have a sunshade of taffeta to match
lier suit ur bur chapeau     Kor use with
tailored cloth costumes  the green tuf-
feta parasol Is very good form, and tbe
prettiest of these parrot  green affairs
have handles and tips of crystal
If expense Is no consideration there
are to be purchased this season exquisite sunshades with handles of
curved ivu?*y and precious metals richly Incrusted with Jewels Particularly
good looking ta a parasol of rich, dark
purple silk, the long handle of which is
tipped with an enormous amethyst
Lovely lingerie sunshades fnr mr-
riujje aud garden party wear tu accom-
every hand Two of these lingerie
models sre among the Illustrations,
(me of white taffeta Is overlaid with
embroidered cream nett A ruffle of
princess luce Is tbe attractive edge decoration Tbe second sunshnde Is of hand
embroidered linen Apropos of linen
sunshades, there ts a very new model
which any glr) clever with Iter needle
may copy in each panel of the paraSpl
ts worked a flight of butterflies In white
mercerized cotton These are embroidered in a raised satin stitch for tbe
hodles of the Insect, and a narrow
thread outlines Hie wings The markings nre simulated hy lines of eyelets
such as are used tn madeira work ll
lid probably be more effective to
e the whole bulterlly done in Venetian ladder work
[•'or the gin wim tikes more Btartllng
effects the butterflies could he w*»*?k,.l
•Tl/TIAT Is new In tuo frocks this se»-
nonT Nothing, madaine—lhat la,
nothing new tn line, bul there are many
novel trimming touches on the simpler
sorts of wash frocks The skirts hava
a trifle more fullness, but the skirt of
the sheer summer frock always is fuller
than a winter skirt of cloth or silk. On
some of the new tub models there appears a slighiiy godet Beam, an Inverted plait or a scant bounce Joined to a
severely straight and plain upper skirt
of linen or some other tirm washing
Long lines of trimming are much in
evidence on linen, glnghnm and sheer
cotton frocks, and buttons are set down
Ilie   middle  front   or  side  uf   ibe  sKlrt,
.ml   there  an*  Innumerable pmiei   nr.
auge nis  that  add  to tbe attr&oUOB
orntns ,
models is u i
ninny    churn
raised wait is
Sleeves are
d of h mr
T1IK thoroughly up to date woman 1« always on the alert In
the spring fur something attractive and smart In aun-
chudes. and tlus year there Is no rea-
eo«   on   earth   why   she   should   not   hu
perfectly satisfied, however capricious
tier lastc. Indeed, the woman who admires lovely parasols will be embarrassed in her selection by the great and
varied assortment of covetable sunshades to he found In the shops
The newest addillnri lo the parasol
realm Is a sun protector uf tan taffeta
with a lining of soft, rich oriental colorings mingled in e Persian design.
IMaiii coaching parasols having these
Persian ur Palstey linings In rich
though subdued colors are exceedingly
fashionable thla season The attractive
features of these new parasols are tbe
handle.-., Whii h may tie unscrewed, lessening the length by half In this form
they may be packed In trunks ul urdi-
ln the Group  Are  Parasols  With  Persian   Linings, Shirred  Puffings
on New  Models and Latest  Developments of Linen
and Coaching Sunshades
In delicate, natural colors A flight of
yellow and brown butterflies on
straw colored ur pongee parasol wuuld
be must artistic.
Perhaps the must coBtlV parasols of
tbe season are trimmed wltb old fasti
loned shirred puttings As all tbls work
must be done by band you cun easily
aee how the expense of such a sunshade mounts up One of llie cuts displays u parasol trimmed with this revived pulled trimming The net which
forms the border is shirred in Innumerable rows and then arranged lu a
star design on the parasol and drawn
down to form the plaited border.
Uul these elaborate luce trimmed
sunshades are only for ceremonious
use Wltb litlle morning frocks ut linen
or mohair milady carries a plain couch*
Ing parasol of taffeta, which perhaps
disports a border in a contrasting effect
as a finish      CATHERINE TALBOT
ir  tin
IB on mii"l of tb-* n**<«
turni one. but there are
r   frocks   wllh  ■lightly
liii.-iM The former line is newer.
■f nre usually short, with seme
a turned huek cuff, at though an
nal tub gown shown ,, long
md wrist  hand     Kound neck or
neck finished p.si betuu the
base or a slight V shaped cut
liar or firhu finish is customary.
ut the Uuie tub frocks ar* mads
old of trimming nther man the
ise   use  of  the  striped   material
hair line checked fabrics com-
wllh   sheer   white   hemstitched
1.1 ued
Seams put together with beading add
very much to the daintiness of th**_e
frocks, and pipings of wash tu!l_,
though difficult to launder, are most effective upon colored wash materia-*
Tlie shoulder yoke with trbnmtitg •*_-
tendtng down lhe center of the ->!**-*v«
Is again a favorite waist arranger:.--r.t.
and lines of tiny white penn burtons
put on wllh colored thread are "ne ol
tbe newest touches seen nn tut- frock*
Garment     Thai    Co-isim
Should  Be   Well   Aired
***        wives   will   do
s   the   time   when   the   -OW***
ell    to   b-tIS   du-va
their   packing   boxes,   open   *n»   aid
chests and get in readiness the li-ten*
and light wool dresses for .--prm* >v«a„-
One of the first necessities is thu airing thai must be given the Man nets uul
pupa mas. the voiles and Che tin mines.
everything thai contains afoul tu tfiart
is worn in the spring and ■ummsf
Then take OUI the tub guwns •■<• BBS
(that thev are cleansed \:»,r'.-". i nt
(are convenient to wett* artien uiev esm
The colored ginghams ir-siy IW ••*-.-■
tifully laundered without OutTntl '<t
ithev are nul  out  in hotting  attttsf
*iw*mi*«"»j«iii»-'«*«*«"MW>'*J *'.*«w»-j»K««»w*«wew»»-'.wuwow %
Beauty In fr
The Home \
TT is a mere commonplace to soy that
it is the duly of every woman to
tnnke herself ut all times as attractive
as she can
This does not mean Hint she nu M
make the hesl of herself un occasions,
but every dny as well The woman
who value- the opinion and affect Inn
of tier family and Intimates wilt remember thai e\ en if "beauty is but
skiti deep" I rather nn old fashioned
Idea) (he skin is quite uu 111)porta 111
furl nf her anatomy
She will then reflect thnt n Is ar* un*
kindness to het nearest and dearest u
let them eoni lnnii Ily see h.-i nl ln*r
worst Especially where n mun is concerned, she w i Know thnt. perhaps
unconsciously, it is bound to affi • t
his treatment ..f wire or sister ir ihe
conviction is continually forced upon
him thut she is not ho charming >*r
dalntv as tbe other girls and women
he meets
Item'-niber dar glrla. If ymi are feel.
Ing sore about your brother's neglect,
does he ever si ■ you ut yuur besl a--* he
does other girls"
lh.es he see von with your hair dressed prettlljl and neatly every .lav i.r jusi
twisted up "anyhow** fur breakfast and
rough and untidy fur dinner, us it wai
when you threw off your halt
Dues  be  See  )o.l   tn   II  ihllllty.  spe-lle**?
ffii.-ii- in ibe morning, or wearing out
noms old "rug'* tbut makes you look
your worst?
It may seem sn unkind thing tn tell
yon, tun these sins of omission smf
Commission do make n great deal ot
difference |ri (|„. istimatlnn tn wlth-h
the gverngc mnn holds bis women folk
If vou Ihlnk ll does not mailer 10
look well iti your broilers eyes you
are making « Rival mistake Later on
you will make a greater mistake ss regards vour husband, wub more serious oonsequi ncos
Yon blame a certain member "f ynur
family for that expression of dlstnsta
win n vou allow him to ses vou looking
a "perfect fright,'* thnl term of appru*
tirh m being, in youi case, quits unnecessary Hui think, I- It noi a failure  of affection,  a   lapse of  loving
thought, nn your own pari?
tf you let ynur lister, brother, mother nnd husband know ihul you du not
COIodder    them    WOrill    Ho*    trouble    of
"dressing up" for, can you wonder If
ffcey—unconsciously ngaln -resent  It**
Hnve  ynu  quite sn  much   regard  for
your dearest friend when she betrays
■Ome lum.>nlrih|e carelessness tn dress,
holes Iii her stockings nnd unkempt
hair? Ynu mny recover In an Instant
but certntnlv yuur friendship suffers s
severe shock.
Would you be quite as willing to so
•ut walking with ynur brother were he
carelessly shaved end wearing a not
ajulte clean collar?  Perish ths thought!
Hut having duly shuddered at lbs
Impossible Ides bs very careful In ths
tutwrs act Ic ota eamspatdUgly.
sl A Health Hint || grandmothers gown
RAT three simple meals a duy and
masticate each mie of food thoroughly Olve up vuncks between, meals
and late BUppers Seventy per cent of
the 111 health people Buffer from Is due
io neglect of this hygienlo principle
Tuke SXerctSS every day equivalent
lo three or four miles walking, whatever the weather may be tike When
outdoor exercise caiuiol  for some good
reason be obtained practice physical
exercises twice a day
Breathe fresh ulr day anil nighl tin
one can keep well wbo sleeps with
Closed windows, lives in stutfy ruoins
and goes In fear of drafts
If you have got Into the habit or irregular hours nf ship trv I be 10 BO
bedtime plan as a routine measure It
-annul he invariably followed perhaps.
bin une late night eould be made up
for by on earlier bedtime ibe evening
afler People who work hard aud live
Btrenuousl) need especially to make n
good health resolution regarding their
sleep Kv n though you feel nu til effect* for the time being from curtailing v.mr Bleep two or three hours n
night you will have lo pn) tn the end.
The human organism can do without
sleep for a time, bul u is like » man
drawing on his capital Nervous energy has lis hmhs like everything else,
Practice moderation in all things
Regulate ynur amusements after a rational plan ami slick to any ruBolU"
nous you make
Ttie last health resolution is psychical
us mui h ss physical Determine in
keep cheerful Mnke up youi mind iho.
you »r.- going tn be better healthier
and happier whatever vour prospects
mav ie-    Happiness is as iiiiii ii ii mat-
t. r of habit  as of tcmp-ruio-hi    Htid  It
has very Utile to do wllh material sue**.
cess i'\ following the health resolutions enumerated you will be happier
because vou will be healthier Make
Up your mind to he cheerful, tn look on
Ibe  bright  side of  things   to throw  off
despondency und depression before
they get n grip of Vuu and vou formulaic h cycle of g i health  content*
tnent and good will Sin-h health resolutions strengthen the mil ami make
for character building unit success
\     DRMOHTTUL   old   Bet   of   print*
buttons, wheel pattern, have been
used by their owner as h necklet hung
from a Blender iin* uf paste also oltl,
but this Idea need be hy no means enn-
flned tu antique diamond wurk   it . un
be used fot Barrings, end. indeed. It Is
something out of the common to see a
pair uf large earrings hung thus together wllh s space of s couple of
Inches between them, we sre so used to
slngis pendants ur groups of three
The old tuitions lhal were formed of a
single colored paste stons, similar lo
s Bet belonging to Prlnre Charles Edward, wars enhanced In effect by being placed, each In the center of a rose
of Bllver gauss, email and well mads, of
lhe Cattish Tudor order.
[t- vour grandmother tins nn out hro***
1   euitu gown  of  attractive coloring
packed nway tu ber (best usk ber lo
give il lu yuu ns material for tin evening wrap Look al Hie delightful model pictured, and ll wilt tell yuu better
than mere description whut you can do
wilh  lhe  lengths of silk
9 J
I A Sample Party I
'PHIS is certainly a must amusing
a flair and "ill repay a hostess for
the trouble of arranging for It. Hut
then to tie a successful hostess the labor that precedes un event should never enter intu the calculations Tliere
must be un equal number uf men and
women—eight couples muke a party
easily provided for
In the Invitations to tbe girls the
hustess requests a sample of the gown
which they will wear, um) to the men
thu  missives  request   a  sumple  of  the
necktie, these lu be sent tn advance to
tbe hostess Tbe samples are neatly
mounted on "sample" curds nnd tbe
neckties passed tu the gins, tbe dress
materials to the men In this way
partners are found for the progressive
conversation which will he paaaed, und
the men ure to write descriptions of
the gown the samples of which fell to
their lot, and the girls are io write
ubuut (he ms, material, style, ele Five
minutes Will he elver, to these ib-scrlp-
t'."tis. and then the papers wltl be read
aloud The prises are tn be sample
packages of nny  product  the hostess
may select
The refreshments are m be novel, inasmuch us Ibe hostess will have lhe lea
and coffee made bj a "demonstrator"
lone of the party who has been previously asked tu do tit umi the other
tilings are lo be served In hov-s marked "samples" There Will he sund*
wlches of various kinds, olives, salad,
small cake, etc The contemn of the
boxes «ill be Spr-Wd upon the table,
which ib to he supplied With all tne
requisites In the wu)  uf dishes
While at the tabte the room is tn ba
sudden i v darkened nmt in tie saucers
containing u mixture of chopped nuts,
candles  and  crackers  are   tu  he   passed
and eaieii When the lights are turned
Oh encb one is lo write down Whlll he
bus had, the om* neuresi correct being
given a "sample" cake of chocuiale
make H
-  -tuay  ut-eiUa.-t   os
0 the material
oei  not  require mm***   r--,-ntn.f
II  the goods are railed  van - •
between the palms tbe *oii will :um»
OUt easily
Then rinse in good, clear mrntmm, ta
{whhh there la u handful sf soil
Uu nut hung In the sun. *.* t.-iis ttunss
riut   qulckty      Tout    • Rtttta_i
potatoes frnin burning and sticking to I Should lie laundered In thu-.ame oia..-
the   bottom  of   the   pot      An   inverted j ner. but never ruhhed on * r-oarn   *a ts
Is sure tu tear them, and rlne -i.**i ni#
must he carefully handled if it is us
lust any  length of Hm*
Gum a rutuc Is used in the wirsr fie
stiffening dimities and organdies T'iis.
makes them appear as wbeo a*-.** m\UX
tlie natural dressing.
\t A.S'Y housekeepers do nut know that
there is u  simple  way  to  prevent ■ the
pie pan placed In tbe buttom of the put
avoids scorching potatoes Tbe waier
and empty space betneatb the pan save
the potatoes This also makes the
wnrk of cleaning the pot easier, us no
adhering parts of potatoes are left to
be scoured uut.
The Smart Outing Hat of the Season
\Y*IC have grown used to having n pad
tor the telephone tu whicli ii pencil is fastened hv a flexible chain Now
appears an invention thai wll| uppeul
to   ilie   distracted   hosiuss—a   bridge
BCore with pencil leashed tu It
This consists of a leather pud with
[cornert   like   those   used   un   a   blotter,
VKNKTUN   holder   work  is  tbe  new Minder which Ihe bridge tablet Is eiiH||y
 broidery stitch tbut ts unite in-(slipped  for  frequent  removal     At   the
valuable on linen and dresses and un-ltop   of   Hit*   pad   Is   a   brass   or   nickel
derwear    it is nothing but tbe but- standard,  wiih  chain  attachment  fur
ton licit-   Itltfjh,   differently   Hpplted   in'the   pencil      It   ts  sn   nexfble  tbut   tbs
any  soft  snllns  and   vulles  fur  lolnlng   pencil   vttn   be  used  at   snv   angle,   yot
seams, tu produce un openwork effect,
the two ei>ws of buttonholing Joined by
worked bars, rut tins away the malarial
beneath ll Is often used ss s frame to
s monugram. snd ll Is frequently combined with madeira wurk, and for linen
dinner centers can he employed with
great effect. Small pieces sf material
for yokes can bs united In a most effective way with thin ladder work, as
well as for ether purposes, and sleeves
! nre often Joined with lu
springe lt\t0 place when not needed.
Any one who knows tbs trick pencils
have of getting lost st critical moment* will appreciate this convenience.
Another useful novelty for o hostess
who entertains much st cards Is a
small silver pencil sharpener This,
having a ring sl ons end, can be attached tc the pencil standard on the
pad, to cave scurrying for a knife or
new pencil when points break cr become blunted.
qiHH. derby hai fashioned very much after toe chape of a man's hendgeur ot
this st.vis has been a rsvorils model of the winter, but now tlmt spring days
are with us the derby is appearing tn etrsw, end nothing could he smarter for ma.
all round bat than tbls able litUe oIioihl wit* iu "ctlvkuu" «_ Ui FREE PRESS,  CHILLIWACK,  BRITISH  COLUMBIA.
The End of the Sale! The Final Close Out!
This Week will See the Biggest Bargains.
Everything being passed over to the public in a Grand Scatter that means the wind  up.     TRENHOLM'S
FURNITURE STOCK being completely disposed of because the creditors want their money.
About two Weeks More and the Entire Stock will be Sold
Passing out of existence forever.    Remarkable opportunities to purchase Furniture, Carpets, Rugs, Linoleums, China, Comforters, etc., at about Half Price.   Those who come this week and until the end will
be surprised at the low prices.    Goods Almost Given Away.   Do You Want to Save Money ?
The Purpose is to Clear Out All in Two Weeks. The Passing of Trenholm's Furniture Store
Trenholm's Furniture  House
Storekeepers are invited to buy the balance of the stock.
soap «q_»- ii_f*> *
Chilliwuek Acreage in exchange for
1    I Room house in South Vancouver.
1   fi Room house with all modern conveniences
in South Vancouver.
For full particulars apply to
Chas. Huteheson ® Co.
Tlio weather conditions this wcok
havo lieen line for harvesting operation!*. Threshing wns the order on
Tuesday and Wednesday.
At a meeting of the Chilliwaek
Merchants Association last evening,
tho decoration of tlm places of business of thc members generously and
suitable was recommended for the
dates ol the Chilliwack fair and visit
of thc Duke of Connaught.
Fruit Crates
We have anticipated a big fruit yield tor
this season and have on hand a liij,' supply
of fruit crates both for local and shipping
Your order will receive careful
Wo have a new nml im-to-datc
plant wllh the latest iiii'IIiikIh (nr all
kiwis of Gleaning, Hying nnil Pressing.    Kx|«'ri ln'ip for all branches,
SiM'ciiil attention will Im given mall
Mall anil Kxiircm nrilcrs from Chilliwack ami tho valley. Wc solicit a trial.
428  9th AVE. W.. VANCOUVER
ChilliwacK   College   of
Principal:  Tiiko. J. Hin-rox, L.A.B.
Insirurlliiti In nil branch—l pi mmlq nnil In
HiHiitlmi. YiiMrlycKiilnliiiitlniiNliy tin- Huliil
Ariuliiniy nr Musi.' llllll lll<. Hi.nil Culli*' "I
Milsir, l.ululnll. K.ll.lllllll.
i.-niih Is rnr rniir lanoni, payable In mlviuin'
I'. 0, Uu« Mil I'limiu tf IM
Flour and Feed
Purity Plour per sack- fl.80
Royal Household
t loldcii Grain
Pivo Roses
Robin II I
Sou! of Alberta
Royal Standurd
Wild I lose Pastry
Oregon Salem "
Dandy      "      "
We Guarantee Purity
Flour.   Try It now.
Per 100 lbs $6.30
A particularly guod paper on
thc cure and feeding of children
was given by Mrs. L. A. I'allon at
the regular meeting of lhe Women's
llnstitutoon Tuesday afternoon of
this week. It was one of the lest
and most practical given tin. year.
Two dainty ami easily prepared
desserts were served ami prepared
by Mrs. II..I. Barber and Mrs. W.
Knight and recipes given. These
two features with the ordinary
routine oi business comprised the
proceedings of tho meeting. The
Institute welcomed back thoir president, Mrs. W.V. Davlosvory,cordially.
County Court will be held In
Chilliwack on Sept. li, at 10 a. ill.
A lengthy docket will bo disposed of.
Exhibition Education.
"To the ordinary fanner a beet
Is a beet hut if he puts them ou
display at the Interstate fair this
fall ho will Iind out mnre about
that heel IIiiiii he can in years of
actual growing," says A. A. Kelly,
superintendent of the grain and
vegetable department of the Spokane Interstate fair. "The farmer
may think he has the best beet in
lbc land but when he exhibits il he
II.ids that it hicks some symmetrical lilies which make a beot a heel.
The exhibitor always learns moro
lhan iln the people who just view
lhe vegetables and grain, lt is mi
education which an energetic farmer
cannot afford to overlook."
Road the ads. in lhe Press to-day.
All parties owing money to \V. B.
j Trenholm, of Chllllwaek, nre hereby
1 notified that all cheques nre to Ih- Hindu
I out to C. T. Melliiiiie. Assignee and nil
I IllOllloi paid In the Assignee, at llicstoiv,
iii Chilliwack. If paid t" anyone else
ibey will he liable under tlie law lo pay
! im sunn- tlie seciiinl time.
R. A. Henderson,o.k. Am.k.
B.C. Land Surveyor
Hnnms iu & 11, Westminster Trust Block
may be
paid $50
in Cash for
improving your
walk like this *»**
10S Canadian farmers will
receive cash  prizes   (twelve  in
eacb Province) in our/big
Wl'. held a contest last year in which .16 prizes were
offered.    This year there will be three times as  many
prizes (108) and therefore three timet as many chances for you
to win one of them.     You do not have to use a large quantity
cement to win a prize.     Many of last year's  prize-winners
comparatively little cement.
'I'lll rnuttil It iliihk.1 Iiiiii ihrrriliiinan.lln.mlr
* .mr of Ihr.r It'll*■ "A"I dim tlir ainvuM ol
rrrnrni uwd count In iln-i.tiiii prl/e wlnned. l'li»
"H" ll for .li'iin- tlir Itvsl vonrirlf- work (tlir .i.t
ftiakn iMntltlrmivrl. Clan "(*" Ii luiirnrllniiu lhe
(cit imt rlrarrtt tlenvripllon of huu- an) pn- of
CMMfCM w«tk was .l.inr.
'THRM win i,i,ni.  Mt«u tw*-". ■*■■■>■ *Wt"*J*    X. '   "   «V*f"
1   Ull   IhlM.  Illl   Pmirtb,  110) in   rath  ._•• x *■'
In i'j.ili I'lm Ilu*. 'Ilnii .mi hit* unit' tn roiti
prir wllh i.il,.-r fafmrti In yuur own I'nrtlncr,
aii.i imt wllh ilo-' in all r.iii- i.f Citii.il. I Im
tit rt. full thr hril j-i.nldr cbame in win ■ f*,(l
IT COSTS NOTHING TO ENTKK-ll.r*e Uf ahwlulrlr n "i»lnii"l.'lhiiollrr.     Ttirfc !• nnrntir l-wot rnt tape tutwtbtl
wllh,    Vmi ciiiiiot linr, hn iii..- Ihe Imprufrmriiti i.m make nl rum-ietr In o.niprtiiii fnr thr prl'rt will be nn.ir tban
mnhlMrcoM.  Wi.fctrt • book, "What llm Farmmr Cun liu Wil h Cone rait." ilut win tUc r»a ill 'he
lllorenllon -»' *•* ■ ■    BM iiluiiwtrir luut-in nrrd,    It Hill Ih* nmt to tan Iter wlx-u >..uaik ui fnt i-i.niptMc paiiku-
latinlllir PriU Cntitrit.  A'k d.r |urtlruljiili.-<li>.  |u-tu*  "srtnl mr, lire, ymir h.ukan.l lull panic uian ol tbt
IVI2 I'll/.* CoMHt-" •■■■ « t-il MM Uk! mall il lunlay.    A-dr-m Publicltp M.n.iwr,
Canada Cement Company Limited, 503 Herald Bldg., Montreal


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