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 Vol. II.
Editor mul I'roprlfitor
Prominent Visitors.
Ii. B. Stevenson, general manager, of thc Quebec Hank, Mr.
Rohetiiille, manager of the Vancoti
ver Branch, and John McLeod were
visitors to the cily and valley during the week end.
Pultini up i Record Pick.
Sn far this Benson lhe Chilliwack
Canning and Preserving Co., has
put up 17000 coses, which makes
a new record, The nul pul to date
is larger than the complete puck of
any previous season.
Hop Picking Finished.
The hup picking for this season
has been completed. All through
the work has boon favored with
ideal weather conditions, the Indians
have been law-abiding, were well
looked after by their employers, and
the crop lias been a large one.
Prices remain firm.
Fun Properties Sold.
The local nllice of F. J. Hart iv
Co., report the following sales: 20
acres Fairlield Island Irom Qoorgo
Sprout to L. E. Wi'ineli, Ontario;
'20 acres frum C. E. Eokert on tho
curner uf Prairie Cent nil and Upper
Prairie roads to Mr. Voerman, Calgary.
Second Crop of Raspberries.
W. II. Burton showed US nu Tuesday ii couple of raspberry stalks
which were simply loaded with a
second crop of berries. The fruit
though not ripe was well fnriued and
very abundant. Mr. Burton says
the stalks he had with bitn were a
fair sample nf the condition uf the
entire patch
Booze, Trouble ud Fines.
Eighteen cases were handled by
the Police Department during September. Thirteen were under tlie
Indian Liquor Act, live for supplying liquor to Indians and eight were
Indians in intoxication and having
liquor in their possession. Conviction was fnuml in all cases. Four
plain drunks were all convicted.
Tliere was one conviction for having opium in |K.ssession. The lines
totalled 8177 25.
More Liqeor Trouble.
E. O. Collie was convicted for
selling liquor to Indians on two
counts at the police court on Tuesday. 875 and costs in each castor a total of 8H11.75. A. Green
was convicted on two counts for
selling liquor without a license uud
his tine amounted to$101.25, which
was paid under protest. The maximum line iu each case is 8300, so
the men gm out easy. An assessment of 8120(1 and costs would
have hit hard.
Fuidd Island Notes.
Miss Gibbons  is spending some
time with friends in Vancouver	
Drs.-Henderson and Patten visited
.Striithcoiia school on Monday and
pronounced tho children in excellent   bc'ilth Several  front   the
island are attending the New Westminster Fair this week. Messrs.
T. Gibbeus and J. Topley left Monthly on a trip to Manitoba to  look
after business   interests tliere	
Mr. and Mrs. Howard, of Kinder*-
ley, Susk., who have been the guests
of Mrs. Howard's parents, Mr. and
Mrs. John Loary, left on Friday for
tlieir home Mr. and Mrs. J, L.
Denholm are spending the week at
the coasl.
A Splendid Co_pin*.
F. Stuart-Wbyle's Pierrots, "The
Versatiles," will he the attraction
at thi opera bouse on Tuesday evening Oct. 15. Mr. White hits one of
the cleverest, if ii.it lhe liest, aggregation nf players ever brought out
Irom the Old Country. The Company is headed by the dainty Knglish comedienne, Miss Zara Clinton,
whose repeated successes at the
Moss Empires and Syndicate halls,
are London history. Very recent
history, ton. The principal comedian is Mr. Harry lloyland, whose
work in pantomime antl musical
comedy has endeared him tn theatre
goers on both sides of the water.
Other prominent members of the all
star cast are, Mr. Will Conley, Mr
Geo. Brett, Mr. Frank Henley, Miss
Einytiu Berrviuan, Miss Laura
Churchill and the eminent pianist,
Mr. WalU>r Charles. The offering
for next Tuesiiay evening will lie
the brilliant musical comedy of
Cowboy life, "In the Camp-Fin's
Glow," proceeded by a real "Old
Country" Pierrot performanoo.
For Sale Cheap—one three horse
trend power, in goml working order;
sppl.v J. Duncan,   Harrison  Mills.
October 28. Tbinksgmn-.
Monday October 2S has been
proclaimed as a public holiday and
day for general thanks giving
throughout Canada for the Imjiiii-
teous mercies of the past year.
To Slut Cement Works Soon.
Aid. J. 1). McNeill, of Vancouver, who is closely associated with
the men who are behind the scheme
to develop the cement lioils east of
('hilliwaek, stated while in the City
last week that work on this plant
he begun before long, the company
being desirous of having  the   plant
iu operation us sunn us possible. A
development of the big doposlts of
cement to Ihi found in thc foothills
here will be u welcome hnom tn tin
city and vnlley, and it is hoped
such will bocomo un early reality.
Furniture ud Hirdwire.
P. W. Martin opened his big store
(formerlp used by W.H. Trenholm)
on Tuesday morning ami is displaying a lurge stock of furniture, bouse
furnishings nml hardware. Mr.
Martin is a business man of long
experience which with progressive
methods will no doubt command a
share of the confidence und trade nf
the purchasing public. The business will conducted under the title
"The New Furniture and Hardware
Co." Sec the ndvt. in the Free
Press to-day; it is worth reading.
Married on Wednesdn.
A quiet wedding took place at the
Manse on Wednesday morning,
when Miss .Morrison and Mr. Robert
Stewart, of Chilliwuek und formerly
of Scotland, were married by the
Rev. R. J. Douglas. Tbe bride was
becomingly gowned in a smart tailored suit of navy blue with but to
mutch und was assisted through the
ceremony by Miss Mess, Mr. Alex.
Morrison acting as liest man. Mr.
nnd Mrs. Stewart will on their return from the coast take up their
residence at East Chilliwaek, where
tbey are well known.
Ciptsrd « FiM Bar.
For some time ranchers residing
near the mountains at Rosedale
have lieen suffering from the depredations of a liear, pigs fruit etc.,
being carried off. Several attempts
hare lieen made to hunt down the
intruder but these were unsuccessful. The principal stiffens have
been S McElivee and Arch. Hamilton. Stanley Evernll proved to Is.
too mnny for M r. Bear mid on Thursday afternoon he wandered into u
trap which Stanley had laid fnr him
and thc rest wus easy. The lieur is
not the largest of his species but his
tine black pelt is a beauty, the hair
is very thick and a goml length.
De-detaent it Ulooet
J. M. Williams returned on Friday from another trip to the Mc-
Gillivray Mountain Mines in the
Lillooet country, where he had tu»-
en in twelve burses and two men,
II. Mnnre und ('has. Alexander to
lie employed on the property. Mr.
Williams ex|iects to continue mining operations until alxiut Christmas
and left for tho interior again yesterday. Mr. Williams reports thnt
dirt will lie living on the division of
the Pacific and Great Eastern Railway from Lillooet west in the course
of a week or so. Engineers are nnw
making the final survey and the
contractors Foley, Welsh and Stewart, have one hundred four horse
teams, men, supplies and equipment
ready to begin construction operu-
itons at Lillooet.
J. C. Henderson and daughters
Ruth and Bessie, are at thu const
this week. The Misses Henderson
are visiting the fair mid J. C. attended the first annual convention of the
B. C. Funeral Directors and Emliiil-
ers nt Vancouver on Tuesday and
Wednesdays The convention s|ieak-
crs were among the most prominent
undertakers in Canada,
Frank L. Howe and Paul II.
Saliiinnd, of Vancouver, representing Li-itch it- Taylor, real oslntw
agents of tbnt city, ure nt the Empress this week. Tbey hare for disposal of a iitm.la.-i- of lots at Port
Moody, and will Is- glad to give information uml particulars nlmut investing in that growing community.
The Fall and Winter Slock of
Dry Goods, dents Furnishings,
Huts and Caps, Clothing, Boots und
Shoes, Crockery nml Fresh Groceries
is nt its Ih'sI. Now is the time to
buy your Fall Supplies at Ashwells
Big Big Store.
To Let—Rooms suitable for
offices; apply to II. J. Burlier.
Will You Be There?
A pleasant and very social evening is promised by the P. S. A.
committee at the "Furniture Social"
at the K. P. hall on Tuesiiay evening next. An entetuining program
of music, etc, is being prepared,
and the members nf the Women's
Institute are preparing refreshments,
which means (hat those will be uf
the first order, The object of the so-
cinl besides furnishing an evening's
enjoyment- is to help iu furnishing
Ihe reading rooms instituted by the
P. S. A. Ill tho Ashwell block. Vou
arc cordially invited lo be prosont,
The; Judged Ihe Slock.
Wm. Kniglil nnd II. Wehh, were
judges nl the Richmond and Langley
fairs last week. At Richmond they
judged call lo and horsesand at Langley, caltle, sheep ami pigs. In
speaking with Mr. Kniglil, be states
that lhe slock nt I '.nth fairs was good,
ill filet splendid stridesarebcingmnile
in the breeding nud production of
stock by the farmers toward tbo
cniist. Thc exhibits of fruit were
smnll nnd nf fnir quality, ln this
respect Chilliwack, by comparison,
is fur in the lend.
Visited Mist Fairs.
Horatio Webb, of Sardis hns returned from a visit to nmny points
in tlie interior where he attended a
number of agricultural fairs, being
one of the provincial judges. Mr.
Webb suys the fairs generally were
good, and he wns surprised to find
the amount of development and
progress lieing made in many )x>r-
tions of the interior. Big irrigation
works, orchard planting, good
homes, an excellent system of
government roads, and, in some
valleys, considerable quantities of
grain are lieing grown, the yeild
lieing a good one. In the mutter
of mads Mr. Webb expressed tbe
..pinion thut the interior is hiring
much lietter thun the lower mainland. Tbe best fnir ns to quality
and quantity, especially in fruit,
vegetables and stock, wus Victoria,
but then Mr. Webb did not see the
Chilliwack fair. He judged ut some
of the mainland fairs and speaks
very highly of the products shown.
Mr. Webb snys thut for u desirable
place to reside and for returns on
iilior and investment the Chilliwack
vnlley, in his opinion, is the best.
At St. Luke's church on Wednesday, September 25, nl 7 a. tn., the
marriage took place of Miss Desde-
mnna (lactation Hallett, second
daughter of Mr. und Mrs. C. L.
Hallett, 210 Dense street, nnd .Mr.
IiCnnnrd Ryde Waddington, of Victoria, B. ('., son of Mr.' and Mrs.
It. F. Waddington of Chilliwack,
and formerly of Fort William. The
church wns filled with interested
witnesses and the ceremony was preformed by the Rev. F. S. Sherring,
of St. John's Anglican church Port
Arthur. The bride, who was given
away by her father, wore a gown of
white voile trimmed with bauds of
white sarin and regulation veil arranged over a corunnl of orange
blossoms. Her bouquet was of
white carnations nnd lilies of the
vnlley. Tbe bridesmaid* were her
three sisters, Miss Elcait, Miss Viola
and Miss Inn Hallett, while her
youngest sister I'uu us Ilower girl,
curried n basket of sweet  |»'iis   nml
carnations, which she  afterwards I
distributed as favors among the
guests. The best man was Mr.
I). 0. Harding, uud I he ushers were
Mr. Loillo Hallett and  Mr.  SI. ,
Master Charlie Hnllell acted a*
pane.    The chancel   was  tastefully
decorated with llowcrs. The gifts
from the bridegroom woroa white kid
prayer honk to his bride, n bracelet
to the maid of honor, a gold chain
illl.l cross lo the Ilower girl and one
of lhe maids and to the other he
guve n suphire ring. Among I lie
wedding guests ut lhe church were
the members of the Girls' Friendly
Society, nnd conspicuous nmong
lhe gifts to the bride were n silver
ten poi from llmt society, a work
basket St. Luke's W. A., n silver
lea service froni lhe Sunday School
ami Bible Class mul a silver fruit
dish from the choir, Mr. and Mrs.
Waddington left at 0.80 for tin-
west, tbt bride travelling in a suit
uf brown serge,—Furl William,
(Out.) Herald.
It. .1. Mcintosh was a visitor to
Victoria lair during the week, and
while there purchased snme prize
winning Black Minorca fowl.
Work Nearly Completed.
About three weeks of good wettth-
or will allow the cily Hoard of works
Department to comploto tho program
of work for I11I2. Twelve teams
have been engaged tin the work of
grading unlil Tuesday when the
rain put a slop to lhe wink temporally.
Interesting Lectures for Women.
A Government lecturer and also
a demonstrator will Ihi iu this city
under tho auspices of the Women's
institute on Monday mid Tuesday
of nexl week. Mrs. C. It. Towuley
of Vuncouvor will speak to the ladies
nu patriotic subjects and anyone
who knows of the prominent position Mis. Townley holds iu the
city of Vancouver among the various
organizations and clubs of the city,
will realize what a treat is in store
for them. Miss A. It. Taylor of
New Westminster is a sewing demonstrator and dressmaking expert
who will be glad to meet any troubles
or difficulties that anyone may have
in the cutting, fitting or sewing of
clothes. Ladies arc requested to
bring materials, patterns etc. with
tbem uinl have their difficulties
solved. Tbc home of Jlrs. W. V.
Davies is thrown open generously
for these meetings, and the hours
of meeting are on Monday from 2
to 5 in thc afternoon and from 7 to
10 in the evening and on Tuesday
from 2 to5 in the afternoon. Every
one is welcome whether a member
nr not.
Dr. Acheson Badly Hurt.
Dr. W. C. Acheson, 3020 Scott
street, was struck l.y a ear at the
eorner of Broadway and St. George
Street, Vancouver, at 11.-10 o'clock
Tuesday forenoon, the accident
OCCUrin'g when Dr. Acheson passed
behind tlie car from which he hnd
just alighted and which was bound
west on Broadway, and colliding
with thc cur approaching on the
other truck. Ile received a broken
right collarbone and injuries to tbc
right leg so serious thnt it was
necessary to amputate that limb,
just below the knee; also his left
fnot below the ankle. He was picked tt)i by Dr. T. A. Wilson, 2303
Main street, and after a hurried examination was rushed in au automobile to tlie General Hospital,
where Dr. Wilson, with three other
physicians, preformed the necessary
operation. The condition of Dr.
Achesnn wns very serious, but
burring complications, be has a
good chance fnr recovery. The injured man has a host nf friends i . the
city—News Advertiser. Dr. Achesnn is a former resident ol Sardis,
and his old friends will be sorry to
learn nf bis serious misfortune.
Latest advices state be is making
good progress toward recovery.
CoIm.i1 Oil Co. lo Test Chifliwick Field
Thnl the ennvus for stock locally
for the testing mid developing of
the nil uml gus fields believed tn Ih'
here, is closed, and the Colonial
Oil Co., would commence the expenditure of 8100,(100 hi this work
inside of the next six months, wns
the interesting announcement mnde
by II. .1. Barrier, the Chilliwuek re-
presentntivc on the Directorate of
the Company, at the rotall Merchants Luncheon nn Friday evening.
Mr. Barber slated thnt the Company considered Ibe Chilliwuek field
n very promising one, wilh the addition of its splendid geographical
position, which with lhe available
shipping facilities, proximity lo a
big market, made Ibe field a mosl
Inviting one, nml lh.' one which the
Company would test heforo developing  uuy  olher  nf  their   holdings.
The Company Is finding nodillloulty
in selling its slock nu Eastern markets uml a large amount of monoy
will soon lie available for the prosecution of the work, of the Colli-
puny. The local men whu hnve
pushed the proposition nre deserving of much commendation for
Iheir energy mul enterprise, und it
is urgently Imped Ihnl Iheir efforts
will ho amply rewarded, The success of Ibe enterprise, und the Colonial oil Co., niusl entertain very
tlutlht nbout il >r the big sum uf
•100,000 would nol Ik- invested,
will Ik' of untold Wnclit to every
inlcresl, nl present represented in
the city and valley.
Many are Inking advantage of
Parsons' retiring sale and are making big purchases of clothing nud
furnishings. Mr. Parsons reports
business a- being very brisk.
Thirty local business men look
advantage uf Ibe invitation extended
to them to attend the luncheon given
iu the K. P. hall on Friday evening by tho Retail Merchants Association. There should have been a
larger attendance and those who
failed lo attend missed an event
which those who were present freely
slate was well   worth   while.     The
object of the gathering was lo outline lho aims of the Association in
its effort to solve the problems
which confront the business man,
to raise the standard of doing business, to improve the fraternal relations, which wuuld permit and
make easier to obtain the best results frum co-operation not only in
regard to mutters of mnre immediate
concern, bul also as affecting "the
interests in the city and valley.
In the addresses and discussions
these were well set forth, and the
advantages of the business interests
of the city being united for tlie
common good, emphasized, showing
the benefits which could and would
accrue from a success of the Association along these lines. Some who
had had misgivings regarding the
Association saw tlic force and true
character of lho movement and expressed their unstinted approval.
At nine o'clock those present
sat down to u well prepared nnd
dainty luncheon. A, N. Anderson
nf the Maple Leaf Restaurant being
the caterer. Mrs. C. A. Barber
presided at the piano to the pleasure
of ull.
President W. L. Macken, manager
of F. .1. Hart & Co., Ltd., occupied
the chair most acceptably, and after
Grace bnd lieen said by Mr. Denmark,and the singing of the National Anthem, took up the first subject
on the program, "Business men
and their relations t o o a c h
other, or our common interests.''
Mr. Macketi's address wus pungent,
nnd he dealt with his subject in
a businesslike manner, pointing out
tlie necessity for the creation of a
spirit of fellowship, a discussion of
common problems,and united action
in the furtherance of mutual interests,
G. II. W. Ashwcll, of the firm of
fi. R. Ashwell & Son, gave a brief
outline nf "Our Association, its
importance, its worth nnd how to
use it." Mr. Ashwcll spoke of the
value derived from attending the
regular meetings, uud the improved
conditions nnd benefits shared by
thc members nnd urged ull present
to become actively associated.
"The place und part our Association should take, in the larger interests of the valley" was the subject
presented by Editor Barber, Interests iu which the Association should
mnke its influence fell und in which
it could Is' of practical benefit were
civic life and civic government,
educational matters, lhe Board of
Trade, public improvements in the
municipality, tho production, marketing and sale of the products of
the valley, pointing out that In cooperating with these various interests, the merchant would not only
render great benefit, but would nlso
in so doing assist in the solving of his
own problems.
The subject nf lhe marketing of
fruit drew forlh considerable discussion. J. II. Ashwcll, manager of
lhe Cbilliwaek ('mining and Preserving Co., emphasizing the need of cooperative bundling of the fruit products.      F.    A.    Ilcwer,    <-.    P.
Chamberlain and W.  L. Macken
also spoke on the question.
I. Burton of Denmark >v Burton,
answered the question "Can we
Hike our Association a success mid
hnw?" decidedly 111 tllO affirmative
Mr, Burton who bus boon u keen
uionihor of the Association, has
studied tin matter, and hud only
one answer nml thnl was (in enthusiastic "yes" and pointed oul bow
il could lie done, in a way that was
clear iiiiii   eiincise.     He advocated
organisation,    co-operation     and
modern business methods.
" Tho credit business and its por-
plexities" met with earnest mid vig"
ordlu treatment by J,Hammer, Mr. i
I laminar essays a very large percent-'
age of sound sense mid enthusiasm
and there was lols of "meat" for
thought and action in thc "jaw
Ihhic" as he termed it, as despensed
by a mun who bus bad considerable
experience wllh the methods employed by bigCOIlOOniS llllll agencies
u   Ihis  phn.se of  business,     Mr.
Hanunar advocated a thirty (lay
limit lo small credits, and stated a
truth when he said that the credit
Inisiness was very poor business for
both   tllO   business    mail   and   the
F. B. Lyle, manager of the Royal
Hank, endorsed the Association in
its work tw outlined and thought the
Association could educate as well us
organize and co-oporate.
II. .1. Barber, who bus just re-
tttrned from the B.C. School Trustees
Convention at Kamloops, laid stress
on the important features discussed.
Ho was gradually getting his business on a cash basis by educating
the people to lhe fact that a cash
business paid both parties best, In
connection with the work of the
Trustees Convention Mr. Barber
slated that the convention had by
resolution asked that the Provincial
Government guarantee school debentures in future, and he had good
reason to hope that their reii.iiien.la-
lioii would he adopted, which would
facilitate a ready and better sale of
M. II. Nelems addressed the
meeting briefly on the points of the
benefits possible to such an organisation, and the need of co-operation
in furthering the interests of the
city and valley.
W. L. Macken in a neat summary
closed the program and after sing.
ing "For Ihey are jolly good fellows''
mi event terminated which produced
a social three hours and a mirroring of mutual problems and benefits
and which altogether should assist
in germinating the seed of civic
spirit and the budding of a new ami
energizing force, which -vill grapple
with local problems in a de_n_K
and clear cut manner.
Social and Personal
A. Kennedy of Vancouver spent
Sunday at his home here.
Ewart Ashwell is attending '.-,-
ness College in Vancouver.
Leslie Manuel is in Vancouver
this week writing off his «x___Uk-
Mrs. G, N*. Wils..n of Vancouver
is the guest of Mr- Nabbnth Allen,
Mary St.
A. Jackson, son ofT, H .faeim.n.
has entered .McGill University,
Mrs. Frank Vosporol Cedar Cottage was the guest of Mrs. H. -f.
Barber for the week end.
Miss Grey of New Westminster is
the new matron at the Hospital  in
place of Mis, Wemp, reigned.
Mr. and Mrs. G. H. W. Ashwll
are visiting friends in New Westminster uinl Vancouver  this  w-ek.
Miss Leone Smith of Smith's
Grocery and Bakery i- visiting la
New Westminster and Vancouver.
Mrs. (Dr.) Henderson and
Master Stanley  are   attending  the
fair at New Westminster thi- week.
Miss Margaret Mareden of the
Jubilee Hospital, Victoria, i- the
guest of her sister Mrs. (J. ||. W.
Mrs. R. ('. Puttee will receive f..r
the first time since her marriage,
in Thursday, Oct. in from four to
six p. in.
Mr. and Mr-. .1. R. Walker, of
East Chilliwack, bave returned troin
a ten days visit to Vancouver and
Mrs. Broe and children have returned lo Varmw after a most interesting trip through the Middle
nud Western States of the ('. S.
Mrs. Smltlion and Mr-. Will
Kerr, were the week end guests of
Mrs. Henry Kekert, Mr. Kerr also
spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs.
Mrs. C. A. Haibi'i' will receive on
Tuesday afternoon, o.-t., 8, in honor
of her mother, Mrs. William En.li
colt and   Mrs.   A.  .1.  Sparling of
Saskatoon, and  afterwards on  the
second Tuesday of the month.
Mrs. Johnson Wemp whu bus
whn bus boon the very efficient
Superintendent  nt   the   hospital,
since its opening, left nn Tuesday
for Vancouver. Many regret that
ill health made il necessary for Mrs.
Wemp to resign her position.
Norman Robinson has returned
froni Kolownn where ho has spent
tlio post few months. In company
with Phil. Manuel of the Dominion
Express Co., ho will leave shortly
for Vm uver to attend   Business
College. THE   FREE   PRESS,   CHILLIWACK,    B.C.
F.rory tennis n ball player, ovory
swimmer every ofitiooist, every iinui
ur woman wh" ii res outdoor life and
exercise, -ihou'u keep a box of Zora-
MnV handy.
Zara*Rui' is h purely herbal preparation, whloh, a-i Boon as applied to
tuts bruises, limns, sprains, blisters,
«.' c, sets up highly beneficial opera-
t.ms. First, it.; antiseptic properties
rondor tin wcund free from all dan-
*jer from Hood poisoning. Next, iih
poof hi hi; properties relieve ami ease
the pain. Thon its rich, herbal balms
iHUetrate ibo Upsiio. and set up the
worderfu, procesc nf healing, Rarbed
■vJre scratches, Insect Btlngs, skin di«-
Psises. suiih as eczema, heat raslips,
ring-worm babiop' beat sores, cltaTed
pit* ops, Bot*e foot -nro all quickly cured
hy X-i'in link. II also eases and rurr*>
jtilos. A.11 druggists anil stim1*. Uho
feanvBuk Soap also;  25e, por tablet,
Batlly Had
It Isn't o:,sy living up to a reputation
of being a wit, but .Ilnibins did bis
Mooting a friend tlie otlior morning
I e said suddenly.
I say, uiii follow, bave yon board
Riant lhal young lady who poured a
lug of water into ber fiance's slraw
No, replied bis friend, getting ready
to hear an rxeol!ont little anecdote.
Neither have I, said Jim kin a, as he
began to walk quickly away. It
hasn't leaked out yot.
Thpy wn*j decorating Ibe parish
rhnreh for a certain festival, wben
tho vicar hanimnod to eome in. Soe-
Ir.g poiit3 taoks lying about tho p\\\.
pit. he i"*m",*k -■' to his daughter, who
had apparently been using them—
Don't leavo those taeks lying nhout,
*\Vhat i," 1 stepped on one in tbe middle of tho sprmor,9
W?!{, exclaimed Katie, there Wo.lid
be one point yon wouldn't linger on,
Minard's  Liniment Cures Colds,  Etc.
Misdirected Energy
Short of breath and angry withal,
'he motor'st emerged from beneath
•hts ear. and tbt- helpful friend, wbo
was presiding over the oilcan, beamed upon him.
I've jus* oiled the cylinder, Shirley,
■Old man, remarked tho helpful friend
■with hug^ satisfaction, and a grin of
jVasnre on his countenance.
The motorist heeame angrier and
shorter still of breath. Ills band
"went to bis hind, and ho grew red
*>vlth vexation. For a moment ho
battled with bis temper.
Good heavens he fzurglod eventually, that wasn't tbe cylinder! It waa
my oar you wore oiling!
.Many mothers have reason to bloss
* (jther Graves' Worm rc-stPHnlnn'*1'
b'eam-.p it ba* -vlleved tbo little onea
of Buffering and made them healthy,
BiG-r-arcr* and  Hi* Landlord
Prince Bismarck was famous, of
COl i*so, t'oi his iron will. Austria,
Denmark, France and the German
Parliament an bad occasion tn recog
il/,H this quality in iho groat statesman; so also did tho landlord in ibo
following Miecdote. While in Frank-
frrt, as Prussian representative in
tne Dl_t? Bismarck lived in tho houso
ol a particulatly sulky ami tiglu-
.is'i'tl man.
Ono dav Blsmuicl, nsked that a bell
be put in bla room, so Ibat bo should
•oi ho obliged i<> shoiii for bis sor-
/t nt when he wanted hlm, The land-
'on' declared curtly that hn would go
tn no such expense—that it was en*
itr-ly )ho lodger's affair.,
A tow days later tho fninatea of tbe
houso wore startled by a siieeesslon
ol pistol shots coming from Bis*
iiia-ek's room.
Tbe landlord, Imagining all kinds of
frarful disaster, rushed to tho room
from which tbo shots had come.
TremblEiK with tear, he threw open
'ho door Thore, to his astonish-
nent, he beheld Bismarck, quietly
rending some p.iiers, with a smokin:*
plntol beside him. Without lookiny
up. Bismarck asked quietly—
*.VhaL can I do for you?
"'he qu iking landlord managed i«
i In'iinier—
W-w-what has happened?
Nothing Bismarck replied. In the
Fame even tone. 1 waa merely call-
'ng my sen-ant.
Wben be returned from a walk that
afternoon Bismarck found tbat a bell
hid  boon installed  in his room.
The Duty of the Hour
Goldsmitb Was There
Wben the lato Franklin Fylea vis-
Mod London be told his traveling
companion as thoy rose from breakfast the ll»st morning, that, he would
have to lie gone most of the day.
I've got. to se-* a doctor and a lawyer to w'om I havo cards of Introduction, be explained, and there are
a couple of dramatic critics hero
who've written mo to call as soon
;.s I reached town. Thon I'm Koing
lo bunt up Goldsmith's grave down in
Temple Gardens—I'd rather see that
than any ether thing in all England
A few minutes past ton, Mr. Fylea
walked into the hotel again, and to
!ils friend's surprised look, merely
Hector and lawyer and critics all
out.      On'.y man at home was Oliver.
A Horse Cigar
A happy thought of    lho    Parisian
i-enpue  for tho  Protection  of  Horses
ts tho humane cigar, The league
hits created a certain brand of cigar
said to I-,, a veiy good one. Tbla
nlgar Is called tiie "caballos" (Spanish
ter "horses"), and is decorated with
:i horse's hoa' iu white, ami the inscription "Bo ki.id to animals." When
ii cab drift r is Been to bo good to his
liorse, bo Is presented with ono of
these cigars occasionally by the
agents of tbe society, and when he 1
la able to bring ton of the bands be
receives a pipe cut In tbe shape of!
a hot*; i's head. As the cigars nra
I tod tliey are welcome to tho men.
Naturally there is no assurance that
'thr cal driver who receives the cl^ar
will always be kind to the horses, but
the linpUlf-e ;* given and the cause of
•gentleness helped,
Hor_o cabs aro a rarity In New
vork nowadays, but the cabatlofl cigar
might nake a favorable Impression
among our truck drivers.—New York
Save*! by Lydia E. Pinkham'g
Vegetable Compound-
Vwarthmoro, Penn. — " For fifteen
ytan I suffered untold agony, nnd for j
.one period of nearly ,
1 two yean I had horn*
■tfl_f|HL 1 on .'i-'*' and the
^T____Jd"ot->rs told me I
1 would' have to un-
a ■yy-.K derffo an operation,
' Y-^ ' * Jf but l began taking
V ____!, tA: .•>"■•'■• •'-• rinUiam's
Vegetable Compound nnd nm in
good hoalth now. 1
n all over tbo
■• Change of Life snd
sannol pralw your Vegetable Compound
loobighly. Bverywoman should take I tat
,: time. 1 recornm *i «l i' to both old
ind young for female troubles."- Mrs,
Khu.y StnwRuaiLL, Bwarthmore, l'a.
Canadian W#»an*a Rxperloncoi
Port William , Ont. —"I feel U it" I
coulil not t*ll others enough ibout the
good Lydia E, Plnkham ■ Vcgi tablo
r/impoiind baa done for nie. I wai Wi ak
hml tired and I could not rest nights. A
friend recommended your Compoqi I and
) loon ff«in"<l health and strerigth and
i not wish to sleep better.   1 know
- women who bave taV.cn it for tho
Mm-* pun>o«o and they Join me in prals-
ing it"- Mrs. WM. A. DUFFY, 631 South
, ■ ....r str- at, Port Williams, Ontario.
Since we guarantee that all ti'stimo-
which we publish ar.; genuine, is it
i falrtoiui pose thai if LydiaE, Pink-
bam'i Vegetable Compound hu the virtu i to betp thi-iM women it will help any
r woman who io suffering in a liko
•( inner?
If yon went IpGClftl ad Tiro Write lo
Vwiia K. lMiikhmn Medicine 00i (eonfl;
lesOUl) Lynn, Mail- Your totter 11 in
x» opened, read and an»wo red by a
ejronan and held in strict confidence,
A pompous politician, while on bis
wny out to take ovor the governor-
.hip of ono of our colonies, wns approached on tbe promenade deck by
,'A innocent-look ins fellow-passenger,
w! o. raising his hat, humbly Inquired:
Would ynu mind telling me, what
K.C.M.G means at the end of your
name, nir? It has puzzled ono or
two of us.
Knieht Commander of St. Michael
and St Georg\ of course, said the
pompous one. as he inflated his chest
Oh, said the innocent, I thought it
meant "Kindly Call Me Governor."
Wo '.ear much of compromise now-
Bdays, said n politician recently, and
it fa sometime1, a good thing. He
knew a young man who got married
,.ii#oiir f. year ago, and he and his wife
rtere constantly arguing as to whether
tbey should buy two cycles or an up-
toiiati motor-cycle, Meeting him
ono day. he aald—
My wife and I wrangled for
r.icnths, but ■*h'<nk goodness we've
compromised at last,
What have you compromised on?
A baby carriage, ho proudly answered.
Got  the   Evidence   Upstairs
An Indian judge, when first appointed t'i his iLsiliou, was not well
acquainted wit- Hindustani. He
was trying a case in which a Hindu
was charred with stealing a nilfihai.
I'lie judg. did not like to betray his
Ignorance of what a niglhai was, so
,.e said —
I'roduci trn stolen property.
The court wai held In an upper
room, so the Ubhor gasped—
Please, your lordship. It's downstairs.
Then bring It up Instantly! sternly
ordered   the judge.
The Official departed, nnd a minute
later n Inud bumping was hoard, mlng-
|.-.i. with loud ni.d earnest exhortn*
,.ons. Nearer came the noise, tho
floor waa pushed open, and the pant-
inn nHleii! appeared dragging in tho
blue hull
The judge was dumbfounded, but
only fnr an instant.
All! That wil do, snid he. If Is
i lwnys  best,   when   possible,   for  the
jiidgo personally to Inspect the Btolen
property, Ilemove tlio atolea pro*
i erty. usher.
In previous articles we have fully
e nosed the true inwardness of the
proposed bample markel for grain and
fhe selfish motives of tbe Winnipeg
(i.iiiu llln-' wbo are seeking to force
the grain p-ower" of the Western Pro-
'/moos to accept It. The grain meu
of Winnipeg am not to be trusted. In
rho past 'hey have always sought to
■'i-aoura unfair advantages at the ex*
pfUSO of the fanners, and when they
nroposo to retnovi- at one blow, all the
legal restrictions that now check their
rapacity by tha establishment of a
namp-R market, they must be resisted
with untiring determination and vigor.
The *p_oplo of the western provinces
cannot affi.rd to sacrifice the advantages ihey bave calned over this ring
of sharks after years of determined
'■onfilct. The farmers should re-
nember that when the sample market
is established, al' grain passes into the
bunds nf the Winnipeg grain ring the
noment It Is shipped, to be sold by
ti.e grain combine for any price they
choose tc pay. Tbe people of the
West wli, neve- submit to such an
iii.fus'1 !(>">* -...._ ...>1V,,. ..,„„■■■*     •***■ ,
"AVe wld' to again to emphasise th<*
fact tlmt the farmers of the West
have nover asked for a sample mark-
■•* and wIL not hnvo It nt any price.
The present system of grading and
shipping irrnin gives general satisfaction to tho producers nf the West, and
Is also sitisfacory to tho buyers in
(..•-•at Britain, Fiance, Germany and
olher European countries as well as
*..e United StatoE and home buyers.
Tbe 'oreign buyer can now buy on
ri ado, sending bis orders from his
homo office, and can be sure of getting
lust what, he b;.s ordered. On tbo
contrary. 7 bo orders from a sample
market, he must either Bend nn agent
ic.'oss tho Atlantic at great expense
(whicli Is paid by the western farmer) or he mils' trust tho Winnipeg
Riahi sharks who will charge him a
icnd fat. commission for buying for
h!m on the sample market (which com-
■nisslnn must also be paid by tho
postein   farmeiF).
In a recent import of J. T. Llth-
now. Canadian Trade Commissioner in
Germany, he shows the value of tbe
present g.-ading system alike to the
Western r*nnadian farmer and the
German grain buyer. "He saya:—
Canadian wheat takes a very high
place In the estimation of German importers and milters, and the large
Hamburg importers express the groat-
i st satisfaction at the grading and at
t'.e condition of the wheat on arrival.
There is ;■ probability that this year
the demand for Canadian wheat will
ne greatly increafed." The establishment of a «ar.ip!o market would great-
!y Injure this prospective trade. If not.
en.lrely destrov it by abolishing the
prisont standard grades. It would
lie fully not to fo?ier the Gorman market for wheat, particularly in view of
lie great crop lhat will be harvostsd
this fall.
We wish again to emphasize the
n.cesstty of quirk transit from the
fanners market to the lake ports. The
ra'Iway companies are making ove.-y
endeavor to be ready to handle the
immense crop that will be harvested
-.next fall La3t April the C.P.H. ordered for Immediate delivery two
hundred and fitly locomotives of tbe
largest type ar.d twelve thousand forty-ton freight ears in addition to the
engines and cars bejng built at the
shops in Montreal. The Grand Trunk
Pacific and the Canadian Northern
Railways have also ordered hundreds
■if loeom.itives and thousands of
freight cars. Rut all these additions
..■'11 B_**ircely suttlce to move the crop
ot. time, partlr.'.darly when we con*
'diler tha* after the closo of navigation on tho Lakes there will only bo
a single line of tailway from Fort Wil*
'.am to Mr.ntreal to convey the grain
b ft at the hear of the lakes nud In
--euntry eVvnto's. In Ibe face of
Miese facts the grain sharks in
Winnipeg Pnd the Big Interests at
their back, wlib monumental impudence and selfishness want to hold
up for tw.-rty-four hours In Winnipeg
every ear load o' wheat grown in tho
•.vestern provinces, thus putting bun*
.ri ds of cars dally out of commission.
The marketing of grain aud nil kin*
dred matters an wholly within 'ho
province of the unners, and no steps
BhOUld bo taken In such matters without consulting them. They nre the
best judges of what is to their In-
t' rests, and t'ny universally resent
;'e attempt of the selfish grain deal-
era to an-ldle thom with a system that
would tak" from them the -safeguards
which thoy now possess.
Ready to   Oblige
The lady of decided notions and political leanings went to consult her
Good morninf, Mrs. Tawker, said j
'.ho mm of law This ls a real pleas- j
ure! Tuke this easy chair. Lot
m° lower the window-blind to keep
th sun out of your eyes. Will you
have a footstool? Do you feel the
draught from that window?
The woman of decided, etc., eyed
h'm coldly.
Ono moment, please, she commanded sternly. When I come to you
I want to talk business wltb you
as man to man Treat me like you
would a man
The lawyer sark into his chair, aud
put bis feet on the table.
Hight-o' he said breezily. Will
vou havo a cigar. Polly?
Minard's Liniment Co., Limited.
Gentlemen—I have used MINARD'S
LINIMENT on my vessel and in my
family for years, and for tho every
day ills and accidents of life I con-
shier it has ro equal.
I would not start, on a voyage without It, if *t ens' a dollar a bottle.
,-ohr. "Si«rke," St. Andre, Kamouras*
"I have a money-saving invention-
handy granaries to allow field threshing over your farm. Move them about
each year.   You save long hauls at
harvest time.   In
spring you scatter
small straw stacks
—no burning of
An Oil for Alt Men.— The sailor, the
•idle**, tlo* fisherman, the lumberman,
he outdoor labors' and all wbo are
ixposed to Injn-y and lho elements
vMl find in Hr. Thomas' Klectric (ill
i true nn 1 faltt.rul friend. To easo
pain, rolloVe colds, dress wounds, sul
Served Him Right
Ho erltlcixed h«-r puddings and found
fauP with her cake,
■'. nd slie.I make such biscuits
,        .  mothl i' used io mnke
'-;-•  didn'l wash lhe dishes, and sho
Nnr,|'V.,!:,im'n.Mnrstocl<lngs. as hlsl *•""<•  '-.mhago and  overcome rhen.na-
'   notho? used m do, -sui  .t has no oqual.   Therefore, it
.,    mether bnd six children, hut by fhoutd havo a place in all homo mod*
;. Bhi hor work waa done. Mn«« nnd thoso taken on a journey.
His  wife was always drudging, and
vet had only one, Charl, s tho Xli of Sweden had nn
,;;. mother ah.,'--  was well dressed,   old-fashioned   way   of    having    food
Ma   wiffl   eould   bo  so.   too, *o*.ked   Withoui coal  or gns.     "Tbo
If   ahe   would   onl)   manago,   as  his j fowl   was  larded,   trussed   as  if  (or
-   ithar usod tn do, ruisting '.nd siuflcd with butter,   A
Mi, well,    -nho   wasn't   perfect,   hut) p'eco of but rtoel, not rM hot, was
Bho tried in do her best. Inserted into i's belly.     It was then
I Dtll nt UngUl the thought her tlmoj s.r-t   up   in   a   I'm   box,   which   was
hud como to lake u rest; wrapped it. a woolen cloth and slrap-
Ajld sn one day, when ho the snmoiped on -i .•-■oldiir'a back.      In n few
,1,1 ii-     : i   ".iit through, tours,  whon  thc march enme to au
St.. tui"   ' and boxed liis ears, as hlsj ord lt waa found sufficiently cooked,
Lucid Explanation
A foreigner oa a London tram-car,
not satlsthd wltb the rate of progress
said to the conductor—
Purdong,  m'slcur, but zee car—he j
run so slow, and why, if you pleazo?
K**s it not so?
Yes, replied tno conductor, we can't,
help it, though. You £ce tho car i
ahead is 1 ehlnd.
The foreigners eyes opened wide, j
Would you mind saying him again?!
is asked r.pologelically.
I say, replied tho conductor, loud* I
er than before, that tbo car ahead Is
oehind.      See?
The foreigner returned to his sent
/oe ear-r-r ahead ho cos behind. Most
wonderfull Most astonishing ees
this COUntryI 1 do not understand
hat some day perhaps I will.
"These granaries com* in compact
bundles. A boft> can set up snd bolt
one together in a few hours. Four
pad.ocks protect the grain. Separator
delivery into a -pout on the side or
into roof manhole —saves work during threshing. Your grain is protected
from vermin, wet and thieves. -qSell
It when you are ready, loading direct
from the granary into your wagon,
or bagging it. No musty or heated
grain. <JG-*t my granary and be independent of elevators for selling.
Sell at the highest price, no matter
how long you store your grain.
The Pedlar Granary protec's you."
"Writ.- me for my h-Mikl-M It *>how. how profitable my
(.r.iiiary i» even ou ;■ «.iri«te rjiurtrr wcliim larm l'*«
ll   lor 191.'.    The llook TetlS ot   lliK   Moory (or You."
W.il. tea Bockl., No 11 OSHAWA. ONT.
"< Ul..l.f.1 HI,     «-l.*B Hawk '..I "f.1 Sl. W.
a.r.Wliill,..a-Martst,       nd rsl.b 11. h.
rial lU,
Pull Meuut.
Direct your inquiry to the Pedlar pla 0«   nearest  you
you promptly and    aave you  timo
The Pedlar Granary ia fire-proof.    Think what that meant!
They will    answer
Mrs.  Snftppom (who Ims heon suf-
is rlnu fiiiiii tim'hiichol: Thnnk good-
Deaf, I've hml t!'ii* tooth nut ut lust-
Mr. Htiu|iiio'.i!-'ln|ipy tooth!
;,lrn S.ni.fs.'iii—What ilo you monn?
Mr, Bniipiio'ii -It's out of roach of
your toiiKiio.
Benovolent Party—Don't you think
fi-lihiB is a very crusM sport?
Angler—Crusll Well I should sny
so. l'vo silt hero threo dnys nnd nut
lud n bllP, boon ueurly eai.-u up hy
-■nuts nnd stuiiR hy two wimps, lost
my pocket knlti! In tin. rlvor nnd tho
-in, ims tuken ul. the i liiu oil tho hack
• f my nock.
iinnii i   mod io do.
Sho Wanted to Know
ii f tho "B vim: Uuiilim," brftkOI
along Piccadilly, uml tho
:   ■,'.' is  pointing mn   the vnr-
'r. i.f Intorcet im tin' wuy.
on ii.. lift. Im -Hilled through hit
■-  wo hnvo Apiloy iioune,
Mi.'   I..mien   lir.ll.n   nf   III
Tlio Tartars veto not su futldlot
Ihoy cool .ii thel ment wliile Riillnp-
v'.C °n horaohAck hy using It ns u
saddle. Thla wuh u much loss ox-
nonslvo method than timi. provided
hy  thu  flroless  cooker of  to duy.
■:      ilie mansion with
Ho wus Hu- I iippy father of n very
iireity en.! brlgh' llttlo girl of twelve
,,fj iiml, 'Im <iii.i in him, ono evening.
sj,.   vlille le- v. is re.iilhu! tlie pupcr, every
W. N, U. til
■■.. i.  Is   llie   lOV/n   house   of j mnl'llllu' .
I  i...ni Topltnotch, nno of our oatoiyholil
-! i indeii proprietors, Buts Hi
The young Amcrlcnn girl   on   the run nwi .
1 iri Rl p. nt I'lilti'lied lil.i nrm excitedly.       Well.    !
till,  B.iy.  sho giugled  llirs.iigli  her I »eiildn't c
wn1, do tcU-whu was It landed hlmt      H» fJBJ un icaJ!ug1>     *
en 1 gu to BOhool tlio Isiys
if me and kiss me.
I, li - snld, why don't ynu
'ni.i thom?
I.  If I did, perhaps thoy
-r -DODD'S h
lj, PILLS   :
et'Mi XXxV^D,s
*-tsLL.KlDNEV y,   ,.
CHT S   0<''  ■
Muglstrsto—Aio ynu nwiire of inlt-
Igutlng circumstances in your case?
Criminal- Y .,  your worship;   thla
ls 'he liftieth time I have 1 ii urrest-
nl for vagrancy, nml 1 thought that
po. hap.i   wo   might   get   up   ll   llttlo
Mlntrd'l   Lin ment  Cures   Garget   In
A professor one day nlijecled to a
candidate lor graduation (who was a
ial Ive of Ceylon) on iho ground of
aire spoiling, "
Why. he snld   ha actually spelt ox-1
eied witli ono o. .
Oh, replied lho cniullilnle's supporter
yru should remiinlier Hint ho camo
frfm the land of tho Clngnl-eso!
Tho juke saved thu cnndldato.
When peoplo who wrlto for fashion
publications, says a Vienna lottor,
have nothing more to sny about queer
I'lu.ped huts, grotesque sklrta and |
tjther equally Important matters, I
hoy lell us thai lilaek Ih going out |
aur Whit*) Ih to lie tlle innlllllllig col-
. r— If while mny lie so termed, Thla
lui'lilen news Item muy ho looked for
,s. vernl timert a yenr, lint lilnek, soul-
bra lilnek  sun maintains its plnco.
lhe lintul on tiiu sleeve has dono
iiirch to rave money for Uiuho who
sllll wirh tn wear a lindgii uf mourn*
lllg. hut Iho sleeve band will novel'
to  while.      Tho greater display of
mourning is male with stationary, tho
i Ire of tho card, nml the deplh uf tho
nlack hordeiH liidlcallng — what?
'' hero will ho real mourning among
'ho stationers when ono mny an-
pcunno lho ile,lit of n beloved one
or tell < f his good qunlltles on paper
jri-.ii'h Is pure white.
The D09 In Politics
An li.'.llau paper tins' boon collecting
Instances where dngs wero iiHed to In-
iiiieneo pulltlc or expiesB'tho political feollngs of their owners. Wo
are told lhat In mill, when bilingual
Loaohlng was j-nposed on istrln, dugs
wco painted black in sign of mourn*
ing; 111 18*17 a eindiiluto fur tho town
eounolllorshlp of Milan deoorotod tils
Newfoundland with ujscrnll Inscrlhed,
",'iito fur tho Hnclnllst." Tho foi-
lowing yenr this was Imitated 111 l-uii-
den, where numbers Ol dogn wore
nullities nn which wns written. Vnto
r.r Cliainlierlalii. ur Vnto for tho So-
rlnlls'. It Ih slso snld Hint 111 H>03
un the reoeptlon uf the news Hint
lhe Doer War wns elided, tho stroets
wero enlivened hy the apparition of
.logs wearing the I'nlon Jnrk nnd
jlhers drunk with whisky, llow lho
nature nf tlm tipple was determined
hy the Italian ohservers is not stuted.
IBo a Tin. .   -,
Daa'IMIMi.faelfM wins. BhMBlallaUM
SNal'l.ll.. IHIlUINll. anl HIST  IUNO
(ILEA Nllk    Will s-MSIT, |i,u. ud sUlaa,
eteUk-4*. •* TFE    FREE    PRESS,   CIIII.I.IWACK,    B.C.
S«fmon W
Pastor Brooklyn
> 'The Rest of the Dead Lived
i Not Attain Until the Thou-
i sani Years Were Finished.'
,l>!f"—pntlentlT,  persistently, de'v- i
un deeplv.
;, •• ver, easv l«i i.ll "• (-rasp the 1 	
though'.   Ills'   Messiah',   Kingdom    i»   'hla Brnrillnn   Hniry   Monstei   Could
to insl •   thousand years,   nnd   that I      Even  Dod     Rrv0|v,r cs,„t,.
all  who shall lie alive at thai time, 	
Sl who 'hai bs born durln, that I w, live In a locality where mi*
period, will panlclpate In .he won- P*'-™*' •«- Immd at » during H,.
dorful hlessinp. nm privileges which ummer ive sre pre ty Ijkely lo cm.-
i, »,1 bring lo the human lamily. ■•« them , tnrment. But ™'«P»'»«
They are ready, Ion, lo admit the ™r own condition with that ol Mgnt
an   fqiml Iixange iliinim Ins travel*** in Urn7.11 w
rUUynl   lu  In. LAo»
"ii Hi. v.liule consider ourselves
reasonableness  "I   diving   ...
opportunity to those "I nur nice wh
have    cnu'.'   down   Into   death   with ortuiia e.
either no knowl doe of Christ, ns wns I     l» Hie lirsl place,    he says in    In
tl ,,-e fur lour lliousnnd  yenrs, cr lhe Aina/mi Jungle,    "there are lhe
with   ilie   tno   limited   knowledge   In mis.   Thev  are everywhere.       ITiey
benefit them   as Ims   been   Uie   oasn -mild  tlieir   nest, under  lhe  houses,
during the pnsl twn lliousnnd yenr*, n  the tables and  in  lhe cracks ul
nml to-dav. nnlv tin? Inxl  respecting .he Moors nnd lie in ambush waiting
llie "rest of the'dead" stands In Iheir ;ho arrival ..I h victim, wluun they at-
Glasgow. Scotland .-TOW-   iskrrs ol M„. di.'ine J^;,*;'   '.■'  «»-j   ■;•*    ■■'"*;■;,■;, '{—^1, linv „,,,.,,  .,,,.1, ,r„„, „„ ,„,,., Tbey ,„.„.„ ,|
Rind,..,., of  Ihls  vicinity  numbering   ^'""'P;   **** »><>J™rr.*<,;*on
Iiiui.Ircls   huve   held
mi will   km
■ll     he,".
I, li.
,   because   1 iclvea on one, nnd sometimes it takes
.,f Ihelr ill'- lours nf Inlmr I" extract llieui,
convention.   To-dny's session, iiltend*   noVniilv"ri>prlvp'nvprlniitTt.i"uit-*. hui   l-<"-*lly*   Vi-ii. 1  shall b° e'nrMf   mv "Many  are the  breiik'usls  I   have
ed by several thousand, was addressed    n,     ,||r.v   ,vin   u,0rebv   I"'   mud"   words through Ihe press, shull reach lolayeil on waking and Mud ng myself
bv  Paalor Russell twice.    W°  report   ,,,.,],,.,,r.,,,f   Iminnrtnl   In'   lhe   Bible   mnny others who huve I. mi perplex- |„.  object  nf  their  attention
Reckless ol D.inepr, ihr Or. » C-nerai
W.s  Cllon Wouqdcd.
in reply tc lhe iinestini: Ir whal
engagements he onneiderod li.-nsell '.tt
have been in the greatest dangoi 11
insinp Iii. hie. Nnpolenn mice said
"I ii lhe cotlltlieucen >'nl i I HIV ' l-
paigns," Indeed, il Inrther iirnnl weie
ileniandod In -luw Ihnl lie did lint
spare himself at I'mili u it !i only
necessary to add that during llie en
week, nl its sieae Napnlcun, in udili-
lion to h bayonel wound in bis Lilian,
lui.l three horses shot under hint,
while at the siege nl Aero, durii g
lhe expedition lo Hgyi I. bo I *l nn
fewer Ilmn fruir iii llie same inaiiner,
During the lasl days nl hi. Hie,
when captivity, disaptiniiitinenl n... I
sickness hnd well nigh completed
Iheir work, it Is snid Ihnl Ibe iiu-my
nf his filial disejise drew frnin hlm
many   occasions   the   pltilul   cry
BMirAI.I   ANC   tsOEt.
Tt.,  c„,,!h   «|.lr,r   W*.   M
,.fl    in,    Zi.li.    Cnmpali,
Ul J'S
When th. British Fortes Crok. Up
One ot lhe Most hVtn.'iikal.le Mecro
Empiies ol Mori.-tn Tin..-. .- The
Campaign A|;jin.,i  Cstawayo.
Imi years ngn lhe llritish in Smith
Africa -ni.iir.'iiie.l Ihi* liners. Tbe ie.
ret.ee and linn: vii •■ ry ol Uinl 'lung
rHiupiiigii have du led ilie iiieiuory nl
il>. I'ini.li-li In the i-v "il- Tl i .-.ir- ago
i\ hen ilirir eucr mc uin nl. were que,*
liniie.l ileliiiutly nml Ilu u ii ' rfereiica
:, 'resented by a firave hi d li nek f o—
I    Ibe in-, ml Cetewoyn uh . repli  I tn an
lie .,( his discourses, based nn Revel-   "^"i^J*ViV'wrlsl«-lV"Yf "Vs   declared "Uinl   edji'y Ihis Script,,
It  was announced Uml   r,,i '„|„ne   bntli
lllinn    XX,
in xi Sunday he will nddr
convmilion in London.    He -nul
Tho resurrection ol lhe dead se' iniu In ih.. in.i-i dilllctill lllinn In 'I"
llilile fur lb- worldly-minded lo crn-i
Iiv IiiiIIi. This musl be b cause Ilu
human mind instinctively roiilli-",
the uiiiiesly ..I   ill    I'nwi r   und  \\ i
nrlallly.   Clod
i..--;iry fnr tu
,"' '»'   has' a'is'n" pi\ ' iniiiim'iuii'iy ''in   our   Bor||i|ure aside, even Ihruigh ul
roved necessary to tie wads if cot*
to spllhis ;,,„ envored with vaseline to the Ins*
um tii'i'e--ii
In lhe rppro.ljiotii.il nl   ,h,   ,.,„,. ,.„
mer in   IIis   ri surreetloii,   and
rinr-il   Hm   ,.,„„,   |„   il M 	
li. II"' Hrlile. the I ill's Wile, which  Hale- to   "the   real   of the ,,;, „,  lh(, ,-„,,  „rriv„ls ,„v„,,„|  th„
""    l-'fl    R-'tin "on.     A"'* <l""'l  which  live nol  again  nn.l tlie ,„„.;;,„.  , ,,,,„, „„.,,. ,  , ,.|,.
as   ll,"    Ilibl" tlinu.iiiid    y •»   are     finished i.- ,, ,„,„„, tli.-ti, in snfeiv nml gained
kind ..I i.iiiu.n- iliuriniia-lliii   II  ,1 found iu any       ,(|   „„.   |„,m||lt)l.|((   ,,,,„.„,„   „
ll'« crcnlures In of the old.Gh-eli  niiiiiserlpls.    II  Is ]U,l.k ,,,,„.„„,„ „ 1MV |mr,   Ar,ll,l,,1
,,l the haminocki to keep the    ^{^ ^u'eWT'li
"Why   did   Ilu
Piirinu   liis
I'll 11'
lltiiiinliiin by sending an
nx Imi.' In llie ' i Inuinl t'.nveriiineiir.
.. illi  Ihu message   "('on-1   Ihe  imir.
ll -. and Iheu . ■ i iiiiii number
1: .. llritish intli
aeholara know, or should know, lhat   lltll„|er,   ..If.     Itut   they   even   got    -          ,      ,   ',   ,' ,'.,.      i„ ,|,*B eHrl«   lh., Zulu wnrrlnra      The British
Ihls   porli f   Revehitlot, XX. 4. f,   ,r d.hl.Jilan,   A  Uie hnd-     ,   , '*,',    "^ ,,',',    lv,,, Lif.'rlv ,,   L-   *  sinner   in   Snull,   Alrie.
■^r________BSBBBBBBn___E.... .     ..    l_SeBS..SBBBBBBBBBBBBSI__S.  .... |U|,|    „,M,|^    (1I     |||.    |l||||.|
III    V
imi'   Individuality   which  lived
mul   though!   ci niiiir -   ny ..   !>■ [uro
l.ll,*.Ill'   llllo  III.'  Sill HOC nl   III"   lomli,
The   Bible  makes   no   deiiinl  ol  ll e
eliipeii.loiisnes ■   of   tin urr clion
lini'iiili    Mi  far   beyund   the   wildest
flights "I Iniiiinii illingiiiiilloii   il  i.
fosses tin- nml call, iinnn ii- In
exercise [iiltli in tli" gri al Creator,
lb" Oiuolpntcnl ilu*. win.-.' greiilneaa
we .nn inn In l.iy ,-mi.-,' mul surely
ciiiinui i-unipi'i'hi'iiil.
Hence, Ibe doctrine ol llm resurrection ol Ui" di ad, irnm ii- lirst
iitiiiuiiiu'i'ini ut iii th" Scriptures, hns
called fnr the strnngcsl taith un Ilia
pun ..| le Iii vers and has excited tha
I'l-'iii.tl i. -,'iiiiiiut ..f
who seem to find it .n-
ciivlliing el— i.'.-iiieliii
Undoubtedly ll
to many who give cvidi
intelligence nccepl the
Ilmi when a dm; dies I
when ii mun dies be i
limn evor,
supposed Ihnl it gol   Into  tin
. t.-xt.
an    :
p ml
..I  I
nl 1.1". Ihi
ihi .    ,   ,,    ,   ,    ' fund  were   ouickty   destroyed hv
„„.. Is, lio I,   he holy nml the nol  lliroilgh   anv  ilea re   Ir,   eorrup   „     ,liv„,.0,l. ,r„„lllr„ „„|„„ ,
'.., ,-. nnly l,|,e ordinary Im- ho sain, and ttilsify   he reeoVd,  ml ,       , ulc< „„,.,. , ,,.„,   , d „„,,„
v Itniwii »•*> "'viTiii'tinr! lit'' - f lint in tlio any* wli-nn tiie intiiiunoriins ,,(1 . ,i,
lorliillh  "r   il-nthti "--it"*-- ih - wero copietl   hy   uou,   soiup   oonvlfl ' ..».■,               .           f              u, ,
lllinn   lhe   Divine  pleasure n  tils memorandum  he mar-   „*'""   ' vlllT J M   I ^.ilo.
,r,i,rted l.y ncceasary elements gin of   his manuscrinl   „-   „ helpful ll''"'1" nf ewKinp lever I lud i.eo»«lon
I.    irnvisinil.   The Churoh   on thought, ami thai nth",  copyists, us- ",' '""-v  "  »","'   r nmrknId"  ,mcles
Irnrv,  -nniue in   lliis   Chief inn Ills manuscript, su sod il tn bo '' t'"''',1',,".''  """ " "'"ift
Moil,  will   poaa-as  Inherency n part of lha orl'ginal   and   ii..'..r,..*i- !" *"" 1",11  ' *llt,» "l'''"l' '     '  'l.M
■            ■ ■■■        .   . .. ... ..    .„„. ll.c   siH.ciiiieii   was   ve.'y   n-.p.-ctHlile,
loss  uf danger  whii  lhe  buttle. ""r"1' ''r' „ ,
Held,  and  this   spirit nl   I,.,,,;,-,,,.-, lhal » p..werhil amhiidepeiids.iit/.uiu
I'lililrihuled   largely   In   Hie   nne   nml "ing
esteem in whicli he was h"',.l by 'ijs "ie
iiriui"s.    Tber"  was h  curious   iieliel      ''
among   the    ICtigliSh    in    N'npi Icon s '
time that he had never been wnuuiled,  , .
blind  in blind, armed Willi •.'
wiirill'  uni
I,  iii- i "I'm " :i- 'i menace to
uii ■!    ,ni [-.tm i-i. col. ni-_
■   I me     ivt.     i ... f     ,i 1 s.-,,     the.^
    lv   I'll:' I- With III    r   i'i   'i-.li, !•     I
li.llnwi I-. ligliliiis. like II. mer'.,
und Indeed the i t was current tlint   (,,,J'
line ii-m-i.-hI'- nnil  >hii   Is    ■   .x-liide
be carefully il not
per refrained from exi
v miM melt  awav
hei re the ternbl.
Nothing could be mnre conlniry to  '^J'^^'^Z'^  | the  British
the truth, Inr he was in reality -ev
oral times severely  wounded, bill  MS
War was declared an I Britaii - trr* ps
kind ••{ immortality   uled it in th" text.
Himself, ^^^,™
  However, the additional words are l"'1,:'-' » lle '." '•',v"1' » <!iro« "' ne"r1*'
fi'i'in Mn context ii will be seen lu no sens,, in conflicl with thc facts. !'» "ll'!"'s '" diameter, litis spider
Hint none will pnrtielpale in this which •--.• theaei Ailuin. created in "'hsists nn largo insects ond at times
t'hi.f   Resurrection   except   sueh   ns   his   -.laker's   likeness    perfect,   win""  smallest  varieties  of  l.lrds,  like
shnll si  ssfuliy pnaa tluir Iriul and    alive  In  the  sense  thai   he  enjoyed finches', etc.   The natives . .end it lor
          *'      'is puis.,nuns bile and on accnunt of
great size and hairy body.
he wished to Impress upon In, I mops "''I';''1"*'1  W'", ""*
the helief that c I liirtiine never de. ' •" inn*" "'
sorted him and that, like Achilles, he I""'' m-isUiic. as
wa., well nigh iiivulnerable he always *•> ™ J'- **»   '    f-  ,        ,      Horw
mnde a secret of his  many dangers. "         "»   '          .      ,.      .   ,,       „
He  therefore  enjoined   -e  Inr  all «"." »tla-lud in ' "    ■      ■
upon the part uf his immediate stall ''I' ;,"."*„„ ',.„        ■'.     -  -              -
the  mnst   absolute  silence   regarding '••■"'•j ''" "",,"""
■ II circumstances ..I this naftre. far ( Hr.t.sl, laager the i
.;  is almost  impossible to calculate \fml    A  l0"  ,J"
: iv th n stuh-
,..- ■    ■. cr -s-
a river, m  lenuary. I-'".
■ ".: day  was re-
■   never,
rverlastine life   but not having hit1! "!''''"!  °' Brent price," for which  u the    Ilivine    standpoint,   are    dcntl, me spiuer aiwu/s sueeevisssi^ ... .......
...„.,.i", ialii'.•   in ii.   ni,.i.,< n..« n""' would be well justified in selling "children  of wrath."    Jesus curried ing before it could be touched. Smne
er ^pelrm the resurrectiun of^he *," "-J  !"   ■"' ,1"" '»* ro!»1"   ""r- ""' 'bis. same tb,.ugb. in His leach* what  out  ol  temper,   1   procured   .
...  ctiiisc it. nip. snvmg.   T.et the dead bnrv t.lu-ir hnuuner uf inrge M/.e and continued
1.     ,3    nilinsi    „„|,n,s,„e    ...    s»,v...» , , i   ,     ..,  .
the   confusion   nnd   disorder   which   "". ,,rl" "  "*   , ....
would have resulted from the slight,  «W'.    ,»' J'£!L'"",±.
es, report or the smallest  nl rela- ! ™      ^^ «   /1    ,;, ,    ...:
the whole policy and destiny ..I bu-  »™     <™r\ |r k(,;| .,„ ,    , , ..
dead, tliey are driven t,. Hi" theory
<it Pinto, Indeed, who lins nol lieiir.l
Plat., quolcd by ininist. r- und other
Jejuni,I    nun   when   discussing   the
future life?   Th v An not uu.ite .lesu-   J'" """" ' " ' - ,* ■ .-   •
and  tb"  Apostle,   because   the   ex-   hn*1   *"".'  »ml>l*ion   '.hat   I
planation «.f .lesus mid tiie Apostl-s
ore all to the contrary, proving, that
the dead nr" dead, and tlmt the "n'.y
tiopc of  n future   existence   is   by a
Note tiie unswer of Jesus t*. tiie
"KB.iduci's's "f His dny, who, we are
told, specially denied lhe resurrec
tion of ilie dead. .lesus answered.
"Thnt thi dead are [tn be] raised was
•shown t,i Mns. s at t)i" burning bush."
wlien God's ui's.-nce wns, "I am tli"
Cod of thy fothi rs, lhe "od of Abraham und Ui" (lod nl Isaac and ti
Ood ol Ji
  .they fuiiirht aud dispote.1 e en,   ieo
of tiie cr.-und     lll^   -'   IS   •        -il'   ne'l
An Henest Serpeanl. deUed the repeated attack..        ie     ":
A  military  storv  cmii's frnm  Ire-   ul l'ie Zulu army and   '     ' , i ,
ml'slnned    nflle
II 1." admitted   on   all   bunds dead."   Only thus" whn hnve secpt- the chase until I was exhausted,
that the gr-al Apostle I'aul is repre- ed  Him ns Iheir l.:f".giv>r are even "When my band grew steady again Innd       A    noncntnml««loned    nflieer    foil f
sented amongal the loyal   ones   who r -cli dly   considered    a'.ive,    frnm i t0„k my an- una'.ie pist'l, used Inr entering  a barrack   gale   in  Dublin] j, .,,„,,
liced every earthly interest, nim. lhe Divlnj standpoint. big name, and. Hiking a steady aim wu. mistaken bv the "fresh one" on ' bv  aid
might       And Bo,   throughout   the   thousand (>i,' tl,_ fHt body ol the spider, I lired                           ■   '           .......      . —.
:. lhe '-"i   Bill      ' •*   '"•''•  '
,. tl ey had
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ The   i'an:iia-    *s-    	
       win.   'ii'iii'.iliiit-ly   saluted   t,,  \„.\ t',„, /.ulus made  •
attain   Hie   Kingdom   blessinas   and   years of Messiah's reign. "All In tlieir But with anuther of the remarkably   him.   The   nnni missioned   ..nicer.   „,u,.j,    KniBn«ry     ■•        ■        (
Ion .heirship   with Christ    We   nre   graves shall come forth." "evrj- man qul'h  mov cuts  the  spider  landed   unaware that lis colon»l was jusi be.   out the v.ct..rtmi» war who.
b.if.iv   deenlv   interested   in   St. * in his own order"; but they -will stilJ the iistiul sate distance from destruc-   hind, relumed   he saline, a thing not   B„j they   rushed Uie   -a i        "i   •
' '   cling his hope  liis   be, from the Divine standpoint, iudi- licn.   Then 1 gave it up.   For nil  I    permissible under the circumstances. |,|wU„bter now ensued; it wa- '-in, uu
ie mad stamped*.
:     r
-I • ob."   (Murk ,11. 2d; Vt-i ^r ,:;:"„;:;,;,,.^"Tb, Z Sl "1 ni dleffieSecondTbeath.   Such a. avail dreds ol irtl.er.  in  the
vii. ,'B.l   .l.'-us commenl d that (led "l   '"'  '"'"',lJ''^ ',., "",..ri.'iie,.d themselves of the blessed  privilege! Pisa on a Pninlar mornii
would not declare Hlms'll lo he their j»"'      jj"^ *_■ "  u,,,,,.,„„.,.'   An,| ,„ „f ,|iat time will uttnin liiunnn per* tendant dra*    side Ibe
God if Ihey wr" dead in the absolute ^ |)|(_ I||s      m    M( r   |'h|)j| righ_ (,,,.tinii.   But 'till they will nol hav- j,,,, iaI„P p, light it and men lei n      ve y- ^ w.{ ,tnrv t„ be written   .1,    looked down  opon   all  ihot rs.
tlm.  bru
Budding Genim. j ,„  Ht ]a„t.  and ss
A    newspii|K>r   recently    offered    a   rm,«*   m that fata, 33nd ol  lannary.
ment wns
Ihot'the fact IhaFdod fl'JI | 'J.'.':'" ,,,"'".,,".',i'',''1,"v'
s.ur lA.rd .lesus wiis   ever.
lusting   lit-'   accorded   to   them   awing. Many other eyes ssw the same
L'iii/el    Ihem
„«   persons   while   raised Irom thc
.i.„;; .„,.!. >,„r..u-   Pnwer.
- nst'i .-in  .„ tu.	
the .1' ml l.y the Father's   They will r„--r.*ly he in a gnnd. suit-  thing but
iihl-' ami r. .uly condition for God tc  QuJiJe
ny other eyes saw tlie same i J ,;*"*.',  ' ,,
^                                                                                                                                                            tllerf wa« only that pair in "■' " I'"'"1 "' ""' I'u'"'1* -clnn.l.   lleie niaiin-.l ..t a -, ■ .■.   ;         -    - ,i i
deacilmnlied that their souls merely   l"""'r'                                                       -  .    ,                                     end which really observed are a lew passages from the enntribu. At  Landiant. tho Zulu* .apoiewl
slept and will be grunted ii resurrec-      St,  Paul declares Hint   because   of   grunt  them everlasting life,               wl,„,  happened, and only hia brain *,""*:    ' "ra  Brown wn-  fmtunateiv jam out. worth nl commtssans
lion s.f the dead. In God's due 'une   FHs ohedlenc in   carrying   oul   lhe      The teats f..r eternal life will come b<.ll(,, tl, reason upon it!   He alone """ po»««8Snr ol a birthday, for -be besides Immense  quanl   -    I    imw
nnd   in   better   bodies—under   nmr-   Divine  Program   as   our Red n-r -   at the close ot the Messianic reign-   m,t„.,.,|   that   as   the   swings    f   the wn*  'I'8  daughter  ol   neb   liuiuls." B,„|   amuiunitinn    two     .            ..:
lavi.rtih.o conditions than those under   even    unto   death—"Therefore    God   when the grent Mediator between Godl i,,je |Bnip became iller and small- "But all this time a cloud was gather,   tl lors   nl   Ihs Tw	
-' i ■>• ... ••   i    i                                       bnl'i   highly united  Him. and  hnth   and  men,  having  accomplished   Hi, ,r ((,,, always t.o.k the same time, lie '"g "u'r  Mrs.   Deluncy. which    ,ew fnntry.   England wa., « rane.1    - I  •>
'            ..                                 ', ,. ,.: _ ,; ,,„„, u,itli |i;j large as years went l.y. and UiMt cloud disaster.     Reinforcements    vera
I  t.i Smith   Africa.   The  in   11   /
1he fact tbut 11" raised up .D-sus from
urse. Inexplicably developed to its  ''yi
'.*...      ... ,i,
l.s.n.li.ii Chronicle.
the dead on lhe   third  days   and   sn saying,  I  counl  a'l [earthly] thing.      Thus  the  r.-t  ■•!  the .lead,  asnls   ullllll>l
lik. wiss  ..ii !h" Third flay "I n larger but  us  loss,  *  *  *  llial   1   may  will (r  ,|,  „,,K ,,„ trial."lhe Church
scale- llie   third   llmn-nudy ur   day Christ   |wiu   a  membership   III   His ,.;K.., will t."t li"* In the lllll sens,
fr  tlie lime Jesus was raised—God glnrlfinl     Body—In    Uie    Kingdom ,,(  *j|v|ue rCrsniiiitlon  n-  worthy "I
will raise up all those wl»> have died oln--1. * * * Ihnl I might kuo« Hun ever|M| nt \\\         .... 	
because ol Aduni's sin. nml the |4.....r  «.f   His   resurrect Ion ™lrf 0j  Messiah's reign  shall  hav.  slant  taliu to  its  ssltneis.    In  the     *.|j„t   ti,h.Im,,i
,        -.,       , s _________ divided int.,
Irving   he nil, upon which the ur, ,„,   mh (-, fMm ^ ,.,,..   , . ,    ,
                     ""'•     l»vor    .I.T.'...I,    is    diffused   u    M  i|ld nver ,,, WM ,  . .      .
BI...  and  Gre.n S«j Water.             IhroUghouV the  berk.                      r„s„|,       ,,,,1,,. ,.,.,„,        ; |,[in„
until   Ibe tlmiisaiei     The l.llleness ol sea water is in con-                   sh. Kn,w Better                    "" '"-!""*•"• •.'"   '" '• ''"'' : ' *"«n*.
'                    vein, i I'l'iiim . ngbl    . sn and
Thnt Third (Ireat  Day. the Mlllen*   |tlmt   I   liiigbt   experience thai  gnat
ilium, will be Ihe C.r at Siveiit'i Day   p„„,,r s.f flinl which in Ihe  Redeem*
the architect,   principal lleiitenant     fhis di,    >s   I
irsspi.'s ibe tremendous evaporation In*  .«u „ utterly Impossible to Innd tne   conquer policy n ' work ng -»ti-f»e
ii.b «s w, iIuc.hI ly the bluing sun s'liuscs the  |,0UM tne way yuu want it planned    torily, Cetewsyo   was   rein,l»ted in
ir Sablnilh.   So_lo -p.nk. our bul   ,'.r\ ...... lifted Him not only oul ..'   ,.,._',*'',,.',".'.,'vj",,,','|'„.'_'..'.Vi,!,','l'biessivgi  water to"be inucb saltier fjjau lUlJn   Tbo "ruoiiis ynu' ipeclly  will  seei.pv   i^i,* hut his glory had departed end
gave Himself a Rninom-prloe   III  the   death, bul le Ihe very III) t plan" ..     .    .     Kingdom   «h»l   higher laUtudaa.   K.-r ebot t'..lrty .le-   ,,m ,„„„„ f,», i,,ur,. of flssor space   be was umn driven ont by  some ol
Filth  Day. frnin winch the Beventh   of exl.lence. the dlviiii  neltire, with      " .. u, nlJ„|,|nt|   t.„  grees north and south ot the equstor  H|in Is enntainod In the total dlinen,   ,,r ,ccalcltraut chiefs, n I .led In
would be the Third Day. Hie day • f   |t,  plory.   honor  nnd   linuiurlalltyl,    »" |*   : ;  4      ,M |„,*.,„,,.,.,iiv inter  IIM walere are ol nn exquisite eture.   ,|0nt ol ths lot on wblcb Uio house is\ ,i(|e i|,« following yeai    Boon alter-
on this subii'i't, and   hole   their   l x-        ', ,,   .    „    ,  .,
Idieilinss  o   stalemenl  lo  lhe eft'."    » she " „. lhat gr at gl. ry nml I,.,,,,',
thnl all wl,., participate In bis Firs'   XifiVi.i    ',.,','.!      ,i    "I".     ,
liesuriectinn   will   be   ti b'.'l    ..V,',-     I'"""' '   .,'"- .'"-""J   '° tl,.- .-Xt.I.t of
ciner-..f thi- Age, und they will I..    ','   "!"h >   '"   ''
iln  ll.ivnl I'ii.s r Priestly Kings,   "-'insls doiu i ^^^^^^^^^^^   ^^
^^^^ ■ llu'ie i« n lesson here fur us,   11 Is    lion f. r 111" purposes of i Ileal sei
lu vnin timi we -bull l.'.pe  tss share   nneV   The earnesi desire t" aid tl
slmly .if medicin.'  u-uully  bn- heel
Tbe-e  hav  li.'.ii  manv   instanei',  io«a*l W "',•"'■ oivwisea coinmuu*  „„ Sundey.
Ilie.e   na       ie sn   mn .   ■"•>""<  '    ,.       ,,    w„r d  extern ine Irnm May      ... kllo...     ,„„„„.,. „  _	
f  ,1.-11 quests to that ..1,,1'lnr   »i »' ^ .„   (|ur|n(,  ^  ^   ^^''2; 0ll?e"hid V™» 't ""i      «,.b Clwka. who was horn, iu  IWT.
Hkril h little L-ir's nf*
iveu it up.
flie n«e of the Zulu kingdom li-r-cnu
-"—" SST^SFaE L-Jiawsr-'-' yjfa.ir*** 5^55 _Bs«
of tin- next Aru, iu which tin' worhl
wil] ln> ilnill wilh mul. mi fin* nn will-
V-1 iiionr* Became Strained.
Mn«   AmW.ll—I  "Men  tell  my  hn***
 ptl to become «u Afriomi Stpoleon,
Boiiio   ihip wrecked    Knglish FREE  PRESS,  CHILLIWACK,   BRITISH  COLUMBIA.
StocMs of Lumber
Formerly (Tho New Em.)
Printed nnd published every TluirMlny from IU
offli-e, Westminster Street, Cliilliwnck.
Siiiisn iplimi in ice $1.00 per yenr in ndvunce to nil
i t-s 111 British Umpire : to United States $uo.
Display miviitisiii-u* rules mndo known on upnll
iiitlaii lo the publisher.
Diaptuy iidvortlsers will pleaso remember thnl
hi insure u cllllllKO, copy must bu in not later Uuin
Wednesday moriditK.
C, A, DARDEH, Publisher nnd Proprietor,
The Rosedale Lumber Co. Rosedale,
5    and £. G. Patterson, C. C. Road    j
Ami  will  bo pleased to quote prices at
theso points as well as delivered on the
Yard Phone MANAGER Office Phone
224 86
„ , , Suf t    Jhtt        e        /"'_, Ft|r '012 we nre
Sojves the        &£fMe¥§^Mjms        °ff«**nsa
a      B. _-_>*
Suniiner      £^_?
Ironing        ELECTRIC IRONS
Ten Days
Free Trial
&»  Hotpoint
nf tlm 0 11). si/..',
suitable for general    household
use tor
Tiiis iron issim-
ilnr to nil "Hot-
point " except
llmt tin* upper
surface is unpolished.
Rich Black Soil, light
$15.00 per acre
Btfrbcr Building Uliilli-svack.
BAKHIS'l'l'lt, Mil.lt I'll ill,
Westminster Trust Building
British Columbia Electric Ry.
Leave Arrivi'
Train.       Cli«l(. Wisiuiiii.
:t 8.80 a.m. 11.20
f. 1.16 p.m. :'.. l.">
7 r..iiii p.m. B.40
l/'iiw Arrive
Tniili        lllgilll. Wsslluili.
1 0.80 a.m. 3.M
l„ftVO Arrivi'
Triiin         Vuu. IVcstlnln.
•_>    8.30a.m. 11.30
4  13,1.1 ii       1.20
s  5.00 p.ui, 0.10
Leave Arrive
Truill         Vnn.       W. sin,iu.
li 8.03 p.m. 4.06
Express, Truck
and Dray
Reg. E. Broadhead
Opposite Barber's Drugstore.
ll.'l.IsillT BKHVICK
Lafftvo Clillllwnch f.OO n.m. dull) cxci.pl
Leave Nanrouver 7.00 a.m. dally except
Milk Triiiu ilnily 0.16 p in
All i'ii*-. nil'r Iriiil.-, . ■ ."> el Ni.",   I   u.i.I
.1, handle Kxprras,
City Market
Main Street, Vancouver
li hns been arranged to hold two
sales   weekly,   Wednesday   and
Saturday ul Hi a.m.
Growers will plense arrange t»
linvo Iheir consignments forwarded the previous evening.
Wo   liiiiulle   Fruit,   Vegetable*,,
Poultry, Gggs, .Meat, Etc.
jokn McMillan
'I'n i'si'iiir. crltk'lsin. suy nothing, sin in.iiiiiur, Iw
Ill sympathizing with n news-
papor confrere, >vlio was operated
in, for appondloltis, the Bobeogeon
Independent adds: Newspaper
nion are so accustomed to be ripped
up the buck that IV frontal rip by a
kindly und skilful Burgeon is rathoi
ii pleasing novelty,
§ #
There are many classes in any
community and no single purty
can hope to accomplish a great deal
for the advancement of conditions
around them, Imt nil can do something, and by co-operation of all
groups for the public weal, progress
in the way of reform ean bo accomplished.
. «
When a tuwn is alive it is not
only beeauso it has live business
men bul also because il has business
men win, pull together, who do not
allow their petty prejudices to gel
in the way and lilnek the wheels of
progress, whu invest wisely, and are
not carried nway by the fails and
fancies of cranks. There are many
sueh towns in the west, and that is
une cause of tlieir development.
. »
''We had no eold, wet summer
like this when Laurier was in
power," remarks the I-mulim Advertiser. Still, it will remember tliat
there was :i severe and general frost
very early in tlie fall of lllll, along
about Sept.'.'!, if we recollect rightly,
replies the St. Thomas Times. Yes,
and it was a frost that hit the farmers hard, too, adds the Lelhbridge
Herald. And now the Hoods are
upon us. Surely our punishment
is greater tlmn we ean bear.—Manitoba Exchange.
, *
In the opinion of agood many the
President of the Board of Trade
sounded tho right note at the Merchants luncheon when he said that the
people of the valley generally re-
quired a little shaking up, There
are some features of the situation
in whieh people generally should
take a more lively interest. An
awakened interest wuuld soon (urn
some of the waste and loss, especially in the marketing of fruit and
vegetables, into an increased nnd
lietter production at larger prnlit.
It requires a stimulating nnd
uniting of energies to advance these
interests. Tliey will not remedy
themselves. We have men both iu
and outside of the city who can do
muoh, and we have very little doubt
but what they would, provided they
received the support of the people
who would benefit.
• *
Considerable damage has already
been done to the new boulevards
by cows and in some cases careless
drivers of rigs. The other morning
a cow was leasurely feeding on the
luxtirant growth of young clover on
the lawn in front of the city hull,
while in mnny places holes have
heen left in the soft earth as a re
suit of the aimless wandering cows
The move of the Cily Council to
prohibit stuck running at large and
assessing damage to owner is a
proper one, A nuisance of this
kind is too antiquated for a place
the size of Cliilliwnck. City improvement ulong Hie lines of boulevards etc., is almost useless, where
stuck is allowed to run nt lurge.
Where slreels are boulcvarded  nud
treed ii should not bo nocessary for
residi'iils lu have their property
Iniiaenileil with various kinds of
fences. Wo lu.[s' ihat conditions
will sunn prevail   whereby   theso
fi'iiiTs may be removed, thereby increasing the ntlriietiveiiess of lhe
slreels und properties.
Owing to counter attractions this
ivi'i'k Ibere was a small attendance
ui tin* Board of Trade monthly
meeting on Tuesday evening.
A committee of A. !S. Watson,
j I'eter J. Brown and Secretary Carle-
Ion, was appointed to arrange for
the piloting of Mr. Willowby from
Hope to Chilliwack, who is travelling
frnin coast to coast in an auto over
the proposed Canadian Highway.
The tourist is expected to arrive in
|about ten days.
On the suggestion of C. IC. Eckert
the Board will request the Provincial
Agricultural Department, to defray
the expenses of a speaker to attend
the annual meeting of the Chilliwuek
Dairymen's Association early in
Messrs. .1. II. Ashwell und P. ,1.
Brown were appointed to act in
conjunction with Mayor Waddington
nnd Aid. Gorvan, from the City
Council, and with tlie   Municipal
Council, in regard ti.Jsccuring park
lands at Cultus lake.
Tho question of delayed mail frum
pninls west and the lung promised
mail ear was again discussed.
Fred. Joudry and \V. R. Steven-
sun were oleoted new members of
tlu* Board.
A resolution wns passed commending tlie (iiivermiienl road work done
in lliis riding by A. A. Cruickshanks, and drawing attention In
the impassable emulation of the
road to Westminster, through what
is known us llicgreon timber suction
uml also the dilatory mothods employed in construction work on
lhat particular section,
A resolution wns drawn up nnd
passed pointing out lho unsatisfactory and dangerous mothod employed in gravelling cortain portions of
road in the Municipality,for presentation to the rural Council, with a
view to having those portions of the
road made mure easily passable,
Established      QF    CANADA 18M
Paid up Capital and Reserve $11,400,000
At the annual session of school
trustees of 11. C, II. .1, Barber of
this city was chosen one of thc executive committee. Tho officers
elected for the year are as  follows:
President, ('apt. D. M.lntusli, Victoria; first vice-president, Mr. J,
M. Wright, Armstrong; secrotnry-
treasurer, Mr. J. J. Dougnn, Vancouver.
Executive committee: Messrs. M.
S. McDowell, North Vancouver; .1.
C. Arthur, Smith Vancouver; II. *!
Barber, Chilliwuek; nnd A. <>.
Perry, North Vancouver. So Humiliations were offered for second
vice-president, and tho fulfilment
of the vacant ulliee was left in tho
hnnds uf the executive.
Mr. W. K. Pliinimerfelt und Dr.
Brydone-Jack of Vancouver; Mr. A.
R. Stcae.y of North Vancouver, and
Mr. Thus. Lawson nf Kelownn were
made honorary life mombors of the
association in recognition of Iheir
services at the convention and iu
tlie cause of education.
Victoria wns selected for the
convention in 1918.
* Wo give spocinl attention to Savings Accounts.     Ono
* Dollar only is necessary to opon an account,  interest
* allowed at highest Hunk rate and added twice a year.
* No delay in withdrawals.    Two or more persons may
* open u joint account and either party can  withdraw
* money.
'■> Manager
*********************************************;.* fete***
_ *
Business is a Battle
* Furniture
X And wo nro entering lho "Pray."   Wii have chnsen PRICK ns our Weapon
J uml Quality us nur defence,   We have pllelied teni in llm Trciiliohu llulld*
. Ing uml are nnw ready inr Battle.     Wi- ure mil fur liuslnctis mul wu experl
X lo get It,   Not liccntiKu lliero lire nut ennugli stores lo Bupply  Ihu ilruuiiul,
* luu liiriiiise «.. ilmi', lii'licvc timi ,I,cy will lie mil lulled iii iln business mi
•jj the small margin of prolll tlmt wo lum- decided in lnko,
I Mattresses thai were snld at lhe greal sacrifice snle fur  $(j.(H),   we
X are selling now (and were then) ul $1.50.
X Wire Springs Ihul ynu puy *}:!.('(l und 88.50 for WO nre selling fur
j $1,1)5,   We,hnve Mattresses frum $3.00 up in the best mado, nnd
+ Our Prices nre lhe lowest, our goods ure lhe besl,
* Buy a Spring ami a Mattress on which you cun rost,
The New Furniture and Hardware Co.   :
Linoleums Oilcloths t
♦* ******************* ********** ****** ****************
Tl,,- Edlts.r ssf His- Krrs- I'r,-.. sIim-s ns.t neccmrlly
uur.'.' witli ..imil..ih s'Xiir.'ssvsl under lliis lis'issl.
To the Editor of Tho Free Press;
Dear Sir—We were not surprised
that Mr. Forsyth took so much
notice of the display of photos in
our show window. He is only ono
of the hundreds who did su. To bo
a good aniature is something to be
proud of, nnd our customers must
have been pleased witli the work we
have done for them fur the past two
yeurs. We have no objection to
Mr. Forsyth criticising nur display
in the future, as the effort thus
expended will have a tendency tu
break the monotony of his otherwise
uneveiillul career and which musl
seem irksome at times, (i. F.Chiip-
inan, Chilliwaek, Sept. 80, 1012,
The Ilireo wi'i'ks' s|M'll ol gnnd
went her sprang a leak oil Monday,
Suine say that it always rains for
Ibe Weslininsler fair.
Ladies! is it reasonable to invest $20.00
in a hat, and wear cheap, ordinary shoes?
The best gowned woman in our town is
fastidious about her footwear.
Her shoes harmonize with
her gown and headgear.
Otherwise she would not be
correctly gowned. You know
this lady. And she insists
on wearing
We can give you a perfect fit.   Made on the latest
model, in all   widths, in a shoe
that  is  comfortable, flexible  and
durable. Relindo Shoe is a tailor-
made shoe for particular women,
and is an apt expression of the latest style.
The Cushion Heel, (exclusively controlled
by Relindo Shoes,) makes walkiiigadelight.
No nails to hurt the foot, and produces     J\
a resilient,springy effect that characterizes  '    J
a graceful walk.   We bave tbem in all
sizes and invite • careful inspection.
Continuity of Impression is successful advertising.
I Big Values in Five Acre Blocks g
Half Mile from B. C. Electric Station and Close to School and Store.   These are splendid buys
AT $150 to $225 PER ACRE
Money to Loan
<«^_1IP!1 lllllll!
i s!£U<K_s SiUlfcia y^SS^-a sEvdSSsi sUa.is-^3 i
Having been appointed local agents for the
| Sun Life Assurance Company £
ot Canada, we arc prepared to loan money on gj
Improved Chilliwack Farm      |
Property |
and to Purchase g
I    Approved Mortgages and    !
|        Agreements for Sale        g
i% *»
5 Applications for Loans receive the personal attention  %
JP of our Mr. Hart who is  Inspector of Loans for the g
£ Sun Life Co. in British  Columbia,   and are handled %
6 with the least possible delay.
Call on us for further particulars
I Chilliwack B. C. i
Local  Items
P. S. A, "Furniture Sale" in K.
of P. hull Tuesday evening.
W. L. Budd, real eslate aud in-
suruiice agent lias moved his oiliee
from Wellington street to tlie oiliee
formerly used by the Chilliwack
bund ami Development Co., Irwin
A llook nf nlnn,t six hundred
sheep onrouto to the coast reached
here Saturday, ull the way from
Idaho, coming uver the mountain
trails frum Midway to the coast.
The sheep have been live weeks on
the roud.
Blowingnpen u safe in DesBrisay'a
goneral store, at Mission, on Monday morning, two yeggmon looted
il of WOO in   eusli   and   gut   safely
away beforo neighbors hoaring tho
oxploBion could glvo tho alarm. By
the i,fulness of the job the Mission
pnliee think the robbers were experienced men. Tbey left no clue
for detectives to wdrk upun but il
is thought Ihey escaped in tho direction of Vancouver,
The following donations were
received at the Hospital during tho
,,ninth of September: 2 boxes nf
plums nml apples, .Mr. Ilodgins;
pears, Mrs. Mnekiiihiini; plums,
Mrs. Chapman: box apples, flour,
Mr. 11 il tt sii; plums, Mr, J. Knight;
plums nnd pears, Mr. W. Knight
pears, Mrs, Morden; potatoos,
apples, mixed vegetables, li. II.
t'airiis; vegetables, Cawley & Carmiehael; bread, fruit, pickles nnd
butter, Woman's Auxililiary; vegetables, apples nnd potatoes Agricultural Society; eight pounds butter,
Mrs. Brett; .. grouse, Provincial
Warden; Jars fruits, Mrs. S, Paisley; 2 chickens, Mr. L. M, Paisley.
% Better size up that woodpile and »
-£ and commence to figure on that K
m\ Heating Stove. %
_f   * m\
K We are expecting half a car load of 2*
^        heaters any day, of the old
f*   Reliable McClary Brands
f. Denmark & Burton |
£&&$$&.. «/* !Xli '\l 'Xr Wi? i/i'V/' i #1*-!
Write for the "Concrete Book"
IN Canada, where tlm winters arc lonp uml -oltl, houi-SI must he solid and wbitantUt,    Nn "Rlnfforbreid Mill, '
* luch as distlriflulih California bungalow, can be permitted,    Canadian bomct iliouldbe tmilt t« defy wind and
culd, tn keep WIIH) inside wlien it's iliirtv below mit-dtmrs.
IT is because Concrete, of all materlali, best whhitandi wind, water ami cold, that it is Cast becoming popular with
* Canadian hiiinr-builders.   Concrete limij.es are warn in winter, rcaulrtng less coal for h'atlng ; they are Cool In
luinitier.   A Concrete house never needs repairs • became, Instead nf uecaylnj, it actually growi itronger with
time and exposure to the clcnicuts.
VERY attractive architectural effect* may be obtained with Concrete, eipeclally for houses in the country, where
"  the rough concrete surface harmonises with its lurroundlngi,
ClNCE it never rc-mire** i«paltl, lha (int turd in ncorrn or oilier wni» niouml the
kJ coitolflconcifft-f i.*.i<lr*iii- in .trn Imt hum-** ind on the taini. I'ot t-ncli ol
co-it; and it it rhnp-r-T, fur llii- reawn,        thr.** putpotcs it   i* the  tint  inat-rn.il
than any other kind ol home.
I*rni. wri't- now for our (re* book, which
trltt all about the miaini and iilncing ol
Coiicrrle.anddeiciibeiliundiediof pTIC*
ti «l pMI (or tt. Jtui any " Smii! wi* your
hook" in • lftti-t or on a pait.-aid, and
die hook will be aenl you abt-ulutely
^JOTonly iaConrrrte the hrrt rniiriinl IF yon haven't invritittMed th* ua** of
•** lur huuic-buildinf.    It may uIro be * Concrete nround llir homa and On the
When buying Cement, fit' surt' fo
get "Canada Cement," See (hat every
bag and barrel bears this label. Then
you will bt 4ur* ofsatisfaction.
We haw a free Information
Department that will answer all
your auet/ions relating fo Cement,
without cost or obligation.
■•"■■» '■■ 'jm'.u ■    ■,■»' " M-	
■._.:Sii_ _t <fyX$ ?«■>,.... -,» i,-if, - - - -
iai'sli'ilii iiT'i
— it ll   i'i s,l,s
Port Moody has a history behind
it of which any City niiulit bo proud,
It hns a history ahead of it which
baffles the imagination to picture.
As well might une picture Canada
in a few years' time, when its
population will run into a hundred
millions. Immigrants are flocking
into this country by the thousands,
and every limit brings its quota of
new settlers. In the past tliey have
come out to Canada via Montreal
anil Quebec. In future tbey. will
como to Western Canada by way uf
Port Moody. The harbor is at
Port Moody, and it is tlie place
from whence tliey will radiate to
the various Provinces uf Canada.
From Port Moody tbey will entrain to llie Prairie Provinces of
Canada. The Panama Canal will
mean that a cheaper fare will lie
provided fur immigrants from Europe. It will lie cheaper for the
settlers frum Ktiru|H>aii countries to
enme tn llritish Columbia and the
prairies by way of Panama Canal,
and then across Ihe Canadian continent Ilmn it will Ih* to take tbem
across the Atlantic and over the
continent to the west. It is purely
a matter uf money, and, as ocean
transportation is cheaper tlmn railroad, it will Ik* the former that will
be patronized in preference lo the
(irain Elevators must bo erected
shorily, ami Vancouver has no room
iu whieh to place ihem. There are
too many industries already located
on Vancouver's waterfront to alluiv
uf elevators being erected. Further
Knst the abrupt nature nf the shure
will imt allow of any more building.
When Port Moody is reached, however, tho necessary location is found.
A prominent railroad magnate who
was recently in the olty looked over
tbe ground iii.nl said that lie saw no
olher plnco where it was possible to
locate the elevators. Purl Moody,
be sai.l, was lhe only logical place
fnr their I'leetiull.
Port Moody bus au expanse nf
harbor thai is Ibe envy of coastal
Oltlm, The depth nf water between '
Ibe N'nrtb and Smith shure averages
thirty feet, uml it w.uild bepossiblo
lu aeeiimiiiiiiliite the largest ships in
Ibe world.
Port Moody is shortly to have a
Dominion Govornmont wharf whloli
will be built at an estimated eost of
••■ li UK 10. Wurk has already slarted
on this wharf and it will Ihi coin-
pleleil by tlie new year.
The shortest route to ISurono
froni lhe western Pruirie Provinces
will lie through Port Moody ami
Panama Canal.   The Pnclllo Coast
will nioniiplize the trade of Canada
when lhe eiiiml opens.   Purl Moody
will then he the distributing point
fur the millions of bushels ol grain
that will iiiiiie froni the Middle
In the pnul Port Moody has relied for liiiiiiii'iiil supiH.rt on the
generosity uf Ibe government. All
this will now Ik* changed, however.
It lias grown to silib a si/..' Iluil  the
citizens have demanded Inoorponn*
lion as a city. This will Ihi elleeted !
wilh the coming of the new year.    |
R   U
A Bargain Hunter
We can deliver a first class
Business Lot on the corner of
Young Road and Second Ave
Chas. Huteheson ® Co.
*»*_ i*1?\«;\« \i?\ l?\ l?./riK'm
Fruit Crates
Wo have anticipated a l>ig fruit yield for
this season and have on hand a Mg supply
of fruit crates-both for loenl nnd shipping
purposes. Yonr order will receive careful
$ TheChilliwackPlaningHiUs $
if P. 0. Box 243 Phone L2442 ^
\\m:zw.:U-i\ttMtw iri^m'Afi/eim
X   1 r AAA T f     PI      One, two ami three-year-old trees,    J
115,000 Trees tor Sale *^7,;*«ftt :
J  old, 28c; .1 year old, !Me.    AI'I'I.KS — Gravcnstein,  King "i TompMna,    2
* Wealthy, N'.irili.iii S|.y, Orliiie". lloltlcii, Jonathan and Snow.    CRAB    ♦
1    ♦
♦ APPLES—Hyiilop, Im.' and Shield.    Clinic, lol ol I'lurk'- Smiling am
X   Mngooil Strawberries nl *■*. |ht Iihki.   ah raised on now Ih-.Ih.
♦ D. H. Nelson, Prop. Abbotsford, B. C.   ♦
Household Articles
El boilo
The littio Im-
morsion heat
er.      Iln i 1 s
wuter in u few
El Stovo
The   st o ve
which     boils
your     kettle
ull conking
purposes ns
well as toasting.
El Perco
Makes tlelic
ions coffee
in at few
Phone 257        S.   PUGH
I *•$■•♦&'•• *%♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦▼♦▼▼•♦♦ ♦▼♦♦♦▼♦'•F THE    FREE    PRESS,   CIULLIWACKT,    B.C
Knitted Suit For
tht   Young   Girl.
In Caso mi firm.
The gas Jet* of small ciiy room** art
often placed near h window, and tlrei
bave heen started thruugh tlie curtain*
being blown toward them. Tn ob*
TlntP till** dancer hpw "evei'iil small
weight* tn the lower senm of sueh curtain*. In hold ihem down or nt least to
prevent thetn from ttyiug blgh witii _t*
ery pr.e_«.
/our Children Constant ly Scratch i ng.
Nearly Tore Limbs Off. Cured in
a Month by Cuticura Soap
and Ointment
•"Two nf nv danihl-tfl MM) (VO of WJ «»H
mmMitit-tinK iinui \i-i> :>i.i j.. .,*!-, i'.,* doe>
lur orderloi my d-Ufhtsn to bate ill tf.--tr
kail tut <.;!*".. io pn root li ft..in ipreedtng
,/wvv       all ovti iiMir
C0**-<i       ■  *>>*. anil in
fcvft     Rfttolhesral
S***s           \f___Jlf      »■! H- tioiit.l*
fc_*\. * 3p«]        Ir trr to hi
/T^ v-4:^v..'!;1\;..-nt. ri	
4ar*»;:i_   ^    Ak/*™ into in*
S>_    "      i^Wf** ■* *»V _•      ■*•*"•"■*'   ■"•'•'••■I
I v. •A'*.' ^*       ft    *.,   . |,      -t,.t
Inrrir nnd Inr-vr mid tlirn '.■■■* .*  ■[ »i ■*
all ov«-r tlirlr ',. nl*. an-t ln nm-j earn • '■■■■
tlirli lmrl-4 mul iMHlli**.   'Mi- doctof mm! it
wm mr-trif*. but  llirv m*. m-d  10 he ilni'v
petting wnr***.    Th** Mir-n Immiil like llttl-
I'l'll*.,    tl'*.    tilled    v-il'i    tIMltl-r.   Hllll   louk-   I
lilt- abMCOMl,    Tlirr Ixr-im- nil tuition* •!
and Irrltit-it, nuidfijf Iln in to hr rfliiMflliMy
• i rut'liH',- ''■■ c • I'.i-^.     llih nude* tlic* •win*
runl, an*! tin- mailer flown) ..ll nm Ihrlr
|.r;i,|-        Wl   I   nl    to   (111    I...It    li      . r    i.,i.
and at I.■' - ; lo |. ,i fi.'..   on tii.ir haneK
llii' hllUII'Ul »• >. fn hml, to k>M' '' '"   ''"' '
«I>r*la« lnio tlir ilr-h, and at mi tin/
would nearlr te*r il«rlr llmh* off .it«
tmlkt tr* v. mild 1.- Iitrrally covet*! witli Muml.
"Thr l-miirr** would not |i» thnn atf-nd
erhoe>l for '■ ■' o| Infnlinn .-. . ■.•!■ — aittontf
Ihr othrr rliiMtrn, mi I i-«i>h«d to trr thfl
1'utkum l(< m-ii"-, nhf'ti I r ■ -i to l*-*n**l *
mr iltlldirn peatli, I rootlntml «lin Mis
s nil- I** l^ofcit U"l Cnllrtiri niiiii-mnt for
•■nr niotith, mid Hut "■ . * i a itu'wlnoi
■fiii* *■      -n*-..|i  -U-r-orr*  Arthur   l(o1i1n>oti,
17. I It**- . lum ."it , HoflUMl I 'Mlliun, III.
iirnOrv, 'i-.ni. fcn**„ Ju, a. It'll
Aluoufh fiiilrnra •*■*■**> and omimml IN
enld ibroualioiit in- •<■-■■ a llhrral *■*.*.i- *-
of wh, wuh I- i> >,i,.tm on th- Rkm «ill I"'
frni rt<-r, «0 •t>t.' . ii'.n to 1 .•'■ r 1> A I',
l*.i|> . 4« Uilaii.u i', A.    . IIoMoq, I    M. A.
W. N, U. 611
SHE'S always just acrosa from mt,
Dressed fn thi; latest style.
Her fiiL-tj ih bright nnd comety too,
With a bewitching sinlle.
Bimetlmes aim winks right saucily,
|      Aftnin 'lib plain lo si e
I Thut she's denmra, th»TT»retty girl
Auiosm llie cur frum me,
When I am hanging to h strap
And twinging achea endure
Bhe syni|)athotlcully atiya,
"Try Lhnberem's Pain Cur-.."'
BIiii'h always giving uio advice,
'lliis dimpled, smiling cul.
Jusi yesterday slit; said, "Blank's oil
Will keep your liulr In curl."
Bach morning when I ride downtown
My faco ahe sl.vly notes
And whispers, "PlneBt breakfaal dish
in Ooodem'a liiiKU-d Outs."
1 hail in bluah, though, yeslerday-
l did noi iindoi-siand-
Bli-f -h;ilil: "Wear Bqueestom'a corset.   It
Uivea you u ilgur. grand."
Oiip dny she lOSied li-r lieiitl at in*
And fai'l in manner shy,
"if you would know icul happiness
Drink Uooitein'a rock umi ryu."
And inony times she's told me when
My eye sho fairly caught.
"iiii married, but before you do
I      Buy (his nice house and Iol"
She gives me good advice, nnd she
is watchful of my ills.
C'niie frequently she warns me to
"Take Curein's Uver l'ills."
Sometimes she's booming washing soap^
Somotimoa It's fruit thut'a canned,
And once t*he diced me boldly wlt?i
a plaster in lier hand I
She always haB a smile for nie.
lint 1 ail like a chump
1   And try to look polite when sha
Begs me to "see tlmt hump,"
Sometimes she cooks.   You'd never think
'i'lie work for her was hard.
Him nothing's tiresome for the girl
Upon Hie street cur card.
—Chicago Post
No matter how the breezeg blow on
deck, iin* uiimiii traveler tf gowned In
Ibe knitted costume Hltistruied will he
i-uiiif'iruitiie hm well ns simtrllv attired.
Tbe Norfolk Jacket la natty ami close
flttlnc. aod a hecuiuliig teiitnre la the
deep i-mllur collar of white pique.
Tbe close tin lu;: Ilule straw uutor
bonnet la very fetching.
Helpful Hints For Homea.
To take away the oily taste wben
natng oil for frying inako tbe oil very
but aod tben fry a piece of onion lu It
and when brown take It out
Wben darning atocktnga run a thread
round eacb bole beforo beglnnluK and
draw until the edge* run flitt Thla
makea tbe bole appear -smaller, and it
wlil he much easier to mend.
Scalds or burns can he cured by
applying oatmeal and cold water. The
cooling qualities of the menl help to
draw out the lire from the burn, while
ItM soothing properties heal it.
A ahnpie and excellent way to remove dirty mark* from a raincoat la tn
rut a ruw potato to slice*, and rub It
well oo tbe marks, it win also remove mud stains fmm dress skirts,
children's coats and gentlemen's trou-
Now lo the time when hnusewleea
ahould be thinking about a stock of
herbs for winter use. Tbe best plnn ts
to dry tbe cut berbo tn tbe eun, the
plants being laid on sheets of paper
or In traya. When thla Is not possible
tbey may he dried lo front of tbe tiro
•r ln tbe oven.
Aptly Expressed.
Out on the cast side of tlie city Uvea
i woman who hna known Kansas City
from the dnys when it wns but it
M cum bout landing for westbound
freighters. In her life she has known
many lipa and downs uml hits noted
well tbe changed fortunes of others.
I.Ike mnny other noble women who
■ame west In the pioneer days, she had
but little schooling save In the ways
:if lhe world, and her speech Is faulty.
I-'or all that ber thoughts ring true.
Kind to all and ever ready to minister to the suffering or needy, she has
no sense of tolerance for those whom
Bhe describes as "stuck up." Some she
knew in other days and some she even
fed have now prospered and reside In
Ihe more fashionable districts of tbe
It wns Easter Sunday, and the old
lady's smile nnd bow had received In
return such a cold stare from 0 prosper-
mis looking matron nnd her husband as
they rolled past In their electric that
the older ludy wns heard to remark as
If talking to herself:
"Well, well, tbe pot hns blled and the
Bcuiii haa rlz.'*—Kansas City Journal.
Offlce (toy Sir. I regret to inform
you tliat I Iiii vt* to nttend iln- ubae-
■.■iile*. of my iiiiiternul grandparent.
Buiptnyer -I'crcy. you cannot deceive
me. You are employing thnt sublet-
fuge in order in attend the opening of
(he water color exhibition.—Philadelphia Press.
A Useful Invention,
A   Yorkshire   farmer   was   paid   by
Check for koine cattle he bnd sold.    II
was the tlrst time tbut It bad ever hap-
"What's this?" ho aald.
"Why, money for lhe lieails." said
the cattle dealer.
The farmer stared and bad to he assured that If he took It to the hank
they would give blm gold for It.
"Well." aald be. "Aw'll try. hut If
It's a nrong 'un tbou'll hear about II "
The check was cashed, nf course.
and the farmer went home happy, hul
be could md sleep. He had seen a
wonderful thing, and it had excited
hlm. A* soon oi day broke he mnde
for the cattle dealer's bOUM and woke
lhe dealer.
"Il's me." he snld. "Where's tha
got thim bits of paper from? Aw cud
do wl' half a do/.eti myself:"—Youth's
** M-Ve-M■• -*•*■*** t-l*-»-t*t-t-t*t*s-M
%%%%%%%%%% IMMMMIMMM
She-It must b* a hard blow to s
mnn to be rejMfid by I woman.
Mo   Indred it  mtlSL
She-Do ymi know. I don't think I
could ever have the heart to do It—
DOStOB Transcript.
A Real Teat.
"Rnfbink hns mndn the rectus 01
fir food hain't he?"
"I belief* so.   Why?"
"I should like to ace what be wonl*]
do wit I. my wife's i-i* ■ mie   - Houston
arc hatched in manure and revel in
fit tli. Scientists have discovered
that they ure largely responsible for
the spread of Tuberculosis, Typhoid,
Diphtheria, Dysentery, infantile
Diseases of the Bowels, etc.
Kvery packet of
will kill more flics than 300 sheets
of sticky paper.
The Scorer's Paradise !
Village crlckei   is not gtmorally a]
b*ow game but the mutch between the
Pudmoru flackers and   the   Stoptbn
SnwBhcrs was the   exception    which j
provi'd lh*-. ruin. i
!    Two of the former loam hud been
| in for nboul three*quarters of un hour j
I nnd not r soltlaiy run had becTi notch* j
t  ti.     li v\ttB ii line exhibition ui how ;
| not to pldv cricket.
At In.: one of ihf pair, more by ac-
cldent  than design, made a hit  that
very nearly  resulted in a run being
I    Derlslv-ri chenn came from the ever*;
dwindling crowd   of   onlool'ers,   ar.d |
! when they died down the voice of the I
| local 'dulcher, wl.o was h.v way of be-1
iug a wit, was beard  tn remark:
I    Steady,  there—steady!   Keep  your j
i heads!     If you get so   reckless   we
shall have to wake tbe scorer!
MOO Reward, $iuu.
The rratlfra ol thi* [taw*r will ba (ilfascil to irnm
that them la m Icxlsi one droAitcd diaeitM that urn-tier
ban been nlilo to can In nn im stasia, nntl that l«
OUiirrli.   Hall-  Culnrrh   l ure   ih  Uio niilj-   po
i to mi
lloiinl i
I turn nlly,
1 uirfiH'.".
i (rutei
BBBB1 a.
■■3 besl
si -Wi . >.»■.-.■'.■<>? V. fM.»,.* 1-ifi''»-»
T _>
• Unforgivable. '••
,:.     One of the iinpardonnhle polltl-   S
j  cal slna la the acceptance of a   f
t small bribe.—Chicago News. I
4-s-i-, *."V*-f-»*.*i"t-i> s-<*->■■*■'*> *v-s-r«>f-?"« i
In Boston.
A Mystery. *■»
,\\     Flair   the   world   don't   know   Z
j  how thoy Uro thoniselv»«s."l.lfe.   |
fr.nr*s n salt
tli ul won't
•cake'  -
"yo Mn'nm, there's nothing
tn It hut salt—Juit pure, clcun, wholuoiue
salt—ud ell ..it."
"F.eeryhotiy around here umau Windier
Salt, and 1 don't betie*« ihi.** Mon could sail
•ny odior kiud of 'labia Salt."
"No Mn'nm, we wouldn't want to handle
any other salt—we li's**.".* to sell Windsor !-*"it
ttuiuac wc kuow it wiU pleuie out cualoiuera"
no. SALT
Jones' Legacy
When Jonch' rich grandmother
parsed away tliere was a boom on
Jonea. All bis poverty-stricken
friends rallied about him with words
of cheer :tnd comfort, hut .tones refrained and nnd dejected, and no*
itiing ihey coul.i say brought solace
to him.
Come. come, mid Smith, kindly, il's
tne way ot the world,
Jones buried his head deep in his
vVe must all die some time philosophized Robinson.
Jones sited a bitter tear,
She left a last will and testament,
1 PUppose7 murmured Jenkins, care*
li jsly.
Oh. yes, said Jones, raising his head
a; last; she left V will and testament.
Ah, chimed lu Hrown, you were always a friend ni hers. Of course
your name was mentioned?
Ves, answered Jones, bursting Into
a fresh flood of tears, my name was
mentioned, boys     I—I nm to have —
They hunK expectant while more
sobs choked his words. 1 um to have
the Testament.
ii'b C'nturrli Cure i« tal
.iu- nirri'tly upon the blood nnd murom
Ihi< t-vHtI'm. there liy ili<-[ri<-i'iii- the
1 itn- dlBnuc, p ul nlving ilu- patient
tn-tii'ili hv imi,iiiiic un ih>? constitution nnil nwtwt-
iii; nnturo in (IoIur lit wurk. 'llie pronrletori imve
■o niurii faith in iii curatlvo powers timi Uiey otter
One Hnmlri'il Dollars for iiny ruw* that it lulls to
cure. Send inr llPt ot i-*«:lmintniH
Address r. J, CHENEV *. to Toledo, o.
Snli! hi nil Urii'r-lBt*. ;sc.
Take nail's J uiniiv pills for ,-onstlpntloa.
Whoi Governor Head was In office
in New Hampshire. Colonel Barrett,
of the Governor's staff, died, and tliere
viir an unseemly scramble for tlio of
hce even whilo his body was await-
.ng burial witli military honors. One
candidate ventured to call upon Gov*
e nor Head.
Governor, he nsked, do you thiul*.
you would have nny objection if 1 was
io re' 'nto Colonel Barrett's place'.'
The answer came promptly-
No, I don't think 1 should have any
objectlcn, if the undertaker is willing.
!        }j|!,L^^J?Romo
A Sure Corrective of Flatulency —
When the undigested food lies lu the
stomuch it throws off gases, cnufltug
pains and opprGhsloil fn the stomachic '
rigion,      The belching or eructation j
of these cases k-* offensive and the only '
way to prevent them is lo restore the
tomach  to proper action.      Panne*
lee's Vegetable Tills   will   do   this.
Simple direct ton b go with each packet and a cours-' of them taken syste
niatically is certain to effect a cure.
When You Buy Matches,
Ask for
They have a true  safety  bate
head,   with   silent    tip.     Wil|
never explode if Stepped  on.
Eddy'i  Match*!  bis.  unified  Cu.
•dlau line* 1151—adopt no ethora
The E. B. Eddy Company, Hall, Caaada
Washboards,   Wood Pails and  Tubs,
Fibre Pails and Tubs.
Jock Russell wus a farm servant.
Ol e day, when, Mrs. Brown, the farmer's wife went into tlie mtlkhouse she
found Jock down on liis knees before
a milk-hoyne. Bklmtnlng the cream off
with his finger and putting it In his
mouth. *,
Oh. Jock, Jock, she exclaimed. I
don't tike that
Ah. wumman. replied .lock, yt dinna
kt r what's guld lor ye.
The Northern Trusts Company
Thla company arts In thu capacity nf
.-iiii we nntl i be glad to ior ward copy of    our    Hoo_.iei    "Something
i bout Trusts, Trustees and Trust Compsnles." on request
No More Smiling
'    The new  vicar was paying a visit
1'iinngst   tlie   patients   in   Die   local
hospital.      When he entered ward No.
_ he cume across a pulcdooktng you UK
, nan lylni; In u cot. heavily swathed
in bandages.      There he stopped, and
\ ..fter  administering  a   few   words  of
pornfort to tbe unfortunate sufferer,
je remarked, In cheering tones: —
Never mind, m> man, you'll soon be
all right. Keoj. on smiling; that's
ihe way of the world.
I'll never smile again, replied the
youth sadly.
Pubbtsh* ejaculated the vicar.
There ain't DO rubbish about It, ex-
clu.med the other heatedly, It's
through smiling at another fellow's
fcltf that I'm here now.
Canada s Cry for Children
It will come a.- n surprise tu many
people to know that lu Great Hrltuiu
.-here ure no fewer than 3f)U,uuu children   who knew  no other  parentage
.■ban ihat exerolced by the State or
' by charliuble lni>t1futlom>, while tberfe
■ire In Canada muny people who would
l>e only too flat! to adopt such little
This ci-tss of immigration not only
■ Ollevel the burden ou Ihe Itrltlsli
taxpayer. 1 ul It Heads to tbe I loinln! ui
new-comer*1) whose general Ideas are in
,i plastic condition uud Who can, more
■i-adlly lhan those uf older years, he
influenced along ''unudlun lines to become Canadian citizens.
I: has heen estimated that Great
Britain could lava a million sterling
by sending lo ( anadu M.ouU children
if discretionary age to become valuable Qltlxeni, Canada Inst year
eiade application for 1K.0OU Hrltlsh
culhlreu, hut on account of lack of
Minds, fewer thun 8,-OM were sent out.
'I he OORl of transporting these children
would be fnr lell thnn keeping them
Mt public institutions,
l>o you belle** ■ that we ever show*
our Mai bent wneu we are children'.'
asked   Blnt-cx   oi   the   genial   pbllofo
Yes, sntil the genial philosopher, I
know a barber In this town who. at
(he age of ten. was the most disagree*
,.ble little slnv. r vou ever saw, ami
always mixed up In some kind of a
bud scrape,
A volunteer who bad been a rail-
vay porier before tbe South African
\nr, on h's return resumed his du;
i,-s. end 'ii being asked one day by
i .rnvell." If he noticed nny changes
Hnos  hs h ft.  replied—
Sure nn til do. sorr. The ellven
train ROS ihtsttS at twelve; (he express dm*.11*1 shtnp at all, uu' there's
t ut. lasht train.
' The Modem Method Most Success-
|      ful in Treating Indigestion
The old fashioned methods of trent-
[ ing Indigestion and stomach troubles
nre being discarded. The trouble
with the old fashioned methods was
that Whei the treatment was slopped
. the trouble returned in an aggravated
The issiern method of curing indl-
: gestion and oth-r stomach t otibles is
j n ton.* up ihe stomnch lo do fts normal * work        Every  step toward  recovery Is n ste*  gained, not to he lost
again,    The recovery of the appetite,
'he dtSSppcarnncc of puin. the absence !
j of gas-all  ure steps on the food to
I health that  those who have tried the '
i tonic  treatment  remember distinctly,
: Dr   Williams'  l'lnk  Pills are a tonic
i  uedielne. ever'" constituent of which
, Is lielnful In building up the digestive :
. i rgans, and Is therefore the very best '
remedy for chronic enses of stomnch
I trouble,     The .success of the treat*
I .rent Is proved by thousands of cases
' like the following.        Mr.    W,    W,
-swain. Grand v.illey,   Ont..   iayi:—I
"For several years   my   mother   had!
, s* nnarh  trouble from  which  she got1
I no relief whatever unt!!   she   began
lbo use of Pr.   Williams' Pink  Pills, i
, Si e wns treated Sl different times by ]
i three doctors, bu   their efforts did uot •
,nvnll.      Then she wus advised to try
1 rn electric belt, but It  proved  wonh-j
/ess.     Sbe stiff'ted much during this1
i urns and food became distasteful, Thej
trouble also Affected  her nerves nnd!
i 1 er general henlth  wns on the verge I
Of n breakdown.      One day u friend
rho wns In OSkcd her tO try Br   WU .*
Hams' Pink Pills, Without very much
' bops 'hat the Pills would prove    sue-
reisful when other medicines had failed. WS nevertht less got her n supply.
In a few wesltl we could see n decided ,
'lint  the Pills would prove successful
",1'U other medicines hnd fulled, we
nevertheless got her a supply       lu a
, fen   WOOkS WS could    see    a    decided
i h.iime, nnd gin   six  more boxes, by
lhe time these wire used mother Wns
almost  well   and  she kept on taking
he Pills for a t.f.ort time longer nud ,
w-s Completely  cured.      She Is now
-t healthy and strong woman and Is
never  bo'bered  with  het   stomnch  lu
nny way,      1 hope this stntement will
tiling relief to other sufferers.
Why experiment wllh medicines of I
dtuhtful value, when you hnve such
i-nilllvi evidence of the benefit fol-
'o-lug lhe esc of Pr. Williams' Pink ,
Pills'.' Sold h* nl! medicine denlets
■I- by mall nt fin cents a box or six
boxes for -I2.fi" from The Or. Williams' Medicine Co., DrOOkVlllO, Ont.   ]
He Would Need One
A negro WSS In goal, awaiting his
rial fir Mis Ihi ft of a cow.
Ills wife called to see him. and as
•ne went nul the gonler nsked.
Ilavi ynu engaged a lawysr to de-
irnd Jim yet. Mandy?
NV. said tbe dnpky dnme. with a de-
oh!' e shake of. .e head. Kf Bin wns
guilty, Ah'd ge-   him   n   Iswysr  nt
once'-   bill  he SgyS he ain't  guilty 10 j
n course, Ah sit I s-gwlns to get no
Then enme i voice from the dark*
ness of th* colls.
Mlstnh Gradf, called lhe prisoner.
tell dot »ir nlggah womnn lo git ai
miti   mid a Jolly good one, tool     <
The Piirc*.| nnt] mont aatlalactor-f wny In which Hi* Western farmer
enn aeeura (nr hlniMf the full vnl'ie ol hi*, craii., la to iihlp It h.v the
carload In bulk lo Fort William or Port Arthur, anil employ a reliable
un.l experienced ^ra'n commission tirm 'u the Winnipeg market it.
look after anil dl.iposo of It We are old cmnhlltiheil and widely
known over Wester-. Canada In HiIb brunch of the uraln Hade. We
act as tartnern' lumis and handle slnctly on commission, und are not
open to buy the fa.mors' drain on our own ncconrt. We make liberal
ndvances on .ar 'ullls of laillnn. Mipervls Hie giadlng ssf cars, obtain
the highest priccj Rolug at time cf sale and make prompt returns
when sold.
We Invite farmera to write tn us for shlpplnn Instructions and mark
et lnforma'lon. We Rive us references to our reliability, efficiency
and flnanclil standing any city or country bank manager In Wesiarii
Thompson Sons & Company
a celebrated engineer,   being   ex-
..mined at n trial where both the Judge
ind counsel triad In vain to browbeat
lum, mado use hi his evidence of tbe
expression, "the creative power of u
Mechanic," on which tho Judge rather
iitrtly asked blm what he meant hy
'Ac creative power of a mechanic.
Why, my lord suid the engineer. I
neiin that powe.* which enables a man
li concert u goat's tall Into a Judges
Whnt 's that dog barking at? ask-
u fnp, wh.*e Itools were more polish-
m!   than   I.Is  Idrns.
Why. said n bystander, he sees an
Other pupi.v le >our boots.
The famotll rrlminal lawyer had
won i shocklntr.lv bad case tiv eloquence itm1 trickery, and n rival law-
vei snld to hlm. bitterly—
Is thors any iuse so low, so foul.
no vilely -rooked and shameful ihul
you'd refuse It*
Well. I don'l know, the other nns-
Aered with S smile. What hate
vou  been doiii*.   now?
Mr rroker-Kiitg ihe .w-ll-knnwii
actor, tell* of an amusing Incident of
a   theatrical   toui A  certain  town
was "billed"' fur two great rival productions. On the arrival of the train
Whloh brouglr both companies a cer*
tnlu mun. bound on business, ap*
proached one ot the company as bo
Itspped out o' a first class compnrt*
ment, und pol-cIv raising his hut. said
In nil sincerity: "Bag pardon, sir, but
an yon Tbe psrilng of tbe Gods, or
, The Dreatest Scoundrel Living?
i My hushnnd Is loo tender-hearted
: nl.ogethe.' to gel on, said Mrs. Mug-
I gins, dnlefullv 1" shows bis goml
' polntli certainly. Wby. he won't
evm speak a cross word io me, nor
. whip  tbs  ih lilitn   no-  even   kill  a
I Oh, Hint's nothing, snid Mrs Hug
j fins, my husband Is so tenderhearted
I that he can't avail heat a carp-st.
Impatient Young Man (ut telephone)
Tint's you Isn i ll, Mnry? This Is
the third time 1 vi tried lo get you
Soft Voice- Why, Jack, you've-
never really trie 1 to get me at all.
Wonderful Cures Reported In Germany.
The use of simple herb, aa rcsaedirs instead of Ihe more concentrated and
usually more dangerous inorganic substance., hns been revived very ssidely ol lain,
ln lierm.ny a new school of physicians hns .risen whieh Ihrossa oul nlnsn.l n
whole of  the phnrmneopein  nnd   relics on nn ndanlnliun ol  Ihe method ol  wild
aaimnls in curinj themselves .VI'. II.rU.
It wn. Ur. R. V. fierce, chief consulting physician lo Ihe Invalid.' Hotel aad
Surgical InMilute of Buffalo, N. 1'., who irsi ndvocated lhe eitendad use ol same
of uur nstive roots, such ns: Holden seal end Oregon grnpc root, msndrslte
nnd queen's root, hlnok s-berrybsrk. These sre Ihs ehiel ingredients in Doctor
fieree'e Holden Medical Discovery, whieh hss been so well aad fsvorahly known
for nearly half a century. A harmless clesnser nad
•tumach tonic thnl nafnre haa provided.
.1, Do.14l.ll MATRKMI, ssf lisslnln**. N Y. ssys:  * I suf.
Icr.il Inr over IK* tears wllh wlml the duiturs mill mewa!
siiisiinl mnalllon iit ».r Hotnoen, nnoeldtnl inlll a attar.
, rli.il .i.iiiIIII.iii of Mimr, nud ncriiins hrart.    1 had tried
I rm.mli uiu. l.i-inuili (eutisii. rlss,l._rl<. etc.. to lliist a ship
I ami naturally ihuuaht llmrn was no cure lur me. but after
I rsMiilina what emluctil duclors said of lhe cnrsilte iiuallllet
i.f ihelimredleiitsul 'llnltlaii Medical lllss'ssvert   laaveik
a lair trial.   Tsu.k llie   lllscovery ' and al«o the   I'l.a-anl
i-ellel. • and csn trnlhfully sny I am feellna In-lier nnw
il.au I hav.. In years.   I cheerfully alvo nermlsslmi to print
thl. tcsiiniiiiilsl. and If any 'diiubilna' Tlminas- write, nm
1 will 'put him wise' tu the best all-around mrdidns lu Uss
t. D. Mata-aon. Ua.    cuuutry to day.* THE FREE PRESS, CHILLIWACK, B.C.
Old (o!!',3 who need something
o( the kind, (Ind
most effective without any discomfort.
Increased doses not needed. 25c. a box
at your druggist's,
Rltili.il Drui and Cliimkil Ci, ef Cinidi, Unlit..
,64 I
Prevents the Tremendous
Loss Irani Files
nifl ro*
,ii»lly i-
rmllltimi at
(annul ntt
t,i li glaUniaul
toUtnHli-mlilie." I *»**r1*>bi-l.
Sll«#litniee*i*CT*Mtl m of tlm trS|ir*Mln|
?"**••.<■• I,.-ml„il-. ll f"l"l.     ' lotf r-MlliH «l.Pit
\\*>T"wiUkr-|sl r i    t «*.li'iii.r*t.-l iii»»ili.*n
t*iU -.-•.'..>■■. i»- i-**''f" >'■*•■•" /-'"-i
V|l||,n).r,."llll* ■tryllSU'-frPtiri    IMlhlBfll
Hlllk III lliu    M'lll.'s.'tl.l-iWlHl'f klT-tltlUUtU,
Cy lining
is is r -n'-'r ,.»..•"- i i. i» "" ll" is
Drirln, s-s . •>■. ... *»-,...... ."j on. |1,;>-""
i- , "iu.....ir • ' ."■•""•' '-
w' I'.'.-*»....«-"'.»—...' ."-.i..i»» iws »f
"In  ...isi.i-. , .dnll.st.Usl
.ur,.,. ...y l'^',,, AT An, ri„i,sss.
itiisst usui no toon eg. nwisS.im-Mio
Finland's Arsenal !
Flnlu.id has Wen culled a lund of |
schools. Twpiny years uso Uie coun-1
.ry hail 2*! per cent, ol lis population i
unapt' ts tuition Ulcuborg, In lho
lorth, which in locally called Oulu. i
hud seven schoo's for the iinper and
middle clause;, uud live for the chll-l
i'.'cu of the poor, li is in relation to '
n pchbol lor the poor that Harry do
Wlndt tell; th" following story in his
Ln. k on Finland
It was relate! to uie by nil English-
iitau who, whii. passing through Ou-'
i' some years ago, made the acquaint-'
■nice of a schoolmaster, now deceased.
The traveller expressed surprise that
'.'inland was permitted.by Russia to
I'etoln i-s eurreucy.
Russia dare not take it from us,
.as the schoolmaster's reply.
Dare not! Wh} you could not fight
Oil, yes wc could! We make guns,
ind very hlg guns, here in Oulu. We
have an Important foundry, Do you
'';.*•*» to ses* it?
Tho Englishman followed his host
with surprised curiosity uiilll they
mine to the gules nf a large brick
I ullding, Irom which were emerging
u '"00,1 of mi'"i'.,' si'liniil I'hililroll.
Then, sir siiir lhe Finn, pointing
in tlm so-called arsenal, which was
in reality one of Iho largest sohools,
there is nur foundry, nnd there are
•*it gnus, nl pr**si'tit on Ihelr wny
ilium* In illiui." , Tin* weapons nf
ny country, sir aro progross, clvlll-
/.I'hoii umi humanity uml lol mo tell
.mi Hm in th" .'ml they will surely
gain tho victory over tho doadlloBt
i-nrini.s of di'Mlii.i'lliin ever furgeil at
Frost & Wood Binders
Widely used everywhere.    Perfect,  light running,
meet the hardest conditions nf cutting and   bindinc.
A Powerful Magnet
Filled tn ovinflowiiiR wits tlio vll-
h*,ge school. \ lecture was in progress, and the professor who was
lad'In j; ou: tho knowledge produced
i, most powerful magnet, with whicli
he enttoed a huge lump of iron to
j ernmhulate.
Can anyone conceive a greater at-
Kactivi   powor than this? demanded
'.I't lecturer, with au air of triumph,
lo his surpris3 ar answer came from
tilt audience
• can. rc.mprk*-'. n burly yokel.
Tlie lecturer wus puzzled, and challenged hie heckler forthwith
I    I'll tell you tl.r  facts, sir. replied
the agricultural one.      When I were
j r.   young   mun   tliere  was  a  natural
i .nagnel, done un in a   neat   cotton
J-Iress, mimed Mary Ann.
Vi-s" queried tin* professor.
1 Well, ontlnue-d the laborer, every
I Sunday she waved ! walked mjlloH
' ovor plough od il, ids and rough roads,
al) wlml a at* J weatliow. There was
•to roBiatliig her She was tar more
I attractive than vour magnet, for lu
Mi i olid I miirrli"! her.
Afllliate ; with tiie University of Toronto and  under tbo control ol
the Department  of Agriculture of Ontario.
College   re-opens   October  1st,  1812.    N B—Calendar on application
E. A. A. GRANGE, V. S., M.Sc, Principal
Generous Employer
The generosity of  Marshall  Field,
Mr  Chicago tnu'Chuiil prlnco, to bis
inpluves was remarkable.  He never
tired of showing his appreciation tu I |,
,in old and fultliliil worker, ,M
one miming, while    making   the ,.
,ia:ly round ot Ins greal establishment   .,„,| |t w'j|| j.frorcl relief beforo a docile noticel tho wi ru antl haggard look ,in. can iJP called,
■ipon thr ' ' ""
/Mtneksof   elinierii   anl   dysentery
cc.-ne iiulekly, there soldom being any |
warning nf tha visit.   Remedial act-
i     must be tnlii'ti Insl ns iiulekly If
the patient Is to lie spared great suffer-
Ing mid permanent injury to lhe lining |
membranes of the bowels.    The read-
"reparation for the   purpose   Is j
.1. n   Kollcgg's Dysentery Cord-1
|i ean bo gol at small cost at '
Irjg store or general  deal
A  solicitor, whose
' ere both  very  long
A lew doors south of C.P.R. Depot
Rates $'..50 to $2.00 per day
Cuisine unexcelled
Hot and cold water In every room
Hotel   practically   Fireproof
All Outside Rooms
levator   man.
I This in..n luul sinrii'il Iii when a mere
'ley, and had faithfully performed his
I duties ever simi. only gi'tiing the
i regular annual   vacation   [or   many
Mars. This vacation wus usually
I iwo weeks. The eotilliii'iiient was
i telling on I Is health, ami he fell very
| had on this particular morning. Jlar-
! ^nnll Field ask.*,, blm why he did not
lay off for a few  months and go to
, ulorad.i, coming bark refreshed and
strengthened by that climate.     The
idea   was   utterly   ridiculous   lo   the
eievntor-mnn, nud he plainly said so.
lie had to mak.   a living, and could, -
not  afford  to lose lhe  lime.      Mur-|     She (who has offered lo bear little
shall  Field  siiii.ill. and said:  I pre-  Jones's part in the coming   theatri-
sunie vou couid afford it at my ex- en's)—Now what's   your   cue,    Mr.
pei.se?'  '--■ '•-*'"=-,.  I ..(■'ics''' '■^*~*"-"'*i?,"'¥SP',''-^na^i_
The result of '..lis chance conversa-      .lot:*- (puZBled)—My cue?
lion   on   the  elevator   that   morning I     she—Yes. what    they say Just be
.iave the olevatcr man a six months'i f>re you c.me u.i. you know?
vacation In tin mountains of Colora-     Jones—Oh. I see    They always say
nose and chin
ind who luul
lost his teeth, "whereby tbo nose and
chin were very close together, was
I am afraid your nose* and chin
will fight liefo;-: long. Ihey approach
each other so menacingly.
I am afraid of it myself, replied the
man ot law, fo- a great many words
huve passed between them already.
Minard's Liniment Cures Diphtheria.
After Twenty Years of Pile Torture
Relief and Cure Came With
You take no usk nnd you muke no
experiment when you uso Ur. Chase's
'.'ntment for piles. Many doctors
.•llii cling to tb. idea that nothing but
an operation will effect a cure. Hut
i (lerationi are expensive and dangerous, .ind often fnll In their results.
9omc have been cured by llr. t'liase's^
LMntniont nfter operations had failed.'
Dr. Chase's Ointment truly has a
v. underfill record aa a cure for piles
.ird all Itching nkln diseases. Here
Is n "a«e which was reported recent*
Mr. John P. Marshall, 14 Barnes
rond, St. Johns. NUd , writes:—"For
n.iwards of twenty years 1 was troubled terribly wllh Itching piles: nt
times so bad that. I was obliged to
ny up. unable to attend to business.
"I tried manv treatments without
benent, until I accidentally tend of
Dr. Chase's Ointment, aud found at
ia.it a cure hy using this ointment. 1
only used one box und part of n sec-
mil one when I was completely cured,
and have hnd no return of the piles.
That waa eighteen months ago. nnd
needless to say, I attribute this cure
lo Dr. Chase's Invaluable Ointment."
Mnny sufferers from piles bave tried
so many scores of treatments that
they cannot believe that cure Is possible. In order to convince the skeptical wc are always willing to send a
sample box free tc anyone wbo encloses a two-cent stamp to pay postage.
Dr. Chase's Ointment, (Wc. a box.
at all dealers, ot Kdnianosn, Dates it
wi.. Limited, Toronto.
vln'tor, as he shelled Into the maga-
?.lre office at eight o'clock in tlie
Ne, sir. answered the ehalrman po-
iitely. He doesn't get here so early.
Is tliere anything I can do for you?
Perhaps you can, I suppose you
,.re not connected with the poetical
department <y* tiie magazine?
Ob, yes, sir, was the quick reply.
You ure?     Ar.d what do you do?
i   empty   tho   waste-paper  baskets.
Is the edito'-in-ehlet in? asked the]     visitor   (to  little  girl)—Were yoo
born in India?
Little liirl—Yes.
Visitor—What part?
Little Girl—Why, all of me. of
..n .
Now they claim that tbo human
ii'.dy contains sulphur.
ln what amount?
Oh, In varying quantities.
Well, that may account for some
Wbat Is a misdirected zealot, Uncle
A mtsdlrecte! zealot, Oeorge, Is a
man who, wbe'i his house Is burning
is so determined to keep the rtamoe
from belne Iiuii.es, that he kicks las
deg for wagging till tall.
P|-f..ng the Blame
i wish tn comp*aln, said the bride,
haughtily, about   tha.. flour you sold
me.     lt was tough.
Tough, ma'am*, asked tha grocer.
Yes, toueh.     I made a pie wltb It
ar.d my husband could hardly cut tt
Aro the bes* ever made aud are guaranteed to glvo you satisfaction. At
all dealer.-;, or send us 25 ceats stat*
Ine sty * and size required
The Arlington Co,, of Canada, Ltd,,
58 Fraser Ave.. Toronto, Ont.
do with all expenses paid, and upon
ll'fl return full o. renewed energy, anil her still greater surprise awaited
Mm In the form of an envelope cou-
■atnlng six months' pay.
eirn" on, you si! y goat, can't you?
Stockings embroidered   with   life*
si;*e   figures  of   mice  are   the  latest
e.-aze in New ^ork.      They cost $<5
t. pair,   ^-f^I^JJC r-""*1 1*'T""
•-g'y-^y--"-'*"' '   "       •"•■■"•'- -
Shall I mak" a hash ot this meat
Weill It don't matter whether ynu
biles it agin or roasts It, replied the
lodger; you're bound to make a hash
of it.
Mas. Wst.ai.ow. B.a*T..i.a a.sof ha, tea.
■satis,, ssa»r SIXTY VRAKSkv MILLION! *
THIM lor   ...Ir   CHILOIIN   WH"*{j
Etiquette on Warships
Ktlquettc plays unite an Important]
i pait on a modern battleship, and the
j Navy enforces many little forms and      Good.bye to Asthma.    Persons suf-
customs. | erlng from that    extremely    Irving
In  the   card-room,  where  Ilu* olH-'. ouble known as asthma know what
I cers and midshipmen dine, tho com-1 it |r to long with all their hearts for
iniinder doe.- not sit  nt  the bead otjescnpn  as  from  a tyrant.   Never do
he table.      Thai   place  is reserved' ..„ y kno .' whet: an attack may rotne
or the president of the mess.     The nnd they know that  to strugglejin
i ttiinaniler Invariably    sits    at   hisi aided Is vain.     With Dr. J. D
leht 'land, whii; ihe foruuT changes| logg'a Asthma Roncdy
vs-ry month.
TUII.O, wltb  HUFBCT  1UCCBU.    ..
.YSsll FA1K , C0»«» WtMII COLIC. s_i
test noisily lur 1>IAX«H<_A.    It I, •»•
• Ills best rasi.sjy
- ,.rw'
Evening-dress  Is a steadfast  rule:
i so much si* th'il the mun who has to
; u,ke a witch after dinner, and wim
: nan no time to change, sits at a table
Mhtl.ly karaslia.'  Ss nre'eti tsi f« "Hi* i uv himscl..
*-™***£__->_''-l »yn.e_srj4ia_> _,■»_•       -,.,„,  uraSt  of  *•-,-.,„   King"   In  the I
e. -r.«,f4-«eu.-tti- Nevy l« drunk   sitting.      Tradition
lias It that a certain klnc once pro
posi'd a toast, an.i Jumping up. hit bis \
ii* ad against a beam above. Orders j
.•ere glvesi, ths. stury goes, that all'
ti.asts were to be drunk sitting Illl
The middy on a warship Is just i
l'ke a fag at a piiblit' school, with j
the olilcers as nis prefects or monl-i
...-■'a. MMshlpuioii nave io make]
themselves generally useful to tho
t hand, however, they can pa:   good-bye to their
. neiny and enjo" life again,     lt helps
at once.
Ysuing men placed In positions aa
Telegraphers, Freight and Ticket
Clerks Just as fast us we cull prepare
tbem. Railway Official! endorse our
System beeauso our Instruction Is
specially prepared. Day and Mall
Courses. Wrlto for Free Hook 11*.
Dominion Schuol Railroading) Toronto.
Lovely landscape
fleorgo IV. or. one occasion casually entered ft private apartment ut
Windsor Castle, and encountered
aetnowbat to his surirlRo, his valet
who was seated at u table loaded with
viands i.tul eating with great avidity.
All!   OXclnlmed  Ills*  King.       I   was
always fond of scenery, and here is
r lovely piece o. landscape spread out
11 .ore me.
Tbe vuli I ami*, d fe.*bly, hut politely
.'.it'mu'cd Unit in. did nut understand
the King's alluvion to lundscapsj uud
Wby, replied tne tlrst gentleman In
Europe, do 1 not see before mo a
Smiling valet with u milgllilleellt
Tiie valet hereupon rose and retired
i ..-'i: ile; blmsi'ii ti. tbe King on the
1,1 iinui Ibut h" luul turned suddenly
Fatigued Feb, (lho tramp! — 1
Miiiiellinos     Ihiiilr our  profession  la
lusl  tin* mri'iui.' business goln*.
Hungry Henri— What's wrong with
Fatigued Felll—Woll, when other
fellers Is abUSOd Ihey kin strike, hut
il.o only wny wn could strike would
.in by gtilu' lo work.    *
Bud Blood
Is the direct uml Inevitable lestilt ol
irrcRiilur or constipated bowel, uml
cloned'Up kidneys ami skin. The
undigested lood and other waste mat"
Is-r which is ..II..S.-.1 to a.. umiil.il..
|msI«...i-i ids- blood nml the whoio
system. |lr, Morse.Inilinn Hoot Fills
ail directly on the bowels,regulating
them—mi the kidneys, giving them
rase an.l strength to pri»|M*rly filter the
blood- and on the sk'm, opening up
tbe pores. For pure blood and good
health take
Dr. Morae's   "
Indit-ir*. Fvo•**■<*-. Pills
W. N, U, lit
Cat". Uo Witches
In Iho Monferiatu it is believed
I'er.t all the oats who wander ubout
..run Ibe roofs during tin* month of
February nve really wliebes, whom it
h lawful and even u ssnry to sboilt.
At* old Gorman superstltutlon has li
ihnt If ii I luck ui' sits upon the bed
of a sick mnn li in a pressage of his
death, while if after bis death it is
seen upon IiIh gtave it is enough'to
.iicuse doubts .is to tin' locality to
which his soul hns departed.
in Hungary it is thought thnt eats
gs'iu'i'iiiiy become   wltobes   between
lhe iiges of sou il utul twelve yeurs.
A French belief concerning the cat
is thai if iin* animal in* oarrled lu n
cart and tbe wind blow from It to
the bnrsos, tbey Immediately fill
tired, ll any part of ihe horseman's
clothing be mid'   of   eiit'ssklu    the
The Last Straw
The cruel winds tore nt tho waves
as If ".0 whirl tluni awny.
The man ami the maid sat cIobo
together on the beach and watched
tb" slorm
How th • win.! bowls, dnrllng! she
said, yelling to mako herself heard.
Yes." nlr'eked her lover.
Why does It I.owl? she aewamed.
Diiiinn. l'ernnps It's got tho toothache, be bellowed.
Kdlth- Pa is Immensely pleased
ic  hear yon nre a poet.
Fertile—IS he'1
Edith—Ob, very. Tho last of my
sweethearts bo tried to kick was a
football player.
A Quaint Statue
!tumo»* in statutes Is rare, except
of the unt.oiiscii.us type; but the little parish church of St James, Yarmouth (I«le of Wight I. has within
its wals, a lino white marble stalue of
a dashing seaman wbo was Caplaln of
the Wight from K,17 to 1692.
Sir Hobert. as well as being an nil-
'mlral bold, was also a hit of a wag.
On oue of his nautical raids he captured t. French vessel which bad on
beard an unfinished statue intended to
represent l.e Grande Manarque.
Holmes dl.l not cake the sculptor, who
wns on board, walk tbe plank, but
I'ompelleil hlm tc finish the stntue In
thr likeness of h!c captor. The head
v.ai the luad ol Holmes, but the body
vas that of I.onis XIV.
The contrast is striking nnd humorous, ami, us tli* guide-book says, the
statue Is well worth a visit. It only
to see the Incongruity of partnership
between a buccaneer face and a regal body.
-all to Select Food Nature Demands
to Ward OK Aliments?
A Ky. lady speaking about rood.
sn:s: "I was accustomed to eating all
.. mis of ordinary food until, for some
reason, Indigestion mid nervous pros-
Irnl Ion set In
"Aft*' I hud run down seriously my
nttelllli i wns called to the neiessllv
.if some ebiingi' In my diet, nnd I (lis-
e i'lulled my ordinary breakfast and
began using Ornpe-Nuts with a good
ii.i'iiitv of rioh cream.
"In ." few days my .'..million changed
:i a rem likable way, and I begun to
Whether the corn be of old or new
growth. It musi yield to Holloway's
Corn Cur., the simplest and best cure
offered to the public.
Shot foi Preference
A rntlie- turgid orator, noted for
•lis verbosity am: heaviness, wna onco
assigned to do somo campaigning In
n mining camp In the mountnlna.
There wer» aboul fifty miners present
vvhen ho began; but when, nt tbe end
.'f a couple of iionrs, he gave no sign
of finishing, his listeners dropped
away. '    >-!w- -'..»■""'
Some went back to work, but the
majority sought    places    to   quench
ihelr thirst, which had been aggravat-
i ed by the dryness of the discourse.
Finally there wns only one auditor
left, a dllapidat"d. weary-loiiklng fellow. Fining Ins gaze on hlm. tlle
0,'ator pulled out a large six-shooter
I aud laid It on tne table, The old
fellow rose slowly und drawled out:
Do you going to shoot If 1 go?
You bet I um replied the speaker.
' I m bound to finish tny speech, even
It I hnvo to shoot to keep nn audience.
Tin* old fellow sighed In n tired
maimer utul edgtd slnwly away, saying as hn did so—
Well, shoot If you want to. I may
ns well bo shot ar talked to death.
double bonl. a
Well Cauoht
ilo hnd returned home lu the even-
ing, tired and irmly for u restful
hour or two.
John, my love, snld bis Utile wife
BWOetly, did you post that loiter I
gssVt] you this nn.ruing?
Yes, my pet snid John, hilling his
consalenco-strioVen face behind the
uewspuper, *
Well what Is your answer? still
more sweetly.
Wli v, Im!  Is what? gasped John.
What is ymir answer, dear'.' said his
I'i Hs* wife dearly, That lottor was
lulilressed  to  you.
Aililii'smil to ii,e! cM'laln-ied John.
I didn't notloo it.
And  then,   like n  foolish  man,' bn
fell iniu the trap nnd produced tlm
'•■Her from his pocket lo see. Tho
envelope wnn .i.it addressed to him.
nut a long uml  severo lecture  wan,
n.\"   a   strength   lhat   1   had   never
s.io.hing I.- „,,„• ,,r   -at-s-sKin   nur  ''„   lnBH,.^„^ „. „„,„,,,, „ vlc0r ,„
","!'1" **',!!!.','".'! ""tl'0"14'1 " mtlai 'l h.dv and a mils.' of mind  ■
ill .     it was entirely new lu my ox-
I i-rl.siico.
*My former nttaoks of indigestion
hnd lieen accompanied bv heat Hashes,
ind nuny limes my condition wns
dlitrosslng with blind spells of dizziness, rush of blood to lho luad and
-leiiralgle pilltis In tho ehest.
Since mfng drape-Nuts alono for
breakfast I have been fn*o from these
,roubles, except at limes when I linjo
I Ituliilgs-il in rlrY greasy foods In quantity, '.ben I would he warned hy n
pain under the left shoulder blade,
nnd unless 1 heeded lhe Warning thu
old trouble Would come bnck, but
when 1 linnlly got to know where
IbbsO 'roubles originated 1 returned tn
*nv C.riipe-Nuls iiiiii cream and Ihe
lui'in umi disturbance left very quick-
"I am now In prime health as a re-
suit of my use or Drape-Nuts." Name
given hv Canadian Dostum Co., Windsor,'Ont.
"There's a reason," nnd It Is explained In lho little book, "Tho Ituad
10 WellvlMe," in pkgs.
Ever read Ihe above letter? A new
one appears Irom time to time. They
are genuine, true, and full of human
interest.. .
Hea.'y    Voltage
"'hat doctor la u regular human dy-
tin mo.
Yes, when I enme In contact with
hun, i myself wm, highly charged.—
Louisville Cujilvi Journal.
Minard's Liniment Cures Distemper
The Doctor Didn'l Think So
A smart youug doctor sat facing bis
Yes, iny friend, he snld gladly, you
are quite well again now, and need
not come hero ngnln.
The patient, recovering from n hnd
Ulncis, was relieved to henr this Then
nis faee became overcast again.
llii.l ulinud der bill, docdor, bo snld
—need It be toll bo wna a German—
1 nln't got mooch money. Vlll ynu
dill,.• der bill mul In Irndo?
The kind-hearted doctor eyed his
pitbull's 'linhb.' clothes.
Will, perhaps l might, ho said
agreeably     Br—what is your trmie?
I vos doi loader uff a Sherman hand,
docdor, said the patient proudly. We
will hlay in de- front of your house
every evening for one month.
An ,>lrelrle ol"\liter In a New York
ollle.' building thnt travels lo a
hoic'it of Mr* rci on euch trip Is believed to hold the world's record.
Bam Johnson   you've been lU'liiln'
ng'.n.     You's'j lost two of yo' front
No, I nln't, mammy, honest  Vu
got cm in me pocket,.
Examine The
Watch Value
Here Represented
You should demand of the
Watch you are to earn.* Good
Service and Good Appearance. Here is a Watch that
will give you at the very least 100%
value in both.
This is not a " fussy" watch, but it is tae
high-Rrade, 17-jewelled EATON movement sen
in a 16-size Dust-proof, Nickle Case—a good,
sensible watch for anyJj}ajjt._,<   '"' '
■:;•?"-■ ssrT Here Are Our Reasons
For Saying It Is Exceptional Value at S9.-S
In the Ilrst. p.ace it is dust proof.    The case 'in
solid buck, screw front,   and   dust-proof   cap   fitted
lightly over Iho stem wind, so tliat dust cannot pos-
tlbly penetrate.
Perfect workmanship ensures Its accurate time-
ke'plng qualities, it is adjusted to 5 different positions and lo all ..tmospherlc conditions—neither hen:
nor cold will affect it. Tin screw front is filled
with extra heavy crystal.
This Watch curries a "years' Guarantee, ami tt,
know you will Iind it an excellent companion.
4P 38.   Price. $9.25
Have you your copy of Eaton's Fall and Winter
Catalogue yet? If you havo cot received It, droj _
a cinl.
A highgrade chew for
those who want something better than usual.
"Empire" Navy Plug" is
an exceptionally choice
chewing tobacco — rich,
tasty and las'ting.
You are sure to liko
"Empire Navy Plug".
If you are going to save up for a rainy day, don't wait until you see the Clouds ||
Port Moody is Your Silver Lining
Wearehereto  Bf|DT  ||ft__nV
td Uou about  fUK I   IflUUU I
Representing LBITCH & TAYLOR, of Vancouver, B. C.
ROOM 2, EMPRESS HOTEL Call, Phone, and Write
$50.00 JReward.
STOLEN from our Sartlm Ranch
on night of Sept. 2-1, one buy mnre,
weight 1125 Ihs., six yenr oltl, two
white hind feet, branded C II on
left hind leg; nlso Viineouver lntitle
saddle nnd bridle. FIFTY DOLLARS REWARD for information
lending to recovery. Communicate
B. C. HOP CO. Ltd., Sardis, 15. C.
Election  Notice
TAKE NOTICE that all persons (oilier
tlmn registered property owners, or vendees uniler registered agreements uf hale
having Bceurcd Irom tho registered owner
il written transfer of the right to vote)
ut tin* next election of Mayor utul Aldermen Inr the City of Chilliwack, must tlle
a declaration with tlio City Clork on or
Isdore 6 o'clock p. in. "f October .'list
City Cierk.
Forms lor transfer to agreement holder
can Is* luul upon application to tlie City
NOTICE is lien'liy given thai the eo-
piirtiif rsliip lieretofor. subsisting between
the undersigned as General Merchants,
ol Chilliwack, Sardis uml Atelulitz.ll.C ,
lias been this day dissolved liy mutual
consult. All debts slue the suid partner-
shin are to Is' paid to VV. A. Chambers,
uml nil partnership ilvlsii- are to lie paid
by him.
Chilliwuek, II. C. Soptembor Ulli 1012
Witness, .1. II. ASHWELL.
Shorthand Tuition
Room six Hart Blook
Wellington st.        Cliilliwnck, ll. C.
Offices over liisyui Hunk of Canada,
R,  A.   lll'.Mil'.IISON, C.K. i. M.E.
socivrv or civil, kniiiskuis
B, C Land BunvBYon
Rooms 10 & 11, Westminster Trust Block
ChilliwacK   College   of
Principal:   Timo. J. Ht-trox, L.A.B.
In.Inn ll..I. in nil liiiinrlu's sir in..*.... llllll III
.Im iii..ni Vciirly ...iiiiiii.it"ni- li)' Hi.' Itssyil
Ai.s.i.-iiiv ... Mu-1.- nn.l tin' n..I"' College nf
Musis-, l.Ulllll.ll. Kiiuliinil
Term, $., fsif fiilir Irss'ins. imyiililr 111 iuIviiiu-c
I*. O. ll... ,«« I'lllilli' V !»»
We  llSVO   n new and   uii-to-iliile
plant wilh the littoHt methods lor ull
kinds of Cleaning, Dying uml Pressing,    Expert help fur nil branches.
Special attention Will I"' given tiillll
Mail and Express orders from Chilli-
waek und the Vnlley. We solicit atrial.
Thick odors, street grading, wandering bovines und the dilatory
observance of the Sanitary By-luw
wero the prominent, features of Monday night's session of the City
Petitions wens presented for n
cement walk on the north side of
Henderson avenue between Robson
and Cook streets; grading Corbotlld
street to LewiB avenue; grading
Henderson and Victoria avenue.,
Ibrough lot 'M, block 14, division
B, Presbyterian church sub-division
on the frontage tax plan; while ,1.
T. Maynard was present and urged
the grading of Margaret street. All
of these works will lie completed
this full if tho weather permits.
Nothing further has developed in
connection with the agreement of
tho Sun Life to purchase the waterworks debentures, beyond the fact
that the const representatives had
strongly recommended the purchase
on the city's security alone.
Tho Hank of Montreal referred u
bill from Carboultl & (irant for 850
for advice given the Bank ro legality
of oily debentures. This information was askod for l.y the Bank for
the use of that Institution and thc
council could not soo where they
woro financially responsible. Tho
account wns referred to the chairman of finance to deal with.
Tho Mayor reported that eight
month's rent had boon tendered
Hook woll A- Co., the amount lieing
askod for room, but that same was
refused, and now another month's
rent was requested also foe for clean-
ing, and tbnt legal proceedings
would follow non-payment, The
matter wns referred to the Mayor
nnd city solicitor Bowos. Building
inspector SV. J. Laughlin addressed
the counoll re notion of S. Sutor in
oiooting n building without a permit
uud the adjourning of Ihe caso for a
week when Mr. Sutor wns summoned. In lho meantime the building
wus In'ing erected. Tbo council
could not interfere with the  notion
of tho Court, but Mr. Sutor would
be liable under the provisions of thc
Bv-law, The Mayor was delegated
to look into the matter,
The trade 1 icons.' by-law wus
iiiiionded reducing the automobile
license from tJ'.Ti to 110.
Ono Robt. Kelly put in ti claim
for 81.00 wages, which he claimed
wus dm* hlm, and wliieli Road
Superintendent   O'Hearn,   would
mil puy. The letter was soiiiewlinl
of a literary gem with lhe Roud
Superintendent us the principal
tlioino, ami tho editor of tlie Vancouver Truth as a side light.
Chairman Goodland of lbo Board
of Health, reported tlmt the Hummer property adjacent to the i-ost
olllco bud I u inspeoted by himself and Hit* Modioul Health Officer,
nnd thnt the properly would be
pined in n solitary condition
Tbe subject of the -unitary condition of properties und the enforcing of tho sanitary by-law nnd
collodions was discussed, and the
following million passed, "That
Sanitary Inspector lie Instructed to
see llmt all unsanitary promises Is*
I'leniied up forthwith and that ho
lie empowered lo hire a team at the
ciiy's oxpenso, if necessary, to have
work' performed, serving summons
upon nil parties whoso properties
are cleaned up who hnve not paid
scavenger lux, and lo enforce payment of ousts ill oaoli caso,"
Tin* Clork wns instructed to draft
a by-law   lo  provide  for  the euro
and liiiiintiiiiiunt'i' of the oily boulevards. Also a by-law providing
for the recovery of damages to boulevards und walks by wandering slock
and careless humans.
Aid. Qcrvnn brought up the subject of securing about 1.10 acres of
the Cultus Luke property for park
purposes. It is believed thnt tho
city and municipality can, if the
matter is taken up in tlie proper
way, secure a crown grant for this
property, and it wns agreed Ihnl
tlio Mnynr and Aid. Gervan bring
the matter before the Board of Trade
and Municipal Council.
Church News
There will lip Divine service in
St. Mary's (Catholic) church on
Sunday Oct. li, ut 10.80 a. in. and
and Benedictionservicoat7.80p.m.
The P. S. A. program committee
bus arranged for a splendid array
of speakers covoring tbo full series
of Sunday afternoon meetings for
the coming wintor months.
Hantist Chinch—Rov, -I. T. Marshall, B. A., minister, Subject for
Sunday evening, "The Secret of
General Booth's Successful Lifo."
You are invited to come and worship
with us.
Harvest Thanksgiving services
will bo bold in St. Johns, church,
Surdis, on Sunday. Holy Communion at s :i. m. mul ut 11 ii. m.
service, livening service nl 7.30,
The preacher on .tbo occasion will
In* Canon Hinehliffe.
Tlio Harvest Festival services lust
Sunday at tho St, Thoinns Church
wus of iiii Interesting mul pleasing
character. Tlio chinch was profusely nml artistically decorated will
llowors und fruits of tin* season,
Canon Hinehliffe addressed large
congregations morning mid evening
on appropriate themes, and in the
ovoning llr. Patten sang u solo.
The Rally liny service in connection with the Methodist Sunday
School last Sunday morning nllract-
od a large congregation. A solo
by Miss Myrit Marshall wns greatly
enjoyed and tin* address of tbe pus-
tor on "Tho Bible Idea of Character" received careful attention ou
the pint of lbo young und old alike.
Tbo church was attractively decorated witli llowors fur the occasion,
TlisW. M. Auxiliary of the Molhodlsl Church will Imlil its monthly
incollng in tlio Sunday School room
on Tuesday Oct. S at Ilireo p, in.
Mrs. Carl moll will givo u short lulk
on " ll!flicaoy of prayer " and tin*
Watch Tower will give items of Inlcresl from tlill'i'i'oiitcountries. Now
the holiday season is over we nro
Imping to see mnny moro of nur
mow bora presenl. Como and meet
witb us and help lo mnke the meetings Interesting,
Siiinns Molhodlsl Church held n
very successful Ilnily Uny Boivlao
lusl Sunday nftcrilOOIl.    There   wus
a record attendance of children mul
adults, mul lho serviao wus bright
uud helpful, Clara mul Alma Hull
nml Mnry Knstbopo nntl Mnlilc Pearson sung duels which were much
appreciated uud lho chorus singing
wns also very good. Rev. W. P.
Hunt, pastor, conducted the service
and tbe uddress wns given liy Ilov.
A. I*.'. Roberts on "The Message ..if
Uu'Kings." Tho Church wns very
prettily d ruled witb Hugs, Unworn
uml vines.
Sunday School Institute in Cook's
l'resliytorian Church this week.
The usual meetings in tho Methodist
Clturch woro withdrawn in order lo
allow tlio friends of Hint   church lo
lnko advantage of tho presonco of
Dr. Myers. Tin. meetings wore
hold on Mondny, Tuesday and Wednesday mul woro well attonded. Dr.
Myers dealt with the foundation
principles of teaching nnd his application of those principles to Sunday
School work wns of particular bone-
lit to teachers.
Baptist Church—On Thursday
last the ladies of the Mission Circle
tendored a reception to Rev. antl
Mrs. Marshall at tbe homo of Dr.
mid Mrs. W. V. Davies. lu the
afternoon the ladies of thu sister
churches came to extend to Mrs.
Marshall ibe hand of welcnmo. In
the ovoning au informal gathering
was bold in which all the members
of the church and congregation with
the other pastors anil tlieir wives
joined. Altogether n most enjoyable and happy time was spent and
a fooling of good fellowship already
existing between pastor mul people
was strengthened, lt is the desire
nf all thnt the spirit of co-operation
so woll begun, mny continue through
a long pitstorato.
II. C, Cartmell, lirst officer on
the S S Beaver who lias been laid
up with a crushed log since last
Saturday, returned to Westminster
to-day on the trmu. The Ben ver will
resume bor regular run on  Kriilny.
loo cream in all the popular
forms mid flavors at Johnson's,
A..I. W. Myers, Ph. D„ of
New Vurk, coiiiluoli'd  a  lUi-ciwfnl
******************* *******
* X
I Free I
PEN      !
To every customer
\ purchasing   $151
|  worth of goods  *
X Ask for Coupon from our X
X Cash Register X
X Good for 30 days
X   Druggist and Stationer
L.|.'.Cinft, nl Moo Studio for pluitos
Ashwells Big Big Store for Fresh
The Municipal Council will moot
on Saturday,
Moot your frit nils ut Ashwells Big
Big Store.
Tho regular monthly meeting of
the Retail Merchants Association
will bo held at tho Citv hall on
Wednesday evening next.
Cordwond for snlo al »3.00 per,
cord, delivered. City Transfer Co.
Phone -I!).
The Chilliwaek Turf Club will
bold a race meet on the track here
on Thanksgiving dny, October is.
Boys' Suits—Buy them from
Ashwells New Stuck.
To Rent—Throo roomed house
near Public School, with light and
wator.   Apply at this office.
Blankets und Comforters—you
havo ii splendid slock to chooso
from ul Ashwells.
Fur Sale—on ousy terms, whut is
known ns the Bent pluee, Fairlield
island, in whoio or iii pnrt. Goo,
The Indies of the Si. Thomas
Church will give an Al Homo in
tin* Parish Hall on Wednesday Oct.
0 beginning nt eight o'clock. Sup-
per will he served and a musical
program rendered.   Tlio admission
is placed at 'l.t cents.
Childrens Shoes—a splendid range
to choose from nt Ashwells, Children's Shoe Dopt.
NOTICE—Telegrams, unless authorized by the C. P. H. will not Ik*
accepted at this office unless uocoin-
pnnied by tlio cosh. II. .!. Haiiiikii,
Agent,  C. P. R. Telegraph.
Advert is., in tho Froo I'ross.
ii Embrace the big
ii bargain opportu-
: nities to be  had
ii at
i •
ii Parsons9
jl Retiring
|| Clothing
• i
Hart Block
■ i
Tuesday October 15
The Versatiles
Presonting thoir Captivating Musical Comody of
Cow Hoy Lifo
"In The Camp-Fire's Glow" i
PrviM'i'ili'il hy n Itt'.il "Oltl Country" Pioirot
Seats on Sali- at McManus',
Popular Prices.


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