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 v fOnvujt .   .      *   •'■■' r '■*» '
CMMwack Fr
^"legislative 46WN
f^fi            ■%;
^ WtU 12 191'
You will Like Chilliwack.
Voi, 1.
Kilitnr unit Proprietor
No. 1-1
The Scottish Concert to-night
bills fn.il- to being one of the best
events of the season, Tho program
is one of merit nml it largo house
will greet the performers.
K. It.inisilell has solil his yjtcresl
iu thc building ocetiplotl  by  the
R, IChilliwuek Implement nml Produce
I Co., to lb'. Davics nt n tnir   figure
i, No
w  1
.' tin
nu ni
VOU 1'
•   Kt
Wood for sale—Phone L 181)0.
L.F.Ctoft, atMee Studio for photos
Five acres at a snap,    See W
Sec   Ashwolls'   Ittlbber  ndvt.   lh {{'}'• Do,1,,ulm   is  "", ",h"1'   l""'1
■ , .   • ! owner.
l-bts issue. I       	
"      .,,,„.. »OW lfnisiiis,
See Holfe's spooials for ( hrisllnas, I p,,),.^ \,,w pjm.
I"11 IWB° S' | Kxlrael's,   New
Two weeks from Monday will be Xmns Cooking.
IChristnins. j wells'.     Shop
Dry hardwood for sale.    f«|«, Batiirdny.
Bfpliotie R 21. Drissmakimi—Miss Cnrvolth nill
Clllna and glassware   al   reduced j1"-' pleased to sec her  customer", ill
■prices nl Trcnholtn's, i I18' homoon Corbottld street. Plume
,. , ,        , ,, i i„,,„. 887 or at the Woman's ICxchininc
111 tchesou A IVi., are advertising !.      .     ,,,... ,,.      ,
I. , .        . v   .     .     i i ii    be   Hurt   buck,   01    lue.siav
a siktiiiI buv mi lining iiiiiil. ,. ,       ,      .',,
' ,     .  , . ,   , I afternoon from two to live p.m.
\\ . r . r cms linstin immense slock      .... . ,„   .     , ,
|of Al furniture fur Christmas. . *\ !'"  '°' f* J*" ' >"''" l',ko", ,        ,
„   ,    „ ni, ,,,-„„.   »'  Chapman's  simlio,   th.-y    nre,    A reso tit on was adopted rcqucst-
rresb oysters, tllyiupin nml I'.nsl-  ,.,,,,,,,.,,,1  ,,„   ..ra,   „.,,„,   j...... ..-a... I  •     ,, , ,   ,       ,       ,   ,    i
In ,       ,   \|,   ',.; u,,„„,     "K'Ullll.l    Oil     lil-l    I HISS    lllipill let \ m„     ,,, p„s ft    , eptll'll it     II     HlVl!
tirn.    Por sale nt .Mules ( ignr Store.   .,......„ ..,„. „„„,„.„     flnl nur twena       , i       ,
inuil is .inn tu..uiu-.    viei uut pin es | ,-usti'l'ii ninil sent across
Have ynu any pielures  to  iraine ,u,.l styles before ordering (or Xmns.
IforChristinas? See, Chapman Studio. | Appointments mnde by 'phono ">!*.
Thc Merchants Bank is distribut-j    The dance held under the auspices
Ih.g Hue large calendars  to tlieir ens-! of the Chilliwack Orchestra in thc
turners. opera house on Friday evening was
very much enjoyed by Ihoso attending. The music and lunch were
botfl good, Tho proceeds wero not
ns large as the boys bad Imped for.
The regular monthly meeting of
| the Cliilliwnck  Hospital  Auxiliary
The lust regular meeting nf tlic
Board of Trade for tbe present year
wis hold at thu Court hitliso on
Friday evening.
A communication wns read frum
the I'itl I'iver ainl BlltTul'd Inlet
Navigation Co., regarding n wator4
wny scheme by way of these two
wnterwnys, wliieli it wns elninieil
would bo of great benefit, not only
In Vntieotiver but also In llie   towns
and municipalities of the Praser
river Vnlloy. 'I'he proposition is
nn old one being revived, life burner tn tno undertaking lieing the
enoriniiiis cost entailed. Those
who hnve taken the mailer up arc
seeking Dominion (lovornmonl aid.
The Board endorsed ibe scheme.
Messrs. A. S. Wnts.ni, l». 15,
Miiiiii,   A.   MelOwen,   and   Colonel1 ,   , ,      .  , . ,
llnllltbee were olcClod   mcltlliel'S   „f. «'el'e Ine.l   oil   Ihe   information   ol
Ihe Jiniii'il, ,
\ resolution was adopt
A Case Of Much Interest
Thc right ful ownership nf a
young cow wns argued before Magistrates McQilllvrny and Conic at tile
Court house on Kriilny nml aroused
a gi'eai deal of .interest, A. tins-
worth licensed Sieve Cbnilsey of appropriating ii cow belonging to him.
Tlic Intler repudiated ihe charge,
Thc cow wns taken in charge by
the eniislnliles uud wns led In lho
C'Oul'l hullso, Murks, spnts, visible
and invisible, nn.l tin w in general was Ibe object nl' milch discussion. Tbe upshot
wns Ihnt the case wn
managed  by a switchback  course gave us the glad hand  and kindly
from avenue to avenue, some of in- showed us tbe city from a resident's
terseeting streets being blocked  liy
high and rocky bllllfs,    We noticed
hero and Ibere a street cut through
a solid rock elilV,  anything
thirty losixly feet   high.
(midpoint,   explaining   how   the
city wns   somewhat   disintegrated
us  far as  business  locations  arc
from I concerned from the fuel  that  the
|G.T. P. and government reserve are
(In the next
•n feel   IwluW
lol   ynu   may   drop! jogged into the niniii streets so as to
street   lev/'l   into  a ' prevent a segregation of business in-
iiiuslicg bole, and nl lirst glance tholtercsls in
stranger wonders  whal   on   earth
caused the (I. T. P. lo  seleel   such
a site as a terminus tu tlieir great
f the  matter
Vancouveiiles Fined
On Thursday November .'10, before Stipendiary Magistrate J. Polly,
IC. ll. Parkinson, John Ptlgli and
W.   II.  Clarke,   all of   Vancouvor
For Sale—Building 14x18 (eel on
I ground; in good condition.    Apply
«t this office.
Some  new   Xiuas    novelties   at
I Miss lloyle's, also millinery at very
reduced prices.
A.   P,  Cummins,  Oamo  Warden,
for minting or shooting on enclosed
land   wit bout   permission   of   tbc
io river ml ""'nor, '-• Clemens Ilorst,   Oil this
place  of going to   Vancouvor  Qr }«#'m091 of,,nc Chilliwack game
Westminster aud  then  returning';  ''"I'f ttl'°  i';1'*''1-     Alter in  ol*
thus causing it to be atleasl  one T^00 ennducled by Lawyer Black
day longer in reaching Chilliwack. of Vancouver, and  alter  hearing
At tlic present lime in  British ">"**■?«• «Jvo wilt-er-sea.  the accused
Columbia only registered owners  of. Wf,,'e K"!'' i"11"1 *3:!0 l""1   eoai* a»A
property   nre  allowed   to   Vote   on
money by-laws, bonce a great muny
people wilh large property interests,,        ,     ___    .,
who hold same by agreements of I *r° Qthoi-s,, who without  permission,
sale, and who pay  taxes,  arc dis-
miy one  close   locality.
He pointed   oul   certain   cornets,
which looked very desirable as he-
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ing helil  by eastern capitalists and
road. I big business intoresls  und   not   on
However as you look thoroughly tho market at any price. Wc Baw
into tho matter you arc forced to othor corners notably one opposite
Iho conclusion lhat wilh time and his office, which turned over for
capital, lho builders of Prince: large sums, the one particularised
Rupert arc going lo have one of tho fetching 840,000, (n three story
prettiest cities on tho Coast. The hotel), Wo noticed one corner lot
high spots," not extending far In adjoining thc Prince Ruperl  Club,
any one direction,  do  not  entail I fronting on Si nd avenue and  at
very long circuits to circumvent least thirty feel above the street
them, and these are in many eases level, though on the level of Third
being removed by blasting and nvenuo, which was priced at $18,000
hauling to the city rock crushers, land which will cost 810,000 to clear
by the owners of the  lots. ! of rock.    The city   owns   the   tele-
Away In thc cast and across a j phones, electric plant and water-
slight gulch is a high tableland works, which latter will be greatly
which will no doubt become a good,added to in the neat future. There
residential district and  will coin- is also a volunteer lire brigade with
in default thirty days in the New
Westminster goal. ll is to tie
hoped that this will teach  a   lesson
All experienced  nurse
[engagement—apply   Mrs.
ell, Morden block.
Thc K. of P, Committee wore the
I hosts at another enjoyable dance on
Wednesday evening.
Christinas Photos ftl.oOpcr dozen
| and up.   (.let our prices and styles
at Chapman's Studio.
The regular meeting of tlic Hospital Board will lie held on Saturday
afternoon at two o'clock. *
For Reni—A modern 7 roomed
j house on Williams street.    S20.00
pcr month.   W. lt. Nclmcs.
Fo« Salt—a tinmbor of  choice
[White Plymouth    Rock Cockerels;
E. A. Kipp, phone F. 191.
pen  for' wi" '**-' held on Mondity lice. 11  in
..Camp-lti'" Oddfellow's hull at I!o'clock in-
quelilied front voting.   The
tion  asking  for a change
in Hi
stead of ri,80.    A full attendance "of | municipal act allowing said parties
members is reipu-stud as nomination tor'officers will be made at this
meeting. Tbe annual meeting will
be held in January.
W. 1!. Nelciiis, real estate agent,
reported to the Five Press tlic sale
of ten acres on McSwocii road owned by C, C. Lewis, to Mr. Long, of
Vernon, B. C, Nine acres ou Kipp
road, owned by Dr. W. V. Davics,
and W. E. Johnson, of California j w_*)f.
to vote on money By-laws, as passed
by the Union of B. C. Municipalities, was endorsed by thc Board.
Tlic Secretary was instructed to
write the Dominion Government re
tlic commencement of the erection
of tlic new post office.
. Thc Board of Trade booklet was
on the table anil the publicity
committee's    rccomuieiiation.     It
in hope of not being caught, cuter
enclosed lands lo hunl Without the
pwiier'a permission, Only a week
or so ago a Chilliwaek man was
lined for a like offence. Game
Warden Cummins is to be commended for his vigilance.
Icctded   to   purchase   10,000 ,    .   „ „
,        ,   ,*! on„    .,.    .; baiiior proper,
copies at a cost of 81.S0O.   Fivethou-     ,    , ',   * ,
' ti broken rocky
jtoE. Ra.ns.lcll.   Also one  lot  on        , .„  ,        ...        ,
iMain street, owned hv E. llan.sdell »nd  copies will bo printed   and
to Dr. IV. V.   Davics and  W.  E.   H"m'l.llt once for (l.nstmas  d,s
Johnson i •ribtition ami the balance will  ho
..'    1, ,   ,„ . left in the  Hat until later.
...   ..     uj    ...   .,  ..  .-.,•..•   .    [Ta   T,TC •"'   {.l.",'!lg0't i\    Tho   Board   of   Trades' annual
In the shade of the Pretty Chilh- hoarder at the Harrison House left U        „,„, , ,   .,, ,H, ,„,,,, on
wnck Hills."   Words and music hy I tbat hotel on or about Monday l»st. the ovehing ol Jan   5    Tickets -u
Katie Lien. Price25e.at Alf. White's oil horseback, with the intention of #l-00 ^ m ^^j ,0 „,„.,. „'„,
| music store. hunting or shooting,   Some Indians: oxnen88g
Jap Oranges COc. per Box. Every i have since then found tlic horse,: ' T,,jscon(.llulptl lho bnglnoaa nml
Orange   wrapped in Tissue Piiper I hut without its rider.    The horse
at  Ashwells'.   Shop early Friday »* question Ls "a backer'' and it h>
and Saturday. I 'cared that some severe   accident
Ihe Board adjourned.
The  Board of  Trade   endorsed
the enactment and  enforcing of a
,    The program at the Lyric Theatre.! has ibl'tl'11''*',l"* ^rtsmat.    I any j ol        in thc Provlnchll ,an. _pr,
I this week has  been  a  very ente*-' °.f our r™*™ ™"  th,row  !'**'. ™ hibitTng Sundav shooting.
I taining one.   The attractions forto | \U ,na u'r1- 1*™** "'^ «H1 kind | __^	
night and Saturday aix- extra good. ! '-v "°",v ""-* Edl,r,r ttl '■>*» otl"
Men's Rubbers tlOc. Pair; Ladles'
Rublicrs jllc. Pair; Men's Giini
Boots ii.M Pair, at Ashwells'.
Shop early Friday and Saturday.
For Sai.k-10 acre fruit or chicken
ranch, g,.<><l In.iist',-  some cleared,)1,
close to car,  Sardis  district, good
terms.     Box  tl,   Cliilliwnck   Free
„    ,    , „ . ACWmTURAlSOaETY
R. C. Broadhead, of Vancouver,
has leased the vacant store next   to;    Tho annual  general
t. J. Pulley's ollicc in the Irwin ."'« Agricultural society
blAcK, and Will open up in Ibe jew- j'"  the  Court  house on
dry and watch  repairing business ] then- being about  forty
in  a  few  days.     Mr.   Broadhead prcsoill!   President   tool
omes highlv recommended and in- it'hair.
fends to carry a stock Hint will  up-1    The Secretary, II.   I.
^ teito'bMl traila tn^iillmoir. II*«»nt«l  the financial
| A feature of Mr. Broadhead'- luisi-! which showed deficit of aboul *L'im.
House and   I       ^^_^___^_^^^^^... _      «^_^_^_^^_^_^____
bathroom, electric . ^tH-ur<-.l th.- rt.*i"vit-o^ ,.f a wat.-h ex^ The President made liis addr
light.hot and cold waler.acic of land,! !„,,.( who can be relied upon to give hi which he expresses pleasure
stable, buggy shed, on Hard street, j^mire satisfaction. j swing tlic good  nui.iU.-r  present.
Apply to A. Malcolm, Hazel street.'
As one rounds the high bluff
which bounds Prince Rupert City
on tlic south and one enters the
the traveller sees a
foothill witb some
: buildings and wharves along the
' water front, like a scattered fishing
■station or shipping point of some
sort, and the first impression is not
nt all favorable.
However on bearing around another point the city begins to show
itself and the second impression the
traveller gets is Hint ,i curious spot
has been chosen for the site of a
city of promise. On account of tho
rugged and broken formation, the
city does not "lie up" to view as
dies either Vancouver or New West-
minster and one is at first dis-
! appointed,
I    After disembarkation wc walked
meeting of up a plank roadway whicli is built
wns   held on the tl.   T.   P.   reserve  till   one
Mondny,   leaches first avenue.    On the right
members Is the "Prince  Rupert  Inn," the
• in   the P"st   offico   uinl   the   cily   hall.
These arc frame structures and of a
tloodland I temporary character.
statement i    Oil  up  to Second  avenue after
nianil a  magnificent  view of
city and harbor.
We called on  Mr,   Wilson,   who | funds   fr
the I automobile
The city
s   nre   met
Doll Bargains
Owing to a large shipment
arriving late, we are compelled
to   give   a   large   discount.
Call and see our stock
Druggist and Stationer        Chilliwack ?
and  Lot to Rent—Nine1 mw wj|||k. repair work, he havingIThe report was adopt
roomed house, bathroom, ojoctftp[eooured thesorvicca of a wntcli ex-!   Tiie Preside
.    Emolt Hethcrington, an elcclri-
1 he contract for supplying the Uian employed in the It C E. It. sttb-
bhnds for tiie new city hidl hns been l^ntjo,, nt u„Kiey, met with a fatal
awarded to W.  F.   Ferris.    Mr.! ac,.j(|cnt 0I. Thursdav evening of
Ferris and the manufacturers, gnnr- |-j»e Week.   While at his work  he
nntee first quality gimils and  ftorH, ^Mentally touoliod ll  high  powei
A musical evening of much merit  wire, receiving some forty thousand
' was enjoyed by I be V. P. of Cook's, volts ot electricity,  the shock  of
i Church on  Monday   evening.    A' which threw him to the ground.
good numlier were present and tlio j A special car hurried thc injured
program was exceptionally interest- man off to New Westminster llospi-
ing. (al, where   he  siicciiiiiIhmI   to   the
Don't miss a perusal of the ndvt. I effect* of the shock, Saturday after-
I of Mcintosh, the shoe man,   in  lo- finoti.    Deceased resided in Abbots-
| dny's issue.   The prices quoted are ' ford, where he  leaves a  wife ami
money savers. child, for whom much sympathy is
Mail   your   Xmns presents   to *	
Europe this week.   See Mr. Collin HYPNOTISM
| at Ashwells* Dry  Hoods  Store  for.-   That very sl range and inyslerioits
suitable presents for mailing, ; 1)ow.,,r wo „|| pug-os- is  now  lieing
Lust—On rond  botWI   Yarrow «•'!>*   demonstrated   at   the   opera
and  Chilliwack,  one  horse   collar' li'X**: by Professor II. A. Fcrgusson
...    ,        .„ , i CI«Mt\n.l«n la ii science  Hint  .mens' membership witb fn lilies,   ami
near y new.    Finder will  confer a  llyflnotisni is a siicmc timi o|»ns i
V   Kekevf   UP the entire universe to an indivi- ;»-•»■'  "   uouoio   uuaui,    mm
Iiini as is taught nnd demonsfrnted subsequonl membership in thc - -
i fevor by  notifying C
The   Atcbelilz    Union
it.g Dec. •_'•.'.    A   gisnl   progi'itm   M
lieing prepared.
A surprise parly visited the hopie
I   the
0 .    ,   .„.,,... .w' ?';bv Professor ft. A. Fcrgusson, who family at 81.00 each.
Seh.-.lwillholdHieiriii.nualihrist. e^iffjuoghi-rnftrvoloiisoxpcrlmonts    Mr. <'>»>tc was  nppolnl
mas entertainment on Friday even- nIM| dcmonslrations in our city at delegate to attend the Fair
the opera house on Saturday nighl.' vcnlioii in Victoria in January.
The   science   Professor   Fcrgusson j H,   T.   Qoodland   was   re-elect
illustrates and demonsirates promt- Secretary.
of Mr. Jos.   White  on   Wednesday  ses great tilings for   the   race.    His
levelling last anil   in  Hie course of entertainments arc nl once brim full
the evening an  address  was read
and the presentation made to  Mr.
White ol a fine Morris chair, bv Hm
ladies of the Methodist congregation,
leaving a towering rock bluff on the
loft, here tho first street that lias a
permnliniil look, opens up parallel
to thc water front.
The rocking and finishing of the
o was sorry thnl ho bad to  report ! street is well advanced  and stores,
a deficit instead of handsome profit etc., arc doing business,
bul as all knew, the weather spoiled \    It is hot my intention to go into I J
one day and Hie election   Interfered detail as lo names of sheets   or  of
With another, bul on Ihe whole the many of the business houses.    Suf-
cxhibilioti was a distinct step nbead.   lice it to say that Hie city  is  well
anil thus next year would sec a first  supplied with hotels, stores, banks,
class show in evory respect.    Morse etc.       We     registered     at    the
racing next  year would  likely  be Central hotel which  overlooks  the
confined to local horses only. beautiful harbor and commands al
line view of tlic big Government
Reserves across the Inlet and tho
many very ploturosquo Islands dot-1
ted about as fnr north mid west as
the eye can see, all under government reserve fi'inn lease or purchase.'
TllO Central   hotel   is   large  and
comfortable and the dining room
I very spacious  nnd   the  meals   vcrv
go.nl.   Mine  host and hostess,  Mr.
and Mrs, Peter lllack,(old Klonilik-;
els) doing their lies! to make their
gnosis comfortable  and   succeeding |
very well.    We then "took  in  the
I mn."
We   found   business   on   nearly
!every street, tho Royal Hank of
Canada, with an old Chilliwack
friend 11. P. Wilson in charge, |]
seems to have one of Hie 'icst loca-'
lions on a corner of Second
avenue. Wc wandered up on to
Third and Fourth avenues ami then
I Sale of Rubbers I
and Gum Boots
The following men elected Direct-
'ors for  1012.    President,  A.   I..
Coote! Vice-president, J, T.  May-
nard;.I. II. Ashwcll, II. II. t
T,   K.   Caskey,   Win.   Knight
Huteheson, .1. II. Chapman, •las.
Ilailev, -I. A. Evans, (I. I. Thornton,
.1. W. Walker, P. II. Wilson II.
Al a subsequonl milling of He
Directors, it was decided that
iiicinlH-iship tickets would Im- issued at once at SI .".II  for  a   single
Mrs.  F. il. Cnlvorl
id    Mrs
in token of appreciation of his work
as caretaker of the churcli.
_^—^^^^^^—^^^^^m^^—m^^——-^—^—^^^^^^^ travelled east along the plank road-
of fun, mystery, science, rcvalalion i Harry llifll will each give  interest- ways, (the rocking of thc  streets,
ai'id ed ilea I ion.   The  prjee ot  nil-' ing papers ou  subjects relating to not reaching south of Third avenue
mission for Saturday night, IncluiL! Ihe Christmas season, nt lho  next as yet).    We found the street levels
inn a copy ot his 'Suggestion Course1 j mooting of the Women's Institute and grades arc very  well  laid  out
whicli is a week from Friday,   Dec- and no hills of  much  account  for
ember lti.                                     | teams to negotiate, though this is
is only fifty cents and none  should
fall to attend.
Our Shoe Department can supply
you,   our prices are  the   lowest.
Ladies'   Rubbers,   per
50 cents
Men's Rubbers per pair
60 cents
Ladies' Gum Boots per
Men's Short Gum Boots
per pair
Girl's Gum Boots per
Boy's Short Gum Boots
per pair
Child's Gum Boots per
Youth's    Short    Gum
Boots, per pair
Shop Early
Friday & Saturday
Shop Early
Friday & Saturday
fl    U Ly L/
Novelized From Eugene
Willer's Great flay
.. . liy . ..
Up*rric-h1.l9CS. liy G. '.V. Dilllajhim Co.
[COXTr.    ':■!
;;.!,tnt. nccotnnnnlptl her inoihor nnd i
t-lsU'i* io iii-t* bud room  id  help tbem
don their hit Is.
\\ Lien ihu door Iind closed upon them i
Smith's    attitude   iMutngcd    entirely. '
M*lit* stitili* vanished from liis fnco, and
ho went ovei* to Brooks nud placed ,
both hntids on his shoulders.
"Joo, youVo found out," be nunouuc* j
"How found out?'* demanded ll rooks, j
jumping  up  iiini   toeing   him,   very
"Tho mnnc.v you've iiiUru."
"If yuu sny I've token money, you're .
a Uur!" retorted  Brooks,  with nn -at* \
tompt at tierce Indignation.    Hut tbo ■
words en tne  futterlngly  between   his
blue, pnrelied lips.
"Joe, Joe," rebuked b!s friend stern- j
ly, "this ain't tto lime to four lliuth with '
me. I'm your friend, nud you need ono ■
now, boy. Besides, (here's Kimna to :
think of."
"I don't know wbnl you uieitti." he i
protested In a choking voice,
"Thnt story of a  revolution  was a j
Me," explained Smltb.   "Williams hus ,
been home three days.  Fie tins hud the
books looked over at nigbt   Uo seem- |
rti to know whnt you were doing from
tbo time you took tbc tirst dollar,  l'vo
reason to think be went away simply
to.gl   s you a free rrln and got even :
with you for what you said  to him
thnt Dlgbt at the flat.   Joe, we've got
to pull together now, nud you've got !
to be nn thc square with tne."
Brooks snuk limply Into a chair and I
covered his face witb his bunds.
"What shall I do?" lie moaned.
"Sit tight nnd saw wood."
"Uut they'll send me to jiill, won't j
"You   took   tbat  chance,   .loe,   boy. j
But we will  have to tight and fight
bard to get you out of It-   You can't
run  awuy.    You're   watched,"  interrupted   his  friend.    "Detectives  nre '
downstairs, and  If you  nii'.l.'i? a  faUc j
move tney'ii bob you and spoil every '
"Jlmsy, I'm done; I know Tin done!" i
he almost   whimpered, plunged again
lnio the bot tomes t depth of despair.
"Keep yeur nerve. Whnt have you
told Etnina?"
"She doesn't know."
"Of  course  sbe   doesn't     I   mean,
where did  you  sny  you  got all  the I
money V"
"1 told ber my salary was raised,
ind some back pay"—
"I'm on. Now brace up. You look i
ill In.   Here come the ladles."
"They aro ready. Joe," announced
if re. Brooks.
"Come on, tny boy. nnd take tbe fain-
ly to the show," ordered Mrs. Harris,   |
"I'm ready." he replied, pulling blm*
lelf together With great effort. "Jim-
iy, wait till I come back."
Emma nnd Smith Accompanied ihem :
!o tbe elevator.
"Uurry bark, Joe," was Emma's In
luocnon to ber husband ns the car
llsnDpcsred from view.
C-ilAl'TKIt X.
TUMA' Is credited wllh beltiR
tho tirst ty remark what eft
•nylsts have pointed out ercl
sIoco — that friendship iu
proves happiness and abates misery by
thc doubling of our Joys and dividing!
of our griefs. This was the sort of
friendship thnt animated Jlmsy Smith, j
His regard began In love for Knun;i
Harris, but when be found lhat tbi.-t
love was not requited be did not foi
thnt reason withdraw his Interest hi1
her. Accepting tho cold reality with
bis usual philosophy, ho thrust deep
down In his heart the passion tlmt
never could bo eradicated, aud his
storting, unflinching honesty trans
formed it In time Into a fraternal affection ns self sacrificing ns It wn**.
inyni. which be extended to thu n..in
Emma had chosen for her life partner
With his keen perception he had soon
M'cn that Hint man was morally weak,
Irresolute of purpose, Incompetent In
business and that his love for his wife
wus nnt of that kind which counted
BncrlQco for her as a privilege nnd for-
bearnntc, Indulgence and unfailing
consideration for her gentler and
purer nature ns n duty. Hut tt was
not for him lo judge or lo condemn
That Bhunin wns satisfied was sutll
dent No other consideration matter
ed a particle.   And he esteemed hlm-j
ten A *y
W.N  U.   Nc.  B70
hen nappy in being tufuj filed to tlic
llttlo household on terms of the In
•timacy of an elder brother, lu nil the
world thero was no one else be cared
for or who cared for him.
When Mrs. Brooks and he reentered
the npai'iment and she turned to him
and told him thai it was good to see
Iiini hack sbe men tit It.
"It is good to tne to be bad; again/'
lie admitted, "if only for ti few hours."
"Why n few hours, Jiuisyr"
"Williams expects me lo lake tht
midnight train for Boston. There I?
some legal tangle aboul our dock least
"Oh, I see,    Did Joe tell you aboul
our good fortnneV   Of course you ciicj
see ihe change," aud she made a ges-1
lure dial took lu lliu whole room.
"Vou mean the raise In salary and'
back payV"
"Yes Wasn't it splendid or Captain
"It certainly has agreed with you," j
he responded evasively. "Never saw
you look so well."
•Mitl the captain tell you about It?"  '
"No; he never mentioned It."
"Why uot?"
"Captain Williams has a habit ot
keeping a whole lot to himself."
"It came as a complete surprise—nl ,
leasl to me."
"Seems to have done your mother a
whole lot of good. She never did j
shine up lo thai Harlem flat"
"In all thc years I've known you.'
Jlmsy, you've never spoken of your
mother or father. 1 suppose you don't
care to."
An expression of pain flitted over his;
face. I
"No; it ain't pleasant," be confessed.;
Mrs. Brooks wus slnoerly sorry for
bor rather thoughtless remark.
"Forgive me, Jlmsy.   I wish I hadn't
said   tbau   Could   I   help io  inako It;
mora plensnnt?   I'd like to," she said
Ho gazed nt her with a queer look
and for a few moments did not speak.
He appeared to be debating something
in bis mind.
"My mother, its near as I have been
able to Iind out. hiked out Into Colorado wben It wns a territory.   Thero
wasn't much law and, i guess, no cou-:
VQtitlonulItles.     Everybody    kind    o''
drifted   along  the  best   or  the  worst
tht-y  could,   tbe  majority   voting  the]
Straight ticket for tbe worst.   A shake1
of the band was as good as a bond, ,
and there wasn't any law In the laud
except tbnt between man nnd woman.
Some of them OUl  there yearned  as
much for ilie sanctity of tbe marriage |
vows us an Arab In thc Sahara docs
for a sun batb.   It was u loose country, full of loose people.   My  mother
foil In love with a ro'lng miner, and
be promised to marry her, but beforo
tin* parson wuudcr»'d Into the camp to .
make u little loose change lying matrimonial knot**) pn got  Into an argument   concerning   alcoholic   capacity
and got plugged with a Ao.1'
"Yes. He passed ou. Later 1 wus I
shoved Into the midst nf nn unsuspecting public. My coming luto the world
Without the usual legal credentials hit
my poor mother awful bard, nnd be- |
fore I could open my eyes she died.
Then there was an awful argument
about where I belonged."
"Two cities claimed me. Denver said
I was born Iu Omaha, nud Omaha
blamed it on Denver. Those that looked after me when I wns n kid got a
iitllc car-less about my education, and
Anally tbe city of Denver adopted me
as n favorite son. Father's only known
name was Jim. I grabbed It. I had to
have a lust one on the handle, so 1
chose Smith, feeling tolerably certain
It would pnss tbe scrutiny of au In* \
Miiisitlve world without raising a storm
of curiosity."
He paused, theu concluded,  with I
wan smite;
"You see. Emma, I «n: some shy."
"I'm awfully sorry. Jlmsy-- but It
doesn't mnke a lot of difference, does
ItV" she said consolingly.
"No, only that's  why  | came east. ;
Tho west ain't conducive to pleasant ,
"It's nothing you could help."
"No,     I    figure   you   can't   always
blame people for what they can't help. '
If ji fellow comes luto tho world shy,
he's  shy,   nnd   the  chances  nro   he's *
doing tbe best he enn the very time he
goes to the bnd."
"How?  In what way?"
"Ynu seem puzzled," be paid, moving
bis  cbntr  so  that  tt  brought  him ,
in. un rely  faeing her.   "Wall, for In
stance, out tu Denver i knew u fellow
who married n girl who'd hnd pretty
much whnt she wanted, but bed bctfi
hi hard luck.  II was a love match all
right, both parlies being clenu foolllb
OVOf ea* h other.   Well, he didn't get
00, and she had to work pretty bard, '
Finally   he  thought   her   health   and
■Spirits were about  busted up on ac-
Count of the work, and ho commenced 1
'impropriating other folks' money-got
'way In, and tho harder he tried to get
out thO deeper bu floundered.   Finally
tllO big exposure came off.   He was u
tiller.   Now, whnt do you think about
him, Emma? Do you Ihlnk bCCOUSQ ho ,
was long on love and Short on honor ■
be was nil bad, eh?"
She besllatcd, pondering the question as something so utterly beyond
ordinary cogitation Hint It could not
have presented 11 self to her and wns
not to be lightly decided
"1 don't know what lo think," sho
round.   "I've always loathed n thief I
snd a liar.    I know there's nn awful
lot of dishonesty-It! business.   Father j
always declared that a mnn to drtuk
or gamble or dissipate might be wonk,
bat thai a man  who stole or lied lo ■
Injure pcoplo  was vicious.    Somehow,
1 think that too."
"Maybo you're right, but I wondered
If you'd been In his wife's place you'd
sort of forgiven Ihe man nnd helped
blm got right"
"Fcrhnps-I don't know," sho replied
doubtfully.   "But I tblnk If anything,
Pimples So Bad
e Was Ashamed
Tried Everything but Did It No Good,
One Box of Cuticura Ointment
Took Pimples Away.
'About seven years ago pimple* broke
out nit over my face unci neck, When tln-y
would lirst come out ttiey would be big and
red, then titter u wlillo tliey would turn white,
mid matter would come out. Sometimes
tliey would Itch ko I could hardly sleep,    i
was ashamed to go down street, my face
looked w> bad. I went to fsevernl doctors
nnd got medicine, which did me no good, nnd
bought ointment, salves and patent medicines,
but none of them would euro mv faco und
neck. A friend advised me to try Cuilcura
Ointment, I got one box, and it took tlio
pimples away before I pad It all used up, I
can fny It Is u. wonderful remedy. Any
sufferer .who tins pimples should um Cuticura
Ointment fl tney wont i> sura cure. I never
hud any soap equal to Cuticura Soap.''
(-signed)  Aylmer Mathers,  tail.Mil, Out.,
Dee. IM, 1010.
Soros All Over Baby's Body
"When my baby bo;.* wns fl." months
til.!, Ills body wan completely covered
v.iili lurco sores lhat seemed to Itch utul
burn, and cause terrible Buffering, 'iho
eruption began la plmptcn which would
o[in timi run, making largo uorcs. Ills hair
came out and finger nalli fell off, and tho
pores wore over the entire body, causing
Utile or no Bleep fur haby nr myself. Great
scabs would come orf when I removed hla
shirt. We tried a "great many remedies but
nothing would b'-ip him, mi a frit nd Induced
me to tr<- Cuticura Boap mid uini incut, I
used ib.* Cuticura Soap and Oiiiimr-nt bu*.
n short lima before i Could we hat he wen
ii'iiirovlin;, and in six Weeks' time bo wis
entirely cured, He hud suffered about Hix
weeks before we tried the Cut tours Soap nm!
Ointment, although wo bad tried several
(Miur things and doctors too. I think tbo
Cuticura ifcmcdles will At all dial Is claimed
for llicm. snd a great deal more. (Signed)
Mrs, Noble Tubman, Dodson, Mont,, Jan
28, ton.
Cv-tieuro Boap ami Cuticura Ointment sold
by druggists uml dealers everywhere. tSeml
t<> Potter Viii!*,' A t'lx-m. Corp., 60 ''oliiinhiia
Ave,, Boston, U. a. A., foi n, liberal free
sample ut rath, with32*p. booklet.
|  Huge C PR. Dam at Bassano, Alta.
Tbc Canadian   Pacific  Railway  report good progress ln connection with
the constrttoton of their big dam at
■■ Bnssnho, Alta. This dam is being erected by the Irrigation Department of
i thr Canadian Pacific Hallway to divert
water from the Uow River Into the
mult) canal of thc cast section of the
Irrigation block, It will consist when
completed erf an earth embankment on
|the BOUtli bank of the Bow River, and.
a reinforced concrete spill iu the existing river channel, connected ut the
northerly end with the canal bead-
gates. The river is approximately (100
feel wide ul this point, its south hank
ihit*.ing it gravel beach several hundred
foci in width, at the thickest part of
the base, containing approximately
one million cubic yards of earth,   ljs
1 upper surface will he paved With
boulder concrete or reinforced concrete
i The total length of the weir will be
nbotit six hundred feet, another construction will be about THO ret In
length between abutments. Tbe
overflow cresl will ho at n maximum
i height or forty feet, above which elov-
leu feet of water will be retained by
'structural steel gales.
i The spillway will contain aboul
40.000 cubic yards tif concrete, and
1,250 tins of reinforcing steel.
This dam or the C.P.R. at Bassano
Is probably the largest which Is now
being built In Canada,
This Food-Tonic Quickly Restores Strength
After & serious Illness, ordinary food should
fee supplement ad ty a strengthening tonic.
For this purpose
NA-DRU-CO Tasteless
Cod Liver Oil Compound
U recommended very highly. In Its preparation the lilsatreoable flavor ot Die natural
Cod Uver Oil Is entirely removed, while 111
well known nourishing and ti:aue-bulldlng
Qualities ere retained. Then we add Hypo-
pliosphltes to build up the nerves, Extract of
Wild Cherry (for the Lungs and Bronchial
Tubnab and Extract ol Malt (a food itself)
Which aids in tie assimilation of other foods.
Children In particular enjoy the pleisar.!
flavor ol Na-Dru-Co Tasteless Cod Liver Oil
Cow poind, and quickly regain health and strength
when Nature la ilded by this natural food-tonic.
Your Druggist has It in 50c. and 51.00 Bottles.
National Drag and Chemical Co.
ol Canada, Limited*
tom    tvTW     Mt.Mr.NT   THtRC'8    A
fNa-PrUJ.cii BpeciFic BcatiiMQ THU
TRADt NA-1K.   lit THAT VOU 0*£T IT.
Irremediable  Mistakes.
> Try tint to make mistakes which do [
not admit of rectifying. A atory Is}
told nbnul Dean Swill and his cook
when the Dean had reason to complain I
thnl the joint was overdone. "Take it \
down and do it less," Swifi said. "Your i
Iteverence. that is impossible."' replied j
the cook. "Well," answered her map-'
ter, "hi this be a lesson to you, that,
ilf you must com mil mistakes, don't
mnice them Impossible to correct."
' When n lamp wick gets light In the
burner and H hard to move, draw out
one or two threads of the wick from
one end.   This will remedy ihe tight*
use mat ever Happened it houki inmost kill me."
Ber thoughts were diverted from tbo
subject by the ringing of the telephone*
bell.   She answered It.
"Captain Williams calling,*' sue snld
to Smith, then through the phone:
"Ask the gentleman to come up,
Jlmsy, anxious and much troubled,
regarded her thoughtfully.
She turned from the telephone nnd
■advanced to him, holding .nu her band.
Ilo look it hesitatingly nnd wonder*
"Jlmsy," she snld earnestly, "I've
never quite understood you before."
"No?" be interrogated,
"Hut nfler what you told me tonight," she went on, "I've had a IttUe
peek behind tbe curtains. Vou are a
good man, Jlmsy—u good man. That
means everything."
l-'or the second time In his entire
life—the tirst having been when tic
proposed to flier—Smith displayed trnp.
"Now, Kmmn. be careful.'' be reproved. "There ain't no celestial mod-
lis pinned on my coat Signifying nu
angelic career, nud don't you stnrt
tossing bouquets in my direction."
Tbe doorbell rang as be settled blm*
self ln his chair again.
"Ah! There'** tbe old sea dog," snld
Mrs. Brooks, hastening to let me cnp«
tain ln.
"(Jood evening. Mrs. Brooks. Clad
to see you."
Captain Williams grasped her baud
as his eyes wandered over ihe comfortable room, and be added:
"Hello, Smith! Meet you every tlmo
I come here."
"One of my hangouts," agreed tbs
superintendent genially.
"Sit down, cnptnln," Invited Rmmn,
motioning blm lo n cbnlr,
"Thanks." he said. "Where's your
"He's Just gone out. He'll be back
in n little while. Jlmsy bns been telling us about your ercutful trip."
"Eventful trip?"
He echoed tbe words wllh a bewildered air.
Smith pushed bis chair back so tbat
Mrs Brooks could not see bim without
turning In bis direction nud, unobserved by her, motioned warning signals to bis employer, who did not understand tbem.
"Spinning u yarn about that little
revolution down at Guatemala," be
"Kb? Guatemala—oh, yes—the revolution—very bloody affair— very serious," replied Williams, who hnd suddenly realised that he was expected to
i-miilrut a rtory thnt Smith bnd found
It expedient to relate to Mrs. Brook*
"Jlmsy said there wasn't a shot
fired," she told blm.
Smith, MOlng ^mt the cnptnln under-
ctexid, diew bis cbnlr forward.
"Ktntua, don't you let the captain fill
ynu full of yarns. Ho can He taster
thnn I can," he In UU lied,
1 To hi Continued.)
F.ilily'H "lloyiil Qeorgc" combine Snfely, Surely uml Sllrnup
In Mulches uml aril nt nboui 1,00(1 tor iu cenla.   Tboro'i
IH'lllluK "Jimt ub k"(,,i.
Zinc and Lead.
A   cubic   loot  or  nml  /.In.'   weigh!
about -3 poundi, but 11 cubic Tool of
li'inl wolnlin 70014 pounds.
Flight of Bullet..
A bullol wblcb ivmi iiri'ii l.y n ebnrn
siilll.'li'iil In Rive It nn Initial rclocltj
.if I.Tin. feet n sivonil In ilry wonthor
would travel  ut no more  tliiiii  1,1100
Coat through moist air,
Detroit tool; Ita nnnic from lho river,
wliieli wuh called by tlm Kroni-h 1)0
'1'i'oit, llm norrowB, The settlement
wai originally called I''ort j'ontebiir-
trubi. Tbe Indiana callod ibe locality
Wnwaclunoug, tho ploco of tho winding river.
Mecca'. Black Ston.. j
The Black stone, nt Mecca, ii un-
iliilllileilly tbo oldest Idol III tbo world.
It wnn once while, lull bus been worn
I In I by the kisses of the fulililiil
Will You Be One
Of the Successful
Thirty-Six ?
There's  Still  Time,  But  None   To Spare
All entries in our $3,600 Cash Prize Contest
for Canadian Farmers must be received not
later than November,  15th,  1911   A   A   •->
Four Prizes in Each Province as Follows:
tioo.oo tn up given to the funnrr In each
Province who will use Uuiing tfti, tii«
grottiest number of bmrelii cf "CAN*
aha" Cement.
PRIZE   "fi"—
$100.00 10 He given t« tbe farmer In each
Province* who uses "CANADA" Cement
tor tlm ,'•<■■ itt-st nntiiWr of purposes.
jUDGEs-Vnif Peter Gillespie, Lecturer In 't'lieorj of Construction, University of Toronto;
Prof. \v. H. Day, Profensor of Physics, Ontario Agricultural College, Ouelph; unci Hubert Craik
McLean, etiiit-i ot "Construction."
PRIZE   "C"—
]10t*.G0 to he given to tht former in eatih
I'rovln.-e who furniehes uh with the pbo-
I'-Bntph slowing tlio bout of any kind of
work done on his fnrm during 1911 with
"CANADA" Cement.
PRIZE   "D"—
1100.00 to be given to the termer ln etch
1'rovlnco who submit** the bval and most
--omplcte description of how any par-
tloular pit-re or work i>hown by photograph sent ln)  wius done.
THE response to our auxiouuccmcnl tit' this
tions and photographs hnve been recoh
however, (hat iu some provinces there nr
yei been described in the photojjraplis antl di
YOI'R entry inny be one of thc  thirty-six
nrt go-winners.
There ure four 5100.000 ensb prlXCS f<*r
en. h  rrovinii-.   Thus you art* in competition
only with (ii"s.- surrounded by the sanu  con-*
dltlona »s yourself.
Tho contest Im io arranged thnt Ihe amount
of cement you have used makes i'<- *t.fr< rence
(exrrpt for Prise "A"). Neither do you liava
to hu nn oxperl photographer or trained writer.
Wo want facts, not an nr essays,   ISntries wilt
be    .iiidg'-d    tto in    ii    pttCtlCftL    '-nintnon f< iiha
standpoint, ."-i don't pay particular attention
to grammar nr punctuation. .itn*t tell, plainly
hi wi ilmply, .ih you would In talking to Srt igh-
bor Jones, on tho noxt concession, how you
built the silo, or tho barn oi cistern. An for
the photograph, thu*. need nol worrj you. Voar
eon's or daughter's camera will do nlci-ly.
in nny event, <lo nol i« t tbe blen of having
n photograph made dotor ymi from entering
tho competition. Vour local dealer hns bc*on
rtquestea to help In cusos whore it b: nol convenient for the former to pnH'tire n camera
in tho neighborhood. Thun you arc on an
riiwil footing Willi eve y Other eonli itn'nti'
Lei uh ropoat, wo want as many, tan*, about
tho um of ooncrelo on the farm us yvd owi get.
Wi- knew thut tin* farm a re who hro using it
would bo thc beet tilted lo give ng Ihcio facts.
That's why thu contest w.tu sinrictl.
contest has been most gratifying— deacrip-
cd from all parts ol Canada. We believe,
■ examples of work superior to any lhat have
scrip tions already received.
if n neighbor "topped at your gnte oh his
way from market uud asked you how you
hunt thut new silo, you would be glad to tell
him, wouldn't you' And you'd probably
describe every ilep In Its construction, tell
blm wlmt the materials cost, now much labor
was required, and why it le better than the
old one. Now, Mt."* nc can't etop at your
gate, we have in ink you to write this same
description. Wo want to make tt worth your
whilO.    Ho  Wfl  offer thoSO prises.
Every denier who eclls "(*AN*ADA" Cement la Biipplieil witb circulars giving pur-
th-uiui-H of tno priss contest Four dealer
n in give you one if you us-k for It. Or, If ypu
prefer, you cm uie tho attached coupon or a
post oar-fl, Send )l to uh, und you'll receive
comploto details nf the <Yntesi by return
Have vou received your copy of "What the
Farmer Can Do With Concrete*'? If not, get
it ut once, by nil moans, it's n hnndsomoly
11 lustra tod book of liui pngeH, full of useful
ui:>i practical Information un the nwi of Connote. It Will give ynu valuable suggestions,
both fnr thi- Contoit and foi- future use. A
post card brings It hy return mull.
■But, remember, tbo tlmo is short, so nu
out tbo coupon or mull n pout card NOWi
Thcro'a -till time If you hurry.
"Cot Busy"
Canada Cement Co., Limited
National Bank Building
WHY SUFFER ALL WINTER? The   Higher  Faculties
  I    M. :i huve inn peace because in most
lliirillielil.   N.13. lot  tin.u'   evet'J'tllinB   i*  topmost  Unit
"It affords me grcal pleasure to con- might in lie undoraiost, mul everything
Tcy not only to you but to all Butter- uridormosl lhat ought lo be uppermost,
era from Backache nnil lUicumiitlsiii,   "Beggars uie on    horse    back    anil
tho great relief I have obtained froni ■ piiiii'es   walking."    The   more    legal
the use ot Oln Pills. 1 feel thankful !l'arl of the man's nature Is suppressed
to you.    1 recommend  Oln  I'llla  to and trodden under foot; uud the ser-
everyone suffering as I did." vile   arts,  which, ought   lo  be  under
ROBERT  M.  WILSON firm restraint by a wise hand, arc ion
Wrlto ua for free sample of OIu often supremoi nnil wild work comes
Pills to try.    Then  get the  regular jo:'tlmt.   When you put the captain and
tiie boxen at your dealer's or direct! I lie officers! uud everybody on board
from us—60c. a box, I) for $2.Iii). Mon- Itliut knows anything about navigation,
ey refunded it Gin Pills fail to cure, Into Irons, and fasten down the hatch-
National Drug and Chemical Co, of es on them, and let the crew and cabin
Canada, Limited, Uept. N. L'., Toronto, boys  lake   the   helm  and   direct  the
  fillip, u is not likely lhat Ihe voyage
Make Hard Roads Easy-
Make Long Drives Short.
"I hav-> cured myself by learning
chow my food."
"What have yon cured yourself "f*'" ,1!!"',^ ^V11-1,!^. ^^^V-k^VV.'-''..!11?'*;..^
"The belief tlmt It I remained away     '" ' '	
from thc office fur more than ten min
utes nt lunch tlmo everything would
CO to tin* dlckons."
win etui
anywhere bin on the rocks,
living lives of unrest-*
Investment    and    Loans    Negotiated.
the lowest parts of their nature upon
tlm throne, and tni ho ruinated tho highest.
Fred. Swanson, of Saskatchewan,
sends a mesB.irje of cheer to those
who feel thc weariness and din*
courage ment thnl conies
broken rest.
Good Definitions
DcBpond nicy.—The vexation and
despair of u cowardly pride.—Fenelon,
Conceit,—A spot thnl in easily
bruised iind keeps sun* a long time;
as bad ii* u cancor, ami needs Instant
tuttlna*. ■ Anon.
Despair,—One side of hell'* catch*
polos —Decker.
The il-".il* lock is luipenltcacy. —
:;:i. Ii.im Crofton.
Fancy -A lovely boy. of rare aspect nnd Incomparable beauty.—Spen-
Macklln, Snsk..- -(Special)- Those
■who BUffor frunt Blceploss lllghtfl ami
net up In tbo morn hii-, foellUR tired
mul discouraged will find roaowed
hopn iii Hm Btatoment mnde by Fred
from; '''I'1' faculty whereby dogs dream,
and animal'; perTorm their natural ex*
plnlts.- Cltarnoek.
A eariierV bug, stuffed Willi a world
of letters, having no dependence upon
tm* another; some containing business
ami others nothing but froth.—Char-
This notice Is to advise the Trade
that the Fort William and Port Arthur Grain Exchange, has been formed
to promote the haudllng of Western
Ornln at tbo Head of the Lakes.
Full particulars uh to membership,
etc.. address
Out of Fashion
For exactly three weeks she had
been a member of the golf club, and
was anxious that evory one -should
know it. Sho foozled her way along
the links with a bag full of shining
clubs, none of which she knew bow to
use, and whenever she was Invited out
ito tea she turned the conversation to
jgolf, and Interlarded it profusely with
|such   terms  ltd   "hunker,"    "stymie,"
: 'dlvol," and so on.
! At last a nice young man Inquired
after her handicap, adding!—
I    "I suppose the ladles of your club
I have handicaps?"
(    For a moment she was nonplussed,
- but only for a moment.
|    "Oh," aim replied glibly, "don'l you
; kni)W thai caps are oul of fashion,
however handy they may be? Besides we all prefer lo go round bareheaded."
Fori  William and Port Arthur Grain
Exchange, Fori William.
Minard's Liniment Cures Colds, Ac...
A pal tint Is n man who successfully
nooks hlr. wife'H clothoa.
A martyr Is a man who makea the
ondoavor und falls.
A hero is n tntin who rofllSOS to try.
A coward la a man who remains
single to avoid It.
Hwtinntin of thin place. fl<* OOltld nol I
nliicp at nights, lie dlscovorod the *
Cause. It wuh Kidney trouble. Ilo
dlHcmvivtl   the  cure.     ||.     is     Dodd's
Kidney Pllle.
"Yes," Mr. Bwauson says In nn hi
ton low regarding hla cose, " l wu*-:
troubled with my kidneys for over a
year, so hml tbut I COlild nut sleep at
Igllts.   After urshiK on
Kidney   Pills  1   fouud
No Fire There
Mrs, Snicker. "I mippOBO ho prone
lend lo ko through lire and water for
Mrs. Ticker. ~"Yes, und now bo
won't even wator the pi.mis."
Consign your grain to uh.   The act*
tin I gruln you shin gels our personal
j attention.   We sell on Ba'mplo and get
high prices.   Write us.
N. M, PAT13USON & CO..
Fort William.
J "Uow do you gel cupors? Im you
Idltfj 'em, or what?" "Ive heard of cut*
ting ihem.   Thai's uil I know."
\ cold on your chest weakens your
oo\ of Douda |uuga,   Tubercular derma attack tho
grent     relh-r. j ,,.;.-, (-pot*-,    Keop your Iiiiirh stroiig
Four boxes removed all my pain ond iby curing nolds quickly with Hamllns
now 1 sleep well and I am ns strong | \MZftn| oil am! you will nol get Cou-
ln my Kidneys us nny man."
If the Kidneys are wrong the blood
becomes clogged with Impurities and
natural rest is an Impossibility.
Strong,   healthy   Kidneys   mean   pure
Ship your grain to K. It. WAY-
LAND, Grain Broker, Port William.
Highr-st prices, tloferoncos-' Dominion Hank. Fort William.
Don't Have the Last Word
"Qmiri eld."   wrote   an   anonymous
..    . i ,      , ii J j author, '-begin so instduously that one
^Vl1 A,ff ;illl,'V'1. t1Iu\1,H,ily »?J Is drawn lnio them Imperceptibly. But
that delightful res that Is the sweet-they would ,,,„, die away if it war.
est thing lu life. Dodd fl Kidney Pills Il0t for thlfl unworthy contest for tl:-*
always make atrong, healthy Kidneys. la8t Kord    Sc lt you cannot avoi(* an
occasionally dispute with your bay-
feller in dis [band—aud, after all, a quarrel, If It in
Ik devolopln* loot too bitter, Is it sort of safety
'Fine.'valve—let jour husband have the l:st
word sometime*-.    It will please him.
and do you know harm.
specialist, o College St.. Toronto.
"Sny, Weary, here
paper who says de.
a kind of art it tic idlenesa.
Dey'll have to admit da* we're de plou
eera in dis field. I.impy."
Women s Secrets
There is one man in the United States who has perhaps heard
snore women's secrets than any other man or woman in ths
country-   These secrets are not secrets of guilt or shame, but
the secrets of suffering, and they have been confided to Dr. <-^
K. V. Pierce io tbe hope and expectation of advice and help.
That few of these women have been disappointed in their ex-
pecutioa* is proved by the fact that 98 per cent, of all woman
treated* by Dr. Pierce or his able staff, have been absolutely
and altogether cured.   Such a record would be remarkable if
the cases treated were numbered by hundreds only.   But when
tbat record applies to the treatment of more than balf-s-mil*
lion women, in a practice of over 40 years, it is phenomenal,
■nd entitles Dr. Pierce lo the gratitude accorded him by woman, as tbs first of
specialists in tbe treatment oi women's diseases.
Every sick woman may consult us by letter, absolutely without eharge.
All replies are mailed, sealed in perfectly plain envelopes, without any printing or advertising whatever, upon them. Write without (ear ss without
lee, to World's Dispensary Medical Association, Dr. R. V. Pierce, President,
663 Main Street. Buffalo, N. Y.
P-Ta-fcU ons "Wazmxlx. Women Stronc,
flUolc Womou  X^Toll,
Color Transition
An nged colored man was engaged ln
burning the grass off the lawn ol a
young broker, when the latter returner
to his home, and. thinking to havo
some fun with the old man. said:
VSambo, if you burn that grass the
entire lawn will bo as black as you
"Dat's all right, sub," responded the
negro. "Some o' these days that grass
will grow an' be ns preen as you are."
McFoozlo—What the deuce am l do*
ina. wrong- eaddle?
Tire Caddie (in his element)—Why,
yer Stance Is rotten, an' yer pullln'
ver drive, on' slicln' yer brassy. Yer
too low wi' yer Iron, an' yer toppln'
wl yer inasbic; yer fullln" bark an'
drawin' in. Yer don't tieep yer eye
on the bull, and yer can't put fer
Patient.—I hear they're saying lhat
Jones, the man you've been treating
for liver complaint, has died of heart
Doctor (acidly).—'When I treat a
man for liver trouble he dies ot liver
■alcklv slaps coughs, cures colds, teals
' las throat ■ id lungs •      2A cents.
Doctor's Book Free
Tn any man or womsn wlm wilt msll  in*  this  coupon,   I  wilt  ii-ml   frr.*
<rlos-*iy laalodfi niy finely  lluitritftl book regarding :t ause nml oura of
.I'*-.'i**.-,  Thla iit>i>ii is written In plain lanauafs, and explains many Stefan
you should know, it tells how you can euro yoorseU in thr* pnvaoy ol your
own  hums Without   <!»• MS of flr-iii***.
Don't ppot'il anothtr cent on doctors and th**lr worllil^ss tnp.tlc.naa.
Nature's rsmtdy euro* to «tny cur**.l.   Yuu should  know about It.
if ynu suffer from weakness *it sn» kind, rheumatism, lame bsok, mia*
tlcfl, himbaso, debility, drains, loin of lamer nr stomach, kidney, liver o,*
buwp| trouiil.--. ynu niunt  nol fiill tu s-*<   tlili  book.
Don t wall ona titer minute.
fill cut tlifs ( c.'fi r.gtn \io\i sinl mall it.   I'll s.-mi the book without
delay  absolutely m*e.
M. G McLaughlin, 214 St.  Jamea St., Montreal, Can.
Dear Bir.—PI ome forward ftis one of your Uool.x, as a-Jvt-rttsed.
Office Hours—3 A.m. lo S i
A.m. lo s p.m.
Write plainly.
Wednesday and Saturday until 130 p.m.
Keeps your Harness SOFT AS A GLOVE,
Sold by Dealers Everywhere,
Harness Oil The imperial oil co, mu
Department at Ottawa Explains How
They Are Computed
Aii answer to tlic charge Unit a inns.*
system ol lininljuiitlon l» icsponsihl"
(or the IiIb ilisorepanoj' between the
iiriinil cimr'Uh llpuri.s nnd Uie iiuiii
iiillliiin .'utliiiiite, is made by the Im*
niigni.iii.li .branch of the Depurlihenl
of ihe Interior.   First of all It la con-
■ .willed by Uie Chiefs of the Immigration Branch that: "Our figures aro
noi open to fair criticism "Mil there
Is handed out liy tiie Census Bureau
-ii compilation showing the place, of
liliili of tin: seven million odd who
.have been counted, the Immigration
eouri'l mail,1 ut ocean poriss 'mil points
e,n the iniiiiKtUi.mil boundary, in Hie
latter ease by officers noiiig through
Hie trains.
Al oeean pofts Hie manifests of lhn
number of passengers are furnished
by Hi., steamship company.     These
manifests are checked by Immigration .
officers nnd only those entering Canada for the flrsl Uiii" nmt declaring
iiini ili.'y Intend to stay lu Canada are]
counted a..   Immigrants,   cither   ut|
oceau poris or al ilie boundary.   No i
record is ni ever has beon l»opt ..f the
number of those declaring Ihelr In-1
i. niion <>f remolding in Canada nml \
who eiess Ihe border lnio tho lulled'
United States Immigration rel.irosl
foi'  the  Inst   tlee.ide  placrs  the  total
Immigration from Canada ni 210,000.
I'loni  1801 illl Hils year, 1,667.868 ,
passengers enlored Canada nl ocoau
purls, of win.i,i 1,234,090 wero emitil-
.■il hm Immigrants,   in lho census   of
1871,   Hie   Immigrant   population   of
Canada wns placed al r.n7. 084, and in
1881 in 600,318, although lho Immigration figures for Ibo t"i. years showed .
1138,1118 arrivals',   In   tho   nest   ten I
years the ur.lvnli totalled 886,177. In,
liilH Hie Immigration population was,
ti'lui'ii..d nl HIT."il:' In tin yen i.      In
imiii there arrived 340,284 Immlgtna'a).
Im; Hie Immigration populitlloli In i
Hllll lensiis totull d 048,1)71,
• According lo ihe Immigration .'.•
partition?, a large number of Italian:;,
who eome Into Canada, do not stay,
inn so b'.iek lo Unly nJti r obtaining a
competency. Of the seven thousand
Hindoos who entered Canada, 3,600
went to the Unlled States. In the
ruse of Chinamen, ('anadii Imposes a
$800 bead lux. While In n number of
ei,i s Um Untied Biiiies gnu tho
It Is believed i,y lho officials Ibal
the Hunl census returns will bring up
ihe Increase in population   :<:i   per
cent, to !ir> per cent.. Which Is i.'.illy
:i greater Increase than lias been
!the cause of nearly all the
everyday ailments
! Too lifilc blood—thai is wlial makea
mbn nnd woruori look pule nnd willow
nnd fool languid. That Is what makes
real hungry, unable to digest their food
breathless and palpitating at the heart
I breathless and palpitating of the heart
after slight exertion, so that It is
wearisome even to go up stairs. Doctors tell Ihem that tliey are "anaemic"
—the  plain  English  being too little
I blood. If your face Is pale or sallow.
If your gums are pale instead of being
scarlet; If you ate easily Hred and
frequently despondent; If you do not
relish your meals, and small matters
.irritatf you, it is a sign that your
blood is thin and watery and that you
are on tho verge of a complete breakdown.
More weak, anaemic people have
heen made strong, energetle and
cheerful by taking Dr. Williams' Plult
Pills than by any other means. They
actually make new blood, which reaches every part of the body, braces the
nerves and brings new health and
new strength. The case of Miss Nellie Welch, Kssex. Ont., Is proof of the
Ureal curative powers of Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills. Miss Welch says: "A few
years ago I waa goinR into what my
friends believed to bo a hopeless decline. I was subject to severe headaches, had no appetite, wns pale and
grew distressingly weak. I tried severs I doctors, some of whom we counted the best ln this part of the country,
but they failed to help me. At last
my heari grew so weak and I was bo
nervous and tint: that 1 had to take to
jiny bed nnd the doctor held out but
little   hope   for  my   recovery,    hike
{others I hnd often read of   Dr.   Wll-
;liams' Pink Pills, and though the doctor opposed my taking them 1 determined to give them a trial, uh I fell
1 might as well be dead as to he living
In the misery I was In. ln a month
nfter bogtnntng to i«k»* the pills I was
up and around again, and steadily
growing stronger until I was again
enjoying tbe blessing nf perfect health.
Several years have place elapsed and
my health has been ihe very hesl. It
Is therefore with gratitude that I
write you In the hope that my experience may he of benefit to some other
Sold by all medicine dealers or by
mail at 50 cents a box or six boxes
for $2.60 from The Dr. Williams
Medicine Co., Brockvllle, Ont.
You often need some heat
in early Fall, when you have
not yet started the furnace.
In whatever part of the liouse you want it, you can get it
best and quickest with a Perfection Smokeless Oil Heater.
Tiie Perfection is the most reliable heater on the market, and you
can move it wherever you please,
Start It in bedroom or bathroom, and you dross i*i comtoil on tfie col-ie:t
morning. Take it to ike dining-room, and early brealtfait becomes a pteuaot*
cosey meal.   A touch o( a mt*tch at dusk, and all ii sr.u^ lor tbe evenbg.
The Perfection Smokeless Oil Heater Is beautifully fiuisl.*!—an ornament
anywhere.    Drums o( plain steel or cnanwlled in blur*; nick-l bimtiUDft,
A special automatic device makes sn-.okhg impossible.   Burner body cion-j*
become wedged.   All parts entity cleaned.   Damper top.   Cool handle.
Deilers everywhere j cr write for descriptive circular tn may agency al
The Imperial Oil Company, Limited
montifant tired [ft Canada and guam.n ■ ■>
for Five Ytiirs by a Canadian Company.
Bach lamp fitted wtth R-K Patented
Removable Generator—No cleaning necessary by Hie user. . When you purchase
n lighting1- system buy tho best on the
market—costs no more tbap the cheaper kin.i. Thousands In dally use. Sup-
fiiirs for nny lighting system tn stock at
tcglna—Write for supply list.
Local  Agents  Wanted
For our fait selling Drags anil rug
Sundries, We supply you witl sr . -u
some of which are saleable In wtwrj
home, and on which you will recel a
a profit ot 200 to 300 p. c. We Ha j
agents oarnlug $5.00 to JiOJO pnr lay
the year round. \i** an agent. Sand
at onc« for our BpecfaJ agvata .-iri-:u
j list. Don't overlook this ciiano*. It
means dollars to vou.   Writs ar. oncfe
Canada's   Greatest   Cut    H,v..    Drug
House,  Toronto. Ont.
For cleaning tinware, thero Is 1 i-
Ins hotter than drv flour appli*.; wui
Would be Adjusted
Horrors. .lolin!    Wc nave come off
ami left Hie cat nnil parrot without
anything to cnV
"Well. I wouldn't worry.       These
iIiIuks generally   adjust   themselves.
Maybe the cal will eat .lie parrot!"
Lamp wlckfl can he prevented from
smoking by soaking them in vinegar,
then drying thoroughly.
Wring chamois out of soapy wi^r
without rinsing; when It il.vi j
soft and pliable Insread of sOTJ
Minard's  Liniment  Cures  Distemper.
To keep mllli fresh niul sweet In j
summer, try scaldlhg the pans wiih i
soda wnler. sun theni well, have patitl
cold when milk Is pul Iniu th'om, then
sel the pans in cool water, changing
the water nine or twice until the milk
is thoroughly cold
l-erey.—"Lend me n five, old chap,
and I'll be everlastingly Indehlcd lo
Reggie,—"That's lust what I'm
afraid of, old fellow."
Working   Girl.—"You   doni    know
what It is to he poor."   Club visitor—,
-'Don'l I.   P» losl oo much money last I
year thai   we hnd  lo  keep  our  last |
season's make in our automobile."
I Worms sap Ihe strenglh and under*
mine Hie vitality of children. Strong-
then them by using Mother Graves'
Worm Kstermlnntor to drive out tho
I If shoes havo been wet. don'l at*
I tempt lo dry Ihem near the stove.
Rub In plenty of vaseline or plain
tiinl. and let Ihem stand iu ti cool
place iinui thoroughly dry, ami much
of the original nil wilt be restored.
Young nnd old hnve
ihem. Some abuse them.
They get tired, starved.
slip and appetite, in-
digettion, irritability,
eventually wrecked con-
Alcoholic remedies
stimulate only.
Scott's Emulsion
soothes and nourishes,
feeds the nerves, A
natural nerve-food, containing thc salts of Hypo-
phosphites, Iodine and
all oftt/ao/srs
Uv  rnhlilnu  nickel unit Silver oniu-
njents with i wollen cloth Kitura-tsd
With spirits nf .iintn'.inln, thoy nin.v b«?
kept wry bright with hm llttlo trouble.
Tiy This Pinex "Sixteen
Ounces of Cough Syrup"
A f-amily Supply for 5«e. Saving S2   *m
Surest, Quickest SWmedy V BU Ev<sr
Used o, Mousy Ptsfundec,
A eongh remedy than aares ?r.-. C asC
Is srnamnteed to give quicker, b-ri-r results than anything else. Is ai:r»l7 worth
trying. And one trial will show you war
Plnex Is used In more homes En Im V. 5.
and (.'anada than any other cw.zh psmodT.
You will be pleasonsly amprued hy raw
wav It takil rltrht hold of 11,.s«i, gi'lns;
aiiinwt Imiant relief. It wlil iimiaiiy .top
tho most obstinate, d-ep-5.as.sl soagh la
81 hours, and is une.ii:alled Cos promjs
results In whoophig cough.
A 60-Kiit boillo of rm-i.when za'.rj<l
wli-li home-uiail^ sugar synip. niaie. BfiE-
teonounoeiof ll.ebest co.nrh r^nvily e.ee
used. Easily prepared ln d»o minutes—
directions In package.
The taste ta pleasant—chil.lrea tat-' ts
willingly. BUmnhtaa theapp^-lt^ and Is
sllghttv laxative—both agoauaaifassani,
Splendid for croup, ho»r«nm», ajtnma,
bronchitis and other threat Iroubl. s, ana
| ft highly successful remedy for lneipiens
1 lung troubles.
I 1'inei Is a special and highly eoneen-
Irated compound of Norway Whit.- Pine
extract, rloh in ffiiaiacolend other natural
1 healintr pine elements. Simply nnt wtta
sugar syrup or strained honey, In a M^w.
! bottle, and it Is ready for u«e
Plnex has often been Imitated, bnt nevw
1 aiiecMsfnllv, for nothing'also will utudiass
I lho Btme results. Tho genuine 1. gnaran.
t.^Hl togivi.iihs(.lillesali.fa''1loncr money
refunded, Cortlfloate of gnatantes Is
wnippiKl in each jwekaf.*. Vour'ir-iggia
has Plnex or wlfl gladly get It f.r yiu.
II not, send to Tho Plnex Co., Toronto.
W.N.U.  No. 870
The Good Listener.
"II  I  could  only  hold  my  own  In
conversation!" exclaimed one of Hie
jioiiKucilcd ilitcrhood when she cams
ciiine home  from an  iillfinoon    tea,
hyhero, as usual, she had heen somo-
whal silent.  "Although l have lileaa,"
'she  went  on,  "Ihey  torsnkc   me  In
company, ami the thing l dread so
iilini l have a creepy sensation all lho
'way down my spine nnd do nol I;now
whal to do wlili my liniids and wish
jllie flour would open mill swallow me,
lis being Introduced lo a Btrnngor and
finding  myself embarrassed  hecauie
all l can manage, io murmur Is 'ye.  m
I'no'".    The diffident nud quiet  wo-
lli.an who bewallii lho alowaeaa of her
iitterancc would hn ccueoled If   she
Know Hull ii" one Is so tiure lo ho a
vvel blanket socially, lis Ihe   one   of
lelihei- t.ex who advances to the cenire
lof Ilia iiiii'." and innnoiioll/.is the talk,
Tli" brlgill nnd clever inlker Is always
In pcill of l.e.'i.iiiliig unpopular, wnllo
lho gcod llalenor Is lure of being a
welcome giicsl on any occasion,   Lord
1 Mnci'iiiiley was iinicli nlvcn lo brilliant
monologue, nnd   In consequence,   his
fellow gUCSlS wive gieally delighted
when now nnil then lie gave Ihem an
opportunity i" ipeali and himself had
what Blflnej Snillii called "flushes" of
WeU, Well!
t'-t-.^.that ANYONE
, can use
of Goods
- ni::. thc SAMlt E'.e.
I used
OLEAN and SIMPLE to U«o.
•'.in I.i* m cilfir.   All tolott l*om yum I v, ,;-in *>r
lienlrf      IK.    : C.lu, (  ..f.lan.l M UHV   ll-    h .III.
"I li* Johnson-nic'in'ton Co., l.lm.tf-1, filoiilf**is,| FREE  PRESS,  CHILLIWACK,  BRITISH COLUMBIA.
formerly (Tho New Km.I
c. A. IIAUBIill, Publisher mid Proprietor.
"Mora brek*.
and        M?
bette:- >/
k r • a d" S
Sola by Merchants of Chilliwack, Rosedalo, and Atchelitz.
aaFOR SALE*-*™
All Cleared,    Beautifully Situated.    High
and Dry,     fine Mile from City on good
Price $200 per acre, on terms.
The ChilliwacK Specialist
Wi. have in stock n number nf standard doors, Assorted
-iz.'-i, whloli we purchased nt a snnp pvico.    We bought
Ihoso diini- right nnd will sell them right.
The Prices Range From
$1.75 to $2.15
Compare these with regular prices und come nnd see tlm
.1.,..i-. Come early as thc.v will nol lust longfll these prices,
P. 0. Box 243
Phone R 121
Chilliwack Planing Mills
Blankets and Rugs I
Nnw Iluil Ihe snow and winter season is here J'OU will
ivitnl to protect your horses from tho cold. Wo hnvo
ns tine n range ns you will sen nnytvhere, nnd Iho qttnl-
il.v und prices nre sure tn plense. A niiv new rtlg i<
nl-ii iniw :i ni'ivssit.v. These we curry in profusion nntl
ymi will Iind ju-l wlmt ymi wnnt.
Sleigh Bells and* Hone Furnishings in all lines.
We do our own repairing Neatly and Promptly.
Give us a call.
*   Wm. Thompson
Chilliwack Harness Co.
Dell Whitmon
Recently an Indian was hauled up
nnd lined for leaving liis horses ui-
proteoted from the cold for several
hours, while others came near to
contributing to the city funds in
like mi'.nner, Opinions are diverse
as to the justice in fining the Indian,
snme even claiming that while the
Indian was lieing fined there were
animals belonging to some of those
connected with the enforcing of the
law, which stood out in part of the
same storm. This may or may not
be so, but the point is, where is the
farmer, be he white or brown, going
to shelter his horses while in the city.
Some say go to the church sheds.
.Many do go there, and while the
churches do not close tlieir gates to
such, yet these sheds were not constructed for general use, nnd the
heavy rigs cut up the yards so badly
thai ou Sunday it is difficult for
church uoers t.i get their horses out
or into the sheds without doing a
mud wading stunt, which mud in
Hun is carried into the church, besides being very inconvenient to the
church goer with his extra glad rugs
ou for the Sunday occasion. A
suitable public sheil should be provided, ns has been suggested to the
Free Press by an old resident, theeost
of its erection ami maintenance to be
paid I'm' by the Municipal and City
ICouncils. That suvh a place of
shelter bus not. been provided long
before now is it strange fact. The
erection of such ii place would lie
la very practical way of showing interest in lho propor caro of man's
great friend and sei'vuiit—the horse,
j Provide a place of refuge and none
will have any excuse for leaving the
burse unprotected from llm elements.
The City Council met in the
Clerk's office on Monday evening in
regular session, all the members being present except Alderman Ashwcll.
A communication was read from
0. W. White, of Victoria, regarding the establishment of public
municipal libraries. Received and
The claims of Mrs. (1. \V. Chad-
sey re compensation for trees and
plank walk was dealt with. The
amount of twelve and a half cents
per lineal foot for sixty five feet of
plank walk wasallowed. ThoCouncil
did not consider the city responsible
for trees removed as same were on
sidewalk allowance.
The question of teams and wagons
driving over sidewalks was brought
up and Chief of Police will be Instructed to enforce the City By-law
prohibiting the same.
The dispute re the payment of a
piece of walk on Mill street was settled by Alderman Jackson agreeing
to pay the amount in dispute, some
84. 80.
The Kire, Water and Light com
niittce rccommonded the placing of
a hydrant at the corner of Charles
street and Yale road and report
was adopted.
Court of Revision will lie held in
the Clerk's ottice on Monday next
nt ten a.m.
An account from Duncan Halt was
considerably reduced before pay
ment was ordered.
Alderman Wnddington again re-
ported tbat he hnd received no
further information from the R. C.
E. R. regarding the completion of
tbe lighting system nnd also that he
had again  written.
The Chairman of the Board of
Works and tlic City Engineer were
given power to make iiecessnry re-
paiis to the rond leading to tbe city
A snow nnd ice Ry-lny was read
three times and filially passed. It
will be now ncecssnry for residents
to have snow nnd ice removed from
in front nf their premises beforo
seven a.m. on the i.inrnii.K following a snow Sturm or same will he
removed by order of the Chief of
I'oliee' and cost charged up In-the
property. The shovelling of snow
from buildings onto thc city streets
is also prohibited.   The maximum ^^♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦**->****
penalty is *?2"i and costs or thirty I ♦
days in goal. \*
The bad condition uf the recently ■ J
macadamised Youug road was coin- j ♦
i i toil upon,   The City  Engineer li
explained that owing to the road S
not being kept clean the accumu- ?
Intion bad frozen during the cold
spell and had lifted the surface
dressing from the Mild. The road
would require to be re-dressed in
the spring.
Council adjourned.
Merchants Lunch
11.80 a.m. to 2.30 p.m.
Lunches at all
Oysters in nil styles
ChilliwacK Candy Kitchen
Paid-up Capital and Reserve
Money Loaned to Responsible People.
Accounts Opened on Favorable Terms.
$ Chilliwack Bhanch   -   N. S. Mackenzie, Manager
Sold and delivered.
Order now.     Phone
■»* —
♦ Implement and Produce Co.
at special
At the Mee Studio • Chilliwack
Have you examined our lino of tho famous
best (|tialily and most handsome rigs on tho
market. Wo would liko to show you those
buggies;   Come in and see them.
Roller Rink
The Chllllwaek lioller Rink is now
opon for iln- Benson,
Two-Thirty to rive
Seven-Thirty (o Ten
Come and enjoy a pleasant
Do You Know
That owing to building operations having commenced
on Lots 7 and 8 facing on Young Street,  Sooth,
business lots in this locality are going to increase in
We Can Deliver
A SO foot Lot, exceptionally well situated on Young
Street at $100 per front foot.     For terms see
Chas. Huteheson $ Co.
Offlce Phone 221
Residence Phone
Abbotsford Timber & Trading
Co., Limited
Offlce and Yards, YOUNG ROAD
It will nay you to get in touch with us, Hough and
Dressed Lumber, Fir and Cedar Shiplaps, Kiln
Dried Flooring, Ceiling, Siding, Mouldings, and
Interior Finish. Cement, Windows. Doors, Shingles.
oO.OOtt feet No. 2 Sized Dimensions in 2x1 to 2 x 12    ;
at flO.oo a Thousand
Prompt attention given to all orders.
TH0S. KIRKBY Local Manager
A Great Bargain Three -3- Lots
$600.00   Cash   for  the   THREE
Westminster Trust Huililing
CimililWACK, Jl. C.
C. T. Vradenburg
Fletcher St. ChilliwacK
Miss Clara Davison, teaclier in
Piiino, and pupil of Miss MtiGttift),
Alberta College, Edmonton, is open
to receive primary pupils, Pupils
muy begin at any lime, Terms, etc.,
on application,
R.sM.bc. i Princess Av.„ ChilliwacK
Opposite ll. 0. K. Station
Kitted with modern conveniences!    nml    comfortably
fui'iiislieil throughout.
D. H. M.cLENNAN, Froprl.tor
We Imve ii new mul uii-m-ilute
plillil Willi Ihe lllU'Sl inellinils fur nil
liiii.ls nf Cleaning, liyini! un.l 1'rcsH*
Ing,    Expert help (ur nil branched,
Speeiitl nllenli.ili will bo glvell lo'sll
.Mull ami Express orttors from Chilli*
wiiekiiml the Valley, Wo solicit atrial.
428   Sth AVE.   W..  VANCOUVER
Teachers ol Voice, Piano and Violin
in Chilliwack weekly,
Apiily by inisIiiI eiinl to the I'linserv.tory :
W4 llroadway West, Vancouver
.ml mil let,, Iht will nlil .in yuu.
It. A. Henderson, o.e. & m.e,
B. 0. Land SunvEYon
Rooms 10 & 11, Westminster Trust Block
Chilliwack Orchestra
Cliilliwnck   OrcluHtra,   Six   or Eight
pit-ws, ojK'n for engflgetaenfc?.
Alp. Wmtb, .Secretary.
•W *»#* * 4 •*>•>++++++♦++♦♦♦♦♦♦♦<
i i
Electrical Contractor :
Wiring for Power
and Lighting
A complete line ot
Fittings and Supplies
Hot  Air  Furnaces,
Roofing and Cornice,
Met-nllic   Ceilings,
Stoves and Ranges,
General repair work,
Estimates furnished
Phone 94
British Columbia Electric My.
Leave Arrive Arrive
Train.       I'll wli. Wcitinln. Vun.
:i 8.80a.m. 11.1*0 12. If.
r, 1.18 p.m. 11.45 4.80
7 11.00 p.m. 8.40 1>..M)
l.'iive Arrive Arrive
Train      Iligilu. Wesimin. Van.
1 6.80 a.m. 3.05 ».4fi
h'ttve Arrive Arrive
Train        Van. Wcmmin. I'hwk.
:'    8.80 n,in, 0.80 I9.1V
4 12.18 noon I,SO n.ftO
8  5.110p.m.       11.10 0.10
l-enva       Arrive Arrive
Train        Vim.       WcMinln,       Illgiln.
II :1.0.1p.m.      4.05 li.lW
l.ve. Cbllliwack 5.00 a.m. | Dally Enccpl
"   Vancouver 7.00   '     j     Snmlay
All psssoiigcr trains liandlu ExpNM.
Christmas Presents
singlo tax systoni being In vogue
lho rosiilonl tax pnycrs who nre
neiiiiti Iheir properties nre gelling
nit pn-lly light iisliilnxiilinn,   The
llbsonlc speeiilnliii's siini |n 1,,.   pay.
I ing tho major purl.
It WOUld be nil nhjeel   lesson   for
I Ibe city fnlbers in ninny   towns,   n
great deal older nntl fnr easier to
nclniinislrnte, to go to Rupert  nml
I see how things arc done.   No expense is spared, consistent with due
economy nnd Forethought, I" make j
whatever work   is  undertaken  of- j
fioient nml  lusting, as  much  ns IS
8600,000 being spenl on one section 2
oF one streel, nl   least  so we  wore
Informed.    These streets will   be
there for nil time nnd the mninten-|
mice will be very Bmall  when  once
.Nor will the ratepayers be paying for wnler nml lighl lo oulsido
companies who bolievo in exacting
llie maximum rule for Hie minimum
of   sii'viee.
Now n- 1.1 the  I'uiiii I'   Prince]
Rupert.    II linsoflin been i mrk- j
ed thnl Prince Ruporl will never Is-,* ,^"—™"
nnne Ilmn n shipping port nnd that  % Phone
only people who must l»- thero lo.j     jq
do business will become residents. | ?
+,!..j..J+,..j.;.^.^.;..;.<..:.***************** ******* *********** ***■>
The Perplexing Question of
the Year
is whnt lo buy nl n moderate cost ax n  Christinas gifl   that  will |
combine all tho elements of nicety, practicability nnd appropriate- *
ness,   There is practically no gifl at the same cost thnt will pleaso *
mother, wife, sister or friend so much as the latest improved J
BRISSELL'S "Cyco" ball bearing
Carpet Sweeper
Everything about the machine, finish ami mechanism, Indicates value
double its en«i to the purchaser. A "Blsaoll" will be a constant reminder of the giver for ten years or more, It rclnees ihe labor a( sweeping
95"Jfj, raises no dust, and cleans carpets and rugs as no com broom can,
ami will outlast fifty of them.   Trices
"Oyco" Bull Bearing Parlor Queen
 " Elite
"       "       "      Bourdolr
"        "       "      Orainl Hiipi.1", ni.
"     Bearing Univorsnl, Jap
"      Hull Cenrlng American QuCen
Denmark & Burton
A visit to this sStore will reveal to
you an exceptionally nice range of
Ties, Gloves, Scarfs, Handkerchiefs
and many articles of wear for men,
which are very suitable as Christmas gifts. You may be sure of
first quality, the latest and newest
goods,  and very  moderate p. ices.
Hart Block
A Xmas. Gift*
Suppose Ibis were Irue consider for
11 minute tho future of n  pi nl on
Ibe l':i.'iii.- Coast and the   terminus
nl' ihe transcontinental railroad
traversing the vnst northern interior
of British Columbia, The unlimited area o( (be northern prairies,
the railroad with the nearest location to tho Orient nnd the Hudson
Uny, nearer in both eases by hundreds of miles.
Consider tlic immense halibut
nnd oilier fishing industries, some
of the flnest in the world, that will
j havo Prince Rupert as its distributing point. Will not these items
I build a city? Especially when it is
1 remembered that the G, T. P. will
I have the finest roadbed and lowest
grades of nny railroad on the Continent. Has thc climate and conditions of Winnipeg retarded its
: growth, or of Edmonton or for that!
matter Montreal and Toronto?
Have they not all got  their  mil- j
; lionnirs and retired peoplo?
Prince Rupert has 112  inches  of|
, rain in the  year.     There  nre  not I
! many more, if any, wet days  there |
'. thnn in Vancouver.    Hut   when   it
I rains it  rains   very hind.     They
| have three months in slimmer without rain und they huve  about   Iwo
I months of snow and light  frost  in
! winter.    Spring and fall are wet ns a
rule, but what about Chilliwack?
Prince Rupert will without the
slightest doubt lie a great city and
a rich city.
There are now 11,000 peoplo there
and   no   kickers*.    The   northern
country is practically unexplored,
•J- but it is immense and has wonder-
♦ ful natural resources,
It's The Boys Again
Our Lion Brand
Suits for Boys
this .season are better than ever
and combine nil the essentials and
reinforcements necessary for the
hoy who is hard on clothes. A
boy wears his coat out lirst at the
elbow. Lion Brand has double
elbows of cloth there, and it lasts
longer. A boy wears knickers out
at the seat and knees. Lion
Brand have an extra piece of
cloth right where Ihey wear out
first, and the senilis aro stitched
twice and the linings are the best
Wo have ever seen in Hoy's Suits.
This niiikes u j.'i...rl reason why you
sli..iil.l ask fm- this make; anil the
price is, no higher—that's another gum I
tiling about il.
Come in Boys and
see us for your
New Suit
"The Colle*j«*
I Chas. Parker . Chilliwack. B. C. j
* ********************************************* e
An  Ideal Christmas Gift for tlic whole Family
A Gourlay Piano
Special prices up to Christinas.       Call and sec thorn
How many Canadians are there
who would endorse the sale of Al-
n-kn to the 1'. S. A. for a few
millions now nnd that is only a
very small slice of the wonderful
nqrlhland. How many knocks
has Vancouver got and still gels in
the effete Rival?   Iii a word  Prince
* Rupert is "all right.''
* Next Week We will go to (Ira
Island if we are permitted t
by Ihe genial Editor,
Yours truly
lt. 0, Harwell.
Alfred White   The Music Man
China 20
Ninety-Seven piece Dinner Sots for
One-hundred and twenty piece dinner set
oS"E ■■ ^c^ P*eces of glassware at half price •
i Tumblers 50cts. to $1.2.5 per dozen |
New Limoges China
'' *
Succcwir io WM. ARCHIBALD
Estimates (liven
Phone M
flux 206
well selected line
China just ill,
of this exquisite hand painted
for the Christinas trade.
House Furnishings Chilliwack
♦ will be glad
•J to furnish you
twith an esti-
: | mate on your
! lumber bill
I whether you
I place your or-
A. G. Brown-Jamison Co. Ltd. ♦
suri-Kssoiis to A. ii. minus & ro.
Ili.'k Cntilier*        li.-n.l Machinery       Contractors' Rqnlpmcnl
Mining Machinery        Boiler.        Engines
Inlcnlnto Automobile*, Oramm Motor Tniclci
Firm Implements Hairy Supplies llaiclwi
..l Milking Mn. lum
1048 Mian Street
Vancouver, B.C
tee**************************************************, | q\qy with them
Woman's Exchangednot
Tuesday and Saturday, 1 p.m. to 6 p.m.
Leave your order (or Homemade Cooking, Fancy Work, Plain Sewing, Knitting.
Etc., or Phone 254.
Room 17    .    Hart Building
Phone 86
if Lumber Co.
i 2
♦♦•> **
Useful Christmas Presents
ilu* ploctrto cofloo
die .li-.- on which
the .electric current
will ilo lllllll
ilu- luuiily tinmen**
im. In,tl.T fnr Ml*
iiiir uni'-r quickTy.
the ImlLpemdhle
kii.li.'ii convenience for ironlngiln;
llii.p in hi ..ui
Cliilliwnck  office
llllll IllIM' III"'-.' lip-
plinii.e- explained
to yon.
B. C. Electric Railway Co.
Ata your htUlda chapped, crurlts-l
or pcire? Havo you "cold ciacks"
whK'li opon and bloed when l>ie •>.•!:•
Is drawn Uylit? Havu yuu a cold
&oie, [tost blirt, chtlblalnOi or n "riw"
place, which at tlntoi makes It agony
for >uu lo go aboul yuur household
d-.itictt t If ho, Zam-Buk will -five you
telict, and will hm\ tiie ItOBt-dttmagcd
skin, A:toitit tlio sore placcfl at night,
Zani-Bi-k's rich healing essrnoes will
link Into l!i« wound3| end the smarting, u'-id will heal quickly*
Mia. Yellen, uf Portland, t&yt: "My
hand-] wero eo sura und orftcked timi it
vn.1 ogony to put llii'.n iwar water,
When i did bo tlmy would smart and
b:n ii a* if .1 Itadtsoaluod them. I sueraen
quite unable to got relief from anything
I put on thom until i trio I Zanvlluk.
aad it BUocouded when nit else haa
failed. It closed tlio big crooka, gavo
r») I'uBf., sooi bod ti«* inflammation! nnd
iu a vory short time healed nyr hands."
?.am.l\"k alia atrti cha.fi na, rathtt, winter
ttitma, ptlfi, u'ctrt, fMiring sot's, tan hi-n-lt
and baeKi, abettnets ylmytts, ring leonn, $tv,.
cti, burnt, brutttt, tcaidi, tprainf. Of all
intmitti and ttartt, or po,t fr<>« jrom ths Zam.
it .k c    T< rente.   l'n.-60ea Vox,
' "Tlrst Aid tn Injured' Competition
i ,k- tinuotlllCt-iln .ii   lti ir.ilU* IMiil  tuu
Canudluti l'ltcule Ktulwu*. uhs pluunod
ji bi i comjietla'on tor ine ihemuecs ur
iii "jTiial .Mil io tho Injured" clftsses.
flic t unnulHti I'm Itlc naa suite- lino
.iii,- mii-itor .■ery ifum.itj.-nl,-. and It Is
i..t\v tiio t'oromosi uulwuy in Aiuelicit
ii tcuoiilng Up Pinnloyeod'''ii'li'at Aid."
in im- com pet I tlo n ni tn- ne hi in a lew
waclcs prucilcully cveiy umn on tlm
Lumpunj •■ nn'.. holding n certificate
will oe ontei**a. 'i ue competition will
i kc  ut.- mnn ui a  u inn udrtteBt lu
ivnkii there will ho iho riven lo tbo
I -;.ni, first ul itll oxuuillifttlona will
th< in lit to ib i 'I'liiin.* nu- champion a b!
| tiit- linoa lfiasi and West ol fc'ort William mul Port Arthur, and liimlly these
Utter two i«?ttnib will mc-et to decide
tho Champion teitm ui    Hio   C.P.'R.
jpystein. In each dlvlulon iho winning
i,'.un will leceivo a silver cup and
ined-als given by the itenerul SUiwrln-
(eiidents for the winners o[ Uio Knst-
orn and Western lines competition.
Thero will bu shields glvon by other
ofticlulfl ol the C.P.H. and for the
leant winning tin- I'liumpio-tiBhlp ut
lho whole system there will be a beautiful shield given by the lion. W. Nes-
Vti of Toronto,
Among tho elites which will be represented in this compotitlon will ho
Uullfax, St, John, Montreul, Ottawa,
Toronto, Winnipeg, Calgary, Vancouv-
II ami Victoria.
Spring Styles.
i    "Havo  vuu  riny    ancestors,    Mrs.
Kelly," asked Mrs. O'Brien.
|   "And phwats ancestors?"
I   "Why peoplo you shprung from."
"Listen to me, Mr.-*. O'Brien," said
Mrs. Kelly, Impressively', "Oi enrae
from tlio rale stock of Donahues tlmt
shprung from nobody. They sbprlng
at liilm."
The second
edition of the
"Diet ionary
of Heating" is
now ready for
Write    for    it.      Postpaid
to any uddress iu Canada
A Purely Vegetable Pill—Tho chief
Ingredients of Parmelee's Vegetable
Pills are nmiulrak** and dandelion,
1 dative ami purgative, but perfectly
I .armless in their action. Tbey
ileanse and purify ami havo a moHl
L ulibful effect upon the secretions
t-f the digesthv organs. The dyspop*
lie and all who suiter from liver ami
kidney ailments will find iu these
[pills the most effective medicine in
roucentruled form that has yet beeu
liU'ied  to the suffering.
Mrs, Nowlywed (proudly).—I cooked
that dish myself.
Mr. Nowlywed latter tasting).—And
you arc going to cook  tbo contents
next time?
Minard's liniment cures garget in cows
Thai's your ravard if you let MOONEY'S BISCUITS take,
tbo jiliu'e of tho bread and biscuits you bake yourself.
You'll find MOONEY'S a delightful substitute for your own
best efforts—the family will like tkem.   Because
come to you straight from thc oven in llm hii; Winnipeg factory!
Tliry have that freshness nnd orlspnoss only lo bo found in A
newly mado biscuit. No oilier biscuit cuii como to your tabic .id
teli from the oven as MOONEY'S.
Got tho biR packago or llm Bculod tin—"
lmili nf thom damp proof, dust proof,
dirt proof- and
A Chaser
"Hut .John, bow did vou get rid of
all tin* creditors?"
'I lit one of your cigars."
I    Wcuoffci
for ifc
One Hundred Dollars Reward
il- ut' t'ut.u ill  timi cannot b«
_..[»   by   ll.ill'H   t'Hlairh   Vuve.
V. .}. CIII'.NI-.V  .<  «•<>.. Toledo. O.
Wc. the undersigned have known p. J.
Clieney for ilu 1am 15 years, und believe
hhu perfectly honorable in all Duskieu
• transaeUons, and flnttnclaUy able to carry
out unv obligations mud..- by his firm.
WaldhiK.   Klniiiin   &   Marvin.
Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, O.
I   Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken Internally,
nrtlnir directly UnOll tin- blood and roiuc-
oua surfaces of the system, Testimonials
sint rreo. Price, 75c. nor bottle. Bold
! In   .-ill   IrriiCKlHtH.
Take  hairs Family   Pills for Constipation.
"What did you do with your straw
hut—throw it away?" "I banded it to
the hotel cheek-boy, and theu saved
the tip by not calling for it."
Mrs. TI. V. Osslnger, Tiverton. N.
S., nays: "We have used Baby'fl Own
Tablets since our Utile boy was three
days old uud know of nothing to equal
tbem. lie Is now twelve months old
and enjoys perfect health. Ilaby takes
tho Tablets easily and we always keen
them ln the house." Mrs. Ossiuger's
experience is that of thousands of
other mothers. An occasional dose of
the Tablets will keep the well child
Ilu excellent health, or If the baby
lis ill with any of the many all
1 motifs that afflict little ones, they will
|speedily restore him to health again
and make htm thrive and grow fat.
Iroay and strong. Tho Tablets are sold
by medicine dealers or by mall at 26c.
a box from The Dr. Williams Medicine
Co., Brockvlllo, Out.
Hot Water
Boilers and
■ * lYfC tKe'beSt o^ef f**n^e/*nd,a**e "
(^tfp*wAttil.doet*3|So>jeftdu« 2.^-., *
■t-jur^ofT-iw^|»yje -«nd gie-StettuirB^,*-**
Patient.—"I hear they're sayliiR that
Jonea, tho man you've been treating
ifnr livor complaint, lias tiled of heart
trouble?"  Ur. i acidly I—"When I treat
I a man for liver trouble, lie dies of
liver trouble."
i    "Perltlns luokH worried.   Must have
! sonic hii; problem on his mind.
"Yea. He's trying to figure how to
fit a 1010 mortgage to a 1011 touring-
Cold water, a toaspoonful of ammonia and soap will remove machine
grease where other means would not
answer on account of colors running
{ton, Co. faCajuiajfttd.
a kit. Torttti.'-TJOtift'l   ■
•SM Willi MUSIC, 2c
I'crly tit III. ino.l popular Rung, rvrr
wrlltea, rliMrly prliiteu and nMtly liounr
■i. :t I.....:. .Uh n pi-utty rolortd corfr
IVot.H rolliplet., ami iihi.I.' l..r ImiII, li.ti.l..
fi-nil ir-' .1 '.. slump unit I will itu'll you :.
i .|.v l „.1.1,-flj- tl..- hi.arsi titusl.. bar-
-his ■ ■ ■ t.rrd. A, M Jl HV, .Music Boot
flop «V V "" 	
The change of dietary that comes
Iwltn Bprlngand summer has the effect
iu weak stomachs of letting tin In-
Inanimation, resulting In dysentery u.id
cholera morbus. The abnormal couiu-
I tion will continue if not attended it
Inuil will came an exhaustive ilrmu iin
I the system, The best available nie-.l-
cine is Dr. J.tS. Kellogg's Dysentuy
Cordial. It clears the atomaoh und
bowels of Irritants, counteracts the
Inflammation und restores the organs
to healthy action.
A druggist can ohlnln an Imitation
jr MIN'ARD'S LINIMENT from a Toronto house nt a very low price, uinl
tuve It labeled his own product.
This greasy imitation Is the poorest
one wc have ycl seen of Ihe many
that evory Tom. Dick ami Harry has
tried to Introduce
Ask for MIN'ARD'S and vou Will get
for man. Canadian-made. Guarantee* v r.ecf hut value In Canada.
•,11 kIz<?I and BnapOS In soft and
miff I rill. -Ask your Dealer, or
vrile at once to
C HAS.   C.   PUNCHARO     A     CO..
Toronto, Ont.
At one time dining a -seaepo of
avy U)r\ u London daily paper ottered
prize for the best fog story. The
ory given here won the prize.
A merchant received a telephone
ewage one morning from one oi his
"Hello. Mr. Smith!" said the clerfc
er the wire. "I ennnot como down
the altos) tliU morning ou account
the fog.   I have no' yet arrived
une yesterday."
Coronation Stone Said to be the One
|   On Which Joseph Rested His Head
; Tlio belief of an nntiQuury, Quoted
by Ardidencoti Wllberforce, tlr.a the
Corotnatlou Stone was the rock struck
by Moks and thai form it flowed the
water for the thirsty [sraltteft, made
visitors tn Westminster Abbey more
-than usually*keen tn >?ee the corona*
tion chair and the famous relic which
;ir incloses.
The Archdeacon preaching ln Hie
Abbey, stated that u well known art*
Uf|uary. who had made a special study
of the history connected with the
stone, was convinced thut it wt&s Uie
:;:(;n;' on which Jacob rested his head
when he had the vision or angels al
Bethel, and that front that night it was
: considered sacred, and carried from
place to place. lie believed It wais
this stone that Moses struek, and tliat
it was carrlod by *hy Israeli tea during
their forty years of wandering,    lie
|showed me a big cleft In the hack
from whloli he believed Ihe water
gushed out." The antiquary traced the
stone front Solomon's temple to Spain,
thence to Ireland, thence lo Scotland,
then to Weetmitiflter.
I Only the front and sides of Uie stone
could he seen by visitors to the Ah*
'bey. for the top is hidden by the aeat
ctf the coronation cbth* for an Inspec*
jtion of the back. To appearance, it
la a piece* of jwarllsli-gray ruck, oboul
two feel long, sixteen i:. lies wide and
10 Inches deep, Al each end is a
much rusted, deep sunken Iron staple.
Whatever Its onvly history, there U
littlr doubt tbel kln.**!*3 of Scotland were
orownod on It at Scone, and Uieno is
no doubi that Edward I. brought It to
Westminister, nnd that cm ii all the
[•apvereiana of England have been
crowned from the time of Edward II.
An Innocent man wna Imprisoned and
broko jail, and was then sentenced to
twenty days for jail brealflng. Then
why didn't they arrest lilui   on    thi
i   "in your husband homo?"
|   "Yon, what do you wan' with blm?*1
"I'm—or—re vising the voters' list,
and I just wanted to   Inquire   what
charge of bring falsely Imprisoned,       party he belongs to.''
Wise Men and Women Know
lhat most of lh? sicknessc*-: of life come from inactive bowels anl
from unhealthy condition of the organs of digestion. If your
digestive system is not working right, your food docs not nourish
yon—poor blood and weakness follow; if your bowels arc Inactive
—-waste matter poison:*, the whole system and serious sickness u
sure to follow.   To take promptly
Is to save yourself trouble anil expense. Gcnllc, hut quick; 3afe,
but thorough, they enable the bowels to carry away waste matter
naturally ami tone up the whole digestive system. They will
not injure the mo'it delicate, 'ihey help you to {;et yo:-r boweli
and your digestive organs in that condition when they can
take good .arc of themselves and of you.    Bcccbain'i  Will
Do Good Naturally
f.tf,matt*. Btecham', PtUt art wl.Hl/ mUtitt.  See tn>trucll»nt rfth so, A Im.
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Tailor.—"I'm iy dollars."
Customer.—"How much on credit?"
Tailor—"Kishty dollars, halt of lt
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To Bring Them Iln Well
.'..'ur...' Girl,   "t i!.. i.hi'; whal shall
i il..    The Twlui huve fallen down lite
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net Hi" Insl number »f The Mother's
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Icousin Hector," suid Mra. Lapsllng.
"He paid his own way Ihrpilgll the
inedlcaj collogo, gol his diploma, utul
now Is a (ill! il.'il^eil disciple of Ob-
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la. itlreal na.1 luul.
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of the Skin
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Per P..., Wok. Wnrr.Walw; E|M st*
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lll.lTlll.S II.' CHILI.. SOI 1'liNS h. ICMS
ll I \VSilll CAIN i ClIKt'.'- WINIUI1I.IC. .11.1
* imi..."maeey i.t blARKIna*..," a«b-
.uliuriy harmlia.. i« a«r« aad en. lt • Mra,
Win.low'a Boolblnj Svi.iii." im.1 lake no mil
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i "It'a Hi.' flrsl thousand dollars
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'siioiiileil Ihe inere  iiuiii.    "I've boon
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forty years."
Relief for Suffering Everywhere, —
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digestion ond hns iroi tried Parmc-
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deuli wlili. These pills will relieve
where others fall Thev uue Hie n-
suli of long um! patient study anil nre
confidently pul forward as n sure <or-
roctor of disorders ot Hi" digestive
i.i gans, from which so many Buffer.
t "Cliiirli"'. dear," said young Mrs.
Torkina "wlial Is u Jackpotl" "Why -
er—a jackpol Is n general contribution
for purposes of charitable donation,"
:"Oh. do m.ii know, 1 thought It had
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W.N U    Nt. S/0
Snwyer.—lins your wlfo left your
bod and hoard?
Niicliy.—Yes, that's ahout all sho I.ob
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the itching und gradually and naturally imiilliK; the raw, flnmlnB Itcsh, Hr.
t'linsi''.s Olntnieul Is the inosl crteetHe
treatment for c'osema and sail rheuin
that was ever discovered,
There nro many kinds of cciemd,
nud nearly all ficlllng ekln dleasca
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l« known as teething ofissma, nntl
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A Ready Weapon Against Pain— I
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A  child  of  strict   parents,   whoso
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I   "You still ii.iseii thai compotitlon
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!   Knlckcr— "Do   you    think   women
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l.tniJ-Hi-niilllt. 1 tin olnnml
int.'tii.iii.iniii M.Mk l' -I
flimlWut tnr m*- liunr-iii finrl
rattto, ■it" fit*. It 1"<
fivt-tt rim fvnrr Mtlit*i M"i*,
mum I woiitrt nut ti i •* iiin"it
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•upfi** ti fnit'if
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tSiemtll  J. V.SMITIL
tiuil ■OJMHBHl
TM-'/FlfEE PRESS", ClffLLIWACE:, 11. C.'
: An Instructor:
• •
j In Painting j
J A TMe ot
5 Orr'j Island
a>   il
t      By TOM F. BROWN *   \\
* *
• Copyright by American Prats Asao-   •
J elation, 18U. J j
«. ••••90. CO. .......... ... :
DurltiR the summer of 19— Constance
Phillip*, nu ii rt student, chose tha
Coast of Maine for a Held lu which to j
paint pictures, There Is un Island on
thst const which hus been made pre-
eminent nitiutig Its neighbors by a
celebrated authoress, who loeuted one
or her stories there. Harriet Beocuct
fil.iwo's "I'eurl of Orr's Island" has
llCOJI read liy million., of her fellow
eiiiiiilrynien, tin", familiarising them
Willi al least the ilnint! of the locality,   j
Miss Phillips, being albue, slopped at
a Kinull hotel near the homo in which
Mn. Btowe wrote het' Btory. Ill tint
iflOruUig nfler breakfast she wuuhl
inl...  her  nrtist's  paraphernalia  uud
stiirl out Iu search of n scene to trans*
fer to .-iinvas.    Hut she found niitlilnn
uf the marine ordor thai pteaaeU her
inure thnn the vlow looking eastward
from tbo lower ond nf the island. De-1
scowling un incline, she fouud herself
Jusi ui.ove a rocky shore overlooking
A strip of disco bay. There nlio sel i
up her easel uml. embracing 111 tier
subject n lilt nf the rucks and a bit of
tlm ocean, began her work.
Constliucb painted all the mornlnc.
but unfortunately her shinty in trans-
ffcr to cnnviis whal she saw was not of ,
B Ill's'!! order.   I.Ike muny aspirants for
success In art, she felt It. but was un-
Bhle   lo   express   It.     What  she  had
placed on the canvas disappointed her.
Bhe was looking at her work ruefully |
when she beard a step behind her and, .
turning, saw a man descending through
the wild grass and weeds.   As be puss-
ed tier bo lifted Ills cup und, costing a
glance i.i her picture, paused, looking
from it In Us subject.
"Von have selected quite an attrac- :
tlvo view," he snld.    "Tour dlsertml-
nbtion  lu this  respect Is pnved  by
your having chosen tbe best there Is
"1 fear It Is all discrimination," said
Constance,   viewing   her   work   lugu- I
"You mean that you are not gifted
-With the artistic touch!"
"1 fear 1 am not"
"A   good  desl  depends  upon  that I
which for the want of a better word ]
I shall call tbo trickery of art   There !
are all sorts of methods of producing j
effects  which,  though  In  themselves
mechanical, tend to snccessful painting.   Judging from thin bit of work, 1
fun T you bave something to learn ln
this respect."
"Por instance, this bit of rocky clIT
Is depicted against tbat wood across
the   water.    The cliff is  of a  dark
brown, tbe wood a dsrk green, two :
durk substances, the one directly be-
hind tbe otber.   You must make ono
cf tbem  of a  different 'shade from
what lt Is.   The rock, being In tbo
foreground,   Is   Ibo   most  Important. ,
You havo got Its color to perfection. '
Tbe wood, being distant, would bear
more  blending  wltb  Its neighboring
objects.     It   will    bear   lightening,
•which will darken the rock."
Constance mixed some colors on her
palette, gave the wood beyond Ibe
rock a dab and wns quite pleased with
the Improvement The rock stood out
boldly, while the wood appeared at
Its proper distance.
"Are you a teacher of art'/" she
"1 have taught art bnt 1 do not
teach now. I am Interested at present
In regaining my physical strength,
Which Is somewhat run down.''
Consttince noticed thnt he wss rale
snd thin. Ills eyes, whlcb were large
and eipresslve at auy time, seemed
more so in his Invalid condition. She
thanked htm for bla suggestion nnd.
removing her canvas, folded ber easel
and Iter Btool, put her palette and
paint tn her boi end wna starling
sway when the stranger said:
"Have you to carry those things
"To tbe village, about t mile up tbe
"Ilo you come back to paint this
"I expect to."
•Then It Is not necessary thai you
ahuuld lug Ihem both woya. I have u
aback on tbe crest, between hero aud
tbe road, and yon can leave them
"Thnt would Indeed be a saving ot
He took up n pnrt of her belongings
Hvhlle Blm carried the rest, nnd they
walked together up n llttlo pnth to one
of those summer collages containing
only beds, chairs nnd cheap tnblcwiire
which city folk rent either for n few
weeks In summer or for "the senson."
There was a broad porch ou three
sides uf It, and Its occupant, setting
down lho artist's materials on tbe
porch, wild:
"They muy remain here till yon return In tbu ufternoiin. and if you don't
ronio again today 1 will take ihem In-
rtde and keep tbem for you till you
need tbem."
"You nro very kind," Constance ro-
plled.  "Do you llvo here all alone?"
"For tho present. I go back to tho
city, curly In September."
"I will rollovo you of my belongings
about 8 o'clock this afternoon,"
"If It Is not necessary that yon
•cork all day 1 would advise you aot
|o do so,"-
"WoH"-he looked up at the sky foi
a reason and fouud ono—"In the morning wo are fresh and can do our best
work. Besides, when we have Jusi
Mulshed n bit of work we nre liable tc
cither undervalue or overvalue It. II
you leave whnt you havo done thl?
morning without looking nt It till to
nioi'i'owyou will lie able to put a much
better esiituate upon It Hum now, Jusi
after working upon It."     "
"And If 1 leave It here 1 can't see
it. can IV"
"No, you can't. Aod ln the morning
when you ure fresh you will know I
just what It requires. You see, thai
course I advise Is beneficial In more i
ways than one."
Constance left hliu and, striking a
disused road through Ihe pines, walk-j
ed uwuy toward liiit-iiswell village.
After dtnucr Instead of going back to,
her work she look a slestu snd Inter I
u tour of observation In search of ob- i
Jets to transfer to canvas,
The next morning was clear nnd
crisp. Consilium walked lo tbo cot-
(ago  where she bad left  her  belong-
Ings nud, approaching, saw hor easel
set up on the north porch and Iter pie.
lure rostlug on II. Kilt, was fur Let-,
tor pleased With what she had done
llinii sliii hnd he-it tho day befui'0,
.lust then the stranger came uul. nud
she snld lo him:
"Vou nre an iiilinll-ulile toucher.
I.nst evening 1 wns disposed lo throw
my work Into the lire. This morning
I um very well sntlslled wltb It."
"Perhaps It Is liecause you ace II
through rested eyes."
Constance look her picture down to
Iln- position i'he liiiil occupied thu day
before and began her day's work. Sho t
was again disappointed. It scorned
to her when noon came that her pic-
lure looked much as II hail done (he
day before. She carried It up lo tlio
Btrungor's cottage, lie saw her coining
and went out lo meet her.
"1 fear Hint I have spoiled II," she
suid lo lilin. "This morning It was
line; now It. Is worso than It was yesterday."
"Put It away from you again," he
said, "till tomorrow morning."
"I will leave It with yon till to-
morrow morning if you will kindly
keep It. Imt 1 know that during tbe
day I hnvo injured It rather than Improved it l imi heartsick over it."
Growingconnden/.al: "1 om very poor,
and havo hoped soon to be able to
make my living; iu this way. If the
moro work 1 put on a picture ths
worse It Is. what chance Is there for
*'We must all meet discouragement."
he replied, "but when we are In Its
tolls there is a kind fairy called rest
tbat unwinds them, und when we are
refreshed we take bold again with
renewed vigor."
So Constance left her picture with
her new found friend, went to ber
room and lounged the rest of the day.
In the morning sho found her picture
again set up in an advnntngenus light,
and again her dlssallsfactlou wilh It
of the dny before was changed to
Day after dny Constance worked on
her picture, every morning comforted
by its appearing to ber to be improved
from what lt was the dny before,
every noon fearful lest she bad lost
more than sbe bad gained. The
stranger tuiigbt her many a "trick," as
he called It by wblcb objects wero
liroilgbt to their relative [K-Jltton ond
striking effects produced. One thing
sbe knew—taken altogether, the picture was renlly growing Into something beautiful. Sbo believed that
what sbo was doing was due entirely
to a subtle Influence ber Instructor
exerted over bere.
During tbts time tbe summer was
fading Into autumn. The water ond
tbe sky took on s cold line, nnd tbe
cottsge residents of Orr's Island began
to return to ihelr permanent homes.
Constance finished ber painting and
wns delighted wltb It She was surprised at ber talent
Constance's Instructor told her that
tf she would take her picture to a
prominent nrt dealer In Huston he
thought she would get n goud prlco
for It. He snld ho would meet her
there on a certain dnte and Introduce
ber. On tbe day named she took her
work to the store, but her Instructor
tailed to meet her. She showed lbs
dealer the picture, and he aludied It
"Did you point Hi" he asked.
"Certainly,   Why to you nsk thai?"
"Hecause I would have swum thai
was a l-'rniik Killed "
Taking up a smsll microscope, hs
brought it lo bear on u lower corner.
"I. Is an Billot," he snld.
"What do you menu?" exclaimed tha
astonished Constance.
The denier handed her the microscope, nnd she brought II to bear on
tba picture. There sbe saw "If. Klllnt
"Who I. Prank Klllot?" she asked.
"Our i>rlii<-lp..t American murine
painter just at present."
"Where does he live?"
"Nowhere.    He's been tning to regain his health ut Orr's Island, I believe."
|   Constance was dtimfouiided.
"Whnt value do you place npnn (tin
i picture?" she asked.
Tbe denier pondered u few momenta,
then said:
"It Is worth about $1,200."
"(ioiidness gracious!" exclaimed the
girl, her brentli quite taken nwuy.
At thnt moment Constance's Instructor walked Into tlio shop.
"Hello. Billot,'* snld lha dealer.
"Heen trying to fool luo ngnln. bnre
you? You cnu't do It I'd know your
work In a dungeon.*'
The aeqnol to this story Is very brief
nnd very prosnlc. Prank Elliot and
Constance, his wife, now In summer
occupy the collage at Orr's island,
Where ha painted tbe picture,
Their Bit. I. Sometime. Fatal and Al*
ways Dangerous.
In n recent Issue of tbe Selentlfli
American an article appeared written
by D. Allen Wllley describing Iho (ills
monster. The statement w-ns made io
tho article lhat scientists hnd ques
tioneil whether lis bite wus fatally
poisonous, us bus been supposed. W.
C. Barnes of Uis Vegas, N. M., linliu!
lo kuow of two cilsos, In one of which
ilenlh resulted. Mi*. Barnes writes ns
"The first man was In Tombstone,
Ariz. The Qlln wus lied by Ihe leg
In u saloon as a curio, utul n drunken
gambler named Brown wus teasing it.
lie carelessly sluck his first two lingers into its mouth, which Immediately closed down on ihem nnd could nol
he rolcnsod unlil tbo reptile's liuud
wns oul .ill' mid the Jaws cut npiui.
Itiowu Buffered liuiTil.li' agony for almost two days, ami iu spile or all efforts he died.
"Tli.. Becoud case wns In the fall or
1880, Wnliei- Vail sluiieii n-oin the
Umpire ranch, lii-nr lleusou. Alia., lo
rule lnio town ou horsebuck, some fifteen mill's. A short dlstnnce from the
ranch >i monster wus sluggishly drag-
ging its way across ihe road, Thinking In lake it iii for ii friend, he got
down mul killed il. or at least he
thought lie killed II. To carry ll cosily
In- lied il on his saddle behind him,
using his saddle string for tho purpose.
As he loped along bo thought to assure
himself ii hadn't dropped off by reaching in.iinui behind him wilh bis right
hand and feeling fnr the monster.
"it was there and not nearly as
dead ns he thought. His first linger
went Into Ihe I'lpllle'suioiitli clear to
Ihe knuckle, ami Instantly those jaws
wiih the long, sharp, daggorllke teelh
closed .ui Vnll's linger. Willi his loft
lisiui he managed to get his knife out
and cut the saddle strings nnil then
had to dissect the heud and jaws to
get Ills linger from tbelr grip.
"Vnll then spurred his l-.nrsc Into
Benson an.1 found nn engine In tho
yards. A hasty exchange of telegrams
with the division superintendent and
Tucson took place, and in a Tew moments he was on Ihe engine and rnc-
in;; over (he road for Tucson, where an
eminent surgeon resided tir umi lime.
Vnll lay at death's door for two
month and that finger today Is useless and shriveled up fi-om Ihe effect
or I he bite."
The exhibitor at shows nnd fairs
generally Hints show coops necessary,
us some of these do uot coop the birds,
uud if ono cun show fowls In Ids own
cages be can make them more attriic-
live. They lire not in danger of contracting disease mul vermin from old
coops. They inny also he shipped In
their own coops and thus will not be
handled by strangers. They are needed for training show birds, io accustom them to conllneiuenl at shows, for
Photo by C. M. llarnits.
OI.U H'l'YI.B snow coor.
drying Off nfler washing and for the
confinement of the tlnlshed bird till
date of show.
At some plnnts where show birds
are sold there Is nn exhibition room
lined wllh coops, where specimens ure
shown off before prospective buyers.
Tbo buyer thus may Inspect fowls nt
close range, and the seller can hnvo
some birds always trained and conditioned uml is more npt to make a sale.
There nre many good coops on the
market, and we present an old und
new stylo for inspection.
The old style coop is generally env-
ered  with   muslin,   except  floor  and
It   May   Be   Worn
Either   Sid*    Out.
A Denatured Alcohol Test.
A. careful test ot denatured alcohol
wna lately made by the driver of an
automobile, who drove his machine
from New Vorl; lti Philadelphia with
alcohol fuel. Ilo foun<! advantages aud
disadvantages in tlio use of it. The
auto consumed throo times as much alcohol as ll would havo consumed of
gasoline, hut a part of lho excess was
due to carelessness. Tho spo.^d was
loss than gasoline would hnve given,
and the power developed was loss. Hut
It Is to ho lioni iu mind Ihnl tho engine
whs not on strut tod to U80 alcohol.
The now fitol is absolutely safe, and
has a less disagreeable odor. On tho
whole, he pot everything he expected
out of ntt-ohoi. flUd, although ho does
not expect a general adoption of It for
pleasure vehicles, ho foresees a large
use of It by tin* farmers of tbo west.—
Youth'* Companion.
HONE? UJi-Jt-i.
African   Birds  That   Lead   Men to the
Nests of  Bees.
"For many ages/' says a writer, "the
smnll birds which art* known In A fri- I
co ns honey guides have been iu the
habit of leading human beings lo the
nests Of bees. The first notice of the
kind of whieh I have knowledge is lu
'Lobo's Travels In Abyssinia,' published by Le Grand In 172S. 'The moroc
or honey bird,' Bays this author, 'Is
endued with n peculiar Instinct or faculty of discovering honey. When the
moroc has discovered any honey he repairs immediately to the roadside and
when he sees a traveler sings ami
chips his wings, making many motions to invito him to follow him, and
when he perceives his coining Hies boforo him from tree to tree till he coined
to the place where the boos havo stored their treasure and theu begins to
Ring melodiously. The Abyssinian
takes tho honey Without fulling to
leave part of tt for lho bird lo reward
him for his information.' span-man,
who traveled at the Cape In 1775-70,
gives also a very good description of
tho bird as observed In the southern
pari, of the continent
"The honey guides lend human beings to the uosts of wild bi-es not so
much for the honey as for the grubs
or larvae found within the comb. The
natives are for thc most pnrt well
aware of this fact, and If thoy reward
the honey guide, whicli they usually
do to some grudging extent, break off
for It a piece of the comb In which the
grubs nre batching. Sparrman has a
curious note upon this detail. Ilo Bttys,
'I was Informed by my bosblesmcn
(bushmen), ns well us v>y lho colonist.1?,
that 0 man who makes it his constant
business to go after the bees ahould \
not at tlrst be too grateful nnd goner- |
ous to this officious bird, but leave for
it only just as much as will
stimulate Its appetite, by which means I the other side is white satin witb
it WW be induced In hopes of obtain- > BUtin buttons and loops.   The bine fl    •
Ing n more liberal reward to discover | turna  bttck -n re7ers oa  tli(1   -     ,
another swarm of bees.'
The very newest idea  !*> a  Li-just
which may be worn outs:*ic- or Inside
This convenient garment, seen :    tea
Illustration. 1*** of dark blue satis wttH
rve to ! White crochet button*, and loop*, and
Fhoto by C. II. Barnltt.
front, nnd Is objectionable for Its drop
door, which Is hard on fingers nntl
feathers. The now style opens full
height, the wide door makes lt easy
to clean and to remove bird, and hardwood slats put no rust ou the plumage
uud are close, so fowls cannot put their
heads through. The front, top and
back aro hinged for folding, nnd tho
buck 1-s doub'e. so thnt it may be mado
slat or solid, as Is necessary.
Tha Chines* Far-mar.
Harry I-. Paddock, United Stales consul at Amoy, China, writes). "Tbo Chi*
neflo farmer Is tip before daybreak and
ot work In his sterile lields— fields
whose productivity has been exhausted
eieept under high fertilization. He re*
turns to his little shanty after nightfall. To lho view of the foreigner he
never rests, ami for this ticver ending
labor ho raises a crop of rice or corn
that does not support his family for the
year. His clothing consists of n loin
cloth In summer and a coarse cotton
suit In the winter. Farmers, like all laborers and artisans of China, work
hard to live. Laborers earn 10 cents u
dny, masons 15 cents, artisans IU to 1!0
cents and clerks IU to 50 cents."
A great enemy to English poultry la
tho rook, whose relative, tho crow,
keeps up Ihe family reputation in thin
country. Thc crow Is death on eggs,
young turkeys and chicks. Now, If
you don't believe thla don't curtain
Ihe turkey's nest In thc wood with pine
boughs and watch bow quick .TlniCrow
gobbles the eggs.
The summer school for Instruction
In poultry culture at tbe Connecticut
Agricultural college, Storrs, Conn.,
wa« held this year from July D to
July 2& This college offered the lirst
summer course in 1000, and tho movement was n success from the start
The charge t.i nominal.
After extended experiments the Oregon agricultural station ndrlses that
it Is not profitable* to keep the large
breeds for eggs. They do take longer
to come to laying maturity nnd aro certainly greater hatchers thnn Leghorn*,
but some strains of Langsbans nre
wonderful In.vets, nnd for capons the
Brahma can't lie bent.
A friend writes no, "I didn't make
much on my thicken-*, this year, but
I've got my health back, thank God!"
We print thnt cheering Hue for those
who nro despondent over poor health,
who feel the wear and tear of life's
treadmill. (Jet uut luto tho sweet, pure
country nir, friend. Uet Into the sun*
shine. Gel close to nature. That'a the
host tonic to tuke.
Bacteria not only enter the egg If
exposed after laying, but may easily
enter the egg lu the process of formation, as the oviduct of Ihe hen hns ■
free opening nt lti upper end to the
peritoneal cavity nnd nt Ihe terminal
opens Into the cloaca, nhoro ihe Intestine nml kidneys empty. Ilticterln
may easily enter feolb of these passages and get mixed In tho egg contents.
A atory comes from California of a
wealthy widow who believed lu the
transmigration of nnull nnd concluded
tlmt her husband's soul Iind eutorod
into n bantam rooster. On hor death
she directed the servants to care well
for their muster (tho bantam) and will-
ed him her estate. The relatives had
in Indignation meeting and were dis*
cussing n contest of the will when the
nearest of kin limply took Lhat ban-
lAni, wrung Its neck and Inherited the
t    ' vhole property quick ns a wink.
eminent.   Bevoral associations have   a -V-tv. * I**
been funned for tho building of large  Ji©. 3fo7i^*»J>«fe|f-iATaV .
hotels lu this district i^y,w,WM WWf^w■--■-**
England's War Footing-
It U seven years sluco the British
empire reeled from Iho blow dealt to
Its nillltury prestige iu Soul ii Africa,
but all Ihe good resolutions formed
then bave come lo nothlug. There Is
not the Slightest doubt that had England possessed n national statesman
of courage and foresight the oppor
tutiity might have boon turned toward
boiler things, but wo had none hucIi.
We are today In n relatively worse position Ilmn wc WOW) In 1800. Loudon
Broad Arrow.
"When It desires to feed upon some j
comb which lt has discovered It makes
its  way to  a   human  being,   flutters
about restlessly and hops Trom branch '
to branch or from  bush to bush or
from oue ant hill to another until it
succeeds In attracting tho man's attention. During this time It utters a shrill
cry of 'choir, chorrt' frequently re-1
peated.   If the man Is a native who
understands Its hnbiis ami is willing |
to  follow   It  he  often   give.*  a  soft, i
soothing whistle and. Inking with him
a  hatchet,  accepts  the  restless  little
creature's guidance. The honey guide
DOW goes on abend, never keeping very j
, far away nml always jealously nolle- ',
lug whether the man 1? really follow- j
] ing.  At length tho honey nest Is reach- j
; ed and thc bird's object accomplished. ■
' While the native or natives attack the ;
I nest and rifle the comb the bird still ;
flutters itl*out, chirping.   When the busl- ;
i ness Is concluded and the meu depart ]
i lho   honey   guide   descends   from   Its I
i perch and helps Itself to as much of
tbe larvae as it can find.
"When thus following a honey guide
the native goes, as u rule, very quietly,
S taking care not to frighten his smnll j
{ adviser. If the man by reason of bush |
or other obstacle travels, In the bird's
opinion, too slowly It will repeatedly
: come back to blm. fly closely and an*
i grlly about him and with restless twit-
I tors and evident Impatience urge upou
t blm tho necessity of hurrying tip."
Roaring Wags.
Specialists   modern   scientists    are
liouud In lie.    Hut they arc uot the
shriveled specimens so often pictured
' by lho man In the street, all cold In-
! tolled nud devotion to the pursuit of
au abstract Idea.   They know how to
! play.    Like other men. thoy ure gre-
Burtons and play together.
I    The lied Lion club was composed of
j great  Knglishtncn,  and   Huxley   was ■
i oue of tho members.   The dub used to ,
'■ meet during tho session of the British
1 association,   To a certain meeting nl
I Ipswich, Knghind,  which  Huxley described In his "Letters," some foreign
j era were Invited, the Prince of Can 1 no,
i Bonaparte's nephew, among them, aud
greatly  astonished  they  were at  the
| exceedingly   human   behavior  of   the
I learned professors. The Ited Lion men
had n  custom of roaring  instead  of
cheering  and  of   wagging   one   coat
tall-tho lion's tnll-wbcn applauding
The prince  was  much  Impressed  b*
theso proceed lugs, and When he Stood
up to respond to tho toast of his health
Instead of making ti speech he gave
three mighty roars nnd three wigs.—
Youth's Companion.
Towels fir -i Doll H-: i-j.
Little housekeepers  who   *...*   btf <
houses either for 'i:.1 paper doits ur 6oc
the larger bisque beautiw.will   !..'   :
very easy to make sets of I —."■ •    ;
1 go on the doll wosbstand aad tn tha
I bathroom.   Plain flail wb::.» pa v a   -
be used for tho towels and tba   we
! ders  made ot color."! crayon.
i the ends of the tosrefii are frfagffd i :■:
they are folded and put oo> tos> I  » rf
I rack or across tie top ol ttkfl
, stand it hi surprising .->w exm - 7   -*■*
■ towels they look.
If a little housekeeper la asnO      -*i
j she may make set* of anvfeSnat ta -
j cloths  and dollies  fr-jin  trio  -:.i n 1  .
paper, which may cow be bongfxt  1 id
, which looks exactly like the gaoj -inin
1 ask.     Sheets   may   be   mttilo   rj-f   ue
: white   paper,   and  eooncarpaaaa    on
j have borders of cut wort -■:.     Ida
; This is made by foidina tbe arantar
' pane  lu f mr parts and then  est log
: the pattern through so that Ir appears
I uniform on  the four parts.    P      1 1
nnd pillowcases ma? v.e Blade  tt   w
paper  nnd  tbe pQuwaQpa  deeoratisd
with the cutwort
Effective Far Eye- m Wear.
fihlmrner.ng satin aad gttttertng '<•*•*
make this ereuing ffistume one rf '.'•*
most elegant toilets designed for sar •
winter festivities.   Irs appearancs —
Our Own Honesty.
! While the Japanese nre being lectured ou tho necessity for commercial
honesty ll Is Instructive to read lhat
a line of $2,70 shoes from America wus
lately landi-d iu Australia of which lllQ
Sydney Bulletin totys, "Tho only scrap
of real lonthor about ihem whs a shuv-
Ing on iho sole:', the rest consisting of
n doth thai looked like kid, SOttlO
Wood, Homo paper and  about eighty
studios." - Springfield Union.
t Skyscraperc For Egypt.
I   American skyscrapers from nine to
J ten slorlOS high are to ho erected near
[iho pyramids of Glxob, In Egypt. l*or-
. mission for Ihe erection of homes and
hotels lu the great plain extending
: from Dskoblcb to tho Nile nnd covered
with ancient sphinxes uud Structures
but) boon granted by tbe Kgyptlan gov
Lucky Editoro.
Wben the uie N. VUlsmessant; the
proprietor of the I'atls l-'igtiro, died be
loft the p.iper to the Ihreo men wbo
had dODQ the mofd to aid III in, Hut
there wero many old contributors on
the paper, men with well known
uamc-t, wbfi mnde au outcry nl this
division of property. They insisted
thnt they ought to hnvo been consulted, and they threatened t.» found an
opposition paper to Plgaro,
This alarmed tho Hire* principals,
and they uiadu a proposition lo V e effect that they themselves should take
each £7,000 out of tho concern yiurly
and thnt tho other men should each
havo n salary of fl.COO for tho work
t&ey were to do and nt the end of the
year draw n Ilka sum out of the profits, thus Insuring tbem f.l,000 a year
OSctli Yet thene men did uot write nn
average of more thnn half a column a
drty OScb—If, Indeed, that miuh-so
thnt they had a very easy tlmo of It.
It was oue of tlic conditions that
wben nny one of thom dies his Bluiro
goes to tho others, so thnt the last survivor will hnve nn enormous Income.-
l.-ji.: m Observer.
ln*M Or '■iil'.lKt .-.: •> SATIN.
e fashionable restaurant or at a reception would bring for'b endless admiration. A contrasting color note Is effectively Introduced in the iteeris,
which aro of fine go d lace ornamented
with tassels of tiny Jet beads.
King Honors Mrs. Qvarn.
King Heakon has bestowed on Mrs.
Qvnm, president of 'he Norwegian Womnn Suffrage association and of the
Norwegian Womnn'a Sanitary Bssocla
lion, n gold medal In recognition of he?
services ln working ngiilu**t tubarcn}
losla among the people of Norway. free press, 'Chilliwack, BRf/nsti -|o-tmStx-
^j, «#.*»* tw hi uv. -     m m   ■   'wr~ ^r m \'v.i.rars*ai ir*******.  jf.   '**4.   ^"w ^r "•*■•*•■»   *r ■   ■   ■ ■ -*■— j»—m -mam mt iw   ■& iiw   wm, -tr***"" h-  ■-» un   &~~-m  «" a —-j
W. T. Rolfe.
Specials for Christmas. |
>** .    ,      , . * w
Fancy Handkerchiefs from 5c to $1.00.    Handkerchiefs in Fancy Boxes.    Handkerchiefs in Fancy |j
Folders for mailing.       Hand Bags, Gloves, Dainty Collars, Mufflers all shades.       Fancy Waists g
for evening wear.       Dressed Dolls all sizes.       Fancy Christmas Tree Trimmings. &
#i»l.*\ *tt ,M5 ,M>;MJ \*tt AV*. -fi ,M?\ tt-.' 15/15 .MgrSUH-Bm
I Ladies9 Coats and Suits at Half Price.
N        „     ._..  _ ___.
Boots Shoes
Slippers and
at a Reduction of from 15 to 50 pcr cent for the next
two weeks only at
Mcintosh's Shoe Store
Personal Mention
Men's high cut waterproof
hoots, reg. $5 and $5.50
Now $3.45
Men's   boxed   calf laced
boots, leather lined. Reg.
$4.00  now $2.45
Men's Knee gum
Men's patent leather and
tan calf button boots reg
0.00 now $3.95
Men'sEnglisb "K "boots
reg. $6 to   <t*yi qc
7.00 now    **'VD
Men's storm     /j/-
rubbers ooc
Ladies', Misses and Children's Footwear at same reduction.    Felt and carpet slippers from 25c. up.
Sale starts Saturday the 9th      McINTOSH the Shoe Man
Judicious  advertising creates business
Scottish Concert to-night.
Andrew Dixon nt Laidlnw visitei
Chilliwuek lust week.
II. T. Qoodland was a visitor tu
Vancouver lust Friday,
I!. A. lleiiili'i'sun wiih in Now
W'l'stiiiinsti'r Inst, wcok,
G. W. II. Ashwcll wus in Vuii-
couvor on liusini'ss this week.
A. Konncdy of Vtinoouor is visiting his mother Mrs.  Vraden.Uurg.
".Mrs. J.Polly and Miss Polly visited
friends in   Vancouvor  last  week.
Roy. It. .1. Douglas will address
P. is.  A, oil  Sunday  afternoon,
W, L. Builil, of Pulley & Co.,
Hi'iil Estate, visited tho Coast cities
this week.
Mrs. J. A. Kind, Surdis, returned
on Saturday from an extended visit
iu Ontario.
\V, 1!. Xelems was a business vis
itur lu Vancouver this week, going
down un Monday night's train.
Itev. Mr. Miller uf Agassiz was
tlic guesl of Itev.  and   Mrs.   It. .1
I Mights for 11 couple of days this
Mrs. II. \V. A. Huldeii returned
from Vancouvor on Saturday last
where she was confined lo tho Hospital.-
Itev. 11, G. ICsterhruoke of Vancouver will preach in the Baptist
Church next Sunday morning and
Mr. and Mrs. George I.op and
Miss Lee of Woodstock, Ontario,
ure tlm guests of Mr. uud Mr*.
Sleightholni, .Mary street.
II. K. Mountstophon, who 1ms
lieen with tiie Kri'e Press for suine
time, has accepted a position on the
Saturday Sunset, Vancouver, and
left on Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. T. Lillle are moving to Princess avenue next week,
i Mr. and Mrs. Budd, and Mr. und
Mrs. Carson have taken up tlieir
residence on First avenue, Mountain Park Place.
Successful sales of work were held
on Thursday and Friday, of last
week, respectively by the ladies of
St. Thomas and Cook's Churches,
Articles suggestive of  Xmas  gills,
and Inline cookery all   fiiiind   ready
I sali'. Afternoon tea was also served
by the ladies ol the congregation
and the Auxiliaries feel woll satisfied
with the results of their year's work
in tills   direction.
People who look for trouble are
seldom satisfied with what they
Dr. Rokiiu-n Visits Chilliwack '
Dr. Robinson of Victoria, I
Superintendent of schools in liri-
lisli Columbia, with District Insp'v.
Sullivan, was a visitor to Chilliwack
yesterday. While here Dr. Robinson visited tlic Public und High
Schools, nnd found every thing in
lirsl class ordor. To tho Free Press
Dr. Robinson slated thai in both
schools he found tho stun" highly
oflloicnt In every department, thoro
not bolng a weak link iu the chain.
The remarks of tho Superintendent
bear splendid testimony I" (be
ability and qualifications ul' the
leaching staff and also In the efforts
of the school trustees Messrs. II. ,1.
Barber, B, T. Malcolm and A. L,
Conic, in dealing with and providing tor the educational needs of the
children uf the city. The securing
nf ii harmonious nnd qualified teaching staff, together with the equip
ment and needs of n school, requires thought and   study.    The
very fine showing of these! Is at tho
lust mid summer-examinations and
now the decidedly favorable comment of the Superintendent und
nlso of the Inspector, is an assurance
to the public that educational interests are being well handled by
linth School Board and teaching
The boys of the First Chilliwack
Scouts have pusssd tho tenderfoot
test and a number uf them arc now
ready fnr the second class test.
The drums and otber instruments
fur funning uf the bugle band
arrived this week uud practise will
lie begun Immediately. They as
a body have decided to attend the
concert given by the Wesley Boy
Scuuts on Dec 15, The new ho ik
on Canadian Scouting has lieen
distributed among tlic members,
and will doutlcss prGVO helpful.
Another patrol lias been recently
formed under patrol lender D C.
Clnrke, with T. A. C, Collin as
Work lias started nn the construction of the new block on Yuung
road, opposite the B. C. E. It.
j station, boillg erected by M. II.
Xelems, of Vancouver. Mr. Nelems
Ioxpects to have lho building ready
I for occupation about February  1.
I    Cliilliwnck, the Garden city of B.
IC, has appealed tn the artists eye
and litany arc admiring this week
iu Vancouver two water colors at
tiie Studio Club exhibition, by Miss
lintclii'lur, one a mountain scene
near Chilliwack, and another of a
small rustic garden and cottage nlso
near Chilliwack.
Dollars to Spare?
Wo have perfected arrangements with a  Land Company by which wo are able
to sell
Dairy Land at $7.50
|ht acre
Mixed Farming Land at
$12.50 por ai'iv
Fruit Land at $17.50
per acre
in 40 Acre blocks.
lt is fully guaranteed by
the owners, and while it is
not close tu existing railroads, within live years il
will lie opened up liy a
trans-continental road uml
will then prove u true
money maker fur anyone
owning it. Booklets and
maps free at our office,
Terms on land:
$50 cash, balance $10
a month at 6 per cent.
!    t. O. Boi 247       PkDM 171    ;
Chilliwack, B. C.
Furnished Rooms to Rent
TO HKN'T—Three nicely furnished rooms
fleam heated, bath, electric light, etc.
Apply Chllllwaek Free Press.
For Rent
FOR RENT—Rooms ami offices with hot
water hcnliiiK  lliu. It. AsllWCll 4 Son.
Thc Bank of Alberta will lie the
next chartered bunk iu Canada,
Choir Leader and Organic!
Tender, will !«• received for tho position
ofuliolf l/u.li r nml in irninsi for Cook l
Presbyterian church, up io December
211, services to l.iiiii Jan 1. 1912.
Applicant! to siale salary, application.
I., bo addressed u>
r. II. Cowrn, clerk of Session.
Piano and Organ For Sale
Nenn !»■ Piano, In g.«»l condition.
A inn-gain at SI80. Dominion Organ,
! splendid i..ue. en* in good condition. A
snnii at son,
Your Farm is Listed for Sale
In time it will be sold.   Have you thought about your new home ?    Don't leave it until
too late.   To get the Lots you want
Buy Now   Buy in Sardis
And get the best there is.   Easy Prices.   Easy Terms.
For Prices and particulars apply to
R. C. BARWELL or W. R. NELEMS      -     Chilliwack, B. C.


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