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 /        I
m ?
published in the garden City of B. c.
You will like chilliwack.
Vol. 1.
Editor ond Proprietor
No. 20
Personal Mention
M. McSween, of Vancouver, was
a visitor in Chilliwac'.r last week.
Mr. MoSweon likes the  Free   Press
Your coal and wood Order will
he appreciated and will receive
prompt and careful  attention  and
and will have it visit him regularly, j proper delivery.     Phone  49,  City
T. L. Lillie visited the Const
cities on Monday.
Mr. Scotlin visited New Westminster this week.
It. Ballam went to New Westminster on Tuesiiay.
W. II. Ti'cnhnlni was a visitor to
Vancouver this week.
A. Broe s|K'iit Sunday at his
parent's home, here.
I, Ilollitis and family arc moving
to Victoria this week.
Mrs. M. Crulkshank went to Van*
comer on Wednesday.
Mrs. S. Trcthowuy visited friends
in Vancouver this week.
..Joe. Gardner mate of the S. S. It.
Wits iii the city this week.
A. ,1. McKolvIo was a passenger
to Vancouver oil Monday.
Goo. Adams of New Westminster
was in the city on Wednesday.
H. J, Burlier was in Seattle,
Wash., this week, on business.
F. C. Hall, trouble man of the
B. C. K. Ii. was here on   Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. K. Dtltllie are
visiting in Vancouver   this   week.
Miss Daisy Lcary has lieen engaged as teacher for StrutheonaSchool.
I). Dunhrook of Atwood, Ont. is
the guest of his aunt, Mrs. D. T.
Mrs. Will. Chadsey has gone to
Vancouver to spend the next couple
of months.
Thc installation of ofiicers in the
Relieekah lodge will take place next
Mrs. Harrison is leaving this week
to spentl the next month with friends
in Victoria.
Miss E. Ryder left Thursday for
Victoria, where she will visit friends
for a month.
Mrs. \V. H. Chadsey of New
Westminster ia tbe guest of Mrs.
R. G. Ballam.
Capt. R. C. Menton of the
steamer "Pay Streak" was in the
city on  Monday.
Win. Knight leaves to-day for
Vancouver, where he will be a fen-
days on business.
A. S. Watson aud D, ft. McLennan were among the visitors to
Seattle this week.
A. C. Hall, a well known real
estate agent of Vancouver, was in
the city this week.
Dr. William Ewingof Ludysmith,
It. C. is visiting at the home of his
cousin, lt. H. Brock.
Mrs. J. Jones returned from an
extended visit with relatives in
Victoria, on Wednesday,
Master Lynn Ferris returned to
Chestcrlicld Boys' Boarding School,
North Vancouver, on Monday.
J. I. Orr, is reported on the sick
list, but is expected to be able to
attend to his business in a few days.
Dr. Davies and C. C. Bobbins aro
attending the lirst annual Poultry
convention, in Vancouver this week.
Mr. antl Mrs. Wuistall of Fairfield Island, have left for Vancouver where they will mnke their home
0. A Weeks left on Thursday
for Los Angeles California, and
expects to be uwuy for some   time.
Fred. Wooster and family will
make Victoria their new home. Mr.
Wooster is shipping his goods this
David H. Vail, left Thursday for
Blaine, Wash, to accent an appointment in thc Cunutliun Customs
W. L. Build is in Vancouver this
week transacting business for the
Chilliwack Land anil Development
Co. Ltd.
Mr. Kowat of Minncdosu, Man.
who has beeu visiting his brother,
It. 0. Itowut returned to his home
on Wednesday.
The Messrs. Mussell of Pilot
Mound, Man., spent the week end
with Mr. and Mrs. John Leary,
Fairfield Island.
John  Robinson  is confined   to
his home this week with a ease of
[erysipelas.   The patient is   tloing
nicely, we bollovo.
Miss B. Cartmell and  Mias (I
Transfer Co.
Edwin .1. Hope of Atlantic, Busk.,
has moved his stock and goods hero.
iind will live about a mile west of
Kiiscdulc, on the property he
purchased while here, Inst fall.
K. .1. Downham Is reported to
have seen n hear and cub near Ihe
public school early Monday mot'n-
Ing, The visitors did nol remain
long, and headed for the reservation.
.1. A. Kvans, chairman of the
Chllllwaek Dairymen's Assoeation,
has called a meeting of  the   dairv-
mon, for Saturday, Jan. 20 at. 11
o'clock, ill tiie Odd Fellows' hull.
The lasl ear of slock iu store al
llie Chilliwack Cannery, of tho output of 1011, was shipped to Vancouver mi Monday, The cur was
loaded witli corn and green gage
Mr. Mills, who was foreman  for
the Chilliwaek  Canning and  Pre-
n in the City for a serving Co., during last season has
to the Coast   on resigned his position,   A first class
j inan   will   he  secured   to   Illl   the
W. L. Ahhott has taken up
bachelor quarters iu the Ashwcll
Block. A little hird tells us tli.it.
coming events thus casl their
Miss Florence Ryder of Clieam
left on Tuesday for Edmonton,
Alberta, where she was called on
account of tho illness of her sister's
little hoy.
Mr. and Mrs. Geo, M. Webb of
Region, Sask., who have heen visiting Mr. and Mrs. N. A. Webb,,
city,   left    Insl   week   to  spend the
next couple of months in California,
,1. D. McNeill who is interested
with his brother, A. M. McNeill,
in the City Transfer Co., of Chilli,
waek, was elected Alderman for
ward '_', iu Vancouvor last Thursday.
Messrs.   Phillips  mid   Campbell,
ol New Westminster, representatives
of the Canadian Home Investment
Co. who have be
week,   returned
A New High School.
Chairman Barber of the School Board Secures
Promise of Premier thai a New Building
Will be Provided this Year.
A ceremony of much  interest   to
Chilliwack Odd Fellows took  place
on Wednesday evening when Chilliwack Encampment No.   13,   was
Instituted and given  a   right   royal
While ou it l.usltio«slflploSeaUloi«0,K,-0,.V on1 its, miiwlon ns an uplift-
Ihis week 111   connection   with   the| .,.,.'.,f,',?;.! .'"'V*.".!!'i"!j"5...!":."'^  Vm"*'
Colonial Oil Company, in   whiel
number of Chilliwack investors are
interested, II. ,1. Harlier also was
deputized h.v the Chilliwaek School
Hoard lo Interview lion. Richard
McBridc, ni Victoria, und lo urge
Upon him Ihe need fur a High School
Building for Chilliwaek. Ou the
merits of the ease being presented,
the Premier, promised a new four
roomed brick school huilding to be
erected during the presenl year al, a
eosi   of   belt. n   lofty   and   fifty
I thousand dollars.   'I'he City's contribution   will   he   a   suitable  site.
i Prospects for new  public  buildings
in Cliilliivack during 1912 look pro-
; jfiisingasoven before the lirst month
iinui reached its meridian the esti-
jnntesof the Dominion Government
'. brought down provides for a "$300001
public  building   at   Chilliwack,"|
A. Barlow, of Los Angeles. Cul.,
has taken a position us salesman
with R, .1. Mcintosh. Mr. Barlow will  move his family  to  the
,        ,.. , nml Premier McBl'ide promises a
vacancy on the stall. j n,.w Hig)l 8,.||nol     A„ £mory ,„
( The Dramatic Society will stage the 104th Regiment is tlle next on
The Magistrate"  in the   Opera| (he list and definite announcement
Feb. lo and 16.   In the
city as soon ns he can  procure ac- meantime rehearsals are heing held
commodation. in the K. of P. ball on Wednesday
lt is quite probable "that the Royal, and Friday evenings of each week.
Welsh Mule Choir will visit Chilli- The Society hns lieen given thc free
waek on Fob. 8. Arrangements are [ ««o of the hall.
being made to induce this splendid j I'p to the time of going to press,
body of singers to appear before a definite arrangements had not been
Chilliwaek audience. made for the P. S. A. meeting on
Mrs.   Wilson, of Woods   Lake, Sunday.   The speaker will be Rev.
Dr. Pidgeon or Rev. Mr. Bureh, of
may he received shortly
B. C. Liberal Convention
A convention of British (j
Liberals has heen called for
who bus lieen spending the winter
at the Royal Hotel, left on Monday
on a visit to friends at Chilliwaek,
and will afterwards spend some time
in California.—Vernon News.
Charles    F.     Ward    of    the
Westminster Hall, Vancouver.
Miss Kathleen Henderson has kindly
consented to give a solo.
Dr. Ernest Hall of Victoria  addressed two meetings of tlie P. S. A.
Iday, February 29th, at 2 p, m. iu
|tlic O'Brien Hall, Vancouver. The
Call has heen issued by Mr. John
Oliver, of Delta, president of the
British Columbia Liberal Association.
A Meeting of Protest
A   meeting was    held   iu    the
Edenbank creamery bullding,Sardis,
on Saturday,   to   protest   against
Columbian Conservatory of Music, I on Sunday.   In the afternoon the j the diverting of the stream of Vedder
has called a meeting to he   held  ut | speaker's subject  was,  "Scientific I Creek under powers obtained under
the home of Mrs. J. C. Henderson
on Friday evening, to organize a
vocal society in Chilliwack.
W. 11. D. Ladnor, of Bowser,
Reitl and Wallhridge, barristers,
and Mr. Dockerill, of McGill aud
tirant, barristers, of Vancouver,
were in attendance professionally,
at the sitting of the County Court
here on Wednesday.
Chas. Terry and wife, of Chatham,
Ont., spent last week, the guests of
Mr. anil Mrs. W. N. Stringer,
Surdis. It is possil.lv that Nir.
Terry will purchase property in the
valley and with Mrs. Terry become
a permanent resident.
Temperance,." and in the evening; the Stimiis Development Co.'s Act
"The   Cancer   of    Civilization." It is alleged that this constitutes a
Both meetings were well attended ! menace not only to the immediate
nndDr Hallshowcilasplendidinsight \ district but to the city of Chilliwack.
antl mastery of the subjects  dealt
with hy him. Mr. Herh Street
contributed a solo in the evening
The annual meeting of the
Chilliwaek Liberal Association will
lie held iu the Foresters' hall at 2.30
p.m. ou Thursday January 2o.
The report of the President, P. II.
II. Ramsay, election of olilcers, and
election of delegates to the Provincial Liberal Convention to lie held ut
Vancouver on February 29, will he
i the principle items of business. All
I Liberals are requested to be present.
It. J. Mcintosh wishes  to  thank
______________ | the Fire  Brigade  for the capable
*—""~~*™—^~~"j miinner iu which they handled   the
L.F.Cioft,at.MeeStuilioforphotos|liie in his hoot nnd shoo store on
Mondny evening.   By the prompt-
Bank leaving Chilliwack
Circulars have been issued an-
noticing that the Bank of Vancouver
will    withdraw   its   branch   from
| Chilliwack at the end of the present
j month. The removal of the Bunk
of Vancouver will leave four banks
I to look after the financial interests
of (lie city and valley, together with
branches  of the   Royal   Bunk ut
I Sardis and P.osedulo
New Huellon
uul life of Odd Fellowship in Chilliwuek. Twenty-six new members
were iniliniled into the mysteries of
the Encampment dcgi s, who together with nine Charter members,
constitute Chilliwaek Encampment,
A membership of thirty-live gives
tlic newly instituted lodge a good
start and its future success is assured.
The proi dings were  conducted
by A. Clcland, acting special
Deputy, of Vancouver; T. A. Muir,
Col. C. S. Keith, Maj. Adams, of
Westminster; Col. Jas. Mitekay
land J. Ingalls. of Vancouver, assisted by twenty-live Patriarchs
from the Coast cities.
The work of Institution was adjourned at eleven o'clock and all
i repairetl to the Empress hotel
| where a banquet followed. The
good things provided by D. R.
McLennan, were partaken of with
a relish and equipped the company
for the "mysteries" of thc events
to follow. At the conclusion of the
dinner the toast list was called, the
lirst being the King.
Following are the toasts und the
brethren who proposed und responded in a stylo which afforded pleasure
to all. "Grand Encampment"
P. C. P.. A. Clcland G. S. W„and
P. C. P. Jas. Mackay, (I. P.
"Chilliwack Encampment," J. 0.
Henderson, C. P. "Our Visitors,"
P. C. P., Geo. Adams,and P. C. P.,
Geo. Grant. "The Ladies," (). A.
Weeks and W. R. Nelcms. The
banquet closed with the hearty
singing of "Auld Lang Syne."
It was an early hour Thursday
morning when the proceedings were
completed, election and installation
of officers and thc addresses given.
Thc following ure the officers of
Chilliwaek Encampment No 13.
J. C. Henderson, C. P.; J. Peers,
H. P.; O. A. Weeks, S. W.; J.
H. Ashwcll, Scribe; E. A. Nelcms,
Fin. Scribe; R. A. Henderson,
Treus.; A. Turvcy, J. W.; R. C.
Johnston, Guide; R. Ruddick, 1st.
Watch; J. Turvcy, 2nd Watch; E.
A. Kipp, 3rd Watch; F. Joudry,
4th Watch; F. Nelcms, J. S.; O.
II. Ditch, O. S.; J. Henderson,
1st Guard; W. Dustcrhoeft 2nd
Fire At R. J. Mcintosh's
A Dangerous Fire is Caught in Earl; Stage.
Prompt Work Prevents Big loss.
The hoot and shoe store of R. J.
Mcintosh was the scene of a fire ut
0,30 Monday nighl, which looked
at one period us though the loss
would be a more serious one than
actually   resulted.     Hut   fur   the
prompt und splendid efforts of the
Fire Brigade ii different story would
have to be written. The tire originated in ihe work shop from some
unknown cause, and bad got a good
start before being noticed. The
Staff wits working in the front
portion of tho store in preparation
for u clearing sale, and twenty
minutes before llie lire one of the
men secured a hammer from the
work shop. Shortly after the tirst
alarm the walls and roof of the
building were a mass of Barnes,
which fortunately were quickly
checked by tlle work of the firemen
who had two streams of water playing on the tire iu short order. Besides the wnrk -hop. containing
tools, supplies and a new 1600
machine and motor, there was i
large stock of goods on shelving,
all of which was badly damaged bv
fire and water. \ large shipment
of spring stock in eases «-:is _go
iu the hack shop, Imt thi- escaped
serious injury. Mr. Mcintosh's
loss will he considerable.
Local Items
See Bent A- Goodland   for
and literature about New Hazel toll,
the coming interior eily of British
A session of the County Court was
maps held here on Wednesday, His Honor
Will Give Up-lo date Service
For photos at Chapman's—phone
See Trenholm's ailvt. to-day for
Coal and wood—City Transfer
Co., phone 10,
W. T. Rolfe is taking the annual
inventory ot his stock.
Supplies   for   loggers,   Imi
etc. nt Denmark it Burton's.
The roller rink is o|ien each
evening nud   Saturday   afternoon.
Sre Parsons' 1012 business uu-
nouncement iu thc Free Press today.
All coal ami wood orders receive
prompt attention. Phone 111. City
Transfer Co.
Light and heavy draying handled
wilh care and promptness, Cily
Transfer Co., phone -III.
A. E. MeLane has opened up a
real estate antl insurance oiliee iu
the huilding vacated by It. Nelcms.
1'isT—An umbrella on Monday
evening during the lire. Finder
will confer a favor hy returning to
this oiliee.
Wastkd—Married couble to run
boarding house; man to work on
farm. Apply in writing to "II,"
Free Picas.
P. Parry has started it coal
business antl will lie ready lo make
deliveries in another week, lie has
tin ndvt. in Ihe Free  Press to-tlny.
Fmt Sale*—Ciirai*— Six White
Wyandotte Cockrols, singly or lot
noss of  the  Brigude  in  answering)Capt
tho call, tho greater portion of the
stock wus saved withoul unncccssay
damage by water.   Iu appreciation
of the services of the boys Mr. Mcintosh invites each fireman, who
wns engaged in service on this
I occasion, to coll at his store and re-
lers, ccive n puir of the best Blippers in
stock, whiek will gladly  be given.
The Chilliwuek Poultry, Pigeon
and Pet Stock Association was organized on Saturday night, the meeting  drawing  u good attendance.
The Association is likely to prove
un organization very much alive to
the interests it basset ilself toslinitl-
Intc. The following nre lbc ofllcora
elected: Dr. DttVlcS, president; E.
A.   Orr,   vice - president;   C. W.
Bobbins, second vi president; and
George W. Nente, secretary treasurer. The honorary presidents ure
J. D. Taylor, M. P., S. A. Cawley.
M.P.P., Mayor Waddington and
Hoove Wilson.
The new School Board for the
City, comprising II. J. Barber. A.
L. Coote, B. Malcolm, John Robinson iiiiii Jell Harrison held its first
announcing the purchase of
Game's coal und wood business, J. Turvcy it Co., transfer
business and the City Transfer Co.
interests, we slated lhat the Great
Northern Transfer Co., of Vancouver, was the purchaser. Our information was incorrect, J. D. McNeill
and A. M. McNeill are thc purchasers, and while the former is
president of the nbove company the
local purchase bus been entirely independent of tlie Great Northern
Transfer Co. It wus neeessnry to
amalgamate the three local concerns,
mentioned, in order thut there
would be sufficient business to maintain aiiolliee, phones, etc., necessary
to tho conducting of an up-to-date
jconecrn.    Mr. McNeill   stales  that!
i if Ihe peoplo of Chilliwuek will give'
him their undivided support iu   his
business enterprise he will   provide I
Ihem wilh a service second lo none
i in the province.    He will also keep
iu good supply of first class coal  on
i hum! ut uil times so thut deliveries
cun lie   made  promptly.     This  of
j course bus not been done it. tlio past i jj"',','
I und neither can it he done  in  the
|future unless  the  citizens  BUpport|
the business us there is uot sutlicient
meeting on Friday ovoning, whon coal used hero to justify moro tbun
II. J.   Burlier wus rc-elccled Chnir
uuin, un.l A. L. Coote Secretary-
treasurer, Messrs. Malcolm nnd
Robinson form the Finance Committee. Five good men constitute
the Hoard, in whose hands the Important matter of oducation will la1
one concern currying  it   slock  uinl
running un  oiliee und  up-to-dateI , «.       ■ "j_^T
i fuel business.     If this support  is. j A OiMge « «-«««
|given Mr. McNeill ho|ies to be able,
|io announce a re
Judge F. W. Howtiy, presiding-
Three naturalizations were asked
for, two of which were granted. The
third, a Japanese, was stood over
pending investigation.
Hubbard vs. Recreation Park
Stables, Vancouvor, judgment was
given iti favor of plaintiff for full
amount of note and costs. The note
was given for a horse, sold and delivered to tlie tlefendent.
The case of Mitchell vs. Edwards
was stood over until next Court.
The celebrated snow ease, Jenkins
vs. (inlanders wus heard. Jenkins
claimed 8150 damages to a tent by
snow lieing thrown upon it from
the building of the defendnnt. Six
witnesses were hoard for the plaintiff and four in defence. The Judge
decided plaintiff entitled to •10.00
which amount had been paid into
Court previous to trial. Judge held
plaintiff was entitled to costs up to
date of payment of money into
Court, But Inasmuch that he did
not accept this sum, the defendant
recovered judgment for nil subsequent costs Including costs of trial.
Polly vs. Tal Loy A- Co. was a
ease of notion for recovery of coin-
misson on u scale of property in
1000, by defendant to I). B.
Plaintiff received judgment
for amount sued for nnd costs.
Four judgments summonses were
hoard nnil dealt with. Next Court
will Ih- held on February.
The annual meeting of th«
Hospital Auxiliary was held oti
Mondny, January -i. Reports (rim
the different officers were read and
approved. The Secretary's report
showed that seven meetings had
been held with an average attendance
of twenty-two. There ire now
sixty-three active and seven honorary, members. During the nine
months that the Society baa been
organized the amount ot" taotJil,
has been raised and a balance ef
8267.58 is still on hand in the
treasury, while the pureha.-ing md
sewing committee has a splendid
supply of linen on hand. The
President in her address ->poki! of
the unity and co-op.;ration ot '.he
members during the year pasr. ami
thanked all who had so kindly insisted iu making the Society's '.vork.
the success which it had be-u. *,
far. The following officers were
elected for the year 1912. President
Mrs II. Eckert; First Vke-Prw-
dent, Mr.. Patten; Second Vfee-
President, Mrs. Rutherford; Secretary, Miss E. Grossman; Treasurer,
Mrs. F. Hewer. Votes of thanks
were passed to the Odd Fellows for
the use of their hall, to the retiring
officers and to the Press. The
officers are anxious to increase the
membership of the Society. Fees
may be forwarded to Mrs. Hewer
and a membership card will be sent.
The fees are 81, for honorary
members, and SOcta, for active
members. Every woman in tie-
city nnd valley should help on the
splendid work of tbe Auxiliary by
giving to it, nil thc support that ■,
in their power to give. It is a
branch of women's work which
is eminently deserving. At an executive meeting held at the close of
the general meeting, the following
executive was appointed S Mrs. Dav,
Mrs. 0, E. Eckert, Mrs. G. H.
Ashwell, Mrs. E. Dutliie, Miss
Hunter and Mrs. J. Grossman,
of coal,    Office space bus   been  secured in the oiliee of the Chilliwack
I Burton have taken positions on the [ Two Cocks eighteen months—Pure
■'local post office stuff, Mr. Northcote Strain, must go quick, D. Baiitos.
" scv-ring his connection. |    a big salo of boots und shoes, the
H.Robinson of Vancouvor hud result of the lire ut It J. Mcintosh's
I charge of tiie dispensing department I on Mondny evening, is advertised iu
I of II. J. Barber's drug store, dur-lthe Free Press, to begin on Satur-
I ing Mr. Barber's absence this week. | day.
well looked nfler, whether it be look-1 |,,mi| lV Development Co., in the
ing idler Ihe routine work of keeping ilnvin block, next to thc Empress
stuff nnd equipment lip to Standard hotel, A. M. McNeill bus taken up
or Ihe securing und oroctlon of a his rosldeiico Ip Mr. Game's new
much needed new High School. i house on Spadina ave., and will
Stock insurance is the important ] manage tiie business under the firm
question emphasised by Hart _ Co. namo of The Cily Transfer Co,
this week, The office phone number is 10,
Mayor R. F. Wuddingtnn has be-
Itollbn in the price j'coine Manager of the Cliilliwnck
Land A- Development Co., Ltd. to
succeed T. J. Policy, who has Resigned. W. R. Nelcms, whose
Inisiness wns last week bought by
the snme Company, becomes the
manager of the ileal Estate Department, nnd W. Lloyd Budd in charge
of the Insurance Department. T.
J. Policy retnins n position with the
Company, also remaining a Director.
J. lluiiiinur, proprietor of the
City Meat Market, installed on
Monday, a very line Toledo Electric
Computing scale. The scale is of
the   very   latest   design,    registers
weight quickly, and is not Influenced
by changing lompomtures.
One of the social events of the
season, was u dunce held in the
I hall ut Rosedale on Friday evening,
' a jolly sleigh load attending from
| Chilliwuek. After dancing until
ubout midnight a sumptuous suppor
was served in (he Rosedale hotel,
after whicli dancing was resumed,
the Chilliwack crowd returning
home in the wee small hours
through n heavy ruin but still
happy, with the thought of the
Rosedale hospitality. Those attending from Chilliwuek were: Mrs.
J. Henderson, Miss Bell, Misses
Cnlbock,   Miss   Topley,    Mhh    e.
[Topley, Miss Henderson,  Miss It.
Topley,    Miss   Grafton;     Messrs.
Henderson, Weeks, Mole, Houston,
i Nelcms, Hull, Bradwin, Orr and
I several others,—Contributed, CHILLIWACK FREE I'l.'I'.SS
Explosions on Warships
lioves tlmt there is not nm* oi' tlioso by-
nothosoa tiiitt is not opon lo objuration
A guud start Ims been mado, Imt tin
complete oxplunatlon lias not yot boon
How and Why They Happen „m w  0SLER STILL ^^ ^
Many u sly jest is lining passed
Tin- frightful catastrophe in iln: from it wna extreme. "I do nut as- around tlio colleges at Oxford about
French battleship Liborto comos ub thfl Bort," In* said, "Uml nil our ships will the appoiutmout of Sir William Older,
climax of a loug aorloB of disiiBtrouB ex blow up to-morrow, Imt I tlo bay thut Itoghia Professor of Modiclnt?, to tin*
plosions, most of whicli wen- uttributoil nil of thom nmy blow up." A lew , Sillimen lectureship at Yah- I'm* 11)12,
to tlm instability of modern explosives, wooks later his Btatomout was signally I Fur Sir William Oslor Ims pronounc*
'I'hi! nl<l black powdor ivus a compara* 1 ju*stilieil.    A tjuuitLltj  of "li puwdor" od  lu   favor ol! compulsory  retiromont
tlvoly  trustworthy ngont. Sj taaooaa  took lire Bpoutanoously while the com   for mon—he excludes womon; thay uro
explosions wiih ii wore very rare. Bill   mlttoo were oxatuiuing it, and, hml the  ulway- worthy of their place in Hfe—
thu new powdors have a terror nf thoir j quantity boeu largo, there would havojut the ugo of sixty.     And Sir William
■ 'Ihe funs like to boo Wostorby in ac-
tion.    A good bout would be WoBterby
] uinl A. in- Md mn nils, bul somehow or
othor the managers cannot, see it. They
hooked ia Gait a month ago, and though
EdmundB dropped Wostorby three tiuius
he couldn'1 make lum slay down. Wob*
luiliy was a little shy in condition at
that  lime,  but   he    gave    Edmunds  a
i\e v  Ftrugg 0   riL'h    clean   through  lu       .,    ,.    ,. ,, . ,      , .
.*    .    h*r   .*■ , •?,,,.,   I    Mastieating is general y considered to
tbo final gong*  lie wants to moot "The ■,„  ,11„„11i,.  ■?,„    ....n.       ,  <■    i  ■ .
Uul   mu exile   BUggOBtOU*
hu*j0   boon   no com
poi imonts   whieh  the
thut if the powdor v
i.ui. allowed to grow too old tbe dun*
gov would uol bo grout,    Ami so, it  is
AmoricuH'btittleBhi'p was   believed, n   quuiililj   of  "If   powder
was rotaiuod in boi . ico.
After tho Joim catnstrophe there wuslbooks and  i
much soari liing ol  uoui i  In i he [_ritisli
Navy,     '1 Im   stocks   of   eurdtto   won
own, all the groator I
cannot be located.
The Hrsl  Install f tho dostrui tiou
_r a largo shi|» by tho spoutniiouu'j de
tnimt um    of    her    imigHf.iuu    WH ■    tl"'
lying in Havana Harbor on the night of
I'41. uurj   15, 1808, whon Hiuldenly  poo
pie in othur ships heard whal  Bounded
liitu tho discharge ol n chut, Bvoryouo,
by   Mime   instiuci   looked   inward*   tbo  overhuulod   and   eboiiiically   exam tied,
Maine.    As they I id thoy buw hoi   ll1,M B0 uusatistaetor) wn. tbo rosult ot
bow rise out of tho wator anil n column   tno tests m many cusub that tons ol un
•f fire und smoke tt renin up from tho  Propollanl  wore burnt or dumpod  into fully marked, dooB  not, ol  courso, no-
-..mr   the  -.-esscl with nn appalling  I1"' *oa-    At tUfl »»"|« tlmo 'ofrigoial    coasitato   my leaving   Oxford.     tl   a
and  prolonged crash, after whieh the  >'•« machinery was hurriedly  fitted to merely a locturoBhlpt which b often hold
■  tho niugazinoB ol _ritiBb.8hips to "keep by pooplo ou (his side ol the wator.   1
tho powder cool," tho modem variant beltavo  Professor   I'liompaon,  uf Cum
of   I'romwell-   "keep   youi*   powder bride, hns it this your.
dry." "it  simply  means  thnt   1   shall  go
Tho fearful disaster in the Liborto, ovor, probubly al the ond of next sunt*
whoro refrigerating machiuery wub tit-: mur, and deliver a  course of six looted to tlie  magazines,  is perhaps tlio]tttres."
„ I most extraordinary in the whole series.)    ".And what aboul iviiiing at sixty f *'
Osier himself is mxIv two, though
neither his appearance nor his daily
work BUggosts it.
A oorrespoiidout e.uled on htm "-ocont
ly nt  his houBO in Oxfor I.     tl  ia not
ut all tho l bo of a nun ubout tu :o-
tiro from  active  life.      Tho   plies of
a    on  tho    numerous
desks suggest  rnthor thai  ll wncr Ib
ll mnn in tbo height of ;i busy t-areer.
And  mi   he  is,
"Tlio appointment," he oxplninod, as
In* laid down a book witli it i
hull disappeared with 20-1 olll
men. It was supposed at the lime that
tuu Maine had met her terrible etui
through Spanish troachory, and that it
mine had been exploded under hor
which had detonated her magazines.
But. when, this year, her hull wns re
eovorod and examined, it became elou
that there had been no mine.
Several years passed before the cir-j
SimstancOB of the Maine disaster were;
repeated.    Bul   in  the   Uu sbo-Japanese  ox»' H  wl,icb  d08tr
war occurred two cases of similar explosions, On April 13, 1904, the Russian battleship Potropavlosk, while returning to I'ort Arthur, struct
The ship is stated to have caught firo I was askod,
ami  to  havu  been  on   tin* for  set-oral  uoua  I'o
rs before the first of llie scries of
I her. Uul
the modern warship contains little or
nothing tlmt will burn. If at Ihe battle
of Tsushima terrific fires broke out lu
the Suasion ships, this was booauao of
Mwo"Vlner."_t"^ iieculiar |lction l"' B.11011 *»*P»«*yce;
bows with a violent  report.    The eon-   w'«■* ***»**. 8° oyo-witnesses  •lur-
suasion must have detonated tbo mines *«-*;. roniler ovou B.tco combustible.
• r the torpedo heads and high oxplo* And the hies only gamed way because
mve- which she carried in her maga* Ilho. h»;j» W«J Bhotterdsi by Jauanoso
sines. Immodiotely after tho lirsl crash P'ojoctiles, ^ destruction of tho Li-
preciBely tho same' phenomenon seen in borte ia a'comploto enigma,
the Maine occurrc I, A blast of flnmol
aud cloud u. smoke rose high from he
deck   forward. "In  this  cloud,"  say
the Russian Captain So men off, an eyewitness of the dread wu I scene, "I saw
the ship's foremast. It was slanting,
helpless, not as if it was falling, but
mi If it was suspended in the ai:*. . .
A third explosion! White steam now
began to mix with the brown cloud.
The boilers hud burst! Suddenly tho
stern of the battleship rose straight iu
the air. . . . (t appeared to mo ns
thc after-part of tho Potropavlosk, all
that wua visible of her. suddenly opened out and belched forth fir.* and flainos
like a volcano." Ono minute later all
was ovor; the ship had sunk. Vet it was
not tho mine lhat sent her to the bottom, Mines woro reputedly struck by
both Russian and Japanese ships with
relatively small damage But when tho
mngitfino* went "IT there was instant
A few weeks later tllO .1,'ipane-e bat
Unship UotsuBO -truck a mine which exploded her mugazincs, and she went to
thi* bottom In the '-nine way, with navy
loss of life. The Japanese Navy, which
Dftod specially powerful explosives,
possibly manufactured in haste with dis
Bttffieieni care. Buffered two further dis-
as'crs after the war. Tin- flagship Ml-
kosa blew up in Satebo Harbor in Sep
torn ber. I0UB. It. waa though! at first
thst the explosion had been caused by
treitchory, but ovldoi  obtained after
when all
' Is not this rather stren
ivho  has passed    the age
on ought in
nous pi
That, auroras^fduo'to electric dis I0?, ™8> oVo.n  tuenj  filirl-v. "J" , "
 ,„i   „r  ..,„ I chloroform lino I wns ubout lo on
it imporlnnt r-phoi
So Willie
"Ilulf Um pooplo who nn tlniinllj
bringing dl'i my vio«'» "" tho rotirlng
ii,'i'," lu- siii'l, "entirely inlaquoto mo;"
Ho oxpluiuoil Hml tho Un'" y thnt n
mini wns too olil for work nl forty nml
should bo ehlorofornioil al sixty wns
novor n.loptotl'by him.
Tho iciil Mi  is thnl   in his I nor
tibia fnrowell Bpoecb to tho Johns Mop-
kins .mon, whon ho loft for Oxford, ho
inorply rcforrod to u thoory wliieli 1ms
boon propountlod by Anthony Trollopo,
whom ho qiiotod. linloo'l. seeing thin
fnirlv   nonr
charges in  tha tipper  rogions of th~,
atmosphere, fow students of tho subject    ,' I"*!   .! ,
now doubt   but  lust whal  aro the na- **   work. It would have be.„ rather Ilk
tnro and the cause of i e discharges  glW*'-. Oxford n worn-out  man       ho
11                    i     .   i       .i              had said he agreed with the tuemy.
nnd why thoy aro  ocnted ns thoy „,•„.,"■>   ;•' '    : vo    fta, 1|(; ,,„,,
romntns   moro   or   less   ol   a   '".vstoiy.        , „  ,       ,„„„
Illl,'!.'  BCOniS  to  bo  s„:ui'  r, 11010,•  ion   bo     '      ' .. .. ' ,: .„      ...,.„,,    .,,
.,              ,.,.■■                    ' s-on i rotiii'     ruin       ,'tivo     work   nt
twoon   tlu-in  nm    tho nctlvity on   tho   ."" ,   .                 .. ,i    i „i,.,n
,          ,.                 .,                ■                    sixtv "An. wisi"      on  lilin   1   >ll.tll
suns  surface,  manifest   in  us in  the si*1.'; ■' '                        .. ,     ,
form of Bun-spots and thoir attondn.it t\m  '"IT.v"   °.-,   ,'„V ;'   ,'i „, M   ,'
phe no.,,.   .1. Loisel,  writing on tho "l;"''"1'      }™w'n h"'. ". ,ll.i ' M".
•ubjoet in l.n Nature, tolls „., tliat until  ,i"-"''   , ".'V'" '"'"' 5
roc"..tyoar, atton.pt. to Oxe tho photo-1™]'^J™}*ion idld sny it- nml ll
gvuphu-   linage   ut   ai rojirs   have   almost ,, • i .   .1 .-.,.._.   rt**
L„,,loi,.|v (.Uod  by  n,,-„u  It thoir w»» "•'"■v " ,m:;" !" .""' ''""::•.
vory teoblo uml variable luminosity and ! ""iversity professor.   ,„    gonern,1; v..
,   ., i ttu 1.1 i ".- nro most o    us near the bonlt'i 'me ol
nt   ilo-M*   mobility,  which   is   sometimes   M," ^      .     ...     ,   ,„„ .     „   B i„i
J     ,    , sixtv.  or abou    tt — I   made »   special
oxtromo,   same good plates were taken  ■■-*■-.*■■-"     **"*■    ...... ti.,ti'*
i       .,       i .   ■      ,,       i tv   . •   :e\ee"tioti u   inv.-i-li.    A man ran tnnu
by   Brendel   iu   Bossckop.   I'lnland.   m 'Ml. v     ..      *     ,     .,. .,,„, nnitlt ...,
1802,  then  bv  Wostmnnn in Spifibor |out,10^ °.f. B°"e/fJ rDl0fl tbat "'<'1 "0t
_*■!  > *>«**■ I"i:"'tl>' 8nt0"«?r. l» ft|aToy fir■   Wui»   Osier   intends un
liiunu-v "   exploration to Bossokop, has   ..... .    ,.lrt („,w| ,„i.,,
i .      "  . .....    i   , eiii. ...    i ns in ti v lo   cturn to the land Where,
,:!;:.;:^z tt Ttxi£ ,-> •* »»■ "«$«$£>»' **-
nAi.     i   .'i -    _ .<     tradition clings to his nnme.
1 I he  height   ot   auroras  above  the
eat ih   may  vary   within   wide  limits.
Pocket Horcillos" again.   Kdinuuds and '' c„ "ml%   "" u"l""1,',-' ",'   ';.""'  '"">
Kid BiirriBh would make another rou8-   ™„a    |,l"l"'lcs,'  '", order to taollltato
LVg boot at  1-1  pound..     Tholr   ,„*,. I swallowing nad subsoquont digestion,
mooting wns nu nwful Inittlo fost, ninl
nl ilint ivlimimlH bad two broken hands
ami Bovoral boils to go in with,   lie i^
right now nml  would probably    Btop
il.,. game llttlo Bostoo boy.
Thore no a .core of good bouts in
limbs .round horo and if local promoters do ii"t got thom. onlsiilo towns
'I iddlo of Loko Baikal, in I outrnl
.' in, is Bimilur to thnl ol  Lake Tan
ganviltu,   in   (Joutrnl   Airlen.   In   both
,.,..'. a large body of trosli wator, ro
mote  I'.inii  ihi> oi'onii, coutnliiB ornnn {   ,
,,„,.   , -       n iiiub    nhollv  b dowuys,  grinding  Lh.
isms api-aioullv  innriuo,      11.'t 1.   utcs, .     , ,  ,        ',, ,     , .,
. i.....| hi'tw  ilu- compurutivoy smno  i
'ilimu inn other consldoratiouB iuvolv-
oil, howovor, the partial digostioa of lho
food In tlio month; tho development of
lho mnsi-li's of tho face, thus affecting
Um expression; tho development ol the
tooth und jaw limit's; tho development
ami nutrition nf tho throat ami nasal
passages, MaBtlcatlou is accomplished
by the action of tho tooth of tlio lowoi
juw nauiusL tlioso of tho upper. In the
cnriiivurons or uosh-eutiug uiiiinuls, tho
tninoiin'iii of the lowor jaw is limited to
up and down motion aad the food is
cmslu'ii betwoeu tho vory uaovou Bur-
fut-os of tho upper uml lowor tooth:
Whilo iu tho lioii'iviiiuiis i,r graBB nnd
giain outing aiiimals, tho movoinoat is
i.t ii in a vory largo uumbor ol
jtioi's not found olsowhore, Lnko
lluikal cout.ius numerous salmon-nud
bcuIb as woll as Un".' speclos of bor
ring.    It al.-n cotitnlus a  fow  IIubcii
of nppnrcntly marlao I'ormB,
ui I tho i.io-i remurhnble fouturos
i,1 U,o lnko, perhaps, is that, although
il is frozou ove:' for nli'nut llvo moiiths
in lho voar. tho tttiliunl lit'.- is oxtromo
ly nunndn.it un.l vitriod, Ibis muj bo
purtly nccountod for. perhupB, by Un1
oxistonco of hot   springs,
in c of tho Intosl nttomplB i" nuswer
Um riddle of Lake Baikal is thai ol
the Itussinn InvcBtigntor limi;. Of the
thirty-throe specimens of Osh fouud iu
llie laliu ho On,]- inn fourteen tiro
IHicnll.r-.to it, whilo nlnoteon b.vo li
Many of theso [iccullnr spocios nro
without nonr relations nnywhoro 01
the inolliiM-a ninety por cent, nro po
llorg does nol think the I'netB domnnd
Uio hypiitllosis that tho I.ilo' was on.','
niaiili'o. Ilo bolioVOB thai It lia.i ul
ways boon frosh and that the fauna
peculiar to il huve a two foi.I orlglu,
.. pint b.B orlgiharod in the lnko itsolf
oiiriiio; tho loug nges ni' its existence,
ami uio ;ost i- a portion of the prehistoric fresh wator fauun of Stboriu
which it has prcservod.
Those tn bo thankful for; u I'rioml,
A work In il". n way to wend.
\nd those iu which to take dolighl
siirl'nios of Uio tOOth. As man's dlol
tnl.sisls ol  11  llil^o Vlirioty of  Inn,Is, wi'
Iiii,I 1, mudillciitii i  those iwo forms
in a Bomowhut iinovon Biirfncu of thu
1 tooth ami n vory lioo luovomenl of the
lowor |nw, forward ami backward, aud
from Bldo In Bido, Whon food has beeu
titkou into tho iiinuih, tlio tongue inovoa
jil bnclt betwoeu the poBtorlor tooth,
j whoro il is grouud Into small particles.
'llm uioveuieiils of lho tongue, lips uml
chuck Borvo I" rotnlu tho rood lu tho
propor ii'lui  in iho tooth until ii is
Mitlii'icnilv comminuted uml mixed with
saliva, will ii  il   passes bnckwurd ami  i
BWnlluWOll,     'Hns   slii.nl,I   nut   ho   ilnlio
imiii Um inuil i.- tlioroughly musficated
uml liiBiillv.ted,
■ l.<-  .uiu.'  nf  thorough  musticntlon
is threofoldt
111  Mochnnlc.l.   'i'ii.' Bitbdicidlng uf
tho    fOOll    illln   lino   pii'ii':,   Is   ol    moal
iniu,' iii Hiiljiequo.il digo Hon, Th dl
gostibility of ninny nrtielos of food Is
um- vory Inrgoly lo lho facility with
which tltoy mav bo swallowed "Jithoiil
being vory lluoly divided.   Whili at,
eggs, olo., nro vory rendily digostod by
tho Iluiila of Uio Btomnch when in Binall
particles, a lump nf cither will icsist
linn action I'm' a long time.
{-) Chouiictu.—During mastication
tho flow uf Biitiva into tho mouth is vory
Inrgoly InereaBed by the redox action of
ii,I nlso by the pressn e nn thc
Ofl'oct of lll.roa.ad Huw of blornl to Iba
parts, broiieht ubout. l.y the actio, ol
masticating, ami hence uro more liabl.
In lie.-oiuc diseased both in the chili
and iu tho adult, Thoro is no doulii
whatever thnt luck of oflicio.t mist',
cation predisposes thfl '.child und tli.
adllll to rhinitis, tmisililis, nd.soiils.iin.,
Othor nffoctioiiB of tbo th'roiVt anil uumi '
pussnges,     "Tho   provolo.ca   »f ad.
noids n ng nlouonis uiUBt be lho r«
suit of the modoru system of feedlai
childn nl tho dofoclivo nia.ti.ati.e
which alios .long with it." A i*<pwi««
of iiili'iiui.ls is "mouth breathing-' o.
account of the proBtorior na..l paBB.'ge^
becoming blockod up, s,^ ai10[ „ Kt
tjuonco of mouth breathing is lho pr.
disposition to InryngltiB, bron.uitdi
phthlBls, ilo.it.il carles, irregularity ol
iho tooth, lack nf ilevolopiiixnl. ni  tt.
crunial uml jaw I es.   Anniliar r.Huli
of lack nl' abundunt  masticatloB in n
lock of develop I of tho tongue, sail
.my nlmuls ami  jaw I s.    'Ilia .n'srl
lo tho tooth is very marked. As in.
circulation iu Hie tooth ami surround
iug pails is m.l slitiiiilaleil, Ihe looL.
io In fun Is do mil develop properly and
nftor dovelopmonl thoy an i properly
oxorciBod nml miissitgod, while Hi. ..er.
limi', nf ihe mouth aro apt to bu icanlj
and unhonltliy. Under tlioso eoidllldu
tba  I.'oih  ami  siirrnundlng  pan. ar.
1   '".'    lllllll.'    I..    I     ,li,,«.,.,|.     A,
othor rosiill i utute lif. is th.
I.iosoniii,. uf Hie lieili from a discus.
called pyorrhea nlvonlnrla or Iticij'i Ji
loan'. Id'llli   lll|;    Uni    llllp.rt.n...    .1
till ol' ni.iMiiiil  ami  lho ..lis aril
ing from Ihe I , of such, nlml BfaOuM
In'   ilulli't     III   Hie   lirsl   place,  Ul. juw,
 I mu nillng parts should Oo oi.r
> 0 ed   during  thoir  ilovolopiu.nt.      A.
mini as nn ilil'at.t sliuo'i; any dikpoftltlo.
In bite hard siibstaueos Lho oisuiwi
should l.e grulillod.
At lirst. ii hard rubber rinj; Inny ll.
usod, Imi a-. Hie lime approaehoi lur lh.
teeth In ort.pl a hauler cnt'sUurt!, a.
ivory or coral, may bo Bubititntftl, It
in better, howovor, in (jive the chile
somothing which is not unly hmd bnt
nutrient ami pleasant tu th. U*le-
u chicken bono ur a chop bun,; irau,
Wllleh almost illl the meat has be.n r.
inovod   may   In iployod.    T'b.rU   ar.
not   quite   as   hard   as   i\ory   and   i,:.
,alivury glands, of lho Imues mid inns I moroover, more nttractlvo ou accouuL o
ilos involved; the II..w of the stomach the taste.   After the tooth hav« erupt
is alsu induced.   'Ihe object of mastlen   ml. Ihe child should slill hnve abumla.i
'llie wind that turns tho poplars white, I tion, the trituration und insnlivation of exercise in chewing, lor example, ham
w lei an.l gloum uf common things- Hie fund, is moro perfectly accomplish i toast or plain hard biscuit.   Of emirs.
Sunlight tipnii a sea gull's wings, ed l.y this action being prolonged nnd other f I- will bo needful as w.li. I;.i
Odors nf earth uml dowdronclicd lawn-, this, "the lirst procoss "T digestion, be- as this nrticlc denls only wilh tnastlu
ing thorough, ihe Bticccediug mi,- in I'm'  ting, mention i- made only uf ike besl
meai s t,, that end.
'Ihe pageantry of .lurks ami .lawns;       ing thtuuugu, ihe Biicccediug one. iu th.
Mie vist.a of u city sueot stomneb   mid   intestines   proceed   wnt
At twilight:  music;  passing feet; greator ease, wiih a Having of oncrgj
Ihe thrill of Spring, lull' joy, balf pain,  nml  vitality."
lho deep voice uf the Autumn rain—  |    (3) Physiological, ur the effect on th.
shall wo not bo content with those       j.wa ami surrounding structure*,    liu
Worlds   lightweight   cham
When vou come to llguro lho situn
Tlu' moa.uromonts taken by tho Swe
dish  oxpodition during tin*  wintor of
I BOB 1900 ul   Aknieyri.  tcolnnd, unilm
the direction of A. Paulsen, have fur-
nlshod nltltudcs (250 mile.) for relative, tion all over, Hilly Allen, ol  Ottawa,
lv qnlol arc.   stunner, bv photograph' Ontario, comes just about ns close to
ing tho aurora slmultui usly iron, two "olng the llghtwolght chnmpion ol thc
the ship was ruised showed indisputab   stations und co'mparliig positions rola-Jwollu ns anybody.      _
Ir ihul hor high explosives had boon nt Itl vcly to tho surrounding stars ou both I    Sound, qucor, doosn t it.
fault.   In 1008 tho old dnpnneso cruiser I plutes,  has   found   for  cortain   points     Woll, it is just about true. 1U0 tratn
Maisn-liima  was destroyed  at sea  Iii I iiltiliid. s of fn to 130 nita. |'» thnl   noltbor  Addio    Wolgn.t,   ine
precisely Hie sat uinnor with great     "The  spectrum  of  tho nuror.i   wa- ItgUtwotght^tttlo hul.ier. Matt »iu|s,J
loss of lit'.>, lirst studiod by .Vngetroin in lsiid.   .   .
In iho ieierval tlio Brazilian battle- The Swedish expedition . . . found
..hip Aquidaban blew up in harbor In an intimate agreement botweon lho nu
Unit;, and ngain her hiss was beyond mini spectrum mul thai ■».' lho bluish
qneetlon tracod to bor high oxploilvos.|ligl.i nboul tho cntlio.l'i of a tub,., con.
Itut tho most torrlblo uffair in tlio long taining larilied oxygen and nttrogon.
series, :in,| ihe must rlltqulotlug in il-l "'lho frequency ul' pi.I.i- nomas is
effect upun morale wns the .leiiu catns-1 e a H e siiinrt at nil pun i- uf the oat til's
tropbo.   'I'he l-'reiub battleship of that'surface
e was lying in .lock nt Toulon in |    "siudy of the nunual s; tram leads
Knglish title holder, or I'nekey M.-Far
land enn make 133 pounds ringside, ami
133 pounds, rlghtsldo, i« tho true light-
wolgut limit. -.Volga.! can make 133
at 3 o'clock and be slnuig. while Ihe
,illiers enn no under 180 pounds nt 3
Billy Allen can. So can Pal Mooro
of Philadelphia. Flarlora Tommy Murphy, uml  Knockout  Brown can screw
March.   1007,    Snddenly,  wilbout   nn.   ..a„p,„„ ',„  .,,;„,.   „,nt   aurora,  result. 1»"'"*1   ''I" V , ,    ,',    il,,,,
worn',  loud report wus heard i„ ih..  , ,    , , „.  ,,,, !ljr ,|„„ „,     Whilei the  ig t**olgh'« aro dohig all
ship.   II rang out like ibo dlscharg j,,,,,,,,,!,,. ,,1,,.,,, taking place in tbo "*"" ,'"„"':"1", ^ ,,,.'v , ,„
H nil,,  gun. ami  lor an  instant    1  ',,„., ,,„.„,„, „.,.;„„« ,„■ ,|,e ntinnspl ."^   ,n."l\ '•  "''   ," ">   '*'    '",,'*""
tentlon wn. paid to It, a. It wa- ,„P j,!,!, „ .,,,,, ,*, romnrk   ll]is Bu   „, the wjlght they   ';    '*    l"^.,."':	
PO~" thol " IP"* hai n "red by ae   , M ,„„ ,.,,,,„„, ,„„ formation of ,  Ma" N "'" «'. '. ,V'i    .'rt,, , • •
dilent.    After  n   , inptlblo   Interval  cathodo rays ho .ailed for  Bngland tbo other day,
ram,, another vl t, prolonged, heavy ca*"*,"° "f**-    .,,,,,.,,. doepalrlng of gotttng below 188 pound,,
, l""'""^". "''•"-• |    ..A„  |, t,,s,i,i,i,, fBct, derived ill
report.    Heme .inud*-  u!   smoke  i  ,,    ...                     .■  .
from   Ihe   slop.        The   after-part   w.i- "■""'■   'niu, iilisenaliuu. I, thai  . v.',.v
blown to , ,-.    A     .or ol bla.lng •'""   I'""'"1*1 *'« ."   ,;"""""  >'" .'
fr.o. ,  lulls  I splinter, of "**ro;"«.  v»rl s   ol   tl gnotlc
.hells ile.v „,, in the nir. will, I ken   ' '"'""'V, '" '", "  !"B?',p°2,'
td  'mm-.    Mon poured up fro I   I liu.  seeai-   „al,„.,l   ,.,  soel.
Mow torn, bum, ami mutilated, with ' '   "";'"i:'.'"" ",.' , '"' '"','   ,0"'9! ",'•
biasing clothes, nnd do  th  " •''"-"•' """"" "r "'" '■''"'','1 ""'r "'
uml of getting a match with  cither
Mel'.iUuii.l nr (Volga*! ut Hint weight.
Mcl'urlaml openly   admits   tuat   133
pounds ut 3 o'eluci, is bis best,   Wol
ga.l   -till -ii.s bo enn do  133  rinn.-i.le.
lull lho Wise gu)-. d" U"t believe him.
Su Hint leaves Ihe real elnss title tu
eh   men  as  Allen.  Monro   llroiuillnlil,
ml Mi •■ ir or repeated es   our .yitom.   Ingenious liypoth-so. have (.„rr„n, M„ pby. ,,.,d a flock o   No«
.lo. s.   Btandlng resolutel.  to theii  "" ','   »' ""■! •""  ';"'   ""    V.,,u boy. who can dn ibo wolght.
w„ i, ,„ ,,„l he", a liiile hand  de ""hough lie connection would u| '     lt ;. , , time thut the thing «:.-
her   .me s ,„ -are ber frum eom- '!" I1'"1'"1'1"' "  '» •' ,"" »•	
plot, destraetion,     vain.  A „ l''">   !""'  » ■ ''•  ," hl"""  '",'':"'*"
ht a woro III'." I, and the J"'1 '*■"*'. Ml" "","'" •' ',"
.leans  captain  wu. , ing  the .lend, "'" ""agnotle variation A the, non
•I hip w .i I a- to be In  "r"H '" """
eaptblo of repair.
i ihe suinr activity
Itsolf inoi in sin 1 its manifestations.
-mil ns spot-, taeniae, 0. pri.l uliernm ,-.
as   has   I u   attempted)   ha-   not   yet
1 out from nu Investigation nf th
A   disaster   >o  terrible   fur nt   Hml
dnte  ll"'  ,1,-nu   Was  une  uf  the  nowe-l
Trench battleships in seivi lemnnd
edvl t inveitlgntlon.   By  tho r"li ,h lhB,t0 ,k"ow,1 '    '
enta.trophe wn- attributed to an An |»'"oudod In myttory.
nrehlsl phd or to sedition an •„■ ihe I    *"< f H'" nnmorous theories thai
e-ew   Then, wns nn evldeni f either, have boon advanced me brlellj nuininnrl
To remove the profound ilisqnlotinlo In '"d by Mr. Loisel.   Arrhenlu. suppoM
Prance and In iho Proneh Nuvy u Im
scries of inquiries wns held, There were
three il rlo. »s to H atise nf the
oxpl ii-:    wlrelou    wave,    up-elting
the unstable chemical or electrical equl
libriuin which exisls in the  nputionts
nf modem powderiii an accident duo to
carelessness in lbo handling uf puwib-r
or preiectili-s; and absolutely spontane
ous detonation.   The tlrst thoory wns
not I'xmnino'l with any eiiie. though tbo
effects nf wireless elec! rioity lire necli
liar, uinl lliere is a certain type uf Hurt
wan wave which enn pcnotrnlc nny
metal except lend. The general belief
wn» that n  particular explosive     it
Unit erupt inns of Ionised gnj lake plan
from Ibo sun anil Hint eoiideiisaliou
tuhes plnce around tbe negative parti
eles, which me then leoelleil I'rniii the
sun nnd begin to emit entlin.le rnys
when U103 enter our ntmoiphoroi but
lb lo not  I mo Vlsllll HI thev
reneli   nir  of  lufllciont   .lonsity,  which
they   do at   the  poles  I IIISO Ihe  ter
rostrllll linos of I'nree e.induct them
thither, UHiers, such lis lleslun.lies
an.I lllrkelnnd, nssorl lhat the win's
atmosplioro itself jjives off enlboilie
my. illroetly.     Blrkoland  magnotUed
a   smnll   steel   sjihere   lo   roprosent   Ihe
ci 1 Hi eovorod it witli, n phoaphorcBconl
der," was the real calls.', nnd that   ehcmlifnl, nml placed  il  in a boon, ol
it  hnd spnntanenusly explo'led.
Colonel   Mnrsrlt,   in.lee I.  showed   lhat
it wns "nuitliotnatically impoMlblo"
fnr thi- powdor to exphilo of il- own
aeeord. Itut  M. Vlolllo, the fllatlngnlsh
ed elionli-l. and lleiii-'i! OoSSOt, n greBl
i.-tillerisi. admitted tint such oxplo   in
was possible. Captain 1,,'p'uli went '1.1
llier, ami ilerpir.'l thnt not onl.' c .
thu  powder dangerous but  the  peril
1 inile my.,   The rajs, ns tbey slri,
ih.  sphere, an lovlaled thai thoy
fi.im two pboaphorci t   polar bands
ie; rcsonting Ihe  /ones of iiurornl  fro
III still other authorities bollovo
auroras are due lu electrie Wnvos sud,
's :, !npbiveil in wlrotosl telegraphy.
These wnvos nre supposed to be ein'it
led by the sun win. .; iiil Intensify
01      pin   ri'cmiis        Mr.   I.nisel   be
rot Hod 1 Tom Plnnnngan's offoi uf a
bell fm the Canadian title al 138
pounds, rlngsldo, may help clear il I |i
a bit.
At   11  inan,Is  Hilly  Allen is going I"
hue  the  time  ol   bi-   life   wilh    I'm
Hroiuilh.nl.   been    tho   Wimlsur   buy
lias  been   with   llnriv   llunne.  of  I'hi
eago, nil wintor anil loarnod somo
Ihtng. Ho dialed .'Hon closely iu Hie
10-rOUml bnul Inst spring, und wa-
Coming like a bouse utlre on eml.
II y   even   llllll   the  trick   oil   Hie
clever ex Ottawa boy.
Danny Dunn, of Clovolantl, who cts
Tommy Hudson, of i.indsor, is u grand
little boy, though Toronto finis did mil
gel n elinnce to see much of him the
Bight   ho   lust   lo  Scotly   MoKwiltl   nn   :i
foul, Dunn is n close-In lighter, nml
so is lluils,in, so we mny 0X| I n ml
tlilll! hard lillle battle ill which thev
will lunik lip bond to bend and battle
nwiiy wilh -eurcely u clinch. Almul
Mnriarily. uf Syracuse, nnd SI. I'ieue.
of Wilisnr, thu biintuins, bul lillle is
known.      'Inny go on the "suy si" of
Manager Clmrllo Itnck, of Byrnciiie, and
Kd. (llaseo, of Windsor. Ilnek neve-
sent mil ll lemon yet, nnd Qlnsaco-g
boys, Hudson mid Hn.millnnl. have bulb
proven thomiolvea,   I! is ton bad Dicky
Hy.le. Ihe 'run.uio buutnln, is mil  here
lu I t eilner boy.      Willi llyilo In. Hie
funs would be sure of tl battle, because
any 108 ponntlor   win.   defeats   Hyde
slops lively.
Tin. chancel nre tlmt linrry Wcsto.
bv's next ..pponent will bo tiie winner
of the Iinnii .Hudson nO'uir. Wostorby
will   ko  181 pounds   fnr   eilher   boy.
Once tho habit  of mastication i. ..
qnirod Uie food will not be iwallowed
beforo   being  convortod   into  a  Uuid
lhat  this habit  limy  l.e ilov.lupml and
Imperishable my.torios, Imnselei of mastication ure voy largoIretained though life, it  is absolutely
\ml, jocund-hearted, lake uur shore     in rolatlon to Uio 1 y structures In I Imperative that the tooth should be i.
tif joy and pain, mul iin,I life lairf       connection with ilimu.   'Hie eroreiso of  Ihe proper relation, the upper to  ...
Wayfarer, on a mail where we these muscle- lurgcly Intluencca iho nu   lower;  alsu that  thoy  should  bo  fie.
Sot forth eacb day rin,ht valiantly;     trltion  nn.l development, nut  only of | from cnviiiies m ,|, y ami firmly ils.a;
I'.xpectant. dalin-leu, blltho, content    ■ tlio muscles themselves, hm also of tho ■" the jaw.
To'utako lho Orcat Kxporimeat. [important  .trticture.  near them, such
^_____ 'ns  llie juw  liunos, the salivary glunds,
| lho soft piilnte. the tonsils uml tho pis
"'vJii^bininii" eiusa""'..'..^'''.'^..,,.,, I'leiuMuiVHiinsMienudyln";!;;. ttmo"un"t"of Inlleii if".Wayod." nnd'shuuid uV'oiu" ■
.car. exordio given tho muscles which nro nt- ed in position until tho pormane.t tnoti
,..     , „av»'iietj bv bivouac tachod  to it.    II io iu a  person no-   is ready to replace il.
Alono amid Hie untroubled stars.     eu.toinod from childhood to thoroughly      Periodic visits should bo made to tk.
In tin's connection is -should l<o ilir-
tinctly understood and implicit]v '*ar
rir.l out, thnt every child -sheultj in alt c
Itorlor portion of the throat ami nasalIfrequent visits tn the i!enli:*t, and that
passaRC.,   'Un- development of a hone ovory nm- of ihe lir*-t teeth f-ImiiM b«
.My battlo field Im- known nn dawn
beclouded by a thousand H|»c!ir>;
I've lieen nn mounting tyrant _ piiwn
Tn luiv bis ijlnry with my oars.
i    loved   thee.   ..ttlii*-.   unvi
lar, tin* tongue mul salivary glandi
largo, nnd the uasnl nml posterior aasal
passages spacios mul tin- membranes of
the mouth he.-'lthy. A< Ihe teeth me
developed within the jaws they ueces
mirily share in tlu* nutrition and propor
lavolopinant. If theso bonos ure pro*
in lonir'P8'^ oxorclsod diirin-^ iho formatlou of
Itha teeth the tooth germs will grow nml
Una. long ngo;  the memory  still  liM«J*»\°P ,m,n' I'^etly mul the teeth
*,,,,,,. * will bo mure rcslslnnt t
Stand taco tu fnco. friend, ami unveil *■">'• ll,t' ,,,,••, |»wr_ntal
thino eve-, ofliclont mastication.
i k deep It. mine and keep the bwcot . Tho. *mP* «l**w«lopnionl al the jaws
nasi clear inrouj-h   nnnut by prolonged inastleat
Of all r. ts: whnl matter if lovo die .'''"- ton,!a l" lho regularity of tho teeth.
I loved Hue, Atthls—let the shadow go. ,,llls providing a propor "lute    ,,r tho
prnper rolatlon between the upper nnd
mnstlento, wo generally Ond jaws largeplontist by every person nnd all noees
and shapely, n- well aa tho teeth regu I wry operations performed In tinier u
preserve the masticatory apparatus it
nr dn
uf   Wliieli
I lovod thee. Atthls—lot tho shadow go.
Cloud not the jriad young past with
troiiblod tents
tlu- lower teelli
Why da tho vast majority of peoplo
not iiiLSticatc proiwrlj I   'i lioro a
Why i Idst tuou think to touch tho ll!l1 reasons, tho most froqueut, possl
' fir titf iky "v' holng    son     or ''mushy     fomi.
With thy  two arm-, or moo sure  lovo Tnls Is most not livable In tho case of
bv years
lilldren's dlot.   Where tho necessity ni
flic Ion t working condition.
In n word, what dues etl'u-ietit ma*«ti-;i
tiou ncooiaplisbi It divides the food
into very small purttcles* eaosefl a flow
of saliva intu the month, thnroii)i*hl?
mixes the fond with Kiliva, faeiliUtu
swallowing, partially dlgOtte flaidn n
the stomach; develops tin* mnsdee fti
mastication and those nf the fa*'«. thui
affoetlng bonoflcially the pxpresrien*) in
Quoncoa the nutrition an.l developntefl*]
df  the teeth,  the jaw   bones,' Siilirar*
glands, soft palato, tonltls nmt poMd'rloi
naval passagOS] is a preventHtive tu ■
large extent) uf decay nr inoFemin-* oi
llie teeth; enrol ItinilV eases nf tndigef
tion. Surely a lufllciont boneUt tn re
i-ompeiise for the small expetulitnro nf
time and Inbor necessary to aeeouipiisk
In  other  word-,  in   what   dOOl inpuftl
elenl m'nstlcntlon resultf Thc fod3 »>
swallowed before being suffieloaty 'nm
minuted or lufllclantly Insallvab^] tbc
prnrtlre may lead to'the habit of cat
Or hold tho swallow when it fain wuuld mastication i, lacking, the instinct
d  , ||  gradually disappears and the rbiM i *»JC too nme.ni to so lous aoTanfftindftO
I   lovod   thee.   Atthls,    I    long,   Long   »«l«lwi   thj   habit   Of   bolting   it,   iW|-'.f t!,e.tiu.-,ivetnu-l; nmy i,M„,-e Ml
and very nllei nies 1 e.| the h.ird    «or nf the stomaoil or appeiidiritJi; laei
er  for tlu
nfler  foods.     It
Tliere wai »  blossom on t
The gardeners conld nol roncli Atthls,'■orJn ,,'!l' " vl,i,,i kllnl,,'l ,"' ^■",,',l ' •
l(I„l HO which  connoi   bo   iwallowed   without
Thoro was u lovo, perefaaoee beyond our Ibotouah mostlcatlou.
fumfM j    Anothor reason in some defect in tin-
Dut yot I lovod tl -let tba shadow gajinostleatory apparotui, »<"l Ihls is very
'f proper development uf the teeth, of
he topmost  portnnl for the propor development of the muscles nf mastication, of thr jaw
| ihe jaw bones and of the i lonent  ' es add eraalol bonos, fhtls aovontl)
itfToctlng tin' oxprosslon] Ipeh of propei
dovolopmoilt * of Ihe throat nml m.fc
predisposing to rhinitis, Lonillltls, nde
noids, mouth breathing taryagl(li| limn
ehltti, eonsumptton, denial earloa mm
1 loved thee   Atthls  onco—long, hinij eommon lu those who have nol loarnod
im [to masticate nronorly in early life. Tbe
iiefei't*. iiiiii bi* irregularities in the nr
Pauline Johnson, song bird uf the
rod men. will "iu[* no more.
Kvery Invor of Canadian literal uie
hear* with profoiindost regret- lhat
acute heart Ironlde, with whieh she
Iiiih lieu afflicted for some time, has
nt last forced Mis- Johllion intu re
Iter pbyaleltDI state that tm* re
nowned Indian poetess will never lift
n pen Ogata. The daughter ,,*' the Five
Nut ions   lies   nut   in   the  eity   of   Van
eonvor u chronic invalid.
And Ihe pity nf her Illness ll thai
she i*« in want.    Pools nre never eele
brnlod fnr worldly riches. Canadian
pools aro no exception. Wi*-* Johnson
i- iih wiili*ly reiul lis must I'miadiau
pnrt *«.     Mul   lllO   pOStOSSOS   nu   f nrt uue
tn withstand the Inroads uf doctors'
nml nurses' ImIIh.
!ii'''*',:i'i.'iiii:   this   ihe  I'aniuliiiii   \Vo*
men's t'init of Vancouver Ims goner
ously come to the assistance uf a gen
(OS whose puciiis give ploBStiro |0 11)00
hii ml** nf Cnnndlnn liomos.
,\ fund ha1* I n started lo publish
a d.* luxe edition nf Mi«H Johnson '■
rnngomonl ot tin* teeth irheroby the
do imi  come into propor relation, the
upi  with the lowor, thus Inrgoly dl
mlntnshlng the area of the grind ing
surfneo, *>r the Icoth may bo docayotl
or loose uud painful upon pressure, or
some may lie lost.
\.lial me the evils resulting frum im
proper mnstlenllonf  Their name i*-1 le
ginti. Possibly the inosl import uut i"
the  teiuleiiey   tu  lake  too  unieh   fund.
if the fomi were of a variety necessitating abundant tunitleatlng less would iu*
taken, on nccounl uf the longer time
mul the inure labor required, Imi thor
oiigli   mnst ICO tion,  even   nf   SOtl   funds,
* reduces the amount t Iful, for the
mure perfectly the fond is .hewed, the
mon-  perfectly   il   is digested  mul   tlie
mun onomteaily is it disposed of in
the pystom." An Inevitable result nf
nn OXcess of fund or of fond insullleient-
ly choWOll Ih n ileiatigemenl of the
digestive triO't resulting in inure nr loSS
seriuus iudigesl ion or in sonic cnses
OVOn in eam-er nf the -lunnieh or in
appetnlieitis, Agnin, iu thuse who do
nut inasliente properly in early life the
nasal pas-ages and lonslls fail tu pfo
perly  develop, nml   in   titer  life  nl
Irregularity of the teeth. Barely
great risk tu assume in order tn mve
Utile time nml Ironlde.
Mrs, Klleii Bponeor Uunoy. of Wash
ingloii, is the only woman lnw sehool
den ii in the world. Sho is eomiot-ted
with Wnshln'gton OollegO of huw, ami
ii fafflod for her legnl lure. Shi- frame.!
the .Mussey m-l. whieh, in the dlstrirl
of Colnmbln, gives mothers equal rights
with fathom ovor minor children, und
gives married WOOlon the right tn ii"
lirol the monoy earned by themiicive*
She is one of tin* inombori nf tho Hu
eloty  uf    l-'niitiders   mid    Patrints,   to
whieh only 1,000 womon are eligible,
hr. William Robert Brooks, uTmovoi
er nf the Itrunks' i-uaiet, wliieli lum been
under obsorvnnco nf lute by astruiiu
uier<s, has made more diseuveries in hi**
field than any oilier living ui.iu.   Ite lias
twenty five comets tu his trodlt, man,'*
uf them having been foil to I by monu*-
of a liniue made loloSCOpO tlireeted from
his little "red lumse olotervulory" at
Phelps, New Vurk. I'r. (trunks :u*seit**
thai Ihe world Is looking for the laM
time on his enmel thnl il nlil never
appear again.   Blnco Is**** ho has beer.
professor nf nitronotny at Unhurt col
lege. New Vo-k. He is n follow uf ths
Royal   Astr lilcul  Bocloty,  nml   lum
hnloss mastication i- prolooaed these had many othor honors heitowod up»n
purls nre deprive.) nf the nimulr.liiiy 1 him.
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mure for tliein tlinn nt. home,
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price list S anil we will mail
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nd. weekly.
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for Heel' llidej.. Jtaw Furs,
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Edison anid the New Education
■•i (My.-'William   Intflis)'   ' .     .
on the
a  olli-r vm   fr*****
book ilion-lliy
J ami Im
them. t.mi l
UireltialJn.      II etas>M\ttylif   ft'.l*   _R.:ii
,%*s*_ •
'■ p'ou. of us called the other evening
for a chat'witli liMisou. Ho had just
roturuod from Europe, whoro lio hail
spout lliu first vacation iu many years,
seeing everything worth looking at, enduring unlimited praise ns the Amori-
enn wizard, the world's most mnrvplou-*.
jjiyoutor, and an; that-sort of adulation
that makes him turn and inn nnd 'hide.
But to us lio wuh nut Edison tho,lion;
ho was merely neighbor Kdisonj' and
ttereo M ufl woro iMjmbors ui the loeal
m-lidol* iftiatd, whu had hoard soma talk
about a. now scheme,, ho had worked out
Ln.-* edueatliiiT i'lTLldiuu, nml who wauled
to know about it. Wo found out. In
ii., word il is this: ho ia going to iiiukc
Bohool so attrnetivo that a lug fcttW
with swords and gans couldn't koop
boys' and gfrls nut of it. And, if that
isn't a greater nml more revolutionary
invention Ouit) tbu olodrie light *■>•' iho
p[ioiingia|ili of moving pictures, then 1
never was a school boy,
II is line tn go tu Ou* l-Jdisnii Inborn
tnry rtt iltght. We took a trolley car
to West 0 mil go, gut oft at ll rainy cut-
ner, nml saw n tall, black wall luuuiiug
boforo us. tioiiio lime, after a button
hud been putdi.*! a Silent man in 'idno
ii vomits opened a door In the wall, gave
us what Ihe (deaths would call a Eoen
look. mu] lei us tinea as booh as ho'lutd
)lt:jl'ili«*d tin* t'lesideiil. It was J.I/.7.*
Ini^-to be hit un l|y wil bin the pre.-lneU
Of'the wi/aitl wlio-u* magic would havu
lu-JiueM him a neji! hanging ul Snltini a
Mff (fouorations ngo. Stretching -twuv
vti three sldos were tall, gloomy build-
lllg.s, Wiot-e ghostly lighls glowed iu the
tni.iL •;fltt,i.i|£iul>nilf ui' magic and ftiyn
t«ry. A i I'ewVtept through an ami
i_uiu, wtdl {piarded, brought us to tho
Our'Of VJoiJ.v, -spacious apaitmcnt un
llm gi'tn'ij rWr) the ollit'o of the muBtnr
ftfimlgie. tlhete was a spleudnl stiljilo,
in -ffhitV marble, of a youth cxullnutly
HiruslTiig*"ubin nu incandoscont lamp,
su inly ihe Qonlus of electric lighLiug.
Httoht. aud iiMvl.ajs* tri hmior'lIrom uiuny
ur lottOi'H? Why? Bocauso it wn
dry. nud iijuutoretUiug. l.oi*d, how dry
Jiut now mm What wo'll do: yupposi
W«n«T   lVF^_i_ T_:_c_.   t__.«-.„«. i scenes     iii The   style   of   tlie'educut ion-
nasal Discharge rroyes ,.in« ri.-i,,,-... i,,.*,,, u. i,,. ma*\»»
7i    ,"      ,    .      »    ,. u   (loll)   nlni.it  six  i'CMV liy  truiiv   Wo
Utarrh is Active
A Wonderful Case
_ „  SSSBfiS A_J).(juica_..
(.ill,lirrboy,oiii»  it,  eei-tnill  Lu  euro  btl-
Tlii'oc Months in Hospital And Came
Oul Uucurod
I of tlio dull, Huloimi 'lcttein on W l'Sij1.*»li*gj-Yf*;fl?«ir« Mtvrttu-,-16
•■    i '""tli  direct  to  I lu-  Bunt  ot  tlio
i board or ciiH; vuu havo tt littio playP'<* J.'Wj1 M'J?f|  l" W »,f t Pk !'"
going on that' ll o*litlli'.st *fe#«i ! f"±,',"'™ ,,"'1,,,l"'"l't   /°'b °'    8ol*S
„...i.„... ,. .ii .1...H   ,.i,Ii , eompospil  iii .tin,  purest   balsams  mu
Zam Bull   Cured   Huu  In  Few  Weokg
iilulorsliiud—o'li, us siiitiit aH.ttiat,
,    iivwiu|)ospii   ot .tlio  purest   Imlsauis  and
,,,.,,  ,.    pilid (wwuera.iit imnie.1liiu.lv allays ir-
1.0   wfzari   a   liuu'l'sllot   dnw„. fo   his. \iM t:„,:iUtaU,K   t|,„   0JMliu'„    ol'
Uii.'i'.   '"Uio play .begins Willi a couple  , ,„„.„     >- «, '
ii,  lively littlii tellows wllu carry in ll"
und   stijiiujatoa   tbo
... lungs uu,l  liroiicllial liibi's.    Tin: inur
ing letter I. I'uoy tllltlt down, an.l lt j ,.,,, „, thc .,,,.,, in ,.,„.„, „;„„,,. iHs_
alunilB tliere. Tben tbey carry In an : tlmt'h wliat tliousands say almut < a
\l. '1 hull a littio cuss comes in, lioppuig tarrbozune. 'fl.crc ia nothing so sure
and skipping uud turning solnoi'sai.Hs, tl, emc, ,mj thw0 iu lc|11. „,• ,.],.,„,,,,.
Iind"--liotli bands were whirling lu llie able wcatber—tlioso wlio easily ciiub
nir new-'-as 'he taints bis plaeo. nex't'cold—Lhoso wbo work aiiiong hii.g eliill-
to tbo II you see be is the loiter J. iiig.Kiii'.oiiiidiiigs, ur wbe.e dust, impure
.ve.vt tu Iiini they put vlnwu ail a, Tlieiojiih', log, or ilunip can affect Ilium—lot
you bave tbo word 'Tl.in.' Iu the same them got l'aliiribozot.e und use il. anyway tliey .bring in tbe bittois, or tbejeriil .times daily— it will tine every
letters uiu' in in- ibulge into place, until   time.
. ■■■■.-. "! w"» unl'oniiuito enough to catch
nn.1 up uinrclies a mini (or .1 to point  a blld cola {tom „.t(tog ,„ R d       „,.
a       III   eoinse,   Ine   leaeber  gives    lift w b_ _ead>..   Wlltcs  msH Nora
eliililreu  Ibe lining ul  uach letter nn.l  «   j.nUeS0U,   ^u known iu   Sangro
uronounees eiicu word as I bey go along,  orndo,  T'J.    "An  acuto  condition of
'""  Sl"' I"'" eagerly tlio .voiiugnleis, Ctttanh dovolopod In my nostrils, and
will wale), every nioveineiil on tlie pic-1 for threo days my oyes and noso ran
lino silicon, lur tlioio will be siimelbiiigl1110Nt coplonsly.   ahe usual rcraeiitea on-
going on lben, ovory iiioiueut,   Motliing tlrely f»U«d to relievo.   I read lu Tbo
like  action--dm uiu-a   pluy  Ibat   fas; Minor nowapapor about Catarrhozono,
iiiilos tlie eye—In keep ibo attention -and sent to'Smith Bios.' drug storo for
sltc.ll. Hri'lix  I'nrk  anil saw Ibe sliill|i
scytSgoil  iji.a.ii'  siri'i.il   bi*  leut far
ni'iiit, so iliut-lie I'uiild eai lean's sLrtiu-n
on llie ground.    A  ijtiiek  ebaiigo took
us to lho cage uf llattii', tutl trajned
olnpliaiit,' wiio turned  tbo crank  ol! a     Mr- Prod .Mason, tbo woll-kiiowii *p-
telephone, took the receiver off tho book, bolstere:' aud mattress inciiufuiinrer *f
held it to ber ear, and seemed to bo St. Andrews, N.K., soys:—
Lrunipeting a inessago to Keeper Bill      '.f.l bad  eczema on my knee, which
Snyder, who stood by, wearing a grin caused mo terrible pain ami iiuonven
of triumph.   Theu we saw a gigantic ienco.     The sore parts would itch and
lion who yawned und shook  bis grout burn  and   tingle, and then  when   rub
mane, and presto] we were watching a bed  or senile...... would become  very
keeper chucking loaf nfler loaf of bread painful.      When tbo knee got. warm, it
down the tliront-cavero of a bippoputa- burned   worse,   and  Lho   itching   and
inns tbat luoked like a subway entrance burning and smarting were almost un-
—which, of course, it really was. There bearable.       I   trio.l   various   leineilies,
were scores of other fascinating studios, but got no better, so [ derided to go
"To  put.  this  within   tbo   reach   of '» Montreal anil tako special treatment,
every school  in  tlle country,'' Ellison '   received  treatment at  the  Montreal
reninrl.0,1, "we've bad to 'work  down General  Hospital   for   thirteen weeks.
the sonleneo stand  there.   'This
man.'    '[Tion  a   baud  nfipears pointing,
bill at tlie end of that time I was not
cnre'l, and almost gave in. A friend
advised me to give Zim-Huk a lriul.
"Almost, as soon as applied, Zam Huk
stopped tbe itebiiie and tbo irritation.
I persevered with tbo balm, and it wa.
soon evident that it would do me good.
I'laeb day thu pain was reduced, the
sore spots began to heal, ami by the
time I bad used a few boxes of Ztitm
keyed up. I don't think It'll tuke
tbem long lo loara tbo alphabet that's
lively and lull of chiirnetor."
hltlison's bonds, which had challenged
iitUotion .by   Lbo way   tln-y   pointed
a dollar oitllit.' In two days Catarrh
ozone cleared ont my nostrils, cured the
mceziug, coughing, and, all traces of
l.argo   size   C'atiirrliozone,   sullioiout
unni'Cil, thrust here am! theio as hu told 'or tw0 Months' use, guaranteed, price
of tlie alphabet drama, aro worth a groat IW-J-WI ""taller sues tl.ii:. uud 50a Be-
.leal of watching. They are nut inuscu- \ w,iro. of. .imitations, and sulist.tutors,
lar bunds nt all, but long nniMiollow,'."'l1 ■"""."' ""..«^U.>K "fi»t«,r
backed, the hands of the dreamer, the
iileali.t, the man of-inmifiiltltion. '11.0
fingers are.ten slim, aiitenna.c,-full, .if
spceiiliition; tbo backs' of li.e' hands;
from wrist to kinn-kles, are actuallv a
IHlle concave; 8ucii ininrfs go well W'ilh .l.y'l.ruel.loj'iiMii'iil. so. thut. it will.photo-
tliii.niako up. of the puut. tiinl artist; tlie graph, in .the ttibCs and cylinileis liko
dioaniv dcalor in- niiiotraus-, but it'fras ''""'i-l wlBto vapor—if you can in.ag.no
uo.enii of a surprise,to.eec tlieinon tbisl>"'* " 'hiiig, RK,'B plirfoetly practi.'al
(.illy. By mail frnin the Catarrliozoiio
.:tiiiifuiliv, Hnllnli). N,V:, ■nii'il" Kingston,
Out.    .*-: :'   }f!T    /K ,';'  r   - .-   '   -
3f>'. VEas^ r v ,1 . :
^fe.J Kl NDAIJ .s^*0-^ ,..  .n.r 1.
WO It. It",i   S I-., local
*TJ I.N'SLllANCK \.i.>ii'.
IfCf       nn ii.j.hrmtnti.tew
.■fi.iint.i-ji'd  wem heultere.|  about   nuionj
seeiiMtM   1.11. *tMonni|ih   and    teleidiuue j^,;^^ l(f pniWiol, e\*emlaFjil.e. Wdi | sv>.'ve ,lt'»*' »W!' "
<{i| im find :»ul(,3ilijditwl-|iliiiliii-i;i|ih!e rj>*_l inj* at t!ur |iirnds nUniii, ouo Wtnilil elasii-'    *n& iuvcutor.'* 1'aeo Wai-* ii^low a-i he
' fv Bdirott-W mie'wii.i Ikes 'outiVely Vu/*'tt-*U'e'(I of .his.-lutes't aeliU'venicnU ,,if :i
tho wurld oi' .(elieaiU biH vast iuia*;inu- h^Mtiiei* emild lnr\e Nfttf-K W tlliis and
tions. It in-the st|ii a rentes of the ^^1 J"»fhlully set him Oown on v:\n\-.\v, the
the width and depth of, tho baak headi l,i(-'lllIt' wou1,t bfflflunott- forever. Tho,
am) tlio fudnopa ut' tl.ie iom tliat in*ii-ill,Hl1 u:?s f>'*.uh/i*;iucd. Hi* eyes ^owed,
onto lliu.'limitIr.-s i^ikbAtiVenesa ami-lu-'.b*-' lOpiilod in.tho ealai., it^ufed niauuei*
liii-t enr^v in ftflS^g^lIia'^loVlouinF^ft»lTOJ^*SS §M Vlljil',,-f'* "lti el°"
itin^iiiin^' U the ntlenmiHt eiid, ,t?gt(rd*|AH™*.??™?! "t'.'-.. . d.
k'3? of ulj*'tmik1--i.    • .'
"Will  you   tuueh   hlfito-y  with   the
Pipviug j»ii!ture» f * * nsUed lii.'Iine'dur.,
"History?   . .Ves--aiH'aont,.: motlefO;
Mr. Toft ami oJJior pyieututo whu ba.i
imnontil ifii,-Mt-olVe*i a$ it^'Ua tlioso In.
tliiite*) tn the Iffi&im-r.G AUilttiug on the
north wnll. ii tlui leulu was a jdain
littlel ,v. Iiiii- "\ mi .-el. mu li n*s yuu will
MV'.iu n hu*.jiit;H-rwwril.''■■']_ W"iiH all iimilq
kfttjfot Elcoping.
"That'll where he graba an hour 01
two of sloop when he's on a loog JOB,:'
nur cnldo ip.iKirked, seeing onr imiuir-
114 li.olo-,
••Mtfiore  hi hn?-*'* ashed
ont   leader.
(" Up-itijJrtf, working, hut he'll he rij*lit
dowit.'r'w"a9 tho answer.   Jn a few mo-
..WiYth tiuor .low open  and a buy V aml ,md tiipm fi ,lt thp 1(attlo of
thing i,u,re_ than_sixty ^^^ | ilJgtt>a beforo the oamoHW,ffi*h al
uultt ,-ei.' iu the
| luisy theatre of -WW mind hrst'iry,' gco-
lgra|ihy,;  ntatheiiiulies,   zuoliigy,   all   the
j thoincsof the t(-xt'ht.ol;!*i, eiiaetiug tiieui
aeh'oq -ia jdaya iu one  vu>t, inttieate,
'In  nu'turt! t-tudy—t;ilu* file1 ehieltv
r-rrt tho room, f rail- him a Huv Ivpeiinse
uo oilier word will suggest tho hilarious,
mischievous youth who came bounding
in,-«MH"-**$y*-4 twinb-llTig.* ii IrbV.aWsrntto m.
I  was tnkoO down! his smooth face, and  his hair tun-led
ors called   Inlhun-   every  which   way.    lie   swung  up  hi-**
y. paiutiiTight  liiiiul  in a  gosturo thnt  WOS half
iilty in  salute, half preparation for the fa-luon
American^ - 'Knglish—eveiyth'ng.    "-W\\:-
>eOt-:i euuii»i.iiv"-ftt- ite'ude'imi to t'oni-rrni C- .        ».  . * ■   .-
j •   -r0t nuture.*    lie went on. -'M-oit know
11 the  -l0W tie big fellows eat tlie. lttftliV-el
^onVetniHgciiuiir*,'!', and sp eu aU4|w WO)
,.j.iluwn -tilt1 liUii. of u'eatjiin.   _\Ve'vv '
,   IIItlL'U     iri'l"il      111U     ■ -ii.ii.   la.,-  HHI       Ml.     UU        ,                     .11           ,....          .»   11 .   it
' I costumes and   oclion   ciiivtlv WPSrS'l *)P V"'"" $^1
''right on the-otd MtuMliM      "      ,    "il,,:"' "","""- ""';   " ' ,; " :ai u'"'
'ili.l yotteot-.i pbnnournpli-'reeotd'oi'
" W.e year- ago,
with   wkat  Ihe  doctors
e-iiLiun ,-u     tlio   Itl-iideif-iuuiise
111 th* -J.ck inid'Inins, .imi dlnlciiii}' in 'salute, ball |ire|
nrii'i-ii-g.    nnd    tlio   attacks,    whirl,  able high handshake of a  fow yesis
bMftme more freqtiont, amounted to 11" jagosaud; liowe'ti sfi.l'fy .ritni-rbo wnisi.
bearsblo agony.   I bociima s„ weak Ihnt j    '"'ilelln, Edison','' said our |irosldejij.
1 eould not walk across the Qoor.Q    :r-- Vjni'-goli "ti.at'st vie l'l.im bewiug ln-foii'
"ll. wife read iu the papora nrio.it N'owui ! heads, ell?"
OIN I'll.l.s and sent for u box.   Prom      ...\„; „,,, ,t  frolu ,00jng u„.m bow
,»o v.ry first. I  felt that  OIN  I'll.l.s |,„ „„,•■ th,. „\mtA ,1 klod, intli :m
■ -er,:  doing  nie  goml.      The  pan.  »»«   Imnisll   twinkle   in 'Ills   eve,       l'<inoss
r»liov.,l nt once, and the attacks wero   they've .spoiled my style'a  llttlo, but
,     0.     .'   ..   ,,    (i'll* 10011 tliaw wit'lind. net  natimil."
.\yhilc iliU'jdilvtionrf-veie being mado
I there w
l'ly. :H
!e*.i frrqii.eni
•Tit   s:v  week"'.   ti,,.   S!    ih't,
Ulailder can.e: away.      When  I   rccaJl j
art.    I   .ultcii'd   au>I    llulY    nvw    1.   i|lll
he.-illhy n.nl able to wmk. I cannot cv
tho shot  that was hoard around 'tliotillV jl?^&^__r_ "'-^ s^V'
worbrC asVei   the |, e-i.'e.i.    ivli, a!.1 "f1"""11'J"'1 m:'*y"• sl.ow-.yf,,,. .-,-,,,.
wavs will have bis little hike. |8.'»s With a'msu .walking Lbmigb the
- tyvoods.   Ue ennieb,t|*. ji jiond and-si'.uoj.s
.No;  but,  by  OoorRol   we could _ if | ,',p „;'(,,,,,at.n.,':aii tu'H of water.' lie .walks
wn wanted it," said liaison; "We vclbhe't to the'l..llntato.v. puui's the'eaa of
got the syucnoriii/ing reduwd In such j w:|l>F Mn „ ik,t gb,.'s'tai.k whirl*, is set
a system now that we can play a wlitSlil (np l«,|for.«- :l low-power inK'rnieV.p'e-'-anil.
seene 111 luovmg uie'uroj and havo a |lWi_(w4 thor«->-ii,;tiorr-feT yd** Vouafe
phonograph ap.enk the line, behind tho „ Iiljuou. lielgrtUMltl] dnwiV at, lho bet-
-,'' '  ">  Perfectly that  you'll  thinl.' ',„,„-0f ti„. u,,,^ nid all the wuter above
the actors ... the picture are talking. 1 „|n, trtIn „f ntHo creatures devouring
Hut woro running the educational sor- ,„„,, fl„oflier. -Vp at the top In a water,
es on pictures only.    We vc prinleil liy.)    eotle—ho looks like a dragon IndVire llie I
1 """•« v"'* '"' t"0 battle of CoucoM microscoiie.   'Ibe moment  bo sees  Ibe
  already,   dot  I'aul  Rovoro a   Ido   too; j hatatfuiita. down -hn plunges -through
el.ai.ee In loo'k at him clofo !''I,|J »'' "' '! '-' ''"' f "•'•"IH '"'.'  ,;'"'"  Ihe water and sl.-.l.s Iiiih  in  (lie  hccll
or liielinni lleigkl-  mv live' '"IS- "'''I'". ■ "Wt*   Spaa.aids.    Ii.'|uiili his pair of stings-jab!  lab
e\ eivl liiii^,pis; ns it's represent..
the inoviiigpicturo iiiaehiue to tho size
Unit, wo can sell for ubuut fifty dollars.
Then we've   brought   down   tho   film,
whieb  is ordinarily one tliousund feel
long. Lo about seventy-seven feet long.
Look at these fjguros on the lilin. eacb
Ifiii I.O...I of an inch 111 height!   Pretty
smnll, aren't they*   Von see, the drama
runs down oue side of the strip, cuines
buck up the middle, and then finishes  - .   , .. .
by running back again along U,„ opt.! Ilil' 'J w"a .T'"" %T'r .    1
■J,     .,     _ h1  .      tiii »nee   then   /aiu-nuk    has   cared
"i*0" ' B" y°i*0t| ?° ln,mIr°d T'   blood-poison   in   mv   finger,   uud   St   a
tlnrty-u.u  teet  ot  p.eti.re un  sovoaty-1 timo   [vhfln fin-       WM   in   §{cfc  a
Boven foo 0* Mm. We " rent a so e«|t6rrtblo ,.OTH|itioi. that I beared it would
pictures to a school far-eight Jjltaljitova to be amputated.»*
uweeli. Il.at h pretty cheap, iho tit? p._ eozomil( blood-poisonia^, pUoS,
Tou eouldn t hire much of a tea.-her | uJcers sorps< abscesses, varlcos. u!eer».
tor eight dollars a wood, could yuu? batJ jfl« coi,] BoreB( ,hap(*ed hand..
And then think of the .saving—,you | cuUf blirnfir bruisea and nil skin ii
won't   need  any  truant  officer.      N".' juries and diseases, Zam Fluk is with
Biros.    Tlvery little toddler in the district will lust want to flcoot to school! "
.Mrs. Maurice Hewlett, W-A' 9t the
novelist, Iuih ilistinguished herself by
being   the   lirsl    woman   of   llritish   uu-
tionalitv'to become a qtialifictT air woman. She obtained her flying certificate recently after undergoing all the
tests triumphantly; They consisted of
doing the figures of eight nnd two bindings, and during the flights rising to
a height of 1(10 feet. Mrs. Hewlett is
also the first woman in that ('nntitry m
dp the dillii-ult right-hand turn iri the*
air. ph.e is n partner iu a flying school
nt BrooKlauds, near London, and nan
taken her ccVtifleato iu ordor to ha.*e
a practical knnwledge of tlie busim-sp*.
It iw uot her inteufinn to do mucu dying herself.
out equal.
50c, box nil druggist*5 and stores or
pnist free from Znm-Buk Go/.-, Tbtonto,
for price.      Refuse  imitations.
Don't allow thiye unsightly etertw
censes to spoil thu beauty oi yoor uaud*
or arm*:. Renibve them painlessly. Dtn
them for all time by applying Fu:
nam's Be in less Corn and Wart B_*trAet
or. Failure imri"**^ible, results i «aaiya
sure with Putnam's i-'cru za-i Wart E-x
traeter.    PrEce \\5e.
For R-4 Weak. Weaiy, Watery Eyes f
Murine Doein't Snsrt- Sonthea Eye Pr.ln
Murine Eye R*nab, IJguid, 25c. 50c, $ t .00.
.luntie   fc'.y*- Salve,*:'"*  aA-riilic Tub.*-,  25c,  Jl.Ot
A   wife  may   be   :i  ouia's buJlO-UHi
wheel, b'it hu .: ).■-• *'•-, want tar tn
u.{u-rate the brakes.
'I he ton '■   wh i  ■ \ er  j n lea isplna
i o mo *• e ■''• ' : '■- tha ' i|| wao
ni'ver w:i'_'- h'- talt
As :i  rule,  the quieter  I w • *•: **%
the ludser tiie .!    .
.Om' of tbo r^enuunOest   iom lu ica *.(
infaata i-* worm -   -        a moot ail -■*:   *
Wurlne Eye Remedy Co., Chlcagc  aj||L I:i.„ , ,  .
tl ut-*l io be Ih^t iheiort.cSt ■■»•'■ hanlnt wort
•  **oui_n  li.nt  lo do  ..i -j-.i:   tbe  hi.u»e
pr.i'.hi. j*  t'.te Btovtrn
Black  Knight" filmre   Polivb   "i*i  rn*d-;  ll  ma     ».,   .
••-  i  .uiu...,   1,11.1   ,..,.   ui.,,   ., .|'".|V ■, H„ „ or m,,liwn ujibiii   .nv i,'„.,iiii--«iii|'", ■ m-miiii's.   B|i-ninnni   in.  „!,,, |l]a pair of-ffiffigB—jab! labl labl
fcMllhr am   n Mi• tn wnll. I .'iiiiniit .•--■     ■      Mvuljor, I'.^lit iufJlfa -l*-|.'. Ii_l i'h!","   ov*9'_.'lff J""1 " '"'* ''T''«'"t- :-MI .„, ,., pn,.,!^,. his iii'ivu,,'. nvsi	
Kk iKtai fllN%m^™__ : "',: "'' " l *H™ ?J '• S'W\ iAi  '"' "' "" """"'i""1 ''"""""-'• : ffi    flKa-iita^wijig.  arwwl,  turns
V.   __'••    nv iiiVm'.'v  11-., I...' ' i« li.'-H'"' Wod   .li-_.~tii-.ii.   WW1 If  li.-!    "Hmv will v.,u loach iiiiilli.iiiiiitir«?". over, i.n.l begius tn Mt back. Action?
"."*■      '      '"■" ' """",0 ,'Uqu nntoriuiisly prjgbt his ini'iils.    V..i.;Hr. Itoodnt .wiuilu.l to Ilium'. There never wns anything flofcor.   Tho!
K.»nliir alio  BOe  'i bon  il for »2.50  CIU1 I    '"I'  "'"ring  nt   i'ii  I"'"'!  anil     '■ llnsily," Rcllson nnaworo'il.   "Tako other'ertjnturoa iii lho li.nl: rfiiln't no-
-. -ii .1....I..J ' \-.',..' i',,- ti..,,,,',"..,..' tliinliinit  nf  the  croatlon'a  ltint   havo adilition—ono nnil ono aro two.   Ono ta tlca it. bocnuao tni'v'ro tm. busv oatlnir  ■
wo.lc aiul no imiii. .1 an.
"Black Knight'' n a enrolli r.n-lf. thai ta *-.—.■!
easily with . cloth o. ttusli ami ._n.ee like . - -■:*
di.oiosil after . few gentle rul...
I. ele... .a It polliliea—lcce; > the .lo.eafr-..,
..4 bright, with .Imoat .a lillle Iruuule t*
pellahing u«e'. ahoe,. -j?r   ~t s
1«. buy,. bl( OS of "(lack Katfhi."       S.1 t-   *-»
—.1 yo.r dealer's, or aent >•;:.:.! oa       _►     r      ^_
recel.lol price. _^*^S,r,       f
«/ I 1'
mr.r.nunt*.warn.i.»ari,«.on. __tnMit.im.-s.i-_.-a_
.1 .11 donlora.   ^'.mi can try thom free
ty writing for n froo
Drup   &    Chomlcnl
i.iuiitrkl   Dopt,  111'.. Toronto
nm. mul ono aro two.   Ono i-: tlca it. bacnuao tin-y'ro too busy oatlng
in \itii ;   I I apning from it.   That bond is broail anil lone 1>«y in lho  piciur.'.   Ono boy  is each othor. up.   Finally.tho-boo'tlo .wins
n!   of   Canada, I round nud high, rising In a vorltnblo added to him, and ns thoy begin to piny un.l gobbles tho.holgrainlto.
tionio from above eirs of good also. Tho|*tog*otuor tho childron aob thoy nro two.     J/TakO  goography,   Vou   know .how
hair, whlto now, li.'* aprawlod about iaiAuothor buy joins llioln; and Ihoy'rolhirrd it is ru roinombor tbo dry details
threo,     Sama wuy with Milistnu-ii'in. I of goography from it book,   wo show
multiplication, nml  division.   Mnke ala  map with u mark polating to sou
wisps that  rovoal tho scalp horo
tli    In curious contrast m.' tho it
mb»«.....i. . „,n,-«rrvc,. I blnck, thick evolirmvs that jut oul fioin' liitle drama of oach one, rule of throo romotb apot, suy in Africa.   Uur men
Z__BflDIiniv^raStwmt "'" bn"> "'' i,is bi« r""'l"':"1'   'n'" »>.•-!i.n.l all, nnd you'll Lav,, tho chlldron havo boon thorq with the camorn.   The
**^Au5URBInt.JHs liiiiir in,,   l.y el,, uie Iiuiii. ul h'ii-1   • :i dee,', iryinit fnr more." | pirturc pluy shoivs the  unlive  villnge
A iiiih, mr... niiu-i'i.tii-. iivn.   graj gi lish blue, liko vory dark, uu       "Will vou tench algebra)" Hr. lie iin tho forest.   Il ii oarlv morning. Tiie
P^TvV.rr ■'.^'MHly^!.V^^'"V!!n.l';V!o* | i-i.li-l..-l judo,   'i hey do not gloom ot .Ier askod. pooplo awako, stroll out, cook brooTifaBt,
Dw.>in^^^&CMoM   gliaioni yot, when ho Bpouks, tlioy huve,     'AlgobraT" Oil, pahawl" criod Bill- cat   it. go about  tlieir work, picking
iv. .uffenKilnwiuulv ,»iiii i :i curious j.'tiw thai .seems ri pouotrato s'-n. waving his right hand impntiontly, | rubber or cocoa, or whatever it mny be. i
!i!.-,"!.^i''*"!"'ii-alili ' "lie's iiiiuiisi  iniiiil.   Tiie Ininjisli ims.' us If he were liruanlng nway u ily.   "I1TI1011 we show inem iu ilieir games and
ro, Uo ,»iit_s:;..\ti,r uaini| [.,,..) L|n,„ ,,},;„ Woro fiiiuilini- frnin t linns-  iliui't think algo^ra is of uny practical; dancos,    , 0 ynu suppose tlie buys nail I
Sold by /Jeo/V. £r«rgu>n«r.
HARNESS    OIL   The Imperial Oil Co.. Limireri
HUM. aiu"
^mam ___*____ "i'-*' i.-wiii M ■■.\H'T iisin-l
fi-^^-rW'-V'''>■• •*■■ i **n-i'air -"ttii-.H nf
■m ndnoHli laflftnutuu
ban l id no n-cur*. *«■«  . .
*6_'*l,|n,-A.i*!^.lVn1 C-illuii-kH, llnilM-jt   -jtUt-a
anl I'ltn<' tllrvn'i.r tll"M*..i»iu.,liia plc;i-:iiit .nmninR
{'»: -o|L00aiicl|XOIII lH-ttl«*ui ilnu-ci-.t iuril.-u-ti.-nii
*.....!   .. *. ir,.-.   Wrii.-i.irli.
w. f. lOOTO, iMi.t.,.in lyauiutHf 4 WmUfmiitk
HI    IMIII   l'l'".   WIIU   I
-1'. ut.ii' iii.itriv: itta
-e.<.>ii-   ii
i.t i -
-It-y *Tii*i** I'-iU ■- ">i
!..!_ vw LU.. VMMIMi
IU   l:
amis of portraits! l»"t thoro wns ono j use. vVo'vo novor hail any nootl of It I girls will roinombor tliat country and
oliaractorlittc I had never noon in any, in tlii- plaoo. I vo Inn! as many as its citntotiifl ami its proiluctsf Why,
portrait—tho broad, opon*_iniiiiig inoutb.l forty to ilxty ilraftsnton working for I thoy'vo actually been tliere, through
Tho vory liumbloal here worehlpor would mo every day—two thousand nr mine, all tlie pauiora.
r tako liii bnt off tn IMi.iim if ho i told—and nol une of un liai over mod      "VTo'vo gol  men in Australia  now,
hi in
mil Ing.
corolon,   wtnning
nboul that s'niie.   I'robably
oftonor (iiiui  most  folks,  f
bubbling uver with tbe Joy nf i-omlnffjovor ymi want that
back t<> work sftor a good holiday! and ymi can pay an ox|
omothlng' anything but _im
dynamic t ralculntlons.   Of <
o law ii matlci is uioful In
he  wa**  problomo .it' brblg
e nrlthmotic In 0111
■urne, blghoi mnllio
nine of tho olnboi iti
bulblom; Imt whon
photographing the Immonso flocks uf
li.v: un tbc rnnj(-i, tho work ami play
of the shophordSi thu washing of the
-I i, tho uheurlng, tho ivusblng of the
"rt of work done  wool, putting it in balos, freighting :i
i t.-."it- Bro di i   down to 'I i. londing ii  In ■IU
*W .-_-_ tmaaatf *%*
■*»»■-, aaam — am
km warn m*-*e *m -M»
tstam al.-l    lliM.M*n>
am* -4.1 .mtsa. *..**.*>+. *, k«M
ong frloods.   When lu* said lam nud u''t " d  rlghtj io what's Thon wo'll -huw (|io ships unlondlog
nnythlnu ihat amusod us be drove it Ihe uso of bothorlng with II Inordinary al the tins! Imiia docks at lem lun, tbc
■A1VEL WhlrHw Sprsf Iliuina with thai  buoynut, Irropronsiblo, Mie. any inure thnn you'd try t»* bo wool sblppod to tbo factory, unloadod,
T^^y"?**^* ! i'1 * -i' siiilo, your uwu doctor!" icourod, cai ii'i, spun, dyod, wovon, iii*-
hear you have n non i loa about " And physics!" nsl e I the pn mont, elotb made up In bolts, Thon tbo iiiou-
pi turn th n,   Whul i- Itf" uur prosldont "Will you toaflh physical" - iring, cutting, lu ling, llttlng, sowing,
Inquired, •    "Ob, yos," cried tho Inventor, "Tnko finishing "i gnn In, iind nl Insl tho
••I  have," snld  Kdison   "oducatlun n pump,   Did you ovor loam out of yonr tailor putting tbo roal  on tho man
i.. moving picture*,   Toach tbo children  rclmol 1 ',  boft  n  pump  ;•■ i   ml      I  nil ; Ion Prom flic liorfluuing in
ovorylhli f, from  imt ho   itli   to moral wly  ;'  ptim| pill    No; but us soon as ii,.   \ uttti ilimi bn di,   I'*"1 '■  y iu tblnk
Ity, by little .ii.una*- iictod oul  boforo you ne tun Ily sow n pimp nl work yen that will hold their ut'.cntlonf
Your Liver
is Clogged up
Tltnl'a Why You're. Tired—Out  of
'' irla - II..VO No Appelitr..
will hut ynu light
ii ^ Ir..' day..
I hey do
t'-'ir duly.
C ,11.
i   . ..;|. '
Ituam, ItiJif.oilln,, naj M.-k lleadiil...
(irnuino amiau Bignatur**
I-   *T.-^iMHWatWT-W-
iiiiii. ;i,   un I   ro un Incoil   III   the
s, ||  ol  ,,„iiii  ill   M>!\   I ,\\   ,, -t.     ' .,r   .,'
rwinu lho o lurnlloii III on tl lit
liiiiliielv ill il llioj It " H i I" ;■• I"
nl, ml, Vnii'll linvo lo li i. 'om i» kcop
v   awny."
Ki eiy' nt lip Willi u •  •'!".    Illl i
ovei \  yiml Itii-'ir i  il 'ol ll      :'. ■ l
 hllll lo.  Of    t >'      li    IP till! in
."■i r  Iii od,    Kdl.on "«  ilii. and
"Vnho tin. ul; liulie:." lio mill, "You
ouionihor Ihmv linrd  ii   ivnfl in leiim
i   o  di wu   n [i' ilu  I'ltiiipcr
drawn up, nnd the witter raise
Illl e.     Sir I      ." git i'    tllO     -'      ■'     ,
iln-  'll .,. Ilir will" In i nnil Ilu1   le n i
... 11.ro ■ ii :hu ,'.■■ liado        l  Irlvi ll
11 iii'.-.'
Attackod by AlUtma,   Tho Drst fanr      "l;"'  I""' '''' ! ' ■' '   ''"
' .1   ,■ null '"'. Btlon, which | ■^>•■|■"■ '"i'i in    ■      i    I'r. II i
lum. Lv hour ln'1'iiiiii'-  o ,i    i'i' '   aikod.
ami I- iclo i     Tn an li n caia tho rollof     "Iwlly,"  nil I   h,.ll»i a;  "ci I u   ih
n I'nrdotl h.v Hi. .1. I). KoIIomV Aillnun  atonm with nintiioiiln uml u    di ii	
Hon  di -i , uothinir lorn thnn mirn.'ii |	
lot      li   inl, i. .,ui ;.lv -ii pare i and
Hie dri idful nl     "   -leu' I.
,;,, mthmatl ivlm I fnund mil the
ilu:,ru lability of ill - -'I:. nniO'li
ivill in' ei  no will I  ii,     li  is ial
,'\ il . .. lie e.
utidcmtnod  riRhl   away.   Woll,  lu  tlic      VM'o'n    n I  lipgl i  i  i'i1    new
mi" im: t ii-i Irnmn I 'II hnvo n foi li w 'i„. ■,, ,■ ■       1 laii't In ill e . llioiiuji
li   I' ■' : iii ■  in il." all Iho |.urt», I   I   I 'vc     I Hie .letti I u   ilcir.l
put lliein to|(othpr,   'I i ition of tu   ■   pod   >   '    inlnd.    We'll   hnvo  ll
fncliiK He i  n pre will be mndo nf ul tlio i    l.ljjn» (ho Motropiilitnii Opo'tn
ui tlm i llll'ln    nm sec nil Hint's llisuI    limine   wl  llioll«nnil« nl  i'lilrutlnnul
,,'   It,   Tli.iv'II  -.'I'   Hie  |iis|im   .In.,.  drniiiiU! will ho ncte.l   e....].! lho liis-
Hi" little >iK ■ i ap-door,  I    torical Ihii ;'. wliieli will bo token on
an ii   ' lio fori o I under iv.i     .   11.  ipot."
Tl ■ ■■ •  i nf plei  ii" liRltl - in ill • hlg
rutin. ,.   ■       uod olT, ni ctitiy nn
It   wllito   -■ '■   11   h i I   n   si'ties   of
ohilohs Cm
.* I on of * 't.".''.' ("nd |i tion Is
.-i ri nmou ; ilment ii nd Pew ■!•• froo
from it. li i n i n disl i ing i nm
plul t and fton Ihi stifforli it a tto nl
lug ii Is " nre      'i ho   ri v  :    i
ro i..;, i- I- . !-■ '• Vcgctnbla Pill*,
leooi    . ■:  i"     •• c tion a.      Tl oy
I'Mlfy tin *    -tljii "i' the Btom
in ti nnd re '• > hi ill hv nctlnn for
innny yenrs tl \ i :r ■• been n nl in lard
r«mod"i   foi  i    pop      nnd   In ligi itln i
• ml   a ,-    l ■■ put i*i i   .     t, i   .
Essential to Comfort
Wannth is essential to comfort. As you grow older, it is
hardly 3c_s e_sentl_l to health.
Gel ,i Pi . I .'i SmoWes* Oil
Heater, end you keep worm and com-
fortaLli; di youf Lome, no mallei-what tlic weather without
Tlic Perfection i;lvc.i n rirong, wide-pread I, and'give, it
quickly, I. it olwnya ready for um and bun i nine liouraorta slnula
nlling no more trouble llion a lamp, li i abe carried anywhere;
no pipes, iu wires, no flue.; no tnioke, odor or dirt,
Hie luut^r that gives compK le Mtufni tion.
Tlii; yoar*i Perfection I, fiaUhed in eilhe. Line enamel or pteJo iieel; uktel
trinmingai Iiiiil andornammlil. yet ti oog n-i Idur-l.lc ntcanbe uu Jo.   All jiati,
Ciily cleaned.   Automatic-locking (ljinn ip-radcr jirevcuU inictine,.
U.alei.cvr,ywheic; nc write lj inx agenc,'ol
T!i2 Imperial Oil Compa.:y, Limited FRF.F,
i'lipe criticism, nay nothing,  do
nothing, lie nothing,
The lire fiend Booms tn have n
, piirliculnr spile atJCliilliwack's boot
Inuil shoo merchants, with thc Homo
' Bakery snndwiohotl in botween,
and      , vW"
bette" >/
t r • • a" S
Sold by Merchants of Chilliwack, I.osedale, and Atclielitz.
Call and Hear the New
Those attending fives who are not
iiieiiiliiTs nl' the fire brigade, should
lie I'iiri'ful not tn interfere tuu much
with the work iif the officers of thc
brigade, Assistance in getting llie
equipment frnin the hall tu the
scene nf the lire is greatly wolcomed
nntl is a very practical and much
needed service, hut. sometimes uver
zealous efforts in the work of checking the lire, hampers the work uf
the brigade in place nf being an ns-
sistance. In the confusion whieh is
sure to result the Instructions of
officers are often misunderstood, if
even heard hy the firemen, and in-
lelligent and effective handling of
the situation is unnecessarily delayed and oncumborcd. A better
policy for the citizen would he tn
he ready tn give assistance if required tu do so, hut otherwise to allow
Ihe thirty firemen tn handle the
work in which they arc especially
instructed anil equipped.
$20,   $32.50,   $52.00.
They are the Sensation of the     |
Talking Machine World. |
ALF. WHITE   Music Dealer |
We have in Btock a number of standard doors, assorted
sizes, whieh we purchased ill a .snap price.     We bought
these doors right and will sell them right.
The Prices Range From
$1.75 to $2.15
Compare these with regular prices and come and see the
doors. Come early as they will nol last long at these prices,
P. 0. Box 243 Phone R 121
Chilliwack Planing Mills
Local municipal election excitement in both City and Municipality
has abated and the new Councils
have been duly sworn in nud have
got fairly'started on the business of
the year 1912. The taxpayer has
had his opportunity in making a
selection, and has spoken hy his
vote. The result is that somo new
faces appear around tho Council
| tables. However, only two members
i of last year's Councils who were in
i Ihe Held (ailed lo secure the positions sought, viz. Alderman Jack-
Isou in the City and Councillor
! Mercer in the Municipality, in the
contest fur the Mayoralty Mr. Jackson made a strong light against big
odds, and deserves credit in his
effort lo land the prize in view.
Councillor Mercer lost an even
chance with Councillor Brett h.v une
vote. All cannot win and it is
hoped that any undue election feeling" will disappear and become bur-
ried'iii the past, and that all will
pull for the advancement and devel
opment of the City and Valley during, he year 1912. This year will
he an important one in the history
nf the Valley, and keen, loyal, consistent and persistent effort should
characterize thc attitude of every
citizen in putting his shoulder to
tu the wheel. We hope to see the
next twelve months, months of level
and clear sighted cffnrt and Inisiness
success, both as regards City and
Municipal matters and private enterprise,
offered by Rev. A. K. Roberts, after
[whieh Inisiness was proceeded with.
The lirsl order was that nf select-
i ing the various committees. They
j are:
Hoard of Works—The whole Conn
Fimiuci—Councillors Kvans and
j Marrs.
Police—Reeve Wilson, and Councillors Bailey and Kvans.
|    Printing—Reeve Wilson and thc
Clerk, ('. W. Webb.
;    Board   of    Health—The    whole
Licensing Board—Reeve Wilson,
I and Councillors Brett and Bailey,
together with Messrs. Jos. Watson,
and (1. II. Ashwell, as Justices of
the I'eaee.
The following officials were appointed for 1912:
Medical Health Officer—Dr. J.
C. Henderson.
Roliciloi—J. II. Bowes,
Constables—Jos. Scott and Chas.
Applications will be received by
the Reeve for thc position of Clerk,
Collector and Assessor fnr 1912.
C. W. Webb was appointed Clerk
The Chilliwaek Highway By-law
was finally passed, signed and sealed.
Thc Reeve and Councillor Evans
were appointed a committee to interview the Cily Council regarding
the securing uf oiliee room, police
quarters, etc., in the city hall.
The report of the finance committee recommending payment uf
accounts amounting tu 8708.00 was
adopted.   Council then adjourned,
Dates have now been finally fixed
for the annual convention of the
various associations operating under
thejurisdicton of the department of
agriculture which are held annually
in Victoria. The members of the
British Columbia Fall Fair association will meet on January 22nd,
tin' British Columbia Stock Breeders' Association un January 23rd;
the British Columbian Dairymen's
Association on January 21th; thc
Central Farim is' Institute on Jan.
25th and 26th; the British Columbia Poultrymon on January 29th;
and the British Columbia Fruit
Growers' Association on Januarv 30
and 31.
At Quesnol oats are seven cents a
pound, and hay S7o a ton.
Paid-up Capital and Resorve
Money Loaned to Responsible People.
Accounts Opened on Favorable Terms.
% Chi-MWAok Bkanch   -   N. S. MaoKenzie, Manager
Quality -- Economy
1 *
| Just Arrived!
* *
+    -__-________________________-_---————-———-    4
t *
* Tlm Chilliwack Harness Co., arc carrying a full line of J
\ Dr. Pattie's Celebrated Australian f
Stock Remedies.
I jiutn  nemewes. +
* *
* For Horses unci Cnttle.   Also instruments in Drenching *
Hills. .Syringes, und Milk Fnvor outfit s, J
l)o not mis* tlic opportunity of getting n goml neccss'ly for yuur J
-I.,,.., t
The election in the Municipality
took place on Saturday, the vole
being received al Chilliwaek, Sardis,
Hosedale and Sumas. Considerable
interest was manifest and a large
vote was polled. Reeve P. II.
Wilson, was returned by acclamation for anothor term. Messrs. Bailey, Brett, Cameron, Evans, Hani-
sun. Mans and Mercer, were nominated as Councillors, Councillor Kvans
headed the poll with 284 vutes,
Councillor Mans, came next with
221. Mr. Bailey whu is the new
member nn the Counoll polled 208,
while Councillor Brett secured 198,
ur one more than Councillor Mercer.
The latter gives way to the new-
man Councillor Bailey.
Monday wns a busy day for the
Municipal Council and officials.
The day's proceedings started with
a recount Jof the ballots cast un
Saturday the close vote between
Messrs. Brett and Mercer being a
point of much interest,
al'l'lic [report ul Returnlng-Officcr
C. W. Webb, was read antl the
successful candidates declared elected. Al eleven n'eluek the Council
nf illl l*sat and closed up the business uf Ihe year. The Council for
11112, was duly swum in by Magistrate A. L. Coote,  and  prayer was
I Macken
The Studebaker Buggy, has the merite whieh
mean quality and economy to the purchaser.
These rigs are made by people who know,
and the result is a buggy that outlasts its
rivals The Studebaker has the style, finish,
workmanship, best materials, and latest improvements. You can see them at our
The Chilliwack Implement &
Produce Co.
I will
be glad
| to furnish you
| with an esti-
* mate on your
J lumber bill
I whether you
| place your or-
! der with them
* or not.
|    Phone 86
Lumber Co.
Chilliwack, b.c. Jan. 4, 1912
Messrs. T. J. Pollky „ Co.,
Chilliwack, B. C.
Gentlemen :
I am in receipt** from the Hudson Bay, Columbia and Canadian Phoenix Fire Insurance Companies,
in payment of my loss, when my barn and contents
were completely destroyed by lire, and I beg to
thank you for same and for the prompt settlement,
as it is only about twenty days since my claim
papers were completed.
Yours truly,
C. E. Eckert.
Don't Fail To See
EL PERCO                 Q
the electric coflcc                    _^^ft«_.
the liiuuly immersion heater for boiling water quickly.
llie  iltiliapcllHalilv
kiiclieii   conven-
Drop in it our
Chllllwaek   office
•nil have liiew appliance, explainiil
lo you.
tlie iliiv on wliieli
thc elfftric current
will iln light
B. C Electric Railway Co,
Have you insured your Spring Stock yet?
If not, PHONE our Insurance Department.    We carry the most reliable Board Companies
FI    U A DT   JBL   i~*ef\     I _-_-_ The Chilliwack
•  J.   JriAKl    &   VAJ.,  JLtCl. Specialists
Formerly (The New Era.)
Printed and ptiblUiit-d every Tliursday from its
nflcc. Went in I lister Street, Chilliwack.
Sutnu-riptiun price f i.fiu per year lu advance to nil
puiattj in Britif.li i'^miin-; to United Statutf$l,w.
D'spli y advertIsing rules iiuule known on nppll-
cutfon to the pub.inl.er.
ClatwIflFd ndvertUementf. i cent per word each
inrtttlon. payable In advance.
Display advertUern will plense remember that
to insure a chitnxc, copy must be in not Inter than
Wrdnesttn V inomlliir.
C. A. BARM-.R. I'libll-lier and rroprietor.
Sold and  delivered.
Orders left at the Victoria House will receive
prompt, attention.
C. T. Vradenburg
rittchtr Si.
Wt. have u new an.l up-to-date
plain Willi llie latest uietliods for all
kinds of Cleaning, Ojrelng uml PrCM-
iiiK.     Expert lielu lur all branches.
special attention uiii l~ Riven i./ull
Mali ami Express orders from Ciiilli-
waek ami llie Valley. We solicit a trial.
428   9th AVE.  W..  VANCOUVER
Teacher* of Voice, llano und Violin
ill Chilliwack weekly.
A|>»ir by i'"-tai cul in .im Coiiwrrator. i
804 Broadway West, Vancouver
...il uur t...-l.rr will cuH nn yuu.
Westminster Trust Huilding
R. A. Henderson, c.e. & m.e.
B. C. Land Scrveyok
Rooms 10 A 11, Westminster Trust Block
Opposite 11. C. E. Station
Fitted witli  modern con
vonitnees   and    comfortably j»
furnished throughout.
D. I. HacLINNAN, Proprietor
Hot Air   Furnaces,
Roofing and Cornice,
Metallic   Ceilings,
Stoves and Ranges,
General repair work,
Estimates  furnished
Phone 94
British Columbia Electric Ry.
Train.       Chwk.
3 8.311 a.m.
ft 1.16 p.m.
7 11.00 p. in.
Train      llixiln.
1 ll 110 a.m.
Train        Van.
1    B.SQa.m.
4  I'i ir. H..I.1
8  fi.00p.in,
Train       Van.
6 3.09 p.m.
live. Chilliwack S.00 a.m. I Dally Except
"   Vancouver 7.00   '     1     Sunday
All passenger trains handle Eipress.
Business Notice
On and after the 1st ot February the credits will be a
thing' of the past in my store.
I cannot do business and pay
my honest debts, by carrying'
in my books year after year,
two or three thousand dollars of accounts, paying me
no interest. In future my
business will be strictly cash
or no business.
All accounts must be paid by
the first of March or they will
be put in the hands of a
I am yours,
S. A. Parsons   ™«T
Do You Know
That owing to building operations having commenced
on Lots 7 and 8 facing on  Young Street, South,
business lots in this locality arc going to increase in
We Can Deliver
A 50 foot Lot, exceptionally well situated on Young
Street at $100 per front'foot.     For terms see
Chas. Huteheson ® Co.
Useful and Acceptable
Household  Articles
The little immersion heater, ll o i I s
water in a few
El Stovo
TI. »•   s t o v o
whicli     boils
your     kettle
Hove— For
all cooking
purposes as
well as toasting.
El Perco
Makes delic
i his coffee
in   at   few
Phone 257        &   PUGH
The Insl mooting of the 1011
Council wns hold Monday foronoon,
tin; iuniigural mooting ill' the new
Council taking place, at its dose,
The Council for 11)12 was sworn in
by Magistrate. MeOillivary -md
prayer was offered hy Kev. Canon
Tho following committees were
Board of Works—.las. O'Hearn,
Chairman, nnd Messrs. Carleton,
Kekert, Gervan, and Goodland.
Finance—C. _. Eckort, Chairman, -.ul Messrs. Carloton and
Fire, Water and Light—H. H.
dot-van( Chairman, and Messrs.
Cnrleton and Goodland,
Hoard of Health—H. T. Good-
land, Chairman, and Messrs. Kekert
nml Gorvnn.
Board of Agriculture—S. 8. Carlo-
ton. Chairman, and Messrs. Kekert
ami Gervan.
Joseph Childei'liosc, Alderman
(('Ileum and the Mayor, will comprise the Police Commission for 1012,
Wm. Knight, II. II. Gervan nnd
the Mayor will comprise the Llecnso
Commission for 1912.
The lirst. Inisiness meeting of the
new Council was held nn Mondny
evening, all the members being pre-
At the request of the Mayor for
Information, the City Engineer reported 3,000 yards Of rock ready lo
crush and live moil On the city pay
roll, in connection with the Board
of Works.
The Chairman of the Board of
Works wm requested to investigate
conditions, as to men employed,
etc., and report at next meeting
of the Council.
The Council decided lo separate
the offices of Assessor and Clerk,
and are asking for applications for
i the respective positions, snme to be in
the hands of the Mayor on or before
Jan. 29.
The Mayor, and Aldermen
O'Hearn and Eckert were appointed
a Committee to interview Mr. |
Cruieksliank re the rocking of Yale'
road, and kindred matters.
As the terms of all  City officers
expire with the going nut of Council
of UIU, the Mayor asked  for the
resignation of the City Engineer.
The City Engineer stated that he
was engaged for one year ami his
term did not expire  until   March,
and refused to hand in his resignation.   Tlic Mayor contended  that:
the Council for 1911, could  not]
obligate the   Council  for 1912 according to Statute,  but   the   City
Engineer still maintained his ad- I
hesion to the terms of his roatract,
and matter was left thus.
The Mayor reported that a delegation from tlie rural municipality
would shortly wait on the City Conn-1
oil, re tho securing of room in now city
hall for Counoll meetings,look up etc.
Dr. Patton was re-engaged as
IMedical Health Officer at a salary!
of s"o |ier year.
Six copies of  Municipal Clauses;
Act and the Municipal Journal  for
.use by the Council were ordered to
lie secured.
The Mayor had a copy of the
; contract between the Elk Creek I
i Waterworks Co. and the Municipal
I Council, and according to its pro-,
visions, purchase cannot be made
I More Dec. Ill, 1916. The Mayor;
stated he would take up the subject j
. with the Co. and report.
Alderman Goodland gave notice
i that   be  would  introduce,  at   the
i next meeting of the Council, n  lly-
llaw for the purchase of lot   2, block
I I, Div. A, for Drill Hall site to  be
• given to Dominion   Government.
The subject of light  and  power
nnd the fact that Blaine, Wash., got
j its electricity from the  11. ('. K. It.
for  four cents a   kilowat   at   the
metre, was discussed  and Council
adjourned until next Monday evening. 	
The Municipal School Board
will comprise tho same trustees 08
last year. J. D. Barrow, J. 0.
H.ihertsoii and II. Webb were the
retiring trustees this year, these
three gentlemen were returned by
acclamation, who together with
Messrs. .1. E. Parker and.I. L.Don-
holm, will comprise the Hoard of
At   the oloso of the   Municipal
Council meeting on Monday after-
noun the Board held its lirst  meeting, after being sworn in liy A.   L. |
.1. C. Robertson was again elected
Chairman, and J. 1.. Denholm and!
J. D. Barrow, Finance Committee.
Dr. J. C. Henderson wns appointed Medical Health Oll'leer.
Tlie efficient and painstaking
Seeretary, C. \V. Webb was reappointed, nnd asn inuil, of apprecie-
tloh of his services and owing lo tho
increasing volume of work, he   was
given a suitable increase in   salary.
The finance committee recommended payment of accounts for
* HI. 10 whieh was excepted and they
M"t i ■ » 1.1 Ji* i i S *i ■i'i************************************
IWe Have
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Builder's Supplies
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Interstate Automobile
',',    Farm Implements
Iiniry Supplies
(Iriiinm Motor Truck.
Iliuclu'ood Milking Mailiint-a
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Successor to WM. ARCHIBALD
Estimates Given
Phone .r.S
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The Saving is 100 p. c.
muli  Imi.
licit COi
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timi,    lint    If   j'oil    WJsIl    4*0)1    ''illl
sfn-.'jty-* the  coin;-  tmuminus  <!_-•
sirmt.    M-ntlOA ImiiIv  color lifftt. '
Wc    giuuuntcB- extni    l.uivy-^
weight  six- wo   use  illl   mit'orreil-
woit-ii-.l ynriY nml  hosj  of work-
Free S50.00 in Gash
undor lio-   following  i*uu_itiun*.:
Kadi (iidiir untitles the pur-
rli'i-.'i* it. one ffuc&s as to whicli
nl tho nl'ovo onu mora tod colics
wiJI jiron- mo.-;. populHr, State
in o'stlifiate tlio miiiiticr of mvi-ui
or-t of I lo* color yon soloijt ivlijrh
in your estimation will ho sold
prior lo t'Vmitiuy 1.1th, 10l_.
In i lie o\onl nt* fi iii* tho wiil-
nor will ho determined by pr uu
llUCfl oi' i-~.:i|.l ol   UJUirOL    ..
Pleaso montlou thin papor
whon onJorlng,
Uouiit $5.-6,, by tumii-v -uder
or chequo, when wo will fiifjiiddu
ult-ly acknowledge oi**l*!r mid sand
swciitet nnd lutftie hy Hired I'o.-t,
Nu nt'ioi.s jii-iDpi od nl ttiih
price for dolivory out of Canada.
I'-ickod in "II..Ily li..\" only
whoti • iH|u •**■*■* >*■■].
Norwood & Norwood
HiU*** *■>•>*■ Swnttrj Exd-iivd**/
Somerset BIk., Winnipeg,Han.
Make you*.* ■-■.election now and
nil in the following as a reminder.
Cheat Measurement	
Color (Body)	
Color (Trimmings) 	
■ ■ i in- church is janimod
Lord i'i. .-t'Mf us.''
lY.I.'.stritiii *■ Itm 1 Vuu just mishoil
nn- by nu itu-.li'' ' Ohftiilleiii' "He pa
li.'i't.    L'm fnNiu,:; bnikUfliici'tly."
lt, is true thnl It cost- you inure to
livu uuw Limit il ~o.ii youi' gtoatoi'unH*
_tli_t, tilt it TKtnlcL&it -__i_;a_ itiqi.li it
you Iivitil ns lu- did.
riiJituif...".!,^piiiuHO/your littiu.oiui,s.
{.'_,' yon ninny 6)iilioivrnHsi_g quostliglin
<;iiilili'ii-h--"Vm,   tiioy   nro   just   liko
llielr tuotbi'i*."
Mot'Miuauiai- " What do you think
la Hi.* inoht dilhiiilt Mi in- loi* a Bogill*
ni-r to learn it bun I nu auloiiioliiH'*."
Prankstrtiii-*'''!'!! koop from talking
about it all lho tiimi."
r.-nlitn- " Win -do ymi sigh,'
hun'lopo   •• l.i-c'iu-n:  I  ran 'l
bni'k  nl   my dro'sH,      Thi'V  sny
Then  Wake  Up to the Fact Today That Your Trouble
is Curable
od ilu
it  lit-
" Vi-s.  lay   fiieii'l,   I   was  nboijt   to
marry  the cau.ittout  wheu   I   Hudflauly
loarnod  that she  Bpoul   mun*  ilmn  a
thousanil a year on her vlressnuiUor.*'
"Then  what 'lid you do?''
"Why. I married tho dreiwniakur."■
"Vim rofuso to allow yuur son to
study (-.polling ami grununnrf" said Uu*
trt'aeh'er. ' H Ahsnlutoly," iepliod Mr,
Q roue hor. " I want' him to I ry liis
hand-at-.c-uiR'nt litoraluro, uudj don't
propose to spoil his duilm-l nnd slang.-"
Thinness, tiredness, poor color, losi,
of appetite nnd despondency Indicate
1-yspopnia and Stomach Dlsortlois.
Von don't require a harsh, griping
luodlcino, Hi'Ht ii-sults oonio from lu.
Ilaiiiiltou'h Tills uf Mandrako ami Uut
teriiut, whicli contain soothing, stiuiu
lating vogotablo ingredionta that so
.streuglheu the utoniuch and bowels
muscles as to enable them tu again net
as nuttire. intended. \\ iu>u this is
iicculnptirthod all trace of 'Stomach
miisory tuul * dyspepsia tuBappoai's,
You will hnd Dr. Hamilton _ Pills a
aclontiflc euro lor all forms of atom-
ach. dlstro--, hoadnclio, hlllousno-ss, bad
color, liver complaint nti-.l coustlpation,
..o hall w-iy mei.suros -hot lit-liu**; l\i\l
for these cunditious follow tho use ol
Dr. Mammon's Pill.-. KKFl/iSI*, A SUM
KT1TDTK. All tlealers sell Dr, llamil
ton's Pills, _ui*. per ho\, nr from th.
t'atarvhuzono Co., Kingston, Out.
Dni'tor: ""Nmv, tliere is a vc.y f-implo
romody for this- er - this—er.— renir-
ring  UiirHt..     Whenever  you   tVel_ that
Jiaenhor.M* pWnei V 'Willlani, ymjare
too heavv.'- Can't vuu take something
of"        A \      *
... al.iii-kny- -" K'm   \ie;iri,ng  tny- lightest
suit' ami Imvi-iK't tasted food all day.!'
Owner—"Thon, For   goodness' sjiko,
gli.and get   s)!«.V.ttjlUrK -- --     *■'
  ..   * .-*..  t.  .'  ....
"You say you charge extra for jfiiiui
iner hoarilt-rs wno nro trying to rodui'.T
their weight^ '   --   .     -., .--
'M'i's,'-'  ie|-!ifd  Viii-mer    CorntuSsoTi'
"I_;have to.     Tffoy   aiwjiys   dovflon
t.he rnj^oht i.j.potiUs.." -    -
•   ±J    •--.     - ■.<:   s,    »■'*•_ 1    .  ^ 	
."■.The ki'.ly: .\vi.al,- ih- wtilwuut, littio I :il.i, . ' ' "   i
boy? I      ' '*fnv    '',J    «V°U'   w*ft'"    **"    cliunged,
'Ihe Kid—Could  wo  pull off a (foil? -leart" puiii niaiuma.
In-tworn  '■DiiWh''   Hiloy nud    " Pun |   "Iirtoadlmc
stca'd of Murphy's; and whu-will sny
Llial.-luiphy..ciJuUt nut-havu-bueu tiL Llie
liMi'd iff tlie list lasl year' il' ho [utd
i , .-ii t"av.yuui tt'itll the Abbey, li.ut, Lho
, luiiiipion pa^er nl' tht* year, uml Dudie
Arelidalo. a.OU 1 I, the largest monoy
winning trotter, as tools to work withy
The disparity among tho drivers who
cunliiie their operators uu the hull'
milt' tracks is iniioh greater, for the
principal reason lhat many ''groan*
horns" or probationers, uro seen on
tno l wice around _6iu_e*..- and uguin
muny men bro found driving uu I hi*
■mallei' tracks who shorn . bo driving
mules  or   handling  u   pick  uml   shovel.
(iicmioiJiilly such u ouo will Bo seen
on the big iriii-Ks, but thu bouehemls
do not Inst lung iu high society. If by
somo chiinco ono should Iind his way.
into the (hand Circuit he quickly discovers ho is in deep water, uud disappears, going back tu tho hnlf mile
[racks, whero ho is muro nt home.
The tl and Circuit is moro ot a High
School, us it woro, for unly tllOSQ edu-
ciili'd in the lilt of ratio driving aro
able to retain uoir positions, while on
the half-mile ttucks tho preparatory
h-ssuns are obtained.
In conned iuu with (..Ivors, it recalls
the fact thut tho lot of a stnrting
judge is much easier on the big tracks
than on tho half-mile ones, fm- iu the
ono euro tho Bturtor hits to dodl with
men invariably prolicjcnt iu their call
ing, while in thu other it is ufteu thu
case that the diivers nre a vory ia-
itilVerent lut, some guud, somo bad,
and  others wurse.
Uood drivers seldnni give a starting
judge nny trouble, for tliey know that
in trying to help llie starter they nre
helping themselves.
It is nut un uncommon uceurienco
uil the half mile trucks lu see ,-, dii
ver deliberately delay tho start of a
heat by one way or another. It was
unly   recently   ut    Dulferiu   Purk   that
the' spoclnclQ of two or  thr Irivers
deliberately delaying starts were seen,
but   In  em h   iuslai    it   wns  the  work
ui :i novice nr ii driver wIiobo ropiitii-
Hon  ia ul   low wator mark.    Imppa|i)g
Onco uguin  my waoilorlng footstopi
■ ■. uu Lho ■tiuw-l,iMi,*i trail beat true,'
Toward the ultimata wild spaces, when
to Jovi> is just to bo,
Whoro nil service is Imi froodojij iln
ili'ineulh Hod's sky of bluol ll
Colonel Urn ham, of Boston, who was
visiting in Canada recently, tells u g6_1
story of an '88 modal, In hia early days,
Ont ham was a bugler in the 13 til Uegi-
luciit of IlumiUun, .Then hu moved lu
Toronto, joipo'_ the QuogiY's Own, uud
wub one of tho lucky ones chosen tu go
witli lhat regiment to the Nortl|*y>'08t
iu 1880, He .served throughout Dm Ho.'
boltlon ami lived lu wear it medal fur
his borvieo. Afterwards ho wout, to
Montreal nnd served in the Victoria
Rifles, Later ho wont to Boston uml
was invited to join tho Ancient nod
liunnrnble Art illery Company, When
this body visited Kiiglnnd during the
reigu ui Cjueeu Victoria, Mr, Hraham
wus pno of those who took thu trip.
The entertainment Wus treuiAnduus. It
was the Ilrst time Knglnud had over
had an opportunity of weh-oming a detachment oi military mon from the
Hailed Stutos, ami from Quoou Victoriu
down the Knglish [Hjoplo lavishly enter
tallied. When the Company was inspected bv the Prince uf Wutos, afterwards |*;d\vard VII.. he notl^od this
medal nil Mr. Ijriiham, Hn htnpped and
asked Mr. Hritham how ho eamu lo wear
"un   KugUsll  medal nu  u   ('nited  States
"Dear Str:
"I wish you to fiat my lotli.* un <'l
inrd for the -&I.0 of siill'eiing hiimiiiiit) I
1 have sull'eiod IS liiputliB witli'Mio*!
ciilur Hheiiuintism in my back. I haAJ
spoilt at leaVf .-}i_U.iH) on pills and linif
menf.H during thnt time, but noilii.i'F
would en so mo of thu pain; in Not, ii
was u chronic pain. Por those lun.|
IH months it sluyed right , vHli
Bomotlines convulsive nnd cramp lik<g
causing' fno to groan and cry. alim
WIITy moii-rent was tortu'ro.'™ * t' coulj
uul turn in bod wiilomi yelling oul
Now I will always bless the diy WlioL
I first started to rub in, nud Lu t.i Itl
intornully, * iNorvilino,' After itsinW
four buttles, my pains have left ■in. I
shall always tnko off my hat to 'N«l
viline' and can houostly ssjr it's Hi
pour man's best friend, boeniiHO it vr.j
always drive nway from yuu tbo I>mki|
."Tours trutb-uUy,
"Thomas (Iohm. J
Hso only Nerviline.     Sold in _Sc. anj
fiOcr buttles the world ov«r.'
Bullorail with lliu KUuoyii mul wn» very
foolilu, Imt now lio In li'nliii". Hut
.    Hiiiiit Wlillmrg. SubIc. Nov. (Si— (H io
ll««» ni  »U?li ilrivi'rs iluan not Boom clnl).»-Oilo IionltliJ, linp|.v    I'mnilv    in
to  Imvo  ll"'  ili'sin-.l   i'il'i...|,  nml   tho this   noltfliliorl i       nlwuyh romlji
uni'sliiiii is. n-lint sin.nl.l lii> ilmn. irlr.li to nponli n iroo.l worij for PoiLI'm ICl.l
,.,ni wiinl n wlii.sli.v nn,l stulii Jnsl nil in. Iliomf Siif^ension m.ticiir. to bo thi' 1117 1'illn. Tlio'y nro Mr. nn.l .\trn.
;i|i|ilo ..mil uu ii|'|ili'.'-' Iniily pf.lnlion. nn.l wliilo tin- liittor ro   Loon Sorgoant, mill horo is tha roli.on
l':i.t ii'-ut;.'_ Hi.i    ur   unity outing Bf-  moily inlglil  look too sovoro, tha ulli-lin  .Mr. Sorgont'u own  wonlw
ly nr sixty u|i|ili's n iliiy!;' -„.':' nmto rosull  probubly would justify Uio I    "I gulforoil wilh my lildnoyn nml I
• .... iiii'iiiih. wflg—Vory rooblo.   My urino wns ilii.ili
'•'Muininn. .'iin ynu I'iinii!,'!. .(ivi- ,1,'iH.s nn.l  bad  I   liri.'li 1I11M   lodimont.      u\s
liu- ino^'.' nsk..il tii.> himii-.-iit liltl.' <:ir    A    REVIVAL   OF   THE    WHALING "'"''' i\ Kl.,i ",'■>' I'iH^ ln.t ulri'iiiiy i'ii.'0'l
in_U3t_y '">' w!"*    l"'"-1", ""';'". :"™,;   *.r
mv urine is  norma) au<|  i  loci line.  '
It, Is reported in  Hie London  Hinan      'rt jH statements such as  tlioso that
,,,„ ipiirilll     ri,   ,i:i1 pvm ,li:" *'' ^0 ""« is about tt. fflvfl Dodd's  Kulnev Pills  their poftll
.    -r n      iB ,!.„„„ ."Hu.n.i,.-, n    jispntch a.iluet uf five  vc-sols-tliree Juritv.      Thev are no .-uro-all.      Tlmv
ho.'   Sm.th ib.ui, hi yuur collnr, Jndlsponse. wbulors, u factprv Bliip; und an o.l en
could you minrnnteo dat dered be no
j.iili.o intnri'oitni.e; ■     -First Uuy: "Your folk ain't ns rich
,-**■" Ins our-fc'; -ily father nml uiulher go ilriv-
Ati njfod colored man wns ougngou iu;iui: every, day."     .    .
burning  the gross  oil'  the  lawn   of a|    Second Hoy;  "My father drives ev
yOiilfg broker when 1 !ie*H**tiJr feturpid cry day. tno."
io hi*; lehnij and, $jnlcj(jg tuhave sdmo|    Pirst Boy: "1 don't believe ill What
frtu "witli ill. old  man'.'suid:  "Sunlb'-i ,dis.'s. ho drive?"
if ymi burn tfpiH firii.s. .the entire lawn.,. Second J^oy: "iVjUs.1
..ill Imj as blai-k.ns you are." "Dat'sJ "   '.■'■*.   ¥    p.
ill   ri^lit, suh," responded  the neiri
limply I'lire  diseased  Kidneys and   th
ri* _—to engage in whaling 111 the vlcln- [ tills that como from disoafod KidnoW
ity of Kergucli'ii Island, where .>or-Hut no matter whut neighborhood y'oi
wegiun stations are already establish* j visit, you find some man or woman who
From many parts of tho world)has been sick and in pain and has been
cured by Dodd's Kiduoy Hills. IV
as the one - ure -tire for Kidney Discaid,
going on and today in every pnrt of
Canada Dodd's Kidney Pills aro known
comes the news of an active revival In
the whaling industry, which hud been
at  n  low ebb  for niaiiv years.      Nor
wegiau i-onipanies aru said to be reiping ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^      ^	
enormous dividends in southwest Afri- jas the ono sura cure for Kidney Discard
can waters, and n Germuay eompuuy,  Urinary Troubles.  Backache, Rhoumaj
I    it "was-in tho ruldtit-holi* railway, oth-|.;ust funned with u capital Of $_50,o5oji*sm;   Dropsy,    Diabetos   and    Brightj'i
"S.mie n* dy-e ^l;iys dat ..gn'r1* •_*cnW "P lenv'ige  the siibterranenu line, ami  tool is  about   tu  begin  operations   ia     the.Discr'
ml'In- ns green as youh are. '•|;ii-n*-1l .,-raiuble was taking place at ono   some region.
P'r-he stations as passengers entered |    About twenty Norwegian expedition
iiiiifoiui," uud 'iialiiiiii had to tell ki j
the sturv. l.nt'T '">■ the Opinptn/ m.
Inspected by Ooliortil Blf Oftrnat Woti*|
lev, who hnd comiiiaiMled, tho troops
the Ited Hiver Kxpodlthm. Ah ho pium,l
alnng the lino, he noticed Ihe m.itsl
but suid nothing at Hie Uinn. Mhortll
uftorwardH, uh orderly approached M|
Hm llii ui ami hii it] that Henorul WoIjWc,
lesired lo speak to him. Mi. (li-ilml
ivonl ovor to whuro hu was standing, *|
company witIV the Duke of runuiugl^l
Hu* Duke nf Cornwall (now Kml
Heurgo V,), ami other (torsons of mill
Tlm Oonernl nlso naked la I an hurt ll
eume tngOt Ihe medal. Mr. Ornln [
nusnectod Ihnl Wolsoloy lh ought no hi'|
picked il up'iii a"M-n.iidlia,iiil slum, blf
he   explained   us   best    lie' bftlld,     Tl
Oonernl ashed U i hi many .picstion
about, the reglmonl iu lyhlcJi ho ha
served, the niinie of hU Ctfpuia, h
eiuTUiunuliu*-** otbeer; the WOTtf' do»6 1
his eolumtt) the ongngemenM hi* hs.
been in, amino oo. ' Hut Hriili.'iin toi
able to IIU(lWOr ai-iuiately -lilift tO tjo.f
vince 'ihe Heneral thut ho had tv right ij
WCftri the ilecurhtiun.
:f elmnl -Oiti Ita in is BtUi'A young itinj
and he lip^qlt to wear that me.Inl'
iiuiii', mansions, yet. It is <>no af hi|
proudest possi-*-ioiis. And he ii hove
prouder thuu uhou wquritlg it st on
of the functions nf Ihe Hatiadian Olul
oi Boston; Of which he [4 11 pawl petal
'dent. Wlion in f-OliiToi. with thr Ail
till-ery-fompnny nn 'tlwnci-asb.n rcf«i/l
ed tn he lost it ouo day nn tho -t se^l
But the (.'(doners good fuck did not dtf
,-eurt him. Next day, the medal was* lo'|
for him ut the Uo'tel.Oocil.
An ari.Hti„ratic visitor, who was niiik-
1104 th(,' (Inn! "-all in the slum district]
rising, soldi --.    j
"Woll, my.^ilol Womnn, (■ must 'go
now. Is there nny thing I can do for
yuu/" .... .      ■.
" No. thenk yo, muni," replied the
submerged one. "Vo mustn't mind it'
I don't rnturn the eirll, will ye*? t hnve
n't any time tu go slummin' moself.S
h ne.,-: sec ned n noble Ihii %
Some little leagues ol  laud to gam
From broken men, nor yol to Uing
Abru il  I lie lhuiiderlM.il'- ol   p n I,
Vet    I    have   felt   the   iioickoning
hi oa tli
\- peril heavy peril kissed
My weapon was n little faith.
And  fear wua my un logon 1st.
*a___5* "o.'*Sf •'■'
Wfrr/XM ' y*_'..f^.*;.
Dr. II. W. Wiley, tin- food expeit. wis
rolliing at a luntbcon in Wdsliiugtoli
aboul n fnud adullorator. "Hi^ tlr-n
jirer," said Dr< Wilev. '•sounded, on
the fute of it. fair H* tlio public; but it )
wns iu reality -,\< unfair as the offer j f
of the divorcee. A wife, after the'ill
■    I"    I <______.
time.' '(imil!" suid ho, nibbing Jits
hands. '.Splendid.' 'Yet-,' she resunfjsd,
yuu may have him niu'hts."'
or nllghtcil.
-1'iho. dear-old gentleman was buiiel
deefdy in his famrite weekly- the one
with. golden covers—-and as he made
his way nnrimsi-'iuui-Jy Jowhrds the.exit
lie trod sfintewliat heavily ofi the pet
-.Mufi.t'if a- binly -icoti. -•• ••> ■ • -
■ '• Hoot, inonl'* rroancil .StiD'ly, ten-
deilv enre-ising the iujurwl limb. "Aro
"The ti. 0, glared fie-ur-Iy over the
f,.r, „f RH paper.
' ' *'.}Ioot yourself!*' ho siinrlel. "D'ye
-t-hiuk I'm n tuotor -'busIf'*"
livorceo.   A wife, after the di jl    »■»,    >        -        •■«•
rid rn her Irasbnfl-. **! ;un will ii    iA/?*f !■   ■*• r. 1  nAttrACi
enn ynu the baby halt* of th.-].     If Illl   IJUf ilOrotld    |
:.'.'\ w**'' "••''"•   «s«-' j
_i__arip_i,?r _'e _i!Is
'<"**■ i*.».*  »'._ Nom w**r<**-   far  *» ->r..«;i ■   __
mu    1   .-i«Mite*i'j   ftmmmni   r*/-****   **■
it*-** -*-oiu     i*>**   -.      •■*'•   t_e*i    *■   •'
ft,    n    n|    »««*»-r*M*t     .**    »*•*»    ml    "-*-    '***>•
Ohllllwaok-    BHtlttl    Columbia
11 Q«Mfti ■•' D.O., in ths faiBini Prassi
* ,      , ■,-.!'•■■
 b,n    n 1   11- ■ ■     -
■•...., ..... V .
■ .     ■■■
...       1
■ t Tli"   l'r*i*-i.'   '*
"•i'i \ •■        ■   '
** ■     ■'.       1     N«  -      '1,,,-d    „f
•*.,... 1   - -. . 1   -.'•   ■.',.,
-Tiirv pomf
A certain editor had cause to minimi
i*h his sen on account of his reluctance
In nttend school. "Vou must go regu-
Inrly and learn to bo a great scholar."
said 'he fond father, oncouragingly,
"otherwise you can never be au eifl*
tor, you know. What would you do,
for install,-0, if your nnper cume out full
of mistakes'?" The boy looked up Into
his parent's face with childish Innocence, " Father," he said, solemnity.
"I'd blame 'em on tho printer!" And
then tllO editor fell upon his son's iie.-k
and wept tear- of joy. He knew he hnd
■1   RUCCOSSor   for  tllO editorial chair.
Au h Mi doctor, while enjoying n
holiday i the country, took the op
port unit j nlong with 11 friend to go
flailing. During operation-* tho doctor's
sinker rnmo off nud wns lost. Ho wns
in 11 dilenimn- 110 sinker, no moro fl*di
Ing thai dny. Happy thought; lie hnd
n   bo!Hi 1 di ket,      The  buttle
B*m  I'll*-! with water, enrofnlly entked,
nnd   ■■ '   I *.■■ >. on ii- mtssion,
\fier :,  fpt*   miniite*i' Interval   Iho
■   hnd n  bite ni d   pulled nt    hi-
ipood, finding a line pair
■      ' :i oneh honk.
■' Ho, dm l-ir. twins ihi- tlmo! " .\
1'hiiiiH' II     cniiiMinlnn,
•* S'e   "     piotlt    the    doctor,    "nnd
I ' . loo,"
H wi ■ ]<i- 1'1 -1 ■•■ ponrnnco ns n dram*
it ic crltl » and   li    ng the aftornuoi  li i
, . j. . ..,..,,■ |i|, .,,,!,. 1 rnmo, "Tl i
Ho ■ hui de '  !Y 0, " nnd In Iho 01 01 In ;
hg  tvlt I -'    ■' '   *'   I ll   llllll ' r-rft. nun", ,' ■. t
■■'■■'  the r.-.  : ur. The Cluo of tho
1  ■ '     or."     .nd il   made  lilin
vent had   lo tlir of
I -n w "•■   ■
m 1 *■ ; m     Uul   beforo
- rnsl - ,\ In.
i ■." ; .• ■■ t 1. "bul you'll have
.   id dow". Try nnd     I n
11   of   t>",;'   plnys   Into
■■  .  1* twu line .''
'! 1 n with u dash
..  " t  lnt<  ■' ■ i-
1 .    ,   ■    j wrote, " wm
tl indet   and lho   *■-■■ 11'
I Mun lei
The opinion is entertained by at least
one authority thut Tommy Murphy, the
Hong blunder, stand.- out as a shining
liyht among tho reiiisuien of the present
tiny,  nn.l   the   wonderfully   successful
enson that this yonng man has jusi
closed doubtless strengthens that opinio!', but. good ns Murphy has proven
himself to bo, the ensue! observer will
have difficulty iu determining wherein
his superiority lies ovor such drivers
ns Ed. Goers, Alonzo McDonald, Billy
Andrews, Walter Cox, Dick Me Malum,
nnd  possibly one or two others,
Murphy's rise in the harness horse
world has been nothing short of phcii
omennl, bot the opportunity had much
to do with his success, and it is a
ipic-tiou i: 1 no of his wi nil.; rnee?
could bo singled out thut could nol
lm\e booh won by uny one of the othei
drivers named.
The opportunity bus u great deal to
do with maiHne reputations for roe
diivers, One yenr wo see 11 driver oul
with 11 -table of high class horses, .111-!
ns Murphy had -lurii _ the coat  a now
1  nu end, **r it inn>  be tii it tho drivi"
■ r. ily "i 0 horse In Ms stable
but   u   regular   rip snorter,   then    the
r-ribos nre »". er ready tn ncclnim such
... a "wlwird," '-ie. Thc 1 ext
year, ' owovor, thi*-' same ilrl1 er mnj
hnvo lio.se-. of bill ordintin clnss, und
In this case, when he .- 1 1 able ti
i ; ii iu froni in the -■ d ioi 1 ■*• of hi*
. liis roputntiou siilTcrs nnd he is
no longer elnssod ns tho lender of lib
As a matter of ffli t. there ; \ on
little   to   choose   between    tin-    I.-a-ii'--
reinsmen who are yoarly seeu on ih
mile trni k.   One yenr Oeei    **< :II ho id
*     -  |b I   nf  ITIOl • J   iviuii]ii[)  'iii' l'l "I,  thr
It will be MeDonnld, nn I again Mm
pliy, but who will sny Mini Gc *n w mid
-,.     '..  ,.   bi on    I he    ' r to *    w Inn
timi ng the rneo drivers this yenr if the
■ *     1   ' ! -iiv Mitchell. 2.0(1  I I. nu I
r. T. ''.. ".,"'* " I, nnd Ihe pu -r Sir
R .   '. .; 1 I. hn 1 been In I Is    1 ble i
with crews aggregating 700 mon, aio in
the field. The Norwegian 'companies,
a rule, buy second-hand British I
Atpumcts, and lit them out with all thc I
most modern ujiplinnces for whale patch; I
ing and trying uut. The whole pio-
v-s^of teedydliifj; the nmrketabid p.o-
lucts- from the barcass is carried on
at sea.
Upward of n dozen whalors linil froni
Dnnrleo. One uf rlibse"; tlie "Haluena,
has recently declared u dividend of
B.Vj per cent;
.tee   _uJ'i»,   _.„!,
BO aemie.
Fw niCTCMDrD piniif>r,fpi«rtk*..fcipMi
Snro euro nml  poll tlve pravenitvo, 11» unit tor lii-w  hortci  ■<
■ Infer led or ' -X|mnd.w Liquid, gtvaa on tho lo*
i 1 :i-- Initial stages n cold i 1 Inoi I
ail nonl easily denli with, Hul mn«v
1   ■'      it and lho resull  i   nf nu thi
■ ment   of   dislre   ■■'•<< .     ,■:    : ,-     .,•
1 "-'ill till "■    'i"1  ! :•  ■    thai   re;i
 -ier lifo miserable for tlio unhappy vie
;    a ilrst  ;i;.i  there   1   notlilt p
lie pi tlm li indy modi' [no liro 1   . ertnin In
lie tn        :  1   ■ * ■ ll * ns Blckh  ■■   \ntl-(!on
on *tn simple n rcim pi   ■• Syrup, the Fnr-fniitfld remedy
■,. (in,, is available, (fi    . •■'■'   and - > nghs,
At the bottom of the ciinon, fur below
tu\ wipdow seat.
Thruugh the clash vt cab und trolley.
down' the ribbon-of n otrcet.
l-.udlcss crowds are pouring forward, on
their llaring. fevered way
t'roui factory or ulliee to the tenement
or play.
And  I linger half expectant, with this
scciito I note iu baud
That  has bid me to a womnn'-. side iu
tinsel  fntrylnnd;
Half expectant, half consenting, when
nbo.vo the farthest  mot's,
Swinging out in all tho glory of a
nlgllt in early June,
The  herald  of high  memories, majestically  moves
Across my  patch of heaven  night's
calm miracle, the moon.
I   ren ember  how  it   shone thus   in  n
winter long ago,
When   the   skies   were  cold   with   star
light and the fields were white with
'.u I there fare I bv that kind lantern,
hand in hard, n buy und girl—
■ it- t'aee reflected where the
;  n^u's oddics vhirl;
1  have had its rav to guide me down n
Colorado trail;
It Ims led mo through the desorl where
a Bedouin would foil;
lu the great Northwest om country it
and I have stood iilone
In n wilderness of inoiintnhis, under
nenth (he eyes of Hod.
In   the    'nil-1    of   longiios   iinclinrtel
I I   lefllo and -iK." pi	
Where the ie I men'*; touts llftVC VIM
h lo I.   uhi" e  no  white  nan   ovoi
It has ratio I, an I I have followed; nnd
tm ighl 11  w omnii '•■ word
Oh, tho sweotesl and thc subtlesl th 1
my ears have ovor heard
HI Is me stay; and If I  tat ry, I shall
nevermore dopart,
Only linger by her always, lips to llpi
and H-* nt t.i.    I.
Shall I heed liorf   Shell I slumber 01
II I ly couch of love,
v. '■ '.■ ||.. open Rond Is railing to the
mount a in peaks iibo*. ni
Nf.  I  lake the higher thrnlldom, nnd
1 11     row's sun film I] see
I I:-
\jl Oil of Mb It—Di   Tlumin* ' Keloc
trie Oil Is not  ii jumble        me llrim I
ci   !! rowii 1 igi *! .-I  pushed
by ■■ Ivci I li' :;. bul the result ni thr
i-nrofi I Invoj : tion of tho eurntivi
qnnllties of nertnin oils ;■* applied to
the Illl ma ll body. It is a rare com
[dilation  and   ii   won   nm]   kopl   pi Idle
favor fi  Iho first.    A trial of it wil;
ii   ."i in .1: v ni    who ilonbti
its power to repair and heal,
n.-la on tin- Blpojj ".ml Q|*ff|qtrieyp-li L__.-J_i_uiio_i- *c_ui»-_rah
thi- I.Htly, Ciini ufttcinper in Don nml Sheep sod Ohoh>ri i.
Prntttry.    l.in-rf-4 m-IUtut Mvy ^iicu j.-ii»»-»i,v, - »;iu---s  |Jk Owp
nlnofllj lltiHintl l-> |apt,-»i,il 4s-j»-Hm-  rvlidify mifWr **Vie _mj*fl
"/    l.i.iil.'   |fl utiti JH 11 dQUfL% Uu Um t»iu, Snap M.    .Slmu (.. >.vi
V fffl     ilnmalflt,   whn  «IH   i-cr-lt   fnr   v.,n      fn-  )».-yl>J):L \\nUtemp.l
,  ~            /UJ      C-iH* -h nnd  Cur-."
v"pr:. ' __hh UEDf-AL CO., ChinliU MllictirUiOKliil, OOSHER. isO., U. V 1
.    -<V-T?
,    .-;,--/   •'     .      ,.> —->_
It Never Flickers
The  long winter evenings give a woman a splendid chance for sewing or
embroidery; but her eyes
sutler from the strain unless
,. - ,-.'     >s.      she has a good light.
ify^ J-     \^      The Rayo  » the best
^ lamp made.
It gives a strong, diffused light that is remarkably easy to the eyes.
There is no glare to it; no flicker.    It lights up a whole room.
The Rayo is an economical lamp, too.
You ','rt the most |>o<iil)lc li.ilil-i.ilue (or the oil b.rne.1; and the H..yo itself i- ,
low-priced l.ini[».    Yet it il A handsome lamp—on oniamenl lo any loom in llie house.
Tho Rayo I. .iii,|. is easily lighted without removing shade or chimney; easy tn
clean .ml rewiclt.    M.dc of solid brass, nickel-plated ; also in numerous other styles
nnd finishes.
Ask your dealtr tu Ui.'.v you hi. line nl R.yo L.tnia; ur uul- li r il-mii't.,r niutlu*
lu any nactuy ul
The Imperial Oil Company, Limited
mod**rn m-tdlrin**
which mat*.* *
A New Laxative ^K£S_5f
»e tnurh brlter (ban ordinary physics. While thoroughly effeoltve, ih*-y never
K'i:*". pu< b*s Or oau&a 1. tusaa. and never lose their tlfc-ltvcne-s. Cue ot tbe
best of Ihe NA-DKJ-CO hue
25':. n box.   It youi drug£!sl hu not yet stocked Ihem. scud 2So  and v-
will m*tl them. 23
Nalmniil f't.iM ***<it Ch.mirat Cnmintnr of C4_**l«, Until. J,       •      •      •      M«at**-«L
iii 1 liTii-»lrrn- 1—aMWk-B_-aB-»_a-_a_____M___aaaa_a_a__a-Mayga-- 1  •_-v--*_rfr_
  _ ;
I    ..*.»../ '.f*«*»NAar»s'*.lihaj(«a.;,.i'..'iil',»Vi«'WI«l' "' »■:_-. ...-'.%. .'    _>>   j
I'lnster 1,,'iiiu tflkm il». plnee ol I.iith   unrt i» hrn.ironl
Tin. "Rinpire" liiiiinl- m Woudllbur nnd llnrnwnl.
Planter for good com Irnoti 1.
.-    .LL ■■). 51 ■'    .i'i' 1 I vs'.bl   ..-- 'H     1 M
The Manitoba Gypsum Co., Ltd. |
» " r,*-..'-f.n.v«.v_ ji.iin. ■■ 0-«■,._.vira-'J-t -uwMMamnBrmixrrm, CHILLIWACK .REE l"-RK88
"Aay poraon who*,is sole head of a
family, or any mule, ovor olgbtoon yoara
pi ago may hoinostoatj u qunrtor soetion
..(Hm aereB, moro or less) of available
i)oiuiniou liiml in Manitoba, -iitskutcho-
wnn or iMborta,
'I bo applicant muBt appoar Ln por*
,o* nt lho Dominion 1-anils Agoucy, or
triib-agency for the dlstrlflt,
'lu cortain districts a homostoatlor
good standing mny pro-ompt u quar*
Boctioa alongside his hoinostoau."
-Government   Lands,   Froo   lloiuo-
tend Regulations.
A llttlo, slight, childlike woman
j-wnng Uio door opon Cbr tno us 1 sprang
'    n thr* uuin uml iIbbIioiI up tho Btops
i   the   Ualgary    i t   Dominion
■anils.    Mavlii*  she  was  twonty-three
t» old   maybe Iobb,    r\> I bowod to
du nk bar, l noticed thai Bhe was poorl;*.
\r«ISOd,      A ltd    it    Wii-'   *'nlil,    IlltOtll t'lv
old.   A   tilling   February   wind  Bwopl
its (initi tho boulder urokon siiowb of
ba dlitanl  Hookies, yvlilrlina up gronl
loads of feathery llukos, and wiiillt | it
.■iniu of Joy ami victory m tho swnj
■Si struggling t«-li'::iu|ili wires,
h,-nl.., I uuin'I, curloiiH, uml looked
i, bar through tin- glass of tho door,
01 an uuiloi uiii ni' black clotli with u
r collar she had on n man's long hair '■■
benrskin coat, from whicli tin- bn!
H- ui frogs hml boon torn,  I their
dm rn tiiK.-ii lv short pieces nt' brown
bring tied in bows. Ovor hor lioml uml
.im was ptillod a white, wutlen toque,
;hil.- ber oyoa sbnno dull) tli ouuh a
y blue vail, gatliorod Into n Itnol
l (hn nape •'' hor neck. One hand, iu
man's black suoopskln gauntlet, novor
tfi tlm door latch; Hm* othor wns thrust
eep lata tha ouormmis en*, ity of Hm
>\et-l baarskin coat pocket,
" Wall," I said to myself, us I wonl
» Hu- stairs tu tho uiii' i'. " I 'vo ofton
Mr.l of these walling h tend pro
npUonlsts, bul I 'vn novor actually
ten them beforo. li cortainly Is in
•What's the storyf" I said to tho
sti.l clerk, us l nodded towards the
loor. "Whoro'a sbo from! What's Bhe
■WhfiT nli! tbo homostondort" he
niestioned. "Woll, her name Is Mrs.
Faux, and she comes from somowhoro
Ip in tho lloscbud country, nboul ono
and rod miles north, where bIio uud her
band havo a homestead. A littio
rfhile ago an adjoining homestead was
toclnred unproven nnd for sale, nnd so
"ill ami his wlfo decided to como down
ni pre ompt it. Before that, whon
tic. first got mu11it'll, sho lived at
Vterbco, whoro sin
*c tbe Gran B'0*ers ol
Ha it obi. Saskatchewan and Alberta
Throughout Alberta and Saakatche
wan and many parts of Manitoba I'r-.sT
iamage has reduced tlu* grade of groin
down to around food quality. 'I his reduce* tlio amount ui cash the farmer
roeelvM for his crop. It i.*i theroforo
tMaarary, In fact imperutlvo, that tbo
farina -should got every cont possible
tut of his low grade grain, and there is
lily ona way to do this, Ship it for*
Mini uml get a reliable commission
mo reliant tu handle ii for yuu. (Jot
whoso experience guarantees that
ir*. knows his burin ess. This is import-
lit, If u. farmer who has novor ship*
pad is compelled to do so this yoar
hroB|-k tho quality being BO pour that
-•» cannot soil to advantage at street
prices, wi make tins stntoniont, that
hmiiig low grade grain this year is
ihe best thing that over happened tn
hia). It will initiate him into tho
nyat-arlM of shipping grain, and tho
vuiu in oxporienco in 11111110 years
through this knowlodgo will mean a
big '-iii-li uuin. Vim cannot moke monoy
sier or qulekor than by shipping yuur
grain out yourself.
We   havo   boon   handling   grain   in
VfFifn   Canada  sinco   1888—through
devatora, on commission, track buying,
and stroot buying—And this oxporlontfo
has taught us tho best way for farmors
to net full value for thoir grain,     At
*n*f**Bt   wo   uro   rotiiissinn    inor.hu ui s
solely, handling car lots un commiaaion,
it requires exiioriencod  mon to know
J ha true value of low nmdo grain nnd
■forma *i should hnvo it bandied by ex
Iperienrcd mon.    It' you Bond us six or
night ounce samples of your grntn wo
lifill advlsa you grade and value, mil
Irou ran compare it with stroot pr'cos.
li- H- will bo u good strong demand fur
lilgher  grades  nil  sonsoq,  and  thoi
J armor* wait  nro  unnblo  to  got   thoir
■ugh grade grain shipped nuod havo nn
of prices declining.   In fact ii will
Likely provo most advantagoous if tln-y
[to unablo t<> rush it out as oarly ia iho
leasoi »s thoy would liko, becnuao v..*
lidlove thut  prices bit or ou  will bo
Tiiifh hetter thim thoy uro at prosont.
I his will also apply to No, - C.W. outs
■ nil No. .1 hurley. Wo havo boon hand
lag grain on commission for many
■run*, ami farmors who began shipping
T\i us years ngo still continue to eon*
Ign to us, an thoy roatlto that this is
lie best method to got good prices no
■alter what tho nrudo may bo. Anyonn
■111 reason out tliat this is the host
Jothnd. If tho grain is loaded Into tho
lar by the farmer right from the WQgOII
Itiero is no dockage to stand) uo etovn*
lir ohargos, and only ono commission
Ihnrga, and, besides, the highest price
I- obtained tit the time tho sale is made.
j Write us for shipping instructions
lad other market information shipping
|'um is quite simple when you get used
it. The grading and weighing of
lie ear lots is attended to by GOV*
(•linen I inspectors and Government
leighmusiers, and we send you a Gov-
rnatant Inspection cortlflcato and Gov*
ent weight certificate with onch
|\r lot handled. Wo are Uoonsod ami
J-ftiloil and refer you to tho Hank of
Iiimilton, Winnipeg, ns to our financial
1 If vou havo any flux WO advise hold*
|g for blgllOT prices.
Bho wout with Hill, hor husband, to
ScllOiiOCtUdy, Now Vurk, and thoro they
saved onough money to movo up to
western Canada and buy tin linprovod
homoBtoad. 'I hoy mado good nil right,
ami   last   your   grow   thirty   bushels   of
Al winter wheat t-> tbo aero."
"Uuw long httVO thoy boon hero." I
"Since Monday morning,''
"Sluco Mntiiluy morning."
" Vo|i.     Muy   uml  uighl   ouo 'or  tho
othor of  'om novor lots go thnt latch,
and if thoy hold out until Sttturduy ut
niiio o'clock uml gol into tlm land office
Ilrst thoy win n piu'eo of bind wu.th (fl,-
OUI) aiiyliow,"
"Oronl Srnii! Talk nboul uorvo and
coinage," I ojneululod, ns I tiimod
awuj, "l liotio thoy 'll win out, 1 'm
sure, Pluck liko that donorvos It. It
sure does.
v»l    I  wetil  mil   I   found (bul   Hill
hud  joi I   hi-*   wilu,  WllO  WttB  UOW   nil
ling, chatting  LI10 stono baluBtrado
whilo In' held tho Intel Hhu suiilod up
nl him, *' How du you fool now, Hill;
bettor for yor bronkfust, boy!" "Wall,
1 guc -, yes."   Ilo throw oul his broad
 it,  " I   fool  liko 11  two year old, a
lighting cock, or u htnduwno.a" at
whicl j  both laughed heartily,
Hill was slum uml Blout, with yollow
rod hair, 11 lioav) crop ui frouklos I
u Llilii, ploasant faco. Ite woro 11 alack
hatchol shapod cap, which InloiiBlllotl it.
One uf Ids froni lootli wns llllod with
Bold, und whon ho Biulllod a ray frum
Lliu suu jumped buck from il nud stab
bod mo in tho oyo,
I'm- four hlghta ho hml hold tho fort
against aeli\0 compelIIIon, 1 ricItory,
und feint, on the tup ol tlmt stop, and,
with thr oud mi nt .11 iii Bight, it wns uul
iu 1.0 womlorod nt thai ho Teh -jubilant.
Ai sovon o'clock ou.-li morning Ins wifo
would relievo him, whon he breakfasted
ut it small huti'l nonr by, nml slopl until
mid day. Kho would relievo him ngnln
kill- in tha nftornoon for supper, ami
romaiti on tho stops with him until ton
or olovon o'clock, when Bho retired.
Towards tho nud of tho week thoy
wore joined in their vigil by other aspirants tu tba homestead, une of whom
watched thom liko a lynx, Imping that
for one brief second Faux wuuld forgot
mid lot go of ibo covotod door-handle.
Bill's wife was beside him and wnrnod
him tu bo careful, but somehow, in a
rmh of people through the door, ho
droppod the hitch for a moment, ami
hoy, prcstol some one else had it.
During tho week, howovor, tho hundreds  Ol   poople  who daily  sill   in  uud
out of the busy post-oflico had como to
its  born.   Ihon  know the young people and to sympa-
 j thizo  with  them  iu  their desire, and
when tho crowd learned that, thruugh n
trick, Faux had become dispossessed uf
his piece at the head of the line, the
row began. Everybody in the street
pitched in, nnd it was a miracle how
the intruder escapod with life nnd limb.
In tho midst of the fight tlio land officer
suddenly appeared in the doorway and,
•standing on a chair, rond the Riot Act,
which, in the form of regulations, p 0
vents nil such doings, It was as follows:—
"It is to be distinctly understood
that priority of right on tbo part of 11
Watting applicant to outer fur uuy parcel of land doe? not arise before the
opening of tbe offlce on tbo day upon
whicli such land becomes available for
The land agont bellowed this regulation from his elevated porch, gesticulated violently with bis anus, and disappeared backward through the doorway.
All hun,Is wore ordered off tho stops,
and throe members of the Royal Mount
od Police took charge. Later in the
lay, however, too young couple, fearing
to lu.-e the advantage their early coming had iu the beginning gained for
thom, returned nnd quietly crept up
the steps once more, nml took up their
position nt tbo lutoh. The stomfnced
Riders of tbo Plains, who evidently
sympathized wltb them, looked tho nth-
r   way   and   Mi id   nothing,   and   once
timjul Ashimjbk" In loiu-.'dy the evil of
corrupt imi, \\ hut. this 'gonorul 'mifgov-
eminent monna is oxplainod bv Huu Vut
Hen, tlic bruillB of Ibo uprising, iu an
'uiiole in tin* London Doily Chronicle,
lie says:
"Tlio ruling of tho dynasty is not
government. All is oppression. Corruption is universal." Of tho provincial
governors lio suya: "Thoro aru no laws
us yuu (.English) know laws. Tho governor of encll province makes his own
law*-*."    Ho cltOB oxainplos, as follows:
"Kvery timi* n govornor, 01* magistrate, or chief ollicer, takes charge of
11 district, tho first thing ho duos in to
timi out who are Llm rich, who uie favorably disposed toward him, and who
ligltlnsl him. he selects lirsl olio of
thoBO whom ho hns reason to believe
dislikes him, forces one of tllOBO Oil his
sitb* to in alto u criminal chnrgo ugnlnst
tho selected man, nnd has Iiini nnostod
on the chnrgo, which is invariably n
false charge. Tho govornor ourichos
himself by each cuae, as Ilu* unly thing
in tho nuh f n law bo knows Ib thai
the dynasty empower him tu tuke as his
own he muck "- he likes, usually tho
whole, of tho property of ovory mnn
whom ho arrests nntl punishes, Tho nr
man bus no appeal, He hus Ilo
10X1   mill ive of the  rev olllt mn  is
Ihe desire nt' lho raolnl Chinese to claim
i li ol r rights, onal tlio Mniichu dymiBty,
nnd oslabJish a ropuollc. 'I lie procln
iiiiitlon ut 1 ho nbovo nniiiod lender says,
011   I Ins  point, thnl   '' l In- ni [noIIH ni nil
Chinn" ure wuglng wnr iignlnnl Lho
Miinclnt dynnsty—
Pur (ho purpose of shaking off tli
took the public's fancy, uml stuck. Yet
'li'o.d' Kitcltonor is a vmy human in
nn.l  11 ro perfect than uny othor
uuin thnt is burn of woman, Uo hus n
temper, and ho somollmoB pushes llrm
noss tn Lho vorgo of mulish obstinacy,
During tho Dongola _Sxpodltlou lit
wished llonerul Sir Archibald lluntor
to muke a l'drcod march i-i u cortain
point. Por once in his life Qoiiornl
I hm ter domurrod, Thoro was no pur
ticular objoct to bo gained by tho
march, nml it inoanl con am loss of
11.0 owing to tho luck of wuter. Kitchener losL his temper, " Kithor you obey
orders or go homo by the next bout,'''
he  stormed.    Gonorul   LCuuter  obeyed,
and on Ijord  Kitcl or'a head to-day
is tho ilRolosa loss ni n\ or Bovonty lives.
hurt! Kilclionor's iey exterior Is
mainly n musk. No is ni heart an
emotional mun. Roinombcr thut he mis
Irish blood in him. Remember, too,
thut OB « youtlg mnn Kitchener wailtod
tu "chuck " tllO Soi'Vico and become Oil
:u tor,     I'Uid  Kilchoiii'i* nml (he "urtifi
I ie  torn] men I "  nmy  seem  ns  wide
apart as the puloB, but. in truth lie 1
II sonsllIvo,  InuiglnnlIve mun,    I  suu
him mice bursl Into lours whon 11 cho
Ishod  plan  hml miscarried, nnd  I  suu
him ngnln ery like n child ut ihe tliunl*
giving  service  m   Khnrtoum,       Honl
Kill Im r hns tho power of Loars uml
equally Hu- factor ot l eel  b<n [liter.
A motto his A.I M','; ui nno 1 i  wns
Lord Athlumnoy. Ascondlng lho NUo
one day iu u gunboat Lord Athlumnoy
rocolvod his "bnptlsiii of llro" from n
ho.vish, who kept sniping nt him from
behind 11 nick.    Kurd Athlumnoy  od
the rook, uml wheu I lie Ulionty had boon
yol f the Tartar i -norm  by ovor I routed, wonl  to il   and  picked  up thc
throwing the prosont  corrupt   state of  ompty cartridges ho found thoro as uio
uut in* 111 cv ami establishing 11 republic
in its place, uml nt I ho same I iniu Intend iu antor upon a moro close relation
wiin nil i'ii Ily nations I'm* lho snko
of mnlntalning lho ponco of Lho world
ami of promoting the happiness of mankind,"
Tho seriousness of lho situation  i-
nienios. Reluming to camp ho showod
us thom in Lord Kit-honor's prosonco,
"Did ho hit  yenr' someone askod.
"Oh, no," replied Athluniiiev, pro
tdvuling to tremble. "I was slinking too
much   In   muke u   good  torgot."
Tho Idea uf tho human mo*, iug picture targot soomod in tickle Kurd Kitoh-
quite ronli/oil by tho London press, nndlouar, for ha laughed Uomorically.
we rend In the Chronicle: I     I",nl Kitchener can onjoy a joke, and
"There is reason tu bonovo that tho ho can also muke one. During his visit
rising whi.h hiiB now nssumod auchUo New /*eabim| ho was taken rouud tho
sorious dimensions is directed by well* sights '0' » famous Maori guide, a lady
to-do ami educated Cliinainon, un.l us of vory charming personality. Among
pccially by youug men who havo Btudiod othor placos she took him to a cave,
abroad, iii Europe, Amorica, nud In round which tome controa the following
Japan, [f they have succeeded in mak- Maori -lory: Pi st, ho it promised tnat
Ing common cause with 11 dlsnffoctod there are no swear-words in tho Mauri
and under-paid army, their chance.- 01 language. If a .Mam; wishes to swear
buccoss must be considerably greater he resorts to Saxon, and if he wishes to
thnn the Tni-ping    rebels could    evor insult another Maori  in  hia own Inn-
reckon on. . . . The Mttttchu dy. gauge he likens him to fund, culling'me. It caught iu my coat, and I was
nasty is indeed face to face with tno blm pork, or mutton, or Bomotbiug liko shoved along un the track, My face
gravest   peril  it   has  encountered   for  thnt,    Iu  tbo old  days  this meant  a was being ground  tn  tbo clndors, but
blood   feud, and   lung ngu  uwi?  Maori 11 wus powerless.    I wus dragged some
sniim ui hor friends slm met the lion, the ground ns I could to OHtapo tbera.
As tho co*iut.ry weeklies ure putting lti   Wl  Ike lirsl  trucks passed over there
"li was a cuso of lovo al Qrsl Bight."] wus some space boforo tho rour onei
A marriage look place the other nf   cume.    Then I yelled.    Throe cms Uud
toruoon at the "Little Church Around
the Corner,"
And Julius Mo'Vlcar, who not. so long
ago was knocking round Bnrnlfl iu
knickers, bus today a wife worth $15,
The Montronl Star remarks that the
Chinum if iho inolropolis havo caught
tlmt popular Canadian malady, roaJ os*
luie fever,
Slant'oyod ColostitilB, with groat foresight, nro suid to bo booking lots iu Llie
boom districts of Montronl, often }my
lug down spot earn,
Their activity is In grout part spoon
lalivo, Thoy aro nol merely reaching
out I'm' laundry silos.
Critics, whu Insinuate ovory tlmo lho
police raid n gambling lie 11 and rope In
u Bcoro m yollow mon, thnl tho men
of < lilnii uro nol getting ns squnro 11
■ hum e nl gambling us thosu whiles who
froq t I lio W Ihluo, liluoboiinots, or
Fori tine, can surely now luivo no
ground for contrnstiug gambling rauill-
ties nlfordod whito or yollow men.
Chinamen,  buying  lots  for specula*
tlve   iiitrposos,   \\n\ itored   umn   It
■■ * 1 the grotitcsl gamble of thom
nil   real ostalo,
The Chinese realty iiiurkol the lasl
low days hns been tltlfilia soiuowhnt of
u slump. Monoy, which wuuld ordlnnr
Ily go into lata, is drifting mil to the
revolutionists in ike hind ihnt is will.
intf front its long sloop.
There is u\w man in Cniindn who wns
tually run over by a rail-road train
id m>l killed! Indeed, his in juries
.re so Blight that he remarked, almost cheerfully:
"My arm hurts me uio worst, but it
will bo bettor, l hope, in a fow days."
The oxporienco ni Hubert Etigglns,
tho bridge constructor of the Grand
Trunk, who, iu a moment of earless-
noss, was knocked down by a locomotive ai Sarnitt, reads like the yellowest
f romantic Qction,
Almost a whole train passed over his
otlv. He lived to toll lho tulo, uud n
Ivld  story   it   is;
"I  fait the engine  crawling up on
mo, aud I could do nothing. 1 thought
tho nsh box wuuld catch ine and grind
pnssod   ovor   me   I ie tore  tho  engineoi
UOUl'd me.    lie Stopped when [iiirl of the
fifth hnd gono bv, uml 1 wus found un
dm- 1 lie enrs, My companions ruBhed
up, oxpocting tu find mo ground to
pieces.    However   l was only bruised.'"
A group of married women enn't talk
to a bacholor more thuu ton minuto*
without agreeing tlmt he knows mon
ilmn he haa nny busiuoss to knuw,
Sympathy is u poor liller for an orap
ly Btonmcli, or even tor u broken ho_rl
Coufldoiico Is llmt ijiinlity yuu or
Cnflloually sec in nu uld l.uehrlur at
tempting t6 amuse u baby,
• • ■  I*.
RUPI.I    «T«ItT
F(,ji:<i'i.:_.f 1.
, r.^rnlnq l
.nor. iki... r» iiiiim ta
Oor. Portage Ave. and Fort St
i war |..,| li-s..  prize nt  World*.  _t
..Miirm ,111 it, wnrlt ami methods.
Write for u free I'Htnlouin'.    W, , .
(t.>* inmrii'.-ior   bv  'u.i
i'iilli...| iinntliei' roust veal, uinl thon
fled In tlio bush, whoro ho found the
cava in question, Thoro lie managed
to liiilii for four yt'ii *, but nt last lie
was captured, liis head ent off, nnd liis
iistiini   in
uny yonrs past.     Everything doponds
on prompt nm! vigorous action,"
Wliilf tlic London Daily Mail admits
that "tho causos of the rising nro oli-
scitro,"  it  still Btippllos many jnstili-
I'utory reasons.     Although "the Chinese govornmont profeBsos to bcliovo thai brains  oaten,  ns  wns  the
it. is directed aguinsl the nationalizing those morry .lavs,
of railways and tho conditious of for- li'l" wns Hi,, siory the guldo told
eign loans," as a matter of fact "the lord   Kltchonor,   nnd   whou   .lie  had
cause lies deeper."    To quoto furtho.-: finished,  lie  turned   round   nnd   .aid:
"Tho working of tho constitution has "Ah, then. I euppo.o It would bo high-
boon hompored nnd tho promised ro- ly dangerous to call a Mnorl lady n
forms have boon denied.     Experience little duekl"
Ims taught tin. Monchus nn.l tho Poking Lord Kltchonor is n man of kindly
govornmont notnlng, Thoy have s.,nt Impulses, Onco a telogrnplilst in his
their eve- to tho changes timi. aro tak employ came to him and Bald he wisli.-il
Ing place througuout tho empire. Chinn '" go home to be ranrrlod. Kltchonor
lins ceased to he an inert muss. tt remonstrstod with him, pointing out
lins boon stirred into activity by tho Uml "'' w!ls throwing awny n good
Japanese wnr. Education on European caroor, but tlm mnn wns firm,
nml Jnpanoio lines Ims spioad. The! "Woll," Fni.l Kitchener, "I think
Court Circular—tho oldost nowspnpor In you're n fool, hut—er—here's nemo-
tbe world—is no longer the only source tnlng to buy yourself a wedding proof Information. Thoro is not'ti town sent,'' the "something" being a $50
of any size thnt has not its newspapers, notl-'' *"■ Lnr,l Kltelioner is not n
and tho people everywhere are learn- cold-hearted man, nor is lie by any
ing thnt if thev are to hold their own means an ascetic. The splendor of
tuev must reform not themselves alone, n'8 eiitcitninmeiils in India, und even
but nlso Peking ami the Maiicliu dy- <"> »ctive Bervlco ho always lived well,
nustv. However anxious the Chinese oven luxuriously. Did not tho .'liaiu
govornmont mny bo to create the Im- P»Sno 'l0 sc"t tn Marchand at  Push
foot, when my bead dtoppod down into
n hollow mn! tha coat gave wuy, rolons.
inj; nie from llie ash liox.
• i wns safe from tnat dnngor for
the moment, bul I feared llie brake
lieiims. Thoy nro fastonod iu tho con.
tre with steel rods, nml I knew that If.
1 were caught by the ends of tho holts
I would lie killed. I clued to the side
of lho track to oscapo thom. I felt tho
whools of tho tender and cars Bcraplug
my urins.   I crouched down ns close to
Business G'liege
Cor. Partift Att. ind Ettaaatiri tt
Courses — Bookkeeping.    Sti.r**:
hand. _7l)ewritinii* 3c Englisb
Fall term mm »p.n.    Ent-r tr* * ire     '*n
Unitt onr itluUnt- in HKurotf
iw*! poNkiunn-
Write today lor lar(e 'r-« '■»;».ul'H
pref-ion thnt 1 hi**, outbreak \x directed
against its railway uml loan policy, the
cnuso lies doopor."
"The igHatloii against tho Man*
ohus," says the Mauchostor Quardlan,
"though it  haM its roots doop in the
oda go n long way toward making the
negotiations casyt
Tho bosoms of the papers through*
out Ontario have been rut lier agitated
post, mny lie sai.l to have Inken its pro- during the past few .lavs by llie iniilri
sent form with the oducation of Chin monlnl adventures of Julius McVicor,
ese students in Japan nnd Ami.rieu." formerly of Sarnln, Ont.
in the same strain Tbo Evoning Stan- j, appears that Mr. .lulius MeTlcar
ilunl mul st. James's Gazette remarks an ordinary Onturio town boy, has
that there exisls in I hum "a wido-|jU!t smg himself into a Stuinhir.l Oil
more Bill and his wife hnd possession I spread doslro for roform, oxtondlng like I fortune of some lifteeu millions.
Of the dooi hit.h. And Ihere thev i.i.v.g a fan from Canton, where Chinese land 1 .]nii,IH is tlie son of the lute S. A.
on, at the bend of the runidlv Increas. from tholr travels, and air tholr admlra- MeVlcar, onetime editor of the Bornln
ng line, until seven o'clock tbe foi I'i"11 of other lands." llul "consldor- Canadian. About a dozen veins ago
lowing morning, when tho miter loor .log tho steady tide of feeling in favor Sarnln became too slow for him, and
of tho post-oflico was oponod, and a wild of progress," "an armoil rovolt Is alto- h0 t„„|. „ |r.,i„ f„r .\-t,w York,    lie
crnmblo for the stairs up lo the Urid gotlior t rude and violent n remedy ]andod on tlio Itago.
ifilco ensued. At this door Ihe [.into for tbo situation.' In agreomonl with r- Q0tham he made quite u roputn-
mlmo was enactod once moro, with Bill this The Morning Post (London) thinks tion among Broadway managers us n
ns the hen. holding Brolly to tho ..nil thut "a cry for roform, nu attack on I mntlca] comedy singer. Tall un.l hand-
knob of tho door. At nine o'clock the abusos, ami a storm of popular passions|romo, lie wns notoil for the gallnntry
inner  door   swung  back  and   William are not enough to mnke n government  |„. COulcl nut over tlie footlights in his
Paux, the  n-st  in line, grahliod  the nor to supply the basis of It. Pho 10nBs.    He beeame a  favorite among
pen from the desk near-by, signed his nwnkonlagof China" sooms to TllO Pall imotlnoo giils.   li was cortain that lie
name nt  ihe point indii'uieii l.y tho Mall Oatette (London) "crude nnd mis- wna cnt out for a n ico,
elerk, paid the regulation fee, arid ..e illroctod," although "of vital concorn The romnuco cnmo. It hnpponod thai
lighie.lly left the oiliee, clutching tight t" too whole world.1 "Talking ol I,,,,,, day the widow of the late Alnnson
ly in Ids hand Ihe longsoughl  pnpuiBInroclolmlng a  republic," us Mr.  Biin ciumnor, oil mognato, ultemle.l one of
giving to him the prize homoBtoad,       iVal Sen proposos, soys The Saturday Ro-; Hf0vicar's porformi s,   Tho lady was
"Were   we   there   with   the   gn.il.,  view (London), " is mere iiioinisliiue." thrilled by the vocal Strain! of tho Ca-
Hill!" n.kcil his wife as she fondly yot "tho Insurgents soom to bo scoring nadlan  singer.    At   tho  rosllouco of
grasped his arm ill the bottom uf ih- heavily."    Do TocijiiovIIIo'b   npothom I
stairs;  "did  we  gel  tllO land?"    Anil. than "Ihe most nerilons inoment  for u |
she noorod wisi fully Into his faco. bad govornmont is thai In whicli it bo
Wall. 1 just guess we did," replied'gins to reform itself" is quoted by the
Owing to so much unfavorable weatbei, manv farixer. otv Wenaa
I'anada have gathered at least part of their crop tom-hed by front ar
otherwise weather damaged. Howeter. through tht* !a:a»; thortags a
rorn, oats, barley, l'odder, potatoes and vegetable*1, by the ucu**)*--.. ht>at
and drought of la.t summer in the United Ktatea, Eanern Canada tad
Western Kurope, there is goinp to be a steady demand at good pr;.,.t>*»
for all the grain Western Canada has raised, no matte* what its luali*:*-
may be.
80 much variety in quality mahes it impossible fot thott tan -*s
perienced to judge the full value that should be obtained for neb grail
therefore the farmer never stood more in need of the serTices o. tne
experienord and reliable grain commission mac to act for him is *-*■
looking after and selling of bis grain, than he does tr.* •••anon.
Farmer", you will therefore do well for yoursel'O.. *.ot tc af**ept
street or track prices, but to ship your grain by carload <tire?t to Port
Whlliani or fort Arthur, to be handled by ns in a way t__t wti. get
for you all there is in it. We make liberal advances when desired. o_
receipt of shipping bills for oars shipped. We never buy vocr 4*rain OS
ni 1 nwn account, but act as your agent, in selling it to tne best adraa
tage for your account, and wo do so on  s fixed commission of  Ic fer
S We have made a specialty of this work for mas; ye..r*>. and a-e
well known over Western Canada for our experience it the grain trade,
reliability, careful attention to our customer!*' Interests, and pro'iT**nes«
in making settlements.
We invite farmers who hiire not yet employed uf ?r write t.-, __ fur
shipping   instructions  nnd   market   information,  and  tc   regard   re   our
Standing in the Winnipeg Grain Trade, and out financial position, we "
beg to refer yuu to the union Bunk of ( anada. and any of ns branrhe**.
nisi, m the commercial agencies of FlrndHtreeti* aud K* fl   but. * CX
703 Y Grain Exchange Winnipeg
Hill,   delightedly.   "1   recUn   w
there   with   the   goods,"   nnd,   smiling
fondly nt one another, thoy pit-bed their
wuy thruugh tho waiting throng nud
disappeared around tho eornor.
London Tiiiios, which ndds tlmt the di
nppointed bopOS of largo roforms huve '
rousod the population tn fury.    Homo;
WO road of tho BO'COtlod "Natimuil As .
senibly," which was to do so much for
tho oppressed cln_S08l
r*AimPH nr tisf ruiKViv  iip "l" ,lin experionoos of tho last year j
CAUSES OP THSI CHINESE UP-      lh___ h__ ^ m„c|| t|ui( mfty Mp,ft|n |
..... . ,. the growing Impatience of tbo Chlnoso.
Another sleeper   uwnlieninK,'    nre . ,   *• „oKi<iii..K lias heen made In
the words ,„ wlnel, u London paper|      fc „    f       J,     , ,     ,,„
speak! of the present revolt ... the very  „lonillR ot „„, T^'l.-l.on Yuen, or Notion
heart u, the I hinese Blnp.ro.    Wo learn    , A_*„,,|    „       lMh ,,,,„,,„,, lm,,v |„  t
fro,,  the huropian press that W uehang        ,   , ,„•;„,„, „u, „,„. fnr „',•„„
pn the banks of the great river >'>!>k Ip,,,.,:,,,,,,,,,,,1,,,,, tho„gh ,„,,,, ,,„., ,,„„„
.     .!    ,                  h   .             dliolng Kuronoiin    methods    in lorttun
govornmont.   Hankow wus next oceu* -       .       -"	
piod by the rebels; tho railrond to IV
If*in Cxchang*
kin*! WAS torn up nnd rendered im
passable, Hudiew of the imperial army
joined nnd nre still joining the insnr
gents by tho thousand. A government
nrsonal, contninlnn vast stores of arms
and ammunition, hits boon seized, and
the well-informed correspondent of the
Louden Times writes thnt China, is now
fnelng A moro BOrloUS revolt oven than
tho Tni ping robollion. It is the opinion of the Etiroponn press that misgov
ornment lies nt the runt of Chinese revo-
bit binary    movements,    especially    as
.Winnipeg   shewn iu the failure of the new "Xu<
branches of the civil and military nd
ministration, nothing has been done to
euro the root evil of ClllnOSO public life
—tho almost universal corruption of tho
official classes."
Some Good Stories of Lord Kitchener
There are many popular mlsconcep
tions ubuut the New British Agent (Ion-
era! in Egypt. Mv is depicted as in-
humnnely cold, above, or Incapable of,
ordinary human emotions or frailties.
Poor fl. W. Stevens' doperiptinu of him
as "a bruin working in (1 box of ice"
Don't Give Your Low Grade Wheat Away
Get the Highest Market Price for It
We are making Splendid Sales of Number 4, 5, 6, and Feed, us well ns tough and
rejected smutty wheat. There is a good market for all of these low grades, Let us
sell your wheat to the highest bidder, and got you nil it is worth in any of the world's
mnrlt.'t"   Write for full particulars, ami Bond your Shipping Bills to
W. S. McLaughlin & Co., Winnipeg, Man.
5 Chubb Block, Saskatoon, Sask. Grain Exchange, Calgary, Alta. free pikik, chumxc.K, bmtisb Columbia:.
Electors of Chilliwack
1 desire to' convoy my thanks
to the Eloctors of Cnllllwack for
thoir support In the recant
Mayoralty uonlusl and signify my
gratification nt tin' election ol so
able n Board of Aldermen for
the year 11)12,
Church News
Applications will bu  rcri'ivi'il   fnr tlic
ihihiIIoii nl' City  Cli'ik,  Collector,  mul
Clerk nl I'lilii-" Court, i'.,r lho ,\ ■  1011!
ut ii Miliary ni s<'\riiivl''ivi-   llullur*  tiur
All applications to bu in ilu- luimls ol
UlO Miijnr li.v .luliiiary Llllll Itllli,
City Clork,
Applications will ho received lor t li.-
position ni Assessor lur ilu, City ol Chllllwaek for lho yenr 1012 nt u salary ol
Tmii-IIiiiiiIii.I uml Fifty Dollars,
All applications lu be in tlio bunds ot
the Mayor by .Innuiiry 20th 1012,
E. ,i. itnrcnr.it,
City Clerk.
Ki'v. Mr. MoCullough of Ed-I
monds, will tuke tlir services in the
Baptist cluii'ch mi Siiiiiluy.
Tin- annual mooting of  Cook's
Church congregation will bn hold]
n Wednesday ovoning ut 8 o'clock. I
Tho largest crowd ovor soon in
tin- Methodist, C'liuivli assembled
lost Sunday evening b> hear Dr.
ICrnost Hall's warning words ru-1
gitrding tin- White Slave Trallic.
Tin, address wits illuslmtod by a
nuinbor of lunloni views.
An Interesting pi'ngritmino will
Im given dont Kriilny uvoning in
tin, Molhodist Church bcIiooI room
whon tho Voting Ladles Blblo class
Liberal Annual
will ontertain their friends nta s5ctnl
gathering. There will be souks,
recitations, and instrumental solos
nnd u number of tableaux will he
glvon representing well known
characters or seonos, Tho monibers
ot tho class aro making ovory pri-
paration to ensuro the success of
tho gathering and hope for a Itirge
attendance, Hoficshmcnts will bo
l.nst Friday ovoning tho annual
ontortainment of the Motliodisl
Sunday School wus hold in the
church. Huv. A, 15. Roberts, tho
pastor, showed n unmoor of in-
torostlng views by means of the
electric lantern, among which won'
sonu' comical Btorlos which In-
torestod llie ohildron vory much.
A Feature of tho evening wns tho
presentation of a large Hun to the
Wesley Troop of Hoy Scouts, Tho
Hug is n handsome Union Jack with
tin, Canadian emblem, uml tlm
words "Wos'ov Troop, Chilliwack
II. ('.'' und tho Boy Scout motto
"Ho I'ropiii'od" worked on both
•i losof tbo llag.   The Hag was made
j ponding tlm legal adjustmont of his
I estate The llritish Columbia
I Funeral Aid  is organized on  linos
Wmcd's Institute Meeting      ,
Tho regular monthly mooting of
to ordor in  England specially fori
tho Troop and the  boys  ara  very
proud of  it.     Scoutmaster  Abbot     ____    __    ^^^^^^^^
accoptoil the Hag on bohalf of  tho | similar in most rospocts to what is'Ihe Women's Institute was held on
troop in a noal speech, and   nulled
upon 1 lumisl> Ewon to tell how ttie j
Union Jack was composed,    This
Hnmisli ri it I in true scout stylo and
(hen the troop saluted lho Hug gave!
threo lioarty cheers for tho honors,
Clover and Timothy hay for side,
llritish Columbia Hop Co,
Phone P 250.
ChilliwacK Orchestra
Chilliwack Orchestra, Six or Kiitlii
pieces, open for engagements.
Air. Whits, Secretary,
Scaled Tenders will bt* received by (he
undersigned up to Saturday January _o,
at noon, (or the supplying uml delivery
on the McLeod propierty, formerly (Jib-
bou & McGulre, 1000 sound cedar posts,
7l<i io 8 feel long, to Ik* delivered on or
before thc flrsd dny of March 1012, The
lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.
T. K. BARRY, Chilliwack.
Open every ovoning from
T.'iO to 10, unci Saturday
from "2.30 to 5.
The Annual Meeting of the Chil-I
liwaek Liberal Association will be
hold in tiie Foresters hull on
Thursday January 25th 1912
at 2,30 p.m.
Business :
President's Report
Election of Olilcers
Election of Delegates to the
Liberal Convention at Vancouver on
February 2flth, and other business.
Hy ordor,
P.H.H.Ramsay,     J.II.Asiiwki.i.,
President. Secretary.
Hoy your Magazines at
Cigar Srore
1>V Miigu/.iiic for...
L'Oe Magazine for...
Hoe Magazine for...
lie..- Magazine for,..
. 10c
Come uml join my library.
KKKI novels to select from.
*«*,#. «m ty'V*w«ra*-.*tr.MN|'
» X
I For that Cold
Barber's Cough Remedy
A Laxative Cold Cure
In large bottles 75c.
Ask for sample
%>&&4wn<**i*?*4mm*4w tmtAl
\lt Is   With  Muchl
That i thniik the pooplo of Chilliwack and
Valley for their kind patronage during my
short stay in tho city, anil would beg to state
that I am in a position to do any Watch and
Jewelry work entrusted to mo, carefully and
Reg. E. Broadhead
Watchmaker, Jeweler and Engraver.
Agent for the Columbia Phonograpli*.
Second door from Empress hotel. Chilliwack
Odd Fellow's Funeral Aid
One of tlio newer features of Odd
Fellowship in llritish Columbia is
what is popularly known as Tho
Funeral Aid. This was authorized
by the Grand Lodge at its meeting
in Kamloops in 1910. Tho formal
organization, however, was nnt
effected till much later ill the same
year. The object of this latest
expression of fraternal Odd Fellowship is to place such immediate
linanoiul assistance in the hands of
the families of deceased Odd Fellows
us will meet the crisis caused by
the removal of tho boa,I of the
family end the consequent disarrangement of his business affairs.
j known as lho Manitoba Association
j which bus boon in existence for
nearly thirty years and which has
a membership of over 3,,r>lK) and
has relieved over 200 families.
Notwithstanding tbo growth and
the success of tho Manitoba Association, the British Columbia Association has made a larger gain  in
Tuesday afternoon, tho   President,
Mrs. W. V.  Davios in tho chair.
The minutes of tho last, mooting and
of the special mooting at the  home
of Mrs. Davies, wore road and approved of, also the auditors' report.
The Women's Institute here,  have
extended   an   invitation   to   the
,.    ,.   . ...       . --    -     ,     .Mutsqui Institute to visit them for
lho first year of its existence than; the March meeting, the visitors to
was made in Manitoba during the k^ ohnr~ of the afternoon's pro-
first six years of that organization. | -.„.„, Re80iution8 of thanks were
As its aims and objects become bot-1 mft(]„ 1(l t|„. Prt,aH for tn0 publicity
tor known to the membership atL|von tho meetings. Suggestions
largo the directors have every rtason j wm, „„■„,,• f„- b'v tho pr0(~lini
for fooling confident that they will|commltleo, to bo used in tbo year's
#00 the membership roach tin; one
thousand mark during the year
■ 1012. The Association lias re-
: pi'osontatives in the various bulges
' of tho province.
Watch repairing, etc., is drawn
to your attention by It. E. Broadhead in our issue to-dny.
meeting's and an informal talk on
interesting subjects suitable for the
year's mcetillpS in tho Institute, followed. A sick committee composed
of Mrs. .Jos. White, Mrs. I. Johnson,
and Mrs Rose were appointed In
look after sick members or newcomers. The program committee
served dainty refreshments, afler
which the mooting adjourned.
Fire Smoke Water
$15,000   Shoe  Stock
Damaged by Fire, Smoke and Water to
be thrown on the market at a
Tremendous   Sacrifice
Sale Begins Saturday Jan'y. 20
This will be an event without precedent in the history of this
community, an opportunity such as was never before presented
to the public to buy good shoes at a mere iraction of real values.
The entire stock is on sale without reserve.
Positively no Exceptions.      All must go
at once.
The Sale Starts Saturday mom-
^^^^^^^^^^^ ing January 20th  At 9 A.M.
COMB EARLY, but be sure to come for it  will pay you to
come Fifty miles to attend this Sale.
Sale Begins
January 20
R. J. Mcintosh
Sale Begins
January 20


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