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 /   U   {J\A     '•  ,,    ,.,   {    j [  J,:*-'     '
Published in the garden City of B. C.
You will Like chilliwack.
Vol. 1.
Etlitor nml Proprietor
No. 19
City Council 1912 :     Mayor, R. F. Waddington ;  Aldermen,  Messrs. Eckert, Gervan, Carleton, Goodland and O'Hearn.
TU* Awul Eteot Wu Oot of Mock loterr.il.    Good Speeches,  Splendid Singing,  oo
Appdixing Menu, ood Chilliwaek's Bright Fotore, ore Features.
Success in large measure attended
the annual business men's dinner,
at tbe Empress, on Friday evening.
The function was held under the
auspices nf the Hoard of Trade, and
that body should lie stimulated and
congratulated on tho result of the
effort. If the banquet is any criterion, of tho next twelve months in
Chilliwack, the city will abound
with enthusiasm, and husiuoss and
civic development will gain inomeu-
tum from Ihe united energies of Ihe
various business interests of tlic city.
The tli.....-.' was delayed until a
late hour owing to the late arrival
of the tram which brought sonic of
the guests, At eleven o'clock about
sixty sat down to do justice to the
array of good things for the satisfying of the inner man, provided hy
the genial proprietor of the Empress,
1) 1! MoLohlliin. AH attested iu a
decided fashion to the merits of this
portion of tbe program, After nil,
with few exceptions, bad kindled
tlieir tires and got steam up for the
next part of the "Menu", 11. J.
Harlier, as toastmnsler, proposed
the health of the King which was
responded to in true British fashion.
A letter of regret was read from
Premier McBride, who had lieen invited to.he present. Pressure nf business, previous to tbe opening of the
Legislature, did not permit a visit
to Chilliwack at this time.
"Cnnada" was ably proposed by
II. J. Barlier, wbo emphasized the
the desirability of keeping the wheels
of progress revolving and business
interests properly lubricated and
adjusted in Chilliwack, that this
portion of Canada might keep pace
with thc wonderful development of
the Country, .specially thc western
portion of it. The drinking of the
Toast was followed by "The Maple
Leaf Forever", when J. D. Taylor,
M. P. for Westminster, responded,
to an accompaniment of hearty
applause Mr. Taylor dwelt mainly
on the projects and proposed developments by the Dominion Cloverment
in relation to Western Canada.
The establishing of thc Pacific Coast
aa the sen Imard for the immense
grain shipments from thc prairies,
l.y tlie erection of terminal elvators.
etc., and pointed out that grain
would Ik- shipped by this route at a
saving of from four to six cents a
hush. I uver the rate now paid, either
via Montreal or Ww York r.iutes.
The expenditure of some (ourmilloii
dollars at the mouth of the Eraser
was state I to be an advantage to
CbiUiwnek in lircctlv. Mr. Taylor
I... , I t" see Ibe Fraser navigable
as far as II,mm- and Yale at no
distant period. Thospcaker advocated is'rmanent roads throughout the
Dr Patten sang "The Veteran's
Song" in a style that met with
warm ap r vnl.
A. L. Coote proposed n toast to
'British Columbia", which bubbled
over with Mr. Cooto's characteristic
humor, and coupled with it the
nam.' of S. A. Cawley, M. P. P
who elucidated the wealth in tbe
resources of the province iu lumber,
mining, agriculture ami tisbing,
and the proud position B.C. occupied
in Iteii-g a1 'le to at anv time liquidate
ita national debt witb funds on deposit in thc banks of thc province.
In addition to this he stated the
province owns and controls all its
lands except the twenty mile railway
belt, and concluded his address witli
a story in which a political meeting,
a lengthy six-ukor. the abundant
ro-ourecs of the province and nn
auditor who saw an additional item
and suggested the advantages of an
immediate recognition of the same.
"Our Cily" was proposed in a
few well chosen words bv It. F.
Waddington, who commented on
the advance of Chilliwack during
recent years, and the fact that the
Government Post Olllcc had failed
to keep pace with thc march of
time. This was one of the local conditions which was sadly neglected.
Mayor Munro was associated with
the response and gave an address on
the City's development, and ambitions past, present, and future. Tbe
Mayor's reminiscences of Chilliwack
were decidedly interesting and were
told with a quite humor that kept
the audience on the alert. In commencing his address he said that the
two cuts of Wellington street as
published in the Free Press of Friday
was a true picture of the situation
as presented in 1801 and 1911.
Twenty-one years ago there were
twelve places of business while now
there are flighty - seven. The
spaakor rotated sonic of bis early
experiences, tlm real estaui boom of
!M, which was of shortduration ami
in which thore wns moro enthusiasm
and less money tliau in any real
estate situation anywhere Up lo llllll
time. On tho '-'1st of May '111 the
i lirst sod of an electric railway was
| turned, which was the sum total of
j the operations, The Mayor then
stated that for the next seven or
eight years lho staying qualities of
the citizens of the place were put
to the test and the stamina displayed during these yenrs was bard to
boat, During thc past six years
great changes hud taken place, (lid
buildings were replaced by new,
banks were established, an eight
roomed public school and a high
school erected, roads and sidewalks
constructed, electric train service,
electric lighting, water service,
drainage, city bull and incorporation
as a city, In fact the only business
institution that bad not changed
during the past twenty one years
was the jiost office. At this point
J. D. Taylor. M. P., who had taken
note of tbe comment on the Dominion Government building, ventured the information (?) that he would
have one sent by express. It was
evident from the tenor of the references to the post office situation
that a long suffering public bad
about reached the limit of its
"Our valley" was proposed by
A. E. White, president of Westminster Board of Trade, who reviewed tbc subject of transporution
from carlv times, nnd dwelt on the
potentiality and resources of the
valley, tbe project of draining
Sumas Lake, and concluded with a
picturesque description of, and licst
withes for tbe future of Chilliwack.
To H. Eckert fell the pleasure of
replying, and in doing so made
reference to the increased production
of tbe valley by more intelligent,
systematic and intensified cultiva
tiou of tlie soils. More products
were raised and shipped from the
valley now than ever before, an I he
looked lor and predicted a very
large increase in the future.
" Oil to Philadelphia in tbe
Morning" by Fred Han, was the
next iteui und proved u popu ar
"The B.C. Electric Railway Co."
was proposed bv J H. Ashwell who
referred to the early means of transportation via the river, and the delays, and other pioneer features of
traffic proiilem. The inauguration
of the B. C. E R and the benlits
the city bad derived Irom it. F.
R. Glover, who responded on liehalf
of the company, was hailed with
three cheers and a tiger nud the
singing of "For they're Jolly Good
Fellows." Mr. Glover paid u compliment to the early residents of the
valley when he stated that as long
as twenty live years ago, Chilliwaek
Valley wns one of the most, if not
the most progressive community
along the coast. Transportation was
u big advantage to any community
and Chilliwack bad shared tbo results incident to the establishing of
railway communication. This bail
changed conditions, one instance
lieing that the Creameries ceased to
make butter, hut the milk ship|>ed
to Vancouvor ami sold, brought a
price equal to tilty-twoor lifty-tbrce
cents a pound for butter. In shaking of the resources of the valley
Mr. Glover directed attention to the
fact that the largest available
cement deposits in British Columbia
were to be found within a few miles
of the city, thc supply lieing praot
ically unlimited. This property,
together with a property on Vancouver Islam!, near Victoria, had
been purchased by tbe Consolidated
Cement Co., of England, the largest
cement company in the world.
Operations on the Island would !«'
started iu the curly spring und on
tbe completion of the plant there,
a large plant would lie installed here,
und a spur line of the B. C. E. R.
constructed to the plant. Tbe
speaker assured thc assembly of the
genuineness of the company and its
purpose. Mr. Glover nlso stated
thnt  iniiK.rtn.it coal collieries, in
close proximity to the city were
highly probable in thc near future,
as there were splendid indications
of a Ilrst class quality of bituminous
coal in the hills tn the north of the
city, lie was of the opinion that the
Cily and Valley was on the eve of
an era of wonderful progress and
development. The ever productiveness of the valley from the standpoint of the soil, the cement industry
coal collieries, with Improved river
navigation,and Ihroi railway lines in
the near future. When such a forward movement had marked thc
past few years, whal might be expected during the next few years
with all these additional advantages.
The li. C. E. It. had made no mis-
lake iu coining to Chilliwack and
results   thus   far had cxi ded the
company's most sanguine expectations. 'I'be road will, at present rate
of increase, produce a profit in three
years Instead of live years as bad
befin estimated. With regard to
the extension of tbe rond to Rosedale
Mr. Glover, stated that as soon as
business would warrant the expenditure, this would be constructed. The embraces.
s|H'iiker inclosingstatedhisfirm belief I mont on a
the press ready and willing tn lend
aid to all worthy objects. Messrs.
Caskey and Barber, representing
the local press, responded. The
former briefly and the latter—woll i Defeated Alderman Jacksoo or 76 Vole*, C.E.
R.F. Waddington Mayor
ntir modesty does not permit us to
give n resume of the "points touched on".
The singing of the National
Anthem brought a most successful
banquet, to ii close iii the weo sum'
The Cliilliwnck Land it' Develop-
nient Co. Ltd hnvo purchased the
business of T. .1. Policy & Co. ami
will enter the local real estate, insurance and brokerage business
willi energy befitting conditions.
Certain changes in tlic original
plans of Ibis company havo made
it advisable for the Company to increase its scope and staff. While
it was the intention of the Company
to operato locally exclusively, tbey
now have plans covering a large
area of British Columbia, whieh
agricultural develop-
arge scale,   us   well  as
Eckert Heads Poll.   Heavy Vole and
Muck Local Interest.
Thc vole polled was as follows:
For Mayor
R. F. Waddington  107
T. II. .lackson  121
Majority for Waddington "tl
For Aldermen
E. C. Eokort    258
II. 11. Gervan  210
S. S. Carleton    175
II. T. Goodland..       171
Jas.  0 Ileum  163
V. Davics	
A.  Webb	
It.  Henderson
that Chilliwaek would make good. I Industrial enterprises. Further anile missed manv of the old-timers, riouncomenU will bo made shortly
but their places were taken by tfhich will prove gratifiying to the
younger men who would continueto M001*1 public, and prove beyond any
keep Chilliwack in the fore-front of I l*>ssiblo doubt, the substantial and
the procession, and on behalf of the! flracticial character of the abov
eoinpaiiv, promised that the B. C. named Company. In addition to
E, R. would keep pace with that tho purchase of the foregoing busi-
advancement. Mr. Glover's address | less, the Company has secured the
was listened to with much interest,i real estate and insurance Inisiness
and bis statements were recieved ''""ducted by W. R. Nelcms, thc
with applause. I letter also becoming associated with
D. E. Munn, in a few well timed: the Chilliwack Laud and Develop-
remarks proposed the toast to Went Co. The combining of these
"Our Sister Cities" which was ably threo interests makes a strong
and eloquently, responded to hy combination of energetic and pro-
Stuart Wade, Secretary Westminster grossive business men of stability,
Board of Trade, who pointed out!and the future of the Company
the important position the valley should be one of splendid success.
held ns a source of supply  for  thc
Terminal Cities, nnd to what extent
those cities were looking toward this
portion of B. C.
Herbert J. Cave, of Vancouver,
wbo was a visitor to the city favored
the audience with a rendition of
the solo "Mary of Argyle" that
met with a most enthusiastic
reception, Mr. Ctve lieing forced
to respond to thc encore.
Rev. Dr. White, of Sardis, introduced "Our Business Interests"
laving Btress on the higher, truer
ami lietter elements that should
cbanietrize the business life of our
lieople. The development of character would produce u strong, verile
type of business mun, in whose
builds the future would lie safe and
sound. W. L. Macken made n
rief und able response. His in
•induction to Chilliwuek twelve
years ago, and bis impressions, were
unique ittnl humorous. He mid in
u few words of tlie rapid trend of
progression during recent yenrs.
He took exception to the Statement
tbut the post office bnd not change,!
in the last twenty years, as the
veranda bad disappeared with that
of several others that hail
graccdt?) the main thoroughfare of
the future city of Chilliwack.
Last but not least "Publicity
and the Press" wns proposed by
II. T. Goodland, who emphasized
the importance of the press as a
factor in the growth of the various
industries and callings which go to
make up a progressive city, and
also stated that he always had found
An invitation wus extended to u
few dairymen in the valley to meet
in thc city of Chilliwack, for thc
purpose of discussing the advisability
of organizing the dairy interests.
The meeting was called on Saturday
Jan. I!, 1012 and Mr. .1. A. Evans
was asked to act as Chairmen nnd
C. E. Eckert  as Secretary of Ihe
An important meeting in connection with the Farmers' Institute
will be held at the Coqualeetza Institute. Sardis, on Tuesday and
Wednesday next. The program ns
follows is one of importance and
there should lie a large attendance.
1.80.—Types of Soils, B. Hoy.
2.80.—Soil Cultivation and Fertility, H. Thornber. 8.80.—Commercial Vegetable-growing, P. E.
French. 7.30.—Fruit - growers'
Vegetable Garden, P. E. French.
8.80.—Orchard Pests and their
Control, B. Hoy. 0.30.—Grafting
and Budding Demonstration, H.
2.00.—Pruning Demonstration,
M. S. Middleton. 3.00.—Plant
Growth, -I. F. Carpenter. 7.30.—
Sprays and Spraying, J. F. Carpenter. 8.30.—Selection of Nursery
Stock, Orchard Plans and Planting,
M. S. Middleton. 0.30,-Illustrat-
ed Lecture.
The public is eortlially invited to
lie present at, all or any of the
lectures.    Not  only fruit-growers j^n7 verTprosw
l.l.i.(rni./lr\t,n»ii IMtt       li.-i.fct* ■ *      T *-
and vegetable-gardeners, but men
in all branches of (arming, will
find the lectures on soils, cultivation, and plant-growth of value to
them.    The courses are free   to
Held Annual Meeting.
Chilliwack Board of Trade Reviews Work of
Year and Elects Officers.   Prospects
Bright for 1912
The Chilliwack Board of Trade
wound up the business of 1011 and
started on the campaign lor IUI2 on
Friday, night when about forty of
the members assembled in the Odd
Fellow's hall for ihe annual meeting.
After preliminaries were disposed of
a letter was read from Mr. MiLcod
re mail service across the river from
Harrison and suggested in the event
of same not being secured owing to
cust, that a service from Abbotsford
over the B. I'. E. R. l«o inked for.
By this method eastern mail would
be transferred from t'. p. R. to B.
C. E. R. at Abbotsford and arrive
at Chilliwack at 12 (noon) instead
of 9 p.m. as at present. The
main object of the Board asking for
a re-establishment of the service to
Hnrrison, is to keep up regular
communication between the city
and the towns on the north side of
the river. The passenger tnirti.-
alone, at present is not sufficient to
maintain a constant service.
R. J. Snellgrove, Vancouver,
wrote the Board, regarding the
maintenance of the Vancouver Market and suggesting that a resolution
lie forwarded from the Board pointing out the advantage this concern
is to the shippers of produce from
Chilliwack. The matter was p..
fcrred to tic Agricultural Committee.
Messrs. J. Burton. T. L. Lillie.
R. Carmiehael, H.H. Spieer.
Tbc secretary-treasurer H. T
Goodland presented the financial
statement for the year. R*ceipu
$640.37; expenditures o.iilH. ">4.
leaving a small balance to the
credit of the Board.
Tk-e  retiring   President,    H.   J.
Barber,  then  reviewed   the    work
of tbc past year.   The year hiui
rous one  in  the
meeting.   After considerable discus-{everybody.   Come and lie prepared
 to ask questions.
If sufficient interest is taken in
the meetings at Sardis, a scries of
meetings will lie held at Chilliwack
later, lt is probable that a number
from here will attend the meetings
at Sardis next Tuesday and Wednesday.
sion as to the best way in which to
bring about the results desired, a
committee consisting of Mr. Burrow,
Mr. E. A. Wells and C. E. Eckert,
was appointed to submit n plan,
draft a constitution and by-laws,
and wben ready to report, advise
the Chairman, who would then enll
another meeting at which every
dairyman in the valley would lie
invited to be present. The idea
prevails that much good to thc
lairy interests can be accomplished
through a valley organization, and
the matter should receive loyal
support of every person who has
any interest in this line of, work.
Watch for announcement of the
next meeting called by the Chairman of our last meeting.
C. E. Eckert, Secretary.
New Police Ooarters.
Chilliwack Police bend-quarters
and reception rooms arc now located
in the new city hall, where the stall
will receive any who desire to become acquainted witb the now
"home," at uny hour of tbe dny or
L .F.Cioft, at Mee Studio for photos
For photos at Chapman's—phone
province and the most prosperous
year in the history of Chilliwack.
The entrance of .the B. C. E R.
had given an impetus to the city.
With progress cume new problems
and among these which were dealt
with by the Board, wore: The reduction in freight rates over tne
B. C. E. R. to meet that of the
river rates. Postal matters—Bcaad
mail on the tram, and a through.
mail service to Vancouver x- <oon
as the ear is ready, and the ,.«
post office, building operations oa
whieh are likely to commerce at
an early date. The advocacy of
the Fraser River improvement.
We cannot dispense with the river
service, and a general scheme of
clearing the main channel of the
river was feasible and practical, ;ir,,l
was being urged by the Board. The
establishment of the Militia, with
thc probability of a drill hall in the
near   future   was   another  matter
Wasted—Thin store, pigs R.
8. Corvolth, P. C. Rd., phone F
Wasted—Married rouble to run
hoarding house; man to work on
farm. Apply in writing to "H,"
Free Piess.
Foil Sale—CiiKAr— Six White,
Wyandotte (Vkrels, singly nr lot. which had been secured through the
Two Cocks eighteen months—Pure | representations of the Board. Piihli-
Strain, must go quick. D. Barton, eity had been taken up on a much
Chonm or box 20, city larger-scale,   than, previously, an
Mr. Phillips and Mr. Campbell expenditure of over 82000 on this
representing the Canada Loan and Important item having been decided
Investment Co. of Vancouver, arejUpon. The President stated thar
at the Royal Hotel, and wish to any business man knows that l-giii-
meet all Contract holders of that mato advertising pays and advocated
Company at thc hotel or at T. J.|<"* more extensive plan for   1912,
Policy's office.
which in his opinion would lie a
year of progress ami development.
The Board had lieen honored by
visits from the Hon. Mr. Temple-
man, and the Provincial Tax Commission. A larger attendance at the
meetings of tlic Board was urged
that thc work might l>c prosecuted
more vigorously than ever before.
S. A. Cawley. M. P. P., was
voted to the chair nnd conducted
thc election of officers which resulted
ns follows: H. .1. Barber, President;
W. L. Macken, vice-president; D.
E.   Carleton,   sccrotary-treasuror;
I Council of Board of Trade, F. B.
Lyle, II. T. Goodland. .1. II. Bowes,
T. E. Caskey, T. II. .lackson, R. F.
'Waddington, G. II. W. Ashwcll
and 11. \V. Lillie. These officers,
witb tbe addition of Messers. N, S,
'■ McKenzie,  K.  V.  Munro, S.  S.
Carelton and ,1. F. Harrison, compose thc Board of Arbitration.
A hearty vote of thanks was ten-
: dorcd the retiring Seeretnry  II.  T.
-Goodland, for his persistent, faithful and onorgectic services during the
i past three years, in the woik of the
J Board.
j    Tbe assembly then adjourned to
j the Empress Hotel where the nnnual
'"inner was held. (•iiii,u\v.\rK'Ki;i<:r. PRESS
The Quest of Homer Bott
(By William Hamilton Osboroo)
WANTED    A wife.   l:.\  Ho r Bott. -
Tills lnii-r iiiiii modest, bul Btiggos
tivu advertisement, ivliicii nppoarod tn
Uio niutrimotiial eolm >!' tlio Bollport
New--, WIIH llOi   CUluultltOll  In UttniCt UU-
usual attention, f    i i
Bollport wus ;i vurj lively town, nml
lho Buokora nftor wives woro numorous. i port
Tin- [lorsoiiul iioluiiitia in tlio press wero nn
overworked. IM
To   tbe   casual   observer,    thoroforo,
thoro wiih nothing in tlio ilotico to dis
tlngulsh il  from Its fellows.
Hul   it. Mn- LtUnln.it, nl'    iiintriiiioiiinl
coIiim*1***   lo hor w ho rond i h il voon I lio
lines   lucre wua imu'li i linl  « i
uinl  with short, stubby  flngors—not
afraid ot housework.    i\'o tnflers,    I
iiioun   business,    IB'.M EH   BOTT, of
* Ihlcugo,
lloro then wus something moro defln
Ili,<   Li
:-!• among tlio foml-
the  town  of   Bell
, Por whll
Ins Btnte
I licit- wus n distinction nbont tlio
nu i 11 wuh nn iiiui mil iiuiiio. It
ran Itotl; nol Bolt**. Butts might bo
;i bull hor, nr u cul ,
But Boll! It wits ii mtiiio to auujuic
Uul i wiih i lomii'iil, Cor bo oxpn
ii I lliu wuuts in i liu fowosl poi iblo
words) nn oilitur could bave blue pen
t-i I ei I Iils doiiiniid.
U ii hu mull rstood economy in its
u ii'*   i i*>   In- seemed l H know in-
ttlnclivt Ij tl ul Bollporl could uot yield
uuin him :i satisfactory and eongoninl
male in a dny, nr two- or throo. And
bo, as wns indicated by tho hieroglyphics nt tho ond of tho notice, bo had
wisely takon advantage of tho weekly
His advertisomout wuh to be lusortod
for seven days,
Mr. Bolt, expressive and lo the point
aa lie boo mod to bo, wna still n long wuy
lie failed to state just what kind of
u wife lie wan I nl. and w|iat is more
in the point, he ottered no seductive do
tails as tit his own ago, weight, shape,
bright, color uud gonorul appoarunco
nnd  disposition.
Bul above nml over all. In* had omit
ifl iln- must important thing, lie had
failed to -laic whoro bo lived or
where bo might bo addressed.
The imt ice lirst appeared on Sunday,
On ThurBdny of that week one uf the
i.n'f \   reporters of tho  American,   a
rival of tlo-  NOWB, whose OUglo eve had
spied it, called upon the foromnn of the
latter paper.
"Say, Billy," he inquired genially
is he handed out the clipping taken
from the News, "who's this fellow
Boll, who's looking loi n wife!"
The foromnn shook his head.
"Don't know,'' he replied. "Got
the order by mail, prepaid, and put it
uu Tore up tlio envelope, and don't
know whoro it camo from. Don't know
anything about it, in fact, inore'n whal
vou (lo.      Why, whut 'a up '"
"Naw," replied the other, "only
two- an' they don't bolong hero. Wo
don't know what to do with thorn—
don't know whoro tu semi 'om, In fact.
Thiuk it'* a fake, myself. Still, it
muy he til right."
Un the iit-xt day—Friday—tho Amori-
.-an, ii morning paper, published a Ilrst*
page cijluii.il article on tbo subject,
iiea.Id  about  as   follows:
Who Is Homer liuUf
ho was still painfully silout upon tbo
HUbjecl ol Ins own (|uulillcnl ions ul
though il i- two thnl tho more fact thai
lie u i ■ li iinui and wanted u wife quite
sufllccd  for many.
l liu   lioxl    tiny,    In.never,   tn   correct
i ■ do iouti Iii adde I to the Eo o
going notice u bi ief Htatomont, some
Lhii     ■ . o this:
I  um .'to youi • old, \\ liii u, goo 1 look
■   I   |.vl'   I    ■   i,.-.■.-    in     height,    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
weight _UiO poundH,  good-naturod, lion* | knock ut the door.      II  openod, and
tall, woll built young man entered.
'I hi.i young man was Homer Bott, of
i hk-ngo.
Tho firm of Johnson & Ackorman ran
ono of tho two largo department storos
in Heliport. Ef anything, their plan-.
the Groen Stqro, was a bit in advance
ni  the Emporium, its rival,     it made
'i'he two heads of tho concern sat lu
tlieir private oiliee ono morning on
gago I in socrot bobbIoii.
"Thai wns a blamed moan trick of
Suydoi 's," oxclalmod       Ackorman;
"leaving us that way and going over
tn the.Emporium.     After being wiih us
we nre ■everything in the sl nre up*
sido down, nnd without a manager—nl
lensl I'm* the hotter part nf the month,
liy Ihe way. whou does lhat follow en**
positively that  he can conn*?"
The othor man picked up a leller.
"tin the sixteenth," he responded.
' * Aio: hero we've got a.i early
Sprit:;;-, and ought to have our ads. tun
and not things stinted. I wonder if
tlmt follow '11 Im able to write nds.
liko Snyder's*?"
Johnson  shook   his  head.     \
' • We mlgbl  as well COnf0SB,H lie BUld,
"that half on- Inisiness came from
Hnydor's ads,
Ai  this juncture, there was a gentle
■ontinued  the  re
c -i. in I*; itrious, tompoi'uto, ami will
pro. ido a good homo for i lie womnn
..I' 'in cbolco, I SHALL 8KTTLE IN
Ul-JLLBOUT.     A.hire--.
IloMKI. BOTT, News nni,', .
This, indeed,  was BOniQtblug like!
'i in> Nov.-. (Hii,-,. was dolugod with
mail,     livery   ullglblo young  WOlllttU   in
Bollport wrote a letter ou the sly to the
ill) Morions Homer Bull.
So also did many who wore highly
ineligible ami quite tin* reverse of
And then, suddenly, there was a bin
Ins. The ttdvortiaomout ceased! Por
ten whole days nothing moro was heard
of Humor Bolt.
Ami then the American bursl oul one
morning wilh oxtru headlines thai
icai-hed actOHS tho pUgo:
American Solves Mystery!
Homer Bott Pound in the Sanctum uf
the N'oWH.
The American went on to state,
breathlessly, that iho American exclusively had dlscovorod that ihe* Botl
affair was beyond all question a mon
omental   bonx.
It declared that Homer Bott was
none other tbun the unscrupulous editor of tiie Bollport News himself, who
hat! concocted tlie scheme simply to
make Ins paper sell.
"Two things provo this conolualve
Iy," went on the oditor of the Amori-
■■an: "one is tin* otter ami reckless
disregard of space and expense exhil.it
ed by this fictitious Bott in liis publications, and, secondly, he has published
the description ot' a woman who does
not exist—at lensl  in Heliport,
"He demands,'' continued the article, "n woman who is practically per
.. ymi_ym>  dou 't  mind   this,  Kitty,
ilo \ ou .'"'he inquired.
She shook her head vigorously.
"(io  on," she  returned  with  :.   mis
" Vou observe, gentlemen," h-j con-
tinned, "that she is from twenly to
twonty*fivo years nf age, a good, charming woman, one that is chummy, healthy
nml good looking, with a lively disposition and common sense; live feet live
iin'lies in height, weight ono bundled
and twenty pounds, dark hair, neat
Imil !. and with short, slolihy lingers,
ant afraid of housework, nud one tlmt
is ind a iriller. In fact, gentlemen,"
lie continued, as he throw into the basket Ihe clipping from which ho had just
rend, "sho is .lie exact counterpart of
thai description,"
"Tn toll thi! truth," ho added, with
u smile, "she was with me when i
wrote it.
"And if you want tho whole truth
nml nothing hut the truth, gentlemen,"
In- concluded, in a solemn voice, "she
•l-e winle il   herself."
The partners looked at him in a half*
stupid, halfnslonisned  way.
'* 'md von out- UH that expensive sel
of furniture," went on young Mr. Bull,
good-natu edly.
"But -Imi,'" Intorruptod Ackermnn,
" do yotl moan in say lhat yon "ro already mnrrlod, and    -   ''
Custer's First Charge
(luster is most often romeinborQd for
his unfortunate charge against hitting
Hull, when, without waiting tu ilotor
mine the numlier ul' Indiana opposed to
l'lio partuorslookoil at Iiini curiously. "Mnrrlod," answered    Mr.    Llomei
_\lv   , ip,"   ho    iinnouncotl,    ''is   Hott, "vory much so.   And we've i, i
Hunter Unit." '      ''"' :'i lensl six months "
limner  Bottl '  tltev   exclaimed  in " Weeks," corroded the young lady,
one  voice.      "Wlmt—Homor   Hull, of with tut interesting l.lusli.
Chicago—tlio man that wants a wife!" "And, uh. by  the wuy,"    resumed
The youug innu smilo.l. young Mr. Hull, "I forgot thnt I sped
"The very sumo," lie replied.     . nlly canto in for,     Ate yuu gontlemon
Thoy looked nl each othor in nston oxpootlng a Mr.  -Mr. vVhoolor from tbo
Ishinent. I1'1"1' '"'luy
"What can we do for vuu?" thev in
"Goutlomon," lie nusworod, "enn  1
llllll lu llotll of vou for u few mill
They nudiled.
He stoppoil to Ihe door and shut il
After fifteen mlntitos' conversation
he droiv frum his pockot ti typewritten
CO ol pnper.
'Somotliing nbont like thi
1  would
suggest." he'.-nid.
They   lend  it   over.
" Did- did vou write this.'" asked
The other Hushed sliglttlv and shook
his head,
"I'o toll the truth." he roplie t.
apologetically. "I didn't, Hul thai
isn't the point. Tlie question is, is it
'' Good,'' replied tliey fervently,
" it 'a just the thing I "
Next dnv the Xews nnd the Amori
• mu eacb published a full page advertisement which read as follows:
.HMlNKiiN k ACKERMAN, proprlo
tors of' the Green Store, take pleasure
in announcing to the public that oa nnd
after this date.
Already kuown to fame, will reeoivo ap-
"Oh,  ves!"  hastily  responded John
son.    "Is he outsider*
"Ilanllv."    responded    Mr.    Homer
Bolt; "he's nol outside, He's inside.
In fact, he Btnnda hefore you. Hentle
meu," ho coutluuodj "I mil Mr. Wheel
er from the east."
"What!" roared Ackorman. " Vim!
Why, you're 11 or Bolt, of Chicago."
"I 'am not," replied Bott, quietly.
•• I am I'dgar C. Wheeler, of New
And ho was.
And  sn."  remarked    th
him, ho charged wilh 000 bravo men to
an almost immediate death. But this
xviy impetuosity ou ('osier's part was
what won for him the most of his victories and un little of fame. I'.ven iu
lho Uivll War it was much in evidence,
lis the following account hy Lafayette
Mel.uws will show. McLuwb a few
yenrs ago was spending a month wilh
Mrs .letfcrsou Davis al her Bake Kilo
home. A Southern votorau was visit-
inn her ono «lnv and Informed Ihe two|battle turned ngj
that ho had been iu Ihe battle of follow Tax em, when' < 'lister, a young
follow just out nf West Point, had' gained his lirst  hit nf praise.    Saitl he:
"'I hey call it Cuator'a moal brilliant
cbargo, Some pooplfl claim il was the
most   brilllanl   cbargo   of   the   whoio
war,"  he  went oo.  " I   .;iw  il   all."
"Do loll as nboul il." I bogged, Im-
"HOW easily yuu yoilllg folks ask
tlllllga like thai," In* replied after a lit
He. wilh a wry twisting of Ihe lips ton
pathetic to mistake for a smile, though
he meant it fnr me. "Why, fnr years |
couldn't even menlinn Yellnw Tavern.
I don'l suppose von can understand
"Yob, -he .loos understand," Mrs.
Davis UBBIirod him.    " And   I 'd like her
in know ;i11.■*-= i   how  ii   linppo I.  Wore
you in the cavalry .'''
"No. I was with the battury thai
day Wickhnin's brlgndo, Hen', kit/
Be'e's division.
"II wns nonr Ihe beginning of what
your histories call Ihe .-."ildm moss Clilil
pnlgn," tbo veteran wonl on, speaking
directly tn nu-. "Phil Sheridan's troops
WOro hanging on us like a pack of huu
gry wolves, liipplllg us at even torn
we made.    We hud  boon  inarching an '
" 'My God, General, you uro wound
ed! Voui' clothes are soaked with
blood!  Vou must leave tho fluid!'
" 'No,' came tho stem reply. 'I. will
not leave until victory is assured. Got
ine another horse.'
"I was among those who ran olT to
(ind a horse, though some on got
ahead of me. When I retimed, following tm* horse, General Stuart wan
seated with his buck ugalnst a tree,
with a few of his men grouped about
him. They lifted him into the Huddle.
Tl.on, with an ofllcor riding on either
side, they started forward, Tho tide of
Seated ou his horse
supported hy Uio two ofllcora, Jeb
Stuart triod to rally liis fleeing men.
"'Go hack, men!' 1 heard him
shout. 'Go back, my men! Go back und
do your dulv!'
"'lie swayed in his saddle. I thought
lie was gone. It was only a faint, limy
safd. Tlic ofllcora turned their louses'
heads and I wntcbed mem curry him
off lho lidd, holding him upright in his
"'lhat Wttfl -lob Sinaii '.«. last lialtle.
and historians claim that in it Custer
made the most  brilllanl  charge of Hit*
An atom met  u  molecule
And tilings bogatl to hum;
A microbe howled and I ried lu rule
A spry Imcletiiim.
Au  animalcule  up Hllll   fought
An micrococcus gay,
Ami when the gorill the mound CUD gilt
There  was I lie dome In pay.
'   And  sn.     remarked    the    purtuers   fighting   protty   nleudv   for   days   will
Inter, "so thw ia Mrs  Wheeler, Is it?''  |n|gllty |Utlo ohBnofl for roat, Quo night
nlchicf   the   plications at
— therefore  bo  is  safe  in   making
demand, ter the supply does not exist., 	
Homer  Butt  i* no other than  the ed:  j At all hours of the 'lav. instead of nt
"    ' 'the   Bollport   Inn   as   heretofore.       We
have devoted to him 'Jon Bquare foot of
tor of the Bollport N'ews^     A line sy
tom   of   trickery   and   chicanery   lo   be
practised by the editor of u paper and
if - Patbor ol live children!"
Tin* News rosponded in good nature-l j
strain. It quite forgavo lho Amori-'
can tor its Implied couipHineut to the
editor's enterprise. Vet it did not
deny tin* charge!
" lint,"   continued   the   News.   " we
.  ,   .,   ... ,.,., .do resent the Insidious attack of the
i    the iiilice  WUB set    orGi all  that. . .,
,    ,   , ,   (V     I American upon the women oi our town
■« * t- ...- ti,
The  cold-blooded.  Bel Ash  made  of  Ike
Ai ienn  insinuates that   Mr. Bott  baa
■lcmanded an impossibility. This is
gross libel upon the fair sex of Bell-
Thia   made  the   XoWfl  Illl   solid   wilh
ihe 'adloa, and put the American in the
Thut wns enough.      'lho town  took I bole.     The latter sheet replied briefly,
i     .* .ii,..,,,,. - gun ] but to the point, directing tho attention
tho bn-.-.'.y   reporter had  learned from
•he foreman m the News.
On tho same day the News, au even
mg paper, waa compelled to discus.- the
subject in manner following:
Is   Ilo  a   I'ake.'
our ample floor space, nnd all the youi;
ladies oi   Heliport are cordially invited
to call upon him.   Mi*. Bott adviso-i ua
exclusively that ho  hns not yet made
a   choice,   but   when   he   does   we   shall
prosont to the fortunate young lady
We further take pleasure in auni ti :■
Ing   that   WO have just   placed  ou  sale
the finest stock of
to bo found in the Baited States.
Thnt settled il. The Green Store wns
crowded from earlv mom to kite at
Mr.   Bott   was  eoiiveiiien'.ly  situated
 led   Wheeler,     erst
while Bott, "It'la and moro. I'll lell
yuu who else she is she's the girl who
wrote those, nds. you liked so much.
Thai was her business before I married
her," he added in on explanatory sort
of   way,  "and   il "s   I i   hei   busines-
ever since."
" Ackorman,'' remarked Johnson,
two days afierwaid, "here's a letter
from that fellow Snyder. He snys he's
siek of the Ktnporium, and he wants
to know if he cau como buck to us.
What do ynu thiuk of that?"
Ackorman grinned,
"Yon tell Syndor that ho can no in
tlmndor," he replied.
It hus been observed thut, although
this continent is the New World in relation to its discovery by man. it is uu
old world, much older than Europe, in
relation to the types of its animals and
plants, for example, the big tree- of
California are of older stock than nny
trees uow growing in Europe, The ijues-
tion has been raised whether some of
tlie races of Siberia and Eastern Asia
hnve not sprung troin American aborigines, rather than thai onr Indiana
have come from that quarter
.Ml,    i.iii i    ,.	
ligult"   and uncertainty and vhortuoui
tiiga ni his notice, whether by roii
the popular agitation or otherwi
■>M  i n.u 1 ,-av.    His ndvortiscmuiit i ei
bit    ilannver   diim-tiou   about
o'clock uud arrived nl   Yellow Tavern a
Utile before ten th ixt morning. But
we hadn't more than halted at fellow
Tavern when up comes Sheridan and
tries to drlvo us out. It was a pretty
tough strngglo, n hand-to-band light in
somo quarters, We fell back from the
tavern, but we held our position on the
Telegraph Rood leading to Richmond."
Here the veteran stopped nnd, resting
heavily on his stick, sut gazing straight
ahead. After a time he went ou, Speaking directly to Mrs. Davis:
"I remember it nil us taongb it bap*
pened yesterday," he told he.'. "I was
With the battery on a little hill at the
extreme left of our left wing. Fit'/.
Lee's division, Wickhnin's brigade. It
wus around two o'clock when orders
came for the whole division, excepting
the First Virginias, to dismount, but
hold their position. It seemed mighty
good to stretch oul ou the ground and
take u smoko. After a while some fel
luw   wi.lm.l   lor   -.   ilt-Iub   ..f   w-M.-r
'M'ou know- how it alwnys is. .Inst
let one man wish for a drink and within a few minnte.H the whole company
will be swearing they are dying uf
thirst. Finally .Siiiuders, my comrade,
,     ,, ,.       .- r?iST***************i .   ,aald he'd located a Spring that morning
L-*rLC"l.?^!U2LiPlftI!* .M*.l*0UwIng our scrimmage with Sheridan',
common heather of England and Scot
and. Found growing wild in Nova Scotia, it is a matter of curious interest to
determine whether it is native to the
soil or has been introduced from Europe. Lnwson decided that the plant
had its homo hero. Thete was a time,
it is thought, when the plant was abundant ia our northern lands, uud its pre*
bcu1 rare occurrence murks a dying out
torv"'uiti"norclied upon Ms banner. I heavy vol's, ul tt Inrgo,    swooping,
'"■>  "•"'!""" fncoconconling   huts   bocnino   norms-
But lie was rhls'tnl on,   That bird hod | ponding])' onorraoni
o:n,,,l  lli'l'i'-.- till' B
^^^^^^_ ,   ,,   ,i,,,u,,,,r,.,i across tno iviiv. for lu tlio inntr Tho News and the Aniorlcnn still kopt
Sow. it" ono   md a»M to ^     ^     .ollowil)g   ,uppl0n.ontal
-;     ,i.   ■     ^'"fflmd bo.0,,,1! ,.,.!<..
uumiatuknbl      i ine oub.    IB)U.-\
Muudn)   oi ■ ■   iw•■;:      eok    tlic
ippenred, wtth the    follow ii y
" I WANT u youug wlfoj nu triflerb,
IIOMEH I'*"t l\ ol i bicugo."
Hero, ai   .. it. wus sunn I hiug tang hi
-Miuiethiiig delluilo to wort; up.
Daily they advanced and denied reports. Now ii ua-* "Hott's Mind
Made l']»!" and thou "Bott Denies
In   fact,  Mr.   Homer   Bolt   BCCUled   to
Tuke notice thnl the undersigned will
arrive In Bollport uu Wednesday after- ^^^^^^^
noon.     He        lilrcil om public   be hard to plennc. ^^^^^
rooms tn tbo Heliport Fnn, where bo will     And  the  Green  Store  decided   tbat
ibo plenfoil to reeoivo all correspondent* J it eould stand it jusi  as  It ig n    Mr,
1 from tl to n o'clock each evening until 1 Bott could himself.
Visitors may en '
polity with wiii.-ii this continent
was peopled nml stocked with nil do
mestlc animals ami cultivated plants.
The teaching from Butl'oii'.« day until
twenty or twenty live years ago has
been to the same effect, .since then, how-
e\ er, tin- evidence has boon found tn
prove this view to be not only false,
but directly tbo reverse of what had
been the real order of succession.
troops, I took my canteen nml went
willi him over the bill to fetch what we
"1 was on my hands and knees i.ver
the spring when I beard Saunders give
an exclammatlon of surprise. He point
ed through the trees, 'i here, unly a few
hundred yards away, was a large body
of cavalry. Making sure it was our
right wing, I wondered to see them
mounted nnd lu ranks su soon after
leaving them resting iu position. Bofo e
1 could speak my surprize to Saunders
the officer's voice rang out:
'Cavalry! Attention! Draw sabrol'
The entire line moved forwar-i at
a quick walk. As the officer wheeled
Ins hi>r«o I  saw his face.
•* \M\ Ood I' Saundera oxclalmod.
•It's Custer.'
"Tin- situation nruv to mi like a
flash of lightning, 1 Hung flown my -nn-
teen and started Im»-k to ilu* battery
on a dead run. wit. ..Saunders 'anl behind me.
" 'Trot!' CuBtor'a \ nice rang nut
again. 'Charge!1
With wild el r* his cavalry dash
A  d.-ul  knocked n  ipoelra cold
By  some demunnic   menus;
A phantom kicked a nobtln bold
Right Into Binlthorooiis. ,
.Ami  you may well believe mo wlmu
lu 'here deVlare witli might;
i)i lobstor I 'II ne'er eat again
Ai twelve o'clock at nighl!
Ho went   unto au Hero moot,
And (lime home much disgusted j
Said ho. "'lho game wa-- very tinufl'--
No planes or necks wore busted."
She wears a network waist,
i Her stockings are network, too;
I looked at her openwork slcove aud
Her soft arm gleaming through.
When she raises her fluffy skftts
A little way, ah, mo!
1 see the dainty bits of white
That  peep through tho filigree.
Yon say it is rude of me
To look at her network  waist,
or to gaze below  when  she  lifts  h*»r
Su dainty and yet so chaste.
Nay, sav not  so.    It  were rude
It     I    'honltl    DCgloct    to   BOO,
I'o;  wh\   is sho wearing her network
If not to be seen by me?
The world derives the greater pnrt of
its finest rubies from the mines of the
Mogok Valley in Burma, where much
modern machinery and the very latest
[tools aio employed to facilitate iho bx<
umiuatioa ot a large amount of byon,
or ruby-bearing day. Near by, in Ihe
valleys (if tbe Burma lis, tbo search for
rubies is conducted pretty much as it
was centuries and centuries ago. Tlu*
digging and washing there is n matter
of hand labor: but they are still got
ting the rubies.
In the Mogul. Valley, however, when*
large woikings are always in hand, n
scientific system has been Introduced
with corresponding results. The byon
is extracted by the open-ipiuiry method
of removing ad the surface down tn thc
ruby bearing eluy. This is then dug
up carried on trolleys to the steam
cleansing mill, washed, passed through
the sieves, and then closely scrutinized
lor mbloa nnd spinel*-.
hi addition to the pure ruby, spinel or
bains rubies nre found io largo quanti
ties in Mogok, Wherever the ruby is
found, there nlso Is spinel. Both are
rystuls  ef  aluminum,  but   nf   varying
COMEDY IN WAR ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Into the tragedy *>l  war are Inserted I ***!lfl broken and our men running lik
,d forwnrd m a sweeping gallop, attnoK , »»op«-   , White the true ruby may be
Ing our entire  rightwing at  .he tamo  « d   '", W   ■,|"'\ ""/"'"I"'"   only,    the
time.     The   next   II ent   we  .-aw   nur  •Wfl ■I'-JJ" n "'inuto quantity 0   mag
nesium, the presonco **f which leaaenB
ii, i , nterprlsmg
hoot win
i in., ,....,.,.
cage tm resn lei I. v. lie, bofoi i   i
ing, pi inl" ■■ ii  ('.'ii 11   ii  vei)
oudnblc i ntitlod,
uol     '  nul * eurrii        mud
Uut  1
i...-   in-   ..
.-ago was scoured, Imi all wil
-i.li,     'i i ■   ■ uper n
the Heliport Amei    in. Thai
■ ■,
Mill    .   i "    I     ■    D    > ttlOl ■ ■
l«)*l Y   \  BLATANT  I'AKM  AMI
In- -nakes ■ .-hoii1 	
tor, If proforuble, from Dodd'a Alley.
lloMi.i;  BOTT, Chicago,
Thai  settled the  Amorienu,
on Wednesday afternoon n crowd al
nt the i   ■ nay station,
'I bore  iv..-  but   one nftoi noon  train
from i hlcugo,     It was twont) minutoi
1 ite,
By tho tli ■ ■ any oue would
idgcd  ihul   evory  man,  woman
i. oi lu the    thriving little town
.vi   linn i  to welcntuo the inystei
* •  uckor,      Tho   womon   wi ro
\ .1"-.,. men alighted from tba trn«ti
when  it  Run I)   pullml  in.   Twu woro
It  eontii uod  io  print    ItB    shappy,
readable ndvortlsetnents, ilu- nuti >r of
whli h  was  ns  unknown    lo    M
dohnson  .V  Ackorman as be    wim    i«>
Snyder, tl nm goi of the rtvnl
In fai t, Bott was tho only mu ii who
i i'i the ovoning of the flfti 01 th, bow
 i. ihe  !•*ov    -:'   ■ !<"!  i     !'.•■■  io.'
eolutni h   iu  the  nm   i i    ' u
i  ■ i  enti
BOTT'8 Bb'iiii' TO B :.
BOTT To Bi:   \  HKNRUH.T.
N-i" I   His Cliolco I'likuoW'
l •      ■ ■ om in Advertisement Al uust
Kxaetly.    Bott and  Bride  Busy
Itei oB Ing * longrntiilnl oi  .
now ami then bits of comedy and kind-
Billing ihe /.uiu War in Smith Africa
an overwhelming force of natives w..-
OppOSOd to a llttlo band of Bngllsll -ail
.. n.   Prom the Zulu host stopped forth
a warrior laden with an ancient  Uro
arm.   which   he   calmly   mounted   oil   u
' 11 1   In   the   open,   while   the   Sntloi •
looked on, ndmlrlns his pluck, bnt wen
,"i Ing Hindi what lie proposed to *b*. At
I.  : or.- ;.,, |nl tar suggests I Ilial tholi
photogrnphi  were  nboul   In  be  Ial	
nnd by common conseul  no allots wore
Hnvliifl lo.ttiei ins piece with groat
deliberation, the Zulu p Imod it. sighted
;t. nud, leaning hard upon Its breach,
ho  hied.    The  rocOll   knocked  Iiini   1)0(111
  wneu    ii     ",'     i  „,,               ,    ,                    .i         •   .         ,i               ■ ue   nioi.      i in-   u'mi.i   i. iMiri\en   iiiiii   im-;oi
„„„ ,  ,l,ro.'l  .'balloni,.   to tlio .,,,„„,.. nie noxt day wn. tho .Ixtcenln         OVor liool, bookwanl, wlillo a (jroii tonr
.   ,    ...    |,|    Um    i,U ' "~     Tlio reporter- lntorvlowo.1 lliono two,     "John-on,'    oxoalinoil     *i.  orm...     ,   tlio dollgbto.1 wllor-. Ho
.....     ik   t|. -I"' g»»»t; „„cl. or whom, ns wai ... 1m. oxpoctod, one ,,   tlio Oroen Btoro nr,,,,']'  i      o w „, „„.
'.      ,  |,     .    Dolt, itHi.t.ni! tlml """ ,: t iib-olutolj. Hint lio «„s Hull. ow Wl.ocler ts due todn" -till. .i..i«■ | ,„„1.,.„„.,,t ovor, I,,', will. I,', eonntry
,;       ,,.i i i. ai : hml hi" bolng,     „,„ ,„), ,r,,i„'. :;„ -.villi the crowd. Ing, In tact. ,,,„„ ,.,,.,   „,      , „.,,ro .,„, ;,,,,,„,„, ,„
ll'ivhn. iv, ro to the point,  I ,  „• „,     foil » -"I hall      ' 1.• u t hiking     I.   ;mIjW     ...    .    ,.,       f ,  J
The next was like iomc grenl   red
blur.     I   neve- COH  reine'eber just   Whal
happened.     I  only  know that   I   held   '"
the thought thnt we must join oui floo
ing  company, and   bulb  me  nnd  Sunn
its hardness by nno fifth.
There is in mo nt these mines an
instrument called the dlchrotscope,
who oby rubies nre separated from the
spinels with the utiuu**t accuracy and
tninty.      Tlo*  gem   is  plncdd  in  the
was quite un im ma to nol mailer.
sooner, however, had this very able do-
*. ■ boon made than a brand new lie
lice wa- published Hi tho matrimonial
columns, regardless, apparently, of ex-
.1"  r.
.VAVri'.D A young wife, irtw\ 20 to
Ufl years of age; i good, ehnrmiiig
W<ontiti, one that is chummy, bealtli.i
and good looking, With  llVOlj    ''-|
Hon  nn*l   ■ i-mmu i   - ■■  .■.      ,1-, •   i •
It   • ;  11  "   ii   ■ ii  igl I, ■
'    Lj it
in.,   pounds-,   darll   hair,   nei
ih tin* crowd
„^^^_^^__      one and  half
tllO   olio*!.
Neither of these mnn was Homer
Sonie few hour- b'ter n tall, Well
bailt young fcl'.OW sprung up the Btops
of tho hotel nn I entered the oiliee.
Tbo clerk, with w smilo, escorted blm
Into ot f the public rooms nnd point
Od   to  a   brand   new   bltsliol   Dtiskct.     It
was full to u-ertiowiu" with letters ol
: II   1 il.d..
In   Dodd's  AlVy. after     dark   that
''■..'.  a   tine of clu-ely  Veiled yniing
Indies, ea.'h wnlting patiently her tu
■ mild bo fnlntly  li illngnlshed from the
■"   ■  of tlie town.
thin tl o public mom, bespoken for
the purpn .. n gonlnl and nppreolntlvo
young man received each ni ihem plena
ng, in fact. ^^^^^^^^
I was thinking," be added, "that
If wc en'y knew mon* about  this Botl
h about  as good as any man that
(uld got.
We've  never  had  stick  a   Nisli
men. charged, and were nm Ihilatod I
i vnlloy from tbo stendlly aimed pi
of Hie llttlo bund of blue jackets..
During ono of the main batik
ed b\  Hie New Zealand Maoris against
tlu-   Brjtlsb  BOttlors  tho  hitter  ran  out
we've had  thi- wook-thnt's mm-.   I|"'" iin.-h se.tieis ine utter ran oni
hope   Wheob-r,   the   new   -am.   Will   pall M   J'lmuilltlon.     Al   the  im.men     when
» ■' *     -dentil reomed Imminent, n flog <■! trnco
nppeored from tbo enemy's trciiehos,
uml mease tigers enmo forward with n
gupply oi' cartridges to enable Ihfl white
men to continue lighting.
out all right, but 1 don't kuuw.'
The door opened, and a young mtlli
walked in. Ic/ulliig a young Indy by the
hand. It was .Mr. Homo. Bmt, of
"Oentlemon," ho sal I. "*> r  mo
to Introduce to you my - tny u'"<\ Vou
nbsorvc lhat, in u way sho n mwen Hie
description in mv publlshi I . iverttse*
mei t."
I'-   ' rittite-t   fur   an   in-' i   .,    Uil»'
g'nncod tnwords his compnti.on hoiuG'
wlml npolngotlcnlly,
Miss  Gladys Ollggloa     (cu\|y,     Hoes
yn' rully lovo me, * la om. • I
i Inronec Rnnckles i passlountoly) ■
i o e v i.' Why, ' analyses yo' so dat
IM r-i.ier bi'iih yn' cben nutn dan to
r-!« i in -. mini Irol bnndI    Lnl'   how I
lore dbVnnrbest'\..,'n-a.i.'tlu',n'' As w'eIiMtrwnem '»/l,l'l' ■» w».v t,,:,« !l "V "'
lit*ht passes through it and is polari/ed
The true ruby shows a pure red my,
wloii-a-   tin'   spinel   dltelosos   a   slight
Iin;:.- ol   blue with the led.
Among Ho* rnmpnrativoly  few mag
iiiiiccnt spinels in existence    may    be
mentioio'l   the   -,'eat    VglllCOIirl   mIv   in
the Brill all crow n.
Practically all il bi.-. of both an
.■ient ami modern Mmos havo omanoted
11    Ihe   Mogok   Valley,   but   mi    one
know- ii!-! how* long Ihe-e mines have
hoOll ia operation, since it has alwavs
been Hu* policy of those in control to
keep their transactions ns se-ret ns
possible. It is known, however, that
itlOftO mines have been worked Panic
culively for a period extending hack
tu Ihe year HU"
cached tbe Telegraph Rond I beard
ar officer shouting ordors,
" If  was Job Stuart '- VolcO.
"I  turm'd toward tlmt  voice. There
he wa-. -uiii g i itOIld mi the reid
with a bandflll of men around hint.
Thank Ood I hnd sense ennugli lefl to
■top mv running nnd join thhnt littio
"Almost the nexl moment, it s I,
Ouster's men were comlllg I* ok a- fast
as tbey  hail  gone  forward.    They   had
met   the  First   Virginias and  had  I n
forood tn retreat. Wo greeted Ihem
with wild yells, rebol yells, nnd .lro\e
them across the rond.
'I can hear (Job Stuart's voice now
he cheered us on. 1 gnve them my
lost -Imt anl followed with my wonpon
dubbed.     'I hen   a   mini   passed   me.  a I
b'obies   ate   mote   precious   than   din
They   are   practically    .iinle
Vnnk nvnlrymun.   He had l**'en «lis .
lilted nod wis running oul. He turn-  «tnlctllll0,    except     by lire.      Whole a
1 (lawless    diamoi d    wmild    be    worth.
od as he pii'-:«e*l our rally and tired his
"Ooiiornl Stuart swayed iu his snd
die. 1 nil Ugh I my breiBh. Then his voice
rang nut ngnln- our General's wondci
ful voice, cheering on bis struggling
"'i'he enemy milled .insl ncrnss the
■ -a i nnd flrod a volley into the little
bind that still citing nboul Hlmirl.
Willi a Mie m (tf ugnny IiIh hors-v
sprang fo wi d and sink down *>n his
knees. ,\, thcylil'ted (leuernl Stmu1
ulT i heard the young oflieer who wns
a--i*:|iug excln'un:
roughly speaking, tho Mini of sfilnti, n
perfect ruby of the >.ime weight would
bring twice (hut nmount.
Jndson Junes, of Mnnknto, Mlnnoio
tu, whu has completed u tntnsltttlon of
the Blblo in phonetic spoiling after In
boring on It for twenty veins, is nged
eighty. It required lift pen yotiri of
Incessant labor to.write ihe book on).
The reminder of ihe time wns taken
up witn reading proof nml Correcting
mistakes of various kinds. There nre
no silent letters in the syllable**. CHILLIWACK FREE PBBSS
AN D '«]$#>
Are your hands chapped, cracked
or soro? Have you "cold cracks"
which open and bleed when lho skin
Is drawn ti;;bt? Have you a cold
soia, frost bile, chilblains, or a "raw"
place, -which at tiiv.es makes It agony
lur you to r;o about your household
duties ? If no, Zam-Buk will give you
rettefi nnd will heal ibo frost-damaged
skin. Atioir.t lbo sore places at t.i-,;bi,
Zom-Buk'a rich healing essences will
i ink Into tbo wounds- end tho smart"
tut;, and will heal quickly*
Mni. Ycllon, of P6l tt'iud, with i "My
liatldl Wi io (*o Bare and invoked that il
was nguuy lo put thorn noor water.
When I did no tlu-y would amort- uud
bum in if 1 bad Boalued thom, I Boomed
ottltouniiblo to got) rollof from -.nyLhlng
l' put. on He in Uni!) I Ine i Xaiu.Kuk.
nntl il luccoudod when all .1 ij had
l.iih'.l. It closed i,l.o big orsoKa, gnM)
mooase,eoothod tbo Inflammation, uml
iu u VOry uhoit. tiuio hc.ded my Imiubi."
'/atrtVuk aha tuttt chtlfing, rnttitu, vint*r
ec:tm», j-ifM, it'*vri,/(**(crin(j lorrt, nra httvf*
and f'.r.-«#, iUmteeeftf ■ i.,-...'**, t-m./ tatr-ft, t;.\,
tttit, bnrni, t/ruiett, kmii/i. Ifriini, nf oil
ti'ttijgUU and ttom, or *,«■ t/tee from flu gain*
tlitk (•.-., 'VvroHta,   I*ri6e 60c a tax,
W.  Beach  Thomas  in  tho  Daily
Tho failure of tho national supply
of horses and tho collapse of tho endeavors to make good the lows aro
ubout to appeur in their full seriousness, Officially it is still maintained
that there aro plenty of army horses.
Tho fact is that the source of the
best reserve has disappeared completely nml more or less suddenly—us witnessed by cortain sales of the past
tow days.
Though the cavalry nnd the artillery have still onongh horses for im
mediuto use, it remains that tho Yeomanry ami Territorials are for practical purposes horseless. In periods
of training during tho summer they
have hud to use the sumo horses over
and over again. Ho far from having
control uf enough horses for a time
of war or general mobilization, they
hftVo not enough If the horses hud to
be mod BlmuJtnnoously —not enough
by CO per cent, fur peace ninnoeuvres.
If the year's work of a group nf these
Territorial horses were told iu del nil
it would appear us more than a labor
of Hercules. Some of Ihem have
been used without u duy's rest success
Ivoly   in   ii   score   of   districts,   and   the
cou.se of  tlieir mIgnitions would nur
imss Hi
ui th.
behind him. What tho horse-breeding industry wants is some British
rivals; and outside n fuir number of individual officers and hunting-men he
has none. The loss of the omnibus
horses nlso affects farmers nnd small*
holders, and many men who traffic in a
small way on tlic roads or fields. But
the army is the worst sufferer, for the
farmers have como to their own rescue.
Thoy aro breeding Shiro horses more
nnd moro. The Shiro Horse Society is
tno o prosperous and popular than horse
society over has been. Tho trouble is
that the Shirt* is no longer, us in the
old days, of military value.
A purely fictitious stimulus has been
lent to horse-breeding by tho Olympia
Show, and the ovei whelming success
of foreigners begins to innko this manifest. The Kniser was perfectly right,
though jus telegram caused some aillUBO-
ment, when he congratulated liis olli-
eers on victories iu charger classes, for
the chargers were bred nt Government
stations which are ihe most perfect, in
the world. The Hermans nro doing at
grenl oxponso what wo are not doing
at all, The liltle 1110110y we spend is
in great pari wasted. Our cm* is ox
Irnvaguut pnrdmoiiy. Kvon at Olympia, If ihe show, new doBOrtod by ils
chief supporters in 13 tiffin ml, la In cun
• ui Ihe old lines, Iho unhappy slate
grenlly     latere
.".pecial   ntteiil
the   Loudon   i>
used   to  keep  t
of the month, which has
■ostod    fnrmor-i
The   bl
iii.iiou bor
old   brigade
At iho last reunion it wai announced
that only twenty two of the original
ereu* of the worship Koarsurgo, which
sank the rani Alabama in the memorable light off l berbourgb, were living.
>», ,\«V'»A...t..i-.1*',ur,ti.,.». 8
M irina Dotsn'tSniMt—Sodthw Eye Pn,
r„    ■■. )-'j 'N^,.t,.r.-.»:..u«li!<.lfc..i.« I
, ms Ry, !>«l,*. I* AA-.lk- .'aWv aSr- .1.0!   ■
•tr *'iti oi.  I r.isjt S.V u»u.
. • 1  ..-•n.j.e>U«i:'..,(,yCo..Chi<:a3t-
Beef Hides
to UK ami get 20 per cent
more for them than ut home.
Write to its for mn* new
price list s and wc will mail
von ono fVec. Watch thia
ad. weekly.
Wc -solicit your shipments
for Beef Hides. Raw Purs,
"Wool. Tallow, Seneca Root,
Horse Hair, Sheep Pelts, otc.
North-West Hide
'& Fur Co.
278 Rupert St.     Winnipeg. Nin.
f   the ^^^^^^
described by a farmer |
mini bus companies have always
ales I roni lime to time of their
or used and least useful hersofi.
It has been generally realized, por-
ps, lhat those BOlcta have increased
iu number; and those who go about
the country and have an eye for horses
havo Beon au increasing number of
migrant* from street to field. Hut
seme of thin month's saloa have been
quite new in character. The horses
have been advertised with perfect no,
curacy as the best In lho stables
Tliey have beon animals in the pink
or' training and in the prime of life,
the equal of the picked remounts
tnheu from the contp
I war iu South Africa.
of Cockney humorists, they did incomparable service in many a crisis. I'he
horses in theie recent sale*- in North
London have been of such unusual excellence for the simple reason that
tho omnibus companies in question
havo naturally kept the best horses
last. They are selling tbe pick of
their horses because the very last of
their horse-drou n omnibuses are go*
iiig off tho street.*] it is true thai one
company nt least Intends to maintain
n horse otnuibt's route, and a few
horeei for this purpose are even being
bought; but it remnlne that before the
end of the year tho roserve of horses
6n which tho army has a lien will be
wiped out.- Instead of twenty thousand reserve horses always maintained
by their work in the highest training
there will be left nnt a hundred which
a remount officer would for a moment
The full seriousness of this docs not
seem to have been realised nt all. The
goo era! nlartti nt    the    deficiency   of
of the industry nmy I
our humiliation, It
fill ion lhat a few wonllhv
mnko a hobby of ihe brood
ored hackneys and polo*]
l hanks lu climate and co
which tho Government rof
the bonelit, innmige to piod
comparable show horses.
,.r pi
*s,    a
10    ti
Hoots out any kind of corn, hard,
soft or bleeding; cures it without pain,
acts at night while you sleep—its name
Putnam's Painless Cora Extractor,
tho only painless romody that acts in
twenty-four hours. Putnam's Painless
Corn and Wart Extractor is sure and
safe, price -<r> cents.
Chemist Snys Ho Can Also Make the
Ocean Yield Potash
(From Tlio New York  Press)
Oskur Nngel, research  chemist, chemical   engineer nnd  author, announces
he hns perfected u process whereby he
will   extract   gold   and   kail   (potash)
from tho ocean nt a remarkably low
cost.    Dr. Nagol will give his first demonstration  of his process before thc
Xew York section of tlic American Che
mlcnl   Society.    JIo   has  appeared   before the  leading chemical societies or'
the world,   His paper on "The Rocov-
,    .        .     ery  of  Metals from  Extremely Dilute
luring V'0; Solutions" will  be accompanied  by n
where, in spitej demonstration scheduled to begin at 3
p.m., to permit of its completion in six
hours, and in time for the members of
the society to sec the result of the new
charged were, in the one instance, that
of eight or more persons assembling in
arms, ami revolting, or refusing to disperse nt the order of their superiors; in
the other case, that of any person hold-
lug military or naval command who disobeys nn order of Qovernmont to quit
such command, or lo disband his forces.
Both these offences wero legally punishable with death. Arab! Pasha's plea
in defence of his conduct was that the
Khedive, who hud fully authorized tho
defence of the forts of Alexandria, put.
himself into the hands of the British
commander, then actually engaged In
hostilities; and that the Khedive's or
der to surrender was, therefore, not to
lie oboyod by him as Minister of War
acting in concert with llie other Minis
tors uud governing persons, The public
Court   was opened, for the purpose of
passing sentence. The pn filings were
brief: the President of Ihe Court Martini simply rend Hie formal BOtltODCO ni
dentil, immediately followed by tho
reading of u decree of the Khedive omi
mul iug this to perpetual exile from
Egypt. In 1001 Arab! wns permitted lo
relurn to liis native hind.
lu 1897 if was discovered by Mayor
Qnynor that the public library of a
certain place Ell U.S.A., called Ureal
Hariington, did not contain a copy of
tho Blblo. Ho thorofbro presented one,
iu which were inscribed the words: "1
have found a groat many libraries
which lacked a great many books, but
never before hnve I found one like this.
which lacked the Ureal Hook." Culling
again four years later, he wns informed
that no one eve:* used the book he had
presented, The Catholic journal "America" considers these Great Barring-
tonians on a par with the community
of Ann Arbor, Michigan, where seventy-
eight students were recently subjected
to a Biblical examination with the fob j
lowing results.
"The test was not made off-hand, but
nearly an Hour was allowed to write
down the answers. The results were
startling. One volunteered the valuable informntion that the Old Testament was written B.C., tlic oilier was
not; another affirmed that 'the Oltl
Testament represented Hebrew fable.'
while 'the Xew dealt with hist orient
characters.' Another, again, that 'tho
Oh! was composed largely of stories nnd
p prove bs which aro not any longer be*
i lieved to have actually happened.' 'By
the   Law,'   said   one   wise   youth,
lowed Ihe fortunes of u white fur-hunt-
found himself in one of the lorts
of the .Saskatchewan. Strange Indians
were camped about the polisuuesj thoy
wo.o members of the, great Hluckfool
tribe, whose hunting-grounds lay south
of the Saskatchewan, Among them
were u few braves who, when thoy conversed, spoke a language different from
that of the others; in this language the
Beaver Indian recognized his own tongue.
Although tho average farmer is constantly using the bushel measure and
the potato sack, lie has, in many instances, no idea of tlio weight, per
measured bushel, of the diiTereut grains
and roots, etc., which aro the product
of his farm. We get numerous enquiries from our readers regarding these
matters, nnd acting ou a suggestion,
we give the following information regarding the different weights of the
different produco. These weights were
lixod by the laws of the Dominion of
Canada, and are as follows:
Weight, lbs.
Wheal    ..'.
1 la i lev   ...
Plnx ...
Corn   ...
Peas  ...
Beans ..
Boots ..
Clover  !-*
Hemp Sci
'1 iniolhy Heed ...
Blue (imss Seed
Hen ns
cod   .
id ...
Women's Ailments
Caused by Neglect
Are Quickly Cured aud Robust, Sound
Health Restored by ut,
Hamilton's Fills.
—-    *      i
5*-i-*--%-k Jh
Womon ure on tho whole more sickly
t hit ii   men.    Ono   reason   is   that   their
Per Bushel j system   is   more   complicated;   another
and more Important reason is they put
ulf measures uf relief loo long.    At the
beginning, constipation is the cause ol
nl no* tenths nf women's ailments.   Th*
blood becomes weakened ami polluted-
llio  nerves  sulTer and  0  rundown  cei
dition  Inkos root.
001    Because of tlieir mildness of action
-hi as a system rogulator, because of their
00; undoubted power to remove coustipa
tion, irregularities, no nindiciuo for we
'10jn.cn can conirmre with Dr. Hamilton's
00 j Pills,   Tho kidneys t,uickly respond to
■I i   the remedial action of Dr. Hamilton's
•fi'11 Pills and the result is as you would
fit' ox-icct,   pain in tho   back  and   side.
<'!> shortness of breath, ar.d bad color dis
ti" j appear—the functions of the body thee
process. ,,| meant the laws given bv Christ to Hts
Dr. Nagel purposes to market gold dilclpleB whlIo t\(1 ',, |im ly mcans
under bis now process at $3 an ounce. th s.-ripturos ns taught to the people.1
Ihe metal now costs $20.07 nn ounce. We Paill(1IlIv tl, ., fw (lf ,]l0 |1UI1.
In the nine way he will produco potashL dB f o(il0r' ,i(!i(Mlln,]S ,. ,ie., .Tlie
at $3.1 , a ton tha  costs $8.50 to importL      ,, , for im,, 'were the letters
irom Germany.    Ihe producing plants *.,&,, St> ,,,,,,       t ' to th   ,-,,„, .,,„..-
'" U"'   5y,ih°   "^verer   will   be .NaMrene   was  the   -Mother  of  Christ;
modern, ami although Dr. Nsgcllmi no Nnmoth wa8 *,*s Patuor.i «I(0vi WflB a
patent on his process, he withhold, from  liftm(,       ,-C(] t   Jow8 wh(( w „
the.public the one Itom of informal on hl it^}    compared   with   Leviathan
with regard to the temperature of the
weak solution of iron sulphate he will
"The Germans have a monopoly inl
potash." Dr. Nagel said. "This government hns had its experts in the
Co ited Slates geological survey at
work for many years In search of kali
bearing lauds, but without success, The
only source for this metal is the soil In
Strnssburg, Germany, which thus far
Ims been productive.    It was this metal]
Bituminous Coal      70
Eggs, l'l- lbs. per standard dozen.
A small basket of fruit weighs about
l4i,o lbs.; 0 bag of potatoes weighs 00
lbs., and a bag of thc same nature generally holds a bushel and one half. A
sack inny vary in size. Wheat bugs
hold two bushels often, but sometimes
a bushel and a half.
Clip this out nnd paste it in the
granary upon tho wall, and you will
Bnd it of use when selecting seed grain
or selling your produce.
.1. W. Worcester, of Columbia  Falls.
Maine, aged ninety-one, enjoys thc dis
A safe and sure medicine for n child
troubled with worms is Mother (.raves'
Worm Exterminator,
operate naturally, congestion and pain
are prevented and perfect health returns.
Thousands of happy women say Dr
Hamilton's Pi!b aro the greatest aad
best blood-purifier, tin Quest co; tptexioi
renewer, tlic most certain regulating
medicine known, All dealers, ui -■"
boxes, or the Catarrhozone *"o.. Kings
ton, Canada,
Unction of being a pensioner for sm
vices in a war which was never ;'  ng■■
lie receives $4 a month from the  3
of Maine for shouldering bis  n isfcet
the "Aroostook   SVar" la   1829,   ■-vben
troops were called out owing to    the
bitter feeling over the disputed bourni
my between Maine and t*fi w '      1 *v  ■
Actual hostilities, howe      .   ■-
reached.     Despite bis extreme ago, M :
Worcester is vigorous and basses 1
about thc farm.
That Splitting Headache
will viTtlsh 11 ycu u/.*>
"NA-DRU-CO" Headache Waters
Cive  quirk, w*  relief. aH wa tuarantM they con
harmful to iht. heart or MTOua s/stem.    2^c a bOS. a -   ttutltfUl
NtttaMl Drag Mtl Cbaratul Co. ofC.n-.d-.. ..im. •-.... H
horses for army purposes was assuaged Ubout which Germany and the United!
by the action of the Development Com*' ^^^^^   ^^^^^^^^       '
inlssionors, who, under some public
pressure, devoted the tirst of their larger grunts t»> hor-e breeding.      In uny
ChilliwacK,   B-itish   Columbia
lti.< Garden of 11c. 1.1 ihe famoni Prater
V-.M- y    Pineal (annlof and frail Inn.l in the
»orlil    Irni.Mli»N  unknown.  Ill*    Kl.viri.-  Ky
11 Vancouver; C.N.R, iranaoontlnental and
Gt Northern building, Chllllwaek » modern
(raierworVa. t-i.-.irii- litem, aid, tin-rn
Ptradleri—no froat, nn f.mr month*a anew.
WHtt* H. T. Goodland, Se.-). ll..«r.l of
Fn.'! * Chllllwaek, r**r nil Inforniatlen, book-
|*U, maps  *tc    Till X CO«K
Every Woman!.!::
eu ...-» ..- s. ».       \, I' '■!■: *•'■'{''
.•>'.   - •■»      SjipM    *-Kii*
ftfor.on Kopptt co.
The .Army of
It ('.rowing Smallar Emit D.y.
tniKintiMr—lla-jr tKrJJ
ordy g,v« nlirl—j
tliry 1 rnnata-nllyJ
cut. CMillft.
tlM.   M.l.^
lion, UM
.hf in lot
m», MiprtiM, Skit ll.Ua.k., S.U.w SU*,
Genuine mu.ii,., gjgimluro
ie £40,000 or £50,000 is not a largo
sum for a total national expend it 1110
ou horse breedii.g; but it has to be nc
know lodged thnt oven this grant In essentials is proving 0 failure. It
will have no crucial or .even visible effect. Its principle waa to offer ude
quato fees for travelling tborough*brod
stallions; but it did.not attract a liner
selection of stullions tbun beforo and
sca.cely n faroter in the country has
lieen persuaded through the chance of
onoap service to increase liis horse-
brooding. The sum hns not increased
by bo much n« 1 per cent, the produc*
tion of army horaci. Indeed, horse
breeding ha* this year languished pro
:n--iMly. The gamble of horse b eel
Ing has bee*.: given \\\t by ninny farmers, bccnuFQ thoy bcc that ench year it
becomes harder to t>cll the IndllToront
ci Ita.    A horse that is uot of flrst-rnto
quality has become almost uiisnleablo,
and the proftyi from the belter sort are
not enough In enncel the Ion from the
wo ne. Indeed, Ihe while ptituiple of
oil Royol CdutmiMlon, ohdorsed by
Development Commir-yioiiorm — it
be Inferred,, ngainst the calm judg-
men) of the mu.i< rity of Ihem — is
faulty because it supposes llmt good
sires got  ni
which meant large. 'Levi was u Jewish
innle; Leviathan, a woman.' 'Tho Isle
of Patmoa was the place where the children of Jsrnel were fed in tho wilder
ness,J ' "Thou arc thc man" are words
said by Judas to Christ, or by n prophet in his chariot teaching Christianity to the man at his side.' ' "Hefore
tho cock crow thou shnlt deny me.
thrice" was said by Christ to one of I
Ihe thieves hanging beside him in the
■rucitixioo.' Such ignorance is amazing,
,,. , , . .        , .and the "America1' seeks to oxplain it
Btatos ongnjoa In a wordy controv-r.y ,,        ,,Tb    „„.„„,„„   of   ,,,0   six.
80VOH.    niontha ni.-... n„,l  iiltor whlcb „.„„„,       t       W0R, ,|i,.„1|v „„,„,,     ,„.
1,0 prico of potnsl, for Importatloii Into t    ,!iW   ,,,„;,,, „,,,,. pr0/e,,0(1 to bnB0
iims oonntry «-.,» loft „t »8.50 » to,,. 1, lh„lr „.,,„,„ ro.fglo„ ,,,,'i,   ln,,,tiBg „„
veryone  reading  it  nud  gunrauteeing
KEEPS   YOUR   HAr..--.i£S
(SOFT  AS   A   CLO'/a
TOUG'-l   AS A  W!R»
So.V/ji' Dttaters Eaarewiar.
lh h,?e:i;i Oil I:.. LiaKd
believe tliere nlmosl  was talk of  war
about the subject.
"Sen water is the basic principle of
kali and chemists hnve found the sen
water, in ages when the water was receding from tho earth, carried awny
the t-cnli and deposited it in the ocean.
There have been many attempts to extract  these inelnls, but none of these
that the most ignorant could fathom it
profoiiuilest mysteries, they robbed it
of nil its objective vnluc. for each individual, no matte:* how Incompetont,
was permitted to read into it his own
i sense, thereby leaving it no sense at
'all. The result is that in spile uf Ihe
millions  of   money   used   by   tho   Bible
efforts mei success, principally due to]..   . ,.     .        ,.*■ , -,...
., .,   , ,    ',      '■   ;, .Societies  to multiidv  its  editions  and
Uio mothod, oraployod ami tbo groat t „,„,„ ,,,;, . , tl) th
cost „f tho-a rootbods, Bam.oy tried It,     ,    ,   t    oM , , von(iratloil for
among othor. and bo gava lt up. My „ ^irei Book havo dlsappoared, but
oxporTmonti bavo carflod mo ovor a th „ , ;,„„„„, „-',{, con j,
poriod of two year.., and now I am pro- 4    fucceado,,l5to th„, aimo„ ,Upor,|
pared to announce my prom
in pail.
Tho death of Atnbi Pasha sets one
thinking of his trials whio.i tool; place
nil ost twonty*nino years ago. Looking
i.a<-l< upon this flrsl ebullition ef Kgyp
tlnn nationalism in iho Unlit of the pro
sent not too clenrly-deliiied political
conditions, ono finds a few suggestive
[dens as io lorn* nut t<> deal with 0 lend
or of n rising.
Kilher Auibi WDS n prisoner of war.
to be judged by n military tribunal, Ol
he wns a riotous civilian,  Mun fnet thai
after  Tel el Keblr   Arnbi   surrendered
whelming   proportion   („ tho llritish Cummnmler suggests tint
f good projenv, Uerodlty, espeelnlly ho was the former. The courso Ukon
,.ii regard to hunt-tH. who nro oron* by the Bgyptlnn Oovornmont wus, in
brods, is nol i" perfect In its oporatlon i|ir iir*,t Instance, by u commission "f
and hone brooding Is moro of a gamble. Inquiry, composed or Turks nnd Clr
'ami toil of a science Ilmn ever it W0S.|(.aialB1l8 hostile to the prisoner, wilh
(The nrmy gives n niisenilde price for ■ jM. Qxccplloo ni one Bgyptlnn office!
Ihe best'horses, nnd Ihe worst are xui |w|10 dose ted from his camp, lo prepare
-alcalde. At IT" for n three yea obi,
breeding of cross-bred hunters is hardly
nn nttrnctlve business. Indeed, the
business would languish altogether if
it were not for the foreign nrtnio, es-
peelnlly the Trench nud (Ionium, which
are nut nf nid of paving tlio.
It is moro than absurd to lument, as
ilo somo eritb^, the netivlty of lho fnr
eign purehasor, Uo is much tho best
friend n* the horso-broodor. If he
buys the best of pur bores, he is the
*me man who, directly nud in the only
pusf-able wny, encourages the gamble.
He uloiio. if wo OXCOPl mcubers of the
hunts. oD'eis the prifos.     In fact lie
Iocs fur horses whnt tho Argentine nnd
"eve-itl of the oversea dominions do fur
tho breeding of sheep nud cuttle. He
ntiglil to be onoouragod in ovory pos
lnio way, for he lenves "good money"
Warts nn the hands iv a dlsflguromont
thnt troubles many Indlos, llollowov's
Cnm Cure will re novo tho blemishes
without  pain,
lengthy In Hit tnent from evhleu
tnlioii in secret. The trial was next to
forrod to a Court Martini, of which Mo
hammed Raouf Pasha, formerly one of
the National Party, but who Joined the
Khodlvo the dny before the battle of
Tel el Keblr, wns appointed President,
the eight other Judges being all Turks
or Circassians. The o wns nn ofllelal
lawyer for the prosocutlon; but it was
owing entirely to the chivalrous goner
Mlty of Mr. Wilfrid Ulunt. nt his pri
va o c.ift, thai emu-sol were engaged
for the defence. The-o weto Mr. A.
M. Urnndley, an Kngli'h bnrriste*. inle-
ly practising in iho Consular Court at
Tunis, nnd tho lion. Murk Nnpier. of
the Inner Temple, assisted by Mr. Rvo.
solicitor, Thev hn*I no opportunity of
cruss examining the witnesses for the
prosecution, whose deposiiions wero
tnlion in pri*nte.
Mr. It ondley declared Arnbi to be a
genuine pnirlol ai"' n mini of high elinr-
ne'er, llo'vever this miiv bine been,
his ii'lversarie- "-hniut- fr*.m bringing
htm to a public trial.      The  olToi s
tious eagerness to lenm the text by
heart whicli was so noteworthy only n
very short time ago."
If we could only get at the fuels of
the history of our Indian tiibe*. it
would be of Intorost to compare those
with what is related as the fortune of
most civilize! rations. It is only io
tradition thut the history of the Indian
lives, und only one version of the stury
i-- ovor hoard*. Boiuotlmoi this is so t "uo
in nature tbut to mon fnr doubt can
be found. Buch is the following chap
Ier from the annals of tho Heavers, a
< ana,hat) tribe.
(Ine day u young clllof --hot his nr-
row throngh a dog belonging to another
bravo. The brave rovongod tho death
of his dog, and instnul y a hundred
bows we t* drawn. Kro nighl hnd fiille
some eighty warriors lay dead around
the ciimp. the pine woods rung with the
Ininontntloos of the women: the tribe
had lost its bravest  men.
Thoro was a temporary truce. The
frlondf of the chief whoso arrow had
killed the dog vet numbered somo six
ty people, nnd it wns agreed that Ihey
should ifopnrata from the tribe nml
M-ek their fortune lu the vast wilder
noss lying to the south.
In the night they began their march
sullenly their brethren saw Ihem ilo
part, never to return, Thev went their
way to the shores of the LoSSOr R'nvr
l.ukc. toward Ihe great plains whicli
wotq snld to be far southward, by tho
banks of the swift rolling Saskatchewan.
The tribe of the Heavers never saw
this eviled butd again, but n hundred
■.enrs later a  Heaver Fndinn, who fob
In the New Home
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The Perfection is the best and most reliable heeler made.
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the yenr. We only wish to sec tho
greatest goneral good to the greatest
number, nnd the foregoing suggestion iu mmle only with that in veiw.
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Call and Hear the New
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ALF. WHITE   Music Dealer
i'.s.-iiim- uriUclstii, Bay nothing, «!"
ii'dliiim, Ih: nothing.
Thore nro two qualities In human
nature that need to bo cultivated by
ovory onr, and thnn all thu industrial
and domestic conditions will right
themselves. Those qualities arc un
selfishness and self-control. Unselfishness would end all monopoly;
self-control would enable every individual to direct his mental anil
physical energies toward the best
uses of life for himself and for
The Free Press is pleased to note
the splendid number ol business
men who availed tbenisel res of tlio
opportunity of attending tho Board
of Trade Banquet on Friday night
and also the good fellowship shown.
The idea or thc business interests of
the city gathering around the festive
board is one which promotes goml
feeling and unity of effort. A review of thc past, the conditions of
the present and the aims and prospects for the future are good subjects to dwell upon on such an
occasion. It creates enthusiasm,
confidence, loyalty to home interests and civic pride. There
might have been a larger representation present, as a number of the
faces of local business men were
absent. Wc hope that the next
banquet will include every business
man iu Chilli waek.
Wc have in stock a number ol standard doors, assorted
sites, which we purchased at a sua), price.   We bought
these doors right and will sell them right.
The Prices Range From
$1.75 to $2.15
Compare these with regular prices and conic and see the
doors. Come early as they will not last long at these prices.
At the close of his address on Fri-
a.v ovoning,His Worship,tho Mayor
* | put on ii specialty in whicli he paid
11 his respect* to critics of tho Council
J! in general, and some in particular.
♦ I "Dog Toby," an occasional contri-
% | butor to the Free Press, was singled
out and the Mayor in the role of
veterinary made two diagnosis of
tho Doggie's troubles. The first one
was to the effect that Toby was a
pup and had not got use of his
optics, and later that thc animal
had hydrophobia. With all due
respect to the Mayor and Dog Toby,
we fail tn see the point in His Worship going to so much trouble
in au effort to enlighten the canine,
which in his own opinion was blind
and suffered from an incureable
malady. Hydrophobia subjects are
generally given a wide berth, but
the Mayor felt strenuous and much
in earnest, and took his life in his
hands. Owing to pressure of space,
and the danger arising from
contagion wc have had the Mayor's
Hydrophobia patient securely chained for this week.
P. 0. Box 243
Phone R 121
ChilliwacK Planing Hills
Just Arrived
The Cliilliwnck Harness Co., uro carrying n lull lino of
Dr.  Pattie's Celebrated Australian
Stock Remedies.
for Horses and Cuttle   Also instruments in Drenching
Uilts, Syringes, ami Milk Fever outfit s,
Do not miss tho opportunity of gelling a good nccess'ly for your
In connection with the Board of
Trade on Friday night, wc, with
several others of the more recent
residents of the city, would suggest
that the banquet and election be
held on separate evenings, the
election following the banquet
possibly. The procedure on Friday night struck the new members,
as being too hurried, and littio
time given to the selection of the
various ollicers. The idea seemed
to be to get it over and get away.
We have no criticism to make of
thc very capable officers elected, but
thc Hoard of Trade should load in
progrossiveness, even in the election.
A re-arrangement of talent and a
few of tho 'now bloods" would Is
a profitable experiment, and encourage the new men to join anil
take an active interest in the affairB
of the city and vallcv. The Free
Press has no axe to grind, nor
personal ambitions to satisfy. Our
time is fully occupied in a calling
in which the public weal demands
and receives attention each day of
Mr. Editot—Shall the dairymen
organize to promote the general
good of dairy interests in the valley?
The advisability of this question
should appeal favorably to everyone identified with dairying in the
Chilliwack valley, for there is no
doubt but that much good can lie
accomplished thru the organized
efforts of associated dairymen, provided all will take an active interest in the matter and give hearty
support to the movement. Conditions have arisen in the whole
milk market in Vancouver, which,
when rightly understood, should
make the producer sit, up antl take
notice. The price of butterfat paid
to the producer has been reduced,
and thc prices to consumers have
been advanced. The reduction has
been made at a season of the year
when milk is scarce and the dairyman has every reason to believe
the price to him should be maintained. It must lie at once apparent then, that a reduction of the
price of butter-fat at this season of
the year must Iw the result of extraordinary causes, and to ascertain the same, can best be accomplished thru some good working organization here. The general
expression present at a small meeting of dairymen recently held in
this city, was tliat great benefit to
the dairy interests could be accomplished thru an a association
composed of creamery patrons and
the Independent shippers. A committee was appointed to draft a
constitution and set of by-laws,
which was to report to tbe chairman
when ready; the chairman to then
call a general meeting' of all the
dairymen in thc valley, to discuss
ways and means, and to adopt or
reject the committee's report. I
am told on good authority that the
apply of milk going from thc
valley today is neatly one-half of
the entire amount shipped into the
ity of Vancouver. Now if this bo
true, is it not possible that if the
supply from here were handled in
an intelligent manner, by some
wisely appointed commission, tho
priced of whole milk and sweet
cream could be fixed by the producers of the valley? Without
organization, we shall always be
at the mercy of the wholesale dealers in the city, but with it. wc
would In- in a position to have
something to say iu the matter of
prices. Transportation is also a
question which will soon need our
attention, and thru organized efforts
wc could no doubt secure what wc
desire, and what would be most
agreeable to dairy interests in this
valley. Certain matters in connection with present laws, detrimental
to dairy interests, eould also be
brought to the attention of our lan-
makers, and righted thru organisation. It seems to me therefore,
that we should lose no time in
getting together and giving hearty
support to a movement which will
have for its objects, only the welfare of the dairymen, and 1 earnestly hope to see a large number of
men at the meeting to be called by
Mr. J. A. Evans, when these
questions will all be discussed and
a start made to organize for mutual
protection of interests.
C, E. Eckert.
Thc business men of Hazel ton
have threatened to take their ads
out of tht- Herald, it lhat excellent
paper refused to make a noise about
the blind pigs thnt are so numerous
in that section. The Herald editor
says that he is loo busy to tlo the
work of the police—Lodge.
The Oirl ("itiido Movement is alxiut
to he stalled in Chilliwack. Capt.
A. L. Coote has the work now on
the way, antl in a fow weeks some
definite plans will be formulated.
Paid-up Capital and Reserve
Money Loaned to Responsible People.
Accounts Opened on Favorable Terms.
Chilliwack Branch   -   N. 8. MacKenzie, Manager |;
Quality -- Economy
The Studebaker Buggy, \w the merito which
mean quality and economy to the purchaser.
These rigs are made by people who know,
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The Chilliwack Implement &
Produce Co.
Fruit and Vegetable
A series of Lectures and Demonstrations in Fruit
and Vegetable Growing  will   be   held under the
direction of the Horticultural Branch   of the Department of Agriculture at
Coqualeetza Institute
Tuesday and Wednesday
January 16 and 17
See program in news columns.
Not only Fruit and Vegetable
Growers, but all agriculturalists,
will find the lectures on soils, cultivation, and plant-growth of value
to them.
One of Chilliwaek's Finest Farm Homes, Beautifully Situated,
as a Going Concern.    Price $12,000.00, on
F. J. HART & CO., Ltd.
♦/»•*»••«**** c
iCl AAtsO,
The Chilliwack
Specialists TREE PRES.S, CHILLiWACTC.  JJR'mAl' .3&IMBU.
Sold and delivered.
Orders left at the Victoria House will receive
prompt attention.
C. T. Vradenburg
rtttckar SI.
Furnished Rooms to Rent
TO RENT—Thnv nicely fumilliod room.
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Apply Clillliwack Free l-rem..
W, have a new uml up-to-date
..lam with the latent tnellioils fur uil
itlntl, uf Cleaning, Hy "liii. utul "nw-
ing.    Expert Itelp for all branches.
siKriui attention will !»■ glveu i./all
Mail anil Kitmtw unleiit frum Chilliwack anil tlie Valley. We solicit a trial.
Teacher* of Voice. 1'iaiu, antl Violin
in Chilliwaek weekly.
Appl, by poaUl card to tbe Coiiacrvatur, :
804 Broadway West, Vane.,uver
.ml uur Uaohcr will e.ll i,u j.m.
Weslminster Trust Building
Roller Rink
The Chilliwack Roller Rink it now
open for the Niton.
Two-Thirty to Five
Seven-Thirty to Ten
Cmm aad tnjoj- a pleasant
Hot Air  Furnaces,
Hoofing nnd Cornice
Metallic   Ceilings,
Stoves and Ranges,
General repair work,
Estimates furnished
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7 6.00 p.m.
Train     lilgilu.
Wert niin.
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Traiii        Van.
2    H.30 a.m.
4   It! IS IIOO.
Train       Van.
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"   Vancouver 7.00   "   )     Sunday
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Do You Know
That owing to huilding operations having commenced 2
on Lots 7 nntl  8 facing on  Young Street,  South, t
business lot* in this locality are going to increase in +
price. J
We Can Deliver j
A oil foot Lot, exceptionally well situated on Young t
Street at $100 per front foot.     For terms see J
The Municipal Council met in
the Clerk's oiliee on Saturday in
regular session.
\V. M. Wells wrote the Council
offering to take WfiO and old
school site on MeSwain road in full
compensation for land taken and
necessary fencing for property for
road running through his property
from McStvain road to Kitchen
road, same, to be forty feet in width,
The offer was accepted.
The report of the Medical Health
Olliccr, Dr. Henderson, was presented. During the year the public
health in tho Municipality had been
very good. There had been one
case of typhoid and one of scarlet
fever. All tlie pupils in thc schools
had been examined and when
necessary reports had been sent to
parent*. The school rooms were
found to be well lighted and ventilated. The floors, however, with
few exceptions were dilBty, and
same were recommended to be oiled
nt least every three months. The
report was received.
The report of the Auditor,   J. 11.
Ashwell, and Balance shoot for 1011
was presented, anil on motion
adopted, The total receipts for the
year were 80I70G.20; tlio expenditure 858455.2-1, leaving a balance
of 83311.02, Assets 810612,37;
liabilities 84388.26. School expenditure 818386.2ft. The report
slated that the books were well and
neatly kept and showed that tbe
Clork bad taken considerable pains
with his work.
A letler was read from the
Women's Institute conveying the
thanks of the organization for the
support accorded the rest room and
work of the Institute.
On motion P. Bennett was al-1
lowed to expend 850 in gravel on
Green Hill.
Plans of Sub-Division of Westerly part of S. W. J/, section 30, Tp. j
26, K.C. M. was re-approved by.
the Council.
The Highway By-law for 1010
received its third reading and will
he finnlly passed on January 15.
Tbe finance committee recommended payment of accounts
amounting to 81111.2b* and Council
1 Our Chistmas Trade
Was Good
and we wish to deserve  the  patronage
of that festive season to continue throughout the coming year.
You will   find   our stock of seasonable
goods large antl well assorted in all lines.
We shall keep you posted as thc seasons
come round.     Look for our ad. in this
Phi7 Denmark & Burton Phi7
Chas. Huteheson S Co.
Useful and Acceptable
Household  Articles
The little immersion heater. Boils
water in a few
T '"•   s t n v p
whicli    boils
your     kettle
all cooking '
purposes as
well as toasting.
El Perco
Makes tlelic
,,i>  coffee
in   a f e w
Phone 257        &   PUGH
The Editor,—
Dear Sii—I have often wondered
since  I came  to this Valley in the
Spring of 1008, why Poultry Farm-1
ing was not engaged in on a commercial scale here and it would seem to I
me that thc reasons arc, firstly, the'
abnormal cost of tho proper foodstuffs. Secondly, no very reliable or
satisfactory market. ,
Then too, of course, the poultry
business  has been   reduced  to  al
science of late years, and lo make a
I thorough success it needs to l>o stud-1
i ied very carefully as do all other i
; businesses.
By forming nn Association we!
I shall be able easily to remove the |
, foregoing obstacles, und 1 see no
reason why, in the course of a short
i time, we should not have poultry ns
1 a staple industry of this Valley as it
j is of others.
i Tliere is big money in poultry.
I One poultry farmer on a twenty-
five acre farm on Lnlu Island
! hatched and sold last year 48,000
I day-old chicks at fifteen cents. One
poultry farmer at Langley makes an
average weekly income of 8125.00
finin his poultry. Another poultry
farmer at Ijingley is making 8300
per month on a small farm.
These are actual figures antl show
what can bt: done. If they can
accomplish this wc enn too.
1 have read witli much interest
the articles appearing in your issues
of   recent date bearing upon the
above subject and have sinco conferred witli two of our local specialists
and   prize  winners  with the result
thai  we decided to call together all |
those in this locality who arc inter-!
ested in Ihe welfare..f poultry farming   ami  form  nn  Association   us!
ln order that the formation of
ibis   Association   may   go   ahead
immediately I was asked to net ns
I secretary for tbc preliminaries anil
{call a meeting.
Will, therefore, nil those interest-
] pel in this important branch of
.agriculture please attend n meeting
I to bo held nn Satiirilny evening
I next nt 7.30 at the Progress Office
! so tliat we may olocl officers nntl
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Thin   Ca.se   Dona   Prove   That   When
Catarrhozono is Breathed Every
Trace of Catarrh Disappears
Milfonl Haven, Du., Nov. I.—Evory-
ono iii tins neighborhood knows of tlio
lonff Buffering irom iutliumzu und
caturrb endurod by Mrs, 1>. Gurney.
Today Bhe is wolf. Her recovery is
due entirely to Catarrh OKOno. This
is lier own Btatomont: "1 wan a groat
ButTorer from catarrh in tlio head,
tlirnu! ami mm*, ami endured tlu* muni-
fold tortures of influenza for llvo years.
My life wns dospairod of. Catarrh was
undermining my Btrongth very fast. 1
used treatments from omlnont doctors,
hut all failed to cure* me. I Iind given
up hope nf ovor being woll. Then 1
read of a wonderful cure made by
Onterrhozono. Immediately I sent for
CatarrhoaonOj nnd before I hud used
one bottle I wus greatly relieved. To
duy I nm cured. Wo would not be
without CatarrhOBone in our homo-
It's so huro in colds, coughB, bronchia!
and throat trouble. I feel it Ih my
duty to publicly recommend Catariho-
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liable ilea lets, or by mail from The
Catarrhozono Company, Kingston, Ont.,
and Buffalo, N.Y.
A unique method of Bcttliug a political dispute was recently adoptod by
two Queensland journalists, Mr. Murphy, editor of the < hurleville Times, u
Liberal organ, nnd Mr. Kliner, editor
of the local Guardian, Lobor. They decided t<i Bottle the mutter by a public
fight with boxing gloves. * Tho hall
was crowded and both men foughl
fiercely. The first round was decidedly
in favor of Mr. Murphy, fu tbe second
ronml Mr. Kliner fared oven worse. The
third finished him completely nnd in
less (hun a minute lie was hanging on
the ropes in a dazed condition.
Alfred Tennyson Dickens, SOU of the
great English novelist, now lecturing
in the Kast, has for years been n successful sheepman in Australia, where
he has largo holdings.
*=*- x\~*t,7
dodd's /
Corn'.l.uni ;i«,< .illoasBnncIies,
'.,;-*:i,.\.:...i :.H*rotteurcct, it
. I! .;-• I1 ."l !'■-1 '■•■■' • '■'-,- S1 ■'-' ' "I
andinll ■. .. i.■■ -aptly, i     I  .•
;.:,!... ,..- .1. ■ . .■■ ■- .. I * -r. .: '-.: t*
ll .not tho l.' lit;! . !.•.*.••■ -M,-- .•
i iclngnati i Inbnll .1 iiicw.licnUiiT
■. uo .;:. h llmlnatli .-'.-' 1 '. Al t
,*.'l. 'i J ni p rt, i:. I. •■■•>: ■ ■ v. : ■,
l    ,. "HodoiiW .<•*. n mctnl -   ■ r■ • L*
., ,.-■....i. itl rJ   or:    ..i..,
for a. bunl<j:ion ray ' ot :-■> f<  * h
11." Jtto jaliis' iqforfcnyjMft Uing
it. ft
'. l.<
, 1 nl
1 VtU
,  ■-   ..|,' Lir'MIl    t     ..    IbMk 1 Ulr. ,
.*..:..' . .•-■...,*. -,t minsCl i..r: rr.-p.-ii,c*i".
t*r*>.t-* t>- >.nT'S goQ » aithm fo, WttM.1****.
u"ii» ■ fi*:-'i e   ■■ ■ in ti •■'.. "i--',-r. * ■ .
i Mi tUL.MaifM.M-JI IU"-.-. a*- U*U Tta-*»«t«r.      ^
Bond   I-r   lie-   wUlplO  to   Dept.   It.P
National Drug i   (die.mic.il Co., To-mito
Tie Arritt IriUltOtf IfMII Ibe CAUSE.
noi lha HABIT ind pannanenUy curea
tlio mest hor-elatl hiklni. '.*»*» In (our lo
eif*..t w*l.S. Wl lit tor |-r: ' t -'-: *: fl
and InlornjM'rn lo 12 I
In Delta, Colorado, the town council
Is bocomingly modest; and we ure told
that when a tax on dogs was imposed,
they mado the ordinance read: ''Tax
on ouch dog—male, ouo dollar; vico
versa, three dollars."
Tho following appeared in a village
paper not long ago:
"Anion Green and Mrs. Nettie Clark,
both of this vicinity, were married here
today. Amos leuves four children by
his tirst wife and many warm friends."
Little Doris, four yeurs old, bad to
"stand in tlio corner" for boiug
After some moments of perfect silence, lioriH was observed intently examining the lingers of her left iiand;
then tragically sho exclaimed: " My
Ml No two alikot"
•   •   •
One day Marl; Twain was being
shaved by a vory talkative barber uud
was forced to listen to many of his
The barber hnd to strop bis razor, nnd
when  ho was ready, brush  in hand, to
commence again, ho asked:
"Si-hull I go over it aguint"
"No, thanks," drawled Murk.   "It's
hardly necessary.      1  think  I enn remember evory word."
During tlio campaign for tho commission form of government at Keokuk,
Iowa, nn old German wus arguing with
n bwede whu wns opposed to the chnngo
on tho ground that there would be too
few men to manage affairs. The Gorman clincuod bis argument with: "Illm*
mel, man, it takes only the Father,
Hon and Holy Ghost to run Heaven -I
guess three men ought to be able to
run Keokuk."
At a meeting of the State Medical
Society the secretary lead a letter from
the consul of one of onr faraway possessions, urging the need of a resident
physician in his district. In thc moment of silence that followed the rending a youug mun iu the hull arose ami
suid modestly:
"] wish yon would put rue down for
that place, sir. It sounds good to mo.
My practise here died last night."
As William Fuvorsliuu, was having his
luncheon iu a Birmingham hotel he
was much annoyed by another visitor,
who, during the whole of the meal,
stood with his buck to the lire wanning himself, and watching Favorsnnm
eat, At length, unable to endure, it
any longer, Mr. Faversham rang the
bell antl said:,
"Waiter, kindly turn thnt gentleman
around.      I think he is done on    thai
, Two negroes were comfortably sprawl-
! od beneath u Bhady oak, enjoying to
tuo full the pastime of wishing for the
j imp" slblo. Said one:
I "1 wish 1 had a million watoi
! melons."
" Wouldn 't dat be lino." exclaimed
ihe second negro.* " Den wo could
leal nil do watermelons we wanted."
" Wei" mocked the first negro it)
| disgust "Whv, I wouldn't give yo' a
"Wouldn't you even give me one li'l
■■ 'Wouldn't 1 evt-n give you one 'li'l
watermelon?' "—with rislug indignation. "Why, yo' ^gnod-for'-notliin'
lazy nigger, hain't yo' got 'nough ambition   to wish    fo'  yo'  own    water*
One cold winter day pome railroad
officials.whllo making nn inspection of
:i large yard, stepped for n moment inside a switchman's shanty to get warm..
Among them was n general superintendent who was known to have n mania
for "scientific management" and the
rod net ion of expenses. Ai tliey were
leaving, the switchman asked the travelling yardmaster, whom he knew:
i    '' Now,   can   yo   lie   tollin'   me   who
| (hot. mnn is?"
I "That's the general superintendent,"
the yardmaster replied,
"What do you think o' thot? ile'*>
a fnine lookin' mon. and ye never wot!.I
believe thc tules ye are after hoarin'
about   'int."
"Whnt have you heard about him,
Mlkef" wns the curious quostiou,
!       "Why,  Ihey  *i" say  tlmt   he was nt
I '1 o funeral of Mr. Mitchell's woii'e, and
when the six pnlMtoorers cmo out ho
; rnipod his hand nn I snldi 'Hold a minute, boys. I think yo> can got along
without two of thim,' "
i'v.d buntors hnd '' beaten" the
; nail along Hi-' mar. lies of Long Inland
for luree iln, a with nn unusually small
. i ;ig resulting.     The f I supply nff.il
linn OOl   much abend of lobodlllod lime;
fur worse, the "liquid ammunition" had
I in i'ii exhausted in the early stagos ot
the hunt.
I Alter following the oottlt vainly for
Ihreo hours, looking for somo sign of
habitation. thoy »pied uu empty llOUSfl
ou the bench.
"(in iu nud look it uver. Hill," said
lie did so. returning in u moment,
empty Innue'l.
" Anything In thoro?
ponton, expectantly,
"Xopo," replied his
with a profound sign
two empty bottles full
Try This Pinex "Sixteen
Ounces of Cough Syrup"
A l-imlly Bupply for 50c, Saving $2. Th*
Suraat, Quickest Remedy You Ever
Used or Money Refunded.
A congh remedy that saves yon *2, and
Is Ruarantocd to give quicker, better ro-
sults tban anything else, Is surely north
trying. And ono trial will show you why
Pinex la used ln more homes ln tho U. a.
antl Canada than any otheroough remedy.
Yon will be pleasantly surprised by tho
way it takes right hold of a cough, giving
almost Instant relief.   It will usually stop
■ft'Ntf, ,ie\lt!>f.".' -If he wus nluh Itus-
bnn', nnil lio ti'oatod mo Ink lio did 'is
wile, Ah wouldn't call no p'llcotnau,
nil. sVli'tl cull ilo iiiulortukoi-.'
With the Horses
Experience goes to show thut fash*
ions change in horse breeding us in
everything else, und it by no means
follows that the stamp of horse which
was popular iu Great Britain even po
book   for  this  stump  of   animal   have
long been empty.
'lho hackney typo of horse in regarded us never having been out of t'uvor
in America and in proof of tlio contention oue may point to tho fact that
trotting competitions in whieh tho vory
finest specimens of tho hackney broed
are employed occupy tho same important
position in public estimation there. As
will bo well known to American readers, trotting is in a very backward con
dition in Great Britain. Tho only two
regular meetings held are at imber
Court Park, Thames Dittou, just out
side London, and ut Blackpool, tho
great seaside watering place and holiday
the most obstinate, deep-seated cough in
£4 hours, and is unequalled for prompt
results ia whooping cough.
A CO-cent bottle of I'inex, whon mixed
with home-mruloBiigar syrup, -makes sixteen ounces of tho best cough remedy over
used. Easily prepared la llvo minutes—
directions in puekugo.
The tasto is pioasu-nt—children take lt
willingly. Stimulates tho appetite and is
slightly laxative-*-both excellent features.
Splendid for croup, honrseness, nsthma,
bronchi Lis and other throat troubles, and
a highly successful remedy for incipient
lung troubles,
I'inex is a special and highly concentrated compound of Norway White Pino
'vtruut, rich in gualaool ana other natural
healing pine elements. Simply mix with
sugar syrup or strained honey, In a 16-oz.
bot ilo, nntl it in ready for use.
"Plnox has often been imitated, but never ™i^—
BUCOOSSfuUy, fnr nothing else will produce   hnve changed entirely,  t
tho same results.  Tbo genuine Is guaron- | 'i'he tasto of horse broo
teed to glveabsoluto satisfaction or monoy !,.......,",.»   ...  ....j,,,,*.*,
refunded.   OertlOeato of guarantee Is   ;l,t'lH1MI    ln  co.n.clf1 .
wmpjodlneaohmokaffo.  Yourdruggiot i llt,l'sc n,il!rH I,n,i «"vor8, uow began t
haa Pinex or will gladly get lt for you.
If not, Bond to Tho Pinex Co., Toronto,
recently even as ten or twenty years ■ resort for all Lancashire and Yorkshl
ngo is tho typo most thought of today.
At that epoch tho hackey and ha.n-
088 horse was a special cult iu Ureal
Britain, We are speaking now of tbo
"general purpose" type of animal, good
for both riding und driving, having
not too much waste knee netiou, but
a goer who could win through a long
sixty-mile day und do it regularly without looking one bit the, worse for it.
lie stood from 14.0 to 15.8, hnd magnificent shoulders, great pace, and a
stamina, due to a judicious thoroughbred cross, thnt never let him fall, 110
mallei* iiow M'verc u task you put him
en in isno or thereabout!
British horseflesh booi
is to
b   it
with    th:
friends at  tho old Metropolitan  Qotol
iu Washington.
"An old darky came up to greet me
after ihe meeting.      'Mnrso Allen,' lie
suid,   '[
I's   known   ob
baldiy.       Knew
you nil   WUZ   bid
hold  do same o
'members how I
fu' veins au' yei
•' A hat office
1 askod, ns I nc
'• ' Why, dc ol lie.
John; you puppy
many years.' ''
ful glad   to
pappy I
oo. IL
you got
-Id dat   s
see  you.
II   wu/.   n
Hlg  befo'
used   to
now. I
one office
lo yon mean, uncle.''
r knew pop held uny
e of c lidate, Mnrsc
candidate  fo'
tiond towards u lnrgor animal alio
gelher, uud the dny Of the hackey was
ovor for the time being. The rool
Idea underlying this change, according
io ihe sources of Inforiiiution oxtuut,
-ecus to bave been that the hackney
was to be regarded as a harness horse,
purely nnd simply, one not to bo
thought of in cou ner lion wilh riding
ul nil, The thing striven for wan Ibe
obtaining of as tail u carriage ho se as
possible. Thoy hied him up to 17
bands, but Ihe great leggy beast   was
Tho prizes trottod for, however, aro
small, $250 boiug quite a big offer. Tho
records are very average, and nothing
out of the wuy at all. Tho time for
tho mile at tlioso meetings is usually
ubuut ~ minutes -10 seconds.
Tho foregoing paragraphs havo reference, of course, solely to tbe lirst-
r ite stamp of hackney horse. Tbe coming of tho motor, whether used for pU*n>
sure or business purposes, has hnd :i
most serious effect upon general horse
trade in Groat Britain, uml the ordinary type animal, the second or third
rater, which might formerly nlwnys be
relied upon to fetch its $100 or $200,
is now altogether at a discount. Month
by month do horses of this inferior nt lilt re como Up below the rostrum of the
nclioueer, who finds increasing dlATCUlty
as i omfortabli
tlary would have been
Latterly, howovor
point to a market
country in favor of
type of hackney hm*
lv good for saddle
pesos. Tho revival
to tl
the Indications
revival in t liis
Ihe ultl-fushiniic 1
io, tin* sort equal-
ami Immoss purls   p incipully due
fact lhat riding as an oxerciso
Is again becoming fashionable with the
nioniod public iu (Lent Britain. That
is a good thing in Itself as affording
not only a healthy menus of enjoying
thu fresh air, but also in its bearing
upon the breeding of British horses in
this line eiuss.
The   first  signs  of  recrudesenco    of
popular favo: are always the institution
of frOBh classes at tho great national
^^^^^^^^^ Ihorse shows; and nt most of the priii
Finally, unable any longer to conceal cljial shows lately held there have been
his  chagrin   and   disappointment,      .o clo?ses  particularly
American turned to Ids companion and  well filled classes,
ashed: "Don't you think that's a won-  tho case of a type which is only just in
dorful sight?" procesi o. being leconstitutod, you have
"Vot/" askod the Dutchman. to take what yon cun get, ami it was
"Why. tbnt  gigantic body of water inevltoblo that  the    luicaney    classes,
pouring over that lofty precipice."      i whilst  in    every    sense    satisfactory,|
Tho German stood for a few se
longer, until ho got that idea dig-
A native of Germany was visiting,
an American friend in New York, ami
the latter bethoiiffht himself to tako his
guest on a visit to Niagara Falls,
The American, accustomed to bursts
of wonderment and enthusiasm, was not i
u little astonished to see his Teutonic
friend stand and gaze stolidly minute
lifter minute upon the ronring catnraet,
without evincing thc slightest sign of
for hacknoys
dn.      Of com
then looked up blankly nnd asked:
Veil, vot's to hinder it?"
ids I should be rather mixed as regards type
ed, Tho experience of rue years that havo
[gone by  have  probably  been more or
Sbo flulTorod from Rheumatism, Neural
gin ami othor symptoms ol' Dis can ml
Kidneys—Dffddbj Kidney Fills made
her strong ami healthy.
Peveril,  Yainlrcuil   Co.,  Oue.,   Nov.   I
--((.Special)   -une   more   of   the   tired,
pain wicked   women   of t Ian ada   has
found   relief and   new   life   in   Dodd's
Kidney  Pills.   She  la  Mrs. Jos. ChelV,
Of   this  place,  and   she   never   tires  of
telling her neighbors of  her wonderful
cue or singing Ihe praises of tlie good
old   remedy that   brought   it  about.
" I suffered from Kneiiinntism, Neuralgia, Violent Headaches and Palpitation of the Heart," Mrs. Ohoff states.
"My back ached. 1 wns always tired
and nervous and I had weak spells.
|My doctor told me to just rest, but
that was just what 1 couldn't do, till
reading of the cures of othe/8 led me
to try Dodd's Kidney Pills.
j "Prom the first, dose they helped me.
il soon left my bed uud started to do
my ordinary housework.
"I took in all twelve boxes of Dodd's
Kidney Pills and now my health is
excellent. I recommend Dodd's Kidney Pills to all siilVeiing women."
I Thousands of I lanadian women will
tell you that Dodd's Kidney Pills are
tbe une sine relief for Buffering women.
;; Swift Cure for Croup
"Last year two of my children vrerc
taken with croup. They coughed some
thing dreadfully, aud wero too sick to
•at anything. 1 applied Nerviline to the
1 throat and chest uud gave it internally,
also. 1 ulso got thc children to inhal*
H'atarrhozone.' No remedy could bav<i
worked moro satisfactorily. I tan to
commend mothers to use .Nerviline; it 'i
a line liniment,"
(Signed)    Mrs. F. E. Knechlor,
llarriston  P.O
iu disposing of them to anybody at un?
price whatever.
At a casual glance one might not
realize thut the horses in ttie ftree.fr*
and on the roads nre very much fow
er than Ihey were; but tlio salo room
Statistics nro impossible to get over,
und when one considers that of over?
hundred horse trams nnd 'bufes fnr
inerly to be seen hardly one remains to
day, It becomes apparent lhat thc "util
Ity liorpo" Is 'loomed to disappear. How
ever, his decline need not at all ilTost
the fate of the good hackney hurto in
UrOttt It'itaiu. Thu latter uro a cIuhp
apart, and il would be indeed a thou
sand pities were he to disappear entire
ly from the scene, especially in thr
case of a nation traditionally fam oui
for its knowledge of and lovo for good
equine  Heidi.
Itoor   Crosby,   reooullj
iyor of London, i*   thr
i.in   who   has   over   held
oiliee,   though   ho   hai*
T'.il'   prodecossors,      lit
age of eighty one years
bul   is gradually  wil •>
professional   life.      Hr
sled in the city govoro
r thirty years nud han hnU
tdllees.     f\s  lie  is u  widower,  flu*
of lady mayoress will bo perform
cd bv his daughter.
Miss Emily Metcalf, Ibe oldest active
school teii.'lier iu Ohio, and perhaps in
Ihe    Uni tod   Stales,    1s   as   enlhiisiasl ir
as ovor about hor work, Respite hor
eighty-one yenrs. She lives at Hud
son, and for considerably over half a
cenlury has been instructing classe?.
She has taught in private schools, som
inarlcs, grammar schools, ami has given
private lessons. She is ns active a*, a
woman of fifty. Kvery dny she takes
a long walk. won<s iu her garden, aac
does her housework.
i,l in
Ctll    1
liita h
nl Hi,
i: i
Iiiih Ii
or i
ivnr i
Tho Oil of Power.—It is not claimed
for Dr. Thomas' Eclectrio Oil that it
will euro every ill, but its ii'-es ure sn
various that it may be looker! upoi
us a general pain killer. It hns aebiOl
ed that greatness for itself and all nt
tempts to surpass it have failed. Itl
excellence is ki.-jwu to all who huvi
tested its virtues nnd lenrned by oil
I orlenci.
Two [rishmen were watching the
event- at n fl eld-moot. When one ol
the athletes jumped some twenty-ono
feet in'the broad jump, Pat remarked
'Mike, that was a party good
says Mike, "it was, but nt*
what  wo hinl back on tiie
to Mike, '
: iiirg  hhi      	
Ould Sod."
""Sure," says Pat, "and they never
had anything to equal that jump."
"Yes," savs Mike, "and tbey did,
One day I saw a man jump twenty-
three feet—backwards—up a hill—again
a strong wind."
"Mike. Mike, phwat are yo glvln'
m<!     No man ever did that."
"Sure and he did. Didn't I see it
with i iwn eyest"
"Well, nntl if ye did, who might that
iio.ii bo?"
"Sore, and it was your own cousin,
hi;i is O'Shon."
*'. . . Me own cousin Diunis, eh.'
Well-well,  he might."
'1 he only unoccupied room in
hotel -one with n private bath in coil*
neetioii with it — was given to the
Btranger from Kansas. The next morning the clerk was approached by Ihe
guest when the latter was ready to
chock out.
"Well, .lid ynu have a good night's
rost '" tho clerk naked.
"No. I didn't." replied the Kunsau.
"Tho room was all right, nnd the bed
Was pretty good, but 1 Couldn't sleep
very much, for I was afraid some ono
would want to take u bath, and thc I many of
only door to it was through nty room."! Vogotabl
less forgotten and even the experts differ nowadays ns to whin ;- procisi ly
the right type of the ride and drive
hoi so i" br.ei.     vVbatovci ni- goneral
qualities should bo, thero is  loubt ot
one thing, nameiy, that his capabilities
a. n saddle horse should bo absolutely
beyond rcproai h. If be is not a coin
fort able ns well ns u goo.I horse to
ride he is not really a hackney hose
at all, but simply u banters animal converted for tho time being Into a riling
one. Nearly every man who understands n horse and keeps s single specimen for business or pleasure desires |o
pOFSOSS an animal which be can ride us
well ns drive.
Well, luen, here is the beginning of
the demand, or rathe* the demand so
fur ns tne united Kingdom is con
corned, for the hackney horse.
British experience goes to show thnt
unless uo is n flrst*rnto animal, a liorre
nf this type i* not much use for anything. If he is a good one witli the
true hackney foundation, a strain of
bh.od somewhere nbont him, hi dly
any money is too much ta puy for him.
His coming again Into favor must be n
source of satisfaction to many n brooder tif oldor type, too, men whose pad
docks in the ool d:ivs contained nono
tuu good stutf and whoso commission
.401 Caliber
Self-Loading Rifle.
Thi3 new Winchester io reloiuioil by recoil,
i!il- re     .;., : e iv thc ,iriiv; Mechan
ic-.1 being unJ r c ' of the tri::.rt;r
Hu r Al lUetfiredl „i it strikes a blow
ol .. '• paunJa I . ■ enough to topple
overtiiebii estgame -penetrationenough
to .', ich .!;c inncrrnost vital spot. Tho
wonderful in operation and powerful in
execution, thia rifle is neither complicated
i:-. construction nor cumbersome to handle.
It Hits Like Thc Hammer Of Thor.
'./'"' *J*'
which per
Business College
College open throughout the whole
yenr. KhhImi-« nmy p.innt noy time.
-Ths Puetlcil College"
U'nte for !«■ oamlogu*.
W'lNNIPKO, \l vs.
1     D- COOPER  C A.     •     I rincind
" asked his com
running    mate,
"nothing   but
of water."
"When I first decided to allow thc
people nf Tupelo to M0 my t::une lis n
can.it.Into for Congress, 1 went out to
a neighboring parish to speak," said
Private  John   Allen   recently  to some
|    Causo of Asthma.    No one can "ay
with cortnlnty oxnetly what causes the
I establishing  of  nstbmntle  conditions,
j Dust from Ihe street, f •mn (lowers, from
grain ami various other Irritants mny set
j uo n troublo Impossible lo Irrndlcnto ox*
copt through n sure preparation such as
■ In, .'   I), Kollogg's Asthnuia Romody
. Dnrortnlnty mny exist ns to ennso, but
Itl re ran be no uncertainty rogardlnga
romody which has freed n generation
nf nsthmetlc vlctlmi from tins scourge
I of  the   bronchial   tubes.      M   is   sold
oven where.
Standing in front of the knrgoroo i or
ral in the anininl house in Central I'ark
was u family of unmistakably Hibernian extraction, who gnrcl i-* open
mouthed astonishment at the toothpick
fnce,  bar cured, and  long leg   L peel mun
from  the Antipodes.
"For llm love of the Knights of
Columbus, phwhat in Ihe divil Is him
thin"-.'" ashed Mike of Put.
"Tl.Mii," answered Pat, "lie knngn-
■' Knngnrooei. ii» it f" sold Mike.
"Phware do they come from!"
"Sure, they lie unlives of Australia,"
suid Pat.
" Native-* of Au-itrallA, bo thoyf
Wmra. wurrn," wailed Mike. "Ain't
that the shame. Me sister No n whit |
OUl there last week to marry one of
1 ' !
A colored mnn had been nrrestcd on
a  charge  of  beating  and   cruelly   mis .
using Ills   wife.      After  hearing    thc j
"huge against Ihe prisoner, the justice i
turned to the Ilrst witness.
!    "Madam,"  ho  said,   "if   this   man
[Wee your husband and had given you a
beating, would you call in the police!"
The   woman   nddre*«scd.  n   veritable ■
1 * pi i "mi iu   size   and   aggrcssivonoss,
turned a smiling oouutoiiRhco townrdsj
i the ,'uMi' o and nnsworodi
SMalfo Cum
miiku *.i«i>i caudbs, etfses c-.M.. btali
Hi-  iii,«>il  ni.d  lili.il* -■*•  i.-i-'
A 8.i fo Pill for Sulfcrln.
The sc hided  life of womei:
mils of little healthful  exercise, is
fruitful cause of dorangemonts of tl
stomach and liver and Is neeouutab
for   the   pains   and   lassitude   that   I
thom   experience.    Pnrn.elee
• p lis will correct i roguloi
ties of the digestive organs ami rostoi
health   ami   vigor.    'Ihe   most   deb. at
woman enn uso them with safoty. bi
cause their action, while olTectl>•■,
mild uud soothing.
V m*,** «ut twenty years' ssusrleuc* In the fnln builneis in NV«iu-r
wli.'ii nmrketlng nil iraln-ronilcniiiBnla to b«ti tdmntiKt* for klilpppr.    Wt- hftitdto
wheal, osls, nurl.-y mn) ilix anlpued in ear lot", siting t-i <i attention tn thr
frail Ing of earli ihtpment, and took after It until Anally unloaded In tbs terminal
elevator. Qood -idranrea made on I..I!*- ol lading and nfu-r Bale, in made protnpi
returna aenl in iblpper nur eointitlaalon eharg*1 li the loweil allowod l.y the
lint.-. <>r the Winnipeg Grain Kisltangs, >>r whlcb we are meutbrra.
An *.  «* yi-ii*  <»r Ih billed forward, -. i •! Iht   ■hliiplng  bill to ua wtth **i
•trnetloni .• i»**-i»t holding or lelllug, mid we will attend i<- ihe balance »r the
bualneia for yon slop ona ear lo us und ion will ronlntue to tbln for rears
Wi- are UCKNSKIl mul RON I) Ft), Iteferenre: Hank of Hamilton, Winnipeg,
If y.ni have t">i ahlpprd « est- "f grain >ii. wnla ua fur full ihippfHg Inn rue
• {•.im     slii|i|'iii)r grain for » < mlaalou mrrehanl  te iimi.1l..- m v.-ij ilmple
BXCBAXOB    •    ■    •    WINNII'lltl. MAN
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rejected smutty wheat There is a good market for all of these low grades. Let us
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W. S. McLaughlin & Co., Winnipeg, Man.
5 Chubb Block, Saskatoon, Balk.
Grain Bxohango,  Calgary, Alta.
Causes &ac( Sidelights of the War.
Between Italian and Turk
The twentieth century's second war
involving two of the groat powers is
under way. Pew of tlio warmest advocates of world peaco hnvo been so op-
tlmistio as to arguo that tlie'oni of
wnr has really passed away, and those
Who havo induced themselves to hold
tbut belief muy lose some of tho.r'con-
vie tions with the present cQinbut between Italy and Turkey. lt is true
tlmt wars are not so lone; and constant
as ihey once wero, but there lins beeu
m average of ut least one great war
per decade over since tho downfall of
Napoleon, which does not show tbat
man bus changed completely, men nl
(though be i*4 gradually coining to see
that ploughshares nnd pruning boohs
aro better than swords nnd buyouots,
To tbe porson who does nol study
jforkl politics elosoly tho Idea of war
bolwopn Unly and Turkoy- was a new
one. Wo have heroine iced ta tlm
thought of Franco German, ttu'sao Tnr
itlnH, and latterly, Anglo-Qormnn strug
glos, but fow won.ii have supposed bad
Ujoy stopped to give tlie mnttor thought,
thai tbo successor of Koine would In our
l-iy be iu conllot wilh Ihe power lint
occupies   the   plitCO   of   old    l.w.anl illlll.
\ii,i dot*, iug Into conipnrni Ivoly recent
history wo i bould find thai ihe Insl
rime Lho Italian and tho Turk engaged
Mt war it Was eu Ihe BU'llO side.     Ill ihe
ilflioH, when Ihe iiist Victor .•.miiiniiuot,
looking lo glvo bis Hnrdinlaii klngdoiti
i reputation in Ihe eyes ui' Kiunjio, hn
united with I'Vnmi* nod U dam iu aid
ing (hu Turk against ttusalu in the
Hul   in  th nt in it's ngono tht It
und tho tt clip n were bilter enemies.
History lolls us ihat of nil Christian
Buropo, Italy alone aonl nld to Hit)
llv'-tiitino umpire in Ita final doaporut
and futile (ttrugulo against tho llosloin
invader, nnd ilenoose und Venchans
Here nmong Lhoso who foil wiih Con*
atniitiiie I'aloologns when the conquer
or Mohammed V hordes swept ove the
walls of Constantinople, Lpug bofore
lhat Ihey bad been foes, and for loinj
after the strife was kept up. At l.c-
pnnto, on October 7th, 1571, just "in
yearn ago, it was a (loot compose^
fargoly of Venetian ships,-tljongh com
.;.' t.-v ■
■'■4;   ^<  ■
■V'-V -
v >«a
mandod by Don John of Austria, which
defeated u huge Turkish armada with
a loss of 30,000 meli and over llii) vessels, released 12,000 Christian galley*
slaves, und broke the ttuval power of
the sultan beyond recovery, Lopahto,
for some reason, is not often named
among the decisive battles of the world,
bat there are muny reasons why it
should bo considered Buck, und the
bravo sailors of Italy contributed largo-
ly to its result,
Italy may have had ambitions iu regard to Tripoli before 1878, but it was
iu thai sum- that tliey wore find given
public notice, when the powers in the
treaty of Berlin agreed to penult Italy
io malic a "pacific penetration'■' of the
At rlcail   dependent'-,   ol   the  mil tan,     III
lfi8S tho establishinonl of a Proricli
protectorate ovor Tunis doubtless si iniu*
late.l lho desire nl' the Woman govern
moul to tako ad\ antngo of I ho poi mis
-ion accorded by ilie powers, und as
the yoara passed she dovolopod n con
-idc ab union o thoro.   ()ui lag tbo
iiiuotics I fitly was soo It luy an e nplro
nt Abyssinia, where In ','■> alio mol wllh
thu overwhelming dulViil of Adowa, ono
,ii   f!o» IllOHl   dei'i-ive oflQPkfl ever givoil
a   white   in, l-   by   bhn-h -shir I   oppo
 Its.    All.,:- lhat  rovoiao sho  had  Ml
ilo stomach for ndvouturos for u lime,
and in 1800 it looked us If Pranco
might divert her rioighbor'a Iniluonco
in Tripoli to liOrkotf, However, hi 1002,
when Prnuco was having u llttlo dlili
,-ully   of   lier   own   Willi   l he   Toile,  she
<>iv I, in  recognition of  Italian  non
tinlity in Dial crisis, to adopt u similar
course should Unly luvosl Tripoli. This
conclusively show's thnt, Ihe idea thnt
Tripoli mlgbl be lopped from the Otto
man  empire  is not a   new om*  iu   1*3*1]TO
pea ii chaucollorlos.
Again in 1004, ttnly made uu ubjoc
lion- i'* ihe Anglo Proneh entoiito
winch gavo Urlta'ui a free haml in
l*'gypt and Prance in Morocco, and still
luti r si,.- placated Austria, her drolliund
.illy, yet u suspected and hated rival,
l.y keeping her hands off when the dual
 |.iie   annexed   Bosnia   and   Ifcrzogo
."Ian, This last was a dlfllcu t t|uestiou
for Italy to handle, for Montenegro,
whose king is Queen Helena's father,
wa- anxious for war iu order lo prevent
the blow al lie' ambition Io some time
found « groat Sorb state with the two
provinces in quostlou ns nuns.
.lust why Italy wants Tripoli is ;t
■{UOStion on which observers aro not
entirely agreed. The official excuse
made by the Unman government for
her demands is thut Italian commercial
rights huve not been respected, nnd
that   Italian   colonists  have  been   mi
rv states iu ohock whon the power* fcfUQ**Juatiuct among animate. As is.the
od iliwiit awuU'pai-d -^liotiA-^ff^^iWi^ii:!!!. In**- totwAieynotJlifV Is
of Europe fear
Bidndlfli,*, t\io Boutbpastorn port of
■Ifnly, where tbo poet Virgil died, is
unother old town which is important in
tiio present situation, us it will bo
headquarters fur the Italian cruisers
and an object of Turkish attack if tho
Moslems uro able to take tbe offensive
ut uny tithe on the sou. Almost opposite on the const of 13pirus is Pre*
ve.s.t, whore the lirst fighting occurred,
between the Duke of the Abruzzl's
squadron nud Turkish destroyers. This
town st ii ttils almost on the site of the
undent Nieopolls, and iu the vo.y
waters where the opening guiis of the
present war wore heard, Uio Jleets of
Augustus Caesar ami Murk Antony
struggled in the buttle of Actlum for
the supremacy of tho Roman  world.
Like uny war in whieh the dOOfipit
empire of tho Ottomans might I'e en-
gugod, tbe prosou! conflict is most prog;
mint With possibilities. Any one of U
dozen things might happen to nullify
the efforts of tho peacemakers, Should
the ' llirisl lun populnl ion of <Ire to rise
in revolt, [\ booius hardly possible Ihul
tho Urooi. government won id be able
in rbstrnin its excited subjects, \v'*u
havo nol forgottou tholr old wrongs
ni ihe bunds of ihe Turk, aud ha\ ia
roeual nud soro grudge lu the defcufi
admluistored thom in I8"07, when tho
Intoi vontioti oi the powers \\ u all th il
.-.lived    I heir    king bon    from    10C0lll|II0 ll
by the Sultan's anu>. tin ihe iron:
iets of Tbossaly, Bulgaria, Sorvlit un t
Moulouogro, a siuglo  title shot might
moan n gi *ul war,     Tho  Uulgunari
army, om* of the largosl iu lUuropo, in
proportion to population, well equip'
ped, nud always thirsting for u con-
Hid with its ancient: foe, is, aUOOrdlllg
to all acoouuts, straining ut the leash.
Under tlio oxeltomeul uunsoquoul to a
frohlier hhiimish or it inassueie of Hal-
gariiuis such iis luw often occurred in
tho'Macedonian mountains, Lt is doubt
ful if the Sofia government could avoid
I tilities.
MontOnogro is 111 U similar situation.
'Ihe Black Mountain people were deeply stilled by Ihe Albanian relieliinu
of the past yen:*, and there is no question that a new rising thoro, which lias
already been discussed, would make
it very difficult for King Nicholas to
keep tho peace.
Turkoy herself has a hard problem
iu restraining bor frantic subjects,
[{ioting Ims already occurred both in
Constantinople uud Salouica, the itnl
Ian consulate in the latter city being mobbed. Massacres of Christians
in the capital ami in many towns iu
Asia Minor would not be ut nil unexpected, judging from the past, though
the Young Turk government obviously
wishes to prevent such occurrences. It
is plain to see that the Porte is in a
bud position. If it yields to Italy's
demands, o revolution seems very likely; if it fights and is whipped, the nut-
come will be almost surely the same.
Its only chance of doing anything to
may be seen to romp
ns truly as ever chil-
one another iu tUllll
of the fun,
With ,their forepaws
"   aiders, standing
fc .Unftfwwid en
in" it game of I
dron do, chasi
until they wen
Dugs wrestle
upon each oilier\ slu
upon their bind logs, they struggl
apparently trying to throw the otl
Tliey will play thus until they fimi
fall in a closo ombmco, rolling o
ami ovor.
Squirrels' nro addi
lime called by chHilrc
squirrel will start ovi
ly followed by amdi
"sipinls'' upon iis be
ed out his aching tooth, and passed out the most  wonderful ia tin- world nud
tirrotig^ *the 1e*h**i-onier of his mouth, among the leasl  known.     Though dis-
taking a'uug a pari pi' nn upper tooth, covered forty years ugO, the falls have
rho joy- of getting rid of tbe toothache been visited very seldom by white mon,
tu the pus*
"Bquat-tag." A
ihe ^ass, dose-
, until Ihe lirst
icbos.   Then tlie
puns ure o xch an god, the socond squirrel becoming "it." hy and by tln-y
will dart for lho nearest tree, who 0
they will further iimuso themselves by
No small boy ever enjoyed a game of
ball more. Ilmn does u kitten, though
ihe kilteu. to he sure. Invariably plays
"hand ball" and plays alone. 11 will
itmuso Itsetf by the hour gontly pnttlng
some .object   with  iis paws, sondlng ii
now here, now llicre, koeplllg it  COlltlll
mllly  nt   tiou, and  ovi lontly  rolish
Ing e\ory minute of ihe pluy.
(loldflsh   l.;i\.■  i a  obsoned to  In*
lillgo in antics vory closely ivt-icinbllng
plllj ,     (tne   ; licll   llgll,   in   an   mpia ■iniu,
ras rosting qtliotly within a  few inches
f ihe Burfaeo, whon it suddenly ojoct
ed a II ul I scale from its mouth, ' As Ihe
■■..■ub- was lowly sinking lh.- fish dartod
lownwanl, d ew Ihe Bt'Ulo info ItH
mouth, and rose lo the surface, where il.
motionless fm* several mo-
This porforiuanco was ropeat-
ies. Whatever omy have
been thi- exact motive that prompted
these actions, it may fairly In* concluded that the object of the lish wns rc-re-
"A !
■'11 ber monarch and hie advisors proboblyI with  the  understanding  tlmt   n
r^y ii ii'li it would lie fitting to do Bomothlng] more is to he done except aoparal
Tlii. t',,:,i Sweater comblni i pre
tMtlpa tor 111,' IhrtMl Willi ii nost ap.
ne.i it..-. 'Mi,, Milnnry Collar ,„..'.,•-
i! puilnlo lo wear r, ii.
The Cost
is $5.00
Including Toquo to match
The Saving
is  100".;
Through buylqg from us.
Wo solicit correspondence wuh
.i d tniant Ions requiring sjiopinl
colors an-1 deslgnsj but, for ordln*
,'i\ uiq we FUggosi !ue following:
Navy Blue, Pmplo, Black,
Urown, Cicy, WbivC, Yellov.*.
(lrct :i,    Kb. i'.t.    P»WO,    Maroon,
Oardlnal, or bmoUe.
Oui trimmings an- nppro)*riute
in  i  , uy  it. lordll -.' to your seloe
lilon,  i*oi   it   you  wish  yun  win
spe.ifv   the  coIot  Iriuitnlngs   di
sire •     Slontloii  body  rdlor Ilrst,
We guarantee , oxtrn bqavj
weight   as   wo   use  all   Impofteil
.-    ■-..!  \ii;.. and l"  i   >i wm*!;
}•,■•. :i • ,.'"t by mol..-*, .-!■' 'i*
or cheque, Whon   v." uii'   illl       I1
;ii,d\ ue!; vie tgo order nnd -end
sweater ami -Joquo by I'.tr.-.-l I'ost,
ni;i-l 1.
Noiwootl & Norwnoi.
Hi,-.' C..l> S>ml.fl EiclutUtlr
Somerset Blk.. Winnipeg, Hin.
Itlatca yom- :olct'tloii now nn.l
Ml 11 tho following n» ,t ramindor.
Color (Botlj)	
Color (Trlittit'lnga) 	
treated. Turkey makes a denial, which satisfy the I'liintie Moslems seems to
was to he expected. The Italian nccu-, i„. n blow at Greece or some other small
salion has probably a basis of trutn,|powor, wliieli won,,I moroly he inviting
hut it is hnr'.ly serious enough in itself; t|K, gnAj catoatrophe.
to justify a war—at lea.st in Uicse days.] „'„st what dopondoncy mav he placed
The fact that all the African coast ox- in the various reports' from Europonn
ooptlng this one strip between Kf.'ypt capitals is hard to sny. Tho big powers
.ind Tunis Ims come under Bnroponn f0ar, as nlwavs. to seo the linal Bcratn-
inllueiH-e doubtless had something to I bla for tlie dismemberment of Turkey
■hi   with   ,!ie   matler.    llaly   is   pruiid   begin.      It  mav he. ns reported,  tlmt
and ambitious, und in the fiftieth yonr tho whole affair baa In  " irainel up"
of bot existence as a modern kingdom, botween, llaly. (ierniany und Aust.i
.-!...:.i. .... ....:.„.„ i:...: .i....   >iothing
parate Tri
increase her fame before the world, poll from tlio Turk. !o tlii» case the
The plea that lier new possession will powora oro plnying with die. tor if a
he used as a colony for ber surplus conflagration sturls in llie Balkans, a-
population i.s not taken very seriously, ■ intiinateil' above, il might he I,even
though it is true tliat some thousands j tholr power to chock it.
of Italians nro ulrondy In Tripoli, most-1    Ono specific Instance in which    tli
| ly ongagod in couinierco. But tho conn- wot Id wil bo bonefitod bv the Italian
try a- a whole ii- ift Ottod" for ngrl locctrpaUon of Tripoli will be by tlic
culture, and the Italian poaaanta who|nl)olftloti of lb,' trallic in Nogro slaves
j-cell to i;,t nwav from the iinnoverisbeil i wliiili  is carried  on  wilh  tb"  Boudotl.
I soil of tbeir fatherland will be moro Alfred Bmora  of the University   of
likely lo look to the United Utalos or Chicago, who acted aa fororunuor for
Argentina than to the jcorchlug sands 'bo American arehoologieal oxpoditloi
,,;■  Africa now at work in Uyroiio, sintos tliat In*
Thoro is doubtless a  desire to  •.„,„"»*■*   "'"'  OW own ev, s a young  Nog'
control  of  the trade tbnt  centre, at "j" "''T'   .T   Iti'l "''*'    ,
Tripoli,  coming over  tbe three great\&f ,'" .'"J."'''-  v','""  ",. t» ehar-fo.1
caravan  routes from  Lake Chad, Tim   »"*' 'J'' "» '"*,!" Wnck. for the ■ ■
bud ind Harfnr.   Over those tjuautl   li'",i '" Co*.»tantlnoplo und A
ties of feathora, Ivory, and 'i-i'l are
I ronght to be shlppod t„ Constantinople, though it '« said llmt Ibe total
Of  thia  trade  has  diminished  of   late OIL ON THE WATEUS
'       ' . It hits long been known that oil pour
While Victor Lmumnuel ami his in.n-1,.,,  U(   ,,,,,  mrfneo „:*  Ktl>rinv  water
.sier. arottceusedQl hypocrisy in plead- llM n ttonderful offect in calming it,
Ing tm the benefits which Italian rule nn{j in.Mlv Vi-*.-'- have probably been
v.ili brim- to ti,,- Inhabitants of thoL^ed from destruction by this simple
'.-r itory in diiputo, there Is no question j utoanB,
ta to tho truth of the 'lalm, uul people The'reason of th*"** curious effect of
■■■ ■' hav<) ll11 " '' ff,lb mmw'o oil upon water Is superficially apparent.
"ll>1   "l'-  rather,  misrule    loom  to  be jt t\eTltin{,s u,  tho viscosity, or ndho
[li i to thiuk that it is nppnrctttly to flivouess, of H il. which cnm.es 11 to
be ended het.-.   Algiers and fc.g)-pt hnvo nct gomewhat like n shin drawn over
taken   great  Btrides  In  advance since t|,0 „ unstable nurfnee of tho wator,
the suit:,,, mt rolievod ol all power w lho| ,-„,. tondoncy of the latter to
over them, uud thero Is every reason h)r0ni,  illilt S|„11V  „;  it   is  ,]nvtl|1   \)V
f° '1,.lnk11»'« ,"' " .wt"  uo the same t|10 ui)h, r   ,, lUftlnod. T lunger to
in Iripuii. ii the Italian occupntioi       l.lu     ;-,,„„ „  Mh  niIV,_  .,.., ..j.,..
ilatic T-.n
key has beeu it nt unions. 'I his will,
of course, be ended when lho Italian-
are in control.
onto* offoctlt e.
j from this breaking of tho waves,   A
Tu the Arab mind tho date-tree is tlie
perfection of beauty and utility. Kvery
part uf this wonderful tree hus iln nine
to Ihe Arab. Tiie pistils of the dale-
blossom coal a in u line curly fibre,
which is beaten out and used iu all
ISastorn baths ns a spougo for -soaping
the body. At the extremity of the
trunk is a terminal bud containing a
white substance resembling an almond
in consistency and taste, but u hundred
times us Inrjfc. This is a great table
Thero ure saitl to bo more than one
hundred varieties of date-palm, all distinguished by their fruit, nud the
Arabs say that a good housewife can
furnish her husband wilh a dish of
dates differently prepared every day
for a month.
I)atea form tho staple food of the
Arabs in Q largo part of Arabia, ami
are served in some form nt dvery meal.
Syrup aud vinegar nre made from obi
dates; and by thoso who disregard the
teachings of the Koran n hind of brandy is distilled from tbem. 'i'he date-pit
is ground and fed lo cows nnd sheep,
so tlmt nothing of the precious fruit
may be lost. Whole pits tire used as
bonds and counters for the Arab children in their Karnes on the desert sand.
'I'he branches of pnlitis are .stripped
of their leaves and used like rattan
for the making of beds, tables, chairs,
crndles, bird cages, boats, uud so forth.
The leaves are made into baskets, fans,
and string, nud the outer trunk furnishes flbro for rope of many sizes ami
The wood of the trunk, although light
und porous, is mm h used in bridge
building und architecture, and is quite
In short, when a date palm is tut
down there is uot u particle of it thut is
wasted. This tree has been called the
''poor-house" and asylum for all Arabia; without it millions would have neither food nor shelter. One hnlf of the
population of Mesopotamia, it is estimated,  lives in  date-mat  dwellings,
At the battle of Peach Orchard, when
McClollnn was making his change of
base, a Michigan infantryman fell to
the ground ns if shot dead, und wns left
lying In a heap as the regiment chang
ed position. The bullet thut had hit
i him first struck the barrel of his gun,
then glanced and stur:'; off a button of
Ins coat, tore the watch out of his vest
pocket, and stnu-k the man just ove:
the heart, wheto it wus stopped by a
Kong-book iu his shirt pocket. He was
unconscious fer throo quarters of an
hour, and it was a full month beforo
Ihe blnck-iuol blue spot  disappeared.
At Pittsburgh Landing a member of
the Twelfth Michigan Infantry stoop
ed to give a woundod man a drink from
his canteen. While in this ltd. u bid
lot aimed nl his breast struck the can
teen nnd burled itself in the log of a
horse. '1 he canteen was split open and
dropped to the ground in halves.
' t   the  second   battle  of   I.all   Iftin   H
Sew Vork Infantryman was passing ;
gl'Oat that the trooper could not
be made to hd to the ieiir to have his
wound dressed.
-Mayor Nathan, of Rome, Italy, is a
.lew, having shattered the tradition
thut the mayor of the Eternal City
must be a member of one of the old
noble families and a clerical. lie is
six foot tall, of athletic build, independent, nnd determined, hopeful and eager,
n believer in democracy aad advanced
Dr. Ouy Pottor Benton, the new president of tho University of Vermont, in
Ids speech accepting tne boys of the
institution said that a man's best work
is done at the ago of sixty*live yeurs.
"This is not the ago of the youug
mun," he Bald. "It is the ago of the
propnrod umn. I' cp;nation for larg
esl usefulness is hindered by prematurity."
'I ho tendency now is fo rob Ihe
North Aiiicrii'iiii Indian of Ihe ciodtl of
having given fo civilisation the boon of
tobacco. Some ascribe iis origin to
the Modes uud Persians, others fo   tho
Illliubilllllts   of   (he   Malay   urclllpolngo,
and shll others io the Ariibe in general,
iheie appears to bo on Arnbiuu word
"sahara," inounlng    to smoke,    ft	
which  our  words clgnr and  algnrol to
muy have been derived.
Vua.i Shi ICnl, formely commander
in chief of Ihe 1 hluoso ariiiy, but who
was shorn of his honors ami bnnilied
not    quite   throo   years   ago,   has    been
recalled to power by an imperial odlct
Hinco the uprising. He Is a Chinese
:.u I hus been frequently referred to ns
tho "Strongest man in China," but bis
power is said to have aroused tho jealousy of the Manehus to such a pitch
In 1900 that he was removed from office, lie has been mentioned us the
possible successor to Prince Ching ns
prime minister. Define dismissal he
labored for better educational futilities uud many other reforms.
I. tin
high as Nil
Prince Thomas Duke of Genoa, com
mandor of the Italian nuvy, is an able
sea fighter and u tactician of unusual
ability. lie has directed Italy's sea
forces since tlo* declaration of wnr
with Turkey, and his shrewdness is
evidenced by Ihe preparedness of tho
nuvy for imi li'tte action nnd the porfeet. distribution of his vessels.
Business College
Cor. I'nrljj' An, ind tit iiifin I a 11 Sl
1 on 1 •       Bookkeeping,   Bi.ort
band   C TwwrltinjJ *v English
« o|i*>n    Bnt»r Mi) ioiib
nir »1 mil-Mr. In  IMUfinil
jooil -urotltjoril
.1 rf*- fr*« fltftlOlT'ir
interest is attached to the decision to
excavate Uricouium, a Roman city
which lies buried on l-ord Barnard's
estate four miles from Shrewsbury, England, 'the city wus u place of importance. It was destroyed in 584, The
ground promises a rich field for ex
plorntion, and tho Society of Auti-
qunrlcs, whicli has arranged to take up
the matter, explains that the excavations will be the largest ever undertaken in England, The agreement
with Lord Barnard provides tbat when
the finds h-i.e been t-ocured, and the
plans of the city, its streets, palaces,
nnd baths hnve been uncovered, the dirt
shall he replaced, that once more cornfields nnd vineyards may flourish in the
£$tA3U3it£6   B8eS^
Cor. Portage Ave. and Port St.
Awurded Gist  prize ?--.   World's  r*.
position on ii* \ m ■      U
Write for u I
give1 instil.
ni  locus     VVe i's.j
An insane asylum In Jerusalem is one
of the latest philanthropic conceptions.
The father of this Christian movement
is the Rev. J. Berendt, who is now
pastor of it similar institution in Ber*
Iin. During a recent visit to Pales*
tine bis soul was deeply stirred by what
ho saw of the needs of the people
Far up Potnro River in British
Guinnn nre tho Knletour Falls, among
■ *' 2>-r-irbmtM*f. sT*trr
1      ;  WINHlPCG     ■*'   MANITOBA
Dr.Martel's Female Pills
fr.ecrtl.r-d i-'A r^rarmnflad* i lor mtul, *u.
cents, . B,-.,r..:Bs.ilT yr.^.:t'X --rcsUT tt
antes worth Th. ri.nit tram ^i«r la. ^
,nlek  .a.   l..n^aji4Ak   Far   aa-a   4.   t~   una
'!':     i'   II   li".'ll   flll«"illlllii :    III.'    I,.11       ■-    111,.      I f    III.'    WHVM    IbI1™"0    •"    "    ""'"•'"I-'    «''"'"    »    ,"ll,<'''
:■..."!•   .11   hl.tory   in  tlio  illi|>in«hei a tli nml  11 brnltpn, the  .lilit  rl.lo.   I ruck tlie plug, gl 1 olT, nntl utirlct]
   Uio  Mtnlltorrnnoau.     Tito  nnnm oully ui horn ItMlf lit n knnp«ncK,   Tlic tobacco wn.
1'rlpull It.cll r,,.,i|. i ,, ,„„ w|,o     |i,,'i  „i„i,. ,i„, principle upon  nlileh rollodup liko a ball ol iliavlng
rea.l Ibis i alry'i lil.lorj  Ibe oa [tbu "il oeta i, Um. 'vidonl onottgb, tli
tl.18   in '
"I his  maititi iii'r.'nl ntothoil ol  Its action i I so no   '" l,"J '  ""' '''""' K"" ""' '"',"
my 100 yonrs ago. pnrdnt.   Tbla has I  subjoctod to i '"' " Houtenatit, and, had nol lha bulla
carrlo I ti hundrod feel ;," ty. Dlroctl.t
Ihe I I tho hi Mel waa tlio head
ptoil    ";' 11,'iii'ii ■ aud liis eomtad.di
Ibal   " rj  hnrl or • ■ • r 100 yonrs n„
iDorns, n'notlior town whieh will In ",■ Inintl inticn  In' gntlon bj ;> flrltlab ',con tlollocled, he wottbl cortalnly hove
cupled  ■   li,,   lho  [tal -.   aw  the aclontl.t, I1 "   wunded  «r  killed  Ihoroby,   As
Btnra and Blrlpes in 180.1, trlien Wllinm     li is .howu thnl tho vlacosltj of .,il " "'"■■ '"' l'"1 '"'" '"'" '''"' "'"' '"
'Km un American soldier of fortuno, Is so much grantor than Ihnl of wnler, ll:"v" d""'" ,""1 katl t" l"- lotl i" m.'
Odd a motley party ,.r Orcok    Arnba, bolng in the enso of ollvo oil moro thnn I ronr.
|Turka  and   Ainorleans  ovorlontl   from two Itundrtftl nnd thirty tlmoa as groat,     '"i1  Iraiuly Stutlon  ono of Custer«
Alexandria, a mnroh of tiOO'inlloa aorosB tltttt the water may bo regar.lod ns a  troopora had his lofl stirrup-strop put
tho ilcmrt, nml tuuk tbo plticq by storm {rletlonloas liquid in eompnrlsan  with away by n grapo-shot, wblcb pn I be
ti iViit wliieli has boat lleotnrcd ono oil.   Tho surfneo lonsion liotwoon the Iwuoa hi. log nud tho horso, blistorlng
of the iniist ro kol le lu the annals oil ami i! ir is nlsu shown to bo con- tno skin ns if a rod hot Iron bad been
lOfwar, aldorobly  groator  than  tlmt.  botwoott l1'1''1-   Ho dlsmmintod to naccrtnin tlio
i    Uongail, anotltor port niontloiio.il In tha oil and tlio wator.   Willi theso data o*t«nl "f lii» Injuries, and, ns lie bonl
tho dlapatnhoo, i- tho an lent  Uoaporl [ll is found tbnl thore «ill ho no bronk invar, a bullet knnokod lii« lull nn" nnd
jii.i. nn.l   wns  long ngo  the  liflmo of ling of (ho waves unless tho Inttor vtirj- klllod tho horso,
ta noi - nml learned OronV scholar, nml Iin Iim'hIIi botween two frnotiona of ii j    '" tho snmo ii;lil u tin hut hnd suiter
litornr,,   llghta,  n.  woro  most  of  tlio 1 rontlniol.ro, nhinoly  nlnoolovontha BUiih"' "'i''"'1 days with n lootbacho.   In
towns nf llm region.   Cyrono—or Dnr-1flvo-aixllis, jn hflnil-to-hand conflict  lie roeeivod n
Im   Ims in it*, platoau back from tlmt   Tho rosutl would, of course, vary a*|pistol-ball In tho iis!'1' ''I"'''1!. It knook-
coast n. garden spot Hint haa boon famed '"*' !''-   i;ir  ..._..- -. -..  .:
for centuries for ii i beauty and remarkably agreoi i,i • i llmato
Vigorous Health
—the pc*«v-r to eojay tm the f-ill IWnl
work and p!ea*nu*«—«»mea an*'/ *rutm a
food dlc-jstlon.
tone up weak stomachs—supply lbs -iig-esUv*. julc;ss which mn Iftckin-f—«n-r:r«!
your food being properly converted Into brawn ar.d sinew, red Uoc-i aad aettva
brain.   50c m box al your drupgiiit's or from
Nt.tloi.sl Dnif and Cncmtctt Co. of C»n»d**.. Unittd, *        himttremL
Horses Founder
Edtilj* tht
-, ti bad. Borne
* il-ij-n.    Thi :■'■■■■ -.   . Tbe 'mt-.-i
uii.*   has   l'        ■   '
liriipm iv   if   In-   "CPflHV's." '     *   wmui
don'l net   lttdp<      wrufli* 0 |   ;     iirMir
i.iil   oomtltton.     Ii aell dlrectlj   on Um  blood hm--  tarn
w'\. ;.•   hymeiu.     ts'.'r-   it   Mttie   i. ■   for    I •:• ■. .; ■■- fat   ehieftm
lioli-rn   |       '•'■'■" '-.found f. ."I  in tr■■-.*! ■*.      i .--
i ■■   ior \\-f    All .1   ..--■■    - ■:. mfmei. ■ i
srOHN 1'iLCti.LO.. Cltinlslt icd BiclirloBiWl, GCiHES. HO.. Ill
llttlo wilh dilVerenl kinds of oil, nnd,I
DU A mallet- of fart, the reports of nuir-,
iueis show thnt thoro Is o considerable
i'he merits of Blcklo's Ami Oonsump*
Of other plncos.ilnlin- whirh i« near dliTorenco In the otTcct jiroduood upon tlve Syrup as n sun* romody Por oougns
.'!•.* si-one of dpofatlons and libs re the waves, depending upon (he sort of j nnd aelds nre attested by scores who
reived mnny of tuo rofugoes from Trlpo- oil thnt is tisptl, Potrolonin and various know its power In Riving almost lull, Ims herself had oxpftloned with tho kinds of flsh-blla hnve heen omployod, stnnt   relief when   tho   throat   i-«  so-t*
Turks boforo alio enme on Ier .Ontfnnd'ti Tl ITort i- always found to be bene* with coughlnjr, and tho   whnlp pulinon*
lh ial, lliouuli in varying doffices, nry region rlisordorod  i" odriFeojueneo.
\i\   bottuO   of   Ill's   woil .-famed   Bymp
THU CAME8 OF  A.KIMA18 will  savo Aoctor'i bills,  and  a  «rent
Thoro  '.'■•'    to bo  plenty  of ovi   ileal of intTorln*!,   Prloe 2H cents, at*
dcnoo ihat iln* desire to "pia\" i- a nil dealers,
way over a century ; :<>. Por Iw
sonturlos nud a half, when ihe home
of the Kid'^iiis oi' St, .J..i,i:, vii.. mude
ooutlnuoua war li^altaift them, nn." did
mii'ii in I,.. ,i l.e nor sa Irs of the Dar-
<'milt*' ti. so much unfavorable ■.wnther, man*/ tunuer-* mef titei -
i miuda have gathered at least part of then *-i p tourr..-: hy fr -■
otherwise weathor damaged.   However, through thi   —    sl  rti .*■ ■'
corn', oftts, btrley, fodder, potatoes and vegetables, by ths unosoal hem
Bin] drought of n*-! summer :■> the United States, I asti
Western Europe, thtrs i^ goieg to he a stead'  d    aod  it i ■•■ ■
for all the -grain Western Canado has raised, no mattei wnai It* quality
may  bo,
So mi'.i ii varieiy in quallt)  m-il.is it  impoulble loi  thoii   I i
l.erii'iiii'd to ludgc ihe full value thai ibbuld bi obtainen foi nn. i graio
-    -.t ro the fn  ner never it l more in need ol  tht  • rvicoi    I  tbe
oxperUnced and reltabla gralo commission i su to sel foi bin. la *.he
looking aftei nnil sel Ing of hii graio, than hs dots •! - season
Par mere, you will therefore do well foi yoursel •■ not to s ■-.'
•trod 6i trn-i ■ i-■■*-, but to -hip your gniln l»y carload llroel t*- Port
WjlHani ><r Port Arthur, to In   handled hj  in It   s wai  thai will jiei
for you   Sll  then- I*    'i   It.     Wc  "ahe llhernl   advapeSI   WteB    I--.'* 1. 00
receipt nf uhlppir/p bills fot enrt uhlpped. We ne'vff boy vi.nr-enin on
nur owi account, but act as v>"'' agaots lo telling it to thi bast advaa
iaire for your account, '-nd we do so on « ftxed romtnisatOB of le per
Wa hav.e made a specialty of tbli worV foi many years, and are
well kil own over Western * anada for oui experlet i lu ibf train trade.
reliability, careful attention to oui customers' Interests, ami promptness
in making settlements,
We invite farmeri who have not yet employed ns to write to us for
shipping iustr.ueli»ns nnd ftiarkel informatlbn, and in roL-^rd tn nm
(itatidiug H- the Wlnrilbeg Grain Trado, mol our ftaai Li position, ««
I-it to re'n yn i to t"*- Un-lon Bank ol I ana la, and nn ol Its brnni hi *.
nlso to lho commercial tfgeoclu of Braditreets and B t!  I'm k Co.
703 V Grain Exchange Winnipeg
,r«.-.i' fm PftMl QW&Vm&Ct, BRITISH C'OLtlMI.T.\,
Denholm; Mrs. \V. K-tilgiif; Airs:
Maoken; Mrs. Chapman. The receipts of the your wore (1274.25
oxponsos 8228.45. The Institute
hus a membership of eighty. The
fees are fifty cents a year and for
every member the Government pays
a grant of fifty cents a year. The
thanks of the Institute arc duo to tho
Municipal Council, tho businessmen
of the city and others, who by liberal donations have made the main-
tainonco of the rest and committee
rooms possible. A musical program
and lunch brought an interesting
meeting to a close.
An exceedingly pretty wedding of
interest here, was snlemized ou
Wednesday morning, Doe. 2", in
Chalmers' Church, Kingston, when
Miss Mona Knight, soeontl daughter
of Professor Knight of Queen's
('university, und Mrs. Kniglit, wns
united in marriage to Mr. Herbert
Wood, n prominent barrister of Vancouver, sun of.Mr. and Mrs. William
Wood of Peterborough. The bride,
who was given uwuy by her father,
wore an exquisite bridal robe of ivory
liberty satin made einplro, Tlie
front panel of satin anil tho court
train were beautifully hand ombrni-
dared in while' pansics. The tunic
uf ohifton was edged with pearls,
and the bodice was trimmed will.
CiirrlckuiaorosH laco and pearl ornaments. Tbe tulle veil was held in
placo by a Jullot oap of silver oloth
edged witli orange blossoms and
Bcotch beat ber.and she carried alove-
ly bouquet of lilies of the valley and
orchids. Miss Phyllis Knight, sister
of the bride, was maid of honor,
mid worn a becoming frock of palest
blue liberty silk trimmed with blue
fringe, nition and a pleating of blue
tulle, around the brim and her
flowers were deep red roses. Miss
Majorie Wilson of Picton was bridesmaid and was gowned in silk trimmed with pink silk fringe, real lace
and pearls. Her bat was also of
black panne velvet faced with black
tulle hows. Little Miss Phyllis
Spencer, niece of the bride, and
Phoelie Lewis of Gananoque, were
the flower girls, gowned alike in
white tnarquissette with pink and
blue silk slips. Tlieir poke bonnets
were trimmed with pink and blno
rosettes, and they carried baskets of
marguerites tied with tulle. Mr.
James Richardson of Toronto was
best man. The ceremony was performed by the Uev. Dr. MiieOillivray,
and Principal Gordon of Queen's
[.university. Mr. and Mrs. Wood
left at noon for Toronto, Chicago,
California and then by boat to the
Coast. The bride travelled in a
smart imported gown of amethyst
velvet. A toque of amethyst velvet
had a band of gold cloth and silver
vine with tiny silken buils ol Hume,
blue and lavender colors. Her furs
were ermine. The bride is a neice
of Mossors John, Thomas, and William Knight ol thiscity.
A GbUUwack Wedding
A quiet wedding took place at
St.  Thomas Church on Saturday|
morning at eight   o'clock   when;
Sophia P.   lilaektuaii,   was  united!
in marriage to Walter   E.   Frost,
Canon HlnohllHo was the official- j
Ing clergyman and only the  im-1
mediate friends and   relatives   were
present.    Mr. and Mrs.   Krost  left
on the early tram for Vancouver
and Victoria.
J. W. (ialloway.returned on Tuesday from Victoria where he attended the annual meeting of the S.   P. I
C. A.   A good number of represent-1
atives were present from all  over
the province, and satisfactory reports
were given of the work lining done;
liy  the  Society.     On   Monday   a
committee waited on  the Govern-
ment to ask for a larger grant to
thc Society for the furtherance of j
its work.
The public and high schools reopened on Wednesday alter the
Christinas and New Year's vacation.
Installation of Ofiicers
The ofllcors of Excelsior Lodge
Nominations for the oflices of No. 7. 1. 0. O.P, were installed iu-
Mityov, four aldermen and four lo their rospootivo chairs fov tho en-1
school trustees for the city wore suing torm on Tuesday night by D,
received by Returning Officer S. J. D, G, Master, Brother R. C. John- j
Boucher, at noon on Monday in the ston ably assisted by the following
Odd Follow'" hall. The following j I'asi Grands: S.S. Carleton, 0. M.,
were nominated: Jas.  Munro, (..-AW,   l'\ Nelms, (1.
Foil Mayoh j*',  P- Joudry, G. F. S. and J. II.
 :ors: J. N.
V. G.j
Wm. Dustcrhoeft, Rec.-See.; Jos.
Peers, Fin. See.; II. .1. Burlier,
Treits.; A. C, Johnston, R.S.N.(I.;
E. A. Nelenis, L. 8. N. (!.; A. II.
Tttrvcy, Warden; A. H. Street,
Conductor; II.F. Ruddook, H.S.S.;
S. A.  Love, L. S. S.; A. Duncan,
l< OH MA YOU O'.   ■'••"»'>".>. ''•'■'.■ ""'
11. F. Waddington, T. H. JackUdii. Ashwell G. 0.   Iheolieers
Fon ALDERMEN ^^^J-^.
C, E. Kekert, H. T. Goodland, T.
II Henderson, W. V. Davies, S. 8.
Carleton, N.A. Webb, .his. (V Ifearn.
H, H. Gervan.
Foi: School Ttubteeb
11. J. Harbor, B. T. Malcolm, Jell'.
Harrison, John Robinson. i|(.s.V.(i.; W. Gammon, L.8.V.G,;
As four trustees aro necessary' to u, Coulter, I. G,; Jits, Robertson
be elected this year, the foregoing o. G.; Uev. II. J. Douglas, Chap-
gentlemen woro declared oleoted by loin; F. Chadsoy, Organist. Im-
aeelamation, who with A L. Coote promptu spoeohos aud refreshments
will comprise the Bohool Board for followed    the   installation.    The
11112. lodge  is in a gootl and progressive
Contrary to expectations there (jonditlon both numerically and
will be a contest for Councillors in financially having a good balance on
the Municipality and the vote will the right sido for thh year jllBt closed There bus also been an increase
of sixteen members bringing tlie
total inomborshlp to HU'.. During
the year eight brethren weft) given
Personal Mention
be received at Chilliwaek, Sardis and
Rosedale to-morrow, (Saturday.)
Nominations were received in the
oiliee of C. W. Webb at noon ou
Monday, when Reeve P. U. Wilson relief and sick;bono(Hs paid for forty-
was rc-eleeted by acclamation.
For Councillors seven were nominated, viz. Robt. Brett, Elk Creek;
Robt. Harrison, East Chilliwack;
(i. T. Marrs, Munro; Robt. Mercer,
Rosedale; J. A. Evans, Chilliwaek;
It. G. M. Cameron, Sumas;
James Bailey, Sardis. Messrs.
Evans, Maris, Mercer, and Brett,
were the mouthers of last year's
Council.     A  public   meeting   Win
seven weeks, the largest amount
paid out iu any term since the in-
stilution of llie lodge twenty-five
years ago.
A Rational Fight for Character.
The foregoing was the theme of
the address to men on Sunday afternoon in the Lyric by Prof. W. A.
Gilford,   of    Columbian  Colloga,
Westminister,    Tlie speaker's  pi'.
held in'.he Odd Fellow's hall on | BOntatlon of lho subject was uplift-
Monday afternoon wliieli was fairly jng) (ullofinterest, and replete with,
well attended. The financial state- food for thought. God Is revealed |
ment was read and discussed, while .„ ,,„,,, ;„ ..v„ Wflyg: In Jeans Christ |
the Reeve and several
■■ didates addressed the
of  the
I For that Cold
Barber's Cough Remedy
A Laxative Cold Cure
In large bottles 75c.
Ask for sample
A hot time and eold feet, a large
I audience and a lengthy program,
spirited accusations ami equally
spirited replys, whieh looked at one
period as though thev would de-
velope a listie encounter as an additional doversion. while pathos
and humor combined with a witty
chairman and a good • naturctl.
audience made Ihe annual municipal Bill of Fare one that would,whet|J^'B|01^te"^7Jnto,u;f;"f0|
'and in tlieir own being. Men arej
loot saved from Hell to Heaven bnt I
I from sin to righteousness, and j
salvation is admission lo tlie life of j
Gotl. Character is tlie problem of
: self control. The centre of character I
is the centre of self-control: self-control the centre of will; will the j
! centre of attention, and attention is:
nervous energy. Waste the nervous
energy, and tbc while structure of j
character suffers. Hours of fatiiguc I
are the lime of greatest danger from
temptation. Guard these hours and
build our own. truer and bottor
world. The speaker showed how:
' llmt-1
J, 15. Mcnzie was in New Westminster on Tuesiiay.
Ira Law of Paynton, Sauk, was
visiting in tbe city this week.
S. M. Hodge of Cheitm will spend
the next two months in Victoria,
B. C.
A.A- Cruikshank and J.N. Cruik-
sluink were visitors to New West
mlnstOl' Saturday.
Mrs. C. Shore and Mr. Cl'tronce
Shore of Brandon are the quests of
Mrs. 1. ('. Luens Sardis,
Mr. and Mrs. Woodruff returned
from Vancouvor last week, to visit
tholr daughter,  Mrs.   W.  Sltltlall,
Mrs. Blackmail, left on  Wednes
day lo spend   tlle  next   eoliple   of
months iu Vancouver and Victoria,
W.R. Stevenson, the valley painter
uiitile a business trip to Victoria lust
week purchasing stoek for spring
Miss M. Watson who spent the
holiday season witli Mr. and Mrs. A.
S. Watson, returned on Monday to
Miss Leone Smith returned on
Monday from a two weeks holiday
with friends in Vancouver and New
Mrs. F. Toms, Miss Norma and
Floyd Toms left on Monday to
spend a couple of months at San
Diego and San Francisco.
Mr. and Mrs. F.   Bell  of Clearwater, Man. are visiting Mrs. Bell's
sister's. Mrs. A. Johnson, Mrs. Wm
Stande.cn, and Mrs.   II.  Johnson.
Buy your Magazines at
Cigar Srore
1,V Magazine for 10c
20c Magazine fur 15c
«<V Magazine for 20c
no.' Magazine for 25c
Come and join my library.
l(KK) novels to select from
Opposite It. ('. E. Sliuiim
Fitted   witli  modern conveniences    and    comfortably
furnished throughout.
0. *. rUcLENNAN, froprlator
Church News
the appetite of the most carol
antl indifferent contributor  to the
city's eneltcquer.   There was something doing all the time,  and   the fi,,-™B;'p;.1's,iuiii"lmraete""
large audience showed real  courage gt d,,,m ..^oeiutioi. can
j in remaining tn eold storage tor a
tion of character; physical, mental;
and wjsocitttiou.   Character cannot
he taught, it is caught, caught from.
One I
,     ,, , 'ainitn.   Be careful as to treatment;
spell Ol I wo hours. ,f ,„„,,._ k      „,,. thoU(.j,t ij|',M.|L,.,„,
L. \\ . Paisley was voted to the .,„,, >„ „„, ;„„„, (,.|Stlc „, th„ ll(,url|
Chair, and the auditors  report was (^ chtH w ,,,nl])allion.   These1
""!,'„'   .. ..    ., .1     are a few of the points of tlie address
lbo Mayor. Mr. Munro  was the ffMoh m.c-m„x   Kp](-n<lid altonti..nj
, lirst speaker, and he dealt briefly., !tom tho m ,,„.„ „,„,,„,. •„ t|1(.'
with the various phases of the work absence of Herb. Street, who was
of  lbc  Council  during  tin.  past sufn.ring from ,, col(|    r,,..  patten
I year.    1 he debenture I.v-laws   the ••[.,„,  ,|l)lv   city..  vm.   „f.
|drainage and sewerageprobloms,\taAMv.    The'song was  beauti-
' the police department, the question ,„„     inustrntccl.    Next    Sunday
; ;
[New Jewelry Store
A New Jewelry Store is now
being opened up next to T. J.
Policy's office on Young street.
First quality goods only, and
all repair work done promptly
by   an    expert    watchmaker.
jthc address iu the afternoon will be
given by Dr. Hall of Victoria, the
subject being "Scientific Temper-
lance." At nine in Ibe evening
another address will lie given on
the"Cancer of Civilization."
>.& J^Viy^^V.! J-^ "f th« city owning its water supuly,
and what the Mayor considered as
—_» unjust  criticisms  directed  toward
*• « VSlhe city council from various sources
were the subjects emphasized. The
Mayor's address was listened to
with interest and was well received
Alderman Jackson then gave an' Oiangtma. HoU Diiliicl Mntinj.
account of his stewardship pointing j    Thl. I)is„.it.t |11(.t.lmK „t j, 0   r„
out, where m his opinion he h*Ml|District No. I. was held iu Chilli-!
waek  on   Tuesiiay.     Five    lodges
served the liest interests of the citizens, nnd asked for tho support of
the electors in the Mayoralty con-
, test, ou his merits. It was during
Mr. Jackson's address that interest-
were rcorcscntcd; the visitors num-|
boring thirty-eight. EncouragingI
raports of progress wero made by
, ,. I by each lodge, tho increase of
od parties got mixed up in the dis- ,lll.ni|K,1,s|lil) being very substantial.'
Mission, and wliieli interestbocamo Abbotsford lodge headed the list!
more interesting until a discrete wilh nn |ncrCMC 0f thirty mombcw
ehiiirniancallcdon the next speaker (|uriHB tlia vear just closed. The
Alderman Waddington reviewed Chi|-|,v(M.k Orangemen roportod
his work on tlioCouiioil and after nm0 |1(,w raombor*. It wasdooldodl
staling his ouallfictttlons for the (() ,,1.1(.|,1..lU, Julj, Twelfth with
isisition asked for the support antl Westminster District at the Royal
influeiiee of the electorate in seeking ■ c*itv.    The  next   Dlslrlol   11 ling
the Mayor's chair. Messrs.li.II.W
Ashwcll, T. B. Henderson, N.A.
Webb, W.V. Davies, S.S. Carleton,
J. O'tloarn, 11. T. Goodland, am"
will !«• held at  Abbotsford.    Tl
ofllcora oleoted for the ensuing year
are as follows.     Distriet   Master,
Bro. Gamble Abboteford;  D.  M
Don't Fail To See Them
tho electric  entice
ihe lilac on wliieli
the eleetric current
will <lo ligl"
Ihe lmii'ly Itnlners*
inn heater (or boiling water quickly.
the iiulispensiilili'
kitehee   enliven-
Drop in at our
I'hilliwiiek office
and have 'be*' appliances explained
to you.
B. C Electric Railway Co, Limited
Jell Harrison, addressed the and-, ,(|.0 Br| M„lm| i,(.|llimll; h,,,...
lenee bnclly. As the election will !S(,(, |.,.„ K(|,vin „llsh Mission;
bo ovor boforo the Free I'm* I Fin .Sl,(. ,w„ C\m. Barker,
reaches its iciuIcik, au extended ' chilliwack; Treasurer, Bro. l'acken-
summary of the events and speeches ||)n||Ii Mission! Chaplain, Bro.
of the meeting is unnecessary. (;i„ordi mIhsIoh : Diree.lor or C.'re-
————— ! monies, Bro. McGill, Mt. 1/chniaii
Thc annual meeting of thc Chilli-1
waek Hospital Auxiliary will lie'
held on Monday January 15 in tbci
Odd Follows' hall at three o'clock.
Lecturer, Bro.  MoLoan,  Mission.
The Wmmi Intitr**.
The annual election of ofiicers of
the Women's Institute was held on
Friday 6th nt the home of Mrs.
Davics. Notwithstanding thc unpleasant weather twenty • live
, inOOlbera were present, whicli speaks
inilllWACK xo   . wt,||  for t|10 interest taken in this
Ihe troop met for their usual wm.k. T|,p r,,Hll|, 0| t|,c election
exercises on Tuesday evening, and „.„„ IH (0fiomi Bresi.lent Mrs. W.
Considering the weather the attend- y Daviea! vic-pres. Mrs E.J.
ance was  very creditable.    Scout i p,,,,,,.!,,.,.; seeretarv, Mrs. I). II. Dny
Uev. Neil McCullough, of Ed
inonds, will conduct services in thc
Baptist church next Sunday, morning and evening.
Thc service next Sunday evening
in the Methodist church will be of
a specially interesting nature, when
Dr. Ernest A. Hall, of Victoria,
will give an address on "The White
Slave Trallic." Thc address will
lie illustrated by stcreoptic-n views.
The service commences at 7.30 p.m.
The anniversary services of the
Methodist church, Chilliwack. were
held on Sunday, Kev. Prof, W. A.
Gilford of Columbian College, New
Westminster, preaching kith morning and evening to congregations,
who listened witli much interest anil
pleasure to the thoughtful and carefully prepared addresses given.
In the morning the sermon was
on the life of Communion and the
rich benefits derived therefrom.
St. John 7; 53 and 8: 1. In th-
evening the text was thc tirst and
part of thc second verses of Psalm
42. "As llie heart panteth after
the water brooks, so panteth my
soul after thee. 0 God. My soul
thirsteth for llie living find."
Prof, Uifford is an earnest and
eloquent speaker, anil will lie warm y
welcomed hack to Chilliwaek at
any time. The pastor Itev. A. E.
Roberts had the pleasing announcement to make of the clearance of tl a
Church from financial indebtedness,
thus uo appeal having to lie made
for help, as is usual at the anniver
sary services. Also as early in the
spring as possible, operations on
furthei buildings would be commenced, to eope with the young people's
work and provide better quarters
for the working departments of the
church, In the morning tho Girl's
choir rendered tiie anthem and in
thc evening, Dr. Patten pleasingly
rendered a solo.
, Dollars to Spare ?
We have perfected arrangements with a  Land Company by which we are able
to sell
Dairy Land at $7.50
per acre
Mixed Farming Land at
$12.50 per acre
Fruit Land at $17.50
l>cr acre
in 40 Acre blocks.
It is fully guaranteed by
thc owners, and while it is
not close to existing railroads, within live years it
will be opened up hy a
trans-continental road and
will then prove a t r u«
money maker for anyone
owning it. Booklets and
maps free at our office.
Terms on land:
$50 cash, balance $10
a month at 6 per cent.
P. 0. Boa 147       PIMM ITS
Chilliwack, B. C.
************************* '
Master T. Collin, Alex. Turnbull
Dewy Hummer wero present and
Scout Master Turnbull took charge
of the Semaphore exercises. Tho
troop heartily thanked Mr. L. A.
Thornton for his yam, acceptable
domition of IttdfeM^Wttlia. toviiic
treasurer, Mrs. \V. Siddall; Dire
lots: Mrs. Wheeler, Kast Chilliwack
Mi*. Alex Mercer, Rosedale, Mrs.
Lytic, Sardis, Mrs. Rose, City, and
Mrs. Morden, City. Program. Com.
Mrs.-Ciilvertj Mrs. Harry Hall;.Mrs.
"Wood *fo"r*nl.—Plio'ne L' ftfjO,
Sealed Tenders will bo received by the
iiudersigneil up In Saturday January 20,
at noon, for the supplying anil delivery
on the Mclxio.1 property, formerly (lib-
son & Mctiiiirc, 10Q0sound cedar pnsls.
"',,' to 8 feet long, to l»' dellvend nn or
before ihe timi tiny of March UU'.'. The
l.ivtcsi or any tender not necessarily ac-
T K. BARRY, Chilliwack.
will be glad
| to furnish you
* with an estimate on your
lumber bill
whether you
place your order with them
or not.
Phone 86
Lumber Co.
Chllllwaek Orchestra
Chilliwack   Orcliestrn,   Hix   or Eight
pieces, open for engagement!.
Al..'. Wiiitk, Hcerclary.
.Suckling I'igs. ,;Pal Hogs. Store Hogs,
Veal Calves, Sheep und l.ainl".
StaNUV   Ulaiici'Kici.
R. A. Hrndekso.n, r-.E. & m.e. |
aaauciATK «o:mbi:h ok tiik Canadian
li. C. Land Surveyor
Rooms 10 A 11. Westminster Truat Block j
ohiuiwaob:, B.U.


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