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hilliwack Fr
You will Like Chilliwack.
Vol.. ,1.
('llll.UW.U'K, B.C., THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 2. 11111
No. 9
l'l Hi
A Nl>
Rising Hnn Plour,
por mok $1.65
Empire flour, i»'r rook 1.50
Robin Iinnii Plour, " 1.75
Five Roses Plour,   " 1.75
Royal Household,   " 1-75
Beat ltnll.il Outs,
8 Pi. rook      .35
lll'Sl  Itnlll'il OlltK.
2ii lli. Mok      .85
Eastern I'rcniui'rv Butter
8 Uh. for $1.00
Challenge Cum Starch
It packages for .25
C.iniiilii (llnss Slnrrli
:t packages for .25
Quaker Corn Flakes
ik'i- package .10
R. ('. Cream, 20 nz. tin'.
3 fur .25
Chlorlile of Limo, 8 tlm tor .25
Eastern Oysters, per pint     .50
Fry's Cocoa, half pound tin .25
Cowan's" .25
White Home Coffee, per lb. .45
Braid's Belt Coffee, per lb, .40
Salaila Tea, per lb, .40 anil .50
ley's To. 3 Ih. iin IN
knjulie Tea, per 11). .50
Smoked Fi.h and Fruili
in Season
Something Special (nr Afternoon
Teas anil Receptions, per lb. .30
Cash Grocery
We have received direct
from England it large
shipment uf the famous
For Men
See our
R. J. Mcintosh
Local  Items
Yesterday was All Saint's Day.
I,,F,Cioft,atMeo Studio for photos
Save nioni'y by Inlying from the
Wilder Rlvor Bhlnglo Mill.
Thr recclpla from tho Police Court
for Oi-tnlH-r amount to 1)78.fifi.
See Barhor's Bneolal Imnk oiler in
tho Freo l'r.'»s to-day,   ■
Children's huts greatly ri'dii I—
Miss llnvli', npposllo tin' post olllco.
Sale siill on al llondorann'sj—
Droll Qoodsof all kinds nl less Ilmn
half price
l.illie'.s rash lit ry has a line
of  ninny specials ndverliseil for
Kriilny nnd Snliirdnv.
Snle still on at Henderson's—
Women's Coals 66, to 110, IVoro
812 to 825.
Sale still on at llendersoirs—
Kinliroidcry und Luces at onc-thlrtl
fniiner price.
Trenhiilin is offering some except -
ionally gond Iniys io lh,- furniture
line litis week.
Boy wanted—Boy iilauil 15, lop-
preiltice to filing, one tllllt dues mil
A session of tho County Court will
bo held at the Court House, Cliilliwnck, on Friday, November 10.
The manager of Ihe Vedder ltiv
Wanl Post Office Changed
| The residents in lho vicinity nl
Yarrow, some fifty-one in number,
hnve petitioned the Post Olllco
authorities In huve Hie post ollicc
moved from Mnjuki Hill In yarrow
The Pheasants Were Safe
II. lti
i-l Aisoclnllon, in
Wero ill the vulle
They  were Ulixin
line variety nf phi
Vancouvor Tour-
I ii College Chum,
■ for the holiday,
s In exilllline the
isunts here Illinois
nl  el.
-e rung,-, bill whil
Ihe elusive hirils I
i-neil  |iosl  nioi'li'in
thoy saw
enpeil Ihe
Improvement sl B. C. E. R. Station
A gungof carpenters started Tues-
duy to repair the damage done some
time ago to the roof of the train
shed at tlm B. C, Electric Railway
station. In addition to the repairs
tlio roof will be raised sufficiently In
allow conches or cars nf larger than
average size to puss through, The
roof, hereloforo, bus been too low.
T.i Conimisiion Nnt Wednesday
The Provincial Tax Cnniinlssinn
will Imiii an opop meeting nt the
.< , i. :  ,,,   _.
,n hv Ihe ll-ui'k
High School
Shingle Mill will tuke iii exfhunge |,(, )H.|(|
The Championship Cnp
The Silver Cup W
lieu f Ihe Cllllliwiiok
is on display in Harbor
ivillilnw.   The cup is u
lieni-s   Ihe   following
"Eraser Vnllnv Truck l'l
11)11.    IV, Iluusinn, II. Kvnus, W
Thomas,   A. .lucks,,n,   II. ilervnii,
tl. Knight."   A poimnnl in purple
und gold a mpallioa (he cup.
Ma« Reduce Amount
The Cily Council held nn Informal  mooting nil  Tuesday evening In
discuss tiie situutinii with regard to
tne submission of tho monov by-laws
to the people iu u short time. It is
thoughl such u largo amonnl nf
money will imt he required. A
ipcclal meeting of the council will
Court Houseciiniiiiciiciugul II)
mi Wednosilny next. November 8.
II you have any objection to make
lo the present system of Provincial
tux, this mooting affords an opportunity In present views when- they
will receive due consideration nnd if
o drug store found advisable remedial legislation
lice one nml will be r innucmlcd to tlio Govorn-
Insoriptlon, ,,,,-nt.
Shot a Deer Yntirdi-
A. 13, Orr, who resides about half
n mile south oast nf town, shot a
very line specimen of deer iu a field
close to bis home early yesterday
morning. The deer, a two-year old,
weighed abnut two hundred and
fifty and was sleek and fat. The
animal hud evidently lieen chased
from its usual haunts hy hunters.
It was in the field, where shot, all
night, and Ihe evening before wa.
mistaken for a cougar by a resident
f that vicinity, so the Free Press is
h'ldayi.ight, when tho | informed.    O.  F. Chapman
. t
B. C E. R. Agent At Sardis i picture of the deer
for shingles, hay, outs, or apples.      ,miller will  be fnllv ,l,„.i,leil ttnnn I";""""-"'
- Thc display window of si. Pur-; le. .  !_" !,   '   ,, '     Ifi^."' "'*'"' '"" ,""1 ""* "
sous clothing store bus boon improved by being deepened, I    .).  Kerr,   of the B. C.   Electric I Carter;
Tho Ladles' Aid of Cook's Presby- Railway station stuff   has been re
terian Church will hold tlieir An- Moving lho ngenl ut Milner for th
mini Bazaar on Friday December 1
The Women's Auxiliary of Sl.
Thomas Church will hold u Side ,,f
Work and Afternoon Ten on Tluirs-
duy November I'll, afternoon and
There will he a grand, speetnculnr
display of fireworks on Saturday
night, opiKisite tin- Empress hotel.
He sure aud Is-mil to enjoy the fun.
The annual mealing of the Chilliwack Haine Protective Association'w'wobb's ol
will lie held at the Court House on '
Tuesday next, November 7.
The regular monthly meeting of
the Chilliwaek Board of Trad
A series of Cookery Demonstrations,   under the auspices of thc
Women's lustutes, will Iw given
hy  Miss Bessie Livingstone, Vall-
! comer,   B.C.,   Boston   School   of
Heretofore Iln'  Sardis P°,,meftio,^m Ti. X, n u°[,k
-hii in bus 1 „ bandied throughM? ot <-ookt.P'- at £ ofP- Hall,
".   Chilliwack, on November 111 and 14.
past week. .Fruili..Milner Mr. Kerr
will   ivturu.,,,' ,Su1-iiif,, wlierc   the
Company will  establish an agency
t-i hniiille the Increasing buslm
this |Hiii,l
'I'iie people  ,
llm Chilliwuek
nf Surdis will we| e Ihe establish'
ing nf uu nlliee there.
Engaged Medical Health Officer
I'be rami Sel
. Afternoon session, 2 p.ni, evening.
! 7.1)0 p.m. Instruction will be given
[on special features, such as: I,abor
saving devices and utensils in cook-
1 Board met in C  eryi cmlin& a1"1 nlrinK °' nients;
lliee  on Tuesday   ali I eoonomica] cookery ol meats.   This
members     being     present. ' The!cuur"* °' lectures, including demon-
Chalrman  of the   Board   reported s,rn"°" W01*' 8,",l?,', ■"ppeal .,0 .'hc
thul   he   hi ngaged   Hr. .1.  ('.'fneral public and a hearty mvita-
1! "del- >, M, !'   I    lledih     "" '" ux'ouiled U all desirous of
Ilie'llr. 'H'ending.
Ilo exiiiniue   the  scholars at   i;"v Silr, °„tm fnil
There is a lengthy and interest-1 enntsa   bead.   The   dm c  cum-j        '^^
iuglist of specials advertised in the mitten reported favorably on ac- As announced last week in the
Free Press to-day by Smith's Bakery counts amounting lo $138*2.89 and FnM ''re,B. T'10 Dominon Matcli
and Grocery,   Don't miss  noting these were passed. Co., Ltd., has beon giving practical
the list and prices. L.   . -    „.„,,. demonstration of the   work of the ...
Ashwell's have an announcementlb*" *« ** D* Ul :g»"""■"•'' "****, k""»» f, "'."|%&£'&'?To"""   ™
in the Free Press to-day which con-     Last Tuesday the contract pnpers Porker pnicess, i liedomons rationill ™»J Ik      be, 8,   in        opera
tain, news of interest.    Ladies'suits for Ihe Sumas dyking u linking '»m>leand in ciestmg.nndtho^^ .*.,,,, 1
and men's clothing are among the .were signed by the Commissioners I"*™. *e*n   "'« machine .making ,--0   "hut.    .lb, pi gram are    ).
'and Hie eonlraeting firm of I.. M. matches are surprised with its com- \^"',   ""•   *:'i"-"i»-r,    the
Riee A Cn.   Tlic scheme   will re. -pletness and efficiency.   A visit to |-Mlsses Labile, Scottish dancers tufd
claim s 20,000 acres of cxcepl
I* .aid to-iiio.-row tFriduy) night Officer tor the ninnieipolilv,
nt thc Court House. |l0 examine   Ihe  scholars
Arbitrators Make Award
li. Hun- Hull and J. S. Evans,
the arbitrators appointed lo settle
the dispute between contractor
Hemphill und tbe Cily, hnve sub-
inilieil tbe following report. "Wo
hereby mako award Hint the Cily nf
Chllllwaek shall pay to Tlm-. W.
Hemphill seventy yards nf gravol ut
81,00 por yard amounting to 8112,
ill setllelili'lil  nf dispute in  wliieli
wo aro acting as arbitrators." The
amount claimed by Mr. Hemphill
wns 107 yards, or 8171.20.
School Lacrosse
I.nitiissc Ibe lust week in October
uml Ihe lirsl of November is nol u
usual tbing in many pnrts ut Canada, but two very good contests
were pulled uff botwcon tennis representing Ihe public nnil llicb
schools mi Saturday Inst uud yesterday, The seniui-liiivs playing eight
In twelve wim buth gullies, Ihe first
one 3 tu -I uml the second i II tn
li. Mr. V. Woodworth wns referee.
The teams: High School— I). Ash-
well, J.Orr, W. Th us, A. Kipp,
C. Chapman, W. Houston, O.
Evnns, A. Jackson, Harry Chapman, Public School— H. Smith,
C. .Inekmuii, C, Davles, C, Malcolm, 0, Boucher, .1. Johnson, G,
Dickie, Brannlck, J.Dovies, Newby.
H. Ballam, I. Coote.
Taken To Children's Honte
Flvoorphan children between the
ugt's of seven nnd fourteen yeurs
were tiiken charge nf by Mr. J. C.
South, of the Children's Aid Society
of Vancouvor lust week uml removed
to Ihnt splendid institution, the
li'gul requirements hiivilig Is-en
complied with, lt was shown in
the evidence submitted, Ihnt the
mothor of the children descried her
husband seven yeurs ago, The
children with their father, J. J.
Junes resided ut Chcntn. The father
died iu ihe Columbia Hospital,
New Westminster mi June 7. Inst,
us the result nf burns received when
some paint lie wns currying out .if
his iinuse ignited. Since (lien the
children have lived wilh their uncle,
the only relative, who luiving a
large family of his own, found the
burden too great. No legal guardian had been appointed and the
children were practically destitute.
ln thc Home they will be well
cured fur, educated und fitted lo
provide for themselves when Ihey
aome In manhood and womanhood,
A Swtuia Co-cert
The fifth annual Scottish Concert
uf the Chilliwack St. Andrew's and
lines featured.
The Call Switch Co. Ltd.. now
bave a demand to supply and will
bave switches in actual operation iu
the C.P.R. yards within the next
thirty days.
Henderson's Dry Good. Store,
Chilliwack.—Sale still on.—Builders not ready to put new front in,
hence the sale continues. Come for
bargains such as you never saw before.
Will the party who found the
string of pink coral beads please return them to Jno. Robinson,
accountant with G. R. Ashwcll  &
[onnlly fertile land, known as the
Suiiius prairies, 'flic proposition
has beon the dream nl many tor
years. While the outlay will be very
heavy, there i- scarcely anyquestion
hut ibut ihe returns will abundant
ly warrant the expenditure
will commence us soon ns possible
II.A.Irwin store, where the machine -"tigers, Vancouver; Messrs. Willi-
is located, Is well worth while. \amt "m> Gillespie, soloists, West-
Messrs. H. Proctor ond F.M.Blake m nstor; Master Crolc, of West-
wbn ure in charge, know their bull-1 minster, Highland dancing; while
ness nnd will lell vou all alsillt the''hi'  local  soloists Misses   MeNiven
manufacture and marketing of the I ""u  Henderson will   also  render
, IS"
bis* Tl Voiklaa, Suk.
The I. 1). Smith Co., who bav'
been  disposing of T.  il. Hondor
sun's stia-k huve contracted with tin
ver useful match, C. T. Godding,
Work''-'10 financial agent of thceumpnnyf
has also been in Ihe city and reports!0"" t"''r'1'
Ibe sale of considerable stock iu Ibis j'" ""' hands
new coast industry.   The company
has a balf page announcement on
|.ago S of tlic Free   Press   to-day.
Read it.
San md receive payment for trouble Canadian   Pacific   Lumber Co., of
A successful dance was held at
Camp Slough Hall on Friday evening, A series of seven dances will
be held at this hall during tbe next
few months. Messrs. Anderson and
White furnished the music.
A train of sixteen cars of i.itutiH's,
hay, etc., left tbe Chilliwack station
of the B. C. Electric Railway on
Saturday    for    Vancouver.     The
which Chas. Mercdeth, of X
Westminster, is president, In close
out u 880,000 stock of dry goods,
groceries, Imots, shoes, etc ut Vnrk-
ton, Sask. nud leave mi Tuesday
next for thnt point.   Tho members
of the coiipany during their stay iu
Chilliwack huve made many friends.
The splendid business methods, us
represented by Mr. Dalsl.ucr Ihe
manager, commends the company
The annual meeting of the Chilliwack Telcphune Co., was held lust
Friday evening in the Oddfellow's
| hall there living a fair representation of ibe shareholders present,
The business and affairs of tbe company were fiiiind to la- in a very
satisfactory condition, Considerable
conatruetion work had been   done
-during the  year, which   had cost
.   ...   ■    ,      ,.,.,,■     yito theuoonlo. and aro an assurance conilderahlo money, but   uulwith-
amount otsh.pp.ng from Chilliwack      ™   "»J ' • ' ",   ''J  •"       ' ,„„,,;     „„. heavy ex|,cnsc a .livid-
is increasing by leaps and hounds., ,mw ^^ "J, J si|||. -        • ,,,,,1 ,,t ,,.„ ,,.r ,,.„, »„„   tl,,.hrr,\ l
land 811,600   placed iu the   reserve
I fund besides.   Tbe officers were re-
J. Mnir, lias a new shingle mill elected    fnr   another    year,    viz; |
in operation on the   Vedder  river President,   H.    II.   liervan;  Vice-1
alsnit a mile east of Yarrow station Preildenl, T. II. Jackson; Seoret-
.. .l.j       "■'" ' hnrg>-1if il sal
Have you seen tht most wonder-.
ful patent of tht 20th Century al A New Shiagle Mil
tht Empress hotel ?   An automatic twitch that cannot be clogged
by snow or let, rocks, Doles, gravel
or land.
The Call Automatic Switch is iu |ml.kin|, „,„„„' :wm .|,|ng|e, ,|ai|
a field by itself. No competition
for IK years. Tbe Call Switch Co,
sold stock three and a half vearsago
in Ibe 17,8, tor 10c a share and today it is worth 810,000.
The Chilliwack  Implement and
Produce Oo,, has received n car load ' future also
if Siuilebuker buggies, which the I morelal Hml
Isiist—a green sweater coat with
initial "II" ou inside of collar, last
Mondny between South Simula Station uud Burr & Chambers, Sardis!
Finder will please leave at Chilliwuek Meat Market, Surdis.
linn features ill the Fm: Press lialay
In the shipment is u fine new delivery rig for 0. R. Ashwcll A Sun's
departmental store.
A sharp Stone glancing from the
pick of a workman cugagisl in excavating for the cement gutter ou
Westminster street in front of Bui-
tier's drug store, hroki. the plule
glass window in the west side of Ihe
store. The query is, who is re.
sponsible, tbe city, tbe contractor,
or (lie workman?
The concert promise:
f splendid entertainment
Tin* arrangements nre
if.I. W. Galloway, A.
I). McEucheni. Rev. It. .1. Douglas,
3.C. Roliortson, D. R. McLennan,
N. S. McKenzieuud J. A. McLood,
a commlltlo whieh is n guarantee of
tho success of the fifth nnnuul
concert under the auspices of the
admirers of the heothor. The net
proceeds nf the entertainment will
ia- placed iu u fund whieh is la'iug
gulliereil lu provide fur the hnldiug
of the Provincial Caledonian games
and sports at Cliilliwnck in 1018,
Tin- early preparation for this event ]
would indicate its Importance, ami
the onlhusiasm of tho local organi-
lawoTweal Lous Tl Be Rtdaced
It is an ill wind thnt blows   nn-
Isaly g,H,d, und the non-U plaiu-e
of the Cily Debonturos by the mo-
ceasful tenderers muy mean u e,.n-
sldorablo suviug lo the Chilliwack
tux payor, The by-laws submitted
lust April wen- fur n total nf 8111,-
000,   while  Ihe new   hv-lnws   are
likely tu total 186,000 ur u reduction 0(125,000,   In estimating
the   ens!   of   uiacadanii/iiig    Ihe
| Counoll allowed 116,000 for lowor-
I ing of road grades, but Ibis as Urn
Some party or parties gained an found   unnecessary,     s.'i.inmi   wai
entrance to (he Brunswick cigar and : allowed fnr drainage,   This amount
eonf.s'iionery   store  on   Saturday lini not la-en required, und in nil-
night.   A .iiU- wiuduw was pried I ditinn 16,000 has been saved on tho
open wilhashovel, the lockcrgiving : Yule trunk roud.   110,000 wns usk-
availing Ihoejjt.erprlsoot somo good Uny in ibe pressure. Exit was made ed for road n hinery,   This  will
sawmill'i|»'rnlor I'lcnveit inlocii«h. through Ihe rear door, whieh was, be .'hanged lo 89,000, nnd tho oxtra
.,   .   ..    .   _.„.    , left opon.   The proprietors, Messrs. 81,000 udileil I,, the City Hall By-
Ikaak^iving At uiHrnuk Oliver A Taylor, are not sure as to law makiiiR that amount   822,000
Thnnksglvlng duy wns duly oh- lho amount nf conlontt secured Willi Instead of 421,000, About 116,000
si'ived as a Dominion lioli.tny in the I tlio exception of soma bottled drinks, will lie spi-nt on ihe roads this year
icily. The weather conditions were Tiie burglars got no money and the [leaving u balance of 810,000 for
of a ilollghtftil nature, s„ thai out- late was unmolested, What looks next year's improvements. The ex-
door reerealtdni such as driving, like an attempt to get into Barber's Itm 81.01X1 will Ik' added lo the City
motoring, fishing, shooting, Oto,,IdrlUj slore on Tuesday night was! Hall Bylaw to 111 up Ihe grounds,
i were ver,\ enjoyable nud participated evident yesterday morning, A por-1 etc. Tbe reduction of 426,000 will
by nnmben,    During the day tiun of a lower window casing was,menu a saving of 81,200 a yenr in
Killed On Railway Tiack
While walking along thc British
Columbia Electric Railway truck
between New Westminster und:
('lovei'ilnlenn Saturday evening last,
slmrlly utter il u'cluck. Philip Mc-
Donald, formorly proprietor of the
Huntingdon Hotel, wns struck by an
electric ear mid Instantly killed.The
accident occurred about live miles
wost nf I'lovcrilalc station on the
Fuscr Valley branch,toward whloh
Mi-lioiinld wns walking. Both legs
woro broken nml the body badly cut,
Death i" bollved lobuve been Instant-
uncoils. Tlic ucciileiii occurred iu
u deep cut un the traeks, ami near a
curve so that the motormnn mi train
No. s from New \Vostm I nstor bound
for Chllllwaek, whieh struck the unfortunate man, could not sec the
track ahead until almoBt at tho Instant tbut the nccidont occurred.
The deceased wus" well known
throughout the Frasor Vnlloy. He1
leaves a wife and four children resid-1
ing at Huntingdon,mid Site brother,
.bilin, Vancouver, The decensed recently disposed of his hotel nt Hun-1
tingdmi. He wns ulxiut thirty-live
yeurs nf age.
A Visit Ti The Tiri Hall
The Free Press man, with G. C.
Cartel- as escort, visited the home
of Chilllwaok's lire fighters oni
Tuesday afternoon, Seven of the
firemen abide un the second llisir of
Ihe fireball, viz. S. S. Carleton,
Chief; (1. C. Carter, Robt. Com-j
lieall, W. Campbell, Fred James,
Geo. Robinson, and W. R. Stevenson, It is anticipated thut one or
Iwo more will la: provided for. [
Bachelor's quarters ore always an '
interesting placo, and wc were
i-ip-inps lo sec these particular apartments, with their recently added
improvements, iu the form of a
dining service, with a caimhle and
efficient cook in charge. In the
kitchen, with its pantry, cupboards,
range, tables, and utensils, we
found every thing neat uud clean.
The dining room is nicely papered,
and modestly furnished. Eaeh
gocsl has au individual locker fnr
clothing, and the whole arrangement is fnirly complete, The Cily
Council supplied thc kitchen utensils, the firemen have done considerable of the work, nnd lupplicd •
themselves with Beds and bedding,
while some citizens have nol forgotten the needs nf Ihe men. Among
tbe Instances of generosity we nolle-
ed u fine dining room table by W.
B. Treiihohn; a wall clock by F. E.
J. McManus; linoleum by J, 11.
Henderson; kitchen table, W. F.
Ferris; cutlery etc., W. B. Malcolm; butter knife, F. Joudry;
electric light shade, W. ll. Lillle;
dinner sel of dishes, Ashwcll A- Son:
water jug and dozen glasses, R. J.
Mcintosh; while N. A. Webb gars
a llboral discount on a range, and
S. I'ngb did the work Installing
lighting fixtures grates. Under tho
new arrangement there is someone
al ihe hall al any hour of Ihe day
or night, while lo a night call seven
men respond in short order. The
men ure comfortably Bltuated and
Ihey are grateful lo those who have
contributed. There is yei room fur
Improvement and any assistance
given will be gratefully received,
and is very deserving; Any citizen
is privileged to visit the rooms at |
any time, and st for himself Ihe
equipment and the lines on wliieli
the 'home" is conducted.
n the Ii. 0. E. Railway.   He
uml the power foroiwralingtiie mill
is had from the H. C. Electric, almut
n mile uf poles and wire having in
la- erei-ted  In curry it  In tlic  mill.
There is a likelihood of a new sawmill being pul in there in the near
Plenty nf gisiil com*
is to  la' hud nlolig
arv, W. L. Macken; directors, S. L.
II,"Ik.-, A. L. t'.silc, li. II. W.
Asliwoll and II Webb, Auditors,
John .Robinson   and Mr. Winton.
la-Jin At ff-rit
Ihe mountain side  whieh
Call Switch Co, Lid. now demon- tho city burn quite a Sunday appear- removed, but the window being interest,   snd since the passing ot
slmting their Automatic Switch nt
Empress hotel and taking applications to share in this wonderful patent nt $1.00 per share. Absolutely' non-assessnhle iion-persounl liability. We have made goud in the
U.S., whv not in Canada. A. \V.
Grundy, special agent.
mice. A public service nf thanks-1securely nailed dnwn, this scheme!tho by-laws Ihe city only pays in-
giving was conciliated in the Baptist wai Apparently abandoned, Packing jtercst on tin actual amount .pent,
church at ten-thirty in the forenoon, leases were piled up with the object'and nol 6111,000 ns would hnve
In the evening, Ibe coronation eon- iof gaining an entrance to the store been the case hud tlic deal gone
cert nt the Methodist church and a by tho second floor window, but in
very amusing comedy program at this Iho party or parties wore unsuc-
the Lyric theatre were the public cessful. Both cases have ken re-
attractions. J ported thc police.
through. The Council will meet to
morrow night when lotion along
the line Indicated in the foregoing
will in nil probability be taken.
for your own
By purchasing in voluma
nf our Standard Library
Hooks, wo will allow ymi
O/l percent.
**»" discount
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rug.   80   -   ■
Blue Ribbon, per lb
Telley's. r„g   SO tea per .->
Her Majesty's Blend,
rcg. 11.00, so,:,:-.,. ;. -    -
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No  Goods Charged al
Hart A- Hall have leased the store
on Wellington street, known as tbe
London Cafe, and are preparing to
move their stock of bicycles, snd
other lines carried by them, to the
new location nt an early date. The
.■•pur department will nlso be
; It Was Not a Best Seller, but It •'•
Regenerated a Man |
— I
CnpyriBiit liy American Press amo- •*>
elation, I'll. *r
An-tiii* Trevor hud permuted blm
■fir to in* drawn uud au iiiTiilr with
m woman whom It would nut be dcalr
able for blui to innrry.
Mr. Trevor mnde up bin mini! to
leavii (lit* city In Wblcb be resided, ro*
itiiiln lti biding for awhile, Ihi-n take
uii til-t abode In another place. The
summer wilt-too M'lli couilug uo, enabling blm lu no to tlm country, remain
there till Full, iheii turn op lu tbe city
or his new residence.
Por Ilia tem|iorui7 abode he ■elected
a secluded spot on Luke It., among
lieaiitifui tilliH. lie had artistic tames
that be desired to cultivate, und there
wero many vIkiuh about tbe lake that
would beur being transferred to can-
vus. Tbe place waa not a aummer re*
aort, and tie waa unlikely to meet any
one who knew him. He would puns
under tbe mime of Hruwn ao tbut tf
bla presence wuh reported nmnng those
aojournlng In tbe rural districts his
Identity would lie concealed.
l-'or two or three duya ufter bla arrival ut tbe Coventry Inn, where be
took up bis abode, he felt very well
auilailed wllh himself. To be Rood
waa a new aeosuilon with him. and
be mtber enjoyed it lie did more
or leaa duilhlng, but he had very little
artistic talent, und bla copier, of beau
tlful aeenea In the nelBbborbood would
never linvo been recognized for tba
oriel oa la.
Une morning while be waa sketching
■ frtrl. whose faabtuouble attire Indi
cat inl thut abe wua city bred—abe ear
rled a allk paraaol covered wltb expensive iH-.-e---.-iime lauuterlng down
tbe road.
Tbe lady, having literary taatea, was
endt-avoriiiK lo muke a name for herself lu belle* Mires. .Sue had atwut
«• much tulent for scribbling oa Mr.
Brown hod for painting. But abe bnd
aubmltted a number ot her effusions
to ber Intimate friends, all of whom
told ber thai abe waa a ffenlus. She,
bad therefore determined to bury her-
aelf fur Ibe aummer among woods and
water* to gain tbe Inspiration of soli
tude and write u novel.
The moment abe aaw Archie Trevor
bla face struck her aa familiar. Then
It came In her tbut abe had aeeo his
photogravure in an art Journal, and
luslly ahe remembered tbat this like
neaa wua thnt of u celebrated artist
Hud Archie lieen u nobody not even
their lonely surroundinga would hnve
Induced bet to break conventional city
rules by apeuklng to blm. Uut. recognizing blm. ua -lie supposed, for a
senilis and feeling that freemasonry
which exists mining geniuses, ban-lug
Jealousy. Bhe Bto»d behind him and
looked At bin picture.
"Excuse me. air." ahe aald, "but I am
a great admirer of the One arts, especially palm in-*. Tbat bit of farm vista
ta beautiful. The pile of bay In tbe
center looks an rural!"
"Tuu are mistaken In tbat pile of
bay," replied Brown, rising and pulling off bla little felt top covering. "It
la u pond."
"Uh. you impressionists!" exclaimed
the critic. "Wlmt peculiar methods
you use for producing effects! Now
that I atand farther away from your
picture I see n veritable pond, and
tbe ewan la perfect."
"Thnt la a boy In a punt"
"Another Impressionist method. Tbe
light struck tbe pnlnt glaringly. From
tbla point I see what you Intend."
Ardile remained silent
"I ahuuld not have knownyou bad I
not aeen a picture of you," continued
tbe lady.
MA picture of me!"
"Yea, Just before coming to tbe country."
An Me knit his brows. Could his
disappearance hare caused a commotion?    Hml his |-i- litre been published
for hN IdentIflcatloo?  Surely the wo-
man   be   whs   trying to break   wltb '
would not descend to that
"1 cot-fens." mild tbe girl, "that I.
too, nm Incog. I came to tie couutry
to get away from the world."
"But how lu the world did you get
on lo me?"
"Uh. yon men of genius can't con
cenl yourselves.    Your very preaem-e '
bespeaks    a    difference   from    other
"Men of genius!"
"How clever von are In your method
of throwing one off the track? Thnt
look of surprise Is very well feigned."
Archie heaved a algb of relief.   Evidently the girl had -Mistaken blm fur '
aoine one else.
"You aay ynu are Incog..'* he ven
lured. "May I «»k the reason f..r
your not wishing to be known >"
•■1 don't'■tuenn ihnt I am panatng un
der an assume*! name,   I Mnw to the
country  In  write tli I Ion.    I am  Irene ,
"Indeedr snld Archie He Nfitmaea
that Irene Iddleston was a great nov
eilst and didn't care to display Ig
ii'irance of her or her Wort*.
"We iwo. Is»tb having artistic tastes,
may assist each other In our wnrk
should   l«e   pleased   to   se*  fOU   nt
farmhoiiso where I am stopping.
Trevor started.
"What aurprises you?"
"Thnt you should know my-tbe
name r-
•un. you cant gut rid ot your Ideality. Too may bldt your bead, ilka
tbe oatricn. but you win etui be via-
"I  alinll   bf Uellslltiil t° nn "I""
'"sn. to<-rti*.i um ernia. where ibe
waa .inyiiis "" Mail be OHM taa "
.," '...ed ou. Twer .tcxl w-lni
,f„.r li-r will, a liur-rld .apres-tun.
"Well, I'll'" J1""*1" _.
li. wt down "ii !>'" "'"* *nra
.Mol sad lrl.il l" K<> «« I«alutln«.   Ml
b. was  preon-i -d   »ll»    "«  **,'"•
Fiu.iir ii* '»""•" "<'""" «,'",,!,u',d!
••I I,,,,.' IL   due. s Uel«ll«J
Tli*r*   was
The woman lie was irylnK tu "shake"
bnd  dlli
d   his   w
sent nun
(volutin  i!
•r him.
to   one
one   who
11II Hi    til
Itiiilesloti    WU
uld   try
ni  gel
'..in hliu
would s«
■ne ii
i purpose
i ii brent
•li of
'1 n-vor
sotved  1
o  bu
wary und ir p
tJHSlblli pi
ibe dete
in her own coin-that is. it she pur'
ailed blm, As to going to see her. tio
had uo Idea of doing that.
Hut curiosity proven ted bis -staying
Une duy. passing the farmhouse
where ahe stopped, he saw her sit tinh
on the porch driving u pen. Blieela
of mit nutter I pt were acnttered about
A click of the guto caused liei  tu look
"Oh. Mr Brown," ahe exclaimed
gushingly, "how guod of you tu come
lu see tne! How honored 1 feel to receive n visit fiotii ii celeliraled urllst-
I, who mn entirely unknown in my
1 profession "
I    "Taffy!" muttered Trevor to himself
"They say." abe continued. "Uml Hi*'
{ pen and iln- brush usually go together
Have ymi neici written anything'/"
"Nut III lift bill ll'liera," replied Trevor
I wiili a cunulng luok.
"Let I era! Oh, du let mo see some of
' them. I love to n-ud the letters of 111
erary people."
"I lime a few thnt I once wrote a
; woman whom I thought I loved. Aftei
; a little spat between ua Bhe returned
i them."
1     "The very thing I need for a part
of my  novel  that 1  am  uow  worklug
Upou.    lti  them  I  shall get  tbut  gen
Utile  feeling   we  novelists   tlnil   It dilli
j cult If not impossible to imitate."
Trevor brent lied hard.   All doubt that
Miss  Iddleston  hud  beeu  sent to In
! velgle  blm  into surrendering certain
i  letters he hud written and fortuutitely
recovered wus net at rest. An idea
struck him.   The beat defense ngnlusi
i u womnn ia Uie opposite of fighting
ber- -that Is, making love to ber. He
would outwit her In thla way.   It did
1 not occur to blm that by ao doing be
would get another affair on hla hands.
i Meu   never  really   use their  reasons
I about women. They think they do,
but they are under the Influence of
their feelings Instead.
Trevor wua un attractive fellow, and
since ho wns to Mlsa Iddleston a celebrated artist he bud only to auy a few
honeyed words uud look at her ln a
melancholy, yearning way to achieve
a complete victory. He was not fool
enough lo give her tbe letters he hnd
written to another woman; tlmt uffnlr
was passed ho fur as any tender feeling wuh concerned-   Instead, he wrote
, letters tu .Mlsa Iddleslou direct. It
wasn't necessary for him to write her,
for he could see her every day. but
she Hiild sbe needed these letters In
her work, so bu consented to write a
few for ber. lie intended to refrain
from commuting himself In any of
them, but a man's letters lo u woman
may be Interpreted to menu more Hum
he Intends, and he Is apt to grow In'
cautious, Trevor hnd been through
the mill before and should have kuown
better- He did know belter. The
trouble was not In what be knew, but
Wlmt tie did
A very curious condition existed be
tween Mr. Trevor nnd Mlsa Iddleston
Just before Ihelr separation at the end
■ of the summer Mr. Trevor had treat-
ed her as ti spy nud bud taken means
. to outwit her as such. She considered
him a famous arlist and an hnnornbto
mnn. whereas be bad never achieved
anything remarkable and waa biding
from a woman he feared.
Tben Suddenly her eyes were opened
to the fuel tbut he hnd beeu entirely
mistaken in the authoress. Soma
friends came lo see ber whom Trevor
met. and he became aware that she
was nn eminently restiecluble young
woman and very highly connected
Moreover, he discovered that he had
been caught In his owu trap and was
In lure with her
{ What was he to do? Confess? Con
fes-j what? That be bad taken her
for a detective. Suppose be should
conceal ibis, hla only reason for permitting ber to remain under ibe Impression that he was a great artist
And In any event he must come down
from that high p.-iti.'ti and nckuowl
edge himself -.imply as ono who had
begun an atlempi to reform.
While be was debating what to do
Mlsa Iddlt-ston told him that her story
was riiinpiet.il and that ahe would like
to have his opinion of It. An Idea
struck Trevor. He told her that he
would take It to the city with him.
tend it uml return it wiih bis criticism.
He alto Intimated that be would tben
have something Important to say tu
(loon nfier the lady's arrival at home
she received Ilia manuarript uf her
novel with a teller from her critic
Which said -.cry truthfully that It had
excited lu blm a thrill. It bad made
• new man of ti'm Then followed hi*
COnfeaaloD wllh the statement thnt
without her bis re-.Tticr-.tlou would
have lieen incomplete and heti'*e a fall
ure With lo-r all Iheie was noble in
dim would i .us... ..jl
Tbe young lady suffen*d a gre.it re
action, ton the effort <>f ber literary
.vurk hnntghl her around. She mar-
ted Trevor and Instead of writing
■w.re u<>t els i..-p in tba care of children.
■ha Didn't, but He Did. ind Ha Mutt
Havo Been a Brav« Man.
I The bravest mun In New York made
tils iippeiinitiic In u llrnudwny store
one tiny last week. He carried an
enormous band hoi, which count I tied
an enormous uut, on which tbe umn
wanted wlmt he considered nn en urinous umoiini of money refunded The
mun was pretty mad. and while look
Ing for Home one who had lite rtulliur
Ily to negotiate the ti'tinsiii'llon he
talked loud enough for over) Unly lu
".My  wife bought this lint." be snld
"She doesn't ii I IU She has already
hoilglil three, hats this SOIISOtl She
im hi $:tr. for this one. She hus never
worn It It Just cume home hist night
1 can't Afford lo throw fill that money
nway, and I want you lo lake the hul
buck. She wouldn't bring It down, hu
I undertook ilie Job myself"
"Hy ihe aide ot ibat mun Napoleon
wus a cringing coward." said the
young woman wim had made the sain
"Imagine him flouncing Into n hirlalnn
millinery   simp   will)   n   hat   thai   he
iiitin t   wiint   Josephine to buy I   He
i couldn't have done It. Very few men
' enn- Once It) a long while some poor
I New Yorker wllh the courage of das
! iteration In his heart returns merchan
j dlse which he cannot afford to buy for
I Ids wife, nml bis nudnclty upsets the
: whole store for a momh."-Now York
I Bun.
Llont Gobble Up Porcupines, and Gem-
tit  Eat Somy Cactur..
A note in the London Field draws attention to lions thai ent porcupines. It
would appear ibat nn animal protected by such powerful spines should be
quite secure from ntiack Yet. if we
may trust the account glveii. It np
pears lo be n Im hit on the j iii it of the
lion nnd uot nn Isolated occurrence
Caplflln Dumtie)I hut) been told hy a
on tlve hunter Hint tbe lion wus in the
habit of eating porcupines And Mils
has been confirmed tiy two I'ugllsti
sportsmen. V. Klrby, tor example,
bus taken a porcupines head from (he
stomach of a lioness Others relate
tbut It Is not uncommon to tlm) lions
with porcupine quills sticking till over
their noses, faces nnd paws li seems
to nrglle some IndllTeretice to pain on
tbe part of ihe lion, ns well as a funcy
for porcupine's flesh.
Coropnre this wllh the mse of the
camel, which a distinguished traveler
describes as enlmly chewing up n very
spiny plant wiih the blood dripping
from Its uifttlth! The entile In some of
tbe arid pans of America, ngaln
browse on that spiny cactus. Ant) In
some parts of the Knglish const (he
horses browse on the prickly sen holly
wbllt the donkey's pnrtlallty for ibis i
ties Is well known. Incidentally such
cases seem lo show that spines tu nature are not such pfllclent protectors
aa some hnve supposed.
Sleight of Hand Poiioning.
A very curious item In toslcotoglcnl
lore 1 chanced tn light upon, wrote
Ueorge Augustus Hula In one of Ms
letters, may be called Hie feut of poisoning by slelgbt or hand. You were
Jealous of a ludy. nnd you wished to
kill ber. Well, you asked her to lunch.
and you caused a very nice peach to
be served at dessert, loti cut the
fruit with a golden knife, oue side of
tbe blade of which was endued with a
deadly |h>!soii. You presented (tie poisoned balf of the peach to the lady,
who are It with much relish nnd then
dropped down dead. The wholesome
half you ate yourself und laughed In
your sleeve nud went on slicing more
peaches for the indies nf whom you
were Jealous till you were found out
and broken on Hie wheel. Aye, ihere'a
tbe rub' What high oltl times we
might hnve. to t*e sure, but for that
plaguy contingency of being found
Her Drawing Powers.
Pat and his mile brown mare wert
famlllai sights to tbe (a*ople ot tbe
town of Gurry. Tbe mure wna lenu,
blind nud mine, but by dint of mm ti
coaxing Tut kept her to tbe harness.
Oue day while lending her n> water he
hud to pnss a comer where a crowd
of would be sports had congregated.
Thinking to have some amusement at
1'ul'a eijiense. one called out:
"Hello there. Cut: I in looking for
tbt real go.nl*. How much is tbut
mare uf yours utile to draw'*"
"Uegorra." snld i'»t. "1 can't say
exactly, but sbe seems to be able to
drawb ihe IttenaliiiO ot ivory fool in
town."- lluusekcvin-r.
Sleep and Dreamt.
Tbe brain  is nn.re active while engaged tn dreamlua thnn when nol thus
engaged       Ibe   QUI}    perh»'t   Bleep   Is
that which is dreamlem The moment
the sleeper begins tu dreum lie i-^-'im
to work, ami Hi.* mora elrld and protracted the dream tin* mots intense.
uaiuraliy, berninea the work It it
possible thai ai no l mr during lh«
waklug hours ut lire is the i.rmn so
active as u is In tlic strange bWtOOM
uf dreaming
Breaking tha Sabbath.
Two Beota, one old uud the oilier
>outig. set out om- tlllRUl winter Sunday iiiorii.iii* (•• v. iiik leu miles to kirk.
Ibe suu -bom* gloriously. Tbe frozen
mad rang und-r Ihelr lc**|. 'Ibe cold,
j.ure ii ir was as etibllanitliig as wine.
Ibe younger Scot looked up ut the
guttering blue sky ami Mild:
"It's a line day "
'Ibe older into fruwmil and nn-
"Aye, It Is n tine duv, but Is this 0
day lo is- miking .iIh-uI d-iya'r"
A Treasure of a Cook.
Mr NtWedd VUiall No pool aiort
In the houset I gave *oii money to
buy one. Mrs Sewedd-Tff my love,
but I found I bnd.i I eti'Olgh lo till*, a
stirve sud litre h runfc, loo, to I lei the
stovt go (tut the cook is here, and
.lie's b tieaMire. She tins Just gone
out lo get us -cine crackers aud cheene
Doubtful Veealltm.
"There Is oiuy one trouble alsitit a
GblDOM cook," said ibe umn from (tie
west. I
"What Is tbatV"
"Vou can never lell whether he Is
singing at bis work or whether he has
burnt himself and Is moaning wllh
pnln "   tt.f-!iiii;-'.'ii Slur,
Htf Idea Por  Theo-in.
Tommy-I'op,   what   la   a   tbeorlat?
I Tommy's I'op—A itieoiiat, my son. It a
' mnn who thinks he Is learning to swim
1 b» sitting on the hank and watching a
ft'-g    I'blladelplila ItKord.
Cautt and Effect.
"There are mnny deiisiitrui dl<hea tn
be mnde from left nrer food "
"'Mint's nice," responded Hie young
bride 'T here's n great df-tl of tmsl
lell over lltir* I begun doing tbe cook
Ing,"- Washington 11 era .d
Montreal Insurance Man Who Spends
Hit Winters In the We»t Indies
Happened Upon Annexation Sentiment and Brought Back Newt-
Was Born In Hamilton and Stands
High  In Hit Profession.
When one talks of life insurance In
Canada he naturally thinks of T. B.
Macuuluy, Um manuring director oi
the Sun Liie, Mr. Mucuuluy haa
been bo long associated with Ufa in
surunco thut ono hardly think- of
him in any other relationship, sayt
T. C. G. in Saturday Night, ul late,
howcYer, he lias appeared in another
capacity. Largely through him has
bei-n brought ubout tiie advances
which the Bahama 1 slum Is tiavo
bt-eit making towards Cuniulu [or acceptance into the Dominion. That
these advances have tho hearty su->
Iiort of the entire population ol the
nltitidn is BUfnoiently evidenced Irom
thj messages received from the Bahamas, aa also from the interviews
with  Mr.  Mucuuluy.
From Mr. Macuulay's account ol
what took place down ut the Islands,
it is evident llmt thc- oltlzans required
very little persuasion. Important a-
may In* this development, however,
our principal InteroM at tlic moment
lu--. in Mr. Macuuloy. One thing is
sure, thero is no mora energetic insurance man in the Dominion <>(
Canada, and even though tin- Bahamas tire milled jn the near future
tin* inclusion of their cttixens will
not alter Mr. Muvaulay'- standing in
the respect mentioned. Ho U. of
course, itili young, being bnrely otror
the half-century mark, and is, if anything, more vigorous to-day thnn he
wns twenty years ago. Certainly hs
has accomplished more during late
years than ever before, and yet lie
ha? never hung back in the trace-,
but Iiiih pulled with a wilt. After a
short interview with him you will
not wonder thnt the Sun Life has
iinnii- such progress during tin- past
few docudes, H ho is ut all Interest*
ed in the subject under diacUaslnn.
there is no chance of him sittm ■ sti'I
and talking to you quietly.   His beat
T.  ».  MACAuTiAT.
if* hack nnd f. >rth acrnts the carpet
between the office door and the win-
dow which lo.,k- ..nt over Notre Dam-1
•treet Ho cannot even exhaust hi:
superfluous energy in his replies to
your questions or In his continued
perambulations back and forth, but
must occasionally emphasir-e hit
comment" with motions culling for
the exercise of considerable physical
Nor doe* even this suffice to keep
him running on schedule time.   An
•bounding life and n keen appreciation of Iiiiiii r might be indicated by
a quick burnishing of his beard or a
rigorous rubbing together of his
band*) over tlic amusing and enjoy*
able passages, He ;ecms to be livintr
every minute ot tho time and glad
of it. He lives io much and is so
interest**-!] in the »ubject matter thnt
you cannot help absorbing some of
it yourself.
Mr. Thnmris Basset Macaulny was
born in Hamilton, ond has spent all
his life in th*- insurance business.
He received his »choolfng In Hamilton und Montreal, and has been in
Ihe service ol the Pun Life Insurance
Company since 1877. In 1W»0, when
h was still hut 'JO yrir-i of age, he
became its actuary, and eleven year*
later assumed the secretaryship. ni.»
father. Robertson Uaeaulay, is a native of Scotland, and, after serving
ln thc Canada Life nnd the Mutual
Life Association of Canada for some
rears, allied himself with the Sun
Life, of which he became secretary in
l*1?-! and manager t*o years '.nt*'r. So
thnt the Hscaulayt, father nnd son.
have been nt the heud ot the concern
for many long years. T. B. Macau-
lay became a director of the coneern
In 1608, nnd lucceeded to the position
of managing din-dor five years ago,
upon tin- retirement of his father
from thnt position.
How high Mr. Macaulny stands In
the Insurance world has been more
epeciully shown on two occasions
These wero the Congress of Actuaries,
at pur.- in loon, and at Berlin in
I*3n6 Fnch country sending a certain   number of   representatives to
these congress.'., hn* the privilege of
naming a vice-president. The Canadian delegates lieing too few to e»*
title them to n vice-president, the
Vtiil.-d BUtOS *l.-legnte« paid Cunada
the compliment nf asking that Canadian.* should b.< Included with tbera
as from the continent of North Ameri*
en. nnd then immediately pmd Mr.
Mncatilay the compliment of appointing him as vice-president rtoth on
behalf of the Canadian and I'nitrf
BUtes dclegation.
"AVbnt v*-r '"..kin* so glum -ibotSS,
Bill?   Bin lookin' lor worhr
"Yob. ao' I found some I"
Not  Vtry Successful
"Is   iluii   aslronomcr nn -ful?"
."Not very,    replied tin- popular -co n-
< ti t    "He in«i*tj on spending In-* time ,
I staring through a telt-ocopc when In-1
..unlit la Imi a' n typewriter plunking ,
ottl   nrllcles   (or   iln*   magntlnea."
{Washing star
Australia's Town-Planning Is a Model
For the  World.
Adelaide is a practical example ol
tin- advantage of scientific city plan
ning on u large uottlo. Thu modern
architi'ciurul teaching thut largu city
centres may be judiciously punned
to become healthy und artistic abiding places lot the cily dweller instead
of depressing accumulations ol bricks
and uiortur where uil uest-hetic und
healthful ideals tire .-iientici'd to inflated city lut values, may be observed iu practical working 111 South Aui-
traliii's capital city, says The Evening
Standard. Adelu.de is not so well
known to visitors to Australia us it
should be, because it is to some extent
overshadowed by tiie greater size and
coiniiit'i't'iiil Importance of Sydney und
Melbourne. Hut it is, perhaps, the
most naturally ottrootlVS city in Au*i-
traliu, und tin- most scientifically
built. The foresight ol ita originul
founder, Col. Light, has given umplu
opportunities to as pust und present
municipal rulers to curry out his in*
teution of making A>MuiUo a gulden
city. Col, Light pluntied a city of
straight, wide streets, encircled by
public parks. To-day Adelaide ii a
city of broad straight streets and wide
footpaths, terminating in spacious ornamental squares in every block, and
completely surrounded by a wide belt
of purk lands, the property ol the
people for uil time.
Adelaide's wealthier citizens have
uuHtiutiugly enriched the beautiful
city parks with statues, kiuaks, ro-
tuiulus, rookeries, and httVO froely subscribed towards the extension of the
city's gardens und pluutatiotis. The
mayor is, however, even prouder ol
the diet that the poorer residents wim
ure unable to manifest their public
spirit in this I.um, yet contrive to
help on the public adornment of Ada-
luide in then own wuy. "While our
city is udorucd with parks, squares,
plantations, and gardens on every
aide," hu said, "yet visitors are invar-
lubly struck witli llu* fuct that the
cottages—many uf which ure the pro-
party oi the worker who lives in them
—as well as the larger residences iu
the. metropolitan area, is surrounded
hy handsome ftower*beds." Adelaide's
public reserves total about ii.ixH) acres.
The cily, with ii» stoiiu public build*
iugri uud  numerous Hue churches—
throughout Australia Adelaide il
known as the "cily of churches"—
wide, clean sheets, and statue-dotted
squares, stands in the midst of its
park*. In the lung summer evenings
thousunds of tin- residents of the city
go to the parks by foot or tram. These
lmrks are also largely used for uth*
letlc recreative purposes. Last year
tho City Counoll issued iwt permits
to uthletic clubs to play cricket, foot*
bull, hockey, golf, etc., on their wide,
level spaces.
Linked with the artistic development of the city is ihe equally Important work of scientific hygiene aud
sanitation. This hus received, and il
receiving, its proper share of atteutiou
in Adelaide. The city's sewage system
is practically perfect, and the street
cleaning scientifically carried out. The
City Council recently acquired 4B6
acres of land about six miles front
the city, and on this site a quarter
ot a million is to be expended on a
municipal ubuttoir. Municipal supervision also extends lo a rood and
Drugs Act, and f'JO.OOO has just been
expended by the council on the most
complete municipal baths In Australia. One of the most important of
recent works undertaken by the council Is the construction of a refuse
destructor and tteam disinfectant at
a coit of (1,000,000. The dust nuisance
—perennial problem of all big cities—
if not yet completely abolished, has
been considerably mitigated by tar
paving and oil sprinkling. The letter method has proved so successful
that it ii to be largely extended.
Adelaide is entirely without slums—a
unique feature in a city of more than
SfOO.OOO inhabitants. In its square mile
of city streets, set within the frame
of parks, no patch of hovel habitation,
overcrowded and squid:*!, is to be
found. Wide street succeeds wide
street, but the visitor conies acroi*
none of the dirty, little slums that
disfigure other capital cities. The
population of Adelaide in the metro*
politan area is slightly over 300.000
There are 65 miles of streets in the
city proper, and it is doubtful whether finer roadways could ba found
in any part ol the world.
Seme Famous Fishes.
There Is no Joy Lke the joy of ths
angler who Iht. I- a record tlsh, such
as thnt monst.-r carp which was
takon in the Cheshttnt Reservoir the
other day, or that huge New Hiver
trout of 18 pounds, which had re*
listed the lures of so many fishermen
until Mr. Ilrigg. of Horntey, overcame its Hruples,
But big as were these fish, they sre
mere babies in comparison with the
lerlsthani that soma anglers have
landed successfully. Thus, last October ,i Dolwich angler wns fishing off
Brighton when he felt a tn-tnendoui
pull on h i line. With copaiderab'e
trouble he landed m fish ol ill 1-2
Lilt season the biggest salmon
was taken on the Fulls beat of ths
Beauty River, Scotland, lt was only
after a struggle °f f-ilir hours tint
tin- giant was captured. He scaled
49 pound*.
•tig n-h teemed especially anxious
to be caught last season, Mrs
Botiekj ol HiiLyeottoii, deserves men*
t on, for one of her catches was a
skate weighing 71 pounds; while s
lew Reeks earlier a London angler
llsliing In the same district, landed
an even blggetl ikatt*. lt turned the
scale at 114 pounds.
General Plumer May Succeed In
Command at Atdershot.
Thero Is a general opinion tn official circles that Licuwnant*Qoneral
Sir H. Plumer, K.O.B., will succeed
Lieutenant-General lit Horace Smith-
Ilorrien in command of the Aldershot
district. Liflut.-Qon, Plumer has held
many staff appointments, and wai
D.A.A.G. to the Duke of Connaught
when the latter was in comm'and at
Aldershot, until 18!W. He waa a
tpeelal service officer during the
South African war, and was wounded
at tho relief of Ma felting. The general's war service dates back to 1884,
when he took part in Ihe Egyptian
Sir  Herbert's  nppi'iuance does not
suggest the mun of war.    He dresses
with the scrupulous enre of n dandy,
i and    wears    un   eyeglass,     Extreme
! politeness   characterises   his   speech
j even in the height of action, nnd he
is reputed to dispense with tho cu***
j t,unary    military   expletives     under
, eiroumitnneos   which    would   drive
most officers lo shirk fury.
j    In addition to (his happy tempera*
I monl he has u keen sense of humor,
1 ami  his  collection   of   Iruo    stories,
amassed during   the   campaigns   in
Rhodesia und iho Trunsvuul. include
1 some which will live for many a day.
i    Oue  morning during the  MatatieU**-
i land campaign lho general had ocea.
Slot) to Consult a certain staff officer.
That warrior hud been indulging in
j excessive conviviality overnight, and
| arrived very much the worse for
' wear. Propping Into a seat uninvit-
i ed, he languidly Inquired what hie
i senior wanted, Plumer explained in
| his customary urbane manner, uud
; ihe stuff olneer brushing a few im-
; aginary beetles ..f( the table, replied
| in  u  weary  voice.    "Well,  I've  been
j up all night playing card**! I'm pretty
! certain I'm going t» 'invo d.l.'s. ami 1
! haven't washed, but I'll do my best
for you."
Crab Makes Its Own Wing.
There is n small crab 'mind upon
the Knglish coast that is so afraki of
his onemlcs ihnt he has found out, or
has perhap:- been taught, ... clever way
to hide himself.
'Uie writer once saw one ol these
crabs which was kept ha n pet, and
he was lucky enough io visit him
shell he was in the veiy act of muking
his wig, The i-rub first tore off it pi.ee
of green, riblionlike seaweed witli his
pincers and put one end in his mouth.
This he sucked an.) nibbled and
moistened with some kind ol glue that
hardens under water, uud then he
pressed the sticky end upon his back.
Ity and by his broad bock wus covered
with u regular green and waving wig
ss. that as he crawled about he looked
i like  a  bunch  of   seaweed  in  gentle
i motion.
|    We must suppose that he makes a
! very sweet mouthful for a hungry fish,
uud thai he makes the wig to preserve
. him  from  being gobbled  up.    From
; time to time the wig required repair*
| ing, of course.
Veteran of the Baltic
There has died at Weymouth, Eng.,
where he held a coastguard appointment, Paymaster W. B. Risk, who
had seen 38 years of service in the
nuvy. At the early age of 19 he acted
*s secretary to Commodore Wise.
He served on board the Cressw and
the Desperate in the Baltic in 1854-5.
and was present at the engagement
with the Russian (oris and gunboats
at the entrance of the Dwina on
Aug. 10. 1S55, for which he received
the Baltic medal. In 1858 he was engaged in the operation-, against the
Soosoo tribes on thc West Coast of
Africa. He was secretary to Admiral
Kcppel in China, nnd afterwards at
, Dcvonporl, and also served in a like
rapacity to Admiral Reauchamp Seymour (afterward*  Lord  Alcester) and
i Admiral V. Campbell in the Flying
j Squadron.
Flvt Ships Lest.
An Incident occurred recently whieh
is unprecedented in the annals of
Irish shipping. Five schooners which
left Bullinacurra, County Cork, have
foundered at the same time. The
five vessels   left port within   a few
. hours of each other, and shipping
men  arc  unuble to account  for the
'loss of so many boats at one time.
ln all 34 l*vei are involved. There
has never been a similar instance In
| the history of Lloyd's of the disappearance of five vessels tailing on
the same duy  and on  short coastal
'voyages. It is singular ,hut all oth»r
boats leaving the neighboring   parts
| arrived at their destination in safety.
I England's Oldest  Oak.
There is on oak tree in Hampton
Court Park, London, which Is reputed
lo be nearly 1.0U0 years old and which
U probably the oldest tree in England. Its trunk two feet from the
(round measures about 45 feet around
kud. being quite hollow, offers ttaitd-
ing r--.ni lor about a dosen persons.
The sides, however, ere so sturdy
u to give support to a number of
branches, some of them dead wood,
but the greater number are still alive
Slid como into bud every year.
Mhilonnry-Vou   cfnltu   lo   lie   clvl
Used, ami jet I iind you torturing your
captive-*.    .Native— Pardon,  but   we do
uot call ihls torturing now.    We are
otber   esplanollon. I merely busing blm.- t'le vela nd Leader.
Giving Him a Tip
Him- I don't atiow now to tell you
now I love yon tier liuu'i worry
shout Ibat. I'll lake It us it i**oiossj
What you want to get nervous niiout
ts how to tell papa about It.-Toledo
Click- Josh—I'm goto' ur take that
thar Ihi-ruintiieier back.
Aunt All—What are yew a-gotn'ter
lake u back f--r, Josh?
Uncle Josh—Cause yew can't depend on it. One day it scs one thing
no  th' next ii sci. sumthiii' different.
I Substitution.
i    Customer-Have you got Ihe latest
I Ihrillerr
i    Clerk-N.i,   bul    here's   something
! Just Ba bud.
Revised Rhymes
Little drops of wtil.-r
And a -Iretell of sand.
Mnkfl the sweet hotel hill
Mount lo figures grand.
Sing u  -  io- of picnics,
\ sandwich and soma pies I
An.) a gins-* of lemonade
Willi M-mc struggling Hies!
A Brave Rescue.
A plucky rescue was effected re-
leutly at Waihi Beach near Auckland, win ii a -m.ill boat capsisod. Ed-
eards, oue of the two men who had
r*eeu iu the boat, was unable to swim,
md to his horror, the little craft sank
bnuicdlalcly. His companion, how*
iver, W. Moral,, managed to aeetsro-
Iwo oars and lowed him two milea;
snd a hall to an island through a'
rough sea nnd a strong current.
Mra. Prunrs-When do you acton at
Ihe Iheatte draw your payr
Doardsr— 1 am not an actor at the
theatre, madam.   I'm prompter there.;
Mrs. Prunes—Well, you'll have to
W protapWr here, too, or find aitothet
warding house.
Lets ef Relatives.
1    Over   two   thousand    people    nave
sent in claims tor a share of the foe-
Mine, said to amount to millions, left
Ingland'B Only Woman Publisher
Says Her Father, the Engraver, and
Every Mtmbtr oi Her Family Ware
Engaged In ths Work ef Bringing
Out Ruskin's Book—Author Had a
Strange System c   Bookkeeping.
Miss Maud Allan, the only woman
puolisher iu England and a daughter
of George Allen, who wus first the engraver for John Rifskln, aud luter the
publisher of  his  works,  recently  returned to London alter a lecture tour
lu tins country.   She is u goddaughter
of Mrs. Margaret Uuskiu, the mother
j ot  Uie  author,  and   she  knew  John
Kuskiu from her curliest childhood.
"I remember distinctly the day my
' father returned from a vi-dt to Denmark Hill, the idiflku home, and told
1 my mother that it had been decided
; thnt  lie  should  publish  Tors Clavi-
i gera'," Miss Allen suid to a reporter.
I     "The limn.' of the Unit wns Ueorge
( Allen A Co.   All the publishing work
j was done for yeurs in ..ur homo.  Each
and every member of the family took
!   Part in it, so you See I beeuine a pub-
i lishur's assistant while 1 wus still iu
|    "Fortunately my father was u practical man.   ll.-ul lie not been I don't
| really  know where the venture would
; hnve led, Itccuus.- Mr. Kuskiu hud such
I peculiar Ideas about publishing.   In
the ilrst place he never censed to re*
roach my father tor taking the Irou-
le to keep accounts.
"He wanted fathor to  have three
boxes, one  box   in  which   ...  keep  lha
iienntes sent to cover the postage oil
lis books, another boi for the six*
ponces, mid a third boa for the seven-
tumors, Thnt was to do uwuy with
eeiiing accounts,
"Hu Insisted that there should be
nn tree copies lor reviewers, no interviews <>r Information given to the
newspapers, find no discount allowed
to booksellers. He sni.l luireluisers
should pay tin* bookseller tiie amount
they considered ids services worth and
not have it tulde.1 to the price of the
book. It was uphill work publishing
lor Kuskiu.
"John Uuskiu was adored by botJi
his mother and father, though the
latter did nol always agr.*e with his
political views. I have three chain
which formerly were used iu the
library of Denmark Hill. While writing 'Modern Painters' Uuskin sat in
one of them, while hia pun-lit* used
the two other*. They sat in Uie library while he was working, and when
bo Hidshcd a chapter he would read it
to them for their criticism.
"He was tlieir only child, and
neither of them was you tig when he
was born. Mr. Kuskiu, sr., was engaged to the lady who afterward became his wife nine years before they
were married. He was working to pay
off his lather's debts. He was in affluent circumstances when his sou
was born, and his wealth increased as
time went on.
"It was because he waa reared in
affluent circumstances that so many
people contend that John Ruskin was
arrogant and dictatorial. Iu reality
he was quite the reverse. He wss
not only charming to, grown people, but he was beloved by all Uie
children who ever knew him. His
having had everything that money
could buy all his life made him a little difficult for some persons to understand. 1 never heard of his riding in
a bus but once iu his life If he didn't have his own carriage he hired
"He didn't get the love of his life,
however.    He was in love with two
women, but never with his wife.   Iu
1874 he told my father that while at
college, when he waa less than 18, he
1 became desperately in love with Adele
i Clothlide Domecq, the daughter of his
I father's Spanish partner in the wine
business.   He said she had led him
on. and when he finally proposed she.
laughed at him and treated his love,
which to him was most serious, a matter (or jest.
"My father told ne that even al
tlmt late date, 197*1, Huskin spoke of
her with bitterness, saying her flippant treatment of him had affected his
whole life. She was a beautiful, vivacious girl, and nobody wondered that
he lost his heart to her, -though it
would have been remarkable had ahe
fancied such a serious young man as
he was at Uie time.
"There was nothing romantic about
hia marriage except its tragic ending.
He had not recovered from his attack
i of calf love when he met Euphemia
Chalmers Gray, a beautiful Scotch girl
and the daughter of old friends of his
parents.   Both his father and hie mother and mother were ana-Jons for him
to marry her, so much so that his
father paid her father's debts to the
amount of 170,000. Their marriage wu
a marriage in name only.
1    "Mrs. John Ruskin's love affair with
I Millals began while the two Millais
brothers were In Scotland oue summer
with the Kusktu's.   Millaia used Mrs.
Ruskin as his model for the wife in
his painting 'The Order for Release.'
i lt wu during this time that they fell
In love with each othet.
"Rose La Touche, the girt who wu
really the love ol John Ruskin't life,
, wu born Just one year after Ruskin
wm menied, though he never saw her
! until 1861.   She wu the daughter of
: an Irish banker, and I have heard
, tbat her mother and father were a
strikingly handsome couple.   Ruskin
proposed to her. or rather spoke to her
parent*, when she wu about IT.   Be*
cause of her youth her parents Mined
their consent, but Rose premised to
wait for him.    He wore her promise
between two gold plates over his heart*
and always kept Uie date, Feb. g, u
a festival.
"His beat work wu inspired by her.
Rome of Uie most beautiful and touch*
Ing letters 1 have ever read were writ*
i ten to 1dm by her. When ahe reached
ber twenty-flrst birthday, whicli was
ttw date named by her parents u Uie
i Uld of Ruskin's probation, her healUi
too pour for her to marry. Instead
!r a Highlander named Urquhart, of    o( Mttlng stronger she went into
iingwall. Rott-shire, wbo wu lorases*    decline, and she died iu 1876.  Iluakin
r a Caliioruian gold-aisier. '' 	
Force of Habit
i   Always   Desirable**-Voting   (cachet |
I (after the mutual confession nf if fee*]
lion)-"An.l now. dear Clam, lei us I
repeat the whole thing otu-e mure."—
Flit-get uie lllnlter. I
I   "Did Mi-- Plyppe receive many pro   t
posals wlilli nl Blnckpootr |   In answer to Ihe question, "What are
"Many!    Why.  receiving  pntposnls   the live great  noas of mankind-*" a
lis      ' lu b. a hal.it with l.*r    Rhe la  Chit i stud, nt   replied.   "The   100
!*o u-.-d to thnn thai she cunt ovtui[yards, lha hurdles, Ihe qunrter-milc.
heal a sodfl*wator bottle pop without  the mile, and   the   three   milea."—
I exclaiming, "This is no sudden!'"   | Kansas Cily Kt«r,
Slslcr—"Bo Willie Jonos kicked vou,
did be? And di.l vou kick him hack?"
Hobby "No. 1 didn't If 1 had then
'twould  be  his  turn  again."—Boston
"Don't yon think Ihnt your devotion to |...|itii- is hurting your
health!'" "I'm md in politic- (or my
hcallh."-Toledo Blade. I
i ttwwar rooovered frosa Ihe olwcb."
Forctd   Upon  Them
"It   i-   rc|Mir!i-il   that   whiskers   are
coining buck into style."
"That is pnil.jil.ly due lo the nr rival
of Ihe Iron hits skiit."
"What has the trousers skirt lo do
with  wliiikers'-"
"The men must hnve some wuy of
keeping themselves Irotu looking like
women " -Chicago Record-Heruld.
Miss Rocksoy—"lint, paps. George
is ii hardworking young num."
Old ltiH*ksey~"Thnl,s it exactly.
Tin- imiii I wish you lo marry must la*
able  to  make  money   without  work*
I      0r-      I
j The Mystery of the j
;      Jade Ring      i
• By Clarissa Mackie I
a •
• Copyright by American Press aiso- *
z                 cimiou, imi I
When Deiecllve l-enii wua called lo
the Itudduson residence tot (be second
time wllliiti tit ice mouths be amlled
knowingly under the brim ot Ills
slouch Imt. All I lie way uptown lie
wus retailing the incident ut ihe lost
Jewel box uud the simple solution ot
the uiymcry. II ll pleased ihe minimi-
aire to evolve plois lor the detective
to UlllllllglO why. Mr leiili wus perfectly Milling so long ns Mr, Ituddu-
Buu was willing lo puy Ihe fee.
"'Ihe ili.it lee bought a Douse In the
country; pel tut | is ihe net l one will
furnish an automobile," t-blh'kled He*
tec tlve Fenn as in* emerged from the
subway nntl walked the short block lo
tbe ItaddiiNtiii (own re*. I de ine.
"t.ooii imirulug, Mr Fenn.'' amlled
tbe lllllll lire US Ihe detective entered
"Wbai h it now—another robbery.1"
•"Yea,   A valuable ring which I bad
Just purchased disappeared troin nils
table while my buck wus luriied."
The deiecllve was iiiHiuuiiy alert
**Wlietl did ll happen, air,"
"Last evening flbUUI II o'clock. I
will begin ai the muuieut when I slep
ped Iniu I'll, knell's ami bought ihe
ring I hud been wuntlng It for some
time, for ll was a genuine nullum*.
History said It wuh the fnvorltu linnet
ring of one ot l tie emperors of l Inkling dynasty. The workmanship was
esqulalie, tvllb ihe delicate carving ot
lha  Chinese   mi huu.     'I tie   ring   wns
formed of eiim-d  Ivory, und l he aet
tlug wns h ported piece of clear green
Julie with u dragon curved upon It.
'•Flhksell Iind put a pretty Bleep
price on It, and I hud been beating
blm down until nt lust he met my
offer. 1 sent him u check for the
amount, and I slopped lu there lust
evening on my wuy lu ihe club aud
got Ibe ring. 1 dined at Ihe club uud
weut io the theater afterward. When
1 got home I look Ibe ring out and
laid It on the tattle here. 1 turned
■way to remove my overcoat, and us 1
epprout bed the tame again to examine
tbe Jade ring I suw lhat II bad run
tailed I have Qui seen It Since. Uur
can I Uud any truce ot Its where
about*. It's up to yuu to nnd It lur
Detective fenn Hung aside bis cigar
and twirled bis ringers thoughtfully.
"Anybody know you bud purchased
Ibe rlugf" he Inquired,
Mr. Ituddnsuti shook bis bead. "No
one except Fllcksell,"
"Whu let you in ihe bouse last night.
air  Ituddusuu'*"
"My duller, James Onuimon."
"Wat bu In ihe ilbrury alter you en
tered tbe roomy"
"I believe became lu lo close a win
dew ol something ot Ibut sort. 1 may
■a well lell you. Mr. Keuo. tbat 1 ellm
luate J ii mo*, tlammoo from Ibe ca**e.
A man who bus the custody of thou
•alul-i ..r dollars' worth uf gold aud
silver liliile Is uot g.dug to -ell himself
for a trashy looking Chinese ring No
oi.e wbu was out versed In such mutters would have looked ut ihe thing a
eevond time."
**Yo*U were alone in the room?"
"I've i„.(.n in here ever since I came
homo last night I wouldn't stir from
tbe uiu. e iiuiii something bad beeu
•June ahoill recovering the ring. I
Slept here lost in it lit. So otic entered
Ibe room from tile lime 1 relumed Inst
Dlgbt until j on cume iu Otleeo mm
otet ago."
"Jade rtnga don't vanlsb Into tbln
Olr eveu If ibey are buudreds of yeurs
old." remarked Mr. Fenn, dropping
Opon bla knees uud eiamlnlng the rug
under tbe table. "1 -suppose you ihluk
maybe one or those uld Ming emperurs
wae banging around and Biiatehed ll
elf when you wasn't looking."
Mr. Raddaaoo amlled sheepishly
'TV admit that I've considered the
probability of Ibat happening. Mr
Fean I've heard of aome very queer
happenings lu cuuuet-iloti with those
an lent rings I may as well any I've
crawled all over the floor and I can't
flut a trace ot the thing I feel mighty
untuinfuriuhle over Hie matter"
Detective l-Vuii was creeping around
Ibe room, peering under chairs and
tables and bookcase*, turning up the
cotuera of rugs. (Hiking Into every
citv-lce and cruuny that might afford
a hiding place fur the Jade ring He
puhed down into the crevices of Ibe
lea'ber chairs without result At last
be tmarged. hoi nud dusty, to resume
bis teat at Ine table. There be lighted
ooofbei cigar and prepared himself a
glues of plain soda   water.
"Sevenheli-***- I would like to que*-
tlui* Jcmei <iuuimc.il. Mr Itudduauii."
he aald afler a little pause.
"Al (be risk ur my losing the beat
semim | ever bud In my employ,"
Commented Mr Itudduauii as be rang
Ibe bell
lustuntly James rinnnuon waa before
tbem, tail. pule, sleek and very defer
tolls L
"Jamea." said Mr. Rnddaaon kindly.
Maomeihluit ha-* t***en lost from thi*)
room, nnd I hare culled Mr Fenn In
lo try tu unravel the matter for me.
Aa you were lu bere last evening when
I relurned home. Mr. Kenu thinks you
might be able to help us out."
"Yea, air." aald the butler In rather
H^ an uncertain voice   "Of course I don't
H know anything about It. sir," be con
H eluded hoarsely
■ -Of coarse cot of worse not BOIL
iVJB Mt. reou lumat yuu aiiem w» *****
H to lell blm whether ibe doors and
^R window* hud beeu 0|r*u ui closed dur*
H Ing Ibe evening aud wbetber suiuo
^Lm one mlgbl bav« been coucealed lu Ibo
H              room wheu I returned buuie from lho
■ fester."
H "By tbe way, what play did you go
H to see last ulgot, Mr. lUddasoul"' ask*
^L\ ad tbe de'.etilve
^L\ The millionaire paused sod nibbled 0
^1 floger   ihoughtlnlly.      UU   forehead
^m creased In a pussled frown that dees>
■ ened as  the  minutes  passed.    "I ss
■ bleated If I cau tell you. Fennl" ho
■ cried al last   "I've beon to ooue ebuw
■ every sight this wtth, ond I can't IO
member which one I did go to ace lust
"1 beg your pardon, sir," ventured
thu butler meekly, "but yuu told me
you hud been to the uutlUUl dinner uf
tbe Trout club."
"I'ooh! You're drcniiilng. .lumen." remark...] Mr. Itudduauii uneasily. "Whut
ehe did I sny last iilj-hl. eh?"
.lames looked exceedingly uiicoin-
fortuble. und yet there was u malicious
gleam In Ills little dink eye He hesitated until his musici repeated iiupu-
1 lent ly:
' Wluil else did 1 sny. .InuiesV"
'I be butler coughed deprecatlngly,
looked lielplertsly urulllld Hie room nud
tben bllirled lorth lu u low tone llm
Information tlmt Mr. Itlldlllisoil had
eatlvtl him llllu Ihe lllu-ai-.v hi look al a
tiiile rlhgtiilh'd gi li'iigun  «liii*U
he snld wus perched on ihe luble
"And Willi I did you see I here,
.lames'-" demanded tils mustei Icily
"I didii i set thing, sir.'' sold ihe
i>utier iihi*omliii'iiihly,
"Yull iniiv eo. .lames, uml I recommend thnl  - Dill several ipituts of
e hit in I nig ni* Minn your dally rn t mill
ill giitinitiiee von wont see uuy ring-
tailed green dragons ot nnvltiliiu cHe.'
Mr lltiddiifun waved an Imperative
Illl Mil   uud Uu* hiillei   Weill  r* • I ■ I • litnlly
fruili  the i 1)    Ills last   look   was Ht
ihe del ir I he, ami Mr. I I mis |uis|.
tlve thni Ibe bill Ier crooked u beck no*
tig llligei nl him as he disappeared
"ll> ihe nny. ynu didn't gel u elm nee
io question James ufier nil" remiirki'd
Mr. Utnldiisoil "IVrliups li doe-tit
muke uiii ilPTeretiee, though the l.-l
low s.-eius lo he nil her rallied admit
some) hi nit nr oilier. I don't know what
he meant hy the Troul club dinner*,
that's not .Ine until the '.'.Id "
Mr l-'eun lui.U Ihe inoriiliig newspn-
per  front   lite lti ble  und  scanned  ilia
pages carelessly presently his gnxe
became Hied, nnd he rend Tor several
moments before he luld Ihe paper
"I'd like to use the telephone for a
moment. Mr. Itudihisoti." he wild.
"Where shall I find ll'r"
"In the bull; Jamea will show vou."
ItHfldiisiui touched the bell, uml .hunt",
appeared, and In response lo Mr
.-Vim's reipiesi he led I he deiecllve
down the long hull to the (deplume
booth Before the detective picked up
the receiver he lied a short converso*
tion wlib the boiler.
Wh.-n the detective returned io ihe
library he found Mr. Itudduson In lho
act of swallowing n headache powder
"Hud a beastly headache all the morning." he complained "1 got to th;lilting about Hint fi.nfnumlcd ring nud
wondering where ll had gone tu "
"Don't worry any longer, Mt Had-
da son " snld the del eel he calmly,
"Tbe rltiK haa been found"
"Found'" exclaimed Mr. ltndd:isou
excitedly. "You don't mean to say
"Juuies Is tpilte Innofcnt. sir In
fact, everyliody'a quite guiltless. I
think I can give you a Utile sketch ot
your evening und what ti.iiow.-a.
Flint, yon Intended to stop at l-'li< k-
aell's and get your Jad.- ring, bill ua
you had an engagement tu aiieud ibe
Trout 'inh's annual dinner ynu did
not stop for the ring, uud It hus nut
yet been In your |h>s«css|oii."
"Why why - why. n hut do yuu
menu, Feuu.''' sputtered Mr. Kuddusoo
"I just called Mr. Fllekscll on the
telephone, and he says yon Ita veil l
been afler Ihe ring yet. It you will
look at thi" morning's newspaper you
will see uu iiccoimt of the Iroui club's
dinner und HlNii uieiiiioii oi the tact
tbui Mr. itad.'Hson ml led u fatuous
pun. h of in- nwil Invention culled
rlngtiilled gr.s'ii dragon puin h. Mr
Itudduson. ll SC-m* ll Is composed of
soda wilier, ahsllilll. Utiles in (il.'iity.
mint, old Muluca wine and various
utile,- Ingredients If you nlil punlnU
uie. sir. enough hrevvorks (o tint lie a
fellow  see nil  Mirii* Ol   ipieet   lliiliga."
He looked awat irom Mr  llnddaooiio
disturbed countenance.
"Do you ineiiii lu say ihnl I wus er
-affected hy ihul punch of my owa
cottt-uellonY" asked the millionaire lu a
horror struck voice. "Why. Mr Kenu,
I've never beeu In thai condition IB
my life."
"I understand thnl you never have
been before, but I look Hie liberty or
lunjulrltig concerning your movements
last night. Severnl of ibe guests
whose mimes are mentioned told me
that y..ii were mil feeling well and
went home ut Ill-Ik), That's all, I i*»
ileve. sir,' snld the deiecllve. rising
from bla chair. -Mr. Klh'kaell will tell
you ihnl the ring has not yei lieeu
called for"
Mr. Itaddasnn snl In thoughtful sl-
lence for some time. "James Is n good
fellow mid ot impeccatile > hu racier, aa
I've already luld you. Mr. Fenn." he
snld. wllh a Whimsical smile "I wua-
iter what I owe him" He drew a
checkbook toward him and tilled in a
check and gave It to Hie detective,
with a wry smile.
"One on me. Mr Fenn I'll catch
you vet. though." he threatened.
The deiecllve nicked the cheek
away with a *ntt«tled chuckle. "I'm
b temperance mnn myself, sir." he
murmured "Th it rlnetall.-d green
dracou punch of vours haa served me
s good turn loduj."
The First W*i Dra,vn by a Fsllow 3tu-
dint st Orlsnns.
Nupoleuti In eui'lciiliuo ta one of lbs
must proline uf subjects. Indued. Hiiro-
penn political uarlvutura from not*
unill !Hir> may bu suid tu buvu beeu
Nupoleuu. Although In Franca this
form or pictorial nrt wub rigidly suppressed, Ullruy mul Itowluudsou lu
England aud a score of artists In Germany uud Austria were depicting tbe
great emperor us tbe most lufumous
of monsters.
Tbe lirst known caricature of Dona-
parte wns drawn yeurs before Ibo tlrst
consulate, when the Bourbons still tttt
upon the throne of France, It Is reproduced In Norwood Young's "The
tiro will of Napoleon." Young Bona
purte's yeurs at the military academy
ut Uridine were not happy ones. He
was a Corsican. nnd nt that time Corsica waa a recently conquered province.
'i'be cartoon, which was drawn by a
school mute, represents the fuluro em
peror standing, a severe nnd determined look upon his fucc, with hoih hands
on tho lop or n iniiskel, resting ihe
hult on the ground. A smaller llgure
behind him, nu old man whose nose
nearly readies his chin. Is pulling him
buck by his wig.
Napoleon's feel fnee in two directions—one for wurd, tbe oilier buck
ward. Underneath Is written, "Bona
parte rushes tn tho aid or I'iioII tu
rescue blm from Hie hand of bis enemies" These words bave been struck
through with n pen, which has nlso
been drawn across the face of Na
Net   Holed  by   Cuts,   but   Are  Great
Sticklers For Etiquette.
The pleasures ol tho rerslans are In
tbe main red tied. They utive not
muny kinds ot recreation, Conversation la one ol their chief enjoyments.
Although a lurge proportion of them
cun neither rend nor write, 1 think we
must call them un intellectual peopla
They nre natural linguists, and since
their couutry Is Inhabited by many
different races they ore obliged to
speak several different Innguagcs. It
Is nol uncommon to find a man wbo
scarcely knows his right baud from
bis left who cim speak two or three
languages fluently. To this number a
man of any education whatever would
add two or three more.
There Is no caste among any of tbe
races found In Persia. A son of Naslr-
l-Din Shah's butler become bla prime
minister; a peasant girl once became
Ibe tlrst furorlie of ihls same king's
snderun because she lifted her veil es
tbe king was passing through her native village and her beuuly appealed
to tbe royal fancy,
But while there Is no caste the Persians are In some ways great sticklers
for etiquette. The /.l-i-Suiinn. Ibe oldest and most cnpnhle sou of Naslr-1-
Dln, could not succeed nls father on
tbe throne because bis mother was
not of royal birth. All social functions, moreover, are attended wlib the
moat rigid ceremonies, and woo to tbe
person who attempts to overstep Ibe
bounds which custom has prescribed
for his rnnk.-.Vnry A. Colquboun In
Los Angeles Times.
Tht Luncheon Tsblt.
Crystal  combined  Witt) silver  makes
beautiful  and  ttl't 1st Ic dccorinlnus Tor
the luncheon uud dinner table,
Compotes uud dishes fur ulmutids
nud suited uuts, olives, etc, uro linger
lluili llioso formerly In use uud uro ul
most (Int.
A useful aland for the center of the
luble  consistn  of  a  sliver  vitso   with
branching urins hearing  live llnl  lum
bon   dishes.     Another   design   hus   a
large busket lu the center Tor flowers,
und the arms hold small bankets tilled
j wllh  bonbons.    The bonbon dishes or
l buskets ure deltlchable and can bu lift-
1 is] out nnd passed uruiiinl.
i   Carved rock crystal Is used lu place
of the old  fashioned eni  glass  unless
one has a huge supply of cul glass uud
' docs  not   wish  to lay  lu  a  supply  of
| gluss, even If the style Is newer,
| in ciiiiiii ibe mosl popular siyie at
Ihe iiioineiil hus n very narrow line uf
Color wllh it dull cold bund ut tbe
tiold uud white, however, la always
lu good taste.
For Cool Day* It n a Necestity to tht
Bummer Encurtionist.
lu selecting ii lllth* girl's wurdi'obii
for u summer to he spent ut the Ken-
shore or lu ihe mountains It is well
to remember tlm! « bihidsome coat to
be donned when the mornings or evenings ure especially cool Is un Important part of iln uut iu    This season
pretty white coats of serge, wllh cuffs
und levers of black satin, ure shown
lo   fuslilouublu  shops.     These  cuu   be
Naming tha Day.
It  Is  the  bride's  privilege  to  noma
I the wedding day.   When this has been
i arranged u list is made of the close
| friends und valued iicquiilntnuces uf
bulb   families so ihul  nobody   will  be
i slighted hy not gelling un luvituiloa.
I tt Is a good lileii to use the letters of
tbe alphabet   for getting down  these
\ names, searching the memory us each
I letter presents liself fur the name that
i begins with It.   The Invitations should
' be Issued al least a month before tbe
j wedding.     The   arrangement   of   the
| church  und  the choice of the music
thut Is lo he played ure entirely mailers   for   tho   bride   tu   decide.     Tbe
I bridegroom  confers   with  tbe  clergy-
I mun after ibe parents ur guardians of
; the girl  have seen  him,  going  to his
1 house fur last directions tbe duy before
thc ceremony.
Tha Massage In the Bex.
On a table lo the waiting room nf a
specialist la an Inlaid bos. Wheu oue
opens It-nud most visitors lo the specialist do—a smaller bos Is found and
one not so huge Inside that. This
continues until finally the Inst la
reached, a tiny thing wltb a slip of
paper Inside It. On the paper Is a sin
gle word. "Curiosity."
"I keep It there to amuse waiting
patients," explained the specialist
"If there wus only oue who went
through tbe scale of botes be might
feel sore about It, but he or she leaves
Ibe box closed for the next comer, and
when there ure quite a few In tbe
walling room It gets to be a pretty
good Joke, and I cno bear laughter as
tbe latest arrival gels stung. I picked
Ibe bos up on a trip to India sod happened (o leave It In Ibe walling room
one day. Now It slays Ibere all ths
time."—New York Sun.
Outlet ef a Godfather.
The duties of u godfather consist In
I standing   up   with   Ihe  child   (though
! uot actually holding blm) ut tbe lime
1 of    the   christening,    und    lu    some
j churches   tbe   godfather   promises   tu
; see after the religious educutlou of tbe
child.    It  would  he well for uuy oue ■■
| whu  has  been asked  lu serve lu  this
capacity   tu   fuiullltirlze   himself   with
I the ritual of the church lu which the
j child Is to be christened In order to be
I able to make tbe proper responses at  ,
I the right time.
i The usual present Is a silver cup or i
■ porringer, a cup and plate for bread
nnd milk, or n set of silver knife, fork
and spoon-is sometimes given. Any
of these would he preferable to money.
i A godparent makes a preseut of silver ,
of some sort If be or sbe cun afford
' to do so. t
Always Introduce a gentleman to a
I lady, an unmarried woman to a mur-
: rled one, a young girl to an older worn
, an, a person of less sochil Importance
, to a person of greater.
When nny one Is Introduced to you
i you may shake hands or nut, just as ;
you like.    If the introduction Is made '
, In a very friendly  way or If he hue <
' been named to you as some oue whom
your hostess specially likes, you had
better shake hands.   If you do not do .
, tbla you ahould Imw. smile and make
some remark.   If you afterward meet
1 In tbe street or ut utiother bouse a person who has been Introduced to you,
you   may   bow   or  not.   Just   as  you
, please. If you do not bow be will take
It ua a sign that you do not care to '
I couUnue your acquaintance with blm.
Worn over n frock of almost any color.
The picture shows n prelly aud stylish
summer outfit for u little gin.   This
white serge cost, wltb Its siitln rev-ers
cull's unit Hindi, is woru over u plaited
gown of linen. Thu round hat lu
brown straw to match the color of the
rovers Is wreathed wllh tiny rosebuds.
A tig ii red silk parasol Is used, uud low
shoes secured uver Ihe ankle wltb
straps complete (he costume.
In India -.Often Ctrtd For by
the Biu.Brutet.
It Is by no means-uncommon in in
dla fur tbe children of u millionl to be
cured for by ihe inntiout's elephant
The whole family of Ihe mahout be
come, us ll were, punishes to ihe ele
phunt by wbh b ihey earn their living
Insinnces arc not wanting of u tnotW
er's systematic pluclug of her baby In
an elephant's care and within reucb of
Its trunk while ihe umiher goes lo
fuicb wnler or to gel wood or mute
rials to cook the family meal.
No Jiiiknl or wolf would be likely lo
pick up and carry off u baby who was
thus confided to ihe cure of un ele
phuut. but most people who have lived
hi tbe Jungles know how very possible
it Is for u Jackal or u wolf to curry off
i a  baby  when  It  Is lying In n  hut or
when  the mother  Is  unprovided   with
means lo light off ihe marauder
I     Children 111 US brought up In the com
I nntilomdilp   of   nn   elephant   become
I  ridiculously    fninlllar    with    the    big
pachyderm nnd lake all kind of ih.it
ties with him--liberties which the ele
pliant seenis io endure on ihe principle
llmt   ll   does   not   hurt   blm.   while   ll
Sinuses ibe child    One may see n lit
tie   native   child,   tpille   miked,   about
two  feel   high,  standing  on  nn  ele
plllini'S bnre buck uml taking tl down
to (he water to bathe, vociferating nil
'tie time In must unbecoming terms of
unlive abusive language   Ou arriving
at   Hie   wntei   Die elephant, ostenslbty
lu obedleme to the child's command.
lies dowu und enjoys himself, leaving
just u portion of his body, like n sinull
Island,   above   ibe   water     Upon   ihls
pun   uf   (he   elephant   the   child   will
ttaiid and shoni. sboullug uil the mon-
If  he  hut  sow-nil  companions  of   hi*
1  own age ulsu lu churgo uf elephants
nil   wallowing   lu   the   wnler  around
I him,   tr the child should slip off  his
Island  ihe flopllllUl'S  trunk   promptly
| repluces blm In «iifeiy   These urchins
! us Ihey grow ur. become first mates to
mahouts and evenhiully arrive at the
dignity of being uiu bouts.-New York
A Victim's Story of the Real Thing
In Its Native Land.
FMng Up tha Lawn.
Every obi In-.vii should uow be repaired. Fertilizer should be applied.
und thlu portions should he resceded,
If seed wus sown lust full for u new
law ii watch il carefully when It begins (o sprout uud reseed Ibe portions
where lho lirst seeding fulls to come
If ft Is desired to make a new lawn
take greut cure In preparing for It.
Iluve the ground prepared us soon us
II cut) he worked See Unit II Is graded
properly,   smoothing   uver   oil   rough
surfaces, making level spaces and gen
tie slopes. The hiwu should slope
away from the bouse If possible, lu
grudlng the ulm should be to dlstrlb
ute evenly utl surface water, avoiding
tbe formation of little runs whlcb
mlgbl produce washouts.
Where Ibe soil is lucking III htinnn
11 Is essential Hint ll be enriched wllh
a plentiful supply of well rolled manure, if bumus Is present bonemenl
or other good fertiliser Is useful. The
ground should he spaded or plowed
not less than eight inches deep, nil
Blunes und similar material removed.
lumps broken up und tho surface
smoothed. Then it la ready for seeding.
Use a good lawn mixture. Four
ports Kentucky blue grass wltb one
part white clover, sown not less than
Ure bushels to the 41 ere. is good. Ited
top Instead of Hie blue grass or equal
parts of red lop and blue grass pro
duct* guud results. I'se plenty of seed
and uotblug but pure seed.
1 A Pun That Please-) Victoria and Ont
Tbat Hit Albert Edward.
Caroline  Fox  In  her memorials  un
der date ol  Muy 'JI,  1837, Queen  Vie
torla'a   birthday,   Jota  down   au   egre
I glotis pun reported by her fumous
kinsman. Clllirles  in/oica I'ox.    "Uncle
- Charles dined with ua todny     He was
1 delighted anil dtlSSled by the display
on ihe queen's day and mentioned a
right merry quibble [lerpetralcd by my
Lord Albeiiiat e. * ho un her inajmly's
' Buying, 'I wi.nde* If my good people
ol London tire us gtnd lo see me us l
nm tu see Ihein'.'' pointed out ns their
1 Immediate   cis-kiiey    answer    to   thu
! query *V. It. '*
Jokes run in cycles.   Wxty-flre ve.irs
I niter Kdwanl VII   was on the Knglish
l throne Kit Umier I'nrratt, professor
of music ai the Unlverally or Oxford,
was pnicilclnu wltb pan of his baud
In Ibe music ro.un m  Windsor palace
1 where all the Furniture wus covered
with shifts bearing (he royal cipher
Suddenly  he turned to the  musicians
' and aald, "We nil know that the king
la  king,  but   why   la  he?"    Tiie   men
I looked astonished, bill snld uotblttg
"llecauso K It. of course." chuckled
Sir   Walter ns  he  (minted  to  (be  Inl
1 ttula around blm.
A mure humorous Jest or this sort Is
found In Hie "Life of Richard II Bar
bam," author of the "Incoldsby   Leg
: ends." On the night of Jan 'A, ]S1J
ihe lale king of England wus christen
ed Albert Edward. Itnrbnm. gotnr*
uut to see ihe Illumination and obserr
, ing In olniusi every window the in
llltila A E. heard suine one say (moat
likely ll wua hltuselfi, "Ah. he'll make
acquaintance wlib the other three
vowels before he comes of age!"—New
York Tribune
Pag Tankards.
Tbe pegging or marking of drinking
cup** waa introduced by St. Dunstan to
check tbe luteiujierale habits of the
tiroes by preventing one mnn from
taking a larger draft than bis companions. Itut the device proved tbe
means of Increasing the evil tt was
Intended to remedy, for. refining upon
8L Duuslan's plan. Ibe most absteml
OUS were required to drink precisely
to a peg or pin, whether they could
soberly tuke sucb a quutitlty of liquor
or uot
Whan Moving.
Wben you are moving to another
, neighborhood you should aend around
I to all your friends cards bearing tbe
I letters "P. I*. C." aud your new ad- '
dress.   The letters sre tbe beginnings
' of three French words signifying "To
! take  leave."    These curds  era often
sent by post, but It Is perhaps sllll '
more polite to leave (hem by hand.
I Wben  you  are settled In  your new '
' house you  will  probably  give some-
1 thing In Ihe nature of a "house warm-
I lug," but eren If you do uot do this
' eacb  "I*.   P. 0." card carries to tbo
friend wbo receives it an Invitation
to call upon you when sbe happens to
1 bo In your neighborhood.
An Old Nt* Vera 0*>svt.
The ulfleel glllVe 111   Inuitv  - linr. tl
yard   .New tmk  -it). SO IMI us CttU be
determined  la lllHl ul He t.uro 1 liunli
er      Hie slot n  -lie gruve mil nates
thai Hie tail died sl th* uaeol OVS uud
a nmt j cum. April f>. I'M.
BlMf-topq  Ivory
Ivory ma) ih- in.-a.tiHi hy placing It
In a glass dish lined  wltb turpentine
and ei|s.iiti|t it tui 1 wo ui tin*-** on>*
to the allliuglit.
Different Positions.
"What does ihe man do over there
at tbe desk who seems to be working
eo bnrd>"
"lie checks Ihe cash.**
"And wlmt does tbe mnn do who te
leaning back In the easy cflalr amok-
"Ob. be cio-iies tbe checks."—Haiti-
more Amerlcuu.
An Exception.
"Unpplucsa," declaimed tbs phlloso-
Kber. "Is Ihe pursuit ut something, not
11 catching of It."
"Have you ever.'* Interrupted the
plain rllbten, "chased ibe last car on
a rainy iilgluT'-'luledu Ulade.
Slgnatura E>poMi.
A nnmbei ..I 1 tie im gei luinkltut In
atltiltlons cinpii.t   troin one to null  a
do/.-n  uieu   wince -me (lilt)   Is to ex
huh ne every ihe. k Ituii cullies in
Hinuigh the cienru.a house Slid vou< h
fur 1 tu* Beiiuiii.-nes* ui it.e signature*.
Why Natl
*Twbs In her .ursept hours.
When Iht train «■* >n ueipalr,
ller .over teni the flon-en.
And Uie Huweis aci-nl ttta air.
-PhtlHtlclpMa Ledger.
loth Uncertain.
"What's the ililleren.v between plain
bridge and nmt Ion tirldgeT
"About a hundred dollars au buur."-
Tbe smallest bird cannot light npon
Ibe  greatest   tree   without   sending  a ,
shock to Ita most distant fiber    Every
mind Is sl times oo less oen«1ttve to
the mmt trifling words.-Lew Wsllsce j
ia "Ben Hnr."	
Avon RivtrB.
There are  Ibe  I pper Avon, known I
as the Wa.'wi. Ifstilre or Rbskespeart
Avon: the Lower or ItrlslOl Avon, un
wlil, h Is Italh. and the Easl ur Damp- !
shir.-   Avon,   on   which   Is   Hailsbury. '
The  tlrst   iwo  flow   lnio  the  Severn,
tbo hist   Into the Knglish channel at !
ihrisiibin.ii harbor.
Tho S.lver Dollar.
In US', ibe federal congress adopted
Ibe silver dollar as our cnireticj baste
uu a decimal sysl  us eteuipllfled in
ibo (Spanish milled dollat ui ple-e el
eight shli""-
Dating a Lottor.
Io writing a letter (he date and ad-
dress  are usually   pul   al  tbe begin-
nlngi In a ooie Ibey ore usually at tbe
end.    lt Is now the fashion to write
out tbe numbers of the dale.  It would |
look  affected,  however,  to write out '
Hint of the yenr, and many people adhere   to   ibe  older  fashion   of  using >
numerals.    Wllh regard to writing a
letter on tbe lirsl nud last pages and
then crossing on Ihe second and third,
this   Is   entirely   optional   with   the
The Woddlnq Iroekfast.
Tbe  usual   wedding   breakfast  consists of fruit, raw oysters, tlsb or lob* '
alera la some fancy form, on entree,
squab or broiled chicken, Balni*. Ices,
cakes, botittons and coffee.  Bome wine
Is expected, us ihe health of Ihe married pair must be drunk, bo thla le .
either champagne ur sherry.   A buffet
spread may be of a very unpretentious
■ort.   Varied sandwiches, cake, candy
iiid pun.b are the tllaga offerssL
Odd acraps of linoleum can be used
Instead of wuud io light a tire.
When cutting bread nud butler very
tbln dip Ibe knife uccuslonully lu very
but water
If yuu like the skin of roast pork to
be crisp and crackled try rubbing a little salt on Hie sklu before putting It
into Hie oven.
When frying anything put a bit of
bread In ihe frying pan, und this will
prevent Ihe grease from spluttering all
over the stove.
Muny   1 pie  do   not   know   thnt   a
lump of sugar put lu the teapot will
prevent the tea from staining tbe cloth
If It happens to be Upset.
When mtlklllg boiled puddings of any
kind try pulling u piece of greased
paper over Hie lop before (he cloth h
put on. This renders the clotli much
eusler to wash uud keeps the pudding
nice and lit in
When steel knives are no! In constant use always wrap them In tissue
puper anil lay them away,   This quite
prevents litem from rusting nud so
save.* the bother of cleaning them when
(hey are reipilred again.
The stalks muy be very quickly removed from eurruiiis by well flouring
the hands and nibbing the currants us
hard us possible between thi-tu This
Mikes much less time than picking
them separately nud Is quite na effective
The following mixture Is excellent
for removing scrntcbea from furniture-
Mli equal parts nf Unseed oil and lur
pontine, dip n Annuel Into tt aud rub
it well into the scratched parts. Polish
with n soft duster, and you will flud
ibut the scratches will be almost la
Mean Advice.
Old Oent-Ou the eve of your roar
1 rlnge let uie give you a piece of advice.
Itemember   when   your   wife's   next
birthday comes and give ber a band
some preseut
Young   Man-Yes.   of course,
"Give ber the besl your pocket can
buy every birthday, but ai Christmas.
New   Year's and sin b  Mums give bei
only  Inexpensive little tukena    Fotm
j that habit."
"yes. bill whyf
1     "It  will pay."
i    "I  presume ao."
1 "Ve» In a few years you can begin
, 10 forget the hittluluys and sbe wou't
ssy s wurd "-New  York Weekly.
Fully  Informed.
"Is this Mr Wiilslughum'B office?"
asked tin- geniieumiiiy solicitor as be
paused before the dignified uld man
who sal nl the unly desk lu ihe room
"Yes   sir"
"Are  you   Mr   Wnlslnghnmr
"No I'm Jusi mi Inquisitive young
scamp who has rome In lu paw over
bis papers, read bis private correspond
en.-e ami smoke a cigar (hat I bare
token out uf his test pocket "—Chicago
lie* (id Herald.
Netdt*J a Rookkoopor
flntfer I Who has at  lasl  holed ootl-
II**tt     many    Is    Ihnt     seventeen    or
fight cent Ruperloi Caddis | wearily )-
1 1 dlnns kfti Uul fer What' Haven't
■Oil lieen counting 1    Buperlor Cuddle-
I Mi in  so fer cnuntln.' It's no a caddie
j i»- want In'] It's a clerk)- London aa
SH-jltr end Uffll- Word.
I    •.'.lloit.ir    trrvm*    etnmlnlngi-Kow.
I lrHn*t  ynu 'eh  the prisoner  that yew
1 Ifwifcted nu Mrarity,    Witness-No; 1
1 rinr.11, t,,id Ira e wbb a bloomla' Liar
k-i-elon U   A- IP.
Ho Was Kneaded, Plucked, Turned
Over and Wolkod Upon and Trier.
Scrubbed as Though Ho Were a
Kitchen Floor.
The tourist wbo wanders about
Btamhuiil will frum time to time come
on domed buildings of all sixes Wbli h
might bo taken for mosques but that
tbey seem to have no fountain-, uud
nu minarets. I'rum some place, audi as
the terrace of tbe mosque of Sultan
Bulnyman, where their roofs may be
overlooked, it wlil be seeu that the.
low domes are often of a peculiar salmon pink color snd always covered
wiih gluss bullseyea. These are the
real Turkish baths.
Ojille   apart   from   tbe   ceremonial
wash before prayer, Islam, which cou-
elders cleanliness not so mu- ti u-*it
to godliness as s par. >t godliness It*
aeif, ordains u nerriodlcal scrub atl over.
And Ibe Turk, unlike tht* sodden west
never sits lo bot water, bot ; refers 1
hot room, a lap and a bos . 14 a da
luiurii und a sbampooev snd i desb
glovo if he can afford sth bj Iujc
One eaten, as la tb.: wes . i
cooling 1 im, generuLy a high mod
room with many gaiiertes around, j.
marble floor sod a fountain, and before going to a -rivate room r It tba
bath Is to be done on ri:.* -beep, ■>
e place on tbe big eommoa lofbe km
exchanges dirty boots for •.., -.:,-d
heelless -■■; pen '.\ it< b tad i m
bles may i •   left  inder   j m
cooling room  ttteod.       vbo
tends tbe ; n cess of      Irtsaln-j
a loin cloth around . ■  *.. i
primrose   towel ..
Before crossing tbe V or
lug room the illpoen i
changed for wooden    ■ .- u-
novice wa Its   k •  * tag   I
fear  of  ■   tall,   till 1   . ■
1 tale tli-* -: ead   >(    te
abandoning  ill  ittsmi .■(    i wain snd
executing i Cast ibotfls
The outer mi raom, r t nml **■**
temperature 'if in Rtngi su dla a l t
roam. Is a very seouoilarj dftilr.      ne
stays there for i dtile, n led  n
th*. primrose towst, reullnlng m i lh>
tnnt Imltettao  if i Wit,  trlntung r«f
fee and smoking i   dgni "   rrarmuia
watching   a    :oupte    ft   the 04
amusing  thanisalves  ny   1   v ■ ■    a
bout,   riie customer ind the iita d
er wear tha laino tjrga  n.  nun    tt.
■ an elaborate .beck jf -**»t ind pelltnf
that may j« wen ing Ing 11 :i**
streets on in iprt a wont iy ba ..
buniun fwlhirs 'if thestnnts tr mam*
If that --I rati • s tnisjbed ruma
Into the Inner room. ,*-. 1
bent, the real win. Che ittmulaut
pulls ofT 'Ii** ihoulilar towel ind ipens
the do.,r 1 heavy wooifim iif.i.r out
shut by a countenraight, vlfeBN kng
ing la not 'h" >usr uuni. -ei'si. 1 -
In Ihe bath. Enalua s 1 acga ■ 1 ■
domed n • m,    bum -    r-Jtae-f*ei
In tbe dome i.i.ii.    be   gill.  * ..- 1   ba
whitewashed  walls  radw *.   1 Ittsj   1
light and ilry -T - t 'i Qe fffiBU
■qnare ilab  to the ta   ■
placed 1 towel and 1 illlow unl lew
one li»s, leaving 'he 'logs on  :n* Bum;
Round rhe Mom. Kreenetl (tnm me
knother hy dwarf walla imss< (
marble basins, snd tare any s sn
ell classei—siich ia rhe  lumorravy   >r
Islam -ft '",1 the   irmy   iflb *r   	
day laborer *v lose iba r«d lead «tiil *
suggests 1 toosnre Che norar nissei
do not .■id";;."*' n ma ua iry ifJ na*.
aage. Tbej »me for a rasb inly t-.-t
often bring the rrn sos r 0*000*
my's sakf*.   It us not rincommi a m ***-*
two of tlieia icrubbtuij ne ui.ii.ier .f
PresenCy. rmblddttn, the
mount.1 tho stab md s..i-r; leaida us
victim. Most if his work wnalsni n
kneading the gosh tathe* than ho
long, henry *trok«i of SS English na*
eeur. Itut when the eiistomer s -.tried on bis fa.** the masseur beeOfflea
more -nergetk-. fie pnxeta rli** *a:n
on each side of the spbie, walla iu
and dowa on the buck and Stiaxmooafy
gathers up arms ami lags tnOa ettrtatss
bone breaking knots regard mm \t tarn
grunts of the stiff Jointed went t
final super-Oordlan knot ind the dapping of his hands Show that      *
The customer, as •K'-.n SS he an ••-
lect limbs which seem to nerve b»-*o
pulled clean '.ft* him. adjourns r.i ^ne if
the basins and Is mbbeii -x th a tmnm%
glove to lake off tbe old ikto. Th^n
the man brings a battered m*tsi bowl
fold bowl, old bath ' is Ibo TnvWsh
proverb for "the old. old M ry" ■ *i
sonp nnd a hither wisp of * V- t
palm fiber, and scrub* eo*
for some ten minutes a ** -■ ■ *
the abandon of a zealous h oawaiald on
a  fl»s.r.  f'-r-*-!fiii  sp;ir "■•*
object bo u scmbblng Is •*.-*h sr.d
Finally  he |-urs  war
ter '• in
the bowl to waah away ths lasl of 'he
lOOpsuds and. If ihe bath Is a Largs -1
np to date one, conducts bis *■■■ - -,,*i>
b*.si victim los cold d.'ivh-
Prying takes phtco In lbs ooter bot
room, sundry loin cloths snd t<.w**n
are wrapped abool lho body, s small
towel mskoa a turban for 'he bead and
clean clogs ar- produced for too feet,
which have beon dried wllh great—
sometimes inconveniently greot-etrt.
A loud clapping Of hands B00O0OCOS
that |be process h over, and tbe thr»*e
or four Turks who seem always to be
■ doing nothing lealoualj in th*- room
crowd round lo wish out- good beeita.
—London uiuio.
Just tho Thing.
"Csn yuu give my constituent here a
Job un your railroad," us.nl the state
•itut be can't tulk English."
"Well, give blm u Job calling IiuIds."
-Washington Herald.
Old C mar.
Uld Omsr In Hi.
Wrote much ■
If ne im.1 0V.-.1
Would warble
IU   WTI.l    Illl
A Hike, ■ [Hi.
. -live nl ItiKSlni
r   lllVlte-B
SOt, ol L-lno*K'nB-
rcar,      -Judgs
His Sodden Suspicion.
"I.anncelot,"    iiuir mured    Ibe    maid,
"I wish you would Joint our church."
"Mildred," faltered the youth, 'does, grocer.
thst mean tbat you doo't want mo to, icvustonied d
bo anything bul a brother to youi"— imlurally seem
Chicago Trlbuae, | atar.
Tho   Read.    Eiploinor.
"This dih-u 1 11. ke -jeiiulue ma
pie sirup lo me,    snld  Hie auspicious
pure Irsi ser
I'ruimhiy   no
replied   Ihe
,11   yotl   titfve  la-ell
real article wutild
11--U '* V\ushlUgtoO
i    An F
' service,
. HP 	
uld in 1
! quarreli
j a flee 11
sh bite
j    "I'Inn
wily 1
A Policeman'! Lot.
ngllsli is imiii ii»i
Ills r
man kepi n diary
ntj "even years of
I «ti iwo tn- walked
7 1 uii-* L'avi- first
its .--tiled in nt |*.^
nan mill Wle, got
1111 r I, gn-ks ano
The Word "P-ate"
" 1- a <i n *.-.  coming di
om "peiraies, niin-n means
It-aili "one stm tries ui -Ht
in othei   words, mi adven
At ha-h. or  ihe  loss of  memory  Ot
'-omprehension nf •fH^. h i« ,1 queer
cnmplntnl, A man who hod fnrgottea
hh a|«|efr*s name RlWOfa referred lo
Ier as "I'ltn .iiber woman." A person
npparenth uther wise in perferl b**niih
will Biihstliule the nam.- ■>! nm IftlOlO
tor ti nol hei  tnially  diflereut  in  ibe
most ludicrous way.
Your Bi nd ?p-»t.
The «pot nt n bit It the 11 '!•■ nerve |<-
a I inched in \\w eje is u bilud s|«ui in
Hie eye Hie mlj blUU -p-.t, u, fuel, lu
*>**.<•* >,
SdIiI by Mi'ivliuiits nf i lnlliu.-i.-l;. K.isi'ilnli
♦♦♦■i ***** ********************************************
Dairy Farm !
80 Acres, all cleared ami ttiidor cultivation. 7 Room
House, Barn and Oittliousos, Privato Water Supply.
Good Orchard, Buildings valued at $0000, beautifully
situated, 200 yards frum School, "2 miles frum Post
Office, 4 miles from (iliurolt. Tho suil is the host to be
obtained in this valley and produces 4 tons of hay
per acre, everything in first-class condition.
Price $26,000,
$10,000 Cash, Balance to suit purchaser.
ftntwrli '''l.e New I'm.)
I*. A. ilAllllr.lt, rillili-liei'iuit I'rulllt't.ir.
UiliiK rates tlepeiuli'
l.e i|K,sl,;illl«illl'.
l)n y.in'l in iill. Speak evil (if
iniu'-, 1 It*:ii- ,'itid know tho facts be*
fun* .inlying. Think beforo openk-
ing, lltiltl un hiiiht tongue*. Hi*
kiiul lo Lho dJstn'Mctli Auii pnrdon
fm* nil wrong, lit- patient lowiml
everybody. Stop the curs of n lnio
kiir.-i*. DUbollevo most nf nil ill
rejxirts concerning frtctidst nclgh*
hor*' nnd people in  general.
Are you Raving eoinoot the monej
,mui ilrnw as a hu lut y young intin ?
If nol, why nul? Vou ure lueitled
nnildsl Borne of the best opporlunt*
tics tlmt cnii bu found Upon the
American continent today, and if
you tire uot taking lulvanlngn of
them you tru the worst kind of a
"ninny." <i**t In lino and grab
winie of the uniul things thnt are in
Blgllt.  .
Situated ten minutes walk tn post office.
All in first-class state nf cultivation,
higli, dry and level, with wide Frontage
on Charles Street.    Hn«h quarler-iicre
has a number of elmice fruit ti s in
full bearing, and the prices arc quite
Aii exchange publishes tho following, nnil it has IU Application: "A
Hevere lesson in honesty among those
♦ wbo find lost articles nml fall to re*
$ turn   or advertise   them  is  much
♦ needed, ll is either not generally
•> known or the knowledge Is ilis-
J regarded, that an effort must bo
+j made publicly to restore to the loser
♦ any thing picked up hy persons on
j thc street or other places, nnd until
t this is doiu* tin* finder rests under
- 'suspicion of having stolon (he article
in question,
The  Winnipeg Tribune  has  a
"trump"   remark   whieh   rends;
Hun.      Martin     Burrell,     now
minister of agriculture,   should be
abloto devise some means to secure  ,
larger shlmonta of It. C. fruit  fur j Z
tho markets of the prinrle provinces. *
Out here in British Columbia   we
should be glad if   Martin   Hurrcll
could lix things up SO that we could
get enough 11. ('. fruit for our local
markets. This constant compulsion
of eating "American" fruit is liable
to keep the annexation worm alive
for n long while.—Victoria   Time.-'.
work in connection with lho holding of this convention is being done
by W, .1. Ken*, lirsl vice-president
of   iln-   Westminster   AulomobNo
s Inl g Be,ln.h„, I! C^^J        ii
"'*i< UI.I.S , ii-.i i.xHiMs,     ^ftprAfl
ti  im  iciirii'i i:,ii«„vt- .mn: •  **-?lt''»-' * v.**** •
"J"  MlV   Illllil-I Jcilll I.;.. Il.-I I. II, ss ,|,
siqiii'i i f ii   lull  nlli'iiOil In  hnvo
lii'i'ii uocivs li,. iln' i liiiniill h, ma
-iii-i i nil' nl il<, ri i-ni'i' i.i fcVynmur
mul lliislin(;ss,n',ls. Vancouver Insl
'liiiuiiii'.v. Tin- iilniniiir I'liiims il„-
ni'i'iili'iil wns i-iHi-i-,1 l,.v llii'nil'Mini-
lli|l suddenly ns ahe mi- in tl,,, ii,.i
ul getting i-IV Tin. iiit.il.tift" cliiiini
slm received Injuries in ll.,- (nil,
Tics nro nlt-i'inlvn (lie gi-ound in
tlii'C N II .-nl hclur, llu|ii' in |irc
immtli.ii fur In.a-h laying The pile
drlver is ivltliln iili-ii In -ml yiai-.lv
<>l iln- town limn-,   li uiii nul In'
iiinnv weeks nmi  Irf   iln- sii'i'l
iu.- vviil  ,,:,,-1   r.-a.ll,  I'i'i'l .Mn
lllipe,   llllllllllgll   tllll  ll.'li'll   Illl.
hi' nrltiiill.v completed I" Iln' sit,, uf
tlir itnlli nil s li iii January.— Wist Vnlu Huviuiv,
I'liinn is sih-Ii n vast country Hint
tlll-l'l-nr full)' l-i'Viillltiiins run   In-   in
progress nl iln- sn time witlnml
llm pi'iipl.' iu Uii'.iili.'i- purl i.f Hu
ISiupiro knowing anything nhoiit it.
We hi'iir of men killing two liinls
ivilli ono stono, hul tho average luiul-
or will testify Ihnl ono for ovory hus
nf shull   is nonror  tho mark—Ex,
Publicity is tin- keynote to stiocoss,
Ailvortisu in tin- Free Press tor good
Potatoes slm-,.I In
in t'i-.>-t-1ii f warehouse, three mouths
for Tun Dollars,
Lllicral ndrimee un
slii|iini'iils if desired,
***•:-•>+* ■:• * •> -:- -:• -:- -:• ■> •> ♦■:••> -:• -t- •:- •:- •:- •:• •:• ■:• * <• -:• •:- •:• •> -:• •:• ■:• •:. •:- •:- -:■ •:• •:- •:■ •:• •:• ■:- •:•*-:•***+
I'ltid-ttp Capital and rluscrvc
f\ l,in ni,iniu
Al i,v l.naned in Re,
Al'l'.illlits I Ipe I nil   ,
li 1,
I 'llll.l.lU VI I,    Illl AM II
*■!**<* .**************+*+4,
| The Chilliwack Specialist
Pkoa. ■ l»7 "bon. R 19?
Electrical  Contractor
Wiring for Powor
aud Lighting
i"|| VANCOUVER   .    B. C. j
lint Air riirii.iiv-
Roofing and Cornice,
Motallie Ceilings,
Stoves and Ranges,
Goneral ropair work,
EslimatOB ftiritishctl
Phone 94
A eninplete line of
Fittings and Supplies
Hot Drinks for
Cool Weather
Ths Nsc Studio    IhllliuacK, B.C.
♦♦*>***++++'i>* ♦♦++**+•>+++*•? *
Clam Bullion
Tomato Bullion
Tomato Nectar
Beef Tea
Hot Malted Milk
Tea, Chocolate, Coffee
These delicious drinks served
day and evening, in our
Tea Rooms
We Make Our Own Candies
ChilliwacK Candy Kitchen
A proposition is on foot t*> bring
together nil the Industrial com in is*
sionors iiii'l secretaries of the Boards
of Trade west of the tirest taken nt
n congress to bo hold in Win*
tn|i'-t: (luring tin- month of January,
1912. The dollbomtlons of the
congress will Inst three days and
will In? concerned with .some of the
liig problems which confront the
Boards of Trade nnd Industrial
commissions, It in in tended to formulate a scheme for oloser co-operation
of the various Boards of Trade in
ibe work of development in western
A- nu indication of the mineral
wealth whieh may i><* disclosed by
iht- construction of the ('. X. I».
thuugh ibe Thompson ami North
Thompson Valleys, n five foot scam
of coal was uncovered recently near
Battle BlntT tunnel by ihe grading
crew. The point where the seam
is uncovered is approximately ibat
indicated in Mr. Dawson's   rejwrl
ivcring the scam which was open*
I up south of Kamloops hy Major
Vaughan some twenty years ngoand
has been traced northward t** Kamloops bike.   This Is a very much FOB SAI.K-1'iiiv bred IVkln Ducks, IJ rklor-A   waiiv rw*     '
more Important find, as the deposit    -utttii-i** f..r hivcillng: $3 m pair. j. + yiO/K^KJ  yKJUJ.  UI- ;;
.   . *       .    I      M..I'.. II    I.. ..i....   i-i...... T _
'.     Vr-V'  <■- V .  *V.l
Aal ol     r
S-"'        ;* '
In an effort lo establish a gallery of
pioneers of lho Frnscr Valley, 1 will
Hive to I'V.-iy iiuiii who luiM Ini-h a resident <>f the valley not U-i.** than
lweiily*flvo yeurs nnd who is eligible
i.> membership in Tlu- nl.l Timers
Association, ono lat-f-e Plallna Flnlsli
photograph of himself, rmltublu for
framing, free.
I'rovliletl, ibui In- will .-uine in mv
Btiiilla beforo tbe tim uf November
next ami give » few moments of bis
lime in nti t tl'i'ti to obtain a likeness
llmt will nul ..illy I*.- a credit lo lilin*
-.-ll nml tl»- piotii-er- of the \'nll*?y,
but iln- Studio a-* well,
L. F. CROFT, Photographer
t Im- jiwl hit! el "       i* ii
I \v  eel  . t". i    nn-' . t i
I T! i    I
[ nil   I    *     .   :■   , . I    ii
| tlmt    fnr   i|ii,'ilit\.   work-
I nmnsliip and finish, im-
{ mcdintcly  conimoiula il
t to lilt' J-t'l't'Wtl ;linlili'ft'l*ll-
t inj; iiuycr.     Tlioso  lin^-
J j-ifs havo, bcuido ninny otlior doHimhl<
% M. li. Loallior Tom,
{ Chilliwack Implement  and
Produce Company
* ▼
\ Macken*
| Smith
! Lumber
! Co.
For Sale
-1'iirv l.n-l  l'i
: lircetllnfti $3    . ,
.M,r,.i,n,ll, l..,vui l.'.li','. Clu™
J will   be  glad
♦ to furnish you: j
| with an esti- 11
| mate on your;
♦ lumber   bill::
I whether   you: j
Abbotsford Timber ® Trading
Co., Limited
Office and Yards, YOUNG ROAD
We linvi' it i plcto -i"'l- "f l/mjj .l"i-l-. Itottgli
ami   Di-ossotl   Lunilwr, Lntli, Sliinjsli'.., I\iln Di-ictl
Flooring,  Coiling, Siiling, Moiililing!. nml   PIiiihIi.
I .'tiii.'. I 'iiiii'iil nml l'l,i-l,t
I'mmpl iitli-iiii.iii givi'it i" .ill 'U'lli-i-s.
is fviili'iitly of i'i,iiuin'ri'i:il proport
innsaii'lofauperiorquality. Sliouldl     '	
further Invcillgatloii prove tin- np- For Sale
parent values lo la* real, there is m, I
I doubt tlmt il (lrat-cliiai Held "ill l*l''''j'*A'f-"'•'•-•'l-'i*y.-nr-..l.l.«.-iKl,i■ i
l «* f f t1fr„-1i"0 ^lii^awaw I
f qnalitv ufcnal needed for thc tJliv-     of A, I) MeEarheni, ("itv. 'J
♦ ing of the big tunnel would wairniit  . . j{
*'■minetlinti'o|»iiliig of  lho Hold.    | p«» q«i„ !J
I der with them::
| or not.
Phone 86
For Sale
Local Manager
{l   Tin- ileputntion ro|irc«cntiillve nf IIK'YC-I.K, KOIi RALK-II.K, A.iiiaki
* ,|m i„ Ir ,,< t'hilliivnek    ivhlnl       "'r'" "I"''1 '-'""■'■ '"'"'  ' ™™ l""1
T   Illl    |».,|l.   OI UlllllliaCK,   IMIIOIIOII        ral„-.s,i,„-,.|vri,l.l'-IK   \|.|.|, II.
* Wednesday interviewed tho tloveru-    mi, Kn-e Pnw,
Jiit'-nt nt Victoria asking relief from
♦ ihe terms eoiitalneil tu existing dyk-      r.     , .    . n
{jiiiK IcKisliitinii hy which iln-.. nre ef-     rurnisned Kooms to Kent
J l,','ti',l. Imvi' I..,',! i-„|ii,-t,-,i t,, fm-  mt,' iikxt  Skill   liiini-1,,,1  i
♦ mini I" iln- i'mviucinl Sccrclnrj n
*' mcniornnduni ofthclrapiieal, which
{ tin' (i.iveriiiiiciil will ijiercuisin ink,
J* up   with   tic    lliiii-li   t'oliunhlii
j Klectric Railway t'oini v. nn in.
* ii-i.si.il  parly   in tlii-   imrllciilnr
| dyking matter,
t.    l'ros|iecl« for th-sin-,-,-.- ..ft; I
\, llavisi.ii
| Macken-
! Smith
l Lumber Co. j
St. Andrew9s and
Fifth Annual
Scottish Concert
Opera House, Chilliwack
Friday Evening, Dec. 8
Watch lor particulars of this pleasant annual event.
j Chilliwack Steam Laundry Co.
♦ T. E. HALL. Proprietor
Phone 172
Ladies and Gentlemen's Clothes Steam Cleaned
A Specialty.
All Work Promptly and Neatly Executed.
Parcels Called For Every Morning.
We Have Moved
' ,****************************************************' ll',ail- n.uv, nli"ii which i-1" be held |
|in N'i'w Westminster nn N'ovoinber
:l mul I nre most ei umging, and
thai   tin-    cling, will   hnve  nn
IImportant liearlngon tin- venient j
itnr ih.' Improviiiii-iii of existing|
minis ami il.,- building uf new highways Is now assured. In addition
to tho representative iiiomlicra «.f
the Pacific Highway association who
will m.iki- th,' tiip'ti, tli,, lloynl cilv
for tic pur|x»o of tnliing in the
'•"iivi'iitii.ii, n large nuiulier nf nion
i.lni nro showing Ihelr Interest in
th.' innv.-ini'iii for tho lirsl thu,' will
also I..' present, Delegnloi from
Iii.iii-.Is of trada from nil parti nf the
province,   representatives  of niilo-
mobile  clubs   fm -  fm- east ns
U'I.inI]K.g iiiiiI ns far -until ns fort-
land, nml .si'Vi'l-nl tni'ml,i'l-s nf (l.e
prfiviucinl parliament will bo among
lii'i'ii' inking mi nctivo pari iu Ihe
debates,   Much of lho preliminary
tho Knight Block in lh,' building formerly  liplcd  l.y
tlio Ki-i-c Press, npiswltc llie pusl ..11 i■-• ■. where ynu  will
Iiini us fully i''|in-'i''-1 Ii. meet yuur demands in uur Due,
Wo carry a full II f the besl  grades nf harness nml
accessories, at prices tlmt s|„'ll , nnmy for tin- farmer,
!.l to givi- ynu exccpllonnl sendi
Will l„-   l|,|.|.,|,t,,|
is pri'pn
The ChilliwacK Harness Co.
Opposite the Post Office
We Have Listed Exclusively
A Few Blocks of 5, 10 ami 15 Acre Subdivision, situated 1 1-2 miles
from the city on the beautiful banks of Hope river. Peaches, apples,
plums and small fruits in bearing*.
This kind is in a No. 1 state of cultivation and unequalled for early
For Further Particulars, Apply
F. J. HART & CO., LTD.
Hart Block
Newcombe Piano, in good condition
McM Han, good as new. Splendid tone
Price new $375. For quick sale
Terms arranged. Call and See These.
Alfred White . Music Dealer
Several brand new cottages
ami bungalows in different
parts nl ibe city for sale on
exceptionally easy terms and
at oxtroinoly Imv prices, for
side (or ii few days ul u
Wo nlso havo onqlrloH 'or a
Dairy Hunch fnr rent, must
havo ut limit 80 acres und
in sbu|M' In uporftto.
We want listings of large
und small lilm'ks of land
whore lb.' right prices and
terms arc ipmled. Our arrangements (nr selling land
tn castoril fanners is su|H'r-
inr tn uny in the valley and
if propor offers am made,
WO can sell tlu* land.
I)kvko|i.ikntCo, l/ni. are in
ii |sjsition In lianilli' lurge
uuilevoloped blia-ks uf land
now mul wi- invite all who
have such lanil tn sell to
nnlif.v ii-1 nm) quota their
very ln'St price mul terms
nn same,, This is n mutter
which deserves prompt und
careful notion.
Call and sec us.
z   r. o. so. m;
{ TJ.Polley.ftCo. {
S        Chilliwack, B. C.        *
At Chapman's Studio
for Christmas
Photos, Crayons, Ilrnmidos,
Frames, .Mouldings, ami
Mulls. Cameras (or sale
nud rent. Second-hand
Cniuoras 'joughl and sold.
Supplies, lilms, linisbiiig
uud developing for amateurs. Post cards nnd views
of Chilliwack sold. 'Phone
illl.    Open evenings.
H.  C.  POOK
Successor to W.M. ARCHIBALD
Estimates (liven
Phone 58
llns. 265
DRAKI-H.i. km>y Stallion,  lU-gisteml
DOLLY-Hay Mure, '.yearn, Uii family
mart* hi tli*' province.
HAZIL— Ilrown  man*, ti yvern,  good
cotuliitialion in all harnna and •a.lilU*.
HAROLD 6.—Som'l colt 2 year* put, a
good pniajH-cl to make motwj.
For further partirulnr** apply
Ca-h, Tim*', or Excliang-e for Real Estate.
Miss Cli.ru Davison, teacher in
Piano, and pupil ol Miss McGuire,
Alberta College, Edmonton, is open
to receive primary pupils, Pupils
may begin ut uuy time. Terms, etc.,
on upplirntinu.
Re.lg.acei Prtac.ea Ave., Chllllw.ck
The West Yule Review publishes
the (ollowing rcguriling tbe cun-
Btructlon work o( tho C. N, It.:
"Ths advent ul the Canadian
Nutlicm Ruilwny tu Hupe and Yule
muy not be quite so curly us wuh
unticipated, ur as it wus, iu fuel,
quite recently predicted by Sir
Donald Mann. The railway company, Ihe chie( contracting company
and the various Nul.-contraclni's
have done their work rapidly uud
well, but certain delays were un*
uvoiduble. At present the trucks
extend (mm Port Mann to the intersection of the C. P. 11. trucks
from Mission south tu thc International liiiunilnr.v. Here ndiamond
has to lie installed and until that is
received and in place no (uther pro
gress eastward can is, ninth'. The
dilliculty at Mt. Lehmancaused by
the sliding of a clay lunik has beon
overcome aud the grading is now
pructicully complete. Tbe pile-
driver's wurk is linished near 1Ih|n'.
Thuugh it muy ls> required eastward
luler it cannot Is' hauled any furl her
but will Iw taken back down the
Yule Knud, and, when needed,
shipped over the C. P. K. to Yule
or North Rend. Thc bridge over
the CiKpiihnlla River will lie built
Ibis winter. Whether tlic superstructure will la- wuiiil or Htccl is
not yet decided. T. II. While,
chief engineer on construction of the
line through Itrilisb Columbia,
visited Yule on Wednesday and in-
s|H'cted the work there. On Thursday he came down the river to
llnIK', accompanied by W. K.
Uwyer, divisional engineer, and
spent the afternoon in Hoih' with
L. N. Jenssen, divisional engineer.
A visit wus made to the provincial
government bridge over the Coqui-
liullu. Mr. White admired the
substantial piers and remarked that
he might wish to secure the services
o( the same workmen when they ure
available. To the Review Mr.
White said tlmt lie was quite satis-
tied with the progress being made.
He could not fix s date (or the arrival ol the tracks at Hope, that
still depended upon tlic delivery of
the diamond at Mission. Nor
could he suite whether a freight
service would be inaugurated from
thc coast eastward as tracks are laid.
He remarked: "We have no place
to ship from yet, except Port
Maun." On the subject ot other
lines Mr. Whits was leu reticent.
He hu been familiar with railway
building in British Columbia since
1876,when he joined the engineering
stall of the C. P.R. He knows all tbe
many routes tried then before the
He is of opinion that a connecting
line Irom Nicola to Hope by way o(
the Coquihalla will soon be built. But
am ,1 tier road of .van greater importance, which lie (orstes, is south westerly Irom Fort George, across the
Chilcotin plains, snd down to Bute
Inlet. From there he sees no difficulty
(or a car-terrv service across to Frederick Bay on Vancouver Island, and
a short line across to QuatsinoSnund,
one of the finest harbors nnd the
nearest to the ports of ths Orient on
the whole Pacific coa.t of north
America. Mr.Wh'ts left for Vancouver Thursday night, Mr. Owycr
returning to Yale."
K. A. Henderson, an. & m.e.
Rooms In ,v 11. Westminster Trim Block
tin-  ilictrir  coflco
ilic ili>,  which
Iln- electric , urn m
will do light
-Have You Seen Them ?-
iln- li.iml*, milium-
Inn lii'itt.r fur l»>il-
Ing miter *.pii**kly.
iii.- IndlipeiiMbla
K tlcltcn    rnlivt'ii-
Drop in at our
Cliilliwnck  ottco
llll.l llllV.' tlir.-**' Up-
pi huu vn i-splaim-il
lo JOIl.
B. C Electric Railway Co., Limited
Roller Rink
Tin* Clilllmwk Roller Klok i- now
*'I*a-ii fur thi- rR*a*on.
Two-Thirty to Five
Sfwn-Tliirty lo Ten
Com and tnjoy a altataat
British ColmbU Eltctrk By
(i|i|Mi*jitia I* C, R. Hunl >n
Kltlod wilh iiiotlorn ron-
vt'iiient'i'M    nml    coinforlnbly
fni-ni-lM-<l tlirntiglmnt.
D. I. MacLINNAN, Proprlttor
1 »
'IV-trlii'i-*" tif Volon, I'inim mul Violin
in t'liilliiMU'k uirkly.
,\|ijih ><t itml.il uinl lo Iln- <'»ii-*m*,li>ri |
BOI Itroinlnit) VVoMf Vaiii'iniwr
nml mn l.-nrli.-r Kill ..ill nn )uu.
Wl-HI IH lllllll—
s :tn a.m.
1.1'i p.m.
0.00 p.m.
,0.80 a.m.
8.80 •.m,
18.16 noon
5.00 p.m.
a.W |».
11. HO
Nt Siidii Tridini
Tlio consent uf tlio nUortioy-goii*
oral uf British Columbia will Im*
Riven to the Police CoiiilBslonora uf
Viinriiuver to invoke thu Lord's I'nv
OlisorvanoQ Act <»f Canada in tin.*
prosecution of varloiifl potty shop*
kooporii in tlmt city whu hnvo lat-
u-rly boon keeping thole plnc-na uf
business opon Sundays as woll as
ivt-i'k tliiyn, Initlii'kiiin imt only in
fruits, soft" drink**, oto,, but also
cigars, fanoy groceries and various
other commodities.
CaawYil.it CHvealios
Elaborate preparations nr*' being
made fm- iln! annual mooting uf tho
Hritii.li Columbia Conservative Aa-
soolatlou, which will hi; lii-hl in
Westminster on Friday nnd
Saturday, Novombor 24 and 20,
Over live hundred dologatos, frum
nil parttt of thoprovinco, nrooxpeot*
etl to attend, Including tho members
of tho provincial legislature uh well
ns ihe ministers uf the provincial
oxcoutivo, Prior lo the convention
n reception will Ih- tondorod Mr. J.
D*. Taylor, M. P.
Not Finer River Ferry
The new ferry neruss the Frasor
i.iver at Mission City will he a
reality in tht! course of a week ur
fortnight. The ferry is receiving
the Unit-thing touches now, and (he
anproaohesat Elllotvillo'ond Mission
City are now bolngcompletcd. Ac*
cording to report the new ferry,
which will likely lie named Spruit,
MeUridc ur Manson, is a ferry uf
tht! lirst order, double-decked, and
capable of carrying six teams besides
the possongero. Gasoline will Ih- the
motive power. Report has that tho
ferry will he free, although no
authentic information has as yet
Wen given out in this resin-el.
Hourly trips will lie made. It is
planned to have a gruud opening
day when it is hojied all the Valley
will he present to dike in Ihe sights.
A banquet, will probably lie given
in the evening. The new ferry
across the Frasor will comploto the,
last link in the Frasor Valley Automobile route.—Abbotsford Post.
Vkt-srii Nd Fdtwi t• BiU
The Odd Fellows of Victoria, have
planned a splendid structure for the
order. Tho property ou whicli it
is proposed to erect the huilding is
situated on the north Hide of View
Street it short distance above the Y.
M. Ci A. building, and consist-* of
two full-sized lots whicli were secured by the Odd Fellows some years
ago, when it became apparent that
with the growth of the order in
that city the present premises on
Douglas Street would prove inadequate. The structure will be three
storeys in height and cost in the
neiKhborhood uf 81-10,000.
The coal'strikc in southern British
Columbia and Alberta, nml lusting
about eight mouths, has been settled
and the mines will soon lie running
at full capacity. A fuel shortage ou
the prairies during the coming win-
tor is feared.
An empty stomach is most susceptible to poison; the head, in like
condition, is a safe harbor fur evil.
•U t++♦♦+4+4++* *!• * * *+*++*+* *>* •> ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦+♦+♦♦+*♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•
!Are You Clearing!
'       WE CAN HELP YOU       j
Mitli nur niiloto lino of Tuoln for this [uir|inie, t
We stock Axi's, Wedges, Umn rs, C'ross-Cul Saws J
in nil lengths, Psavles, Cunt-Hooks, Log Chains nnd *
Snatch Blocks,    Wlro Cahle In all sizes. j
Knsi' and Citii-. t
Thoso Chilly Mornings an.l livonlngs, ono of those
little dinky  (111,   UKATKliS   is jn-i   tl,,,  i|,|ng,
Thoy nro  olonii,  anfo  I  odurleas.
****************************** ****** *****************
* !Train
Arriv, I
Clink '
A partial account uf the deliberations of the City Council on Tuesday evening Oct. 24, appeared in
last issue, the following being crowded out.
A communication was read Irom
Ihe Clayburn Co. Ltd., quoting
price, on drain tile, vu. for six inch
tils 18 cents per foot and for 8 inch
26 cents per foot. The letter was
referred to the City Engineer.
Communications selling fortli
resolutions from the Chilliwack
Board ol Trade regarding street
lighting and sewerage were read,
received and filed. Aldermen
l.erv.n and W.ddington gave a
■tatement of what they had stated
on behalf ot the City Council to the
Board ol Trade. This in effect was
aa appeared in the Free Press
account of the meeting of the
Contractor Hemphill's disputed
account for gravel, was referred to
arbitration according tn the terms
of contract. The selection of an
arbitrator for the cily was left in
the hands of the Chairman of the
Board ol Works and the City Engineer, to report at nest  meeting.
Young street eement local improvement by-law for sn amount of
1404.72 to be spread over a t.-rin
of five years, wss put through thr
various preliminary  stage..
Ths Chairman of the Board of
Works recommended selling rock to
Ihe Government st 1.100 per yard,
and giving use of road roller for
construction of ths Yale trunk road.
The Government, through Mr.
Cruiekshanks, is spending about
IS.tlOii on the improvement ol the
Yale road.
Ths sewerage question was the
subject ol some discussion and the
[Council adjourned.
ChilliwacK Orchestra
l"hilli«a,-k   Orclii'iir.,   Sis   ur  Eight
piece., open (or uti|.gciiicnlfl.
At.r. WniTr, Secretary.
Nolle Lesions
I .di prepared to take . lew pupil, for
I'i.ii,, and Tlicury.
A.rutin Winr., M.i-i. Store
of our Special Suit Sale?   If tint ■
are doiiijj yourself an injustice.   .1 .-•
think of paying only
$15 for a
$20.00 Suit
During tho last two weeks large numbers havo  taken  advantage   of  our
Special Offor and we have filled u
our Bargain Tables and wan! you to
call and sec tlio values we are
offering at only $15
Chas. Parker
Your Outfitter
Fit Reform Clothier    *
Management uf hiiihII farm ur wnuld
work wim- on *->liarv*-.. I.ifu oxperienco
In all li rune I ie* of (arm work. \\>y\) to
Chilli waek Prt*e 1'nm
Organist Wanted
\VANTKI>—Application! for Uw portion
of ormniint uf St. Thniim-r church,
t'liilllwark, will In* n-ii-ivcl in wriiinj*
Ity tin- ntiili-r-iaiu-.l mil Inter limn Bat*
unlay. Mih November, mu. Appli
ration*] to state mialitU-ationn ami **ul-
ary Hpeetvil.      ri. IMtiiii:, S*-,n t:»r\
Having in stock n number ol odd pieces bus J
furniture, which belong to broken -■■    - ire    _ J
scutched,   Remnant linoleum, carpet  squares     ady {
and stair carpets, etc.,    1 have decided ti   iispose   f J
them at a sacrifice price while they last   Her-; ir n me J
of the bargains. J
Ono arm ohair, quarter cut oak, is wlid *
leather over scut, full U.x, big value it *• "'    ' urs *
for . SS.00 I
Odd Diners, quarter cut oak, snrth 16 '* I - S3J.0 J
Odd Diners, quarter cut nuk, worth et 50 f r 52.75 *
Odd Diners, royal oak, worth IS.iiO I ■ 52.25 t
Extension Tables, 8 ft,,   sliglltb   - -''■ I   — t
lo $12.50 for , 1750 »
Extension Tables, 8 ft., sllghtlj   -. »
t'. Slli.40 f„r . . Sr)00 J
Sldoboanls, values to 810.50 for $10.75 »
Parlor Tables ut lea than cost. J
Only n few carpet squur.-s left, must g-. .i- snyprke. ♦
You are cordially invited to inspect th valuta, and ♦
if ymi want n good nrtiole at nn extremely low price ♦
you will bestir.! to purchase.   No exchange of goods ♦
llllldo at these prices. *
1 W. B. TRENH0LM, ChilliwacK, B.C. \
Applications Wanted
WANTED—Ap|,lic«tii„tanitl bo it'civiil
l.y the iiiiil.-rsi^ii..!, in Writing, f'.r tbo
Iss-iti.'ii ,il iiialmn ,»( tl,,' new I liilli
aat-k llis,|iilal. alsiif.., a man sndwlto,
III. Inniier tu inak,. I,iin-. If .'. n- i.ilh
UM-tltl .11,1 tin* Liter In liav,' n know,
li-'tifr of cooking .n,l t" do c ii'-i-.l
hniwwork. Applic.lita 1,. HIS rt'lcr-
I'licea .ml al.U- -alary expsetsd,
Hoar. M.KHit.i.1. Bsjntsrf,
For Rent
ton RENT—Room, .ml ofleawtah hot
water l.ialinc  OSO, It Aaliwell A Bon,
Cockerels For Sale
A  few  Pure  Rml  Waek Orpington
Corkcrel., (or sale.
Wm. Dt-aTK.iioirr.
Chilliwack I-'i>
• PrcH ii.lvcrtising
niKiuiir 5.KVII i:
l.ve. Chillii,«, k COO a.m.
"   Vancouvor 7.00   "
Ually Kicept
All paaenior train. lianJle Kipn«.
Mission City will shortly have u
new industry established by the
Kootenay Jam Company, Limited
This company will manufacture
pure cocoa and chocolate, and will
be the only plant of its kind in
Western Canada.
A fifteen foot -cam of high grade
coal has been struck in the big tunnel, at the 1,100 (out level at Coal-
moiit, II. C.
Westminster Trust Huilding
C. T. Vradenbarg
Wo have in st.H-k a iiiiiiil»'r "( itandai I doon,
siaes, which wc purchased al ■ .nap price.   We bought
theso doon HuM and «ill -''II them riiil.t.
The Prices Range From
$1.75 to $2.15
('■.impart' then with ngular pHett and come ind -*■■• the
ilixirs. Oomo early a- tht-y will not la-i long at ■:.-- pricei,
t      t. 0. Box 243
one > 121
|  Chilliwack Planing Mills
\ A. G. Brown-Jamison Co. Ltd. j
Rock Cnnbcn       Road Mwhln-wy      Cbntnctoti1 Bqidprnent
Mining MadilnPTj Boflew        Bnglnci
i.inmiii Mi.t-.t TracVi
Intmtati. AntcwtoWha
Farm Ii>i|.1t-uiriil
Ualrj Bopplka
Hu/.i«.-.i MiikiintMadrian   X
1046 Main Street Vancouver, B.C.
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦++t** + 4++*>++* THE GARDEN CITY I.EADKR, C1III.T.1 VVACK,  B, ('.
Hi-riiinii liy
Pastor Brooklyn ■iuiu-rnauie
A     Much-Not-ded    Lesson    in an   Unorthodox Setting-P it What
ll   Orthodoxy?
July    30 -
Brooklyn, N Y
withstanding the
Brooklyn Tnberna;tlu w»* crowds
I" duy t'n-inr liiiMi.ll hii-ilt for hi
t.-xt Um worth <f tin* Prophet DitvH
"Whither shell 1 ll.*.- from Ths nm
anoer If I asoend uii Into th.* heuven
'Ili-'ii nrt thoro j il I tnukti my bad ll
hall, behold, Thou art there'' (Psalo
oxxxfx, 7. Ri,    Ho snld:
Wt* are- living iii ti day when moii'-v
pleasure mid pain i«?r>m to In* th
assets ol th- mn"**!, Tlio Kvnliiti.ii
theory and lho Higher Criticism a
(hi Bible hnvo fostered unbotlsf t
moll mi oxIont tlmt everything In
tan gib I a fi doubtod Beginning will
tha cpllaua professor nnd the mal< I
liy of the educated mlnliton thi
ekeptloUm has embraced Ihe wealthy
who nn- eatlHtod with iha bloaalnj
of proMierlty, T.. these heaven nm
heavenly thlngi ieem vtujiirles a.
oomnnred with present etiioym*»nl
and hopes. Not fnr ,. long lime havi
those believed i» and feared sterns
torment. And Ihelr preient attllud*
li one of doubt respecting everythlni
connected with the Bible They wel
know that out*Ida tho Bible there i
nothing but guest work, nml the;
pr»fcr their own gUOiiei to thou.- a
other people. Wry tnnny of then
speak candidly and tell that tlm,
arc agnostics thnt they are uncertnli
and would like to ba informed re
apeotlng the future.
A very similar condition growing);
prevail-, amongst the poorpr clais<**
and tha uneducated, who sny, W
believed the scholars when they t«-l<
US tlu* Bible wn- In-plred ' Wh-
should we not helieve them now whet
Ihey declare thnt it is n fraud.1 *.
tho wealthy doubt that Ood wil
Sped ally favor them, so the poo
dnuht whether Ood will specialty di*
favor them. Both classes are reach
Intr the conclusion that fortune -,
disaster n?sl». not with the Lord, bu
with themselves,
Tho effect of all this loss of fall)
In an Almighty Ood in *>een on ever-
hand and is felt by many. One o
the consequences U that the religion
element of man's nature is hern-mim
numb and thc masse-., rich antl poor
are leaking a substitute in pleasure
as the Apostle's words foretold, the]
are    "lovers   of    pleii-urn    more    thnl
lovers of Ood " Additionally, man,
of the wealthy carry on a kind o
brigandage along commercial lines
Desirous of Imitating thorn, hut nn
able so to do, others are filline th
world with violence tn an extent thi
in nlnrmintr to everybody. Were i
not for our elaborate and co«tly pnllei
protection life nnd property would h.
far lesi secure [n civilized land- thai
am.'tiast the heathen. With all tin
protection afforded hy telephone
telegraph, police, etc., etc., our nil'—
end officials tell us thnt Ihey an
often bewildered in their uttempti t.
preserve taw nnd order.
Many learned m-m h.-liev tha
there   is   no  other   God   than   Nnture
and many of the unlearned are f.>l
lowing their lend. They reason tha
Nature served tbem ns both (nthei
and mother. Ihnt Nature I? pitiless
unsympatlgetlc, cruel. Tndeed, thi
I? one of their special irvumenti
Birniii-t n personal Ood, for Ihey sa-j
thnt such a Ood would not perm!
the stiffen ties we witness on ever*
hand nnd the still more terrible suf
ferines which the creeds of Christen
dom hnve tnueht them nre in Start
for nil except tbo saintly few.
ft is time that we return lo tin
Bible proposition nnd see the truth o
the statement, "The fool bath said if
his heart. There is nn flod." Bureh
there i* something wrnn? with thi
brain which, aftar noting Ihe wonderi
of nature, seen in the surroundInf
worlds and systems and attested It
all matters earthly, sees not an in
t«*l!fsvnt Creator I The wnnrlerftt
adaptnbility of our own bodies loth
of a wim? Creator.
If we compare the human eye
adapted to ita purposes and cnn.fi
tlons, with the eye of a fish, adapter
to its different conditions, nnd will
Ibo eye of a beetle, adapted lo sti!!
different conditions, we *op tbo moat
Indubitable proofs of profound.**'
wisdom nnd superhuman -kill. \Vh.*r
we think of man's wonderful power*
and .if fits (-rent achievements in th*
w.irld and then consider his innhil
fly to make a single livintr thing
from a microbe to an elephant, fr*.t?
a tiny seed to a tree, surely we should
concede thnt the One who ordered
nature in the production of the.*
wonderful , variations, and created
man himself, must bo an A'mhrhly
Intelligent Ood. Surely "Day tint-
dav   ut-tcreth   speech   nnd  night   nnt'
niirht iftoweth Knowledge" alone the**
linos, to those who hnve tbo eye*
of understanding to see. It is tim»
ttiat these great truths wpre beim*
emphasized nnd tlmt tbe bonstfu
pentlemen who ignore thnn should
hnve their true measure taken, re
■ardlesi^tf how many title*- may foi
!«.w Iht!? nnmes. The moderate!".
educated n* well an tbo illiterate need
Mnli a lastlmonf lo oooie from everj
i.iili.it     And tf il doea not soon conn
our elvltltttlofl will be wrwaed
"Thou. Ood, aej-pt-l ■•"•"; "The .■>■■
ri the Lord i* i» ewjy place.*' Then
Bcfipturea give us   the   proper  eon
rei.tioti of the Almighty. As till
the telescope, the micro-cope, lh-
telephone etc. man can enlarge hu
nnge ol vision and hearing,  so bi
power, -till mpM wonderful the A!
ii. .-I *v is cognisant of all Ihe affair-
of ihe t'niverse. We grant that om
treble mmdi are unable to COHipre
bend «o great, ao universal an Intel-
llganea. ,     . ,
Wo cannot know In whal mnnnei
the angels the spirit servants ol Oot,
■aa. u His eyea. In every place, le
taa.- cognisance ol our affairs }Je
cannot know in what manner th-*
electric or lightning (lush -err.'* a* «
Divine messetig»r. ."lit we can l.e-
lleVl  that   a   fr-oul   *-o   Innintely   high
Above us possesses power* of Information as f»r beyond our romprehan
sion us Ibe telephone nnd win-le-s
telegraphy and electric light w-re
beyond the eomprehenslon whieh our
forefathers hnd of these things m
their day It Is easier to believe tb il
so great a Bainfl n« tho One who
formed man ihottld have n 1 wisdom
nnd ell power than lo believe Him
deficient of these. The 8cri|,tiinl
argument Is a good one* If-- tha
formed th- eye shall He nnt se
He that formed the enr, shall He no'
heiff' ... .   _
The creeds handed down t<* ill fmm
Ihe dark   pa.l declare   thnl Oad   la
everywhere)    nresent  — tmoiuia-cut
This h ni unthinkable nr. il in fool*
lib nnd uuscrlpturiil.   TnklnR Btlvnn
Inge of this error ol "nrthndoxy," till)
\dver-itrv ha> turned mnnv nwtty
from n »*i*1 i--f in a per-nniil Ood II*1
who u everywhere i- nowh rn    The
r Milt   ||   Ihe   nhstird   View   hbldl   hart
liik.-n hold on smno otherwise Intel*
llgonl people, to lha eft»ci tl"*t go.j.1
and Ood ure -.ynonomous Hence a
log of wood lhat \* good for some
thin-*, Unit can l)*i mad* I'lto some-
ihint.' iiHi-ful, ii in 1.1 to h itf" good in
it.   Itml.   hene»,   |o   have   Hod   ill   It-*
ditto a pleoe of iron, a h«d, a chair,
n table The fnllv crows Into saying
thm <j.,,l i- avervwhere and is In
everything Thu* laith in n "god of
nnture   nnd   Jmnpoii-so"   lakes   lb.*
pi'   of   (ailb    lu   t .0   Ond  of   lh*
nihle, whose resldonce Is in henven,
l.ui whose IntalllgPi nd power fcx-
ind tbrouglimil th" Universe, iu
thousands "I wnys ol which wo nre
nnly learning through aloetrlclly,
radio ncllvllv,  rli' .   l'e-.id..s   angelia
ii ne-r- thai Dim t-i.ine iiiiil gu like
ih- wind.
Onr   I'M   iiiNund r-t...it.   U   «up
pnsed In t -h  Divine nrrntlnres**!	
wberoil"  it  rea'ly  l*'nehe*   Divine mn.
ni- u.-e and   Almighty  power    Th •
I nrd'l pr pence, ns repr -s -tited i|i
His Itilelllgence and power, nr"
■ *v rv«lere Nnwherp cmM wo go to
he beyond Hla rendi nnd l-a-'ond ID-
knnwfpdtre Were this thought Ihor*
niiffhly i'n'.N'.s,.,! ii twin every huinnn
mind, what a vast differ »e It would
miik,. tn human rnnriuel from ihnt
now seen in Wall Street, In hunk*.
In pnlnces, in hovels, in saloons, in
"aiiililiiu* houses -even-where, It \i
the groiil lesson needetl hv the whole
world, Rverynne who believes ihi*
should join wilh nnture in nttPStJlltl
Divine Wisdom, Power. Justice and
But r'tillv th" undermining of faith
in the (bid ot the Bible Imi been ac-
compllshod largely hv the mi-representation of the Hilile'., leaching
Our text, for Instance, ii supposed
to tench thai Ood is In heaven with
Die saintly, rejoicing with (hem and
enjoying their pleasure and thnt He
nlso |a in hell with the uii-aiutly,
looking ujion their sufferings and
tortures and planning with dovlli for
their everlasting continuance. Think.
tug minds are rejecting such non-
leme, but,   alas, they nre   rejecting
the Bible, Ion, hence have no foundi*
Don for n better, truer faith.
Every educated minister knows
Hint I tell the Truth to the common
people when I say that the word he'l
In our text has not the slightest re-
ference to a place of torture, or even
of consciousness. Indeed Ihls is trf-
of every occurrence of the word hell,
from Genesis to Molacht. In every
Instance the translation is from the
same Hebrew word, sheol, which
hlgnlfiPS the grave, the tomb, and id
thus iiio.-t frequently translated,
I urge upon nil ministers of educe*
tion to join with im- in explaining
to the public the true meaning of the
Hebrew word Bheol and the Greek
word hades. Whatever may have
been their thought of expediency hi
the pu?t ihey ittould see -hut thi- mistaken views of the meaning of these
words ar.« amdcrminifig tlio faith of
The P*n 1 milt really said. "If I a--
eend up Into th* sky. Thou art there;
if I make my bed ill sheol (Die
gravel, behold, Ttk.ii art there • • •
In the utt.rinost nnrts of the sen.
even there *-hnll Ttiy hand lead m-
and Thy rlahl hand shall hold tne."
The thought li that Uie Divine Power
is everywhere, that whether we live
cr die, nothing enn separate us from
Qod'i Wisdom and Power nnd from
the ultimate accomplishment of ou*
rescue from the power of the grav*).
which Ood bus purposed and hai
promised sl-aill he dona through tlm
great Messiah,   For Hla Kingdom we
wait and pray.
Tbo word orthodox signifies "correct in doctrine." I am ready to admit thnt my presentation ie not tb>
ordinary one—hut I claim that it is
correct, that it is the true doclri'ie
of the Word of Ood. If io, it L orthodox,  in  the  highest sense  of  tint
term, and everything to the contrary,
being opposed to   the   standards of
Ood*-   Word,    uiu.-t   be    unorthodox.
Everything depends upon our bland*
ard. I stand for tbe Dihle, its teach.
ing, its doctrines, and therefore um
orthodox. On the contrary. Higher
Critics and Evolutionists and those
who bold the creeds of the "Durk
Ages," contradictory to tbe Bible, an-
proportionately unorthodoi—heretical.
Whut Christendom needs to-day i>
a return to the Bible, an Investigation of its teachings and, correspondingly, a rejection of all human crrt-dj,
which ore admittedly more or ].-*«
defective. Let us "stand fast in the
Ubertv wherewith Christ bath oiude
us tree." Let ua accept the Hihl > a-
th-* only standnrd. Let ui study it
and understand It to tbe extent of
-■ur ability Let us rejnice fn ever?
degree of harmony "re all atlHin in
'be correct understanding of tt. l.-t
n< M • .iv.hip as Christians all who
acknowledge its Divine autbentici'y
nnd who. In harmony with it* presentation, are trusting in Jetui as their
R.-de. nier; and who, in acceptance of
Hii invitation, have forsaken alt to
h-  His foot-tap followers.
These are the real Christians, with
whatever   sect or   party   tbey  mi?
Iihvc become identified, through tbe
sunpoiltlcn that tbey were doing Ibe
wj|| of Ood, These alone ure th-
saints; theso alone are running in
lha race course; these alone have ths
ipportunlty of making their "calling
md election sure" Tbe masses
l*flown a* Christendom are unrhri*-
•inn in ever* s'-n-'e of the word They
■•r*> civilised  heathen, in  the  sense
■bat  they do not  raCOgntu any  more
than do the heathen, a pergonal Ond
"I  glorious  charaolef  .perl.-ct   in   His
Wi«.loin, lust Ice, Love nnd Power
rhev realise not His All-seeing Rye,
\nd their general lives ihov* their
'nek of (bis knowledge nnd this faith
More than this (shall we sny it»»
'be majority of professed cbur h
members,  so   fur  ns  we   ran   under-
■land their sentiments a« privately
*<iir»*seii and publicly declared bv
the ministers of their choice, are n.
tie.re Christians thnn are the Jews
They  neither believe  the  Bible to be
the Divine Revelation nor do Ihey
acoeol the fiord Jesui Christ as the
world's it deemer from sin uml death
Of Course, therefore, they do n. I
profess  to  consecrate    their  live*    tc
■aerlflclally follow One in whose r.*-
dcmptlve work they do not believe
Comparatively few of the hundreds
of thousands of those who have
named Die name of Christ, nnd whs
have come under various denominational  yokes,  have  any knowlrdoe nl
the Mystery of the rrns. of Christ.
the My-t.-ry of the Oospel. "The Mystery  which  hath  been  hid  from  SgOl
and generitlonSi but now is mads
ttinttif si to hii saints" (Colosilarif
i. 26i
Alas, the majority seem mutant to
have merely n "name to live" and
wish merely to bu ceJJ*-d Christians ,
I  ,  t..  wenr  a jewciPti  erns*..    li  i*
Imi tit* fi-w of tlioso who have tasted
that the tan! is gracious and have
felt ih) earnest desire to know uul
ta do th.- Father's will at the cost ol
self.snerlueo, With the majority th.
intimutlon thnl a certain course In
life is the "narrow way." the wuy
of tin* Cross, ll sufficient to turn
them in un opposite direction; for,
While they would like to share thu
heavenly glories und honors of the
Lord, they ure unwilling to be sharers in His Ignominy, r>uf!eringj and
These, without relinquishing their
desire for righteousness, are disinclined io go to such b-ngths hs th--
Mailer jind the Apostles taught and
exemplified. Hence, thev ure not
Interested iu the "deep thlngB" of
Qod's Word, but merely in Die more
superficial. In the language of thi!
Scriptures, they ure willing ta suy,
"We will ent  our own   brood, and
wear our own nppnrott only b*t ut
he railed by Ihy  name, to take away
our reproach" (Isnlah Iv, 1),
The fault be* largely wllh many nl
Ihe clergy,  who are  not leudlng thi
people   to   "the   faith   olice   delivered
I lo the lolntS," but away from It.
1 The Bcrlpluros most illatlnefly teach
i thai we are under tho reign of the
"Prince of  this  world,"  Balan,  and
j thai our Lord at His S ml Coming
i in  Qowor nnd great  glory  will  bin)
or restrain this strong one nml over*
j throw   |||s  empire,    which   is    not  of
' Divine authorisation, hut built upon
I hum-in    weuknessoa.    ignorance   nnd
' superstition.    We are distinctly told
thut Satan shall he hound for that
* thousand years (the Millennium) that
he muy deceive the people no mors*
until   the thousand   years   sbull   b-j
I     Surely, then, thc bird has used tho
great Adversary ta assist in the uc-
complishlng of the Divine purposes.
Satan may hnve sUptaHod that he was
frustrating God's plans, hut just as
I fuirely be was mlstakon. 'Ibo -Divine.
Word is sure which declares, "My
Word lhat cocHi forth -put ol My
mouth shall tint return unt.i Mi* void,
but it shall accomplish that wliieli 1
please, and it shall prosper in thut
where unto I sent it."
i lt is time that all who realty believe in the Bible, who rt-ully believe
that Jesus hit the glory ol the ImlIut
> und humhk-d Uiius.-Jf even unto
death, thus providing the redemptive
. price lor tbe Church und lor the world,
should proclaim these fuels clearly,
positively. They should also declare,
us do the Scriptures, the Second Coining ul the Redeemer und the establishment of His Kingdom iu Divine
power uud majesty, lur the putting
I down ot sin und the lifting up of mankind lo glorious privileges ol reslitu-
tion, with ti just penally ugaiust every
furm of sin, nud the Second Heath
as   ttie   peliully   lur   wilful,   iht slate lit
Fighting Fish ol the Eatt.
Iu the garden-• of Singapore it i- th -
custom io stork tin* ponds wilh uil
manner ol queer Hshes—nnsny of them
of the fighting variety, s., dear to the
heart of tlo.* Oriental. This species uf
fish is so combative thut it is unly
necessary to place two of them near
each other, like lighting cocks, and
perhaps tu irritate them u I.ttie, t»
bring un a lively conflict. Tiny ut
once i-hiirg ■ each other, with tins
erect, at lh.- .-itinc time changing Color,
iu their excitement, Doiu the dullest
ol gray-greens to brilliant reds uud
blues, indeed, confinement in close
quarters is not needed to arouse their
combative propensities.
Place two glass jars close together.
with i,uc of tb.- fighting fish iu each,
and they will at once swim round and
endeavor to charge each uther through
the interposed gluss.
Kven  u  single  Hah,   seeing  himself
reflected In a mirror, will durt nt his
own image, and, irritated all the more
by hts (allure to reach his supposed
enemy, will assume the most brilliant
hues, seeing bis reflected antagonist
du the same, he will redouble bis efforts to reach him.*
Duchess of Edinburgh.
Tbe   Duchess   of   Kdiuburgh,   who
went tu London lur the coronation.
hus been very  little in  England sine*)
her husband's death, though she still
draws u handsome allowance from tbe
British Treasury. Her real title id
the Dowager Duchess ol Suxe-Coburg-
Gotha. Her duu^iter ul -■« attended,
und appeared in the otticiul program
as tbe Crown Princess uf lioumniiia.
lb ■ Crown Princess hus a family
rapidly -trowing up, uud it is one of
her daughters, Princess Elisabeth, who
is named m a possible bride lor the
Prince ul Wales. The Duchess of
Kd-nhurgh came with the Duke ami
Duchess of Sme-Coburg. who nre in
Kugiund the Duke and Duchess of Al-
buuy. It was this high title which
the Duke of Conuutight and Prince
Arthur relu*cd, preferring tu remain
Safe  From   Detectives.
,     "Du yuu  know,"  began  tbe  barber
' u be laid the lather thickly over bis
client's mouth, "that we're the only
' fellows 1 kimw ol that could commit
a crime and not be detected thruugh
the Bertilluu system or whatever it
ts that pinchea people by their thumb
. printsf"
The victim moved uneasily in bis
chair, but circumstances over wljich
he bad no control sealed hia lips. Me
grui.i.-d laierrt'gatively and politely.
"Yes, air; the reason is simple. We
ain't gobim thumb prints. We get Yiu
all Worn off tut-bini* our thumbs over
; you fellers' ehlos. tact: I'll show you
i when I l.-t you uut of the chair,   My
thumbs an- pretty near as Ironed out
, bi'ktng as your face   a ill  ht  when  1
finish with you."
A Royal Criticism.
' The lute Duke of Devonshire, who
was very careful in everything, once
entertained King Edward VII. at a
, bull nt Devonshire House, which wa.
' th.- talk of London.    As  His  Majesty
w ut away he complimented the -luk-i
: ..ti the magnificent manner in which
everything had been   done   and the
I wny in which the evening bad pns»e.|
| off      lb-   Mild   !*•■   COUld   not   sugg<-*t
I any change for   ths   lietter. save in
| une little thing, which he hoped hi*
grace  would  not  mind  his  mentioning    "What is it, sir," Inquired the
duke with much anxiety, "pray tell
. m.-r"
I      "You   have  got   your   garter  on   Up.
I side down," replied  the  King.
Canada1! Immigration Officials Have
to Keep a Clou Watch on tha Mull*
tuduous Russs ol tbe Professional
Conductors Who Bring In Foreigners—Deportations Are the Rule In
All   the   Frontier   Towns. '
I Hull a century has elapsed since
Ib-einj; slaves luiind freedom and liberty on Canudian soil by taking clandestine  piUSUgO nil tin- "Ull'IclgloUlid
.Hallway." LVDtny romantic tares are
•related even to this duy ol how certain colored refugees entered this
country viu the U.U.H.R. In colored
settlements at Atuherstburg, Harrow.
Windsor, Sandwich, I'liathnm, Dresden. Uuxton. and even in London, accounts oi exciting adventures nud the
! recitals of novelty In transportation
, huve survived, huve been cULurated
j upon and have been loll su often
iiini they constitute a quasMulklore
oi the "twihght race" that settled in
llm nouth western peninsula ot tbo
, provide ><
I    Alter all Ihi   period since the Am
I erlcaii civil  war. the  tKti.lt.It.  Is in
flourishing operation again, but there
i ii a different clientele oi pitlrutis. The
i conductors win   Iind profitable   em
ploy tnent on  this   line  that   has  no
' Steel   to   lay,   no  maintenance of-ways
: department, mi charter even, and mi
1 recognised president, -.'.ure their pu-
I M-ng.-r*.   among   the   undesirable   immigrants)  "Uie ureal unwashed" ot
1 foreign birth against whom the Cuius*
dittti   portal.-*   are   closed.
A few years uip> Uncle Sam
brought down his obnoxious ali-'ii
, labor law ami had Immigration ulli
rmld placed along the International
border to ecu thai it was en forced,
that lort'lgllltrs were made to pay a
'head  tax   nml  lhat  the  stringent   Illl
, migration regulations ol the ocean
j ports trc pul into effect iu the in-
I tenor   us   well.     It   was    uut   many
mouths before Canada discovered that
i Some such  Blot 1  were necessitry  uIho,
unit the uni'dllylng spectacle wus seen
I of undesirables being chased back uud
forth from one country to Ihe oilier,
! a human  battledore and shuttlecock
1 gillie  being  Die  result.
! Those who have had occasion to
cross frequently ut Windsor, Barilla
, rn Niagara fulls have seen many u
i pit.r Unfortunate ndiug from  border
: |o   border   but   unable   tu   laud   until
' either the Canadian or the American
, olilcers gave in alter conducting an
! Investigation.
\ This establishment of protective
i mcusures ulong the frontier points U
j a comparatively new feature ot im
I migration administration in Canada,
D iius been forced un toe country.
however, by the growing number ■>(
I Unwelcome candidates tor c.tlxcnshlp
' From the port ul Nvuidsur alone
Liere * ave been, mi the average, u
hundred persons deported every week
i mice the early spring. The olilcers
have tu be continually on their gu,n.i,
u- the L.ii.lt.K. conductors have displayed  umuxiiig  Ingenuity  In  evud-
j itij; ihe laws uud the otlloiuls.
while im- Aiichigan Central tunnel wus bL-uif- bu.il ut Windsor, it is
! tstlmst«d, there were scores of "back*
1 duor" entrants who suci-eedc-J in
gmniiig admission to the country by
'Walking uud crawling through the
slimy tubes before Uie tunnel was
actually upetied lur tr utile utivl tile
Seepuge   pumped out.
,    A ruwbuut lu-re and u launch there
I crossed ttie Detroit Itiver ut Sandwich, Windsor, Amberstburg, Iruui
belle Isle tu the Wulkerville shore
aud  at  any   handy   point   on   tbe Bt.
; Clair Klver in the vicinity ol Barnla.
Niagara    Fails,    Die    scene    of    a
crowning victory    a   hundred   years
{ ago uguinst a horde of invaders, has
I Uut been so subject to attack by the
undesirable  element,  although  spuru-
; Uie attempts are reported, as alsu ef-
ifurts to ruu brunch lines ut thu D.Q.
H.H.  at  the  Soo  and along the  tit.
' Lawrence.
i Tne enormous traffic at Windsor
makes the work uf the Immigration
others extremely dihVi. '.. 'there are
the crowds to wutclt from the two
ferryboats with their ten-minute service   between   Windsor  and   Detroit,
- which requires the constant attend-
lance ol  iAimigrution guards   ut   the
dock; there ure the cur ferries thut
are  used   by   the  Grand  Trunk,  the
iWabush, I'.-re Marquette and the
Canudian Facilic, and there is the
Michigan Central tunnel, through
which trains ure electrically conveyed
. every lew  uiiuules.
Besides the ferry traffic, with its
fuur million passengers a year, there
1 are ill regular passenger trains tu Inspect every gs  huurs  r.t  Windsor, to
that this point is Die most Important
and has the largest force of immigration officials ol all the inland frontier porta, ihe chief Inspector is
[Mr. Mwurd Brian, who has seveu
' assistants in his charge, the staff being recently increased to cope with
tiie uudesiruble invasion that was as
; suiuitig serious proportions. Theu
there   is   Mr.   A.   E.   Dufuur,   whu   is
acting us special officer, under Mr.
, H. Herbert, the traveling inspector
ut Ottawa.    It ii his duty tu capture
• and prosecute the "dark lantern
brigade" that   lutkis   uil    along   the
.frontier    belweeu    Amherstbuig    aud
' Chatham
- Numerous line.- are being imj-,,-e.i
almost daily as a result ol tbe vigorous    warfare    that    is    being    waged
, Bgatnst the objectionable invaders. A
party of nine Belgians whu braved
the danger* ol capslllng in a Duil
craft   on   Lake  Bt.  Clalr,   but   landed
■ at   Pike  Creek,  waa  lined  18ft each
lor   taking   "indirect  passage."
Another plan fdat was Blposed *<*,•*
1 tu round up a bind ot a dozen uu-
I desirables   : some rendezvous In De
Irols and have them cross to Windsor
during  the   early   uioruiiig   Working
> hours, each  being given eiplu-tt in-
, btructiotis to give the officer* the iu- l
1 loruiutioti tbat they  were working ou .
: a sewer contract.     So   many   cume
BcrotS with this excuse tbat the ulli-
I vers U'.-.im.- auspicious, and found uo
i fureigners   we*e   being   employed   ou
sawer  i urk  in  Die Cauaditu city. -
Tba tilobti.
Why  the  Papers  Have  to Get Obltu*
uric,  In Advance.
"Deaths uf great  11101. sliuuld  remind
Cuts and lives lo keep in stock.
Lest their sudden pu-^tug tiud us
Missing form-i at two o'clock."
Hud Longfellow been the telegraph
editor or city editor ol u metropolitan
duily, his "P-alui ol Life" would prub-
ubly huve opened with some such
Verse as thut g.veli ubuvo. To the
person unacquainted with ihe exlgeu
ciss of uewspuper work, there is ul
tlrst thought soiiiellinig culd*bloodud
and gruusumu, it not positively ghoulish, ut the idea oi ii promluuut oltl*
cull's obituary biug prepared when he
M overtaken by sunuUS lllllUSS, and
kept siautitug . i type, r 'tidy to ihovo
into  the  Urui  tin-  muUIUUt his death
is announced, while ut tin- latest pos<
I sible minutes each night his house,
' h;s doetui ot Ills lio-pit.il, a» Die ease
may be, li called up witn an enquiry
1 us to his condition, Uriel reflection,
however, will prububly ooiivluao the
average reader lhat tin-* slate ol pre
puredness Is InlluHely preiuruble i*>
lUaVllJg   tin--   Work   until   Ihe   subject
( has ucmally expired) foi it is certain*
ly inui'ii ut'tict to have an accurate,
diguilk'd and well*phriiscd htoj-raphy
Writlen  ul   I,'..-.lire  uud   Willi  oppoUUU'
: ity for rcvMioti and veriiicatioii, than
uu IlicoillpU'to, hastily-com pi Ira ami
possibly erroneous .-ketch, rushed ofl
IrUUtlcally at it lute hour Iroill uiuter-
ml secured   either   frum out*ol-dulu
1 print..i  sources, or  from  eiiher distracted  relatives  or   poorly.informed
I r lend a ot the family.
The necessity ior being thus prepared to adequately cover at short notice
the demise ol a ptuiuiiivut persoiiugu
is ouipiiuslted, ii uue recalls the tie-
croiugy ol tin- preseut yeur in Oman >,
lur il will   be BU0I1 lliut tllU lale Arch-
bishop MoKvay. the late Bishop Du
Moulin,   the   late   Mr.   Justlct)   Mac
muhou, and ttn- late Ilov, Dr. Tecfy,
lour ol the most iiotuworthy cltiietis
culled by deatli in recent mouths, all
passed awuy about or after midnight
i    A cane in point  was lurulslicd  by
, the sudden SUrloUS illness and quick-
|y*OUSUlllg   deal.i    nl    Kin;,'    l-Mward,
which caught many editors napping,
: The day ul Die King's death was a
busy one iu most  newspaper offices,
the   stuff    being    hastily    BOt   to   Work
preparing the columns ui biogruphi-
, cal   matter   which   .ihuuld   huve   been
' ready yeurs before lor lust such ciuer
gencies. Had a day's illllCSS not given warning ot the fatal termiuutioti
ul fus ail-too brn-l reign, lldward the
< Peacemaker could nut have been bj
i littingly honored in death by the press
of his dominions, Most uewspuper
offices, however, muiutaili an elaborate system ol tilea lor biugraplues,
portraits  and cuts, aud su ure  ready
at u moment's uot.ee to do lull justice
to tiie death t| a tioluble bgure tn
the world's uffuirs.
, The practice uf having obituary uo-
Dees ready in advance give- rise some*
times to odd uud gr[nily*liuniurous incidents, whicli lur obvious reasons are
little heard ol by ttie general public
except in the extreme cases where the
erroueoui announcement uf u man's
deatli la uctuully published, and the
innocent victim lias Die unu-uul experience ul rea-iiug his own obituary,
such nn occurrence gave Murk Twain
, uu opportunity oi making une ul his
most laiiiiius jokes wheu in- gravely
informed Die Loudon journalists that
ihe  report ul  ins  death, cabled  from
- .New York, had beeu greatly exaggerated. A few years ugo the stuff ol
r.ie   London   Advertiser,   luklng  time
» the forelock, gut ready lha lite
sketches ol some prominent citltens
whose sJvanclng years made it al-
most tnci'ltable that within Ihe near
lutura they would be called away. One
( day the editor. In superintending the
iakiiig-up form, was astonished to
bnd thut by sutiie mistake iu the computing room Ihe picture and obituary
ul the veteran statesman, Sir John
Catling, hud been made ready for the
press.   There was a ha-ty re-arrange-
, ment of tin- furm. uud Btr John, v.Ik,
was theu hale and hearty, was per*
milted to enjoy life until the present
yeur ol grace. Only u tew weeks since,
au over-xeulous correspondent ol an
OUlslde journal, tiioJiug in tiie proofs
ol Ins own newspaper ottice the account ul the death of a well-known
citizen, sent it to the telegrupb office
before he discovered that the subject
of tbe sketch was not yet dead. .Saturday  Night.
i*l ri
The   Colonel   Found   an   Oath   That
Would Pan Wolieley.
Field  Marshal  Viscount Wolsoloy,
K.l\, Q.O.B.O.M., U.U.M.Q., has entered  upon his Tilth yenr, the gallunt
veteran having been born In Dublin.
He entered tin- urtny, which had been
his futher's profession, In 1862, and
hus seen service in neatly every quarter of tin; globe.
Uuinnig ins lirst medal in the Burmese War of 1968*3, In-, in the Crimea,
acting us field-engineer before Bebasto*
nul, was Severely wounded, lu the
Indian Mutiny campaign, and alter*
wards iu the China War, he did goo'i
service, and iii 1870 commanded tho
ited River Expedition.
Fur his "cuunigc, energy, and perseverance" iu the cutiduct ol the
Ashantl War, iu 1873, he received the
thanks of Parliament mid a -until of
; siiio.nuu. A further gi"»i oi ,M..n,uoo
was accorded him for his service* a*
commander ol the expedition to Egypt
in litvi; and for his management ul
, the Qordotl Relief lixpedltl li 1884
be was again thanked hy  Parliament.
Lord tioleeley has held
I porlant home app
I I hii".   to   P.HH)   was
, oi the army.   Created n ba
he was advanced to the j
I count III 1886, wllh spc
i to his only chill, (he
j Gurnet Wolsoloy.
|    Once upon a time III a South of Ire-
! land garrison town there was station*
ed an officer whom we may call X— -,
who had achieved a reputation almost
as great as that of "Damnation Tucker" for strong language tine day
Lord Wolsoloy wus expected Ior an
inspection, and X received Irom a
brother officer a serious warning
against tho uso ol "cuss words" while
Dm comiiiaiider-in-i-hii-f, who was
known to hold strong views un till)
subject,   was   present.
The great soldier at length arrived,
and the inspection began. In the
course of the proceedings X hud to
order  his   trumpeter   to   sound   Ihe
"charge," The order was duly given,
but, lo X— -'» chagrin, the unhappy
man blew the "retreat." Then X- -
braced himself up for Die usual volley.
Suddenly, however, ho caught Wolse-
ley's eyes Upon llllll, What to --ay he
knew not. The curses that were upon
his lips died, and yet speak he must.
for a moment ho looked wildly round.
Then suddenly, as though it were an
inspiration, he turned uulckly upon
b_;s unhappy victim, and roared out,
to the Intense amusement of his brother officers, "You naughty, naughty
il in IHHU.
'  lank of Via**
nil remainder
Hon. Francos
No Charge For Donkey Hire.
Lord Duncdiu, who sentenced Lieu-
tenant and Mrs. Cameron at Ed In*
burgh Die other day, !■ not an emotional  mun,  but  In-  has  imagination.
He realised, more perhaps than anyone iu court. Including tne prisoners,
flie tragedy which he was voicing.
He is a Privy Councillor and Knight
Cu m in under of the Victorian order,
aud was as Mr Andrew (.ruhain Murray, Secretary for Bcolland, uud also
Lord Advocate. ID- is u Harrovian,
und won the championship at racquets at bis school in 1803. He was
captain of tiie Royal and Ancient Gulf
Club. 1892. and ol the Honorable Coin-
puny of Edinburgh Golfers, 1893-W. He
married Mary Clementina, daughter of
*-;r  William  Edmonstone, und is a
brother-in-law, therefore, of Mrs. Geo.
He was a close friend ot the late
King, with whom h** yearly stayed at
Hiarntx, and holds the appointment of
Keeper ol the Great Seal of Scotland.
Lord Dunedln, in consequence uf his
office, figured largely in the cere*
monies attendant on the r. ynl visit to
Scotland.   He is u lithe, active man,
grey und grave, but with u high reputation lor t-it uud humor, and he Is
a favorite iu society.
His lordship has told a good yarn
of a party of ministers visiting Porto*
bello. One of the reverend gentlemen
was tempt- d to take u donkey ride,
but no sooner was he on the animal's
back than he waa off again. He tried
agiiu and again, but without SUCC6SS.
At last be returned with hii lure and
asked what he had to puy. "Oh. noth*
ing, eir," replied the owner, "a cinematograph company pays me for
Mr. Thomas McNutt, who represents
Saltcoats, Sask., in Die Dominion I'ur-
llament, has been einpluyiug tiie day*
Since tbe House rose in a reciprocity
campaign in his district.
At one uf tbe meetings he made
wiiat he considers the bi-st Speech of
his lite, and he seemed to curry his
audience with him in a thoroughly
■atisfuctory manner. At the close of
the meeting he usked tbut all those
in lavor uf reciprocity stand up. With
the exception uf it man near the Iront,
everybody rose.
Afterwards Mr. McNutt asked s local mun why the man who hud kept
his seat was opposed to reciprocity.
"He's not opposed." was the answer. "He's one of tbe most enthusiastic grain growers of this section."
"Why didn't he ttand up, then*-"
tsked Mr. McNutt.
"Welt, the truth is," suid the local
man. "that he went to sleep in the
iind.-i ol :■ ur uddress, uud didn't wake
up in time tu stund with the rest."
Great Ages.
Ontario has had some remarkubl-*
ru'e* recorded iu the papers iii the
past few weeks. The most notuble
story comea from  Hamilton.
Mareuret Farley, whu was register* '
ed on Ihe Hon-.- of Refuife books as
being 116 years of age. died at that
Institution. She was a remarkable
old woman, in possession of her (acuities until the end.
The death also occurred a few day!
ago of Kohr-rt 8'iooner, eighth con-
cession of Merseu Township, at the
r.'iniiikabl.- age of 113 yean. Mr.
Spooner was born in England in
I7U8, and cume to Canada when about
J 10 years of age, thus having lived
over a century iu thia province-        j
The Four Maries.
Last nicht there were four Maries,
This nicht there'll be but three;
There   was  Mary   Beaton,  an'   Mary
An' Mary Carmtchael, an' Me.
Tins quartette uf Maries was chosen
for her us playmates by tha Queen
Mother when M ry wus quite a child.
The historian attribute* the choice, as
regards the name, to thc fact that in
the Gospels four Maries are often BS*
sociuted with thc Mother of our Lord.
Hut this is a fur-fetched idea, says a
writer in Tha Weekly Scotsman.
Most likely the Quoen-Mother simply
conceived the pretty notion of having
c iuipatii..'ii.- tor her daughter all bearing tbe same name as the duughtcr
herself. These (our Maries all went
with ths future Queen to France in
those happy early days before the
dark shadows had begun to PtteU-h
themselves by her side. They returned with h.-r to Scotland m l.'.id. und
one of them, Mury Salon, remained
with her till iteur the tragic close at
Fotheritigay, All were daughters of
the Scottish aristocracy; and it is in-
arresting to add that it wss a Mary-
Mary Livingstone—who arranged lho
midnight flight to Seton alter the murder uf Itiszio ut Hulyrood.
Well-Known Cltlien^Who Has For
Twenty.Flva Years Bean Secretary
of ths Board of Trade tn That City
Came to Canada From England In
'74 and Has Had a Brilliant Career
as Promoter ol Trade Relations.
In ordor to uet a cabinet ol silverware, uil you have lo do is tu serve
acceptably  tweniy-llve years as secre-
' tury of the Montreal liourd ot Trade.
I Then the members uf  the executive
: and tbe past presidents of tho buurd
will read you a nice little letter uf
congratulation  and hand  you  a mu-
I hogany cabinet flUOUl *J It. x 1 lit x I
ft., weighing fifty ('-'Uii.!-* or more,
full nf silverware, spoons and knives
and forks of such variety of use anil
beauty of ■ l> -ti*n. that you will need
a  1 k  to  tell  vuu   what   lo do  with
them ami a butler to look utter them
tor you.
Thus it was t'sr.t Mr QeorgO Hadrlll
received the ca-ket of -ilvi-rwure which
was given him upon the completion
uf hia lirsl i|uarlcr-i'cntiity of Borvlce
as secretary lor the Montreal Hoard
ol Trade. The secretary is extromuly
proud, tmih of the congratulatory ad-
areas and the pa kitge nf cutlery, unly
it in hard to say which lie ri-|*urdi
most highly.   It has a real vxlstauoe,
I1V.IJ...F   IMIMlt!!..
and at a pinch could be boiled down
and converted into silver bars ur even
into coin of the realm, if one had access to a few nice dies or moulds.
Hadrill places a high value on his
box ol silver, su bij-h a value thut
lie keeps it locked up in a safety
vault down town rather than tuke
any chances on having is carried
away from his Dorchester street residence whicli, dutiug ttie dog days, is
almost deserted for the more pleasing Luurcntiun Mountains, Neverthe-
1 ss, he places a high value alsu on
the sentiments expressed by the officials wim made him the presentation,
and although silver cutlery will be
the cutis.- of much satisfaction at the
many little dinners which be presides
uver, the couj-ratulutory uddress will
be with him always and can never bo
an object of attraction to those who
break through and steal,
It is now sum*- thirty-seven years
fi-ice Mr. Hadrill lirst came to Canada, although it was not until three
years alter bis first arrival that he
entered the service of the Montreal
Hoard of Trade, he having spent two
y ars of the interval iu Knglund. Three
years alter be joined the Board of
Trsde he was made assistant secretary. This wus in l--h He tilled this
position for six years, and upun the
death of the former secretary sue-
ceeded to his position.
H.? Is an Englishman by birth, huv*
ing been born in London in IH6, but
t'.. *re are lew men of sixty three years
of age who carry their yeurs su easily.
He possesses unusual qualifications
(or his position which calls for a display of diplumacy, tact and sccial
qualities, as well u< (ur purely business ability.
As these are duties which the average business man knows little enough
•bout, it may well be imagined that
the board, for the most part, is very
well pleased to leave the principal de.
ktils in Mr. Hadrill's charge.
That Ihe Montreal Board of Trade is
rtcognttod as ono of the largest, most
in6uetitial and most important organisations in Canada ia due not only to
the ability of the various officer who
have served on Its board, but perhaps
more particularly to the ability, tact
and courtesy of its secretary.— Saturday Night.
"Yes," mi oltl Indian   lighter   wni
saying, "the Sioux done something to
tiinl  th.-y cun never   do again
A Large Family.
Mrs. Ann Gorman, whose death is
announced from Lurgan County. Armagh, Ireland, at the ,,,:.' ol )0g years,
had lived under six sovereigns. She
had never been more than twenty
mlloi fmm her home all her lib*, rjhe
had no fewer than eighty-four descendants—seven children, thirty-three
grandchildren, forty-one -great-grand,
children, and three graat-g real -grand'
j "Wli'iit
Lsst ol the Serjeants.
Lofd I.indlt*)'. wbo has keen writing
in favor of the Declaration of London,
is the l.i-t of tin- serjeatits-ut-Iaw, (roni
whom it was at one Dim- customary to
select tbe judges, lt was n»t until
the passing of tbe Judicature Act ol
lrJ73 that tbe practice ol appointing
only Serjeants to the Bene i was abandoned. I/ird Lindlay hss outlived all
his brother Serjeants by many years,
for the last recorded event in lbs
history of the group of pleaders is the
death in ir)99 ot his sole surviving
companion. It Is 61 years since tht
last ot the Serjeants commenced hii
legal career, which lasted *>& years,
and his chief Interest now lies in h-i
membership ot tht royal commission
on Historical Manuscripts.
King's Colors   In   Pawn!
The hanging in Chester Cathedral ot
a color ul the old "Royal Chester Volunteer.-,'' which was discovered In the
shop of u secondhand d-al.-r at Bath,
recalls the similar indignities that
huv- befallen the colors of regular
r g ments.
Due Peninsular color of the 1st
Northampton--*, a pair belonging to tha
Snd Border-*, and four thut had seen
service in Kgypt and Lie I'.-niu-uU
with the 1st QlOUOesterS were recovered (rum pawnbrokers' shops after having ben lust lor many years. The latter four hod been pawned for a few
Shillings by a needy officers' servant I
The col >rs nf the long-disbanded eTit
He.iu tit were stolen by American
pirates du.ing the War of Indeueud*
encel and al Saratoga Col. Hill, to
save the colors of the 0th Hcc.im.-nl,
concealed tb. iu among his ehlrts and
s eke in bis baggag', where they remained lur (our years. They wer- then
pr. sentisl intact to Qcorge III,, who,
in consequence, made the colonel his
To Photograph Inscriptions,
Inscriptions left by prisoners on the
walls of the Tower of London are te
be systematically photographed, aud
steps taken to ensure their preservation.
"Well, young Dr. Slleer hn
hi- iiuiii. alien.Iv. hasn't be?
f—did it ou hn tlrst   case."
work'   Whut ditl he dor"   '
tiled him.''
Traveller (to native)
you Iind il it bit .lull he
,—-.   , it?    Divil a  bit, --orr; -ure u raisoti-
"Thcy   scalped   uld,. man cun  llmt nil ihe height of
j tllveraltun fusl sltiln1 here watohin'
the thru ills go by "   "Ami bow many
trains are there a day?"   ".lust the
wtinu, -surr."—■ Punch.
"(.real I
Hut don't' The population of the province nl
" "Dull. Is| Quebec Is estimated nt over B.OM.OlM
lu I'.ml it wns 1,048,808, of -vhlch
1,398.000 wen- of French and -jimi.inn) of
Knglish descent. French is the pre*
vailing language,
"1 hi
I ni ttr.
il a measnge   fi
Mll.l the resi.i.
-They told melt
ii house in n
i the Black
I of Graft*
I.llVe 18,000
ijiiti sired."
Tin- I'h.yright- "Hon.',tly
what do you think of my new
The Critic -"Don't ask me.
sn much bigger uml stronger
Vaccin*     An architect  remarked   to a lady
Dial  he had been (o -*ee Ihe etcilt  tltive
i iu the new church.   The huly replied I
now   "Don't  mention  mimes.    I  know  Die
playf"   uuin lo whom you refer."  ——
You're I   j     If you will take proper cure nf your
then 11    Art for art's sake pays pretty well If body it will help you lo he "some'
[ it succeeds in its noble purpose.      J body.
Did  you lell  the polk
i     "Right  uwuy."
 — j     "Wlmt  did  tbey do?"
Mr*. Bern ppi net on "You provoke "They snld that while I wns altoul
ie till I nm absolutely beside my- It I might have them a couple of
■If!" thousand in thc Mime place." Wash-
Mr  Scrapplnglun   "Then stand "ff Inglon Blnr.
lillle   way   from  yourself  ami
ridiculous you look!"   Duck.
Rervln  seems lo be ji  bind favorable
lo longevity, her population    of    IcM
Umn I,.moon Including more than MM)
persons who hove lived more thnn u
Effect on Womnn ot the Color of
i Her Clothes.
Tht Servant Problem Approached,by
k One Housekeeper In a Daoldedly
Novel and Interesting Way That
Worked Beautifully All Round.
Dear Klsa-Thlx Is a season wbeu
Color In dot ben certainly runs riot.
Usny of the combinations are fetching nud fnaclmitlm! ir pul together by
au nrtlHt, but when the Inymiin's fancy Is turned loose In ibis work the re
ault la often dlsjiNii'uua Indeed, Now,
pleaae explain, It you cun. Die resaon
why son i> Womuil never seem to understand ihelr color nihilities. And
still another question. Why dun't women study tin- influence of color on
the Hpiiii and regulate t■ ■*■* colors in
tbeir wardrobe aioordlnglyf   if they
did It  would  liinke tlniRRlug an  mucll
niuro Interesting, don't you think?
To nlve you au iden of what | menu
com-eruliiK Hie effect of color on Die
tplrlt, a  black gown aggruvute* mel-
tion iu Du- mliblle uf Die summer or
JilHt   when   It   In  moat  coiiveuient   for
miHtri'SH uml mu id, Ah a matter of
fuel, ui.v neighbor tines nut put herself uul nt illl. She tulka ll uver wllh
hoih her nut Ids- she keeps two -and
Die dales an- nri'llllgud with the same
hai'tiiony that ex hi a in n business of
lice, The week Is elastic, for abe limn-
lines Ho tllllt II  Until) I'llfJ gel  it wily  Fl'l
day nf ter noun and need not come back
until 11 week from the following Ttics
Now. don't htinrli nt whut I'm going
to tell you unit call it Quixotic uml tin
possible,  for  wiih  this  housekeeper
mul those Hint nre under tier It works
■•".very lllglll when she Is til home she
holds n reception u kind of Informal
tulk with ibe nuiids in bur silting room
to discuss Die iill'ntrs of ihe duy, pur
tlenliirly Hie amusing OtIUB, Ulttl to plan
for iiiosi. or the morrow, To the bed
Utile iitili this mint reus aitrlbuieH niltcll
uf her household comfort. D doea nm
put the survttllta on nn ei|iinllty with
tier, It simply takes lulu tlt'cnlllit ibat
Ihe "help" we hnve Is ll IIUIII II, llllll
HOItlOllUW ll cniillei-IH MUpslall*n" mul
"doWIISIIIIra" iih llutlllllg else will. Khe
Iiiih a theory Hull simviiuIs should be
treillOll and cured ior Just  iih If ihey
were children,
Thet'e nre days when work goes hard
wllh Hi-i-vnuis, ihe Inventor uf tills
(.inn lnslrita. nud when for uo pnrtlcu
Inl  reilHOtl Hie wheels of Hie house dl'llK
heavily The girls like tu talk about
this lu Ibe Mistress ami also when
Ibey   feel   ItlltlgH   Imve  gOIIR   well  and
they'veiiccouipllHlied a lot. Now. when
I tell you Hun I Ills woiiuin frequently
tun lies ilresseH and trims IuiIh Tor ber
servants unit brings cm h some triile
When she gIM'B away you will think
Dint my  neighbor is s faddist on Ihe
servant subject, but she's not, only the
mistress ur tin* bent managed house
bold It Iiiih been u'*/ good luck to visit.
Youra devotedly, MAltlCU
A Sample of  tha  Mummary  Used In
Anoiant Witchcraft
Roma curious limuutiie of ancient
witciicrnfl me given lu Mr. A. U
Walte's "Honk ul Coreiuoutiil single.'
Here ts a recipe fui becuuilng luvla
"Begin this operation on a Wednes
day before tbe huu rises, being fur
ulabed wltb seven black henna. Take
next tbe bend of a dead mun. I'luee
one of tbe brum* lu bis muuib, two In
bla eyes and two In bla ears. Tben
make upon Ihe head Ibe character ol
Die figure which here follows (Omit
ted.I This dune, (titer Die tieiid wltb
tbe rnee lowurd heaven, nud every day
before mijiiMm- foi Ihe space uf nine
days wniei it wllh excellent brandy.
"On the eighth day ynu will Uud the
Cited spirit, who will any unto yuu
Wimi finest IhuilT Vuu shall reply:')
am Watering my plant-' He will (hen
sny: Mltvn me Hint bottle; I will water
M my Heir Ymi will atiMwer liy rerun
tuit. end ne will hkhIu link ynu, tun
yoll   Will   persist   lu  <|cc I tn I UK   uiiill   In*
•iliiill at let eh forth tils mind nud show
vou the mi-ne flgura which you Uuve
inn-i'd upon (he n.'iiil suspended frum
Hie tips ul his Angora, In thla case
you uuiy be assured (hilt,It la rt-nii>
Hie aplill of Uie heiiU. Iic'iiuse anulher
ltlll!llt      inl.e     yOU     tltiliwiires,     Which
would   bring   you   mil,   mid.   further.
yuur   o|htiiI|ou   would   Ue   unfruitful
Wben  you  hnve given  liim  yum   vim
he   will   water   dm   head  uud  depart
On  tbe  morrow,   wim-ii  is tbe ninth
day, you Hhaii return and shall tlutl
, your   beans   ripe      take   them,   place
I one  In  ymu   uioiitli  and  then  look  nt
j youraeif in a ifiana.    If yuu cnuuut see
I yourself it tn wood.    Do tbe mime with
1 tbe real ol  the)  may be tt*»lt-U tu Ue
; uioutb ot u clilld."
Used For Fleecing the Innocents
a Generation Ago.
t-naaaiK fboce or aotted moll, its-
ancboly of mood. Put on a black
gown In a somber mood uod see If It
doea not seem purt of tbe mood.
Brown Is another color that should be
avoided ln depressed times. Urow-u
Is a cbnrmlug color, but should be
worn only wltb a clowlng mood. Gray
ts another color to bewure of lu down
times, but while never drags on tbe
spirit It baa always a aerena influence.
i 1 am trylug the effect of color on
my own ego, ond tbe otber evening
1 went to a dinner whlcb 1 was sura
would be deadly dull because 1 happened to know who bad been Invited
to It—nice iH-upIt*. but not lu tbe least
Inclined to tw Jolly, t was sure tba
-women would wear conventional black
•venlng gowns So I wore a brilliant
red frock. And you bave oo Idea
bow my spirits rose the Instant 1 put
It on. When I entered my friend's
drawing room I wus conscious of iba
lively clash of ihe atmosphere of my
gown and tbe dull aimospbere of tbe
dinner party. I felt appreciation of its
cheery radiance tingling In tba air.
Tbera was a special warmth Id tba
iway 1 waa greeted by those people
tbat would not bave beeu In tbelr
manner, bowever cordial, simply aod
aolelj because of the relief tbat my
gown brought their spirits. Tbat
eveulng was a Jolly success just be*
causa ut tba color 1 had chosen to
• There's no color Ilka red for potting
tbe heart Into one. and a red gown la
rt wonderful nerve saver. Ureeo la a
refreshing color lo wear, especially In
aummer. A gown of tbls shade on ■
bot day will Invite one's thoughts
■way from the discomforting tempera*
i Yea, It's a fascinating study snd
gets more ao the deeper one goes luto
IL Women who stick to few colors
or wbo wear colors without relation to
moods are Immensely behind ln Ibe art
of being attractive.
* To continue our dress talk. Ton
asked me what kind of petticoats I
was wearing with skimpy skirts.
Well, 1 bave cut tbe Uordinn knot for
tailored petti, outs by having made a
narrow Ave gored affair of gray pongee. To keep ibe skirt from wrapping about the feet aud to make
walking a degree leas dlltlcult than
tbe bobble permits I bad tbe rather
deep hem faced with thin clotli and
a narrow silk dusi ruffle placed ou tba
Inside rather slum the outside of tbe
skirt The pougee sheda the dual easily, and the gray shade harmonises
peacefully with my tailored stills. For
wear with lingerie frocks, when a slip
la not worn. I have a white eurab silk
petticoat made on thc same lines, bul
the rattles are or chiffon bound with
■Ilk. wblcb gives a dulnty, pretty ef
Do yon know, Etss, there la a woraai
living near ua wbo haa come near
solving the servant problem. Tbls
neighbor of mine la neither rich not
poor, her house li only moderately
large, and tha wagea aha pugs bar servants are not higher than umsi people
pay. and ahe's "fussy," too, shout her
work. SHU ahe has more success with
bar "help" than any oue I know. The
secret, abe aaya, Ilea In her friendly In
teres! In ber glrla. ber recognition ot
what tbey do well and ber fuvurlng
tbem Juki where It tells. Thla worn-
an's Ideas are so novel tbat tbey are
Interesting.   Whal she does is:
Raises the wages of encb maid without her asking encb year. Tbe rutsa la
very small, only a dollar more a month,
but It la done In n wuy tbut shows appreciation und Is looked fur wurd to.
Each maid is ghen a week's voca
Ths Butcher Shop ■ Source ef Sartorial Inspiration.
One of tbe prettiest skirts uow worn
la London has a Hurt of crossover effect with fringed ends. It made Ita
i way to Unglund from Purls, and Ita
evolution la Interesting.
One of the fashionable dressmakers
on tbe Klin de iu I'uli was at ber
wits' end for Ideas, and sbe asked her
principal minimum Id charge of tba
designing department to bring her In
something quite uew In the fashioning of aklrts. The assistant Is frugal
lu ber domestic affairs uud dues ber
owu marketing un Sundays, tbe only
day lu the week alio bus un opportunity uf teaching her servant the lirst
principles of domestic economy.
Her brain wus busy wltb models as
sbe entered thc butcher's shop, and
while waiting ber turn to be served by
the white aproned salesman abe noticed tbe neat manner In wblcb be bud
arranged his apron. The apruu wus
tied around his waist so tbut it crossed on tbe side, leaving room for Ids
steel. Probably this style uf wearing
aprons bad descended from butcher
to butcher fur generations.
Tbe designer did not stop to think
of tbut, bowever. She tlrst studied
tba bang ot the nprun from force of
habit, then with interest and In the
end she asked the mnn how he draped
It. The result uf the conversation was
tba latest skirt, wblcb ts cut to drape
the figure es a butcher's aprou covers
the butcher.
| Six Weeks Is tba Limit They Will Walt
Before Remarrying.
i Id civilization ll la said that a wife
1 does not always add to her husband's
ease or reader tils life more suppurta-
: ble, but up on the barren grounds the
\ worst ut wives would ba better than
1    There, among the heathen tribes, If a
; mans wife dies—provided be is oot
a pulygauilst. in «bun case, says the
Wide   World,  there  Is  less  need for
\ hurry—be orteo marries again within
tbe week.
Even tbe Christ la o Eskimo widowers
i are wltb dlUleulty persuaded by tbe
j Moravian   missionaries   to   allow   all
■ weeks to elapse between tbe deatb and
! remarriage.    On  tbe  very   duy  after
tbe sli weeks bave lapsed tbe buuter
presents blmselt with a new wide and
asks that the marriage service may be
' speedily read.
Tbe reason Is not far to seek.   It is
said in civilisation thnt "a woman's
i work ts never done." and far more Is
tbat true of tbe helpmate ot the savage and tbe seml-savnge. the woman
of the barren grounds or ot the lee
edge.    Hhe makea and breaks camp,
cooka. curs up mid carries to camp ber
i husband's kill.   Hhe dresses tbe skins
' of deer and seal.
•She Is rcspotistiiie for the fashioning
of footgear snd clothe*. Un a Journey
abe often paddles the canoe, snd un
I portage sbe curries a heavy load, lo
j fact It Is pusiei iu write duwu the du
ties not esiMtied of a srpiaw thnn
those whlcb by immemorial custom
she must perform.
Foe the Birthday Party.
I   Hand palmed wooden  plaques for
holding birthday cukes are charming.
Tba plaque Illustrated was designed
by uu industrial acbuul lu Boston and
Is very unique.
Suggestions te Mothers.
t'nder   the   following  circumstances
I milk   must   always  he  sterilized  by
I bringing It to the nulling polut:
j    lo warm  weather always In cities
and towns where it cauum be obtained
Wben the milk is to he kept longer
tban twenty-four hours, especially
j when oo Ice Is to be had.
j Outing epldetnlea of typhoid fever,
! scarlet fever, diphtheria or any form
I of diarrheal dl**eans.
! Wben one cannot be sure that the
l rows are perfectly healthy or tbat tba
milk baa not been bandied carefully.
A Curtain Cure.
"Do you know anything tbat will
kill potato bugs?" asked the young
man wltb tbe yellow lingers
"Yes," said the old lady with the
gingham apron crustily: "get 'em lo
smoke clgu relies."
Mm 11 ii imiiimmit
Manure Is worth dollars.   Why
' net aave these dell a ret   Manure
• > adds   humus  at   well   as   plant
feed te the tail,  end-ene is ss
vsluable ss ths ether.   Tha sail
...ay eentsin sll the elements ef
plsnt feed, but If it hat ne hu-
.. mus   these   elements   sre   not
available    and    plants   de   net
thrive.     Hurrojr.  aide In retaining moisture fer the future use
ef the plant.  New Is ths time te
save money by ssvlng manure,
end manure Is bast ssvad by being aprssd upon ths field where
It will de ths meat goad.   Irnme*
i diate value In crepe as well as
I  ultimate value in the farm re*
suite from the use ef the manure
1 spreader.
A Turkish Love Story.
j    A  Turk  knocked  ut   bla  beloved's
' door, and a voice answered frum with
In. "Wbu Is there/'*
1    Theo be answered, "It la l"
Tben  ibe vulee eaid,   "Thla bouse
; will not buid thee and me."
And tbe dour wus not opened.
Tben went the mvei Intu tbe desert,
' where there is nothing but Allah, aod
! lasted and prayed io solitude.
|    And after a year ba returned and
I knocked again at the dour.
And again the voice asked. "Wbo la
; therer
|   And he said, "it la thyself,"
And tbs door waa opened to blm,
O'Orsay snd His Taller.
"D'Orsay. the Complete Handy." aa
Mr. Tlegiimouih Shore calls blm In bla
biography,   was  fully   aware of Ibe
i value of bis patronage to Ibe tailors
! Wben clothes arrived for blm. In the
must   mysterious   manner   hanknotes
bad found their way Into the pockets.
Once, wben this accident had oot bap
pened. ivtirsay bade his valet return
tba garments wlib  ibe message that
"tbe lining of the pockets bad bean
The O'd, Old Story.
"Whni did vuu do when yonr bars-
band tnld vou (he old, old storyT
"I told him iu shut op before ba was
half through '*
"Why. who! a funny way to reply to
a confession ot invel"
"Oh. la that what you meant I
thought yuu tneaul tbo atory he told
last night when he tame borne from a
time wltb ibe buya."-lloosiun Post
Her Strang Chin.
Dnw-on The racial features plainly
indicate eharuder and disposition. In
selecting youi wife were you governed
by hei ctiln'r Hpeniuw - Nu, but I have
iwen met since we were married.
A Ceee et Necessity.
"Wh? are yuu breaking op house
"My wlfe'a flutist says she'll have to
take the rubber plant to a different
eitmata"-Washington  Herald.
It Waa a Plauilble Trick Thst Generally Caught the Coin and Bent the
Bewildered Victim Out of Town In a
Hurry For Fear ol Arrest.
Although Ihe esaontlilla of Imposture
remain unchanged from generation to
generation, ho (hut Die rogue of today
would hnvo no trouble In recognizing
his counterpart of ihe seventeenth century, nevertheless inure uie fuHbions
In thievery, ua lu everything else, old
tricks are cast otf llku threadbare
fonts tn favor nl newer unea, and
these lu Dim nnt discarded when publicity has rendered (hem familiar and
therefore less effect!V0, bul plausibility
and address ure the Indispensable
qualities uf thu gentry who llvo by
their wits.
The newest typo of confidence mnn
la ihe get rich quick Individual who
brcalhcH uf money and wouldn't turn
Ids band to ti aitiilll "Job," lie angles
for victims with new corporations and
great business venture*) fur halt. Imt
bo Is (lie same mtiii whu n generation
agu rnked lu Hie ehockels by means of
the patent -safe game. Thin game la
now uu outworu lusbluu. Uut it, bud
Its points,
Let us suppose a countryman, carpetbag in baud, tn have alighted ut
tbe union etutlon nnd set uut to see
tbe sights. Although bis nnme is conveniently printed ou Ibe outside uf bis
bag or set down ln a legible hnnd un
the hotel register, he la amazed to Hnd
blmsetf hospitably greeted by an utter
stranger, who knows bin ntimo nnd
tbe town from which he balls. Tho
stranger Is nn old friend whom tho
countryman >s ashamed to think be
cannot remember—place (a tbu word.
But the stranger is very affable nnd
lays himself out tu entertain the newcomer. Tbey stroll about town In
company, visit a bur or two, exchange
reminiscences and ut tbe end of u few
hours are bosom companions. Tbo
stranger Invariably pays the score, has
a lordly disdain of money; good fellowship la Its own reward.
Tbe two stroll by devious ways ontll
finally while tbey are walking arm In
trm down a quiet bystreet Ibe -stranger's eye Is caught by a curious i bject
lying on the pavement. lie pnuses to
examine It. lt Is a miniature globe
about tha alto of a billiard ball. The
stranger turns lt over curiously In bla
fingers and finally sees that lt Is lilted
with a amalt plug, which comes uut
under pressure. Continuing his explorations, he then unscrews the top
of the plug, takes out o piece of crumpled paper, shows his dupe the empty
box and throws tbo paper on the
ground. There is a similar bit of paper In the small chamber nt the end
of tbe plug, but this tbe countryman
does not see. The two then stroll on,
discussing tbe mysterious ball.
Presently lliov cone upon a worried
looking man, who Is studying tbe
ground with a ftce tbo pattern of despair. Tbe roper observes blm and
wants to know whether be baa lost
some thing.
"Lost something. Indeed!" says tbe
man. "Why, I've lost an Invention of
mine tbat 1 wouldn't hnve taken $10.*
000 for. lt was a patent fire sufo
which would save hundreds of thousands of dollars' worth of papers aad
valuables every year. I was Just on
my way to Blank & Blank's, the safe
manufacturers, lo get one made, and
bere 1 bave lost tbe model."
The roper Is evidently much touched
by the Inventor's distress. He pro-
duces tho wooden globe nnd Is Immediately overwhelmed wltb expressions
of gratitude.
■'Hut what good la that Invention of
youra?" asks the roper.
"Well." suya tbe Inventor wltb pride,
"ynu aee. II Is act on props. When there
ta a Ore all you have to do Is to knock
out the props nnd the safe rolls down
aa Incline right out of tbe building as
oent as you plense. There's a box inside to bold the papers. There Is a
paper In this box right now."
Al tbat tbe roper winks slyly nt tho
farmer aud whispers In his ear. "I'll
make him n bet on thut piece of
"Come," says tbo roper, "that's a
pretty tall ynrn. I don't believe there's
any paper In that ball. I'll bet there
Isn't ti scrap of paper tu ll."
"I'll bet you 11.000 there's a paper In
It," says tbu Inventor, much Incensed.
"I hnven't that much wllh me," snys
the roper, "but I'll Just bei you a hundred on It." With thai he takes out a
numla-r of bills, any *r*0 or so. nnd a
bank check for the other *-"•<>. Tu tils
friend the farmer he suya. "Will you
Just lend me *».'" on thla check until I
can get to my hotel Y"
Tbe farmer newt thnt his friend la
•ure lo win. ID- ndvnnres Die IftOj.
wben, behold, lb" Inventor draws uut
Ihe plug, remove* the cnuccntcd paper
from its small etui mt ier nnd collects
Ihe lH*t. Tbo rn|s»r is decidedly crest.
fallen, hul while he la still lamenting
his folly n policeman rushes up.
charge** him wllh gnmbling nml makes
a grali for him Roper flees, but ihe
farmer Is caught After protesting bis
Innocence the farmer Is allowed io de
pitrt. Hllll fearful of nrre-it. he flees
the cily. When he presents his check
be discovers that roper. Inventor and
policeman nre nil ennfldencc mpn who
have enriched themselves nt his ex
penae-Chb-ugo Record Herald.
They Won't Let Him Abetiin Prom
Food, So Ho'i Starving lo Death.
SUCd, on ie celebi-nled lur his fcalt
of fueling, whu ni ItHSU hud all Purls
flocking lu blm wlieu he wus uu exhibition ut the Unind Hotel, Is uuw
cun pulsorlly prucil'iug hlH profession
In ti modest room in the Passago
d'Klyee den Deitux Arts, which fur all
Its high uoundluK title is u poverty
stricken alley uu tbu heights uf Mont
"I am finished," he suya. "I coo
Birnggle uo Uiuro. My fusting expert
meuiM tin longer Interest any one. I
have I raveled no much and shown my
heir hu often that I um uuw liotblug
but a buck number. Today every uue
wants novelty, and this uoveiiy In
turn Is soon out of date.
"My lust ciipij-eiiieiii wns at a lloueu
rale,   where   I   Misled  n   mouth   fur il
ridiculously muitll sum uf money.   I
ng-'ced tu the leiiiiH purely uh u mm
ter of lioiioi. to uphold my reputation
I was uegutlullllg lur uu engagement
lu l'iiris when the prefecture uf police
interfered and iiiuileiiiued my eihibl
lluu us unwholesome,
"I prutesled as best I could, hut It
was useless, nml so 1 **.•« myself re
diiced lo ily lliu uf hunger because I inn
mu allowed in rust If all my fusts
tire added together during Ihe twenty
tlve years I have been exhibiting It
liutkea a loinl ol five yeurs, a record
which I iiui sure no one can dispute."
Kuccl has other chilms lu lame be
hides fasllng. He allowed himself to
be burled aihe nl Troyes lu l.siiii uud
at a Ituueu music hull be posed as u
statue <m a column. Immovable fur
eighty buura. - Purls Cor. New Vurk
1 Curious Way ths Paris  House Tresis
Its Depositors.
|    A curious Incident Is reported from
I Purls throwing light upon  the policy
of ihe KutliHchlid bank In Unit city.
* Ho new accounts are allowed lu bo
; opened   with  tbe  Hotbscbllds  nuwa-
' days,  but uny old custumer or auy
I descendant of an old customer while
l he keeps u  baluuco in  the bank Is
never reminded bow small tbe bulance
| Is or even that It haa been overdrawn.
A  young otllcer  whose fulher bud
known Baron Jamet and bad kept a
rather large account with blm strove
1 to keep a balance ln tbe bank, because
i tu  have a   balance  wltb   tbe  Ituths-
. tiillds Is In Itself a source of credit
! with  Ibe  Paris tradespeople.    But at
| lust   he wus fun-ed  by circumstances
; tu overdraw, und nothing was aald.
|    He then repaid the overdraft and
I cntiiluued to use bla account aa be-
1 fore.    Later he wua again obliged tu
' overdrew, aud, finding no notice Ink-
' eu. he continued his practice for sev
i ernl mouths and was surprised to Hnd
1 Mint lie bad unlimited credit wltb the
: linn,    He Is lo this day wondering
whether   he  Is  specially   honored   la
this regard or whether It la the prne-
■ Dee of  tbe  linn  always  to  honor a
draft uf one wbo bns at any time been
a customer.-American Hebrew.
-Jhsnce For Houiewlfe to Throw Away
Her Poti and Pane.
"Throw away your pota und pans,
dlacurd your broilers and roasting
dishes uinl du your cooking lu paper
bags. Do not hesitate. Do nut marvel. Do all of your cooking except
maybe the brewing of your ten and the
boiling of your soups In paper bags."
So advisee M. Soyer, cbef of a smart
London club and tbe inventor of paper
bug cookery.
"Paper bug eooklug for dwellers lu
tints and single rooms Is tbe solution
uf muny a difficulty, Oue of ihe chief
drawbacks to tluts bns been tbe d.ili
culty of avoiding Ihe smell of cookery.
With the paper bag there Is no smell
In the small Mat kitchen there Is lillle
space fur puts uud pans. None Is need ,
ed for paper bag cookery."
Tbe   chef  does   not   claim   ihul   Ibe
use of bis paper bug alone guarantees
perfection In Hie finished product.
Hood cooking requires lime, skill and u
proper ut lent Ion in the miilug of the
cuiicuinitaiiis whether ouif cooka lu a
siiueepaii or ti paper bug.    The use of
Die bag does uut abrogate tiny of Ihe I
rules f.u perfect cooking) It unly slm
pi I lies and perfects Die methods,    Tn
use ihe bag crease slightly Ihi   Inside
uf the bug enepi in case of vegetables
or when water Is added, l-'or begin
tiers li Is advisable. Butter, lard ur
drippings inn. be used.
Wlu-n ihe lo.nl tins beeu prepared for
(be bag pbne Ihe same uu Hie table
und lift ihe uppermost edge of the bag
while you luseri ihe con tent a.
fold the moum of Die bug two or
three times uud fasten with a clip, ll
Is desirable to fold ihe cornet* of tbe
bug so ns io Hccutv ua uear as possible
a bermetlcut closing,
Auy oven will do for paper bag cook
Ing, the discover.-r asserts. There Is
little difference w hei her tbe oven be
healed by cou I, gas or electricity. To
find out when tin- food In tbe bag la
cooked all one has to do ta tu make a
little hole In the paper und look In.
In tbe cuse of many articles a alight
touch on the bug will Instruct the ex
perlem-ed cook us tu tbe condition of
tbe cooking food within.
Miee   Florence   Sutton   a  Coming
Women  Among   Tennie   Players,
Her Secretary.
I A clever young woman wbo Is a
member of the Washington staff of a
| Cleveland paper had occasion to call
on Mrs. Knox tbe uther day on a matter uf important  news.    Mrs,  Knox
1 wns oot nl home, tbe manservant wbo
answered thu bell Informed tbe Jour
' nullst.
| "Well, hasn't she a aecretary who
con give me the Information 1 am aft-
, er?" persisted the newspaper woman.
"Certainly,   mudnm,"   answered   the
footman.   "This way. please."    Dead
: Ing the way along the ball, be ushered
! ber Into tbe presence of a very Impur-
, tunt looking person.
! "Are yuu Mrs. Knox's secretary?"
ssked the newspaper girl.
j The outn laughed. "I guess I nm."
be sdudtted. "I'm her husband, and
I'm tbe aecretary uf stale. What can 1
do fur yuuT-Clevvlund I'lsln Dealer.
Gas Meter
Ons meters uf practically Ibe same
design as those used fifty yeurs ago
. are being used In Chicago today to the
1 number uf rtfi.OUO. William D. Wil
I cox. cily gns Inspector, asserts In a re-
i port that Ihey nre su Imperfect Ibat
\ (jo |H*r cent uf them run fust and that
the consumers nre mulcted out uf 1300V
ood annually, otthiala of the gas cum
i puny suy ihey nre using meters of
aiiih|iuiled style simply because nu In
I veulur luiii been clever enough tu make
any subsiantlnl change In them, and
Ihey nre the same style of meters as
are used all aver the Uultvd Slates
aud alsu In Kngtuiid.
Astronomy of ths Invisible-
There h now a uew branch uf the
j science uf nstr.iu.iiny  called "(be as
trouoiin   or  the  Invisible."    Hu many
! double st.irs   were discovered   the utie
, luminous nnd tin* other dark or dead
i revolving iiiiimid ••m-li oilier, that the
new department thrtiat Itself upon the
I n»ibe of rtalrittmniera     Kvery star Is
known to be il sllll. followed thr..nail
| space by snlellltcs. Kiu-b luminous
; point tb.-a i-otnes ro mean, perhaps, a
joten worlds    ihe unseen vastly out*
J uuiobel  tile Hl-eil.
It Is Just as Pretty Fer Lingerie end
Will Stand Leundering,
Bu many advantages bus the twist   I
ed cord uf while mercerized embrold
ery coiton over any variety ot narrow
ribbon fur rimiilug thruugh the bead  ,
Ing ur worked eye.els of llugcr'v lhat
Uu uue who has tiled It will willingly ,
gu back to her furmer servitude to rib
bona Ibut have tu l.e mu In after each
laundering-   The initial cost is about
the same as Hint uf a good quality uf
ribbon,   but   when  Ibe  attractive  up-
pen ru nee  uud   wearing   pru|H*rtles  uf
the misted cord ure cuusldered there ,
Is uo cumpurisou.
If a fairly heavy number of embrold
ery cotton Is chosen four strand-* ,
ahuuld be NUitbleut, but of a fine cut-
tun eight si rands will be needed.
Measure loosely around the top uf tho
curse! cover or chemise, sdd twelve
Inches tying nml "take up" In twist-
lug. Furly the tu fifty Inches Is generally guud measure fur a corset cover.
A nightgown may require mure.
Measure either fuur or eight times ■
this amount. Double tbe thread, let
Homebody huld the end firmly or fasten It tu something secure. Twist the
otber eud until the strands are tightly
wound around eacb otber, tbeu very
carefully double Ibe twisted curd and
twist the utber wuy. If eight strauds
bo used repeat this process. A little
practice niukes the wurk easy. Hun
this cord ihruugh eyelets or headlug.
finish with a tassel of the mercerized
cut nm ut each end, and tbe garmeut
will have no mure need of tbe tape
needle. The curd will last an long us
tbe garment, and tbe tassels preveut
It slipping uut In tbe wasbtub. It
will tie In unite us attractive a bow j
as does narrow ribbon and Is no more
apt to knot Pole pink ur blue cotton
can be used Instead uf white.
0 Illl.   './A
uwa rrtoaamni irrroa,
Ulaa Fioreui*** Button, i ttstat .f Hny
Buttuu. who iron the tan . . ■ ia m ii
ship to I**/!). H looked toon u m
aportlug word u a com ig soman
among tennLi players I be pottngc*
lllaa Sutton baa bean dulng inland i
work with the racttal stave ion an uh
frum  borne In CailfortSu  -ii- •   n     n-
sesaoo. ind iba klda tn r to mould
the family raputttuni for sapors on*
ii i.i pluy
Tennis is being *iiien in If :■ li
more itranuoualy nmn eeer ma sum*
mer. and Ifl a 'Inn ipum* mr Vompo,
but It lakes Inn ran nf nnc-rfca md
superb health to nags i rtroug oa ■■•■*.
end u nire tye. i iitiofc md badatra
train und iiuernug judgmeni o rnaia
a clever ine. Boma it Itta iftttbuiea
may be icqulred by criming, bitt ant
all of them, itm, m'-- ;:* ilbswd
with normal health uul n sngta nag
become, with little tffort. i lanes
than the average lonsH player md n*-
rive soma of  tile  rt-nl    je-ie'lu   if tba
A Kitchen Convenience,
Tbls la iwrhnps tbe most convenient
piece uf furniture the housewife can
Insini: lu ber kitchen.    Jt might bo
called  a   travellug cupboard,  for tl
Arrange  Fur  Week   ef   lell   Settbsl   -o
3-fiil   E,<-*-*qm-r
Slj novsplrlng mffkngena lii*--t tn
recently il n soda -wer mantra nol
far from 'he ♦.leTriroiJraii lift build.
log. in the tower if *vu*r'i s :ie load!
quarters of tbe <v-iu.uu rratfraga -art]
Of New Vurk city
"Shall   w«*  na-"   **momitte "*   ine   ir
them usk-d iiie others mm itlwe
"lemonade it ', -um' ir rm't tug,
IS >et. Well an--* "fmeoEans ant out*
dae. the best.'' »u'.1 a 'an-o sufirro*
gette tu a sailor oar. "A'i. * ilia dgtt.
ed wrj.*Mi tbe sundaes bad fauna art)
with n liierry on leg, "make :i>- nnei
of your chances nnw. for -im **/'••*»!, if
aelf denial comes i on."
Tes. the snffragvttas sra -'nnntng *
whole week of M * denial, lejf.nnmi;
Aug. 13. Fired UT sc.-nmta if tn-v
Englishwomen rile big sums if
money In no time *t all for die atnas.
the memberi of tre  woman  mtft-age
Sarty hare resolved to see If '!i**'' CSU '
o the 'irtii.' b*/ g:--tng up ttiimn Hie*?
ere fond of for •**♦*■ days. Half -if
the   wealth   which   It   ts  *»*;p»>cfe-t   wil
l«ur in during inn voten foe tmmmmn
fust will go to the psrty eoffam and
balf will be sent t*» Cm forula to aid
tbe suffrage ratspa gn tbtre
All is.i'". ut •.•-if rt>n!il srs
plnuned by the *»ager snerragttiam
One la going fo *lo without hnrfra
"Butter Is eipens|»eT" ihi» rapes r.*t
"and I am getting ion fat ant-now"* all
Will eschew Ire cnam n-di: net-.*.--*
will auy R" shopping during th* we**
of eelf denial.
If agitated wom'a waring fefleW
buttons are ob*W*ed in the sbopa ■*! i*
Ing the next 1<f weekl ny'r.£ 'i
lingerie blouses nrd Jabata, pat it
dowu to the ii****e-»*l'y of preparing t.t
tbs DOnipendlng wei It that's to •ome.
Nnture knows no pause In progress
and development and attacoea M
i curea oa au mactioo-j-Ooetna.
No harm con  befall a  good map.
wfeatber alive or deatL-tjucrataa.
New Cold.
In spite of the estimate tbat In the
United Klines nud Alaska ibere will
oe at lra*l lliNi.isrO.iino In new gold
mined every year for some lime to
ruiue. Ibere Is tn* new gold offered for
Mb? lu Ibe United States esrepllug for
Ihe arts. All the gold thai cutties Into
the country from Alaska ur Is mined
here Is. as loon it*-** Ihe assay can be
mnde. converted Intu gold certificates
and then pusses directly or Indirectly
Into circulation - Argonaut.
Mess en the Shingles Our Indisnt.
Moss may be removed from a shingle ! There are about  :•'«). mo Indiana In
roof by scattering unslaked lime above ; the Untied Suites, arrardlng lu the Int
It ao tbat rain will dissolve the lime < est   reckoning,   most of  iheiu  lu  tbe
ond carry It down Into tbe moss.         I west and northwest
Charles Lamb.
Charles Lamb always dressed In
black. "1 take it," be aaya, "to be tbe
costume ot an author." When this
waa once objected to at a wedding be
pleaded tbe raven's apology In the
fable that "he und no other." Hii
clotbaa were entirely black, and be
wort long black gaiters up tu tba
Nova  Scotia and  Lobttere.
There ure In  Nova  Senile. In round
•lumiiers, 241) lobster ronnerln, and
Ihey employ during the season over
2,000 people In the rnetorles The value
of Ihe lobster plants Is given at ?'j:iu.
000 There sre mure than tL'riMJOn
traps, valued at H.**u.(*ffO, nod the average   year'a   output   la   valued   at
A Natural Historian.
"How tunny unlmula ol each kind
Jld Noah have un Ihe ark?" asks the
Buuilay school lonelier.
-He started wiih two of each kind,"
answers Julinuy. 'but he must imvo
landed Willi aboul silly five rabbit-. 1
iturieil with twu of lliein l month ago
vita TttivattHO crrrsoeiio.
is possible to push It about In any
pert of Hie tooui Different kinds of
cooking utensils are tilted Into round
openings designed fur tbelr rvceptlun.
Clean the Feed Plats.
Your sewing machine win mst long-
ef end mn mure ensiiy If. especially
«ft er wurklug mi woolen goods, yuu
clean out ihe fetsl plute Take out the
screw that holds it down and lift ll
..IT. then wltb a long pin pick out
the lint and clear the needle slot lou
-fill he amazed at tbe amount uf Put
oiat can accumulate there and. wbeo
you have replaced the piste snd tbe
screw, at tbe locteaeed efficiency of
toe machine.
Eflrptisn Wc-tn Ron Mswlgagef.
Egyptian women have v **-*l'.!r
n*-wspa|ier. owned Shd edited h| w->
men. The ippearaoca of tba news-
patter ts re«nrd*-*l n a foi rabla sign
of the development of the wi-men of
that eonntry and >** a proolae of ths
regeneration >-f I'tryt't- Thi r"if.'"**«
of the paper li tn Improve ib*> condition of the Moslem women, to educate
them nnd to fit thejn to **nrn their -tvis
livelihood, li is efperted to dere-.-p
their standard of Ibnnfhl snd intelligence and to trim tbem la think and
act for tbemaslres Egyptian wom-m
era employed »- writers sod the weekly papei relate* tbe society affairs ol
Cairo. te*is ot tusulou und prims Ic*
Perioral Ods.
Mauri Muiier tin s summer's -lay
Ituaed ih* rntsdowa iwmI wiih nay
The iui1k« (.rot *l    "Ab. no.*' mm shsj
"This old rakes good SOOUgh for mel'
-HaivtM Wttiliy.
The Fast Flying Red Devil.
A disheveled clileen rushed Into a
lioston pullce siuilun Satuiilay afternoon nnd shouted lor vengeance.
'The sutuuiolille thut hit me live
minutes ugu wus No. 41144," he split*
tcred. "I cnii prove thai he was es*
ccedlug the apeed limit, and 1 waut-l
"Vuu wnnt a warrant for bis arrest V"
"Warrant nothing! Wbut good
would a warrant do me at tbe rata
ba waa going* I want extradition pa*
pere."- Busiun Traveler.
Modern Mary. *   ' *
Mary ha.) a little m .rt
Tied tightly In a Low.
And tvarjrwbera that Mary w(nt
Blie ilmpl}- couldn't nn.
-Harp**r*a Hater.
A   Slight  Misunderstanding.
Hewitt-Who struck Billy Patterson?
Jcwctt-I don't know. 1 never read
Ibe accounts of the football games.—
New York Times.
Tli >-•..',.•.* how eosl bins black and dank
An.) empty   cluni and chill
Will make their owners feel the Usas>
hut, by the gods, they win: -1 FREE PRESS',  CTTTU.TWAr.R,   BRITISH  COLUMBIA.
A New Industry by the People
and for the People
The Dominion Match Company Limited         ii; i  lliu linnkn ui tlio Eraser.     A  few
months will »eo this factory make n onr load of mutches a day,    linmodlntely wo propose to ",, to
Montvoal to organize our suhsidary oonipanipii and llionco hiiok again l" Now Wostminstoii tu in-
oroaso ooa, output to toko cure of tho Ononlnl market,   Our factory in  New  Wostmiiistaf in the
parent (CWipany of llritish Columbia and Canada,   All those buying stock in tho parent Company will share in all tho |iroflts of our suhsidury companies,     Por inslnnoo llireo em- load of
matches a duy ought in puy too jut cent dividends mul it is tlio pur]>oso nf this coni|)any In make
all th« matches that Canada consiunos and tlicu the dividends will  he ononnous.    Canada consumes hi'lwe.'n eight und Ion oarload of matches a duy.   Tlio entiro allotment uf sliarcs In he snld
ut ^7.no per share has almost heen subscribed lur   We leave hero Saturday Nov, 1, fnr Vancouvor.
Tlio stock will he advanced in Vancouver lo $10.00 a share, par.    All llioso wishing to subscribe
fur some of this Btock ut ground lloor prices must .In su Lieforo we leave.     We waul tn thank tlic
people nf Chilliwack fnr the remarkiihlc interest that Ihey have taken in this homo industry.    Pur
further information call al our demonstration rooms nr see nur agents,
Head Office Room 6-7 Canadian Bank of Commerce Building
New Westminster, B.C.
C. L. GODDING, Financial Agent.
Personal Mention
.1. Jl. Ani.lers.iri s|twit the holiday
In Vancouver.
.luck Mcintosh spent the holiday
in Itellingham, Wash.
F. .loudry was a Thanksgiving
Duy visitor to Vancouver.
,1. H. Bowes has lieen in Vancouver this week on business.
D. E. Mnnn wns a week end l.u-i-
lus. visitor al Westminster.
W. H. Ashwell wa? u business
visitor to Vancouver lasl evening,
A. .1. Relwood left tin? week fnr n
trip Ui Sydney, New South Wales.
Mr. and Mrs. II. barter an.l child
left Ibis week on a vlsll InOnulpli,
(inrdin M.Clay,of Barber's ilmn
stnre. spent Tlmiiksgiving .villi Van-
1'i.iiver friends,
0. I,. Marston, of tlm Fashion
Livery, was a passenger t" Via liver yesterday.
Miss K. M. Mcl'her.sun |,.(, [,„■
Boltliigliiim this week, whcic -be
intends tu reside.
K. W. Appleby i' Ibe new repre-
senUitive ot Cuwlcy &Carmlctiiol's
insurance dcpiirtiucnt.
Walter Knist, of thc Mackin
I.nnilier fo., is on a visit lo North
Bend, B. <"., this wcok.
Mr. und Mrs. I). MucKenzic. of
Cluverdule, spent Tnunksgiving with
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. llavis.
Mr, and Mrs. M. II. Noloiiii
eiime up from Vancouver In spend
the holiiluy with Chilliwuek [rlonili.
Mra. W. H. Ilttivksbaw left this
week on a trip to Ht. Marys. Hul.,
where she will visit fur lorao lima,
Mrs. Tlioinns I.. I .tills returned
to Chilliwack on Saturday after
several weeks spent at Van in.
Mrs. W. M. Carter ami Mia
Harris of Vancouver, are Ipondlng
a tew davs with Mr. Geo. Carter,
SurdlS. ■
Mr. aud Mrs. Nation anil   Mis-
Nation, of Brand  Mat)., lire uu
ii visit In Mr. and Ml*. I'. II. B.
,1. A. Kndicott, of Plloi Mnlllld,
Mail, brother of Mrs. C A, Harlier.
has joined thc stuff of the Chilliwuek
Free Press.
John Radford, of Vancouver,
who has churgo of thc art work mi
the Board of Trade booklet was in
Ihe city Monday.
Miss E. Broe and Mr. Alf. Broe
spent the Thanksgiving week end I
with their parents Mr. nnd Mrs. I
.1. I.. Broe. Mary Sl.
Read the Money Saving Prices and be their Early on Friday and Saturday
Sale of Ladies9 Tailored Coats
Friday and Saturday
Regular Values, $16.00 to $20.00 for
'mils liiudo fur us by ll
■ Norlliwuy i !o., uf Toronto
Tailors in i 'anndn,
the host
Ladies' Coats, imported direct from London
They arc miule nf good wearing '
Tlic Pit uml finish is oqttnl I'
COnl Ut twice tlic price
w I
Sale of Men's Tailored Suits
Values to $12.50 tor   $8.95
Never hefore have we hail as large a selection to chouse frum in Tailored Soils
Satisfaction guaranteed in all the little details.
Imagine, $19^ Suits for   $14.95  ..*.
•ri   i * ''-
Hie Choicest patterns from our newest fall suits, made un uur famous  "Shape
Keeping" principle,    Guaranteed correct in every detail.
Grocery Sale
Specials (or
11 lb. Suck nf Hulled Oats
IS Hi. Sack (iranulate.l Sugar
Pive Itosos Plour. pot1 sack
Choleo Pry Onions, .1-6 por Hi. or
two His. fol-
St. Charles ('ream, |icr tin,
Jersey Cream, per tin,
Laundry Starcli, '■', packages fur
Corn Starch, :1 packages for
Manitoba Dairy Duller, por lb,
Creamery Buttef, 11 lh. box
Crockery Sale
!i" Piece Pinner Set. for.
Cups and Saucers, per dozen
Kgg Cups, per dozen
Tumblers, por dozen
Tumblers, thin glow. Jios dozen
Lamp Chimneys, ,'i for
Mrs. Humphrey left yesterday for
California, where sbe will spend the
winter. .Miss Carrie Humphrey accompanied her as far a, Seattle.
Alf. While is open to receive a
\ limit,-,! number of pupils in piano
and theory. Arrangements may be
made by calling at the music store.
| Mis.. B. Bradley and .Miss
[ McMurray, teachers at West-
l minster, siient the week end wiih the
j former's purenls at "Lillle Castle,"
Mr. Harry Carter, returned home
ou Saturday evening afler a very
pleasant time al the B. (.'. Sunday
School convention held at New
Messrs. N. Roliertson, 11. Ditch,
.1. I'arr, Philip Manuel and Ansel
Duncan, spent u very pleasant time
Sunday and Monday in Eliurue
und  Vancouver.
Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Croly left
Saturday for Vancouver to spend
Thanksgiving with their family.
Mrs. Croly hus heen n visitor here
for the .tust Iwo months.
Mr. and Mrs. It. 1.. Ileid, nt
Vancouver, spent Thanksgiving Duy
with Mr. uud Mrs. .1. Polly, Mr.
Reid is a member ol the law firm of
Bowser, Reid and Wullbridge.
Miss Thulby, of Pilot Mound,
Man., has Wen the guest of Mr.
und Mrs. John Leary, Fairfield
Island. Sbe leaves to-day for a
visit with friends on Vancouver
Rev. Robert Hughes, of Vancouver, guve a I'uriiiiatimi cencert in
thc Mcthialist church un Monday
evening under lha auspices of Ibe
Kpworth Is'ngue. There was a large
attendance und the evening was one
of instruction and pleasure. Home
nf the Coronation *ie*» were cxecp.
lionully fine.
Rev. 0. E. Hurtwell, for icvcn-
lii-ii years a missionary iu West
China, will preach in the Mi'llmdi-t
church neat Sunday morning, an.l
will lecture on Monday evening on
I he subject "China nnd IIU'CllllKH,''
Thc lecture will lie illnslrntcd by a
large number nf excellent lantern
views. Thc ndmlssion Will lid' free
uud nil arc cordially invited In'ho
present. An offering will betaken
tor missions.
Through an error the price of
shuns in the Cull Switch Co. Umil-
ed was staled lust week nt (1(10. It
ihould have read 11.00. A. W.
Grundy, who is representing die
company ill Chilliwack presents a
good proposition to the intending
investor and has placed several allotments of stock. He will remain
here for the balance of the  week.


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